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The voice of a person

Posted on March 20, 2013 by

And, um, also another person, can now be heard on episode 20 of the Scottish Independence Podcast, featuring regular host Michael Greenwell and your humble correspondent rambling on about the this and the that (and occasionally the other) of Scottish politics. It’s a right riveting listen, and if you don’t like it you can always skip straight to the end for a nice tune.

The 36-minute podcast can be downloaded, played live or subscribed to on iTunes.

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    55 to “The voice of a person”

    1. mrbfaethedee says:

      Like the photo on the Michael Greenwell’s site – always nice to see another person with proper scottish-coloured legs ūüėČ

    2. Doug Daniel says:

      “If you can only afford to hire one journalist, it doesn’t have to be Magnus Gardham”
      Haha!! Great podcast, Stu.

    3. Doug Daniel says:

      What’s the tune at the end by the way? I feel like I recognise the voice.

    4. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “Tea For The Tillerman” by Cat Stevens. You may be familiar with it from the end of “Extras”.

    5. FreddieThreepwood says:

      You’ll av to do something ’bout that Baath aaccent, moi lovely. Oh, arrr.

    6. dundee bloke says:

      Doug Daniel says:
      20 March, 2013 at 2:56 pm

      ‚ÄúIf you can only afford to hire one journalist, it doesn‚Äôt have to be Magnus Gardham‚Ä̬†Haha!! Great podcast, Stu. ¬†
            You took the words right out of my mouth

    7. Marcia says:

      I enjoyed listening to the conversation. Hope you do another one in a few months time.

    8. Jeannie says:

      Great podcast Stu.¬† Listened to it while I was painting the bookcase – so nice to hear yer actual voice. Will have another listen when I’m giving it its second coat. Really enjoyed it.

    9. Keith B says:

      Something strange happening on The Herald site – well maybe not that strange. A pretty decent article had been put up by Tom Gordon with comments allowed. Five comments appeared, including one by yours truly. Then there were four. Now there are none!
      Maybe just a glitch, on the other hand……….

    10. Keith B says:

      Glitch. All comments restored. I would like to think that now they have the Good Reverend biting their ankles it is keeping them honest…… a degree anyhow.

    11. Castle Rock says:

      Good conversation Stuart.
      Its always difficult trying to raise money for a project when (I would guess) the vast majority of readers know very little about the person.  
      I hope the podcast helps to reassure people that you are not some thuggish counterpart to Ian Davidson or an equivalent to some mad screeching Labour MSP backbencher but, rather, just another normal punter seeking independence for your country.
      I hope you reach your target.

    12. the bunnyman says:

      thoroughly enjoyable listening, sir.

    13. Baheid says:

      @Keith B
      Just been reading Herald comments, eight on now, but you ain’t there.

      Hope you¬†weren’t¬†being rude. ūüôā

    14. scottish_skier says:

      Your voice is deeper than I expected Stu; I’d always imagined you sounding a bit like David Beckham ūüėČ
      Great podcast.

    15. Keith B says:

      Rude. Moi. Giving my identity away completely – there is a post by someone called Keith and a surname beginning with B.

    16. Baheid says:

      @Keith B
      I knew your details, we have you on our files, mmmmhahahahahaha

    17. Keith B says:

      Do I look like I care. ūüôā But to be serious, I’ve be toying with the idea of posting under my real name for some time. Supporting Scotland’s independence is nothing to be ashamed about and the authorities can do their worst. Just to save them some time (if your reading this MI5) I’m also baycitytroller over on reddit. Come get me.

    18. MajorBloodnok says:

      Enjoyed the podcast Stu.  I do like civilised debate (hence why, as you say, FMQ is such a turn off).

    19. Tearlach says:

      Did enjoy that Stu, civilised, considered and informed discussion.
      The pair of you fancy taking over Call Kaye?

    20. scaredy cat. says:

      Very interesting interview and nice to hear the voice behind the name. I’m somewhat intrigued now though. You don’t live in Scotland? None of my business and feel free to ignore, but are you coming back for the vote? I can’t imagine being so passionate about it and not being able to vote. ¬†

    21. -WARNING-
      Shameless promotion alert.
      Rev Stu was nice enough to come on. There are lots of other good podcasts on our page too (even if this is your host saying so), including one of the commenters on this very post (that isn’t Stu, but I’m not telling you – you’ll have to look).
      All to be found here…
      Or on itunes…
      If you want to know how the project got started then I explained it here…

    22. big_al says:

      Good work Rev.
      Keep it up!

    23. big_al says:

      Good work Michael, keep it up!

    24. MajorBloodnok says:

      Hear hear

    25. velofello says:

      @ CameronB: I smiled. And I drive a Subaru (mature model).

    26. mrbfaethedee says:

      @Michael Greenwell
      It’s a great project Michael – I’ve listened to, and enjoyed, most of them.
      So easy to access, and the change in medium from text, and as a dialogue is such a pleasant change. It’s so refreshing to hear positive conversations about indy, and some of the people and issues around.
      Can’t recommend them enough!
      You should shamelessly pop a link in here every time there’s a new one.

    27. Malcolm says:

      My cat hates the podcast. I had no idea she was a unionist moggie! Chucked her outside. Good listen, so are the others. Patrick Harvie interview was good.

    28. Turnip_ghost says:

      Really enjoyed it! 

    29. Indion says:

      Bugger this phsychofancy.
      I hereby pledge ¬£100¬†to Rev Stu’s fund if the Ref date turns out (and there’ a clue) to be¬†30 Nov 2014,¬†but¬†if not then ¬£50/¬£50 to whoever¬†hereunder first numerates the right date and buys into it at the cost of their own chosing (sp?), provided he/she in turn donates the lot to Rev Stu anyway.
      Yes, that’s right – all the winner get’s to celebrate is¬†their judicious selection of¬†guessing the right date.
      And first-up next I invite¬†the skirt who flirts. Yep, that’s you Jeannie!¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† Pick your Date!¬†Pledge your¬†priceless Price.¬†And invite by name* the next-up to carry-on with a different or doubled-up date¬†to share the glory of getting the date right first.
      (*Suggest scottish-skier for the Beckham insult to our intelligence.)
      Over to you Jeannie if you wish to be next-up. You’ve got¬†’til 22:30¬†before this game is open for all to play!¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†

    30. Doug Daniel says:

      Keith B – a pretty decent article by Tom Gordon? You’re right, that IS strange…

    31. Indion says:

      Re my 10:18pm
      Delete ‘intelligence.’
      Insert ‘choice of undergarment.’

    32. Indion says:

      Apologies.¬†If you have not done so aleady, ignore my 10:18 & 10:31pm and go to ‘The Final Countdown’ instead.¬†

    33. Jeannie says:

      Sorry, just saw your post Рhave been away flirting shamelessly for the last couple of hours.  Right, yer on.  £25.00 says the referendum will be held on Saturday November 23rd and I challenge anyone at all out there, but especially Major Bloodnok, to better this.  And in terms of undergarments, I thought Wings thongs were de rigueur?

    34. Morag says:

      I’ve just listened to it all.¬† You know, I’ve never taken the time to listen to one of these podcasts before.¬† It was great!¬† I believe I’m a new convert.¬† I’m a fan!¬† Measured, sensible discussion of the sort of quality you get on Radio 4 just after nine in the morning (OK sometimes I’m late for work and I sure as hell ain’t listening to Call UKaye) – but on a topic and from an angle they’d never touch.

      Mind you, once upon a long time ago now, there was a Radio 4 programme called “What If?”¬† One of the episodes was, what if the 40% rule hadn’t been imposed in 1979, and Scotland had got devolution then?¬† The firm conclusion was, in that case, Scotland would already be independent.¬† I have a feeling that episode was pre 1997.¬† The conclusion was that Scotland needed a place to stand before it could move the world, and if it had had such a thing after 1979, the world would have moved.

      So now we get to see if they were right.

      Sorry, I’m rambling, the podcast really was very good.

    35. Indion says:

      Jeannie at 11:34pm
      I knew you were ‘just a girl who¬†cain’t say NO’ (are you thinking what I’m thinking big about¬†St Valentine’s Day in 2014:¬†all¬†our lads & lasses¬†to persuade others¬†to a YES meeting via every¬†media catches page (that’s the one before¬†matches, hatches and dispatches)?
      Think on’t. Meanwhile,¬†having¬†seen my foregoing¬†by now, you’ll not be surprised by my copying yours over to¬†‘The Final Countdown’

    36. Matt says:

      Indion, I’ll go for the 7th of October. My birthday is the next day, and a Yes result would be the best birthday present I could ever wake up to.

      “It‚Äôs so refreshing to hear positive conversations about indy”

      Interesting you say that, because I was at the Yes Bearsden meeting earlier tonight, and it really was refreshing to hear discussions for a change, rather than read them.

      Anyway, it’s really weird to actually hear Rev Stu speak, after reading his words for such a long time. I don’t know what I imagined his voice to sound like, but for some reason it surprised me. Great podcast though!

    37. Indion says:

      Matt at 00:39am
      OK your’e on for 7th Oct. Now, if you will, please add your pledge for that date and enter your bid on ‘The Final Countdown’ post that this¬†fun¬†hustle has moved to!

    38. Paul Martin says:

      Jeez…Rev Stu sounds .. normal !
      I would love to hear Stu on an indyref discussion panel sometime, free from the restrictions of party and free to tell it like it is. No holds barred.

    39. douglas clark says:

      Rev Stu,
      Pleasure to hear a voice to put to the print. You marshall facts somewhat better than the entire Labour front bench at Holyrood ūüôā

      Radio and TV beckons!

    40. Richie says:

      I got a big shock when I heard your voice there Stu. I always thought you were a George Eliot type ūüôā
      I really enjoyed listening though. Thankinyou and well done! Gan to do some podcasts for your own site?A lot of the time I don’t get a chance to read your blog at work and if I get home late it can be a bit of a chore trying to get through everything. And I’ve been abroad quite a lot in the last 15 months or so since I found your site and it can be quite daunting having to catch up on all your posts when I get home (I have to do it).
      If you put your stuff in a podcast I could listen to it while I was lighting the fire, cooking/eating supper, tidying up etc, then have a read of the comments and do my facebook duty.
      I could listen to your posts using Microsoft Sam (or Sally) but it’d be better from yourself.
      It wouldn’t be hard to do, would it? Just record yourself reading the post and upload it. Unless you’re too shy?
      Anyway, OT but I see your fundraiser ends 1 second before I get paid, which is a total quaint as it looks like I’m going to have to clear out my overdaft to get one of those special badge thingys.
      Thanks again.
      See you in an Independent Scotland.

    41. Indion says:

      douglas clark at 1:41am
      If you are going to praise someone, its best not to damn them with what they’ll feel faint about when¬†reading your spirit of generousity! Labour front benches and facts?Tautologies?
      O/T PS. How goes it with the twittersphere e-quivalent of shouting at the TV? 

    42. Indion says:

      Sorry Douglas, that was me when the broadband (ha) drip dried-up as is its wont at this pissed off end of a remote line. Here is what I have now finished editing:

      douglas clark at 1:41am

      If you are going to praise someone, its best not to damn them with what they’ll feel faint about when reading your spirit of generousity! Labour front benches and facts? Tautologies?

      Your penance,¬†should you on waking accept it¬†justified, is to think of a ¬£number and the Indyref date, then make your pledge at ‘The Final Countdown’¬†post before 2:00pm to more than double your money!¬†

      O/T PS. How goes it with the twittersphere e-quivalent of shouting at the TV?

    43. Tasmanian says:

      So you’re a Secret Reverend!

    44. ianbrotherhood says:

      Trade Unionists for Independence public meeting on “Why workers need independence”Thursday 21st March7pmRenfield St Stephens Church Centre,¬†260 Bath St, GlasgowThe Trade Unionists for Independence (TUFI) campaign is hosting a public meeting where a panel of trade union activists will advocate that the STUC and individual trade unions should openly campaign for a YES vote in order to give the Scottish working class majority the opportunity to be permanently rid of unelected Westminster governments which assault workers’ pay, jobs, pensions and workplace rights.The panel of speakers include a young trade unionist, a civil servant who helped lead the strike of 250,000 workers today, and Kenny Logan, branch treasurer of the 4,000-strong Scotland no 2 branch of the Communication Workers Union, which recently voted to affiliate to TUFI.TUFI Steering Group member Richie Venton told us:” On the backs of another millionaires’ Budget, and the day after 30,000 Scottish civil service workers went on strike against the concerted assault on their pay, jobs, pensions and workplace rights, workers in every union need to look at what kind of Scotland we want after 2014.¬†“TUFI does not want more of the same wealth transfusion from the neediest to the greediest, from the millions to the millionaires, under a Westminster dictatorship with no mandate to rule and ruin Scotland.¬†“But neither do we advocate a YES vote so that nothing changes. We want a radical change in the balance of power and wealth in an independent Scotland – with repeal of the anti-union laws, a decent Living Wage guaranteed to all over 16, and taxation of big business and the rich to fund jobs, public services and immediate increases to the pensions and benefits of those unable to work.”The case for a Scotland where the working class majority has the opportunity to elect a government with the powers and political will to transform the lives of the millions, instead of feeding the profits of the millionaires, is rapidly gathering support.”Every new attack from George Osborne, Cameron and Clegg adds weight to the case for independence as a means of breaking the grip of the Westminster razor gang over our lives.”More info etc contact Richie Venton on¬†07828278093richieventon [at] hotmail [dot] com

    45. Big Al, Malcolm & MajorBloodnok – Thanks
      MrBFaeTheDee  РAlso thanks and I might well do.
      Morag – nice to have you listening, try some of the others!

    46. Morag says:

      Oh, I will Michael.¬† I can see it’s a taste that’s easy to acquire!

    47. mrbfaethedee says:

      @Ian Brotherhood
      Great to see something from the Trade Unions to shake up the grassroots left¬† – we can’t keep sleepwalking; talking left and facing right.
      Seen a few things now from TUFI, despite the oblious lack of any msm mention (just like Labour for Indy).
      Hope it’s well attended, and that it causes ripples through the Trade Unions.

    48. Morag – Great, do you know where to find them all?
      It’s like Richie said in a comment above – the beauty of podcasts is that you can leave them on while you are doing other stuff like driving or housework or sitting on the bus etc.
      That is how I got into listening to them.

    49. Quinie frae Angus says:

      I too listened to the podcast last night, Stu Рand like Morag, this was my very first podcast! Excellent quality of discussion. As an avid reader of this site I was aware of most of the issues being discussed, but it struck me that this is an excellent way of (potentially) reaching out to all those folk who are not buried in deep online debates. It really did sound like the sort of quality radio discussions that we are just not being served by Radio Scotland. 

    50. Ananurhing says:

      I played this podcast to my 15 year old daughter while she did her homework last night. Among her peers at school she’s in a minority of two pro independence supporters. Strangely enough they’re¬†both the¬†over acheivers in the group. She’s gone off to school today feeling re energised, and re armed in her convictions and arguments. I think she had started to doubt the wisdom of her old Dad on the subject, and it meant a great deal to hear some inspirational discussion and reinforcement¬†from people dedicated to the cause who obviously DO know what they’re talking about.
      So many thanks Stu and Micheal. The lesson is that this is the kind of rhetoric people of all ages need to hear. I hope someone has brought this to the attention of Blair Jenkins. A masterclass in how to engage people on the subject. Simply tell it as it is.

    51. douglas clark says:

      I made a donation yesterday. It was as much as I could manage. ūüôĀ

    52. Morag says:

      Michael – yes, I know where to find them.¬† It’s just that I like my radio to come out of the radio normally, and as my computer has pathetic internal speakers I have to go find an external speaker to plug in.¬† So I didn’t make the effort.
      I will now, though.

    53. Ananhuring – That’s very inspirational to hear.
      Quinie frae Angus – Thanks to you too, Stu’s was the 39th podcast we’ve done and there are always more coming.
      All here… (the first 5 are on that page – click “more episodes” and you can see them all)…

    54. ianbrotherhood says:

      Yes, it’s all encouraging.
      I’m not a trade union activist, but I know (via the SSP) people who are. It seems that general disgust at Scottish Labour is now impacting unions all across the country – union reps won’t be able to contain the anger indefinitely, and have abandoned any hope that the Better-Together/Bedroom Tax coalition can bring them anything bar embarrassment and further disquiet.
      Of course, from a selfish PoV, it’s all good – the SSP stands to benefit from this situation, as do other left-leaning parties. It’s become pretty obvious to all that Labour in Scotland is a cadaver, so we should hope that TUFI channels the real anger people are feeling, and avoids daft blunders (like organising a major strike on the same day as the Budget!).

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