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Unserious People

Posted on June 29, 2023 by

Tuesday’s front page headline in The National was roughly the political equivalent of introducing yourself to your new next-door neighbour by saying “Hi, nice to meet you, I’m Jimmy from No.22 and it definitely wasn’t me who killed your cat last night”.

Humza Yousaf’s great masterplan of an independence strategy is imploding faster than the OceanGate Titan, and scarcely any less disastrously. And unless you’re one of the colleagues, family or friends of the tragic victims on board the doomed vessel, it’s even more painful to watch.

Ian Blackford put up a wretched performance on last night’s Representing Borders:

His line of “Our leader just gave a showpiece speech and we’ll tell you what it actually meant some time next year, maybe” was a toe-curling piece of political television.

But the truly harrowing viewing happened earlier in the week, when the Comical Ali-style “Minister For Independence”, Jamie Hepburn, blundered onto Scotland Tonight after what we can only assume was a few convivial hours in the pub.

We’d only watched the short clip from Twitter until this morning, but after steeling ourselves to sit through the whole thing we thought you needed to see it too in order to grasp the magnitude of the mess independence supporters now find themselves in.

For almost eight near-unbearable minutes, a smirking and giggling Hepburn stalled, swerved and dodged his way through Colin Mackay’s simple and reasonable questions, desperately clinging to the self-evidently ridiculous fantasy that Westminster will cave in if the SNP get 29 seats at next year’s UK election, even though they’ve very conspicuously failed to cave in when the SNP had 56 seats, when it had 35 seats and when it has 46 seats as it does right now.

He demanded that instead of having the temerity to challenge him, Mackay asked questions of the UK government (which was not represented on the show that evening) that the UK government has already been asked many times and which we already know its answers to by heart.

In watering down Nicola Sturgeon’s already-weak version of a de facto referendum to the point where it’s essentially homeopathic, the SNP has more or less thrown off any lingering pretence of genuinely seeking independence.

That it ostensibly expects its voters to be satisfied with such a headlong retreat into a policy which so obviously has less than zero credibility – “35% of the vote is a mandate for independence!”, FFS – in fact shows the utter contempt it holds them in.

“Aye, this is a load of absolute pish a brain-damaged chimpanzee wouldnae swallow, but me and the missus are trousering £200K-plus between us for the next three years no matter what, so we don’t give a shite and what are yeez gonnae dae, eh?” is what Hepburn’s face said throughout the piece, and it was very much in keeping with the SNP’s general tone nowadays.

(The party’s non-answer when asked about how much of its members’ money would be paid to Mrs Hepburn – who already has a full-time job and hasn’t said anything about giving it up – was fully in character with the two interviews.)

Alex Massie of the Times and Spectator has been phoning it in for months now, and it’s hard to blame him because why should journalists and columnists bother to do their jobs properly when the politicians aren’t even making a token effort to fake it any more, like they still were a year ago?

But so crassly are the SNP now insulting everyone in Scotland, regardless of their political allegiances, that even Massie was driven to rouse himself from his normal arrogant aloofness and cut loose a bit this week in dumbfounded exasperation.

On that last line, we’re in 100% agreement.

Today is the last sitting day of the Scottish Parliament before the summer recess. This afternoon, MSPs will saunter out of the chamber to spend the next nine and a half weeks sunning themselves on the beaches of the sort of exclusive holiday destinations you can afford when you’re pocketing the best part of £6,000 a month and don’t have to show up for work or be asked any awkward questions by the press.

(Or over £8,000 a month for ministers like Hepburn, which encompasses almost half of SNP MSPs – as far as we can tell, ministers and junior ministers get the same wage, and there are 28 of them in total out of 64 SNP MSPs.)

And in fairness, if you were them, you’d probably be laughing too.

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0 to “Unserious People”

  1. Ian McCubbin

    Well done for outing this shower of totally grifting con artists.
    So agree with your last comment Stu and add they care not for the electorate and certainly not hor independents.
    Only votes for Alba or ISP now.

  2. Stuart MacKay

    You can see where this is going. “Ach weel, we tried, but were unable to convince the majority. Next time, we’ll work harder for independence. Pass me the carrots.”

    A van load of stainless steel sinks would be more useful.

  3. Charles

    These are the same people that imposed lockdowns and mask wearing on the general population, whilst doing exactly what they wanted, when and where they wanted, with no apparent fear of a “deadly disease” at all.
    Lying, conniving b’stards, all.
    Independence is dead, and so are their party.
    Burn it down.

  4. John Thomson

    Sadness descends

  5. Stephen O'Brien

    Just because Yousaf sticks to his guns, when being interviewed , does not provide any credibility, to him or the party. Especially, when his guns squirt cold water on independence!

    Water cannon time!

    SNP out!!

    It’s not complicated, no need to spoil your vote. Vote for anybody other than SNP!

  6. SusanAHF

    A desperate attempt to coerce us into voting SNP. No way will I fall for that pish!

  7. robbo

    It’s all very sad. Maybe time to follow Farage oot o UK.

    As long as JM, ASA, AND thon Chas wans keep paying their taxes I’ll keep getting my Giro.

    Wits tae lose. Lmao

  8. David Hannah

    I’m ready to march for Independence under the Scotland United banner with Alex Salmond.

  9. David Hannah

    Scotland needs to take the high road, while the SNP take the low road.

    And we’ll be in Scotland, before you!

    Scotland united for Independence.

  10. Ian Brotherhood

    Swinney due to reappear before covid inquiry after lunch, any minute now.

    Worth keeping an eye on this.

  11. David Hannah

    Scottish Independence is sitting at a majority pro Independence, 53 per cent in the polls.

    It’s a remarkable position we find ourselves in.

    Scotland wants her freedom.

  12. Beauvais

    The SNP gave us Stringalong Sturgeon and her unused mandates of 2015, 2016, 2017, 2019 and 2021.

    Now here’s Hoaxing Humza, all set to lay aside a mandate in the unlikely event that the fuckwit gets one.

  13. JockMcT

    and the neck of the likes of russel and blackford! Where are the dissenters, where are the true independinistas. We have to assume there are none left in the nuSNP. As for re-admission to the EU, jeez oh, they are truly rubbing our noses in their pish now. Enjoy your long break and best go job hunting the lot of you! Writing on the wall says they will not deviate, they will not join ALBA’s plan, or any other Indy initiative. They are hell bent on the watered down sturgeon thing, whatever that is, and so they have to go. What is actually wrong with the cult that remains, are they so brain-washed and incapable of any joined-up thinking? Where are Denholm et al, apart from off sunning themselves too. Will the shit really hit the fan now or will it all be swept under the carpet, time will tell, but it’ll take something catastrophic to de-rail the union express in the near future, the devo gravy train marches on.

  14. Debatable Lands

    Has anyone considered that the voters are not as daft as they are portrayed and are in fact happy with a pro-Scotland devolutionist party? Devolution always seems to come out well in polling.

    I mean, you wouldn’t trust any (current) Scottish Government to deliver independence without making a complete pig’s ear of it, so devolution is a safer bet and leaves the goal of independence in reach should a competent Holyrood ever appear.

    Maybe the SNP is playing a blinder here? Nicola et al make an incredible sacrifice in getting arrested to ensure the party don’t end up with an embarrassing and inconvenient majority in the next election. Genius.

    The Gravy Train continues and the nation gets its safe compromise. Everybody wins.

  15. John Main

    sending a special envoy for Brussels to pave the way for Scotland’s readmission to the EU

    So it has never gone away. Still there in the small print when you look.

    Vote “Indy” to get Brussels rule.

    A fraudulent FM, leading a pretendy Indy party, sitting in a wee, pretendy parliament.

    I can see the attractions for our political classes of upping sticks and sloping off to Brussels. The restaurants and expense accounts will be better. The accountability a lot less. Decades of pretendy “fighting Scotland’s corner” just ripe for the picking.

    They can leave behind the dross of the dross in Edinburgh to keep the lights on so that it looks like we Scots are finally masters of our own destiny.

  16. Geri

    The only vote they’ll be getting is from nonces.

    They died a long, long time ago when the narcissist took over.

    We’ll find out 20 yrs from now they all had a deal with WM to kill indy & to take out Salmond from political life.

    I say we do everything we can to bring him back to Holyrood & let’s clear these feckers out from wasting anymore of our valuable time.

    There’s a special place in hell reserved for Sturgeon & her minions. The hopes of a Nation & gifted mandates squandered by these parasites.

    Get them tae feck …

  17. Baxter

    So on the day the parliament breaks up the Scottish government announces that they have scrapped their plans for HPMAs which I believe was core issue for the Greens. Are Harvie and Slater about to be booted into touch as well, we can all hope.

  18. Breastplate

    As Ozzy Osbourne might say “All aboard the gravy train.”

  19. AnneDon

    In a way it’s almost a relief that our movement has been unshackled from the SNP. I am, however, deeply disappointed that there are no dissenting voices, although I suppose anyone with integrity has already left the party.

    Labour had really deep roots in Scotland, stretching back a century, when the people of Scotland abandoned them in 2015 for letting us down.

    Do the SNP leadership really believe the same thing won’t happen to them? And even more swiftly?

  20. Breastplate

    I find it difficult to believe that anything relating to justice will come of these enquiries, my guess will be a lessons learned whitewash pish party.

  21. stuart mctavish

    Quid pro quo for all the dishonesty?

    Meanwhile today’s FM questions/ fannying aboot was dedicated to some old newscot (pursuant to the conference woke cuddles) who was apparently an absolute menace to the medical community yet could not be extradited, struck off, or even have his current employer warned about some particularly vile negligence allegations — despite all the hoops the (ahem) medical service and other trade unions were prepared to put the wider community through for trying to be honest about seasonal flu 🙂

  22. Stuart MacKay

    John Main

    The SNP is the Miss Havisham of politics, cruelly robbed of its rightful inheritance, by the Brexit vote. Ah, Brussels, where the troughs are bigger, wider and deeper. The endless gravy, flavoured with truffle and foi gras, is so much better than the slop that is served in Edinburgh.

    The political class’ sense of entitlement knows no bounds. We’re supposed to keeping them in the lifestyle they deserve, even as they sell us into servitude.

    Le Cringe will be grovelling on a scale you cannot possibly imagine.

  23. Ottomanboi

    Politicians will defend the status quo, whatever that might be, because it gives them a good living.
    They are the debilitating bacterial growth in the body politic. Do not expect «salvation» to come from them.
    If the antibiotic of elections does not cure then the surgical scalpel of real, participatory, active democracy must.
    This is not a Scottish problem but one that is UK wide, Europe wide, world wide.
    The days of marking bits of paper to allow «politicians» to get on with their personal schemes in your name ought to end, seriously.

  24. 100%Yes

    Hepburn said that the UKG had to set out the route in which Scotland can become Independent the Alba Party Neale Hanvey has “A Bill to amend the Scotland Act 1998 to transfer the power to legislate for a Scottish independence referendum to the Scottish Parliament; to provide that that power may only be exercised where the Scottish public has demonstrated its support for the holding of such a referendum; to provide that no such referendum may be held sooner than seven years after the previous such referendum; and for connected purposes.” If the SNP was genuine about Independence then put your full party behind Neale Hanvey bill, but they won’t.

    The general public is getting tired of the SNP crying wolf on Independence and then saying we have ten mandates but we need another, if you have ten mandates, then why do you need another mandate?
    The SNP and the Rag are cutting their own throats in order to deny Scotland becoming Independent and yet both are losing members and support and the other is losing subscriptions, when does it dawn that the self-inflicted wound isn’t going to be heeled until they start being honest about what they really want, well neither can because both their support base would be gone over night if they told us they wanted to remain in the UK.

  25. Skip_NC

    “What does a drawing look like?”

    “A drawing will be achieved using pens and paper.”

    “But will that be a rich, well-drawn picture that conveys a simple, yet powerful message or will it just be of stick people, knocked out in two minutes?”

  26. John H.

    R.I.P. SNP. Thanks Nicola. You inherited a thriving, enthusiastic party, which was organised and ready to move forward. You destroyed it, deliberately or not, and you created this mess. An ermine robe no doubt awaits you.

  27. James Che

    Alf Baird.

    Late to the fray as usual, however I eventually had time to reply to your good selfs a few moments ago on previous thread,

  28. Ian Brotherhood

    @Breastplate (2.18) –

    Agreed, but there’s no telling what might slip out by way of detail, or glaring omission perhaps?

    One thing’s for sure – the families of the bereaved and injured will be all over this and will have their say in due course.

  29. James Che

    There is only one door out.

    The way we came in.

  30. James Che

    Old Scots were often referred to as blue, painted.
    Modern Scots have been fed so many carrots they are unrecognisable as a race, being as they are now tinted orange.

  31. PhilM

    It’s when you read a pointed article such as this that you realise (or one realises) that there was still the tiniest of vestigial hopes, deep within and somewhere very murky, that the SNP might somehow get their act together.
    Well that just died for me after reading today’s piece.
    There are indeed SNP people capable of salvaging the mess. The trouble is they will never get their hands on the powers needed to do it in time before electoral disaster hits.
    Wee prediction…this is going to snowball…the SNP will lose many more WM seats than predicted. With so many incumbents leaving, this is now baked in I think.
    Now sit back and take notes (really, take notes folks, make a record for all Indy supporters to see) watch the grifters run for cover into Scotland’s Third Sector (say that last phrase with a strong Irish accent to get the real meaning of this utterly useless area of Scottish public life…’we don’t take individual cases, have you tried…? Switches of…thinking, ‘Yes, I fucking have, you know people have and yet you still signpost people there as if you didn’t know’…anyone recognise this? So…perfect employment for hundreds of barely qualified chancers to join the bottom rung of Scotland’s professional and feral ‘elite’…).
    I am not a natural joiner of orgs but even I can see that Alba is effectively the only game in town. Saying that though if the ISP also come up on the siderail that will be just fine by me.
    ‘Do we have to roam the world to prove how much it hurts?’ Looks like the answer to that question might be ‘Yes’ thanks to the SNP and Sturgeotti…

  32. Republicofscotland

    The current SNP have been taking the piss for years now, carrot dangling to fool the indy masses into voting for the SNP gravy trainers, now the b*stards aren’t even hiding the fact that they are taking the piss.

    Get the SNP out at every election and that goes for the clueless degenerate Greens as well.

    Vote Alba, Join Alba.

    Meanwhile as the disastrous Bottle Return Scheme is kicked into touch, the idiotic Highly Protected Marine Areas plan which would have destroyed countless small fishing communities in Scotland has also been tossed on the scrap heap.

    The SNP/Greens haven’t got a clue and it shows they’re wasting millions in Scottish taxpayers cash get them out.

    “The Scottish government has scrapped its plans to create Highly Protected Marine Areas in 10% of Scotland’s seas.

    The proposals would have restricted fishing and other human activities in some coastal areas, in a bid to protect the environment.

    But members of the fishing industry and some island communities raised concerns about the plans.

    Net Zero Secretary Mairi McAllan said the government was firmly committed to enhancing marine protection.

    But she said the current plans would not be progressed.”

  33. Republicofscotland

    I can’t stand this b*stard but what the banks are doing to him is just plain wrong.

    Remember the saying first they came for and I did nothing, well it could be YOU next.

    “British Politican
    is having his UK bank account closed down, and 7 other banks are refusing to allow him to open an account- because of his outspoken political views.”

  34. David Hannah

    He should write a retirement biography.

    Ian Blackford: Dragged out of Europe, against my will. Like the groping hands of Grady.

  35. jockmcx

    1988 Glasgow Govan by-election 10 November 1988.
    Jim Sillars, 14,677
    Bob Gillespie, 11,123
    A famouse win for the snp.

    I watched the debates on the telly leading up to that vote,i would
    imagine most of scotland did,(november)!

    Bob Gillespie was torn to shred’s by Sillars,i believe the saying that labour could pin a rosette on a,what is it? a monkey or chimpanzee originated from that by-election!

    It was almost true as 11,123 people still voted for a guy who gave
    an abominable performance from someone seeking election.

    But who are the monkey’s or chimpanzee’s,the candidate or the people who voted for him?

    What’s still calling itself snp is banking on it’s voters being the
    So listen cheeta,tarzan has put on a suit gone to the big city and
    and got himself a job as a liar,he’s only interested in his own
    independence not your’s.
    Leaving you to munch your bananas..if you can still afford them,
    and a good prospect of ending up in a cage!

    The snp has sold your arse,it’s time to kick thier’s…
    and davy knows that fine well too.eyes on the booby prize eh davy?

  36. Sven

    Republicofscotland @ 15.57

    A demonstration of what lies ahead if our international masters achieve their desire to have a great reset, including a cashless society and all financial transactions recorded and carried out digitally, I fear.
    One doesn’t require to be a Farage supporter to see what is coming down the line at express speed.

  37. ross

    could we have a strategy like

    win the election (most votes and seats) expect negotiations on a referendum

    win the popular vote (more then 50%) in favour, mandate for full independence negotiations. a la Regan.

    I can’t see any other way of proceeding.

  38. Republicofscotland

    Indeed Sven, once cashless they can cancel your card or access to your account among other things at who’s request?, we are now beholden to banks and building societies and they know it.

    I don’t know if you are Norwegian Sven but I read this about half an hour ago.

    “Norway is the European country closest to a cashless future, according to data from the World Bank. Nearly all Norwegians (98%) own a debit card and Norway’s central bank says that only 3–5% of all point of sale transactions were carried out with physical cash—with three out of every four card transactions being contactless. What’s more, over 95% of the population use mobile payment apps—and as of 2020, apps were the most popular way of transferring money peer-to-peer, accounting for nearly 80% of all transfers.”

    Sweden doesn’t fair much better.

    “The first European country to issue banknotes, Sweden looks set to be one of the first European countries to get rid of them. With less than 32 ATMs per 100k people, over 98% of citizens owning a debit card, and one of the top countries for contactless mobile payments, physical cash is fast becoming a relic of the past in Sweden.”

  39. Garrion

    Maybe the National can save time and effort by just having one ongoing front page with a picture of Humza and the tagline, “Yes, whatever he said” and “get ready for “indy”.

    Who’s buying that pish?

  40. Heather

    Managed decline.

    They can shut up shop and move to Labour.

  41. Tartan Tory

    When I started being vaguely serious about Indy, I was in my late 20’s.

    In my 30’s it simply meant voting for the SNP at every juncture.

    In my 40’s it got very serious, culminating in a personal expenditure well into five-figures during/supporting the referendum.

    Now in my 50’s, I feel utterly despondent at the way things have gone. When I see the ‘rainbow youth’ I’m beginning to ask myself if I’ve just become out of step with modernity? Why should I care if independence means a free-for-all for nonces and chancers in frocks? Surely independence is all that matters, right?

    Well actually, it’s not all that matters. If I was offered independence in a country called Scotland administered by the current crop of deviants and imbeciles who couldn’t run a bath, I think I’d pass.

    Am I just getting old and out-of-step with reality? Or am I firmly grounded, unlike the rest?

  42. Sven

    Republicofscotland @ 16.39

    I’m Glaswegian, of Faroese descent, RoS.
    And, whilst I don’t mind seeming an eccentric old duffer because I truly do fear that there is an international movement afoot to unify digital currency systems and change all purchases and financial transactions online in order to control and discipline populations; I sometimes fear I’m toppling over into tinfoil hat country.
    But then, in 2019 I would never have believed that the Scottish administration would have locked us up in house arrest, closed schools, hospitals, medical centres and places of worship.
    And now seek to introduce 20 minute neighbourhoods.
    Must stop … way off topic and mind hurts !

  43. Ebenezer Scroggie

    “In watering down Nicola Sturgeon’s already-weak version of a de facto referendum to the point where it’s essentially homeopathic, the SNP has more or less thrown off any lingering pretence of genuinely seeking independence.”

    A brilliant piece of prose.

  44. desimond

    How abysmal was that?
    Nowt sadder that a poor salesman who doesnt believe in their own poor product.

    Sadly, this is all going to take more than a little while isnt it?
    The SNP are getting quite good at playing the victim card in the Publics eye and will still beheld in affection by plenty of folk come the next Election. That amount will dwindle down slowly but I suspect the ambitions of Sarwar wont ever be realised. Dame Jackie will bugger off soon as too.

    Another 5 years of numb nothingness awaits us while we pray some new blood and worthy cause Champion can come through to save the day and lead the way. It wont be Alex and Alba, that train wont sadly ever leave the station.

  45. Breastplate

    Tartan Tory,
    Yes, there is the rainbow youth but there are plenty of young people who know the difference between a man and a woman.

    Regarding independence, we will still have elections and we will have new parties to choose from. The whole point of independence is to do things our way, it’s up to us to vote them in or out as the case may be.

  46. Ottomanboi

    When is a mandate a «mandate»? When it suits them….never you.
    Scotland needs to move beyond having to justify «a case» for a state countries less «venerable» take for granted.
    Many independent states could not leap the economic «viability» hurdles Scotland, a comparatively rich country, is required to.
    Habitual gazing at the navel is for wimps.

  47. Jim Bo

    Ahemm, He demanded that instead of having the temerity to challenged him,

  48. Frank Gillougley

    Listening to this guy, Hepburn, he’s no different from any Tory with a complete lack of any sense of shame and with his wilful justifications of the unjustifiable. Him and his missus pocketing 200k? for what? I say Tune out and drop out and get yourself a life. All is dead here, save complete and utter cynicism.

  49. Sven

    Tartan Tory @ 17.02

    Don’t abandon hope altogether, TT.
    Rather think back to the Scotland of 2007-2014 under the leadership of A Salmond and a cabinet of basically competent folk, committed to independence, sure, but also fully applying themselves to the delivering of a well governed country where things worked and the aspirations of ordinary working folk were taken seriously.
    Support for an independent Scotland soared amongst the not particularly politically motivated general public, because the country just plain got better. No grievance politics, no working up of hate stories against our nearest neighbours and major trading partner. Just plain good govetnance.
    This can come again.
    The nightmare of the Murrells and their clique is, finally, coming to an end. Let them remain long in our memories as a dire warning of what can happen when guys like your goodself get disillusioned and give up.
    Hang on in there, all is not lost.

  50. James Che

    Withdrawing the your access to own finances was always the plan to shut down those opposing voices to globalisation,
    You will be obedient to your masters whom are unelected in the future, unless we hang on to physical Cash.

    This started in Canada with trudue and the truckers, and could be the future control of the populations of Britain,

    I read awhile ago in one of the Global dictats that the first proper Country that was to take on this social experiment of cashless society was the one we’re funneling western and European money into at the moment, on the pretext of helping then out during a proxy war,
    It will be interesting to see how this develope’s and wether that was the instigating purpose.

    It is with out debate that the time limit for Scotland to become independent is narrower than supposed if you do not want this ultimate control over you’re personal finances, you’re mortage payments might become null and void loosing you your home,

    One or two others here have been well aware of the way Globalist have been collapsing the present structure of every day economy and businesses,
    The presences of a shut down, lock them up, no business allowed operate under the virus was abig boost to the global ideology,
    But then again so is the Climate ideology mantra,

    Being awake is more than about Scottish independence,
    However being independent is more important and better than a globalist financial and business collapse of Scotland,

    One more lockdown would see Scotland and Britain fall,
    And I believe and have read, this time around if you do not take the jab your finances will be blocked, you will prevented from traveling, from gaining energy,
    Basically you will be blacklisted,
    And prevented from being a part of Society in your own Country never mind anyone elses,


    Then explain why most of this is happening now?

    Lovely 15 minute cities and no fuel or energy to live, and everyone placed on universal credit instead of employment. That way your money is their control from the get go.

  51. Derek

    “Breastplate says:
    29 June, 2023 at 2:15 pm

    As Ozzy Osbourne might say “All aboard the gravy train.” ”

    More James Brown (his intro); Ozzy has them going off the rails on the gravy train… (hopefully).

  52. Captain Yossarian

    UNSERIOUS PEOPLE: A very good explanation of the dwam that we have drifted into due to all the fawning of Sturgeon and Swinney that went-on here over the past 10-years, take a look at their performances at today’s Covid Inquiry. That is the real world, where serious people who are where they are not due to the patronage of Sturgeon ask questions of her, and him, and expect them to be answered. It will take us a long time to recover from this malaise, if we ever recover from it.

  53. Kev

    “Ah just gettae fuck, Colin,eh? I’m half jaiked and just wantae grab a big bag a salt n vinegar, another beer and fall asleep on the couch watching total shite, do one”

  54. James Che

    Tarten Tory,,

    Knowing and learning what the bigger picture is globally does not make you a tin hat wearer and you certainly not on your own in Scotland,

    It means you have not been brain damaged by rainbow, climate change, gender, one race or creed against the other extremists.

    Probably why they want to bump the older generation of, they are unable to brain wash us with the modern endoctrine their teaching our children and grandchildren in Schools,

    It has to be said it was not just Scotland that sent virus infected people from hospitals into old folks homes, and yet refused to let family visitors in,

    They know the older generation have their feet more firmly in reality due to going through harder times and closer in memories to wars and history,

    Just avoid going into care homes if possible, hide your physical money away from the banks and avoid any jabs that have side effects,
    Refuse en mass to go into lockdowns that are meant to destroy our businesses, our society, , women, and childrens rights.

    Talk to your children and grandchildren, leave information lying around for them to read if you are unable to talk to them,

    Most people in Scotland have been wearing tin hats for the past Three hundred years, so you are not on your own 😉

  55. Alf Baird

    Sven @ 5:02 pm

    “in 2019 I would never have believed that the Scottish administration would have locked us up in house arrest”

    Scots have been living under fascist rule disguised as ‘a union’ for ower chree hunner year. What did you think territorial annexation and cultural assimilation whilst debasing the natives was about?

    As Robin D.G. Kelley wrote: “the real crime of fascism was the application to white people of colonial procedures.”

    Cesaire came to the same conclusion in regard to Hitler, whilst Edward Said refers to England’s mistreatment of the Irish.

    “The very idea that there was a superior race lay at the heart of the matter”, and still.

  56. Anton Decadent

    @RoS 3.57pm

    I never took to him personally because of the banker/gentleman farmer vibe but something I saw a couple of years ago made me acquire an element of respect for him. It is on youtube and worth looking up. The European Parliament had, rightly, conducted an investigation into who was funding him and his party and in response he stood up and informed them that his people had looked into who was funding them and found that, if I remember correctly, one hundred and thirty eight of them were on a list which George Soros would provide to activists as people to contact who were on board and who would help them. It is worth watching this for their response when he says this, for those who can’t be bothered one of them shouts “so what?” and the camera pans around a group of extremely smug looking individuals with folded arms.

  57. Sven

    Alf Baird @ 17.02

    I must have mistaken the preceding nearly 80 years when I had perfect liberty to go in and out my home and wander freely as I wished as freedom, my error.
    To think that this “fascist debasement” resulted in my leaving school at 15 years of age, able to read, write and perform simple arithmetic, start work at a job of my choice the following week and go on to earn a living in Scotland and England travelling freely with no identity document, requirement to obtain permission or any of these other restrictions I tend to associate with fascist organisations.
    I can only repeat that I would never have thought in 2019 that a Scottish administration would impose even stricter restrictions upon me than those in England.
    And how on earth Ms Sturgeon could commence her levels of restriction as giving zero the value one just staggers my mind. She would have got six of the belt for that in my day.

  58. twathater

    TBQH I really don’t give a fuck that the shower of brainwashed nodding dogs who attended the FAKE Scottish Nonce Party convention at the weekend are STILL going to vote for these liars, perverts and deviants, what REALLY concerns me is that the rest of the voting public appear to be dumb and blind as to how incompetent and perverse these scum are and are all TOO TOO SLOWLY becoming aware

    I am well aware that the information on how these clowns are actually destroying Scotland is being withheld and sanitised by the bbc and the other media, but the often heard claim that Scots are politically savvy is being shown to be total bollocks
    If you notice the unionists in HR are just sitting back enjoying enabling these clowns to fuck up time after time, it is almost as if the unionist parties have an agreement within themselves and WM to say or do very little to oppose or publicise just how much of a shitshow these morons are creating in Scotland

    IF we had politicians irrespective of party who had honesty and integrity and who GENUINELY had the interests of Scots at their heart they would not allow these cretins to continue with their depraved and damaging policies, they would EXPOSE the perversion endemic within the deviant party and continue to name and shame the sex predators being given protection

    It is my opinion the unionist parties are quite happy letting these clowns fuck everything up,because they rightly believe that the indy cause will suffer massive damage which they will enjoy totally and they will concentrate on come election time
    IMO it is time for AS and company to get the tackety boots on and get tore right in and expose the ongoing lies and clusterfuck that is now the snp, it is obvious that Youseless is just blanking AS and ALBA and the brain dead members won’t vote ALBA anyway , if he doesn’t come out and expose the moronic clusterfuck the snp has become the electorate will always associate independence with stupidity, incompetence, failure,shit governance, deviance and perversion , and we real independence supporters are the ones who will suffer MOST

  59. James Che

    Anton Decadent.

    Funded by Stifel Bank by any chance?

  60. Anton Decadent

    @James Che

    I have no idea, sorry.

  61. sarah

    @ Sven and Tartan Tory: it is the fact that it is politicians who have unlimited power that has allowed us in Scotland [and in England] to be abused by being subjected to incompetent/corrupt administration and to legislation such us GRR which damages the rights of women and children.

    The way out of this is to regain the Scottish system whereby the people have practical power over politicians – sovereignty that is actually enforced at every session of parliament. Switzerland operates a system that is similar.

    The campaign of and is aimed at exactly this. Scotland has the people’s sovereignty, it was a condition of the Treaty of Union, but Westminster ignores it – so the matter is to be put to the International Court of Justice by the people’s Liberation Movement. It just needs enough people to sign up to

  62. John Main

    Hoo boy, Scotland’s situation now being likened to those countries under the N@zi jackboot.

    All I can say is, thank Gowd it’s come on to rain.

    Ethnic Scots and hot weather don’t mix – it melts oor heids.

  63. Republicofscotland

    Sven @5.02pm.

    Apologies for being rather presumptuous.

    Anyway never think that you are tipping into tinfoil hat territory, as Noam Chomsky once said;

    Whatever you think your government is up to, they are usually up to much worse.

  64. PhilM

    For sale…
    Refurbished, slightly soiled ‘It wisnae me’ (Covid edition).
    In anticipation of the ‘It wisnae me’ book and documentary tie-in , stocks are expected to deplete rapidly.
    Buy today…(we still accept Equi!)…and regrets?
    They’re for that other lot.
    N.B. Do NOT try to read the small print…or else.

  65. Stephen O'Brien

    Is there sufficient number of decent SNP politicians able to save the party by forcing reconsideration of indy policy to something approaching honest endeavour?

    Joanna Cherry? Angus MacNeil? More likely to quit before long, than enable the necessary coup of the NEC.

    It would appear that only further investigation and revelation by UK authorities of the party, could potentially force SNP into oblivion. Which conversely, would assist the independence movement, to regroup under new direction.

    We can only hope that the UK establishment does it’s damnedest, as soon as possible!

  66. Johnlm

    These grifters are paid to keep the voters so dazed and confused that they can’t think clearly what needs to be done.
    I suggest that the US Repo crisis in the Sept. 2019 put the banking system in trouble and the plans for a Central Bank Digital Currency had to be brought on.
    In Nov. 2019 C*VID started
    Governments across the World started printing money and wrecking their economies, with the blame given to the scamdemic.
    A health emergency was declared to give compulsory powers to politicians to force vaccines on the people and start digital ID monitoring systems. – They even tried to ban cash.
    The C*VID nonsense wasn’t completely believed but the ID monitoring of the populace is still being pushed because the bankers need a CBDC and the huge power over people’s lives it will give.
    Use cash.
    Get rid of your smart phone.
    Do not comply.
    Politicians are not your friends.

  67. Robert Louis

    Most of those nobodies would not be fit for a job stacking shelves at Tesco, so it is hardly surprising they do not want the gravy train to end. 6k a month, FFS. To do what? the square root of bugger all. AND 9 weeks summer holiday!!!

    That is the problem, as it was with Labour, Complete gimps get elected, and realise in any other circumstances they would not earn even one tenth of what MSPs are paid. Of course they don’t want a referendum, of course they don’t actually want independence to happen, and of course they do not want to risk their extremely lucrative jobs doing nothing, to push for independence.

    Seriously, can we have Mr Salmond back, please. For everyone’s sake. At least he knew what he was doing, and ACTUALLY WANTS SCOTTISH INDEPENDENCE ASAP.

  68. Alf Baird

    Sven @ 6:33 pm

    “I must have mistaken the preceding nearly 80 years when I had perfect liberty to go in and out my home and wander freely as I wished as freedom, my error.”

    You have never observed Scotland’s ‘governing class’ that clutches ever so closely to the colonizer culture and values, and which is inclusive mainly of the more privileged native ‘elite’ group attending private (or ‘colonial’) schools? The latter group “hold on more tightly to the colonial system, the status quo, because they have wagered everything on it; their entire colonial existence depends on it” (Memmi). Why do you think this ‘governing class’ is almost entirely anti-independence?

    Hence Fanon’s colonial society consists of ‘two psychical and cultural realms’, or Manichaeism, which involves and is built upon racial discrimination, one cultural superior, one inferior; the cultural and psychological divide being directly connected to the imposed dominant language of the colonizer and the rusted and ‘invalid’ mother tongue of the colonized, and the resultant ‘colonial conditioning’ (e.g. colonial mindset, internalized racism etc).

  69. Robert Louis

    O/T but important.

    If the story about Nigel Farage being refused any bank services in the UK is true, then this country really is drifting into political totalitarianism. I loathe the man, but as we have seen with REV and several others, this is a new thing of refusing banking services due to people’s political views. That is totalitarianism, and needs addressed urgently by politicians of all parties. Are you listening Keir????

    Just think, they want to push us towards a ‘cashless society’. Well, just think that through, because in a cashless situation you are at the absolute mercy of the banks. Nobody could give you money to help you (the banks could simply block it), you wouldn’t even be able to get food, unless you started bartering your watch or some jewellery. People should seriously make a point of paying more often in cash. Paper notes give you freedom, electronic/card banking is fully outside your control.

    No wonder more folk in some countries (Nigeria, Argentina) are using bitcoin (which the banks cannot control).

    Simple message stop being lazy, and re-start paying for things in cash. Cash gives you freedom.

  70. robertkknight


    I couldn’t stomach all of it.

    I’d defy anyone to come up with a more concentrated form of gobshytery than on display in the clips above.

    Is someone infusing magic mushroom-derived chemicals into the water these f***wits are drinking?

    It’s got the the point that even the phrase “ess-enn-pee” makes me instantly break into a stream of profanity and have an irrational urge to commit a random act of violence.

    How could it have come to this?

  71. James Jones

    Indies must be a pathetic breed if they really regard themselves in Alf Baird’s cowed terms, but he writes like an academic divorced from the real world so there’s hope. Scotland’s problem is the same as England’s, Wales’ and Northern Ireland: the quality of politicians is far below what is required.

  72. Mac

    Closing down political opponents banks accounts…

    What the fuck is this commie bullshit. Wokists / Leftists are utter fucking scum. Given a glimpse of power they reveal themselves as the most authoritarian perverted evil cunts. Every time!

  73. Robert Louis

    Rev STU, Internet service – try looking at

  74. Michael Laing

    @ Robert Louis at 8.29pm: I regard it as scandalous that we no longer have the choice NOT to use banks. When I began work in 1980, I received my weekly wage in cash in a small brown envelope. I could instantly see how much cash I had, and could spend or save it as I wished. Now even disability benefits are paid directly into banks, and they treat our money as if it was their own. Then there are the utility companies and suchlike which are at liberty to increase their bills (even supposedly fixed-price tariffs) and take any amount they want from your account, whenever they want. Why the hell do people stand for this?

  75. PhilM

    It seems like it’s open season on Alf Baird BLT.
    Let me explain for the hard of understanding.
    This is how Scotland is…
    People who’ve only lived in Scotland’s larger towns and cities won’t appreciate why some people find his approach intuitively credible. The word ‘intuitively’ is used deliberately because there can’t be many country boys in rural Scotland who’ve never been assailed with the words,
    ‘Hey! Where d’ye think you’re gaun?’
    Not from the homeowner or the local worthy but from the hired flunky, from the gamekeeper etc. etc.
    Who knew walking on a wall (you know for fun) or going swimming in the river or walking too far up a certain road was some kind of unknowable offence…against whom? You have no idea. You never really know, even if you eventually know the names, the faces, their cars, and their latest conquests…
    But after a period of confusion about the rules that others seem to know and you don’t, you slowly get to understand that you don’t do certain things or stay long in certain places because that Land Rover slowing down and that silent hostile glare from within tells you without any words that certain parts of your own country will never be for you. This feeling becomes internalised. It rarely gets talked about in any depth but this becomes tacit knowledge that EVERYBODY just knows. You don’t question it because it is futile. You carry this with you your whole life, so it doesn’t matter if it happened twenty years or even longer ago. It is ingrained. Of course you change outwardly, become more confident as you mature, but it is still there…that intuitive knowledge of how you should behave in certain situations, in certain places.
    So please spare us your ‘look at me’ anecdotes from your nomadic atomized existence…this is what a people experiences. People who stay where they were brought up, where they went to school, you know, like most people, not thoughtless blow-hards with an obvious agenda, in love with their two and a half talking-points and who, frankly speaking…can just go and fuck themselves.

  76. Sven

    Republicofscotland @ 19.39

    Have no fear RoS, I’ve never felt you presumptious. My name has often caused mild interest in written or online chats.
    Please believe me, in person you’d know I was a wee weegie within the first sentence !

  77. Johnlm

    Cash and plastic card purchases are almost anonymous.
    This will be unacceptable in the brave new world.

    With CBDCs, every penny will be numbered, totally controlled – as you reach your monthly carbon/meat/sugar ration limit, for instance, certain items can become unobtainable.

    CBDCs, being entirely digital, can be time limited, – to be used by a certain date – or forfeited.

    CBDCs will be a very powerful method of social control, combined with a Social Credit points system Punishments and bonuses doled out dependent on behaviour.

    Go out of your way to use cash.

  78. Geri

    The banking wankers…

    This has been happening for so long now. USA loves a good freeze on other countries money (they just threatened P**in they’d give its money to fund weapons for his enemy, Afghans are humped too of a good chunk of change as does London who just stole oligarchs London property.

    As for Joe bloggs on the street, I’ve had pretendy *suspicious activity* on my account too over the last 3 yrs. I can’t fart without my ‘card declined, please contact your bank’ every few months..

    Me: Hello? Bank, wtaf?

    Bank: Please hold while I transfer you to our fraud department.

    Me: Fraud? WTAF?!?!

    *Plays tunes for an hour with intermittent messages my call is important to them*

    Fraud department: Oh hello, we flagged *suspicious activity* we just want to make sure it’s really, really you.
    Can you confirm your last three Direct Debits?

    Me: Suspicious activity?

    Fcking TEMU?!!

    For eighty quid?!?

    That’s suspicious?

    Are you fcking kidding me?!?!

    Am I maraculously Millions in credit?

    Bank: No.

    Me: Well fck off then! That’s what I’d call suspicious activity!
    Fcking TEMU!!!! Is a bathmat & some kitchen gadgets a threat to national security?


    Get herself tae…

    Funny thing is, I’d put money on the real fraudsters never having this trouble..

  79. Galloway Lass

    Many comments on here have given me much feed for thought! ” I ken – a bairn planted a hen’s feather in a midden pile and thoucht it would grown into a chicken!”

    I am now 76 and no longer able to walk very far, due to back problems so I have to rely on taxis.The other day I had to order a taxi to go to the local library. As soon as I got in, the driver said to me “By the way, I don’t take cards, I prefer cash”. I said that’s okay, Mr Gilhooley, I just hope I have enough cash on me”. He asked me how I knew his name and I told him that he’d driven me before and that I’d had to make him a bank transfer!

    I think that “COVID” made us all use our cards more and we got used to it! (A very strategic move by the UK Government!).

    I have now decided that I will get a taxi to take me to my local supermarket every Monday (my pension day) and I shall withdraw my pension in cash. I shall pay in cash from now!

    “Big Brother” closing down Bank Accounts is simply not going to work if everyone decides that they’d rather put their money in their wallet rather than debit cards!

  80. Beauvais

    The Left/Right axis of the political spectrum was the dominant one in the Western world during the 20th century. This surely held back Scotland’s liberation, since so many Scots could not see past supporting or opposing Labour.

    Now it has become clear that the Authoritarian/Libertarian axis has gradually replaced Left/Right as the dominant one.

    This shift will return Scotland to independence. For Scots whose instincts are libertarian (and that’s the majority) will be increasingly repulsed by being ruled from London. Another factor is the growing awareness that Scotland’s predicament is colonial in nature and this will make sense to libertarian Scots.

    The sociological phenomenon of the corrupt and devolutionist
    nature of NuSNP and their cosseting of their authoritarian Wokeist clients is an aberration in the independence movement. The genuine movement is now breaking free.

    This is a historic chance for Scotland to gain freedom riding on a powerful hybrid zeitgeist of libertarianism and anti-colonialism. Independence is approaching.

  81. President Xiden

    Closing down bank accounts for holding the ‘wrong’ political views. Yet another ‘conspiracy’ theory which turns out to be true. What is the difference between a conspiracy theory and the truth? About 18 months or so it would seem.

  82. A Scot Abroad

    iScotland is going to have to use cash, not having a currency or central bank of its own.

    That’s the first three months. After that it’s barter.

  83. David Hannah

    I’m a Celtic fan. Jota is off to Saudi Arabia for £200,000 a week. The suadis have all the oil money.

    Yet our oil built up London. We have free ports 70 per cent of Edinburgh, what does that mean? And then ScotWind. So much for Scotland being the Saudi Arabia of renewables energy.

    My life is shite by comparison. But we’ve got one life. And I’ll be dammed if I sit on my arse and accept this second class citizen standard of being a scot in the UK in 2023.

    Hail Alba. I just need the political leaders to instruct me. And believe in myself.

  84. Confused

    The pound has for decades now been a de-facto “oil backed” currency, of course its fiat, but a country which produces oil will always have money worth something; this greatly increases the strength of the pound, giving the UK an increased purchasing power – this is worth far more than a simple total of the oil revenues. Oil is collateral, it means your IOUs (money, bonds, and all built on) are worth something. England is a net importer of everything, which means its imports are cheaper than it should be – the whole lifestyle of the englsh is propped up by this support. What happens if it collapses?

    – its not “what currency will Scotland use post indy?” (answer, our own, always our own and asap) but what will England use? Internally you still use your pound, but internationally no one wants your “monopoly money”

    Will they move to the dollar? They may as well. What would be even more humiliating is if they have to use the euro to some degree, without even being in europe and thus having a voice in the decision making.

    Or they could go back to the “gold standard” … (chortle) … ha ha … stop it, I’m killing myself here … okay so broon sold the gold off, but there never was enough to “back” a currency anyway.

    Politically what happens when the english can no longer afford toys from amazon, netflix, sky sports and cheap foreign holidays? The “bread and circuses” have been keeping political unrest quiet for decades … as long as things “aren’t too bad”, no one is on the streets.

    Forex speculators are probably the most ruthless of international investors – they owe no allegiance to any country, bleeding a country to death, fucking its corpse and feeding it to the dogs is just “business”.

    show me the money – england won’t have any

  85. Confused

    last thoughts – a bonus track

    “The essential English leadership secret does not depend on particular intelligence. Rather, it depends on a REMARKABLY STUPID THICK-HEADEDNESS. The English follow the principle that when one lies, one should lie big, and stick to it. They keep up their lies, even at the risk of looking ridiculous.” – Joseph Goebbels, an actual evil nazi, but not wrong.

    “To know and not to know, to be conscious of complete truthfulness while telling carefully constructed lies, to hold simultaneously two opinions which cancelled out, knowing them to be contradictory and believing in both of them, to use logic against logic, to repudiate morality while laying claim to it … to forget whatever it was necessary to forget, then to draw it back into memory again at the moment when it was needed, and then promptly to forget it again … Even to understand the word—doublethink—involved the use of doublethink.” – George Orwell, the last honest anglo.

    “unionism is to political organisation as fetish cuckoldism is to normal sexuality”


    ‘The English are great lovers of themselves and of everything belonging to them; they think that there are no other men than themselves, and no other world but England’.

    Andrea Trevisano, Venetian Ambassador to England, 1500 – and this was -before- they were even a major power, never mind an empire.

    Always remember the BBC is impartial – its in the charter – and if anyone tells you saddam gaddafi-osovic didn’t gas his own babies in incubators with barrels bombs, which we had a humanitarian mission to protect with storm-streak-paveway-javelin missiles … they are obvious far right extremists and should have their bank accounts shut down, at least …

  86. highlander

    Wings mentioned on headliners tonight

  87. Geri

    Confused 11:40

    Spot on!

    England has absolutely nothing to offer the world other than some money laundering but even that’s debatable as they’ve a history of seizing what isn’t thiers.

    I laugh when they ask us what *we’ll* use LOL fecking eejits.

    They’ll be trading in groats & hoping someone will have a use for them.
    America will joining them when oil rich nations stop trading thier oil in dollars too.

  88. Billy Carlin

    James Che 5.44pm

    Correct – These Mafia globalists are also trashing the worlds food production just now and also trashing our energy systems and banking/financial systems as part of their agenda to bring in their Communist Digital Currency Social Credit System One World Government under their UN and WHO.

    Neil McCoy-Ward did an excellent video on Youtube called “The WEF Leaders Admit To Restricting ‘Food’ & ‘Energy’ Production” exposing this today.

    Go search for “ – Bilderberg Group – The Secret Shadow Government” exposing their plans that George Orwell was warning about especially their 3 giant blocks they are going to divide the world into – the EU is part of this creation for those who are gagging for “independence” there.

    You will find my video “The Democracy Illusion Everything Is WAS A Corporation on my William Woods Youtube channel exposing the Mafias behind all of these puppets bringing in this agenda – this is who have always been in charge of Scotland and England and the UK and most of this planet.

    You will also find these Mafias being exposed on the video Coronagate Big Pharma Switzerland & Organised Crime which is also exposing the Covid SCAM

  89. Bob W

    Anyone else viewing Wing’s twitter feed anonymously with Replies and getting a message stating that WingsScotland hasn’t tweeted anything?
    Viewing Tweets shows as normal.

  90. James Jones

    James Jones at 8:41 pm
    “Indies must be a pathetic breed if they really regard themselves in Alf Baird’s cowed terms,”

    PhilM at 9:33 pm.
    I got shouted at in fields, so…

  91. Derek

    Aye, right; all Hitler ever wanted to do was paint (quality unqualified) and never wanted to be nasty to folk.

    There’s some folk that might disagree with you; my dad’s pal (that had a tattoo) for starters.

  92. Stephen O'Brien

    For any dream to become reality..
    You first need to wake-up.

    SNP is infested, unfit for purpose, Cannae even present a credible lie, regards Indy policy!

    Only a successful coup of the NEC, could possibly repair the existing damage to the party.

    To delude yourself of the inevitable loss of seats, than currently held, is a credible case to take independence forward, is total ignorance of the situation.

    I’m no longer interested in furthering SNP mind games! In fact, I’d rather the party disappeared up it’s own arse!

  93. Geri

    Has an of the yoons explained why, when we’re not in charge of our own revenues, resources & elections, why we’re not a colony?

  94. PhilM

    I’m sure there must have been replies to what I’ve written as it was designed to be provocative but I couldn’t care less what the unusual suspects say. To be dismissed by a one-liner, issuing from a slack-jawed dribbling clown is not interesting. I caught one of them as the page was racing down to the comments box and as they passed before my drooping eyelids, I found myself unable to stifle a yawn that lasted for what seemed like a geological time period, so long that my eyes were swimming in evolution-laden tears. Yes, you guessed it…I saw the ‘response’ from the satirical genius known as James Jones or as his friend [disputed] fondly refers to him:’nothing’.
    Dear me…anyway I am actually feeling much better just lately. The Tour is almost upon us and I can now drop everything, lay back on the recently imported chaise longue, order my boy-servant around, the one from Illiers-Combray – not the Lyonnais – wait a minute…atchoum!…oh yes…and best of all, dine lovingly and longingly on boxes of Walkers’ Pickled Onion crisps…whilst watching 150 sweaty men in my peripheral vision waste three weeks of their lives cycling through the beautiful French countryside.
    Actually a fan…see you losers in three weeks.
    Stay fresh cheese bags!!!

  95. stuart mctavish

    Nigel Farage should try Barclays – they used Brexit, and my not being resident in UK, as enough excuse to shut my accounts and steal my savings – so would presumably be delighted* with his custom

    Not impossible he’s blagging it for a run on Coutts though so might be inclined to take his ostensibly valid complaint with buckets of salt regardless (did he not just win an award for journalism after all)

    *especially if others living abroad managed to save even more than I.. !

  96. Captain Yossarian

    PhilM – I own a Volkswagen from 2007 which is OK, but I own a Colnago from 1987 which is very, very beautiful. It’s painted Saronni red. I keep it out of the sun and away from my wife in the back hall.

  97. Captain Yossarian

    PhilM – You may already know this, but maybe not – When the great Eddy Merckx was asked by L’Equipe: “You didn’t take drugs, did you Eddy?” He replied: “I didn’t win the Tour de France by eating sandwiches”.

  98. John Main

    Some good posts about using cash. Heed them. The Farage story is evidence that the banks feel confident enough to start throwing their weight around.

    Don’t let them do the same to you.

    And if nothing else, just consider the day or week you will have if/when the power/signals go down and you are totally committed to doing everything electronically.

    Two words:

    Storm Arwen.

  99. John Main

    @Alf Baird says:29 June, 2023 at 8:10 pm

    Everything you write in your post can be attributed to the traditional, old-fashioned war between the classes.

    Maybes you too are suffering from the modern compulsion to over-complicate things.

  100. John Main

    @PhilM says:29 June, 2023 at 9:33 pm

    that silent hostile glare from within tells you without any words that certain parts of your own country will never be for you

    Ah ken fit ye mean.

    I have not got over the stories from the “Covid Years” of harmless day trippers having their cars vandalised by gung-ho, Scottish, vigilantes.

    It was always bad enough having to contend with the big landowners, etc. But to find out that ordinary Scots also wanted to stop my Right To Roam was too much for me.

    I don’t expect to get over that. It beats me why so few other Scots seem to care. Once you realise that one Right is built on sand, you sadly conclude that all of these precious Rights must be the same.

  101. PacMan

    If it is genuine that Farage is being refused basic bank services by a British bank, if we were still part of the EU, he could have just opened a bank account in any other EU country.

    It’s ironic that the likes of him campaigned to leave the EU to ‘take back control’. The problem as seen with the latest instalment of UK governments immigration saga is that the UK is ‘taking back control’ but isn’t the version that he wanted.

    The reality is that now we are truly the 51st state of America and the likes of Farage have no place in it despite doing all the dirty work to get it.

  102. Mac

    So no longer able to view tweets without a twitter account it seems. Usually a fan of Elon Musk but this is retarded if the case.

  103. Mac

    Is twitter not letting you see tweets without an account now?

  104. Bob W


    It began happening early this morning. Unable to view any of the twitter pages I’ve bookmarked., without apparently creating an account. 🙁

  105. John Main

    @PacMan says:30 June, 2023 at 7:45 am

    if we were still part of the EU, he could have just opened a bank account in any other EU country

    You are assuming that because we are no longer in the EU, the rules and laws differ between the UK and the EU. In other words, you have swallowed the “divergence” koolaid.

    That is very far indeed from being the reality.

    The reality is that now we are truly the 51st state of America and the likes of Farage have no place in it despite doing all the dirty work to get it

    That’s even further from being the reality and is in fact, BS on stilts.

    Why is it that so many posters on here feel this compulsion to exaggerate their claims to the point of lunacy?

  106. Republicofscotland

    Looks like Twitter isn’t letting you view accounts unless you are signed up, can’t access the Rev’s nor Craig Murray’s.

  107. Republicofscotland

    The foreign government in England, a foreign country, telling Scots that they couldn’t join Nato unless they hosted nukes.

    Firstly why would we want to remain in Nato, a warmongering bully boys club, and secondly Denmark and Norway have stipulated that they’ll never host nukes, as have Sweden who are looking to join the mad dogs at Nato.

    “Sweden, through foreign minister Tobias Billstrom, has made clear that it will not accept nuclear weapons on its soil.

    Billstrom said Sweden would join its neighbouring nations of Denmark and Norway in unilaterally banning any nuclear weapons from within its borders.”

    Vote Alba, Join Alba dump this rancid union for good.

  108. Graf Midgehunter

    Ah, so there are other friends of the french ride about on WOS.

    Here on the Continent it’s big, big business and a lotta fun. 🙂

    Mind you I’ve been in training for the Tour for a while now, many hours crunching the Spring Classics in Belgium and not forgetting the Giro to build up enough stamina for three weeks on the trot.

    Forgoing the beer an’ pommes is hard but after the last day on the Champs aLisa you can let yourself go again.. 🙂

    My white Pinarello still loves to glide over the rural countryside on a warm sunny day and my Scotland shirt still attracts the mademoiselles..!

  109. Chris Darroch

    ANY of this, unexpected?

    Nope….Not at all.

    And what else do we expect?

    More of the same, for as far as we might imagine, in the future of Scottish politics.

    Independence is done now.

    The British State is far more prepared to deal with our attempts at self governance.

    But it doesn’t need to deploy those tactics….because our own politics will prevent it. Now that everyone sees the potential lifestyle achievable by doing absolutely nothing . Just keeping the gravy boat steady.

  110. John Main

    @Republicofscotland says:30 June, 2023 at 9:26 am

    Hey RoS,

    404 unilaterally banned nukes from within its borders.

    That situation is still playing out as we all know. Plenty of smart money betting that 404 will yet find nukes unilaterally used within its borders, to the woe and confusion of us all.

    Your rant isn’t helping Scotland or us Scots in any way. It would be nice to think that you might yet drop the “warmongering bully boys” shite and maybes get real, but frankly, who cares.

  111. Chas

    I am amazed that ALL the World Leaders, whoever they maybe, simply don’t tune in to the comments section on ‘Wings’ and take on board all the views from the ‘experts’ who regularly comment umpteen times every day. They have a solution for EVERYTHING.

    The array of expertise on show is astounding, especially from those who would probably struggle to tie their own shoe laces.

    It never takes very long for our ‘geniuses’ on here to deviate from the subject matter in Stu’s informative, accurate and well researched articles. All this does is to their prejudices and ignorance without any self embarrassment whatsoever. All they need is a comment from another deluded fool to agree with them and off they go again with their drivel.

    I note the intellectual colossus that is Carlin, is once again extolling the virtues of Mr Hitler. I wonder if the people of Jewish faith, people of colour, gays, gypsies, amongst others, share his views. I suspect not.

    In this complex world we now live in it is impossible to please everybody. Politicians, who are generally not the brightest among us, do understand this. They realise that if they are unable to solve societies ills they may as well not even try but, in the meantime, reward themselves handsomely for their lack of effort. A comfortable retirement awaits with little or no accountability for their previous misdemeanours. A handy Bank balance and substantial pension is their reward. They are generally replaced with others who could not survive in the real world but are attracted to the ‘benefits’.

    Society, worldwide, needs to change how we elect our politicians. Prospective candidates must demonstrate some degree of expertise or even understanding in something. Too often Government Ministers are appointed to a position they know exactly nothing about. See current and previous SNP administrations to confirm. Sadly, there is no chance of this happening as it is the Politicians themselves who would have to approve any proposed changes.

    The moral of the story-look after those close to you. Nobody else gives a fuck!

  112. gerry mcghee

    and the Scottish misGov’s chief negotiator is called Godot!

  113. Gerry McGhee

    Godot’s bringing independence…

  114. Mac

    I still can’t get over these bank account cancellations.

    I have been saying it for a while, we are living in a post-democracy age. Something changed. This sort of thing is beyond the pale. Police state / totalitarian wannabe stuff. Who is directing the banks on whom to cancel? Because someone surely is.

    Britain & the US have absolutely lost it. The Salmond stitch-up was the first massive alarm bell looking back. They have lost their minds these arseholes.

    Europe is being walked into a nuclear exchange by neocons. Quite deliberately. Hundreds of thousand of men deliberately slaughtered. A lost generation of Ukr@ini@ns.

    Sending men, old and young, press ganged from the streets and bus-stops on an ‘offensive’ with no air-cover. That is just murder plain and simple. It is disgusting what is being done.

    And where is a single European leader speaking up for our genuine interests. There are almost none. That guy in Hung@ry being one but who else is there. Britain’s leadership has been decapitated. Sunak and Yousless… neither elected by the public, it says it all.

    I think some real bad things have been planned here. And we in Europe are just sacrificial pawns to these psychos. The times we are living in now are orders of magnitude higher risk than anything we experienced during the cold war, including the Cuban missile crisis. We are so close it is really getting frightening.

  115. Johnlm


    I think that the key is 5G.
    Once that is up and running, the middle classes will have served their purpose and can be returned to the gutter with the rest of us.
    When enough of us refuse to comply, we win.
    It’s a pity we let it get to this stage.

  116. Stoker

    Not been following it so i could be wrong on this. I’ve not heard or read anything about Skanky Sturgeon not telling the Covid Enquiry about the then UK Health Secretary instructing companies not to send PPE (personal protective equipment) to Scotland, to prioritise England etc.

    Something we all know definitely happened. Sturgeon, as crap out of office as she was in it. One would have thought that was a very important point to make, especially in relation to Scotland governing itself. Another open goal utterly missed. Or should that read ‘deliberately’ missed?

  117. Sven

    Mac @ 10.35

    Either your post is reassuring me as to my sanity in what I believe I’m witnessing going on in the world today … or, you’re very welcome to the pick of my store of tinfoil hats !

  118. Stuart MacKay

    The UK jumped on the slippery slope with the sanctioning of Graham Phillips over his unfavourable reporting of the conflict. German journalist Alina Lipp is facing three years in jail for also not staying on message. The harassment of inconvenient voices will accelerate over the next few years. The likes of the Rev and Farage are just a taste of things to come as the UK and EU try and show the Communist Party of China how it’s done. This is above and beyond the busy-bodies getting people fired over their inability to follow the trans narrative. When state-based institutions are getting into the game, life is going to get difficult for many.

  119. Stuart MacKay


    Interesting observation. With Sturgeon apparently out of the running for an EU or UN position she still has to make ends meat and sustain herself in the lifestyle to which she has become accustomed. A failure to remember things that might be inconvenient to others is just her way of signalling that she’s open to offers.

  120. Geri

    Banking & Farage…

    Didn’t his right wing chums tell him to open an account in Ireland?

    Did Jacob Reese Mogg et all not tell him that’s what they were all doing in preparation for Brexshit?

    NATO is a protection racket. Pay someone else for your defence in exchange for a huge chunk of real estate & pray they don’t turn on you in the meantime. Americas army in Europe to enforce compliance.

    Countries & newly Independent countries should always invest in thier OWN defence & form thier OWN alliances.
    France & Ireland are not in NATO. They never joined because it’s a protection racket/ hegemony & impossible to leave or get them to leave not just your country but your politics, candidates & elections. They are a fecking parasite. An iScot *scared* of not signing up to the Mafia or that they won’t want us in thier club? Oh Pleeease! The parasites would be first for us to sign up to make us number 81 to thier other military playgrounds throughout the world.
    They are the threat to world peace & with a UN who is completely toothless – there is no checks & balances. They can bomb, maim or topple wtf they like without fear of being reprimanded.

    The atrocities in Palestine is a prime example.

  121. Ian Brotherhood

    @Mac (10.35) –

    Hear hear.

    We all have our pet theories as to how we’ve ended up where we are.

    I’d mark the assassination of JFK as a turning-point.

    Almost 60 years after the event, many individuals have spent their entire adult lives working night and day to find the ‘truth’ behind what happened. But if you stop folk in the street and ask them who did it there’s a hefty % will say it was LHO acting alone. It’s incredible – even after two full decades of access to the web, endless screeds of proof that it was an extra-judicial execution (and has served as a ‘warning’ to every POTUS since then) people still can’t or won’t get their head around it.

    That kind of fear filters down through every institution until it affects us, even if we’re not aware of it. It also helps explain the utterly supine behaviour of so-called world ‘leaders’ (Sturgeon is small-fry) when faced with problems that the ‘deep state’ would prefer them to ignore.

    All the same problems that JFK and RFK were doing their level best to tackle have worsened. Even now, with RFK Jnr running for the presidency, there’s real and justifiable fear that his talk of ‘peace’ has marked his card before the real campaigning has even started.

    It’s fuckin grim.


  122. Alf Baird

    John Main @ 7:32 am

    “Everything you write in your post can be attributed to the traditional, old-fashioned war between the classes.”

    Wrong again I’m afraid. This is the mistake those usually on the left sympathetic to national independence but worried (and confused) about ‘nationalism’ often make. People such as Gerry Hassan and others pushing Scots towards British Labour Party salvation. Eventually (i.e. only post liberation) such people “discover that there is no connection between the liberation of the colonized and the application of a left wing program” (Memmi). Until then they remain confused.

    All the historical evidence and related postcolonial theory tells us that the fight for independence is not a battle between socialism or capitalism, of left or right. It is a battle against a fundamentally racist ideology. Moreover, the ‘rise of fascism comes from colonialism’, not nationalism (Cesaire). An oppressed group only become nationalists in order to liberate their people from colonialism.

    The colonial British state is well described in the words of Bunche: “The doctrine of fascism with its extreme jingoism, its exaggerated exaltation of the state and its comic-opera glorification of race, has given a new and greater impetus to the policy of world imperialism”.

    And this from Du Bois: “I knew that Hitler and Mussolini were fighting communism, and using race prejudice to make some white people rich… but it was not until later that I realized that the colonialism of Great Britain and France had exactly the same object and methods as the fascists and Nazis were clearly trying to use – concentration camps, wholesale maiming and murder, defilement of women or ghastly blasphemy of childhood – which Christian civilization or Europe had long been practicing.”

    You really should read up on postcolonial theory, John, which tells us that the native elite mimic the colonizer ‘class’ in order to join in the racket. It accurately explains Scotland’s 300+ year predicament and the existence of a national liberation movement:

  123. Captain Yossarian

    Graf Midgehunter – When someone passes you on a climb and you cannot do anything to respond…..they call Eddy Merckx “The Cannibal”, because he used to do that all the time. No-one would call Jamie Hepburn “The Cannibal”…..folk would laugh. It’s time to watch the Tour de France I think.

  124. Mac

    Oh we are in the middle of something Sven. (I also believe you know what was created in a lab was not released accidentally. So you better break out the jumbo roll of tin foil.)

    What should frighten us is all of what is happening now was originally planned for Hillary’s reign. This is why the ‘deep state’ lost its mind when Donald surprised everyone and stole the show. And why they cheated 2020.

    So all of this has been planned for at least a decade. You could identify the inception of this plan by going back and seeing when the non-stop anti-big-country-in-the-east propaganda onslaught began. From memory that goes back 15 years and maybe more…

    They took out Salmond and now they appear to be trying to destroy Farage. Very interesting that they clearly still fear Farage… and Wings and Salmond. Both Farage and Salmond represent a truly populist, truly nationalist (in a good sense) threat in their respective countries.

    The fact they are resorting to this with Farage perhaps indicates they are weaker then we realize. Same with the grotesque stitch-up of Salmond. As one of the whistle blowers said ‘it was all so unnecessary’. Or so it appeared at the time. It only makes sense when you see what they planned to do in the years after…

    So on the basis of who ‘they’ fear the most…Salmond and Farage should align and fight a campaign of mutual independence for England & Scotland. Do it lads, just for the lolz if nothing else. Convincing the English that independence would be as good for them as it would be for us would be an easy sell. Personally I think the English would be far more up for it than us if anyone ever asked them. And this way there would be no bitter split, just an amicable parting of the ways that is ratified by the electorate on both sides of the border, lovely. Meanwhile back to reality…

  125. Geri

    Sturgeon & the inquiry..

    I haven’t followed it either cause it’ll just be the usual of blaming everyone else. In this case she’d be right – she followed BoJo around like a puppy. Starstruck at her own self importance at being invited to COBRA zoomer calls that scruff agreed git never even attended.

    She got her clipboard & threw Jeane Freeman off the podium.

    Aaaaaaand …


    Only growing a spine when Wales told BoJo to fuck off – they’d handle it themselves. But even then she didn’t, she passed the buck to Police Scotland & didn’t tell the Royals to get tae fuck either.. that Scotland was closed for everyone else so get herself tae fck & respect our laws.

    We all knew she was useless but we seen it in action during covid.

    She was no leader. A daily brief on statistics was not leadership. A staffer could’ve read those or even Jeane who’s job it actually was..

    But Sturgeon out of the limelight for over 18 months? Unthinkable!! It probably cost more cases of COVID having all those staff, media, sign language, cameramen & staff working so she could preach numbers from the pulpit every day.

    It didn’t stop Elections but it was unthinkable to have an indyref or to even work towards one – what an ideal opportunity while parliament was on a go slow – more time for brainstorming & strategy without the daily grind of parly. Gunners of free time But nope, me, me, me! Give me the mic!! I’m having it!

    Sturgeon has the ability to look busy while achieving sweet fck all..

    Did anyone get anything out of the daily briefings?

  126. Stephen O'Brien

    If the media remained neutral, over the question of independence, it would make SNP’s task of MAINTAINING Devolution, near impossible!

    The propaganda war is vital to maintain the appearance of a battle for independence. There is no such battle, legally or otherwise. Flag waving in an orderly fashion, a nice spectacle.

    SNP has in effect, by it’s lack of genuine Indy policy, reached the end of it’s shelf life. Although still desperately attempting to punt itself, while turning more rancid by the day.

    With Indy support now significantly higher than that of SNP. The party is screwed. The game is up!

    SNP has neither the ability nor the desire to deliver on it’s worthless promises of self-determination. Self-serving, right to the bitter end!

    ALBA and independents slow to make any impression. All eyes focused on the faltering SNP, by their demise, soon forced to pass the baton to Westminster, to take this farce into the next phase of deception.

    Political leadership in short supply, as the Indy movement takes stock.

    SNP supporters usual instruction, soon to be made officially redundant, when the party inevitably crashes!

  127. Sven

    Geri @ 11.51

    “Did anyone get anything out of the daily briefings ?”

    All I learnt was that Ms Sturgeon has a large and varied wardrobe of apparently very expensive looking fitted clothes, mainly red. And, that she is singularly talented at self styling, tinting and cutting her hair whilst professional salons were closed. A talent equalled only by her ability to apply make up to a high standard.

  128. Geri


    Farage having England go Independent?
    Who’d pay Englands bills? Thier warmongering? All thier clubs?

    They have absolutely nothing that anybody wants.

  129. Geri


    Aye, that was remarkable eh?

    Everyone else was wandering around like a Yeti or following YouTube tutorials on how (NOT) to dye yer own hair at home while worrying ‘am I gonnie die like this with a wonky haircut’ lol

  130. Mac

    Hmmm I starting to think it makes a lot of sense… If there ever is another referendum on leaving the Union then all the countries in the Union should have their own referendums to decide if they want to stay or become independent. Why should Scotland be the only country to have a say.

    Given the state of the SNP I think campaigning for English independence from Scotland will be far more likely to succeed than vice versa. i.e. Convincing the English to boot us out the union is far easier than convincing Scots to leave it voluntarily.

    This is the way out of the union folks… booted out by a Daily Mail incensed English public. Forget wasting our energy trying to convince shitpant Scots… never happen. Instead all we have to do is goad the English into booting us out. That is not going to be nearly as difficult!

  131. James

    Ian Brotherhood;

    Spot on.

    “….that’s a Texas lilac, boss; flowers in March….”

  132. highlander

    Geri says:
    30 June, 2023 at 11:14 am

    France & Ireland are not in NATO


    France is in nato, Ireland is signed upto nato’s PfP and EAPC so is basically a member

  133. PacMan

    Just had a look at Barclays T&C’s for their personal customer accounts:

    When we can close an account or end a service
    We can close an account (and stop providing any services and end this agreement)
    by giving you at least two months’ notice. Any benefit or services linked to your
    account will stop at the same time. However, if you have a Barclays Basic Current
    Account, we can only do this if:
    • you have access to another payment account in the UK with basic features
    • you’re no longer legally resident in the UK, or
    • there haven’t been any transactions on your account for more than 24 months.
    If you’re a Barclays Basic Current Account customer, we’ll tell you why we’re ending
    the agreement unless doing so would be unlawful.
    We may also end this agreement immediately or on less notice (and stop providing
    services and close your account) if we reasonably believe you have seriously or
    persistently broken any terms of the agreement. We can also do this if we have
    reasonable grounds for thinking you have done any of the following things, all of
    which this agreement prohibits.
    • You put us in a position where we might break a law, regulation, code or other
    duty that applies to us if we maintain your account, or keeping your account
    open exposes us to action or censure from any government, regulator, or law
    enforcement agency.

    • You give us any false information.
    • You commit (or attempt) fraud against us or someone else
    • You use or try to use your account illegally or for criminal activity, including
    receiving proceeds of crime into your account – or you let someone else do this.
    • You behave in a threatening or abusive manner to our staff.
    • You become bankrupt (unless you have a Barclays Basic Current Account)

    Hopefully HTML codes work but I’ve highlighted the section in bold which I think Barclays can close your personal account for political reasons.

    It’s purposefully vague so they can close your account for any reason which I’m sure, depending on reason, if challenged in court could well be deemed illegal.

  134. Andrew F

    Anyone found that they suddenly can’t see “Wings” on Twitter?

    I’m not a registered Twit, but I’ve always been able to see Twitter users’ postings without having to log in (same goes for Facebook accounts – but you get half the screen taken up with a “log in” prompt).

    Just today I found that I can’t see tweets – I get automatically redirected to the “log in/start an account” page.

    Musk owns it and can do what he wants, but I’m never going to sign up so they’ve just lost another set of eyeballs.

    Dumb move on their part.

    Anyone else (who is not on Twitter) finding this?

  135. dasBlimp

    Mac says:
    30 June, 2023 at 12:20 pm

    …. Instead all we have to do is goad the English into booting us out. That is not going to be nearly as difficult!
    That’s been Sturgeon’s modus operandi all along (but never Salmond’s). She is so irritating that it is possible the English hate her more than “we” do.

  136. Sven

    Geri @ 12.18

    Indeed. Whilst my original reply could seem facile, and was just a wee bit tongue in cheek, I genuinely was surprised by the number of women who passed very critical comments about the then FM’s well groomed appearance whilst they felt very self aware of how unkempt they felt they were appearing.
    Just a small thing really, and Ms Sturgeon was, I’m sure, not alone amongst our leaders in taking pains with her appearance. However it did damage any concept of ‘being in this together’, more especially with her as she seemed to never be off the screens. Assuring us that as “Scotland’s Mammy” (am I the only person who felt an unpleasing resonance with ‘Big Brother’ in that comparison) she was going through this with us just drew attention to how much more equal she was than others.

  137. Merganser

    Red flag over SNP accounts.

    Call for John Main: “Show us the money!”

  138. Shug

    What will England use for currency once Scotland leaves. The pound will crash and burn. That’s why so many labour and Tories worthies are into offshore trusts and of course why they don’t want the inland revenue chasing off shore trusts.

    Yep pound will be like Zimbabwean dollars.

    It will take about 6 weeks to set up a central bank 6 months for a payment system and at last we can a government that can even make its own decisions. Might even be able to have a system for returning ginger bottles.

    How is sensible Dave doing

  139. Mac

    Ian Brotherhood says
    “I’d mark the assassination of JFK as a turning-point.”

    Totally agree. In fact I’d say it was the turning point. As Oliver Stone said in the movie, that was a coup. And the forces that seized power that day never relinquished it.

    JFK wanted peace and that is primarily why they killed him. Just listen to his ‘Peace’ speech at the university in mid 1963 less than 6 months before they killed him.

    Trump ain’t no JFK but he also wanted peace and that is why he is utterly hated by them also. As we know now the whole Ru$$ia collusion hoax was to stymie any attempts he made at that before he even made them.

    Eisenhower explicitly warned about us about them in his farewell address and yet within a few short years they had murdered his democratically elected successor.

    Nixon was also taken out… The Bush and Clinton families are completely tied into them.

    These people are out of control and have been for a long time. Killing Kennedy like that, blowing his brains out the back of his head with his wife sitting next to him, was to send a message to every president that came after. And by and large it worked.

    But this stuff with Ru$$ia is insane, really insane. It has got to stop or really bad things are going to happen.

    Does anyone really think old Joe is running the show. So who the f**k is.

  140. Agent x

    Stoker says:
    30 June, 2023 at 10:52 am

    Not been following it so i could be wrong on this. I’ve not heard or read anything about Skanky Sturgeon not telling the Covid Enquiry about the then UK Health Secretary instructing companies not to send PPE (personal protective equipment) to Scotland, to prioritise England etc.

    Something we all know definitely happened. Sturgeon, as crap out of office as she was in it. One would have thought that was a very important point to make, especially in relation to Scotland governing itself. Another open goal utterly missed. Or should that read ‘deliberately’ missed?


    “There was a concern raised by the care home sector in Scotland that some of the usual suppliers of PPE were telling them that they couldn’t supply normally right now because they had been told that they had to prioritise the NHS in England.

    “Now, that was obviously a concern for us. We’ve had assurances from the UK Government that that is not an instruction that’s been given from the NHS in England or Public Health England and I am willing to accept that assurance.”

  141. CR

    dasBlimp says:
    30 June, 2023 at 12:37 pm

    Mac says:Instead all we have to do is goad the English into booting us out. That is not going to be nearly as difficult!
    That’s been Sturgeon’s modus operandi all along (but never Salmond’s). She is so irritating that it is possible the English hate her more than “we” do.

    Elect Ian Blackford as FM. guarantee the English will be holding an Independence referendum within 6 months

  142. Michael Laing

    @ Andrew F at 12.37pm: Answer: yes. I too have been in the habit of occasionally following links to Twitter, but I will never sign up for a site that promotes polarisation and division by its use of algorithms. So its no great loss to me if I can’t see what’s being said on there.

  143. James

    Ian B;

    Apologies, memory defect, should of course read;

    “….That’s a Texas live oak, chief; sheds it’s leaves the first week of March….”

  144. Johnlm

    Steel frame buildings collapsing at free-fall speeds, into their own footprint, did it for me.

    Surely every Physics teacher or Structural Engineer would raise questions about ‘conservation of momentum’?
    Apparently not.

    Twenty years of Anti-Terrorism laws, wars and here we are.

  145. Stuart MacKay

    SNP auditor flags missing documents as party approves accounts, Holyrood Magazine,

    It’s worth a read if only for the quotes from the auditor and the SNP. Clearly some finessing of reality is taking place.

    tl;dr; The SNP will be fighting fit financially for the General Election.

  146. Dan

    Re. Twitter access

    Aye, it seems they have put a block on being able to view it without being logged in. There have been various iteration of restricting non logged in viewer access over the years so it is just down to Musk.
    No biggie, the place is shit anyway, and have long wondered why so many “Indy” folk post to a limited audience on there when all that traffic could be potentially generating an income stream and wider discussions for sites like this.

    RE. Cash

    Use it as much as possible, if for no other reason than to keep folks’ brains working. So many folk pay with some kind of apps on their phones, but I’m oldskool and have been having some epic chuckles when at the shops recently watching the young kid cashiers try to do the most basic sums.
    Cashier- “That will be £11.08”
    Me- Hands cashier a 20 pound note, a pound coin, a 5p, a 2p, and a 1p…
    Long silence and muchos baffled expression ensues..

    So pay cash to try to keep Scottish enlightenment going and stop #TheThickening

    Hmm, maybe what we need to do is get our shit together and actually start our own bank, and boycott the mainstream ones that are clearly now manipulating society.

  147. Dan

    Sigh, how can we become a self governing country when we can’t even get the post preview function working to catch basic errors…

    That should have read- “There have been various iterations of restricting non logged in viewer access over the years so it is not just down to Musk.”

  148. Sven

    Dan @ 13.31

    The “Bank of Dan” works for me m8. Not having a smartphone, online banking or any of these innovations I still live in world of cash and cheques.
    Just promise me that the Murrells won’t be on your board of directors.

  149. A Scot Abroad

    Shug, at 12:40,

    That’s really a very long way from reality. What would happen post a pro-Indy referendum result is that iScotland would negotiate with rUK a divorce settlement which would include taking on a proportionate share of the national debt, and a trade deal. iScotland would have to set up a central bank (as otherwise there’s no tools to manage inflation), and taxes in Scotland would go up. Partly, to cover the loss of the Barnet funding, but mostly because until iScotland establishes a credit rating, investors would only lend to Scotland at quite high rates of interest. iScotland’s exports could slump for a few years, as iScotland may not have any trade deals (it would argue that it should continue with the UK’s existing deals, but that’s not guaranteed to work). The financial sector would pretty largely decamp to England as it needs a lender of last resort, and iScotland’s new central bank wouldn’t have enough reserves to cover a systemic failure.

    Meanwhile, in England, the Chancellor would have the opportunity to lower taxes, as support to iScotland isn’t needed.

  150. Sven

    Johnim @ 13.11

    The sight of a presenter announcing the collapse of a building which could be clearly viewed standing undamaged in shot behind her and would not actually come down for several minutes did kinda strike me as mildly unusual also.

  151. Dan

    @ Sven

    TBH I couldn’t do it on my own and would therefore need some staff, so there could be a reasonably paid employment opportunity for John “show me the money” Main. He’d surely be in his element with cash constantly flowing in and out his hands as our bank worked to improve Scottish folks’ lives because we didn’t extract huge profits for the directors, instead just taking adequate remuneration from the endeavor to cover operating costs.

    I was looking into mutual building societies recently and noticed there is the Scottish Building Society. But it had limited branches (called Relationship Centres for some reason which must be some marketing wheeze, well unless you can go in and make other kinds of deposit or withdrawal over and above cash!)
    Couldn’t help but think they are missing a trick by not having at least a few more branches to cover main population areas of Scotland.

  152. Stephen O'Brien

    Talking about unserious people, I see ‘The Two Davies’ are obviously only interested in maintaining SNP in office, at any cost. ‘Keep Your Eyes On The Lies’!

    Contrary to their SNP propaganda…

    First past the post, seat count, ONLY benefits SNP! No possible way to implement Independence by a minority, while claiming the people of Scotland are sovereign?!

    Both Davies, display despicable loyalty to a despicable political party, proven to be fraudulent liars!

    Independence cause, used and abused as a matter of fact. Can’t even adequately disguise their exploitation of the Indy support! Beyond the pale! The party first, before all else. Self interest, first and foremost. Self-determination promises, strictly a strategy to keep SNP in office.

    Ne’er to be forgotten.. The Supreme Court, also used by SNP, to maintain their Devolution Gravy Train!

    The Lowest of the Low!

  153. Shug

    Scot abroad

    So you accept all you jocks are “subsidy junkies” supported by your better’s in London. Proud beggars indeed.

    When Farrage said “the Scots are biddable dogs who will come to heel soon enough” he must be thinking of you.

    Wear it with pride at you’d desk of trolls

  154. Geri


    Us thickos this side of the counter too!

    I went into McDonalds the other day with a wtf moment as 10 touch screens greeted me?! Lol

    Order yerself, pick yer own order, yer own wants & dislikes on yer bun, yer own drinks, sides & desserts & then pay..

    As for twitter – we’ve been getting Americanised for decades since the dawn of the internet. Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google & all its devices – all censored & all into spreading propaganda & knowing exactly where we all are through GPS, phone towers & Google Earth.
    Channels on YouTube can’t even mention
    Domestic violence
    Sexual abuse

    Wtf? Why not? Lol! It can be entertaining sometimes watching crime channels try *whisper* any of those words for fear of being cancelled or demonotised.

    Yet these same feckers preach about Chinas draconian laws & restrictions FFS!

    They’ve zero self awareness.

  155. James

    “a scot abroad”

    Some “scot”…Why let the truth get in the way of a post full of utter bollocks, eh?

    Scroll on by him folks.

  156. Sven

    Dan @ 14.19

    I do like the concept of a genuine Scottish National Bank (not the Nicola Sturgeon one) Dan.
    In fact, if my local Credit Union was just able to provide the basic banking facilities it would really be all I’d need. As it is, it makes me feel a wee bit better to know that such few bawbees as I have are being utilised to lend out at fairly basic rates to my fellow citizens in transactions handled, mainly, by volunteer staff.
    But then, I am of a generation who were blessed by having councillors and Trades Union reps who were generally more interested in doing good than looking good. And for whom lending a helping hand wasn’t just a catchphrase.

  157. Andrew F

    Thanks Michael Laing and Dan, good to hear it’s not just me but seems to be universal.

    Agree – no great loss, but a bit of a hassle since Rev’s Twit output is usually good reading (along with a few others I’m used to checking in on).

    Dan – 100% agree on cash. I’ve noticed an increase in getting given 10 or 20 bucks too much change and having to explain to the kid things like $51.65 minus $31.65 equals $20 and not $30.

    On the bright side, I’m also noticing an increase in “cash is king” type responses to my exclusive use of cash – we’re becoming retro/cool while preventing techno totalitarianism!

  158. Geri


    An iScot doesn’t have debt.

    England would have to provide the receipts & evidence it was spent in Scotland for us to owe anything.

    We get pocket money remember? Out of our own money.

    We also own a share in all of Englands assets. We’ve been deducted for them.

    What trade would we be doing with England? Do they make anything we want? Our trade would be with EFTA.

  159. JockMcT

    tired of the trolls? yeah, me too..

    as for what Scotland needs and how we don’t need to go cap in hand to England and take any of their national debt. Read about MMT & The Deficit Myth by Stephanie Kelton, get up to speed on how the existing system tries to keep us in the dark, tugging our forelock and thinking we need to balance their books, to tax in order to afford things and to be subservient to Barnett handouts – what a load of old bollocks. The tories find money to bail out their pals and to fund massive PPE scams/ Track & Trace (£37 BILLION) etc during COVID, then tell us we need decades of austerity to “pay for it” when they know full well that is a con. What Scotland needs is our central bank, we definitely also need our own fiat currency and we just get on with it from there. We fund our growth, we use our vast assets – yes we are a very rich country you see – imagine that, and we do it Scotland style, we fund our health service, we invest in infrastructure, we create jobs, we build affordable homes – for Scots – etc etc. Vision required here, not your feckless but how can we afford it crap, and pls can I have another bowl Mr Barnett. Sure we will trade with England, after all, they need our water, power etc, and we have our share of their assets to negotiate/trade back vs taking on some of their debt – why the f would we do that anyway? Let’s stop being too wee, too poor, too stupid, and definitely too colonialised. So, where are the visionaries and big thinkers who will take this forward? I’ll tell you where they ain’t – in the nuSNP, no matter what fancy titles they give their wives, and they ain’t in our wee house troll group on here either.

  160. Geri


    Before Scotland was forbidden from recording its own accounts & England stopped recording them for us (1921) a massive 74% of Scotland’s money was being spent outside of Scotland.
    Before even a drop of oil came ashore we were subsidising England. It’s now in the billions.

    An iScot, with an abundance of natural resources, would have a gazillion investors because we have assets that’s not going anywhere.

    You’re just peddling the usual BT bullshit that’s been debunked by a million articles on this site alone. Use the search bar for everything from deficits to GERS & from taxes to trade deals. Our first would probably be with the Republic of Ireland & our own direct routes to the EU through EFTA.

  161. A Scot Abroad


    don’t be a fool all of your life. In 2020, before Brexit, Scotland exported 60% of all exports to the rest of the U.K., and only 15% to the EU. Scotland imported 67% of imports from the rest of the U.K. Figures for 2022/23 haven’t yet been published, but they will be up from 60% and 67% respectively, because of Brexit.

    Try looking up facts before spouting pish.

    An iScotland would currently fail the entry tests (debto to GDP and annual net deficit spending) for both the EU and EFTA.

  162. John Main

    @ASA 2:09

    Your assessment and summary of how things will likely pan out post-Indy aligns with mine.

    It’s not rocket science, plus we only have to look at the real-world example playing out around us right now.

    The UK post-Brexit provides the template for Scotland post-Indy.

    So, as a Brexit supporter I can resignedly vote for Indy to make me even poorer, in the hope that given enough time, things will pick up. Given that Scotland supposedly opposed Brexit though, it’s hardly surprising Indy support is flat-lined. Once bitten and that.

    And not helped by the regular posts on here about how the UK going it alone has been such a disaster.

  163. Johnlm

    It’s no use debating ASA.
    They never actually provide figures.
    They like to ‘imagine’ what share Scotland must get.

    Anyway, if universal basic income gets rolled out it will all be academic.

  164. Republicofscotland

    “I’d mark the assassination of JFK as a turning-point.”

    JFK was killed by a three man SAS team sub-contracted by the US security services, the head of the SAS team was a man named John Harrison who was also present when Jack Ruby shot LHO, apparently LHO was carried into the back of vehicle that resembled an ambulance.

  165. John Main


    As opposed to you who ‘knows’ what share Scotland will get.

    I wonder why you don’t use your clairvoyance to show us the money then. Provide some figures yourself.

    Anyways, enjoy your UBI. Just for academic interest, what’s that going to be per week? I need to know if I will be packing in the day job.

    Ha bloody ha.

  166. John Main

    Uh oh RoS.

    You shouldn’t have posted that.


    Now you are a target too.

  167. A Scot Abroad


    who is an iScotland going to sell its “abundant natural resources” to?

    Everybody within 1,000 miles has just the same capacity for wind, solar, and tidal, and energy self-sufficiency is now in every country’s national interest.

    There’s not enough fish in Scottish waters to sustain the current level of spending within Scotland. Fishing provides 0.2% of Scotland’s economy, at £284 million GVA in 2020.

    Oil and gas is going bust. There’s nothing at all wrong with Scottish oil and gas, but in comparison to other sources, it’s expensive to extract, and in a declining market, the most expensive resources are the first to get closed down. There will be very little left of Scotland’s oil and gas sector by 2040.

    What other “abundant natural resources” were you hoping would bring in the money for iScotland?

  168. Johnlm


    I think you have just outed yourself, – that you don’t have any figures.
    Your only weapon appears to be your scintillating sarcastic wit
    – which nobody can understand

  169. Geri

    Come back when you have new bullshit to peddle. The garbage you post has been debunked since before 2014.

    Use the search function or come back with some new material.

    Gotta wonder how other Independent countries survive outside a Union eh?! Oh, wait..

    John Main,

    Show us England’s money? How are they going to maintain your lifestyle? Lowest pension & heading for private healthcare. Your time would be better spent worrying about Sunaks plans..

  170. A Scot Abroad


    well done for completely avoiding the question. To iterate, who is iScotland going to sell the “abundant natural resources” to? Because you need a business plan, and that starts with identifying an addressable market. And I don’t see that for renewable energy, fish, or oil and gas. If there’s no market, there’s no money. Business 101. If you are more expensive than your competitors, for exactly the same product, there’s no money. Business 102. If you aren’t making a decent profit, there’s no investment. Business 103.

    Why don’t you go away and find out some facts. And the next time that some idiotic politician talks airily about “abundant natural resources”, ask him some very hard questions about markets and money. Don’t just drink the KoolAid and repeat it.

  171. Ebenezer Scroggie


    No part of the UK is “foreign” to any other part.

    Sure, there are local cultural variations. For example: Shetland and Orkney have very similar backgrounds, but they are very different to eachother culturally. An Orcadian is a farmer with a fishing boat while a Shetlander is a fisherman with a farm.

    All of Britain is British and no part of Britain is “foreign” to a Brit.

    All that would have changed if Scotland had lost the “once in a lifetime” referendum in 2014. Shetland for sure, and perhaps Orkney, would immediately have sought to secede from Scotland. For them, Scotland ‘feels’ like a foreign place though actually it isn’t.

    Already Shetland Islands Council has determined to avoid Holyrood and the Leith Numptorium whenever possible and go directly to the grownups in Whitehall and Westminster. It’s already borne fruit. The British Government has promised to fully fund a replacement for Fair Isle’s elderly ferry. £26M for a population of less than 70 people.

    If The Scottish Office (it still exists y’know) had half a brain, they’d lavishly fund and financially supervise many individual development projects and put up huge signs declaring where the funds had come from with a Union flag in one corner and the Saltyre in the other, just like the EU did for decades.

    I hope that the Fair Isle ferry and improved jetties project is a harbinger of things to come. They will all make the SNumPties look even more stupid and feckless than they already do.

  172. dasBlimp

    Headline in the DT today …

    King to receive ‘The Elizabeth’ ceremonial sword as Scotland celebrates Coronation
    His Majesty will be presented with the Honours of Scotland at a national service of thanksgiving at St Giles’ Cathedral in Edinburgh

    That’s nice of “us” isn’t it.

  173. Ebenezer Scroggie

    I hope that Wingnut dresses appropriately and doesn’t dress like a Morningside Mormon going to a Freemason’s daytime gig.

    Puleeze show us Scots a bit of respect, ya German qunt!

    Try to look the part of the monarch of Scotland and elsewhere.

  174. Tinto Chiel

    @Ian B, Mac, RoS: yes, poor old JFK was the last POTUS to believe he was at the top of the power pyramid and actually in control. From LBJ on they have all known the real situation.

    I’ve always thought it amazing that anyone shooting from the book depository would not shoot at the presidential limo as it came towards him up Houston Street and slowing down to turn left into Elm Street, thus becoming a bigger and easier target with every second. Why wait until it became a receding one with a telegraph pole, wires and traffic signs in between as the car moved away and down towards the Grassy Knoll? And Oswald was a notoriously poor shot, as his army records show.

    A recent find for me has been the YouTube series called America’s Untold Stories, with Eric Hunley and Mark Groubert, which looks in incredible detail at all the major characters in the whole ghastly affair. In particular the latter’s command of detail is quite exceptional. My only slight grouse is the first few minutes of each episode, which is usually taken up with site housekeeping and chit-chat, before the descent down the rabbit-hole begins, and then even the rabbit-holes have rabbit-holes.

    Conspiracy theorists? Watch for yourself and find out where that silly phrase originated.

    Turning-point, Ian? Yes, and highway to hell too, I suspect.

  175. highlander

    Geri says:
    30 June, 2023 at 11:51 am

    Only growing a spine when Wales told BoJo to fuck off – they’d handle it themselves.


    Is that why wales had the highest death rate?

  176. Geri

    No, it’s because that’s where all the English pensioners go to die.

  177. Republicofscotland

    Main @4.16pm.

    FFS this is common knowledge now, it was in Peter Wright’s Spycatcher book, that’s why the English government tried to ban it around the globe back in the day, eventually the info was removed and censored but not before it was widely read.

    I posted what was off the top of my head, that I read years ago and in hindsight one or two bits of info are inaccurate.

    Here’s the transcript.

    “Harvey and Angleton (Bill Harvey and James Jesus Angleton) questioned me closely about every part of the Suez Operation.
    “We’re developing a new capacity in the Company to handle these kinds of problems,”explained Harvey, “and we’re in the market for the requisite expertise.”

    Whenever Harvey became serious, his voice dropped to a low monotone, and his vocabulary lapsed into the kind of strangled bureaucratic syntax beloved of Washington officials. He explained ponderously that they needed deniable personnel, and improved technical facilities – in Harvey jargon, “delivery mechanisms.” They were especially interested in the SAS. Harvey knew that the SAS operated up on the Soviet border in the 1950s tracking Russian rocket signals with mobile receivers before the satellites took over, and that they were under orders not to be caught, even if this meant fighting their way out of trouble.

    Now this meeting was in May 1961 just after the Bay of Pigs. There was I believe a SAS team that Harvey witnessed in action whilst he was in Germany, and I believe that was the team he was after. So the CIA, the ‘senior’ partner in the ‘firm’ requested from Peter Wright of MI5 that particular team from MI6, and they got the team. Now from 1961 to 1963 what known political assassinations took place that the CIA would have been responsible for? Only JFK.

    And again, which team did the CIA have in Dallas for September? It doesn’t matter at first, but after JFK was assassinated there became the problem of LHO and he had to be taken out, so who would have taken out LHO? The very same team that took out Kennedy. Can you understand this point? So while there is very little evidence of the assassination of Kennedy, there is more than enough for the assassination of LHO, and again, it can only be the very same team.

    In the news video of the shooting of LHO, there is ‘Officer William J Harrison’ who is smoking a cigarette, and is left-handed, which is quite noticeable when he puts out his cigarette by rolling it between his fingers. Harrison was the gunman on the grassy knoll. The second member of the team can again be identified as the skinny young man wearing a hat that assists Harrison and others in securing the gunman that shot LHO. This, according to the Warren Commission was Officer Miller, aka Henry John Ayres of Alaska. The third member of the team, was the man who actually shot LHO. No, it was not Jack Ruby. Have a look at all of the photographs and the videos of the incident. The fedora hat, the dark suit with the sunglasses in the breast pocket, but most noticeably the grip on the revolver, with the ‘Index’ finger running along the length of the barrel, which is a MI6 instructed method of pointing and shooting a victim. Again, this particular person is seen holding LHO outside the Texas Theatre after LHO had been arrested there after the Kennedy assassination. This member is noticeable due to the cigar he has in his mouth. Again reference the Warren report in regard to the cigar at the shooting of LHO.

    If you believe the story that it was Jack Ruby who was the shooter, again pay attention to the clothing worn by the gunman, the fedora hat, and the dark suit. Then observe the photographs of Jack Ruby being ‘escorted’ down the corridor by Officer Harrison who had to sign the fingerprint form of Ruby. Jack Ruby is not wearing any headgear, his shirt has been torn almost off his torso, and his tie is also pulled half off his neck, but none of this was seen during the arrest of the gunman, and of course, the suit the gunman wore is not the attire of Jack Ruby who is only wearing the shirt and light trousers, and believe me, Jack did not do a quick change of clothes after being arrested.

    There is one other little detail that demonstrates the involvement of the media even back then. When reporting of the shooting of LHO the talking head then mentions that the ambulance has arrived to take LHO to the hospital, except for the fact that that ambulance was in fact a hearse, for carrying a dead body, and the talking head didn’t bat an eyelid, he just followed his script. Not even when one of the Murder Squad detectives had to climb in the back of the O’Neal Hearse.
    Then there were all the various witnesses who started dying, not so much of the Kennedy assassination, but more of the witnesses to the shooting of Officer JD Tippit, and you have to wonder why.”

  178. Ian Brotherhood

    @Tinto Chiel (6.41), Republicofscotland (8.15) –

    Very interesting stuff.

    The minutiae is fascinating, but just as interesting in some ways is the inability of some to see what’s staring them in the face.

    They grasp on to any narrative which promises some form of security, even if they know deep-down that it’s a lie.

    Many of us have to bite our tongues every year, as the royal family and all the great & good get dressed up to honour ‘the fallen’, and take turns laying wreaths and uttering pieties about debts owed and ultimate sacrifices.

    And we are *forced* to tolerate this nauseating shite even though most of us know that the grandparents and great-grand-uncles and aunties we all lost or had to nurse through illness and trauma of all sorts were sent into those fucking wars by the parents and grandparents of those same dressed-up shitehawks.

    The Kennedy assassination is now 60 years ago. The 9/11 attacks, more than two decades ago.

    I was in an Irish pub in Glasgow when the 20th anniversary of JFK’s killing was marked by a documentary featuring a newly-released, revamped Zapruder film. It was horrendous. The busy pub, full of navvies and a few off-duty priests, was so quiet you could hear guys sniffing, sobbing. And that was only 20 years since the killing. More time has now passed since 9/11 and the msm narrative hasn’t shifted a jot.

    No doubt it’ll all come out eventually, but not in our lifetimes. More pressing, as Mac mentioned upthread, is the situation in the blue/yellow place. If we don’t get our heads around what’s happening and start demanding that the usual suspects sit down and negotiate some kind of peace (or just surrender) then all the truths behind all the ‘theories’ will be immaterial because there will be no-one around to hear them.

  179. Confused


    I never read that peter wright book as I consider him so much of a liar (they all are to some extent) that sifting through the excrement to find a few pearls is not worth it.

    – the index finger down the barrel – I have heard of that before

    structurally, I find the idea of an MI6 team to be not credible; british soldiers kill the US president, I mean, that could go wrong down the line. Look how the UK got slapped down by the US over suez. Oddly, it sounds like the backstory used for the hollywood film “the rock” where big tam is clearly an incarcerated 007 who “knows too much”.

    gunman are not hard to find, and I would reckon the guys who did it would have been dead themselves 8 hours after

    what do you think of james files? storyteller, conman, the real deal??

    woody harrelson’s dad was a hitman and once claimed he did it

    there is a rumour, probably just a good story, that every new president who is sworn in, immediately after he is ushered into a small room with a seat and a projector; he is sat down, and there he is shown a movie of the JFK assassination – not Zapruder, but more detailed and from a different angle, where we clearly see a good man, a true leader, shot down like a dog in the street … no one gets to see this except new presidents … it is a secret film

    – the film ends and the president leaves; no one says anything, for nothing needs to be said

    so if, e.g. you were popular and “talking populist” and saying things like “drain the swamp” and “end the war” – you “get your mind right”

    at the high level, post JFK all the people who did well and became the establishment were associates of the rockefeller famuly, so go figure

  180. Tinto Chiel

    @Ian B: I remember the elder Bush reportedly being heard off-guard saying words to the effect that if people really knew what they had done (JFK/RFK/9/11?), he and his cabal would be hanging from lamp-posts, Mussolini-style.

    It’s always later than you think, so I would say that the loony Neocons in the White House are very close to Cuban missile crisis levels of Armageddon and they think they can survive limited/tactical nuclear war. It’s Dr Strangelove all over again.

    At least, living so close to Trident Park, most Scots won’t have to confront the appalling prospect of a post-nuclear world, ‘cos we won’t be in it.

    Between this and the relatively trivial woke nonsense about to hit our schools, I look at my grandchildren and despair.

    We all need a political focus to fight these insanities but from where will it arise?

  181. Ian Brotherhood

    @TC (10.16) –

    ‘We all need a political focus to fight these insanities but from where will it arise?’

    God only knows, but I suppose, at our age, we’ve settled into some kind of world-view which is difficult to shift, even with disappointments and bereavements and fear generally.

    I don’t mean to suggest it’s ‘acceptance’ in a passive sense, it’s maybe more about satisfying yourself that you’ve raised your voice as far as is practically possible.

    That’s what gets me about these ‘deep state’ operatives and their projects – they always show enough of themselves to make it plain, to the reasonably alert citizen at any rate, that they’re there. ‘We know that you know we’re here’. Even typing that gets me auld neckhairs up. It’s like that scene in ‘Dressed to Kill’ where you see just the shoe-tips in the space beneath the shower-curtain. More horrifying than the slasher scenes.

    ‘They know we know. And we know that they know we know.’

    Difference between us and ‘them’ is that they’re making a living from terrorising their fellow citizens. That’s their job! We’re still just ‘individuals’ trying to live normal lives. There’s a lot of consolation to be had there, even if we are all, ultimately, doomed to whatever these spineless anonymised fucks have planned for us.

    I assert my right to be cheerful and enjoy whatever time I have left. So long as some of us refuse to pretend that we don’t know what they’re up to, there’s still hope.


  182. Geri

    I think the yanks lost it after WW2, imo.

    They went home & devised plans world domination & first on the to-do list was to surround R*ssia to keep it contained & having military bases throughout the world.
    They’re warmongering eejits who play world police.

    They interfere in every countries elections, politics & instil leaders, puppet regimes, fund guerrilla & mercineries & when their face no longer fits they send in the cannon fodder to come home in a body bag or sleep on the streets.

    They also created a beast in the middle East who they’ve locked & loaded with nukes. The unhinged fascist regime who carries out atrocities on a daily basis with absolute impunity. Proving they’re no peacekeeper. They don’t mind a tyrant dictator or 10 when it suits them. Same with thier fake democracy & bullshit over UK-rainy self determination when they absolutely abhor the idea at home.
    The yanks are the biggest threat to world peace.
    They’re at constant war & they show no signs of stopping.

    Kennedy was taken out cause they wanted nothing standing in thier way to thier crazed ideology.
    The UK government too when you think of Cook, Dr Kelly etc & that fantastical story of the skripals…

    USA is to give volunteers who go to Uka-rainy gender reaffirming surgery on thier return. (That’s if it’s not in a bag) FFS! How absolutely pathetic is that to ppl who are already mentally unstable? Putting weapons in thier hand & shipping them off to war. Tells us all we need to know how little they think of ppls lives.

  183. johnlm

    There are so many false trails set around the JFK assassination.
    (I think the President film story above is an old Bill Hick’s comedy routine. is it not?)

    The SAS story sounds irrelevant and weak.

    More compelling is the testimony from 3 different sets of people who claim to have taken the body into the Bethesda Naval Hospital morgue.

    There also appears to be two different sets of Zapruder prints being prepared by the CIA in Washington that weekend.
    -look for an interview of Doug Horne with Dino Brugioni.

    The most public warning to a President appears to be the Skid row assassination plot, which unsettled Carter
    – search for Raymond Lee Harvey and Osvaldo Ortiz

  184. Mac

    That is fascinating about Peter Wrights book ROS.

    Intelligence agencies are known to get around domestic legislation banning them from say killing a citizen by having a foreign intelligence agency do it on their behalf.

    It is so telling what Oswald said as well. If you were completely innocent and wrongfully charged you would be shouting exactly that… I am innocent, you have the wrong man.

    But what did Oswald say… I’m the patsy.

    “Patsy”. You can read so much into that word.

  185. Mac

    The testimony of the cop who was at the scene of the assassination seconds after it happened and heard the shots is fascinating. A very brave man. His account about meeting his ex-colleague at the coffee shop has always stayed with me, it is chilling.

  186. Confused

    Bill Hicks? – yes, possibly right; good story though.

    Someone should put those 200 books on JFK into GPT, stick it on training mode, then see what it says.

    this is almost certainly “too good to be true”

    but again, part of the cleverness about good disinformation is that even when the truth is right in front of them, the people will not extract it from the “noise”.

  187. Johnlm

    Confessions by prisoners and intelligence officers with books to sell are dubious to me.

    We will never know who the gunmen were (Fletcher Prouty just said ‘pros’) but there were CIA trained Cuban assassins, Sheriff Harry Weatherford and Jean Souetre provably all in town on the day.
    They even had a Northern Irish Protestant driving the car. (William Greer)

    Pity no-one thought to interview the 13 African Americans standing closest to the action as shown in the Robert Croft photograph.

  188. Alastair

    Hepburn a slimmy snake and secret minister for the Union who gave him a mandate for Devo Max. He was given a mandate for independence just use it. The enemy within the SNP Trojan horses of the evil empire.

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