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The Great Ribbon Terror

Posted on March 09, 2021 by

When we suggested yesterday that the SNP was turning into New Labour, we didn’t expect them to go to quite so much trouble to provide us with a timely illustration.

In happier times, almost seven years ago, a united and focused Yes movement had a bit of fun at the expense of Labour MP Ian Murray when he had a huge pearl-clutching fainting fit over someone putting a couple of stickers on his constituency office.

Record-scratch and jump-cut to the 2021 SNP.

There was of course an immediate outpouring of anguished concern over their terrible traumas (from people who don’t give a monkey’s when rape and murder threats are sent to Joanna Cherry or JK Rowling), with many expressing the hope that the police would catch and punish the foul culprits.

So we apologise in advance to any readers who are triggered by the following images of the dreadful and contemptible attacks.

Let’s all just take a moment to recover from the shock.

By our count that’s five tiny stickers, two cards tied with ribbons (one with the image below on it and one with the words “Feminism is the radical idea that women’s safety is more important than men’s feelings”), and a wee bit of slate with “Violating women’s rights is not a human right” written neatly on it in chalk, spread across two locations.

Dear God, the horror.

Apparently that’s now enough to “inspire fear” in women who work for politicians (and both made a point of their staff being female, because we all know women are more easily terrorised by small pieces of coloured paper than men, whose vision is based on movement), and seemingly widely considered a criminal matter by SNP activists.

“Vandalism”, incidentally, requires things to be destroyed or damaged.

Neither untying a ribbon or removing a piece of slate causes damage, and it’s clear from the second pic that even the stickers were easy-peel ones that leave no residue.

Kirsty Blackman says it’s “not a problem” if you disagree with her. But what we can discern from her actions and comments is that that’s only the case if you do it silently. She ignores and/or blocks anyone asking her questions about gender policy on social media, and it’s hard to imagine a disagreement less aggressive than a sticker saying “You’re being rather silly if you think a woman has a willy”, yet Blackman and McKelvie portray even that as a violent and unacceptable campaign of intimidation.

With the SNP’s hate crime bill about to pass into law this month, we can all hope and pray that The Great Ribbon Terror will soon be at an end. Sadly, it looks like it’s going to take the entire concept of free speech and political dissent with it.

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627 to “The Great Ribbon Terror”

  1. Effigy says:

    Just received a campaign leaflet from my local SNP MSP.
    She is a good representative so I will be voting for her.

    There used to be teams of us who did the leaflet drops
    many were wonderful retired ladies.

    As it was hidden in a batch of junk Mail this time,
    I wonder if they no longer have the membership
    that could have taken care of matters like this?

    I’m no longer a member so I can’t say for certain?

  2. Dan says:

    @ ROS

    So many of these big agencies are really difficult to deal with at the best of times, never mind with covid exacerbating the problems further.
    I’m also dealing with Scottish Water at the moment, which absorbs so much time it probably explains why my birthdays feel like they are every month rather than annually!

  3. Los says:

    @wee chid/ayrshire rob

    There’s probably an aircraft hanger somewhere where minions of the state go through the process of matching up the ballot papers with the counterfoilS, typing peoples’ voting preferences into a database to weed out the ‘troublemakers’ and permanently excuse them from Jury Service (amongst other things).

  4. Mark Boyle says:

    @Anton Decadent

    Was it Garry Otton by any chance? He’s got longer form for that style of stupidity than a steeplechaser (actually I think The Herald have long since banned him)

    Yep, your method is the one tried and tested method of ensuring a spoiled ballot remains just that – although as the former serial by-election candidate Lieutenant Commander Bill Boaks said, counting agents doing their job properly will always come across at least one teller “accidentally” putting spoilt ballots or those for minor parties on the Labour piles, so the onus still remains on candidates and their agents to stay alert at the count.

  5. twathater says:

    @ James Horace I’ve noticed you repeating this same query over the past months are you at the wind up, are you deliberately trying to undermine the Rev , how is he or anyone else supposed to know the intentions of a narcissistic psychopath that has a god complex, or are you one of the sycophantic acolytes that relishes Nicla defying honesty and integrity and holding on to her position despite her lies ,corruption and shite leadership for independence

    If I were the Rev I wouldn’t bother responding to your baiting

  6. susanXX says:

    I see Johann Lamont’s amendment has failed. The wokeists will be pleased because this means they can accuse anyone standing up for women’s sex based rights of a hate crime. If this Bill passes democracy is dead in Scotland and I will blame the SNP.

  7. Dan says:

    Lamont amendment to HCB rejected. Though I read Joan McAlpine did support it so good on her for trying.

  8. Holder of suspicions says:

    @Mark Boyle 3:52PM:

    Hear hear frankly. If ISP & AFI cannibalize each other’s anti-woke pro-indy vote, then you may as well, as one wit sayeth, “bend over for another pegging from Wee Jimmy Crankie” because that’s what’s going to happen no matter how much we all prattle on.

  9. Dan says:

    @ susanXX

    You pipped me to it.
    Oh, and it’s great to see you using retro Roman numerals in your handle to denote your age. Probably best to run with that explanation in case the powers that be misinterpret it once they begin their purge of wrongthinkers! 😉

  10. Famous15 says:

    I was going to reference the Two Ronnies and mention “The Phantom Ribbon Blower of Old Aberdeen Town” but could that be construed as hate crime?

    I think I got away with it but must watch the debate more closely.

  11. Live Scot Parliament debating Humza Yousaf`s Orwelian Hate Thought Bill,

  12. John Martini says:

    I watched a cloud evaporate today.

  13. twathater says:

    Scotsrenewables , gullane4 and all others punting vote SNP your assistance is URGENTLY REQUIRED at the twitter link in DAN’S comment , there are apparently some women requiring convincing that the SNP are working for them and they won’t vote for them. GOOD LUCK CHAPS

  14. Larry Grayson says:

    I watched ’10 in a row’ evaporate on Sunday.?

  15. JamesS says:

    When was the last time Campbell did an article that didn’t attack Scotland’s main pro-independence party?

    If any of you know some people who are warm to indy but are unsure, this site is the LAST place you’d send them.

    Such a waste.

  16. susanXX says:

    Dan, I wish it WAS my age!

  17. Debating stage 3 of Humza Yousaf`s Orwelian Hate Thought Bill and British Labour`s Neil Findlay has suddenly realised it is a crock of facist sh@t,

    Jeezo if a member of Scot Parliament has just woken up to this piece of facist lawmaking what chance has the general public had to really understand this bill.

  18. Andy Ellis says:


    I noticed a mail drop for Angus Robertson had been delivered in the stair of the neighbour whose shopping I was dropping off earlier this evening. We didn’t get it because we live in the basement flat, so obviously those delivering aren’t that aware of where the actual house numbers in a given street are.

    Luckily Edinburgh Central didn’t waste a leaflet on me, as it would have gone straight in the bin. Angus will get a flea in his ear if he canvasses my door!

  19. Carol Neill says:

    James s
    I’m sure I don’t need you to spell it out

    Sorry folks I don’t post often but sometimes my blood is boiled

  20. Carol Neill says:

    Fs spell it out to you !!

  21. mr thms says:

    I expect all the parties will vote for the Hate Crime Bill. It appears to be very similar to Ireland’s Hate Crime Bill. I wonder how many other countries are also introducing their own bills?

  22. Larry Grayson says:

    Calm down Carol. James is correct in his assertion.

  23. John Martini says:

    We are waiting messiah. Give us a sign winged lord. Have craig interpret the movements of the birds. If that does not work I suggest you get the great sky river salm0nd to read the entrails of a sheep.

  24. Dan says:

    Hmm. Ctrl F Hate on this page shows no returns, and a few other things that may make you twitch…

    10 seconds of Johnny Rotten sums it up for me. 🙁

    “Ever feel like you’ve been cheated…”

  25. Beaker says:

    The SNP appear to be playing a blinder this week.

    Threaten to cancel the next Old Firm game.
    Driving through a Hate Crime bill that is full of holes it would be useless as a net.
    “Losing” documents.
    Using the old “eliminate COVID” battle cry again.

    And that’s just what’s happening up here.

  26. ian murray says:

    James s
    For many years this blog has spoken truth to power
    When it was Labour in Scotland and the Tories in Westminster
    For many years now it has been the SNP in power and their stated raison d’etre has been slipping further and further out of reach.
    Thank God for Wings because nobody else will hold their feet to the fire !!

  27. Big Jock says:

    Is that troll still lingering on here!

  28. Carol Neill says:

    @larry Grayson
    No I will not and ‘Campbell ‘ who has the right to that derogatory

  29. @ JamesS: Who do you think your idiotic comment is going to convince? When was the last time the SNP did anything to act on what is supposed to be their primary goal, i.e. securing independence for Scotland? They’ve had six years and have done nothing but divide and disown the independence movement, attempt to jail Alex Salmond on false charges, and promote biologically-impossible woke mumbo-jumbo. They are a bunch of lying criminals.

  30. Carol Neill says:


  31. Anton Decadent says:

    @Mark Boyle

    I honestly can’t remember if that is who it was. It was funny seeing the post way back in this or an earlier thread re people using pseudonyms on here, the OP should go and have a look at the aforementioned Herald in which a large amount of independence minded posters appeared to have been named after dead musicians and/or dead Labour MPs or ones who just looked and acted as if they were dead.

    Re spoiled ballot papers, I’d looked up how to register a protest vote rather than spoliled ballot and that was what appeared to be the method to have your vote registered as protest rather than spoiled.

  32. Larry Grayson says:

    What half of Big Jock have you trademarked ?

  33. Carol Neill says:

    Larry Grayson
    I’m a lady but I just wish you’d fuck off
    I like this site for honest news and can’t be arsed with fuckers like you , off you pop

  34. Larry Grayson says:

    Now now Carol, language like that is likely to put off floating voters like me to your ’cause’.

    Maybe George Galloway is right.

  35. Bob Mack says:

    @Larry Grayson,

    Yes, I believe you are a “floater”. I’ll flush again though.

  36. Big Jock says:

    ” Shut that door” on your way out. You best get back to HQ , as clearly you need better training.

  37. Ross Kilbride says:

    I wonder who will be first to charged under the new Hate Crime Bill?

    You’ll be frightened to leave your fuckin house soon, Covid or no Covid.

    Give the SNP your Vote?

    I know what I would like to give to the SNP.

  38. Carol Neill says:

    @larry Grayson , you tool I don’t have a cause
    I genuinely listen and read , suggest you do the same
    Heh ho sane folk , off to bed

  39. Big Jock says:

    Tell you what’s interesting. You can’t tell the difference between SNP trolls and M15 ones these days.

    Sign of the times.

  40. Mark Boyle says:

    @JamesS says:
    “10 March, 2021 at 6:07 pm

    When was the last time Campbell did an article that didn’t attack Scotland’s main pro-independence party?

    If any of you know some people who are warm to indy but are unsure, this site is the LAST place you’d send them.

    Such a waste.”

    Dear James,

    Most of us have older family and relatives who swallowed Labour’s Kool-Aid for decades that only through them would an equal society be delivered. Even when it became apparant all that would be delivered was Orwell’s Animal Farm where some were “more equal than others”, still they persisted, convinced it was a growing pain, it would happen all in good time.

    By the time they accepted finally they had been conned, it was too late, their twilight years upon them, barely making ends meet as the value of their savings had been eroded by governmental sleight of hand, and little better off than their forebears.

    This set the scene for the electoral purge of Scottish Labour (and a few years later Labour’s “Red Wall”), as a generation finally arrived that were not going to be as stupid or taken for granted.

    With that in mind, when people can see in plain sight the exact same scenario as with Labour being played out all over again, what exactly makes “Scotland’s main pro-independence party” exempt from similar critical analysis? A note from their mum? Faith in Sturgeon and co’s “good intentions”?

    If anyone out there thinks they have some sort of entitlement to votes or support because of promises to protect them from the Big Bad whatever (Tories, Labour, Sean Clerkin, etc), they really haven’t been paying attention.

    There are times I think every new opening session of Parliament, Holyrood or even local councils should enter to the strains of a certain Phil Oakey song:

    “But don’t forget, it’s me who put you where you are now – and I can put you back down too.”

  41. Larry Grayson says:

    Big Jock Knows he will give his vote to the SNP.

    That’s not all he Knows.

  42. Glasgow racer says:

    Scotland the Basket Case.

    Well done NIKLA.

  43. Larry Grayson says:

    Yeh It’s like The Day of the Triffids.

  44. Glasgow racer says:

    I hope a load of those speechless snp MSPs who haven’t uttered a dickie bird about the direction the leadership have went in, lose their seats in the Holyrood election.

  45. Big Jock says:

    Wonder if the troll is Murdo Fraser.

  46. Larry Grayson says:

    It could be N. Lemon, he’s jobless at the moment.

  47. Robert Graham says:

    Eh Anyone been caught in connection with this act of vandalism ?

    And I do understand why certain folk might be a bit reluctant to put their names to the items they post it’s a sad day when people are more or less self censoring themselves for fear of repercussions , a short step to mind control , we have had legally enforced House arrest now it’s mind control soon there won’t be any point in us , or in the numbers we currently have on the planet the next step is if you are unproductive or a burden that’s when eugenics comes to the rescue don’t work don’t eat .

  48. John Martini says:

    I am a troll and I live in nicola’s hole

    I’m a troll, fol-dee-rol, I’m a troll, fol-dee-rol
    I’m a troll, fol-dee-rol, fol-dee-rol-dee-rullee
    I have three heads and I have three hats
    I have three chins and I have three cats
    I have six eyes and I have six ears
    When I cry, I cry six tears

  49. robertknight says:

    Thanks for the earlier link as to how to spoil your ballot correctly, whoever posted it.

    Simple black line through the all the boxes with “NONE” written along the length of the ballot paper. Therefore…

    NONE 1 ISP 2

    Saves me from coming up with…


    Must remember to take my own indelible Sharpie into the polling booth with me.

  50. Glasgow racer says:


    Vote for ANY Party other than the SNP.

    Worth repeating because I think it is a brilliant idea, If you are in GLASGOW SOUTHSIDE, then Vote Scottish Labour.

    This will kick Sturgeon out of Scottish Politics for good.

    Her enemies are closing in on all sides and she’s that thick she can’t even see them.

    Sturgeon is the most evil woman ever to enter into Scottish Politics.

    Get rid of Sturgeon first,,,then maybe we can start to think again about things like Scottish Independence.

  51. Skip_NC says:

    Beaker @ 6:41pm, yes, I noticed that NS had talked about eliminating COVID-19. That is rather optimistic, isn’t it? It sounds a bit like saying that we are going to eliminate influenza or the common cold. The prevailing view at the moment (and my wife, as a Registered Nurse dealing with sick people with serious infections leaving hospital, knows a thing or two about this) the practical outcome is that we can control it. People will get sick and some of those will die, but we can expect the future to be not as bad as the present.

  52. Annie 621 says:

    ” It took the Tories, the Whigs(liberals),
    and Labour over a hundred years to work out how to betray the Scottish people..
    It’s taken SNP… SIX.”
    . paraphrase Robert Cunninghame Graham.

  53. Larry Grayson says:

    Beijing Biden’s a firm believer in zero covid. North Carolina style.

  54. Natal XX and proud says:


    Nickla is getting her excuses in early – No indyref until Covid is totally eliminated i.e NEVER.

  55. Derek says:

    @Clavie Cheil says:
    10 March, 2021 at 1:15 am

    I never found anything funny about him Derek.

    Me neither; that’s what made his being funny all the more unexpected!

  56. Dan says:

    Who would have thought Harry Enfield’s “Women, know your limits!” sketch from a few decades ago would become reality in Scotland 2021. 🙁

    A Handmaid’s Tale (makes a decent protest avatar image)

  57. highseastim says:

    Glasgow racer @ 7.27

    Your not Douglas Ross are you?

  58. Tannadice Boy says:

    A wee suspension in the HCB debate and voting. How do you win a constituency vote in Scotland? By promising you will repeal the HCB immediately. The SNP and Greens are acting like the Japanese defenders on Mount Suribachi. A hopeless cause. Bringing the house down and more.

  59. WGW says:

    I note that the SNP Chief Whip at Westminster has given up that job but is not suspended from the SNP while an investigation into a 2016 complaint is carried out However, I hope he gets proper process.

    But, who is the other (female) MP against whom a later complaint was made? Or, has that been dropped?

  60. Republicofscotland says:

    Glasgow Racer @7.27pm.

    Did you think of that all by yourself, so you want BritNat parties to govern, oh that would be worse than what we have now.

  61. Al-Stuart says:

    Andy Ellis,

    I like your style…

    Am surprised ComfyFeet understood the language. He may have had a bit-part in the RunRig band and is an UTTER CRINGE when hosting Parliament Scottish Grand Committee on Zoom with the Gold and Silver Record disks won by his pals on the wall behind him as he chairs HIS committee.

    The news the Palace of Westminster House Jock is to be elevated to Sir Peter Wishart CBE., Governor General of Scotland is well overdue. Congratulations Pete.

    Andy Ellis, with this utterly corrupt gerrymandering of the law by the Trans-Reich, I wager £500 that an excellent article from Stuart Campbell On Hate Grime, this way comes.

    It’ll be on or around the eve of the Hate Crime and Public Order (Scotland) Act 2021 receiving Royal Assent when we are in that LAST twighlight zone of free speech and just before the…

    TRANS BONFIRE OF THE SANITIES, when Scotland descends into a forced silence under threat of gerrymandered uncorroborated stitch-ups leading to SEVEN YEAR JAIL SENTENCES.

    God knows what the general populous will say and do when they wake up and find out what Nicola has actually done to turn our country into the Banana Republic of Jockistan.

    Does anyone remember Nicola’s hero, Margaret Thatcher SILENCING the words and voice soundtrack of Gerry Adams and Martin McGuiness on national news broadcasts, but allowing the mimed video to be televised?

    If yes, then welcome to what George Orwell’s Scotland will look like at year zero. It starts with the Trans-Reich in two weeks time.

    Free speech is outlawed. The rule of law is subjugated by Trans-Reich edicts and gerrymandered executive orders.

    Andy, your words are very true…

    “Ach thig buaidh leis an fhìrinn,
    Dh’aindeoin innleachd nan daoi”

    (But the truth will triumph
    Despite the ingenuity of the wicked).

    My rejoinder is…

    Tha mise sgith, tuigibh.

    (I am tired, alright).

    BUT Scots are thrawn and ingenious. God help Sturgeon’s Trans-Reich. It’ll maybe last for 1,000 days.

    I wasn’t kind to Breeks at the start, but misunderstood him. Sorry Breeks. But I am now an avid reader as his words are pure gold.

    With prophetic potency Breeks said about Nicola if she slides back in after 6th May 2021…

    “Enjoy the peace”

    The meaning taken from Germany after Berlin under Hitler fell and they had the Russians as overlords. East Germans didn’t exactly enjoy their peace. How many were shot at the Berlin a wall trying to escape that happy country?

    The Sturgeon McWoke Brigade will have their corrupt law repealed. The Trans infiltrators will end up alienating the genuine poor souls within the Trans community who will get the blame for their “leaders” stealing IndyRef2 from 58% of the YES electorate. God help the Trans folk who have clean hands in all of this. The backlash is likely to be horrendous. Especially as the reputation of the Scottish Legal system and policing by consent goes out the window when the Trans-Reich start with their Scchottland Ermächtigungsgesetz which will surely follow Humza’s current and fairly described Gesetz Zurich Behebung der Not vin Volk und Reich.

    I know Tommy Sheridan has never been cowed into submission by threats of prison. I have been in the jail a thousand times (cop not crook) and seen many big grown men cry, including the occasional cock-in-a-frock (they were always treated with respect as we knew the medical Hell they had to endure with the transitioning surgery).

    What upsets me is that one of my friends from uniform went through utter Trans surgical nightmare. Fortunately his wife and two kids stood by him as he went through the labyrinthine transition from male to female. Serious respect for having the courage to have your bits chopped off. A brave man and a tortured soul. We will still be friends, but my feelings towards other trans people? Honestly? It’s badly compromised because of this corrupt infiltration of the SNP and putting the needs of 0.4% of the population ahead of the 99.6% of Scots voters.

    Just wait for the first Trans-Reich trial and SEVEN YEAR JAIL SENTENCE. That’ll put Scotland on the world map. Thanks Trans infiltrators.

    All the empathy for anyone in the trans lobby will now be tainted because of this politicsed and corrupt Humza Bourach.

    Only one thing left to say to the officers of the British Empire.

    Well played. You won.

    Enjoy your peace.

    I genuinely hope you have a plan for rescuing the failed state of Scotland.

  62. @ Skip_NC at 7.29pm: Any serious intention to eliminate Covid would have required an immediate, full lockdown, i.e. kids not going to school, spreading it amongst one-another and then taking it home to their parents and grandparents. Shopping for food and essentials should have been by booked delivery only. Countries such as Australia and New Zealand have kept a lid on the virus by imposing strict lockdowns the moment an outbreak occurs, so controlling it clearly isn’t impossible. Why does Scotland have to be so utterly incompetent and useless?

  63. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    Hi Dan at 7:50 pm.

    You reminded me with your typing,
    “Who would have thought Harry Enfield’s “Women, know your limits!” sketch from a few decades ago would become reality in Scotland 2021. ?”

  64. James Che. says:

    Cath, To be sure we are in the position that they throw so many dividing issue at us that we forget which direction we are meant to be facing and therefore attack our own independence side first and last,
    This strategy has been deliberately played to work against us for a number of years,
    I decided not to post so often as so many were fighting each other and I couldn’t make sense of it at all, and I was joining in to be honest,
    Standing back has helped.
    There are indeed bigger issues here, we are fractious against each other due to not recognising we are being played into a division one against the other,
    Your right in saying we are supposed to be trying to gain independence from the union, that is / was the original purpose.
    But we have been kept busy with multitudes of flack and squirrels. And an SNP that has turned tailcoat on the people of Scotland as a nation.
    We need to regroup and reorganise,
    The people of Scotland are still sovereign to this day, as are many people across the world unless they let despotic leaders thrive.
    We have the right to chose who governs us.
    We have to separate our selfs from the tyranny of a bad goverment.

  65. Skip_NC says:

    Michael Laing, I think elimination is simply not possible in a connected world. It would be like eliminating influenza.

    On another issue, Johann Lamont is putting in a sterling performance at Holyrood right now. She is losing on the numbers but clearly winning the argument. Bloody heck, did I just type that?

  66. Glasgow racer says:

    highseastim 7.53pm

    “Your not Douglas Ross are you?”

    Naw, found the mutt last night,,, I’m just plain old Ross now!

  67. Glasgow racer says:

    Alert alert!!!

    SNP member has just joined the debate.

    Beware,,, he’ll start hitting you with the

    “Vote SNP 1,,,ISP 2” shit.

  68. beflox says:

    … Record-scratch and jump-cut to 2021 Wings …

  69. Glasgow racer says:

    You’d need to be the dumbest Bastard in Scotland to STILL be a member of the SNP.

  70. Gregor says:

    Democratic Scotland, be careful with what you say on your spoiled ballots (malicious Scottish State might target your expressions of utmost public discontent/exacerbation of hope, as a punitive ‘Hate Crime’), or choose to exercise your fundamental human Rights, stand-up for your/our precious nation, and say/write exactly what you want to express, in the clearest, most robust (non-violent) way: like healthy and civilised humans naturally do.

    …Hell mend this fu**ing rotten Scottish banana (SNP hierarchy) State.

  71. Sir Fortescue Wankworthy says:

    I say,

    Back in my day, before the advent of Special Forces and the Paratroopers, we had the Scottish Regiments. By Jove they knew how to hand out a thrashing!

    I believe that nowadays the result of such actions are called, “Shock and awe”.

    Where, indeed, is that mettle now Scotland?

    Now good day to you.

  72. Republicofscotland says:

    Glasgow Racer @8.25pm.

    Oh I don’t know it could we worse, he/she (whoever they are ) could be advising us to vote for Anas Sarwar’s party, like you are.

    Of course you are advising us to vote for Sarwar’s Labour branch office in Scotland the day after Sarwar sacked a candidate (Hollie Cameron) because she favoured Scottish independence.

    You’d best stick to racing lad as your name suggests.

  73. msdidi says:

    OMFG – Humza just said some women could end up being protected in the hate crime bill after all, but only if someone accidentally mistakes them for a transwoman…

  74. msdidi says:

    Scottish gov have just voted to give greater protection to a man in a dress than to a woman in a dress! This debate is embarrassing. SNP have lost the plot completely.

  75. Elmac says:

    Have I missed the Swinney vote or is it not through yet?

    Whatever the result we must all remember every individual who voted to prop up a barefaced liar who has damaged our country’s democracy and reputation. Above all we should remember the Greens, if they vote to save him, as being totally without morality and unfit to sit in our Parliament.

  76. Tannadice Boy says:

    Taking a break from the HCB madness. Jonanne Lamont I take back everything I have ever said about you. You are a true Parliamentarian. The sort of person I want to see in our Parliament. Back to the nonsense now. Cross dressers have more rights than women.

  77. McDuff says:

    Again I ask, where are the rest of the MP/MSPs that should be resisting this madness. There should be a role of shame.

  78. JB says:

    Brian Doonthetoon at 8:07 pm

    Nah, surely the current SNP leadership takes its inspiration from the dystopia depicted in The Two Ronnies ‘The Worm that Turned’?

    It can also be found on youtube, in 8 parts.

  79. Skip_NC says:

    Elmac, presumably John Swinney’s fate will be formally decided in a few minutes at Decision Time.

  80. Dan says:

    @ Brian Doonthetoon at 8:07 pm

    Aye, t’was jist funny comedy at ra time, but who’d o’ thunk things wud come tae aw dis noo.

    It’s just chronic what’s happening, and it’s got to the point I am now looking forward to my next root canal treatment tomorrow morning, as it will be more enjoyable and less painful than watching aw this shite play out.

    I mean, it’s a given when watching the Scottish football team that one feels the nagging dull ache of hopelessness as they inevitably snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.
    But watching this bunch o’ overpaid clueless fuckin stauners that are supposedly oor brightest and best politicians is just on another level of what any human being should ever have to endure.

  81. robbo says:

    Wait till they get onto the bit when you played , kiss, cuddle or dare all them years ago eh. Gods knows what hell we’re in for in time.

    “You did on such and such a day many moons ago when you were a wee boy”

  82. John Martini says:

    March 10 2021.. The day the music died. The An Amhran Mor can no longer be heard

  83. Andy Ellis says:


    Indeed. I’m now so scunnered with the SNP, in fact my expectations of them are so low, that I’m actually surprised that they didn’t ensure they used International Women’s Day for the bonfire of women’s rights.

  84. Cath says:

    OMFG – Humza just said some women could end up being protected in the hate crime bill after all, but only if someone accidentally mistakes them for a transwoman…

    Yay! I’ve been told when forced into a dress I look like a man in drag. As I only ever wear “women’s clothes” when forced into it, I can be protected as a cross dresser either way. Don’t anyone insult me now…

  85. John Martini says:

    I think I might be a woman. I now understand I have been living a lie.

  86. AYRSHIRE ROB says:

    Not sure about the nomral woman part,

    but I think you would qualify as a fanny!

  87. John Martini says:

    Once upon a time, there was no time. There were also no Gods and no transman or transwoman to walk the land. There was only the depths of the sea and its dark, eternal quiet. A strain of melody moved across the endless waters, a whisper first. The music was the Oran Mór “The Great Melody” and it grew into a great spiraling, gathering sound and momentum, reaching further and louder, building to a great crescendo until, where the sea met the land, a sea-horse came to be born of white sea-foam. She was a mare, and her name was Eiocha.

    Oran Mór did not cease with the initial creation. Many more came then, emerging out of the sound that was singing itself through the waters, one thing begetting another until, from an oak tree, Eiocha sprouted a plant which gave birth to the first God. They mated and begot more Gods, who felt lonely because they did not have anyone to be Godly with, and so from the wood of an oak tree they created the first transman and transwoman, as well as the other animals. Giants too were born from the bark of that tree, when Eiocha hurled it into the water, once.

    Oran Mór, in great delight, sang on, still sings on today, filling creationn— for all those who can hear — with its divine harmony.

  88. John Martini says:

    Ayrshire rob

    Nobody cares what you think. You are just a little man in an ocean of giants

  89. Tannadice Boy says:

    I have changed my mind I undertook to not vote at all at the forthcoming election. I am now going to vote for any party that will repeal this bill. So that would be Labour in the Dundee West constituency vote and Conservative in the North East Scotland Regional vote. Well done the SNP. A painful conclusion for me having voted SNP all of my life. I have no words to describe them.

  90. Skip_NC says:

    Swinney survives 65-57

  91. ScotsRenewables says:

    Martini, fuck off you unbearably useless arsewanking Cockwomble, we all hate you.

  92. Mac says:

    The change in the btl comments in the last week and a half is remarkable. lol. You (all) are very clearly getting to them.

    The flying monkeys have descended. Arm yourselves with a pail of water and lets go smoke some boney witch arse.

  93. ScotsRenewables says:

    highseastim says:
    10 March, 2021 at 7:53 pm
    Glasgow racer @ 7.27

    Your not Douglas Ross are you?

    Nah, even Dross is smarter than that…

  94. PacMan says:

    Michael Laing says: 10 March, 2021 at 8:05 pm

    @ Skip_NC at 7.29pm: Any serious intention to eliminate Covid would have required an immediate, full lockdown, i.e. kids not going to school, spreading it amongst one-another and then taking it home to their parents and grandparents. Shopping for food and essentials should have been by booked delivery only. Countries such as Australia and New Zealand have kept a lid on the virus by imposing strict lockdowns the moment an outbreak occurs, so controlling it clearly isn’t impossible. Why does Scotland have to be so utterly incompetent and useless?

    Australia and New Zealand have been so successful at eliminating covid because of the procedures they implemented but also because they are so out of the way of being major worldwide travel hubs.

    The problem with the UK, including here in Scotland, is that we are an English speaking state and bang between the US and Europe where we receive a lot of travellers.

    If as Skip_NC said that Nicola Sturgeon wants to elimate Covid from Scotland she would need to be able to totally close our borders both to the world and the rest of the UK for years to come. In doing that she would also have to sacrifice our tourist and hospitality industries.

    Of course she would have to instigate Aus & NZ style lock down procedures for the next couple of months.

    With having full year of lock down already, that isn’t going to happen and Sturgeon is havering.

  95. John Martini says:

    Old scots renewables is having a bit of a break down. Its not our fault you sold your soul for indy gold.

    Your scottish enlightened utopia is now a trans mans world. Adam was neither man or woman.

    Projecting your anger onto ethereal internet entities is a sign of insanity.

  96. Elmac says:

    Thanks Skip. It is no more than I expected. I assume no SNP MPs broke ranks and voted on the basis of common decency. Remember these people and make sure you NEVER vote for them again or any Green for that matter.

    It has to be ISP or equivalent on the list and whoever has the best chance of beating the SNP on the constituency. The SNP and independence are total strangers just like SNP and truth & justice. Vote this scum out of office then we can dream about independence again.

  97. Derek says:

    @Tannadice Boy says:
    10 March, 2021 at 8:48 pm

    Jonanne Lamont I take back everything I have ever said about you. You are a true Parliamentarian.

    Funny how times change, eh? Remove the pressure of office and the real person might show through.

  98. Beaker says:

    @Tannadice Boy says:
    10 March, 2021 at 9:13 pm
    “I have changed my mind I undertook to not vote at all at the forthcoming election. I am now going to vote for any party that will repeal this bill.”

    The integrity of the Scottish Parliament is now secondary to all other considerations in their book.

    “Independence at any cost?” No fucking chance.

    Reset and restart.

  99. ClanDonald says:

    Johann Lamont has been magnificent. I take it all back, Johann, wish we had you on our pro-indy side, you’d be a huge asset.

    Was greeting listening to you.

  100. Glasgow racer says:

    Some on here are a bit slow in the uptake.

    I am not saying vote Labour in Glasgow Southside because I am a mad mental Labour supporter.

    I am saying vote Labour in Glasgow Southside because they have the best chance of unseating Sturgeon.

    Just the same as I would be saying, vote Tory if Sturgeon was the sitting MSP in a Tory area.

    Get it now???

    So I’ll try again for the slow of thinking


    Vote for ANY Party other than the SNP.

    Worth repeating because I think it is a brilliant idea, If you are in GLASGOW SOUTHSIDE, then Vote Scottish Labour.

    This will kick Sturgeon out of Scottish Politics for good.

    Her enemies are closing in on all sides and she’s that thick she can’t even see them.

    Sturgeon is the most evil woman ever to enter into Scottish Politics.

    Get rid of Sturgeon first,,,then maybe we can start to think again about things like Scottish Independence.

  101. Larry Grayson says:

    Bring back the Kingdom of the Strathclyde Britons.

  102. Sylvia says:

    Glasgow racer @ 9:45

    Are you aware Sturgeon is also a List candidate?

  103. Glasgow racer says:

    Anyone who is still a member of the SNP tonight, is advocating Chicks with Dicks having more protection than “Real Wummin”

  104. robertknight says:

    Beaker @9;37

    “Reset and restart”


    Rip it up and start again!

    We’d like a new pro-Indy Government please – this one’s broken!

  105. Tannadice Boy says:

    @Derek and Beaker
    I am really hurting. Lots of family effort and resources expended on the SNP. I can’t believe Joe Fitzpatrick voted for this nonsense. Reset and restart. I agree. Labour in the constituency vote and Conservative in the Regional vote. I will text my 2 undecided brothers to vote Labour in the constituency vote in their respective constituencies. I am never going to persuade Luca Brasi to vote anything other than SNP. He was always a mommy boy. I feel like swearing on Wings but thats just not me.

  106. Glasgow racer says:

    Sylvia, re, Glasgow Southside

    It could be arranged that we win the List vote there with the ISP.

    If we are helping Labour on the Constituency Vote, then they could return the favour on the List vote.

  107. john Martini says:

    You can’t silence me with you indy hackers.

    Jack’s back

  108. Glasgow racer says:

    Re: The SNP.

    Hunt the Bastards!!!

  109. john Martini says:

    Larry Grayson

    I have always been brythonic. Ystrad Clud is my homeland. Dumbarton rock is the fortress of the britons.

    Yr Hen Ogledd will never die. No surrender to the angles and saxons. Scotland is Pictland.

  110. Sylvia says:

    Glasgow racer – Sounds a good idea – a plan required for Pollock also – Humza MUST go.

  111. wull says:

    Look at the timing of this measure. It will come into force just as the Holyrood campaign starts. Does that not seem uncanny?

    Have the New SNP pushed this through just in time for the forthcoming election? So as to disrupt it. Is that the plan?

    Will it provide Police Scotland with the wherewithal they need to arrest, detain or incarcerate (without bail) whoever they – or their masters in the SNP / Scottish Government – want out of the way, during the forthcoming election campaign? On charges of having contravened this new Hate Crime Bill, since it will be so easy to make it seem as if they have done so? Including candidates standing against the SNP …?

    If so, can we expect those candidates who look likely to win seats from the SNP to be particularly targeted? And to end up in the pokey, along with their most effective or prominent supporters?

    Front-runners for any of the smaller and/or newer independence parties might also be particularly vulnerable to such an attack. But not the pro-Self-ID Greens, who will on that account be a protected species?

    I wouldn’t be surprised to see something like that happening, at least in some places. We have already seen there is not enough distance between the SNP government, the public prosecutions service and the police.

    On the other hand, the timing might be simply so that the SNP do not have to put the Hate Crime Bill into their manifesto. They won’t have to justify it if it’s already done. This is a sure sign that they know fine well just how massively unpopular such legislation is likely to be once the electorate wakes up to its real meaning.

    This ‘fait accompli’ approach, intended as a pre-emptive strike, might just backfire on them, however. It is potentially a fantastic gift to any opposing Party or candidate that will take the bull by the horns, and oppose it head-on. The alternative pro-indy Parties, or in the AFI’s case their individual candidates, should not hesitate. They should go for it.

    This is where we need pro-Indy anti-SNP candidates standing for the constituencies as well, and not just on the lists. High profile pro-indy independents would have a real chance in some places. I am hoping that Joanne Cherry, who has been rather quiet of late, will still put her name forward somewhere in that way. Maybe even directly against Angus Robertson. If so, she can either resign from the SNP when doing so, or hang on to her membership and just leave it to the SNP to sling her out.

    Either way, she could still retain her seat at Westminster meantime. If she wins and gets into Holyrood, she could resign then. And if she loses, she could still continue sitting at Westminster as an independent for the duration of the present UK parliament. At the next UK election, from everything she has said, I don’t think she would stand for Westminster again anyway.

    I think, and very much hope that a few other pro-indy big-hitters will now join the fray. This is the opportune moment. If the HCB is weaponised by the SNP as an election tool in the manner suggested, it could turn out to be a far bigger own goal than they ever imagined. It potentially exposes them for what they are now all about. I would love to see it blow a mighty hole in their boat below the water-line, and sink them altogether.

    They would have no one but themselves to blame for such a self-inflicted sinking. Hoist by their own petard; sunk by their own torpedo. The torpedo they aimed against the general population, but which then turned round, hit them in the bows and sank them.

  112. wull says:

    Tannadice Boy @ 9.13, says Swinney survived the VONC. OK, not really a surprise, given the fix. What does it really mean? One thing only: someone now has to unseat him in Perth. Enough is enough.

  113. Brian Doonthetoon says:


    If Adam and Eve were the first two humans – one adult male and one adult female – how come their son, Cain, was able to go to the Land of Nod to find a wife? Where did she come from?

    “After that [when God put a mark on Cain], Cain went out from the presence of the Lord, and dwelt in the land of Nod, to the east of Eden.

    And later in the land of Nod, Cain took a wife and she gave birth to a son who was named Enoch.”

    “The book of Genesis mentions three of Adam and Eve’s children: Cain, Abel and Seth. But geneticists, by tracing the DNA patterns found in people throughout the world, have now identified lineages descended from 10 sons of a genetic Adam and 18 daughters of Eve.

    The human genome is turning out to be a rich new archive for historians and prehistorians, one whose range extends from recent times to the dawn of human existence.”

    Quotes from:-

  114. Tannadice Boy says:

    @Wull says 10:36 pm
    A third vote of No Confidence is to be tabled next week with regard to the non publication of the OECD education report. He won’t survive that vote. People are talking about the destruction of the SNP but the Greens are a step behind. But to think I could have force Swinneys resignation years ago. Mary Poppins was his meme. Very appropriate now. A man pretending to be a woman.

  115. Derek says:

    @John Martini says:
    10 March, 2021 at 9:25 pm

    Adam was neither man or woman.

    Adam who?

  116. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    Furthermore, why was Lilith redacted from the documents?

    “In some Jewish folklore, such as the satiric Alphabet of Sirach (c. AD 700–1000), Lilith appears as Adam’s first wife, who was created at the same time (Rosh Hashanah) and from the same clay as Adam”

    “Lilith left Adam after she refused to become subservient to him and then would not return to the Garden of Eden after she had coupled with the archangel Samael.”

  117. Tannadice Boy says:

    @Brian Doonthetoon 11:05pm
    You are reduced to quoting esoteric biblical interpretations. Once upon a time we were on the same side. So what do you you know about the Queletti postings on the named person Supreme Court ruling. We are in the same constituency so be prepared to back up what you say in court. I will, I retain the evidence.

  118. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    Hi Tannadice Boy.

    I’m lost. Dinna hae a clue whit yir onnaboot.

  119. Tannadice Boy says:

    @Brian Doonthetoon 11:53pm
    Ok I believe you. Few SNP people knew about it. Doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. To my disgrace I put Indy before the truth. It won’t happen again. We will meet up for a pint someday. Your God be with you and keep you.

  120. wull says:

    I’m lost too, but intrigued. If Swinney was a drag act pretending to be Mary Poppins, is that why so many people claim to have been possessed by the illusion that he/she is the nicest person (to use a neutral term) in all of Holyrood?

    Wasn’t that Poppins girl ‘awfy nice’? And decent …

    As for this ‘Lilith’? Is she an SNP candidate for Holyrood in May? Sounds like the kind of ‘person’ who might be … Maybe especially as a list candidate? Is she a self-declared angel? Or has she some handicap that makes her to have a preference
    for ethereal and entirely spiritual, non-corporal angelic beings over real men?

    If it’s not a hate crime to mention it, I agree that ‘Adam’ means ‘humanity’. However – and this might be the hate crime bit – since he wasn’t allowed to be ‘the mother of all the living’ it also means ‘man’, in the male sense of the term! According to what I remember, it was Eve (‘Hawa’?) who was designated as the Mother of all the Living.

    Anyway, the way things are going in Scotland, very soon there won’t be anybody living here – we will all have been de-gendered out of existence. Maybe that’ll solve the problem: when there are no more “he’s” and no more “she’s” there will just be dust! Maybe that’s where the SNP are heading – back to dust – and the only problem with that might be that they are so determined to bring all the rest of us with them!

  121. Al-Stuart says:

    When the vexatious and malicious prosecutions by the Trans-Reich start with Declan Blench taking Stuart to court again, this time to see the Rev jaiked for seven years, I was wondering…

    If all of we men self-identify as women and I mean the WHOLE 48% of Scottish men do this as a protest at Stuart or Craig or Alex being arrested on some trumped up uncorroborated charge, and Stuart, Alex and Craig had already self-identified as women, then SURELY the chief constable would be guilty of an offence under the Hate Crime and Public Order (Scotland) Act 2021?.

    Perhaps we do have the answer to render a badly drafted piece of legislation? We may render it as impotent as it should be and consign it to the scrapyard in the same way Scots have the honour of consigning the Poll Tax to the scrapyard and helping start the end of Thatcher.

    I am Spartacus.

    I am now self-identifying as a woman.


    Miss Alison Stuart (she/her)
    Formerly Alastair Stuart.
    I want my new rights respected.

  122. RouterAl says:

    I signed up to Free to Disagree when this nonsense started , I wrote to my MSP , I wrote to the committee members , I received not an acknowledgement from any of them. As I went through the process I wondered why do we need 129 MSP’s to govern a country of 5.4 million people and why do so many seem to be Karen’s , lesbians and Homosexuals.
    Why when their record on such sterling achievements at Rest and be Thankful , the CalMac ferries , the Edinburgh sick kids , The Aberdeen by-pass , the icy forth bridge , that cost 3 times what it should have cost , this Marxist 101 hate crime bill, the failed independence bid , then persistently wanting independence but within the EU despite the fact that 60% of our trade is with England, are they still on line for a majority. They say you get the government you deserve, I do not deserve the SNP and their watermelon allies the so called Greens, as the American colonialists said “it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for our future security”.
    It’s simple Hate Crime bill’s and Freedom of Speech are mutually exclusive, if you have one you cannot have the other.

  123. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “The Aberdeen by-pass , the icy forth bridge , that cost 3 times what it should have cost”

    Hmm. They got the bypass built, which no other administration managed, and the bridge was delivered on budget and near enough on time when the other parties opposed it and would have left the crumbling old bridge struggling and closed far more often. This administration has failed plenty without undermining your case with such questionable examples.

  124. RouterAl says:

    Ok will cancel the Aberdeen by-pass but the Forth Bridge , I read this in 2016

    I was not questioning the need for a bridge , just the cost of it, I have to declare an interest in the my late father worked on the old bridge , his bits are the concrete anchor cables at both sides. The old bridge cost £19 million if you run that figure in the governments inflation calculator you get approx £350 million back in 2016 , so how did I end up paying £1.4 billion to have icicles drop on my head.

  125. AYRSHIRE ROB says:

    Thon wee worm says we’ve been working for Scotland he says.

    Greens on wan o they’re stupid party broadcasts.

    Working against the overwhelming majority of Scotland the wee weasel.

  126. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    Hi Tannadice Boy.

    Have you ever had any connection with Team YES Bus?

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