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Trampling on graves

Posted on April 17, 2018 by

Last night – at the insistence of the SNP – the House Of Commons held a six-hour emergency debate in the wake of the UK’s unquestionably illegal bombing of Syria at the weekend, under the supposed justification of a chemical attack that may well not have happened at all, far less have been the responsibility of the unfortunate country’s murderous dictator Bashar al-Assad.

(Loony left-wing conspiracy theorists casting doubt on Assad’s responsibility for what happened – or didn’t happen – in Douma include, er, Major General Jonathan Shaw, the former head of the UK’s special forces, and Admiral Lord West, the former First Sea Lord under Tony Blair and Minister For Security And Counter-Terrorism in Gordon Brown’s government.)

The debate concluded with a token vote, not on whether the bombing was right or wrong but which merely asserted whether Parliament had “considered” the subject. (ie voting that it had NOT done so would have made a statement that the Prime Minister acted improperly by committing UK forces to a conflict without obtaining MPs’ assent.)

Faced with the opportunity to issue a symbolic public rebuke to the government for bypassing Parliament on a matter of war and breaking international law, the radical socialist opposition Labour Party of Jeremy Corbyn… abstained.

In doing so Corbyn’s party stomped all over the memory of its own former Foreign Secretary Robin Cook, who resigned in 2003 over the principle of the Iraq War being undertaken without a proper legal basis and who felt so strongly that Parliament, not the whim of the Prime Minister, should determine the UK involving itself in war that he had the words below carved on his headstone:

But few were surprised when that right was tossed aside without a word of protest from Labour (indeed, with some vocal support from the Labour benches), because it added to a very long list of Labour abstentions when the chips were down on any number of major issues of recent years:

On a Tory bill for an early EU referendum

On retrospectively depriving workfare victims of compensation

On the right of civil servants to strike

On rejecting the siting of nuclear weapons in Scotland

On condemning the Iraq war

On free tuition for students

On minimum pricing of alcohol

On opposing the top-rate tax cut from 50p to 45p

On opposing savage cuts to public-sector pensions

On stopping fuel-duty increases

On maintaining concessionary bus travel for the elderly

On massive pay rises for councillors

On the criminalisation of squatting

On reducing VAT from 20% to 17.5%

On the Scottish budget

On brutal immigration reforms

On fracking

On the bedroom tax

On savage welfare cuts and the benefits cap

On welfare cuts again

When it really matters – and sometimes even when it doesn’t and is just an easy open goal spooned into the stands – you can always count on Labour to do nothing.

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    539 to “Trampling on graves”

    1. geeo says:

      In case anyone missed it…Brent Crude price today reached….


      Surely there were banner headlines ?? It was the attack on Syria which helped push it up.

      Cheers treeza..

    2. Kangaroo says:

      Maybe we should start a psyops campaign of our own. #RangersFansForYes would be a useful hashtag.

    3. yesindyref2 says:

      Waddya mean “start” …

    4. Ken500 says:

      The Herald is now knowingly printing absolute lies. Along with some websites.

      No Heedy. No posts. Until Heedy is reinstated.

      What’s the point.

      Letting the Trolls win,

    5. Macart says:

      O/T (sigh) Kinder more honest politics…

      You know. You kinda hoped Mr Corbyn would be somehow different from the rest a few years back. I’d even had some sympathy for Mr Corbyn over the media hounding he’s received. But no. No, Mr Corbyn is no different at all really.

      He didn’t even have the grace to give Scotgov their due on Bifab. Mind you, Labour haven’t given Scotgov their due on any of the occasions in recent years where they’ve had to step in and help out. Kinder, more honest Labour, same as New Labour. Who was the same as the Labour before that. Well done them on receiving last nights award for graceless metrotwattery. Should be front and centre on Jeremy’s mantlepiece.

      Weary of their mindless, petty hatred now. They’re so intent on using people and situations to score points or undermine trust, or simply to steal some kudos for themselves. Just staggering and deeply depressing. Spookily, I’d put a few thoughts down on this trend just the other week.

    6. Socrates MacSporran says:

      Ian Murray

      It seems to me, Scottish Independence will affect gey few o’ the “Scots” Lords. Those few descendants of the parcel o’ rogues who caused all the bother in the first place, back in 1706/7 would presumably find themselves sent homeward tae think again, and face the wrath of a grateful nation. But the rest – even the likes of Thomas Galloway Dunlop du Roy de Blicquy Galbraith, Second Baron Strathclyde, who have enjoyed years in the place; what of them.

      Tom Strathclyde or instance, inherited his seat in the Lords from his grand-father, who got it for political services to the Tory party. He may be “Scottish”, he was certainly born in Glasgow and Barskimming Castle outside Mauchline may be his baronial seat, but, he wass educated at an English public school and attended univrsity down south, before, prior to succeeding his grand-father in 1986, he was “something in the city.”

      He’s establishment, a Westminster place-man. Likewise, the many Life Peers of either red, yellow or blue hue – Mone, Forsyth and Lang from the Tories, Steel, Wallace and Campbell from the Lib-Dems and Foulkes, McConnell, Liddell and Martin from Labour. They were elevated by their parties, all, we must presume, will have London addresses – they have no need to get off the gravy train, and, England will be welcome to them.

      Well, I might welcome David Steel up here, he was certainly a better Presiding Officer than the present incumbent.

    7. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

      You could always start an online crowd funded for the £500 to £1500 postal costs @Sarah says
      18 April, 2018 at 10:28 pm.

      A few quid from here and there soon adds up.


    8. Ottomanboi says:

      The antics of Aberdeen South mp Thompson in Iraq indicate that any tit can become a Westminster hack

    9. TheItalianJob says:

      @Macart at 8.18am

      Corbyn is a baffoon of the first order. He holds the Scottish people and Scotland in contempt as have all the Slab politcians Scotland. They will never be trusted again.

      Read your post on WeeGingerDug.

      Very good and articulate as usual from you. You sum up nicely how the vast majority of Scottish people think and care about society and each other.

      Total contrast to what the rest of the U.K. are like and act.

      Scots and Scotland have always been different from other nations in the U.K. It’s now our time to show how different we really are by gaining our Independence.

    10. Breeks says:

      Excellent news. Seems HMRC are now implicated in a money laundering scheme, refusing to raid the offices of a company when asked to do so by the French Authorities, but of course it’s a company which donates big time to the Tories.

      HMRC a bunch of crooked two faced back stabbing shites? Who knew?

      Well me actually.

    11. Macart says:

      Brexit – HoL defeat for government withdrawal bill

    12. jfngw says:

      LibDem’s faking concern again, Vince Cable aghast at May over Windrush. Vince Cable voted for the Immigration Bill in 2014, along with the Scot Menzies Campbell (remember this next time he is pontificating on your TV screens).

      Full list of 3rd reading voters.

    13. gus1940 says:

      Given SNP membership >100k I would imagine that between the they must own >50k cars.

      That’s >50k Billboards at a cost of nothing other than the cost of production and distribution of stickers.

      Beat that for value for money compared with other means of getting the Indy message over.

    14. galamcennalath says:

      Macart says:

      Brexit – HoL defeat for government withdrawal bill

      This is a fair overview of what it may, or may not, achieve ….

      (Won’t archive. I think more and more msm sites set out to prevent archive working.)

    15. Robert Peffers says:

      Anyone doubting the capacity for the Westminster propaganda wing to put cuddies afore cairts need only read todays news.

      On the undoubtedly true scientific evidence that regions with crime rates 8 times higher than other regions there is a greater number of retail outlets for alcohol, “they”, propagate conclusions that the available sale of alcohol fuels criminality.

      Who though are they quoting as the, “expert source”, of this ground-breaking scientific discovery?

      It is the, (cough!),totally unbiased organisation called, “Alcohol Focus Scotland”.

      Now I may not be an Einstein, or a Steven Hawking, but would use such scientific evidence to draw a quite different conclusion.

      Criminality in a region with greater availability of alcohol means criminality in the area creates a larger market for alcohol and not the availability of alcohol in the area engendered the increase in criminality.

      And that, Wingers, is how subliminal propaganda is used to influence Joe Public.

      The point being that an organisation, that obviously is anti-booze, is influencing the local licensing board to close down retail outlets for booze.

      However, that action will not bring down the crime figures in the area. It will only see the boozers travel further for their supplies.

      While by cracking down upon the criminals in the area, whose crimes are probably fuelled by alcohol, will lower demand for alcohol and market forces will then reduce the number of retail outlets for alcohol.

    16. Ottomanboi says:

      Today is the assembly day of the imperial relic known as the Commonwealth. With luck by the time of Scotlands recovered independence it will have ceased to exist, saving us the hassle of not joining it.

    17. Macart says:


      A pretty reasonable assessment. Given the numbers I’d say the bill stands a good chance of advancing through the commons regardless. HoL has proven useful as a speed bump however.

      The real sticking points will prove to be the devolved legislatures and the SC case. Agreement on the NI border issue and of course Gibraltar. There are a host of others to be considered, but those mentioned have the potential to do serious harm to Westminster’s bill.

      You’ll note the lack of serious headlines over the SC case? This is pretty much a first in the UKs political history. Central government taking partner nations to court in order to stamp its own authority over them. Hardly a peep worth noting on ANY front page. A few columns hidden on politics pages is just about the sum of it.

      Doesn’t take a degree in rocket science to work out the why of it. They’re running a JCB through their own unity and partnership rhetoric and want to do it as quietly as possible.

    18. Fred says:

      Anent the Salisbury poisonings, it was only in 1984 that peace campaigner & rose breeder 78 year old Hilda Murrell was kidnapped & very brutally murdered in the Shropshire countryside when she disturbed a burglar at her home. Hilda had compiled a dossier on the British nuclear industry which she was ready to publish. She had been warned that her life was in danger (shades of Willie MacRae) but was a brave & resourceful woman.

      The story is told in “A Thorn in their Sides!” by her nephew former RN Commander Robert Green who was involved with the British nuclear deterrent & naval intelligence in the Falklands War. Robert Green maintains that his aunt was abducted to find out what she knew about the Sizewell nuclear plant & this harrowing tale of the death of an elderly, patriotic British woman is a shocker comparable to the unexplained death of Dr David Kelly. The story was weel-kent at the time but current events & a new generation make it worth a re-visit!

      Our freedoms are not threatened by Moscow, despite Tory propaganda, any threat comes from rather nearer home!

    19. starlaw says:

      Robert Peffers 9-54 am

      My brother managed pubs in Dundee for a few years. he pointed out to me that the pubs most likely to have trouble at the weekends were the nearest ones to Police Stations. Due to drunks being arrested early in the day being released when deemed to be sober and headed for the nearest pub. However I do agree with your post.

    20. Breeks says:

      So what happens if or when the Supreme Court sides with Westminster and overrules the power of devolved legislatures to legislate? An appeal of course, but anything more “Constitutional”?

      What will our options be?

      I have a sense the SNP may be dangerously close to taking the initiative on something, (good, good, good. More please), and Westminster seems somewhat reluctant to engage but is obliged to. If your leading overtures are quoting what Ken MacIntosh says on the matter, then I feel encouraged.

      It’s all very cagey stuff, but how many stages are there between Supreme Court Judgement and terminal extinction of the Union, and what are those stages? And after Sewell, are we sucker-punch proof?

    21. Daisy Walker says:

      A wee taster of Richard Norths latest essay over at

      The HoL defeat is not really. (My capitals/emphasis).

      ‘I wrote yesterday that the bulk of MPs we encounter seem to be the most ignorant people on the planet, unable even to master the basics and prey to just about every myth and falsehood on Brexit that it is possible to imagine.

      To these, we must now add the Lords, many of whom seem unable to understand what a customs union is, 348 of whom have voted to call on the Government to “explore” the possibility of remaining in (or joining) one – with 225 against. And the reason why many voted for the proposition was the mistaken belief that a customs union will remove customs checks – even to the extent that this will resolve the Irish border question.

      Supposedly this is one of largest votes in history of the Lords and is being styled as a “crushing defeat” for the government. It is, of course, no such thing.


      The government, therefore, can (and will) go through the motions and then, having done precisely nothing, will move on.

      This makes the whole charade a crass distraction from the business of government – signalling an epidemic of cretinism in our legislature, the like of which we have rarely if ever seen. It’s almost as if an evil alien power has descended on Westminster and sucked the IQs out of their Lordships, leaving them with the deductive powers of five-year-olds.’

    22. Ken500 says:

      The link between drink/drug and crime has been known for years. Most (violent) crime is committed by those under the influence . The drink’s in the wit’s lot,

      High incidence of (violent) crime is committed by males between the age of (16) 18 to 24. Crime is a gender issue. Women % do not commit crime. Or to feed their families etc.

      There is a need for ‘one chance’ total abstinence proper rehab counselling and facilities. Not enough is being provided. Now the responsibility of social care (Councils). They do not provide proper essential services but spent £Million/Billions on grotesque projects of no value. No one wants. Cutting essential services, education and health care etc. Many are not fit for public service.
      Unionists. They gang together to keep the SNP largest group of candidates out of office, Then muck up the local economy.

      Drink/drug abuses kills people younger and prevents people from work/employment. Without the proper help. Total abstinence.

      Too many people on the spectrum are in prison. Even have ended up in care. That is a know fact because public officials etc are not given enough diversity training etc. Police/NHS etc. Even the medical profession. Receive not enough drink/drug understanding. Causes and effects. They can be party to killing people because of ignorance of benefits of proper rehab facilities etc.

      There is no enough understanding in society of additional needs. 1 in 20 people which affects the whole society. Diversity and understanding should be the key. Things are improving slowly.

      There should be more modules put in place in education, public bodies and society. Things are improving but not enough. The Scottish Gov is putting in place guaranteed assessment of every adult who could have slipped through the net. There are some schools giving magnificent support but more should be done. instead of ignorant unionist councils cutting essential budgets and wasting taxpayers money. To squander it in in none essential services.

      Thatcher ‘care in’ – prison. The Tories are now killing off their own supporters the elderly. Vote Tory – unionist to die younger.

      In any graveyard the most recent graves are 18 year olds not eighty years old. (drugs) Drug users die in their 40’s. Alcoholics die in their fifties. Without the right support. Total abstinence, Bright talented people wasted.

      Minimum pricing introduced in May.

      Drink as a proportion of income has fallen since the 1950’s 60’s That is why people are drinking more, in many case to dangerous levels which is putting a massive strain on the health, police and social services. One of the easiest routes to poverty is drink/drug addiction, There is a link. These people need proper support. Born with a genetic connection? It does run in families. That need support. It is quicker, easier and cheaper than prison. Proper total abstinence counselling rehab services. Too many advocacy service receiving public funding advocate drinking wine with a meal (sensible? drunking) Taking drugs in a ‘special’ occasion’?? For addicted personalities that is not an option. It kills people.

      One consolation seems to be the young are responding too more accurate information. They are drinking and smoking less. It is some of the middle aged (women) where consumption has increased sometimes too dangerous levels. People do not realise they can be drinking to dangerous levels. The medical profession could be more aware of proper rehab facilities. There is a distinction. There is still a position that those who can afford to pay get help into recovery, while others are left behind to earlier death. For a relatively small nominal sum of what can be achieved for life.

      Drink/drug misuse crosses all community,walks of life, families and people. Affects everyone in society. More could be achieved with relevant shared information.

      Minimum pricing is a start. Well done SNP Gov for perseverance and dedication in getting it through in spite of major opposition. It will improve and save lives. Everyone should warn others of the dangers of abuse and misuse. Especially among those who have suffered.

    23. Indy2 says:

      Scotland’s population continues to increase:

      Issued on behalf of National Records of Scotland.

      For the 8th year running, Scotland’s population has continued to increase and stands at a record high of 5.42 million, according to statistics published today by the National Records of Scotland (NRS).

      The figures relate to Scotland’s population as at 30 June 2017 and show the population continuing to age, with just under one in five people (19%) aged 65 and over, compared to 16% in 2007.

    24. Southern Rock says:

      “Fears grow new ships to support Royal Navy will be built overseas.”

      Concerns are growing that a new generation of ships to back up the Royal Navy’s giant aircraft carriers will be built in foreign shipyards.

      A Freedom of Information request has confirmed that more foreign shipyards than British ones attended a Ministry of Defence industry day for those interested in the £1bn contract to construct three new “solid support ships” for the Royal Fleet Auxiliary.

      Defence officials confirmed that seven foreign companies from Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, South Korea and Spain were at the event, compared to just five UK-based shipbuilders. The event gave companies the chance to learn about requirements for the contract which will go out for tender within weeks.

      The new 35,000-tonne ships will provide the Navy’s Queen Elizabeth-class aircraft carriers with vital supplies such as ammunition and food while at sea.

      However, unions fear contracts to build the ships may go abroad as the MoD looks for savings in its under-pressure budget, with the UK economy losing out as a consequence.

      A similar deal to build four Tide-class fuel tankers in 2012 was awarded to South Korean shipyard Daewoo, but the project has suffered delays, pushing back the final fitting out work which is done in the UK. Originally expected to enter the fleet in 2016, the first ship, RFA Tidespring only enter service in November .

      UK companies present at the event were BAE Systems, Babcock, Cammell Laird, Ferguson Marine and Harland and Wolff. Foreign companies in attendance were Damen from the Netherlands, Daewoo, and Hyundai from South Korea, German Naval Yards, Remontowa from Poland. Also present were Fincantieri from Italy and Navantia from Spain, both of which are either part or wholly state-owned.

      According to GMB union, 6,700 UK jobs would be safeguarded if contracts for the new support ships are awarded to a British company.

      “Ministers are not bound by normal EU rules on competitive tendering when it comes to military ships,” said Ross Murdoch, GMB shipbuilding spokesman. “There really can be no excuse for sending our shipbuilding contracts overseas.

      “At a time when global tensions are rising, the Government should use this order to ‘buy for Britain’ and rebuild our defence shipbuilding manufacturing capabilities.”

      The MoD said all the Navy’s warships are built in the UK and work on new Type 26 frigates and plans for a lighter version of the ship means Britain “is witnessing a renaissance in shipbuilding”.

      A spokesman added that UK shipyards are “strongly encouraged to take part” in the tender, which will be awarded in 2020.

    25. Ken500 says:

      The Supreme Court judges can’t over rule the Scottish Law Lords if they do they break the Law. The Act of Union which guarantees that Scotland can have a separate legal system forever and be treated equally. . Ie The Supreme Court judges would be breaking the Law by no agreeing wuth the terms of the Act of Union.

      Cooper 53. Set the precedent.

      The Blair London court can prevent people in Scotland as citizens – rights to appeal to the ECHR. If the Scottish courts refuse permission. The London court judges have to agree with the Scottish court judges or break the term of the Act of Union. Break the Law and break the Union. It should have been challenged at EU/UN. People in Scotland were being refused their rights and treated differently from those in the rest of the UK. Illegally. Blair acted illegally. Blair should be in prison.

      Blair 24 hour drinking Laws caused more social problems, ill health, criminality, abuse and misery. Caused the legal system even more problems. Time and money.

    26. TD says:

      Robert Peffers at 9:54 a.m.

      You are absolutely right to point out the very poor “science” behind this article. It is guilty of confusing correlation and causation. The BBC have run the story without challenge and have basically just reproduced a press release. However, I’m not sure that your alternative theory is correct either.

      Many years ago when I was a young science student, a professor wanted to illustrate to the class the difference between correlation and causation. He said “There is a correlation between the number of pubs in a town and the number of churches. But pubs do not cause churches and churches do not cause pubs. Both are related to the size of the population. They are CO-related.”

      That little insight is just as relevant today as it was then. In the case of the correlation between crime levels and alcohol outlets, I would suggest that both are related to poverty, hopelessness, lack of opportunity and social deprivation. But that does not mean that crime is caused by alcohol outlets or that alcohol outlets cause crime.

      Of course, alcohol consumption can be a contributory factor in some crime, but as you quite rightly say, people who want to drink to the point where they commit crimes will find sources of alcohol irrespective of the number of outlets. I would predict with some confidence that if Alcohol Focus Scotland are successful in reducing the number of outlets in these areas, it will have no bearing whatsoever on the level of crime.

    27. Ken500 says:

      Independence will mean more money to build vessels needed in Scotland and boats to patrol the shores,

      Hammond smirked and laugh at the intention for a Navy based in Scotland. £1Billion spent in squint Trident, which will be going with Brexit. Fallon just spent even more £Millions of Scottish money on Trident which could have been invested building trawlers, supply boats, liners and patrol boats. More needed and essential. 80% of the military were from Scotland because of deliberate higher unemployment in Scotland. More likely to be killed because of Westminster illegal Defence and Foreign policy.

      London S/E centrist policies taking the equivalent of £Billions from Scotland. Depopulating Scotland. Kept secret under the Official Secrets Act. Iraq, Dunblane, Lockerbie kept secret for 100 years. The vanity of the Westminster unionist criminals, Breaking the Law with impunity.

      The Daily Record knowingly prints lies. Along with the Herald. Breaking the code of conduct.

    28. BALDEAGLE says:

      A wolf self-identifies as a sheep, to protect the rights of the wolf it must be allowed to roam freely with the flock of sheep.

      But what if the wolf attacks the sheep?


      me honestly thinks miss donna is on the war path yesterday she was giving high fives to very large people ( i right more like dwarfs ) and the other day she was being nice that day by not punching people me thinks miss donna has not ate her cearel

    29. Ken500 says:

      Drug/alcohol abuse are connected to crime. It has been known for years. Uni statistics. More crime is committed under the influence of drink/drugs. There is a direct correlation. That what was being taught in Uni causes with the relevant statistics. Drink/drug driving offences. Serious assaults etc. Abuse etc. Committed under the influence, stuff that people would never do sober.

      Many counties have lowered consumption and crime by reducing access to alcohol and improving health. In the US – 21 is the age for drink and driving, 37 States allow parents to buy alcohol fir theur own children in the home but not anyone else’s children. The Sandi countries restricted access to alcohol to improve health and crime rates. It worked. Finland now the most healthiest diet in the world. Tha Arab states less crime etc. Even China restrictions (drug) and heavy penalties. Penal system. Some unfair practices. Opium wars.

    30. Sarah says:

      @Schrodinger’s Cat: the district is the Lochbroom parish,which I think is also the polling district. It forms only part of an HC ward. Please don’t worry about my chatter – I didn’t mean to be a nuisance! I have noted everyone’s suggestions and am very grateful.

      I can’t wait for the official campaign to begin.

    31. Iain mhor says:

      Your Supreme Court is being asked to make a judgement on a reserved matter shortly.
      In one corner the Advocate General for Scotland, in the other the Lord Advocate.

      The first argument is : “The correct legal position is that Westminster is sovereign and may legislate at any time on any matter”
      It would not ‘Normally’ legislate on devolved matters as per Sewell/Scotland act however “whether circumstances are ‘normal’ is a quintessential matter of political judgment for the Westminster Parliament and not the courts. There are no judicial standards by which to measure such a question in the context of a political convention.”

      The second argument is : “Naw it isnae and naw it cannae”

      The court will be guided etc etc. refer Article 50 (Brexit Bill) covering all Scottish constitutional legal matters from. Claim of Right to Sewell and Devolution.
      With regards Sewell:
      “It therefore plays an important role in the operation of the UK constitution. But the policing of its scope and operation is not within the constitutional remit of the courts”

    32. schrodingers cat says:

      Jockanese Wind Talker
      “btw, £1500 pays the postman to deliver 1 x leaflet to your entire constituency.” useful given that you have “700 square miles with a scattered population” to canvass if your Yes Group has the funds and agrees.

      Maybe see if this mob can do you a good deal.


      an adjunct to my comments about paying the postie to deliver leaflets. the costs i outlined are for delivery only and do not include the costs of creating and printing leaflets.

      ayemail will crowdfund yes merchandise and some a5 card leaflets which along with wings wee blue book 2 are the equipment you will need to CANVAS, hold street stalls etc.

      ayemail will produce enough campaign boxes for about 1 per ward size grouping, the cost for each will be £20, to cover postage.

      in each box there are
      numerous a5 card leaflets covering a range of issues, pensions, student fees, trident etc
      several 100 yes badges
      several 100 round vinyl yes stickers for car bumpers, windows etc
      more importantly, there are about 150 yes saltire flags, which we sold for £5 each and raised £750 for our yes ward. (there are 5 wards in ne fife) ergo we got 5 boxes.
      so the campaign boxes will enable you to raise cash for your group.

      as for leaflets, various groups across scotland will produce them for you but you may need to produce some of your own, indeed, local knowledge of local issues will enable you to target your leaflets better.

      eg, during indyref1, we delivered many leaflets in our constituency, we made our own but were provided leaflets from yes scotland, RIC, the greens, pensioners for yes, yes wheelybins :), farmers for yes etc. business scotland, students for yes even tories for yes etc.
      since it was us who delivered the leaflets we could decide who got what. this is true for us all, eg, rubislaw in aberdeen probably isnt a good place to deliver RIC leaflets but tillydrone would be, no point in leafleting the whole of glasgow with farmers for yes leaflets etc

      however, £1500 will get 1 leaflet delivered to every letterbox in your constituency but it doesnt necessarily need to be the same leaflet. you can get 5 different ones delivered for the same price. you do however need to tell the post office which postcode range you wish each leaflet to be delivered to!

      this takes a level of organisation, which you can be doing now! it costs nothing. consider designing a few local leaflets, there are numerous templates and people in the yes movement
      (see national yes registry) who will help you with this and download a copy of your constituency and ward maps

    33. schrodingers cat says:

      no probs sarah
      lochbroom community council area is here

      you are in the highland council region
      The Highland Council area has 21 wards each served by 3 or 4 councillors, depending on ward population.

      you are in ward 5 Wester Ross, Strathpeffer and Lochalsh

      this is your ward map

      this map shows the nearest yes groups to you

      your yes group is yes ullapool and lochbroom

      try contacting them.

      btw sarah, if any group should consider crowd funding to get the postie to deliver leaflets your area it is this one.

      the constituency you are in is highland but there may be a difference between holyrood and westminster constituencies so for a ward your size, i would focus on your ward.
      lets face it sarah, with such a low population, their is no way you can leaflet this entire ward, it would take too long and cost more in petrol to do it.

      the reality for you is, if you dont get the postie to do it, the vast majority of voters in your ward wont get any leaflets.

      but be assured, they will all get lots and lots of better together no leaflets

      different areas need different campaigning techniques

      good luck sarah

    34. Rock says:

      Ken500 says:
      18 April, 2018 at 11:32 pm

      “The SNP did not lose at the last GE. They won.”

      Trying to wriggle out from your fake news, but without admitting it?

      Ken500 says:
      17 April, 2018 at 11:28 pm

      “The SNP have gained Scotland £Billions with good governance. Unlike some low life toe rags. That is why they get such amazing support. 50%.”

      Rock says:
      18 April, 2018 at 8:15 pm

      “More fake news.

      SNP support fell to 37% at the last election with a loss of half a million votes.”

    35. Rock says:

      Ken500 says:
      18 April, 2018 at 11:32 pm

      “Inddependence still at 50%”

      More fake news.

      And I am not referring to the spelling.

    36. sensibledave says:


      You Wrote (or more correctly, blathered on as usual) “The facts, as usual, speak for themselves. Nicola Sturgeon is on public record as making a public statement that she, (speaking as the leader of both the Scottish Government, and of the Scottish National party that she leads), condemned the bombing of those poor defenceless people. Only later, after she had received information from the Westminster Government about the bombings, did she then make a further public statement that she had to agree to the Westminster Government’s actions. Note the difference between, “agreed with”, and, “agreed to”. But then you never have been overly aware of the political scene in Scotland. If you can be bothered you will, (Probably), find both public statements on YouTube or the BBC iPlayer.”

      Sorry Mr Peffers, Try again. Ms Sturgeon Tweeted to the world at 10.06 on 13th April this:

      “My first thoughts this morning are with the service personnel called to action. Syria’s use of chemical weapons is sickening …..”. Note the complete lack of obfuscation or qualification Mr Peffers. She then went on to ask how this would bring long term peace.

      So, either Ms Sturgeon isn’t as cunning and slippery as you suggest she is, or your just plain wrong. Which is it?

    37. sensibledave says:

      geeo s5:18 pm

      You wrote “I will take your bet, on 2 conditions…..”

      … Nope!

      My mission is simply to “share” and to educate and inform!

      I know that there are lots of the tin foil hat brigade that gather here to be protected from alternative points of view. They dog whistle each other and wind each other up about the outrageous oppression of Scottish folk ….. as a direct result of the democratic decisions by Sottish folk.

      I see my role as providing an alternative viewpoint. Many here have it in their heads that here in England, most of us spend our time desperately trying to think of ways piss off jocks – when the reality is that most just want the people of Scotland to have Independence if the majority want it, or stay in the UK if that is the majority view.

      Somehow though, it turns out that the incredibly learned, non-partisan thinkers that often comment here believe that that people like me (I am Red/blue Tory BritNat Yoons BBC gimp apparently!) are the ones responsible.

      There is none so blind as those that will not see.

    38. Cubby says:

      Sensibledave = Rock = Westminster paid to Troll British Nationalists = bloody boring.

      Get yourself a decent job guys. There must be a demand for your sort in the BBC.

    39. :

      FUCK OFF with your Western propagandised shite brainwashing, the standard “murderous dictatorship” bullshit you open with.

      What are you, s’one who also gets ‘information’ from the Daily Mail and assumes it’s reliable?!?

      You quite clearly know fuck-all about the immensely courageous Bashar al Assad and family – who as is SOP for the WEstern fascist CIA, were offered the customary couple of hundred or so million dollars in suitcases, but as Syria’s first lady Asma al Assad relates having in mind what complete fucking catastrophes for their people Iraq and then Libya became, could not truk taking the money and running out of genuine LOVE for the Syrian people, who, btw, support Assad in OVERWHELMING numbers.

      Their courage of course in this decision is quite clear, instead of taking the safe, easy way out, and taking the bribe, and being FULLY aware of the gruesome deaths visited on Saddam Hussein and Moammar Gadhaffi, they nevertheless dug their heels in.

      You really should NOT spout ff about, or use throw-away western MSM sound-bite brainwashed phrases on matters you quite clearly know FUCK ALL about.

      Again, FUCK OFF, I’m done with you.


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