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The Safest People On Earth

Posted on November 21, 2023 by

Yesterday was “Transgender Day Of Remembrance”, which was the 41st “special” day of 2023 so far for trans people.

(Including but not limited to International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia; International Pronouns Day; International Transgender Day Of Visibility; Transgender Awareness Week and of course the whole of “Pride Month”, which is now an almost entirely trans-focused event).

Citizens of Scotland and the UK were solemnly instructed to “remember the many trans people whose lives have been tragically cut short by violence”, although weirdly none of the politicians issuing the orders actually named any.

However, since we’re endlessly being told that trans people are the most marginalised, oppressed and vulnerable members of our society, and that an actual “trans genocide” is currently in progress, we expect there have been loads.

(Indeed, apparently the demands for a Holocaust of the trans population are now so frequent in Scotland that they’ve become boring.)

Fortunately an organisation exists to monitor this very statistic.

The staggeringly wealthy activist “charity” the Arcus Foundation has donated a million dollars to an advocacy group called Transgender Europe to run the “Transrespect” website, tracking the worldwide murders of trans people.

So to assess the magnitude of the problem let’s start with the clear world capital of trans murder, Brazil, which accounts for almost 40% of all recorded homicides against trans people.

Transrespect counts murders over a 15-year period from 2008 to 2023. Obviously since 2023 isn’t over most countries don’t have stats for it yet, so we’ll use the closest available comparison, the 15 years from 2007 to 2022.

Adding up those numbers gives us a total of 782,569 murders in Brazil. The best available estimate for the Brazilian trans population is 0.69%, so on a pro-rata basis we should expect there to have been 5,400 trans people among those figures.

According to Transrespect the number is in fact only 1,841.

In other words, non-trans people are 2.93 times more likely to be murdered in Brazil than trans people.

What if we check another country famous for sky-high murder figures? These are the US homicide statistics, again compiled by Statista:

And again we’ll take the 2007-2022 period for the best available comparison. That gets us a total of 273,543 murders in 15 years. A claimed 0.5% of the US population is transgender, so pro-rata there should logically have been something like 1,368 trans people murdered over that time.

The actual number according to Transrespect is just 406.

In other words, non-trans people are 3.4 times more likely to be murdered in the USA than trans people.

Now let’s try the other end of the scale – the UK, a country with a very low murder rate. Statista compiles the following numbers (for England and Wales, but the figures for Scotland and Northern Ireland are pretty much in line):

If we add up the 2007-22 figures we get a total of 10,141. The 2021 census (also for England and Wales) suggested 0.5% of the population was transgender, leading us to expect 51 trans people to have been murdered over our 15-year sample.

According to Transrespect the actual number is just 13. (Again for England and Wales – not a single murder of a trans person has ever been recorded in Scotland or NI.)

In other words, non-trans people are 3.9 times more likely to be murdered in the UK than trans people.

(This tallies with a Channel 4 Fact Check on the subject from 2018.)

A pattern seems to be developing. But let’s try a couple more countries.

At the opposite end of the spectrum to Brazil we find Iran, a “trans-friendly” country where changing your sex is encouraged and even funded by the government as an ideologically-preferred alternative to homosexuality, which is still punishable by death.

(A number of respectable academic sites claim that a July 2005 article in the Guardian even said that “today, the Islamic Republic of Iran occupies the unlikely role of global leader for sex change”, but we can’t find an online link supporting it. However we did find one from the BBC in 2008 stating that Iran carried out more sex-reassignment surgery than any country other than Thailand.)

The overall murder rate in Iran is just over half that of the USA, and while it’s hard to find authoritatively precise figures, the absolute numbers over the period in question have been around 1,900 a year, which would give us a total of 28,500.

If we stick conservatively to roughly 0.5% of the population being trans (there are very few reliable figures for being “LGBT” in Iran for obvious reasons), that would mean a pro-rata figure of 143 murders of trans people over the 15-year sample.

The actual figure supplied by Transrespect is just 1.

In other words, non-trans people are 143 times more likely to be murdered in Iran than trans people. (In fact, in Iran you’re very much more likely to be killed by your government for being gay than to be killed by a criminal if you’re trans.)

What about a very different kind of trans-friendly country? Let’s take a trip to Canada, the pulsating heart of trans inclusion. The country’s official stats body, the pleasingly unambiguously-named Statistics Canada, provides us with these homicide numbers:

That gives us a total of 10,258 homicides over 15 years. Statistics Canada also tells us that 0.33% of the Canadian population is trans or non-binary (with the former being 0.19% and the latter 0.14%). We should therefore expect to find somewhere in the region of 34 murders on Transrespect’s records.

The actual number is 11.

In other words, non-trans people are just over 3 times more likely to be murdered in Canada than trans people. It’s remarkable how consistently this figure of around 3x is showing up across countries with very different homicide profiles and levels of trans inclusion, isn’t it?

Finally let’s take the other trans murder hotspot, Mexico.

Statista’s figures tell us that Mexico is one heck of a dangerous place, with a hefty 398,360 homicides over the most comparable 15-year period available, between 2006 and 2021. (The real figure is probably tens of thousands higher than that, because the murder rate has in fact more than trebled since 2006.)

An unusually low figure of 0.25% of the Mexican population is estimated to be trans, which would translate to an expected pro-rata figure of 996 murders.

But Transrespect only records a total of 701.

So it looks like Mexico is the most dangerous place on Earth to be transgender. But even there, and even on a very low estimate of the trans population, you’re 1.4 times more likely to be murdered if you’re NOT trans than if you are.

(We also did a quick count for Colombia, which had around 210,000 murders. If we take the trans population as the same 0.25% as Mexico, that’d be a pro-rata 525 trans victims – more than twice the actual figure of 254. All of the world’s other big homicide locations, like South Africa and Jamaica, have microscopic numbers of trans murders – 11 and 2 respectively in 15 years.)

An important piece of context is that almost half of all trans murders worldwide are of transwoman prostitutes. The figures below are from Transrespect’s report for 2022-23, but according to the site are consistent with the entire 15-year period.

So if you’re not a sex worker, your risk of being murdered as a trans person is cut by half again. (For comparison, just 41 murders of sex workers have been recorded in the UK since 2007, which is 0.4% of all murders.)

What we’ve learned, then, from a million dollars being spent trying to prove how vulnerable trans people are, is that in fact they’re just about the least endangered demographic to be found on the face of the planet.

– Trans people overall are typically about three times LESS likely, per capita, to be murdered than non-trans people.

– If you exclude sex workers, that figure jumps to SIX times less likely.

– If you exclude Central and South America, the total number of recorded murders of transgender people in the entire rest of the world is just 1,839 in 15 years. That’s less than one per country per year. For comparison, over the same period 48,000 people have been killed by worms.

– Transmen (ie women who think they’re men) account for just 6% of all trans murder victims, whereas around 22% of non-trans murder victims are women. So while men can cut their risk of murder by at least 67% by popping a frock on, if you’re female transitioning cuts your statistical likelihood of being murdered by a minimum of about 95%.

(And remember, contrary to the loud assertions of transactivists, there’s absolutely no evidence in the vast majority of cases that any of these people were killed because they were trans, rather than it just being a coincidence, like when a ginger person or a left-handed person gets murdered.)

We don’t know about you, folks, but we’re tired of being lied to by, and on behalf of, delusional paranoid narcissists. It’s time it ended.

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0 to “The Safest People On Earth”

  1. Robert

    The US does have a high murder rate by the standards of industrialised countries (6.8 per 100,000) but nowhere near Brazil’s (22.4), Colombia’s (27.5) or Mexico’s (28.2). Though the US is justly infamous for its mass shooting epidemic, on actual murder rate it’s way behind the front runners.

  2. Stevie

    Made me laugh – actually we should remember the ‘Dead-named’ so that they never be forgotten – let’s start with Chris Jenner…

    I’ve no doubt there are some relatively rare, genuine cases of disphoria but this new-wave-disphoria is a social-contagion mental illness, from the cespit of internet groups, resulting tragically in children being mutilated and living in sadness for the rest of their lives.

  3. SusanAHF

    ” delusional paranoid narcissists” encapsulates them perfectly. So sick of hearing about how marginalised trans are.

  4. Martin

    I’m glad of your final paragraph. Before that I was thinking “yes, it seems to be a protective factor, but we’re still on correlation, rather than causation.”

    It’s good we have all these days to remember all the trans people killed for being their true authentic selves….er….

  5. Garrion

    But what other group can politicians look grimly into camera and profess their deep concern and support for, demonstrating not only their enlightened personal social outlook, but also their saintlike deep compassion while conveying the impression that they’re (the politicians) actually useful for something other than pulling a fat wage to “represent” the people. Narcissism all round.

  6. AnneDon

    The proof that these politicians don’t believe their own mantra “trans women are women” is that they don’t treat transwomen with the same contempt and dismissal with which they treat biological women.

    I don’t see these banners and infographics protesting violence against women.

  7. Michael McCoy


  8. JockMcT

    Is it not best to ignore the child-like tantrums and get on with business? Independence now! Not wasting any more time or energy on this hokum.

  9. Dundee Scot

    While the US as a whole has high murder rates compared to Europe, Americans of European descent have murder rates comparable to those of Europeans living in Europe.

  10. Ali Clark

    Data… where would we be without it? Baffled unless someone takes the time and effort too tease it out, link it up, extrapolate…

    Cheers Rev

  11. WingsOverFrance

    And we know Labour are lying because in their tweet posted up top they feel obliged to bring in LGB people. Why? It’s not their ‘problem’. Great post Stu.

  12. barelybare

    Fascinating. It appears a male ‘transitioning’ to female with a sex worker occupation is assigning himself to a group that is known to be at risk of violence i.e. women sex workers.

    Further, since many murder victims are apparently killed by people within their social group, could it be the case that many of these trans people were killed by other trans people?

  13. Geri

    As an avid true crime geek …

    A common theme of why trans people are murdered is because they lie about their identity.
    It’s as simple as that.

    Imagine yer a bloke getting down & dirty and just as yer zipping up you realise you’ve been duped by a bloke. No need to be graphic – you get the picture – anal/oral. Naturally a bloke will lash out, feel shame, horrified someone will find out – shut them up & remove the problem.

    The Trans bridge like to try press the notion that genitals don’t matter. It’s all about who you’re attracted to & that’s absolute bollocks & why they end up in a dumpster & some eejit is facing 10 to life for reacting to being violated.

    Blair White & Buck Angel are great commentators on this issue. Trans sex workers just won’t accept that it’s not acceptable to lie..some prostitute’s even saying “fck you – I don’t care” Aye, well that’s how you end up in a fckin dumpster, ya spanner lol

    They can’t lie. They’ll never be able to lie. No matter if we have trans awareness pish everyday like the Trans Grinch. You’ll never coerce & bully people into relationships they don’t want.

  14. Stuart MacKay

    A very nice and thorough piece of work. When I started reading I was thinking “What about risk factors?” and there it was. Excellent. Maybe you should get in touch with the Arcus Foundation, since you can clearly help them spend their money more wisely.

    You should do the same for the different classes of trans. I bet middle-class, males who work as activists or in NGOs, would be the least likely to murdered even if there was an alien invasion and they started wiping out the human race.

  15. Ruairidh

    Hit the nail on the head, AnneDon. I also agree with JockMcT that the only way we escape them is when we stop talking about them. Once this issue loses the limelight the ghouls that have flocked to it will swiftly vanish also.

  16. Anton Decadent

    Excellent work.

  17. Chas

    Since our species stood up on our hind legs and even before, we have been killing each other. Lately we have become rather good at it, even from a distance.

    Killing/murder was initially a survival tool, in many cases it still is-it is embedded in our DNA and it won’t be disappearing any time soon.

    Money, Power, Fear, Protection are all reasons for killing. There are many more. Punishment is not a deterrent when the red mist descends.

    AI might sort us out if given the time and the opportunity but we are more likely to wipe out our species by ourselves.

    On that happy note……………….

  18. John C

    Of course one of the other main reasons so few Trans people are murdered is the vast majority of them are men so it’s harder to kill someone if they’re an aggressive male in a dress.

    Any murder is a tragedy but to play up the murders of Trans people worldwide (when most are prostitutes murdered in exceptionally dangerous countries anyhow) compared to the amount of women worldwide killed because there’s a near femicide happening across the world.

    The reason they play up the amount of Trans deaths is to make people feel scared and if they’re scared then they’ll do desperate things or they’ll be further radicalised. Cults do this sort of thing to keep people in line.

    I do genuinely fear for the next decade as more and more detransitioners find the courage to emerge & thelack of enough infrastructure to help them means many of them are abandoned, especially as not one Trans organiansation cares about them.

  19. Daisy Walker

    Police Scotland added an aggravation marker to all recorded crimes for the Trans in 2014.

    Aggravation markers were already in existence for recorded crimes, where racism, homophobia, domestic violence, etc were present.

    Between 2015 – 2021 Police Scotland recorded on average – 85 crimes per year, with the aggravation marker for trans. This covers all crime types, vandalism, Breach of Peace, Minor Assault, etc… not just Murders.

    Within the same time period year on year, between 58,000 and 61,000 crimes with the Domestic Aggravation marker were recorded.

    Of which, around 80% recorded a female victim and a male offender.
    36% were Assaults, around 30% were Breach of the Peace.

    This for a country with a population around the 5 million mark.

    Yours For Scotland published an essay on it, called A Self Identified Crisis.

    But it gets worse than this. Stonewall and other Trans pushing charities would appear to be pushing a very false narrative to our Government, in an effort to obtain money to help aleviate a non existing problem.

    If they are doing so knowingly, they are committing the crime of Fraud.

    If they are doing so unknowingly, they are showing up a very poor due diligence being carried out by Scot Gov prior to issuing the grants.

    The persons responsible for pitching to Scot Gov from these ‘charities’, and the documentary ‘evidence’ they have presented to Scot Gov to make the case that Transgender persons are being persecuted, should both be easily obtainable and within the public domain.

    I went looking and found the names had been redacted. I was not able to see/trace the exact documents they submitted to make their case.

    It’s not just that we are being lied to, they’re getting our tax payers money to do it.

    And lastly, Persecuted groups, tend to lose out on jobs, lose out on relationships, lose out on housing, etc. Life is much harder for them and rates of mental health issues go up… including in the field of suicides. In 2021 I went searching the detailed statistics the Samaritans published, looking for evidence that Trans people were significantly at risk. At that time, the Samaritans didn’t even have them as a group. (I don’t know if this has changed, but I doubt it.)

    Likewise it was a similar story with Citizens Advice.

  20. John Main

    Just read Rev Stu’s masterful article.

    Your country needs you, Rev Stu. Get yersel up here and into politics. Get yersel standing on a plain speaking, no nonsense, end-the-bullshit platform.

    You’ll sweep the fantasist troughers into the dustbin of history as fast as a hot knife goes through butter.

    To have somebody on the box, or interviewed in the paper, just speaking the truth. That’s a pearl beyond price. Given the state of Scottish and UK politics right now, surely it’s time for a truly revolutionary re-start.

    Cometh the hour, cometh the man?

    Don’t think about it, do it!

  21. socratesmacsporran

    When is the Scottish Government going to make being Trans compulsory? Asking for a friend.

  22. PrimScotchBeef

    If we’re going to have a Transgender Day Of Remembrance every year, it’s probably necessary to build some kind of focal point, such as a memorial or cenotaph.

    I’m thinking, what about The Tomb Of The Unknown Todger?

    Not strictly trans, I suppose, but the idea of putting an eternal flamer out front sort of works too.

  23. Dan

    John Main says

    To have somebody on the box, or interviewed in the paper, just speaking the truth.

    Oh aye, and you think the powers that control broadcasting in the UK and the multi-millionaire newspaper owners will just allow that truth to be stated, when it is exactly those same entities that have influenced and steered us into the very position we are in through their selective agendas.
    Divide and rule, divide and rule…
    You know John, you don’t half come out with some clangers sometimes.

  24. Geri

    I was watching a documentary a few weeks ago.

    A female being interrogated by police.

    The drama – She was living with her boyfriend. He met a bloke at work who was Trans. He moved in to their flat. Threesom ensued. Soon Trans woman conspired with girlfriend to murder her boyfriend.

    Boyfriend ended up dissected with his head in a cooking pot & his limbs in the back of a van.

    Police were onto them. Trans woman killed themselves cause didn’t want prison.

    Shock, horror – Trans woman commits suicide.

    Quicker just to use normal everyday language & have it recorded as such. Two straight blokes argue over a girl. Two men end up dead. Female left with the pot & the jail time. That’s it. The end.

    There was no need to add *trans* into the story at all. He was a male who got jiggy with the girlfriend.

    It’s classic histrionics. They go all up round the reeking to to embellish

  25. Geri

    I was watching a documentary a few weeks ago.

    A female being interrogated by police.

    Synopsis – She was living with her boyfriend. He met a bloke at work who was a *Trans woman*. He moved in to their flat. Threesom ensued. Soon Trans woman conspired with girlfriend to murder her boyfriend.

    Boyfriend ended up dissected with his head in a cooking pot & his limbs in the back of a van.

    Police were onto them. Trans woman killed themselves cause didn’t want prison.

    Shock, horror – “Trans woman commits suicide.”

    Quicker just to use normal everyday language & have it recorded as such. Two straight blokes argue over a girl. Two men end up dead. Female left with the pot & the jail term.

    That’s it. The end.

    There was no need to add *trans* into the story at all. He was a male who got jiggy with another males girlfriend.

    It’s classic histrionics. They go all up round the reeking to to embellish bullshit & make it more flagrant.

    The whole interrogation could’ve been over in 30 minutes & the crime recorded properly.

    Funny thing is these poor marginalised victims wouldn’t be two seconds sentencing someone to death for misgendering them.

    A bigger question would be why are they intent on falsifying crime statistics?? What’s the thinking behind it?

  26. GF

    The Guardian article stating that “Tehran [is] the unlikely sex-change capital of the world” is here:

  27. Geri

    Apologies – my tab jumped. I wasn’t sure if it had submitted.


    Anyhoo – 2nd post I was finishing my post.

  28. Young Lochinvar

    Excellent fact check!

    Stephen/ Stephanie Paton paid handsomely by the National to indulge in blatant gas lighting.
    It’ll be Kelly (Gittering) Given next..

    As for the politicians; actively misrepresenting the electorate that voted them in playing Uber- minority focus politics instead of the Independence issue that they were actually in the main voted in to progress, not to be NuProgressiveness fanatics.

  29. Johnlm

    Re Transrespect’s Report.

    Is a dead ‘drag time story queen’ categorised as a sex-worker?, stylist? Performer? Public official? or activist?
    Maybe there is an overcounting.

  30. Republicofscotland

    John Main.

    There’s not a hope in hell that Rev Stu will come to Scotland and stand on a political note, for starters no Britnat channel will entertain him they don’t want the truth out in the open about this bucket of shite union.

    The Rev would end up speaking at indy meetings and on Barrhead Boys podcasts, and like Craig Murray and Alex Salmond he’d find himself in the dock quicker than you could say Alphabetties, facing a judge, who’d bang him up on some shite BS charge.

    Don’t believe me? ask Craig Murray who is currently in Europe or somewhere, outside the dis-united kingdom as a BS terrorism charge hovers over his head if he returns.

  31. Dundee Scot

    Stu’s fact check demolishes any rational reason for a government to do this.
    But politicians operate by a different understanding of “facts.”
    A politician’s first priority is to benefit themselves.
    It’s also their second, third and fourth priorities.
    Here, the relevant “fact” for the politician was the belief (rightly or wrongly) that this absurd pronouncement would win them votes, and thus job security.
    For politicians, that “fact” overrides all the statistics that Stu displays.

  32. John Main

    “dissected with his head in a cooking pot & his limbs in the back of a van”

    A Transit van, maybes?

  33. Dan

    On the subject of Trans…
    For transparency and keeping the Scottish electorate informed on what our elected reps get up to; Does anyone know how Kate Forbes got on in the USA with that long standing commitment which meant she missed her own Party’s conference?

  34. John Main

    @Dan says:21 November, 2023 at 6:15 pm

    you don’t half come out with some clangers sometimes

    Ah, c’mon now Ted. You know I’m just trying to blend in on here.

    Try these out for size:

    Who’s the man who already owns the world’s most read and talked about Indy website?

    Where do many people get their info from these days, then, the 9 o’clock news, or their online feeds to their portable devices.

    Name the recent POTUS who built his campaign and continues to direct his political support groups on Twitter?

    What’s the meaning of a story or meme “going viral”?

    Given that the economic model for on-demand online news and current affairs is mostly based on advertising generated by “click bait” stories, would the generators of this online content deliberately seek to lose revenue by not running with stories of unpalatable truths, frankly and provocatively presented by a big name in Indy circles in an abrasive “take no prisoners” style?

    Ah ken, Dan, this is Scotland, but even here, the 21st century is going to have to eventually arrive.

    All over the world, new political leaders and policy setters are springing up from nowhere in hardly any time at all. Argentina is just the latest country to bear witness to this. There is absolutely nothing saying that it can’t happen here too.

  35. Andrew scott

    Anyone share my disappointment each day?
    No sign of the Murrells being arrested
    Matheson still in post
    I detest the sight and sound of the giraffe necks weirdo ms chapman
    Ho hum

  36. Alf Baird

    The SNP was created and elected to lead oppressed and marginalised Scots to independence. It is our lands and sovereignty that has been stolen, our resources that are being plundered, our culture and languages that have been obliterated, our people who are repeatedly abused and disrespected. In one of the richest nation’s in the world half of Scots live in or close to poverty; they should be the SNP’s most urgent priority.

    Instead, Scots are ignored and in our place numerous other minority groups are instead championed by the SNP. This is clearly not the party’s intended purpose.

    The SNP has been hijacked by chancers and its main objective has been cast aside. This is why independence has not been secured. Such diversions must be assumed to be intentional, intended to prevent independence.

    In addition, the role of a colonial administration is to demonstrate at every opportunity that the native people are unsuited to self-government:

  37. Mac

    This is no surprise at all. No one gave a fuck about them before the colossal trans-whining began… and still no one gives a fuck about them.

    The violence against them comes about when they trick heterosexuals into sex thinking they are a real woman / man and then get beat up when they inevitably discover they are not ‘as advertised’.

    The follow up to this article should be ‘how violent are they versus the average population’.

    The crime stats for this demographic are huge. Especially for crimes of a sexual nature.

    Not only ‘they’ much safer statistically. They are also much more dangerous.

  38. Dan

    @ John Main

    All over the world, new political leaders and policy setters are springing up from nowhere in hardly any time at all. Argentina is just the latest country to bear witness to this. There is absolutely nothing saying that it can’t happen here too.

    Well there sort of is a significant issue with that assertion as even this site states (wrongly in my view) that “there is nothing going on in Scottish politics“.
    Yet many folk I speak to are coming to the conclusion (rather late it has to be said) that they have been disenfranchised by the current crop of pretty much all politicians as voter turnouts in recent elections show.

    This means there is a significant voter base to be potentially tapped into, but the question is at what level should someone willing to step up focus on. A Local Authority Councillor seems a bit of a waste as very limited in ability to significantly implement change. I had suggested a half dozen or so genuine honest non party affiliated local candidates could stand in their area’s wards at the past Council elections and actually genuinely represent the wants and needs of the constituents of their respective Wards.
    If you look at how a lot of Local Authorities are split on Party lines a half dozen independents may well have been able to hold the balance of power, and this could have been a way of breaking the hold that Party political shenanigans play in blighting Local Authorities.
    And it could have been an ideal way to begin to show a way that actually returned a degree of democracy and power back to the electorate.
    But naebody could be arsed taking this up so the opportunity is passed and more time is wasted as we continue to be stuck with the same old.

    So the question of standing as an MSP or MP comes into play. And that obviously has considerable implications in terms of commitment and strategy. Would one stand on an abstentionist from Westminster manifesto like the ISP recently did?
    That there isn’t even clear informed discussion on the MSP or MP route to returning Scotland to self-governance strategy is crazy. Particularly when it would take a lot of time and effort to put the necessary strategies and people in place for any serious attempt to be made.
    But as there is supposedly “nothing going on” then we just yet again piss away even more time and as a result of that we severely restrict the tactical ability to do anything of significance worth properly…

    Ho hum, the more I see of things playing out, it’s probably just easier to relocate to a country that better aligns with one’s own views seeing as this shit state can’t even unify a significant body of folk to seriously challenge the established power that holds us all down, and is forcing stuff we don’t want onto us…

  39. Dan

    Ach muckle sigh… Soz for screwing up the formatting yet again due to no preview function.
    It’s like this site is designed to make us look too stupid, “how can you run a country when you cannae even write a post properly…”

  40. Geri

    Dan 7:20

    One of her many prior engagements.

    The transparency bit is that we now know she’s an agent with overseas interests that even trump’s her own party obligations. The Cat Carey class of meddling yanks.

    Lloyd Quinan had her number during the leadership contest but he’s not spilling in full what he knows other than a few crumbs here & there lol

    She did return to much fanfare from the media to announce she had all of her WhatsApp messages… *Boom!* lol!

    Kate is a plant. I’d say we dodged a bullet there but…

    *looks to Dumbza + cabinet of freaks*

    I think we missed one bullet & caught 10 exploding ones.

    Alf – spot on.

  41. Benhope

    Amid the gloom and doom can we celebrate Bojan Mioski, Aberdeen centre forward, winning the penalty for North Macedonia against England last night to gain a draw against (potentially ) the best team in the world.

    I was annoyed at missing the channel 4 news. The bias of the commentators was on a new scale, especially Dion Dublin.North Macedonia should have had another penalty earlier when Harry Maguire committed a blatant foul in the box.

    Oh well, absorb our dominant neighbours culture and sport. Alf Baird has certainly highlighted the problem. Thanks Alf.

  42. Scot Finlayson

    SNP MP and `Trans ally/activist she/her`,

    Alison Thewliss ?
    Nov 20
    Today is November 20, Transgender Day of Remembrance, marked each year in memory and mourning of people lost to transphobic violence around the world – including Brianna Ghey, 16, murdered here in the UK in February, one of 320 victims worldwide`

    Thewliss has no idea why Brianna was killed,
    the trial is about to start,Nov 27th,

    surely this is,

    ‘Contempt of court` .

    `publicly commenting on a court case, for example on social media or online news articles`
    If you’re found to be in contempt of court, you could go to prison for up to 2 years.

  43. wull

    Anybody else beginning to get that queasy feeling which I am told is an ever-increasing phobia towards phobias?

    And what about the rights, by the way, of phobia-phobic people? What are WE entitled to?

  44. Geri

    We’ve ended up with empty vessels.

    Politicians too thick & stupid to even know the law. Too thick & stupid to even be in office. All they know is idiot causes & how to spend our money on them.

    Re They – They did the same in parliament on International women’s Day. Roll calling over 109 UK women murdered over 12 months due to male violence & mouth almighty, Jess Philips, had to add on the trans girl who wasn’t legally female & no one knows if he was killed by a man, woman or both.

    The trans cult seems to defy all laws & logic. The Tories have allowed this to fester where openly breaking the law, whether obtaining drugs illegally or flouting the laws over ladies loos & spaces, is celebrated in defiance of the law & ongoing investigations.

  45. Jacqueline

    Not one person has mentioned the fact that 3 women in the duk is killed every fucking week. Not one. Moderated anyway.

  46. David Hannah

    These people are insane. How can they be loyal to this death cult?

    Transgender day of remembrance? OH that’s right. I do remember reading the polls on gender self ID in Scotland. That told the transgenders to fuck off.

    That’s what I remember. Bye Bye transgender ideology. See you later Nicola Sturgeon.

  47. Lorna Campbell

    Really excellent work there, Rev. You have done excellent work before on ‘trans’ crime, and, now, you’ve approached it from their (claimed) point of view. They obviously harm so much more than they are harmed, if the sex crime statistics are correct, and I suspect they are. That’s the truth of it. Most people wouldn’t go the length of themselves to bother them, so quite why they believe they are so vulnerable is beyond reason.

    As I stated in another post on a different thread, nearly half a million females are murdered in domestic situations world-wide every year (statistics gleaned from UN figures), and that does not include those who are killed in war zones or who are murdered by strangers, those who are killed in the womb solely for being female, those who are maimed by vicious rapes or those who are disfigured by sadistic males.

    Yet, females are not considered a vulnerable group because, if they were, politicians would not be wetting their knickers with the gleeful effort of deliberately putting them in harm’s way, would they? Please feel free to enter the female changing room, Miss ‘Trans’, and we’ve put a few little girls in with you for your delectation. You, Mr ‘Trans’ can have that baby you have been longing for and still access all female benefits and maternity care, including maternity leave even though you are a man now.

    The females who enable this gigantic fraudulent con trick need to have their bahookies kicked from here to eternity, the stupid, brainless besoms. Dysphoria is body dysmorphia, a mental illness, and, until, we, as a society, get a grip on this deliberate fraudulent behaviour by all the ‘trans’ charities, we can look forward to even more – and I know you hate this word, Rev – naked gaslighting.

    Most of these so-called ‘trans’ and their activists know perfectly well that they are perpetrating a con, just as those barmy kids chanting, ‘from the river to the sea’ were in it for the kicks and the malicious enjoyment of the discomfort of others: narcissists, sadists, self-absorbed neeps. Among them are youngsters who are genuinely suffering, but not from dysphoria, but from some deep psychological disturbance that needs to be addressed properly, psychologically. They are the ones I do feel heart sorry for because no one in authority appears to care about their genuine problems.

  48. Effijy

    STV Scottish News Top Story-
    Scottish Woman who had Turkish Gastric Band fitted in great pain since.

    Oh and by the way the Scottish Parliament overwhelmingly voted on having a cease in Gaza.

    The Tories voted to keep Israel killing children in Gaza.

    Tories happy to kill with Covid, crumbling NHS and by offering support to bomb residential properties belonging to the innocent.

    What type of person could consider voting for these inhuman creatures?

  49. moixx

    Lorna Campbell @ 10.30pm

    “Among them are youngsters who are genuinely suffering, but not from dysphoria, but from some deep psychological disturbance that needs to be addressed properly, psychologically. They are the ones I do feel heart sorry for because no one in authority appears to care about their genuine problems.”


    Agreed. And if anything, those in ‘authority’ seem intent on actively making things worse. For example this latest Scot Gov consultation (which closes on 23 November):

    I really hope responsible parents (and grandparents etc) are taking an active interest in this, and not just turning a blind eye and hoping for the best

  50. Confused

    Obviously, all right thinking people on the right side of history should be striving for equality here.

    – reinstating the defence of homosexual panic might be a good start.

    I have a cousin who was a high level administrator in higher education. I asked her about the gender phenomenon.

    She said it was very big, with pronouns and all that, which they had to respect.

    – the trouble was, and this was a real thing, and also not just one or two


    – and they got pissed off, if say the IT lecturer forgot it was a Tuesday and not a Monday; class lists now have pronouns, day by day

    She is retired now, and quite happy.

  51. Elaine Miller

    I’m glad that people with a gender issue are statistically safe – but I’m staggered by the global number of murders. Thanks for this article, it’s helpful.

  52. McDuff

    Once again rev you lift the stone and shine a light on what`s really underneath. Shame on the rest of the media who remain silent on this madness.

  53. Alf Baird

    Geri @ 9:11 pm

    “Kate is a plant.”

    Aye, the semi-colonial ‘missionary’ background in India, then Cambridge Uni, then a fresh non-practising chartered accountant qualification ‘in England’ (why no ‘Scotland’?), followed by, all of a sudden, a major diversionary career change as, briefly a researcher for an MSP, then rapid shoe-in as an MSP, and now US state dept ‘star of the future’!

    Its not exactly the basis for a radical independinista wha kens Scots are doun-hauden an colonised an need leeberated. Mair lyke haund picked and programmed for the task in hand – i.e. continuity wumman = mair colonialism.

  54. Confused

    As an example of “unconvincing nationalists” check out Hosie’s wife.

    – did a thesis on Michael Collins and is thus intae all that “free-DOMMMM!”

    She was also a onetime actress, journalist for about 5 minutes and is about 5 rungs on the looks ladder above Stewart. Such things always look bad – like the 19 year old lapdancer falling for the 80 year old billionaire – “we just clicked”. Aye, right. Fair play to the guy if he is packing a cannon down there, would explain a lot.

    Not a troublemaker, or anything. Absolutely sincere in her beliefs. Makes pipe bombs on weekends.

  55. Alf Baird

    Effijy @ 11:08 pm

    “What type of person could consider voting for these inhuman creatures?”

    In colonialism, ‘only the values of the colonizer are sovereign’ (Memmi). And ‘there are no human values in colonialism’ (Cesaire).

  56. Confused

    angus macneill has also been there –

  57. A Scot Abroad

    Any chance of the theorists that Scotland was colonised by England could change the record once in a while and quote someone other than Memmi or Fanon or Cesaire? None of those three ever achieved much, their ideas are not well-developed, accepted or even informed, and certainly aren’t improved by being endlessly shoe-horned into a fallacy peddled by people who should have the chops to know better. If the quoter is even somewhat intelligent.

    The reality is that Scotland is the greatest colonising nation in human history on a global scale, even managing to extract enormous political and financial capital from London over 316 years.

  58. Geri

    Aye, she’s definitely been hand picked.

    I think it was Vivian Oblivion who did an article on Yours for Scotland.
    She’s got quite the CV of overseas interests when it’s all compiled together.

    I didn’t trust her before that tho. She threw Ash under a bus on more than one occasion. (The GRR voting & the membership count during the leadership)

    Also cried off two scheduled appearances for AUOB. Even one in her own backyard.

    A lot of women were looking to her to stop the madness going through Holyrood last Christmas & stand by Ash open letter but she kept schtum blaming maternity which is rubbish.

    Lorna – exactly.

    Body dysmorphia was soon dropped. It was a Trojan Horse to get the foot in the door. Then it quickly morphed into a trans *umbrella* where every deviant has a pass.

    It’s just appropriation.
    They’re no better than the people who fake cancer.

    Fakers stealing drugs (Hormones, ADHD drugs) Therapy, clinics, crowd funders, women’s health & spaces & a get out of all bad behaviour golden pass for being an absolute arsehole in all public settings. Meanwhile telling real sufferers how they should feel & piling on crap that’s absolutely zero to do with body dysmorphia like altering people’s everyday language, rewriting books & drag story hour.

    It’s all one big massive con & an expensive one for the average Joe because our governments are hell bent on funding this fraud. It’s the same with all those LGBT equality networking bullshit. Same organisation just split up for quadruple the government funding not to mention the made up job titles on eye watering salaries.

    The government need to announce its going back to basics. GRC or piss off.

    I also don’t understand the women who cheerlead this nonsense & are happy to hand over hard won rights to please fakers who have absolutely no intention of transitioning.

    It is a mental health problem & the genuine sufferer’s have been trampled in the stampede to get onboard the narcissists bus.

    People need to stop complying with this nonsense.

  59. Geri


    Or maybe you could change the record?
    There’s a novel idea.

    I’m sure I speak for everyone here when I say we’d rather read what Alf has to say than read your shit. & His is sourced. Nerr nerr!

    You forget pal, we’ve had over 100yrs of BBC shiteland on loop & are immune to yer anti Scottish pish.

    & Stop following posters around like a love sick puppy trying to get attention.
    If you don’t like the chat then mind yer manners & leave the room. No one needs to read yer bullshit. You never seem to add anything to the convo.

    There’s some free advice to use over the festive season. Maybe you won’t end up looking like a fud in an empty kitchen.

  60. Brian Doonthetoon

    2 Ass videos. Enough for tonight…

  61. Geri

    There were so many fake nationalists in Sturgeons intake.

    I can only count four I’d consider genuine Indy supporters..

    Joanna Cherry
    Philippa Whitford
    Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh
    Ash Regan

    That’s it. Wow. Three MPs & 1 MSP.

    I won’t be winning any party prizes on naming any of the rest. They’re just meh & have achieved NADA.

  62. Geri

    LOL Brian.. 😀

    Is that an early Kirsty MacColl as backing singer?

    Well I never..

    Talking of oldies & BBC shiteland ..does anyone remember them giving us a Scots barn dance type swaray at Christmas complete with hay bales? ..WTF was that about? LMAO!

  63. Confused

    for the fragrant serena

    – song was meant to be in midnight cowboy, but bob was late, so they didn’t bother … not a bad soundtrack though with what was left

    and the miracle of youtube autoplay sticks this on, right after …

    in a way we should celebrate this, Serena-Stewart-Angus, for this was “penis in vagina”-action, not something the Serious Nonce Party are all that bothered about, really

  64. Dundee Scot

    It’s always good for a laugh when the fanatics claim that Sturgeon and Yousaf “hijacked” the once-pure independence movement.

    Have they ever stopped to think that if those two mediocrities could so easily “hijack” a movement, then the movement couldn’t have been very viable (let alone pure) to begin with?

  65. John Le Scot

    Rev Stu, What I can’t understand is why your analysis is not more widely known, eg MSM. You consistently hit the nail on the head, yet the Herald, Scotsman, (and shamefully the National), are completely silent on the matter.

    More power to your elbow, keep up the good work.

  66. Young Lochinvar

    A Scot Abroad says; People don’t realise that the Scots are the greatest colonisers in human history on a a global scale managing to extract enormous financial gain out of London for 316 years.

    Well, that’s quite a statement, worthy of the worst of the Telegraph or the Spectator comic or Boris Johnson!

    Are we perfect?


    Are we what you accuse?


    Did Scotland have an empire?

    No, Queen Anne urged on by the 2 houses of the English parliament and tipping the wink to the Spanish they were happily free booting on the high seas saw to that.

    The toffs in Scotland the English ensured were bankrupted as a result of Darien were bribed to agree with Union, others- coerced.

    By colonisers therefore I take it you then put us in the league of the Irish colonisers, emigres from a harsh uncaring English system to populate their colonies won with, surprise surprise, an over representation of Scottish and Irish in the army as their home countries were left destitute as the black hole that is London started sucking away all the money.

    Scotland, acceptable areas of Ireland and oop norf in England were left to be trampled by the industrial revolutions impact – but not the financial gain which mostly as usual was syphoned off to London and its surrounding saved green and pleasant land “home countie”.

    And on and on it went till end of Empire was the price to be paid for American involvement in WW2 to pull Churchills nuts out the fire.

    Spending in the Celtic fringes post WW2?
    The bare minimum as industry such as car manufacturing – for example – prioritised in England and heavy industry that fed the old Empire, in central Scotland abandoned in a retrenching English Tory flag waving mindset.

    Don’t really recall anyone other than the English saying things like “make the world England” and singing how they are the new Jerusalem..

    Carsethorn on the Scots Solway coast has a poignant memorial to those who emigrated and why, mostly to earn their “bread” in an inexistent London trickle down economy to receive on landfall usually in Canada grants of the most marginal land.

    Up to date, subsidised Scotland!
    Oil from Scotland, electricity at ridiculous producer levies down to England and water pumped straight from Wales to Birmingham.

    The Celtic fringe countries may have been the land clearance emigres, it’s England however that set the bar at who was, and everywhere else was Untermenschen.
    Best learn your history as opposed to reading Fleet Street Tory English made up history- or- are you Al Murray’s pub landlord characters inspiration?

    Just saying.

  67. Willie

    What a load of ongoing old rubbish. Transday this, trasnsday that. Every day a Transday.. It would give you the dry boak.

    But hang about if the statistics suggest that Trans folk are less likely to get mudered then there’s maybe more to this Trans claptrap than meets the eye.

    Aye that’s it I have it. Here’s the tag line.. ” Keep safe, become a Tranny” Or what about ” Or..” a Tranny for Life”

    Anyone think that might sell. And then we could sell courses on how to become a Tranny. Tranny protection, anti-murder courses. Wot thinks you.

    Ma heid’s fair burling now with the notion.

    Make you realise there’s not much else in the world to think about.

    Off for my loon ball soup now.

  68. John Main

    @Young Lochinvar says:22 November, 2023 at 4:00 am


    An entire post of denial, laced with greetin-in-his-dram “see me, ah’m a victim sae ah am” bleating.

    “Some big, bad English boys made us steal your land and kill your great great grannie and then they ran away”.

    Try telling that one to the descendants of the indigenous peoples in the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, etc our Scottish ancestors rounded up and drove onto the reservations.

    Take yer heid oot yer erse and look at some maps. See the Scottish place names scattered thickly over the “new lands” and the slave economy islands.

    It’s self justifying, self pitying, denialist pish like that post that allows one to understand how the trans woowoo has taken off to such an extent here in Scotland. See us Scots, we’re congenital suckers for anything that allows us to feel specially downtrodden and victimised, so we are.

  69. John Main

    @Dundee Scot says:22 November, 2023 at 3:03 am

    It’s always good for a laugh when the fanatics claim that Sturgeon and Yousaf “hijacked” the once-pure independence movement

    It’s always worth pointing out that the scam that gave us Yousaf as FM involved a flawed and fraudulent election process, during which there were resignations, police involvement, and a proposed legal challenge, which then folded.

    So the boy currently at the end of the long list that includes Wallace and King Robert among many illustrious others has no right whatsoever to be there, leaving an indelible stain on Scotland’s historic honour.

    Not that you ever read so much as a weak sheep bleat of protest about that entirely home-grown national disgrace on here.

  70. A Scot Abroad

    Young Lochinvar,

    you must be a reality denying self identified “victim”. Utter nonsense in your verbose comment.

  71. Ruby

    Women’s football teams refuse to play after transgender player injures opponent

    We need to see more of this.


    Few would deny that a raft of Scotland born individuals did well out of imperialism and the British system but so did Irish and Welsh individuals as well as legions of English and the imperial capital itself.
    My ancestors did very well out of the Ottoman empire but as individuals who needed to survive and make some sort of living. Whether they were active imperialists as opposed to travellers on the imperial train is open to question.
    People did what they had given the cards they were dealt by fate. The wider communities from which they emerged may not have done so well.
    Scotland became an English possession or fiefdom with the Union, was in part for the 18th century under military occupation owing to «rebellion» and was subject to population movements towards the central rift valley as result of industrialization and land management schemes.
    English became the language of power, English institutions the models, English values the values of imperialism and England the homeland and focus of the «British» exceptionalist ideals. England became the short form for British Empire and its ambitions.
    Pax brittanica was a wonder drug for dulling the gross reality of being just an ancillary in someone elses dream which «Scotland», despite yourself you must recognize as at least having some verisimilitude, played the role to perfection.

  73. Ruby

    “There are 50 male players approved by the FA to play women’s football in England – and those are the ones they know about. So this is affecting thousands of women and girls in football. This is happening all over the country. We have raised this with the Equality and Human Rights Commission as a matter of urgency. They need to point out that female-only sport is lawful.
    “Many sports governing bodies receive funding from the national sports councils to promote female participation. Surely it is time for the sports councils to insist that sport governing bodies provide fair and safe sport for women and girls – or lose funding.”

    The big problem with the above is the term ‘women and girls’

    These 50 male players approved by the FA to play women’s football in England will declare as transwoman.

    ‘Needham, who declares as a transwoman’ will investigate pursuing a case of discrimination.

    The only choice open to natal females is to quit playing football.

  74. sarah

    @ Young Lochinvar at 4 a.m.: Great stuff. Keep it up!

  75. JockMcT

    Ah, the good old days when a Tranny was something you listened to music on….

  76. Stoker

    Geri says on 21 November 2023 at 4:32 pm: “As an avid true crime geek”

    Ditto! Been following serial killer cases since my early teens. Blame Jack The Ripper and The Yorkshire Ripper for that. LOL! And in all that time i can only recall, off-hand, 3 cases that included a “trans” person being killed. Two of them to serial killers (both in America), including the one found among the Gilgo Beach victims. It is speculated that the killer reacted murderously to picking up what turned out to be a “trans” person with all the tackle and he was beaten to death.

    The 3rd one wasn’t due to a serial killer, that was due to being discovered as being male during an act of intimacy in a car. The young lad flipped his lid and killed the “trans” person, (again in America). Now compare that to the thousands of real female victims of serial killers.

    I watched a good documentary a few weeks back and it quotes FBI sources as saying there is *over 200* serial killers on the go at any given time in America alone. And that there’s at least *500* unidentified female murder victims from various states right across the USA. Where’s their special day of remembrance?

    NOTE: Before any smart arse jumps in and says there’s more than 3, I know fine well there’s more than 3, i just can’t recall the others offhand. My point is, to add to Revs article, to emphasise the rarity of it.

  77. Pat Blake

    Great article.

    Young Lochinvar 22 November, 2023 at 4:00 am

    A long list of grievances that could have been written about my ancestry – Scottish, Irish, Up North and all Celts. But the reality is that they colonised England and came together to create a line that is considerably better off than the average Englander. One even invaded London and did the best of all. Even the least successful are living in fine conditions beyond the fondest dreams of our ancestors. Other more distant family members spread across the World and are doing extremely well. I don’t suppose that my ancestors wanted to leave their homes but they set the foundations for something much better.

    Every part of the country resents London’s black hole of success but it’s the nature of capital cities. How to spread the fortune isn’t an easy conundrum but it has happened. Scotland got things in exchange for its hard assets. After all, oil is just a smelly, poisonous substance until someone found a use for it. The real treasure is innovation and knowledge. If Scotland has really been robbed it’s of its brains. Are clever people stolen or lured away? If they can be lured away, whose fault is it?

    There is a global temptation to moan about white people because of the bad things they did but they are never balanced against the good. The current global population size and wealth is mostly due to brains not brute force. The lot of humanity is, on average, far better. It’s a bad path for Scotland to align itself with the idea that it is a victim. It smacks of defeatism. It’s no way to plan a future. I’d rather see an independent Scotland planned on the next generation of technology than on its gas and oil. Lure back the brains, not clutch onto finite geology.

  78. James


    “What type of person could consider voting for these inhuman [Tory] creatures?”

    Ask John Main.

  79. Republicofscotland

    A good article on how the law twists and contorts itself to accommodate women that are not women. to suit a current agenda. If the law can be changed to make the public believe some men are women, what else can it be changed for?

    “Ambiguity and fudge make for bad law. That makes for confused legal judgments. And, ultimately, that requires parliaments to bring clarity to a legislative bourach of their own creation.

    But when you make law based on a myth that you can actually change your sex, promulgated by politicians clumsily attempting to catch up with social evolution, chase votes, and ride too many policy horses simultaneously, then the subsequent legal arguments – and, crucially, the practical operational challenges – only serve to confuse as the lie is compounded by further obfuscation, interpretation and falsity as people become so tangled in messy contradictions that few things make sense.

    And that is where we are with the current definition of ‘sex’ following the appeal heard in the Court of Session against the government’s definition of ‘woman’ for the purpose of the Gender Representation on Public Boards Bill. For the uninitiated, the hearing required such a degree of contorted mental gymnastics that it makes little sense to rehash them here, but the one thing that is now clear is also one of the most obscure – that for the purposes of the Equality Act, the legal definition of ‘women’ – as a biological and coherent entity with common characteristics that creates a particular community and in which many of us have found comfort, attraction, safety, security, and affirmation of who we are and what our struggles represent – no longer exists.

    Under the Equality Act, the group previously known as ‘women’, to which many of us understood that our sex granted us exclusive admission to, now excludes any females who have a Gender Recognition Certificate stating they are men, includes any biological man who holds a GRC that says they are a woman, and, conversely, any biological man who identifies as a transwoman but is without a GRC is in fact and in law a man. ”,its-clear-that-the-legal-definition-of-women-as-a-biological-and-coherent-group-no-longer-exists

  80. Anton Decadent


    Look up Robert Durst. Believed to have been a serial killer who murdered young women across the US whilst dressed as a woman to lure them into the car but for some reason the media do not mention that.

  81. James

    Pat Blake;

    Got a day off from Horse and Hound, then?

    Looks like they’re multiplying. Or their ‘names’ are….

  82. Stoker

    JockMcT says on 22 November 2023 at 10:22 am: “Ah, the good old days when a Tranny was something you listened to music on….”

    LOL! Brightened up a very dull, damp, dreek and windy day.

    Cheers! 😉


    It is possible to overplay the victimhood scenario until it becomes repetitive and wearisome and self defeating. The region I come from has many scenarios of the sort. One playing right now.
    The fine detail, the history of how «you» ended up victim is often a mirror of reality held up you would rather not look into.
    Come into my parlour said the spider to the fly,
    yeah ok, as long as you don’t eat me, said the fly,
    On my honor, said the spider….

  84. Geri

    The trouble with ASS is he cannie make up his mind whit century he’s in at every given moment…

    It’s either the glorious looting Empire on steroids
    Or that the Union is 300 yr ancient guff..

    One thing I know – Scots have apologised in parliament.

    Has the English? No.
    Has the Royals? No.
    Do the Scots have untold treasures they refuse to give back? No.

    In fact – the English just double down & scoff at the audacity someone would even suggest it.

    Listen to LBC next time a country wants it’s teapot back – there’s nearly a riot of thug phone calls.

    Young Lochinvar – well said.

  85. Republicofscotland

    James @10.35am

    On the Westminster vote the likes of the SNP’s Tommy Sheppard abstained on a ceasefire as did BLiS’s Ian Murray MP.

    In my opinion an abstention is as bad as voting no to a ceasefire in Gaza.

    At Holyrood.

    “The Scottish Conservatives were the only party at Holyrood not to back a ceasefire.”,msps-back-ceasefire-in-gaza

  86. Andy Storrie

    Typical London identity politics bullshit. London has force-fed Scottish people this crap while the UK practically fell apart around our ears.

    The sooner we don’t need to deal with the useless, lazy shite bags, the better. They destroyed the union. 1997 was the death knell.


    I am more than ever convinced that Scotland’s «problem» is a psychological, existential even philosophical one not a political or economic issue.
    Half of the population is content with the current state, the other half is not. But the non contents haven’t yet worked out how to weaponize their discontent beyond applying the customary methods that the contents dispose of with ease.
    It is the banality of the methodology that ought to be addressed, the conventional approach is not working.
    Rather too much fighting at the time and place and according to the rules of the adversaries choosing.

  88. Stoker

    Anton Decadent on 22nd November 2023 at 10:49 am

    “Look up Robert Durst. Believed to have been a serial killer who murdered young women across the US whilst dressed as a woman to lure them into the car but for some reason the media do not mention that.”

    Thank you very much for that, he’s one i’ve never heard of until now. So once again, thank you! Much appreciated.

    You posting that comment was timely because as i read Revs article, and the btl comments, i had that feeling/thought. About the number of male killers who dress up as females to access their victims easier. Pity there’s no statistics to support that chain of thought but i wouldn’t be surprised, at all, if the numbers were greater than the statistics for “trans” victims.

  89. sam

    “Then there are concerns regarding the standard markers of economic underdevelopment, such as widespread illiteracy, endemic hunger, systemic child abuse, inadequate public health facilities, primitive communications infrastructure, widespread slum dwelling, and chronically low enrolment and student performance at all levels of the education system. The Caribbean has the lowest youth enrolment in higher education in the hemisphere, an indication of the hostility to popular education under colonialism that is resilient in recent public policy. Extreme social and racial inequality is a legacy of slavery in the region that continues to haunt and hinder the development efforts of regional and global institutions.”

  90. Pat Blake

    James says:
    22 November, 2023 at 10:50 am
    “Pat Blake; Got a day off from Horse and Hound, then? Looks like they’re multiplying. Or their ‘names’ are….”

    Sorry, but the well thought out, well researched articles on transgender have a wider audience than the ‘everything is West Minster’s fault’ comments. I don’t mind if Scotland leaves the UK but I want it to be successful if it does. You’ve not left yet but you sound like every failed, idle part of the Commonwealth.

  91. Republicofscotland

    No UK MP is allowed to ask the dis-united kingdom government what weapons and military supplies RAF bases in Cyprus are sending to Israel, and why are US military planes also supplying weapons from the RAF bases to Israel.

  92. Geri


    There are loads of cross dressing serial killers.

    They usually start off breaking into women’s homes & stealing underwear & it soon escalates from there onto murder.

    Most recent I can think of is Susan Monica. OMG! Fed the hired help transients to the pigs. Police found bones everywhere on *her* remote farm & she was also into a spot of cannibalism. The pigs ate humans & she butchered the pigs to sell to the town. *Barf emoji* Her freezer was full of a mix of everything. Human & animal. She was convicted of only two cause that’s all they could identify. She did the usual serial killer thing & only prey on the ones no one would miss.

  93. James


    Aye, there’s no Tory quite like a ‘Scottish’ Tory eh?
    [‘Tories in Scotland’ is nearer the truth]. Quite a few nesting here, too.

    (Talk about self-loathing lol).

    Predictably that shower are also the only Holyrood party that voted against the removal of the largest illegal stockpile of nuclear bombs in Europe, imposed on us, 30 miles from our largest city.
    Nae bother, eh?

    [Now await the stream of pish to restart from one or more of the four site pricks…]

  94. Livionian

    There has been a despicable misuse of the term genocide recently, this being one example, and others relating to certain conflicts overseas. Also by various conspiratorial heidcases.

    Genocide is one of the single worst evil acts that humanity has ever committed. Calling something a genocide when it isn’t is disgusting, and dilutes the word beyond meaning. People doing so are stepping on the graves of all genuine genocide victims and is disrespectful to survivors and families. Those doing so need to get a grip.

  95. sam

    From the BBC.

    “A UN judge says the UK is likely to owe more than £18tn in reparations for its historic role in transatlantic slavery.

    A report co-authored by the judge, Patrick Robinson, says the UK should pay $24tn (£18.8tn) for its slavery involvement in 14 countries.

    But Mr Robinson said the sum was an “underestimation” of the damage caused by the slave trade.

    He said he was amazed some countries responsible for slavery think they can “bury their heads in the sand”.

    “Once a state has committed a wrongful act, it’s obliged to pay reparations,” said Mr Robinson, who presided over the trial of Slobodan Milosevic, the former Yugoslav president.

    Mr Robinson spoke to the BBC ahead of his keynote speech at an event to mark Unesco’s Day for Remembering the Transatlantic Slave Trade and Abolition at London’s City Hall on Wednesday.

    He’s been a member of the International Court of Justice (ICJ) since 2015 and has been researching reparations as part of his honorary presidency of the American Society of International Law.

    He brought together a group of economists, lawyers and historians to produce the Brattle Group Report on Reparations for Transatlantic Chattel Slavery.

    The report, which was released in June, is seen as one of the most comprehensive attempts yet to put figures on the harms caused by slavery, and calculate the reparations due by each country.

    In total, the reparations to be paid by 31 former slaveholding states – including Spain, the United States and France – amount to $107.8tn (£87.1tn), the report calculates.

    The valuation is based on an assessment of five harms caused by slavery and the wealth accumulated by countries involved in the trade. The report sets out decades-long payment plans but says it is up to governments to negotiate what sums are paid and how.

    In his speech at the London mayor’s office, Mr Robinson said reparations were “necessary for the completion of emancipation”.

    He said the “high figures” in the Brattle Report “constitute a clear, unvarnished statement of the grossness” of slavery.”

  96. Steve A

    Looking at the numbers Stu presents, I had a fairly simplistic thought… What if there’s a simple explanation for the apparently safer status for trans folk? What if, for example, there simply aren’t as many transe folk as the trans Community claims? Have the trans community shot themselves in the foot (other anatomical targets may (or may not) be available) by over-egging the pudding? If there are only 3 trans folk and the community claims ten…. then the apparent discrepancy disappears. If there is only 1, then transfolk may even be more vulnerable…. I genuinely think there may be no real-world difference in victim rates, so I’m going to believe the actual number of trans folk is roughly 1/3 of the numbers claimed. Then I’m going to continue with my normal life without worrying in the slightest about the vulnerability or otherwise of a bunch of folk I have absolutely no interest in (other than to prevent any of them with malign intent gaining access to my granddaughters).

  97. JockMcT

    22 November, 2023 at 10:58 am, Stoker says:
    JockMcT says on 22 November 2023 at 10:22 am: “Ah, the good old days when a Tranny was something you listened to music on….”

    LOL! Brightened up a very dull, damp, dreek and windy day.


    Stoker. Always appreciate your comments, so glad to give you a chuckle! Off down the old mine, with my transistor radio…and my Brown eyed girl (hopefully)

  98. James Che

    Well it does not matter if we are successful or not immediately in the first few years until we get on our feet in Scotland,

    After all Westminster has had 300 years to make us Successful and here we alll are on benefits, in a energy crises, inflation out of control, homeless people on the streets, a infrastrure that is failing. councils goinf Bankrupt.
    The planned migrant crises into britain.
    Covid mismanagement, bad transport and giving tax payers money away to other countries to keep a proxy war going so GB Nd America have a another route to Ruskie land, instead looking after the people in Britain never mind Scotland,

    With all these failures of British Governance Scotland would not have a high bar to far to fall to keep up with how or parallel fantastic GB.

  99. James Che

    Why do people whom favour retaining the union criticise Scotland in advance for the being a failure before we have had the opportunity to try,
    Whilst the UK government are failing after Three hundred years of having scrounging resources from just about every other Country in its Colonial Empire.

    But Scotland is required by unionist to show us yer money, show us how successful you can be Instantly on independence day,

    England has never managed it without leeching of other nations, even now it instigates war to push up the financial coffers,
    And over taxes its people with the financial burden it cannot manage.

  100. Brian Doonthetoon

    Email received…

    Dear Brian xxxxxx,

    The Government has responded to the petition you signed – “Do not allow people to have acquired gender listed as sex on Government ID”.

    Government responded:

    We are committed to protecting the rights of transgender people whilst ensuring that these rights are appropriately balanced with the rights of others.

    The Equality Act 2010 provides protection against discrimination, harassment and victimisation across a number of grounds, including sex and gender reassignment. We are committed to upholding Britain’s long-standing record of protecting the rights of individuals against unlawful discrimination. The Government also believes in the principle of individual liberty and in the humanity and dignity of every person.

    There are processes in place, with the right checks and balances, to allow for those who wish to legally change their gender to do so.

    Transgender people, including those who are going through the process to change their legal sex, deserve our respect, support and understanding. Enabling people to change their gender, with appropriate checks and balances in place, is part of this, as it allows transgender people to live in their acquired gender. Systems are in place to support transgender people in obtaining a passport or driving licence in their acquired gender, with the appropriate security procedures in place, without the need for a Gender Recognition Certificate (GRC). Passports and driving licences are often part of the evidence provided by transgender people to the Gender Recognition Panel to obtain a GRC.

    The Government is committed to maintaining the safeguards that allow organisations to provide single-sex services. It is important that the principle of being able to operate spaces reserved for women and girls is maintained, in line with the Equality Act. We are committed to tackling harassment and abusive behaviours by all individuals, and ensuring single-sex spaces are safe for those using them. The EHRC have published guidance on the existing legislation which provides much needed clarity to those offering single sex spaces.

    On 21 February 2023, the Minister for Women and Equalities (MfWE) sought advice from the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) on the benefits or otherwise of an amendment to the Equality Act 2010 on the current definition of ‘sex’, as she was concerned that the Equality Act may not be sufficiently clear in the balance it strikes between the interests of people with different protected characteristics, particularly in the case of the protected characteristics of ‘sex’ and ‘gender reassignment’. Having received that advice, the Minister for Women and Equalities has asked officials to undertake detailed policy and legal analysis, as per the EHRC’s request, to understand the impact of its advice on various protected groups and related issues arising.

    We are absolutely committed to championing the rights of women and girls.

    Cabinet Office

    Click this link to view the response online:

    The Petitions Committee will take a look at this petition and its response. They can press the government for action and gather evidence. If this petition reaches 100,000 signatures, the Committee will consider it for a debate.

    The Committee is made up of 11 MPs, from political parties in government and in opposition. It is entirely independent of the Government. Find out more about the Committee:

    The Petitions team

  101. John Main

    @James says:22 November, 2023 at 10:35 am

    “What type of person could consider voting for these inhuman [Tory] creatures?”

    Ask John Main

    Aw look everybody, James is awake early the day.

    And he’s deployed the ‘T’ word an aw – boo, hiss.

    Tell ye fit, James, ye post a link tae anything fae me suggestin ah’m conseederin voting Tory and ah’ll gift 10 whole poonds tae yer preferred charity.

    O’er tae ye, tak yer time, noo.

  102. Shug

    You have to laugh at the Scottish parliament passing a motion on Palestine when their not allowed to set up a scheme to return ginger bottles.

    They are beyond delusional.

    Meanwhile the vietnam group and woman H are still in place. There us a connection between them being in place and nonsense constantly appearing.

    Until humza lances this boil the trajectory will remain.

  103. John Main

    @Republicofscotland says:22 November, 2023 at 11:08 am

    You’re right, of course, the cease fire that’s very likely to be starting soon is all the result of votes in various foreign places persuading the pathologically hostile belligerents to put their weapons down.

    And of course, the clincher, your repetitive posting about it. Tak a wee bow.

    Haha, I crack me up.

    Exactly as I predicted 6 weeks ago, the cease fire that’s coming soon is because both belligerents need a pause before they get back to wiping each other from the face of the Earth, as they have both vowed to do.

    What is it with people like you? Constantly greetin about the days when Britain interfered everywhere, but as soon as something abroad happens you don’t like, constantly greetin that we’re not interfering as you want us to.

    And as for the ME war’s relevance to Scottish Indy, there’s SFA.

  104. Bernard de Linton

    Geri?.. the Scottish type “Barn Dance ” you refer to was perhaps Stv ‘s “Thingmyjig” popular type entertainmemt,got rid of by Gus Mc Donald ” get rid of this shortbread tin image” ” Were a progressive nation” lefty bollox. The only crap left, is subsidised by The Gaelic money now. The Dumb programmers then made Hogmany shows aimed at young folk,leaving the Scottish older viewers, turning over to watch made in England, Jools Holland, Theres yer progress Gus! Dont get me started on Scottish media attempts at Burns.. Its usually Folk singers singing through their noses,by ear, accompanied by Scottish instruments like Bazoukis, and Cajons.

  105. Confused

    The froth that dominate social media does not really interest me – trannies, feminists, being annoying, knocking seven bells out of each other; whether someome misgendered “borders Buffalo Bill” or whether we should “protect” the risible concept of “womens sport” (a lot of handwringing about them “trying really hard”)

    – real things happen under your nose.

    Story today : an english guy is going to shutdown Grangemouth. Okay. Eh, “net zero”! Good stuff.

    Having oil, for a country, is winning the lottery; the biggest problem is having too much money and not enough to spend it on – look at the construction projects in Saudi, or the Gulf. Nice problems.

    – it takes a lot to fuck it up. One way, not your fault is to be shackled to an enemy state engaged in economic parasitism, covered up by accounting tricks that would see the offending firm jailed in normal times (- why did enron not stick all its debts in “ex regio” and have arthur andersen sign it off?)

    – another way to fuck it up is to have in charge a “satrap comprador” class of kleptocrats who allow, e.g. exxon to cart it away for about 1 cent on the dollar. This happened in venezuela; chavez, remember him, put the duty up to 16 cents on the dollar and they tried to coup detat his ass, I mean, this is stealing from the Rockefellers, no? The current SNP when caught in a room with a bunch of suits tend to say “sounds good to me” and then get back to the real work of making sure the worlds most cossetted minority have yet more cash and legal protections thrust upon them.

    – colonisation and kleptocracy are obvious, but a more subtle, but even dumber way is to have oil production capacity but no refining capacity; that is just dumb. You can’t put crude into your car, it has to go away, to export, get refined, then you have to re-import, expensively, the usable products you could have produced yourself. It is a no-brainer to have a refinery if you produce oil.

    Scotland has only one refinery, while England has 6, but does not produce, so gets a massive boost to its trade figures. This looks like an act of sabotage, but we are told its the free market; america, likes free markets, if it suits, then says – fuck off; do you not think the chinese have enough dollars to buy up boeing, lockheed, google, apple, etc and cart it all off to shanghai? Of course. America would simply block such a sale – “national security”.

    Imagine an indy Scotland, producing oil, but having to import petrol/diesel/etc from -England- and other places? How dumb is that?

    Norway has 2 refineries – clever, a backup; Saudi has 5. Because they are not fucking dumb and ruled by foreigners-who-hate-them; they also have state monopolies to manage the oil, seems to work out fine – aramco and statoil.

    At least the greens will be pleased, at least until vaseline becomes vastly more expensive.

    Another story – Monbiot is going on about the state of England due to flooding and how privatised infrastructure can’t fix it; there is no profit motive and no notion of the common good (as the Dutch say “we all live on the polders”). So it’s a lot of blah, but the point is, down the line, England will need some national plan to deal with it all – and it will be eyewatering expensive, but since it is the south east, the money will be spent (much of it ours). One other option is for a lot of Anglos to “go live somewhere else” which has higher lying land. Either way, it’s another sand-fucking for Scotland.

    The “english guy” Jim Ratcliffe, the richest man in britain, is a shady boy and needs looking in to; how he ended up with his treasure, it’s all so “does not make sense” – essentially, him and his pals were sold vastly valuable assets for next to nothing, for no reason. How often does that happen? The media just portray him as a “really savvy guy” who made a lot of clever deals. But so are the other side – the oil industry is full of expertise, people know what things are worth.

    Wet your beaks with the increased minimum wage. Better together, now! Don’t get chippy.

  106. John Main

    @sam says:22 November, 2023 at 11:57 am

    A UN judge says the UK is likely to owe more than £18tn in reparations for its historic role in transatlantic slavery

    Woo hoo, somebody’s in the money!

    Applying the usual 10% rule of thumb, Scotland’s share of that is only £1.8 tn.

    Oh but wait, isn’t it Dan who constantly points out that in the good old slavery days, there was much more parity between England and Scotland. Better bump up our tab by a few billion then.

    Sam, lead from the front, prise open your moth-eaten sporran, start spreading the dosh. Dinna be sae grippy, it’ll be nae use tae ye when ye’re deid.

    Ah’d love to help oot, ah really would, bit ma great, great, great, great grandfather wis brocht tae Edinburgh as a slave frae fit is noo the Gold Coast.

    Tell ye fit, ah’ll onpass ma bank details via Rev Stu and ye can jist start compensating me direct.

    Get the lead oot yer boots, ah’ve goat big plans fer Xmas.


    A shiver ran through the Scottish members looking for a spine to run up.
    (The old ones, never bettered)

  108. John Main

    @Livionian says:22 November, 2023 at 11:54 am

    Somebody was pointing out the other day (not on here) that with the Palestinian population now being 5 times what it was in 1967, that maybes genocide is not the best word to use.

    Facts, eh? Awkward chiels.

  109. moixx

    Email today from For Women Scotland:

    “We have published our submission to the Government’s consultation on the guidance they have drafted for schools on the teaching of relationships, sexual health and parenthood (RSHP). This is a really important consultation so, if you haven’t done so already, please try and submit your views… You don’t have to submit a lengthy response and don’t have to answer all the questions.

    We have argued that the Government is going beyond its legal remit by extending guidance on sex education to include “gender identity” ideology and have detailed the problems and confusion this causes many parents and children.

    Our submission is here:

    Consultation is here:

    Closing date for submissions: Thursday 23rd November.”

  110. James

    Aw jeez, Mainbot – it’s started slavering. lolz

  111. James Che

    We cannot but fail to blame the governance of Westminster for the woes of all the nations under the UK heading their governance.

    Transgenderism minority is funded just like Climate change ideology, paid for to have a rather louder voice than the majority voice of the people.

    And it is at lobbying door into our parliaments level that these funds are being received, by a larger non elected few,

  112. sam

    James says:
    22 November, 2023 at 1:29 pm
    Aw jeez, Mainbot – it’s started slavering. lolz

    Thanks for that – made me laugh.

  113. Ian Brotherhood

    God knows we’ve all tolerated the usual suspects in here for years, all the gaslighting, sneering, needling folk, endless negativity.

    But, wow, just wow, some of the comments we’ve seen in the past few weeks??

    One day we’ll either be independent or we’ll all have given up. In either case it’ll be a blessed relief not to be exposed to this level of cynicism and hate – whether it’s genuine or just designed to cause upset, doesn’t matter, it’s disgusting.

    Shame on all of you.

  114. James Che

    Bernard de Linton,

    That is very derogatory comment towards another nation and Countries culture past or present,
    In fact it borders on insult and racism,
    No one asks you to live the life of Scottish people in Scotland, you have options and bias to insult other Countries, like Germany, America, Japanise or African people,
    But I bet that is not your wish to do so, you prefer polarising your hatred and racism towards one specific culture.
    Why do you feel you have to fulfil a ambition to display your dislike and hatred and derogatory comments to wards Scots and their culture?
    Rather than taking about independence of Scotland on a site that supports Scottish independence.
    There is no requirement by you for derogatory Abuse or bias attacks on a nations culture in that manner

  115. James

    Just noticed a headline;

    “Scotland’s only oil refinery to cease operations by 2025”


    They’re not even hiding the piss-take from us any longer.

    And there’s still ‘No’ voters posting on open forums?

  116. A Scot Abroad

    John Main,

    I wouldn’t start counting your reparations income just yet.

    Having read through the actual document (around 70 pages), it’s not as authoritative as it seems:

    1. It’s written by a group of academics, without transparent funding, and without any force or state or international body behind it.

    2. It’s highly contentious in assessing the value of the reparations. It takes values for labour from nearly 400 years ago, then applies a compound interest rate of 2.5% to reach the hundreds of trillions figure. During the majority of that time, human lifespan (especially of slaves) was under 50 years. Not over 400 years. So, for the first generation they apply 400 years of compound interest, for the second generation 380 years, for the third generation 360, and so on.

    3. All calculations assume slavery continued up to the present day, which is clearly a nonsense.

    By coincidence, the amount of human victims is roughly comparable to the Holocaust, around 8 million (and nobody is claiming that 8 million Africans died). Germany has paid out around $86 billion in the years since 1945, which is just over $1 billion a year. The slavery academics are demanding 1,244 times that based on shonky methodology.

    It’s just an academic circle jerk. As academics do.

  117. John

    @IB 1:52
    Shame on you all
    Quite right. The dogs of war and men of hate have run the shop all my life and I have personally opted out and been a partying dosser most my life with first world tribulations whilst the planet for most species has died. Still
    We’re off to Germany . Pucker Lips TA

  118. Pat Blake

    James, the decision is based on Labour’s expected green policies. Policies that are similar or worse under the SNP/Green hookup. Oil is increasingly being refined where it is extracted.

  119. Republicofscotland

    How the Western media denigrates the oppressed Palestinians but not the Israeli’s.

    “Political philosopher Frantz Fanon wrote during France’s colonial war in Algeria of “hordes of vital statistics”, “hysterical masses”, “faces bereft of all humanity”, and “children who seem to belong to nobody”. ”

    And here’s why the USA, the UK and the EU unequivocally back Israel.

  120. John

    Not and never been too concerned by the advance of the deceit and deviant. Their approach to open , honest depiction is what has always been their no no .
    The by way of deceit has been a long successful mo . The deviant path starts with ritualised infant genital mutilation as a compulsory introduction as even some private schools in the uk and used to adhere for hygiene. Like cutting your arms off to deal with stinky armpits.
    C’mon you advocates of infant genital mutilation. Tell me why it’s holy and or hygienic and I will tell why I think circumcision is the paedophiles favourite cut of flesh.

  121. Republicofscotland

    I’ve no time Labour per se but Rachel Reeves Autumn statement Speech which she made today in the HoC whilst Jeremy Hunt sat facing her with what can only be described as a snigger like expression on his face, showed the Tories up for what they are, and made it clear that the people of the UK are worse off after thirteen years of the Tories in government.

    The depressing thing is that the people of the UK won’t really be any better off with Labour in office as there’s no a lot of difference between Labour and the Tories in many policies.

    Here’s that excellent speech in transcript.

    A snippet.

    “So I think we can forgive taxpayers for not celebrating when they see the truth behind today’s announcements. Going into this statement, the government had already put in place tax increases worth the equivalent of a 10p increase on National Insurance, so today’s 2p cut will not remotely compensate for the tax increases already put in place by this Conservative government.”

  122. David Hannah

    I saw Yousaf couldn’t confirm nor deny if Amy George the trans child abductor would be going to a male or female prison.

    One thing is for sure. He’s going down for 24 years.

    This is all Nicola Sturgeon’s doing. You give them an inch. And they take a mile.

    Trump has the power to stop it all immediately. The Americans are ready to vote Republican again. He says he will ban transgender ideology and critical race theory.

    Where America goes Britain follows.

  123. John Main

    @Ian Brotherhood says:22 November, 2023 at 1:52 pm

    God knows we’ve all tolerated the usual suspects in here for years, all the gaslighting, sneering, needling folk, endless negativity

    Ah ken fit ye mean, IB. Here’s ane fir jist up the thread:

    Aw jeez, Mainbot – it’s started slavering. lolz

    Thanks for that – made me laugh.

    That’s actually a twofer, BTW. James and Sam assembling a pile-on.

    The “slavering” reference is because I challenged James to back up a straightforwards claim he made with some evidence. To make it worth his while, I promised to donate to the charity of his choice, if he can provide that evidence.

    His response is innarestin, eh?

    Anyhoo, IB, speaking for myself only, you do something about oor disgraceful sham of a FM, the end result of the “years” of your best efforts you seem so proud of, and we can talk again.

    You like to post about having a long memory. Well, few in Scotland are going to forget Yousaf’s rise to power on your and your fellow traveler’s watch.

  124. John Main

    @Republicofscotland says:22 November, 2023 at 2:46 pm

    And here’s why the USA, the UK and the EU unequivocally back Israel

    Naw, it’s nae.

    You ever fly, RoS?

    Uncounted millions of peeps from the USA, the UK and the EU fly. Some regularly.

    And every time they do fly, they are reminded just which group it is that wants them dead, blown out of the sky, collateral damage in a vicious war to extermination they mostly don’t give a flying feck about.

    Call these people old-fashioned if you like, but when they feel that one side in a campaign of hostilities has painted targets on their backs, and the other side hasn’t, that influences things.

    How does it go again? My enemy’s enemy is my friend.

    BTW, RoS, you’re a target too. But don’t take it personally, everybody is.

  125. Johnlm

    I took “slavering” to be an observation on Mains obvious love of war.
    I don’t think he’s a Tory voter.
    Nowhere right wing enough for him.

  126. John Main

    @A Scot Abroad says:22 November, 2023 at 2:38 pm

    I wouldn’t start counting your reparations income just yet

    Naw, because it will have to be prised out of Sam’s cold, dead hands. Like every other Guardianista BTL virtue signaller, he intends to make damn sure that when the grifters and chancers come around with their begging bowls and sob stories, it will be some other sap that will be digging deep.

    But to be serious for a mo, it’s truly remarkable what some of the regulars post on here, all the time telling themselves they are advancing Scottish Indy.

  127. Republicofscotland

    Here the brilliant Jeffery Sachs ( who asked why non one was looking into Covid as it was manufactured in a bio-lab intentionally by the USA) puts forward at the UN, ways in which the UN CAN quickly bring to an end four current wars, well three wars, one is genocide against civilians.

  128. John Main

    @Johnlm says:22 November, 2023 at 3:42 pm

    Mains obvious love of war

    Aw, ye’re feeling left oot, bless.

    I’ll respond just once to your pathetic, wee peep o a post. Something tells me yer ego is desperate for some validation and it’s nae trouble.

    Plenty of posts from me spelling out what I see is necessary for a lasting cease fire. You lack the intellect to be able to tell the difference between a pro-peace stance, and a pro-Palestinian stance, and hence it’s all ower the top o yer wee heid.

    You think that in a vicious, desperate shooting war, where both sides have vowed to wipe the other from the face of the Earth, you get peace when just one side stops shooting.

    Naw, ye divnae.

  129. David Hannah

    We need to nationalise Grangemouth.

    I think that selling out Rosebank to Stat-oil to be refined in Norway has a lot to do with this.

    The British Government fannies as ever.

  130. David Hannah

    We need big Eck on the phone. We need the answers to our energy problems.

    That c*nt Humza Yousaf saying we don’t like oil.

    Now look. Grangemouth is closing.

    Your a fucking clown Yousaf. He wants to wipe 4 per cent of Scottish GDP.


  131. David Hannah

    Britain is not British anymore. It is a free for all of who can steal as much as they can.

  132. A Scot Abroad

    I feel sad for the workers at Grangemouth. Not an area I know well, but they’re good jobs and fairly well paid.

    The refinery is about 4% of Scotland’s GDP. Whatever the “oil import terminal” is that’s going to replace it, it’s going to be a net loss of 400 jobs and livelihoods, and if they aren’t going to be refining and producing, then the value add process is gone. On balance, it looks likely to be at least a net 3% loss of Scottish GDP.

    This is all to do with the likelihood of Labour getting into power in London, and the policies they have published to get towards net zero. It’s not a Westminster decision, yet, it’s Labour policy. And yet the SNP and Greens are in favour of reducing oil and gas even quicker. No wonder Ineos are getting out. Why should they keep a facility open when the government in Edinburgh, and the likely future government in London are so keen to stop it being viable?

    Meanwhile, China is opening 80 new coal-fired power stations a year. It doesn’t take much to realise that closing Grangemouth makes not one iota of difference to global emissions.

  133. John Main

    According to the Guardian Online, Ratcliffe, the boy who is part of the decision to shut down the Grangemouth refining facility, is putting £1.25 billion into Man U.

    Maybes time to re-open the discussions about getting our Top Two into the big boy’s league.

    I mean, if that’s where the real money is …

  134. David Hannah

    It’s a free for all. Come and steal everything. Save Grangemouth.

  135. Young Lochinvar

    John Main and A Scot Abroad

    I apologise for upsetting you with my post.

    It was merely based on historical published fact which I appreciate will be divergent from your source material gleaned from editorial commentary in newspapers such as the Telegraph and comics like the Spectator magazine.

    Again, apology for upsetting your clearly dearly held daily received wisdom..

    As for the “big boy done it and ran away” snipe, well, look at the news on Grangemouth refinery’s predicted closure today, a Ravenscraig V2 dreamt up in London in a board room over questionable spreadsheets and cheques signed and ready to go to the Conservative Party as “Donations”.

    Pat Blake

    Interesting reply worth reading though I would point out that only in Scotland is oil reserves considered irksome “smelly stuff” (or a financial burden and insurmountable impediment to Statehood – the decades old Unionists trope).

    I fully understand the brain drain comment you make, however we should also really celebrate the ordinary working people who make and build the things we need, not earning a living at home on a laptop in highly educated service industry UK.

  136. stuart mctavish

    Livonian @11:54

    What would you rather call it?

    Land grab through mass murder, indiscriminate slaughter with pinpoint accuracy, collective punishment – including death penalty, amputation & civil asset forfeiture – without trial, cleaning house ??

    That’s not even the worst of it if the hate gets a foothold because obvious extension to banning transgender ideology and critical race theory is collective punishment of it’s champions (it’s not like something similar thasn’t happened before) and question arises as to where they’ll be able to go if the west decides to recognise the state of Palestine by then (ie pre 1947 border)

  137. David Hannah

    I have a good feeling I’ll despise the Labour Party more than the Tories under Sir Kier. And Angela Reynolds and all their woke shit. It’ll be even worse.

  138. John Main

    @Young Lochinvar says:22 November, 2023 at 5:03 pm

    As for the “big boy done it and ran away” snipe, well, look at the news on Grangemouth refinery’s predicted closure today

    Here you go, Young L:

    And some wee quotes:

    “the Scottish Government has signalled its intent to ramp up winding down the fossil fuels industry”

    “Energy and Wellbeing Economy Secretary, Neil Gray, has suggested that despite the economic benefits of the industry, he is in favour of ramping up the speed of a transition away from fossil fuels – insisting that renewable energy can replace the revenue stream”

    And naw, that’s not a story from the Telegraph or Spectator.

    I think 6 refineries in the UK, with one in Scotland. One country (Scotland) wants an accelerated transition, over the rest of the UK. So which refinery gets chopped first?

    Join the fecking dots.

    Neffer mind though. You’re happy with a “big English boy done it and ran away”. You stick with that.

  139. John Main

    @stuart mctavish says:22 November, 2023 at 5:03 pm

    indiscriminate slaughter with pinpoint accuracy

    You haven’t thought that one through.

  140. sam

    John Main is a bully.

    “Aw, ye’re feeling left oot, bless.

    I’ll respond just once to your pathetic, wee peep o a post. Something tells me yer ego is desperate for some validation and it’s nae trouble.”

    Main, I remember made bullying remarks to this same poster not long ago. Main was off air for some weeks after, possibly because the Rev barred him.

    This is what Main says about me.

    “I wouldn’t start counting your reparations income just yet

    Naw, because it will have to be prised out of Sam’s cold, dead hands. Like every other Guardianista BTL virtue signaller, he intends to make damn sure that when the grifters and chancers come around with their begging bowls and sob stories, it will be some other sap that will be digging deep.”

    Main belittles not just what I post but the subject of the post, those seeking reparations, are also abused being “grifters and chancers”.

    A bully online is likely to be a bully offline. There is only one remedy. Confront the bully with his actions.

    I can anticipate that Main might point to my post to James when James referred to Main’s “slavering”. I wasn’t “piling on” as Main claims. I did laugh at the pun James made – slavery and slavering. Not the best pun ever, but it made me laugh.

    I think Main might apologise to me for the abuse and condescending tone he uses – not just to me but to others.

    A period of inward reflection might be useful to him. I doubt it though.

  141. Anton Decadent

    @RoS when looking up champions of gender woo woo in the Labour Party membership of LFOI would also sometimes be listed.

    With regard to Grangemouth, cometh the hour cometh the man, give it to Will Heggie as compensation for being replaced in the Cocteau Twins by an English fella.

  142. David Hannah

    4 per cent GDP. Wiped out overnight. All thanks to the SNP and labour’s oil hating polices.

    Hopefully this signals the end of the false green agenda in Scotland.

    Time we opened up our steel, coal and oil factories.

    Let’s go back to the old ways.

  143. Young Lochinvar

    Well John
    The Herald has a patchy reputation on such matters but at least you have conceded your source for your beliefs, newspapers with agendas editorials – just as I suggested.

    Personally I am not in favour of the speed at the very least of stopping oil extraction as well as the practicalities of transferring the workforce straight over to jobs in renewables, as Gray SUGGESTS.

    One suggestion does not equate to policy whereas Ineos’s Grangemouth plan appears to be on course to be actionable.

    As for six sites in England, yes indeed, go figure but it’s not the answer your editorial doublethink today suggests, just asset stripping and facility removal (again) making Scotland yet again reliant on facilities abroad that we already had here.

    Don’t believe me, do the arithmetic of time the government protected Scunthorpe steelworks until very recently in preference to Ravenscraig.

    Nane sae blind as willnae see, and, why all the swearing?
    You and A Scot Abroad sound like Waldorf and Statler off the Muppets..
    Chill a bit eh?

  144. David Hannah

    Why can’t we open up steel, coal, and oil fields? Why do we have to buy Chinese?

    Why can’t we manufacture cars anymore? The land of invention. Where are our car industries gone?

    It’s time to build Scotland up again. No more foreign contracts.

    I’d vote in a heartbeat for any politican with a industrial strategy.

  145. A Scot Abroad

    If the closure of Grangemouth goes ahead, it seems that the closest oil and fuels refineries to Scotland after 2025 will be in north Wales or on Humberside. That’s a hell of a lot of fuel bowsers going north each day to keep Scottish liquid energy supplied, the airports, the diesel trains, and whatever else needs liquid fuels. It’s going to be a penny or two per litre more expensive. And a good proportion of that fuel will have started out under Scottish waters.

    This ain’t a political point. It’s an anti-politicians point. Whatever party they’re in. Most of them are just absolutely crass and stupid.

  146. David Hannah

    It’s time for Scotland First. 2 snacks and the Tories are the party of privatisation. This is their doing. Humza is a village idiot. Sir Kier Starmer only wants to support Thales. And their weapons sales to Isreael to kill palestians. He doesn’t care about Scottish manufacturers.

    We need to open up our coal, oil and steel plants.

    Africa’s doing it. Even though we’re paying John Kerry’s false green agenda 24 million for the Zimbabwe, Malwawi and Rwanda ‘climate justice fund’ a quick search on youtube of the mega projects in that country will reveal they are opening methane plants, the lot.

    Where’s our fucking industry boys? If it’s good enough for Africa. Why the fuck isn’t it good enough for scotland?

    Answer me that one Humza. You fucking clown.

  147. John Main

    @sam says:22 November, 2023 at 5:45 pm

    I think Main might apologise to me for the abuse and condescending tone he uses – not just to me but to others

    No problem, Sam, I’m sorry for posting in a manner you deem to be abusing and condescending.

    I’m going to choose to believe that you genuinely are unaware of the abusive and condescending posts directed at me on a more-or-less daily basis. Don’t worry, it’s water off a duck’s back, and I enjoy giving back better than I receive – that’s how I was taught to deal with bullies, back in the day.

    Bottom line, though, I’m not going to apologise for my views, beliefs and opinions. No Sovereign Scot should.

    And that includes you.

    There’s no time for inward reflection, Sam. Many of the regulars on here have been enthusiastic drivers of the SNP slomo carcrash that has not only fraudulently given us Yousaf at Scotland’s head, but is actively destroying the foundations of our Scottish standard of living, the educational opportunities for our young, and our social cohesion.

    The nonsense has to be challenged at every opportunity.

  148. David Hannah

    Let’s go back to the old ways. We need nationalise the country. Time for an uprising like never before. The people are active against Palestine.

    Now is the time to strike while the iron is hot.

    Save the oil fields. Scottish jobs for Scottish workers. Scotland first. No more Chinese steel. We need a, referendum. Let’s buy Scottish.

  149. David Hannah

    It’s time for the working class man to take on privatisation of our lives.

    I want to see barrells of oil with the saltire around the can.

    I want to see mountains of oil. I want to see Scottish trucks. The saltire oil trucks. Driving to refill our garages. I want to see it all.

    Let’s make it happen. Scotland first. I’m going to buy Scottish as much as I can from here on in.

    No more Chinese shit.

  150. David Hannah

    Save Grangemouth. Name the date. I take to the steets.

    I hope someone boots Greta Thunberg right in the baws.

    Just Stop that you stupid cow.

  151. John Main

    @Young Lochinvar says:22 November, 2023 at 6:14 pm

    at least you have conceded your source for your beliefs, newspapers with agendas editorials – just as I suggested

    Geez a (expletive deleted) brek.

    I provide verbatim quotes from the Scottish boy in charge, you refuse to accept/believe them, then you accuse me of being blind.

    For (expletive deleted) sake.

    I set you the easy challenge of joining the dots. You flunked it.

  152. Republicofscotland

    Grangemouth Oil Refinery to close, we’ve been here before with Ravenscraig, Longannet Power station etc.

    So lets see how much Scottish taxpayers cash the Scottish government throws at Jim Radcliffe and how long he keeps the plant in Scotland after receiving any cash, or has Radcliffe had enough of the SNP and Greens madcapped zero carbon emissions BS agenda.

    Of course the SNP government have form on giving huge wads of taxpayers cash to wealthy businessmen such as Indian steel tycoon Sanjeev Gupta.

    Would the last one out of Scotland please turn the light off, is there much more damage this SNP government and its House Jocks could do to Scotland before we evict them from Holyrood, I say yes.

  153. Johnlm

    “ Bottom line, though, I’m not going to apologise for my views, beliefs and opinions. No Sovereign Scot should.”

    Might be good to include a fact or two occasionally. Lol

  154. David Hannah

    Send in our British soliders and sieze the oil plant.

    Why can’t we so that. Sorry Jim but we’re taking back control. This plant belongs to Scotland.

  155. George Ferguson

    @Moixx 1:26pm
    An excellent submission by For Women Scotland. I tend to agree with them that the track record of public consultation by the Scottish Government is appalling. The only language the Scottish Government understands is lawfare. The guidance is so loose my understanding is that parents can still withdraw from RSHP teaching after discussion with teachers? But I think that needs to be tested in Court. I have a better understanding of my daughters intention to home school her children. All under the age of 5.

  156. Republicofscotland

    “Why can’t we open up steel, coal, and oil fields? Why do we have to buy Chinese?

    Why can’t we manufacture cars anymore? The land of invention. Where are our car industries gone?”

    David Hannah.

    In one word money.

    However the back story is a long one, it mainly began in 70’s America, where the previous two decades especially the fifties in the USA was a Golden Age, where a man could go to work and his wife could remain as a house wife, and look after the home and the kids, as his one wage was enough to feed the household pay the bills and they’d still have some cash left to live a little.

    That all ended when US corporations screwed over the US workers by sending work abroad where labour was cheaper, soon the wife needed a job as well and both worked just keep a roof above their heads. I recall when George W. Bush was POTUS he was on a walk about and he spoke to a woman who was holding down three jobs just to make ends meet, Bush praised her, but I though to myself why should this woman need to hold down three jobs to make ends meet, it was down to wages being so poor.

    How does this affect Scotland I here you say, well the same thing has happened here manufacturing in most areas has been sent abroad mainly due to labour costs, basically business can get things made at a fraction of the cost abroad, than they can if they were made in Scotland. But that’s not always necessarily true. I recall Thatcher brutally closing down the mines and she had the Home Office instruct the police to beat the miners to break their strikes, this led to coal being imported from Poland, of which if I recall correctly wasn’t that much cheaper than coal from the UK.

    Scotland is in an even worse position than most countries we allow a foreign country’s government to dictate rules to us and our businesses, and we have a colonial administration (SNP government) that’s hell bent on showing Scots that we’re not capable of governing ourselves never mind build a ferry on time and on budget.

    We won’t be able to make good progress until we ditch this ball and chain union simply because a government needs all the levers of power to govern a country to the best of its abilities, Scotland is in effect with this lame government (SNP) and a foreign country’s government (Westminster) retaining many powers, fighting with one hand tied behind its back.

  157. sam

    @John Main

    Same old, same old. Boring. Destructive. Useless.

  158. The Flying Iron of Doom

    David Hannah says:

    Now is the time to strike while the iron is hot.

    Hello, how can I be of assistance? 😉

  159. David Hannah

    Cheers Republic of Scotland for the thoughtful response. I want to know Phil Boswell’s thoughts on this. He’s the oil man. I wonder what he thinks. Jet setting across the globe from oil refinary to the next

    Can Britain and Scotland not create a new oil company like Stat-oil to rival BP, Shell INEoS. Etc. How can’t we do that?

    We need to hire engineers, draughtsmen and workers to come up with the plans. Can we not just start a new company?

    And create our own oil drilling and gas refining equipment. What happened to the good old fashioned ways of sending a man down the mines with a budgie. At least they’d have FFP3 covid masks to use now?

    We should start our new oil company immediately.

  160. Young Lochinvar

    Hi John

    Again, my apologies, I really should have known better as I do know better; there’s no point arguing with a drunk or engaging in debate with a Troll.

    My bad..

    Back under your bridge out of the sunlight as it’s pretty clear to me now why so many here appear to dislike you!

    Cheerie bye..

  161. David Hannah

    Sieze the plant from Jim Radcliffe I say. And pay him nothing. We know he doesn’t like to pay his taxes. It’s time for a military take over. And we should pay him anything for it.

  162. A Scot Abroad

    David Hannah,

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with Scottish oil and gas. Nothing at all, it’s actually easier to refine into the 500+ chemical products that the world makes from crude and gas than (for example) West Texas Intermediate. That’s why Brent oil is one of the global benchmarks.

    However, along with oil from Alaska’s North Slope, on the Arctic shore, it’s the world’s most expensive to extract. The last figures produced by Rystand (a Danish specialist consultancy that monitors oil production and costs from 63,000 oil fields globally) were in 2022, and Scottish oil had an average figure of $52 per barrel extraction cost. Compare that with Saudi Arabia at $7 a barrel. There are many reasons for that, but in 3 high level categories it is cost of production (those wells in the North Sea are expensive to build and operate), cost of labour (Scottish wages, health, benefits etc over cheap Pakistani labourers), and taxation (75% of profits in the U.K., versus virtually nothing in Saudi Arabia). There’s also the fact that production costs are going upwards, as the reserves are coming to an end, and decommissioning costs are increasing.

    So, given that, and gradually declining global demand, there’s not really an investment case for further Scottish oil. Licence periods are getting shorter as nobody is interested in long licensing. They haven’t gone away entirely, Cambo and Rosebank are interesting new fields. But overall, the writing is predictably on the wall for the North Sea. If someone is looking to put investment into hydrocarbons, they will get a far higher return from Nigeria, Saudi, Brunei, the USA, Canada, or even from Venezuela.

  163. Republicofscotland

    David Hannah @7.40pm.

    Its pie in the sky the SNP government can’t even run a nationalised energy firm (OurPower) without it going bust.

    First off we need rid of the SNP a colonial administration that’s full of grifting careerists, who are utterly incompetent.

    The we need to ditch this union, only then can we turn our attention to our own assets.

    Lets not forget that the USA/UK has been trying to overthrow consecutive Venezuelan governments via violence for years, so that foreign oil firms can steal Venezuelan oil which is currently state owned, they failed at least twice, the last two attempts against Hugo Chavez and Nicolas Maduro.

    The Bank of England currently holds illegally thirty-one tons of Venezuelan gold, the BoE an English asset follows UK government instructions to freeze the asset and its is informed to only recognise the illegitimate usurper Juan Guaido who has seen moved on to pastures new.

    My point is we won’t get our assets back without one helluva fight.

    And then there’s this, if Sturgeon the Judas signed Scotland up to it will be bad news, she’s f*cked everything else up so who knows.

    Investor State Dispute Settlement (ISDS).

  164. Confused

    It is just possible – the oil boys are sneaky fuckers – this could be a play to shakedown the scotgov.

    – you either shut Grangemouth down, for a profit


    – you put the scotgovs collective lady-penis in a vice, to get some handout, hinduja style, to keep it open

    the oil market is full of sharp operators, a place where even hedge-funders might get r4ped. They play strange games at times – loads of full tankers, just sitting out at sea, waiting.

    Either way, its win-win for him.

    One thing I like about jews is their smarts, toughness and ruthless pragmatism about getting the job done. (Not the people to have as enemies, though.)

    – if israel had one refinery and Yidmar Ratcliffbergstein decided to shut it down to make a shekel, he would be a dead man – “shot by a hamas gunman” or mysteriously asphyxiated to death in an apparent suicide in an upmarket monaco hotel. The mossad wouldn’t fuck about – because they maintain a notion of the collective good, for their people, dare I say “volk”. There would be no great mystery about the great mystery, the point made to all interested parties.

    BTW folks – just disregard everything ASA says, he is a useless, dissembling arsehole.

    Average production cost for north sea oil, the lightest and sweetest is $15 dollars per barrel. Even when covid knocked down the price due to global demand collapse, it was still profitable.

    – if the oil is worthless, then the english don’t need it, so they can just leave it in the ground for us, right.

    And if productions costs were so big, then no one would bother to pump it out.

    No, they are going to pump like crazy because the oil is the only thing worth a damn in this shithole comedy country.

    The point about Grangemouth is it is a critical part of our national infrastructure and it would be insane to produce oil but not refine it. This is designed, as deliberate sabotage, to fuck an indy Scotland down the line.

  165. Republicofscotland

    We were mad re-electing the SNP in 2021, however spare a thought for your average Argentinian, they have elected a far right pro-US libertarian in Javier Milei. Argentinian inflation currently stands at around 143%, and it owes the IMF a whopping $44 billion dollars in debt.

    Milei’s brilliant idea (if you’re mad) is to borrow billions more from the IMF, which is part of the USA’s playbook to help service the debt. Worse still Milei wants to close down Argentina’s central bank.

    I’d imagine that the USA like it has done with Modi’s India, will through money at the Argentinian president and promise all sorts of benefits for his country if Argentina loosens it position with BRICS in mind.

  166. Dick Wall

    Absolutely love this piece. Using data? You some sort of weirdo Rev?

    Sadly the answer seems to be yes. Why bother with facts when you can just make sh*t up seems to apply in most MSM.

    I would guess that poverty is a huge factor generally as it is in most crappy outcomes.

    FWIW even the high rates in the US are dwarfed by the rate of killing in pre civilised societies. And that is even allowing for 2 World Wars.

  167. Republicofscotland

    Well this is very good news, will it have n effect on the USA’s Ring of Fire around China? Lets hope so.

    “Signs of stabilization in China-Japan ties have emerged after Chinese President Xi Jinping and Japanese Prime Minister Kishida Fumio met in San Francisco last week.

    On Wednesday, Nov. 22, Liu Jianchao, Minister of the International Department of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee, said the two leaders’ meeting marked “the resumption of high-level offline exchanges between the governing parties of both countries after a gap of 4 years. This holds special significance. Currently, China-Japan relations are at a moment for improvement, and both sides need to seize this opportunity and implement the important consensus reached by General Secretary Xi Jinping and Prime Minister Kishida Fumio, and promote China-Japan relations to truly return to a track of healthy and stable development. In recent years, China-Japan relations have encountered some issues, but the fundamental driving force for the development of relations between the two countries has not disappeared.””

  168. George Ferguson

    Muscular Unionism what does it look like?. It looks like shutting down the only refinery we have in a global energy situation where dependence on indigenous fuel supplies is paramount. If only we hadn’t rubbished the UK we could talk to them to negotiate a Grangemouth solution. A multiplier effect of the shutdown of Grangemouth is a 1000 job loss. Welcome to West Lothian. Instead we are talking about foreign affairs, trans, Rshp and if you are unaware the next battlegrounds of the SNP, critical race theory and conversion therapy. I haven’t included the usage of Emergency powers in a housing ownership and rental market. Who caused this housing Emergency the SNP and Green Coalition.

  169. David Hannah

    Get Humza Out Now. He doesn’t know what to do. The country is fucked. Get him out now.

  170. David Hannah

    Alex Salmond would never have let this happen.

    Humza instead is on the cover of Time Magazine and telling Washington we don’t need oil.

    How are we meant to defend ourselves with him in office? We can’t. He’s got to go tonight.

  171. Merganser

    ” Remembrance Days”.

    It won’t be long until a Remembrance Day is held for the European Union. It is firmly on the path to becoming “a dystopian superstate”, so says a Polish MEP (Prof. Legutko), with good reason. Just check out what they have now voted for.

    And the SNP want to join this entity and be “independent”. It’s a complete joke. The SNP want to move from being a dystopian colony to being a dystopian region in a dystopian superstate.

    They have certainly put in place already the right criteria for joining: a state of suffering and injustice.

    The people of Ireland will soon be ruing the day they surrendered their independence to the monster which the EU has now become, after freeing themselves from the oppression of English rule.

    And the SNP have already set the trap by saying a vote for them is a vote to join the EU.

    If Scottish people can’t or won’t see what is coming down the line with the SNP’s version of “independence” they will soon be holding a day of remembrance for when they voted for independence from the UK and gave it away on the same day to the EU

  172. A Scot Abroad

    Confused, at 8:18pm,

    You do seem true to your username. You’ve only accounted for the base value of the oil, which isn’t anything like the cost of production. There’s all sorts of other factors, such as infrastructure, transportation to refinery, labour, insurance, excess (ie windfall) taxation, and other factors, all of which are paid by the producer before the raw crude even gets to a refinery.

    I stand by my argument. I can’t link you to Rystand direct, as it’s a subscription database. But here’s an example graphic from the Wall Street Journal. Oil prices in 2016 were a bit lower, and the U.K. now has windfall taxation, but you can see that even back then the production costs were around $45 a barrel.

    I suspect that you’ve never run a business, or looked at competitive factors and costs of production before making an investment or divestment decision.

  173. David Hannah

    Someone needs to name the alphabetties in Westminster immediately. And bring this entire SNP Government down. Scotland needs the SNP gone more than ever.

    Humza will defend the 11K laptop. But he won’t defend Grangemouth workers. Fucking Humza you ****

  174. David Hannah

    Alex Salmond needs to come out my opinion and call for Humza to go. We need the SNP gone. He says Grangemouth can be supported.

    “as part of a just transition.”

    I hate his guts. Useless c word.

    We need him gone this week boys.

    We need to name the alphabetties.

  175. sam

    EnergyVoice says the production cost of North Sea oil is $15 per barrel.This was in 2020 when oil was selling at $25 per barrel due to the pandemic.

    You are simply wrong, ASA. Twice.

  176. sam

    Wrong link last post.

    “The authority has calculated the average cost per barrel of oil equivalent at US$15.17 (11.60 pounds) for 2017, which is pretty good considering the North Sea used to be one of the highest-cost oil and gas producing regions in the world.”

  177. Anthem

    Would the closure of Grangemouth mean Scotland would be the only oil and gas producing county in the world without a refinery? Yet England, Wales & NI between them would have 5! Sturgeon & her gimps have destroyed this country. We need Alex Salmond back at the helm ASAP! We need independence NOW!!!

  178. A Scot Abroad

    No Sam, you and Confused aren’t calculating the complete cost of production, which in the oil and gas industry is the total physical costs of being it out, paying the operating costs of your infrastructure, paying the financial costs of your people, the costs of servicing debt, the costs of transportation, insurance, windfall taxes with reference to competitors, and everything else that sums up to the all-up cost of getting it to a refinery.

    Your $15 that you quote is but a fraction of the 2022 cost of $52 which is what it was being bought for as crude, delivered to the refinery.

    Nobody with costs of $52 of getting their product to a customer is going to sell it for $15.

  179. Jason Kennedy

    Trans Day of Remembrance recalls nothing so much as Ali G solemnly dedicating a show to “everyone on Death Row tonight… in Britain.”

  180. Bernard de Linton

    Russia Todays Alex Salmond’s Oil price forecasts were miles oot. Lets be honest. That boat has sailed.

  181. David Hannah

    We can’t let Grangemouth go. The country needs Salmond back.

    Neal Hanvey or Kenny MacKaskill need to name the alphabetties in Westminster.

    We know Nicola’s been working for them. We know she’s destroyed the country. We know the Lord Advocate Dorothy Stain of the Clown office of Clowns is protecting them all. Along with Lady Doughball of the former justice now injustice system where male child abductors and double rapists go to female jails.

    Now is the time for the sake of Scotland to bring the cabal down.

    Look what they’ve caused to happen.

    Save Grangemouth. Justice for Scotland.

  182. David Hannah

    We need Alex Salmond back.

    Our country is fucked without him.

    Let’s pray for a miracle that happens.

  183. Anthem

    ASA. Put away your book “business for idiots” and get back to your comics. Sam & Confused know exactly what they’re talking about. You’re making a fool of yourself.

  184. A Scot Abroad

    Oil refineries ain’t cheap. Grangemouth has been going in one guise or another for just about 100 years, through various ownerships. If it is closed down, it’s going to take the cost of a fleet of ferries to get it going again.

    So what does it say when the national “government” of yellowcoats and greencoats wants to shut down Scotland’s oil and gas industry, by being bureaucratically implacable to extracting more oil and gas, and yet still, somewhat improbably, declare themselves to be pro-Indy? iScotland, if it is to exist, needs some form of decent income to pay the bills, what with disastrous demographics, and health and social bills aiming for the stratosphere. This is just simple maths. And there’s also trade tariffs. If iScotland’s future fuel were to come from England, or Norway or anywhere else, what’s it going to cost in terms of tariffs? Could be 10% as it crosses the border.

    One would think that the SNP should have a think about that. Maybe offer some tax breaks to change the Ineos decision. No point trying to persuade the Greens, as they are completely loopy. But offer something and the Tories at least will swing around and support that over the Holyrood line.

  185. Anthem

    David Hannah. Totally agree. When these liars are prosecuted then the whole house of SNP grifters, fraudsters and sexual deviants will fall.

  186. David Hannah

    That time is now.

  187. A Scot Abroad


    you’ll have noticed that there’s two per barrel prices quoted that set the global price of oil: Brent and WTI. But that’s not the same as saying that there’s only two costs of production. Those vary very widely. Sometimes oil is easy to extract, sometimes it’s difficult. Easy = cheap, difficult = expensive. There’s multiple costs involved in getting a barrel to a refinery, and that’s what gives the current spreads in overall production costs between around $7-$52 per barrel. Scottish oil is at the top end of the range. So Scottish oil extraction only makes sense when oil is well above $52 a barrel, after taking into account the further downstream costs of refining and shipping off products to consumers. That’s why oil producers in the North Sea sometimes make big profits, and sometimes make great losses. Why shale producers in the USA switch off and on production as prices fluctuate.

    Sam and Confused don’t seem to understand that. Neither do you, it seems.

  188. James Barr Gardner

    In the early 60’s Grangemouth was rebuilt based on a similar plant built in Texas near Houston a year or two earlier. How do I know this ?

    My uncle was head hunted to be involved in both builds, he went on to become the chief excutive maintenance engineer untill he retired, on call 24 – 7. His name was Alex Barr.

    He was a time served draughtsman in Yarrows, joined the Merchant Marine in WW2 and took part in the Artic Convoys to Russia, he was was qualified to chief engineer and had an HNC in Engineering, he was a lifelong Labour Party supporter.

    I am sure he will be turning in his grave at the closing of the the refinery that he put his heart and soul into, dying far too soon at the age of 67 !

  189. David Hannah

    I want a vote of no confidence in the SNP. And I want the alphabetties named this week.

    We need to save Grangemouth. And 4 per cent of Scotland’s GDP.

    They have to go.

  190. Dundee Scot

    “We need Alex Salmond back.”
    To (evidently) rescue Scotland from Yousaf and Sturgeon.

    That’s the same Alex Salmond who promoted Sturgeon and Yousaf and put them in power.
    Some commenters here exhibit symptoms of amnesia.

  191. Geri

    If I were in charge…

    I’d get on the phone to Norway..

    Oi, ye diddling? Hope yer tickety boo..

    Fancy buying us an oil refinery in Scotland? Make it an anonymous bid.

    Make them an offer they can’t refuse.

    Pay ye back later..

    Love ya! Mwah, mwah!!

    Scotland xxx

    Why would this screw a future indyscot? Surely we just reopen once the parasites have been evicted?

    Scotland is always getting shafted in this union.
    Maybe this will wake some people up cause it’s now their turn for the dole queue.

    Thatcher destroyed Scotland.
    Same with the ship building boom of luxury liners – untold jobs boom all lost to make GI Joe toys.

    Scotland needs to grow a spine & take control of our assets. Territory wasn’t included in the treaty & it’s time the licences & the HQ brass plates were in their rightful country.

  192. Geri

    Republicofscotland 6:56pm

    So true. I was watching a lecture at some university on this very subject.

    Man has to work two/three jobs + overtime
    Wife has to work two/three jobs plus come home & do childcare + housework
    No one has time for family vacations
    7 days a week
    No respite
    Depression/ill health etc
    Shit wages

    In contrast to Europe..

    4 day week
    Free childcare
    Free nanny/au pair
    Siesta everyday
    Lunchtime break lasts hours lol
    Everyone relaxed & just chilling at a snail pace..

    Corporations wield to much power & neoliberalism sucks the life force out of everything.

    Tho it may look like the sharks have moved in to the EU their working utopia may not last for much longer..

  193. twathater

    I would ask the readers and commenters on WOS to tell friends and relatives to please access this link to For Women Scotland which is a link to the SG petitions page and the many petitions against this reviled lunacy

    All it takes for evil to flourish is for good men and women to do NOTHING , this lunacy promoted by a shower of deviants and perverts must be vehemently opposed, please sign the petitions


    Hmmmm, while Scotland’s assets are «stripped» the SNP seems more engaged by the perennial politics of «palestine» and rummaging in people’s «drawers».
    Quite queer, in both senses of the word.
    Tom NAIRN coined the term «self colonization»

    «Nairn employed the term “self-colonization” to explain the destruction of the Gaelic language and the clearance of hundreds of thousands from the Scottish Highlands. This transformation was achieved not by alien English oppressors but through the economic reforms of a Gaelic nobility enacted with the help of Scottish lowlanders»

    This radical thinker was not popular in mainstream nationalist circles.
    Is the current SNP an agency of «self colonialism»? Is that in effect what Britishness is and why the party leadership dare not engage with it?

  195. David Hannah

    Ach it’s a disgrace. I’ve never worked in oil but name the date for the march in Glasgow and I’ll be there.

  196. David Hannah

    The country is a shambles. And the SNP won’t even fight to save our oil terminal.

    4 per cent GDP. It doesn’t sound good.

    Aye well Salmond should just come out and say, Sturgeon was hid biggest mistake.

    She’s a cow. I hate the woman.

  197. David Hannah

    I’ve signed the petition on the school groomers material twathater!

    Hopefully Fergus Ewing does the right thing and brings the Government down. I hope they all walk out today.

    First minister’s questions today.

    Humza will be saying. Well… We need a just transition. Douglas Ross will be quivering as ever. He knows we’ll be the only country in the world that makes all the oil without an oil terminal. And Labour will be squirming in their chair as well.

    Our politicians are a fucking disgrace. The lowest of the low. Time for a fightback.

  198. sam


    “This transformation was achieved not by alien English oppressors but through the economic reforms of a Gaelic nobility enacted with the help of Scottish lowlanders»”

    and with the support of the British imperial state.

  199. Sven

    Twathater @ 03.13

    Just to say please don’t your goodself & others get tired popping these links to petitions up in regard to the appalling campaign attacking the safety of our (genuine) women and our children.
    For myself, I never get tired of seeing even the ones I’ve already signed being brought to our attention again. Keep up the good work.

  200. Chas

    It just goes to show the power and influence the mighty Scottish Parliament has over world affairs. Humza and his MSP’s vote for a ceasefire in Israel/Gaza and lo and behold it happens almost immediately.
    It is just unfortunate that they are unable to do anything about the madness and shambles that Scotland currently finds itself in. Of course, it is all the English and Westminster to blame. Silly me-I forgot.

  201. Republicofscotland

    How a secret revision of a monetary union behind closed doors between the SNP and Westminster will be detrimental to Scotland. The SNP are now hurting Scotland more than helping it, time to remove them from office beginning with the next GE.

    “NOT many turkeys get the chance to vote for Christmas twice: but the Scottish Government has managed it.”


    SAM 10:00
    The «lad o pairts» phenomenon is significant.
    The rise of a native individualism, British in spirit, contradicts the notion that there is a default Scots collectivism. The success of Unionism is that it has offered the promise to individuals that they might aspire to better things under it; rather akin to the American Dream.
    John Buchan was an exemplar of the type.
    The rôle of the Kirk in fostering and promoting the type is pertinent.

  203. David Hannah

    Humza us loyal to the false green agenda.

    Fuck you Humza you cunt. Listening to him now.

    He’s defending the heat pumps holding up house building.

    The heat pumps that Willie Hughey says won’t work.

    Vote of no confidence where is it?

  204. sam


    “The rise of a native individualism, British in spirit, contradicts the notion that there is a default Scots collectivism.”

    I’m not sure about that. It did not so much contradict what was a default Scots collectivism, i.e. Gaelic culture, as seek deliberately to eliminate it by methods that included, as Tom Devine puts it, “ethnic cleansing”.

    To do that the colonisers had to convince themselves of the inferiority of the Gael.

    “But the Highlanders … had been so contaminated with a Celtic mixture in Ireland, that … in laziness, filth, and every species of savageness, they have been always hardly distinguishable from the
    savages of Ireland. In all ages of our history they are marked as the savages of Scotland.55”

  205. Geri

    David Hannah

    There won’t be a vote of no confidence.

    Holyrood doesn’t have the numbers because of spineless cretins sticking with the party line despite knowing full well it’s destructive (SNP) or arseholes who don’t want to lose their jobs cause it’s the last one they’ll have. (Greens)

    Parliament needs a method that can be sacked by the public & that won’t happen until we’re Indy.

    Everyone here wishes the SNP will self combust & take the Greens with them but unless Santa brings them all a spine we’re lumped with them & they know it.

    They’re in full scorched earth mode – bastards.

  206. Republicofscotland

    “The refinery is about 4% of Scotland’s GDP.”


    No it isn’t.

    “However, the figure that has been quoted widely in the media about the impact on GDP is not accurate. The claim, according to Petroineos, is that ‘the refinery is responsible for 4% of Scotland’s GDP and approximately 8% of its manufacturing br’. THIS IS INCORRECT.

    “According to official statistics, chemical AND petroleum production accounted for 1.1% of Scotland’s economic output in 2021 (0.7% in 2019), of which around 74% of employment is in chemical production. So the figure for refining is likely to be much closer to something like 0.25%–0.3%, NOT 4%.”

  207. John Main

    @Geri says:23 November, 2023 at 2:29 pm

    Parliament needs a method that can be sacked by the public & that won’t happen until we’re Indy

    We already have one. It’s called a HR General Election. There will be one on or before May 2026.

    Things won’t change post-Indy. Even in the new iScotland, in fact, specially in the new iScotland, the kind of talented, competent, hard-working professionals we will need to run our aspirational first-world country won’t sign up for anything that allows a rag-tag group of disaffected eejits to turf them out, every time they take umbrage over something they don’t understand.

    Even with the 4 and 5 year terms we have now, chronic short-termism is a crippling handicap to joined-up, rational, long-term government in this country. No serious polity is going to put itself at the social media driven, clickbait mercy of the ill-educated mob.


    Luckily, the answer is in our own hands. Eejits like Yousaf and Oor Kirsty don’t become eejits as they walk through the door at HR. They have been eejits since birth, and that has always been obvious to anybody who takes the time to look further than the rosette they’re flaunting.

    If we Sovereign Scots up our voting game, we’ll get the better politicians we will then deserve.

    Just as, right now, the crop of duffers, with Pretendy FM Yousaf grinning at their head, is exactly what we voted for, and thus exactly what we deserve.

    Soz again.

  208. John Main

    And on the subject of politics …

    Argentina at the start of the week, Holland today …

    Which country next?

    I don’t expect the Scottish political landscape of May 2026 to look anything like today’s.

    And as for 2014? Resting In Peace with all the other Ancient Guff.

    Indy supporters can choose to embrace and move with the changes convulsing the world, or sit greeting in their 10 YO single malt drams. 12 YO by 2026! And like all aging malts, increasingly rare and unaffordable with each passing year.

  209. Dundee Scot

    The largest “colonization” of Scotland was not any recent English move north, but the Irish diaspora that occurred during the Potato Famine of the 1840s and in the 1800s generally. As wiki observes, “Irish ancestry is by far the most common foreign ancestry in Scotland.”
    The Irish (largely English-hating Catholics) swarmed into Glasgow and Dundee.
    It’s no coincidence that in the 2014 referendum, the two big cites that voted “yes” were ….. Glasgow and Dundee.
    Those who assert that only “ethnic Scots” should vote (I don’t) should realize that it’s Ethnic Irish Scots (Steve Flynn and Ash Regan are two that come to mind) that provide much of the support for secession from the UK.

  210. twathater

    As a person born within a mixed marriage of COS and Catholic I know and despise the constant attempts to introduce sectarianism to the independence cause, and if YOU Dundee Scot are indeed a genuine Scot your BLATANT attempt to introduce your veiled orange order unionist hate bait should see the Rev boot your arse off the site, sectarianism and the associated bile that comes with it should be challenged daily, Scotland and Scots have suffered from this cancer for too long

  211. David Hannah

    The Alba Party should adopt the Salvo conventions and allow the people to sack the government. They should incorporate The Salvo into their party constitution.

    That should be a given. The people should be allowed to sack their government.

    Everyone would vote for more control. It would he a vote winner. Only the corrupt soup takers would say otherwise.

    It’s time for Salvo in the Alba Party. We want the right to sack our government.

    We want to sack the SNP immediately.

  212. John Main

    @twathater says:23 November, 2023 at 6:09 pm

    Good one!

    Approved flavours of cancerous bile only, eh?

    Who’s on the approval committee? Haha, I bet it’s just you.

  213. Dundee Scot

    “twathater” (a name that matches your intellectual level) if you had bothered to READ what I wrote, I specifically rejected (“I don’t”) the kind of ethnic divisiveness and “Colonialism” that other commenters espouse.
    I merely pointed out that those who want the vote confined to ethnic Scots are (illogically) disqualifying one of the largest pro-Independence voting blocs.
    Perhaps that is too nuanced for some people to understand. I suggest you spend more time reading what you comment on, and less energy name-calling.

  214. Dundee Scot

    “twathater” (a name that matches your intellectual level) if you had bothered to READ what I wrote, I specifically rejected (“I don’t”) the kind of ethnic divisiveness and “Colonialism” that other commenters espouse. In fact, my own Irish Catholic ancestors (I have both Scots and Irish ancestors) came to Scotland in the 1800s.
    I merely pointed out that those who want the vote confined to ethnic Scots are (illogically) disqualifying one of the largest pro-Independence voting blocs.
    Perhaps that is too nuanced for some people to understand. I suggest you spend more time reading what you comment on, and less energy name-calling.

  215. Confused

    everyone google it when ASA quotes a number, just sayin; he has been caught making up stuff, e.g. GDP numbers before

    I just quote industry figures, or from unbiased sources when it comes to Scotland; the UN, IMF, oil industry don’t give a shit about independence one way or the other – however, UK trade figures, studies from “think tanks” like the Adam Smith Institure or astroturf pressure groups like These Islands, I would ignore. 15 dollars a barrel on average is the quoted number from the industry.

    There is a jarring illogic about yoon arguments re : oil – if it’s “not worth anything” to us, then it can’t be worth much to England since their “economy is so large and diverse”, but no, they seem determined to pump it like porn stars on viagra; Rees Mogg has made speeches on this, and you get it straight from the business press when they think we aren’t looking – that telegraph piece about how “north sea oil will get us through brexit”. They opened up the new oil field – because they needed it; need, not desire, not optional, they are up against the wall and they know it.

    During covid oil dropped to 25 bucks a barrel – they were still pumping it, and still making a profit.

    50 bucks a barrel cost of production? That is how much it would take to produce from the Orinoco basin – this is like tar (north sea is light) – and is why these deposits, the largest on earth, even bigger than Saudi, are left untouched.

    – “is food expensive?” well, I was in waitrose the other day buying a full fillet of mature aberdeen angus beef … and do you know what it cost me? Numbers are great, if we pick and choose them to our taste.

    We shall see what happens with Grangemouth – but DUH! – I mean people should be fucking angry and see what it is; even the dumb b1tch on the nine, talking to the oil analyst, was starting to get it “so we have to IMPORT petroleum products from England and elsewhere”. Exactly – it’s a “company town” and you will use the company money and buy from the company shop and we set all the prices. You see why we don’t have links to the continent – check google maps and look at Ireland. If everything in Scotland comes through an English port and on a lorry up the motorway, it puts us in a “position”, no? Come indy whats to stop the anglo rats stopping the food trucks on the M6? The spooks love this “black ops” shite and have done it before – “no food on the shelves – PROOF – that nationalism can never, ever, work”.

    – remember the panic when covid emptied the shelves? You can wreck any country in the world now by stopping the trucks running for 3 weeks, all because of “just in time” practices. Food, energy, fuel, water and the payments system is the critical parts of any nation, you put your enemies in control of these, you are fucked. Unrefined oil is useless.

    On the other side, ukgov are obsessed right now with “energy security” and “food security”, for me but not for thee, anglo exceptionalism strikes again. Ironically, one of the pro union arguments was about the removal of tariffs and trade barriers, but we are long past irony.

    There are countless reasons, historical, present, for getting out of this union. But the best ones are for the future.

    – for you have no-fucking-idea of the shite they have planned for us. These people hate you and see you as a nuisance at best; your resources are for them to squander, nothing more, Scotland to solve their messes.

    One nasty long term problem the UK has is what to do with the nuclear waste it has produced. The problem gets kicked down the road by successive governments, but at some point, they will have to do something. It sits in water tanks at Sellafield, cooling, or in concrete containers outside, plus who knows what, in other places. Nuke stuff is very very secret – “defence of the realm” level, they don’t have to tell you diddly.

    “I wonder where it will end up”?

    One rumoured site is Glen Sanda “quarry”. No roads in, sea access only. Deep. Why not? If they did decide to do this, no one would stop them. Check it out on Google Maps – it looks ideal; and consider Gruinard – that is how much they think of you. It’s not a union, it’s an abusive relationship. Consider the twisted bile that prime-cunt-Mordaunt comes out with; it’s not better together, partners in a unions, its back in the box, know your place; I hope for her sake she doesn’t holiday up here.

    The UK is run only for the benefit of the city and the south east; this is why you can never have good things, they all go here. This is where the money, much of it ours, is spent and -maybe- if you are lucky, you might get to lick the spoon (that you made). This also means no matter how shit England is, or becomes, Scotland must get it worse, i.e. it would be politically unacceptable for Scotland to be a functioning modern country and England a shithole; even if you do something well, optimised, to out perform, it just means your next years budget gets cut as you obviously didn’t need all that money. There is no political solution to this problem inside the UK, and as England gets worse, all the time, we have to get “worser”.

    – it is a structurally assured impossibility for Scotland to solve any of its problems, political, economic, social, while in the union. You get a choice, a partial one – on the speed at which things will get worse, and who gets to manage the decline.

    Going back to Ratcliffe/INEOS/Grangemouth – they can do whatever they like and scotgov and the Scots just have to eat it, suck it up, for we have no real power over them. None. If INEOS owned the remaining 5 refineries in England and decided to shut them all down, for legitimate, profitable, business reasons – what do you think would happen? – it wouldn’t, it just wouldn’t happen – and that is the point.

  216. ABruce

    It’s taken a while but finally SALMOND FIGHTS BACK!

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