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The Silence Of The Sacrificial Lambs

Posted on February 07, 2022 by

Should disabled children be used as props to make men with sexual fetishes feel better? It doesn’t seem like a difficult question, does it?

“At no point, while I was coming to terms with how my [severely disabled] daughter’s future was set to unfold, did I expect to find myself in a position where I would be forced to remind my elected representatives about something as basic as my vulnerable daughter’s need for same-sex care.

Anxieties about her having to endure acts of negligence, or maybe even cruelty, at the hands of an unprofessional person, once I am gone, have haunted some of my sleepless nights. However, I have been consoled with the knowledge that regulations and safeguarding policies would be in place to offer her protection from bad actors.

But what happens when somewhere along the line the differences between the sexes become artificially blurred, and the safeguarding that was in place can no longer be relied upon because of proposed reforms to current law?”

The above quote is part of the heartfelt plea of a mother of a disabled daughter. We know that women and girls are vulnerable to male sexual violence, we know that men commit 98% of sex offences and we know that disabled children are three to four times more likely to experience abuse.

We just don’t seem to care.

The United Nations Population Fund has highlighted how “in a study by the African Child Policy Forum of violence against children with disabilities, nearly every young person interviewed had been sexually abused at least once – and most more than once”.

Once they reach adulthood, the statistics according to research by DAME Magazine are terrifying:

“Eighty-three percent of disabled women experience rape or abuse, often at the hands of caretakers. And without a way to report their violations, the [perpetrators] frequently go unpunished.”

The magazine’s Victoria Brownworth argued that (in the US) “77% of rapes and sexual assaults were not reported to police. The enormity of that number suggests that within the context of disability, where so many victims may not even have access to language, or where the person they would report to is the same person perpetuating the assaults (and on whom they depend for their most basic care), the number may be perilously close to 100 percent.”

Alongside the significant risk of sexual violence, we know that girls and women experience an indignity and a trauma when they are forced to allow a male to undress them and touch their vulva, breasts or anus when they do not consent and do not want this touch. Sex is important.

Having become disabled as a teenager myself, it can feel like society has sentenced you to suffer at the hands of men. The figures and the possibilities of your future are stark. People look away at the obvious risks, they deny that you too need dignity, they claim “not all men”.

And while it isn’t all men, it’s also not just seven bad ones – they wouldn’t have the time to abuse all of these children and women.

‘In Ireland, a report analysing data from 14 rape crisis centres shows that almost half of the surveyed survivors with disabilities disclosed that they were subjected to sexual violence during childhood (48%), while one in ten disclosed that they were subjected to sexual violence both as adults and as children (10%).

Individuals with disabilities who use rape crisis centre services are more likely to have been subjected to multiple incidents of sexual violence than those with no disabilities (39% compared with 25%).”

Although it’s difficult to obtain data on disabled children as previously it hasn’t been seen as important enough to collect, the data which is emerging is showing a similar pattern across nations. Very vulnerable children and adults, particularly those who struggle to communicate, are seen as targets by predators. These predatory males will use careers where they can have access to these vulnerable children in order to abuse.

For example, evidence was given to the Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry that a potential sex offender was being employed and moved around children’s homes, including a home for disabled children.

“Mr Dolan, former assistant area manager for the Glasgow South social work team, told the hearing in Edinburgh: “a man, who I don’t want to name, worked as a residential care worker for the local authority. He is now a convicted sex offender.”

Staff were expressing concerns about him and it seems that he got moved from a children’s home to a home for children with disabilities in the Pollokshields area and they were concerned how he had managed to get this. I am aware that this individual seemed to be very close to one of the most senior managers for the residential establishment”.

Frequently men will move into positions where they can have access to their targets. In May 2021 Dorrion Etienne was imprisoned for targeting and sexually abusing two learning-disabled girls at their school.

In August 2021 a former deputy headmaster and a head of care at a special needs school in Lincolnshire who raped and assaulted girl pupils over the course of 12 years were jailed for more than 23 years.

In November 2021 Robin James Elms was convicted and sentenced after he “targeted a child with special needs during a campaign of abuse in private homes where he worked as a freelance nanny and babysitter. He picked on children he thought were too young to speak up or who had learning difficulties and autism, grooming entire families in order to commit his abuse”.

Also in November 2021 it was reported that George Holden, “a former Derbyshire teacher and professional clown expects to die behind bars after being jailed for abusing young children. The court heard his previous convictions included sexually abusing blind and disabled children while working as a teacher at a special school”.

In December 2021 Brian Rudgley, an 83-year-old retired head teacher with years of experience working with children with special educational needs was imprisoned for sexually abusing a learning-disabled girl.

We have seen this pattern in institutions like sports clubs, charities and the Church to name just a few. Predators will move to where they can get to their prey. Yet still, politicians are behaving like such behaviour is beyond the realms of possibility. I am sick of them playing dumb and putting the wellbeing of the disabled at risk.

Indeed, it is once again being proposed by politicians that male feelings and male egos need to be prioritised and protected by law above the needs of the vulnerable, and those who too frequently experience sexual abuse at the hands of males. We are not even allowed to name the pattern – male sexual violence – in case it offends men.

Language had been changed to obscure reality. Parent P, who wished to remain anonymous, pointed out that “lots of people won’t think twice about a form only asking about gender, not sex too and also think these terms are interchangeable. The erosion and hijacking of our rights is so insidious”.

When it’s a form deciding what adult will be touching your child’s genitals, the difference between sex and gender identity is put in much sharper relief. Same-sex care is the most basic of safeguards and provides dignity, we should be able to choose it for ourselves and our relatives.

However, it commonly appears that NHS policies have been written according to Stonewall’s version of the law rather than the Equality Act 2010. NHS Lanarkshire’s “Supporting Trans Staff in the Workplace” dictates that employees:

“ensure Trans staff are treated as being of the gender in which they are living irrespective of whether they have undergone any hormonal or surgical treatment or have a Gender Recognition Certificate. It is unacceptable for colleagues and managers to refuse to recognise, for any period of time, a member of staff as belonging to the gender in which they are currently living.”

Translated, a cross-dressing man who gets aroused in women’s clothes is to be treated as a woman, and this includes allowing him access to disabled girls’ naked bodies.

The Equality Act 2010 makes it acceptable to discriminate on the basis of sex if there is a legitimate aim – this is known as a General Occupational Qualification (GOQ). If women and girls are to be naked it was widely accepted, before Stonewall poisoned the well, that a GOQ would automatically apply.

NHS Lanarkshire has pre-empted challenge on this point and commanded staff that male feelings come above the law in this regard. It declares that:

“the Equality Act 2010 provides limited exemptions for GOQ positions to restrict access to members of a particular gender [wrong, read “sex”]. These exemptions can only be applied in order to achieve a legitimate operational need.

All efforts should be made to enable Trans employees to work in positions, including those covered by General Occupational Qualifications, consistent with the gender with which they identify.

Where a person has a gender recognition certificate they must be regarded as being that gender for the purposes of GOQ positions. As the gender history of an employee is a matter of strictest confidentiality, this information should never be shared with service users.”

This secret-keeping about (mostly) males’ true sex, identity, and past means the scenario could arise that parents place their severely disabled non-verbal teenage daughter in a short respite care, thinking she will receive intimate care and be attended to at night by a woman, when in reality a man who gets aroused by cross-dressing has put on women’s clothes and is repeatedly washing the girl’s vulva.

Is that sexual abuse? The young girl will feel violated, will feel abused, will be traumatised. The parents will feel lied to, and wonder if they can ever trust the care of their daughter to Lanarkshire NHS again.

Allan Petrie, the chairperson of Glenlaw Parent/Carer Support Group, has written to Shona Robison, the Cabinet Secretary for Social Justice, Housing and Local Government to raise parental concerns around the care of their disabled children, noting that “trans” is now an umbrella term encompassing all manner of groups including drag queens, crossdressers and “midlings”, whatever those might be.

(Googling produces nothing useful.)

It’s also argued within the LGB/T/Q/+ community that a range of extreme (and even illegal) sexual practices grouped under the term “kink” belong under the trans/LGBTQ+ “umbrella”.

The Q in LGBTQ+ (the official preferred term of people like the Scottish Greens) already stands for Queer, a term which organisations like Stonewall are very shy about defining in any meaningful way but appears to implicitly embrace “kink”, as being outwith “perceived norms” and “specific labels”.

Or put another way, it means whatever you want it to mean. Christina Richards – a transwoman who is Lead Psychologist and Head of Psychology at the UK’s foremost “gender identity clinic”, the Tavistock in London – has called for many extreme and violent sexual practices to be normalised and no longer classified as paraphilias – conditions “characterized by abnormal sexual desires, typically involving extreme or dangerous activities”.

(One such practice is “ageplay”, which Richards describes as “an adult identifying as a baby or young child, and is also known as adult baby/diaper lover (ABDL) or infantilism. There may be a sexual aspect… associated with humiliation”, while denying it has any link to paedophilia.)

Mr Petrie explained that to the minister:

“Our children are some of the most vulnerable children alive, they are non-mobile and non-verbal, they require 24 hour care including intimate care, as such we require to put our trust in professionals, at the moment we use the equality act to ensure that care is carried out by the same biological sex as our child, this is not just about safety but also our children’s dignity.

However if the Scottish government continue with this Act then ANY man can self-identify as a female be given a job within the care sector and if we refused to allow them to give our child intimate care on the bases of their biological sex then we could face prosecution under the proposed Hate Crime Bill.”

Research by NSPCC Learning together with Coventry University and the Ann Craft Trust presented the universalism of these parental anxieties around the care of their disabled children. One parent respondent described how

“We had respite at home and we installed cameras in the house for that reason, until they went. Nothing ever happened but it was just for me for those 2 hours while they were there. My son was so young, he still wouldn’t be able to explain. So I would check it every time that I would come home. Just so I knew he was safe.”

The research highlighted how “parents whose children had complex needs raised particular concerns regarding how incredibly difficult it was to teach their children about issues such as safe touch in their intimate care, puberty and changes in their bodies and about sexual abuse. Their greatest fears were that their child would not be able to communicate if they felt unsafe. One parent explained that her son used Makaton to communicate, yet there were no staff in his school that could use Makaton. As a result the child had no means of communicating with anyone”.

The sexual abuse of disabled children and young adults is so widespread that the NSPCC alongside the charity Triangle has developed a communication system for children to express abuse. Triangle highlighted that before their intervention, children who used symbol vocabulary to communicate could “communicate about the national curriculum but cannot say ‘leave me alone’.”

Due to the fact that disabled children did not have access to specific symbols which could communicate sexual abuse, safeguarding experts and investigators would sometimes have to hand draw images and thus accusations of coaching the child could be made. This added to non-verbal children being perceived as weak witnesses and subsequently cases not being prosecuted.

Consequently it increased the targeting of such children by perpetrators. Triangle has enabled disabled children and young people to get legal redress for crimes committed against them, by enabling disabled children to tell someone what’s being done to them. As part of developing the images, Triangle

“asked experienced interviewers about how young children and nonspeaking children have communicated about abuse. [They’ve] included images for a range of words that children use when they don’t know the ‘right’ word.

For children being interviewed using AAC, it may be more appropriate to offer them non-specific images rather than explicit ones which could be perceived as leading or coaching the child. For example, although the image set includes ‘erection’ and ‘ejaculation’, for young children it may be more appropriate that they have access to the images for ‘willy’, ‘hard’ and ‘squirt’.”

Yes, in our society we’ve had to develop a way for severely disabled children who may have mental ages of 6 to 8 to say “willy”, “hard” and “squirt”.

Once communication has been enabled the struggle to participate in the justice system doesn’t stop there. As well as access to communication, physical access to the courts is still a barrier as just 2% of UK courts are currently accessible to disabled people. This, frankly, is a denial of fundamental rights and what exclusion really looks like.

Alongside the obvious safeguarding issues and the need to maintain dignity for the disabled is the fact that a male carer would retraumatise disabled girls who have already been sexually abused by men. Ann West commented that “our disabled daughter was seriously sexually assaulted. We were assured she would always have women support staff especially as she needs assistance with all her personal care. Well I’m not remotely reassured, in fact I’m terrified for her future. This is so wrong on every level’.”

It is generally understood that women and girls who have been sexually assaulted and or raped by men find the presence of and touch of men re-traumatising, and this is no different if the women or girl has a disability. In fact it may be exaggerated because that man might be touching your vulva, breasts and other parts of your body. The statistics on abuse are stark – UNICEF estimates that children with disabilities are three to four times more likely to experience physical and sexual violence.

Why would a man want to do this? If he doesn’t care about the potential serious impact he will have on the disabled girl or woman, should he be in a caring position at all? Since when has it been acceptable to use disabled children as props to arouse men?

To most people it is astonishing that questioning a man touching your non-verbal disabled female child’s genitals could be a criminal offence, yet in Scotland it is about to become a hate crime.Why are politicians willing to re-traumatise potential abuse victims to fulfil men’s fantasies?


Dr EM is a disabled, feminist writer and historian. She writes under a pen name due to threats to her safety and tweets as @PankhurstEM.

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    1. gregor says:


      ‘Pentagon Press Secretary John Kirby JUST LIED TO THE WORLD’

      “The US govt provided materials and training for “cooperative biological research, biological threat agent detection and response, and improving biological material protection, control and accountability”.

      Details were withheld from public disclosure, but “state secrets of Ukraine” were to be shared with the US Defense Dept.”:

    2. gregor says: (08/03/2022):

      ‘UK trying to ‘water down’ rights protections in new bill, says Scottish Human Rights Commission’:

      ‘Retain the Human Rights Act in its current form’:

      “The Scottish Human Rights Commission has responded to the UK Government’s consultation on its proposals to replace the Human Rights Act with a new Bill of Rights.

      Barbara Bolton, the Legal and Policy leader at the Scottish Human Rights Commission, said:

      “The UK Government’s plan to replace the Human Rights Act with a new Bill of Rights signals an intent to water down human rights protections, erect additional barriers to accessing justice and equivocate on compliance with decisions of the European Court of Human Rights involving the UK.

      If passed, these proposals would be deeply regressive, undermining 20 years of human rights law and policy development across the UK, making it harder for people to enforce their rights and putting the UK in breach of its international obligations. This should be of grave concern to us all…”:

    3. gregor says:

      Deeply regressive, are we…

    4. Scott says:

      gregor says:
      9 March, 2022 at 10:56 pm (08/03/2022):

      ‘UK trying to ‘water down’ rights protections in new bill, says Scottish Human Rights Commission’

      EHRC didn’t miss Dominic Raab and his idiocy with their response to the consultation.

    5. gregor says:

      TheSocialReview (March 2020):

      ‘The Myth of Scotland’s Progressive Government’:

      “If Scotland is to become a fairer country, the SNP has to stop pretending it already is one…”:

    6. Hatuey says:

      The gang’s all here; “Washington is sending ISIS fighters to Ukraine”

      All the good guys on one side, nazis, ISIS, the US…

    7. gregor says:

      Graham Phillips (Journalist):

      ‘My new reportage – Ukraine: Is it War ?? And if so, then Why ??’: Graham Phillips (journalist):

    8. Effigy says:

      ‘The Myth of Scotland’s Progressive Government’:

      I read a little in the link above but yet another unionist distorting reality for SNP bad compared to lovely Westminster millionaires.

      The reduction of college places I recall came about as our Westminster funding was cut and
      many nice wee hobby courses were cut to focus on courses that led to employment opportunities or progression within.
      Yes England get more kids into University but we were getting 95% of kids into jobs, training
      or further education. I’m happy with that as if all kids go to Uni, who unblocks your toilet or drives your train to work.

      Our NHS was the best performing in the U.K. and yes the number of private procedures increased as Covid came and new hospitals were delayed by design or construction errors that MSPs cannot foresee.
      Remember Labours build of Holyrood or Edinburgh Tram systems that proved to be economic disasters as well as Browns PPI initiative your Grand Kids will still be paying for.

      Real progression is Independence and removing the need for fake journalists force feeding us bile from the Empire next door.

    9. gregor says:

      BBC (09/03/2022): ‘Russia could launch chemical attack in Ukraine – White House’:

      “Russia could be planning a chemical or biological weapon attack in Ukraine – and “we should all be on the lookout”, the White House has said.

      Press secretary Jen Psaki said Russia’s claims about US biological weapon labs, and chemical weapon development in Ukraine, were preposterous.

      She called the false claims an “obvious ploy” to try to justify further premeditated, unprovoked attacks.

      Ms Psaki said: “We should all be on the lookout for Russia to possibly use chemical or biological weapons in Ukraine, or to create a false flag operation using them – it’s a clear pattern.”

      The US dismissed the claims, saying it was the “kind of disinformation operation we’ve seen repeatedly from the Russians over the years in Ukraine and in other countries”…”:

    10. gregor says:


      ‘Pentagon Press Secretary John F. Kirby Holds a Press Briefing, March 9, 2022’:

      “Q: And on this issue of military biological labs in Ukraine that the Russians keep raising?

      MR. KIRBY: Yes.

      Q: Can you basically explain to us what the relationship if any, there was between the Pentagon and the Ukrainian side on any biological labs? When was the last cooperation and what do you have to say about these Russian accusations?

      MR. KIRBY: The Russian accusations are absurd. They’re laughable. And you know, in the words of my Irish Catholic grandfather, a bunch of malarkey. There’s nothing to it. It’s classic Russian propaganda. And, and I wouldn’t, if I were you, I wouldn’t give it a drop of ink worth paying attention to.

      Q: Yes. But could you explain to us what — has there been any relationship between…

      MR. KIRBY: We are not, not developing biological or chemical weapons inside Ukraine. It’s not happening. Yes.

      Q: Thanks, John.”

    11. gregor says:

      BBC (09/03/2022): ‘Use Russian money to rebuild Ukraine, says bank chief’:

      “Frozen Russian assets should be used to rebuild Ukraine after the war, the governor of Ukraine’s Central Bank has told the BBC…”:

      World Economic Forum: Agenda:

      The National Bank of Ukraine:

    12. Ruby says:

      ‘UK trying to ‘water down’ rights protections in new bill, says Scottish Human Rights Commission’

      I saw that coming way back when Theresa May was talking about removing the UK from ECHR.

      Having the Human Rights Act in its current form doesn’t seem to have prevented the SG from removing our human rights. No more freedom of speech, no more women only anything etc etc.

      I noticed that Stonewall is not happy with the ECHR. This could mean She/Her isn’t happy either. I’m off to read what Stonewall’s gripe is.

    13. Ruby says:

      Thus “keeping an open mind” on enforcing a no fly zone is contemplating direct armed conflict between nuclear powers. Nicola should reflect (3/3)

    14. Ruby says:

      ECHR cut ties with Stonewall and said the following. Stonewall not happy.

      Stonewall attempts to have equalities watchdog stripped of independent status

      The new chairman, Baroness Falkner of Margravine, has noted that there is “genuine public concern” that trans rights are conflicting with women’s rights.

      Stonewall and organisations including the Good Law Project and Mermaids submitted the complaint on Thursday, two weeks after the EHRC wrote to the governments in Holyrood and Westminster calling for them to pause before enacting laws governing legal gender recognition and conversion therapy”.

    15. Ruby says:

      Popped over to Gordon Dangerfield’s blog in the hope of finding out more about Stonewall V ECHR and I spotted the following. Very interesting!

      Rape Crisis Scotland, who played an active part in the charges against Alex Salmond, also played an active part in having Mark investigated and charged.

      We intend to explore in the course of this litigation whether Rape Crisis Scotland were encouraged to make a complaint about Mark for political motives, and indeed whether the complainers in the Salmond trial were similarly encouraged to do so.

      Rape Crisis Scotland are of course funded by the Scottish Government.

    16. Hatuey says:

      Salmond; “But in every international conflict for the last 60 years, the national movement in Scotland has stood for de-escalation and peace, not escalation and Armageddon…”

      So much for A&E worrying about the impression we make on here. He should be kicked out of Alba, if he is in it, not for his views on Ukraine but for his online bullying and abuse which I find very upsetting…

    17. Ruby says:

      The gang’s all here; “Washington is sending ISIS fighters to Ukraine”

      All the good guys on one side, nazis, ISIS, the US…

      I saw that and I also saw a video of an African man being interviewed. (Sorry can’t find video at the moment) He said he was offered guns to fight for Ukraine.

      He laughed and said:

      ‘I’m black why would I fight for Ukraine’

    18. Ruby says:

      Alex Salmond’s tweet was in response to:

      Keep no-fly option despite war risk, says Nicola Sturgeon

      Top story in every newspaper.

    19. John Main says:

      @Hattrick says – 10 March, 2022 at 9:13 am

      “online bullying and abuse which I find very upsetting…”

      At last, some good news in the midst of this shitshow.

      Tell you what decent Scots find very upsetting, Hattrick. Pregnant women in a maternity hospital being shelled. And anonymous lowlifes like you defending this from deep within their hole.

    20. John Main says:

      Any decent Scots reading here might be interested in today’s reported news that the UK intends to supply Ukraine with state-of-the-art surface to air missiles.

      There is more than one way to introduce a no-fly zone.

      The idea that aircraft need to be countered by other aircraft is long out-of-date.

      The Russian backed militias operating in eastern Ukraine set the pattern for this when they used a SAM to shoot down Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 in July 2014.

      Hattrick and/or other members of the anonymous lowlifes brigade will be along shortly to tell us that the 298 killed were racists, neo-Nazis, or under-achievers, so “had it coming.”

    21. Andy Ellis says:

      @John Main 10.08 am

      Hear, hear! The idea that skid marks on the underwear of the independence movement like Putinista shills Hatuey and RoS or sweary ignoramuses like Ruby are in any position to take the moral high ground or lecture others about abuse or – even more laughably – make complaints to political parties from behind their cloaks of anonymity about people who show them up for the pieces of work they are is for the birds of course.

      Little better can be expected of individuals so utterly lacking a moral compass.

    22. Ruby says:

      He should be kicked out of Alba, if he is in it, not for his views on Ukraine but for his online bullying and abuse which I find very upsetting…

      Some doubt about him actually being an Alba member?
      (another digital upload to Gettr on it’s way)LOL!

      Aah diddums you are upset by his bullying! There! there! poppet ….

      sticks & stones & all that.

      I agree he should be chucked out of Alba (if he actually is a member) ‘cos you know …..he’s a cunt.

      Lots going on today! It’s just a pity that all these 100’s of ‘silent readers’ can’t just say something for a change.

      C’mon guys say something!

    23. Ruby says:

      “sweary ignoramuses like Ruby”

      I love having the reputation of being a ‘sweary ignoramus’
      it’s really liberating!

      Expectations are low which suits me fine!

      Although I should tell you when it comes to Photoshop I am highly skilled. I’m shit hot with the old pen tool.

      Anyone wanting an Alba membership or even a PHD certificate to upload to Gettr. I’m your ‘man’!

    24. John Main says:

      @Andy Ellis – 10 March, 2022 at 10:19 am

      “skid marks on the underwear of the independence movement”

      Good phrase!

      I have been thinking on how I can work positively towards rehabilitation of the online Scots Indy movement. This site is irretrievably compromised – Rev Stu made a serious error of judgement when he left it open to be colonised mostly by these anonymous lowlifes.

      Can you recommend any good online sites where serious debate with a Scottish perspective is encouraged?

    25. Andy Ellis says:

      So Tourette’s addled low life “Ruby” re-enters the fray. If ever there was a case of lacking the intellectual height to get on the indy fun fair ride he/she/it provides a case in point.

      I’m still not the snivelling coward hiding behind anonymity to damage the movement like you and your Putinista mates Ruby. I’ve got my Alba founder membership card, my PhD certificate and the moral compass you seem to have mislaid.

      Why would Alba take any notice of random moon howlers on the internet that soil the independence movement on a regular basis? Feel free to ask them and see how far you get….!

    26. Andy Ellis says:

      @John Main 10.36 am

      Sadly I can’t recommend any alternatives and agree with your assessment. Most of the others are irredeemably captured by Sturgeonista loyalists, grifters milking the hard of thinking for their bungalows, or woker than woke failures.

      We can only hope that other resources materialise before the next Holyrood election? In the meantime unless the SNP stranglehold on power can be broken, or the current leadership removed, the only alternative is a party like Alba holding the balance of power.

      Low lives like those who have captured BTL comments on here in recent months are a clear and present danger to progress. Thankfully the vast majority of Scots see them for what they are.

    27. Ruby says:

      “skid marks on the underwear of the independence movement”

      What sort of underwear do you envisage the ‘independence movement’ wears?

      I understand Hatuey and RoS are kilt wearing commandos & I wear a thong. No skid marks on our undies.

      Can you recommend any good online sites where serious debate with a Scottish perspective is encouraged?

      You would probably love the Wee Ginger Dug site.
      Hasta la vista. Enjoy dogging.

      TCE is here because he has been banned for every other site so don’t hold your breath waiting for a recommendation from him.

      John Main your real name? Can you prove it?

    28. Hatuey says:

      Now they’re making me even more upset…

      One of my dearest friends has Tourette’s Syndrome. She didn’t choose it.

      Making fun of really serious medical conditions is not okay.

    29. Ruby says:

      Fuck off ‘TCE’ & ‘TAF Main’ people are looking to have a serious debate. I’ve done my bit to give you a bit of attention but now that is enough.

      WFT is wrong with recommending the Andy Ellis blog?

    30. Ruby says:

      Making fun of really serious medical conditions is not okay.

      Totally agree!

      Another good reason why this ‘bigoted cunt’ should be denied the right to claim he is an Alba member.

      They should strike now before he’s ‘interviewed’ by the Daily Record again.

    31. Hatuey says:

      In other news, I see Russia has formally withdrawn from The Council of Europe. They had been suspended anyway but no matter how you look at their withdrawal isn’t good.

      We are edging closer and closer to a state of affairs where ‘anything goes’.

      Oh well.

    32. Robert Graham says:

      I see the tag team kids are out without adult supervision again, just shows how in need of reform social services really are.

      Trying to find a source of news about Americas latest exploit’s in the world is almost impossible just now, the hysterical Hollywood scripted drama queen led propaganda littered pieces that are masquerading as news has gone off the charts it is at fever pitch and way over the top even for some of the more outlandish organisations.

      The most dangerous country on the planet has been meddling in Ukrainian affairs since the 70s it really got into top Gear under Obama who under the cover of various NGO fronts whose aim was to destabilise Russia’s neighbour and poke and bait the Russian bear.

      The Democratic Party and Biden in America are having a wet dream not since the late 40s has the American dream of a total collapse of Russia been so close , Biden and his family are so mired in the corruption surrounding government’s in that country it’s almost unbelievable the amount of money disappearing rivals probably even the Mafia .

      The Tory government have been criticised for not doing more, well maybe they know a lot more about the real situation and definitely don’t want involved, anyone questioning the official narrative is branded pro Putin and not a good person when the whole country has assumed sainthood and the comedy act called their president is spoken about in the same breath as mother Teresa ,he is a actor playing a part just like most other political stooges.

      A brief look at the history of that country and in particular during the Second World War makes the whole idea of downtrodden lambs in need of our protection look like a sick joke, as usual the yanks will make sure any fallout from their actions is kept well away from them

    33. Andy Ellis says:

      @Hatuey 11.06 am

      Save your crocodile tears and victim blaming you odious piece of work, and keep it with your forlorn attempts to tone police the internet. Describing a potty mouthed barely verbal serial abuser like Ruby in such terms is accurate, as her frequent recourse to the “c” word attests.

      Are we not allowed to say people are deaf to entreaties or blind to things that are staring them in the face? Unreasoning trolls like “Ruby” who revel in their own ignorance and make a point of telling us they don’t want to hear about thinks like the Ukraine aren’t representative of the movement thankfully, or even the silent majority in here. It’s sad she/he/it and you amongst others continue to stain it’s legacy however.

    34. Hatuey says:

      I’m not a health care professional, but I’d be surprised if being a “cunt” was classed as a medical condition. That said, nothing would surprise me these days.

      Good luck with that.

    35. John Main says:

      @Hattrick – 10 March, 2022 at 11:06 am

      “One of my dearest friends …”

      Nah Hattrick, Soz.

      Hattrick – friends – does not compute.

      Alter egos, now that’s a different texture of skidmark. Yup, I reckon so. I’m thinking blood red gemstones.

    36. Andy Ellis says:

      @John Main 12.42 pm

      Hattrick is lucky if he has one personality let alone multiple ones. 🙂

    37. John Main says:

      @Robert Graham – 10 March, 2022 at 11:36 am

      “A brief look at the history of that country and in particular during the Second World War makes the whole idea of downtrodden lambs in need of our protection look like a sick joke”

      The second world war in Europe was 1939-1945, Bob.

      It is a certainty that none of the pregnant women who were shelled by Russia yesterday contributed in any way to the second world war.

      Your inability to see this renders the entirety of your post irrelevant.

      Energy prices high, and set to go much higher soon. If you’ve nothing rational to add to the debate Bob, why not do your bit for the war effort by switching off your PC?

      Thanking you in advance …

    38. John Main says:

      Andy Ellis 10:50

      Just been looking at Iain Lawson’s Yours For Scotland site.

      Some good stuff on there. Iain grasps the basics and implications of Putin’s war – Scots Indy is finished if it is seen to be siding with a pitiless imperialist aggressor as it destroys a free, independent, sovereign nation, its culture and its people.

      Iain moderates comments on the site to ensure ADHD sufferers are swiftly transferred to the metalwork ‘O’ grade class.

      Some posts from the late and unlamented Mia. She is still refusing to use one word when 100 will do, but WTF, maybes she is paid by word count!

    39. gregor says:

      BBC (10/03/2022):

      ‘Uniqlo owner U-turns and suspends operations in Russia’:

      “The owner of Uniqlo has made a U-turn and decided to suspend operations in Russia.

      Fast Retailing said it faced “operational challenges” due to the “worsening of the conflict situation” after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

      Earlier in the week it had said it would keep its Russian shops open, saying that clothing is a “necessity of life”.

      But it now joins a rush of global brands halting operations in Russia…”

    40. gregor says:


      “The Valuable 500, a global initiative to promote active participation in society for persons with disabilities.

      The Valuable 500 was launched at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2019…”:

    41. gregor says:

      World Economic Forum: Agenda:


      ‘Uniqlo replaced 90% of staff at its Tokyo warehouse with robots’:

      “Now that the system is running, the company revealed during a walkthrough of the new facility, Uniqlo has been able to cut staff at the warehouse by 90%. Uniqlo Tokyo warehouse can now operate 24 hours a day.”:

    42. Andy Ellis says:

      @John Main 2.07 pm

      Perhaps blogs like that are an alternative to an extent, tho’ as you say giving a platform to verbal diarrhea like Mia’s is hardly encouraging. I’ve not seen anyone in such dire need of an editor since reading arch yoon Effie Deans back in the day.

      Sadly from memory Iain is another of those enamoured of the nativist narrative, and none to keen to discuss the negatives of that worldview for the movement. He’s no Stu Campbell that’s for sure.

    43. Republicofscotland says:

      Ruby @9.49am.

      Sturgeon the betrayer is acting irresponsible in that article, her eagerness to please others (brown nosing) could lead to the escalation of hostilities in Europe, she has a big mouth and little ability, and should remember that Scotland is a first strike country, then again in all honesty she doesn’t really care that much for the country and its people, if she did we’d be independent by now.

    44. gregor says:

      We cannot be reset:

      “to turn a piece of electronic equipment off and then on again when it does not work correctly, to make it start working correctly again”

      “to change the position on the controls of a piece of equipment”

      “to change so as to be at a different level, amount, or time”

      WorldofReel (09/03/2022): ‘Oliver Stone’s 2016 Ukraine Documentary Banned on YouTube’:

      “YouTube, which is owned by Google , has deleted the film ‘Ukraine on Fire’…”:

    45. Republicofscotland says:

      This is interesting it adds another facet as to why the Great Satan (US) orchestrated the 2014 coup in Ukraine.

      “Former Prime Minister of Ukraine Mykola Azarov, who held this post under President Viktor Yanukovych , spoke about the activities of the biological laboratories of the US Department of Defense on the territory of his country.”

      “In his Facebook, the ex-premier emphasized that his government had nothing to do with the opening of these centers. The decision to start their work was made by Yulia Tymoshenko’s cabinet.”

      “And an agreement was signed between the US Department of Defense and the Ministry of Health of Ukraine on the establishment of such laboratories in August 2005 under the presidency of Viktor Yushchenko, when Tymoshenko was already retired.”

      “What to say? Of course, not a single sovereign and independent country that thinks about its people and the future will let other people’s uncles into the issues of biological safety of the population, ” writes Azarov.”

      “He notes that the goals for which these laboratories were created are unknown to this day, since all their activities are classified, and Ukrainian citizens are not even allowed to work closely.”

      “Since 2005, the United States has established laboratories in Odessa, Vinnytsia, Lvov, Kherson, Ternopil and a number of other settlements in Ukraine. I emphasize that these are the laboratories of the American military, ”says the former head of the cabinet.”

      “According to him, after his government came to power in 2010, negotiations were launched with the Americans on this issue. In 2012, Kyiv started talking about granting Ukrainian scientists access to these centers or their complete closure. At that time, inspections of the activities of these laboratories were initiated.”

      “With sin in half, we were shown something, but what we saw did not suit us. In 2013, we sent an official letter to the US Government to terminate this agreement. What happened next, you yourself know: a coup d’etat, Maidan, which, in fact, was organized by the Americans. Now these laboratories continue to work in Ukraine. Nobody controls them, they flourish ,” Azarov concludes.”

    46. gregor says:

      When we’re awake…

      GlobalTreePictures (09/03/2022): ‘Ukraine on Fire’ (featuring Oliver Stone):

      “Ukraine. Across its eastern border is Russia and to its west-Europe. For centuries, it has been at the center of a tug-of-war between powers seeking to control its rich lands and access to the Black Sea.

      2014’s Maidan Massacre triggered a bloody uprising that ousted president Viktor Yanukovych and painted Russia as the perpetrator by Western media. But was it? “Ukraine on Fire” by Igor Lopatonok..”:

    47. gregor says:

      We will determine our future:

      Great Awakening v great reset…

    48. Ruby says:

      Robert Graham says:
      10 March, 2022 at 11:36 am
      I see the tag team kids are out without adult supervision again, just shows how in need of reform social services really are.

      Great post Dr Robert. I love your style of writing. I’m jealous.

      Yes the kids have been very demanding today.

      The good news is they are looking for a new playground.

    49. gregor says:

      BBC (10/03/2022):

      ‘SNP Westminster leader Ian Blackford has denied rumours that he is considering quitting from the post’:

      “The Politico website had claimed the MP was considering his position due to infighting among the party’s MPs…”:

    50. robbo says:

      It’s a clusterfuck!! It is said.

      Aye well anyone could have predicted that. All wars are and never go the way folk think.

    51. Ruby says:

      “YouTube, which is owned by Google , has deleted the film ‘Ukraine on Fire’…”:


      I wonder if Google have heard of the ‘Streisand effect’.

      Probably be millions of people downloading the film from video.

      Thank you Igor Lopatonok I’ll get some popcorn & make Thursday night a movie night.

    52. Ruby says:

      Tut! Vimeo not video.

      FYI you can’t download from the Gregor’s archived link

      Go here to download ‘Ukraine on Fire’

    53. gregor says:

      Wikipedia: Ian Blackford:

      Banking and business:

      “Blackford was the chair of Commsworld plc, a telecoms company, until 2019.[13] The sale of the business to Lloyds Development Capital at this time is reported to have made Blackford a seven-figure sum…”:

    54. gregor says:

      World Economic Forum: Partners:

      Lloyds Banking Group:

      “Lloyds Banking Group is a United Kingdom-based commercial and retail bank with average interest-earning banking assets of £510.9 billion.”:

    55. gregor says:

      Once we’ve come to our senses just think what we could achieve.

    56. Republicofscotland says:

      “HOLYROOD’S Finance Committee is “extremely disappointed” after the outgoing permanent secretary refused to appear before MSPs on Thursday morning.”

      The wretch of a woman Evans managed to not have to appear personally at the Inquiry last year is beyond me, now she’s just thumbed her nose at this committee.

    57. gregor says:

      BBC (10/03/2022): ‘This is not war anymore. It is Russia against humanity’:

    58. James says:

      Today’s crossword clue for Arms Industry Andy (Ellis)

      “A country that has to ask the country next door for permission to hold a referendum to decide it’s own future”

      6 letters beginning with ‘c’; C____Y

    59. Republicofscotland says:


      The Blue countries are countries that have applied sanctions against Russia, the rest have not.

      The BBC can spin whatever way they like, it never ceases to amaze me that the same MSM that’s lied to us about Scotland’s wealth and ability to be yet again a success, is the same media that’s feeding folk info on the situation in Ukraine.

    60. gregor says:


      ‘Goldman Sachs and Western Union pull out of Russia’:

      “The firms join a rush of global brands halting operations in Russia…”:

    61. gregor says:

      World Economic Forum: Partners: Western Union:

      “Western Union is a leader in global payment services… In 2015, it completed 262 million consumer-to-consumer transactions worldwide, moving $82 billion of principal between consumers, and 508 million business payments.”:

      World Economic Forum: Partners: Goldman Sachs:

      “Goldman Sachs is a leading global investment banking and securities firm that provides a full range of investing, advisory and financing services worldwide to a substantial and diversified client base, which includes corporations, financial institutions, governments and high net worth individuals…”:

      Goldman Sachs (2020):

      “Our efforts to vote our proxies in Goldman Sachs Asset Management to align with our principles—….are some examples of the “purpose-driven actions” we need to see coming from global forums such as Davos.”:

    62. Ruby says:

      Today’s crossword clue for Arms Industry Andy (Ellis)

      “A country that has to ask the country next door for permission to hold a referendum to decide it’s own future”

      6 letters beginning with ‘c’; C____Y

      Is the 2nd letter U?

    63. gregor says:


      re. “…the same MSM that’s lied to us…”:

      The regressive have little sense.

    64. Andy Ellis says:


      One for you and the the other nativists:

      “Signifying a mystical bond between people and their land: generally a nationalist slogan expressing an ideal of a racially defined national body (“blood”) united with a settlement area (“soil”)”

      3 words beginning with “b” (B___ ___ _____)

    65. robbo says:

      Andy Ellis says:
      10 March, 2022 at 5:40 pm


      So when it’s Scotland it’s “blood and soil nativist folk” but

      who is the “blood and soil nativists” in this clusterfuck with the actual blood being spilled on the soil of Ukraine?

      I’m a bit confused of who’s right and who’s wrong.

      Acht isn’t that the way of things in wars?

    66. gregor says:

      Financial Times (09/10/2019): ‘Hunter Biden’s web of interests’:

      ‘His ties span the globe and raise questions about the overlap of business and politics’:

      “Hunter Biden’s business interests often show up in unexpected places.Now, they are at the centre of the biggest political crisis of the Trump presidency and the fourth impeachment inquiry in US history…”:

    67. gregor says:

      LoneStateGazette: ‘Hunter Biden’s Pornhub Account Revealed’:

    68. gregor says:


      ‘Hunter Biden called father Joe and uncle Jim ‘office mates’ at building he planned to share with an ’emissary’ for chairman of Chinese energy company, new email claims’:

      “…At the time of the email, Hunter Biden’s company Rosemont Seneca was leasing office space…”:

    69. gregor says:

      Rosemont Seneca Technology Partners: Our Investment Partners:

    70. Scott says:

      Scots law is being bound by English law.

      A breach of international law.

      Go fuck yourself Ellis.

    71. gregor says:

      Metabiota Gains Government Momentum with Black & Veatch Sub-Contracts for Defense Threat Reduction Programs:

      Aug 08, 2018:

    72. gregor says:

      “Institute of Veterinary Medicine of the National Academy of Agrarian Sciences:

      Technical Assistance Project: Fact Sheet:

      Memorandum on technical assistance for project recipients of the State Committee of Veterinary Medicine of Ukraine and National Academy of Agrarian Sciences of Ukraine. Registration card #2225-04, dated 05.21.2012


      The Department of Defense of the United States of America (DoD)
      Beneficiary/Executive Agent –

      The State Committee of Veterinary Medicine of Ukraine (now the State Veterinary and Phytosanitary Service of Ukraine)


      Institute of Veterinary Medicine of the National Academy of Agrarian Science

      Address: 30, Donetska street, Kiev, Ukraine POC: Dr. Serhiy Nychyk, Direct


      Team –

      Integrating Contractor: Black & Veatch. Ukrainian Subcontractors: Project Technichniy Center (Designer) & Mediamax (Construction & Equipment supply)”:

    73. Andy Ellis says:

      @robbo 6.41 pm

      Lots of people are confused. A very small if voluble minority in here are more in here than likely assets for the Putin regime, while some foul mouthed low lives are just the barrel scrapings of the independence movement.

      The correct analogy here would be that the nativists banging on about Scotland being a colony, and why we have to exclude non-native born Scots from the demos, are folk who would feel right at home in the People’s Republics of Donetsk and Luhansk in the name of ethnic purity, of defending their language. Or they’d be the ones (a similarly small minority) in the Ukraine seeking to make it ethnically pure Ukrainian.

      Of course there are many ethnic Russians in Ukraine who support Ukrainian statehood, who are appalled by Russian aggression and war crimes, and fear being over-run by Putins kleptocratic gangster regime. The news is full of interviews with Russians in the Ukraine expressing their outrage, including one last night who fought for Russia in Afghanistan.

      Doubtless the Putinistas will be along directly to tell us it was/is fake news, just like they’ll swallow the Kremlin’s agitprop that the maternity hospital in Mariupol was actually a base for the Azov battalion, or that the place is alive with secret US biological warfare labs and nuclear weapons.

      You can lead such dunderheids to knowledge, but you can’t make them think.

    74. Ruby says:

      ‘You’ve Been LIED To About Why Ukraine War Began’

    75. Republicofscotland says:

      “who is the “blood and soil nativists” in this clusterfuck with the actual blood being spilled on the soil of Ukraine?”

      The Neo-Nazis that Ellis and Main support, the non-Nazi Ukrainian forces don’t particularly like them, infact they bombed them in a hospital that they set up base in, the same one the Western media has gotten into a frenzy over.

      “The Ukrainian armed forces fired a missile at the Ukrainian right-wing Azov Battalion headquarters of the city of Mariupol over the latter’s refusal to follow orders”

      Here’s another sign of Western hypocrisy.

      “the International Humanitarian Fact-Finding Commission (IHFFC) for an independent and impartial inquiry. The only permanent body set up specifically to investigate international humanitarian law violations, the IHFFC requires the consent of those involved to be able to take action. Called on after the US army airstrike on the hospital in Kunduz, Afghanistan, the Commission was unable to launch an inquiry because the US did not give its consent.”

      Did any US personnel appear in the Hague for that warcrime? Of course not don’t be silly.

    76. gregor says:


      “Vice President Kamala Harris has been criticized for breaking into laughter Thursday after she was asked whether the US will take in Ukrainian refugees…”:

    77. Scott says:

      Andy Ellis is paranoid. He sees communists everywhere.

      Scots law is being bound by English law.

      A breach of international law.

      The situation in Ukraine is analogous to England trying to take D&G and The Borders back once Scotland is independent.

      All that uranium in them thar hills. And gold. And coos and sheep. And inbred locals for local people.

      Amarite here, Andy?

    78. Scott says:

      CTRL F Andy Ellis

    79. gregor says:


      ‘Our bad’: BBC accused of fake news after it misheard Donald Trump declare war:

      “The BBC has been accused of “fake news” after it tweeted an account of President Trump threatening war in Iran because a reporter misheard the word “more”.

      The BBC’s world news Twitter account informed its 24 million followers that the President had told the UN General Assembly that “war will follow” his decision to re-impose sanctions in the country…”:

    80. gregor says:

      BBC (2022): Corporate Partnerships:

      “Why partner with us?

      We are dedicated to creating long-lasting and mutually beneficial relationships with all of our partners, ensuring utmost value for the support we receive.

      We offer partners a number of benefits which include:

      Exclusive invites to networking events, receptions and dinners hosted by BBC correspondent.

      Getting behind-the-scenes at the BBC with private tours of New Broadcasting House.

      Exclusive recognition on our website and marketing materials.

      Case studies of how your donation has impacted our work, for you to use in both internal and external communications.

      Exclusive opportunities to see and help deliver our work in action, in country.”:

    81. gregor says:


      “limiting or limited to possession, control, or use by a single individual or group”

      “excluding others from participation”

      “snobbishly aloof”

      Aloof vs Snobbish – What’s the difference?

      “Aloof is reserved and remote; either physically or emotionally distant; standoffish.

      Snobbish is having the property of being a snob; arrogant and pretentious; smugly superior or dismissive of perceived inferiors.”:

    82. gregor says:

      Mutually beneficial:

      “Mutually dependent.

      Relying on or requiring a person or thing for support, supply, or what is needed”:

    83. Andy Ellis says:

      @Putin’s Poodle 7.22 pm

      So…didn’t take long for the Putinista talking points to be regurgitated on the war crime against the maternity hospital. Must be some kind of record even for paid assets to react that quickly, huh? Nobody’s buying the sub-Tooting Popular Front snake oil bud.

      Tell us tovarich is the Russian Federation signed up to the IHFFC?

      How about the Ukraine…?

    84. Scott says:

      All the comments form the group, gregor.

      Fuck, I’ve just left everyone else out.

      They’ll get the gist.

      Aloof is Ronald Villiers.

    85. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      There’s no’ half some sh!†e being posted on here, that has nothing to do with the struggle for Scottish independence, which is the raison d’être of the WOS web site.

      Get a grip!

    86. Scott says:

      English law binds Scots law.

      Ellis won’t engage on this point.

      [Here, or his own blogs]

    87. Scott says:

      That comment really should win an award, BDTT. Here, have this one.

      Scots law is Scotland.


    88. Republicofscotland says:

      What’s good for the goose is also good for the gander.

      “Russia could nationalize the assets of 59 major foreign brands that have decided to stop working in the country in protest against Moscow’s ongoing military offensive in Ukraine.

      The likes of Apple, IKEA, Microsoft, IBM, Shell, McDonald’s, Volkswagen, Porsche, Toyota, H&M and others have featured on the schedule compiled by consumer protection group the Public Consumer Initiative (OPI).”

      Of course the US and UK have stolen not just Russian gold, but Libyan gold, Afghani gold and Venezuelan gold, although Venezuela might get theirs back, as US officials begged president Maduro to allow the Great Satan (US) access to their oil recently.

      This is the sheer stupidity of the West especially the Great Satan, slapping sanctions on Russia like there’s no tomorrow, and Russia doing likewise, and who suffers the most from these sanctions? We do.

      The Great Satan has been using sanctions against countries for years, sanctions are war by other means, they cause great poverty starvation and death.

    89. Andy Ellis says:

      @BD 8.35 pm

      Oh I dunno…a bunch of total apologists for Putin’s actions are flooding this site with Kremlin agitprop – I mean it’s virtually word for word what Lavrov is coming out with. They’re doing it in defence of a deeply repugnant regime which is extinguishing the independence of its smaller neighbour, which it insists isn’t a real country anyway, while illegally annexing parts of it, and insisting it has a right to dictate what policies the smaller neighbour is allowed to adopt.

      In defence of their sophomoric Trotskyism they employ puerile whataboutery about western policy, as if that excused what’s going on now, or that one bad somehow absolved their ideological hero of guilt in some twisted game of War Guilt Top Trumps.

      You might not see the connections between and implications of Russian policy toward Ukraine and British nationalist policy toward Scotland, but some of us do. Similarly you may feel those shilling for Putin, actually saying the Ukrainians “had it coming” or repeating the falsehoods about Ukraine needing to be de-nazified and demilitarised, are harmless to the cause of independence, but again some of us disagree.

      Do you believe Ukrainians “had it coming” Brian? That their government is led by nazis or needs to be demilitarised? If you do then you’re very much part of the problem too.

      Those shamefully promoting the Putinista narrative are a stain on the independence movement, and a disgrace to the positive legacy of this site to the cause. I’d call them shameful, but they patently have no shame or conscience.

      Get some perspective.

    90. Scott says:

      Plagiarism Andy was the name taped to the bottom of his coffee jar in the halls at uni.

      We’re definitely gonna need a bigger boat for this inflatable shark.

      You might not see the connections between and implications of Russian policy toward Ukraine and British nationalist policy toward Scotland, but some of us do.

    91. gregor says:

      BBC (27/04/2015):

      ‘Google offers cash support to Europe’s news groups’:

      “This is just the beginning, and we invite others to join us.

      The newspaper groups which have signed up to the agreement are well aware that the search firm needs to improve its image in Europe after the accusations that it has used its muscle unfairly…

      They want Google’s engineers to find ways of favouring original content in search results…

      For the moment, the papers and Google have decided on jaw, not war…”:

    92. gregor says:


      Russia-Ukraine War: ‘Is internet on verge of break-up?’:

      “The world, both physical and digital, finds itself in unprecedented times as the conflict in Ukraine rages.

      Corporate giants such as Meta, Google and Apple, who have always framed themselves as neutral tech firms, are now pinning their political colours to the mast – banning products in Russia…”:

    93. Scott says:

      People born in Scotland and resident in Scotland will vote in any referendum on independence.

      Those born elsewhere won’t.

      They won’t be denied anything the equivalent Scot wouldn’t be on matters of English law, or any other common law jurisdiction.

      Scots law is supreme. Scots born are supreme.

      The prosecution rests.

    94. gregor says:

      Google News Initiative: Our Partnerships:

      “We believe in spreading knowledge to make life better for everyone…

      Put simply, our futures are tied together – New technology presents new opportunities…

      We help partners respond to changing news consumption habits by experimenting…

      Collaboration is key to our mutual success”:

      Storytelling: Case Studies:

    95. gregor says:

      Reporting vs. Storytelling:

      “When a reporter tells a story on the news, she is only telling you the facts. Reporters don’t add opinions or their own thoughts and feelings.”

      “Storytellers, though, add lots of details: they describe things using their senses just like you guys did with your observation four-square, they tell actions just like you guys know how to do with your vivid verbs, they add dialogue to show people talking, and they add their thoughts and feelings so that their readers feel like they were there with the writer.”

    96. gregor says:

      Google’s Digital News Innovation Fund:

      “The €150M Google’s Digital News Innovation Fund has supported 662 digital news projects in Europe.”:

    97. gregor says:

      World Economic Forum: Partners:




    98. gregor says:

      World Economic Forum: Projects: Power of Media:

      “Global media platforms, with access to over 3.8 billion people consuming their content daily, have unique opportunities to leverage their scale for positive societal impact. From the way technology is designed and used to the ways in which digital media is consumed…


      …new societal solutions that leverage the broad reach and power of media platforms”:

    99. gregor says:

      Bullshit Artist:

      “A deceptive fuck that gets off on selling people worthless info as it were fact.”:

    100. gregor says:

      Reuters (10/03/2022): EXCLUSIVE:

      ‘Facebook temporarily allows posts calling for violence against Russians or Putin’s death’:

      “Meta Platforms will allow Facebook and Instagram users in some countries to call for violence against Russians and Russian soldiers in the context of the Ukraine invasion, according to internal emails seen by Reuters on Thursday, in a temporary change to its hate speech policy.

      The social media company is also temporarily allowing some posts that call for death to Russian President Vladimir Putin or Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko in countries including Russia, Ukraine and Poland…

      These calls for the leaders’ deaths will be allowed unless they contain other targets or have two indicators of credibility, such as the location or method, one email said, in a recent change to the company’s rules on violence and incitement…”:

    101. gregor says:


      “The quality of being believable or worthy of trust.”

    102. gregor says:

      ‘Vicious Cycle of Distrust Fueled by Government and Media’:

      “We find a world ensnared in a vicious cycle of distrust, fueled by a growing lack of faith in media and government. Through disinformation and division, these two institutions are feeding the cycle and exploiting it for commercial and political gain.”

      (Edelman, 2022)

    103. gregor says:


      “The quality of being honest and having strong moral principles that you refuse to change.”

    104. gregor says:

      “Not all Talking Heads are malicious, but all talking heads are idiots and time-wasters.”

    105. Clavie Cheil says:

      I cant remember who said it but I keep hearing the following chilling words in my heid – ” England will defend another nations freedom to the last drop of Scottish blood.”

      I fear nothing has changed in the world since the day I was born 62 years ago.

    106. gregor says:

      CEO @DuckDuckGo(10/03/2022):

      “Like so many others I am sickened by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the gigantic humanitarian crisis it continues to create.

      #StandWithUkraine? At DuckDuckGo, we’ve been rolling out search updates that down-rank sites associated with Russian disinformation.

      In addition to down-ranking sites associated with disinformation, we also often place news modules and information boxes at the top of DuckDuckGo search results (where they are seen and clicked the most) to highlight quality information for rapidly unfolding topics.”:

    107. gregor says:

      DuckDuckGo: Investors:

      Fortune (27/01/2021): ‘Bracket Capital raises $450 million’:

      “As private companies stay private longer, early employees and investors are finding the need to turn their paper wealth into actual dollars by selling some of their shares to other investors rather than wait years for an initial public offering.

      One investment firm has raised millions more to snap up shares of these aging unicorns…”:

    108. Confused says:

      Who won the war atrocity propaganda bingo sweep?

      I think I had “chemical attack” and “babies in incubators”

      “gassed his own people”
      “45 minutes to armageddon”
      are still available

      for the krainian foreign legion, packed full of 61 year old hibs casuals

      thinking of heading over to the ‘krain myself

      NB ukraine/the ukraine has been retired as a terminology in line with vietnam becoming ‘nam

      – get some AKs, javelins, LAWS and now the “starstreak” with triple tungsten pointy bits

      this will kickstart the independence movement in productive ways; I will sell the gear on the dark web and use the profits to buy ads in The National. Now we stick it to them. The fire rises, once we have a national conversation johnsons position will be untenable.

      My sauna business could also use a receptionist and a lassie to fold the towels.

      have a “happy finish” everyone.

    109. gregor says:

      George.News (10/03/2022):

      ‘The White House is blaming Vladimir Putin for everything! Psaki crumbles’:

      REPORTER: “The President’s statement blames ‘the Putin price hike’…. Are you guys just going to start blaming Putin for everything, until the mid terms ?

      PSAKI: Well, we’ve seen the price of gas go up at least 75 cents, since President Putin…

      REPORTER: And last month, the statement didn’t mention the Putin price hike, it mentioned inflation because of the pandemic. Why’s that ?…”:

    110. gregor says:

      The White House (19/01/2022):

      ‘Remarks by President Biden in Press Conference’:

      “Some people may call what’s happening now the “new normal.” I call it a job not yet finished. It will get better…”:

    111. Effigy says:

      Abramovich at Chelsea is accused of having money Putin stole from the Russian people.

      Have we now stopped the innocent until proven guilty governance in law.
      What evidence is there?
      Newspapers say he has blood on his hands?
      What and where is this supposed to have happened? Any facts or evidence anywhere?
      If you had Putins money would you be buying a football club losing billions or have 2 super
      yachts losing money when Putin can’t indulge in anything he purchases?

      Abramovich also promised to sell Chelsea for 3 Billion and give it all to help Ukrainian orphans.
      In come the Tories after this to say they will stop him from making money on the sale?

      So if the Tories could find money stolen from the Russian money do they intend giving it back to them? How would they do that? Give it to Putin to hand out?

      Now dodgy dealings stealing from the people and taking Russian money.
      Can we look at the Billions Gordon Brown threw at companies for PPI schools and hospitals
      How about the 10’s billions in emergency Covid contracts handed out to Tories without tender?
      What about the PPE Contracts handed out to Tory Michelle Moan,Dom Cummings family to Matt Hancocks pub landlord and to a lady in his constituency who gave him £5,000?

      How about Grayling and £150 million for ships that didn’t exist from another Tory.

      Can we now freeze the Tory party bank accounts that have millions of Russian money in them
      Can we freeze Wee Ruth’s bank account as she received £20,000 for a Russian?

      The hypocrisy of Westminster is quite stunning.

      On refugees in Ukraine, while saying they are leading the way, their actions see them doing all they can to block them without being obvious.
      Processing 30 applicants in remote destination where inaccessible documents are to be download while they see crowds freezing outside their offices but handing out a box of Kit Kats.

      Immoral heartless profiteering criminals pretty much sums up the Tory government!

    112. Robert Hughes says:

      ” A Welsh orchestra has dropped music by Russian composer Tchaikovsky from a concert because of the Ukraine war. Cardiff Philharmonic Orchestra said it would be “inappropriate at this time” to perform the composer’s music after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. ”

      Next-up in the race to * present * as the most righteously idiotic ‘kraine stand-withs ….

      British FM Nicola Stoogeon changes first name to ” Nancy ” as birth name too reminiscent of Nicolae and organises a public book-burning of the works of Tolstoy , Dostoevsky , Chekhov et al .

      Her next * unmissable * book review might usefully be a selected edition of the work of Pavlov .

      Just don’t mention he’s Russian

    113. Breeks says:

      John Main says:
      10 March, 2022 at 10:18 am
      Any decent Scots reading here might be interested in today’s reported news that the UK intends to supply Ukraine with state-of-the-art surface to air missiles.

      There is more than one way to introduce a no-fly zone.

      The idea that aircraft need to be countered by other aircraft is long out-of-date.

      Do they shoot down ballistic missiles and cruise missiles prompted by an escalation in hostilities? Phew what a relief. I can sleep at night without fear of waking up well done and crispy.

    114. John Main says:

      @gregor – 10 March, 2022 at 6:43 pm

      ‘Hunter Biden’s Pornhub Account Revealed’

      Gregor! You is da man wid yore finger on da pulse!

      How many times you had Covid, Gregor? Recent studies show the brain shrinks by 2% with each infection.

      What are you at now, Gregor? -50%?

    115. Effigy says:

      Tories intend to supply?
      That must strike fear into Ukrainians as they see the value of their word in leading the refugee crisis.

      They asked for military aircraft and they are available for them in Poland so are these not weapons like all the others?
      Sell the aircraft for an unspecified sun- $1 let Ukrainian pilots take them, let them fly back at low levels below radar.
      Rebadge them and from there how do Russians know if they always had them or new or dies Russias rules of escalation say we can’t sell anything to Ukraine.

      Things like this are so difficult for the Tories as they generally only have to focus on making money for themselves and their supporters.

    116. John Main says:

      Breeks 7:34

      “Phew what a relief. I can sleep at night without fear of waking up well done and crispy.”

      If you are well done and crispy, then you won’t wake up. Fact!

      But thanks for your reply. My post was an attempt to drop some factual accuracy into the wasteland of lies and regurgitated bile that Wings, and by extension the wider Indy movement, has become.

      It was not intended to signal either or approval or disapproval of the actions of the UK government.

      My position on Putin’s war to destroy the free, independent, sovereign nation of Ukraine, its culture and its people (ethnic Ukrainians and ethnic Russians both) is made clear enough when I post about the dead and injured kids.

    117. gregor says:



      “So far this week, we have heard John Kirby lie and ‘laugh off’ any talk of U.S Bio Labs in Ukraine.

      Pentagon Press Secretary, Kirby said that, “The Russian accusations are absurd. They’re laughable”.

      Now, this is the very same John Kirby, that lied to the world about a drone strike that killed a family of 7 in Afghanistan.

      Why does he for a second, think that we believe him now? He is a clown.”

    118. John Main says:

      @Effigy 7:48

      Maybes everybody who intends to post criticism of the efforts to assist the Ukrainian refugees should prefix their spiel with a summary of their own personal efforts so far.

      On you go, show us how it’s done.

    119. John Main says:

      @Gregor 8:02

      Shit on dat story man! Tell us wat da man Kirby digs on PornHub!

      We’s all gonna check that shit out.

    120. John Main says:

      @Robert – 11 March, 2022 at 7:34 am

      ”Tchaikovsky … Nicolae … Tolstoy , Dostoevsky , Chekhov et al”

      You’re losing the room, Bob.

      Too many skidmarks reading here. They don’t get the refs.

      And spare a thought for Gregor. World’s most Covid-infected specimen. Scotland leading the world in brain shrinkage.

      Grab hold of that thought. It’s rare these days for the Indy movement and Wings to have anything to boast about.

    121. gregor says:

      (01/02/2019): BBC: ‘Jussie Smollett speaks about ‘racist and homophobic’ attack for first time’:

      “Empire actor Jussie Smollett says he’s doing “ok” after being attacked in Chicago…”:

      CNN (29/01/2019): ‘Empire’ star Jussie Smollett attacked in possible hate crime’:

      Guardian (29/11/2021):

      ‘Jussie Smollett was ‘real victim’ of racist attack, lawyer says as trial begins’:

    122. gregor says:

      BBC (11/03/2022):

      ‘Jussie Smollett sentenced to 150 days in jail in attack hoax case’:

      “US actor Jussie Smollett has been sentenced to 150 days in jail after a jury found he lied to police about being the victim of a hate crime…”:

    123. Andy Ellis says:

      @John Main 8.17 am

      It’s passing strange isn’t it that the Putinistas flooding the site with the Kremlin playbook and agitprop, and their useful idiots inside the movement, get very exercised when folk have the audacity to talk about the war in the Ukraine rather than stick to kale yard politics of “waur ain folk”, yet you never hear a peep out of them when Gregor (the poor man’s Cameron Brodie it appears) spams the site with content about B list celebrities in the USA, or Covid tin hattery.

      One might almost think they had an agenda to render this site unreadable and of no more use to the movement, huh?

      I wonder what their motivations could be for doing that?

    124. Stuart MacKay says:

      First the biolabs and now this,

      It seems the dirt is now starting to flow.

      None of it has to be true. However contrast it with the mainstream media narrative and the smell is getting stronger by the day.

    125. Ruby says:

      Do you want to know what a flamebaiter looks like

      TCE & TAF Main are Flamebaiters

      Oh look ‘Flamebaiter TAF Main’ is desperately wanting attention/a reaction.

      He’ll have to wait until ‘Flamebaiter TCE’ comes along and tells him what a good boy he is followed by the SSDD flamebait from TCE.

      TAF & TCE hate this site (aye right) but they can’t find another site.
      Too many thickos, Putinista, Moonhowlers, scheemies, the new Cameron Brodie etc etc etc

      They cant go to Iain Lawson’s site cos ‘Moonhowlers’ & Mia.

      Ginger Dug out ‘cos too woo woo.

      TCE apparently has two blogs but for some strange reason they aren’t considering these blogs? No flamebaiting allowed perhaps!

      I’m assuming everyone can figure out what TCE and TAF stand for.
      Should I do a crossword clue?

    126. Ruby says:

      ‘Arwyddio Rhinwedd’

      That’s the Welsh for ‘Virtue Signalling’.

      Either I am becoming clairvoyant or the flamebaiters are highly predictable.

    127. Ruby says:

      Stuart MacKay says:
      11 March, 2022 at 8:52 am
      It seems the dirt is now starting to flow.

      None of it has to be true. However contrast it with the mainstream media narrative and the smell is getting stronger by the day.

      Has the smell from the MSM not always been pretty strong here on Wings?
      It’s amazing that there are people who are so ready to believe the MSM.

      It seems the MSM have done a very good job of manipulating the public.
      People are hysterical. I haven’t seen anything like it since Princess Diana died (or perhaps she was killed)

    128. Andy Ellis says:

      @Tourettes Ruby

      I can’t speak for John Main but I’ve personally always supported WoS. Even when CBB was derailing it it was still a valuable resource and remains so even tho’ Stu is letting it wither on the vine. As his own figures show it’s still read by way more people than other pro indy sites, and the likelihood is only a very small percentage of them support the Putinistas and other moon howlers who have taken up residence.

      Of course ideological extremists, conspiracy nutters and anti science folk will see folk pointing out their woo woo as “flame baiting”. Some of course are at least capable of mounting a coherent argument, others like yourself just stick to calling folk cunts or posting inanities.

      Not having a realistic alternative to WoS will be a blow to the movement, but I’m sure it will survive. It will do so in spite of nasty pieces of work like you, Republic of Scotland and Hatuey of course, not because of you. It’s not hard to see why you all cling to your anonymity: no reasonable person would give you or your views the time of day otherwise.

      I haven’t done anything on my blog for ages. It’s hardly exceptional for any blogger that they wouldn’t let folk like you or your compadres derail BTL discussions given your MO’s. You can barely string two words let alone sentences together without using the word “cunt” Ruby, or glorying in your own ignorance. Luckily the movement has a lot more to offer than pieces of work like you, not that most of us believe that the snivelling anonymous keyboard warriors in here ARE really independence supporters of course.

    129. Ruby says:

      SSDD from Flamebaiter TCE.

      According to TCE Stu Campbell has tourettes & so does a very high % of residents in Scotland.

      Fuck the fuck off you flame-baiting cunt and take that thick as fuck Main guy with you.


    130. Ruby says:

      not that most of us believe that the snivelling anonymous keyboard warriors in here ARE really independence supporters of course.

      This is a new flame-bait.

      It’s pathetic!

    131. Scott says:

      Tourette’s can cause debilitating pain and exhaustion.

    132. Ruby says:

      Not playing ‘Tchaikovsky’ or reading ‘War & Peace’ is not only pathetic but it also looks very much like a racist hate crime.

      Are we going to be seeing notices saying ‘NO RUSSIANS’ on rental property?

      What is going to happen to the ordinary Russian guy who lives in the UK?

    133. Stuart MacKay says:


      > What is going to happen to the ordinary Russian guy who lives in the UK?

      Here you go,

      Can’t be too long before the first bloodshed at the hands of a mob.

    134. Ruby says:

      Can’t be too long before the first bloodshed at the hands of a mob.

      I think you are right Stuart. The country has gone mad!

      Probably best to avoid being seen buying or appreciating anything Russian.

      You wouldn’t want to be beaten up for buying a set of Matryoshka dolls or admiring a Kandinsky poster.
      That is of course if there is anything Russian left in the shops.

      What’s Waterstones looking like? Any big gaps in their bookshelves or are Waterstones Putinistas?

    135. Scott says:

      Billy Bragg wrote a song called Everywhere.

      It’s about 2 kids growing up in USA following the American dream, from the perspective of one holed up in the Phillipines, awaiting rescue which never came.

      His friend Lee, committed suicide after the war, having been held along with other Americans of Japanese descent in ‘Internment camps’ from 1942-45.

    136. Republicofscotland says:

      So Facebook and Instagram are to allow their users to call for the deaths of Russians, Twitter has already allowed the condemnation of all things Russian.

      This isn’t about Ukraine its about a witch hunt against the folk of Russia, did the above media platforms call for the deaths of Brits and Americans when they invaded the likes of Afghanistan and Iraq, or when Western forces razed Libya to the ground, or have these platforms called for the heads of Saudi’s for killing and starving to death an unknown number of Yemeni’s, using British bombs that’s still going on.

      The propaganda of the West is almost outweighed by their sheer hypocrisy

    137. Breeks says:

      Breeks says:
      1 March, 2022 at 8:07 am

      Just a small note of caution…

      When the Russians sent their military into Grozny, they were banking on the intimidation factor, and in a show of strength, sent their tanks …. the tanks so they could be destroyed with relative ease. The Russians lost over 200 armoured vehicles, including 60 main battle tanks…

      …It is quite probable the Russians aren’t having it all their own way, but it’s early days. For all it’s valor, perhaps even because of its valor, Grozny was flattened.

      10 days later, another small note of caution.

      “A MASSIVE convoy outside the Ukrainian capital has split up and fanned out into towns and forests near Kyiv, with artillery pieces raised into firing position…”

    138. Breeks says:

      I should add…

      Mr Putin, please don’t do it.

      Mr Biden, please give Mr Putin a reason not to do this.

      Sturgeon the No-fly-zone expert who wants to up the anti, please keep your trap shut.

    139. Republicofscotland says:

      “Sturgeon the No-fly-zone expert who wants to up the anti, please keep your trap shut.”

      Sturgeon is emulating her warhawk heroine, Hillary Clinton.

    140. Scott says:

      Russia has called for an emergency meeting of UN Security Council.

    141. Scott says:

      If Peter and the Wolf is cancelled, how will this impact the governance of the governing party in Scotland?

    142. Stoker says:

      ‘Three Orange walks planned for Edinburgh city centre’

      “Councillors have limited powers to restrict or ban parades and can only be exercised to “prevent public disorder, risk to public safety, damage to property or excessive disruption to the life of the community.”

      BULLSHIT! Same crap trotted out every time these sectarian tribes want to promote their brand of hatred. A judge in Glasgow supported our ‘Human Rights’ when he made a ruling that their “right to parade” etc does *NOT* override our rights not to be offended etc. Mind you, i would expect nothing less from The Edinburgh News – sister rag to The Scotsman.

      There is absolutely *NOTHING* acceptable about these hate parades. They can wear all the fancy-dress uniforms and shiny buttons etc but you can’t polish a turd. After-all, even the KKK had their own fancy-dress uniforms. There should be no room in any forward-thinking society for such hate-filled and discriminatory organisations.

      NOTE to the dumb: If you stand against Scotland’s right to self-determination then you are on the same side as these inbreds. Never thought i’d see the day Edinburgh would start welcoming these parades more & more.

    143. Scott says:

      I watched an Orange Order parade in Edinburgh in 88 or 89.

      I watched the James Connolly Society march in his honour in Edinburgh in 1988, 1994 and 1995.

      I’ve always sought freedom for Scots law.

    144. Andy Ellis says:

      I hear Malta has taken in more Ukrainian refugees than the UK (or must we disbelieve that because it’s the MSM reporting it….?).

      I wonder how many an independent Scotland would have taken in?

    145. Stoker says:

      Scott says 10 March, 2022 at 8:38 pm: “English law binds Scots law.”

      Explanation please! Where is this written? I’m serious, need to see for myself as i don’t know what you’re getting at and i don’t know much about that topic.

    146. Dan says:

      Andy Ellis says: at 11:46 am

      I hear Malta has taken in more Ukrainian refugees than the UK (or must we disbelieve that because it’s the MSM reporting it….?).

      I wonder how many an independent Scotland would have taken in?

      We could send over a couple of our ferries to pick them up… Oh!

    147. Scott says:


      It’s self explanatory, once you know where to look.

    148. robbo says:

      “Yoon” LMAO

      ‘Devastated’: gender equality hopes on hold as ‘anti-feminist’ voted South Korea’s president

      Yoon accused of ‘gender conflict’
      After Yoon’s election, the Korea Women’s Associations United issued a statement accusing him of “disappointing many people by actively using the degenerative and fictional frame of hate agitation and gender conflict” and urging the incoming government to fulfil its responsibility to realise gender equality.

    149. Dan says:

      @ Stoker at 11.07am

      I wonder if the BBC will cover those “cultural activities”.

      I suppose it will be acceptable as come under being Civic to all.
      And on the subject of Civic… I was minded of one of Stu’s gags from around 5 years ago. Though between covid passports, the price of fuel, and poor ferry services, we may not see an appearance in Auld Reekie from the The Red Honda (Ulster)!

    150. Ruby says:

      ‘Three Orange walks planned for Edinburgh city centre’

      That should be fun!

      Council unaware of ongoing traffic chaos in Edinburgh City centre?

      Where are they going to march?

      Perhaps the Queen will demand the park is open for these boys!

      I thought these OO boys would have taken up Liz Truss’ offer to go to fight in Ukraine.

      They must be Putinistas!

    151. Ruby says:

      ‘Devastated’: gender equality hopes on hold as ‘anti-feminist’ voted South Korea’s president

      That is very confusing Rob. We have an ‘anti-feminist’ in power and she/her is 1000% (cheers Simon Cowell) in favour of
      ‘gender’ equality or maybe it’s ‘gender’ conflict.

      What is The Korea Women’s Associations? Any similarities with ‘Edinburgh Rape Crisis Centre’?

      Any defined the word woman yet?

    152. Andy Ellis says:

      “They must be Putinistas!“

      Birds of a feather, eh? The OO and the Putinistas are natural allies right enough: both deeply regressive movements dedicated to suppressing the self determination of oppressed peoples.

      But yeah, the most objectionable part of the OO marches in Edinburgh is the traffic delays it will cause to stop Ruby get to her session with the therapist.

    153. Ruby says:

      Tut! I wish there was an edit button on this forum.
      I meant:

      Anyone defined the word woman yet?

      I believe ‘Baroness Helena Kennedy QC’ refused while being interviewed on the new misogyny law!

    154. Ruby says:

      Baroness Helena Kennedy QC’ talking about Wayne Cousens

      “She said: “This police officer was known to be peculiar in relation to women but also had recently been exposing himself and nothing had been done about it.

      “If you don’t act on the lower level stuff, then it creates a subsoil from which much more serious crime like rape and homicide takes place.”

      Things could get very tricky in communal changing rooms for transwomen.

      What difference is there between someone exposing themselves and someone just stripping off to put on their swimsuit?

      PS Would you need to know what a woman is to know what a misogynist is or not?

    155. Ruby says:

      He’s flamebaiting again!


    156. Stoker says:

      @Dan on 11 March, 2022 at 12:34 pm

      The Red Honda (Ulster)!

      That gave me a good chuckle. Big thumbs up for that one. LOL!

    157. robbo says:

      Ruby – fill yir bits.

      It was just the “yoon” bit that tickled me. Apparently he’s a conservative but hates women’s groups- confused, you bet.

    158. robbo says:

      Remember this one from the infamous Pierce M with Lisa (I don’t ken who I um).

      Her petted lip comes oot a few times wae this one. The rest of the panel sit there thinking(maybe) shut up wumin yir getting destroyed here.

    159. Ruby says:

      robbo says:

      It was just the “yoon” bit that tickled me.

      Cheers robbo! It was the anti-feminist bit that attracted my attention.

      Sounds as if the South Korean feminists groups have still got a lot of work to do.

      It’ll be sad if they make gains only to find that the woman who claimed to be a feminist to her core (or some such shit) that they voted into power turns out to be an anti-feminist.

      It wont be spycams they will need to worry about it will be totally legal i-phones in the changing rooms.

    160. Republicofscotland says:

      No mention from Ellis/Chinthe on the hate crime that has began against Russians by Facebook and Instagram, nor a mention of it from Main, both are avid supporters of the Neo-Nazis in Ukraine.

      What kind of lowlife supports Nazis, as for the O/O I recall their supporters giving Nazi salutes on the night of the 2014 indyref at George Sq in Glasgow, and on one occasion on the 200,000 attendance of an indy march in Glasgow, as Manky Shirt spewed out his shite on a bullhorn.

      Make no mistake the likes of Ellis who is a Nazi supporter, will have much in common with a section of the O/O who are also Nazi supporters and die-hard unionists too boot.

    161. Republicofscotland says:

      Colombia is a staging post for US aggression in South America, and the oppressive regime of Qatar has close links with the UK, Qatar, like Bahrain another deeply oppressive regime is also a close ally of the UK, and both have UK listening stations on their soil belonging to the UK.

      The UK government has sold Bahrain all sorts of weapons that are used to keep the population suppressed there is no free speech and no opposition parties, and people are disappeared on a regular basis if they speak out.

      Like I said the hypocrisy of the West is astonishing.

      “US President Joe Biden designated Qatar and Colombia as major non-NATO allies of the US on Thursday, a special status that will grant the two nations defense and trade privileges in their relations with Washington.

      “The Major Non-NATO Ally designation is a powerful symbol of the close relationship the United States shares with those countries and demonstrates our deep respect for the friendship for the countries.”

    162. Republicofscotland says:

      Meanwhile Twitter is closing down free speech in Belarus, Twitter has already Ghost Banned Craig Murray, it ran a huge smear campaign against Jeremy Corbyn, and in 2018 suggested that the Integrity Initiative was using “clusters” of journalists to try to promote Russophobia.

      But then again many folk know what Twitter is like, Jack Dorsey and the likes Noah Glass have allowed the government to call the shots.

      This is well known and he’s probably a good buddy of Ellis the Nazi lover. They probably share a work station.

      “Twitter’s ‘head of editorial’ for Middle East is officer in a UK Army propaganda unit the 77th Brigade. Gordon MacMillan has been working at Twitter for since 2012 and has been its Head of Editorial, Europe, the Middle East and Africa since July 2016.”

    163. gregor says:

      “When the debate is lost, slander becomes the tool of the loser.”

    164. Andy Ellis says:

      @Putin’s Parrot

      “What kind of lowlife supports Nazis,….”

      Certainly not me or John Main. We’re supporting the democratic government of the Ukraine as are the vast majority of the Scottish people and the independence movement. You on the other hand are shilling for Putin’s regime, and the deeply unpleasant Russian nationalists in the Donbas, who not only murdered 300 innocent civilians on a Malaysian Airlines flight, but have a record of human rights abuses and war crimes in their war against the Ukrainians.

      You are marching shoulder to shoulder with Putin and his cadres. You’re not on the right side of history, you’re aligning yourself with the modern day equivalents of Stalinism and trying to hide your regressive worldview behind whataboutery about the failures of western policy elsewhere, as though there was some moral equivalence. Nobody but a cluster of Kremlin assets and QAnon woo-woo disciples in here is buying it.

    165. Andy Ellis says:

      I see the Alba Party weekly update this week features Neale Hanvey sporting the Ukrainian flag colours on his lapel, and opens with video of the Russian war crime against a maternity hospital in Mariupol…you know, the war crime that Putin, Lavrov and the Putinistas in here insist didn’t happen and was staged because *nazis*.

      So does that mean Neale and Alba members are all nazis then…?

      Seems a bit of an outlandish think for anyone in the independence movement to believe, doesn’t it.

      Perhaps that’s because the people in here pushing the Putinista agitprop are the political skid marks left when the movement has evacuated its bowels to rid itself of waste?

    166. Ruby says:

      It used to be sorry but now it’s woman

      ‘When did ‘woman’ become the hardest word to define?’

      Would refusing to define the word woman not be considered transphobic?

      If you say transwomen are women surely you would owe it to these transwomen to define what you mean by women.

      How can a transwoman identify as a woman/live as a woman/be in a woman’s body if nobody knows what the **** a woman is?

      I wonder if thon therapist will be available on the NHS I’m having a bit of an identity crisis.

      What am I going to sing now at the karaoke? Obviously that famous Helen Reddy song is definitely out.

      It’s a shame cos I so did enjoy singing;

      ‘I am woman, hear me swear
      In numbers too big to ignore’
      I am invincible (invincible)
      I am woman
      Oh, I am woman”

    167. twathater says:

      Keep on keeping on Ruby you are doing great , and you’re funny with it

    168. Clavie Cheil says:

      I dont think the Putinistas have anything to worry about or complain about. Biden, Johnson and most of the EU and NATO leaders are weak pathetic cowardly and vacillating pussies sorry chicks with dicks these days.

      The other factor is that the Ukraine doesn’t have a bean to buy those bombs etc that are getting sold to the Saudis to bomb Yemen back to the Stone Ages. I think the

    169. Ruby says:

      Lots of people in the ‘independence movement’ think the leader of the Alba party is a Putinista.

      Seems a bit of an outlandish think for anyone in the ‘independence movement’ to believe, doesn’t it but it’s a fact!

      Just going to check the twitter feed of that ‘independence supporter’ from Perth to see what he thinks of Neale Hanvey.

    170. Republicofscotland says:

      Ellis @5.17pm.

      The Ukrainian Rada has neo-Nazis in it and has done for years, the Nazi battalions are part of the National guard, Ukrainian presidents have posthumously awarded Nazi sympathiser and Ukrainian hero the Hero of Ukraine award, such as in the case of Stephan Bandera.

      So don’t give the BS that you are supporting a democratic government which rules the country by fear and intimidation through Nazi enforcers.

      “Andriy Parubiy, founder of the Social-National Party of Ukraine (whose logo was also the Wolfsangel) and co-founder with Biletsky of Patriot of Ukraine. Parubiy led the armed faction of Maidan protesters that had carried out a coup in Kiev in February 2014. He was rewarded for failure in the war by becoming the chair of the Ukrainian Rada for three years.”

      You and Main support this vile regime which makes you and Main Nazis or Nazi sympathisers, like I said lowlifes.

    171. Ruby says:

      Is the Alba Party a cult? Are members not allowed to disagree with one another?

      See that word cult it’s the way many people in Scotland pronounce kilt sometimes it can be confusing!

      Up yer cult!

    172. Republicofscotland says:

      If this guy was FM we’d be independent by now, instead we have Sturgeon the betrayer of Scots at the helm, calling for WWIII in a no fly zone over Ukraine.

      Whilst back home prices skyrocket, people can’t afford to heat their homes, many are dying waiting for preliminary cancer checks and drug deaths of Scots, along with prison incarcerations are the highest in Western Europe.

      Scotland is f*cked for years to come.

      But take heart an English aircraft carrier is coming to Scotland we’re all saved.

    173. Andy Ellis says:

      “Alba Party condemns the illegal invasion of Ukraine, just as the independence movement has condemned all illegal wars. We stand in solidarity with the people of Ukraine and continue to call for renewed peace efforts.”


      Didn’t take long for the party to terminate the nasty piece of work John Jones: hopefully all the others that think like him will get similar treatment!

    174. Andy Ellis says:

      @Putin’s Poodle 6.12 pm

      Nobody sane buys the “Ukraine is controlled by neo-nazis” line though?

      Far right parties got around 2% in the last elections.

      Putinista shills who think like you are being purged from the Alba party, because sensible folk know such opinions are not just morally wrong, they’re electorally suicidal.

      John Jones and his ilk shouldn’t let the door hit them too hard in the arse as they leave the party, but if they don’t we’ll be more than happy to politically defenstrate them with such force they’ll reach low earth orbit.

    175. Ruby says:

      TCE making the Alba Party sound horrible.

      John Jones hasn’t been asked to leave the party.

      What do you suppose TCE (that cunt Ellis)is going to do to the man?

      Ha! Ha! Ha! Maybe he is going to call him names!

      Perhaps that’s what he means by ‘politically defenestrate’ LOL

      The only thing he usually manages to defenestrate is his own erse!

      His bum’s aye right oot the windae!

    176. Andy Ellis says:

      @Ruby 7.11 pm

      Unlike snivelling anonymous cowards like you Ruby, other party members can take action to ask for odious individuals like John Jones supporting War Criminals to be expelled from the party.

      Some of us aren’t all (foul) mouth and no action: we don’t like to see low lives like you and Mr Jones damage the movement.

    177. Republicofscotland says:

      Sturgeon the betrayer of Scots won’t be satisfied until the nukes are on their way to Scotland.

    178. Ruby says:

      If TCE has his way the only people left in the Alba Party will be him and TAF Main (that is if they are members)

      Got to purge the moon howlers, the nativistas, the putinistas, scheemies, thickos, anyone with tourettes, anyone who has a mental health issue, anyone named Cameron, Brodie, Mia, Gregor, Grousebeater, Alf…… and anyone who knows him.

    179. Breastplate says:

      Ffs Andy,
      It’s quite simple really, as destroying countries goes, it’s obviously Russia’s turn.
      But rest assured the Russians won’t do a damn thing that the West hasn’t already done to someone else’s country.

      People have merely pointed out the hypocrisy of the West.
      We’re the troublemakers, we’re the firestarters, we’re the bad guys and have been for some time, yet quite unsurprisingly have a temper tantrum when somebody else doesn’t follow the same rules we flaunt.

      You should get off that high horse of yours but I know you won’t.

    180. Andy Ellis says:

      @Ruby 8.04 pm

      It will come as no huge surprise to regular readers that a piece of work like you would jump to the defence of a man who :

      – supports Vladimir Putin and considers him a hero
      – voiced support for “forgiveness” of David Goodwillie, the footballer branded a rapist by a civil court whose signing for Raith Rovers caused national outrage.
      – resorted to personal attacks using homophobic and body-shaming language to do so against SNP politicians

      The party can do without dregs like him and any who agree with him. Mr Jones’ constituency branch will be getting formal requests for his expulsion soon enough.

    181. Ruby says:



      “In mid-August of last year the Scottish Government-run ferry service to Arran was hit by the serial failure of the ferries in the fleet. This left about 40 passengers stranded at the ferry terminal with no accommodation and after the last bus into the main town on Arran had gone. Facing sleeping on a pier overnight, people got restless and the police were called.

      This did not prevent the First Minister a week later offering advice to the US President Joe Biden on how he should go about evacuating troops from Afghanistan. Generally, the inability to get 40 people off an island close to your biggest city might give you pause before offering advice on getting thousands of people out of a battle zone a little bit further away than that. It didn’t.”

    182. Ruby says:

      Wow! Robin MacAlpine doesn’t miss and hit the wall!

    183. Ruby says:

      One thing I would say to Robin MacAlpine is that the taupe & light grey text is very stylist but not very accessible/reader friendly.

      But hey no problem I just copy and paste into a word doc. & make it black, bold & large.

    184. Republicofscotland says:

      “voiced support for “forgiveness” of David Goodwillie, the footballer branded a rapist by a civil court whose signing for Raith Rovers caused national outrage.”

      FFS the guys been playing footie at Clyde for the last five years where he won several player of the month awards, yet there wasn’t a peep out of the righteous brigade, he goes to Raith Rovers and Sturgeon’s best buddy Val McDermid hits the roof, becuase she’s a fan, and Sturgeon backs her buddy and the rotten media jumps all over it.

      How the hell is the guy meant to be rehabilitated if the witch hunt continues, he’s effectively being hounded out of Scotland.

      I don’t recall Sturgeon, McDermid or the righteous brigade or the rotten media, calling for Prince Andrew to be hounded constantly and he paid out £12 million quid.

    185. Stuart MacKay says:


      That post from Robin McAlpine didn’t pull any punches,

      I guess she’s getting ready for that coveted UN Secretary General position. Nominated by her bosom buddy, Hilary, no doubt.

      That means Craig Murray was spot on and she’ll need to put independence beyond use in order to get that all important signature from Boris.

      Everything that’s happened can be predicted by what Craig published in

    186. Ruby says:

      Andy Ellis says:
      11 March, 2022 at 8:18 pm
      @Ruby 8.04 pm

      It will come as no huge surprise

      Oh FFS Shut up! Go to your room NOW!

    187. Hatuey says:

      They think it’s all over…

      In that interview from 3 days ago, about 4 minutes in, which I’m betting none of you have seen or heard anything about, the ABC News guy asks what Zelensky’s position was on NATO neutrality, the status of the two breakaway Eastern regions, and Crimea.

      His answers were interesting. He said he had become cold on NATO and wanted to discuss it (he made it clear that it wasn’t a deal breaker since NATO rejected Ukraine anyway). On the eastern regions he expressed concern about Ukrainians there and stressed that he was open to a settlement. He didn’t answer on Crimea question which is fine since we all know it’s now a reality and is basically settled as an issue.

      The president of Belarus, according to RT, intimated today that Putin told him there was good news in the pipeline with regards to peace talks.

      The US and its running dogs won’t like that and might try to prolong it but I doubt if they’ll succeed. Zelensky has obviously realised that his western allies were using him and the Ukrainian people to antagonise Russia and he’s obviously not falling for it any more.

      On the bioweapons labs, everybody should watch Tucker Carlson’s summary;

      When right wing hawks like a Tucker Carlson on Fox is telling you the US government obviously has bioweapons labs in Ukraine and is lying about it, well, time to wake up…

      P.s. you’ll need to paste the YouTube links… I have no fucking idea how this website handles those.

    188. Republicofscotland says:

      Stuart @ 8.41pm.

      Sturgeon is a member of the Trilateral commission, you don’t join the group you are picked, it is an important body in deep world politics, it was founded by Zbigniew Brzezinski and David Rockefeller in 1973.

    189. Dan says:

      Friday nicht thought.
      Would Andy Ellis actually be satisfied and content if he was the sole inhabitant and in total control of an Independent Scotland.
      I could still envisage a civil war breaking out in this last man standing scenario…

      OT. Scored a cracking BJ earlier!
      Big up (if they are still around) to Rutherglen company BeeJay, for making a smooth running and long lasting electric motor. I think the serial number denotes it was made in 29/11/1979, but it still runs like a good un and will be upcycled into a project I’m working on.

    190. Andy Ellis says:

      @Dan 9.11 pm

      Inchoate screeching and whataboutery isn’t really going to cut it. Hard as it might be for some in here – who unaccountably appear to agree with pieces of work John Jones – to accept, they represent a vanishingly small proportion of popular opinion.

      Neale Hanvey MP appears to agree that Mr Jones should be expelled from the party according to the comment on the Alba Party Facebook page. The Putinista dregs can go and form their own party: lets see how that works out, eh?

    191. Dan says:

      @ Andy Ellis at 9.22pm

      We’ve been here before with your binary categorising of folk, and divisive lack of tolerance of others’ views.
      How are we to build a pro-Scottish indy majority when you continually want to castigate or expel all that don’t meet your specific and exacting criteria?
      Never considered just chilling out a bit, dropping the almost constant hostility to any alternative opinions, and accepting that there would be a broad range of views and political positions held in an Indy Scotland?
      But of course we won’t ever reach that situation if folk keep burning the divide and rule candle…

    192. Ruby says:

      We’re being spoiled tonight.

      An article from Robin MacAlpine and two videos from

      I don’t know how to do the YouTube links either so I just use Tiny. It works and there is no risk of having the video live on the forum & the chance of being killed with hammers.
      Just put the you tube link in the box & tiny. Sorted!

    193. Andy Ellis says:

      @Dan 9.39 pm

      You think encouraging the movement to embrace divisive fringe groups helps build a pro-indy majority in Scotland Dan? Strategy wouldn’t appear to be your strong suit.

      The Putinistas and their shills in here aren’t helping the movement, they’re hindering it. They’ll cost us votes.

      That’s why every party will shun them, and why Alba – to its credit – quickly kicked the identified Putinista off their list of candidates. If they have any sense they’ll expel him ASAP.

    194. Dan says:

      Aye, you jist cannae beat getting schooled on majority building strategy by someone that can’t help themselves but sit on t’internet finding fault, antagonising, and falling out with so many long term Indy activists.

      What groups would you suggest get banned from attending the All Under One Banner marches?
      I’m pretty sure if enough folk follow your lead and get whoever they don’t like or agree with removed we could all not attend Nae Cunt Under One Banner marches.

    195. Hatuey says:

      Here’s the Tucker Carlson video link that I meant to provide

      Of all people, I never thought Fox News would the ones to restore some faith in humanity this week.

    196. Robert Hughes says:

      Do electric sheep dream of Android Ellis ?

    197. Confused says:

      maybe the real nazis were the posters we insulted along the way …

      The Orange Order is the UK’s Azov Battalion / Brownshirts / Blackshirts / Freikorp

    198. Saffron Robe says:

      Another very good article by Robin McAlpine, although I would go further and say that Nicola Sturgeon’s loose and careless talk endangers the whole of Scotland. Is she not aware that Russia will have the co-ordinates of Faslane locked-in and Scotland will be decimated if not obliterated at the first sign of a major escalation? Everything should be being done to encourage and facilitate a diplomatic and peaceful solution to the crisis. Fanning the flames of war can only lead to complete and utter devastation. As Wladimir Putin said, in such a scenario, “there will be no winners”. I also think he was correct when he said about NATO and the West, “You didn’t want to be our friend, but you didn’t have to make us your enemy”.

      On a different note, I have been following the interesting comments above regarding the definition of a woman, and my definitions would be as follows:-

      Woman: Someone who is biologically female.

      Man: Someone who is biologically male.

      Transgender: Someone who identifies as a gender that differs from their biological sex.

    199. Stoker says:

      “Those who believed Nicola Sturgeon was going, as she promised, to deliver an Independence referendum in 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020 now believe that she will deliver one in 2023. There are those who refuse to remember that her great capitulation over Johnson’s refusal to grant an S30 was on 8 March 2019, before we had even heard the word COVID.”

      “Sturgeon will not hold a referendum in 2023. This is what she will do:”

      “In 2023, or just beforehand, she will write to Boris Johnson or a Tory successor and request Section 30 permission to hold a referendum. The Tory PM will refuse. Sturgeon will then instruct the Lord Advocate to go to court in order to win the Scottish Government’s right to hold a referendum. The Scottish Government will lose in court. The Supreme Court in London will uphold the supremacy of the UK Parliament, as a whole series of Supreme Court judgments have made clear – including the judgment that the Sewel Convention cannot be binding on the UK parliament as it is supreme, and that the Scottish Parliament has no power to incorporate the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child into Scottish law.

      “The Scottish Courts will in all probability rule the same before even getting to the UK Supreme Court – as foreshadowed by their judgment against the heroic Martin Keatings in which they dismissed the standing of the Scottish people and with it the legal force of the Claim of Right.”

    200. Andy Ellis says:

      @Dan 10.21 pm

      “What groups would you suggest get banned from attending the All Under One Banner marches?”

      I’m not advocating anyone gets banned – except groups that were actually illegal. I assume you’d agree that organisations that had been banned for supporting terrorism should be excluded for example: that would hardly seem exceptional? So it’s not really “ALL” UOB banner is it? Being open minded is great, but being so open minded your brain falls out…? Not so much.

      How about Siol nan Gaidheal Dan. Would they be welcome to unfurl their banners at AUOB? How about Orangemen for Indy? I might have qualms about marching next to “Tories for Indy” folk, but at least I’d accept they weren’t anti-democrats supporting a mass murdering war criminal like Republic of Scotland and his mates.

      From memory there was a lot of coverage of groups unfurling “Tory Scum Out” banners on indy marches. They weren’t stopped from doing so, but the optics weren’t exactly good, and it hardly spoke of being an inclusive civic nationalist movement.

      Doubtless some of the nativists in here would be allowed to attend AUOB marches with their “This is a local country for local people” banners, or “No votes for incomers” pledge.

      As for falling out with “so many” long term indy activists, if its the kind of low lives polluting the discourse here over the past few months with their regressive nativism, support for Putin and woo-woo conspiracy theorising, I’m intensely relaxed about it. A few dozen nutters to inoculate ourselves and the movement against. They aren’t representative of course, but they do have the potential to do damage.

      Like the odious Mr Jones in the National piece, they’re entitled to their wrong opinions of course: they’re not entitled to put themselves out as in any way representative of the movement as a whole however.

    201. Stoker says:

      That first link above is meant to show the actual books cover. This:

      If you click on the “view website” button you see more about the book etc. NOTE: That book has nothing to do with Stuart Campbell or this WOS site.

    202. Stuart MacKay says:


      Very interesting, thanks. The notable members, – no mention of Sturgeon – looks very much a list of Atlanticists and includes Kier Starmer, gosh 😉 The only shock is that Blair is not on the list. He was probably too right-wing for them. Jeffery Epstein was also a member. Well know we know why the SNP want the age of consent lowered.

      Given the number of British Establishment figures I think we can safely say that independence or even a referendum with Sturgeon or any of her sycophants is absolutely out of the question. Moreso now that Eastern Europe is back on the boil. Longer term I think the influence of groups like this will wane sufficiently that a nuclear-free Scotland could carve itself out of the US hegemony. Our chances will increase if NATO can be more European with a much strengthened France and Germany at the center. Then the likes of Faslane won’t be so important and a chance to either rid themselves of the British or stick it to the English will make independence easier – assuming we have a deft and wily leader. None of the existing SNP are up to the job so it’s either wait a few generations to clear out the current crop or find an alternative.


      Thanks for the videos. Tucker “I was only asking a question” Carlson is just a high paid troll. However his comment is interesting as it panders to the Trump crowd. These kinds of foreign entanglements combined with the US government funded work in Wuhan is just going to make Trump’s election campaign in 2024 a lot easier.

    203. Stoker says:

      Just think, with London’s nuclear weapons not wanted in England and them being sited in Scotland, this could very easily happen to Scotland. “a technical malfunction” they call it. LOL!

      Sorry for wiping out most of your population, Scotland, but it was due to a technical malfunction, the bugger.

      Oh the benefits of this Union eh? “Pooling and sharing” indeed!

      BTW, folks, at the last count, when figures were last released about 2-3 years ago there was said to have been over *200* accidents involving London’s WMD submarines. By the law of averages it can’t be too long now before we experience a serious major incident in Scotland eh? Food for thought!

    204. Stuart MacKay says:


      Just watched the Carlson video. Very interesting, thanks. Sensationalist, pandering and partisan, definitely but he’s very, very good at what he does.

      Anyway, there is a plausible explanation for this. I know someone who does research on livestock pathogens in a US university. If Ukraine has a large livestock sector then it’s probably a good place to put a lab that would look into the potential of diseases emerging from Asia Minor. Given the large exports of wheat then checking for things like Wheat leaf rust is probably a good idea as well,

      So it is malice or incompetence? Probably both. Certainly serious questions need to be asked and heads should roll, even if it’s just for how badly this has been handled.

    205. Ruby says:

      Saffron Robe says:
      Woman: Someone who is biologically female.

      Man: Someone who is biologically male.

      Transgender: Someone who identifies as a gender that differs from their biological sex.

      That makes sense but as you know it is being dictated that transwoman are woman.

      The term woman cannot be defined but hey transwoman are woman.

      “A working group set up to look into tackling violence and harassment against women has recommended the creation of a Misogyny and Criminal Justice (Scotland) Act. ”

      “Misogyny is hatred of, contempt for, or prejudice against women.”

      Great! but what is meant by women. Why is everyone so afraid to define the term.

      It would be a lot clearer if they used the term cis-women if that is what they mean. Why don’t they?
      If they did then Baroness Kennedy wouldn’t be asked questions that she wasn’t prepared to answer. ‘Wasn’t prepared to go there.’

      I’m wondering if self-id could be classed as misogyny. It certainly feels like it.

    206. Ruby says:

      Is a crime committed against a transwoman misogyny or transphobia?

      Why would you want to group misogyny & transphobia together?

      Is transphobia not already a hate crime?

      Cis-women can’t even have their own hate crimes now! I call that cis-misogyny

    207. gregor says:

      BBC (12/03/2022): ‘Ukraine: Spam website set up to reach millions of Russians’:

      “…computer expert has created a website enabling anyone to send an email about the war in Ukraine to up to 150 Russian email addresses at a time, so that Russian people have a chance to hear the truth their government is hiding.

      All over Russia email inboxes are pinging…”:

      BBC (03/03/2022): ‘RT: Russian-backed TV news channel disappears from UK screens’:

      “Russian-backed news channel RT has disappeared from all broadcast platforms in the UK.

      UK access to the TV network, formerly called Russia Today, has been affected by a ban imposed by the European Union.

      Although the UK is no longer in the EU, the bloc applied sanctions to satellite companies in Luxembourg and France, which provided the RT feed to Sky, Freesat and Freeview.

      RT said “the facade of free press in Europe has finally crumbled”…”:

    208. gregor says:

      BBC (11/03/2022): ‘War in Ukraine: Instagram banned in Russia over ‘calls to violence’:

      BBC: (11/03/2022): ‘War in Ukraine: Facebook to allow calls for violence against Putin’:

      @BBC: “Where to throw a Molotov cocktail. Guide for Ukrainian volunteers #Kyiv shows weak spots in Russian armour, viewing hatches and air inlets”:

    209. gregor says:

      CPS: Terrorism:

      “The specific actions included are:

      Serious violence against a person;

      Serious damage to property;

      Endangering a person’s life (other than that of the person committing the action);

      Creating a serious risk to the health or safety of the public or a section of the public;

      International Terrorism:

      Linked to this, UK nationals travelling overseas to serve with extremist groups as ‘foreign fighters’ present a potential threat to the UK, both while they are overseas and when they return to the UK.”:

      Terrorism Act 2000: Weapons training (Section 54):

      “(1)A person commits an offence if he provides instruction or training in the making or use of—

      (b)explosives, or
      (c)chemical, biological or nuclear weapons.”:

      Terrorism Act 2006 (Section 6): Training for terrorism:

    210. Saffron Robe says:

      Ruby says:

      Is a crime committed against a transwoman misogyny or transphobia?

      Very good question, Ruby. My answer would be that a crime against a transwoman would be transphobic, a crime against a woman would be misogynistic. That answer also fits in with my definition of a woman as an adult biological female.

      You are also quite right to say that it is being dictated that transwomen are women, even although two different things cannot be defined as the same. Can an apple and an orange be defined without making clear the distinction between them?

    211. gregor says:

      BBC (12/03/2022): ‘Cost of living: Energy bills to rise 14 times faster than wages, says TUC’:

      “According to the Resolution Foundation think tank, the typical household income will fall by about £1,000 this year in real terms

      – the largest fall in living standards since the mid-1970s.

      The TUC said people on low incomes will be hit hardest…”

    212. gregor says:

      CharlesStanley (12/07/2021): ‘Joe Biden wants lower prices and higher wages’:

      “US President Joe Biden issued an important Executive Order on 9 July, pledging to strengthen market competition to lower prices, increase choice, raise low wages and break cartels…”:

      The White House (10/02/2022):


      ‘The Biden-Harris Plan to Boost the Capacity of the Economy and Lower Costs for Working Families’:

      “The Administration this week is highlighting its comprehensive strategy to boost the capacity of the economy and lower costs for working families…”:

      Guardian (02/03/2022): ‘Tackling inflation is ‘top priority’, says Biden in State of the Union address’:

      “President acknowledges ‘too many families are struggling’ as climbing prices hit him in polls…”:

    213. gregor says:

      George.News (11/03/2022):

      ‘Joe Biden speaks to girls During Tour of an Elementary School’:

      “I Love Your Dress! It’s Magnificent!” “Don’t date till you’re 30!”:

      TheGuardian (18/02//2022):

      ‘Let’s Go Brandon: the Nascar driver who became a hero in an unwinnable culture war’:

      “…Talladega’s packed crowd began chanting “Fuck Joe Biden” loud and clear enough to come across Brown’s microphone. Desperate to keep the interview going with her producers unable to bleep the background noise, NBC Sports reporter Kelli Stavast tried to Jedi mind trick her viewers. “You can hear the chants from the crowd – Let’s go, Brandon,” she said…”:

    214. gregor says:

      DailyRecord (20/01/2021):

      ‘Nicola Sturgeon congratulates Joe Biden in pledge to build Scotland’s friendship with America’:

      “Scotland’s first minister sent her message as Biden was formally sworn in as the new US president.

      Scotland’s first minister sent “warm congratulations” to Biden and his new vice president Kamala Harris moments after they were sworn in at Washington DC.

      Sturgeon, in a statement, wrote:

      “Warm congratulations and best wishes to President Biden and Vice President Harris.

      Scotland and the USA share long-standing bonds of friendship and co-operation.

      We look forward to building on these in the years ahead…”:

    215. gregor says:

      National.Scot (20/01/2021):

      ‘Nicola Sturgeon has a message for Donald Trump and Joe Biden on inauguration day’:

      “Nicola Sturgeon had a message for soon-to-be former US president Donald Trump this afternoon as Joe Biden prepares for his inauguration.

      During First Minister’s Questions the Scottish Greens co-leader called on Sturgeon to act on “serious concerns” about how Trump’s holdings here were financed.

      In the mean time, the First Minister had a message for Trump and soon-to-be US president and vice-president Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

      “Well firstly I’m sure many of us across the Chamber and across Scotland will be very happy to say cheerio to Donald Trump today,” she said. “I think ‘don’t haste you back’ might be the perfect rejoinder to him.

      “And in advance of the inauguration later on I’m sure we all want to send our congratulations to soon-to-be president Biden and soon to be vice-president Kamala Harris.

      “Kamala Harris in particular today doesn’t just become the vice president, she makes history”…”:

    216. gregor says:

      National.Scot (07/02/2022):

      ‘Police receive key documents over £600k raised by SNP for independence campaign in fraud inquiry’:

      “Police Scotland executed a warrant yesterday in an investigation into £600,000 of “missing” funds that were raised by the SNP.

      The money in question was raised from donations that were intended for the specific purpose of campaigning for Scottish independence.

      It has been alleged that the funds were then spent elsewhere which has sparked accusations of fraud…”:

    217. Republicofscotland says:

      “no mention of Sturgeon”


      Scroll down to the letter (N) first names.

    218. gregor says:

      ‘Reality Check’:

      Integrity doesn’t lose:

      “Adherence to moral and ethical principles; soundness of moral character; honesty.”

    219. gregor says:

      BBC (11/03/2022): ‘Reality Check’:

      ‘Ukraine war: Fact-checking Russia’s biological weapons claims’:

      “We’ve looked into some of the claims and assess whether there’s any evidence to support them.

      No evidence: US funds biological weapons research in Ukraine…”:

    220. gregor says:

      YouGov (16/12/2019):

      ‘Do people in the UK trust the media?’:

      “…figures show British trust in the press to tell the truth has fallen, with less than half believing BBC news journalists are honest and impartial.”:

    221. gregor says:


      “Intentional perversion of truth in order to induce another to part with something of value or to surrender a legal right.”

      “An act of deceiving or misrepresenting.”

      “One that is not what it seems or is represented to be.”

    222. Republicofscotland says:

      A couple of wee points.

      Turkish shipyard is the preferred bidder to build Scottish ferries, because the Scottish government couldn’t run a menage when it comes to this.

      Sturgeon has appointed a minister for Ukraine (Neil Gray) he’ll report directly to Sturgeon, part of Gray’s remit is to make sure the Ukrainians entering Scotland have full support. I don’t recall Sturgeon appointing a minister for Afghanistan, as million freeze and starve in the country, nor do I recall Sturgeon appointing a minister for Yemen where millions of women and children have been displaced due to hunger and bombing with UK made bombs.

      Meanwhile Edinburgh city council is pondering over whether to award the most prestigious honour that it can bestow on a person to the President of Ukraine. I’m quite sure the people of Edinburgh have much more pressing problems that they wish their council to deal with than presenting Zelensky with a meaningless honour.

      The West has gone mad, and Scotland with it.

    223. Ruby says:

      Saffron Robe says:
      12 March, 2022 at 1:16 pm
      Ruby says:

      Is a crime committed against a transwoman misogyny or transphobia?

      Very good question, Ruby. My answer would be that a crime against a transwoman would be transphobic, a crime against a woman would be misogynistic. That answer also fits in with my definition of a woman as an adult biological female.

      You are also quite right to say that it is being dictated that transwomen are women, even although two different things cannot be defined as the same. Can an apple and an orange be defined without making clear the distinction between them?
      Labour STILL can’t say what a woman is as Yvette Cooper becomes second frontbencher to dodge the question

      You don’t seem to have a problem defining women Saffron Robe however ‘the Shadow Home Secretary refused three times to offer a definition, Asked whether she was confident about what a woman was, Miss Cooper replied:
      ‘Yeah, but I’m not going to get into rabbit holes on this. Why are we all getting ourselves tangled up?’ `

      Anneliese Dodds, Labour’s equalities spokesman, said the meaning of the word depended on ‘context’
      What is a woman? Labour frontbenchers don’t seem to be sure

      “Following the exchange, JK Rowling tweeted: “Someone please send the shadow minister for equalities a dictionary and a backbone.”

      The Harry Potter author – in reference to her character Lord Voldemort – quipped that under a Labour government, International Women’s Day would become “We Who Must Not Be Named Day” .

      This is the winner

      Asked whether the Labour Party has a definition for women, a spokesman said:

      “A woman is a woman.”

    224. Alf Baird says:

      Republicofscotland @ 3:03 pm

      “A couple of wee points. The West has gone mad, and Scotland with it.”

      The SNP elite has clearly discarded Scottish Nationalism and deceitfully replaced it with Western Liberalism, which is Imperialism/Colonialism, i.e. the diametric opposite of independence/decolonisation.

    225. Ruby says:

      I think it’s very important for both trans-women and
      non-trans women (formerly know as women) to be categorised separately for many many reasons.

      The reasons why a trans-women is attacked is going to totally different to why a a ‘non-trans woman’ is being attacked.
      A ‘non-trans woman’ is being attacked because the person attacking her believes she is a woman a ‘trans-women’ is more than probably being attacked because the person attacking her believes she isn’t.

      The reason why people are getting so tangled up is because as Saffron Robe says you cannot define two different things as the same.

      Anyway it’s quite fun watching politicians trying!
      If you cannot define women, then you cannot defend them
      The headline of this article is true but what I found interesting in that article was the following:

      “About three years ago, not long after I was first elected, I was contacted by a woman in Leeds, for advice. Her six year old daughter had been verbally attacked and then subjected to a violent outburst by a 17 year old male who had been allowed to join a local girls group as a helper. This was because he said he identified as a female. What had this child done? She had asked him if he was a boy. And then this six year old girl had been made to stand alone in front of the entire group and apologise to him.”

      You can dictate trans-women are women until the cows come home but that doesn’t mean people will believe it and this poor child hadn’t learned her ‘pronouns’ yet or about misgendering she was only six.

      I think the 17 year old would have been better to explain to the child that she was a trans-women.

    226. Republicofscotland says:

      As quite a few Scots struggle with price rises on just about everything, some of which could’ve been mitigated or even partially mitigated had we achieved independence from this rancid union, but it wasn’t to be as Sturgeon the betrayer of Scots isn’t interested in helping her ain folk as they say.

      Anyway fuel costs are set to at least double in April and then again in October, however this will push them up even higher. Boy are we in for a big shock.


      “In October 2021 the government introduced a Nuclear Energy (Financing) Bill, comprised of legislation to allow use of a model to finance the building of nuclear power stations, called the Regulated Asset Base (the RAB). Such a model would require all UK electricity customers to pay up front towards the financing costs of the construction of Sizewell C.”

      “This would add a nuclear “tax” to all energy bills, regardless of whether customers have chosen a renewable tariff or a regular tariff. Click here for a more detailed RAB Briefing Paper updated November 2021.”

      “This model places an unacceptable risk that consumers would be forced to continue to pay if there were delays and cost overruns, for which the EPR reactors (EDF’s design at Hinkley and proposed for Sizewell C) are notorious for. An abandoned nuclear project in the US, funded by a model similar to RAB, may leave utility bill payers collectively with debts of billions of dollars.”

      “The RAB has never before been used for new nuclear and stalled for two years after a government consultation in 2019. The media reported that the Treasury was “not enthused” by the RAB but the Chancellor seems now to have been persuaded.”,more%20detailed%20RAB%20Briefing%20Paper%20updated%20November%202021.

    227. gregor says:

      Express (10/03/2022):

      ‘Sturgeon spends £12m of taxpayer cash on new furniture… but tells voters to mend theirs’:

      “The Scottish government admitted to billing the extortionate amount over five years in a response to a written parliamentary question. It said £12,070,860 had been spent to do up the furniture in government buildings since 2017.

      The excessive spending comes despite Ms Sturgeon saying Scots had a “moral imperative” to reduce their own waste and consider mending old items rather than replacing them…”:

      BBC (01/03/2022):

      ‘MPs to get £2,200 pay rise next month’:

      “MPs will get a £2,212 pay rise on 1 April, seeing an MP’s basic salary go up to £84,144 a year.

      The 2.7% rise will come in the same week that millions of workers see their wages hit by a National Insurance increase…”:

    228. gregor says:


      “Relating to the standards of good or bad behaviour, fairness, honesty, etc. that each person believes in, rather than to laws.”

      “It’s her moral obligation to tell the police what she knows”.

      “The Democrats are attempting to capture the moral high ground (= are trying to appear more honest and good than the other political parties)”.

    229. gregor says:


      “Free choice of one’s own acts or states without external compulsion.”

      “Process by which a group of people, usually possessing a degree of political consciousness…”

    230. Hatuey says:

      Peace in our time…

      “Zelensky says he is ready to negotiate with Russia”

      The only thing left to discuss is the question of why they put everybody, and especially the poor Ukrainian and Russian people, through all this… that on the basis that Zelensky is going to accept the terms Russia has been pursuing and offering for several years, which I’m sure he will since the alternative is basically the Stone Age.

      FUBAR, made in America.

      You have to wonder what Keynes would have thought of the idea that wars and disasters might be engineered to stimulate capitalist economies.

    231. twathater says:

      Thanks for that article Ruby it is not the world who has gone mad it is us who have failed to challenge all this civic progressive bullshit being peddled and pushed by narcissistic arsewipes for years who maintain they speak for the majority yet never produce evidence that they are

      It is now and has been for a while about feels , nobody can be classed as a loser , you can run a race or compete in anything and be a winner BUT you must never say wee Andy was or is the loser because you will hurt his feelings and we wouldn’t want that it would be unkind , so you have to protect wee Andy and say he/she is the runner up to protect he/she’s feelings even when everybody knows and thinks of wee Andy as a LOSER
      It is the same with trans you can’t say they are mentally ill or suffering some confusion in their imbalanced chromosomes you MUST accept and succumb to their delusions to protect their FEELINGS , irrespective of the damage or danger this will probably cause to others who have suffered more physically and mentally for a lot longer period than these wee souls and apparently those others are not supposed to have feelings or those feelings are NOT VALID

    232. Republicofscotland says:

      Talk about shooting yourself in the foot.

      “In another embarrassing development this week, Nato deleted a tweet celebrating International Women’s Day, after complaints it featured a Ukrainian soldier wearing a ‘Black Sun’ Nazi symbol on her uniform.”

      You’d have thought the personnel at the Nato Intelligence Fusion Centre (NIFC) at RAF Molesworth in England would’ve gotten this one right, apparently not.

    233. Ruby says:

      This one is for TCE.

      Your hero Rev Stu it turns out is a PUTINISTA!

      He came to the defence of that other well known PUTINISTA & OMG said nice things about Russia.

      Why are you posting on the website of a PUTINISTA?

      It’s not going to look good when you are taking the moral high ground and looking to get everyone chucked out of ALBA even the leader of the party!

      There is also the issue of you being a misogynist. For proof folk just have to look back and see the posts you’ve direct at me.

      David Leask is probably monitoring you as we speak.

    234. Ruby says:

      Hatuey says:
      12 March, 2022 at 5:33 pm
      Peace in our time…

      “Zelensky says he is ready to negotiate with Russia”

      Oh hang on you can’t ‘tiny’ that!
      You have to


      For Herald it’s
      (archive doesn’t work for Herald)

      Don’t wan’t these newspapers getting any clicks due to direct links. Some posters get very angry if you post direct links. Be warned! They are scary!

      Tiny just for youtube links when you don’t know how to post you tube links like a pro. ie Brain DoontheToon etc.

    235. Ruby says:

      That’s it archived.

    236. gregor says:

      Mainstream media prefers telling stories.

    237. gregor says:

      Technofog (11/03/2022): ‘Ukraine Maternity Hospital Shelling: A False Flag?’:

      “Interestingly, one of the purported victims (re. Marianna Podgurskaya) seen in the photographs is an Instagram “influencer” who lives in that city…

      Her Instagram has since been scrubbed…”:

    238. gregor says:

      British Council: Social Media Influencers:

      So what is an influencer and how do we become one?

      “An influencer is a person who can influence the decisions of their followers because of their relationship with their audience and their knowledge and expertise in a particular area, e.g. fashion, travel or technology.

      Influencers often have a large following of people who pay close attention to their views. They have the power to persuade people to buy things, and influencers are now seen by many companies as a direct way to customers’ hearts…

      Tell an interesting story:

      Whether it is a photo or a comment that you are posting, use it to tell a story that will catch the attention of your followers…
      Make sure people can easily find your content.

      Publicise your posts on a variety of social media, use hashtags and catchy titles, and make sure that they can be easily found…”:

    239. gregor says:

      British Council: Learning fast from Covid-19: how are societies changing? 16 July:

      ‘Learning fast from Covid-19 – how are societies changing?’

      “Follow #ConnectedByConversations for the latest updates on new events in the series…”:

    240. Ruby says:

      Do you need a hero?
      Are you holding out for a hero?

      Which hero would you choose between

      1. Sturgeon Black
      2. Putin Red

      Mesdames et Messieurs
      Faites vos jeux

      Rien ne va plus

    241. gregor says:

      Meta/Facebook/BBC News (06/10/2021):

      ‘How did the Facebook and Instagram outage affect influencers?’

      “The hours-long outage of Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram was a minor inconvenience for many – but for several influencers it had a huge impact.”:

    242. gregor says:

      World Economic Forum: Global Agenda: Fourth Industrial Revolution:

      There’s no vaccine for the infodemic – so how can we combat the virus of misinformation?

      “Fake news about COVID, its origins, treatment and prevention, has gone viral.

      UN has launched counter-attack, wants you to help.

      Storyful founder says “algorithms and human editors can help turn the tide”.

      Misinformation: The subject of the new episode of World Vs Virus:

      Heard …that the pandemic is in fact a ‘plandemic’ – deliberately created to make someone a fortune or to subjugate the masses? Then you’ve come up against the virus of misinformation that has spread around the world as fast as the coronavirus itself.

      In a world where social media is increasingly where most of us get so much of our information …what can be done to combat dangerous misinformation?

      …has launched ‘Verified’ – where people can sign up for daily emails on the latest COVID news that comes from reliable sources:

      “science-based information” that might otherwise be buried on “page 125 of a PDF” presented “in formats that are optimized for sharing on social media.

      “It is front-and-centre in your social media feeds. So it can compete with the slick misinformation content,” Fleming says.

      The UN is also encouraging us to stop rushing to re-post potentially dubious content, promoting the hashtag #PledgetoPause…”:

    243. Ruby says:

      A woman is a female adult, and in addition to that trans women are women,

      That’s Starmer’s definition.

      JK Rowling ain’t happy.
      No more £million donations?

    244. Effigy says:

      Sturgeon spends £12m of taxpayer cash on new furniture…?

      So how many desks, chairs ,filing cabinets?
      Is it the thousands?
      How old was the old stuff and in what condition?

      It might well be a bargain?

      How did the Express comment on the latest tart at Boris house spends £230,000 on furnishing a flat that was in first class condition?

      We don’t need to do unionist medias work here.

    245. Effigy says:

      The Tory Party has taken several million from Russians.
      wee bastard Ruth Davidson took £20,000 for her last campaign from a Russian woman she never saw or spoke to. Is their bank accounts frozen?

      Innocent until proven guilty?
      Has anyone got any piece of evidence Abramovich did anything illegal?
      Anyone trying to take him to court?

      Let’s imagine the Tories could take £1 Billion from his bank account because they say it was stolen from the Russian people?
      How do they give it back to the Russian people?

      Exactly- they want to steal it for themselves.
      They put a Russian in the House of Lords, then Tory Lord Barker made millions working for a London based Russian only resigning a couple of days ago.

      Each Russian gaining citizenship here paid £2 million for it.
      Is that money going back to the Russian people?

      How about selling the U.K. assets like Royal Mail, the Banks we bailed out etc
      Given to rich Tory hedge fund managers on the cheap.
      Stolen from the people of this country!
      Is anyone looking to give that money back to the people?

    246. gregor says:

      Herald.Scot (12/03/2022): David Leask:

      ‘Why did some Scottish online warriors fall for Putin propaganda?’:

      “RT is gone, banned in the EU and off the air in the UK.

      Indeed, the SNP has been described, most recently in the New Statesman magazine, as the most anti-Putin party in the UK…

      Now Nicola Sturgeon takes flak… This is not surprising:

      Mr Salmond after he left the SNP and set up a rival party, Alba, while still appearing, weekly, on Putin’s propaganda…

      But I still keep thinking about those voices.“:

    247. gregor says:

      Wikispooks: David Leask:

      “David Leask is a journalist who has been openly working with the Integrity Initiative.

      In 2019 he was chief reporter for The Herald.

      He was introduced to the group by former BBC Monitoring colleague of Chris Hernon.

      Craig Murray termed him a ‘Russophobe nutter’”:

    248. John Main says:

      Hattrick at 5:30

      “The alternative is basically the Stone Age …”

      It’s better than that for patriots, Hattrick, the alternative is death.

      Here’s the bit snivelling wee cowards like you, hiding in their hole, don’t get. Freedom, independence, celebrating your culture on your own land, intangibles like that, are not just “nice to haves”. They are essentials. They are about as optional to the best of the Ukrainians as air to breathe.

      What Scots Indy needs to be asking itself is, how in the name of fuck did it ever end up with craven toadies like Hattrick, Republic, etc. as the loudest shouters in the room? Why did it never have a leader like President Zelensky?

      Is it any wonder that the movement stalled in 2014 when these skid marks self-Id, over and over again, as “Scotland’s finest”?

    249. John Main says:

      Republic 3:03

      The people of Afghanistan mostly welcomed other Afghans back into their country to take it over and form a government. Afghans who were in any position to push back against the Taliban policy of turning the clock back to the Middle Ages abandoned their weapons and uniforms and ran away.

      Hard to credit for you, Republic, but that kind of cowardice generates contempt, not sympathy and a desire to help.

      I am going to try to go easy on you in future, Republic, as the only explanation I can find for your inability to see the most obvious things is that you must be registered blind.

    250. gregor says:

      BBC (12/03/2022):

      ‘Scottish Greens target fundamental reform of energy system’:

      “Co-leader Lorna Slater said there was “far more to come” from the Greens in government…

      Both leaders also focused their speeches on the war in Ukraine…

      They set out policies they aim to bring to fruition in the coming months and years, with Mr Harvie saying his party’s policies could help “make us safer”

      This hybrid conference was partly hosted online, in a nod to the “new normal” way of life in the age of Covid-19…”:

    251. gregor says:

      ProjectNetZero (28/05/2021):

      Building back better: what does Green election success tell us?

      “…Minister Boris Johnson’s flagship conference speech last October, “build back better”, was stolen from a grassroots campaign…”:


      “The ordinary people in a society or an organization, especially a political party.”

    252. John Main says:

      @Gregor 7:45

      FFS, do a proper job of work. This Leask character.

      Which are his favourite PornHub categories? You do know that’s the only aspect of your interminable posts we are interested in, right Greg?

      Find that out and get the readers engaged again. Maybes even a link or two?

      Don’t forget to link something for Rubes. It’s Saturday night and she has no date. Again.

    253. gregor says:

      World Economic Forum: Agenda:

      “To build back better, we must reinvent capitalism. Here’s how…”:

    254. gregor says:

      “When the debate is lost, slander becomes the tool of the loser.”

    255. gregor says:

      TransparencyInternational (27/11/2019):

      ‘The credibility of pharmaceutical companies is on the line. Will they get it right?’:

      .” the understandable excitement, the companies in the spotlight risk overlooking a major opportunity: the chance to prioritize transparency and global health over profits, and build their credibility.

      This will require a shift in how the industry operates, with increased focus on transparency and accountability in every step of the research and development process.

      The jury is still out on how far they are willing to go…”:

    256. gregor says:

      Oxfam (29/07/2021):

      ‘Vaccine monopolies make cost of vaccinating the world against COVID at least 5 times more expensive than it could be’:

    257. gregor says:


      Pfizer Analyst and Investor Call to Discuss Proposed Acquisition of Arena Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 12/13/2021-Edited:

      Yahoo (11/03/2022): ‘Pfizer Completes Acquisition of Arena Pharmaceuticals’:

      Pfizer: “We are excited to add the impressive experience and pipeline…”.

      Pfizer has completed its acquisition of all outstanding shares, options, and restricted stock units of Arena for $100 per share, in cash, for a total equity value of approximately $6.7 billion…”:

    258. gregor says:

      Reuters (07/01/2022):

      ‘Paramount importance’: Judge orders FDA to hasten release of Pfizer vaccine docs:

      “A federal judge in Texas on Thursday ordered the Food and Drug Administration to make public the data it relied on to license Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine, imposing a dramatically accelerated schedule that should result in the release of all information within about eight months.

      That’s roughly 75 years and four months faster than the FDA said it could take to complete a Freedom of Information Act request…”:

    259. gregor says:

      British Medical Journal (19/01/2022):


      “Covid-19 vaccines and treatments: we must have raw data, now.

      Data should be fully and immediately available for public scrutiny.”:

      BBC: Search the BBC: “BMJ”:

    260. gregor says:

      FinancialTimes (11/11/2021):

      ‘Moderna rejects claim US government co-invented crucial Covid jab technology’:

      ‘Patent dispute is rare breakdown between biotech and agency that worked closely in recent years’:

      Forbes (14/02/2022): ‘Moderna Stock Crash: Losses Top $140 Billion As Insiders Sell Millions Of Dollars In Shares’:

      FinancialTimes (07/08/2012):

      ’Pfizer fined for decade of bribery’:

      “Pfizer has been fined $60m by US regulators for bribery of doctors and government officials…”:

    261. gregor says:

      World Economic Forum: Partners:



    262. gregor says:

      Instragram/World Economic Forum:

      World Economic Forum: People:

      Stephen Kinnock (British Council)
      Member of Parliament, House of Commons of the United Kingdom:

    263. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @gregor –

      Thanks for all the links. Informative.

      I’ve been trying to catch up, haven’t read back that far, so I don’t know if you’ve maybe already mentioned it, but have you read Kennedy’s ‘The Real Anthony Fauci..’?

    264. Ruby says:

      John Main says:
      12 March, 2022 at 8:17 pm
      You do know that’s the only aspect of your interminable posts we are interested in, right Greg?

      We = The two flamebaiters TAF Main & TCE
      Just ignore!
      Keep up the good work Gregor. Thanks for all the interesting links.

    265. gregor says:

      Public can paint pictures better.

    266. John Main says:

      @Rubes 8:55

      Fess up time, I took a guess at you not having a date.

      Bingo! You’re going to read all “Gregor’s” links. 🙂 Oh Rubes, how did it get to this?

    267. gregor says:

      Ian Brotherhood@Ruby

      re. “…have you read Kennedy’s ‘The Real Anthony Fauci..’?” (I’m looking at it right now perched on my book self re. Dr.Frankenstein).

      …Thank ‘them’ for showing ‘us’:

      We determine our own future…

    268. John Main says:

      @Greg 8:21

      I’m impressed – genuinely.

      These days, most people of your abilities would wrote “looser”.

      I can’t decide if you lucked out Greg, or if you are getting help.

    269. Ruby says:

      John Main says:
      12 March, 2022 at 8:17 pm
      @Gregor 7:45

      FFS, do a proper job of work. This Leask character.

      Which are his favourite PornHub categories? You do know that’s the only aspect of your interminable posts we are interested in, right Greg?

      Find that out and get the readers engaged again. Maybes even a link or two?

      Don’t forget to link something for Rubes. It’s Saturday night and she has no date. Again.

      We = The flamebaiters TAF Main & TCE

      They are very interested in porn & have a very creepy obsession with me.
      A pair of porn loving misogyny

    270. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      “Looser” is a collection of letters that does not feature in any of my dictionaries of choice as an actual word.

      Most contributors on here type in English or Scots.

      There’s no need to make up words.

    271. Fionan says:

      Thank you for the interesting links, Gregor. A lot of useful info in them, and keeps the page at least slightly relevant to its original purpose. Also makes a good change from the squabbling self-centred self-indulgent brats who have infested btl here, as if anyone is actually interested in their stupid name-calling and pissing contests. Girlies and boys both. Wish they would develop some self-realisation and begin to understand that they are just soooo boring!

    272. Ruby says:

      John Main says:
      12 March, 2022 at 9:09 pm
      @Rubes 8:55

      Fess up time, I took a guess at you not having a date.

      Bingo! You’re going to read all “Gregor’s” links. ? Oh Rubes, how did it get to this?

      Totally obsessed with me & as thick as fuck.
      Being that TAF Main is posting here at 9pm I guess he didn’t manage to get any of the girls/boys in his class to watch porn with him in his smelly bedroom this Saturday night. Do you blame them? John Main from East Kilbride can’t be his real name surely nobody could be as thick as to post such drivel other than anonymously. Could they? On hang on I believe the other half of the ‘we porn watching duo’ that TAF Main refers to does! What an absolute plonker!

    273. gregor says:

      Indy100 (12/03/2022):

      GB News accused of Russian propaganda after broadcaster questions who ‘good guys are’:

      “A GB News host has claimed it’s hard to know “who the good guys are” when it comes to the Russian and Ukraine war and biohazards.
      During the speech, lasting more than eight minutes, Steyn managed to include big talking points such as Covid-19, Wuhan labs, the CIA and China.

      At the start, he said: “There are innocents in Ukraine, undoubtedly…”:

    274. gregor says:


      “The police asked me questions all day.”

      “Why won’t you answer my question?”

      “So where is the missing money?” “That’s a good question.” (= I don’t know the answer.).”

      Kremlin funded RT News: Ethos:

      ‘Question more’:

    275. gregor says:

      Bectu (17/01/2022):

      ‘BBC: we must fiercely protect public service ethos’:

      Bectu, the largest union in the BBC, has defended the funding model of the BBC…

      “The BBC is a revered institution that is both respected and envied worldwide, and an essential part of our national story.

      …entertaining us during those long lockdown nights and helping to keep us safe through its unrivalled network of local news coverage.

      Any suggestions that the BBC should be funded by subscription or advertising revenue are wide of the mark.

      The public service ethos of the BBC to inform, entertain and educate is something that we should fiercely protect and fund properly.”:

    276. gregor says:

      “Now, around two-thirds of respondents believe traditional authority figures—journalists, government leaders and business executives—flat-out lie.?

      The ominous result: in many democracies, institutions are trusted by less than 50 percent of their people (Edelman, 2022).”

      “…figures show British trust in the press to tell the truth has fallen, with less than half believing BBC news journalists are honest and impartial (YouGov, 2019).”

    277. Ruby says:

      Fionan says:
      Also makes a good change from the squabbling self-centred self-indulgent brats who have infested btl here, as if anyone is actually interested in their stupid name-calling and pissing contests. Girlies and boys both. Wish they would develop some self-realisation and begin to understand that they are just soooo boring!

      You would probably be best to name names Fionan that would be a lot better than wishing for ‘self centred self indulgent brats’ to develop self-realisation. C’mon Fionan who are these self-centred self-indulgent brats?

      Do you just read posts here and make the odd complaint when the post aren’t meeting your satisfaction? That my dear is just soooo boring!

    278. Ruby says:


      What do you think of Starmer’s definition of a woman?
      Starmer says:
      A woman is a female adult, and in addition to that trans women are women,

      A woman is an adult human female and an adult human male.

    279. Andy Ellis says:

      Francis Fukuyama (he of “The End of History”) is always interesting. In “Preparing for Defeat” he makes some predictions:

      “1) Russia is heading for an outright defeat in Ukraine. Russian planning was incompetent, based on a flawed assumption that Ukrainians were favorable to Russia and that their military would collapse immediately following an invasion. Russian soldiers were evidently carrying dress uniforms for their victory parade in Kyiv rather than extra ammo and rations. Putin at this point has committed the bulk of his entire military to this operation—there are no vast reserves of forces he can call up to add to the battle. Russian troops are stuck outside various Ukrainian cities where they face huge supply problems and constant Ukrainian attacks.

      2)The collapse of their position could be sudden and catastrophic, rather than happening slowly through a war of attrition. The army in the field will reach a point where it can neither be supplied nor withdrawn, and morale will vaporize. This is at least true in the north; the Russians are doing better in the south, but those positions would be hard to maintain if the north collapses.

      3) There is no diplomatic solution to the war possible prior to this happening. There is no conceivable compromise that would be acceptable to both Russia and Ukraine given the losses they have taken at this point.

      4) The United Nations Security Council has proven once again to be useless. The only helpful thing was the General Assembly vote, which helps to identify the world’s bad or prevaricating actors.

      5) The Biden administration’s decisions not to declare a no-fly zone or help transfer Polish MiGs were both good ones; they’ve kept their heads during a very emotional time. It is much better to have the Ukrainians defeat the Russians on their own, depriving Moscow of the excuse that NATO attacked them, as well as avoiding all the obvious escalatory possibilities. The Polish MiGs in particular would not add much to Ukrainian capabilities. Much more important is a continuing supply of Javelins, Stingers, TB2s, medical supplies, comms equipment, and intel sharing. I assume that Ukrainian forces are already being vectored by NATO intelligence operating from outside Ukraine.

      6) The cost that Ukraine is paying is enormous, of course. But the greatest damage is being done by rockets and artillery, which neither MiGs nor a no-fly zone can do much about. The only thing that will stop the slaughter is defeat of the Russian army on the ground.

      7) Putin will not survive the defeat of his army. He gets support because he is perceived to be a strongman; what does he have to offer once he demonstrates incompetence and is stripped of his coercive power?

      8)The invasion has already done huge damage to populists all over the world, who prior to the attack uniformly expressed sympathy for Putin. That includes Matteo Salvini, Jair Bolsonaro, Éric Zemmour, Marine Le Pen, Viktor Orbán, and of course Donald Trump. The politics of the war has exposed their openly authoritarian leanings.

      9) The war to this point has been a good lesson for China. Like Russia, China has built up seemingly high-tech military forces in the past decade, but they have no combat experience. The miserable performance of the Russian air force would likely be replicated by the People’s Liberation Army Air Force, which similarly has no experience managing complex air operations. We may hope that the Chinese leadership will not delude itself as to its own capabilities the way the Russians did when contemplating a future move against Taiwan.

      10) Hopefully Taiwan itself will wake up as to the need to prepare to fight as the Ukrainians have done, and restore conscription. Let’s not be prematurely defeatist.

      11) Turkish drones will become bestsellers.

      12) A Russian defeat will make possible a “new birth of freedom,” and get us out of our funk about the declining state of global democracy. The spirit of 1989 will live on, thanks to a bunch of brave Ukrainians.”

    280. gregor says:

      BBC (12/03/2022):

      ‘Under threat of Russian bombs, Lviv hides away its priceless heritage’:

      “…a huge operation is under way to safeguard the city’s cultural heritage.

      …the largest art museum in Ukraine – took the BBC on a tour of its now empty rooms, which looked as though they had been looted.

      Constructed and painted over seven years beginning in 1698, the iconostasis represents the high watermark of the work of the icon painter…

      It was dismantled and hidden from the Nazis in 1939…

      …said he feared that destroying Ukraine’s cultural fabric was part of Russia’s goal…”:

    281. Ruby says:

      twathater says:
      12 March, 2022 at 5:35 pm
      Thanks for that article Ruby it is not the world who has gone mad it is us who have failed to challenge all this civic progressive bullshit being peddled and pushed by narcissistic arsewipes for years who maintain they speak for the majority yet never produce evidence that they are

      Thanks for your reply ‘twathater’ I often feel as if I’m just talking to myself on this forum. Your replies are much appreciated.

      I hope we are waking up now and starting to challenging the bullshit. Interesting that politicians are getting themselves in such a tangle trying to define the word woman.

    282. gregor says:


      “a person or thing that preys, especially greedily or unscrupulously.”

    283. gregor says:

      Vulture (02/03/2022):

      ‘A Breakdown of Cultural Institutions Boycotting Russian Involvement’:

      “Musicians and celebrities… have canceled events in Russia amid the invasion of Ukraine, and the ongoing ban of Russian cultural exports has spread to global institutions.

      Artists and organizations have begun speaking out against Russian…”:

    284. gregor says:


      “The power of comprehending, inferring, or thinking especially in orderly rational ways : intelligence.”

      “Proper exercise of the mind.”


    285. Derek says:

      @Brian Doonthetoon

      “Looser” is a collection of letters that does not feature in any of my dictionaries of choice as an actual word.

      I beg to disagree; “Looser than that” as opposed to “Tighter than that”.

    286. gregor says:

      Reason (09/03/2022): ‘Tchaikovsky Is Canceled’:

      “The Cardiff Philharmonic Orchestra scrubbed the famed composer from an upcoming program, calling his music “inappropriate at this time:

      …many westerners are understandably doing their level best… But some of those gestures look increasingly like performance art.

      The latest utterly pointless sanction is the Cardiff Philharmonic Orchestra’s announcement that it would remove music by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, the Russian composer, from its all-Tchaikovsky concert, calling it “inappropriate at this time.”

      In the last week, conductor Valery Gergiev and superstar soprano Anna Netrebko have also lost engagements and artistic affiliations due to their cozy ties to the Russian president.

      Nationality and prodigious talent aside, Tchaikovsky shares little else with Gergiev and Netrebko. The latter two are alive and beneficiaries of an autocrat’s favoritism;

      Tchaikovsky died over a century ago…”:

    287. Hatuey says:

      Roger Waters took the time to respond to a Ukrainian fan who as I understand it wanted him to condemn Putin and the invasion. I thought that response was worth sharing here;

      Dear Alina,

      I read your letter, I feel your pain, I am disgusted by Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, it is a criminal mistake, in my opinion, the act of a gangster, there must be an immediate ceasefire. I regret that Western governments are fueling the fire that will destroy your beautiful country by pouring arms into Ukraine, instead of engaging in the diplomacy that will be necessary to stop the slaughter. Rest assured if all our leaders don’t turn down the rhetoric and engage in diplomatic negotiations there will be precious little of Ukraine left when the fighting is over. A long drawn out insurgency in Ukraine would be great for the gangster hawks in Washington, it’s what they dream of, “playing the game” as they do, ”with the bravery of being out of range” I desperately hope your President is not a gangster too and that he will do what is best for his people, and demand of the Americans that they come to the table.

      Sadly, however, many world leaders are gangsters and my disgust for political gangsters did not start last week with Putin. I was disgusted by the gangsters Bush and Blair when they invaded Iraq in 2003, I was and still am disgusted by the gangster government of Israel’s invasion of Palestine in 1967 and its subsequent apartheid occupation of that land which has now been going on for over fifty years. I was disgusted by the gangsters Obama and Clinton ordering NATO’s illegal bombings of both Libya and Serbia. I am disgusted by the wholesale destruction of Syria initiated, as it was, in 2011 by outside interference in the cause of regime change. I was disgusted by the invasion of Lebanon in 1982 when the gangster Shimon Peres connived with the Christian Phalangist Militias in the murder of Palestinian refugees in Sabra and Shatila refugee camps in the south of that country.

      I feel for you Alina, and your Mum and Dad and your uncles and aunts and brothers and sisters and cousins, I lost both my father Eric Fletcher Waters, and my grandfather George Henry Waters in wars fighting the Germans.

      Please believe me when I tell you that I believe in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights signed in Paris 1948. I have fought as hard as I know how to foster and support human rights for all my brothers and sisters all over the world for as long as I can remember, and I support you and yours now, with all my heart.

      Speaking of gangsters, I do have to take issue with you about one thing in your letter, your “200%” belief that there are no Neo-Nazis in your country is almost certainly mistaken. Both the Azov Battalions in your army, the National Militia and C14 are well-known self-proclaimed Neo Nazis groups. They are gangsters too.

      Also, I have not been silent on Ukraine, I wrote a piece which was distributed six days ago by Globetrotter, I shall append it to this post:…

      What else Alina? Well, we the people, all of us in every country in the world, including Ukraine and Russia, can fight the gangsters, we can tell them we will not be part of their obscene and deadly wars to garner power and wealth at the expense of others, we can tell them that our families, in fact, all families all over the world mean more to us than all the power and money in the world.

      Where I live in the USA we can join Black Lives Matter or Code Pink or BDS or Veterans For Peace or myriad other anti-war, pro-law, pro-freedom, pro-human rights organizations.

      I will do anything I can to help effect the end of this awful war in your country, anything that is except wave a flag to encourage the slaughter. That is what the gangsters want, they want us to wave flags. That is how they divide and control us, by encouraging the waving of flags, to create a smokescreen of enmity to blind us to our innate capacity to empathize with one another, while they plunder and rape our fragile planet. I will do everything in my power to help bring peace back to you and your family and your beautiful country. The long-drawn-out war/insurgency that Hillary Clinton and Condoleezza Rice and the rest of the has been gangster Washington Hawks are encouraging is not in your nor Ukraine’s best interests.

      I wish you well Alina.

      Thank you for your letter, and if you chose to send a reply to this.

      I will print that reply.

      I promise.



    288. Ruby says:

      That is a brilliant letter Hatuey. Thanks for posting it.

    289. Ruby says:

      I’m wondering why you archive links to pages in online dictionaries?

    290. gregor says:


      “Wellbeing is defined by the Oxford English Dictionary as “the state of being comfortable, healthy, or happy.”

      However, it is important to realise that wellbeing is a much broader concept than moment-to-moment happiness. While it does includes happiness, it also includes other things, such as how satisfied people are with their life a whole, their sense of purpose, and how in control they feel.”

    291. gregor says:

      World Economic Forum: The Davos Agenda:

      ‘The priority for workplaces in the new normal? Wellbeing’:

      “The COVID-19 pandemic has made it painfully clear that the wellbeing of the workforce is in jeopardy.

      One simple yet powerful tactic we have implemented to measure the wellbeing of our workforce is sending out a weekly, one-to-two question survey that simply asks “How are you feeling?” This allows us to get a quick, automatic pulse each week on how everyone is doing…”:

    292. gregor says:

      …rogue deep-state monster >>> Prison…

    293. Ian Brotherhood says:

      Some may find this of interest, especially if they have read ‘Animal Farm’ and/or ‘Nineteen Eighty-Four’.

      In the electronic age, no-one has ever bested the BBC when it comes to wartime propaganda. They employ the very best, and have had decades to perfect the techniques. They’re so good at it that they can now use the same template – ‘Evil Dictator Presents Existential Threat’ – repeatedly, and no-one seems to object.

      ‘Mass formation psychosis’, ‘neuro-linguistic programming’, ‘applied behavioural psychology’ etc etc ad fuckin nauseum.

      They’ve got us by the baws.

    294. gregor says:


      Merriam-Websters changing the definition of “vaccine”:

      “Unsurprisingly, all the “fact-checkers” are stating this isn’t true. Good for them.

      So, I crept through WaybackMachines archived definitions of “vaccine” and found that somewhere between Janurary 18th and Janurary 26th of 2021 of the definition was indeed changed…”:

      NaturalNews (15/09/2021):

      ‘CDC changes definitions of “vaccine” and “vaccination” to cover up lie about vaccines being 100% effective’:

      “Up until recently, the definition of vaccine on the CDC’s website read: “A product that stimulates a person’s immune system to produce immunity to a specific disease.”

      On Tuesday, Sept. 7, the definition became: “A preparation that is used to stimulate the body’s immune response against diseases.”:

    295. gregor says:

      Beincrypto (12/03/2022):

      “Some wealthy Russians are buying up property in Dubai, while others want to draw cash to invest it elsewhere.

      These requests are believed to be attempts at avoiding ongoing sanctions resulting from the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

      One crypto firm said they received a request from a Swiss broker to sell $6 billion worth of bitcoin.

      Some wealthy Russians are buying up property in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), while others want to draw cash to invest it elsewhere. One crypto firm has been inundated with requests from Swiss brokers to liquidate holdings worth $2 billion and above:

      “We’ve had like five or six in the past two weeks. None of them have come off yet – …but we’ve never had this much interest,” said an executive, adding that they had one request from a Swiss broker to sell 125,000 bitcoin ($6 billion USD) for a client…”:

      ZeroHedge (02/03/2022):


    296. gregor says:


      “The act of causing someone to accept as true or valid what is false or invalid : the act or practice of deceiving.”

      “Achieving one’s goals through a web of deceit.”

      “A rise to power that was marked by treachery and deceit.”

    297. gregor says:


      “Allegiance to duty or a person : loyalty.”

      “Fidelity to one’s promises; sincerity of intentions.”

      “Believe, trust.”

    298. Breastplate says:

      Thank you for your links and insight.Very informative.

    299. gregor says:

      Odysee (12/03/2022): Glenn Greenwald:

      ‘The White House’s game-playing denials of bio labs in Ukraine’:

    300. Breastplate says:

      Andy Ellis,
      I’ve just thanked Gregor for his links and insight, I wish I could say the same for you, but , oh dear, the word ‘pish’ resonates much more loudly, I’m sure others could explain, why?

    301. gregor says:


      I’ve got faith…

    302. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Hi Derek.

      Your use of “looser” was as an adjective, which is perfectly acceptable. The original use however, to which I referred, was as a noun.

    303. Effigy says:

      I see a headline on Sky advising of Boris announcing a gift of £350 per month for U.K.
      households taking in Ukrainian family refugees?

      As per usual no greater detail given when they try to deceive.

      Could we look at a Mother with an adult daughter with 2 kids who have a Dad fighting at home?

      Could you feed 4 people on £80’per week, just £20 per head.
      Of course it doesn’t stop their. Will they increase the need for heating, washing themselves dishes and clothes.

      Will they need some of that some for personal hygiene, new clothes even school uniforms
      Who pays for calls to Dad and family in the Ukraine?

      In other words the Tories are asking if you could give up your home and a few hundred quid each month to save them from having to stop MPs latest pay rise.

      Also worth noting that they consider £20 per week is all that the plebs need live on.That’s you!

      The only thing saving you is their actions show they are doing their best to stop any significant number of refugees arriving here.

      When it comes to lies, deceit and corruption it would see a cup final with the Kremlin Vs Westminster.

    304. John Main says:

      @Hattrick 10:54

      I’ll summarise his post for decent people everywhere:

      People of Ukraine, surrender. You’re making us cravens in the west feel very uncomfortable.

      And that’s not nice. Not nice at all.

    305. Breeks says:

      Ian Brotherhood says:
      12 March, 2022 at 11:20 pm

      Some may find this of interest, especially if they have read ‘Animal Farm’ and/or ‘Nineteen Eighty-Four’.

      In the electronic age, no-one has ever bested the BBC when it comes to wartime propaganda…

      I read quite a lot, so cannot place it exactly, but I think it was the Forgotten Stories of WW1 maybe, – a collection of letters and essays written by veterans. A sergeant, 1916 as I recall, was given leave from the Front, and returned home to London to see his parents. His mother was horrified at the state of him, immediately sent his uniform to be cleaned and deloused, leaving this veteran to walk around London in civilian clothes. While sitting on the Omnibus, a pretty young woman leaned over, tapped him on the knee, and handed the man a white feather, thus shaming him publicly and branding this man without a uniform a coward.

      Our hero took the feather, and pulled out his tobacco pipe, and proceeded to clean his pipe most thoroughly, and when done, he handed the now filthy feather back to the young lady, thanking her profusely for her consideration, what with pipe cleaners being so very hard to come by in the trenches.

      The point of the story for me was only ever the shallow nature of the young lady, and the monstrous warmongering attitudes prevalent amongst “patriots” on the home front.

      You like to think it’s an anachronism, and that people nowadays are more worldly, not so blinkered and much less naive.

      Then suddenly there’s a relapse, after Thatcher’s war in the Falklands, the same “patriotism” was suddenly everywhere you looked. Nobody cares that the Falklands War was a diplomatic debacle, a desperately close run thing militarily, and Thatcher’s general malignancy, ignorance and cruelty was all excused in the moment, because the “Iron Lady” had punched Argentina’s lights out.

      I don’t even watch TV these days, but even online media is dripping with belligerent contempt for all things Russian. We “celebrate” deserters and anti-social football hooligans going off to kill as many Russians as they can. A French restaurant is attacked because it has “poutine” on the menu. Orchestra’s won’t play Russian music. Jesus wept. Are we now supposed to spit on the graves of the 20-27 million Russians who died in WW2 saving Europe from the Nazis? We Europeans all enjoyed 7 decades of peace after the war, but not the Russians who sacrificed so much to earn it. They went straight back on watch for the Cold War on their doorstep.

      And right at the heart of this latest insanity, stirring the pot, the same BBC and hated filled British Establishment who just doomed us all to their bigoted Brexit.

      I don’t detest media. After WW1 it was “the media” which gave us the 1930 All Quiet of the Western Front, perhaps one of the finest anti-war movies ever made. In that, you can see what the power of media can do, but then you look at the BBC, the obscene amount of money it gets, the insufferable pious hypocrisy, and the nauseating twisted agenda it pedals incessantly, as the vital accomplice to the UK Arms Industry.

      There’s a desperate sickness in the British, and sadly a great many of us gullible Scots are not immune to it.

    306. John Main says:

      @Andy Ellis 10:26

      A useful and authoritative summary.

      I find very interesting Putin’s primary justification for the annexation of Ukraine: that Russians and Ukrainians are brothers and sisters. If you accept that, you must immediately see two things: 1) You don’t murder your own family and destroy its home. 2) Given the legendary tenacity and fanatical bravery with which Russians defend their homeland against invaders, it is obvious that the Ukrainians will do the same.

      The logic of Putin’s premise leads inexorably to the situation we now have, the indomitable people of Ukraine, showing the world the true cost of freedom and their willingness to pay it. Yet for all of his much-admired, so-called cleverness, Putin could not see that coming.

      It’s a difficult time to be sure, but I am confident that expensively-suited, cheap thug Putin will continue to be blind-sided by the forces for good in the world.

    307. Ruby says:

      Effigy says:
      13 March, 2022 at 5:25 am
      I see a headline on Sky advising of Boris announcing a gift of £350 per month for U.K.
      households taking in Ukrainian family refugees?

      That sounds like a con.

      If you are not prepared to do this then you are in no position to complain about us especially when we give £billions of taxpayers money to our Tory pals to house refugees.

      What will Sturgeon do? She wants unlimited number of refugees.

      Does she have any pals?

    308. Alf Baird says:

      Hatuey @ 10:54 pm

      “That is what the gangsters want, they want us to wave flags.”

      Yes, Waters is right on much of this, however there is a world of difference between the imperial flag of colonial oppression (i.e. fascism) and a peoples’ national flag of liberation. Look at the majority of UN member states who have decolonised, not at the few remaining ‘great (i.e. bully/imperial) powers’ such as those scrapping over Ukraine and elsewhere.

    309. John Main says:

      Ruby & Effigy

      Calm down. Nobody is asking you to do anything.

      You already are at the limits of your abilities, we can see that for ourselves.

      Posting poorly written, bile-drenched, dismissive rants at everything and everybody on behalf of Scots Indy.

      With a side order of Ruby’s own uniquely specialised addition to the drive for Scottish freedom: bold text!

    310. Andy Ellis says:

      @Breastplate 12.37 pm

      If you think gregor’s flooding of the BTL comments with his “links and insights” is worth thanking him for it says all we need to know about you and how far this site has sunk over recent months.

      The outlook of the Putinistas and their hard of thinking shills who have congregated here has rightly been called “strategic narcissim”. It used to be typical of the political far left in the west but has recently been embraced by the far right, which will chime with many of those cheer leading for Putin in here of course.

      Strategic narcissists exhibit as Lieber notes a “tendency to perceive world events as depending primarily on what the United States does or doesn’t do and the belief that others think about foreign affairs much the same as we do”

      The neo-isolationsits in the west and those pushing the narrative that Putin and other authoritarian and regressive regimes are just rational actors responding to US/western aggression or threats tend to gloss over what the potential alternatives are. In a “new world” of great power competition between the west and China and its Russian client, how do they see the competition ending?

      The conclusion is worth quoting:

      “Hence the question of how such a great-power competition might eventually end. Here, a study of historical cases by James Lacey cited by Colin Dueck of George Mason University in the National Interest provides sobering insight. Such conflicts tend to conclude with one of four outcomes: One power wins peacefully; one side prevails violently; both cooperate against a great third power; or a new great power arises and both existing great powers lose. Should China prevail, the consequences not only for world order but for the United States itself would be grim. In our era of great-power rivalry, it is thus vital that America shape its foreign policy without illusions about retrenchment and strategies of cultural nonaggression abroad.”

      Naturally Putinista’s and their shills would be intensely relaxed at the prospect of living in a society where the authoritarian powers prevail: they’ll be part of the new ruling class, telling you what you can and can’t do. If you like the prospect of living in a society like Putin’s Russia or Xi’s China then carry on listening to them.

    311. John Main says:

      Alf Baird

      Surely possible to abstain from flag waving whilst still condemning the indiscriminate shelling of maternity hospitals?

      Yes? No?

      Big issue on here is that the usual suspects: Hattrick, Republic, etc. have been cheering Putin on since Day 0.

      And they show every sign of being poised to crow if or when Ukraine is no more. And that’s a big no-no on a site dedicated to a free, independent, sovereign Scotland, its people and its culture.

      Surprised you can’t see this, TBH.

    312. Breastplate says:

      John Main,
      I think your interpretation of that letter is a bit strange as I interpreted as a warning of politicians, Washington hawks and the like from various countries, stoking up jingoistic fervour amongst their own populations in an East v West power struggle.
      I think he is warning that the Ukrainian People, and not only them, are acceptable collateral damage by these gangster politicians, on both sides.

      But maybe my interpretation is flawed and it is simply, Russia bad!
      Maybe people who point out alternative viewpoints are also, bad!
      Maybe people aren’t indulging in enough Russophobia.
      Maybe your simple explanation is correct.
      Maybe not.

    313. Breastplate says:

      Andy Ellis,
      I have accepted, along time ago, that you are always right and nothing anybody else says will make you wrong.
      Keep on trucking, now truck off!

    314. John Main says:

      @Breeks 8:29

      Aye, war is hell, right enough. No argument from me on that.

      So what would YOU do when an army invades YOUR country and starts killing YOUR friends and relatives?

      Maybes provide another post to address that question.

      If you can’t, I am confident you will be able to find a “hand wringing” emoji somewhere.

    315. Ruby says:

      Many interesting points in your post Breeks.

      I don’t detest media. After WW1 it was “the media” which gave us the 1930 All Quiet of the Western Front, perhaps one of the finest anti-war movies ever made.

      Erich Maria Remarque & the film-maker gave us this film. Artists are the ones giving us the truth. See letter from Roger Waters posted by Hatuey.
      Had Erich Maria Remarque been Russian his books & film would currently be banned or on a bonfire ready to be burned.

      the monstrous warmongering attitudes prevalent amongst “patriots” on the home front.

      Where does this come from? I was living in the South of England during the Falklands War and I was shocked at the display of jingoism, flag waving & racism on display. Racism towards ordinary Argentinians living in the UK.

    316. John Main says:


      Do you think the people of Ukraine will stop fighting if “the west” tells them to?

      I don’t, just as I think they were never told by “the west” to start fighting.

      They are a free, independent, sovereign nation. They pursue their own destiny. It is their right to do so, for as long as they are prepared to pay the price for defending their freedom.

      Like most decent Scots, I admire that.

    317. Breastplate says:

      *A long, not along.

    318. Ruby says:

      John Main says:
      13 March, 2022 at 9:11 am
      @Breeks 8:29

      Aye, war is hell, right enough. No argument from me on that.

      I have two question for you TAF.

      1. If there were no soldiers would there be no wars?
      2. Is the role of the soldier to kill or to die?

      Is it a mistake to hand white feathers to conscientious objectors & applaud ‘our boys’ when they return from war.

    319. John Main says:

      Pubes 9:24

      I have forwarded your post to the Russian consulate.

      We can analyse their reply together on here when it arrives.

      In the meantime, I suggest we both wash milk bottles carefully on receipt and wear gloves when touching external door handles.

      Touchy comrades, these Russkis.

    320. gregor says:

      BBC (12/03/2022):

      ‘Republican senators pressure Biden to transfer fighter jets to Ukraine’:

      “Pressure is mounting on US President Joe Biden to bolster Ukraine’s defences after his administration quashed Poland’s offer to send fighter jets with US help…

      They have now called on him to immediately “facilitate the transfer of aircraft and air defence systems”.

      The White House says it’s “high risk”…

      Their letter reads:

      “We cannot allow Putin to gain an advantage because of a failure to provide the Ukrainians with needed weaponry, ammunition, communications equipment and medical supplies.

      “Supporting Ukraine’s fight for freedom against the tyrannical, lawless Russian invasion of Ukraine’s sovereign territory is among the most urgent missions the West has faced in a generation.”

      The letter is led by Iowa senator Joni Ernst and Utah’s Mitt Romney…”:

    321. Breastplate says:

      John Main,
      No, I don’t expect them to stop fighting because the West tells them to, and no, the West didn’t tell them to start fighting.
      If you believe that this invasion was a spontaneous event with no catalyst then I think we would have to disagree.
      Yes, Ukraine is an independent sovereign nation with a foreign army on its soil, the Russians aren’t the good guys here but here’s the thing John, neither are we.

    322. Ruby says:

      John Main says:
      13 March, 2022 at 9:30 am
      Pubes 9:24

      I have forwarded your post to the Russian consulate.

      Colour me surprised that this is the response I get from TAF Main.

    323. gregor says:

      BBC (06/04/2021): Impeachment of Donald Trump:

      Hunter Biden: What was he doing in China and Ukraine?

      “…months after his father was sworn in as president, Hunter Biden defended his qualifications for the position at Burisma but added that, in retrospect, he had “missed… the perception that I would create”….

      The Justice Department is investigating Hunter Biden’s finances including scrutinising some of his past Chinese business dealings and other transactions…

      What have the Bidens been accused of in China?

      …cited a purported email from Hunter Biden in August 2017 indicating he was receiving a $10m annual fee from a Chinese billionaire for “introductions alone”, though it is unclear who was involved in the alleged introductions.

      Another purported email… reportedly refers to a deal pursued by Hunter involving China’s largest private energy firm. It is said to include a cryptic mention of “10 held by H for the big guy”.
      Fox News cited unnamed sources as saying “the big guy” in the purported email was a reference to Joe Biden…

      …Hunter was a director on the board of Burisma – a Ukrainian-owned private energy company while his father was the Obama administration’s pointman on US-Ukrainian relations.

      Hunter was one of several foreigners on its board…”:

    324. Ruby says:

      Do you think the people of Ukraine will stop fighting if “the west” tells them to?

      Is it not a question of money & arms?

    325. gregor says:

      AmericanThinker (26/09/2019):

      ‘Mitt Romney adviser sits on Burisma board of directors’:

      “Well, this is certainly an odd coincidence! In fact, when you dig in, you find an amazing series of coincidences…if you believe in coincidences when the CIA is involved, that is…

      Mr. Black brought to this role his extensive background at the CIA, which he joined in 1974 and where he trained for covert operations. He rose rapidly through the ranks, becoming director of the National Counterterrorism Center from 1999 to 2002.

      Coincidentally, this was the time in which al-Qaeda planned and carried out the 911 attack without hindrance from the counterintelligence apparatus of the Intelligence Community. But Black was not penalized; he failed upward, being appointed ambassador at large and coordinator for counter-terrorism by President George W. Bush in December 2002.

      And in yet another amazing coincidence, Black was succeeded in his job as director of the National Counterterrorism Center by John Brennan.

      Cofer Black left the CIA in 2006 (does anyone ever completely leave the CIA after being a spook?) to join Blackwater, the huge contractor for services related to military and intelligence action, where he served as vice chairman until 2008…”:

    326. gregor says:

      Burisma Group: Board of Directors:

      Cofer Black: Appointed February 2017:

      Team Romney | 6 October, 2011:

      Mitt Romney Announces Foreign Policy And National Security Advisory Team:

      Special Advisers: Cofer Black:

      Vice President of Blackbird Technologies; Director of the CIA Counter-Terrorism Center (1999-2002); United States Department of State Coordinator for Counter-Terrorism (2002-2004):

    327. gregor says:

      CNN (03/02/2016):

      ‘Wall Street CEO sounds a lot like Hillary Clinton’:

      “A prominent Wall Street CEO sounds a lot like Hillary Clinton.
      Larry Fink, CEO of the world’s largest money management firm BlackRock (BLK), just sent out his annual letter to top business leaders…

      It’s a term Clinton uses often on the campaign trail. She argues short-termism is a major problem and vows to “put an end to quarterly capitalism.”

      “This letter indeed has similar themes to what Secretary Clinton has been saying,” notes Ronnie Chatterji, a professor at Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business and an adviser to the Clinton campaign…”:

    328. gregor says:

      VOX (07/16/2018):

      Former CIA director: Trump-Putin press conference “nothing short of treasonous”:

      “Testifying… Brennan said that Russia “brazenly interfered” in the 2016 elections and had been in active contact with members of the Trump campaign. Brennan was careful to avoid explicitly saying that the two sides colluded…”:

      MSNBC (13/12/2019): John Brennan:

      ‘Trump’s new comments on impeachment show he is ‘the world’s greatest snake oil salesman’:

    329. gregor says:

      Reuters (04/02/2021): Fact check:

      ‘Nancy Pelosi, John Kerry and Mitt Romney do not have sons on boards of energy companies doing business in Ukraine’:

      …could not find an explanation for posts linking any of Romney’s sons to an energy company doing business in Ukraine.

      When reached for comment, Arielle Mueller, press secretary for Senator Romney, told Reuters via email: “We don’t comment on fake news from random internet trolls.”…”:

    330. Andy Ellis says:

      @breastplate 9.00am

      As expected, no attempt to actually enter in to rational debate either about the issues at hand and the opposing arguments, or to defend your position that gregor’s spamming and extraneous link mania is somehow more useful than such discussions, just unreasoned abuse. The male version of Tourettes Ruby then…?

      It’s not about your preposterous suggestion that I think I’m always right: typical straw manning from one who has no actual counter argument, just a bad faith response. In certain circumstances, there’s a right side and a wrong side. The past bad actions of the west and the manifest failures of western policy aren’t a “get out of jail free” card for Putin and his supporters to do to Ukraine what they did in Chechnya and Syria.

      Anyone who believes that we should sit on our hands and do nothing because “we’re not better than them” – or if your a Putinista bitter einder like Republic of Scotland and his mates that we’re actually worse – is not only on the wrong side of history, they’re no democrat and no friend of the Scottish independence movement.

      No reasonable person (which I fully accept may not be a category you’re included in, but may speak to others who have a functioning moral compass and are reading and taking these exchanges in) thinks it’ll be a good thing for authoritarian, imperialist states like China and Russia to prevail in this or any other similar situation.

      As Clemenceau observed about what future historians would say about the causes of WW1 and who was to blame: “History will not say Belgium invaded Germany.”

    331. gregor says:

      ZeroHedge (22/02/2022):

      ‘Deeper Analysis: Trump Transition Data Was Passed To The CIA’:

      “…we documented Special Counsel John Durham’s motion discussing the potential conflicts of interest of Michael Sussmann’s attorneys.

      But why continue to push a Trump/Russia hoax in February 2017?

      It’s within the realm of possibilities that they wanted to continue to damage Trump, as this was the general goal of the political and bureaucratic establishment during the Trump years – especially in the early period, when Trump’s political power and his ability to implement his agenda would be at its height.

      It’s why James Comey leaked classified memos through his lawyer, why there were leaks against Flynn in early January 2017, and why Kevin Clinesmith falsified a CIA e-mail so that the FISA warrants against Carter Page could continue.

      Or, perhaps Sussmann and Joffe wanted to spur additional intelligence community investigations into Trump. It is accurate to say that they were desperate to prove Trump’s links to Russia. So desperate, in fact, that they were providing manipulated data to the federal government to further false Trump/Russia conspiracies.

      And consider whether Sussmann took this information to the CIA on behalf of a type of “whistleblower,” allowing Joffe to remain nameless.

      What did the CIA do with that information?

      Did the CIA pass it to the FBI, allowing Joffe to theoretically keep his hands clean and his identity unknown?

      All good questions. We don’t have the answers – yet…”:

    332. Hatuey says:

      I wish I was brave enough to join the chorus of those condemning evil Putin on every TV station, and in every newspaper.

      I wish I was brave enough to admire Zelensky, his patriotism and his marvellous way with words.

      I wish I was brave enough to ignore the mistakes we have made and the suffering we have caused, and brave enough to focus only on the crimes and mistakes of others.

      All of these things take real bravery and I’m afraid I don’t have it.

      I’m a dirty coward who thinks a child’s life in the Middle East is every bit as important as a child’s life in Europe or anywhere else.

      And when it comes to the suffering Ukrainians my cowardice has no limits. I’m so cowardly that I want the suffering to stop and my cowardly mind keeps drifting towards finding ways of resolving differences rather than bravely shouting from my armchair about democracy and freedom.

      I wish I was brave enough to to be an unthinking hypocrite so that I could sit clapping all day with the other heroic seals.

    333. Breastplate says:

      Andy Ellis,
      Have I not made quite clear to you that I agree with everything you say, that you are right about everything and therefore so am I, there is no need for debate.

    334. gregor says:

      Snake oil salesman:

      “Someone who deceives people in order to get money from them.”

      “Someone who knowingly sells fraudulent goods or who is himself or herself a fraud, quack, charlatan, and the like.”

      “We are being sold snake oil by snake oil salesmen who want to perpetuate their hold on power only by rigging the system.”

    335. Hatuey says:

      Brave Andy Ellis: “Anyone who believes that we should sit on our hands and do nothing because…”

      That’s exactly what you are doing — nothing. Hot air doesn’t count.

      As for your democratic leaders, they’re looking to make money here not sacrifices. And they will probably make a lot. They laugh at mugs like you who think their game is about democracy and freedom.

      I can assure you that I am not laughing at you, Andy, although I agree you’re a mug.

    336. Ruby says:

      Andy Ellis says:
      13 March, 2022 at 10:03 am
      The male version of Tourettes Ruby then…?

      Obsessed or what?

      Apart from TAF Main who on this forum meets with your approval?

      What about the Rev? It turns out he is what you describe as a ‘putinista’ and on top of that he is allowing what you describe as ‘spamming’ ….. not forgetting he too has what you describe as tourettes.

      I wonder if ‘breastplate’ will bother to read & respond to your mile long finger wagging, name calling post?

      Hey your post might just get lost in the midst of Gregor’s many excellent links.
      LOL.. Go Gregor!

    337. Ruby says:

      Breastplate says:
      13 March, 2022 at 10:09 am
      Andy Ellis,
      Have I not made quite clear to you that I agree with everything you say, that you are right about everything and therefore so am I, there is no need for debate.

      That’s a cracker!

      Another version of

      Yes dear, whatever you say dear

    338. gregor says:

      BBC (13/03/2022):

      ‘Scotland and Wales bid to be refugee super sponsors’:

      “Nicola Sturgeon and Mark Drakeford have written to the UK government to confirm their commitment…

      The letter makes clear that no cap will be set by Scotland and Wales on the numbers of refugees they will welcome.

      …letter also says it is essential that all arrivals have access to public funds, including welfare benefits, and are exempted from the Habitual Residence Test for accessing these.

      …the letter calls for all visa requirements for Ukrainian nationals to be waived.”:

    339. gregor says:

      SkyNews (13/03/2022):

      ‘Britons who host refugees will get £350-a-month ‘thank you’ from government’:

    340. gregor says:

      Herald.Scot (09/03/2022):

      ‘The Scots region where 57% will be plunged into fuel poverty’:

      “…as many as 211,000 more Scots households are likely too be living in fuel poverty in the coming months, a 43% rise on 2019 figures.

      The study… shows 57% of people living in the Western Isles will soon be spending more than 10% of their income on energy – after housing costs have been deducted – the official definition of being fuel poor…”:

      BBC (04/03/2022):

      ‘Gas prices hit new record sparking fears over bill rises’:

      “…has added to worries that annual UK household energy bills could reach £3,000.

      The cost of gas… has hit record levels as fears persist that…

      Higher costs for… means UK shoppers are likely to face further price rises, the head of the London Metal Exchange has said.
      Economists have warned inflation, which tracks the cost of living, may hit 10%.

      …If prices remain high for long periods it will push up household bills, adding to cost of living pressures.”:

    341. gregor says:

      Citizens Advice Scotland (2022): Food banks and other crisis help:

    342. Andy Ellis says:

      @Ruby 10.27 am

      “Obsessed or what?”
      Don’t flatter yourself. Unreason needs to be addressed. Mostly I am content to ignore your sweary, unreasoned ranting. The majority of readers will know the quality of person you are from the verbal diarrhea you post.

      “Apart from TAF Main who on this forum meets with your approval?”
      Currently guy few. Occasionally some of the adults still post as a corrective to the lunatics who have taken over the asylum,

      “What about the Rev? It turns out he is what you describe as a ‘putinista’ and on top of that he is allowing what you describe as ‘spamming’ ….. not forgetting he too has what you describe as tourettes.”
      The Rev can doubtless speak for himself. I doubt he’d accept or possibly welcome your bold assertion that he’s a Putinista in the sense that morally vacuous individuals like RoS, Hatuey and some of the other shills in here are.

      Defending the appearance of Big Eck on RT under different circumstances to today is hardly the same as believing the Ukrainians had it coming like RoS, or describing Putin as your hero like the cancelled Alba candidate recently featured in The National. No huge surprise someone as ethically bankrupt as you can’t discern the difference. Similarly for the difference between the Rev’s use of invective and the rapier like deployment of swear words, and your verbal tick using it in every sentence.

      “I wonder if ‘breastplate’ will bother to read & respond to your mile long finger wagging, name calling post?”
      I have my doubts. Whether because he lacks the intellectual capacity or because he’s just another denizen of the underside of bridges is a matter for him. Like so many others he’s happier sitting on the sidelines throwing rocks at people who make cogent arguments than actually adding useful of his own.

      As has been pointed out before however, even in its “winding down” phase, WoS still attracts a decent readership, and certainly more than other pro-indy sites. The fact that you and others lack the intellectual height for the ride doesn’t mean there’s no point to it, or that others with IQ’s larger than their shoe sizes aren’t taking note.

    343. Ruby says:

      Andy Ellis says:
      13 March, 2022 at 11:18 am
      @Ruby 10.27 am

      “Obsessed or what?”
      Don’t flatter yourself. Unreason needs to be addressed

      Yes dear, whatever you say dear

    344. Republicofscotland says:

      The great ally of the UK, Saudi Arabia, so much so that Prince Charles often dances like a puppet in front of its leaders in order to secure arms sales, has executed so called prisoners more than eighty of them. The dictatorship and extreme authorative state hasn’t killed so many prisoners in the one day since 1980.

    345. John Main says:

      @Hattrick 10:07

      “I wish I was brave enough …”

      “I’m a dirty coward …”

      Aw, Hattrick, we supposed to feel sorry for you now?

      Time to air-brush these posts about how the racists, neo-Nazis and underachievers had it coming? What’s the Soviet-era whitewash for when apparatchiks wanted to disassociate themselves from some heinous behaviour that in hindsight, cast them in a bad light?

      “An excess of zeal”.

      Poor wee Hatwick. Misunderstood and oppressed in his hole.

      Never mind, chin up. Nobody has been shelling you for the past week, no putrid, unburied corpses are choking your airways, and your electricity is still on, meaning you can continue to post your self-obsessed, self-pitying, maunderings.

      “I want the suffering to stop …”

      Jeez Hatwick, choking up here. Big hugs, it’s gonna be OK.

    346. James Che. says:

      No matter the subject or topic here in Scotland. or on a larger scale around the globe
      Everything is out of sync around the world.
      If it was happening in only one country we could surmise that country was barmey,
      For the whole of the human race to act like idiots at the same time is less of a coincidence.

      For a sudden rise of man against man, woman against woman. Men against women or vide versa.

      Teachers against Parents,
      Climate change against people.
      Young against old.
      Care homes against elderly.
      Propaganda against free speech.
      Lockdowns against people’s freedoms.
      Government taxes against crazy misaligned spending.

      The list is so long it becomes monotonous to name all the contrary events happening to us.
      One can only presume that there are people put in place and payed for, to ensure the breakdown of society, families, friends and like minded groups.

      On a smaller scale we can observe this here on wings.
      No matter what topic we speak of, the same group will be contradicting And verbally abusing each topic.
      We see deliberate division being sewn amongst the Indy group, antagonists with hate speech. And demeaning attitudes towards free thinking Scots.
      So much so we are all aware of whom these long term antagonists are,

      However we have to question the bigger picture of why people across the globe are beginning to suffer under their governments, that apparently all sing from the same hymn sheet.
      We can only surmise that it is easier to control people en masse when they have no friends, family, no relatives, no like minded neighbours or group to stand together against tyranny and dictators.
      Here we have to start small, Stand together As one big group in Scotland,

      We have be aware that the obvious and deliberate abuse is for a reason. For the instigators cover every topic with their opposition.
      The purpose is to ensure we stop talking to each other, to break up the group.
      To chase people away from the site,
      Cause division.
      And to imply we are on our own with our thoughts, that no one agrees with us,

      The propaganda is that there are but a few people left in Scotland that think alike for a independent Scotland.

      However realistically they would not be here with their abuse and segregation of wings commentators if they truly thought we were harmless and not worth their effort.

    347. robbo says:

      Thank fuck am gaun fur drink. Don’t need tae look et these endless rants the day.

    348. Hatuey says:

      Apparently, last night, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said an attack on deliveries of military aid into Ukraine would trigger article 5 and ww3.

      I believe he is stupid enough to say something like that but you’d think he’d realise by now that calling Putin’s bluff isn’t a good idea.

      Unlike the armchair generals and political philosophers of Western Europe, Putin’s way of expressing himself lacks a certain elegance. I think it’s fair to say he’s more of a sort of “hands on” type.

      Anyway, elegant or not, Putin’s response to Stoltenberg was anything but ambiguous. The people of Yavoriv near the Polish border will no doubt be hoping NATO and Russia keep their conversations to themselves in future.

    349. James Che. says:


      It was not so many years ago that governments were pressuring people to buy diesel vehicles,
      And then the government changed its mind and thought it was bad, and everyone should move over to petrol.
      Now they want us to move over to dangerous lithium electric cars.

      It was not so long ago that the governments thought solid fuel fires were dirty, and convinced all councils and private housing to rip out fireplaces and put in gas central heating.
      Now gas and oil are the bad devil, and it has to be replaced with electric.

      Now we are all on the same fuel source for home and travel a monopoly of fuel pricing plus increase in prices means we buy from them or do without.

      Centralisation of products has no competitive pricing.

    350. Ruby says:

      robbo says:
      13 March, 2022 at 12:24 pm
      Thank fuck am gaun fur drink. Don’t need tae look et these endless rants the day.

      Some incredible good post here today. Could be a mistake giving up reading them for lunch time drinking which will probably just lead to you having to have a siesta and missing out on life!

      Vive la vida

      When you are out could you & your drinking pals possibly give some thought to the word woman? How would you define the word woman?

    351. James Che. says:


      If we centralise money into digital. And governments can access your digital bank like Trudeau did in Canada.
      How long will it be before they control people to behave how a government wants them to, or you’re bank account and mortgage is hijacked and lost to you.

    352. gregor says:

      @James Che

      Yuval Noah Harari (World Economic Forum): Interview with CNN (2019):

      “Humans are now hackable animals…”:

    353. gregor says:

      BBC (12/03/2022):

      ‘Disney apologises for ‘silence’ on ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill’:

      “Walt Disney’s CEO has apologised for his “painful silence” on a Florida sex education bill critics warn will isolate LGBT youth.

      The so-called ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill is due to become law.

      It bans discussions of sexual orientation and gender identity from kindergarten to third grade classes (aged 8-9) or when “not age appropriate or developmentally appropriate for students in accordance with state standards”.

      Formally known as the Parental Rights in Education bill, it also allows private citizens to sue and seek unspecified damages if they believe a school district has violated the law.

      The White House has decried its passage as “hateful legislation targeting vulnerable students”…”:

    354. gregor says:


      Robert A. Iger:

      “…an American businessman who was Chief Executive Officer of The Walt Disney Company from 2005 to 2020, as well as Chairman of the Board and Executive Chairman…”:

      On February 25, 2020, Bob Chapek was named his successor as Disney CEO…”:

    355. gregor says:

      Wikipedia: MyMagic+:


      “…the company was “failing to recognize key consumer trends that were starting to influence how people interacted with brands”, such as social networking, and increased use of devices such as smartphones.

      They believed that the parks’ inability to adopt new technologies to enhance the guest experience was harming their “relevancy”…”:
      Use outside of Walt Disney World:

      “In April 2016, Bob Iger announced to shareholders that Disney planned to expand the MyMagic+ concepts to its other properties due to advancements in technology, but that they would be implemented in “different ways”…”:

    356. gregor says:

      World Economic Forum: Digital Transformation: Disney’s Magic Bands:

      ‘Using smart wrist bands to improve and personalize customer experiences in Disney World resorts’:

      “The app allows guests to link their hotel reservations, credit cards, park tickets and personal details to their wristband…

      The personalized MagicBands work in tandem with Disney’s analytics servers to create personalized itineraries based on preferences.


      10% increase in Q4 2014 profits…. Access to direct user data allows Disney to make efficiency and process improvements, as well as develop customized experiences…


      Initiative conceptualized in 2008-2009 as part of the Next Generation Experience project….”:

    357. gregor says:

      Investopedia (25/01/2022):

      ‘Disney Heiress Says Skip Theme Park Visits to Help Worker Rights’:

      “Abigail Disney, an heiress to the Walt Disney Co. fortune and advocate for income equality…”:

    358. gregor says:

      Fortune (21/10/2014):

      ‘Should the chairman be the CEO?’

      “It’s fairly clear that, at most companies, splitting the chairman and CEO roles saves money, improves performance, and can even potentially keep activist investors at bay.

      So why isn’t Corporate America listening?

      …Disney (DIS) recombined the roles for Robert Iger in 2012 after separating them under a very different CEO, Michael Eisner, in 2008…

      One way or another, it seems like most companies have decided that board independence is overrated. What’s going on here?…”:

    359. gregor says:

      Investopedia (21/01/2022):

      ‘Disney (DIS) CEO Bob Chapek More Than Doubled His Salary in 2021’:

      “…Walt Disney Company (DIS) CEO Bob Chapek and his predecessor Bob Iger more than doubled their salaries in 2021… Their wage increases occurred during a year in which the company’s business—several parts of which had shut down in response to the COVID-19 pandemic—

      Former CEO Iger, who led the company for 15 years and retired at the end of 2021, earned $45.9 million in 2021, up from the $21 million he earned in 2020…

      …Bob Chapek also had a financially lucrative 2021 and took home $32.5 million, up from $14.2 million in 2020. His base salary was $2.5 million. Included in Chapek’s earnings was a bonus of $14.3 million and $13.9 million in stock options and awards….”:

    360. Republicofscotland says:

      As Lizz Truss once said that it was okay to head to Ukraine and fight for Neo-Nazis against Russian forces, it comes light that a MP’s son has made the trip.

      “The son of a senior Conservative politician appears to be among the first wave of British volunteer fighters to reach Ukraine.

      Ben Grant, an ex-Marine, was filmed by Reuters in Lviv train station on Sunday.

      His mother is Helen Grant, the MP for Maidstone and The Weald, in Kent.”

      “Ben Grant told Reuters: “I was over in Iraq for a few months and then flew home, saw my missus and kids, hadn’t seen them for a while, and basically said yeah I’m going to Ukraine.”

      “He added that if enough veterans with specialist military experience come to Ukraine then they could form an independent unit to battle against Russian invaders.”

      “Grant served with the Royal Marines in Afghanistan but left the elite regiment in 2014.”

      It makes you wonder how man other ex-or current British military personnel are in Ukraine fighting for the Nazis.

    361. gregor says:

      Investopedia (24/10/2021): World Economic Forum (WEF):

      ‘What Is the World Economic Forum?’:

      “The WEF has no independent decision-making power but seeks to influence powerful people to make decisions that benefit the global community.

      The organization is funded through its own membership, which includes many prominent business and political figures.

      Understanding the World Economic Forum:

      The World Economic Forum’s (WEF) membership is a cross-section of the global elite from the private and public sector and includes some of the most prominent CEOs, diplomats, celebrities, media personalities, government officials, religious leaders, and union representatives from around the world…”:

    362. Republicofscotland says:

      Re my 2.22pm comment.

      Ukraine has signed the UN Convention against Mercenaries, which bans states from recruiting guns-for-hire. The UK has never signed up to it unsurprisingly.

      However Zelensky has called for fighters to come and aid Ukraine, to fight side by side with the Nazi battalions.

    363. gregor says:

      Investopedia (24/10/2021): What is the World Economic Forum?:

      “The WEF has no independent decision-making power but seeks to influence powerful people to make decisions that benefit the global community.

      The organization is funded through its own membership, which includes many prominent business and political figures.

      Understanding the World Economic Forum:

      The World Economic Forum’s membership is a cross-section of the global elite from the private and public sector and includes some of the most prominent CEOs, diplomats, celebrities, media personalities, government officials, religious leaders, and union representatives from around the world…”:

    364. gregor says:

      World Economic Forum: Global Agenda:

      ‘Disney and gender portrayal, the ultimate workplace perk, and other must-read gender stories’:

      World Economic Forum: Agenda:

      World’s Most Powerful Brands: The top 10:

      “Following Disney is Lego – …Lego ranks second for brand strength. Joint third place goes to L’Oreal and financial services company PriceWaterhouseCoopers…

      Massive household names dominate the top 10, and only one technology firm makes it in: Google in 10th place…”:

      World Economic Forum: Abigail Disney:

      Series Producer, Women, War and Peace, Fork Films:

    365. gregor says:


      “A rattled Lorna Slater slips up and says that a referendum is part of ‘Our SNP Manifesto’.

      Is there any doubt that the so-called Scottish Greens are a wholly owned subsidiary of the SNP?”

    366. gregor says:

      Greens.Scot: (28/02/2022):

      ‘Lorna Slater: Six months in Greens are just getting started’:

      “:…with Greens in government here in Scotland we are implementing policies that will benefit those who are struggling the most. And we’re only just getting started…”:

    367. James Che. says:

      The WEF are not voted in by the electorate, so why do we presume they are all our leaders, it’s just money talking, money that can no longer be backed up by black or yellow gold.

    368. Republicofscotland says:

      Sturgeon the betrayer of Scots has told Westminster that she wants Scotland to be a super sponsor for Ukrainians heading for the UK, Sturgeon wants to maximise contributions towards Ukrainians coming to Scotland and has demanded the first wave that heads to Scotland must be at 3,000.

      I may be wrong, but I don’t recall Sturgeon wanting Scotland to be a super sponsor of Afghani’s after the UK abandoned them to a freezing Winter and starvation, nor do I recall Sturgeon asking for the same for the hungry, cold and poor of Yemen who have been bombed and killed for years now using British bombs and weapons.

      One wonders how many Ukrainians will return home to Ukraine once the Russians clear out the Nazis from it, which will take longer with the likes of Nato and the EU supplying the Nazis with weapons.

      Nato’s Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said on the 8th of March that Nato is not at war with Russia, however Nato has continued to push East and has now rolled up to Russia’s borders where the Great Satan (US) wants to put nukes on its border with Russia, and Nato is currently funneling weapons to the Nazis forces in Ukraine via Poland, so effectively Nato is at war with Russia, it just hasn’t declared it.

    369. gregor says:

      World Economic Forum: Global Agenda:

      ‘To build back better, we must reinvent capitalism. Here’s how…:

      “…we must leverage the COVID-19 pandemic, and make sure that it becomes the catalyst for a profoundly positive transformation of the global economy…”:

    370. gregor says:

      Lorna Slater (16/11/2020):

      “What does #BuildBackBetter mean to you?”:

    371. James Che. says:


      Did you ever watch the first Shrek movie, where donkey jumps up and down shouting “ Pick me, Pick me”
      That’s NS political position.
      “Pick me,” pick me” “I want to be important and I am over here volunteering to to a nuclear target for Scotland “

    372. gregor says:

      Klaus Schwab (founder and executive chairman of the World Economic Forum):

      “…how the WEF have penetrated governments with its young global leaders – like Justin Trudeau.”:

    373. Republicofscotland says:

      The hatefest aimed at all things Russian has reached epic proportions, from social media sites calling for the deaths of Russians, to Russian owned dog owners being banned from Crufts, to Russian born folk losing their jobs all over Europe because they won’t denounce their own country.

      Now we have this from Michael Gove.

      “I want to explore an option which would allow us [the government] to use the homes and properties of sanctioned individuals for as long as they are sanctioned for humanitarian and other purposes”, Gove told the BBC, when asked if the homes could be used to accommodate Ukrainian refugees.”

      Now not content with stealing Russian homes in the UK they now want to use them for their own purposes, the hate crimes aimed at Russians in Europe from the West is breathtaking, Western Cognitive Warfare, via 24/7 propaganda has paid off for the West, sadly it could lead to Russian persecutions and deaths, in what is claimed to be the most civilised continent in the world, if you believe it is.

      I’ll never look at Europe the same way again.

    374. John Main says:

      @Republic 3:25

      3000 so-called Nazis coming to Scotland, and that’s just the start. No wonder Republic is pebble-dashing his shorts. Obviously the Russians will try to kill, starve and bury alive as many of the kiddie neo-Nazis as they can, with Republic cheering on their efforts from the sidelines, but some will still make it through alive.

      Maybes the kinder, more altruistic Wingers can crowd fund Republic the money to pay for him to dig himself a hole to hide in.

      Seems to me that Republic is missing something. NATO – Nazi – both 4 letters and starting with ‘N’. Join the dots Wingers …

      Better add more to the crowd fund. Republic’s need for clean undercrackers is going to go ballistic when he makes the connection.

      Oops, soz Republic, inadvertent use of “ballistic” there. Off you trot, clean up and put on a fresh pair.

    375. gregor says:

      Stone cold:

      “Absence of heart.”

      “A person with no fucking emotions.”

      Stone Cold Loser:

      “So nice to see RINO Mitt Romney booed off stage at the Utah Republican Convention. They are among the earliest to have figured this guy out, a STONE COLD LOSER!”

    376. Republicofscotland says:

      James Che @3.32pm.

      Yes James spot on you’ve described Sturgeon to a tee.

    377. John Main says:

      @Republic 3:45

      You are cordially invited to use the words “sadly”, “Ukrainian” and “deaths” in a sentence.

      In fact, so keen are we to see you backing off from your aggressively pro-Russian position, we will even tolerate the stench from your pebble-dashed shorts while you write it.

      I think you will find it is your own rancid soiling that is causing the breathing difficulties you refer to.

    378. John Main says:


      I’ve done 2. Now you have to do 20.

      Chop chop.

      Pubes has to read them all, remember?

      Haud oan. This makes 3.

    379. Andy Ellis says:

      @Hatuey 12.35 pm

      “Apparently, last night, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said an attack on deliveries of military aid into Ukraine would trigger article 5 and ww3.”

      So just to be clear, lets say that in coming weeks having failed to crush Ukrainian resistance, in the face of economic melt down at home, defaulting on its foreign debt and facing Ukrainian counter attacks made possible by western military assistance, Putin’s failing army attacks targets in Poland, Slovakia, Hungary and Romania.

      What’s your response Hatuey? Do we roll over or respond? I mean nobody is perfect but given the choice I think most folk would prefer someone like Jens Stoltenberg to be making the decisions than Hatuey and RoS….unless of course they were intensely relaxed about living in the People’s Republic of Scotland with all the democratic freedoms enjoyed by Russians at present.

    380. Ruby says:

      Did you ever watch the first Shrek movie, where donkey jumps up and down shouting “ Pick me, Pick me”

      Have you read this:

      A minute out of the limelight won’t kill you First Minister

      It probably won’t kill her but it will cause her to become very very angry
      She has a plan and it requires lots of limelight.

      Hell hath no fury and all that. Limelight stealers could end up being accused of all sorts of sex crimes and the stealing of limelight could become a hate crime.

      The plan:

      See earlier post by Stuart.

      PS Has anyone watched ‘Ukraine on Fire’ yet?

    381. Scott says:

      Andy Ellis, with his continuing use of ‘tourette’s’ as a weapon, is actually targeting hate towards the protected charcteristic of disabilty, over the internet too.

      Am no a grass, but if I was I’d be on the phone right now to the polis.

    382. Ruby says:

      Andy Ellis says:
      13 March, 2022 at 4:18 pm
      @Hatuey 12.35 pm

      What’s your response Hatuey?

      Hatuey says

      Yes dear! Whatever you say dear
      Pass the marmalade!

    383. gregor says:

      Guardian (03/03/2022):

      ‘Every bitcoin helps: why Ukraine is soliciting for cryptocurrency donations’:

      “There’s also plenty of evidence that the crypto revolution could threaten the Ukrainian home front.

      Foreign policy experts are warning that the Russian economy could become increasingly reliant on the blockchain as crippling sanctions wreak havoc on Moscow…

      It is most likely already happening. We know Russia is already developing its own digital currency… that it will use to trade globally.

      Sanctions aimed at hurting Putin will only hurt the Russian people.

      What is certain is that Putin has already thought about this prior to the conflict with Ukraine and has a plan that probably involves crypto…”

    384. Ruby says:

      Scott says:
      13 March, 2022 at 4:24 pm
      Andy Ellis, with his continuing use of ‘tourette’s’ as a weapon, is actually targeting hate towards the protected charcteristic of disabilty, over the internet too.

      Am no a grass, but if I was I’d be on the phone right now to the polis.

      His postings are a serious issue for The Alba Party. There are a lot of folk out there just looking for any dirt on Alba. TCE is giving them barrow loads.

    385. gregor says:

      BBC (26/02/2022):

      ‘Millions in Bitcoin pouring into Ukraine from donors’:

      “…the Ukrainian government, NGOs and volunteer groups have raised the money by advertising their Bitcoin wallet addresses online.

      The Ukrainian Digital Ministry says the latest call for donations is to “help Ukraine armed forces”, but would not elaborate on how the money would be spent…

      …platform Patreon announced that it had suspended the donation page for “Come Back Alive”, a Ukrainian NGO.… Patreon said the page violated the company’s policies, saying in a statement”:

      “We don’t allow Patreon to be used for funding weapons or military activity.”:

    386. gregor says:

      BBC (12/03/2022):

      ‘Bitcoin cash machines ordered to shut down in UK’:

      “All UK crypto-currency cash machines (ATMs) are operating illegally and must be shut down, the Financial Conduct Authority has announced…”:

    387. Ruby says:

      gregor says:
      13 March, 2022 at 4:31 pm
      Guardian (03/03/2022):

      ‘Every bitcoin helps: why Ukraine is soliciting for cryptocurrency donations’

      That reminded me of a video I watched the other day
      While You’re All Distracted By Ukraine…

    388. Andy Ellis says:

      @Ruby 4.34 pm

      “His postings are a serious issue for The Alba Party. There are a lot of folk out there just looking for any dirt on Alba. TCE is giving them barrow loads.”

      In your head perhaps, but then anyone with access to the internet will be able to discover pretty quickly a rather large number of posts in this place where you routinely use the word cunt to describe those you disagree with, to an extent that the presumption you have Tourette’s is not only quite plausible, but perfectly fair comment.

      I doubt Alba will have any issue with people doing a public service by pointing out what a piece of work you are “Ruby” or that your input to the movement is entirely poisonous, just as much as that of John Jones the recently de-selected Alba candidate in Fife. His case will be being dealt with via the appropriate channels. I doubt you or any of the other keyboard warrior bloviating in here actually have the balls to come out in public and make good on your ridiculous threats.

      Do let me know if you find your backbones though…?

    389. Scott says:

      I can smell Andy’s diarrhoea in every word of his comment @ 1645.

      Guess what, Ellis? Crime can also be reported anonymously via 101.

      The fact you chose to share your entire life with the internet is proof that you gave up equity.

      Demanding it back is fascism.

    390. Republicofscotland says:

      130 US Army National Guardsmen are currently training up their Nazi buddies (Ukrainian soldiers) in Yavoriv, Ukraine, to Nato fighting standards.

      The Great Satan’s (US) troops have been training the Nazis since 2015, not in expectation of a conflict with Russian forces, but so that they can kill more Eastern Russian speaking Ukrainians in the Donbas quicker and more efficiently.

      Alas more EU/Nato nations have begun training the Nazis, in an operation known as the Joint Multinational Training Group Ukraine.

    391. Breeks says:

      James Che. says:
      13 March, 2022 at 12:17 pm

      …….The list is so long it becomes monotonous to name all the contrary events happening to us.
      One can only presume that there are people put in place and payed for, to ensure the breakdown of society, families, friends and like minded groups.

      Tony Benn, 2007 I think it was…

      I think events have moved on however. It is harder to scare people in the same way, especially with social media, but the same monster which Benn is describing is very much alive and well.

      But keeping people “hopeless and pessimistic” through debt and poverty almost looks benign beside keeping them indoctrinated with bigoted notions of patriotic exceptionalism, and giving them an enemy to vilify. That’s coming straight out Orwell’s 1984 dystopian playbook.

      The UK is in a dark place right now.

      Right now, amidst one golden opportunity after another, Scotland could be doing so well for itself, seeing really profound changes for the better, if only we had a genuine statesman like Alex Salmond at the helm, not a crank, “look at me!” narcissist like Sturgeon. Sadly, we’re going down with the ship if she doesn’t get the boot soon.

    392. Ruby says:

      Russel Brand is brilliant!

      Claims that Ukraine has biological weapons labs have been labelled as conspiracy theory. But with a high-ranking diplomat confirming this week that Ukraine has biological research facilities, does this further raise the need for transparency around this complex war?

    393. Breeks says:

      Just add a sub note to that Tony Benn clip, when he says “we don’t want people healthy, educated and confident, or they’d get out of control… There you have the essence of Better Together’s Project Fear, and the media’s manipulation of the Independence narrative in 2014.

    394. Republicofscotland says:

      Ruby @5.14pm


      And when you realise what the Great Satan (US) was actually doing in these labs, its frightening.

      A snippet.

      “It studied possibilities of spreading particularly dangerous infections through migratory birds, including highly pathogenic H5N1 influenza (lethal to humans in 50 % of cases) and Newcastle disease. As part of another project, bats were considered as carriers of potential BW agents. Among the priorities identified are the study of bacterial and viral pathogens that can be transmitted from bats to humans: pathogens of plague, leptospirosis, brucellosis, as well as coronaviruses and filoviruses. Project documents clearly indicate that the United States actively financed bioprojects in Ukraine.”

    395. Andy Ellis says:

      @scott 4.55 pm

      It’s hardly surprising that a creepy stalker like you would chime in “scott”, but then as you rightly observe the comments on here are public, so it won’t take long to figure out where the abuse comes from and whether allegations made on the basis of things posted here have any merit.

      The pattern of behaviour you’ve exhibited over quite a long period is ample evidence, and would of course explain both why you remain a snivelling on line coward and why you would resort to the kind of tactics used by TRA’s against those they disagree with in attempt to shut them down and cancel them.

      You can’t do it on the merits of your arguments because you lack the wit to do so: such is your inchoate rage that all you can do is seek to silence the opposition using the shameful tactics of those we’ve all seen destroy the SNP and impose serious damage on the cause. Whether that’s just because you’re a deeply unpleasant individual, or because you have some issues which might charitably be attributed to your medical condition or medication is harder to judge.

    396. Scott says:

      Go home Andy, you’re paranoid.

    397. gregor says:

      UK Gov: Chief Medical Officer: Professor Chris Whitty:

      “Professor Chris Whitty is Chief Medical Officer (CMO) for England, the UK government’s Chief Medical Adviser and head of the public health profession. He represents the UK on the Executive Board of the World Health Organization.”:

      GlaxoSmithKline (08/11/2017):

      Patrick Vallance, President, R&D, GSK to become UK Government’s Chief Scientific Adviser:

      GlaxoSmithKline plc (LSE/NYSE: GSK) today announced that Dr Patrick Vallance, President, R&D, has informed the Board of his intention to leave the company to become the UK Government’s Chief Scientific Adviser and Head of the Government’s Office for Science.

      He will be responsible for providing scientific advice to the Prime Minister and advising the Government on aspects of policy on science and technology.”:

    398. Republicofscotland says:

      At least 180 mad dog foreign mercenaries have been taken out by Russian precision strikes at Ukrainian training centres located at the Yavorovsky military compound and near the settlement of Starichi.

    399. gregor says:

      Telegraph.UK (23/09/2019):

      ‘Revealed: Sir Patrick Vallance has £600,000 shareholding in firm contracted to develop vaccines’:

      “Sir Patrick Vallance, who also chairs the Government’s expert advisory panel on vaccines, holds a deferred bonus of 43,111 shares in GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) worth £600,000 from his time as president of the multinational drug company, The Telegraph can reveal.

      He has already cashed in more than £5 million worth of shares he received from the company during his tenure from 2012 until March 2018, when he became the Government’s chief scientific adviser…”:

    400. Ruby says:

      “to an extent that the presumption you have Tourette’s is not only quite plausible, but perfectly fair comment.”

      It is believed that someone has Tourette’s. There is no question about it. They have Tourette’s

      I doubt Alba will have any issue with people doing a public service by pointing out what a piece of work you are “Ruby”

      Are you really saying that Alba would approve of you pointing out that someone with Tourette’s is a piece of work simply because they swear?

      There is only one word left to describe someone like this.

    401. gregor says:

      The Journal of Infectious Diseases:

      Christopher J. M. Whitty, et al ((01/07/2010):

      ‘Effect of Ivermectin on Anopheles gambiae Mosquitoes Fed on Humans: The Potential of Oral Insecticides in Malaria Control’:

      “Ivermectin has a wide antiparasitic activity with long veterinary use.

      When ivermectin’s activity against Onchocerca volvulus was discovered, it was licensed for human use and was used in mass drug administration programs to control river blindness; it was administered to >80 million adults and children.

      The drug has proven to be safe. Doses up to 10 times the approved limit are well tolerated by healthy volunteers.

      Adverse reactions are few and usually mild…”:

    402. gregor says:

      U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA):

      ‘Why You Should Not Use Ivermectin to Treat or Prevent COVID-19’:

      “One of the FDA’s jobs is to carefully evaluate the scientific data on a drug to be sure that it is both safe and effective for a particular use.

      In some instances, it can be highly dangerous to use a medicine for the prevention or treatment of COVID-19 that has not been approved by or has not received emergency use authorization from the FDA…

      There seems to be a growing interest in a drug called ivermectin…:

      There’s a lot of misinformation around, and you may have heard that it’s okay to take large doses of ivermectin…”:

    403. gregor says:

      International Journal of Infectious Diseases (March 2022):

      ‘Treatment with Ivermectin Is Associated with Decreased Mortality in COVID-19 Patients: Analysis of a National Federated Database’:


      “Ivermectin use was associated with decreased mortality in patients with COVID-19 compared to remdesivir.

      To our knowledge, this is the largest association study of patients with COVID-19, mortality and ivermectin.

      Further double-blinded placebo-controlled RCTs with large samples are required for definite conclusion.

      In the future, if more publications are published with the similar result to the current analyses, the certainty of evidence will increase.”:

    404. Ruby says:

      “anyone with access to the internet will be able to discover pretty quickly a rather large number of posts in this place where you routinely use the word cunt to describe those you disagree with ME

      There you go I sorted that for you.
      You are the only one who I have described as a cunt.

      Now scram!

    405. gregor says:

      Wikipedia: Generic drug:

      “A generic drug is a pharmaceutical drug that contains the same chemical substance as a drug that was originally protected by chemical patents. Generic drugs are allowed for sale after the patents on the original drugs expire…”:

      MedicalNewsToday (28/08/2021): Overview of ivermectin:

      “Ivermectin is a generic prescription medication…”:

    406. gregor says:

      NewYorkTimes (17/12/2020):

      ‘Waste, Negligence and Cronyism: Inside Britain’s Pandemic Spending’:

      ‘In the desperate scramble for protective gear and other equipment, politically connected companies reaped billions.’:

      “…roughly 1,200 central government contracts that have been made public, together worth nearly $22 billion.

      Of that, about $11 billion went to companies either run by friends and associates of politicians in the Conservative Party, or with no prior experience or a history of controversy.

      Meanwhile, smaller firms without political clout got nowhere.”:

    407. gregor says:

      DailyMail (13/03/2022):

      ‘WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange will marry his lawyer fiancee inside Belmarsh prison this month wearing a specially made Vivienne Westwood tartan kilt’:

      “…this is the extraordinary secret wedding planned by the WikiLeaks publisher and his fiancee, lawyer Stella Moris, for March 23….

      It’s not the wedding we would have planned – in a church in the outside world, surrounded by family and friends,’ Stella, 39, admits.

      ‘But we’re choosing to take control of our lives’…”:

    408. gregor says:


      “Ordinary people in a society or organization, rather than the leaders.”

      “Organizational change needs to come from the grassroots.”

    409. John Main says:

      I’m getting a wee frisson of the power Putin must feel when the leaders of the assorted Satans dance attendance around him, begging him to call off his attempted annexation of the free, sovereign, independent nation of Ukraine, and the murder of its innocent civilians.

      I just have to post once here, and Gregs has to bake 15 of his inedible pasties in response. What a disparity in bang for buck!

      And it gets better. Pubes has to read every one he writes. Or so she claims. Maybes she lies.

    410. Hatuey says:

      Moscow and Kiev may soon come to agreement – Russian negotiator
      “Ukraine said Russia was seeing the situation “much more adequately” than before
      Moscow and Kiev may soon come to agreement – Russian negotiator

      “A member of the Russian negotiating team, Leonid Slutsky, has said he believes the “significant progress” he has observed in talks between Moscow and Kiev might soon lead the two sides in the conflict to sign an agreement.”

      That’s from RT. I can’t do the archive thing on my iPad so no link…

    411. Hatuey says:

      No laughing at Leonids’s surname…

    412. gregor says:

      WhiteHouse (09/11/2021):

      Remarks by President Biden at a Virtual Grassroots Event for the Democratic National Committee:

      “…it will replace lead pipes in every American — so that every American can drink clean water and not have to worry…

      And for those families struggling to afford childcare and eldercare, our Build Back Better plan will be lifechanging…

      And that’s going to be good for them and good for their families and good for the economy…

      …folks don’t feel the progress we’re making in the economy. I get it. I know the cost of gas, groceries, and rent seems to be harder and harder to handle. That’s what — that’s one of the most re- — more reasons why we should have to pass my Build Back Better bill.

      You know, the Build Back Better plan is not going to cause inflation like people are talking about, because 17 Nobel laureates in economics have looked at my plans and said they will…

      Folks, I ran for President because… I ran to rebuild, as I said, the backbone of this nation — working people, middle-class folks — to rebuild the economy from the bottom up and the middle out…

      We’re putting out the pandem- — by pulling out of the pandemic that is — I hate to say it — lost 750,000 lives; pulling our economy back…”:

    413. Ruby says:

      That’s from RT. I can’t do the archive thing on my iPad so no link…

    414. Republicofscotland says:

      Saudi Arabia and it coalition of evil especially the UAE, bombed a migration centre and a wedding in Yemen killing many folk, the guidance systems for the British bombs is make at Raytheon in Glenrothes Fife, Scots make part for weapons that kill and main innocent women and children in Yemen, but you won’t see that on the UK MSM.

      England isn’t innocent in this either the village of Warton has behind it a BAE factory where the bombs that Saudi Arabia and the UAE kill innocent Yemenis are made, but again you won’t see that on the news either, Warton also supplied dozens of hawk fighter jets to the coalition of evil, which has carried out at least 23,000 sorties (bombing raids) on Yemen.

      Isn’t strange how the British media can’t wait to inform us of who many weapons and how much they cost, that they’ve sent to Ukraine, but they never tells us the same information about what they’ve sent in arms to the coalition of evil (Saudi Arabia and the UAE) who are killing women and children indiscriminately in Yemen where millions are starving.

      Saudi pilots have come to the UK to be trained in fighter jets, and helicopters at English RAF bases, then returned to Saudi Arabia, and on to Yemen to bomb the people in the country.

      Doesn’t it make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside to know that we are helping the coalition of evil to kill innocent women and children in Yemen.

    415. gregor says:

      WhiteHouse (09/11/2021): Biden: Virtual Grassroots Event for the Democratic National Committee:

      “…it will replace lead pipes in every American — so that every American can drink clean water and not have to worry…

      …those families struggling to afford childcare and eldercare, our Build Back Better plan will be lifechanging…

      And that’s going to be good for them and good for their families and good for the economy…

      Now, I know that a lot of folks don’t feel the progress we’re making in the economy. I get it. …the cost of gas, groceries, and rent seems to be harder and harder to handle… more reasons why we should have to pass my Build Back Better bill.

      You know, the Build Back Better plan is not going to cause inflation like people are talking about, because 17 Nobel laureates in economics have looked at my plans and said they will…

      I ran to rebuild, as I said, the backbone of this nation — working people, middle-class folks — to rebuild the economy from the bottom up and the middle out…

      We’re putting out the pandem- — by pulling out of the pandemic that is — I hate to say it — lost 750,000 lives; pulling our economy back…”:

    416. gregor says:


      The United States population on 12 March 2020:


      Guardian (10/03/2022): ‘US inflation jumped to 40-year high of 7.9% last month’:

      “US inflation surged again last month to a new 40-year high of 7.9%, propelled by surging costs for gas, food and housing.”:

    417. gregor says:


      “Lacking in sense; foolish.”

      “Lacking in feeling; unconscious.”

      “Lacking in perception or intelligence.”

      “It is senseless to send people abroad who do not know what they are doing overseas and cannot be effective in the foreign culture.”

    418. Robert Hughes says:

      Hatuey says:
      13 March, 2022 at 7:33 pm
      ” Moscow and Kiev may soon come to agreement – Russian negotiator ”

      Let’s all hope this proves to be the case and the violence ends – is allowed to end .

      Judging by the sheer volume of anti-Russian sentiment being whipped-up by politicians and MSM I fear it won’t be .

      You would think Russia had declared war on the UK by the feverish tone of the commentary : this is after all a foreign conflict, no different in essence from all the other conflicts previously and currently raging .

      If only such * solidarity * and offers of asylum as is being shown to Ukraine was offered to every country enduring similar distress there might be less ( justified ) accusations of hypocrisy and geo-political manoeuvring

    419. Republicofscotland says:

      Its little know to the average person in the UK but Nato has its claws deeply embedded into the UK. It has a HQ at Northwood, in North-East London called the Maritime Command, and has access to five military bases in the UK, with 574 personnel from 29 countries deployed across these bases.

      Three nations outside the Alliance – Sweden, Austria and Finland – have personnel deployed with Nato at its intelligence centre in Cambridgeshire.

      Nato’s Land Command is based in Izmir, Turkey while its Air Command is located in Ramstein, Germany. RAF Molesworth also hosts the Nato Intelligence Fusion Centre (NIFC) which includes 167 foreign Nato personnel, its been called the jewel in the Nato intelligence system.

    420. John Main says:

      @Republic 8:08

      “Doesn’t it make you feel all warm and fuzzy …”

      Nah, Republic, it doesn’t.

      We’re not all like you, praise be.

      Here’s the thing, Republic. It’s possible for even a skidmark like you to campaign equally for an end to the carnage in both Yemen and Ukraine. Ordinary, decent people can clearly see that.

      It’s just you and a tiny overflowing potty full of like-thinking lowlifes who have manufactured a causal link so that the carnage in Yemen somehow justifies the well-deserved destruction of Ukraine and the murder of Ukrainians.

      And it’s the same coterie of skid marks that persist in dehumanising Ukrainian civilians as racists, Nazis, underachievers, etc.

    421. Ruby says:

      Russia has consistently accused Ukrainian “nationalists” of using civilians as cover and of preventing their evacuation through humanitarian corridors.

      I suppose it would be difficult to claim brave Ukrainians were fighting for their country at the same time as masses of Ukrainians
      were fleeing the country.

      Can’t see why the Russians would say this but can see why Ukrainians might do this. I’m inclined not to believe Slutsky.

      Weren’t they preventing all males from 18 – 68 from leaving.

      Could it be this is all going to blow over in a couple of days and this time next week we will be discussing something else.

    422. John Main says:

      @Gregs Sausage Roll Bakery

      I’ve posted again so another 15 steak bakes please Gregs.

      Can’t have anybody reading my post, eh? Push it off the front page ASAP.

      Sheesh, until lately, I never sussed just how persuasive my posts are.

      Thanks Gregs.

    423. Republicofscotland says:

      John Main @8.27pm.

      I thought it would at least make you and Ellis all warm and fuzzy inside with both of you being lowlife Nazi lovers.

      You didn’t even denounce the Yemen killings or the UK helping the coalition of evil to keep doing.

      You’re a vile creature Main, you give me the boak.

    424. John Main says:

      @Robert Hughes 8:21

      Russia may not have declared war on the UK, but the UK has certainly declared war on Russia.

      Or don’t you see a determined attempt to bring down a country’s economy and currency as an act of war? I bet Putin sees it clear enough.

      Honestly, you Wingers. Constantly seeing conspiracies everywhere, yet blind to the de facto reality that your country has been at war with Russia for two weeks already.


    425. gregor says:

      Breitbart: (12/03/2022): Hunter Biden’s ‘Laptop from Hell’ Repairman Says Life Upended, Bankruptcy Looms:

      “The man who used to own… life has been turned upside down by private citizens, tech giants, and federal agencies…

      “I became concerned over some of the content I was viewing,” Mac Isaac told Breitbart News. He informed the FBI of the device before bringing it to former New York City Mayor…

      The laptop reportedly contained emails detailing Hunter Biden’s businesses with Burisma, a Ukrainian natural gas company, and potential business deals with a Chinese energy company.

      …sent a letter to Sen. Chris Coons (D-DE), a close ally of President Joe Biden, last December.

      “I would hate to think that I was singled out in a politically motivated attack. If a state agency was weaponized to punish a perceived political enemy, the country has a right to know,”

      Making matters worse, Mac Isaac sued Twitter over the platform’s censorship of stories regarding Hunter Biden’s laptop…”:

    426. Andy Ellis says:

      @Putin’s Poodle 8.32 pm

      The difference between normal, rational people like John Main and rabid Putinistas like you though is that we can hold two thoughts in our head at the same time. Any rational person will denounce the killing of innocents wherever it happens.

      I’ve not seen you denounce the killings of civilians in the Ukraine or those in Donbas killed by Russian nationalists and neo-nazis. It’s almost as if you had a blind spot of some sort.

      Even amongst the hard core Putinistas however it takes an especially odious kind of person in current circumstances to publicly state on here that “the Ukrainians had it coming”.

      We know who said that though don’t we?

    427. Republicofscotland says:

      At least forty-five major UK companies can’t wait for the flood of Ukrainians to come to the UK, they want to give them jobs immediately, companies such as M&S want to employ them.

      “We have expanded our visa application capacity to 13,000 a week, deployed additional staff across the EU, with a 24/7 helpline in place to ensure those who need appointments can get them to come here. Said a UK government spokesperson.”

      You want it all? well just self-Id as a Ukrainian, Sturgeon is into self-Id so you’ll be fine. If however you are Russian you’d better flee for your life, as the West/UK will steal everything from you, maybe even your life.

    428. John Main says:

      Republic 8:32

      “You give me the boak”

      My pleasure, Republic.

      Now off you go and contrive another lying justification for Russian destruction of free, independent, sovereign Ukraine.

      Your role model, Putin, is relaxed that annexation of a rubble-strewn wasteland is sufficient for his ego. So you will be content enough if the Scots Indy movement is similarly destroyed while you continue to use it as the launching pad for your campaign.

      Collateral damage, eh Republic? Kids, expectant mums, or Scots Indy. There’s no difference to you.

    429. Chas says:

      First time on Wings for approx 10 days and surprised at the number of posts on this thread. I have neither the time or inclination to read them but had a quick look at who has been posting. Allow me to make some observations-

      As expected lots from the scum (RoS and Hateuy). No idea what they say but expect it will be the usual tripe. Am still amazed that Andy Ellis And John Main actually respond to them. When will they learn that this is ‘oxygen’ to the scum. Best to leave them alone and they will hopefully disappear.

      Who is this Gregor person? Is he trialling for a job as a journalist or newsreader? Constantly providing links to whatever regurgitated stuff he thinks is relevant. Has anybody really got the time to read them? A suggestion Gregor-get a life.

      Another newcomer to me is Scott. He writes with all the clarity and wit of someone coming round from a strong anaesthetic. It won’t take much more to add him to the scummy twosome!

      Ruby continues to insult anybody and everybody-such is her want.

      For a site that is supposed to bring together like minded, independence supporting Scots, who favour Alba over the SNP, it is failing spectacularly.

    430. Ruby says:

      Republicofscotland says:
      13 March, 2022 at 8:50 pm
      At least forty-five major UK companies can’t wait for the flood of Ukrainians to come to the UK, they want to give them jobs immediately, companies such as M&S want to employ them

      Should Putin be thanked for solving the staff shortages caused by Brexit?

    431. John Main says:

      @Gregs Steak Bakes

      Another 15 Gregs, Ellis & Main back on top.

      Mix it up with some chicken and vegan. Interest in your standard fare fading fast. Even Pubes is spitting them out.

      (I’m having fun, but I think I best not take that one too far) 🙂

    432. Scott says:

      Scots law is supreme in Scotland.

    433. Republicofscotland says:

      “I’ve not seen you denounce the killings of civilians in the Ukraine or those in Donbas killed by Russian nationalists and neo-nazis. It’s almost as if you had a blind spot of some sort.”


      This from the Nazi lover, and staunch supporter of Nato which has caused this conflict and ultimately all the deaths in Ukraine whether they be Ukrainian or Russian or other nationalities held by the Neo-Nazi battalions as hostages and human shields.

      You know Ellis this the first time I’ve read a comment where you admit the Nazis are in Ukraine, it must’ve hurt like hell to type that. In effect Ellis you are just a propaganda mouthpiece for Nato expansionism because you can’t even bring yourself to admit what really caused this conflict in the first place.

      Yet you of all people expect me to tell the likes of you, what I think of the deaths of those in the conflict, I know what I think, but I won’t be telling your kind.

      You’re incapable of admitting the truth on this one.

    434. John Main says:


      I guess I am triggered by those on here who claim that Russian annexation of free, independent, sovereign Ukraine is justified and deserved.

      The fact they have hijacked a Scots Indy platform to promote their views sticks in my craw.

      It’s no more complicated than that.

      P.S. “Gregs Sausage Roll Bakery” is Hattrick (Hatuey) in disguise. He can’t handle argument or debate so wants to drown the site in irrelevance.

    435. Hatuey says:

      Lol @ “Honestly, you Wingers… blind to the de facto reality that your country has been at war with Russia for two weeks already.”

      We asked to see Andy’s Phd, now it’s time for John to show us his scotvec modules…

    436. Andy Ellis says:

      @Chas 8.56 am

      “When will they learn that this is ‘oxygen’ to the scum. Best to leave them alone and they will hopefully disappear.”

      They don’t though do they? WoS may be winding down and we don’t know if Rev Stu will pull the plug at some point, but I’m damned if I’ll let intellectual and political skid marks like them be the legacy of a site that has meant so much to so many people, or give folk the impression that they are what the movement has to offer.

      We know from figures Stu posted himself that the site still gets way more views than other pro-indy sites like the laughably bad Bella Caledonia. At least a few of us are fighting to see that the politically basket of deplorables isn’t the last thing people remember this place for. it and the broader independence movement deserves better.

    437. Republicofscotland says:

      Chas@ 8.56pm

      Hey Chas how’s the weather in Berkshire today, it must be chilly in that old military hospital.

      Nice touch trying to bail Chinthe buddy out Ellis.

      Why don’t you tell us more about this Chas.

      The UK’s Chief of Defence Staff, Sir Nick Carter, confirmed live on a press briefing on 22 April 2020, that the military disinformation brigade is being used against the UK population during the coronavirus lockdown.

      Oh and its cloudy with a 10% chance of precipitation where you are.

    438. Andy Ellis says:

      @Putin’s Poodle 9.07 pm

      You just can’t help yourself misrepresenting people though can you? I’ve never denied there are neo-nazis in the Ukraine. There are neo-nazis here too and a shit load of them in Russia, including many in the pretendy Donbas republics you’re so keen to see recognised.

      What i have said – and is backed up by independent sources – is that your laughable parroting of Putin’s agitprop that the Ukraine is a state in thrall to neo-nazis, or which needs Russian intervention to de-nazify it, is simply a flat out lie. No reasonable person buys it for a minute. No political party or movement in Scotland, whether pro or anti indy – will ever accept your narrative as anything other than a total calumny.

      The conflict was caused by Putin’s invasion and the fact the west didn’t respond adequately to previous Russian aggression in Crimea, the Donbas, Georgia and Syria.

      Your relationship to the truth is tenuous at best, as your output adequately demonstrates. You demand others condemn the things you direct them to condemn, but refuse to condemn any others which don’t suit your dogmatic ideological agenda. You still refuse to row back from your “Ukrainians had it coming” line. It’s obvious you’re not embarrassed by it, so do you still think its true?

      I’ve never seen you condemn the deaths of the passengers of the Malaysian Airlines flight shot down by Russian nationalists in the Donbas, or express outrage for the many Ukrainians killed by Russian nationalists there, many of them far right, neo nazis. Your monomania won’t let you criticise both sides, because it doesn’t fit your agenda.

      Yes, we do know what you think “Republic of Scotland”; you think Ukrainians had it coming because you’ve accepted Putin’s line that thousands of Ukrainian lives were a price worth paying to achieve the political and strategic ends he couldn’t achieve any other way.

    439. Bernard de Linton says:

      Republic O Scotland min? Whit a braw name to post shite on the internet wi..Its a braw name richt enough,but Scotland being a republic, is as far awa as yer first shite min.Stupid hoors that thought Salmond and Sturgeon wi her grifter dafties, could run a country ..jist tak a look at yirsels.That Alba has nae chance, what wi Ecks erse kising the Russian establishment ,and will just be a waste o guid paper and TVO
      TV0= Thats diesel fir you toonsers
      That “Nato Great Satan”, broken record ,pish you come oot wi every day,if githered up,would mak a braw book fir insomniacs .Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz min.

    440. Republicofscotland says:

      “I’ve never seen you condemn the deaths of the passengers of the Malaysian Airlines flight shot down by Russian nationalists in the Donbas”

      I would if it was proved even the maker of the BUK system said that the missile that was one used by the Ukrainians. The West has such a hardon for Russia that it will go to any lengths to apply more sanctions to keep a deep divide between it and Europe.

      But when it comes to you I’m spot on Ellis, now away and edit some video’s or podcast on your electronic sketch pads and multi-screened desktops loaded with digital editing software.

    441. Republicofscotland says:

      Christ this sites crawling with Chinthes tonight, I’ll leave you boys to swap stories.

    442. gregor says:


      “Brick-and-mortar stores continued their descent into irrelevance, online shopping became the default for a majority of shoppers and new methods of payment like paying via text messaging became accepted.”

      “Europe is at risk of drifting into global irrelevance unless urgent action is taken to build up its fading semiconductor industry, the region’s most valuable tech company warned.”

      “Even if the new Taliban rulers do not physically confine women to their homes, many express fear that they will be consigned to idle irrelevance.”

    443. gregor says:

      WesternJournal (13/03/2022):

      ‘Defense attorneys made a stunning claim: Not only did the FBI entrap the accused, but an FBI informant plied the suspects with drugs’.

      “…the Times had to make some awkward admissions, such as that there were 12 FBI informants and additional undercover agents involved in infiltrating the group.

      Considering that 14 men were actually arrested, that means FBI-related individuals matched actual suspects on almost a one-for-one basis…

      Is the FBI pursuing cases for political reasons?

      …the main organizer of the plot was an FBI informant known as “Big Dan.” The explosives group’s expert was also an undercover agent, according to the Times…”:

    444. gregor says:

      Reuters (09/03/2014):

      ‘Loss of employees on Malaysia flight a blow, U.S. chipmaker says’:

      “These were people with a lot of experience and technical background and they were very important people…”:

    445. gregor says:

      HarvardBusinessReview (26/02/2021):

      ‘Why We’re in the Midst of a Global Semiconductor Shortage’:

      “…the chip shortage has been a ticking time bomb…”

    446. Robert Graham says:


      The firefighting Arsonist that pretends to be a defensive organisation.

      Facebook and instagram now allowing comments calling for violence against anyone that’s Russian and promoting the Azov Regiment

      The British government flooding the airwaves with ads warning people not to pass on information from unreliable sources.

      And people still believe all the shit our media pumps out 24 / 7 ,

      The end of the the Second World War and the yanks had to find bogey man and Russia fitted the bill ,every movie out of Hollywood was littered with them pesky Reds ,Chinks or Japs and the good guys were always the yanks

      One of the biggest stains on American history was the near hysterical investigations started by Sen Joseph McCarthy at the end of the forty’s and through the fifty’s the relentless pursuit of any Communist these trials were conducted like the Spanish Inquisition and it hasn’t stopped it’s just disguised as free trade and America protecting its interests

      We have all grown up and been indoctrinated into believing our system and leaders are the good guys and you are a ("Tractor" - Ed) if you question their version of the truth ,

      The media is full of reports that Putin was going to use chemical weapons shock horror , I bet it would surprise most Scots to learn British forces used chemical weapons as far back as 1917 and Churchill was determined to use them and did use them against the Russian Bolsheviks in 1919 .

      So spare the crocodile tears and that we are the saviours of the universe it’s all fkn bullshit .

    447. Scott says:

      There’s been a chip shortage in Silicon Glen, that’s for sure.

      Another fine mess, the union got us out of. Huzzah!

    448. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Look at the situation.
      The First Ministers of Scotland and Wales have indicated that we should take in as many white Caucasian refugees as we can, due to the situation in Ukraine.

      As others btl here have pointed out, what about the refugees from Afghanistan and Yemen?

      Are these two governments displaying racism because the people of Afghanistan and Yemen are the wrong colour?

    449. gregor says:

      Bigots (can’t handle):

      “A person who is intolerant of any ideas other than his or her own, esp on religion, politics, or race.”

      “A person who holds blindly and intolerantly to a particular creed, opinion, etc.”

      “A narrow-minded, prejudiced person.”

    450. Derek says:

      @Brian Doonthetoon

      “Your use of “looser” was as an adjective, which is perfectly acceptable. The original use however, to which I referred, was as a noun.”

      I suspected as much! Doesn’t stop me being an irritating pedant, though…

      I didn’t dig back to find the original post, though; could be a long hunt.

    451. Robert Hughes says:

      ” ….YOUR country has been at war with Russia for two weeks already……”

      Has it John ?

      MY country is Scotland , and much as that psycho Sturgeon is doing everything to fan the flames of conflict and zero to promote a cessation of violence , MY country has not declared war on Russia

      Russia has done no harm to my country , yet we’re expected to participate in the orchestrated orgy of hysterical moral outrage for that country doing what the two most destructive ( of other countries/cultures ) entities on the planet- USA/UK Inc – have been doing for centuries .

      All decent people abhor and condemn violence , whether in the home , the street , national or international .

      You don’t get to pick and choose which imposition of brute force is acceptable and which not .

      ALL violence is unacceptable

    452. gregor says:

      NewYorkPost (11/03/2022):

      ‘Marriott, Hilton still open in Russia even as other US companies leave’:

      Joe Biden – President’s Public Schedule (14/03/2022):

      2:10 PM:

      The President addresses the National League of Cities Congressional City Conference

      Marriott Marquis Washington

    453. Ian Brotherhood says:

      Link to important thread by @FreedomPodcast1 on Twitter, where confirmed hospital fatalities from ‘Covid’ are listed.

      How many people would you guess died in Scotland, in total, across the whole miserable two years? Seriously – try to nail a number. It’s got to be in the thousands, right? Tens of thousands?

      Or how about Glasgow specifically? Or North Ayrshire & Arran?

    454. Dorothy Devine says:

      Ian B, that was a great find – thanks!

      Is all well with you?

    455. Ruby says:

      JK Rowling rounds on Keir Starmer over gender

      Rowling wrote: “I don’t think our politicians have the slightest idea how much anger is building among women from all walks of life at the attempts to threaten and intimidate them out of speaking publicly about their own rights, their own bodies and their own lives.

      What are the implications of women being very angry with political parties who appear to be misogynists.

    456. gregor says:

      Fully boosted and protected Barack Obama (13/03/2022):

      ‘…a reminder to get vaccinated if you haven’t already…

      I just tested positive for COVID’:

    457. Republicofscotland says:

      The madness in Scotland continues as Windsor street in Edinburgh unofficially has become Volodymyr Zelensky street with official looking signage in place.

      This however isn’t enough for Lib/Dem Leader Alex Cole-Hamilton, no he wants another street in Edinburgh named after Zelensky as well. The street he wants changed is Melville street, of course the Russian consulate is based there, if its not already been burned down and its occupants hung from street lamps.

      Zelensky must be one hell of a guy, for even the likes of Nelson Mandela didn’t get two streets named after him, and Zelensky couldn’t lace his boots.

    458. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @Dorothy D –

      Tickety-boo, thanks, and hope you are likewise.


    459. Ruby says:

      Republicofscotland says:
      14 March, 2022 at 9:17 am
      The madness in Scotland continues as Windsor street in Edinburgh unofficially has become Volodymyr Zelensky street with official looking signage in place.

      That’s quite a mouthful. Will it be shortened to VeZy Street?

      Oh hang on Z might be problematic!

      The country has gone completely mad!

    460. Robert Hughes says:

      Ian B @ 8.53

      Remember when we tried to apply a little dispassionate REASON amidst the lunacy of exaggeration and alarmist hyperbole and were shouted down as * conspiracy theorising , covid-denying flat-earthers * ?

      Those numbers don’t speak for themselves , they scream we’ve been subjected to two years of unrelenting State/MSM propaganda the legacy of which has seen permanent damage to our economy , way of life and capacity to live as free citizens .

      What should ( but won’t ) happen now is the perpetrators of this mass psychosis being held to criminal account for the untold damage they have inflicted

    461. John Main says:

      @Robert Graham

      Payback for alleged stuff that happened in 1919?

      I’ll say one thing for you, Bob, you’ve come up with something original.

      Living proof of just how wide shallowness can be spread.

    462. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @Robert Hughes (9.31) –

      Ach well, I’m sure Jason Leitch will be happy to give us all a full explanation in due course…if anyone can ever find him.


    463. Hatuey says:

      Hmmmmmmm. Just like old times…

      Ian Brotherhood, the information you link to imposes two filters on the dataset;

      “536 #COVID19 deaths in Scottish Hospitals, where #COVID19 was the only cause of death”

      Why would deaths only count if they occurred in hospital and why would they only count if it was the only cause of death? Your numbers demand both conditions be true.

      If I imposed filters like that on any cause of death, I could probably reduce the totals by about 95%.

    464. John Main says:

      @Brian DTT 11:05

      Nah Bri, it’s not racism, it’s sexism.

      Most Ukrainian refugees are women and kids, AKA widows and orphans. Their menfolk push them across the border, then pick up an armband and an AK47 and start defending their country.

      Most Afghan and Yemeni refugees are young men of fighting age, AKA deserters. They abandon their womenfolk to starvation, oppression, lashings, stoning and FGM and take to their heels.

    465. John Main says:

      @Robert Hughes 7:36

      Hey Bob, I’ve forwarded your message to the Russian consulate. Stand by for an official Russian guarantee that Scotland will be exempt from whatever murderous crimes Putin is planning across Europe …

    466. Breeks says:

      John Main says:
      14 March, 2022 at 9:51 am

      @Robert Hughes 7:36

      Hey Bob, I’ve forwarded your message to the Russian consulate. Stand by for an official Russian guarantee that Scotland will be exempt from whatever murderous crimes Putin is planning across Europe …

      Can I ask you what your thoughts are about WW2 John? Because it’s still within living memory when Russia was invaded and witnessed 27 million of it’s people losing their lives as these “murderous” Russians broke the back of Hitler’s Nazism which Western powers couldn’t even contain.

      And post WW2, Russia was expected to divvy territory won by Russian conquest amongst the allies, while the Western Allies “reciprocated” by excluding the Russians when the Allies were divvying up Africa, the Middle East, the Pacific and Japan. The Russian even sat on their thumbs while the “murderous” Brits killed off the Communists in Greece.

      Now I’m not an apologist for Putin, and it is butcherous stupidity to have invaded Ukraine. But that doesn’t mean he should be standing alone in the dock for causing this mess. NATO and Western Europe should have been a damn sight more circumspect these past few decades about how sensitive the Russians are entitled to feel about the security of their Borders.

    467. Bernard de Linton says:

      Robert Graham aboot Nato..Christ anithereen o they bores yi cannae get awa fae in the pub quick enough..spouting pish that was “edgy” in the 70s be a proper socialist noo yi hiv tae hae a Villa in Portugal like The failed lawyer, or a Castle in Angus like thon Laird o Lochee wi the pony tail. Richt fir the people they are.Robert you wirnae the boy handing oot “bairns not bombs” badges in Union st in 2014 fir the Snp? When i said ,but the Russians fly oor here several times a week, i was telt,by him ” nah they dinnae”..i had tae tell the stupid hoor thats whit Leuchars and Lossiemouth wir fir.The pilots sit wi thir jeckets on ready to scramble. thats Nato to blame fir that Robert eh?

    468. Andy Ellis says:

      Good news from Neale Hanvey relating to the Putinista who was the subject of a spread in the National:

      “As soon as the comments were brought to my attention, Mr Jones was spoken to by our convener and as a consequence he left the Alba Party with immediate effect.

      Slàinte mhath,

      Neale Hanvey MP”

      Hopefully any other Putinistas in Alba will take note and jump before they are pushed?

    469. Hatuey says:

      It’s funny, when you talk to people like Andy Ellis and other James Bond fans, they seem to think foreign policy and international relations is about protecting democracy, WMDs, NATO, human rights, etc., and that wars are noble crusades.

      The truth is that it has very little to do with any of that stuff. Look into any US military conflict of the last 25 years and you will see that it’s more likely to be driven by the narrow self-interest of policy-makers who are trying to make some grubby deal that benefits them personally.

      In Ukraine they aren’t even trying to hide it; relatives of Joe Biden and John Kerry have been over there for years closing deals that make billions for their “hedge funds”. In Iraq, people like Dick Cheney were carving up oil fields and negotiating contracts for all sorts of things years before a US soldier had even set foot in the country.

      Britain marches alongside hoping a few crumbs fall from the table, mobile phone contracts, offshore services, etc., in return for providing political support. The whole history of the British Empire was really just a sequence of grubby escapades like that, when you think about it, with roots in piracy (“privateering”), and moving on to slavery and mugging people (which we called colonialism).

      New world order? I wish…

    470. John Main says:


      I have always maintained that in a very high-level analysis, the summary is that for WW2, Russia won the war in Europe, and the USA won the war in the Pacific.

      Britain played a very large part, particularly in the early years, but it is as accurate to state that Britain “won the war” as it is to state that Greece “won the war”. Britain and Greece were both on the winning side, that is the truth.

      Alas, for domestic consumption, it was necessary to tell people that “Britain won the war”. For all I know, maybes Greeks were fed a similar tale about their proud and brave contribution.

      But as all this pertains to events getting close to a century ago, I am not sure what relevance it has to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

      I agree that TB should be in the dock over Iraq, as should DC over Libya. I might also agree there is a tiny chance that had these two faced justice, Putin may have thought twice. But we will never know.

      The Russians are entitled to feel sensitive about their borders. Of course they are. But everybody has seen Putin’s “manifesto” or heard his pronouncements. He wants Ukraine annexed into Russia. It’s his legacy as supreme leader, the restoration of Russia’s imperium. Somebody who is persuaded he is a “man of destiny” is not grounded in a reality that can be influenced by logic.

      The west could abandon Ukraine in a heartbeat (maybes we will) and then Putin will simply move onto the next piece in the jigsaw. So the west has to make a stand at the borders of Ukraine, or capitulate.

      Each of us can ask ourselves if we would be more free, more wealthy, or just happier under Russian hegemony. For myself, the answer is a resounding “no”. Others may differ, but so far, they have justified their preference only by lying about neo-Nazis or claiming we deserve it because of Iraq, etc. etc.

      They are welcome to their hair-shirt of collective western guilt if that is what they want. I don’t acknowledge any personal guilt so have no appetite for sharing their deranged, self-flagellating punishment.

      Shame it’s so difficult to get referenda in Scotland! We should put the question to the people.

    471. Hatuey says:

      “For all I know, maybes Greeks were fed a similar tale about their proud and brave contribution.”

      And for all you know, Greece was brutally occupied by Britain after the war (a shameful chapter oddly referred to as ‘The Greek Civil War’), despite resisting Nazi occupation for years and being on the winning side with Britain.

      It’s a pity people read books that fill their heads with nonsense when it comes to history. There’s quite a lot to be said about Greece during that period that’s very interesting.

      The Greeks know the truth, that’s for sure, even if James Bond fans over here don’t.

    472. Stuart MacKay says:


      “Sullivan will warn of the isolation China could face globally if it continued to support Russia, one U.S. official said, without providing details.”

      This is starting to get dangerous. How long before the USA decides it needs to make an example of Russia in order to counter the appearance that it’s in an extremely weak position.

      If Russia turned off the gas and China turned off Shenzhen the West would collapse.

      Hopefully everybody will realise that we’re all in this together and get off the path we’re on right now.

      In other news:

      “Lorna Slater has refused to say if she believes there will be an independence referendum by the end of next year.” The Herald,

      So, the coalition partners will be betrayed and sacrificed in an attempt to save Sturgeon’s reputation when she fails to deliver in 2023.

    473. Robert Hughes says:

      John Main

      Aye John the * Reds * are approaching the outskirts of Morningside as we speak , but fear not , the 3rd Armchair Division will repel those murderous barbarians by sheer force of moral certainty .

      Any takers for that tempting £350 pm to adopt a Ukrainian family ?

      Given the sluggish nature of UK benefit payouts – typically 8/10 weeks – , presumably some kind of vetting for suitability and oversight of living conditions etc and the general chaos of UK bureaucracy ……what could possibly go wrong with this idea ?

    474. Stuart MacKay says:


      This was an eye-opener,

    475. John Main says:

      @Hattrick 12:11

      Yet again, Hattrick trips himself up, shoots himself in the foot, and chokes on his indigestible lies.

      “The Greeks know the truth …”

      Unless you are Greek then, Hattrick, shut up.

      Here we see Hattrick’s problem with viewing everything through his warped and bile-spattered prism. He can’t see the obvious nonsenses that litter his every utterance, even though to everybody else (bar Republic), they are lit up like Xmas trees.

      Oh well, guess it’s time for Gregs to drop a couple of dozen pasties on this site again.

    476. John Main says:

      Robert Hughes

      As I wrote in my post, Russian hegemony over Europe is the alternative I see if Putin’s aggression is not countered.

      Feel free to summarise a different outcome if you can credibly foresee one.

      If you are relaxed about, or even hopeful for Russian hegemony, I would welcome your thoughts on the pros and cons for ordinary Scots. As this used to be a pro-Indy site, maybes you could focus on the outlook for an independent Scotland in that scenario.

    477. Robert Hughes says:

      Why would I be ” relaxed ” or ” hopeful ” about Russian – or any other – hegemony ? I thought I’d made my opinion about all violence clear

      If you actually believe * Russian hegemony over Europe * is the intention we’re living in different realities John

    478. Andy Ellis says:

      @Hatuey 11.13 am

      “It’s funny, when you talk to people like Andy Ellis and other James Bond fans, they seem to think foreign policy and international relations is about protecting democracy, WMDs, NATO, human rights, etc., and that wars are noble crusades. ….New world Order? I wish…..”

      It can be and is about those things, as well as about economic, political and social self interest. I don’t see what’s particularly exceptional about that. Unless you’re advocating that the UK, uniquely amongst all the countries of the world, operates a totally moral foreign policy and resolutely refuses to engage with any but the most ideologically pure regimes? Who would that include exactly?

      None of these arguments are new. People discussed the tension between detente and confrontation with the Soviet block in the 1970’s. Should we seek to engage with the Warsaw Pact in an attempt to defuse tensions, hopefully liberalise their rule in eastern Europe, and increase economic prospects? Or was that morally indefensible given their human rights record?

      H. R McMaster wrote an interesting piece in The Atlantic entitled “How China sees the world, and how we should see China”.

      “Since the heady days of Deng Xiaoping, in the late 1970s, the assumptions that had governed the American approach to our relationship with China were these: After being welcomed into the international political and economic order, China would play by the rules, open its markets, and privatize its economy. As the country became more prosperous, the Chinese government would respect the rights of its people and liberalize politically. But those assumptions were proving to be wrong.

      China has become a threat because its leaders are promoting a closed, authoritarian model as an alternative to democratic governance and free-market economics. The Chinese Communist Party is not only strengthening an internal system that stifles human freedom and extends its authoritarian control; it is also exporting that model and leading the development of new rules and a new international order that would make the world less free and less safe. China’s effort to extend its influence is obvious in the militarization of man-made islands in the South China Sea and the deployment of military capabilities near Taiwan and in the East China Sea. But the integrated nature of the Chinese Communist Party’s military and economic strategies is what makes it particularly dangerous to the United States and other free and open societies.”

      Those who believe there is some moral equivalence between authoritarian regimes like China and Russia (which is increasingly becoming a Chinese client state, whatever Putin’s pretensions to being big player) and liberal democracies in the west – or even worse those who think we’re morally inferior due to our history and our current associations with unsavoury regimes – need to sketch out what the alternatives are?

      If we are to cut ourselves off from any regime we regard as suspect, both politically and economically, what impact will that have on us socially and economically? We could refuse to sell or export military equipment, or only sell it to regimes we regarded as “acceptable”. We could refuse to trade at all with regimes we identified as anti-democratic or with a bad human rights record.

      A New World Order sounds like something a lot of people could get behind. But who is going to usher us to the sunny uplands of this nirvana? What will it look like? Who will enforce any rules or punish transgressors? The UN? the EU? The ICJ? Some new body? Or do we just have some loose anarchic system of “each to their own”.

      I think most folk in our movement and the west more generally would much rather see liberal democracy prevail – for all its faults – than Chinese/Russian style authoritarian clientelism become the new order.

    479. Hatuey says:

      Stuart, I got through about a third of that before the blatant bias made my head hurt. It’s an interesting subject and I’d recommend reading someone like Kolko on it; his book ‘The Politics of War’ includes a few revelations about the British in Greece back then.

    480. Republicofscotland says:

      Christ the mentality of this bawbag, next we’ll have Trump jumping on the bandwagon.

      “BILLIONAIRE Elon Musk has challenged Russian President Vladimir Putin to “single combat”, with the “stakes” being Ukraine.”

    481. Andy Ellis says:

      @Hatuey 1.48 pm

      “I’d recommend reading someone like Kolko on it; his book ‘The Politics of War’ includes a few revelations about the British in Greece back then.“

      12.11 pm: “It’s a pity people read books that fill their heads with nonsense when it comes to history.”

      So is there a list of proscribed and allowed books then? Didn’t they Congregation of the Faith have something similar in the past?

    482. Republicofscotland says:


      Reuters is funded by the CIA, it was previously funded by the UK, its mainly a propaganda outlet, Chrystia Freeland a member of Justin Trudeau’s government (Canada) was its European editor, as well, she is vehemently anti-Russian, and her grandfather edited a Nazi magazine, she speaks fluent Ukrainian.

      Reuters also runs a private intelligence agency much used by the CIA,FBI its jam packed with deep state actors.

    483. Republicofscotland says:

      “As I wrote in my post, Russian hegemony over Europe is the alternative”

      As opposed to the current US hegemony.

    484. Ruby says:

      “As soon as the comments were brought to my attention, Mr Jones was spoken to by our convener and as a consequence he left the Alba Party with immediate effect.”

      I wouldn’t like to be part of any group or political party who dictated my every thought!

      Did he leave in disgust?

      Who do you think brought the comments to his attention?
      Will there be anybody left in the Alba Party?

    485. Republicofscotland says:

      Oh look a homeless charity has said there’s thousands of homeless children (Scots) in Scotland who desperately need a home.

      Sadly for these poor kids they’re not Ukrainian so homeless they’ll remain.

    486. Hatuey says:

      Andy Ellis, I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you misunderstood my comment.

      In short, I’m saying foreign policy now and going back hundreds of years, is probably best understood as being driven by and conducted a bunch of criminals on the hustle — going around the world fleecing people in the name of whatever crap they think will fly, democracy, white man’s burden, WMDs, containing communism, civilising mission, and blah, blah, blah.

      All that stuff that dullards like John Main watch on the history channel and discovery, it’s all just crap. They haven’t really got a clue about real history and that’s obvious when you read the stuff they regurgitate.

      Ukraine is a good example but I have plenty of others… of western politicians using foreign policy to line their own pockets financially, regardless of the human cost or the chaos they cause.

      That’s what the Anglo-American dominated “West” really represents — a bunch of crooks.

    487. Andy Ellis says:

      @Putin’s Poodle

      It’s obvious to everyone other than the Putinistas and their shills in here which system the vast majority of people here and in the Ukraine would rather live under. Whatever the current and past faults of our governmental system it takes a special kind of person to say they’d honestly prefer to live under the current Russian or Chinese government than under those in the west.

      There have of course always been a fringe of “tankies” who thought life in the Peoples Republics was actually better than life in the west. Doubtless that’s why all those millions of people left the west to live in the USSR and its satellites, and why all the refugees are clamouring to go to Russia and China today, huh?

    488. Hatuey says:

      Andy is starting to realise why his education was so cheap; “So is there a list of proscribed and allowed books then?”

      It’s actually a much better question than he understands.

    489. Republicofscotland says:

      I’ll outline it, there’s no benefits whatsoever to Scotland.

      QUESTIONS have been raised about the legality of awarding key lifeline ferry contracts to Turkey – after ministers failed to detail any Scottish community benefits from sending the work overseas.

      “”The Turkish shipyard Cemre Marin Endustri has been announced as the preferred bidder for the £105m order against three other yards which will increase vehicle and freight capacity by nearly 40 per cent.

      The move has already been described as an “embarrassment” for the SNP by the Scottish Conservatives.

      But there is new concern that neither Scottish Government-controlled Caledonian Maritime Assets Limited (CMAL), which owns the nation’s ageing ferry fleet, nor the Scottish Government has outlined what the community benefits are from giving the work to Turkey.”

      Its time this charlatan was held accountable.

    490. Republicofscotland says:

      J.K Rowling rounds on the millionaire knight of the realm, Trilateral Commission member and leader of the Labour party Sir Keir Starmer after says trans women are women.

      Starmer also failed to prosecute Jimmy Saville as head of the CPS, and he also decided no charges stood against the police officers who murdered Charles de Menezes.

    491. Republicofscotland says:

      “More than £50 million has been spent on advice and consultants by the Scottish Government with just five companies in the past decade, it can be revealed.”

      Is it any wonder with the machinations the SNP has been up to especially under Sturgeon the betrayers watch.

      PricewaterhouseCoopers KPMG and Deloitte are the main recipients of our cash.

    492. Hatuey says:

      RoS, that’s interesting. It’s not an area I’m great on but as I understand it a lot of the News agencies in the US are owned by arms manufacturers.

      That’s the sort of real information and real history that’s left out on the Discovery Channel so you have all these pseudo intellectuals who think they are historians looking at you like your nuts when you mention it… for them history is about memorising a couple of Churchill quotes.

    493. Ruby says:

      This Is What They’re Not Telling You About Russia

    494. gregor says:

      BioPrepWatch (18/06/2010):

      ‘U.S. Sen. Dick Lugar applauded the opening of the Interim Central Reference Laboratory in Odessa, Ukraine, this week, announcing that it will be instrumental in researching dangerous pathogens used by bioterrorists’

      “The level-3 bio-safety lab, which is the first built under the expanded authority of the Nunn-Lugar Cooperative Threat Reduction program, will be used to study anthrax, tularemia and Q fever as well as other dangerous pathogens.

      “The continuing cooperation of Nunn-Lugar partners has improved safety for all people against weapons of mass destruction and potential terrorist use, in addition to advancements in the prevention of pandemics and public health consequences,” Lugar said.

      Lugar said plans for the facility began in 2005 when he and then Senator Barack Obama entered a partnership with Ukrainian officials…”:

      GatewayPundit (14/03/2022):

      ‘Full transcript from Vassily Nebenzia’s (current Permanent Representative of Russia to the United Nations) speech to the UN Security Council re. US funded bio-labs:

    495. Republicofscotland says:

      As the West goes into meltdown over the amount of sanctions it can hit Russia with, Russian space agency, Roscosmos, announced on Monday that it would fulfill its commitments regarding the International Space Station (ISS) and return an American astronaut to Earth aboard one of its units as scheduled.

      It previously said that the US astronaut could fly home on a broomstick.

    496. Hatuey says:

      “and why all the refugees are clamouring to go to Russia and China today, huh?”

      I’d move to China in a heartbeat if I wasn’t committed here.

      Interestingly, I hear a Chinese delegation may be in Moscow tomorrow.

      Biden and the gang have really screwed up, eh… we now have the prospect of China, Russia, and India, along with various others, forming a very well defined alternative to America’s New World Order scam.

      Wasn’t it interesting that OPEC did nothing to help with the oil supply?

      I guess it isn’t just people in here who are sick of the hypocrisy and bullying of The US/West.

      The economics of what they’ve done with the sanctions is truly disturbing but yeah, Putin’s evil… Duh!

    497. Republicofscotland says:

      As a huge cry goes up from the West over the killing of a US journalist, its interesting to note that there’s not a peep out of anyone about this, of course these people don’t matter to the Empire of Lies.

      “Amid the Tel Aviv regime’s relentless repression against press crews in the occupied territories, an independent organization says Israeli forces carried out over 260 attacks against Palestinian journalists through last year.

      The Journalists’ Support Committee (JSC) said in a statement released on Monday that Israeli forces targeted the journalists in the occupied West Bank and residential neighborhoods across al-Quds as well as the besieged Gaza Strip.”

      Nothing will be done on this because there’s no angle to get at Russia from it, and of course the Great Satan (US) has the last word in Europe on it, with its hegemony firmly in place.

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