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Let’s get the party started

Posted on April 01, 2016 by

Because this just happened:

And that’s about as close to a guarantee as you’ll get, readers.

Because it comes to you from this guy:


(Spectator Coffee House, 29 July 2015)



If John McTernan says Scotland won’t become independent, we’re ordering bunting.

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    257 to “Let’s get the party started”

    1. jimnarlene says:

      The man’s a fantasist.
      Though I do hope he’s as right with that prediction, as he was with the rest.

      “55%, probably more now”…. My arse.

    2. kailyard rules says:

      Nostroternan , the Professor of Pish , and Captain Fabian walked into a pub in Govan……….

    3. Dan Huil says:

      That’s it! Independence assured!

    4. Bob Mack says:

      Whatever this “ORACLE” states ,then the reverse is invariably true. He appears to have an unerring gift for getting it wrong,and usually 100% of the time.

      McTernan, Mc Dougall Hothersall, Dugdale.

      What a line up——-for the opposition.

    5. Hamish McTavish says:

      I see that he had to think about whether it was the aye’s or the naw’s he was about to associate with the 55%

      The man’s an arse. And not a very good one at that.

    6. Proud Cybernat says:

      Mr McTeary – the people of Scotland are DONE with Labour. When will that dawn on you? And it doesn’t matter how much you get your BBCSLAB loudhailer to pump their SLAB propaganda into our living rooms, it ain’t gonna work. You’re a busted flush. Your lot have been outed. Your goose is cooked. We’ll be conned no more. Noo – away and make yourself useful. Like in Australia or somewhere.

    7. Socrates MacSporran says:

      There are lies, damned lies and John McTernan predictions.

    8. bobajock says:

      Fool. Appropriate.

      Ugh – I hate Labour and what it is now.

    9. Les Wilson says:

      My fav quote here is ” Jim will sort Scotland out, so we do not have to worry about that!”
      Ha Ha Ha Ha,and that is just remembering Jim as a zombie after the count!

    10. Papadox says:

      Lord McTeirnan of talkspish. As sharp as a tennis baw.

    11. ROBBO says:

      Voters are at long last realising that Labour is not in the business of making people successful because they know a successful and independent Scotland will have no further use for Labour.

    12. jimnarlene says:

      @ Proud Cybernat,

      He already helped out, in Australia. (Snigger)

    13. Andrew Davidson says:

      A fantasist and a Tory.

      Almost convinced he is an actual blue Tory plant in the red Tory party because he’s not socialist or even democrat, he’s just an old school Tory wet.

    14. bjsalba says:

      Is he still on the SLab payroll?

    15. Les Wilson says:

      Sorry, O/T this just hit my mailbox. It will please Cameron, not!

      “Trump has said he wants Britain to rebuild Hadrian’s Wall.

      “They need to build a wall,” the murophile told a rally last night.

      “And they need to get England to pay for it.”

      Trump is concerned that too many English are making their way north, to the detriment of Scotland, where he likes to remind people his mother came from.

      “When England sends its people, they’re not sending their best,” he told a bemused interviewer shortly after the rally.

      “They’re sending golfers. Hikers. Stand-up comedians for the Edinburgh Fringe.”

      Asked why, as a US presidential candidate, he felt the need to comment on such specifically British issues, Trump pursed his lips, made a kind of a face, and looked into the middle distance.”

      No joke here, he really said it!

    16. Grouse Beater says:

      Verbal re-treads, and to match, a face like an old worn tyre.

      More background and groans:

    17. Dr Jim says:

      I watched that interview where the interviewer quietly allowed McTernan to ramble on becoming more and more deranged as time went on

      Yes I suffered the entire hour of McTernan lunacy and lunacy it was, this man should be a gift to the Simpsons, if anybody in America knew who he was that is

      McTernan is so far gone now he’s become a corruption of himself, a political Katie Hopkins only in a nursing home somewhere waiting for someone to bring him his nice wee bit of fish for his dinner as he reminisces over his lost love Tony (Those were the days) Blair

      “I was in Australia you know” appearing in a wee bubble over his bewildered Napper as a tiny tear makes it’s way down his face only to be licked up at the corner of his mouth,

      Because he hates waste you know

    18. Fraser says:

      It’s NostroBAMus

    19. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @Dr Jim –

      I watched it too, in chunks.

      He did come out with another pearler at approx 8m15s – ‘We (ie SLab) saved Scotland from penury’.

      It’s the way he tells ’em!

    20. heedtracker says:

      Whatever your opinion, Scotland NOT becoming independent is far very from clear. The Vow historic fraud was one thing that might have made it clear. But look at how UKOK yoonster’s have used what ever The Vow shyste actual is and try to seriously harm Scotland.

      Very EVEL unclear.

    21. Bob Sinclair says:

      We all know the expression ‘a good day to hide bad news’. Today is a good day to hide a Slab press release as it will be masked by all the other April Fool stuff.

    22. Arbroath1320 says:

      55% of Scots want to stay in the United Kingdom, it’s probably a larger number now!

      Good grief! 😉

      I think this closet BLUE Tory has really lost the plot. Yes, yes, yes I know folks he never had hold of the plot in the first place but JEEZ! 😀

      I hope that isn’t wee Ozzy the Towel Folder’s private stash oor Johnny the Incredible has been snorting before making that wee video. 😀

    23. Iain says:

      So, is it an April fool or not????? Hmmm. Well, it’s a fool anyway.

    24. Ian Brotherhood says:

      The SLab gobshite currently on The Big Debate is called Craig Miller (sp?). Quite possibly top-five most annoying voices ever broadcast…

      Anyone know anything about him?

    25. Inverclyder says:

      The Puppetmaster General and mastermind behind the resurgent Scottish Labour Branch Office surfaces from Central Command.

      There’s no stopping them now!


    26. Nuada says:

      CANNOT understand why this man is given a living by unionists. If he says “fair weather”, you know it’s going to rain. I mean, what gives?

    27. Capella says:

      Is he on Labour’s payroll? No. I think he will be on Nicola’s payroll with that unerring gift for prediction.

    28. scotsbob says:

      While we are on Youtube videos a chap called Scott Arthur is posting an average of 3 pro Labour/anti SNP a day. He needs to be corrected on some of his facts and figures.

    29. Almannysbunnet says:

      Is he living on an uninhabited island in the South China seas? He’s definitely living in a world of his own. Is their a category in the Guinness book of records for the worst political predictions ever? He’d walk it.

      It’s awesome to see how the human mind processes information. Something is clearly cross wired in his heid.

    30. chris kilby says:

      Cassandra has spoken!

      (Or is that “Nostrabamus…?”)

    31. Valerie says:

      @Ian B

      Have to agree, very whiny voice from Mr Millar, never heard of him before.

      Another thing that annoys me greatly about the Big Debate, is that Caron Lindsay seems to be there every week for the Lib Dems. Bloody sick of hearing her.

      Well done to those that can stomach an hour of McTernan. I simply couldn’t.

      I like kailyards name – Nostroternan. 🙂

    32. Almannysbunnet says:

      McTernan needs a new name. Fit aboot Nostradumbass

    33. Wulls says:

      stu…….Dod your mum not tell you not to mock the afflicted 🙂

    34. mumsyhugs says:

      “And lo, a cry of “pish” rang out!” 🙂 Now come on folks, no sniggering at the back there! 🙂

    35. Calum McKay says:

      This is the same guru who declared “Jim will sort it” when speaking about Jim Murphy and the 2015 General election when labour in Scotland won “ONE SEAT”!

      McTernan is a visionary with no vision!

    36. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @meself –

      re Craig Miller…

      Could well be the dude who features in this –

    37. Onwards says:

      I don’t understand why McTernan doesn’t just join the Tories.

    38. Capella says:

      There was a Craig Miller who wrote for the Scotsman, sports correspondent I think. Always thought it was a nom de plume as there is a district of Edinburgh called Craigmillar.

    39. Sandra says:

      Elsewhere in that interview he claimed Nicola Sturgeon is a Blairite. And it wasn’t quite April Fool’s Day.

    40. Dorothy Devine says:

      ” Gobshite” I love that word! I don’t know whether to thank the Irish or the Liverpudlians or both.

    41. Morag says:

      Bwahahahaha. That’s a belter.

    42. starlaw says:

      Reminds me of Hitler’s last days in the bunker. Seriously deluded, full of hope and belief in the great victories that lay before him and his great armies, blind to the reality of off the situation.

    43. shiregirl says:

      Ah, the great soothsayer/augur speaketh.

      What pish will he prognosticate next I wonder?

      Not sure what it is about him, but he kinda gives off bad juju… just get unsettling vibes when I see his moany, angry, stern pus on the tv.

      Or maybes I am being a trifle unfair to him.

    44. Luigi says:

      Every day seems to be April 1st in the McTernan fantasy world, that strange place he inhabits, along with his fellow red tory seers (It would take all day to list them). With advisers like these (and politicians that lack the wit to ignore them), is it any wonder that Labour have crashed and burned so spectacularly?

    45. Simon says:

      I’m a bit disappointed with the quality of this April Fool.

      The Divine J. McTernan, Soothsayer to the MSM is correct in his assertion that the days of the SNP are numbered. Scotland will never be Independent, it’s now official.

      I for one am relieved that this nightmare has now come to an end and we can all move on and reclaim our rightful place at the feet of our Glorious Leader Milliband.

      I fully expect our FM Mr. Murphy to be on the phone to the PM requesting you be shut down.

    46. Free Scotland says:

      Listening to the ever joyful john mcternan is like being savaged by a dead sheep.

    47. K1 says:

      John McTernan, the thinki…naw, a’ve goat nothin’.

    48. mike cassidy says:

      I offer wingers this with no comment whatsoever.

      ps that’s me covering my ass in case it is a very elaborate april fool.

    49. HandandShrimp says:

      John and Tony Blair and others successfully transformed the Labour Party into a Clinton style copy of the Democrats. They are centre right neo-liberals.

      There will be a battle for the soul of the Labour Party. I am not convinced that Corbyn’s time is anything other than a pause along the path that John and Co were travelling. However, the failings of the Tories are giving Jeremy a leg up and the notion of David Miliband picking up the pieces may be deferred for the moment.

      If David Miliband were to succeed Corbyn and Hillary were to be US President then I think the journey would recommence at pace.

    50. One_Scot says:

      The man is clearly an idiot. What I don’t understand is why the Yoon media give him so much air time.

    51. Anagach says:

      The man does not look well, and seems a little lost.

    52. galamcennalath says:

      He keeps appearing because he says what the colonial media want to hear.

      His analytical skills, or lack of, are irrelevant.

    53. Jimmy the pict says:

      How about Nostrwronguss

    54. Inverclyder says:


    55. ian says:

      He’s a shoe in for a job with the OBR.

    56. bugsbunny says:

      This is, after all APRIL FOOLS DAY.

      Perhaps he was having a laugh and taking the piss.

      What a moron of the highest order.

      Spar and other shops we’re giving away a free copy of the Telegraph. Refused it as I don’t want to artificially inflate their sales.


    57. Andrew Mclean says:

      He is indeed the prime representation of “fool”

      For the definitive description of sycophant – scroll down here

    58. Bob Mack says:


    59. heedtracker says:

      John and Tony Blair and others successfully transformed the Labour Party into a Clinton style copy of the Democrats. They are centre right neo-liberals.

      They’d answer back, the UK is centre right and they’re doing what they do to get power.

      Anyway red tories like John here are more than just Snatcher Thatcher’s greatest achievement, present day England is.

      Red tories lost control of their Scotland region but to take it back, they need two different timelines. Tell centre right England its the UK of greatness. Then tell Scotland its shithole run by deluded clowns.

      Even if this double narrative doesn’t work next May, its still going down well in England and providing a good UKOK living for spin docs like John.

      It gets him into BBC studio’s in front of Murdoch’s henchman and goons like Ligger Neil for starters. Who’s shaped and moulded the English centre right today? All of the above.

    60. Karmanaut says:

      Nawstradamus has spoken.


    61. Jack Murphy says:

      ‘GuidoFawkes’ seems to have rumbled Mr McTernan last year.

      …………………..AJOCKALYPSE NOW…………………

      ‘The Curse of McTernan’

      “The scalping of Jim Murphy and the capitulation of Scottish Labour are a cruel addendum to the long and illustrious CV of Labour spinner John McTernan. Such other career achievements of the party’s panglossian media cheerleader should not be overlooked………………………………”

      GuidoFawkes is no friend of Scottish independence,but they’ve got Mr McTernan right.

    62. Richard MacKinnon says:

      Although I dont have much time for John McTernan I am afraid to say I think he might be right. Why? Because if there ever was another referendum on Scottish independence and that is a big if, the unionists will never be as chaotic in their campaign as they were in the run up to 2014, which as we know they won.
      The only chance of a constitutional crisis precipitating another Scottish referendum is the UK in/out referendum in JUne. England would have to vote to leave and Scotland vote to stay, and that I dont think that is going to happen. As with our referendum I believe the establishemnt will rally to the staus quo and the UK will vote to remain a part of EU. If and when that happens Cameron will be able to say to the SNP “you lost one refernedum but I got you the result you wanted with the second, so that is it, constitutional issues have been cleared up. Go and run Scotland”.
      Just because you dont like someone it should not mean you dont listen to what they have to say.

    63. Connor McEwen says:

      Ah yes April fools day.
      Is it true that J. K. Rowling is going to write in the style of Beatrix Potter.
      Allegedly, the title of her new book is “Toad David of Wastehall”. With a charming foreword by Giddy Muttley Osborne.
      Another one is that JK is copying Charles Dickens where Bankers and Tory Lobbyists only are allowed extra from the gruel pot, while Oliver twist and the disabled are sent up the chimney without food.

    64. John Edgar says:

      Labour UK were needed to break the Tory establishment stranglehold at Westminster and deliver devolution. Labour, fundamentally, were never really true devolutionists. Wilson had to force Slabber to consider it. He knew that UK Labour depended on Scots Labour MP’s to give a Labour majority. Callaghan’s first devolution bill was scuppered by a Scottish MP for an English constituency introducing the 40% rule. Latterly, it was under Blair that devolution was passed to save Labour’s position in Scotland until better together. Robertson, the former Labour MP referred to his country as a minor entity in North Britain and Brown referred to himself as a North Briton! How tjings have changed. Now Labour are a minor entity in Scotland along with the Tories and LibDems.

    65. Proud Cybernat says:

      @ Richard MacKinnon

      “…you lost one refernedum…”

      “…you were cheated out of one referendum…”

      There. Fixed that for you.

      Fcat is there will be a neverendum until such time as WM actually conducts a clean and fair campaign and until such time as it keeps to the pre-vote promises it makes. If WM had played by the purdah rules etc and had fully delivered its Vow promise then they would almost certainly have taken the wind out of the Indy movement as I believe a majority of people would have given full, proper Devo-Max a fair go.

      WM has done none of that and that is why the battle continues, that is why the question remains far from settled. And if WM does the same again in IndyRef#2 then IndyRef#3 will follow in pretty short order. And, if need be, IndyRef#4. And so it will continue until such time as WM can play by the rules and keep its promises.

    66. Big Jock says:

      Incredible that the same man who accuses the SNP of being militant dictators. Tells the people of Scotland that there will be no referendum. Great version of democracy these unionists have.

    67. Jim McIntosh says:

      Scottish Labour don’t seem to understand its over for them. The BBC don’t help. A few nights ago Glen Campbell on the evening news said when discussing Kezia “thousands of her labour supporters voted YES at the referendum and she has to convince them….blah blah”.

      Did he miss the election last year? Most Labour voters who voted YES have already changed their allegiance and won’t be returning soon.

      As for the ones that are left, Scottish Labour is stuck between a rock and a hard place. Assume their voters are split between Blairites and Corbynistas. A semi-autonomous Scottish Labour party will be too right wing for the Conbynistas so they will consider RISE or Green. The Blairites will think we are not autonomous enough so will be worried about being controlled by the Corbynistas in London, so will vote Tory because there isn’t a fag paper of difference between them and New Labour.

    68. frankieboy says:

      Does somebody keep him locked in a cupboard and bring him out only to open his gob on TV? He doesn’t seem to know very much about anything. Perhaps he is trying to get a job in the OBR. He’d fit in perfectly there.

    69. Proud Cybernat says:

      “Tells the people of Scotland that there will be no referendum. Great version of democracy these unionists have.”

      The irony is, Jock, there is no reason on earth why any of the Unionist parties in Scotand can’t call the SNP’s ‘bluff’, and lance the Indy boil by calling an Indy referendum themselves i.e. putting it in their SE2016 manifesto. Afterall, Cameron is against independence from Europe but he still called a referndum on the issue (was forced to call one).

      Would Dippity Dug be brave enough to put such a promise in SLAB’s SE2016 manifesto? Come on, Dippity – what you afraid of?

    70. Dr Jim says:

      @Richard MacKinnon

      Good try but no cigar for that one

      Not a question of whether anyone likes McTernon or otherwise,every single one of his past predictions have been wrong which makes it pretty clear whatever he thinks is more than likely to be the opposite

      As to what Davie Cameron says or doesn’t say Scotlands constitutional decisions are not his to make, he can bump his gums as they say, but that’s about it, unfortunately for Cameron Scotland’s a country, we’re not a region of England

      In the United Kingdom there are only two Kingdoms and we’re one of them, so when we go there is no United Kingdom or even (rest of) they’ll have to change the name (see Robert Peffers for full history on that one)

      However I do agree they will pull out every threat they have to stop us but the financial argument won’t fly next time so he’ll probably have to go down the strategic terror route of mass invasions by terrible bad people and Martians

      Whoops!! they did the Martians, scratch that one, so just Vlad the impaler Putin then, except of course if Vlad likes a wee bit of fish, because we haven’t been allowed to sell him any for a while so he might end up our pal

      We could ask McTernan and if he says we’re at risk of invasion then Independence it is without question

    71. yesindyref2 says:

      Ah yes, now I get it.

      It was the Silent Majority voted for Labour in May 2011.

    72. DerekM says:

      Deary me John you could have at least tried to look like you were convinced in what you were saying but i guess that comes with being a non entity inside a political non entity.

      When are you joining the blue tories go on do us a favour.

      Same old yoons whatcha scared of yoons a little democracy hmmm.

      no you cant decide people there are these elitists who will decide for you its the UKOK way,well you can cram your UKOK way and your union and your rule Britannia bullshit where the sun dont shine once the eyes are open they never close.

      Indy or bust i pledge now to continue the crusade for freedom until the day i die and if im not free by then im coming back to haunt you fucking yoons.

    73. Paula Rose says:

      The Delphic oracle that Labour has never learnt to interpret.

    74. The Man in the Jar says:

      @Richard MacKinnon

      This great union revival that you speak of. Please inform us as to who would champion this cause of yours?

      Darling? Brown? dont make me laugh. Or how about Mundell, Dugdale, Davidson? Or even Cameron, Boris Johnson, Osborne, Corbin, pray tell? There must be some unionist with a shred of credibility left surly? No didnt think so!

      The union is over, only a matter of time.

    75. Morag says:

      Cassandra has spoken!

      No. Cassandra had the gift of TRUE prophecy. Her curse was that nobody ever believed her.

    76. Iain More says:

      It wouldn’t be April Fools day without something from the Necromancer.

    77. Proud Cybernat says:


      Does anyone know if the EU Referendum will have exit polls?

    78. orri says:

      With apologies to Cordwainer Smith, or his family,


    79. Morag says:

      I had a weird dream last night. I dreamed that I met an elderly couple I know, and they were walking along the main street of the village where I used to live 35 years ago. This couple are Labour party members, dyed in the wool, of the head-in-the-clouds academic type who aren’t really in touch with current politics and hold to the mantras of the 1960s. (I should mention they have never been in the place where I dreamed them as being, as far as I know.)

      In my dream they were both wearing SNP rosettes, and also something I don’t think exists which is yellow-and-black striped scarves. I saw them and theatrically fell over sideways, my feet staying where they were and my body ending up on the pavement. You can do that sort of thing in dreams.

      They said, we thought you’d be surprised, but we’ve finally taken a look round and we’ve seen the light.

      I should mention that other strange things happened in this dream, including my car going off the road over a grassy bank and me lifting it back on to the road myself. You can do that sort of thing in dreams.

    80. michael diamond says:


    81. Dr Jim says:

      A Theory:

      If Davie Cameron wanted to stay in the EU why did he not join with other EU countries to block Chinese steel dumping thus helping to protect jobs and industry for at least a while

      He vetoed it

      Do we still think he wants to stay in or would he rather do deals with the Chinese and others outwith the rules and regs of the EU
      Is it all a big bluff to keep the EU on side after Britain votes Leave (Wizny me honest) what does Cameron care about Wales or anywhere that isn’t London business, let’s face it “We’re doing everything we can” I kinda don’t think so

      The Scottish Government has seen this coming for ages and they stepped right in and started grafting to sort something out The Tories have been posted missing on this yet they must have known before we did

      Big con going on by Cameron and his Buddies?
      I do get the feeling they all want out but they’ve got to play out the theatre bit for the punters, make them think they’re getting a Referendum but it’s all already been decided

      Deals done and gifts exchanged and a big giant new glass skyscraper in central London with welcome to China on it

      Scotland can’t subsidise them anymore so you’ve got to get cash from somewhere

    82. Cherry says:

      @Morag you been eating whacky brownies? 😉

    83. geeo says:

      Anyone not knowing this guy, would think that this was a bit of an obvious April fool.

      Not actually sure how you would even begin to parody McTernan!

    84. geeo says:


      You can lift cars in your dream, you can do the strang fall you described in dreams, yet you cannot recognise an Alloa FC scarf…lol

    85. CmonIndy says:

      Aw shit. I was looking forward to canvassing and leafleting for IndyRef#2. AND I’ll have to change my Wings username

    86. Angra Mainyu says:

      Does anyone know when the SNP will publish its manifesto?

      I watched the whole McTernan interview. He’s thick.

    87. galamcennalath says:

      Richard MacKinnon says:

      “Cameron will be able to say to the SNP”

      … it’s not the SNP, it is the people of Scotland he would have to address. So far, he has failed so miserably that his Union is floundering, probably terminally.

      The latest attitudes survey showed three quarters of Scots want Holyrood to have levels of powers brought by true DevoMax/Home Rule OR Indy. A quarter are happy with the latest SmithLite situation, or want rid of Holyrood.

      Cameron appears to speak for and to the ‘British’ quarter.

      The overwhelming majority are on a different wavelength. It just hasn’t YET been specifically focused on independence.

      I personally doubt if EngExit will bring about IndyRef2. Even if England votes for exit, the EU has history of making offers and insisting on re-runs. Unless the vote to leave is overwhelming, it will, like our own referendum simply herald an era of unstable flux.

      IMO IndyRef2 will be called when a clear majority become impatient with Tory / WM mismanagement, austerity, anti-Scottish policies, and no real hope of further devolution. This might be accelerated by Trident replacement and some further imperial military adventure.

    88. t42 says:

      Jack Murphy says:
      ‘GuidoFawkes’ seems to have rumbled Mr McTernan last year.

      Why isn’t Guido all over Carmichaels JRF-Libdem slush fund?
      Guido sniffed out their JRF-AV referendum slush fund:

    89. Heidstaethefire says:


    90. Alan McHarg says:

      A lost cause but no surrender springs to mind.

    91. AAD says:

      I really thought this was an April Fool spoof. But then I’ve been walking about in a state of disbelief since the 2015 General Election.

    92. GrahamB says:

      A bit O/T but Labour related.
      Has anyone seen or heard of Kez since Tuesday’s debate and Wednesday’s tax u-turn?
      Ian Murray seems to have taken over the reins and Kez did not look as if she was coping well mentally. No harm to the lassie but maybe our suspicions that she was not up to the job have proved true.

    93. call me dave says:

      @Proud Cybernat

      I don’t know… 🙂 and I misread your last post Doh!

      I was to taken up with Morag’s dream. 🙂

    94. Proud Cybernat says:

      “Has anyone seen or heard of Kez since Tuesday’s debate and Wednesday’s tax u-turn? Ian Murray seems to have taken over the reins…”

      Is anyone watching yet?

    95. Les Wilson says:

      I guess when the lunatics are running the asylum, yoons like McTernan are, hmm, acceptable?? Even when obviously as mad as a brush.

      The state of the Union, is in a poor state. Crumbling, just a matter of time.

    96. call me dave says:

      The ‘Scottish Chumpion’ is not happy with Deputy Deadwood.

    97. Crabbit Geezer says:

      Who is this guy? Really; only time I ever here about him is on social media and WOS. Sounds like a total twat to this one.

    98. Clootie says:


      I have a yellow and black scarf with SNP on it!

      My dream is for Labour to finish in 3rd place behind the Tories who record their lowest ever vote.
      …as for the LibDems – the loss of the Orkney / Shetland Isles 🙂

    99. galamcennalath says:

      Les Wilson says:

      “The state of the Union, is in a poor state. Crumbling, just a matter of time.”

      Aye, and it’s in a much worst state than it was say three years ago, thanks to the underhand way BetterTogether ran their campaign and Cameron et al have behaved since they ‘won’.

      Ever more people recognise the opportunities of Indy, and how damaging the Union with WM rule is.

      Perhaps Thatcher kicked it off. The modern phase of the quest for self determination anyway. Cameron will blow the final whistle.

    100. Bob Mack says:


      Interesting dream which indicates a change of the “old guard” to something new. It is indicative of change and acceptance of change. Your car leaving the road is indicative of a change of direction or habit. You had stopped doing something which was habitual and routine but are now thinking of returning to it through your own efforts. No one else can help you to do it.

      There is much more ,but this is not the forum for analysis. Besides you have more than adequate skills at dream interpretation I would imagine.

    101. Chitterinlicht says:

      Does he do palm readings, face palm readings?


    102. Liz Rannoch says:

      Just had some Labour canvassers at the door. After politely telling them sorry – no chance of me voting for them, they said they knew I’d voted SNP before (how?) but would I consider changing? ‘Not ever’ says I. ‘Even with us having a new, more socialist leader?’
      How I kept a straight face I’ll never know. I told them that I thought she is just as bad, if not worse, than Murphy and still just a branch manager. He thanked me for at least being nice about it, that they’d had ‘quite a lot of stick’.
      Oh Dear!
      O/T Great result on the fundraiser folks! On 29/3 I got an email from indiegogo saying the badges were in and wanting me to “Reply directly to this email to respond to the campaign owner”. Why? Do I have to for some reason? Or would I just be interrupting the work of a genius? It’s the first time I have ever donated this way.

    103. Morag says:

      You can lift cars in your dream, you can do the strang fall you described in dreams, yet you cannot recognise an Alloa FC scarf…lol

      No, the yellow was much brighter than that, and the stripes went along the length of the scarves, not across them.

    104. Iain More says:

      Dont let him dream, I am disturbingly reminded of The Medusa Touch.

    105. Grey Dug says:

      Having watched the whole interview (only an hour but it felt like longer), it seems that McTernan’s hatred of the SNP is nothing compared to his contempt for the current Labour UK leadership. I’m slightly disappointed that the SNP isn’t number one on his hate list – they must try harder.
      I particularly enjoyed the part where Gray asked McTernan if he planned to make a comeback as a political adviser. How desperate would you have to be to seek advice from John McTernan?
      However, because of his unique talent for prediction, it might be an idea to ask McTernan for his views on the Grand National next week. Obviously, I wouldn’t ask him to tip the winner – that would be futile, but if he could just tell me what’s not going to win, my money will be on.

    106. galamcennalath says:


      Sounds a great outcome!

    107. heedtracker says:

      Two countries taking different roads

      This week prescription charges in England have risen to £8.40 per item. In Scotland, our First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, has kept them free at the point of need.

    108. Graf Midgehunter says:

      DerekM said:

      “Indy or bust i pledge now to continue the crusade for freedom until the day i die and if im not free by then im coming back to haunt you fucking yoons.”

      The mind boggles…! 🙂 🙂 Great one.

    109. mealer says:

      McTernan.Where is he and what does he do? Do people pay him for this rubbish?

    110. Arbroath1320 says:

      Apologies if this news has already been posted but I have come across a couple of articles stating the Catalonia has declared secession from Spain. They say they expect independence within 18 months. 🙂

    111. Macart says:

      Just got in, saw this and shouted at Mrs M to break oot the badges n’ bottles. 😀

      If thone wee ned is opening his pie hole, you know we’re moving in the right direction. 🙂

    112. Arbroath1320 says:

      Anyone looking for some new badges, Macart 😉 , then perhaps a wee daunter over to this site might be of interest to some folks. 😉

    113. Macart says:

      I ‘predict’, that company will have a sudden influx of orders in the not too distant future. 🙂

    114. Hi folks,

      The John McTernan interview above was live streamed by Independence Live. We started livestreaming around November 2013 and we are heading towards 700 livestreams.

      We need you! We need you to share our livestreams so we can reach more people. We are on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and website.

      If you run a Yes group then get in contact cause we want you to start livestreaming for your group so we have groups of livestreamers around Scotland showing us what is happening in your area.


    115. Orri says:

      Love the fact that the article in the Record bemoaning how inept Labour are over tax lead straight into one about Nazis and white supremacists. Think the might be trying to say something. Spoiled a bit by the picture of Dugdale with either a glakit look or mad eyes depending on how you see it.

      As linked earlier

    116. ian says:

      I would rather top myself than think this is the best option my country of birth has is the likes of McTernan.

    117. heedtracker says:

      ian says:
      1 April, 2016 at 6:23 pm
      I would rather top myself than think this is the best option my country of birth has is the likes of McTernan

      He’s a Londoner. Maybe its because he’s a Londoner that the cringe is not relevant with this UKOK sooth sayer, or sooth nayer:D

    118. Inverclyder says:

      Orri @ 6:13pm

      One eye is glakit and the other is mad.

    119. Proud Cybernat says:

      “One eye is glakit and the other is mad.”

      One eye is auto-focus, the other is aw-tae-fuck.

    120. CameronB Brodie says:

      That’s what freebasing aspiration and mainlining British nationalism does to a mind and body, kids.

      Stay safe! Just say no to thugs.

    121. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Hi CHERRY

      Did you get your ‘Wings Over Glasgow’ badge from Simon?

    122. Lollysmum says:

      Saw those in November but there seems to be a bit of a blackout on news getting out. I follow @simonharris on Twitter & he posts a weekly update from Catalonia. Well worth following if you want to know what’s happening. Also @lizcastro

    123. louis.b.argyll says:

      …GuidoFawkes is no friend of Scottish independence…

      They should have a word with themselves, they can’t see the wood for the trees.

      Why would they suppress democracy?

    124. Almannysbunnet says:

      Slab’s very own comical Ali. Jackass John. Keeping the delusion alive.

    125. Arbroath1320 says:

      Thanks Lollysmum.

      I guess it helps to check the dates first! … DOH! 😀

      Still that said if they expect to become independent about 18 months after they declared secession then I think that will work out at Catalonia becoming independent around this time 2017. 😀

    126. T.roz says:

      High water mark! We’ll the tide will come back in again, next time it will be a big mental spring tide and scotland will be independent, washing away all of Mcternans bullshit.

    127. yesindyref2 says:

      I missed this at the time, curses, I’ve been cutting down but still got about 50.

      “Nominet to hike price of UK web domains by 50%” (from 1st March)

      When we get Independence, our own ISO code and country code top level domain such as .ab which is still free I think, we’ll need to run our own registry. Nominet used to be OK but appears to have become a rip-off operation, with directors wages quadrupled in the last few years and screw the members, mostly small businesses.

      We need to make sure that doesn’t happen in iScotland.

    128. One_Scot says:

      Only 34 more sleeps. Yeah your right, I’ve probably hit the booze to early.

    129. One_Scot says:

      Man, I saw it was ‘to’ instead of ‘too’ as I hit the button.

    130. Gary45% says:

      Do you mean an Alloa-Nil scarf?
      I once met the mighty Jock Stein at the Recs.(Happy Days)
      Also a wee bit if trivia, they filmed an episode of the old Dr Findlays case book at the recs, as the football ground looked like something from the era of the programme.
      I think it was the street lights that gave it away.

    131. yesindyref2 says:

      yes, .ab is still available.

    132. Thepnr says:

      Scottish Labour, the branch office, you’ve gotta love them.

      I loved Johann Lamont who told us that “We’re not genetically programmed in Scotland to make political decisions.”

      I loved Jim Murphy who apparently slept in the bottom drawer of a chest of drawers in his childhood told us that “I am confident that we will hold all [the Westminster seats] that we have. Any seat that the SNP tries to win from Labour increases the chance of David Cameron having an overall majority and I’m determined that won’t happen.”

      I love Kezia Dugdale because she is the current leader of the Labour Party in Scotland that is wielding the hammer, the hammer that is driving the stake further into the heart of her own party with the Scottish voter, thus ensuring it’s demise.

      No quote required.

      But. most of all I really love John McTernan, an absolute Morningside Red Tory who as an advisor to SLAB is mainly responsible for leading them to self-destruction. They even paid him too hahaha. He has stamina and a brass neck, give him that.

      Sir, I salute your courage, your strength your indefatigability.

      However, your time is past, please leave the stage and take your rubbish with you. Ta.

    133. Iain says:

      Don’t be too hard on them, they have obviously been sniffing the towel folders cocaine. Fantasies may result. All yoons better together. Uk ok.

    134. arthur thomson says:

      We are truly blessed to have people of the calibre of Mr McTernan guiding our opponents. His ability to foretell the future is equalled only by his ability to forget the past.

      The man has the brain of a goldfish.

    135. Cherry says:

      Hi Brian
      Will be seeing Simon on Monday night, will get badge then, thanks again 😉

    136. Tackety Beets says:

      Listening to Wullie Rennie on GMS circa 8.10 this morning I thought , aha this is today’s April Fool .

      Now you gone and spoilt it with another Doh Doh !

      Aat McTerin s Nae Brahn seer !

      Hope you all had your fun this morning catching folk out .

    137. ronnie anderson says:

      @ Morag If I did,nt know you better ah wud hiv said you had slipped in a patch of magic mushrooms lol.xx

    138. Papadox says:

      Any ideas where Kez is? SLAB re education camp per chance under instruction from Lordy hic Foukes? Or maybe a health farm with her personal trainer JABA.
      Ian droning boring Murray ain’t doing them any favours, but he’s brilliant entertainment. Looking forward to the launch of the new improved Kez.

    139. Iain says:

      The yoons know they have no chance, their empire is dying, only a fool would want to remain in their Tory empire. The Labour party in Scotland is reduced to a joke party, indulging in fantasies of the wildest type. Kezia is hoping to beat the Tories to second place. Her future is dependent on beating Ruth to second place. It doesn’t look good. Scotland deserves better than these also rans, we can be a nation again, just vote SNP,SNP in May.

    140. scottieDog says:

      Doc on bbc four about composer peter maxwell davies. Shame he didn’t see indy scot. Just watching his Orkney wedding piece. Fantastic.

    141. bugsbunny says:

      Here is J.K. Rowling in a Scottish Resistance T shirt.


      Silly cow.


    142. Greannach says:

      Psychotics, fantasists, white supremacists will be celebrating tooo-ooo.

    143. Richard MacKinnon says:

      To all those that replied to my comment at 0231 today, Connor McEwan (no it was not an April Fool), Dr Jim and The Proud Cybernat (if there are others I have missed I apologise), thank you for taking the time. I would be happy to reply to you individually but it is not that easy on this website.
      My cynicism is directly proportional to my age and so I wonder, is this deliberate? Why is dialogue so difficult on Wings? All other poitical websites I visit have a ‘Reply’ button at the bottom of a comment.

    144. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Hi CHERRY.

      Wear with Pride.


    145. Tam Jardine says:

      Interesting interview with Kezia in the Fabian Review… as soft an interview as one would expect but some interesting wee lines.

      “…I suggest if the (EU) referendum is lost and Scotland wishes independently to rejoin the EU.

      “I’ve never contemplated that. I really wouldn’t like to choose, because what I want to do is the best possible thing for Scotland. [I would be] putting Scotland first,” she says, pointing out that some have argued that a solo Scottish reentry to the EU might prove too difficult. But if such claims (decried by Sturgeon as “nonsense”) proved unfounded, might Dugdale argue, for Scotland’s sake, against the UK Union? “Possibly. It’s not inconceivable,” she says, so offering an unprecedented hint that the Union might not long survive a vote for Brexit.

      On the SNP: “The biggest mistake people make is thinking Scottish politics are rational and that any SNP argument can be debunked by facts. We’ve tried that for nine years.”

      How very interesting… one might look at that approach and think- well, maybe the facts were in fact simply “facts”.

      Anyway- kudos to her for coming out… canny be an easy thing even in this day and age and even living in a relatively tolerant, diverse country.

    146. Effijy says:

      Received Labour Letter from Dipity Dug today!
      She is so worried about Scottish jobs, she has her
      election leaflets printed in Cardiff??

      PS Is a Soothsayer someone who says what they want to hear Dan Saff? lol

      He was born to Herald impending doom upon the Scots.

      To be fair I think McTryiton has been auditioning for the part of Private Fraser in the movie remake of Dad’s Army.
      “We are Doomed Captain Cameron, Doomed”!

    147. scottieDog says:

      Wow she’s really good on that oboe. Just checking what colour it is..

    148. MorvenM says:

      All together now, folks 🙂

    149. Stoker says:

      bugsbunny wrote:
      “Here is J.K. Rowling in a Scottish Resistance T shirt.”
      (As WOS is a site freely open to kids i’ve removed her mugshot)

      Aye, Stephen, she’ll resist anything but Scottish money, eh!

      Folks, i’m looking for a bit of help. There was a picture doing the rounds not that long ago and i had it archived in my bookmarks for future use. The future has arrived but the picture has gone. I’ve tried searching for it but i’m drawing blanks.

      It was an outlined map of Britain with Scotland, Wales and England clearly defined in different colours. The south-east of England was also clearly defined and on this sort of map it had something along the lines of:

      Is it right that X-amount of people(MPs) from here (south-east) should control what happens to 5.5 million people here (Scotland)? Or something along those lines.

      Any help very much appreciated!

    150. McTernan does have the power of precognition,

      5 days before the close of voting in the Referendum he predicted `the postal votes were running very strongly for No`

      the only legal way he could know that is if he had Precognition,

      any other way would be against the law and he would have been sent to prison,

      he was not sent to prison,so he must have Precognition.

    151. CameronB Brodie says:

      OT but on the subject of sociopaths and oppressive political systems:

      In this book, Lobaczewski analyzes the processes of “ponerogenesis,” which he defines as “the general laws of the origin of evil.” In doing so, he basically promotes a series of theses that, in his view, taken together, help explain why human systems throughout history have repeatedly ended up generating so much man-made destructiveness and cruelty. Many people who believe, like me, that something is deeply awry in our world have, on some level, considered or suspected at least some of these ideas about what it is and why it comes about. But it was, nonetheless, an epiphany to see them articulated so starkly, solidly and comprehensively by someone with personal and professional credibility that had actually done the research…

      ….Some humans, who he calls “pathological” (throughout this piece we will use pathological as shorthand for psychopathological), have either genetically inherited or acquired – usually through exposure to other pathological people, especially during childhood – deviations leading to psychopathy or personality disorders (or, as Lobaczewski refers to them, characteropathies). These medical disorders can affect them in a holistic way, influencing the very core of their perception, thought, character, values and conscience, and lead to a reduction in or lack of capacity for empathy and just ethical behavior. Thus, pathological people may routinely carry out manipulative, harmful or destructive acts against others.

      Just saying. 🙂

    152. Stoker says:

      Tam Jardine (@ 8.46pm)

      That’s a good find, there’s a few gems contained within.
      I’m archiving that one for future reference. Thanks, Tam!

      The long road: interview with Kezia Dugdale

    153. Rob James says:

      @Gary45% & Geeo

      I was actually at the game concerned. I’m sure the Dr. Finlay episode featured one of the players getting a broken leg. If I remember correctly, the TV clip had Alloa winning the game, although they actually lost the match. I believe the score was 8-3 to East Fife. Perhaps that was the gold and black scarf Morag saw in her dream. It must have been early sixties as I was just a nipper at the time

    154. Rob James says:

      Gary45% & Geeo

      Sorry. Pressed submit before I’d finished. If I also remember correctly, McTernan predicted 5-0 to Alloa. (Smiley thing)

    155. Nana says:


      Tory scandal involving culture sec John Whittingdale half brother of Charles Napier the convicted paedophile.

    156. Iain says:

      I wonder if the bum has moved on and Labour is no longer the party to promote, it’s the second party in Scotland the Tories. I suppose that if you stand with the Tories you will hang with the Tories. Hell mend Labour, you brought it on yourselves.

    157. Tinto Chiel says:

      @ Thepnr, 7.44 pm.



      So true.


    158. bugsbunny says:


      I wonder if the Daily “Hurrah for the Blackshirts” Mail will run with this story?


      This fascists rag would excuse baby rapists if they were Tory Unionist Brexiters.

      The only ones worse than the Daily Mail Staff are the scum who read it. I’m speaking from first hand family experience. Their readers really are evil bastards. Tory’s yes. Conservative? More like Nazis. Despicable hate filled individuals.


    159. Tinto Chiel says:

      @ Nana. Just saw your latest.

      I’m sure you must be mistaken, Nana. He’s clearly helping the young lady home to save her from the unsavoury attentions of disreputable males.

      What a guy, eh?

    160. Nana says:

      @Bugsbunny & Tinto Chiel

      I bet he claimed those ‘visits’ and ‘outings’ under expenses. Ministerial perks!

    161. Balaaargh says:


      Agreed. I can’t wait for the day we have our own TLD registrar as opposed to those greedy barstewards at Nominet or ICANN’s novelty rip-off of .scot

    162. schrodingerscat says:

      long essay, sorry folks

      1. The state of play in Scotland

      Nick Cleggs fateful decision to join the tories signalled their demise. Charles Kennedy knew this was a huge mistake, he would have seen the drop in membership and activists in Scotland. The polls backed up the evidence on the ground and when retiring “Father of the house” long standing Libdem msp for Ross and Skye, John Munro, backed Alex Salmond in the week before the 2011 HE, this was the first confirmation of this situation. The Libdem vote crashed to just 6% in the holyrood election and subsequent bye elections and a European election in 2013 confirmed this figure in Scotland and in the UK in general. Clegg even tried to apologise to the electorate but had no choice but to continue propping up the tories for the rest of the electoral cycle in the hope that the polls would swing back to them. They didn’t. The 2015 ge only confirmed what was already known to everyone, the Libdems had crashed and burned and there was no recovery or turn around in their fortunes. I can see no reason why this is going to change in the near future. Most of their former support went to the snp.

      LIBDEM support has flat lined at about 7%, their members and activists are no where to be seen.

      The far right wing, sdl,bnp,nf etc, have coalesced around UKIP, but they make up about 3-4% of the electorate in Scotland and have done for quite a few years now. There is always a chance that the rightwing can prosper but it is more likely that their rightwing narrative is taken up by more electable groups, e.g., the Tories.

      UKIP support has flat lined at about 3%, their members and activists are no where to be seen.

      The Tories crashed and burned in the1997 Ge, support finally fell to 15% and they lost all their mps.
      There is little evidence to suggest any revival soon, or indeed that the tory support in Scotland is going to drop drastically lower in the near future.

      TORY support has flat lined at about 15%, their members and activists are no where to be seen.

      UKIP = 3%, TORY = 15%, LIBDEM=7%

      TOTAL = 25%

      Throughout the Thatcher years,the people stayed with labour in what was an impressible show of solidarity and consistency by the people of Scotland. Much to my disbelief, the self evident “feeble 50” catch phrase of the Snp made little headway and support remain in the 40-45% bracket.
      Throughout the Blair years, there was some drift from labour to the Snp during this time, usually in Holyrood elections, but at general elections these 40-45% labour voters returned to labour.
      Even against a strong Snp Holyrood government in 2007 and the financial crash of 2008, these 40-45% labour voters returned to labour in the general election of 2010, which in turn was a carbon copy of the general election of 2005. I must admit I despaired at this resilience and loyalty in Scotland for labour. Millibands winning electoral strategy for the 2015 general election was based on this observation, i.e. 34% plus 40 odd labour mps from Scotland. He succeeded in neither.

      LABOUR support in the 2011 HE was 32%

      This was a drop in support but it was believed by many that it was a temporary blip in their support and that the lost labour voters would return in the 2015 general election, as they had done before.
      The entire Indy ref was spent trying to convince these remaining labour voters to vote yes, in the end, we may have convinced a couple of % to switch but the remaining 30% of the No vote was from these labour voters.
      LABOUR support in the Indy ref was 30%

      UKIP = 3%, TORY = 15%, LIBDEM=7%, LABOUR = 30%

      TOTAL = 55%

      SNP support in the 2011 HE was 45% SNP support in the Indy ref was 45%

      Even during the Indy ref, and certainly in the months following sept 2014, when labour switched from campaigning for No back to lab, they would have noticed a major drop in activists and members. The various PLP’s in Scotland refused to campaign alongside the Tories in the Better Together campaign. The polls also reflected this drop in support from 2011 towards 2015. The absence of supporters and activists for both No and Slab necessitated the “shipping in”, effectively a rentacrowd attitude by Scottish labour and this was noticed by Yes and Snp supporters.
      Bickering by labour candidates, during the 2015 ge campaign, about Maggie Curran and others, commandeering all of the election resources, was this first indication that slab knew that their 2010 general election labour voters were not returning. Indeed at 10:01pm on the day of the election, Tom Harris, on the bbc, admitted that he knew labour were about to get humped.

      LABOUR support in the 2015 GE was 25%

      This 5% drop in support went straight to the SNP

      SNP support in the 2015 GE was 50%

      2. The way forward in Scotland

      Current polls show slab support dropping to about 20%, and once again this further 5% drop in slab support appears to be going to the Snp. The excitement of the Tories is based on the fact that labour support has fallen into a range where even a 15% tory and a 20% slab vote in the list, could mean the tories getting the same or perhaps 1 or 2 msp’s more than labour and become the opposition in Holyrood

      So where does this leave us? Potential the result in May could be

      Snp 55%
      slab 20%
      Ukip/tory/libdem 25%

      Nicola will lead a majority Snp government next month and we know that Sarwar will be the next leader of Labour. Before much else can happen amongst the unionists, an EU referendum will take place.
      Should the UK vote to leave, we will be in a completely different ball game, since, regardless of how the rUK votes, the polls for Scotland show about a 65% support for staying. An awful lot of Lib dem and Labour no voters (about 20%) will no longer have the choice of being both pro UK and pro EU. An EU out result could very well kirk start of indyref2.
      We should act before the result of the EU referendum is known. We need to launch a public demonstration of “Yes 2 an Independent Scotland IN the EU” This will keep any unionist leaders away but it will be the only real public demonstration for those No supporters who are in favour of staying in the EU. It could also be used as the event to launch the YES2 campaign, regardless of the result of the UK wide vote.

      I have seen YES rallies, after the Indy ref, which were hijacked by known No supporting trade unionists simply because it is only the SNP and YES groups who are now capable of mobilising any such public demonstrations. Just to recap, the unionists have no activists or quality members who could organise a paper round and it has been like this since 2011.
      No Snp or any Yes 2 supporters should be part of any unionist EU remain campaign,

      However, if the UK votes to remain in the EU then Ukip, Tories and remaining Libdems will lose one of the main points of difference among them. The EU question will down and dusted, at least in Scotland. They may differ in views about the future of Holyrood, from abolition, status quo to home rule, but in another Indy ref, where a devo max option is absent, they will again all vote No. They are unionists and if labour do slump to 20% and the SNP win 55% in May, it could be the crisis which causes them to combine to form a Scottish Unionist Party.
      I don’t think that any large number of unionist labour supporters will cross the floor and vote tory etc in May, and no real change can or will be possible until after the EU referendum. The fate of this 20% slab voters will only come into question after the EU ref, but with 10% of the labour vote already switched to the Snp since the referendum, the only question is how much further can this swing continue?

      The SNP will put into their manifesto that indyref2 will happen IF the people of Scotland demand it. This will leave Nicola with her options open. Committing to having indyref2 in the next parliament is as risky as not committing to having indyref2. Both options carry a risk. We need to be very careful and the choice of when to commit will be Nicola’s not the unionists.
      We launch YES 2, very publicly as a “YES 2 an Independent Scotland IN the EU” gathering or gatherings across Scotland. Once the result of the EU referendum is known, then we will need to reassess the situation.

    163. Joemcg says:

      Any wingers with Netflix, Frankie Boyle’s worth a watch just for the referendum jokes alone. Great stuff! Hopefully got a few of the nawbags in the Glasgow audience squirming.

    164. JLT says:

      Jeez! Now we know where Kezia gets it from!

      McTernan …another who really should have learned by now that allowing his mouth to engage before brain is not a good idea.

      In fact …is it any wonder that Kezia is literally a walking talking calamity. Look who’s she learned her trade from; McTernan, Murphy, McDougall, Lamont, Foulkes…

      The list is impressive …if not fearful for all the wrong reasons!

    165. Dr Jim says:

      @Richard MacKinnon

      I’m presuming when you say your cynicism is directly proportional to your age you mean you’re knocking on, so are many of us 67 myself, but then again some folk would say that was young if they were 87

      The argument as I see it is, Westminster keeps getting it wrong, their fault, our fault, nobody’s fault, so put that aside as to which one you believe and look at it it again

      All that’s left for Unionists to argue is that no matter what Westminster does we should stick with them and wait and see maybe next time it will all be alright

      Well take a look at that argument and ask yourself how many hundreds of times do we say that before saying, no more
      If your kid was running into a door and banging it’s head every single time in the same place, out of duty and care and love for your child you wouldn’t let it happen, and if necessary you’d skelp the kids backside to help it understand, one short pain in the Arse is a lot easier to live with than chronic pain forever

      That’s my take on Independence one short sharp pain then move on to the long term repair without the same wound being picked at so it never heals

      London is a chronic diseased cancer that won’t heal so it sucks all the lifeblood from everywhere else to keep transfusing itself like an aged vampire that’s rotting from the inside out, the English are being too slow in sticking the stake through it’s heart and we need to be off doing something else before it’s too late

    166. bookie from hell says:

      “Jim will sort Scotland oot”

      so funny

    167. Free Scotland says:

      Most well-functioning organisations have a sensible balance of assets and liabilities. The labour party seems to have a predilection for individuals who can only be described as liabilities, such as Dugdale, McTernan, Murphy, Lamont, Sarwar, Gray, and, of course, the grim Buddha, Blair McDougall, the Better Together failure.

    168. K1 says:


      Frankie Boyle:

      “Ah haven’t really done any gigs in Scotland since the referendum, so aw a know is that 55% of yous are probably cunts”

      Met with rapturous applause. 🙂

    169. Tam Jardine says:


      Great post. Agree 100%. Maybe a series of gatherings over successive weekends each in a different city between May elections and the EU ref

    170. Arbroath1320 says:

      Sorry for posting this link but it is, I think, HILARIOUS. 😀

      There is a six minute video with oor favourite UKIP David Coburn speaking. I know I know. The thing is not really to listen to him but read the comments that come up. It was part of this periscope thing he did during STV debate. 😀

    171. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @Arbroath1320 –

      🙂 🙂 🙂

      Had heard about it, but hadn’t seen it.


      Haven’t laughed so hard in yonks.

      Cheersamuch and thanks aplenty!

    172. Ian Brotherhood says:

      P.S. –

      What really made it for me was all the wee love-hearts floating up from his pocket – what was that all about?

      Great stuff.

    173. yesindyref2 says:

      Just checking up on Willie Black (ex Nominet head)to see if he was on the go, would be an obvious candidate to run the NIC if he could be kidnapped back to Scotland (born in Ayrshire), and found this which brought back a few memories:

      Seems reasonable, except I don’t see Tory LibDem and UKIP merging in the event of a UK Stay vote. I could see UKIP disappearing though. Long lamented no doubt 🙂

    174. Arbroath1320 says:

      I have no idea what all those love heart thingys was all about Ian but just reading the comments did it for me. The look on his face when all those comments kept coming up telling him to speak up or there was no audio etc was priceless! 😀

    175. Fran says:

      @ 1320

      Funny, liked that. He will be ragin haha

    176. Arbroath1320 says:

      I have my doubts Fran. I don’t think he is that intelligent to actually “get it” in the first place. It will probably fly straight over his head. 😀

    177. bugsbunny says:

      Is this for real folks?

      Top Story.

      Or a very late April Fool Joke. It’s about an hour old.


    178. Joemcg says:

      Kezia is on the same team as Ruth metaphorically speaking in more ways than one according to an interview today. Well I never!

    179. Fran says:

      Living in Scotland is like the Matrix, Red pill or Blue? We nasty separatists have taken the Red and seen the union for what it is.

      Scots unionists are happy to take the Blue and keep getting the life sucked out of them, they don’t want to know the truth. McTer has taken a few Blue too many!

    180. Arbroath1320 says:

      It appears to be True Bugsbunny. Stu tweeted it earlier. Thing is when you read it you are left even MORE confused than you already were before reading it. 😉

      Scottish Labour leader Kezia Dugdale has sought to clarify reports she might back Scottish independence if it could secure Scotland’s EU membership.

      In an interview with the Fabian Review she was quoted as saying it was “not inconceivable” in such circumstances.

      But she later insisted she would vote to stay in the UK in any future referendum and opposed one being held.

      I’ll take that as amaybe AYE … maybe NAW … maybe AYE … ach I dinnae know any more then! 😀

    181. Fran says:

      Aye yer right, he does represent the

    182. Ian Brotherhood says:

      Can someone please provide a verifiable source for Kezia Dugdale’s ‘coming out’?

    183. heedtracker says:

      Can someone please provide a verifiable source for Kezia Dugdale’s ‘coming out’?

      In the interview Ms Dugdale also spoke for the first time about her private life, telling Mary Riddell, “I have a female partner. I don’t talk about it very much because I don’t feel I need to.”

    184. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Ian B, I’m fair astonished!

      You mean you don’t believe the BBC? The world must be ending…


    185. heedtracker says:

      Come to think of it, did John also say “I have a female partner. I don’t talk about it very much because I don’t feel I need to.”

    186. call me dave says:

      Herald has it too!

    187. K1 says:

      ‘Kezia is on the same team as Ruth metaphorically speaking in more ways than one according to an interview today. Well I never!’

      ‘Patrick Harvey is on the same ‘team’ as David Coburn…well I never!

      Her politics may be ‘close’ to Ruth’s with respect to similar Unionist position, what’s has their sexual preferences got to do with that?

      Let’s try another combo:

      Alex Salmond is on the same ‘team’ as David Cameron…well I never!

      Doesn’t make sense does it? You don’t (general use of the word you here) comment or conflate people’s heterosexuality with their political stances, you don’t ‘insinuate’ an ‘ooh err’ when it comes to heterosexual preferences so why do it with homosexual preferences.

      People are gay Joe, deal wi it.

    188. Dr Franeud (self asserted) says:

      The Kezy maybe aye maybe naw thing is a sign that there is a part of her that does believe in self determination for this country, but the brainwashing from slab is still interfering with the natural progressive logic in her brain.

      She came from a nationalist upbringing but feels she was rejected when she was turned down for a prominent position within the community. A unionist party took her on and she feels a sense of un-natural loyalty to them.

      This is why everything coming out her mouth is conflictive.

    189. You don’t suppose Kezia’ female partner might be Ruthie do you? Might explain a few things. The interview is in the New Statesman.

    190. call me dave says:

      WM likely to drop promised investment for Scotland.

      Concerns growing over UK Government’s commitment to unlocking green power potential of Scotland’s islands

      Aye they are getting worried!

    191. heedtracker says:

      People are gay Joe, deal wi it.

      But on balance, MacTernan up there couldn’t get a ___ in a brothel with a fiver in one hand and a ___ in the other.

    192. Fran says:

      Iain Brotherhood @ Heedtracker

      Camin oot, Bide in , wha cares? Unless yer a couple o cynics like me and think she is efter the LGBT community vote cos somdy in slab telt her tae cam oot.

    193. K1 says:

      I’ve tried a few words fur yer blanks Heed, so I’m going for:

      whore and cock
      hard on and herald
      std and banana

      …so on and so on…

      Blankety blank, do more, do more… 😉

    194. K1 says:

      Now that makes sense Fran, else why noo?

    195. Ian Brotherhood says:

      Well, it’s a proper minefield now, eh, all the ‘gender’ stuff.

      No-one will dare take it any further, but we’re now left with Nicola and Oor Wullie…

      According to the Herald article, people ‘in political circles’ have known about Kezia’s ‘partner’ for a long time.

      This is the crux – ‘circles’.

      People associated with these ‘circles’ have decided that now is the time to publicly air shared knowledge?

      Until today, according to their world-view, ‘we’ (i.e the plebs) didn’t need to know about it?

      But now, for some reason, we do?

      Obvious questions arise, and even a daftie like me isn’t going to write them in an open forum like this.

      It stinks.


    196. heedtracker says:

      It stinks.


      Are people really going to start voting SLab now because Dugdale outed herself, or even starting voting NO?

    197. K1 says:

      I don’t have a problem discussing her motivations et al politically speaking, I probably do have a problem with the ‘nudge nudge wink wink’ stuff.

      It’s a timely decision she’s made, and being Labour there’s always some ‘angle’ they think they can opportunistically gain some traction with, I think Fran hits the nail in this regard…maybe she is going for that demograph.

      I mean naebdy does the innuendo stuff while discussing Patrick Harvey and his opportunism and all that moaning about them fielding candidates that allowed Carmicheal to keep his seat. Not one person conflated his homosexuality with this manoeuvre,. Everybody had their opinion about that and naebdy was ‘scared’ about ‘gender’ stuff when that was being aired.

      Right now she’s just ‘come out’ and it’s fair enough to question her motivations etc but do we really need to do the ‘same team as Ruth’ schtick? It just comes across a bit ‘carry on up the khyber’, ur we no done wi that yet?

      Just my opinion folks not laying mines. That’s all.

    198. Fran says:

      I will say it Ian

      Two consenting adults in a loving relationship has no bearing on the ability to run a country and shame on those who think its a tool to use for their own gains.

    199. Inverclyder says:

      Kez and her liking for musicals has nothing to do with the fact she is for and against Independence for Scotland at the same time.

      This is what should be concentrated on and not her talent with colours.

    200. Fran says:

      @ K1

      What you said

    201. Alan Mackintosh says:

      Well it appears that in Highland, we have been graced with the prescence of one David coburn as our No1 for the Kipper list.

      Why us…

    202. K1 says:

      That’s witty, cheeky and subversive Inverclyder 😉 Well played.

    203. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @Fran (1.38)-

      Aye, and shame on who?

      Here’s the line from the Herald article, as linked upthread:

      ‘Her sexuality has been widely known in political circles but it is the first time she has spoken about it publicly.’

      ‘Widely known’ ???

      By who?

      Those ‘in political circles’.

      Scotland isn’t huge, eh? The ‘circles’, in whatever sphere, are relatively small.

      ‘Political circles’: that would involve journalists, eh?

      So, Scottish journalists have ‘widely’ known about Kezia being gay, but not one of them uttered a peep about it?

      The interview in question was held ‘weeks ago’, but there were no leaks about such potentially important information prior to publication. (If you were editor of any magazine/programme, and had such ‘exclusive’ revelations, wouldn’t you grab every chance to tease potential audiences?)

      The whole ‘leaders debates’ stuff has been pretty boring and predictable, aye, okay, and we’d all like to see a bit of excitement. That’s a given.

      But this ‘coming-out’ palaver from Dugdale is highly suspect – it could signal a very nasty turn in proceedings.

      Sorry if this all sounds very negative, but it’s gut-reaction and genuine.

    204. call me dave says:

      I don’t understand Kezia-speak but I’ll have a go!.

      When pushed on the topic and asked if she would “argue, for Scotland’s sake, against the UK Union?”, the Scottish Labour leader was quoted as saying: “Possibly. It’s not inconceivable.”

      *(That’s labour UK V Tory UK maybe?)

      Ms Dugdale said in a leaders debate on Tuesday she would vote “No” in any future independence vote

      *(That’s UKOK V SNP bad then)

      But she later clarified her position, pointing out that in the leaders’ debate earlier this week ahead of the Scottish Parliament election, she had ruled out a second independence referendum.

      *(That’s OH! I shouldn’t have said ‘future referendum’ it’s not
      going to happen …is that right now Mr McTernan)

      Nothing changed then! 🙁

      Shurely labour has nothing worthwhile to say in Scotland!

      Radio 4 extra beckons

      Their showing and discussing coloured slides of the upper Omboko Tribe in Africa. Are you coming?

      (No prizes for who said it)

    205. Jim says:

      “British security experts claim that Russia is using RT to engage in information warfare against the UK and West in general by covering stories and airing political opinions overlooked by mainstream Western media.

      The authors say that RT and the Sputnik news agency are influencing the political discourse in the UK in a negative way on matters like Scottish independence,a potential EU exit and the Trident nuclear program.”


      Wow, just wow.

    206. Ken500 says:

      Gremlins at the Herald again. Photos out of sync with the stories.

      Cameron can’t control RT. Non Dom tax evaders should not control the British Press. Thatcher broke the Ministerial code and handed UK Press over to Murdoch who is a criminal.

      Stopping Outlander being show in Scotland in collusion with Sony. Cameron censorship. How petty is that? Cameron is just an ignorant, greedy, bully boy.

    207. galamcennalath says:


      “covering stories and airing political opinions overlooked by mainstream Western media … influencing the political discourse in the UK in a negative way”

      Sounds about right.

      Firstly covering news which is being purposely ignored is a good thing, I would have thought? Good from the perspective of open debate and genuine democracy.

      Secondly, negative? That depends on your perspective! The BBC’s reporting of Indy is very negative from my perspective, while I consider my stance positive.

      Yes, RT is politically motivated propaganda. That does’t make it’s output inaccurate. The truth is probably more damaging!

      There is a paradox, though. Russian domestic output is probably just as biased and manipulative as Western domestic output. Services aimed at external audiences appear to be more truthful.

      Every government wants to promote democracy and people power – but only in other countries to undermine other governments.

    208. frogesque says:

      Kez coming out is a squirrel. Designed to detract attention away from the fact that as SLAB leader she is inept.

      Kez, anyone’s orientation or otherwise is irrelevant. We are kind of grown up in Scotland. You were an airhead, you are an airhead and you will continue to be an airhead. Squirrels or no sqirrels

    209. Andrew Mclean says:

      Typical you arrange a party and someone tries to wrangle an invite, Kezia its not a plus one, we don’t care who you are bringing! As long as it’s not the but of this post!

      But great you are happy!

      By the way my partner is harder than most men?
      What does that make me?
      And most importantly who gives a flying fuck?

    210. Andrew Mclean says:

      Kezia has a same sex partner, Ruth has a same sex partner, you don’t think? No surely not?

    211. Tam Jardine says:

      Ian brotherhood

      I linked to the source interview piece in the Fabian website further up the thread.

      Think I posted it before the herald and bbc- that’s journalism now- the art of copy and paste.

    212. Dorothy Devine says:

      The article is dated 1/4/16.
      Just a thought.

      Did anyone see the wee tank commander playing ice hockey and yelling to the telly SNP BAD?

    213. louis.b.argyll says:

      Aye Tam,
      but your paste holds faster, and doesn’t smear.

    214. Effijy says:

      Andrew Mclean says:

      Kezia has a same sex partner, Ruth has a same sex partner, you don’t think? No surely not?

      You B******! I just pictured that!

    215. mealer says:

      The sexuality of Kezia Dugdale isn’t of any interest to me on its own.What I do find interesting is that four of the six party leaders in the BBC leaders debate are openly gay or bi.Thats two thirds.Quite remarkable,really,considering the position ten years ago.While this might be mostly coincidence,it must also reflect changing attitudes.

      Is Willie Rennie the only leader who has children? Is that coincidence or does it tell us something
      about how tough it is to make it to the top whilst being a parent? Does it matter? Given the consensus among the leaders to prioritise children and their education,perhaps not.

      We all know the demographics of the Tory party in Scotland.Not so long ago they had a leadership election.The candidates were a stereotypical middle aged Tory male,a kickboxing lesbian,a single mother who was brought up in a tied farm cottage and a guy who wanted to scrap the party altogether and start again.The UK party pick between Bullingdon boys.Scotland is a different place politically and the Scottish Tories know it.

      There isn’t much by way of ethnic diversity among the party leaders,but I really don’t think ethnic background is an issue with regard to advancement in any of the party’s represented in the Scottish Parliament.I have every confidence that Holyrood will become a more diverse place and fairly quickly.

      Is Scotland really such a conservative with a small c country?

    216. Almannysbunnet says:

      Dorothy Devine says:
      2 April, 2016 at 8:28 am
      Did anyone see the wee tank commander playing ice hockey

      Surely an insult to ice hockey. I saw her on the ice, with a pair of shoes on, whacking her puck into the net from about two yards. Thwack, thwack, SNP bad thwack. It looks like it made her pech for air. She might make a good goalie though what with her low centre of gravity and broad physique. 🙂

    217. Tam Jardine says:


      Love it. You should see my efforts wi lining paper

    218. One_Scot says:

      So when Ruthie asks Kez, ‘Will you stand shoulder to shoulder with me’, is that some double entendre I’m not up to speed on.

    219. Nana says:

      O/T links

      Linked to this latest tory scandal last night.

      The establishment don’t like RT or any site that shows their incompetence and corruption.

      Police to recruit 1500 firearms officers supposedly to protect the public from terrorism.

      Re the above ramping up the terror threat – watch this through to the end. Some of it I found fitted too well with present day government/establishment controls.

    220. Andrew Mclean says:

      Off topic,

      This is a link to Nicolas once in a generation pledge. Made before the historic referendum, before labour was all but one wiped out of Scotland in the general election, where if you said SNP members would make it the biggest political party in Scotland, you would be considered insane!

      So we could quite easily half her predicted date 2021 the next referendum year anyone?

    221. call me dave says:

      Prof Curtis on radio shortbread explaining the tax issues.

      Reminding us all about the SNP’s ‘penny for Scotland’ from 1999 and how things have changed since Gordon cut tax by a penny.

      Voters from labour who went over to the the SNP in the 2014 referendum and in the 2015 GE may be attracted back to labour’s idea that the extra tax should be ploughed back into better services.
      “That’s what it’s all about”… He says! 🙁

    222. One_Scot says:

      Andrew, I think a lot a people don’t click on Daily Record links, they don’t want to give them the clicks, I know I don’t.

      Can you try

    223. Socrates MacSporran says:

      Well, well well – so Dippity Dug is a friend of Dorothy’s, as is the Tank Commander.

      Now we can legitimately call them: “The Scissor Sisters”.

      By the way, Ruthie as an ice-hockey net-minder, great image, because that is what she is to the Tories in Scotland – she has to guard a very small area, and keeps being hit by accurately-fired and hard-hitting missiles.

    224. Croompenstein says:

      Och that slacker Cairns is on holiday again so nae cartoon 🙁

      Ony chance of a Nurse Murphy Stu for old times sake.. 🙂

    225. Andrew Mclean says:

      But Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, widely tipped to eventually replace Salmond as party leader, says she believes there could be another vote sooner than many would have thought.

      At a public question and answer session at Dundee University, she said the “once-in-a-generation” line in the White Paper means about 15 years.

      Given the seismic shift in politics and the people’s will towards independence, the next time someone says “but you said once in a generation” say the SNP stated publicly in 2013 that they were thinking the next one if no won would be sooner than you would have thought!

      I will try archive it for I pad

    226. Anagach says:

      Nana says: the links to RT

      I am quiet prepared to believe that RT present a view of the World that is supportive of Russian positions and negative to those they consider against Russia’s interest.

      I wonder if the analysis from the “Institute for Statecraft in London” could be done for the BBC’s information war in the referendum campaign – and what level of intervention it would indicate.

    227. HandandShrimp says:

      Listening to the paper reviews on radio shortbread this morning one might be forgiven for thinking that there was no news in Scotland at all 9or indeed such a place might even exist).

      I switched off due to an overdose of boredom.

    228. Ken500 says:

      The Union costs Scotland £13Billion. Do not give Unionist more tax. Vote SNP Vote for Independence When Scotland is Independent will McTernan never be telling lies on TV.

      Scotland raises £54Billion in tax. Scotland has lost £4Billion+ a year since 2011 (Osbourne) taxing Oil sector 60/80% when prices had fallen 75%, losing thousands of jobs. Scotland pays back £4Billion on money it doesn’t borrow or spend. Scotland can’t tax ‘loss leading’ drink. £1Billion, Scotland pays £1Billion on Trident/illegal wars. Scotland loses £3Billion? In tax evasion. HMRC is not fit for purpose. = £13Billion which could be better spent.

      £54Billion + £13Billion = £67Billion. Add on 1/6 borrowing (pro rata) = £67Billion + £11Billion = £78Billion = Norwegian level

      The rest of the UK raises £595Billion + £95Billion (1/6) more borrowed = £690Billion.
      HS2 – £70Billion (double it) Hinkley nuclear – £25Billion. = £95Billion. A total waste of money. The deficit. A disaster waiting to happen.

      Northern Ireland (2 million) raises £28Billion gets £14Billion (50%) more = £42Billion. Funded to Norwegian levels for bigotry and sectarianism. Paid to break the Law.

    229. Ken500 says:

      The hypocrisy of Obama on nuclear. The US has planted nuclear weapons all over the world, including Scotland. Illegally attacking countries all over the world.

    230. Andrew Mclean says:

      Reading previous posts on Kezia, and her happiness, I don’t care who she or Mundell want to shaft, as long as it’s not my country!

    231. Joemcg says:

      K1-hope you are not insinuating I’m homophobic. I’m anything but. Was just surprised hence “well I never.”

    232. sinky says:

      Couldn’t care less about Dugdales’s sexuality but noticed John Nicholson’s tweet that she lied to / mislead audience in Stonewall Scotland debate a few days ago when she said that Labour had got the military to reverse their ban on gays joining the forces.

      Turns out that it was the European Court of Human Rights and Labour had strongly defended the military position.

      Just shows Labour will say anything to win elections and note Lib Dem dirty tricks in West Edinburgh.

    233. Giving Goose says:

      Can anyone shed light on who Ian Livingstone chairman of Lanarkshire Development is? As shown on Sky News this morning.

      His choice of language on the Ravenscraig closure and the fallout on Motherwell was interesting.

      Please don’t tell me he is a well known campaigner for Yes!

      He came over as an Establishment stooge with his talk of Motherwell being over reliant on Ravenscraig and vulnerable to a single industry. Diversification into call centres is good apparently and justified the steel plant closure (or something like that).

      The interview camera panned around Ian’s nice house and lingered on photos of him with PMs Major and that other Tory Blair.

    234. Stoker says:

      Almannysbunnet wrote (re; John McTermite):
      “Slab’s very own comical Ali. Jackass John. Keeping the delusion alive.”

      Aye, but i think Jockstrap John is more apt, eh!

      Meanwhile, in her ‘This Is Your Life’ moment with the FabbyFanny Society Dippy Dug states: “ private life is my private life. That’s the thing i just have to have that nobody gets to touch..” That was right after revealing she had a “female partner”.

      Ooooh Matron! Well why feckin mention it ya dipstick?
      She obviously thinks we’re all as thick as her.

    235. ScottieDog says:

      On the subject of RT,
      Yes there is a Russian slant on news provided but it has given a substantial platform to western nationals such as max keiser, thom hartman, abbey Martin etc to provide alternative news that the BBC aren’t allowed to (or won’t) cover.
      These guys host fantastic programmes which simply wouldn’t get the public pull if they were purely on social media.

    236. Dorothy Devine says:

      Almannysbunnet, you are indeed correct and I apologise to all ice hockey men and women.

      She certainly has a growing physique, suitable for a goalie in an even bigger goal. As for her loud , shouty ,aggressive delivery I can surely live without it – even prefer her idiotic ,schoolgirl , attempting to undermine giggling.

    237. Proud Cybernat says:

      “Every decision I make isn’t taken with May in mind. It’s [based on] the long-term future of the party.” – Kezia Dugdale

      Just as we thought.

      1st Kezia.
      2nd Labour Party.
      3rd The People of Scotland.

      Thanks for clearing that up, Kez.

    238. NeoconNat says:

      The ‘once in a generation’ line is a figure of speech. It’s a statement of fact that referenda on the constitution are typically a ‘once in a generation’ occurrence. Saying that dosn’t mean I have any view on how many referenda we might or should have in a lifetime.

      I live in Glasgow. Seeing the Northern Lights here is a once in a generation occurrence. If we see the northern lights twice in a generation, I’m not responsible and it doesn’t mean I was wrong when I said it was a once in a generation occurrence (at the time of saying it, it was true and uncontroversial).

      The SNP and Nicola needn’t be hamstrung by this. I’ve looked at the context this was said in in the run up to the referendum of 2014. It’s clear to me that it was said in order to motivate people to take part and use their vote.

      Regardless, Scotland will be independent in 10 years at most. It’s inevitable that Westminster will betray the trust and interests of the Scottish people in some way and that will be the catalyst for some sort of snap referendum.

      It’s hard if not impossible to see how anyone could stand in the way of another referendum if the SNP had majority support for it in the parliament. It wouldn’t necessarily need to be in a manifesto, just as Bombing Syria wasn’t in the Tory manifesto; nobody argues that the Tories don’t have a democratic mandate for Bombing Syria, all that was required on that issue and other such decisions was majority support in parliament.

      There’s a presumption of democratic legitimacy here that everyone in politics understands and acknowledges. It’s when government’s take action without parliamentary approval that things get difficult in terms of legitimacy but there’s no question of that here.

    239. Clydebuilt says:

      They’re Coming For Our Kids Malcolm Cannon CEO of Cricket Scotland is setting out to recruit school kids to Cricket. ……. Diminishing the numbers free to take up Scotland’s National game….Footy…. …. Interviewed on Shareen Nanjiani’s Sat. Morning show MC tried to sell to listeners that Cricket is more Scottish than Football…… So you’d actually be supporting an original Scottish sport by ensuring that no more Scottish Youfffsss take up Football …… Or Rugby. I would have thought it was more English / British than Scottish.

    240. AMD says:

      We shouldn’t make fun of the poor man. He needs help. Clearly delusional and a compulsive liar. Walter Mitty syndrome?

    241. heedtracker says:

      Dugdale outing herself probably is diversion. Scotland’s got the worst deficit in the west shriek yoonster. Norway’s oil fund’s up to $830 bn

      Rancid The Graun scotland region weekend news,

      Dopey Dick, killer whale that swam into Derry in 1977, still alive and well
      Whale experts discover orca they know as Comet is same killer whale that swam into Northern Irish city nearly 40 years ago

      We’re such mugs.

    242. Bill says:

      Didn’t BetterTogether et al attack NS for her marital status and not having kids?

    243. Chic McGregor says:

      Of course RT is biased, but amidst the opinion bias you get a lot of verifiably factual stuff that you just would never get on UK broadcasters.

      And whereas there is some very biased stuff like ‘Watching the Hawks’ there are other shows where those of opposing World view are given a fair crack of the whip, like Larry King’s interviews, Peter Laverne’s ‘Crosstalk’ debate, Sophie &Co.

      The SMSM are even more opinion biased against normal levels of self government for Scotland but the biggest censorship tool they use is that of omission.

      Think of the many great debates and speeches made during the indyref which were available on line and extremely relevant to the debate but which were never seen by the box-fixated brigade.

      It was nothing short of a derogation of democratic duty.

    244. Returnofthemac says:

      Where is Kezia? I only seem to see Iran Murray these days.

      O/T just spotted a group of Tory canvassers going past. What a sad looking bunch. There was one elderly chap who looked the part.
      They must have spotted my WOS sticker on the car window and blanked me. Didn’t stop me offering constructive criticism.

    245. Inverclyder says:

      Kez coming out is a huge blow to Labour Branch Office as there will be many knuckle dragging true blue hand on heart God save the Queen enthusiasts that are totally against that sort of thing.

      It’s all smoke and smoke with Labour these days.

    246. Chic McGregor says:

      Well remember James I of Scots got the Parliament to pass an Act in 1424:

      “it is statut and the king forbiddis that na man play at the cricket”, no wait, it was football.

      I thought the Danes layed claim to inventing cricket anyway?

    247. NeoconNat says:

      Isn’t it tragic though that so many people nowadays, people who would undoubtedly considered good catches in normal heterosexual relationships, are inclined to be gay and lesbian. First Ruth, then Coburn, and now Kezia.

      I’m probably old fashioned but I suppose it’s better that they are in politics rather than the military where their sexual orientation might be detrimental to outcomes.

    248. Stoker says:

      Inverclyder wrote:
      “It’s all smoke and smoke with Labour these days.”

      Well, can you blame them, they can’t afford the mirrors.

    249. Onwards says:

      Nice trolling ‘neoconnat’
      The Coburn comment took it too far.

    250. NeoconNat says:

      Onwards, don’t be so cynical. Coburn is a hugely successful businessman with bags of charisma. Don’t you read the papers?

    251. Ruby says:

      Here’s a link to Kezia’s interview

      I’m not sure if it’s worth reading or not!

      I haven’t read it as at the moment I’m not in the mood for any ‘Carry On Kezia’ stories!

    252. K1 says:

      ‘hope you are not insinuating I’m homophobic. I’m anything but. Was just surprised hence “well I never.”

      Joe, if I considered yer comment ‘homophobic’, I wouldn’t be ‘insinuating’ it, I’d more than likely blatantly state that precisely.

      I more than explained where I was coming from Joe. it’s the ‘ooh er’ factor, a bit ‘carry on’ for my tastes, and merely used a couple of examples to make the point that we generally don’t use terms like ‘ on the same team’ when referring to heterosexual politicians’ sexual orientation.

      What does it matter if she’s gay or not, Mhairi Black is gay too…wasn’t surprised by that, no one on here has ever said she’s on the same team as Ruth. It’s irrelevant, what might be ‘relevant’ in Kezia’s coming out is the ‘timing’. And I think that was covered in comments further up the thread too.

      I think I was ‘suprised’ by your comment Joe, ‘well I never’ does have a certain ‘frisson’ of the ‘shocking’ about it, especially followed by the exclamation. Personally speaking, there’s nothing shocking about her being gay, if she is, but if she’s come out now with some cynical motivation to procure votes then that’s just another eyebrow raise at the antics of Slab.

      Politically speaking she’d definitely be ‘on the same team’ as Ruth, Willie, and any number of unionist politicians of the red blue and yellow tory variety in that regard!

    253. fletch49er says:

      Someone doesn’t know their arse from their elbow

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