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What the frack just happened

Posted on January 26, 2015 by

The kerfuffle on social media right now over some votes on fracking in the House of Commons tonight would probably dislodge a fair amount of gas trapped in rock by itself. Claim and counter-claim are zinging around furiously, but we eventually found a factual précis that even idiots like us could understand. Buckle up.

– Vote on devolving licensing and mineral access rights to Scotland

To amend the Scotland Act to give the Scottish Government responsibility for licensing and mineral access rights for onshore shale gas extraction

Those in favour 231
Those against 324
New clause not included in the Infrastructure Bill

– Vote on a fracking moratorium

To declare a moratorium on fracking while an independent assessment was carried out into the impact of unconventional petroleum on climate change, the environment, health and safety and the economy.

Those in favour 52
Those against 308
Labour MPs abstained in the vote
New clause not included in the Infrastructure Bill

– Labour’s proposed additional fracking regulations
To set conditions for hydraulic fracturing to take place. This included:

No fracking can take place in

Also required:

The government accepted this new clause as part of the bill and there was no vote.

In even shorter summary:

1. Fracking was NOT devolved to the Scottish Parliament.

2. Labour abstained on a Lib Dem proposal that would have stopped fracking.

3. Labour passed an unopposed amendment ALLOWING fracking across the UK, subject to companies jumping through some hoops, eg telling people when they were going to frack under their houses and maybe cleaning up a bit afterwards.

Labour has proclaimed this the greatest victory in the history of the environment.


What’s actually happened is that oil companies have been given permission to go around blowing up pretty much any bit of underground rock in Britain they feel like to see if any gas comes out, but they have to do some basic paperwork beforehand. The Scottish Government has been denied control over the process in Scotland (though it still has some ability to interfere via planning laws).

Weirdly, Jim Murphy, who said just days ago that if he were to become First Minister he’d impose a moratorium very similar to the Lib Dem one that Labour abstained on, didn’t turn up to either vote for that UK-wide one or to vote to give himself the future power to actually enforce such a ban in Scotland.

He was playing keepy-uppy in Aberdeen instead, for reasons which are unclear.


Readers can make of all the above what they will.

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206 to “What the frack just happened”

  1. Bob Sinclair says:

    Just when I thought my contempt for this creature couldn’t get any bigger he does this. It looks like I’m trapped in a Murphy contempt vortex.

  2. G4jeepers says:

    No Dons shirt for shirt-shifting Murphie?

  3. Thomas William Dunlop says:

    “Do as I say, not as I do” should be Labour’s motto. George Orwell’s animal farm is depressingly familar when watching the antics of the “people’s” party

  4. Thomas William Dunlop says:

    “G4jeepers says:
    No Dons shirt for shirt-shifting Murphie?”

    Naw they don’t do red anymore, only imperial purple.

  5. Frost says:

    Someone should tell Duggers that rumours can’t swirl round a ground if there aren’t any fans there

  6. Bobby Marshall says:

    Unknown reasons? Trying out a new job for after the GE!

  7. Steve says:

    Yet, people out there still like Jim Murphy and will still vote Labour. I am at a loss.

  8. Alexandra-M- says:

    Thanks Stu, and errrr – sorry for any confusion and heid scratchin’ I may have caused you earlier.

  9. west_lothian_questioner says:

    Jim Murphy… heid the ba’… am i the only one sniggerin?

  10. Luigi says:

    So , after all his big words a few days ago, Jim Murphy does a MacCavity during the WM fracking vote and then turns up at Pittodrie prancing around with a football.

    “Never mind the fracking, fellow patriots!”

    “Look at me, I’m a frustrated fitba player!”

  11. RogueCoder says:

    So once again, SLAB throw Scotland under the bus because that’s what their Imperial Masters in London wanted. No doubt there are some juicy directorships coming up at various energy companies after the May GE.

    The new protections they’ve managed to add appear sensible, but probably won’t last 5 minutes against the army of lawyers employed by the fracking companies. I note a distinct lack of definitions, and plenty of ambiguities in the amendment language that you could drive a legal bus through. Many of these checks will fallt o local councils and other bodies, no doubt thereby securing lots of heavy lunches and campaign contributions for Labour councilors against the cheque book of fracking firms. Besides which, as we’ve seen in the US, legislation means very little to these companies; they routinely flaunt the law, by off officials, and get away with it.

    So basically what’s happened is that the government – in collusion with Labour – have railroaded Fracking through partliament. We can all look forward to carcinogenic chemicals being pumped into our drinking water, methane leaking into our houses, and the garden hose turning into a flamethrower.

  12. donald anderson says:

    Don’t the meejah just love him playing truant in short pants.
    He has always been for and against fracking. Wot’s the problem?

  13. Dervheid says:

    Jim doing the only thing he can do: try to act as a distraction whilst ‘Ed Office stabs the ENTIRE UK in the back, not just Scotland. He really is a worthless POS.

  14. Luigi says:

    Caption for the Pittodrie pic:

    Spot the bawbag competition.

  15. Luigi says:

    The only good outcome from this sorry affair is that it will probably add another 10,000 new members to the Green Party.

  16. Kenny says:

    Pittodrie? He’s doing it to wind you up, right?

    LOL. Hateful man.

  17. Valerie says:

    RogueCoder, you have said it all. I made a point of trying to watch as much as possible, because we group’s wanted this moratorium so much.

    SLab sold the country last week on Trident, and now today. They must despise the people of this country.

    I am so disgusted.

    If people don’t know a bout this, please get involved in your local group, we have to pressure our govt. We can’t have this country poisoned.

  18. Blackhack says:

    Imagine that, A red tory telling porkies…Jimbo said he’d impose a moratorium very similar to the Lib Dem one that Labour abstained on…sounds more like bollocks than porkies to me…

  19. Patrick Roden says:

    Ah, so this must be one area where Scottish Labour have different policies from Westminster Labour, because Jim Murphy has promised the voters, that he will stop fracking in Scotland.

    So it’s easy to find out if the Leader of all Scottish MP’s / MSP’s is honest, we just need to count the amount of Scottish MP’s who voted to uphold the ‘Moratorium’

    The most disgusting thing about Labour at both Scottish and UK levels, is that although some are Blairites and some are not, they ALL still follow the Blair Spin strategy of not worrying about the substance of what they do, but just making sure they minimise any harm done by the reporting of what they do, hence within seconds of yet again betraying the working class, and voting for what is of benefit only to big business interests, they get right onto twitter to tell everyone daft enough to listen, that they have scored a great victory for everyone by standing up to the Tory’s

    And they wonder why they are struggling to get activists to take their lies out on to Scotlands doorsteps.

    If you are a Labour activist who is willing to lie for Labour in order to deceive the low information voters…shame on you!

  20. Fiona says:

    Wasn’t fracking one of the things Mr Murphy specifically said he was going to take charge of in Scotland? One if those where his SLAB’s policy would be independent of WM labour’s position

    Am I misremembering this?

  21. Patrick Roden says:

    I wonder why Jim didn’t get his football photo opportunity picture taken with the Dundee teams when he was in Dundee last week?

    Did they tell him to ‘do one’?

    I for one would have been complaining to Steven Thomson if this creep was ever allowed to put on a United strip and stand on Tannadice.

  22. Patrick Roden says:


    No your spot on and he was saying this just over the weekend!

    Complete liar of a man, from a party for whom lying has become a tool of the trade.

  23. Cookie says:

    The (yet another) football based photoshoot/campaign is easy to explain. Their polling and focus groups must be telling Labour that they are getting totally fracked by the SNP among a male working class demographic.

  24. A.N.Surgent says:

    Lifted from the myth comnmission.

    Onshore Oil and Gas Extraction
    69. The licensing of onshore oil and gas extraction underlying Scotland will be devolved
    to the Scottish Parliament. The licensing of offshore oil and gas extraction will
    remain reserved.
    70. Responsibility for mineral access rights for underground onshore extraction of oil
    and gas in Scotland will be devolved to the Scottish Parliament.

    So another power gone.

  25. john king says:

    Did I miss something?
    Why is Smugurphy playing keepie uppie with Partrick Harvie and Bill Clinton?

    garden hose flame thrower?
    COOOOL. 🙂
    kin I get a shottie?

  26. Lesley-Anne says:

    So Murph the Smurph would impose some sort of fickle moratorium on Fracking if he ever, heaven forbid, became First Minister. Yet the coward of the country could not even find the time or *ahem* money to get his fat earse down to London to vote specifically on new powers that would ensure he actually had the necessary powers to hand when he becomes First Minister. Lazy, self centred, egotistical Old Git!

    This moronic Muppet’s ego is definitely writing cheques his body can NOT cash! His time is up, the time has come to kick earseholes like this out once and for all!

    So instead of doing his job what do we all learn this coward of the country is up to … oh look he’s at Pittodrie kicking a football! I wonder how much he will be claiming for his expenses for this wee trip!

  27. Bob Sinclair says:

    Rev Jimbob says
    Spot the baw (bag)

  28. snode1965 says:

    Wow…this really is getting surreal. Its like a cross between a bad acid trip and groundhog day. By the way , where’s the Aberdeen strip Jim? Has he actually lost his mind?

  29. think again says:

    Luigi & 8.15

    I think I might have spotted the bawbag, what’s my prize?

  30. Patrick Roden says:

    Oh my Goodness, Kesia Dugdale must be even more gaffe prone than Johann Lamont, which I didn’t think was possible.

    Here she is in the Daily Record just yesterday, telling us what everyone should do once the Fracking Bill goes through parliament and is devolved to Scotland.! eh???

  31. TheGreatBaldo says:

    Was the photo of Sincerity Jim defiling the sacred turf of Pittodrie actually taken today?

    He was up last week with Ed Balls, on his mission to “save the oil industry” (SNP BAD in summary) and also for no end of photo op’s (presumably for Labour election flyers) so perhaps it was taken then?

    A trivial incidental detail considering the monumental cluster fuck this is.

    I’m sure Sincerity and Greatrex will go unchallenged on their slight of hand…you can almost predict the ‘Labour bans fracking in Scotland’ front page in tomorrows Record.

  32. john king says:

    Patrick Roden says
    “Did they tell him to ‘do one’?”

    I would pish myself laughing if Third Lanark reformed just so they could tell Mr Hi Jumpy to fuck off.

  33. Anne says:

    that he didn’t even bother to turn up says it all

  34. Albalha says:

    Labour in Scotland spinning for their survival, seems that’s their well honed default position.

    So a reminder of the Dundee West SNP fundraiser, not a member but a Dundonian that would like to see them ousted here, at long last.

  35. Anne says:

    Can anyone tell me whether Ming Campbell voted, and if so how he voted?

  36. karmanaut says:

    Does anyone know what the Scot gov can do to stop fracking via planning laws? I was told on Twitter that they will have final say. And what happens when Ttip stops governments interfering with company profits?

    Don’t feel that I have enough information on this.

  37. Yep, so why are the main stream media portraying it as if that nice, President Murphy just saved the day.

  38. Brian Mac says:

    LMFAO at the last line and the photo, – i cant see for laughing!

    (sorry – I’m totally against fracking, but that post is well funny at the end)

  39. Feil Gype says:

    Dis onybody ken fit the scenario is here. Say the SG has control o planning permission and the UK government hands oot licences te American companies if the TTIP agreement is signed. If the SG block permission te frack on a piece of ground Westminster sold can the company then sue the SG ?

  40. G4jeepers says:

    Maybe he’s a cardboard cut-out with a hidden tape recorder _viz

  41. john king says:

    G4jeepers says:

    No Dons shirt for shirt-shifting Murphie?

    At first I thought you wrote shirt lif— well you know what I mean,
    Then I thought naw he’s sat in a tank,—- S-A-T in a tank I said 🙁
    then I thought,
    so has James Blunt. 😉

  42. Vic Cavin says:

    This must surely be noticed by the public in Scotland.
    I hope the unseen media can get this out to people that their homes, water supplies and local environments are at risk here.

    The under 1000m height restriction though would place most of Scotland outside the grasp of people but what if these fracks spread outside these zones or are felt elsewhere?
    Who sets the protected areas, local councils? Make sure they are all non BritNat Parties then.

  43. Les Wilson says:

    Murphy is trying to appeal to football supporters, love to see him heidin the ball at Celtic Park in front of the supporters.
    A handclapp?, mibbes aye but probably naw!

    Labour are the most deceitful party and they show it every day,
    to those who watch and actually listen. The fracking smoke and mirrors is just the latest. It is what they do best, lie.

  44. thomaspotter2014 says:

    think again says

    Your prize for the caption contest is getting to call the Smith Commission by its real name
    ===the Veto Commission

  45. crazycat says:

    @ Anne

    Ming Campbell voted against amending the Scotland Act, and against a moratorium.

    What a surprise!

  46. Graeme Doig says:

    Can someone confirm.

    Does this vote blow paragraph 70 of the recently unveiled “enduring settlement” completely out the water?

  47. Robert Peffers says:

    @west_lothian_questioner says: 26 January, 2015 at 8:11 pm:

    “Jim Murphy… heid the ba’… am i the only one sniggerin?


    The rest of us are RONFLOHO, (Rolling On Floor Laughing Our Heads Off).

  48. Clootie says:

    That is quite some skill Labour have developed over the years. They are somehow capable of saying one thing while doing something completely different and getting people to believe it!

    Westminster has only been able to trod all over Scotland for decades by way of the support of people like Murphy.

    Please people of Scotland don’t let me down twice in less than a year. Use your vote to get rid of this political cancer posing as a socialist Party.

    To the 45 – please put the same effort into the GE as you did the Referendum.

  49. A.N.Surgent says:

    Feil Geip

    Basically anything that interferes with corporation profits, gives the corp. the legal right to challenge the offender. Scot gov. whistleblowers, unions, everybody

  50. Jock Scot says:

    The Anti-Fracking protest at Grangemouth yesterday and Derek from Independence live, captures it brilliantly

  51. Lanarkist says:

    This smacks of a deliberate alibi setup with Kesia drawing the attention of the Scottsh Media to Jim being in Aberdeen at the vital moment!

    A bit like being at a Christening/Marraige or Funeral when your mob whack the opposite mob hands, making sure that you are publicly recorded as being somewhere else.

    Did Jim know beforehand his vote wouldn’t be needed and it was decided to distance himself from the farrago so that he could claim innocence. Bit more meat on the different to Labour argument, look I’m really Scottish and not down there in Westminster voting against all my previous promises.

    Good old Slab eh, modus operandi of the American Mafia!

  52. No no no...Yes says:

    Found this on Pete Wishart’s twitter :

    “…..was it because the Chair of a US Asset Management Company (who advise on shale) also sat on the working group who advised Labour on their fracking policy?

    Surely, this surpasses Austerity and Trident!

    Labour First, everything else last.

  53. Patrick Roden says:

    O/T but Wow!
    it’s amazing the crap you find in the Daily Record.

    Here’s Brian Donahue taking time away from his submarine spotting duties, to defend himself against the complaint he received in emails from his constituents, when he voted for the Tory austerity cuts.

    He claims he wasn’t voting for cuts, he was voting to pay off the deficit!

    But wait, everyone knew before hand that voting for the austerity bill, would result in cuts that would hit the poorest the most, didn’t they?

    So if he wanted to protect the poorest people what he needed to do was find an alternative way of talking the deficit, right?

    So the question that MR Donahue needs to answer is: ‘was there another way that people have been proposing to pay off the deficit’?

    For instance, has Mr Donahue not heard of that dastardly plan that a lot of people have proposed, ie, to tax the mega wealthy big companies who currently don’t pay tax, because they are able to use loopholes put into the tax system by people like Gordon Brown?

    Not batter them with huge taxes mind you, just make them pay the normal rate of corporation taxes that they would pay were it not for these ‘avoidance schemes’ which would clear all the UK’s debt in no time without having to cause all the pin and suffering that we have seen visited on the disabled and unemployed for the past few years.

    Of course if Mr Donahue and his Scottish Labour MP chums were making sure that they were seen to be following the line that Labour needed to keep big business and the right wing press on board, they could always just vote in a way that would continue to wallop the poorest hardest, which is what the Tory’s proposed.

    If Brian Donahue Labour MP, chose to wallop the poorest hardest, the name that Record said he was being called by his constituents (Red Tory) seems like a perfectly reasonable title for Mr Donahue.

    As it is for all the other Labour MP’s who voted for this bill, or tried to con us by abstaining.

    Yes, I mean you Mr Murphy.

  54. snode1965 says:

    The Smurphy GE tour. 100 policies…100 fitba tops…100 towns. Or Smurphy the troupador, the entertaining jester…juggling…illusions and fables!

  55. Squirrel Towers says:

    Well as someone who writes Environmental Impact Assessments I can tell you that Labours long list of ‘Additional Fracking Regulations’ would have been in place anyway, they are absolutely standard when Planning Consent is sought and consented for anything that could potentially cause environmental impacts, under the EU EIA regulations.

    So whoop-dee-do-dar….

  56. Lesley-Anne says:

    Anne says:

    Can anyone tell me whether Ming Campbell voted, and if so how he voted?

    He did indeed vote Anne … he voted for the NOES on all three votes. You can get a full list of who voted for the AYES and who voted for the NOES at the end of this link.

  57. MoJo says:

    this is the Environmental Audit Document which was tabled to support the case against fracking- a cheering and surprisingly easy read – but sadly party politics overruled any remaining common sense left at Westminster and everyone lost…

  58. Iron Man says:

    Is that lying buffoon Murphy doing a tour of senior football grounds? Rugby next?

  59. Lesley-Anne says:

    Well at least your M.P. turned up Anne, al be it to vote NO at every opportunity. Unfortunately my M.P., as per normal, could not even be bothered to turn up. So much for him being a Scottish Office *ahem* minister!

  60. gerry parker says:

    Next we’ll see KD claiming victory over the decision not to go ahead with the new women’s prison.

  61. Wuffing Dug says:

    Feil Gype,
    I think that’s what they’re planning. Only fierce local opposition would stop it. People would focus on the rig sites. But who knows where they could be doing the actual fracking? Would become evident eventually.

  62. Dr Ew says:

    Reality vs Spin –
    I expect the BBC will question Mr Murphy most vigorously on this apparent contradiction between Scottish Labour’s public pronouncements and their actions in the legislature.

    Or maybe not. Maybe they’ll just ignore this and the fact that Saint Jim can have all the different policies from London Labour he can dream up – it just won’t matter a fuck if there’s no power to enact them.

  63. Feil Gype says:

    So some Scottish Labour MP’s didna bother turning up te vote. Did they nae turn up cos an opposition MP wis also nae voting (as in the standard Westminster voting trick where they pair up wi somebody they ken will vote different and neither bothers voting) or through lazyness ? If its the first option then surely this can only be if they are paired up wi Lib Dems and theres nae much o them so how many Scottish Labour MP’s didna vote ?

  64. Nobby Power says:

    The caption should be along the lines of ‘I flipped homes and got away with it, now to try flipping clubs.’

    I chinned Tom Greatrex about this before, and it’s happened again. The clauses Lab have had inserted are so far from cast iron as to be useless. I can only agree that the exploration companies lawyers will have those ripped apart tout de suit, given the chance.

    The best way was to vote for the moratorium, and not just for Scotland either. For everybody. But Lab’s dogma and hubris comes home to roost yet again.

    The party desperately needs a sound kicking in order to learn some humility. Maybe, just maybe, then we can talk. And cautiously at that.

  65. jimnarlene says:

    Labour just give a toss, about anything other than self aggrandisement. All the while saying, they are the peoples party, as long as the people are big business, bankers and the ultra rich.

  66. Don’t know what strip that is Smurph is wearing, it certainly isn’t an Aberdeen one – maybe Adidas, their kit suppliers – didn’t want Murph being seen in their kit; they are very protective of their brand image.

    Any way, why shouldn’t His Smuphness be in Aberdeen, rather than London. In the Commons he is Number 615, that’s East Renfrewshire’s number in the list of constituencies; in Scotland he is The Lord Murphy, Guardian of SLAB and Lord High Everything. He has to be with his people at a time like this.

  67. Black Douglas says:

    “Vote on devolving licensing and mineral access rights to Scotland

    Those in favour 231
    Those against 324
    New clause not included in the Infrastructure Bill”

    The complete and utter hypocrisy, the howls of derision that came from middle England when our FM declared SNP MP’s would in future vote on the NHS and other issues at Westminster because it has a knock on effect for the block grant.

    Today 324 MPs and undoubtedly the majority non Scottish now decide their colony will not get this important power devolved.

    So called democracy in the UK is without doubt two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for dinner.

  68. crazycat says:

    @ Patrick Roden

    My MP also claimed not to have voted for cuts, in the weekly ebrief she sends me (which I find useful for keeping an eye on her). She participated in the Big Debate last week, and when someone said she’d done that she burst out with “That’s not true and you know it!” – but it is true, of course, for the reasons you give.

    This week she complained about heckling at the Big Debate – I was not there and I suppose what was on iPlayer could have been edited, or shorter than the actual thing, but it seemed to me that only she got heckled, and she richly deserved it each time.

  69. One_Scot says:

    It has got to the stage that the unionists now tell that much pish, that you can’t tell the real pish from the pure pish.

  70. Embradon says:

    “No fraking can take place on land under 1,000m” What the frak does that mean? Munroes only?

  71. Gordon Innes (Gin) says:

    2. Labour abstained on a Lib Dem proposal that would have stopped fracking.

    Although it was a Lib Dem who brought this forward, he didn’t get much support from his Party

    Included in those voting Against:

    Alexander, rh Danny
    Beith, rh Sir Alan
    Bruce, rh Sir Malcolm
    Cable, rh Vince
    Campbell, rh Sir Menzies
    Carmichael, rh Mr Alistair
    Clegg, rh Mr Nick

    I gave-up looking further with such an esteemed list of Scottish protectors of the environment and their Party leader apparently at one 🙁

  72. Author_al says:

    Well, the Herald are saying “Cameron’s government U-turns to agree temporary ‘block’ on fracking” which is not how I see it. Jim Murphy lied about stopping fracking in Scotland. He and his mealy mouthed colleagues abstained, leaving Scotland to have to sort out fracking by a weak planning system. Actually, in the confusion I don’t know if he ever voted or was too busy showings us how crap he is at football. In the past week we could have ditched Trident and Fracking, yet have both which will damage the social and economic prospects of Scotland. fracking disgrace. have died an email to BBC Scotland over their woeful reporting of this…

  73. Mealer says:

    The Labour,Tory and Libdems in Scotland signed up to the Smith Commission proposals didn’t they? So why didn’t their representatives support it in Westminster? They have ignored the Smith commission and instead of giving Scotland the maximum amount of powers,like they promised,they are giving Scotland the least powers they can get away with.Liars and cheats.

  74. Tam Jardine says:

    Pity poor old Jim Ratcliffe of Ineos. He just got landed with some extra paperwork to fill out.

    Risk assessments and method statements and the like are such a pain in the arse – maybe he will just knock it on the head.

    I can just imagine Jim laughing his heid aff, lying in a hammock woven from compressed £20 notes.

    Kezia’s piece in the record followed by her insane tweet tonight that “Scottish Labour’s triple lock against fracking gives people the final say – far better than a short term moratorium” just blows my mind.

    The fucking SNP at it again – when are they going to stop ducking their responsibility and get behind labours anti-fracking stance? Instead of supporting controlled fracking, by voting for a moratorium they are just putting off the decision!

    I struggle to believe that a human is capable of such a crazy feat of distortion. Is Kezia a human? Am I awake or did I slip into a coma on the 18th of September and this is all just a dream? Maybe I’m just part of Bobby’s dream and Tam Jardine is just the name of some cracker on the books at Southfork.

    I tell you what – Bobby Ewing will get a shock if he wakes up in thon shower and Kezia’s there, being all concerned about Cliff Barnes.

    With the Greek election firmly in mind, I can’t help thinking that all of the hubris, the lies, the subterfuge, the laziness, the incompetence and moral turpitude committed by Scottish Labour, are they not inviting the gods to punish them in May?

  75. Alan McHarg says:

    Labour are like fuckin weeds, if you don’t kill them at the root they keep coming back to spoil the beauty of your country! If we don’t get shot of these fuckers soon Scotland will be going to hell in a hand cart and then what future for our children? Democracy aint cutin it!!!

  76. wingman 2020 says:

    The message to the rest of Scotland is simple.

    Westminster MPs voted to maintain the ability to damage Scotland’s environment and landscape.

    Now someone tell me how English MPs can vote on something that is clearly a Scottish issue. There is nothing else more justified for devolution than control of your own country’s landscape, environment and health.

    It is time for people to act.

  77. gerry parker says:

    KD will be claiming she single handedly stopped the building of the new prison next.

    Delusional the lot of them.

  78. Mealer says:

    I assume it means you can’t frack shallower than 1000m,but I’m not sure.

  79. gerry parker says:

    sorry, double post, browser giving some problems.

  80. MajorBloodnok says:

    Squirrel Towers says:

    Well as someone who writes Environmental Impact Assessments I can tell you that Labour’s long list of ‘Additional Fracking Regulations’ would have been in place anyway…

    Exacty what I was going to point out (and from the same professional position). All of the ‘concessions’ that Labour says it has extracted from the government are legally required anyway.

    Mind you, all this environmental legislation ultimately originates in various EU Directives that the UK is required to translate into domestic law. Is anyone therefore surprised at the pressure from some quarters to exit the EU as soon as possible?

  81. wingman 2020 says:

    I didn’t watch the debate… but I’d sure like to see the Cost Benefit Analysis or rationale for convincing MPs that control of Fracking is best not done at Holyrood.

    Since most MPs will hardly have understood the safety implications, technical details and risk… Their decision could only have been political.

    If the National doesn’t blow this out the water tomorrow… then I am done with them. This needs a PR Exocet missile straight up Westminster’s strategy.

  82. Bugger (the Panda) says:

    Bawheids bladder

    You work it out.

  83. One_Scot says:

    ‘No fracking can take place on land under 1000m’. So pretty much nowhere apart from Scotland.

    Don’t you just want to hug a ‘NO’ voter.

  84. wingman 2020 says:

    Can someone who is more calm than, I and more politically literate, please draft a letter for everyone to send to their MPs and to each and every Trade Union, Newspaper, Charity, Green Group, and Student Unions….

    How many of us are on here? Rough estimate?

    Is it not time we used the strength we have?

  85. John Jones says:

    Kezia Dugdale in the Record. last paragraph sayys it all “Scottish Labour will use the powers of the Parliament to protect our proud land. I only hope the SNP follow our lead and do the same.” As it’s been said before you couldn’t make it up

  86. Nobby Power says:

    NC19, section G: “…at depths of not less than 1000m”

    In other words, they could only start extracting below 1000m. Wonder who’ll be first to propose drilling for magma? Surely that’s a great opportunity for Team GB that we could all get behind? C’mon, where’s your entrepreneurial spirit!

  87. HandandShrimp says:

    The Tories caved in? what, with laughter? I’m not surprised they accepted this amendment unopposed. Most of things would take place anyway and I don’t give a damn if a fracking company individually lets me know if they are going under my house. What use is that if I can’t say “No you are not”?

    As far as I can see this is just the Labour Party rubber stamping approval to frack with the fig leaf of some paperwork and the Tories gratefully grasping the fig leaf.

    Labour Green? Are they feck!

  88. msean says:

    – Vote on devolving licensing and mineral access rights to Scotland

    To amend the Scotland Act to give the Scottish Government responsibility for licensing and mineral access rights for onshore shale gas extraction

    Those in favour 231
    Those against 324
    New clause not included in the Infrastructure Bill

    This looks to me like English votes for Scottish laws,(“more powers for a powerhouse parliament”) effectively,looks like more powers voted down by more MPs than Scotland sends to Westminster.

    Roll on GE2015.

  89. Nobby Power says:

    Spot on Handandshrimp, it’s a fig leaf and not much more. Tories must’ve been overjoyed to see that one.

  90. Robert Louis says:

    Just when I thought the bare faced lies and duplicity of Labour could not get even worse, tonight, they have left me speechless.

    Jim Murphy says he opposes fracking, yet when presented with a vote to do just that, he doesn’t even bother turning up to vote. To make matters worse, he says if he were first minister he would prevent fracking, yet tonight when given the chance to vote on giving such powers to the Scottish parliament and First Minister, Jim Murphy doesn’t even bother to turn up to vote.

    The Labour party of 2015 surely must be the most deceptive, depraved, craven, lying, manipulative political body in modern times. All I can think of is the Al Franken book, ‘Lies and the lying liars who tell them’, as it kind of sums up Labour perfectly.

    Labour = liars.

  91. G4jeepers says:

    The Scottish Gov should declare all of Scotland a place of natural beauty, one big national park. Fracking would not be an option then. EU law could facilitate such a move?

  92. pmcrek says:

    Labour/Tory top brass agreed with the fracking lobby what the eventual bill would look like prior to the debate, this is why Labour’s clause was accepted by the Tories.

    As a result the fracking lobby and those in the Labour and Tory parties with a pocket interest in the industry get what they wanted i.e. fracking wherever they want, with little to no environmental or legal responsibility.

    Labour will now marshal its allies in the media and pretend they “won” by forcing the Tories into backing down on the original bill. This was the price the Tories had to pay for Labours support and abstaining on the moratorium.

    Remember, the sole purpose of Labour is to get power and keep power. That end in itself justifies all means.

    Lastly, all of this is so fucking obvious its painful to watch.

  93. Bob Sinclair says:

    Margaret Curran on twitter, telling us she voted against fracking when she voted for 5 minutes more form-filling.

  94. HandandShrimp says:

    One Scot

    I think that 1000m thing is 1000m under ground. There is no gas on the mountain tops.

  95. HandandShrimp says:

    Did any Scottish Labour and Liberal MPs vote against devolving fracking to Scotland?

  96. House insurance I doubt will they accept liability for any damage from fracking, could be interesting.

  97. heedtracker says:

    Another teamGB shyste and another day you have to say, thanks again proud Scot buts. Its all coming together for onshore gas drillers. How much revenue is down there anyway Scotland? Noone but and the frackers have a fcuking clue. We’re like fatted pigs to the slaughter and its the whining of the NO vote that’s really going to be hard to bear.

  98. Graeme Doig says:

    Before i hit the roof and ask manandboy where he hid his Kalashnikov am i right in thinking that before the ink is dry on a draft bill of a watered down Smith Commission of a watered down election bribe, these bastards down there are already voting against it??

  99. Indigo says:

    At the Cabinet Q&A in Dumfries tonight Nicola said there would be an announcement in Parliament on Wednesday regarding fracking and she heavily implied that it would be an announcement that would please the residents of Cannonbie – reading between the lines it should be good news re Scot Gov legislation to prevent fracking through new planning legislation

  100. As long as ten numpties in Scotland still believe the rubbish that comes out of Labour and they read in the Record they will never accept they are being taken for eejits by Flytin Murphy

  101. crazycat says:

    @ HandandShrimp

    I can’t see any Scottish Labour MPs on the list, voting against devolving fracking, but plenty of Lib Dems:

    Danny Alexander
    Malcolm Bruce
    Menzies Campbell
    Alistair Carmichael
    Mike Crockart
    Michael Moore
    Robert Smith
    Jo Swinson
    John Thurso

    (Reid and Kennedy appear to have been playing football with Jim Murphy.)

  102. Big Jock says:

    I am speechless. This man just keeps on lying and it goes unchecked by MSM.The concession Labour talk about is like someone over 75 renewing their driving licence by self declaration of fitness. In other words the GP signs them off and mostly without question. It will be a case of the price is right for companies like INEOS.

  103. Boorach says:

    @ HandandShrimp

    John Thurso (Lib Dem) voted against both ‘devolving control’ and the ‘moratorium’ but don’t worry his card is being well and truly marked.

  104. ronnie anderson says:

    @ Lesley_ Anne So much for him being a Scottish Office *ahem* minister!.

    An you just ahem keep clearing your throat LA day in day oot the bile builds up so ahem spite it oot amen.

  105. A.N.Surgent says:

    This is a link to SNP response to fracking decision, no mention of devolved powers being lost. Is this infrastructure bill anything to do with command paper on the not very enduring settlement.

  106. BrianW says:

    Lying two faced c**ts.. I swear to god. Lower than a snakes belly the lot of them..

    So looking forward to see how the BBC manage to spin this as a positive for Labour in general.

    They’ll be busy typing away on the Labour Enigma Spin Machine to see what pish it can emit straight onto Jackie’s Auto queue, and the web site.

  107. ScottieDog says:

    EVSL. England Votes over Scottish Land.
    Labour – the festering turd on the political landscape.

  108. ronnie anderson says:

    We need to start breeding Rare Newts & release them allover the place, job done nae FCKIN FRACKIN.

  109. gordoz says:

    Now this guy Murphy :

    A lesson from the unrestricted US Wild West history – might initially suggest a snake oil pedlar – sellar of all kinds of reckless guff of no substance, saldy that often harmed innocent individuals that bought such rubbish.

    But … perhaps the moniker that fits more aptly would be the illustrious ‘Jim the Carpetbagger’ – see below.

    Inoffensive yet somehow accurate ?

    “In United States history, a carpetbagger was a Northerner (Yankee) who moved to the South after the U.S. Civil War, especially during the Reconstruction era (1865–1877), in order to profit from the instability and power vacuum that existed at this time.”

  110. Cuilean says:

    Secretary of State for Scotland, Alistair Carmichael, Liberal MP for Orkney & Zetland, today voted ‘No’ to devolving fracking to Scotland (so much for HOme Rule, Ally Bally) & also voted ‘No’ ie he ‘rebelled’ against his own party, to vote with his Tory colleagues (he’s in a coalition govt, don’t you know, which comes before his constituents wishes) on no moratorium on fracking either. Orkney & Shetland only have a of 18,000 but they have twice inflicted this political carbuncle on Scotland. But you can do something about this, O & Z, on 7 May 2015! Just over 53% of you vote at GEs – probably think it’s a foregone conclusion as Libs there since Jo Grimond in 1950. Grimond wanted actual Home Rule for Scotland, unlike this Smith Commission Orwellian Home Rule (If I say it is Home Rule then it is Home Rule) and Grimond also wanted all nukes abolished. What would Grimond say to Carmichael’s Orwellian pretend Home Rule and his vote for Trident Renewal? Grimond must be spinning in his grave O & Z. If the 47% of you who never vote at GE come out this May & vote for the SNP then it is possible to unseat this political wart because Carmichael does not care about you, he just cares about your vote and his career. I wish Stu would give carmichael some of the ‘Murphy treatment’ because as our Secretary of State for Scotland he is in the firing line just as much as Murphy.

  111. R-type Grunt says:

    Curran is tweeting that she voted agains fracking yet the only list I’ve seen States that she failed to attend. Has she got a postal vote or something? My MP McGovern also failed to vote. No surprises there. He’s fuckin’ history!

  112. crazycat says:

    @ cynicalHighlander

    Interesting that your graphic list, and a few tweets, includes Cathy Jamieson as voting in favour of the moratorium – Hansard does not. She did vote for devolving control, but unless the final version of Hansard tomorrow says otherwise, she abstained along with most of her colleagues on the second vote. She is my MP, so I will be interested in her excuses.

  113. boris says:

    The bugbear that is the “no detriment” clause over-rides just about anything and it has been applied in the case of fracking. To avoid controversy the policy is being retained by Westminster in consideration of the TTiP agreement due to be signed off in 2015.

    Local communities will be able to lobby their local councils to with-hold planning permission and will be able to appeal their protest to the UK Supreme Court, (the Scottish government will be by-passed in any appeal process since the policy is not devolved.

    So, fracking here we go.!!!

  114. ScottieDog says:

    This declining hootsman (labour fanzine) tries to dress it up as a victory for labour. I’m sure we’ll see more of the same in the establishment press.

  115. A.N.Surgent says:

    Been looking at the bill,I think this refers to the Scotland act 2012 and wether to devolve the powers of the infrastructure bill to Scotland which concerns fracking.

    Strange that they would refuse devolving the powers now when in 18 months these powers are to be devolved under the enduring settlement unless…they want to frack the f*ck out of the country in the meantime.

  116. Thepnr says:


    I hope all those Labour and Lib Dems that were “Missing” for the vote today have a sick note from their mum to hand over to their party leaders tomorrow as to why they were missing.

    That’s if they turn up tomorrow.

  117. Papadox says:

    There is a very bad smell hanging about the Labour Party and its Scottish branch office in particular its like decomposition of animal flesh and raw sewage. The rats will be moving in for their rewards led by the two top political rats in their party (scotch branch) dim Jim and Kezia the Klingon.

    Thank you to the wonderful ENGLISH BROADCASTING CORPORATION for their dedicated lying and anti Scottish reporting. ENGERLAND IS SO PROUD OF YOU.

  118. boris says:

    O/TTaking the Nation to War. There is no need to do so: The speaker; President Bill Clinton. “The television was doing cutaways to Ministers, including Mr Tony Blair, the Prime Minister. They were all nodding vigorously when President Clinton said that through the 1990s the policy of getting inspectors on the ground in Iraq had worked well destroying many more weapons of mass destruction than were destroyed, for example, in the first Gulf war. The Prime Minister nodded acceptance of the statement by President Clinton yet only 6 months later he is denying what he accepted only last October.”

    Full report here

  119. Graeme Doig says:


    i think you might be right there. Can’t quite get my head round what’s going on here but the line that starts “..bought and sold…” springs to mind. Manandboy! …

  120. caz-m says:

    Graeme Doig

    Have you got a spare one of those kalash thingys. I’m right with you, direct action.

    The thing that has built up this hatred of Scottish Labour is their deceit. They are a shower of two faced, lying bar stewards.

    As for Murphy, he must be breaking some kind of law here, how often has he been at Westminster in the past year, yet will be on full pay and expenses.

    Murphy and his shower of gangsters disgust me.

    Wake up East Renfrewshire, you MUST vote this crook Murphy out.

  121. Shaun Cameron says:

    wonder how many keepie-ups he could do if it was trident missile at his feet, the man is worse than a bumbling baffoon, or maybe he’s just enjoying his lasting time as msp of labour, and not really bothering about politics

  122. Karmanaut says:

    Spome questions about the ammendments…

    This set conditions for hydraulic fracturing to take place. This included:

    Environmental Impact Assessments

    Assessments would have to be carried out prior to planning application anyway. They always are in planning. Doesn’t mean they have to accept the assessors recommendations.

    Independent inspections on well integrity

    This is already current industry practice. They have to inspect the wells from time to time.

    Monitoring on the site for the previous 12 months

    Monitoring what exactly?

    Site-by-site measurement, monitoring and public disclosure of existing the fugitive emissions

    As opposed to what? Not monitoring for or disclosing any toxic leaks? This is already industry practise, so why highlight it here?

    No fracking can take place in:

    Groundwater source protection zones

    You can’t inject chemicals into groundwater sources. Yes, we know you can’t. That would be illegal, surely.

    Protected areas

    Like National parks? Do we think the locals would otherwise allow this? Or would objectors make the planning process a nightmare if they tried?

    On land under 1,000m

    Doesn’t say “on land under 1000m above sea level”. Do they frack 1000m down? Is it economically viable to go that deep? Does it matter?

    Also required:

    Planning authorities consider the cumulative impact of fracking activities

    They do this anyway for all planning applications.

    Provision of community benefit schemes

    These have already been offered by fracking companies as an incentive. There is no evidence they would ever have to pay out anything meaningful.

    Residents in affected areas notified individually

    Already in place for any planning application.

    Substances used subject to approval of the Environment Agency

    Wouldn’t the environment agency have to approve chemicals injected into the land anyway?

    Land is left in condition required by the planning authority

    Isn’t this always a term of any planning application for mining? It isn’t always adhered to, as we know from coal mining.

    Water companies are consulted by planning authorities

    Water companies are always consulted in any activity which might potentially affect groundwater. Doesn’t mean their recommendations have to be listened to.

  123. ronnie anderson says:

    I dont think the people of East Stirling (Campsie) who had Radon escaping from the ground around their homes. Without fracking.

  124. HandandShrimp says:

    I’m actually a bit shaken by Labour’s stance. I genuinely thought they were backing the moratorium. Words fail me. As for Murphy not even being there, he clearly isn’t interested in what he says so why should we be?

  125. Big Jock says:

    Sarah Smith’s new favourite expression: ” SNP U Turn.” Said with a smug smile. When referring to any change in policy decision. More SLAB on message propaganda fed to BBC by McTernan no doubt. So if BBC Scotland are working for SLAB who are the SLAB high held yins that work at the BBC? There must be several insiders pulling the strings.

  126. Karmanaut – industry ‘best practice’ is to frack between 300m and 1000m below sea level.

    See Old King Coal

  127. Graeme Doig says:


    That’s our files at GCHQ just got bigger 😉 oops just mentioned them … mine’s bigger than yours now 🙂

  128. G4jeepers says:

    Amber Rudd stuck to her script, the bill was a shambles of unanswered questions and obfuscations. Greatrex and Lucas tried to nail her but she held firm.
    Wonder if there’s any relation there to Roland Rudd?
    Might raise a few eyebrows in certain circles if this happens to be the case.

  129. crazycat says:

    @ Karmanaut

    Doesn’t say “on land under 1000m above sea level”. Do they frack 1000m down? Is it economically viable to go that deep? Does it matter?

    According to the report the British Geological Survey prepared last year for the Department of Energy and Climate Change about the Midland Valley:

    “Carboniferous shales are mature for oil generation at shallow current-day depths over much of the Midland Valley of Scotland study area, and gas-mature shales occur at current-day depths from about 2,300 ft (700m) below Ordnance Datum…Midland Valley shales are shallow compared to the UK Bowland-Hodder shales, Jurassic shales of the Weald and many commmercial plays in the USA.”

    So there is some potential for preventing exploitation here on the grounds that the reserves are too near the surface.

  130. HandandShrimp says:


    Hydraulic Fracking is usually 2,000 to 5,000 metres so a 1,000 metre start point is not much of a handcuff.

  131. Kalmar says:

    What the frack happened is this: we lost the referendum.

  132. Legerwood says:

    Labour are spinning so hard on this that they have practically produced their own gravity field.

    Strangely one of the few sites where this is not mentioned is on the Scotland section of the BBC web site. Obviously the degree of spin is making it difficult to get their story straight.

  133. dom says:

    I’ve no right to say it as a sassanach, but if I were Scottish I’d dump Murphy in May.

  134. Balaaargh says:

    I don’t need any cheap gas heating my home because my blood is already boiling.

  135. liz g says:

    May be clutching at straws here ..but
    Dose anyone know what the really old laws say about consecrated ground ?? Maybe Robert ???
    Most people seem to talk about homeowners but anyone who has a lair certificate also has a stake in this !
    Also the churches would potentially have a voice in protecting their land.
    Like I say a long shot….but could be useful

  136. frazer allan whyte says:

    OT but large picture of his murphiness in the Guardian Monday morning article on the non-building of the new women’s prison
    – for no apparent reason

  137. liz g says:

    Does even !!!

  138. Thepnr says:


    Looks like your hunch was right. She, a tory MP, the other a Labour “supporter” and advisor to Ed Miliband.

    Nowt as queer as folk. Isn’t life funny!

    “Rudd is the youngest of four siblings, one of whom is the PR executive Roland Rudd, a Labour supporter and donor advising Ed Miliband on business.”

  139. scotspine says:

    @liz g

    I think “desecration of sepulchre” is a law that may qualify.

  140. Graham MacQueen says:

    Was he not pictured yesterday in a Rangers jersey? Possibly doing the rounds trying to secure the votes of any witless football/unionist supporters?

  141. bookie from hell says:

    remember during referendum campaign when Better Together accused YES of NHS lie

    Mr Miliband will use a keynote speech to warn voters that “our NHS” faces “its most perilous moment”, claiming that if the Tories gained power then the service south of the border would become “unrecognisable

    Labour are two-faced barstewards

  142. Bath House says:

    I’m posting this here because it has been censores by Bella Caledonia…? It hasn’t been posted because it challenges the ‘Yes’ elite establishment. Nothing but contmept.

    ‘….Whether chosen as a candidate by the Tory, LibDem and Labour parties, or chosen to be promoted at the BBC, ITV or Sky. It is not about which party is elected, but about who holds the centre of gravity in these institutions. And those who hold the centre of gravity, those who create the mindset that judges success and failure, are those educated in the private (‘public’) boarding schools, those who occupy a state of mind that has been taught to fear its own feelings, has been taught not to trust itself, and so can’t believe it is possible to trust the people to make decisions, and ultimately can’t believe democracy is either possible or desirable. As a result we have a very deep crisis of democracy in the UK…’

    This kind of thing makes me cringe (or cry with laughter?). Everyone knows that the ‘Green politico agenda/ establishment’ is just as entrenched in the unmeritocratic, closed system as the elsewhere. In fact more so, when you look at the social composition of the Labour Party (Harriet Harman, Tristrum Hunt I think are the only privately educated cabinet members?) or other parties. The Greens are chock full of ‘posho’s’ to use a Jack Whitehallism who use it as a vessel for their youthful rebellious angst – I’m thinking Zac Goldsmith. But to my mind they are the problem as they are only ‘radical’ until it comes to actually sharing the wealth! Their inherited, unearned wealth, stolen centuries ago from the commons. It’s just a game for middle class arseholes who think they can save the world by growing turnips.

    This article is a prime example…(J kenrick) an Oxbridge, Edinburgh educated academic slamming the sexist elitist establishment by refering to 2 public schools BOYS? You couldn’t make it up if you tried!!! The lack of self awareness is absurd!

    Nne grand a year Glenalmond’s Alan Ramsay, is set to inherit half of Perthshire and is the decendent of a Barronette. His title goes back to the thirteenth century…..????? Where the progress in that?? If he wants to be radical, give your effing land away to the people who live on it you thieving aristo cunt???

    The other mentioned was Peter Mccoll, another former public school boy from Belfast. enough said.

    I don’t know who Mike Small is but I bet he’s not quite as ‘radical’ or representative of ‘most people’ as he makes out. Not really one of the people? Otherwise why give airtime to the enemy?

  143. liz g says:

    Scotspine@ 12.45
    Thank you

  144. ronnie anderson says:

    @ Liz g I have my G/fathers lair certificate for Sandymount cemetary, now under Glasgow City Council,cemetary altho closed the deed of land is in perpetuity,

    Thanks Liz will get the lair transfered into my name,meant to do that years ago.

  145. G4jeepers says:

    @Thepnr, thought as much

    The kids will be so disappointed.

    Big brar

  146. dennis mclaughlin says:

    Jim Murphy – single handedly destroying the Scottish Labour Local Branch …..
    Makes you proud to be Scottish ????????????????????????

  147. Thepnr says:


    I think I might have been played there. But that’s alright, better that this kind of info gets out.

    I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt but the link between the two was too easy to find. Well spotted though 🙂

  148. liz g says:

    Ronnie Anderson @1.25
    You’re very welcome and I now claim my HUG the next time we meet cause I haven’t had one yet even though we’ve met a few times

  149. Thepnr says:


    That second link you provided is almost beyond belief. As if it wasn’t true. Speechless.

  150. Macart says:

    A Labour betrayal of the electorate and cowardice in the face of controversial anti corporate policy painted as a Labour victory.

    Who knew?

  151. Tattie-bogle says:

    Is it not an MP’s duty to vote? any abstaining should come with a P45 otherwise isn’t that taxation without representation?

  152. Bigdrone says:

    Did I hear of potential knighthoods for Willie Miller and Alex MacLeish?

    A spinning vortex of Scottish Labour deceipt right enough!


  153. thedogphilosopher says:

    Curious-looking DR front page today.

  154. ronnie anderson says:

    Sleep stanes still in ma eyes , but are my ears deceiveing me the Sky Presenter said 100 days to the election & labour could be the party to form the goverment with the Scottish DEMOCRATIC PARTY ,she has since corrected it.

  155. ronnie anderson says:

    As you ,ve seen at demo,s things get a bit hecktic,but let me know who you are, then we can introduse you to Wingers you havent met, big hugs.

  156. Macart says:

    Murphy knew the outcome before the vote.

    This was his big flagship policy, blasted all over the media of the past week or so and he’s shirt hopping in Scotland?

    Murphy stands against fracking does he? He’ll put a stop to it in Scotland?

    Aaaaand he’s playing keepie uppie for the cameras whilest basically the fracking lobby are laughing their arses off at the vote.

    Lying, two faced, back stabbing ….. fill in the rest.

    It ends in all fur coat and nae knickers for both him and Labour north British branch.

  157. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “I’m posting this here because it has been censores by Bella Caledonia…? It hasn’t been posted because it challenges the ‘Yes’ elite establishment. Nothing but contmept.”

    I’d guess that Bella didn’t publish it because it’s got the C-word in it.

  158. ronnie anderson says:

    Stewart Hosie on Sky news brilliant I hope the people in england /wales are taking it in, what a contrast with unionist politicians.

    Corrections on both the apparent SNP uturn on voting on english laws & the price of Oil pre Referendem & wee chuckle on the poll of polls,more power to you Mr Hosie.

  159. ScottieDog says:

    More proof that we live in a corporatocracy. Labour and Tories alike bought by the city and the fossil fuel lobby.
    There’s so much evidence in the United States that fracking isn’t even economical. The depletion rate is so fast in the wells that there are now more than 65000 wells across the country. The licences have been sold on now that all the sweet spots have been drilled and the companies that are buying these licenses are going bust. The only reason they can borrow the money in the first place is down to continued ultra low interest rates.
    The economics of energy are poor too with a low level of net energy produced (a lot of energy needs to be spent to get the stuff out). Then of course are the externalities – the cost to the environment, roads, chemicals, etc, the bill for which lands at the feet of the tax payer.

    Another ‘benefit’ of being in the UK.

    Let’s not forget though that there will be an awful lot of pissed off folk down south too, so I reckon that communities across the uk need to help each other on this and take on the frackers and Westminster itself.

  160. desimond says:

    Battlestar Galactica scriptwriters used the word Frak for swearing purposes.

    And curiosly yon Jim Murphy does have a Cylon look about him…

  161. Clootie says:

    The kick back by the Greeks is just what we need around the world

    Any interesting group “who just meet to talk” 😀

    Look at the notable names below under politics and business

    Mandleson fair gets around (on both lists) as do the notables in our banking world.

    Does anyone still think that the Labour Party representatives consider the original objectives of the trade union/worker cooperatives?

  162. No no no...Yes says:

    If Mags Curran voted for a fracking moratorium, does that make Katy Clark and the others who voted against the Labour Whip, rebels?

    Will Katy Clark now get disciplined for 3 left wing policy votes this year? Will we ever see or hear from her again on the BBC?

  163. caz-m says:

    BBC Scotland news half hour news bulletins telling us what the SNP will be doing in the final 100 days until the GE, then they strangely miss out what Jim Murphy and Scottish Labour will be doing for Scotland and tells us Ed Miliband says the NHS is in pearl if the Tories win in May.

    Now BBC Scotland should know by now that the NHS in Scotland is completely independent of the NHS in England.

    BBC Scotland putting out another scare story on behalf of Scottish Labour, that has absolutely nothing to do with Scotland.

    When these TV companies are talking about the NHS, there should be some kind of warning or strap across the bottom of the screen explaining that they are talking about the NHS in England only.

    Especially in the run-up to the GE.

    The SNP media Dept should be on to this.

    Pro-Active NOT Re-Active.

  164. Luigi says:

    pmcrek says:

    26 January, 2015 at 10:09 pm

    Labour/Tory top brass agreed with the fracking lobby what the eventual bill would look like prior to the debate, this is why Labour’s clause was accepted by the Tories.

    Indeed – a dress rehearsal for the Labour-tory coalition they may have to form after the GE in May? If traditional Labour supporters are not seriously concerned with this increasingly cosy relationship between their party and the blue Tories, they bloody well ought to be.

  165. Brian Fleming says:

    “Vic Cavin says:
    26 January, 2015 at 9:01 pm
    This must surely be noticed by the public in Scotland.
    I hope the unseen media can get this out to people that their homes, water supplies and local environments are at risk here.

    The under 1000m height restriction though would place most of Scotland outside the grasp of people but what if these fracks spread outside these zones or are felt elsewhere?
    Who sets the protected areas, local councils? Make sure they are all non BritNat Parties then.”

    Vic, I wondered about that too. But even Ben Nevis is only about 1,400 metres high. So I reckoned it refers to 1,000 metres below ground. In other words the whole country’s up for grabs.

  166. bjsalba says:

    @ HandandShrimp at 10.36

    Kennedy not voting is nothing new. Take a look at his voting record – or more accurately his not voting record.

    He’s my PM – for now, and I am working to remedy that situation..

  167. Macart says:

    But weren’t we told that the NHS was in safe hands better together? In fact that ONLY as part of our loving, caring, SHARING union would the NHS be safe.

    Amazing the difference a few months makes eh?

    Oh and who was it spread the stories of NHS disaster in an independent Scotland and complete security for the institution as part of the union again? Why yes, that would be Labour representatives – Primarily Brown, Darling and the apostle Murphy, still ably aided and abetted by the rest of their party mind oh, and a major media campaign. Still have one or two back issues of even my local paper to hand, with the full page ads.

    So when were they lying? Then, now, or did they ever stop?

  168. Luigi says:

    Aye, the magnificent Red Tories, the self-proclaimed champions of the poor, the vulnerable, and the downtrodden, ran away, leaving the people unprotected and exposed.

    And now the fracking vultures are circling overhead.

  169. Ryan Wilson says:

    I’d guess that Bella didn’t publish it because it’s got the C-word in it.


  170. Calgacus says:

    So ENGLISH mps have voted to poison OUR water supply. Fuck you Westminster. Fuck you.

  171. paul gerard mccormack says:

    it’s just occurred to me. From a parallel world, the smugurph as a Flann O’Brien creation has been inserted into our space time continuum vortex. Ah begorrah!

  172. Author_al says:

    I wonder if Jim Murphy reads his Twitter account. Hope so.

  173. wingman 2020 says:

    News Headlines in a parallel dimension where Scotland’s media supports Scotland.

    “Westminster Votes to Frack Scotland”
    “Labour and Conservatives in Fracking stitch-up”
    “Westminster MPs ignore wishes of majority of Scottish Electorate”
    “Frack Off Scotland”
    “Scotland in threat from Westminster Frackers”
    “Labour abstention – fracking travesty”
    “Smith’s Commission Fracked by Westminster”
    “Dugdale tweets football squirrel”
    “It’s Fracking Nonsense”
    “England’s Fracking NIMBYs”
    “McTernan advises Murphy to fracking hide during vote.”
    “Westminster rain’s on Smith’s Parade”
    “Democracy got Fracked”
    “Smith Recommendations proved meaningless by fracking vote.”

  174. wingman 2020 says:

    Please ignore the hasty punctuation and odd additional apostrophes.

  175. Luigi says:

    wingman 2020 @ 9:50:

    Aye, imagine those headlines are creaming to be published! Unfortunately, the editors and BBC programme controllers stubbornly refuse to remove their unionist glasses (should have gone to specsavers). We have more than enough material to hang the Red Tories, we really do. The challenge is how to get it out there to reach enough people in time?

  176. wingman 2020 says:


    “Brand new Kalashnathingies and Bazookamajigs now in stock, with ammo, for immediate uplift.(registered agents only)
    Some s/h Kala’s also on sale to the public. Ex-War stock so might be a bit dusty. Cash only.”

    I’d seriously suggest you stop joking on these things… there are people out there that will use it against Wings and you. This blog is read by many many more people than will admit it.

    Meantime, set up a meeting to discuss what can be legally done to challenge the enemy.
    I for one will attend.


  177. cearc says:


    We need a leaflet distributed showing his ‘performance’ on behalf of his constituents.

    Voted. 365 out of 11,047 (30.7%)
    only 11 not with the con/lib party.

    Still gets full pay though. I bet you wouldn’t if you turned up less to work less than a third of the time.

  178. wingman 2020 says:


    “Jim Murphy is caught on camera laughing as the oil price falls still further. He later claims he was merely open-mouthed with amazement that the oil revenues the SNP had forecast should have turned out so wrong and deeply regrets the fact that maybe now Scots will have to think twice about trusting the SNP to run the country.”

  179. Jim Thomson says:


    I think you need to look at those numbers m’dear. There’s either an extra digit in the 11,047 or it should only be around 3%.

    Sorry about that, my numerical OCD kicking in (again)


  180. Robert Peffers says:

    @ronnie anderson says: 27 January, 2015 at 8:48 am:

    “Stewart Hosie on Sky news brilliant I hope the people in england /wales are taking it in, what a contrast with unionist politicians.”

    Mr Hosie has been a much neglected person in the Scottish MSM and on the Scottish Broadcast channels. His performance has been almost perfect and he has a firm grasp upon facts and figures too. He is only now beginning to get the recognition he so much deserves.

  181. Fred says:

    @ Bath House, there were no baronets in the thirteenth century. Bollox I’m afraid.

  182. Robert Peffers says:

    @Luigi says: 27 January, 2015 at 9:58 am:

    “Unfortunately, the editors and BBC programme controllers stubbornly refuse to remove their unionist glasses (should have gone to specsavers).”

    They went to Fracksavers, Luigi.

  183. Rab.c says:

    If ever proof was needed:-Continually heading a heavy ball causes brain damage.

  184. Author_al says:

    Wingman, just took the liberty of sending a few of your suggested headlines to BBC online Scotland. They don’t tend to reply these days but it helps to remind them that many of their licence payers are not scottish labour acolytes or Murphy fans.

  185. cearc says:


    Whoops, a double 1 there! 1,047 of course.

  186. Jim Thomson says:


    Damn! I was hoping for 3% 😛

  187. Robert Peffers says:

    @dom says:27 January, 2015 at 12:09 am:

    “I’ve no right to say it as a sassanach, but if I were Scottish I’d dump Murphy in May.

    Ah! But!
    Dom, you have every right to say it. Up here in Scotland we call it freedom of speech and democratic rights. It is the lack of both in the UK based Scottish media that has turned the Better Together actual victory in the referendum into a pyrrhic victory. The cost of which disgracefully won victory may well yet see Scotland disunite the bipartite Treaty of Union.

    So many lies and so much obfuscation in one campaign could never hope to go unexposed. Simple facts are now plain to see for the people of Scotland. That the Treaty of Union legally united two Kingdoms – not four countries. That the Union Parliament was legally a parliament of two equally sovereign Kingdoms.

    That the disuniting of that union cannot legally result in a remainder United Kingdom as there are only two Kingdoms as the signatories on the treaty. Indeed there will be three countries still in union but they are all parts of the Kingdom Of England. With the English Kingdom annexing the Princedom of Wales in 1284, by “The Statute of Rhuddlan”, and annexing all Ireland by, “The Crown of Ireland Act”, 1542. There was no Union of the Crowns in 1603 just the one royal head wearing two independent Kingdom’s crowns. Again the reason for the Treaty of Union 1706/7.

    Thus, “The United Kingdom”, has never been a country but always remained a Kingdom and even then the claim of the Westminster Parliament that they have sovereignty over Scotland is utter claptrap for only the three Kingdom of England countries became a, “Constitutional Monarchy”, in 1688 when, as a still independent Kingdom, the English Parliament could in no legal way depose the of the monarch of the still independent Kingdom of Scotland’s rightful monarch, James VII.

    Furthermore, to this day the independent Scottish legal system holds the people of Scotland as sovereign in law. The Queen is, “Queen of Scots”, not, “Queen of Scotland”. That is why they needed a Treaty of Union in 1706/7 but which treaty still maintained an independent Scottish Legal system and freedom of the Monarch as head of any Scottish Church, for an independent Scottish Education System and the right of Scotland’s banks to print their own Sterling Banknotes.

    Lies and spin, even of the historic variety, have a habit of being exposed as lies.

  188. Almannysbunnet says:

    Spot the ball..ocks more like!

  189. maxi kerr says:

    Fracking,efn,efn, fracking…this is the purveyor of destruction to the air,land and our fresh water. There is no reason, EVER to allow this crazy,stupid practice to be unleashed on our home lands.These corporate vampires MUST be opposed and stopped at all cost.

  190. katherine hamilton says:

    When Murphy’s playing football and not at his work during the working day/week why not call it what it is- SKIVING. It’s not politics or campaigning. He’s just ripping it.

  191. I care says:

    If any of you are unaware of the dangers of Fracking, Google these simple little things… person sets fire to tap water, dangers of Fracking and this last one Dangers of concentrated acids.

    Also there is a article in The Courier Fife edition that has Clare Baker rattling on about how Labour will block Fracking if they win.

    Confusing to say the least.

    Google the Labour 25 plus 3, shameful disgusting things!

  192. Will Podmore says:

    Along with nuclear power, fracking is part of the solution to the energy shortfall, as North Sea oil and gas dwindle.
    Producing gas here in Britain would reduce our dependence on lovely energy suppliers like Saudi Arabia, and would also reduce the costs, energy use and pollution caused by transporting vast amounts of energy across the oceans.
    There is a good scientific case for fracking, and the Royal Society, among others, has demolished the scares being promoted by all too many on this website.

  193. @Will Podmore
    Royal Society, even there name is an oxymoron why would anyone in there right mind think a group called Royal Society be anything but establishment likspittals.

  194. Croompenstein says:

    @Will – There is a good scientific case for fracking, and the Royal Society, among others, has demolished the scares being promoted by all too many on this website.

  195. Grouse Beater says:

    Plodmore: There is a good scientific case for fracking, and the Royal Society, among others, has demolished the scares

    You mean a rogue academician’s short paper not published? If not, references, please.

  196. Craig says:

    I’m pretty sure Salmond said fracking was in control of the Scottish parliament after he resigned. Couldn’t tell you where exactly, but something tells me it was in his farewell speech.

  197. Fred says:

    @ Will Podmore, a capitalist running dog of the first watter. Communist my arse. There was a good scientific case for the coal mining which spawned the industrial revolution and killed hundreds of thousands.

  198. JLT says:

    It’s bloody sickening. That’s what it is…

  199. Will Podmore says:

    The Royal Society and the Royal Academy of Engineering concluded in their Response to the House of Commons Environmental Audit Committee inquiry into the environmental risks of fracking, “Fracking can be managed effectively in the UK as long as operational best practices are implemented and enforced through regulation. Ensuring well integrity must remain the highest priority to prevent contamination. The probability of well failure is low for a single well if it is designed, constructed and abandoned according to best practice.
    “Seismicity induced by fracking is likely to be of even smaller magnitude than coal mining related seismicity.”
    So not ‘a rogue academician’ dear Grouse Beater.
    Dearest Fred, try a little evidence-based thinking – it may cure you of your propensity to abuse.

  200. anne watt says:

    Thanks for keeping me informed about this, I’m now keen to keep up to date with this

  201. ecruden says:

    I’ve been trying to find a site that shows how EVERY MP votes in Westminster, i.e. the ayes, the noes and the abstainers/absents. I can’t for the arsing life of me find one.

  202. Ali says:

    Way to go on this one SNP 🙂

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