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The Wrecking Crew

Posted on March 10, 2021 by

We took the day off today because we didn’t trust ourselves to watch the Hate Crime Bill debate without doing something violent. By all accounts it was the smart call.

While the debate overran and will conclude with a vote tomorrow, there’s no suspense about the outcome. With the backing of the snivelling, hateful, misogynist Greens (one female MSP out of six, entirely by choice), the bill will pass and Scotland will become a country where almost anything you say could be a hate crime.

The bill is designed to terrify normal people into silence about almost any subject, as an automatic habit. Even in your own home you won’t be safe from denunciation.

And while an amendment by Adam Tomkins of the Scottish Tories – it has come to the stage, readers, where we’re reduced to needing the Tories to try to save us from the SNP – should help a lot of people escape being convicted, that’s not even the point. Malicious, vexatious complaints will have put them through months of worry and fear, effectively punishing them even though they’re innocent, and most people – especially women – will simply hold their tongue to avoid the trauma.

For the last couple of years this site has been critical of the SNP’s failure to make any sort of progress on independence. But this is far, far worse even than that. Because if they somehow miraculously achieved independence tomorrow, we’d be afraid to live in the Scotland they’re creating.

Our country doesn’t have a SINGLE political party remotely fit for government. Voters in May face a choice between the evil, the stupid, and the evil and stupid. And they can’t even be angry about it, because even the politest anger is now a hate crime.

We wish we had a constructive course of action to suggest to you, folks. But we don’t, because democracy has failed you. There is no way you can vote that will fix the ruins the SNP have made of Scotland. We cannot see a way forward. It is becoming nearly impossible to evade the conclusion that all is lost. Nicola Sturgeon has destroyed it.

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937 to “The Wrecking Crew”

  1. Peter S says:

    Vote for the Scottish Libertarians if you want to have at least some opposition.

  2. AYRSHIRE ROB says:

    Scot Renewables

    But you’re telling us to vote SNP on the day. “It’ll be alright on the night” scenario.

    No it won’t. There’s more hell to come from them if they get a majority. More shit policies that will make HCB look tame with this current lot.

    You have been told b4 do not demand from voters their mark in the box. Request by all means, never demand. Awe just one more time.We promise this time, we promise.

    Fuck naw, I don’t like jam. How many times dae you need tae be telt Mr?

  3. Dan says:

    I’m not sure if it is caused by the dentist anesthetic that’s slowly wearing off, but I reckon that was three relatively sensible posts in a row from me, so for balance I best move into different territory.

    1 minute footage of Pete Murrell and Nicola Sturgeon driving what’s left of the Indy vehicle.

  4. Ruby says:

    ScotsRenewables says:
    11 March, 2021 at 1:12 pm
    Is English Unionist a hateful description?

    Your cover is blown, Ruby

    You referred to me as Rubytube.
    English Unionist troll was the description you used.

    ‘Your cover is blown, Ruby’

    My cover was also blown in an earlier post. Then I was ‘outed’ as a ‘Typical Sturgeonite McWoke’ and referred to as RubyRoaster

    Do you post under different names?

  5. Robert Graham says:

    Quite a funny Canadian series on Amazon Prime just now for those folk who might need a little lighthearted distraction because they sound as if they are about to blow a gasket ,

    Anyway it’s called Corner Gas , lighthearted and stupid give it a try if you are at a loose end ,

    Just in case anyone wondered yes it is Off Topic

    Have a nice day now .

  6. Bob Mack says:

    @Andrew Morton,

    No . It’s the Trans part that is “protected “,not the woman part

  7. Pixywine says:

    Been moderated on the Dugs blog

  8. Cag-does-thinking says:

    Before I wade though the comments in abject depression, this being the most up to date comment it is the only one I see do let me mention that Corner Gas though Canadian is very Scottish type of humour and I watched it a few years ago and it was very funny, especially if you come from a small town/village…. And today I need cheered up.

  9. President Xiden says:

    Scots Renewables said

    Do I detect a Trumpster?

    Oh dear. A bit of a credibility gap opening up here I fear.

    You are the Joke character here my friend. YOU are the one lacking credibility.

  10. Dan says:
    11 March, 2021 at 1:11 pm
    @Scots Renewables

    Just an observation, but it may be worth considering that some BTL commenters who are really struggling to vote SNP with their first vote, may live in particular constituencies that have SNP MSPs who have been hugely influential with their various activities which has led us into this crisis position.
    Therefore, attempts to remove these specific MSPs is a valid position to hold. In chess, sometimes a necessary sacrifice requires to be made.

    Dan, you have a point. Unfortunately, every SNP MSP not elected means a Unionist MSP.

    I can almost see the point of voting for Anas Sarwar in Sturgeon’s constituency, and if she was not elected it would indeed send a very, very sharp message. However, she would get in on the List vote so it would all be a bit pointless really, and lets face it her personal vote will get her in anyway, I don’t thing Sarwar has a chance.

    And Sarwar is hardly a paragon of virtue, having probably told as many lies to Parliament as Sturgeon in his time. So again, what would be the point?

    The only way for honour to be satisfied and for a pro-indy majority to be returned is for the ISP to up their game dramatically, but they seem so useless that I suspect they are a Unionist front, designed to take SNP list votes but with no chance of getting a single seat.

    Maybe something or someone will move before May, but the ISP and the AFI look like being as busted a flush as RISE were in 2016. I was half expecting Stu to stand, or at least comprehensively endorse them or gee thenm up in some way, but he has not done so so far.

    I would love to see Robertson fail to get Edinburgh Central , but again the fat trougher will get in on the list so it’s all a bit pointless.

    (If you think the SNP will let their self-id-ing tourettes and BAME candidates displace Robertson or Sturgeon you are nuts . . . the no.1 candidates will just withdraw on health grounds or similar )

    We are in a bad place. I see no point in making it worse.

  11. Pixywine says:

    Scots Renewables. And….?

  12. Pixywine says:

    For comedy I go to Scots Renewables. I’m not Left or Right. I’m a bit of everything politically as I think most people are. It’s good to get both sides of an argument. Even at my age this past 5 years or so has taught me much and possibly mistified me more. What is most mystifying is the bone headed loyalty the Sturgeonette seems capable of.

  13. Pixywine says:

    Anyway time for some Alex Jones

  14. Big Jock says:

    Andy – I agree that the SNP need :” a skelped arse”.

    However us giving them a skelped arse in the election will not be perceived by the Brits as that. They will use it as a signal to tell Scotland to get back in it’s box. It’s the optics that come into play with these things.

    It’s been pointed out before by P Bell and others. That anything short of an SNP majority is now taken as a defeat for the independence movement. Even if we get 10 ISP list MSP’s . The unionists will say the SNP is a minority government. Don’t get me wrong, I know that is a democratic crock of shit. However it’s all that the Tories need to say to the world that Scotland rejected independence.

    With every fiber of my body , I am raging at Sturgeon and her disgusting policies. But the logical part of my brain thinks. What is best for the momentum towards independence.

    Momentum is very important. Without it we start going backwards. Regardless of whether the SNP are serious about independence, which they aren’t at the moment.

    Do we force their hand by giving them a majority or denying them a majority. If they end up as a minority they will back peddle and say Scotland isn’t ready blah , blah, blah. If they get a majority then we demand they act , because there is absolutely no excuse they can come up with which is credible anymore.

    How we force their hand is something the movement will have to agree on post election. Ideally a small band of independence opposition MSp’s might be the drivers of this.

  15. Pixywine says:

    Only joking Scots Renewables

  16. LaingB French says:

    This morning in my mail I received from SNP 2 x Spring Draw raffle books . first prize £10k, 2nd. £5k, 3rd. 10 x £1k. Even though I am no longer a member they still hope I will help them out. sadly as far as I’m concerned they can kiss my … oh ! look a squirrel!

  17. Andrew Morton says:

    My wife just came into the room and said, ‘Well that’s the SNP blown independence then!’

  18. Big Jock says:

    I also think the time to get rid of poisonous Sturgeon before May has gone. We tried , but somehow she has carried on like Terminator. The Greens are opportunists , so they would back her in a vote of no confidence anyway.

    Can we dump her after May…time will tell!

  19. Big Jock says:

    Laing – Same. I left 3 weeks ago and still get mail shots and emails from the Kremlin.

  20. ScotsRenewables says:

    shocked says:
    11 March, 2021 at 1:16 pm

    So calling out corruption and criminality and the most sinister attempt in history to silence free speech in a western democracy is “SNPbaaaad”

    Not much of a student of history, are you?

  21. Captain Yossarian says:

    Scotland’s 7 day average for vaccinations is an appalling 21,000.

    Sturgeon told us it was due to a shortage of supply & now we find out there are 1 million doses sitting in fridges waiting to be used.

  22. Republicofscotland says:

    This quite telling I think, in all honesty I don’t why there’s SNP MP’s at Westminster they can’t really achieve anything for Scotland. Their presence only enhances the unions legitimacy.

    “Patrick Grady suspension led to “dust up” between Ian Blackford+Joanna Cherry at Westminster group meeting. Cherry asked why she was sacked from frontbench but Grady had remained despite concerns. Blackford replied Q proved Cherry was “not a team player”

  23. Ruby says:

    Once checked in with the SNP Membership you can leave.

    It’s an ‘Hotel California’ type membership

  24. Ruby says:

    tut I meant never leave!

  25. Stuart MacKay says:

    Finally, managed to get the time to read the latest and the place is on fire!

    Scot Renewables – I’m impressed that you’re fighting your corner but I think most of the anguish is not directed at the SNP per se, but rather the realisation that the leadership and the MSPs just threw away the election because of hubris and arrogance.

    If you remember back through the mists of time to oh, about a couple of years ago, the whole GRA calamity kicked off as people began to realise that 52% of the support for independence was in danger of walking out the door and not coming back. Well, yesterday’s little show of Progressive wilfulness just kicked the door open and is busy handing them their coats.

    It’s no wonder that people are considering ditching the SNP. If they continue down the Road to Hell then any chance of independence is sunk. I doubt that half the population are going to be in a forgiving mood any time soon.

    Anyways, there’s little point in continuing the squabbling here. If you want to save the May elections then you’d better start talking to all the women’s groups out there before they enact their revenge.

  26. susanXX says:

    Transwomen are men – jail me! Lmfao.

  27. Big Jock says:

    Ruby -That’s why I made sure I cancelled my direct debit. I dinnae trust them!

  28. Cag-does-thinking says:

    Well after a skim through that, I probably need my sense of humour. I don’t think it is all bad (if I am worng remember the nail file in the cake when I’m in the Thought Jail). The Hate crime Bill is just really the culmination of inadequate law from a Justice brief that I don’t think is up to the job. Bad law gets overturned usually because it is unworkable. In the meantime there will be an election. The SNP will lose despite the polls and it will give them a chance to reflect on how their downfall came about. It will be because they lost the electorate.

    It’s probably best it happens before we are an independent country for we need robust checks and balances against such shennanigans again if we are truly in hope of making our country a better place to live.

    The dream of independence is not dead but I think it’s fair to say that the scales have been pulled from our eyes that the SNP would be the vehicle to deliver it. I feel sadness for those people of courage that through the years dreamed big and wanted a different country placed their faith in a political generation who are not in any way their equals.

  29. robertknight says:


    “I don’t why there’s SNP MP’s at Westminster they can’t really achieve anything for Scotland”


  30. Mia says:

    “every SNP MSP not elected means a Unionist MSP”

    Under Sturgeon, every single SNP MSP elected means at all practical effects a unionist, undemocratic MSP, one that has no regard for females’ rights nor freedom of speech, one who considers that popular sovereignty, our right to self determination and the raison d’etre of the party can be put aside for 6 years so Sturgeon can play sick, undemocratic political games so she can get in the good side of corporate America.

    The only option we have left to stop unionists and charlatans getting our vote is to spoil your constituency ballot.

    Bring it on.

  31. Effigy says:

    Al at 12.29.

    Ask anyone in England if our prescriptions are free.
    There are semantics here but I appreciate we either
    have an all inclusive NHS or we don’t.

    Yes we pay for everything in accordance with our priorities
    and Scotland’s is very different to England’s.

    The Tories will sell the NHS bit by bit and their rich supporters will
    suck up the money but by bit and they will fund the Tory party with some
    of the cash and policies will make the rich richer and the poor poorer.

    All of a sudden there is no welfare system, no holiday pay, no pensions,
    no hope for anyone not comfortably seated on the gravy train.

    I heard on BBC radio that Scotland’s Covid death total is over 9,000?
    I understand that figure is one that includes Excess Deaths.
    The Daily Covid Figures always used everywhere else has us at over 7,000.

    Why have the BBC used different figures for England?
    Their Daily figure is over 110,000 and I understand that their
    Excess deaths are circa 20,000 more.

    Why are the public not remitted to see England’s real Covid Death Total?

    BBC TV news reported on 4.66 million people on NHS England Waiting list
    for treatment. To try and soften the blow of their incompetent and uncaring
    heart of the Empire, they throw in Scotland has it bad too?
    It seems we have 115,000 on our waiting list.

    So there you are if our waiting list is one 40th of England’s we have it bad.

    All part of the reason why I want the BBC and Westminster out of Scotland.

  32. Footsoldier says:

    If another party goes for Home Rule and spells out exactly what that means e.g. everything except defence and foreign affairs, that will be hugely attractive to those who swither on independence.

    It would probably receive backing from the unionists who might sabotage it later but is likely to scupper independence. It would be difficult to defend the position on independence because we do not know anything about the SNP independence campaign and I suspect, nor do the SNP.

  33. Ruby says:

    Most of the emphasis seems to be on women’s rights & problems for women but there are also problems for men both straight and gay.

    The main one being that men might discover too late that they have spent and evening with a woman with a penis or in the case of gay men a man with a vagina.

    This could result in men getting angry (even violent) and landing up in trouble with the law.

    I’m guessing this is the cause of most violence against transexuals.

  34. Effigy says:

    RE Scottish Vaccination figures-

    Today will see some 2,000,000 vaccinations having
    taken place in Scotland.

    That figure includes 1st and 2nd doses.

    The program is on track and the numbers of new cases is
    falling as is hospital admissions, ICU cases and deaths.

    As Scot Gov chose to vaccinate the more difficult members
    in our Society it slowed down the initial numbers but we are doing well.

    The U.K. media are experts at distorting the reality of life in Scotland.
    They don’t need any misplaced help here.

  35. Jack Murphy says:

    Thanks to someone further up the Thread for this link to Gordon Dangerfield’s Blog, Scottish Solicitor Advocate.



  36. Wullie B says:

    You haven’t got Ben Shapiro on that list of yours, like you I enjoy Crowder, especially his “Change My Mind” vlogs, he is the YouTube US version of Stu, ie researches then gets the ducks lined up with the evidence, I have posted on Crowders timeline to check out the nick of Scots Politics, just a pity he has never taken it up

  37. John Martini says:

    Its not often that It feels crap to be right. Independence looks like it is over politically for a least 20 years if not for good.

    Barring the scottish people dragging themselves away from watching dancing with stars with bears on ice it is all over.

    The netflix generation have killed the dream

  38. ScotsRenewables says:


    There are plenty of good SNP candidates who are not wokie at all, including my own in Argyll and Bute. Also Kate Forbes, Joan Macalpine, Fiona Hyslop to name a few.

    I suggest at the very least people look at their candidate personally before deciding to spoil their ballot paper.

  39. AndyH says:

    I think I’ll be a lot happier if the ISP and the other lot get their shit together and give something tangible to vote for on the list.

    I’ll hold fire on the constituency for now until I see and hear a bit more.

    Eight weeks is a long time. A LOT can happen before the vote.

    It’s galling that the SNP are pushing through all that hate garbage without one iota of democratic mandate.

    Have they all been taken over by alien lizards?


  40. Bob Mack says:

    @Scots Renewables,

    All bar Joan McAlpine voted for Hate Crime Bill. No character. No moral compass.

    Joanna Cherry asked why she was removed from front bench whilst accusations remained against Grady told by Blackford she was “not a team player”

    I remember those type. Ronaldo. Law.Best. They weren’t team players either. Ms Cherry however has the perfect excuse. It’s called a brain.

  41. Clavie Cheil says:

    I think if we lived in a Nation where we had an impartial Press and Media then Sturgeon would be oot the door already. I think if we lived in a Nation with a competent opposition that believed in Scots Indy then she would also be gone. We have neither unfortunately.

  42. Ottomanboi says:

    Is it possible that the SNP is actually rather scared of the full implications of independence, the strategic, the economic etc?
    The performance over the period when the party actually had a substantial majority and made little use of it even in the face of anglo-Brexit suggests either a lack of will or a dread of not sticking with nurse for fear of nurse turning very nasty.
    The latter is a possibility. in that case the climate for pushing Scotland’s independence will never be benign enough.
    What can you expect from a party that bends over backwards to not be ‘nationalist’?

  43. Mia says:

    “There are plenty of good SNP candidates who are not wokie at all”

    How many of those stood up for females’ rights when the fraud and her cabal were throwing a wrecking ball against them?

    How many of those stood up for freedom of speech? How many of those are going to show the balls to vote against this aberration?

    How many of them ever dared to defy the whip from a fraud that is clearly wrecking the chances of the party as a vehicle to independence?

    How many of them stood up and demanded the fraud to resign and to own her part in the disgraceful attempt to send an innocent man to prison?

    How many of them stood up for Scotland’s popular sovereignty the day the fraud capitulated without as much as a wimp to the withdrawal bill?

    How many of them stood up for Scotland’s autonomy and demanded the resignation of the fraud the day she handed over Scotland’s powers to England MPs?

    How many of them stood up and demanded the malicious accusations to stop?

    How many of them stood up and demanded an immediate location of the ring fenced money?

    How many of them stood up and demanded our democratic mandates to be delivered without delay?

    How many of them stood up and demanded the rogues in the NEC that abused power to block Ms Cherry to stand down and demanded Ms Cherry to be admitted to the race?

    How many?


    So do no tell me there are “good candidates” in the SNP when none of them has had the backbone to stand up to a fraud that is destroying the SNP, destroying Scotland, harming the Scottish people, making a mockery of Scotland’s democracy, democratic structures and rule of law and denying us our fundamental right to self determination.

    I do not call those “good candidates”. I call them cowards.

  44. Nally Anders says:

    Well said Stuart MacKay @ 2.07
    Yes, I consider I have been handed my coat and I’ll be walking.
    There is not one single reason women should not have been added to the HCB.
    Too long in the tooth to put up with shite.
    Of note, leaflet posted frae SNP constituency MSP, not one mention of Independence.

  45. cat-sith says:

    Yousaf’s main amendment which was passed yesterday stands out to me somewhat.

    Covering “Protection of freedom of expression”, it states that things are not to be taken as automatically threatening or abusive in certain circumstances.

    However while for most of the protected characteristics this only applies to “discussion or criticism” Religion has been given it’s own entry.

    “discussion or criticism relating to, or expressions of antipathy, dislike, ridicule or insult towards” religion, religious beliefs or practices, or a lack of religion.

    Am I right in thinking that this would set a precedent where antipathy, dislike, ridiucle and insult of religion is okay (unless coupled with illegal actions), but the same is not true of age, disability, sexual orientation, transgender identity (including cross-dressers) and variations in sex characteristics?

    This certainly sounds to me a lot like making a lot of Sectarianism less covered by this bill than the other characteristics.

    I also just noticed that, unless it is part of other existing laws, there is no such protection of freedom of expression if Race is involved.

  46. Anonymoose says:

    ScotsRenewables says:
    11 March, 2021 at 2:34 pm

    There are plenty of good SNP candidates who are not wokie at all, including my own in Argyll and Bute. Also Kate Forbes, Joan Macalpine, Fiona Hyslop to name a few.

    I suggest at the very least people look at their candidate personally before deciding to spoil their ballot paper.
    It’s alright saying look at the candidate not the party if your talking about local council elections, but general elections such as those for the Scottish Parliament are all about party politics and not about the candidates, for it is the winning party’s leadership that control the statute book not the party members outwith cabinet.

    Sure you can base your opinion of a candidate based off of their own record either through their prior profession or through their time as an MSP, but to state you should vote for them “because they are a great person” is utter bollocks when it comes to general elections to the Scottish Parliament where party policy dictated by party leaders rules the roost.

  47. Onlooker says:

    Seen people here make reference to Himza Yousaf’s privileged background. Does he come from money? Anybody know what his story is?

  48. Jon Mac says:

    What do you mean “Our country”? You don’t live here and are just using that term to sow division. As long as this hate crime bill shuts down nasty wee hateful bigots like yourself I’m all for it.

  49. ScotsRenewables says:

    Anonymoose, not much hope of changing the SNP if you vote all the decent people out.

  50. Robert Graham says:

    Just trying to make a top ten list of the dumbest contributors on WGD it’s not complete yet
    No 1 Dr Jim
    No 2 Petrified
    No 3 Hamish 69
    No 4 Old Pete
    No 5 cranky Jack
    No 6 oh can’t be arsed they are all fkn dummies and truly believe the shit Princess Nicola is shoving their way Aye a referendum this year Ha Ha in yer dreams Suckers

    I would have a discussion with them about their delusional thoughts on this version of the SNP but I am not allowed to say anything , in moderation means ” BIN ” so no point , anyone else manage to break through barrier and actually make a point ? . or is just fans that are allowed ? .

  51. ScotsRenewables says:


    Joan Macalpine defied the whip yesterday. Not a ‘cowardly’ act. Time for you to get off that incredibly high horse you are on.

  52. John H. says:

    I’ve just heard that Baroness Jones (Green) has come up with the brilliant idea that all men should have to abide by a 6pm curfew after the tragic death of Sarah Everard. Our society is consuming itself, particularly politicians. Maybe it’s time for us all to self ID as women.

  53. ScotsRenewables says:

    Baroness Bonkers doesn’t have a lot of influence, fortunately.

    What’s with a ‘Green’ peer? Weird concept.

  54. Stuart says:

    6pm curfew for men = no nightshifts for 1 of the 2 genders. I’m sure private sector will be delighted with that idea.

  55. alzyerpal says:

    The most worrying/annoying thing about it is, the sheepish unanimity from SNP backbenchers. They, like the rest of us, must see this for what it really is; a get out of jail free card for the corrupt leadership, in the short term. The long term consequences being, an actual, 100% police state.
    The VERY first thing we’ll all HAVE to do is cancel our twitter accounts, rather than inadvertently supply thought-police people with ammunition.
    Because of their total shitiness, there will not be a single SNP personage I would vote for.

  56. Mia says:

    “not much hope of changing the SNP if you vote all the decent people out”

    Sorry, but the time to change the SNP is over. They had 5 years to deliver and they failed miserably. They failed at every possible level. You do not reward losers and incompetents with votes. You chuck them out. The SNP for me is dead and I will never be fooled to vote for them ever again.

    Those MSPs have wasted us our mandate for indyref, have given up on our autonomy, have given up on our rights, have shown contempt for our democracy, contempt for justice, contempt for female rights and freedom of speech.

    Those “decent” people have made a complete mockery of our democracy and our yes vote.

    Those “decent” people have indulged a fraud in destroying the democratic structures of Scotland, never mind our main pro-independence party. They have indulged her in riddling our government with sickening corruption, in wasting our indyref money, in abusing power, in wasting our taxpayers’ money to enact political vendettas against opponents, in defying parliamentary votes to release evidence and denying us democracy and our right to self-determination.

    There are no “decent” politicians among those MSPs. If there was even one, they would have stood up and spoken out before this demanding the fraud to resign.

    The SNP as a political party is dead. Sturgeon may be the one still holding the knife dripping with blood, but all those MSPs sat and watch while she did the business and not one stood up, took the knife away from her and restrained her (metaphorically speaking, that is).

    Not one.

  57. Beaker says:

    @robertknight says:
    11 March, 2021 at 2:16 pm

    That’s just Blackford’s expenses…

  58. John H. says:

    Remember lads…I mean girls, if you’re on board a sinking ship, it’s women and children first. 🙂

  59. Bob Mack says:

    All this to accomodate .1 % of the population. In addition remove the rights of 51% to make it possible. Policy created by Dumb and Dumber

  60. Republicofscotland says:

    Having a wee look through some SNP MSP’s and MP’s Twitter feeds today the emphasis is truly on women’s safety. Yet the party failed miserably in protecting the names of two of the women complainants in the complaints committee.

    Yet not one, of these so called champions for women has spoken out about it, its like it never happened. The hypocrisy from those SNP MSP’s and MP’s is breathtaking. Of course the so called Justice Secretary Humza Yousaf’s Hate Crime bill, is not aimed at protecting real women as Joan McAlpine’s rebuttal has shown, its aimed more at shutting people up including women.

  61. Effigy says:

    Thanks Bartleby 64.

    I spent 10 minutes trawling through all sorts of data
    designed for me to make most people give in.

    Why would you link England and Wales figures together?
    I’ve noticed that frequently that when England’s figures stink
    they add in another party to dilute their failure and allude that
    another area is as bad.

    As of last week England had 125,501 Covid Deaths.

    If Scotland has over 9,000 then I presume the whole U.K. total
    Is way other 145, 000 Covid deaths.

  62. Cath says:

    Well, after the HCB passes, I hope the wheeshters are ready and willing to do all the independence fighting. Because those paying attention know fine well it’s the loudest independence supporters who are targeted, as well as anyone not going along with the TWAW mantras. That’s what wheesthing for indy and not paying attention to what is actually happening has done.

  63. Harry mcaye says:

    It is wrong to say spoiling your ballot paper achieves nothing. The returning officer had a duty to announce how many are spoiled. If this number is tens of thousands more than last time that will be newsworthy.

    And to John above, that was obviously directed at Rev Stu. If you honestly think he is a bigot I’m afraid you are an idiot.He’s standing up against bigotry. This bill protects transwomen but not actual women. Oops, I said actual women, naughty me! Do you not have any women in your life? Are they not worth making a stand?

  64. Harry mcaye says:

    Jon mac not John.

  65. Captain Yossarian says:

    @Effigy – you are kidding yourself. Scotland is an entirely different country with different population densities to England. You will find in amongst your data that Glasgow was one of the worst affected cities in the world per head of population.

  66. John Martini says:

    The trend is clear. Indy is an old scottish persons dream. It is over unless the people who are sovereign get off their arses.

  67. ahundredthidiot says:

    A relative left a few years ago for the South of England.

    He was firmly of the view Scotland was a lost cause and becoming quite dangerous towards it’s own citizens.

    Of course, I took an opposing view and we fell out over the matter. Now, I find myself reviewing my position.

  68. Anonymoose says:

    ScotsRenewables says:
    11 March, 2021 at 2:58 pm

    Anonymoose, not much hope of changing the SNP if you vote all the decent people out.
    I do see your point, but the SNP leadership have neutered the partys members ability to hold them to account, they performed a coup d’état on the party and the NEC by:

    1) Manipulating the partys standing orders to wrest control from the ordinary members over to the party leaders.

    2) Made the business convener fully in charge of all conference motions and debates, thereby shutting down ordinary members from proposing, debating on and voting on proposed party policies.

    3) Filled the NEC with unelected affiliate organisations who cannot be held to account by the ordinary members, nor can ordinary members instigate a vote to have them removed from the NEC, they are “untouchable” and in larger numbers than elected members.

    4) Allowed ex-NEC elected representatives to sit on the NEC via those unelected affiliate organisation seats.

    5) Allowed the above ex-NEC members & affiliate organisation seats to vote themselves into constituency and list slots which is a clear conflict of interest.

    6) Implementing and using a wholly undemocratic methodology of reserved slots over democratic party votes & the non publishing of the full results of the votes to the ordinary members.

    7) As government created and implemented wholly flawed policy which was targetted at and seeked to demonise, defame and imprison an ex-politician who was at the time a private citizen.

    So without an entire clearing out of the party from the leader down to and including the business convener along with their staff and a reinstatement / reversal of the standing orders to pre-Sturgeon times, then clearing out the SNP is literally impossible, for want of a better phrase they’re completely fucked as a democratic party.

    The only way at the moment to force that change in the SNP is for them to lose the Holyrood Election and even then I don’t think that monster would leave the position of party leader, she does not have the ability to concede defeat.

  69. Shocked says:


    Over to you give us examples where other western democracies have tried to imprison people for expressing opinions in their own home and saying such “hateful and evil” things as transsexual women are still men…

  70. Stuart MacKay says:


    Even if you leave the issue of decency out of it. None of these Shock Troops for Independence had the spine to stand up and say anything. Not even a tweet.

    I’m sure they will be fighting with every fibre of their existence when the real thing happens. They’re just keeping their powder dry and saving their best shots for Boris. Yes sir, I can sense it.

  71. Mia says:

    “Joan Macalpine defied the whip yesterday”

    That means ONE out of 61.


    And you demand ME to get off my high horse?

    The SNP is dead.

  72. Bob Mack says:

    John Finnie Greens describes those who would halt trans rights as “Terrorists”.

    That’s me. A terrorist. Language can cause problems.

  73. Effigy says:

    AreaSorted column (descending) – Apply ascending sort.
    DeathsUnsorted column – Apply ascending sort.
    Rate per 100,000,000 populationUnsorted column – Apply ascending sort.
    Wales 5,412 1717
    Scotland 7,461 1366
    Northern Ireland 2,087 1102
    England 110,027 1955

    It seems like England is set to become the First Nation on earth to
    reach 2,000 Covid Deaths per million without including their Excess Deaths.

    Hands up everyone who wants to keep this Tory government doing what they are doing for evermore

  74. oneliner says:

    @Beaker 3:16

    How much for a Portree to London return?

    Just askin’

  75. Bartleby64 says:

    Effigy, purely because that’s how the ONS has them. Different on the covid statistics page, they are separate there and therefore more useful.

  76. Republicofscotland says:

    So what is it that SNP MP’s actually do at Westminster all day long, I mean what have they done in the past to further our cause of independence. I know Joanna Cherry won some sort of court case, and that Ian Blackford walked out with his SNP MP’s on one occasion much to our delight, and that one SNP MP even grabbed the HoC Mace, I think it might have been Drew Hendry or Brendan O’Hara, both have since posted a picture of themselves with Nicola Sturgeon in sort of reaffirmation to their loyalty to her.

    Others have taken relish in settling in instead of settling up, such as Pete Wishart whose so at home in the HoC that he desperately wants to become the Speaker of the House, and he doesn’t care who knows it. Then we have Stewart McDonald, whose obsessively doing Westminster’s dirty work for them by constantly commenting on how to hold China, Russia, and whatever other nations Whitehall doesn’t like at the moment to account.

    We have Stuart Hosie, sitting on the Intelligence and Security Committee, you don’t get a seat on it unless the PM has vetted you personally.

    So just exactly why are SNP MP’s at Westminster? and is the independence cause any further along from them being there?

  77. Andrew F says:


    According to the ONS, in the last 50 years 2020 came in at 38 for mortality rate:

    And before anyone says ‘but the lockdowns and restrictions kept it low’, remember that the excuse for the lockdowns and restrictions was because it was SO EXTRAORDINARILY HIGH, not to prevent it but because so many people were actually dying.

    The number of people per 100,000 dying was just a bit below the figure for 2007.

    Nobody remembers 2007 as a particularly horrific year requiring totalitarian martial law.

  78. Wullie B says:

    oneliner says:
    11 March, 2021 at 3:32 pm
    @Beaker 3:16

    How much for a Portree to London return?

    Just askin

    Dunno but it’s not far off £35 to Inverness , but one thing I do know, the peninsula he lives in has super fast broadband, upto 900mbs when rest of island struggles at most upto 50mbs in population centres, other areas not far from his own on a max of 2mbs

  79. Wee Chid says:

    Ruby says:
    11 March, 2021 at 2:24 pm
    “Most of the emphasis seems to be on women’s rights & problems for women but there are also problems for men both straight and gay.

    The main one being that men might discover too late that they have spent and evening with a woman with a penis or in the case of gay men a man with a vagina.

    This could result in men getting angry (even violent) and landing up in trouble with the law.

    I’m guessing this is the cause of most violence against transexuals.”

    Exactly. Men are entitled to their own spaces too, straight or gay.

  80. Wee Chid says:

    susanXX says:
    11 March, 2021 at 2:10 pm
    Transwomen are men – jail me! Lmfao.

    I prefer Karen Davies’ description of “trans identified males.” I refuse to let the word woman anywhere near them.

  81. Bob Mack says:

    Now imagine this. Couple this Hate Crime nonsense with the proposed GRA Bill get to come. You won’t be able to identify any longer as one of two sexes.

    What a treat we have in store just by voting SNP.

  82. Bartleby64 says:

    Andrew F, good point. You find all sorts of interesting things if you drill right down into the statistics. I am waiting with some interest for the population density/cases/deaths statistics when reliable ones become available. My suspicion is that with the exception of a few countries (New Zealand for instance) nobody is going to come out of it looking great.

  83. Cooper says:

    Wondered why less posts.

  84. Cudneycareless says:

    Bartleby64 says: (New Zealand for instance)

    My friends and family in NZ are getting mighty cheesed off with Jacinda . When they lift the lockdown then the virus will sweep through the vulnerable just like when explorers first landed in the “colonies”.

  85. Dan says:

    ScotsRenewables says: at 1:36 pm

    Dan, you have a point. Unfortunately, every SNP MSP not elected means a Unionist MSP.

    Thanks, though for clarity in this day and age and learning from Mark Hirt’s past experience, I must make it clear that the “point” you infer I have is not the end of a pitchfork which could be used as weapon.

    With regard to identifying what is and isn’t a unionist MSP the area is more grey.
    Alert readers who will have read the archived 2016 SNP Election Manifesto may have noticed the specific lack of “gender” or “hate” in any of the wording, yet there is the following:

    Scotland’s future

    We believe that the Scottish Parliament should have the right to hold another referendum if there is clear and sustained evidence that independence has become the preferred option of a majority of the Scottish people – or if there is a significant and material change in the circumstances that prevailed in 2014, such as Scotland being taken out of the EU against our will.

    We will undertake new work, starting this summer, with the aim of persuading a clear majority of people in Scotland that independence is the best future for our country.

    Some folk may have noticed the lack of Scots being offered the chance to re-visit the question on whether Scotland should end the union and return to being a self governing country.
    This denial of opportunity raises the pertinent question that the current Scottish Administration are also closet unionists who talk the Indy talk, but fail to walk the Indy walk.

    Thanks again for acknowledging my non-pitchforked point that there is potential to electorally target those who have caused this crisis instead of them focusing on progressing the Independence cause.
    The Deputy First Minister had a much smaller majority of just a few thousand back in 2016.

  86. Bob Mack says:

    Started already!!! Younger members of the cabal organising complaint against Joan McAlpine for being against Trans.

    Maybe the SNP will make it retrospective just to get Joan, like they did with Alex. Happy New world!!

  87. Mac says:

    Wee Chid says:
    I prefer Karen Davies’ description of “trans identified males.” I refuse to let the word woman anywhere near them.


    Yeah I strongly agree. A big thing for these bullies is attempting to control the language you can and cannot use. All that pronoun guff for another example…

    We should refuse to describe them as any kind of woman, trans, nearly, almost, whatever… they are all bullshit descriptions because they are men, big hairy ugly arsed blokes.

  88. Effigy says:

    My Backside !
    Captain Yossarian

    You would be as well to say a wee woman in Govan
    had a case of Covid 19 worse than anyone else in England.

    Stick your head in the big picture.

    Daily deaths number in Scotland over 7,000
    Daily deaths number in England over 110,000.

    Their Death rate is 50% higher than ours and it’s not because Londoners
    need to huddle together because a coal bunker down there cost £250,000.

    We don’t have control of our own finances so couldn’t do furlough on our own.
    We don’t get to close our borders when required because England controls it.

    We are totally different people to the English.
    We want to be Europeans
    We would never dream of giving the Tories a majority
    We wouldn’t invade foreign nations on a killing mission
    We would accept the United Nations ruling on the Chagos islands
    We wouldn’t break international laws
    We wouldn’t try to shut down parliament

    You can stick your Butcher’s Apron up where the sun no longer shines on your

  89. Bob Mack says:

    Weddings should be a hoot.

    “Do you( legal desciption,) take this (legal description) to be your lawfully wedded chest feeder. I now pronounce you something and something(insert preferences) according to law.

  90. Bill Buxton says:

    What the hell has happened in Scotland. Is it vying to be the Woke capital of the world?

  91. Mac says:

    Bill Buxton says:
    What the hell has happened in Scotland. Is it vying to be the Woke capital of the world?


    Actually Bill the SNP are. It is on their “Leading the World” list.

  92. Gregor says:

    Either way, looks like some very dark times ahead:

    “Home Office tests web-spying powers with help of UK internet firms”:

  93. Captain Yossarian says:

    @Effigy – ‘We wouldn’t try to shut down parliament.’ You might find that WM decides to shut it down for you and don’t expect them to ask first before they do it. Holyrood is full of corruption and cover-up. The UK Gov has a new office all ready to go in cenral Edinburgh. They could run Scotland easily. Holyrood will be turned into a multi-plex with adjoining brothel. Both will do very well in Edinburgh.

  94. ALANM says:

    Anybody want to buy a raffle ticket? I’m looking to shift two books of 10 tickets for the SNP spring draw each of which offer the chance to win £10,000. You can put the money towards your defence costs when you get nicked for saying something out of turn at the dinner table.

  95. Sylvia says:

    I will post this again in case anyone has missed it.

    Scottish Government/Judith Mackinnon

    “Their claims that they didn’t know what their own policy actually meant are just more lies, and in what follows, I’ll tell you why”

  96. ahundredthidiot says:

    Gregor @ 4:17

    Always makes me laugh that people never wonder why porn sites are free.

    Paid for by the tax payer, too.

    And not there to stamp out crime – far from it.

  97. Clavie Cheil says:

    Captain Yossarian says:
    11 March, 2021 at 1:56 pm

    “Scotland’s 7 day average for vaccinations is an appalling 21,000.

    Sturgeon told us it was due to a shortage of supply & now we find out there are 1 million doses sitting in fridges waiting to be used.”


    Hey come on there. That is a asinine comment to make when folk are putting their lives on the line to vaccinate us.

  98. Gregor says:


    Nothing is safe from the malicious rogue deep-state MONSTER.

    So much timing and context stinks at the moment, under ‘The Age of The Banana’…

  99. Andy Ellis says:

    I doubt Wee Ginger Dug will allow this comment through moderation, so though I’d put my response to his latest article here. The BTL comments there are extraordinary – a total echo chamber of unreasoning SNP loyalists. 🙁

    “Maximising the SNP vote in May won’t deliver an independence referendum, still less actual independence, in any meaningful timescale. Your criticise those disillusioned with the SNP for having no plan while presenting a plan yourself which lacks credibility. The SNP already has multiple mandates for holding a referendum. An SNP majority (or an SNP/Green coalition) is therefore redundant: it gives us absolutely nothing more than we have already.

    Of course the Scottish government could and should have put the matter of a calling a non S30 Order sanctioned referendum beyond legal doubt years ago. Your plan now seems to involve, at some indeterminate date in the next few years, using a British nationalist refusal to sanction a “legal” referendum as justification for plebiscitary elections. Your assertion that this would somehow be better and more likely to succeed than making May 2021’s elections plebiscitary are unconvincing.

    International recognition in your timescale isn’t on the face of it any more likely in 12 or 18 months time (and I have my doubts it would be then, more like 3-4 years). Similarly, your assertion that “soft No” pro-indy Labour voters would be more likely to switch to “Yes” after this additional mandate you insist is necessary, is no more convincing than the strategies of your opponents which you insist are mere opinion, not fact.

    Your appeal is just a retread of “Trust Nicola, she’s got this”. Sadly, an increasing number of pro-indy folk no longer trust Nicola, and they feel that what she’s got isn’t something they want.”

  100. Anton Decadent says:

    Look at who has been pushing this the most here then, as I mentioned last night, look at the board of the establishment in England which is carrying out sex changes on children against the medical diagnosis’ of what were its own senior medical staff until they quit in protest at their diagnosis being overruled by the board for ideological reasons. Then look up the board of Mermaids, the ‘charity’ which lobbies for and promotes this (infact look at who is behind all of the woke charities you can find) then look at the list of woke entryists in both SNP and Greens, also look at the journalists who push this stuff.

  101. AwakeNotWoke says:

    Scotland is fucked. I read a quote on Twitter, “backdoor Sharia”…and it’s not far from where we are. That there are STILL people on social media, WOMEN on social media, saying “SNP 1/2” just makes me feel suicidal. My wife and daughter were furious last night, and have decided that spoiling/abstaining constituency vote is not enough, they’re voting Tory. They want to kick back, hard. I’m joining them. All we wanted was an independent country, but they’ve fucking destroyed the vision of what that may have been. Would you want to live with these people…anywhere…much less a country where they wield disproportionate power??

    Totally scunnered and incandescent with rage.

  102. Robert Louis says:

    Quite sickened by the b****y-minded arrogance of Humza. He knows better than judges, he knows better than human rights groups, he knows better than legal experts, he knows better than women’s rights groups, he knows better than you or I, he knows better than the Scottish people.

    Humza, the so-called ‘justice’ secretary, surrounded by corrupt lying Scottish government government ministers, so far up his own conceited backside, he cannot remember what daylight or common sense looks like.

    a wee message to Humza and his wokey creeps. I’m gay, and remember the ACTUAL fight for gay rights (it was illegal in Scotland until 1982), and I will never agree to this woke gender ideology rubbish. It is truly the biggest pile of hogwash I have ever heard. A woman is an adult human female, and no amount of laws suppressing freedom of speech will change that.

  103. robertknight says:

    Thanks for this Sylvia…

    Anyone still considering voting SNP, just remember that you are telling Sturgeon and her band of liars that their behaviour, an example of which is detailed in the above link, is ok by you, and they’re welcome to carry on doing more of the same.

    And before anyone cries “but what about the Yoons?” Those bampots are not our responsibility. Sturgeon & Co. very much are…

    The SNP has become a monster which is out of control. 5 years in a dungeon learning the error of it’s ways is very much in order.

  104. Al says:

    Mac says:
    Actually Bill the SNP are. It is on their “Leading the World” list.
    Had to laugh at the first one on the list leading climate change- have they forgotten about the 6 new incinerators to burn household waste they agreed to? Probably needed to burn documents.
    The Comuter games development- Grand Theft Auto is highlighted, have these cretins never played the game ?

  105. Al says:

    Humza was probably mentored in Law by the First Minister who’s a Legal Eagle

  106. John D says:

    This delay to Independence is a good thing having reflected. Yes, I do think the SNP political party has been ,er, politicised and undermined by Politicians and the UK state. Best to pass them over now.
    The desire for Scotland Self determination is way beyond that . As a British Scotsman I feel we have to acknowledge and own our contribution to the United Kingdom good and bad .
    Remember it was the Scottish King who United this kingdom and took his court from Edinburgh to London the Parliament not following for a century. Those rogues.
    Over the next couple of years Scotland will be joined by Northern Ireland and Wales in calling time on the Cities of Westminster and London. A walkover.

  107. Captain Yossarian says:

    @Clavie Cheil – having a million unused doses lying in fridges and saying that we have supply problems sounds dishonest and negligent to me. By the way, those administering the vaccines have has their vaccine doses earlier-on. They are therefore at no great personal risk.

  108. Ruby says:

    “Woman who pretended to be man to trick friend into sex jailed for eight years

    Gayle Newland sentenced to eight years in prison for disguising her appearance and persuading woman to wear blindfold while they had sex”

    Had this happen now Gayle Newland could just have ‘self ided’
    as a man and her friend would have been charged with a hate crime.

  109. John D says:

    The Star Trek timeline has the Ireland reunification in 2024

  110. Ian Mac says:

    Gordon Dangerfield absolutely nails the lies and conspiracy to cover it up. Great detective work. Evans and McKinnon in particular, but clearly a circle of people at the top of the government. Sturgeon clearly trying to keep a deniable distance, but it is barely possible she didn’t know what was going on.

    There is absolutely no doubt that in a democracy which demands accountability and responsibility there would be a major judicial inquiry with legal powers, and not the faux and feeble effort that Fabiani chairs. And the result would be sanctions and sackings. It is a disgrace what they did, but even worse their efforts to destroy evidence and play dumb – that is an enormous insult to every citizen in Scotland but particularly those whose trust was placed in them for independence – the one issue they have ignored and done next to nothing to achieve.

    But suddenly it has been revived in order to get your vote. Just ask any of the candidates for details of how exactly it will be achieved, and then what the new constitution and separation of powers will be. Answers will there be none.

  111. Pixywine says:

    Robert Grahame. Its only people paying Dugs mortgage who are allowed to post on his Micky Mouse site.

  112. Captain Yossarian says:

    @Ian Mac – and Gordon Dangerfield can do all of this in his spare time. There are many excellent lawyers in Scotland. Ironically, many work for the Scottish Government. I don’t know any of them but they must feel appalled at what is going-on at the moment. It is high time John Swinney was removed from public life to a jail cell somewhere and let us all get back to stable normality.

  113. ScotsRenewables says:

    Yossers, there are not a million doses of vaccine in the fridge, stop making stuff up.

  114. Clavie Cheil says:

    Captain Yossarian says:
    11 March, 2021 at 5:30 pm

    “@Clavie Cheil – having a million unused doses lying in fridges and saying that we have supply problems sounds dishonest and negligent to me. By the way, those administering the vaccines have has their vaccine doses earlier-on. They are therefore at no great personal risk.”

    Disagree with you about the risk. You clearly haven’t been absorbing the blurb about the vaccines. They will not work on some folk and so on. Drop the Yoonery and engage your brain on the topic of Covid 19. There are other areas where you can safely slag off Sturgeon and the SNP.

  115. ScotsRenewables says:

    Yossers, what criminal offences should Swinney be charged with?

  116. Natal XX and proud says:

    How about misconduct in public office for a start

  117. Hugh Jarse says:

    I do hope they’re paying you well for this SR.
    Piece work, obviously.

  118. Breastplate says:

    WGD has laid out the parameters for anyone posting comments there, they basically have to be approved by him. I’d imagine he may allow some dissenting voices for the appearance of debate but changed days indeed.
    They really don’t like Wings and believe we’re all nutters.

    I was commenting there a week or two ago and if I’m being polite, it’s an echo chamber but it’s more akin to a chimpanzee’s tea party without the tea.

  119. Ruby says:

    What is a Yosser?

  120. Captain Yossarian says:

    You may remember Lord Keane. He was a senior lawyer who resigned from the WM Government in protest at the proroguing of parliament. He’s now advising Sturgeon’s Government on the principles of law. I wonder if he’s sleeping at night.

  121. robertknight says:

    “How about misconduct in public office for a start”

    Conspiracy to defeat the ends of justice for another.

  122. Captain Yossarian says:

    ScotsRenewables – In England it is called ‘malfeasance’. As Natal XX and proud says, here it is called ‘misconduct in public office.’

  123. beflox says:

    May as well go get a job then …

  124. Captain Yossarian says:

    @Clavie Chiel – Are you suggesting we are going at half-speed here in Scotland because the folk administering the vaccines are scared? If it’s not that, what is it? I said there are a million unused vaccines lying in fridges in Scotland. Does that not worry you?

  125. Skip_NC says:

    Breastplate, I saw that earlier this morning. It seems that any comment has to be broadly in line with WGD’s own thinking. When I was out leafleting with a fellow SNP member in the 1980’s he said independence is all very well, but we’d end up having elections every six weeks because we would always be arguing. It’s what Scots do.

    In any case, shouldn’t politics involve respectful disagreement? I got told a few weeks ago that I have no dog in this race and felt obliged to point out that most of my family is in Scotland.

  126. John Martini says:

    What happened to the ‘ceaser’ option? Did brutus get stage fright?

  127. ScotsRenewables says:



  128. Dan says:

    Finally finding a moment to sit down and sup an ale after a busy afternoon spent trying to break the puzzle of actually speaking with a SEPA employee, then fixing a tractor. (Got to love retro David Brown simplicity from a bygone era, when men were men, women were women, and tractors had less wiring than the space shuttle)

    Anyways, contemplating that humans are pretty adaptable creatures. After a year of training I’m pretty much lockdown acclimatised now, and what with the pending Hate Crime Legislation I’ve been considering the implications.
    I’m thinking socialising with like minded fellow inmates, accommodation, washing facilities, no heating bills, and three meals a day, all without the hassle of having to scrape a living together due to badly managed covid strategy is pretty fucking appealing these days.

    Woman = Adult Female Human

    Who wants to be cellies? 🙂

  129. Wullie B says:

    Ruby says:
    11 March, 2021 at 6:03 pm

    What is a Yosser?

    The only time I have heard the word Yosser, it was a character from the 80s TV show Boys From The Black Stuff, and it was a character Yosser Hughes played by the guy who was the King of Rohan in the Lord Of the Rings trilogy who had Grima Wormtongue whispering poison into his lugs

  130. Clavie Cheil says:

    Captain Yossarian says:
    11 March, 2021 at 6:15 pm

    “@Clavie Chiel – Are you suggesting we are going at half-speed here in Scotland because the folk administering the vaccines are scared? If it’s not that, what is it? I said there are a million unused vaccines lying in fridges in Scotland. Does that not worry you?”


    Those who administer the vaccines are at risk – that is a fact you cant get around now Fuck of yah Yoon troll.

  131. Al says:

    Dan, you forgot about jumping the hospital waiting lists and coming out with a degree.

  132. Breastplate says:

    Yes, there is absolutely nothing wrong with reasoned debate, it’s the name calling that is essentially an attempt to close down debate.
    No matter what side of the debate people are on, they should be able to put reasonable points across to back their stance.
    WGD doesn’t want to see the other points of view that question their perspective.

  133. Dorothy Devine says:

    Breastplate, I think Paul is more than capable of debating unfortunately those btl on his blog are not.

  134. Captain Yossarian says:

    ‘Scotland’s 7 day average for vaccinations is an appalling 21,000.

    Sturgeon told us it was due to a shortage of supply & now we find out there are 1 million doses sitting in fridges waiting to be used.’ The Scottish Sun

  135. holymacmoses says:

    Actually Mr Wings when you say
    Our country doesn’t have a SINGLE political party remotely fit for government.

    That is true – however, tbh i don’t think England does either , nor Wales nor Northern Irelend. Being in the European Union made running the country quite easy because the Union did most of it – now I don’t think WM has a clue how to do things. This being the case I’d rather go with Scotland because we can get ourselves back into the EU and back on track with the nuts and bolts of Government. Sturgeon is transient. People make parties and there’s lots of good people in Scotland all able to learn

  136. Breastplate says:

    I think that was before, now there is a note at the bottom of his blog saying he won’t stand for views he doesn’t adhere to, I’m paraphrasing but it looks like debate is a thing of the past on his site if true.

  137. Breastplate says:

    “This is your reminder that the purpose of this blog is to promote Scottish independence. If the comment you want to make will not assist with that goal then don’t post it. If you want to mouth off about how much you dislike the SNP leadership ,or about some other issue not directly related to Scottish independence – there are other forums where you can do that. You’re not welcome to do it here.”

    Just popped over and this is from WGD.
    It’s basically telling people to fuck off if they don’t post things he approves of, a shame really.

  138. Dorothy Devine says:

    Breastplate , that is a shame because I have always loved his writing . I haven’t been on the site since he was ill other than to enquire about his progress.

    I did try to ask a few questions and was smothered by ‘ get a life’ ‘ grow up’ and the best one yet ‘ we don’t want your student politics here’ – I will be 75 this year which has to make me the oldest student around.

  139. Captain Yossarian says:

    @Breastplate – Stuart Campbell himself posts plenty of comments which are not in compliance with your rule. Agreed?

  140. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    Hi Skip_NC at 6:17 pm.

    You typed,
    “When I was out leafleting with a fellow SNP member in the 1980’s he said independence is all very well, but we’d end up having elections every six weeks because we would always be arguing. It’s what Scots do.”

    I have a pal, former SNP member, who emigrated to Canada after the 1979 referendum (Hello Sailor, if you’re lurkin’).

    I paraphrase him but he’s always said that, even if everything in the garden was blooming, Scots would always have to freedom to argue about the colour of dog $h!†€.

  141. Tinto Chiel says:

    A long day here reading the SNP faithful’s stout/delusional defence and Unionist concern trolls scarcely able to contain their delight at the SNP’s journey down the rabbit-hole.

    For a faint glimmer of hope for supporters of independence, I found Cag-does-thinking’s comment @2.16 to be calm and mature. We will still have to go through an ocean of pain to come out on the other side, though.

    @Andrew F 3.36: yes, it’s worth taking the time to look closely at these stats from various sources and avoid the MSM’s hysteria. The WM government has blown billions on useless or corrupt measures like Track and Trace to line the pockets of its pals and that’s before we even think about the massive assault on our hard-won freedoms which have been pushed through to take advantage of the Covid situation.

    And in the Scoddish Brave New World according to Sturgeon we can now expect large numbers of strange-looking women changing their names by deed pole to Iona Dick.

    How the Gove did we end up in this situation?

  142. Hatuey says:

    Clavie Cheil: “ Drop the Yoonery and engage your brain on the topic of Covid 19. There are other areas where you can safely slag off Sturgeon and the SNP.”

    Another one, calling people yoons for no good reason.

    Scotland’s death levels by any objective standard are amongst the worst in the world.

    You can argue that she isn’t really responsible since so many powers are reserved, but she’s not arguing that – on the contrary, she’s doing everything she can to give the impression she has full control and all the power she needs.

    It’s all about Nicola.

    I won’t be surprised if she plasters the words STOP COVID-19 on her campaign bus.

    The first party to put STOP NICOLA on their bus gets my vote, and that’s a promise.

  143. AYRSHIRE ROB says:

    Thon we worm is working for Scotland he says

    Aye working against the overwhelming majority of Scotland ya wee weasel.

    Greens on telly there wae one o thon stupid Green party broadcasts.

  144. Breastplate says:

    Yes Dorothy,
    It’s changed days indeed and WGD should be an example to everyone here that echo chambers are not only self defeating, they’re also incredibly boring and tedious.
    I think it’s important that we can air differences of opinion and debate with each other in good faith.
    Most of my opinions have come from debating others, it’s a good thing and I really appreciate having to look at something from a different perspective.
    Considered opinion should be treated like gold dust whether it agrees with our world view or not.

  145. John Martini says:


    As some one who has lived in europe I can assure you it is not well run and very corrupt.

    They will not welcome you back as they consider indy the ‘scottish separatism problem’.

  146. AYRSHIRE ROB says:

    Aye Brian maybe we do.From the weather,it’s too hoat, it’s too cald,the fitba,the price o breed.

    But the majority of us ken wot a wumin is, I hope!

  147. wull says:

    I seem to remember a song to the tune of ‘She’ll be coming round the mountain when she comes’ being sung on football terraces all over Scotland in the 1960s / 1970s. It mentioned the hate word, with a conditional, as well as the opposing team of whichever supporters were singing it, and advised to clap your hands (which you did, if you were one of the singers, since that hand-clapping was all part of the song).

    I don’t remember any real feeling of h—-d towards anyone among the singers in those days (maybe because my team was not one of the Old Firm, neither half of it nor all of it nor anything to do with it). And clapping hands has now become a sign of love, which we were supposed to do outside our homes or from our upstairs windows or something, encouraged by the government, for all those good and great and excellent NHS workers. Encouraged, that is, by the same highly paid and underworked government people who want to pay these genuinely heroic and overworked workers in … well, in handclaps, it seems, since a 1% pay-rise is surely well below the rate inflation, granted how much prices of so many everyday thing hace already moved upwards after Brexit.

    But if you now sing ‘Coming round the mountain’ with words like ‘If you h–e the [Scottish / British / UK or whatever] government, clap your hands … and you do clap your hands … you might just get seven years in the nick. Maybe we’ll be OK if we sing it without clapping our hands, however … Would that be a way of ridding the whole thing of any malice, and get us out of the hands of any malicious attempts to prosecute us if, by some weird chance, there happened to be a malicious prosecutor out there trying to get us banged up?

    Someone who loves the government or, rather, hates all those who hates it.

  148. Al says:

    holymacmoses says:
    “we can get ourselves back into the EU”
    Scotland should be Independant and that means Independant from other countries influence and corruption
    The EU is worse than Westminster and Holyrood combined, do you not know what is going on in Europe ?
    It is a toss up who leaves next, Denmark, Sweden, Netherlands or France. If it is a Euro country the house of cards will come down.
    Google Eurocrisismoniter and have a look at the TARGET2 Balances published by Osnabruck University. Portugal, Italy, Greece and Spain are screwed all owing debts that will take until 2040 to clear because thay joined the Euro and got screwed over by Germany and Luxembourg. Do you want to take on a share of the debt when the Euro goes tits up ?

  149. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    Hi AYRSHIRE ROB at 7:11 pm.

    you typed,
    “But the majority of us ken wot a wumin is, I hope!”

    When I was wee -I’m typing primary school age – I was taught how to pronounce words. This leads me on to something that really sticks pins in my buttocks.

    I was taught the word “woman” – pronounced “woomun”. I was taught that the plural was “women” – pronounced “wimmin”.

    Why is it, that so many “professional” broadcasters have difficulty in pronouncing the two different meanings, ie singular and plural?

    So many times, I have heard news reader-outers say “woomun”, when the whole point of their utterance was about the plural, “wimmin”!

    There are culprits on BBC Scotland AND STV. Get it sorted! I don’t want to live in an independent Scotland that doesn’t know the difference between “woomun” and “wimmin”, who are all “adult human females”…

    OOH! That’ll be me expelled from the party…

  150. Mac says:

    I am going to go re-read 1984.

    Someone provided the link with that Orwell quote which follows on with…

    “This passage from the text speaks about a recurring symbol in “1984”, which is the Telescreens. In Winston Smith’s world, these Telescreens are everywhere. He never knows when he is being watched, or when he is being listened to. The telescreens existence in Winston’s world show the people of his community that they are being watched at all times. The telescreens ensure that “Big Brother” has ultimate control over its subjects. They are able to watch for any physical signs of “disloyalty”, and listen for any language of “disloyalty” as well. The use of Telescreens to further control and suppress the citizens, paints a negative view of technology in the novel. The government uses technology to manipulate and spy on their people. Big Brother uses technology to make the lives of the people miserable. Its startling to picture a world, in which, we are constantly monitored by a controlling power. Having to censor your every word and movement in fear of repurcussions is a terrifying thought. This is a reality for Winston in the novel. The telescreens are also used to brainwash the citizens as well. “Big Brother” spews whatever they desire over telescreens, and citizens are forced to listen to it. What the telescreens tell them, is essentially “fact”. This quotation describing the telescreens is important, because it shows how much “totalitarian” power The Party has over the citizens in the novel.”

    That is crazy. Orwell in a way predicted the internet.

    Look around you, everyone’s head buried in a screen, busy adding to their self-updating Stasi files (i.e. facebook), on devices that track their movements, communications, habits, well everything…

    Is it so different from the all seeing and hearing Telescreens.

  151. PacMan says:

    I see that WGD has given the Rev and us, the wings readers to supply Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP a plan B to gain independence as well as putting our trust in her to do the right thing.

    Firstly, you can give Nicola Sturgeon Plan B, C, D right through to Z and you won’t get independence. This has been shown by giving her numourous mandates through the ballot box and the cause for independence hasn’t been taken forward one bit.

    In terms of trust, I don’t know what part she had in fitting Alex Salmond up but after he was acquitted of all charges by a jury, she continually runs her mouth off practically saying that he is guilty. Is this someone you can trust.

    If you want to see where her and the SNP’s real priorities are, you just need to look at this Hate Crime Bill.

    What should have been a progressive and welcome act to fight bigotry and intolerance, it has been just to sneak in American intersectionalist culture war nonsense.

    I’m sure she is under the misguided impression that trying to start a culture war between a progressive and outward looking Scotland and conservative and insular UK will deliver independence but it just shows that she isn’t as smart as she thinks.

    Such an ideology is not only destructive and divisive for society at large, it is a self-defeating one as has been mentioned previously on this site, purity spiral will ensure that these culture warriors will turn on themselves to ensure how more right than they are than us in that movement. In short, it will turn into rats fighting within a sack.

    The people who follow the SNP in it’s current form are delusional if they think that party will deliver independence.

  152. Carol Neill says:

    Genuine question , are the majority of posters here of ,ahem , a certain age ? I really do ask as I try to discuss things with my daughter in law,like gra and hcb , and she thinks I’m making it up !
    She’s a huge social media contributor ( I am not ) and she thinks Nicla is great

  153. Carol Neill says:

    And o/t I apologise

  154. PacMan says:

    ahundredthidiot says:11 March, 2021 at 4:46 pm

    Gregor @ 4:17

    Always makes me laugh that people never wonder why porn sites are free.

    Paid for by the tax payer, too.

    And not there to stamp out crime – far from it.

    If you want to ‘relieve’ yourself in the comfort of our own home rather than travelling up to Ibrox to do so, get yourself a VPN to view porn and the super snoopers won’t know.

  155. Gregor says:

    During such emotive times of tribulation, I applaud those who tolerate, facilitate and embrace open public discussion/free-expression (respect Wings/participants, et al).

    After all, cohesive society doesn’t appreciate being told what it can say (looking at you rotten SNP hierarchy).

  156. ScotsRenewables says:

    Hatuey says:
    11 March, 2021 at 7:05 pm

    Scotland’s death levels by any objective standard are amongst the worst in the world.

    Do you have any links or statistics to back that up?

  157. Al says:

    Carol Neill says:
    Confession time, a young 59. Brought up to respect other peoples religions, points of view etc. and to treat women as equals…I was out numbered at home and would have been beaten if I showed disrespect to my mother or my sisters.
    Lost all faith in Politicians while working for MOD under Thatcher (I know her secrets), then came Blair another shiester and now we have one even worse and she is one of our own which enrages me.

  158. AYRSHIRE ROB says:

    “Woomun” and “wimmin” That’s a bit posh fur us in Ayrshire, Brian.

    It could be worse.Could’ve said “bird”, or “hen”. A lot don’t like “burd” or “hen” meaning the wumin, but I assure you loads of them use that term themselves even talking tae each other, I swear they do too.

    Aye, a ken hen! Lol

  159. susanXX says:

    Point taken wee chid, we must fight against the misappropriation of our language.

  160. From the ISP,

    `The ISP now call on AFI to see sense, to do the right thing for the cause of independence, and fold. Let ISP carry the independence torch.`

    i don`t know if either will have a chance of picking up a seat/s but splitting the pro indy vote in the regionals aint gonna help,

    is there any figures out there on the chances of winning a seat for either party,

    the Scottish people desperately need another pro indy party, we need to rid ourselves of the Green Goblin and his/its bunch of misogynists,

  161. Al-Stuart says:

    Stuart, all is not lost. Yet.

    There is still time to remedy this mess.

    If either I or my (female adult) partner or (female adult) sister walked into a polling booth on 6th May 2021 and were presented with this LIST part of the ballot paper, I bet you £100 you will guess correctly which way all three of we (former) SNP supporters would vote…


    [__] Scottish Conservative & Unionist Party: Murdo Fraser. Let’s Move On.

    [__] Scottish Green Party: Patrick Harvie. Transgender Men Have More Rights Than Adult Females.

    [__] IndyRef2 Vote Guaranteed Party: Joanna Cherry QC. Protecting Women From Wokeism.

    [__] Scottish Labour Party: Richard Leonard. Like A Political Klingon, I’m Still Here.

    [__] Scottish Liberal Democrats: Alex Cole-Hamilton. Amadans Are People Too.

    [__] Scottish National Party: Graham Campbell. You Pay My £4,500 Phone Bill Man.

    This is an easy choice and…


    All three of my family…


    If Alex Salmond stood on the LIST system elsewhere and he was on my LIST I would vote for him.

    Chris McEleny too. Surely we can muster 15 candidates for…



    Stuart Campbell wrote a great article…

    …Stu advised that Wings was NOT LIKELY to form Wings Party as Alex Salmond being acquitted was by far the best positioned to do so

    Will this happen?

    I have no doubt we could fundraise the money to secure LIST places for genuine pro-inside a few days.

    Stuart, please, for the love of God, can you ask Alex and Joanna if they will do this please?

    Otherwise Scotland is ruined in so many ways that are worse than at any time in hundreds of years.



  162. Carol Neill says:

    A/, thanks I’m not alone , I worked in sw in Fife in the early 90s and quickly got out ,corrupt even

  163. Pixywine says:

    7000 a day dying? Where is that number coming from?

  164. Carol Neill says:

    Then !

  165. ClanDonald says:

    So that’s the Hate Crime Bill through. 82 to 32. Labour backed it too, poor Johann.

    Now I understand why the rev is so fucking angry and sweary all the time, now I’m fucking angry and sweary too. They can shove the SNP up their hairy arses. Fuckers.

  166. AYRSHIRE ROB says:

    Carol Neill

    I too am under 60 . Like Al above , I’m x military- apparently to some on here that’s sacrilege .Apparently all x military are yoons of the English Army, even though theirs been no English Army for 313 years in May.

    There’s more x military yessers than people think.

    I’ve always been for Scotland, self determination and our own armed forces. Circumstances forced some of us into UK armed services because of lack of opportunity and I didn’t regret one bit of it. Good life when things were good, like Germany, Cyprus ,Far East etc.

    Now.A sanger in Afghan or a shit time wae penguins 8000 miles from sanity.

    Are you after a toyboy or what?

  167. Tannadice Boy says:

    @Ruby 6:03pm
    Yosser a word of Arabic origin meaning something easy. I think he might have meant Yessers. And the answer to his question would be contempt of a Supreme Court ruling.

  168. Dan says:

    @ Scot Finlayson

    Brian has put together some figures in several posts that may interest you starting with this one.

  169. Breastplate says:

    Scot Finlayson.
    I see 2 groups, one of them is saying “let’s work together for a mutual goal” and the other is saying “fuck off, you’re cramping my style.”

  170. Pixywine says:

    I think Sturgeon will find that culterally most of her voters are actually small c conservatives. The hate crime Bill will damage the SNP. I read the latest blatent nonsense on Ginger Drug and according to him her whatever the onus is on Us to come up with a plan B.Thats ridiculous of course. We voted for politicians to do that and they, the SNP” haven’t bothered their arses so fuck the bastards.

  171. Scott says:

    SNP have turned Scotland into the biggest snowflake nation on earth. Unforgivable what theyre doing. Ruining folks lives for offending someone is a freedom of speech outrage.

  172. EPT says:

    Obviously other parties have voted for HCB to ensure there is only 1 party you can vote for if you don’t want that shit and let’s face it we all know Labour are supporting Conservatives. We saw that when they coalesced in the last election. Jings didn’t take much to see that coming. We just need something new. If what we hear about Lavender Lil is true then that’s been compromised. We have to go it alone. If the people are truly sovereign can we all not just do what Iceland done and march their sorry asses out and declare ourselves Independent? I need something!!,

  173. Tannadice Boy says:

    @Ayrshire Bob 8:08pm
    Same for me, with pretty much the same reasons. Germany, Belfast and England. Getting shot at whilst defending a polling station in Belfast. An Independent Scotland will need an army and not just for social strife but also natural disasters. Although the social strife has been moving up the priority ladder of late.

  174. Al says:

    AYRSHIRE ROB says:
    Nothing wrong with being X-military, Scots have always been well respected by auld enemies and have made more than their fair share of sacrifices for the UK.
    The thing that gets me is all this wokey nonsense and politicians who have never experienced the “high giggle factor” when you get out a situation alive.
    Bring in National Service, make them live with discipline and other people to sort their shit out.

  175. Jack McArthur says:

    Many of you are experiencing what it is like to stand at the doors of hell. The Ancient Egyptians called it isfet and it led to an upside down world with an extremely bad ending. The sexes were meant to be complementary – woman filled with grace unique to them and men filled their own masculine graces.

    Assuming that most who read here will likely to have been exposed at sometime to Christianity at school maybe I should point out that the reason why you are now ruled by a multitude of wicked women and brainwashed children is explicetely given in the Book of Isaiah i.e. not for being homosexual by inclination (only one is perfect) but for parading your sin like Sodom and Gomorrah.

    On this this hell on earth the wokes all claim to be conceived without sin. They dismember babies in their mothers womb but describe people who tell the truth as hate crime criminals.

    Like I say this is the entrance to hell.

  176. Lothianlad says:

    The SNP under sturgeon is now a unionist party. Where do the real indy supporters go from here?

  177. Pixywine says:

    I see EU leaders have OKd the health passport which means no one will be allowed a life without a vaccine. A bet no one saw that coming?

  178. Carol Neill says:

    Ayreshire rob , I’m sorry if you totally understood me , or I you , no need for a toy boy thanks all the same

  179. Republicofscotland says:

    “even though theirs been no English Army for 313 years in May.”

    Ayrshire Rob.

    I think that sentence is a bit misleading Rob, the British army is controlled completely by England, oh there’s Scottish serving troops in the British army but the big decisions such as invading Iraq or training Saudi troops and pilots on how to bomb and kill civilians in Yemen aren’t jointly made by Scotland and England, England calls the shots.

  180. EPT says:

    All those saying ‘What you doing in Bath?’ Just as well you’re in Bath from now on cos this bill hopefully can’t touch you. How much will it truly cost us all to keep you going Rev? If there are around 500 of us and we want to keep you in business for the duration. How much would it cost us? I will up my monthly sub to you if you give me a figure.

  181. There should be a Class action lawsuit against Humza Yousaf for endangering 2,500,000 Scottish woman with his Hate Bill.

  182. Pixywine says:

    Jack McArthur. SNP policies read like a Grimoire up is down bad is good. Satanism.

  183. AYRSHIRE ROB says:


    Don’t blame the troops. They didn’t sign the f’ing Treaty man.Blame the scum in that cellar.

  184. Carol Neill says:

    Ffs meant misunderstood

  185. Thanks Dan,

    Brian do you have a simplified numbers count,

    (even at 25% it seems a non SNP pro indy party would pick up maybe 7 or 8 seats)

    something simple that might stop the SNP/SNPers in their tracks and make them think.

  186. ScotsRenewables says:

    Pixywine says:
    11 March, 2021 at 8:30 pm
    I see EU leaders have OKd the health passport which means no one will be allowed a life without a vaccine. A bet no one saw that coming?

    Vaccination certificates have been a travel requirement forever in some countries. I used to carry typhus, hepatitis and yellow fever vaccination certificates in my passport when travelling outside Europe as a matter of course.

    So of course most of us who aren’t still living with our parents saw this happening.

    No big deal. If you don’t want one, don’t travel.

  187. Republicofscotland says:


    I’m not blaming the troops, I’m merely pointing out the British army and all the British forces for that matter, are controlled from England.

    As for who to blame for this union, every Scotsman should know the names of who sold Scotland out.

    They’re all here.

  188. AYRSHIRE ROB says:

    Nae worries Carol Neill ,only jesting.

  189. Gregor says:


    H*11 M3** *N9 Bast**dz 111

  190. PacMan says:

    Pixywine says: 11 March, 2021 at 8:30 pm

    I see EU leaders have OKd the health passport which means no one will be allowed a life without a vaccine. A bet no one saw that coming?

    We are all going to get the chance to be vaccinated soon so I don’t know what the issue is with a health passport.

    If is is to do with it being some sort of ID where you will be tracked, everybody already has one. It is a called a bank card. Now that everybody is paying for things by card and not money, your movements can be easily traced.

  191. Pixywine says:

    Captain Yossarian. Not everyone wants or needs to take an experimental ” vaccine” I won’t take it because I do not trust lying bastards like Bozo and Hancock. Tories are making money out of this so that alone makes me skeptical.
    If anyone feels or thinks they need a vaccine they of course are free to do so but the Government should stay away from me and my family. Our immune systems are healthy enough

  192. Pixywine says:

    Pac man. I don’t want the vaccine. I’ll take a bull it through the head before I take any untrialled drugs

  193. Black Joan says:

    This morning on Twitter Jeggit was complaining about feeling depressed. I replied asking about the great promised event that was meant to cheer us all up about now, according to earlier messages of his — surely that should cheer him up, too? No reply. Instead he appears to have blocked me for presuming to ask. Charming.

    So it looks as if the Great Promised Event was a fantasy. In which case being thoroughly fed up looks like a pretty reasonable option right now. Nicola Sturgeon — destroyer of hope.

  194. EPT says:

    Stop eating and tell me seriously how much. Shall I just stick my own figure on it? My daughter, she’s mental pays defranco her cawfee money. I know I know I’m not doing well educating her but she pays him 5 quid a week. I think if we all sub’d you 20 quid a month if we can afford it we can keep this going. If we want the truth and we want to stay informed and pay you a fookin decent living wage. Right if you won’t suggest it I’ll go with Numero unos defranco cawfee cup donation of 5 quid a week. Right readers get your fingers in and let’s get this going. We read him(sorry hoping still him!although you in a frock?) sorry ? but we do and we are getting freebies. How much does truth and good debate cost?

  195. Captain Yossarian says:

    @Pixywine – Whilst I admire your indefatigability my friend, even the Amazon tribes are taking the Oxford Astra-Zeneca vaccine just now. It is a world-beater; a winner. The Oxford lab is run by a Scotsman.

  196. PacMan says:

    Pixywine says: 11 March, 2021 at 8:46 pm

    Captain Yossarian. Not everyone wants or needs to take an experimental ” vaccine” I won’t take it because I do not trust lying bastards like Bozo and Hancock. Tories are making money out of this so that alone makes me skeptical.
    If anyone feels or thinks they need a vaccine they of course are free to do so but the Government should stay away from me and my family. Our immune systems are healthy enough

    You do realise that commercial and safety necessities will dictate having to produce some sort of proof of being vaccinated to visit for example restaurants, pubs and allowing to do certain work occupations?

    Given the choice of never ending lock downs or mass vaccination, most people are at the point that they will want to get back to a bit of normality.

    For those who don’t want to be vaccinated, it could well mean a life of self-imposed lock down.

  197. Carol Neill says:


  198. Gregor says:

    Should ‘banter’ be banned/is it banned: BANANA Scotland ???

    “Should banter be banned?”

  199. Cenchos says:

    Well. Isn’t it just utterly fabulous that the Government’s very well thought-out Hate Crime Bill has been passed .

    I am absolutely sure that it has been formulated with all the best of reasons foremost, and that only a cynic could ever think that there were any nefarious reasons behind its very clear and unambiguous guidance to the police and lawmakers.

    I will sleep well tonight knowing that it is not capable of being used for any other reasons than protecting those who really need protecting.

  200. Billy says:

    Well last week the membership was cancelled, today it was the direct debit. Reached the stage I cannot stand to watch NS on tele, however after reluctantly watching FMQ’s today she’s back to her old super confident ‘butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth’ self. Can’t believe the Scottish public cannot see through her and her motely crew (not sure if I am allowed to use these terms anymore). Only a matter of time before the’Wee Blue Book’ appears with the rules according to Chairperson Nicola having to be followed. Thank God I can escape to this site and realise that I am not the only person with an independent mind.

  201. Pixywine says:

    Don’t equate bankcard with coerced vaccinations with 24 surveillance. More and more I get the impression our politics are a distraction from a bigger game.maybe I’m wrong but the policies in Holyrood are UN policies and all the parties are signed up to it. If that seems a little way out there please be patient. I was originally inspired by Stu Campbell and the many interesting posters on here to do my own ” research”. With a computer or a phone it is now easy to” do your own research ” and dig deeper into news stories. We have different takes. We all know time will tell.
    So far many predictions I made to friends a year ago have been borne out by political reality. I must be researching in the right places. I disagree with the politics of many of the you tubers I sometimes recommend but where there is a common political interest we can come together. If only the SNP had a common interest in Independence and not a ” Common Purpose” with Tony Blair.

  202. shug says:

    I see Nicola is in the Herald again wailing about how traumatising she found the Salmond affair to be and how she failed the poor women.
    Nothing about the women were not believed by the jury. Alex being found innocent, and he lost 2 years of his life and a lot of money fighting for his reputation.
    The real joke of course is even she must realise it is only a matter of time till the unionists release the whatsapp message by fair means or foul and her plot will be released to the world for all to see. My guess is in the week before the election.

  203. Al says:

    Pixywine says:
    I had the same suspicions about the speed of deveoplment and approval. Fortunately this is my sister’s field, working for independent verification of new vaccines for departments like the FDA. The reply I got was that normally, funding is released slow in stages, with only a few people working on say a flu virus at any one time which will take a year. In the case of COVID 19, all funding for research and testing was up front with all resources possible thrown at it.
    Pity this isn’t done with cancer drugs etc.
    I have a vaccine passport with all sorts on it like Typhoid, hepatitus, polio, yellow fever so don’t see the problem adding to it. Unless I need rabies vaccination, it’s through the stomach wall…several times.

  204. Alf Baird says:

    Captain Yossarian @ 8:55 pm

    “The Oxford lab is run by a Scotsman.”

    Is this supposed to make the colonized feel pride? Shades of surprise at such an event merely reveals racial prejudice.

    Barely 10% of academics in some of Scotland’s ancient universities today are Scottish. This is what Prof Michael Hechter described as a ‘Cultural Division of Labour’ within the UK Internal Colonialism ‘model’. Which basically means the best jobs in Scotland are not reserved for Scots, and this is nothing new.

    Why do you think Scots want independence if not to throw off our colonial oppressor and develop our own people and nation without external interference?

  205. Breastplate says:

    Why do you not have those vaccines for travelling in Europe?
    I’ll take a guess and say it’s because they are not needed in Europe which brings me to the obvious question, why would you need to take a vaccine that you are in no danger from?

    Presumably the vaccine was to protect the vulnerable, at least that’s what we were initially led to believe, so why do people who are not considered vulnerable need to get a vaccine?
    Remember that 80% of the population have either mild symptoms or no symptoms from this coronavirus, so why would these people need a vaccine?

  206. EPT says:

    Seriously. Wingsland podgamer??? Get a better page! Upped my offering to 20 a month to hear the truth. Thank you so much for all your stuff love the navvy chat. Love the abuse whilst we can still do it and like JC said, if you haven’t got a stomach for this kind of speak fook off! But seriously get that return podgamer page changed!!! Keep doing what your doing cos I think your getting on their nerves.

  207. stuart mctavish says:

    Äyrshire Rob
    Ironically the one saving grace might be the decriminalisation of blasphemy in Part 4, since that now sets the minimum threshold for something to be considered offensive –

    ie, if God could not be offended by whatever is being complained about then neither should a sane or reasonable or religious person. Consequently if the complainant insists on pursuing the complaint further, despite such clarification, they expose themselves to be not sane or not reasonable or not religious and help or direct action can then be provided as appropriate.

  208. Pixywine says:

    Yossarian. OK you can have that Section 8 any time you like.

  209. Jim Bo says:

    SNP awaiting a hand-delivered Section 30 by Boris Johnson as depicted by Monty Python:

  210. Captain Yossarian says:

    @Alf Baird – My old university is run by many Russians nowadays. When I was there in the 80’s, it was all Scotsmen and a few Englishmen.

    Many, many bright Scotsmen and women are leaving these shores to make a better living for themselves overseas.

    If you look at the grotesquely crooked hobgoblins we have running Scotland just now you cannot be surprised by that.

  211. AYRSHIRE ROB says:

    Stuart Mctavish

    Eh ,What did I say?

  212. Pixywine says:

    Al. Thank you. Something for me to think on.

  213. Breastplate says:

    Jim Bo,
    I’m guessing when it comes to getting a Section 30 from Boris, he may beat the Olympic record at hide and seek.

  214. John Martini says:

    It’s all over now baby blue..

    The empty handed painter from your streets
    Is drawing crazy patterns on your sheets
    The sky too is fallin’ in over you
    And it’s all over now, baby blue

  215. Al says:

    Pixywine says
    Forgot to say that I wouldn’t take the Chinese or Russian vaccines- don’t trust them to not to insert a ethnic bioweapon into the vaccine. Boss in South Africa were developing ethnic bio weapons in the 1980’s google Project Coast….I think.

  216. Confused says:

    I wonder if anyone has looked into the Murrells PERSONAL WEALTH, starting with the mortgage on their house. When you have lost trust in people, you really need to examine everything about them.

    But the trouble with corruption in modern politics is that the payoff happens AFTER you leave office – cf Obama, Blair. Being prez, PM etc is just a buff for the CV which allows one to sup from global capital having done service.

    We are used to politicians being opportunists who would “do anything for votes”; the behaviour of the SNP leadership seems to be the opposite, they seem willing to throw anyone and anything “under the bus” simply to do this “trannyism uber alles” and “woke-fascism”. Certainly they despise “populism” (democracy) seeing it as reactionary; gotta be in the vanguard and the right side of history. Having done this service, in the process wrecking the SNP and derailing the YES movement, they can skip off, job done. Maybe this was the point. Whether or not the FM is a true believer, compromised / “got at”, intimidated, a sleeper agent, constrained by facts on the ground – is irrelevant as the outcome is the same.

  217. Pixywine says:

    Pac man ” a life of self imposed lockdown” the Government locked us down. Will I get a yellow star to wear?

  218. Pixywine says:

    People who are not sick being quaranteened. Pac man how did this happen? A 99 % survival rate and here we are. Why would you trust the Tories?

  219. Onlooker says:

    So we have supposedly Scottish people here talking about voting Tory. Incredible. I never thought I would hear the day. Has this site really turned your brains to whipped yoghurt so much you would sell us out like that? Tell you what, here’s a thought exercise. Take a deep breath. Think. You are not allowed to say:

    Sturgeon is a unionist
    The SNP is not fit for purpose
    A man is not a woman
    A woman is not a man
    Alex Salmond should lead us from darkness
    Anything to do with woke
    We will never get independence
    You are a unionist troll or plant
    MI5 lurks everywhere
    The HCB will destroy us all
    We need to start a new party

    And so on and so forth. What will you talk about now? I see the same tired, angry posts bandied about here all the damned time. Nothing ever gets solved, people only get angrier and angrier. It’s like watching a wasp batter against a window trying to escape, when the window is open, and if it flew two inches to the left it could be gone. The SNP are a mess, yes. But they are transient, and can be fumigated. Imagine being Scottish and wanting to vote for the party that hit you with the poll tax, who spits on you every day in Holyrood and Westminster, who sucks your country dry, murders the disabled, who despises you, who wants you – us – all to die so they can just steal our resources. Many of you have totally lost the plot over a couple of horrible sticking points. I am actually laughing here. How utterly tragic. It really is. Talk about lost….

    “You make me feel ashamed
    At acting attitudes
    Remember ridicule
    It should be clear by now
    Clear by now

    Your words are useless
    Full of excuses
    False confidence
    Someone has used you well (Oh, used you)
    Used you well”

  220. Daisy Walker says:

    re WGD, I noticed a change in him after he got married.

    He became increasingly more ‘tetchie’ around the time he got ill.

    I contributed to his new home as a thank you for all the times before, but no longer visit his site.

    I used to really like his writing, but – not with standing the btl comments – I genuinely can’t stand his writing anymore, every now and again he starts off well, then ends up dancing on the head of a pin as to why we need to give Nicla yet another mandate.

    I wish him well, but I no longer trust him.

  221. Daisy Walker says:

    Someone posted about ISP chibbing the other lot to join them.

    Well, sorry ISP but you said you were all for Plebiscite Indy Election and now its nowhere to be seen in your party policy… I smell carrots.

    At least Tommy Sheridan’s new party has it front and foremost.

  222. Breastplate says:

    I agree that the SNP should be fumigated, the sooner the better.
    You seem to be angry that others here are angry enough to start that fumigation process before your ready to.

  223. Effigy says:

    STV Broadcasting a show about the Dunblane massacre.

    Unfortunately most of the show is about how Lorraine Kelly
    was sent to report on it and now returns to meet some parents.

    What a waste not to investigate why Tony Blair made the details behind
    the massacre top secret for 100 years?

    The blogger Guido Fawkes put forward that Labour minister George
    Robinson was friendly with the man behind it, murderer Thomas Hamilton.
    As a suspected Paedo the police rejected his fire arms application.
    Geo Robertson apparently applied pressure to police vouching for Hamilton?

    Robertson was also friendly with bachelor Gordon Brown?

    Police in the area acquired a valuable yacht under proceeds of crime.
    All such items were to go to public auction to maximise the public purse.
    For some reason a broke Hamilton was given the yacht outside of the auction
    for £5,000, a fraction of what could be easily expected?

    Where did that money come from?

    Some say boasts were a favourite of the paedo gangs as kids could be excited to go aboard
    and threatens of drowning when at sea if they didn’t behave?

    No one to see or hear what might be going on.

    It is quite a story but why wasn’t this Guido sued for putting this story up.
    Why a 100 year cover up made top secret?

    Back to Lorraine.

  224. Breastplate says:

    There has been a change and I thought that maybe he had been promised a job something in the SNP for his unflinching loyalty.
    I hasten to add, I have no idea the reason and could be way off the Mark.

  225. Breastplate says:

    My earlier post to onlooker should have been “you’re” rather than your.

  226. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “It appears that – Scotsman survey- SNP support continues to fall and a majority is no longer presumed. There is almost a month to go before polling day.”

    There are nearly two months. It’s the first week of May.

  227. stuart mctavish says:

    @Ayrshire Rob @9:17
    Sorry -Losing focus, possibly from something similar, but me @9:12 meant for Pixywine @8:33

  228. beflox says:

    Breastplate says:

    Just popped over and this is from WGD.
    It’s basically telling people to fuck off if they don’t post things he approves of, a shame really.

    … which is also exactly how Wings has always operated as well, don’t forget.

  229. Willie says:

    Interesting story Effigy @9.38.

    It is certainly most strange that there is a 100 year ban on releasing information. That usually is indicative of concealing something that would be harmful to the national interest. Indeed, exposing a paedophile ring, as an example, at the heart of Government would be the type of reason that a 100 year ban on info release would be imposed.

    Of course when it comes to allegations there are reports that a young Tony Lyndon Blair was charged and fined £500 at Bow Street Magistrates Court for importuning in a public toilet but that this has been hidden because he was prosecuted under his middle name.

    Likewise there were many reports of friend of conservative establishment Sir Jimmy Saville was a paedophile and part of a wider group. Disregarded and suppressed the truth later emerged that he was a sexual pervert most vile.

    So, yes, why the hundred year ban. What were Thomas Hamilton’s connections, and how far in the firmament did they extend. The British establishment has a lot to hide.

  230. Al says:

    Effigy Says;
    Thomas Hamilton was convicted for tampering with young boys on his boat on Loch Lomond while he was a youth leader. He was rejected and vilified by the parents in Dunblane.
    No gun club in Scotland would have him as a member, I recall he once tried to join the club of which I was secretary and was instantly rejected due to his reputation.
    He had no reasonable reason to hold a firearm as he did not have a club or private land to shoot on. There is no way his firearms should not have been siezed. Weirdly I had applied for the post of Firearms Licencing Officer in that area at the time, I believe the post went to a former WPC.
    The feeling at the time was that he wanted to get back at the people who had rejected him, the Dunblane families and the Gun clubs. The main fact missing is that he used a legally held 9mm pistol in the massacre when he had an illegally held 9mm Sterling sub machine gun with a 32 round magazine which would have been more devastating. The use of the legally held weapon was to get back at the gun clubs who rejected him and to get back at the parents who rejected him.
    There were a number of rumours around that time that he was part of a large peodophile network including some important people, judges etc. I believe this to be true as the 100 year ruling “to protect the families” just does not wash with me.
    If you look at Government secrets, at the most, they have a 75 year ruling for Top Secret documents.
    After Dunblane I was so sickened that I gave up my firearms and explosive licences, just incase something like a brain tumour altered my personality.

  231. Gregor says:

    “Cybernat”: ‘hate speech’ (‘stirring-up’) ???

    Gordon Brown PM “that woman is bigoted”: ‘misogynistic hate speech’ ???

    “go back to Skye”: ‘xenophobic & bigoted hate speech’ ???

  232. ScotsRenewables says:

    Breastplate, do you really not understand how vaccines work?

    It’s called herd immunity.

    You need to be vaccinated do you don’t infect the vulnerable.

  233. true scot says:

    Free speech – leave a light on for Scotland.

  234. John Martini says:


    As somebody who helped develop a test for covid I bet you don’t know your affinity from your avidty.

    Stop spouting shit.

  235. Jontoscots20 says:

    That’s brilliant.

    The SNP have hogged all the talent in Scotland for the last 20 years. But now the Rev has crossed the floor, we have a chance now.
    At the very least he is not playing against us.

    Maybe I missed the point here? Talent? Failed Westminster and Brussels bampots and student politics hacks. No talent on show there except for Salmond, Cherry, McAskill etc.

  236. Hatuey says:

    ScotsRenewables: “Do you have any links or statistics to back that up?”

    Covid-29 deaths in Scotland stand at 183 per 100 thousand. That’s based on the NRS data which accounts for 10 thousand deceased where covid-19 is mentioned on the death certificate.

    It’s a simple calculation. 5.45 million divided by 100k = 54.5

    10k deaths divided by 54.5 = 183

    In comparative terms, looking at other countries, 183 per 100k of the population is amongst the very worst. It’s actually identical to the UK morbidity rate and you can validate all that here;

    If you were to go further and factor in population density, Scotland would overtake the UK as a whole and look a lot worse… possibly the worst of all.

  237. James Horace says:

    Has Wings given up on any hopes of Nicola Sturgeon resigning this year then?

  238. Al says:

    Hatuey says:
    Factor in that Heathrow is the 7th busiest airport in the world and in terms of international passenger traffic the 2nd busiest in the world…covid central.

  239. ScotsRenewables says:

    John Martini says:
    11 March, 2021 at 10:19 pm

    As somebody who helped develop a test for covid I bet you don’t know your affinity from your avidty.

    Stop spouting shit.

    The shit is all coming from you pal.

    Herd immunity through vaccination is why rubella, for example, rarely causes cerebral palsy and deafness (as it did in my son because his mum did not have the jab at school)

    The World Health Organization estimates that 65 to 70 percent of a given population must be vaccinated to halt the spread of disease. Once that threshold is crossed, the Covid-19 virus will have too few human hosts to choose from, driving down transmission rates dramatically.

    You are full of shit, you appear to know nothing about anything. I despise antivaxxers nearly as much as I despise Unionists pretending to be independence supporters.

  240. Glasgow racer says:

    We must do all we can to kick Sturgeon out of Scottish Politics for good.

    I personally will be leafleting in Glasgow Southside area for Scottish Labour and an Indy Party yet to be named for the List vote.

  241. Lost says:

    Trying to get my head around this Hate Crime Bill.

    Sex is a protected characteristic in the Equality Act 2010. This is reserved by Westminster.

    The HCB has failed to include sex as a protected characteristic. How can this be passed into law when it doesn’t include something which is already lawful? Holyrood can’t amend it if it’s reserved by Westminster.

    So is the HCB in itself a Hate Crime for NOT recognising sex?

    Can anyone clarify or am I getting myself into a muddle?

  242. Iain Emslie says:

    Daisy Walker says:
    11 March, 2021 at 9:37 pm
    Someone posted about ISP chibbing the other lot to join them.

    Well, sorry ISP but you said you were all for Plebiscite Indy Election and now its nowhere to be seen in your party policy… I smell carrots.

    At least Tommy Sheridan’s new party has it front and foremost.

    I’m starting to think I have backed the wrong pony.

  243. ScotsRenewables says:

    Hatuey, that is deaths where Covid-19 is mentioned on the death certificate.

    England does not record this figure, only deaths within 28 days of a test.

    In the USA, some believe deaths are under-reported, some over-reported

    In Brazil, who knows how many have died?

    I think my point is, it is really quite sickening how many people want to portray Scotland as a third world hell hole when the reality is very different.

    Some stuff is wrong, not everything. Sturgeon is devious, lying, a politician, but she is not the devil incarnate.

    A lot of people on here need to calm the fuck down.

  244. Robert Graham says:

    Party time over La La Land

    And Lola’s lot are having a ball , look look we did it we did it

    They have discovered Humzas free thought gagging bill can be used to shut down blogs. this lot has been talking about ways to shut down Wings over Scotland for weeks ,aye well done ladies only views we agree with are allowed that sounds fair now doesn’t it .

    IT WORKS BOTH WAYS yah fkn dummies

    Only x amount of MSPs voted against it ,oh really that’s nice, judging by the quality of some of these MSPs that doesn’t inspire confidence , just watch and listen to some of the committee debates most people here would have the problems or work they are invited to comment on wrapped up in a few meetings this lot take fkn weeks to decide what kind of biscuits they want

    Normal people , because let’s face it a lot of these fkrs are far from normal maybe that’s why they get involved in politics they would find it hard to survive in the real world where mistakes cost , and if someone fks up they are relieved of their position pretty bleedn quick ,

    Most of these egits are spending other people’s money at a rate that would embarrass a drunken sailor, if mistakes are made the umbrellas go up it wasn’t me , then the shredders go into overdrive to cover their well upholstered arses .

  245. Kiwilassie says:

    This article is from 2 years ago. It’s amazing how much has changed politically in two years.
    The article was more of a “What if” scenario back then. Now with the SNP being so corrupt, if it were to come to pass with Alex forming a new party for the list vote in May, with J Cherry, A McNeil, K Macaskill, D Findlay & others that are staunch Indy supporters, it would be a god sent for the Indy movement.
    The SNP would not be able to hold the carrot out to Yes Indy voters for the next five years.

    Can you imagine if Alex were to get many of the really smart WM MPs who were elected in 2015 & lost their seats in 2017 back on board. I remember the guy Mullens from Kirkcaldy/Dunfermline, he was really good. SNP lost a lot of really bright WM MPs in 2017.

  246. Hatuey says:

    Al, The UK Government is responsible for its handling of the Pandemic as far as England is concerned. I don’t think anyone disputes that.

    In Scotland it’s not so simple. People on one hand want to give credit to the SNP for its handling of the crisis, whilst on the other (when the reality of the data is pointed out to them) they want to absolve the SNP of its responsibility.

    I guess BBC Scotland and the SNP make a formidable team when it comes to propaganda. It’s a basic and uncontroversial fact that Scotland has had a terrible experience in the last year, amongst the worst in the world if you use deaths to form a yardstick, and yet people think it has been handled well.

  247. John Martini says:


    You are the worst troll ever. Learn some science.

    Start here and see if you can work out how covid affects multiple systems including the brain.

    When you have done that try and tie together genetics, the neuro immunological system and its role in auto immune disorders, psychiatric conditions and iq.

    Why do we see childten who suffer from peadiatric obesity who are not being overfed?

    Is alzheimers a form of diabetes?

  248. Tannadice Boy says:

    Well Stu reading these comments it would appear that there is more that divides us than unites us. Stay on until after the May election. Why do I say that?. You must
    be driven to distraction, repeating yourself. I think you ponder your future. You have a good ten years of working life left. You are talented that’s for sure and can have a successful working life going forward. You will be up there with AS as a man who almost delivered Independence. Your legacy is secure. Nicola’s legacy will be baby boxes and the HCB. I will always remember the wee blue book. A godsend on the streets during the Independence campaign. The game is a bogey. I am moving forward I can’t let this nonsense distract me anymore. I wish you well.

  249. John Martini says:


    Forget the link. My glial cells must be eating my brain.

  250. Robert Graham says:

    Aye a long shift today for some people

    When does the changeover happen is it on the hour of the half hour , straight 8 hours or 4 on 4 off maybe 1 on 1 off , don’t really care but I see the obvious plants

    Don’t you have a home to go to or a Hobby or even something else to keep you occupied ? or is this your full time occupation , eh Pay good ? Just asking .

  251. Rick H Johnston says:

    Hatuey – Nobody has handled Covid well exactly, but the figures for deaths in Scotland is clearly better than in England.
    Their population is 10 times ours but deaths in England are way above that.

  252. ScotsRenewables says:


    Why are you spouting reams of irrelevant pseudo-scientific shite, am I supposed to be impressed?

    Sorry, I’ll stick with the WHO. I suspect they have a tad more experience with vaccination than you do.

  253. Al says:

    Hatuey says:
    In agreement with you there, when population density for England plus the Heathrow factor is included, Scotland looks pretty shit. I had looked at the deaths in Scotland V’s England and taken the populations into account and was pretty shocked we were so high.
    I no longer hold any store to what the BBC says, I suspect there are a lot of lazy, high paid journalists who just ask politicians and surf twitter for stories. The sooner BBC Scotland is closed the better.

  254. ScotsRenewables says:

    Rick, Hatuey is comparing Scotland’s ‘Covid mentioned on the death certificate’ numbers with England’s ‘death within 28 days of a test’ figures.

    (And even then he has chosen to round the Scottish number up by 2.5%)

    This is the type of unscrupulous dishonesty we have come to expect from Scotland’s enemies. It makes Sturgeon look positively honest.

    Hatuey, if the cap fits…

  255. RMT says:

    @Daisy Walker

    Please look here:

    I would think, from what I’ve seen, that when the manifestos are published that ISP will be pushing for a plebiscite election.

  256. Breastplate says:

    You talk about infecting the vulnerable, surely if the vulnerable have been vaccinated then it won’t matter who is or isn’t vaccinated?

    If you have 100 people and 5 of them are considered to be vulnerable to a certain disease while the other 95 have an immune system that easily deals with the disease. You’re given 5 vaccines and have to decide who gets vaccinated, who would you vaccinate and why?

  257. Hatuey says:

    ScotsRenewables, I think you need to “calm the fuck down” and stop trying to crowbar what I’m saying into some petty little agenda that you cooked up to make yourself feel good.

    If the UK data as a whole included cases where death was mentioned on the death certificate, it wouldn’t make any measurable difference to the Scottish data that I presented to you (after you asked for it); doing so would simply make the UK position as a whole comparatively worse.

    As for Sturgeon being Satan, if you assume she plotted to have Salmond imprisoned on highly spurious grounds, I think she stands out (even amongst scumbag politicians) as a uniquely twisted, dishonest, and dangerous person.

    Do you assume she plotted to have Salmond imprisoned on highly spurious grounds?

  258. shug says:

    Has anyone any update on how big the traffic queues in Cairnryan are and how long it takes to get on a ferry

  259. ScotsRenewables says:

    John Martini says:
    11 March, 2021 at 10:59 pm

    Forget the link. My glial cells must be eating my brain.

    The poor things must be starving.

  260. President Xiden says:

    Justice Secretary Humza Yousaf said: “I am delighted Holyrood has backed this powerful legislation that is fitting for the Scotland we live in.

    Indeed it is, indeed it is.

  261. Prasad says:

    ‘ScotsRenewables says:
    11 March, 2021 at 2:34 pm
    There are plenty of good SNP candidates who are not wokie at all, including my own in Argyll and Bute.’

    Are you talking about Jenni Minto.
    She is woke see ‘and I was pleased to see that Shirley Ann Somerville introduced a pause in the legislation to allow just that.’ Jesus she is quoting this monster to me!

    I write to her with a heading IWD2021 on the woman’s manifesto her reply changes heading to Human Rights (see what she did there).

    ‘Dear Prasad
    Thank you for your email.
    My underlying belief is that Scotland should be a tolerant, progressive and welcoming country, which treats everyone with respect. It is the way my parents brought me up and the way I have tried to conduct my life.
    Human Rights are constantly under review, which I think is important for society to do, after all it is a human concept. However, I do not think that rights already gained should be diminished in any way.
    The pot of Human Rights needs to be expanded; I liken it to the love my brother has for his children when his second one arrived, his love didn’t halve, it doubled.
    I have done a lot of research into the Gender Recognition Act, reading articles, listening to podcasts and speaking to people on both sides of the debate, to try to understand the arguments. My overriding view that this is a subject that requires compassion and kindness from everyone.
    I think the Scottish Government has a responsibility to listen to all views, and I was pleased to see that Shirley Ann Somerville introduced a pause in the legislation to allow just that.
    If I am selected and then elected it will be my responsibility to ensure I represent all constituent’s views to Ministers.
    With best wishes

    That airy-fairy reply to serious women’s concerns is dire. She is your great candidate, seriously. This is parish newsletter standard.

  262. ScotsRenewables says:


    Since the start of the outbreak in Scotland:

    7,483 people have died who have tested positive as at 11 March

    That is 2,517 fewer than the number you used to make your spurious claim that Scotland had the same death rate as the UK overall.

    Blatant dishonesty.

  263. Hatuey says:

    Rick H Johnston says:
    11 March, 2021 at 11:04 pm
    Hatuey – Nobody has handled Covid well exactly, but the figures for deaths in Scotland is clearly better than in England.
    Their population is 10 times ours but deaths in England are way above that.


    Thanks for that contribution. Sincerely.

    As I was saying before, BBC Scotland and the SNP make a formidable propaganda team. Of course, everyone here knew that, having seen the way they have coalesced to rig the public debate on Salmond.

    We’ll see how long that little unlikely relationship lasts.

  264. ScotsRenewables says:

    Prasad, what exactly is wrong with what Jenni Minto said there? Not exactly stirring, all ‘steady the horses’ stuff, but hardly woke to the max.

    This is an election, not the Oscars. Anodyne pap is the staple of most election leaflets.

    Tel me, what great statesmen and orators are standing in Argyll and Bute for the other parties?

  265. Hatuey says:

    ScotRenewables, numbers clearly aren’t your strong suit… what are you, one of those social scientist types with a degree in waffle?

    “as of the 7th of March, there have been 9725 deaths registered in Scotland where Covid-19 was mentioned on the death certificate…” NRS Scotland

  266. Hatuey says:

    Okay. So if you recalculate based on the tedious point that 9725 is not 10,000 (even though the 9725 figure is about a week old and doesn’t include deaths in the last week), Scotland stands at 178 deaths per 100k.

    On the chart I posted earlier that takes Scotland from joint 4th alongside the rest of the UK to the 5th worst. That’s worse than Italy, the US, Hungary, Portugal, and many more.

    Yeah, Sturgeon has handled it really well… go back to sleep, mugs, you’re in safe hands.

  267. ScotsRenewables says:

    Hatuey, anyone can go and see your dishonest post.

    You use the Scottish figure for ‘deaths on the certificate’ (and conveniently round it up a bit) then you compare it with the UK figure for deaths within 28 days of a positive test.

    These are two very different measurements, and cannot be compared.

    I thought you were being dishonest. Perhaps I was wrong and you are merely stupid, in which case I apologise.

    Hatuey says:
    11 March, 2021 at 10:30 pm
    ScotsRenewables: “Do you have any links or statistics to back that up?”

    Covid-29 deaths in Scotland stand at 183 per 100 thousand. That’s based on the NRS data which accounts for 10 thousand deceased where covid-19 is mentioned on the death certificate.

    It’s a simple calculation. 5.45 million divided by 100k = 54.5

    10k deaths divided by 54.5 = 183

    Bit of a difference, eh?

    In comparative terms, looking at other countries, 183 per 100k of the population is amongst the very worst. It’s actually identical to the UK morbidity rate and you can validate all that here;

    You obviously overlooked this paragraph in the article you link to above:

    It is important to keep in mind that countries measure these statistics differently. For example, the UK only includes deaths where people tested positive for COVID-19.

    Yes Hatuey, you have taken the ‘Covid on the death certificate’ figure for Scotland, which is 30% higher than the ‘Deaths within 28 days of a +ve test’ figure, and compared that with the UK ‘Deaths within 28 days of a +ve test’ figure.

    This is either an honest mistake or fundamentally dishonest. Please tell us which it is.

  268. Shug says:

    At all points up to the last couple of weeks Scotland had half the daily death and infection figures
    Your position is simply wrong
    Was it down to nicola or Jason leach I do not know but I watched the figures very carefully over the last year

  269. Kcor says:

    Skip_NC says,

    “Kcor @ 11:23pm, I stand ready and willing to do what I can from the USA. The problem is that I do not have enough knowledge of what has gone on.”

    Try to get it from contacts in Scotland if you can.

    The thoroughly decent folks of Scotland desperately need to be saved from the evil SNP leadership.

  270. ScotsRenewables says:

    Hatuey, do you see, the Scottish figure for deaths per 100,000 BASED ON THE UK METRIC FOR MEASURING THIS is 135 per 1000

    Compared to 183 per 100,000 for the UK based on the same method of measurement.

    Please tell me you understand.

  271. ScotsRenewables says:

    Thankyou Shug

  272. Kcor says:

    Hatuey says,

    “The Hate Crime Legislation is completely unworkable. I don’t know why everyone is so agitated about it.”

    It is not aimed at everyone – it is only aimed to silence those like the Rev. Stuart Campbell who expose the Establishment.

  273. ScotsRenewables says:

    Our death rate per 100,000 using the UK way of measuring it is 135, compared to 183 for the UK

    We are not great, we are shit compared to New Zealand, but our death rate using the same measurement nt system is only 73% of the UK’s as a whole.

  274. Kcor says:

    Mist001 says,

    “Told you, the SNP needs to be disbanded, declared a terrorist organisation or something along these lines, because voting won’t stop them, it’ll take some radical action from somewhere to put a stop to them.

    I live in France and I look in from the outside and I’m thankful I don’t live in Scotland anymore. My big disappointment is that I have three years worth of voting rights remaining and there’s not one single party that’s worthy of my vote.”

    Do us all a great favour. Find out about and reveal the conspiracy against Alex Salmond from safety in France.

    It will destroy the corrupt criminal SNP leadership.

    Scotland needs those like you now as never before.

  275. Hatuey says:

    Shug, at no point in my life have I ever discussed the data for the last two weeks. Read more carefully.

    I’ve already explained where Scotland stands, ScotsRenewables. We are the fifth worst in the world. Your analysis depends on a skewed definition of what a covid-19 death is.

    I notice you didn’t answer my question on Sturgeon’s involvement in the Salmond stitch-up. I wouldn’t answer it either, if I was a Sturgeon apologist.

  276. Famous15 says:

    Magnanimous? I.ll gie ye magnanimous ya bastars!

    I will vote Snp1 and isp2 and hope a miracle happens and also the NEC might get real.

  277. Glasgow racer says:

    CamB got chased off of Wings because he was multiple posting.

    This zoomer Scot Renewables is now posting more than poor old CamB,,, yet CamB gets kicked off.

    I think there’s a good case for this dildo Scots Renewables getting the same treatment as CamB.

    An SNP Troll of the highest order.

    Geez awe peace mate.

    You’ve been told already, the Ginger Dug is your natural home.

  278. Glasgow racer says:

    Any halfwit who votes SNP in May is complicit in the death if Scotland.

  279. Hatuey says:

    Glasgow, Cam B had much more substance. This guy’s a low-grade cheerleader.

  280. Kcor says:


    You are an impeccable independence supporter and your efforts during the 2014 campaign were one of the major factors for getting people from the schemes out to vote Yes and delivering a Yes majority in Glasgow.

    You had and still have set aside party political differences in the cause of independence.

    But IMHO, advocating a constituency vote for the SNP in current circumstances is a grave mistake you will live to regret.

    The corrupt criminal current SNP leadership, which cannot be held accountable for conspiring to put its own great independence leader Alex Salmond in jail on fake charges or for embezzling £600,000 of independence supporters’ funds will not advance independence one bit in the next five years if voted back into power.

    Just look at the SNP stooges in the parliament, and the woke candidates likely to be elected. Independence is certainly not anywhere near the top of their priorities.

    A unionist government, with a sizeable number of independent MSPs like yourself, with the SNP out of power, will achieve more for independence than re-electing this corrupt criminal SNP regime.

    You are an excellent campaigner and orator, and like Alex Salmond, a genuine independence supporter.

    Please, please do us all a great favour and stand against Sturgeon in her constituency.

  281. Glasgow racer says:


    The Dildo aka Scots Renewables is just a prize prick.

  282. susanXX says:

    Why all the fawning over T Sheridan? Solidarity is just another of these People’s Front of Judaea/ Judaean People’s Front nonsense characteristic of the Left, albeit pro Indy.

  283. Naomi says:

    Years ago paedophilia was rarely reported and instead met with a broad response of turning a blind eye which has, thankfully, very much changed.

    The coincidental dawn of rabidly aggressive, and often outrightly abusive, pursuit of supposed trans rights has me wondering if ‘silenced through fear’ is becoming the modern day ‘silent ignorance’ of yesteryear. At the very least, bullying and abusing your way to equality and protection is a gross paradox, and not the behaviour I’d expect of a supposedly fearful minority.

    My gut has been screaming about this woke boak horse shit for quite some time. I won’t be convinced it’s anything other than a deeply sinister agenda but I’ll be damned if I can figure out the reason/point of it all.

    And just how the hell has all this hit peak focus and political support when our kids have barely had a full education in the past year, and our economy has been decimated by the enforced lockdown of the perfectly healthy?

  284. Kcor says:

    susanXX says,

    “Why all the fawning over T Sheridan? Solidarity is just another of these People’s Front of Judaea/ Judaean People’s Front nonsense characteristic of the Left, albeit pro Indy.”

    In your own words, “albeit pro Indy”.

    Unlike the corrupt criminal led SNP.

  285. Seabhac Gorm says:

    We, who live in Scotland, await The Enabling Act.

  286. John Martini says:

    “Of all the words of mice and men, the saddest are, “It might have been.”
    ? Kurt Vonnegut

  287. Hatuey says:

    Naomi, at least you’re alive.

    Endeavour to persevere.

  288. Seabhag Gorm says:

    Thank you, Rev Stuart, for hosting this website so that we may read an alternative view.
    For too many the MSM is the only source, heavily weighted towards The Fragrant (Lavender) One.
    Would that Alec was allowed to strut his stuff daily, well, perhaps not in 6 inch Louboutins…

  289. Beaker says:

    I posted a number of times in the past year that 2020 was totally surreal and anything was possible.

    I take it all back. 2020 was fucking boring normality compared to what has happened so far in 2021.

  290. ian murray says:

    With support building over the past couple of years is it possible that the love in with the very very small percentage of Trans people is being used intentionally to piss off a chunk of SNP supporters?
    The SNP will still win the election and stay comfortably at the public trough but polls are now around 50/50 meaning that the clear intention of the voting public for Independence is no longer there.
    The legislation the SNP are pursuing is stuff that should wait until we have Independence
    Are they thick or was this a plan all along ?

  291. Shane Fraser says:

    My first ever vote was Yes in 2014.

    Know I’m voting Labour, fck SNP! Better the devil you know when compared to this woke phenomenon with their speech hate Bill. I’m fkg done with this SNP.

    ALEX SALMOND… Please come back and butcher the FEELINGS of the OFFENDED and OPPRESSED bedroom groom community!

  292. twathater says:

    My My it appears scotsrenewables isn’t satisfied with his own blog he now wants to take over WOS as well, I’ve got to give him his due he is working his arse off for Nicla, he throws insults about at people who disagree with him and then accuses everyone of being abusive towards him, methinks Nicla has taught him well , or is it really oor Nicla posting

    MIA I’ve got to give you your due you are destroying every one of his numerous posts but TBH you are wasting your time he is only here to ridicule and insult people who won’t submit to the wheesht mantra , just STFU and place your cross in the box marked SNP then take what you are given and be grateful

  293. Horace says:

    An organised campaign to not vote SNP in the constituencies of the wokest SNP candidates might head off a nationwide movement of votes to non-SNP parties.

  294. Al-Stuart says:


    You’ve hit the nail on the head. There comes a point when the likes of Scotsrenewables clearly ignores so much of the Wings research and evidence by Stuart Campbell to keep punting his fanboy hero: Nicola the Wrecker and her mini-me political cowards at Holyrood. The word “wrecker” was the headline to this thread, but you could be forgiven for thinking Scotsrenewables suffers from offtopicitis or more likely big-blog-envy. He is acting a wee bit like a blogger parasite piggybacking off of Stuart Campbell’s numbers.

    Today has been a revulsion at political cowards bullied by overseas trans narcissists who dishonestly infiltrated the governing party of Scottish Government so that the 0.04% can have he 99.06% cowed and jailed because of the me, me, me, me, me movement. That 0.04% of a self-centered American McWoke group having achieved their US Independence are denying Scotland her chance to escape this toxic British Empire.

    Today has been a stain on Holyrood which has me looking to spoil my ballot paper? That is an awful thing to do. An ordinary (now Humza’s second class women) gave her life to secure women’s right to vote.

    Her name was Emily Davison.

    Because a fellow human being died for the vote, I have always paid respect and honored her sacrifice. I always vote.

    But as Stuart Campbell write: Which politician and party is worthy of our vote?

    On topic… I am in the Hate Crime protected group as the U.K., DWP Zwangsarbeit Aktion4 already interrogated and certificated my dying bones as a bona fide disabled person. No corrupt gerrymandered self-certification for real cripples like us. We get water-boarded by the DWP

    My solicitors advised about a certain he/her person stirring up hatred against me. If they persist 24 hours + 1 minute after the Hate Crime Bill receives Royal Assent, then boom, the mike is dropped.

    There’s irony in this. The first prosecution may be of a person in the trans lobby who I allege has stirred up hatred against the disabled. Unlike the ex-prison officer ex-man from America who has helped corrupt the Scottish political and legal system, where some US prison officers have little or no training, Scots law officers do (or at least used to) have a lot of training in the law.

    The odious Hate Crime and Public Order (Scotland) Act 2021 may come as a shock to some of those Hell bent on forcing their ORWELLIAN fantasy laws against Scottish civil society. They infested the SNP NEC illegally by rigged vote.

    Now, some properly legally qualified people in Scotland may choose to take this brand new legislation out of its box for a test drive.

    By the way Twathater, with respect, might I suggest you think about changing your name?

    Whilst Humza Yousuf has no respect for adult female women, I think he may find their genitalia is a protected species.

    Therefore you might like to adopt the nom de plume of “Fanny Lover.” Actually that doesn’t quite sound right. How about QuimAmoroso? That ought to keep you safe from Police Twatland and the Clown Office sending the rozzers round to arrest you using bent, uncorroborated evidence, no witness and no complainer nor victim needed. Just someone who misuses the words twat and hate. Maybe this just saved you from spending 7 years in HMP McFanny.

  295. Al-Stuart says:

    A HUGE thanks to Pete Wishart.

    He is one of the reasons that on 6th May 2021 I will be most likely to…


    VOTE2 = ISP or AFI.

    Pete, I can show you receipts for several hundred pounds worth of SNP membership and SNP raffles and SNP donations since I first voted for Alex Salmond in 2007. I can PROVE I was an SNP voter. I also used to employ and paid YOU in your Runrig days. Tons of proof.

    Pete Wishart, I can attest to the fact that YOU and your willful blindness to the SAFETY OF BIOLOGICAL WOMEN IN SCOTLAND is making me have to VOTE ANYTHING BUT SNP.

    Thanks for opening my eyes Pete. 5 minutes on your blocked, constipated Twitter rantfeed confirmed in my mind I cannot vote SNP. My SNP MSP is a marginal. Kirsten Hair beat SNP MP Mike Weir. We were devastated at that at our SNP Branch. That was before your true clours came out against real biological women.

    Pete you started this (your Twitter quote not mine)…

    Pete, you will be responsible when an embarrassingly meager 23 SNP MSPs are returned to Holyrood in TWO LONG MONTHS on 7th March 2021.

    YOU will be responsible when YOU are turfed out of your sinecure at Westminster. After disrespecting and putting 52% of the Scottish population (biological female women) in fear, YOU will have culpability when your Westminster contingent is back down to 11 SNP MPs.

    Boris stitched you up like an Arbroath smokie. He turned your massive ego and arrogance against you.

  296. Robert Louis says:

    It seems my stating that homosexuality was illegal in Scotland until 1982 (a typo mistake on my part, since it should have been 1981), has bothered some folk.

    The legislation was passed in 1980, but DID NOT BECOME LAW UNTIL 1981, QED homosexuality was illegal until 1981 in Scotland.

    The core sentiment (and purpose) of my original comment remains intact.

  297. Gregor says:

    I’ve just contacted Pete Wishart to tell him that he (SNP) has lost my vote forever re. Hellish SPEECH=CRIME Bill.

    I’ve supported and voted SNP for over 10 years.

  298. Robert Louis says:

    al-stuart at 441am,

    This last line of your comment, should be inscribed in the stones on the outside of the Scottish parliament, with all the other historical quotes.

    “Boris stitched you up like an Arbroath smokie. He turned your massive ego and arrogance against you.” Perhaps it should be prefaced with…’here lies the ruins of Scotland’s SNP..’

    Yesterday was living proof of that. Their truly (as Jonathan Swift put it) are none so blind as those who will not see.

  299. Coldo says:

    Oright, so what’s the yes no poll on ere now I’d love to know. I’d say 50 /50. Could be a bit more, bitless. Who really cares now? It’s all gone to fuck and there’s fuck all we can do about it this far out from the election!

  300. Stuart MacKay says:

    Susan XX @12:54am

    > Why all the fawning over T Sheridan?

    Because he belongs to a rare breed: A person of conviction. In Scottish politics you could probably count them all and still have fingers left over.

  301. Alf Baird says:

    susanXX 12:54 am

    “Why all the fawning over T Sheridan? Solidarity is just another of these People’s Front of Judaea/ Judaean People’s Front nonsense characteristic of the Left, albeit pro Indy.”

    A few facts worth noting:

    – Those who have been and are being persecuted by the British state cannot be doubted as to their fight for the cause;

    – Solidarity is the only party so far proposing a plebiscite election on independence;

    – It is clearly a party of the left which understands that national liberation must come first.

    As Albert Memmi wrote about (de)colonization: “..every true leftist must support the national aspirations of the people” and “..discovers that there is no connection between the liberation of the colonized and the application of a left-wing program”. “The only task at the moment is that of freeing the people”.

  302. ahundredthidiot says:

    scotsrenewables @11:55pm

    Now, take yourself back to basic arithmetic and give us that figure as a percentage. (spoiler – it amounts to 0.135% – hardly stuff of the black plague, now, is it)

    I also believe the mean AVERAGE death of a covid victim in the UK now stands at 82.5 years. That’s higher than the normal life expectancy in most of Scotland.

    And look at the nick of us. Economy wrecked. Pensions at risk – all of them.

  303. Ruby says:

    Kcor says:
    11 March, 2021 at 11:55 pm

    It is not aimed at everyone – it is only aimed to silence those like the Rev. Stuart Campbell who expose the Establishment.


    That was quick!

    He’s been silenced already?

  304. Big Jock says:

    Just occurred to me.

    Now that we can’t have a “rammy” in our own house , without Humza earwigging. Are the SG going to use Alexa as a witness to corroborate any non PC discussions in the home. Bear in mind Alexa hears everything!

    I can just see a line of people in court with their Alexa’s bearing false witness against them like Judas. Might sound far fetched, but there was that case in the US where Alexa was the witness, and the defence argued Alexa had human rights!

    George Orwell was right about the thought police.

  305. Effigy says:

    I think we know what some posters are up to with the
    Distorted Covid stats they present.

    There is a link below that uses the Daily Figures
    Scotland has less than 7,500 Covid Deaths while
    England has over 110,000 Deaths.

    10 x 7,500 = 75,000 to adjust for population

    I make England’s figures almost 50% greater than Scotland’s

  306. Big Jock says:

    Thanks Effigy – Like most people. I stopped analysing the difference some time ago.

    It’s good to know Scotland is still doing better than England.

  307. Mac says:

    Strategically I think it is a fatal mistake for the independence movement to align itself with left wing policies or right wing policies.

    Unfortunately I think the independence movement in 2014 attracted a lot of people who saw it as their potential vehicle for achieving their own political dreams and independence is just seen as a stepping stone.

    There is a foolish lack of respect for people with more conservative views which I don’t understand because immediately you are alienating a lot of people. I think it cost us in 2014 and it will cost us again if we repeat the mistake.

    If people across the political spectrum are expected to come together under a shared banner to achieve something special, independence, then that vehicle has be very strictly controlled to make sure it tolerates all views and remains firmly in the centre of consensual politics, not pandering to the left or right.

    This is also where Nicola Sturgeon has done enormous damage. She has steered the SNP wildly off road to fulfill her own tedious political woke hobby horses and, far worse, she repopulated the SNP with woke Sturgeonite drones.

    Alex Salmond was very skillful at this, keeping the SNP in the middle of the road, focused on the real goal. I under appreciated it at the time.

  308. covidhoax says:

    The covid stats are a complete fabrication, there has been no spike in the scottish deathrate this winter. The vax is the new tin foil hat for brainwashed dummies.

  309. Willie says:

    Ach Stuart, c’mon now, our Tommy isn’t the only conviction politician in the whole of Scotland.

    He does have strongly held views and is of the left. He’s a ranter too, or at least he was, but maybe not so much now. Not a bad guy altogether I’d but he’s not every one’s cup of tea, as it takes all kinds to make a world.

    So most certainly not a bad word about our Tommy from me. But to say that he’s just about unique is untrue. That said, I do feel your despair with all too many of the current SNP crop of the comfortable elected great and good.

    But they may soon be coming up for replacement. And we all need to work pragmatically to let that happen.

  310. Ottomanboi says:

    I do not believe Covid-19 actually exists as a medical condition distinct from typical variants of seasonal flu.
    It does exist, however, as a state of mind destroying normal human relationships and has arrogated to government supreme authority over citizens lives, a supreme authority government should never be permitted.
    In that, and in that respect alone, it is a killer condition, a new variant of fascism.
    Shall we call it Fasc-21?
    All the above is prob. HATE!

  311. Ruby says:

    ScotsRenewables has put in a long shift.

    Has he managed to convince anyone to vote SNP?

    I’m particularly interested in Edinburgh Central.

  312. Famous15 says:

    Otto it is bad enough that medical students will not be taught sex differences and I might get a male hysterectomy but your utter dangerous bull about Covid being a flu variant?

    GTF the earth is flat;watch the edges.

  313. Famous15 says:

    The Idiot is now Qanon Trumpeteer!

  314. Willie says:

    Seems that after all this time the COVID Queen is now stepping back from the daily coronavirus floor show with her saying that she doesn’t want to go into an election with a political advantage.

    So there you have it folks from her majesty’s own lips. The coronavirus has been a political advantage. Imagine that, and then consider that the party of Government who make the public health rules have pre-decided are determining in advance of the clinical decisions what can be done and when in relation to political campaigning.

    With it seems restrictions being lifted on the 15th March or allow political parties to leaflet but not canvas, one does get a flavour of how COVID us being manipulated for political advantage.

    But we knew that for a long time now.

  315. David Holden says:

    A lot of scrolling to do this morning to see if anything worthwhile emerged overnight in the comments section. The answer is very little. Back to almost Cameron Brodie land and the solution is the same if you have a wind bag that you suspect is a troll don’t feed the bugger.

  316. ScotsRenewables says:

    Very flattered to see that so many on here see my reasoned, reasonable non-Nicola-loving posts as a threat to their crazed mission to destroy the independence movement.

    Stu said he could not advise us what to do. He didn’t say become hysterical and mount personal attacks on other independence supporters.

    I don’t think he asked us to re-invent the science of immunology, or make up and misuse statistics.

    Many on here are behaving as dishonestly as Sturgeon. Yes Hatuey, this means you. Your dishonest presentation of Scotland as Covid Central last night was a mistake, but never mind, let’s move on.

    How we all vote in the forthcoming election is a personal choice,

    The attempt to shut me down, the personal attacks because I don’t agree with pulling the whole election down around our ears, the suggestion that I should be banned simply because you don’t like what I a saying – pathetic, tactics taken right out of the SNP Central playbook. You are no better than them if you behave like that, surely you can see it.

    Ban me because yesterday I posted as much as CamB? CamB posted endless irrelevant links. All I am doing is defending a different approach to this election to the scorched earth policy so many on here seem to favour. I am not here to take issue with Stu, who is still the most forensic investigative journalist we have – though I do hope he cheers up and finds us some better news soon.

    My posts have been relevant, in response to other posters. I have not offered to kick anyone’s cunt in, nor descended to the dismal personal attacks some of you have made on me. Those who behave like that are descending to the level of the Twitler Youth threatening Joanna Cherry. Surely we are better than that.

    Stu has not told you to drive out anyone you disagree with. If you insist on turning BTL into a self-righteous hate-filled intolerant echo chamber you are just the other side of the wokerati, the Twitler Youth, the Cherry pickers.

    Do you not see, if you are unable to respond rationally and to acknowledge my right to a different opinion then you are no better than the forces of darkness that have taken over the SNP.

    You are all (or at least the genuine indy supporters here) deeply upset. You are in a state of shock. It is time to get smart, to keep the heid, to trust in Scotland and trust in karma. Chill out, calm down, be nice to each other. Watch out for those who would take advantage of our current plight. The British state will exploit the current mess to the max. Let’s not unwittingly help them.


  317. gullaneno4 says:

    I cannot understand why the anti Sturgeon break away group who are still in favour of independence cannot just transfer their vote across to the Greens.
    They are the only other pro independence party likely to achieve 5%+ of the public vote needed to gain seats.

    The other option is to form some sort of breakaway Labour pro Indy party. It is said that 40% of Labour members support independence. I know 40% of not much is very little but a new Labour Indy party is probably capable of breaking through the 5% mark.

    Any other vote is just wasted and puts Independence back at least 10 years.

  318. Ruby says:

    ScotsRenewables says:
    11 March, 2021 at 1:12 pm
    Is English Unionist a hateful description?

    Your cover is blown, Ruby

    You referred to me as Rubytube.
    English Unionist troll was the description you used.

    ‘Your cover is blown, Ruby’

    My cover was also blown in an earlier post. Then I was ‘outed’ as a ‘Typical Sturgeonite McWoke’ and referred to as RubyRoaster

    Do you post under different names?

  319. Captain Yossarian says:

    @ScotsRenewables – ‘The British state will exploit the current mess to the max. Let’s not unwittingly help them.’ Let’s hope they hurry-up and get started. I don’t think it will create nearly as much resentment are you give the impression it will. People are sick of corruption and sick of crime. Swinney and Sturgeon have to go.

  320. Cudneycareless says:

    David Holden says:
    12 March, 2021 at 9:00 am
    A lot of scrolling to do this morning to see if anything worthwhile emerged overnight in the comments section

    Agreed – once the comments go above 200 then you get the points scorers, trolls and baiters on .

  321. Mighty S says:

    Would appreciate an easy to read breakdown of the HCB laws.

    Humza states on Twitter that calling someone names on Twitter for instance, wouldn’t be considered a crime. Apparently, calling someone a ‘he’ instead of a ‘she’ when that person insists on it, would be offensive…but not a crime.

    And so, socially crucifying someone for not using the correct pronouns and orchestrating the loss of your job and reputation…is still okay because you won’t be taken to court..?


  322. jockmcx says:

    We should do the unexpected…
    or continue as dumb sheep

  323. kapelmeister says:

    gullaneno4 @9:05

    The Greens are Sturgeon allies time and again, including on woke legislation, so they are not a home for disaffected ex-SNP members.

    As for the other suggestion, why limit the appeal of a new indy party by attaching the name Labour to it?

  324. Mia says:

    “At least one Independence Supporting Party will have a Plebiscite election front and centre of the manifesto”

    I am not seeking a mandate for a plebiscite. I am seeking every election to be a plebiscite in itself by having at least one party that includes the end of the union in their manifesto.

    I will not vote to give a mandate for anything other than independence. A mandate for a plebiscite in their manifesto is to me the same con act as a mandate for indyref. Same sht, different name. I see it as a con because it is the same attempt to fool us into thinking we are being given a choice, when in reality they are taking away from us the real choice which is voting for independence NOW.

    We should have that choice EVERY election. The fact that we don’t means our popular sovereignty is being deliberately constrained because we are being consistently denied the direct channel to get independence. What we are being offered is long detours and wearing scenic routes by pretend pro-indy parties. Well, I do not want a detour. I want a shortcut.

    A mandate for anything other than independence is in my mind a con to continue pushing the can of independence further down the line and to deny us of the real choice. The only beneficiary of this is the British state. I want to vote to endorse Scotland, not the British State.

    From now on I will only vote for a party that gives me the real choice and puts a mandate for INDEPENDENCE in their manifesto. No more detours. Not a plebiscite, not an indyref, but INDEPENDENCE. Just like the SNP had before they changed their policy around 1999 and introduced indyref as an alternative path.

    Well, that path has been proven to be flawed and its reliability has been completely smashed to dust by Sturgeon by welding it to a veto she has handed over to England MPs and by not adjusting the franchise to ensure the natives could exercise their right to self determination without being neutralised by the vote of settlers.

    We have been conned by this woman for 6 years. Hell will freeze before I allow any other pretend pro-indy party or pretend pro-indy leader to con me again.

    So, is there any political party that has included/will include the end of the union in their manifesto and I can vote for in the upcoming elections?

    Because I will not vote for anything else. I rather spoil my ballots than endorsing the denial and deliberate restriction of democratic choices.

  325. Kiwilassie says:

    OT Some Stats from around the world re covid19. Yes parts of NZ are still in lockdown, but at level one now in Auckland where the break out was. Hopefully things will be back to normal next week or the week after.

    We don’t have covid19 in the Wellington area that I live in, but we still go into lockdown to restrict any protencial spread.
    I’m a Scot living here & the lockdowns here have been no problem & of a low level, meaning we go about business as normal, but can’t socialize as we would like.
    I’m expecting to be able out to once again, guaranteed covid19 free within the community by next week.

    Given we have two Island masses here with approx 5 million. Nicola should have been more assertive in her role as FM to protect the Scottish people. She has failed you.

  326. Big Jock says:

    Mac- Yes that’s very true.

    The independence of Scotland cannot be left or right. It has to be middle Scotland , as that’s where the majority of Scots are. Salmond understood this and he had what I would describe as a catch all policy.

    We get independence for everyone, then we argue about left or right when we have an election.

    The SNP are actually going down an alt left of extremes at the moment. Some of it is verging on communism , with Stasi style spying and dangerous laws.

  327. Ruby says:

    Would “ScotsRenewables” not be better off telling the SNP to STAY ALERT?

    Stay alert SNP you are losing votes and support for Independence is dropping. People are very angry and no longer trust you.

  328. Dan says:

    It is the right of the people of Scotland to choose their own future, that is democracy.

    Then maybe he could explain why Scotland has just had the Hate Crime Bill foisted onto Scottish society without a democratic mandate from us sovereign Scots.
    It wasn’t even mentioned in his Party’s 2016 Election Manifesto.

  329. ScotsRenewables says:

    Ruby says:
    12 March, 2021 at 8:51 am
    ScotsRenewables has put in a long shift.

    Has he managed to convince anyone to vote SNP?

    I’m particularly interested in Edinburgh Central

    Just for the record, Ruby, I despise that smug, fat bastard Robertson and his ludicrous ‘Progress Scotland’ group. I doubly despise him because Jo Cherry should be contesting that seat. And the icing on the cake is that he is the sainted Nicola’s anointed successor.

    I don’t know if I could bring myself to vote for him, he is just about my least favourite of the whole rotten nest of them. But then if he doesn’t get in, he will probably sneak in on the list, as I am sure the BAME candidate Graham Campbell will be pressured to stand down.

    Vote them in then clean them out. Mass protests every day at Holyrood when they don’t progress independence. We have the numbers, AUOB have shown that.

    It remains sad but true that no SNP majority will be trumpeted by Westminster as no appetite for independence. The only alternative – and one I would love to see – is another SNP minority government opposed and kept honest by a real, vigorous pro-indy opposition. (No, not you, sir down Mr. Harvie). Sadly, as of posting this there is no sign of that happening.

    So vote the bastards in, then mass protest, every day if necessary, until they realise that they work for us, not the other way round.

    That’s my take on things. I think it is valid. But voting SNP in Edinburgh Central – not sure even I could hold my nose that hard.

  330. robertknight says:

    Woke SNP and Greens are two sides of the same coin.

    Might as well vote SNP – both they and Scottish Green Party are hell bent on keeping Swinney and Sturgeon exactly where they are!

  331. Mia says:

    “Might as well vote SNP”

    Or you can spoil your ballot and avoid voting for any of them.

  332. Wee Chid says:

    Big Jock says:
    12 March, 2021 at 9:27 am

    “The SNP are actually going down an alt left of extremes at the moment. ”

    Faux left – the left of the twee, guilt ridden middle classes who take up causes that they know bugger all about. They have no time for the great unwashed and even consider that a white homeless man has “white privilege”. Not the left that I would support is in the left of Tommy Sheridan.

  333. ScotsRenewables says:


    I think we can rest assured that the SNP High Command read this blog assiduously.

    I hope it is beginning to make them HYPER-ALERT

    I still believe there are enough good people inside to help turn this around after the election. Especially with the help of mass demonstrations demanding the SNP act on independence, coupled with a campaign of civil disobedience.

    Nicola loves to be loved. A high profile campaign like that, protesting and demanding the SNP government act on independence. Will crush her and allow the real pro-indy forces in the party to come forward.

    We have the Grassroots strength for this.

    BTW, I am surprised my membership has not been cancelled yet…

  334. Ruby says:

    ScotsRenewables says:

    So vote the bastards in, then mass protest, every day if necessary, until they realise that they work for us, not the other way round.


    Why bother if he’s going to get in anyway with his curly headed wife getting a job.

    The Greens haven’t been forgiven in Edin Central for letting Ruth Davidson in.

    An independence supporting independent would do well in Edin Central.

  335. The Dissident says:


    The SNP will not win any seats off the Lothians list unless the election is utterly cataclysmic.

    I can’t see how it will lose 5 out of the 6 constituencies it currently holds, so even if it LOST the other (Ed Pentlands) it would have to be polling about 38% on the list vote to have a chance of an additional seat.

    That’s more than it got in 2016 and I wouldn’t be betting anything on the SNP performing that well this time.

  336. The best way to get an Indy Ref from the Tory Government is if they thought they would win it,

    so if SNP don`t win a majority,

    (cause of Humza Yousaf and his throwing 2,500,000 woman under the bus to placate 20 Stirling Uni misogynists)

    we might actually get a chance on Indy 2,

    the Mongols called this the `Feigned retreat`,

    where you let the enemy think you are beaten and retreating so they leave their position of strength to chase you and you lure them into a trap and annihilate them.

  337. Mia says:

    “Vote them in then clean them out”

    That sounds like your flawed strategy of undemocratically foisting over people toxic laws that nobody asked for, nobody gave consent for and that will harm people, just because you are confident the next government will “clean them out” because they are unfit for purpose, which you already knew but you went ahead and foisted them all the same.

    Why foisting an unfit for purpose law you know it is not going to last, in the first place? Why unnecessary alienating your own voters?
    Was that to hand the tories a stick to beat you with, making it clear to voters that the tories are the only “sensible” party opposing this aberration? Was Sturgeon boosting the tories’ credibility by the back door?

    Was Nicola Sturgeon handing the tories a stick to beat the SNP with, like she did with the S30?

    How generous of Sturgeon. Is she a tory or just a British state stooge?

    It begs the question of until what point ALL the parties in Holyrood are playing us up as fiddles and unlawfully working as a block to deny Scotland its democratic choices. Is Scotland a one-party state where all the parties are working towards the exact same goal: denying us independence?

    Why wasting any of your votes in a useless candidate who only got to where they are because their main opponent and better suited candidate, was blocked? That seems like a waste of vote if you ask me.

    You fear they will get through the list if they do not get voted in the constituency. Well, deny them the list vote too and campaign to stop people voting for them so they don’t get through any route.

    What is the point in delaying the “cleaning” to after the election when you can start cleaning already BEFORE the election?

    Seems wasteful to me. The sooner you start cleaning, the less dirt you will have to clean out.

    Time, like credibility, is a commodity that we will never get back. Once it is gone, it is gone.

  338. Ruby says:

    ScotsRenewables says

    Nicola loves to be loved. A high profile campaign like that, protesting and demanding the SNP government act on independence.


    She doesn’t seem to love to be loved by women at the moment.

    She only loves those who love her.

  339. stuart mctavish says:

    Shane Fraser @2:23am

    Its shite being French too, but for all the corruption and incompetence, at least you dont need to worry about who to vote for at Holyrood..

    Suspect Labour voted alongside the (allegedly) naive Nozis to stigmatize everyone with the bigoted racist label – ie to extent that a specific (yet sufficiently arbitrary) law was required to police thought and remove possessions on grounds of spurious inanity – and clearly harbour ulterior motive too.

    Ironically, only the Conservatives (who have learned to live with the label despite, or perhaps thanks to, Mrs Thatcher having legalised sodomy in parallel with the deindustrialisation policy) were willing to be seen to stand for the fundamental human rights of Scots – but you’d be forgiven for not wanting to vote for those particular rascals after absorbing all the hatred directed against them over the years.

    For all that, hopefully history will be kind to whoever (Prof Tomkins?), by accident or design, managed to have the presence of mind to load the bill with enough bad law from elsewhere that (chains of command vis a vis malicious prosecutions notwithstanding) it will prove a catastrophic failure if/when tested by anyone with the means to defend themselves against it.

  340. Ruby says:

    ScotsRenewables says:

    Will crush her and allow the real pro-indy forces in the party to come forward.


    Why are the real pro-indy forces so quiet?

    Did they touch someone’s knee or send a jokey text and are afraid to speak out for fear of being charged with sexual assault?

  341. Big Jock says:

    Just a thought.

    Would giving the SNP a majority actually be the best way to get rid of them? If they have a majority , we force them to give us our referendum. We get independence and then vote them out.

    Alternatively if Sturgeon gets a minority government, propped up by the puppet on a string Patrick Harvie. She will use that as a reason to cancel the referendum , no mandate. Then we are consigned to another 5 years of Sturgeon and her Stasi policies.

  342. TNS2019 says:

    Opportunity cost
    Opportunity cost is a pivotal concept in economics when examining consumer behaviour and the allocation of scarce resources, amongst which is included ‘time’.
    Basically, the cost of any purchase or investment can be measured with reference to the second option that has been sacrificed (e.g. buying a car v putting a deposit down on a house).
    In terms of the SNP it would be worth considering just how they have used their ‘political budget’ over the last few yers and in particular the time and money spent on such endeavours as the HCB, pursuing AS, Named Person legislation etc.
    Throughout that time, the case for an independent Scotland has been built largely around, ‘We hate Boris’ and ‘Everything would be just brilliant if we had more powers’.
    There is no coherent manifesto for independence.
    No vision.
    No economic or fiscal policy.
    No statement or even a vague indication of what type of nation we are (supposed to be) aspiring to.
    We are even at risk of losing our cultural identity which fuels the passion to be free.
    Something has gone horribly wrong.
    And there is a deep-rooted malaise at the heart of our public services that is going to be very difficult to shift without a cultural revolution right at the top.
    This is not just about political priorities but about competence and I am not going to shy away from the fact that I am a softer Yes voter who wants to see an acceptable standard of governance before powers shift from WM to HR.
    What makes my Yes so soft is that there is a vacuum in policy and the absence of any credible leader in the SNP to fill it.
    I fear that the Rev is correct and that the damage has already been done.
    Even if the SNP are returned with a majority it will be a weary and heavily tarnished government that forms and one that has lost the trust of the Scottish people.
    Time for a seismic shift.
    Either new leadership in the SNP and a deep-clean throughout the public sector, or a new party built on competence, intergiry, and adherence not only to the letter but the spirit of the rule of law.

  343. John Morris says:

    Effigy 8.29am
    Scotland deaths 50per cent of England is correct but when we compare Scotland with our neighbours who have like size populations we see another picture.

    Norway… 116
    Figures are deaths per million.

    No doubt there are many reasons for our performance.

  344. Glasgow racer says:

    Scots Renewables is off and running.

    Expect every second post to be posted by the site pest.

    And can I add, he is a fuckin grass.

    I know for a fact that if you say any bad words against this Snow flake, he sends an email to the Rev. He will try to get you blocked.

    The hypocrisy of this Bastard is breathtaking.

    He is an SNP Troll,

    His job is to stay on Wings all day AND night, trying to convince you to vote SNP.

    Scots renewables,,,you’ve been told, the Ginger Dug is your natural home.

    You are a fuckin Dildo, a fuckin numbnut.

    Now go grass me to the Rev, ya greetin faced SNP wanker.

    “Mr Campbell, he shouted at me,,,I want you to block that bad man”.

  345. JimuckMac says:

    Are Peter Murrell and Patrick Harvie an item? Only asking.

  346. TNS2019 says:

    I wish to correct myself.
    I am not a “soft yes” voter. I am a “conditional yes” voter.

  347. Alf Baird says:

    Wee Chid @ 9:42 am

    “Faux left – the left of the twee, guilt ridden middle classes who take up causes that they know bugger all about. They have no time for the great unwashed and even consider that a white homeless man has “white privilege”. Not the left that I would support is in the left of Tommy Sheridan.”

    Correct, as Fanon predicts, the pampered bourgeoisie elite in the dominant national party always makes its own ‘accommodation with colonialism’, and they are ‘out of rhythm’ with the people seeking liberation.

    It comes down to who you believe is best able to deliver independence – Yousaf or Sheridan? Tak yer time…..

  348. Breastplate says:

    Glasgow racer,
    I’d much rather ScotsRenewables on this site than you.
    At least he is trying to use reason to bolster his stance.

  349. Glasgow racer says:


    Don’t tell me,,, you are SNP 1 SNP 2.

    How did I guess???

  350. Cuilean says:

    My Mum resigned from the SNP some time ago, cancelled her monthly direct payments at her bank many months ago. But inexplicably she received a letter from the SNP last week with raffle tickets for their ‘Spring Draw’.

    It came with an SAE to return the raffle ticket stubs.

    Mum sent it back with a scribbled note in large, black, felt-tip pen, ‘I cancelled my membership months ago! I’ll rejoin when you tell me where the ring-fenced Indyref2 money has gone!’

    My Mum (86 years old) did not give up her SNP membership lightly. It grieved her deeply. She resigned after receiving mo replies to her many emails asking, politely, about the ring fenced Indyref2 fund.

    Mum had been a member of the SNP since the early 70s. Her father, my grandfather, was a docker at Scotts Shipyard in Greenock, and he later worked at Hasties Engineering in Greenock. He was a member of the SNP from the 1930s! He was a deeply socialist man, self-educated. A great Burns man. Our family talked about rabbie burns so much that as a wean, I thought he was a member of our family. IN a way, Rabbie was, is, a member of all the families who invite him ben the hoose. I digress.

    Mum was the Treasurer of the SNP branch in Gourock in 1974. As such, she invited Willie Macrae to give a talk at the Gourock Branch office, at a Burns Supper. He was a witty, extremely engaging man who clearly loved life and the cause of Independence.

    My Mum’s heart is broken at what has happened to the SNP since the Murrells staged their back-room coup, and silently and ruthlessly have the Murrells worked to tighten their grip on the party and remove all parties that might threaten them now or in the future. Mr Salmond was grasping an asp to his bosum when he chose to mentor Mrs Murrell.

    But no leader’s star shines forever. Let kings and courtiers rise and fall. This world has many tyrants.

    The Murrells will be gone one day and where will the SNP and Scotland stand on that day? That is down to all of us.

  351. Glasgow racer says:


    So would you vote Scottish Labour in Glasgow Southside to rid Scotland of the Tyrant who is Sturgeon???

    I bet you wouldn’t.

    You need balls to do that,,, something you and renewables are short on.

  352. gullaneno4 says:

    Big Jock a moment ago.
    In those circumstances who would you blame for delaying Independence.
    Sturgeon’s government or the folk who did not vote SNP.

  353. Bob Mack says:

    Doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting a different result is madness. The SNP have had their chances. Several in fact. They failed.

    Sanity has to ‘re establish itself somewhere.The SN P is now The problem ,not the solution.

  354. ScotsRenewables says:

    Glasgow Racer,

    You are a liar.

    I have not emailed Stu about anything for some months.

    He has better things to worry about than whether some wee hard man on here threatened to kick my cunt in.

    I say again, just so there is no doubt, I have not emailed Stu. He has more things to worry about than mindless morons calling me a greeting-faced wanker and threatening to kick my cunt in.

    I say again, you are a barefaced liar, no better than Sturgeon, wee man.

  355. Lenny Hartley says:

    Lot of new names here having a go at folk like Scots Renewables who has been Posting for years.
    I smell trolls.
    For those who are going to vote against the SNP or spoil their votes, how is Independence served by a Unionist Majority at Holyrood? I must confess I have thought through both scenarios and have come to the conclusion as Tommy Sheridan has which is that we must vote SNP in the Constituency vote. Anything else not only benefits the Brit Nats but damages Indy hugely as hard won momentum is lost. So I will be voting SNP whilst holding my nose and will be doing everything possible to Effect regime change if none has occurred before May.
    Whilst I am commenting, i wonder if those who decry WGD and those who read his excellent blog
    Are actually Indy Supporters or Unionist trolls/77 Brigade. For any new people reading this blog attracted by recent publicity, may I recommend Craig Murray, Barrhead Boy, Iain Lawson (yours for Scotland), Gordon Dangerfield And Wee Ginger Dug.
    All desire an Independent Scotland , which is more than can be said for a lot of commenters on this blog these days.

  356. ScotsRenewables says:

    Glasgow Racer,

    If you are an example of the support ‘Scottish’ Labour are now attracting under Sarwar then God help them. If they weren’t finished before then they certainly are now.

  357. gullaneno4 says:

    I have just seen an Express funded poll that had YES on 58% and NO on 42%.
    Can anyone verify if that is correct ?

  358. Mia says:

    “In those circumstances who would you blame for delaying Independence”


    She was given 5 years of successive majorities in Westminster and a pro-indy majority in Holyrood. As a matter of fact, since 8 May 2015 to 5 May 2016, that is a whole year minus 3 days, she had an absolute majority in Holyrood and 95% of Scotland’s seats in Westminster.

    If this fraud did not deliver independence then is not because she did not have sufficient SNP votes or sufficient seats, it is because she refused to.

    If an SNP gov does not deliver indyref after the election when they were given more than enough mandates to do so, it is not because not enough people will not vote SNP in 2021. It is because Sturgeon and her cronies have showed absolute contempt for democracy and have let the mandate for indyref the party was elected on in 2016 to expire.

    There is only one person here to blame for Scotland not being independent today and for not having had a referendum already and that is Sturgeon.

    By the way, it is outrageous that we are still considering as normal the possibility of this corrupt to the core woman leading a government after the jaw-dropping levels of corruption she plunged our government, the SNP and the COPFS in during the last 5 years, after repeatedly breaching the ministerial code showing absolute contempt for discipline and rules and after presiding over the vanishing of over 500,000 pounds in ring fenced money from the coffers of the SNP.

    She should have been expelled from government and party in January 2019 if she had not the guts to lead by example and resign on her own accord. This self-righteous hypocrite has sent SNP members packing for far less.

  359. ScotsRenewables says:

    Lenny, DUCK

    Some of these new, alleged ‘Wingers’ sound remarkably like the Twitler Youth to me in terms of the venom, hatred and veiled threats they are offering.

    Makes you wonder.

  360. Bob Mack says:

    @Lenny Hartley.

    What a load of piffle. I used to read Wee Ginger Dug. I contributed to buying his new home.

    However he has become a prisoner of the Nicola diehards who inhabit his site. His views have become one dimensional because his income now depends on satisfying them.

    There are trolls. There are Unionists buoyed by Rangers winning a trophy at last. So what.? We know what they are and ignore.

    I’m not voting for the SNP because it no longer means what it says on the tin. It has changed too much to recover in my view.

  361. Stuart MacKay says:

    Big Jock

    > we force them to give us our referendum

    That’s the source of all the anguish with regards to voting in May. We know for sure Boris is not going to say yes and we’re almost certain Sturgeon is not going to ask, because of covid, the economy or it’s the wrong type of leaves on the independence line. Even if she does there’s still no credible plan for forcing Boris’ hand other than appeal to his English “sense of fair play” and we all know how that is going to pan out.

    So it’s 99% certain the current path is a dead-end. So, given Westminster is looking to turn the ties that bind the Union into chains, time is short. Better to start now to build an alternative route to independence than to keep repeating the same mistakes over and over and over again in the vain hope that this time it will be different.

  362. katherine hamilton says:

    For all those castigating Tommy Sheridan I say stick your warrant sales up your arse. The ultimate degradation, humiliation and ruination of thousands of working class Scots over the decades. If you don’t know, he led the campaign for their abolition. He won. Organised protests outside the houses of those threatened. The Sheriffs Officers shall not pass. They didn’t. Pokey for Sheridan. The guy is a modern hero in Scotland for that alone.
    Don’t believe the News of the World.

    I’m sure if he’s reading, Tommy will confirm.

  363. ScotsRenewables says:

    New poll shows SNP on course for a big majority

    What worries me is that more people are saying they will vote SNP than are saying they will vote for independence.

    Watch out for the Indy commitment being watered down in the manifesto when it appears.

    Why not take a little time to write to your SNP candidate telling them you will withhold your vote unless the committment to independence is clear, strong and foremost. That way you might have a chance of influencing things.

  364. ahundredthidiot says:

    London understand full well that the swing towards Independence is unstoppable.

    So they are focussed on dismantling the SNP from within.

    We will have a Unionist Majority Government in Holyrood come May.

    Well done London, fuck you SNP.

  365. Mia says:

    “For those who are going to vote against the SNP or spoil their votes, how is Independence served by a Unionist Majority at Holyrood?”

    Read up the thread. That question has already been answered.

    How is independence served by giving a majority to party that while sailing under the false flag of independence and given more mandates and majorities it can handle, has shown for the last 6 years no intention to deliver independence and instead has abused our pro indy votes to demonstrate total contempt for democracy, justice, ethics and integrity, for Scotland’s right to self determination, for freedom of speech and for females’ rights?

    It is not served. If this party did not deliver independence in the last 5 years when given every mandate, majority and opportunity to do so, it will not deliver it now either. There will always be another excuse in the pipeline to not deliver.

    At this moment in time, if you want to vote SIMULTANEOUSLY for:

    1. independence – no mandates for indyref or plebiscites, but a mandate for independence
    2. the protection of females’ rights
    3. the protection of freedom of speech

    The only option you have in front of you is to spoil your constituency vote. And that is a fact.

    Independence is not more important for me than my female rights and my freedom of speech, so why should I give up on any of them? Because a corrupt politician following the agenda of some wealthy foreign lobbyist against my own interests tells me to?

    I accept no responsibility for Scotland not getting an indyref or independence. I have voted for the SNP since 2011. But that is over. If you have to direct your psychological blackmailing somewhere, how about you start directing it to the corrupt charlatans who are letting our mandate for indyref expire after wasting 6 years of majorities because either don’t have the will or the balls to deliver independence?

    Put the blame where it belongs.

  366. Lenny Hartley says:

    Bob Mac , ah well i hope your wrong regarding the SNP, however it is the only political Party that are going to take us to Independence, better voting for a 1% chance than for a 0% chance, i agree with Scots renewables, We can force change in the SNP ,Sturgeon is only getting away with it because of Covid restrictions, , Once there is a conference with actual people there , things will change for the better, The majority of activists i know off in various branches across Scotland are not going to sit on their arses and allow the SNP to continue the way it is, off course things may change before May but that will only be the start of the purge, for a purge is required.

  367. The Dissident says:


    I suppose that was good news – in October last year when the poll was taken.

    “Interviews were conducted by telephone 2nd – 9th October 2020.”

    Jesus suffering.

  368. Cudneycareless says:

    gullaneno4 says:
    12 March, 2021 at 10:53 am
    Pretty good news all round for independence supporters

    Dated : 14 October 2020

  369. ScotsRenewables says:

    Stuart MacKay says:
    12 March, 2021 at 10:54 am
    Big Jock

    > we force them to give us our referendum

    So it’s 99% certain the current path is a dead-end. So, given Westminster is looking to turn the ties that bind the Union into chains, time is short. Better to start now to build an alternative route to independence than to keep repeating the same mistakes over and over and over again in the vain hope that this time it will be different.

    It’s shorter than YOU think as well. No pro-indy majority will kill indy stone dead.

    The ISP have had a great opportunity to step into history here and appear to have utterly failed – it’s getting too late for a last minute surprise, and when Stu sounds this depressed I am pretty sure there ain’t going to be one. I hope I am wrong on this.

    There isn’t time left to dismantle the Cult of Nicola. If Alex hasn’t managed it we have no chance. We need to get the Grassroots to deal with it after the election.

  370. Bob Mack says:

    @Scots Renewables,

    It’s in line with recent polls. Many will vote SNP for the mitigation factors of finance though they are not independence minded.

    We have missed that boat I’m afraid. Recent polls show downward trend in support for Indy as confirmed by the one in Scots goes pop.

    As I said, we missed a great opportinity.

  371. ScotsRenewables says:

    Bob Mack, if they are going to get in anyway then let’s at least try to make sure the commitment to indy in the manifesto isn’t watered down.

    If they then renege, let’s use AUOB as a massive protest movement against them.

    I can see what is happening, but I refuse to give up hope.

  372. Hatuey says:

    Well, thanks for the laughs, scotsrenewables.

    The idea that we should all vote SNP and then “after the election” engage in protest and civil disobedience against Nicola is undoubtedly the funniest thing we will read here today.

    Yes, he actually said that…

    I’ve got the title for you — “Democracy for Bipolar Dummies”. Offer to tattoo “LOVE” and “HATE” on their knuckles if they order two copies.

  373. Bob Mack says:

    Okay. Tell me. How is the membership going to reclaim the party if Nicola et al are ‘re elected.

    Murrell will still be Chief Exec.

    The NEC will stil! Succumb to affiliate voting.

    The whole top structure will be Nicolas chosen people
    Who as we have seen change standing orders at will, and override membership views.

    You cannot change when you have no influence and your only option as members would be,,, wait for it, to resign.

    I’m only saving time by wanting them out now.

  374. Stuart MacKay says:

    Excellent quote from Lord (David) Frost writing in the Telegraph,, and discussed (lampooned) on Chris Grey’s Brexit Blog,

    With one minor modification:

    “Sovereignty and democracy are vital to economic success. Sovereignty is meaningful because it enables us to set our own rules democratically for our own benefit, and thereby become more prosperous. It is a conviction that we, the British Scottish people, will make better decisions for ourselves than others will on our behalf.”

  375. keaton says:

    Fuck independence

  376. AYRSHIRE ROB says:


    After yesterday’s fiasco and what they’ve done over the past 4 years I can no longer hold my nose Lenny(it’s not big enough for starters).There’s something defo no right wae them in that Scot parliament and down in WM.

    Regards WM. I’m going to ask a man who may know(when the pub opens back up) or I see him in the street wtf some of them lot do down there all day in WM apart from running up expenses bills?.He’s just the man to tell me even though I don’t agree with his politics.

    Blackford and Wishy are at it.Few others too.

    Bob Mack is right, enough of this nonsense.We”re being had. All this promise of more strawberry jam will not cut it for me any longer.

  377. Andrew F says:

    scots renewables:

    “Why not take a little time to write to your SNP candidate telling them you will withhold your vote unless the committment to independence is clear, strong and foremost. That way you might have a chance of influencing things.[?]”

    Well, because they’ve been reading your dedicated input here and all the other “lesser of two evils” types, and they fully believe that they can ignore anyone telling them such a thing, because they believe enough people will ‘vote SNP 1-2’ anyway.

    A threat is meaningless, demeaning and embarrassing if you aren’t fully intending to carry it out.

    Otherwise the too familiar calculus applies: “Will they still vote for us even if we keep screwing them? Yes? Good, screw them.”

    Time for some punishment.

  378. Big Jock says:

    Yes it looks like Teflon Sturgeon will hang on.

    So we have to face the fact that a decision has to be made in May about the best way to proceed. I will be damned if I know what it is. However I do know that no SNP majority will probably bury independence for 10 years.

    The question is what will be left of Scotland in 10 years. The Brits aren’t standing still. We will be captured in the union and our spirits weakened.

    I think our only hope is an SNP majority and then action from the Yes movement. A lot of people will see that as pointless. However 10 years of Tory rule and Brexit is the alternative , which is basically giving up.

  379. Breastplate says:

    Lenny Hartley,
    I agree with Bob Mack, Paul Kavanagh’s latest blog places the blame of the division in the Yes movement on the voters and not where it belongs and that is at the feet of the SNP hierarchy and Nicola Sturgeon to be precise.
    She has become a divisive figure much like Alex Salmond has, he continually glosses over it and asks us to do the same like one last shag for old times sake.

    He demands not just that people come up with an alternative plan for independence but that we do it in a timeframe chosen by him.

    He misses the point of not being able to hold an independence referendum and refusing to hold an independence referendum has the same end effect, no referendum.

    He says we should vote for the SNP because it’s not a fact that Nicola Sturgeon won’t hold an independence referendum (this is true, it is not a fact) but doesn’t mention it is also not a fact that she will.

    Remember there was much cheering at the SNP get together at the refusal to countenance a plan B but now we’re supposed to believe that that was just a bit of a joke and they really really will this time because Boris is about to cave in and allow us a referendum if we give the SNP another mandate this election.

    Here’s a fact, Nicola Sturgeon has presided over this clusterfuck. For that alone she should resign

  380. Black Joan says:

    Can the (allegedly) missing “ring-fenced” money scandal not be investigated? Is it not yet another sign of woefully inadequate “leadership”

  381. rob says:

    Seems a lot of SNP members and ex members are receiving books of raffle tickets to sell to friends , relatives etc. After witnessing the lies, deceit and corruption with Alex, COPFS, the Inquiry, the NEC and total disregard of it’s members and the electorate. Do the people selling these tickets, really believe the SNP could be trusted to run an honest, fair above board raffle. I have my own suspicions of who will actually hold the winning tickets. So to all those out there who are being offered one of these raffle tickets…Think carefully before you buy.

  382. sarah says:

    @ Cuilean at 10.28: thank you for this reminder about what the “real” SNP looked like. Your family have been members and activists since the 1930’s and you see the rot at the TOTP now.

    Well, those of us newer members take some comfort from your comment – we are not alone in thinking the party has changed.

    If only the parliamentary groups had a sense of shame and duty to people like your family then there would be some hope but judging by yesterday’s Holyrood vote and this morning’s news about the Crown Office – see Craig Murray’s twitter – there are very few indeed.

  383. Mia says:

    “it is the only political Party that are going to take us to Independence”

    No, it is not.

    If the SNP had any intention to take us to independence, they would have done so already. For the last 6 years they have been given every mandate, every majority and every opportunity they could have needed to do so. Instead of delivering independence, they abused our votes to deny us our rights, to undermine our popular sovereignty, to deny us of democracy, to corrupt our government and COPFS, to “woven” our indyref funds and to force Scotland to remain in this union.

    The SNP will never take us to independence. Some of the other pro indy parties will.

    Message to the new pro-indy parties:

    By voting that bill yesterday, a gap in the political market has been created. You should be thinking in exploiting for your own advantage before another smooth talking party comes along and snatches it.

    At this moment in time, there is no alternative other than spoiling the ballot for those who want to vote simultaneously for independence (a mandate for independence, that is), for the protection of females’ rights and for the protection of freedom of speech. These are very hot topics today and you should strike while the iron is hot and before any of them cool down.

    Every male has potentially a female in their family that will be harmed by this ridiculous bill and will be appalled at the orwellian attempt at quashing dissent the SNP, labour, Greens and Libdems undemocratically (this was in no one’s manifesto) voted for yesterday.

    There is also a significant number of yes voters absolutely disgusted at the way the SNP has wasted 5 years of mandates, majorities and opportunities.

    To hoover up all those votes the SNP, labour and libdems have now left orphan after attempting to normalise the non delivery of democratic mandates and after endorsing the erosion of females’ rights for the sake of a minority of males, the only thing you need to do is to include two mandates in your manifesto: one for independence (not for future votes, but directly for independence) and another to terminate Humza’s bill.

    Then update your software and be prepared for a wave of new membership registrations.

    Don’t let this opportunity pass you.

  384. Bob Mack says:

    How can you be, of even feel to be, a member of a party where the agendas for discussion only include what the hierarchy want rather than proposals from the membership?

    The Hate Crime Bill is a classic example. No mention of it in the last manifesto. Deeply unpopular with voters ,yet Humza takes evidence ONLY from interest groups who want it to happen and pushes it through. What ordinary party members got to discuss this or debate it? None.

    That cannot endure but it looks like the future of being an SNP ” member”

  385. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

    Link to Gordon Dangerfields latest I posted yesterday now giving the message:

    “Oops! That page can’t be found.”

    Checked because the article was missing when I checked his blog just now as he said the next part of A Very Scottish Coup would be published today.

    Would have wagered he’d have ensured it was legally sound before publishing so wondering what happened.

  386. ScotsRenewables says:

    Hatuey, street protest and civil disobedience will be the way forward if the membership is unable to change the party from within. We must no longer put up with them reneging on a manifesto commitment, they have had enough chances.

    But I think they will. All current and future MPs and MSPs are for sure ‘wheeshting for Indy’ right now, because they think it is too late to do anything before the election.

    Afterwards, I do not see them all keeping quiet, not by a long chalk.

    Nicola cannot hide behind Covid much longer, the Autumn Conference will not be virtual, the control freakery will be much harder to maintain.

    Although frankly, I forsee a leadership contest before then, when the soul of the party will be fought for.

  387. Terry says:

    My goodness. The SNP installing “fainting couches” after the great ribbon terror?

    Well worth a read.

  388. Kenny says:

    Cuilean at 10.28.

    Thanks for that, one of the few comments I’ve read on this post.

    I generally read most of the posts, but at an incredible almost 900 now (all-time Wings record that easily shatters previous) I have work to take care of and managed only a few.

  389. colin lees says:

    i,ve noticed that gordon dangerfields latest views,”what the scot gov new & when” is suddenly unavailable on his was there first thing this morning.also read craig murray latest tweet,”wrong whatsapp messages given to commitee by crown office”

  390. akenaton says:

    I have in the past voted SNP in the days when we had an inspirational leader, because I knew we would need inspiration to succeed on our own, but I would never vote for any Party which proposed such a bill.
    What sort of country are we to become? A gutless republic ruled by media orientated dictators who are visibly capable of bullying their once proud people into submission? A woke paradise where the famous Scottish virtues of hard work, family and country first are smashed to pieces by the wrecking ball of diversity, equality of outcome and gender politics.
    For the first time in my life I shall vote conservative, as none of the others have the vaguest familiarity with the truth.

  391. Stuart MacKay says:


    I’m sort of with you on that. The “ideal” scenario would be a minority SNP administration propped up by the ISP or such like. That would at least keep most of the Progressive insanity firmly locked away and at least yield a chance of the referendum promises being fulfilled or, at least, some action taken.

    The problem is how to make that happen. The impatient are already looking for alternatives. The public are starting to catch on that all is not well in Holyrood. The juggling act is how to damage the SNP’s prospects sufficiently but not throw everything away in the process. The polls are starting to slide so maybe that will be enough of a wake-up call but given the hubris and arrogance on display I have my doubts.

  392. ScotsRenewables says:

    Bob Mack says:
    12 March, 2021 at 11:31 am
    How can you be, of even feel to be, a member of a party where the agendas for discussion only include what the hierarchy want rather than proposals from the membership?

    The Hate Crime Bill is a classic example. No mention of it in the last manifesto. Deeply unpopular with voters ,yet Humza takes evidence ONLY from interest groups who want it to happen and pushes it through. What ordinary party members got to discuss this or debate it? None.

    That cannot endure but it looks like the future of being an SNP ” member”

    I can bear to be a member because I am determined to help change it.

    Ordinary members have had enough. We will change it.

    I am not a defeatist with no ideas on the way forward. That is why I am still a member.

  393. Dan says:

    Here’s the link to Craig Murray’s tweets that sarah refers to.

  394. Stuart MacKay says:

    Jockanese Wind Talker

    I get the Dangerfield posts via RSS so I have the full text.

    The post is all about Judith Mackinnon’s appointment as Witch Finder General.

    It’s definitely interesting and I can see how some of the assertions, particularly with regards to the timing of her appointment could be sufficiently controversial that they could be contested in court – though I am not a lawyer. I’d hazard a guess that this is another example of COPFS in action.

  395. KOF says:

    “It is in truth not for glory, nor riches, nor honours that we are fighting, but for freedom – for that alone, which no honest man gives up but with life itself.”

    Whatever the SNP say, they no longer believe in this simple concept.

    It is for THEIR glory, it is for THEIR riches and the only honour they fight for are THEIR own twisted sense of honour.

    And whatever “freedom” they are actually fighting for, it is not for the freedom of the Scots to be Scots.

    I know who I am, I know what I am, I am a Scot and the SNP no longer represent me. For 36 years I have voted SNP in every election. Who will I vote for this election? I don’t know. Like many, I’m sure I will only decide on the day when I have a pencil and a ballot in my hand at the voting booth. God save Scotland if the SNP pisses me off again in the run up to the election.

  396. ScotsRenewables says:

    Stuart Mackay,

    Ordinary people have not even heard of the ISP. They may be clever, honourable, well-intentioned people to a person, but they are dreadful politicians.

    Lots of us are still hoping Alex has some fight left in him, but if so he is leaving it a bit late. I suspect making him wait to the end may be one reason for the endless delay. Even if he stood as an independent and endorsed the ISP that could be an enormous help.

    But if there is no credible non-SNP pro-indy candidate on the Highlands list – and there isn’t at the moment – then I am afraid my second vote will be SNP as well.

  397. Bob Mack says:

    @Scots Renewables,

    I admire that, but you must know you start from a point of weakness. Yesterday’s utter capitulation by elected SNP members in Holyrood to the party line (Joan McAlpine excepted) indicates the grip senior management has on the party.

    I can tell You for certain there were those who would never vote for this normally.But they did because they toe the line
    regardless . In truth you and even 100,000 members are powerless to alter policy or change direction of the party.

    Nicola and her husband now own it,not you or anybody else.

  398. ScotsRenewables says:

    Kiwilassie says:
    12 March, 2021 at 11:44 am
    The abstainers from the bill

    I didn’t know Alex Neil had abstained. Good for him.

  399. Stuart MacKay says:

    Jockanese Wind Talker

    Google will cache a page so if you search for the title of the post you might find the link to the copy that google has.

  400. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

    Thanks for that @Stuart MacKay says at 11:43 am

    Wouldn’t surprise me if GD joins Hirst and Murray on the LAs/COPFS hit list.

    Depressing stuff but at least the content is still ‘out there’.

  401. Stuart MacKay says:


    Agree on the ISP. Their primary reason for existence is opposition to the Hate Crime Bill and the GRA. Independence is rather an after-thought. They probably have a decent amount of traction with womens’ groups who share their motivations but wider appeal is clearly not there. Still it’s a massive amount of work getting a party started so I’m still kind of hopeful that they’ll morph into something useful. But it’s not going to happen by May – the momentum is not there.

    As the Highland & Islands list, have to say you’d be out of your mind voting for Emma Roddick or the like. I’d put Wightman in instead – for all his faults I still think there is some mileage on land reform and wildlife crime that can be wrung out of him.

  402. Al says:

    Terry says:
    The Kirsty Blackman press release must be a windup, if not I will be applying for jobs in Northumberland and Yorkshire or any other place where people speak their mind freely.

  403. Breastplate says:

    “Ordinary people have not even heard of the ISP. They may be clever, honourable, well-intentioned people to a person, but they are dreadful politicians.”

    Is that not the excuse many people didn’t vote SNP back in the day. “I would vote SNP but it would be a wasted vote so I’m not going to.”

    Every journey starts with the first step.

  404. President Xiden says:

    Any bets on when our ‘progressive’ government in Holyrood will warm to the idea of 6 pm curfews for men on our streets?

  405. Hatuey says:

    ScotsRenewables, it would be unforgivably selfish to vote for the SNP in May because you wanted independence. In view of everything else that’s happened, it would be immoral.

    But you aren’t getting independence with Nicola as leader anyway. She already has 5 or 6 solid mandates.

    A vote for the SNP in May is a vote to inflate the ego of a person who has systematically treated independence supporters like shit for 6 years. And here you are telling us to do it all over again.

    Fuck independence. Stick it. I refuse to vote for these people. Everyone I speak to in the real world thinks the same. I’m talking about real diehard indy supporters too. I haven’t seen levels of anger like this since the days of Thatcher.

  406. Breastplate says:

    I meant to add that I think a cardboard cutout would compare favourably to what we have as politicians now.

  407. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @Mia –

    FWIW, I agree with pretty much everything you say here. And Daisy. And I’m not just doing so to burnish GC credentials. As Stu explicitly stated, the HCB passage is more important than SNP/independence. I’m one of those who agree.

    It’s hard not to despair right now, and if WOS shuts up shop in a couple of months then no-one can blame Stu, or any of us. There’s no way this place can be replaced. No other site is anywhere close – indeed, other places would have to fold too because they define themselves almost exclusively in terms of their opposition to this place.

    But we are being blamed. It doesn’t matter that every single warning issued by Stu in the past two years has proved to be well-founded. Come May 10th or so, when the results are all in, this place will be blamed regardless.

    The whole idea of Scottish independence is essentially ‘revolutionary’. How else to describe an action which presents an existential threat to the British Establishment? And there’s nothing wrong with change, but the word ‘revolution’ conjures anarchy, bloodshed, economic turmoil blahdy-blah. Lifelong indoctrination kicks in, with all the fear that entails.

    How often was the expression ‘don’t scare the horses’ used here, way back, every time criticism of SNP policy was voiced? Now, ‘wheesht for indy’ is more common but the sentiment is identical – just hold on, have faith, use the SNP as the vehicle, effect change from within etc. It’s not so much a political strategy as emotional blackmail.

    The horrible hairy-arsed truth is that it’s the SNP taking our support for granted, yet again, and many of us have had enough.

    I won’t be lectured by anyone, be it here, on WGD, Twitter, or anywhere else, on what to do with my ballot. If I choose to roll it into a narrow tube and shove it right up my left nostril, that’s my business.

  408. Breastplate says:

    Stuart Mackay,
    I agree that the position the ISP has taken regarding independence and working with others is a poor one. They should reevaluate their position.

  409. kapelmeister says:

    The indy movement wasn’t silenced during the 120 years it was active before the devolved parliament came into being. The indy movement wasn’t sidelined during the 8 years of unionist Holyrood government between 1999 and 2007. There is no rational basis for believing that a unionist coalition after May’s election is going to prevent the unstoppable rise to primacy of the new anti-Sturgeon indy movement.

    Westminster can pass any amount of legislation regarding Holyrood. It won’t make the reality any different. Real nationalists now know that Holyrood is nothing but a devolved colonial assembly. The pride Scotland felt when it opened in 1999 was understandable. It seemed a big step forward. But we have been too dazzled by it and too respectful of it as an institution.

    Whether there’s a fake nationalist administration, or a tame nationalist administration, or an indy hardline one, or a unionist administration in power there, it doesn’t change the fact that the SP is controlled from London.

    The Sturgeonites are using emotional blackmail to get people to vote SNP1 in the belief that loss of a notional indy majority at HR would be a terrible setback. But Westminster cannot ever legislate away the sovereignty of the Scottish people, and that sovereignty, not Holyrood, will be the foundation of the reconfigured independence movement.

  410. robertknight says:

    Hautey @12:05

    “I haven’t seen levels of anger like this since the days of Thatcher.”

    You’re so right. Whilst hoping for an AUOB on the doorstep of the FM’s official residence, I’d hate to see all that Georgian architecture at risk of serious damage.

  411. Breastplate says:

    Well said.

  412. Stoker says:

    Big Jock says on 12 March, 2021 at 10:10 am:

    “Just a thought. Would giving the SNP a majority actually be the best way to get rid of them? If they have a majority , we force them to give us our referendum. We get independence and then vote them out.”

    “Alternatively if Sturgeon gets a minority government, propped up by the puppet on a string Patrick Harvie. She will use that as a reason to cancel the referendum , no mandate. Then we are consigned to another 5 years of Sturgeon and her Stasi policies.”

    *This* is what i struggle with all day long every day. One part of me is adamant i wouldn’t give the SNP the steam off my shite under the current self-serving lying scummy Chief Administrator. That Stuart Campbell has been 100% spot-on throughout this sorry saga and constantly well ahead of the pack. That i’m feeling at a loss because i’ve had my lifetime dream destroyed by folk i trusted. That i’ve been put into a constant state of….if i told yous i’d be sent to prison.

    On the other hand i have this constant nagging overwhelming urge to say right, fuck it, let’s all get this done and over the line and hold that ******* to account and make sure she delivers because she’s going to scrape through with at least a minority administration anyway. Let’s really show everybody what she is. But then all my pre-warning alarms go off. But she’s lied constantly about indy, about fighting Brexit, about mandates, about indyref, about framing an innocent man with rape allegations, about creating laws to protect our SNHS (GE2019) etc etc etc.

    And then it’s all capped off with: But there’s no way we can force her or hold her to account and i’d be responsible for inflicting another 5 years of Woke policies on Scotland. That by voting those scumbags back in i am stating i approve of their gender & hate bills. And that i approve of them using & abusing my previous votes i was deceived into giving them – fool me once etc etc etc.

    It’s painful beyond belief and what makes it even worse is that those ******** know it and they think they’re clever by doing this to all of us.

  413. colin lees says:

    i expect the rev will be scurrying round his moles to find out whats going on ref.dangerfield & whatsapp seems there are forces at play trying to keep the ship affloat by plugging the the leaks.but as fast as one leak is fixed,another one appears.eventually they will run out of plugs!(or will they)

  414. AYRSHIRE ROB says:

    IanB @12.09pm

    Yup agree with that.My vote is my vote, no one else’s.

  415. Breastplate says:

    Maybe it would help to consider whether Charlie Brown did the right thing in trying to kick the football that Lucy held for him every time or not.

  416. Wee Chid says:

    Ian Brotherhood says:
    12 March, 2021 at 12:09 pm

    “I won’t be lectured by anyone, be it here, on WGD, Twitter, or anywhere else, on what to do with my ballot. If I choose to roll it into a narrow tube and shove it right up my left nostril, that’s my business.”

    As long as it’s a postal vote – remember you aren’t allowed to remove a ballot paper from a polling station – once issued it has to go in the box – or among the spoiled ballots if you request another. Now there’s an idea – I wonder how many ballots one can spoil at the poll before being told “no more”. I don’t think the handbook sets a limit.

  417. Stoker,

    You have it in a nutshell. We all need to make up our own minds, but it looks as though she’s going to get in anyway so we need to make sure she has NO EXCUSE for not pursuing independence immediately and vigourously.

    My view, which I have made abundantly clear., is that if there is a viable ISP (which is looking less likely every day) then an SNP minority government dependent on a pro-indy opposition is the best bet.

    But if there is no viable ISP, then it has to be a Sturgeon majority, no matter how unpalateable that is.

    Then we need to make her regret she ever got re-elected by holding her feet to the fire with a vengeance. A permanent indy camp outside Holyrood until indy is achieved, thousands-strong marches and demos outside Bute House every week.

    We can do this. Anything else is allowing Sturgeon and her cabal to win.

  418. cynicalHighlander says:

    @Ian B

    Totally agree and this might be interesting for all against HCB.

  419. Stuart MacKay says:


    The HCB and GRA are a major fire for them. Independence is simply unimportant in comparison.

    Men simply can’t grasp how important the issue of male violence (actual, potential or perceived) is for women – as Craig Murray found out to his cost yesterday.

  420. Mia says:

    “fuck it, let’s all get this done and over the line”

    If you give this party a majority, how do you expect to force them to get “this done”? How do you expect to force them to deliver indyref or, heaven forbid, independence if they clearly do not intend to? How do you expect to force them to protect the rights of females and the freedom of speech?

    You cannot. The only way you can do it is if you have the party by the balls and force them to do what you want under the continuous threat of a VONC or continuously trashing down their parliamentary proposals. And you can only do that if you refuse them a majority of the seats.

    What I think is blurring your mind is that you still believe this party has any intention to deliver independence. The minute you accept that this is not the case and the party is just another unionist one sailing under a false pro-independence flag, everything becomes crystal clear and much easier to deal with.

  421. Stuart MacKay says:


    Agreed. The worst thing that we let the Sturgeonites get away with was the idea that SNP == Independence.

    When AUOB were on the streets there was clear separation between the two, though probably not enough. The greatest disservice the wheeshters did, in their blind adoration of St. Nicola, was to eliminate that distance. Shame on them.

  422. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @cynicalHighlander –

    Thanks for that. Very interesting.


  423. John H. says:

    I have kept changing my mind about how to vote in May. The only thing which might have forced me to vote for the SNP is the fact that Michelle Thomson is the candidate in my area, and she at least still seems to have retained some commonsense so far. I have wanted independence for Scotland for all of my adult life and younger, and I resent being put in this appalling position by Nicola Sturgeon and her gang.

    Ian Brotherhood is right though, some things are more important even than independence. Morality, justice, truth. Without these we don’t have anything worth having. Without those we will have a lawless society, where what the leadership says goes, and anyone who objects or poses a danger to the leadership will be taken care of one way or another. If they get away with what they are doing, then Alex Salmond won’t be the only victim.

    I’m sorry, but the words that could describe how I feel about this don’t exist.

  424. Big Jock says:

    John – Same. I am voting for Michelle because I like her. I would hate to be in Robertson or Sturgeon’s ward. I don’t think I could vote for either of them.

  425. Cactus says:


    “But we are being blamed. It doesn’t matter that every single warning issued by Stu in the past two years has proved to be well-founded. Come May 10th or so, when the results are all in, this place will be blamed regardless.”

    Well noted Ian Brotherhood, when the results are in they will be looking to blame anyone but themselves. Hope yer doing guid Bro.

    It’s Friday the 12th, SCOTLAND is being allowed (haha) to freely go outside again for a walk in the fresh air, so I am about to do so too, why don’t you.

    ‘Let’s go outside’ everybody and let us all hang out, again.

    You will soon need to get used to it, again.

  426. Tinto Chiel says:

    @ScotsRenewables: “Then we need to make her regret she ever got re-elected by holding her feet to the fire with a vengeance. A permanent indy camp outside Holyrood until indy is achieved, thousands-strong marches and demos outside Bute House every week.”

    That presumes that Scotland will return to normal after May and Covid restrictions on meetings and movement are removed. If the leadership felt protests were a possibility I’m sure further lockdowns would be considered, in the interests of public health, of course.

    @Ian Brotherhood, 12.09: excellent post. My MSP is the Wokest of Woke so I’m afraid things are looking bleak.

    And if the HCA doesn’t get this site, the approaching Online Harms stuff from WM could well achieve the same end.

    Free Speech is not wanted in 21st century Scotland or England.

  427. Wee Chid says:

    John H. says:
    12 March, 2021 at 1:22 pm
    “I have kept changing my mind about how to vote in May. The only thing which might have forced me to vote for the SNP is the fact that Michelle Thomson is the candidate in my area.”

    I felt the same, being in a “good guy” constituency. However not one of the “good guys” had the guts to vote against the Hate crime bill. The best any could manage was an abstention. Not good enough for me.

  428. Pixywine says:

    Al. The vaccine is being tested on the public. Rushed onto the market too soon. Several European countries have suspended the use of Astra Zeneca vaccine because of blood clotting side effects resulting in some deaths. There’s much talk of comorbidity from Governments and their medical officials while I recall a year ago comorbidity, according to the powers that be, wasn’t an issue.
    1600 people die each day in this country as a matter of course so I will take flu season’s as they come because thus far my system can take it.

  429. Pixywine says:

    Go to UK column news for the latest on our future

  430. Cadogan Enright says:

    This post was totally over the top Stuart

    while I share the anger of many women on this subject – it is possible to fix this and campaign for protections for wormen.

    Passing a law you do not agree with does not mean a country should be deprived of Independence.

    We Irish were often told we were not fit to govern ourselves and that the the English were doing us a favour by running our country for us.

    Democracy means that sometimes things do not go your way – it does not mean that people based in Bristol, London or Birmingham have a right to thwart your independence

  431. Prasad says:

    ‘ScotsRenewables says:
    11 March, 2021 at 11:28 pm
    but hardly woke to the max.’

    You do know who SAS is right? And what she has done to Alex Salmond?

    She is hardly going to come out and say ‘vote for me i’m woke’ two months before an election but all the signs are there. At the very least she is in the early capture stage and very gullible too. Not a good combination. I asked her about woman’s right and she answered without using the dreaded w word. Funny that. All wish washy woo woo words were there. It was like the acceptance speech of a beauty queen at the village fete. ‘I would like to make the world a better place and i am praying for world peace’. I didn’t say there was a better candidate. Argyll passed over someone better. It was you that said she was great.

    She says she has read up about the trans issue. Would that be SAS giving here the study material. I didn’t get the impression that she was going to do any serious critical thinking. Why would i care about her son for FFS and her upbringing. It was as bad as Douglas Ross trying to make out he is old enough to father a child.
    We need real fighters to get Indi and she ain’t it. On a positive note, Mike Russell was a wet rag too so she won’t make any difference. He appears to be woke too. Someone said that 2 cabinet ministers voted for the woo woo at last NEC so does that include him? He thinks the HCB is great. He is not who people think he is. I have had an exchange about the GCB with him which was as illuminating as being told everyone who agrees with him is right with a praise for Yousaf for being ‘dignified’ and everyone else is wrong with a few insults thrown in, totally lacking in content of any kind and any disagreement results in ‘enough end of communication’, that is it.

  432. Kcor says:

    Cuilean says,

    “My Mum (86 years old) did not give up her SNP membership lightly.”

    She made a principled decision. Only strong people can make such heart breaking but principled decisions.

    Conspiring to put great independence leader Alex Salmond in jail on fake charges, embezzling £600,000 of independence supporters’ donations, silencing all dissent, destroying women’s rights.

    Who in their right mind would trust or vote for these corrupt criminals?

  433. weemonkey says:

    Effigy says:
    11 March, 2021 at 2:16 pm
    Al at 12.29.

    Another irrelevent rant that ignores the elifant in the house.

    instead of fostering DIVISION in Scotland why don’t you sturginastias foster belief in the people’s right to choose who the fuck they want?

  434. weemonkey says:

    Pixywine says:
    12 March, 2021 at 3:33 pm

    “The vaccine is being tested on the public. Rushed onto the market too soon. Several European countries have suspended the use of Astra Zeneca vaccine because of blood clotting side effects resulting in some deaths.

    There’s much talk of comorbidity from Governments and their medical officials while I recall a year ago comorbidity, according to the powers that be, wasn’t an issue.”

    Pity the facts say otherwise.

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