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Something changed

Posted on May 02, 2015 by

Scottish Labour’s chief of staff in February:


The same man tonight:


Does the biggest party form the government or doesn’t it, John?

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  1. 03 05 15 00:36

    Something changed | Speymouth

125 to “Something changed”

  1. gary says:

    I think he is confusing ‘biggest party’ with ‘biggest lie’.

  2. Croompenstein says:

    Ha Ha Ha Ha #McTernanPredicts #EpicFail 🙂

  3. Colin Church says:

    McTernan thinks he’s the Surkov of UK.

    A delusional muppet

  4. Patrick Roden says:

    Suddenly Labour discover why the Tories have been painting them into this corner and why they must have been leaping with joyful glee, when Miliband said he would rather let Cameron back into number 10 than do a deal with the SNP.

    We tried to warn Labour, but would they listen?

    So Labour, you are about to reap what you have sewn.

    Finished in Scotland, finished in the UK.

  5. gillie says:

    Labour have fucked up big time. Ed Miliband has been totally naive.

  6. Hoss Mackintosh says:

    Of course the biggest party forms the Government when Labour refuse to work with the SNP, Plaid and the Greens.

    Maybe Murphy, McTernan and Macdougal knew this all along?

  7. Iain More says:

    The Necromancer is imploding. The Finger of Death spell has come right back at him again.

  8. Free Scotland says:

    Scottish labour’s chief spin doctor presses self-destruct button, sucking last breath from his party’s twitching corpse.

  9. Grant says:

    We are a truly inclusive society. There’s even a party for pathological liars.

  10. heedtracker says:

    Its not Cameroon’s call, but Murphy rages away for months with his biggest/mostest party wins. Macternan tweetblurts, creepy Jim’s a liar of cosmic magnitude.

  11. Iron Man says:

    Out buffooning the chief buffoon, Murphy. Classic.

  12. Grouse Beater says:

    McTernan’s standard get out of jail free card is to cap the discussion with ‘Kind of makes my point.’

    The tactic is used to cause some degree of confusion in the mind of his opponent. What point was McTernan making? The answer is, none was ever made, but it has the same effect as a troll saying, ‘You’re a tit. End off.’

    His vanity just about exceeds Miliband’s inflated ego.

  13. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    It’s all about panic.

    The establishment parties just cannot comprehend what is happening in the union, particularly the Scottish division.

    It is beyond their ken. It hasn’t happened since 1924 (ED: note, lie. It was 1955.)

    I am ready to watch the death of Labour in Scotland rolling out on the morning of the 8th…

  14. geeo says:

    “A walking corpse that won’t stay dead, disease dragged on from bed to bed….”

    Hymn from a village.

    Perfect summing up of the northern accountancy unit and it’s patronage.

  15. Joemcg says:

    How can ANY person in Scotland cast their cross alongside the name Labour next week?? Fucking liars the lot of them.

  16. Ian Brotherhood says:

    Have a strange feeling that this post is a lot more significant than I can get my head around…

    Kind of like trying to understand what the football ‘play-offs’ are all about.

    Anyone else know what I mean?

  17. StevieMcB says:

    The poisoning pluke McTernan and tuba McDougal are the worst thing most labour supporters were expecting, these clowns have have succeeded in making themselves the story 🙂

  18. Lesley-Anne says:

    Don’t you just love it when Labour start to tell lies. (O.K. I KNOW they do that almost every day but give me a break folks it’s late and I’m sick to the back teeth with the news channels foaming and gurggling at the mouth over ANOTHER freeloading hinger on!)

    Fist off Labour tell a wee lie.

    Secondly they tell a slightly bigger lie to cover up the first lie.

    Thirdly they tell an even bigger lie to cover up their first lie and second lie combined.

    This schedule continues ad infinitum until we reach the stage we are now at with Mcturniphead who has now confirmed what we all already knew … he is one hell of a LIAR!

    In fact he and Labour have been telling so many lies that they haven’t got a clue any more about what is a LIE and what is the TRUTH! There is a name for this phenomenon … Headless Chickens. 😀

  19. Kevin evans says:

    He’s a wanker

  20. Thepnr says:

    McTernan I’ll have your job. Couldn’t do any worse than you. Bye.

  21. Ian Brotherhood says:

    Way back, but I can’t even guess when, there was a documentary (or perhaps a CH4 news report?) during which, in a Tony Blair press conference, the cameraman shifted from filming Blair to filming Alistair Campbell, who was standing at the back of the room.

    I can still see that footage in my heid. Haven’t searched for it on Youtube, but it must exist. Campbell clearly clicked that he was being filmed, didn’t like it one bit, but remained in-situ, chewing a pen, watching his ‘boss’ perform. Prior to that moment, Campbell was all-but anonymous to the general public, and the alleged activities/influence of so-called ‘spin-doctors’ was tin-foil-hat territory.

    Just a few years later (as it feels in my confused memory), the cat came flying out of the bag when Campbell stormed into the CH4 studio and demanded an on-air interview with Jon Snow.

    I’m no defender of Blair/Campbell, but let’s give the latter this – he believed enough in the ‘project’ to do the walk as well as the talk as and when he felt it was necessary.

    But John McTernan? Murphy? Who ARE these people? What do they believe in? What do they stand for? If it’s anything decent, why can’t McTernan take a bit of the heat away from Murphy right now, when he clearly needs a bit of support?

    They say there’s honour amongst thieves. Fair do’s. You really have to wonder how thieves would assess the behaviour of these SLabbers. It’s as extraordinary as it is shameful.

  22. call me dave says:


    Thanks for link interesting stuff.

    SoS 2nd election in 2015.

  23. Fiona says:

    @ call me dave

    So they honestly think a deal with the lib dems is preferable to an accommodation with the SNP? That would be the lib dems who have been in bed with the tories? The lib dems whose whole pitch is that they will enforce more austerity, which they call fiscal responsibility, on labour? The lib dems who are likely to lose a load of seats cos the electorate despise them?

    This is a good plan for labour, how exactly?

  24. HandandShrimp says:

    I see the latest YouGov (and last before the election) Sunday Times all Scottish poll is

    SNP 49% NC
    Labour 26% +1%
    Tories 15% -2%
    Libeals 7% +2%

    Effectively given the margin of error identical their poll last week.

  25. Fiona says:

    Please tell me this is a spoof. I can’t bear it if it isn’t a spoof

  26. Joemcg says:

    Second GE is being mooted by Labour in the Scotsman rather than do a deal with the SNP. Dear oh dear.

  27. StevieMcB says:

    @ian Brotherhood.
    But John McTernan? Murphy? Who ARE these people? What do they believe in? What do they stand for? If it’s anything decent, why can’t McTernan take a bit of the heat away from Murphy right now, when he clearly needs a bit of support?
    Bingo, spot on.who are these creepy neolib no marks with no regard to Scots or democracy?

  28. Richardinho says:

    If the Tories have most seats but not a majority they will use their position as the sitting government to try and form another one employing two arguments: 1. The largest party should form the government. 2. Labour can’t form a majority because it has ruled out a deal with the SNP.

    I wouldn’t even bet against the Tories making the case that Labour have a moral responsibility to support their Queen’s speech so that the country does not descend into chaos.

    Well done Labour!

  29. Fiona says:

    @ HandandShrimp

    What dates, do you know? I am wondering what effect Mr Miliband’s decision to let the tories in might have. Was the poll done after that?

  30. Fiona says:


    They get first shot anyway. But if they cannot command a majority Miliband is automatically put in post, apparently. He may not be able to govern long, but he will be PM. He doesn’t need to show he can command a majority.

  31. StevieMcB says:

    One has landed in the cuckoos nest.

  32. caz-m says:


    Just watched the Livestream Video from the Counting House last night. Excellent input from all involved.

    I know a lot of Wingers can’t make these events, but I am sure, like me,you feel part of them.

    I hope you all got home safely and will hopefully meet up at a date in the not to distant future.

    10/10 Excellent.

  33. Fiona says:

    Sorry I didn’t archive that,Stevie McB: I was so distressed by the man’s descent in to batshit crazy that I didn’t even think about it.

  34. HandandShrimp says:


    Not sure, it is unlikely though because YouGov would need a couple of days to prepare the results so the data days might just sneak into that moment but the bulk of the responses are likely to be the couple of days before.

    There might be another poll before the 7th so we can see the impact. However, Ashcroft is finished and there can’t be another Sunday Times one and the Record has just done its monthly Survation one so the options are limited.

  35. Joemcg says:

    Spat ma horlicks oot at that set in stone plan. What a daftie. Wonder if he will get one like the 2001 monolith with NO INDY REF FOR 1000 YEARS carved in to it?

  36. StevieMcB says:

    Really getting so mental, we should call on another more respected :), country, to oversee things in the mother of all parliaments, if we are to put up with the nonsense at least have it recorded & discussed by outsiders.

  37. icyspark says:


    That is batshit god tier mental. Even Chris Morris couldn’t create a story so ludicrously far fetched.

  38. StevieMcB says:

    Hey Fiona, a’m no Stoker, the admiral fighter of clickbait but i know where your coming from 😉

  39. Fiona says:

    Not a spoof then? Really?

    Might it be from the same people as the fake letter discussed this evening? Please? I mean, this man might be prime minister. With nuclear weapons and everything

  40. caz-m says:

    Posted by Marcia earlier on but worth another viewing,

    Brilliant front page from the Sunday Herald:

  41. manandboy says:

    In three short years, the standard of political discourse in the UK has plummeted to levels which frequently merit the description ‘shocking’. We will see it at it’s worst in the next five days, and possibly even beyond.

    The extent to which Unionist parties have abandoned almost completely the use of truth and accuracy in their dialogue with the electorate is also rather unbelievable.

    I would suggest as a consequence, that the standing of UK politicians, and their PR crews, has probably reached rock bottom.

    Add the naked emergence of the media as merely the mouthpiece of State propaganda, together with the rampant greed and financial ambition of everyone in Politics and Business, and you have a body of national and local governance which has very little shelf life left, before the ‘consumers’, the voters reject it completely.

    The race is not to the bottom but rather to get off the bottom, before the electorate wakes up fully and forces a root and branch reform. Who could argue that it is not needed.

    So as the launch date for the new Parliament draws very close, it may be worth considering the real possibility, that this kind of General Election might be the last of it’s type. Five more years of the last five years, with even further deterioration in standards in political and public life, should just about be enough to tip us all over the edge.

    God alone knows what will happen then, if not before. before or after.

  42. manandboy says:

    Carved in stone? If this is true, how on earth can anyone in this country take Miliband as PM seriously.

  43. caz-m says:

    I am hoping for a Tory victory, because it will speed up our exit from this rotten, stinking Union.

    Please Nicola, include another Referendum in next year’s Manifesto.

    Vote YES in 2018.

  44. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @manandboy –

    Hear, hear, 100% 🙂

  45. geeo says:

    At the base it will be inscribed with the following..

    “If only we worked with the SNP, this stone would be in the Rose Garden and not here at labour HQ….”

  46. manandboy says:

    Either way, it would appear that an awful lot of people are going to be very unhappy with the next Government. Frying pan or fire – take your pick.

  47. Charles Edward says:

    Maybe it would be better to install a massive photocopier instead of a monolith in the Rose garden?

    That way you could print out loads more wullie/caroline letters for folk- might have to change more names on the signature.. Dave is popular do down south, or Lizzy?
    Kim and Kanye?
    More Tippex and toner and the majority is yours forever.

    Also Ed will be able to rewrite his manifesto at any time and copy them out to the branch offices.
    and saving more of the deficit he could take existing Conservative policy A4, cut off the letterhead, prittstick and copy with Labour letterhead? Think of the time saved!

    There again this big stone thing might catch on.
    In an ipad era perhaps a big stonePad is what the UK needs.
    Everybody must get stoned..

    By the way KatenWills (Happy baby time!) Just in case the above popular names give you any ideas-
    Dave is not appropriate for a girl.

  48. schrodingers cat says:

    i have an image of miliband carrying around this stone on his back for the next 5 years

    miliband….the Obélix of the labour party

    miliband and his pet mill stone lol

  49. schrodingers car says:

    andy burnham,,,the labour mans Barney Rubble ha ha ha ha

  50. Bugger (the Panda) says:

    He should get it tattooed on his dick because that is where it belongs.

    Probably just reduce it to numbers then and even so, most would never be seen.

  51. Robert Louis says:

    I wake up to find out that the Labour party has descended into farce. Miliband will later unveil his vows literally carved in stone. What are these people smoking??

    This will surely go down in history as one of the most absurd stories of any UK general election. It is the kind of thing you expect to hear on April fools day.

    On Monday I would not be surprised if posh boy Davey Cameron announces he has tattooed his vows to his forehead.

    Miliband is clearly a clown. We have just endured five years of one of the most rabid, destructive right wing government in UK history, destroying peoples lives with gusto, Yet Miliband still cannot secure a majority. Now he is unveiling stone monliths, FFS!!

    What a total loser.

  52. caz-m says:

    Ed Miliband and his six Labour pledges,

    “The 8ft 6in-high limestone structure is intended to underline his commitment to keep his promises by having them literally “carved in stone” and visible from the offices inside No 10.”

    This is like something straight out of the Flintstones.


  53. Almannysbunnet says:

    If you have an important point to make, don’t try to be subtle or clever. Use a pile driver. Hit the point once. Then come back and hit it again. Then hit it a third time – a tremendous whack.
    Winston Churchill
    And that is exactly what Murphy and McTernan are doing.

  54. Skintybroko says:

    Democracy is dead in the UK.

    All unionist parties are effectively saying that if you are Scottish and vote SNP you do not have a democratic right to representation at Westminster.

    Britain is a dictatorship run by hedge funds and faceless millionaires, it is time for the people to exercise their democratic right and vote for SNP, Plaid, Green – anyone but a unionist.

  55. Famous15 says:

    The media pick up on comments such as yours and sink the excellent work being done by the SNP.
    Please restrain yourself and consider the damage another five years of Tory and Tory lite will do to the poor and vulnerable never mind our economy.

    We are not going to gain from shit like having to break eggs to make omelettes.Google it.

    Take your lead from an intelligent woman like Nicola Sturgeon and understand why she says what she says. Do not undermine her,

  56. Bob Mack says:

    They could always re-cycle it and use it as the headstone on the grave of the Labour party.

  57. Davo says:

    I think Cameron set up McTernan for a pratt-fall and the clown walked right into it. All “simple fact” leaflets now for the pulper.

  58. Chitterinlicht says:

    This sort of behaviour just convinces me the union is dead

    Ed Milliband has been a total sponge and played right into Tory trap.

    Should have been a man and worked with SNP.

    His weaknesses may very well let Tories back in.

    Not sure how that wills that with w play out in time to be honest. Foolish man.

  59. Mealer says:

    Mr Cameron gets the first chance to form a government,regardless of the arithmetic.Traditionally,a leader only brings forward a Queens Speech if he is sure of getting it through,because defeat would be humiliating,embarrassing and career ending.It just isn’t done.This time,though,Cameron could have the “moral authority” of having most seats but no majority and could bring forward a Queens Speech in the expectation of Labour,SNP and others voting it down.That would put Labour in a seriously awkward position.And through all these machinations,the SNP will do what’s best for Scotland.And they must do it openly and transparently,not sneakily or shadily.

  60. Robert Louis says:

    Pop quiz.

    1. Which party gained most from the NO vote? A. The SNP.

    2. Which party made the second biggest gain from the NO vote? A. The Tories.

    3. Which party made a loss from the NO vote? A. Labour.

    When, oh when, will Labour sniff the freaking coffee, and finally wake up.

  61. heedtracker says:

    The 8ft 6in-high limestone structure is intended to underline his commitment to keep his promises by having them literally “carved in stone” and visible from the offices inside No 10.”

    Sponsored by HSBC

  62. caz-m says:

    Famous 15

    Red Tory, Blue Tory.

    Did you forget that the Red Tories have already declared that they are also committed to £30 Billion pound of cuts AND would continue with the same welfare cuts and austerity agenda that the Tories are on.

    My point about the Tories winning, is that they would also include a Referendum on Europe and could drag Scotland out of Europe against her will.

    This would trigger another Referendum on Scottish Independence, as predicted by one Nicola Sturgeon. Thus, getting us out of this Union quicker.

    Vote SNP.

  63. Free Scotland says:

    Is Ed’s stone sculpture intended to counter the online evidence of the shifting-sands characteristics of McTernan and Murphy’s *(ahem)* contributions to the current political debate?

    Apparently, limestone dissolves at an average rate of about one-twentieth of a centimetre every 100 years. To be on the safe side, Ed should perhaps consider an engraving depth of one micrometre (one millionth of a metre).

  64. Col. Asdasd says:

    Nice Pulp reference Stu.

  65. Luigi says:

    Carved into stone!

    Who does he think he is:


  66. Luigi says:

    I guess the front page of the Daily Record isn’t working anymore, so this time it has to be carved into stone.

  67. Luigi says:

    He can tattoo it onto his big nose, for all I care. No one will believe him.

    The games up Ed – Nicola offered you an escape route and you blew it.

  68. asklair says:

    Yet an other great article from WoS using social media to expose the political class trying to manipulate the people. Change is happening, how far and how fast is in our hands this Thursday, round 2.

  69. ronnie anderson says:

    O/T sos Rev.

    Ah wee cheeryuper on ah drizzly day,read the wee Mans comments, Ha Ha.

    Boogie on Down DimJim.

  70. Bob Mack says:

    Loved David Cameron addressing an English meeting ,and telling them that the SNP would take away THEIR country.He just don’t get it ,does he?

  71. gus1940 says:

    Another stunning vote of confidence for Creepy Jim in today’s Sunday Mail on-line.

    Readers were asked if they trusted in our hero to deliver on his promises.

    The rsponse a few minutes ago was:-

    Yes – 12.5%
    No- 87.5%

  72. Shex says:

    Labour (Scottish accounting unit) – more slime than a ghostbusters movie

  73. packhorse pete says:

    All great fun, of course, but what will SNP do if Miliband proposes a queen’s speech, without reference to them? Voting it down would lead us to a second general election, at which point all bets would be off.It seems to me they have to accept it and then pursue the vote-by-vote strategy, negotiating and harrying relentlessly.

  74. Grouse Beater says:

    Luigie: Carved in stone! Who does he think he is? Moses?

    We use granite in Scotland as a mark of integrity.

  75. ronnie anderson says:

    Yvette Cooper ( on Marr) £800mil cuts, but slow down austerity , & never ah word about cutting Westminster Expences ( MPs 11% pay rise) funny that. Austerity is ah word that the Plebs hiv tae live & expeariance every day,but the MPs wont even dip their toe intae.

  76. annie says:

    Is it possible the powers that be in Labour see the next 5 years as being very difficult ones and quite fancy sitting them out on the opposition benches again almost guaranteeing a majority in 2020.

  77. heedtracker says:

    packhorse pete says:
    3 May, 2015 at 9:28 am
    All great fun, of course, but what will SNP do if Miliband proposes a queen’s speech, without reference to them?

    Yeah democracy eh, such a drag.

  78. James Shorthouse says:

    Great article, but why do people keep on giving McTernan oxygen? Surprised he didn’t block the reporter, seeing as that is what he us usually does with people who disagree with him.

    Would love to see someone ask Milliband about the SDLP!!!!!

  79. Robert Kerr says:

    I’m afraid a limestone monolith and labour promises won’t last too long due to the pollution in London. Both atmospheric and political.

    I understood the tablets of stone were only carried my Moses from Mount Sinai but were carved by supernatural means.

    Ed claims to be an unbeliever!

  80. SquareHaggis says:

    He’s like a Limestone cow boy ba dum dum

    Yew choob

  81. BOB Mooney says:

    Just watching Andrew Marr this AM and did I hear that Ed is having a stone tablet made with his “promises” carved on it.

    Has he changed his name to Moses Milliband cannot be true or is it, or has he finally joined Murphy on Gogglebox.

  82. ronnie anderson says:

    That stone would fit nicely wie his ither stone if he hud stones tae begin wie,sos nearly rite, he hiz Ed Balls.

  83. galamcennalath says:

    packhorse pete says:
    “All great fun, of course, but what will SNP do if Miliband proposes a queen’s speech, without reference to them? ”

    I’m not a monarchist, but I expect the Palace to play a useful part after the election. They have already intimated that Liz will not be giving any queen’s speech which is not guaranteed to be voted through.

    Thee will need to be talking and at least informal arrangements in place.

    Cameron has already been told the SNP will always vote against him. End of … unless he gets enough seats and allies to reach 326. And, he might actually get his 326.

    Milliband looks like getting less seats than Cameron. SNP votes, and others, will be needed to get him to 326. He would need to talk.

    Let us never forget the other option. Lab and Con agree that the party with the most seats takes the prize and the other backs them up in return for what they would see as moderation. This would be popular in England, potentially.

  84. Terry says:

    Andrew marr just said that whoever is in power they are going to have to solve the problem of Scotland. Damn cheek. Look to yourselves. Westminsters the problem.

  85. Fred says:

    McTernan looks as if he’s dying his hair as well as Murphy.
    Lie’in & dye’in, soon br cry’in! 🙂

  86. Now's the Hour says:

    Ed’s statue should be of a giant wullie to commemorate the huge cock-up he’s made. He could get Ed Baws to unveil it.

  87. Grouse Beater says:

    Dear Jim
    Please drop the bin bag of Labour lies in the community wheelie on your way out. Thanks.

  88. Legerwood says:

    Packhorse Pete @ 9.28 am

    The SNP could support the Queen’s Speech proposed by Labour but then vote for or against individual items as they come up during the course of the Parliament. For example, renewing Trident is likely to be part of Labour’s programme. The SNP can vote against renewal when it comes up for discussion in its own right even if they have supported the Queen’s Speech which sets out the overall programme of a government and they can make that clear at the time. Labour would get Trident through with Tory support – and welfare cuts too if it comes to that.


    On the subject of a second election following quickly after this one that would require two-thirds of the HoC to vote in favour of calling it because of the fixed term Parliament Act

  89. Robert Peffers says:

    @StevieMcB says: 3 May, 2015 at 1:15 am:

    … “we should call on another more respected :), country, to oversee things in the mother of all parliaments, if we are to put up with the nonsense at least have it recorded & discussed by outsiders.”

    Last time we did that the guy we asked set up the confrontation that saw Bruce kill the Red Comyn and make himself king of Scotland. It also got us all excommunicated until we sent the Declaration of Arbroath that not only had Scotland declared independent but our monarchy downgraded to Protector of the people’s sovereignty.

    Might I suggest we skip the arbitration by others this time and just have the people decide by another referendum?

  90. Will Podmore says:

    Ed Miliband said, “If it took coalition with the SNP to have a Labour government, there is not going to be a Labour government. I could not be clearer than that. My Queen’s speech will not be shaped in any way with the SNP in mind.” He is putting country before party, Britain’s unity ahead of party self-interest.
    He also said, “In a strange way, the SNP and the Tory argument have a strange similarity – the SNP is arguing it is about standing up for Scotland against the rest of the UK. The Tories are saying it is about England against Scotland. I think we should stand up for working people in every part of the country.”
    He is arguing for class politics for the unity of the British working class. The SNP and the Tories both want to destroy that unity, to the advantage of the capitalist class that you affect to oppose.

  91. CameronB Brodie says:

    Andy & The Classics – Wilma 🙂

  92. Luigi says:

    Will Podmore

    3 May, 2015 at 10:09 am

    Will, your sister party, the SDLP want to break up the UK and Ulster to reunite with Ireland.

    Care to explain?

  93. call me dave says:

    Labour admits to fighting for only 12 seats…In Scotland

    Keep taking the tablets Ed.
    It is persisting down in Fife brrr!

  94. heedtracker says:

    Ed’s statue should be of a giant wullie to commemorate the huge cock-up he’s made. He could get Ed Baws to unveil it.

    Aberdeen’s Wullie Young? A real Scot for real Scotlandness apparently.

    Oor Wullie’s a red tory to his last million quid, landlord millionaire that is, in an Aberdeen that’s been under SLabour control like Wullie’s for decades and never built a cooncil house.

    Loadsa dosh in Aberdeen rentals too. Pile in to the great social housing cheap as chips sell off, two a grand a month for a ex council houses in Aberdeen now, easy money! Only for real Scots though, not your fake Scots.

    We’re BetterTogether says Wullie and Barney.

  95. bjsalba says:

    O/T but interesting thoughts on what might happen

    I must admit that the the possibility of Labour ditching E#d to save face when they U-turn has occurred to me, but not with the historical background.

  96. @Will Podmore, 10.09

    You are right: “the SNP is arguing it is about standing up for Scotland” and that’s where your sentence should end.

    “Standing up for Scotland” does not mean it is against the rest of the UK, and it can be argued that by “Standing up for Scotland” at Westminster, the SNP is also standing up, by example, for the rest of the UK at Westminster.

    England needs an SNP.

  97. CameronB Brodie says:

    caz-m says and Famous 15
    You pays yout money and tackes your choice, between two shades of the same …..

    I didn’t want to say anything before the indy vote, but I just can’t see the UK either wanting to, or being allowed to leave the EU. Look at the shenanigans with Ireland being required to vote on the constitution, until it got it right. I might be wrong

  98. Dave McEwan Hill says:

    Robert Peffers at 10.07


    It is time it was made clear that we have no obligation to ask anybody else’s permission to have a referendum or, indeed, decide to be independent.

    If we are not in a voluntary union we are not in a democracy

  99. scotspine says:


    Do you think many people read your pish any more?

    Saw your name and read no further……..

  100. HandandShrimp says:

    I am sure that I heard Kevin McKenna say on the radio this morning that the Sunday Mail has taken a tentative step to endorsing Nicola in its leader column today.

    That is a bit of a surprise.

  101. Dave McEwan Hill says:

    Plodmore at 10.09

    No. He is putting the perceived interest of the Labour party which can’t win without an increased vote in the South of England before the interests of Scotland (and the sorry rump of the Labour party in Scotland, which he has just abandoned by his actions).

  102. Dr Jim says:

    Every radio discussion, every TV debate or discussion always comes round to one main theme and the common thread throughout seems to be not co-operation or indeed ways to overcome particular issues of policy but

    How do we stop the SNP not how do we work with the peoples democratic choice, just one theme, what do WE the opposition do to change the system so that we kill off the idea of people actually getting what they vote for

    And the arrogance of that position for those who may not support the SNP is, or should be, the realisation that whomever you happen to prefer as your chosen representatives, you’re next

    So I would suggest to any tactically persuaded voters out there that you are being manipulated by the very people you think you support into falling into that trap

    You will have whatever Westminster decides to give you after they have worked out what they want
    This is where WE in Scotland have half a chance of helping the Yookay do the right thing, whether they like it or not

    This election is not just about the SNP because of course the SNP are going to win many seats but that’s not the point is it
    The point should be Democracy becomes the winner here
    and not the continued twisting and manipulation of Nations
    for the sake of Power

  103. HandandShrimp says:


    It is pointless asking the question. The mantra is Irish nationalism good Scottish nationalism bad. No thinking allowed.

  104. Meindevon says:

    Think Nicola is coming on Murnaghan on Sky News within the next hour.

  105. Marcia says:


    Here is the Sunday Mail editorial via Archive

  106. heedtracker says:

    He is arguing for class politics for the unity of the British working class. The SNP and the Tories both want to destroy that unity, to the advantage of the capitalist class that you affect to oppose.

    The fraud is fighting same teamGB democracy BetterTogether UKOK pleaded, lied to and threatened Scotland to stay in Wil.

    But as has been pointed out to unionistas like you, why does teamGB workers solidarity have borders at Dover etc

    Crash Gordon’s lunatic battle cry, “British jobs for British workers” or is that just meant to be forgotten too?

    TeamGB questions questions. Youre a phoney too Wilpodmore.

  107. Robert Peffers says:

    @packhorse pete says: 3 May, 2015 at 9:28 am:

    “… but what will SNP do if Miliband proposes a queen’s speech, without reference to them?”

    What difference would it make to the SNP what colour of Tory gets in? There is only going to be an Establishment Unionist party in power either way.

    The SNP’s choice between the Red or Blue Tories pivots upon Miliband being easier to work with, or against, for what is best for Scotland. In effect the SNP made it plain there will be NO formal deals with anyone but a promise to work with Plaid Cymru and the Greens for what is best for the UK.

    In essence, if we have enough MPs, we don’t give a damn who gets to be the government. That’s because neither Establishment will likely have a clear majority and thus have to work on the premise of compromise instead of the usual confrontation.

  108. Dr Jim says:

    @Will Podmore

    Dear oh deary me

    I’ll make it really simple Scotland is pretty much what we’re interested in, we don’t mind giving the UK a hand but in terms of the politics of that Region we’d rather separate the two
    The good people of England and those who wish to be a part of that system are welcome to it and personally I would be happy for them to seek Independence and have a land of their own to govern as they see fit

    There will be no point in attempting any further dialogue with me further on this because i won’t reply, but don’t take it personally

  109. Luigi says:

    HandandShrimp says:
    3 May, 2015 at 10:39 am


    It is pointless asking the question. The mantra is Irish nationalism good Scottish nationalism bad. No thinking allowed.

    Aye, but at least it shuts them up for a while.

  110. west wales says:

    Labour’s idea of a giant stone with inscribed pledges is like something from the original series of Star Trek.

    As Spock would have said, a civilization where the political system revolves around meaningless gimmicks. Fascinating.

  111. CameronB Brodie says:

    Will Podmore
    Gonna be useful? You’d do us all a great service by telling all your London based compatriots that the SNP does not equal authoritarian Communism/ Stalin-ism. That way, the MSM and the more swivel-eyed politicos and spin merchants might realise they’re flogging a dead horse with that one.

    Or are you happy with the SNP being likened too Communists?

  112. Grouse Beater says:

    Ian Brotherhood: I can still see that footage in my heid. Haven’t searched for it on Youtube, but it must exist.

    Good memory.

    The image probably sticks in your mind because it’s often repeated, as it was when the public became aware of the Americanisation of our political system. Until then spin doctors were an unknown quantity.

    We assumed either an elected politician wrote a cabinet member’s draft or a civil servant drew up the main points to ensure accuracy. The appointment of an unelected, essentially unaccountable ‘adviser’ was something knew. Thatcher’s version was the ugly (in temperament and politics) Bernard Ingham.

    The image to recall? Campbell stood near cameras against a wall in the half-shadows watching Blair. His role? To discipline the press and media.

  113. DerekM says:

    Hey John which countries political party are you going to destroy next ? ,give us a tip please i want to put some money on it lol

    haha keep taking the medicine Will, to me it looks like the party i used to love is about to deny itself the chance to be in government just to spite the Scots ,have they thought about the consequences from the English electorate if they do this.

    Not only will labour be dead in Scotland but the English will never trust them again,the party who refused to govern after being given a mandate to do so ,it beggars belief no wonder us old socialist have had enough of their pish,and if they think the tories will not use this against them for the next 60 years then they are dreaming.

    The party who refused to govern haha what a bunch of fuds they are playing right into the tories hands,if Ed had any sense he would come out and say he will work with anyone who want to get rid of the tories ,hell it might have even got him a majority where he didnt need us ,but no he bit the big smelly crap Cameron waved in front of him,PM lol my wee dug could do better and he is pretty stupid.

  114. Dave McEwan Hill says:

    Cameron B Brodie at 10.55

    You are so right. The thing is none of that stuff has any effect but to make people laugh.

    The people of Scotland know the SNP very well. They know it is the man next door and the woman you meet out shopping, members of a nice outfit of well meaning democrats with no significant levels of intolerance of any sort.
    The continuous attempt by our enemy to paint a different picture of us exposes their ignorance and insults the Scots by treating them as idiots.

  115. Paisleybud says:

    Dr Jim 10.35. Exactly.

  116. Fred says:

    Will Podmore & his compatriot Sensibledave are but the left & right cheeks of the same Imperialist arse. Are they one & the same I ask myself?

  117. Natasha says:

    @Fred 11.38am

    I don’t think so. Will has no sense of humour. Sensibledave makes comments loaded with sexual innuendo and tries to ‘flirt’ with people on here in the mistaken belief that he’s somehow on an equal footing with us. He hasn’t worked out that this is an actual community of people many of whom have met each other in person and are united by a common cause.

    I have a modicum of respect for Will (he had the grace to come out and say that the Steve Bell cartoon of Nicola had crossed a line) but none for sensibledave.

  118. Gary says:

    Cameron may do his utmost to form a government, as you’d expect. But if Labour and SNP vote down the Queen’s Speech that will be the end of it.

    To my knowledge the time between the result and parliament being back in Westminster is longer this time, giving tremendous advantage to Conservatives.

    But that time frame won’t change the results, so how would the Conservative Party hope to form government that could stand for the whole 5 years?

    The LibDems are conducive and so are UKIP but that’s just not enough. They have to give something to the left. SNP and Plaid will never vote for them but Labour and SDLP would.

    Given the right incentive Labour will betray every voter in the UK. They’d be overjoyed at powers removed from Holyrood and given to the city councils, redrawing the boundaries and other tinkering to crush SNP.

    But would their own members, supporters and voters throughout the UK stand for it? I think not. The unions are threatening to pull funding if Ed fails to take office rather than work with SNP. Most Labour-thinking voters are not particularly pro or anti SNP. They’d view any arrangement as a way of keeping the Tories out and a proven left wing partner.

    Ed will ignore his voters at his own peril..

  119. Paula Rose says:

    Good grief do some of you actually read certain comments?

  120. gordoz says:

    SNP need to get the vote out !!!!!!!

  121. Fred says:

    THe Eddystoneshite. 🙂

  122. Will Podmore says:

    Luigi asked on 3 May, “Will, your sister party, the SDLP want to break up the UK and Ulster to reunite with Ireland.” Ireland is divided. The SDLP, like many, support the self-determination of a united Ireland.
    Dave McEwan Hill wrote, “It is time it was made clear that we have no obligation to ask anybody else’s permission to have a referendum or, indeed, decide to be independent.
    If we are not in a voluntary union we are not in a democracy.”
    No, we are all in one nation, and no part of our British people has the right to decide to leave. It is a democracy – one person, one vote. And on top of that, you are in a voluntary union: in the referendum, the majority freely, democratically, chose to remain in the Union.
    heedtracker seems to want to do away with borders – does he really think uncontrolled immigration is a good thing? Most people don’t agree with that.
    Cameron Brodie says I should tell people that the SNP is not communist. I have been telling people that the SNP practises ‘austerity’ – I’ve pointed out quite often that it has sacked teachers and lecturers, privatised part of Glasgow’s health service, sold off bits of ScotRail to private firms, wants to sell off ferry services … if it was communist, Rupert Murdoch wouldn’t be so keen on it, would he?
    Neither Cameron nor Miliband speak for the British people. Nor do the millionaire media barons. The British people are better than all that.
    Unite and liberate, not divide and be ruled.

  123. Dave McEwan Hill says:

    Will Podmore at 3.39

    “No, we are all in one nation, and no part of our British people has the right to decide to leave.”

    Utter rubbish. Hardly worthy of comment. All parts of any constitutional construct have the inalienable right to stay in it, seek amendment to it or Leave it.
    The word for this “democracy”
    Go and have a word with the United Nations

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