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The Pushmi-Pullyu Party

Posted on January 31, 2015 by


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    1. 31 01 15 07:41

      The Pushmi-Pullyu - Speymouth

    82 to “The Pushmi-Pullyu Party”

    1. jamboden says:

      So true.

    2. Malcolm says:

      Love it, need this one on a poster!

    3. Gillian_Ruglonian says:


    4. Al says:

      Not sure if it should have two heads or two jacksies.

    5. jimnarlene says:

      They’ll want this, as their campaign poster.

    6. Sandra says:

      Haha, two talking arses would be more appropriate!

    7. Clootie says:


      What you can achieve with one drawing is truly amazing. I don’t mean the artwork alone. I’m talking about the concept developmnt to deliver the punch so effectively.

      Great work.

    8. cearc says:

      Great stuff Chris.

      Surely, two heads and no arses would explain why it’s full of shite.

    9. Mealer says:


    10. Sandra Wilson says:

      Milliband and Murphy AKA dumb and dumber. Great cartoon. Crowd fund a poster anyone?

    11. McBoxheid says:

      Excellent as always Chris

      Jim, Jim, you’re so dim
      How can your garden grow?
      Hood would take another slice if he could
      MCCann can flush labour down the pan
      Flip, Flip (there’s still time for a flit)
      The nukes are up thank f***

      feel free to add to the above, maybe it’ll become the Scittish Accounting Units manifesto

    12. uilleam_beag says:

      Bang on the money as always, Chris. Splendid piece of work!

    13. McBoxheid says:

      I’ve just thought of the new Slab anthem that they can sing after the election..

      Fro all the saints who from their Labour rest….

    14. john king says:

      Al says
      “Not sure if it should have two heads or two jacksies.”

      Thats it stop there,
      no need for anything else!

    15. john king says:

      Is it a remake of the Human centipede?

    16. galamcennalath says:

      Excellent! Spot on!

      This why Labour are probably going to lose this election in both Scotland and England. There is only one Labour and they can’t appeal to both Middle Englanders and Scots.

    17. Naina Tal says:

      Note Chris has drawn the undercarriage without genitals. Both front ends. So no reproductive organs. Does that mean they will eventually just die out?
      Aye should have had TWA arse ends yin male, yin female so they could just gain an f**k themsels.

    18. Snode1965 says:

      Sorry to go O/T so soon, breaking news BBC website; British Army to set up new 77th Brigade by April that will use psychological warfare on Social Media! General Sir Nick Carter says, “77 Brigade will be made up of warriors who don’t just carry weapons, but who are skilled in using Social media such as Twitter And Facebook and the Dark Arts of psycops”….” They will try to influence local population and change behaviour”…” Civilians with the right skills will work along side regular troops and reservists..”. So there you have it, on a previous thread a Labour MP blamed social media insturgents for voting to replace Trident. Now we have the British States solution to the internet insurgents…. How long before we have internet black-outs I wonder?

    19. heedtracker says:

      Duality of NO, blue and red tories singing Flower of Scotland for christs sake.

    20. No no no...Yes says:

      Thanks Chris, always a great start to the weekend.

      Apparently the Herald reporting that the clunking fist (Gordon Brown retiring MP) is to be “deployed” at strategic times to bolster the Labour Party campaign. Wow, what a brass neck, will they be getting Darling out as well then?

    21. Marie clark says:

      Oh well done Chris tremendous stuff.

      @ John King, no it’s no a human centipede, it’s whit they ca’ a pushme-pullyou. Dr Dolittle I think.

      @snode1965, well I don’t think that news will come as any surprise to us wingers. We always thought that’s what they were trying to do in the run up to the referendum.

      @NO no no…yes, the must think that they are fighting the referendum again. Dae they no remember that they won, move on now. We don’t need neverendums. Is that no whit they telt us.Mind you they think it worked well wi broon the last time, but will they now managed to fool as many noproudscotbuts this time.

    22. Tackety Beets says:

      10/10 again Chris , well done .

      Stealing a phrase from the Indigenious North American People .
      I have posted before Ref Labour Party
      ” White Man Speak with Forked Tongue “

    23. Alt Clut says:

      Surely this image and text are a perfect leaflet for mass distribution in Labour supporting areas in the run up to the General Election. YES and similar groups please consider !

    24. morgatron says:

      ‘You talkin to me?”

    25. Croompenstein says:

      Nice one Chris, he is indeed a star in Dr Dolittle which is also pretty apt for the Labour farty because they talk a lot and do little. 🙂

    26. john king says:

      Marie Clark says
      “@ John King, no it’s no a human centipede, it’s whit they ca’ a pushme-pullyou. Dr Dolittle I think.”

      Yes I know Marie,
      it was an ironic remark. 🙂

    27. Capella says:

      Thanks Chris. Sums up Labour perfectly.
      “All the characteristics of a dog except loyalty”.

    28. Les Wilson says:

      One arse does not know what the other arse is doing?
      So very true for labour, they have lost the plot, now they are going to lose everything else.

    29. Marie clark says:

      @ John King. oops sorry John, mibies a wee bit too early fur me tae spot the irony.

    30. Grouse Beater says:

      Less two-head Labour, more double-dealing Labour.

    31. heedtracker says:

      “Sorry to go O/T so soon, breaking news BBC website; British Army to set up new 77th Brigade by April that will use psychological warfare on Social Media!”

      Duality of teamGB power, fear terrorists, fear new social media British Army brigades.

    32. Valerie says:

      Great cartoon, Chris.

      At snode, it’s not really a surprise, they descended in abundance during the referendum. Their persistence made them obvious as being paid shills. If you had to confirm it, you could check their profile, regular FB users know what I’m talking about.

      Also obvious many were young people from their language, spelling, style etc.

      All it actually did was agitate, make people more determined to vote Yes. Their mistake is in thinking that Indy supporters are just gripped by some delerium, and they need to be argued into sense.

      The Establishment don’t do politics, they do subjugation.

    33. Clootie says:

      Only one difference will now exist between the Tories and Labour.
      One will be in power and the other won’t!

      This has been the objective of the elite for many years. However the penny has just dropped that we may start voting for other parties. A few have joked about a Tory/Labour coalition…it may not be that far off in reality when their combined vote is the last chance to hold the line.

    34. wingman 2020 says:

      That’s clever. The one on the left bears a startling resemblance to Murph. And the other looks like Milliband. (Or am I still drunk from last night?)

    35. john ferguson says:

      Snode 1965. read The men who stare at goats. Only in America Eh?

    36. donald anderson says:

      Whit aboot Labour Friends of Palestine AND Israel? Or, ‘A Labour No Per Cent Pay Freeze is Better Than Tory 1% Pay Freeze”. ‘A Labour Queen is Better than A Tory Queen!’. A vot for me is vote for me.

    37. Helena Brown says:

      Not much can be added to these comments so I will simply say what an excellent representation of the Labour Party whether in Scotland England or Australia, after all McTernan had a hand in or is it up all of them.

    38. galamcennalath says:

      Clootie says:
      ” A few have joked about a Tory/Labour coalition ”

      I feel there is a certain inevitability about it. It doesn’t matter whether Con or Lab get most votes, their agendas are very similar. Over the next 90days we will see them try to put some blue water between them in their ‘sales pitches’ but it will be minor detail, I’m sure.

      So, whichever of the two wins, the party in WM which is closest in policy is … the other. I doubt if it will be the suicide of a full coalition Con-LibDem style. More likely an agreement to support on common ground. Government of (rUK) National Consensus.

      The alternative of Lab supported by SNP, which everyone talks of, I just can’t see Middle England accepting the price.

      Not that any of this would be bad news if we reject Unionist representation for Scotland in the GE.

    39. Jim Thomson says:

      The version of the pushmi-pullyu I remember from about 35 years ago is “One of us has GOT to be an asshole”. Suffice to say I was in the US at the time.

      Still seems to fit Slab now though!

    40. clochoderic says:

      Suggested additions to the list:

      “We want to abolish the House of Lords.”

      – By filling it with Slab timeservers and dodgy donors.

      “We want to increase local democracy.”

      – By giving lucrative contracts to our friends and making Slab councillors well paid directors of service providers.

    41. Barontorc says:

      @ snode – this is a wind-up, right? It’s not surely intended for within the British Isles? Influencing the local (where’s local?) population? The last time I looked, the MOD and this tube, General Sir Nick Carter was being paid by ‘the local population’ And another thing why do they need the MOD in plain sight doing the dirty work when they already have the BBC in fully paid up mode plus every newspaper in the UK doing it?

      “….General Sir Nick Carter says, “77 Brigade will be made up of warriors who don’t just carry weapons, but who are skilled in using Social media such as Twitter And Facebook and the Dark Arts of psycops”….” They will try to influence local population and change behaviour”…” Civilians with the right skills will work along side regular troops and reservists..”…”

    42. Robert Peffers says:

      @Sandra says: 31 January, 2015 at 7:17 am:

      “Haha, two talking arses would be more appropriate!”

      Yeah! But! Doesn’t that left hand one have a striking resemblance to yon blinkin earse, wha led the Bitter Together campaign?

    43. Gary says:

      Shouldn’t it be two arsed?

    44. ron gillies says:


    45. caz-m says:

      Just watched a report on Sky News and the people of England really are screaming out for a major centre left political Party.

      At this year’s GE they have the choice of three right wing Parties, Conservative, Labour and Lib/Dems. The Greens and UKIP will only pick up a handful of seats.

      In Scotland we have the three main Parties to choose from, one centre left – SNP, two right wing – Labour and Conservative.

      If the SNP can take a large number of MPs down to Westminster, it will shake up British politics the way it has never been shook up before.

      This is why the Establishment Parties are so determined to crush any SNP surge.

      They don’t want English voters finding out that there is another way.

    46. Albalha says:

      O/T Three worthy fundraisers to support, imo, two featuring young stars of the referendum campaign and the other to help Dundee West oust Labour at long last.

    47. Nana Smith says:

      Send them to the knackers yard!

      Brilliant cartoon as always.

    48. Valerie says:

      Independent now put out story on the Twitter Troops. 2,000 people!!!! What the….???

      Based on the Chindits of past guerrilla tactics fame, where the information war is just as important.

      It’s like 1st April reading it. No mention of money, but it does seem to be under the MOD.

    49. Valerie says:

      And The Clunking Fist is making a comeback! Hard times for the Accounting Unit.

    50. Robert Peffers says:

      @No no no…Yes says:31 January, 2015 at 9:08 am:

      ” … Wow, what a brass neck, will they be getting Darling out as well then?”

      Seems like a couple of Hammer Horror Pictures remakes, “The Gorgon”, &, “The Man Who Could Cheat Death”.

    51. farrochie says:

      Well observed, Chris.

      A new theme emerges to day for you to cartoon. The big beast that was sent to tame Scotland, Jim Murphy MP, is to be usurped by a bigger beast. “Ex-politician” Gordon Brown is to be rolled out to “save Scotland” from the SNP; or is that to save Scotland from Jim Murphy.

    52. Marie clark says:

      @Gary 11.48, should in no be, canny be arsed.

      Sorry, coat now being put on.

    53. wingman 2020 says:


      Suitable acronyms please… involving Labour and Murphy?

    54. galamcennalath says:

      caz-m says:

      “English voters finding out that there is another way.”

      The greatest weapon the big two parties in England have is FPTP.

      Not that I want to see UKIP doing well, but, they will gain a reasonable level of votes, and very few seats. Same effect for English Greens.

      There have been times in the past when the vote has almost been split three ways in England, but because Lab and Con are concentrated geographically, and Lib spread – the Libs get a fraction of the seats their votes should have achieved.

      The same would be true of a new Left/Centre party in England. They might get 30% of votes but with FPTP a few dozen seats!

      It’s it hilarious, though, that FPTP might actually be the mechanism with squeezes out all the Unionist parties in Scotland giving the SNP a field day! We hope, anyway.

    55. Rigmac7 says:

      O/t – but just a wee bit

      Nice touch from Andy Murray when asked in his news conference about the greatest British sportsman of all time. He added Sir Chris Hoy to his spur of the moment suggestion of Joe Calzaghe and Rory McIlroy. By my calculation, that’s a Welshman and an Irishman first, tempering it with the addition of a no but Scot. Subtle use of the “get it right up ye” hand to the Southern establishment methinks

    56. Jimbo says:

      I’ll never understand the collective logic of London Labour.

      Here’s Eric Joyce’s reasons for abstaining on the fracking moratorium.

      I firmly want Labour to win the general election and I understand why politicians of all parties are nervous about fracking at this stage of the electoral cycle. I will therefore abstain in the votes today and seek to persuade Labour and SNP politicians, both from inside parliament now and from outside in future, that fracking and related technologies have a vital role to play in Falkirk’s and Scotland’s economic future.

      Am I understanding this right – That somehow they think that by irresponsibly abstaining it will help them win the general election?

    57. Jimbo says:

      Oops, forgot to put in the link to Eric Joyce’s lame excuse.

    58. Terry says:

      @marie Clarke

      Totally agree. You’d think they were re hashing the referendum. But didn’t they tell us to move on? Time for them to move on. I took my yes posters down for that reason only. So convinced am I of a great result in May that they will be back up on the 8 may. Meantime I’m knocking on doors for Nicola and the team.

    59. Wuffing Dug says:

      Heard about it on the radio and was like wtf.
      But not surprised in the least.

    60. ronnie anderson says:

      I Dont know why any Wingers are suprised at todays news on the MODs 77th brigade. WE have long since been the guinea pigs,this is only the official anouncement as they have to be properly funded ( now they have done the research & can produce the report results) Be Afraid Be Very Afraid.

      Did you,s forget Scotlands the testing ground for UK
      Anthrax Island ( Gruinard )
      Social experimemt ( polltax )

      We,ve had plenty of indication this is the way the Westminster Gov moves. No suprises for me.

      Chris great TOON if the Accounting Unit of Scotland use that as a poster the Sheeple flock to them Ha Ha glad your on the right side.

    61. Chic McGregor says:

      Brilliant Chris.

      Labour on the horns of a Di-llama.

    62. snode1965 says:

      @Barontorc….read it and weep! The British State could not justify the BBC employing 2000 extra staff, no let the MOD do it and they can glean public support for the fight against the insurgents. Scottish social media is now the biggest global threat to the Establishment, and they have just deployed reinforcements to the front line. Time to dig in folks. 🙂

    63. Paula Rose says:

      Wonder what monikers the 77th will use…

      Tommy 1, Tommy 2, Tommy 3 etc

    64. It is possible that old Clunkasaurus could still do some damage on behalf of his beloved Union come May, but it may well prove to be the Last of Roar the Dinosaurs.

      There’s a big demographic asteroid heading this way in the shape of a younger generation who now see a better way forward in the form of Independence. A politically-savvy electorate is evolving to replace those who have always felt emotionally obliged and economically reliant on their Imperial Masterdons.

    65. velofello says:

      Another gem Chris.

    66. Yesitis says:

      Spot on, Chris.

    67. msean says:

      Is it the sea snail next week?

    68. Patrician says:

      Great cartoon, spot on as usual Chris. Much better than my usual explanation of left hand not knowing what right hand is doing.

    69. Patrician says:

      @ronnie anderson, this isn’t a surprise. It is no secret that all internet traffic in the UK is filtered through GCHQ. If I remember correctly there was a list of programs already in use to interfere with internet use.

    70. handclapping says:

      Aha, a Murfi-Millu. At least you can tell what it is; can you imagine what it might look like if Stu had kept on that Lowry bloke he had the other week? Or the tall bloke with the table manners that got the gig in the National as their print quality wasny good enough to do justice to Chris’ penmanship?

      And its not just the artistry, its the political satirical brain that comes up with the ideas for hand and eye to execute. No need to blush, Chris, you’re good.

    71. Jim says:

      Ah, the Cognitive dissonance of the Labour party, a joy to behold and a problem that will indeed lose them the elections on both sides of the border.

      Tick Tock

    72. Cag-does-thinking says:

      Brilliant cartoon, so true.

    73. handclapping says:

      WooHoo! Greg Moodie is to publish a book of Chris’ cartoons. I told you Chris was good 😀

    74. Croompenstein says:

      Chris should be in the National, then again so should Stu

    75. Alex Wright says:

      @wingman2020 Labours Hilariously Absurd Murphy Association?

    76. BrianW says:

      Can we have a Jim Murphy Human Centipede? Multiple ones of himself (or just members of the UK’s Labour Branch Office in Scotland) stitched together lapping up the outpourings of the previous Jim/MP/Brian Donohoe..

    77. Stephen Armstrong says:

      RE: The British Labour Party based in Scotland.

      Doublethink in action.
      Doublethink for the 21st Century.

    78. Rock says:


      “Chris should be in the National, then again so should Stu”

      Why are they not? Has The National never heard of them?

      Or is it because the editors and publishers of The National don’t want any no ifs no buts ‘separatists’ on board?

    79. Haggis Hunter says:

      Labours secret weapons of Murphy & Brown, both Sociopathic, one staunch Catholic the other staunch Presbyterian, united in their hatred of Scotland, wonder when Rangers and Celtic will unite as Glasgow United? Better Together and all that. Oops that won’t be allowed to happen.

    80. Paula Rose says:

      Shhh Haggis Hunter dolly – dinnae start footie thingies, the Rev’s team came a cropper and we don’t want to disturb him.

    81. Haggis Hunter says:

      🙂 just thought I would bring it up Paula, old firm shite playing today, no that I’m interested, the mighty Montrose beat Annan Athletic yesterday. Mon the Mo!

    82. Sandra says:

      Robert Peffers says:
      31 January, 2015 at 11:48 am

      Doesn’t that left hand one have a striking resemblance to yon blinkin earse, wha led the Bitter Together campaign?

      You surely don’t mean our very own Thunderbird puppet, ex-Chancellor Dahling?

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