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The state flexes its muscles

Posted on July 28, 2018 by

We happened to be looking at a couple of old articles this morning, and noticed that some of them had blank spaces where videos should be.

We didn’t think much of it at first, because people do sometimes delete old videos or shut down their accounts, but when we checked one of them we discovered it was hosted on the Wings Over Scotland channel.

Or rather, it USED to be, because our YouTube channel isn’t there any more.

This was surprising, because as far as we knew the channel was listed as being in “good standing” with YouTube, meaning it had zero copyright strikes, and we’d had no warning emails about anyone making a copyright claim about any videos, and indeed no notification of the account termination.

And then things got a bit sinister.

Because what appears to have happened is that the BBC has suddenly gone on a crusade against pro-independence sites, launching mass takedown demands that get your whole channel killed before you can respond to them. (Unlike Peter Curran, we got no notification from YouTube so we can’t challenge the claims individually.)

If you go to YouTube’s Copyright Centre, you’ll find yourself at a page which says you can file an appeal if you think your account has been terminated in error:

So we filled in the form and within minutes got this probably-automated reply:

Which directs you straight back to the form you just filled in. But also on the page is a paragraph headed “Copyright terminations”, which says:

“If your account was terminated due to claims of copyright infringement and you believe that the copyright claims against your account are improper or invalid, you may file a DMCA counter-notification. This process is still available for terminated users – access to your account is not necessary.”

If you click the link you get this page:

If you then click on the “Go to your copyright notices” button it tries to connect to your terminated account and fails. But down in the small print below it also says there’s a “free-form” version. Which leads you to here:

…where you’re required to list the URLs of all the videos being complained about.

The page is very clear that “Your counter notification must include specific links to the material that has been removed or disabled. General information about the video, such as a channel URL or username, is not adequate.”

But we have no way of knowing what those links are because we haven’t received any official notification of complaint about them. It appears to be a Kafka-esque loop with no escape. We’ve nonetheless filed an appeal with some guesses, eg this and this.

Our videos are all in full compliance with fair-use laws. You are absolutely allowed to record and reproduce clips for news-reporting and discussion purposes. The BBC, of course, knows that perfectly well.

And the likes of the Scottish Conservatives, for example, appear to still be able to host BBC copyrighted, watermarked footage on their YouTube channel without impediment:

And it’s fine if you’re right-wing and anti-independence like The Spectator.

And obviously it’s fine if you’re K***n H***e attacking Nicola Sturgeon.

So we, and you, can only speculate as to why it appears the BBC exclusively wants to shut down pro-independence sites hosting hundreds of clips of Unionist politicians – and the BBC itself – saying incriminating or embarrassing things. It’s quite the mystery.

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284 to “The state flexes its muscles”

  1. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:


    1. Yes, of course we have the videos backed up. We don’t upload stuff to YouTube then delete it off our hard drive like some sort of Olympic-grade imbeciles. But they’re a fat lot of use to anyone sitting on our hard drive where nobody but us can see them.

    2. Yes, we’ve heard of Vimeo. In our experience they’re no less insane about copyright than YouTube are, and in any event reuploading every Wings clip to Vimeo would take approximately a thousand years, then editing every article to link to the new URLs would take another thousand.

    3. We’ve got infinite web space. We’d have hosted all the videos ourselves on WordPress years ago as a safeguard against exactly this sort of eventuality, if there was a SINGLE fucking video plugin for WordPress that ACTUALLY WORKED. Seriously, we’ve tried all of them.

  2. Marcia says:

    If pro-union YouTube accounts are still up and running then this is nothing more than political censorship.

  3. Proud Cybernat says:

    They’re upping the ante. But they don’t realise they can’t shut down the whole bloody internet. For every 1 they manage to have taken down, another 5 pop up in their place.

    Game on.

  4. Hamish100 says:

    I pay my TV licence so maybe the Scotland representative on some bbc trust will ask for an explanation.

    Freedom of Speech v censorship.

    The BBC behind the scenes have been influenced no doubt by the brit nats and the state just as the state ruined careers of people supporting their countries independence.

  5. GrahamB says:

    Is this the modern era equivalent of the 1933 burning of books in Germany?

  6. Ian Mackay says:

    That really smacks of desperation by the BBC.

    We must be winning.

  7. Ailsa says:

    Crowd source their replacement on multiple volunteer YouTube accounts. If you’re feeling brave, get the volunteers to update links in your articles.

    1000 years will become something much smaller and manageable, and a big FU to the BBC.

  8. phil says:

    Ian Mackay
    Hail Hydra!!!

  9. Richard Dido says:

    Political censorship indeed! They, and the Tories when the BBC reported this to them, must have been creaming their knickers when the pulled this off!

  10. Proud Cybernat says:

    If this is the BritNat Establishment’s latest gameplan then perhaps time to think about alternative file sharing networks? Perhaps set up up a ‘swarm’ (VPN P2P network)? Let them try taking that down.

  11. phil says:

    Sorry that last one was for Proud Cybernat

  12. fillofficer says:

    & on the very day when the bbc headlines were all about combatting fake news
    should have known what would happen next
    shocking…….not really

  13. One_Scot says:

    It really is a sad state of affairs when the BBC is so desperate to keep Scotland trapped in a corrupt and damaging union that they will target censorship of Independence supporters.

    And whats even more depressing is that there will be a lot of Independence supporters that still fund this politically corrupt organisation.

    I really hope Nicola and the SNP have an Ace up their sleeve, I think we’re gonna need it.

  14. Pat says:

    Are you sure it was the “real” BBC that complained. There are still clips from BBC shows all over youtube.

  15. Luigi says:

    Hopefully there’s a WoS contingency plan so we can stay in touch and spread the word. An attempt to silence the Rev and other pro-indy bloggers will be made if the establishment gets that scared. And I think they are already beginning to express critical levels of fear.

    State of emergency planned? Who knows? I wouldn’t put it past them. Certainly there’s a bit of orchestrated, expectation management going on with the MSM at the mo.

    Don’t know what you got planned, Rev, but hopefully you can stay one step ahead of these barstewards. They are getting desperate.

  16. Hamish100 says:

    All quite deliberate by the state broadcaster. As the Parliaments go into summer recess and this prevents any debate. No doubt a press release is prepared for leaking to their usual pals in the Torygraph, Express, Spectator and their like.

    They are worried of course but will we hear of this on the week-end news directed from London? I am sure there is a wee card telling some civil servant (pretending to be a bbc technician) when to pull the plug on this website and similar. Technical problems of course. We should ensure resilience and learn from our friends in Catalonia.
    Kall Kaye on Monday, should web sites be allowed to use bbc or other footage without government permission?

  17. Ian Brotherhood says:

    John Beattie’s Media Review on Thursday will be all over this…

  18. Black Joan says:

    As widely predicted, this time they will stop at nothing.

    A year on from his groundless arrest and the seizure of the tools of his trade, the Rev discovers blatant censorship of the most influential pro-indy site.

    Kirsty Wark on Newsnight squawking, “allegedly, allegedly”, in a desperate attempt to deny facts: that Vote Leave broke the law = just one example of what the BBC has become.

  19. One_Scot says:

    Have just asked @TannadiceLad (AKA Brain ‘Look I have pulled my Blether with Brian draw bridge up’ Taylor) his thoughts on this.

    Given he has not tweeted in 8 years, I’m gonna guess that bridge is still up.

  20. Astonished says:

    Graham B @12.36pm – Exactly the same.

    Graham B your comment is one of the most profound I have read on this site.

    We must fight them tooth and nail, for we all know where BBCLeave is leading us to

  21. Dr Jim says:

    For all viewers of BBC digital television:

    There may be disruption of the service to our customers due to Scottish Nationalist extremist hacking attacks hoping to stifle our news service however we will endeavour to keep this important service to the British public working during this difficult time and work to ensure minimum disruption

    Are we expecting this? I think so!

  22. Helena Brown says:

    As one of those Independence supporters of this blasted organisation, but reluctant. Mine shall not be renewed. The renewal is due September and I shall finish it then. I should have done it three years ago but it just got carried on during a period of what I can only describe as chaos. If you don’t believe me try moving house, energy, even Sky (I know, we should probably not have it either) but this was done and now it needs to be undone.
    When we heard about the fake news stuff this morning, we wondered where the Government would strike. Ridiculous coming from the main purveyors.

  23. Jason Smoothpiece says:

    This is coming from the Centre the BBC being one of the regime’s propaganda arms are simply responding to a direction from the state.

    With the disaster that is Brexit and the slow but steady realisation by Scottish people that we have, lets just say been getting very badly treated by the English Nationalist government the pressure is increasing on the Centre to maintain control.

    I believe we “aint seen nothing yet”.

    It is possible they will intentionally try to provoke us or they may clumsily accidentally provoke us it will get dangerous as we edge towards independence.

    Next step for the regime, subtle changes to laws on free speech and criticism of government due to the forthcoming state of emergency which they will cause.

    Better together?

  24. CyberMidgie says:

    I stopped paying for a TV licence in 2003.

    The more I see the BBC slide into bias and skulduggery, the happier I am that I don’t contribute to it.

    The sheer hypocrisy of an organisation that relies on fair use for their own reports but won’t allow fair use to others is utterly breathtaking.

  25. Levirne says:

    Hi there! I’ve ran a Youtube account for several years now & I think I know what’s going on here.

    The BBC hasn’t struck down your videos. What this most likely is is some idiot who’s decided to strike down a bunch of videos. I had to file a DMCA takedown myself a few months ago, and you can literally insert whatever you want into the name box – meaning that it’s really easy to impersonate a person or company. Considering too that it’s the BBC, their takedowns would be automated. It would be wayyy too much effort for them to go through and hand pick each individual video.

    My advice? Contact Youtube Support via Twitter – do it through both PM and through a simple “.@” in a tweet to make sure people see it. Companies are more likely to pay attention and sort the problem if it gains traction. Additionally, post on their reddit. There’s a guy on there who works for YouTube (i’ve forgotten his /u/ but he should be fairly easy to track) who is really good at sorting out issues like this.

    Don’t take me wrong – I’m far from defending the BBC here – but I highly doubt it’s them.

    The most important thing here is that you PUSH. Youtube is awful when it comes to handling copyright claims (although it has seemed to improve in recent months), but if you cause enough of an uproar they’ll take notice. But don’t blame the BBC until you can actually prove it is them, otherwise you’ll just embarrass yourself.

  26. Bradford Millar says:

    i hope when we leave the UK Scotgov gives the BBC a taste of their own medicine and close them down in Scotland for good … all the BBC Scotland is working against Scotland

  27. Haggishunter says:

    Until now the Brit establishment could not really control social and online media, they are possibly using the same tactics as they do with independent main stream media, tax breaks and financial gain.
    In an EU country it’s called corruption. But then the UK is a plutocratic society, getting more medieval every year.
    I wonder how much money and weapons M15 are giving to the OO and smash the SNP?

  28. galamcennalath says:

    The powers-that-be are losing control over the dissemination of news and information, and they don’t like it. To function properly a democracy needs informed and engaged voters. Preventing a properly functioning democracy is their objective. They want disengaged voters who care more about the outcome of reality shows and who view politics through a carefully controlled set of filters.

    They are failing IMO. However, you can understand why they try to maintain their control.

    Interestingly the definition of ‘fake news’ should be clear … used to refer to fabricated news. This type of news, found in traditional news, social media or fake news websites, has no basis in fact, but is presented as being factually accurate. However, there are clearly attempts to change that definition in the minds of the public to mean … some news on social media or websites which is not from traditional media sources.

    Literally, the want to public to believe only traditional media can be trusted.

    All signs of sheer panic as anti-Brexit voices and Scottish independence pose existential threats.

  29. Jon Kelbie says:

    have you heard of peertube?

    It’s a distributed video site/service which you can self-host.. it federates, so any public videos you post on your server will be listed on other servers that know of your server.. for the purposes of embedding video in your blog you can set video visability to hidden so that only followers of your peertube account or those with a direct link to the video can see it.

    Videos are viewed via p2p so the host server doesn’t need to be overly powerful, disk space is the primary limiting factor..

    It’s still under active development.. It may or may not be a solution to this issue but thought I’d mention it incase you didn’t know about it.

  30. Arbroath 1320 says:


    It looks like the Tory Broadcasting corporation have taken “nothing to see here move along now … oh look squirrels!” to a completely new level!

  31. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “Crowd source their replacement on multiple volunteer YouTube accounts. If you’re feeling brave, get the volunteers to update links in your articles.”

    That plan is wildly impractical for about a hundred reasons.

  32. Hamish100 says:

    Dave McE Hill – you will have to up your radio broadcasts!!

  33. Tony O"neill says:

    Time to take on the beeb as never before.

  34. Croompenstein says:

    How can they take down your youtube channel without informing you, an absolute disgrace..

  35. ROBBO says:

    During canvassing I came across a guy who was one of the founder members of the SNP in London and when they held meetings in buildings around Westminster. He told me they were routinely watched by members of the security service as the SNP were and presumably from what we hear still are regarded in some quarters the BBC presumably being one as a terrorist organisation to be surpressed

  36. call me dave says:

    Jings! The Empire Strikes Back

    Getting close to independence now. 🙂

  37. Big Bill says:

    They can’t make us unhear or unsee all the lies and scheming.

  38. Rod Graham says:

    How about a crowdfunder to hire someone to do the re-uploading & re-linking for you?

  39. dandydons1903 says:

    We have got them rattled, question is what other tricks may try. Its only the beginning.

  40. One_Scot says:

    The more I think about this the more worrying it becomes, because this is not being done underhandedly and in secret, it is being done openly and in front of our faces, and there is nothing we can do about it.

    Seriously, I ask myself where does it stop, and the answer is, it doesn’t.

    I genuinely fear for the future of our children if Scotland does not become Independent.

  41. Macart says:

    @galamcennalath 1.11pm

    Pretty much, but it won’t prevent either or the inevitable fallout.

  42. Hamish100 says:


    The BBC are worried that they could be sued for their broadcasts over the years for telling porky pies such as HRH Charlie is pals with the Church of England, May says their is no money tree, Arlene Foster laughs and says there is – No surrender, Brexit means more money for the NHS, Gove and Johnston are arses– ok the last bit was me!

    fake news anyone?

  43. Willie Miller says:

    dtube is regarded as being a youtube alternative, tho I have no idea about copyright stuff

  44. Jack Murphy says:

    NOW. Not the BBC in Scotland.

    All Under One Banner CAMERA 1 iNVERNESS now: 🙂

    All Under One Banner CAMERA 2 INVERNESS now: 🙂

  45. Scott says:

    Newswatch Scotland

    Will this be the next one to be taken down I have saved the one Protecting Ruth Davidson incase.
    Fight this one all the way Rev it is now official that we are living in a state controlled country.

  46. Andy Anderson says:

    A sad state for freedom of speech. Makes me angry.

  47. Bill Hume says:

    I think,
    We’re winning, and Westminster does not like it one bit.

  48. defo says:

    You didn’t expect them to just fade away and die, did you?
    You have been memory holed.

  49. Andy-B says:

    Here we go, go straight to the top and send the CEO of Youtube a message that you’re not a happy chappy at the targeted censorship.

    Lets draw attention to it.

  50. Capella says:

    Welcome to the Kafka Komplaints Service.

    The BBC has complaining down to a fine art. If you want to complain about them set aside 6 months in your diary after which you will be back to square one.

    If the BBC want to complain you will be punished without notification. Guilty without trial.
    I wonder what OFCOM think about that.

    Indyref2 is still going though it’s probably just a matter of time.

  51. Breeks says:

    This is a big story. If YouTube, Facebook, Google etc reveal themselves as puppets of the corporate Establishment, then confidence in them will collapse.

    Since Craig Murray’s blog alerted me to the “Philip Cross” carry on, where masses of data on Wikipedia is altered by a sinister entity which uses the name, I have become very cynical, make that even more cynical, about information sourced from Wikipedia.

    Facebook has sold itself out over selling users data to third parties like Cambridge Analytica, and despite their creepy “things are changing on Facebook” TV adverts, a great many people will forever more see their Facebook Account as a party line.

    Google has been fined $5 billion by Europe for breaking antitrust laws.

    Now the skin of YouTube is peeling back to reveal some extremely dubious susceptibilities to State control and influence, and unless YouTube wants to lose its credibility too, it needs to act carefully.

    Maybe once the ScotGov finally lands its big haymaker of a punch with Scottish Sovereignty being formally recognised, perhaps the first action inspired by that recognition should be literally laying down the law about who broadcasts what in Scottish airspace.

    Let me stress, I wouldn’t ban the BBC, but I would absolutely develop an independent Scottish Broadcaster which could expose, counter and discredit the sinister manipulations and falsehoods routinely pedalled by the BBC.

  52. WeeDavie says:

    Why not organise a boycott of the BBC, cancel our TV licences and apply for a refund, to boot? And tell them the reason for cancellation is that you cannot continue to support a fake news channel that consistently lies about Scottish politics.

    They’ll cheerfully ignore li’l ol’ me, but if a hundred of us cancelled for the same reason, or a thousand or a hundred thousand or even a million, then, wow! they’d be quaking in their boots.

    Or am I the only one who feels like this?


  53. Bill McLean says:

    I used to believe in that lot – binned them twenty years ago but i’m still ashamed that I ever fell for it! Undemocratic, anti-democratic hypocritical excuses for humans! Sorry! I’m really mad!

  54. The BBC is just a platform that has been hijacked by the unscrupulous UK State,

    from day 1 the BBC has been forced to protect and project the State,

    here is Lord Reith,first controller and founder of BBC,a man who survived the abomination of the trenches and severe injury in WW1,telling of being forced by the State to compromise his ethics,

  55. Capella says:

    @ Jack Murphy – thx for link to Inverness march. Can’t be there myself but great to see the huge turnout.

  56. Davo says:

    The local news for the Highlands on BBC GMS always refers to the civil servant spokesperson on maritime matters as “the Secretary of State’s maritime coordinator”. I have never heard them refer to Scottish civil servants as “the First Minister’s ….”
    Just another example of their sleekit use of language pushing Westminster’s influence.

  57. msean says:

    Deletion from YouTube seems to be in the vein of George Orwell’s memory hole. The internet will come up with a newspeak name for it soon.

    I always thought that BBC stuff that we license fee payers paid for should be free to be used by and for license fee payers.

    Questions like ‘why are recorded inerviews by politicians on a public channel being taken down?’ and ‘who really is in control of the BBC?’ may well be being asked.

  58. sassenach says:

    One_Scot says @1:34pm

    I completely agree, I also live in fear of what my kids and grandkids will face if we cannot get out of this septic union.

    But with all our means of information dissemination ( except word of mouth!) now being, in plain sight, shut down, how on earth do we ever win?

  59. MrMilkshake says:

    Well, Now you know what Ruth was doing at google.

  60. Vestas says:

    The National has the news up on their website now.

  61. Funny how this happened after Parliament shut for their holidays!

  62. Sarah says:

    I tweeted the CEO of YouTube @SusanWojcicki I doubt it will have any effect, but it made me feel better!

  63. msean says:


  64. Set up an account with PeerTube.

    It is a federated service with servers run by individuals or you can run your own server. Unfair copyright takedowns can’t happen.

    Give me a shout if you need assistance.

  65. JLT says:

    Yep…now it’s getting nasty. But nothing changes, we stick to the agenda of discrediting the UK State at every turn. They’re panicking if it has got to this level.

    At the same time, they are also caught with something that is completely out of their control, and most folk don’t need the BBC to tell them how it is going …and that’s Brexit. While the UK continues to fudge both leaving and its relationship with the EU, Scots will continue to sit with a growing sense of unease as Westminster continues to reveal that it is not in control at all.

    Download newsclips if you can or continue to print-screen or copy and paste or whatever of all major news items that help our cause. While they can try to shutdown somethings, they can’t control the entire internet. Like the mythical hydra, you can lop off one of the creatures heads, but in its place, will grow back 2 or more. They may kill a news item at one source, but they can’t stop it when it appears a 100 times everywhere else (and then some!)

    Personally, if the Yes / Indy movement can easily pull in 20,000 at a march now …then maybe it’s high time a march on Pacific Quay was co-ordinated. Bet they won’t like it if 30 to 40,000 angry Scots suddenly appeared on their doorstep demanding the head of BBC Scotland come out and meet them for a discussion and some major answers.

  66. Sania says:


    Your SNP man must know the one I met when canvassing. 1960’s London, they were regularly followed.

  67. Ken500 says:

    There has been a tightening up on data protection. Trying to make personal data more secure? Even in the internet. Could be complaints made to BBC or BBC having to comply with the new data protection rules. Could it be Unionists (organisations) complaining to BBC about their data being used. The BBC has to get it deleted.

    A Westminster committee has released a Report about people being targeted through Facebook etc. Should be private data being used by Facebook (sold) to give access to people’s information. To 3rd parties without permission from the users.

    A double edge sword.

  68. Ken MacColl says:

    Is this why the state broadcaster is known as “auntie” ?

  69. Capella says:

    March now at the park. Good band playing as eveyone arrives. Don’t know what speeches are planned but they’s be from this stage IMO:

  70. I would just like to say to the BBC and the Brit nats about Scottish freedom despite all their dirty tricks Its coming yet for awe that and awe that and awe that

  71. CmonIndy says:

    At last, 3 friends who were feart to stop paying their license fee have now gone to the site to do just that. This censorship was the wakeup call. Methinks they will lose a load more.

  72. schrodingers cat says:

    feel angry but not sure what we can do about this
    open to suggestions

  73. Derick fae Yell says:

    First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.

    My friend Craig is in Inverness. attending at the side, not marching. The march took a full hour to go past where he was sitting

    The BBC can get stuffed

  74. galamcennalath says:

    I wonder what the BBC will rename itself to after the UK ceases to exist?

    As far as iScotland broadcasting goes, yes, buy in some of the popular entertainment and drama programmes currently shown on the BBC. They are made by independent companies anyway, even if marketed as BBC. They are shown in many countries.

    However, all BBC current affair, political, and news programmes will have no place on our screens.

    Good riddance! They have been instruments used against our democratic process and moves to Scottish statehood. They must be banished for ever and consigned to broadcasting history as far as Scotland is concerned.

  75. Petra says:

    You must be feeling pretty grim today Stu, to say the least. The only upside to this is that you’ve got them quaking in their smelly boots. “Them” being the crew in London (and further afield) that are calling the shots.

    So what next? ALL YouTube videos of the lies told to Scots being removed? The National being wiped out? This site, and others, being shut down, altogether? I wish I could help you out but don’t have the know-how to do so. If there’s anything I, we, can do please let us know. Someone once mentioned that to keep this site up and running there would come a time when you’d need to leave the country. That would take some sacrifice on your part, but if it’s something you may be considering doing it would take money to relocate, buy a home etc. That’s where we could all help out. Hopefully it won’t come to that but I still think that we should have a fundraiser on the go, constantly, until the holding of Indyref2. As one example, raise the money to get another wee, whatever coloured book out. Posted through every letterbox in the country, if at all possible. Show them in the only way that we (most of us) can that we’re enraged with their “Big Brother” tactics and that we’re not going to take this sitting down. We’re fighting back.

    They’ve got the cheek to complain about RT! We’re on our way to the Chinese / North Korean / Goebbles propaganda model of media control now. And this isn’t just about this site, us. This should have everyone, who believes in freedom of speech, extremely concerned. Scared witless. Wakey, wakey time for the Scottish MSM.

  76. Moone says:

    Would these people be of any help with propagating the videos.

    Started IIRC by ex and disgruntled YouTube staff.

  77. wee jock poo-pong mcplop says:

    Quite a significant claim against the BBC – how sure can you be that it is they who have initiated this?

  78. Referendum1707 says:

    Sorry o/t (but also a good way to respond to censorship)

    Please help this fundraiser give practical assistance to Yes groups trying to boost support for independence.

  79. mogabee says:

    Thank you Stu. for this excellent article.

    I remain incandescent with rage at the sheer shite we are being hit with just for asking to be a normal, independent Nation.

    Yesterday I deleted apps for BBC and Youtube from all my devices. Today I still feel the same.

    I won’t miss them…

  80. maureen says:

    What about paying for a host based server outwith the UK, say Iceland and then anything posted on your webpage can’t be touched.
    I am aware of a similar situation on a website that helps people fight for their benefits.

    The UK government shut down their website here so they moved the website to a host based in Iceland.

    Now nothing can be removed as it is outside the Government control. Just a thought

  81. Clapper57 says:

    Outright ban for ALL – copyright

    Selective ban – censorship

    Who owns Youtube ?


    Was there not some kinda deal involving tax between Google and Tories when David Cameron was PM and Osborne Chancellor of Exchequer?

    Tory links to BBC…..join the dots………

  82. Bugger le Panda says:

    schrodingers cat says:
    28 July, 2018 at 3:13 pm
    feel angry but not sure what we can do about this
    open to suggestions

    One, but it is illegal by them wot writes the lorr

  83. Bugger le Panda says:


    Move it to Iceland

    Like it.

    How much?

  84. Petra says:

    I see that Iain MacDonald has very kindly offered his services. Hoping that someone like Iain will be able to help you out, Stu (big hug and kiss) X

    Thanks for the links to the Inverness march, folks. Fairly cheered me up to see the saltires flying. Good to hear some English accents amid the crowd too. Won’t be long now.

    For a’ that, an’ a’ that. It’s coming yet for a’ that.

  85. Bugger le Panda says:


    Iceland it is then.

    Any idea how much for a criminal crowd fund.

  86. HandandShrimp says:

    Putin could learn a few tricks from the BBC. They are as much part of the state apparatus as any other state controlled media organisation. They are not the good guys.

    I dare say it will get dirtier still as Inyref2 actually kicks off formally. We can hit them with protests again when the time is right.

  87. maureen says:

    Just spoke to the administrator and they have hosting and domain name, works out at about £150 then the simple press and word fence. £200 all in.
    They are hosted by Orange ( not the OO! )who really look after them and gave a massive discount

  88. schrodingers cat says:

    stu’s twitter account

    Things done to Wings Over Scotland by the mainstream media so far:

    (1) Twitter account closed down
    (2) Arrested and all computer equipment impounded for months
    (3) YouTube account closed down
    (4) Endless smears

    Starting to feel a bit unpopular tbh.

    (There’s also something else I can’t talk about yet.)

    sounds ominous

    do we know the outcome of his court case with dugdale?

  89. Hamish100 says:

    wee jock poo-pong mcplop says:
    28 July, 2018 at 3:24 pm
    Quite a significant claim against the BBC – how sure can you be that it is they who have initiated this?

    It is by their deed that you shall judge or something like that.

    No unionist sites are down.

  90. maureen says:

    If you decide to go with web-based host outside the UK, and once you figure out what you need, admin will have a word with the person who set them up, to see what he can do for Wings.

  91. Proud Cybernat says:

    BREAKING from North Korea
    with Ri Chun Hui

  92. Petra says:

    Drip, drip, drip! The Philip Cross ” interventions” all over Wikipedia, damaging data being erased from politician’s Wikipedia pages and any videos that get up their noses just disappearing.

    I’ve been saving YouTube videos for years now and often find that when I go back to take a look they’re gone, such as Tommy Sheridan’s fantastic “Bairns not Bombs” speech and one of an Admiral at Faslane giving out data (with mind boggling percentages) about the Scots being the backbone of the British Armed Forces.

    Not too long now until we’re left with nothing but videos of Davidson telling Nicola Sturgeon to sit down.

  93. Michael Cooper says:

    Hardly, if ever comment but this has angered me. If these clips can somehow be made available can we each one of us post them on our own youtube channels?

  94. Gary says:

    Fixated Threat Law, Fixated Threat Assessment Centres, Anti-Terror Law and now this.

    You can have all of your news removed from public view, you can be taken off the street in secret, arrested without anyone knowing, tried in secret and jailed. You can be questioned by those who have no standing in law, put in ‘centres’ to be assessed without anyone being notified nor any recourse under PACE nor The Mental Health Act now. And Statutory Instruments mean unelected Lords can make and unmake laws as well as alter them to suit without any vote in the House of Comons nor any public debate on the matter. You can be arrested for photographing a police station (which can be seen on street-view) and anything else they deem sensitive “Without good reason”

    At what point do we realise we are living in an oppressive regime? This is NOT a free country…

  95. Croompenstein says:

    How did you swing getting WOS Wrestling on ITV at 5.. 🙂

    1st bout Crusher Campbell vs Big Bad BBC..

    c’mon we’re all behind you Crusher.. 😀

  96. johnj says:

    It’ll be interesting to see if Sunday Herald or Scotland on Sunday are on to this tomorrow.

  97. Street Andrew says:

    Anybody on here still waiting for the Indyref2 campaign to start ?

    The Unionist reactionary forces started in 2014, and they haven’t relented for an instant.

    When you hear a bang it won’t be the starting pistol for Indyref2 it’ll be a bullet in the back of your head.

    It’ll be the last thing you hear.

  98. PeterKidd says:

    I wrote this on a previous post but it wasn’t posted.

    I live and work in China an have been an “Independence Supporter” most of my life. I made the mistake of signing up to the BBC’s Comment Section I didn’t write any comments but I did Vote up and vote down comments about Scottish Independence and Brexit, hundreds of them. I can no longer log on to the BBC website. It’s not the Chinese government as I tried on some other foreign teachers computers and got on no problem.

    Seems like I am a “BBC” undesirable.

  99. Clapper57 says:

    Also meant to add the BBC should keep in mind tis the public who fund them via licence fee and some of that public are supportive of independence. It reminds me of their website being selective of when to ALLOW comments… we Indy supporters are expected to fund an organisation who are suppressing nay banning our right to freedom of speech.

    That certain political and famous others are now suddenly indignant as to the impartiality of the BBC is laughable….not one peep from certain individuals re the union opinionated BRITISH Broadcasting company’s unionist version of the Indy Ref and of SNP politicians/party….they were too busy telling us how much they wanted us to stay as they loved us so much……as shown on the ……..BBC !!!………….the broadcaster they now call biased ………..laugh…I could cry.

    ( political and famous others being pro Corbyn and also famous prominent Remain campaigners).

    Britnat UKOK state propaganda media dictates tone and content of news while actively suppressing the right of individuals who disagree with them to speak freely and honestly …..while giving platform to extreme right wing shit stirrers desperate to take control..and obviously always have soft spot for Unionists contributions ………… this what people voted for in 2014 ?……we are indeed travelling back to the time of uber alles….aided by the state media naturally.

  100. Mike says:

    So why don’t we complain to youtube about the pro UK channels including the BBCs own? They are clearly operating under the exact same standards as the sites that have been closed. Or is YouTube also part of the conspiracy? Kind of looks that way to me.

  101. Movy says:

    This seems incredible. I truly find it almost impossible to believe that the BBC would act in such a way. It is disgusting. Shame on them. On the positive side ‘they’ (including those behind this move) must be worried, if they’re trying to shut things down. Interesting too that I’ve just watched the live feed from the Inverness march and had noted a report that the BBC was covering it, much to the surprise of those reporting it! And now we know why. They are going to prove how unbiased and impartial they are, and no doubt spin the story to fit their agenda. Good luck with that one.

  102. jfngw says:

    BBC must be pretty worried about the evidence of its mendacity during the last referendum and wants the evidence erased for the upcoming one. They possibly want to reuse some of the material and are concerned it to be seen as just a repeat.

    We could make a whole series about the BBC, just call it ‘Secrets and Lies – The History of BBC Scotchland’.

    If there is a mass licence fee withdrawal it should be organised to happen on a specific date, hit them with a single event and see if anybody reports it.

  103. Fireproofjim says:

    It’s state censorship. Nothing else.
    Is there any way that we can help? I’m rather lacking in the more complicated computer skills but would do what I can..
    OT did anybody at Inverness today see if the “Smash the Tory Scum” banner and the ultra left parasites were there? Hope not.

  104. Liz g says:

    Shrodingers Cat 3.58
    Don’t forget getting the Wings adverts pulled off Glasgow underground in 2014

  105. Proud Cybernat says:

    “Covering politics and Parliament is at the heart of BBC News’s remit, especially in today’s tempestuous political landscape and with Brexit due to happen in less than a year,” explained Katy Searle , head of BBC Westminster.

    “The way people get their news is changing, and the nature of politics is changing as well – this is why we’re boosting what we do digitally to bring trusted political information to people, wherever they’re getting their news. It’s more important than ever to report and scrutinise what happens in Parliament to give our audience the facts and analysis they need.” From:

    They’re having a f#cking laugh.

  106. frankieboy says:

    I’m convinced this is all part of a planned, concerted effort to degrade and diminish any ‘Scottishness’ that exists. Who knows, they may even introduce a tartan ban soon? The changing of name to UKGov Scotland office, the flegs on Scottish produce, the use of the word ‘Nationalist’ when talking about the SNP, Bells whisky rebranding, Walkers shortbread rebranding, `attacks from the BBC on SNP/Scotland the increased prominence of the Orange Order and the DUP in Scotland, the placing of OO members into council / MSP seats and the usual daily tripe from MSM. Let there be no doubt, the Unionist machine works well and is constantly picking away, slowly but surely.

  107. Proud Cybernat says:

    “When you hear a bang it won’t be the starting pistol for Indyref2 it’ll be a bullet in the back of your head.”

    Away and chase yerself and take per pish wi’ yae.

  108. Les Wilson says:

    Well, the corrupt Westminster cabal is now out to crush Scottish democracy in all it’s forms. The BBC their biggest weapon.
    They will refuse INDY2 now (they know they will be beaten this time), if a referendum goes ahead they will refuse to accept the outcome.

    We really need truly unbiased monitors in as soon as possible and get the date set in stone for the vote.
    They will be doing everything to stop us, Wings and others being muted is just the start. False flags and threats will be next. the rabid editorial, of the rabid press will ramp up even more.

    The Indy websites will also get closed soon, no dissent allowed, no voice against the Union will be heard. They want Scotland to be destroyed. They have opened the gates and it will not stop now.

    We must very soon find a way out.

    International exposure to what they are doing, is perhaps one way to cool them down, if people can get the message out.

    On going involvement with Westminster is impossible from here on.

    Google are their friends here, after all they had to pay far less UK tax apparently, than they should have, so may feel they should help their benefactors out, google of course own Youtube.

    The world is a darker place now.

  109. No Blacks
    No welsh
    No Jocks
    No Dogs

    On the day that is was revealed that Thatcher had a black list that included Black activists, Wels and scots nationalists, I hear this.
    I am yet to be convinced that the BBC could be this stupid.
    But then again, Boris Johnson was foreign secretary and Liam Fox thinks that No Deal will be a piece of p*ss.
    I am positive that the English Blue Yellow and Red Tory parties all have their black lists; I’d be insulted if I weren’t on it.
    The Establishment is crumbling away.
    Now IS the time, thank the Lord.
    Perhaps it’s time to report Brewer’s Sunday Nonsense in full once more.
    I’m sure the National will delve into this.
    Hitler’s Germany?

  110. Les Wilson says:

    Chris’s cartoon is now not coming up now via android anyway, that is not BBC copyright. So why?, well android is also owned by google, that may have something to do with it.

  111. Calum McKay says:

    I saw the state flex it’s muscles at the corner of Bridge Street in Inverness today.

    I have never seen such a collection of worthless of scum in all my life, all six of them!

    They looked like a cross between Bob Hoskins dressed as a seventies east end gangster and a pearly queen. Applologies to the memory of a great actor and a dignified culture!

    These (people?), has more in common with the bnp or uda than Scotland! It’s a shame this alien life form is not provided more air time on MSM!

  112. Truth says:

    This morning I received my 36th letter from TV licencing since moving into this house a little over two years ago. I’ve got over 20 from the place before this and probably around 50 from the place before that.

    In all that time I’ve had one visit and I wasn’t even in.

    Do not be scared of them. The BBC’s own figures show 10% of households in Scotland do not pay. They are unlikely to get around to you in a long time.

    I legally don’t have a licence as I genuinely do not watch live broadcasts or simulcasts. I don’t even desire to use iPlayer. It’s another country’s culture and history.

    Do not fund them, do not reward the oppression which is being ramped up.

    I am seething about what has happened to these YouTube channels, moreso because I have no licence to cancel in response. All I can do is encourage others to cancel also.

    Please, put up with this no longer. Cancel, and put that money toward something else. Better still, use that money against them.

  113. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

    Said it before but:

    The BBC in Scotland are complying with the Royal Charter of the BritNat Broadcasting Corporation:

    6. The Public Purpose

    (4) “….help contribute to the social cohesion and wellbeing of the United Kingdom.”

    They are just following orders folks.

    WoS is contributing to the unraveling of the ‘precious Union’ and is in the crosshairs today.

    Who of us tomorrow?

    Don’t pay the propaganda tax.

    British Nationalist Broadcasting (Scotland Division) is our equivalent of the Rwandan radio station of the 1990s called Radio-Television Libre des Milles Collines.

    It exists to undermine the Scots Government, foster division and sectarianism and is backed by powerful people in business and Government of the UK and Opposition on Scotland.

    Can AUOB arrange an Anti Censorship March on PQ and could it be the centre piece of a “Don’t pay the BritNat Propaganda Tax” Campaign?

    Will Anti Brexit and BBC Bias Lord Andrew Adonis come out in defence of Stu and Wings?

    Can we hit YouTube in the pocket (highlight it’s anti free speech activities to those who advertise on its platform and explain their products will be boycotted until they stop advertising)?

  114. Truth says:

    Oh, and I’d like to know what steps the Scottish Parliament is taking to get media and broadcasting devolved.

    This must happen urgently. Just set up the department and assume responsibility. We don’t need their permission, we are sovereign.

    And while I’m at it, I don’t recognise their “supreme” court. It has no jurisdiction over Scots Law.

  115. schrodingers cat says:

    if we cant say publicly, dont pay the bbc propoganda tax” for legal reasons, why not highlight the propaganda and ridicule them?

    eg, aye right, so ye heard it on bbc pravda so it must be true etc

    i,m sure we could run a competition on wings and come up with much better than this

    we need to sow the message to the public that the bbc cant be trusted (youtube are untouchable in this, they just do what wm says and couldnt care what we say or do)

    i say large banners in very prominent places, some wingers must know someone with a garden which is very visible from the m8, a9 etc.

    the disreporting scotland trailers were a very good idea but they cost a lot and are time limited

    the yesm8 bridge group get better exposure.

    we should crowd fund them some banners etc

    just a thought

  116. schrodingers cat says:

    The sheep never realise they outnumber both the shepard and the dog.

    Meat is good sayeth the sheep.

  117. Luigi says:

    Och folks, the BBC do not get their cash directly from the tv licence anyway. Even big non-payment protests can be easily hushed up by the establishment.

    On the other hand, a 24-7 sit-down protest outside Pacific Quay HQ, blocking car parks etc and disrupting all BBC business in Scotland would attract far more attention IMO. The question is – do enough people feel strongly enough to do this? Maybe no yet. I’m sure the police have lots of chain-cutters handy, just in case. 🙂

  118. Shinty says:


    I voted Tory in a past life but as far as I’m concerned Tory politicians are scum and anyone who doesn’t think so, is not paying attention.

    I know folk (and family) who vote Tory: the alright Jocks, the haven’t a clue Jocks and the house slave Jocks. I also know quite a few Yes Tories.

    So, do I care about a fecking banner, not a jot.

    Alex Salmond has been demonised his entire political career and even although he’s no longer an MP the undermining of him and his achievements continue. Not one of them on the WM benches are fit to lick his boots.

    I have one of the thowless thirteen as my MP, he has done nothing but undermine his constituents, doesn’t know what’s devolved/reserved – (he’s also a dirty lying barsteward). His sole objective is to preserve the Union and get a wee pat on the back from his English masters. How embarrassing for Scotland is that.

    Kind of sorry that Eric Joyce no longer has access to the WM bars.

  119. Valerie says:

    Jeezuz H Christ, not unexpected I suppose, but ffs.

    To extract revenge on ordinary citizens with little power, voice, platform?

    I would never presume to give Rev advice, but it looks like a case of everyone that supports Independence, planning for worst case scenario.

    That in itself is a disgusting indictment of our political situation.

    It says everything you need to know about the UK, the signposts are clear.

  120. Movy says:

    As (still, for now, a) licence payer, I’ve contributed to the cost of these blacked-out videos. Don’t I then have a say in how they may or may not be used and by whom and for what purpose? If the answer is no, then it is obvious I’ve been mis-sold a product.

  121. jfngw says:

    The Tories are preparing to occupy Scotland. With 22% of MP’s they are to run the country by proxy via David Mundell. His right hand person will be Ruth Davidson who with 24% of MSP’s will effectively veto legislation of the Scottish Parliament.

    None of this will be reported by the BBC or other MSM, instead we will be presented with publicity shots of the latest Davidson PR stunt. She will be portrayed as the great leader that save Scotland form disaster, and into 50 years of Brexit austerity glory.

    Dissenting sites will be declared anti-British and blocked or closed.

    Looks like nonsense, well where we are currently would have been described as nonsense not so long ago.

  122. Legerwood says:

    Two articles from the on-line Guardian. One on the supply ships for the Royal Navy. Apparently a Japanese shipbuilders is in the running for the contract. If memory serves me correctly did a South Korean shibuilder not get the contract for the last supply ships ordered by the RN
    Second article is about NHS England and the deterioration in the service causing harm to patients. Some interesting stats in the article about the shortfall in medical and nursing staff in NHS England. If the unionist parties in Scotland run true to form the expect the appearance of a FoI based story along similar lines about NHS Scotland without, of course, any mention of the situation in NHS England
    On topic. The BBC is trying to be smart but I do not think they are clever enough to pull it off. They have completely underestimated how deeply embedded the independence sites are in the movement, and how trusted. They have just banged another nail in their coffin.
    Hell mend them.

  123. @schrodingers cat

    long long ago the first shepherds realised that sheep blindly followed a leader so they trained a `Judas goat` to lead sheep to the slaughterhouse,

    shepherds = establishment
    sheep = ordinary people
    Judas goat = BBC.

  124. gerry says:

    Start 100 youtube channels from 100 different IPs. Upload 1 to each with a section 107 diclaimer attached and see what happens. The danger here is that you reupload a couple and things look okay ie no copyright hits, then they wait until you have uploaded them all and simply shut you down again.

    I always thought that a disclaimer like this would suffice if the content was for research, although I am unfamiliar with this area of law.
    “Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for “fair use” for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.”

    Only other thing I can think we could do is to crowdfund a lawyers fee and get some expert advice. I’m in for that.

  125. Valerie says:

    @ cat

    There are thousands of us on Twitter doing exactly what you say, every day. I have several BBC horse shit memes.

    What is VERY noticeable, just in last year, is the Indy support have now been joined by a ton of English Remainers. They have just “woke”. There are a lot of parallels between us and Remainers. Grief, loss, betrayal, continued loss of voice, no balance.

    Remainers in the south are in literal shock at the BBC. They simply cannot believe their eyes. They also have some pretty well known academia on their side, like AC Grayling.

    If WoS has been targeted like this, I’m hoping ALL the political blogs and sites are the same.

  126. Legerwood says:

    Movy says:
    28 July, 2018 at 4:44 pm
    “” Interesting too that I’ve just watched the live feed from the Inverness march and had noted a report that the BBC was covering it, much to the surprise of those reporting it! And now we know why. They are going to prove how unbiased and impartial they are, and no doubt spin the story to fit their agenda. Good luck with that one.””

    You beat me to it. I was going to post a comment along similar lines.

    I noticed yesterday that the BBC News web site – Scottish section – had an item saying a March was going to take place in Inverness on Saturday which I thought was really unusual for the BBC to give publicity for such an independence related event beforehand.

    Then this afternoon the website has a pretty full report with lots of pictures. Then the news about the YouTube shut down and suddenly their machinations became clearer.

    As you say they will point to their coverage of the march to claim they are not anti-independence. Aye Right.

  127. cirsium says:

    Are the BBC doing this now to clear the decks for a snap General Election?

    Proud Cybernat, 4.57pm. Thanks for that quote. Made me smile and think of this quote

    they lie like they breathe air

  128. R Ross says:

    As you’re well in with the Kremlin, get yourself a Russian intern and ask him/her to upload all your videos onto

    I can’t see Rutube giving two fucks about any copyright whines from the BBC.

  129. Robert Louis says:

    This is a very, very serious state of affairs. If the state run BBC propaganda channel is now acting as censor-in-chief of the internet, then we really are entering very dark territory.

    Now, we are starting to see just what the BBC is REALLY for.

    But this really is very worrying. These are not offensive videos, they are not illegal videos and are NOT in breach of copyright, so we only therefore conclude this has been done because they are pro Scottish democracy and independence.

    If matters turn out to be as they currently seem, then the SNP AND Scottish Government really need to consider if they should indulge such a shameful and anti democratic organisation as the BBC. They need to think very hard indeed.

    Scary times.

  130. Robert Peffers says:

    @GrahamB says: 28 July, 2018 at 12:36 pm:

    “Is this the modern era equivalent of the 1933 burning of books in Germany?”

    No, GrahamB, it isn’t but you are close. It smacks more of something far more sinister and a little more recent and there is even a word for it in modern dictionaries:-


    This is the practice of making accusations of subversion or treason without proper regard for evidence.

    Now I’m going to be a bit devious here and propose that Wingers, as we say in Scotland, “Yaise the heid”, and use the BBC’s own chosen weapon, YouTube, to hit back at the BBC.

    I’ll now begin by quoting some YouTube links to, “McCarthyism”, while comparing the BBC’s actions to McCarthyism and telling the absolute truth that the BBC is funded directly by an annual grant from the Westminster Establishment. While brainwashing the public to believe their licence fees pay the BBC – they don’t.

    I trust other wingers may find many more YouTube links to McCarthyism to quote on any site and not just Wings and lets see if YouTube continues its support for the Westminster’s and the BBC’s idiocy and thus proves itself as idiotic as the Westminster Establishment and their propaganda wing and what it has now become.

    Let’s see if YouTube will be ready to take down the YouTube quoted sites also.

    McCarthyism is a blot on the USA administration and it continues to shame the USA political system that even today sees the institutionalised and systemic murder of non-WASP, (White Ango Saxon Protestant) USA citizens for it is not only the Afro-Americans that suffer discrimination in the USA but any non-WASPs that the USA WASPs chose to discriminate against.

    Is it just co-incidence that the greatest proportion of USA police killings of USA citizens on the streets of USA cities are non WASPS?

  131. Chick McGregor says:

    When you take a proper gander,
    At the Britnat propaganda.
    The elite to which they pander
    Are a wonder to behold.

    They think there are none grander,
    Born right to Gerrymander
    And others they can slander,
    With impugnity we’re told.

    A priviledged commander,
    The imperialist expander
    May give a free backhander,
    A bribe of English gold.

    But when an upstart Jocklander
    Questions their lack of candor,
    It’s time to quell his dander,
    Shut him up for being bold.

  132. tarisgal says:

    Sorry – just not a techie person so have no idea what is needed to get you back up & running. I DO hope that’s going to be possible though! We do need you in our corner! (I am so sorry you are taking so much flak! Perhaps you’ve had enough?) 🙁

    However, I see that @TrulyScottishTV are offering you a Channel of your own, if that is any use, Stu.

    I’m incensed that this has happened. Sorry but – I AM mad! And I sincerely do hope there’s a way to ‘get even’…

  133. Valerie says:

    @ jfngw 5.44

    Not nonsense. As I said in my post, the signposts are clear, you are just reading them.

    The Right scream, “How dare you use that word (fascism) and spit on the memory of those who fought the Nazis”

    It’s a good riposte to shut up anybody complaining. However, more and more people are lifting their heads, and adding up all the actions this govt, with their state broadcaster are ticking off on their inexorable march to an authoritarian state.

    We really are almost at the tipping point. Pretty sure that’s why SNP are playing it cool.

  134. HandandShrimp says:

    14,000 at Inverness? If that is correct that is fantastic.

    Looking forward to the Edinburgh march 🙂

  135. ALANM says:

    A few years ago the BBC announced a plan to open up their entire archive online. That was before they discovered loads of stuff they’d broadcast in the past was no longer considered “appropriate” for today’s audiences.

    Hence Benny Hill, Alf Garnett, Rolf Harris, Sir Jimmy Saville, The Black & White Minstrels and now even dear old Sir Cliff Richard to name but a few have all been consigned to the BBC dustbin never to be seen again (except, strangely, on YouTube).

    It now appears that archive material which might in some way promote the cause of Scottish independence has recently been added to the BBC’s “inappropriate” list and – just to be sure it won’t ever be seen again – blocked on YouTube to boot.

  136. gus1940 says:

    During the Viet Nam War mass burning of Draft Cards received plenty publicity and was effective.

    How about a march to and sit-down at PQ accompanied by a mass burning of TV Licenses?

  137. HandandShrimp says:

    PS I take it the usual handful of sad BNP nutters were at Inverness. Something quite satisfying how they cannot muster enough to fill a minibus. 🙂

  138. Robert Peffers says:

    Pat says: 28 July, 2018 at 12:47 pm:

    ” … Are you sure it was the “real” BBC that complained. There are still clips from BBC shows all over youtube.”

    Of course there is, Pat. That is the whole point that proves beyond doubt that it is a deliberate, and desperate, attack on Scottish Independence websites. Never forget that in spite of the general perception and the Westminster efforts to foster the lie that The BBC is directly funded by licence payers licence fee the truth is it isn’t.

    Furthermore, if it was, it would be illegal to do so. Just far starters it would break the law by the Westminster Government licencing the viewing of ALL video broadcasting but then funding only the BBC at the exclusion of other independent broadcasters – that’s even against EU rules that prevent governments subsidising independent private business.

    Remember the BBC is supposed to by independent and Non-government.

  139. JLT says:

    Been thinking of ways to get around this problem.

    I suppose the basic things is to have as many folk download each Scottish ‘reported lie’ that the BBC make. Have a ‘user guide’ as to how to do it. Once they report something misleading, have as many folk, download it, store it, and then rather than posting the video, you use a transcript of the report saying exactly what was said, when it was said, where it was said and time and date stamp it and then post it say …on Facebook that way.

    If the BBC ever throw their toys out of the pram saying it’s a lie, then everyone could then post the original video like crazy to prove that we aren’t. It would mean the BBC has met its match. It can’t attack everyone on Youtube or Facebook!

    It basically means creating a library of BBC news videos on everyone’s PC. A lot of space will be taken up, but it does create a problem for the BBC that folk are still hoarding their lies, but rather than use a video, we use a transcript of what was said. We dare then dare them to call us all out as liars.

    Don’t know if Wings could create a new channel on YouTube under a new guise or have others do it to really test the BBC.

    The idea of setting up a Server in another nation (could it be done from the Republic of Ireland say?) sounds like a good idea. Even posting hard drives with the videos to a foreign location rather than posting them over the net would be a way around circumventing those watching Indy websites or certain email addresses.

    TBH …I never looked at Wings on YouTube anyway and I bet the vast majority of the Scottish Indy minded public didn’t either, so this is going to fly under the radar of most.

    As to hiring a lawyer. Doubtful as it could drag on for years, eat funds and means taking on YouTube as well as the BBC. Their financial resources would eat us alive.

    A few really big rallies at the BBC could prove fruitful. We post up our own videos of the day and explain to the public through Facebook and other social media as to why the rallies happened. We also highlight that Unionist propaganda remains out there showing tremendous bias from Tories, Labour, Libs, the media, and the British State. Basically …we highlight that this is a form of attack on the Scottish nation, its people and its culture by the very folk who brought us Brexit. And do you therefore trust them?

    But there is another way to look at this. Sometimes, it’s better to have your enemy doing things in public because you can see what they are doing. For the BBC and the UK State, that meant they knew what we were posting. But with the BBC taking this tact, it means that the Indy Camp will be a lot more careful in how they handle their data. And that could be a major problem for the BBC as well as the UK State since the game has now changed. Our posts will remain the same (as in we will discuss if a report is misleading by quoting it verbatim), but the things that we are noting down (such as quietly downloading videos of misleading news reports as proof) become a much more private and hidden activity.

    As Sun Tzu says in the Art of War
    “O divine art of subtlety and secrecy! Through you we learn to be invisible, through you inaudible, and hence we can hold the enemy’s fate in our hands.”

    And that is basically what the BBC has created within us this day.

  140. Clapper57 says:

    Zilch..Nada…on STV news tonight at 6.15pm about AUOB in Inverness.

    There is NO news where YOU are Indy supporters………..Nope not any news where YOU are Indy supporters.

    It would appear censorship is rife in the media in Scotland…especially any news that endorses a pro Scottish Indy slant….Pro Indy Scotland the brand in this Land is Banned or so it seems….that is the real news where YOU are according to BritNat controlled media.

  141. starlaw says:

    Never watched ‘Wings’ on u-tube anyway but of Topic something worth watching will be along soon from the Irish Republic, a movie about the Famine or Genocide its called ‘Black 47’ due to be released on Sept 5 In Ireland and Sept 28 in the UK. This is worse than ‘Outlander’ as far as the British state is concerned as it is described as horrific. Doubt that the Tories will want it released. Anyone interested can google it… Black 47…

  142. Clapper57 says:

    @ chick McGregor @ 6.35pm

    Fabby little ditty….you ARE a poet…I know know it..glad you took the time to show it.

    Have a good evening

  143. JLT says:

    And while we may feel rather despondent and fairly angry, there is one thing that gives us continual blinding shining hope in all of this, and is done so without us having to lift a single finger.


    And Scots won’t need any Indy-site to realise that the British State has not only condemned itself, but is finished. If Brexit continues to be the gift that keeps on giving, then Scots eventually …might not need Indy-sites, let alone the misinformation from the BBC.

    It’s the one thing that the British State has absolute no control over, and there is no way they can close our eyes and shut our ears from the growing calamity of it.

  144. Gary45% says:

    Just contacted YaTube.
    Many thanks to all the folks who visited “Gods Country” today, was it 14,500 mentioned on the stage. Plenty of happy faces, the usual diddys with the Butchers Aprons, a wee bit abuse from some employee from Café1 on Castle Street, relating to a Palestine banner (a total bell end) “no more pennies from me and many other Inverness residents.”
    Going by the effort of the travelling public,the Unionists up here are shi**ing themselves.
    Once again CHEERS.

  145. Les Wilson says:

    Given all of this, could the National be closed down by some means or other?

  146. Valerie says:

    Petra @ 4.10

    That is bloody scary! Somewhere is a dark, dank basement, is a small group of techies doing the Pubkic Broadcaster’s bidding.

  147. Robert Peffers says:

    @Black Joan says: 28 July, 2018 at 12:55 pm:

    ” … just one example of what the BBC has become.”

    Nah! The BBC has not just become anything, Black Joan. It has always been the Westminster Establishment propaganda wing and it was taken over from the Radio Hams that set up the, “Wireless Stations”, 2MI & 2LO it their efforts to sell their wireless sets to the public. After all there was no point in broadcasting unless there was entertainment and news of interest to the public to broadcast.

    So Marconi and a few other former Amateur Radio Enthusiasts, (Hams), Who were making , “Wireless Receiver Sets”, for sale to the public started to “Broadcast”, music & news casts so as to sell their wares. Westminster immediately realised the propaganda value and started to sell Wireless Licences, a.k.a. (permission to receive), to the public.

    Then Westminster granted the BBC, (still today a private company), a Royal Warrant a.k.a. a charter and made them an annual grant and that is still the way the BBC is funded by Westminster today. The Licence fee is a payment to Westminster to receive video broadcasts not a payment for the BBC to make programmes. The BBC doesn’t get the licence money it gets a grant from general taxation and it always has been funded that way.

  148. Gary45% says:

    Have a wee look at a film called “Jimmy’s Hall” based on a true story. Its a brilliant film on the plight of villagers on their attempts to run something as simple as an Irish village hall in the 1930s against the “empires”wishes.

  149. Effijy says:

    The petition link below relates to the on-going BBC Bias against
    Scottish Independence.

    The Propaganda Puppets of the Privileged have developed the skills of the Nazi’s in 1930’s Germany and taken them to a whole new level.

    Real Democracy, Truth and justice have no place in the UK.

    And yet only 93,142 people have bothered to take notice and 60 seconds to sign up and record your refusal to accept their lies.

  150. Gary45% says:

    Les Wilson@7.00pm
    This is why “Fake News” is frequently being mentioned on the “Establishment” sites.
    They are losing the battle and they know it, hence, rather than fix the problem “there own inaccurate, biased daily feed of lies etc, they will now attempt to close down any source of real, factual information.
    Beware Mr Zionism is on the rise, its time to bring him down a peg or two .

  151. Joan Edington says:

    Just looked on YouTube and your Channel seems to be back up Rev.

  152. Robert Peffers says:

    @Bradford Millar says: 28 July, 2018 at 1:08 pm:

    ” … i hope when we leave the UK Scotgov gives the BBC a taste of their own medicine and close them down in Scotland for good … “

    Oh! Come on! Bradford, Give it a little more intelligent though. I realise you just haven’t thought it through properly yet but we Scots have been paying our whack to have a BBC since ever there was a BBC. It partly belongs to Scotland and that includes the staff we have paid for.

    We do not throw them out, we give them an ultimatum. They either become a real Scottish state Broadcaster, (as opposed to the Westminster state Broadcaster). or we replace them with people why will. What they choose to do then is their choice. Let us not throw the baby out with the baby’s bath water.

    We have paid for BBC Scotland but never actually had a BBC Scotland, Much like the Tory, Labour and LibDem Political parties who claim to be Scottish but have remained completely Britnat parties – they have to become Scottish or get out – not be thrown out.

  153. Thepnr says:

    You’ve been targeted by the BBC because myself and others have often posted on Wings about ditching the TV Licence aka the Telly tax. This is their revenge.

    I still say don’t pay the Telly tax. If you do it properly then you won’t be getting twenty letters a year or even one a year. Officially they will only contact you every two years to ask if your circumstances have changed.

    I’ve had one letter after 4 years but maybe due another soon. I don’t watch it anyway but have an Amazon firestick and can watch every channel on catchup perfectly legally except the BBC (no great loss).

    I can subscribe to Netflix and watch TV series, films or documentaries for £5.99/month for a single user or £9.99/month for up to four at the same time. That’s what I use but it means that myself, Mother In Law, son and daughter can all watch at the same time in different households, so between us it is £2.50/month each or £30/year.

    The Telly tax is now £150/year so I can even afford Amazon Prime and still save money and that includes anything I buy from there being delivered free. If you really must watch your favourite programs on all the normal stations (except BBC) then it is no great hardship to wait an hour or so for them on catchup. You’ll be surprised at how quickly you adapt to not having a license. It’s no hardship at all.

    The BBC is an enemy of Independence, give them nothing, this is civil disobedience at it’s tamest but won’t go unnoticed and looks like it hasn’t.

  154. Chick McGregor says:


    Ta for that. Not happy with the last verse, doesn’t scan quite right.

    Version 2

    But when a brave Jocklander
    Points out their lack of candor,
    It’s time to quell his dander,
    Shut him up for being bold.

  155. jfngw says:

    The BBC are claiming to be the overseer of Fake News, self or government appointed?

    When you assume this role then you become the arbitrator of your own content, therefore anyone that uses this content to highlight the bias and misinformation is automatically fake news. What else could it be if you are judge & jury.

    For those, mostly on twitter, who ask as we own the BBC why can’t we use their content. I think Robert Peffer has often answered this, it is because we don’t own it but just pay for a government licence.The Government actually own the BBC, there is nobody else it can be.

    As far as Scotland is concerned it is now a rogue corporation acting against the interests of the majority of Scots. This needs to be remembered post independence and BBC propaganda content that continues to undermine Scotland should be banned.

  156. Bingo Wings Over Scotland says:

    What time are we meeting outside Pacific Quay?

    Seriously, it’s time for another protest against the BBC. Hopefully in very large numbers.

  157. Clapper57 says:

    @ Chick McGregor

    I like both version 1 & 2 …..have noted your ability in prose matches the comments you add onto this site….intelligent and worth reading….there are many others who post comments on here that I read and many that I pass by….for obvious reasons. Lol.

    Enjoy your evening…Onward and upwards as they say.

  158. Clapper57 says:

    @ Joan Edington @ 7.19pm

    “Just looked on YouTube and your Channel seems to be back up Rev”

    Hi Joan, I just looked and WOS Youtube channel still terminated because of third party copyright …how did you get in ?


  159. Big Jock says:

    Strangely I heard BBC Scotland talking about a government clampdown on allegedly subversive websites this very morning. As soon as I heard ,I knew it would apply to any non right wing bloggers. I knew it would not be the actual dangerous people like the BNP, Follow follow or any of the various right wing fascists.

    They will be targeted at pro independence sites. We are living in dangerous times people. It’s why I have said over and over and over again, that we can’t assume we have time to get out of this in a few years.

    They are going to start shutting us down and Britishing Scotland. The BBC are working with the Tories on this. Money buys a lot of friends and makes a lot of enemies.

    We need to start the fight back. The propaganda war will be stepped up. We can’t just assume it won’t work. Many people believe the BBC unfortunately.

  160. jfngw says:

    Pretty sure demonstrating outside BBC just plays into their hands. They control the news agenda and how it is presented. It will be used to give the impression that independence as extremists and the unionist parties will make hay with this. We must use our heads and not walk into traps they are setting up.

    More important, this is a warning about using larger corporations, that can be leaned on by government, to store you content. Never had a twitter, YouTube or Facebook account as I basically don’t trust them.

    I use my own server for web content but it’s quite a pain in the neck making sure it is kept secure. The logs of blocked attempts to compromise it are frightening.

  161. galamcennalath says:

    In a shop today. News came on the radio. No idea which station but an English accent. In the very short bulletin was a story about how online fake news was damaging democracy. People are being bombarded with alternative views and don’t know what to believe.

    Aye, that’s the line they are pushing. Trust the broadcast media and the dead tree scrolls – only they tell the ‘truth’. Mistrust all the online alternative.

    In their dreams! Too many people have moved beyond that. The stable door is off its hinges and the horse is wild and free.

    Their ‘truth’ will tend to be consistent though, since they plagiarise each other or publish the same press releases uncritically. Or, take their orders from the same source! That consistency does, unfortunately, make the gullible and less discerning more vulnerable to their FAKE NEWS.

  162. Big Jock says:

    Gala – Probably the same thing I heard. The fake news is in the Daily Mail, The Scotsman and the BBC. The truth is in Wings.

    So what is their game? It’s simple. They want to exaggerate stories or mislead people into a certain angle. Sometimes they actually just invent stories or issue Tory press releases as news. What they can’t have are people actually presenting the truth. This will not do at all. So they label these people as fake news or loony saboteurs.

    They want to shut down the truth.

  163. Ealasaid says:

    Just looked on YouTube and other BBC programs are still on there that must also be against copyright, but not political. So it is not all BBC content that is being removed from YouTube, just what they do not like and target.

  164. Clapper57 says:

    @ galamcennalath says @ 8.06pm

    Well said and absolutely spot on….stick their version of fake news where the sun don’t shine !

    We all KNOW what is happening here but they forget that we are not ALL zipped up at the back.

    Have a good evening

  165. Thepnr says:

    The EU also have “Fake News” high on there to deal with list.

    Democracy is under threat from the malicious use of technology. The EU is fighting back

    We want platforms to step up their efforts to identify and delete fake accounts and establish clear rules around bots so that they cannot be passed off as human online.

    We want to make it easier for users to assess the trustworthiness of content, while also reducing the visibility of disinformation. And we would like to see greater clarity around how algorithms work.

    “while also reducing the visibility of disinformation.”

    So that would be the likes of Wings Over Scotland then?

    This article in the Guardian was written by Sir Julian King, European commissioner for the Security Union.

    Not sure what he’s on about as he’ll be out of a job soon.

  166. Thepnr says:

    Link to article:

  167. Ghillie says:

    This is shocking and unacceptable censorship by the BBC.

    And it reeks of fear.

  168. Shug says:

    You should continue the posts with a box saying censored by the bbc
    I hopepeople are planni g to call kaye ans ask about bbc fake news regardless of their chosen subject
    Use a friends telephone as they maintain a record of previous nationalist callers

  169. Shug says:

    Next indy march everyone should wear a mask of sparticus

  170. ahundredthidiot says:

    The battle for peoples minds is not one to be underestimated.

    I am just wondering what took them so long. Probably too late.

    They should change their position from fight to flight.

  171. Al-Stuart says:


    Gloves off.

    You have one of the most powerful and fundraising websites on the internet. Many of us are more than happy to donate.

    Time to seek prosecution of the miscreant at the BBC who has committed what I believe wise counsel will agree is a heinous infraction of the law…

    Not wanting to give the BBC cretins a heads-up, so am leaving this post as brief as possible.

    Am sure Rev Stuart Campbell can figure out where the above will lead. As with a game of chess, there are some stupid moves that lead to utter failure. The BBC person who authorised this Youtube gag on freedom of speech and political balance has breached a whole dose of laws.

    A carefully thought out path will gain the independence movement valuable percentage points to YES whilst moving the BBC to whatever the Jimmy Saville fvck up of politcs equivalency is.

    This BBC excrement could turn out to be a strategically good thing.

  172. Pogmothon says:

    All animals are equal.
    Some animals are more equal than others.

  173. Ghillie says:

    JLT @ 6.43 pm

    Very good strategy and totally doable 🙂

    Have a look folks!

    The BBC is behaving like a panicked and cornered animal.
    Best to stand back and let it get loose.

    But be very ready with a sturdy net.

  174. Luigi says:

    Shug says:
    28 July, 2018 at 8:44 pm
    Next indy march everyone should wear a mask of sparticus

    Rev Campbell is our Spartacus. We should wear masks wi his mug.

    Imagine a thousand Rev Campbells walking down the street – that would be a scary sight. 🙂

  175. Robert Peffers says:

    @Clapper57 says: 28 July, 2018 at 4:33 pm:

    ” … Also meant to add the BBC should keep in mind tis the public who fund them via licence fee and some of that public are supportive of independence.”

    Wrong! Sorry Clappers57 but the BBC is not funded by the licence fees of licence holders.

    The Licence is, (read the bloody licence thingy), the permission of the Westminster Government for the licence holder to view live broadcasts from any source and over any medium including the Internet.

    The money ollected goes to Her Majesty’s Treasury, as it is their permission that is being given to the licence holder, and the Westminster Government negotiates an annual grant to the BBC that is NOT dependent upon the sum collected by HM Treasury for licences.

    Westminster has thus an annually agreed contract with the private British Broadcast Corporation. a.k.a Private Company, to pay it an annually agreed grant of tax payers money – thus as it is paid from general taxation you pay whether you buy the governments permission to view, (a licence to view), or not.

    ” … It reminds me of their website being selective of when to ALLOW comments… we Indy supporters are expected to fund an organisation who are suppressing nay banning our right to freedom of speech.”

    As stated the Westminster Government pays an annual grant to the private company “The BBC”, and He who pays the piper calls the tune. But Note, There was once an organisation called, “The BBC Trust”:-

    But if you now attempt to access it you will find this:-

    And it begins with this statement:- “The BBC Trust has now closed and these pages are no longer being updated.”

    In any case guess who used to choose the BBC Trust Trustees?

    Perhaps you would benefit and reconsider your views if you found out a bit more truth about The BBC and the now defunct BBC Trust.

    In the time honoured phrase on such Westminster Establishment matters – “But they don’t want you to know that

  176. Ian Brotherhood says:

    A demo is slated for BBC Pacific Quay, Glasgow, on Sat Aug 11th.

    My twitter hasn’t stopped all day after asking if anyone is prepared to attend specifically to encourage disgruntled BBC employees (of whom there must surely be a few now) to walk out in protest at this latest attack.

    I’m still waiting for anyone else to confirm that Aug 11th was already fixed for PQ demo as I wasn’t aware of it but if true then it does give us time to organise and also gives time to BBC employees who are now considering their future with the organisation.

    We cannot let this pass. As Robert Peffers states above, this is McCarthyism, it’s in our faces, writ large, and must be contested. Have let Derek Bateman know via Twitter that the protest is in the offing but that was before I was aware of the Aug 11th date. If we can convince the decent folk working in PQ that we will be there for them when they walk out then it greatly increases the likelihood of them doing so.

    Look at that turnout in Inverness today – 14,000, in the rain, in Inverness? And a renegade BBC Highlands editor actually tweets the truth about it?

    WOS has rattled them so badly that they’re in panic mode and the sight of their staff abandoning them will, for many switherers, surely slap a tin lid on the issue of bias once and for all. It’s also time for prominent msm pro-indy ‘names’ (it wouldn’t be fair to single out any individuals, we all know who they are and so do they) to get out and join us, no matter how jittery they may feel about it.

    We should never forget what these bastards did to Prof. John Robertson. This is payback time, for him and everyone else they’ve hurt and besmirched and bullied over the years. One of the most powerful and ‘respected’ organisations in the world is openly targetting and attacking WOS and Peter Curran, FFS. If we can’t mount a serious protest about this, and assist BBC employees who must now feel trapped and desperate, what have we all been working towards for all these years?

    Someone, please, confirm August 11th as the date, then we can set about building the kind of protest this despicable behaviour merits.

  177. Normski says:

    If it’s any consolation, the sign outside their office in Inverness is now covered in various #Inyref2 and #Yes2 stickers.

  178. Iron man says:

    They are trying to silence you Rev and the wee ginger dug etc. That is where this is going…their lies are debunked, so the only option is to shut down the opposition. The fight is on… keep up the good work.

  179. Shug says:

    A mask of the rev for everyone at the bbc

  180. Ed McCabe says:

    OK, how about we start an internet petition to get the channel reinstated. It’ll draw attention to the fact. What do you think?

  181. Clapper57 says:

    @ Ian Brotherhood

    I would definitely be willing to attend any demo at PQ re this.

    Have a good evening

  182. Ian Brotherhood says:

    Many Wingers will currently be in Inverness or thereabouts – can someone please ask Ronnie A to drop in here to confirm whether or not he’s already planning to be at BBC PQ on Aug 11th?

    Cheers aplenty, and have a guid yin, wherever ye’s are!


  183. Karmanaut says:

    I wondered how the BBC were going to weather this new drive against fake news, given the amount of propaganda they have punted in the past.

    Now I know.

    If it’s ok for the Tory party to host BBC content, then I guess it would have to be ok for any political party to do the same. Or else that would be clear bias. (Not that it isn’t already clearly biased).

    Maybe we could crowdfund the fees to set up a new political party, which would have the purpose of hosting content to highlight propaganda in democracies?

    What an absolute shower. With their ‘local democracy reporters’ they’re going to spend our taxes promoting their union and attacking our interests. And they’re going to go for Indy blogs and websites next, aren’t they?

  184. jfngw says:

    Banned by BBC:

    Independence supporting sites and people.

    BBC approved contributors:

    Jimmy Saville
    Rolf Harris
    Tony Wadsworth
    Judy Wadsworth
    Stuart Hall
    Michael Souter
    John Peel
    James Raven
    Michael Willis
    … many more but you get the drift.

  185. jfngw says:

    A good banner for the BBC protest (I don’t think it’s a good idea but that’s just my opinion), Picture of Wings with Banned across it, beside picture of Savile with ‘given peak time child procurement show’.

    We need to continually remind people of the BBC corruption. They want to play dirty, so let’s rake up the dirt. People don’t really pay much attention to politicians, they pretty much despise all of them, but they remember people like Savile and the BBC’s acceptance of his deviances.

    They are on full anti-independence attack, we need to attack their reputation.

  186. hackalumpoff says:

    28 July, 2018 at 9:09 pm
    Luigi says:
    Next indy march everyone should wear a mask of sparticus


  187. orri says:

    There’s a wee bit of confusion here.

    Your equipment was confiscated and gone over with a fine tooth comb.

    At that point surely they would have found a collection of BBC clips which if deemed a massive copyright breech would have landed you in shit.

    Therefore it wasn’t.

    However this is a remarkable attempt at censoring the past.

    Or it’s the BBC attacking fake news by removing a source of it, archives of their dodgy reporting.

  188. galamcennalath says:

    The Guardian … “At Westminster, the July debates revealed no majority for a Chequers soft Brexit.”

    Eh? In what possible way can the Chequers so-called-plan be considered ‘soft’?

    No single market, not even customs union, no compliance with EU standards on goods, nothing on services, no EU oversight. Just some crazy unworkable system to collect tariffs on behalf of the EU. That is a hard Brexit.

    So why does the Guardian claim ‘soft’? Could it be because by the stardards of the über right nutters anything more liberal than full cliff jump is considered soft? Or, is it because the not-quite- hard-faction what to be perceived as being reasonable and soft?

    All part of the way the traditional media twists the story to match agendas.

  189. Robert Peffers says:

    @Movy says: 28 July, 2018 at 5:40 pm:

    “As (still, for now, a) licence payer, I’ve contributed to the cost of these blacked-out videos.”

    Actually you have not paid any more than I have and I have not had a licence even since I was entitled to have one free.

    I’ve been telling the real truth here on Wings for a long time but I’m going to keep doing so till it eventually sinks in.

    The BBC does not receive the BBC Licence fee. Read your bloody licence and see what it tells you. It tells you that you have a licence, (a.k.a. permission), to view live video broadcasts from any source and by any broadcast system including terrestrial, satellite, cable and internet.

    You pay the Westminster Establishment for permission to view live video – you do not pay the BBC to broadcast for the BBC are a private broadcast company just like the ITV and SkyBsky. If the licence was just for the BBC then EU laws would force the Government to fund every other broadcaster too.

    The Westminster Establishment pays the private company, The BBC, for Services rendered and among them is as the government’s propagandist but the BBC has many other jobs it does for the government.

    Now there used to be a, so called, BBC Trust that was supposed to be the viewer/listener representative to supervise BBC output. Laughably the BBC Trust Trustees were chosen, not by the viewer/listeners but by the Westminster Parliament. Independent they were not. The replacement was supposed to be, “Ofcom”, but ask yourself who selects the members of the Ofcom board. You can find out who they are here:-

    Now you ask, ” … Don’t I then have a say in how they may or may not be used and by whom and for what purpose?”

    No, of course not, because you are not paying the BBC you pay the government for permission to receive live video the tern Licenced means you are given permission.

    The BBC grant comes from General taxation so everyone pays. So the answer is no – you don’t have a say and neither does any other member of the public.

    ” … If the answer is no, then it is obvious I’ve been mis-sold a product.” Well no it doesn’t – it means the BBC has fooled you into believing your licence fee pays for the BBC – but it doesn’t. You simply pay Westminster for permission, (licence), to view. In case you still doubt me here is the dictionary definition of – Licence:-

    licence (in USA license)- noun

    a permit from an authority to own or use something, do a particular thing, or carry on a trade (especially in alcoholic drink).

    Example – a gun licence.

  190. yesindyref2 says:

    Mmm, so I see. The Tory party can show BBC clips, but Rev and Moridura can’t. This takes some thinking about, what best to do next.

    It certainly can’t be left stand, what’s fair for one is fair for the other. If one comes down, they all come down.

  191. Big Jock says:

    I think the BBC mask really slipped after the Chequers farce. To us it just looked like the Tories were having a rammy and then a kiss and make up. It had nothing to do with the EU or a workable deal. In fact it was just an agreement on the Tory party’s internal strategy.

    But watching the BBC that evening you would have thought it was a done deal and the EU would just sign it off. It was a complete cluster fuck already rejected by the EU. Any decent journalist would have torn it to shreds. It unravelled in 48 hours!

    The BBC are now downplaying any bad news for the Tories. The Supreme Court challenge didn’t even appear on the Network news last week.

    The BBC is now a state broadcaster for the government.

  192. Petra says:

    Yeah the MSM is going into overdrive right enough with the “online fake news damaging democracy” story. And yet, as ONE example, people like Farage, Gove and Johnston, notorious “fake newsers” are still wandering the streets unfettered, instead of being outed, charged and jailed. That’s the cabal that managed to dupe millions via the BBC and Tory supporting newspapers.

    Panic is now setting in because it’s no longer just Scottish Independence supporters that can see how biased the BBC is. You know the whinging, exaggerating weirdos north of the border. Many Corbyn supporters, Brexit Remainers, in England, and people like Lord Adonis have now joined the ranks. In other words the BBC is on the road out unless it alters it’s strategy …. with the latest not quite what we’re looking for.

    Meanwhile STV seems to be in competition with the BBC now for the 2018 / 19 Bias Award and one wonders what the new boy, CEO Simon Pitts, will get up to next? Straight up from London the ex-media expert for the European Parliament has got off to a good start, not, by accepting an £835,000 golden hello whilst planning to sack 50 plus employees. Mostly from the news rooms. STV pushing the “fake news destroying democracy” story tonight too, with not a mention of the Inverness March today.


    @ Valerie at 7:01pm ……”Somewhere in a dark, damp basement is a small group of techies doing the public broadcaster’s bidding.

    More likely, Valerie, a massive number of techies sitting in a well lit room the size of an Antonov An – 225 hanger somewhere in the leafy suburbs of Cheltenham. Commonly known as GCHQ.


    @ Effijy at 7:08pm ……. “BBC bias petition.”

    Hasn’t that petition been on the go for a while Effijy? If so don’t you think it’s strange that it hasn’t hit the 100,000 mark yet? Stuck for yonks at 90 odd thousand.


    @ Chick ….

    Great poem Chick. What talent we have on here!

  193. Robert Peffers says:

    @gerry says: 28 July, 2018 at 5:54 pm:

    “ … Only other thing I can think we could do is to crowdfund a lawyers fee and get some expert advice. I’m in for that.”

    Well, Gerry, as our own dear FM is a qualified lawyer, as is Joanna Cherry MP and Annabelle Ewing MSP, (just to mention a few), I’m sure we won’t have to look too far, or cost ourselves large fees, to find out the true legal facts.

    They are all, being very busy and dedicated, SNP representative probably well aware of what is going on but it may help if Wings was to ask for their qualified opinions.

    Mind you these lawyers, may believe, as I do, that it is a very good thing for Wings to NOT be too closely associated with the SNP as a party.

    I don’t mean that in any other way than that official connections would weaken Wings and wingers power to speak out with their own views.

  194. Pete Barton says:

    Re PQ; All you need is a roll of masking tape.

    Easy to get, easy to apply.

  195. Pete Barton says:

    Silence can be a very powerful statement.

  196. Roger says:

    I’m not saying you’re wrong, but it wasn’t necessarily the BBC who made the copyright claims. I’ve had similar issues on YouTube and suspect that it as a case of censorship by a third party – not the copyrigh holder him/her/themselves. You don’t have to be the rights holder to lodge a complaint. Try complaining to YouTube about some of the other infringers – just to see what happens…

  197. Davie C says:

    The problem with YouTube, vimeo etc is they provide a compliant central point of failure. You should have a look into LBRY (Library), or other decentralised hosting which can provide a decentralised version of YouTube using blockchain. There’s no central authority and no single point of failure. They’re state proof. Once things are on the blockchain, they’re there forever and no government or state actor can alter that.

  198. Scott says:

    Have you tried sending an email to

    There is contact information here: though email is probably the easiest. They should at the very least be able to provide you with the 3 urls of the videos which caused your account to be terminated.

  199. Robert Peffers says:

    @Legerwood says: 28 July, 2018 at 6:08 pm:

    ” … They are going to prove how unbiased and impartial they are, and no doubt spin the story to fit their agenda. Good luck with that one.”

    There were already at it on the text service, (I never view live TV). The text mentions the march and, “Thousands of Marchers”, but no specific number and that the local council was, “Forced (cough!) “had to”, close several roads & streets to “Accommodate”, the marchers. Then for a parting shot was this little gem, “The rally came four years after Scotland voted 55% to 45% to remain part of the United Kingdom”

    Unbiased my left foot!

  200. Simon Curran says:

    A worrying development not just for those of us who believe in Scottish independence but for all who are concerned with freedom of thought and speech. And all this on the day when the BBC has been running stories about the dangers of fake news.The BBC itself has been guilty of fake news and itself has been responsible for a distortion of the news by not covering what’s going on and also by heavily promoting political views disproportionately (e.g. UKIP). However this may well back far on the BBC as it removes the last remaining fig leaf of impartiality.

  201. Moonlight says:

    Still banned in the kingdom of Spain.

    “Esta cuenta se ha cancelado porque hemos recibido varias reclamaciones por infracción de derechos de autor de terceros relacionadas con el material publicado por el usuario”

    No mention of the BBC here.

  202. tarisgal says:

    Seems three videos of Martin J Keatings has also been taken down off his site. Seems it’s only Indy bloggers that are being targetted. How strange is that… ??

  203. Sarah says:

    O/T Sarah at 2.29p.m. – so long as you have a picture with your name, Sarah, I’m sure our alert fellow readers will be able to tell us apart!

    Also the quality of your comments, of course!

  204. Rock says:

    Rock (18th July 2015 – “All things are possible”):

    “Pravda GB is Scotland’s enemy number one.

    We can only have freedom and a democratic and fair society over its dead body.”

  205. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @Pete Barton –

    Nice one.


    I’ve only been on Twitter aprox two years and have less than 3k followers but tonight have given up trying to respond to RTs.

    Asked for folk to RT if they were prepared to actually attend a BBC PQ demo ‘specifically’ to encourage BBC staff to walk out in protest at this attack on WOS/Peter Curran. Approx 150 people have RTd so, unless they misunderstood the message or RTd before reading it completely, that’s a fair crowd there right away.

    (I’ve also had some ludicrous trolling rubbish from people suggesting that PQ demos just allow our opponents to ‘paint us in a bad light’, ‘call us fascists’ and similar shite. As if they don’t anyway!)

  206. Robert Peffers says:

    @starlaw says: 28 July, 2018 at 6:55 pm:

    “Never watched ‘Wings’ on u-tube anyway …

    Perhaps you did not do so directly, starlaw, but if you clicked on quoted links like this one from my own YouTube Channel then you did watch much the same links as I did post that link when I was still editing videos for the net:-

    BTW: I’m posting that one old one just to see if YouTube is allowing links from my own channel with a view to posting more if others are blocked. Point being that anyone can set up a YouTube Channel

  207. Big Jock says:

    Mundell has his civil servant lackies lined up in Edinburgh. They are proceeding with the nuclear option of ignoring Holyrood. He let it slip. It’s not just a power grab , it’s a shut down.

  208. louis.b.argyll says:

    Google = Conservative fearing cowards.

    Why? Threats from hedge funds?

    But I thought it wasn’t about the money.

  209. Robert Peffers says:

    Pleased to report that my own YouTube channel has, at least not yet, been banned by YouTube. Perhaps I’m going to have to update and recommission my big desktop setup for video production that I’ve been neglecting for some time.

  210. Brian Cahill says:

    State censorship, We cannot give in.

  211. jfngw says:

    BBC hypocrisy at its finest, the same month as the BBC complain that their hounding of Cliff Richard was stifling the free press they block critical internet sites from legitimate use of their programme material.

  212. Pete Barton says:

    @Ian Brotherhood:

    I’d reckon minimum 1500 would turn up.

    I was at demo Sept 14th, a better atmosphere once we’d all settled you could not wish for.

    The reporting of the event was when Auntie’s mask began to sag.

    People are becoming more curious by the day now, I think as long as we follow the principles of a certain small Indian fellah we can prevail.

  213. jfngw says:

    Any source of ‘Is it the truth, or did you hear in on the BBC’ car stickers. I think they would go down well.

  214. Legerwood says:

    Robert Peffers @ 10.38 pm

    The quote you have attributed to me from my post at 6.08pm is actually from Moby @ 4.44pm which I quoted in my post because our thoughts on today’s events seemed to be running on similar lines. I had hoped that was clear in the way I set out my post – quotation marks etc.

  215. Chick McGregor says:

    “Still banned in the kingdom of Spain.

    “Esta cuenta se ha cancelado porque hemos recibido varias reclamaciones por infracción de derechos de autor de terceros relacionadas con el material publicado por el usuario”

    No mention of the BBC here.”

    Birds of a feather? I’m sure Erdovan’s Turkey would fit right in too.

  216. ms didi says:

    Ian Brotherhood
    I saved this when it appeared on my facebook page a wee while ago (a week maybe 2?)I hope the link works….if it doesn’t I’ll try again.

  217. Robert Peffers says:

    This is a wee true story about freedom of speech.

    It happened to an old labourer I had many years ago.

    Old Sam was partial to the odd, “hauf n’a pint”, (or 10). One Sunday, (licence hours then meant you had to be a traveller to get a drink on a Sunday). Sam had Travelled to Alloa from Dunfermline for the Sunday, “wee libation”.

    While there, and just by chance, Old Sam, literally, bumped into a Local Dunfermline Councillor as he, Sam was, coming out of a Local Hotel.

    Being Old Sam he immediately told the Good Cooncillor he was, “a ("Tractor" - Ed)ous lying bastirt”, and got himself taken into custody and an appearance on the Monday Morn in the local court.

    Sam got the usual, “Thirty days or thirty pound fine”, and a lecture from the local beak.

    “You are not allowed to tell people they are Traitorous Bastards”, said the Beak. Weel! Said Sam, “Yer Honour ah’m Ah no allowed tae think whitivver I like?”

    The Beak replied that no one could prevent anyone thinking what the wished to think but they must not say it. Sam, now sober, replied, “Weel! Yer Honour I hae tae tell ye A’h still think the Traitorous bastirt is still a Traitorous bastirt.”.

    It was thus reported in the local rag. Sam may have verged on being an alcoholic but Sam was far from being daft. What really surprised me was that the bench didn’t charge Old Sam with Contempt of Court.

  218. Normski says:

    Pay attention to the section headed – “Media Publishing” – because now is the time to be thinking about these alternatives.

  219. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @ms didi (11.46) –

    Sorry, but I don’t do FB and can’t open your link.

    I’m curious though!


  220. Ian McCubbin says:

    So finally it is state controlled media in all areas.
    It will be twitter next.
    Keep the site going and we can tell people what is not in MSM

  221. David McKendrick says:

    Nobody can say that the BBC are biased against Scottish Independence. No, honestly. Anybody that tries gets shut down…

  222. msdidi says:

    Ian Brotherhood
    I don’t know how else to share this so I am just copying all the written stuff! It is headed by a banner that says

    B blatant
    B bias
    C crap

    The post is advertising BBC PROTEST EVENT hosted by Bill Glen.
    Sat Aug 11th at 1pm – 3pm
    Pacific Quay, Glasgow
    Details:- Peaceful protest against the BBC and the fake misrepresentations on Scotland. Time to put an end to the bias news in favour of Westminster.
    Event Organisers…David McGuiness, Graham Bell and David Milligan

  223. Dr Jim says:

    In England the Vote Leave campaign UK Government are found guilty of Malicious propaganda so as to gain votes illegally
    yet in Scotland the same people are the *good guys?*

    Even idiots can surely work this out

    I hear North Korean news is reporting the BBCs fake news agenda and condemning the UK government (now that’s fake news that didn’t happen) but that could be so true because it’s true

  224. smithie says:

    well i’m not so sure….i’m wating to hear what cactus has to say ??????? yeah right

  225. Tackety Beets says:

    Just home from the “March” and catching up.
    Much is being discussed regarding masks etc

    My thoughts, for what its worth, Rev supplies a nice photo of his coupon which we use & get those masks done.Yes I know its a bit ladish/stagg doo thing.

    Next march we ALL, as in fellow Wingers, have these Rev faces on.

    It would be a wee bit o fun. It would have folk not on here discussing “WTF is all that masks about”

    Just imagine 15k folk walking thro’ Inverness today ALL looking like Mr Campbell.

    Our Mr RogueCoder/Ayemail etc would be best placed to cost up & commision & need help in distribution etc Sorry if too presumptious.
    As I type I can only see the up side , is there a down side?

    Obviously needs Rev to agree 100%

  226. Schrodingers cat says:

    Re pq demo
    It is very localised and the only reports of such demos are on social media. We are strong in sm but weak in the msm. The point of any demo is to inform the public of BBC bias.
    Rogue coder has a crowd fund running at the mo. AnothEric 10th flags etc. Perhaps we could ask him for 5k anti bbc saltires ? Distribute them at next auob March? There isn’t a photo anywhere which doesn’t show at least one of his yes saltires.
    Also. PrInt out and distribute 5k copies of a TV licence for a mass burning at the end of the march.
    We must inform the general public of the BBC bias. Sow seeds of doubt in their minds.not only on social media but in the real world too. The auob marches are the perfect place to do this. Do we need to organise another demo outside pq where no one will see us ?

    There are no end of publicity stunts we could do on a March with 50k people to attract attention of the public onlookers about the bias bbc
    Eg 50s people burning the TV licence will send a powerful image and message

    Also. We need an image. Logo etc. Something immediately recognisable to all which means… anti bbc

  227. Schrodingers cat says:

    Supply the jpg of the revs phizog and ask everyone on socill media to print out 10 copies and at the edinburgh auob rally you will have 5_10k people wearing rev masks
    Point made

  228. Jason Smoothpiece says:

    Tackety Beets

    What a lot of tosh.

    Classic Yoon nonsense.

  229. Iain mhor says:

    A long but interesting article on global fact-checking orgs: not least in that it also covers Google’s ‘promotion & protection’ of fact checking and fact-checking sites (YouTube is owned by Google)

    “Google encourages fact-checking organizations to use specialized tags from collaborative data group to signal that they have published fact-checked content… Additionally, Google’s Jigsaw technology incubator partnered with the Duke Reporters’ Lab to create Share the Facts, a widget that scans content and provides a fact-checked summary, which is now used by PolitiFact, The Washington Post, and”

    “When you’re feeling like you’re being attacked or somebody’s trying to change your worldview because they’re right and you’re wrong, you shut down.” —Dan Schultz, Internet Archive senior creative technologist

    “Political journalists became overly cautious, and fact-checks became overly watered down, and we got a lot of on the one hand, on the other hand journalism.” —PolitiFactfounder Bill Adair

  230. robertknight says:

    BBC… BritNat Brainwashing Channel

  231. Effijy says:

    BBC Scotland- The Northern HQ for Westminster’s Fake News Channel

    The Quay to “We don’t do freedom of information on us”

    Masters of mischief, manipulation and malpractice.

  232. Liz g says:

    Well…. For those who know how and have a mind to the BBC and YouTube might have bitten off more than they can chew with this….
    If third parties can report copyright infringement.
    One Leading BBC clip is the one reporting on the 3rd Tower (building 7) collapsing 10/15 min before it actually did on 9/11.
    It would drive the conspiracy sites nuts if they “thought “ the BBC were going to censor them!
    Hundreds of sites use that clip YouTube would have quite a job on their hands, and would probably wish they had never humoured the BBC,
    And would, I think damage, the BBC reputation internationally rather than just in Scotland .
    There’s also many many many clips of Dianna and the rest of the Windsor’s taken from the BBC and used in unflattering ways as well, complaining about only the unflattering ones will also show the BBC censorship!!
    Mibbi no exactly playing fair but…. at this point I’d struggle tae care!!
    Jist Sayin

  233. Iain says:

    Maybe it’s just as well that the bbc is hemoraging licence payers, as it is a bad thing for people to be exposed to nazi propaganda.
    It won’t be missed.

  234. Robert Peffers says:

    @Jason Smoothpiece says: 29 July, 2018 at 2:38 am:

    “Tackety Beets
    What a lot of tosh.
    Classic Yoon nonsense.”

    Yeah! I just requested they send me details of this Scottish NATIONALIST Party they are advertising as I’m already a Scottish NATIONAL Party supporter but fancy the NATIONALIST Party a bit More. Do you think they might send me details?

  235. Robert Peffers says:

    Hilarious BBC news this morning.


  236. gus1940 says:

    Looking at both the BBC Scotland and STV news sites yesterday I couldn’t help noticing that their reports on yesterdays Inverness AUOB march and rally were near as dammit identical word for word.

  237. Highland Wifie says:

    Well the fun just goes on and on.
    Sounds like the establishment really has got the wind up. It’s nothing short of an attack on the very basis of democracy – oh wait they’re doing that already – yet another attack on the very basis of democracy. Way to go Tory government and BBC, defenders of all that’s good and fine and decent in this wonderful ‘country’, this sceptred isle, this glorious realm (cue rule Britannia) Cue sick bag.

    @Tackety Beets
    That petition has managed 122 supporters. All the comments are six months old and I’ve never read such a mound of brown stuff in my life. File under ignore.

    Fantastic march yesterday in Inverness. So proud of my nearest city. Inveryess, I love that.
    I was really worried that with the weather and the distance folk would have to travel it would have been a low turnout. Boy was I wrong. Safe to say we brought the city to a standstill.
    So nice to meet you hackalumpoff. Next stop Dundee.

  238. Roger says:

    I strongly recommend people read this – in particular the conclusions and recommendations. (What is it? It’s the just released House of Commons Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee’s ‘Disinformation and ‘fake news’: Interim
    Report’) Why should you read it? Because it is going to impact ‘dissenting’ (if I may use that term) web sites like Wings and issues like Indy which have been alleged to be influenced by ‘fake news’, Russia, etc.

    See, in particular:
    “3. The Government should support research into the methods by which misinformation and disinformation are created and spread across the internet: a core part of this is fact-checking. We recommend that the Government initiate a working group of experts to create a credible annotation of standards, so that people can see, at a glance, the level of verification of a site. This would help people to decide on the level of importance that they put on those sites.(Paragraph 18)”
    This seems to imply that sites will be categorised by the government as ‘trustworthy’ or not. How impartial will this be?

    But note this, too, and take it t face value – if you have something to say on this issue – then say it:

    “5. We also welcome submissions to the Committee from readers of this interim Report, based on these recommendations, and on specific areas where the recommendations can incorporate work already undertaken by others. This inquiry has grown through collaboration with other countries, organisations, parliamentarians, and individuals, in this country and abroad, and we want this co-operation to continue. (Paragraph 20)”

  239. gus1940 says:

    Would it be possible for future AUOB and any other marches broadcasting on Livestream to have some camera shots from on high to better show the number of marchers?

  240. sinky says:

    Another good article from Iain MacWhirter in Sunday Herald.

    However no mention of BBC and or Yoon getting You Tube to take down Wings videos.

  241. Robert Peffers says:

    Hilarious BBC news item this morning Headlined:-


    Wonder if they will ban such as the many BBC front men & women who are anti-independence political trolls. It could leave the BBC Jockland with around two presenters and even one of them is doubtful.

    Then there are those currently sitting in the House of Lords who have posted claims of the SNP being, “The Scottish NATIONALIST Party”, when they know full well that the, “N”, in SNP stands for NATIONAL and not NATIONALIST?

    Then there is the several MPs, Councillors and Lords accusing the SNP and other independence supporters of being NAZIs.

    I believe we can have a field day with requests to ban the many anti-Independence examples of such trolling in the public domain.

    I think I will make a start with a request for a certain Renfrewshire Councillor Terry Kelly to be investigated with a view to ban him from office for political trolling.

    He has already in the past been suspended from Scottish Labour for, among other things, anti-Semitism.

    It is fairly obvious that the BBC has now become really terrified and panic stricken while blind to the fact that the worst offenders by far are the BBC themselves with fake, news, misreporting and omission of so many news items they judge to be anti-unionist or pro-independence. BBC Bias is so obvious and easy to demonstrate.

  242. sassenach says:

    Presume this was the “news” you meant, Mr Peffers?

  243. Stiofan says:

    Have you tried jetpack video hosting? jetpack is from the creators of WordPress:

  244. Robert Louis says:

    I think it is now clear that the British state, i.e the Westminster English colonial government are on a full speed ahead track to fascism. Dissenters will NOT be tolerated. The message is clear, ‘the EU is bad, and so is Scottish independence’. Opposing views will not be tolerated.

    Does that sound over the top? Fact is it is genuinely starting to look like freedom of speech within the UK is seriously under threat, and is being pursued under the guise of tackling ‘fake’ news. Indy bloggers need to start preparing now, if they have not done so before, to make sure their digital media and assets are fully backed up offline and online, and that they have a means for SECURE communication if necessary.

    Be prepared. We can all hope things do not descend to that level, but their is no harm in being ready if they do. Besides, why make things easy for corrupt b*ggers like the propagandist liars at the westminster run BBC.

    This business of tackling ‘fake news’ is a slippery slope, and as we all know the fault is simple; WHO decides what is fake? Right now it seems like Westminster wants to have their own propagandist mouthpiece, the BBC, as arbiter of truth, when in reality the BBC are possibly the worst culprits for fake news by clearly demonstrated wilful omission, plain old lies and deception.

    It is the old saying ‘Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?’, ‘Who watches the watchmen?’.

    If anybody seriously wants to tackle fake news in the UK, they could make a good start by closing the lying BBC.

  245. Les Wilson says:

    This is a great explanation of the food chain issue re brexit no
    deal, a must read and pass on.

  246. Robert Peffers says:

    @sassenach says: 29 July, 2018 at 7:59 am:

    “Presume this was the “news” you meant, Mr Peffers?”

    Actually it wasn’t, sassenach but it is yet another interesting one. It certainly seems the BBC is in panic mode and they are thus likely to find their own actions will act against them.

    By the way I also posted a video I had produced some time ago and posted on my own YouTube Channel.

    I first used the original, (non-BBC, video of the actual SNP Press conference for the international press), that Nick Robinson somehow gained access to although not being a foreign TV station.

    I then edited in the Nick Robinson,BBC produced, claims that, “He didn’t answer”, with the text subtitle, “Oh! Yes he did”, and Salmond’s long and detailed answers to Robinson together with the ridiculous Nick Robinson attempts to rubbish Salmond that Alex batted away with ease.

    The sudden disappearance of that comment I was still typing was strange to begin with and I immediately posted it again but it has not yet shown up on Wings. However this can happen without being sinister – we shall see.

  247. Colin Alexander says:

    Article 10 protects your right to hold your own opinions
    Article 10 protects your right to hold your own opinions and to express them freely without government interference.

    This includes the right to express your views aloud (for example through public protest and demonstrations) or through:

    published articles, books or leaflets
    television or radio broadcasting
    works of art, and
    the internet and social media.
    The law also protects your freedom to receive information from other people by, for example, being part of an audience or reading a magazine.

  248. Breeks says:

    I’m no expert on the psychology of propaganda, but the really successful propaganda zooms in on innate fears and prejudices which are already there, but which ordinary fair minded people suppress and don’t give in to.

    Goebbels didn’t invent the bigotry and anti Semitic stereotypes of Jews being stingy money graspers, such prejudices already existed, but his propaganda campaign wormed its way past a relatively niaive population’s defences, focussed on preconditioned anxieties, and amplified them into irrational fears and unsuppressed bigotry, and ultimately murderous hatred. Goebbels was also there riding the crest of new technology with moving pictures, cartoons and cinema, which were cutting edge technologies at the time. “Counter Propaganda” was left in the stalls and never stood a chance.

    There are other propaganda campaigns which press different buttons, but the mechanism is the same… find a preexisting anxiety, amplify it to fear, and herd those who are afraid together into one common ideology focussed upon the source of their fear. Suddenly the propagandists have a mob under their direct control.

    Look at Brexit. Xenophobia literally means fear of the unknown or stranger. We all have instinctive xenophobia. Yes we do. If you meet a big dog you haven’t met before, even if it’s friendly, you are still guarded in the way you interact because you are unfamiliar with the dog and don’t know if it bites. Your instinct is essentially a xenophobic reaction – you fear what you don’t know and keep it at arms length.

    The story of Brexit is essentially the story of a successful propaganda campaign picking the scabs of people’s buried inner prejudices and fears, and amplifying those fears into an irrational fears and hatred which reduces a population’s capacity to think rationally, and steers them to pursue very dubious actions and initiatives which they think were all their own idea. The masses, for a time at least, are oblivious to the mass mind control manipulating the way they think. Many of them are so carried away they don’t even want to see it.

    However, the nemesis of propaganda is truth. Again, look at Brexit. More specifically, look at Danny Dyer. An easily led drum banging East End No voter who believed the Brexit propaganda, but who has since been exposed to the truth that Brexit is outright stupidity, and he finally starts to wonder what he’s actually voted for, and wants to blame Brexit on the Brexiteers who made all the promises, but finds they are nowhere to be found. Propaganda + Truth = Anger that’s too late.

    It is NOT SNPbad criticism to suggest the Scottish Government needs to be much more sophisticated and creative in the way it counters this deluge of BritNat propaganda which will, no matter how irrational it’s basis, will poison the minds of those amongst us who are denied access to the truth.

    The BritNat propaganda is both stronger, and paradoxically weaker, than it has ever been before. What I mean by that is that Social Media has given people access to the truth and the potency of Establishment propaganda has been greatly diluted. The Establishment however is currently mounting a sustained attack on non-Establishment sources of information, because these non-Establishment sources of information are winning the battle for trust, and for the Establishment that simply won’t do.

    The Scottish Government / YES, simply HAS to start getting a lot more information to counter BritNat News Propaganda into circulation. Social media has driving a beachhead into the Establishment’s media, but it needs mainstream Governmental support or hard won ground might be lost.

    Come on ScotGovernment, get Sovereign, get Broadcasting…. You know you want to.

  249. Undeadshuan says:

    The WOS channel is back up on you tube now.
    This may be a spectatular own goal as i wasnt aware of the channel and now subscribe to it.

    Im guessing there will be rather a lot of subscriptions to it now.

  250. Roger says:

    ” Colin Alexander says:
    29 July, 2018 at 8:47 am

    Article 10 protects your right to hold your own opinions
    Article 10 protects your right to hold your own opinions and to express them freely without government interference”.

    Very true Colin, but if you look at the actual Act itself, you find that the second section in Article 10 goes on to say:

    “2. The exercise of these freedoms, since it carries with it duties and responsibilities, MAY BE SUBJECT TO SUCH FORMALITIES, CONDITIONS, RESTRICTIONS OR PENALTIES AS ARE PRESCRIBED BY LAW AND ARE NECESSARY IN A DEMOCRATIC SOCIETY, IN THE INTERESTS OF NATIONAL SECURITY, TERRITORIAL INTEGRITY or public safety, for the prevention of disorder or crime, for the protection of health or morals, for the protection of the reputation or rights of others, for preventing the disclosure of information received in confidence, or for maintaining the authority and impartiality of the judiciary”. (My emphasis)

    Who makes the law? Who decides what what constitutes National Security, and what migh ‘territorial integrity’ mean? so I would not rely too much on that…

  251. cearc says:

    Clapper 57 said, ‘Zilch..Nada…on STV news tonight at 6.15pm about AUOB in Inverness.’

    I see this as the real importance of having these marches in various locations because more and more people actually see an event happening but do not see it mentioned or only briefly belittled when they put their news on. Then maybe they’ll think what else am I not being told, what else is being brushed aside?

    The only benefit that has come from the whole brexit debacle is that it affects everything and so all sorts of people are directly experiencing being told what they personally know to be lies by sources that they had never questioned trusting.

    ie. Gov says we (well ok not us but the industries) are stockpiling, no worries. A supermarket boss breaks ranks and says nonsense it isn’t even possible for us to.

    Every single person working in the supermarkets supply and distribution system knows that the ‘boss’ is right, it is not possible. If you work in a 24hr turn around distribution centre, to have one days ‘stockpile’ requires doubling your space. Even the warehouse cat could work that out. Yet the gov and beeb continue to dismiss it all as scaremongering and increasingly as unpatriotic to dispute their line.

    So a whole load more people start to understand that political spin isn’t just foggy boring stuff for geeks but what happens to themselves and in their own lives.

  252. Donald anderson says:

    Bill Glen posted this and my share button does not work(?)

  253. starlaw says:

    Yesterday the BBC went big on Radio Shortbread advertising that there was to be an AUOB march in Inverness, I suspected that they had been promised trouble, there was none. This morning they have nothing to say about AUOB march. This to me indicates the story they wanted did not happen.
    Perhaps the BBC could invest in a new shirt for Mister Manky Man as anyone with any self respect would not be seen deid anywhere near him.

  254. Ken500 says:

    There is going to be a GE soon, so the Tories can get out of their mess. They are lining their pockets as much as they can in the meantime. At everyone else’s expense. The next lot will be just as bad. Another IndyRef which will be won.

    The March will be on RT broadcast around the world. The whole of Europe will know about it.

  255. One_Scot says:

    Not sure if this has been asked before, but from a legal point of view can the BBC get away with this act of discrimination?

  256. louis.b.argyll says:

    The State Flexes It’s Muscles.

    Speculate why? Prognosis?

    It’s pumped full of steroidal supremacy. They can’t help it.
    More brawn than brains.
    Weak bones, riddled with lies, a skeleton nation, barely alive, twitching with hate for it’s own best interest.

  257. Les Wilson says:

    Ken500 says:

    Well Ken, you could be right a GE could happen. However, personally I think it would definitely add to the current chaos.
    Recently I have been thinking about the Tories current position in that regard. More and more I think that we may be getting set up.
    In regards to the question of how would the Tories rise in public opinion for them to ensure a win?

    Well if things are painted so black that a UK disaster is about to happen ( they are doing that), would it not turn around Tory popularity if May, who is now leading the EU negotiations suddenly comes up with a Brexit fudge that follows the basic EU conditions.
    “May saves the UK from disaster”, would be a major boost for her, her tenacity and negotiation skills.(cough!)

    The tories would then surely win large over Labour, who will currently be shitting themselves they could end up trying to manage a bexit shambles.

    So are we getting led down that path? Only my own opinion is that we could be. Are they that devious, I thing you would agree that they certainly are.

  258. Valerie says:

    cearc @ 9.14am

    Great points.

    Alyn Smith does his usual week’s round up of important news n his e-mail. It really is superb information. Alyn maintains there is far too much talk of No Deal. He reckons it’s not remotely possible, and it’s unconscionable.

    We thought that about a lot of Tory atrocities. I think if it’s No Deal, the hint is that the EU might drag out legal processes, just long enough for safe disentanglement.

    What’s unconscionable in all of this is Tory negligence, and for the first time, I’m not that convinced by Alyn.

    UK has started the process of lodging their intentions at WTO now, and 21 objections lodged on various trade groups from countries around the world. So now, we are out in the big wild, wide world with 160 ish? countries fighting their corner, as Trump ramps up his Trade Wars.

    I genuinely don’t think that group of Yes voters, who voted Leave have any grasp on the reality of being outside the world’s biggest trading bloc.

  259. Footsoldier says:

    Related to the fake news issue are the BBC HYS comments. Who decides if comments are opened or not?

    It is time for an investigation on this issue because contributors to HYS quite often offer “fake news” which is a great way for the BBC to stand innocently back while contributors get going. As HYS is UK wide, Scottish political issues responses are well outnumbered by contributions from south of the border and not usually favourable.

    Looking at the BBC website today, HYS comments remain closed on political trolling and Scottish Conservatives “dark money”. Why?

    All very neat and tidy and a great way to influence things without getting dirty fingers.

  260. ronnie anderson says:

    Please Share far & Wide get your placards ready .

  261. Clydebuilt says:

    Dan Maudsley”s Twitter feed. . . . . . . . . BBC radio 5 journalist

    Problems accessing DM’s Twitter feed, whether via The Rev’s Twitter feed or from Google search

  262. louis.b.argyll says:

    Dark money? YouTube shutdowns.

    We’ve got dark government. Running it’s own dark-tax-broadcaster, in broad daylight, now helped by complicit Hedge-Funded-Google et al.

    Do no harm my arse.

  263. Orri says:

    One thing that might be used to target clips would be if you add music. Worse if you use a full song.

  264. ScotsRenewables says:

    Undeadshuan says:
    29 July, 2018 at 9:02 am
    The WOS channel is back up on you tube now.

    FAKE NEWS – still down

  265. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “Have you tried jetpack video hosting? jetpack is from the creators of WordPress: “

    Yes. Doesn’t work. Absolutely hopeless.

  266. ronnie anderson says:

    I have long since said on Wings & other Yes sites WE need to take the BBC to Scottish Law Court , there is a many examples of their Bias to Scottish Independence & the SNP if we dont challenge the BBC in Court then we will have to suffer the consequences.

    Rev nows the time to put a Crowdfunder up as I’ve called for many times , if WOS don’t no other Yes body could .

    Playing catch up here folks , so’s forgive me if anybody else has posted similar.

    Re the BBC demo on the 11Aug I hope to get that expanded to take into account STV’s Bias reporting , they have been left out of the equation for far to long , lets shake the whole of Pacific Quay up by force of numbers .

    Share Share then Share some more .

  267. Graeme says:

    What about

    I have my own channel but I don’t know about it’s copyright rules but it’s community drive I believe

  268. Graeme says:

    Meant to say community driven

  269. louis.b.argyll says:

    Most stuff online is hopeless.

    The bigger the company, the closer it aligns to Conservative values. Hopeless.

  270. Clapper57 says:

    @ cearc @ 9.14am

    cearc , Good point and well said.

    Have a good day

  271. Richard Dido says:

    After extensive posting on Twitter this morning, I have just had my account suspended for 24hrs on the grounds of threatening behaviour. I have maybe used a few Anglo-Saxon words this morning but have never threatened anyone.

    Could I be forgiven for thinking Twitter is now stifling Indy discussion??

  272. Richie says:

    You know you can get specific urls by clicking the links on the blog pages where videos are missing right?

    That would be one way to contest it.

  273. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “You know you can get specific urls by clicking the links on the blog pages where videos are missing right?”

    Yes, and with only 5,000 or so posts to check through it’ll all be done in 10 minutes!

  274. Bootsy81 says:

    Try whacking them on pornhub or something and embedding from there. The beeb will never look there!

    In all seriousness though, hope you get it resolved soon.

  275. Kangaroo says:

    Rev Stu

    You say you have a backup on hard disk. Could you put a copy somewhere we could all download it? So there are then multiple copies that can be used in future. That will at least give us time to think of an option without worrying about the total destruction of the material.

    Another thought. There is only one of you but there are lots of US. You say there are 5,000 or so posts, can the workload be split between say 100 of your closest wingers. Thats then 50 each.

    Another thought can we make 100 XReferenced youtube channels to enable all the content to be linked?

    Maybe some brainstorming with wingers to figure out various solutions, no doubt some may be “whacky” buy then qgain sometimes the whacky solution is the answer.

  276. Petra says:

    Do you remember when the BBC broadcast a video of people lying dead in Syria in 2016? when in actual fact it was filmed in Iraq in 2003. The guy who filmed it spotted it on the news and complained to the BBC. I wonder if that footage, fake news, is still kicking around? Then there’s the false data that people like Sarah Smith has been giving out. Loads of ammo collected by Indyref2 and Prof Robertson. Will they be targetted next?

    And good points made by Footsoldier (10:29am) re. the BBC picking and choosing (discriminating against the SNP) what articles are open for comment and then no doubt “monitoring” on the side of SNP opponents. Cearc (9:14am) highlights too that the AUOB marches are eye-openers when hundreds of thousands of people across Scotland, including those standing on the sidelines, realise they’re not being reported.

    I totally agree with Breeks that the ScotGov should get on with broadcasting, however it takes money to do so. People should think of joining the SNP (send out the message that support for them is rising) and donating or don’t join … just donate. They take in absolute peanuts in comparison to say SiU alone never mind the freelance millionaires / billionaires that are backing the Union.

  277. Habib Steele says:

    “Noli illegitimi carborundum”

  278. twathater says:

    @ Ronnie Anderson 11.12 am

    I agree Ronnie , it’s high time this govt propaganda channel and it’s minions faced the Scottish Court system , surely there must be some independence supporting legal eagle who is just as sickened as the rest of us at this blatant deliberate attempt to subvert and silence the independence cause , who is either willing to take on individually or collectively this behemoth.
    Is there some organisation that would work on a no win no fee type of deal , where agreement could be reached that if the case were proven against the BBC bias , any compensation awarded by the courts the lawyers would receive 95% of the levy alongside the BBC having to pay all legal costs , this would definately sweeten the pot .

    There is multitudinous examples of their bias and lies relating to brexit the SG and the independence cause , I am sure there are many high profile remainers all over the UK and Scottish politicos who would relish sticking the boot into this despicable organisation , and it would highlight and expose to the wider public how they have been manipulated and lied to and just how corrupt and untrustworthy the great AUNTIE BEEB is

  279. Wee Folding Bike says:

    Bootsy81 says:
    29 July, 2018 at 1:10 pm
    Try whacking them on pornhub or something and embedding from there. The beeb will never look there!

    But Damian Green might.

  280. Freedom says:

    I often defended the BBC, and stuck up for them with the license when people would hate on them. I always valued the programs, many good TV shows and political coverage. Copyright is just ridiculous. People have paid their TV license, they have paid their Netflix, NowTV, Amazon Prime, DVD box sets, etc. When people complained about bias, and said they weren’t paying it I would defend it. Now I’m changing my mind about paying the license fee. YouTube and BBC better sort it out. Everybody should have the freedom to share and educate. We’ve all paid for it many times over.

  281. Ian McCubbin says:

    Time for civil disobedience on a mass yes activist scale.
    By this I mean stop paying their licence fee. This will hurt them.
    You also need to stop watching bbc if you have not already.

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