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The sounds of the silenced

Posted on August 01, 2018 by

Before we were so rudely interrupted, we were about to write a little more about the issues around the BBC’s takedown of this site’s YouTube channel. Because while we got a very respectable five-and-a-half minutes on Good Morning Scotland earlier today, you never have the time on radio or TV to say everything you want to.

Incidentally, we get the impression – nothing more solid than that – from a number of sources that BBC Scotland are somewhat out of the loop over the whole affair, and the impetus to silence Wings has actually come from London, which is slightly scarier. But aside from that, there are a number of really rather disturbing aspects to the situation.

You can hear the full interview here:

(Good Morning Scotland, BBC Radio Scotland, 1 August 2018)

The closest thing to a curveball in it was the claim by well-known Scottish Labour goon Cllr Dr Professor Scott Arthur that he had in fact been treated in exactly the same way by the BBC over his YouTube channel.

But that’s quite demonstrably not true. We had no contact from the BBC whatsoever (and indeed we still haven’t). Arthur’s channel is still accessible on YouTube, although it’s been drastically reduced in size from over 2,000 videos to just 28 live ones.

That’s because the rest have been voluntarily locked down as “Private”.

While that means that those clips can’t be seen by anyone except Arthur himself, the channel is still live, he still has full access to it and all its data and lists, and he can upload new videos whenever he likes.

This is the case despite the fact that hundreds and hundreds of his videos (there are 236 on the SNP alone) are apparently subject to BBC copyright claims, compared to just 13 of ours. Yet we and Peter Curran were given no opportunity to lock down the contested clips on our channels and keep the rest of the channel alive.

That can only reasonably mean one of two things – either (1) someone at the BBC tipped Arthur the wink to lock the videos before the Corporation filed its complaint with YouTube, or (2) YouTube are giving him special preferential treatment for some reason that we can’t explain, allowing him to keep his channel despite hundreds of copyright strikes while we lose ours for a dozen.

It looks more probable that it was (1) than (2). But that doesn’t explain the case of Old Queen TV, a channel seemingly part of The Spectator (certainly using their “Coffee House” logo, and the Spectator offices are on Old Queen Street), which as we write this post this morning is still absolutely stuffed with BBC political clips.

And it doesn’t explain the Lib Dems channel, which is the same:

And it’s fine for the Scottish Conservatives:

And it’s fine for UKIP (even for clips more than nine minutes long):

And it’s fine for some other UKIP dude with a Jordan Peterson fetish, who even imposes his own watermarks over BBC videos to claim “ownership”:

And it’s fine for “VoteNO2014UKOK”:

And it’s fine for “British Fight Back” plugging Britain First:

And it’s fine if you’re VH1tunes showing Nick Griffin on Question Time in amongst a load of Dizzee Rascal and Bananarama videos for some reason:

Or indeed if you’re anyone who wants to show Nick Griffin on the BBC:

It still seems to be just pro-indy channels that have had the Big Hammer treatment.

But what of the wider issues? The transience of news is in stark contrast to most other broadcasting. A huge amount of the BBC’s current affairs output either isn’t available on iPlayer at all, or only for a very brief period – an episode of Reporting Scotland, for example, is up for 24 hours or less, and the same applies to other regional news shows and indeed to the main six o’clock bulletin. So if anything important gets said on them, it vanishes down the memory hole almost immediately.

Other BBC programming generally gets a month or more on the service. And in news especially it would seem important for the public to have an indisputable record of what politicians have claimed, promised, or changed their position on six times that week.

Indeed, it’s hard to justify EVER deleting news shows from the iPlayer. It’s not like they’re ever going to want to sell a DVD box set of The Best Of Sunday Politics East Midlands for money. We can’t imagine the BBC is short of hard-drive space, and it seems unlikely that they’d hog a lot of bandwidth – how many people on any given day are going to be glued to some old episodes of Scotland 2016, when only about 500 people bothered watching them even when they were current?

So why not just have news shows permanently available in the archive for the handful of nerds who’d ever want to see them? Why the indecent haste to hide them away the minute after they’re broadcast so that nobody can check up on Ruth Davidson’s 26 different positions on Brexit?

(Yeah, okay, we may have answered our own question there.)

Of our 13 rogue clips, the least defensible (and the only non-news one) was the one of New Order performing a stunning rendition of their minor 1982 hit “Temptation” at Glastonbury in 2016. We’d say you could construct at least a decent argument for an exemption under the “review and criticism” purposes, especially as it was only a single song from a set over an hour long, but it’s a weaker case than the politics clips.

So the BBC will have treated everyone else uploading it the same, right?

Oh. Not so much, as it turns out. We were able to track down two other versions of it on YouTube instantly, both on channels which appear not to have licenced any rights to it, and both of which feature the BBC’s watermarked broadcast of the band’s entire Glastonbury set – not just a single song – but which the BBC seem entirely happy to leave in place. (And even though they’ve had 300,000 views between them, compared to about 100 views on ours because we never advertised it anywhere.)

Seems it’s only vile nats who aren’t allowed to share Barney’s dad dancing.

This entire affair quite frankly stinks to high heaven. The BBC have operated a plainly partisan policy, observably applying different rules and procedures to people with different political viewpoints. YouTube appear to have actively colluded with them rather than being neutral, and have even suspended their normal conflict-resolution system just for Wings Over Scotland for no obvious reason, even though our account was until then in spotlessly good standing.

YouTube’s own website says it “isn’t able to mediate rights ownership issues”. Yet it’s done exactly that in our case, deciding by itself that we don’t have the necessary rights and bypassing both the BBC and the courts.

The BBC is a publicly-funded and theoretically publicly-accountable organisation, yet it refuses to appear on its own programmes to explain its actions to the people who own it. (It’s going to sound rather hollow the next time it pointedly says that no Scottish Government minister was available for interview.)

We’re going to take this one as far as it’ll go, folks.

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322 to “The sounds of the silenced”

  1. Airchie says:

    Time to grab the popcorn and enjoy the show. Give ’em hell and let us know if we need to raise funds for a goodbye legal team.

    Whats the latest with the Dugdale court case?

  2. George S Gordon says:

    YouTube now appear to be mediating, in contradiction to –

    “Can YouTube determine copyright ownership? No. YouTube isn’t able to mediate rights ownership disputes.”

    which is at

  3. Ian Brotherhood says:


    As others have noted, Gary did sound a tad uncomfortable, nay embarrassed.

    Heaven forfend he and colleagues might actually have to consider the awful possibility that they are little more than provincial mouthpieces.

  4. Ryan says:

    When are we ever going to prove to the undecided/no voters that there is a reason for this vile censorship/silencing/propaganda from the BBC and its cronies?

    When are they going to all WAKE UP?

    The time is coming soon, as we must seize it with both hands and feet or be forever cast aside.

  5. Mike says:

    Looks to me like you have enough of a case to take them to court.
    They’ll have a hell of a job trying to suppress that piece of news.

  6. Joseph says:

    Its all very well that this needs to be taken on and fought, but my question to you stu is what of a replacement as time is ticking towards a new referendum and these videos are key to the lies and deceit that Pro Unionest parties and organisation spue out on a daily basis.

  7. David McCann says:

    Here is a suggestion. Hand the whole thing over to C4, who are rather good it picking up this kind of thing, especially Alex Thomson

  8. Robert Louis says:

    Good. fight this all the way. This cannot stand.

    On the upside the fact that the British English state apparatus have acted in this way can only mean one thing, that their own polling now suggests that Scots would by a majority vote for independence. Why else would they only pick on the most influential pro indy site.

    They are panicking. Really panicking.

  9. Doug_Bryce says:

    Credit where it is due.
    BBC Scotland got you on air to say your bit.
    The interview was balanced and reasonable.
    Both sides came across well.

    The interesting thing for me is that BBC Scotland couldn’t get BBC London to provide comment….

  10. William Dunbar says:

    £50 towards your fighting fund on the way to you today.

  11. Monica Worley says:

    If you want to hire someone to handle this in the background while you continue your fight for the truth around the indy arguments, I for one would certainly support use of funds provided already or a seperate fundraiser. I’m getting the feeling that they are doing this at least in part to distract you from the indy fight.

  12. Andrew Reid says:

    What ‘Wingsgate’ maybe also points up is the need to get wiser about how the secret state (“security services” GCHQ, Police Scotland et al) and the state broadcaster are currently gathering information about yes groups and will be actively involved in indyref2 – they’ll be a lot more sophisticated about it than in 2014 – time to get better prepared ……….

  13. Luigi says:

    Why the indecent haste to hide them away the minute after they’re broadcast so that nobody can check up on Ruth Davidson’s 26 different positions on Brexit?

    Nail, Head, Hit. BANG

    With BREXIT and IndyRef2 now approaching at full steam, the last thing the BritNats want is to be held accountable to the guff they have spewed over since (and before) 2014.

  14. Muscleguy says:

    YouTube’s actions in this smack of an Atlantic Bridge type linkup or maybe the Jackson Society. There will be some link there.

    I think we need a Scottish boycott of YouTube until they relent and repent. Contact them via the feedback on the website (top left menu). If significant numbers in a country tell YouTube they are being boycotted they will act to protect their bottom line.

    We have to all be Spartacus here.

    I am Spartacus. I am Wings.

  15. Luigi says:

    It does highlight the importance of saving video/radio footage of all BritNat promises and actions. They don’t kike it up em. 🙂

    You know how the BritNats love to rewrite history.

    A lack of historical “evidence” would make their lives a whole lot easier.

    It does seem rather sinister though – they are obviously preparing for either a big constitutional showdown with the vile Jocks, or a BREXIT implosion of law and order across the green and pleasant land (or both).

  16. galamcennalath says:

    Consider how uncomfortable another leading global social media site became recently for allegedly being associated with ‘dark forces’. YouTube now risks being tarnished in the same way.

    The cases are not dissimilar. It’s about the subversion of normal democratic discourse by ‘behind the scenes means’. This is not just about the BBC, IMO. Who’s actually behind all this? Why is YouTube treating a couple of channels totally differently from many others?

    If parallels are drawn putting the WoS situation into the same framing as other ‘dark forces’ events, it may be productive,

  17. Bawheid Bragg says:

    ‘We’re going to take this one as far as it’ll go, folks.’

    Just say you the word. We’re with you all the way.

  18. Cath says:

    It’s Orwellian, allowing for re-writing of history. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve tried to search for a news piece which I *know* existed and happened but is no longer there. Sites like Wings who document lies and propaganda are absolutely critical in the public who are paying attention being able to go back and state categorically, ‘Yes this was said…this happened, here is the proof.’

    A total takedown of the whole YouTube channel means that critical document of what really happened is lost. And it’s that document of what was said and done that the authorities clearly don’t wish anyone to have, anywhere. It was bad enough that only a handful of blogs, denigrated by all media even had such a record. Them being silences is a genuinely worrying development and *any* remaining decent journalists and politicians in Scotland (and indeed England) should be standing up against this.

  19. William Wallace says:

    Get right in aboot them Stu. Happy to donate to any fighting fund to see them held to account.

  20. Sue them, Stu.
    Get it out into the public domain.

    Gary Robertson was obviously briefed about Councillor DR Professor Scott Arthur.

    ‘Mention Scott Arthur,Gary, but don’t talk about every other Yoon and Brit Nat Blue Red and Yellow Tory site unaffected by our censorship of the Nats.
    BBC Scotland, why don’t you just fold your tent and leave?

    You certainly don’t serve Scotland.
    You hide the news.
    You are a disgrace to Free Speech.
    Shame on the lot of you.
    Read the transcript of Adolf Eichmann’s trial.
    Are you ‘only obeying orders’? What does that make you?

  21. Juteman says:

    I would be very wary about going down the ‘what about him’ route.
    The end outcome could be everyone shut down, and this portrayed as some sort of victory. This could be what was intended from the start.
    A social media shutdown only benefits one side.

  22. Andy Anderson says:

    What a bummer.

    Maybe the issue here as far as Yu Tube is concerned is that you do not comply with US copyright law. The request to take your site down was under US law whereas you appear to be referring to UK law. Daft I know but maybe the BBC copyright lawyer understands the differences.

  23. harry mcaye says:

    The BBC tipping off “Our next caller, Scott from Edinburgh”, no, I can’t accept that!

  24. Luigi says:

    David McCann says:

    1 August, 2018 at 10:52 am

    Here is a suggestion. Hand the whole thing over to C4, who are rather good it picking up this kind of thing, especially Alex Thomson

    What about RT – now that would really rattle em. 🙂

    Can you imagine the headline:

    Nasty Nat colludes with Russians. Big attention – chance to clobber an influencial Nat. HOWEVER, the narrative is set and people start asking questions what it’s all about – BBC corruption —- aaaaaaah. Job done.

    As I’ve always said, with the MSM against us, we have to be clever and dupe them into covering what they otherwise would not cover. 🙂

  25. Worried says:

    Very, very worrying. All news broadcasts should be permanently archived with unlimited public access. Similar to newspapers being permanently archived in public libraries. This action by BBC is equivalent to ‘The Times’ demanding that The Mitchell Library should refuse public access to back copies and burn all the editions.

    We must be able to hold politicians accountable for what they say and do on the TV.

    Also as the BBC is entirely funded by the public, surely it is the people who own any copyright?
    Perhaps we should all demand that they send us all the clips which have disappeared? We could all put in requests for the clips… which, after all, we own.

  26. Big Jock says:

    Lets predict the outcome. The BBC have 14 days to change this, or go to court. They will wait until day 13 and then reinstate.

    Their lawyers will know they haven’t a legal leg to stand on. Total cack handed amateurism from the BBC.

    Do they seriously think that they can stop independence by removing a few videos! Or was this a test case?

  27. Martin says:

    A well conducted interview by Gary, with good questions and a respectful allowance of a response. I know he’s normally one of the better ones anyway, but I wonder if at least partly this has been driven by the resistant nature of BBC London to them trying to get any info.

    Perhaps he’s pressed the “Fuck it then” button.

  28. bobajock says:

    Well thats interesting.

    So the BBC Scots don’t have a clue (nee Mundell)
    The BBC Londoners obviously tipped the hat at corporate chums youtube.

    Youtubes DMCA and analysis kicks in automatically unless controlled.

    They targeted you specifically. Uncle Scott (pick a title) probably had to ‘priv’ his vids that had the same signature as yours or the controlled scans would pick up those.

    Then theres the fact that none of mine have been picked up (not a lot, I store them for precisely that issue that Wings is suffering).

    All in all – its a pro-unionist, anti-ScotNat attack.

  29. Big Jock says:

    The Scott Arthur story is a ruse , not a very good one.

    I smell shite!

  30. Petra says:

    Whatever you plan to do Stu, you’ve got 100% support from us.

    Westminster ensuring that broadcasting is not devolved to Scotland, the country with the most powerfully devolved Parliament in the World they say, and 99% of the newspapers supporting the Union – Westminster. And now this. Scots being kept in the dark and fed b……. propaganda.

    I hope that they get the message, loud and clear, and that is that we’re no longer willing to be bound and gagged in Scotland.

  31. Doug_Bryce says:

    Getting the Spectator / Guido Fawkes you tube channels taken down would be some what hypocritical given I don’t believe BBC should be wasting license fee payers money in this manner.

    I don’t align my political views with either of these web sites – but I respect their right to comment and review what politicians said.

    Given both are high profile sites hosting BBC content it is remarkable they survived the crusade 😉 However getting them taken down would be counter productive.

  32. tartanfever says:

    ‘We’re going to take this one as far as it’ll go, folks.’

    Quite right. It’s clear that the BBC is under intense pressure and scrutiny at the moment and you should use the current climate to raise questions.

    The on-going Cliff Richard saga and the questioning of BBC Brexit coverage has left the news department open to attacks from even the most unlikely of sources. many of the twitter accounts I read daily from well-established, professional white males based in the South East of England are reacting furiously over the BBC Brexit coverage.

    It reminds me of the time in 2012 ( or maybe it was 2011) when the BBC shut down commenting on BBC Scotland political and economic news coverage while the rest of the country enjoyed the ability to have their say via the website.

  33. bjsalba says:


    Google owns YouTube.

    I stopped using Google ages ago and any companies using Google for advertising I avoid as much as possible.

    I have been using GoogleMaps but that will stop now,
    and when I find translation alternative for that I will be gone completely.

  34. frogesque says:

    To me, news is not subject to copyright. Once broadcast it’s in the public domain, reportage cannot be copyright although comment can be. There is no case to answer.

    On the other hand, didn’t May commit herself to doing anything to save her oh so precious Union? Or has that also disappeared from public view?

    BBC obviously on a sticky wicket so what better way to bury it than put governmental (with or without a capital letter) the frighteners on Choob who have the rights on who and what to allow on their channel.

  35. Giving Goose says:

    Clearly the London Government are very worried about the immediate future.

    Faisal Islam’s Twitter and Sky are running with a story about English/Welsh councils preparing Brexit Impact Studies which are overwhelmingly negative. Some predict social unrest.

    Zach Brown’s Twitter is running with a study on the economic impact on Shetland farming; it’s going to be bad.

    Remember that Scotland will be asset stripped by London to pay for the Brexit mess, therefore measures will be taken to close down information channels critical of the London Government.

    There will be more measures to come. I’m sure the Scottish Government and the Green party will be well aware of what is coming but it might be an idea to contact MSPs and MPs to voice your concerns.

  36. manandboy says:

    Isn’t it amazing what Donalda MacKinnon can do as head of BBC in Scotland i.e. Brainwasher-in-Chief, as well as being a Leadership Coach. Now in cahoots with YouTube, possibly.

    There’s a lot more to brainwashing than meets the eye you know, like staying out of the spotlight. Donalda shuns exposure to both the public gaze and to public scrutiny because what she does is done in secret. Prefers darkness to light. In a world of propaganda dressed up as public service.

    She is key in the Propaganda War which attempts to prevent Scottish Independence.

    The Japanese had Tokyo Rose and Westminster has Donalda.

    Ps. London takes down Wing’s youtube account without telling Donalda? To keep Donalda ‘clean’?

  37. Ken500 says:

    Independent Scotland will have a new corporation and a new news channel. It can be beamed in from anywhere. Sooner rather than later.

    There is an awful lot of propanda news on Looney Tube. How are they going to shut it down. Counter exposure. A mire of loop holes. In the future. ‘Get my one down’. ‘Get your one down’.

    Can’t wait to find out who pulled it. Likes censorship.

  38. scunner says:

    @ Big Jock
    Sorry, but where are the 14 days coming from?

    As I understood it, YouTube have stated they’ve made a decision and are not presenting the Beeb with anything. That seems more like a brick wall, no discussion and no court.

    Whether the channel will be restored in any form (e.g. sans or private for the highlighted clips) is the big question…

    Am I reading it wrong?

  39. Ian Brotherhood says:

    If we assume good will on the part of BBC presenters such as Gary Robertson (and I’m not saying we *should*) then they are now in the invidious position of having to rely on the show directors to do their research for them – where is Gary supposed to get impartial information about this whole affair if his own employer refuses to take part in any discussion?

    Who scripted his questions for Rev this morning? I don’t believe for a nanosecond that Gary, in the wee small hours, thought, ‘I’m interviewing Wings later so, let’s see…yeah, I know, I’ll cite Scott Arthur’s YT status to provide some balance…’

    It’s no wonder he sounded wary and uncomfortable – he could only have known any detailed background if he’d been following developments right here since last Friday.

  40. Big Jock says:

    Scunner – The owner of the channel allegedly breaching the copyright. Can ask for it to be reinstated, and it takes 14 days for this to happen. The obstacle to reinstatement would be the breach being upheld or the complainer not allowing it.

    Sorry I don’t know the exact laws on this , but it says so on their guidelines.

  41. Karmanaut says:

    This is really sinister.

  42. Alastair says:

    “We’re going to take this one as far as it’ll go, folks.”

    All power to you Stuart, I’m marching right behind you.

    This is a comment from Peter A. Bell in today’s National, seems pertinent.

    ” News that the Home Office will no longer speak to MSPs about their constituents on immigration matters comes little more than a week after we learned that MSPs are being obstructed from helping constituents with problems claiming benefits. New procedures instituted by the Department for Work & Pensions (DWP) mean that MSPs may no longer contact Job Centre staff directly in an effort to resolve constituents’ problems. Regardless of how urgent the situation, they are now required to submit an enquiry by email and await a written response. Now it has been revealed that the Home Office is refusing to engage with MSPs wishing to discuss immigration issues affecting individuals and families in their constituencies.

    In both cases, these new arrangements apply only to MSPs. MPs will not be similarly impeded in their efforts to help members of the public. It is difficult not to see a pattern emerging here. Especially when these recent developments are placed alongside other evidence of the British establishment’s increasing antipathy towards the Scottish Parliament. Take, for example, Ruth Davidson’s endlessly repeated insistence that there is ‘no demand. for a new independence referendum in brazen contempt of a decision taken by the Scottish Parliament.

    Or the UK Government’s wilful failure to engage with the Scottish Government over the Brexit process.

    Or the high-handed, imperious manner in which the UK government swept away the fundamental principle that powers not specifically reserved to Westminster are devolved.

    This goes beyond mere ignorance of or disdain for the devolution settlement. What we are seeing is a purposeful and concerted effort to undermine and delegitimise the Scottish Parliament.

    This is not new. Devolved powers over income tax and welfare are little more than a clumsily contrived collection of fiscal and political traps and pitfalls that have only been substantially avoided thanks partly to the artlessness of their construction but mainly to the skill and determination of people such as John Swinney, Derek Mackay and Jeane Freeman. Devolution was never more than a device by which to placate democratic dissent whilst continuing to withhold powers from the Scottish Parliament. Latterly, it was transformed into a political weapon deployed against the SNP, the Scottish Government and now the Scottish Parliament itself.

    What is different now is that all pretence has been dropped. The attacks on Scotland’s democratic institutions have become as open and unsubtle as the attacks on Scotland’s public services. The effort to diminish and denigrate the Scottish Parliament is being ratcheted up at the same time as the British state’s presence in Scotland is being enhanced and promoted. There is nether accident nor coincidence in the fact that MSPs are being hampered in the performance of their duties whilst the British state pours resources into building up the ‘UK Government in Scotland’. It is not mere happenstance that the British media is redoubling its efforts to raise the profile of British Nationalist politicians like Ruth Davidson whilst shielding them from proper scrutiny.

    This is an assault on Scotland’s democracy. This is an effort aimed at eradicating Scotland’s distinctive political culture. This is the British Nationalist ‘One Nation’ project in action. This is a political coup in progress.”

  43. Thepnr says:

    Why didn’t Youtube forward your counter-notification claim to the BBC which would have started a legal process?

    This is what I fail to understand and it stinks.

  44. Colin Alexander says:


    If they can drag themselves away from fighting for UK Union devolution and the UK’s membership of the EU for a wee while, the SNP will then convert a large majority of the Unionists to YES with their MSM newspaper columns and BBC / STV appearances after the FM calls indyref2 in the next three months.

    And we’ll share the Pound.

    That’s the great plan.

    It will work; it worked last time, didn’t it?

  45. William Habib Steele says:

    Publicity of Wings is welcome! Not And Ill Wind!

  46. Jock Scot says:

    Looks like we all ought to have a day out at PQ on the 11th and say hello to Ronnie.

  47. Dr Jim says:

    BBCs Gary Robertson also said Utube highlighted copywrite infringement laws, they didn’t! they alleged, there’s a difference, if they highlighted infringements they would have been able to show those infringements, they didn’t!

  48. Josef Ó Luain says:

    Fair-minded listeners will have been struck, I’m sure, by the absence of any BBC-London input in defence of their decision. A comprehensive statement from that source must surely follow; have they left themselves with any choice in the matter?

  49. George Gannon says:

    I’ve just rang BBC cancel licence payment , Google to complain, channel 4 to ask why no coverage.

    I’m know I’m like a tick on a buffalo arse to these people, but the more ticks that get on their arses, then that causes a problem, be a tick get on their arse.

    I will donate to any fundraiser over this abomination.

    Cheers from Sheffield.

  50. Craig P says:

    Big Jock – re-read the previous article. YT have unilaterally decided there is a breach. Process end. No 14 day period. Nothing more for BBC to do.

  51. More carrot and stick tell them where to shove their stick and carrot as well I wonder if they ever heard the saying it goes something like mourn not the dead but mourn the mild and meek who though seeing all the worlds wrongs but dare not speak

  52. K1 says:

    Think I can speak for the many and not the few Colin. Fuck off.

  53. BrianW says:

    There’s no doubt in my mind the BBC has specifically targetted Indy Supporting sites.

    It’s having the opposite effect though. It’s highlighting more than ever the BBC’s partisan approach in closing down political discussion of a particular flavour.

  54. defo says:

    Auntie is fair shoring up Blightys press freedom score here.
    All set for taking the EU (booby) prize next year too.

    Hope you’re enjoying this carry on Stu.

  55. mumsyhugs says:

    Purse open, card out, ready to donate when you give the word Rev.

  56. Andy-B says:

    So much attention has been drawn to the unwarranted takedown, that a Streisand effect might take hold on people actually wanting to now view these unjustly taken down videos.

    Here’s hoping those videos and your YouTube channel ate restored and the videos watch by the unconverted.

    As for the BBC and the social media platform Youtube, acting in unison against Scottish independence channels but not pro-union channels. To me it shows the unionists in power are frightened and are willing to up their game to a higher level, without apology to thwart independence.

    One wonders just how far they’ll go to protect their interests in Scotland?

  57. Breeks says:

    Stinks of a backdoor deal between YouTube and the BBC.

    If the Cambridge Analytica story revealed anything, perhaps it’s the extent to which internet savvy organisations are using the data stream they oversee to try to negotiate greater influence and power with governments.

    It seems a logical presumption that the BBC shutting down Scottish Independence is the prime mover here, but what if it’s just YouTube, or even a third party shit stirrer, flashing it’s knickers at the BBC and saying “Look what we can do for you…”

    Maybe Facebook and YouTube are tired of being newcomers on the block. They’ve made a bit of money, captured market share, and now want space for their feet under the Establishment table.

  58. Dorothy Devine says:

    I wonder what the viewing figures are and have been for Distorting Scotland and any of the rest of their political output?

    I know that it’s a waste of time asking them but this might be a reaction to the lack of viewers and their realisation that naebody , nor their dug believe them.

  59. scunner says:

    @ Colin Alexander

    “Share the Pound” – Ooh me sides!

    It’s August and the EdFest is about to start, in which venue is your stand-up show?

    be prepared for hecklers

  60. Sinky says:

    Good coverage in The National.

    I wonder if this issue makes TV / Politics Now / C4 or our fearless pro Union newspapers.

    None of them covered the Commons Committee asking if the Scotland Office should be scrapped. In 2010 five of a staff now 70 costing Scottish taxpayers £9 million a year which comes off the Scot Gov’s budget.

    Who else gets the top slice of the budget removed to pay for propaganda against you?

  61. Paul says:

    Thing is they’re turning you into a martyr, what a bunch of ham-fisted amateurs!

  62. Colin says:

    Silly point, but… the BBC is funded by the public. Surely anything they broadcast is owned by the public?

  63. Marie Clark says:

    “We’re going to take this one as far as it’ll go folks”. Go get em Stu, we’ve got your back. Say the word and the bawbees will come your way.

    What an utter disgrace that no one from BBC London would deign to come on and answer questions. Not willing to be held to account, our public broadcaster. aye right. I think that we are all aware why it’s called the BBC, tory party mouthpiece.

    K1 @ 12.28 seconded.

    Come oan Nicola how much longer have we got to put up with this nonsense. Dinnae answer that folks, just a bit of frustration biling ower.

  64. Robert Alexander Harrison says:

    Just shows they are afraid of there bais being shown on youtube by independence supporters they’ve gone and tryed to silence anothers method of free speech oh bbc to dodge on problem you’ve walked right into another.

  65. Ian McCubbin says:

    Great to hear give them a roasting.
    Meanwhile the rest of us can file for exemption to licence fee paying due to not watching bbc or other live broadcasted tv.
    I only watch netflix and You tube news and of course the now banned Wings clips.

  66. Col says:

    Didn’t think I could get any more angrier about this episode but I am now. Been saying it for ages, we need to take them down a peg or two. Half of scotland v’s the BBC. We’ll win!

  67. Big Jock says:

    Remember folks that the Tories in part stopped Outlander being broadcast before Sept 2014! They have a lot of influence.

  68. HandandShrimp says:

    Well it certainly seems like the BBC in London have been given a nudge by someone. I wonder if it was a Governmental nudge. In which case, if it were, we are in dark waters, along with the dark money and the dark ideologies.

  69. Breeks says:

    Paul says:
    1 August, 2018 at 12:45 pm
    Thing is they’re turning you into a martyr, what a bunch of ham-fisted amateurs!

    Err, I kinda hope they’re not, but I get your drift…

    Saying it again, reporting what the news says and using news footage seems no different to me than the BBC holding up newspapers and taking leads from whatever the papers are saying.

    Hypocrisy thy name is BBC.

  70. Legerwood says:

    Breeks says:
    1 August, 2018 at 12:37 pm
    Stinks of a backdoor deal between YouTube and the BBC.

    If the Cambridge Analytica story revealed anything, perhaps it’s the extent to which internet savvy organisations are using the data stream they oversee to try to negotiate greater influence and power with governments.””


    In that context the section on THE Social Impact of Youtubein Wikipedia’s entry about YouTube may be of interest. Worth a read.

    YouTube has been used by Governments and seems to be trying to do more with them.

    It has also been embroiled in controversy recently e.g. ad placements in controversial videos – something that the companies definitely did not like; the harvesting of users data which they use to target material towards them; and taking down videos – WOS and Moridura not the only ones it seems.

    The Cambridge Analytica furore hit Facebook hard both in terms of reputations damage and financial damage.

    Something like the Wings/ Moridura business also has the potential to damage YouTube although perhaps not to the same extent as .CA damaged Facebook.

  71. Proud Cybernat says:

    Back to some of the stuff this stooshie is probably designed to stop us talking about… BREXSHIT.

    Rooth the Mooth has a new ‘Support Team Ruth’ leaflet doing the rounds.

    Labour being giving pelters in MSM over anti-semitism claims.

    Both happened in just before snap UK GE17 was announced.

    With the UK-EU summit due 17-18 October I reckon a good chance of another snap GE for 11th October (called end of August). Maybot’s final gambit to get a solid mandate for Oct summit with EU.

  72. Vestas says:

    I’m not surprised in the slightest.

    This is the start. Its going to get a lot worse – to paraphrase Jakey Trolling – as the state has “continents of lawyers” to deploy.

    Prominent indy bloggers/site owners all need to get together with some techy people they KNOW and work out a more resilient pro-indy shared comms system. ie – one site gets shutdown then its up on another server in another jurisdiction (preferably non-UK/USA friendly) in an hour.

    You need to plan for being shut-down like this and even hosting contracts revoked in the runup to indyref2.

    For those thinking “tinfoil helmet time” I’d remind you all how pro-indy advertising on buses/trains/billboards was basically either banned or declined last time.

    Things have moved on. Big time.

  73. Billy says:

    I’ve sent a link to this to Susan Wojcicki, CEO of YouTube.
    Surely she doesn’t give a s*** about broadcasting in the UK?

  74. Bob Mack says:

    Control the narrative and you control the population.

    Probably why they are trying to shut down many forms of social media which contradicts their narrative.

    Ladies and gents, we have gone full dictatorship.

    I hear Mr James Dolman(SNP Cathcart) is leaving twitter due to Unionist threats. Bring it on.

  75. Effijy says:

    The EBC deleted a couple of smoke screen clips from the Labour MP’s site to try and claim impartiality.

    They didn’t close down his site with warning or justification so the circumstances are not comparable.

    The BBC and the corrupt London based political parties are biased against true democracy in Scotland without any doubt.

    One of the world leading experts on propaganda and how it operates, Prof John Robertson has files taller than me showing exactly and indisputably how they vilify, degrade and suppress Scotland.

  76. freedo says:

    Here’s a thought.
    If MSPs have had their opportunity to contact WM departments, HO and DWP (and who knows what others) disallowed by edict, one would assume that the Scotland Office should be the next obvious point of contact. It purports to represent Scotland’s affairs in UK government circles after all and one would assume that they are not frozen out of contact with departments currently out-of-bounds.
    Bombard Fluffy with all your queries, complaints and requests. He has, is it, 70 odd minions to do the donkey work. Let them work for their 7mil.
    I doubt if you would get any satisfaction, but it would serve a disruptive purpose to whatever nefarious activity they might be involved in.
    This is after all a guerrilla war!

  77. Iain mhor says:

    Hmm interesting interview.
    On the principle of “…we could aye peeble them wi’ stanes when they werena gude bairns – But naebody’s nails can reach the length o’ Lunnon” it appears Pacific Quay are somewhat nervous.
    It will not have escaped their notice that they are directly in the firing line here in Scotland. Some damage limitation was in order to stall, if not prevent demonstrations on their doorstep. Especially so if they did not initiate it and will bear the brunt for upsetting the natives.
    Though not averse to frequently poking the aboriginies, they were rightly feart to actually smack us with the big stick and are in desperate “A big boy did it and ran away” mode.
    Seems they are quickly finding out even their nails canny reach the length o’ Lunnon.

  78. Dan Huil says:

    Keep the pressure on these britnat hypocritters, Rev. Support you 100%.

  79. velofello says:

    So the publicly owned BBC wishes to prevent the public from viewing retrospectively, BBC broadcasts to the public? The sight of BBC using public funds to contest this case will not be good for the BBC.All power, and necessary funds to you Rev.

    This isn’t a bun fight with Westminster we’re having – refer to Peter Bell’s article quoted above – this is for keeps.

  80. Macart says:

    If looks and smells like folk ‘who can’ exercising partisan censorship?

    Then that’s what it is.

  81. Lochside says:

    Where are our political leaders on this?..Rev.Stu; TowardsIndyref2; Bella; Prof John Robertson; GA Ponsonby et all acting independently and bravely, for years, to highlight the criminality of the BBC.

    But instead of publicly attacking State censorship on Stu and Peter Curran by the BBC’s legal dept. (same as the attempt to get Prof Robertson sacked for his report on the Indy bias) in concert with YouTube ( Henry Jackson,British American Project) date nothing from the SNP’S leadership.

    The BBC have been actively and openly hostile towards our Independence movement for the past decade. They managed to help ‘win’ it for ‘NO’ in 2014 and to cover up the postal vote rigging and George Square rioting and intimidation by Loyalists on Sept. 19th.

    Yet, no YES movement for mass non payment of the hideous and illegal BBC Tax.No organised phone-ins, letter/email campaigns into the media or on social media. Many on here have stopped paying. Estimates of 10% of Scots have ceased payment. But we need all of the 45% from 2014 plus the waverers to stop payment, who now must see the nascent fascism becoming clearer every day emerging from the stinking cesspit in the south.

    We need a figure like Tommy Sheridan of the Poll Tax era, untainted, but leading civic Scots into peaceful but civil disobediance. Otherwise we sleep walk into a fascist lockdown of our liberties.

  82. Greig says:

    I think the ‘review and criticism’ defence could only work if you were reviewing and criticising within the video, not using it elsewhere. As far as youtube is concerned you’re just posting copyrighted material, and lots of it. They don’t and shouldn’t care about articals pointing to the videos. Their job is to police the videos on their site, not their external context.

  83. Breeks says:

    BBC here posting images of the Wings over Scotland website.

    Fair usage of the image? Ordinarily you might say so, but in the current climate, how can I put it? Seems a tad indelicate.

  84. Capella says:

    Youtube is owned by Google. Google’s former CEO was Eric Schmidt. Eric Schmidt supported the Democrats in the 2008 elections and then was appointed by Obama to work for the administration.

    Support means altering Google algorithms to favour Democrat websites over Republican. A Republican website would then not appear within the first 40 or so pages of a search.

    Times move on. Carole Cadwalladr wrote extensively on the election fiddling activities of Cambridge Analytica during the BREXIT campaign. The idea for using public data maliciously was apparently suggested by Sophie Schmidt, daughter of Eric Schmidt. Carole wrote about it in her Observer article of 7th May 2017.

    You can read the original article here:

    This is a web archive because you can no longer read the original online as Sophie Schmidt’s name has been removed. There is a legal notice:

    This article is the subject of legal complaints on behalf of Cambridge Analytica LLC and SCL Elections Limited.

    So this episode looks more like a Google action at the behest of the Westminster Government to neutralise the ability of an Independence supporting site to inform the public. Why? We know that CA or it’s big brother the British Intelligence election rigging outfit, SCL, were involved in the Independence Referendum 2014.

    The likely explanation is that another Referendum or election is imminent and they want the political opposition disabled. They have form.

  85. johnj says:

    If this has already been suggested, apologies.

    The BBC have a complaints link on their website. Please use it. They’ll not be able to ignore hundreds, maybe thousands of emails making the same point.

    It’s a simple process and only takes a few minutes.

  86. Foonurt says:

    Fuck’s sake, jist fuull aff ma stuull.

    Pokin aboot thae comments, oan Wings baein baurrt fae ah sicht.

    Yoan National hud ah wee survey, oan wan urr twaw coamments.

    Last yin wiz ‘Country Ah Residence – United Kingdom’. Holy fuck Roabin!, tae wurr batcave.

  87. Gary says:

    Exactly – this ISN’T about copyright. This IS about politics AND about news.

    It’s about who gets to tell the public what’s happening, the DIFINITIVE version.

    This blog is much viewed by parliamentarians of all assemblies. It’s not just ordinary people, who live in or have a connection to Scotland who just happen to have an interest in Scottish independence. This blog has an influence on politics, on politicians, on how they view Scotland and what they think Scottish opinion is.

    I expect BBC to take action. They’re not naïve, they have closed you down deliberately, but will their action be based on copyright, or will they take some other action aimed at clearing the internet of fake news and radicalism?

    Of course it MIGHT just be another step in their campaign harrying the site, they hope, into submission. But the fact (or more properly assumption) that this is direct from head office rather than from the Scottish branch office MAY mean that they are finally doing something VERY public against you.

    However, in those news sources that HAVE reported it, it obviously has raised public consciousness of the fact that you are constantly being attacked and that our government in Westminster IS an oppressive regime.

    However, the reporting has mostly been from Indy-friendly sources (MSM being again silent) so it only reinforces those who already share your point of view.

    So, it’s NOT the content, NOT the quantity, NOT the lack of acknowledging the source, NOT a breach of YouTube rules. So is not a ‘what’ it’s a ‘who’ It’s YOU…

  88. Fergus Green says:

    I like your final sentence Stuart:

    ‘We’re going to take this one as far as it’ll go, folks’

    Remember you are not alone. You have many supporters, with pockets of varying depth. Just ask.

  89. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “I think the ‘review and criticism’ defence could only work if you were reviewing and criticising within the video, not using it elsewhere.”

    No, that’s not how it works. If you think about it, how could it possibly be?

  90. Gary says:

    Ahh, I read today’s articles in the wrong order!!

    So, this time it is YouTube who have done the unexpected (on behalf of the BBC) and simply went against their own rules to KEEP you shut down, and for THREE MONTHS.

    Obviously hoping that upon your return this will have ‘Chilling Effect’ and prevent you linking to them, or limiting your links and perhaps damaging your articles too.

    A smarter move than a court case, but required YouTube’s co-operation in coordinating this attack.

    ANY attack like this SHOULD be of concern to ANY other blog that reports on politics and SHOULD be of concern to newspapers as THEY could be next. But I’m afraid that most papers already self-censor to avoid the wrath of BBC.

    In reality, this story will sink without a trace.

    Raising another channel, someone else having another channel, linking to various channels in the future? Cache the appropriate items and link to them on another site, away from YouTube?

    But, with YouTube’s connivance it is very clear they wish to stifle your right to speak freely.

    It’s just the sort of wheeze that someone using PRISM would think up or someone at the Army’s new online warfare dept. But maybe that’s excessive paranoia, no one likes to feel embarrassed, do they. You gave good account of yourself in an interview, that annoyed someone, they ‘received a complaint’ and a lawyer flexed his muscles at YouTube, and they caved in, scared of a state broadcaster backed by a government who want to see your voice silenced..

  91. Gary says:

    Of course the interview COULD be a coincidence. Perhaps they want to silence you SPECIFICALLY over the next three months.

    Anything interesting happening in politics in the next three months? Anything they DON’T want you talking about?

    I imagine there’ll be quite a lot happening, we live in interesting times…

  92. Achnababan says:

    Why do we not simply complain to the BBC about copyright infringement on all the Unionist channels on Youtube we know of and see what happens? If the BBC is not biased they would have to have them all closed down – wouldn’t they??

  93. Breeks says:

    Johnj says:
    1 August, 2018 at 2:30 pm

    The BBC have a complaints link on their website. Please use it. They’ll not be able to ignore hundreds, maybe thousands of emails making the same point.

    Nice to meet you Johnj. You’re new here aren’t you? 😉

    Not being cheeky John, but it has been done to death by many people, but criticism is water off a ducks back to the BBC and their commissioners, although I think they use Ofcom as their complaints placebo now.

  94. Joseph says:

    Stuart it seems to me that whatever happens between you tube and bbc over the coming months doesn’t solve the problem you have right now with hosting of your videos. Im sure there are many in this group of fans that have coding skills, all you need to do is stick the videos on your own server/cloud server, get the required bandwidth from your isp or cloud provider and get the coders to change all the links. Something needs to be done quickly cause this site is a seriously important site to the independence question. Please do something quickly cause we need you

  95. Joseph says:

    Im no good at this particular activity and wonder if this is a way forward for a multi prong campaign.

    Start a petition on the Gov.Uk website

    at the very least to get other avenues of discussion.

  96. yesindyref2 says:

    The answer is to generalise, make your problem everybody’s problem.

    And the way to do that is simple.

    If they can do this to you, they could do it to, in no particular order:

    Labour (if Youtube love the Tories and UKIP)
    The Scotland Ireland bridge campaign (if there is one) because they like Stena Lines
    Fruit growers in Lincolnshire because “they” own a farm in Kent
    The Dating Channel becaue they’re Victorian prudes
    BBC Scotland because they don’t like Jocks
    Prune Growers because well, you don’t actually grow prunes

    In other words they are being selective on the basis of CONTENT, and content is everything on the internet.

    That sort of thing!

  97. yesindyref2 says:

    Oh, and the other thing is if there’s any way to raise an outcry in the USA somehow or other, the home of the free uncensored internet – hit Youtube in their roots and their shareholders. Wingers who post on US forums can help with that. Look what happened to Bebo!

    Bye bye youtube, hello … well, Bebo perhaps, who knows?

  98. orri says:

    If this was a deliberate takedown then it’s hamfisted in several ways.

    First it highlights the problems with relying on any third party to host videos. Especially if it’s as easy to have content taken down.

    Second unless there’s something happening in the immediate future it fires their bolt early.

    Thirdly it might actually lend credence to the arguments made about the contents of those clips and any others.

    It also risks Yahoo’s revenue stream if too many people look for more reliable hosts for their content.

  99. schrodingers cat says:

    Joseph says:
    all you need to do is stick the videos on your own server/cloud server, get the required bandwidth from your isp or cloud provider and get the coders to change all the links. Something needs to be done quickly cause this site is a seriously important site to the independence question.

    agree with this.
    as far as I can see, going forward you will be taking on youtube/google. not the bbc. this could take months/years and the bbc will get off with this scot free.

    is this worth it stu?

  100. Clootie says:

    @George Gannon 12:19

    I couldn’t have put it better and I share the same views.
    We are ready to go Rev when you trigger the fundraiser.

  101. yesindyref2 says:

    Don’t ask me, but you could have a separate website on a server with streaming software installed, and just link to that. A quick look gives this:

    there’ll be others.

    Then the BBC would have to try to take action DIRECTLY to try to get you to take down your own website content, there’d be no third party youtube to be able to be complicit in political censorshipi.

  102. alwi says:

    It would be better to get them on a website you control, not YouTube, and if wordpress can’t hack it (although I defer to your experience I find it hard to believe you can’t have videos on a wordpress site), then change your web platform. A daunting task, perhaps.

  103. Joseph says:

    Clootie says:
    1 August, 2018 at 4:06 pm
    @George Gannon 12:19

    I couldn’t have put it better and I share the same views.
    We are ready to go Rev when you trigger the fundraiser.


    Sorry Clootie, ok not my place to say really, but in my opinion if there was to be a fundraiser then it should be for bandwidth costs of the new location of the videos. Throwing money at a court case is one thing, but theres only one referendum and it would be far better if were well prepared for that.

  104. yesindyref2 says:

    Ignore that its for a PC, try this

    or this

    I don’t know their provenance, I googled “linux server video streaming software”. I do know stackoverflow (vey useful, of and an article on the Linux website itself about Plex, number 1 and 2 on the sites above:

  105. Hashtag #yoontube anyone?

    (I’d do it myself, but I don’t ‘do’ Twitter)

  106. yesindyref2 says:

    You’d need good bandwidth and excellent reliability, years ago a customer recommended me UK2 (in Docklands) for a dedicated server and I’ve never regretted it. Current uptime, I forget, about 600 days. Ping 42ms to my sites, via Zen and my twisted copper.

  107. Clootie says:

    @Big Jock 1:09pm

    The suppression of Outlander series pre 2014 is actually a very good example of the power “they” can exercise. You will be unable to find any justification or evidence for this programme being held back.

    It is a good example of the power Westminster wields and the manipulative style they deploy.

  108. Clootie says:

    @Joseph 4:14pm

    …if you don’t fight them here, then where!
    You fight this one to undermine their reputation in order to win indy2

  109. Referendum1707 says:

    Sorry o/t (well not really)

    Help this fundraiser push support for Yes towards tipping point.

    And of course, if for some unfathomable reason you haven’t done so already, cancel your tv licence. It’s not the decreased revenue that counts, they’ll always be supported by dark money as long as they’re permitted to broadcast here, what really matters is that they’ll know that more and more people are no longer accepting their propaganda, and that SCARES THEM.

  110. Joseph says:

    Clootie says:
    1 August, 2018 at 4:25 pm
    @Joseph 4:14pm

    …if you don’t fight them here, then where!
    You fight this one to undermine their reputation in order to win indy2


    Yeah but thats fine for this readership but everyone else will struggle and as someone pointed out earlier, any fight with YouTube and the BBC could take years and quite honestly a huge amount of money, in the many hundreds of thousands, just look at cliff richard. A referendum could be called very soon in the next few months and thats priority for us.

  111. yesindyref2 says:

    And lastly, I have no practical knowledge of media streaming software, never used it, but a good great resource for open source and commercial is sourceforge:

    and you can get place (no idea if free or pay) at:

    And now I shall retire to a mug of tea and leave you in pieces.

  112. schrodingers cat says:

    Clootie says:
    …if you don’t fight them here, then where!
    You fight this one to undermine their reputation in order to win indy2
    fighting youtube wins indyref2?

    you win wars by chosing your battles carefully

  113. Doug_Bryce says:

    Can some one help ?

    We all know that the BBC stopped allowing comments on BBC political / economic stories in 2012. I think this ban only recently lifted ? But even then only for certain articles.

    If I google for further information on this ban there is very little. Which is odd….

    Cant for example comment on BBC reporting of this story


  114. Artyhetty says:

    It’s a sad day when journalists are silenced in a so called democracy. The English government are tightening their grip, they know they are losing Scotland, their only real bargaining chip post Brexit.

    Scotland has the lifeboats, the UK ship is sinking, let’s get out of this disgusting bullying, greedy so called union.

    The Britnats will ruin Scotland to get what they want, anyone who thinks that being ‘part’ of the UK is in any way positive is deluding themselves. The Britnats have absolutely nothing to offer Scotland and Scotland has everything to lose being ‘part’ of this so called ‘UK’.

  115. Doug_Bryce says:

    Can some one help ?

    We all know that the BBC stopped allowing comments on BBC Scotland political / economic stories in 2012. I think this ban only recently lifted ? But even then only for certain articles. Meanwhile public comments were allowed on rUK political stories.

    If I google for further information on this ban there is very little. Which is odd….

    Cant for example comment on BBC reporting of this story


  116. Dr Jim says:

    This is my last ever post

    It has always been about Westminster and the Red and Blue Tory attitude to Scotland and our people and ideas but now because of that same Westminster and these same politicians they’ve made it a personal crusade by convincing the English people that it’s all about Scots hating the English

    Given that every country on earth shares its own percentage of idiot nut jobs and given that that percentage might say be around 10% (just a guess) that means that Englands idiots outnumber the entire population of Scotland and it seems every day that the entire collection of those English idiots swarm all over the internet filling it up with ill informed bile and English superiority over all and everyone else

    It seems that every Nation on earth is inferior to this collection of clownfooted nut cases and every Nation must bow to them no matter their colour creed religion or otherwise but at the moment it’s we Scots and those other barbarians the nasty EU people who are the object and subject of their ire and vile behaviour

    Reasonable discourse with this breed of English Nationalism has and always will be unfortunately pointless, even when they face the error of their ways they still argue the right of the English to be superior by virtue of birth Empire and some invented cock and bull garbage about *values* which we all know are *our way or be destroyed* or *might is right*

    I’ve had enough and believe me it’s not for the want of trying, I am the son of an English mother and a Scottish father and born and brought up in Scotland so I understand both sides very well

    The English are wrong headed about Scotland and always will be because they don’t want to change and as they see it they don’t need to change because they’re right even when they’re wrong, and they *know it*

    The Unionist Scots here in Scotland are just waste of space fearties and sectarianists and I have no truck with them whatsoever on any level because I have found them to be even more abusive than their idols in England and are prepared to cook up even bigger lies and smears with which to invent a case to argue on

    In conclusion people who live in England have no business on any level making verbal or written submissions of their opinions on Scotland its people or its politics because if they don’t accept other peoples opinions on their country then they have no right whatsoever in commenting on others
    but that’s the problem isn’t it

    The English believe they own Scotland and everything and everyone in it

    Well not this F…..g Punkah Wallah! No more! I’m done!

  117. yesindyref2 says:

    Well one more thing. It suddenly becomes crystal clear that if the UK Government gets its dirty hands on the internet we’re well and truly fucked – both seps AND yoons.

    And it’s a warning too, to the ScotGov of future Independent Scotland. Mess with my internet, and you mess with me.

  118. yesindyref2 says:

    @cat “you win wars by chosing your battles carefully

    Indeed, but if youtube aren’t going to reinstate these pro-Indy channels there’s absolutely nothing to lose.

  119. manandboy says:

    May’s government knows that the Article 50 deadline is very close at March 29,2019, and that the likelihood of another Indy referendum is therefore strong.
    They will be making their preparations for the Big Battle of Indyref2.

    It is at this time that it is important to begin to monitor the body language of the Unionist spokespeople, including voice, and to assess their overall confidence. Mundell and Davidson in particular will be worth close scrutiny for signs of the kind of cocky confidence displayed in Indy2014 – a sure sign they have something up their sleeve.

    Once again, they will be relying on their overwhelming control of Mainstream Media to misinform, threaten and then bribe the Scottish electorate.

    BTW, whatever happened to David Cameron’s order for 500 armoured personnel carriers. I wonder if the NI Loyalist paramilitaries will be assigned some of them in support of the Tory Government and its policies of course. And Donalda MacKinnon will need one.

    Indyref2 is certainly the Big One. It could get rough. Very rough.

  120. Luigi says:

    orri says:

    1 August, 2018 at 3:35 pm

    Second unless there’s something happening in the immediate future it fires their bolt early.

    I think that’s what the concern is. Something sinister is going on – what are they planning?

  121. Joseph says:

    Luigi says:
    1 August, 2018 at 4:46 pm
    orri says:

    I think that’s what the concern is. Something sinister is going on – what are they planning?

    LOL could May be thinking of dissolving the Scottish Parliament and is now getting rid of the evidence so they can call us all troublemakers.

  122. John, 2.30 and Breeks, 3.08. I tried complaining to the BBC but there was no category that I could use since nothing had been published on any BBC news outlet. So I went on to ‘Comments’ and submitted my comments on the situation that way. I got the usual BBC acknowledgement and am now awaiting the usual BBC brush off to my comments.

    I wonder if so many people had been getting on to them that they were forced to offer Wings an opportunity on Good Morning Scotland. They realised their actions could not be hidden. Perhaps a misjudgement on the part of London-based bosses who have no real knowledge of what is going on in Scotland?

    We need to keep up the pressure by complaining at every instance of bias or less than even-handed dealing with the Independence Movement even if it often seems futile.

    I am ready to kick in with a contribution if it comes to a legal fight.

  123. Artyhetty says:

    Re;Dr Jim@4.35

    Hey, don’t leave us! Your comments are always spot on, pertinent and a great contribution to the articles on WOS. We need you, don’t give up! OH and btw, I know what you mean, but it’s only by getting into dialogue we can dispel and counter the lies.

    Though the people of England are brainwashed and believe the lies in the right wing and faux lefty daily rags, and the BBC but that goes without saying now, about Scotland, and I suspect over recent months it’s all been subliminal messaging that the Scots are being awkward and uppity subsidy junkie’s, sponging of them, you know, foreigners, taking all your jobs and money. Their delusion knows no bounds sadly.

    Let them think that, it’s people in Scotland we need to get the right information out there to.

    Keep commenting and sharing, pleeeeeeese!!!!!!!! 🙂

  124. gus1940 says:

    It’s all very reminiscent of the not so glorius days of Joe McCarthy.

    ‘Are you or have you ever been a member of or supporter of the aims of The SNP?’

  125. Clapper57 says:

    Favourite bit was Scott Arthur…..who “accepted it and moved on”….then Stu puts Gary straight re this….see that’s the problem with yoons like Scott Arthur…half a story…not really same situation Gary…so let me fill you in on difference since Scott was economical with his version and his situation is not really equating to WOS position…..Lol

    I saw today in previous thread Thepnr and Petra highlighting doubts re Bernard Jenkins on devolution ‘concerns ‘and ‘ambiguity’ that arose via Brexit….and I agree that this reeks of whataboutery and shenanigans..why now ?….Bernard Jenkins is a condescending twat who has never championed the Scots within UKOK and in September 2014 was noted for the following :

    “Bernard Jenkins called for a “proper federal system” in the UK with a first minister for England, in addition to the UK prime minister.The No vote in the Scottish referendum “was not a good a win as we wanted”, as he looked at future devolution for England”.

    Now in 2018 he and his committee are thinking this ” They recommended ministers set out a “devolution policy for the union” ….”the Union”….hmm what like federalism ?…nah No Thanks ….not required in Scotland cause we will not want it or need it….but knock yourselves out if you want to apply it for the remaining countries in a reduced UKOK.

    Personally if left to the likes of Jenkins then EVEL will evolve further to the benefit of England and detriment of Scotland and as he is a Brexiteer he will ensure any monies and priority will firstly be given to English regions while Scotland will be at the end of the queue…..Jenkins is a sneaky wee shite who is desperate for Brexit and the last thing he wants just now pre March 2019 is anything such as another Indy Ref being announced to thwart his Brexit master plan for England ….he is also determined that Scots can never again, via devolution, attempt to deny England what England wants e.g. Brexit.

    Devolution is not working because the Tories are determined to ignore the devolved parliaments…all that needs ‘revisited’ is the lack of respect the Tory government shows to devolved parliaments.

    Jenkins is offering Scotland crumbs from the Brexit table…too little too late…damage done and snub noted….if he thinks he can win over Scots by offering another non vow in the form of a “rethink on devolution” to appease the restless natives then sorry but we are now wise to these ploys from such obvious opportunists as Jenkins and his like. GTF it’s Indy now asap….as Jenkins and his mob have shown how little they respect our government and devolution…seems to me this is just a way to give MORE powers and say to English regions and ultimately England’s parliament at WM.

    It is this that makes me mad …..a parcel of bloody rogues trying to once again pull the wool over our eyes ….there is too much water under the bridge and Scots are not going back to once again be fooled by fools like him who would happily fcuk us over in the blink of an eye while giving that smug smile of his…..No Thanks as the BT slogan says.

  126. Marie Clark says:

    Dr Jim @ 4.35. Please don’t go, you’ve been here a long time and I always enjoy your posts.

    I appreciate exactly how you feel and it gets very wearing indeed at times. I find that when I get to that stage, and I sometimes feel that my auld heid is aboot tae explode. I take a wee rest, and when you’re ready to come back it’s far, far easier.

    So come back to us whenever you are ready.

  127. yesindyref2 says:

    @Independent Woman
    In the same way as it’s London pulling the strings on the Youtube thing, it’s possible BBC Scotland suffers the same thing itself. Do anything out of line, and their channel is strangled. What STV’s excuse is I don’t know, it used to be quite good.

  128. Artyhetty says:


  129. Juan Pointbreak says:

    In the spirit of logging things that need to be remembered, I archived Lord Adonis’ blistering attack on the BBC Brexit coverage on Good Morning Scotland on the 9th April. In case anyone wants to sample it, here he is calling the BBC ‘…a cancer at the heart of our political debate’

  130. orri says:

    IF you do go down the route of broadcasting I’d be very careful about where you base your server. That might be the next move they hope for and no doubt they will do their best to get you done for piracy.

    That last bit is prompted by the reminder of the letters sent by Sony to Cameron that led to them agreeing to withhold broadcasting Outlander. Contrary to what some believe it was never a case of him leaning on them. It was them leaning on him in an attempt to outlaw online personal digital backups. Something as trivial as a DropBox full of mp3s of work you’d paid for would be illegal if they had their way and may very well be now.

    Obviously the other vulnerability is that a personal server might easily be blocked whereas selectively blocking YouTube might be slightly harder.

  131. schrodingers cat says:

    yesindyref2 says:
    1 August, 2018 at 4:44 pm
    @cat “you win wars by chosing your battles carefully”

    Indeed, but if youtube aren’t going to reinstate these pro-Indy channels there’s absolutely nothing to lose.
    thats true, eg stu has already challenged youtube and i dare say he will continue along this road.

    but there is a level of litigiousness beyond which, it is counter productive pursue when dealing with multi nationals like google/youtube.

    bear in mind, you tube have targeted indy videos before during indyref1, so there is no doubt who’s side they are on. hint, it isnt ours.

    to upload all stus clips to another site then edit every post, changing each url, and republishing, is a big job, no question. but if we crowd funded an IT student say £2k, he could do it in about a month. perhaps we could include morduria in this operation too?

    we should consider this regardless of what actions stu does next

  132. schrodingers cat says:

    dr jim

    hope you reconsider m8, i enjoy your posts

  133. gus1940 says:

    As the never ending asset stripping of Scotland rolls on is it not time to produce a book about the same size as the WBB detailng the history of the set stripping of Scotland since say the end of WW2?’

    Instead of loading Stu down with more work can I suggest that Wingers submit examples to include the no. of jobs lost in each case.

    All submissions would require to be examined for accuracy if necessary, not necessarily by Stu, but with Stu having the final word on content.

    Can I start the ball rolling with the most disgraceful example of all – namely Thatcher’s Right To Buy where 100% of the proceeds of sales which rightly belonged to the councils or other housing authorities such as The SSHA went straight to The Treasury at WM.

    Given the fact that prior to RTB 60% of houses in Scotland were rented the amount stolen by Thatcher’s band of crooks must be enormous.

  134. JLT says:

    Not only was the BBC’s actions deliberate, it also had malicious intent and purpose. It doesn’t matter what Cllr Dr Professor Scott Arthur argues, the point is, that it was only pro-Indy sites that were targeted. That the BBC is quite happy for UKIP, BNP and even worse, Britain First to continue using its material shows that there was a set agenda.

    Go for it, Stuart.

    This is no an argument about what permission you need to show certain BBC videos, it’s the fact that the so-called impartial and unbiased BBC has nailed its colours openly to the mast and taken a political stance with the British State in censoring other political views that call into question, not only the British State itself, but the practices that it gets up too.

    It will be very interesting as to how Pacific Quay respond (as well as watching on with growing alarm) if it gets truly nasty as well seeing if BBC London backs down. The more publicity this gets …the more it exposes the myth that the BBC is impartial and unbiased.

    In fact, it it does gain unwanted publicity …maybe we should organise a huge rally at Pacific Quay just to up the ante. Let’s see if the BBC Branch Office has the cojones to stand up to its ‘masters voice’ in London as it watches in horror as 20 to 30,000 folk march right up to its doorstep.

  135. JLT says:

    gus1940 says

    All submissions would require to be examined for accuracy if necessary, not necessarily by Stu, but with Stu having the final word on content.

    That’s a brilliant idea, Gus.

    However, we need sources. If folk are going to do this, then we need to create a new page, and then folk need to drop in their links and state their arguments. As my Uni says, without actual proof, you have no real argument.

    Bring the proof …and you have your argument.

    And on that note, does anyone want to kick off a fresh page (or know how to do so on Wings)?

    It could be the UK’s nightmare if we do have another wee Referendum – an unholy trinity laying bare the UK’s governing of Scotland – the Wee Blue Book, the wee Black Book and the wee bad-governing book.

  136. Frank says:

    Stu has been required to ‘attend’ YouTube Copyright School.
    Here is a comment on that ‘institution’ from 2011., para 2 reads –

    “First, some say the Copyright School is like mandatory traffic school after you get a ticket, but I disagree. This is like mandatory traffic school after someone calls the police station and says they saw you run a red light. Of course, as a private entity, it’s perfectly within Google’s discretion to punish its users before it’s established that they actually violated the law, but that doesn’t make it fair, or good policy. Also, you may notice that the new Copyright School requirement is a little one-sided: users accused of infringing copyright must take the course, but copyright owners accused of making false or fraudulent infringement claims don’t. This is especially odd when you consider that the works most often subject to copyright abuse are very likely to be important and valuable to society (for example, politicians making an unmerited copyright claim to censor opponents).”

  137. Proud Cybernat says:


    Anti-BBC Bias & Censorship demo being organised for 11th August.

  138. Clapper57 says:

    @ Dr Jim

    Feel your frustration ….however your voice is as valid and important as anyone else’s on here and it is good to vent one’s frustration and it actually inspires others via your points and perhaps also make them consider issues they were unaware of.

    Many a time one reads certain posts on here that generates a debate with many different perspectives given and indeed all are inspired to give their opinion on the excellent posts by the man himself who runs this site.

    The passion in your posts is obvious but ultimately if you need respite then fair enough. Haste ye back…you are not alone in thinking that this all seems a ‘groundhog day’ in the fight against unionist parties and individuals.

    However the words we write on here and the posts we respond to via WOS main post are extremely informative and gives those who initially visit an insight and perspective as to why we need to challenge and question so much. Because we have no other platform other than Indy friendly sites like this to voice our anger, frustration and opinions….I wish you well as you have been a great contributor and one whose contributions I have never ignored.

    Have a good evening….come back when the time is right for YOU.

  139. Robert Kerr says:

    My twopence.

    My understanding is that the Rev had a large quantity of BBC clips that were negative regarding BBC bias as with the “London Calling” DVD and were freely available at any time via YT.

    These clips are now not available for instant access by people via the internet.

    BBC iPlayer downloads self destruct after a preset time. So the BBC now censors news/political comment.

    Take the one well known clip of Alex Salmond being called a liar by the BBC during an international press conference. Can anyone link to that now? And to the BBC edited edition?

    The real issue is suppression of history.

    This is the arena to fight in and win.

  140. Scott says:

    BBC criticised after Wings Over Scotland has YouTube channel removed

    Just one thing to say BBC Barstewards and not even comments allowed.

  141. Clydebuilt says:

    Another day passes and the BBC’s downing of Wing’s YouTube channel isn’t covered by the National , (other than by a letter )

    Is this subject ever going to appear on the papers front page and news stands.

  142. Frank says:

    @Dr. Jim
    As a long time lurker, I would be sad to see you go.

  143. schrodingers cat says:


    I think we are nearing the end game now, long term projects like starting our own tv channel are beyond the scope of our immediate requirements etc. best we can do is patch up and move on.

    re the bbc action. i doubt this will do anything more than piss people off, it costs them in reputation. but they havent shut stu or us down. Nor will this stop us. it looks like the spiteful actions of a scared and increasingly irrelevant bbc, the involuntary bowel spasims of a cadaver who is only now beginning to realise that it is already dead

  144. Brian McHugh says:

    This one is too important to walk away from. We are all with you.

  145. Nicola Wood says:

    Unionist biased BBC has declared it’s hand to nationalists in Scotland. If it gets away with this one, with the minimum of publicity in the unionist biased press, it will march all over the voice of the independence movement. Echoes of Spain v Catalonia.

  146. ahundredthidiot says:

    I too am right behind you Rev

    383.5 miles behind you

    (sorry, couldn’t resist)

  147. gus1940 says:


    Excellent article in Today’s Grauniad on the difference per head in Transport Spending between London and The North of England.

    It would be interesting to know the figures relative to Scotland.

  148. TJenny says:

    Dr Jim – aw, don’t go, ’cause you know we all loves ya – besides, you know you need us Wingers to keep you sane. 😉

  149. ahundredthidiot says:

    Dr Jim

    It has been a pleasure to have had a few disagreements with you.

    I would much rather you were here than not.

    Come back to us – We’re all Jock Tamsons Bairns

  150. Alba46 says:

    Clydebuilt “5:33pm

    Agree entirely. Have bought the National from day 1 and to support them have also got an online subscription.

    This by anybodies standards is a page 1 story in Scotland. Really disappointed that there is absolutely no major coverage of this in the National, the paper that supposedly supports Independence.

    Have they been got at and if so by whom ????

    Need to rethink about the NATIONAL

  151. Greig says:

    “No, that’s not how it works. If you think about it, how could it possibly be?”

    I mean if you are narrating or the video is mostly of you, cutting to pieces of video. That’s how it is normally interpreted across youtube. You can put clips of anything. But if the clip is purely copyrighted material, it cannot be interpreted as review and criticism; it’s just plagiarism.

  152. Clydebuilt says:


    Exactly, the only coverage the National has given is online. (Hidden away online).

    This is a major attack on the YES movement, it should be front page on the print edition for the public to see on news stands!

    The Herald and BBC often have articles that are in our favour hidden away on line, why is tge National playing the same game.

  153. Polscot says:

    and here was me thinking it was only cRock (of shit) that was the champion of trying to stop anyone from buying The National ….. seems there’s a few of his mates also banging on about it. They shut down yoontube vids on indy supporters channels and still aren’t happy, now they renew their attempts to silence the only MSM indy supporter out there ….. makes you wonder.

  154. Clydebuilt says:


    Aye Definately Got to support it.

    They give too much prominence to letters opposing SNP policies dividing support for YES.

  155. Tinto Chiel says:

    Dr Jim: take a wee break and then get back in the ring once you’re refreshed.

    You and Jack Collatin (usu. found in The Other Place) are the radge rantin’ Robins of on-line vile seppery and you will be required even more for What Is To Come.

  156. Vestas says:

    To those of you who have/are saying they’ve had enough :

    I quite understand but be careful with the language you use.

    If you’re a regular BTL commentator here then you ARE on MI5/Special Branch’s radar.

    If you have ever contributed to Wings financially then you are going to be monitored by the people in Cheltenham.

    If you are in the groups above and are a member of the SNP then BINGO! You win the surveillance jackpot 🙁

    I don’t quite tick all those boxes (not SNP member, given them money though) but everyone here that’s pro-indy needs to be be quite clear – we ARE enemies of the “UK” state & if push comes to shove we’ll be treated that way.

    England cannot afford to lose Scotland if Brexit is to continue. That’s a simple fact.

    I don’t see a good end to this with the incompetent racists in charge at Westminster.

  157. Thepnr says:


    I didn’t realise that the articles had only appeared online. The first article appeared online last Saturday and since they don’t have a Sunday edition then it would be pointless printing the same article on Monday as it would be old news.

    A new article though could have been written for Monday’s edition, as for today’s story well pretty sure you will read about that in tomorrows National, no excuse for it not to be.

  158. Capella says:

    @ Dr Jim – what Tinto Chiel and others upthread said. I enjoy your wit and wisdom.

  159. Alba46 says:


    Its not the first time in my opinion that the National had a page 1 story and not gone with it.

    This is a major story. It should be page 1 with page 1 follow ups every day. Nobody else is giving this any coverage of significance therefor if not the National who?

    Really disappointed with this.

    Rock don’t bother answering this as anything you say is of no interest to me or anybody else on this site

  160. Macart says:

    @ Dr. Jim

    Know how you feel, but having a break may be a better idea. You’re a name I look for on thread for sure.

    Have a think about it. 🙂

  161. Stravaiger says:

    There are a number of precautions that all Indy supporters should start taking with regards to their online activity, and there are others that any ‘active’ types, such as bloggers, organisers and Yes activists should seriously consider taking. Such things include, in order of simplicity-

    Stop using Google or Bing as your search engine. Try ‘Startpage’ instead.

    Stop using Chrome or IE as your browser. Try ‘Duck Duck Go’.

    Browse privately with ‘Tunnel Bear’.

    Stop using all the regular channels for discussions of strategy, tactics, or anything remotely sensitive. Have a look at ‘Signal’.

    Stop using Windows or even iOS. Use Linux. Start with an easily accessible distribution, such as ‘Ubuntu’ or ‘Mint’, then once you’ve got to grips with that, try a distro which has proper security in mind, such as ‘Tails’.

  162. Macart says:

    @Tackety Beets

    Rev took the new post down himself (for a few hours).

  163. Juan says:

    Dr Jim’s away to polish his sword. I hope that’s not a euphemism.

    Don’t let the bastards get you down.

    Missing yer wit already.

  164. Craig P says:


    If you are in the groups above and are a member of the SNP then BINGO! You win the surveillance jackpot

    Aye right. The security services are busy enough preventing terrorist attacks to spend more than a cursory amount of time trying to subvert democracy in Scotland.

    I am no more a fan of the British state than yourself and I am concerned about deep state intereference in cases like Dr David Kelly, Pat Finucane or Willie MacRae but a sense of perspective helps in febrile times.

  165. Tackety Beets says:

    Stavaiger @ 6.52 pm

    Thanks with the info, I have used DuckDuckGo on an older PC & it seamed to work well.

    Like many here I’m not very PC savvvvvy, but confess I have always fancied the Linux set up and was thinking of installing into an older MAC which works fine but won’t update beyond 10.6 or whatever.

    Could you guide folk like me to a couple o links where we can get a step by step guide?

    Many terms you use above mean nothing to me, time to get googling …..smiley thing.

    Bearing in mind recent events, and AS letter doesn’t do the trick, would the Rev permit a post with help for us. For ALL our security you understand.

    Clearly there are people here who are very knowledgable on these matters RP, BDTT, RC & many others

  166. Vestas says:

    @ Craig P 7:08 pm :

    “Aye right. The security services are busy enough preventing terrorist attacks to spend more than a cursory amount of time trying to subvert democracy in Scotland.

    I am no more a fan of the British state than yourself and I am concerned about deep state intereference in cases like Dr David Kelly, Pat Finucane or Willie MacRae but a sense of perspective helps in febrile times.”

    It does doesn’t it. As does some technical knowledge 😉

    The peeps at Cheltenham have been capturing ALL IP traffic transiting the UK since about 2007 and storing it for at least 6 months. ALL of it.

    The last bill on surveillance gives everyone and their dog (in govt terms) the right to surveille you. Right down to parish council cleaning staff.

    Take it or leave it but I’d be happy to be wrong and wearing the tinfoli hat.

    Not going to happen 🙁

  167. Nana says:

    @ Dr Jim

    I hope you will reconsider. Take a wee break and come back when you are ready [please]

  168. fillofficer says:

    Dr Jim
    i’m sure many of us have felt like chukkin it at times
    then we are hit with the next anti-nat outrage
    which just renews our resolve
    haste ye back, man

  169. Highland Wifie says:

    @Dr Jim
    Just catching up again tonight and couldn’t believe it when I read your post. I’ve only been an avid Wings fan for just over a year but your posts have always been standout for me because they are always sensible, straight to the point and above all very sharply witty.
    I’m really sorry that you feel so jaded about it all but you’ve been dealing with this for a lot longer than me and with so much bile floating about I can totally understand the need to escape.
    I really hope you change your mind after a wee break. Seems I’m not the only one who feels the same.

  170. frogesque says:


    Been watching the news about heatwaves, lack of water and vastly reduced crop yeilds etc. both in the UK and further afield affecting prices.

    A really, really clever time to come out of Europe and fester under WT rules. Not!

  171. Ghillie says:

    Events all pretty much as expected.

    The cornered creature BBC lashing out in panic.

    Attempts to silence the voice of Scottish Independence continues. And fails.

    And as always, you came across very well Rev Stu =)

  172. Tackety Beets says:

    Nana, Macart,

    Thank you, yes I went to his tweets after posting, should have done so first.

    Hind sight eh ?

    Onwards we go.

  173. Daisy Walker says:

    Dr Jim,

    I like your posts, and you make your points really well. Please come back once you’ve rested. I bet, like many others here, you haven’t stopped since 2013.

    In Indy Ref 1, I was genuinely interested in what English people (on visits) thought. Now I don’t care, and it is me who shuts the conversation down on them. Tables are turned. (I’m not rude about it). It is the people who live here, that I concentrate on.

    And as hard as it is, ‘they don’t walk through my head with dirty feet, and No-one can hurt me, without my say.’ That fella Ghandi – he knew a thing or 2 about the circumstances we now face.

    All the good manners, all the positivity, all the self control, its paying off now folks, former no voters are openly reconsidering their view, and what I think is important, that good behaviour that cost us such a lot of energy, is what is giving them the space to do so.

    You reap what you sow.

    Valerie, I think your last post was really on the money. They can’t afford to lose us.

    If Wings gets shut down, reposting on other sites will be cumbersome (for us to find) and likely to get shut down quickly also.

    There is no time to set up an independent Broadcaster.

    Can I suggest articles on pen drives, sent out to set people, and from there it is staff up the home printers till they’re red hot. Person to person, with pen and with printer – sometimes the auld ways are still the best.

    Maybe folks, start saving your favourite info graphics just now, so you don’t need to hunt for it if the internet plays up.

    Last time was a choice, a choice to make a lot of changes, with all the hard work and uncertainties that involves. This time, its an absolute disaster, we simply have to win to survive.

    I think the recent noise from Bernard Jenkins? re closing the Scottish Office, was to see if we would shout to keep it, then they would agree, but close Holyrood, and get Fluffy to run the country. No-one seems to have fallen for it.

    We’re no there yet folks, but at the moment, UKBrexit is doing much of the heavy lifting for us.

    Anyway, through gritted teeth sometimes, one bit of decency at a time, and heads up. I can do thrawn, whit aboot yous?

  174. @Craig P

    The biggest threat to the UK is Scottish Independence,

    it sort of says it on the tin,

    there is no UK without Scotland,

    losing the control of Scottish natural resources is the biggest threat to the English State/Establishment,

    the terrorist threat we are under is/was provoked and exacerbated
    by the State needing to control middle east oil,

    ya think the State sees losing control of Scotland`s oil a side show,

    £300,000,000,000, according to the Tory manifesto,taken from Scottish waters with as much and maybe a lot more still waiting to be thieved.

  175. sassenach says:

    I buy the National every day, and have done for a couple of years, but have been really disappointed this week at the lack of coverage of this massive story – and may reassess this use of my cash.

    Like Dr Jim (who’s posts I always read), I am at a very low point and feeling like ‘giving up’, as it seems that nothing will ever remove the scales from most Scot’s eyes about the way they are treated by England (and I’m English!!).

    Most people, I accept, are too busy to even see or understand what’s going on, because this government and their propaganda channel will never allow the truth to be seen. Why on earth are we not miles ahead in the polls (ok I know these are probably rigged, too), are most of us too thick to see it?

    I’m glad I’m old enough (knocking 80) to be relatively not bothered for myself, but for my kids and grandkids I am now very fearful. We are in an awfully dangerous place, and unless we get out of this union our people are going to suffer unbearably in the near future.

  176. cirsium says:

    half OT – another example of the state broadcaster in action

  177. Breeks says:

    Vestas says:
    1 August, 2018 at 7:16 pm
    @ Craig P 7:08 pm :

    “Aye right. The security services are busy enough preventing terrorist attacks…..

    I think you’re both right.

    Provided you don’t hurt people or threaten them, or engage in violent insurrection or terrorism, I think it’s very unlikely you will ever register on the radar of anybodies security services here or abroad. But, for whatever reason, say you suddenly did draw attention to yourself, or maybe just put yourself forward for a sensitive employment position, I think most of us would be surprised how much data actually is kept on us by routine.

    We all leave a digital signature behind us, not just our browsing history online for “targeted” ads, but everything from the nectar points on your shopping loyalty card right down to the minute by minute location of your mobile phone. Your banking practices, who you contact, medicines you take, and obviously whether you’ve got a criminal record or unreliable credit. Whether you are a creature of habit, a conformist or a rebel, it will become very difficult to be anonymous.

    Most of this information is largely dormant on a one to one personal level, because most of us live pretty ordinary and unremarkable lives. But as soon as a person becomes a person of interest, then I believe large portions of your life will be an open book for those with the powers to access this digital jigsaw.

    Our increasingly digital and digitised fingerprint will retain more and more information about us, simply because technology makes it so easy to do. What Facebook and Cambridge Analytica we’re getting up to just raises similar ethical dilemmas to comparable advances in medicine which increasingly allow us to play God. Whenever there is something new we suddenly can do, we have a moral dilemma about whether we should.

    The more interesting we become as people, the more interest will be taken in us. It’s not rocket science.

  178. Craig P says:

    You’re right Vestas and individuals could be targeted. I just don’t see it happening to the likes of you and me, there’s bigger fish to fry… (hope I’m right)

  179. yesindyref2 says:

    @Dr Jim
    Bog off!

    And come back when you’ve done.

    Yeah, I enjoy reading your posts, I must be a masochist. Or sadist, I always get confused.

  180. Luigi says:

    Don’t give up folks. Sure it’s hard – no one said to was going to be easy. Our enemies will make a real fight of it, because it’s a prize worth fighting for. All we have to do is stay the course. Keep in the fight and we will win.

    Just by existing, we hurt them. We cut them deeply (and the UK will die by one thousand cuts). On 19th September, the British nationalists, the establishment and their media chums thought it was all over. They thought we were down and out. How wrong they were. Believe me, they are completely dismayed, it’s beyond their comprehension how YES can remain solid over 45% for four years. There is no way they can defeat that in the long term (and boy do they know it).

    What must be going through the mind of a Brit Nat at the moment. They are in a wretched situation, little wonder they look so miserable. Poor things. Remember we used to joke about that constitutional time bomb? Well, it’s still ticking. Not long now, IMO. 🙂

  181. Gordon Cook says:

    These BBC lawyers, of course, are the same ones who said the Cliff Richard story was a great idea?

  182. Luigi says:

    Folks, the pessimism on show tonight is a clear demonstration that we are getting close:

    The darkest hour is just before dawn. Just wait for those wonderful rays of light to start crossing the horizon. Not long now. 🙂

  183. Vestas says:

    @ Craig P 8:08 pm :

    “You’re right Vestas and individuals could be targeted. I just don’t see it happening to the likes of you and me, there’s bigger fish to fry… (hope I’m right)”

    I’ve given the licence fee each year to RevStu over several years fundraisers, I have/had a security clearance similar to Craig Murray in the past. Probably higher in some areas.

    I KNOW I’m on the list. There is no possibility that someone who has the security clearance I had & is now pro-indy won’t be on the list.

    I won’t get active surveillance on me but every email/text/website I view will be recorded. Same as all the rest of you who signed the OSA and have now gone “rogue” 😉

  184. Moray says:

    A few strange things have happened since the big orange vegetable visited TM. I know this might sound a bit tinfoily but bear with me.

    Corbyn inexplicably crucified and humiliated for suggesting that Palestinians might be human beings.

    Especially since the US embassy move the Israeli government are above criticism of any kind, that’s anti-semitism. It’s not beyond belief that the orange one demanded action on “fake news” against Israel.

    It’s not a stretch to imagine him also lecturing TM on the dangers of the SNP, he obviously loathes AS and it’s also been leaked that he “hates” NS, well she did strip him of that daft ambassadorship thing didn’t she LOL

    He also displays a sense of ownership around at least parts of Scotland that make independence anathema to him (common phenomena).

    His whole campaign success is built around a back end of highly skilled (?) social media staff (not including him obviously)..

    Maybe it’s just me but I can easily imagine him telling her, you have to do something about that Scotland over wings guy, my people know all about him (read the website) and he’s a huge threat.. We know everything about all of these natcybers too, you should just shut them the hell down, or get your own guys to shut them up..
    And then sue the EU for being the EU.

    TM politely nods and agrees while wondering what the feck he’s on about. Later realises that suing the EU is a bit of a non starter but still wants to please the donald so what was that other thing again ?
    So passes a note to some lackey – “sort out that Scotland Wings thing whatever it is.”

    Said lackey has half an idea of how the internet works and what media power is at his disposal – The BBC. Gets on to his POC there and more or less passes on the same note.. POC at BBC knows a bit more about how the internet works and goes for the easiest path – copyright infringement of some sort, any sort will do, we have our own lawyers, doesn’t matter what it costs we’re implementing policy.

    Voila. The Rev is a victim of Geopolitics.

    I’ll get my jacket, or should I ???

  185. Daisy Walker says:

    Well said Luigi. Well said.

  186. Liz g says:

    Aw Dr Jim… take a break if ye feel ye must.. but haste ye back…
    Your a part of this now, when the History of this is written, because (as the others have said) you post interesting and inspiring comments… the story of you and the part you played should be able to be recorded till that yes vote is in… well I think so, don’t you!!!
    In yer own time Sir. X

    Sassenach @ 7.55
    You too… don’t give up… Scotland needs her pensioners…
    Mind after the vote we need the wisdom of our elders to get our country and constitution running right, we’re no doing this for our children and grandchildren tae have a mini me Westminster!!!
    If ye need a break… now might be the time… but don’t go too far cause things are about to get wild.

  187. Graeme J McAllan says:

    Stu, please keep up your good work – dinnae let these radges try to bring you down 😉

  188. Terry says:

    What’s with the Wings Alex Salmond post alert on email that when you click on the link it just says error and there’s no post? Never seen this happen before.

  189. ScottieDog says:

    @Dr Jim
    Have a break. Don’t make it permanent!

    You know I was talking yesterday to a fellow YESSR and we were remarking that just 10 years ago, we were nowhere (I wasn’t even thinking about Scottish independence and had voted Lib Dem pretty much up until then).
    We have come a long way. The lid won’t be put on this – it’s too late. Anything the U.K. establishment or its propaganda unit (the BBC) does will simply fan the flames..

  190. galamcennalath says:

    MSM, WM, Twitter, Blogs … there are some nasty views being expressed and ideas out in the open.

    I used to think the far right, fascists, racists, ethnic nationalists, nasty types in small organisations or even on the fringes of the Tory party, isolated, contained.

    Suddenly it seems there are 100s as elected politicians, 1000s in positions of power, and they appear to have millions of supporters.

    WTF has happened?

    Thatcher was bad, but nothing the present situation. I never thought I’d live to think that. Worse than Thatcher by a country mile.

    Are we there yet, Nicola?

  191. Stravaiger says:

    @ Tackety Beets 7:14pm

    Ubuntu is probably the most friendly sister for a newbie. There are lots of tutorials for installing, but here’s a link to their own tutorial.

    Any further questions, just ask.

  192. Brian Cahill says:

    We will support any action you deem necessary, crowd funding, etc.I would encourage legal action, expose the political hypocrisy of the BBC.

  193. Stravaiger says:

    For ‘sister’s read ‘distro’.
    Bloody auto-correct!

  194. alexandra says:

    First they ignore you

    Then They Laugh at You

    Then They Fight You


    (quote )Mahatma Gandhi

    England has so much to lose, in fact everything to lose,

    Scotland has so much to gain in fact everything to gain.

    I’m not surprised the dark Arts are being used , What a strange relationship these two countries have. England is a bitter enemy instead of a partner in a union. Where is this lovely union they seem to think exists/

  195. Dave McEwan Hill says:

    Lochside at 2.03 PM

    SNP are being exactly right on this. It would just be seen as wee boys squealing about bias and carry very little credibility as that is exactly as our opponents would paint it.

    SNP has to be above this.

    Far better the information about this comes from multiple sources online etc. That carries much more weight.

    Odd that as the BBC/YouTube ride roughshod over media freedoms some folk on here find it more pressing to attack the National. What about the Herald,the Scotsman,the P&J,the Courier,the Record,the Mail,the Express,the Sun,the BBC, STV?

    Lets see what Stu manages to wring out of this and then get the full story out.

  196. Jock McDonnell says:

    No gonny be happy if Dr Jim chucks it in.
    One of my favourite posters, a true believer & really chimes with me so often.

  197. Ian Brotherhood says:

    Let’s see if Beattie’s Media Review tomorrow (approx 12.45-1.30) covers WOS vs BBC.

    It’s hard to imagine any good reason why it wouldn’t. But it’s the BBC we’re talking about and they don’t, it would appear, need any reason at all.

  198. Tom says:

    Can I be first to say

    Youtube you tube

  199. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @meself –


    Just checked Twitter there and sure enough there’s yer man John Beattie saying it’ll be on the show tomorrow. Unfortunately, Stuart Cosgrove must be on holiday because it’s only O’Neill and Anna Burnside with him.

    Still, should be interesting.


  200. yesindyref2 says:

    Where’s Rock hiding away when you need it to tell you The National ain’t carrying the story at all?

  201. Sarah says:

    National’s FRONT PAGE story tomorrow is WINGSyoutube STORY. See Revs twitter.

  202. Haggishunter says:

    I participate in an international forum, nothing to do with politics, but cameras and photography.
    A thread was started about some BBC programme that says photography is dead (wtf?). Anyhow, I passed the comment that I ‘stopped believing anything the BBC says a long time ago’.
    To my surprise a Norwegian totally agreed and added MSM, and their abuse and misuse of the media. So these comments were liked by dozens of other Europeans and Americans.

    So you see, it’s not just the Scots that know the BBC is a corrupt entity with hidden agendas and defensive behaviour to the plutocrats who run it, it’s known worldwide by anyone with a half decent brain!

  203. TJenny says:

    Ian B – via WOS twitter, John Beattie’s show is covering WOS stushie tomorrow and the Canary’s covered it too. (and that’s not to mentuon, shhhh, don’t mention it). 😉

    Hang on to your hats.

  204. TJenny says:

    S’OK, we can mention it now. 🙂

  205. yesindyref2 says:

    Mmm, here’s an idea.

    My face, body, house, car and all belongings and worn clothing are copyrighted, and if they ever appear on the BBC I shall demand the channel be taken down, or if on youtube even in the background, that it removes all channels, and all its uplaoded content.

  206. Dave McEwan Hill says:

    I assume all the mumpers on here will be buying the National tomorrow – or maybe two or three copies to hand about.

  207. Macart says:


    Heh! 🙂

  208. Reluctant Nationalist says:

    The Babs Streisand effect. Never went near Wings’ youtube channel before this, now desperately want to watch political clips from the BBC on it.

  209. Nana says:

    Watch “Alex Salmond on his message to the BBC over Wings YouTube ban”

  210. Ken500 says:

    Plenty of publicity. No publicity is bad publicity.

    More support for Indy.

    Another unionists own goal.

    Who’s got the poison chalice?

  211. Macart says:


    Ooft! He didn’t miss, did he? He nailed it all. 🙂

  212. alexandra says:


    Your postings give me great hope always, Do you have inside knowledge some of us don’t have.

  213. call me dave says:


    Thanks for TSTV clip of AS.

    Great to have him intervene. 🙂

  214. Neil Anderson says:

    Article “For the Attention of the Director General” results in Error 404 – Not Found. Can anyone enlighten me?

  215. ScottishPsyche says:

    I have missed Alex Salmond so much. He is definitely someone you want on your side. I love the way he winds up the more unhinged elements of the Yooneratti.

    The BBC defence will be interesting – are they just going to keep ignoring it and hope it goes away with Wings and Scottish Independence?

  216. Marie Clark says:

    Well, well Stu, rolling out the big guns now Eh!

    Well done Alec Salmond, didnae miss and hit the wa’ did he. Yay.

    Thanks for the clip Nana.

  217. Nana says:

    @ Macart

    Yep, I reckon Eck’s hammer might be bigger than Stu’s 🙂

  218. auld highlander says:

    Dr Jim,

    Don’t let them grind you down, take a wee rest and turn off your computer for a while whether it’s a day a week or a month, everybody needs a wee break but above all don’t give in.

  219. Ken500 says:

    Outlander is on every Thursday. The author did a series on Alba TV. 2 hours. Discussing the plot and all the locations.

    Cameron is gone. Now despised. Higher % want another EU Ref. The Tories are in disarray. A laughing stock all over Europe and the world.

    Independence support rising.

    47% voted for Indy. Nearly 2 million. It might be quite dufficult to spy in the lot of them.

    It took ten years to find Bin Laden. If it was him?

  220. Jason Smoothpiece says:


    I’m no tin hat wearer but I think you make a good point.

    We should take reasonable steps and dont carelessly give information to the enemy.

    Dr Jim

    Hang on in there bud.

    This whole scandal is undemocratic and extremely clumsy.

    There is a strong smell of sulphur around the BBC and the Regime just now.

  221. James Westland says:


    Vintage performance by Salmond there! I wonder what the BBC will come back with? 🙂

  222. Ken500 says:

    It might be quite difficult to spy on the lot of them. Not tired and emotional. Just tired. Should have gone to specsavers.

  223. Luigi says:

    yesindyref2 says:
    1 August, 2018 at 9:33 pm
    Where’s Rock hiding away when you need it to tell you The National ain’t carrying the story at all?

    There the old stone was, all excited and poised to strike, when suddenly the National went and spoiled it all by covering the story…(wait for it)…..on the front page. 🙂

    Too bad, Rock. My heart bleeds. 🙂

  224. Welsh Sion says:


    Neil Anderson who says:
    1 August, 2018 at 10:16 pm
    Article “For the Attention of the Director General” results in Error 404 – Not Found. Can anyone enlighten me?


    Macart says:
    1 August, 2018 at 7:04 pm
    @Tackety Beets
    Rev took the new post down himself (for a few hours).

  225. Hamish100 says:

    Notice in the intro plenty of references to the right wing press such as the Spectator. A few pictures of Andrew Neil as well enough to put you off your tea. “Neil is the current chairman of the Press Holdings group, which owns The Daily Telegraph and The Spectator.” The amount of times someone from the Torygraph or the Spectator are on the BBC or Sky is truly amazing.
    I am sure this is all part of an overall plan of misinformation and undermining.

    The wider right wing are worried and the bringing down of pro independence sites is their response. In England different tactics are in play against Labour. Unfortunately Labour are too Unionist and blinkered to care what is happening here. The SNP and the Greens must support WoS and others. Forget lib dems they work with the tory press. Remember Carmichael and the lies. BBC Scotland involved if your remember a certain bbc announcer in George Sq. attacking NS on the issue. Rewarded by being sent to the USA to avoid later questioning.

    Censoring, undermining, attacking by an effective right wing press and news media. Democracy? not as you would understand it. The fight has got bigger.

  226. Socrates MacSporran says:


    Re your link at 9.40pm – that is a classic example of what is known in the media business as: “The Mandy Rice-Davies Defence.”

    Or: “They would say that, wouldn’t they.”

  227. David McCann says:

    I have just received notification in my mail of new post from Wings titled ‘ For the Attention of The Director General’
    When I click on the link all I get is Error 404 not found.

    What the hell is going on?

  228. Luigi says:

    Nana @ 9:52 pm

    Ouch! He certainly put the boot in. If this has caught the attention of the big man, it could indicate that the BBC may be quite exposed, in a pretty precarious position over this.

    No doubt some poor middle-ranking staff member of the BBC will be scapegoated for the “serious error”.

  229. Greannach says:

    Mùchadh a’ mhacraidh = The Massacre of the Innocents

  230. Nana says:

    @call me dave

    It sure is, and TSTV are doing a great job. We need to support them.

    @Marie 🙂

    @James Westland says “I wonder what the BBC will come back with?”

    They’re probably cooking some fudge James 🙂

  231. Capella says:

    Alex Salmond on the case now. John Beattie to cover it tomorrow on the media show. The National has it on the front page. This is growing arms and legs and so it should.

    The BBC has lost the last shred of authenticity it had left. All BBC journalists are tainted with this despicable act of political censorship.

    Channel 4 and STV need to get their reporters notebooks out and start taking notes. (I watched All the President’s Men last night!)

    Good luck Stu. You have a tremendous wellspring of support wishing you success in overcoming this latest insult.

  232. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

    FFS, Dr Jim says @4.35

    You better no be awa tae bide awa.

    Hae some RnR and be ready to get back into the fight Doc.

    You never miss and hit the wall with your comments.

    We need your input.

  233. McDuff says:

    If ever we needed to raise some serious funds its now!
    The suppression of democracy is suffocating.
    This is just more stress for the Rev and we really need to share the load and back him with our cash if this should go to court.

  234. Calum McKay says:

    bbc, clue is in the name, where the HQ is located and decisions made!

    Any opportunity the bbc gets to undermine the cause of Scottish independence they will jump at.

    How do you tell if the bbc are lying about Scotland? It’s lips move!

    bbc can not be trusted on Scottish matters, all they are interested in is taking our licence fee money and and trying to bind into a toxic union!

    Never trust the bbc!

  235. alistair x says:

    Why did Edward the first hate use so much? because we would not kneel, that’s why.
    today we face a similar tyrant, faceless, and just as mercy less as our peoples foe of old.
    After the last rigaremdum the call was ;GET ON YOUR FEET AND MARCH SOLDIER!: we did and do, we don’t knell.
    this is just the opening ripple of a storm to come, we all signed up for it, we cant back off, we cant give the future to the machine men, with the machine hearts,

  236. Petra says:

    C’mon folks, buck up, this is exactly what the Unionists are hoping for – people preparing to give up and others trashing the only independence supporting newspaper that we have. What would help in relation to the latter case is posting the lies that other newspapers are printing. But no! Why not I wonder?

    Dr Jim you’ve reached a low point as many of us do, myself included, but take a break and come back. I’ll miss reading your posts for sure. I would say that you are in my top three posters on here. Your posts are informative, insightful and witty and I can tell you that I’ve read every single one of them even when I’m out of the country and short of time. I never pass them by. So as someone else on here said earlier, haste ye back (tomorrow morning). Don’t let these blaggards think they’re winning.

    Meanwhile keep on trucking folks, because it won’t be long now. I’ve been (still am) wading my way through the (devolution) data relating to the Public Administration and Constitutional Affairs Select Committee and sneaky Jenkins. Reading statements from people like Wullie Rennie and Richard Leonard, so if you don’t hear from me in the near future it’s not because I’m taking a break but because I’ve been carted off to the loony bin, lol.

  237. twathater says:

    Put this on previous post but maybe more apt here

    twathater says:
    1 August, 2018 at 11:06 pm

    Like Breeks and many others I am totally peed off at this open and deliberate assault and neutering of VITALLY important advocates of our independence cause

    This undemocratic and subversive action by a supposed national broadcaster to silence and frighten the opposition into submission , whilst blatantly ignoring individuals and organisations who share their goals

    While this is going on where are our protectors of democracy , where are the raised voices and open support for the freedom to expose wrongdoing and corruption , the freedom to highlight this biased organisation and it’s protection of miscreants , racists and bigots

    The Scottish public have to be made aware of the corruption and the lies being spouted daily by these defenders of the state ,or independence is dead in the water

    I have said many times on here and other sites that OUR SNP SG have to get the gloves off and stop playing by the establishments rules , stop being manageable , stop being embarrassed about WANTING to be independent , shout it from the rooftops at every opportunity , at least 47% of people are seriously supporting it , encourage people don’t make excuses

    Make no mistake this is a wee foray to see what we are willing to accept , what comes next , Stu Campbell has a target on his back what will they do next , arrest him , fit him up , the establishment have previous for this .

    Stu is a massive lynchpin in the independence cause , he exposes the corruption , duplicity , racism and bigotry of the brit nats on a daily basis , he DESERVES the protection of a Scottish Government on whose behalf and ours he is suffering being targeted

    We independists and the SNP SG owe him a debt of gratitude fighting for our freedom , the SG should not be ashamed to back his and our fight

    PS I am NOT sorry for the rant I am severely pissed off that this guy is being hung out to dry

  238. Rock says:

    “We’re going to take this one as far as it’ll go, folks.”

    Good luck.

    Are the SNP and “Lawyers for Yes” going to help you?

    At least this was just about the videos.

    Next it will be Novichok attacks in Bath, by the Russians of course – ask Nicola.

    Rock (13th June 2014 – “To the editor of the Scotsman”):

    “Remember that you are now the 2nd biggest threat to the Establishment and they will do everything in their power to get you. My advice to you would be to move to Iceland – NOW – and carry on your work from there.”

    Update: The biggest threat.

    Since the current leader of the SNP, Establishment lawyer Nicola, who stood “shoulder to shoulder” with Saint Theresa and the “ghastly” Boris Johnson as they declared war on Russia after a false flag operation, is not a threat to the Establishment.

    Nicola will not dare call an independence referendum before Brexit has been completed and Scotland is at the mercy of Westminster for at least the next 622 years.

  239. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

    Wait a minute @twathater says (on this and previous post):

    La cavalerie est arrivée! (As they say en France) 😉

  240. Sarah says:

    @Petra – I thought I was good just reading the Summary from page 64 of the Select Committee report. You’re a better Winger than I Gunga Din!

    And I concur re Dr Jim too – I always read his posts. I do understand the need to take a break though – it can be lowering and frustrating to see the comments from anti-Scotland folk and the polls not move.

    But we do all know, don’t we, that we should ignore the polls – they are a distraction which absorbs far too much of our time and energy. We all know that if we had a referendum date, and a WeeBook, we would gain the 5% that we need.

  241. Hamish100 says:

    Since many of the clips taken off air involve “Scottish” labour it would be nice if Dugdale & Leonard campaign for the site to be allowed back on. Why their silence?
    Still pretty certain the tories dirty tricks mob have out thought labour on this.

  242. Rock says:

    Rock (18th July 2015 – “All things are possible”):

    “Pravda GB is Scotland’s enemy number one.

    We can only have freedom and a democratic and fair society over its dead body.”

  243. Hamish100 says:

    I give the BBC permission to use my words- but only in the order as given.

  244. Hamish100 says:

    jobs going in London for the BBC as intellectual lawyers recently. In the info pack this stands out.

    “Trust is the foundation of the BBC; we are independent, impartial and honest

    We’re truthful and fair in all our dealings. We make decisions based on our values, stick by them and take responsibility for them. We behave with integrity and do what we say we’re going to do.”

    There are significant differences between the legal systems of England and Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland which, if not observed, can cause serious problems.
    Programme Legal Advice has a duty lawyer on call 24 hours a day for urgent news enquiries. For advice on Scottish media law consult the BBC Principal Solicitor, Scotland.

    I need a drink and a strong stomach.

  245. Brian McHugh says:

    The National newspaper is nothing but a controlled and limited token jesture to the Yes/Indy movement, which is in reality a tool of the unionist cause. The unionists know that if they are unopposed and seen to be completely unopposed in their unanimous opposition to self determination, then that will back fire on them in rapid time. The National is their half hearted effort to head the backlash off at the pass… Sadly, it has been an effective (to a point) tool for them to date. Stop buying it… It is snake oil.

  246. Meg merrilees says:

    Dr. Jim @4.35

    Like you, I had an English mother and a Scottish father.

    My mother came from Liverpool. They were irish Catholics – her sister married a Belfast protestant and they had to leave N.Ireland in the 60’s and go to England to live but they didn’t give up.

    Your father was Scottish and like me it’s in your blood and we can’t give up. We can get pissed off and we can get really hurt and upset at the way Scotland is dismissed and belittled but at the end of it all, we live in the most beautiful country in the world, we have some of the nicest people in the world and square sausage, clootie dumpling and tablet so we can’t get it out of our system no matter how hard we try.

    It was bound to go pear shaped in a year that’s seen a Royal baby; two royal weddings and England not win the World Cup.
    You can’t go AWOL just now because it’s all really kicking off and these skirmishes are getting incredibly interesting. We’ll see the whites of their eyes soon and then there will be a quick Indy campaign.

    It’s coming for a’ that so dinnae go AWOL for long – haste ye back and that’s an order!

  247. I want to believe in the National, but I can’t fully, because it’s still part of the Herald family.
    I do believe that it’s a ploy for the reducing newspaper ‘industry’ to benefit from both sides – like VW and Skoda. The quality goes to VW. They are joined.
    The temporary advantage is that we get some vestige of Scottishness, but just cannot be really Independent.
    I would happily be wrong, but common sense tells me that it is a paper Hamish.

  248. Pete says:

    Hope that the bbc are going to carry on like this as it will help the Indi cause I look on it as a hit they might win it is unlikely but we need to win the war . I hope It’s the state starting to panic has brexit helped change the mindset of the old no voters as a customer of mine has gon from no to a maybe yes I will keep working on them as I recon that if each yes from 2014 gets .25% no to yes we will win.

  249. Petra says:

    As expected BBC news (don’t ask where I watch it or if I have a licence) are making a meal of the asylum seeker case in Glasgow. Orchestrated I reckon by Westminster via SERCO to the BBC. They’re saying that 300 asylum seekers (of 5000 in Glasgow – get your bit in why don’t you!) whose application to remain in the UK has been denied are now being made homeless by SERCO. I thought that they were all awaiting appeal decisions? If so no mention of that. Now two of the Afghan AS’s are rough sleeping and have gone on a hunger strike. Someone has kindly provided a shelter for them and the BBC and STV crews were down there interviewing them, surrounded by a number of other immigrants. They looked frightened and miserable in that shelter (on a main road) and I’m worried now that they’ll be targetted which will be right up the Unionist media street. How I absolutely detest, HATE, the whole kit and caboodle of them. I doubt there’s even a word bad enough in the dictionary to describe them. If there is I can’t find it!

    BBC ‘stories’ earlier:

    The asylum seeker situation, followed by a black chap in hospital receiving treatment (then white faced patients), followed by a raid of over 100 cops in Govanhill arresting a large network of benefit cheats: backed up with staff from the DWP and HMRC.

    We can see where they’re going with this, as I mentioned yesterday. Trying to influence Scots who are unhappy about the number of immigrants coming to Scotland. Turn them against the SNP, not knowing of course that Nicola Sturgeon has no control over immigration. That’s reserved to Westminster and Treeza May is on course to invite others to join them. Treeza May who had the power when she was in charge of the Home Office to do something about it, but didn’t. I’m spelling this out by the way for any newbies who may be visiting the site.


    @ Sarah at 11:22pm ……”Gunga Din”

    More like a glutton for punishment, Sarah, one with additional masochistic tendencies, lol.

  250. remo says:

    Don’t go, Dr. Jim.

  251. Thepnr says:

    That was an excellent clip of Alex Salmond with his questions for the Director General of the BBC. This looks more and more like another British Nationalist own goal.

    Well done Mr Salmond for weighing in with your perfectly right and proper questions. Much appreciated I’m sure by the Rev and all readers of this blog as well as the wider Yes movement.

    Will they ever learn that these attacks will only strengthen our resolve to see them fall? Come back Dr Jim we’re just getting to the good part at the start of round 2.

    Ding ding!

  252. dakk says:

    Well done to Drew Murray beating the albino british no.1 south african Kyle Edmund.

  253. Hamish100 says:

    rock – your hours have changed recently. Whats up?
    I am sure you are happier with The National these days or are you still a Guardian and DR reader as they support independence? lol

    Brian McHugh – The National is snake oil?
    Do you prefer it to the Express, Mail?. While Alex Salmond and others are still happy to talk to it I am happy to buy it– and leave it on the bus and the train and the local café.

    Snakes crawl under rocks. Good link up don’t you think!!

  254. Petra says:

    WOW can you believe it? With ALL that’s going on right now the attack on the National continues, more than likely from people who don’t even buy it!

    If you did buy and read it you would see that it’s the ONLY newspaper giving influential Independence supporters a voice, a platform denied by ALL other newspapers, such as George Kerevan, Gordon MacIntyre-Kemp, Wee Ginger Dug, Mhairi Black and so on. To name but a few.

    This, in fact, just highlights how we’ve been subjugated for over 300 years now. Scots who “tell us” they want Independence shooting themselves in the foot.

  255. I also congratulate Alex Salmond on his natural conversation in the clip. He’s the Alex S I recognise.
    His RT programmes I find oddly ‘scripted’ which I presume is because it’s all preplanned for RT?
    I can think of no other reason, because normally he’s not so robotic.

  256. Brian McHugh says:

    Joe of the Coutts, if the National was truely autonomous and free of their Herald/London unionist management, then their ‘tenacious, brave and determined’ investigative reporters would have been all over the Wings story, days before Stu got a slot on the BBC and the National newspaper owner/controllers eventually realised that the events could not simply be ignored any longer. They don’t fool me with any token story, which will only be read by the converted anyway. I hope they vo to the wall with all so called ‘newspapers’. The new information front line is on-line. The dinosaur MSM know this, hence the BBC attack as just one example, not to mention the recent(ish) whole ‘fake news’ narrative of the Western governments.

  257. Petra says:

    @ Brian at 12:41am …. The National.”

    It was the National, not Stu, that the BBC responded to earlier in the week due to their report on the fiasco no doubt and you don’t know what goes on behind the scenes. Something surely was when they’ll have Alex Salmond on the front page tomorrow making a much greater impact. Nothing negative to report on any other newspapers or even the BBC, Brian?

  258. Brian McHugh says:

    Petra, I used to buy the National until I had a twitter conversation with Neil McKay of Sunday Herald fame. It was a couple of years ago, but the jist of it was that he let slip that his authority was not ultimate, that he had bosses to answer to in his editorial capacity. Who are the bosses?

    The same will be true for the National.

    Who are the organ grinders?

  259. Thepnr says:

    I can’t help thinking that there might shortly be another General Election. The attacks on Corbyn seem to have been stepped up with the same stories that have been doing the rounds for months.

    Ruth Davidson’s lot have started distributing leaflets again and the BBC are attacking pro-independence websites.

    Could be just a precaution in case talks between the UK and EU collapse in October, who knows but there is something in the air.

  260. Brian McHugh says:

    Aw c’mon Petra, you seriously think Alex Salmond on the Front of the National arguing the case for Wings will (apart from not being read or noticed by that many people), have any significant impact on the public concience.

    Yeah, it may well hearten the converted, but in reality, everything they print is a calculated cost/benefit analysis by their unionist bosses.

  261. Alice Timmons says:

    Just one serious question here…..where can I buy anything with that wonderful Wings “Vile” logo on?(See picture above) I’ll wear it, carry it, put it on the granweans with pride!

  262. G. Campbell says:


    The former campaign manager for Charles Kennedy feared the SNP were trying to novichok their way to a constituency win.

    Conn O’Neill? @conn_
    Ian Blackford is a despicable man for continuing to lie about incidents in the 2015 election campaign and changing the order of events. After the previous intimidating visit of Blackford, we were fearful that the famous cakes were poisoned and so binned them.
    11:42 AM – 1 Aug 2018

  263. Brian McHugh says:

    My nose is smelling a similar odour Thepnr.

  264. K1 says:

    Curious as to the why and of course the timing of this take down of both Wings and Peter’s channels? That’s the part that has me scratching ma heid. How could they not foresee a massive backlash?

    Do they just remain schtum and refuse to engage, in effect to prove our ‘insignificance’, then they’re in fur a shock on that front? Just seems a peculiarly odd thing to do imo, without a follow up plan in place on the back of the outcry about it?

    Alex weighing in is exceptional intervention…

    While we’re all looking ‘over here’…is there something happening ‘over there’ that we are not seeing? It’s an affy big noise to make for no apparent gain…don’t trust these bastards one wee inch.


  265. K1 says:

    Of course if they take the yt down just before an election or referendum and Stu and Peter can’t then put up the info. and disseminate the blatant crap to the pro indy side during a campaign, that could have a (long and short term) purpose, I suppose?

    That would explain why they haven’t gone for anti indy yt channels.

    Can I ask are Wings and Peter the only main yt channels who have amassed BBC news clips in the indy movement?

  266. Brian McHugh says:

    K1. Your skepticism Will serve you well. (Thumbs up thingy)

  267. twathater says:

    @ JWT

    Yes that’s more like it , we need weel kent faces to show we will not lay down EVER , Alex is respected and feared throughout politics because they know he won’t just accept their bullcrap , great start but we need many more weel kent faces to publicly back Stu and show independists that we are not just howling at the moon

    Dr Jim I enjoy yir wee riposts yir a comedian and sometimes funny wi it ( kiddin ) if yer knuckin faggered take time oot but dinnae desert us we need aw the indy sodjers we can muster , an if yer legs are sore we can always pit ye in the cavalry

  268. Petra says:

    You can say what you like about having Alex on the front page and of course I don’t agree that it won’t attract attention. Even if the individual doesn’t actually buy it, the headlines will highlight that other newspapers are trying to play this story down. And there’s one other little point to consider, Brian, I constantly come across data in that newspaper, in articles and readers letters, that I’ve not spotted on here. That can then be used to GREAT effect, i.e. in converting others. And that’s the whole point of the Independence exercise. imo, “converting others”. Your stance, for some reason or another, seems to be focussed on “reducing numbers”.

  269. Petra says:

    @ G. Campbell at 1:04am …..

    That’s some statement to be making about Ian Blackford! I hope he sorts that wee runt out.

    @ Thepnr at 12:59am …… “GE.”

    Yeah something’s in the offing Thepnr. Westminster backed by Israel hammering away at Corbyn. If I wasn’t so desperate for Independence I’d be feeling sorry for him. Plus his many supporters are now getting a wee taste of what we’ve been putting up with for years now (excellent post from Boris on that at 10:07pm).

    Then you’ve got the invisible woman, Davidson, dipping into her large pile of dark money again, supplied by the DUP and others (Saudi?), to pay for her toxic fliers. Pro-Independence sites being attacked and Bernard Jenkins et al announcing considering doing away with the Scotland Office. Vow2. Aye right! Pull the other one.

    Ready, steady, GO, folks.

  270. Valerie says:

    It doesn’t seem to matter what The National do, the carping on here continues.

    I’ve met the editor, Callum Baird, and a nicer, more dedicated guy, you couldn’t meet. Working all hours, up and down the country to speak at events, supporting the likes of WGD, and others. Giving free stuff to groups and bending over backwards.

    We have ONE fucking newspaper, and the greeting and whining about it, is on here every day, from alleged Indy support.

    They had picked up Stu’s case in a matter of hours, Stu has called it’s front page “an intervention”.

    But, let’s all have a good fucking dig at it, like a lot of crabbit old biddies, cos you just have to let everyone know your rancid thoughts.

  271. Liz g says:

    Valerie @ 2.07
    Well said.
    While there are some who are trying to do “constructive criticism “ which is usually fair enough!!!
    But..We get enough direct and indirect criticism from… well… everywhere else!!!
    We don’t need it from our own.
    Of course there’s the Clown and now son of Clown… they need addressing wince mibbi twice… then, A Rubber Ear,, in,,,well ,,, ma humble opinion….
    Today in particular… well done the National… there’s nae other way tae say it..
    The paper done good , none of the rest of them did!! Of that there is nae doubt.

  272. Liz g says:

    Oh and Valerie….
    While we are oan the subject..
    We forgot to mention that while Callum Baird is trapsing up and doon the country..
    The wee Ginger dug is right there with him…neither that Dug or his human are fools.
    Nor does Paul strike me as the type who would suffer a fool… or be associated with one.
    He is no a sellout either… and a friend of the Rev… How much mair proof dis anybody need.
    Sometimes Valerie, I think we don’t remind people enough of this ( probably to used to the Trolls as background noise).. so thanks for speaking up tonight.
    I’ll try to remind people now and again… without engaging with clown wan and two!!

  273. Ghillie says:

    sassenach, I hope today’s National’s front page is what you were looking for =)

    Dr Jim, haste ye back =)

  274. Ghillie says:

    Luigi @ 8.23 pm

    What a lovely uplifting comment =)

    ‘The darkest hour is just before dawn. Just wait for those wonderful rays of light to start crossing the horizon. Not long now :)’

    Thankyou =)

  275. Ghillie says:

    K1 @ 1.11 am

    ‘While we’re all looking ‘over here’… is there something happening ‘over there’ that we are not seeing?’

    Something to do with Fluffily Mundily’s new fleet of winged monkeys mibee?

  276. Cactus says:

    Love the picture of the VILE BBC (branch office) Bath studio, by Wings.

    Hey Dr Jim 😉

  277. Liz g says:

    Hey Cactus @ 3.51
    I say!! Dr Jim should come back..after a wee break..
    And Sassenach should take heart
    What say you Cactus ???

  278. Cactus says:

    Hey Liz g, aye reckon Dr Jim may return on the next thread… passion comes with playtime, check out the ‘title’ of this Wings article? 🙂

    Yeah Sassenach, the best medicine is (outwith to surround yerselves with other like-minded folks at Scotland events.

    We got a timetable…


  279. Cactus says:

    NB addendum, “(outwith life) to”

    There could be a series of further events yet to happen during the summer recess ’18. Stay alert for further attempts at nasty vile stuff from the bad people. Nasty Tory BBC politicians, ewww.

    Wharrah ye reckon Liz g x

  280. Ghillie says:

    Hey Liz G =) Hey Cactus =)

    Good to hear other owls!

    What a day, what a time to be alive =)

  281. yesindyref2 says:

    Yay, Salmond.

    Boo, the arsehole trolls trying to down The National. The BBC taking down Rev’s channel has brought them all crawling out of the woodwork and from out under of dirty smelly slimy stinky fetid unhealthy malodordous stones under bridges. Yeeeeuch!

    Go back I say!

  282. Cactus says:

    Hey Ghillie, it sure is, too twoo and this one’s for you =)

    Good Morning Scotland.

    A TV show one day.

    Radio ON.

  283. Al-Stuart says:


    You are probably aware of Youtube’s major “Takedown Policy Review”‘ but for Wingers who haven’t seen it, worth looking at…

    I would maintain that if Scotland is ever to gain it’s sovereign independence, then the media bias must be addressed. Failure to sort this will be fatal to the cause.

    For example, how much would it cost to create a neutral video charing website registered in takedown-exempt Iceland MMI IT systems?

  284. Liz g says:

    Hey Cactus
    We don’t need no stinking BBC… We roll wer own..

    Ghillie… This is our time my friend … and we will succeed..
    Of that I have nae doubt … one day they will be naming High schools ~Wings~ I shit ye not..
    Cactus knows this!!!
    I know this… a lot of people know this.. and it upsets some…
    Wee shame that… LOL
    Stay the course Ghillie X

  285. Ghillie says:

    Thankyou Cactus!

    That took me back =)

    How cool are those two dudes!

    A welcome break from the madness raging round about 🙂

  286. Ghillie says:

    Now that IS a cool thought Liz g =)

    I’ll stay the course =)

    Like many on here, been living it all my life – have my mum and dad to thank for that =)

    We all have come to this from so many different places, and therein may be our greatest strength.

    This desire for Scotland to be independent is so much bigger than any piffling broadcaster. A shock to their wee system no doubt 🙂

  287. John McLeod says:

    Stuart – I thought that you were brilliant on Radio Scotland yesterday morning. Answered all the questions in a thoughtful and balanced way. Hopefully it would attract a few more readers to the blog.

    The BBC/youtube episode raises many questions. One of them is around the transient nature of information on blogs. There are lots of posts on Wings and on other blogs that would be good to be able to access at any time. There are also lots of reports and documents on websites that get publicity when they are launched, and then get forgotten. It would be really useful to have an independence site that indexed all of the sources of information on specific issues. At the present time, anyone coming new to the independence debate can only see what is being discussed now.

    Wings is backed up by a comprehensive archive/library of material that Stuart draws on. Other bloggers have similar archives. Is there any way all of this can be made more available?

  288. Breeks says:

    BBC denies political bias.

    Ha ha ha. They should bring their act to Edinburgh. I’m sure they could pick up a Comedy award or two at the Festival Fringe.

    Especially if they nobble the judges beforehand.

  289. Robert Louis says:

    Valerie at 0207am,

    Very well said. The people you mention who come on here to slag off The National are trolls, pure and simple. They are trying very hard to persuade indy supporters that somehow the ONLY national Scottish newspaper which supports independence, somehow doesn’t speak for them. It is convoluted hogwash from start to finish.

    The folks at the national, as you say, have been all over Scotland, with guests like Paul Kavanagh and his wee ginger dug. Are those same clowns suggesting that Paul is being duped by The National? Paul is a right canny man, so I very much doubt it.

    So, when we see folks on here slagging off The national, we know what they are doing. But it won’t work. Of course The National isn’t perfect, but no newspaper is. But right now I think it is doing a sterling job.

    Of course the real problem on here is NOT the silly unionist trolls, it’s the clowns who engage with them, as some kind of pseudo intellectual w**k.

    Anyway, buy The National. Worth it alone for today’s headline.

  290. Robert Louis says:

    Dr. Jim,

    To echo what others have said, You contribute actively here. Take a break, but come back.

    The fun is just about to start 🙂

  291. Nana says:


    Speaking with @NicolaSturgeon on board the Google bus in Glasgow this morning. It will visit 50 locations in Scotland over the next 3 months offering people free digital coaching

  292. Nana says:

    British Fudge: Where Now for the Future UK-EU Framework?

    Radio Scotland just reported that farmed #salmon to be fed GM feed to increase nutritional value. Confirms farmed #salmon not worth eating and raises serious questions about GM industry banned in #Scotland and EU. Why do we allow this??

  293. Breeks says:

    Maybe I’m just bad to the bone, but the Enemy Broadcasting Corporation is still the Enemy Broadcasting Corporation whether Rev Stu is on the show or not.

    The Beeb will now cite Rev Stu’s “right of reply” to shore up their fake veneer of impartiality, while all the time twisting the knife which they stuck in his back in the first place.

    When you sup with the Devil, take a long spoon Rev.

    And hats off to Alex Salmond for adding his weight to the issue. Pity that so many “others” are still silent.

  294. Nana says:

    French pharmaceutical giant Sanofi – one of Europe’s largest suppliers of insulin – has been stockpiling drugs as fears mount that the UK could crash out of the EU without a trade deal.

    BREAKING: In a major Freedom of Information project @SkyNews has obtained dozens of Brexit Impact studies conducted by local councils around the United Kingdom

    The first step to try and recover pensions lost for 50s women was taken just before the courts closed today. It will be the start of a long process.

  295. sassenach says:

    Liz g at 3.59

    Apologies about yesterday, I’d had a few family issues and was feeling particularly bad when I sat down and allowed myself to get very disheartened.

    But, I’m alright now (as they say!), and back on track. I gave myself a good boot up the rear, quite a clever trick if you can manage it!!

    I’ll always vote and believe in Indy.

  296. ScottieDog says:

    Saw a tweet from a climate scientist refusing to go onto BBC to ‘debate’. climate change with a denier. The science is there and the BBC have been complicit in its denial. They will duly have deaths on their hands.
    An absolute disgrace representing the wealthy elite.

  297. Sinky says:

    G Campbell at 1.04 am

    Re Lib Dem claims regarding Ian Blackford and Charles Kennedy, this is nothing compared to Alex Cole Hamilton’s disgraceful 2016 election campaign in Edinburgh West and their monstering of Michelle Thompson.

    Or Ian Murray’s and his Labour press allies treatment of Neil Hay in Edinburgh South in 2015.

  298. Smeddum says:

    The outrage is huge, BBC having to scratch around to defend their actions. But let’s look at their responses in detail: they say it’s something they did after a large number of complaints. Who complained?
    One thought is to consider the Scotland in Union group, already sore about being exposed here. At least one of their number * has written hundreds of letters to almost every newspaper in Britain on an Anti-Indepenence, Anti-Scottish theme….. so a flurry of letters to the BBC is easy stuff for them. And would be seen as a victory.

    * Prize for identifying!

  299. Les Wilson says:

    Alex Salmond writes a letter of complaint to BBC over wings issue/ pro independence censorship.

  300. Macart says:


    Read a few of those brexit related pieces Nana. The closer it comes, the more questions are raised and the more afraid people become.

    They should be.

    Most of today’s population are nowhere near ready for that level of hardship. Very few are left who remember the war. A few more who remember the cold war years. Shortages of goods and/or services were pretty much an everyday occurrence and are well ingrained within the memories of anyone over fifty. (shrugs) Yes, I agree with with those commentators. It will reach just that many of the population and it will get just that bad.

    Mibbies they should have thought of asking those questions before Cameron pulled an EU ref trigger. Mibbies people should have looked a bit harder a the questions being asked of them and then asked a few more of their own? Mibbies they chose to believe the wrong people because they were made to feel afraid of the wrong things?

    Mibbies, if they’re fortunate, they’ll be given a chance to set things right and get a second chance to choose.

  301. Fred says:

    Well said indeed Valerie, the BBC are on the ropes over the Wings story & some fuckin arsehole attacks the National. Arseholes are endemic in Scotland as we all know, whether it’s a Bowling/Golf Club, a Bus-Run or a Menodge, there’s always a fuckin arsehole!

  302. manandboy says:

    Scotland is undoubtedly undergoing considerable Colonial oppression and persecution from our ‘partners’ in the Union.

    It is good however to balance this situation with a reminder that this UK Government is one of the worst in history and certainly in living memory.

    In addition, the population of England is deeply divided over Brexit and that division looks like it could get worse and last for a long time.

    Remember too, Brexit will wreac havoc with England beginning with its economy.

    The strongest part of England is its State Propaganda i.e. its ability through TV, Radio, Press & Internet, to control by deception what the public thinks. But even this is waning.

    Many countries and many millions of people are on Scotland’s side, both in Europe and around the world.

    This is Scotland’s time – but it takes time and a lot of patience, thought and effort, to gain Independence. Just think of all the former British Colonies.

    Just when we are about to break through is no time to lose faith in Scotland, as a country or as a nation.

    Hail Alba

  303. Brian McHugh says:

    People are not trolls or arseholes for criticising the disgusting state of affairs that this country has one token jesture publication, produced by a unionist backing company in the entire print media. If that state of play is good enough for anyone, then good for them. Its not good enough for me; and if anyone has been paying attention, the battle for future control of information has moved on-line. The quicker all newspapers die the better… and that goes for the propagandist state TV broadcaster too (The BBC are the only public organisation that the Tory’s dont seem to want to privatise. Go figure!)

  304. Ref my comment doubting the absolute independence of the National. Anyone will know from my posts that I am not critical of independence seekers. I am one myself. I am no troll, happy that there is a National, but am aware of its background. I have had friendly exchanges with the editor on the same subject.
    However long a leash the editor has, the paper has Herald connections. Raving responses to folk with other opinions doesn’t serve Scots well. We ought not to emulate the worst of the opposition.

  305. Tinto Chiel says:

    Some very beefy links, Nana. Thanks for all the hard work.

    Amazing to see Peter Hitchins say he was wrong all along.

    Don’t have nightmares, vile seps…

  306. Tinto Chiel says:

    I lost my http etc. Sorry!

  307. Nana says:

    Good morning Macart, yes sane people are becoming very worried indeed and so they should. I’m trying my best to get the information out there.

    Anyone received any leaflets from the SNP?

    Latest from Peter bell

  308. Nana says:

    Morning Tinto 🙂

  309. ScottishPsyche says:

    @Dr Jim

    Don’t go for good!

    We all need a break at times. The constant barrage from Yoons here and everywhere can be wearing and dispiriting but that is their aim. I really appreciate your comments and look forward to them. Like others have said, they know what is coming – recharge your batteries and come back soon.

  310. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    Hi Tackety Beets at 7:14 pm.

    You typed,

    Like many here I’m not very PC savvvvvy, but confess I have always fancied the Linux set up and was thinking of installing into an older MAC which works fine but won’t update beyond 10.6 or whatever.

    Could you guide folk like me to a couple o links where we can get a step by step guide?

    Try this one,
    How to try out Linux on an aging Mac

  311. Nana says:

    Barnier op-ed – solve the Irish backstop & an ambitious partnership is possible (but not splitting the single market)

  312. Elspeth says:

    Dr Jim, I’ve come out of hiding to say I would be really, really miss your posts. Please think about coming back – when you’re ready, of course.

  313. Foonurt says:

    Rock – yurr fauwt-line’s showing.

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