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Terminal stupid

Posted on April 21, 2015 by

Sometimes it’s hard to find the words, readers.


Where do you even start when grown adults will say something that dim?

We could try the obvious, we suppose – a pledge (or rather, an implied one) not to do something hasn’t been broken until that thing is actually done, and the SNP have not proposed a second referendum. Their 2015 manifesto, released today, doesn’t make a single mention of such a thing, even in abstract terms.

The First Minister couldn’t have been much clearer:

And her deputy had been no less unequivocal the day before:

If one starts defining party manifestos by what they don’t rule out, one ends up in some very silly places. Labour’s manifesto doesn’t rule out merging the UK with Russia or changing Britain’s currency to the banana. But what Murphy is really doing is demanding that the SNP rule out democracy and responsibility.

The great left-wing economist John Maynard Keynes, much beloved of Old Labour, is often quoted as saying “When the facts change, I change my mind. What do you do, sir?”, though his actual words were slightly less snappy than the paraphrased version.

What he meant was that any politician must reserve the right to react to events. One thing Scottish Labour DID promise in their own manifesto was to “protect our national interests, and strengthen our long-standing international alliances, in particular, our membership of NATO and the European Union”.

You might expect, then, that if any of those alliances – such as the European Union – were to be threatened, Labour would demand to be able to take action. The SNP have said that should Scotland face being removed from the EU despite having voted to stay in it in an EU referendum, they might consider that an event which justified a second independence referendum in order to protect Scotland’s membership.

That view would still have to be subject to the approval of the people – the SNP would first need to be elected on such a platform, and would then have to win the resulting vote. That’s a strong democratic safeguard, yet Labour are irrationally demanding that the SNP ties its hands in regard to unforseeable future events.

(It’s doubly idiotic because, as the ever-estimable Lallands Peat Worrier points out, Labour’s official position is still that the SNP can’t hold another referendum without Westminster’s permission anyway.)

The tweet at the start of this article isn’t even close to being the stupidest thing Jim Murphy said yesterday. That dubious honour would surely have to go to this, or this:


Nevertheless, it’s certainly part of a 24-hour trilogy of galactic dumbness that would cast serious doubt over his mental competence to hold his position were it not for the fact that every other candidate in Scottish Labour is even more hapless.

Lord Ashcroft released more constituency polls today, one of which showed the SNP leading in a seat – Edinburgh South – where their vote share in 2010 was EIGHT percent. As time until what threatens to be an extinction-level event for Labour in Scotland ticks away rapidly, the stress of being Jim Murphy must be considerable.

But the party’s woes are entirely self-inflicted. It would be tantamount to an act of criminal recklessness to vote for anyone so stupid that it believes anything Labour’s regional manager (North Britain branch) said today. If Scottish Labour is to die, it will have dug its own final resting place and hurled itself in head-first.

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177 to “Terminal stupid”

  1. Rob Outram says:

    Hostages to fortune. I’m sure it was said that indyref was a once in a lifetime thing..and it’s pretty obvious why that was said..any right minded person can understand that…even Murphy understands that. But this is politics and people say the strangest things. Let’s all make sure that we don’t fall into the trap.

    The MSM and the Conservatives are dismantling the union with their hate talk. Labour in Scotland are evicerating themselves. Scotland just needs to keep its head and watch it’s tongue and we’ll be fine.

  2. Auld Rock says:

    Can I book a grave-side ticket please?

    Auld Rock

  3. Jack McKenzie says:

    Mmm? Is Jim Murphy John Major’s love child?

    Edwina? Edwina?

  4. Craig Macinnes says:

    Ok…I honestly fear for Murphy’s sanity. He’s even worse than saviour of the world Brown and dumber than Kezia! (Surely not! Ed.)

    Any decent press and media would have him laughed out of office for this kind of crap! Instead they hang on his every utterance as though it were the wisdom of Solomon…incredible!

    Maybe it’s actually a smarter move than we give him credit for though. He sprays his pish in all directions and while intelligent folk are asking themselves did he really say that? he’s moved on to the next piece of fuckwittery. It’s really hard to keep up.

  5. Lesley-Anne says:

    Looking at the tweets here of our favourite branch manager, James Francis Murphy B.A. (FAILED) Politics and European Law, I think I have finally realised why he spent nine years at the University of Strathclyde. 😀

    I can’t find the link but not only is he tweeting utter pish like this but apparently he has been in discussions with his lawyer to see how he can, allegedly, stay in post, I’m assuming this means he is trying to stay on as branch manager, after May 7th! It appears that he has already given up on retaining his seat in May. 😉

  6. Patrician says:

    I posted this on my blog early last week, still seems to be accurate:

    “In May Murphy could be irrelevant, not an MP, leading a branch office in disarray, possibly having suffered the worst showing in Scotland in 100 years. With no power or influence Murphy will not be leader of the Scottish contingent for long. So what will he do? Keep his head down and work hard to keep his seat or come out fighting against Miliband as he isn’t just in this himself, he has his acolytes gathered from the Better Together crew to look after.

    The next few days could be very interesting indeed.”

    And it looks like Mr Murphy has gone for an option I missed, a complete mental breakdown.

  7. The Man in the Jar says:

    Aye and hell bloody mend them!

  8. rosa alba macdonald says:

    Yes Labour is the architect of its own demise in Scotland from the abandonment of solid middle of the road (almost) Socialism to the adoption of the Obfuscation/Dogwhistle strategising of the likes of McTernan – with its inauthenticity and paid fake volunteers. The collusion with Tories almost lo de menos; the crime there acting to the London party whip against Scots interests. And lie…lie…lying.

    The stress of being Jim must indeed be enormous. it is no joy to see the fracturing failure of someone, not just not up to doing his job but who was briefed in a way that embodied deceit and presaged inevitable spinning demise of his party.

    Keziah is young enough, depute enoguh (and in Holyrood) to rise again in a few years. Jim must know this is the end.

    In a way I feel if not compassion then pity for a man who has been so bent on pursuing personal goals as to abandon principles in pursuit of power.

    It has not been agreeable these last few days to see him resort to desperate tactics worthy of of a child with ADHD or a drug addict: saying anything to achieve his end. It has been tragic.

  9. Betsy says:

    It’s hardly surprising Murphy is stressed out his banger and we all say daft or irrational things when emotions are running high and we’re under pressure.

    However I would have thought the people around Murphy might encourage him to go for a wee lie down or at least keep him off Twitter. Unless they actually think there are votes to be gained in this batshittery.

  10. UncleBob says:

    I read The sixth stage of grief (20/04/15), actually I read it a number of times as I couldn’t quite believe it.
    Now this.
    I used to think that some politicians were simply lying to the electorate. I thought that they were manipulative and clever with it. But in the last few days it has become clear that some politicians are not clever at all. It has nothing to do with them trying to manipulate the electorate. They simply can’t grasp the subject. To them 1 plus 1 is never 2. They do not understand language. They can’t work out anything conceptually. They are unable to look at anything objectively.

    Time for some politicians to admit that they are no longer in touch with reality? The people that they say they represent have moved on.

  11. handclapping says:

    Its another of their the SNP is abolishing pensions straw men.

    Where is the SNP promise on re-running referendum, who made it, when and what were the actual terms used to make it? The party, that promulgated the vow, sorry Vow, through their tame mouthpiece should know very well that when it is subjected to the simplest of scrutiny it is found meaningless, knows that their claim will fail examination but hope that some will believe the lie before it is found out.

    What a way to encourage people to vote for you.

  12. CRAIGthePICT says:

    Apparently, the #manifestofail hashtag will go viral thanks to this.

    Labour have not ruled out a return to 1924 style politics, where a majority will rules.


  13. macduff says:

    another referendum will happen only if the Scots want it!!! The general election in may has nothing to do with that!! By voting snp scotland will have a stronger voice at Westminster so what part of that don’t Murphy and deputy dugg not get? Truth is they are first class liars who with the bias media are bricking it incase the formidable snp get more grease to their elbow not to mention opening up the cooked books their flavour us truly done.

  14. Kenneth Shaw says:

    Where can I donate some straw to SLAB….they must surely be running low.

  15. Erchie says:

    See that “once in a generation” bit

    Is that actually a promise or a marker

    Or is it not rather a hyperbolic note of how historic it was, taking 1997 and 1979 as the previous generational historic points?

    Are Murphy and Dugdale, in fact, talking out of their backsides?

  16. Bill Steele says:

    I distinctly remember Alex Salmond say something on tv to the effect that the referendum was once in generation. He added, “In my opinion”. Did anyone else in the SNP say that the referendum was once in a generation? If no one else did say it, then we need to disarm accusations about it by telling the public that Alex said that it was his opinion. He was not committing the SNP to it.

    I rather think that wise Alex added, “In my opinion” in order not to bind the party.

  17. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “James Francis Murphy”

    Can we stop saying this, please, folks? I’m sure some nutcase will start saying it’s somehow anti-Catholic or something and it’s just not worth the grief.

  18. charlie says:

    Where will Jamie Murphy be Lord of post-election? The first Lord Parkheid with the Dukedom of Rangers strip wearing stuff also dffered?

  19. manandboy says:

    Giving the voters a clear message is out of political fashion.

    In every walk of life, where someone has a message to impart, the speaker will take every possible care to make sure that the message is delivered in the simplest and clearest terms possible so that the audience will understand the message and accept it, and then act upon it in the way the messenger hopes.

    In every walk of life that is, except in the speeches of Labour in Scotland, where the very opposite applies.

    Unless one is to believe that Jim Murphy and the other leading figures in the Labour Party in Scotland are incredibly stupid and confused, the only conclusion that anyone can reach is that they are delivering their message in this way quite deliberately.

    And if that is so, then Labour has a plan; and that means John McTernan. The politics of confusion may not be sufficient to overcome the politics of Nicola and the SNP, but Labour are certainly investing very heavily in it.

    But maybe, we have something similar emerging here in Britain. Everything we’re told by journalists and politicians is confusing and contradictory. Of course, there is no Mr. Surkov in charge, but it is an odd, non-linear world that plays into the hands of those in power.

    Politicians go out of their way to sow the seeds of uncertainty as a way of being able to manage and control”, writes STEVEN WALKER


    So Murphy is acting confused deliberately – as are the other Labourites – and thereby is probably building on his strengths. But still acting nevertheless.

    Fortunately, Nicola is spreading a clear ‘anti-austerity’ message which is just the right antidote to Surkov/McTernan’s ‘politics of confusion’.

  20. charlie says:

    Stu said
    Can we stop saying this, please, folks? I’m sure some nutcase will start saying it’s somehow anti-Catholic or something and it’s just not worth the grief.

    Absolutely, I think Jamesie or Mr Murphy Sir 😉 is enough to identify yer man. Let us behave with the dignity that Nicola Sturgeon has observed to the wider UK electorate.

    Let us also behave with dignity because it’s the right thing to do

  21. Al-Stuart says:

    Hi Rev,

    You are absolutely right to mention criminal recklessness in your report here regarding Jim Murphy, the various manifestos and dying – or what Ed Balls terms in gallows humour: The end of retirement.

    However, this Murphy Blairite and his terminal Scottish Labour criticising the SNP Manifesto on this legitimate constitutional issue leaves me ABSOLUTELY FUMING.

    FACT: Jim Murphy and his Blairite cronie the socialist millionaire James Purnell minister of state for welfare in the last Labour Government brought in ATOS along with the dodgy welfare reforms that continue to kill off the most vulnerable.

    FACT: New Labour have alleged culpability in the DEATHS of up to 60 people with disabilities, and criminal action by the Metropolitan Police is already in process against both Labour and Conservative ministers. Source:-

    YET, the new New Labour Manifesto says…

    We will ensure the social security system treats disabled people with dignity.

    Source: Labour 2015 General Election Manifesto:-

    So BEFORE new, new, New Labour, Jim Murphy et al., start with their stupid feckless attack on the SNP Manifesto, let them first look in the mirror and see how hypocritical their own Labour Manifesto is before they start hurling stones at green house glass.

    I just thank my lucky stars that my disabled friend showed me the facts surrounding the welfare reform disability deaths, and suggested I change from being a lifelong Labour voter to an SNP Anti-Austerity voter so that Labour’s Rachel Reeves – who dislikes the disabled – and her Conservative pal Iain Duncan-Smith can be ameliorated with an SNP bloc of MPs that WILL deliver ANTI-AUSTERITY and stop this literal bloody murder of the most vulnerable.

    Apologies for having a rant, but sometimes you need to get the important stuff off of your chest.

    Not sure if anyone else is aware of this off-radar issue of New Labour euthenasing the sick and disabled, but would like to hear if others share a view of the hypocrisy exhibited by Labour in bemoaning what is in today’s SNP Manifesto, whilst they have literal skeletons of the disabled in their dirty blood stained Labour Manifesto.

  22. frankieboy says:

    It is crystal clear now that Labour is not run as a meritocracy. I thought JoLa was thick but Jamesy, Jimmy, Jazza, Spud, Smurf might well be a genuine potatohead made of real potato.

  23. AlbertaScot says:

    As we watch this train wreck tumbling into the black canyon two disturbing questions remains unanswered.

    Why haven’t the peasants been at the gates of the palace with pitchforks by now?

    And how the heck do the two geniuses running this freak show keep their jobs?

    There are three dozen or so middle-aged and not exactly easily re-employable Labour placemen/women, who haven’t held a real job for most of their lives, about to be run down the road by this self-abusive campaign.

    Yet they continue to march toward the cliff with the three amigos leading the charge.

    Kinda like that apple-sauce cult dude in California.
    Shouldn’t there be some sense of self-preservation happening?

    This takes denial to a whole new level.

  24. Scooter says:

    On Twitter, I have been as active as most in poking fun at Jim Murphy but I realised earlier today that this is no longer a joking matter.

    Whilst I have found the man to be totally obnoxious with despicable associations I have been observing Jim Murphy’s behaviour over the last couple of weeks and it concerns me that he is really suffering a severe mental breakdown. His non-verbal language has become increasingly bizarre over the past two weeks and he looks completely burned out.

    For him as a person, there is a great deal at stake and whilst we celebrate the demise of Scottish Labour, somebody’s health is suffering. At this point, it would be prudent, though politically impossible, for somebody with appropriate seniority to throw the towel in for him.

    We are supposedly more aware of mental health issues but when somebody is having a very public meltdown, we carry on laughing and the colleagues who should step in are too busy to notice or step in.

    The game is over for Scottish Labour, why let one man’s mental breakdown become a spectacle?

  25. David says:

    To say that the referendum is the settled will of the Scottish people is the same as saying that staying in is the settled will of someone who is too scared to go out. These assorted, dim, nasty fearmongers who would have sold their granny for a NO vote do not realise that Scotland is now reacting to the deceitful, dishonest, self interested, selfish campaign that they want pretend was just a normal part of politics. They really do not have a clue and I expect when the dust has settled after May 7 most of them will remain just as clueless. If any of them plan on making a comeback at a later stage then they will really need to look very deeply into a mirror and try to see themselves as others see them. Not holding my breath.

  26. Hoss Mackintosh says:

    No sympathy.

    I think it is time for David Cameron to hit him with a big mallet – again!

    Stunned Zoomer…

  27. I’m confused, I thought that Murphy was already fighting the 2016 Hollyrood Election or does the want to be First Minister not understand the difference between devolved and national matters. Perhaps he is not qualified, yet again.

  28. Roger Mexico says:

    Lesley-Anne says:

    I can’t find the link but not only is he tweeting utter pish like this but apparently he has been in discussions with his lawyer to see how he can, allegedly, stay in post, I’m assuming this means he is trying to stay on as branch manager, after May 7th! It appears that he has already given up on retaining his seat in May.

    As stated in an interview with Buzzfeed’s Jamie Ross in January:

    Murphy even pointed out that he could remain Scottish Labour leader without being either an MP or and MSP. He said, cryptically: “At the time you stand for leadership, yes. Don’t read anything into this – I’m just telling you the rules, I know where this answer gets you to. But it’s just at the point you stand you have to be a parliamentarian.”

    Mind you he also had “an ambitious plan to not lose a single seat to the SNP”, so whether it’s likely to be true is another matter.

    It was at the time when he was pretending to dither over whether to stand for Westminster and being reported regularly as having said he would when he hadn’t (Stu had much fun with this), so he may have been hinting that he wouldn’t stand rather than he would lose.

    BY the way he also claimed On his personal role in the campaign, he said he will revive something similar to the infamous 100 Towns in 100 Days tour he did atop two Irn-Bru crates in the run up to the referendum

    How’s that going?

  29. Leichhardtlad says:

    O/T Having been a resident of Australia since 2008, I didn’t realize until fairly recently that I am still entitled to vote in UK (but not Scottish!) elections. Accordingly, a scanned postal vote application form is ready to be despatched via email in order to meet today’s 5pm deadline.

    My only worry is that the following small print appears at the bottom of my letter ….

    ‘Please note that postal ballot papers sent abroad may take considerable time to be
    received and then returned which may result in your vote note not counting.
    Completed papers must be in the hands of the Returning Officer by 10pm on 7th May.’

    Given that letters from the Bank of Scotland can sometimes take three weeks to get
    to me it would appear that Joanna Cherry’s chance of securing an extra vote in Edinburgh South West will all boil down to how quickly Royal Mail can get its finger out.

    Might be quicker if I delivered it myself ? Better start swimming now.

  30. uilleam_beag says:

    I tweeted yesterday that it was now officially impossible to tell @JimforScotland from his parodies, and that @JimforJim often sounded more genuine.

    That was BEFORE his latest contribution.

  31. Richardinho says:

    I think the best response to the verbal diahorea spilling out of Jim Murphy’s mouth is to take a moment to have a laugh at it then ignore it. He’s no different from a troll on the internet who says outrageous things to get attention.

  32. Macart says:

    I don’t think the SNP have ruled out Scottish backing for the first manned space flight to Mars either.

    Mr Murphy seriously needs to go for a long break now. Do some reading, play some bowls, go for long walks, plenty of peace and quiet… that sort of thing.

    Oh Jeez.

  33. Alex Waugh says:

    Re Leichhardtlad says

    The dealine for postal vote applications was yesterday (20th) but you have until the 28th to apply for a proxy vote. However, you have to confirm your electoral registration first. This can all be done online and you may be able to submit the proxy application form by fax if the deadline is looming or even do a lot by phone and then follow up with the paperwork. Get onto the ERO for where you used to live today and you might just squeak in.They may be willing to help you mitigate the fact that mail is too slow to meet the closing date. It is at least worth asking.

  34. scott aitken says:

    ROSA ALBA MCDONALD as much as i agree that Jim Murphy is a complete slaver ,reguarding ‘It has not been agreeable these last few days to see him resort to desperate tactics worthy of of a child with ADHD or a drug addict: saying anything to achieve his end. It has been tragic.’ i have a son with ADHD and am deeply offended that he or any other child with this condition should be compared with a drug addict or jim murphy. it is bad enough that these children have a difficuilt condition to deal with wihtout also being descriminated against. i suggest you educate your self on this condition and maybe even apologise to the kids cocerned.

  35. Erchie says:

    The “once on a generation” bit from Scotland’s Future in context. Doesn’t look like any sort of commitment or promise to me


    Executive Summary

    Scotland’s referendum on 18 September 2014 is a choice between two futures.

    If we vote Yes, we take the next step on Scotland’s journey.

    We will move forward with confidence, ready to make the most of the many opportunities that lie ahead. The most important decisions about our economy and society will be taken by the people who care most about Scotland, that is by the people of Scotland. The door will open to a new era for our nation.

    Scotland’s future will be in Scotland’s hands.

    If we vote No, Scotland stands still. A once in a generation opportunity to follow a different path, and choose a new and better direction for our nation, is lost. Decisions about Scotland would remain in the hands of others.

  36. Leichhardlad says:

    @ Alex Waugh

    Thanks for the information Alex. My application to register as an overseas elector hae already been processed and approved, so according to my email all that remains to done is to return the completed postal vote application form by the given deadline which is 5pm on April 21st.

    According to the information I’ve received only a close relative can be appointed as a proxy – a spouse, parent,child or grandchild. Unfortunately I’m out of luck there as my nearest flesh and blood still living in Edinburgh is my third cousin!

    They certainly don’t make it easy by working within such a tight time frame, do they? The cynical side of me is left wondering if that’s intentional. I still reckon it will be touch and go as to whether I’m able to return my ballot paper before May 7th.

    Trying to sound positive, I have known birthday cards sent from this end to reach their Scottish destination within 2 working days. Australia Post is super efficient. Sadly, the same cannot be said for its UK counterpart. So, unfortunately, it’s all in the lap of the gods as to whether my vote will count. But here’s hoping!

  37. The Isolator says:

    I’ve given the last few day’s of Murphyism a great deal of thought.

    He’s insane.

  38. JLT says:

    Serioulsy, you have to wonder about the Leadership at the Labour Party. If Miliband knew that Murphy was an erratic and loose-tongue fool, then what possessed him to give the nod to Murphy to go ahead and become the Manager in the Scottish North Branch Office.

    Did Miliband believe that the Scots, so loyally over decades to Labour, would agree with the daily rantings of Murphy? If so, he got this horribly wrong.

    Instead, Labour have foolishly, and blindly, walked into a trap of their own making. What all of this has done, is proven the Tory case that Miliband is weak and poor on judgement. What it will certainly mean, is what the Tories dread; Nicola Sturgeon will most definitely impose her will on Miliband and he will fold like a table napkin (but hey! great for us though!)

    If Miliband believed he was killing 2 birds with one stone (Murphy exiled to Scotland, while giving the Scots a major Labour character) then he has to look at his own advisors, who must be as clueless about Scotland as Murphy clearly is. The worst thing for Murphy is, he should know better; after all the Scots are his people, and he should know their thinking. He walked around the streets on his 100 day tour, and should have even garnered how people were feeling, let alone realise that half of Scotland wanted independence. What he has done is taken a fair portion of the post ‘No’ camp and literally turned them into unofficial ‘Yes’.

    Thanks to Miliband, Murphy, Cameron and the Labour and Tory parties, ALL have acted as recruiting posters for the SNP. Nicola concentrated on the hearts of the Scottish people, while these fools concentrated on poisoning the Scottish minds.

    Hopefully, they will all pay the price as arrogance, blindness and plain hatred finally consume their careers in a spate of resignations and a lot of soul searching. Because after an SNP total victory, that might be all that they will be able to do …soul-search as to how they fell so low, and how did it come to this.

  39. Lesley-Anne says:

    Sorry for going O/T but thought this was *ahem* interesting piece from one of our *cough* favourite hacks. 😉

    How’s that for a mandate for separation? It’s a long shot but is there a Labour saviour of the Union on the horizon? The tragedy is that this mess has all been brought about by Labour’s determination to re-establish a Scottish Parliament with wide ranging powers over most areas of domestic policy.

    If he thought 44 S.N.P. seats in Westminster was a *ahem* nightmare I wonder what he feels about 50+ S.N.P. seats in Westminster. 😀

  40. aitchbee says:

    Mr Murphy going on about what the SNP manifesto didn’t rule out it a bit like that thing last week where he said ‘You’re comparing what Ed Balls did say and what I didn’t say’. I think he’s just discovered Zen riddles.

  41. Hotrod Cadets says:

    Scooter @01:53

    I agree. However objectionable the man is, he’s still a human being and he may be having serious mental health problems.

    I will take great pleasure in Scottish Labour’s misfortune, but not in any individual’s personal suffering.

  42. Fairlirered says:

    There won’t be another referendum in SLAB’s lifetime. So any time after May 7th will be fine!

  43. donald anderson says:

    “Let’s be clear” Murphy has always been for and against everything. All he cares about is being a “celebrity winner” of elections with an adoring rat pack of a fan base that drool on his every utterances and silly cliches, whether it makes sense or not. He is a red white and blue green,m Unionist and that is all that matters to his labatory backers, who have no respect for Scotland and the democratic intellect.

    Lord Forsyth is right. Demonising the SNP can backfire on the pack by bringing their problems to the fore and even creating an international, as well a s a “national” stage for the SNP> who actually have a case to put that transcends their mere soundbites and McCarthy style politics of fear. It is not just hat Nicola Sturgeon, or Alex Salmond, or any other individual, are great debaters. It is that the momentum of history and right are on their side and that the case for independence is positive and their arguments factually irrefutable.

    The jingoism pf Imperialism may appeal to a section of the voters and Alf Garnets. It is all the Unionist know, but on the international stage, despite their right wing tactical allies, they are ridiculed and despised for their past and present crimes around the globe.

    Nicola bow represents the fresh wind of change that will blow the colonial dinosaurs, native sycophants and opportunists off the world stage.

  44. Ghillie says:

    I don’t give a toot what Jim Murphy says.

  45. Robert Roddick says:

    The state paid for nine years for this. At least the university didn’t sully its reputation by giving him a degree.

  46. Stewart says:

    Can we please kill the lie that Alex Salmond promised that a No vote would kill the independence issue for a generation. He made no such vow. This is what he said to Andrew Marr on 14th September 2014:
    “In my opinion, and it is just my opinion, this is a once in a generation opportunity for Scotland.”
    Asked if he could pledge not to bring back another referendum if the Yes campaign does not win on Thursday, he said: “That’s my view. My view is this is a once in a generation, perhaps even a once in a lifetime, opportunity for Scotland.”

  47. alexicon says:

    I kinda like the name dim Jim for Murphy, it’s got a certain truthful ring to it.

    The problem with Murphy is that NS and the SNP are stealing the show, or should I say leading from the front, in the publicity stakes and he nor the Labour party can do anything about it.
    They are now caught between a rock and a hard plate where the right wing press in England is slaughtering their every move, whereas in Scotland the full UK media is focused on NS after her competent performances in the leaders debate. So we’re getting full coverage and SLAB just can’t handle it, even with having certain elements of the press in their pocket.
    NS and the SNP are playing a blinder on this.

  48. Truth says:

    OT: My first human contact of the day was seeing a guy reading wings on his mobile on the Hamilton to Motherwell train.

    What a lift it gave me.

  49. Andy H says:

    We keep laughing at Jim. I’m not laughing now. Looking at how he has gone week after week, I am seriouly worried about him. I genuinely believe he has issues and needs to seek help

  50. Bugger (the Panda) says:

    JFM is simply Smurfy.

    Blue all through and makes as much sense as a real Smurf.

  51. caz-m says:

    Jim AND Kezia, people are just laughing at you now.

    I don’t like saying this to the two of you, but they are laughing at you because the two of you are a pair of clowns.

    You are a Scottish political freak show.

    I would pay money just to come and watch you two make an arse of yourselves.

  52. Clootie says:

    The only re-running of the Referendum has been
    a)Ruth Davidson using the No Thanks logo on posters today
    b)The LibDems candidate in Gordon (Christine Jardine)using the “unity” of the BT team in an attempt to defeat Alex Salmond.

    …as usual Dim Jim will jump on the passing bandwagon of the Union while denying he was ever involved with BT. However I would wait a few hours as I’m sure a new campaign will appear shortly.

    He never supported Iraq / He was never in favour of New Labour / etc etc

    The only consistent policy is “Fitba”

  53. Mealer says:

    Donald Anderson 7.14
    I think that’s a very fine contribution.Thanks.

  54. Scott Borthwick says:

    Satre said ‘hell is other people’. In being so publically driven insane by the weight of opinion agin him, Murphy appears to be the very embodiment of the metaphor.

  55. Ken500 says:

    A new generation is born every minute. Every year can change the demographics. Time waits for no man.

  56. Alan Mackintosh says:

    If Murphy appears to be incoherent, chances are it is part of his and McTernans plan of sowing confusion as Man and Boy alluded to above. In which case the plan should be “On them! On them! They fail!”

  57. Effijy says:

    YES, Alex Salmond did say the referendum was a once in a generation event, as he knew it had taken one hundred years to have this one, however, it is the people that politicians supposedly represent who have the right to make demands of them.

    If there was a majority demanding a referendum every 5 years, then there should be one every 5 years!

    The Red and Blue Tories operate on the premise that they will tell you what is good for while it is likely to be good for them!

    Never for get the former socialist Red Tory statement that their party comes before everything! That definitely includes you!

  58. Marie clark says:

    I think the man needs to go and have a lie down in a darkened room for the next couple of weeks.

    As for SLAB, well, hell mend them, they did it to themselves.

  59. Ken500 says:

    An extended holiday, retirement might help.

    Bitter, petty, twisted, control freak politicans who ban TV programmes.

    Imagine if the German Press attacked Austria, the way the MSM attacks Scotland. Or the Norwegian Press attacked Sweden, the way the MSM attacks Scotland. It is just a disgrace.

  60. Philip Dixon says:

    It’s a side-issue, but Alex Salmond said to Andrew Marr, “In my opinion, and it is just my opinion, this is a once in a generation opportunity for Scotland.”

    So, clearly not a commitment. This was 14 September, and as far as I’m aware nobody else in the SNP said anything about it before the referendum.

  61. Bob Mack says:

    It is part of an overall picture really.Mr Cameron yesterday alluded to the “Carlisle”,initiative to ensure English areas are not disadvantaged from changes in Scottish government decisions.
    Labour quite simply are again following Camerons lead, as he has again outmanouvered Miliband ,by portraying any deal with the SNP as potentially treasonous.
    Dim Ed is unable to come up with a suitable counter arguement,other than say he will put forward a Queens speech which the SNP can choose to vote with if they wish. One problem Ed. You need to be in power.
    The attack on Scotland begins anew,and seldom have I seen such a concerted effort since the referendum to destroy Scottish democracy.
    This time is much more sinister and threatening,as seen by the narrative whipped up by the media mouthpieces of English political life. Bring it on I say.The end of the Union approaches faster than HS2,and not a moment too soon .

  62. Scott Borthwick says:

    I’m pretty sure that Labour and the Conservatives intend to block any future referendum on Scottish independence. I don’t recall seeing that particular subversion of democracy in either of their manifestos.

  63. Andrew Brown says:

    Why does no one quote him (and Cameron, Miliband et all) Parnell “No man has the right to say to his country, “Thus far shalt thou go and no further”” ?

  64. Les Wilson says:

    Well, we cannot be surprised over anything that Smurphy says, after all, his “team” has big form in saying anything in an attempt to thwart Scottish democracy.
    So let them fall on their own sword.

    Scotland is due to give it’s verdict,if hopes comes to pass, then it will have been justly deserved result.Red Tories indeed, labour are the most deceitful party and people see and hear it every day.

    BBCS in full unfettered bias mode this morning, there is not even any pretence of being even handed, propaganda openly evident.

    They all wanted Scotland to be an active member of the Union,now they are making a case against our democracy, all unchallenged.
    We really do need shot of them.
    Roll on Scottish Bastille day.

  65. Dinnatouch says:

    Scooter @ 1:55am

    You may well be right, we should be concerned for Jim’s mental health rather than making fun of him. During the Clutha tragedy we saw Jim being interviewed on TV, and it was obvious he was in a state of shock. I remember criticising the reporter at the time for continuing to question him instead of letting him go and get some help.

    Perhaps the strain is getting too much for Jim again. Maybe it’s time he took a break and let someone else deputise for him for a week or so (but not Kezia, she’s already totally out of her depth).

  66. vagabondo says:

    That extra funding Jim is promising for mental health. Securing his future accommadation needs when the parliamentary expenses stop?

  67. ekLad says:

    Apparently Nicola has not ruled out raising the titanic either, I read the manifesto, not a mention. What is she trying to hide. we must be told.

  68. Cruickville says:

    Bill Steele – yes I saw that too – Sunday morning BBC strathclyde park I think. Alex was being his brilliant political self . I remember interpreting it as whilst he was leader it was once in a generation.

  69. Robert Peffers says:

    Good morning Unionists.
    May the fear be with you.

  70. Robert Peffers says:

    Wee Ruthie on BBC Scotland now!

    Ruthie is getting, (almost), as daft as Murphy.

    She is to by on with Kaye, (wi wan e), later.

    May the FEAR be with her.

  71. We get berated for what we don’t have in our manifesto, yet Ed Milaband is all over BBC one today stating that he is going to get new nurses places in colleges to save the National Health Service. Then they go on to say he is going to write and urge colleges to take on more students for nursing. Double standards again.

  72. Tam Jardine says:

    You know there has been a sea change when Wingers are starting to feel sorry for Jim and worry for his health. I think Jim will be OK as he will simply disappear into the House of Lords as a reward for services to the union.

    Kezia’s health worries me more – she actually believes that every labour representative is a friend of the people and every SNP representative is trying to destroy the country, impoverish future generations etc.

    If the result we’re all looking for comes in it will hit Kezia hard. Having endured crushing albeit narrow defeat last year, I will sympathise but surely having the media beasting the Yes campaign daily made defeat easier to bounce back from.

    Getting hollowed out in Scotland despite constant bigging up from the BBC and the with SNP being castigated at every turn by the press will surely cause even Kezia to question what she has come to represent?

    Anyhow – back to listening to radio Scotland presenters repeat anti SNP headlines over, and over, and over, and over..

  73. Ken500 says:

    If Scotland gets what the SNP defines, there will be no need for another Referendum for a while. If Westminster blocks further powers for Scotland there will require to be another Referendum. It depends on how Westminster behaves. The SNP Gov is the only one to protect Scottish interests.

    Why can’t Scottish Minister’s represent Scottish fishing interests? Scotland control and protect it’s own interests. APT. Land taxation. Trident.

  74. Marcia says:

    The postal votes that were issued at the weekend have come at the wrong time for Labour with SNP support at an all time high. The Scotland wide polls have not shown much change in the past week.

  75. Wee Alex says:

    Milliband on telly pretending to be all macho.

    Just said he won’t allow referendum.

    What a buffoon, surely it’s up to the Scots to decide.

  76. Tam Jardine says:

    @Robert Peffers

    “May the fear be with you.”

    Aye – who’d of thought by defeating us in the referendum they would make us more powerful than they could possibly imagine?

    Have a guid day Robert. And mind, you’ve got a wee bit something on yer chin. Did you have troll for yer tea last night?

  77. Jim Arnott says:

    Slightly OT. Murphy claimed in many TV interviews that his constituents would be the first to be told whether or not he would stand for a full term in Westminster if elected. Does anyone know if he has made this clear yet and do you think he will before 7th May?

  78. Socrates MacSporran says:

    I note from the above, the Rev is asking us to stop using the title “James Francis Murphy” in referring to the Labour Party’s Scottish branch manager.

    Fir enough, however, the title: “James Francis Murphy, BA Politics (failed)” is exactly how he would have been identified, if the University of Strathclyde published the names of students who failed their finals alongside the names of those who passed, and I thought it was quite inspire of Wee Ginger Dug to come up with it.

    I always liked to refer to him as: “Big Dim Jim”, after Yew Choob coined that one, while just yesterday somebody on these threads came up with: “Puke Shitetalker” – again inspired.

    Mr Murphy will continue, right up to the 2016 Holyrood election and beyond, to mis-call and abuse the SNP, so, if he is allowed to give it out, he ought to be prepared to take it.

    But there again, dishing it out, then screaming green murder when they get it back has long been the way of Mr Murphy and his fellow travellers who support a certain football club.

  79. Alan Mackintosh says:

    Re Murpys tweet above to Cameron about demeaning the office of PM. Ruthie babe replied to him “you ok, hun?”

    Does this mean he is trying to appeal to both sides of the old firm?

  80. Louis B Argyll says:

    Yep.. The big dumbdown’s done begun.

  81. Clydebuilt says:

    Murphy’s mental competence………… Have you seen Gregg Moodie’s take on Murphy…. Very close to the truth….Viz once revealed the inner workings of David Beckham’s brain… was powered by Budgies……What Greigg has revealed is that Jimbo M’s Heid is highly RobOTIC……which is very close to IdiOTIC.

  82. Les Wilson says:

    Robert Peffers says:

    Well said Robert, and in few words, say’s it all really!

  83. Bugger (the Panda) says:

    Radio 4 a few secs ago, A Darling losing the plot about the SNP and them holding the keys.

    Completely lost the plot frothing at the ears. SNP bad and all the fault of Cameron.

    AD. Gone tonto.

  84. Ken500 says:

    A few other names would do.

  85. Wilma says:

    I had a visit from Labour last night asking if I would vote for them.

    Listened to what he had to say and thanked him for his leaflets.

    When I got up this morning I found a whole pile of leaflets on my recycle bin he must have thought the job is now done.

  86. orri says:

    Given a forced choice between complete and by implication instant independence and a vague more powers we’ll talk about it later kind of thing I opted for independence. There are others who will have chose to give Westminster a chance or even believed that a more gradual path to all out independence was a wiser choice. So to claim that the settled will is for things to continue just as before is far of the mark.

  87. HandandShrimp says:

    Poor Jim is clearly distraught that the SNP manifesto has no purchase holds for him to attack. Consequently he makes them up based on what is not there. There are lots of things not ruled out in the Labour manifesto. I am sure we could have fun making a few up 🙂

    I grow less and less interested in what Jim or Dave have to say. The increasingly febrile rants about the SNP and Scotland are becoming a joke. Farage and Boris upped the ante beautifully.

  88. Robert Peffers says:

    This is becoming more hysterical by the minute.

    “A Labour Government supported by the SNP will be a recipe for mayhem.” John Major

    “A future Labour Government will be subject to a daily dose of blackmail”, John Major.

    “a Labour-SNP government would mean families paying with higher taxes, more debts, and fewer jobs.”, John Major.

    “Short term arguments could undermine the Union”, Lord Forsyth.

    “t Ain’t going to happen”, Ed Miliband.

    May the FEAR be with them.

  89. Macart says:

    Still on about referendums is he? Still fighting a vote we had last year.

    Well if Milliband, Cameron and that other fella whose name is completely inconsequential are so very worried about future referendums, then there is one sure way to stave off the evil hour.

    Keep your fucking promise to your union partner!
    Stop stirring ethnic hatred against the people Scotland through your media mouthpieces!
    Tell the truth once in a while!
    Clean your own house of corruption, graft, paedophile rings and corporate compromise!

    Act like you give a shit for your own electorate!

    That kinda thing.

    If not? If you break that first one especially? Then look forward to that next referendum for there isn’t a damn thing that could stop it.

  90. Jim McIntosh says:

    It must be really frustrating that the fear tactics they used during IndyRef1 aren’t working. Personally I think this is because they used the Commons Research Paper on the Quebec referendum in 1995 as a ‘play book’. If you haven’t read it, it’s worth looking at. Every dirty trick used against us is in there. Mostly used in the same order.

    Their problem now is that they can no longer use this as a post Indy frightener to the same extent because Canada is made up of semi-autonomous states. There are some ideas they can still lift from the document. To stop Quebec from getting special treatment the ‘Calgary Declaration’ was put forward soon after the referendum. Discussing the content the paper above notes: “Significantly, it states that if any power is given to one province, it must be offered to all of them.” – similar to DCs speech the ither day, if Scotland changes APD other regions should get compensation.

    Our masters seem to be good at plagiarising other people’s ideas and documents (dodgy dossier anyone?) but original ideas are less forthcoming.

    One thing that does concern me though is that the Canadian Parliament passed the ‘Clarity Act’ in 2000 that makes it virtually impossible for Quebec to secede unilaterally from Canada even if the majority of the people vote for it. Canada waited 4 years before passing this but I can see our unionist parties cobbling something like this up before Scotland gets to vote in 2016.

  91. ronnie anderson says:

    @ Rev ah like tae start ma Trolling day aff wie a song,

    an I would just like to add DimJim promised that Slab would,nt lose any constituancy seats in Scotland.Hows that promise going Jim. ha ha

  92. Hoss Mackintosh says:


    Red and Blue Tories Block indyref2 – surely not – it is in the Smith Commission…

    “18. It is agreed that nothing in this report prevents Scotland becoming an independent country in the future should the people of Scotland so choose.”

    They would not go back on the Smith commission surely?

  93. desimond says:


    We already have a Lord Parkhead..a Tory peer who advised the last Cabinet and sits on Celtics board alongside Brian Wilson..truly unbelievable.

    With his Arms Deal contacts I expect Dim Jim to be awarded a place on the Board by Dermot Desmond should his politic career fail very soon although SNP pledge to recognise Palestine mught help Jim in East Renfrewshire.

  94. Wee Jonny says:

    As the Tories are ‘re-releasing their “No Thanks” pish I’ve put on my Yes t.shirt today and will wear one to work everyday until election day.

    It’s also to piss off a couple of my Tory customers who are proper mental in some o the shit they come out with.

    Here’s a coupe o wee nuggets from them in the last week –
    All food bank users are lazy who just sit in the hoos smoking and drink all day. Every day.

    Every unemployed person is a junkie who spends thier dole money getting oot their hades on drugs.

    Like I say mental.

  95. Capella says:

    @ donald anderson 7.14

    Well said. An excellent summary of the present situation.

    O/T I see Stu has swopped Ghandi for a rather more Jesuitical saying!

  96. Paula Rose says:

    ronnie anderson love, you be careful with all that trolling – it may not agree with you.

  97. chalks says:

    I don’t think Labour read polls anymore.

    I don’t think Murphy reads polls anymore.

    And I don’t tihnk they realise that a majority want another Scottish referendum within 10 years, how many years define a generation? 10?

    So they are again deluding themselves on this as people do actually want another one within 10 years, but most people are inclined to see how this election pans out and only after should things not go our way, will all hell break loose.

    I don’t think Murphy is going insane, he is just trying to seek out his 2016 ground….whether that is without any ground underneath him, is another matter entirely…

  98. john russell says:


  99. Famous15 says:

    On call Kayewith an e Ruth Davidson emulating Kezia Dugdale by speaking too fast for comprehension. Perhaps that is why they do it so you do not get long enough to understand what rubbish they are talking.

  100. chalks says:

    The recent Cameron news about protecting english interests, is nothing new, it happened around the time of the smith commission…..where we have to pay back anything that leads to england losing money…

  101. Brian Powell says:

    ” if he doesn’t mind who gets the credit.” ‘scotriots’ and ‘notruledoutbythesnp’, on twitter were strokes of comic genius.

    These should be in the big book of Wings, it would be another best seller, with the WBB.

    The credit is to Wings.

  102. Luigi says:

    Tam Jardine says:
    21 April, 2015 at 8:26 am

    I think Jim will be OK as he will simply disappear into the House of Lords as a reward for services to the union.

    Aye, those two tins of Irn Bru may turn out to be a very good investment (he didn’t even pay for them!).

  103. desimond says:

    The Terminal was a movie in which a simple man played by Tom Hanks suddenly found himself a man without a country and nowhere to go.

    Life often imitates Art.

  104. galamcennalath says:

    There is an aspect of the state of SLab which I just can’t come to terms with. I agree with sentiments of the main article and most of the comments above. SLab have firmly pushed home the self destruct button.

    Why oh why do polls say one in four Scots are still going to vote for these people!?

    Why are the polls not showing SLab on single figures and dropping?

    Why do so many Scots still believe they deserve their vote?

    Ignorance? Blind tribalism? Not keeping up with events? Nostalgia?

    1 in 4 … I just don’t get it.

  105. carjamtic says:

    I worry about his/their well being,likened to a football team,team Slab can only play to the managers/coaches instructions/tactics.

    Kez – your are our old fashioned centre half,just boot everything into the stands,do not think about it,play the player not the ball,just hack them down,if the ball comes past,do not try to be fancy,hoof it away,anywhere.

    Smurph – you are our midfield maestro,except we have no strikers,do not try to play a forward pass to anyone,just punt it up the park,tackle,tackle,tackle,then a long ball to nobody.

    No wonder they are demented,those sort of tactics were found out in the 1960’s and when your opponent is,well drilled machine,playing total football,a silky passing game at speed,with world class players,you cannot win.

    I think they both need a long rest,both are knackered,playing not to lose,is not much fun,akin to Gretna playing Barcelona,they are out of their depth and on a loser.

    Thoroughly dispirited,they are now just going through the motions,shame,but most of the pain is self inflicted,their supporters have already left,disgusted,flags tossed away,lying in a wet manky puddle,where a passing, wee smiling Scotty dog empties his bladder twice a day.

    Now waiting for the final whistle,they look to the officials for help,unlike in the old days,none can be given,as in the modern era every move is recorded and any misdeamers by officials brought to book.(?)

    For the younger players,there is some hope,transfer to a new team,receive the proper training/coaching,they can come again and fulfil their potential,for the older ones,it’s time for some long term gardening leave,medical assistance.

    It is game over for team Slab,I for one,will not miss them.

  106. wullie says:

    I remember when the unionist mob came north to beg us Scots to keep the union, now they don’t want 1.6 million + Scots to be represented in there corrupt parliament… It beggars belief.but that not all, the secret talk between Labour and Tories are also a scandal, Labour are polar opposite but will down its morality just to stop the snp, keep it up Labour as you end up with a lower vote then the Tories in Scotland. One final thing, this 7.6 billion deficit argument is just scaremongering, if the price of oil increases then that wipes out a portion of that deficit. Every country has a deficit.

  107. Now's the Hour says:

    It’s also symptomatic of how utterly scared they are of the next indyref. They know damn fine what’s going to happen when it rolls around.

    Bring it on.

  108. donald anderson says:

    Alan Mackintosh commented on Terminal stupid.
    in response to RevStu:
    Sometimes it’s hard to find the words, readers. Where do you even start when grown adults will say something that dim?
    Re Murpys tweet above to Cameron about demeaning the office of PM. Ruthie babe replied to him “you ok, hun?”
    Does this mean he is trying to appeal to both sides of the old firm?

    It used to be the Conservative and Unionist Party that played the sectarian game. When Catholic and Protestant workers in Belfast got together to fight for class interests Randolph Churchill would send a few Union Jack with tassels and have them fighting amongst themselves again.

    After the Hamilton by election victory the Lanarkshire Labour Kafflick Mafia had Meetings with the LOL. In Glasgow Kafflick Cooncillors had meetings with the local Grand Wizards allowing them to hold more marches in the city than Belfast and Derry combined. Just look at the right wing Labour Unionist capitalist credentials of the “Forces of the Crown” in the Sellick Directors Boax. You don’t need an Orange Sash to be a Loyalist or Royalist.

    When Labour literally replaced the Conservative and Unionist Party in (Great) Britain and were absorbed into the London Club, to be laughed at ever since, they also inherited the ancient Divide et Imperia policy. What can be more of a court jester for imperialism than a Green Brit. The Irish called them gombeens. We call them Murphyites.

  109. Edward says:

    Just listening to Ruth Davidson on Call Kaye

    So far she has promised to re-instate college places in Scotland……………

    Kay with an e failed to point out to Davidson that Education was devolved and failed to point out that the Tory’s need to win the 2016 Scottish Election

  110. desimond says:

    Todays BBC made me laugh..Jims atending a “Labour Street Rally” urging folk to not turn this into another Referendum argument!

  111. Crash says:

    A very interesting read by someone who knows what he’s taking about with regards to how the next government will be formed. It would appear that the constitutional convention is that if the sitting prime minister cannot show a majority then they must resign and the next largest party is is given the go ahead majority or not.

  112. Clive Scott says:

    Just emailed the Tory candidate in Falkirk, Alison Harris, following receipt of her latest nonsensical election leaflet. She trots out the “we were promised there would be no referendum for a lifetime” lie and urges a vote for the Tories to save the Union and prevent independence “by the back door”. Her economic platform is to cut the annual deficit at the same time as paying down the national debt whilst also reducing taxes for 25 million taxpayers all squared by a cap on welfare. It is not only Jim who is suffering a collapse of critical faculties.

  113. you ok hun? says:

    Apparently there will be a rally at 11am today in Clarkston,probably high street, at which Mr Murphy will be speaking, beats 7 am outside Buchanan galleries I suppose ????

  114. Famous15 says:

    Florence on call Kaye sounding like my old English teacher taking Ruth Davidson apart for supporting the demonising of Scotland and denying us democracy,democracy they supported when Scottish MP’s were compliant ,

  115. Robert Peffers says:

    @Tam Jardine says: 21 April, 2015 at 8:34 am:

    “Have a guid day Robert. And mind, you’ve got a wee bit something on yer chin. Did you have troll for yer tea last night?”

    Whit! Troll fir tea?

    Div ye no ken, Tam, yon Troll meat is muckle wersh?

    No even the wee dug kin manage Troll meat an the wee dug maun eat maist things – (She ate a wee widden knob aff a magazine rack aince).

    Truth is Scots will have to use food banks if all they have left is trolls.

  116. gordoz says:

    Lets face it – who will really miss Labour North in Scotland ?

    Truthfully they haven’t been here for years anyway – ask their constituents ? Ermine chasers the lot of them and finally the people are on to them.

    Ask former Labour stalwarts and they’ll tell you.

    East end of Glasgow / Govan / Dundee / Paisley / Greenock ; Mining communities, working families ?

    Just where is the fightback going to come from ?

    Big Business maybe; Lord Haughey, Lord Robertson or Baroness Liddell, Baroness Kennedy ?

    When people turn their back on you, its not quickly forgotten, (if ever) and that looks like what may be about to happen on May 7th.

    They are terrified of extinction – as with the Tories, this looks like the possible end of Labour North Branch.


  117. Ken500 says:

    Milliband, ‘there will be no coalition with the SNP’. Bill BBC, ‘that’s good’.

    Even if Scotland didn’t vote SNP, the Tories will lose. They will not vote Tory.

  118. Proud Cybernat says:

    So JimBob–do tell us. If the SNP have broken a “promise”(?) then they will have annouced the date of the next Indy Ref. Please tell us all the exact date of the next Indy Ref?

    Can’t? Thought not. More lies Jim?

  119. Author_al says:

    Macart, you just wrote exactly what Im thinking. BT literally have to get their house in order and also honour promises. By obfuscating who concocted the Vow the signatories aim to lessen their own part in its bullshittery, and evade responsibilities.

    Many comments on this post ring true for me. I am, however, still unsure how we police the postal voting system and ensure fair play. Keeping wee Ruthie’s hands out of the storage boxes might be a start…

  120. Graham Macqueen says:

    And so it be, that delirium has finally taken hold of Mr. Murphy!

    Whatever will become of his followers?

  121. Jim says:

    Has Jim been on the glue again?

    Rather more threateningly Cameron has pledged to review the Scottish parliament annualy to make sure the rest of the UK is not losing out financially; this as John Swinney has stated, from a UK Government that has run up a £1.5 trillion debt!

    I believe they are genuinely shitting bricks at the thought of SNP influence at Westminster and it would not surprise me in future if they tried to disband the Scottish parliament to save their own skins, hell mend them!

  122. big jock says:

    “He knows nothing; and he thinks he knows everything. That points clearly to a political career.”
    ? George Bernard Shaw,

  123. ronnie anderson says:

    I see some Wingers are commenting on the state if Murphy’s Mental health & giving him a OUT on talking pish.

    If he had suffered a mental breakdown before he climbed on his IrnBru crates , I might have had some simpathy,but I dont and never would. Thousands of People suffering from mental heath have been Ignored by the likes of Politicians like Murphy,until it comes to a Election then they issue of mental health is mentioned & readily forgotten, But People have to go on managing their lives under the strain of benifit cuts ect ect ect. That was penned in by the Labour Party & Impemented by the Tories.

    My simpathy is with those Family’s & Friends who lost a loved one though suicide & not being able to cope with loss of benifit.

    A wee touch of what I have suffered & others over the past couple of years might make him realise there is such a thing as humanity. I would,nt be here today Trolling if it wasent for the many, many, many, Fellow Wingers who shared their time with me day in day out & the Rev for putting up with me on my worst days.

  124. big jock says:

    Ronnie – You are correct.

    You can only have sympathy for someone who first displays remorse, and humility. Murphy is just lashing out now. I suppose he is now on the rage/anger stage of grief.

    At the heart of this is a selfish, arrogant, nasty person. Some people actually deserve their bad karma. Murphy is not a nice person end of!

  125. Glamaig says:

    Jim McIntosh @ 9:02

    thanks for posting that. Have downloaded and now reading. Its very illuminating. Some of it is spookily familiar.

  126. Robert Peffers says:

    @Famous15 says: 21 April, 2015 at 9:21 am:

    “On call Kayewith an e Ruth Davidson emulating Kezia Dugdale by speaking too fast for comprehension. Perhaps that is why they do it so you do not get long enough to understand what rubbish they are talking.”

    Yes, Famous15, Ruthie also on the fastspeak kick. I think it is just blind panic, though. Did you notice the accusations of “SNP Education cuts”? Does Ruthie think us daft?

    The Education cuts stemmed directly from the Westminster changes made by the introduction of English Student fees. The English Students pay towards their education and that sum is cut from the Government Education funding which results in a negative Barnett Consequential in the Scottish Block Grant. The SG thus must divert funding from other things to maintain free University funding.

    Of course, if Ruthie doesn’t understand how Scotland is funded, or she imagines we don’t, then she thinks she can lie and claim the cuts are all due to the SG underfunding.

    But we’re no daft – are we, Famous15?

  127. Scott Borthwick says:


    I’d forgotten that the Scots’ right to self-determination is enshrined forever by the Smith Commission report. How foolish of me to ever think that the Con-Lab complex would ever act to undermine this right. I guess I’m just getting paranoid…

  128. manandboy says:

    @ Macart says:

    “Still on about referendums is he? Still fighting a vote we had last year.
    Keep your ****ing promise to your union partner!
    Stop stirring ethnic hatred against the people of Scotland through your media mouthpieces!”

    Hitting the nail on the head Macart, well done indeed.

    It does appear however that the concept of ‘Union Partner’ is alien to the Colonial mindset. We think of Scotland as being a country which is the neighbour of England and a partner in a political Union. I fear the English DO NOT think of us as a country at all, but rather as an extra bit of land which they have procured, and which they mean to remain in control of, because of it’s enormous mineral wealth and as home to the Nukes.

    Milliband certainly thinks this way, as shown by his statement that he will not give Scotland permission for another Referendum. He sounds like a husband who refuses a divorce to his abused wife, on the grounds that he is much bigger than she is. And you know what, that’s what this boils down to – Big England refuses divorce to Little Scotland. And yes, I know, they ‘won’ the referendum – but by the force of relentless State propaganda and by spreading fear far and wide especially among the elderly.
    No contract can be upheld in Law when obtained by these means and yet the British Government can enforce it.

    But divorce will come and each new day makes that ever more certain as England makes it crystal clear, and repeatedly so, how they really feel about the people on their little ‘country estate’ up north.

    Shame on those who live in Scotland but who put England first.

    Support Nicola & Andrew. Vote SNP. Join SNP.

    Support Scotland.

  129. Kenny says:

    Jim Arnott says: “Slightly OT. Murphy claimed in many TV interviews that his constituents would be the first to be told whether or not he would stand for a full term in Westminster if elected. Does anyone know if he has made this clear yet and do you think he will before 7th May?”

    He was asked that question last night at the local hustings in St Ninian’s High School… and refused to answer!

    I must join those concerned voices. He is my local MP and, to be honest, I have always thought he was mentally ill. He gives the impression half the time that he is completely drunk, which is very worrying when someone is, in fact, teetotal.

  130. ronnie anderson says:

    @ Paula Rose Its the split personality that diz it, wan day ah Troll ither days Superman ( is the underpants worn on the outside or inside ) ah keep forgetting lol.

    Am gonna hiv tae buy mair big boy Pampers if they real Trolls target me.ha ha

  131. Macart says:

    @ ronnie

    Well said.

  132. liz g says:

    Ronnie Anderson @9.57
    Well said could not agree more.
    Also you have to have a mindset of a dubious nature anyway to help to unleash modern weapons on a population,so naw nae sympathy for him.
    Troll !!!! WTF???

  133. Almannysbunnet says:

    Sorry but I don’t buy the tea and sympathy for Dim Jim “because he’s clearly having a breakdown.” He’d bayonet your grandmother in the eye if he thought she was voting SNP. Jim spent 9 years at university and came out with nout, Jim said they wouldn’t lose one seat in Scotland (I suppose he was right, they won’t lose one, more like forty one). The signs were there for all to see, he is not having a breakdown, he is just dumb as doorknobs, plain and simple.

  134. Socrates MacSporran says:

    More than 30-years ago, I was in a bevvy of sports writers discussing Andy Ritchie, then at his magical best with Morton.

    The conclusion we came to was that (with the Six-million dollar man then on TV and the Stepford Wives in the cinema), Andy, after his terrible career-threatening injury while a Celtic youngster, had been rebuilt on Jock Stein’s instructions to be the perfect footballer – only a Rangers supporter had been left to do the wiring-up and had sabotaged the project.

    When big Andy played, he was unstoppable, but this didn’t happen regularly.

    Maybe, after he failed to get his degree at Strathclyde, Jim Murphy was rebuilt, to be the perfect Labour politician, but an SNP supporter did the rewiring, again, deliberately getting it wrong.

  135. Robert Peffers says:

    @chalks says: 21 April, 2015 at 9:22 am:

    “The recent Cameron news about protecting english interests, is nothing new, it happened around the time of the smith commission…..where we have to pay back anything that leads to england losing money…”

    The Establishment has been putting the English interests first since ever there was an England. Which beggars the question, “When was there first an England”?

    In the Winter of 1013/14 Archbishop Wulfstan of York preached a sermon to the highest people in the land : –

    “The devil has led this people too far astray… the people have betrayed their own country (literally their “earth”), and the harm will become common to this entire people.”

    “There was a historian in the time of the Britons called Gildas who wrote about their misdeeds; how their sins angered God so much that finally He allowed the army of The English to conquer their land. Let us take warning from this… we all know there are worse things going on now than we have heard of among the ancients. Let us turn to the right and leave wrongdoing… Let us love God and follow God’s laws.”

    This is perhaps the first known use of the term, “The English”.

    So there you go the English, (Anglo Saxons) have been fighting hard to suppress the aboriginal native Britons since before the Winter of 1013/14.

  136. ronnie anderson says:

    @ liz g Troll !!!! WTF???. the honours that some people bestow on me PMSL

    The best Honour is a Wee Gold Wings Badge & I will strive continue to live up to that to Honour from fellow WINGERS.

  137. McDuff says:

    I`m a bit confused as to how the Scottish people could “demand“ a referendum other than voting overwhelmingly for the SNP which they seem to be doing now. If the Scottish public vote in the same way in the Holyrood elections in `16 then surely that is a mandate for a second referendum.
    The SNP is the party of independence and I believe that a referendum should be included in every manifesto.

  138. ronnie anderson says:

    @ Robert Peffers

    So there you go the English, (Anglo Saxons) have been fighting hard to suppress the aboriginal native Britons since before the Winter of 1013/14.

    Noo some of they Britons fae the Northern Branch ur making Boomerangs boom boom.

  139. YESGUY says:

    Well said Ronnie.

    I can not forget the murder of our poor and disabled by the WM elite destroying the Social security net that people need.

    My niece in her 20’s was born with cerbral palsy . During one visit by the DWP the person thought physio would get her out of her wheel chair in no time. Fucking amazing. Lourdes has nothing on the DWP.

    They cut her benefits and it took almost a year to get sorted out . The stress she was forced to suffer will never leave me.

    I have no time for the unionist thieves who ignore the sanctions and cuts and promote WMD’s and a seat with the “big boys”.

    The poor buggers sanctioned go down hill so quickly and always end up in debt just trying to feed themselves. They never get out the bit.

    This is the value of the union NAWBAGS.

    Your vote was proxy for WM to continue the attacks on the most vulnerable . To steal Scottish resources to fight illegal wars and build the south east .

    Really annoys me when bams come on saying LIEbour will fix it .

    They fucking started it.

  140. msean says:

    The snp haven’t broken any promise about the next Indyref,but Unionist promises made to win the first one have,starting right after the result. Indeed,promises/vows were rashly made just before the voting began,indeed,some had already voted by postal ballot before the desperate promises were made.

  141. Robert Peffers says:

    @galamcennalath says: 21 April, 2015 at 9:24 am

    “Why oh why do polls say one in four Scots are still going to vote for these people!?

    Simples! Galamcennalath, It is because those who are still going to vote for, “These People”, are actually, “These People”.

    I live in the once Labour Heartland village of Kelty. The politics around here, since long before I got here, was always Labour. So much so that Bobby Mill was chosen as Dunfermline’s Provost when Kelty came under Dunfermline Local Council and Big Jim Leishman, (technically in Keltybridge), as Fife’s present Council’s Provost.

    The Labour voters around here are what one ex-Labour Councillor once described as, “Aa ersehole connected”, by which he meant all were related in some way to each other.

    So, as Labour were once almost wall to wall in power in Scotland, there are a great many, “Earsehole Connected”, by either blood or marriage Labour voters still around Scotland.

  142. Capella says:

    @ Robert Peffers
    Was it not the Britons who invited in the Anglo-Saxons (Henga and Horsa – where are they now!) to protect them from the Picts? They soon realised ther mistake but too late.

    Then don’t forget the Danes who ruled England for a long time.

    Then the Normans (French but before that they were Viking) who conquered England in 1066 and are still in charge. The poor old English haven’t had much luck have they! And the Britons all live in Wales now, led by Leanne Wood.

  143. Author_Al says:

    Has wee Ruthie been asked about her role in the early viewing of postal votes last September? Seems an awfully long time since the much vaunted investigation into this started – has it concluded – or did it ever really begin?

  144. Patrick Roden says:

    This is hilarious!

    So Dim Murphy, releases a statement that the SNP have failed to rule out a referendum..

    Putting into his target audiences mind, that there is some kind of SNP plot afoot to have a re-run of the referendum if they get all the seats on May 7th.

    It might just work for all those elderly no voters, who voted no because they feared losing their pensions, but might have voted SNP in Mays election because they like SNP policies.

    So what’s the last thing Jim Wants to happen?

    The last thing Jim Needs, is for Ed Miliband to categorically rule out a Scottish referendum, and it to be splashed all over the MSM, that most of these elderly get their news from.

    Lol, it just keeps going from bad to worse for Jim Murphy.

  145. Mealer says:

    Ah,yes! Leanne Wood.Partner in crime with the dastardly Nicola Sturgeon.I think the media are missing a trick by not describing them as an “axis of evil”.

  146. boris says:

    I think our Scottish Parliament should introduce a rule change which affords successful “list MSP’s” the right to be a full member of parliament with one exception that they cannot be appointed to any, “office of state” realtime or shadow. This right to be retained by MSP’s elected to office by the voter.

  147. big jock says:

    I haven’t ruled out robbing a bank this year! Do you think I should get arrested just in case!

  148. Robert Peffers says:

    @ronnie anderson says: 21 April, 2015 at 10:53 am:

    “Noo some of they Britons fae the Northern Branch ur making Boomerangs boom boom.”

    Weel! Ronnie, we tried cawin muckle lumps oot o thaim at Bannockburn. It worked for a wee while.

    We tried as an equally sovereign Kingdom tae unite wi thaim as pairtners. And they jist twistit things aboot an made Westminster the de facto pairliament o England in charge o a’biddy else.

    So, as ma auld Granny said, If ye canna beat thaim, jine thaim, Sae look oot Westminster Here wi come.

  149. big jock says:

    I think this next couple of years, are going to be exciting times for Scotland.

    How sad and stateless we all felt after the referendum. The nae sayers thought they had buried us, and just needed to walk on our graves.

    How wrong they were and how different Scotland now is. Salmond was right it was a dry run. The next time there will be no doubt.

  150. Chic McGregor says:

    Only SLAB think it is desirable to rule out democracy and look where that has got them.

  151. robert graham says:

    Author al makes a good point all these things that were dubious and strange during the referendum what happened to them also the smear on Nicola sturgeon and the RBS leak these need to be pursued they cant be left to history it suits the ones who toss the shit

  152. Robert Peffers says:

    @Capella says: 21 April, 2015 at 11:11 am:

    “Was it not the Britons who invited in the Anglo-Saxons (Henga and Horsa – where are they now!) to protect them from the Picts?”

    Almost right, Capella. Here we see more Establishment Propaganda. First of all the Romans didn’t rule Britain – they ruled only Roman Britain. That was South East Britain. That means it was only the SE Britons who invited the Anglo-Saxons to SE Britain, (Sussex/Wessex. etc.). So it wasn’t to protect the SE Britons from the Picts but from the rest of Britain.

    They had no experience of either defending themselves nor of running their own areas.

    “Then don’t forget the Danes who ruled England for a long time. Then the Normans (French but before that they were Viking) who conquered England in 1066 and are still in charge.”

    Another bit of Establishment propaganda. In fact all the elite rulers since the Romans were the same basic lot. They were all Anglo-Saxon tribes. Furthermore, the modern English are NOT genetically Anglo Saxon. Less than 5% of the whole of Britain carry Anglo-Saxon genes.

    Furthermore, the so called Celts are not genetically Celts but only Britons who adopted Celtic culture just as the SE Britons adopted first Roman and then Anglo Saxon Culture.

    ” … And the Britons all live in Wales now”..

    Actually we are all, (excepting more recent immigrants), mainly genetically descended from the Ancient Stone age Hunter Gatherers we really are all mainly real Britons.

  153. Swiss Perspective says:

    Most Dangerous Woman In The World? When did she receive that acolade? I thought she was supposed to be Alex Salmond’s Sock Puppet. You surely wouldn’t tell me that the collective wisdom of the London Press failed to detect the Dreadful Truth(TM) in advance.

    Anyhow, their hysteria comes too late for me. I filled in my postal vote yesterday evening and it it’s now on its way back.

  154. BrianW says:

    Jim Murphy has BROKEN his promise to only appear on the streets of Glasgow at 7am..

    (his ‘Keeper’ has let him out with carefully selected swooning hinger-oners – ones that are clearly far too young, and therefore highly impressionable to free irn-bru- are they being paid?)

    A Jim Murphy daytime curfew needs to be included in the SNP Manifesto.. pronto.

  155. BrianW says:

    P.S – I also note that Jim is having his wee tightly packed crowd gathering at the empty side of St Enoch Square (could catch something standing that close to one another..)

    It’s the bit of St Enoch that no one really goes to other than to feed the pigeons scraps from their sandwich or the odd deep fried offering. Perfect company for the pigeons then really.

    Just saying like..

  156. Robert Peffers says:

    @Patrick Roden says: 21 April, 2015 at 11:15 am

    “It might just work for all those elderly no voters, who voted no because they feared losing their pensions… “

    Patrick, allow me to postulate a different diagnosis to your above conclusions. I’ll leave it to yourself to decide if it has any merit.

    First, though, consider upon what evidence, or lack thereof, you base your own diagnosis that fear of losing their pensions was the cause of a more elderly voter being afraid of pension loss.

    The Labour Party has been the dominant party in Scotland since before the 1945 Labour Landslide. Thus the most numerous politically motivated faction in Scotland was Labourite.

    Now add to those actual minor and major politicians their families, both by blood and in-law, and those who owe then favours and you have a considerably number of people with Labour Party affiliations.

    Now for another couple of facts. As the older voters are proven to be more likely to actually cast their vote while the younger folks are least likely we have a further bias toward Labour voters being older.

    Now, as the SNP have really only gained momentum of recent years the above is true in reverse.

    As an ex-Labour Cooncillor of my acquaintance once told me. Roond aboot Kelty a’body ir earsehole connections”. By which he meant that almost everyome in the village were Labour, were from a Labour family, were married into a Labour family or owed Labour a favour somewhere.

    Now, Patrick, which explanation do you imagine has more solid proof of being correct for there is none whatsoever that we old guys are afraid of a pension loss?

  157. R4 says:

    Just watched a labour MP getting trashed by Andrew Neil on Daily Politics.

    After being grilled about the Mansion Tax and how it would be charged, he rattled on doing a Kezia until somebody pulled the plug on the video link. I kid you not.

    It must have been one of his advisors.

  158. Eckle Fechan says:

    The smell of reekin pish hung in the air and no one could quite hold their breath any longer.

  159. Louis B Argyll says:

    Most dangerous woman in Britain?

    Without breaking any political rules?

    Without twisting the truth?

    Is there a warrant out for the FM? No..


    They can’t even show restraint towards a well respected representative leader of one if their OWN REGIONS.



  160. Yoda says:

    The fact is more than half country is fed up with the SNP and fed up with the constant talk of independence. For more than two years they put running the government on hold while peddling their dream.

    There better not be another referendum, though unfortunately I suspect it likely.

  161. big jock says:

    The question remains though. Where are these 25% of people voting Slabour. I just don’t buy it. I haven’t met one person who is going to vote Labour.

    Maybe they are all in retirement homes without TV’s, and only the Daily Ranger for company.

  162. thomaspotter2014 says:

    Maybe the’once in a generation’thing was a VOW?


    It’s not for Murphy to say when- even if he is like the Brown Clown,and deluded enough to think he’s master of the universe.aye right!

  163. big jock says:

    1.07 – Can someone call the police and issue a search party. Someone has got over the wall again, and there is now a village missing it’s idiot!

    Crying shame he was the toast of Larkhall.

  164. Patrick Roden says:

    @ Robert Peffers says:

    Well Robert me response is simple, not all elderly people vote for a Unionist party and many vote SNP, that is obvious, but the Fact is that Labour used the pension scare during the referendum and now in this campaign, so it is their strategy to scare the elderly who are not as politically aware (don’t access on-line media) as you, into believing that only a vote for Labour will save their pension.

    Is this scare story working?
    I honestly don’t know.
    Are a large number of oap’s frightened by these scare stories?
    I honestly don’t know.

    Does Labour and in particular Gordon Brown, try to frighten this age group whenever he is asked to intercede for a failing Labour campaign?

    Oh yes!

    So my comment is more about what Labour think, than how I think.

  165. big jock says:

    Just a hunch. I think the polls are downplaying the SNP by about 5-10%.

  166. Patrick Roden says:

    Just to add Robert,

    Yes your conclusions have merit,(as your comments always do) but I would add one thing:
    I think a lot of this loyalty to the Labour party, was based on the hope that the Labour Party were still the champions of the working classes.
    A lot of people remember the days, when if someone from the schemes had trouble with housing, the council etc, they only had to contact their Labour MP or councillor, and he would get right on the phone and sort it out.

    For a large part of my own life in Dundee, I always had the belief that if any big-wig tried to use their power or status to fob me off, all I had to do was go to my ‘Labour Man’, and he was on my ‘equaliser’

    This was a belief based on experience and this was an experience also shared by most people from Lochee in Dundee.

    A lot of people have held on to the hope (or false promises from Labour) that Labour would some day return to being that party again, and you only have to look at Jim Murphy’s campaign strategy to see that Labour know that their main support comes from people who believe or hope for a Socialist Community based Labour Party, again.

    A lot of what’s happening now, is people are getting informed by on-line media, and are simply realising that this is a forlorn hope.

  167. robertknight says:

    Come on Rev, it’s not so very hard to “find the words”…

    Dumb and Ass. (Best said as a single, compound word).

    There you go, simples!

  168. The referendum may well have been a once in a lifetime chance to vote for Independence but that was before Gordy and Co introduced the Devo Max vow. The vow changed everything because the three amigos and the Msm have lied to the people of Scotland. We have every right to demand a second referendum at some point in the future.

  169. Dave Sharp says:

    Stu, just as a bit of info regarding Edinburgh South seat. Due to boundary differences between the Referendum and the Westminster seats, there are large chunks of Edinburgh South that were in Edinburgh Eastern.

    Edinburgh Eastern returned the highest Yes vote in the city. 47%. So now certain areas are now in South, it doesn’t entirely surprise me about the swing to SNP.

    It’s still a pleasing to see though

  170. Will Podmore says:

    It’s not just “Labour’s official position … that the SNP can’t hold another referendum without Westminster’s permission anyway.)”
    Holding a referendum is beyond the powers given by Westminster to the Scottish government, contrary to Nicola Sturgeon’s 2012 claim that it was a decision for only the Scottish government to take. The Edinburgh Agreement between the Coalition government and the SNP included a Section 30 order which temporarily devolved to Holyrood the power to hold a referendum. Salmond disagreed with her, saying, “An agreement with Westminster was necessary to put the referendum beyond legal challenge.”

  171. Fred says:

    Will Podmore, scraping the bottom of the Imperialist barrel. If a Scottish Government judge that the people want another referendum they’ll call one, dead simple. The genie is out of the bottle and the days are long gone when Scotland danced to Westminsters tune. This is just legalistic clap-trap, used to back up a non-existant case. The neverendum only has to win once. Fuck section, pardon the French, 30. You’re beginning to sound like some Spanish Prime Minister.

    Cameron’s threat to Take Stock” of Holyrood’s finances should read “Laughing Stock”.

  172. Will Podmore says:

    Fred ignores what Alex Salmond said. The Scottish government does not have the power to call a referendum. Without Westminster’s approval, it can’t be held. Sorry, but the facts are against you Fred.
    And the SNP leaders respect the facts, even if Fred doesn’t.
    Calling it ‘legalistic clap-trap’ reveals Fred’s contempt for democracy and its rules.

  173. Fred says:

    What democracy would that be Fred? the illegal wars which killed hundreds of thousands of people, the lies, the murder of inconvenient witnesses, the state-sponsored murder campaign in Ireland, the corruption & organised theft at Westminster, the unelected House of Lords panto, paedophile rings & police corruption, so-called Royalty & its Royalty obsessed Press, the rich waxing while the poor wane, the proposed squandering of £100 billion on a nuclear obscenity and dumping it 30 miles from yours truly.

    At Fred’s age he doesn’t give a fuck for any of what you call Democracy & its rules and can only express astonishment that any so-called Communist supports it.

    The Commies have certainly changed somewhat since my young day. No chance od Will appearing at a barricade anytime soon, he’ll be too busy consulting his wee rule book.

  174. Fred says:

    That should read Will at the start & your Bogey Man Alex Salmond is no longer Scotland’s First Minister and we would have had a Referendum whether Cameron liked it or not.

  175. donald anderson says:

    Fred says:
    “What democracy would that be Fred? the illegal wars which killed hundreds of thousands of people, the lies, the murder of inconvenient witnesses, the state-sponsored murder campaign in Ireland, the corruption & organised theft at Westminster, the unelected House of Lords panto, paedophile rings & police corruption, so-called Royalty & its Royalty obsessed Press, the rich waxing while the poor wane, the proposed squandering of £100 billion on a nuclear obscenity and dumping it 30 miles from yours truly.
    At Fred’s age he doesn’t give a fuck for any of what you call Democracy & its rules and can only express astonishment that any so-called Communist supports it.
    The Commies have certainly changed somewhat since my young day. No chance od Will appearing at a barricade anytime soon, he’ll be too busy consulting his wee rule book”.

    The CPGB, Now CPB, are supposed to be Federalists, but Like the Lib Dums, never mention it and backed the Bitter Together campaign along with all the right wing Imperialist parties, including and especially HM Labour Party.

    Lenin said that the |team GB Communist Party won’t live and it won’t die. Churchill sais that if uncle Joe had ordered them to take over the railways they would all buy a platform ticket first.

  176. Fred says:

    Cheers Donald, apologies for not buying one of your wee badges in the Skwerr. Oor Will is about as left wing as Matthew Paris and probably thinks Bandiers Rossa is a waitress someplace.

    No Pasaran!

  177. Will Podmore says:

    Dear Fred and Donald, we are agreed in opposing “the illegal wars which killed hundreds of thousands of people, the lies, the murder of inconvenient witnesses, the state-sponsored murder campaign in Ireland, the corruption & organised theft at Westminster, the unelected House of Lords panto, paedophile rings & police corruption, so-called Royalty & its Royalty obsessed Press, the rich waxing while the poor wane, the proposed squandering of £100 billion on a nuclear obscenity and dumping it 30 miles from yours truly.”
    The CPGB, now CPB, have been all over the place about Scotland. Some members agree with you and are for breaking up Britain, some are against, some are federalists (breaking up by another name, and some are don’t know.
    Never seen that Lenin quote before – your source?
    I think it was Stalin’s joke that if German communists went to Berlin to make a revolution they would all buy a platform ticket first.
    There are communists and communists. I am in the CPBML, not the CPGB or CPB.

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