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The Ringer

Posted on December 09, 2019 by

Scottish Labour would like you to meet Rory.

They want you to believe that he was an SNP member and independence voter who’s recently changed his mind and become a devolutionist Labour supporter.

But that’s not quite true.

Because alert Wings readers might remember Rory. He’s Rory Scothorne, formerly of the wholly unreadable Mair Nor A Roch Wind blog (Pat Kane loved it, so, y’know) and Electoral Reform Society Scotland. And even way, way back in the early days of 2014, months before the referendum, he and MNARW passionately despised the SNP.

In April of that year, Scothorne – who we must assume numbered himself among “the most advanced sections of the international proletariat” – wrote this:

“Nationalism is a virus” is pretty odd language for an independence supporter. But in fact Scothorne only ever voted for independence as a tool to provoke a Labour UK government into triggering a worldwide socialist revolution.

Now, fair play to the plucky young middle-class George Heriot’s graduate – who after his £13,242-a-year secondary education we understand is now onto his third stint at university after a brief and presumably unpleasant gap year in the world of actual work – for thinking big. But Scothorne/MNARW never actually backed independence, let alone the SNP. In the Labour video, he himself says his reason for voting Yes was that he “wanted Scotland to, kind of, act more autonomously within Britain.

All along they wanted a Labour UK government to represent Scottish interests, and the SNP to be kicked out.

So it’s just a tiny bit dishonest for Scottish Labour to be presenting Scothorne’s support as some sort of Damascene conversion. He wants the same as he’s always wanted – Labour in power, Scotland in the UK and complete destruction of the existing world order. Scottish politics is a total irrelevance to him.

And in that sense, Scottish Labour truly is his natural home.

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166 to “The Ringer”

  1. Bryan Weir says:


    Welcome back.

  2. Republicofscotland says:

    Maybe this duplicitous Labour lackey was just an early Self Identifier, afterall Pat Kane self ID’s as a columnist in the National newspaper, even though his work is mostly unreadable.

    On a serious note the Scottish Labour branch an are an embarrassment period.

  3. Sharny Dubs says:

    Devious as ever.

    Labour trying to do in Scotland what it did for so long.

    Good spy Stu, keep on keeping on.

  4. John Robertson says:

    Don’t be cruel. They have hardly anyone helping them to campaign.

  5. fillofficer says:

    bereft of


    i could go on but…

    labour are kaput

  6. Mist001 says:

    His intonation, accent and appearance immediately flagged him up as a clown to me. A chattering, champagne socialist in the making.

  7. jeff says:

    Might as well have looked straight to camera and said “I don’t understand politics”…

  8. Effijy says:

    Well spotted and executed.

    Being very leased that the SNP Government offers free
    University education , unlike the Britnat Quarters, I feel
    The funding has been wasted several times on this waste of time.

    His parents must be so proud after paying so much for his early education
    That he spends his days on lying and deception while what University course
    He could waste next.

    He votes Labour as he wants to stop SNP Free Education, Equality in women’s pay,
    Make Labour MP’s all Lords and cripple to country with Gordon Brown’s PFI deals.

    Too pathetic a man for further comment and to incompetent a party to want this to be portrayed
    As a positive factor.

  9. Tony Hay says:

    So this dude pure hates the SNP……hes in dubious company right enough.

  10. Merkin Scot says:

    It seems our Rory is a Jim Murphy for the new Millenium.
    Perpetual student pocketing a few bob from the proles – not that he needs it, kinda.

  11. Abulhaq says:

    The labour party presuming to always occupy the moral high ground.
    The labour party that historically exploited, conned and sold the Scottish working class down the river to fat cattery of Westminster.
    The labour party presiding over a history of unresolved social deprivation, bad housing, poor education and nutrition in order to keep itself in a job for life.
    The labour party where hypocrisy finds a comfortable home.
    The labour party, colonial unionist by any other name
    The labour party an Augean stable ‘ripe’ for deep cleansing.
    The labour party, nothing ‘Scottish’ about it.
    Note: at one time ‘the left’ was gifted with intellectual flare, o tempora Rory.

  12. sassenach says:

    A few more articles like this and I’ll start to believe that ‘Wings’ is back – and just in time!

  13. Alasdair Angus Macdonald says:

    He has an article in this week’s New Statesman, too.

  14. Garrion says:

    WHy is it always the private (or very exclusive) school boys who are the most hardened and vocal peoples revolutionaries?

    A certain “independence and self determination” blog springs to mind.

  15. bookie from hell says:

    hope richard leonard is mortified being caught out

  16. Balaaargh says:

    Sorry Rev, but not quite on the ball with this one. Scothorne was one of the founders of National Collective who were pro-Indy. That pre-dates all of the stuff you’ve mentioned above so he’s not strictly lying but yes, not exactly a great candidate for conversion.

  17. kapelmeister says:

    Red Rory he hate Tory
    Hate SNP even more, so he
    Say ‘vote yoon’
    Get world revolution soon
    Then indy will be hunky-dory

  18. Donald says:

    Says there he was an SNP member. He wasn’t. Any legal comeback on Labour for that, if the SNP pushed it?

  19. katherine hamilton says:

    Hi Rev
    Last week I wanted you to turn the guns on the arseholes. Done it.

  20. Stuart MacKay says:

    Here’s the New Stateman article,

    It rambles on so much at first I thought Corbyn must have ghost written it for him.

    The article is hotpotch of disconnected observations but his disdain for ordinary folk comes across loud and clear:

    AUOB speakers seem to be chosen almost at random, a clamjamfry of blogger-provocateurs and Twitter addicts spliced with the occasional renegade SNP MP or D-list celebrity.

    Champagne socialist – yeah, pretty obvious. His parents must be very proud.

  21. Capella says:

    Jinglin Geordie (George Heriot) set up his school for “faitherless bairns”. So young Rory may not have paid the fees. Looks like he may not have paid much attention in history either, and skipped personal development all together.
    Media Studies?

  22. Tatu3 says:

    See, now this is what you’re good at.

  23. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “See, now this is what you’re good at.”

    What I’m good at is telling the truth. There are some truths people don’t like or find inconvenient. It doesn’t stop them being true.

  24. Bob Mack says:

    He’s one of many. They change party as often they change their clothes.Whatever brings attention to themselves.

  25. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

    The Ringpiece mair like


  26. Dan says:

    That’ll be more of Labour’s slavers.
    I had another read over the Labour election literature I got over the weekend.

    “When Labour Wins, Scotland Wins”…
    Does this explain why Scottish Football has been shite most of my life and the best we could muster was a wee Archie Gemmel cracker against the Dutch, and a David Narey toe poke against Brazil.
    The two respective short clips now look so worn out young conspiracy enthusiasts will question if they ever actually happened like the moon landings.

    But I digress…
    Further into the Labour shit sorry lit, it states they will do more to protect the NHS…
    You what? Like this?

    Not long back after running an 80 year old Indy supporting neighbour to the docs for another free at point of need health service treatment.
    Picked up a load of stuff for polling day and we did some leafleting on the way home as we passed some rural properties.
    Had a good laugh as now, even owners of the big hooses with Range Rovers parked outside were saying “Anybody but the Tories”!

  27. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    Stuart MacKay 13:35,

    Thanks for the re-link. I read the article the other day and it is suffused with the kind of supreme exceptionalism that is the true hallmark of the radical Labourite couch revolutionary. It is as haughtily patronising of the indy movement as it is detached from any kind of objective reality. It is truly revealing, only not in the way the author intended.

    He’ll be getting a salient reality check himself though in a few days’ time.

  28. KOF says:

    @Balaaargh 11:19
    I was an early member of National Collective. It was meant to be about using the Arts to help win independence. I left early on too, as I could quickly see National Collective was more about using independence to further individuals careers. I would say they were pro indy in name only.

  29. Someone asked the definition of the word `Woke`,

    middle class `liberal` whitey who`s read the books seen the plays walked the marches talked the talk,

    but really despises/distains the proletariat,

    `Hi my name`s Rory`.

  30. Jack Murphy says:

    So Rory Scothorne says in the video that he’ll be voting Labour in this General Election, well Have I Got News For Rory?

    I’ll be voting SNP on Thursday and if Rory’s got any sense he’ll do the same—–one small step…..

  31. dakk says:

    bookie from hell says:
    9 December, 2019 at 1:14 pm
    ‘hope richard leonard is mortified being caught out’

    Leopard dick will be out on his arse

    in a few days along with bertie steptoe.

    Odds shortened from 4/9, 2/5,8/13,to 4/11 over last 2 weeks for a Conservative majority with only 3 days left.

    The future is blue.

  32. artyHetty says:

    Liars through and through, never trust a Tory, and definitely NEVER trust anyone who says they are Labour in Scotland. Labour in Scotland follow their London masters orders and this jumped up nobody is no different.

    The Salisbury crags, as mentioned by the little twirp, were quarrried almost to the point of being removed completely. Guess where the rock was taken to? Yep, London, to build bridges over the Thames, and many major buildings there. Probs info on which ones online, somewhere.

    They can’t even allow Scotland to keep their own rocks, still happening today, no different. The ‘crags’ were only just saved last minute, not sure if James Hutton amazing SCOTTISH geologist and discoverer of the actual age of the freaking planet, ( though you would never know that if you look at 99% of geology/history books) had anything to do with it, but someone said, ‘oh wait maybe we should leave them some of that rock’, might be significant to English geologists’ written papers, or something like that.

    Vote SNP, or have your country and your livelihoods quarried to fck by the Britnats!

  33. Proud Cybernat says:

    “What I’m good at is telling the truth. There are some truths people don’t like or find inconvenient. It doesn’t stop them being true.”

    Does LabourHame or ConservativeHQ publish their truths, warts and all, slap bang in the middle of a GE campaign? No, they bloody well don’t because:

    A) They’re mostly liars anyway and
    b) They’re not bloody stupid.

  34. Bibbit says:

    Third stint at uni, you say?

    I am whisked back in time to another celebrated ScotLab messiah, born, not in a manger, but in a drawer!

    Who can forget Jim Murphy? The geezer who took 11 years to get a uni degree, (whilst sabotaging student grants & tuition fees for his neo-liberal master, Tony Blair)?

    Plus ca change, mes braves, plus ca change…..

  35. Reluctant Nationalist says:

    Rev: “What I’m good at is telling the truth.”

    How much money have you got in bank from your fundraising?

  36. robertknight says:

    “A man is known by the company he keeps”. (Aesop)

    Scottish Labour and Rory Scothorne… iacentem nothi

  37. Garrion says:

    @ reluctant nationalist.
    More than Bella, I would imagine, and there are a series of enormously good reasons for that.

    Also love the very socialist inference that there’s something wrong with an appropriately funded website, like it’s flawed because it’s…popular?

  38. scunner says:

    “How much money have you got in bank from your fundraising?”

    We know what you’re insinuating here.

    When has the Rev. ever lied about the fundraising side of Wings? Every penny accounted for as far as I’m aware.
    If not, yoons and their supportive media would be over Wings like a rash.

  39. boris says:

    Implementation of Transferred Powers in the Transition Period

    The “Transition Period”, extending from 7 years to infinity presents a substantial increase in the workload of Westminster based civil servants, accompanied by a significant reduction in the responsibilities of civil servants reporting to the Scottish Government.

    Revised powers “intersecting with devolved competence” in respect of Scotland will be adjusted (in accordance with Westminster guidelines) and returned to Scotland. (keeping the natives onside).

    Facilitating the foregoing will bring with it a significant reduction in the establishment of civil servants presently based at Holyrood, together with a significant reduction in the annual financial block grant from Westminster to Scotland.

    Avoiding redundancies, civil servants, in excess of establishment will be transferred from Holyrood to a “newly leased building” located at New Waverley, Edinburgh, which will provide office accommodation and services to around 2,900 civil servants, including the recently created and greatly expanded UK Government of Scotland, executive control of which will be given over to appropriate politicians appointed by Westminster. (Projected to be Scottish Tory MPs.

    It is expected that the incumbent “Secretary of State for Scotland”, (Mundell) will most likely be elevated to the House of Lords.

    The UK Government of Scotland sales pitch stated:

    A new civil service hub will contribute to the creation of a modern Civil Service – with fit-for-purpose workspaces, cross-departmental collaboration, smarter technology, and enhanced career opportunities demonstrating the UK Government of Scotland’s commitment to engaging with and supporting Scotland.

  40. Tam Fae Somewhere says:

    Bibbit says:
    9 December, 2019 at 3:02 pm
    Third stint at uni, you say?

    I am whisked back in time to another celebrated ScotLab messiah, born, not in a manger, but in a drawer!

    Who can forget Jim Murphy? The geezer who took 11 years to get a uni degree

    Jim never finished his degree…..

  41. Reluctant Nationalist says:


    That would be ‘implication’ rather than ‘inference’, unless you love your own ponderings. Neither socialist nor the opposite, just sick of certain methods used.

    As for the question, I’m merely testing a bold claim. That’s all. It’s not as if Stuart has ever claimed to have an allergy to money.

  42. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    Proud Cybernat @ 14:57,

    Well said.

    (To everything there is a time and a season. And right now ain’t either.)

  43. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “Does LabourHame or ConservativeHQ publish their truths, warts and all, slap bang in the middle of a GE campaign? No, they bloody well don’t because:

    A) They’re mostly liars anyway”

    Well I’m not, so tough luck. If you want to be fed comforting bullshit telling you stuff you already think, go look elsewhere. This is a pro-independence website, not a “get the SNP elected so they can sit on their arses doing nothing for another five years” website.

  44. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “How much money have you got in bank from your fundraising?”

  45. Bob Mack says:

    There they go sgain. The proud members on here who tel! us they want a better Scotland and better politics.A more honest politics.

    In a few paragralhs they reveal their true self. They want liars and deceivers to fool the people and if you dont bow down to that they throw in the fact they part fund you as a threat to change your ways.

    Scotland can do better than their myopic view Stu.

  46. Proud Cybernat says:

    “Does LabourHame or ConservativeHQ publish their truths, warts and all, slap bang in the middle of a GE campaign? No, they bloody well don’t because:

    A) They’re mostly liars anyway”

    Well I’m not, so tough luck. If you want to be fed comforting bullshit telling you stuff you already think, go look elsewhere. This is a pro-independence website, not a “get the SNP elected so they can sit on their arses doing nothing for another five years” website.

    Never said you were a liar, never even hinted at such.

    You’re not a comedian either. Which is just as well, cause your timing is shite.

  47. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    Balaaargh @ 13:19,

    That was back when they thought indy was the next Sure Thing for their socialist Nirvana. Then came the damp drowned squib that was RISE and they discovered that they weren’t in the vanguard as they thought but limping along behind in the rear, so when magic grandad appeared he became their Saviour instead. Cat Boyd was another such fair-weather friend.

    And after the Second Coming fails to materialise in a few days’ time? Well, I suppose there will always be the SWP, the ever-present human flies of politics.

  48. Bob Mack says:

    @Proud Cybernat,

    Want some Sav!on for that burn!!

    Oh you were hinting all right and no mistake.

  49. mike cassidy says:

    And this is why the trans thing is not an irrelevant subject in this election or for this site.

    Thank you Jo Swinson – you have forced the BBC to start asking questions about trans issues

    The document that reveals the remarkable tactics of trans lobbyists

  50. mike cassidy says:

    Cry for help here!

    I want to move to Scotland. I want to vote SNP.

  51. Josef Ó Luain says:

    @ Bob Mack

    Yep, you’ve got to wonder what goes on between their ears – don’t visit the fucking site – problem solved!

  52. Andrew Orr says:

    A bit more like what is expected of you. What about the pile of LibDem leaflets etc arriving from London to, perhaps, every house in Scotland by post or by paid leaflet distributer.

  53. Jason Smoothpiece says:

    Brought a smile to my face this has.

    Almost as funny as the Unionist pamphlets stuffed through my letterbox today.

  54. JLT says:

    Presented as a wolf in sheep’s clothing when in all reality …he was a sheep in wolf’s clothing.

    …or maybe he was just a sheep pretending to be a sheep. Who knows with Scottish Labour?!


  55. dadsarmy says:

    I think Rory just needs a group collective hug.


    Now vote YES, you know you want to.

  56. Bob Mack says:


    A hug ? Only with a car compresser.

  57. David Smith says:

    Fair enough but “Complete destruction of the existing world order?”
    Christ, you make that sound like a bad thing… ?

  58. I agree with,you Stu., some on here do not like the truth it does not have a place in their small world they would rather it was kept hidden in an unmarked grave

  59. dadsarmy says:

    There’s a difference between “truth” and “opinion”.

    Big difference; huge, enormous, mahoosive.

  60. Defo says:

    I can normally think of a fairly good alternative header to the posts, better in many cases, possible I delude myself thought 🙂 , but there’s nothing can touch ‘The Ringer’ with regards to Rory, and his story.
    WTF is it about Rory’s?

    What wonderful synchronicity that Rudyard Leotard was busy canvassing at the Sick kids, as JC got a lifeline NHS photo bomb today!
    Will Rudyard never get what devolved actually means ?

  61. velofello says:

    “I don’t get out much anymore”, but I’ve yet to meet anyone supportive of self-ID sexual orientation. The two articles provided by Mike Cassidy @ 4.34 contain useful information.

    Chuffed that Rev is holding a substantial fund on behalf of Wings.

  62. Terry callachan says:

    To get into Westminster with Labour or the conservatives you need the right connections
    You must come from the right families or have gone to the right school

    There is a way in through the back door
    But to enter
    You have to show that you can betray everyone and everything and can be trusted by the Westminster masters to do so , always , forever.

    You see them sprinkled throughout labour and the Tory party
    Immature feckless fools without friends
    They’ve let down every prospective friend they ever had

    They haunt the political process willing to do anything say anything if it nudges them closer to being chosen as a candidate for MP

    They never have an opinion it’s too dangerous for them , all they have is the party mantra which they have memorised and will repeat over and over
    When they get asked a question that the party mantra has not covered
    They will still repeat the stock party mantra answers even if inappropriate and idiotic

    Had them at my door often enough
    Seen them at various political events
    Losers every one of them
    Untrustworthy too

    This guy is just another one of them

    Keep going to university til someone gives you a pass

  63. Terry callachan says:

    Who’s truth is it anyway ?

  64. Republicofscotland says:

    Englands NHS on its knees according to this boys mother via reporter. The boy ill had to lie on a pile of coats in a hospital with suspected pneumonia.

    Boris Johnson when asked about Englands NHS in crisis and the boys predicament grabbed the reporters phone from his hand and put it in his own pocket.

  65. Terry callachan says:

    Bertrand Russell

  66. John Jones says:

    Stuart @ 4.08
    Well said couldn’t have put it better myself

  67. Mark Russell says:

    ‘What I’m good at is telling the truth. There are some truths people don’t like or find inconvenient. It doesn’t stop them being true.”

    Absolutely. The problem, as always, is that some people just can’t handle the truth. It’s just a basic human characteristic. Think about the heavy smoker who’s lost a leg from gangrene and just been told if he doesn’t quit, he’ll lose the other one within a year. You’ll find him recovering outside the hospital door drawing desperately on a fag after the consult… or the elderly Glasgow woman who was interviewed after Cardinal Keith O’Brien confessed to abusing young boys. “I don’t believe it” she said – and when told he’d admitted the abuse – “I still don’t believe it.”

    You made the points about the SNP and NS in the same manner as you write about other political issues. It might have made for an uncomfortable read for those whose belief systems had been shaken, but isn’t that really what good journalism is all about?

  68. Bob Mack says:

    Truth is the aim of belief. Wbat you believe, becomes your truth, no matter how false.

  69. Defo says:

    Swinson seems to have revoked herself
    With this being the Brexlection, actually admitting that you’re going nowhere near the ability to Stop the Brexit Bus three sleepys out, will really energise their potential voter.
    Swinsons wiki page circa 2020
    Gambled on a donkey….
    I need her to be my Portillo, pretty please

  70. Mark Russell says:

    @ Terry Callaghan

    Bertrand Russell

    Yes indeed. If only we had paid more attention in 1932.

  71. Mark Russell says:

    @ Bob Mack

    Truth is the VICTIM of belief, surely!

  72. HandandShrimp says:

    Sneaky but one feels the Lib Dems would scoff at the amateurishness of it all.

    The thing with Labour is they probably never even read his blog. Still what do I know. I dare say we would be first up against the wall come the glorious revolution. I have every confidence Rory will eventually follow Darling into the Lords, if Johnson hasn’t sold all the peerages to Trump.

  73. dadsarmy says:

    The truth is whatever I tell you it is, and that’s a FACT.


  74. Morgatron says:

    What the f..k has BBC tory just done to Neale Hanvey just done. Door stepping , undermining and basically hounding him . Not one of these bastards doorsteps the Mooth for years, not one harassed Johnson. That is the most blatant politicking anti independance report I’ve ever seen. I am fuming. I hate these fucks and they need to be dismantled as a priority. Also the sneaky greens- spineless.

  75. Colin Alexander says:

    Stu Campbell said: “This is a pro-independence website, not a “get the SNP elected so they can sit on their arses doing nothing for another five years” website.”

    I think Stu means, the SNP have done nothing FOR INDEPENDENCE for the last five years. I wouldn’t disagree with that.

    But, as the SNP have now started talking indyref for 2020, I’m giving the SNP a chance. We’ll soon see if it’s an empty promise of “Jam the morra” or a genuine push for indy.

    So, I think Stu’s input and scrutiny will be more important than ever in 2020.

    But, for this GE 2019, I will vote SNP and would argue it’s the only sensible vote for anybody in Scotland that isn’t a selfish, wealthy, “I’m alright Jack” British Empire supporter.

  76. Is Rory a researcher for Raymond Leotard?
    It would explain the inability to differentiate between Reserved and Devolved powers!

  77. Bob Mack says:

    @Mark Russell,

    No. The aim of belief is to find your truth. Conversely, truth is the aim of your belief.

    Ufo’s are a classic example, and the search to prove they exist.

  78. Famous15 says:

    Well having just listened to the Scottish Tory party political broadcast I think the SNP have got under their skin. Tory only policy is kick the SNP.

    I read the other day that Dr Johnstone could have played for Scotland given his mother and father were Scottish but the fat slime bag hated Scotland almost as much as the Tories.

    Why are they like that? What causes such self loathing?

  79. Glen Garry says:

    Gawd bless Pa, Gawd bless Ma, Gawd Bless Heroits; Rah, Rah, Rah..

  80. McDuff says:

    Reluctant Cybetnat.
    Is it attention seeking or are you just stupid.

  81. dadsarmy says:

    And if you don’t like those Truths I have others.


  82. McDuff says:

    Is it true that NS has said she would put a second brexit referendum before an Indy 2.

  83. dadsarmy says:

    Is it true that NS has said she would put a second brexit referendum before an Indy 2.

    No, it isn’t, though I daresay unionists will try to claim that.

  84. Famous15 says:

    Fact check:Dr Sam Johnson had Scottish grandfather.

  85. Indy hopeful says:

    I saw this guy speaking at a Radical Independence event and his closing remark was that Scotland was “better together” with rest of UK. I remember it because the audience were not expecting this at an event focusing on independence and there was muted applause.

  86. callmedave says:

    Sturgeon (bbc method of naming) was asked this morning on GMS what she thought would come first the EU Ref2 or Indi Ref2.

    She said that probably EU Ref2 would come first if people voted that way in the GE and then Indi Ref2 would follow.

    An astonished Gary (he wasn’t really) said

    “But! But! if EU Ref2 resulted in a remain vote then shurley schome mishtake FM, Indi2 would be off as nothing would have changed”?

    Aye he really said that eh! 🙂 It’s his job though to toe the BBC line.

    Then asked for his take on it Big Brian (he does know better) spun it that the FM going for an Indi2 Ref no matter what was somewhat new and novel. 🙁 Really!

    Aye right! 🙂 Good old Auntie wie a kilt.

  87. mike cassidy says:

    This is worth reading

    Though its failure to consider unionist collaboration and tactical voting leaves it flawed.

  88. callmedave says:

    Rev at the hustings debate in ‘Bath’ I think. (3-no shows, one is the Tory who had to rush away unexpectedly). 🙂

    He’s not enjoying it really.

  89. cirsium says:

    @mike cassidy, 4.34
    thanks for that link to James Kirkup’s article. It explains a lot.

  90. @Famous15,

    the Romans used to take the sons and daughters of the conquered chieftans,kings/queens back to Rome for re-education,

    to prove themselves they became more Roman than the Romans,

    they hated and dispised the `barbarians` that they came from and turned into right little sh@ts,

    the English Empire did the same first with Scots and then from round the Empire,

    the Brutish public school system still promotes the depraved Empire values in its children.

  91. Golfnut says:

    @ Call me Dave.

    I couldn’t give you the link, it was on Facebook, an interview I think, but Nicola was asked a similar question, her preference was that Indyref came first, ( she controls the timing ). She has no control over EU ref timing.

  92. jfngw says:

    Having watched Netflix & Amazon prime it becomes clear just how mediocre and poor BBC & ITV drama output is compared to these streaming services. There is not one must see programme on the BBC, they have come to the position that every drama can be turned into a soap opera format.

    Seen the 6 o’clock headlines, turned to another channel, even watching an old 1960’s Star Trek is preferable to BBC News output.

  93. callmedave says:


    Aye! That’s her preference Indi-2 but she gave the answer that would happen ‘if’ the UK voted in a way that the ‘remainers’ win and then the Eu2-Ref slots into play.

    Of course there will be no EU2-Ref as Boris will win a large enough majority to trundle on regardless. 🙁

    So Indi2-Ref last hope in the short term for Scots.

    Tory Political Broadcast tonight. What are they like? 🙂

    Shrieking through the tv screen at us …boy they’re worried.

  94. Golfnut says:

    @ jfngw.

    Absolutely agree ‘re uk dross programming.
    On Netflix I’ve viewed, French, German, Finnish, Swedish, Danish, Spanish, Belgian, Norwegian, Korean and Chinese, Australian and Malaysian drama, brilliant stuff.

  95. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    Kinda O/T…

    A 4-page brochure from Chris Law behind my door when I got home tonight.

    The quote from Nicola – “We demand Scotland’s right to choose independence” is on the front of it and repeated on page 2.

    I guess the SNP has been tailoring “the word”, dependent upon individual constituencies.

  96. KT says:

    Good post, finally, Marsellus.

    Just so you know; you’re better than that other pimp-suited dude who’s had you gagged and bound and living in your cellar for some time.
    Just tell me who he is and I’ll call a couple of hard, pipe-hitting Glaswegians who’ll go to work on the homes with a pair of pliers and a blow-torch.

  97. Dan says:

    OT I hear Berlin Zoo have revealed the names and genders of their newborn panda cub twins.
    Surely a bit early for the latter to be confirmed, especially as pandas aren’t renowned for being particularly randy.

    TBH pandas do themselves no favours in trying to keep their numbers up.

  98. Vronsky says:

    “(Pat Kane loved it, so, y’know)”

    Fuck, I loved that. I thought it was only me!

  99. Achnababan says:

    I pity the Rev on his crusade for the ‘truth’ (pravda) in politics ….. alternative shades of truth are available or course but rarely that thoroughbred ‘the whole truth and nothing but the truth’.

    A week in politics telling everyone blunt truths would soon lead to MI5 dragging up a story about how the time when the Rev told a lie…. (even if it was told to save his grannie) which the media would feast upon for weeks.

    We need the Rev’s Inquisition on lying in politics …. even when it is uncomfortable, because only he and one or 2 others (e.g. Pilger) can shine a light on the untruths and hypocrisy in the political world. Exposure is the only way, ultimately, we can change our rotten political and economic system.

  100. dadsarmy says:

    Big newsletter from Gibson North Ayrshire & Arran, front page “Scotland’s Future in Scitland’s Hands” which is also the bottom box of the back page with the vote X thing. Front also has on less than half, TV Licence over 75, NHS Protection Bill, inside is other things she’ll be pushing for

    Back page apart from the bottom box is “Now is the time to choose a new path for Scotland” with should be decided in Independence ref next year. Also a few bullewt points about how Scotland is big enough proseperous with some statistics.

    “The economic facts are available at”

    So yeah, horses for coursed,, mine can clearly afford to go weel out for Indy, but with the “Scotland’s Future in Scitland’s Hands” covering all angles.

    All positive unlike the Tory’s scorched-earth policy.

  101. Fireproofjim says:

    Famous 15
    I don’t think Dr Johnston hated Scotland.
    He was a notorious tease and made the most of his admiring Scottish friend, James Boswell, as a handy target.
    Quotes to Boswell – “ The noblest prospect for a Scotsman is the high road to England” and in his dictionary – “Oats – eaten by horses in England and by the people in Scotland.”
    However when he toured Scotland with Boswell in 1777 he said afterwards that it was the greatest journey of his life and the people were splendid. (Although he kept teasing Boswell.)
    It’s still worth a read as is Boswell’s journal of the same trip

  102. mike cassidy says:

    Its all a wilderness of mirrors.

    Is the ‘boy on the hospital floor’ story crumbling?

    Or is its crumbling wishful thinking?

    Read the btls

    Them Johnsonians don’t like the BBC either.

  103. callmedave says:

    Glasgow Fire: BBC.

    Sixty firefighters are tackling a major blaze at a block of flats in Glasgow.

    The alarm was raised at Lancefield Quay, on the north bank of the Clyde, at 18:43.

    The fire service sent 12 appliances to the “well-developed” fire in the second floor of the three-storey building. There were no reports of injuries.

    Crews appeared to be containing the fire, which at one point saw flames shooting from the roof, but smoke was still billowing from the flats.

    BBC reporter Graham Fraser said: “There were lots of flames earlier. Now I can see a hole, about 15m long in the roof of the building with smoke pouring out still.”

  104. Robert Louis says:

    When Labour tell brazen lies like this, is it because they genuinely are extremely thick, and had no idea this ‘rory’ chap was a well recorded SNP-hating nutter? Or is it the case that they genuinely think Scots are so stupid, they won’t even notice?

    Thisi s the kind of thing our so-called ‘jopurnalists should be exposing, but they just can’t be bothered.

    Honestly, their is only one group of people in the entire UK that I despise more than Johnsons or Corby, and that is the so-called political ‘journalists’. They utterly failed to hold Theresa May to account during her election, and they have now spectacularly failed to hold Johnson or corbyn to account.

    Just imagne how shoddy all of this would be, if we didn’t have the internet, to expose the brazen lies of Labour and Tories. Political Journalists really need to get a grip and stop pandering to these liars.

  105. Mist001 says:

    Well, she has THREE weeks………it’s not a lot of time if she’s serious, but let’s see.

    “Ms Sturgeon has said she will approach the UK government for an agreement to hold a referendum – similar to that which underpinned the 2014 vote – by the end of 2019.”

  106. mr thms says:

    An impressive performance tonight by Humza Yousaf on BBC QT from York

  107. mike cassidy says:

    Kangaroo 9.46

    I have no idea whether it was true or staged.

    Hence my post.

    I’m sure Johnson thought it was true at the time!

  108. crazycat says:

    Re the article linked to by Mike Cassidy at 7.51 (

    It contains a chart listing the Remain % and the Con-to-SNP swing in each of the Holyrood regions, and then comments

    So, although the SNP’s 2017 victory over the Tories was narrower in the Lothian seat of Edinburgh South West (2.2%) than in the South of Scotland seat of Central Ayrshire (2.8%), it is only the latter that looks like a close race in 2019. The swing against the Conservatives in the Remain-land of Edinburgh rules them out of contention.

    The problem with this, of course, is that Central Ayrshire is in West of Scotland, not South, and so the % and swing that the author is using to support his conclusion are not the correct ones.

    He’s comparing 32% and 43%, instead of 32% and 34%, and swings of 7.3 and 3.3 instead of 7.3 and 6.4 – how much difference the correct comparison would make, I have no idea.

  109. Elmac says:

    Just back from watching BBC QT with my neighnour, a fellow Nat. This was a poorly controlled bun fight with Swinson more physically and verbally contorted than ever and up to her neck in lies. Nasty little move from our “impartial” BBC right at the end when, with moments to go and no time to properly respond, they tried to hit Humsa with the 7% deficit fallacy. Humsa did reasonably well with the time available to point out that this was an indictment of Westminster rather than Scotland as a future autonomous entity.

    However he should have been prepared for this and cited the performance of the Irish Republic with a fraction of the natural resources of Scotland, but above all he should have called out GERS for what it is, a Tory concoction designed to suppress support for Scottish nationalism as admitted by Ian Lang, the Tory Secretary of State for Scotland at the time of its creation. It is a combination of lies, omissions and slanted estimates, not worth the paper it us written on. Take away the Scottish share of Trident and other grandiose defence expenditure, the share of interest on a national debt entirely due to the profligacy of Westminster, add the full quantum of revenue from oil and gas, and properly allocate the value and profits of Scottish products exported via English ports and the picture would be totally changed. These are only a few of the scams used in the GERS calculations, there are more. For God’s sake SNP call a spade a spade and stand up to these lies.

  110. crazycat says:

    @ me at 10.21

    It’s actually a little more complicated than I thought; Central Ayrshire straddles the West/South boundary, so in my opinion the figures cannot be used – the author does note that the regions don’t perfectly map onto Westminster constituencies, but has then chosen a really bad example!

  111. Effijy says:

    The link to the First Minister’s Independence petition that is around 6 months old
    Is just narrowly short of 97.3% of its 300,000 target.

    Doesn’t sound too bad until you know that no new signatures have appeared
    In the last 24 hours and the election just 3 days away.

    The target won’t be reached this side of an election, if ever just 8,000 votes short.

    Goes to prove Scots need to be ignored and insulted over the longer term and battered by a fascist
    Tory government and a PM who has openly declared his hate for Scots.

    The tragedy of apathy abounds

  112. Dan says:

    From my real world knocking on doors and speaking to people experiences, I’m definitely seeing more engaged and pro Indy / SNP folk.
    This afternoon also had a previous 2014 No and Conservative voter so utterly scunnered with politics saying they’ve had enough and not voting.

    So around my rural area it looks like the clusterfuck the Conservatives have created is coming home to roost.
    They have inadvertently created a scheme similar to that used by Cambridge Analytica that was designed to disenfranchise voters, but unfortunately for the Conservatives, it’s affecting their supporters! lol

  113. Kenneth McDougall says:

    This is brilliant Stu. It’s what you do best. There’s nobody better at getting to the facts as you. This helps wake people up and brings them to the indy cause

  114. boris says:

    Whitehall mandarins, Unionist politicians and their Luddite supporters will tell you it will be a long and torturous process over many years and it must be this way because the relationship Scotland has with the rest of the UK is too complex to untangle in a shorter period.

    But if Czechoslovakia could be split up in six months in 1992, why should the process of establishing an independent Scotland be such a hardship?

  115. Dan says:


    Re. Petition. I wouldn’t be too disheartened by that. Not everyone is a political anorak, or interested in signing stuff online when they don’t know how the data may be used.

    It’s not quite the same thing but looking at Matt Hancock’s recent antics with folks’ data you can see why they may be reticent to engage with online activities.

  116. JGedd says:

    There would seem to be an element among English voters – or at least the ones who have been enlisted for TV vox pops – that Johnson’s untruthfulness actually meets with their approval. His fly, evasive personality doesn’t dissuade them at all apparently.

    But isn’t it true that those who admire slippery dishonesty are likely to have the same personality trait? Now we have blatant and shameless lying on display with no attempt to skewer it by the media so it’s hardly surprising that they put up members of the electorate who, with similar lack of embarrassment, laud the fly man.

    It appears to be a society that for all its braying hubris about what a great country it is, actually glories in having spivs and rogues represent them.

    Reminds me of an American comedian at the time of George W’s presidency, who said that he was tired of coming to Europe and having people complain to him about the American people accepting a moron to represent them and hadn’t he been elected undemocratically? To which he had replied that in defence of the American electorate, he couldn’t imagine anyone more representative of the people than a moron.

  117. kapelmeister says:

    Kirsteen Hair didn’t show up at a hustings in Kirriemuir tonight, it’s being said.

    Does she think it’s clever to emulate her boss BoJo?

  118. Famous15 says:

    I thought it was wicked that Humza was hit with the 7% BS in the middle of a question on housing.

    It affirms that there is institutional bias in the media.

    I thought Humza was very patient throughout but made telling interventions.

  119. mike cassidy says:

    JGedd 11.13

    Jay Leno said of Bush

    Here’s a guy who never worked a day in his life, got rich off his dad’s money, lost the popular vote and ended up president. That’s not a moron, that’s genius

    Grimly, it looks like on Friday comedians will be able to use that construct to describe Johnson.

    Fill in your own lines.

    ….That’s not a buffoon, that’s a genius

  120. Capella says:

    The Devil is the Father of Lies. But Truth is the Daughter of Time.

  121. HandandShrimp says:


    It is Kirsten. She is probably in Kathmandu wondering where everybody else is.

  122. Terry callachan says:

    Look let’s stop kidding ourselves here
    This is not a political campaign
    This is war
    Get a grip
    England is already ahead of us
    They’ve infiltrated our parliament

    They’ve stored YES men ( and women ) in our universities , our NHS , our councils , our schools
    English people , Scottish sell out people of weak constitution

    Conservative rich folk selfish to the core who support whatever protects their wealth nationality is irrelevant to them that’s why they don’t vote so they can kid on they are neutral
    F….ng B……ds
    British they say ? They don’t even support that , they support whatever rewards themselves
    No scruples

    All those ex military English arses in N.East Scotland , tell you what I will be up there looking them in the eye when we win the Scottish independence referendum
    I Will tell them is Scotland
    It’s not part of england

  123. Terry callachan says:


    Yeah sure , he’s good with words , paints a pretty picture
    But he’s f…ing weak as well
    Hides behind WordPress

    No you wont reply to me unless I get to see what your gonna say
    F…ing coward

    They claim to fly the flag for free speech but don’t practice what they preach
    They want to speak their mind but balk at free speech for other folk

    F…ing b..rds

    If I’m gonna read their stuff I want y what I think of it

    They thwart a guy for mentioning England English
    FFS…WGD are in denial continuously that it’s England and English
    That keep Scotland enslaved
    Get tae
    Weak slavering cronies
    I see what you’re doing
    Believe me will be rejected by the britnat media whether Indy wins or loses no point keeping your foot in the door

  124. Terry callachan says:

    I am Scottish
    It’s my country
    F…ck O…f England
    I’m sick of you b…st…rds telling us what to do

    Yes I will look you in the eye and tell you that

    Join us or bail out bows yer chance

    And hey , I like Germany , I like France
    It’s not them
    You are the problem

  125. ScotsRenewables says:

    Go to bed and sleep it off Terry, yer slaverin’

  126. Liz g says:

    Terry Callahan @ rant fest .com
    Yer foolin nobody here..
    And for the avoidance of doubt…
    Wee Ginger Dug is not only a Gent,if you had heard him testify to the Court .. in the Revs defence,by the way….. And speak of his experience of being an “out” gay man in a time of extreme ignorance,while Mundell hid behind a heterosexual persona,till Paul, and other right minded people made it safe for him ….
    Weak is the LAST thing you’d call him!
    Pack it the fuck in Callaghan,yer slabering tae the wrang audience,and I suspect, the wrang blogger…
    BIG mistake…

  127. Liz g says:

    Sorry Rev,I Mibbi should just have reported Terry Callahan for trying to have a go at Paul.
    But I’m not sure if a message will Ding in at this time of the morning…and I’ll certainly not see the AM much after 5!
    Is there a cut off time where it’s inappropriate to use the contact form?
    To Wingers…. Please don’t give the Rev a shit load of comments to clean up, by makin my mistake 🙂

  128. Breeks says:

    Robert Louis says:
    9 December, 2019 at 9:46 pm
    When Labour tell brazen lies like this, is it because they genuinely are extremely thick, and had no idea this ‘rory’ chap was a well recorded SNP-hating nutter?…

    Labour are cynical political dinosaurs using their own activists as patsies. I forget the name of the perennial whinging patient bemoaning our NHS, then there was the ‘ordinary’ mother who was no such thing, (was her name Lally, or was that another one?)… all activists allegedly spurred to action by civic duty, but actually just a front for political chicanery.

    It’s a put job which might have worked fine back in the days before social media, but the strategy and values underpinning have never evolved in decades. The electorate is more sophisticated but Labour has yet to catch up.

    Oh now, what was his name now? – The Labour MP who made a self promotional video about himself outside Westminster…. “I’ve got a web page, and I think you’ll find it very interesting…”

    … got it. Brian Wilson… but I can’t find the video.

    Labour’s problem isn’t antiSemitism, it’s thinking everybody else is as thick as they are.

  129. Breeks says:

    … Was it Brian Wilson? I think I’m wrong… maybe that’s why I can’t find the video.

  130. Breeks says:

    Brian Donohoe… sorry. My mistake. Too early in the morning.

  131. Sandy says:

    “Back door buffoon” told another lie today. He stated that he doesn’t tell lies. There you go, another lie. He’s a perpetual liar. He just lies that he lies, the bloody liar.
    This is the man who, along with his liar friend, Fox, is/are the people who are going to make trade deals with the whole wide world. As the whole wide world is at present watching this comedy (if that is the correct word to use) & laughing their backsides off, trying to decide what is truth or down right lies, do you think that they’ll be rushing to make any deal? Maybe they’ll ask Carlaw to join them. After all, as a failed business tycoon, who couldn’t sell a car to the dumbest of customers, might just be the ideal choice to make a complete arse of things.

  132. Liz g says:

    It’s all manipulation..
    No one seems to notice,it doesn’t matter ( from a political purpose ) if the kid on the floor was real.
    The real question is….
    WHY is it even believable that it “COULD” be real?
    This is the 21st century…. It should be fantismogoralce that a kid would be on the floor…. Not actually believable.

  133. Ian Brotherhood says:


    Gerry Hassan has finally written something interesting:

    Kaye Adams complains that Nicola Sturgeon is unable to be on her prog. #CallKaye is dumbed down broadcasting & Kaye’s biases often show: she once told me how she hated the SNP & indy as it would lose her London work. I told her Irish indy hadn’t hurt Terry Wogan’s gigs. #GE2019

    Perhaps more interesting than the ‘revelation’ about Kaye are the questions this tweet generates.

    Where and when did this conversation take place, and why did Kaye feel comfortable imparting such information to an academic who frequently gets gigs on the basis that he is supposed to be impartial/objective etc?

    It wouldn’t be surprising to see that tweet being deleted in the next few hours.


  134. Ian Brotherhood says:

    Gerry Hassan has finally written something interesting:

    Kaye Adams complains that Nicola Sturgeon is unable to be on her prog. #CallKaye is dumbed down broadcasting & Kaye’s biases often show: she once told me how she hated the SNP & indy as it would lose her London work. I told her Irish indy hadn’t hurt Terry Wogan’s gigs. #GE2019

    Perhaps more interesting than the ‘revelation’ about Kaye are the questions this tweet generates.

    Where and when did this conversation take place, and why did Kaye feel comfortable imparting such information to an academic who frequently gets gigs on the basis that he is supposed to be impartial/objective etc?

    It wouldn’t be surprising to see that tweet being deleted in the next few hours.


  135. Capella says:

    @ Ian Brotherhood – that was worth repeating! Gerry Hassan has indeed said something interesting. Someone replied that KA only has 2000 listeners so it isn’t worth Nicola’s time.
    I’m surprised she has 2000. Maybe those are all the indy media monitors fact checking so we don’t have to.

  136. Willie says:

    Informative Stuff Rev.

    Illustrates exactly why Labour are ditched to the extent they are. This piece by this Scothorne Guy is just a pack of Labour lies. Not just fake but downright false and designed to deceive a gullible voter.

    And yes, I remember the Vow too, the sacred Vow from the biggest charlatan of them all ……the odious lying Buster Brown denizen of the stinking pool that was Labour.

    Keep up the good work – there is all to play for as we move forward. A vote for the SNP and an increased mandate of MPs will give us the tools to push to where we want to be.

  137. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @Capella (6.08) –

    re Kaye, I got a tweet from @Buzzbomb11 yesterday:

    ‘Her show is full of old Tory fuckers moaning about everything.’

    We all know that RTs are not endorsements, but…

    😉 🙂 🙂

  138. Willie says:

    Talking about lies and a vision of Scotland in Union with another Tory Government , I wonder if folks realise how truly bad this could be.

    Out of Europe the U.K. will be free to create an even more neoliberal mad house than we have just now.

    Consider workers rights and protections. Brought in to UK law over the years through EU Directives the Tories plans for the Great Repeal Bill remove these laws. TUPE, The Working Time Directive, Maternity Leave etc …..all gone. Or what about the rights to go to an industrial or employment tribunal and appeal it to the European Appeals Tribunal. All gone too.

    Or what of food standards. They’ll be repealed too. And with a Trade Deal with the US genetically modified foods, steroid filled beef and the much vaunted chlorinated chicken will all be there in a race to the bottom.

    Or the NHS. Not just the subject of U.K./ US trade talks President a Trump some months ago declared that a trade deal was on the table that would …” include the NHS and more “ And despite his recent retraction on the NHS to help his chum Boris, does anyone really think the NHS is safe because the Tory elite are ideologically committed to privatisation. There are big bucks in it – look st America.

    Or out of Europe ( and even more so with a privatised NH ) does anyone think there will be a reciprocal entitlement to treatment in other European countries. Go to America, take a heart attack, or have an accident – and they’re looking for your credit card. Currently, and we are still in Europe the NHS is denying medical care to citizenry deemed not to have proper residency rights. These folks some of whom were denied cancer treatment were called Windrush – but exited out of the EU the system is set to filter out those not entitled. ( indeed do you know that before you can join a GP practice your details have to be run through Home Office, Border Agency computers where it thereafter can be shared with HMRC and others )

    Or the border with Northern Ireland. That’s all sweetness and light according to Johnson.Maybe that’s why the U.K. is currently doubling its prison estate capacity. Clearly they must be expecting to double the number of prisoners in a country that jails more folks than most of the other countries in Europe. And yes – the doubling of prison capacity is underway in Scotland at this very time.

    Yes folks society as we know it could just become a little bit more brutal and then some. But no one gives people the right to a fair and decent society. Victorian poverty, or the apartheid regime of South Africa and the townships were all British – and Economic Apartheid is very real in the 2019 UK – and growing.

    Austerity, zero hours contracts, sanctioning, restricted abilities to pursue employment disputes, inadequate levels of social for rent housing – it’s all there.

    Maybe we’re all Kaffirs now.

  139. Robert Louis says:

    So, the BBC’s Laura Kuennsberg, yesterday, earning her BBC ‘paid liar’ stripes, yet again. Quick off the mark to spread a totally fake story about the poor wee boy in Leeds. To me, her speed in sending that fake story out, shows how much she wanted something bad to attack Labour with. A sidtraction away from the utter shameful behaviour of the current Prime Minister.

    But, yet again, it comes down to the fact that the so-called ‘journalists’ in the UK, are utterly failing to hold politicians to account. Too cosy with number 10.

    That fake story about leeds, spread by the BBC’s Laura, was given to them by a ‘number 10’ source. Well since we now know they were completely lying, why will the BBC not name the source?? Too, too cosy, for words, this relationship of so-called ‘journalists’ and number 10.

    Number 10 shouts ‘jump’, and the assembled coterie of so-called ‘journalists’ shout ‘how high Mr Cumming?? How high?’

    The only thing worse than politicians in this country, are the absolute charlatans who have the cheek to call themselves journalits.

  140. Breeks says:

    Liz g says:
    10 December, 2019 at 5:07 am
    It’s all manipulation….

    Weird tangent I know, but when I saw the kid lying on the floor, with suspected pneumonia of all things, my mind zoomed off to military casualty stations, where in the thick of battle under incredible stress, nobody has to be treated on the floor lying on coats.

    That comfort and warmth is given priority over hygiene is medical care that wouldn’t be found on a ward run by Florence Nightingale in the 19th Century Crimean War. I don’t mean that as criticism against the staff, absolutely not, but it’s an indictment of their “Victorian” standard of healthcare and system. The English NHS must be utterly broken.

    The BBC, and indeed the whole Establishment media in Scotland which smears Scotland’s NHS is a shameful disgrace, and utterly disgusting. I don’t use the word (t)reason lightly, but there’s no other word in my vocabulary which hits the spot.

    I would rank our NHS as a jewel in our society to be treasured. I would rank our media as he very worst media it is possible for any nation to have. To think what Scottish Broadcasting could be, then look at what we get, the disparity is frankly criminal. The BBC and Tories are the enemy of Scotland, but finally, the truth is being recognised.

    The irony is, the BBC at it’s most rotten is probably a bonus working for us, but if I was King for a day, the BBC’s mendacity would be a bone of contention to wrestle back control of Broadcasting from Westminster. I would love to see Westminster squirming to defend the BBC from a Constitutionally Sovereign demand from the Scottish people for an Independent Broadcasting network which we are entitled to have, but which the BBC is incapable of delivering.

    Whether we win, lose or draw Independence, whether we escape Brexit or are sunk by it, there MUST be a powerful audit and public inquiry about the media’s prejudices and misrepresentations which have been so instrumental in these recent years of chaos and acrimony… and it should go back to 2013, if not earlier…

  141. Giving Goose says:

    RE K Adams – so Kaye fights Scotland with every breath for her own financial gain.
    No surprise there really.
    Swinson is doing the same.
    It’s all about sheer personal greed.
    But what a waste of broadcasting space.
    Think of the opportunity to use the slot currently occupied by Kaye for something useful.
    I can think of several topics that would have an audience of eager listeners.
    But no. Not BBC Scotland.
    No. Instead we get Union Jack Shit, payed for by the license fee.
    Pathetic and very North Korea.

  142. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    Breeks @ 07:01,

    I find it hard to get into the mindset of the decision-makers of the BBC. It’s some kind of wierd mixture between defending their beloved personal and political “status quo” in the midst of all these shifting sands (and not just indy) – hence the Kaye Adams revelation – and total blindness to what is actually happening due to a rigid and outmoded view of (at least some aspects of) the social situation, with a consequent skewed appreciation of what’s actually important.

    These latter types still seem to believe that the indy movement and the SNP are mere unrepresentative blips that will soon pass and things will naturally reconfigure back to their assumed norm, thus in the meantime can be safely sidelined and ignored. NorthBritLab generally fit into that category, as exemplified by our headliner Rory, but it’s very strange for a news-gathering outfit of all things to have such a large “elephant in room” problem.

    It’s hard to comprehend how fixated those BBC types must be, the ones who are not outright mendacious defenders of BritNattia/English hegemony like Auld Nick Robinson, that they seem so greatly in denial, and completely incapable of seeing and processing what’s actualy happening right there in full view. Distance (both physical and mental) helps, of course.

    Hence the old Greek saying about gods and “madness”, I suppose. Come independence, it’s going to be a real shock of daylight for many in the ever-deferential state broadcaster.

  143. ScottieDog says:

    the Leeds punchgate debacle is reminiscent of Jim murphy’s board head butting moment. Maybe it’s karma for labour.

    Now radical Indy folk campaigning for labour, can’t say I’m surprised.

  144. mike cassidy says:

    I noted that so-called fake news story about the boy on the hospital floor last night.

    I had no idea just how much of a fake ‘fake news’ story it was.

    They really were desparate to deflect attention from Johnson’s ‘phone-stealing’.

  145. Willie says:

    The purpose of the BBC is perfectly clear in its objective to form public opinion. It is a propaganda tool and it is quite amazing why it has taken so many people so long to realise this.

    There can be no doubt as to why the various presenters, programmers, content editors operate in the way that they do. The tone, the content, the policy is set at the top and the structure simply adheres to that with the placement and women understanding the lines to take.

    It’s insidious and against this background new media such as Wings, or Common Space, or Bella Caledonia have opened up. But they are all political blogs and they do not entirely counteract a state broadcaster who covers so much more.

    For those of a certain age they will remember the World Map in their classroom with much of the world coloured in in pink to denote Empire. This map however was no accident. The colouring and indeed the specification for the colouring was no accident. The map was there in every classroom to reinforce into young minds Empire and Commonwealth. Not however that young children knew that.

    But that is how the BBC works in its more subtle ways of focussing content and presentation. But don’t take these comments about how the media is so crucial not just in terms of peace, but also in times of war.

    Read Brigadier General Sir Frank Kitson all these years ago and you realise what a slimes dirty shower the British establishment is in how it seeks to retain control.

  146. winifred mccartney says:

    The utterly shameful kaye adams complaining that the FM not on her show – don’t remember the bbc going after bojo for his non-appearances – don’t call kaye her bias is too obvious – she should be the first to go when pacific quay is cleared out of all the ‘impartial’ bbc ‘journalists’.

    One call from a ‘no 10 source’ and they are off so long as it is not tory bad story.

  147. Ottomanboi says:

    BBC Today prog…Robinson interviewing, on the back foot, Sinn Féin leader Mary Lou McDonald. British state, colonial, Westminster is the English parliament among the trigger terms she employs.
    The SNP leadership should really take note.
    The British state and its unionist cult is a very nasty piece of English colonial work and ought to be so perceived and described.
    Independence must not be traduced to satisfy short term political expediency.

  148. Shug says:

    Ha ha k dugdale on call kaye saying what is needed to run a political party
    My sides are sore
    Not a word about charity money from kaye of course
    Ha ha ha

  149. Dan says:

    Breeks says: at 4:44 am

    Brian Donohoe… sorry. My mistake. Too early in the morning.

    Voila, he of “keeping the tone light” infamy.

  150. Shug says:

    Excellent point
    There is no point in assuming westmi ster will follow a rule they don’t like

  151. HandandShrimp says:

    Kaye will be raging because they will have already lined up all their usual green inkers to phone in 🙂

    Nicola has already done every debate she was allowed on including those Johnson didn’t turn out for plus and Marr and Neil interviews. Not being able to make it to Kaye’s Unionist fluffing sideshow is probably a good shout.

  152. Andrew (Andy) Crow says:

    If what Rory says on this clip was true of Scottish Labour and tallied with what they believed in and did when they had power, I’d vote for that.

    But it isn’t it ?

    Independent Scotland will need a socialist party to keep the SNP honest, but it won’t look much like what Scot Lab has degenerated into.

    It will need new people, new thinking, and new vision. It will need to be an entirely new party.

  153. Davosa says:

    This ersehole sounds and looks like an …errr… ersehole

  154. Rm says:

    I’m an SNP voter, I stopped two SNP officials who were doing a rally at the weekend past and asked if I could get a couple of posters, they gave me the posters no problem, I asked how things were looking for the election they said things were looking good, I started asking some other questions regarding the media and independence they probably were in a hurry I was in my working clothes I got the impression they didn’t really want to speak and what I had to say wasn’t an interest to them, it’s normal working people like myself who make the difference to any party depending on who you vote for, people have to start listening or pretend to listen to everybody’s view, political people have to get back down to earth, I’ll still vote SNP for Independence, I just hope the SNP are not getting to far removed from the real people of Scotland.

  155. McDuff says:

    Ottomanboi 9.06
    Exactly. These interviewers are basically bullies and can’t handle it when they get it back in the face.
    And you are right the SNP need to be doing the same.

  156. mr thms says:

    “Jeremy Corbyn insists he is NOT using the NHS as a ‘political football’ after row over interview hijacking Boris Johnson with photo of sick boy – as Tories insist PM DID ‘express sorrow and regret’ for what he saw”

    Anyone watch the Jeremy Vine and Victoria Derbyshire discuss the issue of ‘political football’ this morning?

    If it is unacceptable for this story, why was it acceptable for Reporting Scotland to engage in ‘political football’ for several days at the start of the GE campaign?

  157. Bit of bad news for Axil Coke Humbleton,Corstorphine`s own village idiot,

    `Due to high winds the Forth Road Bridge is currently closed to double deck buses, motorcycles, cyclists and pedestrians.

    The Queensferry Crossing remains open to all traffic thanks to its wind shielding.`

  158. boris says:

    This is how the Lib/Dems do their work

    “Liberal Democrats have long opposed any new nuclear construction.”

    Conservatives, in contrast, are committed to allowing the replacement of existing nuclear power stations provided they are subject to the normal planning process for major projects (under a new national planning statement) and provided also that they receive no public subsidy.

    We have agreed on a process that will allow Liberal Democrats to maintain their opposition to nuclear power while permitting the government to bring forward the national planning statement for ratification by Parliament so that new nuclear construction becomes possible.

  159. Has there been any update on the death of White Helmets founder James Le Mesurier,

    someone was comparing the pic of the boy in the hospital with the staged chemical attack pictures from Syria,

    which got me thinking about the suspicious death of Mr Le Mesurier and the lack of media outcry,

    would have thought the Russians would have been getting the blame from the usual mouthpieces but abnormally quiet

    very strange.

  160. Mark Russell says:

    There a extremely delicious prospect that Boris Johnson might lose his constituency seat, even if the Conservatives have a majority in the house. His majority at the 2017 election was 5,036 – the smallest majority for a sitting PM since 1924.

    Who then to lead the Tories? Step forward, Michael Gove…

  161. Republicofscotland says:

    That doyen of journalism that is Leasky boy is leaving the Herald…he soooooo won’t be missed.

  162. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “Is Rory a researcher for Raymond Leotard?”

    No. Some Twitter folk said he was but they were mixing him up with another chap with a similar cookie-cutter young-hipster-wokebro appearance.

  163. John Munro says:

    Come on Mr. Campbell. Be fair. I’m an ex Herioter as well. We aren’t all as weird as this guy.

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