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For the attention of the Director General

Posted on August 02, 2018 by

Baron Hall of Birkenhead
Director General

Dear Director General

I write to you about the current controversy with regard to the BBC enforcing copyright against two Independence supporting on-line publications which has resulted in their YouTube channels being shut down.

My interest in the matter is that one of the news excerpts complained about in relation to Wings Over Scotland was an interview with me broadcast in February 2014. My concern was also sparked by the refusal of anyone in BBC London to be interviewed on this issue on BBC Scotland’s GMS programme on the radio this morning.

My points would be as follows;

Firstly the news excerpts complained about on Wings Over Scotland seem exactly that – news excerpts which you would fully expect to be covered by the fair comment exemption to copyright.

Secondly, if the BBC is departing from fair comment on news excerpts, then why were these popular Independence supporting websites targeted for enforcement action by the BBC lawyers in London? A quick glance at Unionist supporting sites shows innumerable BBC excerpts in use on YouTube channels including, for example, one that seems to be supported by The Spectator magazine.

Thirdly, what are my rights in this? If memory serves, this news interview now removed from YouTube was a challenge from me to the then Prime Minister to debate on Scottish Independence. It now has disappeared from the public record thanks to the BBC action. Obviously as a news interview I signed no waiver as I would have done for a major current affairs programme or interview.

Therefore why does the BBC as a public service broadcaster presume to effectively expunge my interview from the public record without so much as a by your leave? In other words by departing from the fair comment exemption for news excerpts your lawyers are bound down a very rocky road.

Finally, you may recall that last November your complaints division ruled that an interview conducted by Andrew Neil with me in the run up to last year’s election breached BBC guidelines by using a Tory press release as the source information for the allegation that a high percentage of children in Scotland were “functionally illiterate”. I had nothing whatsoever to do with the complaint nor was I consulted by your complaints unit before their finding against Mr Neil.

However, a quick search on YouTube shows this interview available despite the breach and with no disclaimer detailing that there had been an adverse finding in that respect. It seems that your lawyers do not enforce action against a interview subsequently found to have breached your own guidelines from last year, but do against an interview from February 2014 on an independence supporting site.

There is considerable public interest in this matter and I look forward to an early reply and hopefully one that satisfies the Scottish public that the BBC as a public service broadcaster has not set its face against fair comment and freedom of speech and further is not pursuing a campaign against sites which support Scottish Independence.

Yours sincerely

The Rt Hon Alex Salmond

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118 to “For the attention of the Director General”

  1. ScottieDog says:

    Right on Mr S!

  2. Lollysmum says:


  3. Early Ball says:

    You forget how good he is at getting his point across. That is superb.

  4. One_Scot says:

    I know the answer to your question Alex, the answer is very simple, the BBC are politically corrupt against Scotland, The SNP and Independence supporters. They are a Pro union news output for the British State.

    Unfortunately they will never admit this even though we all know it is true.

    The only way this will ever be resolved is if Scotland regains her Independence.

  5. Carol Murphy says:

    Well said Alex ??

  6. Macart says:

    He didn’t miss an hit the wa’. 🙂

    Well said and done Mr Salmond.

  7. John Moss says:


  8. stewart fae stoney says:

    well said sir

  9. Fred says:

    No such thing as bad publicity & you couldn’t buy this!
    Eh Rocket?

  10. frogesque says:

    I see from Sue’s Twitter feed that the Chanel is up again minus the 13 while the BBC consults it’s belly button fluff.

    An important battle won, now let’s go win the war!

  11. frogesque says:

    Sue should of course have been Stu!

    Well done Ek for wading in too.

  12. Terry says:

    Outstanding. Alex, you’re my hero. We wouldn’t be where we are today without you.

  13. defo says:

    With Eck now covering your back, the quantum leap has occurred.
    You have arrived Stu.
    Dinny let it go to your head 😉

  14. Adrian says:

    Ker Ching!

  15. Clootie says:

    Unfortunately the BBC will fall back on their trusted tactic of ignoring all challenge. They deem themselves THE fountain of truth. The trust is a joke designed by the state to protect its propaganda unit.

    …like many other issues only independence will address the issue.

    I appreciate the intervention by Alex but I doubt he expects a response given his experience with the smear machine that passes for a public news service.

  16. Douglas says:

    I bet the British Nationalists regret Alex Salmond’s departure from official office.
    It gives him so much more latitude to take the gloves off.
    Now is the time

  17. Ryan McAllister says:

    Ahaaa, now I know why you did not want it posted early on twitter.

    Fantastic piece by Alex, he is a true gentleman.

  18. blackhack says:

    What’s the difference between a rottweiler and Stu Campbell??
    The rottweiler eventually lets go….

    Keep it up Stu….

  19. Black Joan says:

    The perfect response.

  20. rongorongo says:

    Bravo Mr Salmond! We – meaning Scotland, the UK, whatever – really need a resource which is an equivalent to Hansard and which is charged with collecting and protecting this kind of material. If somebody appears on a news programme then they are very much on the record and can expect what they say to be recorded and referred to later. Most particularly if they are a public servant being interviewed on publicly supported television. The copyright assigned to such clips needs to be equivalent to “Creative Commons” and the right to archive and re-stream this material should be open to all – not just whoever recorded it or whichever organisation might be there to be the official record.

  21. gus1940 says:

    Having failed to attack and constantly interrupt Stu on yesterday’s GMS can we now expect Gary Robertson to be banished to join Izzy Fraser in BBC Scotland’s equivalent of Limoges?

  22. Astonished says:

    Well done the Mr Salmond, an excellent response. I do hope the first minister will add her tuppenceworth soon.

    I see youtube have restored the channel and the bbc must respond. Happy to help the legal costs. I also think a campaign to remove the BBC director general is long overdue. Onwards and upwards folks.

    I admit to having a great deal of respect for our snp politicos. Unlike the privately educated buffoons in the red and blue tory parties.

    PS o/t Dr Jim please,please reconsider after a wee break

  23. Meindevon says:

    Alex well done getting involved. You will no doubt take some stick for it.

    if you are at a loose end after your wee show on ‘the other place’ is finished, please come down here and sort out English politics. We need another party to vote for who put the people first and I think some of the people of England are waking up to the elite and establishment rule of one law for themselves… At the moment without the Monster Raving Loony Party on the ballot paper it’s an impossible choice.

  24. Fergus Green says:

    This has turned out to be a spectacular own goal by the BBC and Wings is now news instead of being something the media ignore. Nice work Stuart and thanks Alex. Hopefully you will collaborate again when the time is right.

  25. Mike says:

    Don’t be surprised if their attitude is to shrug their shoulders utter “Neay” and completely ignore the complaint. It follows on from the total and absolute contempt the UK state has shown for its own Devolved institutions the act of union 1707 the Devolved settlement 1998 the Good Friday agreement and EVEL itself.
    Its the we are bigger and more influential than you so what are you going to do about it?

    So what is to be done when the BBC fails to fully resolve this issue to the satisfaction of decency fairness and propriety?

  26. Luigi says:

    Douglas says:

    2 August, 2018 at 8:22 am

    I bet the British Nationalists regret Alex Salmond’s departure from official office.
    It gives him so much more latitude to take the gloves off.
    Now is the time

    Just my thoughts an ah. The three BritNat parties pulled out all the stops to get him out of WM, but he has come back more effective than ever. Unforeseen consequences, careful what you wish for and all. The master jedi was just waiting to strike back, and what an opportunity the BBC have presented to him. Will they ever learn?

  27. Marie Clark says:

    Well it would appear that youtube have reconsidered and have reinstated Stu’s channel, minus disputed clips. What happened to the stonewall refusal to pass on Stu’s rebuttals to the BBC.

    Well, as most of us predicted a few days ago, it seems the beeb, and youtube have scored a massive own goal. Great the effect a big gun can have. Lets watch the beeb scrabble about now for excuses.

    Well done Alex Salmond, what a guy.

  28. Colin Alexander says:

    Alex Salmond is just a private citizen. The BBC never respected him when he was FM, so why would they start now?

    It would be more help if AS or others paid for a solicitor for Stu to take legal action against the BBC under Article 10 and 12 of the Human Rights Act 1998.

    Of course, the BBC are arguing they never blocked his videos, that they only made copyright claims on certain ones.

    However, public interest journalism and freedom of expression can take precedence. Did the BBC notify him that they were had copyright claims? Did they discuss with him whether his clips of BBC videos are of journalistic merit and public interest? It appears not.

    I would suggest that Stu initially writes to YouTube’s owners stating his view that blocking of his channel due to copyright claims by the BBC is a breach of Article 10 and Article 12 of the Human Rights Act 1998, except for one pop video which will be removed.

    Ask for re-instatement of his channel, minus the pop video, or he will consider legal Action under Article 10 of the HRA 1998 and Article 12.

    A similar letter should be sent to the BBC.

    Article 10 says:
    Measures can be taken to limit freedom of expression in the interests of the following:
    (5) The licensing of broadcasting enterprises.

    See also:

    “Section 12 Human Rights Act 1998 provides that special regard is to be had to the right of freedom of expression in any case where it is in issue, and the public interest in disclosure of material which has journalistic, literary or artistic merit is to be considered. See Cream Holdings and Imutran v Uncaged Campaigns Limited [2001] EMLR 563 for Section 12 in application.

    No interim order may be made that would infringe free speech rights without the respondent being present unless the applicant is able to furnish “compelling reasons” as to why the respondent should not be notified. The full impact of this section in injunction hearings was considered by the Court of Appeal in Douglas and Zeta Jones v Hello! Magazine, 8 May 2005 “.

  29. Baldeagle58 says:

    Morning Stu,

    It’s good to see that your YouTube Channel is up and running again. Hopefully you’ll be able to include these 13 ‘copyrighted’ clips again soon.

    I’ve only ever popped onto your YouTube channel a couple of times before, but now I’ve subscribed to it as well.

    Keep up the good and much needed work Sir.

  30. schrodingers cat says:

    um, stu tweeted a new response from you tube, disregard last email, yer channel is back up minus the 13 videos, bbc have 14 days to counter.

    apart from the spectacular own goal by the beeb, the focus is now away from yt and back on the bbc.


  31. Luigi says:

    Marie Clark says:

    2 August, 2018 at 8:41 am

    Well it would appear that youtube have reconsidered and have reinstated Stu’s channel, minus disputed clips. What happened to the stonewall refusal to pass on Stu’s rebuttals to the BBC..

    Time to make back-up copies, methinks, before they try a different attack. 🙂

  32. AndyH says:

    Skelp them in the puss Alex!

  33. Ronbon says:

    Good on ye Alex. That’s them telt.

  34. Clydebuilt says:

    Well done the National. Better late than never!

  35. Bob Nugent says:

    Well done Mr Salmond, isn’t it a pity a paid for by Scots public broadcasting company
    Do not take a balanced view
    Always one sided against snp
    Considering the mess the unionist parties made and continue to make
    Why Do bbc not produce HONEST, LEGAL HUMANE

  36. mumsyhugs says:

    He shoots!!!! He scores!!!!! Oh wait – the world cup is finished. But what a guy to have on your team! 🙂

  37. Colin Alexander says:

    @K1 Should I write and complain that WingsoverScotland allows you to publicly hurl obscenities at me and, ask for this website to be taken down too?

    It would be an easy job to find a litany of further examples on Wings of hate-filled abuse to myself and other commenters.

    So, if you really are pro-indy and don’t want to harm Wings – stop the obscenities and bullying.

    Criticism of comments is fair; hurling obscene abuse at those whose comments you disagree with is potentially criminal and could get this website closed down too.

    It also lends credence to the Unionist portrayal of independists being “vile cybernats” and so harms the indy cause.

    @Marie Clark – you should know better.

  38. Robert Peffers says:

    Is it not rather ironic that the MSM, and the SMSM in particular, together with the state broadcasters are united in condemning Labour party alleged anti-Semitism. Yet with few exceptions, they are solidly united against the swelling movement towards Scottish independence.

    All this while there are long running and legitimate claims of BBC, STV/ITV and dead tree press bias against Scottish independence supporting media.

    Am I alone in my feelings that there is a Westminster Establishment, fuelled and co-ordinated campaign, to suppress the legitimate political desires of the people of Scotland to be treated like every other normal country in the World by simply wanting the control of its own destiny?

    The situation now conjures up an image of a semi-detached villa where one of the neighbours just walks into the others property, helps themselves to the contents of the other neighbour’s refrigerator, purse & bank book; taps into the others neighbour’s electricity and gas mains supplies and takes over a part of their garden while controlling what is done in the other parts of their garden. Seems to me it is time to change the locks and keep the neighbours where they belong – next door in the semi-detached, disunited villa with the only commonality being the dividing wall and fences between the two households.

  39. Iain says:

    Well, of course it’s the state broadcasting service. The problem has been getting the evidence. This has been very useful. Some bumptious middle-ranking functionary in London has made a misjudgement; I expect he/she is being hauled over the coals.

  40. Truth says:

    Cometh the moment, cometh the Man. Thank you Alex.

    Always a true servant of Scotland and her people.

  41. ahundredthidiot says:

    Alex Salmonds name in my household (sucker for movies) is Saviour of Scotland.

    Despite 2014. It will all pan out. Not without a little pain, but I am not sure we would have it any other way.

    Keep working Stu, keep working.

  42. Meindevon says:

    Dear ‘Baron Hall of Birkenhead’

    Says it all really.

    We all know his feet are well and truly planted in the establishment garden.

  43. Liz says:

    Well done Alex Salmond. I really miss him. We need more bolshie comments from the SNP. I get a bit fed up with their PC attitle they seem to have these days.

  44. johnj says:

    Brilliant. This story will be all over British MSM….

    Or maybe it won’t be.

  45. Malcolm McCandless says:

    The Law Society in England lists all the BBC solicitors who are involved in intellectual property rights.

    Given the context of Alex Salmond’s letter it would seem BBC’s legal department is politically active and a law unto itself.

  46. gus1940 says:

    Does GMS not usually have a Review Of The Day’s Papers?

  47. Cubby says:

    Unbelievable that people did not vote for Salmond at the last election. A perfect example of the Stockholm syndrome in action.

  48. manandboy says:

    Would that we had more like Alex, confident, clear and with no apology for being Scots.
    Hail Alba.

  49. Les Wilson says:

    I am loving Alex Salmond now unshackled with political correctness. A perfect intervention by him to Tony Hall.

    In his current position I would hope Alex takes a bigger part in Indy2. Not to lead in any way but his input like this one is the air we need.
    His political experience could be used to counter much that acts against us.

    Well done today Alex, it was the right thing to do and you did it very well.

    Nice bit of support there Stu, I am sure you, like the rest of us did never expect it.

    ( ok Alex, what is your Wings avatar,?,lol!)

  50. schrodingers cat says:

    if beattie repeats the line, “we asked london for a comment etc” stu should immediately ask, ” who did you ask in london” ?

  51. Albaman says:

    When Alex Salmond gets angry, he’s at his best.
    I disagree with C. Alexander @08:45, in as much that, has he is “only” a private individual, but the B.B.C knows what clout he carries.

  52. ROBBO says:

    Quite Ironically BBC Bus News ran a piece this morning about the Chinese censoring ‘Google’. People in Glasshouses should etc etc ….

  53. Robert Peffers says:

    @Clootie says: 2 August, 2018 at 8:21 am:

    ” … The trust is a joke designed by the state to protect its propaganda unit.”

    Ah! Yes!

    If perchance you were referring to the Westminster Establishment organisation, “The BBC TRUST”, it was officially ended and replaced with the Westminster Establishment created, “OFCOM”, which, as it happens, inherits the same lack of trust as the organisation it replaced.

    Now if you had not noticed the BBC TRUST had been quietly killed off then you are not alone for, as we so often say in relation to so many other BBC and Westminster instigated things, –

    “but they don’t want you to know that”

    see this:-

  54. Les Wilson says:

    Cubby says:

    Tory black money lost him the vote. Enabling them to use even more propaganda than normal, it was so important for them to beat him, all strokes were pulled.

    Not next time around.

  55. Al-Stuart says:

    Alex Samond and Stuart Cambpell have provided a brilliant laxative to some faceless no-mark at the BBC.

    However, getting that BBC coward to explain themselves will prove almost impossible.

    It is time to consider seeking a way to drag the BBC miscreant to the same place all those jailed MPs in the expenses scandal ended up. Before the courts.

    Here is the Crown Prosecution Service view…

    The corrupt BBC lawyer and employees who have their fingerprints all over this debacle will then be forced to appear in public. If they tell fibs, they may end up sharing a prison celll with some folk who have previously enjoyed the company of all those jailed MPs and Lords from the last State Scandal.

  56. Doug_Bryce says:

    You Tube channel back on shortly after Alexs open letter.
    I think the BBC lost this one 🙂

    Good game.

  57. Les Wilson says:

    One_Scot says:8.12am

    No one knows that better than Alex himself.

  58. Muscleguy says:

    The battle has not been won, Peter Curran’s channel is still down as I write.

  59. Scott says:

    Good on you Mr Salmond I cant wait for Cris Cairns take on this one.
    Donalda.s reply.
    Thank you for getting in touch. We are looking into this.that was the day the story broke nothing since.

    No reply from my MP yet

  60. Juteman says:

    I loved that he mentioned folk were boycotting the BBC tax.

  61. Donald anderson says:

    Well done chaps.

  62. robertknight says:

    BritNat Brainwashing Channel strikes again!

  63. galamcennalath says:

    This is turning into another own goal by the BritNats.

    I’m sure the objective here was never to give publicity to WoS and swing opinion TO Yes, however that is probably what they have done.

    Scotland is blessed in so many ways, having an inept opposition just when we need it might be our greatest blessing!

  64. Tackety Beets says:

    Gus 1940

    John Beattie tweeted last night that his program will discuss today , show starts @ 12.00 Radio Scotland. Sadly Stuart Cosgrove is on holiday …….such a pity as he has a great view on such matters.

    GMS @6 used to do a quick headlines read out.

    The GMS weekend shows , I think on about 8 , usually have paper reviews.

    I’m sure today’s JB show today struggle to be even handed if they do not include Rev ?

  65. fletch49er says:

    Great to see such support against the BBC’s gross miscarraige of the law

  66. Reluctant Nationalist says:

    @ Colin A

    What did K1 say? I can’t see any such comment.

  67. Alba46 says:

    Glad to see that the National has given the WoS story the prominence that it deserves, its a pity that its taken four days to do it.

    As previous posts have stated what would we do without AS. What a great letter to the head of the state funded/backer of the BBC. He may no longer be a politician but he carries a lot of clout and more importantly he knows where the dirt lies.

    To those people who slagged of those of us who critised the National. The National failed for four days to give this story the front page headline it deserved. It has now with the intervention of AS and well done to them.

    If we as independence supporters can’t tolerate criticism from within we are no better than the unionist media that we all loath.

  68. Valerie says:

    Well done, Alex! I miss you so much.

    Well done The National for being the Independence newspaper, and providing a platform, and publicity.

  69. INDEPENDENT says:

    ROBBO says:
    2 August, 2018 at 9:15 am
    Quite Ironically BBC Bus News ran a piece this morning about the Chinese censoring ‘Google’. People in Glasshouses should etc etc ….
    Also last night Emily Maitlis on Newsnight BBC2, (whilst carrying out a searching and good journalistic piece,
    With the British rep of XanuPF. Searchingly asked him what he felt about the unashamed, Vote Rigging via underhand payments and co-ersion and wasn’t he ashamed of them using THE STATE TELEVISION as a blatant PROPAGANDA WEAPON for the governemnt!!!
    OH THE IRONY of it all from the very lips of a BBC employee!!!!

  70. Capella says:

    Congratulations Stu, your tenacity has paid off, and well done Alex Salmond for standing up for the YES movement, and Scotland, so publicly.

    This battle has been won but not he war. Yet.

    Listening to Radio Scotland this morning I was surprised (not really) to hear them quote a Liberal Press release on the assessment of 5 year olds. Out of a 172 page document Willie Rennie could find about a dozen SNP bad comments which the BBC dutifully relayed. Apparently, there were no favourable comments to report.

    This was followed by a call Kaye inviting all and sundry to complain. Surprisingly the comments I heard before I switched off were mostly favourable.

    But they have not stopped reading out opposition party press releases as if they were news. No doubt Ian Gray would have been interviewed if the Labour Party were not currently embroiled in their own media orchestrated tsunami of hate.

    Keep on keeping on!

  71. Luigi says:

    In the future, a historical account of the struggle for Scottish independence will make a fascinating read. The strange behaviour of the British Nationalist Establishment is showing all the signs of a desperate, run-down empire in decline. The worse things get for them, the more they seem to exhibit ridiculous, counter-productive behaviours. Seen it all before – history certainly does repeat. Humans will be human, I guess. The over-ridding emotion driving all of this seems to be PANIC. Those whom the Gods will destroy…….. 🙂

    Not that I want to assist the British nationalists in any way, but if I was in that position, I would focus on just holding the line, stabilising the constitutional front (which is collapsing all around them). Save time, hold a temporary ceasefire with the nats (be respectful, offer them something). Instead, they still try to go all out and attack visciously, thereby hastening their demise. A bit like the German strategy (or lack of it) on the eastern front in 1943/44. Win a few more battles but loose the war. Tactical genius and strategic stupidity – a tragic combination. My heart bleeds. 🙂

  72. Valerie says:

    @ Alba46

    The National did not fail for 4 days, ffs.

    On Twitter, they picked it up quickly, making sure the contingent on there was informed.

    On Monday, the paper was chock full of the AUOB march from the weekend, to make sure folk saw the numbers and variety.

    I am pretty sure they couldn’t just grab Alex at their convenience. They obviously wanted him fully on board with the video message, and letter, to ensure today’s front page was harder hitting about the BBC.

    Not that hard to understand, when this story has shifted and developed at a pace.

  73. jfngw says:

    I could quite easily believe BBC Scotland had no input to this take down. Westminster has more respect for the devolved parliaments than BBC London has of the nation and region units. Their attitude is, do what you want on parochial issue, have as many local health service stories as you want, but keep your noses out of anything UK wide. If we want any of your input we will tell you what we want.

    This has always been how the BBC has been run, it’s a quasi colonial model. Not just news, every department is run the same way. If you want to progress you need to acknowledge this model and pay homage to your masters in London.

  74. Fireproofjim says:

    Goes to show what a star politician Alex is.
    He lost his seat because Labour and the Fib Dems put up nonentities as candidates and did not campaign except advising voters “SNP bad”. It was the same against Angus Robertson.
    It was a conspiracy between the three parties and the Tories put everything into it including Black money. That plus the dumb fishermen believing Tory lies of a free for all for Scottish boats in the North Sea.
    Next time it will be different …if Alex and Angus can be bothered to stand again.
    We need them though.

  75. Davy says:

    Aye, Alex & Stu are the man.

    Proud of both of them and proud of all of you who have shown true support.

  76. call me dave says:

    Caught Nana’s post last night after I got home.

    Thought AS was excellent and now this this morning.


    FGS! Dr Jim please have a chill out and come back soon.
    We/I have been there too not good….but we need you back.

  77. Breeks says:

    And a little OT… Theresa May to meet Macron and ask the French to soften their stance on Brexit, and presumably explain to Macron why all the Brexiteers in England wanted La Penn to win and the EU to collapse… Awkward. 🙂

  78. Kevin says:

    Well done, Stu.

    Yesterday I was for throwing in the towel as far as your YT site was concerned; “draw a line under it and move-on”, but have to compliment your tenacity. In my defence, you’re up against the combined forces of the State broadcaster, WM, the Establishment, MI5, their bloody Empire and a historical cunning that means they don’t usually back-down. Congratulations on your success so far.

  79. Alba46 says:


    The National DID fail for four days.

    I’m not talking about twitter or coverage of the AUOB march in Inverness, i’m talking about the take down of Stu’s YouTube account.

    Zilch, nothing, no coverage in the newspaper.

    If this story had been about a prominent Labour or Tory blogger do you honestly believe that it would not have had instant coverage by all the MSM on day 1 and followed by constant repetition day after day.

    All you would have heard form them would be “freedom of the press” but because this was an independence blogger none of the MSM picked it up and it was left to the only independence newspaper to pick up the mantle.

    Whether you accept it or not the National failed to do so. However as Clydebuilt said earlier “better late than never”.

  80. Jim says:

    Get intae them! Squeeze real hard and dinnae let go. Scope for one o dem paradigm shifts wrt to how folk see the bbc. And how significant could that be in the long run …. the goal it beckons.. jigsaw pieces lining up by themselves!

  81. Robert Louis says:

    Dear paid liars at the UK government controlled BBC,




  82. Robert Louis says:

    Meanwhile, remember to pick up a copy of The National, which carries this story on its front page.

    Excellent coverage by them.

  83. Dave McEwan Hill says:

    Alba46 at 9.41

    Pathetic post.
    I think most of us now know that those who waste all our times attacking the National are only pretending to be our friends.

    For the record the National started addressing this issue online and on twitter from day one and on day three hit the headlines big time with it when they had the big headline to hit with.

    Now …let’s see what all the rest of our “free” press have to say about it all…

  84. handclapping says:

    “He didn’t answer.” ?

    But this time we have them as its not information being held for art, news or literature so get your FoIs in:-
    Under which policy was this action taken?
    Was this action taken after a complaint to the BBC?
    If so to whom does one complain about excessive use of BBC material?
    this is as well as making a complaint under their general complaints procedure; lets get the number of complaints up from the measely 250,000 that the Beeb admit to

  85. Robert Louis says:

    Alex Salmond, guardian of Scotland. And freedom of speech.

  86. Proud Cybernat says:

    Davy just booted Goliath in the nuts.

  87. Tom Kane says:

    Gotta love Alex Salmond. He’s always there with the right amount of vim and an armoury of truths for taking down British nationalist pomp, cant and propaganda.

    Stu, this is big. I am not sure who is big enough to write a letter to Google about their commercial action in not involving the BBC as they pursue the shutdown operation to take your YouTube channel out of circulation… I am thinking Joan Gonzalez or Amy Goodman at Democracy Now, because this is an attack on democracy from an American organisation that has global ramifications.

    I can’t be at the silent march on the BBC at Saturday, but I am looking forward to taking this issue right to the door of BBC Scotland first of all. And I will be looking out for my Rev Spartacus Bathgate mask, which I will wear with … well a little self-consciousness… and pride.

    Good luck with this Stu.

  88. Andy-B says:

    Well done Alex, lets hope it doesn’t fall on deaf ears. I will be watching RT tonight at 6.30pm.

  89. louis.b.argyll says:

    What if they pull out a..
    ‘we’re acting in the interests of the UK GOV as per our charter’

    Any threat to ‘Britain’ is a threat to their hegemony.

    Their survival trumps our freedom of speech.

  90. mogabee says:

    One of Scotland’s champions standing up for what is right.

    Well Stu, you have just become an even bigger pain in the establishments side! Good!

    Can’t stop smiling at this. 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

  91. Shinty says:

    Robert Louis says:
    2 August, 2018 at 10:48 am
    Alex Salmond, guardian of Scotland. And freedom of speech.

    My thoughts exactly.

  92. Robin Barclay says:


    Couldn’t agree more about wanting them to stand again but I don’t think Alex will.

    I would much rather he led the Yes Campaign MkII.

    Angus would definitely be better suited to getting his seat back though.

  93. Corrado Mella says:

    Sociopaths and psychopaths will never admit their wrongdoings or think they will be held accountable for them.

    Unfortunately, positions of unfettered power are very attractive to those mentally impaired minus habens and, given their total disregard for human beings and lack of remorse, compassion, empathy and shame, are those more likely to win the race to those positions though deceit, lies, threats and violence.

    The outcome of our misplaced trust (and naivety) is that we have allowed the most dangerous deranged to lord over us humans.

    The voices pointing this out are getting louder by the day, and the redde rationem is looming. Stockpile on bravery, because it will be called upon soon.

  94. Tom Kane says:

    ok, so sorry not to have read the comments before writing… So pleased to see the YouTube channel back. But still big questions for the politics of both Google and the BBC and why the Conservatives benefit so much from their actions…

  95. JLT says:

    And so the story moves further and further into the public conscious. Whatever the BBC thought they were doing, they believed it would only be noted by ‘anorak nationalists’.

    Big mistake.

    With the story gaining tract, it places not only London in an uncomfortable position, but eyes will also turn to BBC Scotland, whom for many nationalists, has always been seen as biased and carrying their own grievances towards the people of Scotland its culture. Donalda McKinnon must be sitting there looking on in aghast as it places her in a difficult quandary. To continue pursuing an anti-independence stance will only bring forth more derision and complaint. This is not the attention that McKinnon and her Scottish Executive staff wanted …Ever! The last thing she wants is 20 to 30,000 Scots bearing down on Pacific Quay on a regular basis shouting that the BBC is not fair, nor is it impartial. The more folk that cancel their subscriptions means that the BBC and its London masters have less influence over Scottish households.

    So …here we now are. And now it’s your move, BBC London. We await your response …for this is not going away.

  96. Ian Law says:

    Our biggest gun covering your ass Stu. ATTACK

  97. K1 says:

    Alert reader badge tae RN.

    I haven’t commented on this thread till my initial post a few moments ago.

    Colin Alexander?

    I reiterate: Fuck off.

  98. K1 says:

    Previous post to my previous post above didn’t show, forget to leave out the http.

    A suggestion that we, as many as can, all subscribe to Stu’s channel, let them know that there is an audience behind this channel, I think they may have (who ever took down) underestimated the backlash perhaps because there are only 3 thousand odd subscribers?

    Just need a google email account to subscribe.

  99. Dave McEwan Hill says:

    A monumental cock-up by the establishment who obviously have no idea about the actual political situation in Scotland and still are committing the cardinal political sin of swallowing their own spin.
    They didn’t think anybody much would notice this.

    On anti BBC demonstrations.The only one that would be really worthwhile would be one outside BBC HQ in London bringing London to a halt in front of all the world.

  100. Petra says:

    @ Dave McEwan Hill says at 10:42 am …. ”Alba46 at 9.41 – Pathetic post. I think most of us now know that those who waste all our times attacking the National are only pretending to be our friends. For the record the National started addressing this issue online and on twitter from day one and on day three hit the headlines big time with it when they had the big headline to hit with…”

    I, for one, have started to make a mental list of the people who come on here castigating The National, especially those who don’t contribute anything positive to the Independence debate and / or point out the faults and flaws of other newspapers or the BBC. Something not quite right, methinks.

  101. K1 says:

    Oh jeezus wept Petra…not ‘a list’. Your sanctimony increaseth by the second. Who made you the moderator of others’ ‘opinions’. Gies peace. 🙄

  102. I could have had plenty to say,but well covered by a lot of sane people.With so much against us,The Media,B.b.C. S.T.V. English papers some openly pretending to be Scottish. Then we have the dark money,well needed to be cleaned up A.S.A.P. Lets get the cheating lying culprits into court,they are dragging their feet,unsure of next election or referendum,the truth,between the dogs breakfast,lies illegal use of money,false news,offshore accounts,(E.U.investigating the lot 28 countries, no wonder they are in such a hurry to get out, sod the people, austerity! With the cabinet of chaos,( who did not have the right to trigger article 50 in the first place)!!

  103. Dave MacIntyre says:

    Maybe it is the right time to get Edinburgh wingers together and hold a demo or two at the BBC Edinburgh Festival tent. Not sure how we organise this but certainly good to highlight BBC bias whenever possible.

  104. Tinto Chiel says:

    @Dave 12.38: good idea. I would come through to the Far East for that one (or two). I normally regard the Edinburgh Festival as nothing more than English Establishment’s scent-marking of their Scotland region so it would be good to smash their complacency.

  105. Gullane No4 says:

    As someone who spent a lot of time working within Local Authorities can I advise folk of the following.

    In written form.

    A lot of us = me.
    We = me
    My friends = me
    My fellow members = me
    The majority = me
    Most of us = me
    Every one in this room = me

  106. Ghillie says:

    Dave McIntyre and Tinto Chiel,

    There were protests at the BBC enclave near Bristo Square in the summer of 2014.

    They were not happy 🙂

  107. Ghillie says:

    Alex Salmond 🙂

  108. Dave MacIntyre says:

    Tinto Chiel, I suppose for me, the question remains.
    How do we organise such a thing. I’d love to make some placards and protest against their biasbut don’t want to end up looking like some lonely nutcase!

  109. Tinto Chiel says:

    Dave: there must be lots of folk in Edinburgh and Leith connected to Yes Hubs or their later reincarnations who would be interested. I don’t do FB or Tweet and I’m only a chiel from Darkest Lanarkshire so don’t want to tell grannie to suck eggs.

    Who organised the HOOPS event? Really enjoyed that one.

    Ghillie: didn’t know that. After today’s events, “strike while the iron is hot” may be appropriate for folk alarmed by the obvious bias of Pathetic Quay.

  110. Petra says:

    @ K1 at 12:16pm …… “Who made you the moderator of others ‘opinions’. Gies peace.’

    Maybe it’s high time that you gave us all peace and stopped trying to “moderate my opinions.” Hypocrite. You had the brass neck to complain recently that you were being targetted by me, when you clearly weren’t, and yet every time I turn round you’re there. I, in fact, don’t communicate with you at all, make a point of not doing so, so get lost. Better still take the time to respond to the person who pointed out earlier that your behaviour on here is beyond the pale. Oops I’ve just noticed that you have in your usual inimical way! So, in short … stay away from me. If you don’t like what I’ve got to say, scroll on by.

  111. Johnny says:

    Wings and Salmond, though, it’s the Dream Team! More power to the former FM for standing up for pro-indy news sources! It’s what all our representatives should be be doing – bypass those who don’t want to give a fair* hearing.

    * Fair defined as ‘not inviting on so as you can dismiss without thought’.

  112. Calum McKay says:

    Well said Alex!

  113. Gary says:

    Done, done in public and the story getting ACTUAL publicity, not JUST from Indy friendly sites and sources.

    Perhaps, just perhaps, others are actually concerned that this is a bad move for free speech and our ability to criticise the government. They SHOULD be concerned, because it IS an attack on freedom…

  114. Dave MacIntyre says:

    Thanks Tinto Chiel.

  115. Tinto Chiel says:

    Bonne chance, Dave.

  116. Kenneth McDougall says:

    This has opened my eyes Big Time ! I’m with you now Stu. bbc censoring freedom of speech This will come back to bite them on the ass in the near future

  117. msean says:

    Didn’t even realise the youtube channel was there,thanks.

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