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The short walk to stupid

Posted on December 28, 2022 by

It was already quite bold/crass to equate “letting rapists change their legal sex so their victim has to refer to them as ‘she’ in court” with the life’s work of Nelson Mandela.

But the punchline was still a chef’s kiss to treasure.

Technically, of course, the SNP’s newly legislated gender reforms don’t grant men the right to be housed in women’s prisons – the Scottish Government already permitted that, even in the case of violent sex offenders, while passing the buck for individual decisions to the overwhelmed prison service.

But it still takes a special level of chutzpah to boast that you’re somehow upholding the legacy of Nelson Mandela when you’re part of a government that – as a matter of deliberate policy, not by accident or oversight – is openly and systematically flouting the rules that actually have his name on them.

Scotland, a country which prides itself on its “progressiveness” and on following “international best practice”, does not meet even the minimum UN standards for the treatment of female prisoners, yet its government boasts of its plans to lower the bar even further, and actively voted down multiple proposals to limit the access of sex offenders to vulnerable women.

Is Angus Roberston so deaf that he cannot hear their pleas?

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128 to “The short walk to stupid”

  1. Robert Hughes says:

    ( one of the best protest/tribute songs ever written . J.Dammers’ finest moment )

    ” Is Angus Roberston so deaf that he cannot hear their pleas? ”

    I know you know the answer to that ( rhetorical ) question , Stu

    The SNP are by now a Party of evermore fanciful delusion & risible hyperbole . They just make stuff up and don’t even care that anyone with the slightest degree of awareness knows it’s all shite ; total garbage .

    From pocket Trotski -I Blackford imagining he’s ” speaking truth to Power ” by the act of going for his lunch early @ WM to fannybaws Smarmelade Man – A Robertson invoking Nelson Mandela in a frankly bizarre attempt to legitimise the GRRA obscenity , the SNP have left Narnia and are now heading towards Neverland – both Lewis Carroll’s & Michael Jackson’s , destination a “galaxy far far Away

  2. Robert Hughes says:

    ” Trotsky “

  3. PhilM says:

    AR clearly smoking too much Crackabis…

  4. smitty says:

    Abd he is the bookies’ favourite to be the next FM? What a pompous, absurd git! I have no idea why he is bragging when it is obvious that some of his colleagues who voted for it feel the shame of doing so. The spineless Alisdair Allan & Jenni Minto mention nothing about it on Twitter. They must feel shame as it cannot be fear of being deselected as coups are now well underway in their constituencies. They were well warned by their members who are now outraged by what has happened. They knew what they are doing and they deserve no pity when they are flung out. Good riddance!

  5. Willie John says:

    Perhaps he is getting paid to be so stupid/deaf/ignorant/progressive (delete according to your own opinion).

  6. Republicofscotland says:

    ” Is Angus Roberston so deaf that he cannot hear their pleas? ”

    Robertson and his SNP MSPs, don’t give a toss about pleas, they’ve go their own agenda to push, if they can use Mandela’s name to further push their warped and twisted agenda the they will, Robertson is one of the rapist/paedo enablers, as long as the SNP and the Greens hold office in Scotland, we the people will be dragged deeper down the rabbit hole, and women and children will hold their heads in their hands, like Edvard Munch’s Scream painting, everytime the door opens on one of their safe spaces.

    We need to vote Alba, and join Alba, shun the SNP and the Greens.

  7. Willie John says:

    smitty @ 11:29 am.

    This was the response I got when I raised the subject with him again.

    “Thank you for your email.

    We have been corresponding on this topic for nearly five years now, so I hope you will forgive me for not rehashing all the arguments. I would simply say that I do not agree this Bill diminishes the rights of women or negatively impacts their safety or welfare.

    The Bill will make no changes to the 2010 Equality Act; which allows a number of exceptions for single-sex spaces. Exceptions in the Equality Act enable single-sex services to exclude trans people or treat them less favourably where it is a proportionate means of achieving a legitimate aim. Those exceptions still apply and can do whether the person has a Gender Recognition Certificate or not. I support those exceptions and think they provide important protections. The Bill does not change them.

    It affects no change to the way in which people seek gender dysphoria services and treatment through the NHS: medical pathways are regulated by the NHS as opposed to the Gender Recognition Act. Having a Gender Recognition Certificate does not override the exemptions in the Equality Act 2010 around participation in sport, nor will it change the Scottish Prison Service’s policy on trans prisoners. It will not change or remove women’s rights or make changes to how toilets and changing rooms operate.

    While we are not going to agree, I respect that you have a different view to me on this, and have tried to approach the bill as thoughtfully as I can.

    I hope this is helpful and that you have a good Christmas and New Year.”

    Good Christmas? I nearly boaked!

  8. PhilM says:

    I like Nelson Mandela…it’s a shame that he really could not have known that his wife would turn out to be a wrong’un.

  9. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

    “Real leaders must be ready to sacrifice all for the freedom of their people.” Nelson Mandela

    “Like slavery and apartheid, poverty is not natural. It is man-made and it can be overcome and eradicated by the actions of human beings.” Nelson Mandela

    Shame the NuSNP have no leaders of his calibre

  10. Hugh Jarse says:

    Thank fuck for Alba!
    We need to go on the attack, as the msm will haud off until the most opportune moment to destroy St Nicola and her weirdo troops, and by association Independence support.
    Without Alba, indy is sunk.

  11. Peedoff Scot says:

    Xmas is the time for old friends to meet up or to get in touch and this year has been no exception.

    Once all the family catch-up stuff was out of the way and knowing my position on independence for Scotland, 2 of my friends raised the issue of the FM and SNP. Both said roughly the same thing! “What the hell do they think they’re doing up there – I thought they were there to get you independence?”

    When I told them both how serious the situation had become, I was told that as far as they and many of their friends were concerned the SNP and Scottish Government had become a laughing stock! One of them said that he could hardly wait for the next episode of the comedy show!

    Well, it may be funny to them but not to the millions of Scots who trusted the SNP to deliver on their supposed number one objective.

    Rates of poverty have never been higher and the fact that over 250 homeless people died on the streets of Scotland last year is a national disgrace.

    Instead of focussing on solving these problems by assuring independence by any peaceful means, we are instead subjected to NS and her party’s social engineering experiment that has distressed and angered around 99% of Scottish women that they have now endangered.

    There is no way that we can expect the SNP to lead us to independence. In fact, in 2015, if she had deliberately set out to destroy the hopes of the Yes Movement, she could not have created a better plan than the one she has delivered.

  12. John Main says:

    I guess “enhancing the freedom of others” is consistent with “rape enabling” on the “All out of words” thread.

    So, no hypocrisy at least.

    Shame Mandela is no longer around to defend his rep. Still, even Jesus is getting it from the trans fantasists.

    Sure is innarestin to conjecture on the likelihood of other world religious figures getting a trans makeover. Zero, zilch, nada, and we all know why.

  13. ClanDonald says:

    “…Young prisoners shall be kept separate from adults…”

    Another Nelson Mandela rule.

    Next on the Scottish Nonce Party’s to-do list – allowing changes to one’s birth certificate to correspond to one’s nappy fetish identity age so one can then access children’s spaces as well as women’s.

  14. Cath says:

    Angus only cares about perjurers who were proved not to have even been in the same building when their “attempted rape” took place, along with a whole lot of other evidence of perjury. He supports jailing innocent people for political reasons. And the perjuring “non victims” get to fund services for genuine rape victims based wholly on them admitting (or even being run by) men. They hypocrisy of the man is staggering.

  15. ClanDonald says:

    @Willie John,

    “The Bill will make no changes to the 2010 Equality Act which allows a number of exceptions for single-sex spaces,” bleats Angus Robertson. “I support those exceptions and think they provide important protections.”

    What a lying hypocrite, he makes me puke.

    He and his party are producing guidance for schools, hospitals, prisons and other public bodies telling them they have to allow trans identifying men into women’s toilets, wards, cells, refuges and changing rooms.

    They get selfies taken with the male CEO of Edinburgh Rape Crisis Centre.

    The idea that they support the single-sex exemptions in the Equality Act is risible. They’d abolish them completely if they could.

  16. Lorna Campbell says:

    Willie John (via Angus Robertson): “… Those exceptions still apply and can do whether the person has a Gender Recognition Certificate or not. I support those exceptions and think they provide important protections. The Bill does not change them… ”

    He is wrong. Lady Haldane’s ruling that a GRC allows ‘trans’ women to be ‘legal women’ for all purposes, including public board membership, effectively destroys those protected characteristics – except for gender reassignment. Women can be of any age, of any religion, of any race. What good will the exemptions be if they can be overridden by ‘trans’ women. The clash between existing laws and the GRRA will become very evident soon. This stupidity will destroy ALL female rights and spaces in time. It is in the clashes between existing laws that the supporters of this nonsense actually believe they can bring them all down. For example, if you have a ‘trans’ woman in a changing room with his bits on show, so long as he has a GRC or says he has one – how do we police it? – he cannot be charged with public indecency/flashing even though he is an intact, heterosexual male, while a non-‘trans’ heterosexual male who flashes in public can be charged. Natural justice does not allow for one set of males to be charged and another not for precisely the same ‘offence’. What do you think will happen, folks? What will happen is that Stonewall and its vicious lobby will bully everyone into accepting that the pertinent law should be scrapped. This is how they will do it – bring down all prohibitive laws one by one.

    Many laws relating to female rights – maternity leave, maternity benefits, 50% representations, sex discrimination laws, equal pay laws, etc., will all fall under the onslaught of this absolute con. These men are, by and large, sexual fetishists and perverts. Most (there are exceptions, but they are few) get their rocks off on forcibly making unwilling females part of their fetish or perversion. That is what our politicians have allowed: the forcible participation against their will of females. Get your heads round that, people. Denying that it is sexual when all the evidence, often from their own silly mouths, shows the opposite, fools no one. Too much evidence exists that that is exactly what it is. The vast majority have no illusions about being women. They know they are men; they know why they are doing this; and even the cruelty and sadism involved in the treatment of female prisoners is a turn on.

    They want access to all female spaces in order to sexually harass females lawfully. I know Angus Robertson and he is not a stupid man; he is, though, a politician and an ambitious one at that. I will never forgive what these politicians in Holyrood have done to females. Never. I wonder, had we corralled them after that vote and strip-searched them, how many pairs of women’s knickers adorning hairy male a***s would have discovered? The women are barely worth a mention. They are an even greater source of disgust. They all need to be turfed out except those who showed genuine courage and voted according to their consciences.

    Thank you, Rev, and thank you all those bloggers and politicians and women’s organisations and individual women who did not bend the knee to this vicious and vile ‘trans’ lobby’. Shame on all those who have pandered to it. We will not forget.

  17. Allium says:

    God, what an idiot.

    Is there any consensus as to the reason for the unhinged Twitterings of the pro-GRA politicians since the vote? If it’s just that they hate and fear the electorate as an enemy & want to crow as loud as possible – fair enough, I could believe that. Or was it to scare (lol) Alister Jack away from a challenge? Something else? They all look potty.

  18. Roger says:

    Okay, so passing this Act makes Robertson Nelson Mandela.
    Now what?

    The fake radicalism of gender-bending is played out now. It may have warmed the cockles of life’s simpler soldiers who think it really IS the same as ending Apartheid, but now what?
    Gender-bending had nothing radical about it in terms of challenging power. All the REAL power from Sorros to the US west coast tech industry were in favour.

    But what now, Robertson? The only way to w@nk more out of this gender-bender goat is to start advocating for Minor Attracted People (MAPs, aka paedophiles) or Zooophiles (fans of beastiality). Are you going to go down that road? Not yet, I suspect.

    Or are you going to do something about decent jobs, decent housing, homelessness, drug addiction? I doubt it, because there’s no cheers from those powers that be from that and it would mean challenging – rather than stroking – vested interests. So you’ll do nothing to benefit ordinary people.

    Or will you push for Indy? Not in the form of a comfortable speech from leather bound benches are being well lunched, but in the form of actually seriously challenging the Union? No, for the same reason you’ll do nothing on jobs and housing.

    So what now, Nelson?

    Looks to me like you’re all out of road – maybe a fake plebiscitary election will turn out to be your best hope to cling to power. And when London laughs at it, as usual, you can make a fine indignant speech – after being well lunched – and then settle back down to devo business as usual.

  19. Garavelli Princip says:

    Once you know who his present wife (for the time being) is – it all falls into place.

    He belongs to an inner Nikla-annointed group which not only promotes perverts, freaks and mysogynists, but paradoxically tried to jail an innocent man – who actually stands for their purported raison d’être (which is why they hate him) – for the kind of crimes they actively promote.

    Thankfully a jury of sensible (mainly) women saw through this travesty – so naturally, jury trials too will now be abolished.

    What the fuck happened to the SNP

  20. dandydons1903 says:

    SNP are full of psychotics, they truly are part of the globalist nutwork now under the vile absurdist Sturgeon and the likes of glib idiot Robertson where the plan is to merge fantasy with reality and create total inversion.

  21. Lorna Campbell says:

    Roger: it is all about power. Power and control over females. Initially. That appeals to a lot of these ‘trans’ activists and ‘trans’ women at a visceral level. The bigger agenda is to shoehorn us into the new wave of neoliberal capitalism and globalisation via Bi Pharma, Big Tech, the porn industry etc. That will be worth more than the military industrial complex very soon. Women stand in the way because we are not natural despoilers of the planet and we have a tendency – well, most of us – to protect our children. Not saying that all men are like that either. Everything is driven by an exceptionally wealthy and powerful elite. The rest of us are mere fodder with deep pockets.

  22. Geri says:

    The NuSNP are a cringe fest of embarrassments.

    FFS Scotland, make it STOP!

  23. Geri says:


    So true on the apartheid tosh. Nauseating & embarrassing guff to excuse autogynephilia.

    This chancers next big push will be the non binery rubbish. Soon we’ll have the two spirited mob being the new Holy Spirit.

    The work of a queer hawk is never done..

  24. James Che says:

    Identification of gender is a problem for Snp and the Westminster legislated devolved government in Scotland.

    But in the Express media identification of your enemy is a problem,
    Apparently if Scotland was to get its independence it could be targeted by The Ruskie leader or Mr ping,….according to a mr Ibreham who wrote the peice of nonsense.
    And the scaremongering newspaper then says that this would become a threat for the rest of the Uk.
    So that is why Scotland cannot be independent,

    While thousands of unprocessed migrants enter England across the channel pretty much every day without checking how many may be Ruskies or terrorists,

    Mr Ibriham of the Express, you too are as incapable of recognising a future problem for your country as the snp are,

    To stupid to to be leaders with opinions.

  25. akenaton says:

    I don’t think it is nearly as complicated and hard to fix as that Lorna. We have two clever, devious and manipulative people, a coterie of gutless self serving nyaffs and an electorate who have been prepared by the SNP to die for the flag.
    I know some things about what has been happening inside the upper echelons of the party which are pretty damning and if I, an OAP know things, then those involved in Holyrood politics and those who report on them must know a damned site more.
    Who is willing to spill the beans, who will be willing to take the first step to expose them? Nobody in Scotland as far as I can see! Maybe we need some body outside of the Independence debate to step forward, somebody with nothing to gain or lose politically or financially.
    One certainty is that without the removal of the whole SNP machinery Independence will never be achieved.

  26. Geri says:

    Lorna, aye. Like the yuppy drug craze they made it more affordable to the schemies – they’re doing the same with plastic surgery.

    Be a woman for as little as 3 grand! Whoop! Step this way..

    Want your face sawn off & filed? 5 grand..step right up..
    Can’t afford it? Aww, we give credit! Affordable easy instalments. Fk that mortgage! What you need is a 25yr journey (kerrching!) to a brand new you!

    Jeez, Frankenstein is alive.

  27. Republicofscotland says:

    Confused Yeah Ibrahim is a Britnat alright and British state mouthpiece, looking at your second link the names on the right hand side jump out at me such as Hague and Kilgour, both diehard unionist mouthpieces.

  28. Frank Black says:

    All this ‘new scot’ pish.
    Really, how shite a sense of national identity must somebody have in order to give it away to someone after staying here for a couple of years?

    Just like we ken what a woman is, we ken what a scot is.

    This shite needs to stop.

  29. Gregory Beekman says:

    The OBVIOUS plan is to remove the concepts of male and female from society.

    We will just have toilets, prisons and sports – not male toilets and female toilets, just toilets. And so on.

    Proof? Swimming pools already have mixed showering facilities. It’s probably MASSIVELY cheaper to NOT have separate facilities based on sex.

    Welcome to the new world – I hope you’re not shy or easily embarrassed!

  30. James Che says:

    So Scotland cant have its independence as a country according to the Express because…. it might affect someone else’s country, ahem their side of the border,

    Surely that is the same as the reasoning, why Uk did a brexit vote that effected other countries and their security is it not?

    Goose and gander, Propaganda,, scare Scotland that it will be in such a poor state because it owes a deficit, and while in such a poor state it might be taken over by other countries,

    Ha haa ha, We are living through that scenario at the moment,
    Where another country has taken over Scotland under a treaty that ceased to exist when the Scottish parliament did in 1707.

    Just change the name ruskie and ping for Westminster.

  31. Geri says:

    Aye, that well worn rubbish we’d all turn into terrorists if we were Independent.

    Why have P-tain as our overlord & master when we’ve good the good olde U.S of fkn A to do it for us?

    Is there nothing these unintelligent fuds don’t keep thier nebb out of? They’ve fkd up every country they ever enter yet they warn us of the threat to world peace. They’ve zero self awareness.

  32. robertkknight says:

    The sooner these arseholes get the Royal Order of the Boot the better.

  33. James Che says:

    It is wise with the gender issue in Scotland to avoid places that take up this nonsense run by local councils,
    Let there finances fall and fail,

    I do not go to swimming pools or toilets or spaces where this ideology is being pushed. I withdraw my financial support,

    Very similar as avoiding the butchers flag on shopping items, or shops that push that ideology.

  34. panda paws says:

    “Those exceptions still apply and can do whether the person has a Gender Recognition Certificate or not. I support those exceptions and think they provide important protections”

    Angus Robertson quoted from comment above.

    True, however when the Scot Gov refuse to fund any rape crisis centre, refuge etc etc that is NOT trans inclusive, don’t be too surprised when providers don’t apply these exceptions.

    I LOATHE politicians who take us for fools. It’s always been legally possible to keep trans women and those pretending to be trans out of women’s prisons but where is Katie D, convicted child abuser today? The female estate.

    Equally those who chunter on about genital inspections as if that’s the way people correctly work out the sex of people. 99.99% of the time you can do that within seconds with fully clothed people from a distance. Rarely do you need a second look and that with includes trans people unless they have had substantial plastic surgery on face and body.

    Gaslighting, pure and simple. A great many of our politicians need to be applying for UC after the next election!

  35. James Che says:

    The snp are on a shoogally peg passing laws on gender issues in Scotland under Westminster legislation, Scotland Act.,

    It has to noted that cannot be Scots law,
    As it is not a original authentic Scottish parliament,
    It is devolved from Westminster the same as devolved counties councils in England, Wales and N Ireland.
    The gender issue in Scotland comes under UK legislation Acts and statues.

  36. wullie says:

    Good grief. That nikla he has a lot to answer for.

  37. James Che says:

    It has been a very long tome since Scotland had the authority of a genuine Scottish parliament to pass Scots laws,

    At the moment in Scotland we fly as Westminster laws under the Scotland Act. And a devolved government is illegal under the treaty of union,

  38. Mac says:

    Hopefully the women have the guts to deal with that chomo piece of shit that molested the 10 year old girl even if the men didn’t.

    Imagine putting a guy who sexually attacked a 10 year old girl and then violently a male inmate into a women’s prison. What kind of fucked up headcase comes up with that…

    There was a story not that long ago that it came out that the Berlin authorities had been knowingly and deliberately putting vulnerable foster children into the care of known paedophiles as an ‘experiment’ and this went on for decades…

    There comes a point you just have to say no, I am not swallowing anymore of your twisted perverted bullshit and recognize that they are simply indistinguishable from evil.

    How did we end up with these deviant perverts in charge.

    And to be pimping out Nelson Mandela to support this, disgraceful.

    Personally he is of a generation where I’d bet Nelson would be disgusted by it and he’d probably have shanked the little nonce himself in prison.

  39. Billy says:

    OT – Hey Rev great to see your Twitter account has been unsuspended.

  40. PhilM says:

    Re: the Express ‘article’
    Russia can’t even assert control over Finland, Sweden, Norway or Ukraine. What chance will it have with faraway Scotland? Plus it wasn’t that long ago Russians were very much personae very gratae in every part of that London…football clubs, property, special dinners with Tories, there’s even Russians in the House of Lords FFS…so what is the ex-Stone Roses guitarist turned foreign policy expert on about?
    And another thing…remember thon porcine romancer, David Cameron, asking Vlad the defenestrator for help during the indyref campaign? The enemies of Scottish independence always have short memories…funny that…
    Before I get accused of Russophobia, some of my bestest friends are ex-KGB honeytrap specialists and I love to spend those white nights in their mysterious company discussing culture, ‘special military operation’ (don’t mention the w@£!!!) and playing Ultimate Novichok in the park.
    Stick to music Mr Ibrahim, your talents do not lie elsewhere!
    Wait a minute…I think I maybe…oh…hold on…there’s a knock at the door…back in a mo…

  41. James Che says:

    The Scotland Act 1998.

    Devolution differs from Federalism in that the devolved powers of the subnational Authority ultimately resides in central government, that the state remains De Jure,
    A unitary state,
    Legislation creating devolved parliaments or assemblies can be repealed or amended by the Uk parliament in the same way as any statue,

    Under the UK Acts of parliament it established the Scottish parliament, it was one of the most significant constitutional pieces of legislation to be passed by the UK parliament since 1707 Acts of Union which ratified the Treaty of the Union and led to the disbandment of the Scottish Parliament.

    There is no Scottish parliament to pass Scots Laws.

    Such as the gender laws the Snp have passed in Scotland under Westminster legislation laws.

  42. Karen says:

    What about respecting and enhancing the freedom of women? Why are they so tone deaf??

  43. Ruby says:

    Keep signing.

    It’s up to 7656 now.

  44. Robert Louis says:

    THIS is an excellent piece of journalism and holding utter hypocritical HUBRIS by Angus Robertson to account. The kind of thing you used to sometimes see in actual newspapers, before they merely became vehicles for parroting UK state propaganda and ‘right think’.

  45. Hugh Jarse says:

    What surgery do you need, to get rid of your Adams apple?
    A thrappleoctamy?

  46. Shug says:

    How many people in the SNP are now working for the no campaign/Westminster

    It is beyond astonishing that turning the SNP with 120k members to the wishy-washy bunch of blockheads has been an accident or that Nicola could do it alone.

  47. Hugh Jarse says:

    You learn something new every day!
    Seems apt.

  48. Allium says:

    Went back to Robertson’s tweet and the backlash just keeps growing – magnificent. World famous at last. To think this may be his political high-water mark. Daddy Bear must be in fits of laughter.

  49. Frowning says:

    So if the SNP see themselves as the apartheid-era ANC. Fascinatong. That means we should see them start blowing things up to liberate Scotland, and Sturgeon will spend decades in prison for her part in it all.

    I think you see the problem here.

    Anybody quoting the ‘greats’ is a fucking pompous, self-righteous windbag, for a start. What is it with all this ‘world-leading’ and ‘gold standard’ shite the SNP are always coming away with anyway?

    Why do things from a tiny, unnoticed nation have to be ‘world-leading’? The ego on these corrupt, inept, council-level numpties is beyond incredible. Do they honestly believe their own ludicrous, self-aggrandising hype? Surely they can’t be that insane…can they?

    It actually all stinks of Short Woman Syndrome, with our manhating FM desperate to be seen as far more powerful and important than she is. I mean, Robertson just called this country apartheid-era South Africa, trans people oppressed black people, and the SNP, who have been in power for fuck knows how long ‘oppressing’ them, their fucking saviours! The deranged inappropriateness and Saviour Complex undertones of Robertson’s statement there are off-the-scale psychotic. What a pack of unhinged pompous freaks the SNP are!

    The more things change, indeed.

  50. Hugh Jarse says:

    From 3 years ago!
    They saw it coming, like our dear leader.
    Policy capture 1.01
    I’m afraid I’m too busy working to read the whole thing though, but I’ll be worth it for those who are deep in.

  51. Shug says:

    James che
    When the Scottish parliament opened Winnie Ewing was very particular about starting with the comment

    “The Scottish parliament suspended in xxx is Herby reconvened”

    There was a reason for this but the Nicola crew sadly and deliberately ignored.

  52. Hugh Jarse says:

    Sorry, try again!

  53. Linda McFarlane says:

    Any MSP who voted for this appalling bill will never get my support again. Any business who tries to push me unto a space where these gender benders have access will lose my custom. It’s my money and I’ll decide who gets it. No Marks & Sparks, no Primark, No Lush and definately No SNP.

    Update the Equality Act to make clear the characteristic “sex” is biological sex
    The Government must exercise its power under s.23 of the Gender Recognition Act to modify the operation of the Equality Act 2010 by specifying the terms sex, male, female, man & woman, in the operation of that law, mean biological sex and not “sex as modified by a Gender Recognition Certificate”

    This petition is at over 61,500.

  54. SusanAHF says:

    My views entirely Linda MacFarlane.

  55. twathater says:

    “We have had 2 public consultations with tens of thousands of responses”

    Well where are the responses, Nikoliar has REFUSED CONTINUALLY to reveal the responses of the second consultation
    The first consultation was open to people and organisations from across the WORLD who had vested interests in this aberration being passed , and even with that deliberate attempt by Sturgeon to gerrymander the vote she could only barely attain 50% of the organisations who supported it, the other organisation who was lukewarm on the legislation was counted as a supporter thereby her claim of over 50% support

    As STATED numerous times SHE and her minions including Robison REFUSE CONTINUOUSLY to reveal the numbers of the second consultation, with Robison recently citing legal reasons
    If as any person with a brain would suspect that the numbers would reveal overwhelming opposition from the respondents their deliberate withholding of the information would EXPOSE their DELIBERATE and WILLFUL attempts to DECEIVE and CORRUPT what should have been a democratic consultation of the electorate

    I would like to see the other political parties particularly ALBA and ISP exposing this corruption and DEMANDING that Sturgeon release the numbers from the second consultation and if we are right that the TRUE figures are overwhelmingly opposed and we have been DELIBERATELY lied to THAT should force Sturgeon to RESIGN and we should demand a HR election

  56. Patsy Millar says:

    They’re so far up their own firmaments they don’t realise how crass their statements sound.

  57. Republicofscotland says:

    Sturgeon the Judas unamended rapist enabling GRRB has caused a bit of division at Westminster, with the likes of former PM Theresa May backing it and wanting it applied to England as well. Also Senior Tory MP Michael Fabricant has also suggested that the UK Government should let the bill stand.

    “However, a group of cross-party MPs – Conservative Miriam Cates, Labour’s Rosie Duffield and the DUP’s Carla Lockhart – have written to the Scottish Secretary asking him to intervene to block the gender reform.

    In a letter reported by the Telegraph, the three claim the GRR bill will “threaten the legal basis on which women and girls are currently protected in the rest of the United Kingdom”, as well as posing “a real risk to the safety of women and girls in Scotland”.

    The rapist/paedo enablers will staunchly defend the GRRB.

    “If the UK Government does look to invoke Section 35 and block the bill – which it must do before January 19 – it will almost certainly face a legal battle with its Scottish counterpart.

    A Scottish Government spokesperson has said that “any attempt by the UK Government to undermine the democratic decision of the Scottish Parliament will be vigorously contested”.”

    The Scottish government will fight tooth and nail to make sure the unamended GRRB stands, if only these b*stards fought as hard for Scottish independence, we’d have ditched this rancid onesided union by now. Treacherous shits the lot of them.

    Vote Alba, Join Alba.

  58. panda paws says:

    Desmond Tutu to the governing ANC after the fall of apartheid:

    “I am warning you that we will pray as we prayed for the downfall of the apartheid government, we will pray for the downfall of a government that misrepresents us.”

    pinched from twitter.

  59. Republicofscotland says:

    The rapist enabling Judas Sturgeon will fight tooth and nail for her unamended GRRB if Westminster decides to push against it.

    But giving certain kids free school meals during this cost-of-living-in- the-union-crisis is a big no no.

    “THE history of universal school meals is almost as old as our reconvened Parliament itself and should stand out as one of the greatest achievements of the devolution era.

    It is more than disappointing therefore to arrive at a position this very week where the Scottish Government behaviour on school meals is being described as “shameful” by the Educational Institute of Scotland.

    At stake is the decision to delay by two years, the final roll out of universal provision to primary six and seven, when the target date was August last year. The umbrage of the teaching unions is exacerbated by the “sneaky” way news of the delay was released and the break-down of their own relationship with the Scottish Government.

    Andrea Bradley, general secretary of the EIS union, said that, in the middle of a cost of living crisis, the move “runs contrary” to efforts to tackle child poverty and attacked ministers for having “obscured” the position within the draft 2023-24 Scottish Budget.”

    Basically for the vile SNP, enabling rapists and paedos takes priority over feeding Scottish children.

    Vote Alba, Join Alba.

  60. d.n. wade says:

    Given how thoroughly Robertson et al misunderstand and misrepresent Mandela, perhaps we should update the old adage to read “Mandela is the last refuge of a scoundrel”.

  61. Cath says:

    The positive thing I see is now this has passed, the phoney war is over. Phoney in that there was no debate allowed. It was all about silencing, bullying, hounding good people who cared about independence and Green issues out those two parties. It was left to mostly academic and policy women to mount a campaign based on evidence and highly intelligent research and briefing. All great, and hugely brave of them. But mostly ignored the public who, even politically aware ones, mostly thought this was all overblown and of course they wouldn’t *really* be letting rapists call themselves women and go into fans or jails, changing rooms etc.

    Now it’s done and out there, there is no hiding it. No hiding the bill, it’s implications, the specific amendments that clarify, “Yes, also rapists and those in court for rape”. It’s horrific for the SNP, Greens and Indy movement who all failed to prevent it and in fact enabled it. But for the debate itself, it now moved from academic and policy wonks to the real Scottish public. We can hopefully expect to see a lot more of the real Scotland in that phase: anger, humour and ‘whit the fuck’ery. Those humourless TRAs triggered by a whisper on the breeze night have to toughen up a bit.

  62. Ebok says:

    Republicofscotland says:
    28 December, 2022 at 6:24 pm

    ‘Vote Alba, Join Alba’

    Whether you are a member, or not, for all parties or none, there are an awful lot of issues urgently in need of discussion, so get your seat booked now: –

    Special Assembly 2023 – Scotland’s Way Forward

    Sat, Jan 14, 02:00 PM
    Charteris Centre,
    138-140 Pleasance,
    Edinburgh EH8 9RR

    “Following on from our extremely successful Special Assembly in Perth, we are reconvening the Assembly in Edinburgh on the 14th of January to build upon the coherent and credible strategy that we have set out so far.
    In Perth, those in attendance were from a large cross-section of the Yes movement. Everyone played their part in a series of indicative votes that will help to shape the plan going forward. This follow-up assembly will follow the same format as before.
    The event will be chaired by Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh and our panel of speakers will include the former First Minister, Alex Salmond, along with Neale Hanvey MP and Kenny MacAskill MP. All those in attendance will be given the opportunity to put their pressing questions to our panel.
    Other prominent individuals from within the YES movement will be invited to attend and contribute to the discussion. They will be announced in due course.”

  63. Republicofscotland says:

    One of Sturgeon the Judas rapist/paedo enabling MSPs is over the moon that 120,000 of his Aberdeen constituents will receive a £50 Winter heating bonus in February.

    Here’s all the SNP/Green rapist paedo enablers.

    Scots wouldn’t need this paultry £50 quid which lets face won’t even touch the sides due to the disgraceful prices the foreign energy firms are charging Scots for their OWN assets.

    What would’ve made a difference is if Sturgeon the Judas and her rapist enabling MSPs had focused on obtaining Scottish independence, the main reason many Scots elected them, but no this bunch of treacherous backstabbing b*stards stuck two fingers up to the indy movement and carried on with their own agenda.

    Lets make sure this is this guys last term at Holyrood, lets make sure he and the other SNP MSPs are shown the door when we next vote at the Holyrood elections, the SNP/Greens are a bunch of shameful, disgraceful, disgusting troughers who don’t give a shit about Scots.

    Vote Alba, join Alba.

  64. Mia says:

    “To be free is not merely to cast off one’s chains, but to live in a way that respects en enhances the freedom of others”

    If I had any doubts this UK state puppet arsehole was taking the piss, that tweet has completely dissipated them.

    Clearly the spin doctor who choose this quote from Mandela when what these pervert enablers have just done is to deliberately disrespect and curtail the freedom of women, and indirectly the freedom of the people of Scotland to exercise their legitimate right to choose independence, shows their wicked sense of humour. If you are going to insult the intelligence of the electorate, you may as well do it while you give yourself a good belly laugh.

    What I see here is a useful idiot of the state deliberately inflaming women and men to provoke a strong negative response against independence.

    By dragging somebody as highly regarded as Nelson Mandela into the last unionist brainfart – using the political game of enshrining science denial into law and fabricating an obvious threat against women and children which did not exist before, this idiot has totally convinced me they are following a UK establishment script aimed to deliberately offend and trash the chances of the SNP winning the next GE and put people off independence.

    It is as obvious they do not want a plebiscite election as it is that this idiot does not believe a single word he wrote in that tweet. What this person appears to be doing is simply adding fuel to the fire to ensure that, if a plebiscite election is being forced by public demand, sufficient “soft Yes”, “soft No’s” and sufficient “Don’t knows” have been persuaded to not voting pro-indy parties for fear it would become a paradise for degenerates and hell for women and children.

    It is the exact same strategy pursued by the UK establishment in 2014. There was a video from the man who led this strategy bragging about the success. The pivotal point in the strategy was selecting the target population. They understood there was absolutely no point in targeting strong Yes voters because they would never be persuaded no matter what. The votes that will decide the final result are soft yes, soft no and don’t knows. And these are the exact same ones they are targeting with this crap.

    The aggressiveness of this approach and the nastiness behind the type of risk they are fabricating and the fact it presents a threat to the most vulnerable in society, is in my view a measure of how much they think they have to regress support for independence in Scotland and how much they fear it.

    Clearly they are hoping to reduce support for independence sufficiently to make us more receptive to a totally discredited and laughed at devolution/federalism or whatever brand name they choose to give it this time. It is and will always be devolution though – the illusion of power and therefore will always be found wanting. The brexit fiasco has just showed us how useless devolution is.

    What is striking is they are not even bothering anymore trying to change the perception towards independence with arguments in favour of the union, clearly because they know there are none. So the only thing they can do is to artificially fabricate reasons and risks that portray independence under a very bad light and the laughable devolution under the “safety” bet.

    That they are deliberately bringing the Scottish people down the hierarchy of needs right to the very bottom of the pyramid and as far apart as self-actualisation (self-determination) as they possibly can, suggests they are aware of how difficult it will be for the people of Scotland to accept devolution over independence. It is a all or nothing battle. I suspect they are approaching the end of the barrel with this.

    But this strategy also points to something which has been carefully thought, studied and planned, rather than randomly applied. It is clear they have given a serious thought to how the people would react.

    This strategy suggests they have realised the only way they can now put people off independence is if they get them worried about their basic needs: their safety, the safety of their children, their freedom and their access to food, a home and clothing. The Gender nonsense law takes care of the safety part, while the aftermath of brexit and the obscene and unjustifiable increase in energy/food prices in an energy self-sufficient country as Scotland is, takes care of the rest. Selling at rock bottom prices the sea bed plots for off shore wind and the demands for the oil, of which Scotland has lots of, must remain in the ground, have been thrown in for good measure as a way to help creating the illusion that Scotland’s energy is either not Scotland’s, or is so bad it cannot longer be used nor accounted for when calculating Scotland’s wealth.

    They would not do this if they did not believe a majority of the people of Scotland would support independence in a plebiscite election and would give pro-indy MPs a mandate to terminate the union. So there is always a silver lining on this.

    What I find hilarious is that the script writer is presenting the tories as the champions for women. They clearly think us women have very short memories and we have forgotten all about the rape clause by now, a trademark of tory policy.

    Tories do not give a sht about women, unless they have been born with a silver spoon in their mouth or can be vilified on demand like Michele Mone to make Scots look bad and bring them down a peg or two when distracting us from some inconvenience is required.

    Cash, tax havens and neoliberal wars is the only thing they care about. So to choose the tories as the “saviour” character in this charade, when they are despised in Scotland, also demonstrates the script writer has a good sense of humour.

    The more I see this script unfolding in front of our eyes the more convinced I become that Sturgeon’s pretend SNP have already arranged some form of agreement with the UK establishment behind our backs so when labour gets in n10 we will be put back in the box with more useless devolution and false promises.

    I guess what they are doing now is working relentlessly to build up the illusion there is enough support for unionist parties, so they can foist this on us. I am assuming STurgeon’s infamous SNP 1 and 2 was part of this strategy as well. It would have been check mate had Mr Salmond’s ALBA taken the seats instead of STurgeon handing them over to the colonial representatives.

    Robertson writes “I fervently believe the parliament & people of Scotland have taken one more step in doing just that”

    I find this to be another fabulous example of the wicked sense of humour of the spin doctor/strategist who wrote the script. It is well known the consultation for this embarrassing “legislation” was opened to people from outwith Scotland, breaching any form of democratic process and rubbishing the claim the views in the consultation were from the people of Scotland. To claim now this is the “people of Scotland” taking the step is, in my view, a deliberate provocation designed to put people off.

    It is most telling the tweet says “the parliament and people of Scotland”. Whoever wrote this clearly sees both things, Holyrood and the people of Scotland, as two completely separate and independent entities. This reveals a colonialist/undemocratic point of view.

    In a healthy democracy, a parliament should be an expression of the people of Scotland, not a separate entity that follows a completely different direction and pursue different interests. By forcing this legislation against the will of the people of Scotland and after a flawed consultation which invited external interests for whom Holyrood cannot legislate, Holyrood has undemocratically gone ultravires – actively, knowingly and deliberately against the fundamental interests and will of the people of Scotland it is meant to represent. Holyrood has been used as a weapon against the people of Scotland, rather than as a democratically elected parliament.

    I think we should be obliging and give these betrayers exactly what they are begging for. But not just to the SNP, but to them all. I think we should eject each and every single SNP, labour, libdem and tory MPs from our seats on the next GE and each and every Greens, SNP, libdems, tories and Labour MSP who cast a vote to force this aberration on the people of Scotland from Holyrood. That ought to teach them and the UK establishment a hard lesson of what democracy is about, what a parliament is for and whose interests those sitting in Holyrood and Scotland’s seats in Westminter are expected to pursue.

    It would also send a very strong message to them all that they can stick their ridiculous political and psychological games to frustrate Scotland’s independence right where the sun does not shine.

    Let’s do it!

  65. George Ferguson says:

    @Republicofscotland 6:13pm
    Always look for the common denominator. Has Theresa May or Fabbers got any children?. Has Sturgeon or Patrick Harvie? Then they have no skin in the GRRB game. We are talking about the protection of women and their young children. And the responsibility ultimately lies with men in the sense of having the physicality and resource to do something about it. It’s our inalienable duty to protect them from harm. The GRRB will harm them. The moral olibigation lies with the Church of Scotland and they have been posted missing. The Scottish Parliament has lost its moral compass. In the next few days I will become a Grandad again. What a Scotland to bring this infant into.

  66. Ian Spruce says:

    Lady Dorrian was very clear that, for the purposes of the Equality
    Act 2010, wherever sex is mentioned this means Biological Sex.

  67. David Hannah says:

    Robertson violating the Nelson Mandella Rules. The SNP are a laughing stock.

    I think Robertson must be up there with the worst of them all. The SNP didn’t want Cherry to run in that seat, changed the rules made Cherry pay £10,000 if she wanted to stand for Holyrood. She wasn’t prepared to sack her staff.

    I’m sure I read online he wrote a book about Vienna and used public funds from his own office to promote it.

    If he loves Vienna that much, why doesn’t he just move there?

    He won’t be writing any white paper on Scottish Independence that’s for sure!

  68. Ebok says:

    2023 could be a defining year for the YES movement and our attempts to liberate our country from WM and the HR madness that has engulfed us.

    It isn’t enough to simply post comments on Wings. Most of us can do a little bit more, go that extra mile. So, don’t just be a keyboard warrior, be part of the crusade, speak up for what you believe in, and/or strengthen the cause by attending public meetings and supporting those doing the work on our behalf.

    ALBA has NO powers at HR, and only 2 stalwarts taking on 648 at WM. It is therefore incumbent upon all of us to do something to help, however small, in the knowledge that we won’t look back in years to come with regrets.

    Hundreds of volunteers across the land are working tirelessly on our behalf: help empower them – with ‘People Power’ – by attending the assembly and speaking or listening to and voting on a wide range of views.

    Special Assembly 2023 – Scotland’s Way Forward
    Sat, Jan 14, 02:00 PM
    Charteris Centre,
    138-140 Pleasance,
    Edinburgh EH8 9RR

    Book now

    Here is Kenny MacAskill’s passionate contribution to the Perth Assembly earlier this month: –

  69. JGedd says:

    Panda paws @ 3.25pm

    [Equally those who chunter on about genital inspections as if that’s the way people correctly work out the sex of people. 99.99% of the time you can do that within seconds with fully clothed people from a distance.]

    Exactly that. Millions of years of evolution are manifest in what happens at puberty. I sometimes wonder if those people who support the nonsensical ‘choosing’ of sex as reality actually remember the experience of puberty. (They know well enough what puberty does when it comes to supporting the use of puberty blockers, however.)

    Evolution is only about procreation of a species – anything else is extraneous unless it aids survival, at least until you procreate. Hermaphrodite reproduction is rare among species probably because sexual reproduction is a better way of passing on genes to put it simply. Thereafter, it’s all about sex and being able to find a mate. To that end, it’s obviously essential that you should be able to pair up with a mate of the opposite sex so visual recognition is important. Now this will sound simple and obvious to all of you so why have the trans idealogues been able to confuse so many people that they believe it’s all about choice? Do they not recall their own experience? Puberty was a long time ago for me and my ten year old pre-pubescent self was not particularly looking forward to being a woman though I thought resignedly it was going to happen.

    Then came puberty and I understood. That ancient process was the strange, disorienting biological imperative that could not be escaped or willed away. Those biology lessons ( in my day sexual reproduction was always about frogs with quick references to mammalian reproduction) actually made sense now. This wasn’t a system that allowed any choice; it was programmed to happen to you without any consultation on preferences.

    So too with sexual orientation which is set around the time of puberty. Surely these transactivists must know that you didn’t choose your sexual orientation no matter how it turned out for the individual? You don’t decide whether you are gay or heterosexual. It just happens to you as part of the process of puberty when your orientation is set.

    As panda paws has said physical recognition of the sexes is basic and that is down to evolution. The sexes are clearly defined physically as long as you have eyes to see. The physical transformation of males who go through puberty takes longer than that of females and is more radical, particularly the skeletal changes, including that of the skull. The adult male not only has a very different skeletal shape from that of his boyhood but the very significant changes to the skull, the male brow ridge, the heavier, stronger jaw mean that as an adult it can be difficult often to look at photos of the boy and recognise the boy’s face in that of the man he became.

    Yet trans ideology would ask us to disbelieve what we see. No amount of make-up can disguise the adult male jaw. Some I’ve seen on the internet have a jaw-line rather like Desperate Dan. Despite this, they demand that we must see them as women.

    Archaeologists like Professor Alice Roberts know all of this perfectly well. When examining ancient remains they know the physical attributes to look for when deciding the sex of the skeleton. The pelvic girdle, if present, is an obvious determinant but even if only a skull is present then sex can be decided because of the presence or absence of certain defining features such as the male brow ridge and the heavier, squarer jaw compared to the more gracile appearance of a boy’s skull or a woman’s. (In fact, it’s more difficult by physical appearance alone to define the sex of a child’s skull simply because the fact of puberty not having occurred before death.)

    Yet Alice Roberts appears to support the idea that you can self-id into the sex of your choice. You sometimes wonder who is running the asylum.

  70. Mia says:

    Does anybody else find as fascinating as I do that, despite this legislation potentially clashing with UK law, differently to the referendum bill, neither the unelected crown agent nor the unelected Lady Advocate considered fit to consult the Supreme Court on it before it was brought to Holyrood and undemocratically forced on the people of Scotland?

    Could it be because the unelected representatives of the crown in Holyrood and COPFS might be only interested in intervening if the legislation puts the UK union under threat?

  71. Tinto Chiel says:

    @JGedd: of course, if Alice Roberts wants to get the nice TV gigs coming she needs to seem to support this crapola and she of all people, as you say, not only should know better but does know better. She’s just another one who’s failed the test of truth to further her career: another one for the discard pile.

    I often take my grand-daughters to a park in a slightly more affluent town from mine which has a great children’s playground where the Yummy Mummies and Groovy Daddies bring their tinies.

    One day my elder GDD was on the see-saw with a child with long blond hair and androgynous grunge clothing, nothing so blatant and judgmental as blue or pink, so I concluded that the parents were achingly right-on types who didn’t want to “stereotype” their child, whose very name was far from a help.

    I was finding things a bit awkward since the usual questions you ask to make conversation with parents like, “How old is he/she now? Has he/she started nursery yet?” can be a bit of a minefield in these circumstances and you don’t want to offend, despite your very strong conclusions.

    Thankfully my three-y-o solved my problem quickly by announcing with disappointment, “The boy’s gone!” when he jumped off to have a go on the swings.

    Wee kids know it, Panda Paws’ adults know it and any honest scientist knows the score too and yet we’re expected to pussy-foot around that weasel word “gender” instead of using that simple word “sex”. The only time I encountered the G-word growing up was in classifying nouns in various languages, which seemed good enough for the world at the time.

    “Gender Studies” and the whole dishonest, shebang in every aspect of our lives to promote more societal division? That way madness lies.

  72. Shug says:

    Can anyone tell me if there is an argument for delaying a referendum or a plebisite.

    Does Nicola actually have an argument for delaying

  73. Andrew S says:

    Freedom to enter women’s spaces is a freedom we can do without

  74. David Hannah says:

    I watching Scottish football tonight. It means everything to us Scots.

    I was shocked to hear the yellow and green political puritans are coming after our pursuit of alcoholic recreation during football – already banned since 1980.

    The Scottish Government are consulting on an alcohol advertising ban at football. Nothing short of prohibition will do for the SNP.

    The SNP obviously have no regard for Scotland’s gold reserves in Scotch Whiskey. Or the Scottish Football league with just under half the teams in the Glens Vodka Scottish Premier League sponsored by alcohol brands!

    This is SNP nanny state politics. It’s outrageous.

  75. David Hannah says:

    Scotch Whisky* gold reserves! Only prohibition will do for the woke SNP Green puritans.

  76. Derek says:

    There’s been a ban on alcohol advertising on shirts for a long time, hasn’t there?
    This must be to do with pitch-side adverts. Are they going to ban advertising by bookies at the same time? There’s an awfy lot of that.

  77. Ruby says:

    Send Nicola Sturgeon’s gender act to judicial review

    South of the border you can’t become legally female just by putting on a dress.

    Whether a man is legally female is the least of our worries.

    In Scotland & in England a man can put on a dress and be recognised as female. Nobody is going to stop him entering woman’s changing rooms etc.

    Keep in mind neither Eddie Izzard or India Willoughby have a GRC.

    Indecent exposure & voyeurism totally legal in women’s changing rooms in both countries.

    My advice to women is do not join any gym/spa that doesn’t have cubicles and even then check for cameras under the dividing walls.

    Most definitely do not take your children to these places.

    Shop online or take the garments home to try on and return them if they don’t fit.

    Whether you’ve got Sturgeons GRRB or the UK Govs GRA2004 there are the same problems.

    All this stuff MacWhirter has written about might be of interest to lawyers and political anoraks but is of no interest to the ordinary women who is at risk from ‘men impersonating women’

    The only solution I can see to these problems is that there be

    No sexes changes
    Impersonating a woman made a hate crime
    (black face is a hate crime so why not woman face)
    No more bloody pronouns
    No more lady dick
    No more crazy words like chest feeder & womb haver
    No more trans.

    Sign this if you agree

    It’s nearly at 8K now.

  78. James Che says:


    Sorry for late reply,
    Winnie Ewan may have said it, but that does not make it true,
    The devolved government is under Englands Westminster legislation, in otherwords it is a branch of Westminster,

    It was not legislated by a authentic Scottish parliament. Or presented to the people of Scotland by Scotland it self, but by the english parliament, Westminster.

    And the reason I state English law created the devolved Scottish parliament is as follows.
    The UK parliament claims it is one of the oldest parliament (continued running) parliaments being of 800 years or so,

    Where as the UK parliament site also claims that by agreeing to the treaty of the union, Scotlands parliament ceased to exist,

    This was one of the conversations held in the United kingdom, House of Lords privileges Committee, Schedule 2 to the 1963 Act Law revision Scotland Act, page 578.
    Treaty of the Union, Article XX11, by Lord Slynn of Hadley,

    The debate includes a reference to academic lawyers on wether or not there is a treaty of Union, since neither state has existed since 1707.

    You can access this through,

    International Law report,
    Books, Google .co UK.
    United kingdom,
    House of Lords.
    Privileges Committee,
    Page 578

  79. Ruby says:

    Most voters bear no ill will to trans people but do not believe that humans can change sex. Iain MacWhirter

    Iain MacWhirter is just making me mad now.

    Most voters do not know what a trans person is

    If you don’t know what trans is might be worth watching

    Mr Menno he has many good videos.

  80. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @David Hannah –

    Cheers mister, you’ve given me the chance to revisit a bugbear i.e. the alcohol minimum pricing law in Scotland.

    My tipple of choice is Scrumpy. If you live in Scotland it now costs a minimum of £5.28 for four 440ml cans of the stuff, whether that be Lidl’s own brand or the ‘original’. Some wee ‘locals’ sell four ‘pint’ cans for £6.00 but others (and I can discern no logical reason here) will charge £7.50, even £8.00 for 440ml *OR* pint cans.


    The same four 440ml cans can be bought in Carlisle, Newcastle, Gretna, for less than half that price. Lidl, for example, sell their own ‘version of Scrumpy (which is, for me anyway, every bit as appley and pleasant as the ‘original’) for £2.48. (Well, they did last time I shopped down there.)

    Like I said, it’s just a personal thing maybe. More important to all of us is the price of fuel, interest rates etc, aye. That’s understood. But what other products are subjected to this kind of state-sanctioned surcharge?

    (I suspect this is a topic which Oor Ain Lenny Hartley may have something to say about!- Island prices? God bless us and save us and soap us and shave us when you only have the one-star Spar!)


  81. Wilson McBride says:

    Sturgeon’s plan,,,shove this Bill out just before Xmas, and the dummies will have forgotten all about by the beginning of January.

    The Rev Stu will not let that happen.

    We must also let Sturgeon and her collaborators know that we are on their case after the New Year.

    Say No to Chix with Dix in female safe spaces.

  82. Geri says:

    Mia 9:31pm

    That’s exactly it.

    Sturgeon also warned the UK they better not block it.

    I mentioned this last week. Pity she never issued the same threat on indyref2. Charlatans.

    That place needs a clear out.

    Shut, Holyrood is an administration of WM. It was never the reconvening of the old Scottish parliament. That’s why we have the Scotland Act. To act only within Westminsters rules.

    I don’t know why Ewan ever said it was reconvening of the old Scottish parliament – that was a lie & not what Scots had voted for on the ballot paper. The only thing asked was did we want devolution of certain powers & Westminster (obviously watering down the importance to Scotland & what they’d voted on previously) offered it to everyone else too, Wales, NI.

  83. Wilson McBride says:

    Still no sign of English Ellis?

    Isn’t life wonderful?

    Whoever got shot of him pulled off the move of the year on Wings.

  84. Geri says:

    *Shut = shug

    Freudian slip!

  85. Kcor says:

    “Is Angus Roberston so deaf that he cannot hear their pleas?”

    Which SNP MP or MSP isn’t so deaf that they cannot hear the pleas of independence seekers?

    It is great to see the likes of Angus Roberston being exposed.

    W o S has been successfully exposing first the old unionists, and later the new SNP unionists, for a long time.

    But we have to realise that it is not making one bit of difference.

    Someone outside the SNP, and preferably outside politics, please, please, please start a poll tax type protest against this disgusting legislation.

  86. James Che says:

    If you want to fix the gender bill issue in Scotland, you have to debate wether the SNP are legal to pass new laws for Scots while under UK Westminster legislation Scotland Act.

    This breeches the treaty of the union. As there is no Scots parliament for Scots law since 1707.

    The again there is no treaty of union at all as the Scottish parliament and state ceased to exist according to the UK parliament site.

    Westminster is run by England, it boast it has been continuing for over 700 years,
    If this is the case, Scotland ceased to join as a Union 1707.

  87. James Che says:


    The devolved government is one and the same as the UK government, and like you I see the planning to disrupt Scotlands independence movement with this nonsense,

    The point that should be made and employed by us is to give them something to worry about back.

    Personally I do not think you could do any better than using their own boasts of history against them,
    Maintaining the treaty of union to hold Scotland is one of their biggest fears, the thought that Scotland could slip through their fingers because they had not shawed up all the details way back in 1707 fills them with horror.

    When the House of Lords brings up the subject of wether there is actually a treaty of union between Scotland and England in 1960s themselves, without a Scot in the room,

    You can be assured they have their doubts.

  88. James Che says:


    Here is another thought,

    The Scottish parliament ratified the treaty of union with England,

    If the Scottish parliament was extinguished by agreeing to the treaty, so is the ratifacation.

  89. Geri says:


    The moment SNP signed up to IHRA & her minion MPs cozied up to Israeli lobbying groups & taking thier state funded jollies there – the SNP as an Independence political party was dead.

    Independence isn’t *compatible* with Israel.

    They like the protection the *UK* offers so they can continue committing atrocities to the Palestinians while they turn a blind eye. that includes our nukes which gives those bastards a permanent seat at the UN security council & along with it, a veto.

    The warning signs were all there, scouring the internet for *innaproriate comments against the state of Israel* that lead to Grouse being shunned & Denise & Neale deselected on jumped up charges. Play nice or else you’ll get the Corbyn treatment & be run out of office under a trail of slurs – or take indy off the table & enjoy a nice media whole let you run riot & not report it.

    They couldn’t give a shit about indy, they’re all self serving, so they can do what they like now.

    Only way to save indy is a convention Independent of Party.
    & To switch to another pro indy party at the ballot box.

    SNP is dead.

    Give Sturgeon & her minions her big Jim Murphy moment. Boot the feckers out. The cowards would probably jump ship before then.

  90. Geri says:

    James Che

    Didn’t they removed the *Sovereign* bit?

    There’s two Claim of Right.
    The original
    & A diddy watered down version removing Sovereign & dreamt up by the convention that included John Smith.

    Both parliaments ratified the diddy version?

    I wish Scott was back. He knew his stuff about parliament & the Scotland Act.

  91. Geri says:

    & btw, Palestinians in Scotland are now being silenced. They’re having their meetings cancelled by Police Scotland. The GRR is hiding a multitude of SNP shit, just as Covid did.

    She needs another crisis to come along & fast.

    As an aside, FFS I’ve just educated myself on this non binary pish! WTAF!? People are actually choosing to become eunuchs by choice or having surgery to be both sexes & engaging in sex by deception by not telling. Women deceiving gay men etc – trans lying to straight men – that’s rape FFS! I can see now exactly why they suffer violence. There’d be no point reporting that shit to the police.

    Sweet Jesus! My eyes! Lolz This will only end in compo pay outs of £££££s

    Apologies if you all know this. I’m late to the binary woo woo..

  92. Willie says:

    Just been reading a staff toolkit handed out in every classroom in a West of Scotland secondary school last week. And I quote verbatim

    ” Be understanding if a pupil asks you to use another name to make them feel comfortable ”

    ” if you make a mistake about a pupils name or pronouns just apologise and correct yourself ”

    And then, here’s the absolute pearl –

    ” check when and where the pupil is comfortable with you using the names/ pronouns they have requested – ( Can you use the new name / pronoun in front of other pupils, other staff, parents?) ”

    Now I don’t know about other folks, or parents, but encouraging secret one on one, teacher on pupil names is a sure fire recipe for disaster. A name that only the pupil and teacher know is an absolute aide to inappropriate relationships and grooming.

    But that is exactly what is in the guidance toolkit. That is what teachers are being told to do. Its a groomers charter.

    Keeping secrets from parents, from other teachers is a dark dark road to go down.

    Moreover in this torrent of Scottish Government guidance, and let us remember it is being applied to children in pre-school nursery, to primary school, to secondary school children of different ages, different capacities, and different vulnerabilities.

    What if the coaching, the encouragement to develop in secret from the parents occasions a child to adopt an alternative gender orientation, and then at sixteen a self certify gender certificate, and then maybe irreversible physical changes like hormone treatment but then as an adult decide that it was all wrong and a mistake. Who will they sue for encouraging them to go down the road they did. The school, the teacher. it’s just another facet of the lunacy now extant in our schools.

    Or the sex change mixed up male child at sixteen changing gender through self certify and demanding to share the girls changing rooms etc etc.

    Or the fifteen year old boy wanting to share the toilets with a fourteen year old menstruating girl.

    Or what of the SG advice that police and teachers are to keep secret any discovered sexual relationships down to the age of eleven when there is no sign of abuse. But of course in a survey last year the same Scottish Government asked every pupil over 14 years of age about their anal sex habits.

    And all this stuff is to be kept a secret. Well I for one think this only the start of what is going to become a tidal wave of demand for sanity.

    I for one, like many many others do not want my child, my grandson exposed to this perversion and for it to b e kept a secret. And I’ll tell you something else the scum bags who forced this are going to have a day of reckoning.

  93. Robert Hughes says:

    Bravura posts from Mia , JGedd & Geri

    3 W.O.M.E.N who know WTF they’re talking about & The Score eg ATM

    Stupid, fckd-up wee boys n weird fckd-up men hijacking Womanhood 3

    Actual , real , biological Females 0

    Some TRA Zealots are on the park , they think it’s all over ……

    IS IT FUCK . The fightback has only just begun

  94. Wilson McBride says:

    No matter how hard we try to break off any connection whatsoever with Nicola Sturgeon, it seems we are going to be forever linked with her.

    Because Unionists and even disinterested supporters of Scottish Independence STILL lump every one of us together,,, whether we like it or not,,,in their eyes there is only one person leading the Yes movement, and that is Nicola Sturgeon.

    And also in their eyes, there is only one Party involved in the fight for Scottish independence, and that is the SNP.

    This is from a so called journalist in the Herald (Andrew Learmonth), who you would think was up to speed with the splits within the YES Movement,,,but it seems not…

    “Given she’s so synonymous with the campaign for independence, any drops in her personal ratings could affect the campaign as a whole, even though she does, undoubtably, remain a huge electoral asset for the time being.”

    So, no matter how hard we try,,,we can’t seem to shake off any links we have with Sturgeon or the SNP.

  95. Ian Murray says:

    I thought there would be a big rush after independence to create new parties but it seems as if the SNP have already shown us who they are and to some extent so have Alba. If the public can get on board with an SNP ALBA vote we may get closer to Independence
    Alas I fear the SNP not accept another Independence party helping to achieve its stated goal

  96. Robert Hughes says:

    @ Wilson

    ” So, no matter how hard we try,,,we can’t seem to shake off any links we have with Sturgeon or the SNP. ”

    This is why ALBA and the other pro-Indy Parties MUST start attacking the character and performance of Sturgeon – in particular the former .

    All this fckn * diplomatic * fannying about ” oh we mustn’t damage the SNP support ” , too late for that . The current SNP are destroying even the possibility of Independence , not only in all of our lifetimes – possibly forever .

    Every politician in ALBA has to start turning their fire to the character of Sturgeon , fuck knows , there’s an abundance of evidence of her duplicitous , deeply suspect , backstabbing nature . She’s a total fraud , and an extremely dangerous one .

    Stop fuckn about ALBA . No quarter is being shown by the twisted fanatics of this SNP/Green abomination . Look what they’re doing to our country FFS

    No quarter can be shown to them . The MUST be defeated . Totally

  97. Effijy says:

    Very good independence case from Wales that gets the BBCUnionists in a spin.

  98. Breeks says:

    Effijy says:
    29 December, 2022 at 8:15 am
    Very good independence case from Wales that gets the BBCUnionists in a spin.

    Once upon a time I would have agreed with you Effijy.

    However these days I feel the mere mention of a referendum is synonymous with someone “not” grasping the full importance of Scotland’s sovereign constitution. We Scots are much too quick to “forfeit” Scotland’s constitutional strength when in reality, it should be Westminster who is continually tripped up and having it’s plans continually frustrated by Scottish constitutional “backstops”.

    Once that is understood, it becomes impossible to trust the competence and commitment of Scotland’s political elite. This isn’t any “government” of Scotland, it is a cheap soap opera with even cheaper actors.

    After Brexit, Northern Ireland was able to construct the Northern Irish Backstop which halted Brexit in it’s tracks for the simple reason that a Border created as a consequence of Brexit was a direct violation of an International Peace Treaty; the Good Friday Agreement. One line in a treaty was all it took to check Westminster’s reckless misadventure and disregard for it’s own obligations. I congratulate Northern Ireland, and their backstop, which has since evolved into the Northern Irish Protocol, which is still defending their interests.

    What is risible however, is that for the same Brexit, Scotland was in a ten times stronger position than Northern Ireland to create a Scottish Constitutional Backstop based upon the Claim of Right; the emphatically declared will of the Sovereign people supported by the Claim of Right recognised in both in Westminster and Westminster’s colonial Scotland Act.

    We had a stronger defence than Northern Ireland, and Independence was our prize, but Sturgeon the cowardly imbecile did NOTHING to protect Scotland from Brexit, but instead capitulated to Brexit, and presented the World with the grotesque spectacle of a Scottish sovereign Constitution which apparently meant nothing to Scotland’s elected “Government”.

    Sturgeon is a despicable ("Tractor" - Ed) as vile to Scotland as Benedict Arnold is to America, and together with her SNP flunkies, they have sold Scotland out, and doomed Scotland to a future trapped inside this dreadful Union which, until Sturgeons grotesque betrayal, was a voluntary Union we could choose to end.

    Scotland was cursed by a parcel o’ rogues in 1707, and we’ve cursed again in 2016, but sadly, the vast majority of Scots are supine sheep who lack the wits to see it.

    People think I’m “radical” because I demand the impeachment of Sturgeon and indeed Holyrood. That is not radical. That is merely a vital necessity if Scotland means to rescue it’s Sovereign integrity from the desperate jeopardy which the idiot Sturgeon has put it in.

    It is “twice” not radical, because Sturgeon would be lucky to be merely impeached for her treason against the Claim of Right. Scotland wasn’t always so soft on ("Tractor" - Ed)s for “… the foulness of their perjury, the foulness of their broken faith.”

    s-executed-at-edinburgh/" rel="nofollow ugc">"Tractor" - Ed)s-executed-at-edinburgh/

    The ONLY saving grace for Scotland is that Scotland’s Claim of Right has stronger provenance and longevity than any passing ("Tractor" - Ed), and Sturgeon’s ultra vires capitulation of Scotland’s Claim of Right demeans only Sturgeon as a fraud and Holyrood as a Vichy assembly. It does not undo the potency or legitimacy of the Claim of Right, which can yet be resurrected.

  99. Ruby says:

    Keep signing

    It’s over 8K now.

    No more

    ‘Fetishistic men on a sexualised ego trip living out their sexual fantasies in public’ Mr Menno

  100. Ruby says:

    Angus Robertson self-iding as Nelson Mandela!

    Ghislaine Maxwell might be more appropriate.

  101. Republicofscotland says:

    Sturgeon the betrayers fanzine the National newspaper’s website is down, according to its Twitter feed, it probably collapsed under the weight of its own rhetoric.

  102. stuart mctavish says:

    The reporting (& conspiracy of silence thereto elsewhere) of male sex offenders being housed in women’s prisons infers that the UK civil service unions are fully on board with the abuse despite* having obligated adherence to seriously flawed complaint handling procedures for MSP and former ministers since as early as 2009.

    Is there any data to confirm when the sordid practice began that might help identify the UK minister/permanent secretariat responsible (over and above Holyrood’s own apparent failure in the matter)?

    *or possibly in addition to, ie as part of literal dirty tricks campaign, contrary to Edinburgh agreement, aimed at undermining trust in all but sick perversions and experimental drugs

  103. Ruby says:

    I’m pretty rubbish at writing so I don’t know if I’m going to be able to explain very well what I think about Sturgeon and why Alex Salmond didn’t recognise her flaws and why when Salmond resigned things changed dramatically but I’ll give it a try.

    Sturgeon to me is just an empty vessel, no great passion, no independent thoughts, a follower, someone who would fit perfectly into a cult. There is probably a term for someone like that but I don’t know what it is so I’m going with empty vessel.

    When she was Salmond’s deputy she just became a Salmond mini-me. She was the perfect little deputy. Salmond would have been very flattered by this and thought she’s a woman after my own heart. He didn’t recognise that she was just an empty vessel following his lead

    All was fine when Salmond was her ‘leader’ but when he resigned things changed.
    She could have gone on seeking advice & guidance from Salmond but unfortunately Salmond suggested having her husband as CEO was a very bad idea. OMG! He wasn’t going to get away with that!

    That is when she & her CEO husband decided to cut all ties with that @#$%&! Salmond and not let him get away with saying such a thing.

    Now here she is this ’empty vessel’ who is the leader but desperately in need of a leader herself. The question is who did she turn to? Was it her CEO husband or was it someone else? Who is her Rasp*tin?

    Who wanted revenge on Salmond? My number one suspect would be Peter Murrell.
    How dare that @#$%&! Salmond suggest he be put out of a job?
    Others would join him because of some grievance with Salmond.

    If you have someone who is an ’empty vessel’ then it’s pretty easy to take advantage.
    Fill her head with whatever you like and suddenly she is a strong supporter of your cause.

    Why was she such a strong supporter of MeToo? Short of an idea or influenced to believe it was a way to get revenge on that @#$%&! Salmond?

    Why is she such a strong supporter of self-id. Is this because she is an ’empty vessel’ with no ideas of her own so she needs to look else where for ideas? Did she see Canada and various other countries adopting self-id so she decides oh great that can be my new idea or did her Rasp*tin see it as a way to ensure his journey on the gravy train continued?
    Is her Rasp*tin transgender?

    Why is she so useless with the cause of independence? Is that because nobody is showing her the way? Are all her ‘advisors’ more than happy on the gravy train?

  104. Republicofscotland says:

    As Sturgeon the Judas party helps suppress Scottish culture/history etc, her so called Culture secretary Angus Robertson is calling for Westminster to give more cash to help support orchestras and theatres. Christ they nearly went into meltdown when a Saltire was taken into Holyrood.

    Where else in the world would a parliament shun its national flag.

    Vote Alba, Join Alba.

  105. Mac says:

    Once the sexual assaults and inevitable rapes happen (and they may well have started already) they will surely cover it up by finding some twisted logic to keep no record of whether it was a trans ‘woman’ or a real woman.

    It is horrify watching these lowlifes putting sexual predators into women’s prisons. They know what they are doing and for sure will have some plan to conceal it when it does happen.

    I can see massive lawsuits coming out of this lunacy, but really it should also be criminal charges. If you put a rapist in a woman’s prison and he rapes someone in that prison then you should go to jail for criminal negligence, recklessly endangering vulnerable people to fulfill your own personal political dogma.

    You know it is bad when Sharia law is starting to look better and better by the day…

  106. Ruby says:

    This is a picture of all the gifts the postie on Shetland received.

    I’m a bit worried about the dogs & cats eyeing up the presents especially the labrador.

    I don’t know what the one on the left is at first I thought it was a furry rug.

    Do you think any of them will go for Nicola’s present?

    No doggies! Chocolate is not good for you.

    Take the carrot!

    I expect it is meant for Rudolph but the carrot has now become a symbol of something else.

    PS You are all to old to believe in Rudolph & carrots.

  107. Shug says:

    Geri and James chi
    I think a properly elected parliament is any parliament elected by the people. They speak for the people. If that parliament exert their democratic power that is it, but they need a set of balls for that.
    The moment you accept you need Westminster approval you are subject to them.
    Did Westminster approve any of the empire parliament’s, I think not

  108. Ruby says:

    Mac says:
    29 December, 2022 at 11:55 am

    Once the sexual assaults and inevitable rapes happen

    You may not hear about the now legal sexual assaults! A child may decide not to mention being subjected to indecent exposure for some reason. That happens a lot.

    The only hint a parent will get is when the child who was a very keen swimmer decides she doesn’t want to go swimming any more.

  109. Ruby says:

    New thread opened.

    That’s the end of that discussion!


  110. Mac says:

    If your moral compass allows you sexually assault a 10 year old girl in a supermarket I am pretty certain you are not going to have any qualms lying about identifying as a woman to get access to more victims and also get a cushy ride versus a men’s prison. It is a no brainer for the scum we are talking about.

    That guy Rennie who was the head of LGBT Youth Scotland was a close ‘friend’ of the couple whose 18 month year old baby he attempted to rape while ‘babysitting’.

    They are going to give human excrement like this a carte blanche opportunity to access to more potential victims simply by uttering a few words. They scheme and deceive over years pretending to be your friend so they can fuck your baby first chance they get but we trust them on this… What the fuck. This is what you are dealing with, a deviousness and evil that staggers the mind.

    To ignore the blindingly obvious and allow them a whole new potential vector of abuse, and in countless new scenarios not just female prisons, it is any traditionally female only space, it is really beyond belief.

    This whole reality we find ourselves entering now with the SNP and Greens is so repellant it is hard to actually believe it.

  111. Ruby says:

    Oops there is no new thread

    ‘The Bunch of Cults’ had disappeared.

  112. Ruby says:

    has not had

    Mac says:

    This whole reality we find ourselves entering now with the SNP and Greens is so repellant it is hard to actually believe it.

    Agreed! Utterly unbelievable.

  113. Liz says:

    @ruby I agree Sturgeon is an empty vessel.
    She’s being used by very powerful global elite just like Trudeau and Adhern, the NZ one, to destabilise small countires.

    She’s so flattered by their attention, cos she’s weak, stupid, anti intellectual, nasty, poisoned she doesn’t realise they will crush her when their aganda has been moved forward.

    She crops up in WEF documents.
    This is a war against the ordinary people of the world, it’s bloody scary

  114. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “OT – Hey Rev great to see your Twitter account has been unsuspended.”

    I suspect you’re looking at a parody or impersonator account, @WingsScotland is still banned.

  115. Xaracen says:

    James Che;

    The Scottish Parliament of 1707 ratified the Treaty of Union. They did so by passing an Act, the ‘Act of Union With England 1707’. If you are going to claim that the subsequent cessation of that Parliament then invalidated that Act, then it must have invalidated every Act it has ever passed. If it killed only the Act of Union, you must explain specifically how only that Act died but left the rest intact.

    You might also wish to explain why the same thing didn’t happen when the English Parliament ceased to exist in 1707, when both it and the old Scottish Parliament were replaced by the new Parliament of Great Britain.

    The UK Parliament sets great store these days by its English Act of Union, far more than it does the Treaty which is the true foundation of both the UK and its Parliament. Any discussion around the origin of the Union in England always revolves around the English Act of Union, and the Treaty is never mentioned as having any relevance if it is even mentioned in the first place. You may not be aware how that came about.

    Westminster’s obsession with the English Act of Union stems from AV Dicey’s scam in the mid-19th century, when he claimed that the two acts of ratification of the Treaty basically replaced the Treaty of Union with the Acts of Union, rendering the Treaty itself defunct as having completed its purpose, and that it is the Acts of Union that confer the authority of the Union to Westminster. But the Scottish Parliament ceased to exist so Dicey claimed the Scottish Act of Union was orphaned and irrelevant, as no body now exists with any authority to enforce it. He also claimed that the old English Parliament did not cease to exist as the Scottish one did, it only renamed itself as the new Parliament of Great Britain.

    This was his aim; of the three founding documents of the United Kingdom and its UK Parliament, two are now defunct; the Treaty itself and the Scottish Act of Union. Only one is still in force; the English Act of Union, and, lo and behold, Westminster can allegedly claim it as its own Act, and as such it has authority to amend it entirely unilaterally, should it ever choose to do so. Oh, and Westminster owns the unlimited sovereignty of England’s old Parliament too, but now that extends to Scotland as well.

    The English establishment lapped it up! The fact that it was and still is self-serving bollocks was gleefully ignored, and it was accepted as Westminster and English establishment canon. What the Scots thought of this was never considered, and in fact still isn’t.

  116. Geri says:

    Willie 2:58

    It’s children as young as 4 yrs old.They can tell the teacher thier new name & keep it a secret from thier parents,

    4 years old!!!

    It beggars belief. It’s grooming.
    Encouraging secrecy & sexualising children would normally get someone arrested, red flags popping off everywhere & yer name on a register.

    Not in Sturgeons woo woo world.

    The Scottish government is going to be knee deep in compo when this goes tits up & it’s a certainly it will. How can you even put a price on that?

  117. Geri says:


    Holyrood has the Scotland Act. A set of rules to abide by.

    Did the empire approve any of thier parliament’s? Yes.
    They sent in *diplomats* to enforce compliance. See Ireland, India, China, Falklands etc.


    Narcissistic psychopath is what Sturgeon is. The great trick of a narcissist is to be a ‘mini me’ to thier mentor to obtain what they have. Once they have it captured they despise. Thier next trick is to employ flying monkeys – this gets everyone to despise their victim too. It’s no fluke Sturgeon has a cult following quick to cast out the unbelievers as heathens.

    Psychopath – because she is void of empathy, amoral, power tripping & are secretive barstewards. They get off on winning. They can’t stand losing.

    & A bandwagon junkie. Thier mentor is gone & they have no ideas of thier own.

  118. Geri says:

    Jeez, Shug keeps switching to shut..

  119. Geri says:


    That smacks of interference.

    It’s not against the twitter rules to call out feckwits or to swear.

  120. Ruby says:

    Geri says:
    29 December, 2022 at 2:01 pm


    Narcissistic psychopath is what Sturgeon is. The great trick of a narcissist is to be a ‘mini me’ to thier mentor to obtain what they have. Once they have it captured they despise.

    Maybe but I still like the imagery of an ’empty vessel’?

    Perhaps a more modern description would be of a robot waiting to be programmed.

    Perhaps the narcissistic psychopath is her programmer. Her Rasp*tin.

    I will admit my thinking is very ‘creative’ I would be much better at fiction than fact.

    My latest thought is whether Sturgeon is an abused woman or not.
    I hear you saying WTF!

    In my fictional story she would be an abused woman.
    I’m thinking along the lines of how abusers isolate their victims from all friends, family and anyone who might influence her.

    Was it necessary to isolate Sturgeon from her lifetime friend & mentor Salmond?

    All that was very strange don’t you think?

  121. Liz says:

    @ruby I dont believe she was an abused woman but I do think she was probably sidelined at school, rejected as a weirdo.

    If that happened around puberty time, she’s getting her revenge.
    It’s why she hates successful strong women and men.
    She only likes weak people who were probably like her during their teens, sidelined, different, avoided.

    This can only happen because it suits the agenda of poweful people.

  122. Geri says:

    Were they ever really friends or was that contrived rubbish for the media? SNP used to always show a united front.

    He described her as not leadership material.
    She describes him as an ego trip who was reckless & shouldn’t be in politics (bit of projecting going on there!)

    No WTF from me at her possibly being abused.

    I wonder if she’s even a woman.

    Too much? Lol

    I’ll get my coat..

  123. Shug says:

    I am really impressed by how much you know about everything and yet nobody seems to employ your services

    Funny that

  124. Willie says:

    Thinking about a state employee encouraging and keeping secret from the parents a pre-school or primary child’s desire to use another name or adopt another orientation creates a very real threat to the child, and may cause it to later regret the influence of the teacher who encouraged their whim.

    I wouldn’t like to be the teacher when in circumstances like this when parents find out.

    Conflict, potentially physical, aside of legal, is a real possibility. Fuck with my child bastard and I’ll fuck with you, might be the sentiment of some. Course, very course language that I use, but it is the language that might not become altogether unknown.

    Parental protection of children is one of the most basic instincts.

    And the politicians who introduced this. Well we have seen the hate expounded by some of these woke perverts. Most unpleasant. Thankfully restricted to internet threats as opposed to physical. But might be mild by comparison to relatives who have had a child damaged and hurt.

    At a local school near me a teacher apparently raised the issue of action being taken by parents against the school and teachers.

    And the response from management was it’s the law, a Scottish Government requirement. Tough hard ass formal words but we shall see. The school in particular proceeded to issue a toolkit to teachers about what had to be done – including instruction that if requested by the pupil, a teacher was to engage in one to one secret special name arrangements.

  125. Geri says:


    I don’t. I apologise if it comes across like that.
    Every day’s a school day on the internet.


    You’d think they’d have put together a toolkit on education & life skills rather than this nonsense of asking a teacher to play psychologist & keeper of secrets. What’s it to do with them? It will end in a thump. There were harrowing stories of mothers speaking out at women’s rights events doing the rounds on twitter whose daughter or son were brainwashed without thier knowledge or consent & it’d split families with the child either too far captured on the path to mutilation, drugs or taking thier own life. It beggars belief no one is listening & it’s just full steam ahead regardless..

  126. Geri says:

    I’ll never forget Sturgeon UN right of the child Q&A where an Australian jurno was having none of her pish about Trans. I think it was 2018/9?? Where he questioned Sturgeon on England putting children into care if their parents didn’t agree to thier trans children or forcing them onto drugs despite evidence the majority of children growing out of it..he feared for his grandkids who lived in Scotland obviously he was referencing what we now know as Mermaids & Tavistock..

    As usual her arrogant dismissive attitude was on full display when he was stoic at her attempt at a joke regarding Irvine..

    Didn’t happen. Children know better. They don’t grow out of it. Next question. Move along!

    That was Sturgeon done for me. I took to Twitter asking WTAF & was taken aback by Indy support also dismiss it as never happened despite a flipping link lol. It’s like folks ears hear something entirely different..

    Anyhoo – the UN was recorded & will no doubt be in the vaults of YouTube should anyone care to watch it..

  127. Geri says:

    Jeez, I forgot the important bit

    *Children as young as seven..

  128. Shug says:

    The unionists clearly have dirt on Nicola, as I was told a few years ago, and have used it to lace her inner group with plants allowing the nonsense and waste of time the SNP policies have been (ferry, gender, offshore power, etc, etc).
    Watching fmq most of her appointees are barely capable of speaking without reading.
    The only solution is to out the dirt. One has to wonder why the unionists keep avoiding the open goal, but then it suits them for the now.
    Don’t fester on their stupidity, find the dirt and reverse the blackmail

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