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We’re calling it

Posted on June 23, 2016 by

We know it’s early doors, but we’re going to state with some confidence now that this is the Tweet Of The Night:


Yes, that really is Tim Stanley, leader writer of the Telegraph, complaining about being up against the British establishment in a referendum. (In which Leave was supported by, among others, the Sun, the Daily Mail, the Telegraph, and the Daily Express – the #1, #2, #4 and #6 best-selling newspapers in the country – along with around half of the MPs of the governing party.)

For extra fun, we might collect some of his indyref tweets later. But to the very best of our recollection, he didn’t consider the Yes campaign’s 45% – which really WAS achieved against the entire British establishment, without a single daily newspaper’s support – as a “moral victory”.

But, y’know, we’ll check.

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    1. 23 06 16 22:56

      We’re calling it | speymouth

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    1. Croompenstein says:

      Settle will Tim suck it up.

    2. heedtracker says:

      If the gods of referendums have a sense of humour, Scotland will keep England in the EU.

    3. jimnarlene says:

      I’ll regard his tweet as shite.

    4. One_Scot says:

      Tossers doesn’t even come close.

    5. muttley79 says:

      In hindsight the 45 per cent Yes vote in September 2014 is looking quite something now, an amazing achievement given what we were up against. I cannot take Brit nats such as Tim Stanley seriously at all. Anti-EU feeling has been whipped up by large and powerful sections of the MSM in Britain for decades. Not only did Yes not have this same advantage, we were up against the British political, economic, and cultural establishment(s).

    6. Ian Brotherhood says:


      Tories crying into their cornflakes, quivering with rage at the beastly unfairness of it all.

      Suck it up fuckers.

    7. Croompenstein says:

      *Settled* will anyway I prefer Accrington Stanley 🙂

    8. Capella says:

      A weather vane not a signpost, or something like that.

      There is a livestream from the Ecuadorean Embassy:

      Craig Murray will be there too.

    9. Alison Duncan says:


      NB…..was The National not being published by then? Daily newspaper an’ a’that…..

    10. Croompenstein says:

      Hopefully it all goes a bit Flat Stanley 🙂

    11. Paula Rose says:

      No doubt this will be the first of many such twittering.

    12. heedtracker says:

      Today we don’t celebrate our Independence Day but that’s OK though, we have a moral victory. Oh yes!

    13. Richardinho says:

      I’m calling it now: England will vote by a small, yet decisive margin to remain in the EU. Nonetheless various south of the border pundits will still blame Scotland for ‘keeping England in Europe against its will’.

    14. James Barr Gardner says:


    15. DerekM says:

      45% now where did we see that again,still not over until the fat tory lady sings,lets see which one can rig it better than the other.

      And should we now be looking at election spending well they do have form with creative accountancy or should we leave that to the brexiters.

      And can we now call them the English independence party?

    16. Valerie says:

      what Ian B said.

      They dont like it up ’em.

      I really hope its Scotland’s vote that keeps us Remain.

      We deserve that sweet revenge.

    17. geeo says:

      So there you have it.

      Apparently Remain has won….its all over.

      No declarations.

      No completed counts.

      No exit polls.

      Even Farage is conceding it looks like a Remain win.

      Why bother voting when the result is conceded BEFORE a single completed count ?

    18. Robert Graham says:

      Goldman Sachs has called it for Remain expecting heavy trading when Japanese stock market open just after Midnight
      Pound . Dollar 1.52 highest this year
      Strongest pound in currency markets for thirty years
      All this less than an hour since polling closed ? these bankers and traders must be the fastest analysts on the f/n planet and it wasn’t rigged aye right .
      Next week we will find out exactly the EU have been hiding for the past few months happy you voted with the bankers now ?

    19. Richardinho says:

      Unfortunately apparently Tim ‘anticipated’ everyone ripping the pish out of him.
      So that’s put my gas at a peep.

    20. K1 says:

      Well it’s quite something isn’t, that everyone seems to know the result once again within literally a half hour of polling stations closing. 82 Pro Brexit Tories ‘have signed a letter backing Cameron as counting begins’.

    21. Richardinho says:

      It’s not all over by a long shot. Expect the geographic breakdown of voting to be poured over and remain voting areas to be ‘named and shamed’ and singled out for special abuse by various bitter right wingers.

      Can’t imagine which regions they might be..

    22. Roughian says:

      Are the BBC reporters getting a bonus for seeing how many times they can say anecdotally in a broadcast.!!!!!!!

    23. Chitterinlicht says:


    24. HandandShrimp says:

      The stock market people had their own privately commissioned exit poll to enure they had a heads up for trading – apparently it is 52% Remain.

      That certainly is in the “Scotland swung it” territory if we voted as the polls indicated we might.

    25. Ian Brotherhood says:

      Come on now, let’s see some numbers from all you temporary Icelanders…

      I’m plumping for 55.75% Remain.

      (P.S. Does anyone know where one can buy proper mead for Monday?)

    26. Dr Jim says:

      Some woman economist says they knew a week ago what the result was going to be

      I wonder what happened a week ago then

      Cameron and crew have their self prepared letter to themselves saying all is forgiven and we’re all wonderful again and let’s get on with the screwing of, well, everybody

    27. K1 says:

      Okay I’m playing, I think 54.32% remain…the financial markets need it to be 8% or so margin to ‘settle’ the matter anything less the markets will be scared and running to their mummy’s and crying.

    28. mogabee says:

      I’m with Ian Brotherhood…#TellingItLikeItIs

    29. David Mills says:

      One Word:

    30. Barbara McKenzie says:

      Chortle away, but the downtrodden Brits kept UK in the EU for exactly the same reason that the downtrodden Scots kept Scotland in the UK.

    31. Ruglonian says:

      I’m calling Ian B’s response at 10.45pm as the unifying message of the night!

      Spot on as usual pal, well done 😀

    32. Andimac says:

      Richardinho, you say, “Various south of the border pundits will still blame Scotland for ‘keeping England in Europe against its will’ “. Surely not: Scotland is part of the U.K., so they can’t blame us North British chaps for voting for what’s best for the U.K.

    33. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @Barbara McKenzie –

      With that brief cryptic comment you are really spoiling us.

      Who is your comment addressed to, and what are you on about?

    34. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      No, the National was post-indyref.

    35. Valerie says:

      Everyone on Twitter noticing various Tories tweeting the same thing.

      Tories delivered the referendum, now time to move on and deliver the rest of our manifesto.

      Hahaha. They wish! More blue on blue warfare to come.

      Farage said his city friends were saying its Remain due to fact they had done heavy polling. Seems fair, as folk are saying markets reflect this.

    36. Petra says:

      Great how they, BBC, can say they think Remain has won already .. at 23:11pm! Postal votes folks?

    37. Joemcg says:

      Who cares? What I want to know is what percentage of no voters will be supporting the three lions come Monday???

    38. heedtracker says:

      Barbara McKenzie says:
      23 June, 2016 at 11:20 pm
      Chortle away, but the downtrodden Brits kept UK in the EU for exactly the same reason that the downtrodden Scots kept Scotland in the UK.

      What reasons though? Cheer up Babs. Brexiteers really had no chance. All its done is make England look like its run by a right bunch of clowns and Scotland knows that anyway.

      You’ve won a moral victory. Rejoice.

    39. Richardinho says:

      ‘Scotland is part of the U.K., so they can’t blame us North British chaps for voting for what’s best for the U.K

      Haha you jester you!

    40. Effijy says:

      The percentage margin between the two camps will be set up to be slightly less than that in the Scottish referendum.

      This then allows old Boris and Nige to accept defeat on the matter for a generation and drift off into oblivion.

      This is to be used to set an example to the rebellious Scots,
      who will not accept being stitched up by Westminster.

      Luckily enough, the Scots are very different to the English and this won’t dampen our spirits one bit!

    41. Bob Mack says:

      Not so sure about the result. Early indications showing leave scoring higher than forecast in working class areas. Time will tell.

    42. Shagpile says:

      I’m not one to count my chickens, though I’m generally optimistic.

      Have a nagging feeling of pessimism about this though. I want remain. I also want fertile ground for indyrefII in due course.

      EFTA/EU is nether here nor there for me personally. Yet I believe we (Scotland) ought to be in one or the other.

    43. Almannysbunnet says:

      If Scottish voters cause a tight remain win I want to see the following headline.

      “Scotland continues to punch above its weight.”


    44. Robert Louis says:

      Come on Iceland.

    45. scotsbob says:

      Unbelievable, the BBC constituency map is even more skewed than the weather one. Scotland is almost non existent unless the camera pans up.

    46. HandandShrimp says:

      I said 52% Remain and 69% turnout yesterday on the Groan so I am going to stick with that

      I see Gibraltar was 95% Remain(only 20,000 or so voters though)

    47. Cherry says:

      You can buy mead on Amazon, Morrison’s and also from Lindisfarn.. I remember being at a linedancing weekend in Berwick. We bought some mead from the shop on Lindisfarn…really sweet stuff!

      Agree with your earlier sentiments 😉

    48. Richardinho says:

      Reports coming out that Sunderland might be 60/40 in favour of leave.

      Squeaky bum time for Cameron!

    49. Grouse Beater says:

      The Telegraph is pathetic.

      Unionists growling about Scotland’s ‘neverendum’ mentality? Sheesh!

      Switzerland has had 180 referenda in twenty years, 4 this year alone.

      I recall one in the city of San Francisco over whether a police officer could carry around a ventriloquist’s dummy. True! And I think it was approved.

    50. Capella says:

      Assange’s info on polls- Social classes A,B and C1 voted 60% Remain and 40% Leave. The rest C2 – E voted 60% Leave and 40% Remain.
      So it depends on turnout because there certainly will be an awful lot more lower class voters. Unless, of course, it was all decided weeks ago. In that case, there will be a lot of angry C2s – Es.

    51. heedtracker says:

      Where to start with the clown show that is scottish region meeja?

      Stephen Daisley ?@JournoStephen 1h1 hour ago
      ‘Leave’ was up against the entire British and global establishment, including Rupert Murdoch, Donald Trump and mass-circulation newspapers

    52. heedtracker says:

      Stephen Daisley ?@JournoStephen Jun 22
      Yes, Ruth Davidson won the EU debate. No, England, you can’t have her, says @JournoStephen

      I’m sure we’d manage somehow without the big pud.

    53. geeo says:

      Tuned into STV and apparently its all SNP BAD..!

      Seriously !!!

      Even had kezia going on about holding Nicola to the once in a lifetime pish !!!

      Think i shall turn off the tv for a while and retire with a wee ltd edition Blair Atholl 5 year old malt, its that or punch the telly !!

    54. Stoker says:

      So Dim Standard is complaining about being up against the British establishment in a referendum?

      LLF. Haw Dim, we’re selling reality checks if you’re interested?

      Meanwhile, folks, make of this what you will:
      Why there’s no exit poll….

    55. heedtracker says:

      Another working class hero in action. Hope everyone in the EU is aware that UKOK toryboys are essentially arseholes.

      Fraser Nelson ?@FraserNelson 11h11 hours ago
      As a Europhile, I’m voting Leave because the EU has become the disease, of which it purports to be the cure. My take

    56. Inverclyder says:

      Coburn at his insane best on STV.

      Possibly pished but definitely mad as a box of frogs!

    57. defo says:

      Well, it really was deja vu all over again.
      Postal vote shenanigans claims shortly…

    58. Betty Boop says:

      @ IanB, 11.10pm

      No numbers from this Iceland fan, I ain’t watching the results. My tuppence worth is it was already sorted before the polls opened!

      Tories falling all over themselves to be on the “right” side whatever it is.

    59. Geoff Huijer says:

      Tim Stanley – typical hypocritical BritNat.

    60. HandandShrimp says:

      Newcastle was 50.7% Remain

    61. Grouse Beater says:

      If LEAVE win, or Boaty MacBoatface, I don’t care cos I’m here in Malaga enjoying great European weather, suckers!

      Meanwhile. I’ll leave this scorcher, Essay Number 202:

    62. Ian Brotherhood says:

      Ruth The Straddler on Radio Five Live right now…

    63. Ian Brotherhood says:

      …but now she’s gone, having spotted something more mountable…

    64. Capella says:

      The Brexitclub thinks Newcastle was expected to vote higher for Remain.

    65. heedtracker says:

      Ruthie babes says to Dimbleby she loves her job, she get’s to slay nats every day.

    66. Rancid Ruth now on BBC tv, talking about how she slays nationalists every day.

      She’s an arsehole of the highest order.

    67. Tam Jardine says:

      Clackmannanshire…. 42% leave! I am getting something of a sense of deja vu here but who the fuck are these 42%?

      Sunderland 61% leave? Holy fuck.

    68. Capella says:

      So the pound has now slipped a bit against the dollar after the Newcastle result. The hedge funds are running exit polls in spite of the BBC claimed difficulty in doing so in referendums..
      (Brexitclub update).

    69. heedtracker says:

      Massive Brexit win in Sunderland, massive Remain wins across Scotland.
      BBC gimps demanding SNP put ref 2 off the table for ever, if Remain win. Not heard any of them address Brexit and ref 2 yet.

    70. Andrew McLean says:

      Ian, apparently she is slaying nationalists?

    71. K1 says:

      Fire alarm goes off at Bristol count…spooky dejavu/hashtag: indyreftribute

    72. heedtracker says:

      Ruthie babes chuntering on about “seats” in the referendum but maybe she needs 4 days alone in hotel room to get her every fact right.

    73. K1 says:

      The pound is dropping after the Sunderland result…Ashcroft is saying ‘game on’

    74. Andrew McLean says:

      I suspect the new friendly politics after Jo Cox was murderd by a madman don’t extend north of the border, should I be fearful that Ruth is asking her support to do a killing? Slay a nationalist show how Britain is first?

    75. heedtracker says:

      Aidan Kerr ?@AidanKerrPol 8m8 minutes ago
      Pound is absolutely plummeting as Asian market sells, sells, sells.

    76. Kevin meina says:

      What goes around and all that this is hilarious £ has plunged 6% already popcorn at the ready.

    77. Tam Jardine says:


      Are you calling it for leave?

    78. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      Well, all I can say is that whatever the result of this misery of a referendum, the Britnats have bequeathed numerous breathtaking hostages to fortune for indyref2. Loads. I just hope someone (rev?) has been keeping track of them all. It could at least double the size of the next edition of the Wee Black Book!

      And all those mendacious talking heads will make one helluva campaign video!

    79. K1 says:

      Actually Stu: It’s. Just. Rich. People. Gambling.

    80. scunner says:

      Getting my holiday money on Monday past is looking like a won bet.

      A former soldier colleague of mine who keeps in touch with army buddies in England has been saying all week that not one was voting Remain.

    81. heedtracker says:

      Andrew McLean says:
      24 June, 2016 at 12:29 am
      I suspect the new friendly politics after Jo Cox was murderd by a madman don’t extend north of the border, should I be fearful that Ruth is asking her support to do a killing? Slay a nationalist show how Britain is first?

      That’s all scripted. Oldest proto fascist trick in the book, get violent rhetoric going, really breaks up opposition lefties. Its probably why she forgot that there are ofcourse no “seats” in a referendum. Behind the cheeky grin, lies real tory darkness. Its probably all about Prof Tomkins MSP. He’s a specialist in eastern European politics.

    82. Still Positive. says:

      Had to laugh at Ruthless ‘slaying Nats every day’. Aye right – too many of us watch FMQs to believe that.

    83. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @Andrew McLean –

      ‘…slaying nationalists…’

      Did she really say that? On the FiveLive interview?

      I must’ve missed it.


    84. mealer says:

      It’s still to early to call,but it’s looking like Iceland by a country mile.

    85. Proud Cybernat says:

      Fuck! Just ran out of popcorn!!

    86. scunner says:

      Lol he’s a former soldier, I’m not!
      Lover, not a fighter.

    87. scotspine says:

      Slaying Nationalists? Ffs, she will be mounting a Dragon next. What a throbber.

    88. K1 says:

      From the Guardian:

      Five results are in (out of 382).

      Here are the figures. It is the vote figures that count.


      Remain: 4

      Leave: 1


      Remain: 158,536 (49.5%)

      Leave: 161,744 (50.5%)

    89. call me dave says:

      Almost exactly 60% remain 40% leave in Scotland at the moment.

      Ruthie…What’s she like! Slaver of the Nats 🙂

    90. Dr Jim says:

      Ruth the truth’ll be bayonetting us next

      Funny how it’s OK for her to say this stuff, is it because when you represent the toffs it’s just seen as banter, whereas if I said the next time I see Ruth Davidson I’m going to kill her, that would be taken as a definite threat from an extremist Nationalist

      So it’s not WHAT you say that counts it’s who you represent when you say it


    91. Andrew McLean says:

      No Ian just on the state propaganda TV service, of course no one called her out, must be ok on the BBC ukok rules to slay people as long as they are SNP bad. I think she has been drinking?

    92. Loveme2times says:

      I believe the result will be remain approx 5% margin but it would be funny if Scotland swung the vote, you would hear “they are doing it on purpose”

    93. call me dave says:

      Fife: Big leave vote in parts of Level/Methil in reported samples but better for remain in other parts of the Kingdom.

    94. heedtracker says:

      Looks like “low turn out Scotland” so it doesn’t matter, is the BBC mantra for any ref 2. Why is turn out hitting over 70% low and if its Leave tomorrow, will PM BoJo come hunting for Ruthie Babes?

    95. Tam The Bam says:

      BBC reporting suddenly all about Leave now whereas from the start of the programme it was all about Remain.

    96. Tam Jardine says:

      The young lady in Coleshill is suggesting between 70% and 80% leave. Holy mother of God.

      This is guid for us, aye? This is what we really wanted, aye?

      If this goes the way it looks like it is going to go we all need to fucking square away any division and get ready for the next push. Unity… no more division

      Caesar! gu brath my friends. Caesar! gu fucking brath

    97. yesindyref2 says:

      This is quite incredible. I’m aleady on my second packet of Taytos.

    98. Almannysbunnet says:

      Ruthie surely said she gets to slay gnats. I mean seriously! She gets her arse handed to her on a plate every Thursday at Holyrood. The woman is seriously deluded.

    99. gardennat says:

      On BBC Dimbleby seems completely uninterested in non English results. Scottish & Irish results just dismissed while he drones on about the “two results we have had” (both English).

    100. mealer says:

      Ruth the Nat slayer,eh?

      I bet she wishes she’d been at Bannockburn.She could have won victory for her masters.

    101. Proud Cybernat says:

      5 results declared and so far Scotland and NI votes keeping England in the EU–just.


    102. heedtracker says:

      Ed Milliband still as boring as ever on BBC. Some people you just tune out and he’s one of them. All of this is down to the endlessly catastrophic Crash Gordon and Bomber Bliar crew. They piled mega tons of money into middle and upper middle class teamGB and the south east, everyone else could just lump it. Biggest shysters always leave the biggest mess.

    103. okkur fljótlega úr þessum brjálaða stéttarfélagi says:

      Scotland vote stay England votes leave Pound fecked, thank god they didn’t want us to share the pound, oh thanks guys, you were doing us a favour?

    104. wee jock poo-pong mcplop says:

      I’ve just come back to this after losing interest when Nigel Fromage conceded defeat at 10pm. I get the impression things may have moved on a bit??

    105. Kevin Evans says:

      Every % point the pound falls equates to the % of no votes moving to yes. Lol

    106. gus1940 says:

      If you thought that the BBC Weather Map was bad try having a look at the one that they are using on the results program – thay don’t even have the excuse of having used a projection from somewhere over The Bay of Biscay.

      Why do they keep banging on about the Pound/Dollar Rate – what about the Pound/Euro Rate.

      I ethat Dimbleby is joining in the Metropolitan adoration of The Roly Poly Ruthsfuhrer.

    107. schrodingers cat says:

      bottle of wine taken a fair dunt

      excuse havering and spleling mitstaeks

      i genuinely have no how this is going, too close to call

      still hoping for perfect storm

      scotland remain 70%
      england and ruk, out by… who cares

    108. Valerie says:

      Wow, more Leave. I suck my teeth in disbelief every time, even though it’s the vibe I’ve picked up

      £ has crashed about 6% and Betfair keeps reducing the chances for Remain.

      It is game on.

    109. Titler says:

      I’ve just come back to this after losing interest when Nigel Fromage conceded defeat at 10pm. I get the impression things may have moved on a bit??

      God it’s terrifying; from what I’m understanding, the working class vote seems to be stronger Leave than the polls suggested, and the rumours are that includes south Wales. but middle class and Scotland are roughly where predicted or slightly ahead on Remain… so the whole thing is way up in the air.

      Bristol looks like it’s massive turn out for the city, not sure of the poorer outside areas yet; my poll place said it wasn’t good but it may have picked up. My feeling is still it’ll be Leave nationally, and the markets seem to be panicking and assuming so now too, the pound is cratering. God help us all.

    110. schrodingers cat says:

      Kevin Evans
      Every % point the pound falls equates to the % of no votes moving to yes.

      if pensions are damaged, there will be a swing from yes 2 no

      are we are watching yes2 being relaunched?

    111. Tam Jardine says:

      schrodingers cat

      I’m with you brother… corona after corona is falling.

      This looks like being tasty for us. We may need to shape up quick smart. The plea for unity is fookin essential. The fissure in the union is opening up. Right now. As we speak and as we type

    112. Valerie says:

      Christ on a bike

      51.6% for Leave @1.08am

    113. K1 says:

      Here’s that Britain Elect link again to keep a tally of the numbers involved in this, you can see quite clearly how close it is as it unfolds, at a glance.

    114. ScottishPsyche says:

      It may well be closer than expected in Scotland but still calling it for Remain here.I really don’t know about the overall vote.

      One thing we see now is that whenever assumptions are made about the Scottish vote, people don’t bother to vote at all – years and years of being taken for granted? Or just letting others take the strain?

      Why do the media do this every time? Is it to deliberately undermine the electorate? It certainly has destroyed the myth that all SNP voters are unthinking drones.

      As for Ruth Davidson, her behaviour is becoming more grandiose and ill-judged with every TV appearance. It is also as if she does not realise we are watching in Scotland and thinking WTF?

    115. K1 says:

      It’s happening, the turn out is incredible in some of these areas coming in for Leave…fuck…

    116. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @Titler –

      ‘God help us all.’


      If you must have a fit, any chance you could keep it to yourself, or do it somewhere else?


    117. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      I’m not watching any telly (I’ll just get annoyed), but has any London results come in yet? Londoners are expected to be generally more in favour of Remain, and there’s a lot of them…

    118. Richardinho says:

      Hoping for a narrow Remain victory with the help of Scottish votes. Just enjoying the drama of it all right now. Pity I have work tomorrow.

    119. Capella says:

      Early yet. John Curtice says that 16.4 million votes are needed to win the referendum. We’ve only had around 700,000 so far. So maybe time to catch some sleep while the count goes on. Looking very interesting though so may not be able to.

    120. K1 says:

      Looks like the only living psepholigsit is expect a 1 to 3% drop in the London turn out because of the…rain…oops

    121. Glamaig says:

      Alex Salmond excellent on BBC! Cameron must be regretting not taking up Nicola’s suggestion of a triple lock on the result LOL

    122. Capella says:

      @ Robert J Sutherland
      The BBC website has updates with tweets giving London results as they are announced.

    123. call me dave says:

      London turnout down due to ? (weather) not good for remain.

      Auntie says: Higher turnouts in leave areas this not good for remain.

      Labour voters darn South deserting Corbyn’s advice to remain.
      Labour losing votes like a sieve darn South.

      N Ireland & Scotland may be getting their chain pulled by leave vote in England by the early results.

      Salmon corrects Dimblebumb on the Orkneys voting to remain (voted not to join EC last time)
      Cut off though before he could give a view on the constitutional implications.

      I’m sure Mr S will get his neb in at some point.

      Oh wait! Salmond get’s a word explaining the points we have been discussing on WoS for a while. Salmond not committing himself to a result yet.

    124. geeo says:

      A certain Mr Salmond having an utter ball on BBC…LOL

    125. heedtracker says:

      Leave winning! Come England. Two issues what won it, England hopeless Euro 2016 and Ruthie Babes tv debate with her smug righteous condescending Scottish tory hoohaa.

      Will Dimbelbee bring on his Scottish tory debate Hero of the hour again? She’s busy slaying nats no doubt.

    126. Tam Jardine says:

      Amazeballs- Humza suggesting it might be a bad night for Nigel Farage down south. How old was that wee clip? 3 hours old? 4 hours? I can’t imagine that is his thinking right now

    127. K1 says:

      Good stuff so far, all Remain for Scotland…what’s the percentage we’re looking for that will ensure that ‘difference’ is noteworthy? Over 60%?

    128. Iain More says:

      I am calling it a night. I have my 24/7 stint at 7 in the morning.

      It looks like England is voting Leave to me and Scotland and NI is voting Remain.

      I cant really take seeing Ruthless and Murray on the goggle box and the coverage is grating on me big time so it is off to bed.

    129. Titler says:

      @Ian Brotherhood

      Somewhere else? Even if a Leave vote triggers a second Indy Ref, you’re part of the UK, as we are, until both the EU and the separation diplomacy is thrashed out… and that could be up to 5 years or more of financial pain and chaos. None of us are going anywhere fast. If you aren’t freaking out about that too, there’s something seriously wrong; which is why I said “help us all”, that includes you, unwelcoming as you may be.

      So I’m staying here thanks, and on other forums, listening to all voices in the UK…

    130. mr thms says:

      Had to laugh at Ruth Davidson claiming on the BBC result programme, that the EU vote in Scotland was down compared to the Scottish Referendum.

      That’s because the rest of the world and EU citizens living in Scotland, on this occasion cannot vote in the EU referendum.

      Almost forgot, there is also a different system for voter registration since the Scottish Referendum.

    131. K1 says:

      This fits into the miscellaneous category of ‘Ye couldnae make it up’:

      According to the Press Association, Google says there has been a more than 250% increase in the number of searches for “what happens if we leave the EU” in the past hour, as early results indicate stronger-than-expected results for Brexit campaigners.

    132. Inkall says:


      59.2% currently it’s been a touch over 60% a couple of times though.

    133. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      On the results in so far, contrary to expectation, N.Ireland seems split. It looks like the Unionist areas are actually for Leave.

    134. call me dave says:

      Ian Davidson (the last labour mohican MP in Scotland) assures STV that a 61% Remain vote in Scotland will overcome a 2% leave vote in England.

      Must have a new calculator. 🙂

    135. K1 says:

      Yeah I know Inkall…was asking does our vote have to be over 60% ‘overall’ for this to be a significant ‘noteworthy’ difference that allows us a mandate to go for Indyref2 should England pull us out of the EU (against our will)…is that the figure % wise that we need to aim for?

    136. yesindyref2 says:

      Scottish vote 61% Remain so far.

    137. Inkall says:

      @Robert J. Sutherland

      Fermanagh and South Tyrone will be an interesting one to see, they voted for the UUP, but also have the largest border with the Republic of any of the border districts.

    138. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      K1 said:

      Google says there has been a more than 250% increase in the number of searches for “what happens if we leave the EU” in the past hour

      Way too effing late to find that out, numpties! (Leave voters or abstainers)

    139. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @Titler (1.44) –

      I appreciate your concern, but I’m not ‘freaking-out’ about anything.

      Bottom-line buddy: your precious ‘UK’ is finished.

      And you know it.

    140. S. MacLennan says:

      Dammit, I have an early start for work in the morning and it’s hard to stop watching this…just seen Alec tutoring Dimbleby on Gaelic pronunciation. Not very well, as it happens, but a bit of unexpected entertainment nonetheless.

    141. Inkall says:


      Ah gotcha I misunderstood.

      60+% would be a pretty solid place to argue from. That said any overall “remain” result will show a concrete difference if England continues at 60% Leave like it currently stands.

    142. K1 says:

      Aye Robert…as I said ye couldnae make it up!

    143. Bill says:

      Can we all Google “What will happen to Ruth Davidson after a Brexit” and see what happens to the stats.

      Watching this from Fiji, local time 1300.

    144. yesindyref2 says:

      I wasn’t too interested in the EU Ref, I thought it would be undecided going for the chicken way out – no change, status quo, easy Remain win. But it looks like they have balls in England – and Wales – and are prepared to go for it. I remember after the Indy Ref, people in Ireland saying we’ve nothing under the kilt in Scotland – absolutely nothing.

      Anyways, it’s looking more and more likely it’ll be one of the two constitutional states for Indy, either Scotland in and UK out, or Scotland keeping the UK in.

      It’s going to be a long night.

    145. Marco McGinty says:

      @mr thms
      That’s because the rest of the world and EU citizens living in Scotland, on this occasion cannot vote in the EU referendum.”

      Correct, but Rancid Ruth won’t let the facts get in the way of her nonsensical pish. My mother, who has lived in Scotland since the 1960s, did not have a vote in the EU referendum.

    146. Tam Jardine says:

      East Renfrewshire votes 74% remain.

      West Lothian votes 58% remain

      Enjoy my friends by all means but we are needing to remain unified and ditch all and any division from now on.

      I will not be taken out of the EU by England and I will not have my children taken out of the EU by England. We are about to step on the Independence superhighway and I hope we are all ready to play our part.

    147. Valerie says:

      Word from Wales is Remain camp not confident. Merthyr Tydfil has voted Leave.

      Bit pathetic hearing pundits blaming rain for poor Remain vote.

    148. K1 says:

      Thanks Inkall, just clarifying…and watching the numbers unfold.

    149. Onwards says:

      Leave now favourite on betfair.

      Going to be a very difficult decision on timing of indyref2.

      Scotland voting 60% remain, but no great enthusiasm for EU and lots of SNP voters for leave.

    150. Kevin meina says:

      Say what you like it looks as if project fear has been humped by the English voter unlike us

    151. schrodingers cat says:

      brexit bigo
      vance cable…. tariff barriers

    152. Ian Brotherhood says:

      Get yer ‘Pants-Down’, right now, on 5Live.

      That’s what the UKOKers don’t get about ‘Scotland’ – we’re sick of hearing these wrinkly bawbags of yore being given endless oxygen to keep jaw-jawing.

      ‘I make this prediction to you…’ he has just sayeth.

      Well, Paddy, plenty folk ‘up here’ have a prediction – you, and your entitled, privileged peers no longer have control over your ‘friends in the North’.

      We’re heading off to do our own thing – you will not stop us.

    153. Dr Jim says:

      Can you hear them or what, I’m going deaf here with the shrieks 55 to 45 was massive in our ref but 60 to 40 isn’t good enough SNP Baad

      Can I just do some banter here and say I’m happy to slay Ian Murray at the drop of a hat, although you wouldn’t hear the fucking hat fall for the noise of the pathetic Labour party bleating

      I’m staying up it’s all got me going here
      I hope my telly survives the night, but that’s only a 60 40 fucking bet and that’s not fucking big enough is it


    154. Tam Jardine says:

      Anyone know of a map showing constituencies that is not about 1 hour behind like the telegraphs?

    155. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      Looking at the BBC map (thanks BTW Capella for the ref), could we possibly end up tomorrow with Scotland completely in yellow and England+Wales (bar London) completely in blue?

      Certainly couldn’t get a clearer indication then of La Difference.

      Tectonic plates, tectonic plates…

    156. Titler says:

      @Ian Brotherhood

      “Bottom-line buddy: your precious ‘UK’ is finished.”

      My precious UK? I can’t stand what it stands for. I’m an internationalist, a socialist not a “Yooner”. I’ve posted such here often enough.

      But if you think the UK is bad now, just you wait until it’s run by UKIP and Boris Johnson and Ann Widdecombe. Did you hear her on BBC World Service just now? “What has Scotland got to offer the EU? They’ll come begging to the UK to keep them”. And, for a good few years, there’s your new national Government, like it or not. Think they’ll offer you a second referendum to escape? Or fair terms if you can get one via Holyrood? I don’t. Life’s going to become terrible for everyone for quite a while…

      Yet why should I care about that with regards to you? Well done on looking like the short sighted nationalist stereotype the hateful media down here claimed. That’ll show them, that’ll take out some of the poison of this referendum. You dumb fuck.

      Still, I continue to feel sorry for everyone else here. Guess who the punishment budget is going to be targeted at? If you’re off out the door anyway, might as well shove your poll right up their tax, eh? You have to really value a piece of cloth more than actual people to get any kind of joy out of this messy, horrible, hate driven night.

      You colossal twat.

    157. CmonIndy says:

      Stv doing all they can to dampen the EU trigger for Indy2.
      They should focus on the catastrophic voting schisms within Con and Labour.

    158. CmonIndy says:

      Glasgow has just taken Remain into a lead.

    159. K1 says:

      Glasgow Result:

      Remain 66.59% Leave 33.41%

    160. bugsbunny says:

      £Billions of wiped off London stocks. Saying that as I type Glasgow 2 to 1 foe remain and remain in the lead for the first time.

    161. K1 says:

      56.21% turnout for Glasgow…very low.

    162. yesindyref2 says:

      Wow, Wandsworth 75% remain. By the way, STV / ITV better than BBC.

    163. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      Titler, Ian B,

      Lighten up, chaps. If it is Brexit, it won’t be good for anyone, N or S of Hadrian’s Wall. And what, if anything, it changes for indy is far too soon to tell.

      Whatever, we must avoid turning on ourselves in frustration about the result. Let Labour and the Tories (with bells on) get on with that!

    164. bugsbunny says:

      WTF is happening with Wales? They are all voting leave.

    165. Valerie says:

      As Jamie Ross, Buzzfeed, tweeted – it’s slowly dawning on lots of politicians, that their weekend plans are fcked.

    166. Flying Scotsman says:

      This is looking fantastic for us imo.
      Let’s see them tell us we are the same on both sides of the border now.
      Bring it on lesser Britain, your days are numbered.

    167. Inkall says:

      DUP voting North Belfast going for Remain by a hair.

      Couple more results like that in “Unionist” areas and Northern Ireland could finish at the 55% remain they are currently on.

    168. Capella says:

      Moray – 49.9 Leave – 50.1 Remain. Could that be the RAF population voting Leave? Quite different to the rest of Scotland so far.

    169. K1 says:

      Moray has voted Remain by a whisker:

      Remain 50.12% Leave 49.88%

    170. yesindyref2 says:

      Ha, Moray remain by 119 votes. GIRUY Tom Harris.

    171. Titler says:

      @Robert J. Sutherland

      Lighten up, chaps. If it is Brexit, it won’t be good for anyone, N or S of Hadrian’s Wall. And what, if anything, it changes for indy is far too soon to tell.

      Exactly. The best result would have been a close Remain which Scotland swung, the fairer (relatively) wing of the Tory party remained in power, and pressure for devolution comes from England instead. Scotland would still have a strong argument for independence, which England and UKIP would likely support, but UKippers wouldn’t be the ones negotiating it.

      A strong win for Leave is the worst of all worlds for everyone. I don’t agree with many people here, but I certainly take no pleasure in knowing what’s coming down the line for you if these results hold. As of 7 o’clock this morning or so, Scotland is out of Europe, as the right to exit belongs to the UK, not a hypothetical future Independent Scotland. The idea of cheering something that you don’t want, shoots yourself in the foot, and all just because you want to upset imaginary “yoons” is insane to me.

      And I suspect the result will hold; I called it earlier (and the Indy ref for that matter), it’s the alienated Labour vote that seems to be swinging it. I don’t blame Corbyn for that, because Labour is still refusing to actually let him be himself (and the media certainly doesn’t want him to get that Old Labour message out). And yes that freaks me out, because it’s going to be a disaster for everyone.

    172. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @Titler –


      Obviously touched a sore-point, but I’m not sure what it was…

      *scans back*

      Aye, okay, so ‘precious UK’ must’ve done it…

      You stated, at 1.44, ‘ You’re part of the UK’.

      Sorry Titler, but you appear to have some kind of basic problem in dealing with people you know nothing about.

      Plenty of indy-supporting folk – of which I am one – do not consider themselves to be part of ‘The UK’, and never will.

      Please cut-out the personal stuff. Does nothing for whatever ‘argument’ you may have had. Basic etiquette is important, and it applies to everyone, even ‘international socialists’.

    173. yesindyref2 says:

      D&G now a bit critical, was estimated about 3.30 for declaration. It would be great if all council areas vote Remain.

    174. gardennat says:

      Changed over to STV on recommendation here. Just had 30 mins of SNP bad from LAB & TORY no SNP in sight.

    175. Petra says:

      @ mr tms @ 1:45am ….

      And no 16 / 17 year olds either.


      Alex Salmond on Dumblebums panel doing us all proud, as usual. Statesmanlike.


      All trying to blame the English Labour Party for high Brexit vote now. Are they in denial or what? This result is down to the Tories. End of.


      Newcastle for Remain? Recount called for.


      Ruth Davidson with her ‘slaying Nats’, SLAYING FGS, comment just highlights that she’s an absolute disgrace, not fit to hold her position and should consider resigning. Compare her with Nicola who has stated that she’s working for ALL Scots, yes and no voters. Davidson on the other hand is constantly castigating around 50% of the populace of Scotland. Madness. She should also remember that people like me are paying her bl**dy wages.


      Average vote in Scotland Remain 62%. Nice. London mostly voting Remain. Glasgows vote dragged a Leave lead back to Remain. Ha, ha, ha! In otherwords it looks as though the Scots and the mass of Johnny Foreigners in London are Cameron’s greatest supporters. What irony.

    176. Flying Scotsman says:

      I couldn’t give a hoot about the rest of the UK.
      I also wish for as much pain for the 55% as is required for them to see common sense.The harsher the tories in charge the better, for it will open a few eyes.
      I am sorry it has come to this, but they had an opportunity to avoid all this in 2014.
      I am only cheering that 55% of my countries populace are now getting EXACTLY what they voted for.

    177. Juan P says:

      Moray voting remain is actually a decent result.

      Large number of RAF and ex-RAF there and the majority will have voted Tory/UKIP or in this case Leave.

    178. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      Scotland still all coloured the same, though Moray was a close call. If that’s an indicator, maybe the north-east could go “leave”. (If there are more fishers than farmers, that is.)

    179. ScottishPsyche says:

      Mid Ulster turnout 61% – very poor effort from the SNP.

    180. Petra says:

      17,000 votes now between Leave and Remain. Leave in the lead. Cameron must be having diahorrea.


      Dumblebum now saying that people with Degrees are more inclined to vote Remain. I reckon he’s talking about England, the English, only. No mention of us …. the most highly educated adults in Europe.

    181. yesindyref2 says:

      I just tune out or make a cup of tea / roll-up (rollie!!) when Murray mint is on. The hole with a mint sooked out of it.

    182. Capella says:

      Aberdeen City is Remain 61.1% Leave 38.9%. Still on track for a Remain Scotland

    183. yesindyref2 says:

      You can now get evens on Remain. Neck and neck on oddschecker too. That’s not good news.

    184. Glamaig says:

      same here, switched to STV and treated to endless Ian Murray, Tom Harris, etc. No SNP at all. Only the dominant party and been in government for 9 yrs after all so why bother with them FFS. At least EBC UK prog had Tasmina and Alex on.

      But it is easier to see results as they come in on STV.

    185. cearc says:

      What a fun night, eh?

      Oi, Stuey,

      Now you tell us that you went to bed at 2.00 on indyref night. While the WOS counting agents were still at the count! Half past bloody eight before our count was done! (mind, our referendum agent cleared off about 2 as well).


    186. call me dave says:

      STV (ITV) have called it 75% certain for a leave vote.

      Low turnout in Scotland has let leave win. 🙂

    187. bugsbunny says:

      ITV has given leave a 75% probability.

    188. Valerie says:

      D&G are Remain well done guys

      It’s only Scotland’s numbers that’s keeping the Remain for UK hovering at 50% and we have a third of all votes in.

      I don’t think even Scotland can keep the UK in now.

    189. call me dave says:

      Cameron toast now.
      He’ll have to seek out a successor in the next couple of months and get along to Queenie’s for a purr and the royal approval!

    190. I blame the Romans.

    191. yesindyref2 says:

      Oddschecker now have Leave at the top, all odds-on.


    192. cearc says:

      The rather sad thing is that many of the english leavers seem to think that losing the EU’s influence will make better the things that are entirely caused by their red/blue tory governments.

      It seems to be a protest vote that can only make things worse for them.


    193. Robert J. Sutherland says:


      Don’t forget London. All the boroughs there will likely tip substantially towards Remain, and numbers are large, so England may end up more balanced than it currently looks.

      Still all to play for, though I’m not holding my breath.

    194. Marconatrix says:

      Dé rinn na Ròmanaich air ar son-na?
      (Sorry, it´s that time of night/morning and it´s all getting a bit silly)

    195. Capella says:

      Highland 56% Remain. The BBC map of Scotland is nearly all coloured in yellow. Only a few more declarations to go. I was planning to get some sleep 2 hours ago but this is too interesting.

    196. mealer says:

      Any word how Bath voted? And how many spoiled ballot papers in the “poorly drawn dick” category?

    197. crazycat says:

      @ Robert J Sutherland

      Haringey is in London – Leave 75.6% according to Britain Elects.

      Might be an error, I suppose.

    198. call me dave says:

      BBC & ITV (STV) all pinning the ‘not good enough’ tail on the Scottish donkey for leave winning.

      Now STV saying 80% certain that it’s a leave win.

      STV experts scratching their heids about what happens next!
      2 years at least to sort it all out.

      They demand to be told what the bad SNP are going to do about it

      I suppose my shares will be in jepoardy… 🙁

    199. Valerie says:

      I’m calling it.

      It’s Brexit, cos there were only 2 London Borough s to declare.

      Every Scottish area is Remain, and England and Wales are Brexit. Not sure on NI.

      This is happening, and I’ve got my black books, and my trainers.

      Nic and the team will be whooping.

    200. Robert J. Sutherland says:


      If that result is correct as stated, then I guess it’s game over. (Maybe that’s why the broadcasters are giving Brexit a significantly more than evens chance now.)

      I just hope that the final Scotland map is coloured all the same. Then another game starts.

      But of all roads to go toward indy, this one will be by far the roughest. Fasten seatbelts, everybody!

    201. K1 says:

      Hackney 78.4% Leave on a turnout of 65.08%

    202. yesindyref2 says:

      Leave up half a million votes, game over.

    203. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      With just 2 results to go, Scotland is currently 62.7% for Remain. That’s a result, if sustained right to the end, upon which to build.

    204. bugsbunny says:

      As of 4.00am 20 out of 22 Welsh Council areas declared. 17 for leave and 3 to remain. 54.5% (761 091) Leave & 45.5% (635 042) Remain, on a 71.7& turnout. 25% living in Wales are English. Does that make a difference?

    205. Petra says:

      England voting leave, leave, leave. “I don’t think even Scotland can keep the UK in now.” Think you’re right Valerie and that’s just perfect.

      Gap getting wider. Leave 300,000 in the lead.

      It just goes to show how out of touch these rUK politicians are, in particular the Tories. They’ve treated the masses, the poor, disabled, unemployed, low paid, single parents, sick and so on, like sh*t and then blamed, scapegoated, immigrants for the misery that they the politicians have created.

      The BBC and corrupt media have a lot to answer for too. Their scaremongering, on behalf of the Government, has backfired on them. Now they, Tories and the BBC, are trying to blame Labour for their disgusting behaviour. I also like to think that their treatment of the Scots has come back to bite them on the er*e. Could be that the English could see right through their lies, weren’t daunted by the scaremongering, because they witnessed it all two years ago.

      If it’s a Brexit and Boris takes over is big mouthed Buffalo Bill going to announce that the Scottish Tories are going to breakaway? With every constituency in Scotland voting Remain will Farage and Johnston now tread warily in relation to the Scots? Will many rUK EU employees now be out of a job? Will other EU countries now call for a Referendum, such as Sweden? Questions, questions. So much at stake.

    206. malcolm says:

      Looks like the game is on again folks. Suddenly having Alex as are European Spokesman looks to be a very wise decision.

    207. K1 says:

      That’s weird Hackney is actually 78.48% Remain on same turnout, that was definitely not the same result on Britain Elects when I posted my earlier comment about this.

    208. Brian McHugh says:

      I know less of what is going on in England than I thought… the BBC map of England blue and Scotland it’s now normal yellow is a picture that tells a thousand words.

    209. Inkall says:


      Just a data input error, they did the same thing earlier with East Ayrshire got the remain and leave numbers swapped around but quickly took it down and put it the right way round.

    210. cearc says:


      It was an error, they reposted the right way round and apologised.

      They did it earlier (Haringay, I think). Just getting so used to putting the big number in the leavebox!

    211. crazycat says:

      @ K1

      What about Haringey? Did they mis-report that too?

    212. K1 says:

      Thanks guys…thought I was losing it there for a minute…

    213. Inkall says:

      Fermanagh & South Tyrone went Remain despite being a DUP seat, having the long border with the Republic did make the difference I guess.

      Northern Ireland pretty much sure to be 55% Remain with only Newry & Armagh to declare and likely to be at least 60% Remain if they vote in line with the other 2 Sinn Féin seats.

    214. Robert J. Sutherland says:


      Don’t know about Buffalo Gal. There was a lot of bluff & bluster in her position (what’s new?), and there was quite a lot or room left for trimming. It will be a fine test of her integrity, though.

      Let’s see who else quickly pays out on that cheque they wrote. Who do you reckon will be first across the line in the indy conversion stakes?: Henry McLeish, Wee Willie Winkie or the Herald? Kez, even? (I don’t think “last-man-standing” Murray was ever in the running, somehow.)

    215. Petra says:

      @ cearc at 3:30am …..

      Spot on cearc and it’s an absolute tragedy.

      The EU open border policy has also been a MASSIVE mistake, imo, and many other EU countries are not one bit happy about it. If it’s not dealt with, reversed, I can see the EU totally disintegrate.

      Leave on 52%. Remain on 48%. John Curtis stated recently in the Sun that either would have to get over 52% to avoid Scotland swinging the vote.

    216. Valerie says:

      It’s shocking,like lemmings.

      It’s what I’ve seen on social media, and the kippers and angry Labour types are motivated to shake things up, but this is pretty mad.

      The £ has fell like a brick.

      We live in interesting times.

    217. Ghillie says:

      For once Edinburgh has done the right thing!

      Come on Scotland! Lets show the world what we are made of!

      Solid Gold!

    218. K1 says:

      I fully expect The Herald to declare it’s altered position if indeed this is a Brexit vote tomorrow. In fact I expect to see a lot of No voters get their fucking act together pronto, if this does go the way it seems to be going.

    219. Ghillie says:

      I am so proud of Scotland today and so excited about what this could mean for our future = )

      But my heart is sinking for the people of England. What have they done?

    220. Capella says:

      At last – Dumfries and Galloway in and they are Remain 53.1%
      I’ve been waiting for Aberdeenshire (where I live) to declare but for some reason it’s delayed. So may call it a night. But the Scotland map is looking good.

    221. K1 says:


      Remain 43,864, 53.06% Leave 38,803, 46.94%

    222. Inkall says:

      Well done people of Dumfries & Galloway, I’m sorry I doubted you.

      Looks like all gold Scotland is a shoe in unless the holiday homes of Aberdeenshire let the side down.

    223. Inkall says:

      Welp, Aberdeenshire result went in right as I hit submit.

      All Scottish areas for remain. 62% remain overall.

      Us and Northern Ireland have some talking to do.

    224. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      I just love the look of the map. But when the counting is over, there will likely still be over 1M Scottish fudricks in the bag for Leave. Seems like Christmas has come early this year for the turkeys!

    225. Capella says:

      Aberdeenshire 55%. Good. That’s a beautiful golden map. Off to bed happy.

    226. K1 says:

      It’s being called for Leave on BBC And ITV

    227. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      IT’S PURE GOLD!!

    228. Glamaig says:

      full house!! Scotland all yellow!! never seen anything like it!

    229. crazycat says:

      @ Inkall

      Fermanagh and South Tyrone is held by the UUP not DUP; they put up an single unionist candidate in order to defeat Sinn Féin. I think UUP were for Remain, though the fact that there was only a single candidate means that the seat itself can’t, perhaps, be labelled “UUP”.

      @ cearc

      Thanks for the information about Haringey; you posted while I was waiting for mine to appear.

    230. bugsbunny says:

      Looks like all of Scotlands votes been counted and declared. Al majority remain. Wales 17 leave and 5 remain. We are even different from the Welsh.

    231. Ghillie says:

      OH WOW!!!


      = )

    232. Vambomarbeley says:

      Well done Scotland. So proud.

    233. cearc says:

      Yep, we’ve done it! Every Scottish authority!

      The whole maps yellow.

    234. Taranaich says:

      God almighty.

    235. yesindyref2 says:

      Yeah, shocking. Scotland all council areas now in, 62.0% Remain overall. The UK is ficked, taking out Scotland’s contribution to Remain, I make it about 46.5% Remain in the rUK, possibly less. Such a huge divide between Scotland and rUK, and a divide in all the other countries of the UK.

      Possibly the only saver for the UK economy is if Referendums spring up in other EU countries, and the EU itself takes emergency action. Including a very urgent top to bottom reform program. Which to be honest is unlikely.

      Yeak, game on for Indy Ref 2, but I think many of us are wary about it in these circumstances, A few years of shit ahead of all of us.

      Cameron and Osborne will be gone, and I’d say very possibly an early General Election for the UK.

      To be honest I’m quite upset and I’m off to my pit.

    236. dormant says:

      Glamaig says:
      24 June, 2016 at 4:42 am

      full house!! Scotland all yellow!! never seen anything like it!

      That map is so telling.

    237. Al Dossary says:

      Pure comedy gold. Just up, TV is on for the first time since I got back from Saudi 2 weeks ago – and on the BBC no less.

      I wonder was the strong stay result in Scotland due in part to the fact that all the holiday home owners and migrant workers – especially in Aberdeen who voted No 2 years ago chose to exercise their vote in their own home town.

      Clear precedent for the next Indy ref to exclude anyone who has not been resident for at least 5 years and to forensically investigate the voters role.

    238. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      Final result in Scotland:

      Remain 62.0%
      Leave 38.0%

      That’s an outstanding result that no-one can doubt.

      Now we just need an indy vote the same…

    239. PJM says:

      EU state aid rules might have pissed off the Welsh. It has to be said there’s also a lot of English retirees in Wales. Plus some seriously depressed communities. I’m not surprised.

    240. Inkall says:


      Thanks for the correction, I think South Antrim got me mixed up.

      South Antrim is UUP but narrowly went leave presumably as a result of the DUP numbers there being fairly comparable to the UUP.

    241. Vambomarbeleye says:

      Has the old wumin with the magic hat been purring down the phone.

    242. Kevin Evans says:

      Holy shit – what have they done.

    243. crazycat says:

      @ Inkall

      I think it’s acceptable to be less than crystal clear about NI politics 🙂 !

    244. Bean an Tighe says:

      To think that folk were threatened with being put out of or not allowed to join the EU if we voted yes in 2014 -and many fell for that!

    245. Petra says:

      @ Robert at 4:29am …. “First across the line in the Indy conversion stakes.”

      Well Robert one thing for sure is that the block mass of yellow indicates clearly that there is a massive divide between north and south. Do you reckon those Scottish Unionist political parties that put their allegiance to Westminster before Scotland are going to have to take a rain check now? And the Johnny liars in the Press. Are they going to change their ways?

      As to Ruth the Mooth she probably never imagined in her wildest dreams that Leave would win, hence the bravado.

      John Curtis stuttering and stammering. Another one to keep an eye on. He who advised everyone to give their 2nd vote away in the Holyrood election.

      Well it’s a Brexit right enough. I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that renowned astrologers had predicted this followed by Scottish Independence by the end of 2018 …. beginning of 2019. Greece out next and the EU totally unraveling.

      Feeling pretty sorry for the ordinary English people this morning, who can never escape the Westminster hellhole and for the poor EU immigrants who must be feeling so insecure.

    246. desimond says:

      Wee Ruthie for the Houses of Commons or just securing her tenure in The Lords… I can see her as Theresa Mays champion bulldog come the morn

    247. Phronesis says:

      Scotland has spoken as a nation- Broken Britain indeed. Mr Farage may come to regret his Declaration of Independence. We can anticipate now from our stellar political class that Boris will become PM,Gove for deputy and Farage for Foreign secretary.

      Indyref2 is now a necessity. As we extract UKOK from the EU,Scotland should be preparing for its own Independence Day.This is the tipping point.

    248. Macart says:

      Cheers K1.

      Main thread hadn’t shown up on screen for some reason and its taken a restart to see anything.

      Must be a fair dose of traffic out there, even at this time of the morning.

      I think we know the coming tenor of the new push for independence planned for this summer. That would be the last cornerstone of BTs pledges and commitments biting the the dust then.

      Who knew?

    249. Inkall says:

      Newry & Armagh in with the 60% I expected for remain.

      Final Northern Ireland result:
      55.8% Remain
      44.2% Leave

    250. Dr Jim says:

      Jist Shockerooney man, Waow!!

      Bute House is going to be besieged and surrounded by an army of newspaper diddies this morning hoping for the big headline they’re not going to get
      The FM can and will take her own sweet time to let the enemy plunge themselves further into darkness before she makes a move on this

      It’ll be interesting to see how the Daily Record keeps making this case for Better Together

      Can not believe it man jist Shockerooney

    251. Simon Curran says:

      So what happened to all those Unionist promises about the only way to stay in the European Union was to vote No? I just hope anyone who voted No will now be waking up to the massive lies they’ve been told.

    252. Swiss Perspective says:

      Have just woken up to a nightmare.

      This is bad for everyone in Europe.

      Although I would have preferred to wait until 2021 for Indy2, I think the SNP have to push for it now in order to see Scotland qualify as the successor state for EU treaties.

      With the £ down by 10% against other major currencies within the space of a few hours, and worse economic news to follow in the coming months (e.g. watch the London property bubble burst spectacularly), it’ll become an economic non-brainer.

      … and as for the currency question? Many will become only too happy to quit the quid.

    253. Macart says:

      Take it you guys have been keeping an eye on the performance of the pound overnight.

      9% drop and they’re expecting it to drop further.


    254. Petra says:

      @ Al Dossary at 4:50am … “Not been resident for at least five years.”

      Exactly Al plus exit polls, scrutiny / monitoring of votes being taken from A to B, International overseers at the counting houses, holiday home owners barred, no breach of purdah, scrutiny of postal votes, checking barcodes etc, etc.

      Lots of talk going on now about the Constitutional problems, Indyref2 and so on. Seems as though instead of sneering at the idea it’s now become the norm …. expected.

      Hoping that Johnstone and Farage will just say go away you financial liability; rebellious Scots. You’ve got it. Got your Independence, lol.

    255. galamcennalath says:

      Better Together (finally) R.I.P.

    256. theMadMurph says:

      Didn’t bother staying up. A bit surprised at the result.

      Sent my daughter £50 last night to go for a birthday meal. That got me just over $100 NZ. This morning the same amount gets $91.

      We live in interesting times!

    257. Macart says:

      Looks as though all channels are settling on 62+% and all local authorities for remain in Scotland.

      Brace yourselves.

    258. Ken500 says:

      The Tories strike again.


      Bye bye Union

    259. Kevin Evans says:

      Tom Harris is a right tosser huh.

      I think it’s safe to say the greens with support indyref2 now.

    260. Ken500 says:

      EU citizens were not allowed to vote. Cameron is completely stupid. It should be declared null and void.

    261. Ken500 says:

      The was no exit Poll because it was a unique event. Nothing to compare it.

    262. Macart says:

      Approx. 2-2.5 years in a negotiating period. Time enough to focus some minds on the catastrophic failure of BT/HMG to deliver on any of their pledges and assurances over the past 21 months.

    263. Bob Mack says:

      Arrogance, xenophobia, and a sense of entitlement, prevails in the end. Everything is now in place to allow the SNP the chance for indy ref2 . The English will, of course claim we are subject to the same democratic will of “all” the people

      I think the implications of this ludicrous decision will herald a day of reckoning soon enough on the English public. Scotland must now forge it’s own way in the world

    264. K1 says:

      8 questions that Cameron has to answer: Andrew Sparrow on the Guardian feed…lists the questions this is the eighth one:

      ‘8 – Does Cameron accept that the Scots have the right to have a second independence referendum? During the campaign he said the 2014 referendum was supposed to last for a generation, but there were some moments during the campaign when he accepted that the Scots would have a case for demanding a second referendum if they voted to stay in the EU while the UK as a whole voted out. And that is what has happened’

      Kevin Evans right on cue from the Guardian feed:

      ‘Patrick Harvie, the Scottish Green party co-leader, has signalled his party could support a second independence referendum if that was called for by Scotland’s first minister Nicola Sturgeon.

      The Scottish Greens announced they had launched a public petition calling for Holyrood to “examine and exhaust every option for continuing Scotland’s close ties with Europe” – a move which would include staging a second vote.

      Describing the Brexit campaign as “deceitful, manipulative and at times downright racist”, Harvie said it would damage the economy and tear up the many benefits of EU membership.

      He said: “Scotland must keep open every option for protecting ourselves from this threat. The Scottish parliament and government must be represented in the negotiations about what comes next. A cross-party plan of action should be sought, so we can defend our rights as EU citizens.”

      With the SNP two seats short of an overall majority at Holyrood, Sturgeon would need the six votes of the pro-independence Scottish Green party to win a Scottish parliament vote calling for a second referendum.

      The Scottish Greens have previously said they would only back a second vote if 1 million voters called for one. Many observers believe Sturgeon will resist pressure to demand one until opinion polls show far stronger support for breaking away.’

    265. bugsbunny says:

      JK Rowling tweeted “Scotland will seek Independence now”. “Cameron’s Legacy is breaking up two Unions”. 37 665 votes needed by Leave to win the Referendum.

    266. Rongorongo says:

      I think we should offer to take Gibraltar with us when we go. Would do wonders for our average temperature.

    267. bugsbunny says:

      Job done. Remain can no longer win. Leave have won with 8 council areas still to give their results. at 6.01am. It’s time for Independence.

    268. bugsbunny says:

      Pound to dollar has plunged 21 cents since midnight. $1.55 to $1.34. 6 council areas to declare.

    269. Mick DIAMOND says:

      It was the sun wot won it.

    270. David says:

      EU Referendum result:
      Scotland: Lose
      Hoofwanking Bunglecunts: Win

    271. Brian Powell says:

      It would make sense for Nicola Sturgeon to now get over the Brussels and try to get some clarification on Scotland and the EU.

    272. Brian Powell says:

      Having done all they can to make Scotland weak with the Smith proposals, doing nothing with their No vote, Labour and the LibDems will now find, to their surprise,that with this result they have left Scotland in a weak position.

    273. Inkall says:

      So does this mean Iceland and Northern Ireland get automatic progression into the next round of Euro 2016?

    274. Al Dossary says:

      The Labour Party – the gift that keeps on giving.

      Two of their members – god know s who, i really did not pay much attention – this morning basically told 54% of the English population that they had made the wrong decision. How stupid are these people ?

      The sensible answer is to state that you are dissapointed at the result, but that as a politician in a democracy we have to respect the will of the people.

      Their head is really up their own as with their own visions of self-importance.

    275. schrodingers cat says:

      the perfect storm

      Philip Hammond, Scotland is better to face current economic melt down together. He actually used that phrase #EUref

    276. Brian Powell says:

      Just listened to Jeremy Corbyn, apparently on Prozac, talking as if discussing a change in a Education Bill, or trying to increase workers pay by half a percent.

    277. schrodingers cat says:

      he was jus’ overcome wi’ emotion brian, so he was

    278. heedtracker says:

      Our EU citizenship, gone. Referendum 2 please.

      At least we wont have to endure frauds like Vote and SLab ranting away at us. BBC IV language selection very creepy today.

    279. heedtracker says:

      If Cammers jacks it in, Ruth Davidson can fcuk off too.

    280. heedtracker says:

      PM BoJo. Ruthie babes has to quit. New Scottish tory leader awaits, its his destiny

      Adam Tomkins MSP ?@ProfTomkins Jun 21
      Dreadful night for Leave. They’ve finished bottom of their group and will not make the knock-out rounds. Ruth top. Sadiq runner-up.

    281. Lenny Hartley says:

      Think it was Chomsky that said “the Masses will always vote against their own best interests” I think that interest rates will need to go up to try and encourage investors to buy UK bonds/guilds otherwise the IMF is gonna be calling.

      Might be a wee bit of short term pain for Scotland but Indy here we come 😉

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