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Posted on November 23, 2019 by

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    1. winifred mccartney says:

      Excellent image of where labour and the tories want scotland – on the outside. JC wants freedom for every other nation in the world – just not Scotland and BJ just wants our resources and a tory playground but definitely does not want to debate with NS because he knows he is just not up to it and that he does not have a leg to stand on – she would wipe the floor with him (without a mop).

      As for JS – who voted for austerity more often than many conservatives – I hope she loses her seat – it would do the LD’s a favour.

    2. manandboy says:

      Chris, with you a tack would be a blunt instrument.

    3. manandboy says:

      With you, Chris, ‘getting the picture’ has never been easier.
      Thank you.

    4. Helena Brown says:


    5. Robert Louis says:

      Yip, great cartoon. That is how the media keeps Scotland to England’s heel.

      ‘Today we’re having a discussion on the ‘union’, and with me are three commentators who will answer your questions. They ar all from England, and all oppose ‘vile separatism, and think we are better together (except the EU)’.

      Meanwhile, the paid liars at the propagandist London mouthpiece BBC IN Scotland, are doing their very hardest work ,to try to make the SNP look bad and responsible for anything and everything that is wrong.

      What an utter bunch of low life liars the so-called ‘scottish’ and yookay media is.

      And somebody please tell me why it is that London journalists coming up here during elections, ALWAYS visit Aberdeen and the fishing industry (mainly owned by a few large, wea;lthy conglomerates) on the N.east of Scotland? Funny how they ~~NEVER visit the folk on the west coast whose entire fishing industry is predicated upon simple, easy access to the EU, for same day, rapid delivery of langoustine and such like to top restaurants in Spain and other EU countries.

    6. starlaw says:

      We as a people will never be accepted as equals at Westminster. we are expected to sit under the table and beg for scraps, our wealth however is most welcome and Westminster just helps themselves in the name of the Crown.

    7. Ahundredthidiot says:

      BBC wash up today on last nights qt debate.

      3 reps on the couch from their respective parties……no prizes for guessing who wasn’t invited.

    8. carjamtic says:

      When two sides of a set of scales are equally weighted they offer equilibrium, when one side adds weight the equilibrium is gone and will never return (as there is no capacity within this ‘union’ for righting itself or for self regulation).

      And when the debate is controlled by despots, certain captains of industry and some kings of finance who can only ‘succeed’ by exploiting the naivety or trust of other people, you know their ‘union’ is finished and as we have recently witnessed,when their careers end suddenly or tragically, they cannot understand what has happened to them.

      Hold the front page, with uncanny timing, on line 13 we have our old friend, the Sèideadh Feadan with a wee lie about the NHS (who is not an agent or a hired woman/man by the way, just to clear that up, you know how rumours start) go right ahead, my lovely.

    9. R4 says:

      How on earth can BBC justify not having an SNP representative on the couch on Breakfast this morning. Nicole’s name was not even mentioned by the Labour, Tory and Libdem reps or the interviewers. This is getting ridiculous.

    10. Gary45% says:

      Nice one Chris.

    11. Footsoldier says:

      BBC Scotland is moving from bias to simply being foolish and that works in our favour.

    12. Ian McCubbin says:

      Great image and sentiments.
      Good job most of Fife is with the outsider lol

    13. Tom Kane says:

      Chris, even if they do prevail, and even if the SNP fail to land us our referendum… And all that is truly terrible to image…

      We will still have your toons.
      I am so chuffed to have some of your work at home.
      And that will be some sort of balm.

      You have nailed true pictures of our times to their living room walls.


    14. Famous15 says:

      Footsoldier @ 8.53.

      Not just the BBC. I hear died in the wool Unionists complaining that the whole media has overcooked the criticism of the SNP.

      On hospitals one Unionist acquaintance said do they not realise that we also get the TV programmes from London where we hear horror stories about English hospitals which are ten times worse than anything “up here”.

      Note the reluctance to even say “Scotland” and another favourite of theirs is “breaking up the country” forgetting that Brexit will not only do that but also the back of everyone..

    15. Famous15 says:

      Should have been dyed but the other word is nearer reality.

    16. Effijy says:

      Reading the Daily Hail latest farce edition.

      Stephen Daisley is obviously eating well on fake news Britnat column.
      He could pass for Alfred Hitchcock in his picture.

      Multi faceted are his SNP complaints today after last night’s debate.

      Breathtaking his claims, well more than normal.
      He counted interruptions and that Nasty Nicola only got 17 and our Eton Elitist Bojo the Clown got 45.

      He is certain that the BBC forgot their Britnat Charter and must have bused down Scottish Nationalists and worse than that the English members sympathetic to Nicola know nothing
      About Scottish Politics!

      It’s seems the BBC must face a row about bias as they allowed an actress to question
      Yellow Tory Swansong. Didn’t they know that she appeared in the Film I Daniel Blake
      Which caused the beloved Tories embarrassment by depicting the brutal and draconian
      Reality of their horrendous Universal Discredit punishment scheme.

      All this and people Guffawing at our Bojo made this a car crash of a show!

      Can you spare just £2 per week?
      We have people who are comfort eating to relieve the stress of having
      To produce back breaking quantities of lies and deceit on a daily hail basis.
      £2 could buy him a Kilmarnock pie and allow him to stop relying on blood money.

      Please send your checks to Engerland Fascist HQ, Downing St, God’s Own City,
      UK Ya Bass.

    17. Socrates MacSporran says:

      Chris, mis-spelling Kirkcaldy is a master-stroke. By omitting that c, you brilliantly summed-up what the English really think of us – they cannot even spell our place names correctly. Genius.

    18. Socrates MacSporran says:

      Nicola must have wiped the floor with the other three last night to an even-greater degree than I imagined she had, while watching th programme.

      The way the English media is rushing this morning to ignore her, or to damn her superb performance with faint praise, she must really have opened English eyes to what a poor lot the Unionist party leaders really are.

      If we are talking diamonds amidst the dross, last night, she was the Koh-i-Nur.

    19. Ghillie says:

      Thank you Chris =)

      Your picture paints a thousand words – thanks for filling me in on the gist of that programme.

      There was no way I was going to waste the tiniest moment in my life to listen to the chat between Boris Trump and Jeremy IhaveabsolutelyNOideawhathappensinScotlandface.

      They will rue the day. Sooner rather later 🙂

    20. starlaw says:

      Professor J Curtis on Radio Shortbread a few mins ago . . Nicola won the debate but that does not count etc . . . did he not notice that she educated English people on how badly they were governed.

    21. Swami Backverandah says:

      Precious Unicorn.


    22. Bob Mack says:

      Great show from Nicola last night. She was hone honest and forthright in everything she said.She actually looked more relaxed than I have seen her for a while.

      The media of course try to downplay the fact she was head and shoulders above the rest,but thats where we find ourselves now.
      Talent only exists where the media says it exists.

    23. Gary45% says:

      Hey neebur, Ye ken its Kirkuddy.

    24. Capella says:

      Reosting from previous thread –
      Newsnight 5 minute post-mortem of the leaders’ debate studiously ignores Nicola Sturgeon. She wasn’t there, apparently. First half on Boris Johnston, next up, Jeremy Corbyn (and Boris Johnston) then briefly on Jo Swinson’s lead balloon performance. End of, thank you.

      Viewers in England must be wondering who that strange woman is in the photo.

      I thought Nicola’s performance was spot on and by far the best. So naturally the BBC will edit her out of the news. Remember when the Soviet Union used to doctor photos to remove persona non grata?

    25. call me dave says:

      The FM in Leven this afternoon.

      Auntie wie a kilts Brewer trying to tell us that if we’re in the EU then Independence is off, deid,gone,vanished cause then there would be no change of circumstances. Aye!

    26. galamcennalath says:

      Cartoon says it all.

      Last night proves that Nicola is in a different league from the the three leaders of the ‘English parties’.

      This colonial attitude from London can’t last. More people everywhere are seeing it for what it is. The way to deal with the ‘Scottish problem’ is to deny the Scots democracy – that’s an unsustainable strategy.

    27. Old Pete says:

      Swinson was utter crap last night, her Titanic moment has sunk her party and rightly so. The Liberals like the Tories just deliberately lie at every opportunity.
      Why folk are still supporting any of the three anti-Scotland parties is beyond the pale.

    28. Ronnie says:

      English people who don’t live round here invariably struggle to pronounce Kirkcaldy and usually render it as Kirk-kaldy with a definite pause in the middle and a long ‘a’ sound, just as Mr Cairns has depicted.

    29. sassenach says:

      I thought, from the minute Nicola stepped onto the stage in Sheffield she got a warm welcome, and it seemed to continue throughout her time.

      It made me wonder if people in England, generally, hear as much anti-SNP garbage from BBC as we up here have to put up with from Pacific Quay?.
      The audience did seem to listen and respect Nicola’s answers, hopefully showing our own Scotbuts how Nicola is seen down there.

      I remain hopeful, our leader had a great night.
      I’ll bet a lot of English now wish they could vote for her.

    30. sassenach says:

      About QT – how long can it last? Fiona Bruce is dire, especially he little audience chats, like “Are we all not tired?” etc, supposed to be homely??

      I think the ripping apart of Mentorn’s part in audience selection every time a QT goes out, must depress the producers, knowing it’s the easiest thing to identify questioners later – see latest ‘white shirt man’ on Rev’s twitter (wonder if he’s related to our very own manky-shirt man), it does say he’s worn the same shirt every time he’s been on the show!

    31. jfngw says:

      Kirkaldy, very good, I remember a sport presenter who thought it was called Raith ‘They’ll be dancing in the streets of Raith tonight’. BBC Grandstand.

    32. kapelmeister says:

      Swinson started the campaign as a self-proclaimed contender for PM. Now she’s just an insurance policy for BoJo to stay in No.10.

    33. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “mis-spelling Kirkcaldy”


    34. Andrew (Andy) Crow says:

      One hundred and eiiiiiighty.

    35. Dr Jim says:

      Just think of it, the Tories are congratulating themselves on their successful avoidance of buggering it all up because of their idiot Prime Minister so to them that means they won from a position of panic and giant relief at allowing their man to open his mouth withour him actually spewing out some racist crap or making reference to inferior humans

      Meanwhile in the glorious world of *journalism* the word’s out “Don’t mention the name *Sturgeon*” or you’ll end up on the radio in the Arse end of nowhere at 3 am in the morning doing the weather, withdraw all oxygen from the SNP because there are more people in England waking up to what she says and there’s no way we’re having that, she’ll end up running things at this rate, the Sturgeon must be stopped

    36. Conan the Librarian says:

      It’s literally from “Kirk All Day”.

    37. Socrates MacSporran says:

      Rev. So, it was actually Chris who mis-spelled the name of the Lang Toun, and you corrected it.

      Better to have left it alone and gone with the explanation for it which I and a couple of others noticed.

      Mr Cairns, clearly, you are in need of another holiday.

    38. Republicofscotland says:

      Excellent Chris right on the money I say.

      Also lets not get hung up on the spelling correct or incorrect, it’s the meaning of the cartoon that matters.

    39. Millsy says:

      To use a motoring analogy , Sturgeon was a Rolls-Royce last night , the others were from the dodgier end of the used car trade !

    40. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      O/T Joseph Stiglitz being interviewed on Euronews right now.

    41. Dr Jim says:

      It’s very telling how Unionists in Scotland are *ragin* today but the people in England are saying (judging by the twitter responses) that Nicola Sturgeon woman isn’t at all what we’ve been told she is and we kinda like what she has to say, we were all told she was dangerous now we’d like her for our Prime Minister and not the clownshow we’ve got, isn’t Scotland lucky

      How peoples perceptions can change in a day if the right people are *allowed* to talk to them

    42. Breeks says:

      sassenach says:
      23 November, 2019 at 10:26 am

      …It made me wonder if people in England, generally, hear as much anti-SNP garbage from BBC as we up here have to put up with from Pacific Quay?…

      Similar, but I wondered the same thing when Corbyn casually started talking about “once in a lifetime” opportunities, as if the expression wasn’t ‘loaded’ in any way, and nothing like the way our domestic Unionists like to pretend the words are some kind of sacred gospel against which IndyRef2 is heresy.

      Either Corbyn hadn’t read the script properly, or the “Once in a lifetime” bollocks is just contrived horseshit for Scotland’s ears only.

      Ever notice how BritNats like slogans? Brexit mean Brexit. Once in a Generation. No to a Second Referendum. Get Brexit done. BritNats are using slow gains like linguistic crutches to support people who have to say “something” but cannot articulate a persuasive argument, and need a utility phrase they can draw like a gun.

      But maybe don’t knock it. A wee round ‘anything’ in Pantone 300 says all you need to know about YES. We’ve ascended to a higher plane which doesn’t need a gimmick or a slogan at all. A colour is enough.

    43. mr thms says:

      Interesting cartoon.

      Was the BBC biased in their news coverage following the QT Leaders Debate?

    44. Balaaargh says:

      For I ken mysel’ by the queer-like smell,
      That the next stop’s kirkcaddy.

    45. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      Dr Jim @ 11:55,

      Yes, a positive impression was what happened back in 2015 as well. A lot of English people were very impressed and were even asking how they could join the SNP. And of course why the powers-that-be are doing their very best to starve her of media exposure this time.

      A lot of people down south have no idea whatever what Nicola is really like, because they are normally starved of any direct experience of her in the media, only getting second-hand inferences that she’s some kind of dastardly bogeywoman setting out to split “the country”.

      (Errm, what “country” is that exactly? They really mean the English Empire (reduced), but they can’t really say that. Even inside their own heads.)

      The English can’t vote for her party anyway though, so the best we can hope for is that such a positive reception has some effect on the “refuseniks” up here. But you are right, when the lightbulb does finally come on in someone’s head, the attitude changes 180 degrees from the superficial “thatniklasturgin” projection to a far more grounded appreciation of the actual person.

    46. Colin Alexander says:

      As usual, nearly all the “questions” about the SNP’s GE policies were not about that at all. They were attacks on the record of the UK devolution SNP Govt or criticisms of Scotland in general.

      My own view is that such attacks are irrelevant as that’s not about the SNP’s UK GE policies or record at WM, so should be refused by the Chair. Similarly, the SNP asserting a record of good governance in devolution is also irrelevant. The result is, we get the same auld “SNP bad v SNP good in devolution” arguments that have nothing to do with this UK GE.

      If arguments were to be made about the SNP’s record, it should be their WM policies and voting and debating record at WM. Same applies with Tories, LibDems and Labour. Yet, as another example, we have Boris Johnson talking of his time as London mayor.

      I felt the best question, made as a genuine question – not barbed point-scoring attacks framed as “questions” – came from the dark haired woman to Nicola regarding s30 and Indyref2.

      Basically, she asked: what do you plan to do if the Empire says no to allowing indyref2?

      Nicola responses were (my summary from memory) :

      She doesn’t want to answer that as she doesn’t want to accept that will be the case. But, she would cross that bridge if she came to it at the time.

      Nicola admitted whether permission is needed has never been tested in law. (Brownie points for Nicola there for stating A FACT, not a belief / opinion.)

      However, despite accepting it having never been tested in law ( why not, when the SNP will go to court over ITV debates etc? ) She then stated her belief that a transfer of powers was necessary and the best way of doing things.

      Nicola did not expand on why she believed it was necessary.

    47. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      Colin Alexander @ 12:24,

      If there was anyone likely to pop up with a negative slant on recent matters it would of course be you, Lord Hee Haw.

      Take a bow. You are so predictable. The man (or artificial media construct?) with the personal raincloud. But your bitter drizzle is raining on no-one but you.

    48. Gary45% says:

      Troops have a wee listen to Tragic Naebawz on LBC, full on “breaking up MY COUNTRY” nonsense.

    49. Albaman says:

      The lang toon ?,
      I think Gary45% has got it right, especially when engaging with a “Lang Tooner” in the high street.

    50. callmedave says:

      Bitter drizzle!

      As soon as heard that I knew it must be a thing. 🙂

    51. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      sassenach @ 10:26,

      Apologies, my comment @ 12:22 should of course have linked to you too. (You got there first!)

    52. Stuart MacKay says:

      Colin Alexander @ 12:24

      Everyone with 2 brain cells to rub together realises that getting an S30 is going to need several approaches. It’s a game of chess not noughts and crosses. It’s about time you wised up to that.

      “Let your plans be dark and impenetrable as night, and when you move, fall like a thunderbolt.”

      It’s basic strategy. Time you read up on it.

    53. Colin Alexander says:

      Robert J. Sutherland

      Ask yourself this: how many of the questions related to the SNP at WM or SNP policies for WM?

      Am I wrong to point out this is a UK GE, not Holyrood election?

      That most questions are thinly-disguised attacks / defences of the record of the devolution govt, so that turns it into a Scot Govt Holyrood debate, not a GE / WM debate.

      Thus, irrelevant.

      Did I falsely represent how Nicola answered the question about indyref2?

      Come on big mouth, put your case or is your only input for independence “slagging for Scotland”?

    54. Dan says:

      Millsy says: at 11:42 am

      To use a motoring analogy , Sturgeon was a Rolls-Royce last night , the others were from the dodgier end of the used car trade!

      I know what you meant but I have to say that is a low bar!
      Rolls Royce and other “luxury” “Great British” cars like Jaguar are rusty shite heaps.
      All those jag owners a few years back thinking they were buying the “Best of British” when it was actually just a re-clothed Ford Mondeo! lol
      Trouble is the clothes Jaguar clad the base Mondeo shell with actually made it rust quicker than the Mondeo…
      A fine analogy for “Not so Great Britain”.

      This also covers so many other industries on these isles that have been lost over the years; But the demise of the British car industry sums it up.
      I mean, nobody is tuning in to watch rallying and see the latest WRC Allegro…

    55. Jock McDonnell says:

      OK folks, watched the FM on QT – smooth as silk – pushed for time this weekend – should I watch Boris or Swinson ?
      Boris is usually good comedy value, he’d be my choice of PM in a satirical version of the West Wing or House of Cards. Maybe not in the reality TV version.
      But Swinson – she is agonising to watch – will I find it funny ?
      Should I bother.

    56. Colin Alexander says:

      Stuart MacKay

      You’re missing the point. Nicola accepts the s30 question is untested in law.

      If I remember right, under the Scotland Act, the guidance for s30 says if it’s unclear whether it’s needed or not, that that should be decided by the courts, NOT the politicians.

      Anyway, there’s a bigger question: which law says we need to use the UK Govt’s devolution Scotland Act to exercise the right of self-determination?

      Of course, I accept, many in the SNP aren’t daft, and may simply use the s30 issue to highlight British Imperialism and stifling of Scottish democracy yet again, as they expect “NO / Now is not the time” to be the only answer from the Imperials.

      However, that’s a double-edged sword. The danger is an s30 being granted and another indyref being rigged again.

      As the GE campaign has highlighted: under the British Empire / UK state , a fair indyref cannot be held when the media is allowed such a huge degree of bias against the SNP and independence .

    57. galamcennalath says:

      Last night…

      FB says something like ‘WM does have a right to block it [referendum]’

      NS says something like ‘WM doesn’t have a moral or democratic right to block it’.

      FB says something like ‘but they do have a legal right’.

      NS says something exactly “it’s never been legally challenged”.

      …. that snippet shouldn’t be overlooked.

    58. HandandShrimp says:

      Haven’t seen all the show as I was out at an SNP St Andrews night/fundraiser last night but I have seen a lot of moaning about biased audiences and Nicola and Jeremy getting an easy ride…a fair indication that Johnson didn’t shine.

      Owen Jones and Polly Toynbee rated Nicola highly too and the more Tory commentators are emphasising that Nicola would nail another referendum from Jeremy. That said, this is an English Brexit election and the leave voters look like they might put that total pudding Johnson in No 10 regardless of how useless he is. A decision they will likely regret.

      In other news I see David Walliams has a new children’s book The Beast of Buckingham Palace…presumably a cautionary morality tale.

    59. Gary45% says:

      Apologies for promoting LBC, don’t waste your time with LBC at the moment. Ssssssepratists, Naaationalisssts, Deeeevisive, can’t give away Scotland because Westminster owns it guff.
      Normally laugh at this clown, but it just embarrassing and sad.

    60. Ottomanboi says:

      Scottish independence is the young bull at the door of unionism’s antique china shop and not a skilled torero on the premises. Brexit will look like a minor mishap by comparison.

    61. Colin Alexander says:

      Whether indy by s30 indyref or by another means, is ultimately for another day:

      First things first: We must again do our bit to try and rid Scotland of as many British Empire glove puppet MPs, as possible.

      That means voting for and supporting the SNP at this GE, whether or not you agree with every SNP policy / strategy.

    62. Bobp says:

      Old pete 10.23am. Lets face it, the only people who support the three anti Scotland parties are, the daily heil readers and the WATP ‘loyal’.

    63. auld highlander says:

      Did anyone else notice the wild staring eyes on bj last night?

    64. Bobp says:

      Auld highlander. All fascists have that look.

    65. Gary45% says:

      Cheers Neebs.
      I remember years ago working in deepest darkest Blairhaw, and the guy in the house asked if I had seen the new Rocky Aye Aye movie?? RockyII, Fifers are a good laugh.

    66. Giving Goose says:

      Bell ringer outside Inverness victorian market today, promoting the place, in kilt, english accent, says to passers by “come in and shop and we’re not the SNP!”
      WTAF Inverness market traders!?
      Do you want the business?
      After his antics today I gave it a miss for Xmas shopping!

    67. Gary45% says:

      Caesar!man ??

    68. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      Colin Alexander @ 12:55:

      Come on big mouth, put your case or is your only input for independence “slagging for Scotland”?

      That’s absolutely priceless, coming from the resident expert at slagging-off Scotland’s champions. With just the odd positive scrap occasionally thrown in to fool the unwary.

      All part of your curiously-assiduous disinformation and demotivation campaign, Lord Hee Haw.

    69. Joe says:

      Example of scripted narrative

      You dont need to rig elections/referenda when you control the narrative. But who writes the script and what is the goal? Who are the bad guys according to these script writers? Nationalists. Thats why every nationalist movement is smeared.

    70. dakk says:

      @ auld highlander ‘Did anyone else notice the wild staring eyes on bj last night?’

      Noticed that.Brown bags under them too.

      Looked tired,not well. Probably never had to work so hard in his life before.

      Think he had taken a wee pep pill.. same kind that gave Toss Rompson same wild starey eyes

    71. John says:

      Jock McDonnell
      You have summed it up in your post , don’t bother unless you a good laugh !

    72. Clapper57 says:

      Re misinformed ( intentional or just ignorant of current position) individual who highlighted Glasgow’s ‘problem’ with knife crime.

      Who decided it would be a good idea to throw a collection of questions at leaders rather than one question at a time…this guaranteed the leader prioritising one point against another OR failing to address the other not through error on their part but too many points to address in a concise manner for time allocated to them in their response.

      Nicola Sturgeon did not answer the misinformed individual’s point because Fiona Bruce decided to get three people at the one time to ask questions for her to answer in one response….hence it was not addressed but not through negligence on FM’s part but through unfair system BBC via Bruce adopted.

      It also gave charlatans like Bojo a means to ignore points he did not…or rather…could not/would not answer ….so clever tactic by BBC to use this format of multiple questions expected to be addressed in ONE answer by leaders….allowing chancers to ignore question and genuine leader to miss addressing… useless are the BBC……I think they are only to aware of Nicola’s ability to articulate her position and Johnson’s lack of ability to articulate his….because his position is based on lies.

      Alex Cole-Hamilton thought the audience was stacked against the Lib Dems….so a clear indication of how badly Swinson performed last night……..the lack of claps for her responses told you that this audience , like many of us, are not convinced she is anything but a wannabe PM and career politician as opposed to a PM in waiting…as in waiting until Hell freezes over Lol

      Last night proved who was waffling, who was struggling to convince, who , via their past record, was being punished, who failed to articulate their position to such an extent that they probably LOST votes as opposed to gaining new voters and also who came over as articulate, had reasoned arguments,seemed sincere,who actually answered the questions and did this to such an extent that they have KEPT the voters they already have and I am sure will also have GAINED a few more….eh Nicola…gaun yirsel Hen.

      Never saw Corbyn’s moment last night so cannot comment on his performance…but heard he is now NEUTRAL in his position on Brexit….sorry but that has always been the public position he has used…called fence sitting….in private it is said he is pro Brexit….which is believable because no one who was a remainer would announce they were neutral on the most significant event currently dominating UK(Not)OK politics… based on that I think he is on a sticky wicket politically…so nothing changed then Lol

    73. Republicofscotland says:

      As usual the BBC state broadcaster is up to their old trick in aid of the Tories.
      This guys is never off QT and he campaigns for the Tories in marginal seats.

    74. Republicofscotland says:

      The usual anti-Scottish government rhetoric from LBC’s Maajid Nawaz, who vehemently opposes everything that Nicola Sturgeon propses on Scottish independence. Again he mentions Putin and an independent Scotland in the same sentence.

      Yet in reality it’s the Conservative party that has taken money from Russian donors and of late suppressed a Security Council dossier showing that very thing.

      Also the new LBC news channel repeated Boris Johnsons recent debate, and Jo Swinsons and Jeremy Corbyns, but cut to Prince Andrew news, completely ignoring Nicola Sturgeon in the process.

      Its times like this (amidst a GE) that the unionist mask really slips and the ugly face of the union is laid bare for all to see.

      Vote SNP to be done with this union once and for all.

    75. Dr Jim says:

      Scottish Unionists are again *pure ragin* that Nicola Sturgeon FM of Scotland is to appear on Sophy Ridge tomorrow

      Everything is none of her business apparently, when what they mean to say is, shut her up too many folk are finding out she’s not the *baddie* she’s the goody

      Who would have thought five years ago England would be applauding FM Nicola Sturgeon, you couldn’t have imagined such a thing

    76. kapelmeister says:

      Unionist politicians and activists, whatever their party, whether they’re EU remainers or leavers, whether they’re conscious of it or not, whether they exhibit some measure of progressive thinking or not, are all in their different ways clinging on to the past as a political panacea.

      In the US Malcolm X chose the X as his surname for the very reason that he wanted to make the break, not just the symbolic break with the slave owner imposed surname but also a symbolic break with a largely unrecoverable African past. To orient the cause of black people in the U.S. firmly towards the future.

      British unionists, in a noticeable case of classic projection, assume that Scottish and Welsh independence supporters are preoccupied with harking back to Bruce, Wallace and Glendower. The contrary is the reality. We wish our countries to be forward looking and fully internationalist.

      A vote for a unionist party in this election is a vote to retreat from reality. A vote for the SNP is a vote to go forward.

    77. KOF says:

      @Giving Goose 13:41

      As some one who grew up in Inverness, I would suggest you go back to the market. Obviously, give the bell ringer a right dirty look as you enter. Go to every business there and tell them that you will no longer buy anything from any business there, because of the actions of this bell ringer. Be polite, but determined in tone. Sow doubt in the minds of the shop owners over whether people will spend money with them. If there’s one thing Unionists love more than the Union, then it’s money. Threaten that money and they may back off in publically supporting the Union, or indeed being openly anti-Scots. Confront, politely, Unionists at every opportunity, no matter the insignificance of the siuation. Give them no quarter.

    78. First off I enjoy reading the comments,some tongue in cheek others witty and amusing.I am a little frightened of Hammers,they can be dangerous but not as dangerous as Trident,or E.D.F. full of cracks being reopened,for the benefit of the owners and their English customers. Having watched last night,s,I missed or did I? Corbyn,Nicola took the conversation to a new level,leaving Branch Amigos stranded in no mans land. Swinson dodging the bullets!! with flimsy defence.Boris Johnson completely lost looking for a mirage to save him,not one question answered.Asked about Russian Oligarchs donating and interference!,Cleared for distribution,but to be buried until after the Election.What buffoon would vote for another buffoon!??

    79. kapelmeister says:

      Mr. Demotivator aka Colin Alexander is back. Must have been on furlough for a few days.

    80. Gary45% says:

      Dr Jim@2.35
      Just had an email from a “choom” down in the deepest south-shire, after last nights fiasco, says pretty much Nicola is the best politician in the country, and is pd off that he cant vote for her, and he is a tory!!
      The good/sad thing is she is shoulders above any of them, yet the “Ah hate that Sturgin wummin” is still rife with the gullible parts of Scottish society.(when asked why the hatred, they can never tell you why, probably because the BBC tell them so). If the UK was the equal, fair society it claims to be, the SNP would be running Westminster with Nicola as PM, but they would never allow that.(just as well, she’s oors)
      I am expecting the “establishment machine” to go after her, more so than ever. I fear its going to get ugly.
      But hey ho bring it on.
      SNP= Independence.

    81. Clapper57 says:

      Christopher Hope from Daily Torygraph tweeted the following:

      ” Why is Nicola Sturgeon in the BBC QuestionTime election debate when the vast majority of the viewers cannot vote for her party? #GE2019 @bbcquestiontime

      11:46 AM – 22 Nov 2019″

      So Scotland vote majority Remain in EU Ref…UK wide vote so apparently not relevant.

      So Scotland has SNP candidates standing in UK wide GE…BUT..according to Christopher…apparently not relevant.

      Is there ANYTHING via democracy that is relevant for Scotland…other than giving an advantage to Unionist parties..which, like the EU Ref, disadvantages Scotland…always.

      Am I missing something in Christopher’s reasoning here ,or as I suspect, he is missing what is obvious in his own reasoning of what is fair and democratic….in UK WIDE GE….I think we all know what Christopher is trying to do….Lol…desperation in a middle aged hack is a sight to behold…to do it so publicly though….oooft

    82. Meindevon says:


      Nawaz on LBC is always on about these Scottish Nationalists breaking up ‘his country’. Last week he more or less said ‘they’re not naz’is BUT…’ He was so abusive to us I was pretty stunned. From someone who has been abused for his religion and colour, he had no clue that his ranting might encourage abuse of us. Especially those like me that live in England.

      I think I’m right in saying he has also said he has never been to Scotland and he had no clue about where or even how to pronounce North Lanarkshire last week. But Scotland is his country, he owns it. So there.

    83. Alasdair Angus Macdonald says:

      Does ‘Gordon from Kirkcaldy’ give a monkey’s about Scotland being a ‘valued member of our precious union’? As long as he and his Labour cronies can stay on the Westminster gravy train then that is what being a member of the ‘ptecious union’ entails.

    84. Gary45% says:

      I had to switch LBC off when he was on, I posted reason earlier.
      LBC claims to be “Leading Britain’s Conversation” but in reality its still the “London Broadcasting Corporation. I normally have the station on in the background from 7am through till 7pm, yes even Faridge each day, to try and get a broad spectrum of the state of the union or is it an onion? (keep peeling, it will make you cry).
      Since the GE was called I think Nick Trabant had someone from the SNP on once, but I can honestly say its always the Unionist parties who are mentioned daily, never the SNP, for example I have never heard James O’Brien play Ian Blackford speaking live from WM at PMQs, and the embarrassing “Proud Scot But” Eddie Mair has never mentioned the SNP, always the other parties, ( I could be wrong? but as I get pissed off with the blatant bias, I switch off more than normal,) as for Trajic, he is just a clueless diddy with a biased agenda.

      LBC is just the BBC but with shi*ey adverts, and some really sh*te presenters. Which is sad, because it could be like Channel 4 when it started,(the punk of the industry, if you know what I mean?)
      Unfortunately, tired same old, same old.
      Silence IS golden.

    85. kapelmeister says:

      See that Sir Timothy Sainsbury, former Tory minister in the governments of Thatcher and Major and member of the supermarket family that has an estimated fortune of £1.3 billion, has joined the Liberal Democrats.

      He must feel comfortable with Swinson as a leader.

    86. Breeks says:

      galamcennalath says:
      23 November, 2019 at 1:20 pm

      …NS says something exactly “it’s never been legally challenged”.

      …. that snippet shouldn’t be overlooked.

      I don’t think a Section 30 is the pivotal issue which has to be challenged. It’s merely the stalking horse… that’s if it even features at all.

      It’s like my argument about revoking Article 50 unilaterally… It isn’t the issue itself that matters, but the Constitutional ramifications of the adjudication. It’s just a small snowball, but there is only one way it can roll.

      The legal and constitutional judgement which might “test” whether a Section 30 is required, will be much more onerous and testing than merely establishing consent to hold a referendum. If judged that consent is not required, it will most likely be because Scotland’s Constitutional Sovereignty is in the process of being recognised.

      The apparently innocuous test of whether a Section 30 is required, is actually the winner take all, binary test case of principle, to establish who exercises Constitutional Sovereignty over Scotland. Are we a sovereign Nation, or are we not?

      The SNP won’t risk leading Scotland to a Constitutional Independence Test Case until the judgement, (which we will win), cannot be compromised, complicated or undone by a democratic majority of Scots who want to stay part of the Union.

      I understand that strategy, but I have two obdurate reservations about it.

      1. Sovereignty is a binary absolute condition. It exists, or it doesn’t by the explicit letter of the law, hopefully Scots Law. It is not conditional upon ANY democratic mandate or condition, and I believe it is strategically dangerous to cite democracy as a benchmark or necessary prerequisite. Can you imagine the French or the Germans requiring a democratic majority to establish themselves as French or German?
      I would change our “lame” IndyRef2 question “Should Scotland be an Independent Nation”, to. “Should Scotland repeal the Act of Union?” Y/N.
      It is already implicit in the question that Scotland IS a sovereign Nation, merely seeking a proper constitutional mandate to terminate a political treaty.

      2. I am very anxious about the softly, softly, back-burner political strategy about fully embracing Scotland’s ancient Constitutional DNA. Scotland’s Unionist community will not take kindly to a Constitutional route to Independence being suddenly thrust upon them in the eleventh hour like a rabbit pulled from a hat, especially if a democratic mandate is looking tight or anywhere short of emphatic.

      I think a much wiser strategy is to make Scotland’s Constitutional strength THE central mainstream issue in the Scottish Independence Campaign; give the Unionists time to vent their frothing outrage, get over it, but then go away and do their reading, and then dwell on the issue of Scotland’s right and lawful sovereign Constitution, until they get used to the idea.

      Scotland IS a sovereign Nation. It is the Union that is false and living on borrowed time, not the Independence Campaign. Time and truth on our side, not theirs. We are not servile prisoners trapped inside the Union, we are the Union’s Nemesis.

    87. galamcennalath says:

      Breeks says:

      I don’t think a Section 30 is the pivotal issue which has to be challenged.

      I took Nicola’s brief comment about legal challenge to refer to WM’s right to block, rather than simply about handing over S30, or not.

      The exchange was about blocking … “not morally or decrocatically”, then “legally” was suggested so Nicola responded to that. Sounds to me like any legal challenge would be on the fundamental sovereignty. Who has the right to make decisions for Scotland. Morally, democratically, legally are big sweeping words.

    88. @Dan,

      Jaguar and Land Rover cars are owned by Indian company Tata Group.

    89. David says:

      Someone tell me why someone who does not always agree with Nationalists is instantly called in derogatory terms a Unionist who came up with that name .
      Why the constant condemnation of England enemies etc .
      And why did Nicola when asked who came up with once in a generation last night said don’t know .
      And the legal route to Indy why wait for the PM to say no why not go to the Scottish courts now.

    90. galamcennalath says:

      I see QT have been caught out again, having the same guy in audiences at least four times.

      The statistical chances of they being a random outcome must be zilz. Even if someone applied to every QT, getting on that often must mean he’s been positively discriminated for.

    91. Republicofscotland says:

      Gary45% @3.31pm.

      I have to agree with that, I don’t know about others in here but I feel completely homeless when it comes to a radio station that can be called fair and unbias when it comes to the SNP and Scottish independence.

      I hope things improve greatly in a independent Scotland.

    92. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      Breeks @ 15:42,

      Actually, you touch on the weakness of your approach (and the SNP’s ultimate end game), namely that since the people of Scotland are constitutionally paramount, there’s no point in taking the issue to a legal-constitutional showdown (one that we would win) as long as a majority of the people, exercising that very sovereignty, prefer to remain in the UK. The victory would be hollow, since it would lead nowhere useful.

      There’s absolutely no escaping public acquiescence, however you demonstrate it. (One might wish for a Czech-Slovak-style velvet divorce, but it’s not too likely, alas.)

      The only qualification I would put on the above is the unknown effect on opinion of such a public challenge. It might be dismissed as an empty theoretical exercise of no practical interest, or it could activate people as they began to realise just how much our fundamental rights have been trodden-over all these years. Either outcome is possible.

      As to being feart, I believe it’s actually the UKGov who really doesn’t want this to go to court, because currently it can operate relatively freely in a constitutional grey area that allows it great latitude, whereas a likely loss would constrain it very significantly, not just the current one either, but all its successors of whatever political stripe. I reckon it would prefer to take its chances with a referendum instead.

      So in an S.30 standoff, I’m very confident that it will be the UKGov that will blink first. And I reckon that Nicola & Co. know it.

    93. Josef Ó Luain says:

      It’ll be very interesting to see what happens to the Lib Dem vote in Scotland after Swinson’s stumbling, amateurish but highly revealing performance. She’d sell her feckin Granny for a couple of votes, that one. She’s a Bearsden Tory at heart, and there’s not much else to her, it seems.

    94. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      Josef Ó Luain @ 16:41,

      Hubris is classically followed by Nemesis, so one may hope.

      But I feel very sorry for English Remainers – who else than the FibDems can they (in most places) turn to, when magic grandpa has now publicly committed his party to continued impotence?

    95. Gary45% says:

      Derogatory, I take it you mean Yoon, no sure who first came up with it, but hey Jock, sweaty sock, sponger, junkie, tight/mean, benefit scrounger, you’ve heard them all before, and you get upset at Yoon? come on.
      “Once in a Generation” has less legal binding than the VOW or Sniveler Johnsons “Die in a Ditch”.

      I think it was as an off the cuff remark by maybe Mr Salmond, not sure? and maybe mentioned in the white paper?? but was in no way a manifesto promise, or in the legally binding Edinburgh Agreement, the comment has been thrown back countless times at Scotland in desperation by Yoons, who have nothing constructive to offer.
      When the empire start treating the Scots with the respect they deserve, maybe the term Yoon my gently drift off into the ether. Over to you.

      Equal Family of Nations. How did that go?

    96. Colin Alexander says:


      “Sounds to me like any legal challenge would be on the fundamental sovereignty”.

      Not necessarily.

      Even if there is no dispute about Scotland has the right of self-determination.

      Can the Scot Govt prove that that right to self-determination is not only a legal right but, that that legal right ALSO extends to holding an indyref via the devolution Scottish Parliament?

      Then again, if it’s SELF-DETERMINATION, why should the UK state have a say in how Scotland decides it’s future?

    97. Golfnut says:

      @ David.
      The Conservative and unionist Party, the derogatory term is yoon although that’s now mostly defunct, British nationalist now used. Remember your use of the word Nationalist, was first coined by British nationalists as derogatory term for those of us supporting Scottish Independence.
      England and the English are rarely referred to as enemies, and on this site as with most of the main independence sites would be dealt with strenuously. Westminster is the enemy, yours as well as ours even if you haven’t yet recognised that reality.
      Nicola wasn’t asked who first stated ‘ once in a ‘ she was asked who promised it was ‘ once in a ‘, it certainly didn’t come from us, in fact the first person I heard using it was Johnson when he addressed parliament.

    98. David says:

      Gary @457pm
      Thank you for your comment .
      No its the term unionist 3 weeks ago I saw SNP members calling people that with their MP looking on I don’t live in the area they were in and an Indy supporter took me to task on another site for buying the National something to do with the parent company .
      Once in a generation I think was Alec so why did Nicola not say that .
      Calling people names when you want their vote not a good idea.

    99. Gary says:

      Every foray into Scotland by the BBC is into a Tory seat, despite them being a rare commodity. Labour voices given prominence over the majority too and maybe an SNP quote via sat-link as an afterthought but ALWAYS with sound problems.

      It’s almost like it’s designed that way. It’s be one thing if this was the case JUST in this election but it was the same in the last one, the one before that and also IndyRef.

      We need a REAL impartial broadcaster, how can you know what they AREN’T telling you if they aren’t telling it to you??

    100. David says:

      Thank you for your comment at 502 Golfnut
      I think you will find Foreign country etc has whoever says it it needs to end

    101. Famous15 says:

      Fourth paragraph of 2013 White Paper “Scotland’s Future”.

      “If we vote No, Scotland stands still. A once in a generation opportunity to follow a different path , and choose a new and better direction for our nation,is lost. Decisions about Scotland would remain in the hands of others”

      Both NS and AS and others in the SNP used the generational opportunity encouragement to vote in the run up to September 18 2014 but NO ONE other than Unionists said it was a PROMISE.

    102. Golfnut says:

      @ David.
      As I said David, Nicola wasn’t asked who first said ‘ once in a’, she was asked who promised. I’m assuming your referring to the question on QT. One other point, Johnston when making his statement was stating that it was the Tory party that had promised it was ‘ once in a ‘ referendum.
      However in the Smith Commission agreement, it clearly and emphatically states that the agreement does not in anyway prevent the people of Scotland having another referendum. This agreement was signed by all parties including the Tories.

      Sadly David, from this side of the border, it appears that England has diverged so far from the social and political objectives and aspirations of so many of the people Scotland, that England has indeed become a foreign country.

    103. Gary45% says:

      Not sure what you mean on the Unionist term, sorry you got grief regarding the National, I personally stopped reading it a while back after the “French Gate” saga, where I found the paper a bit spineless in defending Nicola, but hey that’s my personal choice, it is still the only Indy paper, although very Indy “light”, but would never give anyone grief for buying it.
      I can’t speak for Nicola, but questions getting fired from a very biased broadcaster, make your own choice on that, remember if she farted on the stage the BBC and all media would accuse her of a chemical gas attack.

    104. mr thms says:

      According to the BBC Scotland, Glasgow’s NHS board is part of NHS England…

      “Glasgow’s NHS board will now be subject to “special measures” following the deaths of two children.

      Glasgow’s NHS board will now be subject to “special measures” following the deaths of two children.

      Jeane Freeman said NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde would be escalated to stage four of the NHS Board Performance Escalation Framework.

      But how does the process work?

      What are special measures?

      Special measures is the term used in England when the existing management of an NHS Trust cannot fix problems without intervention from the government.”

      Later in the same article!

      “NHS health boards are not put in special measures, but are instead subject to the NHS Board Performance Escalation Framework.

      This scale – from one to five, with five being the worst – determines the performance of a health board and its response.

      Health boards can move up and down the scale, and different levels of government support apply to each stage.”

    105. IZZIE says:

      I think Nicola said ‘I don’t know’ in answer to the once in a generation question because she did not want to say Alex Salmond.

    106. Breeks says:

      Robert J. Sutherland says:
      23 November, 2019 at 4:33 pm
      Breeks @ 15:42,

      Actually, you touch on the weakness of your approach (and the SNP’s ultimate end game), namely that since the people of Scotland are constitutionally paramount, there’s no point in taking the issue to a legal-constitutional showdown….

      Disagree. Important distinction Robert… It’s not a judgement “creating” a Sovereignty I seek, because yes, that already exists so why reinvent it, but a Constitutional Judgement IS required if the object is to clarify Sovereignty and to secure International Recognition.

      The Declaration of Arbroath lay idle without reply for eight years until after the peace accord between Scotland and England, the 1328 Edinburgh/Northampton Agreement and recognition by the Pope.

      It’s not a reborn Constitution we need, but a revision of it’s international recognition. If we win that in a Constitutional Courtroom, then it becomes unlawful ‘not’ to recognise us.

    107. starlaw says:

      Reading all he above posts it seems that Nicola Sturgeon is the party leader of the third biggest party in Westminster, and so had every right to be on the programme. This fact seems to be overlooked.

    108. Dr Jim says:

      Yoon short for Unionist as in the sound
      Natz or Nats short for people who support Scottish Independence

      The origins of who began the derogatory nicknames for other groups in order to demean them is common in todays political discourse but however has been in use in the English language as far back as records began and used as a propaganda tool against enemies of the state both foreign and domestic

      In more recent times commonly used politically to belittle opposition to the government and no doubt engineered by advisers to governments from the success of wartime propaganda strategies: see Jerries Fritz Krauts for Germans, Ities Italians, Frogs French people and so on

      Domestic insults: Paddies Micks for Irish, Jocks or Scotch for Scottish people Taffies for the Welsh which was an English language nursery rhyme

      England has a long and replete history of the use of insulting language for those it does not favour

      The moral of my wee potted history is *We didnae start it*
      but GRFUY we kin dae it anaw

    109. Ottomanboi says:

      The United Kingdom inhabits a world of feigned diversity, inclusivity and cheap ‘gay’ emotionalism. The retreat from the intellectual, the rational and the cultural must end, for Scotland, with independence. We can and must do much better than this tacky ‘fin de siècle’ Ukania.

    110. Dr Jim says:

      Just had an email from my local branch and it looks like Swinsons car crash on the Telly has sent her bus into reverse according to todays door knockers

      Let’s hope the dark and the cold keep the pensioners who voted for her last time….in the hoose

    111. Dan says:

      Scot Finlayson says at 4:12 pm


      Jaguar and Land Rover cars are owned by Indian company Tata Group.

      Exactamondo! Hence why I put the British in inverted commas.

      Same shit as when they plastered the new Mini with Union Jackassery, even though it was BMW…
      Mind you, the original Mini was designed by the chap with that very British sounding name, what was it again…eh, John Smith, no not him, Alexandros Arnoldos Konstantinos Isigonis, that’s him.

    112. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      Golfnut @ 17:48,

      Obliged for the reminder, and worth repeating (with gusto):

      in the Smith Commission agreement, it clearly and emphatically states that the agreement does not in anyway prevent the people of Scotland having another referendum. This agreement was signed by all parties including the Tories.

    113. Reluctant Nationalist says:

      ‘Guffie’ is the correct term for the Glish. Or ‘Hemorr’. Or ‘Wanker’. Follow my lead.

    114. Bobp says:

      Dr Jim, Cannae argue with your posts,always on the money and I enjoy reading them.

    115. Bobp says:

      IZZIE 7.03pm. Which was why I thought,she was asked that question , to try and put her on the spot.

    116. Colin Alexander says:

      People seem to forget: UK political parties, UK Govts can promise the Earth, Moon and stars.

      But under the Great British traditions which pretend to be a GB constitution: UK Parliament cannot bind future parliaments, even though UK Parliament is regarded as sovereign via the sovereignty of the Crown ( of the British Empire / England) in Parliament.

      So, if UK Parliament isn’t bound by UK Parliament, the Smith Commission certainly cannot bind UK Parliament.

    117. Fireproofjim says:

      Dr Jim
      You mention the various rude nicknames appended to political or national groups.
      The most apt is actually Tory, which comes from Irish Gaelic and means thief, bandit, or robber.
      It has been current for about 300 years and was never more appropriate than today.

    118. Famous15 says:

      In England the Monarch in Parliament is sovereign. (ref Dicey).

      In Scotland the people are sovereign.

      How is that will determined? An obvious way would be that recognised by Mrs Thatcher being a majority of Scottish MPs with presumably a majority of Scottish votes for a party wishing to assert that authority. Another mode would be a majority in a referendum.etc etc

      It may require an action of declarator to the Scottish Supreme Court (ref Treaty of Union) or simply UK Government coming to its senses and accepting the political reality.

    119. Ahundredthidiot says:

      This GE is a knife fight.

      The SNP need to be taking a knife to it and start by going full Trump on the Fake News lying bastard media.

    120. birnie says:

      How far, how far has the BBC betrayed its founding aspirations!

      _ “This Temple of the Arts and Muses is dedicated to Almighty God by the first Governors of Broadcasting in the year 1931, Sir John Reith being Director General. It is their prayer that good seed sown may bring forth a good harvest, that all things hostile to peace or purity may be banished from this house, and that the people, inclining their ear to whatsoever things are beautiful and honest and of good report, may tread the path of wisdom and uprightness.”

      (Translation of Latin inscription in the foyer of Broadcasting House)

    121. Golfnut says:


      It’s BBC make it up as you go along news at its very worst.
      This is BBC electioneering on behalf of the British nationalist parties through misinformation and lies.

    122. Dr Jim says:

      Jo Swinsons lead in East Dunbartonshire has dropped to 4 points over the SNP, that’s a whisker away from the Lib Dem leader losing her seat and boy will I do a dance if she does

      Maybe the pensioners in my area have seen the light or at least won’t go out and vote for her in the dark

    123. Capella says:

      Turns out Stewart Hosie was brilliant on Newsnight.

    124. AndyMcKangry says:

      Dr Jim, let’s hope they stay in and watching the telly. The future of Scotland is with their grandchildren. The future ain’t orange it’s Scottish!!

    125. Golfnut says:

      Just picked up on Facebook. Johnson appeared to be wearing an earpiece during question time. I’ll try and get some more info later. Bedtime. Night all.

    126. AndyMcKangry says:

      Ahundredthidiot, I’ts not even a knife fight! It’s a gun fight and you don’t take a knife to a gun fight…….unless you want to loose!!
      Our foot is on their neck. The good guys in the films always give the bad guy a last chance and they always pay for that. Break their neck and put a couple of dull ones in them for good measure, that’s what Dirty Harry would do and their would only be one winner.
      The empire never plays fair, they always have to be brought kicking and screaming to the table!!
      I need to stop having cheese on toast before I go to bed!!!

    127. Famous15 says:

      I will never ever again look in the same way at a Sally Army band and its tambourines without thinking of Janey Godley.



    128. Dr Jim says:

      French journalist on the BBC says “you should never believe polls, expecially polls in the UK”

      Says it all when foreign correspondents see and speak out about the corruption in the UK

    129. frogesque says:

      Seems there’s a few polls suggesting Con lead over Labour in the low to mid teens.

      Absolute dearth of info relating to Scotland.

      No pollsters caring or do they have info but scared of the stampede if its released?

    130. Sinky says:

      Sunday Times hides its Scotland Panelbase poll which puts SNP on 40% 0r 41 seats

      Daily Mail / Sunday Herald /BBC diging up other isolated health issues to create a non existent scandal

    131. Capella says:

      Gordon Brewer is interviewing Jeanne Freeman about the QEUH on his politics show. Is this day 9 or 10 of the hospital hysteria? Apparently some people have died in hospital. Perhaps they were ill and that’s the reason they were in hospital.

      He’s going to refer to the escalation process as “special measures” although he knows that’s the English procedure and so not appropriate. He probably doesn’t want to refer to “support” as it’s called in Scotland, home of Radio Scotland.

      Just read for John Robertson’s growing number of articles on this grim obsession that’s gripped RScotland – uniquely in the UK.

    132. frogesque says:

      @Nana: 8.41

      Thanks for that, going to have to work for every vote. 40% not high enough. Street vibe suggests its higher but taking nothing for granted. Those silent Unionist are hard to crack.

    133. callmedave says:


      Aye Gordon Brewer says

      “Were not talking politics for most of the programme today Isobel”.

      “We’re interviewing Jean Freeman the Health Minister and the news that a third child was ill in the same hospital in September”

      Aye right! Good old auntie wie a kilt! 🙁

    134. HYUFD says:

      Nana Great Panelbase for Scottish Tories putting them back up to 28%, just 1% below their 2019 score. The small 1% swing from Tories to SNP would see the SNP only take a single seat, Stirling, from the Tories while the Tories hold 12 of their 13 seats

    135. HYUFD says:

      Sorry just 1% below their 2017 score

    136. Footsoldier says:

      Lot going on in Scotland these days – BBC Scotland website still dominated by an unfortunate car crash in Lewis.

    137. Terry callachan says:

      HYUFD…9.19am…..But there is a very good chance tories could lose twelve of their 13 seats

    138. Gary45% says:

      Its just another drip, drip, drip to the gullible, any negative story “Shortbeard” wireless or TV can feed out, they will do so. Constant negatives keep the public down/low in wellbeing. Forget the real issues that are blighting the UK, just keep the gullible thick. And yes I mean thick, a while back I had a conversation with a lass in my home town, Labour supporter, loved Ruth the mooth, “because she’s funny” !!?? go figure, hated Nicola Sturgeon, when asked why, I think the reply was “she’s not funny and she’s too serious”. If only they knew what situation Scotland would be in without Nicola Sturgeon at the helm. This is one of the many reasons I gave up the TV licence.
      The empire propaganda machine are losing, they know it, and us that are clued up ( I am no expert) know it.
      I think we all know the game the establishment are playing, any good,decent politician in the SNP Scottish Government, shows up the inadequacy’s of the so called “mother of all parliaments,”!? and they will do their best by any means to try and smear and get rid of the politician in question.(to basically weaken the government,) its been tried and tested for generations by the Empire. After all Scotland can’t be shown to be better than the HQ of the Empire, can it?
      A confident,positive population/country are harder to control, when that control is being applied from another country.


    139. HYUFD says:

      Terry Callachan If this new Scotland only Panelbase poll is correct and the Tories are on 28% in Scotland there is no chance the Tories will lose 12 seats, in fact on that poll they would lose no more than 1 Scottish Tory seat

    140. galamcennalath says:

      HYUFD says:

      Scottish Tory

      I would opine that there is no such thing, only Tories in Scotland.

    141. Breeks says:

      Sinky says:
      24 November, 2019 at 8:43 am
      Sunday Times hides its Scotland Panelbase poll which puts SNP on 40% 0r 41 seats

      Daily Mail / Sunday Herald /BBC diging up other isolated health issues to create a non existent scandal…

      Same old Unionists. Same old propaganda unburdened by truth, scrutiny, or right of reply.

      Be warned… the BritNat media will do with a Section 30 refusal, (making a referendum ‘illegal’), exactly what they did with Scotland’s currency policy in 2014. Ignore the detail and cost checked practicality, and scream hysterically from dust til dawn about their version of their pedalled narrative.

      Despite us having a cohesive and practicable Currency strategy, it wasn’t punchy or glossy, and the question of Currency was not adequately dealt with in 2014. Now, in 2019 the need, or otherwise, of a Section 30 Agreement is not being adequately dealt with either. History is repeating itself. This is where we lose ground, waiting patiently for the SNP to answer these questions by howitzer, only the SNP big guns remain silent.

      Please note too, the in-built weakness in both issues is an identical intrinsic component, – that Scotland’s strategy requires the UK government to cooperate, and thus when Westminster says no, it is a veto, and Scotland’s strategy is undone.

      Why are we giving them a UK backstop position to truncate Scotland’s options, when it really ought to be Scotland settling in behind Scottish Constitutional Backstop restricting Westminster’s options???

      Answers written on a howitzer shell please…

    142. Terry callachan says:

      Do not believe the polls
      It’s a trick
      You do not know who the people are that are polled, no names given no idea what their circumstances are or what their background is or how they were chosen did they volunteer without being contacted or did they put themselves forward in some other way or were they chosen from an existing database ,no way are they chosen randomly.
      All very secretive in the name of privacy of course.
      The pollsters keep a database of people they have used in the past and therefore they know what those peoples previous choices were, from that they can predict to a closer and closer degree what the answers to questions will be as the profile of those people is honed into a predictable history of their political views.
      Their database they can be split into what they call segments which they use to target groups in new polls asking them questions where they know what the responses are likely to be.
      This affords the pollsters to exclude groups of people that they know will give answers that the pollsters do not want.
      That’s why the polls are always from small numbers of people a few hundred or a thousand or two, easier to control ,the risk of their predicted answers from their chosen segments being a bit different to what the pollsters expect increases when they increase the numbers polled.

      It’s just another weapon in the armoury of Westminster politics.
      People a decade ago would never have thought that the BBC lied on purpose to the people on a regular basis but the BBC have made mistakes and have been found out, people do not trust them anymore because they now know the BBC is just a propaganda media for Westminster .

      The Polls are the same, the people involved interchange between BBC ITV Sky the newspapers and pollsters.
      A well run machine to keep you misinformed which can sow the seeds of doubt in your mind so readily because you never ever want to believe that your government and all the media outlets and agencies you have readily have trusted throughout your whole life are actually working against you fooling you keeping you under control so that the masses do the work for less than they should be getting paid for the job just so that the rest of what you should be getting can be taken as profit by the rich who do not actually work.

    143. Terry callachan says:

      HYUFD…9.49am….that’s a big IF….you know yourself the tories will lose seats , it’s just a matter of how many, could be just six or seven, could twelve won’t be less.

    144. Effijy says:

      Brewer the fake former Trotskyite doing his utmost best in behalf
      His Tory pay masted you make the infection control issues at our new
      Non PPI funded super hospital appear on the same footing of the Holocaust.

      Now actively interrupting any points made positive for SNP or independence.

      It’s what he is paid for an money always comes before the well being of Scotland

    145. starlaw says:

      Why is the BBC assisting in the sweeping under the carpet of the Fifty + deaths of Mothers and Babies in Shrewsbury, and Morecambe before it, who has been challenge over these scandals which Minister has been asked to resign and why not. Please inform us BBC . . why not ?

    146. Colin Alexander says:

      I’ve no doubt negative stories about the Scottish NHS are primarily for anti-SNP, anti-independence propaganda purposes. However, the Scot Govt also bring that on themselves, by their ongoing failure to make Health Boards more accountable to the public.

      And also because of the Scot Govt’s unwillingness to get involved until the situation has escalated in the media.

      But, let’s never forget, the personal tragedies for the families involved where members of their families have died is very real and their complaints are very real too.

      Sadly, even when the Scot Govt is eventually shamed enough to take political intervention, I expect the families won’t get the answers they were looking for. How no?

      The Health Boards and Scot Govt know that in Scots Law, medical negligence law suits are perhaps the hardest civil litigation cases to win. So, it pays for the Health Board and Scot Govt to NOT give information that can later be used as evidence in court against the Health Boards to prove negligence.

      The Scottish NHS has a huge office block in Edinburgh stuffed full of lawyers and advocates advising their clients (health boards and health board staff) to say nothing, admit nothing. Don’t give any facts that would be evidence of negligence. Deny. Deny. Deny. Deny the truth. Cover-up.

      So it will be made as hard as possible for the patients’ families to obtain and prove the facts in court that would prove medical negligence contributed to their loved ones dying.

      In Scots Law there is no rule of disclosure of evidence. In Scots Law Defenders are allowed to conceal evidence unless a recovery of documents order is applied for but, you can’t make an order for documents you don’t know about. You aren’t allowed to “fish” for evidence. In contrast, in the USA and England and Wales, the Defenders have a legal duty to give the Pursuers / Plaintiffs the evidence they have (whether they do is another matter).

      Not referring to any case in particular: Health Boards know by concealing the truth, if there IS negligence involved, most people will eventually give up; the strain too much to cope with and their chances of winning a medical negligence case too remote due to the burden of proving their case when facts are deliberately concealed. So those guilty of negligence, more often than not, get away with it.

    147. Colin Alexander says:

      However, the criticisms of Health Boards has nothing to do with the UK General Election and electing MPs to Westminster.

      We need to vote SNP.

      The Empire propaganda tries to make the public think that not voting SNP will somehow be a good thing for the Scottish NHS and the families who have lost loved ones. It won’t.

      For all it’s faults the Scottish NHS would be much worse under direct rule of British Govts or sold off to private companies under a Boris Johnson / Trump trade deal.

      In my opinion under British Empire rule eventually there wouldn’t be a Scottish NHS; it would be private health care for those that can afford it and so many more people would suffer and die earlier from lack of health care.

    148. Shug says:

      I do wish the snp had not made trident a red line
      It is an extremely high worth negotiating point
      I wish they would stop talking about supporting Labour when they don’t know the election outcome. It makes them sound childish

    149. galamcennalath says:

      Shug says:

      I do wish the snp had not made trident a red line
      It is an extremely high worth negotiating point

      I see both sides. Want them gone asap, but accept it is one of the two HUGE negotiating levers Scotland has (along with England’s need to be seen as the continuing state).

      There’s an unavoidable aspect which seems to get overlooked. Internationally it will be unsustainable for one country to house its entire nuclear arsenal on another country’s territory in the long term. Basically it’s a ridiculous idea, even after morality and legality have been considered.

      The SNP and SG should have a policy in line with reality – the WMDs need to be removed as soon as is practical and there should be no interim upgrading. How long? Guess, single figure years.

      Post YES win, England’s two big concerns, IMO, will be their WMDs in the short term and their continuing state status. Negotiations could be simple and smooth, unlike the EU Withdrawal negotiations!

    150. Fergus Green says:

      Absolutely agree with making Trident removal a ‘red line’.

      Call Corbyn’s bluff. Call him out for the hypocrite he is on nuclear weapons.

      Also, give a clear message to the people of Scotland the the removal of WMDs from Scottish soil, before or after indy, is not a bargaining chip.

    151. Swami Backverandah says:

      Meanwhile, over on twitter

      “In the light of the latest polling, I wish Nicola would talk less about her demands for supporting a Labour government (which frankly isn’t going to happen) and more about what the SNP will do if the Tories gain an absolute majority (which is, alas, likely).”

      They would follow legal advice, and tut.

    152. Pete says:

      SNP, by supporting Labour and making the removal of Trident a red line is just sooooo antagonising all folks of a right wing aspirational bent.
      Utter madness!!

    153. Joe says:

      Its funny how many people think you can win a country back AND be nice and shiney and smelling of roses at the same time. I mean im not sure any country has ever won its sovereignty without at least the threat of violence underpinning its negotiations/efforts. So we are +1 already on that. What a bunch of dumb,naive, inexperienced arrogant idealists so many of you are. Its shameful.

    154. Colin Alexander says:

      So, in the unlikely event Labour is a minority govt and it tries to pass legislation that the SNP is in favour of,

      Are the SNP gonnae abstain / vote NO to block that legislation if Corbyn won’t give a s30? I don’t think so. They would be accused of backing the Tories, cutting their noses off to spite their faces etc.

      So, if Labour forms the next UK Govt and rejects / delays a s30, the SNP should leave WM at least for the duration of that Parliament. Leave British Labour with their British Empire allies at WM (the Torie/ LibDems etc).

      Likewise, if the Tories won, the SNP should leave UK Parliament.

      The SNP should concentrate on Scotland and delivering their promised referendum on independence.

    155. Willie says:

      And meanwhile the loyal subjects of her majesty wake up to this morning’s news that Jeffrey Einstein’s madam was in recent months a visitor to Buckingham Palace to discus the Prince Andrew scandal.

      Clearly old Queenie is every bit as much a Madam as Einstein’s pimp.

      And we as Royal Subjects are paying huge sums to support this freeloading scum.

      Brothel-ham Palace headed by the biggest Madam of them all – ER2, defender of the Union, anti Scottish Independence, and God Mother of child prostitution at the big house.

      But we knew that already.

    156. Bob Mack says:


      Never ,ever ,saw Ghandi with a gun.


      Ukraine seems to be engaging with Russia in a hot war without having nuclear capability. No?

    157. Colin Alexander says:

      Scottish freedom by democratic, peaceful, non-violent means.

      Violence is the way of the British Empire.

    158. Bob Mack says:

      @Colin Alexander,

      Hospitals are brimming with peolle who have illness AND infections. Add to this the number of visitors to any hospital on any given day, you have a recipe for tragedy.

      Especially if thefe are people with already compromised body defence systems induced by serious conditions.

      Deaths will occur sadly In the instances highlighted tbere happened to be problems with a fault in hospital utilities at the same time.

      Very difficult to defend.

    159. Famous15 says:

      So the most dishonest of all trolls drops ideas here and there waiting for some eedjit to run with them.

      Do not feed the trolls. They are called concern trolls because they kid on that they support you but that kid on goes on till they suck in a sucker to run more extremely with the ideas they planted.

      They get a salary and a pension and a gong. You get shafted.

    160. Colin Alexander says:

      Bob Mack @1.22pm

      That’s very true. Even with perfect healthcare humans can catch infections and die, especially those with compromised immune systems. We do know there are faults with hospitals. Whether that contributed to recent patient deaths, I cannot say. I do not have the expertise or specific knowledge to comment on that.

      The NHS is a huge organisation. Of course sometimes mistakes happen. Of course sometimes there is negligence. We live in an imperfect world with imperfect people. SNP govts can’t change people and should not be blamed for others’ negligence.

      But when negligence happens, Health Boards and govts (Scottish and UK) deal with errors / negligence by covering it up to protect reputations and prevent patients’ and patients’ families from obtaining redress politically or in court. That’s something that should have changed but hasn’t.

    161. Dr Jim says:

      Every day literally hundreds of folk from England troll Scotlands FM on twitter complaining about what she should be doing to help them either get rid of Labour or get rid of the Tories or complain about Scotlands FM breaking up their country

      All these folk from England never give one thought to the fact that they’re responsible for the politics in their own country, they’re the people who keep voting in the politicians they say they don’t like and then when Scotland agrees with them and says we’re off and don’t want any part of your choices the English get shitty about it and turn it into Scotlands fault that England broke its own political system and Scotland should somehow do something about it then shut up and be told what to do all over again

      The idea of slavery in England is still alive and thriving in that country when the people who live there piss all over their own bathroom floor but demand that Scots clean it up for them, and if we don’t there’ll be retribution brought upon us

      They begin with attempted persuation, then cajolery, then angry blackmail, and the finale is always threats, and all the while maintaining their position of arrogant supremecy as the chosen people and holders of all the titles and honours they feel are rightly owed to them as the most important place on the planet

      When you keep voting for ideologists instead of democrats you can’t then complain about believing the shit they sold you and turn to others and blame them
      Scotland and its people aren’t the whipping boys of Englands lack of democracy

      Boris Johnson or Jeremy Corbyn aren’t Scotlands fault, we told you over and over again by our voting habits and you rubbished us, we tried to co-operate and you rubbished us

      The SNP is the best thing that’s ever happened to Scotland because we broke the system and England can do the same, but you can’t blame Nicola Sturgeon for doing her job of protecting Scotland then on the other hand demand she do the same for England and if she doesn’t you hate her

      Would England hire a plumber from Edinburgh to fix their pipes if their own local plumbers were rubbish and would they blame him if he said no get yourself a better English plumber than you have at the moment my job is in Scotland, well they wouldn’t would they but they seem to think they are entitled to demand Scotlands politicians should help fix their country then impolitely tell them to bugger off straight back to Scotland

      Sorry England but peoples acceptance of poor behaviour by others has its limits and Scotlands limits have been reached

    162. Joe says:

      @ Bob Mack

      Yeah…so why dont you get out there with your wee white robe and inspire the people then?

      The backdrop of Ghandi was an India that had literally massacred every single British person they could get their hands on in the 19th Century until order (colonial control) had been restored. The precedent had been set. Ghandi was admirable but behind him was big potential trouble.

      Of course, your feel-good, fancy fact omitting BS doesnt take such into consideration. Because its not comfortable for your wee progressive mind to handle.

      I repeat – many of you people are an ignorant embarrassment to regular Scottish people (pro indy or not).

    163. Willie says:

      And to change the subject a tad has anyone noticed the piece about SSE and National Grid having transferred ownership of their utility businesses to companies in Switzerland.

      Yeh, that’s it, hard infrastructure llocsted in zScotland, delivering power in Scotland, built by public subscription before being sold off – and now, like so much else, owned by corporate raiders in an off shore tax country.

      Makes you realise what a servile populace the folks in Scotland really are.

      And meanwhile, if I’m not being to rude, I wonder who is being entertained at Brothel-Ham palace today.. The ghost of Sir Jimmy Saville, Ghislaine Maxwell, a few fourteen year old girls and their pimp. Ah we are such a tolerant group of subjects. Child abuse, a royal pastime?

      Keep warm this winter though. Keep the corporate profits up. Tip, tip!

    164. Joe says:

      Dr Jim

      I think you need to get out more and access a bigger variety of information sources…

    165. Joe says:

      @ Willie

      Please. Stop talking about global Elite Pedophile rings. You will get the tax cattle nervous. ThanQ

    166. Jock McDonnell says:

      Adam Price was on Marr today. I remember him from before – I think he left the HoC to go to Harvard.
      Anyway – with him in charge, PC are finally getting their shoulders to the wheel.

    167. Republicofscotland says:

      Willie @2.18pm.

      The unionist media took great delight in reporting that Iran raised its fuel cost for its population, even after the hike in prices Iran’s fuel cost are still much cheaper than ours and we have gas, oil, coal and wind power.

      Scots are and have been for decades robbed blind on fuel costs, and will continue to be until a government in a independent Scotland does something about it.

    168. Republicofscotland says:

      Willie @ 2.18pm.

      I forgot to adc than we also have hydro-electric power as well which only adds to shame.

    169. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      Shug @ 11:49,

      I agree on both points. There’s no doubting Nicola’s sincerity and longstanding ambition to remove the obscenity of nukes from Scottish soil, but we equally have no right to impose that view on the English, who collectively may take a different view (and are entitled to it, if they can manage it). To me this posturing smacks of “mitigation-in-reverse”, ie. a fundamentally Unionist view with far too much attention being paid to matters that we should instead be aiming to junk.

      The SNP campaign should be about “getting independence done” (to borrow a slogan). Independence will take care of the nuclear weapon issue, one way or another. Bringing it up now may be a ploy for getting attention, but it looks to me far too much like virtue-signalling that could rebound, especially among potential converts. There is a time for everything, and this issue is way too premature.

      As to your other point, I have also been thinking that the SNP looks far too much like hanging on Labour’s coat-tails. A shoogly peg at best, but in effect it also projects precisely the wrong message, namely that Labour are the big guys and the SNP are the also-rans. Its far too defensive – almost cringy even – and looks like the SNP are in danger of not learning the lesson of 2017.

      Maybe it’s all intended as an attempt to further undermine Labour’s position in Scotland, which seems to me a waste of effort since Labour are getting on fine doing that for themselves. It’s the Tories that the SNP should be tackling head-on, IMO.

      Above all, the SNP needs to have the clear ambition to get independence done, not just footer around trying to put a few more sticking plasters on UKOK.

    170. Republicofscotland says:

      Maajid Nawaz extolling the virtues of Boris Johnson on LBC now. The more I listen to Narwaz (and its hard listening I might add) the more I think Narwaz is a state actor.

    171. McDuff says:

      RJS 11.49

      Exactly so.

    172. Bob Mack says:


      I know the history of India very well thanks. I also know their Independence was not achieved by being violent. They had tried that already during the Great Mutiny, which of course failed.

      Just the same way your approach would fail.

      Ghandi====small man with big mind
      Joe______just a smal! man with a smaller mind.

    173. Republicofscotland says:

      Radio news claiming that if Boris Johnson wins the GE the UK will be out of the EU come the 31st of January.

    174. Craig Murray says:

      Republic of Scotland

      Naawaz certainly is a state actor. He has had hundreds of thousands of pounds of Home Office funding and both US and UK security service funding through his Quilliam Foundation

    175. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      Shug @ 11:49,
      me @ 14:56,

      Besides which, the messaging is strangely dissonant. On the one hand Nicola is saying “we’re willing do a deal with Labour”, on the other she is saying “but we have a red line that even Corbyn can’t possibly accept”.

      It doesn’t cohere. Is she possibly back-pedalling? Or does she think somehow that she can give Corbyn cover for abolishing a nuclear deterrent that he would do if given half a chance? But there’s a big pro-nuke Labour union lobby, so fat chance of that.

      It’s all too “student politics” from Nicola at the moment, I fear.

    176. Jack Murphy says:

      Off Topic.From one year ago.

      “Scotland is a great place to do business”

      ————-Scottish Development International————-

      Hilton is proud about the progress of Scotland as a business and leisure tourist destination, believing Scotland is a world-class UK destination outside of London.

      An under two minutes YouTube video

    177. Pete says:

      To Joe and Bob Mack
      Writing this from Delhi and I can tell you that, although Ghandi is greatly revered, his faults are also very much acknowledged.
      He probably was too much Hindu centred and it was Nehru who brought the country into the modern world.
      Interestingly, for all the bad things carried out by the British and the East India Company, we are highly regarded as having created many worthy parts of modern Indian society for which the Indians are grateful.
      The country, although expanding rapidly albeit at a slower rate than previously, is in a shocking state by western standards with collapsing infrastructure, hopeless road networks and appalling housing for the bulk of the population with corruption at all levels of government.

    178. Malcolm Pate says:

      Just been watching the Boris manifesto launch and couldn’t beleive the rant at the end of the questions He said he doesnt do twitter and broke into some intellectual rant. I am sure he is unstable and not fit to hold office. Sky News Adam Boulton was clearly dumfounded. The next couple of weeks are going to be interesting.

    179. boris says:

      n 1704, the Scottish Parliament brought to its knees by England proposed a “treaty” on trade supported in perpetuity with the introduction of new laws securing the liberty, religion, and independency of Scotland.”

      England’s response, in 1706 was a “Treaty of Union” offering free trade but only in return for a full union of the kingdoms and parliaments.

    180. dadsarmy says:

      I think most people in Scotland and the rest of the UK would agree that the SNP have a right to demand a Section 30 as a price for co-operation at Westminster – that is after all, about Scotland. 100% of the people of Scotland at least exercising self-determination on behalf of Scotland. It’s a “red line” people would nod their heads at.

      I think most people in Scotland and the rest of the UK would disagree that the SNP have the right to enforce nuclear disarmament on the UK as a whole. That would be 40% currently of the people of Scotland enforcing their will over the whole UK – something like 3.3% of the UK making decisions for the whole. It’s a “red line” that tries to enforce the will of a very small minority over the majority.

      Look at BBC Scotland page about Sturgeon’s “red lines” and what do you see?

      Sturgeon: Scrapping Trident is SNP red line

      NOTHING about the S30, or any other of these “red lines”.

      The BBC Scotland isn’t daft – it will do anything to reduce the vote for the SNP, and like editing out the laughter at Johnson in QT, the BBC as a whole will do anything to reduce Labour’s chance and increase that of the Tories.

      The red line over Trident is totally MAD – Mutually Assured Destruction of the Labour party’s chances of government, AND the SNP’s chance of having any leverage at Westminster.

      Sturgeon is playing into the hands of the state organ the BBC, with her Trident red line which, if you listen to or read what she actually says, is just one of the red lines with keeping the Tories out of Westminster the first, and the S30 the second. Which in any case should be the other way around.

      The SNP should have just one red line for co-operation at Westminster – the demand for the S30 to hold Indy Ref 2. Following a YES vote we care less what Westminster wants to do with itself; it could abolish itself for all we diorectly care though we’d not really want to live next to an autocracy or right-wing dictatorship.

    181. dadsarmy says:

      @RJS / @Shug
      Beat me to it.

      The SNP should be way more than 40% at this stage, even with panelbase. The Trident issue will piss a lot of people off who see far more important things to worry about – like even Brexit. A 2016 Survation poll in Scotland showed only 41% against Trident renewal, with 31% in support. But putting issues in order in that same poll put Trident well down the list of priorioties for everyone apart from a low single figure percentage.

      Sturgeon iswas CND – the BBC play her on that like a one string fiddle, perhaps her main weakness. Then they ignore everything else she says and they get the headline they want, rather than the one we want.

    182. Bob Mack says:


      India had one of the worlds top economies for over two thousand years. It only faltered around 2017 for various reasons both internal and international.

      It has a young population and will grow again, and of that there is no doubt. No wonder it was considered the Jewel in the British crown.

      Interesting how they overcame sectarian tensions to achieve Indy, even though they parted after.

    183. Gary45% says:

      The Tory Manifesto. Also known as,
      Sniveler Johnsons Bumper Pamphlet of Spaffing and F*ckwittery 2019.
      Tried to send an attached picture, but that technology is way above my pay grade. Maybe some “winger” can do it.

    184. Jack Murphy says:

      TODAY Boris Johnson presents the Tory Manifesto to the Tory Faithful in 2 minutes.

      Brilliant speech from Boris Johnson [Alan B’stard],—-“WE DEMAND OUR COUNTRY BACK”.


    185. Republicofscotland says:

      Opening statement from Boris Johnsons 59 page manifesto.

      If there is a majority of Conservative MPs on December 13th, I
      guarantee I will get our new deal through Parliament.

      We will get Brexit
      done in January and unleash the potential of our whole country.

      I guarantee:

      • Extra funding for the NHS, with 50,000 more nurses and 50 million
      more GP surgery appointments a year.

      • 20,000 more police and tougher sentencing for criminals.

      • An Australian-style points-based system to control immigration.

      • Millions more invested every week in science, schools,
      apprenticeships and infrastructure while controlling debt.

      • Reaching Net Zero by 2050 with investment in clean energy solutions
      and green infrastructure to reduce carbon emissions and pollution.

      • We will not raise the rate of income tax, VAT or National Insurance.

      If Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour and Nicola Sturgeon’s SNP team up and take
      control on December 13th, we will have two referendums on Brexit and
      Scotland in 2020.

      Please support a majority Conservative Government so our country
      can move on instead of going backwards.

    186. Republicofscotland says:

      Re my above comment notice how Johnsohn says they’ll be a second indyref in 2020 if Corbyn wins. Could be apart from using that to demean Corbyn at the voting booth, maybe Johnson deep inside knows a second indyref is on the cards no matter who wins the GE.

    187. H Scott says:

      Epic trolling from the Tory manifesto released today:

      ‘Conservatives have a proud history of upholding
      and strengthening the devolution settlements in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.’

    188. HandandShrimp says:

      I would tend to agree that the Trident issue is a mis-call at this stage of the election. A bit disappointing as I think it has been a pretty sound effort so far.

      The SNP position is clear but damn near 500 MPs voted to build the replacement submarines. There isn’t much chance our tail is going to wag that dog and making it a red line is pointless. In the end it won’t/can’t be. The S30 should be the only red line. The rest of the Labour manifesto is so close to what the SNP have already delivered that supporting it is effortless.

      If we secure independence then we can be shot of Trident. If we don’t secure independence then Trident will remain, not least because Jo has stuff she wants to blow up.

    189. North chiel says:

      With today’s coordinated “ Scottish” newspaper front page attack on our SNHS , the evidence is that this has been a carefully planned by MSM specifically led by Propaganda Quay to “ take out” the Health Secretary Jean Freeman ahead of the GE . There has been a “ drip feed” of negative headline stories for weeks” apparently “ and suspiciously of a more serious nature as the weeks pass. If this “ pattern” continues then possibly there is more to come ( which has been “ held back” ) from “ propaganda Quay “ and if my “ suspicions “ prove to be accurate , look out for “ further revelations” and some “ bombshell revelation” let’s say 7 days or thereabouts our from Dec 12th. Hopefully most Scots who have first hand experience of our Health service recognise and are grateful for the treatment and services received and well know that that the highly skilled & dedicated staff endeavour on a daily basis to provide the very best service & treatment they can for each individual patient . I am sure there is “ heartache” not only for families tragically losing loved ones , but also for the dedicated staff who try to save them , each and every working day of their lives .

    190. Col.Blimp IV says:

      Breeks says:

      “Despite us having a cohesive and practicable Currency strategy, it wasn’t punchy or glossy, and the question of Currency was not adequately dealt with in 2014.”

      I think posterity records an emphatic win to the Unionists in that round of the IndyRef bout.

      But that is not how it should have been :

      Brown and Darlings assertions backed up by “Treasury Spokespersons” – that the English would refuse to let us use their precious pounds – was patently ludicrous and for all intents and purposes a barefaced lie.

      We were being asked to believe that the brand new English Government would gleefully sabotage their own currency, by reducing by 10% the number of people/organizations using it and divorce it from assets like oil and spirit revenues at a time when stability would be particularly important.

      For no other reason than to permit the two unionjakasses who were in charge of the economy the last time it crashed – To say “WE TOLD YOU SO!” to the F’ing Jocks?

      Does anyone really think that one would play to the English electorate the way the Doomsters said it would?

      And what about the Scottish electorate?

      The Darling/Brown doctrine was/is … Dear Scotland – The English despise us with a passion – Therefore we must permit them to control every aspect of our lives for ever and ever amen.

      I don’t know how many of the 55% bought into that guff, but I’m sure less of them would have, if only we had exposed it for what it was.

    191. Famous15 says:

      “I am Jean Freeman”

      She is way above her trash critics who use the grief of poor parents as a political weapon.

      Shame on them. Shame on them.SHame on the BBC.

    192. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      dadsarmy @ 16:12,

      At times like this I’m reminded of a saying attributed (among many, rightly or otherwise) to Henry Ford, who as a boy worked on a farm in Michigan, which goes (I paraphrase) that you handle a pile of potatoes best by picking the ones nearest you at the bottom; the ones much harder to reach at the top make their way to you eventually.

      Independence doesn’t on its own solve any other problems, but it does set things up in such a way that makes resolving them (have to) happen.

      First things first.

    193. Socrates MacSporran says:


      I see from his twitter feed, the Aberdeen-supporting Rev is not happy with referee Kevin Clancy’s performance in today’s match.

      Listen Rev, just be thankful you are not into rugby and have to put-up with Kevin’s distant Irish cousin George Clancy.

    194. Colin Alexander says:

      I have no problem with the SNP having red lines.

      Red lines or no red lines, the SNP will still be ignored or treated with utter contempt by the Empire’s politicians, as they represent Scotland’s sovereign people.

    195. dadsarmy says:

      This isn’t the easiest survey to pick the bones out of, but looking at it, for respondents’ first priorities the NHS and social care comes 1st at 31.3%, which is no surprise, and the economy 2nd at 20.2%. Trident comes 10th out of 13 at 1.8%.

      Yes, many issues are mostly or partly devolved but Brexit has a potential effect on all of them. It’s what the SNP refer to in April 2019 as “The latest Survation poll”, from 2016:

      So basically speaking the SNP with their Trident red line which WILL be reported as the major item by all the media, are playing to an already converted gallery of just 1.8% of Scotland, and risking the annoyance of the other 98.2%.

      Pretty [redacted] stupit. And inwardly obsessive.

      Yes, Independence automatically brings about bye-bye Trident from Scotland within 10 years, for obvious reasons.

    196. Dr Jim says:

      This politicised blaming of Health Ministers by the opposition is as tiresome and sickening as it gets, no medical professional gets up in the morning not intending to do the best they can for the patients in front of them, nobody want’s anyone to get sick, but they do and sometimes the worst happens but that worst is not normally the fault of anyone not doing their job, it’s just life going wrong leading to a disaster for some poor folk who have to bear it, then the job is to find the problem and fix it if you can so the risk in future is less likely, but no problem can ever be eliminated because nothing is perfect

      Politicians who use this as a tool for votes when it’s clearly an unwanted tradegy that health professionals immediately attempt to find remedies for are beneath contempt especially when they themselves belong to parties whose record on resolving these difficulties is almost non existent, particularly when those same politicians opposed the building of new hospitals in the first place or the saving and refurbishment of others then squeal holier than thou about the efforts of others to do the right thing

      The media’s exploitation of the families in these tradegies is also in line for contempt when they use it to promote their own favoured political party or indeed attempt to destroy another in the process for what? News? They sicken me

      Bereaved families cry out for support because they don’t want to be bereaved in the first place, nobody does, they want their loved one back again and nobody can do that for them, to have your family tradegy splattered all over the teatime news for the sake of politics I just can’t imagine how that must feel for families, it’s horrible

    197. Tam the Bam. says:

      Socrates MacSporran @ 5-36pm

      Having witnessed some of Clancy’s inexplicable decisions,I can well understand him being a tad underwhelmed.
      Personally..I cant quite get my head round why any sane person would willingly become a referee.Having said that..I’m glad wee Doogie Ross MP gives up his Sat afternoons to ‘run the lines.
      I always single him out for extra attention (mainly vocal!) when we have to suffer his appearances @ Cappielow (Greenock Morton FC).

    198. Tam the Bam. says:

      Dr Jim @ 6-12pm

      Well said…my thoughts exactly.

    199. sassenach says:

      How will the BBC manage to edit the bumbling buffoon at his own manifesto launch, with this cracker of how to not answer a question?

    200. Gary45% says:

      Wee O/T
      Any film/screen writers on wings.
      Forest Trump.

    201. Gary45% says:

      The ramblings of a F*CKING IDIOT. I noticed the slight delay in his ramblings, could be the ear piece giving him answers was thrown by the question.
      I am proud to say that I despise everything about Thatcher, but even she will be spinning in her purgatory, at the sorry excuse of a PM.

    202. Terry callachan says:

      TRIDENT , or , let’s call them WMD , weapons of mass destruction , you know , those things that Westminster said IRAQ had , Westminster proceeded to totally destroy IRAQ but then after doing so they said “ OH”
      “ IRAQ doesn’t have WMD after all “

      Sure Scotland should have a red line
      We want that damn stuff removed from our country and if t takes more than a single day we will be charging you millions and millions of £ England for each and every day thereafter that it takes you to remove them.
      There will be zero tolerance
      Scotland will not negotiate any deals you will just remove them and pay the cost of doing so in advance

      For those advocating that SNP should not have red lines on this so that more right wing people can possibly be persuaded to support Scottish independence , take a hike, getting rid of trident has been on the SNP menu for many years right wing people are selfish self centred and will not be persuaded to support Scottish independence if they are against Scottish independence by avoiding mention of this long-standing policy and believe me right wing anti Scottish independence people already know about our plan to get rid of trident and nuclear weapons.

      Camouflaging you’re red lines won’t work
      Be and show what and who you are

    203. H Scott says:

      The Trident red line could be being set up to be traded away in any SNP/Labour agreement. Also a distraction from indyref2 issue between SNP & Labour.

    204. Dr Jim says:

      @Terry callachan 7:13pm

      Absolutely right tell people straight and honest what you’re about and you’ll know where you are with them because they’ll know what you’re position is and you’ll never need to lie to cover anything up

      Perhaps the FMs just reminding the vast amount of students and Greens who support the ridding Scotland of Nuclear weapons and the SNP stance on it so they’re sure of who they want to vote for, a vote winner I would have thought

      In this current climate honesty’s a joy

    205. dadsarmy says:

      getting rid of trident has been on the SNP menu for many years

      With a whole, massive, enormous 1.8% of people in Scotland having it as their number one priority – and that was BEFORE the EU Referendum caused Brexit to be a major issue.

      Yeah, let’s fuck up Independence for the sake of that 1.8%.

      Anyone for another 312 years of the fucking Union?

    206. Sinky says:

      BBC Scotland channel news at 7 piled on pressure. “Freeman refuses to resign” then has three unionists adding their bile and allowed Cole Hamilton to pose in front of political No Brexit and No indy banner.

    207. Robert Louis says:

      Jock McDonnell, at 233pm,

      Indeed, Adam Price, is a very clever man, with genuine credibility. No wonder plaid are on the up.

    208. dadsarmy says:

      Table 34 and as well as that just 1.8% who make it their No 1 priority, look at the minisule few who even make it number 2, 3, 4 …

      As a policy no problem, as a “red line” there can be only one – Indy Ref 2.

      There can be only one “red line” – Indy Ref 2 in 2020.

      I’ll repeat that:

      There can be only one “red line” – Indy Ref 2 in 2020.

      Where, with a YES vote and Independence, Trident is gone in a maximum of 10 years anyway.

    209. Dan says:

      Miles of trudging but that’s another half dozen supporters identified and registered to vote over weekend.
      Highlighting the ongoing threats to our Scottish National Health Service from an ever crazier Conservative party is all I’ve needed to mention.
      Have always thought the loss of our free at point of need healthcare would wake folk from their political slumbers.

    210. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @Dr Jim (6.12) –

      Hear hear sah!


    211. Dan says:

      @sassenach at 6:52 pm

      Crikey, that’s incredible. Think I’ll just save that clip onto my phone and play it to folk when they answer the door.
      It should save me a load of effort trying to explain complex shizzle.
      I’ll simply say “You really think this guy is really suitable to hold the position of PM?”.

      Trident is missile… But he is most definitely a fuckin rocket!

    212. Dr Jim says:

      There was a mad Yoon type guy trolling away about the Trident nuclear missile being a deterrent and all the shit we’ve all heard them do about how nobody ever invades anybody with Nukes and all that guff

      A guy had the most brilliant comeback I’ve heard yet, he said
      “I’ve got a big special rock in my garden to deter Tigers and no Tiger has ever invaded my garden”

    213. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

      Aye and Trident was really effective at deterring the Argentinians from invading the Falkland Islands in 1982 as well @Dr Jim.

    214. Joe says:

      @ Bob Mack

      Ok. So no threat of violence in India. Gotcha.

      I know while we are just making shit up – lets just identify as ‘independent’ as a collective sexuality and leave it at that.

    215. Willie says:

      Quite frankly a lot of Scots couldn’t give two hoots about Trident.

      It’s not important or if it is we’re the boys to do the nuking. Think dippy shit Swinson, finger on the button ready to rock and you get the picture.

      She’d roast your child alive the piece of shit she is
      She would recover gold from teeth that one.

      But back to the issue. Many Scots don’t care….
      It’s always someone else who’ll get roasted.

    216. Robert Kerr says:

      Is Trident the new Self Gendering trope?

    217. Dr Jim says:

      Both Michael Fallon and Jeremy Hunt slipped up when they said that having a Nuclear detterent made a country a target, they were talking about North Korea of course, but the Michael Fallon gaff was on STV and he was talking to Bernard Ponsonby who immediately wouldn’t let him off the hook and Fallons aide had to intervene and declare the interview over with Bernard still throwing the question at him “So Scotland’s a target then Mr Fallon”

      Mr Fallon ran away dead quick, rapido, scarpered, did one, legged it

      The most dangerous people in the world right now are Trump and Johnson, both these men are big babies playing at *countries* they don’t understand or care that people are actual people who inhabit the planet, they’ll only notice they’re missing when they can’t get a waiter

    218. Dan says:

      Been out all day and catching up now, haven’t seem this posted previously btl.

    219. Dr Jim says:

      @Dan 9:09pm

      Cut out the law and impose dictatorship, we saw this in the 30s with another guy in Germany

    220. dadsarmy says:

      In a thousand years time who’ll know the difference, and we’ll still be posting to the same thread. Which will probably be 1,100 postings long by then.

    221. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      Dan @ 21:09,
      Dr Jim @ 21:14,

      “It couldn’t happen here, we have our problems but this is a civilised country.” As we know only too well, that was said by many unsuspecting innocents before, so no reassurance available for us there.

      I’ve been warning about this already, these “Henry VIII” powers and all, we can’t afford to delude ourselves by thinking we have forever-and-a-day to work things out, we have to get out of this damned UK ASAP. Or even sooner.

    222. wull says:

      Nicola Sturgeon is absolutely right to reaffirm the SNP’s total opposition to Trident and all nuclear weapons. That is a moral stance totally worthy of our support, and a long-standing SNP policy commitment. She would be a fool to renege on it.

      It serves as further evidence that she is a politician with real principles. She should be commended for them. I do not agree with every single one of her principled commitments, but this one is massive – a very important principle indeed. Not just for her, but for far more people than some people here seem to think.

      Nicola Sturgeon was a member of CND Scotland before she was ever a member of the SNP. And I suspect that the SNP has had this policy commitment all the time that she has been in it. Read what she says about this in the Observer / Guardian.

      Do you really think our chances of independence would increase if she came across as just one more opportunistic and unprincipled chancer. Just like all the other chancers who have risen to the top of their respective dungheaps in all the other Parties?

      She is calling CND activist Corbyn’s bluff when he pretends to be pro-renewal of Trident, which can’t be his real position. In the process, she is effectively giving a signal to anti-nuclear voters in England not to despair on this point: they can still vote Labour. If Labour gets sufficient seats to keep the Tories out they will almost certainly need the SNP to hold power, and the SNP will do all they can to make sure the folly of Trident renewal is abandoned once and for always.

      And NS is also telling English voters not to make the mistake of switching from Labour to the LibDema, under trigger-happy Jo. Nicola points out how utterly appalling and morally bankrupt Swinson’s statements on using nuclear weapons are.

      NS also has a duty to protect the city of Glasgow and the whole of Scotland from weapons of mass destruction. Keeping these wasteful-and-destructive weapons in our backyard offers us no protection at all, and even makes us a target.

      She also points out that in terms of conventional defence we have been left enormously short of the basic capacities that a maritime nation like Scotland needs. Instead of wasting money on nonsense like Trident, which no one in their right mind could ever use anyway, we need to build up that maritime capacity. Something which will also provide far more jobs – and better, more purposeful jobs – than Trident ever could or will.

      I don’t have a link for Nicola Sturgeon’s Observer article, but all you have to do is go to the Guardian website. It’s on there free. And when I looked at it, insofar as I am able to decipher these things, it seemed to me to be trending very heavily.

      As an addendum, which may or may not be of interest (to some it I suppose might be, to others I suppose it definitely won’t) it seems Pope Francis is travelling in Japan, and he was in Nagasaki today. I think he already visited Hiroshima. The only two places in the world where atomic bombs were dropped on civilian populations. Glasgow could be next. He too spoke out against all nuclear weapons, calling them an affront to humanity, and insisting that they ought to be dismantled and permanently disabled.

      It doesn’t matter what your religion is, or whether you have one or not, I would have thought that most reasonable and sensible people would agree with that. For sure, he and Nicola are on the same wave-length on this one. Both agree that the enormous sum of money wasted on them is stolen from the poor. As she said it is shameful to spend billions and billions on renewing the deadly and inhumane Trident while so many people live in poverty in its shadow.

    223. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      dadsarmy @ 21:40,

      Hmmm, know what you mean, though if this goes on I doubt that anyone will be adding anything (or even visiting) on a far shorter timescale. Like weeks even.

      At the very cusp of events too, just when arguably we need it the most.

    224. Gary45% says:

      Imagine for a second if some dipshit, inbred redneck is the President of America, and decides to invade the UK because someone called him a moronic wukfit, he takes the huff, attacks us, then the UK decides to defend itself against said aggressor.
      How will the nukes work out in that scenario? cause we rent the nukes from America!! aye they will give us the codes right enough!!
      England wants Trident, England can store them, that should be in the SNP manifesto.
      Per head of population have a wee look at the number of Israel’s nukes, Americas inbred, Zionist fu*kwit in arms.

    225. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      wull @ 22:11,

      Nobody’s asking or expecting her to “renege” on anything, and certainly not her well-known and sincere opinion on nukes, so you are completely missing the point. Which in fact you succeed in proving by launching your lengthy excursion.

      The SNP could choose to make this election about all sorts of wonderful reserved matters over which they have absolutely no control, thereby only succeeding in proving how impotent and irrelevant they actually are! We give the media another handful of sticks with which to beat us to replace the old “no indyref” one and we’re back in 2017 territory with all that signifies.

      We don’t want England to interfere with our choices, so we should be respectful not to be seeming to force ours on them, especially not by empty posturing, however well-intentioned. (Unless, that is, you think that this signals the start of a novel and unlikely “high interference” policy that aims to get them so aggravated they just kick us out?)

      This election should be full-frontal about reinforcing the (nth-degree =sigh=) mandate for indyref2, to move us forward, not be trying however earnestly to “improve” the UKOK in utterly implausible ways.

    226. Ian Brotherhood says:

      Have just posted a bit of a rant here, if anyone fancies commenting or adding to it.


    227. Sarah says:

      @ Ian Brotherhood: I can see your greenhouse and spiders in my minds eye – very well written.

      As for the manipulation of the non-political anoraks – I just have to hope that this year will be a repeat of the 2015 election. The non-anoraks got the point then after all and made their feelings clear. I think we can have faith they won’t be fooled.

    228. Colin Alexander says:

      Ian Brotherhood

      Don’t you worry, brother.

      Nicola will deliver indyref2 in 2020, cos she said she will.

      The Tories or Labour will crumble and give the s30.

      I know, cos Nicola says so.

      Does it matter that the UK state will again rig any referendum process from start to finish?

      BBC and ITV will pump out anti-Scottish independence propaganda 24/7.

      The internet will be targetted more thoroughly by the British Empire next time too, as that was the one area YES won last time. Cyber warfare.

      But, the SNP won’t mess it up. They have Nicola and experts.

      Nicola says indyref1 was the gold standard to be repeated. So, it must be true.

      Nicola has a secret plan. She’s read Sun Tzu: The Art of War. So, it’s sorted, in the bag.

      Nae worries.

      Free by “23.

    229. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @Sarah –


      I hope you’re right.


    230. Sarah says:

      @ Ian Brotherhood: well, Dan and others are daily reporting success stories of converts and public signs of support so there is some evidence here btl to support my optimism.

      Plus the small matter of a march 1.6 miles long from Holyrood to the Meadows only 6 weeks ago. An aerial photo showed the head of the march was at the Meadows while the tail was still at Holyrood. So a crowd 1.6 miles long must be around 200,000 folk, all activists.

      Goodness, I’m getting really cheerful now!

    231. Capella says:

      @ Ian Brotherhood – good spider analogy though I’m not a fan of spiders I do appreciate a well made web, preferably outside on the bushes, shimmering in the dew.

      And think of the lucky fly! I see our efforts as the struggle to free ourselves from the sticky deadly webs that bind us. But their webs are all over the place atm, fragmenting and trapping the spinners.


      Can’t login to indyref2 site atm.)

    232. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @Sarah –


    233. Capella says:

      @ Ian Brotherhood – good spider analogy though I’m not a fan of spiders I do appreciate a well made web, preferably outside on the bushes, shimmering in the dew.

      And think of the lucky fly! I see our efforts as the struggle to free ourselves from the sticky deadly webs that bind us. But their webs are all over the place atm, fragmenting and trapping the spinners.


      (Can’t login to indyref2 site atm.)

    234. Capella says:

      Oops – sorry about double post. I’m on my tablet and it has a mind of its own, but not a very smart one.

    235. dadsarmy says:

      Not just for her, but for far more people than some people here seem to think.

      1.8% – less than 2%.

      Meanwhile many of the 98%+ who really don’t give a damn and aren’t the few thousand at most members of CND in Scotland, will be thinking – WTF?

      What happened to Brexit? What happened to Section 30? What happened to austerity? What happened to not selling our NHS to the Yanks?

      What happened to keeping the Tories out of Number 10 by allowing the right-wing media to warn of Corbyn + Sturgeon getting rid of Trident and “leaving the UK defenceless”? With Corbyn in Sturgeon’s top pocket, and both in Putin’s – as they’ve ALREADY PORTRAYED IT?

    236. Colin Alexander says:


      SNP manifesto will explain it all, when it’s released.

      Nicola has it in the bag, nae worries.

      But, it’s up to us: Vote SNP.

    237. Capella says:

      @ wull 10.11 – I agree that Nicola Sturgeon is right to state the SNP policy on nuclear weapons unequivocally. It will say to English voters that they can vote Labour with the expectation that getting rid of Trident is possible. For those in England who wish they could vote for the SNP after seeing Nicola on QT, then you can. Vote Labour and get Nicola!

      If, on the other hand, England votes for Boris Johnston then we head for the lifeboats without delay.

    238. Dr Jim says:

      Swinson’s on the verge of losing her seat, she couldn’t be bothered turning up for hustings so it’ll be all down to the Tory voters to keep her in, toss of a coin for her now

    239. manandboy says:

      With the BBC and the Press on his side, even Donald Trump would be a certainty to be the next UK Prime Minister. Such is the measure of the deeply brainwashed English electorate.

    240. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      Capella @ 12:59,

      Alas it’s not merely “stating a policy”, one that’s already well-understood by everyone. No question. It’s about making it a frontline issue that doesn’t resonate – just creating another UK-facing distraction from what we virtually all believe is the one thing that will banish the demons of 2017 and bring out all voters old and new for the SNP.

      Even worse, by making it a redline issue – if that’s what the SNP actually do – they will just make Nicola look foolish by inviting the BritNats to accuse her of Swinsonesque presumption. (“BBC calling!” They have already started.) Have we learnt nothing from the “currency” fiasco? Every chance we give the opposition to publicly shout “no way josé” is a chance too many. What purpose could this one possibly serve? It’s rank amateur.

      It’s bad enough having the usual suspects strewing opportunities for the easily-distracted without the SNP adding new ones of their very own.

      I repeat, it’s not about any change or reversal or betrayal of existing policy, which remains entirely unchanged. It’s about maximising voter turnout by sticking to (what should be) the one message: getting indyref2 done. Everything else will follow. Without it, nothing will follow. A reformable UK is the Gerry Hassan fallacy.

    241. Sinky says:

      BBC ongoing anti SNP campaign over three hospital deaths where there is no proof of water contamination was a contributory cause is accelerated this morning by getting Scotland In Union long retired prof Hugh Pennington to add to the concerns.

    242. David P says:

      Dear hackalumpoff.

      Thanks for the links. From past experience: well-written and incredibly informative. Please keep up the good work.

    243. Dorothy Devine says:

      Ian B , liked that but like Capella , were I to be confronted by a large arachnid I’d be off and not hinging aboot to admire its beauty!

      I have admired many an intricate web in the frost ,however I seem to be host to the dyslexic spider , utterly incapable of knitting anything other than a tangled mess but quick off the mark to rebuild said tangled mess when I remove it from the front door.

      A bit like King Robert’s spider , it never gives up .

      That’s the only cheery analogy I have.

    244. Gary45% says:

      Ian Brotherhood@10.50
      Sir you have a way with words, (deep and meaningful.)
      Getting the message out without saying it= genius.
      Nice One.

    245. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

      Radio Shortbreid did a wee piece on election canvassing in borders and made the statement that due to time of year, weather etc. the media “Air War” would be more important than ever in this GE.

      Then without a hint of irony or self awareness move effortlessly onto SNHS QEUH ‘scandal’ and have Prof Hugh Pendleton on (failing to mention his partisan BritNat Political views and membership of Scotland in Unions Green Ink Gang)!

    246. Joe says:

      @ Robert J Sutherland

      While I get a laugh at the nonsense you often post directly to me ive rarely seen a more coherent and truthful post here than yours at 2:50am. Bravo and well said.

      Id like to point out in general however that progressive parties and movements all over the western world are increasingly bogging themselves down with unnecessary bullshit and with often impossible and occasionally mutually exclusive beliefs/policies.

      At this stage I sometimes wonder if leftist movements have been totally subverted by the far right to make them look as ridiculous and unelectable as possible. The other possibility, that I wonder more often, is that leftist movements which are always based on some sort of virtue and appeal to good will/fairness have an unstoppable left momentum (purity spiral)that eventually goes so far it destroys itself (and sometimes people).

      The SNP have shown absolutely every indication of the latter.

      A party/movement that seeks to free its country from the hold of another is a COMPLETELY different animal to a normal political party in the sense that every single policy it makes is a possible vote loser rather than the other way around. So it makes no sense to introduce policy or principle that is not necessary to the goal at hand.

      This is where its progressive push is killing it as a party and damaging Scottish Independence.

      Other examples of holding mutually exclusive principles that are held by progressive movements to their own political detriment:

      – giving transgender men full rights to female spaces while also being feminist
      – denouncing all criticism of islam (a religion remember) as a phobia while similarly promoting womens and LGB rights.
      – promoting a generous welfare system including subsidized healthcare while promoting open border immigration – which is an economic impossibility (look at the democratic candidates currently in the US).
      – denouncing racism and demanding that people be treated as individuals while talking about the damage done by white people
      – denouncing sexism and demanding that people are treated as individual while talking about the inherent evils of being a heterosexual male

      Its utter bullshit and can only be taken seriously by the kind of idiot that can simultaneously hold mutually exclusive beliefs at the same time and scream at people who point out the dichotomy. The SNP fall completely into that category now. As people wake up to the reality of the SNP they will continually grow as a hindrance to Scottish independence because like it or not the SNP is seen by many as an indicator of what Scottish independence would be like and its not encouraging. At all.

      Progressive politics are undermining efforts at Scottish independence. Its poison.

    247. Famous15 says:

      A doctor once told me that if you wished to end hospital infections then all staff and visitors would require to be “deep cleaned” before entry.

      She particularly cited the toxacara canis carried on most peoples shoes which notoriously causes blindness in children. The source is dog faeces. However,as most gardeners now know, our environment including compost,soil etc carries really deadly pathogens which thankfully rarely spread due to basic hygeine and the robustness of most immune systems.

      So BBC you could do Scotland a favour and end your biased propaganda and start educating those unfamiliar with basic disease control especially your rotund nose picking reporter.

    248. Robert Kerr says:

      Perhaps the sycophants who insisted in naming the New Southern General as the QUEEN ELIZABETH University Hospital can explain their decision to Betty Windsor.

      After all mud sticks, it’s a Union thing!!!!

    249. auld highlander says:

      Whilst it’s ok for the bbc to edit to death anything that the snp politicians say and get off scott free it’s a different story when they edit out the audience laughing at bj when he was being questioned on trust last week.

      Anyone else noticed how Jeremy Corbyns voice was muted on sky news last night.

    250. galamcennalath says:

      It’s not about media holding power to account, it’s not investigative journalism, it’s not about exposing some failure of the system, it’s not about speaking up on behalf of ordinary folk ….. it’s anti Scottish propaganda.

      Attack the aspect of our culture and society closest to our hearts – our SNHS. It’s pure gas-lighting to undermine our national confidence.

      It’s disgusting and underhand.

      So, what am I going to do about it? Get out this morning to deliver more leaflets and attempt to make Scotland a BritNat free zone.

      They attack us with their media, we attack them on the ground.

    251. Giving Goose says:

      “What happened to keeping the Tories out of Number 10 by allowing the right-wing media to warn of Corbyn + Sturgeon getting rid of Trident and “leaving the UK defenceless”?”

      That actually might be the plan.

      Think about it for a moment.

      The SNP display honesty regarding nuclear weapons and stick to their principles.

      The Right Wing English MSM make a noise about “leaving the UK defenceless” etc.

      England votes Tory.

      The SNP send out the message to Scotland – “England voted Tory, Scotland needs Independence!”

      Trident is an important part of the English Nationalist psyche.

      It allows people to believe that they belong to an important world power that sits at the top table.
      To be crude, Trident is a penis extension, which masks the real poverty of the “British State”.
      Those with common sense can clearly see it for what it is, but you try explaining that to the misinformed voters that make up the English Nationalist voter base.

      So the SNP are actually being very clever here by referencing Trident.
      It potentially calls out Corbyn for a hypocrite and it actually virtually ensures an anti-Scottish Westminster Neo Fascist government.
      And an anti-Scottish Westminster Government is a very persuasive argument for supporting Indy.

    252. Iain mhor says:


      I don’t think the Trident ‘Red Line’ is an issue here.
      That you focus on voter priorities is fair enough, but I believe the Trident position is just for politics. It’s the one thing Labour can’t stand behind and therefore enables one to be seen to back Labour in power, conditionally, the while shining a light on their hypocrisy. ‘Red lines’ aren’t politically immobile, as we well know – It’s only political speak for a hard position, bartering by starting high.

      Where Trident is, as we know, the highest hand on the table, concessions on voters primary concerns may be won – maybe. It’s never a bad idea to remind Scots they have a strong hand which may translate to money, by bartering Trident, up to and including say 5 billion per annum rent, as per recent Wings polls (see poll#14 ‘Folding your Aces’)
      Speaking of which – although you show 1.8% as a primary concern, polls show 20% for immediate removal. Still surprisingly low, but perhaps reflecting the fact that Scotland has lived with them for generations and can sniff a potential for making money (recalling also the vast swathes of Scottish real-estate used not just for UK, but international wargaming) – Tholing a few more years or decades to gain compensation would be scant hardship apparently.

      In effect Trident is a way of gaining and securing the elements you identify as priorities for the electorate up to and including the infamous ‘S30’ There’s nothing else to lever which is as potent. Who would hang the SNP for backing off the ‘red-line’ of Trident, in exchange for an ‘S30’ and delivering a referendum – which if won, potentially delivers all else.

    253. jfngw says:

      The BBC don’t give a shit what you think of them, they have an income guaranteed by the government whether you watch them or not. Even if you all cancelled your licence they would still receive their propaganda payment out of taxation. If you try to leave they will send you intimidating letters threatening large fines or even imprisonment, just think of the BBC as the Kray twins with their protection racket but on a massive scale.

      The only power you have is to switch them off, I have given up satching anything from BBC Scotland news, unless I’m feel in the need for a laugh. Most of the other BBC Scotland output is low budget pap.

    254. HandandShrimp says:

      Got to say I’m impressed by how brazen the campaigning is from Propaganda Quay. I take it there is real fear that the SNP will increase their seat numbers.

      In England a hospital trust is in serious trouble over multiple deaths stretching back years. It was reported and then disappeared from the headlines, no calls for the Tory Health Secretary to resign. Compare and contrast with the blatant politicking focussed on a minister that wasn’t even in charge when the incident happened. I would not have entertained blame for something that happened under somebody else’s watch and nor should Freeman. The issue is whether the Glasgow Board failed in a duty, a piece of equipment failed or possibly the infection had an entirely different source…which should not be ruled out because if that is the case it could happen again while everyone is focussed on the water supply.

      In other news I think Ricky Leopard was on Call Kaye. I couldn’t be arsed listening. I had a feeling it was going to be embarrassingly fawning. Correct me if I’m wrong and his feet were held to the fire.

    255. Terry callachan says:

      Scottish independence is about Scotland getting its independence from England .
      People in wales and Northern Ireland don’t think Scotland belongs to them the way the English people do.
      People in Northern Ireland and wales dont think they subsidise Scotland and keep Scotland out of poverty the way the English do.

      I don’t like the way that some Scottish independence commentators avoid at all costs mentioning the words “england” , “English” .
      It’s as if they believe it’s not england that is trying to stop Scotland having its independence.
      Sure there are Scottish people working against Scottish independence from within BBC Scotland etc etc but it is Westminster and the people in England that vote for westminsters MPs that lead the fight against Scottish independence that hold the massive majority that decides everything Scotland can and cannot do even Holyrood the Scottish Parliament only gets to do what it does because England allows it Westminster can legally shut it down whenever it wants.
      It is a massive injustice , a crime that Scotland is prisoner to England in this way and the majority of English voters are happy to continue it.

      I like the weegingerdug website but I have stopped commenting there because it is very much a do not mention England or English people site, have a look at it today , someone castigated and asked if they can possibly manage to comment without mentioning England or English people ?
      As if England and English people have nothing to do with Scottish independence
      Ehhh it’s england and English people the majority of voters that put MPs into Westminster that continues the policy of subjugating Scotland
      there can be no denying that nationality matters , it matters in every country in the world and in my opinion it is wrong to do what weegingerdug does which is to behave as if it’s some otherwordly force that is against Scotland , preventing Scottish independence.

      Without the half million English people living in Scotland voting against Scottish independence in 2014 the YES side would have won.
      Without the English run BBC and it’s propaganda outpost of bribed Scottish reporters and newspapers Scotland would have its independence already.

      This is a Scotland England fight and to say it’s anything other than that is extremely disingenuous .

      Are these commentators that support Scottish independence just keeping a foot in the door ? perhaps with one eye on their journalistic future in case Scottish independence doesn’t come in the next few years ?
      I’m beginning to wonder.

      BBC and other tv and radio stations and the newspapers get to say whatever they want they lie lie and lie again check out the talkingupscotland website to see and yet a large part of the Scottish independence movement including SNP weegingerdug and the national newspaper encourage this ever so softly don’t mention England or the English people attitude as if it’s nothing to do with English people ? MAD , I think it’s a big mistake doing this.

      As I said earlier this is a political battle between Scotland and England to deny this is hiding from the truth.You just need to watch question time etc etc to know this.

    256. Gary45% says:

      Just seen a Tory GE poster up here in “Gods Country”
      “Scottish Conservatives to stop Indy Ref 2”
      I thought they would have mentioned some of their amazing record as the Government in WM.
      Aye Right.
      SNP= Independence.

    257. ronnie anderson says:

      Ian Brotherhood when you next catch that spider lend it to BDTT it will have a better understanding of how to crochet mince withoot the needles .

      BTW good post .

    258. auld highlander says:

      Is this Boris at his best?
      Is that bumbling eejit the best the tory party could find?
      There’s no hope for the uk if he is in number ten on the 13th Dec.

    259. Breeks says:

      Don’t read too much into the Trident comment.

      I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the question was a deliberate plant, like a not dissimilar question put to Swinson about whether she’d press the button and play Fallout for real. (A computer game set in a post-apocalyptic nuclear wasteland). The “tell” is that the questions came up out of the blue… no context, no hypothesis, just straight to “would ya, or wouldn’t ya, press the button” punchline…

      It’s a quiet wee quote on something controversial to be stuck away in the BBC archives, but ever ready to be pulled out at a moments notice, and most likely skewed, to cause maximum embarrassment or political discomfort. Say the next time the UK is threatened, or is threatening to use military force, you can bet it will be wheeled out as “Nicola the weedy pacifist”… Remember Alex Salmond saying going to war without a UN Resolution was unpardonable folly? But they turned it against him when NATO calmed down Serbia by heroically bombing everybody.

      Never, ever, trust the BBC. It is the gook inside our perimeter… the enemy within. All they want is dirt to throw at us. The day the BBC is thrown out of Scotland can’t come soon enough… maybe we can put them on the same barge out of Scotland as Trident, and be rid of two sources of oozing toxicity at the same time.

    260. Ian Brotherhood says:

      Ronnie, Gary45, Dorothy, Capella,

      Cheers aplenty!


    261. Jack Murphy says:

      thanks hackalumpoff for all the latest links at 7:13 am
      ” Fresh Links here:

      Appreciated,and this one in particular about the tragic deaths in Shrewsbury caught my attention:

      “An NHS [England] hospital trust where clinical malpractice has been linked to the deaths or brain damage of at least 92 babies is facing a flood of fresh lawsuits……”

      Revealing and startling that neither the article or the BBC in England have Party Politicised these tragedies.

      Scotland has a hostile broadcaster and Press.

      Proud of yourselves BBC in Scotland? Don’t bother answering.

    262. Stuart MacKay says:

      Terry callachan @10:33am

      Wee Ginger Dug probably just wants to keep the comments civil. Sure everything you said has some degree of truth but name calling is slippery slope and it poisons the debate pretty much instantly. Besides it falls straight into the “whining Scots” trap.

      Independence is about fixing Scotland’s problems, not assigning blame. There’s no need to go there. We’re much bigger than that.

    263. BBC reporting that China has a prison with thousands in it who are being brain washed and re educated into the way of the state we in Scotland do not need the prison to do that to us we have the BBC doing it to us 24 /7 and the BBC did not appear to be embarrassed or see the irony of calling the kettle black

    264. dadsarmy says:

      THIS is very good:

      He proposes limiting the use of any question to the lifetime of the parliament which approved it – meaning no more than five years in practice.

      However this “validity period” could be extended to two parliamentary terms for a previously approved question if MSPs voted in favour of such an extension.

      This would still allow the Yes/No question of 2014 to be re-used in 2020 without the Commission testing it, but only if Parliament approved.” (my bold)

      That also shows that Sturgeon really does intend having Indy Ref 2 in THIS term of parliament, before the 2021 Holyrood elections, and almost certainly next year, 2020.

    265. North chiel says:

      Hence “ Blair @ 1213” BBC “ Britnat Brainwashing corp.” c/o “ Propaganda Quay” Glasgow.( Branch Office)

    266. Terry Callachan I agree with every thing you say and for anyone to say the English are not the problem is denying the truth they are the country we want to be free of no one else .and there is no use trying to deny this and saying it as it is remember the words in the song nice guys get washed away like the snow in the rain

    267. galamcennalath says:

      Blair Paterson says:

      BBC reporting that China has a prison with thousands in it who are being brain washed and re educated into the way of the state we in Scotland do not need the prison to do that to us we have the BBC doing it to us 24 /7 and the BBC did not appear to be embarrassed or see the irony of calling the kettle black

      I saw that report and exactly the same thing occurred to me.

      The UK state, mainly via their BBC propaganda arm, are masters at brainwashing.

      When you talk to real people randomly, and find so many believe such utter nonsense, you know they have been brainwashed. There is nothing else to call it.

      Now, there ARE genuine reasons for an individual to want to retain the UK and stay under London rule. I would opine it’s mostly self interest, but also an alternative and valid view of who they are. Thing is, the actual reasons folks give for being pro UK and anti independence are usually debunked bollocks! They regurgitate tired old nonsense details which they believe to be facts. How did they into their heads, and why do they persist? Just listen/watch BBC Shortbread and you soon see. Well, most of us now see.

    268. kapelmeister says:

      The BBC are showing a St. Andrew’s Day special of Pointless Celebrities on Saturday. All the guests joining Mr. Alexander and Mr. Osman will be Caledonian. Wait for it…one of them is Kaye Adams.

    269. dadsarmy says:

      England, didn’t get to vote on 18th September 2014.

      Scotland, DID get to vote on 18th September 2014 and said “NO” that time.

      The problem is Scotland and Scots, not England and English.

    270. chicmac says:

      Boris apparently has an ‘oven ready’ full English brexit.

      The only thing ‘oven ready’ about Johnson is the turkeys he is hoping will vote for Christmas.

      Corbyn meanwhile, has decided on the secret Santa approach.
      There will be no dead cat bounce for him, Schrodinger’s or otherwise.

    271. Stuart MacKay says:

      For fans of the BBC and Laura Kuenssberg in particular, Craig Murray’s latest post is interesting,

    272. HandandShrimp says:


      I would agree with that. Our biggest obstacles are “Proud Scots But”. If we had voted Yes with a 62% majority as with the EU referendum then regardless of any disquiet south of the border we would be independent.

    273. jfngw says:

      Does this ‘whistle-blower’ exist outside the confines of the MSM newsrooms in Scotland. It’s handy having a ‘whistle-blower’ as you can claim to be defending their anonymity, even if they never existed. My hunch is this whistle-blowers first name may be Paul, don’t know why.

    274. HandandShrimp says:

      Ordinarily whistle blowers reveal something concrete and irrefutable…cruise missiles being shipped in for example. Saying “it might have been the water” is not whistle blowing it is speculation. Giving test documents to the press showing it was the water and a memo from the health board saying hide this report…that is whistle blowing.

      Quite why the health secretary should resign when the health board in question have told her that although they cannot rule out a temporary issue with the water supply all subsequent testing says the supply is wholesome so they can’t pin down where the infection came from is beyond me. On what planet is that resigning issue?

      If it looks like an election stunt, walks like an election stunt and talks like an election stunt then it likely is an election stunt. The BBC are complicit in the stunt. It is not a cunning stunt…but it is the other thing.

    275. galamcennalath says:


      Yes, without irrefutable evidence, there is no whistle blowing.

      “There might, maybe have been something perhaps” …. FFS

    276. Colin Alexander says:

      I see in The Herald there is talk of the Electoral Commission wanting to review any indyref question.
      The independence referendum question should be changed, to something along the lines of:

      Should the political Union of the United Kingdom be dissolved? YES or NO?

      (I would like this bit too but think it wouldn’t get approval: “so Scotland’s people take back control of their country, so they cannot be treated like a subservient colony of the British Empire” )

      YES. (YES,YES a thousand times YES, cos I believe in democracy, freedom and equality for Scotland’s sovereign people )


      NO (I support British Empire colonialism).


    277. Dr Jim says:

      Tory MSP Michelle Ballantyne says Scots are having too many children they can’t afford to keep while at the same time saying immigration and freedom of movement is bad and Scotland must live within it’s budget

      Labour MSP Ian Gray says Scotland must mitigate from our existing budget all the harm the Tories are doing until the sun shines again and Labour is in government when he *promises stuff*

      I don’t even want to mention Liberal Democrats, but these three parties insist on there being no other way to do anything and Independence will make it worse

      How can a country with a deliberately engineered dwindling population with no immigration powers and no control over its economy possibly get worse when it’s the policy of the governing country that it should get worse in order to prevent it getting better because they need the land and assets (This is like a wild west cowboy movie where the land barons won’t let the homesteader water his cattle in the river and he controls the general store so you can’t buy anything)

      You’ve got three Unionist English political parties in Scotland performing a service for the country they support (which is not Scotland)insisting Scotland just keep hanging on and hanging on until there’s nothing left then they’ll *allow* us to choose Independence if we’re not happy when there’s sod all left because the land baron has diverted the water supply hired his own Marshalls and fenced off the grass

      You’d think even the casual observer might have noticed that Scotlands population struggles to grow under these circumstances and that the excuse or reason London laughingly comes up with is nobody wants to come to Scotland or invest in it is because it’s rubbish and too cold

      If Scotland doesn’t vote for Independence it’ll turn into a retirement home and holiday camp for England because Scots will once again choose to leave for work elsewhere, the most emigrated nation on earth because our rulers made it so, Queen Victoria rather enjoyed it that way, she like Corbyn wore Tartan when she graced Scotland with her presence too, well, it keeps us shortbread tin dancers happily patronised eh

    278. Colin Alexander says:

      The incredibly biased pro-British Empire’s media: the BBC, and its pro-British Empire TV and newspaper media allies is where most of the arguments for or against Scottish independence would be obtained by the voting public.

      That’s the gold standard of democracy for the people of Scotland.

      There’s talk of the SNP seeking a mandate to establish a body that oversees impartiality in elections. A great idea.

      How that would be “allowed” to work within the UK state, where “propaganda rules ok”, is another matter.

    279. Gary45% says:

      I thought it was called “Totally Pointless”
      A wee O/T
      If Forest Trump comes back to these shores for gowf or work, as he is going even more mental regarding the “whistle blower” book, what about every citizen of Scotland or UK for that matter buying a whistle, and blowing it when protesting, I reckon it will drive him even more nuts.

    280. Sandy says:

      Nota Bene:

      Nicola is on BBC propaganda telly tonight at 7.30 being interviewed/interrogated/insulted by non-other than the Quisling, Andrew Neill.
      Nicola, take nothing from that bigoted piece of excrement, treat him as you would treat these other non-entities, Carlaw, Leonard, Fraser, etc with the respect he will deserve. Wipe your shoes as you leave.
      Scotland welcomes all, however, a line has to be drawn somewhere. Neill and his type don’t fit.

    281. dadsarmy says:

      Righty, a weird one, but a detail I was hoping to see in that recent Times Panelbase poll, and it doesn’t disappoint:

      Page 3 – excluding don’t knows, of the 2017 SNP voters 90% are intending to vote YES, but of the current SNP voters, 94% are YES.

      Since the overall figure is 49% YES, it means a bit of work and the YES figure should be over 55% already, just a bit of patient work.

      And of the Labour voters, 48-49% are YES.

      The other categories are interesting too. Base 1009 – a full poll, usual 3% margin of error.

    282. dadsarmy says:

      Dare I say, that with 49% of currently intending Labour voters at YES already, if Richard Leonard threw a sudden complete wobbly and changed Scottish Labour over to supporting YES, he could pick up a good few reluctant SNP voters.

      With apologies to the SNP but who gives a triple X if Indy Ref 2 is a YES YES YES.

    283. Dads army Scotland voted no in 2014 but only with the help of 80per cent of Incomers voting no these people were not Scottish and should never have been allowed to vote on the future of another people’s country if that rule had applied Scotland actually voted YES so no Incomer votes next time let the will of the True Scots count

    284. Socrates MacSporran says:

      I see Nicola is on with Oor Andra tonight.

      Please Nicola, just for once, don’t be nice. If he comes up with slanted figures, simply tell him, politely of course: “Andra, your figures are pish.”

      Just keep telling him that, don’t try to bandy figures or explain – just tell him: “You’re talking shite.” He will give up first.

      GERS – UK Government estimates – we have to accept them, there is nothing else, but, these are estimates.

      The 7% deficit – achieved under Westminster rule, with independence things will be different.

      Once in a generation – One man’s opinion, but, what about the Vow, which has never been delivered.

      Don’t go defensive, go on the attack – he’s a bully, he will cave-in first.

    285. Dr Jim says:

      Andrew Neill is a detestable creature, a Tory with the mind of a Liberal Democrat and no life or conscience behind his lying dead eyes, a friend and admirer of Donald Trump, what more worse of a human being could you think up

    286. Bobp says:

      Terry callachan 10.33. Your post says what a lot of people privately think, but hold their tongue for fear of being called racist. Personally, I’m giving the benefit of the doubt and welcome people to Scotland who care about Scotland. But if we lose a 2nd indy ref based on the votes of incomers, I wouldn’t be so welcoming or forgiving the 2nd time.

    287. dadsarmy says:

      @Blair Paterson
      That’s disproven and discredited crap, for the Edinburgh survey to be correct, of the 3.6 million who voted in Indy Ref 1, 3.2 million would have had to be female!

      That’a a ratio of 8 women to every 1 man, good luck men …

    288. David says:

      Thankyou for your comments guys
      On the debate I thought Jeremy and Nicola came across very well Jo not up to it .Boris no idea how to deal with people only there to get his get Brexit done message across no interest in the questions

    289. Dads army if that is disproven and discreded crap than prove it to be so as for voters being male or female they are all votes and you prove nothing about thepoint of only votes for true ScotsI am beginning to think some of you on here want another no vote you seem happy to repeat the same mistakes that let no win the last time not only that you seek to defend the same mistakes doing the same thing all the time and expecting different results is the first sign of madness

    290. Republicofscotland says:

      As the unionist media attacks Health secretary Jean Freeman on a daily basis over the best performing NHS in the UK, the SNHS.

      Please bear in mind its not happening elsewhere in the UK. Its only happening in Scotland because the unionist want the SNP and Scottish government to lose seats, and desperately hope that it puts a massive dent in the drive for Scottish Independence.

      Meanwhile down in England children are dying in their hundreds via the NHS.

    291. Jfngw says:

      My suspicion is there are more people in Scotland wanting the BBC to go than are shouting for the health secretaries resignation, probably about 1.6 million Scots compared to a few Tories.

    292. dadsarmy says:

      @Blair Paterson
      Sure. Here’s the “1. Who voted No (and who voted Yes)?” survey

      First chart – Demographics I
      “Women 56.6% NO, 43.4% YES
      Men 46.8% NO, 53.2% YES.”

      Try making that correspond to the real result – 55.3% NO, 44.7% YES.

      Like I said, 8 times as many women as men. In other words, the survey is crap, or the maths is.

      Which means NOTHING in that survey can be trusted, nothing.

      I think it was done deliberately to be highly divisive – and it’s worked, so many Indy supporters have been fooled by it, taken in by it, gleefully accepted its disinformation, quoted it in their xenophobic, sexist, misogynistic, racist fashion, fed their blood and soil nationalism with it …

      … well, you get the picture I’m sure, you and Terry Callachan.

    293. Effijy says:

      UK Adams radio shortbread show this morning
      That Dick Leonard got a pasting from Frank shooting
      Down his claims of going to build thousands of new homes
      For rent when they built 6 over 5 years when having control
      Over Holyrood.

      Also shot him for talking about equal pay when Labour spend 100’s Thousands
      And a decade trying to stop Female Glasgow Council workers getting equal pay.

      Dick suggested he was always against that action but I didn’t hear him and the Labour Party didn’t !

      Best of all the BBC did a fact check when Frank stated that Scotland’s NHS performs better than any other in the UK with Tory England Second and Labour Wales NHS Third.

      Who would want Labour in Scotland if it means a 3rd rate NHS?
      Labour have ran NHS Wales for the last 20 years!

    294. Gary45% says:

      Jean Freeman has killed nobody, but the Conservative and Unionist Party or “Tory” for short have killed over 100,000 people because of their policies.
      Gary Rubberheids quality??!! “one of the many reasons I stopped listening to Radio Shortbread”.

      Je suis Jean Freeman.

    295. Terry callachan says:

      Dadsarmy your post at 1252….
      yes indeed you are correct England did not vote on 18/9/2014
      but it’s not just the vote that counts is it ?
      I mean you know that already don’t you ?
      that’s why you are on this website every day talking about the injustice of the BBC tv and radio and all the newspapers and political parties that constantly bombard Scotland with lies , it is England that controls this army of propagandists.

      Yes of course people in Scotland who are Scottish and voted against their own country being independent and handling its own affairs are also to blame but we know that a huge part of why they did vote against their own country being independent is because of the 2013/2014 bombardment of propaganda and lies from England , we are seeing the bombardment repeated right now.

      England is at war politically with Scotland it is irresponsible to try and make out that English people are not responsible for the government they choose and I suggest you awaken from your slumbers if you actually believe that the 80% of English people who live in Scotland and voted against Scottish independence in 2014 are not actively working against Scottish independence from within right now because prior to 18/9/2014 English people living in Scotland did not think there was any chance at all of Scotland voting for independence, they know now that there definitely is and they know that the support amongst Scottish people for independence has increased since 14 so you can bet your wee English pound that there will be more than 80% of English people living in Scotland voting against Scottish independence next time around .You won’t find many abstainers either.
      English people already think they own scotland , they mean to quash this rebellion and will hammer home their view that you are indeed too stupid too poor and too wee to stand up for yourself , time to show them you are not and that includes telling them we are on to them, they , like most English/British nationalists in Scotland keep very quiet ,never march , never engage in conversation or wear a badge they are quietly assassinating your countries identity from within.
      It’s how the English empire has always worked , they set up English people in key jobs in your schools universities local government ,health service and other important agencies and businesses then proceed to use them to employ other like minded English people and so it snowballs the locals who are willing to support them get rewarded too.
      This has been going on for a very very long time and is a well established trusted tool used by England to keep control of Scotland and other places around the world.

    296. North chiel says:

      Agree with Jfngw @0442 & Gary 45%@0501 pm . How about a swap Jean Freeman takes over from Donalda at “ Propaganda Quay” and Donalda takes over as “ Health Secretary” ?. I am quite sure who would do the “ better job” , as regards the “ mental and and eventual physical wellbeing of the people of Scotland .

    297. Terry callachan says:

      Dadsarmy your post 4.47pm….I’m not fooled by propaganda ,
      I think you are engaging in a bit of propaganda yourself in saying that the survey revealing that over 80% of English people living in Scotland who voted against Scottish independence in 2014
      Is somehow untrue and was issued solely to encourage division

      Get a grip, what you are saying is nonsense

      That survey was issued for the same reason David Cameron announced English votes for English questions it was pure arrogance a hammering to put you down even further than you were after seeing the 2014 result, and a confidence boost and arrogant chest expansion by the English after their victory.
      Make no mistake about it, 2014 was an English victory using the propagandised home Scots , the willing right wing home Scots and Socialist dreamers together with the resident English battalion to overcome the Scottish independent campaign

      That’s how they work , English/British nationalism doesn’t just go home and carry on as usual after a win , oh no , they hammer into you after they have defeated you , a punishment for having the audacity to challenge them and a lesson to anyone else thinking of doing the same.

    298. Bobp says:

      Dads army 4.47pm. In the link the ‘ national identity and leadership ‘ graph really says it all.

      British not Scottish No 90% yes 10%.
      More British than Scottish No 87% yes12%
      Equally Scottish and British No 81% yes 18%

      Speaks volumes really, whether they are women or men.

    299. Sandy says:

      Blair Paterson.

      Please, please use punctuation. Comments, albeit relative, can easily be mis-understood. There must be many on this site who bypass your contributions thus you are oft-times somewhat wasting your time by being ignored.

    300. dadsarmy says:

      @Terry callachan
      Back to your anti-English mischief, didn’t take any excuse.

      *REJECT* – not fit for purpose

    301. galamcennalath says:

      This is possibly (probably?) a better source of white voted yes/no ….

    302. dadsarmy says:

      Considering the survey is supposedly trying to work out why people voted the way they did, they would get the survey weighted to produce the actual result of 55.3% NO, 44.7% YES.

      But from their chart:

      “Women 56.6% NO, 43.4% YES
      Men 46.8% NO, 53.2% YES.”

      if there were the same number of women as men voted, the resutl would be 51.7% NO, 48.3% YES. Ooops.

      If there were twice as many women as men, the result would have been 53.3% NO, 46.7% YES. Ooops.

      It would need to be 8 times – EIGHT TIMES AS MANY WOMEN AS MEN WHO VOTED – for that data to be correct.

      So it isn’t correct, which means that whole first chart at least, is crap.

      Note: With a sample size of, supposedly, 4,849 + 3,719 = 8,568, the margin of error should be around 0.5%. The errors above are way way more than that.

      The survey was either very poorly run and calculated, or “distorted”.

    303. Dr Jim says:

      @ronnie anderson

      I bet we’ll never see that vid on the telly

    304. Dr Jim says:

      Bouncy Bobby Leopard is on STV Scotland tonight at 10:40pm to be interviewed, more like grilled by Colin McKay
      That should be a scream watching his face get redder and redder till it matches his scarf

    305. Famous15 says:


      Young man dies in East Lancashire hospital in horrendous circumstances and the English Health minister not even mentioned.

      BBC is a disgrace!

    306. Reluctant Nationalist says:

      Falsus in uno, falsus in omnibus? Tut tut.

    307. Joe says:

      @ Terry Callachan

      I like the English people. Met a few bigots but thats fine because the worst bigots ive met have been Scottish Orange lodge types.

      Try to remember – English people are buried under a hideously slanted and dishonest media also. They are good decent folk for the most part.

      Talking about ‘the English are x’ or ‘the English are y’ is just as fkng stupid as inserting any other nationality, ethnicity or other group in those sentences and pretending it has any real meaning.

      In short, it makes the speaker look like a knob. Cheers to the good, decent folk of England.

    308. robertknight says:

      I don’t understand all the sack Donalda stuff appearing online.

      Why the hell sack her? She’s doing an outstanding job at Pravda Quay in letting the public see the BBC for what it is…. The BritNat Brainwashing Channel.

      The more they blatantly spin and display their anti-Indy bias, the more people will recognise it and call it out for what it is, and the fewer people will trust the BBC’s output.

      What’s not to like? Give her a pay increase and keep her running Directorate “Z” (Protection of the Constitutional Order) at the Factory of Lies.

      The CBE, for Services to Mother England, is undoubtedly ‘in the post’…

    309. Iain More says:

      “Terry callachan says:
      25 November, 2019 at 5:37 pm

      Dadsarmy your post 4.47pm….I’m not fooled by propaganda ,
      I think you are engaging in a bit of propaganda yourself in saying that the survey revealing that over 80% of English people living in Scotland who voted against Scottish independence in 2014
      Is somehow untrue and was issued solely to encourage division

      Get a grip, what you are saying is nonsense

      That survey was issued for the same reason David Cameron announced English votes for English questions it was pure arrogance a hammering to put you down even further than you were after seeing the 2014 result, and a confidence boost and arrogant chest expansion by the English after their victory.
      Make no mistake about it, 2014 was an English victory using the propagandised home Scots , the willing right wing home Scots and Socialist dreamers together with the resident English battalion to overcome the Scottish independent campaign

      That’s how they work , English/British nationalism doesn’t just go home and carry on as usual after a win , oh no , they hammer into you after they have defeated you , a punishment for having the audacity to challenge them and a lesson to anyone else thinking of doing the same.”

      I agree with you but we will no doubt get howls of protest from the weak willed and spineless who refuse to wake up and smell the coffee.

      It just happens that “most immigrants” from down south happen to be rabid Tories and or Farageists and such people are by their very nature anti Scottish bigots and racists. They are English/British Nationalists. Note I said most but not all.

      Perhaps this for others to answer. Do my comments make me anti English or anti British or maybe just anti the anti Scottish bigots that I have to suffer on a daily basis and people who will go to their graves being anti Scottish independence. No amount of reasoned argument of facts will make those Scots haters change their minds. It didn’t in 2014and it wont in 2020 if we ever get another Referendum.

      Oh and I once had the pleasure to vote for Mike Russell so I will spit in the face of anybody calling me anti English. I have even less time for those Scots ("Quizmaster" - Ed)s who run Scotland down every day and act as nothing more than pimps for a British ruling class that would suck the very blood from us.

      Some folk need to wake up a smell the coffee.

    310. I bet you’re A-OK with the heavy proddie tilt to ‘no’, though. That makes sense eh?

    311. Dr Jim says:

      Orange Lodge *types* are the way they are through concerted brainwashing in exactly the same way as ISIS or any other set of people, populations of entire countries have always been beainwashed to believe what they’re told

      It’s exactly why the UK admitted that’s the reason why they refused to devolve the power of broadcasting to Scotland
      because that’s what they use it for

      England is a brainwashed country like many countries but most of the folk don’t know they are, that’s how brainwashing works

      The UK government has had hundreds of years of practice developing the art and installed it all over the world and still use it abroad to this day and tell the Great British public they have to pay them to do it (the TV tax) that isn’t a licence

    312. Effijy says:

      Young Autistic man from Blackburn murdered through neglect and incompetence in Tory
      NHS England.

      Nurses didn’t seem to know he was autistic?
      They thought he was a trouble maker making up
      Claims that he was in agony and been nourished
      For a period of 5 days as he waits on a cancelled
      Operation that required nil by mouth.

      I can accept more easily a design flaw by an architect on a water or ventilation
      System than wanton neglect and prolonged cries for help being ignored in a hospital.

      Of course this story, like the patient can now be buried and the UK media can get another year
      Out of pigeons gaining access to a ventilation duct.

      BBC brought their favourite Britnat boffin prof Hugh Pisstaker to claim everything in SNP hospitals bad.

      What do you make of all the inferior Hospital in England, Wales and N.Ireland Shug?
      Gone quite now.

    313. sassenach says:

      Reluctant Nationalist

      Any chance of indicating exactly WHO you are replying to, so that the rest of us might have some idea of what you are rambling about?

    314. Elmac says:

      Must admit the BBC propaganda lies have absolutely no effect on me. I only know of them from what I read on here as I told them where to stuff their “licence” many years ago. However I catch the drift of what is being said on this blog and it is an appalling indictment. Independence is coming despite the corrupt practices of the BBC and the rest of the establishment. When it does we must not forget who lied to our population in a position of public trust. It has gone too far to simply forgive and forget There has to be a measure of retribution, whether that be by ensuring that certain individuals are outed and are consequently unemployable in future or, in the more serious cases, prosecution wherever possible.

      One positive outcome would be encouragement for Wales to follow suit and put the fear of god into the corrupt Welsh media.

    315. hackalumpoff says:

      For those of you that pay the BBC tax/license thingy or have family/friends who do and you can nip round to you may wish to watch this at 1930

    316. Dr Jim says:

      Is it The Scottish National—party or The Scottish— National party, it’s all in the way it’s ephasised if the SNP had for example called themselves the NPS The National Party of Scotland the opposition would have called them the Nationalist party of Scotland, no matter what you call yourself any opposition will make it into something else

      We do it with Labour or Lie Dums and so on, but the opposition got the advantage of Hitlerising the SNP title, a disgusting tactic to be fair but they stuck it in peoples minds over and over using the media to do it and they even have the cheek to use the term in the House of Commons and they get away with it, a word is just a word, it’s how they use it


    317. @dadsarmy,

      you seem to know about the voting demographics of Indy1,

      could you answer two simple questions,simply,

      how many rest of UK (non Scottish) voted,

      and how did they vote,

      this would clear up any argument about numbers,

      and could you supply a link to your info,

      two numbers,

      how many and how they voted,


    318. Dan says:


      Guess what? I showed that clip of Boris spouting his crouton of truth in a minestrone soup pish, (or whatever his garbled utterances were), to a soft yoon I’ve been “working on” for a while.
      Reckons he, his partner and kid will be voting SNP now! lol

      So far I’ve had an almost equal success rate in getting folk to vote SNP by using either the SNP’s, or the Conservative’s own campaign material!
      Not sure the Conservatives stress tested their campaign material to see the reactions it would have when wider society is exposed to it…

    319. Bob Mack says:

      N.S doing inte rview with A Neil on bbc now.Im in neighbours and it just started

    320. Tam the Bam. says:

      Our First Minister did Scotland proud tonight!
      Under ferocious attack (or if you prefer…scrutiny) she faced up to and indeed rebutted Neil’s more outlandish accusations.
      Weel done bonnie fechter!

    321. Republicofscotland says:

      Well I’ll tell you what after watching the FM debate Neil, the £60 billion defecit that Neil kept on harping on about won’t exist in an independent Scotland, because in reality it only exist on paper in unionist documents.

      I thought the FM acquitted herself well, Neil hasnt6half piled on the weight on though.

    322. Scott says:

      NS held her own against old Brilo even when he butted in when she tried to answer,definitely held her own.

    323. Tony Hay says:

      As savage a political interview as you will see,the FM kept her cool under extreme provocation. Will AN be as combative with BJ and JS…….JC will get grilled next wonder how he will do.

    324. Liz g says:

      Sandy @ 5.53
      That comment to Blair Paterson was uncalled for and rude.
      No one should be ridiculed here for spelling,punctuation or grammar!
      Every one is/ or should be, welcome to join in the conversation and judged only for the content of their contributions not their writing skills.
      You are out of order Sandy….

    325. Sandy says:

      Neill interview:

      Does ‘lump of dung’ ever shut his mouth? Interruption after interruption. Nicola not allowed to answer any question completely.
      What a waste of broadcasting time.
      Nicola, you’re too tactful. Time to let rip at some of these so-called interviewers. As Alex would say, “Let me answer your question, will you”.
      “But, but”.
      “Let me answer your question”.
      In other words, “Shut your mouth for a moment & give your gums a rest”.
      ‘Lump of dung’, We want to hear what the interviewee has to say, not what you have on your bit of paper.

    326. Davy says:

      Andrew Neil, had to have sheets and sheets of crap facts in his hands to take on Nicola, and still she was able to correct him and heavily suggest he was lying.

      Which the fat fuck was doing.

    327. Sarah says:

      @ Dan at 7.32: I wait keenly for your reports. Reading about the converts is wonderful. Thank you for all your work.

    328. John says:

      Well done Nicola , now let’s see what kind of grilling the rest get , will there be a non-stop barrage of questions or will he allow them to make their point , I bet he does!

    329. Sandy says:

      Liz G @ 8.14 pm.

      Disagree. I am in no way out of order. Blair Paterson is certainly not an uneducated person. Some of his posts are extremely thought provoking. I believe in the past he has apologised but admitted that he sometimes tends to ‘let loose’.

      Not to make an issue of it, perhaps he might care to comment.
      I suspect he may be using a ‘voice’ printer or whatever one calls it.
      My only criticism is that I find some posts hard to understand.

    330. Republicofscotland says:

      Re my 8.06pm comment and the pretendy defict here the BBC apologise for exaggerating the pretendy Scottish defict.

    331. galamcennalath says:

      Andrew Neil, purveyor of dodgy facts and numbers, leading questions, and interruptions when he doesn’t get the answer he wants.

      Why is someone with such really awful interview skills still in a job?

      The answer is really quite simple. His role is not to actually interview, it’s to intimidate, humiliate and general flumix his target so they look deficient to voters. IMO Neil failed with Nicola Sturgeon and he just came across as devious trickster.

      On the wider issue of self determination – BritNats just don’t get it. It’s our fundamental right and how we get there is just ‘small print’.

    332. Shug says:

      Listen to his questions he quoted the revs point
      If you get brexit cancelled there is no need for indy ref2

    333. Republicofscotland says:

      Willie Rennie gleefully intimating that our Holyrood parliament is a temporary institution and that Westminster can abolish anytime it wants.

    334. galamcennalath says:

      Shug says:

      Listen to his questions he quoted the revs point
      If you get brexit cancelled there is no need for indy ref2

      That opinion is expressed by all sorts of people.

      Yes, Brexit is undoubtedly a gift to our cause.

      However, it was given as an example of a material change. I would opine that Scotland’s voice being utterly and totally ignored since all the 2014 promises of engagement is a huge material change too.

      Anyways, there is very little chance of Brexit actually being cancelled! Like much of what Neil interrogated Nicola on, it just academic and won’t need to be considered,

      I seems far more likely that there will be a Johnson majority, hard Brexit, and a shit show over trade negotiations. That piles material change on material change.

    335. Terry callachan says:

      Dadsarmy your post 5.53 …lying again eh
      Typically you accuse people of being anti English whenever you hear the truth about England’s control of Scotland and how their propaganda is battering Scotland day in day out, why does it make you feel so uncomfortable ?

      Perhaps you think it’s acceptable do you ?

    336. Pete Barton says:


      Agree..almost totally.

      The Herald reported a slight ‘rowing back’
      days ago.

      I agree now that the way Brexit has been dealt with high handedly by a UK Govt. pretty much ignoring all Scottish input is a material change in itself.

      Even if you don’t agree with the SNP and/or the big scary prospect of Scotland choosing for itself, surely denying Scotland a choice in its future governance should make a number of us feel a little uncomfortable.

    337. Terry callachan says:

      Joe…your post at 6.35….is pointless nonsense

      I’m sure there are some nice orange lodge types too Joe
      There are nice people everywhere in every town every country every political party
      Who you vote for affects how your government acts
      English people vote for governments that treat Scotland badly, very badly, I’m sure there are many many more orange lodge types in England Than there are in Scotland
      Possibly ten or twelve times as many as in Scotland seeing as England’s population is ten or twelve times the size as Scotland

      Yes joe some people do look like a knob
      I say to them
      Cheers to the good decent folk of Scotland who have suffered at the hands of English governments and continue to do so

      They are my first concern and the sooner we stop English people causing this sufferance to Scottish people by their voting into power governments that continuously treat Scotland badly the better

    338. Bobp says:

      Iain more 6.45pm. I couldn’t have put it better myself. Well said.

    339. Sinky says:

      On Neil interview Nicola needs to challenge the deficit narrative with different priorities after Indy and point out that 25% is to pay interest on Westminster’s debts. Mention Richard Murphy analysis.

      Also more assertive on the NHS yes could Do better but best performing in UK. Much better than Tory England or Labour Wales.

      Regular Wingers know this but punters watching TV don’t know these facts.

    340. Pete Barton says:

      Tommy Sheridan is a fine orator, a great emotional motivator.

      Shame he was got at.

    341. Bobp says:

      Republicofscotland 8.06pm. Aye Neil’s certainly piled on the weight. Speaking as someone who has lost 2 family members to heart attacks, let’s hope this barsteward gets one for a xmass pressy.

    342. Heart of Galloway says:

      The Brillo v Nicola show in my view was an away score draw for the FM. IOW a fine result for Scotland on foreign turf.

      She was as articulate and reasoned as she could be under Neill’s questioning which on occasion crossed the line into boorish hectoring which ruined the flow of the interview.

      Neill also deliberately conflated Scotland’s accession to EU membership with the currency issue, deliberately suggesting that the ScotGov’s Growth Commission predicted the whole process could take between five and ten years, when the document said no such thing.

      All the old canards were there – the alleged Scottish “deficit”, UK trade “disruption”, EU delaying membership, Westminster won’t “allow” IR2 and yes, pigeon droppings in oor NHS.

      In the main the FM handled Neill with aplomb and pulled him up on occasion for not letting her finish her point in response to the question he asked in the first place.

      Neill predictably pursued the too wee too poor “your deficit’s the biggest in the EU” crap.

      Here NS repeated “the deficit is falling” but one wonders whether exposing GERS as the false UK construct it is. a sham accounting exercise to designed by the Tories to deliberately underplay the strength of the Scottish economy, would not be a better tactic.

      Doubtless she could be calm and collected What struck me about

    343. Liz g says:

      Sandy @ 8.32
      Fair enough Sandy…
      I’m just very aware that some people who are not confident with their written English may not contribute because someone would pass remarks on it!
      I’m sure you’ll agree that we don’t want that to happen..

    344. dadsarmy says:

      @Scot Finlayson “you seem to know about the voting demographics of Indy1,

      No, I don’t.

      I did do statistics at Uni in Scotland, and can tell you at a 100% confidence level, that that Edinburgh University survey is as honest as Boris Johnson and the BBC rolled up together.

    345. Elmac says:

      Re Bobp @ 9.28

      Sorry Bob that comment is out of order. I would not wish that on anyone, even Johnson. I would however hope the fat liar gets the sack for Xmas – and I don’t mean the one that Santa carries around.

    346. Heart of Galloway says:

      Post above continued… “was her remarkable restraint.”

    347. boris says:

      he final and brutal betrayal of Scotland by its own King who approved the destruction of the Darien community in the Panama Isthmus aided greatly by the equally treacherous Spanish proved to be the straw that broke the camels back and brought the Scots to the negotiating table.

      But the English, fair chuffed with their conquest refused to negotiate and replied with a set of take it or leave it conditions, the signing of which would bind Scotland to England in a treaty of union.

      Scots may have been on their knees but they were unbowed and told the English to get stuffed.

      But Scotland was betrayed yet again, this time by an unelected cabal of Scottish lords who sold their country out on the promise of the settlement of their individual debt.

    348. Bobp says:

      Elmac, that’s my personal opinion.these scum have caused a lot more suffering on the underprivileged poor and disabled. Fck them.

    349. HandandShrimp says:

      Had a look at the BBC reaction page to Nicola’s interview. Five tweets, two from a couple of gammons from the south of England and K*v** plus a neutral one from Kirsty Strickland and a positive one from a chap from Inverness.

      A relevant cross section there then. At least the BBC didn’t accidentally use archive footage of Hitler rather than Nicola…easily done apparently.

    350. manandboy says:

      “George the Poet: I rejected MBE over ‘pure evil’ of British empire”
      Spoken word artist says UK must take steps to mitigate consequences of colonial era.

      “I turned down an MBE. A friend asked me if I would accept it, I just saw my parents’ faces and without thinking I said ‘yes’ and then I took a minute and reflected, reflected on my status and I felt a burning sensation in my chest,” Mpanga said.

      “Your forefathers grabbed my motherland, pinned her down and took turns. They did that every day for a couple hundred years and then left her to treat her own burns. Now all of her children are born with a set of unique concerns and gaps in the information that we really do need to learn and none of us know why, why we got absorbed by a ‘higher entity’, why I have to fight for my identity.”

      Part of Scotland’s problem is that far too many voters reject completely the truth about England’s dominance, suppression and extensive exploitation of Scotland over three centuries.

      Drugged by English propaganda, Scotland is taking its time to wake up to the serially abusive reality of Scotland’s ‘marriage’ with England in 1707.

    351. Dan says:

      @Sarah at 8:18 pm

      It really is very predictable what areas you are going have to deal with in conversations.
      As galamcennalath mentions in their post at 12:34 pm, they’ll generally be about whatever propaganda is currently spewing out of the “newspapers” or controversial state broadcaster aka The BBC.
      Today I unsurprisingly had two conversations brought up by folk about Trident, and one about the deficit which the BBC had to correct their report about.

      There’s no way these individuals would have mentioned these topics had they not be broadcast in recent days.
      It was the same when Named Person or whatever other Scottish health scare the MSM had constructed during the Scottish Parliament Elections.

      Whilst on about health scare constructs and water supplies or building technical designs.
      A while back I had first hand experience with Scottish Water, and their preferred self-certifying contractors you are effectively forced to use.
      In an attempt to keep it short, I had to jump through all sorts of hoops with a project to make a connection to the mains supply. This involved a very restricted timescale to lay new pipe work, and get the flanges fusion welded where the connections at either end were to be made as per agreed and accepted technical plans.
      The pipe then had to be pressure tested, flushed to purge, then have samples taken for chemical and bacterial analyses to ensure it was safe to make the final connection to the water main within the week so the water in the pipe didn’t lie stagnant for too long.

      That work all completed in the previous week… I come back from my Monday morning dog walk to see the approved contractor had just cut 3 meters and the flanged terminal end off the tested main, thus rendering the pressure test null and void, opening the pipe to contamination, and also making it too short to make the multiple individual service connections…
      He was still reeking of drink from the weekend. I recall I politely told him to “GET THE FUCK AWAY FROM THE PIPEWORK YOU COMPLETE AND UTTER IDIOT”.
      I then phoned in to report the situation.
      That project was close to two years of work in the planning and this arsehole couldn’t even follow the most simple of schematic drawings.
      I totally understand the need for the strict regulations as 100 meter lengths of water main pipe lie about in yards waiting to be used where all sorts of dirty water or rats could get into and contaminate the pipes.
      Yet here was the certified contractor making a mockery of those guidelines.

      Folk will probably recall the similar disregard to technical specs with a school wall falling down due to lack of brick wall ties being used.

    352. twathater says:

      I must admit I may have been watching a different Arsehole neil interview but I considered it a car crash for Nicola , the man ( ahem )was allowed to continuously spout the same pish that has been spouted endlessly re the currency ,deficit ,entry to the EU ,manifesto , yet Nicola was insipid in her responses to this arrogant ignorant servant of brutish nationalism

      As has been posted endlessly on here these questions are the same questions that the brit nats are slaughtering our representatives with . surely OUR FM knew what was coming and how this buffoon would command the interview , the man is a blatant bully with all the bullies traits , what Nicola should have done is INSIST in a clear concise manner that she must be allowed to answer the question without the constant interruptions and highlight the fact that the electorate may want to hear her response

      TBH if I were an undecided voter I would not have been persuaded by her performance or her responses to this ignoramuses questions , again honestly I felt she was nervous and hesitant

    353. Bobp says:

      I cannot bear to even listen to that piece of excrement (neil) . Even his ugly fat face gives me the boak, I instantly grab the remote and switch off/over.

    354. kapelmeister says:

      Ruth Davidson says 4 times in a single tweet about Nicola’s interview that Andrew Neil “gave her a doing”.

      Immature, vulgar, obnoxious and delusional is what Ruth is.

    355. Elmac says:

      Andrew Neil is a disgusting lying, corrupt slug who has an ill founded grandiose opinion of himself. We all know that and so do the SNP. I did not see the interview but by all accounts NS was bullied by an inferior intellect spouting unionist tripe. They should have been ready for him, even to the extent of walking off the set if he did not allow them to respond to his crap without interruption. For gods sake have they learned nothing – you have to stand up to bullies. You cannot reason with an aggressive unionist toady. Walk out on him – much more effective!

    356. Ian Brotherhood says:


      Haven’t seen that tweet yet, but if what you say is accurate then she has to be reported.

      No-one should expect Twitter’s moderators (in California or wherever they are) to understand the subtleties of West-Scotland patois.

      ‘She was assaulted, beaten’ is a pretty accurate translation, and Ruth Davidson knows that full well.

      I’m off now to check that tweet, will report it, and encourage others to do likewise.

      Cheers for the heads-up.


    357. Gfaetheblock says:

      Fucks sake Bob, wishing death onto journalists? Take a break and chill out.

      Really compelling interview, about the most uncomfortable I have seen Sturgeon. Seeing the how she usually performs, the other leaders are going to be fascinating to watch with Neill.

    358. Sandy says:

      Liz G @ 8.32 pm.

      Wholeheartedly agree.
      After all, we’re all Jock Tamson’s bairns.
      Yes, I miscall some people but only those who really deserve it.
      Andrew Neill, for example.
      Anyway, the ‘X’ in the right box is all that matters.


    359. HandandShrimp says:

      I will be interested to see how the remaining interviews go. Given that Swinson and Johnson have performed poorly under heat it may prove better to see them all in the round. Corbyn has been OK but he has promised a huge amount. I would imagine Neil will have a lot of questions about tax and deficits.

      Nicola’s performance may prove to be the best. Of course the partisan will try to portray it as poor, some like Davidson will reduce it to a school playground fight. Politics can be pretty childish a lot of the time.

    360. Gfaetheblock says:


      Link so you can watch it.

      If all accounts says she was bullied, I think you may be in an echo chamber…

    361. Old Pete says:

      Not one of Nicola’s best performances tonight but hardly surprising when Neil did his usual question, but in, another question before you answer. His usual crap routine.
      Wonder if he is quite so aggressive with BoJo, if he is then it could be a game changer as Johnson is a total fud. But then again Neil is a Tory anti-Scot so doubt if he will go in so hard.
      Swinson will be toast, Corbyn like Nicola can expect a very, very aggressive interrogation from toadie Neil.

    362. K1 says:

      She’s uncomfortable because she is being barracked by a hack with a list of questions and not given any time to fully answer them…are you implying by your observation that this reflects badly on ‘Sturgeon’ rather than ‘Neil’?

      Let me assure you this reflects badly on Neil, that was an ‘interrogation’ not an interview, he deliberately sets out to ‘flummox’, it’s his aggressive style and alway has been, also as she herself pointed out on a few occasions, ‘he’ was conflating and dissembling when challenged about his ‘facts’ and would not let her fully address those conflations, his ‘technique’ is designed to produce discomfiture in the victim of his ‘interrogative assault’.

      And yes it will indeed be interesting to see whether he employs the same so called ‘rigourous’ attack on others lined up.

      These so called interviews are not about allowing anyone to have the time to articulate fully on any given policy, or current policy difficulties, they are not about intellectually probing issues that are important to the electorate who are about to vote for those parties. I think that was especially clear tonight, it’s actually predictably laughable to see such immature stunts especially when they can’t be pulled off anymore, it just comes off as pathetic.

      We’ve all heard the same questions from over 5 years ago now, it’s all these hacks have left, is to try to humiliate, to reduce the credibility, what will be interesting is to see whether he uses the exact same ‘technique’ to ‘humiliate’ the others.

      Ah hae ma doots.

    363. Jock McDonnell says:

      Love or Loathe him, Andrew Neil is a pretty serious & ruthless interviewer. You need to be on your game, if you are a diddy, of any colour, he will relish humiliating you & I think the FM was on great form tonight.

      I also wrote a poem for Glaswegians

      Little Jo launched rockets in the sky
      Some foreigners would hopefully fry
      They flew a short way
      Over the brae
      And that was the end of Milngavie

    364. Elmac says:

      Gfaetheblock @ 10.20

      Nice try but I don’t have a “licence” so Iplayer is no use to me. I do however know people who do and can confirm she was bullied by an arrogant overpaid slob, a poor excuse for a human being.

    365. K1 says:

      Of course we all know that it’s an echo chamber if everyone watched the same film and can describe accurately what the fucking film was about.

    366. K1 says:

      Oh..ah forgot to :eyeroll:

    367. Gfaetheblock says:


      I disagree. I watched it, thought it was robust and a poor performance by the FM. I have seen a range of views online. I have even seen a range of views on this forum! Generally I only listen to reviews by folk who have seen what they are commenting on, rather than echoing their pals views.

    368. Elmac says:

      Gfaetheblock @ 11.07

      Suggest you go back into your echo chamber. The real world must be a frightening place for you.

    369. Bo Jo will get to see the questions before his turn,

      he will also be connected by ear piece to a gaggle of special advisors,

      BBC could make anyone look intelligent if they know the questions before interview,

      happens all the time on call kaye,the unionist will get a heads up about topic while the patriot will be told heehaw,

      BBC been at it for nearly 100 years

    370. Confused says:

      didnae watch the FM on with brillo-pad, and right now gethins is on newsnight … hmm … some say she was good, others a draw, some a beating …

      – all wingers know the answers to every “bullshit question” by now, but it seems our politicians seem to struggle; hosie kicked the GERS/deficit old-nannys-fanny into touch recently, but others seem reluctant – the “missed open goals” have been noted. Come on guys – you know the tired old crap they will throw at you, it should be as easy to handle as a professional standup ripping apart hecklers.

      Make a list of all the stupid questions – then supply the rebuttal (were the SNP not going to do this themselves) – but here’s the trick – you have to take a paragraph or your short modern studies essay and PUT IT INTO A SINGLE LINE, because they will edit you to death

      the SNP should have a designated “shitlord” who can deal with this nonsense in the style of Frankie Boyle, and once a few people get mauled, the others get scared, then they have to get better questions; someone who -likes- being an absolute cunt to people, does not obey the niceties, never concedes ground and never lets anything go.

      Standard crap – that every junior SNP trooper should be able to handle

      we wont be able to use the currency
      we wont be in NATO
      we will still be out the EU
      and have to rejoin it
      and Spain will veto is because of Catalonia
      we will need to join the euro
      our economy will collapse without the subsidy of english taxes
      scotland is a colony of england
      the north sea oil belongs to the UK
      the north sea oil is running out
      deficit deficit deficit
      the share of the national debt
      england is your biggest trading partner and we could make life difficult
      you will lose your pensions
      you will be vulnerable to terrorism
      why do you want to put up borders
      why do you hate the english
      why do you want to break up families
      what about our glorious shared history
      scotland is complicit in the crimes of empire too
      scotland need englands permission for another referendum


      Andrew Neil is a predictable old sweetie-wife, you can imagine him on washing day – “oh aye – HER UP THE CLOSE – oh aye” – he should be there for the taking; he is a pompous ass who thinks he reeks of gravitas, but its only sweat and lynx deodorant; I think he thinks he is the successor to Paxman, but he isn’t (funny how Paxman retired after Brass Eye and the Day Today arrived)

      – here is one you get a lot at the moment

      “Scotland wanting out of the UK is just like England leaving the EU”

      -> apply REBUTTAL.EXE
      …. output …

      I luv it when the inglish use strong arguments from scottish independence to support -weak- arguments against the EU
      if the EU did to england what the UK does to scotland
      – all the money would go to brussels and westminster would get pocket money
      – the UK would pay in far more than it gets out
      – the EU would be spending vast amounts of dosh on vanity projects on the continent
      – the european supernuke would be berthed up the thames, next to the major population centre
      – the UK army would be based in toulouse
      – the british would constantly be told that they are “living off the EU taxpayer” and enjoy “massive gibs at german expense”
      – the english would be the butt of the joke all the time, with slurs about – carling, greggs, afternoon tea, cricket and buggery in the public schools
      – and joining the EU would have happened because a few dozen toffs decided to do it in 1973, without a democratic vote
      englanders are constantly told to be proud of the majestic history of europe
      violent thugs with EU flags terrorise peaceful englishmen flying the cross of
      all the eurofags would have holiday homes in the cotswolds and lake district
      all the eurofags takeover london for 3 weeks every september and talk patronising drunken pish in every swanky bar
      – most of england got a pretty sweet deal from the EU, a fact which will be recognised within 5 years
      scotland gets SHAT on by being in the UK
      the UK is a badly stitched up pantomime horse, and we are in the back getting farted on

      Also, your rebuttals should come in two flavours – calm, analytical and aggressively-nasty (see above); there is also an old trick Margaret Thatcher used – she knew how to breathe while still talking, so interviewers waiting on the breath to interject got steamrollered; also, the iron lady would not tolerate anyone talking over her or not letting her finish.

    371. Phronesis says:

      Scotland’s domestic record on its SNHS stands up to scrutiny despite all the carping from the sidelines and media misrepresentation of anything positive about Scotland’s progressive institutions. Such negativity and bitterness towards Scotland. WM should examine its own failings.The NHS has been getting a doing for quite some time and the future is grim.

      ‘In England, the parliamentary health select committee has expressed its frustration at the lack of data on the value for money and efficiency of a policy that is diverting £5bn of NHS funds to private for-profit healthcare companies, describing it as an “evidence-free zone”. It’s time the minister for England’s healthcare took a leaf from his counterparts in Scotland and Wales, to see how public and parliamentary scrutiny of public funds and their use can be improved by making data publicly available and ensuring collection of data on all patients treated’

      ‘England’s NHS is mired in ‘perpetual winter’ as the general election campaign begins, with performance sharply deteriorating against important targets such as waiting times for emergency departments and cancer treatment’

      Health insurance premiums- ‘It’s the most unfair type of tax: A huge burden for low-wage workers and almost meaningless for the rich. Head taxes (sometimes called poll taxes) used to be popular centuries ago but have long fallen out of fashion. (When Margaret Thatcher tried to impose a head tax in 1988 to replace real estate property taxes in the United Kingdom, she faced an unprecedented revolt and was ousted from office in 1990…the U.S. tax system turns out to be highly regressive. Once private health insurance is factored in, the average tax rate rises from a bit less than 30 percent at the bottom of the income distribution, reaches close to 40 percent for the middle class, and collapses to 23 percent for billionaires’

    372. Papko says:

      :obp at 5.47
      “British not Scottish No 90% yes 10%.
      More British than Scottish No 87% yes12%
      Equally Scottish and British No 81% yes 18%”

      Robert Pfeffiers should tell these people that “Britain” does not exist.
      Perhaps if they came on here and read his little tomes, they would soon divest themselves of there supposed non-existent nationality.

    373. Papko says:

      :obp at 5.47
      “British not Scottish No 90% yes 10%.
      More British than Scottish No 87% yes12%
      Equally Scottish and British No 81% yes 18%”

      Robert Pfeffer’s should tell these people that “Britain” does not exist.
      Perhaps if they came on here and read his little tomes, they would soon divest themselves of there supposed non-existent nationality.

    374. dadsarmy says:

      Didn’t watch it I was working at last. Herald has 2 stories so far, here’s the first, remember the Herald is very pro-EU:

      Second by Gordon isn’t too bad, but mentions the NHS with just a short one-liner from Sturgeon in reply so I’m not linking direct.

    375. Dr Jim says:

      If Corbyn wins that’s two referendums inside one year, no, because Labour says they won’t allow it, yes but it still means they would get one sometime, yes but we’re talking about UK politics at the moment not Scotland

      A conversation from Sky news

    376. Joe says:

      If one could be bothered and if one had a twitter account one would have a go at a British version of this. Theres plenty material.

    377. dadsarmy says:

      Got the SNP leaflet when I was at the unit, usual A4 folded into A5. P1 letter from Patricia Gibson, fine. Inside, p2 about her and what she did. p3 what the SG is doing for Scotland, including North Ayrshire including business rates relief I get on my unit. Back cover p4, 3 paragraphs “Scotland’s Future, Escaping Brexit, It’s Time for Indyref2.

      No crap about Trident, GRA, universal credit, fox hunting, distractions, distractions – none. Straight to the point.

      Verdict: 100% what I would have wanted.

      It won’t be long now.

    378. Liz g says:

      That wasn’t an interview, it was the usual Andrew Neil egotistical rant.
      It’s getting old, mibbi it was cutting edge decades ago,but it’s not him reading his research team’s notes like a demented auld soak that people want to hear anymore! We can get a belligerent know it all trying to impress with the few facts they picked up in the pub any day of the week and twice On a Sunday
      On the plus side
      There doesn’t seem to be ( as we’ve suspected )any new arguments against Indy.
      A deficit we may well have and every claim he made could be true….
      But the alternative is a Tory Westminster and he didn’t seem to be able to describe why we should stay.
      We might not know all the details of Indy,but, we sure as shit know what we’re walking away from….

    379. HandandShrimp says:

      With another broadside from the Chief Rabbi I wonder if Corbyn is going get battered with terrorist supporter antisemitism while trying to get his points across. That could be a way more unpleasant interview that Nicola’s one.

      Neil may have to be careful with Swinson, she could have the toupee off with those arms.

      Johnson should be a mess. He doesn’t prepare, rarely knows his brief and is lazy. Will true blue Neil give him an easy ride or be so outraged at his laziness that he leaves him floundering? Answers on a bus to…

    380. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @Liz g –

      Well said.


    381. Arthur Thomson says:

      Just watched the FM’s interview and I wasn’t impressed even slightly. I don’t think Nicola fared well and I don’t think her predecessor would have fared any better. It wasn’t an interview, it was a thoroughly disingenuous attack. It was impossible for Nicola to respond meaningfully because she was being talked over, given insufficient time to respond and bombarded with a stream of unsubstantiated negative accusations. It was pure Brit bullshit.

      Any decent, objective men or especially women watching that would see it for the exercise in bullying that it was.

    382. Mark Fletcher says:

      I watched the whole interview twice and I find myself not at all disappointed by the FM’s performance. No Swinson-style car crash. No stumbling and bumbling a la Johnson. No confusion or fence-sitting like Corbyn.

      It was never going to be a picnic visiting the beast in its lair. Quite predictable really. AFN was hectoring and aggressive. It was good in a way to see him pulling out all the stops but there were no surprises. The FM was not tripped up and argued her case in so far as she got a chance to speak.

      The FM is a serious player and everyone knows it.

    383. dadsarmy says:

      I guess there’s something about this that AFNeil and Kelvin Vague just don’t understand – or, of course, won’t:

      Growth commission using £ before own currency is a real problem for joining EU – treaty insists member states target price stability & treat exchange rate as matter of common concern. It’s not an issue that wd stop accession negotiations taking place but problematic for accession

      It’s not an issue that wd stop accession negotiations taking place but problematic for accession

      problematic: constituting or presenting a problem
      problem: a matter or situation regarded as unwelcome or harmful and needing to be dealt with and overcome

      to be dealt with and overcome

      Andrew Neil really doesn’t understand plain English.

    384. dadsarmy says:

      A wee addition. I think quite a lot of us have come to some conclusions, that there have been talks on an unofficial basis with the EU “negotiators” and others, and that certain indications have been made about accomodations and transitions that are possible.

      Thing is, I think some sections of the media have also come to those conclusions as well but are like us mostly, keeping our conclusions (or guesses) to ourselves.

      And that’s all I have to say about THAT.

    385. Dr Jim says:

      Nicola Sturgeon didn’t make all those trips to Brussels for coffee and a sticky bun
      The UK wants trade deals with the EU so as was the case with Ireland the UK of England will comply with the FMs timetable or trade negotiations could be endless I think

    386. manandboy says:

      The value of Scotland’s oil production alone for 2019 will be approximately £14.170 billion.

      Not one brown penny of that comes to Scotland.

      Now, No voters, you tell me that Scotland is gonnae struggle to be Independent.

      800,000 barrels of oil a day. That’s nearly as many lies as England tells Scotland every day. Well, maybe no quite that many, but ye’ll know what I mean.

      Vote SNP to get Scotland’s independence – and to get our oil back.

      + gas + electricity + water……

    387. dadsarmy says:

      I’m sorry, I have no idea if anyone posted these links about the BBC so here goes anyway.

      and yes, if linking directly makes these articles more popular and more read, the better. Good ones for Indy – link directly, bad ones use the archive!

      Played properly, the BBC should be responsible on its own for something like a 5% increase in the YES vote over the next 10 months up to Indy Ref 2. It was the BBC back in the day that, when pointed out to me about its anti-Scottish parochial bias, which I’d unconsciously noticed for some time, turned me into an Indy supporter. Back in 1974. Curiously it was the BBC’s one-sided coverage of the Cold War that had alerted me.

    388. Davie Oga says:

      Convincing a significant portion of Scotland’s population that the oil is worthless is Westminster’s most accomplished financial crime.

    389. Robert Louis says:

      What is interesting about this election, is that now even folk in England are starting to see just how much propaganda is being punted out by the lying barstewards at the BBC.

      ‘..Ahh, but..’, the BBC paid liars will say, ‘it’s all just ‘innocent’ mistakes. Yet it is odd that all those supposed ‘mistakes’ during indyref, only ever damaged the pro indy side. Funny how all those supposed ‘mistakes’ only ever damage Labour or the SNP in this election.

      The Westminster run and funded BBC are right up there with the likes of RT, in terms of pure propaganda.

      As regards the oil value, as mentioned above, totally agree. The revenue goes straight to London. As it has done from the first day. But the real value to an economy is not just the daily output or revenue, it is the proven reserves – like a person going to get a mortgage, and the bank says, well, how much do you earn? And you say, not very much actually, but I have 74 billion in proven extractable oil reserves – does that help?

      The oil reserves are what gives the economy strength. That is why England so desperately needs Scotland. It is not because the Tories in London love the Scots that they want to force Scotland to stay ruled by England. No, rather it is the strngth of the Scottish economy and those oil reserves.

      If their was no oil, Scotland would have been forced out of this tawdry unwanted English union, many, many, many years ago. They don’t like us, they just want their filthy hands on our natural resources and wealth.

      Any ‘Scottishy’ London-worshipping ‘britnat unionists’ like Iain Murray, who cannot see that, are just too thick for words. Or just climbing London’s greasy pole, for personal reward. Probably the latter.

    390. starlaw says:

      I followed the Falklands war with Radio Moscow which proved to be more truthful than the BBC.

    391. Bobp says:

      Gfaetheblock 10.16pm. Where in my comment did I wish death on a journalist?. Heart attacks are survivable. But all that weight Neil’s carrying is not helping him. Just saying like.

    392. Abulhaq says:

      The seeming hysteria over ‘antisemitism’ or misojudaic tendencies in Labour party ranks might well stoke the very thing itself, likewise ‘islamophobia’.
      Critique of a political outlook, philosophical worldview, intellectual position or a country’s current régime ought not to be equated with ad hominem hatred.

    393. Socrates MacSporran says:

      The trouble with Nicola Sturgeon is, she’s too bloody nice.

      Given his track record for making-up “facts” on the hoof all she had to do last night, when Neil began to make things up was say: “Haud oan a meenit Andra, you haven’t learned from your interview with Alex Salmond all those years ago. You’re still making-up and distorting figures and telling lies. Ask me an honest question, backed-up by the correct data and I will answer, but, if you’re going to just sit there and tell lies, I’m saying nothing.”

      Then, whatever he says, all she had to do was say: “More fake news.” he would either then have to tell the truth (unlikely) or be left red-faced with an incomplete interview and a lot of dead air to fill.

      Don’t be nice to Neil, treat him like the turd he is.

    394. Reluctant Nationalist says:

      I feeley sorry for Jeane Freeman having to explain these ‘special measures’.

    395. jockmcx says:

      It was difficult to interview Harold Wilsons pipe.
      ….Get a pipe!

    396. winifred mccartney says:

      I only wish there was a Muslim or indeed a Christian to call out the anti-islamic, orange tinged, cruel and uncaring tory party and the philandering, proven liar that wants to be pm, (but of course bbc execs say they can’t call out his lies as it might erode trust by the public). BBC is no longer just a joke it is the Lord Ha Ha of the 21 century.

      See National today for the biggest heist in history by any Govt when they stole Scotlands oil revenues.

    397. galamcennalath says:

      WGD points out that a union without consent is an occupation. It’s a colonial situation.

      I’d like to hear the SNP push a more accurate description of what denying a referendum actually amounts to.

    398. manandboy says:


      In a surprise move, the US and Canada are to become a political ‘Union’ with a joint government in Washington. Under the terms of the new arrangement, the US will have sole rights to all of Canada’s natural resources including offshore, but Canada will receive a pro rata annual maintenance grant of 8.9% of GDP from The White House.

      The new Union Congress & House of Representatives in Washington will have 650 seats in total, with 60 of them being from Canada. Canada will also have a devolved parliament in Montreal which will deal with local issues and administration only.

      Canada’s population is 37 million, while the US has 329 million.

      Negotiations are however still ongoing, but The President of the United States, Mr Donald Trump, has told reporters ” I don’t forsee any problems”.

      The UK Prime Minister, known as ‘Boris’, has assured the US of Britain’s support. It is not known if the UK government has yet been in touch with the Canadian Leader, as they are still trying to find out his name.

    399. galamcennalath says:


      Aye, the US would redeploy its WMD arsenal onto Canadian soil.

      Also, all Canadian news broadcasting is to be replaced with feeds from the US.

      The Canadian publically funded health service would immediately be sold off to private corporations.

      Truth? Not a snowball in Hell’s chance.

    400. Gary45% says:

      Zionism telling the UK population not to trust Corbyn, and vote for their “plant” in government.
      Will the media call them out on their political agenda?
      Don’t hold your breath

    401. manandboy says:

      galamcennalath, by relocating the act of Union elsewhere, I am hoping to show up the ludicrous relationship between Scotland and England.

      Thanks for your additional, and equally ‘ludicrous’ details.

    402. Boudicca says:

      First time I’ve watched Neil for years and it will be the last. If Nicola had gotten up and walked out he wouldn’t have noticed, had his eyes on his script the whole time, wasn’t interested in listening to her answers, just talked over all the time. What a boor he is, what a disgrace of an interview. Contrast Sophy Ridge on Sky who asks a questions and actually lets the person finish their point with interruption.

      Had a look on Twitter afterward, lots of anti Sturgeon rhetoric, including the little corporal who tweeted how AN had ‘done her over’, what a guttersnipe.

    403. jeff says:

      confused @ 11:21pm
      “all the eurofags would have holiday homes in the cotswolds and lake district
      all the eurofags takeover london for 3 weeks every september and talk patronising drunken pish in every swanky bar…”

      What’s a eurofag?

    404. Dr Jim says:

      Don’t worry, Andrew Neil will be hauled over the coals by Ofcom for inventing figures again that the intervewee has to sit there and refute for 20 minutes of the interview while Mr Neil sits and reads his prepared script based on the lies he invented

      The problem with all this as Andrew Neil knows is it takes Ofcom at least two years to give him a slap in the wrist for being a liar two years previously when everybody’s forgotten what he lied about

      It won’t do the FM any harm because she knew what was coming and did the right thing by remaining calm knowing that decent people sitting at home can see this kind of behaviour from Neil for what it is and they don’t like it (except for the nutters of course)

      Once a Tory always a Liberal Democrat, and the same the other way round

    405. Breeks says:

      Abulhaq says:
      26 November, 2019 at 9:53 am
      The seeming hysteria over ‘antisemitism’ or misojudaic tendencies in Labour party ranks might well stoke the very thing itself, likewise ‘islamophobia’…

      Before I’d have any time for the anti Semitic rhetoric attacking Corbyn and Labour, I would need a much clearer understanding of where sympathy for the Palestinians, illegal occupation of their land, and wilful disregard for UN Resolutions, somehow transmogrifies from fair and rational conclusion, into an irrational and bigoted prejudice. If there’s anti Semitism, show me, and let me judge on the evidence, not the arguments of counter-prejudice.

      For the Tories, I’d want to see similar examination under the microscope for where prejudice against Islam is “tolerated” because it’s an important factor for stoking the furnaces of weapons technology and military spending. It doesn’t matter if we’re always at war with Easasia or Euroasia, if they’re both conveniently those shifty “Muslim” stereotypes… Is that technically Islamaphobia? Because you know what, I kinda bet all those Muslim men, women and children are suffering from Psyco-Mad-Bastard-Western-Phobia. And sometimes it proves terminal.

      Similar too, all the Russian influence in Western Affairs. Is it really the Russians stoking the West’s midlife crisis? I thought it was meant to be the grotesquely wealthy but paranoid Bible-belt in America, which doesn’t like Europe, especially France, and has stores and ammo ready for the zombie apocalypse, minus of course, any credible possibility of an actual Zombie apocalypse. All they want is consent and blessing to slaughter ‘somebody’ with all that hardware they’ve amassed, and not have their good Christian conscience left troubled by the carnage.

      Meanwhile, polar bears, tigers and Polynesian islanders lose their habitat, and you can swim front crawl in St Mark’s Square in Venice. Move along. Nothing to see here.

      Now we have men who want to be women, and denigrate and bludgeon any women who don’t like the idea, with all the masculine vigour and enthusiasm of a rampant psychotic misogynist. I give up man, can’t keep up. Are men who want to be women, but actually hate women because they’re women, are they still technically gay? Or were they not gay in the first place? Jesus, I need a route-map just to follow this shite, but you know, even if I had a route-map, I probably wouldn’t wanna read it if I’m being totally honest. I’d put it away in a drawer. I mean, a dog, cat, horse or goldfish can live from cradle to grave without even worrying about this shite. Be more dog. Life is better.

      Once upon a time, it was only East German women shot putters who were more of a man than I’ll ever be, and everybody got alarmed and knew something was wrong. Now there are ex-male Trans female world cycling champions who crave more competition??? You mean what, like racing against men? Em….

      Sigh. I dunno. Why do I get the uncomfortable feeling it’s Mother Nature who’s been stocking up for a zombie apocalypse, only it’s us humans who’re the mindless walking dead, and it’s Mother Nature who is locked and loaded… and sorry humanity, I’m kinda leaning towards her logic.

    406. HandandShrimp says:


      Gauloise I think

      I see the muckle muppet is in Fife today.

    407. Bob Mack says:

      In case your interested Audit Scotland actually found in every category of Health provision that the Scottish NHS had improved over their performances since 2017 and before.

      There was only one exception from the 8 measures.

      The targets they need to reach are almost impossible to achieve in the current circumstances, but I suppose its better to set a high bar.

      Neil was being disingenuous in one way ,but played the Scottish targets against them.Overall Audit Scotland gave a good report to SNHS.

      England would give their right arm for such figures.

    408. callmedave says:


      I see that ‘Scottish’ Lab leader Ricky Leopard is now changing his spots on a daily basis on Indi-ref2. 🙂

      Big Auntie admits she makes mistakes… the most trustworthy new outlet in the world…she says? 🙁

    409. dadsarmy says:

      Those Canucks ain’t gonna rain on my parade and my right to bear arms. YVYL I say – Yankee Votes for Yankee Laws!

      We’re very nice to those Canucks. We give them pocket money.


    410. galamcennalath says:

      This sums up the current state of the UK and the alleged Union. The three UK wide parties have entered a general election with a promise to suspend democracy in Scotland. How did we get to a situation where this is even contemplated far less accepted by so many?

      Even Thatcher, a party leader whose faults are legend, stated Scotland has the right to chose.

    411. Dr Jim says:

      The Independence argument is almost down to *So you prefer foreigners to England* now, as the three British Scottish parties argue with each other over their particular reason as to why they don’t like foreigners but still want to be friendly with the folk that nearly all of them voted to still remain partners with except when it comes down to it Scotland shouldn’t be *allowed* to remain partners with them if England doesn’t want to

      In other words the opposition parties in Scotland are saying *We’d still like to be in the EU but England won’t let us*

      Does that sound about right because it’s the very reason for Independence, the freedom to choose and England is removing that human right and political lackeys in Scotland are helping them do it even though some of them don’t want to

      Willie Rennie said devolution is only temporary the British government can dissolve the Scottish parliament at will in a day, so is Willie Rennie and the rest of the British lackeys selling out Scotland just to keep their jobs, for money?

      History repeats itself

    412. Socrates MacSporran says:

      I see Derek Stillie getting a mention on the Rev’s twitter feed.

      Respect to big D for qualifying as a lawyer while still playing, but, he is a goalie and, as we all know – all goalkeepers are daft. But few are as daft as come out as Tories.

      Ah kent his faither, who, were he still alive, would not, I think be too-impressed by his son’s political affiliations. He’s from Cumnock, where they used to weigh the Labour vote – when we had a Labour Party worth voting for.

    413. Scott says:

      I heard on my phone Prof Leach giving an interview on GMS debunking all the bad news about hospitals I just wonder if anyone could find it and post it so all could hear it,I am not that smart enough to do that the BBC person not very happy with answers.

    414. Gfaetheblock says:


      You referenced 2 family members who had died and hoped that Neill suffered the medical trauma that had killed them. Didn’t read between the lines that you were only wanting him to have a heart attack and survive, must have been too subtle fir me in how you implied that.

      I think you need to stop wishing ill health on people, fatal or not. Chill out.

    415. Giving Goose says:

      Socrates MacSporran

      Yeah big D cashed in being Scottish to embrace his beloved Britishness (which is actually an English identity).

    416. Terry callachan says:

      UK’s refusal to hand back Chagos Islands doesn’t just make it an ‘illegal colonial occupier’ – it antagonizes a host of allies

      And it’s not just the General Assembly the UK is choosing to ignore. The UN High Court told the UK it should leave the islands “as rapidly as possible” way back in February of this year, saying the de-colonization process was handled unlawfully.

      And in September even Pope Francis, on-tour in Mauritius, took a position on Britain’s failure to heed the United Nations and weighed in to accuse the UK of placing greed over humanity.

      “Not all things that are right for humanity are right for our pocket, but international institutions must be obeyed,” said the Pontiff.

      The UK has behaved pretty poorly. It leveraged the islands away from Mauritius in 1965, when it was still a British colony, in return for £3million and, Mauritius claims, independence, only to then team up with the US and use some prime real estate on Diego Garcia to agree on building a joint military base, despite the fact that the island was already inhabited by 1,000 Chagossians.

    417. Scott says:

      Thanks for that Nana I have copied it for future reference.

    418. Robert Kerr says:

      I have submitted the following text to the letters editor at the National Newspaper and also emailed Ms Freeman at the Scottish Government.

      Here are some thoughts on the QEUH infection problems by a non medical retired engineer.

      Take note of the location of the Shieldhall Sewerage Treatment works in Govan.with respect to the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital.

      Use oblique view on Google Earth which will give a 3 dimensional perspective.

      Consider a North Westerly wind such that the Sewerage Works are upwind of the new Hospital. The first major obstacle the wind encounters is the new high rise central building with its four abutments.

      This is a perfect bluff body, ideal for producing eddies and vortexes on its downwind side.

      Consider also that further downwind is the Sick Children’s Hospital building.

      Now ask about the processing taking place at the Sewerage Works. The large circular structure visible on Google Earth are treatment tanks containing biological purifiers through with is trickled sewerage liquids. These are sprayed on to the filter beds by rotating spray arms. The spray is wind carried and dried. it must by its nature contain pathogens.

      It is meaningful to ask if the model of the design was subjected to aerodynamic flow pattern investigation by the design contractor.

    419. So the head Rabbi has said labour is not doing enough to stamp out anti semitism if by condemning people who murder other people and steal their land is considered to be anti semitism then I and many other people must be anti Semitic it appears that you must not say anything or do anything about what the Jews are doing in Palastine so if we had taken these same rules in 1939Nazi Germany said and done nothing when the Jews were being murdered there the Jewish people would probably be extinct today ??? No all that evil needs to thrive is for good people to do and say nothing as someone said before you are always the victim you are never to blame the head Rabbi also said that what labour doing was not up to British standards what about Israeli standards???

    420. manandboy says:

      Widespread gas turned down to a peep, I’d say.

    421. Colin Alexander says:

      Good articles from:

      Check them out.

    422. manandboy says: :Fox news

      “Prince Andrew’s ‘public existence has been wiped out,’ says royal expert: ‘The royals can move very swiftly’

      Prince Andrew’s downfall is only beginning.

      Following a disastrous interview the Duke of York gave to the BBC about his friendship with convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, one royal expert is claiming the 59-year-old royal won’t continue with anything official in that capacity — ever.

      “His entire public existence has been wiped out by his own behavior,” royal historian Robert Lacey told People magazine for this week’s issue.”

    423. Joe says:

      Just watched the Andrew Neil and Nicola Sturgeon interview. Last time I saw a performance like that it had the Bangbros watermark on the video.

      But funstuff aside –

      So he hurled a non stop bunch of fairly nebulous and rather vague (for the average voter) supposed facts and stats (some maybe true, others not) in what could be described as bombardment rather than interview. Nothing surprising really, but isn’t it interesting the kind of vote losing and unpopular policies the SNP has pushed that directly affect normal people that he expressly didn’t mention?

      Under real journalistic circumstances these sort of issues would have been used to beat her about with. Could it be that there’s an underlying agenda? Nah. That’s just conspiracy pushed by Russian bots.

    424. Terry callachan says:

      Blair Patterson …I agree with what you say.
      I remember when I went for a holiday to Israel and Jordan , I wanted to see what Israel was really like and how the Palestine people lived.
      I was shocked , what you think might be happening is actually happening.
      Anyway part of my holiday was to the Israel parliament , we were introduced to the minister for foreign affairs , youngish trendy open collar shirt sat us outdoors in a semi circle and chatted, asked if we wanted to ask any questions , people did.
      Mostly tame questions.
      I asked if why if he says the Palestinian people are treated fairly are Palestinian people not allowed to have a passport .
      I said this made them prisoners in their own country.

      His first reply to me was “ where are you from what country are you from “
      Then he went on to say that Israel was preventing terrorism by doing so.

    425. manandboy says:

      ‘Led By Donkey’s’ Campaign produce another great ad, against JRMogg and his Tory Party.

    426. Joe says:

      @ Manandboy

      Andrew is just a stepping stone. He’s not important. Its the other characters in the tale that will be surfacing that will be of interest.

      There will be a veritable Q of witnesses and a pile of solid evidence appearing to shed light onto a very deep pile of corruption.

      Then it will be onto the next step – even worse crimes by people many still cherish.

      Stepping stones.

    427. Joe says:

      @ Terry Callachan

      Please. Curb your anti-semitism. Havent you heard of the holocaust? Havent you seen Schindlers List? Show some heart!

      That’s sarcasm, by the way.

    428. Terry callachan says:

      Robert KERR….blah blah blah, air circulates the planet ,there are germs everywhere ,you are a walking germ laden attraction for germs.
      The wind blows in all directions , daily .
      Let the experts do their job.

      Furthermore wind does come to us from other countries ,you cannot stop that , who knows what the wind carries or from where it has come, get a grip.

    429. Terry callachan says:

      I never use the phrase anti semitism , it was invented by the Israelis to be used as they use it now a political measure that wants Israeli religious beliefs to be treated differently to other other religious beliefs .
      They really do think they are special , the chosen people and behave accordingly.
      It is the most surreal country on this earth if you ever have the misfortune to visit you will be shocked.
      After speaking out to an Israeli politician about their terrible treatment of Palestinian people I was followed by a government employee who made it clear to me that they were following me , stepping in front of me in shops and interrupting my conversation with counter assistants interjecting repetition of my request for particular items I was purchasing at times basically bullying shop assistants into serving me ahead of other people in the queue , the shop assistants knew who this government employee was so obviously an arranged ploy practiced on other visitors to Israel that asked the wrong questions.
      I lost them in a big shopping area but back at my hotel I became aware that I was being treated differently to the previous few days.
      Nearly every person you speak to in Jerusalem has an American accent !!

    430. Colin Alexander says:

      Robert Kerr

      These papers might interest you, also the References at the bottom:

    431. Alastair says:

      Ref Robert Kerr at 1.42 pm

      Shieldhall Waste Water Treatment Works has existed alongside the Southern General/QEUH since at least circa1910 when the original works were completed. Around 1980, the Works were substantially expanded, and the circular structures to which you refer were built, but they are not ‘filters’. The circular structures and some of the rectangular structures, which can be seen on Google Earth, are ‘settling tanks’. Nothing is ‘sprinkled’ on to these tanks, so it is very unlikely that moisture therefrom will be picked up by the wind! Waste Water Treatment Works are, by their nature smelly, but so far as I am aware there, although neighbours frequently complain of the smell, there has never been any evidence that being in the proximity of a Waste Water Treatment Works, anywhere in the world, has been found to be detrimental to health.

    432. Terry callachan says:

      Colin Alexander…of course it exists in a loo especially a shared loo that perhaps isn’t cleaned as often as one at home but hang on, you are at risk walking around a supermarket too , hold your breath if someone is near you and starts coughing or sneezing and move away it helps but there is no avoidance if you breath air , eventually something will get you.
      The problem with people in hospital is not the air they breath but the immune system they have that isn’t coping as well as people not in hospital.

    433. Colin Alexander says:

      Robert Kerr

      According to this planning permission document from GCC consideration was given regarding the adjacent “water treatment works” – regarding the view.

      Air quality is also commented on but regarding air pollution from vehicles etc. Nothing about airborne pathogens from the sewage works.

      As the previous paper highlights toilets inside the hospital can also potentially release pathogens.

      People themselves are full of “sewage”.

      Some more than others!

    434. galamcennalath says:

      Anglo Scots continually identify excuses for why independence will be a challenge.

      Scots are willing to roll up their sleeves, overcome hurdles, and give ourselves a better future,

      Analyse the Anglo Scot approach. They pick holes in proposals to move forward to self determination, and they try to gas light devolved Scotland. However, what they never do anymore is try ‘sell’ the union. In 2014 they had something which they believed could present which would make us ‘better together’. No more.

      Their Union really has little left to offer us. All they bang on about is trade on the island of Britain. As if short term trade arrangements would or should influence the big picture!

      They try to tell us that iScotland might to take years to get EU membership. This is at the same time as the UK has forfeited its membership altogether!

      At least you can eat a pig in a poke (if you aren’t vegetarian). Their union isn’t even that.

    435. Joe says:

      @ Terry Callachan

      Tip my hat to you.

      Thanks for sharing that. It took me a while in life to realise some things on this subject and I must say im not sure im interested in a fact finding trip to find out.

      Your account sounds like something from Germany circa 1930’s /40’s or the USSR before 1989. Interesting to look at the comparison.

    436. msean says:

      So if the English electorate vote for Boris knowing that that means the ‘union of equals’ ( 🙂 ) is over,does that mean that we can just go? Asking for a friend,like!

    437. Dan says:

      Colin Alexander says: 2019 at 2:45 pm

      People themselves are full of “sewage”.

      Some more than others!

      Ain’t that shit the truth!

      There is so much excrement floating about we really need a proper Rebuttal* Unit.


      Pronunciation: Re-butt-al

      Origin: More socially acceptable abbreviation of Scots phrase used in the early 3rd millennium by Indy-minded Scots in response to unionists spouting lies – “You can stick a’ that shite right back up yer erse!”

    438. Bob Mack says:

      @Colin Alexander and otbers.

      Journal of Environmental Health conducted this exact study and found many pathogens are released into the environment in proximity to sewage works. That is often the “smell” referred to.

      It is fact. They also proposed solutions.

    439. Sinky says:

      After Westminster’s Power Grab of devolved issues after Brexit, comes Tory plans to give English FA powers to decide who can sign for Scottish clubs.

      Scottish football’s governing bodies have joined forces with their Northern Irish and Welsh counterparts and England’s Premier League to combat government plans that would give the FA the power to limit the number of foreign players that Scotland’s top clubs could sign post-Brexit.
      The imminent departure of the UK from the European Union will inevitably pose myriad problems for the Home Office in terms of British citizens working abroad and non-nationals currently, or about to be, employed in the British Isles, so they are keen to wash their hands of the footballing side of things.
      One of the options they favour is handing the FA a mandate to dictate a recruitment policy for themselves and the three other domestic associations. That possibility has, though, set alarm bells ringing throughout the British game, and legal action is certain to follow should the Home Office proceed with their plan to grant the FA the power to implement changes to the present policy.
      “It’s not a message we would want to support in any way, shape or form,” Ian Blair, the secretary of the Scottish Professional Football League, said. “The FA does not represent Scottish football. We have a good working relationship with our English colleagues but it’s not one which would allow one association to impose its will on the other. We believe that the system which we have works well for Scottish football and its clubs because it allows them to bring in players from overseas who might not meet what is, effectively, an arbitrary barrier and a pretty high bar. However, they [the clubs] still have to convince our panel that those players would make a positive contribution to our game.

    440. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      galamcennalath @ 14:52,

      Despite the campaign name, I don’t recall much in the way of positivity from the BritNats even back in 2014. General talk about “broader shoulders”, and even that implied English handouts. What finally broke me back then was their outright denial of anything other than “status quo” =ahem= or independence. Even after the result there was no Unionist move to address the very tangible issues and provide some kind of positive way forward. (Meanwhile we converts had rather grown to like the eminent advantages of having our own defence and foreign policies.)

      The truth, for anyone willing to see it, is that Scottish Unionism is entirely bereft of ideas, is locked in a dependency culture of its very own, based as it is on a lopsided UK political system that has no interest or indention whatever in making any serious reforms to accommodate our legitimate interests. (Whatever Gerry Hassan might dream.)

      This “scorched earth” policy to which they have now sunk is the logical conclusion of this position. Their only hope now is to induce such a sense of hopelessness in people that they will give up trying for anything better. But our indomitability and refusal to accept their shoddy inertia is the rock upon which their scheming founders. And what they just don’t seem to understand (on here or out there in the real world) that their continual carping and negativity is the very thing that is undermining their support and rendering them unelectable.

      Now we even have tame NorthBritNat idiot Kelly trying to “poison” the referendum – y’know, the one that they claim isn’t going to happen – in the exact same way as they did back in 1979. People aren’t all as stupid as him; they can see that this kind of manoevre is effectively an admission that Unionism realises it has already lost.

    441. dadsarmy says:

      Well, it appears from the initial Record report that the problem may be stenotrophomonas. This can apparently be present in all tap water, but it is of special danger to the immunocompromised – such as those with cancer I guess. It does seem to be more likely in clinical facilities due to the presence of more food, whatever that means. And as well as in the water, it’s on the taps. Remember when the councils took away drinking fountains because of spout borne meningitis?

      I think the sewage works may be a red herring as it’s not only the QEUH, it is I think the one in Edinburgh too. And filtering the water for drinking is good, but it can also come from washing hands, showers – remember one mother heard it could be from the shower heads.

      Seems to me its danger or recognistion is relatively recent – the last decade or so. There are or were higher risk orgnaisms. An interesting paper, searching for “stenotrophomonas” is

      Personally, remembering the days I used to go to Gibson Street a lot, the curry capital of the whole world, you’d go to your usual one to find it was closed by environmental health, so just go to another one which had maybe just been reopened as “cleared”. Shrug. Nowadays people don’t just use water and a dishcloth to clear kitchen surfaces they exterminate bugs 99.9% with antibacterials, something which is obligatory with commercial food hygiene.

      Result? We all have a lot less personal resistance and have become germ snowflakes as a result. The old Gibson Street standards would probably kill us just if we walked on by.

    442. dadsarmy says:

      “Oh, it’s 5 minutes past its best before date, help me Rona!”

    443. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      dadsarmy @ 01:02,

      What seems to be overlooked in all of this “currency” business is that in order to (re)join the EU, we actually have to have our own currency. (In order to be able to promise that eventually – sometime, whenever, in the distant future – we will then join the euro.) So the UK pound sterling’s sojourn in Scotland post-indy will necessarily be strictly time-limited, whatever happens.

      Which is why Scotland in Union is now campaigning, it seems, to “save the pound”. Before the story was we couldn’t possibly have it, now it seems we mustn’t let it go. Jeez, how many pirouettes can they make without getting dizzy?

    444. twathater says:

      Watched the beeb jockland Scotland is shite news and there was Jackson carlot welcoming bozo to his colony , I nearly threw up my brunch , he RUSHED out at bozo I fully expected him to cuddle bozo but union jack got in his way , as they went into the building union jack first naturally carlot was running about like a wee puppy weeing himself with excitement , a perfect example of the super duper cringe mentality

      Sorry grabber rossy your place has been taken ,you are no longer required to lick yir maisters boot or any other pairt

    445. North chiel says:

      Have noticed for some time now that “ pro Palestinian” is a phrase that has been completely removed by the State Propaganda outlets in the U.K. In effect replaced altogether by “ anti semitism” . In particular this has been used against Corbyn continuously as a “ pro Palestinian “ UK PM is not wanted by ( in particular ) , the US administration .

    446. kapelmeister says:

      Tory candidate Derek Stillie says Scottish Tory MPs would lobby hard for a UK 2030 World Cup Finals with games in Scotland.

      That would be the Tory top priority for Scotland. Forget having democratic rights for Scots to decide if we stay in/rejoin the EU or if we leave the UK. Forget keeping the SNHS free of privatisation.

      The Tories will bring Scotland a 2030 group match no score draw between Slovakia and the Cote d’Ivoire at Hampden Park.

    447. galamcennalath says:

      BBC website has a “General election 2019: Nicola Sturgeon interview fact-checked” page.

      But it’s only NS’s claims they fact check!

      I think some fact checking of AN’s assertions and leaded questions might have been more revealing and appropriate.

    448. Ottomanboi says:

      Who or what is Jackson Carlaw?

    449. katherine hamilton says:

      Re UK World Cup. Never happen. England will want it. Host country always gets a free pass. FIFA would want a UK team as host “country”. SFA will never agree.

      Any way Scotland will be in it wherever it is. Another Indy dividend!

    450. Dan says:

      Robert J. Sutherland says: at 4:23 pm

      …This “scorched earth” policy to which they have now sunk is the logical conclusion of this position. Their only hope now is to induce such a sense of hopelessness in people that they will give up trying for anything better. But our indomitability and refusal to accept their shoddy inertia is the rock upon which their scheming founders. And what they just don’t seem to understand (on here or out there in the real world) that their continual carping and negativity is the very thing that is undermining their support and rendering them unelectable.

      Whether through design, or just continual incompetence of lurching from one disaster into another, the continual “politics” on the telly, radio, and “newspapers” has created a vibe permeating across society which has undoubtedly had an affect on many folk who are broken with it all and just can’t sustain any sort of engagement.
      I met a couple of these individuals today on my way to handing in a large fistful of vote applications to the local electoral office. (As an aside that office seemed extremely busy and run off their feet, suspect they are somewhat astonished at the rush of applications)
      With the individual who I have previous acquaintance with, it’s the first time I have used stronger terms and language to make the point that now really is the time for all Scots to get off our knees and set down a firm marker to stop us being dragged to places and dictated to by folk we did not elect to represent us.
      The direction of travel has been an insidious stealthy creep on this trajectory that has been engineered for decades.
      I pointed out this is a long con game they are playing, too many people would notice and react to a quick smash and grab.
      As I left I had good individual conversations with his two young lads and said this is all about their futures.
      They both at least seemed receptive and understood where I was coming from. That could have been down to youthful resilience or maybe just less toxified minds than their father has from his years of being exposed to propaganda.
      I expressed my wishes to the eldest lad who’s old enough to vote that they could get registered online by midnight and do their bit.

    451. North chiel says:

      Tory government now will legislate that the English FA will decide if footballers such as Morelas can sign for Rangers and Eduard for Celtic . The SFA should view this as nothing short of an attack on the autonomy of the Scottish football authorities and the “ thin end of the wedge” as to the ability of our leading clubs to compete in European competition .

    452. carjamtic says:

      Was it a Comedy,A Tragedy or A Punch and Judy Show ?

      A beautiful masterclass of skilful political engagement, on display by the FM of Scotland (that was so subtle many viewers didn’t realise just what they had just really witnessed).

      For some background,as the right wing politicians of the Tory party have no champion of their own (only some pumped/hyped up lightweights) they knew this was their chance to give Scotland’s FM a ‘doing’ as the vulgar Ruth Davidson described it and the big beast was just the man to do it.

      (in the dressing room even before the event, as his syrup was getting its final adjustments, the beast was nervously reading his script hands all sweaty his preparation had not gone well, either through ill health, over indulgence or both, we probably will never know).

      And so it began, the FM catching the beast unawares by adopting the famous rope-a-dope technique from the off and as the beasts confidence levels rose his previous doubts disappeared, he rushed forward using every dirty trick he had learned over the years, but suddenly he started to misquote the official figures (he has previous) the FM came off the ropes to adopt the famous ‘I smell shite’ counter attacks.

      Enraged by this the beast began swinging wildly with combinations of incorrect data, the FM adjusted allowing the now exhausted and spent beast to catch his breath (fearful he may have done himself an injury).

      Satisfied he was fit to continue she settled for straight jabs on his coupon and unable to defend himself the beast knew the game was over, looking dazed and confused as he sighed his goodnights.(One suspects the FM was merely warming up).

      The beast will go again and redeem what’s left of his image, with the 3 punchbag/stooges already lined up, but I think we all know its the end of an era for his type and we wish him good health as he Brexits stage right, to once again host his famous Blue Nun and George Foreman grill,all you can eat for a fiver, buffet style dinner parties.

      However the plaudits must go to the FM of Scotland, the dismantling of the beast and his supporters (without them even realising, was a joy to behold) she is without doubt one of the greatest/coolest politicians we ever had the good fortune to witness in action.

    453. Sarah says:

      @ Nana at 4.53: thanks for the link to the “Donalda McKinnon must resign” petition. It would be great to see it going viral!

    454. callmedave says:

      Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital Trust. BBC:

      More than 200 new families have contacted an inquiry into mother and baby deaths at a hospital trust in Shropshire.

      Investigators were already looking at more than 600 cases where newborns and mothers died or were left injured while in the care of the Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital Trust.

      One expert says the scandal, spanning decades, may be the tip of the iceberg.

      Dr Bill Kirkup says it suggests failure might be more widespread in the NHS.

    455. galamcennalath says:

      Ottomanboi says:

      Who or what is Jackson Carlaw?

      Sounds like a question for an ornithologist.

    456. jfngw says:

      The Tories have set a fake fact twitter account (not the BBC another one), produced a fake Labour manifesto, blatantly lie about SNP policies (with help from the BBC). Do any us now believe they are above rigging an election.

    457. admiral says:

      North chiel says:
      26 November, 2019 at 5:23 pm
      Tory government now will legislate that the English FA will decide if footballers such as Morelas can sign for Rangers and Eduard for Celtic . The SFA should view this as nothing short of an attack on the autonomy of the Scottish football authorities and the “ thin end of the wedge” as to the ability of our leading clubs to compete in European competition .

      Tony Blair did come up with a proposal at one time to merge the football leagues in Scotland and England as a way of strengthening their “previous union”.

    458. Republicofscotland says:

      Well if I were a visitor to Scotland and turned on my tv in my hotel room and watched STV news tonight.

      I’d have thought that Scotland is a country that lets murdering prisoners out on a whim, to attack people, that its hospitals kill folk daily, if youre lucky enough to get treated within a set time.

      That its a country bursting at the seams with drug users. However I’d be thinking that Dave King is a nice guy and Rangers FC are a great team with players so good that theyre not for sale.

      This is the obscene and utterly skewed view of Scotland, spoonfeed to Scots who watch the ultra unionist STV news.

    459. callmedave says:


      It was a horror show right enough! 🙂

    460. Republicofscotland says:

      Meanwhile Boris Johnson rushed up to Scotland and hugged Jackson Carlaw as the Tory branch office released their manifesto, light on policies, with the front cover showing the words No to Indyref 2.

      Says it all really.

    461. Bob Mack says:


      Word is reaching me that the decision to admit liability in the infection case was not the choice of any of the medics or indeed of Jean Freeman herself.

      Make what you will.

    462. jfngw says:

      Scotland, Wales and NI have apparently the worst deficits in Europe (according to the UK) but strangely it’s not true of England (the country with the least natural resources). There is one common denominator in this, Westminster and its creative accounting.

      The simple way to see it is like how many a BBC Scotland programmes are made, you allocate the programme as BBC Scotland spend but actually make it in England (London normally), hence the BBC spend in Scotland is inflated whilst all the benefits are reaped in the SE of England. It’s exactly the same as the treasury model, after all the BBC is just a branch of government and funded by them.

    463. Sinky says:

      Tory “Scottish” branch office lunch held next to the SNP’s magnificent Queensferry Crossing.

      Lib Dems obviously worried about Jo Swinson’s ability to hold onto her seat as she has gone to court and prevented revelations that she accepted money from fracking company.

      Pity the SNP didn’t challenge Lib Dems disgraceful lying leaflets attacking Michelle Thomson in Edinburgh West .

      Meanwhile lets see if Andrew Neil attacks Boris Johnson on English NHS performance and cover up scandals which remain unreported by BBC “national” news. 21 November 2019

    464. Tam the Bam. says:

      Next up for the ‘Brillo Fight-night Extravaganza’…Jeremy Corbyn.BBC 1…7pm

    465. Famous15 says:

      The money might have been from a fracker but Jo was unaware of that.

      Have I got that right?


    466. galamcennalath says:

      Famous15 says:

      The money might have been from a fracker but Jo was unaware of that.

      Someone gives a bloody great cheque personally and you don’t have them checked over nor ask why?

      So an admission of lax attitudes and incompetence. Fair enough.

      Benefit of the doubt.

      However, as soon as she knew it had ‘fracking connections’, she presumably returned the money?

    467. Famous15 says:

      Well now that the TV has been thrown out of the window just as the image of Neil faded could i make observations not involving the raising of my blood pressure.

      Voting registration should be the responsibility of the state. You have till midnight tonight to register. Easy.

      Democracy must be respected so suspended racists should not be at a party’s manifesto launch. What do you say Tories.

    468. msean says:

      I’m watching the interview with Jeremy Corbyn. I’m not a Labour voter,but,ffs,let him answer the questions.

      This is more the interviewers’ opinions,what he wants Mr Corbyn to say.I take it he did this to the First Minister last night as well

      Not surprised,though.Same guys interviewing for decades,sometimes the same families for even longer.

    469. Dr Jim says:

      Jo Swinson in fact did recieve £17.000 from a fracking company but the technicality is that it was in her company’s name that she shares with her husband that she is an office bearer or some such in so the money did a diversion before it arrived in her handbag

      While we’re on the Swinson topic, her picture and candidacy still isn’t on any Lib Dem literature, it’s all pictures of Willie Rennie who of course isn’t standing for election along with endless moanings about the SNP, 18 times on today’s leaflet

      They can’t use pictures of Swinson in case folk start asking why she’s never in the constituency and nobody ever sees her

      It’s because she lives in England Sshhh say it quietly nobody knows

    470. Sandy says:

      Andrew Neill:

      What a waste of time. Am not a lab supporter but ‘lump o’ dung’ allowed less than 10% of answers. The rest, a garbled mess.
      Do we, the tax-payers, have to pay his salary?
      Let’s start a campaign to get him off our screens. Doubt if he has many friends & those he has would be of the same ilk.
      “Celebrities” are supposed to be popular.

    471. Dr Jim says:

      Sorry £14.000, it’ll be ten bob by tomorrow

    472. Dan says:

      Dealing with austerity, saving money heads up.

      I boycotted and ditched my BT OpenReach landline a few years ago after they, through their contractors flytipped their waste around my parish whilst putting in broadband infrastructure, oh, and siting the expensive new fibre optic cabinet in the only 10 yard square area of my village that is identified as a medium flood risk on SEPA flood maps… An idea of a genius if ever there was one…

      I’ve been using a cheap used 4G smartphone since then on 15 quids a month pay as you go. I use it as a hotspot for my laptop.
      Looked into a phone shop today and can now get 60GB and unlimited calls and texts for 16 quids a month, or 100GB and unlimited calls and texts for 21 green queens.

      Christ, at the end BT were taking more than 30 bucks a month off me for 8GB of shit broadband that kept crapping out, and their “unlimited calls” package, that was only good to call landlines, thus reaming you when you called a mobile number.

      Why would most folk still be using that expensive Luddite tech that ties you to a cable.
      Me and my pal took our motorbikes 1100 miles (that’s around 13 million 939 thousand and 200 hundred smart phone lengths for millennials) round Scotland a couple of years back and pretty much had 4G coverage almost everywhere we went, even the islands.

    473. Tam the Bam. says:

      Famous 15 @ 7-33pm

      lol….my tv still in its place but ken whit ye mean!

      Its what Brillo does..isn’t it.JC started off in his usual hushed quiet tone…but as brillo went about his biz Jeremy started to display his ruffled feathers…eye-rolling etc.,Dont blame him actually having watched Neils interrogation of Nicola last night.I think many doubters on Nicola’s performance will be reviewing their opinions now.

    474. Tam the Bam. says:

      Dan @ 7-41pm

      I am still paying BT approx.£30 per mth for broadband (seldom if ever use my landline fone)…I’ve perused most price-comparison sites (there are loads!) but find its always a ‘swings& roundabouts’ still with BT but not happy.
      I’d be interested in hearing your comments.

    475. mike cassidy says:

      I wonder if Corbyn brought up the fact the Chief Rabbi is a Johnson fan.

      I doubt Neil will!

    476. Sandy says:

      Neil & Johnson interview whenever.
      Wouldn’t it be a whiz when introducing the buffoon & pulling his forelock that his toupee went flying.

    477. Bob Mack says:

      Im hearing that over 3 million voters have registered over the past few days to vote, prior to the deadline at 12 tonight. They are mainly young folk apparently, who were not registered before.

      Could a shock be on the cards?

    478. Balaaargh says:

      ITV reporting on Raab avoiding the father of the man killed by the US ‘diplomat’

      Some of the replies pointing out that this was a public hustings yet Raab had four minders who stopped the guy attending.

    479. Dan says:

      @Bob Mack

      Yeah, the electoral office was busy when I was in earlier today.
      Hopefully the young folk are wising up in Scotland.
      But you never know where the Conservatives might “dig up” votes from.
      Looks like Theresa May was up here last week, and in one pic looks to be in a graveyard… lol

    480. Bobp says:

      Bob mack 8.04pm wonder how many of those were in Scotland?.

    481. Bobp says:

      The chief rabbi should be more worried about anti semitism if the far right form a government in England after a hard Brexit.

    482. Dan says:

      @Tam The Bam

      re. phones
      Wary of getting the hammers for being OT.

      I’m in a rural area, and seem to recall at the Edinburgh AUOB march the 4G was down in The Meadows possibly due to the amount of folk in the crowd using it.
      I’m not that techy with IT shiz, but if that is the case it might be something to consider if you stay in a town.
      I had a trial run for a month with smartphone and landline before committing to ditch BT.
      The download speed was quicker to my 4G phone than it was through my landline and modem to laptop. This was pre fibre landline.
      Hotspotting from smartphone to my laptop slows download speed a bit if a speed test is run, but it doesn’t affect anything I do like watching YT vids.
      The 4G smartphone has definitely been more consistent over the years as the BT junction boxes were forever getting damp and needing technicians called out to sort issues. Every time they disturbed the box sorting a fault with one neighbour they seemed to cause another problem for someone else.
      They also had an ongoing issue that affected many people for over a year, I chased it up saying there is no way it can be a line fault to my village when the village on the other side of the exchange was having the same symptoms. It transpired it was some kind of internal frequency / noise conflict on some of the electronic boards in the exchange.
      So folk had been reporting faults and having continued problems for ages and some probably got charged for technicians being called out too. They tried it with me but I told them to bolt as I’d seen the guy up the pole at the box before he’d been in my property testing my socket.
      Thinking back I am so relieved the ongoing hassle of dealing with them is over. From the technical faults to their incomprehensible and ridiculously shit billing system with plus and minuses for whatever deal you had, and the deals of course always ran out of sync with a year’s line rental and 18 month package deal.

    483. Terry callachan says:


      I agree but Nicola smoking a pipe would be a bad look

      I suggest one of those e-cigarettes
      I could see Nicola sending a huge plume of apple flavoured smoke into Andrew Neil,s chubby face

      The advantages it gives you are

      1) you get extra time to ponder the question and your reply whilst you have a puff
      2) you stop the interviewer in their tracks when you blow smoke into their face forcing them to cough and lose their aggression

    484. Tam the Bam. says:

      Dan @ 8-42pm

      I stay in west end of Glasgow.
      Thanks for your lengthy and detailed reply.
      Have to say…I’m none the wiser as to what to do.
      Back to pigeon-post?…lol

    485. TheBuchanLoony says:

      O/T I see the Norwegian government’s total net cash flow from the petroleum industry is estimated to be over twenty billion pounds in 2020. That could have been us…should have been us. I think the WASPI womens’ pensions would have been secure if that had happened.

    486. Tam the Bam. says:

      Oh and by the way…using a prehistoric iPhone 5c…lol

    487. Terry callachan says:

      Man and boy 9.52pm Monday

      Well said. I totally agree, our Scottish identity has been erased , if you try and search for historical information about everyday life in Scotland over the last three hundred years there’s nothing , plenty of britinat stuff with little mentions of Scotland here and there in an England perspective but nothing else , not surprising given that nearly all of the Scottish historians especially the ones that have written books on. Scottish history , are English people , English men who were given jobs in Scottish universities put there to mould the written history of Scotland into a wee engified package so it can be used in future when it will be presented as true history of Scotland to our children and children’s children giving them a negative.y false narrative of their ancestors just to remind them that they are too wee too poor too stupid and always have been.

      I’m sure if you check right now you will find numerous Englishmen are heads of dept in Scottish university history departments

      Once we are independent we can chuck them out and correct the written history of this great country

    488. Were Labour not well behind in the polls before May`s 2017 GE,

      where Labour could eventually have formed a Gov if Kezia Dugdale, the leader of Scottish Labour and Unionst Party,hadn`t connoted that Scottish Labour and Unionist voters should vote Scottish Conservative and Unionist to keep SNP out.

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