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Some good news

Posted on January 07, 2021 by

The utterly ridiculous, vindictive, trumped-up charges against Mark Hirst have failed.

We understand that in a very short trial the sheriff said, quite rightly, that his comments were political speech exercising his Article 10 rights to express his opinions. We hope to be bringing you the whole story of this farcical prosecution very soon.

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164 to “Some good news”

  1. BuggerLePanda says:

    Anybody else who may think that the CPS has a very blue attitude to Scottish Independence and the SNP?

  2. cynicalHighlander says:

    We could say using trumped up charges.

  3. Shiregirl says:

    Bloody brilliant. Fantastic news!

  4. red sunset says:

    Excitedly waiting to hear all the details on BBC – very soon now …
    very soon …

  5. Polly says:

    Fantastic. Court cases recently have been pretty enjoyable affairs, let’s hope that continues. Well done and congratulations to Mark. Let’s keep holding them to account.

  6. Clwyd Griffiths says:

    And the charges against Craig Murray should be dropped asap. It’s a waste of taxpayers money.

  7. Polly says:

    With except of Assange obviously, I meant the trans stuff and Salmond etc. Apologies for not including that rider.

  8. Lollysmum says:

    Fantastic news thanks Stu

  9. Patsy Millar says:

    Well at least there’s been one bright spot in my day!

  10. Jason Smoothpiece says:

    This is another case which clearly should not have reached the courts.

    The prosecution service (COPFS) and Police Scotland have lost the plot I would suggest an enquiry of some sort is required into the decision making at both organisations, just to restore confidence you understand.

    Good for the Sheriff giving a fair judgement.

  11. Livionian says:

    Good day for free speech. Keep speaking your mind and keep standing up for the rights of others to do the same everybody. Whoever they are

  12. Beaker says:

    I imagine that he will have every comment he makes scrutinised for a while.

  13. Margaret Lindsay says:

    Brilliant news.

  14. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    I wonder if someone’s already drafted the full-page angst-ridden anonymous response from Rape Crisis Scotland that’ll be in every newspaper tomorrow.

  15. Effijy says:

    Wonderful news but there never was a case to answer,
    Just like Craig, just like Salmond etc.

    The CPC are completely corrupt and there needs to be
    an enquiry into their covert agendas.

  16. Intractable Potsherd says:

    Yes, yes, yes, yes, YESSSSS!! Brilliant news for once.

  17. Ronnie says:


    another fuckin nonsense case that should never have got to court,

    change required

  18. kapelmeister says:

    Another knockback for the Sturgeonites!

  19. susanXX says:

    A success for him. And a defeat for those who would try to stifle free speech through the threat of prosecution.

  20. Scozzie says:

    Fantastic new for Mark Hirst.

    I fear for Craig Murray that he’ll have a harder hill to climb – of course it should be thrown out of court, no doubt. But I think the powers that be in the corrupt judicial / police system need to do the government’s bidding to ‘neuter’ CM much in the same vein as AS. I truly hope he has a ‘free thinking’ judge that still believes in and honours his role to deliver true justice. We will watch with much scrutiny.

    As for the Rev BTL comment – yes am sure the TRAs will find it transphobic in some obscure way. PS: that Midrul comment about the USA Capitol Hill riot was complete radio rentals!!!!!

  21. MattyP says:

    Fantastic news, very pleased for Mark. How many more times do COPFS need to be handed their arse on a plate?

  22. David Ferguson says:

    As I’m currently banned from Twitter I couldn’t see for myself. Great news. Only possible verdict in that nonsense of a prosecution.

    And I only grudge my fifty quid in so far as it infuriates me that ordinary people have to band together to protect folk like Mark from this kind of reeking corruption. But I’d happily stump up another fifty to help fund a case for malicious prosecution, which this idiocy so clearly was.

  23. Saffron Robe says:

    Thanks Stuart. Good news indeed.

    As others have said, the CO seems to be leading the PFS by the nose!

  24. Sharny Dubs says:

    Great news!! Made my day/year so far.

    What’s the story re costs?

    Hope he gets them plus a bung for stress and time wasted

  25. Jim Thomson says:

    It’s obviously been an extremely important thing for the prosecution to push (taken since last May ffs).

    Well deserved acquittal.

    @Rev. Stuart Campbell – could you please change the setting for your embedded links to open a new tab? Lost count of the times I’ve closed a new page and thought “where the f*** has Wings gone?”

    Ta much, in anticipation :-))

  26. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “could you please change the setting for your embedded links to open a new tab?”

    I long ago trained myself to click links with either the mousewheel button or by right-clicking and selecting New Tab.

  27. winifred mccartney says:

    Funny how only supporters of Alex Salmond or indy can rile the police to take action.

  28. Patricia Spencer says:

    Great news and delighted that common sense prevails in Mark’s case.

  29. Garavelli Princip says:

    Great news. Another triumph for COPFS!!!

    This seriously and incompetently corrupt outfit will have to be dealt with (This is political comment – not a threat).

    But of course, they achieved their aim of putting Mark through months of hell -and the use of US v Assange playbook of deterring others from effective investigation, comment and criticism.

    What a way to run a ‘democracy’.


  30. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

    Long overdue for a Judge led Public Inquiry into the actions of the COPFS, especially If The Lord Advocate was involved seeing as he has previously admitted to prosecutions which were “malicious”.

    Wonder if Mark Hirst has grounds to sue the Crown (like in the case of those involved in the takeover of ‘Rangers’)?

  31. Kenny says:

    Yes! Indeed, good-news.


  32. Republicofscotland says:

    Good news indeed, now for Craig Murray’s to be dropped as well.

  33. Strathy says:

    Rangers case*, Alex Salmond case*, Mark Hirst case* and soon, Craig Murray case*.

    The cost of coronavirus is about to drop to second place in the list of the Scottish Government’s biggest expenses.

    * more accurately – no case to answer.

  34. Gregor says:

    Great news, but what about Salmond; Murray; Assange ?

  35. Mike Fenwick says:

    Mark will be one of the guests on Twa Auld Heids on Independence Live – next Tuesday 7.00 pm. We will also be oined by Denise Findlay.

  36. Polly says:

    ‘I long ago trained myself to click links with either the mousewheel button or by right-clicking and selecting New Tab.’

    To be fair not everyone does that by habit and if viewing on touchscreen devices depending on sensitivity can be a problem.

  37. Polly says:

    Mike Fenwick says:
    7 January, 2021 at 2:58 pm
    Mark will be one of the guests on Twa Auld Heids on Independence Live – next Tuesday 7.00 pm. We will also be oined by Denise Findlay.

    Oh good. Thanks for info.

  38. David F says:

    Polly says:
    7 January, 2021 at 3:02 pm

    ‘I long ago trained myself to click links with either the mousewheel button or by right-clicking and selecting New Tab.’

    Oddly enough since I started visiting Wings I’ve lost all inclination to ever click on any link…

  39. Boaby says:

    A sheriff with common sense.

  40. Elmac says:

    AS posted earlier on previous topic.

    Re Mark Hirst. “No case to answer” suggests it should never have been brought to court. The public must be given answers to the following questions:
    – Why was the prosecution brought since it clearly had no merit?
    – Which individual(s) promoted/sanctioned it?
    – Will Mark Hirst be entitled to costs and damages for wrongful
    – Will those responsible for the prosecution be sacked or at
    least severely reprimanded?
    – Will the repercussions be made public? If not, why not?
    – Does the outcome undermine the prosecution case against Craig
    Murray? If so will that be dropped now and will Craig also be
    entitled to claim costs and damages.

    The only way we can ever stop such abuses by those in public office is to make them personally responsible for their actions. In other words, they should be in the same position as the rest of us in the real world.

    I don’t suppose this will bring us any closer to exposing the identities of the alphabet women. I never thought I would live to see the legal system being (ab)used to shield apparent criminals from justice. Hopefully it will all come out soon and AS will successfully pursue for damages from those who lied and conspired against him, including the press and broadcasters. At this stage it seems clear that our corrupt legal system will not prosecute at least some of these women for perjury and criminal conspiracy.

  41. Neil B says:

    I was happy to contribute to Mark’s defence fund and am very pleased at the result, but it strikes me once again that we are paying twice for these malicious prosecutions; once through our taxes for the prosecuting side and a second time as a voluntary contribution to the defence. Is the plan of COPFS to try to bleed us dry with these ridiculous cases?

  42. Bob Mack says:

    For Women Scotland also in court today and probably tomorrow challenging the Scottish government on definition of female.

    I wish them well on a just cause.

  43. Breeks says:

    Excellent news, and the right result.

    It’s not really a surprise, but I think most people didn’t want to say as much just in case it jinxed the result.

    Huge relief for Mark I am sure, and another blow for the Alphabet Conspirators. I wonder whether there is enough to seek retribution for a malicious complaint…

  44. MaggieC says:

    Excellent news about Mark Hirst , I’m so pleased for Mark and send him and his family my best wishes .

  45. robertknight says:

    Bob Mack @3:16


  46. Calum says:

    “I long ago trained myself to click links with either the mousewheel button or by right-clicking and selecting New Tab.”

    CTRL + left-click is my preferred method to achieve this.

  47. AYRSHIRE ROB says:

    Robertknight & bob mack


  48. dramfineday says:

    Good News indeed.

  49. Stuart MacKay says:

    Off Topic

    Seems chlorinated chicken is going to be the least of our worries,

    I’ll give the Tories one thing. Once their mind is made up they don’t hang around. And it’s only seven days in to the “New Era”. Think what joys will be heading our way in the next few months.

  50. Willli says:

    Aquited with no case to answer.

    A great result but there has been huge effort and cost in bringing this politically motivated hatchet job to trial. Worse still there can be no nationalist who is not now aware of how corrupt Police and the COPFS are in pursuing vicious vexatious political TRIAL.

    Without answers no one can any longer have trust on the police and COPFS

  51. Iain More says:

    I can already see heads spinning and emitting projectile vomit in the Yoon Press and Media and similar happening amongst ("Tractor" - Ed)s masquerading as Scots Nats.

  52. holymacmoses says:

    I wonder if Mr Murrell has any of that bill to pay?

  53. Fishy Wullie says:

    Neil B says:
    7 January, 2021 at 3:16 pm

    I was happy to contribute to Mark’s defence fund and am very pleased at the result, but it strikes me once again that we are paying twice for these malicious prosecutions; once through our taxes for the prosecuting side and a second time as a voluntary contribution to the defence. Is the plan of COPFS to try to bleed us dry with these ridiculous cases?


    You’re absolutely right Neil and if I remember correctly Craig Murray donated £10000 from his own defence fund to Marks defence fund to help him out.
    it makes you wonder if the COPFS knew they didn’t have a chance in hell of making this stick but went ahead with it anyway just to injure him financially,

  54. TruthForDummies says:

    The only way I can see Alex getting justice is if he returns to politics. He will get no justice from the inquiry, the ScotGov and NS are part of the British establishment they will be protected.

    He has a great chance if he returns as leader of a list only indy party and he could bring about NS’s downfall by putting pressure on her from his position as leader of the opposition. Leading to her party getting rid or Indy support switching to Alex’s party.

    I don’t understand why he hasn’t taken the political route back and that route to revenge.

    Could the crown prosecution services be holding back more trumped up sex charges to be deployed if Alex tries to return to politics?

  55. Alf Baird says:

    This is good news, though it would be useful to know more specifically about who the complainer was and the reason (the legal basis on which) such charges were brought in the first place, and which now appear, reflecting the range of other nationalists persecuted in recent times, to reflect the typical pattern of a colonial and hence biased prosecution service. Such practices are no doubt a key rationale for the UN to describe colonialism as “a scourge”, i.e. a form of punishment inflicted on a people.

  56. Hatuey says:

    If you assume the goal was to stifle free speech and intimidate critics, particularly grassroots indy-supporters, the exercise was probably a success.

    It’s as if Swift’s Gulliver woke up on the shores of Orwell’s 1984. But this is Scotland 2021, and the SNP Government seems to have declared war on its own side.

    Oh well.

  57. Muscleguy says:

    The COPFS now have serious questions to answer. Are they incompetent or did they bring a malign prosecution against an oridinary person in an effort to break and punish him even without a trial?

    That crowdfunding saved him financially and probably mentally does not get them off the hook. Unlike in civil trials where costs can be claimed in criminal court you must pay and you don’t get it back if found innocent let alone no case to answer.

    We must ask, is this the sort of Scotland we wish to live in?

  58. Bob Costello says:

    I am sure the Scottish government will now immediately announce an investigation into the crown office

  59. Astonished says:

    If he had any integrity lord woolf would resign.

    How many fiascos will it take ?

    Investigate COPFS now.

  60. Shug says:

    Was this another malicious prosicution

  61. Shug says:

    Just noticed the BBC always refer to the Oxford Astra zenica vaccine but I notice the boxes and vials all have a label that states Astra zenica
    What could possibly be behind this misinformation on the bbc

  62. Colin Alexander says:

    Well done that judge. They got it right, in my opinion.

    It is an absolute disgrace that Mark Hirst was prosecuted.

    Fingers crossed that Craig Murray is also acquitted.

  63. vlad (not that one) says:

    Muscleguy 16:17 … crowdfunding saved him financially and probably mentally [but unlike] in civil trials where costs can be claimed in criminal court you must pay and you don’t get it back if found innocent let alone no case to answer.

    As a layman I imagine it would be within Holyrood competence to change the law/rules/whatever and allow claims for costs in criminal trials as well. If so, get it done!

  64. Shug says:

    Also just heard bbc refer to the Oxford vaccine
    Jockanese – I am just yanking the chain of the unionist trolls that visit here from time to time
    I am sure we all know why the BBC do what they do
    After indy should we jail them??

  65. Alf Baird says:

    Bob Costello @ 4.22

    “I am sure the Scottish government will now immediately announce an investigation into the crown office”

    Though clearly merited, very unlikely. As Rev Stu previously disclosed from FOI responses, Police (in Scotland) and COPFS (i.e. the legal embodiment of the crown in Scotland) are not the responsibility of Scottish Ministers. This would imply they ultimately report to somebody in Whitehall; which explains our colonial justice system.

  66. Mchaggis69 says:

    How does this impinge on the similar Craig Murray case?
    Is there a chance now that case will be dropped by the COPFS?

    Anyone know?

  67. Elmac says:

    I don’t contribute much but read most of Wings output everyday and have done so since around 2013. I also read WGD until quite recently but that is another story. I was thinking back to some of the frequent posters on Wings a few years ago, many of whom appear to have dropped by the wayside. In particular I remember with affection Bob Peffers and how he used to lecture us on Scots history. I don’t know what happened to him but suspect he may no longer be with us. Small Axe and Cactus also spring to mind, the latter made me laugh with his running commentary on his midnight wanderings. All of them lived for independence and I hope they will be around to see it.

  68. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “How does this impinge on the similar Craig Murray case?”

    No impact at all. Totally different charges.

  69. velofello says:

    The Sheriff found no case to answer.

    Do the police simply investigate and prepare a report to a complaint, or an alleged crime, and pass their findings to the Procurator Fiscal without internal scrutiny of their being a “case to answer’?

    The function of the Procurator Fiscal personnel is to scrutinise the police report and determine whether the police report indicates a “case to answer”.

    That it required a Sheriff to declare “no case to answer” indicates to me, either a need to review internal procedures of the police and the Fiscal service. Or, political pressure was brought to bear to bring harassment upon the accused.

    There is surely also an issue with selective activity of prosecutions? I don’t keep a library of past news, but didn’t Dani Garavelli sail pretty close to the wind with her reporting on the Alex Salmond case?

    That members of the public are required to fund protection of fellow citizens against spurious accusations by authorities,also funded by the public, is a disgrace.

  70. Lothianlad says:

    Fantastic news mark. Just a pity that the ridiculous charges are swept under the carpet again by the brit state media to avoid people seeing what a horrible establishment there is here.

  71. Pete says:

    Coming from a completely different political perspective , I would recommend the Free Speech Union which has done some great work in protecting us from wokeism and ‘cancel culture’

  72. James Che. says:

    Well done to the judge, someone with a sense of fairness and un bias, congratulations mark, a very worrisome time for you and others like yourself, accusations seem to be the in thing in Scotland by people wishing to stop free speech and free press.

  73. twathater says:

    Well done Mark on your proven innocence , now would be the chance for some REVENGE against your accusers by joining the ISP as a candidate , where you will be able to expose the conspiracy against well known and respected independence supporters , it would also help the ISP in having a well kent face who has the determination and passion to fight against the corruption that is becoming endemic within the legal system in Scotland, when elected you can highlight the contemptible misuse of powers within the COPFS and call for an enquiry within the Scottish Parliament

  74. Iain Lawson says:

    Delighted for Mark. It is surely time for Wolfe to be sacked. His driving motivation seems to be based on political control and intimidation endangering our rights of Freedom of Speech. He has wasted taxpayers money time after time. Millions of pounds have been squandered by this clown.

  75. Lothianlad says:

    Something troubled me reading the comments about the latest opinion polls putting the SNP on even more gains if there was a Westminster election.

    The prediction was they ( I dont say we anymore even though I’m still a member) would get around 56 or 57 MPs.

    When I remember campaigning for them from the mid 80s as a teenager, the thought of such astronomical numbers of elected SNP politicians was unimaginable!.

    But now, as Stu and others here rightly point out, the SNP have taken this power for granted. It would be unimaginable back the to think the SNP could get 56, then 35 then 48 MPs and even more unimaginable that the SNP would not secure Independence with these mandates.

    But here we are.

    What was most worrying about the comments, I say worrying rather than rejoicing, because it was being touted that the SNP would hold the balance of power and go into coalition with liebour!

    That terrifies me , literally, because the SNP MPs have got used to the trappings of Westminster just like the liebour red clydesiders before them.

    They have drank from the poisoned chalice and are drunk on the lifestyle. The comfy seats, cosy lifestyles, high salaries, generous expenses, discounted travel and accommodation have extinguished any fire they may, or may not, in the case of the midlothian, have had for Scotland.

    The SNP now being well used to westminster, and the third largest party for the last three elections there, will be salivating at the prospect of UK government power!

    But we ( the enlighted wingers) can see the real trap that lies here in!

    That’s because coalition government does not work well in uk politics for at keast one of the parties involved.

    Let’s not forget that the liberal/ lib dems, were the third party in uk politics for decades and when they, went into coalition in 2010, on the back of huge popular support, ( Clegg mania) they abandoned their principles for power in return for a referendum on PR! The AV vote noone remembers, but they remember the lib dems betrayals and are punishing them accordingly!

    Electorally, this political climate should be fertile ground for the lib dems. They should be cashing in on hugevremain votes, but their betrayal is not forgotten. Yet at least!

    Fir the SNP, coalition for the promise of coalition for a heavily strings attached referendum really would be political suicide that would put 1979 in the shade!

    My fear is that this could be what many SNP Mps are eyeing for 2024. It’s not that long away, or that long since when 2010 put the lib dems around the uk cabinet table.

    We simply must not let Scotlands sovereignty rest in the hands of the SNP. It belongs to the people, the people must take it back.

  76. twathater says:

    @ Elmac 5.17pm re Robert Peffers I noticed a few comments from him on Indycar Gordon Ross YouTube a few months ago with his usual abrasive manner , I also referred to him in response to a comment by Juteman about WOS BTL over on Barrhead boy last night

  77. Republicofscotland says:

    Sturgeon on STV news with regards to the incident in Washington, Sturgeon started waffling on about decency in politics, tell that to Alex Salmond I say.

  78. Robert Louis says:

    Should never have gone to court.

    Is the malicious prosecution of those who stand up for human rights and report ACTUAL FACTS in Scotland now a ‘thing’?

    Certainly seems so. Under the SNP’s watch.

  79. `UK reported a further 1,162 coronavirus-related deaths in the latest 24-hour period, the highest since April 21, official figures showed Thursday.

    This brought the total number of coronavirus-related deaths in UK to 78,508.`

  80. McHaggis69 says:

    From the Times –

    “A blogger who used to work for the Russian state-funded broadcaster Sputnik has been cleared of threatening behaviour towards female witnesses who were called during Alex Salmond’s sexual assault trial”.

    Fucking amazing. The snide wee dig at the very opening.
    Why do our MSM never call the BBC our very own ‘state funded broadcaster’? becasue that is exactly what it is.

  81. Seoras Liath says:

    Elmac @ 5.17

    Re Robert Peffers, I checked “Scotland’s People” a couple of months ago and he is not recorded as deceased.

  82. North chiel says:

    Great news for Mark . The original prosecution would appear a bit “ fishy” . Which leads me on to “ tea time misreporting Scotland “ and seems “ well known Scottish fishermen’s leader bleating on and on about delays to shipments of fish products due to checks/ certification post Brexit . This is the same guy who was never off the box “ promoting Brexit “ for these past years . “ chickens “ coming home to roost “ would seem to be appropriate?

  83. crazycat says:

    @ Elmac at 5.17

    There was a comment from Cactus here fairly recently.
    Smallaxe, sadly, did die last year, after having been ill for a long time.

  84. velofello says:

    ITV News; Patients with Covid in Cumbria are being transferred elsewhere. Your starter for ten – where is “elsewhere”?

    There are distribution problems in (Britain?) with the OXFORD vaccine.

    Anti-imflammatory drugs are now found to help against Covid.

    Just waiting for British Scotch whisky to be defined as helpful too. Me, the cynic, could swallow that bit of news.

  85. Fireproofjim says:

    Jimmy Buchan was on the news just now complaining about the new Customs Declaration for fish exported to the EU, which he said takes five hours per truck load and was ”ridiculous”. This follows another of his complaints that it was not possible to hire overseas (i.e. cheap) labour for fishing boats.
    Mr Buchan was a leading voice in the Brexit/Tory campaign, demanding all the fish for his boats. He now says they have been betrayed.
    Strange how little sympathy I feel for him.

  86. iain mhor says:

    Well, no surprise there, I did mention how that worked a few articles back. ‘No case to answer’ could be ascertained by the Fiscal as not in the public interest to prosecute, before it gets anywhere near a Sheriff – a Sheriff who might then raise an eyebrow and abandon the case at diet, simpliciter – but some things are just rubber stamped and proceed to farcical trial and inevitable ‘acquital’.

    For that to occur, the complaint and charge will undoubtedly have to have been made “In good faith” by a civil servant. Of course, any Fiscal is a civil servant also and responsible to the Lord Advocate, but that’s another kettle of fish…

    Still, as with Margaret Ferrier and many more before and many more still to come – job done.

  87. LaingB French says:

    Without a doubt the Scottish CPS ( Alex Salmond) is as equally corrupt as the English CPS (Julian Assange ). both services have shown that you do not need corroborated evidence to waste taxpayers money on ludicrous outrages charges, based on assumption rumor and heresy. There was an underlying motive here in both cases and it wasn’t for the health of the people or to hold up justice. somebody’s pocket got fleeced.

  88. cirsium says:

    Is this another example of malicious prosecution?

  89. Effijy says:

    Jimmy Buchan has been stitched up like a Kipper.

    Cod only knows when these people will learn the Tories word is worthless.

    He fully deserves everything he gets

  90. Republicofscotland says:

    England’s hospitals now beyond breaking point as hospital beds in Scotland fill up with patients transported from England.

    No beds for us then.

  91. AYRSHIRE ROB says:

    Who cares about Jimmy The Fish Buchan. I hope he has plenty of cats for all his surplus fish.Bloody greedy tosser.

  92. AYRSHIRE ROB says:

    Englands hospitals being being over run. Oops that’s sad.

    I hear ‘bipod’ and a few other’s on here have some spare bedrooms in their gaffer.

    It’s only a wee flu so shouldn’t be an issue to let them out, yeah bipod?

  93. AYRSHIRE ROB says:

    Gaff even

  94. Morgatron says:

    Ayrshire Rob @ 8.36pm. I can’t agree more. Let them eat skatE the gready fucks. I hope everyone of them can’t sell a piece of cod and the trucks back up from Dover to Larkhall. The have no sole , that was langustine sold.

  95. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

    Jimmy ‘The Fish’ Buchan is never, ever knowingly prefaced or strap-lined as “The former Conservative & Unionist Party Candidate for Banff and Buchan” by the BritNat BBC/STV.

    Were his complaints twisted to make it look like it was a Scots Gov issue as opposed to a UK Gov/Brexshit one?

  96. Effijy says:

    The Dud Lord Advocate I understand made false charges
    against former Rangers FC directors that will cost the tax
    Payer over a Million, the Alex Salmond case will have had
    similar costs and I live in hope today’s verdict will cost plenty
    in legal costs and compensation.
    Then we have Craig coming up with more trumped up nonsense.
    Margaret Ferrier’s case yet another stitch up.

    Is he hoping to bankrupt Scotland to ensure it’s tied to Westminster?

  97. ahundredthidiot says:

    Good news – no case to answer

    Bad news – that this happened in the first place

    (I see the wee lassie fae ayrshire is trying to destabilise the thread…..again……its getting a bit too obvious Deidre)

  98. TheBuchanLoony says:

    The other loony that is Buchan was blaming the Scottish government for not hiring enough vets to certify all the extra paperwork for his fish!

  99. Effijy says:

    On Covid Death rates show Boris’ U.K. could reach
    80,000 Deaths tomorrow.
    They seem to be aided by the media in hiding the 20,000
    excess Deaths so the Tory Party incompetence can claim
    it’s 100,000th Covid Death.

    Good old world leading clapped out track and trace from those playing whack a mole
    while working very hard, go on give us a clap and a dodgy PPE contract Tories.

    Where would Scots be without the Tories, well a lot richer, free, in total control
    and for many, alive.

  100. Bob Mack says:


    This is not the plaice for that type of joke.

  101. Effijy says:

    Can you imagine the media if we had these things happening to us rather than England?

    Local NHS Trust beyond full,
    Desperate Covid patients confined to ambulances in hospital car parks.
    Health Minister turns up at vaccination hub for photo shoot only to find they have no vaccines.
    Lionel Blair -retired dance gets his second jab only days later again u turned requirements?

    But that’s all right it doesn’t count against Tory England.

    If a needle bends in Scotland during all this it will make the headlines for a year!

  102. Hugh Jarse says:

    Well done the sheriff.
    A win for the good guys.
    Trust in our legal system grows, for a wee change.

    If, in the not far distant future, when the machines decide I can no longer produce sufficiently to warrant my energy consumption, the image of yon radge in fancy dress ‘storming’ the Capitol comes to mind… and the thought flickers as the plunger descends… the clown man was right!

  103. Republicofscotland says:

    Its that word “May” that is the sticking point.

    “Michael Russell told Australia Scotland wants indyref2 this year”

  104. Robert Hughes says:

    Hugh J . Lol . dude prob thought he was still at Burning Man on ayahuasca

  105. Hatuey says:

    velofello says:
    7 January, 2021 at 7:08 pm
    “ITV News; Patients with Covid in Cumbria are being transferred elsewhere. Your starter for ten – where is “elsewhere”?”

    If we have spare capacity, we should help.

    That’s all.

  106. Mia says:

    “If we have spare capacity, we should help”

    In the middle of a pandemic spare capacity today may be beyond full capacity tomorrow. Scottish patients must come first.

  107. Dan says:

    Great to finally tune in after a long day and learn of Mark’s acquittal.

    Hatuey says: at 10:11 pm

    If we have spare capacity, we should help.

    That’s all

    Not quite all, I’m sure there will be the small matter of Westminster making a compensatory adjustment to the Barnett Consequentials for Scottish health services caring for English patient over spill.
    I mean they’re forever telling us we’re poor subsidy junky Scots that can barely look after oorselves, which begs the question, just how could we manage or be able to assist them…

  108. mr thms says:

    Republicofscotland @ 8:36 pm

    England’s hospitals now beyond breaking point as hospital beds in Scotland fill up with patients transported from England.

    Are the patients counted as part of Scotland’s Covid-19 statistics, or England’s?

  109. Sensibledave says:

    Shug 4.58

    … is it improper, inaccurate or untrue to call a vaccine developed at Oxford University, the Oxford vaccine?

    Your grievance and anti anything English “slip” is showing again.

  110. Saffron Robe says:

    Is it possible that the upsurge in cases and number of people dying from Covid-19 is because (almost) nothing they are doing is working and (almost) everything they are doing is making it worse?

    It couldn’t be because Boris Johnson and Nicola Sturgeon are both totally inept could it? Nicola Sturgeon said to judge her on Covid-19 and Boris Johnson has squandered millions on contracts for his pals. If the numbers don’t lie, then surely they are both guilty as charged?

    Perhaps they would like to rename the virus Covid-19-55? At least by 2055 they will have the virus under control in time for the next independence referendum.

    And I don’t wish to demean the seriousness of any illness, but few other countries have revealed themselves to be quite such basket cases in their handling of the pandemic.

  111. Velofello says:

    Hateuy: A nation of shopkeepers, of Just in Time management – of fruit and veg shops – until a demand surge, or a supply block cocks it all up.
    Isn’t there capacity at the lauded Nightingale facility or is it no longer available? The incompetence of the Tory government is astonishing. Of course the Scottish NHS morally must provide whatever support is necessary to people in need, but when sheer stupid English government incompetence causes that support, I despair.

  112. Ian McCubbin says:

    Excellent, let’s hope the same happens for Craig Murray.
    Decent empathic decision.

  113. AYRSHIRE ROB says:

    Not atall idiot @ 9.22pm

    Of you had the ability to read I only posted in reply to others posters stuff. Also I had post up thread long b4 you in reply to others too.

    Just a we silly billy aren’t you.

  114. Hatuey says:

    Nobody is happy about the situation. The UK Government couldn’t have handled this more badly. Thousands upon thousands have needlessly died. Scotland has been in lockstep with the UK on this since the start, a decision we can attribute to Sturgeon. I’ve spent about 20% of my time on here complaining about this stuff.

    They’ll screw up the vaccine rollout too, of course.

    Nevertheless, if we can help people from England or anywhere else, we ought to. That’s not as moral as it sounds… if we ever needed help, I like to think others would help us.

  115. Dan says:

    @ Saffron

    Mind back at the start when covid lite was on the go, there were instances where meat and chicken processing plants had blooms because of the cold and enclosed working conditions…
    Then new covid super infectious miraculously makes an appearance… in winter… when it’s cold and most folk are indoors.
    Plus now there’s little to no UV sunlight to fry the bug or stimulate our body’s Vit D production.

    Also reminiscing back to the start when we had to lockdown to stop the deadly spread… except for a couple of million folk arriving at airports and permeating out into our communities without a test or quarantine measure.
    Now the ones that are to protect and serve us are considering deviating from the vaccine’s licensed delivery timeline.
    It’s now at the point I am thinking being led by donkeys might actually be a welcome improvement.

  116. Alf Baird says:

    Hatuey @ 11.32

    Doun-hauden Scotlan aye disnae hae a chice in ony maiter, daes hit. Scots fowk aye hiv tae juist dae whit we’r telt. Thon’s ca’d a ‘union’, tho mair lyke a colonie. Canna e’en lairn ma ain mither tung in schuil FFS!

  117. Dan says:

    Hatuey says: at 11:32 pm

    …Nevertheless, if we can help people from England or anywhere else, we ought to. That’s not as moral as it sounds… if we ever needed help, I like to think others would help us.

    That sounds entirely reasonable in principle… until you remember that England’s people vote for Conservative governance and policies, and have done for the majority of most of our lifetime.
    So that is where the weak link is in your suggestion, because those sleekit Conservatives have already spaffed away multiple millions to their mates and cronies rather than fund hospitals and staff.
    We are having to endure the consequences of being governed by folk that would try to sell you the steam off yer oan shite given the opportunity!

  118. AYRSHIRE ROB says:

    Holy christ. Trump just released another pile of crap in a video.

    He’s insane. He’s now throwing all his beautiful people that rioted and he loved yesterday under the bus. Lol

  119. Hatuey says:

    Alf, I pasted it into Google Translate with “detect language” on.

    It think it’s German.

  120. George Rutherford says:

    Who gives a fuck about Trump???

    Who gives a fuck about Johnson???

    Who gives a fuck about Sturgeon???

    Who gives a fuck about the english vaccine???

    Scottish Independence is my number one priority.


  121. AYRSHIRE ROB says:

    Hi Ronald

  122. Graf Midgehunter says:

    Hatuey 12.27am

    That’s what you think Hun..

  123. Hatuey says:

    Dan, it’s not my goal in life to punish stupid people for saying and doing stupid things.

  124. Dandee says:

    George Rutherford..
    Who gives a fuck.

  125. Hatuey says:

    Graf, it isn’t what I think. Try it.

  126. Charles Dixon says:

    Turned News on tonight.

    Half the bulletin taken up by some shit from America, the other half taken up by some shit about England.

    Why would any right thinking Scot pay for a TV licence?

  127. Graf Midgehunter says:


    You didn’t get the pun I’m afraid ;-(

  128. Hatuey says:

    No, I sort of did, Graf, but the word “hun” has a very peculiar meaning in parts of Scotland and I thought best to steer clear.

  129. Hatuey says:

    Anyway, Graf, I genuinely have no idea what Alf was saying… I assumed he was paying me some sort of compliment and moved on.

  130. Saffron Robe says:

    Alf Baird says:

    Doun-hauden Scotlan aye disnae hae a chice in ony maiter, daes hit. Scots fowk aye hiv tae juist dae whit we’r telt. Thon’s ca’d a ‘union’, tho mair lyke a colonie. Canna e’en lairn ma ain mither tung in schuil FFS!

    Translation for those not versed in Scots:

    Scotland as an oppressed nation really doesn’t have a choice in the matter, does it? As Scots folk we always have to do what we’re told. That’s called a ‘union’, although it’s more like a colony. Can’t even learn my own mother tongue in school for goodness sake!

  131. Saffron Robe says:

    Slight correction:

    As Scots folk we always have to do just what we’re told.

  132. John Main says:

    “Canna e’en lairn ma ain mither tung in schuil FFS!”

    OFFS. Everybody learns his or her own local dialect in school. Kids get bullied miserably if they don’t speak like everybody else.

    Travel to Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Peterheid and the language on the streets is unique and often incomprehensible to outsiders, even if they hail from other parts of Scotland.

    I guess the true complaint is that the local dialect is not formally taught, examined, and qualifications awarded. Is that because of crushing colonialist oppression or because a Higher in Peterheid would convey exactly diddly squat advantage to its holder? Savvy kids and their parents are rightly more interested in marketable skills.

    The scarcity of Chinese Mandarin teaching in Scottish schools is likely to curtail the economic opportunities for Scottish kids in the New World that is developing around us. Let’s start worrying about that.

  133. PacMan says:

    With events in Washington and the tech companies locking Trumps accounts, I wonder if certainly Twitter and Facebook have signed their own death warrants?

    I wonder if governments around the world will look at this and realise with the power these companies have over their populations and the possibilities that what happened in Washington could happen to them in coming elections?

    Certainly Trump supporters will ditch their accounts with these companies but maybe governments around the world will be curtaining the power of them too.

    If that does happen, I can’t really say I will be shedding any tears for the demise of social media as we know it.

  134. thomas says:

    @Alf Baird

    Alf i appreciate your efforts to flag up scottish culture and language , but i think waving the flag over language is something that can be done after independence , not before.

    Further what you have just written is the scots dialect of middle english , something that hasnt been written or spoken in scotland for centuries.

    Its the equivalent of a modern 21st century englishman writing 17th century english and passing it off as a seperate language.

    Language , like the monarchy , is something to discuss among ourselves in the comfort of an independent scotland.

  135. ScotsRenewables says:

    Charles Dixon says:
    8 January, 2021 at 1:16 am
    Turned News on tonight.

    Half the bulletin taken up by some shit from America, the other half taken up by some shit about England.

    Why would any right thinking Scot pay for a TV licence?


    (Titanic sinks)

  136. Breeks says:

    PacMan says:
    8 January, 2021 at 7:54 am

    If that does happen, I can’t really say I will be shedding any tears for the demise of social media as we know it….

    I think your last four words hit the spot… “as we know it”.

    I think we need to take a step back and see the whole perspective. Social media is a totally new capacity which our society hasn’t had the benefit of since… forever.

    It’s like the discovery of religion, or medicine,… it’s perceived to be a great power and a blessing, but problems arise when it’s channelled through restrictive bottlenecks like high priests or quack witch doctors, who capitalise on ‘choking’ supply to inflate demand. Suddenly the value of the commodity isn’t what the commodity itself is worth, but the price people will pay to access it, and the extent to which that demand can be harvested and exploited.

    Crudely speaking, I would suggest that Social Media is indeed a great thing, but new, and we’re still at the early stages, with us all having to visit the greedy Village witch doctors, that is FB, Twitter, Google, WhatsApp, etc who insist we all must use their ‘patented’ elixirs and voodoo to access the free running Social Media.

    Social media will evolve. It will forever be the journey, never the destination. Just look at Facebook about to swallow up WhatsApp and sell peoples data. There now is an exodus of people fromWhatsApp looking for an alternative. The little fish invariably swim away from the big fish.

    True, we should never be complacent, nor should we be too trusting of our service providers, but the Social Media Genie IS out the bottle, and as clever and suppressive as the ‘mainstream’ suppliers become, the more innovative and rebellious the equally clever subversive types will become.

  137. Hugh Jarse says:

    Twitter are hypocritical hoors, by pulling the plug at the death, on the clown who did more for their brand awareness than anyone else i can think of.

  138. Lochside says:

    Hatuey, your condescending attitude to Scots marks you out as a prime example of what Alf Baird is describing: a colonised wee wannabe Englander who cringes at anything ‘Scotch’ that might taint you in the eyes of your betters. You remind me of SLAB adherents who only see nationhood in terms of economics. The same ones that lose the argument by continually comparing ‘workers in Glasgow with workers in Liverpool’ ad nauseum.

    I lived in England as a child and on return attended my first school in Scotland where as a bairn/wean was belted by teachers for spikkin oor ain tung. Where teachers sneered at Scots speakers as being some kind of cretins quite openly. That is the reality of colonial oppression in action. Check out what happened to’s been happening to the Scots language increasingly in the last few decades as more and more RUK settlers take control of our Education system along with their native lackeys. You may crave homogenising of our culture and language into some form of Estuary whining sameness, but most Scots don’t in my experience.

  139. Robert Hughes says:

    The phenomenon of the global reach and influence of Social Media is no different from other technological innovations in that there is always negative and positive aspects , to state the obvious ; the question then is to determine the degree of each eg do the positives outweigh the negatives ? The answer will of course be largely subjective and dependent on peoples’ perceptual and cognitive biases . The danger arises when the ” giants ” – Facebook , Whatsapp ,Twitter , Google , Amazon – ( leaving aside the question of their ability to pay far less tax than they should ) have so much power they can begin to influence the political sphere , Facebook , Twitter banning what they deem to be ” controversial ” individuals or opinions , and become arbiters of what is ” acceptable ” discourse .There’s also the question of data harvesting for commercial and political ends – Cambridge Analytica being one notorious example of the latter – which raise serious ethical questions about consent and exploitation . Hard to determine definitively if on balance Social Media is doing more harm than good but we can be pretty certain it’s here to stay and will continue to impact on our societies one way or another , rather , in multiple ways

  140. Breeks says:

    Yes, yes, yes, Joanna Cherry, and you have my support, but where is Constitutional DEFENCE of our Nation, which has just witnessed the subjugation of our sovereign democracy?

    Scotland CANNOT fight any breach of the Treaty of Union, which is an International Treaty, by tying it’s shoelaces together with the impenetrable sophistry of domestic UK Legistation and Institutions.

    That is not to say abandon these domestic channels, but we MUST address the vital missing component, which is Scotland making it’s constitutional presence felt on the International Stage, and standing firm in resolute defence of Scotland’s Constitutional Sovereignty, and the grotesque colonial subjugation of Scotland’s forced Brexit.

  141. Republicofscotland says:

    “Are the patients counted as part of Scotland’s Covid-19 statistics, or England’s?”

    mrthms @10.49pm.

    I’ve no idea if the patients from England will be counted as statistics in Scotland Covid figures, I suppose that since they’re in Scotland they will be.

  142. Republicofscotland says:

    The penny finally drops for Joanna Cherry on what Craig Murray has been saying for ages, that we don’t need Johnson’s permission to leave this union, a majority at Holyrood for independence would see Scots negotiate our exit from this union, and remove our MP’s from Westminster just as Ireland did.

    No consent for an S30 required, no referendum needed.

  143. `A landmark agreement between China and the EU to protect 200 geographical brands of agri-food came into force on January 1.

    The agreement’s implementation is expected to boost trade of high-quality products to new highs.`

    can see Irish whiskey taking a great chunk out of Scotch whisky sales in the not to distant future,

    Irish whiskey was the world leader until Ireland left the Brutish Empire but in retaliation the Brutish Empire stopped the export to massive Brutish Empire and promoted Scottish whisky,

    now Scotland is shackled to the fantasy Brutish Empire II and Ireland is part of the massive trade block of EU so history repeating itself ?

  144. Charles Dixon says:

    England trying to shift the spotlight away from them having the most contagious virus in the world.

    England is the source of this new Virus, so stop trying to move the spotlight onto a South African virus.

    The English strain is ripping through england and is gradually spreading north.

    England own this Virus, it’s your shit.

    This is a typical english tactic.

    They blame everyone but themselves when things go wrong, as in Brexit.

    And as for their Oxford vaccine, it was going to be bad enough getting your second Jab after three weeks, but with the english moving this to three months, means their English vaccine will be as good as useless.

    As is the Pfizer vaccine, who said their second Jab must be taken WITHIN THREE WEEKS of getting the first jab.

    We are being lied to and conned,,, again.

  145. winifred mccartney says:

    A tory donor leaves London on 27 December and travels to his estate in the highlands, meets with other police involved – no further action. Its not only supporters of Salmond that are harassed it is also any supporters of indy.

    No further action against Galloway but Margaret Ferrier ( who was wrong in what she did) but she was told to ‘go home’ by Commons authorities – she has no home in London so she went home – but funnily enough 3 months laters police charge her.

    Aye we are certainly on in this together NOT.

  146. Boaby says:

    If a cornered animal is prodded with a stick long enough, it’ll bite back.

  147. Charles Dixon says:

    Waiting on Sturgeon coming out with a statement along the lines of,,,

    “Don’t believe a word that lying bastard Cherry says”

  148. Hatuey says:

    Lochside, did they encourage you to speak slang at school in England? Do they encourage kids to speak and write in slang in France, Germany, Italy? All languages have slang, right? Or do they?

    If what we call slang in Scotland is actually a language, that means we have no slang. That would make us unique, or exceptional, if you prefer.

    Tell you what, maybe someone with expertise can show me an example of Scottish slang and help us distinguish between slang and this language that no college or university teaches and Google translate thinks is German.

    Gaelic is a language. That’s different. I’ve never suggested otherwise.

    Nobody anywhere disputes that Scotland is a country, not even unionists. This discussion on language serves no purpose.

  149. Charles Dixon says:

    I wish we had somebody who could just make Sturgeon disappear, as in The Wizard of Oz.

    Where the Wicked Witch just burnt up before our eyes and was never heard of again.

    Sturgeon is now up there with Thatcher as the most hated female in Scotland.

  150. Charles Dixon says:

    Sturgeon and her Secret Service will be working overtime to try and set up Joanna Cherry on some trumped up charges.

    Just watch!!!

    “Joanna Cherry caught in possession of bag of cocaine on way to illegal Rave”.

  151. cynicalHighlander says:


    Language is a system of communication by people in a country or community

  152. Bob Mack says:

    @Cynical Highlander,

    Umnae gonny argy wi that.(Glaswegian).

    My missus from Dundee has difficulty understanding me when I fall into broad Glasgow dialect.

  153. Ottomanboi says:

    Your understanding of what constitutes a language indicates you are not a linguist but a victim of the imperialist nonsense uttered by those intolerant of speech diversity.
    This is a complicated matter. Perspective and prejudice play a huge part.
    « A shprakh iz a dialekt mit an armey un flot » a language is a dialect with army, in Scottis « a leid is a dialeck wi ain airmie an a flot »
    a Yiddish phrase attributed to, but not originated by, the linguist Max Weinreich is more than suggestive of the role of politics in deciding what is or is not a language.
    Btw Slang is something totally different from dialect.
    The official languages spoken in Scandinavia are mutually intelligible. Norway has two forms of Norwegian.
    Scottis/Scots is as much a language as any of them. It simply lacks a modern state to give it official form. The same applies to Gàidhlig. For further enlightenment…

  154. Dorothy Devine says:

    Delighted to hear that news now we need the same news about Craig Murray , or even better news that the case has been thrown out.

  155. Lochside says:

    Hatuey, obviously touched a nerve there auld frere. Slang is not dialect. Scots tung has several dialects. Maybe if you lived in Scotland ye wid unnerstaun sic a’thing.

    BTW one of Scotland’s greatest gifts to the world was the Enlightenment. All of those who contributed to it and even the Judiciary of the period spoke braid Scots. They were coerced by Imperial forces into the duality of language that all Scots have suffered ever since, i.e. of subordination to the cousin of Scots R.P. English. Only a philistine considers a people’s language to have no relevance to their identity.

  156. Saffron Robe says:

    Ottomanboi, excellent comment and nice to hear mention of Yiddish.

    A sheynem dank!

  157. Mac says:

    In all the S.H.A.M. trials (that is short for Salmond, Hirst, Assange, Murray before I get charged with contempt) what is so striking and obvious is that none of them should have happened. The charges are so trumped-up they are ridiculous. In every case it is the same.

    With Assange we all know who is doing the ‘leaning on’. It is the USA pressuring the UK who are as usual fully compliant.

    But who is the one doing the leaning on in Scotland? Someone is ‘directing’ this for sure. These court cases are so absurd and sinister in equal measure, they are manufactured.

    So who is behind this, who has the power to do this and who does it benefit? Again all of it happening under Nicola Sturgeon and an SNP government. It is shameful but they seemingly have no shame.

    It really is true that, ‘the Law is not an instrument of Justice, it is an instrument of Power’.

    Someone or some group is behind this. It really stinks but then everything about the Scottish Government these days is putrid with corruption and dishonesty.

    Lawfare – using the law to ruin, weaken, demoralize, take-out of politics, your enemies / opponents. The state has deep pockets, individuals mostly don’t. So just make a bunch of bullshit charges up out of nothing and force them to defend themselves through the courts.

    The whole thing from start to finish, top to bottom, stinks of deep malfeasance.

    The SNP under Nicola have devolved into a shockingly rotten party. It is every where you look at this point bleeding into all aspects of the civil service and judiciary including the Police.

    Hard to believe it is only 6 years since Salmond handed over the leadership.

  158. Hatuey says:

    If it’s your language, go ahead and speak it. Teach your kids to speak it too. Stand over them when they’re applying for jobs and make sure they get it right.

    Interesting that nobody was able to provide an example of Scottish slang.

    So, okay, it’s a language.

    Now what?

  159. twathater says:

    @ Breeks and ROS TBH at one time breeks I had faith much like yourself that Joanna Cherry would ride in on her white charger and lay a charge on the ICJ and UN that Scotland’s democracy was being CHOKED by the overwhelming forces of england acting as the uk government , she would then produce the proper ancient legal docs to enforce her case and that would be that

    However recently I feel that like others she has and is capitulating to Sturgeon , her non challenge to her exclusion from HR , her acceptance of the continued vilification whilst tepidly referring to Sturgeon , and now her weak insinuation that there are POSSIBLY other routes to be EXPLORED outwith the sect 30 debacle , YET she has STILL NOT done anything credible to move independence forward

    I find the unapposed and unchallenging capitulation to Sturgeon’s dictatorial stupidity by supposed representatives of the ELECTORATE to be cowardly , sickening , and a betrayal of the people they were elected to serve , IMO they are all found wanting and COMPLICIT in the ravages Scotland is facing

    They DON’T work for us , they work for the SNP

  160. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    Hi Hatuey at 2:54 pm.

    You stated,
    “Interesting that nobody was able to provide an example of Scottish slang.”

    When one is involved in, or following, a discussion on a WOS page, it’s a good idea to keep that page in an active tab and visit it periodically. I find keeping it for 24 hours since the last comment works for me.
    I don’t see any point in ignoring pages, just because there is a new page on the block.
    I give every page that 24 hour cushion from the latest comment. It’s surprising what turns up at 12+ hours since the last comment.

    I refer you to this comment:

    Brian Doonthetoon says:
    7 January, 2021 at 11:21 pm

    An example of Scottish rhyming slang, that a guy from Paisley taught me decades ago…

    That’s a bra’ pair o’ winners yiv bought!”

    Winners and losers = troosers.

    It was posted just 21 hours ago. You can read it here…

  161. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    I noted, also, that you commented well after my post quoted above so, obviously, you are not reading all the comments that contribute to the discussion on a page, or you have a very short memory.

  162. Albert Herring says:

    Hatuey is a bawbag.
    (That’s slang by the way)

  163. Saffron Robe says:

    Albert, he’s no half!

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