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The Silence Of The Sacrificial Lambs

Posted on February 07, 2022 by

Should disabled children be used as props to make men with sexual fetishes feel better? It doesn’t seem like a difficult question, does it?

“At no point, while I was coming to terms with how my [severely disabled] daughter’s future was set to unfold, did I expect to find myself in a position where I would be forced to remind my elected representatives about something as basic as my vulnerable daughter’s need for same-sex care.

Anxieties about her having to endure acts of negligence, or maybe even cruelty, at the hands of an unprofessional person, once I am gone, have haunted some of my sleepless nights. However, I have been consoled with the knowledge that regulations and safeguarding policies would be in place to offer her protection from bad actors.

But what happens when somewhere along the line the differences between the sexes become artificially blurred, and the safeguarding that was in place can no longer be relied upon because of proposed reforms to current law?”

The above quote is part of the heartfelt plea of a mother of a disabled daughter. We know that women and girls are vulnerable to male sexual violence, we know that men commit 98% of sex offences and we know that disabled children are three to four times more likely to experience abuse.

We just don’t seem to care.

The United Nations Population Fund has highlighted how “in a study by the African Child Policy Forum of violence against children with disabilities, nearly every young person interviewed had been sexually abused at least once – and most more than once”.

Once they reach adulthood, the statistics according to research by DAME Magazine are terrifying:

“Eighty-three percent of disabled women experience rape or abuse, often at the hands of caretakers. And without a way to report their violations, the [perpetrators] frequently go unpunished.”

The magazine’s Victoria Brownworth argued that (in the US) “77% of rapes and sexual assaults were not reported to police. The enormity of that number suggests that within the context of disability, where so many victims may not even have access to language, or where the person they would report to is the same person perpetuating the assaults (and on whom they depend for their most basic care), the number may be perilously close to 100 percent.”

Alongside the significant risk of sexual violence, we know that girls and women experience an indignity and a trauma when they are forced to allow a male to undress them and touch their vulva, breasts or anus when they do not consent and do not want this touch. Sex is important.

Having become disabled as a teenager myself, it can feel like society has sentenced you to suffer at the hands of men. The figures and the possibilities of your future are stark. People look away at the obvious risks, they deny that you too need dignity, they claim “not all men”.

And while it isn’t all men, it’s also not just seven bad ones – they wouldn’t have the time to abuse all of these children and women.

‘In Ireland, a report analysing data from 14 rape crisis centres shows that almost half of the surveyed survivors with disabilities disclosed that they were subjected to sexual violence during childhood (48%), while one in ten disclosed that they were subjected to sexual violence both as adults and as children (10%).

Individuals with disabilities who use rape crisis centre services are more likely to have been subjected to multiple incidents of sexual violence than those with no disabilities (39% compared with 25%).”

Although it’s difficult to obtain data on disabled children as previously it hasn’t been seen as important enough to collect, the data which is emerging is showing a similar pattern across nations. Very vulnerable children and adults, particularly those who struggle to communicate, are seen as targets by predators. These predatory males will use careers where they can have access to these vulnerable children in order to abuse.

For example, evidence was given to the Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry that a potential sex offender was being employed and moved around children’s homes, including a home for disabled children.

“Mr Dolan, former assistant area manager for the Glasgow South social work team, told the hearing in Edinburgh: “a man, who I don’t want to name, worked as a residential care worker for the local authority. He is now a convicted sex offender.”

Staff were expressing concerns about him and it seems that he got moved from a children’s home to a home for children with disabilities in the Pollokshields area and they were concerned how he had managed to get this. I am aware that this individual seemed to be very close to one of the most senior managers for the residential establishment”.

Frequently men will move into positions where they can have access to their targets. In May 2021 Dorrion Etienne was imprisoned for targeting and sexually abusing two learning-disabled girls at their school.

In August 2021 a former deputy headmaster and a head of care at a special needs school in Lincolnshire who raped and assaulted girl pupils over the course of 12 years were jailed for more than 23 years.

In November 2021 Robin James Elms was convicted and sentenced after he “targeted a child with special needs during a campaign of abuse in private homes where he worked as a freelance nanny and babysitter. He picked on children he thought were too young to speak up or who had learning difficulties and autism, grooming entire families in order to commit his abuse”.

Also in November 2021 it was reported that George Holden, “a former Derbyshire teacher and professional clown expects to die behind bars after being jailed for abusing young children. The court heard his previous convictions included sexually abusing blind and disabled children while working as a teacher at a special school”.

In December 2021 Brian Rudgley, an 83-year-old retired head teacher with years of experience working with children with special educational needs was imprisoned for sexually abusing a learning-disabled girl.

We have seen this pattern in institutions like sports clubs, charities and the Church to name just a few. Predators will move to where they can get to their prey. Yet still, politicians are behaving like such behaviour is beyond the realms of possibility. I am sick of them playing dumb and putting the wellbeing of the disabled at risk.

Indeed, it is once again being proposed by politicians that male feelings and male egos need to be prioritised and protected by law above the needs of the vulnerable, and those who too frequently experience sexual abuse at the hands of males. We are not even allowed to name the pattern – male sexual violence – in case it offends men.

Language had been changed to obscure reality. Parent P, who wished to remain anonymous, pointed out that “lots of people won’t think twice about a form only asking about gender, not sex too and also think these terms are interchangeable. The erosion and hijacking of our rights is so insidious”.

When it’s a form deciding what adult will be touching your child’s genitals, the difference between sex and gender identity is put in much sharper relief. Same-sex care is the most basic of safeguards and provides dignity, we should be able to choose it for ourselves and our relatives.

However, it commonly appears that NHS policies have been written according to Stonewall’s version of the law rather than the Equality Act 2010. NHS Lanarkshire’s “Supporting Trans Staff in the Workplace” dictates that employees:

“ensure Trans staff are treated as being of the gender in which they are living irrespective of whether they have undergone any hormonal or surgical treatment or have a Gender Recognition Certificate. It is unacceptable for colleagues and managers to refuse to recognise, for any period of time, a member of staff as belonging to the gender in which they are currently living.”

Translated, a cross-dressing man who gets aroused in women’s clothes is to be treated as a woman, and this includes allowing him access to disabled girls’ naked bodies.

The Equality Act 2010 makes it acceptable to discriminate on the basis of sex if there is a legitimate aim – this is known as a General Occupational Qualification (GOQ). If women and girls are to be naked it was widely accepted, before Stonewall poisoned the well, that a GOQ would automatically apply.

NHS Lanarkshire has pre-empted challenge on this point and commanded staff that male feelings come above the law in this regard. It declares that:

“the Equality Act 2010 provides limited exemptions for GOQ positions to restrict access to members of a particular gender [wrong, read “sex”]. These exemptions can only be applied in order to achieve a legitimate operational need.

All efforts should be made to enable Trans employees to work in positions, including those covered by General Occupational Qualifications, consistent with the gender with which they identify.

Where a person has a gender recognition certificate they must be regarded as being that gender for the purposes of GOQ positions. As the gender history of an employee is a matter of strictest confidentiality, this information should never be shared with service users.”

This secret-keeping about (mostly) males’ true sex, identity, and past means the scenario could arise that parents place their severely disabled non-verbal teenage daughter in a short respite care, thinking she will receive intimate care and be attended to at night by a woman, when in reality a man who gets aroused by cross-dressing has put on women’s clothes and is repeatedly washing the girl’s vulva.

Is that sexual abuse? The young girl will feel violated, will feel abused, will be traumatised. The parents will feel lied to, and wonder if they can ever trust the care of their daughter to Lanarkshire NHS again.

Allan Petrie, the chairperson of Glenlaw Parent/Carer Support Group, has written to Shona Robison, the Cabinet Secretary for Social Justice, Housing and Local Government to raise parental concerns around the care of their disabled children, noting that “trans” is now an umbrella term encompassing all manner of groups including drag queens, crossdressers and “midlings”, whatever those might be.

(Googling produces nothing useful.)

It’s also argued within the LGB/T/Q/+ community that a range of extreme (and even illegal) sexual practices grouped under the term “kink” belong under the trans/LGBTQ+ “umbrella”.

The Q in LGBTQ+ (the official preferred term of people like the Scottish Greens) already stands for Queer, a term which organisations like Stonewall are very shy about defining in any meaningful way but appears to implicitly embrace “kink”, as being outwith “perceived norms” and “specific labels”.

Or put another way, it means whatever you want it to mean. Christina Richards – a transwoman who is Lead Psychologist and Head of Psychology at the UK’s foremost “gender identity clinic”, the Tavistock in London – has called for many extreme and violent sexual practices to be normalised and no longer classified as paraphilias – conditions “characterized by abnormal sexual desires, typically involving extreme or dangerous activities”.

(One such practice is “ageplay”, which Richards describes as “an adult identifying as a baby or young child, and is also known as adult baby/diaper lover (ABDL) or infantilism. There may be a sexual aspect… associated with humiliation”, while denying it has any link to paedophilia.)

Mr Petrie explained that to the minister:

“Our children are some of the most vulnerable children alive, they are non-mobile and non-verbal, they require 24 hour care including intimate care, as such we require to put our trust in professionals, at the moment we use the equality act to ensure that care is carried out by the same biological sex as our child, this is not just about safety but also our children’s dignity.

However if the Scottish government continue with this Act then ANY man can self-identify as a female be given a job within the care sector and if we refused to allow them to give our child intimate care on the bases of their biological sex then we could face prosecution under the proposed Hate Crime Bill.”

Research by NSPCC Learning together with Coventry University and the Ann Craft Trust presented the universalism of these parental anxieties around the care of their disabled children. One parent respondent described how

“We had respite at home and we installed cameras in the house for that reason, until they went. Nothing ever happened but it was just for me for those 2 hours while they were there. My son was so young, he still wouldn’t be able to explain. So I would check it every time that I would come home. Just so I knew he was safe.”

The research highlighted how “parents whose children had complex needs raised particular concerns regarding how incredibly difficult it was to teach their children about issues such as safe touch in their intimate care, puberty and changes in their bodies and about sexual abuse. Their greatest fears were that their child would not be able to communicate if they felt unsafe. One parent explained that her son used Makaton to communicate, yet there were no staff in his school that could use Makaton. As a result the child had no means of communicating with anyone”.

The sexual abuse of disabled children and young adults is so widespread that the NSPCC alongside the charity Triangle has developed a communication system for children to express abuse. Triangle highlighted that before their intervention, children who used symbol vocabulary to communicate could “communicate about the national curriculum but cannot say ‘leave me alone’.”

Due to the fact that disabled children did not have access to specific symbols which could communicate sexual abuse, safeguarding experts and investigators would sometimes have to hand draw images and thus accusations of coaching the child could be made. This added to non-verbal children being perceived as weak witnesses and subsequently cases not being prosecuted.

Consequently it increased the targeting of such children by perpetrators. Triangle has enabled disabled children and young people to get legal redress for crimes committed against them, by enabling disabled children to tell someone what’s being done to them. As part of developing the images, Triangle

“asked experienced interviewers about how young children and nonspeaking children have communicated about abuse. [They’ve] included images for a range of words that children use when they don’t know the ‘right’ word.

For children being interviewed using AAC, it may be more appropriate to offer them non-specific images rather than explicit ones which could be perceived as leading or coaching the child. For example, although the image set includes ‘erection’ and ‘ejaculation’, for young children it may be more appropriate that they have access to the images for ‘willy’, ‘hard’ and ‘squirt’.”

Yes, in our society we’ve had to develop a way for severely disabled children who may have mental ages of 6 to 8 to say “willy”, “hard” and “squirt”.

Once communication has been enabled the struggle to participate in the justice system doesn’t stop there. As well as access to communication, physical access to the courts is still a barrier as just 2% of UK courts are currently accessible to disabled people. This, frankly, is a denial of fundamental rights and what exclusion really looks like.

Alongside the obvious safeguarding issues and the need to maintain dignity for the disabled is the fact that a male carer would retraumatise disabled girls who have already been sexually abused by men. Ann West commented that “our disabled daughter was seriously sexually assaulted. We were assured she would always have women support staff especially as she needs assistance with all her personal care. Well I’m not remotely reassured, in fact I’m terrified for her future. This is so wrong on every level’.”

It is generally understood that women and girls who have been sexually assaulted and or raped by men find the presence of and touch of men re-traumatising, and this is no different if the women or girl has a disability. In fact it may be exaggerated because that man might be touching your vulva, breasts and other parts of your body. The statistics on abuse are stark – UNICEF estimates that children with disabilities are three to four times more likely to experience physical and sexual violence.

Why would a man want to do this? If he doesn’t care about the potential serious impact he will have on the disabled girl or woman, should he be in a caring position at all? Since when has it been acceptable to use disabled children as props to arouse men?

To most people it is astonishing that questioning a man touching your non-verbal disabled female child’s genitals could be a criminal offence, yet in Scotland it is about to become a hate crime.Why are politicians willing to re-traumatise potential abuse victims to fulfil men’s fantasies?


Dr EM is a disabled, feminist writer and historian. She writes under a pen name due to threats to her safety and tweets as @PankhurstEM.

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    1. gregor says:

      @MFA_China (Chinese Government), (14/03/2022):

      “The US’ responses are self-contradictory and confusing.

      The United States should give a full account of its bio-military activities in Ukraine.”:

    2. gregor says:

      MFA_China (Chinese Government), (14/03/2022):

      “The US’ responses are self-contradictory and confusing.

      The United States should give a full account of its bio-military activities in Ukraine.”:

    3. Andy Ellis says:

      @Hatuey 3.04 pm

      “I’d move to China in a heartbeat if I wasn’t committed here.”

      That’ll come as no shock to most in here I imagine. Being intensely relaxed about living in an authoritarian state would probably suit you and reflect your worldview.

      I recall the equally barking – if ideologically distanced – yoon zoomer Effie Deans insisting during #indyref1 that she’d sooner go and live in Putin’s Russia than an independent Scotland. It seemed such an outlandish thing to say I wondered how anyone sane could possibly take her seriously, but plenty britnats did.

      I suspect it’s indicative of the circularity of political extremists: in the end it doesn’t matter whether they are of the left or of the right, the dystopias they create are functionally indistinguishable.

    4. gregor says:

      OPCW: Marks Completion of Destruction of Russian Chemical Weapons Stockpile (11 October 2017):

      “The OPCW’s inspection teams have verified the destruction at seven chemical weapons destruction facilities in the Russian Federation. On 27 September 2017, the last of these facilities, located in Kizner, officially concluded its operations.

      With the total elimination of Russia’s declared chemical weapons programme, 96.3 per cent of all chemical weapon stockpiles declared by possessor States have been destroyed under OPCW verification.”:

    5. Ruby says:

      This however isn’t enough for Lib/Dem Leader Alex Cole-Hamilton, no he wants another street in Edinburgh named after Zelensky as well. The street he wants changed is Melville Street

      This is for the residents of Melville Street. Print it out and keep it next to your phone. You might need it when asked for your address.


      There are people living in Edinburgh who have problems spelling ‘Cannon Gate’ & ‘Princess’ Street although they usually get the pronunciation right. It’ll be interesting to see how they get on with Volodymyr Zelensky Street.

    6. Ruby says:

      I think the residents of that penis-shaped Edinburgh street called BELLENDEN Gardens might appreciate Alex Cole Hamilton suggesting a name change.
      I don’t think the residents of Melville Street are going to like the new name!

    7. gregor says:

      FinBold (14/03/2022):

      ‘EU Parliament votes against ban on proof-of-work mechanism underlying cryptos like Bitcoin’:

      “The usage of Proof-of-Work (PoW) cryptocurrencies was in doubt following the draft of the European Union’s (EU) proposed legal framework for managing virtual currencies, known as the Markets in Crypto Assets (MiCA) framework.

      However, on Monday, March 14, the European Parliament Committee on Economic and Monetary affairs decided to vote against the ban on Proof-of-Work mechanisms underlying popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum.”:

      BBC (12/03/2022): ‘Bitcoin cash machines ordered to shut down in UK’:

      “All UK crypto-currency cash machines (ATMs) are operating illegally and must be shut down, the Financial Conduct Authority has announced…”:

    8. Republicofscotland says:

      So Boris Johnson will meet up with his good friend Crown Prince Mohammed of Saudi Arabia, the UK is a very close ally with the dictatorship that’s very repressive, which recently killed eighty so called prisoners in one day (Saturday) the most in one day since the 1980’s.

      This utterly repressive regime that makes North Korea look like utopia, is currently engaged with the help of the UK in murdering and starving via blockades and sanction millions of innocent Yemeni’s, and the UK has been supplying weapons and training Saudi troops at English RAF bases since 2015.

      Do you see the sheer hypocrisy of the UK and the West, our media is swamped with all things Ukrainian, but not a peep out of them on the mass murders and the starvation of millions of Yemeni’s that the UK (Raytheon in Glenrothes and BAE in Warton) is helping to facilitate.

    9. Republicofscotland says:

      Gregor 3.34pm.

      With the Nazi’s looking like they’ll be a spent force soon, its being much touted even in USA Today that some sort of chemical attack will happen shortly, bear in mind that Russian missiles took out a camp near the Polish border where US/Nato troops were based (34 dead) and where the Wests weapons cache for the Nazis was stored, you would expect some sort of retaliation from Nato or the head of the snake the Great Satan.

      Something like this, Russia has seized the biolabs in Ukraine and are using chemical warfare on the Ukrainian civilians because they are losing the war.

    10. Republicofscotland says:

      Talk about a corrupt regime first Sweden tries to set him up on fake rape charges then Ecuador sells him out for a huge loan from the Great Satan (US) he then winds up in a terrorist prison where he serves his time for a minor offence, only to be held illegally by the UK regime for extradition to the USA, now his appeal has been denied Assange could find himself (after more than seven long years of persecution by the USA) on his way to a maximum security prison in the US where he’ll be tortured regularly for years to come.

      His crimes for all this persecution, to report US warcrimes and expose what YOUR government is up to, very few journalists have stood up for Assange who is also a journalist, the first they came for phrase springs to mind with these gutless obedient minions who pass themselves off as journalists, they’ll be next some day.

      Wikileaks is the most credible news outlet on the planet never reporting lies.

      “The UK Supreme Court on Monday rejected Julian Assange’s appeal of the decision to extradite him to the US, where the WikiLeaks co-founder faces espionage charges. It is now up to Home Secretary Priti Patel to authorize the extradition.”

    11. gregor says:


      re. “Something like this…”:

      devils require deception (losers).

      We’ve got humanity, thank God…

    12. gregor says:


      Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Zhao Lijian Questions US DoD funding of “labs” in Ukraine: Video:

    13. gregor says:

      Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Zhao Lijian cited this document:

    14. Hatuey says:

      RoS; “Something like this, Russia has seized the biolabs in Ukraine and are using chemical warfare on the Ukrainian civilians because they are losing the war…”

      A lot of people are expecting the US to orchestrate some sort of false flag operation that gives them an excuse to escalate. Nobody doubts they’re capable of anything, including using biological weapons (they’ve used them before).

    15. gregor says:


      53_Ashley Biden.pdf

      Sep 22, 2018, 4:43 PM

      Hunter Biden:

      “Thanks Ashley. As you know Hallie and I have not been on good terms for quite some time now. I know that in this time period in which I’ve found myself at odds with Hallie- particularly for telling people that I was her problem not drugs – and that I was
      not to. E around the kids without the supervision of dad…”

    16. gregor says:

      53_Ashley Biden.pdf

      Sep 22, 2018, 4:43 PM


      “Hallie has failed two drug test in the past month alone. One because she manipulated the situation and avoided a rest and 3 because she just flat out tested positive for cocaine on 8/20….”


      “She did tell me this. I can understand it because I too have relapsed. I have never once said that you can’t be with the kids! Ever. I would never and have never.

      I don’t get involved with that. It’s not my place.

      They aren’t my kids”.


      “That’s whT she says to everyone.”


      “Well it’s not true. Period. And I will make sure that stops. At least ask her to keep my name out of it.”


      “WTF are you talking about You were involved in every aspect of my kids life and you’re telling me that you don’t feel it’s appropriate for you to say my brother can see those kids whenever he wants like I did for you while you were killing me

      She told my therapist that I had been sexually inappropriate with Natalie sexually inappropriate my therapist had to question her for close to 10 minutes to make certain that she did not have an obligation to report me to the police.”

    17. gregor says:

      53_Ashley Biden.pdf

      Hunter Biden:

      “What i expect you to do is exactly what I have asked you to do over and over and over again.

      Don’t talk to anyone about me other than to say he’s great. Period the end. I expect you to defend me against any and everyone who even hints that they mAy say something negative about me even if you know I’m Wrong”.

    18. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @Hatuey (8.13) –

      The scenario you mentioned there to is already happening.

      If you ‘do’ Twitter, check it out.

    19. gregor says:

      Hunter Biden:

      “…I ha e the texts to the Olivere’s to Hallie to Liz to mom to a state senator calling me because he said you went on in his office for almost an hour about how I was totally ducked up and needed help badly……”


      “Hunter, this is so chaotic + not normal. What would you like me to do?”…

      Hunter Biden:

      “…I’m sorry for all the chaos and strife I’m causing in everyone’s life. Let’s not talk for awhile and maybe in 7 more months I won’t be so sick and can come home without fear of ruining the kids lives…”

    20. gregor says:

      Hunter Biden:

      “I hop you do as well Ashley I’m clean for 18 days. And as always I’m trying as hard and harder actually than anyone else I know. Ive been to two inpatient programs for a total of 55 days and i.o.p. for over four months. Ive been clean and sober drug tested breathalyzed 3 time sometimes 4 times a day. Im in intensive therapy, ketamine infusion therapy, art therapy, NAD infusion, yoga and Im learning to fly a plane. I’m almost finished a book we are calling Pipeline and full size paintings that my co-creator is deciding wether to exhibit the accompanying paintings (mainly portraits of me) at the Guggenheim in NYC and or Sattchi in London (both are bidding for the show)., and I’m working on another book with my psychiatrist who is actually world renowned and a great writersad (has written six books of fiction and a lot more non-fiction). We are going to do a pod-cast together. He wants me to stay in MA and run for senate – and he is a republican who loves Trump. Over the past 16 .5 years I have sober for 12 of them if you add up the months and years I was on
      the beam- and since Beau died I’ve been sober 17 out of the last 31 moths.”

    21. gregor says:

      EpochTimes (31/10/2020): Business Associates Viewed Hunter Biden as Pipeline to Obama Administration, Researcher Says:

      “Hunter Biden, son of Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, was viewed as a pipeline to the Obama-Biden administration by his business associates, according to a researcher who focuses on government integrity who was provided access to emails between the associates…”:

      Interview video:

    22. Hatuey says:

      You mean the drone going into Romania, Ian?

    23. gregor says:

      EveningGlasgowTimes (03/11/2021):

      ‘US President Joe Biden gives gift to Nicola Sturgeon as he leaves Glasgow’:

      “According to her official Twitter account, the First Minister is ‘delighted’ to have received the present and was looking forward to the President returning to Scotland in the future.

      The 87-year-old Head of State presented a decorative bowl to Nicola Sturgeon, who accepted it on behalf of the Scottish people.“:

      …’on behalf of the Scottish people’ (WTF).

    24. Effigy says:

      Bojo the clown had said that MPs should look seriously about taking £thousands in the latest pay rise when so many are struggling!

      Boris signed for his own pay rise today.

      Just watched a BBC Documentary on Chelsea owner Abrahamovich.
      It seems he made his money with dodgy deals in league with the Russian government

      Is that anything like Westminster selling Nationalised bodies like BT, Scottish Power, British Gas, British Mail, BP Oil etc to the rich and Tory hedge fund managers or giving PPE and so called emergency contracts worth billions to Tory supporters and donors?

      Is it like taking millions from Russians for citizenship or like the Tories taking half a million for a knighthood?

      I’d say there are more corrupt government deals here in the U.K. than in Russia.

      PS Will Bojo lay a wreath to the dead opposition executed in Saudi when he visits or just look for contracts to help kill the children of Yemen?

    25. gregor says:

      National.Scot (03/11/2021):

      ‘Nicola Sturgeon meets with Joe Biden in absolute humiliation for Tories’

      “There are three objectives at COP; Save the planet. Save the country…

      And stop Sturgeon from getting a photo with Biden.”:

    26. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @Hatuey (9.48) –

      Me know nothing about no drone.

      The stuff I saw was about a false flag aimed at blaming Russia for biological attacks emanating from Ukrainian based biolabs.

      Then again, I may have imagined it all, so just ignore me…


    27. gregor says:

      Pete Wishart SNP (06/01/2021):

      “Always remember who gave all of this a veneer of credibility.”:

    28. gregor says:

      Veneer of credibility:

      “Fine warns that “brain facts” about the sexes – in fact, stereotypes with a veneer of credibility – are worming their way into apparently scientific books.”

      “Every now and then it has suited the country’s leaders to relax their steely grip on the country and allow a modicum of political liberty.Freer criticism in the media has helped give the party a veneer of credibility.”

      “Although Szasz was not a Scientologist, his cooperation lent a veneer of credibility to an organization inspired not by science but by a science-fiction writer, according to his critics.”

    29. gregor says:

      FoxNews (14/03/2022):

      ‘Rand Paul introduces amendment to eliminate Fauci’s position as NIAID director’

      “Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., on Monday introduced an amendment that would eliminate Dr. Anthony Fauci’s position as the Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) and decentralize it, so that no one person can act as “dictator-in-chief” in the name of public health…”:


    30. gregor says:

      BBC (18/01/2022): ‘Reality Check’: Anti-vax protests: ‘Sovereign citizens’ fight UK Covid vaccine rollout:

      “Opposition to Covid vaccinations has come in many forms, but none stranger than the “sovereign citizen” defence…”:

      MiamiStandard (14/03/2022):

      Pelosi Refuses to Hand Over Emails and Videos from Jan 6 Claiming “Sovereign Immunity”:

      “Speaker Nancy Pelosi will not hand over video coverage and emails from Jan 6 per a FOIA request. Pelosi based her decision on “sovereign immunity.”

      Pelosi and Democrats know if they release the 14,000 hours of footage from security cameras on January 6 it will blow apart their narrative. So she is hiding it…”:

    31. Hatuey says:

      Lol @ “Then again, I may have imagined it all, so just ignore me…”

    32. gregor says:


      “Different from the ordinary in a way that causes curiosity or suspicion.”

      “Excitingly or mysteriously unusual.”

      “Not known or experienced before.”

    33. gregor says:

      Sovereign Power:

      “Sovereign has everything to do with power. It often describes a person who has supreme power or authority, such as a king or queen.

      God is described as “sovereign” in a number of Bible translations. In addition to describing ones who have power, the word sovereign also often describes power: to have sovereign power is to have absolute power—that is, power that cannot be checked by anyone or anything.

      Nations and states are also sometimes described as “sovereign.”

      This means that they have power over themselves; their government is under their own control, rather than under the control of an outside authority… “

    34. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @Hatuey (11.28) –

      Great link, cheers.


    35. gregor says:

      626_Hallie Olivere Biden & Hunter Biden (Main)_Redacted.pdf

      Hallie Olivere Biden:

      “I was finished last night, while on phone with you. What are you saying? You are mixing so much up!”

      Hunter Biden:

      “Hallie sweetheart you’re driving me crazy- tests for ghonorea- the comment you just made about condoms- you had chicken this morning and you told me you didnt,the lies about David – the lies about…

      …How in the world does Natalie think I get “my stuff” at 711 on greenhill—the same place you go according to Nat—how in the world do you pretend you don’t get shit down there and blame it on me? Its crazy. You hang up on me when I say in front of Nat that im not in CA simply by choice….

      So your smoking the stuff you hid from them. Or maybe you went to pick up your escort at the train station and your giving him a hand job right now and can t answer,or maybe you went to seek solace from your best friend David who is there for you in
      a way I am not or maybe your in your room face time fucking someone from Caron or maybe your buying chicken from another close friend from Greenville that will never tell anyone…”

    36. Clavie Cheil says:

      A must watch for those bought and sold for English Gold or American Gold or Indeed Russian Gold these days.

      The Ukraine is fucked and so are those of thus that need a car to get from A to B.

    37. Stoker says:

      For all of you who haven’t yet noticed, i’ve just seen it, you can now easily click on and follow Stuart’s GETTR account. It’s near the top of this page just right of centre.

    38. Stoker says:

      Trawling my net through the WOS archive ocean and came across this. Seems appropriate to put it on display again, the comments are particularly interesting too. Have yous figured it out yet? LOL!

    39. gregor says:

      Sturgeon SNP (total frauds) ruin Scotland’s destiny:

      BBC (15/03/2022): ‘UK wage growth trails rising cost of living’

      “Wages rose, but when taking rising prices into account, regular pay showed a 1.0% fall from a year earlier, the Office for National Statistics said.”

      “It comes amid concerns that war in Ukraine will push up households’ energy and food bills even further…”:

      BBC (13/03/2022):

      ‘Scotland and Wales bid to be refugee super sponsors’

      “…including with host individuals, and give them access to safeguarding and services.

      Households in the UK will be offered £350 a month to open their homes…

      …letter makes clear that no cap will be set by Scotland and Wales on the numbers of refugees they will welcome.

      Finally, the letter calls for all visa requirements for Ukrainian nationals to be waived.”:

    40. gregor says:

      National.Scot (15/03/2022):

      ‘Ongoing crises are bringing the world of neoliberalism to an end’:

      “The neoliberal international order was never stable or that popular with public opinion in the UK or elsewhere; the global elites, institutions and parts of finance capital were its most enthusiastic advocates. Its slow unravelling began with the 2008 banking crisis…

      Neoliberalism is coming to an end.”

    41. Breeks says:

      They say a picture paints a thousand words…

      That image must win an award or two, surely.

    42. Ruby says:

      For all of you who haven’t yet noticed, i’ve just seen it, you can now easily click on and follow Stuart’s GETTR account. It’s near the top of this page just right of centre.

      Stu is concentrating on ‘Women’s Rights’ and well done to him.
      There is a link to a GBN video where they discuss ‘What is a Woman’
      One guy talks about Blair White and says it would be weird if Blair White had to use the men’s toilet. I wonder if he meant it would be weird for the men or for transwoman Blair White. Would it be more weird or less weird than men in dresses using the woman’s toilet.

      They agree that those who claim ‘trans women are women’ are misogynists. ie Keir Starmer. I agree with that.

    43. Stoker says:

      Dinnae haud yer wheesht: Scots language campaigners speak up for census return

      “Scots might be the most widely spoken European language you’ve never heard of, with at least 1.5 million native speakers and recognised by the Council of Europe as an official minority language.”

    44. Ruby says:

      Have yous figured it out yet? LOL!

      It would be good if the likes of Stoker & Fianon and all those complaining about comments would name names and and say who it is they are complaining about. Yous is a bit too general.

      Is Stu bothered about what’s happening here?

    45. Ruby says:

      Lol @ “Then again, I may have imagined it all, so just ignore me…”

      It’s not real is it? It’s all part of a plot for a Sci-fi movie. The last two years have certainly felt like living in a Sci-fi movie. This is the sequel.

    46. Ruby says:

      Internalised misogyny
      Misogyny is the hatred of, contempt for, or prejudice against women or girls. Women who experience internalised misogyny may express it through minimising the value of women, mistrusting women, and believing gender bias in favour of men. Women, after observing societal beliefs which demean the value and skills of women repeatedly, eventually internalise those misogynistic beliefs and apply them to themselves and other women.

      Nicola Sturgeon & Kristy Blackman both seem to have a bad case of internalised misogyny.

      The new misogyny law might sort them out.

    47. Republicofscotland says:

      Michael Gove has said they’ll be no limit to the amount of Ukrainians who can come to the UK, not just for people willing to offer them a home but for associations also willing to give them a home, such as housing associations.

      Gove added that the Ukrainians will have unfettered access to all benefits and medical care as well.

      I hope no UK citizen or their family members are waiting on say a council house or an important medical appointment, waiting times for medical procedures have been pushed back drastically due to Covid and Brexit, and with the expected huge influx of Ukrainians to the UK you can expect waiting times on medical procedures to be pushed back even further, and for the homeless children in your area to remain homeless for longer.

    48. John Main says:

      @Hattrick 3.04 pm

      “I’d move to China in a heartbeat if I wasn’t committed here.”

      By “committed”, Hattrick means that he has been digging his hole deeper and deeper for so long that he is reluctant to abandon all of that effort.

      Anyways, we all know Hattrick’s disengagement from the truth. It is hardly any time at all since he was calling for the shunning (and death) of all unvaxxed.

      Latest news from China is that they are in the grip of a Covid wave that is locking down entire cities, largely because the uptake of vaccines in China has been low.

      So Hattrick is with us for some time yet.

      Just be brave Wingers, and suck it up.

    49. John Main says:

      @Republicofscotland – 14 March, 2022 at 4:25 pm

      “This utterly repressive regime [ Saudi Arabia ] that makes North Korea look like utopia”

      Thanks for that Republic.

      It gets tiresome pointing out the juvenile inanity of most of your contributions here, so I welcome those times when you help with the heavy lifting.

      Republic => North Korea => Utopia.

      Nuff said.

    50. Republicofscotland says:

      Iranian missiles took out a Mossad base in Iraqi Kurdistan, it was a retaliation for an Israeli missile attack on Damascus last Monday. With the eyes of the world forced to swallow all the propaganda surrounding Ukraine, other events are passing under the radar.

      It was General Soleimani who personally visited Moscow and convinced the Russians to launch their military intervention in Syria. That’s probably why the Great Satan (US) murdered him whilst he was on a visit to Iraq, nonetheless he helped save Syria from the Empire of Lies.

    51. John Main says:

      @Repo 10:45

      “the eyes of the world forced to swallow all the propaganda surrounding Ukraine”

      Jeezo Repo, at least review your garbage before you post it.

      This site isn’t a skip.

    52. John Main says:

      Excellent article on Unherd today “The Truth About Ukraine’s Far-Right Militias”, for those silent readers who want to know what is really going on.

      Yes, there are far-right militias in Ukraine.

      No, they never posed any risk to Russia prior to Feb 24th.

      Maybes, enabled, radicalised, armed, battle-hardened and hoaching with new volunteers embittered by the slaughter of their loved ones, they are going to pose a risk in the future.

      Objective folks will see that the blame for that lies with Putin, not with the west.

      Just as they will see what has triggered the re-arming and re-militarisation of Germany, which has vowed to make itself the third most powerful military nation in the world, after the USA and China.

      Thanks again Vladimir.

    53. Andy Ellis says:

      @John Main 10.24 pm

      If “committed” is read in its medical sense it would explain a lot about the output though…? 🙂

    54. McDuff says:

      We all know that the UK is actually England and has been actively promoted as such by the English establishment for 300 years. Everything from the entire MSM to entertainment to business to major political decisions are English controlled.
      But i have been astounded at the complete absence of Scotland and Wales by the tv media regarding the coverage of the Ukraine tragedy. The entire viewpoint has been from an English perspective, it seems that only the English have relatives in Ukraine, only the English are helping out in that troubled land, only English studio guests and experts are capable of analysis.
      English teenagers talking to Ukrainian teenagers via video link yet all the time the term UK is used purposely promoting England as the concerned UK country. No Scottish or Welsh viewpoint allowed.
      Watched Lisa Tandy (Shadow Secretary of State for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities?????) on Sky this morning talking about the financial impact on the “UK” but only England was mentioned and of course her own constituency of Wigan. No mention of the effect on rUK.
      The eight and a half million people that make up Scotland and Wales do not now exist in any meaningful form and unless something spectacular happens very soon we will end up being the Red Indians of this Island.

    55. James Che. says:

      It was always a English Parliament in disguise as a British Parliament,

    56. James Che. says:


      The reform bill says it all, when England decided to do away with old laws of Scotland which had protection under the articles of the treaty of the union.

      Instigated by those in the English Parliament not understanding Scottish ancient words in Scots law.

    57. John Main says:

      @Andy Ellis 11:05

      Thanks for a laugh on another depressing day. I had not made that interpretation of “committed”.

      Other good news: looks like “Gregs” has run out of steam.

      Maybes Ruby really has been trying to read all his posts, and has put in an urgent appeal for a cease fire so that she can get some beauty sleep.

    58. Republicofscotland says:

      There’s a new condition going around, especially in the West its called Ukarainianitis, it comes on after long exposure to all things Ukrainian no matter where you look, for some it will be a long term condition others will manage to shake it off by turning off their tv’s, radios and not buying a Western news rag.

    59. Fionan says:

      ROS @ 1.33pm
      Yes, and it is quite frightening that the MSM have shown their power to whip up mass hysterical bigotry so rapidly and so all-pervading. It really is like a frenzied mob complete with pitchforks and flaming torches, marching through the darkness, chanting vile slogans of hate. And some of the worst I have seen has been on animal rescue pages – as if the ukraine is the only place where war has left animals starving, chained, caged, abandoned and dying by their ‘loving’ owners. It seems that the truth is that only a few ukrainians have bothered to take their pets with them as they run towards safety. Unlike the myths portrayed by the western media, who have always completely ignored the plight of animals, wild or domestic, in all the other wars that the west is currently, and has been, involved in, in whatever capacity.

    60. robbo says:

      Republicofscotland says:
      15 March, 2022 at 1:33 pm
      There’s a new condition going around, especially in the West its called Ukarainianitis.

      Would I qualify for PIP wae that like?

    61. James Che. says:

      It is the folly of “ The charge of the light brigade “ all over again.
      Where generals whom fall out with kin set each other up to fail, at the expense of people,
      Wether they be pawn soldiers or civilians.
      Reports in news papers at the time thought the British were drunk that they should try such a suicidal attempt
      And when it all goes wrong you can always shoot the messenger. In that case a Mr Nolan.
      Which messengers are coming under fire now?

    62. James Che. says:

      Meanwhile nipping in under the war radar NS is being urged to introduce wolves to Scotland under the false flag to control the deer population.

      You would think with British being so able to handle guns in wartime that it would be much more humane to shoot the deer rather than the slow painful death of chased, hunted and torn apart by a hungry pack of wolves.

      There is no accounting for animal lovers whom see cruelty to animals in war zones not recogniseing cruelty to animals in Scotland.

      Never the Twain shall meet in logic.

    63. James Che. says:

      Change the hunting dogs to wolves and the fox to deer,
      Ancient British cult barbarianism as a hobby for the blood thirsty,
      I wonder how we will kill the wolves when there are no deer left.

    64. Chas says:

      What a pile of shite this site has turned into. I’m off.

    65. gregor says:


      “The quality of being extremely silly or having no real meaning or importance, or something that is extremely silly like this:

      He tries to pass off inanities for social commentary”.

    66. gregor says:

      “Normal, rational people like John Main:

      “Shut up.”

      “You and a tiny overflowing potty full of like-thinking lowlifes.”

      “@Gregs Sausage Roll Bakery.”

      “@Gregs Steak Bakes.”

      “Another 15 steak bakes please Gregs.”

      “Drop a couple of dozen pasties.”

      “Another 15 Gregs, Ellis & Main back on top.”

      “A suggestion Gregor-get a life.”

      “Another newcomer to me is Scott.”

      “I’m getting a wee frisson of the power Putin must feel.”

      “I never sussed just how persuasive my posts are.”

      “(I’m having fun, but I think I best not take that one too far).”

      “Be brave Wingers, and suck it up”.

    67. gregor says:

      “Tiresome pointing out the juvenile inanity of most of your contributions here.”:

      “See the obvious nonsenses that litter his every utterance.”

      “Constantly seeing conspiracies everywhere.”

      “He can’t handle argument or debate so wants to drown the site in irrelevance.”

      “Proof of just how wide shallowness can be spread.”

      “It is failing spectacularly.”

    68. gregor says:

      Scot Gov’s legacy:

      “A pile of shite”

    69. gregor says:

      Pile of shit:

      “Subject being unusable, of shoddy construction, unwanted, unreliable, or unacceptable in some fashion.”

      “A carefully placed pile of poo that is made with a shovel.”

      “Something that is broken/wrecked/ destroyed or just something that is bad.”

      “Pile of shit, that seems nice and smells nice, but in reality, you realize that they’re just a big pile of shit, and only pretended to like you.”

    70. Republicofscotland says:


      Yes and what’s more the hypocrisy from the West and the UK is astonishing, the abandoned Afghani’s are left to sell their kidneys and their children, whilst the ex-US, Nato puppet president Ashraf Ghani fled with all the liquid cash, and the West stole the Afghani’s gold that they really need to see them through.

      On top of this instead of bringing over the Afghani informers and US trained death squads, they flew over pets, you couldn’t make this shit up if you tried, Nato betrays them all its in their nature.

      Nato and the EU doesn’t give a toss about the displaced Ukrainians, its all about breaking Russia, and it doesn’t matter how much carnage or collateral is left in their wake with Ukraine in mind.

      The co-ordinated mass media propaganda by the West on what’s going on in Ukraine, is cognitive warfare to win the hearts and minds of those in the West. It has worked a treat, and the public have become so brainwashed on it that you daren’t give an opposing opinion, I fully expect two Brown Shirts to chap on my door for voicing an opinion.

    71. gregor says:

      @James Che

      Stone-cold Sturgeon and her disgusting regime could train Scottish children to bear arms and shoot to kill (e.g. deer/‘wrong-foreigners’/political rivals/biologically normal humans, etc), in less than 3 days:

      BBC (13/03/2022) War in Ukraine:

      ‘Uni to uniform – Ukraine’s new teenage army recruits’:

      “Most of them were in their late teens, not long out of school. They told me that after three days’ basic training they would head for the front line – or very close to it. Maksym Lutsyk, a 19-year-old biology student…”:

    72. Ruby says:

      Would the person who recorded the conversation on his/her iphone not be the person who should be apologising and being charged withe contempt of court.

      In Gordon Dangerfield’s latest blog he states

      “We intend to explore in the course of this litigation whether Rape Crisis Scotland were encouraged to make a complaint about Mark for political motives, and indeed whether the complainers in the Salmond trial were similarly encouraged to do so.

      Rape Crisis Scotland are of course funded by the Scottish Government.”

      Rape Crisis Scotland complained on behalf of the women identified in 2020 to the Faculty of Advocates.

    73. Republicofscotland says:

      “Rape Crisis Scotland are of course funded by the Scottish Government.””


      Its is indeed, and it parrots whatever it funder wants it to parrot, its Edinburgh branch is ran by Mridul Wadhwa, who identifies as a transwoman, but women are not pleased that they might be examined by such a person, or asked intimate questions.

    74. Republicofscotland says:

      The Ukrainian president Zelensky has signed into law that anyone helping the Russians will be given fifteen years in prison, already thirty-eight Ukrainians are waiting to go up in front of the Ukrainian version of Roland Freisler for trying to defect to Russia.

    75. Bernard de Linton says:

      Republic Min, When i see a keyboard commando like you writing yir pish fae Kiev then i will be impressed.In the meantime keep typing in yir bedroom, try to limit the “Great Satan US patter” how many times can one linguistically challenged moron ,use this in a day FFS? Whit a bore min .A that anti Western blethers ,that may impress a few dafties/ perma victims in the central belt. Jeez min ..pit on a new fucking record..Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    76. Robert Hughes says:

      RoS @ 4.59

      Spot-on mate .

      Anyone who can’t , or more accurately won’t , see the truth of what you say is a fuckn idiot .

      The goal is to destroy Russia economically and when/if Ukraine is reduced to rubble the US will walk away as it always does with nary a backward glance. Another expendable pawn on declining US imperial chessboard

    77. Tommo says:

      I gather from a post by the Daily Record that an anonymous woman complainer in the Salmond case is ‘demanding accountability ‘from the QC who represented the defence
      This strikes me as hypocrisy of the highest order
      Presumably the woman can nip out from behind the screen of anonymity and make publicised allegations against almost any person or professional body she chooses, before retreating again behind the shield
      It must be the case that the Record and presumably other media outlets in Scotland know the identity of the woman/women in question-else how would they know the complainer is the ‘genuine article’? I wonder if it is an open secret
      I should add that I do not live in Scotland and have absolutely no idea who the woman/women are but I found this case disturbing from the outset and still do
      I am no fan of Salmond who I did not like when he was in office, nor do I like him now

    78. gregor says:

      Lindsey Graham (2015): ‘Envokes Biden/God’:

      “If you can’t admire Joe Biden as a person then you got a problem.”

      “You need to do some self-evalution, cause – what’s not to like.”

      “Biden Is as Good a Man as God ever Created.”:

    79. gregor says:

      FoxBusiness (14/03/2022):

      ‘White House drafts TikTok stars to blame Putin for rising gas prices’:

      “The White House hosted 30 TikTok stars on a Zoom meeting last week…

      The Biden administration tapped teenage TikTok influencers last week to coordinate messaging on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and blame Vladimir Putin…”:

      Influencer video:

    80. gregor says:

      World Economic Forum (2019): Agenda:

      ‘Join our TikTok campaign! Your stories could make #allthedifferencece’:

      “…World Economic Forum will be partnering with the short video platform TikTok to beam your videos to the planet.”:

      World Economic Forum: Partners:

      ByteDance (Headquarters Cayman Islands):

    81. gregor says:

      Wikipedia: ByteDance:

      “ByteDance Ltd. is a Chinese multinational internet technology company headquartered in Beijing and legally domiciled in the Cayman Islands…”:

      Oxfam (06/10/2020):

      ‘Delisting Cayman Islands shows the EU tax haven blacklist is not working’:

      “…removing the Cayman Islands, one of the world’s most notorious tax havens, from the EU tax haven blacklist is further proof that the process isn’t working.

      Tax havens deprive rich and poor countries of hundreds of billions in lost revenue every year – money that is needed more than ever during the Covid-19 pandemic.

      Yet instead of holding them to account the EU is allowing the most aggressive countries to be delisted…”:

    82. gregor says:

      …God help Lindsey Joe Graham Biden.

      God help humanity…

    83. Bernard de Linton says:

      Robert Hughes.R.oS.. Wolfie Smith whas next?

    84. John Main says:

      @Gregs 3:56 & 3:58

      Thanks for the wee hall of fame.

      I think some of them are rather good!

      But you need to pay more attention. You have defo missed one or two belters, just as you have also mis-attributed some that were not by me.

      But full marks for effort. Now, as you seem to have a lot of time on your hands, and I mean A LOT, why not select a couple of the regular posters here and start posting collections of their lies.

      That won’t be as amusing as your flattering omnibus of my best, but it will be a hell of a lot more informative, and thus a better use of your time.

      No, no, don’t thank me, you’re welcome.

    85. Dorothy Devine says:

      The piece in the Herald makes me think someone is getting jumpy and has tried to use a squirrel to distract.

      Could it be that someone is ready to blow the gaff??

    86. Republicofscotland says:

      “BORIS Johnson has declared Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates “key international partners” in efforts to reduce dependence on Russian energy after the invasion of Ukraine.”

      Nothing new here the UK has been in bed with these two murderous oppressive dictatorships for years, turning a blind eye to their terrorist activities in the region, and completely ignoring their slaughter and starvation of millions of Yemeni’s since 2015.

      British weapons have been used to bomb migration centres and wedding parties and residential areas in Yemen, yet its all been hushed up unlike the Ukrainian brainwashing frenzy that floods our screens 24/7.

    87. Ruby says:

      Tommo says:I should add that I do not live in Scotland and have absolutely no idea who the woman/women are but I found this case disturbing from the outset and still do

      The interesting thing about these women is they come from a very tight group of mainly civil servants & I believe one MSP. How many people know the names of civil servants? A list of the names of all these women would mean absolutely nothing to me. The people who would recognise their names ‘the political bubble’ will already know their names. All the journalists & members of the public who attended the court case will know their names. There is no law stating that these people cannot pass on the information through word of mouth. Those who are part of the ‘political bubble’ in Scotland aren’t the nicest of people. They love a bit of gossip & backstabbing.

      Gordon Jackson naming two of them on a train is the least of their worries.

      There seems to be one of these women who like Sturgeon needs the spotlight. I’m guessing the ‘death treat’ stuff could well be just made up.

      Agreed this whole case has been very disturbing.

    88. Republicofscotland says:

      US puppet Stoltenberg sabre rattling, probably in order to get Nato members to increase their military spending to keep the MIC happy.

      Russia’s offensive on Ukraine has ushered in a “new security reality” in Europe, NATO Secretary General “Jens Stoltenberg told reporters on Tuesday. Stoltenberg called for more weapons, more exercises, and “major increases in investment” to strengthen the pact’s European presence.”

      “There are now hundreds of thousands of forces on heightened alert across the alliance,” Stoltenberg told a press conference in Brussels, referring to the 100,000 American troops on the ground in Europe, the 40,000 troops under direct NATO command on the continent, and the Patriot air defense systems currently en route to Poland from the US, and to Slovakia from Germany and the Netherlands.”

      This military buildup, he said, “sends an unmistakable message: An attack on one ally will be met with a decisive response from the whole alliance.”

    89. John Main says:

      @Republicofscotland 15 March, 2022 at 7:19 pm

      “murderous oppressive dictatorships”

      I can find little to substantiate Republic’s claim that the UAE is a murderous oppressive dictatorship.

      But for the sake of argument, if we accept that the UAE is a murderous oppressive dictatorship, then I think we can accept that so is Russia.

      That makes Republic’s unstinting support of Russia odd. I might go as far as to quote Republic himself:

      “The stench of hypocrisy is overpowering … “

    90. John Main says:

      @Republic 7:31

      NATO sabre rattling.

      Russia hacking civilians to bits with its sabres, then burying the corpses beneath the rubble of their homes.

      Republic finding fault with NATO and tacitly supporting Russia.

      Just another day on Wings BTL.

    91. gregor says:

      Fake News BBC (15/11/2020):

      ‘life should be back to normal by next winter’:

      “…jab could halve transmission… resulting in a “dramatic reduction in cases”.

      …vaccine could prevent more than 90% of people from getting Covid-19.

      …the vaccine would reduce transmission between people…

      …very confident that transmission between people will be reduced by such a highly effective vaccine… could result in a dramatic reduction of the pandemic spread…”:

    92. gregor says:

      BBC (10/12/2021): ‘Three vaccine doses key for protection against variant’:

      .”..showed a dramatic drop in effectiveness for the… vaccine and a significant drop off for two doses… “:

      BBC: (15/12/2021): ‘Potential for more restrictions before Christmas’:

      “Ms Sturgeon… said that Scotland was facing a “likely tsunami” of new infections of Covid-19 in the weeks ahead…”:

      BBC: (15/12/2021): ‘New UK cases record’:

      “The UK has recorded the highest number of daily Covid-19 cases since the beginning of the pandemic…”:

    93. gregor says:

      Scotsman: (05/01/2021): ‘Covid Scotland: Government accused of ‘unclear information’ over delay in publishing hospitalisation data’:

      “The Scottish Government has been accused of providing ‘unclear information’…”:

      British Medical Journal (19/01/2022): Editorials: ‘Data should be fully and immediately available for public scrutiny’:

      Unacceptable delay… Transparency and trust:

      As well as access to the underlying data, transparent decision making is essential. Regulators and public health bodies could release details.”:

      Herald.Scot (17/02/2022): ‘Anti-vax ‘misinformation’ forces official block on Scots Covid deaths data’:

      “Public Health Scotland have stopped the publication of the number of Covid deaths by vaccination status following concerns it is being used as anti-vax propaganda.”:

    94. gregor says:

      DailyRecord (14/03/2022): ‘Covid infection rates in Scotland for your area as case numbers soar’:

      “Daily case numbers exceeded 10,000 for four days in a row last week, with the Scottish Health Secretary expressing his ‘concern’…”:

      BBC (15/03/2022): ‘Covid in Scotland: The latest cases’:

      “Due to technical issues Public Health Scotland was unable to provide new figures.”:

    95. Republicofscotland says:

      Main, take your rose tinted spectacles off.

      The UAE is an authoritarian state.[3][5][6][7] The UAE has been described as a “tribal autocracy” where the seven constituent monarchies are led by tribal rulers in an autocratic fashion.[8] There are no democratically elected institutions, and there is no formal commitment to free speech.

      Sibel Edmonds states that Dubai is one of the 3 main centers for Operation Gladio B money laundering, together with Cyprus and Malta.

      Over two dozen prisoners of conscience, including well-known human rights defender Ahmed Mansoor, continued to be detained in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The state continued to restrict freedom of expression, taking measures to silence citizens and residents who expressed critical opinions on COVID-19 and other social and political issues. A number of detainees remained in prison past the completion of their sentences without legal justification.

      I never said that Russia was an angel, it has many internal problems of its own, I’m not a particular fan of Putin, but the West Nato/EU has become a bully boys club and I can relate to why Putin said enough is enough to protect his country from Western hegemony.

    96. sarah says:

      ON Topic!!

      Highland Council seems to be in thrall with Scot Gov’s gender obsession despite the Councillors being an independent-majority group. Several schools have had the toilets changed to mixed sex ONLY and new schools are being built with mixed sex-only facilities. I believe Highland Council did not reject the anal sex survey either.

      This suggests that decisions are being taken by Council staff rather than by the councillors.

      However parents and others are fighting back. Facebook site “Reinstate separate boys and girls toilets in Highland schools” contains a link to their website and there is a petition on “Reinstate male and female toilets in schools”.

      NB If you google the website it DOESN’T APPEAR!! This strikes me as extremely sinister. The only way to access the website – and it is worth doing as it lays out the laws that the Council is currently breaking by not providing single sex toilets – is via the facebook. You have to ask to join the facebook group before you can read the articles.

      PLEASE everyone – sign the petition AND spread the word as far as possible. It is vital that everyone does what they can to protect children from this terrible abuse by Scot gov and some councils.

    97. Ruby says:

      The woke witch-hunt against men has begun

      ‘Through this one-dimensional and prejudiced lens, men, on mass, are demonised, while women are portrayed in the most fragile and vulnerable way imaginable, literally having their sense of self made and unmade by the behaviour of men’

      The woke witch-hunt against men started when Mark MacDonald was fired for sending a text. The weird thing is men didn’t seem to be bothered then or now.

      while women are portrayed in the most fragile and vulnerable way imaginable

      They certainly were during the Alex Salmond trial.

    98. gregor says:

      Fake News BBC (15/03/2022):

      ‘Russia sanctions Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton and others’:

      “Russia’s foreign ministry says it has imposed sanctions on US President Joe Biden and 12 other US officials.

      The list includes Secretary of State Antony Blinken, Defence Secretary Lloyd Austin, press secretary Jen Psaki and other members of the administration.

      But it also includes two surprises: former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Mr Biden’s son Hunter.

      The measures block their entry into Russia and freeze any assets held in the country…”:

      (Lying BBC devil says you’re all stupid re. two surprises: Hillary Clinton & Hunter Biden).

    99. gregor says:

      @John Main

      If you are referring to me re. @Gregs; @Gregs Sausage Roll Bakery; @Gregs Steak Bakes; 15 steak bakes please Gregs; 15 Gregs, A suggestion Gregor-get a life (You have defo missed one or two belters)…

      This is my direct response to you:

      These messages were not addressed to you (if you were paying attention) – they were primarily intended for the general public/public archive (re. Age of the Banana).

      I’ve never said, nor ever claimed that all/any said statements were by you (unlike your explicit public recognition, now, and the verifiable public citations of your own (et al) written words and public statements), while it would be absurd to affiliate this as a direct statement from you (obviously): “Normal, rational people like John Main”.

      What ‘hall of fame’/who’s ‘hall of fame’ ??? (your claims, not mine).

      …Keep proving yourself.

    100. Ruby says:
      Holyrood should legislate to outlaw misogyny

      ‘Secondly, and more problematically, at least one of these proposals will require the law to specify what is meant by “a woman”. We all know what a divisive, indeed toxic, matter this has become of late. Were misogynistic harassment to be an offence, as Baroness Kennedy has recommended, could a (biological) woman be liable for harassing a trans woman if the former was abusive towards the latter, causing her to feel degraded or distressed? Given current directions of travel as regards gender recognition, it is not self-evident that all the victims of misogynistic crime will be biological women any more than it is obvious all the perpetrators will be men.

      On this extraordinarily sensitive matter, the report is silent, pleading merely that “should it become necessary to define a woman … that is a role for the legislature”. Well, perhaps. But I’m not sure how all of Baroness Kennedy’s recommendations can be enacted without first defining what the law means by “a woman”.

      The report urges that “no offence should be created that requires a woman to prove she is a women”. Well, quite. It is not self-evident, however, how this can be avoided. In today’s climate these might prove to be reasons not for enacting the report’s recommendations, but for shelving them. That would be a great pity.’

    101. gregor says:

      Stuff.NZ: (02/03/2022):

      ‘43 Kiwis arrested, six children rescued as part of global sex abuse investigation’:

      “A global paedophile ring has been uncovered by a New Zealand-led investigation, resulting in 146 children around the world being saved from potential harm.

      Known as Operation H, the investigation is the largest of its kind. It uncovered 90,000 account holders sharing more than 1000 images and videos of children being sexually abused.

      …some of the material uncovered by the investigation team was the very worst, and included babies being tortured and raped.
      “The vast majority of what we analysed in that material was very young children – infants, babies and toddlers – and the degrees of abuse and sadism was absolutely horrific.”…”:

      BBC: Search The BBC: “New Zealand paedophile”:

      BBC: Search The BBC: “paedophile ring”:

    102. gregor says:

      EveningStandard (25/02/2016):

      ‘Jimmy Savile report: ‘Culture of fear among BBC staff led to decades of DJ’s vile abuse’:

      “…predatory paedophile may still be lurking within the BBC despite the Jimmy Savile scandal, its boss admitted today.

      Lord Hall accepted the Corporation’s reputation had been put ahead of the protection of young girls and boys…”:

    103. gregor says:

      Evil Fake News BBC devil (institutional paedophile/shill):

      >>> Prison…

    104. sarah says:

      ATTENTION please!! To help schoolchildren have separate boys and girls toilets please see my comment at 11.26 last night.

      Highland Council is breaking the law by installing mixed-sex only toilets in new and existing schools.

      There is a website Highland Parents Group [] with details of the law and the problems in Highland schools, a petition “Reinstate male and female toilets in schools” and a facebook “Reinstate Separate Boys and Girls Toilets in Highland schools” to join and follow.

    105. Republicofscotland says:

      So tens of thousands of Scottish children are locked into poverty according to a report, yet Sturgeon the betrayer of Scots spends her time grandstanding on Ukraine and that she wants as many Ukrainians to come to Scotland as possible.

      Never mind that our health service is bursting at the seams and and that Scotland under the SNP has inadequate housing for our own citizens never mind the thousands of Ukrainians who are on their way to Scotland.

    106. sarah says:

      @ Dorothy Devine: Thanks for the signature!!

    107. John Main says:

      @Gregs 8:51

      “re. Age of the Banana”

      Soz, Gregs, does not compute when viewed through the eyes of a normal, rational person like me.

      Sarah is trying to use this site to communicate urgent and important information. As you have nothing useful to add, why don’t you butt out and give her unimpeded space to do so.

    108. sarah says:

      REV, I don’t suppose you would like to pop this Highlands schools toilets subject on your various sites, says she winningly. 🙂 🙂

    109. Ottomanboi says: needs to stop virtue signalling on «covid» and Ukrain and attend to the deviants charter its woke minority driven sex agenda unquestionably is.

    110. wullie says:

      Aye Republic
      Nicky will be tucking in the refuges at night making sure they are warm comfy and well fed. She will say to them don’t worry if you hear grumbling or chattering noises that’s just the starving freezing Scots . we gave up on them after 2014. they are just the mugs that vote for us.

    111. Republicofscotland says:

      Its interesting though deflating to watch UK hypocrisy in action, as the UK’s propaganda surrounding the release of Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe who spent around six years in prison in Iran for political agitation via training journalists, her release looks to be hinged on the UK paying a debt to Iran that it weaseled out of.

      Anyway as the UK MSM takes a break from the mind numbing 24/7 Ukrainian BS, with the release of Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe, lets spare a thought for Julian Assange, who is being held in a maximum security prison in England without charge, a political prisoner who has been badly persecuted and whose health is failing, yet the bias UK MSM ignores his unjust plight.

      The hypocrisy of the UK government and its compliant media reeks to high heaven

    112. James Che. says:

      Globalists that got countries into a war, the world in a mess, fuel prices at a all time high, food shortages, nhs mess, etc.

      Think we should NOT grow our own food, NOT produce our own fuel, and cause a disaster by being controlled by other countries digital monetary system world banking in place of the British system are not looking out for the well-being and welfare of the British people.

      If putin and China have taught us anything it is a country and its nation can survive all most anything if you have your own food supply close to you’re own back door,
      your own fuel supply,
      you’re own medicine supplies,
      you’re own industries,
      you’re own fishing and own farming.
      provided we do not let our country use modern chemicals in and fertilisers
      We, not need to go woke or broke over climate change.
      After all we managed to feed ourselves for thousands and thousands of years before the wokeness of globalist ideology.

    113. James Che. says:

      At this time in political history we can observe that our governments are not protecting our infants, our toddlers, our children,our women, our men, our people, our food supplies, our industries, our free speech, our monetary system, our medical chain and nhs, our countries or our freedoms

      They are either all idiots not capable of running a country or have planned the destruction for ideology and personal benefits.

      Better start looking after ourselves
      Because our governments are failing the human race.

    114. Merganser says:

      Interesting article by Brian Klaas at The Atlantic. So much of it relates to how the Scottish government is being run today. NS should be worried by the Xenophon reference.

      Sorry I don’t know how to do a link to it.

    115. Republicofscotland says:

      Russia preempted this expulsion, and left the Nato friendly platform first.

      “The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe voted on Tuesday evening to expel Russia from the organization in the wake of the country’s offensive in Ukraine”

    116. James Che. says:

      NS is an appalling FM.

      But I keep in mind it is a devolved government that has to work under the main UK government.

      That UK government, the Supreme Court, And agreement most legislation has to be approved by the crown,

      One wonders what plans and agreements are made in a wider control context between the two.
      We have a devolved government.
      Under the watchful eye of uk government.

      So I have to wonder who is pulling the strings in Scotland behind the devolved government,
      We have a puppet FM,
      Who is pulling the strings?
      Do we need the devolved government to ruin Scotland?

    117. Andy Ellis says:

      @Merganser 2.09 pm

      “Vladimir Putin has fallen in to the dictator trap.”

    118. Andy Ellis says:

      From the Klaas article referred to upthread and equally applicable to the morbidly obedient Sturgeonistas and Putinistas:

      “ Democracy isn’t perfect. It’s messy. It can be shortsighted. Many powerful democracies, including the United States, are dysfunctional. But at least our leaders face real constraints, real pushback for their miscalculations, and real criticism from their population. And, crucially, there’s a built-in mechanism to replace our leaders when they start to behave irrationally or irresponsibly.

      That’s why it’s time to jettison the myth of the “savvy” strongman, or the dictator who’s a geopolitical “genius.” Putin has fallen victim to the dictator trap and proved that he is neither.”

    119. Republicofscotland says:

      The days of US hegemony via the dollar are numbered de-dollarisation is underway.

      “The Russia-led Eurasian Economic Union and China just agreed to design the mechanism for an independent financial and monetary system that would bypass dollar transactions.

      It was a long time coming, but finally some key lineaments of the multipolar world’s new foundations are being revealed.

      On Friday, after a videoconference meeting, the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) and China agreed to design the mechanism for an independent international monetary and financial system. The EAEU consists of Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Belarus and Armenia, is establishing free trade deals with other Eurasian nations, and is progressively interconnecting with the Chinese Belt and Road Initiative (BRI).”

    120. gregor says:

      AmnestyInternational (14/03/2022):

      UK: Refusal by Supreme Court to grant Assange right to appeal is “a blow for justice”:

      “Prolonged solitary confinement is a key feature of life for many people in US maximum security prisons and amounts to torture or other ill treatment under international law. The ban on torture and other ill-treatment is absolute and empty promises of fair treatment such as those offered by the USA in the Assange case threaten to profoundly undermine that international prohibition. 

      The refusal is also bad news for press freedom since it leaves intact the nefarious route the US has employed to attempt to prosecute publishers for espionage. Demanding that states like the UK extradite people for publishing classified information that is in the public interest sets a dangerous precedent and must be rejected. The US should immediately drop the charges against Julian Assange…”:

    121. Republicofscotland says:

      !While the Kremlin has yet to respond to Elon Musk’s “single combat” challenge to Russian President Vladimir Putin over Ukraine, the Tesla and SpaceX mogul has changed his name to “Elona”

      This crackpot has far too much time on his hands, the world’s richest man has more money than sense if you ask me.

    122. sarah says:

      @ James Che: are you reading the series of posts on Yours for Scotland? There is a body that is greater than either Parliament – the Scottish Convention represents the people’s sovereignty over parliament and the Crown. All we have to do is get organised to implement our Claim of Right.

      And have you signed the schools toilets petition yet? There are tens of thousands who read Wings so the signatures should be going through the roof today…

    123. Republicofscotland says:

      Russian forces take out the Nazi stronghold of Avdeevka, which was used to shell the civilians with cluster bombs in the Dontesk region, for the first time in almost nine years the civilians of the region can breathe a sign of relief.

    124. gregor says:

      “Nicola Sturgeon congratulates Joe Biden in pledge to build Scotland’s friendship…

      Sturgeon, in a statement, wrote: “Warm congratulations and best wishes..”:


      Hunter Biden:

      “Hey its hunter
      Where the f you go
      Hunter you just met…
      Great meeting you and call o\r text if you can so I k w you made it home.”


      “I’m home.
      Been fucking myself and squirting since I got home. About to attempt to rest…just
      for a bit…”

      Hunter Biden:

      “Fuck I would have handled that for you- wake the f up and m let me in the middle”


      “I wish.
      Or under advisement counselor?
      You and your cock are sweet guys. Perhaps we shall meet again sometime.”

      Hunter Biden:

      “In an hour or so.
      Really I’m not kidding.”:

    125. gregor says:



      “They have a Scores stripclub there and I am keeping my own suite.
      Or…we shall cross paths again dear Hunter.”

      Hunter Biden:

      “Meant to say when two attractive grown ups with no marital or relationship strings.cross paths and want to fuck.
      And I fuckjed it up again.”


      “Because you’re high dear.
      You can and do fuck anyone anytime, true?”

      626_Hallie Olivere Biden & Hunter Biden:

      Hunter Biden:

      “Hallie sweetheart you’re driving me crazy- tests for ghonorea- the comment you just made about condoms- you had chicken this morning and you told me you didnt,the lies about David – the lies about…”

    126. Republicofscotland says:

      As the release from prison of the political agitator Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe hits the headlines and give us all a much needed five minute break from the brainwashing Ukraine frenzy by the Western MSM.

      Another person was also released along side Zaghari-Ratcliffe, Anousheh Ashouri was detained in 2017 for being a Mossad informant and given ten years in prison, but you won’t see cute piccy of him holding his kids on the UK MSM.

    127. gregor says:


      “Nicola Sturgeon is delighted to have received, on behalf of the people of Scotland, a gift from President Biden…

      …and looks forward to him returning to Scotland in future.”

    128. Dorothy Devine says:

      Sarah , delighted to add my name and have sent it on – I get so angry about this and the so called ‘woke’ brigade, bad cess on them all!

    129. Republicofscotland says:

      It will not be used to keep Scots warm either, the sell-off of Scotwind to the big energy firms for what amounts to a pittance will see the energy go abroad or down South, meanwhile Scots will pay through the nose for their energy even though Scotland is swimming in energy sources.

      Sturgeon the betrayer of Scots didn’t even barter out a nationalised energy company for Scots in the deal to supply cheaper energy for us.

      “THE Scottish Government have said ScotWind “will not support trade and investment activity with Russia” after the issue was raised in the Commons.”

    130. gregor says:

      Deplorable, you sick perverted misogynist (re. Biden)…


      Dec 12, 2018, 10:05 AM

      Hunter Biden:

      “You coming or not. I charge $1000 p/h.”


      “Did you booty call the wrong hooker? Grrr.”

      Hunter Biden:

      “So fine I’ll owe you 9K. But you really need to get your booty over to this booty ASAP.
      Seriously motherfucker.”


      “You’re so romantic.”

      Hunter Biden:

      “I did ask you to dinner and you laughed at me. So I’m trying a different tact.”

    131. gregor says:


      ‘Nicola Sturgeon has a message for Donald Trump and Joe Biden’:

      “…Scotland will be very happy to say cheerio to Donald Trump today…

      I think ‘don’t haste you back’ might be the perfect rejoinder to him.

      And in advance of the inauguration later on I’m sure we all want to send our congratulations to soon-to-be president Biden…”:

    132. sarah says:

      @ Dorothy Devine: the organisers are very grateful if all the support and sharing. If enough of us do something to help surely we can clean up our governance at all levels? I am sick and angry about the dishonesty, criminality and perversion of the people “governing” us.

      A small bright spot is the Claim of Right and the Scottish Convention now being discussed and publicised on Yours for Scotland. I have always felt that the government should obey us, the people, instead of blocking our aspirations and imposing vile laws on us – it turns out that this is the case. Wonderful. Now, how to implement it?

    133. gregor says:



      “I hate men generally but I’m a lover at heart. Just broken amidst repairs…”

      Hunter Biden:

      “Jesus Christ were all broken – at least anyone I would be interested in is broken.”


      ‘Nicola Sturgeon meets with Joe Biden in absolute humiliation’:

      “There are three objectives at COP,” one MP told the Daily Mail a few weeks ago.

      Save the planet. Save the country. And stop Sturgeon from getting a photo with Biden.”:

    134. gregor says:


      “Embarrassment, shame, disgrace, humbling, put-down, degradation, affront, indignity, chagrin, ignominy, dishonour, mortification, loss of face, abasement, self-abasement:

      She faced the humiliation….”


      Dec 12, 2018, 4:33 PM

      Hunter Biden:

      “Baby im not doi9ng anything please im on the phone with my father…”


      “For the record, I masturbated to the thought of being with you today. Three times.

      And I just took a bath and did an enema.”

    135. gregor says:


      Hunter Biden:

      “Im almost 49 and I’ve had an erection for 6 hours now.
      I either need to call the hospital or Guinness.”


      Love it…
      Do you still want me?
      And I shall cum.”

      Hunter Biden:

      “Fuck yes…
      Its 4 and youre ass better be in this hotel; for real.”

    136. Stuart MacKay says:

      It’s very hard to ascribe this to stupidity. WTF is going on?

    137. Stoker says:

      Ruby says on 15 March, 2022 at 9:08 am

      “It would be good if the likes of Stoker & Fianon and all those complaining about comments would name names and say who it is they are complaining about. Yous is a bit too general. Is Stu bothered about what’s happening here?”

      What? Like you did on 12 March, 2022 at 6:16 pm

      “Some posters get very angry if you post direct links.”

      Keep my name out of it. I’m not complaining about anyone’s comments or any individual. As for your comment about Stu caring, try raising the topics he warned everyone not to raise and i suspect you’ll get your answer PDQ. Now away and play with your heels and a bit of string.

    138. Stoker says:


      And btw, as for “some posters” getting angry if folk post direct links. So? Do you think it’s acceptable when others are trying really hard to deprive BritNat media of traffic AND to create a preserved archive, for some lazy so-and-so not to even bother with that little bit of effort?

      Example, look at Gregor and all the bother he goes to to help maintain a perfect record/archive and then think of those who just can’t be bothered. How arrogantly lazy that is and a metaphorical two fingers to those who do try.

    139. gregor says:

      CNN: Facts First:

      Did Trump spread Russian disinformation during the debate?


      “Biden accused Trump of spreading Russian disinformation after the President brought up recent articles in the New York Post about Biden’s son, Hunter, and his business dealings with Ukraine. Trump specifically cited a “laptop” that contained emails allegedly belonging to Hunter Biden.”

      …officials who served under Democratic and Republican presidents, and some ex-officials who are outspoken Trump critics. They said the stories about Hunter Biden have “all the classic earmarks of a Russian information operation.”

    140. gregor says:

      NBC (16/10/2020): National Security:

      ‘Feds examining whether alleged Hunter Biden emails are linked to a foreign intel operation’:

      “Federal investigators are examining whether emails allegedly describing activities by Joe Biden and his son Hunter and found on a laptop at a Delaware repair shop are linked to a foreign intelligence operation…”:

      TheTimes (09/11/2021)‘Trump haters are silent as plot is exposed’:

      “Allegations of collusion with Russia were baseless but cheerleaders won’t admit their grubby role…”:

      DailyMail: (12/03/2022): ‘Computer repair shop owner who handed Hunter Biden’s laptop to the FBI says he’s lost his business and is on verge of bankruptcy after liberal intimidation campaign which resulted in death threats’:

      “The Delaware computer repair shop owner who alerted feds of incriminating emails, text messages, photos and financial documents on Hunter Biden’s laptop in 2020 says he’s since lost his store and now faces bankruptcy, after being victimized in an intimidation campaign once his findings went public…”:

    141. Robert Hughes says:

      Stuart MacKay says:
      16 March, 2022 at 5:06 pm

      ” It’s very hard to ascribe this to stupidity. WTF is going on? ”

      What’s going on Stuart is psycho Sturgeon – the parrot in hawk’s plumage – desperately trying to get the attention of the only people she gives a fuck about eg the global financial/military elite/s .

      This is her ” Hilary ” moment – she * done * her other pin-up Jacinda during her Covid theatre performances .

      To paraphrase that fellow gimlet-eyed sociopath Clinton …..

      ” We came ” ( to see that Sturgeon is the greatest calamity to befall the cause of Scottish Independence since Eddie 1 )

      ” We saw ” ( her for the duplicitous fraud that she is )

      ” She died ” ( I don’t wish death on anyone , but would happily watch the death of her political ambitions and career )

      I noticed she had to get a dig in at ” men ” : signalling her impeccable * Feminist * credentials , again , for the benefit of those she obsessively tries to impress .

      She’s a disaster area , grown sick in the head from the toxic combination of weak/nasty character and overweening ambition .

      In other words ….the paradigmatic modern Western Politician

    142. gregor says:

      Guardian (13/04/2017): Exclusive:

      ‘British spies were first to spot Trump team’s links with Russia’

      “GCHQ is said to have alerted US agencies after becoming aware of contacts in 2015…

      …six months, until summer 2016, a number of western agencies shared further information on contacts between Trump’s inner circle and Russians, sources said.”:

      Guardian (11/11/2017):

      ‘Boris Johnson met ‘London professor’ linked to FBI’s Russia investigation’:

      “Fresh questions as photograph emerges of Joseph Mifsud and foreign secretary at Brexit dinner…”:

      DefendDemocracyPress (04/05/2018):

      ‘All Russiagate Roads Lead To London: Evidence Emerges Of Mifsud’s Links To UK Intelligence’:

    143. Stuart MacKay says:

      Robert Hughes

      Interesting point about restating her feminist credentials. Maybe she’s realised that it’s all coming apart at the seams in Scotland and so is using the Ukraine crisis to speed up her Ascension to the UN. How she gets that without Boris’ approval is a bit of a mystery though.

      In any case it reeks of political opportunism. Jumping in, eyes closed when a situation this dangerous needs cool heads and clear thinking.

    144. Robert Hughes says:

      Well , as we know to our cost Stuart , she’s done and is doing nothing to merit Johnson’s disapproval , except maybe trying to out-Hawk him . This despite the anti-Tory/Johnson rhetoric

      Sure , she’ll – superficially – oppose him domestically ( those petty differences in Covid policy REALLY put him in his place huh ? ) but never about things that matter : principally ,getting Scotland the fck out of this bizarro * Union * by any means necessary . THAT she’ll never do

    145. Republicofscotland says:

      Stuart @5.06pm.

      Yes effectively the idiot Sturgeon eager to please world leaders and anyone who’ll listen to her is calling for WWIII. International/foreign affairs are reserved to Westminster, but Sturgeon thinks because COP26 was held in Scotland that somehow her opinion matters, it doesn’t.

      It would Sturgeon better to concentrate on solving Scotland domestic problems of which there are many.

    146. Ruby says:

      Stoker says:
      Now away and play with your heels and a bit of string.

      Spot the sexist!

    147. gregor says:

      NewsMax(16/03/2022): Joe Biden announces and signs a new $800 billion military aid package for Ukraine:

      Press: “Mr president!, what will it take to send the Polish…”

      Biden: ‘Screw you press, …I’m off’:

      George.News (16/03/2022):

      “Biden announces sending longer-range anti-aircraft weapons to Ukraine.

      The resident says new additional $800mn US weapons aid is ‘unprecedented.’”:

    148. Republicofscotland says:

      Economist Dr Tim Rideout suspended from the SNP pending an investigation, I think Rideout is one of the more respected employees of the SNP, though I could be wrong.

    149. Ruby says:

      Stoker says:
      16 March, 2022 at 5:19 pm

      And btw, as for “some posters” getting angry if folk post direct links. So? Do you think it’s acceptable when others are trying really hard to deprive BritNat media of traffic AND to create a preserved archive, for some lazy so-and-so not to even bother with that little bit of effort?

      Anger is unnecessary especially when the person isn’t aware of the in house preference for archived links nor are they aware how to create archived links.

      My comment which included
      “Some posters get very angry if you post direct links.” was advising someone how to create archived links.

      I would rather help than call them arrogantly lazy and give them the V sign.
      Yes people do get angry if links aren’t archived and it was especially annoying in your case as you failed to recognise a 12ft ladder archived link which I posted. I never did receive an apology from you but then perhaps you think since I am a woman I would only be interested in playing with my heels.

    150. John Main says:

      @gregs says: 16 March, 2022 at 7:33 pm

      At top of post:

      “Joe Biden announces and signs a new $800 billion military aid package for Ukraine”

      At bottom of post:

      “$800mn US weapons aid is ‘unprecedented.’”

      And some people are getting excited because this kind of crap is not being archived … ?

      Then again, maybes inflation is running higher than I thought. Any dollar amount at the top of a post is only worth one thousandth by the time you read to the bottom.

    151. gregor says:

      47_PHONE JIMS

      Aug 10, 2018, 4:55 PM

      Jim Biden:

      “Hunter , it is imperative you call me or your father. Your father is getting as am I barraged by Hallie. He has not responded I have not responded. We both agree with and trust you. She is spreading what you told me and I believe you !!!! Are lies. Once again we both need you side of the story so we can both shove it down her fucking throat !!!!…”

      Aug 12, 2018, 6:33 AM

      Jim Biden:

      “Hunter , your father has called me 5 times since 6:15! My time. He has kept his word ” not saying a thing” he is being beating up… This is important to your dad, and your relationship with him. They are all assholes…”

      Aug 14, 2018, 7:07 PM

      Hunter Biden:

      “I have and I don’t trust Dad even 1% to not tell at least mom if you told him I am going to a facility. I promise you that if he knows that then basically everyone knows….”

    152. Republicofscotland says:

      500,000 dead from war and famine, and not a peep from any Western leader on it, no Nato puppet Stoltenberg or Sturgeon the betrayer of Scots screaming out that we must take as many people as possible, or Sturgeon yelling for a no-fly zone.

      Not a mention from anyone on the slaughter, but if you are Ukrainian its all waiting for you once you arrive.

      The Wests hypocrisy turns my stomach.

      “As many as 500,000 people have died from war and famine in the Tigray region of northern Ethiopia over the past 16 months, researchers say.

      The estimate, by experts who have closely monitored the Tigray conflict since its beginning, is a rare attempt to calculate the war-related death toll in a region that has been largely cut off from the outside world.

      The estimate includes 50,000 to 100,000 victims of direct killings, 150,000 to 200,000 starvation deaths, and more than 100,000 additional deaths caused by a lack of health care, according to researchers led by Jan Nyssen of Ghent University in Belgium.

      The war began when Ethiopia sent its military into Tigray in an attempt to subdue the rebellious regional government in November, 2020. The neighbouring country of Eritrea also sent troops into Tigray, and the war has led to massacres of civilians, destruction of hospitals and clinics, an exodus of refugees and the emergence of famine. Ethiopia has blocked most food aid to the region for months.”

    153. gregor says:

      47_PHONE JIMS

      Aug 10, 2018, 4:55 PM

      Jim Biden:

      “Hunter , it is imperative you call me or your father. Your father is getting as am I barraged by Hallie. He has not responded I have not responded. We both agree with and trust you. She is spreading what you told me and I believe you !!!! Are lies. Once again we both need you side of the story so we can both shove it down her fucking throat !!!!…”

      Aug 12, 2018, 6:33 AM

      Jim Biden:

      “Hunter , your father has called me 5 times since 6:15! My time. He has kept his word” not saying a thing” he is being beating up… This is important to your dad, and your relationship with him. They are all assholes…”

    154. gregor says:

      47_PHONE JIMS

      Aug 14, 2018, 7:07 PM

      Hunter Biden:

      “I have and I don’t trust Dad even 1% to not tell at least mom if you told him I am going to a facility. I promise you that if he knows that then basically everyone knows….”

      Aug 29, 2018, 7:05 PM

      Hunter Biden:

      “I talked to my father for an hour today. I was never not going-
      I simply told the idiot fat Jewish kid who insisted he had a right to enter the bathroom while I was on the toilet that I did think he was much of a defense against making the rational decision
      that if I’m going to lead with my teeth every time drugs would be required.”

    155. gregor says:

      Wikipedia: Antisemitism:

      “…hostility to, prejudice, or discrimination against Jews. A person who holds such positions is called an antisemite. Antisemitism is considered to be a form of racism.”

      ‘Fat Shaming’ and Discrimination: Know Your Rights’:

    156. Ruby says:

      Stoker says:
      16 March, 2022 at 5:19 pm

      Example, look at Gregor and all the bother he goes to to help maintain a perfect record/archive and then think of those who just can’t be bothered.

      I am looking at Gregor and the question I am asking myself is he or isn’t he spamming.

    157. Republicofscotland says:

      Gregor I must admit you are the most prolific spammer I’ve come across, the question must be who are you spamming for?

    158. gregor says:

      WhiteHouse (28/05/2021):

      Statement by President Joe Biden on the Rise of Anti-Semitic Attacks:

      “We cannot allow the toxic combination of hatred, dangerous lies, and conspiracy theories to put our fellow Americans at risk…

      In recent days, we have seen that no community is immune. We must all stand together to silence these terrible and terrifying echoes of the worst chapters in world history…”:

    159. Republicofscotland says:

      Jesus talk about state propaganda, crocodile tears style. I wonder if she was overwhelmed when she found out Julian Assange a innocent man locked up in her country of England without charge, lost his appeal an will now probably be extradited to the Great Satan’s lands for years of torture.

      “BBC News presenter Joanna Gosling apologised on-air after becoming overwhelmed with emotion while announcing the “moving” news that Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe is “heading to Tehran airport and on her way home”.”

    160. gregor says:

      JewishChronicle (19/08/2021):

      Sturgeon: ‘We will tackle antisemitism’ :

      “Ms Sturgeon declared that no events at home or abroad could justify antisemitism or religious hatred of any kind.

      …reiterating her stance that “antisemitism will not be tolerated in Scotland and we remain committed to tackling it….”:

    161. John Main says:

      @Republic 8:27

      As is the usual case, I don’t understand what your point is, or if you even have a point at all, other than telling us, once more, how delicate your stomach is.

      Are you saying that we/Scotland/UK/the west should interfere and intervene in every conflict in the world?

      Are you saying that we/Scotland/UK/the west should never interfere and intervene in any conflict in the world?

      What’s your take on ordinary decent Scots, substantially like many of the readers here, who from the thousands of available charities, choose to donate to one, or two, or perhaps a handful?

      Are you saying we should donate to every charity?

      Are you saying we should never donate to any charity?

      Surely by your logic, the selective charity donations of ordinary Scots is hypocrisy that turns your stomach?

      You really have allowed your warped views to drive flawed logic that has left you totally screwed up. Let me tell you the difference between Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and whatever is going on in Tigray.

      1) Tigray is not virtually on our doorstep.
      2) The hostilities in Tigray do not threaten countries to which we are bound by treaties, or which we regard as allies.
      3) The hostilities in Tigray have yet to destabilise the world, or threaten world food and energy supplies.
      4) The hostilities in Tigray are unlikely to escalate until we are under threat of nuclear attack.

      I am confident that should any of these four facts change, we/Scotland/UK/the west will start to give Tigray the focus that will be justified by our interests.

      I am 100% dead certain that shortly after, you will be posting on here bemoaning the interference of we/Scotland/UK/the west in the affairs of Tigray.

    162. gregor says:


      rogue deep-state v Public ‘Truth’…

    163. John Main says:

      @Ruby says – 16 March, 2022 at 8:46 pm

      “I am looking at Gregs and the question I am asking myself is he or isn’t he spamming.”

      Changed days, eh, Rubes?

      Seems like no time since you were boasting on here that you read everything Gregs bakes, sorry reheats.

      Dammit, posts.

    164. Saffron Robe says:

      Nicola Sturgeon, the most dangerous woman in Scotland, advocating for nuclear missiles to rain down on her own people. Just another way for her to destroy Scotland I suppose and cover over her abject failure as a leader.

      Pouring fuel on the fire by sending endless weapons to Ukraine will not bring about peace nor is it designed to. Zelenskyy may well be the useful idiot who brings about the end of the world.

    165. gregor says:


      It’s comforting to know that people are looking (no malice intended re. ‘spamming’).

      Hopefully people understand our unprecedented situation.

    166. Ruby says:

      Which is worse flame-baiters or spammers?

      This place is a hoot with flame-baiters complaining about spammers & spammers complaining about flame-baiters

    167. gregor says:

      PJMedia (16/03/2022): Joe Biden Awkwardly Talks About ‘Revenge Porn’:

      “So we established … a new civil rights cause of action for those whose intimate images were shared on the public screen. How many times have you heard—I bet everybody knows somebody somewhere along the line, that in an intimate relationship, what happened was the guy takes a revealing picture of his naked friend, or whatever, in a compromising position and then literally, in a sense, blackmails or mortifies that person … sends it out, put it online.”

      …Did Joe Biden forget how his son, Hunter Biden, infamously brought his laptop to a computer repair shop in Delaware and left it there unclaimed, forfeiting the device to the shop? The media did its best to suppress the story, but nevertheless, text messages, explicit photos, and videos were eventually leaked.The laptop was a treasure trove of damaging information on the Bidens.”:

      Biden Video:

    168. Ruby says:

      gregor says:
      16 March, 2022 at 9:18 pm

      It’s comforting to know that people are looking (no malice intended re. ‘spamming’).

      Let me return the favour by helping you out with that one.
      I’ve even archived it:

      The term spam is derived from the 1970 “Spam” sketch of the BBC sketch comedy television series Monty Python’s Flying Circus.[5][6] The sketch, set in a cafe, has a waitress reading out a menu where every item but one includes the Spam canned luncheon meat. As the waitress recites the Spam-filled menu, a chorus of Viking patrons drown out all conversations with a song, repeating “Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam… Lovely Spam! Wonderful Spam!”.[7]

      In the 1980s the term was adopted to describe certain abusive users who frequented BBSs and MUDs, who would repeat “Spam” a huge number of times to scroll other users’ text off the screen.[8] In early chat-room services like PeopleLink and the early days of Online America (later known as America Online or AOL), they actually flooded the screen with quotes from the Monty Python sketch.[citation needed] This was used as a tactic by insiders of a group that wanted to drive newcomers out of the room so the usual conversation could continue. It was also used to prevent members of rival groups from chatting—for instance, Star Wars fans often invaded Star Trek chat rooms, filling the space with blocks of text until the Star Trek fans left.[9]

      It later came to be used on Usenet to mean excessive multiple posting—the repeated posting of the same message. The unwanted message would appear in many, if not all newsgroups, just as Spam appeared in all the menu items in the Monty Python sketch. The first usage of this sense was by Joel Furr[10][11] This use had also become established—to “spam” Usenet was to flood newsgroups with junk messages. The word was also attributed to the flood of “Make Money Fast” messages that clogged many newsgroups during the 1990s.[citation needed] In 1998, the New Oxford Dictionary of English, which had previously only defined “spam” in relation to the trademarked food product, added a second definition to its entry for “spam”: “Irrelevant or inappropriate messages sent on the Internet to a large number of newsgroups or users.”

      There was also an effort to differentiate between types of newsgroup spam. Messages that were crossposted to too many newsgroups at once, as opposed to those that were posted too frequently, were called “velveeta” (after a cheese product), but this term did not persist.[12]

    169. Republicofscotland says:

      “As is the usual case, I don’t understand what your point is”

      Main @9.05pm.

      Oh you understand fine.

    170. Ruby says:

      Revenge porn

      Revenge porn or revenge pornography is the distribution of sexually explicit images or video of individuals without their consent.[1] The sexually explicit images or video may be made by a partner of an intimate relationship with the knowledge and consent of the subject, or it may be made without his or her knowledge. The possession of the material may be used by the perpetrators to blackmail the subjects into performing other sex acts, to coerce them into continuing the relationship, or to punish them for ending the relationship.

    171. Ruby says:


    172. Ruby says:

      The Truth must dazzle gradually, Or every man be blind –
      Emily Dickinson

    173. gregor says:

      Fake News BBC/MSM has zero integrity.

      The fundamental question ?

      Who’s really making a mockery of the public (i.e. needlessly and willfully systemically & socially deceiving, degrading and punishing the public ).

      Don’t we value ‘the truth’ and social justice.

      Where’s our focus.

    174. gregor says:

      Truth isn’t under dispute.

      This human juncture isn’t gradual.

      Our time is imperative (re. WEFdemocracy-THE-END).

    175. Effigy says:

      Yet another horrific incident for the Met Police force
      15 year old girl strip searched at school during her period bent double without
      hygiene products forced to cough repeatedly.

      Teacher thought there was an odour of cannabis so called the police to advise.

      By right the parents should have been contact but it seems this isn’t done when the
      suspect is Black.

      The child is severely traumatised as she was completely innocent and I’d expect her family to
      to seek compensation that will be funded by the tax payer yet again.

      It must be 50/50 down there whether to seek help from local criminals or the police.

      It’s a pity the 4 officers involved, 4 because they were worried the 15 year old might resist,
      didn’t read Gray’s Party Gate report with all the evidence against Boris compiled for them.

      The case is particularly difficult for the Met to prioritise as Boris isn’t Black, has them in his pocket and Ms Gray’s report has truth and words of many syllables in it.

      A damning disgrace yet again.
      More to follow tomorrow and the next day!

    176. gregor says:

      The public and Scotland I know values democracy (authentic bottom-up democracy, with authentic free thinking – independently minded, democratically elected political representatives – who stay true to our shared values e.g. protecting its citizens from hardship while enhancing our prospects for a brighter future).

      What are you, Scotland (what have you become).

      Where is the integrity.

    177. Ian Brotherhood says:

      This was almost 20 years ago.

      2 million in London? against the Iraq ‘war’.

      And how many gathered in Glasgow that same day? Many Scots were in London, but the SECC gathering was the largest gathering in Scotland, ever.

      Try finding footage of it it on Youtube, or anywhere else.

      Listen to the voices on this link.

      And here we are, two decades later.

      How many Scots would gather, tomorrow, to support ‘Ukraine’?

      We’re being played, big-time, and WOS readers, more than most, should know that.

    178. gregor says:

      @Ian Brotherhood

      Good point:

      Guardian (07/01/2021): ‘Petition to revoke Tony Blair’s knighthood hits 1m signatures’:

      “Creator of petition says former PM ‘caused irreparable damage to constitution of UK’ with Iraq war…”:

      World Economic Forum: Agenda Contributor:

      Tony Blair:

      “Since leaving office Tony Blair has spent most of his time working on three areas: supporting governments to deliver effectively for their people, working for peace…

      He has established the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change…”:

    179. gregor says:


      “An underlying often ideological plan or program.”

      “The Build Back Better Act is the vast majority of Biden’s agenda.”

      “Such an idea has been high on the political agenda for some time.”

      “The scale of Democrats’ ambitious agenda was always hard to reconcile with their razor-thin congressional majorities, putting Biden’s big plans on the precipice of failure from the get-go.”

      “One reason may be that the vast majority of Democratic congressional incumbents are on board with the major pillars of the progressive agenda.”

    180. gregor says:

      Prince of Wales (03/06/2020):#TheGreatReset:

      World Economic Forum: Agenda:

      ‘To build back better, we must reinvent capitalism. Here’s How’:

      World Economic Forum: The Great Reset:

    181. John Main says:

      @Gregs says 16 March, 2022 at 10:44 pm

      “This human juncture isn’t gradual.”

      Nope, me neither.

      MSM reporting this morning that a White House faction has decided there is no further point in negotiating or communicating with Putin, as the evidence points to his insanity.

      Which is making me wonder …

      Does Wings have a famous and now infamous new poster, right under our noses? Throw in a mix of insanity and struggles with EFL and you get something very like Gregs.

      Let’s keep the channels open and read everything Gregs posts, just in case he’s packing some serious heat.

      And I mean, SERIOUS.

    182. gregor says:

      Tony Blair Institute (16/11/2020):

      “It’s a pertinent question to ask how do we build back better. My theory of #COVID19 is that everything that was there before, is there now & will be afterwards but accelerated…”:

    183. John Main says:

      @Republicofscotland 16 March, 2022 at 9:41 pm

      “Oh you understand fine.”

      Gee, Republic, thanks for responding to my questions.

      Haha, just my little joke.

      Hope your guts are a bit better. You also seem to be frequently struggling for breath, so hope the lungs too are on the mend.

      One of my family suffers from phantosmia, the medical condition where the sufferer detects imaginary smells, such as a stink of hypocrisy. If you haven’t already done so, I recommend you get that checked out.

    184. gregor says:

      …Our human juncture isn’t gradual.

    185. Andy Ellis says:

      @Ian Brotherhood 11.41 pm

      How many do you think would turn out to support the “denazification and demilitarisation” of the Ukraine do you think? Would banners à la Republic of Scotland saying “You had it coming” be available? Or ones with “Putin in my hero” supplied by the expelled Alba candidate?

      I’ve seen people protesting outside the Russian consulate in support of the Ukraine, but not seen any outside the Ukrainian consulate supporting Russia.

      The logic of your argument seems a bit flawed: if you’re looking for la Diada style turnouts as the only real sign of support for a cause, AUOB turnouts are hardly symptomatic of the “real” levels of support for Scottish indy. Isn’t it more plausible that Scots just aren’t that in to mass events?

    186. gregor says:

      BBC (17/03/2022):

      ‘Audit Scotland: Watchdog concern over where £5bn Covid funds went’:

      “A detailed analysis of where almost £5bn of Covid business funding went is not possible due to gaps in data, a spending watchdog has found…”:

    187. John Main says:

      @Saffron Robe 16 March, 2022 at 9:12 pm

      “Pouring fuel on the fire by sending endless weapons to Ukraine will not bring about peace nor is it designed to. Zelenskyy may well be the useful idiot who brings about the end of the world.”

      Sure, Saff, we can have “peace” by allowing Russia to annexe Ukraine, then the Baltics, Poland, etc.

      Germany has abandoned its non-military stance and is re-arming. I am sure you will sympathise with Putin’s view that this poses an existential threat to Russia, so I guess he will not stop with just the Eastern half this time. So there goes the primary economic engine of the EU.

      How much of Europe should “Russian Man of Destiny” Putin occupy in order to “peacefully” reconstruct the Soviet empire at its zenith?

      What do we do with the tens of millions of refugees? You know, the ones who don’t want to live in the world’s largest prison camp? Do we cooperate with Russia in the name of “peace”, round them up and send them back?

      What would be the implications for Scotland, particularly an independent Scotland, still hankering to join an eviscerated EU?

      What would be the implications for ordinary Scots?

      These are all genuine questions, Saff. My guess is that you have thought none of this through, so have no answers.

    188. Andy Ellis says:

      @John Main 8.43 pm

      I think you’ll find the default response from Saffron and her ilk is that we have a mass demonstration for peace and reconciliation, organise a petition, all cross our arms and tut especially loudly. Remember also we’re not allowed to do anything practical to help until we’ve self flagellated sufficiently to atone for every shortcoming and wrong decision of any liberal democracy, anywhere, anytime.

      That’ll definitely have more impact on people like Putin than sanctions or helping the Ukrainians with armaments.

      I mean it’s worked so well this far, right….?

    189. Republicofscotland says:

      So once again US Senator Lindsey Graham has called for the assassinate of Putin, why hasn’t there been an outcry against this.

      I’m sure the brainwashed masses would scream out in despair if a Russian politician twice called for the death of Biden or Obama, both of whom have plenty of innocent blood on their hands.

    190. Republicofscotland says:

      The bullying of Russian children in Denmark (a supposedly forward thinking liberal country) is so bad that parents have stopped dropping them off at school.

      “Human rights group Save the Children has called out bullying of Russian kids, saying they have become targets for abuse at school and online because of hatred being stoked against their nationality amid Moscow’s military offensive in Ukraine.”

      The people of the West have been so successfully propagandised by the Western medias 24/7 barrage of all things Ukrainian that they are doing ugly things towards others that they normally wouldn’t do. Its a witch hunt, of hate crimes by the West against Russians.

      Its no wonder that Westminster has told Scots that they’ll never ever devolve broadcasting.

    191. Republicofscotland says:

      The Great Satan’s POTUS Joe Biden has called Putin a war criminal, Biden was Barack Obama’s vice-president, Obama has the dubious distinction of being the US POTUS longest at war his entire two-terms in office to be precise, in which the US committed many war crimes.

      To point out the sheer hypocrisy of the West Obama, who is often referred to as Obomber because he bombed and killed so many civilians whilst in office received a Nobel Peace Prize in 2009.

    192. Ruby says:

      I think you’ll find the default response from Saffron and her ilk is that we have a mass demonstration for peace and reconciliation, organise a petition, all cross our arms and tut especially loudly.

      Is the only thing you get from the name ‘Saffron Robe’ is that he/she is female?

      I’m guessing ‘Saffron Robe’ is Buddhist. Do you think all Buddhism is about is having mass demonstration, crossing arms and tutting loudly?

      Here are a couple of questions I asked your mate Main. He failed to answer. I wonder if you can do better.

      1. If there were no soldier would there be no wars?
      2. Is the role of the soldier to kill or to die?

    193. Andy Ellis says:

      @Putin’s Poodle 9.13 pm

      It is awful to hear of Russian children being bullied in the neo-Nazi militarised dystopia that is Denmark: it really puts the carpet bombing of Ukrainian cities and deaths of around 1000 children there at the hands of your hero in perspective.

      For the record, do you still think the Ukrainians had it coming? (And no, whataboutery referencing the sins of others elsewhere at other times is not a moral get out of jail free card to cover up you lack of empathy or moral compass).

    194. Breeks says:

      Anybody else feeling queasy about the UK Government paying £350 / month for Brexit Britain homes to take refugees into their homes?

      These refugees are going to be vulnerable people, in all ways vulnerable, with some, perhaps many, damaged and deeply traumatised.

      What vetting is proposed to protect these people from the unscrupulous bigots and scumbags who will simply treat these “foreigners” as a meal ticket to pay the mortgage? Or worse…

      It’s only a six month scheme, so what happens to them then?

      Frankly, it seems more of an improvised gimmick designed to deflect criticism of the Government than a cohesive exercise to deliver the help and support these folks will need.

      £350 a month might sound ok from a safe distance, but it’s a fraction over £10 per day, and I suspect there’s a fighting chance many of these folks won’t even speak English. £85 a week doesn’t even cover a generous family shopping trolley.

      I got a bad feelin’ about this.

    195. Dorothy Devine says:

      Completely off any topic whatsoever , I’d just like to give a shout out to a knight in shining armour who rescued this puir auld soul in the carpark of the Southern General. I got myself in a fankle , went the wrong way round ( the arrows are not easy to see) and this lovely lad called Ian , reversed my car and kept me right. So if you here a tale from someone called Ian about an old lady in difficulties would you tell him that it was a truly bad day and he was the best thing about it by a huge margin!

      Knights in shining armour are thin on the ground these days and they deserve a shout!

    196. Dorothy Devine says:

      HEAR a tale not HERE – just in case BDTT is around!

    197. Robert Hughes says:

      Breeks @ 10.59

      I referred to this upthread .

      This scenario has the potential to lure the same type of predators that benefited so handsomely from the Covid Tory-sponsored looting of public money .

      Whilst it’s supposedly designed to encourage * ordinary * households to open their doors to Ukrainian refugees – and no doubt some will – we can be sure there will be those who see it as another opportunity to cash-in . Also , as you say , predators of a different kind will be taking notice

      Who will be doing it and what degree of vetting and oversight will there be to ensure no exploitation occurs ?

      This looks like another Great British Fiasco in the making

    198. robbo says:

      Here’s one for you Gregor ( Mr ARCHIVE) . Can you make yourself useful and find out who are the owners and shareholders of P & O Ferries?

      You know. The cunts who are reported to be going to sack all their employees on the spot and replace them with cheap foreign slave labour!

      People aren’t really interested in Hunter Biden’s sex life or what he gets up to. Who gives a fuck who he’s shagging.

    199. Ruby says:

      Article dated Monday May 31 2021
      P&O Ferries fighting to stay afloat

      The P&O Ferries group is fighting for survival, admitting that there is a material uncertainty it can carry on as a going concern unless it gets fresh capital from its Dubai-based owner and negotiates more concessions from its creditors.
      Thursday March 17 2022,

      P&O suspends ferries as it plans to replace ‘all UK crew’ with foreign labour

      Michelle Wiese Bockmann shipping & energy commodities analyst
      ‘800 redundancies reportedly at
      , the UK ferry operator owned by Dubai-based, UAE government-backed
      in stealthy union-busting move that allows them to bring in cheaper agency staff.’

      Karl Turner is the Labour MP for Kingston upon Hull East
      Karl Turner said: “P&O Ferries’ decision today to sack the crew of ships up and down the country, without warning, notice, or consultation, is downright disgusting. Their owners in Dubai have received millions in taxpayer’s cash during the pandemic, yet they see fit to sell their workers down the river and bus in cheaper agency staff. The underhand and aggressive tactics they’re using should be opposed by the Government and every working person in this country – if they’re allowed to get away with it, then it could be anyone’s job next. We must stand in full solidarity with RMT and Nautilus members resisting this scandalous behaviour.”

      DP World

      My bold.
      How am I doing? Can I be a stand-in for Gregor if he is sick or gets fed-up?

    200. robbo says:

      Ta Ruby. Thought it would be foreign owner who got lots of our cash during pandemic and they dae this- scum.

      I think Gregor might be digging up more dirt on HB to find out what lassies lost their virginity tae him when he was a boy!

    201. Republicofscotland says:

      “Anybody else feeling queasy about the UK Government paying £350 / month for Brexit Britain homes to take refugees into their homes?”

      Breeks @10.49am.


      There’s thousands of Scottish homeless children and adults in Scotland, so why hasn’t there been an offer of £350 quid to help oor ain folk oot, ask yourself why that is.

    202. Ruby says:

      robbo says:
      17 March, 2022 at 2:11 pm
      Ta Ruby. Thought it would be foreign owner who got lots of our cash during pandemic and they dae this- scum.

      It just says Dubai-based could be owned by one of Boris’s or Putin’s pals.

      More research needed.

      More info re ‘union-busting move’ also needed

      “The underhand and aggressive tactics they’re using should be opposed by the Government and every working person in this country – if they’re allowed to get away with it, then it could be anyone’s job next.”

    203. Republicofscotland says:

      I’m no fan of the Tory’s but MSP Jaime Green nailed Sturgeon the betrayer to the mast over justice in Scotland. Green pointed out that there’s an eyewatering 43,000+ court cases waiting to be heard in Scottish courts, thousands of these cases predate the pandemic, and the SNP have indicated that it could take until the end of the decade to get through them.

      Green also pointed out that the SNP government has slashed the courts budget by a whopping £12 million pounds and that Sturgeon reneged on her promise to stop the early release programme for serious criminals in Scotland who can serve in some cases only a third of their sentences.

      Green said to Sturgeon that the SNP government had given up on justice in Scotland, I shall add but not on the things that matter to her party, such as enforcing the HCB, setting up former FM’s arresting and intimidating women and indy bloggers, and imprisoning bloggers on trumped up charges.

    204. Republicofscotland says:

      Ruby @1.54pm.

      Ruby the trade union for ferry workers, has siad that P&O can get away with this (they wouldn’t in the likes of France) because Scotland’s employment laws are antiquated, and resemble those of a banana republic.

      800 jobs will now be replaced by lower paid foreign workers, the union rep on Radio Scotland said he thinks that they will be coming from Eastern Europe, but hey those losing their jobs should take it on the chin, and welcome the folk in with open arms, the more the merrier right.

    205. Republicofscotland says:

      The Russian witch hunt and hate crimes against Russians and their property across Europe and North America speeds up. How easy people can be brainwashed by their media and the Empire of Lies.

    206. Ruby says:

      Ukraine wants as part of the peace package Russian to pay for all the destruction.

      How is destroying the Russian economy going to help Ukraine?

    207. gregor says:

      ‘When the debate is lost, slander becomes the tool of the loser’

      ‘What should you not say in an argument’:

      “No personal attacks.

      No dismissives like ‘check your privilege’. Using it means your argument is weak even if you are right. And usually you aren’t right.

      Nothing fueled by hubris or condescension. High horses fall painfully.

      Things that have been clearly debunked.

      Nothing based on personal assumption.

      An argument should state valid points from both sides, with an obligation to telling your side, gathering information, correcting mistakes, and getting resolution.”:

    208. gregor says:

      World Economic Forum: On The Agenda: Global Issue: LGBTI Inclusion:

      World Economic Forum: Partnership for Global LGBTI Equality (PGLE):

      ‘Accelerating LGBTI Equality through the Power of Business Leadership’:

      “PGLE is a coalition of organizations committed to leveraging their individual and collective advocacy to accelerate LGBTI equality…”:

      World Economic Forum: Agenda: ‘During the coronavirus pandemic, we must fight for LGBTQ rights more than ever’:

      “The good news is that this crisis comes at a time when the transgender community has seen increasing support for basic human-rights measures…”:

      “…egregiously, some of the bills would prevent my child from receiving gender-affirming medical care… I’m heartened that companies such as Amazon, Chobani, Apple, Verizon, Marriott, and many more have joined with HRC to sign a letter condemning all anti-LGBTQ state-based legislations…”:

    209. Ruby says:

      A lot of repeats on Gregor’s channel.

      gregor says:
      11 March, 2022 at 5:00 pm
      “When the debate is lost, slander becomes the tool of the loser.”

      gregor says:
      12 March, 2022 at 8:21 pm
      “When the debate is lost, slander becomes the tool of the loser.”

      gregor says:
      17 March, 2022 at 6:01 pm
      ‘When the debate is lost, slander becomes the tool of the loser’

    210. gregor says:

      World Economic Forum: Agenda: Great Reset:

      ‘Why LGBT+ inclusion is the secret to cities’ post-pandemic success’:

      “…LGBT+ inclusion is correlated to the resilience of a country’s economy.”:

      World Economic Forum: Agenda:

      ‘What my transgender child can teach us… of the future’:

      “The magic of Davos in bringing global leaders together meant my daughter was off to a good start on her first day of school…”:

    211. gregor says:


      “Use of means believed to have supernatural power over natural forces.”

      “Extraordinary power or influence seemingly from a supernatural source.”

      “Something that seems to cast a spell.”

      “The art of producing illusions by sleight of hand.”:


      “The World Economic Forum (WEF) is an international non-governmental and lobbying organisation…

      The Forum suggests that a globalised world is best managed by a self-selected coalition of multinational corporations, governments and civil society organizations (CSOs)…”:

    212. gregor says:


      “Used to refer to a situation in which decisions are made by a few people in authority rather than by the people who are affected by the decisions.”

      “Starting from the highest levels or from the most general ideas of an organization, system, plan, etc.”

      “The electoral majority the government rests on is top-down, not bottom-up, and thus is not one created by the voters’ expressed preferences.”

      “Increasing the information content of input representations minimizes the potential necessity for top-down processes.” :

    213. gregor says:

      Why Is It Important to Be an Informed Citizen?

      “Informed citizens are necessary for a democracy to function properly. When average citizens stay informed, they reinforce democracy and help to keep the government in check to ensure the freedom of its people. Staying informed keeps people abreast of their rights and responsibilities as citizens and enables them to act appropriately based on their knowledge.

      Citizens must sift through a lot of information from the government, media and civic groups. It is the responsibility of each individual citizen to determine what information is relevant and accurate.

      Media and civic groups sometimes attempt to sway the public and manipulate mass opinion in a particular direction. Citizens should educate themselves regarding the source of the information they receive and make decisions accordingly…

      Blogs play an important role in keeping the general public informed…”:

    214. gregor says:

      …Repeat the same mistakes, over and over, and over:

      … and Reset.

    215. gregor says:

      What Does The Big Picture Mean?

      “The big picture is the complete perspective of an issue or a situation:

      “…usually implies that one should think of the future, or think of other parallel factors, and not focus on the small details.
      The details do not tell the entire story; there are usually other factors to consider when “painting a picture” of the scenario in your mind….

      Oftentimes, something that is beneficial in the moment is not beneficial in the long run…”:

    216. gregor says:

      George.News (17/03/2022): ‘Jen Psaki Repeatedly Spread Disinformation About Hunter Biden’s Laptop’:
      Video (1:52.36):

      NewYorkPost (17/03/2022): ‘Now that Joe Biden’s president, the Times finally admits: Hunter’s laptop is real’:

      “Forgive the profanity, but you have got to be s–tting us.

      First, the New York Times decides more than a year later that Hunter Biden’s business woes are worthy of a story. Then, deep in the piece, in passing, it notes that Hunter’s laptop is legitimate…”:

    217. gregor says:

      Forbes (07/12/2021): Psaki Pressed On Hunter Biden’s Laptop: Shuts-down questioning: Video:

      Washington Examiner (06/12/2021): ‘Psaki has ‘neither the time nor interest’ in Hunter Biden laptop authenticity question’:

      “Psaki joined a number of Biden associates in denouncing the emails as a Russian disinformation campaign, similar to the distribution of Hillary Clinton’s emails during the 2016 campaign.

      Social media sites and some news outlets responded by suppressing coverage of the emails…”:

    218. gregor says:

      Shut Down:

      “as to obscure vision.”

      “Between 2005 and 2021, roughly 2,200 local US newspapers shutdown, according to the Washington Post.”

      “There are many theories about why Russia hasn’t shut down critical infrastructure in this war.”:

    219. gregor says:

      Glenn Greenwald (09/03/2022): ‘Victoria Nuland: Ukraine Has “Biological Research Facilities,” Worried Russia May Seize Them:

      The neocon’s confession sheds critical light on the U.S. role in Ukraine, and raises vital questions about these labs that deserve answers:

      “Self-anointed “fact-checkers” …corporate press have spent two weeks mocking as disinformation and a false conspiracy theory the claim that Ukraine has biological weapons labs…

      They never presented any evidence for their ruling…”:

    220. Tannadice Boy says:

      I have lost count of the amount of Gregor posts. I no longer read them. Makes Cam B look like an am amateur. Ah well all good things come to an end.

    221. gregor says:

      AXIOS: (16/08/2020): Trump eyes new unproven coronavirus “cure”:

      “The big picture:

      It’s part of a pattern in which entrepreneurs, often without rigorous vetting, push unproven products to Trump — knowing their sales pitches might catch his eye. Trump will then urge FDA Commissioner Stephen Hahn to “look at” or speed up approval.

      Behind the scenes: Senior administration officials familiar with the internal conversations around oleandrin have raised concerns about the way this botanical extract — pushed by Andrew Whitney of Phoenix Biotechnology — is being promoted at the highest levels of the Trump administration….”:

    222. gregor says:

      GatewayPundit (17/03/2022):

      “…Another individual, Andrew Whitney, with connections to British Intelligence, also wormed his way into President Trump’s inner circle. …Whitney claimed in one resume where he is listed on the Board of Phoenix Biotechnology, Inc., that he formerly worked for Bain and Co consulting and more…

      This firm is connected to Mitt Romney….

      …it is indicated that he has 16 years of experience as an entrepreneur. …his claim to have worked as a “market maker” on the London Stock Exchange… appears questionable, in that he would have been only 18 or 19 years old at that time.

      …search of revealed a number of articles that Whitney collaborated on at Cambridge, but no document was located that was specifically titled to address the post-Soviet Russian energy sector.

      One business among many connected to Whitney is Rook Perspectives, LLC. This company is connected to Whitney’s brother, Mark Andrew Whitney… there is one employee and less than $100,000 in sales… website doesn’t work and its address is at a residential house in Las Vegas. The residence… has a unique satellite dish on its roof. This is a dish that is not located on any of the residences nearby. The presence of an unusual dish configuration at the residence is highly suspect.

      Both Whitney Brothers have served in the British Military. Andrew in the elite Special Air Service, and Mark as an Active RAF pilot. Mark has a strong background in the Military, with increasing ranks and responsibilities. He was in the British Royal Air Force with assignments in the UK, Canada, and the United States….”:

    223. gregor says:

      @Tannadice Boy

      Your self-described issues are personal and informational (e.g. cannot tolerate verifiable facts; damning/snowballing news developments; harsh ‘truths’; biologically normal humans striving their best to inform the public: reality/global chaos)- driven by emotions with malice towards others’:

      @ScotGov ?

      …Surely, we’re better than that.

    224. gregor says:

      RTNews (17/03/2022):

      ‘Russia presents new evidence from US-funded Ukraine biolabs’:

      Moscow believes that laboratories in Ukraine funded by the US military were making biological weapons components, but that local staff was being kept in the dark about their research, a senior Russian general said on Thursday:

      “We believe that components of biological weapons were being made on the territory of Ukraine,” said Kirillov.

      He noted that the documents he was presenting “have the signatures of real officials and are certified by the seals of organizations,” for those journalists and experts in the West doubting their veracity.

      One document, dated March 6, 2015 confirms the “direct participation of the Pentagon in the financing of military biological projects in Ukraine,” Kirillov said.

      “The US officially funded the projects through the Ukrainian Ministry of Health, according to the Agreement on Joint Biological Activities. However, the evidence shows that the real recipients of some $32 million in funds were Ukrainian Defense Ministry laboratories in Kiev, Odessa, Lvov and Kharkov….”:

    225. gregor says:

      BBC (18/03/2022) ‘A backlash against P&O Ferries is growing after the firm sacked 800 staff without giving them any notice’:

      “The UK government said it will review its contracts with P&O after it fired its employees with plans to replacing them with cheaper agency workers…”:

      Independent (17/03/2022):

      “A spokesman for P&O, which is owned by Emirati logistics giant DP World, insisted the company had no choice but to replace its British employees with cheaper foreign labour…”:

      World Economic Forum: Partners:

      DP World (Headquarters: United Arab Emirates):

      “DP World thinks ahead, anticipates change, and deploys industry-leading technology to create efficient and innovative trade solutions, while ensuring a positive and sustainable impact on economies, societies and the planet….”:

    226. gregor says:

      …WEF says you’re all cheap (disposable human trash/”hackable animals”), and will be replaced with cheaper foreigners.

      …’In the name of WEF Democracy’.

    227. Ruby says:

      Why did it happen?

    228. gregor says:


      re. ‘Why did Gregor go crazy: Due to the brain damage’:

      I’m sorry you feel that way towards others’ (re. crazy brain damaged people).

      I love Scotland and its people.

      I don’t think the public/you are crazy, and I don’t discriminate against less-abled people.

      I will never lose faith in the public.

    229. Ruby says:

      Who is Gregor
      In a galaxy far, far away….

    230. gregor says:

      Gregor is a real person.

      Is this real…

    231. gregor says:

      World Economic Forum: Agenda:

      ‘mRNA vaccines – here’s everything you need to know’:

      “…issued emergency use authorization… developed by Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna…

      The fundamental idea behind using a vaccine to teach a body’s immune system dates back over 200 years, but the use of mRNA is a recent development.

      …there are still risks and unknowns…

      …long-term effects are still unknown.”:

      BBC (15/11/2020): ‘Normal life back next winter, says vaccine creator’:

      “…life should be back to normal by next winter …the jab could halve transmission of the virus, resulting in a “dramatic reduction in cases”.

      …showed their vaccine could prevent more than 90% of people from getting Covid-19….”:

      World Economic Forum: People:

      Ugur Sahin: Chief Executive Officer, BioNTech SE

      JewishTimes (22/12/2021) ‘Israel Ranks Highest in COVID-19 Vaccination Rate’:

      “World follows Israeli COVID-19 studies; per capita, Israel is inoculating its 9.2 million citizens faster than any other country.”:

    232. gregor says:

      BBC (18/03/2022): ‘Covid: Rise in UK infections driven by BA.2 Omicron variant’:

      “Covid cases have continued to rise in the UK, with an estimated one in every 20 people infected, figures from the Office for National Statistic suggest. All age groups are affected…”:

      BBC (18/03/2022): ‘Covid in Scotland: New record as one in 14 had virus last week’:

      “One in 14 people in Scotland had Covid last week, a new record high…”:

      TimesofIsrael (18/03/2022): ‘Israel’s COVID numbers continue their rise amid fears of resurgent pandemic’:

      “The coronavirus pandemic continued its concerning resurgence in Israel on Friday, with the transmission rate up to 0.97”:

    233. gregor says:

      Public Health Scotland: COVID-19 & Winter Statistical Report: As at 17 January 2022: Publication date: 19 January 2022: REVISION: 18 February 2022:

      “COVID-19 vaccine effectiveness wanes over time…”:

      Coronavirus (COVID-19) Infection Survey, UK: characteristics related to having an Omicron-compatible result in those who test positive for COVID-19, 23 December 2021: Release date: 23 December 2021 Reference number: 14114:

      Vaccination Status:

      Not vaccinated: 1
      1 dose: 1.23
      2 doses: 2.50
      3 doses: 6.05

      Coronavirus (COVID-19) Infection Survey, UK: Characteristics related to having an Omicron compatible result in those who test positive for COVID-19: Release date: 21 December 2021: Reference number: 14107:

      Estimated likelihood of testing positive for COVID-19 with an Omicron probable result (odds ratio):

      Not vaccinated: 1
      1 dose: 1.57
      2 doses: 2.26
      3 doses: 4.45

    234. Ruby says:

      “What now, then?”

      Gregor’s last words
      What do they mean?

    235. John Main says:

      No discriminating punter shops at Gregs.

      Tasteless, formulaic, low-nutrition, packed with toxic chemicals.

      Mass produced facsimiles of the traditional high-quality originals. Easily distinguished from authentic produce by the cognoscenti.

      Overindulgence at Gregs is what finished off Hattrick. He lies now, unmourned and unmissed, deep in his hole.

    236. gregor says:

      WHO ?

      World Economic Forum: Organizations: WHO ((World Health Organization):

      “It is governed by 192 Member States… whose main tasks are to approve the World Health Organization programme and budget… and to decide major policy questions.”:

      World Economic Forum: Agenda:

      ‘Why vaccination access is essential for ending COVID-19 and ensuring the global recovery’: (WHO):

      EuroNews (25/08/2021): ‘WHO experts say time is running out to study COVID-19 origins’:

      “The scientists who studied the origins of COVID-19 for the World Health Organization (WHO) warned on Wednesday that the window of opportunity for conducting further studies of how the virus emerged was “closing fast”…”:

      Window of opportunity:

      “A short time in which to accomplish something:

      This usage became popular during the years of the arms race between the Western and Communist powers, when it referred specifically to a chance for attacking. By about 1980 it had been extended to other narrow chances. Thus the London Sunday Times used it on June 16, 1985, “Regional bank bosses know that they must rush to acquire their neighbours, to make the most of their window of opportunity.” It is rapidly becoming a cliché.”:

    237. gregor says:

      If you are referring to me, re.

      “@Gregs; @Gregs Sausage Roll Bakery; @Gregs Steak Bakes; 15 steak bakes please Gregs; 15 Gregs; A suggestion Gregor-get a life; discriminating punter shops at Gregs; Tasteless, formulaic, low-nutrition, packed with toxic chemicals; Overindulgence at Gregs is what finished off; unmourned and unmissed, deep in his hole…”:

      …keep proving yourself.

    238. gregor says:

      NewYorkTimes (17/03/2022):

      “Moderna said late Thursday that it asked the Food and Drug Administration for emergency authorization of a second booster of its coronavirus vaccine for all adults, a significantly broader request…”:

      Wikipedia: Emergency Use Authorization:

      “An Emergency Use Authorization… is an authorization granted to… allow the use of a drug prior to approval. It does not constitute approval of the drug in the full statutory meaning of the term, but instead authorizes the FDA to facilitate availability of an unapproved product…”:

      CNBC (23/12//2020): ‘You can’t sue Pfizer or Moderna if you have severe Covid vaccine side effects. The government likely won’t compensate you for damages either’:

    239. gregor says:

      711_Robert Biden, Hallie Olivere Biden & Daria Maneche_Redacted:

      Apr 13, 2018, 2:57 PM

      Hunter Biden: You added Daria Maneche to the conversation:

      “You tell me I’m abusive and insane. You make me feel like a degenerate and a drunk. You make me feel like crawling up into a little ball because you must be right everyone is good and it’s me that’s bad. They all know how to love and I only know how to hate. You tell me You and Beau would make fun of me behind my back. I believe you now. You say it’s me always me that makes everything worse. You’d say all these things and then you say no one can make you feel anything Hunter.

      I believe you now. I told Daria before I left that I felt I had a real purpose finally that you had told me you truly needed me and thAt you would treat me like I treat you.

      And you …

      You are right. I am selfish – I left my children and everyone I love. I do only want to be alone and have no one and be awful and drunk and addicted and used by awful women.

      You are right Hallie . So please don’t break my fathers heart any further and co to he to tell -anyone… what an awful person I am. It gets back to my girls (which includes Natalie. You are right I haven’t show. Up for then let anime anyone else..

      …I’m so weak I ever. Gave in and called you over and over yesterday. Jesus I’m writing this novel….”:

    240. gregor says:

      676_Pro Craze:

      May 9, 2018, 2:55 AM

      “You gona make sure we good $$$”:

      You started sharing location with Pro Craze.

      Hunter Biden:

      “Yes bane.Ok baby tell me yes or no please just don’t leave me hanging. I’m gonna do more than you think just as long as you are as courteous as I am. And I’m the sweetest boy you’ll ever meet.
      Also never ever ever trust a man. They are all pigs.

      You said 45. And it’s a business. And your 1hour late now. Which means you don’t really respect me that much despite the fact that I’ve been very respectful.

      Ok babe that sucks was really actually looking forward to having some fun and new friends in LA. Sorry if I somehow offended you…”:

    241. gregor says:

      Chauvinist pig:

      “An extremely disgusting male gendered human who would use a women as a sex tool.”

      “A Chauvinist pig also thinks their gender is more superior than the other, usually a man who thinks he can do as he wishes to a women.”:

    242. gregor says:

      TechnoFog (17/03/2022):

      ‘U.S. Intelligence Operations Against Americans: The story is bigger than Hunter Biden’s Laptop’:

      “The New York Times has confirmed what the public has long-known: that the Hunter Biden laptop, with all its incriminating e-mails and scandalous media, is authentic.

      This is the laptop that launched a thousand lies. The lies also came from the New York Times, which called the Hunter Biden information “unsubstantiated.”

      In truth, the laptop and its contents are very real, very damaging, and suggest – if not outright prove – criminal conduct by Hunter Biden.

      While the focus of this article is on the intelligence community and its operations…

      …the context is the scandal. It’s not just that the political figures and their offspring are corrupted. It’s that our Intelligence Community is keen on protecting the corrupt and committed to deceiving the public to achieve their goals.

      We’re targets – and we’re the victims.”:

    243. Saffron Robe says:

      “I want ordinary Western people hear me, too. You are being persistently told that your current difficulties are the result of Russia’s hostile actions and that you have to pay for the efforts to counter the alleged Russian threat from your own pockets. All of that is a lie.

      “The truth is that the problems faced by millions of people in the West are the result of many years of actions by the ruling elite of your respective countries, their mistakes, and short-sighted policies and ambitions. This elite is not thinking about how to improve the lives of their citizens in Western countries. They are obsessed with their own self-serving interests and super profits.”

      Vladimir Putin

    244. Saffron Robe says:

      Defending Western values:

    245. John Main says:

      @Gregs 11:17

      Open all hours.

    246. John Main says:

      @Saffron 1:29

      I,Vladimir Putin, declare the people of Ukraine to be the brothers and sisters of the Russians. As the leader and father of Russia, appointed to this Holy responsibility by God, I vow on Holy Mother Russia, to bomb, blast, eliminate, eviscerate, incinerate, and bury, whether alive or dead, the people of Ukraine who reject my invitation to join us in the world’s biggest prison camp, Russia.

      My manifest destiny has been made clear to me. There can be no mercy for those who stand in opposition to God’s Holy will, as revealed to me, Vladimir Putin.

    247. gregor says:

      “@Gregs; @Gregs Sausage Roll Bakery; @Gregs Steak Bakes; 15 steak bakes please Gregs; 15 Gregs, A suggestion Gregor-get a life; discriminating punter shops at Gregs; Tasteless, formulaic, low-nutrition, packed with toxic chemicals; Overindulgence at Gregs is what finished off; unmourned and unmissed, deep in his hole; @Gregs Open all hours….

      …keep proving yourself.

    248. gregor says:

      BBC: (19/03/2022):

      ‘War in Ukraine: America is learning the art of humility’:

      “America is learning the art of humility. That’s a good thing for the rest of the world…”:

      41_Hallie Olivere Biden_Redacted:

      Hunter Biden:

      “…You ass is already back. I’ve never Wanted someone sexually so much- even now even when you don’t. I always will…

      I’m an awful human being Hallie. You don’t have any responsibility for my angry irrational irrational behavior. You’re right the kids are afraid of me. You’re right you’ve never done anything wrong in this relationship. I need to apologize to the people I’ve so wronged beginning with you. I’ll stay away and stay silent until I have the medication needed to cure my insanity.

      Goodnight. I feel so horrible for ruining your life. I really really do. What you’ve done for me in light of the fact that I have been angry irrational and irrational to not only you but to everyone in my life while you have been nothing but kindness loyalty and generosity personified makes me sick and I ache all over knowing you have never done anything wrong…

      Forever you will be alone and emotionally illiterate. You have no empathy. You have no depth.”

      Hallie Biden:

      “Leave me alone, I can’t believe I was worried and feeling sad for you. Don’t call me please.”

      Hunter Biden:

      “I’ve seen multiple professionals. And you self righteous simpleton I am seeing one now. All say the same thing. You are engaging a sociopath. You cannot engage someone who has no moral compass. Who acts only for herself…

      Do you want me to pick you apart piece by piece…

      Call my father right now and ask him who’s more sane…”:

    249. gregor says:

      World Economic Forum: WEF is starting The Great Reset initiative:

      “…a unique window of opportunity to shape the recovery, this initiative will… determining the future state of global relations, the direction of national economies, the priorities of societies, the nature of business models and the management of a global commons… expertise of the leaders engaged across the Forum’s communities… creating, shaping and delivering collaborative solutions for the future… through its (WEF) status…”:

      World Economic Forum: Now is the time for a ‘great reset’ :

      “…must act jointly and swiftly to revamp all aspects of our societies and economies, from education to social contracts…. Every country, from the United States to China, must participate, and every industry, from oil and gas to tech, must be transformed. In short, we need a “Great Reset” of capitalism.

      …to secure the Great Reset that we so badly need. …will require stronger and more effective governments…. And it will demand private-sector engagement every step of the way.

      The Great Reset agenda would have three main components. …steer the market… governments should improve coordination… upgrade trade arrangements… create the conditions… At a time of diminishing tax bases and soaring public debt…

      Hear Klaus Schwab on these podcast episodes: the Great Reset launch and his book….”:

      Klaus Schwab (2017): Discussing how the WEF have penetrated governments with its young global leaders: Video:

    250. gregor says:

      World Economic Forum: Global Agenda:

      ‘To build back better, we must reinvent capitalism. Here’s how’:

      “…the world is off-balance… settling into a ‘new normal’, we should expect a COVID-19 domino effect, triggering further disruptions – positive as well as negative ­– over the decade ahead. …has underscored the interconnectedness of our natural, social and economic systems…

      …will not be about putting things back together the way they were: we need to ‘build back better’, to ‘reset’…”:

      SNP (27/04/2020):

      ‘This is our chance to build a better Scotland together’:

      Nicola Sturgeon:

      “It is important to be clear at the outset that the current lockdown remains vital – it is only because of it, that we are now seeing some progress against the virus. And these restrictions may need to continue in the current form beyond…

      That’s why this week I spoke about the search for a “new normal”. A way in which we, as a society, can live alongside coronavirus in a way that keeps… control and limits…

      This new normal will be very different from the lives we had before.

      When things come apart… there is an opportunity to see them put back together differently, and see a new way of doing things….”:

    251. gregor says:

      Scotsman (09/11/2020):

      ‘Nicola Sturgeon wants return of US global role under Joe Biden’:

      “As we know, America often has the potential to play a leadership role in the broader world and I hope that the election heralds a new era of multi-lateral co-operation in the challenges that the globe faces from Covid-19 through to climate change and a lot else besides…”

      National.Scot (09/06/2020):

      ‘Build back a better Scotland with a new case for independence’:

      “…So, while there are four phases in the Scottish Government’s Covid-19 routemap, they are just the start. Phase five and beyond are about #buildingbackbetter…

      …change is needed and change is coming…”:

      Scot.Gov: What Scotland Learned:

      ‘Building back better’:

    252. gregor says:


      “Not influenced or controlled by other people but free to make your own decisions.”

      “Not influenced or controlled by the government or another organization.”

      “An independent thinker.”:

    253. John Main says:

      @Gregs 1:56

      “Keep proving yourself”

      In the bakery trade, proving is a step in the preparation of baked goods in which the dough is allowed to rest and rise a final time before baking.

      Mmmm, steak bakes with flaky pastry.

      A person, idea or argument can be described as flaky, meaning that it is eccentric, unreliable or outlandish.

    254. gregor says:


      “Someone who deceives people by saying that they are someone or something that they are not.”

      “She is suspected of complicity in the fraud.”

      “This latest episode in the fraud scandal has shocked a lot of people.”:

    255. gregor says:

      Gov.UK: Report a Stalker:

      Stalking is illegal and can include being followed or constantly harassed by another person:

    256. John Main says:


      Stalking is defined as striding purposefully in a proud, stiff or haughty manner.

      De-stalking is a process in the preparation of fruit intended for use in baked products, such as pies, cobblers, etc.

      Cobblers is a slang term for rubbish, nonsense, idiotic pronouncements, etc.

      Example: “Gregs is posting cobblers again”.

    257. gregor says:

      @Gregs; @Gregs Sausage Roll Bakery; @Gregs Steak Bakes; 15 steak bakes please Gregs; 15 Gregs, A suggestion Gregor-get a life; discriminating punter shops at Gregs; Tasteless, formulaic, low-nutrition, packed with toxic chemicals; Overindulgence at Gregs is what finished off; unmourned and unmissed, deep in his hole; @Gregs Open all hours; Gregs is posting cobblers again…

      Spontaneously under the assumption (re. ‘stalking’)

      …keep proving yourself.

    258. gregor says:

      USAToday (29/07/2020):

      Fact check: ‘Fauci warned Trump administration in 2017 of surprise infectious disease outbreak’:

      Our ruling: True:

      “The claim that Dr. Anthony Fauci, in 2017, warned the Trump administration of the likelihood of an infectious disease outbreak is true based on our research. Fauci did not warn about the coronavirus specifically, as some posts claim, but rather, that a more general “surprise infectious disease outbreak” would take place.”:

      Yahoo (11/01/2022):

      ‘Fauci and Collins Dismissed Prominent Scientists Who Endorsed Lab-Leak Theory, Emails Show’:

      “Early in the pandemic, multiple scientists urged NIAID Director Anthony Fauci and NIH Director Francis Collins to seriously consider the theory that Covid escaped from a Chinese laboratory, arguing that the lab-leak theory… was more plausible than the natural origin explanation.

      Mike Farzan, an immunology researcher and the discoverer of the SARS receptor, Bob Garry, a virology expert, and Dr. Andrew Rambaut, a British evolutionary biologist, all observed that a particular feature of the virus, the “furin cleavage site,” was peculiar and suggested gain-of-function engineering.

      One month later, in March 2020, Collins said the lab-leak hypothesis was “outrageous.” Similarly, in May 2020, Fauci told National Geographic that Covid “could not have been artificially or deliberately manipulated….”:

    259. gregor says:

      Telegraph (18/03/2022):

      ‘Nicola Sturgeon has turned Scotland into a banana republic’:

      “…The National newspaper, Scotland’s own Pravda…

      …the First Minister is not scary because she is a woman with power – she is scary because of the way she uses that power.

      Mrs Sturgeon has created a cult around herself to obscure the SNP… intolerance of criticism has become a hallmark of the SNP regime.

      Sturgeon has also seemingly turned her back on the Scottish oil and gas industry, and the thousands of jobs it creates, in favour of foreign imports.

      …overzealous use of restrictions has inflicted misery on the country’s people as well as its economy. …she has turned Scotland into a basket case…

      …pandering to virtue-signalling causes like allowing non-binary people to record their gender as “X”, another dark side to Scottish supposedly “progressive” politics…”:

    260. gregor says:


      “An act or instance of betraying trust or faith.”

      “Just about everyone is on board with making Russian President Vladimir Putin pay for his treachery!”

      “Putin, however, saw it as proof of the West’s treachery.”:

    261. gregor says:

      Herald.Scot (25/11/2021):

      ‘Nicola Sturgeon’s approval rating tumbles in YouGov poll’:

      “Nicola Sturgeon’s personal approval rating has slumped since she ended her daily Covid briefings, suggesting voters are increasingly unhappy with her domestic record.

      A new YouGov poll for the Times found the First Minster’s rating has fallen almost 40 points since its peak last year, when she was on TV almost daily…”:

    262. Dan says:

      @ gregor at 7.19pm

      Good, hopefully the SNP get an absolute kicking in the upcoming council elections and such failure instigates her moving on.
      It’s #NaeVotesSNP for me in my Ward, though to be honest it looks like I’ll be spoiling my ballot as no Party represents me to a level I deem acceptable or adequate.

    263. gregor says:


      re. “no Party represents me to a level I deem acceptable or adequate.”

      It looks like the public is on its own (normal/don’t lose faith).

      How anyone can look at ‘them’ in the face, let alone vote.

      …the public exposure will only escalate…

      Public awareness is their worst nightmare (re. awareness v reset).

      The public is facing a rotten global order at its weakest and most vulnerable.

      They can’t reset public awareness.

      These monsters have presented a golden opportunity for human progression.

    264. gregor says:


      “Fact of an event or information being often discussed in newspapers and on the television.”

      “Conditions that make available an opportunity to learn or experience new things.”

      “Act of stating facts publicly that show that someone is dishonest or dangerous.”:

    265. John Main says:

      @Gregs 10:51

      Bit of a fixation about exposure, eh Gregs?

      That, and publishing (and archiving) dirty words.

      Scots Indy safe in your hands, eh Gregs?

    266. gregor says:

      Guardian (04/08/2003) ‘Public trust in BBC plummets’:

      “Trust in the BBC has been so deeply damaged by the weapons dossier affair that the corporation has lost the faith of a third of the British public in less than a year.

      Just nine months ago the corporation… commanded the trust of 92% of the public. A new survey by Mori, however, has put trust in the BBC at only 59% – a massive 33% drop.

      The report is believed to be the lowest ever level of trust recorded for the BBC.”:

      BBC 08/12/2017) ‘BBC is working to strengthen trust and transparency in online news’:

      “The BBC is recognised… as a provider of news that you can trust.

      Our… services, strives for journalism that is accurate, impartial, independent and fair.

      Our editorial values say the trust… underpins everything that we do.

      We are independent, impartial and honest.

      We are committed to achieving the highest standards of accuracy and impartiality and strive to avoid knowingly or materially misleading our audiences.

      …BBC is seen as by far the most trusted and impartial news provider in the UK.

      …identifying credible journalism on the internet can be a confusing experience…

      BBC News is making even greater efforts to explain what type of information you are reading or watching on our website, who and where the information is coming from, and how a story was crafted the way it was.

      …we can help you judge for yourself why BBC News can be trusted.

      BBC (26/12/2021): Trusted News Initiative: Beyond Fake News:

      “The BBC’s Trusted News Initiative is a partnership that includes organisations such as First Draft, Google/YouTube, Twitter, Reuters, Meta and The Washington Post. It is the only forum in the world of its kind designed to take on disinformation in real time.”:

    267. gregor says:

      The Google News Initiative: Works side-by-side with publishers and journalists:

      “Google News Initiative has supported 7000+ news partners in more than 120 countries and territories through more than $300 million in global funding.”:

      Journalism.UK (12/07/2021): ‘Influencers lead news debates’:

      “Celebrities, personalities and activists are playing a bigger role in the news, influencing young people in social networks like Instagram, Snapchat and TikTok, according to the latest Reuters Institute Digital News Report:

      Instagram has long had a reputation as a place to escape the ‘real’ world… But over the past year Instagram, along with other youth focussed social platforms such as Snapchat and TikTok, has become full of…”:

      BBC: Institutional Partnerships:

      We’re fortunate to have a wide range of institutional and foundation donors and partners supporting our work around the world, including the UK Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO), the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA), Global Affairs Canada (GAC), the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and more.”:

      Gov.UK (01/05/2021): Foreign Secretary boosts BBC funding to fight fake news:

      “Foreign Secretary announces £8 million for BBC World Service to tackle harmful disinformation, challenge inaccurate reporting and improve digital engagement.”:

    268. gregor says:

      MintPressNews (18/12/2018): The Integrity Initiative and the UK’s Scandalous Information War:

      “The carefully concealed offices of a covert, British government-backed propaganda mill at the center of an international scandal the mainstream media refuses to touch.

      Grayzone Project — Recent hacked documents have revealed an international network of politicians, journalists, academics, researchers and military officers, all engaged in highly deceptive covert propaganda campaigns funded by the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO), NATO, Facebook and hardline national security institutions.

      This “network of networks”… centers around an ironically named outfit called the Integrity Initiative. …overseen by a previously unknown Scotland-based think tank, the Institute for Statecraft, which has operated under a veil of secrecy…”:

      Facebook/Meta/Instagram (16/12/2019) Combatting Misinformation on Instagram:

      “…In May of this year, we began working with third-party fact-checkers.

      What does this mean?

      When content has been rated as false or partly false by a third-party fact-checker, we reduce its distribution by removing it…”:

      Facebook/Meta (14/06/2019): Hard Questions: How Is Facebook’s Fact-Checking Program Working?

      “We started the third-party fact-checking program in December 2016. Now we have 25 partners in 14 countries, many with recent or upcoming elections. Our partners are independent…”:

      IFCN: The advisory board:

      “The International Fact-Checking Network has 15 members in its advisory board, 11 from active verified signatory organizations and up to 4 independent board members participating in decision making processes…”:

    269. gregor says:

      BBC (22/01/2022): ‘The unvaccinated NHS workers facing the sack’:

      .”..don’t get a jab by next week they could be moved to a different role or even sacked.

      He’s one of around 80,000 unvaccinated NHS staff in England being told…

      “There’s nothing that says ‘thank you’ more than an email three days before Christmas telling you that if you don’t do what they tell you to do you’re not going to have a job,” he says.”:

      BBC (20/03/2022): ‘Anti-war opinions can cost Russians their jobs.’:

      “…for Anna Levadnaya, a paediatrician and influencer with over two million followers on Instagram…

      She was on holiday abroad when the invasion of Ukraine began. That day, she posted a photograph on Instagram of an aeroplane window, with an image of a peace dove attached.

      “I didn’t choose aggression,” she wrote. “I am frightened for us all.” She described her family’s Ukrainian roots, and called for “this hell” to end as soon as possible.

      With such a huge following on Instagram, the post was unlikely to go unnoticed by her employer, a major state-run medical centre in Moscow.”:

    270. gregor says:

      World Economic Forum: Global Coalition for Digital Safety:

      “With the growing challenge to counter… misinformation… there is an urgent need for more deliberate global coordination to improve digital safety.

      The Global Coalition for Digital Safety aims to accelerate public-private cooperation to tackle… new online safety regulation, take coordinated action… and drive forward collaboration on programs….”:

      World Economic Forum: Global Coalition for Digital Safety: Members:

      Melanie Dawes: Chief Executive, Office of Communications (Ofcom):

      BBC (18/03/2022): Russia Today: News channel RT’s UK licence revoked by Ofcom:

      “OFCOM said… was not “fit and proper to hold a UK broadcast licence”…

      Russia Today, called Ofcom “a tool of the government.”:

    271. gregor says:

      YouGov:(16/12/2019) Do people in the UK trust the media?

      “…figures show British trust in the press to tell the truth has fallen, with less than half believing BBC news journalists are honest and impartial…

      As the BBC responds to claims of bias… polling reveals that faith in BBC News journalists to tell the truth has dropped, but the trend is not unique to the broadcaster, with trust in journalists falling across the board. 

      Less than half of Britons (44%) now say they trust the institution to tell the truth despite its public charter…”:

    272. gregor says:


      @Gregs; @Gregs Sausage Roll Bakery; @Gregs Steak Bakes; 15 steak bakes please Gregs; 15 Gregs, A suggestion Gregor-get a life; discriminating punter shops at Gregs; Tasteless, formulaic, low-nutrition, packed with toxic chemicals; Overindulgence at Gregs is what finished off; unmourned and unmissed, deep in his hole; @Gregs Open all hours; Gregs is posting cobblers again; Bit of a fixation about exposure, eh Gregs?; Indy safe in your hands, eh Gregs?…

      …keep proving yourself.

    273. gregor says:

      ScotGov (19/12/2019): Scotland’s right to choose: putting Scotland’s future in Scotland’s hands:

      Nicola Sturgeon:

      “It is a fundamental democratic principle that the decision on whether or not Scotland becomes independent should rest with the people who live in Scotland.

      The Scottish Government is a strong advocate of the values of human dignity, freedom, democracy, equality, the rule of law, and respect for human rights.

      We are therefore committed to an agreed, legal process which adheres to and celebrates those values, and which will be accepted as legitimate in Scotland, the UK as a whole, and by the international community…”:

    274. gregor says:

      DailyRecord (07/08/2021): ‘SNP Government slammed for splashing cash on ‘influencers’ for COP26 conference’:

      “A Freedom of Information request by the Daily Record has revealed that the SNP Government has spent £289,092.75 on private firms in preparation…”

      ScottishDailyExpress (03/03/2022): ‘Secretive SNP refuse to reveal cost of social media influencers as they spend £2.8m of taxpayers cash on advertising’:

      “It was revealed that the Scottish Government spent about £2.8m of taxpayers money advertising on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Reddit and Twitter….”:

      Meta/Facebook: SNP (22/07/2021): Your Guide To Digital Campaigning:

      “The power to build a better, independent Scotland is in your hands…”:

    275. gregor says:

      Holyrood (29/11/2020)

      ‘Exclusive comment by Nicola Sturgeon: Building back better’:

      “As well as taking action at home, the value of global co-operation has never been so clear we are heading for a period of fundamental change. The world around us needs to be remade…

      Scotland – and indeed the whole world – is heading for a period of change and renewal not seen in decades.”:

    276. gregor says:

      World Economic Forum: End of Democracy:

      “Mass protest movements in the 21st century in many instances have resulted in state failures rather than stable democracies. Can governments that dissociate economic from political freedoms endure and prosper over the long term?”:

      World Economic: Global Agenda: #Buildbackbetter:

    277. gregor says:

      FinancialPost (22/01/2021):

      ‘The murky rise of Klaus Schwab’s stakeholder ‘capitalism’ and the WEF’s Davos corporate plan ‘:

      “…core of the Great Reset strategy is to seize control of corporations and place the world’s business enterprises under outside control, including greater manipulation by governments and NGOs. The objective is to take private-interest profit-making producers of goods and services and convert them into public institutions…

      Biden is a big of player at the WEF. When he addressed the elite Davosians in 2017, Schwab laid on the praise. Biden is also an enthusiastic backer of the WEF’s Great Reset agenda and Build Back Better initiatives, which involve “future-proofing capitalism” —

      as if it were possible to “future-proof” anything.

      Klaus Schwab spells it out in recent declarations in which he cravenly uses the COVID-19 pandemic as a justification for an attack…”:

    278. gregor says:


      “a list of aims or possible future achievements.”

      “An agenda is also a particular program of action, often one that is not directly expressed.”

      “Metagovernance is also political, because, as we have seen, it involves identifying key stakeholders, setting agendas and structuring outcomes.”:

    279. John Main says:

      Nothing really.

      I’m off out this afto. My enjoyment of the early spring sunshine will be enhanced by the thought of Gregs stuck behind the drawn curtains of his bedroom, furiously posting away in order to get his Grand Slam on the title page of this site.

      You go Gregs! I hope to be back T-time, so prepare another 40 or so posts in reserve.

    280. gregor says:

      ScotGov: (08/04/2021):

      Scottish Government COVID-19 Advisory Group: register of members’ interests:

      Professor Andrew Morris:

      Shares in GSK.

      …negotiated multiple engagements and research contracts with charity and industry funders including MRC, IBM, AstraZeneca, Bayer, Merck, Pfizer, Hua Xia Health Care Holdings, Wellcome Trust, NIHR, Diabetes UK, Intel.

      Dr Jim McMenamin:

      …project funded by the European Centre for Disease Control (ECDC) and prevention and the World Health Organisation – European Region (WHO-Euro).

      Professor Devi Sridhar:

      Member, Young Global Leader, World Economic Forum.

      …funded by… National Institute for Health Research (NIHR), Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF) and EU sources.

      Professor Aziz Sheikh:

      AstraZeneca’s COVID-19 Strategic Consultancy Group:

    281. gregor says:

      Wikipedia: Andrea Ammon:

      “… the current director of the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC)…

      …appointed Head of Surveillance… one of the first employees at the ECDC… described as “instrumental” in establishing the surveillance strategy… looks to standardise infection control across the European Union… she was responsible for the formation of The European Surveillance System (TESSy)…”:

      ECDC Strategy: 2021–2027:

      “…empowering Member States, the European Commission and other partners to drive public health…

      …maintained strong working relations with stakeholders and partners… Close partners include the European Commission, the WHO Regional Office for Europe and a number of EU agencies.

      The COVID-19 pandemic… can already conclude that we need robust surveillance systems…

      ECDC runs an effective system of EU-level surveillance… explore the advantages of next-generation DNA sequencing for surveillance…

      …agendas in the EU share similar priorities…

      …increase the need for cost-effective and targeted preventive actions, such as lifelong vaccinations…

      …coordinate… exchange information, expertise and best practices, and facilitate the development and implementation of joint actions. The Centre will develop, together with EU Member States and other partners, a standardised approach.

      …gains… joint procurements, and joint strategies. management approach will be used to implement strategies for effecting and controlling change…

      Create a… culture for the future.”:

    282. gregor says:

      Wikipedia: Devi Sridhar:

      “Sridhar serves on the World Economic Forum Global Agenda Council…”:

      World Economic Forum: People: Devi Sridhar:

      World Economic Forum: Shaping the Future of Health and Healthcare:

      “In the next decade, healthcare delivery systems will transform radically.

      The Future of Health and Healthcare leverages a data-enabled delivery system and virtual care… driving collective action to leverage the Fourth Industrial Revolution.”:

      World Economic Forum: Agenda:

      ‘Scotland’s last remaining… has been blown up, a visual reminder…’:

      “First Minister Nicola Sturgeon pushed the button on a controlled explosion…”:

    283. gregor says:

      World Economic Forum: People: Nicola Sturgeon:

    284. gregor says:

      NewYorkPost (18/03/2022): Editorial:

      ‘Spies who lie: 51 ‘intelligence’ experts refuse to apologize for discrediting true Hunter Biden story’:

      “They are the supposed nonpartisan group of top spies looking out for the best interest of the nation.

      But the 51 former “intelligence” officials who cast doubt on The Post’s Hunter Biden laptop stories in a public letter really were just desperate to get Joe Biden elected president… even after their Deep State sabotage has been shown again and again to be a lie, they refuse to own up…

      Big Tech, former government officials, and the media conspired together to bury a story.

      No, not just bury — create a false narrative that flipped the script to make Joe Biden the victim of a conspiracy…”:

    285. gregor says:

      27_Tiffany Bartholomew (re. Biden laptop/s from hell):

      Tiffany Bartholomew:

      “only asked because you were going to take the train, you said last night!!!????”

      Hunter Biden:

      “I was chairman of the board of Amtrak for real I am all good.”

      Tiffany Bartholomew:

      “I’m very sorry!! I suspected it was in your possession but it is legally in her name so I’m obligated to contact her…”

      Hunter Biden:

      “Ok you do realize I’m a lawyer right. Like Yale law school really fancy lawyer…”

      Tiffany Bartholomew:

      “Hunter Biden, I love you!!!

      I have to stand by my decision to contact the card owner…

      …Please confirm you would like to keep your 230pm ketamine
      appointment today.”:

      Hunter Biden:

      “Good for you shit bird — youre sexy as fuck — thats all I was saying….

      They are holding me prisoner here in the blue water dungeon.

      Im being tortured by an evil dominatrix…

      Do you have a maid service that could be over here by around 1…”

      Tiffany Bartholomew:

      “Stop being a stranger. Come back to Newburyport.”

      Hunter Biden:

      “Im strange. Definitely strange…

      Which two dancers from the place where the midget dances have you hired?…

      I will pee in any cup you hold for me anytime anywhere…

      I want my ketamine therapy…

      I oil my body every morning at 5;30
      With coconut oil…

      Clearly I’m just misunderstood. It’s everyone else’s fault not mine”

    286. gregor says:

      DailyExposeUK: (20/03/2022): Biolabs in Ukraine: Who are Metabiota’s investors?

      “…was founded by Nathan Wolfe who is linked to the Global Virome Project, EcoHealth, World Economic Forum and Jeffrey Epstein…

      Wolfe, through Metabiota and its sister non-profit Global Viral… been funded by various branches of US Department of Defence but, is also funded by Hunter Biden’s Rosemont Seneca and CIA venture capital company In-Q-Tel. And this is merely scratching the surface of those backing the biolabs in Ukraine…

      Currently the lead investor in Metabiota is Pilot Growth Management. Pilot Growth’s co-founder and CEO is Neil Callahan who also sits on Metabiota’s Board of Advisors.

      Callahan is also former Managing Director and co-founder of Rosemont Seneca Technology Partners (“RSTP”). His name appears many times on Hunter Biden’s hard drive…

      RSTP, Rosemont Seneca Partners and Rosemont Realty are offshoots of Rosemont Capital, an investment fund founded in 2009 by Hunter Biden and Christopher Heinz, John Kerry’s stepson. In 2015 24 investors financed Metabiota to the tune of $30 million with RSTP being lead financial backer…

      …representatives of Black & Veatch and Metabiota discussed biological security, safety and surveillance with representatives of Ukraine, Poland and the United States. It was amid these clandestine projects, in 2015, Google-funded Metabiota to the tune of $1 million and RSTP was Metabiota’s lead financer…”:

    287. gregor says:


      Klobuchar, McCain, Graham warn Russia during trip to area:

      “Klobuchar, Sen. John McCain of Arizona and Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina are touring… Ukraine… this week.

      “We have all agreed to be pretty aggressive about an end to this Russian aggression,” …about the Obama administration’s claim that Russia hacked political groups’ computers, including the Democratic Party….

      …the three senators “are reinforcing our bipartisan commitment to strengthening our NATO alliances and are focused on major cyber security breaches which are of utmost importance as we learn of the depth of Russian interference in our recent election.”

      “It goes to the heart of democracy across the world,” she said.

      “They love America in these counties,” Klobuchar said…

      The holiday visit shows “there is bipartisan support in Congress for places like Ukraine,” Klobuchar said.

      “It is now time for Russia to understand enough is enough,” Graham said. Graham promised action.

      “There will be bipartisan sanctions coming that will hit Russia hard, particularly Putin as an individual”.

      He did not elaborate further on what the sanctions could entail.

      U.S. intelligence agencies have concluded that Russia tried to influence the Nov. 8 election by hacking individuals’ and institutions’ computers.”:

    288. gregor says:

      DNI (Director of National Intelligence: head of the U.S. Intelligence Community):

      Background to “Assessing Russian Activities and Intentions in Recent US Elections”: The Analytic Process and Cyber
      Incident Attribution:

      “…while the conclusions in the report are all reflected in the classified assessment, the declassified report does not and cannot include the full supporting information, including specific intelligence and sources and methods…

      Key Judgments: High confidence:

      Confidence in source supporting judgements:

      Confidence levels provide assessments of the quality and quantity of the source information that supports the judgements. Consequently we ascribe high, moderate, or low levels of confidence to assessments:

      High confidence:

      High confidence in a judgement does not imply that the assessment is a fact or a certainty; such judgements might be wrong…”:

    289. gregor says:

      NewYorkTimes (18/03/2022): Editorial:

      ‘America Has a Free Speech Problem’:

      “Americans are losing hold of a fundamental right as citizens of a free country: the right to speak their minds and voice their opinions in public without fear of being shamed or shunned.

      This social silencing… depluralizing has been evident for years, but dealing with it stirs yet more fear… For …open society, that is dangerous.

      How has this happened?

      In large part, it’s because… caught in a destructive loop of condemnation and recrimination around cancel culture…”:

    290. John Main says:


      Quantity, not quality, that’s the ticket.

      Shame you missed a braw afto posting your bollocks.

      See if you can’t squeeze out a few more before your bedtime, archived, natch, for posterior.

    291. gregor says:

      CruxNow (29/07/2020): Scottish bishops warn against ‘cancel culture’ and affirm ‘freedom…

      “Scotland’s bishops have decried ‘cancel culture’ and warned that freedom of expression and belief could be at risk under proposed hate crime legislation.

      …including the belief that sex and gender are not fluid and changeable, and that male and female are complementary and ordered towards the creation of new life. Such pronouncements, which are widely held, might be perceived by others as an abuse of their own, personal worldview and likely to stir up hatred,” the bishops’ submission continued.

      …prominent public figures have been accused of hate and of transphobia for making the argument that a man cannot become a woman and vice versa, alluding to online attacks on… after she published an open letter defending the biological definition of ‘woman.’

      The growth of what some describe as the ‘cancel culture’ – hunting down those who disagree with prominent orthodoxies with the intention to expunge the non-compliant from public discourse and with callous disregard for their livelihoods – is deeply concerning…”:

    292. gregor says:

      Parliament.Scot: Hate Crime and Public Order (Scotland) Bill:

      “Crimes motivated by prejudice will be treated more seriously and will not be tolerated by society. The Bill has been created to make this clear to victims, those who commit hate crimes, and the wider society.

      People are currently protected by specific laws on the basis of: disability…”:

      SundayTimes (08/10/2016) ‘SNP MP mocks elderly in tweet’:

      “Pete Wishart, the SNP MP, has been heavily criticised for a tweet in which he appeared to mock the elderly. Mr Wishart, who is frequently provocative on Twitter, said:

      “…like an embarrassing incontinent old relative who you might go and visit occasionally.”:…”:

    293. gregor says:

      BBC (24/11/2021)

      ‘Nicola Sturgeon dismisses speculation about her future’:

      “Scotland’s first minister has dismissed speculation about her future by saying she has “no intention of going anywhere”….

      she said: “It is almost as if my opponents have concluded they can’t beat me or remove me from office…

      “But they are going to be really disappointed because I’m going to be around a lot longer…”:

    294. Dan says:

      @ gregor at 8.01pm

      Ach, yon chump has previous for that sort of thing…

    295. gregor says:


      Keep archiving and speaking out.

      …integrity is gone.

      They can’t evade public exposure…

    296. gregor says:

      EpochTimes (20/03/2022): No Plan for Biden to Visit Ukraine While in Europe: White House:

      “President Joe Biden has no plan to visit Ukraine during his upcoming trip to Europe, White House press secretary Jen Psaki said on Sunday.

      The trip will be focused on continuing to rally the world in support of the Ukrainian people…

      U.S. ambassador to the United Nations Linda Thomas-Greenfield on Sunday said it is unthinkable for Biden to enter a country at war.

      “You have to remember, we have discouraged Americans from going into Ukraine…”:

      Herald.Scot (03/03/2022): ‘Dozens of Scots sign up to fight in Ukraine’:

      “It comes after Ukraine’s president Volodymyr Zelensky urged foreigners to “join the defence of security in Europe” …”:

      Independent (01/03/2022): ‘It’s the right thing to do’: Meet the Brits going to fight Russian forces’:

      BBC (06/03/2022): ‘Don’t go to Ukraine, military boss tells Britons’:

    297. gregor says:

      9_Mehall Michael Ledwith (re. Biden laptop/s from hell):

      Hunter Biden:

      “Who is we? I dont like people.”

      Mehall Ledwith:

      “Look. White people… Come.”

      Hunter Biden:

      “I especially hate white people and even more so if they claim to be Irish Americans and where green to celebrate a child molester.”:

    298. gregor says:

      FoxNews (20/03/2022): Biden Crime Family expert and investigator Peter Schweitzer declares Hunter Biden is going to be indicted (re. tax evasion & money laundering):

      “Hunter’s legal team cooperation indicate the president’s son is about to be indicted.”

    299. gregor says:

      JACK_MAXEY/GETTR (30/03/2022) (re. Biden laptop/s from hell):

      “The world is not ready for what my team has found. Fair warning, every person on planet earth, with a badge will have access by end of week. My only advice, control your rage and look to the Constitution to save us first.”:

      (re. Hunter Biden letter):

      “Anybody want to know purpose of Hunter’s first trip to Kazakhstan in June 2014 on behalf of ChiComs and using Burisma as cover? This is the trip Grassley referenced last week where Hunter did not take the Secret Service. Read carefully. the whole time they were working for Chinese Communists. That gas was going to get piped across Afghanistan as well . . . TRAITORS – FACT. PM Massimov, last head of state security is now under arrest for treason. . . .”:

    300. John Main says:

      @Gregs 10:22

      “Exposure” again.

      Defo a red flag. Let nobody claim they never saw the signs …

    301. gregor says:

      Robert Biden letter to Hallie Biden (27/07/2018):


      “You need to inform me of the result. TODAY. I’m getting tested today…”:

    302. gregor says:

      SkyNewsAU (21/03/2022): Big tech ‘censored’ the Hunter laptop story ‘to protect Joe Biden:

      “The mainstream media is being criticised for its continuing lack of coverage of the Hunter Biden laptop story…”:


    303. gregor says:

      Twitchy (19/03/2022): ‘Glenn Greenwald thread shreds media’s journalistic malpractice over the Hunter Biden laptop story’:

      “It’s unfortunate that the @NYPost is one of the few large US outlets willing to hold accountable the cretins in the US security state for the lies they told about the Biden emails being “Russian disinformation” – designed to manipulate the 2020 election – but that’s our reality.

      These “former intelligence officials” – trained career disinformation agents, who were supposed to manipulate other countries’ politics, not the US’s – have the same contempt for the public as the media outlets they command: refuse to admit their lies.

      And, just by the way, it’s been 48 hours since the outlet they regard as “The Paper of Record” stated they authenticated the emails in the Hunter Biden archive about Joe’s activities.

      Not a single media outlet that spread the CIA lie has acknowledged it or retracted their lies…”:

    304. gregor says:

      The 50 US intel officials who signed a letter saying Hunter Biden’s laptop was ‘Russian disinformation’:

      “Public Statement on the Hunter Biden Emails (19/10/2020):

      …purported materials on Burisma and Hunter Biden to Giuliani.

      Our view that the Russians are involved in the Hunter Biden email issue is consistent with two other significant data points…

      …media reports say that the FBI has now opened an investigation into Russian involvement in this case.

      According to USA Today, “…federal authorities are investigating whether the material supplied to the New York Post by Rudy Giuliani is part of a smoke bomb of disinformation pushed by Russia.”

      Signed by:

      Jim Clapper; Mike Hayden; Leon Panetta; John Brennan; Thomas Finger; Rick Ledgett; John McLaughlin; Michael Morell; Mike Vickers; Doug Wise; Nick Rasmussen; Russ Travers; Andy Liepman; John Moseman; Larry Pfeiffer; Jeremy Bash; Rodney Snyder; Glenn Gerstell; David B. Buckley; Nada Bakos; Patty Brandmaier; James B. Bruce; David Cariens; Janice Cariens; Paul Kolbe; Peter Corsell; Brett Davis; Roger Zane George; Steven L. Hall; Kent Harrington; Don Hepburn; Timothy D. Kilbourn; Ron Marks; Jonna Hiestand Mendez; Emile Nakhleh; Gerald A. O’Shea; David Priess; Pam Purcilly; Marc Polymeropoulos; Chris Savos; Nick Shapiro; John Sipher; Stephen Slick; Cynthia Strand; Greg Tarbell; David Terry; Greg Treverton; John Tullius; David A. Vanell; Winston Wiley; Kristin Wood.

      In addition, nine additional former IC officers who cannot be named publicly also support the arguments in this letter.”

    305. gregor says:

      BBC (15/10/2020): ‘Twitter and Facebook’s action over Joe Biden article reignites bias claims’:

      “…Twitter prevented people from posting links to a New York Post story, warning those trying to click it that the link was “potentially unsafe”.

      …it had limited sharing because the story contained “hacked materials”. Facebook also took action, limiting the report’s distribution….

      It said it had done this as part of a “standard process” to give third-party fact-checkers time to review the content and decide if it should be treated as misinformation.

      …it is highly unusual for an article published by one of the mainstream popular newspapers to be treated in this way.

      It is now less than three weeks until… the presidential election on 3 November.

      The New York Post article contained… allegedly taken from a laptop computer that was given to a repair shop…”:

    306. gregor says:

      NewYorkPost (20/03/2022): ‘White House ignores its Hunter problem’:

      “It is hardly vindication… 17 months late, the New York Times has admitted the laptop is real.

      It is an indictment of the Times and a betrayal of their readers who were kept in the dark about the true nature of Joe Biden before the 2020 election.

      But now that we are all on the same page, there are some serious questions the administration needs to answer, which go to… national security at a time of international peril…”:


    307. gregor says:

      5_Natalie Biden_Redacted (re. Biden laptop/s from hell):

      Natalie Biden:

      “Jesus christ is my n***************”

      Hunter Biden:

      “Give your sweet mini a kiss for me. Did MOm not respond at all. Is she mad I said that…”

      Hunter Biden:

      “ …if she’s so opposed to me being around you…. It’s the only place where she would have the freedom to be with you guys all the time but In a safe environment…

      I can’t stand the idea that she just doesn’t want me to be with you…

      …my sweetest child – mommy isn’t an addict like I am an addict. I don’t lie to her intentionally Hurt and make fun of her to her friends.

      My relationship with you… she still want not let me see you without pop present when we are with each other…

      …I will never be without you Nat… If I can only meet with you… until you are old enough to make your own decisions that’s what we will do…”

      Your mom tells everyone she only does drugs with me that’s a lie….

      I love her with all my heart Hallie but you have too get honest… I need the love e that looks at a problem as our problem not my problem I need the love that shows me you liv e but what you do for me…

      Hallie you know I will always love you. I’ve told you that from the beginning. I told you that if you ever left me or made it impossible for me to be with you that I would never
      love another woman again.

      …I am so broken by your refusal to be an even slightly caring or giving…”:

    308. gregor says:

      5_Natalie Biden_Redacted:

      Hunter Biden:

      “Call your mother . It seems every time we talk she tells people I’m inappropriate with you. I don’t want to make matters worse…

      Natalie stay out of my business and never tell me what I can and cannot do. You’re 13…

      …now tell her damnitto call me now.”

      Natalie Biden:

      “This is Hallie – If you need to discuss something with me, do it through your father as you told me to. Please do not tell Natalie to have me call you, she is too young…”

    309. gregor says:

      Joe Biden (21/03/2022):

      “There’s going to be a new world order out there and we have to lead it.”:


    310. gregor says:

      Wikipedia: New World Order (conspiracy theory):

      “The New World Order (NWO) is a conspiracy theory which hypothesizes a secretly emerging totalitarian world government.

      The common theme in conspiracy theories about a New World Order is that a secretive power elite with a globalist agenda is conspiring to eventually rule the world through an authoritarian one-world government—which will replace sovereign nation-states…”:

    311. gregor says:

      World Economic Forum: Global Agenda:

      Now is the time for a ‘great reset’:

      World Economic Forum: Global Agenda: #Buildbackbetter:

      ‘To build back better, we must reinvent capitalism. Here’s how’:

    312. gregor says:

      RealMattCouch (21/03/2022):

      “So the FBI after claiming they didn’t investigate the murder of Seth Rich has now told the judge in our lawsuit that they have almost 500,000 pages of documents relating to our search and Seth Rich..

      They want to release 500 per month, meaning it would all be released in 83 years.. JFK anyone…”:

    313. gregor says:

      WEF Scot Gov (21/03/2022): BBC Breakfast:

      Jason Leitch:

      “When the rules are lifted, you can’t be yourself.”

    314. John Main says:

      @gregs 22 March, 2022 at 7:57 am

      “When the rules are lifted, you can’t be yourself.”

      Have you got a link for that one Gregs?

      I want to read or hear it again in the original.

      Thinking a range of teatowels, or these motivational wooden thingies people hang on their walls, but can’t give too much away at this stage.

      Commercial confidentiality Gregs! You know the drill.

    315. gregor says:


      “The Partnership for Global LGBTI Equality (PGLE) is a coalition of organisations committed to leveraging their individual and collective advocacy to accelerate LGBTI equality and inclusion globally and drive positive change. Collaboration between business and civil society is central to the way we operate…”:

      World Economic Forum: Projects: Partnership for Global LGBTI Equality (PGLE):

      “This project is part of the World Economic Forum’s Centre for the New Economy and Society Platform:

      Accelerating LGBTI Equality…

      The Partnership for Global LGBTI Equality (PGLE) is a coalition of organizations committed to leveraging their individual and collective advocacy to accelerate LGBTI equality and inclusion in the workplace and in the broader communities in which they operate…”:

    316. gregor says:

      World Economic Forum: Regional Agenda:

      Scotland is making it mandatory for government schools to teach LGBT+ issues:

      “Scotland will become the first country in the world to have LGBTI inclusive education embedded in the curriculum,” said a statement released on Thursday…”:

      More than 40 percent of Scottish LGBT+ students said they had not been taught about issues concerning sexuality, according to a 2017 survey from British campaign group Stonewall…”:

      StonewallScotland (03/03/2022): Equality organisations welcome Scottish Government’s Gender Recognition Reform Bill:

      “National LGBTI (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and intersex) organisations in Scotland have welcomed the Scottish Government’s Gender Recognition Reform (Scotland) Bill, published today.

      Scottish Trans, Equality Network, LGBT Youth Scotland, Stonewall Scotland, and LGBT Health and Wellbeing all agree…”:

    317. gregor says:

      Holyrood: (24/01/2020) As delegates jet back from Davos, Nicola Sturgeon wants to show Scotland can do things differently:

      World Economic Forum: People:

      Nicola Sturgeon:

    318. gregor says:

      Guardian (12/01/2022): Repeated Covid boosters not viable strategy against new variants, WHO experts warn:

      World Health Organization experts have warned that repeating booster doses of the original Covid vaccines is not a viable strategy against emerging variants and called for new jabs that better protect against transmission.

      “A vaccination strategy based on repeated booster doses of the original vaccine composition is unlikely to be appropriate or sustainable,” the WHO Technical Advisory Group on Covid-19 Vaccine Composition (TAG-Co-VAC) said in a statement published on Tuesday…”:

      BBC: (21/03/2022): Covid: Spring booster jab launches for over-75s and high risk in England:

      “People aged 75 and over, residents in care homes and those with weakened immune systems can now book an extra booster jab against Covid in England.

      It comes as official figures show infection rates are rising in all age groups…

      Spring boosters are already being rolled out in Wales and Scotland.

      A wider booster programme – involving more people – is expected this autumn.

      …protection wanes over time.”

    319. gregor says:

      BBC (15/11/2020):

      ‘life should be back to normal by next winter says vaccine creator’:

      “…jab could halve transmission… resulting in a “dramatic reduction in cases”.

      …vaccine could prevent more than 90% of people from getting Covid-19.

      …very confident that transmission between people will be reduced by such a highly effective vaccine…

      …result in a dramatic reduction of the pandemic spread…”:

    320. gregor says:

      Gross negligence:

      “Gross negligence is a conscious and voluntary disregard of the need to use reasonable care, which is likely to cause foreseeable grave injury or harm to persons.”

      “Carelessness in reckless disregard for the safety or lives of others, which is so great it appears to be a conscious violation of other people’s rights to safety. It is more than simple inadvertence, but it is just shy of being intentionally evil.”

      Wilful negligence:

      “Negligence where there is a wanton disregard of the risks concerning the circumstances and the actor is aware of disregards these significant risks.”

      Criminal negligence:

      “Negligence which is punishable under the law.”

      “To restrict awards of damages to cases where criminal negligence had been proved.”

      Reuters (30/07/2020): ‘AstraZeneca to be exempt from coronavirus vaccine liability claims in most countries’:

    321. gregor says:

      re. Hunter Biden laptop/s from hell:

      Hunter Biden/US Department of Defence funded Metabiota (re. Ukraine bio-labs):

    322. gregor says:

      World Economic forum: Organizations:


      World Economic Forum: People:

      Dr. Nathan Wolfe (Founder & Chair of Metabiota):

      World Economic Forum: Technology pioneers: Metabiota:

      Building resiliency products and services for infectious disease threats:

    323. gregor says:

      World Economic Forum (2013): Agenda:

      What if a deadly new virus jumped from animals to humans?

      Executive Officer of Metabiota, a company which specializes in microbial threat detection. He is also a World Economic Forum Young Global Leader. His recent book, The Viral Storm: Dawn of a New Pandemic Age…

      Why is this something that worries you? What warning signs have you seen?

      “What is different now from any other point in human history is that we live in a profoundly interconnected world….”

      If a dangerous new virus were to make the jump, how would the situation unfold?

      .”..virus that had the same kind of transmission dynamic as HIV entered into human populations six months ago, but was a bit more infectious, it could have already spread around the world and we would not be aware of it.”

      Who would be impacted the most?

      “There are many different ways in which these viruses can exist and spread.

      These viruses do not respect political boundaries, they do not respect socioeconomic boundaries. There are situations which could affect any different demographic that you wanted to pick.”

      How well prepared are we for a new pandemic?

      “…swine flu… The common perception is that public health authorities over-reacted… In fact, it was an amazing pandemic, which went from affecting no one to, by some estimates, 10% of the global population within a year. ..”:

    324. gregor says:

      Mary Guttieri (Metabiota) – Hunter Biden (03/04/2014): Letter:

      “…How we can potentially leverage our team, networks, and concepts to assert Ukraine’s cultural and economic independence from Russia and continued integration into western society…”:

    325. gregor says:


      What happened to Scotland’s state-run energy company?

      “As many customers face uncertainty over their household energy bills, we take a look at why plans for a state-owned energy company in Scotland fell by the wayside.

      …the SNP said that work on the public energy company had been “halted” during the pandemic…”:

      Klaus Schwab (Founder and Executive Chairman of the World Economic Forum) tells an interviewer that the WEF has infiltrated governments around the world with their globalist agents:

      World Economic Forum (17/12/2021): Global Agenda:

      “Scotland just blew up its last coal-fired power plant – as the country transitions…

      First Minister Nicola Sturgeon pushed the button…”:

    326. gregor says:

      ScotGov (23/04/2020): Looking beyond lockdown:

      “…new ways of living – effectively a “new normal” – may have to be in place for some time to come.

      ScotGov (22/02/2022):

      Statement by First Minister Nicola Sturgeon on COVID-19 to the Scottish Parliament on Tuesday 22 February 2022:

      “…our updated strategic intent…

      the success of the vaccination programme has exceeded our expectations…

      …our surveillance system will include: extensive PCR sampling and processing capacity; wastewater sampling; and genomic sequencing capability.

      Our return to normality must…”:

      EveningStandard (22/03/2022):

      ‘NHS bosses urge people to stay away from A&E as Covid patient numbers hit record’:

    327. gregor says:

      Reuters (22/03/2022): ‘White House spokeswoman Psaki tests positive for COVID-19 (for second time):

      “I am sharing the news of my positive test today out of an abundance of transparency,” Psaki said in a statement.”:

    328. John Main says:

      Hey Gregs,

      Must be kinda lonesome here. Just wanted to tell you you have at least one fan, even if you never reply to my posts.

      And see those peeps who claim you are obsessively trying to get all of the listed posts on the title page against your name, I just don’t believe them at all.

      Anyhoo, you had better get back to it. Try to mention everybody who tests for Covid a second (or subsequent) time. It’s a rich seam to mine, and you really do have the field entirely to yourself.

    329. gregor says:

      BBC (22/03/2022): ‘The 3 Russian cyber-attacks the West most fears’:

      “…targeted critical infrastructure attack…

      Pipeline – cyber-criminal attacks…

      …caused a vital oil pipeline to shut down…”:

      BBC (18/01/2021): Keystone pipeline: Biden ‘to cancel it on his first day’:

      Reuters: (19/05/2021) ‘U.S. waives sanctions on Nord Stream 2 as Biden seeks to mend Europe ties’:

    330. gregor says:

      Aljazeera (23/02/2022): Biden sanctions company building Russia’s Nord Stream 2 pipeline:

      “Biden said in a statement his administration has been closely coordinating Nord Stream 2 action…

      Gazprom owns the entire pipeline but paid half the costs, with the rest shared by Shell, Austria’s OMV, France’s Engie and Germany’s Uniper and Wintershall DEA…”:

      Devon Archer – Hunter Biden (11/04/2014): Gazprom letter:

    331. gregor says:

      ClaimsMag (18/08/2020):

      ‘Willis Research Network partners with Metabiota to expand pandemic risk expertise’:

      The Willis Research Network has partnered with Metabiota, a risk analytics organisation that specialises in infectious diseases…”:

      ProfileMagazine (30/11/2020): ‘How Norman Buchanan Built His Global Tax Reputation’:

      “…current role as managing director of tax at Willis Towers Watson.

      How to Establish Yourself on an International Stage:

      …I think the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated something that would have taken place anyway…”:

      World Economic Forum: Partners: Willis Towers Watson:

    332. gregor says:

      DailyMail (02/11/2020): ‘The FBI is now in possession of Hunter Biden’s laptop, senior federal officials say’:

      “FBI and DOJ agree with DNI Ratcliffe’s assessment that Hunter Biden’s controversial laptop and emails are NOT part of a Russian disinformation campaign…

      …Democratic House Intel chair Adam Schiff said the documents were a ‘smear’ on Biden that ‘comes from the Kremlin’…”:

    333. gregor says:

      Joe Biden (22/03/2022):

      “The federal government is doing its part to get ready for potential Russian cyberattacks.

      We are prepared to help private sector companies with tools and expertise…”:

    334. gregor says:

      FinancialTimes (21/03/2022): ‘Hong Kong suspends trading in shares of Chinese property developer Evergrande’:

      “Hong Kong suspended trading in shares of the world’s most indebted property developer Evergrande on Monday pending a release of “inside information”…”:

      Evergrande’s restructuring, which is expected to be the largest ever in China, is a defining moment in the history of Asia’s dollar bond market…”:

    335. gregor says:

      World Economic Forum (2021): Global Agenda:

      ‘What is the Evergrande debt crisis and why does it matter for the global economy?’

      “As the company struggled to repay creditors, global markets responded with selloffs.

      …Evergrande, the world’s most indebted real estate company, was on the brink of collapse sent global markets tumbling last month.

      Evergrande debt – A domino effect:

      …companies like Evergrande could pose a systemic risk to the nation’s financial system.

      …the world needs to closely monitor… of an already fragile global economy.”:

    336. gregor says:


      “An underlying often ideological plan or program.”

      “Such an idea has been high on the political agenda for some time.”

      “The agenda was largely mundane, but when the floor was opened for public comment, things began to unravel.”

      “Behind closed doors at a December conference to set the 2022 economic agenda, Mr. Xi even appeared to acknowledge that wealth redistribution is hard to do when growth is slowing.”

    337. gregor says:

      CBS (22/03/2022): ‘Hillary Clinton says she has tested positive for COVID-19’:

      “…Clinton added. “Please get vaccinated and boosted if you haven’t already!”:

      World Economic Forum: People:

      Chelsea Clinton:

      Vice-Chair of the Clinton Foundation, works alongside her parents…”:

    338. gregor says:

      BBC (29/09/2019): Ukraine has ‘no jurisdiction’ to investigate Hunter Biden:

      “…something which could affect his father’s campaign for the White House next year.”:

      BBC: Search the BBC (23/03/2022):

      “Biden laptop”

      “Hunter Biden”

    339. gregor says:

      World Economic Forum: Global Agenda:

      ‘America’s dominance is over. By 2030, we’ll have a handful of global powers’:

      “The world’s political landscape in 2030 will look considerably different to the present one. Nation states will remain the central players… Power will be more widely distributed across non-state networks, including regressive ones.

      Barring a spectacular collapse of global markets or catastrophic armed conflict (both of which are now more plausible in the wake of Donald Trump´s victory), they will continue laying the rails of international affairs.

      Nation states are making a comeback. The largest ones are busily expanding their global reach even as they shore-up their territorial and digital borders…

      They are already ceding sovereignty to alternate configurations of governance, power and influence. The fourth industrial revolution is hastening this shift.

      …must learn webcraft in order to mobilize and deploy non-governmental power just as statecraft does with government power….

      …de-concentration of power away from nation states is giving rise to parallel layers of governance.

      There are already more than 4,000 registered special economic zones – ranging from free trade and export processing zones to free ports…”:

    340. gregor says:

      World Economic Forum: Agenda:

      ‘Robots and drones: automation on the rise’:


      In recent decades, robots have become commonplace in factories around the world. These industrial applications will continue to contribute to the significant growth of the global market for robots…


      Battery-powered and operated almost autonomously, drones can avoid road traffic and thus help logistics companies make deliveries faster, cheaper…

      Oil and Gas:

      Imagine a future where robots run multiple operations autonomously and, to a large extent, replace field workers…

      Mining and Metals:

      Over the next decade, autonomous machines could add $56 billion of value to the industry, as they increase output by operating 24 hours a day, 365 days a year at a high productivity level. In both mining and metals, increased automation will reduce personnel…

      Case study:

      Freeport-McMoRan – laying the groundwork…”

    341. gregor says:

      HumansBeFree (15/12/2020): ‘No Privacy, No Property: The World in 2030 According to the World Economic Forum’:

      “WEF brings together the leaders in business and politics along with a few selected intellectuals. The main thrust of the forum is global control…

      …a plan whose implementation has accelerated drastically since with the announcement of a pandemic and the consequent lockdowns.

      According to the projections of the WEF’s “Global Future Councils,” private property and privacy will be abolished during the next decade.

      The coming expropriation would go further than even the communist demand to abolish the property of production goods but leave space for private possessions. The WEF projection says that consumer goods, too, would be no longer private property…

      If the WEF projection should come true, people would have to rent and borrow their necessities from the state, which would be the sole proprietor of all goods. The supply of goods would be rationed in line with a social credit points system.

      The World Economic Forum summarizes the eight predictions in the following statements:

      People will own nothing. Goods are either free of charge or must be lent from the state.

      The United States will no longer be the leading superpower, but a handful of countries will dominate.

      Organs will not be transplanted but printed.

      Meat consumption will be minimized.

      Massive displacement of people will take place with billions of refugees.

      To limit the emission of carbon dioxide, a global price will be set at an exorbitant level.

      People can prepare to go to Mars and start a journey to find alien life.

      Western values will be tested to the breaking point…”:

    342. John Main says:

      @gregs says – 23 March, 2022 at 9:26 am

      “Imagine a future where robots post continuous spam on Scots Indy websites, thus effectively denying them to real people …”

      Haha, as if that could ever happen.

    343. gregor says:

      BBC (23/03/2022): ‘People face biggest drop in living standards in 66 years’:

      “The UK is facing its biggest drop in living standards on record as wages fail to keep pace with rising prices.

      Soaring energy prices could push inflation to a 40-year high…”:

    344. gregor says:

      Rumble (22/03/2022): Hunter Biden’s laptop from hell with Jack Maxey:

      Is this the end of the NWO ?: Interview video:

    345. gregor says:

      WashingtonExaminer (22/03/2022): ‘Durham to produce ‘large volume’ of classified discovery in Steele dossier source case’:

      “The Justice Department plans to produce a “large volume” of classified materials this week in the Russiagate case against the main source for British ex-spy Christopher Steele’s anti-Trump dossier.

      Special counsel John Durham made the assertion in a filing Tuesday asking a judge for a deadline extension for the production of classified discovery in accordance with the Classified Information Procedures Act, a law that establishes procedures for protecting classified information in criminal cases.

      Durham pinned the need for a delay on agency personnel being involved in matters related to Russia’s war in Ukraine…”:

    346. gregor says:

      Jack Maxey (re. Biden laptop/s from hell):

      “We have found double (re. original forensic analysis) the number of emails, quadruple the number of photographs: documents he thought he had deleted – thousands of pictures he thought he had deleted, and numerous other things….

      We’ve already distributed this information. Everything is going to end this week…

      100% clear, in-writing evidence, that Metabiota is inside Ukraine – working in those labs is a DOD contractor.

      We’ve also found documents… chairman of Burisma (Zolchevsky; Burisma founder and owner), is actually one of the largest shareholders of Metabiota…

      There is evidence all over this computer that Hunter Biden was abusing and grooming his 12 year old niece…

      There are thousands of pictures of young girls.

      These are the most awful people I have ever come across – in my entire life…”:

    347. gregor says:

      RealClearPolitics (22/10/2020):

      Leslie Stahl (CBS): We’re Not Covering Hunter Biden Laptop “Because It Can’t Be Verified”:

    348. gregor says:

      NationalScot (23/03/2022): Nicola Sturgeon: ‘Demonstrate power of democracy in wake of Ukraine invasion’:

      World Economic Forum: End of Democracy:

      World Economic Forum: People:

      Nicola Sturgeon:

    349. gregor says:

      World Economic Forum: Global Agenda:

      To build back better, we must reinvent capitalism. Here’s how:

      “…settling into a ‘new normal’, we should expect a… domino effect, triggering further disruptions…

      …wave of civil unrest that spread across… and beyond recently may be one example…

      …a full-blown financial crisis to a step change in the rate of the global energy transition…”:

      Holyrood (29/11/2020): Exclusive comment by Nicola Sturgeon: Building back better:

      “…these dark times…
      …these toughest of times people in Scotland…
      …times of need…
      …value of global co-operation has never been so clear…
      …economic recession…
      …a period of fundamental change…
      The world around us needs to be remade…
      …period of change and renewal not seen in decades.”:

    350. gregor says:

      WashingtonPost (09/10/2021): ‘Pandora Papers: Leaks prompt investigations in some countries — and denial in others’:


      “The Pandora Papers named 38 Ukrainian politicians — the most out of any country — but President Volodymyr Zelensky, who campaigned as an anti-corruption candidate, has yet to respond to the investigation.”:

    351. John Main says:


      “Organs will not be transplanted but printed.”

      Mate, you’re doing it all wrong. This isn’t the kind of printing they mean.

    352. gregor says:

      WashingtonTimes (22/03/2022): Ketanji Brown Jackson says she can’t provide definition of ‘woman’: ‘I’m not a biologist’:

      “Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson said at her confirmation hearings Tuesday that more women should be on the federal bench.

      But she stumbled when asked for a definition of ‘woman’.”:


    353. gregor says:

      BBC (23/03/2022): ‘Madeleine Albright: First female US secretary of state dies’:

      “Often hailed as “a champion of democracy”, Albright…”:

      World Economic Forum: People:

      Madeleine K. Albright: Chair, Albright Stonebridge Group:

      World Economic Forum: People:

      Theodore Waddelow: Director, Partnerships, Global Policy, Visa;
      Advised strategies at Albright Stonebridge Group:

      World Economic Forum: Partners: Visa:

    354. gregor says:

      Albright Stonebridge Group (21/04/2019): Announces New Partner And Senior Advisors:

      Isis Nyong’o Madison: “Young Global Leader” by the World Economic Forum:

      World Economic Forum: People:

      Isis Nyong’o: Vice-President and Managing Director, InMobi: Previously worked at Google:

      Wikipedia: InMobi:

      “The company is backed by Soft Bank, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers…”:

    355. gregor says:

      World Economic Forum: Partners: SoftBank Group:

      World Economic Forum: People:

      John Maeda: Design Partner, Kleiner Perkins Caufield and Byers; Global Agenda Council on New Models of Leadership, World Economic Forum. Author:

      World Economic Forum: People:

      Hugh Martin: Chief Executive Officer, Sensity Systems Inc; CEO-in-residence, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers:

    356. gregor says:

      BBC (23/03/2022): ‘Nestle pulls KitKat and Nesquik out of Russia’:

      World Economic Forum: Partners: Nestlé:

    357. John Main says:


      “BBC (23/03/2022): ‘Nestle pulls KitKat and Nesquik out of Russia’”

      Fake news Gregs, you’ve been had.

      What the f**k is the matter with you Gregs? How many times you been told not to believe the BBC?

      Your credibility has taken yet another big hit tonight my friend.

      Apologise to the Wings community for believing the BBC! In time, we can perhaps put this behind us and move on.

    358. gregor says:

      NewYorkTimes (23/03/2022): ‘Julian Assange Marries Stella Moris in a British Prison’:

    359. gregor says:

      36_Vanessa Gonzalez_Redacted (Biden laptop/s from hell):

      Vanessa Gonzalez:

      “U are the smartest lawyer I know.
      Crack doesn’t defy someone, actions do.”

      Hunter Biden:

      Cracking herr phone should be easy…”

      Vanessa Gonzalez:

      “Ok but what about my money situation.”

      Hunter Biden:

      “…I did not say today Vanessa – I said the first 5 I get goes to you… a lot of people want money from me not because I owe them – just b/c they expect it. I am working as hard as I can. I’ve asked to borrow and you assume I come from money. I’ve never gotten one penny from my family. My dad according to the press has less money than Anyone who has ever been vice president or even served in Congress.

      I paid for every single bit of my high school college law school and my brothers and my sisters. I worked 3 fucking jobs in college and worked at least 80!hours a week and had a full class schedule and played college football. And in law school at fucking Yale I did the same. …in a one bed room basement apartment in fucking new have shit hole of the world Connecticut.

      Regardless of how much I’ve worked for my money or how hard your life is- on this day. …thinking about why I fucking gave my last $40 in cash I had to some poor asshole who claimed he served in Special Forces in Afghanistan…”

    360. gregor says:

      Madeleine Albright on half a million dead children: Video:

      “We think the price is worth it.”

    361. gregor says:

      Wikipedia: Robert W. Malone:

      “…first suggested the possibility of synthesizing mRNA in a laboratory to trigger the production of a desired protein. These studies are recognized as among the earliest steps towards mRNA vaccine development.”

      RedVoiceMedia (22/03/2022): Dr. Robert Malone:

      “We are far from being over the real challenge that the COVID is; I think just a skirmish. We have a much bigger problem, in my opinion. And it has to do with this rising totalitarianism.

      Your own Governor Gavin Newsom, I don’t know if you know, is trained by the World Economic Forum. So is Governor Inslee in Washington? So is Pete Buttigieg. So is Justin Trudeau, so is his finance minister. So is the Prime Minister of New Zealand. So is Macron in France. The list is enormous. And there, it’s not just in politics. They’re in banking, they’re all over in tech. And they have a clear agenda, which is not aligned with the US Constitution.

      They’re those folks are invested in, in a worldview that believes that the nation-state is obsolete. And they are actively trying to advance the cause of a one-world government that will supplant national governance.

      And so, do we have enough people that are aware of this?

      No. That’s the big battle. You know, it’s I really, really do feel that this COVID situation is just a skirmish. And the bigger battle is against censorship and control and a growing global totalitarianism.”:


    362. gregor says:

      World Economic Forum: People:

      Rishi Sunak:

    363. gregor says:

      Nancy Pelosi (23/03/2022) claims she eats like a peasant: Video:

      USAToday: Fact Check:

      “House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is one of the richest members of Congress…

      34-year career in Congress, including 18 years as minority leader and speaker, doesn’t tell the whole story about the personal wealth she and her husband have built….

      Financial disclosures show that Pelosi has millions of dollars in real estate investments, business partnerships and stock holdings….”:

    364. gregor says:

      Forbes (22/03/2022): ‘Pelosi Exercises Tesla Stock Options To Buy $2 Million In Shares’:

      “In a regulatory filing unveiled Monday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) disclosed her financier husband purchased more than $2 million in Tesla stock last week, marking one of the lawmaker’s biggest equity investments this year as lawmakers tackle a wave of scrutiny targeting their trading activity…”:

    365. gregor says:

      BlazeMedia (23/03/2022): ‘Twitter suspends Tucker Carlson over 7-word tweet about transgender HHS official Rachel Levine’:

      “Twitter suspended the official account of Tucker Carlson over a tweet composed of only seven words about a transgender member of President Joe Biden’s administration.

      Carlson was commenting about the suspension of the Babylon Bee and Charlie Kirk over respective tweets calling Rachel Levine, the assistant secretary for health at the Department of Health and Human Services, a male. Levine is a biological male but identifies as a transgender female.

      “But wait,” Carlson’s tweet said. “Both of these tweets are true.”
      Twitter deleted the tweet, and a spokesperson for the company said in a statement to the Daily Wire that it had violated its terms of service.

      “We prohibit targeting others with repeated slurs, tropes or other content that intends to dehumanize, degrade or reinforce negative or harmful stereotypes about a protected category,” said the spokesman. “This includes targeted misgendering or deadnaming of transgender individuals.”

      “Deadnaming” is when a transgender person is called by a name of the gender they utilized before transitioning, or a name associated with their biological gender…”:

    366. gregor says:

      DailyMail (09/12/2020): REVEALED: ‘George Soros has plowed $3M of ‘dark money’ into BLM activists pushing to defund the police’:

      “Soros’ foundation bankrolls CRH through New Venture Fund, the largest of four funds managed by Arabella Advisors that pulled in a combined $1.6 billion in secret donations last year, tax forms show…”:

      WashingtonPost (21/03/2022):’Graham claims liberal dark money group bolstered Jackson nomination’:

      “Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) claimed on March 21 that the group Arabella Advisors waged a “vicious” campaign against a potential South Carolina Supreme Court pick in favor of Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson.”:

    367. gregor says:

      BBC (23/03/2022): ‘More than a million to be pushed into poverty, says think tank’:

    368. gregor says:

      BBC (23/03/2022): ‘Lloyds Bank to close 60 more branches across UK’:

      World Economic Forum: Partners:

      Lloyds Banking Group:

    369. gregor says:

      21stCenturyWire (23/03/2022): Pentagon-Ukraine Bio Labs: The Hunter Biden Connection:

      “Until recently, few were aware that this Ukrainian bio lab story goes much deeper than just the Pentagon funding, but straight into the nexus of US political and corporate power.

      The Bidens Web of interests is large but first let’s take a look at Metabiota:

      Metabiota was previously known as Global Viral (GV), which was previously known as Global Viral Forecasting Institute (GVFI), initially founded as an organization focused on the study of infectious diseases, their transmission between animals and humans, and the risk involved with their global spread. However, these areas of research are now shifted to Metabiota, an independent company that focuses on data and risk analysis associated with disease outbreaks….

      Global Viral started out as a non-profit in 2008 with seed funding from Google and the Skoll Foundation, and 22 other investors according to a Marlin & Associates Report, also revealing that the initial round of investment Series A funding was led by none other than Rosemont Seneca Partners….

      Things got slightly more serious when Commander of the Russian CBRN (Nuclear, Radiological, Biological and Chemical) defense force, Igor Kirillov explained how part of its UP-4 project with the participation of laboratories in Kyiv, Kharkiv and Odessa, the United States appeared to be working to develop potentially powerful biological weapons. One of the purposes of the project appears to involve the spread of particularly dangerous infections through migratory birds…”:

    370. gregor says:

      World Economic Forum: Global Agenda: 4th Industrial Revolution:

      What is transhumanism and how does it affect you?

      “It is rooted in the belief that humans can and will be enhanced by the genetic engineering and information technology of today, as well as anticipated advances, such as bioengineering, artificial intelligence, and molecular nanotechnology. The result is an iteration of Homo sapiens enhanced or augmented….

      The central premise of transhumanism, then, is that biological evolution will eventually be overtaken by advances in genetic, wearable and implantable technologies…”:

      Klaus Schwab (“the future is already here”) on transhumanism:


    371. gregor says:

      World Economic Forum: Predictions for the world in 2030:

      “You’ll own nothing
      And you’ll be happy”:


    372. gregor says:

      NationalPulse (24/03/2022): EXCLUSIVE:

      ‘Hunter Biden Bio Firm Partnered With Ukrainian Researchers ‘Isolating Deadly Pathogens’ Using Funds From Obama’s Defense Department.

      The U.S. President’s son was instrumental in funding a firm conducting pathogen and anthrax research in Ukrainian biolabs’:

    373. gregor says:

      BBC (24/05/2021): What is the Great Reset – and how did it get hijacked by conspiracy theories?

      “A vague set of proposals from an influential organisation has been transformed by online conspiracy theorists into a powerful viral rallying cry. What is the truth behind the “Great Reset”?

      …lack of clarity, combined with the plan being launched by an influential organisation, provided fertile ground for conspiracy theories to grow.

      Among the most popular posts are baseless statements that the Great Reset is a strategic part of a grand conspiracy by the global elite, who somehow planned and managed the Covid-19 pandemic…”:

      BBC Monitoring: Some of our customers:

      “We provide services to the rest of the BBC, the UK Government and a range of commercial clients…”:

      BBC: Corporate Partnerships:

      “We are dedicated to creating long-lasting and mutually beneficial relationships with all of our partners…”:

      BBC Where Our Money Comes From:

      “…wide range of funders, including national governments, the UN and other international organisations, foundations, corporate partners and private individuals..

      …gifts from individual donors continued to raise valuable unrestricted income for the organisation.”:

    374. gregor says:

      ZeroHedge (04/08/2021): Is The Great Reset Real?

      “…the Great Reset is right out there in the open for everyone to see. The people pushing it brag about it, speak of it openly, craft propaganda campaigns around it, refer to it explicitly by name, and get publicly frustrated and angry when the “dog isn’t going to eat the dog food.

      …Klaus Schwab isn’t some random guy… he is an extremely powerful man and head of one of the most important elite globalist organization in the world, the World Economic Forum…

      Alarmingly, the BBC and others are running articles encouraging you not to believe your own lying eyes, insisting that this is a conspiracy theory not rooted in fact.”:

      RT News (03/01/2021): GREAT RESET: What the future MIGHT look like in 2021 – if the controlling elites have their way:

      “Vaccine passports for everyone…

      Digital IDs and social credit scores…

      Inequality on steroids…

      A new push for environmentalism…

      The real and unreal blur – discussion is censored….

      …actual implementation of the ‘Great Reset’ will depend on the imagination and ambition of governments and their corporate partners, and how well this squares against economic necessity and public resistance.

      The most likely outcome is that the reset gets rolled out in a piecemeal fashion.”:

    375. gregor says:

      World Economic Forum: our Partners:

      “Partners are leading global companies…

      Our Partners engage in Forum Platforms to shape the future, accessing networks and experts to ensure strategic decision-making on the most pressing world issues.”:

      World Economic Forum: people:

      Melanie Dawes: Chief Executive, Office of Communications (Ofcom):

      World Economic Forum: Great Reset:

      “…the World Economic Forum is starting The Great Reset initiative…

      …determining the future state of global relations, the direction of national economies, the priorities of societies, the nature of business models and the management of a global commons…”:

    376. gregor says:

      ‘Joe Biden Snapping At Voters’ (re. questioned on Biden/Ukraine corruption):

      “You’re a damn liar man! – that’s not true!!!”:


    377. gregor says:


      “The Plaintiff, Donald J. Trump, by and through his undersigned counsel, hereby serves his suit against the Defendants, Hillary R. Clinton, HFACC, Inc., the Democratic National Committee, DNC Services Corporation, Perkins Coie, LLC, Michael Sussmann, Marc Elias, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Charles Halliday Dolan, Jr., Jake Sullivan, John Podesta, Robert E. Mook, Phillipe Reines, Fusion GPS, Glenn Simpson, Peter Fritsch, Nellie Ohr, Bruce Ohr, Orbis Business Intelligence, Ltd., Christopher Steele, Igor Danchenko, Neustar, Inc., Rodney Joffe, James Comey, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, Kevin Clinesmith, Andrew McCabe, John Does 1 through 10 (said namesbeing fictious and unknown persons), and ABC Corporations 1 through 10 (said names being fictitious and unknown entities) and alleges as follows:


      1. In the run-up to the 2016 Presidential Election, Hillary Clinton and her cohorts orchestrated an unthinkable plot – one that shocks the conscience and is an affront to this nation’s
      democracy. Acting in concert, the Defendants maliciously conspired to weave a false narrative…”:

    378. gregor says:

      MEP Christine Anderson (23/03/2022):

      ‘Prime Minister Trudeau: a disgrace for any democracy’:


    379. gregor says:

      Former AG Bill Barr (21/03/2022):

      Joe Biden (& intelligence officials) lied to the American people re. Hunter Biden laptop/s:


    380. gregor says:

      The legacy/future of WEF woke: Video:

    381. gregor says:

      YonhapNewsAgency (25/03/2022):

      ‘N. Korean leader says his country will prepare for long-term confrontation with U.S.’:

    382. gregor says:

      RTNews (24/03/2022): ‘Russia makes Hunter Biden biolab claim’:

      “Russia has revealed details behind the sponsorship of the secretive research.

      A sprawling network of Ukrainian biological laboratories has received funding from US government agencies and companies closely affiliated with top American elites, the Russian military claimed on Thursday.

      The fresh allegations were presented by Lieutenant General Igor Kirillov, commander of the Russian Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Protection Forces, during a press briefing…”:

    383. gregor says:

      454_Katityana_Redacted (re. Biden Laptop/s from hell):


      “Hey baby! How are you? Are you in nyc? It’s Kateryna from Ukraine

      Do you remember me?”

      Hunter Biden:

      “When did you get back beautiful.”


      “backed 2 month ago I wrote u, u didn’t answer me.”

      Hunter Biden:

      “I never sW it want to get on a plane tonight and meet me in LA?”


      “Ah . For how long? Baby.”

      Hunter Biden:

      “A day two a month whatever…

      You can Face time me and remember how incredibly hot I am…

      Now thats exciting you beautiful woman. I’m going to be naked and ready.

      What’s your email Address. Give me your full name… Mmm.

      Lets not wear clothes until i bring you back to airport…”:

    384. gregor says:

      BBC (25/03/2022): ‘Russia considers accepting Bitcoin for oil and gas’:

      “Russia is considering accepting Bitcoin as payment for its oil and gas exports, according to a high-ranking lawmaker.

      Pavel Zavalny says “friendly” countries could be allowed to pay in the crypto-currency or in their local currencies.”:

    385. gregor says:

      Mirror (24/03/2022): Rishi Sunak’s wife has £490million stake in company still operating in Moscow:

      “Rishi Sunak ’s wife has a £490million stake in a company which is still operating in Moscow and has links to a major Russian bank.
      Multi-millionaire Akshata Murthy has shares in tech giant Infosys, owned by her father, Indian billionaire Narayana Murthy.

      The Murthy family’s stake in Infosys reportedly runs to several billion. The firm has four offices in the UK as well as one in Kulakov Lane, Moscow, but is Indian-owned so not subject to UK sanctions…”:

      World Economic Forum: Partners:


    386. gregor says:

      World Economic Forum: Awards: N.R. Narayana Murthy:

      Rediff (24/11/2002): ‘Klaus Schwab, president of the World Economic Forum, with N R Narayana Murthy, chairman of Infosys Technologies, at the opening ceremony of the India Economic Summit in New Delhi’:

    387. gregor says:

      World Economic Forum (2021): Global Agenda: Here’s how rising inflation is affecting us around the world:

      “…price of oil is a major driver of inflation because it is used to make and deliver goods.

      …shortages of raw materials and finished products caused by the economic recovery…

      Around the world, seven out of 10 people in the Ipsos survey said they had experienced rising prices for vehicle fuel, car payments, maintenance, parking and public transport, as well as groceries, meals and restaurants…”:

    388. gregor says:

      World Economic Forum (2014): Global Agenda: Why the future of work is already here:

      “The future of work is already here — that is one thing I’ve realized with great certainty. Whether we meet this form effectively, and with grace, is unfolding as we speak…”:

    389. John Main says:

      Hey Gregs

      This is awesome stuff man, just awesome. Big respect.

      Maybes one tiny, wee quibble 🙂

      So many posts from you, so little time to read them all. Could you maybes just summarise every now and again?

      Say, every baker’s dozen, you provide a precis or summary to keep us all up-to-speed with your discoveries and insights.

    390. gregor says:

      BBC DEVIL (15 November 2020): ‘Covid-19: Normal life back next winter, says vaccine creator’:

      “…jab could halve transmission of the virus, resulting in a “dramatic reduction in cases”.

      …BioNTech and co-developers Pfizer said preliminary analysis showed their vaccine could prevent more than 90% of people from getting Covid-19….”:

      BBC (25/03/2022): ‘UK Covid infections climb by a million in a week’:

      “A high number of infections means the UK can expect Covid hospitalisations to rise too, although vaccines are still helping to stop many severe cases, say experts…”:

    391. gregor says:

      RTNews (25/03/2022): ‘Moscow wants US to comment on Hunter Biden’s alleged link with Ukrainian biolabs’:

      “Russia wants to hear comments from the US government on the alleged involvement of Hunter Biden into financing a network of biolabs in Ukraine, which Moscow suspects of conducting bioweapons research, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on Friday. The embattled presidential son was financially linked to the Ukrainian labs by the Russian military this week.

      “We will certainly demand explanations. And not us alone. You know that China has asked for explanations, demanded transparency over this program and this situation,” Peskov said…”:

    392. gregor says:

      233_BIDEN ROBERT & +1 (410) 829-9339 (re. Biden laptop/s from hell):

      Hunter Biden:

      “I dont trust any doctor that I haven’t spoken to and have-not gotten at least 3 opinions. I know you agree with that…”:

      Joe Biden (26/06/2021): “Get vaccinated!”:

    393. gregor says:

      NewYorkPost (23/03/2022):’The White House can’t just wash away the stink of Hunter Biden’s laptop’:

      “For 17 months, Joe Biden and his aides have ignored the scandal, broken by The Post three weeks before the 2020 election.

      They have denied our revelations, refused to respond to our questions, told lies, and relied on their media and Big Tech allies to censor and cover up credible allegations of corruption involving the president and his family.

      But the dam is about to burst, as more Americans learn about the scandal and draw negative conclusions about Biden’s integrity.

      An exclusive Rasmussen poll obtained by The Post shows a staggering 65% of voters believe it is “likely” that Joe Biden was involved in — and may have profited from — his son Hunter’s overseas business deals…”:

    394. gregor says:

      MarcoPolo (nonprofit research group exposing corruption and blackmail):

      Report on the Biden laptop:

    395. gregor says:

      Ashley Biden re. Hunter Biden:

      “I also think that we won’t end up being together – I have no more illusions. Things that really make me wonder/quiver – and I saw it the first night I was with him. When he kicked me out of the car + left me to walk home.

      1. Doesn’t give a damn really –super self-centered.

      2. Never asks about you or follows up on anything – can’t be bothered.

      3. Constantly spilling – could be something else thought so not trying to be judgemental.

      4. His looks sometimes make me uncomfortable.

      Bottom line: I don’t think he was who I thought he was…”:

    396. gregor says:

      Hunter Biden and Wallmart chairman (10/25/2018): Soft coup planning call:

    397. gregor says:

      Hunter Biden: Most genius shit ever (re. “the fu**ing spy chief of China”):

    398. gregor says:

      Guardian (02/03/2022): ’Tackling inflation is ‘top priority’, says Biden in State of the Union address’:

      MarketWatch (25/03/2022): ‘Biggest share of Americans since 1940s say their financial health will get worse in year ahead’:

      “Americans aren’t happy about much right now… The biggest worry is the worst bout of inflation in 40 years. The cost of living has jumped almost 8% in the past year, outstripping a rapid increase in worker pay…

      Americans are already paying a lot more for cars, homes, rent food, gas and other staples…”:

      DailyMail (23/03/2022): EXCLUSIVE: ‘Living her best life! Hunter Biden’s wife Melissa Cohen, 35, flaunts her toned body on Ipanema Beach in Rio as her husband faces grand jury probe…’:

      “…spent the day solo, flaunting her toned beach body in a yellow bikini top and navy blue patterned bottoms… A contingent of Secret Service agents – costing US taxpayers thousands – were nearby at all times and dressed in plain clothes…

      …Melissa is in town for the Orphaned Starfish Foundation’s benefit for the LGBTQ+ community…”:

    399. gregor says:

      The Libertarian Republican Podcast: (24/03/2022):

      You Should Be Angry:

      “The Democrats, their Media and their allies inside the Federal Bureaucracy have been lying to us all for years, and they’ve done it to protect themselves from anybody (like Donald Trump) who might want to reduce their power. It should make you angry.”:

    400. John Main says:

      @Gregs 7:08

      I used to have a pair of collared doves roosting on my roof.

      One of them would give a soft coo from time to time.

      I never thought to post about it, before now. Thanks Gregs.

    401. gregor says:

      GatewayPundit (25/03/2022): It All Comes Together: Hunter, Burisma, Kolomoisky, Zelensky and the “Children Burned Alive in Donetsk”:

      “A 2012 study of Burisma Holdings done in Ukraine by the AntiCorruption Action Center (AntAC), an investigative nonprofit co-funded by American billionaire George Soros and the U.S. State Department, found that the true owner of Burisma Holdings was none other than Ukrainian billionaire-oligarch Ihor Kolomoisky”, Kanekoa writes.

      The “Pandora Papers” leaked by Soros NGOs ICIJ and OCCRP in 2021 “show that Zelensky and his partners in TV production company Kvartal 95 set up a network of offshore firms dating back to at least 2012…

      …Zelensky’s production company “entered into a deal with Kolomoisky’s media group, which allegedly received $41 million in funds from Kolomoisky ’s Privatbank”, Kanekoa says….

      After the 2014 Maidan Coup, the West began propping up the Ukraine government with $15 billion from the International Monetary Fund. This money vanished almost completely under mysterious circumstances, allegedly through oligarch-held banks like PrivatBank. Some of it may have even gone to the Clinton campaign…

      Igor Kolomoisky was also a “top funder of neo-Nazi Azov Battalion… A 2014 Amnesty International report accused Kolomoisky’s Aidar Battalion of war crimes in Donbas, specifically citing, “widespread abuses, including abductions, unlawful detention, ill-treatment, theft, extortion, and possible executions”. Over 14.000 people have been killed in the war over Donbass since 2014.

      …Human Rights Watch reported that Ukrainian government forces and pro-government militias were responsible for the widespread use of cluster munitions in populated areas in Donetsk city…
      Text messages found on Hunter Biden’s laptop show Hunter Biden asking his lover Hallie Biden, his brother’s widow, if she believed that he had “children burned alive in DONETSK” or “children killed in Donetsk, Ukraine”.”

      These seemingly bizarre remarks by the President’s son Hunter may be a reference to his alleged Burisma boss Kolomoisky, who was also allegedly funding the neo-Nazi Azov Battalion, which is accused of war crimes and the shelling of civilians and children in Donbass.”:

    402. gregor says:

      WorldGovernmentSummit: Klaus Schwab:

      “…knighted by Queen Elizabeth II – Knight Commander of the Order of Saint Michael and Saint George (KCMG).”:

    403. gregor says:

      BBC (25/03/2022): ‘World freedoms at stake, President Biden tells US troops’:

      “….back home Mr Biden faces scepticism over his Ukraine response…

      What’s at stake is what your kids and grandkids are going to look like in terms of their freedom,” he said…”: (18/01/2016): ‘Davos and its danger to Democracy’:

      “We are increasingly entering a world where gatherings such as Davos are not laughable billionaire playgrounds, but rather the future of global governance.

      The real concern about the WEF, however, …is rather that this unaccountable invitation-only gathering is increasingly where global decisions are being taken and moreover is becoming the default form of global governance

      Less well known is the fact that WEF since 2009 has been working on an ambitious project called the Global Redesign Initiative, (GRI), which effectively proposes a transition away from intergovernmental decision-making towards a system of multi-stakeholder governance.  

      In other words, by stealth, they are marginalising a recognised model where we vote in governments who then negotiate treaties which are then ratified by our elected representatives with a model where a self-selected group of ‘stakeholders’ make decisions on our behalf.

    404. gregor says:

      World Economic Forum: People:

      Joe Biden: US President

      World Economic Forum: Agenda Contributor:

      Joe Biden: Vice President

      World Economic Forum (2020): Great Reset:

      “World Economic Forum is starting The Great Reset initiative.”:

    405. gregor says:

      Re_ Metabiota next week(2):

      “Hunter, Eric and Rob,

      We had a great dinner with Nathan and Robert from Metabiota last night. They are looking to do a series A in a few months which may allow us to mark up our investment to 5x what we paid. They are digitizing the microbial world; what Palantir is to the CIA, Metabiota is the USDA.

      Do you guys have any rshps at DHS that would be helpful to them? They asked about this last night. They may be willing to pay someone a retainer to be helpful to them on this front. Also, if you guys could take time to meet with Nathan and Robert when they are in the DC office next week that would be great.


      John DeLoche
      Managing Director
      Rosemont Seneca Technology Partners”:

    406. gregor says:

      Fwd_ MEMO_ Ukraine Science:

      From: Devon Archer
      Sent: Monday, April 07, 2014 at 07:27:21 PM CEST
      To: “Hunter Biden”
      Priority: Low
      Subject: Fwd: MEMO: Ukraine Science

      FYI…I’ll ask he send some questions and we’ll discuss tomorrow.

      Dear Devon,

      Thank you for materials send with regard to Metabiota project.
      It looks very interesting. While my time as government official I worked with such type of projects in other areas. Although in order to grasp better whet we could do and where opportunity lies here we need to discuss it further in greater details. Please advise should I write some initial questions by email to you and you will forward them to person in charge or we could discuss in via skype or/and wher I arrive?

      Regards, vadym

      Fwd_ MEMO_ Ukraine Science(1):

      See questions below. Probably best if we could get a quick turnaround on answers from the team.

      Devon Archer
      646 436 3745
      Begin forwarded message:

      Dear Devon,

      Please find few initial points to be discussed for the purposes of analyzing the potential of this as you called, “Science Ukraine” project.

      1. Financing. As I understand the Metabiota was a subcontract to principal contactor of the DoD B&V. Today they seem to state that financing is closed. What was the reason of stopping the projects and financing of the projects? They look for a new financing. Do they expect to receive it again from B&V or they look for else

      2. What kind of partnership Metabiota is looking for in Ukraine? From potential non-governmental player in Kiev? Rebuilt the ties with respective ministries in Ukraine, and on the basis of that reinstate the financing from the B&V? Or they look for partnership in managing projects in Ukraine, PR with Government institutions
      here, financing of the projects?

      (( Metabiota counterparts in Ukraine were ( i.e. final beneficiary and the recipient of the results of the projects) were ministries of from Ukraine, Ministry of Agriculture and Ministry of Health.

      From the Ukrainian governmental point of you, it looks like standard International Assistance project, that could be technical, financial, etc))

      3. The principal contactor B&V seems to be also the party that operates in Ukraine on the similar or the same projects. There is no competition here?

      Best regards, vadym
      2014-04-07 20:28 GMT+03:00 Devon A

    407. gregor says:

      Fwd_ MEMO_ Ukraine Science(2):

      From: Mary Guttieri
      Subject: MEMO: Ukraine Science
      Date: April 4, 2014 at 12:14:59 AM EDT
      To: “hbiden [at] rosemontseneca [dot] com”
      Cc: “eschwerin [at] rosemontseneca [dot] com” , “kdodge [at] rosemontseneca [dot] com” ,
      Kathy Dimeo , Robert Mann

      Hi Hunter,

      I hope you enjoyed a smooth flight across the pond and that this finds you and your wife enjoying a wonderful Friday in beautiful Lake Como!

      Thanks so much for taking time out of your intense schedule to meet with Kathy and I on Tuesday. We very much enjoyed our discussion. As promised, i’ve prepared the attached memo, which provides an overview of Metabiota, our engagement in Ukraine, and how we can potentially leverage our team, networks, and concepts to assert Ukraine’s cultural and economic independence from Russia and continued integration into Western society…”:

    408. gregor says:

      Fwd_ in-q-tel:

      From: John DeLoche
      Sent: Thursday, October 02, 2014 at 03:29:19 AM CEST
      To: “hunter [at] rstp [dot] com” , “rob [at] rstp [dot] com”
      , “eric [at] rstp [dot] com”
      Cc: “devon [at] rstp [dot] com” , “neil [at] rstp [dot] com”
      , “will [at] rstp [dot] com”
      Priority: Low
      Subject: Fwd: in-q-tel
      Fyi below. Do you guys know George or Tara?


      That’s great. Gillman Louie is the founder of In q tel and a close friend of mine and Will’s. He runs his own firm now, Alsop Louie partners in SF. We will make an intro when the time is right.

      On Oct 1, 2014, at 6:21 PM, Nathan Wolfe

      Wanted to give you a heads up that I got an intro to George Hoyem at in-q-tel – I don’t think that was the person you mentioned but wanted to make sure. He is based in SF.

      He’s connected me with a recent in-q-tel hire, Tara O’Toole whose work I know very well and who was former director of Science and Tech for DHS.


    409. gregor says:

      HMTreasury (14/10/2021):

      “To mark the launch of the G7’s new report on Central Bank Digital Currencies, the Chancellor Rishi Sunak explains what CBDCs are and how they could benefit businesses and consumers”:


    410. gregor says:

      UKGov (14/10/2021): Policy Paper:

      G7 Public Policy Principles for Retail Central Bank Digital Currencies and G7 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors’ Statement on Central Bank Digital Currencies and Digital Payments:

      World Economic Forum (19/11/2021): Digital Currency Governance Consortium White Paper Series:

      “Innovations in technology are driving rapid development of new forms of money. The way global leaders from public and private sectors develop, coordinate and regulate such digital currencies will have profound implications on society’s capacity to harness their benefits…

      Two distinct forms of digital currency – central bank digital currency (CBDC) and “stablecoins” – have caught the attention of policy-makers and the private sector in recent years.”:

      Privacy and confidentiality options for CBDC:

      “As more central banks begin researching the possibilities of issuing a central bank digital currency (CBDC), there is a common concern around the impact this will have on privacy. Of the 8,200 comments received by the European Central Bank (ECB) during its consultation period on the potential for a Euro-denominated CBDC, 41% of all replies centred around privacy.

      CBDC acceptance will therefore depend in part on users’ trust in the privacy offered by CBDC.”:

    411. gregor says:

      Hill (25/03/2022): ‘Issa lays groundwork for House GOP probe into Hunter Biden laptop story’:

      “…Issa on Wednesday sent record and document preservation requests to several tech company executives, former intelligence officials and top White House aides relating to the initial story in the New York Post about the laptop contents belonging to President Biden’s son.

      “GOP leaders have already promised an avalanche of investigative and oversight activity if they are in the majority, including into Hunter Biden, the origins of the COVID-19 virus and the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan…

      Other outlets, including The New York Times, have since authenticated portions of the laptop contents. But at the time, there were widespread concerns about the authenticity of the contents and how they were obtained, with some worrying that the material was hacked.

      Twitter blocked users from sharing a link to the New York Post story for a little over two weeks in October 2020, at the height of the presidential race…”:

    412. gregor says:

      General Michael Flynn (26/03/2022): Dangers of a NWO: Video:

    413. gregor says:

      CDMedia (26/03/2022): BREAKING: Hunter Biden Laptop Contains Multiple Department Of Defense ‘Encryption Keys’ With Twenty Plus Year Expiration Dates To Allow Holder Access To DoD Databases:

      “CDMedia has confirmed the Hunter Biden infamous ‘laptop from Hell’ contains many U.S. Department of Defense ‘root encryption certificates’, or encryption keys to DoD databases. The keys have unusual long-term expiration dates, with many lasting twenty years or more…

      This situation raises multiple questions…”:

    414. John Main says:


      “This situation raises multiple questions…”

      If you are writing about your own one-baker spamming attempts on here, you are surely right.

      BTW, can a baker be said to “spam”? There’s another question.

    415. gregor says:

      Joe Biden (1999):

      “I suggested bombing Belgrade. I suggested sending American pilots and blowing up all the bridges on the Danube.”:


    416. gregor says:

      369_Robert Biden & Finnegan Biden (re. Biden laptop/s from hell):

      Nov 30, 2018, 10:47 PM

      Hunter Biden:

      “Would love to hear it.”

      Finnegan Biden:

      “Currency exchange trading. Invest when money is highly inflated and wait for it to go back down.”

      Hunter Biden:

      “Well that’s interesting.”

      Finnegan Biden:

      “Thought i came up with that idea but apparently it’s already a thing.

      But my idea is basically like exchange 1000 US dollars to Venezuelan dollars= like a million Venezuelan dollars. THEN take the ven dollars, take them out of Venezuela, store them in a bank or whatever and wait for the money deflates to normal then
      exchange it back to US dollars BOOM.”

      Hunter Biden:

      “yes That’s how George Soros broke the bank of England.”

    417. John Main says:

      @Gregs 7:48

      “Well that’s interesting”


    418. gregor says:

      DailyExpose (26/03/2022): “The PfizerGate Scandal: Governments worldwide are hiding data to disguise the fact the Covid Vaccines damage the Immune System and cause AIDS”:

    419. gregor says:

      BBC (29/05/2020): Twitter hides Trump tweet for ‘glorifying violence’:

      BBC (28/03/2022): ‘Will Smith hits Chris Rock on Oscars stage’:

    420. John Main says:

      @Gregs 8:30

      COVID vaccines cause AIDS !!!

      Excellent spot Gregs. What would we do without you to keep us all safe?

      But why are you hiding away here Gregs? You should be posting this on the current thread.

      Get this latest blockbuster news item out there!

    421. gregor says:

      Why are grossly and wilfully (criminally) negligent covid managers (e.g. Scot Gov/Public Health Scotland/NHS, et al) ignoring key WHO vaccination health advice and warnings:

      Guardian (12/01/2022): Repeated Covid boosters not viable strategy against new variants, WHO experts warn:

      World Health Organization experts have warned that repeating booster doses of the original Covid vaccines is not a viable strategy against emerging variants and called for new jabs that better protect against transmission.

      “A vaccination strategy based on repeated booster doses of the original vaccine composition is unlikely to be appropriate or sustainable,” the WHO Technical Advisory Group on Covid-19 Vaccine Composition (TAG-Co-VAC) said in a statement published on Tuesday…”:

    422. gregor says:

      Why isn’t Scottish State/NHS/Public Health Scotland/mainstream media (et al) communicating the horrific fact that maximum vaccinated status provides the greatest covid infection rates/infection odds – of all (e.g. 3-jabs shows a greater virus infection rate than 2-jabs; vaccinated can result in negative efficacy levels):

    423. gregor says:

      Why is non-transparent Scottish State/Public Health Scotland, not allowing public access to raw public covid data (public’s due Right): a societal imperative:

      GlasgowTimes (17/02/2022):

      Covid data will not be published over concerns it’s misrepresented by anti-vaxxers’:

    424. gregor says:

      Why are covid managers/messengers wilfully ignoring ‘British science flagships’ (e.g. two-faced, back-stabbing BBC had no issues reporting BMJ Editorials, pre. covid pandemic):

      BMJ (19/01/2022):


      ‘Covid-19 vaccines and treatments: we must have raw data, now.

      Data should be fully and immediately available for public scrutiny’:

    425. gregor says:

      BMJ (16/03/2022): ‘The illusion of evidence based medicine’:

      ‘Evidence based medicine has been corrupted by corporate interests, failed regulation, and commercialisation of academia…’

      “The advent of evidence based medicine was a paradigm shift intended to provide a solid scientific foundation for medicine. The validity of this new paradigm, however, depends on reliable data from clinical trials, most of which are conducted by the pharmaceutical industry and reported in the names of senior academics.

      The release into the public domain of previously confidential pharmaceutical industry documents has given the medical community valuable insight into the degree to which industry sponsored clinical trials are misrepresented.

      Until this problem is corrected, evidence based medicine will remain an illusion…”:

    426. gregor says:

      Why is the State mass deceiving the public (re. covid vaccination liability):

      UKGov: Vaccine Damage Payment: Overview:

      “If you’re severely disabled as a result of a vaccination against certain diseases, you could get a one-off tax-free payment of £120,000. This is called a Vaccine Damage Payment…

      You can still take legal action to claim compensation…”

    427. gregor says:

      Independent (02/05/2021): ‘Coronavirus vaccine: Pfizer given protection from legal action by UK government’:

      Reuters (30/07/2020): ‘AstraZeneca to be exempt from coronavirus vaccine liability claims in most countries’:

      Fortune (07/04/2021): ‘If a COVID-19 vaccine does turn out to be dangerous, who’s on the hook?’:

      “Usually, drug manufacturers are liable for the safety of their products, and they spend many years developing and testing their drugs to ensure they are safe to use.

      That’s not how things work in a pandemic.”:

    428. gregor says:

      Ex-Sky & ITV News Executive Mark Sharman on Ofcom’s warning to ‘not question the official Government line.’:

      ‘It created an environment which led to the biggest assault on freedom of speech and democracy I’ve known in my lifetime.’:


    429. gregor says:

      Gazette (27/12/2019):

      The Queen has been graciously pleased to give orders for the following promotions in, and appointments to, the Most Honourable Order of the Bath:


      To be Ordinary Members of the Civil Division of the Second Class, or Dames Commander, of the said Most Honourable Order:

      Melanie Henrietta DAWES C.B.

      World Economic Forum: People:

      Melanie Dawes: Chief Executive, Office of Communications (Ofcom):

    430. gregor says:

      Ofcom (12/02/2020): ‘Ofcom Board appoints Dame Melanie Dawes as Chief Executive’:

      “…In view of the fact that the new role would mean change for Ofcom over the next few years, the Secretary of State has indicated that the Government would like a Chair to be in place who is able to oversee the successful implementation of any changes in full…”:


      The Chief Executive of Ofcom is a public appointment made by the Ofcom Board, involving an independent panel member. It is subject to approval by the Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, Baroness (Nicky) Morgan.

    431. gregor says:

      World Economic Forum (2014): Agenda:

      ‘How different types of motivation affect your career’:

      “…Nicky Morgan, the education secretary, recently said that STEM subjects – sciences, technology, engineering and maths – unlock doors to all sorts of careers…”:

    432. gregor says:


      Baroness Morgan of Cotes’s full title is The Right Hon. the Baroness Morgan of Cotes. Her name is Nicky Ann Morgan, and she is a current member of the House of Lords:

      Registered Interests for Baroness Morgan of Cotes.

      Category 1: Directorships:

      Independent Non-executive Director, Santander UK plc (financial services).

      Independent Board Chair, Association of British Insurers (ABI)…

    433. gregor says:

      World Economic Forum: Partners:

      Banco Santander:

    434. gregor says:

      Parliament.UK: The Register of Members’ Financial Interests Patel, Priti (Witham):

      Employment and earnings:

      From 4 January 2019 to 24 July 2019, non-executive director of Accloud Plc…:

      ThisIsMoneyUK (29/06/2019): ‘Tory MP Priti Patel facing questions about transparency after it emerges potential shares windfall in her name registered with Commons after she was quizzed by us’:

      “…revealed eight weeks ago that software accounting firm Accloud was planning to float on AIM, London’s junior stock market – and that it had recently recruited the MP for Witham in Essex as a non-executive director…

      At that point, the register of MPs’ financial interests listed only Patel’s £45,000-a-year salary as a director. The register did not show 20,000 share options handed to her in February – these were registered on May 3, the day after she was approached by The Mail on Sunday. Those share options mean that when Accloud floats, Patel will be in line for a windfall…”:

    435. gregor says:

      Accloud (23/02/2020): ‘Non executive director, Dominic McVey impacts Davos 2020’:

      “Dominic was a key contributor to numerous discussions around the innovations that are addressing some of the world’s biggest problems and driving sustainable development on a global scale…”:

      World Economic Forum: People:

      Priti Patel: Home Secretary, Home Office of the United Kingdom:

    436. gregor says:

      Professor Klaus Schwab:


      1988 Cross of the National Order of Merit of Germany
      1995 Commander’s Cross of the National Order of Merit of Germany
      1997 Knight of the Légion d’Honneur of France
      1997 Golden Grand Cross of the National Order of Austria
      1997 Medal of Freedom of the Republic of Slovenia
      2002 National Order of the Republic of Poland, Commander’s Cross with Star
      2002 Highest-level Order of Friendship of the Republic of Kazakhstan
      2003 Order of Stara Planina, First Class, Bulgaria
      2005 Decoration of First Degree for Outstanding Giving, Jordan
      2006 Knighted by H.M. Queen Elizabeth II: Knight Commander of the Order of Saint Michael and
      Saint George (KCMG)
      2008 Award “For merits to the Republic of Lithuania”, Degree – Commander’s Cross
      2011 Order of the Polar Star of the Mongolian People’s Republic
      2012 Grand Cross with Star of the National Order of Merit of Germany
      2012 Mexican Order del Aguila Azteca
      2013 Grand Cordon of the Order of the Rising Sun of Japan
      2014 Colombian Order of San Carlos
      2018 Friendship Medal for outstanding contribution to 40 years of China’s reform and opening


      2000 Annual Award of the International Institute of Education
      2000 Annual Award and Fellow of the Foreign Policy Association, USA
      2001 Candlelight Award presented by UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan
      2002 Annual Award of the Fondation pour Genève
      2002 Guggenheim Humanitarian Award
      2002 ICCJ – International Council of Christians and Jews Award
      2004 Dan David Prize, Tel Aviv University
      2005 Transatlantic Bridge Award
      2006 Freedom of the City of London
      2006 UCD Ulysses Medal , University College Dublin, Ireland
      2007 Admission into the German Business Hall of Fame
      2010 Atlantic Council Global Citizen Award
      2016 Reinhard Mohn Price for Responsible Entrepreneurship
      2016 Progress Medal, Society for Progress, INSEAD
      2018 Global Economy Price, Kiel Institute for the World Economy

    437. gregor says:

      GardenStateFamilies (13/01/2021): Worldview:

      ‘Klaus Schwab – The Most Dangerous Man In The World’:

      “Mr. Schwab seems to be fascinated with transhumanism, where he sees a merger of humans and machines… He delights in “sensors, memory switches and circuits that can be encoded in common human gut bacteria” and that “Smart Dust, arrays of full computers with antennas, each much smaller than a grain of sand, can now organize themselves inside the body” and that “implanted devices will likely also help to communicate thoughts normally expressed verbally through a built-in smartphone, and potentially unexpressed thoughts or mood by reading brain waves and other signals.” With these ideas, one cannot help but think of Joseph Mengele…

      We will be encouraged not to touch the products we buy. Simple pleasures like smelling a melon or squeezing a fruit will be frowned upon…”

      Mr. Schwab writes:

      “…acute crisis contribute to boosting the power of the state… youth activism is increasing worldwide, being revolutionized by social media that increases mobilization to an extent that would have been impossible before it. …ranging from non-institutionalized political participation to demonstrations and protests, and addresses issues as diverse as climate change, economic reforms, gender equality, and LGBTQ rights. The young generation is firmly at the vanguard of social change. There is little doubt that it will be the catalyst for change and a source of critical momentum for the Great Reset.”…:

    438. gregor says:

      Oceanside, California city council meeting (28/03/2022):

      Gender Studies Professor (Mark Dice) Openly Admits Democrats’ Endgame For American Children:


    439. gregor says:

      28/03/2022: Joe Biden press conference:


      “Do you believe what you said..”

      Biden said, he’s “not walking anything back.” He says he was expressing “moral outrage” not “articulating policy change.

      Joe Biden continued:

      “…secondly you asked me – ww-what was the second part ???”


      “…does it complicate things ?”

      Joe Biden:

      “….No, I don’t think it does – you know, th-err-th-errm, the fact is that we’re in a situation where err-umm, what complicates the situation… That makes the whole world say: ‘my God, what’s that man doing’ – that’s what complicates things a great deal, and errm-umm – but I don’t think it complicates things, at all.”

    440. gregor says:

      Biden press conference continued:


      “I still want to get back to your original words… (re. Putin cannot remain in power). Can you help us understand…?”

      Joe Biden:

      “…its ridiculous – nobody believes we’re gonna takedown, I was going to, I was talking about taking down Putin – nobody believes that… “:


    441. gregor says:


      “To turn a piece of electronic equipment off and then on again when it does not work correctly, to make it start working correctly again.”

      “To change the position on the controls of a piece of equipment.”

      “Covid-19 has provided many people with an opportunity to reset.”

      Golden opportunity:

      “An outstanding, perhaps even ideal, chance to do something. Often one that happens rarely.”

      “An excellent opportunity that is not likely to be repeated.”

    442. gregor says:


      “The awakening of a feeling or realization is the start of it.”

      “The awakening of national consciousness in people.”

      “The Great Awakening”

    443. gregor says:

      DailySceptic( 28/03/2022): Doctors Bring Legal Challenge Against Government for “Grossly Irresponsible” Children’s Covid Vaccine Rollout:

      “A group of doctors is launching a legal challenge against the U.K. Government’s offer of a Covid vaccine to healthy five to 11 year-olds, on behalf of a British mother and her children, branding it “reckless” and “grossly irresponsible”….

      In the absence of an independent critical media or political opposition on this issue, the group says this is the only opportunity there will be to force the Government to account for its decision. The worry is officials will get off unchallenged and a dangerous precedent will be set for healthcare policy in the U.K… The group says that, even if the case is unsuccessful, it is of vital importance the arguments are made and the Government’s response recorded to form part of the public record. It adds:

      The Government… is stubbornly pushing ahead with the least logical, most reckless policy of all – experimental pharmaceutical interventions on our children.

      …sets out in detail… the evidence of a lack of any risk-benefit case for vaccinating children. …will show that crucial information is being hidden from the public and there is no benefit to children from vaccination. It will also show that adverse reactions from the vaccines are likely in the hundreds of thousands and there is demonstrable risk of life-changing injury and death.

      The group argues that despite the Government’s use of the word “offer”, which implies freedom of choice, basic information on the vaccine and its efficacy and side-effects has not been provided to parents and children…”:

    444. gregor says:

      Time (01/08/2014): ‘The Truth About Ebola’:

      “Metabiota, Inc. develops and supports human and animal infectious disease control efforts in Sierra Leone and more than 15 other countries worldwide. Metabiota supports programs such as the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) Emerging Pandemic Threats Program and Defense Threat Reduction Agency’s (DTRA) Cooperative Biological Engagement Program (CBEP). The views expressed here are ours alone. Professor Gbakima leads Metabiota’s efforts in Sierra Leone, Dr. Gonzalez has led outbreak research and response efforts around the world for more than 30 years, and Dr. Wolfe (@virushunter) is the founder of Metabiota, Inc.. Please follow us on Twitter at @metabiota.”:

    445. gregor says:

      TechCrunch (16/04/2019): ‘Want to know where epidemics are flaring up around the world? Metabiota has the tool for you’:

      “…company frames its tool as a public health service, given that the World Economic Forum has estimated that pandemics could cause $570 billion worth of annual losses to the global economy and that new strains of drug-resistant bacteria and deadly diseases continue to proliferate…

      …basically, it’s a sales tool to prey on the fears of a general population that hears too much and understands too little…”:

    446. gregor says:

      Moderna alongside the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) agreed to transfer ‘mRNA coronavirus vaccine candidates’ developed and jointly-owned by NIAID and Moderna to recipients ‘The Universisty of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’ on the 12th December 2019 (pre. Covid pandemic):

    447. John Main says:


      Congrats on (almost) taking over this thread with your busy, busy baking.

      Question: I have been vaccinated and now have a sniffle. Is that AIDS? Please help.

      [Asking for a friend]

    448. gregor says:

      A collection of Russian Defense Ministry presentations, as well as statements made by Russian Foreign Ministry officials on US-funded biolabs in Ukraine and their activities:

    449. gregor says:

      BIOBIDEN: Comment by Maria Zakharova, Russian MFA Spokeswoman (27/03/2022):

      We can get a rough idea of the US political elites’ involvement in the military biological activity in Ukraine if we rely on open sources as well as leaked documents. Below is an attempt to reconstruct the chronology of this involvement, though not a comprehensive one. There are many gaps in this truly diabolical plan that are still to be filled.

      1991 – the US launches the Nunn-Lugar programme for the former Soviet countries to control/eliminate Soviet weapons of mass destruction including bioweapons. The Pentagon’s Defence Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) was named as the programme’s main executor.
      1993 – the Ukraine-US Agreement on the Prevention of Proliferation of WMD
      2005 – an additional protocol is signed to the agreement between the Ukrainian Health Ministry and the DTRA on the prevention of the proliferation of technologies, pathogens and know-how that can be used to develop bioweapons. This is the start of the transfer of the Ukrainian military biological potential into US specialists’ hands.
      2000s – large US military-industrial companies are engaged in military biological activity in Ukraine.
      2005-2014 – Black & Veatch Special Projects, a DTRA contractor, builds and upgrades 8 biolabs in Ukraine instead of eliminating military biological infrastructure, as was originally claimed. One of the facilities, a biolab in Odessa, has been financed since 2011 for the study of “pathogens that can be used in bioterrorism attacks.”
      2007 – US DoD employee Nathan Wolfe founded Global Viral Forecasting Institute (subsequently – Global Viral), a biomedical company. The mission stated in the charter is non-commercial study of transborder infections, including in China.
      2009 – Rosemont Seneca Partners is established by former US Secretary of State John Kerry’ stepson Christopher Heinz and incumbent US President Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden.
      2014 – anti-constitutional coup d’etat in Ukraine.
      2014 – Hunter Biden joins the Board of Directors of Burisma Holdings, a Ukrainian energy company.
      2014 – Metabiota, a private commercial organisation specialising in the study of pandemic risks is detached from Global Viral. Neil Callahan and John DeLoche, employees of Hunter Biden’s company Rosemont Seneca Partners are appointed to the board of Metabiota. Global Viral and Metabiota begin to get funding from the US Department of Defence.
      2014 – Metabiota shows interest in Ukraine and invites Hunter Biden to “assert Ukraine’s cultural & economic independence from Russia”.
      2014 – Metabiota and Burisma Holdings begin cooperation on an unnamed “science project in Ukraine”.
      2014 – Metabiota, Global Viral and Black & Veatch Special Projects begin full- fledged cooperation within the US DoD programmes.
      2014-2016 – Implementation of Metabiota and US DoD contracts, including a $300,000 project in Ukraine.
      2016 – US citizen Ulana Nadia Suprun, a descendant of Ukrainian Nazis, is appointed Acting Health Minister of Ukraine. The US DoD and Ukraine’s Health Ministry cooperation programme is greatly expanded.
      2016 – an outbreak of swine flu among Ukrainian Defence Ministry personnel guarding a biolab in Kharkov, Ukraine; 20 dead. The incident is hushed up.
      2016 – former US Assistant Secretary for Defence Andrew Weber is appointed head of Metabiota’s global partnerships department.
      2016 – EcoHealth Alliance, a Global Viral founder Nathan Wolfe’s structure, is engaged in the study of bat-transmitted coronaviruses at the research centre in a Wuhan laboratory, China.
      2016 – the DTRA and Ukraine’s Health Ministry extend the contract after getting approval from the Ukrainian Defence Ministry.
      2019 – the COVID-19 mutated bat coronavirus pandemic begins with an outbreak in Wuhan.
      February 24, 2022 – launch of the Russian Army’s special operation in Ukraine.
      February 24-25, 2022 – rapid elimination of strains in biolabs in Ukraine.
      March 8, 2022 – US Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs Victoria Nuland openly acknowledges the existence of cooperation between the US and Ukraine in pathogens.

    450. John Main says:

      Hey Gregs

      1991 – 2022. Do the maths and that’s 31 long years.

      And still no usable bio-weapons, eh?

      It only took the Chinese 5 years to engineer and release Covid on the world. Looks like these Ukrainians and Satans are mega-dunces.

      “February 24, 2022 – launch of the Russian Army’s special operation in Ukraine”

      It’s a “Special Military Operation”.

      FFS, Gregs. If you are going to sabotage the Scots Indy cause by spamming Russian agitprop over and over and over again, at least try to get it right. That kind of carelessness just makes you look like a failed baker.

      Or maybes a rebranded Hattrick.

    451. gregor says:

      FBI can’t find Hunter Biden’s laptop (29/03/2022):

      FBI doesn’t know who should have it, and doesn’t know who Congress should ask to address such fundamental questions – despite being in possession of Hunter Biden’s laptop – for years: Video:

    452. gregor says:

      JustTheNews (29/03/2022): ‘National Institutes of Health deleted COVID info at Wuhan researcher’s request, emails show’:

      “The National Institutes of Health deleted information about COVID-19 genetic sequencing during the pandemic at the request of researchers in Wuhan, China, a move that created consternation in science circles, according to emails obtained by a nonpartisan whistleblower and government oversight group….

      The documents also show an expert advised then-NIH Director Francis Collins and Dr. Anthony Fauci, who leads the agency’s National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, that COVID originated outside of the Wuhan food market, as the Chinese government has claimed.

      The group says one of the most disconcerting elements of the emails is evidence showing the NIH has refused to participate in a transparent process to examine data on the deleted sequences…

      “Most importantly, why has NIH refused to examine archival copies of deleted sequences in an open scientific process to determine whether any of that information might be able to shed light on the origins of the COVID-19 pandemic?” the group asked.”:

    453. gregor says:

      Emails obtained by the Empower Oversight group (FIOA request):

    454. gregor says:

      Telegraph (22/02/2022): Wuhan lab leak theory ‘accepted as likely behind closed doors at No 10’:

      “A lab leak in Wuhan, China, is now considered the most likely origin of the Covid pandemic “behind closed doors” in the Government, it has been claimed…

      On Monday, the Prime Minister told the House of Commons that the UK biosecurity strategy would be refreshed to protect against “natural zoonosis and laboratory leaks”, in a public acknowledgement of the threat from insecure research facilities.

      There is mounting suspicion that Covid-19 leaked from the Wuhan Institute of Virology which had been collecting and experimenting on dangerous bat coronaviruses in the years before the virus first emerged in the city…”:

    455. gregor says:

      FinancialTimes (20/03/2020): Yuval Noah Harari: the world after coronavirus:

      “The decisions people and governments take in the next few weeks will probably shape the world for years to come. They will shape not just our healthcare systems but also our economy, politics and culture. We must act quickly and decisively… Many short-term emergency measures will become a fixture of life…

      …fast-forward historical processes. Decisions that in normal times could take years of deliberation are passed in a matter of hours. Immature and even dangerous technologies are pressed into service… Entire countries serve as guinea-pigs in large-scale social experiments….

      Under-the-skin surveillance:

      …entire populations need to comply. …two main ways of achieving this. One method is for the government to monitor people, and punish those who break the rules. …technology makes it possible to monitor everyone all the time. Fifty years ago, the KGB couldn’t follow 240m Soviet citizens 24 hours a day… …now governments can rely on ubiquitous sensors and powerful algorithms instead of flesh-and-blood spooks.  …several governments have already deployed the new surveillance tools. …technology normally reserved for battling terrorists…

      In recent years both governments and corporations have been using ever more sophisticated technologies to track, monitor and manipulate people…

      It is crucial to remember that anger, joy, boredom and love are biological phenomena just like fever and a cough. The same technology that identifies coughs could also identify laughs. If corporations and governments start harvesting our biometric data en masse, they can get to know us far better than we know ourselves, and they can then not just predict our feelings but also manipulate our feelings and sell us anything they want…”:

    456. gregor says:

      Fake News BBC debunks itself while destroying journalism standards:

      BBC (2022): ‘Ukraine crisis: Is Russia waging an information war?’:

      “Concerns have been raised about links between Ukrainian far-right groups and neo-Nazis – specifically the nationalist Azov battalion that came to prominence at the height of the Ukrainian conflict, and is now a unit within the country’s military….

      However, the far-right remains a small minority in the country…

      …there have been big spikes in stories linking Ukraine to Nazism, according to Logically, a technology company which has been tracking hundreds of pro-Kremlin social media accounts.
      At “key pivotal moments”, says Brian Murphy of Logically, these ideas have been widely shared across the pro-Russian media landscape…”:

    457. gregor says:


    458. gregor says:

      BBC (2014): Neo-Nazi threat in new Ukraine: NEWSNIGHT:

    459. gregor says:

      BBC (2014): Ukraine conflict: ‘White power’ warrior from Sweden:

    460. gregor says:

      BBC (2014): Ukraine underplays role of far right in conflict:

    461. gregor says:

      BBC (2015): Ukraine’s most-feared volunteers: BBC News:

    462. gregor says:

      BBC (2015): The far-right group threatening to overthrow Ukraine’s government: Newsnight:

    463. gregor says:

      BBC (2018): Ukraine: On patrol with the far-right National Militia: Newsnight:

    464. gregor says:

      BBC (2020): Ukraine coat of arms in UK anti-terror list furore: BBC News:

    465. gregor says:

      BBC (2021): Behind Belarusian ‘far-right mercenary’ claims: BBC News:

    466. gregor says:

      CNN (20/04/2021) ‘Maxine Waters on Saturday night called for protesters to “stay on the street” and “get more confrontational” if former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin is acquitted in the killing of George Floyd’:

      BBC (30/03/2022): ‘Joe Biden signs anti-lynching bill in historic first’:

    467. gregor says:

      CD Media (28/03/2022): ‘EXCLUSIVE: Cabal Shuts Down Jack Maxey Link In Switzerland To Hunter Metabiota Emails’:

      “The globalist ‘cabal’ has shut down the server link in Switzerland that Jack Maxey loaded three days ago with close to 300 emails found on the Hunter Biden ‘laptop from Hell’ that proved Hunter Biden was financing biolab development in Ukraine via his investment firm Rosemont Seneca.”:

    468. gregor says:

      Hunter Biden laptop from hell: Links:

    469. gregor says:

      JustTheNews (29/03/2022): Exclusive: Trump calls on Putin to release info on Hunter Biden’s dealings with oligarchs:

      “I think we should know that answer,” America’s 45th president says…”:

    470. gregor says:

      Journal of Pediatrics (25/03/2022): Persistent Cardiac MRI Findings in a Cohort of Adolescents with post COVID-19 mRNA vaccine myopericarditis:

    471. gregor says:

      BBC (2020): Covid-19: ‘Normal life back next winter, says vaccine creator’:

      “…analysis showed their vaccine could prevent more than 90% of people from getting Covid-19.

      …very confident that transmission between people will be reduced by such a highly effective vaccine – maybe not 90% but maybe 50% – but we should not forget that even that could result in a dramatic reduction of the pandemic spread.”:

      BBC (21/02/2021) Coronavirus: Latest data shows vaccine reduces transmission:

      “There is “early data” showing a reduction in transmission in people who have had a coronavirus vaccine, the health secretary has said.”:

      ZeroHedge (03/10/2021): CDC Director Says Vaccines ‘Can’t Prevent Transmission’:

    472. gregor says:

      NHSInformScotland (18/01/2022): How the vaccines work:

      “All vaccines contain ingredients that help your immune system make antibodies (proteins that fight off infection and disease).
      …recommended doses of the vaccine is important for longer-term protection against coronavirus.”:

      STVNews (27/03/2022): ‘Scotland ‘faces tsunami of long Covid cases’ as infections break record’:

      BBC (30/03/2022): ‘Two Scottish cabinet ministers positive for Covid’:

      “Mr Swinney and Justice Secretary Keith Brown both announced they had the virus on Wednesday morning…”:

    473. John Main says:

      Hey Gregs

      Now what have I told you about posting lies from the BBC and STV?

      This is Wings BTL. We don’t believe that shit. No way Hosay.

      Nobody will ever invite you onto the main thread if you continue like this.

    474. gregor says:

      BBC (15/12/2020): ‘Why is Scotland’s Hate Crime Bill so controversial?’:

      HeraldScot (28/07/2020): ‘Police union warns SNP’s hate crime Bill will ‘paralyse freedom of speech’:

      “Scottish Police Federation has warned that the proposals would force officers to “police what people think or feel” which it says would “devastate the legitimacy of the police in the eyes of the public”.”:

      Holyrood (10/03/2021): ‘Chilling effect: how the Hate Crime Bill threatens free speech’:

      “…The Scottish Government and some commentators have downplayed such worries…”:

    475. gregor says:

      PremierChristianity (21/03/2021): ‘Scotland’s new gender laws show why every Christian needs to challenge trans ideology’:

      “The Scottish Government has introduced its long-awaited Gender Recognition Reform Bill. It follows years of toxic debate and two public consultations. The debate on these plans is complex and can be confusing…”:

      STVNews (02/07/2021): ‘Test and Protect staff struggling in ‘toxic’ work environment’:

      “The whistleblower, who STV News is identifying only as Brian, said employees are ‘overworked, not properly trained and stressed’ as the system struggles to deal with a record number of coronavirus infections.”:

      NationalScot (07/01/2022): ‘Shutting down JK Rowling is wrong way to win trans rights’:

    476. gregor says:

      Scotsman (19/02/2022): ‘Karen Dunbar reveals her fears for the future of Scottish comedy due to growth of cancel culture’:

      ‘She has been one of Scotland’s best-known comedy performers for nearly a quarter of a century’:

      ScottishSun (22/02/2022): REFORM ROW: ‘Police Scotland to review controversial policy that would allow rapists to self-ID as women’:

      “…Police Scotland move comes following a furious backlash…”:

      Guardian (02/03/2022): ‘Scotland’s gender recognition reform bill to be published amid growing tensions’:

    477. gregor says:

      EveningStandard: Jimmy Savile report: ‘Culture of fear among BBC staff led to decades of DJ’s vile abuse’:

      Independent (08/02/2022): The “sickening” abuse of Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer has shown the “toxic cocktail” that surrounds British politics, Nicola Sturgeon has said:

      “Sir Keir, along with Shadow Foreign Secretary David Lammy was accosted on Monday night by demonstrators who hurled abuse – some of whom accused him of “protecting paedophiles” while others chanted about sex offender Jimmy Savile…”:

      Inews (25/01/2022) Nicola Sturgeon: Social media is a ‘toxic sewer’:

    478. gregor says:

      EdelmanTrustBarometer (2022): ‘Government and Media fuel a vicious cycle of distrust’:

      “We find a world ensnared in a vicious cycle of distrust, fueled by a growing lack of faith in media and government. Through disinformation and division, these two institutions are feeding the cycle and exploiting it for commercial and political gain.”:

      Times (30/03/2022): Nicola Sturgeon: I feel less safe in polarised and toxic climate:

    479. gregor says:

      Holyrood (23/04/2020): Nicola Sturgeon warns of ‘new normal’:

      “…we must adapt to a new reality…

      Sturgeon said she wanted to “start a grown up conversation with the public” …we will seek to inform the public…

      …the lockdown measures we are taking… This is causing harm to the economy and living standards, to children’s education and to mental health and wellbeing.

      …a return to normal as we knew it is not on the cards…

      What we will be seeking to find is a new normal…”:

      ScotGov (23/04/2020): Looking beyond lockdown:

      First Minister opens discussion on “new normal”:

      World Economic Forum: People:

      Nicola Sturgeon: First Minister of Scotland, Office of the First Minister of Scotland:

    480. gregor says:

      World Economic Forum: Global Agenda:

      ‘A golden opportunity’ – HRH the Prince of Wales and other leaders on the Forum’s Great Reset:

      “…a golden opportunity to seize something…

      Great Reset is a commitment to jointly and urgently build the foundations of our economic and social system …determining the future state…

      … the priorities of societies, the nature of business …and the management of a global commons…”:

      World Economic Forum: Great Reset:

      “…the World Economic Forum is starting The Great Reset initiative.

      …the Great Reset initiative has a set of dimensions to build a new social contract…”:

    481. gregor says:

      BBC (30/03/2022): ‘End of Scottish face mask rules delayed until Easter’:

      “Scotland’s mandatory face covering rules will now remain in force until 18 April, Nicola Sturgeon has announced.”:


      “Extremely unkind and unpleasant and causing pain to people or animals intentionally.”

      “In our present cruel struggle between liberty and slavery, who are the persons starving for want of bread.”

      “What refuge exists for peoples crushed by invaders, whose methods of total war and pervasive social engineering are unthinkably vast and cruel.”

      “The right against cruel and inhumane treatment is an obvious example among many.”

    482. gregor says:

      WashingtonExaminer (30/03/2022): Scoop: ‘FEC fines DNC and Clinton for Trump dossier hoax’:

      “The Federal Election Commission has fined the Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign for lying about the funding of the infamous, and discredited, Russian “dossier” used in a smear attempt against Donald Trump weeks before he shocked the world with his 2016 presidential victory.

      The election agency said that Clinton and the DNC violated strict rules on describing expenditures of payments funneled to the opposition research firm Fusion GPS through their law firm…”:

    483. gregor says:

      NewYorkPost (30/03/2022): ‘Disney exec wants half its characters to be LGBTQIA, minorities by end of year’:

    484. gregor says:

      CNN (30/03/2022): ‘CNN reporter reveals new details in Hunter Biden investigation’:

    485. gregor says:

      World Economic Forum (2015): Regional Agenda: ‘How political polarisation is crippling Western democracies’:

      “One such trend is the political fragmentation and polarization evident in Western democracies. Fringe movements …are placing pressure on traditional parties, making it difficult for them to mobilize their supporters, and, in some cases, causing them real damage.

      Europe now seems to be headed down a similar path…

      …does not change the fact that parties’ need to address their electoral fears is causing serious damage to national policymaking…

      …most established parties are so busy playing defense that they have little inclination to engage in the type of forward-looking strategic thinking…

      That is why future generations will likely remember this as a time of lost economic opportunities. …policymakers should be promoting growth- and productivity-enhancing infrastructure investments, funded at exceptionally low interest rates, scaling up labor-market reforms, and working to address the growing income and wealth inequality that is increasingly limiting access to economic opportunity.”:

      World Economic Forum (2019): Global Agenda: ‘Europe – a unique actor in a polarized world’:

      “In a world becoming more polarized, Europe must stay united…

      The Europe we see today from Iceland to Ukraine and from Portugal to Estonia is manifold: countries belonging to the EU and some of them to NATO as well…

      This is the Europe we see today, focusing all interests and policies around the very core values we share: human dignity and the rule of law…”:

      World Economic Forum (2019): ‘How to fight back against misinformation and polarization’:

      “The recent American elections confirmed what we already know: the United States is deeply divided over the role, size and credibility of government, taxes, social welfare, immigration and globalization. This is no surprise…

      The consequences of polarization can be devastating. Divisiveness, rancour and distrust permeate debates about important issues, such as the legitimacy of elections, access to opportunity and resources, and nationalistic responses to globalization…

      Polarization and disintegration are driven primarily by growing inequality; exclusion from the wealth created by the technology revolution; powerlessness to bring about meaningful change in the public policy arena; and in some cases, by autocrats who intentionally peddle division as a way of weakening democratic institutions and controlling people…”:

    486. gregor says:

      MediaDiversified (08/06/2016):

      ‘How the West lies to itself in order to destroy the Other’:

      “The West is facing a growing crisis – one that is swarming its borders, bankrupting its economies, exploiting its welfare systems, undermining its values and terrorizing its streets. That crisis is the other: the refugee…”:

      Nicola Sturgeon: ScotGov (2020):

      “…the lockdown measures we are taking… This is causing harm to the economy and living standards, to children’s education and to mental health and wellbeing.”

    487. gregor says:

      METPolice (2022): What is child abuse ?:

      “Physical abuse:

      Physical abuse is when someone hurts a child or young person on purpose.

      Examples of physical abuse are:

      Drowning, suffocating or choking.

      Inappropriate restraint or false imprisonment.

      Misusing medication.

      Fabricating or inducing an illness or ill health.

      Signs and symptoms of physical abuse in children can include:

      Fear of physical contact and shrinking back if touched.

      Sexual abuse:

      Sexual abuse is when a child is enticed or forced to take part in sexual activities. This kind of abuse does not always involve a high level of violence and the child may or may not be aware of what is happening. The abuse may be committed by adult men and women…

      Examples of sexual abuse are:

      Causing or inciting a child to watch or engage in sexual activity.

      Encouraging a child to behave in sexually inappropriate ways.

      Grooming a child in preparation for abuse (including via the internet…

      Emotional abuse:

      Emotional abuse happens in many different ways. It can affect how a young person or child feels about themselves, or how they fit in with friends, at school, or where they live.

      Examples of emotional abuse are:

      Being made to feel inadequate, worthless or unloved.

      Being made to feel frightened or in danger…

      Signs and symptoms of emotional abuse in children can include:

      Reduced physical, mental and emotional development.


      Neglect is when a child or young person’s basic needs are persistently not being met by their parent or guardian.
      These basic needs include:

      Protection from physical and emotional harm or danger.

      Access to appropriate medical care including dental treatment….

      Signs and symptoms of neglect in children can include:

      No social relationships…”:

    488. gregor says:

      CBS News (30/03/2022): Joe Biden:

      ‘Covid-19 no longer controls our lives’:

    489. gregor says:

      Scotsman (14/05/2014): SNP politicians ‘most effective’ on social media:

      “SNP politicians are “particularly effective” campaigners on social media with all 56 of the new Nationalst MPs using Twitter, research has found…”:

      NationalScot (26/11/2020): ‘Wings Over Scotland: Political website most read by Scottish Government staff’:

      “…Wings Over Scotland blog is the political website most accessed by Scottish Government staff, a freedom of information request has revealed…

      …Wings Over Scotland, which is run by Stuart Campbell, was accessed almost 1100 times by Nicola Sturgeon’s officials in the six months…”:

      ScotGov (01/06/2017): Social media policy:

      “Social media offers new channels for engagement and collaboration within, and more importantly beyond, our own organisation…

      We recognise the opportunities offered by social media and encourages staff to use social media in their work as a means to help achieve the Government’s Purpose…

      …there is a risk, however small, of damage to the Scottish Government…

      Principles for use of social media: Be responsive and respectful…

      Remember: Anything you post online is permanently available and open to being republished in other media…

      Social media is about the social connections and conversations we have with our customers, stakeholders and colleagues. To gain the maximum value from these tools, you should look to foster relationships…”:

      Nicola Sturgeon (2022): “Social media is a toxic sewer”

    490. gregor says:

      Wikipedia: World Economic Forum:

      “…is an international non-governmental and lobbying organisation… The Forum suggests that a globalised world is best managed by a self-selected coalition of multinational corporations, governments and civil society organizations…”:

      World Economic Forum: Global Agenda: To build back better, we must reinvent capitalism. Here’s how:

      “…pandemic has temporarily weakened what Milton Friedman called ‘the tyranny of the status quo’…

      It is vital that we seize this opportunity to correct…”:

      NationalScot (30/03/2022): Nicola Sturgeon says Scotland must seize the opportunity to become independent:

      “Nicola Sturgeon has said the biggest threat to Scotland in the next few years will be the country failing to seize the opportunity to become independent…”:

    491. gregor says:

      99-Percent (11/02/2021): Is the UK Becoming a Feudal Society?

      “There is a growing sense of unease in the UK. Almost four out of five Britons (79 per cent) believe the country is “on the wrong track” according to a recent survey by Ipsos MORI…

      …German newspaper Die Zeit recently asked whether Britain was a feudal society…

      …there are clearly some disturbing trends which suggest we may be moving towards a kind of neo-feudal…

      Although the economic pie is continuing (just) to grow, most people’s slices are getting smaller – the rich are getting richer and the rest are getting poorer; the UK already has very low social mobility compared with other countries, and the barriers for poorer people are getting higher not lower, and there is an increasing sense that there is one law for the rich and another for the poor.

      What is worse, however, is that recent policies are tending to exacerbate the problem rather than to solve it…”:

      ScotGov (29/03/2022): ‘Later today First Minister Nicola Sturgeon will attend the service of thanksgiving for His Royal Highness Prince Philip, The Duke of Edinburgh…’:

      Dame Nicola Sturgeon:

      “We deeply appreciate the enormous contribution that HRH Prince Philip made to public life and the country as a whole.”:

    492. gregor says:

      Holyrood (29/11/2020): Exclusive comment by Nicola Sturgeon: ‘Building back better’:



      “Morally corrupt; vicious.”

      “Evil in nature or effect; sinister.”

    493. gregor says:

      Holyrood (29/11/2020): Exclusive comment by Nicola Sturgeon: Building back better:


    494. gregor says:

      World Economic Forum: Global Agenda:

      6uild 6ack 6etter:


      “Morally reprehensible.”

      “Arising from actual or imputed bad character or conduct.”

      “Causing discomfort or repulsion.”

      “Causing harm .”

      “The battle of good versus evil.”

      “Our free will allows us to choose between good and evil.”

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