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Some rest for the wicked

Posted on September 25, 2014 by

Right then. I’m now back in Bath, which sadly is not yet technically in a foreign country. To be frank, readers, after the last three years and especially the last two weeks I’m mentally, emotionally and physically done in.

But on the 19th I said that it was “difficult to think of any useful purpose [Wings Over Scotland] can serve” in the aftermath of a No vote, and that’s no longer the case.

So for the next couple of weeks, I’m taking a break. There’ll probably be a short post every day or two just to keep people in the habit of looking at the site, but much less activity than you’ve been used to while I go and get some fresh air, sunshine and much-needed exercise to shed some of the stone-and-a-half of referendum baggage I collected while eating junk food in front of a monitor 16 hours a day, seven days a week for 34 months.

(Special thanks, incidentally, to the absurdly numerous readers who’ve offered me free holidays in all parts of the world from, literally, Mull to Tasmania. I’m going to stay closer to home than that – apart from anything else I don’t currently have a passport – but I’m absolutely gobsmacked and touched by your generosity.)

So if you’re a new commenter it might take a couple of days for your first comment to be approved, and emails may take even longer than usual to get replies. (Facebook messages, as ever, have almost no chance of a response. What part of “Please don’t send us Facebook messages”, written right there on the title page, don’t people get?)

But after that battery recharge, we’re back. Astonishingly, Wings has added an EXTRA 140,000 READERS in a week since the referendum, despite an already-reduced post frequency. Our Twitter following has rocketed from 20,000 to almost 32,000 in the last 18 days. I got home to a flood of donations. And most remarkably of all, the SNP, Greens and SSP have all more than DOUBLED their membership in a week, with the Nats incredibly overtaking the UK Lib Dems for paid-up members.


The independence movement, it seems fair to say, is not going away. Scotland will soon have a new First Minister, and the most likely candidate has refused to rule out another referendum should the people deliver a mandate for it. And with the Unionist parties already breaking their promises (both the spirit and the letter) and setting out plans to slash Scotland’s budget (as we told you they would) and drag the UK into another brutal war in the Middle East, we wouldn’t want to bet against that happening.

(And happily, we’ve suddenly magically got lots of oil again.)

We don’t always get stuff right, though. We thought, for example, that it would be Glasgow that dragged down the Yes vote. And we thought that if there were to be a No vote, the independence movement, and the radical left with it, would sink into despair and apathy. We were wrong about those things.

In reality Glasgow, along with the fine city of Dundee, led the Yes charge. And since the 20th of September (everyone having spent the 19th shrouded in numb horror), the Yes movement has risen with extraordinary resilience, energy and determination.

All manner of exciting projects are afoot, in every kind of field – we hope to bring you news of one of them later today. We expect a period of turmoil in the coming weeks, during which some will fall by the wayside and the strongest will prevail.

But the next three years will be one of the most febrile periods in UK history. A UK election, Scottish election and the very real prospect of an in-out EU referendum all loom on the horizon. In 2017, it’s entirely conceivable (though of course by no means guaranteed) that there could be a Scottish Government with a mandate and a majority to call a snap second independence referendum on the grounds of emergency after Scotland votes to stay in the EU but the rest of the UK votes to leave.

So we’re going to hang around for a while yet. The times are shaping up to be pretty interesting. But right now, right this minute, we’re going to the seaside for a bit.


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    402 to “Some rest for the wicked”

    1. Rosie says:

      Enjoy your well earned rest 🙂 And thanks again for all you have done.

    2. Nana Smith says:

      Enjoy your break which is well deserved.

      Keep a spring in your step!

    3. Sean B says:

      Glad to hear you’re going to continue with Wings. Enjoy your break, you’ve earned it and then some.

    4. So I am guessing that a package of homemade tablet winging its way to Bath is not going to be part of the “get up and lose the gut strategy??”

      In that case I will save it till you are back and in need of a wee sugary treat to keep you going.

      Go kick some sandcastles over – you deserve a break hon.

    5. Leanne Aitken says:

      Thank you sincerely for everything you’ve done. Enjoy your break. x

    6. horacesaysyes says:

      Enjoy the break – we’ll all be waiting for you when you get back. 🙂

    7. Coolheads Prevail says:

      Enjoy your rest, Rev. Looking forward to you coming back all guns blazing

    8. Cath says:

      Enjoy a well deserved rest Stu – you deserve it.

    9. Bill Cruickshank says:

      You are right to take a well earned rest. You are also right to keep Wings going. These are exciting times in Scottish politics and Scotland needs you. Enjoy!

    10. uilleam_beag says:

      Have a good break, Stu. You’ve more than earned it.

      I hope to hear good news about new protects as and when – but there’s no immediate rush!

    11. Morag says:

      A STONE AND A HALF?? My God, I hope you’ve found a nice health farm that will chain you to an exercise machine while feeding you the odd lettuce leaf.

      No, seriously, go away and have a good time and relax. You deserve it. We’ll still be here when you get back.

    12. Graeme Macfarlane says:

      Proud of you Rev! After being one of the Yes supporters’ most influential political commentators for so long, you deserve a wee break! But hurry back!

    13. Johnny M says:

      Enjoy a well earned break. All the best.

    14. Graham says:

      Well done and enjoy ur break u deserve it, we ain’t going any place, the fight must go on

    15. skozra says:

      You enjoy your well-deserved rest Rev Stu, make the most of it and thanks yet again for all you have done. Everyone will be here when you get back ! So very glad that Wings will be continuing with your good self at the helm !

    16. cearc says:

      Have a happy holiday and thanks.

    17. PickledOnionSupper says:

      Have a great holiday and we’ll look forward to you returning refreshed & reinvigorated!

    18. Disco Dave says:

      Well done Stu, thoroughly enjoyed your contribution (and this sites)to the Indy cause. Look forward to the new projects to come. Take it easy.

    19. Brian Hill says:

      Well deserved, Stu. I have to thank you, in particular, for shedding light on so much over the long road to the 18th September. So, thanks.

      I remember I wrote to you about placing a piece in Wings. You spoke well of it though it didn’t fit here and suggested other sites.

      I wasn’t successful; I was a bit of a late-comer after all so I started blogging myself in August, with a few positive comments. I’m keeping on. It’s a different take on it all from Wings but I hope preserves your mission to get behind the rhetoric to the truth. If you of anyone else is interested it’s at

      It’s a long road…

    20. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “So I am guessing that a package of homemade tablet winging its way to Bath is not going to be part of the “get up and lose the gut strategy??”

      In that case I will save it till you are back and in need of a wee sugary treat to keep you going.”


    21. Delia says:

      Every ting gonna be all right!

    22. moujick says:

      Enjoy your rest, you deserve it. Glad to hear you’re keeping going, you’re integral to the movement,

    23. panda paws says:

      Enjoy your well earned rest then come back fighting. Scotland will not be put back in its box. When the Unionists screw us over and they will, we must be there to hold them to account and to persuade those who were fooled by the Vow to join the 45% (and rising).

    24. Fraser graham says:

      Feet up sir! You deserve it!

      While we wait for your return, we’ll keep ourselves busy gently persuading those who miscalculated!


    25. Hugh Wallace says:

      Rest well Stu. You earned it.

      See you when you return,


    26. Malcolm says:

      Enjoy the break and thanks for all the insight.
      The game goes on……

    27. Dcanmore says:

      Thank you Stuart, enjoy your well-earned break.

      Three years to go: GE2015, SE2016 and SLE2017 we know what we need to do, earn the trust of the soft NOs and grow the independence movement to get rid of Westminster from Scotland.

      To the future and exciting times folks!

    28. Dances With Haggis says:

      Enjoy your break Rev. Without you and the other writers on various sites we would never achieved anywhere near what we did and will do.
      As for the “stone-and-a-half of referendum baggage I collected while eating junk food in front of a monitor 16 hours a day, seven days a week for 34 months.”
      This is something I know about only too well [plus damaged eyesight]
      My own Indy FB seven days post reach has not dropped from the dizzy high it attained during the two weeks just before the 18th Sept.

      The enthusiasm of the independence movement is still bubbling away.
      I just hope that a section of them don’t turn into the Scots version of 911 Truther bores with conspiracy theories.

      P.S Very Interesting post poll Video on Talk Constitution John Drummond from Livestream which needs wider distribution.

    29. Gavin Greig says:

      Enjoy your break. It’s well deserved.

    30. crisiscult says:

      Great news that you plan to carry on Rev. If you are not essential to the cause of Scottish independence, you are as close as anyone can claim to be. Enjoy your well earned rest and you can rest assured that we’ll crowd fund your site, quite easily with the savings we’ll be making from not paying our TV licences and not buying any newspapers.

    31. Busy-Bee says:

      Enjoy your wee break Stu, look forward to hearing from Wings soon 🙂 This site helped me tremendously throughout the Yes campaign especially with getting my head round all the numbers and stats. Thank You!

    32. Donald Kerr says:

      We would never ever have made 45% without you. You’ve been a completely dedicated workhorse for the cause. Thank you very much indeed.

    33. Rod says:

      We all need a wee rest, and maybe a few hours of exercise moderate or otherwise will do us all good. Then we can get back at it, leaner and more energised and more organised than before!!!

    34. Morag says:

      See, now, actually running round doors with campaign material makes you lose weight. You guys should try ot some time…

    35. scotsbob says:

      Excellent news that Wings will continue, enjoy your break.

    36. Betty Boop says:

      Enjoy the seaside, Stu.

      We’ll be here. In less than a week, many of us have picked ourselves up and have already started the new campaign.

      Wingers are getting back to the business in hand now.

      @ Morag, 12:24pm

      Morag, I’ve been trudging the streets all year canvassing, delivering,etc. and I don’t seem to have lost any weight at all; the reverse in fact. Reckon it might be all the “grabbing a quick snack” instead of regular meals! 🙁

    37. Jenni Adam says:

      Have a great holiday Stu, you certainly deserve it. Can’t thank you enough for all your time, your unceasing effort and mostly for the gift of the intelligent analysis of information, without which YES would have had a much harder hill to climb.

      Go, be sunny and rested. We’ll all be here when you get back.

    38. scaredy cat says:

      Take it easy Stu. We’ll be right here.

    39. Alexander MacDonald says:

      Have a well earned rest Rev. Thanks, from us all, for your intellectual input.

      We have a long fight ahead of us.

    40. Bugger (the Panda) says:

      Rev Stu

      Just publish the inland shipping forecast each night and the morning one each morning for a couple of weeks.

      The bears will talk, debate and argue about whatever becomes their topic of the day.

      Self moderation could also improve; in fact I think it is.


    41. Sue says:

      Thanks for everything you’ve done for YES, Stuart. But most of all thanks for your promise to continue, Wings is vital now as ever. Just say when you need more fund raising. Have a good break.

    42. Dances With Haggis says:

      The British establishment and media will be pleased at this news and will welcome the short break from having being hit over the head with a microscope.

    43. Morag says:

      I suppose the thing that worries me is, we WON the internet. We lost on the people who never go near it. We need to figure out how to extend our vision of the country we know we can be to reach the people who only watch TV and read the Daily Record.

    44. muttley79 says:

      Well earned rest Stuart. Enjoy it, relax and have a good time.

    45. Duncan Fraser says:

      Good stuff – and thanks for all your efforts thus far.

      Mind how you go – there were some vile craturs which crawled out of the woodwork towards the end of the campaign. They are 99% mouth, but don’t discount the 1% jackboots.

    46. Doug Daniel says:


      Good to hear Wings is sticking around. We had a meeting in Aberdeen last night to get some ideas flowing about where we go from here, and so many people wanted to come that it had to be split into two sessions. Over 200 folk coming along in total, and that’s not 200 folk sitting to listen to someone speaking, that’s 200 folk looking to see how they can get involved. I don’t think I’ve ever seen folk so keen to speak at a public meeting – usually you have to drag things out of folk to get conversation flowing.

      Post-referendum party branch meetings, party conferences, WFI and RIC conferences… It’s going to be an exciting few weeks. We’re certainly not going to be going back into our boxes.

    47. annie says:

      Sometimes I curse you for raising my level of interest in Scottish politics to almost obsession level but mostly I am glad I am now well informed and aware of the bias of MSM. Enjoy your rest I also might try and lose those extra few pounds gathered sitting at computer and get fighting fit for the GE 2015.

    48. Quinie frae Angus says:

      Rev Stu

      Words cannot describe what a crucial injection of talent, intelligence, vigilance and credibility you brought to the Yes campaign.

      Your stunning pinpoint journalism has knocked spots off the stale, conventional, piss poor output from the mainstream media. And they know it too. The fact that you have been given such little public oxygen by them, is proof of that.

      So glad and proud to be a Winger and only wish I could have contributed more financially. Will still do when funds allow. Have met some great friends through the Wings community, with whom I will now always keep in touch and work alongside to achieve our goal.

      Please accept this advice from a grateful FEMINIST who thinks your work is the bees’ knees:

      Sleep! Sunbathe! Eat healthy fruit and vegetables. Relax. Breathe. Have a few beers (and lots of water). Get loads of exercise. Purge your poor knackered body of the junk food toxins. Surround yourself with genuinely kind people. Eat more healthy fruit and vegetables.

      And then, please come back, refreshed, recharged, and raring to go.

      We are all of us, picking ourselves up, and rolling up our sleeves.

      We ALMOST made it. We will learn from our mistakes, refine our strategies and our efforts.

      And we WILL do it! With your help.

      Enjoy yourself, Stuart. And thanks again, for restoring my sanity throughout this whole extraordinary time.

      See you when you get back!

    49. Ravelin says:

      Seaside? I hope that ‘seaside’ is warm, bathed in sun, lapped by blue seas and served by a beach-side bar!

    50. Elizabeth Maxwell says:

      What we are experiencing now is history in the making, and I am looking forward to your contributions after you return from your well deserved sabbatical

    51. Jeannie says:

      Have a nice break, Stu. You really need it. We’re all exhausted and needing to recharge our batteries. And reflect! I can do so much more now than I could three years ago – I know how to campaign now, I’m much better at using social media and I know how to stand my ground. I’ve got lots of new contacts and I understand so much more about how politics and the economy work. And I’m going to use it! So get a rest and come back ready to start again. I’ve cancelled several direct debits over the last few days – but I won’t be cancelling yours!

    52. Pentland Firth says:

      Have a great holiday. As virtually every commentator has remarked, you have more than earned it. Thanks for all your efforts so far, and we all look forward to you rejoining the fray refreshed and re-energised in a fortnight’s time.

    53. manandboy says:

      Nicola for First Minister it is

      But you will always be OUR first minister !

      Have a super relaxing holiday.

    54. Mosstrooper says:

      Well done Stu. Get some R&R, we will man the trenches while you are on leave.

    55. Johnny says:

      Thanks, Rev Stu. Have a fantastic break! Looking forward to more quality journalistic research (the likes of which our media fails to provide) when you return.

    56. Robert Louis says:


      Enjoy your holiday. 🙂

      Then come back, because Scotland needs you more than ever. Already we have had the Liberal democrat house idiot, Wullie Rennie, tell us that the promises of devo max and home rule made by the three parties and Gordon Broon, didn’t really mean home rule or devo max at all!!, but actually just meant to the silly ideas they proposed in the spring. This despite the fact that Broon promised us home rule.

      The way things are going, we’ll have had another referendum, before you are back. Either that or civil war.

      You really would think that the unionist parties would have learned, but no, they haven’t learned a thing. Liars the lot of them.

    57. Brotyboy says:

      Hope today’s project announcement is something along the lines of ‘SCOT goes Wings over Bella Bateman’s Wee Ginger Dug’.

    58. Andrew Haddow says:

      So all those exponentially rising graphs were actually your weight.

    59. Anne Marie Rough says:

      I have not made a comment before but have been reading your blogs with interest. My husband Iain is an avid follower of your site and we have many discussions late into the night. Enjoy your break, have a wee paddle and some sea air. I look forward to the next stage in the journey!

    60. john king says:

      Three cheers for Stu
      hip hip!

    61. Gavin Barrie (Jammach) says:

      Enjoy your break Rev Stu, we’ll be all waiting here to help you when you get back. It’s not over yet, not by a looong shot 😉

    62. Excellent post which catches the mood perfectly. Enjoy your well-earned rest and accept grateful thanks from this committed Yesser for all you have done to support the cause.

    63. Bugger (the Panda) says:

      to Paula Rosa

      Just gave you a namecheck on Bateman Broadcasting

      11:48 am

    64. Robert Louis says:


      If you are looking for a great holiday destination, might I suggest Scotland 🙂

    65. ClanDonald says:

      Where are you going? Can we come?

    66. David says:

      Thanks for everything mate. Your commitment to reporting the truth has surely won the yes side many votes, and for that we should all be grateful. Look forward to your continued involvement. Enjoy your rest! D.

    67. liz says:

      Yes enjoy your deserved rest.

      I’m with Morag – lost weight due to running around delivering amongst other things the WBB.

    68. Cadogan Enright says:

      Come back soon, your talents are needed – 53 Unionist MP’s only 8 months from next election in Scotland – what about a new timeline?
      2014 Referendum stolen with lies and threats. Scottish political activists galvanised into forward-thinking action.
      2015 53 Unionist MP’s wiped out in Scotland by continuing YES campaign unity candidates
      2016 Nicola Sturgeon heads Yes coalition with landslide in Scottish Parliament for full fiscal autonomy leading to Independence
      1919 Declaration of Scottish Independence.

    69. Lewis Holleran says:

      A very well deserved rest!
      Hoping the news will be related to Newsnet & Bateman’s announcement earlier on…

    70. Suzanne says:

      Rev, see you when you get back. You’re absolutely NOT allowed to keep working. Feed your heart and soul and we’ll still be here when you get back. Thank you for everything you’ve done.

    71. Steven Mitchell says:

      The desire to get “well tanned” is not lost on many a Scot ! Enjoy the rest, God knows you have deserved it !

    72. Ramona says:

      Enjoy your rest, everything quietening down because we are all mentally shagged.

    73. ewen says:

      Enjoy the break. You deserve it.

    74. James123 says:

      Can I come?

    75. Andrew says:

      Keep up the good work. Enjoy your break!

    76. Geoff Huijer says:

      What everybody else said…with bells on.

      Thank you truthseeker!

    77. Luigi says:

      Many thanks Stu for all you have done – so much appreciated. Take as much time as you need to recharge – we are all in this for however long it takes.

      Everyone in the YES movement did a brilliant job, and although the result was a disappointment, history will show that it was, by any measure, a massive leap forward for Scotland. It was just a bridge too far this time, but we are closer to independence now than anytime in the past 300 years.

      I stopped at Dundee, by the silvery Tay, on the way home at the weekend. What wonderful clean air I breathed – it was marvellous to hang about in a real city of Independence. Then back home to smelly, filthy rich, dependent, Aberdeen!

      I’m convinced the efforts of WoS and the WBB ensured that, on the day, YES broke the 40% barrier.

      Here’s to the next barrier.

    78. David Lyon says:

      Thanks for the contribution Reverend.

      Take care.

    79. The McQueens says:

      Thank you for everything,enjoy your break you deserve it…We look forward to your return…Hail Caesar!

    80. IheartScotland says:

      Thanks for eveything Stu,
      Here’s hoping for an internet ‘newspaper’ with you, WGD , Bateman etc.. as a counterpoint to the MSM and the BBC.

    81. Gregor MacEwan says:

      Thanks for all you’ve done, and enjoy your break.

      Good quality independent media are rare and very important, so I very much hope you will continue to publish Wings. If you feel like branching out to cover a wider ranger of news topics, all the better. I’m happy to pay a contribution/subscription for you to keep going.

    82. MajorBloodnok says:

      Have a good break Rev. We’ll still be here when you get back. Note sure if that’s an encouragement, but hey ho. 🙂

    83. Stu Mac says:

      Is that you Michael?

      Another snap referendum? Disrespectful of all those Naw voters and sounds vaguely fascist. “you will keep on voting until you deliver the party line”. Don’t forget the vitriol in Ireland arising from serial referendums.

      It would be a much more positive message to work for a new Federal UK for England, Cornwall, NI, Wales, Scotland and the Islands complete with a Constitution, Bill of Rights and Supreme Court. A far better idea now than saying fuck you Jimmy to all those great people living across the UK.

      Or is that just too big to bite off?

    84. clash city rocker says:

      Have a good break Stu, you thoroughly deserve it. Allow me to recommend a tune for jumping around to – “Suspect Device” by Stiff Little Fingers. The lyrics seem very appropriate to current times – “They play their games of power, they cut and mark the pack. They deal us to the bottom, and what do we get back? Don’t believe them, don’t believe them, don’t be bitten twice!”

    85. Hwanofbute says:

      Look forward to seeing you back, energised and raring to go. Glad Wings is staying!

    86. Tam Jardine says:


      I think the current elderly demographic will be the last one who are generally getting their news from the BBC and STV, regarding what they are fed as gospel. Also the last grouping to be uninterested in social media.

      As time passes, the circumstances in which another referendum can succeed will improve as more people connect to society bypassing conventional media.

      Independence feels inevitable now. I just hope we don’t have to wait too long or go through too much more austerity before the rest of this country wakes up.

      Thanks for all your input on this site, delivering papers and canvassing.

      As for Stuart – great to hear you are returning to the fight after a well earned rest. Sounds like a plan.

    87. Mealer says:

      Bugger the panda,
      The rev would do well to put you and Paula Rose into moderation til he comes back!!
      Happy hols rev!!! (I’ll be using as many exclamation marks as I please once your backs turned)

    88. scottish matters (@ochayethenews) says:

      It must be difficult to have created something integral to the yes movement, and to feel the weight of it too, because so many look to wings as a resource for themselves, but also something we can recommend, knowing it communicates quicker and sharper where other equally brilliant blogs might take a bit longer or a use more florid take.

      Make sure you do take a rest. As news flies you’ll be sorely tempted to hold on, but think of it like the flight scenario. You put your oxygen mask on first, not to be selfish, but to help others in the long run. And you have.


    89. Joe Ghandi says:

      Have a gid yin , you deserve it !

    90. Steven says:

      Enjoy your well earned break don’t be gone to long though we would miss you to much

    91. desimond says:

      Dear Lazybones,
      I hope youre using these few weeks to get the “How I learned to dismantle a Westminster Media Bomb” book written. The adventures of Rev Stu deserve to be chronicled and shared.

      I look forward to the book tour, your audience awaits.

    92. DaveyM says:

      Glad to hear you’re carrying on, Stu! Enjoy your break. It’s been well earned. 🙂

    93. Chitterinlicht says:

      Great news. And thanks again. Peace

    94. frazer allan whyte says:

      Every now and again history throws up people who make history. Have a good break, re-charge and then come back to lead the next charge.

    95. steveasaneilean says:

      Glad you are carrying on – democracy needs you.

    96. George Hamilton says:

      I have often argued, and heard others argue, that the EU referendum will be a Yes (to leave) in England and a No in Scotland. Whilst it can’t be ruled out, YouGov opinion polls show, although it is close, No to be ahead for most of this year.

    97. turnbull drier says:

      Have fun Rev.

      Enjoy the seaside and come back refreshed, less rotund and raring to go 🙂

    98. TJenny says:

      Rev – enjoy your well deserved holiday, which I’m sure will be all the more enjoyable, being funded by Euan McColm? 😉 Hee, hee.

    99. Grizzle McPuss says:

      Waving, not drowning.

      Appreciation here for all your work Stu.
      Here’s hoping you have a well earned rest.

    100. velofello says:

      YesTroon met last night for a meal, some wine and a lively discussion. We’re ready to go. Next up a South Ayrshire coordination meeting.
      With your batteries recharged I keenly look forward to your acute angled analysis on the “Affairs of State”.

    101. Archie [not Erchie] says:

      @ annie – Totally agree with your post esp. ‘almost obsessive’ & ‘informed plus aware’. Can I add a rider to that and use ‘sharpened or honed’. Rev Stu has taught us all? to question the lies, the motives of the MSM and improve our own investigative techniques.

      With an encyclopedic reference section backed up with daily posts there is nothing else like this on the WWW.

      Thank you Stu and enjoy your vacation.

    102. Greg says:

      you’ve done a herculean effort so far Rev. Dundee and Glasgow should be giving you the keys to the city. Have a good break. We’ll all be here when you get back 🙂

    103. Paula Rose says:

      Moderation!!! Moi!!!

    104. Joe Swan says:

      Good to hear your up for round 2 Stu. Enjoy your break and can you send us a postcard please?

    105. Keith Hynd says:

      Enjoy the rest you deserve it, no rush to get back as long as you’re back for Broonie’s next expected milestone of his wonderful timetable. I await with bated breath for the crap that’s gonna be spun. Especially how he is gonna get round the claim he made about making the Scottish parliament “permanent” that should be highly entertaining. Happy hols Stu. Best wishes.

    106. manandboy says:

      In what amounted to a rallying cry to MPs to back military action when Parliament is recalled on Friday, the prime minister warned that Britain must not be so “frozen with fear” of repeating the mistakes of the Iraq war that it failed to take on the “psychopathic, murderous, brutal” jihadis.

      The object of Project Fear in the Referendum is to terrify

      the elderly in Scotland – mission accomplished.

      But now, rule change, “Britain (note not UK)) must not be

      so frozen with fear” to go to war against ISIS in Iraq.

      A pre-arranged move with the US BEFORE the Referendum

      kept secret until after the No result.

      A Yes result would have meant rUK going in alone


      So all you No voters, this is all your responsibility.

      This is all your FAULT.

      But tell me, since you voted NO,


      are you still thinking that we ARE BETTER TOGETHER.

    107. OneScot says:

      Good to have you back. We need you.

    108. Davy says:

      Aye Stu , I’m having a five days off myself, I think we may both be wee bittie pished tonight.

      Sometimes even the good guys lose, but they always seem to come back bigger and better.

      Enjoy your break.

    109. Finnz says:

      You opened our eyes Rev, go and close yours for a while, you deserve it.

    110. Stevie boy says:

      I take heart in the fact that you have ridden this roller coaster with us all.. the highs and the lows.

      Without good people like yourself we wouldn’t have had a chance in hell.. but we did and now we are stronger than ever!!

      The fight must, and will, go on.


      Enjoy ur break friend. See you soon.

    111. BleuBelle says:

      Opened my eyes to so much, I’m a different person now. Thanks for your commitment, effort, energy, enthusiasm. We definitely need people like you, proving there is no borders (apart from No Borders). x

    112. AuldA says:

      Pfff… It’s such a pity the UK is NOT in the Schengen zone. You could at least have come over here in France or in Italy (or even Malta) to get a bit of Sun (weather forecast is incredible for the week to come), even without a passport. Sun AND good food… Alas.

      Try to enjoy it nevertheless. It’s time for a “GURU MEDITATION” 😉

    113. dramfineday says:

      Delighted you’ve decided not to pack it in – what a relief. Looking forward to business as usual being resumed.

      Plus 1 to Morag and Quinnie’s comments but no jogging or such like, it’s bad for you, especially if you have a bottle of beer in your hand at the time 🙂

      Kind regards


    114. Jan Cowan says:

      Just a big thank you for your dedication. Your short break is more than well deserved.

    115. Stevie boy says:


      Yep so true. We all knew that the No voters would now have to sit back and reap what they have sewn.. just a pity they didn’t open their eyes wide enough to see it!!


    116. unchillfiltered says:

      You are the true star of this whole struggle. If and when you need money or anything else to keep going let us know. The debt we owe you is huge.

    117. Iain says:

      I was heartbroken and in bits at the weekend and was raging at having been conned out of a safe and happy future. I was all for leaving the country never to return. Last night, however, I walked into a bar in Glasgow that was full of yes folk excitedly talking about what to do next. The passion of the people there was amazing, even if some were still smarting just like me. So I’ll mourn and I’ll grieve, but I will carry on the fight and won’t give up. I’m glad Stu is going to continue, too. Have a great holiday and relax, Stuart. We need you now more than ever.

    118. So “WINGS OVER SCOTLAND” continues.
      Thank you for this news.

      In the meantime, with all our new wingers, can you fill the interim period by repeating some or all of the Articles from the archives of WoS – TO REMIND OUR NEWBIES that we had genuine grievencies and worries that drove many like me to spend an entire life voting for Indy.

      Scott Minto`s article “A Chocolate Teapot” on the Trident threat to Scotland`s Largest Population in Glasgow and Central Scotland is terrifying.

      I am still truly gutted by the Indy Ref result but I really want to move on to the next bout that is only 7 months from now – the WM General Election.

      WE, SNP Voters and members have an enormous mountain to climb – IF we are to overcome the average SLAB scab Majorities that are over 8,500 per constituency.
      19 x SLAB scab MP`s with Majorities at over 10,000 votes.

      One constituency saw SLAB MP in EMBRA SOUTH – Ian Murray – who holds a 2010 Majority at only 316 votes.

      Unfortunately, SNP came a distant 4th. in 2010 – nearly 12,000 votes behind.

      Since 1967 I, and many others were confronted with bigger obstacles and huger mountains, and after all those years we got within a whisper of Independence.

      Let`s get back to the REAL purpose of WoS and tear apart the LIES of SLAB scabs who only last week were desecrating fellow Scots and slab voters with the insult of NAZI`s.

      Thanks Rev.
      FOR staying the course – and with the coarse.

      If I have upset or annoyed anyone since last week, I can only offer my humblest Apologies.

      With “WINGS” – staying on board for the long term – I am kinda rejuvenated.

    119. ellison diaspora says:

      Enjoy the English Riviera. its your home from home.them there foriegn parts, haha.

    120. Lanarkist says:

      Have a great holiday! Take the photos of the 1937 pamphlet I sent to you on your iPad for some holiday reading!

    121. aldo_macb says:

      Appreciate what you admitted about Glasgow there Stu. Glasgow may be home to a few far-right bams but we now know for sure that they arr a minority.

    122. No no no...Yes says:


      You thoroughly deserve the break, take some serious “Me Time” and come back energised and refreshed.

      The Rev and the Wingers made a positive difference to the campaign and everyone is now keen to rid Scotland of the Red Tories. Let’s do this!

    123. Fireproofjim says:

      Thanks Stu. What would we do without you?
      Haste ye back, but not too soon.

    124. Papadox says:

      Thank you so much rev enjoy your rest and recreation deserved and well earned. You and the whole yes campaign has added a great deal to my life experience, thank you one and all lets not drop the ball.

      Will look forward to a refreshed and reenergised point man.

    125. Sian Williams says:

      Enjoy your very well deserved break Rev Stu. Thank you – and look forward to your return!

    126. Colin says:

      O/T a wee bit.

      I’ve just received an email from the SNP asking me to introduce another member, which I will do but the email stated:

      “More than 37,000 new members have now joined, doubling the SNP membership to over 62,000 – and that number keeps rising by the minute.”

      That is a fantastic number of new members, if we all get behind one of the Yes parties we can drive out labour and force another referendum.

    127. colin clement says:

      thanks for the last couple of years its ben great and I look forward to the next few years with more hope in my heart than I could have dreamed of, thank again

    128. Dave McEwan Hill says:

      stu at 12.27

      for all those who would like to send Stu tablet here is a microwave recipe (yes, I said “microwave”).

      1/2 block of butter
      1/2 tin of evaporated milk
      1/2 bag of sugar

      Big bowl
      All ingredients in it.
      3.5 minutes at full power – good stir
      3.5 minutes at full power – good stir
      3.5 minutes at full power – good stir
      3.5 minutes at full power – good stir and beating

      Pour into greased tray

      A little longer on less powerful microwaves
      You can put coffee, vanilla,lemon essence,peppermint essence etc in

    129. Bugger (the Panda) says:

      If you go to France, avoid Paris, Mercedes cars and Parisian underpasses,

    130. Stuart Black says:

      It’s the fruit cider Stu, it’s too nice…

      Take it easy, and we all look forward to having you back leading the next charge. Thanks Rev.

    131. Midgehunter says:

      Most of us knew you were not a quitter because if we’re not, then why should you be.

      All we ask for are some articles to get our teeth in to, then let the ideas flow.

      Have a nice holiday. 🙂

    132. Gordon E says:

      Thanks for all your hard work Stu, you have kept us all sane!
      Without Wings, we would have been nowhere near 45%.
      Remember your bucket and spade, you can build a nice long wall with border posts and everything!!

    133. Robert Peffers says:

      I know just how you feel, Rev Stu. Not only myself but the wee papillon bitch are now on a strict diet. Trouble is I’m a bit disabled and lots more exercise is really not an option and now the campaign is just ticking over I’m wondering what to do with myself.

      Mind you I have a lot of video stuff that could be reviewed, edited and filed for future use. Have a good break and sincere thanks.

    134. Oscar Taime says:

      Really glad you’re staying!!!

      Have a great break & get that passport application off because you’ll need to pace yourself for the next 3 years & that SHOULD involve taking up some of these numerous holiday offers.

    135. John H. says:

      I hope that you enjoy your holiday Stuart and return refreshed.We need you now as much as ever.I’ve sent a small contribution, with more to follow from time to time.

      Perhaps the bloodletting on Wings yesterday did some good.I hope so.Everyone is exhausted.It’s as if we have pushed a gigantic boulder up a mountain, only to have it slip from our grasp inches from the top.The good thing though is that it has only rolled back a bit.After a rest, we’ll be ready to make a final effort and achieve our goal.

    136. Bugger (the Panda) says:

      There is our campaign soubriquet

      Round 2

      ding ding

    137. Brendan says:

      You will rest, I will rest, we all will rest, the desire for independence will NEVER rest.

    138. Bugger (the Panda) says:

      Thanks Joe Swan

      Round 2

    139. Capella says:

      All of the above. Plus, I followed AS’s example and tried the 5:2 diet. Needless to say, like most things AS says, it works. And you don’t even have to be very strict about it.
      Good luck and I will check every day just to see if you can stick to your resolve!

    140. Roughian says:

      Minehead or Weston-Super-Mare? I know. Let’s vote on it.

    141. wee_monsieur says:

      Ditto from me to all of the above sentiments.

      Enjoy your break.

    142. HandandShrimp says:

      Enjoy your break, I think that is pretty much spot on, in terms of re-charging your batteries, analysis of where the land lies and the way ahead.

      We live in interesting times and I for one would like to make them really, really interesting for those that stood against independence.

    143. Sandra says:

      Yay! So glad you’re going to keep on keepin’ on, Stu. Best thing I’ve heard all day.

    144. Robert Peffers says:

      I do hope Stuart Hosie runs for Deputy. He has been most impressive throughout this campaign, though we really are spoiled for choice with such a wealth of sound candidates to choose from.


      Tweet from Peter Murrell on : –

      Peter Murrell Clap along if you feel that’s what you wanna do. Because it’s now 37,228 new @theSNP members. Total 62,870. Join in:

    145. EphemeralDeception says:

      It is great relief you are carrying on. Take a long break until you feel the energy coming back.

      Then and only then, before you get restarted, maybe read up on some recent Noam Chomsky to get those MSM antibodies fully fired up.

    146. HawGaw says:

      Enjoy…you’ve earned it.

    147. Tartan Tory says:

      Have fun Stu! 🙂

      Really happy to see that Wings will continue (as we all will) with the quest for independence.

      I sincerely believe that without your services, we would have been in the 30’s, percentage wise last week. We ALL made a difference, albeit not quite enough, but there’s more than one way to skin a cat.

    148. AuldA says:

      @BtP :

      Any grievance for Paris? Why would you use underpasses when the weather is so nice? (Sunny, 20°C)?

    149. JimnArlene says:

      Enjoy your rest, I think you’re going to need it, interesting times ahead. Round 2…….

    150. muttley79 says:

      Does anyone know how to get the new article of Iain Macwhirter’s on the Herald? I tried, but it blocked me. He usually worth reading.

    151. Sparky says:

      Thank you for ALL your time and commitment. Have a good rest, look forward to hearing from you again soon.

    152. Flower of Scotland says:

      My life has changed too, and I’m raring to go again!

      Can’t wait till you get back Stu, but enjoy your break. Come back with sand between your toes!

      Thanks again for your extraordinary effort for Scottish Independence!

    153. Meindevon says:

      Don’t worry Rev, if you aren’t going anywhere, then neither are we!

      Come back raring to go because something tells me you are going to have to pick through a load of dross and lies and unfulfilled promises when you get back.

      Either that or all Westminster will implode, which is looking more likely every day, and we can just start again without them. Easy peasy!

    154. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      ‘I have often argued, and heard others argue, that the EU referendum will be a Yes (to leave) in England and a No in Scotland. Whilst it can’t be ruled out, YouGov opinion polls show, although it is close, No to be ahead for most of this year”

      It’s by no means certain on either side of the border. But it’s a very real possibility.

    155. bobby mckail says:

      I just wanted to add my gratitude to you Stu. Over the last two and half years I have learned an enormous amount from your good-self, Scott Minto and Douglas Daniel and many others on this site. I have never been more informed about the in and outs of politics and still learning all the time.

      I would never have dreamed of joining a political party before, but I did yesterday by joining the SNP. The words that will always stay with me that you wrote on the other site before moving to this new home, is ‘sentiment without action is the ruin of the soul’stayed with me throughout this whole referendum campaign and now beyond that. Have great time off you deserve it mate and I look forward with everyone else to the next stage of the campaign going into the future wherever that takes us.

    156. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “It would be a much more positive message to work for a new Federal UK for England, Cornwall, NI, Wales, Scotland and the Islands complete with a Constitution, Bill of Rights and Supreme Court.”

      Perhaps it would, but there’s absolutely NO fucking chance of it happening in a million years. If it’s all the same to you, we’ll focus on something with at least a plausible hope of becoming reality.

    157. Enjoy your break Stu,you deserve one!

      I lost a few pounds the last week before the vote,so busy I kept forgetting to eat.

      The meadows stall will be back on saturday by the way,11am,in its usual place because we love it so much.
      It will be a ‘ Joining up info stall'(sorry about the rubbish name) and we will have info on membership of all the YES parties.
      We are NOT going away,Scotland is too important to us for that!

    158. Meindevon says:

      Can I add that reading Bugger’s comment about avoiding Paris and underpasses made me laugh, however without wishing to worry you, I wouldn’t put anything past ‘them’.

      Mind your back!

    159. heraldnomore says:

      This McWhirter article? I ain’t going near the paper I bought daily for decades; the one that became just a crossword habit.

    160. Donald says:

      Enjoy your break, you deserve it. Come back with your batteries recharged and ready to go again.

      At the risk of being banned,I gave you my stone and a sole skill appears to be delivering leaflets but doing that day in day out only having coffee to keep you going sure movies the puppy fat.

    161. heraldnomore says:

      With no passport Stu you’ll be restricted to the EU. Watch out for the border posts, guards, dogs on chains etc.

      But most importantly relax, wind down, and then come back.

    162. Calgacus says:

      Have good one Rev. Thanks for everything you have done. You are worth a million votes!

    163. Nigerian Pirate says:

      Have a very well deserved break Rev.

      Thanks from a hell of a lot of people for cutting through the sh#t that we were dished up daily from papers and TV.


    164. handclapping says:

      I think he had this planned, he didn’t want to be the 7 stone weakling on the beach so he’s gone as an 8½ stone one instead. We’ll just have to see how the dynamic tension of building sandcastles versus tearing the heads off churnalists pans out. Either way it’ll be a better Charles Atlas Rev that returns. 🙂 (For the grammar patrol, it’s an epanorthosis, see)

      If you need a sub for bucket and spade or a kiss-me-quick hat, let us know.

    165. Meindevon says:

      Haha! Just read about you compo from the Scotsman. Should have been way more the damage it caused.

      Have a great holiday on them! They must be choked.

    166. faolie says:

      Have a good one Stu, you deserve it, if only for the fantastic Wee Blue Book alone.

      By the bye, the wee blue book’s Facebook page has added over an astonishing 1,000 likes SINCE the 18th. And the website is still averaging around 300 sessions a day since then too.

    167. Kenneth Shaw says:

      Thanks for everything Rev, looking forward to the journey ahead.

    168. Weedeochandorris says:

      Good on you Stu. Enjoy the well deserved rest and mind your bucket and spade. Drop a postcard if you get the chance 🙂

    169. donald anderson says:

      Stop slacking Rev and pick up thy bed and walk.

      There are many webs, blog, facebooks and twitterers. WOS soars above them for its quality of factual research and is much needed in the run up to English Parliamentary election where we can send enough MPs with a BIG ENOUGH MNAJORITY NEVER TO HAVE TO GO BACK THERE AGAIN.

      If you are looking for a new heavenly title, how about: “Eggs Over London”.

    170. Paul T says:

      I am one of the lurkers on this site been enjoying the reading and banter here and more importantly this site has singled handedly got me fired up and ready to fight for what scots deserve, I wanted to say huge thanks to all involved here at WOS and to let you know the work you put in is really appreciated, I am now an SNP member and have just recruited another 2 family members we are becoming an unstoppbale force!

    171. muttley79 says:


      No, the new article in the Herald.

    172. steve allan says:

      enjoy your break and when you come back you can help keep their feet to the fire

    173. Embradon says:

      Great news that you are going to carry on Stu. Losing Wings would have been a bitter blow.
      We continue to live in interesting times.
      Have great break.

    174. Capella says:

      And my contribution added via paypal just to keep the wheels turning.
      Watched “The Wind that Shakes the Barley” last night. Not a cheerful film (or song) but a timely reminder of the cost to our Irish cousins of gaining their independence. Can the British state accept democracy now?

    175. P.R.D. says:

      Prefer the idea of independence being gained by a mass rapid movement of the will of the Scottish people, and that is happening.

    176. goulashman says:

      Thank you, Rev – you are a strength and hope – YES for Scotland will never go away – YES for a decent society different from the ugly one Westminster is developing in England and wishes for us – YES until we can say “Yes we’ve done it”! In the meantime, our focus needs to be on a strong SNP AND strong Greens, strong SSP and encouraging RIC – for a combined continued YES challenge to Westminster and for hope.

    177. David Stevenson says:

      Enjoy your break. I believe the positive response of our movement has caught the Unionists out big time. They thought they had slammed the lid on us, but we are more resilient than they (or even many of us) thought we could possibly be.

      We have political milestones ahead that provide focus, a mass of activists keen to achieve success, recent experience of cross-party and cross-organisation cooperation, a developed/developing online media presence, wide use of social media and critical analysis of our failings.

      The recent membership surges for the SNP, Greens and SSP must mean that there is a “Yes Party” member for every 50 or 60 voters. Not everyone can or will be active, but those numbers indicate the level of contact that can now be achieved.

      All this must stand us in good stead for the challenges ahead.

    178. benarmine says:

      Thank Christ. You’re a pivotal hub in this whole thing Stuart. Have a great holiday and haste ye back.

    179. A.N.Surgent says:

      Good to know you will be at the forefront(again) of the campaign for a free and independent Scotland.

      Enjoy your time at the seaside.

    180. manandboy says:

      Is Stu gone yet – I’m missing him already.

      Is he still here – Stu ? Stu-u?

      Not a sound – he’s gone.

      What was that?

      I just heard the door banging.

    181. Free Scotland says:

      Stu, thank you for all you’ve done. But, seriously, lay off the junk food – anima sana in corpore sano.

      Your Wee Blue Book is still at work as we move on to Stage 2.

    182. Muscleguy says:

      I put on weight in the last two weeks of the campaign, not because I wasn’t, literally, running around canvassing, delivering leaflets, getting the vote out etc but because I put my normal running program on hold to have both time and energy to devote to the referendum.

      I’m enjoying getting back into it. 6X200m intervals finishing with 3miles last night and I feel fantastic. A change as good as a rest.

    183. john king says:

      Mealer says
      “Bugger the panda,
      The rev would do well to put you and Paula Rose into moderation til he comes back!!”

      Oh oh, I wouldnt want to be you when Miss Pi er I mean miss Paula puts those stilletos on ,
      oohh that’ll leave a mark

    184. handclapping says:

      The way to see if he’s gone is to put 4 ! together. Of course it means an instant ban and 3 months of premoderation but if you think its worth it …

    185. James says:

      Muttley. Join the EU Citizens for An Independent Scotland FB Group. They have MacWhirter’s article in full. Decent read but a couple of Federalist clichés not to my liking. One, it really is a promotion piece for his own long-held preferred option which, as Prof John Kay pointed out in his FT piece yesterday, is unlikely to work (the UK doesn’t do federalism ‘at home’…only seeks to impose it in the colonies). Two, he is not wholly comfy with the grass-roots upsurge…’getting out of hand’ is one of his quotes. What I read into this is two-fold: one, it does not differentiate him in attitude from the mainstream conservative small ‘c’ establishment view that the masses are revolting, unruly and must be checked in their ambitions. Two, that somehow Civic Scotland is going to suddenly find its balls and hold the Smith Commission to account on behalf of the great unwashed.

      Eh no it isn’t. Civic Scotland is a largely supine, neutral (neutered?) creature that will go with the flow. Ordinary people – individuals – need to get on it like a car bonnet and absolutely not expect STUC or Scottish Chambers or the Kirk or any part of civic Scotland to fight for the totality of required powers to make a job-creating, socially-just difference up here. Anything for a quiet life will be Civic Scotland’s motto. Path of least resistance etc etc.

      They had no guts to fight Westminster during that amazing two years; they aint going to start now. So we mustn’t let anyone be seduced by the Siren song and crocodile tears of mainstream lickspittle establishment Scotland (Daily Record, Labour et al) as they come a-courtin’ the Yes Movement.

      Enjoy your hols Stu. I suspect you might not get another until around 2020!!

    186. Macandroid says:


      Have a break – have a Kit-Kat, second thoughts – forget the Kit-Kat! Tablet though…

      Meanwhile the Common Weal is just getting going again. You will all enjoy Robin McAlpine’s The Rebellion: Phase Two

    187. muttley79 says:

      Independence supporters and voters have the choice of three parties to join. There is the Scottish Greens, the SNP and SSP. 1.6 million voted Yes last week. Obviously not all Yes voters are going to join a independence supporting party, but if as many as possible do, then the chances of changing Scottish politics forever increases. It also maintains the pressure on the unionist parties to deliver on their promises.

    188. Zabazoom says:

      Good, get some rest Rev, and welcome to 2.0

    189. fred blogger says:

      labour say that they will repeal the health and social care act, but in practice this won’t matter if the NHS is not excluded from TTIP.
      the tories are intent on going ahead with TTIP.

    190. Dr Jim says:

      A great barometer of how my day is going to go is to, first read Alan Cochrane in the morning with my tea,and the more insane he gets, the happier i know i’m going to be……He does make me laugh

    191. yesindyref2 says:

      Over not of!

    192. Capella says:

      Please don’t link to MSM pages. You can link to an archive page thus preventing them from getting ad fees from clicks. I don’t click on these links now so miss out on the info. But it would be good to have a collection of archive links to limit the damage.

    193. A.N.Surgent says:

      Noticed at my local shop that most msm headlines were SNP bashing,
      seems like that will be their narrative for the upcoming months.

      Even the impending illegal military operations against Syria didn`t seem to register. The uk once again sleepwalking into a war which benefits only our imperialist masters.

    194. Nana Smith says:

      Tommy Sheriden blasts the BBC.

      Take a look on the website, its good.

    195. Ian Brotherhood says:

      Powerful new article from Richie Venton, SSP:

      ‘The Struggle Continues…’

    196. Dorothy Devine says:

      Well Stu , if you want to lose a stone and a half ,I think there is a boot camp in Yorkshire which gets you up at sparrowfart , makes you run up hills but feeds you healthily and according to my lovely daughter you hate the organisers to start with , you grow to love them by mid week , you sleep like a log on a bunk bed and you’ve lost loads of inches round thighs and bumpsadaisiesn and by the end of the week you want to move in.

      On the other hand , the work you have done on behalf of us hungry fledglings and for Scotland , I think a blob out would be much better for you and you can worry about the weight when you get back.

      Have a cracking holiday and THANK YOU.

    197. Iain says:

      Come back refreshed and ready to take things on. A lot of people are standing alongside you. Thanks for all you’ve done, and will do. The dream WILL become reality.

    198. heraldnomore says:

      McWhirter’s article in full, linked from Yes Clydesdale

    199. Kevin evans says:

      Glad your taking a wee rest stu – come back fighting for and ready to go.

    200. tartanarse says:

      Relax about Stu’s health folks.

      Recently he told us that he’d driven to the outskirts of town late one night for a bit of a break. If his favourite route is north for this habit then trust me, if he goes without the car he will shed 1 and a half stone in weeks.

      It’s hillier than Aviemore!!!

    201. galamcennalath says:

      Stu, more than anyone else in this campaign, you deserve a break and a battery recharge!

    202. Tony Little says:

      Have a good long break Rev. you deserve it

    203. Graeme Doig says:

      Cheers big yin (your spirit not your weight 😉 )

      Take it easy

      We,re not going anywhere. Nothing else to do but keep fighting.

    204. Jamie Arriere says:

      Have a good break, Rev.

      Looking forward to the new media plans which you say are afoot. Let’s challenge the unionist media as well as the unionist politicians.

      Back with you after the break

    205. galamcennalath says:

      muttley79 says:

      “Independence supporters and voters have the choice of three parties to join …. if as many as possible do, then the chances of changing Scottish politics forever increases. It also maintains the pressure on the unionist parties to deliver on their promises.”

      Just joined the SNP. First time a political party member. The more the better.

      Yes, changes things, keeps up pressure, they have promises to keep.

      We should prepare ourselves for them defaulting …. And then then it’s game on for IndyRef II !

    206. Rod Robertson says:

      Great news Stu ,it just would not be the same without our daily diet of WOS
      Enjoy the break see you when you get back.

    207. muttley79 says:


      Cheers, but that article is still covered up by the pay screen.

    208. kendomacaroonbar says:

      Have a relaxing break Stu ! Haste ye back.

    209. squarego says:

      Take your bucket and spade. Maybe you’ll strike oil on the south coast and the Tory bastards will leave us alone.

    210. yesindyref2 says:

      ??? Oh! I do like to be beside the seaside
      I do like to be beside the sea!
      I do like to stroll upon the Prom, Prom, Prom!
      Where the brass bands play:
      So just let me be beside the seaside
      I’ll be beside myself with glee ???

      He hehe he (wicked laugh)

      Have a good one Rev, recharge those batteries. It was close.

      Peter Piper (aka dadsarmy)

    211. yesindyref2 says:

      Hard NOes too. I rocked a few into being “don’t knows”. Probably voted NO in the event, but they were shaken even if not stirred!

    212. LOnick says:

      While i did not agree with everything you have posted over the campaign, i can say that you were the main reason from turning me from a NO to YES. As many other people have said enjoy your break, you have earned it.

    213. fred blogger says:

      another way to look @ the yes campaigns achievements is that we achieved 45% of the vote, with one sunday newspaper supporting yes, and most MSM supporting no.
      vote yes for an uncharted, but with well known prospects of a future that we knew would be much better, than we have now, especially in light of MSM revelations of the past few days.
      i am disgusted with a system that is set up to plunder the energy and the capital of the masses, and fail to understand how voting for the retention of such a system, is a cure for it’s ills.
      TTIP you know it makes non-sense!

    214. dakk says:

      Sir,I salute your indefatigueability as some old hypocrite once said .Your support will help us prevail.Thank you.

    215. fourmenterian says:

      So glad that Wings over Scotland will keep flying but, seriously, you must be knackered after the work that you’ve put in. I suppose like many WOS has become my first port of call for indy news and links over the pst few months and it would be sadly missed. As you say there are now many projects flying off in all directions post-referendum and by the time you return the smoke of battle may have cleared somewhat. Take time, reflect, and I hope you come back stronger than ever.

    216. JET JOCKEY says:

      I have to assume everyone saw the desperate ,frenzied almost hysterical pleadings by the three numpties sweat pouring off the end of the increasing nose size, fighting for their own pension no else’s, and the statements regarding pensions , euro, currency and of course the dwindling North Sea oil,but failed to mention the results from finds on the west coast and the expansion of Sullom Voe . No one asked them 1, why was the Macrone Report kept sercret and to many still is 2 why was the border in the North Sea realigned, I was told by my politician that “WE ARE ALL ONE COUNTRY”

    217. Capella says:

      We also need to work on setting up our own bank. (Just in case you were all thinking of taking a break like Stu).

    218. Roy says:

      Thanks a bunch for your help over the piece Stuart. Take a well deserved break-we’ll be here when you come back?

    219. Jambon Jovi says:

      Send us a postcard. Enjoy your R & R.

    220. Well done to all….enjoy your break.

    221. abystander says:

      Well done mate.Very well earned rest.

      A million thanks.Or 1.6 million to be more exact.

    222. INDEPENDENT says:

      Hope you have a great break and we all look forward to you returning with your batteries re-charged ready for the surge to FREEDOM, from the CORRUPT ConSlabDems and MSM (Main Stream Mafia).

      Sorry if it has been mentioned earlier, but let us know if you need any top up for the Holiday Money or in the near future to keep it all going. We can’t have you being short changed after your truly magnificent effort.

    223. yesindyref2 says:

      For nearly 3 years whenever someone comes out with “you Nats / gnats / gnatz” in a thread, seeking to show that Independence was an SNP thing only and therefore doomed to fail, I’ve been able to reply “I’m not a member of any party, never have been and probably never will”. It’s been a strength I think.

      Well, It’s now obvious to anyone that it isn’t all SNP, and the next referendum will be very different – and a much shorter campaign (less than 6 months).

      So I joined the SNP, their membership is now nearly 64,000, catching up the whole UK membership of the Conservatives, and a big force to be reckoned with.

      I understand the apolitical, non-aligned, I was one, and largely still am. But there is strength in numbers, as well as diversity.

      I think perhaps the SNP should allow membership of more than one party, from a look at advances, it looks like the total membership of the SNP will slow down increasing to a total of about 70,000. 100,000 would be even better.

    224. Schrödinger's cat says:

      Interesting comment from mcwhirter
      We may have inadvertently mobilesed the no vote too

      I think this May have been caused by FB and also canvassing every door, we need to ensure that the nos don’t wake up for the ge in May

      Have a good holiday

    225. YESGUY says:

      Ian brotherhood.

      Cracking article . Real fighting talk. We YESSERS are not going away.


      Big lump in my throat when i read the article. Thank you. This is the place I changed from No to YES. And i lurked for months without comment because i thought i was only part of a few . I read hundreds of folk saying the same. i also felt foolish for doing nothing. It’s been a roller coaster ride so far and i do NOT want to get off .

      Enjoy some R&R and come back with your usual gusto. You deserve much more.

      P.S. If your looking to shed some pounds, a liquid diet doesn’y work. Stopped drinking pints for wee bottles and put on a stone.

    226. Papadox says:

      Please check out and sign up to newsnet Scotland’s petition for EBC Scotland to be transferred to the responsibility of holyrood and hopefully become a fair and honest new Scottish broadcaster. SBC perchance, please give it your consideration and if possible your support. Thank you.

    227. Viking Girl says:

      I’ll say it again.
      You’ve got talent, Stuart, and you use it well.
      Thanks for all your hard work.
      All the best.

    228. Neil Dorward says:

      “Rev Stu has no regrets about taking a well earned break” – said Bella Caledonia (allegedly)

      “Rev Stu has many regrets about taking a break from WOS and decides to recuperates in England” – said the BBC (allegedly)

    229. Robert Peffers says:

      It just keeps growing – as Nick Robinson said about his nose:

      Here’s another tweet from : –

      “Peter Murrell Doo wop be dooby do eye! New members 38,032, in total 63,674. Sing shang-a-lang and run with @theSNP gang. Join now:

    230. HandandShrimp says:

      I see the Sun (South Britain) is setting about Miliband. I It is my view that the media in the UK has swung pretty firmly to the right – Labour in the run up to the election are going to get their own medicine heaped back in spades in the run up to the election. The Record and Herald may stick with Labour but I am not sure they will get much succour from elsewhere.

      My sympathy will be limited.

    231. Training Day says:

      Just in to see this excellent news. Enjoy your break man, and come back stronger than ever. We’ll be here waiting.

    232. yesindyref2 says:

      @Tony Little
      Saw your posting in the other thread – should you bother in the media forums? No idea! I gave up the Herald after managing the usual early morning postings both Sat and Sun (Peter Piper), but looking at the Friday threads was astonished to see “the usual suspects” having carried on posting as though nothing had happened, every soon after the result was obvious. Such courage and strength. A real “get it up ye” to the unionist posters who actually looked rattled!

      Maybe take a break like the Rev, and think about it.

    233. Greannach says:

      Have a well-earned break. Looking forward to your return to take part in what looks like being an even more exciting period than the one just past. If that was what democracy in action looked like, I can’t wait for more!


    234. heraldnomore says:

      Craig Murray on bombing

      Muttley sorry about that, it was there in full when I visited and I should have archived. I guess the Yes Clydesdale freebies must have been used up now.

    235. Red Squirrel says:

      Thank you for opening my eyes to the powerful lies of MSM. It’s been a shocking revelation to me and I’m so grateful to you for relentlessly highlighting the depths they will go to to protect the rotten establishment.

      Enjoy a well deserved break. And hurry back.

    236. Macart says:

      Yeah, this’ll do nicely.

      Have a good one Rev.

    237. Capella says:

      If you have Firefox, copy the Herald URL in there and you can read the article. You need to delete cookies in your browser so that the Herald paywall cookie doesn’t exist any more. Firefox also allows you to control this type of cookie action. I find it best to use a separate browser for paywall sites but since I don’t read MSM now it’s not so important.

    238. manandboy says:


      and anyone who’s a wee bit vague about neo-Liberalism.

      David Cameron is going to try on Friday to get Parliament to sanction

      going to war alongside the Americans in Syria.

      War is bad right ? Wrong, not if your a Neo-liberal.

      To a neo-Lib, war is good. Why ?


      Without regular wars, the arms industry, here and the US, would suffer.

      Production would be cut back, redundancies would follow, tax revenues

      would decrease and so on, and no one wants that now do they?

      And because the arms industry is owned by wealthy businessmen and

      shareholders, all neo-Liberals of course,

      no wars means they would suffer too,

      as would the politicians who are on the payroll of the

      aforementioned businessmen.

      Did we not hear till we were sick hearing it, during the

      Referendum debate, that if we gave up Trident,

      thousands of jobs would be lost and the local economy would collapse.

      This is how a neo-liberal thinks-step forward Messrs.Lamont& Baillie.

      By this logic, all the Nazi concentration camps

      of World War 2 would have been kept going because thousands of jobs

      would be lost if they were shut down

      and the local supply economies would have collapsed

      resulting in untold misery to local communities.

      So just keep the jews and gypsies and disabled in there.

      It’s good for business.

      This is the way a neo-Liberal thinks.

      Does anyone really think that one of Britain’s biggest Liars

      is going to war to actually help somebody in need?

      David Cameron, the PM, is a Conservative Neo-Liberal.

      Most Conservatives AND a majority of Labour are too.

      That’s why, on Friday, the UK will go to war.

      And untold death and suffering will be the result

      but it’ll be worth it

      because there’s a fortune to be made here

      through armaments sales,

      and we neo-Liberals are gonna make it.

      And that’s what all you No voters signed up to.

      It could have been SO, SO different

      but you were afraid to lose your home comforts

      and as a result we’re going to war.

      Yes, this is what you chose.

      David Cameron is only going to war


      Enjoy your day; I hope your comfortable .

      May God help the people under the bombs.

      You No voters could have saved him the trouble

      but hey-ho, that’s life as a neo-Liberal.


    239. muttley79 says:


      Miliband is going to get monstered by the exact same political forces he was supporting against Scottish self determination. He is nowhere near the calibre of politician of Alex Salmond, Nicola Sturgeon, Patrick Harvie etc either. Labour are going to get pounded by the MSM in particular. This is the guy SLAB are pinning their hopes on! 😀 I for one have absolutely no sympathy for them.

    240. Vince says:


      So abrupt and scathing, but sadly so true. People in the middle east dying because of the economic warmongering of the West. For those who say – but these people are dying at the hands of IS etc. . Who the hell set this whole thing off in this scale !!! Yes us and the people we support. It’s so shameful.

    241. Bugger (the Panda) says:


      26 here!

    242. George S Gordon says:

      Great debt owed to you by #the45. Have a nice holiday and then come back.

    243. EphemeralDeception says:

      Further to the vote tomorrow. I recommend emailing your mp or going via local forum for them to state their position. earlier I posted this on the Kintyre forum to Alan Reid MP

      Open Letter to Alan Reid

      Dear Mr Reid,

      As you are being recalled to Westminster to vote on who the UK is going to bomb next I would like you to explain how you will vote and the reasons for doing so, please?

      As you were already ecstatic about Bombing Syria the last time the vote came up, where you voted YES, alas only to be outvoted, I guess you will calling for Yes this time too? I would expect that if you do vote Yes it is with a full international legal basis to do so.

      Therefore, could you also explain what measures under international law authorizes the UK to Bomb Syria ( backed I am sure with full agreement of the Security Council )?

      And finally please explain to natives of Argyll and bute, as asked by former Ambassador,Craig Murray: “explain to me the precise mechanism by which our bombing Islamic countries helps prevent terrorist incidents in the UK.”

    244. Onwards says:

      “We also need to work on setting up our own bank. (Just in case you were all thinking of taking a break like Stu).”

      I think we will see projects like this.
      So many people are sickened by RBS and HBOS

      I am sure a a crowdfunded, mutual society owned by thousands of Scottish people would be a success.

      Airdrie Savings Bank is the last independent Bank in Scotland and is seeing a surge in members.

      Several well known Scottish entrepreneurs pumped money into it last year. Soutar, Grossart, Farmer, Murray etc

      From their wiki page.

      “We believe the mutual principle is fundamental to the integrity of the bank. We are doing this because so many Scots are dismayed at what has happened within the banking sector”

    245. Paul says:

      Enjoy a well deserved break!

    246. yesindyref2 says:

      Definitely the wrong Miliband. My wife who has little interest in politics (still voted YES), can’t stand him. For her, he stole his brother’s job, pure and simple.

      Ed is weak and not very intelligent. Lamont is far more clued up than him.

      For us of course, Ed is the right Miliband 🙂

    247. heedtracker says:

      Have a great holiday Reverend. It’s been heartbreaking but we are legion! Don’t really know what that means but the only way really is up. Thanks for everything.

    248. manandboy says:

      Ian Brotherhood says:25 September, 2014 at 3:04 pm
      Powerful new article from Richie Venton, SSP:
      ‘The Struggle Continues…’

      A truly brilliant forensic examination of the RefResult

      by Richie Venton. This is a MUST MUST MUST read.
      This just one section.

      But as we’ve written over the past year or more,
      Labour was the chief obstacle to the Scottish working class majority winning the democratic right to elect our own future governments.
      Who in the Scottish working class would listen to Cameron and his endangered political species after all?
      Or to Clegg’s Mini Me Tory collaborators?

      The ruling class of the UK desperately needed Labour leaders to exploit their residual roots in the working class to defend the rich from a movement that threatened to go far beyond changing flags or government headquarters to demanding a change to the entire economic amd social system.
      And the Labour leaders obliged, betraying the working class they have exploited for votes and political office for a century.

      One central aspect of this betrayal
      was the last ditch intervention of Gordon Brown
      for ‘substantial extra powers’ provided we voted No.

      This came on the back of months of pleas to vote No in 2014, vote Labour in 2015, and proceed to a land of milk, honey and ‘justice with Labour’.
      This then became the infamous VOW, plastered over the front page of the mass readership Daily Record, with Cameon, Clegg and Miliband vowing far more powers for Holyrood provided the Scottish people answered their cooing ‘Please don’t go’ message.
      And that ploy played a substantial part in swinging it for NO. The aforementioned Ashcroft survey of No voters identified ‘extra powers’ as the main persuader for 25% of No voters: that’s a massive half a million voters!”

    249. Iain More says:

      Thank you for all the work. Rest and stay healthy for the next battle as it is coming sooner than most of us expected last Friday.

    250. ronnie anderson says:

      @ Bugger the Panda Why o Why did you call oor Paula Rose a Strumpet on Bateman,a bit of a Floozy but Strumpets a bit harsh. Big XXX fur Paula Rose.

    251. Elizabeth Sutherland says:

      Enjoy your break Rev.Stu, None of us Wossers/Wingers can deny you, your time to refresh mind and body. We will await your return. Good Luck xx

    252. jeremy the lawyer says:

      Enjoy the break

      And congratulations on the Scotsman result today.

      Spend it on a nice holiday

    253. chalks says:

      Please remember folks, that the general election is back to labour v tories.

      We must shout loud and getting devo max and how labour are no longer the party of devolution….they are the party of the tories.

      If you need Scotland to be delivered on a silver platter to the tories, you call Scottish Labour.

      Are we going to take that anymore?

    254. Caroline Corfield says:

      The seaside is the best place to restore yourself to a place of balance. To once again be poised to float like a butterfly against the mainstream propaganda machine. A thing which no more deserves the title media than cheap manufactured fairground tat deserves the name prize.

      Soak up the tangle, meditate on the waves, enjoy the space. Come back and we’ll take a good hard shake to their gaudy bauble headlines and see what sawdust stuffings fall out.

    255. Roseannestuart says:

      So happy that you are staying with us, we couldn’t have done so well without you and the wee blue book. Hope you enjoy your well deserved break.

    256. ronnie anderson says:

      @ Rev Stuart I always had faith in You that the site would continue,stupid you are Not, you have put blood sweat & no doupt tears into this WOS site & not a man to walk away before the job is finished. Enjoy the well earned rest,weil be here ready & waiting on your return.

    257. AuldA says:


      You gotta kidding me 🙂
      26°C in Scotland? As Morag would say, I’d rather believe the Moon’s made of fluff.

    258. Les Wilson says:

      Have a good rest Stu, no one here, knowing all your efforts would not wish you well in doing so.

      Just a bit about the UK euro referendum. Westmister will know full well Scotland’s position on this.
      If they see that a Yes to leaving is on the cards, the old machinery will come out the cupboard. The BBC, MSM et al.
      Telling us 24/7 how bad the EU is. Another propaganda outrage against Scots wish to stay in.

      They know what could happen, so the will “manage” it, as they have just done. It is good that Wings will still be here, to inform us, as you do. Have a good time, recharge and zoom back!

    259. donald anderson says:

      No, chalk. Devo nothing. Indpendence. Nothing less.

    260. kalmar says:

      Best news I’ve heard since the 19th. Good on you Stu.

    261. AuldA says:

      @manandboy :

      In fact, wars and wars only have saved capitalism. That’s the only way this system can endure: build, consume, build, consume, destroy, rebuild, re-consume, rebuild, re-consume, re-destroy, etc.

      If there are no wars, capitalism inevitably leads to a structural crisis, exactly what we are facing nowadays.

    262. Capella says:

      Agree that the Airdrie Bank deserves all the support it is getting and that the mutual principle is worth protecting. I still remember Thatcher selling off TSB on the grounds that “nobody owns it” when in fact it was owned by it’s depositor. Westminster, of course, pocketed the proceeds. Lloyds had to set up a charity fund to disburse a percentage of the profits which was part of the original TSB charter.
      Now they are again separated but without the charity payout (AFAIK).
      But for the whole of Scotland, I think a more general name would be needed. Not “Bank of Scotland” unfortunately!

    263. Gordon Kennedy says:

      Breaking News

      HM Queen Elizabet has had a horse disqualified for having morphine in its bloodstream. Could this be an explanation of why she purrs?

      Meaban says she hopes your break for relaxation will not involve anything as deletrious to your health.

      The diminution in the volume of hate mail is funnily enough a relief to me, and you had much more of it. A break is well earned. Enjoy

    264. manandboy says:

      BANKSY as usual does the business

      This image will mean so much to so many, 1.6 million in fact

    265. Capella says:

      One good reason to stres the Devo Max option is that Gordon Brown, Alisdair Darling and George Galloway all promised it, in order to sway the vote in the last week of the debate, after YES went into the lead. That was a breach of the Edinburgh Agreement. See Newsnet article with recorded broadcasts.
      Lord Smith of Kelvin is consulting “us” about what shoud be included. I would say Full Fiscal Autonomy (including all taxes, oil revenues and vat) plus removal of Trident from Faslane. Scotland can then remit to Westminster what is needed to cover defence – within reason and providing we are not involved in illegal wars.
      We know, and Westminster knows, that they cannot possibly deliver that. It is federalism and England won’t tolerate it. Back to the Independence option by St Andrews night by GBs timetable.

    266. steve andrews says:

      I’m sorry about this but IMO a reality check is necessary. The 55% (65% in some areas) voted NO to Independence. Another referendum in 12 or 24 months time would suffer a similar fate simply because the reasons that did for us on the 18th will not have been fully resolved to the satisfaction of the NO voters :(currency, aging population, oil revenues, pensions confidence…any others ?). In any battle you need to know your enemy’s strengths – his weaponry and tactics- to have any chance of prevailing. Well how’s this:
      Cast yourself forward to March 2015 (6 weeks before the election):
      – BBC still in collusion with establishment in this case Labour
      – Daily Record, Sun, Herald et al headlining with all the Labour positives whilst doing the usual misinformation, lies about Indy parties
      – Gordon Brown deployed as some sort of political ‘galleon of truth’ with full backing of the MSM “he saved the world then the Union” now he’s here to put Labour back in charge
      – Labour Party pushing their manifesto pledges to working class Scotland
      23000 nurses; 8000GP’s; 5000Care workers; £8/hr minimum wage; Jobs for teens scheme; 200,000 new homes; 5million homes insulated; and … the NHS with a Mansion House tax – albeit lies and pledges but nevertheless effective
      That is a formidable political foe IMO. Everyone in the Indy movement needs to realise that a wipeout of Labour in Scotland is unlikely – memberships of Indy parties are one thing, but votes are entirely something else. So we need to be very careful and very tactical about how we tackle the next phase of the Independence battle. Maybe a long-term Devo-Max approach is the only possible route.
      We need time to start and get people used to a scottish central bank, independent scottish tv station and newspaper, force the corporates to move their HQ’s south, independent feasibility study of cost and plan for removal of Trident, set up a Scottish navy base nearby Faslane etc etc – we become an independent country in waiting.

    267. Natasha says:

      Dear Rev
      Have a peaceful holiday and forget all about us for a while; we’ll still be here when you get back (sad lonely people that we are :-)). And PLEASE don’t put this comment in moderation . . .

    268. Aspen says:

      Do you have to live in Scotland to be able to join the SDP I live in the south due to family but have waited over 60 years to see an Independent Scotland, now there is a possibility and with a woman First Minister as well I’d like to give a little support.

    269. Will Podmore says:

      Yes, you were right when you wrote that it was “difficult to think of any useful purpose [Wings Over Scotland] can serve”. You have divided and distracted the real fight, which was never for a separate little state, but the real fight against capital. Your embrace of the EU is deeply unpopular, and thoroughly misguided. Look at the detail of the TTIP, which Salmond and Sturgeon both endorse! It’s pro-capital, anti-public, anti-trade union. Your opposition to more Middle East wars is shared by most of the rest of Britain, and will be more effective if you target the government, not the Union.

    270. Scotspine says:

      Stu, thanks for being such a stalwart and pledging to continue. I’ve now joined SNP and cancelling BBC licence tomorrow morning. Feels liberating.

      Like .any, I’m here for the long haul. As someone else said, “lets do this”.

      Enjoy your break.

    271. Bugger (the Panda) says:


      le Gers

    272. Pierre says:

      Brilliant news – have a well earned rest. I look forward to reading your blogs on your return. Feeling a little better now after the awful result achieved by BT through their lies and false promises. Reading the comments on this blog and the others, I have drawn great comfort realising the Yes campaign is still very much alive and kicking.

    273. Scotspine says:

      Will Podmore. The Union now serves no purpose other than sucking wealth out of Scotland.

    274. Bugger (the Panda) says:


      She is the only person I know who wouldn’t be bothered with that epithet.

      In fact she would probably welcome it in her strappy high heels way.

    275. Capella says:

      @Aspen yes you can. BtP lives in France and he joined. The more the merrier.
      I’m not going to reply to the troll. Treat him with the ignoral he deserves.

    276. tartanarse says:

      Ephemeral Deception at 16.33.

      I agree with you entirely.

      For the life of me, I still don’t understand why we didn’t carpet bomb ROI in order to stop the IRA, who lived in Scotland and England, from bombing us. Makes perfect sense.

    277. Grouse Beater says:

      I hope we get a chance to meet, Stuart

      And my offer of a book on the lies, distortions, and sheer political thuggery of the British state still stands.

      If the promised powers turn out to be sugerally water, a complete con, a second referendum is justifiable.

    278. Roland Smith says:

      Have a great holiday and come back to document the delta between Gordon’s home rule and what we end up with.
      It would be tactically sensible for the SNP and Greens to enlist the Lib Dems on their side during the negotiations. The more power that Holyrood gets the less there is for the unionist side to attempt to use as a scare story. Getting control of Scottish Broadcasting is absolutely essential. Getting as many non unionist MPs elected in 2015 needs to be the first priority. I am not a great fan of some SNP policies such as NATO for example but I have joined as there is a bigger picture here. Because of the elections in 2015 and 2016 and a possible referendum in 2017 there is everything to play for and build on the momentum that was achieved.
      I hope this site, Bella, Newsnet and National Collective amongst many others continues in existence. Its obvious there are enough of us willing to crowd fund them.

    279. Natasha says:

      I take it all back folks; we’re not sad and lonely, Will Podmore is. 🙂

    280. AuldA says:

      @BtP :

      Ah… I understand better now. You’re a cheater!
      Didn’t Chris Patten live in Gers too?

    281. AuldA says:

      @Capella :

      I live in Paris and joined, too.

    282. Clarinda says:

      Have the rats been sent to a comfy Rattery for the duration?

      Visited relatives today in Berwick upon Tweed and on return just over our border a very large YES sign with a Saltire flying in a strong wind.

      Your welcome back bunch awaits your safe return.

    283. StevieMcB says:

      You deserve your rest mate you truly have created “A Monster”, BBC already cancelled,now me & Mrs joining SNP,thanks to believing in wings for information, the deliberate manipulation by MSM to cower us Scots never worked.


    284. yesindyref2 says:

      A good article on Scottish Constitutional Futures Forum about why NO:
      “James Mitchell: Why Was That the Outcome?”

      The whole site is a good resource by the way, started off as neutral but at least two of the contributors moved to YES, though the site remains balanced, with articles from “both sides”. The Herald started off with an article about its founding, but then deleted any comments referring to it, or articles on it, and never talked about it again.

    285. Truth says:

      Just to echo the sentiments of everyone else. Thank you and enjoy your break Stu.

      Being back in gainful employment now, I would be well up for a crowdfund should the need arise.

    286. yesindyref2 says:

      Oops, my prediction of the top level for SNP membership might be wrong. That’s, from the Murrell tweet times, 638 new members in 1 hour 4 mins. Now at 64,672 54 mins ago.

      Slap slap, I’m going to have to stop this automatic knee-jerk number and stats analysis thing. Well, maybe not.

    287. Capella says:

      @ Roland Smith
      Can’t agree about the Liberals. They have been trying to not deliver Home Rule for 150 years. Whilst the Tories are two-faced and Labour is red-faced the Liberals are “Face aw roon”. Read the WoS 2012 article by Andrew Page for detail.
      It is clearly Liberal policy to support the Devo Max option but they refused to do it in order to get rid of Alex Salmond.

    288. says:

      Haste ye back. You are simply the best. better than all the rest. Have a good rest.

      So little time so much to do. Only six months to root out every Unionist politician in Scotland.

      Let the battle commence.

    289. donald anderson says:

      “Ephemeral Deception at 16.33.

      I agree with you entirely.

      For the life of me, I still don’t understand why we didn’t carpet bomb ROI in order to stop the IRA, who lived in Scotland and England, from bombing us. Makes perfect sense.”

      Just saw the above post and do not know what ROI is, nor of the tread that this is from, of any IRA bombing of Scotland or Wales, since they recognised Scotland and Wales as oppressed nations. The only bombings in Scotland during the recent Irish Troubles when Labour sent the Troops in and introduced laws contravening European Human Rights standards, were those of the Loyalist persuasion. The Three pubs they bombed in Glasgow were: The Old Burnt Barns in London d at the Barras and. Cleland’s and Derry Traynor’s Bar in the Gorbals in 1979. Incidentally, the person injured happened to Protestants drinking in the bars.

      I say this not for sectarian reasons, but for the sake of accuracy and to maintain the integrity of this forum.

    290. Auld Rock says:

      Hi Stu,

      Hope you’ve packed your bucket and spade??? Enjoy yourselves, recharge your batteries and come back refreshed for ‘Round 2’.

      Auld Rock

    291. Capella says:

      ROI = Republic of Ireland?

    292. Piggy says:

      Take care and enjoy not thinking very much!

    293. Paula Rose says:

      Now dears – while the Rev is away I intend to give the place a lick of paint, give the rugs a good beating and give the place a feminine touch – so please talk quietly and move when I tell you to.

    294. Croompenstein says:

      Well earned break Stu, WoS has seen me through the past week from hell. Thanks for introducing me to HMHB and remember when you’re at the beach they may not be waving at you….

    295. Fairliered says:

      Enjoy your break. Don’t forget to send us a postcard.
      If you’re at the Coast, I hope you don’t bump into Neil Oliver.

    296. muttley79 says:

      @steve andrews

      I don’t think any independence supporters are advocating another referendum in a year or two. However, if we do not get substantially more powers for the Scottish parliament (given the relative closeness of the independence referendum result), and we withdraw from the EU, particularly if Scotland votes to remain, and rUK to leave, then of course it will be back onto the agenda. I think that is why Nicola Sturgeon refused to rule one out in the next 5 years.

      Incidentally, if the Tories in rUK campaign to leave the EU, what will happen to Ruth Davidson, given she was one of the most prominent unionists in Scotland to go on about the EU in the independence referendum? Does she join her main parties’ campaign, and directly contradict her arguments in the indy referendum, or does she go against Cameron and campaign to stay in the EU as part of the UK? Will the UK Tories campaign to stay in the EU? Very unlikely, given the rise of UKIP, Carswell’s defection, and the probable election of Farage at Westminster next year.

    297. ronnie anderson says:

      DONT engadge the Troll ( will podmore ) he,s run out of bile on Yes Scotland facebook now here to stir Ignore him.

    298. alistair says:

      Well done Stu for deciding to stick with it and keep Wings going. I’ll take 2 weeks holiday when you’re at it as their are some pish new posters on here who will hopefully frig off by the time you’re back.
      Still got my “2” gold wings badges pinned proudly.
      Have a good one. Looking forward to the wee red book for phase 2 !

    299. Paula Rose says:

      The Conservative party supporters (as in funders) will be divided down the middle on an EU in/out referendum – interesting times indeed.

    300. ronnie anderson says:

      @Paula Rose Yes Ma,am kin Me & Morag still eat oor cream crackers in bed,seperatly of course.

    301. liz says:

      @manandboy – is that really a banksy – where is it?

    302. scunnered says:

      if anybody desearves a rest it is you..enjoy

    303. johnny come lately says:

      Have a good rest and thanks for everything. We wouldn’t have had a sniff at 45 % without you and your team.

    304. thomas says:

      enjoy yer break .

    305. EphemeralDeception says:

      @Donald Anderson, he was being sarcastic to highlight the lunacy of current UK foreign policy anent (to borrow from Brian Taylor) Islamic State.

    306. Paula Rose says:

      Is that wee will modpoor? Oh really dears – pisspoor and very gristly.

    307. manandboy says:

      liz says:
      25 September, 2014 at 6:39 pm
      @manandboy – is that really a banksy – where is it?

      Hi Liz, I’ve no idea

      Best ask sarah at

    308. Balaaargh says:


      Yes, you can be a Headquarters member or, if you wish, you can be placed in the London branch (even if you’re not in London).

      Today I congratulated a nawbag I used to work with on his prize of another referendum in two years time on coming out of the EU. His response was “Well, you can’t say that. You don’t know what’s going to happen in the future” I reminded him that it was only a week since he said that a YES vote meant that we would be kicked out of Europe for sure.

    309. JET JOCKEY says:

      Lets all support each other, and remember I saw a comment that 70% of the battles over the past 1000 years were won by the side that had the smaller armies . We were up against the Westminster “Establishment” this is has already been said the same establishment that protected the Jimmy Saville linked scumbags of Westminster, it is their deviousness that will defeat them, just watch the body language of some of them it is a dead give away they try to hide with words but this reveals more ,just watch and listen to Douglas Alexander.

    310. G H Graham says:

      See you soon.

      Don’t forget to switch the oven off.

    311. Betty Boop says:

      New crowdfunder for a national broadcaster on the next post!!

    312. ronnie anderson says:

      @Manandboy & Ian Brotherhood, thanks for that Richie Venton link, on speaking to a SSP member about the proposed Alliance with other party’s he seemed douptful, I,ve always said it should be a United Front till Independance is acheived. We have worked till now as a form of a Alliance without the formal title so good on all those Leaders that can put there politics aside for the greater good.

    313. Betty Boop says:

      @ ronnie Anderson. 7:07pm

      Ronnie, was speaking to an ex SSP member who told me last night that she had joined the SNP because she thinks it is the best way to achieve what we all want. I am not sure it matters which party people join or not, but, an alliance seems very possible with attitudes like that.

    314. Franariod says:

      Its exciting times, the referendum just seems to be the spark that has ignited a whole new generation to independence. Have a good deserved rest rev cos I think your going to be a busy man like the rest of us

    315. Andy smith says:

      Enjoy your break stu, and haste ye back
      Can’t believe you don’t have a passport though,’d you expect to get home if it’d been a yes vote !

    316. k1 says:

      Completely O/T

      I’m in the large and increasingly long queue at the Green Party branch meeting in Partick, I saw someone with a camera, asked who they were filming for; BBC. So let’s see how that’s report. I have to tell you folks, the numbers are exceptional…so far. Will hopefully have an accurate figure later on..this is happening! Patrick just came out to tell us, its overwhelming, the numbers, that its taking more time to process because of this! Might even have to move it ootside!

    317. Helen Hunter says:

      As a Glaswegian I am pleased about the Yes vote but we will do even better next time. As a Labour voter of old I will work to make sure that they are TOAST. You are a star. Glad you are planning to stick around.

    318. robert says:

      well done stu like to give west dunbartonshire a mention great work from danny and the yes team in clydebank and the residents of whitecrook 66% yes for my area

    319. Cambo70 says:

      Thanks for all the hard work you put into this. Was gutted on the 19th but optimistic on the 20th when i realized yes movement is sticking around.

    320. Wee Alex says:

      My posts are not appearing at moment so to summarise what I had written (and not copied)

      Watch and see the fall out on 9th October. 2 Westminster by-elections and UKIP expected to win at Clacton and take a huge number of Labour voters at Heywood and Middleton.

      Scotland will be put on back burner as both parties vie for votes in May next year.

      I had another point to make about Labour activists but ill keep it till later.

      PS Enjoy your break Stu and see you soon.

    321. muttley79 says:

      @Helen Hunter

      Good post. Are you joining a pro-independence party?

    322. davidhf says:


      First post on here, as I have been busy posting on Unionist rags up till now, trying to get the truth out there.

      You have done a magnificent job, over the Campaign period and deserve a complete break for a while.

      The YESers are not going away – we will continue to pressure for the best deal for our Country and, if Westminster back-slides on the Vow, or tries to drag us out of Europe against Scotland’s wishes, the Scottish People will undoubtedly want their say, again.

      Politics is a long game…….not a short one!

    323. Morrison says:

      I believe the primarie problem was that of india. Scotland is not Scotish enough. If Gealic were promoted to primary Language of Caesar!, it may help. The referedume shows the same problem as Braveheaert had in that it is not dependencecy but indevidual dependencecy.

    324. donald anderson says:


      Like I said. I can’t find the thread, so I don’t know in what context these remarks were made. He may have been sarcasctic, but there are plenty of knuckle draggers who really would advocate just that – carpet Bombing the Republic of Ireland – and Scotland too.

      Most have only had a taste of them in George Square last week, but those of us involved in Scottish, or Irish rallies, events, etc, have seen the ugly face of British Nationalism at its worst. I lay the blame for that squarely at the feet of the Labour Party and will gladly explain to anyone who does not understand, or doubt what I say.

      I have “served” in the Army in the Middle East and have met plenty of bigots who wanted to bomb all natives, whose country we were occupying. I will not use the racist term they used. Similarly ad hoc bombing in the Middle East again by the Yanks and their British foot stools will create even more problems and create even more retaliations, which the British “legal Terrorists call “terrorists”.

    325. liz says:

      @k/f – they should have told the BBC they want complete control over the broadcast as I bet they will try to create divisions

    326. Mealer says:

      Helen Hunter
      Good for you.Its going to take a lot of effort by many people to make this happen.If youre in a trade union make sure they are doing what you want them to do.And join a party that supports independence.Thankyou.

    327. Cindie says:

      Stu, you have been truly inspirational. You still are. Have a good rest x

    328. david anderson says:

      Look forward to your return and the next step alang the way.

    329. Brian McHugh says:

      I have taken a whole week to get myself together and Stu gives me the ‘in’ to write this piece tonight. I think we have all been on the emotional rollercoaster of a lifetime over the last week.

      My own story of the last week began in George Square on the Eve of the Referendum. My collegue at work turned up with thousands of A1 and A2 size Yes poster in the back of his car, parked outside the Counting House and ‘ordered’ me to grab as many as I could, head into the square and start handing them out… it ended up being one of the greatest and most memorable moments/experiences of my life.

      The square was absolutely buzzing with a humanity and vitality, the likes of which I have never even come close to experiencing in my life before; It was Glasgow and Scotland at its’ very best. I laid down the posters on the ground and started to hand them out, people with smiles a mile wide were flooding from every direction. I went back and got a second pile and headed further into the square and an older woman laid down her bag, gave me a huge smile and started helping me by rolling up posters to hand to people with prams etc. Have to say, that lady was a star 🙂

      Then the contrast of the result and last week. I don’t need (nor want) to say much about or dwell on that, but I now write this because I realise things have changed in me.

      Thinking back to myself ‘Referendum BC’, I posted on NNS first (maybe 3’ish years ago?), when it was still very much in the mould of what Wings is now. I think a lot of people moved their commenting to Wings about the time that NNS changed their position from being a ‘forum’ to what has become their aspirations to be a more traditional (serious if you like) source of news as we know them now. Much respect to NNS btw.

      But getting back on point, I got suspended from NNS on a number of occasions back in the day for passionate posting and getting over passionate/angry at issues; and the same has happened (once or thrice) in the past when I have stepped over the line on Wings. But, when I look back now, I realise how much I have learned throughout this whole process. Ps. that is not to say I do not get angry… Anger is a gift. ;o)

      This brings me on to the point of this post. I can not thank Stu enough (and indeed, all fellow Wingers). Maybe some of it was the whole referendum process… maybe some of it is just that I am mellowing with age, but I very much doubt that without Stu’s daily dose of anti-media sanity, his analysis of the pertinent information and the clinical dissection of it (as much to confirm my own beliefs as to shape them), I don’t think that I would have got through the last couple of years to the point where I am now.

      For that alone, I am eternally grateful.

      …On a final Ps. I was always taught as a kid, that if you start a job, then you finish it. We all have a job to finish.

      Enjoy your break Stu. Thank you.

    330. David Smith says:

      Yep, Stu. That was me with the FB message, sorry guv!
      Is it anything of a defence to say that I was pissed at the time? 😉
      Anyway, have a good rest, you’ve played a bloody blinder, chief!

    331. hadrianswall says:

      Stu, great news you are having a holiday and coming back for the fight.
      OT. If each member, including the new ones, of the SNP, Greens & SSP converted 3 No’s to Yes that would be enough to win the next Indyref. Just 3. That assumes the same electorate, turnout and the 45 stay loyal.
      We can do it.

    332. EdinScot says:

      Im pretty sure this site and the revs wee blue book contributed no end to the 45% yes vote along with RIC, YES grassroots et al. Im so glad to hear the Rev Stu is sticking around as i was dreading the void that there would undoubtably be if we lost this class act of a site. Its been such a pivotal part of the campaign and the incredible statistics of page views etc for wings make your eyes water.

      I think the incredible reaction post no is something to behold. Its pulled me from the depths of despair of half my countryfolk. This, our movement may have been down but in no way are we out. I also just read the brilliant analysis from Richie Venton. With minds like that on our side and the pulling together from all parts of our society, how can we not win through in the end. The memberships of the 3 independence parties is a brilliant tonic and numbs a bit of the anger and hurt im feeling.

      People need hope more than ever and i think we have reason to hope. With Stu sticking around things just got that bit better. Indebted to him and all others from the yes movement.

    333. crisiscult says:

      delighted to report that I received a torrent of abuse from a passing taxi driver when standing in east end of Glasgow waving yes signs and a flag at passing YES convoy. Delighted? Because Glasgow is yes, and abuse will just make us stronger, and also delighted because our yes group is going to continue. Not sure exactly what our remit will be but hopefully to help promote a united front in our area for pro independence parties.

    334. galamcennalath says:

      Everything I’ve heard indicates with certainty that we were winning until they offered DevMax / Home Rule.

      If they renege, then their game’s a boggie …. Everything is up in the air and Indy 2 will begin.

      Wings needs to be there, as do all the other Indy organisations who did so amazingly well. Keep your powder dry and be ready …. I don’t for one minute believe they can deliver DevoMax or anything like it!

    335. Dave McEwan Hill says:


      Much appreciate your comment at 2.22.
      We’ll need to watch out for the nice dafties who’ll swallow similar such nonsense,

      We’ve just nearly won independence, over 35,000 people have just joined independence parties in five days and some nice naive folk are talking about going backwards.

    336. Eddie Barbour says:

      You deserve a bloody medal as well as a long holiday. Looking forward to ypur return to lead the fight in the 2017 referendum.

    337. The Flamster says:

      It’s a big thank you from me too – I have learned so much from reading this site and put on a couple of pounds!! Enjoy your break, recharge the batteries and come back safe and well 🙂

    338. Dave McEwan Hill says:

      Steve Andrews at 5.19

      I don’t know why you imagine the destruction of the Labour party is unlikely. It’s in full flow at the moment and I think Labour’s actual membership in Scotland is about 5000 and dropping like a stone.

      What we have now is not Labour in Scotland but a memory of Labour in Scotland which will linger on for a while. It is actually dead but the post mortem hasn’t been held yet

    339. hopper69 says:

      You keeping going helps us keep going.
      Thanks fatty.

    340. yesindyref2 says:

      I used to read just about all posts on the Herald, and there was genuine anguish from the NOes when it looked like YES would win. Worry, concern for their jobs, mortgages, lives.

      It’s something to work on but looking on the bright side of a NO, they have been spared that for now, when they weren’t ready for it, having been lulled by all the opinion polls before the last week.

      Next referendum they’ll be more ready, hopefully reassured and even resigned as the opinion polls would almost certainly have to show a good YES vote. YES next time will result in a less divided Scotland than a 51% YES would this time. And the Union would have shown surely even them, that it’s a thing not to be trusted, not to be wanted. They too would have had a rude awakening.

      Just making a good thing out of a bad thing, my personal motto

    341. Anne Macdonald says:

      Morag – ‘how to reach those who just watch TV and read the Daily Record’. Morag, you just don’t get it, do you? You have to reach the great grey majority! Older people tend not to be interested in social media not because they are living such boring lives that they just want to sit and stare at the TV or God forbid to read the Daily Record but partly because social media is a confusing mass of frequently garbage and mostly because we like to talk to real people.

      Social media sites on all sides of the political divide are mostly preaching to the converted. Mainly, Yes voters will look at Yes sites and No voters at No sites. I’m not saying that they don’t serve a very useful purpose in focussing interest and ideas but they are NOT the way to persuade undecided people, and particularly older people, to change their minds.

      How this can achieved I don’t know but in my opinion as a 76 year-old woman, it ain’t gonna be done on social media.

    342. Bugger (the Panda) says:


      Tarn or Lot et Garonne, so not too far.

      Nigel Lawson has a house in St Clar and I met and had a beer with Ken Clark in my town a few weeks ago.

    343. yesindyref2 says:

      I had a look at the Herald articles earlier, more the comments as I can’t be bothered signing in any more to read the 6 articles before I have to clear browsing history and cookies and use ccleaner to be able to read more. You don’t need to take out a subscription, I certainly never did.

      The one on the EC reporting BT to the police, the indy posting at the top had over 200 upvotes, and as I always used to look at the upvotes to see who was named, I noticed a lot of new names, same as I did Saturday and Sunday.

      And relatively new posters putting out great comments as well. A way of supporting them is to have a quick look, and upvote good postings. It gives a lot of encouragement to go on, and I definitely benefitted in morale terms from my upvotes, to see a headline coming up, quickly pore over the latest IFS or NIESR report, dig out counter-facts and figures and have a comment ready by 3.20 in the morning!

      Same I guess goes for the others, though perhaps Scotsman is a lost cause in more ways than one.

    344. Celyn says:

      You know, I think I would have liked to read the wonderful book Stu could have written have written had he taken up the offer of all these holidays “from Mull to Tasmania”.

      However,I’m really glad to know that Stu and Wings will still be around.

      Pack your bucket and spade and have a really good and well-deserved break.

    345. Grendel says:

      Enjoy your your holiday Stuart. More than deserved!

    346. caz-m says:

      This is the moment when Jackie Bird done her bit for Queen and country.

      She is interviewing Alistair Darling about the “Vow” of all three Unionist Parties to deliver more powers to Scotland and she infamously says,

      “Let’s just call them Devo-Max”.

      This short interview went a long way to make a lot of undecided voters vote NO in the referendum.

      I hope you are proud of yourself Jackie.

    347. Dave McEwan Hill says:

      Just been talking to somebody else going on about devo max.
      Can we get this clear/
      Devo max is NOT a stepping stone to independence. It is just another hurdle placed in the way

    348. crisiscult says:


      do you not think it’s better to avoid the newspapers and not comment on them. It keeps the britnats going back; if we don’t post, they’ll get bored and stop commenting. Ultimately there will be less traffic on those newspaper sites. I would find it hard to believe commenting on news stories made much difference to the referendum result, though I could be wrong and linking to sites like this could be worthwhile. I just think for the next few months at least these papers should be boycotted.

    349. Tackety Beets says:

      My favourite Holiday postcard that became a TV ad years back .
      Pic old man hanky on head snoozing on beach chair , next to wife scribbling the postcards to post home ” The weather has been lovely , no housework or chores this week , I’m really enjoying the wee holiday . In fact I feel like a new woman , Bert says he does too ! ”
      I feel like a rest too , and I’ve only been reading the posts !

      As the Hillbillies used to say at the end of the show . ” You come back now yo’eer ”

      Enjoy REV .

    350. Chic McGregor says:

      Have good well deserved break Stu. But not like the break I had last night on my wife’s tablet – broken crown. I think we all need to take a wee break in the country, perhaps if we’re lucky coming across a wee cave with a spider trying to build a web across the entrance. 🙂

    351. Marion Cochrane says:

      Have a good break and recharge the batteries. Thank you for all your hard work, from the bottom of my heart. You’ve been amazing.

    352. Devereux says:

      @steve andrews says ‘We need time to start and get people used to a scottish central bank, independent scottish tv station and newspaper, force the corporates to move their HQ’s south, independent feasibility study of cost and plan for removal of Trident, set up a Scottish navy base nearby Faslane etc etc – we become an independent country in waiting’

      Gradualism with a fist? And for that, we need Stu so fantastic he is not going anywhere (except for a rest). On a personal note, can I also say what a pleasure it is to be informed and inspired by the amazing Wingers. Their knowledge and energy is humbling.

    353. neil lepick says:

      Glad to hear that you are just resting enjoy it.
      I did most of my canvassing in Rosyth dockyard and i enjoyed every minute of it.The boys in work say that i was responsible for persuading sbout 90 to vote yes.This was possible by reading your articles and using the brilliant wee blue book,we are still talking about the vote so there is no fear of this going away.As i said enjoy your rest and haste ye back and keep this wonderful experience moving along.
      Thankyou for everything.

    354. manandboy says:

      Richie Venton – regional organiser of SSP

      I only heard of the guy today

      but having read some of his recent stuff

      this guy is up there with the best.

      I love him.

    355. Kev says:

      Great to hear you’re taking a break from it all Stu, thoroughly deserved and long overdue. But since you are far, far too important to the cause to be lost to some stress-related illness, may I suggest you chuck a bit of the cash you got from those Scotsman arseholes and invest in a treadmill or exercise bike, strap the tablet to it and keep doing your thing while keeping in tip-top shape, an utterly terrifying prospect for our enemies surely? 🙂

    356. col says:

      Literally just made two trays of whisky tablet for charity. Will make you some another time stu. Don’t forget your toothbrush, enjoy your break.

    357. Guilders says:

      That saves me having to cancel my monthly subscription to you lol, lets hope you become the “tabloid” of choice in Scotland aka North Britain AARRGGHH

    358. Derick Tulloch says:

      Braw. FFS spend some of the cash on yourself and your neareat and dearest. So glad you’re still in the fight.

    359. TopCat says:

      Dear Rev, my third short post. Thanks for everything, we still need you, if we all stick together and keep at it we will get there. Have a nice break.

    360. mutters says:

      Great news! Looking forward to WOS putting all things devo under a microscope.

    361. Thor says:

      Enjoy the seaside , the work and effort you have put in so far has surpassed being outstanding and the following of people on this site speaks volumes , the momentum is well and truly on the rise and now the cracks are begining to appear in all of the empty promises , its only a matter of time before Westminster will be brought too there knees , then I can purr with happiness , again well done and hopefully a big pinacolada with a pink umberella surely awaits you.

    362. Stuart Clark says:

      Fantastic work Stu. Enjoy your well deserved break and I look forward to your return!

    363. StevieMcB says:

      OT but nice warm & reaches the folk Gordon Brown tried to scare. NANTOM didn’t listen 🙂
      I’m joining the SNP.
      I was reluctant to provide details of account on Internet or telephone. So I telephoned 0800 633 5432.
      Spoke to a nice lady, explained myself and she is arranging for the necessary forms to be forwarded to me and I will be able to join and pay by postal order.

      It’s just the way some of we oldies are.

    364. Paula Rose says:

      StevieMcB honey xx and a big hug!

    365. Ealasaid says:

      Have some well deserved rest and recreation.

      Could not have survived so many highs and lows without this site. Thanks for all the information, debunks and humour from yourself and your great cast of Wingers.

      Enjoy your break.

    366. StevieMcB says:

      Thanks Paula Rose, that was nice 🙂 x

    367. arranc says:

      Blackpool here THe REV stue COMES

    368. Rock says:

      Will a couple of weeks at the seaside be enough to write tens of thousands of postcards?

      Take some more time off if you need.

      Greatly relieved that after Alex Salmond’s resignation, you are staying on.

      We can’t thank you enough for the work you have done during the last three years.

    369. Darren Midgley says:

      As an inhabitant of Edinburgh, I have in the past made jokes at the expense of the good people of Glasgow and also Dundee. I now offer my pride and admiration to these stalwarts to the cause of independence, especially to the people of Glasgow, who thumbed their nose at the bigots of the Orange Order and the BNP/SDL et al, in order to return a clear majority. I only wish that the rest of the country had the tenacity that was displayed in Glasgow and Dundee. I only wish that Edinburgh and Aberdeen had voted the same way. Perhaps then the outcome would have been different.

    370. yesindyref2 says:

      Well, my main target wasn’t the unionist posters, or even lurkers, it was the journos. Trying to give info, analysis, links they could use. Moderate reasonable postings. A lot of articles in both the Scottish main papers are just press releases, or copied from reuters or the dreaded BBC. Limited resources and researchers I guess.

      I did notice at times the Herald did do reports that came from other sources such as NNS, and quite a few times followed up from leads by posters, even deleting a couple of postings prior to having an article!

      Was it worth it all? No idea.

    371. George says:

      Enjoy your break brother.

    372. purplebadger says:

      Enjoy your break, Stu. Very well earned indeed.

    373. Peter aka Persistent Pete says:

      Hi, after your much needed holiday, just pace yourself for these next three years.

      I think this blog will be essential reading for “yessers” and “regretters” alike. Plus a major part of the #YesMomentum campaign, starting with #VoteThemOut2015 and a SNP mandate to govern.

      One final thing – Maggie Thatcher was called “The Iron Lady” – how about us calling Nicola Sturgeon “The Thistle Lady”? Someone to prick the London elitist mafia.

      Onwards and upwards….

    374. tartanarse says:

      Donald Anderson 25.09. at 18.05.

      My post had nothing to do with sectarianism. It merely served to highlight (close to home) what a waste of time it is to randomly bomb countries in the hope that you may kill a few nutters.

      How long did we spend flattening Afghanistan looking for a Saudi that lived in Pakistan? How well did that go?

      ROI is Republic of Ireland.

      Having read your previous posts, I’m fairly sure that you have simply misunderstood my sarcastic post.

      Im on your side.

    375. Mark Russell says:

      I wonder who the ‘no, no, no’ tweed skirted lady was on QT last night? One of the Duke of Roxburghe’s stable girls??

    376. Wull says:

      Have a good rest, and come back regreshed. Many thanks for all the work done, and for all that will be done in future. Alluta Continua …. the struggle goes on.

    377. George says:

      Im froom edinburgh which unfortunatley voeted no but the poorest areas like craigmiller where im from pilton and many other poor areas of edinburgh voted yes but we do have a lot of old folks and middle class here they are who voted no just not from the poorest areas which make up a decent chunk of edinburgh were sick of it and were not giving in this time screw the UK it has’nt done niddrie any good mass unemployment major drug issues and despair … the police in craigmillar are a joke phoned a 999 emergency call the other day as there was fighting at my sisters over the road and it took them 3 hours to respond to 3 seperate 999 calls like is said the UK has done nothing for us just made us poorer people have trouble getting a decent job if they come from areas like this as employers just take one look at where you live and well i think you know what their answer is “NO”.

      And the oil i thought sir wood said there was none what a lying piece of crap ("Tractor" - Ed) is he i bet he got some nice contracts for lying to a whole country what a scumbag most rich have none or very little moral standards they will say anything lie to anyone so long as they can make more money despicable people that they are.

    378. Helena Brown says:

      I was up North yesterday looking at houses and stopped in at Sainsbury’s. Caught the headlines in I think the Record and reading the headline I thought the cheeky so and so’s have got their eyes on destroying the SNP. Well I think they better be careful, they only worked on the elderly and the complacent middle classes and as one I realise we do not live forever. Our day is ending but how many of the young are now politically active and looking for some form of revenge.
      I know that many of us here are old enough to remember 1979 when the British State cheated Scotland the last time, but twenty years dulls memories and many who were alive then are not today.
      I was cheered yesterday to see the many YES’s still highly visible, did my heart good.
      Can I say Stuart, you need a holiday, you worked so hard and it cannot have been easy to see the result. It certainly wasn’t for anyone on the right side. So off and have your rest, you will have enough ammunition to fight with no doubt, when you come back.

    379. donald anderson says:

      Did anyone see the two wimmen at the Faslane protest on the news on Saturday? Not sure if it was STV or EBC. They both confessed to voting No and an SCND friend disbelieves me.

    380. AuldA says:


      I apologize for my boorish ignorance, but who is Ken Clark?

      Whoever he is, I had a missing heartbeat; I read for a second that you had a beer with Nigel Lawson.

      I feel better now. 🙂

    381. Will Podmore says:

      In August last year, the British people managed to stop the warmongers by making their MPs vote against attacking Syria. And Scotland’s Labour MPs tipped the balance against war. (Salmond however said he would not have ruled out war against Syria, and the SNP backed NATO’s imperialist wars against Afghanistan and Libya.)
      Today’s House of Commons motion “Further recognises the threat ISIL poses to wider international security and the UK directly through its sponsorship of terrorist attacks and its murder of a British hostage …”
      No, the government’s ally, the Saudi Arabian autocracy, sponsored the 9/11 and 7/7 terrorist attacks – IS wasn’t even born then. Which terrorist attacks in Britain has IS sponsored? None. It has killed one British hostage – an appalling crime. But a single murder does not make the organisation a ‘threat to the UK’. Yes, it threatens any British individual unlucky enough to be in Iraq or Syria. But so does any other criminal gang. And if any British citizen is so misguided as to go to join it, we should not let them return. But Iraq and Syria are a long way away. Last I heard, IS didn’t have an air force or a navy. And if they did, that doesn’t mean they would attack Britain. IS is not a threat to Britain. To say it is a threat is just a warmongering lie.
      Let’s unite to defeat the warmongers!

    382. John D aka Nkosi says:

      Is it not possible (just a thought) that they transposed the figures at the last moment. It seems strange that Glasgow and the Lanarkshires and Dundee which are Labour strongholds were the only Yes voters.

    383. Dr JM Mackintosh says:

      All the best Stu – you deserve a long rest and some time with your family.

      Exciting times ahead for a new Scottish media !

    384. Dr Jim says:

      You know, i’m getting really fed up with NO people ranting on about getting over the result and moving on and putting it all behind us and on and on
      D’you think their worried about something that they wont shut up about it
      Well , i’ve got news for you NO people ,NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN! We only got knocked down, not out,
      We aimed for the bullseye and hit the 25,that’s as close as it comes, so don’t keep going on about numbers,5%+1 short was the loss, and that’s pretty good in my book
      So think about joining us before somebody starts fracking under your house or cutting your granny’s heating allowance,should i go on,because there’s much more to come
      Dja Wanna change your mind Do Ya, well Do Ya?

    385. Imnewhere says:

      Will you be looking for money again to keep the website going?

    386. CanWeHAveOurDemocracyBack? says:

      BOYCOTTS. BBC I have now cancelled my TV licence. As the BBC has ignored all petitions and evidence of their blatant and disgusting continuing bias. As a one time huge admirer of the BBC this is a big step for me but I refuse to pay to have propaganda aimed at me 24/7. Cancelling the licence is perfectly legal provided I dont watch live TV. I dearly hope that enough of us cancel to hit them where it hurts and to register our disapproval.

      DAILY RECORD. Their curculation has been badly hit because of their Pro Union stance. They are feeling it. Print Industry weekly “THE DRUM” is carrying a story this week about a huge advertising campaign by the Daily Record. An attempt to save a sinking ship? I will NEVER buy the paper again unless they are able to return to honest and unbiased coverage.
      Good to hear also that the Airdrie Savings Bank has been inundated by customers moving accounts away from RBS.

      Lets keep the pressure on. Year in year out on ALL of the companies who took a political stance. We can show them, despite how powerful they think they are, that there are consequences when they try to subvert our democracy.
      If we do this then next time they may act differently

    387. Imnewhere says:

      Re the Daily Record’s pro union stance, a study has been done by David Patrick (who supported Yes) and he found that for the period concerned the Record had 33 pro-independence artciles compared to 19 pro-union ones.

    388. Will Podmore says:

      Waiting for CanWeHaveOurDemocracyBack? to acknowledge the evidence presented in Imnewhere’s post. Still waiting …
      Oh, and on Alex Salmond’s proposal to issue a Unilateral Declaration of Independence, may I ask, who was the last leader of a lost cause to declare UDI?
      Answer – apartheid-lover Ian Smith of ‘white Rhodesia’ in the 1960s.
      Adam Tomkins, professor of public law at the University of Glasgow, said a unilateral declaration of independence would be illegal and “bonkers”.
      Salmond promised in his concession speech on 19 September to accept the referendum’s result and urged Yes supporters to do the same. Should he keep his promise? Should you?

    389. marion says:

      Why should we accept an outcome borne of cheating? We haven’t yet had the fair & square referendum enshrined in the Edinburgh Agreement. If we’d had that, the answer would have been something we could probably live with.
      An answer borne of cheating however is what we got. Such an answer is not acceptable and there is no reason to respect it or live with it.

    390. donald anderson says:

      Would that be a professor of a well known spy centre?

      The SNP#s position was always to win a majority of Scottish MP and then withdraw from the English Parliament.

    391. Will Podmore says:

      Marion, it’s not good enough to assert cheating – in the real world, you have to prove it. Faith is not enough.
      Donald Anderson writes, after his failed ad hominem ‘argument’, “The SNP#s position was always to win a majority of Scottish MP and then withdraw from the English Parliament.” No, its position was to win the referendum, with the people endorsing breakaway. But it failed, by a big margin, 55/45, to win the popular support it claimed and needed. Now Salmond wants to reverse the people’s democratic vote.
      Let’s unite now against Westminster (and its sad echo Holyrood), unite against our real enemy capitalism, unite against warmongers, unite against the EU that would steal our independence.

    392. marion says:

      “In the real world, you have to prove it”?? Si monvmentvm reqvires, circvmspice.
      If it walks looks and talks like a duck, it’s a duck.

      In the ‘real world’, Westminster disregarded the Edinburgh Agreement, broke the purdah, disregarded the fact of 800000 postal votes already dispatched, insulted our intelligence and was backed up in all of it by the now thoroughly discredited BBC. Cheats and liars, from start to finish – therefore no reason to accept the outcome.

    393. donald anderson says:

      No. The Referendum was only adopted a couple of years ago, against much opposition by the British Nationalist same parties to have one at ell- and then the usual filibustering and dirty tricks. The SNP never dropped their founding aim, to win the majority of Scottish seats and declare Independence. Why should they change that now, especially when the momentum for Indp0endnce is still going and many No voters are sorry they believed Brit Nat lies. Just look at the Tory Austerity Conference today and Labour’s same Balls.

    394. Doreen Rose says:

      You have been a complete inspiration!! Thank you!

    395. CanWeHaveOurDemocracyBack? says:

      WILL PODMORE. I haven’t seen any “evidence” merely an assertion that “A Study was done”.

      Over what period was the study carried out?
      What were the factors that determined whether an article was Pro or Anti Independence?
      How were elements like the overall tone of an article measured?
      How many factually incorrect statements appeared in each Pro or Anti independence article?
      I look forward to your answering the 4 questions above.

      The daily Record constantly perpetuated the lies and Disinformation coming from New Labour.
      I dont know anyone who considered the Records coverage as unbiased, and they are seeing the results in a large drop in sales figures. Understandable when you treat your readers with such disdain.
      During the referendum I made a point of reading as many UK papers as I could every day, yet I still had to rely on foriegn news agencies and the internet to get the truth.

    396. Will Podmore says:

      Marion, whatever Westminster did or did not do, and whatever the BBC did, the fact remains that more than 2 million people voted for unity, as against just 1.6 million people voting to break away. You are saying that because – in your opinion – Westminster and the BBC are liars and cheats, that people’s votes don’t count. Separatists said very loudly, very early, that Westminster and the BBC were liars and cheats, but still the majority voted No. Whatever you think about Westminster and the BBC, people made up their own minds, and the majority voted No. You don’t like the way that the majority voted, but in a democracy, the majority determines the outcome. And democrats accept the outcome.

    397. Will Podmore says:

      CanWeHaveOurDemocracyBack? could find out for himself the answers to his questions, but he hasn’t, possibly because he wouldn’t like the answers. To remind you, David Patrick (who supported Yes) found that for the period concerned the Record had 33 pro-independence articles compared to 19 pro-union ones. Do the work, CanWeHaveOurDemocracyBack?, do your own study of the Daily Record, and disprove David Patrick’s findings. Until you have done that, your comments carry no weight. Until then, it appears that you have already reached your conclusions, never mind the evidence.

    398. Juteman says:

      @ Will Podmore.

      How does it feel to be a useful fool for the British State?

    399. Will Podmore says:

      Juteman asks me, how does it feel to be useful to the trade unions who, by 6 – 2, supported the cause of unity, how does it feel to be useful to the majority of Scottish people who voted for unity, how does it feel to be useful to the overwhelming majority of the people of Britain who wanted to stay as citizens of a single country – well, I feel quite pleased, thank you.

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