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The unbroken record

Posted on June 24, 2016 by

If we’d seen this sooner, we’d have bet every penny we owned on Leave:


The game just changed, readers. We’ve been up all night. We’ll have some analysis for you in a few hours. For now, spend a few moments pondering who the “narrow nationalists” and “separatists” in the UK are.


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    1. 24 06 16 06:56

      The unbroken record | speymouth

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    1. aldo_macb says:

      Torn feelings. Disappointed that I’m not going to be an EU citizen but this has got to be a good opportunity for the Scottish independence movement.

    2. Lucifer says:

      dream Result bring on Indy Ref MK2 … Scotland will now leave the UK 🙂

    3. Kevin Evans says:

      Scottish tories already telling scots the can’t have indyref2 as Westminster won’t allow it.

    4. Brian McHugh says:

      The pound is tanking… Who are the UK going to have as a lender of last resort?

    5. We need to nurture allies for Scottish Independence in Europe. We need to resist the full blast of unfettered English Imperial Nationalism under Boris and Nigel without the protection of EU rights.

    6. Brad Millar says:

      dream result Scotland votes to stay with massive margin little Englanders and the taffs vote to leave …. Indy Ref Mk2 now all but guaranteed …. bring it on … the Union is almost over 🙂

    7. One_Scot says:

      Just got up, no idea yet what has happened.

    8. ClanDonald says:

      Right, folks, we’re back in business. Every one of you, get on to your local yes group or SNP branch and see if you can get your hands on a list of folk who identified as “don’t know” to the independence question during canvassing.

      Then make sure you get a copy of the wee black book to every single one of them.

    9. Brad Millar says:

      “Who are the UK going to have as a lender of last resort?”

      The Bank of Trumpton probably

    10. X_Sticks says:

      Sitting here in Athens and I can’t believe what I’m seeing.

      We now need to get out of this undemocratic Union tout suite. Get talks started immediately on independent Scottish membership to the EU.

      At least we can hold OUR heads high when we go out there today, and for that I thank you Scotland.

    11. Fact Checker says:

      Well I voted to leave because:
      1) I’m a non-resident overseas voter.
      2) Last registered in an English constituency.
      3) Material change for Indyref2.

      Would have preferred a slight remain win with Scotland tipping the scale, but we are where we are….calculated risk and tactical necessity I feel.

    12. One_Scot says:

      It’s funny but my brother phoned yesterday to ask how I was voting, and I told him it does not matter, the result will be whatever the right wing British establishment/Tories want.

    13. tartanfever says:

      London flooding, ‘Remain’ youngsters at Glastonbury stoned and forgetting to vote and no vote allowed to EU citizens who live here and pay taxes – it’s an incredible clusterf**k for Cameron and he surely has to go after possibly missing out on so many guaranteed ‘Remain’ votes.

      Begs the question, if the UK can deny EU tax paying citizens living in the UK a vote about the EU, what about the next Scottish referendum and English voters living here ?

      Oh, and will someone get in touch with Severin Carrell and tell him today is the anniversary of Bannockburn.

    14. Geoff Huijer says:

      This is an absolute disaster!

      We MUST get independence if there is to be any hope.

    15. One_Scot says:

      So let me get this right, I have had my EU citizenship taken away from me and my country has been dragged out of the EU against her will.

      Hmm, the English imposing their will on Scotland, that’s unusual.

    16. Alan Mackintosh says:

      Fucksake, Dimblebum just read out a tweet from Jakey Rowling…
      Just what we’ve been waiting for all night

      Allan Jarlsson

    17. Dr Jim says:

      Thank goodness the kids book writer has made a statement I feel so much better now

      Oh, she blames Cameron for everything and says Scotland will “SEEK” Independence now
      Does that mean we have to get somebody to chase a wee frizby thing about on a stick

    18. Helen Ross says:

      High time the sniper retired. He is the Mr Magoo of “thinkers”.

    19. One_Scot says:

      So let me get this straight, yesterday the Tories could only F’ck Scotland, but now they can really F’ck Scotland.

    20. Stoker says:

      We now need to make sure we don’t allow a false sense of confidence to set in. We need to start working on our own cause like never before and getting the message out there. And what better way to start, if you haven’t already done so, is to get those Wee Black Books out into circulation.

      As for the result itself, well, i can’t stop laughing. Having said that, lets not kid ourselves, just because Scotland overwhelmingly voted to remain does not guarantee us independence.

      There’s a lot of serious work to be done so lets get started.
      We’ve got the result we wanted now lets make it count.

      I’m off to my pit!

      The Clash – English Civil War

    21. Andrew McLean says:

      An open letter to the E.U. And England

      We in Scotland need your immediate assistance. We as citizens of the country of Scotland are having our national identity as Europeans oppressed by a country across our borders.

      England I respect your decision, it’s yours to make, but my national identity is not for you to decide.
      I am Scottish first European second, never English, good luck and Bon voyage!

      The United Kingdom formed in 1707 is over. It wasn’t a very nice song anyway.

      Scotland we have been given our country back.

    22. Inkall says:

      Need to get hold of my father and grandmothers birth and death certificates and get my Irish Citizenship sorted out ASAP just in case.

    23. Anagach says:

      Shit, shit, shit.

      Late night at work for Brexit cover, and now back in at 6am as the FX Rate tanks.

    24. One_Scot says:

      BBC news online,

      ‘Leave campaign Tories urge Cameron to stay PM’

      I was never convinced he was ever IN.

    25. Mick DIAMOND says:

      Ah well, im still a eu citizen with my irish passport. Thanks dad.

    26. geeo says:

      If only Cameron had listened to oor Nicola regarding yon Quad lock idea of hers…har har har….

      Ruthie will be raging.

      Kezia still for the union after this ?

      Who will ask this Question on our behalf ?

      Q. Scotland voted to remain in the European union by a huge margin, the ONLY way to remain in the EU is to Leave the Uk union.

      Do you accept that the will of the Scottish people is clearly to be independent to enable remaining in the EU ?

      If not, why not ?

    27. Mick DIAMOND says:

      Ah well, im still an eu citizen with my irish passport. Thanks dad.

    28. David Mills says:

      Let see no inward investment currency equivalent milk bottle tops how long before that vonted AA rating is no more

      Captain we afraid of being boarded
      Fire the Cannon at the decks let’s see them board us now!

    29. K1 says:

      I’ve the strongest feeling the Tories are going to try to create wriggle room with this vote just watched that fuck Liam Fox say a period of calm reflection is now needed, Dumblebum got a bit shirty wi him asking him about Cameron stating he would implement article 50 immediately, Fox seemed to imply that this would not be the case…and a rather snide remark about still paying the £350 billion a week that was on their battle bus…bit of a strange we exchange…

      I’ll have to stay up now to watch Cameron fuck over England like he did Scotland on the 19th September 2014…hmm…do they have a ‘freedom square’ set up so they can go riot in victory?

    30. Ken500 says:

      The Tories strike again.

      EU citizens did not get to vote. It should be declared null and void.

    31. K1 says:

      From Guardian feed:

      ‘Liam Fox, the Conservative former defence secretary, told the BBC it would be a mistake for David Cameron to invoke article 50 (the procedure that starts the two-year countdown to withdrawal) immediately. Cameron said he would do this immediately in the event of a Brexit vote during the campaign. But Fox said that that was a campaign promise that it would be best to ignore.’

    32. WP says:

      “If Scotland votes Yes you will be out of the EU”
      Well, we voted no, so what happened?

    33. carjamtic says:


      Small guillotine (for personal use only).



    34. Almannysbunnet says:

      Nigel Faradge says “this is a victory for ordinary people.” Ordinary people who voted out might be confused this morning to find that they haven’t actually left the EU. They might even get pissed off if they hear Liam Fox, a leading outer, say there is no rush to invoke article 50, which is the START if the leave negotiations. “We need a period of reflection maybe wait until the French and German elections are over before we invoke article 50”. Democracy in action?

      Meanwhile in the real world Scotland and N Ireland who voted to remain in the EU are dragged out. Different kind of democracy in action!

      Clear heads needed in Scotland to get our country out of this union.

      Quite ironic that traditional labour voters in England have voted for an ultra right wing out policy. Voter! What are they like.

      Anyone seen Ruthie the Scottish gnat slayer?

    35. One_Scot says:

      Is Scotland officially the shitest country in the world to live in right now.

    36. jimnarlene says:

      A picture paints a thousand words, right enough; fekin eejits.

    37. Petra says:

      It’s absolutely amazing to think that Boris, Nigel et al have achieved this coup without ever outlining how they are going to go forward. No manifesto, no policies, no figures, no statistics. No White Paper. Nought. Just the word of people like born again Jim Sillars. Just a load of verbal diarrhoea that has managed to dupe millions.

      Major problems envisaged now with regard to N Ireland and the border with Eire. What plans do the Brexiteers have lined up to deal with that?

      And then there’s Scotland, oil, Trident and so on. They should put that, Scotland out, to an rUK referendum and no doubt we’d win. Win because they’ve convinced the English numpties that we’re a financial liability.

      They’re also saying that Cameron thought he would win and is now at a secret location in a huddle with his cronies because he has no Plan B. Working on his Plan B now. Whit!

      Fox is on the BBC chuntering on about the UK having access to the EU single market. Beyond belief.

      McTernan? Not worth wasting your breath on. One of a long list of abject failures.

    38. Mike says:

      The reality is that while the Brexit result is certainly grounds for potentially calling another Scottish independence referendum, one needs to think very carefully if Scotland would actually opt for it in the immediate future.

      Personally, I don’t think so as not only have the previous economic arguments not been won in convincing prior NO voters but there are now new econonomic and political ramifications that need to now be considered.

      Scotland’s future path to independence is pretty complex and Brexit poses not an easy route forward but rather the opposite with a new set of obstacles to overcome.

      Perhaps the biggest question is, if indeed Scotland does leave the UK, what sort of EU would it be potentially trying to join now? Will the EU even exist a decade from now?

    39. ewen says:

      Irish passport due to residency for me if Scotland doesn’t stay in the EU.
      Being shackled to the likes of Farage and IDS, being linked to a xenophobic state is not for me.

    40. Macart says:

      Pound falling off a cliff.

      Is there a plan B? We should be told.

      The journey to the Dark Side is complete.

    41. Auld Rock says:

      Time to tell Westminster to get stuffed. Walk out of Westminster no bowing just turn their backs and come home. How soon before BMW Mine moves to Munich or Nissan to Czech Republic. My son who worked in London transferred to Dublin three weeks ago. England and especially London will suffer badly.

      Auld Rock

    42. Onwards says:

      What way to go now for the indy cause?
      A fast 2nd referendum or patience until the dust settles?

      I think this makes a second indyref inevitable, but it’s all about the timing.
      There is no easy answer, especially with the current deficit and the currency question.

      Most people in Scotland wanted to stay in the EU, but they weren’t all YES voters.

      Should a second campaign be about Europe or should it be about taking back control first, and then deciding on Europe again in another vote?

    43. Ken500 says:

      Leave back peddling. Nothing will change?

      The English have been sold a pig in a poke.

    44. Onwards says:

      Everything seems up in the air.

      Given the result, could Scotland have a claim to remain in the EU as a devolved nation, if not a nation state?

    45. Cadogan Enright says:

      Well, let’s hope that Yes folk realize that Nicola will have to play this carefully and in a measured manner.

      Or as they say in country areas here, will ye all stand back and let the dog see the rabbit.

    46. Richard MacKinnon says:

      The question “For now, spend a few moments pondering who the “narrow nationalists” and “separatists” in the UK are” is a good one, but it also throws up another question; what country in the UK had the balls to grab the chance of independence when offered to them?

    47. One_Scot says:

      I genuinely cannot see why Scotland would definitely not vote for Independence now, oh yeah, postal votes, sorry.

    48. Cadogan Enright says:

      Free travel area and free trade between Republic of Ireland and UK guaranteed by EBC only 20 minutes after Leave crosses the finish line.

      2 more insurmountable obstacles to Scottish Independnce disappear

    49. Jon in Chicago says:

      Here comes your second bite at the apple. Please, don’t fuck it up this time.

    50. Thepnr says:

      McTernan will have a he’ll of a hangover this morning. His beloved UK has let him down badly.
      He aught now to give up predicting but I hope he carries on. Divvy.

    51. Luigi says:

      Does anyone have the right, democratic or otherwise, to take my EU citizenship away from me, just because another country decided so? Surely EU citizenship comes with some legal protection?

    52. Andrew McLean says:

      My passport says Europe Union,, we all have to pay for a new one?

    53. One_Scot says:

      I had pencilled in 2021/22 for IndyRef2. Now needs to be 2018. June has a good record for upsets.

    54. Rongorongo says:

      Regretting your spurning of Nicola’s triple lock offer now David? Just a little perhaps?

    55. Juteman says:

      I wonder how the vote would have went if the EU vote was open to all the EU citizens living in the UK?

    56. Petra says:

      Anybody watching the BBC? (don’t send me to the naughty step, lol). Take a look at the Jeremy Vine floor map. Scotland now looks like an accordion. TOTALLY squashed; diminished in size.

    57. ewen says:

      The Scottish parliament should tell Westminster that it is the will of the Scottish people that we remain in Europe. We should start negotiations immediately.

    58. bugsbunny says:

      All council areas now in. Leave 17 410 742, Remain 16 141 241. Majority of 1 269 501 for Leave. Let’s leave the UK asap.

    59. Onwards says:

      Problem is that campaigning on a second referendum with a promise to stay in the EU is campaigning for two different issues at the same time. We also need votes from those who have Jim Sellers viewpoint.

      The bigger picture is democracy itself. That the people of Scotland should be in control of our own future, or have it determined by the people of England.
      This is one of the most striking examples yet of our inability to determine our own future as a nation. Whether we want to be in Europe or not.

      A second referendum should simply follow the same successful tactics of the Brexit campaign. Taking back control.

    60. sinky says:

      Incompetence by Tories not allowing EU citizens who pay UK taxes a vote in referendum

    61. Thepnr says:

      I’ll do a McTernan and make a prediction.

      The people of Scotland will not believe a word uttered by the lying establishment and media lapdogs in the next battle.

      Oh look! The Emporer has no clothes!

    62. Richardinho says:

      ‘I wonder how the vote would have went if the EU vote was open to all the EU citizens living in the UK?’

      Ask yourself rather how EU citizens would likely vote in the next indy ref.

    63. John H. says:

      Listening to the outers on tv this morning, it’s obvious that they are as shocked as we are. They haven’t a clue as to where we go from here. I want Scottish independence as much as anyone, but not this way. Dangerous times ahead.

    64. Nation Libre says:

      Come on now Scotland, time to grow a pair

      Very interesting times

    65. arthur thomson says:

      The right results in both Scotland and England in my opinion. Very different needs and points of view.

      The Scottish Government have a task on their hands but I have every confidence in their ability to take the right decisions.

      For the first time in 300 years Scotland has clear identifiable leadership by people whose first interest is Scotland.

      Those who care about Scotland will do anything and everything they can to support the Scottish Government.

    66. Onwards says:

      Rongorongo says:
      24 June, 2016 at 6:59 am
      >Regretting your spurning of Nicola’s triple lock offer now David? Just a little perhaps

      That’s arrogance for you.
      He thought he could keep a lid on English nationalism.

      And this all shows the tabloids still have a lot of power.
      Rupert Murdoch will be enjoying his revenge.

    67. One_Scot says:

      Seriously, I think Nicola Sturgeon and Patrick Harvie should have a little chat this morning.

      Given not one council in the whole of Scotland voted to leave, no one could legitimately say that they don’t have a mandate to bring forward IndyRef2.

    68. Ken500 says:

      Leave are panicking. They want nothing to change. They want to stay.

      What a joke. Hilarious

    69. Effijy says:

      Scotland and England are two different countries, 2 Kingdoms with their own sovereignty.

      Their peoples have made a clear and conscious decision to
      remain or leave the EU.

      The will of the people of these two Nations must be honoured.
      There should still be goodwill from each to wish the other well in their differing roads ahead, and agree to trade
      and exchange as friends as opportunities arise.

      I never wanted to be bullied by Westminster Right Wing Politicians, and now that England demands a move further to the right, with Boris and Nigel leading THEM into an inevitable 3rd round of Austerity cuts, I refuse to be governed by these people.

      I need politicians who have lived as I live.
      Who know the dire consequences of not having gainful employment, a good roof over your head, and an infrastructure to support your needs as you progress through life.

      Boris the Tory Toff, with royal ancestry and as privileged a life as you can get from day one, has a better grasp of life in ancient Rome as he does of the challenges facing ordinary families in Scotland.

      Nigel is Mr Little Englander and considers himself to be superior to Johnny Foreigner, while I want to stand as an equal with every other nation while enjoying cultural exchanges and shared responsibility for the environment and the global economy.

      I, and I consider the vast majority of Scots, are not compatible with these people, and we cannot be dragged
      over to live by their rules while ignoring our own priorities.

      I ask for other thoughts regarding Indy Ref 2.
      Is this latest EU result providing us with enough momentum to free ourselves from these shackles, or do we plan it for an agreed date 2 years down the line?

      I do think that Westminster will be in deep turmoil for the next 2 years at least. Will this and the yet deeper austerity cuts provide an even greater momentum to free our Nation from these shackles?

    70. Roland Smith says:

      Time for patience. At least two years until we leave. We need to have coherent positions on the currency etc. before we even consider another referendum. More importantly we need opinion polls showing we clearly will win.
      What will be interesting is whether any of the project fear on steroids claims come to fruition. If they don’t then that approach will be unlikely to work again in Scotland.
      So as an SNP member I will certainly not be agitating for a rushed referendum.

    71. Onwards says:

      I wonder if the UK could get another referendum to verify a Norway style deal?
      Remember Ireland had multiple votes a few years ago.

      If voters in England realize they need to keep freedom of movement to retain access to the single market then many might think twice.
      I can’t see the EU offering special treatment or the entire EU could fall apart.

    72. Petra says:

      Well it’ll be interesting to see what’s going to happen in Holyrood now. When Nicola stands up and states that Brexit is now impacting on Scotland in such a (whatever) negative way will wee Willie, Mooth and Dugdale do their usual, try to undermine her, call her a liar? Are they going to carry on point scoring or act like responsible adults who are employed to serve the public? This is basically their last chance to show who comes first …. Westminster or Scotland.

      And the Scottish meeja. What kind of stance are they going to take now? Will they continue to lie to the Scots, to our great, even greater, detriment, or are they going to wisen up and start telling the Truth?

    73. gus1940 says:

      What everybody including all the pundits on TV seem to have forgotten is the fact that legally the Referendum is only an Advisory one.

      Given that it is generally accepted that the majority of MPs support Remain and any government moves to leave The EU would have to be approved by a vote in Parliament could result in things getting even more interesting than they seem to be this morning.

    74. Craig P says:

      Well that’s my hardcore Brit nat family all resigned to the assumption that Scotland is going to be independent.

      So it’s not all bad news today.

    75. Liz Rannoch says:

      Morning peeps! Wowser as they say somewhere. What the hell has just happened?

      England has it’s independence day. No proper policies, manifestos or even a white paper. How the hell did they pull that off, when we couldn’t? Sorry forgot – the media.

      Be ready for a whole load of shit coming our way. However, let them bitch and bicker, Nicola should quietly do what she does best and we should gird our loins or whatever and be ready with the arguments and the persuasion.
      Sorting out the postal votes is a must, permanent residence, no holiday homes. Include EU people and 16+.
      Softly, softly catchy monkey.
      We must be ready.

    76. arthur thomson says:

      @ Effijy

      I anticipate a change away from austerity as a policy as a result of this vote, not greater austerity. Time will tell.

    77. K1 says:

      Farage is pontificating demanding a ‘Brexit Government’ and wants this date to be called ‘Independence day’ and made into a national holiday.

    78. John says:

      No indyref2 at the moment please , we are not ready for it .Lets see what transpires in the two years it will take us to be free of the EU . We can then go full guns for Independence .Nicola Sturgeon does not want an indyref2 at the moment she wants to be sure she will win the next time and the people of Scotland are not up to another referendum at the moment .

    79. Nation Libre says:

      Re IndyRef2, one thing to bear in mind is that most non Scot Europeans probably NO in the last IndyRef. You would imagine most of them would switch

      You also have the soundbites from the last IndyRef and in the EuroRef of the huge benefits of being in Euro, how can all those Unionists now argue against it in the event of IndyRef2

      Also, more media and business communities would be on side

      Bring it on

    80. Ken500 says:

      Unelected Farague holding court.

      The Tories have mucked up again. The Tory Queen will be purring.

    81. Brian McHugh says:

      Anyone know how I can get in contact with José Manuel Barroso? E-mail, phone number? 🙂

    82. yesindyref2 says:

      Well, I think we wait and see what the EU does about it, because it’s in deep doo-doo.

      Think iScotland ==> ruK, compared to iUK ==> rEU.

    83. ScottieDog says:

      I agree. Lots of water to flow under the crumbling bridge of the UK before we should make that move.
      I’m pretty shocked but we need to keep the heed.
      I can see the next couple of years as a constitutional and political chaotic nightmare but the longer it goes on the better it is for Indy.

      For all that, let’s not turn our heads away from some of the great ideas that have come out in the post indyref period. Let’s keep building to show the disparity not just in politics but in ideas between us and the rest of the UK.

      I foresee perhaps the end of Barnett and that will require innovation on the part of the Scottish govt. there are plenty of ideas out there on how to do that.

      Lastly indyref 2 needs to be fought on ‘ONOC’ – One Nation One Currency.

    84. Robert Louis says:

      David Cameron today has a ‘triple whammy’ facing him. Firstly, he has lost the argument on the EU in his own country, England. Secondly, it is extremely clear that Scots do NOT want to leav the EU (63% IN vs.38% OUT). Thirdly, and most importantly, N.Ireland has made it clear they do not want to leave the EU, and on that issue, he has the biggest problem.

      How long before people in N.Ireland realise that sectarian history aside, the best future for N.Ireland is NOT tied to ‘mother England’, but with its geographic neaihbour, and successful EU member, Ireland.

      Meanwhile, here in Scotland, The Scottish Government has an irrefutable mandate to lead Scotland out of the English union, to remain within the beneficial European union. At the recent Scottish parliamentary elections, it was detailed over and over again, that another independence referendum for Scotland would require a material change of circumstances, and Scotland being dragged out of the EU against its wishes would be one such change.

      This is where we are now. The little englanders will be left with England and possibly Wales only, all on their own outside the EU. The little Englanders will have won it all, and lost it all, within one night. ‘Rule Britannia’ indeed.

    85. Haggishunter says:

      Currently shitting myself, as I have a huge fear of what Westminster can now do to Scotland without EU protection

    86. Roland Smith says:

      Sneak preview of David Camerons speech when he comes out if of the door of number 10.

    87. Charles Edward says:

      Does this mean Boris for PM?
      David Cameron had intended to stand down at some stage soon anyway.
      Does Engerlund genuinely have an opportunity to emulate Switzerland. If this is its ambition they may as well build a wall around London like the old days.
      The voices of The English have spoken and we are obliged to nod and follow.
      When I say the English I refer to the evidently convincing arguments put forward by Farage IDS and the outers.

    88. david anderson says:

      Just up and seen the result. As someone who is a real supporter of the EU social aspect I am dissapointed as there will be ramifications throughout the EU with the far-right parties already demanding their own referendums etc and it is never a good thing to strengthen their positions.

      The downside to the EU was one I have worried about since studying for an EU politics degree in 2000 and that was the financial (see Greece) and accountability (lobbying) side of things, my fears have been realised. The other aspect was free movement, it was always going to be the case that our Governments, both Labour and Tories were ill-prepared or unwilling to plan for that, the cutting of services and the pushing down of wages was always going to cause problems for the working class and therefofre they have reacted. You can’t lose out if you have nothing to lose goes the thinking I believe.

      As an Indy supporter I hope this pushes us forward towards our goal, the Boris/Farage led group will no doubt be bad for Scotland and I hope the electorate sense that and vote accordingly should we have another ref quickly. I also hope the political and financial fallout is limited for that will prove the fearmongering during the Indyref was just that and also because I don’t want people to suffer.

      We watch and wait.

    89. david anderson says:

      Oh and the continuingly amazing ‘seer’ John Mcternan is absolutely hilarious, what a complete and utter moron that man is and it is indicative of the state of our media that he gets airtime to make a constant fool of himself. Thankfully he has again done that and hopefully like Stu has highlighted all the rest will be shown for what they are in relation to their outpourings before, during and after the Indyref in Scotland. Bunch of belters.

    90. Breeks says:

      If we address the issue of broadcasting, which has now delivered two victories for fearful propaganda over rational objective substance, then we should be confident of victory and an independent Scotland.
      If however we yet again let this rancid media dictate the agenda, manipulate the debate, and do not contest the bias, then they will lose again and this time be broken.

      I feel doubly horrid inside this morning. First for the toe curling shame I feel about Brexit, but second, I cannot support an Indyref 2 campaign which does not first and foremost contest the power of this media bias. To do otherwise is sheer folly, and such a campaign is already forlorn, doomed and stillborn. On our way outside of European protection, and facing another insipid campaign which effectively signs its own death warrant leaves me with only despair for company.

      But inside Europe, directly asking our European friends to help us overcome this poisonous propaganda assaulting Scotland’s democratic process… Well, at least some hope remains.

      Please Europe, do not turn your back on us. A positive and constructive debate in Scotland WILL bring forward a reborn democratic European Nation, confident and assured in its Independence and it’s rightful place amongst friends in Europe. But Europe, European MP’s, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Holland, all of you, we need your help to see that positive and constructive debate is kept safe, permitted to happen, and happen free from the hostile subversion which wrecked the process in 2014.

      Like any little country which faces a hostile invader and invites a powerful neighbour to occupy its territory, please, send Scotland your journalists to occupy our airwaves and defend both our Scotland and your European frontier.

      Scotland needs you, and needs you now.

    91. Truth says:

      Definitely coming round to the idea of Scotland just UDIing it myself.

    92. Cadogan Enright says:

      Watch carefully how they rapidly resolve all issues around trade, travel and boarders with Ireland.

      From “Ireland is the UK’s fifth largest export market and imports more from the UK than any other country. The UK accounts for 30% of imports into Ireland. In 2014, exports of goods and services from the UK to Ireland totalled £27.86 billion.”

      Then, copy the model.

      Hopefully the Scottish Government will have a clear and simple message on the currency – and that’s that.

    93. MajorBloodnok says:

      So, it turns out that it was no coincidence that the referendum to decide our fate was on 23/24 June, the anniversary of Bannockburn.

      And after all the lies they told us before #indyref this is the biggest one, that an independence vote was a vote to leave the EU.

      However, I am optimistic now that Scotland will have another shot at indepdendence, and far sooner than anticipated. I can tell you that a number of my Unionist friends are utterly aghast at what they suddently realise England actually is and what it has done to us now. This can only have consequence for their support for the Union.

    94. ScottieDog says:

      It’s rather interesting and frightening neoliberalism is going to be replaced with neoliberalism plus.
      Then what are all the brexiterati going to blame that on?

    95. gordoz says:

      Sad thing is going to form EU will sit on their hands regarding Scotlands predicament – one positive statement from them would be the real Game changer.

      Of that I have no doubt – but they wont even when they can (sadly)

      This is when u find out who your friends are !

    96. arthur thomson says:

      The establishment is in turmoil this morning.

      Hell mend them.

      Their hold on the Scottish people has been seriously and permanently weakened.

      Their clumsy attempts to reinstate their power, in the months ahead, will further undermine their grip.

      A good day for democracy so far.

    97. The Isolator says:

      Well that was a turn up for the books…The cynic in me says this was Tory win win and The Pig Funker is purring inside but I’m thinking they also thought /hoped we would vote leave in the end.Norn Ireland is a real hangover headache for him and what now?Boris and Nige don’t want him to leave the government..stay and steady the ship old boy full rudder to Starboard.

      FFS England what have you done??

    98. stewartb says:

      On the Scottish Labour website, these are notable quotes from Kezia Dugdale’s speech made on 16th June at a cross-party rally in support of a Remain vote in the EU referendum:

      “I’m proudly, passionately pro-European.”

      “Your vote, your individual vote, can make the difference between remaining part of a union that is essential for jobs, economic growth and the funding of public services, or your vote could be the one that sees us cast off alone in the world.”

      “On behalf of my generation I plea to older voters, please do not limit the future of the next generation.”

      And let’s place these remarks also in the context of the Labour Party posters placed outside polling stations yesterday: “Labour IN for Scotland”. Notably, not just “Labour IN” or “Labour IN for the UK” but IN for Scotland!

      So after a clear majority of the Scottish electorate supported the “IN for Scotland” plea, what is the North British branch of Labour and its MSPs now going to do for those voters that followed Labour’s advice and did vote IN for Scotland?

    99. gordoz says:

      Turning into a massive poker game for Scots
      Proudscotbut types out on a limb by the day
      Calm enticement where possible is rq’d from all of us

    100. Training Day says:

      I expected jubilation on here this morning.

      Instead, far too much timidity and fearfulness. I understand the crucial nature of the timing of indyref 2, but come on – this is a godsend and we have to take advantage sooner rather than later.

      If we wait for the perfect circumstances they will never appear. We go when we can win – oh, say 52-48, that seems to be a legitimate mandate. No, Britnats?

    101. Bill Hume says:

      I wonder if our orange tinted,Fascist salute,Union Jack waving Scots will be holding a victory celebration in Independence Square today.

    102. John J. says:

      I don’t mind admitting that I’m in despair, the future looks really bleak. English Nationalism has triumphed and they’ve blamed 8 years of Tory austerity on Europe.

      I foresee 4 years of Boris cloud cuckoo land government with inevitable economic consequences. Tanks on Glasgow Green before 2020.

      This is bad timing for Scotland because I’m not sure everyone has the stomach or an Indyref after this débacle.

      Maybe when reality bites that will change, I bloody hope so!

    103. galamcennalath says:

      So how do we convert enough NOs to YESs to win IndyRef2?

      I suspect WM, the Brexiteers, and the impact of their actions will play a big part in the conversion!

      When the Bank of England increases interest rates and mortgages go up, when that foreign holiday suddenly costs a lot more, when imported food, electronics, clothes cost more, etc etc the true cost of being attached to fanatically nationalist England will become all to obvious.

      I find myself in a strangely buoyant ‘bring it on’ mood this morning!

    104. Ken500 says:

      Cameron resigns. Greeting. Good riddance

      The Tories in bits

    105. Nation Libre says:

      I’m with Training Day, look at the position we’re starting from compared to the last time. Let’s stop being too timid

      Also, can we also stop going along with the Unionists that the next IndyRef could be the last

      The people of Scotland can have one any effin time they want one. If it’s in the SNP manifesto and they get elected on that manifesto, then they can have an IndyRef every 5 years if they want

      Are we going to wait until something goes against us (a la RBS crash). Is England going to put up much of a fight to keep us? Strike while the iron is hot

    106. Col says:

      Indy ref 2 campaign starts today everyone. I fully expect large scale protests outside the BBC in Scotland quite soon as they will be ramping up the propaganda now.
      We need to do what we should have done during the first referendum and take them down with a large campaign to completely discredit them by pointing out their agenda and possibly have a campaign of non payment.
      I’m actually shocked this morning. Didn’t expect the result we got but what the rich elite wanted.

    107. Red Squirrel says:

      Has the MSM influence finally abated? Scotland voted overwhelmingly for EU despite projectfear2.

      Dare I hope it’s a new reality for all the no voters out there?

      Come on in, you’ll like the place & you’ll be made very welcome.

    108. Macart says:

      I see Camo’s stepped down.

    109. Macart says:

      Looks to be by October and the Tory conference. Popcorn oot for that wan.

    110. Cal says:

      Every part of Scotland voted Remain. That is significant. The areas with the strongest vote for remain also had the biggest No vote in 2014 (Edinburgh , East Renfrewshire…). That is very significant. A fair number of right wingers and well off people will now support independence in Europe.

      Brussels will now be speaking to Edinburgh. They will wish to punish r.UK for leaving to discourage any other states from following suit. At the same time they will seek to woo Scotland to encourage HER to stay in.

      We will have the middle classes on our side in indyref 2. As always, they will follow the money. Once the middle classes/movers and shakers decide to do something it generally happens.

      We are are almost there. We are coming of age.

      There is much to look forward to.

    111. Famous15 says:

      The same nutters who voted to take England (sic) out of the EU think Scotland is a millstone round their neck. They will not only want shot of Scotland they will assist our going.

      We need to be cautious with English Nationalism as it is not the same as Scottish civic nationalism which is much more internationalist. Play them so they help us fulfil OUR dream!

      Hail Caesar!!

    112. Paula Rose says:

      If only John Mcternan had predicted a Leave victory…

    113. mogabee says:

      I’m proud of Scotland today, though my 15yr old is in shock. So many thoughts running about in my head of where we go from here.

      Wherever it is, I trust Nicola Sturgeon to get us there!

    114. mealer says:

      Who will lead No in Indyref2? Ruth the mooth? There’s no Labour Party left to do the dirty work.

    115. MajorBloodnok says:

      An interesting contrast with Scotland is that when England was given its own referendum the English voted for Independence.

      And I have no doubt that we will get that change again soon.

    116. Tinto Chiel says:

      “Sorting out the postal votes is a must, permanent residence, no holiday homes. Include EU people and 16+.
      Softly, softly catchy monkey.
      We must be ready.”

      Must agree with Liz R. These measures by themselves would make a Yes vote very likely were they to be applied tomorrow.

      The FM will watch it all fall apart over the next two years and then wait for the most opportune time to press the button. This will allow her time to negotiate with the EU for our seamless appearance as the successor state to the UK in the event of a successful Indyref2.

      The people of England have given the wrong guy a kicking. It’s Westminster which makes their lives so bleak. I fear they will regret it deeply but it’s too late now.

      We have a chance and must take it at the right time.

      We’re all going to get a kicking from the rabid Toryboys and more and more No voters will finally realise the mistake they made in 2014.

    117. dakk says:

      Ffs we really are all British now.

      I didn’t see this coming.Wrong again.

      I will have to give up this politics thing.

      Even worse,had flood in shop premises and just been told grossly underinsured,so going to lose serious money.

      Feel like checking out right now.

      Only thing I can think to cheer me up is maybe it increases our chances of Indy,but I’m all over the place 🙁

    118. DerekM says:

      Dear England remember that act of union we signed up to well you just ripped it up,thank you ever so much and bye bye.

      Oh and the oil belongs to us and you can keep your pound since it is soon to be worthless.

      I declare independence i no longer recognise the people you elect us running the UK and i refuse to have my EU membership removed by another countries vote.

      So when can we take over the EU membership chop chop you SNP guys get the head yins telt.

    119. Ken500 says:

      All it needs is a GE and the Tories to lose.

    120. Papadox says:

      Aye BETTER THE GITHER ….. with who? ENGERLAND will shelter poor wee Scotland under its big strong wings, as it disembowels us. We are safer in GREATER ENGERLAND, they will protects us and ensure we are members of the EU.
      Where’s the f—ing yoons now? We have one of the lowest pensions in Europe I’m sure Westminster will not want to loose that accolade. The only way to ensure we are in Europe is to sign up with Engerland, so the liars told us.

    121. Dal Riata says:

      And so, from the Far East, and now that the news is in, it sure is a funny wee world!

      My proxy-vote-helper (also a Remain-er) is now in no-it-can’t-be!shock mode!

      I’ve already reminded them about how their No vote in IndyRef1 was going to keep their EU status sound as a pound [snigger], and how’s that worked out then, eh?! And they’ll be reminded constantly until IndyRef2 is upon us!

    122. One_Scot says:

      Looks like I’ve picked the wrong morning to fit my ‘Premiere Spindles & Rollers’ to the garage door.

    123. Famous15 says:

      I never thought that Scotland would be independent so soon!

    124. sensibledave says:

      …. Hmmm, the people of England and Wales appear not to be afraid of Project Fear! The people of England and Wales have told the establishment, the bankers, the economists, the politicians, the Governor of the Bank of England, The Prime Minister, Jeremy Corbyn, Tim Farron, Nicola Sturgeon, Ruth Davidson, Kazia Dugdale, Leanne Wood …. and Eddie Izzard …. that they prefer an alternative way forward.

      Cameron falls on his sword.

      Interesting times indeed.

    125. Kevin Evans says:

      I remember John swinney getting grilled and abused by some no voter about his pension pot losing £6000. I wonder what his pension pot is at now. I hope it’s close to zero.

      This is the wake up call soft no’ers needed. Now it’s time for Nicola to shine and unify Scotland to steady our life raft and show the no’ers the path.

      This is a great result for indyref2 but God the uk is so screwed.

      Farage is going to be hunted down and hung from Big Ben once leavers in englandshire start to feel the pinch in the pockets. He’ll mend them.

    126. One_Scot says:

      Just read Nic will be making a statement about the EU ref this morning. Let’s kick some ass.

    127. Juteman says:

      The No voters will be delighted when their expensive mortgages go up shortly.

    128. gordoz says:

      Can anyone post the classic Bill Paxton soundbite from Aliens? Just to inject a wee bit humour?

      Seems so appropriate for the likes of McTiernan types

    129. yesindyref2 says:

      Good stuff, back to my glass half full self again.

      So yeah, Cameron stays on to steady the ship and get stability, he needs to. The Pound steadies at about 1.27 euros, and perhaps 1.45 dollars. Good for exports, and not too bad for imports. The EU will have a meeting, I’d call it an emergency summit, and with any luck it will lead to many of the reforms it very badly needs, otherwise it goes down the tubes.

      The EU realises it’s really not in its interest to “punish” the UK in its negotiations after the Article 50 is triggered, as that amounts to self-flagellation (??) and the EU going the way of the dodo.

      And Scotland gets Indy Ref 2, and remains a member of an improved EU (renamed the EEC), more competitive, less restrictive and bureaucratic, an awakened and invigorated EU which gets back to its core purpose – trade. rUK companies get the “best of both worlds”, by setting up the EU operation in Scotland to trade with the EU, while enjoying the rUK’s freedom of action to trade with the rest of the world from within its own borders. The A1 gets upgraded at last, and the rUK Government pay for HS5 all the way to Edinburgh and Glasgow. It needs it. Edinburgh and Glasgow airports become the EU hub airports for flights from the rUK (well, maybe not).

      We all live happily ever after, and enjoy a dram or two. Good stuff indeed.

    130. Macart says:

      We may need to tip an extra chapter into the WBB.

      Recall the orders! 🙂

    131. mike cassidy says:

      Our exit from the EU means that the EU Scotland voted to remain in no longer exists –

      and will be even more different by the time any indyref2 takes place.

      So we cannot presume that any indyref2 can have ‘EU membership regained’ as part of its core campaign.

      Events, dear boy, events.

      And no doubt Farage will continue to draw his EU salary for a couple of years yet.

      Well, if he resigned, he would be deemed to have made himself unemployed, and not be entitled to any benefits!

      As for McTernan –

    132. Breeks says:

      Well, I can join the dots now how Ruth Davidson gets to PM; the post is now so toxic and knocked by so many barge poles that a fool is needed to rush in.

      Still shell shocked. Seeing tweets about AAA rating up in smoke, which is £350million a week more interest for the UK, Putin is delighted by the turmoil unfolding in Europe, Britain set to lose colonies, share prices and currency tumbling. Epic stupidly seems to set the tone of what I’m seeing. Spain is already proposing shared sovereignty over Gibraltar… I’ve not even had my breakfast yet…

      Know what? I’ve got that Friday feeling. Let’s just quietly slip away early, head somewhere nice for the weekend, and plan a quiet but firm UDI for Sunday, after lunch. The way this shitstorm in unfolding, I really don’t think anybody is going to notice or care what we do. We seem to be in for the rough and turbulent ride whatever we do, so why not invite Craig Murray and Nicola Sturgeon to Sunday lunch? Doing anything Sunday Nicola? Craig? Roast beef is on the menu,…a bit well done.

    133. One_Scot says:

      I think it is pretty safe to say that if Scotland does not win IndyRef2, then there would have to be grave concerns over foul play.

    134. ahundredthidiot says:

      I have always been a good loser.

      Today I am a happy one.

      Let’s get our skates on.

    135. Papko says:

      If Scotland is in Eu and England is not , then there will be a border between us.

      If Scotland gets more out of EU than we put in, why will the EU be keen to keep Scotland ?
      As “payers in” are thin on the ground, and one of the biggest payers , has left .

      Money will be tight in the EU.

      Especially if other countries feel tempted to follow UK.

      Unless off course the EU sorts “something out”, in which case you will be out of the EU, but you wont actually know it.

    136. Cadogan Enright says:

      9.08 @sensibledave

      You can’t be that sensible if you did not notice the difference in the way the the foreign capitalist controlled mass-media supported leave – and how these same papers opposed Yes

      And people are less politically aware in England and less able to go against the xenophobic press

    137. Dal Riata says:

      As for my Med-beach-in-summer, Alps-skiing-in-winter, Union Jack-waving-Rangers-hardcore, well-off, selfish middle-class relatives who relished the IndyRef1 No result, well…. enjoy having to apply for visas, queueing in the non-EU passport-holders lines, not being able to pass EU borders at will, and lots of other goodies you have taken for granted.

      But then again, as proudScotbuts, when you do eventually work your way through the red tape before, and queue hassles later on after getting your visa for your next skiing holiday, you can hold your heads up high, surely, because your solid IndyRef1 No votes helped to make it all happen – well done you! Well worth it, eh!

    138. mike cassidy says:

      Forget the Hollywood blockbusters.

      This is fun.

      Michael(remain)Fallon desparately trying to disown some of Project Fear’s main threats like war in Europe.

      Popcorn heaven!

    139. galamcennalath says:

      mealer says:

      “Who will lead No in Indyref2? Ruth the mooth?”

      Indeed. Ideally BT2 will be a primarily Tory fronted affair, then it would certainly be doomed to failure!

      Let’s hope there aren’t many LibDems and Lab who are still willing to take a strong pro-Union stance.

    140. Ghillie says:

      Perhaps ‘The City’ will declare UDI to save it’s sorry ass from the mess England is in now.

      I do feel for the people of England. I do not think they have any idea what they have just done.

      What a night.

      Well done Scotland. So very very proud of you = )

      And now I wait with patience for Nicola and Alex to map the way. For they will most certainly have a plan.

    141. Andrew McLean says:

      How is your pension this morning David?
      Anyway 4% of a difference is too small, so we now have the same democratic problem in England that we have in Scotland or do we ignore the wishes of over 16 million people?
      I see trouble ahead in England so I wouldn’t gloat David, this debacle has already unhinged some, and resulted in the murder of on MP, talking about unhinged has Ruth Davidson been reported to Police Scotland yet for her threats of violence against Scots?

    142. Breeks says:

      Dakk @ 8:57

      Hang in there. I hear ya.

      You in Scotland? Straight away get onto your Council and apply for a Flood Grant. It’s £1,500 quid straight up, but £4,500 if your damage warrants it. It’s probably not much judging from your circumstances, but it’s there.

      Word of warning, I applied in February and I’m still waiting for payment and my SNP MP doesn’t give a shit about speeding things along, but the theory goes there is help available…

      Worth a try anyway.

    143. Dan Huil says:

      Has McTernan ever got something right? Only the bbc seems to think so.

    144. dandy dons 1903 says:

      Time to go and let englandshire sink into the abyss where it and its clowns belong. UDI is even starting to sound more and more appealing.

    145. Andrew McLean says:

      anyone tried to buy currency this morning i have tried everywhere but all on line shops have closed, post office, Tesco, Thomas cook, everywhere?

    146. Iain Ross says:

      “Let’s hope there aren’t many LibDems and Lab who are still willing to take a strong pro-Union stance.”

      You would be surprised, Unionist to the core, the product of 300 years of cringe.

    147. Dan Huil says:

      A massive step in the disintegration of the so-called united kingdom. Great stuff.

    148. Mick DIAMOND says:

      I see the goebbels propaganda ebc at it again” the ‘uk’ votes to leave.

    149. Proud Cybernat says:

      Okay–but can I still use the pound?


    150. Robert Peffers says:

      @Cal says: 24 June, 2016 at 8:45 am:

      ” … As always, they will follow the money. Once the middle classes/movers and shakers decide to do something it generally happens.”

      And there, Cal, is the one very true statement of the whole thing. This should have been apparent well before a single vote was ever cast. That statement is “Follow the Money”.

      Yesterday the shakers & movers were on overtime when they thought they had engineered the perfect conditions to make a killing on the markets.

      The pound soared high against all other World trading currencies and the footsie shot through the roof with their expected inflow of wealth.

      Hours later we see the shares index drop like a stone and the value of the pound plunge to its lowest values since the 1980s.

      What, though, has been the immediate reactions that tell us it has all been a great miscalculation and a grave mistake?

      The Prime Minister has lost his gamble and is going, no doubt to a £300 per day HOL retirement home. The only retirement home in the UK where the home pays the inmates for membership.

      Then the BofE announces, after emergency panic meetings, they have been ready for the mistake made by the people of England failing to do what they were told to do.

      The BofE first move was to print off a large chunk of pounds to shore up the pound. That is they will have Printed money not backed by anything and just another way to say inflation is out of hand and an instant jump in the national debt is to begin … again.

      Then we get the news item that several leading EU nations are now demanding they also get the option to hold an exit referendum as they too are getting ready to end the EU forever.

      So it looks like the end of the UK and the eradication of the EU, “It’s an exit, Jim, but not as we know it”.

    151. That England voted to leave the EU doesn’t come as a surprise,that Wales did so is.

      Nor is it unexpected to see Cameron going, how could he have stayed to negotiate a Brexit deal with Europe and how long can Corbyn survive as leader of the Labour party.


    152. sensibledave says:

      yesindyref2 9.13
      Papko 9.23
      Mike Cassidy 9.15

      Interesting comments gentlemen. At least some people have got their brain cells working this morning.

    153. Bob Mack says:

      Much thought this morning . London is very angry about the result. The money centre of the UK. If Nicola feels the time is right for indy ref2 and we were successful ,I can envisage many companies transferring North to an independent Scotland. That is significant revenue.

      it is obvious English nationalism is on the rise.It is not civic like our own .,but is based on exclusion rather than inclusion. It is about past glories and conquest.We are better than you mentality

      If Nicola seizes the moment I can see major opportunities for our country.This is no time for feint hearts. For my part I am ready to do it all again tomorrow.

    154. Robert Kerr says:

      Scottish Greens petition site back on after crash. Overload?


    155. One_Scot says:

      I could be wrong but I think Nicola Sturgeons followers on twitter have jumped 2-3000 just this morning.

    156. Greannach says:

      Is Jakey purring down the phone yet? Oh no, that was the other mega-rich wifie.

    157. stewart fae stoney says:

      another better together lie ” vote no to stay in the EU” that is another belter for the wee black book Rev

    158. Balaaargh says:

      @Proud Cybernat

      It’s better than that – you can ONLY use the pound! No bugger else wants it this morning!

    159. Dan Huil says:

      Westminster and its unionist cronies assured us that only by voting No would Scotland safeguard its membership of the EU. Another lie to add to a long long list of Westminster lies.

    160. woosie says:

      With chatter now turning to indyref2, lets make sure that historic no voters are reminded of the footage of Bojo and Fraj travelling round Engerland preaching to people waving Engerland flags, and banners saying ” Lets take our country back “.

      Engerland is the uk. We are nothing.

    161. John Edgar says:

      Three yoon MPs at Westminster; yoon parties at the bottom of the heap at Holyrood; Yoon party “leaders” all supported Remain, yet the country their head offices are based has voted Leave; a majority of MSPs for independence and all areas in Scotland voted Remain!! No UKIP MSPs or MPs from Scotland and the UKIP MEP is now history!!
      The democratic deficit for Scotland in the UK and the EU has been emphasised even more.
      We need Indyref2. Where does the Labour rump in Scotland go now? Kezia Dugdale should really be shouting UK Labour-BAAAD!! Its heartlands in the north dahn sath have been ukipped!! I suppose they are waiting for orders from Dahn sath from Corbyn. But is he about to be challenged? And the Lib Dem leader dahn sath, does he expect the same fate?
      Cameron has gone.
      The UK-Westminsterite establishment has been gubbed by the English-Welsh voter; time for Scots nd the Northern Irish to go.
      In the year of the Windsorian-Balmoral “celebrations” what a constitutional crisis for the Queen at 90. England cast adrift from the world; who are the separatists noo?
      A land of no Hope and Tory, but which half?

    162. manandboy says:


    163. Ken500 says:

      UK EU contribution,which comes back, £12Billion a year.

      £120Billion wiped off the stock market. Pensions etc.

    164. Breeks says:

      And a small Wee niggle…. Many months ago I wrote a comment about what the EU stood for and how it maintained stability, and without it hot points and disputes like Gibraltar and Spain could escalate into disputes and wars. I was rebuked for pushing my own scare story and having project fear alive within… The ink isn’t dry on Brexit ballots and Spain is already looming large on Gibraltar’s radar.

      I don’t remember who it was, a Brexiteer, but someone who didn’t know the difference between a warning and a scare story.

      Niggle ends….

    165. Papadox says:

      WE MUST BE TOLD: is Ruth the Mooth going to be Cameron’s replacement? WE MUST KNOW! RUTHS career depends on it.

    166. JaMur says:

      A couple of years of Boris or boy George will do the trick.
      This is a good result for Caesar!.
      No pain no gain as they say.
      Hold on tight as its going to get messy.

    167. Dal Riata says:

      My English colleagues’ (most whom self-entitle themselves as ‘expats’) heads are low here today.

      The thing is, the past few weeks it’s been all bravado: It’ll be Remain – piece of piss! It’ll never be a Leave, they won’t be that stupid! And the one that I’m absolutely fucking loving at the moment: It’ll be Remain with a huge margin and ‘you lot’ – read Scotland – aren’t going to be independent, like, ever!

      And not one of the silly bastards sent in a proxy vote so confident were they of the outcome!

      It’s going to be a fun few days/weeks where I will be GIRFUYz!-ing with relish after suffering their ‘banter’ since IndyRef1.

      I will also be putting into place the meaning of that wonderful German word, schadenfreude:pleasure derived by someone from another person’s misfortune… So then, this IndyRef2 thing, my ‘expat’ colleagues… LOL!

    168. scottieDog says:

      Re tory leadership
      Andrea leadsom is up there in the running. Ex barclays, history of tax misdemeanours and fonations. Husband in the city.

    169. sensibledave says:

      … for those of you that don’t quite understand, the Forex and stock markets are, effectively, betting markets. The market price of a stock or a currency at 9.59pm last night was based upon what the traders thought the outcome of the referendum would be. They got it wrong and found themselves quickly needing to “correct” their mistake. The Forex and Footsie market prices at this moment reflect the mistaken positions taken by traders – not an international revaluation of stocks and the currency.

      We will have to wait a few months before we understand the market’s actual view of events.

    170. heedtracker says:

      sensibledave says:
      24 June, 2016 at 9:08 am
      …. Hmmm, the people of England and Wales appear not to be afraid of Project Fear! The people of England and Wales have told the establishment, the bankers, the economists, the politicians, the Governor of the Bank of England, The Prime Minister, Jeremy Corbyn, Tim Farron, Nicola Sturgeon, Ruth Davidson, Kazia Dugdale, Leanne Wood …. and Eddie Izzard …. that they prefer an alternative way forward.

      Except England had almost nothing in comparison to the full on savaging YES Scotland suffered from the BBC alone, let alone every single tory news outfit in Scotland, with their years of monstering Scottish democracy, you great arse sensible.

      If one thing sets the EU ref in England is the total balance and lack of bias from the great fraud that is the BBC. Its horrifying really.

      BBC even has another great arse Gavin Esler outside Holyrood today. Exact same BBC shyter that vomited Vote NO all over Scotland, hour after hour on BBC news.

      Maybe its a BBC joke.

    171. manandboy says:

      … and I thought Cameron would fix it for remain. Just goes to show. Good staff are so hard to find.

    172. Hobbit says:

      The devil is in the detail – for me the important thing is that the single market & free movement of labour arrangements continue.

      But I will leave to others to tease out the irony of Scotland voting the same way that London did.

    173. Hugh Barclay says:

      John doesn’t change, kiss of death, he is the Grim Reaper.

    174. ronnie anderson says:

      @ Robert Kerr The Greens cant be accused of being slow of the mark, now hopefully SNP & Nicola get to work (fast) & join in with the Grassroots movement bringing all the Independence Yessers under one banner.

      We have to have a stronger sence of purpose now if we have any hopes of being the continuing state in the EU. And thats another Referendem for another day.

      Only One Winner out of this People, BANKERS & STOCKMARKETS and things wont change with change of Westminster Gov of any colour or flavour.

    175. Big Jock says:

      Camerons language regarding the Scottish referendum in 2014 in his resignation speech:” We had a DECISIVE referendum in Scotland”.

      Apparently he had already spoken to Nicola. Well we know how that conversation went. They are going to play hardball with us. He should go and go now and not at his leisure.

      The right wingers are going to try and bully Scotland and the outcome? A national strike. They need Scotland to help dismantle the institutional bodies of the EU we voted to stay part of. The SG will not co-operate with this lunacy. If there is to be indi 2 it will be quick. Within a year as we don’t want to have to dismantle the infrastructure only to have to rebuild it.

      Either way Scotland is heading for some kind of strike.

    176. Greannach says:

      So, Cameron’s leaving, is he? Congratulations to Tanktop on being the new leader of the Conservative Party in England and Wales, given her success in winning the recent election in Scotland.

    177. heedtracker says:

      Red tory lays down the new UKOK law in his scotland region

      In reply to Nicola Sturgeon
      Duncan Hothersall ?@dhothersall 2h2 hours ago
      .@NicolaSturgeon I sincerely hope you will be more unifying and circumspect than some of your colleagues have been on social media.

    178. Chic McGregor says:


      Well, I think we wait and see what the EU does about it, because it’s in deep doo-doo.

      Think iScotland ==> ruK, compared to iUK ==> rEU.

      Good advice.

      However, I think more than a few folk in Europe will be quite pleased about it if not indeed seeing it as an opportunity strewn problem.

      Whatever happens, I do not think a newly indy Scotland would have the slightest difficulty joining/remaining in the EU.

      Would not be surprised if relations between the EU and Russia take a decided turn for the better too – a new Ostpolitik with even Russian entry into the EU no longer an unimaginable prospect.

    179. sensibledave says:

      Heedy 10.03

      …. er, Heedy, it looks like you are going to have to reevaluate who your allies are. ….. London and Scotland walking hand in hand into the future!?!?!?

      Fore reasons I dont understand, given the gravity of what just happened, all you seem to want to bang on about the BBC and Guardian as usual. Now you know, The Guardian doesn’t represent the views of the majority. What are you going to do now?

    180. heedtracker says:

      Blue tory hysterical

      This was the day the British people defied their jailers

      What happens now? We drink. We be happy. We sing a song. Then we piece back the country and get on with the great project of building the British century. We voted the right way because we’re a nation with a sense of destiny. The world is ours now. Go get it.”

    181. Tinto Chiel says:

      I can’t go back to a UK passport, no doubt festooned with the royal arms and a giant Butcher’s Apron. They’ll never take me alive, I tell you.

      Things are pretty gruesome this morning. It’s like going out on a date with Virginia Raggi and waking up in bed with Nigel Farage.

      The horror! The horror!

    182. Rob James says:

      My next door neighbour took a fair amount of encouragement to vote Yes in the Indyref, loss of EU membership being one of her major fears. I heard her raging in anger this morning.

      There will be many more like her, as well as many who voted No, for whom the realisation that they were shafted will be a bitter pill to swallow.

      We have a starting point of 50%. We should strike while the iron is hot, and set the juggernaut in motion. I confidently predict that within six months to a year, we will be polling at over 60%.

      We cannot afford to sit back and see what happens or we will end up the economic basket case they made us out to be.

      On the positive side, should we accomplish independence and retain our place within the EU, just think of all the French gites and Spanish villas which will come up for sale at bargain prices as the English are sent packing.

    183. Dan Huil says:

      Ah dinnae understan! Did wee Ruthie’s calculator malfunction as she was counting the postal votes?!

    184. Petra says:

      This is the result that most of us prayed for. We now need to convert around 550,000 people to win a 60% Indyref2. If one third of all Yes voters could convince just one person each we’re home and dry. Remember too that Unions, the 60% of EU immigrants and some of the 360,000 rUK relocators who voted no previously may now be having a change of heart.

      David Cameron has also done us a favour by standing down. More than anything he has called the fly cabal of no-users BLUFF. They had some brass neck expecting / wanting him to stay on no doubt because they don’t have a clue what to do next and additionally wanted him at the helm to take the flack / deal with the economic fallout.

      The sooner ultra-narcissistic Johnston or Gove are installed as leader the better. Their policies / plans for example in relation to the NHS and fracking alone will scunner thousands of people into joining our cause.

    185. Capella says:

      John McTernan isn’t the only idiot savant. Those polling gurus have some explaining to do today. I wonder how they will account for this umpteenth last minute turnaround from their confident predictions?

      I hope Nicola is booking her summer holidays. Perhaps a tour of the capitals of Europe would be fun?

    186. Proud Cybernat says:

      Look on the bright side–it’s the end of UKIP.

    187. Capella says:

      Perhaps the new Tory/UKIP anthem:

    188. Dan Huil says:

      England will demand that Scotland does what it is told – by England. Aye right.

    189. heedtracker says:

      sensibledave says:
      24 June, 2016 at 10:15 am
      Heedy 10.03

      …. er, Heedy, it looks like you are going to have to reevaluate who your allies are. ….. London and Scotland walking hand in hand into the future!?!?!?

      Give it a rest you great arse sensible. Even a great arse like you cant pretend how tory BBC led media savaged Scotland 2014 with Project Fear but were more than just spectacularly balanced and fair to England.

      It is all another disgusting display of BBC corruption. And lets not go in to the repugnant fraud that is the Daily Record and their historic complicity in the UKOK The Vow fraud.

      England endured none of the giant UKOK BBC shyste 2014.

    190. mike cassidy says:

      The ‘leave’ campaign headquarters on hearing McTernan predicted a ‘remain’ victory.

    191. Proud Cybernat says:

      Surely for IndyRef#2 we don’t need 60% YES to win. 52% should be more than enough to trigger major constitutional change.

    192. msean says:

      While always a possibility , I didn’t actually think it would be an ‘out’ vote,thought it would be a close ‘in’ vote.

    193. Macca73 says:

      Roland Smith says:

      24 June, 2016 at 7:25 am

      Time for patience. At least two years until we leave. We need to have coherent positions on the currency etc. before we even consider another referendum. More importantly we need opinion polls showing we clearly will win.
      What will be interesting is whether any of the project fear on steroids claims come to fruition. If they don’t then that approach will be unlikely to work again in Scotland.
      So as an SNP member I will certainly not be agitating for a rushed referendum.

      I couldn’t agree more, this is about the long game now. We know that people voted no but let them get used to the idea for a minute and let the cold winter bite first before proposing a better way. It will be Then that people will be much more receptive to indyref 2!

      Keep the powder dry folks…

    194. One_Scot says:

      Scotland situation of being dragged out of the EU against its will has all the hallmarks of a rabbit sitting in the middle of a country the road with an 18 wheeler hurling towards it thinking, should I sit just here and get covered in shit, or should I just hop over there and eat some lovely lush green grass.

    195. Arajag says:

      I’ve always been against Scottish Independence. I am English, and I always felt that the Britain I grew up in needed Scotland. I truly believed in stronger together.

      But this morning I am embarrassed by my country and I now concede that Scotland should get out and get out quickly. This is not the Britain I grew up in.

      And send me details of the nicest bits of it to live in.

    196. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      Well, well. So who in yoondom is going to be first to pay out on that cheque for indy that they previously wrote?


      Wee Willie Winkie?

      The Herald?

      Step up to the plate, now is the time, now is the hour!

      Anyone else finally willing to concede we yessers were right all along?

      Buffalo Gal? Kez even? Jakey even?

      Listen everyone, it’s a whole new ball game now. If anyone on the UKOK side after this wake-up call plus cold shower of reality is now ready to smell the coffee, it’s time to be forgiving. We may be itching to crow and shout “tellt ye” across the breakfast table, but we should resist the temptation. We need everyone we can get to be onside now. Welcome them graciously into the fold.

      We are not giving in to this theft of our future. NO WAY.

    197. Ken500 says:

      Some dumb voters. Voted Leave but expected Remain to win.

      Farague is out of a job. Boris strangely silent.

    198. Muscleguy says:

      My staunch English born No voting wife will know vote Yes in the coming IndyRef in order to stay in the EU.

      Meanwhile with London and the other big cities voting Remain and the hinterland voting Leave it’s like the Barbarians are at the gates of civilisation. Will travel on the motorways be safe?

      As Boris and Gove preside over a Brexit government and the economy goes tits up who will they blame to keep the likes of Sunderland from rising up? Which ‘other’ will be scapegoated? Fascism may just have risen in England and shamefully Wales.

      We may need a border.

    199. Ken500 says:

      Only needs 200,000 to win Indyref2.

      EU Ref 4%

    200. sensibledave says:

      Heedy 10.23

      … you seem to be struggling a bit this morning Heedy!

    201. schrodingers cat says:

      game changer? the perfect storm … right enough

      J.K. Rowling ?@jk_rowling 4h4 hours ago
      @BBCJamesCook “Staunch opponent” implies I was pro-union no matter what, which was never the case. Many no voters will think again now.

    202. Dal Riata says:

      The Leave loons, by getting their UK Leave vote, have opened up a right Pandora’s box of… well, what? Most likely, lots and lots of trouble and strife.

      Their whole campaign was based on ‘getting’ the result with no thought given to what might happen if they actually did, you know, win, by stirring up xenophobia, anti-immigrant feeling, Littl Englander-ism and Land of Hope and Glory. And all wrapped up in a Union Jack.

      But where were the plans for a Leave result, the economic outlook, the new laws and regulations needed to be drafted, the rights of movement… a White Paper, if you will, and etc.?

      What, as happened, if Scotland were to vote by a large margin to Remain? What should happen to Scotland’s citizen’s rights? And Northern Ireland? Was the outcome of a Remain majority there even thought about?

      Now a Leave result it is, well Boris, Farage et al, what the fuck happens now? Idiots.

    203. Dan Huil says:

      @Arajag 10:33am

      The East Neuk of Fife. It doesn’t matter if you’re not a golfer.

    204. Dr Jim says:

      Ruth Davidson should resign immediately and be replaced by a four wheel drive beach buggy
      Kezia Dugdale’s position is untenable having not delivered the Labour vote for total abstention
      Willie Rennie’s job is on the slide
      Who’s the wee Green guy again, he did nothing but hide till it was over

      All the pressure’s on Nicola Stormborn now, what’s she going to do, what’s she going to say and will The MP formerly known as First Minister want a shotty on the current FMs dragons

      If you heard all this about another country it would be like one of those African ones having a coup
      Too much to take in at the one go

    205. Bill Hume says:

      Patience,patience patience.
      Some may remember an old cartoon. Two vultures on a tree branch.

      “Patience my arse….I’m gonna kill something”.

      I know not how long before IndyRef2…….but I know we need to be planning it NOW.

      Patience my arse.

    206. ewen says:

      Farage saying brexit won
      “Without firing a shot”

      How insensitive can you get….

    207. Breastplate says:

      Well said Nation Libre,
      the sooner Scotland makes its own decisions the better and if that pisses Westminster off then we’ll have a good indicator that those decisions are right.

      Also I’m in agreement about having as many Indyrefs as the people of Scotland wish and until the No voters can manage to get it right, but there’s a very old saying in India.
      You can lead a Nawbag to water but you can’t make it think.

    208. osakisushi says:

      I thought IndieRef #1 was pockled by the establishment.

      Starting to think I was completely wrong. I voted OUT due to the establishment wanting me to vote in. And the vote was…

    209. heedtracker says:

      sensibledave says:
      24 June, 2016 at 10:38 am
      Heedy 10.23

      … you seem to be struggling a bit this morning Heedy!

      I am. I’ve just had my EU citizenship ripped up by another country, another country that’s about to unleash even more reactionary, even more savage toryboy world on my country, that Scotland has never once voted for.

      PM Bojo’s going to wipe out Barnett for starters and that’s not the north London one.

    210. sensibledave says:

      Heedy 10.56

      …. but Heedy, at least you know now that you completely misunderstood all the selfish rich bastards in London. They believe in the same fundamental principles as you it would appear!

      So, Heedy, take on board the new political landscape. Stop worrying what The Guardian, the BBC and “london” – they are your allies! Its those pesky Northerners in England that seem to be at issue with your politics.

    211. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      schrodingers cat @ 10:38 said:

      @jk_rowling 4h4 hours ago @BBCJamesCook “Staunch opponent” implies I was pro-union no matter what, which was never the case. Many no voters will think again now.

      So is Jakey the provisional winner in the indy-convert stakes, then?

      If so, good for her. Aafa late, nae doot, but still, better late than never.

    212. ronnie anderson says:

      WTF Bbc Scotland broadcasting Boris’s statement . And not the advertized shedule, big brother Broadcaster You will listen to our Propoganda wherever you are or whatever channel your on.

    213. Macandroid says:

      I feel sorry for the real Welsh. Vote probably swing by the white settlers.

    214. Dan Huil says:

      @Macandroid 11:18 am

      Good point.

    215. schrodingers cat says:

      sturgeon say
      indyref2 is on

    216. Robert Peffers says:

      @John says: 24 June, 2016 at 7:30 am:

      “No indyref2 at the moment please , we are not ready for it”

      And you know this because … ?

      I know you did not ask me, so it cannot be because you asked the people of Scotland, and neither has anyone else asked me or indeed anyone I know.

    217. Petra says:

      @ Arajag at 10:33am …… “And send me details of the nicest bits of it to live in.”

      Arajag I wouldn’t be surprised if many English people (and companies) like yourself decided to relocate to Scotland now and joined us to vote yes in Indyref2. Let us know when you plan to move here and we’ll point you in the right direction. And by the way Scotland is beautiful from North to South and East to West as Westminster hasn’t quite worked out a way to ‘steal beauty’ yet.


      Anyone heard from Moothie or is she on another 4 day Retreat? I’m just waiting on her making an announcement to the effect that her party is severing its ties to Westminster.


      Anyone heard from Gove? Last week he promised, Vowed, if Brexit won he’d hand control of immigration over to Holyrood.


      Anyone heard from Jim Sillars? Pontificating somewhere? I wonder if he’s reflecting this morning on the fact that he’s totally out of step with Scotland.


      Nicola making her speech. Brilliant as usual and “Indyref2 is now on the table”. Yeeha!

    218. GrahamB says:

      … and Wee Nicola has rolled the Indy rocket out onto the launch pad. Now just searching for the matches to light the blue touch paper!

    219. Robert J. Sutherland says:


      Oh, the Brexit chickens are positively queuing at the door to come in right now! All that millions of dosh we’re going to suddenly acquire, all those amazing powers Scotland are now going to get, etc, etc.

      I woke up today to Disneyland. But it’s no fairytale, this, and all those leave-voting fudricks are going to quickly realise that they’ve been sold down the river. Then what?

      We need to get out of here. Soonest!

    220. Graf Midgehunter says:

      That was a fine, fighting speech from Nicola. No b*****it and straight to the point. She can see the chance for us and looks like she wants to grasp the oppertunity. 🙂

    221. heedtracker says:

      sensibledave says:
      24 June, 2016 at 11:05 am
      Heedy 10.56

      …. but Heedy, at least you know now that you completely misunderstood all the selfish rich bastards in London. They believe in the same fundamental principles as you it would appear!

      You’re an arse sensible. You’re clearly an arse on high though. You won the Scottish referendum and you won yesterday too, so no wonder.

      But fact is fact. England did not suffer the might of the britnat BBC led Project Fear campaign 2014. Nor does it suffer the relentless BBC Scotland led monstering of everything Scots government and ofcourse their merciless SNP bad campaigning. To pretend England did and still does, or that England was in fact Project Feared to any degree Scotland was, is just your usual specious UKOK bullshit.

      You shameless gloating arse sensible. But its all to the good in the long term for Scotland running Scotland. So keep it UKOK coming sensible. And enjoy your triumph and gloating too.

    222. ronnie anderson says:

      Vote remain & a chance at Indy Ref2,nobody was saying about Indy Ref2 on voting Leave ( no need to thank us that voted Leave).

      Now we have it INDY REF2 on the cards.

      NOW lets get our acts together within the Broader Indy Movement of Yessers ( top down isent always the best way)SNP need to put out that Hand of Friendship ( as the largest Pro Indy Party)& Support the Many Grassrooters.

      Mibbee’s Wings Over Scotland wont be shunned,as a Indy supporting site by the Great & the Good. Getting up the collective noses of the Propoganda Corperate Media is a Plus Point ++++.

      Onwards & Upwards WINGERS & Big Thank You to Rev STU ( I,ll send you ah new set of Crayons ) . You called it right by your depiction of a Dick.

      Independence 1st, then if Scottish People want to join the EU , that is for a Future Independent Scotland to decide ( by witch time EU might have changed as a result of the UK leaving, never forget those self same Basterds in the EU have a agenda for a United States of Europe.

    223. Graeme McCormick says:

      Now more than ever the Scottish Government has to have answers to the Unionist claims of economic uncertainty hurled at us during the Indy Referendum.

      Despite the uncertainty thrown up by Brexit Unionists will exploit uncertainty on top of uncertainty in a second Indy referendum.

      Time to roll out Annual Ground Rent as a model for public finances not subject to the volatility of markets. Go to and click “Annual Ground Rent”, then tell your SNP MP and SNP

      My daughter on the London Underground this morning reports real anger among commuters , even talk of relocation. The Scottish Government should mount a “welcome” campaign to English and Welsh based businesses asap

    224. ronnie anderson says:

      @ Robert J. Sutherland { leave-voting fudricks } thats ME pleased to meet you.

      It had the desired effect I wanted, another step on the road to Independence ( what dont you like Cameron,s resignation. Tories in fighting . Labour fucked . Scottish Slab/Ruthie,s Tories/Libdems all fucked. Some people need to step back to go forward & the EU ref was Camerons one distraction to Far.

    225. Breeks says:

      Vote of no confidence lodged against Corbyn. The shadow chicken may be about to become headless too.

    226. cearc says:




      We have everything, great cities, total wilderness and everything in between. So it depends what you like and what you want to do.


    227. Mick DIAMOND says:

      As a scot in england, glad my leave vote gave us a chance at indy 2.

    228. Robert Peffers says:

      @ScottieDog says: 24 June, 2016 at 7:43 am:

      “I agree. Lots of water to flow under the crumbling bridge of the UK before we should make that move.”

      In agreeing with John, Scottiedog, you fail to take account of real World conditions.

      The first logical thing is that it is far easier to start fighting to remain an EU citizen, while still remaining an EU citizen, than it is to re-apply to become an EU citizen after having volunteered to renounce your own EU citizenship.

      The reason being that you presently have your EU citizen’s rights that protect your EU citizenship and there are no EU laws, rules or mechanisms to expel EU citizens against their will.

      There are several other facts that may not be at first apparent to some people. First of all the EU has not said anything as to supporting, or not supporting, Scotland’s position on EU membership.

      The only opinions that have so far been offered have come from European Commissioners, and only then as the individual commissioners own personal opinion.

      The EU Commissioners, including, their Presidents, are commissioned, (paid), employees of the European Parliament. They have thus no powers to make any decisions. They only administer the decisions made by the democratically elected European Members of Parliament.

      Now it is quite clear that, like much of the World and people of the UK, the members of the EU parliament just accept the propaganda of the London Establishment that the United Kingdom is a member, “Country”, but probably have never considered that the term, “United Kingdom of GB & NI”, actually describes a Royal Realm and the Treaty that formed it is a legal bi-partite agreement between two equally sovereign kingdoms and between them they contain four individual countries.

      even just as individual countries, under EU rules they are entitled to insist upon their own individual country’s right to self-determination.

      It would not be a big stretch of the imagination to understand that this fact being put to an EU parliament that will now be a great deal more anti-UK would be more receptive to accepting that Scotland is both an individual country and an equally sovereign partner in a bipartite UK.

      Note that ia this very minute the BBC propaganda machine is having a big Debate in the Canongate Church and using the propaganda terms so familiar to those of us who know the true legal status of a bi-partite United Kingdom that is composed of a three country and a single country Kingdom.

      We need no proofs for the Acts and treaty of union are well known, if little understood, documents. But no one can deny that the Treaty of Union was indeed a union of two Kingdoms and there is no evidence to support the claims the UK of GB & NI has ever been legally a country it remains, what it has always been, a United Kingdom.

    229. robertknight says:

      Show you care…

      Drop the following into the search function on Amazon…

      Scotland SCO Sticker Within Euro EU Stars Flag Car Oval

      …and get some in!

    230. jcd says:

      John Edgar 9.52am

      England – “land of no hope and tory.”

      Now that’s NEAT!

    231. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      Foo’s the poond sterling deein’ the noo?

      Worse than Tory Black Monday o’ lang syne?

    232. Alex Birnie says:

      Presumably McTernan has – at some point in the past – been right about something? – anything? Otherwise, why do people employ him?

    233. Effijy says:

      arthur thomson says:

      24 June, 2016 at 7:29 am

      @ Effijy

      I anticipate a change away from austerity as a policy as a result of this vote, not greater austerity. Time will tell.

      Hi Arthur,

      My thought is that companies, especially large ones, will not invest while things are in limbo.
      I cannot see any immanent growth while we are in the doldrums.

      You will, I assure you, see the UK Credit rating drop so
      Westminster’s debts will cost more.

      You may also find that employed Eastern Europeans whom
      came here to work feel unwelcome and uncertain of a future here. Substantial loss in Taxes to the UK Government.

      In reverse, the millions of Brits retired to Spain, France, Greece, etc, may now need to return home as their
      medical support as an EU citizen will vanish.

      All of the above, IMHO, will see a lot less money in our economy and a great strain on resources and infrastructure.

      Can you imagine 1,000,000 OAPs suddenly requiring treatment on an already strained NHS?

      Who is going to need a UK stock broker in the near future?

      Will EU Tourism to the UK be affected by this vote?

      Will Travel Agents be affected if the £Pound is week and
      some cannot afford a 10% drop in exchange rates.

      We have unchartered waters ahead, but with Bungling Boris at the helm, you will see more cuts right across the board.

    234. Effijy says:

      It scares the hell out of me, but I cannot recall a Time
      When Rupert Murdoch has failed to lead any election in the direction of his choosing?

      UK Politicians cannot say no to him, or he sees to it that they become unelectable.

      He has his own propaganda TV and Press all with a constant drip of information distorted to suit his own needs.

    235. Effijy says:

      Wee Ruth Krankie preposterously suggested that more Scots voted in the Scottish Referendum than in the EU Referendum,
      therefore the latest test of public opinion can be dispelled?

      By that rule, when we have a general election, do we keep that last government, if they got more votes than the winner
      of the latest election?

      What a ridiculous and desperate statement.

      I’d like her to look at what percentage of Scotland’s MPs stood for independence- 95%.

      She also wants to consider why Scotland has never voted Tory over a span of several generations.

    236. chris kilby says:

      The banality of Nigel. It’s The Triumph of The Shrill. Tomorrow belongs to UKIP? I don’t bloody think so…

    237. shane says:

      WTF JUST HAPPENED .. #indyref2 .. R E A L L Y !!

      YES 🙂

    238. bugsbunny says:

      So Dave’s away by October. I can see Nigel elevated to the House of Lords and becoming Foreign Secretary under Boris on the proviso that UKIP does not contest anymore elections between now and it’s demise as an Independent Party as it is reabsorbed into the Conservative Party after Brexit becomes a reality and “we” leave the E.U.

      Boris as Prime Minister of course, Nigel Farage as I’ve said as Foreign Secretary, Iain Duncan Smith as Chancellor of the Exchequer, (God help us all). Douglas Carswell, the only Ukip MP as Secretary of State for Work and Pensions. And I can see Fluffy being deposed from the Secretary of State for Scotland as well. So a non Scottish Scottish Secretary? All the leave cabinet members to stay as they were, Remain cabinet members, well God knows. Probably a combination of resignation and reshuffle in October.

      Bring it on.

    239. bugsbunny says:

      They might as well have had this as their anthem last night. The Brexiters that is.

      Tomorrow belongs to me. English style.

    240. gus1940 says:

      It’s really quite amazing that even with the currency and stockmarket crash WM and the Metropolitan Media hitting the headlines the amount of coverage of the threat of REF2 has got them evacuating their bowels.

      We must be ready for our second instalment of BT and Project Fear.

      They hammered us over Currency last time so we must have a 100% watertight policy on that.

      It would appear that they fired off all their ammunition last time but I have no doubt that they will come up with something.

      We should now start to scratch our heads and start to think what possible lies, threats, distortion and ‘promises’ they could possibly come up with and have our retaliation ready in advance.

      Would it be possible for The SNP or a revived YES organisation to set up a site to which possible BT Dirty Tricks could be submitted.

      There would be no point in publishing said ideas in the open as that would just be helping The Bad Guys.

      We must be ready for them as they will be really desperate this time.

    241. bugsbunny says:

      I wonder if Queenie is purring down the Telephone to Dave this morning or is she screaming in ecstasy like a demented old bint?

      This should be an interesting few years. We cannot afford to lower of guard. I wonder what Jim Sillars plans are next? Come on Jim. Don’t be shy.

    242. Effijy says:

      What a great opportunity to have the Scottish Government
      advertise for Doctors, Nurses, and Teachers currently working in England, and who wish to stay in Europe.

      An Independent Scotland in the EU must have a great chance of reclaiming the 6,000 square miles of Scottish waters Stolen by Westminster.

      The EUROPEAN court of human rights might just inform their non member to hand back the oil and fish supplies there in.

      Can somebody ask what Boris’ Plan B is, if no one fast tracks any kind of new trade agreement?

      England has a £70 Billion Black Hole, how can they pay it back all on their own?

      For England, who have counted on stealing Scotland’s oil
      revenue, how will they balance their books with No Oil Whatsoever, let alone that type that runs out?

      Didn’t England understand that they need the broad shoulders of the EU with Pooling and Sharing?

      England were promised substantial new powers within the EU.
      Why didn’t they take the bait?

      England are too Wee, too Stupid, and too reliant on welfare.

      How will England pay for Trident all on their own, and will they now keep them on the Thames?

      Now Mr Winner Brexit Gove, you promised so many new powers to Scotland on the back of your victory. Hello, Mr Gove,
      Mr Gove. Has anyone seen or heard of Mr Gove since?

      Don’t tell me it was yet another Westminster Creep Lying to us?

      I’m loving this payback time. Childish be very satisfying!

    243. Jim McIntosh says:

      Fraser McLaren says:
      24 June, 2016 at 11:51 am

      Good post. You are right, I’m one of the Eurosceptics who lent my vote to ‘remain’ to help trigger IndyRef2. I’d rather be in an Indy Scotland inside the EU than a member of the U.K. outside the EU.

      I hope when IndyRef2 happens that the main emphasis is not on EU membership, but deals more with breaking away from Westminster.

      TBH I can see the EU imploding within the next few years anyway, with possible further referenda in the Netherlands, Austria and France, to name a few. So whether we stay in the EU may be academic anyway.

    244. Flower of Scotland says:

      In the last half hour BBC radio in Scotland and Sky news already in full on anti Indy Ref2 mode. Scaremongering against an Independent Scotland has started!

    245. Flower of Scotland says:

      @robertknight 1.14pm

      Thanks for that! I’ve just ordered four for windows and car.

      Rev. When are our badges arriving from the crowdfunding campaign, please?

    246. This wasn’t about the future of the UK. This was all about the Little Englanders, the most nationalistic country in the world. Printing trillions of paper pound notes by the Bank of England isn’t going to solve their inability to earn more than they spend. The £1.5 Trillion debt burden is still widening and I feel Osborne is now “toast”. Cameron is on his way out and Boris looks like his successor. Perhaps he’ll recruit Trump as his foreign Secretary; two clowns in the same circus.

    247. bugsbunny says:

      December 2017. President Trump, President Putin, President Le Pen and Prime Minister Johnstone sitting sipping champagne before a log fire at Chequers. All it needs is Mussolini’s Granddaughter Alessandra as Italian Prime Minister and all is complete. Well it will be if they can find another 8 sadists to join them in a Satanic Coven. Maybe the Ghost of Edward Heath will join in, especially when the naked 8 year old boys Putin has kidnapped from the Ukraine enter as the main entertainment.

      This world is fucked.

    248. Sandy says:

      Anyone help?
      Do the Isle of Man & Channel Islands remain in the EU?

    249. Sandy says:

      Re above.

      Should read, will these Islands still retain their limited association with the EU?

    250. John Dickson says:

      @robertknight 1.14pm

      Thanks, got mine. Now for IndyRef2 or UDI what ever comes first.

    251. Muscleguy says:


      Man is in the EU, you will note they got a vote and voted Remain. The Channel Islands are not in the EU and you may have noticed no returns from Guernsey or Jersey. If Gibraltar had not been in the EU Spain would have shut the border down. A hard Schengen border at best.

    252. Foonurt says:

      Aff toapic – Throan aff yoan Citylink ett Foart Wullie, fur tannin ah fish suppurr oan thurr shitey bus. “Thoan smells awe through the bus”, sid yoan sweetie-wife drivurr. Yoan same drivurr, luktt lit he’d jist downt twintae fish suppurrs.

      Thoan wee bauchle ae ah controller sid ” Ye wurr abusive”. “Naw ah wisnae, siz I”. “Ye cawed um ah jessie” sid yoan wee bauchle controller. “Naw, ah saed ae wiz a sweetie-wife”, siz I”

      Fuckin nicht in ah bus-shelturr. Ha!ha!ha!.

      Moan wae wurr Scoattish Independence, in save uz fae awe thae fish suppurr facsists.

    253. highseastim says:

      I wonder what discussions will be had between Nicola and the EU as I seem to remember that if we had voted for independence they were not going to let us join them!!

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