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If you want to know

Posted on February 20, 2023 by

…always stick with Wings, readers.

If you need ill-informed guesswork, that’s what the Scottish MSM is for.

We’d be surprised if there were any more candidates announced after Kate Forbes finally declared today, so it’s looking like a three-horse race, and it’s a curious one.

Robertson’s penultimate paragraph is at best an excuse, but in reality hard to read as anything other than a rather sneaky attempt at undermining Forbes. His two children are considerably older than Forbes’ new baby (a little under 4 and 2), and they haven’t stopped him spending so much time jaunting around Europe that he’s known in the press (even by former SNP staffers like Alex Bell) as “Air Miles Angus”.

So the implication is clearly supposed to be that Forbes shouldn’t be leaving a much tinier infant hundreds of miles away in the Highlands while she takes on the long hours and gruelling workload of a First Minister.

But even leaving that aside, it’s slightly surprising to see Forbes throw her hat in the ring at this stage, because it’s difficult to see who’s going to vote for her.

The party’s “woke” faction certainly won’t back someone who’s against gender reform AND equal marriage AND abortion, and Robertson’s dig is a clear dog-whistle signal to members that she’s not approved of by the party establishment.

(Robertson himself, remember, was parachuted in specifically to keep Joanna Cherry out of Holyrood and thereby ensure she couldn’t become FM.)

But similarly, it’s hard to see the feminists and the genuine progressives of the other side voting for such a social conservative either, especially one who may not be “right-wing” as such, but is certainly about as far to the right of the SNP as it gets, and is the favoured choice of the Unionist media.

And particularly in the light of Humza Yousaf’s rants about racial discrimination, it’d be intriguing to see if voters brought about a situation where the First Minister, the leader of the Scottish opposition and the UK Prime Minister were all similarly-aged (37-42) privately-educated men of Asian descent.

(Yousaf and Sarwar were actually at Hutcheson’s Grammar together in the 1990s.)

He certainly appears to be trying to throw the fight.

Abandon the independence strategy, bin the A9 but push ahead with the massively unpopular GRR? That’s… a platform, we suppose. We suspect it would indeed “bring people together” – in opposition to Humza Yousaf.

Forbes declaring is even odder given Keith Brown’s decision not to stand down as the party’s Depute Leader, which now looks very much like a blocking move from the party establishment to prevent her and Ash Regan coming to some sort of leader/deputy pact like that which Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon agreed 19 years ago, and which ended up securing them 16 years as FM between them.

Had there been a vacancy, Regan and Forbes (or indeed other potential contenders) could have put together a package team which would have minimised any division of the vote, but with Brown remaining in place that avenue is closed off.

So we have no idea which way it’s going to go, folks. Instinctively we can’t see anyone with such a track record of bungling ineptitude as Yousaf becoming First Minister, but the candidacy of Kate Forbes throws a spanner into what would have been quite a clear-cut head-to-head.

(It shouldn’t make THAT much difference – as far as we can tell the election will be conducted by Single Transferable Vote, but for some reason the SNP’s published rules have chosen to express that in a very convoluted way.)

The SLGEO 2011 can be found here and the relevant part says the following:

…which seems to confirm an STV vote. Since it’s frankly difficult to imagine Yousaf getting many second-choice votes from Regan or Forbes supporters, or vice versa, but easier to see Regan and Forbes supporters voting 1-2 for the two female candidates, that suggests Yousaf will need to clear 50% of first preferences to win.

Whether that will happen is anyone’s guess. Frankly nobody has much of a clue who’s left in the SNP these days, and we’re very far from convinced that the answer to that question is “a big mass of Humza Yousaf fans”.

But we’ll find out pretty soon.

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  1. Calum says:


  2. Karen says:

    They are still pushing Kate Forbes too, only 32 and just had a baby. Perhaps someone will ask Youseph about his religion?

  3. red sunset says:

    There goes Business For Scotland’s preferred choice

    Surely Angus didn’t have any skeletons in the closet? Surely?

  4. Geoff Bush says:

    Wow – curiouser & curiouser. Not sure I believe AR’s reasons for not standing ! I wonder if there is a deal here to keep some information out of the public domain ?

  5. Alexander Wallace says:

    Wise decision

  6. Ian McCubbin says:

    Well such good news. You had it 1st ?

  7. Bob Mack says:

    Well called Stu.

  8. Dan M says:

    It’s looking like I may have to rejoin the SNP as I had emailed Ash Regan in December thanking her for standing up for woman and stated if she ever became leader I would rejoin the party.

  9. 100%Yes says:


  10. Neil Mackenzie says:

    Is it just me or is that a dig at Kate Forbes?

    If he thinks commitment to a young family should override party leadership ambitions, what does that say for his opinion of contending for leader right off the back of maternity leave?

  11. Antoine Bisset says:

    The BBC is reaching for stories. A headline today is “Jeane Freeman would not have supported gender reform law”.
    Now, I am getting old, but my memory tells me that Ms Freeman was one of the worst health secretaries in any Scottish Government, ever. She was removed from the job in health and shuffled seamlessly sideways into a well paid sinecure in the NHS. Was she not?

  12. David Hannah says:

    The vast majority of Scottish mothers and fathers work. Particularly the dad ensures the mother has more time for the wee yins and ensures the bills are paid. We all know who wears the trousers in Robertson household.

    I’m glad he’s not running. Another one bites the dust.

  13. Lewis Moonie says:

    Good call Stu.
    I did wonder when Useless announced he was standing.
    He may be dim, but not dim enough to stand without the backing of the clique.
    Which would have left Angus’ erse oot the windae.

  14. John H. says:

    Well done Stuart. Now I’m left wondering what’s going on. Are they all panicking because of the emails? Or is this part of some devious plan to put someone we wouldn’t suspect forward as the saviour of the party. Right now it looks like a mad panic.

  15. Gordon Currie says:

    Iain Lawson on Twitter:

    I have a question for one of the potential candidates. Can Angus Robertson tell me how much money has been donated to Progress Scotland since he set it up? It has produced nothing of value imho and little info on finance is available through Companies House

    Some respondents suggested the SG has been funding Progress Scotland to provide him with an income, so it makes sense that he isn’t standing as the truth of this may emerge from the investigation into the fabled £600,000.

    Maybe this will is may be part of the the missing £600,000

  16. Maureen says:

    Seems like they are all ruling themselves out! If you believe what’s in the papers, wasn’t he supposed to be a dead cert. Glad to see the back of him. I voted Ash Regan in the poll. We need a fresh start.

  17. desimond says:

    “now is not the time” becoming quite the mantra.

    Starting to think contenders are viewing this as a Moyes after Ferguson that case we could be looking at 3 or 4 folk before any credibility restored.

    Would Angus reluctantly be dragged in though if the party demand surged for his “steady hand”…

  18. Garavelli Princip says:

    The first really good news for some time. And much credit to Stu and Craig Murray for informing us about this guy – and his ‘family’ (which interestingly he pleads as his ‘excuse’).

    I had a feeling about this.

    Now that the protective shield is crumbling, I am hopeful that a full account of the events of recent years that have so damaged our cause.

    Now we need Murrell to disappear – hopefully to Craig Murray’s recent billet!

  19. robertkknight says:

    Someone, somewhere, has a cache of emails which mean instant career termination, public humiliation and possibly jail for senior figures in the SNP, and by “someone” I don’t mean Craig Murray.

  20. PhilM says:

    “encouraged by Mennie”…fixed that for you Angus!

  21. Crisiscult says:


    Well done and all that. Did you not also hear rumours that Swinney would be resigning?

  22. Bob Mack says:

    @Antoinne Bisset,

    Jean Freeman was highly thought off as Health Sec by staff.

    Her problem as usual was those at the top of the food chain in running hospitals. You can have all the creative ideas in the world but when you are resisted by Boards,Chief Execs and Human Resources you are going nowhere.

    That was and remains the chief obstacles to good health care in Scotland.

    Just look at Tayside before the Chief Exec and his wife retired. He gave her badly needed resources to fund and develop her own aims. Like the Murrells

  23. Doug says:

    If it’s a final three of


    Then they are going to make this ALL about GRR because that splits the vote for Forbes and Regan and allows Yousaf to get a lead. That is assuming that the party members left are GRR fans. If there is still an Independence core – Regan should win this, and I sure hope she does.

  24. GlesgaJim says:

    Tip of the hat Stu.

  25. Tenruh says:

    Could just as likely be a dig at humza don’t forget the nursery debacle

  26. John Mc says:

    Looks like Kate Forbes has entered the fray

    She wouldn’t interrupt her Maternity leave to vote on the GRR, but will in an attempt to become FM

  27. Republicofscotland says:

    Well at least its something, however Robertson for my mind is the Cardinal Richelieu of the SNP, he’ll be in the background pulling strings, and it won’t be for the benefit of Scots, or independence.

  28. Big Jock says:

    Well that’s one Sturgeonite gone! Another one to go.

    Humza is the cliques plant. I can’t see him winning ,as he is so unpopular. A straight fight between him and Forbes , if she enters the race. I say Ash Regan as deputy , Ash doesn’t win it of course!

  29. SusanAHF says:

    Kate Forbes announces she is to stand for leader.

  30. Antoine Roquentin says:

    What many of us already suspected would happen. Personally, I would discount the old “for family reasons” mularky. Angus, from his earliest political days, has always supported the side that’s winning.

  31. Lorna Campbell says:

    The field narrows.

  32. Mac says:

    Wow, taking out Sturgeon and now her anointed successor. Mint. Could not have even dreamed of that just a few ago.

    They must really be in a bit of bother. Chortle.

    Really need Murrell gone now. He should be forced to stand down immediately and should have nothing to do with the selection of the new leader. (He probably won’t and probably will.)

    Then… if Murrell was forced out you’d basically only have one gobshite clown standing between us and the SNP having a leader who is not a hand picked Sturgeon betrayer.

    Compared to where we have been for nine years right up to very recently, this is a remarkable turnaround.

    If idiotboy Yousaf gets it, it is still a howling disaster for the SNP but at least there is a slim chance it is not now, whereas before it was a lost cause.

    I suspect self preservation will kick in for many of them and they will realize…

    Humza = Losing Your Cushy MSP/MP Gig (in a hurry)

    …but then they are also so stupid, it is coin toss at this point if the SNP survives this intact.

    I can see big bits getting bitten off of them real soon by an increasingly pissed off electorate even without making Humza Electoral-Suicide Yousaf your new leader.

    Still can’t get over how both Sturgeon and Robertson have been taken out… I think in a way this means the missing 600k of ring fenced funds was still ‘the best money we ever spent’ if it being misappropriated and misused has resulted in their downfall.

    Peter Murrell’s position now is completely untenable. I can’t understand how he is still in that position at this point. How do you fire this guy?

  33. Luigi says:

    “However, as the father of two very young children the time is not right for me and my family to take on such a huge commitment”. Mmmm- could be genuine reason, or it could be a dig at someone else with a young family. Och, ok I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt (as long as he says no more on the subject).

  34. Alastair says:

    Hands up I got that one all wrong.
    Bring on the shit show.

  35. Skip_NC says:

    So has anyone asked Humza Youssaf if this is an all-woman contest and asked him to explain his answer?

  36. Luigi says:

    Sigh. Don’t tell me that Humza Yousaf will be the last idiot standing? If he indeed is the heir apparent, then the old guard are truly stuffed. I would give him less than a year – Liz Truss with a beard lol. It’ll all end in tears.

  37. David Hannah says:

    Murrell has got to go before the voting opens.

    We can’t have a fraudster in charge of Scotland anymore.

  38. Scotsrenewables says:

    So does Kate Forbes standing mean that there is a danger of the ‘sensible’ vote being split and Yousless getting in by the back door?

  39. Scott says:

    Anyone think the BBC Disclosure programme tonight will actually reveal anything new?

  40. Robert McAllan says:

    Forbes putting her name forward to lead? That is scraping the arse o’ the barrel there is it no? Wid that be the same Forbes that had the cowardice tae abandon women and their right tae safe spaces?

    Gi’en up her “maternity leave” an rushin back tae Holyrood tae save the warld fae itself. Opportunism o’the warst kind! Weemin ken a chancer when they see wan an Forbes has aye tae fin that oot!!

  41. Alastair says:

    If you are serious about Independence then it has to be Kate Forbes. It’s as simple as that

  42. Tom Halliday says:

    As the father of two young children whose mother is heading to jail, I don’t think it would be possible to play mum to my family and chief mammy to the Stirling children running the NEC.

  43. Johnny says:


    Amusingly, if you look in other places, they think the “sensible vote” is split between Yousaf and Forbes.

    I will say that this does concern me a bit overall, as Forbes may win as a consequence of lots of disparate groups including her among the “sensible” choices.

    I am an ex-member and don’t have a vote but I don’t particularly want anyone who is willing to “work constructively with Westminster to turn Scotland into a giant freeport” as Forbes seems to be (to be fair, I am not sure any member of the ScotGov can reject involvement in that but at the same time her own campaign announcement video is essentially championing austerity and how she knows we “need to tighten our belts” etc).

  44. Big Jock says:

    Kate and Ash as deputy, Ash and Kate as deputy. Either scenario is the change we need.

  45. robbo says:

    Is Pete Wishart no standing? What a bummer, that wid have been gid fur a laugh.

  46. John H. says:

    It’s beginning to look like rats ( sorry Stuart) deserting a sinking ship. I don’t know much about Forbes, but she seemed to come into Scottish politics from nowhere and rise rapidly through the ranks. Caution is required I think.

  47. Johnny says:

    Why’s that Alastair? That really seems a rather evidence-free assertion.

  48. Johnny says:

    Scott: of course not, it’s intended to obscure and give the “official” version of events.

  49. highlander says:

    no guarantee the next first minister will be snp

  50. David Thomson says:

    In other words, £98,045 will do me nicely for the time being.

  51. David Hannah says:

    The Greens are saying it will be the end of the coalition if Forbes/Regan wins.

    I want Regan to win. Kate Forbes has been involved in the ScotWind sell off and the Ferries has she not?

  52. laukat says:

    Forbes and Regan seem to be pissing off all the right people. Regan has given clearer opinions on Independence and GRR so its over to Forbes to match that.

    Meanwhile Humza is having a Humza with his campaign launch. Signs blocking fire escapes and floundering with any question on is “the rapist Bryson a man or a woman?”

    If Forbes or Regan wins there might just be hope for the SNP and for getting some proper movement on Independence.

  53. Big Jock says:

    Alastair I agree. We must unite or die.

    I am prepared to forget the past and give Kate a chance. The past is another country. We learn from it , but we don’t have to live in it. Given Sturgeon’s ruthlessness, most MSP’s were terrified to put a foot wrong. Kate is much younger than Ash Regan , so perhaps didn’t have the confidence to stand against Sturgeon.

    Sturgeon is gone , and hopefully with her the Mussolini regime.

  54. Stuart MacKay says:

    So Yousaf represents business as usual, while Forbes and Regan are no doubt instilling panic in various circles.

    Forbes is likely to be tested early on however. Can she maintain her faith and still pursue an agenda that appeals to folks with questionable morals?

    Does Regan really wield the Sword of Michael with which she will purify the SNP?

    No doubt Craig Murray will, with a good sense of timing, help shine a light into some of the darker recesses, which will induce even more panic among the chickens.

    Time to stock up on the popcorn.

  55. Bob Mack says:

    Joanna Cherry called it right yesterday. If them S NP ccontinue as before they can say goodbye to every seat in Central Scotland apart from hers.

    This better be the right choice for Indy and indeed existence.

  56. Skip_NC says:

    Scotsrenewables, with single transferable vote, Kate Forbes standing does not make it more likely that Humza Yousaf will win. If he wins on the first round, he would do so whether there were one opponent or more than one. If it goes to a second ballot, the second choices of the eliminated candidate will transfer to the remaining candidates. One would hope that the second choices of whichever woman is eliminated in the first round will largely go to the other woman. (Have I misgendered anyone. I do hope not.)

    I imagine that, even if Humza Yousaf does not win in the first round he will get enough votes to finish second.

  57. Vivian O’Blivion says:

    Curious; Yousaf is the MSP for Glasgow Pollock yet he apparently lives in Broughty Ferry. Election as party leader and FM would bring with it Bute House. Would that make him “three hames Humza”?

  58. Stravaiger says:

    @ Gordon Currie 11:00am

    I had paid money to Progress Scotland and tried recently to cancel it. The instructions given for unsubscribing were incorrect and didn’t work. Emailing them at the supplied address and insisting that they stopped collecting money from me also didn’t work. In the end I had to contact my bank directly and they forced the payments to stop.

    Robertson is a crook and Progress Scotland needs investigated.

  59. Scott says:

    I’m surprised Angus isn’t running. Assumed that was the whole reason why he was shoehorned into Holyrood in the first place!

    Also surely he’d be a much more credible candidate than Humza?

  60. Den says:

    The very reasons he cites for not running are indeed in my book anyway electoral benefits. A good leader can easily manage work life balance with kids and family (like most of Scottish working society does) as well as many other global leaders.
    The truth is Angus has a bit more self awareness about him and how he is seen by the greater electorate than useless does. If he is elected as leader it really is game over for the SNP.

  61. sadscot says:

    @Antoine Bisset
    Freeman wasn’t “removed”. She stood down from politics. It was her own decision. As for the worst Health Secretary ever, I think Yousaf is way out there on his own in that category.

  62. Bob Mack says:


    Im laughing bdcause last week a survey of SNP members by IPSOS picked names from a list of candidates to be leader. 5% of those asked preferred a candidate who did not even exist within the SNP.

    Choose wisely.

  63. Liz says:

    The remaining members must insist on transparency.
    No counting behind closed doors.
    Another secretive person who pulls the string is, Ian Mc Cann.

    When I was a member several in my branch sent in detailed complaints about one prominent member to him.
    It got sat on and never dealt with.
    The complainers were told to’grow up’ by the then NEC secretary, Patrick Grady.

    After the Alex S stitch up, I realised that IMC ,used complaints for internal party maneuvers

  64. sadscot says:

    @ David Hannah
    It was Mackay who was in charge of the purse at the time of the ferries decisions.

  65. Breeks says:

    Well, it’s maybe a little unorthodox, but I’d like to nominate Nicola Sturgeon’s new £70k speechwriter for the FM job, because I’m just loving their work. 😉

  66. Gordon Currie says:

    @Stravaiger I had exactly the same problem about 2 years ago when I realised the true nature of the man.

  67. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “Did you not also hear rumours that Swinney would be resigning?”

    It looks like that one was wrong.

  68. stuart mctavish says:

    @Dave Hannah

    Any chance they mistook which body parts sharia is famous for getting rid of?

    Still no obvious champion for the selfid agenda that attracted all that fascinating passion at Christmas though – so although its not a policy particularly close my own heart, perhaps Nicola should nominate Lorna & Patrick as caretaker FM tomorrow – and thus mitigate any risk of parliament becoming too scared to be true to itself without her.

  69. panda paws says:

    Can a depute leader be removed or does he need to resign? What about the CEO? Can he be removed by the leader or by the membership? Because if either women wins they’ll need to rid themselves of Brown and Murrell tout suite.

    Hoping for a Regan win – I think she’ll be ruthless, to protect herself if not the SNP and independence.

    Obviously I’d rather Forbes than Yousaf but neither thrill me for different reasons.

    “Forbes shouldn’t be leaving a much tinier infant hundreds of miles away in the Highlands while she takes on the long hours and gruelling workload of a First Minister.”

    TBF I think she’d bring the wean with her. However she also has 3 stepchildren and they’ll probably be school age and less “portable”

  70. Gordon Currie says:

    O/T, I recently came across,

    Their strapline is against the Scottish Establishment and here are the first few paragraphs from their “about” page:

    Conter provides anti-establishment news and analysis in Scotland. Parties of the centre-left have ruled Holyrood for two decades. Devolution has brought elements of progress, and few would wish to roll back these achievements. But this cannot disguise how little Scotland’s working class has gained, whether materially or in terms of political agency, from decades of supposed progressive government.

    Despite the appearance of constitutional conflict, scratch the surface and our Parliament is composed of five homogenous parties composed of liberal professional politicians. For all the talk of social democracy, Scotland is a post-neoliberal social order, and the beneficiaries of this have little to fear from the Scottish parliament. For all the talk of climate emergencies, drug death and alienation; public services are in disarray; and insofar as the Scottish establishment has a collective vision for life after Westminster, it is founded on the retro neoliberal fantasies of Charlotte Street Partners.

    The decay in parliament reflects a deeper crisis in public life. The media is a prime example. Again, look beyond constitutional conflict and there’s a homogeneity driven by a mixture of billionaire ownership and the devolved state’s patronage network.

    I’m sure many on here have heard of them, I just thought they were worth a mention.

  71. dearieme says:

    “Depute Leader”

    In my day that would surely have been “Leader Depute”. Can’t the buggers get Scottish habits right?

  72. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    Conter is a collection of completely insufferable and largely unreadable middle-class-Trotsky pricks, which is why it isn’t on the Wings links bar, but once in a while there’s a David Jamieson piece worth reading there.

  73. ross says:

    just as a wee point of order, if the External affairs secretary wasn’t jetting about attempting to gain back channel dialogue with European neighbours I would be more worried.

    exactly the thing we should be doing more of.

  74. Gordon Currie says:

    Oops! So you’ve heard of it then……his article on the 15th is what drew me to it

  75. panda paws says:

    My understanding is that Kate Forbes married a widower and therefore it’s likely the kids live with them.

  76. Livionian says:

    I’m slightly worried about Forbes and Regan splitting the anti woke vote and therefore making it a walk in for Yousaf. They need to figure out some sort of agreement between them, maybe one making way and being promised finance & deputy first minister.

  77. Ian Smith says:

    Swinney was depute FM without being depute party leader.

    Forbes and Regan could come to a similar arrangement.

  78. Alibi says:

    Has to be Ash. Would rejuvenate the SNP, woke entryists would vanish in says, indy would be prioritised, ex-members would perhaps return. Could bring the movement together. Yousaf would just be a third rate continuity leader. I would say this decision could make or break the party – a personable female leader or a tainted serially useless arrogant bully. Forbes is one for the future I think. Been impressed by her but it’s not the right time.

  79. Johnny says:

    Ross @12:59pm:

    To what end? So that he can continue NOT turning that into any progress towards independence? It’s a big jolly for all involved, and is not meaningfully helping most Scots in the least.

  80. Graeme Hampton says:

    Interesting stuff but I would to hear a bit more about Ash Regan as she seems to have impressed some significant legal figures for her handling of stuff during covid.

  81. Johnny says:

    Rev @ 12:57pm:

    Agree that David Jamieson can be very good. His analysis can still be a bit “navel-gazing” but is usually grounded in some sort of realistic analysis about how the world actually *is* and you get the sense that he doesn’t just say what it takes to get in with the “right” people.

  82. sarah says:

    The details of MP/MSP backers of the candidates on Ballot Box Scotland twitter is very dispiriting. Yousaf leads – he has 12, 6 of each, including some from the Highlands & Islands. For heavens sake, why would Caithness, Sutherland and Ross want him over a Dingwall candidate? It stinks of a stitch-up.

    Ash Regan only has one supporter, an MP – Joanna Cherry.

    Forbes has 9, 7 MSPs, 2 MPs [1 being Angus MacNeil].

    There’s a reader’s poll in The National – also dispiriting for Regan supporters.

  83. laukat says:

    Ash Regan’s policy announcements look very good. New one on North sea oil

    A sensible move and if implemented has the added benefit of ending any notion of Harvie and Slater retaining their ministerial roles. Also starts to talk to an area of Scotland that Sturgeon was willing to sacrifice to be seen to do the right thing on the world stage.

  84. Luigi says:

    I think thon Liz Truss with a beard will win. The hi-heid yins in the SNP will engineer it. Another leadership contest to sort out the shambles will be needed in another 6-12 months max. If you think Nicola Sturgeon left the party and country in a mess, you ain’t seen nothing yet, folks. Things are going to get a lot worse before they get better.

  85. John C says:

    The idea of Humza Yousaf leading us to independence is laughable. He’s a disaster in the waiting but I fear enough of the Sturgeonites will vote for him just because he’s clearly been given a nod by the party elite. Regan won’t get the votes of the gender warriors, and the sheer weight of frothing misogyny being shown towards Forbes means Yousaf will wander into a job he’s clearly not capable of.

    I fear what will happen is the independence cause will be put back even further while Scotland turns into a larger mess with the most vulnerable being seriously affected as we have the Tories and SNP enacting savage cuts. Meanwhile any radicalism left in the SNP will be purged as the Sturgeonites vote SNP as long as one of the chosen remains in charge and of course, they themselves remain comfortable as by now I don’t think the SNP especially care about the working class.

    The only thing which may shock them is losing seats at an election. There’s quite a few seat warmers in Westminster who need their arses kicked though the Holyrood system should keep them in government probably propped up by the Greens.

  86. Mark Boyle says:

    Rev. Stuart Campbell says:
    20 February, 2023 at 12:57 pm

    Conter is a collection of completely insufferable and largely unreadable middle-class-Trotsky pricks, which is why it isn’t on the Wings links bar, but once in a while there’s a David Jamieson piece worth reading there.

    Had never even heard of that website before.

    Took a look at its ‘contributors’ … Cat Boyd, Frances Curran, Tariq Ali … ’nuff said!

  87. Luigi says:

    I wonder if Yousaf is a stalking horse candidate to pave the way for Robertson 6-12 months down the line? If Yousaf becomes FM, I cannot see him lasting a year. Batten down the hatches!

  88. Gregory Beekman says:

    To be honest, I have no clue who would be best as next FM because none of them is really known to me. And, anyway, once someone becomes leader, their real personality suddenly comes out.

    On the UK side, God knows what Starmer stands for. It’d be nice to see him become PM just to see him forced to come off all those fences he’s currently balancing on!

  89. robertkknight says:

    So is it Swinney who is really the “Man from the Ministry”? The “power behind the throne”?

    As they used to say about Henry, the mild-mannered janitor… “Could be”.

  90. red sunset says:

    @Gordon Currie

    Ref Conter, agreed that David Jamieson is a good read on there.
    Have met him a couple of times and he comes across as very level headed.
    Worth going to Conter just for his pieces.

  91. John C says:

    That Conter piece is surprisingly good. All the five parties in Holyrood are neoliberal parties composed of people who see politics as a way to manage people, not transform lives or anything radical like that. Their job is to keep their core vote happy and therefor keep them voting for them.

    There’s a term for what’s happened to the SNP and that’s Recuperation.

    To put it simply, the concept of independence is a radical idea as it’d break up the British state. The SNP have shifted to absorb that radicalism to transform it into a way to help them stay in power. It’s basically what Stu’s been saying for a while.

    So the SNP are no longer a radical force. Their elected officials are, on the whole, not radical. Sure they might want independence but not while things are going so well for them, and the members have appreciated independence to help keep them in the manner they’ve become accustomed to.

    The SNP, like Blair’s Labour before them, have worked out a way to keep enough people voting for them, doing a little to manage things so it’s not all awful but still not radical enough to make serious changes while at the same time putting their main purpose in the back burner as achieving that would mean the end of them. Independence as a cause has been gentrified, stripped clean of radicalism by a party supposedly designed to gain independence.

  92. Doug says:

    Well, the Rev gets it right about Robertson. I for one got it wrong. That’s why the Rev has a successful blog and I write crap. I know who I like for new leader but I’m not going to say, it would only scupper their chances.

  93. Dave Llewellyn says:

    Looks like Macbeth would rather be Dom Cummings rather than Boris

  94. Ottomanboi says:

    The rot began here.

    «If you vote for the SNP you are not voting for independence you are not even voting for another independence referendum. You are voting to make Scotland’s voice heard in that system that has so often in the past tended to side-line and ignore Scotland»

    «I think Scotland will be independent one day, I think that is the direction of travel but it won’t be me that decides that»

    Soft «devolutionism» should go with her.

    Strengthen the national case by demanding more Holyrood powers, they will not be given but take them anyway. Put the frighteners on Westminster, be prepared to cause a crisis.
    Nothing to lose in the current Brit political climate.
    Any among the hopeful squad with the guts to be adventurous and go «off piste»?

  95. Jim Thomson says:

    The MSM all seem to be trying very hard to NOT mention Ash Regan for some reason. If they ever do, it’s generally a wee adjunct to the other two.

  96. TenV56 says:

    We all know Robertson’s real reason for not standing is NOT his weans! Many have indicated they will expose the MacBeths if he did. It will be interesting to see who blinks first and drops GRR Bill. Nicola has managed to do to the party what Cameronn did to tories- left a poisoned chalice for her successor! FM role is pretty pointless. It panders to and accepts UK dominance. The voting system in Holyrood needs changed too. Get the bolt cutters to those chains.

  97. panda paws says:


    Well the thing about self selecting polls in “woke” newspapers is that anyone can cast a vote, whether they are a member of the SNP or not!

  98. Dave Llewellyn says:

    There was a Christian , a Muslim and a feminist walked into a bar .

    Who did the bar manager vote for?

  99. Jacqueline says:

    Kate the neolib. Free ports Kate. Does that sound Scottish? No. No. Useless the Humming and the RACIST? NO. NO EITHER. Ash Regan hopefully. Best of a bad bunch. Every single one of them has trodden the mire. Politics is a dirty business. Great bloody Spirit help Scotland.

  100. Robert Hughes says:

    If ( from a rational/serious-about-Independence POV ) the unthinkable happens and Hutchie Grammar Humza X * wins * , his tenure as FM ( the entire 18 months ) will have been prefigured in that fateful scooter ride along the hospital corridor .

    Clearly fleeing for his life from the demonic Caucasian hospital staff who’d treated his injury ( ruptured Achilles heel – ah ! more symbolism ) and en route to an incidence of disgraceful racism at an out-of-town nursery , which , despite being completely full , cruelly refused to admit the offspring of , erm ….Mr Yousap ,the aforesaid radical badmington militant lost control of his – admittedly complex and powerful – vehicle and came crashing down in a melee of arms , legs , hubris and public hilarity .

    The be-masked minion who’d been obliged to trot alongside clutching our hero’s too hastily discarded and soon to be required crutches has never been seen or heard from again .

    Pride cometh before a fall . Sometimes much laughter cometh after one 🙂

  101. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “If you are serious about Independence then it has to be Kate Forbes. It’s as simple as that”

    LOL. I don’t think she even voted for it. (Nor did I, of course.) But do please share why you feel that.

  102. Doug says:

    @Dave Llewellyn 2:22pm

    The one with the biggest head?

  103. David Hannah says:

    You’re right Stuart. No one is saying that Anas Sarwar can’t hold the position because he’s Muslim so why should Kate Forbes be shamed for her faith? We live in the west, but you only have to look at Iran where women are being publically lashed and killed by morality police for showing their hair.

  104. James Che says:

    May I say a big thank you to all those that responded to my question of the civic nationalism.
    The modern version of civic nationalism is extremely dangerous position for our families and communities in its inclusiveness.

    This type of civic all inclusive civic nationalism does include the gender issues,
    And other than the politicians whom are paid to bring these civic national laws in for the populations.
    The public are adverse to this type of nationalism, due to the damage it creates within communities

    It is interesting to note how far reaching this civic nationalism pierces and damages our society.
    We loose our culture as a nation, because we have to broaden our culture to share it in a watered down version to become inclusive.
    This is the same with our native languages.
    With housing that no longer favours local populations.
    With a Shared with outsiders, NHS system that comes from government through local taxation which is now struggling to share with so many,

    This civic nationalism asks the people in communities to adapt there believes to acknowledge minority fraction groups, before the safety of the Majority population. Which is wrong, as the minority groups already had protection under existing laws.

    This civic nationalism, leaves no Barriers left for individualism, of a person, of a people, of a nation, of a Country.
    In its disguise of being inclusive to all, it sweeps aside all protests of a Country to maintain its identity.

    Under this umberella of universal rights “Older Rights”of the individual, their families, and their Communities are bulldozed, and legislated out.
    The right to free speech for each one of us here and across Britain is on the cusp of extinction due to civic right being a priority.
    Workers rights are becoming the latest target,
    Words of our authentic languages across Britain will be removed from its ancient diversity of tongues, to one universal language of controversial pronouns. Hiccups, mistakes and accusations that can only lead to falsified claims in court action,

    Where innocent people whom led a normal life speaking the language they learned as toddlers from their mothers knee are now future potential criminals to be fined or imprisoned.

    Not to sure that civic nationalism is a happy nation state for Scotland, England! Wales or Ireland,
    If we have people pronouns now, will pronouns be introduced for words like energy, climate change, Etc,
    Banned words are restrictions on free speech,
    Like the words we are already banned from using, Women, Ruskie’s, certain colours,

    I wanted to watch a “old black and white film” on youtube, but when you enter the first word black, all this political instigated violence nonsense appeared that politicians and media have been payed to take on under civic nationalism across the world.

    We ought to be very very wary of how our local politicians and Councils have been funded and by whom for what purpose.

  105. David Hannah says:

    Face palm* Humza Yousaf. I meant. Although Sarwar covers his wife’s hair up.

  106. Morgatron says:

    Hamza Useless looks like he needs stabilisers on that scooter. No doubt if he wins the Scottish Govt will require these too. Anyway, its not long until Cottel and Austin circus comes to town. Beep Beep!

  107. ronald says:

    Sadscot 12.37 .

    Jeanie Freeman was usurped by Sturgeon to give her more tv exposure during the Covid briefings

  108. Steve says:

    Open letter “To Humza-ever it may concern: Yousaf to be joking if you think anyone (even in the remaining dregs of the snp membership) will vote for you.”

  109. Viscount Ennui says:

    “As of December 2021, the most recent membership figures for the SNP stood at 104,000.

    The SNP says it will not provide a more up-to-date figure.”

    BBC News

  110. George welsh says:

    Not a Sturgeon fan but she did at her peak did have the resilience to take the pressure and tirades from the opposition. This lot haven’t been tested and will be targeted by an opposition smelling blood in the water.

  111. Corrado Mella says:

    Nobody yet mentioning that, with Keith Brown – a white, middle aged man (sarcasm!)- remaining as deputy leader, another male as leader won’t satisfy the “gender balance rulez” so en vogue?
    It has to be Ash or Kate.
    Regardless, the GRR bill dies.

  112. Republicofscotland says:

    Interestingly BBC Radio Shortbread, aka Radio Scotland, was bigging up Humza Yousaf earlier today, he appears to be their main focus of attention, then we had with a little less attention Kate Forbes, finally with just and she’s standing as well Ashten Regan at the end.

    Yousaf we know is our least favoured candidate, Forbes we don’t know that much about apart from she hedged her bets by not voting down the GRRB, and Regan is a bit of a mystery she did work for Teafund a FCDO funded organisation years back.

    If Sturgeon and Murrell have their way I’d imagine their preferred candidate would be Yousaf, here’s hoping they don’t.

  113. John Main says:

    It’s a brave man who will go against Rev Stu on his own site …

    But of the three candidates, I see only one who ticks the DEI boxes.

    This is 2023 folks, even in Scotland. DEI has its tentacles everywhere, most certainly in the SNP.

    Yousaf is defo worth a punt at the bookies.

  114. JGedd says:

    Ash Regan would seem a good choice, one reason being that she is not one of the other two and another that the media seem determined to side line her.

    However, it’s a bit academic since the SNP as presently constituted are a sinking ship and who would want to be captain of a sinking ship? I wouldn’t be at all surprised if Humza emerged as leader considering what a clown show of a party the SNP already is.

  115. Big Jock says:

    Steve- His Ego knows no bounds. A man who should forever be a back bencher, a nodding dog to Sturgeon.

  116. Colin Alexander says:

    Talk is cheap. Until I see any real actions to disprove it, based on what I have seen over the last 8 and a 1/2 years: if it wears a yellow rosette it’s an SNP British colonial administrator sex cult member.

  117. Politically+Homeless says:

    All very academic to call for Regan when new members don’t get a vote and most old members who dissented from the status quo already left, usually with the (at this point, frankly, failed) alternative of Alba in mind. Sorry but that turned out to be a blind alley and someone like Peter A. Bell was probably right about that.

    It’s going to be Yousaf and the SNP bin fire is going to burn itself out, slowly, in exactly the same pitiful way the decline and fall of Sturgeon took ten years, and for the same reason that all the alternatives still seem worse to the man in the street. Hence they can still command majorities while sleepwalking to oblivion.

    NB Bella’s delayed whinge this morning I guess is pretty representative of “civic Scotland.” “Let’s all pretend to be critical for about 15 minutes while we figure out which bandwagon to hitch ourselves to for funding.”

  118. robertkknight says:

    Doesn’t matter who gets elected Head Snake, there’s no path to Indy with the SNP.

    They slammed the IndyRef2 door firmly shut via the UKSC so as to blame Westminster ad infinitum for their own reluctance to quit the trough that is Westminster.

    Now they kick the plebiscite GE can down the road at every opportunity. Westminster MPs and Holyrood MSPs playing a constant game of to-me-to-you-to-me-to-you and nobody coming up will a plan except to keep the members happy, (those who are left), and hoodwink the Yessers elsewhere with talk of “jam tomorrow” if you vote SNP.

    The only way forward is not to go via the SNP but by going around the SNP by every and any means possible and the sooner the SNP disappears up it’s own Devo-Woke backside the better.

    Yousef, Regan and Forbes? May as well be Compo, Foggy and Clegg for all the good it’ll do for the prospects for Indy anytime soon.

  119. Alex Stone says:

    And deep in the SNPs office of the CEO, Peter Putin is on the phone trying to buy more shredders…

  120. Ebok says:

    Yousaf is a superb example of the Peter Principle and has been since the day he stepped onto SNPs bottom rung.

    Regan is an ALBA plant.

    Forbes religion is a red herring, a distraction from a far more important question: did she simply bottle it over GRR or did she reach an ‘understanding’ with her soon to be former boss?

  121. Robert Louis says:

    For those who do not know, Ash Regan’s constituency office is right in the heart of Niddrie. I do not wish to diminish the great folk that live there, but it is a fact that she will know just exactly what REAL poverty can be like, what horrendous fuel bills REALLY mean. I often pass her office in Niddrie, and kind of think, an MSP who has their office there is EXACTLY the kind of person we need leading the SNP and as First Minister.

    Strikes me, the best thing to happen would be for Ash Regan to be elected and for the green gender loonies to walk out of the government in the huff. Who knows, she might decide she doesn’t need them anyway.

  122. David Hannah says:

    I want Ash Regan, hopefully you can promote her as much as possible. Someone for working class.

    Kate Forbes cowarded away from voting in GRR. Its a fact she can’t escape. As a result a male rapist ended up in the female jail. I don’t want Kate Forbes, I don’t trust her as far as the eye can see.

    I definitely don’t want Humza Yousaf. The staff are leaving his NHS as quick as they can. He bills it as a success. Why should we reward failure?

  123. Alf Baird says:

    Rev. Stuart Campbell @ 2:42 pm

    “I don’t think she even voted for it. (Nor did I, of course.)”

    “of course”?

    Specifically on matters of major constitutional change, most countries nationals living abroad are normally given a vote. e.g. Turks living outside Turkey have a vote on matters of constitutional change in Turkey; Brits living in Spain etc got a vote in the Brexit referendum, other EU nationals living in UK did not.

    For some reason Scots living in other countries are disregarded on major constitutional matters affecting their homeland, yet independence is also about their liberation and ‘self-recovery’.

  124. Robert Louis says:

    Just heard there is a leadership poll up on The National website – somebody may be able to post a link??

  125. ScottieDog says:

    I expect the greens will walk out on regan if she’s elected. She stated that she wasn’t in favour of an accelerated push to ‘net zero’ if it meant throwing NOrth sea jobs under the bus. I suspect yousaf will fire out lots of platitudes – pretty much what the SNP have been doing since they declared a climate emergency.

    The irony here is that regan would be more likely to decarbonise Scotland quicker than the other candidates, or indeed the greens, simply because she is the most likely to push for independence.

  126. James Che says:

    Are you lot nutters about who gets in the Snp leadership?

    The result has nothing to do with us, the public,

    This is a politicians vote, on voting in politicians of their choice.

    Its a internal political vote not put out in the open to the people of Scotland.

    What will be will be, no point in getting knickers in a twist, its not a democratic vote of Scots. But simply regime change for the State,

    This is done all over the world. Regime change for the handlers.
    It Has nothing to do with our vote choice for Scotland.

    Its just a copy of the Rushi Sunak vote down south, whom was also not voted in by the people down there.or across The UK,

    They change leaders without a public vote like that man whom likes to change his nappies,
    Without your consent.

  127. Big Jock says:

    Alf – The major concern with giving Scots abroad the vote. Would be the majority are in England. The majority in England would not vote for independence. Their views are tainted by being Scots , but making a living in England. Not so in Canada or Australia. Those Scots have a proper internationalist opinion on Scotland.

    I think there was a poll in Corby where 70% of Scots were against independence.

  128. Scotsrenewables says:

    Ebok says:
    20 February, 2023 at 3:49 pm

    Regan is an ALBA plant.

    This seems a particularly daft remark as she has been an MSP since long before ALBA’s existence.

    Or do ALBA possess time travel capabilities?

  129. James Che says:

    Alf baird,

    That exclusion of Scots living outside Scotland is indeed selective to the politics of Britain only.
    My son born in Scotland, does not get a vote in Scottish elections, but other EU nationals living along side of him did,

    The Rev Stu is in the same situation as my son.

    Sooner or later people will realise that we need to change a UK legislated parliament in Scotland, it is not being run for the benefit of Scots, no matter where they are at present, for their children or their families.

    These are rigged elections,
    Very similar to The Snp asking all outsiders about the Gender bill for Scotland! everyone but the Scots native to Scotland.
    Civic Nationalism becomes everyone else’s ideas and votes , but not ours. Not our nation’s or our Country’s.

    I wish more people would wake up.

  130. Maureen says:

    Link to poll. It’s possible to vote many times so no idea how accurate it is.

  131. James Che says:

    Big Jock.

    The first thought response to you comment, is.
    Why have those Scots moved away from Scotland to live in England and abroad?

    Well I have personal info on that issue,
    The industries in Scotland attached to the Uk have been steadily closing there doors since the days of Maggie thatcher, leaving Scots with no future employment areas.

    From ship building to Fisheries, from farming to the virus closures affecting shops and tourism, from hotels, to de- commissioning oil rigs, from what was once Scots owned industry of whisky to it becoming owned by other Countries,
    From Scots products to butcher flag stamped,
    From contracts going selectively outside Scotland.
    Scotland as a nation is being de- industrialised to ensure poverty in systemic long term political move.
    My son left Scotland to find better employment, he sold his car and belongings to pay for his ticket out of a failing Scotland, and says he will not return until Scotland is independent.

    He has been awarded hardest worker of the year for three years running in his new company and Country.

    These are the Scots that work hard and would contribute to Scotlands economy , that do not have a voice or a vote in their own Countries future,
    But EU nationals and people not native to Scotland do have a vote in his Country.

    I am with Rev STU and Alf Baird on this issue.

  132. James Che says:

    I have to admit I did not agree with AS on this point, as his view on voting in Scottish elections was very civic and all inclusive, except for Scottish people whom may be temporarily outside Scotland.

  133. David Hannah says:

    Could the Lord Advocate Bain be replaced by a new First Minster?

    If there’s corruption to reveal. Like a missing 600K for example then she wouldn’t want to be seen protecting the old regime.

    I wonder what this BBC documentary tonight will reveal. Hopefully the truth as to why Nicola went.

  134. Doug says:

    @Big Jock 4:25pm

    Reminds me of the time I was on holiday in Turkey five years ago. A Scot [going by his accent] was in amongst a small group of English tourists [also going by their accents] sitting at an outside cafe. They talked about life in England. The Scot [as was obviously gathered] was living/working in England. He’d probably had a few drinks, to put it mildly, as his voice gradually became louder and louder.

    He suddenly, deliberately, blurted out for all to hear in the cafe his loyalty to the union. I think he did so because he knew or guessed there were other Scots in the cafe. I’m sure he did so to try and impress his English companions [who remained bemused and a wee bit embarrassed throughout the episode].

    “I’m never for independence!”, he shouted. “Any Scottish here for independence?!”

    Myself and an elderly couple [who I later learned were from Dundee] quietly raised our hands. I also later learned another couple behind me had raised their hands. The unionist Scot didn’t see me, or chose not to. He began to rant about independence using the tired too wee, too poor, too stupid line. He addressed his rant to the elderly couple. He stopped for air. I couldn’t exactly make it out but the elderly man began to reply to the unionist’s ranting, presumably stating his reasons for supporting independence.

    The unionist became very red faced, “Any others?!” he shouted. I raised my hand again. He saw me, and probably the others behind me.

    The unionist Scot “lost it”. His ranting became almost uncontrollable and definitely incomprehensible. His English companions got up and left. He followed them, still ranting, probably apologising to them for these treacherous Scots in their midst. I actually felt a wee bit sorry for the English.

    I looked at the elderly couple; they looked at me. We quietly shook our heads.

  135. ronald says:

    Ebok 3.49 . Ah think your ah plant but ah don’t cultivate weeds in ma gairden .

  136. robertkknight says:

    James Che, Big Jock etc.

    You’re talking about voting in a referendum.


    We’re not going to get one, unless there’s a 40% rule, as in ’79, or a 50% rule, as advocated by Truss, plus hell will need to freeze over, because last time a 6% swing would’ve seen Yes victorious and Westminster won’t ever risk another close call.

    So why not talk about yesterday’s weather – be just as pointless as who gets to vote about what and when given it’s not going to happen, (unless it’s rigged).

  137. President Xiden says:

    Luigi 1:42 pm “ I wonder if Yousaf is a stalking horse candidate “ . The pantomime horse candidate you mean.

  138. Vestas says:

    I’m Scots and have lived outside Scotland for 30+ years. Not initially through choice – 1980’s and there wasn’t work in Scotland unless you knew somebody where you were trying to get a job. Subsequently I have kids born outside Scotland so family comes first in terms of where you’re living.

    People who live in a country and pay their taxes there (ALL of their taxes) should have the ability to vote for what they want from that country regardless of where they come from.

    People who don’t live in that country & pay taxes in that country shouldn’t have ANY right to vote in it or decide its future.

    End of story.

  139. President Xiden says:

    LOL Useless will ‘win’ , clown world needs its clown leaders.

  140. Andy Ellis says:

    @Alf Baird 4.03 pm

    I will (moderation permitting) return to the fray to respond to your point. Although it is true that some countries allow citizens in the diaspora a vote in elections and/or constitutional votes, I’m unsure how those advocating it for Scotland in future see it working? It would be a considerable administrative task as well as expense.

    The Generalitat in Catalonia made provision for Catalans “abroad” to vote in their referendums (and found that relatively few did), but they had also instituted a new register of voters specifically for the referendum. Many other countries have the advantage (if you can call it that) of ID cards / social security systems which make it easier to sort those resident and those native born than our system does.

    The former Yugoslav republics did not exclude “non-natives”, i.e. residents of the republics seeking independence who had Yugoslav ID cards showing that they were born in another republic. That would seem to be the very definition of civic nationalism.

    From memory there are supposed to be around 800,000 Scots born people in the rest of the UK. Enfranchising them seems logical to some, although I’ve always opposed it, including when I was one of them. It’s a racing certainty that they are overwhelmingly unionist. Pro-independence Scots in the English diaspora are just not that common, trust me!

    If ethnic nationalists (by which I mean those advocating for franchise restriction) are really serious about their position, they would of course follow your lead and advocate for the inclusion of ALL those born in Scotland, and potentially those with Scots grandparents, as they would all be putative citizens of our new nation.

    I remain unconvinced that enfranchising > 1 million Scots born folk abroad would, all things being equal, result in a nett gain or a nett loss if you exclude “new Scots” resident here now.

  141. Achnababan says:

    I support Scottish Independence but I am also old fashioned liberal.

    Please judge politicians by their policies! And how tolerant and respectful they are of others beliefs and values.

    Hitler disliked people because of their religion, race and/or physical appearance … does makes you wonder how many fascists are hiding out there.

  142. Daisy Walker says:

    With regards Ms Forbes Christian religion – I am a terrible cynic and never trust a holy willie… or any son or daughter of the manse for that matter either.

    But for those who fear she will vote fire and brimstone based on her beliefs, her track record would indicate otherwise…

    On GRR she opted out. A wise move for her professionally, but ethical? Hmmm.

    On Freeports? A real threat to Scotland’s territorial sovereignty. As an Scottish Nationalist – have you heard her express concern? Hmm – me neither.

    And with regards the leadership bid. Ash has published a written manifesto, with a plan and a timeline to impliment same….

    Forbes has produced a video of herself speaking nice, fluffy, PR words of unity. Clarity of purpose, structured intent, accountability? Hmmm – I don’t see it.

    However, I think we need to be realistic. If Humza wins, he will be such a bin fire, but it will be his bin fire, he will have to own it, and the MSM will prolong the agony by hiding as much as they can.

    Voters can have a look around and perhaps decide on Alba.

    If a true Independence fighter wins, there is a real likelyhood that the infiltration is so prolific at MSP/MP level with unionists, that a Corbyn type action will take place against them.

    You can bet they’ve game planned for just such a scenario. After all they’ve had plenty practice with Labour.

    If that happens we will have a spent force Indy leader, in a ruined SNP – so in some regards it could be the worst outcome for Indy.

    Sadly it’s a case of heads they win, and tails we lose – other than if a true Independent fighter wins, they really can start to rally the troops and name the date (they would have to do so at break neck speed, from the get go). That would be a really difficult thing for Westminster to stop.

    Once again thank goodness Alba exists.

    For those of us in or out of the SNP, one way to help the Indy cause is to seek clarity on the plan to achieve Indy, including time frames. Woolly words won’t cut it anymore.

    The potential leader that pins their colours to the mast with a printed, actionable plan is most likely to be the real deal.

    As for the outcome of the vote – its going to be really interesting who the Murrells decide to let win this one, isn’t it.

  143. Mia says:

    “However, as a father of two very young children, the time is not the right for me and my family to take on such a huge committment”

    It is always refreshing to see parents putting the wellbeing and safety of their children and family unit ahead of their own individual career ambitions.

    On this, I can only praise Mr Robertson for having given serious consideration to what impact becoming FM would have had on his young children and family.

    I wonder how things would have panned out if, rather than putting their blind ambition and careers ahead of their families and common sense, the perjuers who played a role in Mr Salmond’s criminal charade had taken Mr Robertson’s very sensible and conscious approach instead of viciously attempting to put an innocent man in jail for the sake of political gain.

    Having said all that, as a parent, and because when your children come along their safeguarding becomes our constant job, I feel parents need to be better represented in Scotland’s politics.

    If more children-safety conscious parents were present in our gov cabinet and committees, instead of having those positions filled up with corrupt politicians, principle-devoid opportunists, selfie-addicts who think parenthood is holding somebody’s child for a 30 seconds’ photo, or loose cannons abusing power to grant easier access to children for paedophiles and pharma, perhaps we would have never found ourselves in the orwellian situation where corrupt politicians fund dodgy quangos with our own money to help them bulldoze the protective barriers we parents naturally build around our children.

  144. X_Sticks says:

    “we’re very far from convinced that the answer to that question is “a big mass of Humza Yousaf fans”.”

    Does it matter? Peter will be counting the votes….

  145. Jacqueline says:

    So. Looking to women here. What if you were raped by a beast. A rapist is a beast. And you became pregnant because of your rape. What would you do? Have an abortion? I did. And still tormented. It doesn’t go away.

  146. Izzie says:

    I will not be voting for Regan. Mainly because of the number of contributors on this site who have been undermining the party who have been battling for independence for decades who are supporting her. This used to be a staunch pro independence site now who would guess

  147. Alastair R says:

    Rev. Stuart Campbell says:
    20 February, 2023 at 2:42 pm

    “LOL. I don’t think she even voted for it. (Nor did I, of course.) But do please share why you feel that.”

    Well in my eyes the leader of the SNP and First Minister should be someone who you not only think could get Independence over the line but actually be seen as leading the country on day 1 of Independence because the latter is vital. Salmond and Sturgeon had that. Humza definitely doesn’t. Forbes looks as if she might ..but i will need to hear better than what i just did on the news

  148. Dorothy Devine says:

    I just caught the ITV report about the candidates – seems our wee STV reporter is only aware of two ‘she blethered on about Humza and Kate and obviously accidentally forgot to mention Ash.

    Is that STV doing the same to Ash as it is doing to ALBA , ISP and Salvo – pretend they don’t exist .

    Scottish TV indeed – failing the people of Scotland being as dishonest as the print media.

  149. Smithers says:

    “Izzie says:
    20 February, 2023 at 6:40 pm
    I will not be voting for Regan. Mainly because of the number of contributors on this site who have been undermining the party who have been battling for independence for decades who are supporting her. This used to be a staunch pro independence site now who would guess”

    Well, that’s a pretty puerile reason but you do you.

  150. ABruce says:

    Alf Baird ; 4:03pm
    I’m sure that Greeks, like Turks living outside their country are also allowed to vote on their countries constitutional matters.
    You’re assertion about Brits living in Spain being allowed to vote in the Brexit Referendum depended on them being ouside the UK for less than 15 years.
    I was denied a vote in the Brexit and also the Indyref 2014 because I had been too long out of the country. Although I am deeply disappointed that I was not allowed to vote I must accept that. But what I don’t accept is that incomers to Scotland are given automatic voting rights on my countries constitution.
    I live in Germany and have no right to vote on constitutional issues until I have lived here for at least 8 years. Even after 8 years I wouldn’t like to impose my wishes on such an important matter.
    Someone else spoke about overseas Scots supporting the Union. All I can say is, in 45 years abroad the Scots I have met are overwhelmingly in support of independence.
    Now that my wife has died I will be allowed to return to my homeland, denied to us due to Brexit and the colonial overlords.

  151. Mia says:

    Maureen says:
    20 February, 2023 at 4:59 pm
    “Link to poll”

    Did you notice the percentage bar for Ash Reagan in that poll is moved to the left compared to the other two so it looks shorter than it is?

    At the time of writing this, both Ash and Kate has 39% (scooter man has 22%)

  152. Bob Mack says:


    Have you been in a coma or something and just woken up?

  153. KT Lorimer says:

    Izzie that makes no sense at all – so you will vote for either the useless Humza or right of centre Kate rather than an actual working class left of centre realist?

  154. Izzie says:

    Kt it’s not about class it’s about independence. Incidentally I have been working for this since Winnie won in Hamilton 1967.

  155. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    Izzie – Ms Sturgeon’s only activity on the pro-independence front in recent years has been creating front pages for the SNP house magazine.

    See “A tall tale” near the top of this page, on the right. The oldest is from 2015. Click on the graphics for the bigger version then click on the “+” cursor.

  156. Robert Hughes says:

    Could this all be an elaborate scam .

    Stoogeon steps down – and away eg from the current GRRRRRR shit storm / Indy Fund / Murrell * loan * issues

    A stool pigeon is installed .

    Is soon deemed to be not up to the job .

    A cry of despair goes out ..” Who can save us ? ”

    Back steps our Prog Messiah . Steam-cleaned & primed to renew the neurotic stasis of her previous tenure .

    Remember – Alex Salmond got a similar call to comeback : albeit in wildly different circumstances ie the Party was in danger of becoming invisible due to Swinney’s , ahem …less than inspiring leadership .

    Unlikely , I know : more likely she’ll be off to some * important role * , getting paid a rake of money to spout platitudes to Globalist wankers and playing a meaningful part in ensuring the rich man remains in his castle and the poor man…. ach , who gives a fuck about him ?

    If such a gig is not forthcoming though ? Well …….

  157. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    Latest National poll figures…

    (Why are they NOT in alphabetical order?)

    Readers vote
    Poll closes 24 February 2023
    Who would you like to see as the SNP’s next leader?
    Pick YOUR choice of the expected final three

    Humza Yousaf 21%
    Kate Forbes 41%
    Ash Regan 39%

    Votes cast: 5540

    As mentioned previously, a single reader can vote umpteen times.

  158. robertkknight says:


    “This used to be a staunch pro independence site now who would guess”

    Don’t confuse “pro independence” with pro SNP.

    Thanks to Sturgeon they’re now mutually exclusive… you’re either one or the other.

  159. Dorothy Devine says:

    Robert Hughes , you are not alone in that thought.

  160. ronald says:

    Izzie 6.40

    Are U all there in the heid or more likely a Sturgeonite away n chase yersel most people on her are Independenistas 1st foremost / in case u haven’t noticed NuSnp/Sturgeon abandoned Independence in favour of her Woky Woo agenda .

  161. Izzie says:

    As I have said before. I have been a foot soldier throughout the late sixties seventies eighties nineties to date. I though believe we should not thwart the largest political group best placed to achieve our ultimate goal. To Braindownthetown, Ronald Anderson , Kt Lorimer Robert knight et al you are doing exactly what our enemies want. I won’t be back here if you resort to personal abuse your point is lost

  162. Kcor says:

    John Mc says:
    20 February, 2023 at 11:16 am

    “She wouldn’t interrupt her Maternity leave to vote on the GRR, but will in an attempt to become FM”

    Its this type of “principles” that give an advantage to career politicians these days.

    IMHO, there must be a serious shortage of leaders for a young mother of a young baby to build her career at the expense of the baby.

  163. McDuff says:

    None of these people inspire me. There is no fire or passion, there is no fervour for independence to free our country from a union that has sucked the life out of Scotland, just politicians.

  164. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “All very academic to call for Regan when new members don’t get a vote and most old members who dissented from the status quo already left”

    We simply don’t know that yet.

  165. Kcor says:

    robertkknight says:
    20 February, 2023 at 3:29 pm

    “Doesn’t matter who gets elected Head Snake, there’s no path to Indy with the SNP.”

    I second that.

  166. Wee+Crabbit+Bas says:

    IMHO Forbes – her wean needs her more than her country, let it go for another time. Also too much of an easy target for the MSM illiterati. We need somebody hard-boiled and prepared to face off with the redcoats, ‘nothing less’.

  167. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    Hi Izzie.

    YOU referred to me as “Braindownthetown”.

    Why did you have to be so disrespectful?

    Why couldn’t you copy and paste my actual username “Brian Doonthetoon”?

    You have been sent here to disrupt dialogue.

    We have sussed you.
    You are part of the SNP’s “youth wokey wing”.
    So, as such, you should go elsewhere and attempt self-procreation with whichever hand you prefer.

  168. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    Hi Izzie.

    And BTW, I threw no “abuse” in your direction. I, merely, pointed out Ms Sturgeon’s catalogue of failures, regarding independence for Scotland, and invited you to have a look.

    So, grow up!

  169. dearieme says:

    Pity he’s not standing. We kent his faither: we could have dined out on that.

  170. gregor says:

    BBC (20/02/2023): Justin Welby rejected as leader by conservative Anglicans over same-sex blessings:

    “A group of Anglican leaders from around the world have rejected the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, as their leader after the Church of England backed prayers of blessing for same-sex couples.

    Archbishops representing 10 of the 42 provinces in the Anglican Communion have signed a statement saying they no longer consider Mr Welby “leader of the global communion”.

    They added the Church of England was “disqualified” as their historic “Mother Church”…”:

  171. gregor says:

    World Economic Forum: Agenda Contributor:

    Justin Welby: Man of Woke/NWO loser:

  172. gregor says: (20/02/2023): Twitter:

    “#1 David Sacks breaks down how the safety layer of ‘ChatGPT is a Democrat’: “There is mounting evidence OpenAI’s safety layer is very biased… If you thought trust and safety were bad under Vijaya or Yoel, wait until the AI does it.””:

  173. Iain More says:

    I guess my source was right when they said Robertson wasn’t standing and my source isn’t part of the Brit Nat Press and Media in Englands Colony.

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