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Posted on November 19, 2019 by

This, frankly, is something that we should have done years before now. But it’s never too late to start.

One of the most annoying and undemocratic things about modern politics is the ease with which MPs and candidates can simply ignore the electorate. I’ve attempted to politely ask my own MP, Wera Hobhouse of the Liberal Democrats, a question on several occasions and had only dead air in response, and many readers report similar from their own representatives.

What that means, among other things, is that it can be impossible to have any idea what someone stands for on a given issue before you vote for them. And that’s plainly unacceptable in a democracy.

However, when there’s an election on, there’s something you can do about it.

Because at elections, not only do politicians go around knocking doors directly, but they also appear at meetings and hustings to set out their stalls. (Sometimes they actually set out stalls.) And if you’re face to face with a politician, it’s a lot harder for them to just ignore you. It doesn’t look great to everyone else in the room.

So here’s the plan. We want to have someone – preferably multiple people – in every constituency in Scotland. They have to be people who are willing to actually go out on a cold night to some wee village hall and directly (and politely) ask candidates of all parties straight questions, on behalf of both our readers and voters across Scotland, so that we know what they believe and can compile the data for all to see.

(Refusal to give a straight answer is of course a type of data.)

So we need volunteers. If this is something you’d be prepared to do over the next few weeks (and perhaps in the future beyond this election), drop us a line using the form below and let’s stop politicians hiding behind silence.


DATA PROTECTION: None of this information will be shared with any third party. It is for the sole use of Wings Over Scotland in connection with this project. You will NOT receive any marketing communications, solicitations for money etc, nor anyone else’s contact data.





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  1. Robert Louis says:

    Excellent idea. Truly excellent. The so-called ‘media and so-called ‘journalists’ won’t do their job, so let’s do it for them.

  2. Victor Hodgson says:

    Now your talking Stewart (Sunday name!),
    This is one of the areas you really excel, I hope you have a great response, I’m thinking of participating, (age should be no barrier eh?).

  3. David Dickson says:

    How are you going to collate the questions to be asked Stu?

  4. David Smith says:

    I’m in Carlisle but I’d be happy to take part in something like this for my nearest Scottish constituency if that were allowed.

  5. Liz g says:

    How would we give feed back?

  6. Albaman says:

    Will there be a question for the GREENS asking why are they contesting seats when it’s obvious that they have absolutely on chance of getting elected, indeed all they are doing is taking votes away from what could be ones for the S.N.P. candidates.

  7. manandboy says:

    Feels like it could be a step toward the formation of the Wings Party. But even if it isn’t, Go for it! The war against the truth being waged by the Unionist parties and media, to preserve colonial privilege and lifestyle, must be called out, and resisted.

    Will have a chat with the wife when she comes home from work.

    Ps. Shall we be provided with a list of possible questions, which best articulate the distilled views and concerns of Wings readers and the pro indy electorate in Scotland?

  8. Dr Jim says:

    Of course most politicians don’t have positions on anything until they’re told what their position is, they’re only there to make up more numbers to make the position of the party they’re in stronger, so asking questions of an individual low ranking lobby fodder member will always result in an evasive answer unless you get lucky and the question is something the individuals party has informed them on

    To save you travelling around asking questions to which the answers will always be vague rambling roundabouts here’s the answer to all political questions on any subject

    Politics in this day and age now is very fast moving and it’s impossible to pin down one definitive answer when the next day can create a new scenario to add into the mix but don’t misunderstand me I’m not for or against, it’s just a question of timing, and additional information becoming available constantly makes pinning down anything definitive on any subject

    Mike drop go home

  9. Capella says:

    Thinking about it. Sounds like a great idea apart from the cold chilly nights, something I avoid like the plague.

  10. manandboy says:

    DrJim, points taken, but they’ve all got brains and ears, as well as being Party robots. If they’re happy to be branded as such, then that’s what will happen, but I don’t see too many wishing to be thought of as members of the Kirstene Hair Clone Club.

  11. galamcennalath says:

    They are all candidates now, but some of them have records as MPs. Those records can’t be avoided. Labour MPs abstain on issues they shouldn’t, Tories and LibDems vote against the views and wishes of their constituents.

    Candidates who have not held office can only regurgitate party lines, and only if you strike lucky will they give you a personal view. Still, both can reveal positions their potential voters wouldn’t want.

    However, those who have been MPs have form. They can’t escape from what they have done. These are the ones who can far more easily cornered!

    It works both ways. I have little doubt SNP MPs are far more likely to represent the views of their constituents no matter which party those voters actually vote for. It is inevitable that candidates of London centric parties will present views less in tune with Scottish voters.

  12. manandboy says:


    But first, to the Australian Colony.

    Apologies for this O/T Stu, except there is a connection viz government SILENCE, on this occasion, about atrocities in the Colonies, itc Australia, against the indigenous population. The Westminster government sanctioned those atrocities as with so many others across the ‘British Empire’.

    It is not difficult to see by comparison, ongoing economic ‘atrocities’, sanctioned by the same Westminster Government, now, against the indiginous people of the unofficial ‘colony’ we call Scotland, and the ‘dead air’ surrounding it.

  13. SilverDarling says:

    @Dr Jim 11.35 pm

    Isn’t that the point? Why elect people who toe a party line even when that line seems patently wrong or vote against their party manifesto after they have been elected.

    ‘Where do you stand on…?
    What do you/the party mean by…?
    Why do keep bringing up devolved/ reserved issues that have no bearing on this election here and now?’ …

    This morning Alister Jack moved the goal posts again saying a majority specifically for the SNP in the next Holyrood elections is a mandate for IndyRef2, not the Parliament – the SNP – knowing full well how difficult that is to achieve. We are sleepwalking into playing by their rules again. Every time they say jump, the media says how high? Unless stuff like that is questioned and clarified it becomes accepted truth for the next round of elections.

    The elephant in the room – ‘Where do you stand on Self ID?’ – is a question I want to know before the next Holyrood elections. For Westminster it is not as important because the issue is devolved and I am happy with the SNP candidate in my constituency’s stance and views. If the Party takes a different stance I have to reevaluate my support.

    No doubt the Tories are watching the debacle going on with Joan McAlpine being attacked by SNP activists and no-one standing up in the party machine to say it is wrong. I would want to know all sorts of stuff about how people feel regarding party policy versus personal moral code or if available, voting record.

  14. Dr Jim says:

    Tories will condescendingly distract, Labour will meander and Liberal Democrats will just barefaced lie because none of them give a jot for Scotland they just want to either keep a job or get one on the big England Golden Gondola of riches floating on Golden Syrup to the chamber beyond the chamber wherein lies the secret of the Ermine coat and immortality

    SNP reps will go there but don’t want to be there, that’s the difference

  15. Republicofscotland says:

    Its gonna be hard to ask Willie Rennie anything when he’s running doon lanes wi parrots on his shooders at night dressed in black from heid tae toe.

  16. highseastim says:

    I intend to ask Douglas Ross several questions when I see him canvassing in Elgin high Street, but I ain’t going to print them here when possible snoopers can pre-warn him!!

  17. Effijy says:

    Perhaps we should put forward questions to be included?

    I’d like to know the response to Westminster Parties who say a 62% vote for Remain doesn’t matter as its ONLY Scotland
    What if 99% Scots had voted Remain?
    Would that count?

    If Norway is one of the richest Democratic Nations on earth with Zero Debt and a great infrastructure and they have retained possession of the National Oil Company.

    With Scotland having drawn out more oil than Norway and having a similar population why is it Westminster suggests that we have a 10% share of the UK Debt of £2.25 Trillion.

    Since Scotland has never been allowed to borrow money in 300 years just how have we generated this debt and where is our oil fund with $100,000 in it for every citizen in the country?

    Why was BP Sold and why do they pay less in Tax here than in Norway?

  18. galamcennalath says:

    How did Norway get it right, and Scotland got it wrong?

    I have my own answer, of course, but I’d love to hear the BritNat answer. We know it will be ‘pulling and sharing’, but getting on record just how much the Union has cost Scotland is always worthwhile. And, the cost is measured in far more that $s.

  19. Welsh Sion says:

    Something you won’t find on mainstream media:

    Rhos Ward, Neath Port Talbot Council.

    Plaid Cymru: 54% (+ 23%)
    Conservatives: 24 % (+ 1%)
    Labour: 22% (- 24%)
    Plaid Cymru GAIN
    Swing (Lab > PC): 23.5%

    Congratulations to new Councillor Marcia SPOONER.

  20. Dr Jim says:

    @SilverDarling 12:32pm

    The media don’t exist to report the news, they never have, the media’s job is to control the news as instructed
    The British political machine does not care about any individual or any particular country it cares about the continuation of the state as they designed it, power and control is all that’s important

    As to the SNP they won’t or are not likely to draw attention to those problems in some areas of the party because that will immediately become TV and print news and be turned into heavy handed dictatorial SNP do something bad and that’s not the news any party wants so they’ll do what they always do slowly deal with it and make it die from the inside, the politicians involved are aware of this policy just as was Michelle Thompson, it’s not that anyone is being thrown under a bus

    The great pretence of politicians asking for people’s votes in order to increase democracy and to speak for the people is a massive lie, the UK is not a democracy, it never has been, it’s a replacement for the monarchy where both ruling parties co-operate with one another to keep everyone else out and to pretend to the masses that they count when they don’t and the great British Media are an integral part and arm of the state to assist in doing it
    The UK doesn’t now or ever want a representative parliament of the people by the people the Americans tried it didn’t like it and built in so many layers of pretence that it now can’t function so it’s become almost Kim Jun Trump dictatorship and Boris Johnson and the Labour party like that too

    The one and only reason if there were no other to vote SNP is only a demonstration of the breadth unhappiness of Scotland to remain locked into a system of dictatorship so if we can extricate ourselves from it we start to create what other normal countries to the north of us have, people parliaments where advancement is by deed not creed

    The SNPs main job as I have always seen it is to expose the UK as a dictatorship keep the wheels on the bus then we can move on

  21. Capella says:

    @ Welsh Sion – congratulations! Great result for Plaid Cymru. looks like Wales is waking up.

  22. Welsh Sion says:

    Effijy @ 12.43 pm.

    You speak of Norway.

    At this rate, the imperial lot in London will deny Scottish independence even if there is a vote comparable to that in the 1905 Referendum to dissolve the union between Norway and Sweden.

    YES – 99.95%
    NO – 0.05%

    PS I have a vested interest as I share my birthday with Norwegian National Day!

  23. Craig Fraser says:

    When talking to people I now have on me the following – Scotland in EU book part written by Alyn Smith to debunk EU myths. Copies of pages 12 and 13 from the HMRC disaggregated Tax and NIC report which for the past 18 years has been released every October, not this year it gets released 20th December even though HMRC has the figures, I asked why and did not get a reply. Page 8 from the Block Grant transparency report which is released every December and an A4 sheet of Jo Swinson’s voting record. I use this with undecided voters and Liberal voters who think Jo Swinson is wonderful. Conversations with unionists and libs do not last long:)

  24. Craig Fraser says:

    @Dr Jim. Control the media and you control the people

  25. IndyCrone says:

    If I was able to ( I’m housebound) I would be delighted to do this! It’s a truly inspired idea, I hope you get lots of respondents. If it is only politicians/canvassers coming to my door, I’ll assist.

  26. Ian McCubbin says:

    Excellent idea my details have been forwarded.

  27. SilverDarling says:

    @Dr Jim

    I am under no illusions about the state of our corporate media. I would disagree that was always the aim of media. There were and are still decent people who want to do the right thing as a group and as individuals. Corporate media is a different beast entirely.

    You seem fairly resigned to sit and wait and in the meantime play along hoping that enlightenment will eventually dawn. Your weary cynicism and idea that nothing can be done is a bit depressing all the while telling people to vote for a Party that may or may not change things. I think we need to be a bit more proactive because … ‘events, dear boy, events’…

    Hoping the SNP can divert attention away from difficult issues is ridiculous – this is all just being saved up to be unleashed at the appropriate time and we should be prepared. As you are aware the SNP don’t have corporate media on their side to help!

    ‘…The SNPs main job as I have always seen it is to expose the UK as a dictatorship keep the wheels on the bus then we can move on…’ That’s a bit cryptic for me – I would have hoped its main job was to facilitate Independence ASAP and in doing so promote the welfare of the population and country as a whole, but then I am not a member, just a voter.

  28. desimond says:


    Norway took the decisions on Oil wealth generation out the hands and minds of the Politicians…they opened it up to their best forward and future thinkers…whilst we…och you know the rest…

  29. Sharny Dubs says:

    Ok here’s where I show my ignorance, how do I know which constituencies? I know it’s probably a simple case of looking it up somewhere.

    How do we record responses? If they are hand written do we not risk some kind of legal complications? Most have smart phones with recording capability, would recording responses be of any use?

    Presumably we will be putting questions to SNP candidates Also.

    Pending the answers to these questions I’ll be interested in pitching in.

  30. Grendel says:

    On a similar vein I’d suggest that we get more active in getting pro Scottish independence views into the popular press, a “Blue-Ink Gang” if you will.

    If anyone has the email addresses and publishing deadlines for their local press can the please let me know at

  31. Dr Jim says:

    @SilverDarling 1:40pm

    Proactive is a great phrase when you have the power to be so and many people use it to mean speaking to people, but people have been speaking to people for hundreds of years and unfortunately it means nothing because nobody cares, because we also invented words like whinging and whining and nobody likes that either, even Ghandi with the support of millions had difficulty when a state will do anything to protect it’s interests including introducing division which is a British trademark of their *democracy*

    In England right now Liberal Democrat Jo Swinson’s numbers just dropped like a stone because since she announced she wanted to be Prime Minister the news media went into operation and decided to *ask* the people of England what they thought of that idea, the racism and exceptionalism poured out all over the screen about her being Scotch and some even thought she was Australian, and the English were having none of that, so job done on her in a day

    They haven’t managed that with Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP

    England runs and owns the UK of Britain and her colonies and territories and everyone in England believes that almost without exception
    Scotland and Scottish issues don’t even register on any scale to the people of that country, they don’t even believe Scotland is a country, so the more distractions from the goal of Independence that can be created by anyone is just that, a distraction

    There are only two ways to achieve Scottish Independence, one is to support the only party capable of achieving that by whatever means they come up with, or two, violence, and given that most regular folk don’t fancy that idea much then it’s refer to rule one

    Everything else is a distraction

  32. Ruglonian says:

    I like this idea, a lot!
    It has the potential to build up a serious database that’d be a great resource for voters.

    It’d be so handy to have a place to go and do a quick check on someone’s views on a specific subject, hey if it really took off then candidates may even want to volunteer their own answers – questionnaire needed 🙂

    BTW I’m definitely up for doing a wee field report from my local GE hustings. I’ll be there anyway, ‘chatting’ with whoever I can catch 😉 😀

  33. dunks says:

    Great idea and while we are at it and off topic, why do we not challenge the way in which MP’s can simply change party’s simply because they will have a better chance of being elected?

    Surely under these circumstances, a by election is the only democratic way to decide who the electorate get to vote for. This irritates the life out of me. Grrrr, can you tell?

  34. Phil says:

    Craig Fraser says:
    19 November, 2019 at 1:11 pm

    “When talking to people I now have on me the following :– etc,…”

    Hey Craig making a kit available would be helpful. I can see handing out copies or having sendable files would be a useful aide …

  35. Robert Roddick says:

    My MP is Stuart MacDonald SNP who is very accessible and I believe that I know where Stuart stands on most subjects. I have no wish to confront Labour or Tory candidates and be fed a load of well rehearsed lies and platitudes.

  36. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    Are there are still hustings anywhere?

    I used to enjoy going along to those featuring friend and foe alike, to look and listen, and at times even ask awkward questions, but the whole business of candidates appearing in public meetings attended by real people seems to have largely died away.

    Instead we have those vacuous confected media bubbles beloved of ElGordo and more recently of BoZo.

    (Happy to be proved wrong about that, though.)

  37. Welsh Sion says:

    Phil @ 3.01pm

    “Hey Craig making a kit available would be helpful. I can see handing out copies or having sendable files would be a useful aide”


    Here’s something you can start with:

  38. dadsarmy says:

    Has anyone noticed how the media is now saying “On the stump” for any candidate out campaigning?

    It’s an American expression. Our media has been bought by the Yanks.

  39. galamcennalath says:

    dadsarmy says:

    Our media has been bought by the Yanks.

    They certainly seem to be trying to reduce TV debate to a two horse presidential style event.

    UK politics and so called democracy have many deficiencies, however one thing is certain, there isn’t much to be learned from the US!

    Hilary Clinton 65,853,514 votes

    Donald Trump 62,984,828 votes

    …. and the winner is …. Trump! Eh?!

  40. mr thms says:

    This is one of the biggest scandals in the history of ‘NHS England’ (old and new versions)

    Unlike in Scotland no one calls for the resignation of the Minister for Health.

  41. admiral says:

    OT. Is the meeja in England screaming and howling for Hancock to resign? Are the political parties in England howling and screaming for Hancock to resign?

  42. Dr Jim says:

    Boris Johnson tells the media “I will never debate with that Sturgeon woman” and the media says OK that’s fine Boris we won’t do that then and we won’t ask any questions about it and we won’t make any kind of fuss because we wouldn’t want any Scotch people interfering in our big English decisions

  43. callmedave says:

    @mr thms

    Shocking story and your right. Where is the ENHS Minister?

    PS:From a couple of threads ago: Developments.

    Jeffrey Epstein guards charged with falsifying records

  44. Tam the Bam. says:

    Republicofscotland @ 12-33pm

    LoL…….Wullie only ‘parrots’ what Jo tells him to say!

  45. ahundredthidiot says:

    who are the set of cants in the picture?

  46. Albaman says:

    A wee bit off topic Rev,
    Tonight’s I.T.V.s “crazy gang” show, one which I’ll not be watching,( rather watch grass grow!), it did make me wonder that it would be interesting if a poll was carried out to find what percentage of I.T.V. potential viewers in Scotland, actually watched the show.

  47. Republicofscotland says:

    The ultra unionist STV news, bumming up the Johnson vs Corbyn debate both of whom were soundly rejected at the polls in Scotland by the Scottish electorate.

    Mind you STV now carries virtually no Scottish content anymore only ITV (England) content.

    Just why would Scots tune in at 8pm to watch two foreign politicians slug it out to be PM of a foreign parliament.

  48. jfngw says:

    Good idea on twiiter, lets boycott any products advertised during the undemocratic ITV programme tonight. I have no intention of watching it but if someone who does produces a list then I will make sure I don’t purchase any of their products. Best if also know the actual owner as they often have multitudes of similar products under different brand names.

  49. Dan says:

    This cold weather is brutal for canvassing. It was -6deg C last night with me and never above zero all day when I was out.
    It’s virtually impossible to speak to folk on the doors during daylight hours as most are out at work, and if they are at home the heat rushes out their door and your hands without gloves are so cold you can barely grasp the fliers or hold a pen.
    I’ve got good circulation and loonydook in the sea so can handle the cold but even I’m struggling up here.

    That being the case I ask that if at all possible folk chase up their friends and acquaintances to check they are all properly registered to vote before the deadline closes next week.
    Let’s be smart about this and reach out to our connections and networks from the warmth of our homes.

  50. ScottieDog says:

    Holy crap. This article motivated me to look at local hustings in Kirkcaldy.
    It can’t be…

  51. ScottieDog says:

    Kirkcaldy hustings tomorrow (20th)

  52. jfngw says:

    STV doesn’t really exist as a entity anymore, it merely exists as a purveyor of advertisements, it has no original Scottish content of any quality. To be honest it should have it licence removed and an actual Scottish channel be allowed to take to the airwaves.

    Of course STV was frozen out the English ITV network, they receive no network commissions as ITV want control of Scotland to pump even more of their English based bias into Scotland. In the passed people thought this was paranoia but the ITV election debate now makes it plain that ITV is an English network.

  53. mogabee says:

    That is a brilliant idea and will be a strong resource for future elections. Not sure if we are having hustings in my area though.

    The piece about Shrewsbury hospital is an ongoing sore in that area with folk intentionally going elsewhere to have their babies, some instances of moving temporarily to access care further afield. Terrible reputation and there’ll be no minister being hauled over the coals because the ‘media’!!!

  54. galamcennalath says:

    Johnson and Corbyn. The BritNat double act. Twa cheeks on the same erse.

    I suppose the way to look at it is …. which is the biggest asset to the Indy movement? I’d have to say Boris.

    There are very few floating SNP-Tory voters here. Johnson is just pure positive asset!

    There are SNP-Labour ones, though. Also, much (most) of the SNP’s support were Labour voters a decade or two ago. Corbyn probably has the potential to attract back some support.

    Best if both of them have a train crash debate! Ideally making a few serious gaffs about Scotland.

  55. galamcennalath says:

    jfngw @ 6:27

    I agree. STV output only appears in Scotland. Nothing I can think of networks UK wide.

    It exists to show ‘home made’ cheapies, networked English output, and raise advertising revenues.

    The reason it hasn’t been replaced by something effective is obvious …. the last thing London wants is effective Scottish broadcasting!

  56. msdidi says:

    I don’t know why the Scottish Green Party started to send me emails. Maybe I liked something on their facebook page? I have never voted for them….my vote has always been SNP/SNP1&2. I may change this in 2021 if there is a new Pro Indy party and we haven’t had Indy2020 – I am confident we will though. Last week when the Green Party put up, a previously unheard of, 22 candidates I sent emails to both The SGP and Patrick Harvie expressing my disapproval. I also unsubscribed to their email list. I was therefore a bit surprised to receive this email today

    Dear Diane

    Let’s turn Fife Green!

    We’re the Scottish Greens candidates for Dunfermline & West Fife and Kirkcaldy & Cowdenbeath- and we need your help. We need to raise £1,000 by the end of the week to ensure that everyone in our constituencies hears our message, and we would love it if you could make a donation today.

    Donate Now

    We’re sorry that there won’t be a Green candidate in your seat this time round. Snap election with financial deposits to just get on the ballot paper are slanted against parties without deep pockets. We’re determined to change that in the future though. For now, we’re putting our all into securing the strongest Green result ever in Scotland and we need your help to do it.

    Why? Because we’re running out of time. We face an unprecedented global emergency and climate scientists are clear that we have just a decade left to stop climate breakdown.

    But the Scottish Greens have a plan. Our Green New Deal would transform the economy, create hundreds of thousands of jobs in green industries, and slash emissions.

    A strong vote for the Scottish Greens to demand climate action will send a powerful message. The other parties think that big talk and eye-catching targets is enough to get the green vote. They need to see that people demand action. And ultimately, we need Green MPs. Caroline Lucas did it in Brighton, and ultimately there’s no reason why we can’t have Green MPs here in Fife. But to make it happen, we have to raise funds and get campaigning.

    As you know, our campaigns don’t have shady millionaire donors or corporate backers. Instead, we’re entirely funded by people like you and me, and even a small donation can make a big difference to what we and our amazing volunteers can do.

    Please make a donation now. Let’s turn Fife Green!

    Thanks for your support,

    Mags & Scott

    Now I am not just disappointed with them I am angry. As a struggling WASPI I donate where and when I can to lots of Independence supporting causes. As far as I am concerned the SGP actions in this election are anti Scottish Independence. If any one of these 22 constituencies returns a BritNat MP because the Greens stood (as happened with Ruth Davidson and David Mundell) they will never be forgiven.

  57. Bobp says:

    Broadcasting should have been demanded and devolved back to Scotland when we had 56 mp’s in westminster. We should hàve kicked up every kind of f*** till we had got it. It would certainly have laid a lot of the groundwork for the coming shitstorm the unionist media will throw at us in whats to come.

  58. Bobp says:

    Galamcennalath 6.38pm. No worries. The north scottish region wont get a mention from corbyn or johnson. It will be what the “country” wants.

  59. crazycat says:

    @ msdidi at 7.16

    I suspect the Greens have a cavalier approach to data protection. They certainly did prior to the introduction of GDPR; I signed a petition about including more leaders in a TV debate (sound familiar?), probably in 2015, and was later contacted directly by Ross Greer, asking for money/support. (That’s why I think it must have been 2015 – he was definitely not an MSP at the time.)

    I replied, explaining that I am not a supporter of his party, but did think it was unfair to only allow some leaders to debate and not others; he accepted that and they have not contacted me since. So I’m a bit disappointed to see that they appear to still be at it, at least where you live.

  60. galamcennalath says:

    England says:
    “The country = England
    The nation = England
    Parliament = the parliament of England
    Britain = England
    UK = England”

    Scotland says:
    “What about us?”

    England says:
    “We just made that perfectly clear.”

  61. msdidi says:

    Correction:- after talking to my sister, I checked the SGP candidates for the GE 2015 and discovered that they stood 31 candidates and took 1.35% of the popular vote

  62. msdidi says:

    crazycat @7.58 Yes that petition does sound familiar. I’m pretty sure I signed it too.

  63. Dr Jim says:

    The UK club refused to devolve broadcasting no ifs no buts no matter how much badgering Fiona Hyslop threw at them which was everything
    Broadcasting is real power, give that to the SNP, never in a hundred years, bit like Ireland then eh

  64. Famous15 says:


    A pair of sh charlatans

    A descent into farce

    Scotland needs to get the hell away from these fools

  65. Effijy says:

    The Debate Farce!
    Nicola’s name dragged in several time but so has no right of reply.

    FFS Prince Andrew’s situation is to be debated?
    What on earth has he got to do with the way you vote?

    Plenty of applause for the proven serial Liar Boris.
    We definitely leave the EU on 31st March, we Guarantee leaving the EU on 31st October and now applause for we are leaving on 31st January.

    Best of 3 Lies?

    Walter Mitty has a better track record for the truth than Bojo.

  66. Sandy says:

    ITV debate. Well. that’s Engerland sorted.

  67. Mark Russell says:

    Had planned to do something similar in Lancashire. Might use a few of your questions or if you have any suggestions, I’d be more than happy to oblige.

  68. ahundredthidiot says:

    The Prick in me is saying this….’Scotland – you deserve this….you had your chance and you bottled it’

    We may have another go at putting this right…..maybe.

  69. jfngw says:

    Didn’t watch the debate but the twitter feeds seems to be we had two Englishmen discussing how they would decide Scotland’s future, no input from Scotland.

    Nicola Sturgeon wiped the floor with them by just not taking part, they made arses of themselves without her needing to prompt them.

  70. Sarah says:

    I think it is worth trying anything to improve accountability of candidates so have signed up.

    O/T Coldest day of the year so far and we chose it to put posters on lamp-posts!! All of us over pension age and wondering where all the eager young activists were…

  71. potter says:

    On the bus,at work, at home, no one is on about Trans stuff or Religious education. FFS get a grip and vote SNP. What has this place become?

  72. galamcennalath says:

    Sarah says:

    All of us over pension age and wondering where all the eager young activists were…

    At work? 🙂

    Joking aside, I do tend to feel that the hard core activists here are over 60, some over 70. Yes, some younger but not enough …. I have to moan. It’s their future we are fighting for!

    Leafleting is painless … if time consuming. Or, turn up at a stall. Engage and create a crowd. So anyone not pulling their weight, get out and help!

  73. Fireproofjim says:

    Well, Nicola on STV was pretty good and looks like the only adult in the room.

  74. mr thms says:

    Thumbs for Nicola Sturgeon’s contribution. She really impressed.

  75. galamcennalath says:

    A wee reminder of what far right England looks like ….

  76. Effijy says:

    Few posts tonight responding to the fake debate shows for England?

    So sorry to see the First Minister’s Independence Petition despite it being
    Several months old is barely moving toward its 300,000 signature target.

    We have 291,575 signatures almost 97.2% of target and yet again so close but!

    Shameful the apathy in this country and tragic not to deliver the target number pre-election.

  77. boris says:

    Jackson Carlow piped up with this gem: “Despite the number being down on the previous year, only 25% of the syringes handed out were through a replacement scheme, raising concerns over whether needles are being disposed of responsibly.

    And yet the Tory Party refuses to give way and transfer control of drugs policy to the Scottish government in doing preventing the introduction of policies implementation of which would resolve the ever-increasing problem of discarded needles in a public place. So more of the same is the future more deaths and life-threatening injuries.

  78. Dan says:

    Sarah says: at 10:10 pm

    All of us over pension age and wondering where all the eager young activists were…

    Seeing as there’s virtually nobody under 50 left in my local area these days due to the modern day clearances I guess I sneak in as a young un… as I’m still killing time waiting to give my first poop sample.
    This evening we had another meeting organising further campaigning logistics and tasks, but it took 10 minutes to actually get into my car as the handles and door seals were frozen solid, then another 10 minutes to defrost it…
    It better warm up soon as I volunteered to do a 10 mile mountain bike ride in next few days to reach another area of rural cottages.
    Not a bad day today though. 4 new SNP supporters registered to vote and another 4 supporters newly moved into the area identified, plus only told to fuck off twice so the balance was on the whole positive. lol
    It’s actually quite the buzz knocking on a door and waiting to see if it is answered by a reasonable human being or a fuckin sociopath.
    Plan to get another 4 registered tomorrow outwith my area as been chasing up several acquaintances and their wider circle of friends by phone.

    OT- While you’re here Sarah – Gardening question. Ended up with a couple of dozen parsnips germinating, any tips on how long to let them get frosted to sweeten them up as they produce their natural antifreeze?
    Hope this freezing weather lifts or I’ll need a pick axe to get them out the soil!

  79. Dr Jim says:

    Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital have been covering up over 50 deaths of babies in childbirth over 30 mothers dead and up to 100 brain damaged children as a result of bad practice in that hospital since 1979 till the present day, 40 years of bad practice, nobody sacked, nobody so much as given a row yet because in England that’s not big enough news to out do Brexit

    You would think that would be *the* news, but no all it deserves is a line running along the bottom of the English broadcasters screens

    Well we can’t have Boris Johnson’s claim of how bad the SNHS is under the SNP undermined by some truth now can we

    Politics aside this is absolutely horrendous in any country anywhere

  80. ElGordo says:


    Will i be required to, erm, stand free and wing it on pet questions on the 3R’s?

    1. Radios
    2. Reneging
    3. Rangers

    Or will i be able to pose questions and seek answers on Scotland becoming a normal country again?

  81. shug says:

    Gordon Brown in the Herald and Kizza Dugdale on the TV

    Why are these ‘has beens’ appearing and providing their irrelevant opinion

    They were failures in their time MSM continuing to use them

  82. Camz says:


    “Let’s turn Fife Green!”

    No thx (would be my reply). I’d respond with something like,

    “Let’s get Scotland Independent and if the people are willing they will turn Green without London’s interference in our electoral process.

    You do for us, and we’ll do for you.

    Signed, Fife & Scotland.”


    (Fellow Fifer)

  83. Willie says:

    An interesting question I’d like to ask candidates is what they’d do to bring paedophiles to justice or would they just ignore them.

    The abuse of children and young people goes to the heart of common decency. It transcends cultures and states.

    The royal family, and in this latest example in Prince Andrew have shown themselves to be nothing less that freeloading and sordid low lifes fully comitted to the abuse of power that hereditary privelige bestows on them.

    Like the Jimmy Saville’s of the world, nothing is off limits – not even abusing the dead.

    But people can demand change. Governments can pursue change. Governments can pursue the middle age men who would use someone’s 14 or 15 year old daughter.

    High time these royal perverts and their jet set chums were trans nationally hunted down and jailed.

    And that in our case includes the old slut that is our queen who avidly protects her odious son.

    So my question to candidates is do you condone and or disregard those who would abuse children or young people.

  84. Hammy says:

    Effijy at 10.41pm

    Tried to sign the petition using the site you cited in your post but it would not work.
    Got to the page but when I tried to pledge my support it would not respond to any amount of clicking.
    Wondered if it was possibly the internet explorer browser that I was using so I eventually managed to download Google Chrome and tried it.
    Hurray, it worked so maybe worth pointing out that it may not be possible to sign the petition if folks are using Internet explorer.
    Sorry to be a bit long winded but hope this information helps.

  85. Willie says:

    And one last comment about the revelations about Prince Andrew

    Doesn’t it bring into sharp focus just how rotten our UK really is as the establishment is in it’s cover up of child abuse by the rich and powerful.

    Nothing has changed since Sir Jimmy Saville.

  86. Sinky says:

    BBC Gms still going on at length about the Glasgow hospital

  87. winifred mccartney says:

    Rather than the barbers Corbyn should have been at the opticians getting his glasses straightened. Boris is a street fighter and totally willing to fight with insults and misinformation, refuse to answer questions and get away with it while Corbyn tries to answer but does not have the wit or charisma to come over well.

  88. Richardinho says:

    I would like to know what happened to the Lib Dems policy, that they voted for at the party conference, to revoke Article 50 without a second referendum. I can’t find it mentioned in their manifesto and even Google searches only turn up newspaper articles no later than from September of this year. Is it still the policy?

  89. Alt Clut says:

    One striking feature of this thread is that so many appear not to be campaigning already. We’re out for our SNP candidate nearly every day, and many evenings, whatever the temperature and we are both OAPs.
    Depressingly confirms {only partially I know} the ‘keyboard warrior’ doubts that nag at me sometimes.

  90. Abulhaq says:

    Although no fan of referenda, if such is decided by the Scottish parliament just do it.
    No need to ask nanny if it’s allowed.
    What could nanny do anyway? huff, puff, blow the house down?
    Scotland is not BritStates ‘property’.

  91. kapelmeister says:

    Why has Stirling Tory Stephen Kerr started protecting his tweets? A strange thing for a candidate to do at election time.

  92. galamcennalath says:

    kapelmeister says:

    protecting his tweets? A strange thing for a candidate to do at election time.

    Luke Graham too. Odd.

    They know their main voter demographic tend not to use Twitter? Do they feel Twitter is ‘enemy territory’?

  93. The Liverpool Care Pathway for the Dying Patient (LCP)

    Now discredited, the LCP was widely abused as a ‘tick box exercise’,

    with patients being casually assessed as terminal, heavily sedated, and denied water so the diagnosis became self-fulfilling.

    Hospitals were also provided cash incentives to achieve targets for the number of patients placed on the LCP.

    In October 2012 figures released under the Freedom of Information Act showed that some two thirds of NHS trusts had received incentive payments for meeting “targets” for using the LCP, and that such payments totalled £12 million or more

    The Liverpool Pathway like Austerity is the Great Brutish Government`s version of the Nazi `Aktion T4`,

  94. galamcennalath says:

    “French citizens can take satisfaction that their nationality has once again been ranked as the best in the world, while for citizens of the UK, the ramifications of a ‘hard’ Brexit could well sink the quality of their nationality from 8th globally, to 56th “

    The UK certainly doesn’t see itself as others see it!

  95. Craig Fraser says:

    Further to my comment at time 1.11 these are the web links to the reports I use
    1) A Disaggregation of tax receipts between England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland – I use pages 12 &13

    2)Block Grant Transparency – I use page 8

    Link to Scotland in EU book – I have this on me to answer questions and rebut myths about EU
    Hope this helps

  96. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

    Potentially trying to avoid the same fate as Tory candidate for Aberdeen North Ryan Houghton? @ galamcennalath and @kapelmeister

  97. jfngw says:

    What’s with it with the Jo Swinson exaggerated hand movements, I half expect her to burst in ‘Don’t Cry For Me Argentina’ at any moment, the Eva Peron on Milngavie (allegedly, but few have spotted her there).

  98. galamcennalath says:

    @Jockanese Wind Talker

    It certainly seems to be the case that the Tory Party has moved to the right and absorbed a lot of strays on the far right. They have defeated UKIP by absorbing and replacing it. Many appear to have no awareness nor moral compass of what views and attitudes are unacceptable to express.

  99. jfngw says:


    I think you will find BBC Scotland will run with this (at least a week) until one of the unionist parties or Record/Herald can come up with a new item to go with. Don’t expect this propaganda to relent until the 13 Dec, then you may get a winding down for a while. They are probably wetting themselves at the thought of the Salmond trial coming up.

  100. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

    Either that or avoiding scrutiny of previous comments/ U Turns

    Maybe they don’t want Colin Dunn making posters/ memes of their hypocrisy?

  101. mr thms says:

    Sinky @ 6:45 am

    “BBC Gms still going on at length about the Glasgow hospital”

    I notice when the BBC covered the Maternity scandal yesterday it was not politicised.

    The captions referred to the name of the Trust that runs the hospital and references were made to statements the Trust made and that no spokesperson from the Trust was available to speak about the article in the Independent.

    Contrast this report with that of BBC Scotland who report from and seek out statements from opposition MSPs and the Scottish Government and don’t mention, or seek I terviews or report statements from the Health Board that run the hospital.

    The BBC role in England appears to be to keep UK government at arms length, while BBC Scotland role in Scotland appears to be to implicate the Scottish Government.

  102. galamcennalath says:

    mr thms says:

    The BBC role in England appears to be to keep UK government at arms length, while BBC Scotland role in Scotland appears to be to implicate the Scottish Government.

    Yes. Their mission is to protect the state and the establishment. This means covering up shortcomings in the state while relentlessly pursuing entities deemed to be a threat to their state.

    BBC executives are on record as saying they wouldn’t highlight nor challenge Johnson’s endless deceit because that would undermine trust in the system. They actually see that as acceptable – hiding industrial scale subterfuge. It is more important to protect those in charge than it is to facilitate democratic debate. Democracy is the enemy.

    Conversely, they attack the Scottish Government for anything and everything.

    It’s relentless, however the number of folks seeing through it grows daily. Once you see the reality, you can’t ever un-see it.

  103. Republicofscotland says:

    Well I didn’t watch the two Englishmen fight it out to be PM of a foreign country, but then again I didn’t have to. As their every antic was broadcast in Scotland by their foreign tv channels that rule our Scottish tv’s.

    Nor did I listen to both of them on the radio stations which again pump out 24/7 propaganda of how a independent Scotland would never survive.

    No doubt their flagship news channels and the ultra unionist news channels in Scotland will follow suit at teatime and air the results of the Corbyn/Johnson debate.

    We really need to get out of this union next year.

  104. jfngw says:

    If you ever had doubts about England seeing Scotland as a possession just watch two Englishmen discuss how they will decide exactly what Scotland will get and how they will ignore the sovereign people of Scotland.

    Elsewhere another leader took less than a second to confirm she would happily see her constituents vaporised, well she doesn’t live there so why would it affect her.

    Just realised the Daily Record now has its own Glenda Slagg, this one’s not a pastiche though but the real thing, more a Pistache (Sebastian Faulks) of a journalistic column.

  105. mr thms says:

    galamcennalath @ 11:02

    Two parts of the BBC behaving differently, and both parts behaving deceptively in breach of their Charter.

  106. kapelmeister says:


    Aye. Jazz Hands Jo is going to have awfy tired arms after the campaign.

  107. jfngw says:

    The Conservatives now believe they can lie with impunity, then these lies are used by the MSM as quotes to attack the opposition, the purpose of the MSM has become of no real value to the public.

    Of course when the Conservatives choose the head of the state broadcaster and these heads then pick their underlings what else do you expect. The independents look at there next licence renewal (remember when Thatcher decided Thames TV had to be removed), they report with an eye on their future.

    As for the newspapers, just look at the quality, it speaks for itself and the readers are voting with their feet.

    The quicker the BBC becomes subscription the better, they have you paying for something you don’t really want. Noticed that they have declared you even need a licence for some of Amazon Prime now if they feel it is a live stream.

  108. callmedave says:

    Super speech from the FM in Dundee and on the big Auntie channel too, all of the UK get a chance to hear her.

    Taking live questions from the MSM. Oh! Glen Campbell first up.

  109. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    mr thms @ 10:39, 11:57,

    Yes, I have observed this discrepancy more than once before. The BBC behaves “correctly” in relation to anything concerning the NHS in England, whereas BBC Scotland has weaponised everything healthcare here. Once you observe the stark difference, you can’t unsee it, it’s so poisonously obvious.

    I put in a complaint (I know, I know!) of late. The R4 lunchtime news recently had Steven Dorrell (former Tory Health Mininster and now =huh= apparently a FibDem election candidate) as a supposed neutral expert =cough= pontificating about “The NHS” (unspecified), and all he could contribute was to re-iterate the hollow FibDem neolib slogan “free at the point of use”. When challenged about specific thorny issues, all he could comment was claim no personal knowledge. It was utterly pathetic and unenlightening.

    This is the BBC’s idea of knowledgeable insight into the (English) healthcare situation. Ask a former perpetrator to comment on its current ills. Not so much “poacher turned gamekeeper” as poacher turned blind-and-deaf man. I made the point that if they were serious they should have invited a real neutral expert, someone like the admirable Prof Allyson Pollock, to provide a credible analysis.

    I’m still waiting on a response. When it finally arrives, no doubt it will be equally underwhelming.

  110. callmedave says:

    Oops! Too much of a risk to let people hear her answers from others, only BBC Glen allowed.

    Off to the studio to have it ‘auntie-splained’ for the masses.

  111. jfngw says:

    If you complain to BBC Scotland regarding the bias in their recent debate program I think you will find their response will be that Kezia Dugdale is a neutral voice from an independent think tank, well that’s how they normally cover up their guests credentials anyway.

  112. Golfnut says:

    @Craig Fraser.

    Incredible that a geographical share of oil revenue represents just 8.4% of the total when over 90% sits in Scottish waters. Interested to hear how you explain or counter that that to an audience of people.

  113. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    jfngw @ 11:57,

    My daughter just made a comment that had also separately occurred to me, that all the BritNat media are achieving by so obviously freezing-out leader of the main party in Scotland from national debate is to further demonstrate the very point of inequality that we are making.

    Anglosplaining to the Scottish colonials. The Unionists are their own worst enemies. They are so cack-handed they just can’t help but amplify everything that gets our backs up.

    Someone should make a wee half-mask with a picture on it of a taped-up mouth, and we should all go around wearing them to emphasise our real standing in this damned UKOK. Help drive the message home.

  114. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    callmedave @ 12:37,

    “Auntie-splained”. I like it!

  115. Joe says:

    This is laudable and I admire it. I hope many will help and those that do I am thankful for.

    I personally can’t handle it however. It would need to be someone who can take getting lied to as if they are a child and who can then respond in a way that invites the audience to consider more attentively the subject at hand.

    Saying ‘You are a deceptive, evasive, self serving piece of shit that wouldnt be in the position you are in if didnt require talents only of arse licking and lying. A minor mindless pawn in someone elses agenda. The fact that you are incapable of answering or even ASKING meaningful questions is the very reason you have your puppet position in your shit stain of a party in the first place.’ wouldn’t help.

  116. Davosa says:

    Tories and LibDems are all inveterate liars. Have always despised the Tories but the LibDems with that total lying, idiot Swinson in charge are coming up fast. Shit for Brains Rennie couldn’t even excuse her right wing voting record – worse than Mogg’s FFS !

  117. Dr Jim says:

    English journalists have difficulty understanding and speaking English words as they question Scotland’s FM on SKY TV
    One questioner asked if Humza Yousaf was *telling the truth* when he said he believed Jeremy Corbyn would co-operate with the SNP if he needed to when Jeremy Corbyn had said there would be no deal with the SNP

    The trouble understanding words there is Humza Yousaf never said there was a deal and never even implied there was a deal he merely said “He believed Corbyns opinion would change”

    The FM put the questioner straight on the meaning of the actual words spoken, but it’s becoming increasingly difficult to talk to *journalists* particularly from England when they don’t speak English very well, and back to the studio where Colin Brazier of SKY news immediately misquotes the First Minister, these people are supposed to be educated to do this job, so they either don’t understand English, they don’t care what they’re listening to or saying or it’s deliberate

    Of course it could be just the habitual misunderstanding of English words that journalists seem prone to, a word here a word there and the context of everything said becomes altered beyond recognition

    No matter which reason you pick for the misunderstanding of language by journalists and news presenters particularly when it comes to those from England it does make you think that there must be an enormous level of incompetence somewhere in the selection process of these people or scrutiny of their work by whichever body is supposed to oversee them

  118. North chiel says:

    Surprise surprise the link from Kirsty Blackman in BBC Scotland studio and politics live studio “ goes down” ( twice) when she attempts to make her contribution to the studio discussion . Perhaps Kirsty should have flown out to Hong Kong or Washington D.C. and made contact from there?

  119. jfngw says:

    When it comes to nuclear armageddon I feel Jo Swinson would proudly tweet the her last message ‘I beat Donald Trump to the button’.

  120. jfngw says:

    @North Chiel

    Of course many of BBC Scotland’s systems are actually remote controlled from London. This was done in 2007 when BBC Scotland sacked two thirds of its technology/engineering group in Scotland and transferred the work to London. The then controller of BBC Scotland lied to the Scottish Parliament about this, the person tasked to do this was then amply rewarded by the BBC.

    Even although Siemens then ATOS contract has been ceased these jobs, as far as I’m aware, have never returned to Scotland. The sat dishes on the roof were remote to London, if something failed you called London. This never happened in NI or Wales, or even the English Regions, only Scotland, strangely the same year the SNP became the government.

  121. North chiel says:

    “ Propaganda Quay” still leading with Scottish NHS health issues . Perhaps Donalda and her Pathetic Quay entourage should relocate to Shrewsbury , where I am sure that their “ investigative” journalism services are urgently required .

  122. kapelmeister says:

    It’s too late for the Tories to field another candidate in Aberdeen North. Nomination papers had to be in on Friday 15th.

    Could this have all been a unionist plot, with Tory Ryan Houghton being deliberately sidelined in order to unify the unionist vote against Kirsty Blackman? The Tories will now point out to their supporters that Labour are the main challengers to the SNP in that constituency.

  123. Confused says:

    jfngw says:
    “Of course many of BBC Scotland’s systems are actually remote controlled from London.”

    What a shower of sneaky cunts. Did not know that. What could they -possibly- be scared of??

    A couple of years ago, ruminating on feelings of stagnation post 2014, I fell into a daydream and thought up a rambling fantasy involving


    – for say, 48 hours, and forcing them to broadcast truthful and honest information. The inspiration for this was the Easter Rising (- but without bloodshed, or the ringleaders being executed). A galvanising event, despite its military uselessness and failure.

    But, now I know – it would not even work – as LONDON has the master off-switch.

    I suspect the Scottish Office now has master “off switches” for all of Scotland’s vital systems.

  124. callmedave says:


    No FM at Dundee on the big auntie website but Swinson mentioned, in an article well that’s par for the course.


    No FM speech report at Dundee on the auntie wie a kilt website either.
    But the word Glaikit is prominent as is SNHS scare.

    Shurley schome mishtake BBC. 🙁

  125. Dr Jim says:

    They tell us they don’t want to hear Scotland, their election is sod all to do with us, they’re fed up listening to *Sturgeon* bang on about Independence, they troll the FM incessantly night and day,they insult her appearance, they hate the people who won’t hate her, they tell her to shut up even if she doesn’t speak, they call her a jumped up council leader, they call her the crankies (I misspelled that deliberately)

    Yet they still hang on every word she says

    If that’s not a description of obsessive stalking I don’t know what is

  126. Confused says:

    tory leaflet just came thru my door … they came in low, and fast – posted their rubbish and were gone – I did not even have time to grab my crossbow and put on my skullmask.

    Obviously they know the kind of reception they will be getting. Shame, the dogs have been deprived of man-flesh as of late.

    – interestingly, an email address is on the back


    – I am not saying anyone should abuse or misuse such information.

    Not saying that at all.

    But if all these cybernats were a 1/10 as bad as they are made out to be – who knows what could happen?

  127. Clapper57 says:

    For some weird reason I posted this comment onto wrong thread so have copied onto correct one now i.e. latest thread…Lol


    I did NOT watch the debate last night obvs re the English GE.

    I did however watch the Q & A of other leaders after the debate on ITV….questions asked but NO real challenges via answers by questioner…..some challenges were so obvious but not taken..quelle surprise.

    Jo Swinson – I am now convinced someone has coached her in the tactic of her excessive use of moving her hands when talking as it being (incorrectly) perceived, by the public, as passionate and sincere to emphasise what she is saying…wrong…it is distracting and irritating…it is also undignified..

    Funnily enough it is something also , as a mannerism, adopted by Trump…who has a tendency to use his hands when talking at his rallies as a way of somehow reinforcing his ‘truths’ and his insults upon his opponents….

    Body language experts would, I am sure, be able to interpret the meaning of both Trump and Swinson’s excessive and exaggerated over use of hand gestures….

    I personally feel it comes over as a somewhat contrived gesture and is, I think, a deliberate action to try and convey trust…something we know is hard for the Lib Dems to achieve…so as they lie so often I assume they feel they must utilise all means to aid them in fooling the public…I know a hand gesture that would be applicable to use when talking to a Lib Dem and it would involve no need for speech as it’s meaning would be self explanatory !

    Farage – Apparently he is favour of referendums where the PEOPLE get to decide as he said he is pro referendums and can see, in the future, it would be a good idea to give the public a choice and a voice in some decisions via referendums…not though another Scottish Indy Ref or as he put a Sturgeon referendum ( which is contrary to what he said at Corn exchange in Edinburgh where he said we should get another Indy Ref) but then he does , due to his duplicitous nature, change his position dependent on how it will benefit him and those who back him (financially)….

    Obviously when he said PUBLIC he did not mean the Scottish public as like the other leaders he thinks we are not allowed democracy in Scotland….we just have to do what we are told and accept what England decides it wants…as Johnson talks about a ‘Family of Nations’…well England, via their politicians, acts as if they are the parent and we in Scotland are the child in this ‘Family’ of Nations….

    Farage also said , on climate change, he had been thinking of an idea about planting more trees…something he said other leaders were now getting on board with…BLOL….oblivious of course to the Scottish government having already adopted this initiative that now sees Scotland representing 84% of the UK total of new trees Nigel one of the ‘other’ leaders got on board with this way before all other leaders…yourself included though I doubt you have even given it a moments thought and only said it because you were asked about climate change….also you like the other leaders ignore all things Scottish when it suits you….so you are happy to , like the other leaders, disregard all of the achievements and progressive policies adopted by the Scottish government and then stolen by other party leaders as a supposed ‘NEW’ policy they have to introduce to England.

    Nicola Sturgeon answered her questions well though…. especially that old tired question re leaving one Union to join another…where after the last three and half years the answer was so blatantly obvious Duh…not though to the English unionist journalist asking the question…Hmm

    But Nicola may have fallen into her own trap by the introduction of another ‘new kid on the block’ obstacle being bandied by Unionists…where she was asked on this programme AND indeed Humza Yousaf was also asked on Newsnight….what will happen with Scottish Indy if UK remains in EU as they, the SNP, have been fighting to keep the UK in the EU obviously inferring new gained Indy supporters via Brexit may be lost if UK does manage to remain in EU….if another EU Ref is given and remain wins.

    This is an issue for many Indy peeps where we warned them, the SNP, and said we could not see the logic of the SNP fighting for the UK to remain in the EU when so many who have changed from No to Yes have done so because of possibility of losing EU membership if Scotland stayed a part of post Brexit UK….I like others , should the UK remain in the EU dependent on outcome of this GE, can see this being a major factor and argument being used by unionists in the next Indy Ref….for the SNP perhaps they have made a rod for their own backs by this action of trying to ‘save’ the UK as a whole instead of focusing solely on Scotland and it’s position re independence and EU membership ….we shall see…..of that we are all sure….aarrggghhhhh !!!

    Another rant in the bag….Lol

  128. BobW says:

    Anyone else not received their 2019 perk yet? If there processed alphabetically then I might be at the end of the queue. (Reposted in this thread as last one looks to be dead)

  129. Welsh Sion says:

    Away from the politics for an instant.

    Could Scotland raise a glass or three to congratulate my country and its fabulous XI (NOT the infamous Murdo’s Queen’s XI) on winning last night and qualifying for the Euros 2020?

    Oh … and Scotland won, too!

    Iechyd Da!

  130. North chiel says:

    “ Brewers droop” politics Scotland this afternoon a half hour of dedicated anti SNHS rhetoric with in particular within a 3 way “ debate “ with Keith Brown ( the government representative) being denied the last word in favour of the Tory Miles Briggs) and thereafter in two way debate between Green msp John Finnie and Lib Dem Mike Rumbles , again the Unionist msp given the final word . Another of Brewers “cronies” Magnus Linklater as studio guest . Surely Christine Jardine must have “ phoned in sick” ??

  131. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    Apparently Scottish Sec. Alister “I’m allright” Jack (no less) has admitted that the UKGov would be unable to refuse an outright S.30 request, and has since been “hauled over the coals” by Downing St. for his trouble.

    Anyone else heard anything about that…?

  132. callmedave says:

    Robert J. Sutherland

    But… but! He said this 2-weeks ago and surely hasn’t changed his stance. Mind you politics today is a fast moving feast.

  133. cynicalHighlander says:

    @ BobW says:
    20 November, 2019 at 3:25 pm

    Anyone else not received their 2019 perk yet?


  134. Sarah says:

    @Dan circa 11.00 p.m. yesterday: Parsnips sprouting is surprising given the weather you’ve been having! However if they are doing that I think best to get them out of the ground into store – put in very slightly damp soil/sand or whatever. They have surely had enough frost to sweeten by now!

  135. callmedave says:

    From WoS twitter (archived)

    Police transgender rules breach right to free speech, court told

  136. twathater says:

    My my how all these colonialist politicians excel at TELLING the Scottish public what they can and cannot do . Callmedave & RJS @ 4.10pm alistair union jackery says that Alex and Nicola both SAID that indy1 was a once in a lifetime or generation opporchancity for the jockos to determine their own future
    alistair also said that indy1 had caused such divisiveness between families that it would be wrong to inflict even more divisiveness on these poor families

    But obviously alistair has no sense of irony when the tory red blue and yellow colonialist parties have caused more divisiveness through brexshit than a multitude of indy refs could ever do

  137. OT., I see Trump has changed his mind on the Israeli illegal settlements in Paplastine saying now that they are alright that is after he moved the U.S. Embassy to suit Israel every time he becomes threatened with impeachment he gives something to Israel I wonder why ???

  138. twathater says:

    Like others on here I refused to watch the colonialist debate last night , but indyref2 sent an excerpt from yatube to my email which I watched and commented on , the 2 colonialist twats were asked what was more important the union or brexshit, as usual the twattery responses were vague and floppery with neither being decisive , but what struck me was the applause increased whenever the SACRED UNION was mentioned .
    But what I took from that was that the engerlish public were frightened that they were about to lose another of their possessions , not that they were heartbroken that we would leave but merely that they were angry at the audacity that we were an ungrateful shower

  139. Dan says:

    @Sarah at 4:34 pm

    Good timing! These parsnips are the ones I managed to get to germinate a while back, and they’ve been growing for months in my seawead boosted soil avec beaucoup des worms (non flat variety).
    Muchos celebration in my area today as it’s now +1 deg and positively tapps aff weather, so tomorrow I shall lift a parsnip to check it oot.

    I’m just back in from another day herding elusive indy-minded-cats. Their constant nomadicity means it’s a real struggle to keep them registered.
    And on that note. Has anyone reading got any specific experience with the process of how our travelling folk can get a vote. I know there is a form for folk that have no fixed abode due to various circumstances, but do travellers come under that same umbrella?
    I know I could ask the local electoral office but thought it might enlighten more activists if I ask here and ge tan answer.

    BobW. Still awaiting my perk too but understand there is a lot of work by ayeMail to sort it out as different donations had different perks. Plus there is extra hassle as Stu has to collate a list of all the folk who donated through bank transfers rather than through online funder page.
    Hopefully it’ll arrive for birthday or crimbo but it’s a scunner waiting as could be cutting a dash with a WOS bag while I’ve been out campaigning.

  140. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    callmedave @ 16:10,

    Reading WGD’s latest piece just now, it seems that Jack has conceded that a win in the Holyrood elections of 2021 “might just possibly constitute a mandate for another independence referendum” (in Paul’s words).

    Just the familiar desperate BritNat strategy then of parking the issue for a couple of years in the hope that people’s rightful resentment over the Brexit arm-twist will have sufficiently cooled by then, and the Cartel might hope somehow to engineer a pro-indy minority and thereby stall the issue for the indefinite future. (Desperate times invite desperate BritNat measures.)

    So nothing much new there, but still, the first visible crack in the Cartel’s absolutist “non-allowance” front, and by-the-by an implicit challenge to his Great Leader. (A Scot Tory with the merest sliver of a backbone, who knew?)

    But another salient reminder, for those delayers still harbouring any doubts, that the correct strategy for IR2 is to strike while the iron remains hot. And to hell with waiting until 2021. By then we has better be gone.

  141. Dr Jim says:

    The FM has them running, they know they have to perform their constitutionally legal obligation to hand over the section 30 order when it’s demanded by the Scottish government or they risk having no chance of ever winning their case against Independence because they will have declared England a dictatorship and even some of the hard liners might balk at that

    Apart from which the legal case if they push it won’t go well for them, so England’s best chance of keeping hold of Scotland is to accede to the Scottish government demand then present their best rebuttals of Scotlands case in a NO campaign as they did before…….and of course cheat to try to win

    But we’re ready for that this time

  142. jfngw says:


    There is no point storming Pacific Quay the digital coding units for BBC Scotland are in England, the TV transmission does not go from Glasgow to the transmitters, it goes down to England and then to the transmitters, satelites and cable companies. PQ can be bypassed at the flick of a switch (not that simple but you get the gist).

  143. mr thms says:

    This is the samechospital which BBC Scotland claimed locals refererred to as the Death Star.

    “When it opened four years ago Scotland’s “super hospital” was hailed as one of the world’s most advanced healthcare facilities. But since then the £842m Glasgow complex – made up of the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital (QEUH) and the Royal Hospital for Children (RHC) – has often made headlines for the wrong reasons.”

    Has often made headlines on Reporting Scotland for political reasons and that is a fact.

  144. Famous15 says:

    BBC is an outrage.

    In England the Minister is not even blamed

    In Scotland the BBC uses other biased media to pile on to a SNP baaad agenda.

    The BBC is disgusting.

  145. mr thms says:

    BBC Reporting Scotland has got its election trowel thick with union cringe us.. And now we have a clip of Michael Gove telling Scotland to shut up and eat our cereal.

  146. Elmac says:

    Yes BBC is an outrage and no Scot with an ounce of national pride should be prepared to pay for a “licence” to be lied to. Hit them where it hurts – refuse to pay.

    As an independent nation we will be in a position to clean up broadcasting (and journalism) to ensure it is impartial but we must not forget the individuals who have most contributed to the propaganda, lies, deceit and omission and ensure they never find work north of the border again. I would also be in favour of prosecution of the worst offenders if at all possible. At the very least they should be publicly named and shamed for their misdeeds. Some measure of revenge is required, the offence has been too great.

  147. North chiel says:

    Propaganda Quay maintaining the anti SNHS rhetoric with no surprise lead story tonight’ s “ reporting” Scotland . No change then 24 hour propaganda against our wonderful 24 hour Health service professionals.

  148. Dorothy Devine says:

    ITN news happily giving Ms Swinson the opportunity of the next best thing to a Party Pol.

    How Kind!

  149. jfngw says:

    Reporting Scotland leads with Health Secretary gave an apology, phrased as such that you would assume the ScotGov had accepted liability. In fact from what I can ascertain the apology to the parents was for them not feeling their questions had been fully answered. They phrase to deceive, then produce a catalogue list of its defects, one seemingly being the Queen opening it. Even at its worst the A&E waiting times are still better than in England. Still inferring that the pigeon droppings directly resulted in deaths (I thought they had previously been censured for this type of misreporting).

    Truly an abysmal news service, but they will receive some Scottish BAFTA’s and pat each other on the back. Hopefully this service is nearing its end and we can then progress to an impartial broadcaster, rather than an imperial one.

  150. Heart of Galloway says:

    C4 @7 to feature Scotland in its election coverage shortly. John Snow in his intro says the vote will be on whether “to break or save the union”.

    Note the language: Snow could equally have said “to free or imprison Scotland”.

    The trailer featured a Galloway farm and Peterhead fish market, those pillars of the Scottish economy. The omens are not good.

  151. jfngw says:

    Prince Andrew moved onto zero hours contract but don’t worry it won’t affect his income or his free time activities.

  152. Dan says:

    @Heart of Galloway

    Aye, I’m surprised they’ve not got anybody on from the grouse shooting industry…

  153. starlaw says:

    Channel 5 early evening news getting in on the SNP bad game now. If there’s a bad news story it seems to be Scotland that they choose for their reports, but never come near the place at any other time, tonight we got bad news from Easterhouse, but in sport we got the Welsh result from last night but no mention of Scotland.

  154. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    Dr Jim @ 18:10,

    I believe you are quite correct.

    My particular take on it is that a refusal by UKGov would immediately result in a constitutional challenge in the Scottish courts, and since the very existence of the Scottish legal system itself (and thus the position of every single jurist within it) is guaranteed against Westminster absolutism by – and only by – the Treaty of Union, UKGov would be almost certain to lose.

    And thereby cause to have established a permanent constitutional marker that would constrain every single UKGov thereafter. None would want to have that happen, preferring the constitutional issue to remain fuzzy and uncertain, and thereby give UKGov far more leeway to make whatever encroachments on Scottish rights they feel they can get away with at any given time.

    So I concur with you that any UKGov – and not least one presided over by BoJo – will always prefer to take its chances in a referendum and hope to prevail “cost-free” by a combination of meretricious wangling and self-doubting Scottish institutionalisation (ie. “the cringe”).

  155. manandboy says:

    Just writing a script for a film here.

    It all begins with a series of unexpected weather events affecting the working capacity of the BBC Pacific Quay building for a considerable time, and making Scotland’s Imperial Masters think twice.
    Prolonged heavy rain causing exceptional flooding is after all, fairly commonplace nowadays. The clue is in the name.
    The transmitters will of course be brought down by high winds or lightning.
    Not forgetting the similarly affected and strategically important buildings, where Scotland’s newspapers are printed.
    But it could of course, be some other equally disabling event, such as a fire or an explosion. You can never tell.
    Then there’s the singularly key role played by Donalda Mackinnon, head of BBC Scotland, to be dealt with, and whose court case is a feature of the film, whereby she is given a life-sentence, to be served in solitary confinement in an underground cell on Rockall, with her daily needs provided exclusively by visiting family and friends.

    Ah well, we can but dream.

  156. Republicofscotland says:

    “So Labour in
    just voted with the Tories against the principle of the NHS Protection Bill, protecting the NHS from being sold off in a trade deal with Trump…”

    So there you have it those unionist shits at Holyrood would allow the sell off the SNHS to please their London masters.

  157. Ghillie says:


    Months ago, even years ago, we knew all this crap was coming our way.

    It stinks.

    But if this vilification of all matters Scottish was not now the norm, then I might be a bit concerned.

    There is only one thing worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about! 🙂

  158. Heart of Galloway says:

    And there endeth C4’s news’ Scottish election.”coverage”.

    A few excerpts:

    Snow – The history of our island could be drastically changed

    Trawlerman at Peterhead (landed from Grimsby!) – Let’s get Brexit done.

    At Longtown market, English Border farmer – What would happen to the border? It’ll be like Ireland.

    Farmer’s wife (Scottish) – I want us to be Great Britain. Snow – You mean Better Together? (I kid you not). – Yes.

    Scots lassie Michelle in her Aberdeen restaurant is pro indty and cites Scotland’s vote to stay in the EU.

    90% of Scotland’s creatives are Yes. So if course C4 pulls out Ian Rankin. His message – how difficult and fraught it is to break up a union.

    Throughout Snow stuck to his Britiish nationalist script – with the big bad border wheeled out at every turn.

    Frontier tariffs border disruption ma sheep won’t sell uncertainty ma hoose’ll burn doon Jeannie McCall’s a hoor.

    It was all in there.

    At least Snow admitted it was 50-50.

    Angus Robertson and KD were the talking heads at the end. Robertson good on our democratic mandate for IR2, Dugdale says Labour “on wrong side” re indy Remain in EU.

  159. Elmac says:

    Re jfngw @ 7.17

    Presumably his zero hours contract will be with Pizza Express as I doubt anyone else would employ him. Pity he won’t have to live on a Pizza Express salary as that would cure him of his ridiculous sense of entitlement and arrogance. However, if I were a Pizza Express diner I would ask him to wash his hands first.

    “Prince” Andrew appears to have serious questions to answer. On the basis of what is known at present he may have committed serious offences against minors in the US and has possibly been involved with young girls procured for prostitution both here and in the US. It is quite likely that more complainants will now come forward given recent publicity. The allegations against him should be investigated in both countries and, if required, he should be interviewed in the US. If the US decide there is a case to answer and raise charges he should be extradited to stand trial there. If he appeals against extradition then, pending a decision in the courts, he should be held in the same conditions as those under which Julian Assange is currently held.

    Craig Murray has a current article on his blog regarding the appalling treatment meted out to Assange by a British state in thrall to its US masters. All done on the basis of patently trumped up charges in Sweden which have now been dropped. The moral is forget truth, justice and fairness, just do what Uncle Sam wants – or else. I have a feeling that it may turn out “Prince” Andrew is a much more deserving occupant of Belmarsh prison than Assange ever was.

  160. jfngw says:


    Rumour has it he has been tasked to restore the reputation of Jimmy Savile, so once again they can break out all those much loved pictures of him cavorting with royalty.

    The best cover (the UK way) is of course is to prosecute someone who has obvious mental health issues and broadcast it far and wide so when the case falls apart! Ipso facto the reputation of numerous people is restored and no one else would dare mount an investigation again.

  161. mr thms says:

    Can anyone recommend a good pro-independence blog?

  162. kapelmeister says:

    Is the MoD going to revoke Andrew’s honorary Royal Navy rank of Vice-Admiral?

    Vice indeed!

  163. ElGordo says:

    @mr thms

    Nah, think they’ve all been compromised now

  164. ElGordo says:

    to be fair, wee ginger dog, scot goes pop and bella caledonia are still true. Craig Murray too. @Foshtown on twitter.

    Any others, anyone.. mmmh? mmmh? anyone?

  165. ElGordo says:

    Used to be you would post here and have to page up a couple of times to see your comment, sad state of affairs.

  166. crazycat says:

    @ Dan at 5.23

    In our Yes East Ayrshire hub we are putting a lot of effort into encouraging people to register to vote, with a noticeboard outside, social media campaigns, and a compilation of the different forms – with copies to hand out.

    So I was fairly sure that travellers would be classified as “no fixed abode”. I checked on the Electoral Commission website (, and they say this:

    Part of the gypsy or travelling community
    If you are staying at a site for a reasonable length of time, then you can be considered as living there and can register at that address.

    If you do not have a settled address where you can be considered to be living, then you can register either at the place where you spend most of your time or at the place where you most have a local connection.

    There are two forms – one for people in England and Wales, and one for people in Scotland.

    Alternatively, you can get the form from your local electoral registration office.

    The above-mentioned form for Scotland is available at:

  167. boris says:

    the worst of all the Beeching cuts was the axing of the 98-mile Waverley Route from Edinburgh to Carlisle and many other closures left the Scottish Borders as the only region of Britain without a train service and Hawick, 56 miles from Edinburgh and 42 miles from Carlisle, as the largest town farthest from a railway station.

    The savage cuts in the area left 100,000 or more people completely isolated from the rail network and for over 50 plus years it was the only mainland region of Great Britain without a railway station.

  168. Dan says:

    Cheers crazycat.
    Bookmarked for future reference. I’m pretty sure I have that form along with register to vote / postal vote forms, but the extra explanatory info in the first link is helpful.
    Quite a few younger folk I’m aware of that live in vehicles these days as housing prices versus wage levels are incompatible.

    A reminder / heads up that the postal vote forms sometimes print out depending on printer margins with the lower right hand No5 Date of Application section not showing correctly, and also sometimes without the shaded box that the signature must be in.
    As the these postal vote forms are digitally scanned for later postal ballot signature verification purposes, both these areas must be correct or the form can be rejected.
    Lesson learnt previously from having two forms rejected at local electoral office for signature not in correct location and date info not present.

  169. James Barr Gardner says:

    Heart of Galloway says:
    20 November, 2019 at 8:24 pm

    Snow – The history of our island could be drastically changed

    Throughout Snow stuck to his British nationalist script – with the big bad border wheeled out at every turn.

    Snow’s son is married to Lady Edwina Louise Grosvenor, second daughter of The 6th Duke of Westminster. His son has a cottage on the Westminster estate near Kylesku. Enough Said !

    The Duke of Westminster owns mair than a far chunk of Sutherland !

  170. Meindevon says:

    Alistair Carmichael just ripped to shreds on LBC. Not a clue on figures from their manifesto.


  171. James Barr Gardner says:

    boris says:
    20 November, 2019 at 11:10 pm
    The Beeching cuts !

    Why was the Rail link from Cairnryan/Stranraer to Carlisle shut !

    Why was the Rail link from Oban to Stirling shut !

    and many others besides !

    An act of sabotage by a foreign a country !

  172. Jock McDonnell says:

    The Rev has published an article by Daniel Finkelstein on his twitter stream.

    In my experience it is depressingly accurate. What must it be like to not actually give a feck ? Or worse, to think you do, due to your superficial interest in politics & your incoherent collection of contradictory opinions.
    To have no political awareness or strongly held core beliefs.

    Is it bliss ?

  173. Capella says:

    @ El gordo – it’s always worth checking out Barrhead Boy’s site and Prof John Robertson’s TalkingUpScotlandTwo, specially now that BBC are persecuting the SNHS.
    Stu has a list of sites in the centre panel at the top of this page.

  174. Dr Jim says:

    Todays news:

    All of our children are going to die in badly built and badly run hospitals
    All of our buildings are going to burn down because they’re wrongly built like Grenfell
    All of our pensioners are going to wander off and die because not enough help is provided
    All of our homeless people are going to freeze to death because again no help

    And now the novelty news: Scots can now say “dreich” and other Scots words without being rapped over the knuckles or slapped on the back of the head for talking slang like I was at school in the fifties when we were ordered to speak English by the oppressive regime that was the English in their quest to de-culture Scotland, but the news don’t mention that part because well it’s the novelty funny part of the news isn’t it

    Tomorrows news: The same as today

    I’ve been to many countries and lived abroad too and nowhere I’ve ever been does the news like Scotland, it’s almost an organised military attack on the SNP that in all my life never happened until they came to power, Labour were always praised for their opposition to the Tories in the bad England government, but now the SNP are attacked for attacking the Tories by the same media and yet everybody in Scotland knows now that the Labour party were lying to them the whole time but still the Scottish media attack the SNP and defend the Unionists

    When the Labour party announced they were going to refurbish a hospital they bought green and magnolia paint then spent the rest on holidays for themselves (sorry, fact finding missions) to lovely warm destinations

    When England took away our language our national dress our ability to defend ourselves our freedom of speech and diminished our culture in every possible way they could think of to subsume and absorb Scotland and all that it stood for and had to offer the world in medical advances modern mathematics television and a host of other things too numerous to mention, there was one thing they forgot

    People like me, because I’ve told the next lot and they’ve told theirs and it won’t stop until England becomes just the next door neighbour, nothing more

  175. Iain mhor says:

    mr thms 6:30pm

    I got a laugh at the hospital being nicknamed “The Death Star” – Barlinnie’s lesser known epithet is (or certainly used to be locally) “The Fairies Castle” – anyone care to weigh in with other ‘colourful’ names for local landmarks?
    I’ve been ripping a kitchen out and haven’t kept up with the latest pishy political misery. I fancy a chuckle instead.
    Prisons seem pretty good. ‘Bowhouse’ at Killie is “The Boo-Hoo” 😀

  176. Dr Jim says:

    The only people I ever heard using the term Death Star were news presenters, I never heard one person use that term, people just said the new hospital

  177. mr thms says:

    BBC Scotland’s campaign to help elect unionist MPs continues with its latest news headline.

    “ScotRail misses target to stop dumping sewage on tracks”

    This is a rehash of news story from two weeks ago.

    “Train firms backtrack over pledge to ban raw sewage on railway lines

    Operators admit target to end ‘disgusting practice’ by the end of the year will not be met”

    “A pledge to end the dumping of human waste on railway tracks in England and Wales by the end of the year will no longer be met, Network Rail and train firms have admitted.”

  178. twathater says:

    A debate took place in HL today re this amendment apparently put forward if I’m reading it right by Monica Lennon of the colonialist liebour party in Scotland

    The Presiding Officer:

    The next question is, that motion S5M-19940, in the name of Monica Lennon, on investing in Scotland, as amended, be agreed to. Are we agreed?
    The answer came NO so there was a vote taken
    This was the motion that eventually passed

    The Presiding Officer:

    The result of the division is: For 69, Against 41, Abstentions 0.

    Motion, as amended, agreed to,

    That the Parliament thanks NHS staff for their dedication and hard work as they care for the people of Scotland; welcomes the work being taken forward by the Ministerial working group to further promote and encourage a positive and caring workplace culture; believes that sustained investment through plans for waiting times improvements can support boards to better deliver for their patients; further believes that such investment, reform and planning is necessary as too many patients are waiting too long for treatment; understands that, in 2019-20, NHS Scotland will be £758 million better off because it has received better than real-terms increases since the beginning of the current parliamentary session; calls for the incoming UK Government to pass, as a matter of urgency, NHS protection legislation to absolutely exempt the NHS from any future trade deals, and to provide a veto over such deals to the devolved legislatures; notes that any form of Brexit could have a potentially devastating impact on health and care services; considers that Brexit will damage the economy and the ability to attract specialist staff for years to come, undermining the sustainability of the health service; notes that a focus on addressing health inequalities and prevention of ill health is essential for the long-term wellbeing of the people of Scotland, and believes that the future sustainability of the NHS is reliant on more investment, including in communities, better long-term planning and working with partners in local government for a greater pace of transformational delivery of health and social care that is fit for the 21st century.

    This is the link

    This amendment received 41 votes against adoption and guess what the liebour party voted with their friends and colleagues the tories in an attempt to defeat the amendment , and it will possibly come as no surprise that Monica Lennon the very one who proposed the amendment actually voted with her 40 red and blue colonialists to defeat the amendment
    Can someone tell me have I got this right or am I just a idiot cybernat

    Sorry for the length of post but came across it on Dan Paris twatter account

  179. twathater says:

    ME CORRECTION 2.21AM sorry folks came across the info via republicofscotlands link at 8.02 pm

  180. mr thms says:

    It appears most MSPs voted for the amended motion, and not the original Monica Lennon motion. I wonder what the differences were.

  181. Fergus Green says:

    mr thms says:
    20 November, 2019 at 10:03 pm
    Can anyone recommend a good pro-independence blog?

    Wee Ginger Dug

  182. Robert Louis says:

    John Snow of channel 4 news, last night showed us his true loyal English colonial attitudes. But, sadly, I cannot take him seriously anymore. He is a has-been, and should have retired years ago. He regularly fluffs his lines and misses cues in the studio. He used to be sharp, but now now.

    I used to have a high opinion of channel 4 news, but not now. They merely pretend to challenge opinions and viewpoints. When it comes to an election, they are right up there with the paid liars at the BBC, telling Scots how they could not possibly survive without English largesse.

    It is colonialism write large. The attitudes, everything. I actually find it f***ing offensive when idiot English TV folk openly state Scotland cannot manage its own affairs, `I mean seriously, what are we in Scotland? Morons??

    It is abundantly clear, the entire English owned media are complicit in willfully talking Scotland down, and treating Scots with utter contempt.

    Why do they do it? Because they know, independence is coming, and they are feart. They will be left with a poxy, pathetic, racist, universally hated, narrow-minded wee country called ‘England’.

    Their empire will at last be dead. Good. It cannot happen too soon.

  183. North chiel says:

    More crap being thrown ( back) at Scotrail from “ propaganda Quay” this morning. What’s new? Pathetic Quay has been crapping over Scotrail, SNHS , Scottish education , in fact anything “ Scottish” within the remit of our SNP government for years .

  184. Fergus Green says:

    mr thms says:
    20 November, 2019 at 10:03 pm
    Can anyone recommend a good pro-independence blog?

  185. Dorothy Devine says:

    Dr Jim , I watched that ridiculous ‘news’ too – what a bunch of wazzocks.

    Neither , other than the late of Pathetic Quay Eleanor Bradford , have I ever heard the Southern described as the Death Star – try as they did it didn’t catch on.

    The remarkable pride ordinary folk have in the SNHS and their treatment from that superb staff must have them chewing carpets.

    I am at the ‘let’s run them out of town ‘ stage – as they say in all the old cowies.

  186. Ottomanboi says:

    Scotland under its ‘parcel of rogues’ was sold into fiefdom and ravaged by the marauding pack of English bulldogs. Time the Scottish lion tore into them.
    No quarter!

  187. Colin Alexander says: is another good pro-indy site.

  188. Colin Alexander says:

    Peter A Bell: “On Thursday 12 December, we have an opportunity to speak loud and clear to Jo Swinson and her counterparts in the other British establishment parties.

    By voting in overwhelming numbers for SNP candidates in the coming UK general election we can send the message that we do not want a “strong voice!. We want an equal voice!

    And the only we can have an equal voice is by dissolving the archaic, anomalous, grotesquely asymmetric Union and restoring Scotland’s status as a normal independent nation”.

  189. wullie says:

    The worst performing publicly funded organisation in Scotland is the BBC. They do not have a leg to stand on criticising when it comes to other such organisations in Scotland.Subsidy junkies that need to be cut down.

  190. Phronesis says:

    A Conservative minister asks us not to blame ‘the bland blob’ of government for the levels of poverty in the U.K. Her government does not have bland views on the causes of poverty quite the opposite. It has entrenched ideological beliefs about the deserving and undeserving poor. We are to accept that a government that has centralised power and control and jealously guards it is not responsible for the the consequences of its macroeconomic policies.

    ‘The first conservative principle we identify is a belief in individual control and personal responsibility. Conservatives tend to see individuals as agents who can shape and determine their circumstances, and so are seen to be more responsible for their impoverishment… The second principle we unearth is that conservatives make a clearer distinction between the deserving and underserving among benefit claimants. Conservatives see groups such as pensioners and disabled people to be especially deserving and contrast these sharply with groups deemed undeserving such as the unemployed and immigrants… The third conservative principle we identify concerns the rational agency of claimants. Claimants are often understood by conservatives as making a rational choice to rely on the state… This view prompts a policy focus on the financial disincentives to work that the welfare system creates… The fourth conservative principle we explore is that relying upon benefits gives rise to a psychology and culture of dependency. Claimants are seen as suffering from individual shortcomings – attitudes and entrenched behaviours – which set them apart from non claimants…The fifth view we unearth concerns the lack of trust conservatives have in benefit claimants’

    Governments do indeed set the conditions for population well being . There are several small independent nation states that have chosen distinct policies that address poverty because they value all their citizens.An independent socially democratic Scotland can join that distinct group -that is anything but bland.

    ‘So how do countries differ in terms of caring for the most vulnerable? In short, social-democratic and corporatist states provide more resources to families with young children or those where respondents need daily help in the home because of old age or infirmity. Southern and liberal states leave families to their own devices’

    ‘Governments set the institutional and policy framework in which individuals, businesses and governments themselves operate. The links between the government and happiness operate in both directions: what governments do affects happiness (discussed in Chapter 2), and in turn the happiness of citizens in most countries determines what kind of governments they support’

    Finland is the happiest country in the world followed by Denmark, Norway, Iceland and Netherlands

    ‘Poverty rarely has a single cause. A range of factors including rising living costs, low pay, lack of work, and inadequate social security benefits together mean some people do not have enough resources’

  191. Willie says:

    So the paedophile supporting Prince has stood down.

    Pity the rest of the freeloading house of sleaze wouldn’t do the same.Slags from top to bottom, generation to generation. Andrew was just another in a long line.

  192. galamcennalath says:

    wullie says:

    The worst performing publicly funded organisation in Scotland is the BBC.

    Totally agree. As a public service broadcaster, they fail utterly and completely. Their role SHOULD be to report, inform, facilitate balanced debate, and reflect the society they are supposed to serve.

    However, as a propaganda arm of the UK state, they operate as we might expect. They see THAT role as being to over report the negative, under report the positive, ensure debate is biased, and to present an infantilised version of society.

    The situation will only change after independence.

  193. Famous15 says:

    Colin Alexander 0837.

    And there was me thinking hewas a concern troll.


  194. manandboy says:

    Freedom of expression involves supporting and defending the rights of others * but not the SNP *, to say things we don’t want to hear.


    Jodie Ginsberg, Chief Executive of Index on Censorship said: on Mirror ban from Johnson’s election bus, “I think it’s appalling.

    “Freedom of expression involves supporting and defending the rights of others to say things we don’t want to hear.”

    Except in Scotland, and on TV – naturally.

  195. Republicofscotland says:

    So Ryan Houghton (Tory councillor) is suspended from Aberdeen council for his disgraceful remarks but the Tories are still standing by him.

    Houghtons suspension brings the number of unionist councillors suspended at Aberdeen council up to eleven.

    Nine Labour councillors are in limbo for doing deals with the Tories, whilst one Tory councillor Alan Donnelly faces charges of sexual harassment, and then there’s Houghton and his appalling remarks.

  196. Gary45% says:

    As said many times before, the only way, THE ONLY WAY to hurt the BBC is to stop paying the TV licence.
    Protest, send letters complain to the relevant bodies, it will do nothing.
    The democratically elected Scottish government is ignored and berated at every opportunity,(because its the wrong party) by these establishment lackys, so “Joe punter” will get nowhere. Hit the bast*rds in their funding, it is the only way, nothing else works.
    Is Brendas crimbo day speech worth the licence???

    LBC just going to Embra for Alexi Salmondov latest.

  197. Gary45% says:

    A wee o/t
    The next Indy white paper, better have an Independent Scottish media broadcaster as a mandate, as citizens we have to get a better source of media in Scotland.
    With the Salmond case now on, at least the SNP will get a daily mention on LBC.

  198. Effijy says:

    Vote Tory, or any other Westminster based party and keep the Tories ruling over Scotland.

    Never forget you Prime Minister is on record as hating Scots.
    He would put us in a Ghetto and Eliminate us.

    He said he would always invest in England before Scotland.

    The Tories have now made us 3rd class citizens with N Ireland
    Getting their wish to stay in the customs union while our claim is rejected.

    Vote for Westminster the parliament that brought in the need for millions to use Food Banks
    Even when in employment.

    They introduced period poverty to the UK in the 21st Century.

    They gave us a decade of recession and we are still in a decade of Austerity
    To pay off the bill for the Casino Bankers.

    For the 57th year in a row the gap between the average working man and the rich elite has widened

    They introduced Universal Discredit.

    They sold of to the rich our Electricity, Gas, Telecoms and State oil company, etc

    The ignore Scotland’s wish to remain in the EU.
    They insult us in Parliament, they use the UK media against us they control our TV by stopping any shows showing the reality if English cruelty while invading Scotland

    They hid the McCrone report as top secret for 30 years so we couldn’t see how rich an independent
    Scotland would be.
    We found the Tory leaked e-mail showing how the GERS figures could be manipulated to confuse

    We are not to know the political connections behind the Dunblane massacre for 100 years.

    Every word of the Vow at the last Indy Ref was a lie to Scotland and here they all are now with their latest barrow load of lies.

    For pity sake Scotland wake up or all of the above will escalate and you will be a prisoner in a fascist state.

  199. manandboy says:

    “Everyone who does evil hates the light, and will not come into the light for fear he will be exposed.” (John 3:20)

    Across much of the British Media, the public is witnessing a huge cover up of the Prime Minister’s misdeeds, both past and present, as well as those still in the pipeline.

    If details of Boris Johnson’s unlawful conduct were brought out into the full light of day for the public to see, it is virtually impossible that he would be able to continue as PM.

    While that is probably also true of a great many others, we are not vying to run the UK, and, in addition, run it into the ground

  200. Famous15 says:

    Now that I have read the charges against Alex Salmond and the locus of many of the offences charged I guess there will be no shortage of “independent” prosecution witnesses.

    We await the trial with interest.

  201. manandboy says:

    2. Through lies and corruption, UK politics may be not just sick, but terminally ill. Time will tell.

    On to Independence for Scotland.

    The Marriage is finished. All that’s left is the Divorce.

  202. manandboy says:

    On this day, 99 years ago in Croke Park, Dublin. The British Government opened fire on Irish football supporters. The British Government shot and killed 13 innocent peaceful protesters in 1979 on the streets of Derry. Another Bloody Sunday. The British Government doesn’t change much.

    One wonders, in the turmoil of Brexit, what the British Government will do next. History shows quite clearly that the British Government is capable of doing anything, with atrocities its speciality.

    “The last three unmarked graves of the 14 people killed on Bloody Sunday in Dublin 99 years ago have been replaced with commemorative headstones.

    The headstones were unveiled during a ceremony in Glasnevin Cemetery of the youngest victim – 10-year-old Jerome O’Leary – along with Patrick O’Dowd and Michael Feery.

    On 21 November 1920, British forces opened fire in Croke Park during a football match between Dublin and Tipperary killing 14 people and injuring dozens of others.

    The attack was in retaliation for the killing of 14 men in an IRA operation targeting British agents earlier that morning.”
    (RTE twitter)

  203. mountain shadow says:

    Quick question, as it’s hard to tell from some press reports, but are these allegations against Alex Salmond from 10 different women?

  204. Reluctant Nationalist says:

    Was I the only one to laugh at the description of Alex ‘lying on top of’ one of the damsels? It conjures up the image of him like this:

  205. admiral says:

    Famous15 says:
    21 November, 2019 at 10:45 am

    Now that I have read the charges against Alex Salmond and the locus of many of the offences charged I guess there will be no shortage of “independent” prosecution witnesses.
    We await the trial with interest.

    It smells a bit like the old scatter gun approach, in the hope that at least something sticks.

    You do wonder why alleged offences against so many different women in so many different locations took so long to come to light. You do wonder why one of the most media-scrutinised politicians (and mostly by an implacably hostile media at that) escaped the attention of the authorities for the best part of a decade whilst committing so many alleged offences.

  206. galamcennalath says:

    manandboy says:

    On this day, 99 years ago in Croke Park, Dublin. The British Government opened fire on Irish football supporters.

    There’s a pattern which emerges from this event and others, both in Ireland and elsewhere. The UK authorities put a bunch of armed hooligans into a tense situation then lose control of them.

    History will decide whether such events are by cockup or design. A skeptic might point out it allows a degree of official deniability.

  207. Sandy says:

    Jackson Carlaw. What a shite of a man.

  208. Sinky says:

    @Sandy says

    FMQs What do you expect from a bankrupt second hand car salesman?

    Richard Leonard absolutely skewered by First Minister over NHS and Labour voting last night with the Tories against the principle of the NHS Protection Bill, thus protecting the NHS from being sold off in a trade deal with Trump…

  209. Iain mhor says:


    Interesting read, thanks for the links.

  210. Giving Goose says:

    Interesting to do a comparison between Prince Andrew and Alex Salmond.
    One goes to court and the other has to stay at home in his palace.

  211. HandandShrimp says:

    The Salmond case is strange. Usually individuals in such cases have a reputation for being “handy” or a bit sleazy. Andrew was known as Randy Andy. Everyone suspected Savile of being dodgy and someone I knew who had met Rolf Harris said he was like an octopus.

    Anyone ever heard similar about Alex? It came as a bit of surprise when it surfaced suddenly after his political career was over.

    The court case will no doubt entertain the tabloids for weeks when it starts. I suspect a number of the charges are there simply to give the impression of both a trend and a period of time and will likely be dropped in due course. The serious stuff mostly seems to stem from the 2013/2014 Indy campaign.

  212. Old Pete says:

    How do you get a fair and independent jury for Mr. Salmond after releasing such details of his alleged actions ? If he is innocent of these actions he surely is going to have a hard time proving it, the media hate him and are rubbing their hands with glee. Expect more dirt before his trial.

  213. Dr Jim says:

    Former FM Alex Salmond trial postponed till March to accommodate space for further 3 million charges and 19.000 witnesses to be found

  214. Andy Hay says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen so much ‘detail’ given this early on in a case.

    They are at it.

    Awesome timing too.

  215. raineach says:

    @HandandShrimp. I met Saville on a few occasions when I lived in Onich. He and what was commonly thought to be his partner lived in Glencoe. He was thought locally to be gay, and a crashing bore, but no suggestion of a danger to children. Also, I have known Alex for decades and heard all sorts of probably wrong tales about him. But this? Not a word

  216. gullaneno4 says:

    I see Patel has blamed the society who voted in a Tory government for UK poverty.
    Nothing to do with the Tory government seemingly

  217. Iain mhor says:

    @twathater 2:21am

    It’s pretty much the amendments they are objecting to, as opposed to the initial motion.
    The way it goes with these things is: Party Y’s Motion (A) “Do a good thing and by the way, Party X and its government is shite”
    Party X submits Motion (B) to amend Motion (A) to: “..Do a good thing and Party X isn’t shite, its government is doing quite well”

    Votes for Motion (B)? Carried – Motion (A) is amended.
    Votes for Motion (A) as amemded? Defeated – Motion (A) as amended is not carried.

    Fundamentally it’s: “We only want the Motion doing the good things to carry unamended, so we get Parliament to agree Party X and its government is shite”

    In fairness (though there is nothing fair about dicking around like weans) often important ‘Motions’ are resubmitted at a later date, without all the pish and eventually ‘Carried’ – Not always though.
    It’s a way of appearing to be doing a good thing and blaming someone else for it not being done – because you can’t conscionably agree to their “bad amendments” – when you wanted the motion to fail all along.
    It can backfire.

  218. Republicofscotland says:


  219. Republicofscotland says:

    Apologies for above mistake.

    Today we had the Labour branch office in Scotland at FMQs attempt to berate the FM on employment law, when it is clearly a reserved matter to Westminster, when informed it was a reserved matter by the FM, the Labour branch lackeys appeared to just shrug their shoulders as if to say so what.

  220. Dan says:

    A question I’ve been mulling over for a good long while now, which appears to be progressing as can be seen from Marky Booth’s tweet…

    …was bumped back up my radar after reading this.

    A week or so back we became aware of the wording in the proposed Withdrawal Act that was attempting to enable the UK government to shut the devolved administrations without parliamentary consent.
    If that were to happen, where would that leave aspects such as the Scottish Outdoor Access Code legislation / act?

  221. kapelmeister says:

    Jo Swinson told us a wee while ago that there were no limits to her ambitions for her party. The other day she wished to make it clear there would be no limits to her waging of war if she was PM.

    Are both these attitudes not symptomatic of someone with megalomania?

  222. mr thms says:

    Thought I would leave this here..

    “What can people say about the case now?

    As soon as someone is arrested in Scotland, strict rules come into force which severely limit what the media is able to say about the case.”


  223. Labours manifesto nothing about, closing theHouse of Lords nothing about doing away with trident nothing about stopping all tax avoidance havens loopholes etc., or doing away with the need for food banks I should not be surprised they are only running true to form avoiding doing the real things to help the people they pretend to help while they themselves become lords and dames any one who is voting for them must be mad or voting Tory or lib dem is just as mad no the only party that is on the record for helping the people are the SNP and that is a fact and of course for doing so they are bad mouthed by all the other parties because an honest debate would prove that the SNP have made Scotland the best country in the UK. To live in in only 10or12years thus showing up the failings of the other parties and so they fear and hate the SNP for what ??? Helping the people a thing they would never have had the courage to do

  224. Jack Murphy says:

    First Minister’s Questions. The concluding few minutes


    “To ask the First Minister what action the Scottish Government is taking in response to reports that one in 20 households that use food banks has an unstable income due to self-employment or being on a zero-hour contract.”

    In response First Minister Nicola Sturgeon invited Labour to join with her in a letter to the UK government asking for the devolution of Employment Law to the Scottish Parliament.

    Scottish Parliament TV. First Minister’s Questions. Debating Chamber:

  225. callmedave says:

    Was out and about most of today but caught the end of FMQ’s on the car radio.

    It doesn’t bother the opposition parties what is devolved or what isn’t they just plough on regardless… all grist to the BBC mill. (if I can use two agricultural analogies) 🙁

    Missed the Tory Q and Ricky Leonard Q but I’ll catch up later.

    Oh! Sporting both my blue (old) and white (new) wings badges today

    The handy tool thingy aye? …well it might take a stone out of a horses hoof forbye all else it does. Nice mints too in a wings tin box. 🙂

    Thanks Rev and Aye Mail.

  226. twathater says:

    @ Iain Mhor @ 1.32 pm aye Iain I realised after I had posted the link that the whiteness of anger had taken over my brain ?? I was so incensed after reading republicofscotlands link that liebour had voted as usual alongside their fellow colonialists in an attempt to defeat the amendment

    I completely forgot the BAIN principle

  227. callmedave says:

    Two Panel Base polls within the last 10 minutes (she says) doing her computer stuff.

    1st one ‘how are the leaders doing’? SNP are in there.

    2nd she wont tell me…Hmmm! Maybe later!

  228. Tatu3 says:

    Received my handy tool thingy today. A good wee extra gift for my husband this Christmas. Many thanks

  229. callmedave says:


    2nd Poll Panel Base: She was kicked off (didn’t meet the criteria) 🙁

    She’s fizzing! (maybe too old, but I never said) 🙂 Shhh!

  230. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    Another on-the-button article from WGD. On quasi-leftoid Establishment front C4’s recent news coverage supposedly of Scotland, but – as always – really only as metro England sees us.

    Then on slippery Michael Gove’s appearance:

    The irony of someone who campaigned for Vote Leave posing as a factchecker is off the scale. Michael Gove is about as reliable and trustworthy as a month old prawn sandwich that’s been kept in a hot car.

    On Scotland, he was concerned to make sure that Alister Jack was slapped down for talking out of turn when he said the previous day that if Scotland’s voters gave the SNP a majority in 2021 then there might possibly maybe perhaps be a mandate for another independence referendum. There would be no such thing, he harrumphed. Scotland would get another independence referendum when the Conservatives in Westminster said so. Which would be never. It’s not for the Scotland Secretary to make decisions about Scotland. That’s way above his pay grade.

    If this election is about anything here, it’s not about Serial Liar vs Magic Grandpa, it’s about a visibly-failing English Establishment desperately trying to save face and hold on to its last colony.

  231. manandboy says:

    Two days ago Allison Pearson in The Telegraph, suggested:-

    “Prince Andrew should withdraw from royal duties – his priority must be to protect the Queen”.

    As if he was a grown up in charge of something.

    His mammy has grounded her wee boy, Allison. He’s been bad. Very bad.

    England is going to the dogs.

    The Brexit ‘Avalanche’ continues careering downhill. Even if it stopped right now, the mess would be bad enough, but it is pretty obvious there’s a very long way to go.

    I’m made to think of dry rot.

  232. manandboy says:

    Anyone seen or heard of Indyref2 badges. People in Germany are crying out for them. Apparently.

  233. Dan says:

    Woof woof. Paul Kavanagh and I separated at birth. lol

    Paul today:
    “Michael Gove is about as reliable and trustworthy as a month old prawn sandwich that’s been kept in a hot car.”

    I a week ago:
    “Labour Scotchland, with their leader Reflux Langoustine seem about as popular as munching a plate of out of date seafood.”

    OT – My first parsnip is officially over a foot long, that’s 300mm for the millennials reading in…
    NB to avoid hate speech accusations, I grew it from a parsnip seed and it looks to all intents and purposes like a parsnip, but of course it may SelfID as a carrot or strawbeery for all I know, this situation is really twisting my melons as I don’t know what recipe I should use to cook it.

  234. manandboy says:

    The English perspective on Scotland’s Independence is simple. The wife has filed for divorce, and our Imperial Masters can see her taking all her money with her.

    Even though they don’t have much use for the truth, it doesn’t stop the Ruling Class from recognising it.

  235. Capella says:

    @ Dr Jim – I notice the BBC had blanked out Nicola Sturgeon’s face on the website. I looked for other politicians to see whether anyone else was blanked out but couldn’t find one. Jeremy Corbyn, Boris Johnston and Jo Swinson all presented with faces.

    How bizarre. The BBC are positively creepy.

  236. Famous15 says:

    Sarah Smith on BBC 6 o clock news regarding Alex Salmond.

    “It is frankly astounding to see a man who held such high office accused of serious sexual offences, allegedly committed while he was First Minister of Scotland.”

    Exactly.I am astounded beyond belief.

  237. Republicofscotland says:

    The ultra unionist STV news leads with Salmond and the SNHS bad stories.

    Meanwhile on Salmond.

    With regards to Salmond and Prince Andrew, the latter gets a soft touch from the media, he’s decided to retire from public life, aww, that’s sad poor Prince Andrew.

    Alex Salmond on the otherhand, gets the he’s a rapist!!!!!!!!!!! (Tiny writing, and quiet voice – allegedly) By the same unionist media.

    Of the two I know who my money’s on as being the guilty party.

  238. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    Republicofscotland @ 18:34,

    Interesting and revealing comparison. Exactly like the media treatment of the NHS north and south of the border (among other things).

  239. Republicofscotland says:

    Famous 15.

    Julian Assange was fitted up in a similar manner in Sweden, only for the Swedish judiciary to drop the charges altogether recently.

    Assanges prison sentence ended a few weeks back there, but instead of releasing the publisher the British government are detaining him in the maximum security prison Belmarsh.

    The British government are determined to hold onto him illegally I might add, until the USA ask them to extradite Assange.

  240. North chiel says:

    Latest “ Scottish crisis” emanating from “ propaganda Quay” is “ Scottish” prisons overcrowding “crisis “Perhaps the BBC could vacate the Pathetic Quay building and it could be used for “ temporary overspill purposes” ?? . Maybe a few of the current inhabitants might wish considering remaining thereafter ( for further research purposes ?

  241. HandandShrimp says:

    Propaganda Quay making a concerted effort to be as negative as possible over the last few days – a noticeable increase in the doom and gloom. That said Prince Andrew has pretty much blown their efforts out the water.

  242. Muscleguy says:

    And the operating rules for Statoil were written by an oil economist from Sierra Leone who did the opposite of what happened there. He was a refugee and went to the oil ministry hoping to get a job, met two guys in the lobby who asked if he knew anything about setting up oil companies and he was hired on the spot.

    The Norwegians put a Black African refugee in charge of Statoil to get it going.

  243. Pete Barton says:

    @Muscle guy

    I think you’ll find he was an Iraqi. .

    Jus sayin, like..

  244. Pete Barton says:

    Sorry I’ve forgotten the archive thingy..

  245. Famous15 says:

    Jo Swinson is plummeting the Lib Dems’ popularity.

    Likening her to Princess Leia Organa is not a good look for Star Wars though obliterating a planet by pressing a button may be within genre.

  246. cynicalHighlander says:

    @Pete Barton

  247. Dr Jim says:

    John Beattie thought he was a journalist for a minute as he tried to machine gun Nicola Sturgeon on the BBC9, he’ll no doubt not care that he certainly won’t be on the FMs Christmas list, because he wont, he tried a cheap shot and she whacked it back into his not very bright face as his co host tried to take over and the FM wasn’t having that either

    We know by their obvious behaviour that the BBC has been instructed to monster everything they can about the SNP, that’s why they opened the programme saying that they couldn’t talk about Alex Salmond then proceeded to do just that by asking the FM how it would affect her campaign

    The FM also batted that one back too


    I remember when in the 70s the BBC used to blank out the voice of the Sinn Fein at that time under instructions from the Westminster government as if in some way the sound of a man speaking his political views was going to radicalise us or make us *terrorists* that was clear blocking of freedom of speech and creating the impression and implication that he and his party were bad and that was the end of it, so for the BBC or any other broadcaster to say they are impartial is utter mince

    Broadcasters comply with the instructions they’re ordered to by Westminster, if they’re ordered to lie, they will, if they’re ordered to back off, they will, if they’re ordered to invent, they will

    The media is a puppet propaganda arm of Westminster government, if it weren’t then Westminster would have devolved that *power* a long time ago because why would anybody fear impartiality and the truth, Westminster does

  248. manandboy says:

    I wouldn’t exactly be brokenhearted if the BBC in Scotland, under the orchestration of the British Nationalist, Donalda MacKinnon, were to be terminated.

  249. Dan says:

    BBC bias being mentioned…what’s new…

    And a good post by heedtracker in the btl comments with more info on Donalda.

  250. Sinky says:

    BBC TV 10 news has Sarah Smith really milking the Alex Salmond hearing. Can’t remember any other charge sheet being publicly aired on such detail.
    Can’t see how they can get 15 jurors who don’t have an opinion on Alex Salmond.

  251. robertknight says:

    For complaints regarding either the election or Salmond coverage on the British state-funded broadcast media outlet, write to…

    BritNat Brainwashing Channel
    Factory of Lies
    G51 1DA

  252. Dan says:

    Ahh ffs, another post held moderation. Guess it must be because I mentioned ex poster headtrucker.

  253. birnie says:

    I fully expect to hear many pre_emptive calls for the First Minister’s withdrawal from political life on account of her association with an alleged offending former FM.

  254. Still Positive says:


  255. Jock McDonnell says:

    Wee Nic wins again.

  256. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    Hi Dr Jim at 9:39 pm.

    You typed,
    “I remember when in the 70s the BBC used to blank out the voice of the Sinn Fein at that time under instructions from the Westminster government as if in some way the sound of a man speaking his political views was going to radicalise us or make us *terrorists*…”

    Yes, I remember that ploy…

  257. Still Positive says:

    Why no comments for ages?

  258. boris says:

    16 Nov 2019 – Ballantyne uses her Twitter page to attack the SNP

    She posted: In the last week alone, this SNP Government has:

    1. Helped cover up the death of a child.
    2. Destroyed internal memos to avoid accountability.
    3. Told to stop misusing unemployment figures.

    “This election really think about it. Is this really who you want to represent you?”

    She certainly got a response. Fill your boots with the many thousands of negative replies she received. The Twitterati demolished her. But so enamored with Tory Party dogma attacks on the Scots she ignores the people she claims to represent. But she was only 6th on the list of Tory candidates for the MSP position. Yet still made it to Holyrood. Strings pulled!!!!!!!

  259. jfngw says:

    Ready for a laugh, Murdo Fraser has won e-politician of the year at the Herald. I can only think that the e is for erse, no, nothing else coming to mind. Anybody else what the the e could stands for?

  260. HandandShrimp says:

    Watching Brexit Time. Phillipa doing well and Chukka is a polished speaker whatever ones views on his politics. The rest of the panel are a bit strange to be honest with the Labour chap an escapee from Carry On Screaming incapable of precis and the Tory a faceless clone.

  261. HandandShrimp says:


  262. boris says:

    On the evening news, tonight Smith droned on and on about the charges being levelled against Alex Salmon. It might be she can be persuaded to name the BBC executives that sexually harassed her female colleagues

  263. HandandShrimp says:

    The once in a generation opportunity comment by Alex Salmond was a one off observation. Corbyn has said this election is a once in a generation chance to change our country for the better umpteen times. Boy is the country borked if he doesn’t win. We will be duty bound not to improve the country for a generation otherwise (something Boris will be happy to deliver).

    I wonder if Blair McD bangs his head off a wall every time he hears it.

  264. Capella says:

    @ Dr Jim – yes I remember when the Tories refused to broadcast Gerry Adams’ voice and had an actor read out his words. I also remember the phrase they used – to deny Sinn Fein the “oxygen of publicity”.

    That’s what they’re doing with the SNP now.

  265. Dr Jim says:

    So the episode of Gogglebox that thousands of Scots complained about including the SNP official complaint has just been repeated by Channel 4

    Unionists in Scotland might think they find this amusing because it makes fun of the FM who they oppose but what they don’t seem to understand is these people were taking the mickey out of all Scots people and by some miracle should any of their politicians become FM they will be treated no differently by the general public in England because, and get it into your heads Unionists, English people believe Scottish people shouldn’t have a say on anything and don’t count

    It’s not a case of English people not liking Scots, they just don’t care, they only care about themselves and that’s OK with me too, but wake up Unionists, that means you too, you don’t count

  266. Sandy says:

    Old chestnut;

    Knock, knock,
    Who’s there,
    Alex who.
    OK, you’ll do for the jury.

  267. call me dave says:


    Sturgeon crowned politician of the year for the fifth time 🙂

    says The National front page along with

    Salmond in court charged with fourteen sex offences. 🙁

    Paper review for sure on Good Moaning Scotland later today.

  268. Breeks says:

    boris says:
    21 November, 2019 at 11:43 pm
    On the evening news, tonight Smith droned on and on about the charges being levelled against Alex Salmon. It might be she can be persuaded to name the BBC executives that sexually harassed her female colleagues….

    Mystic Meg prediction? Alex Salmond’s Case will fall apart on a “technicality” before the trumped up case is tried, and before Mr Salmond is ever vindicated, leaving the innuendo and smears to linger indefinitely like a bad smell. Standard MO for the UK which wants someone discredited.

    Let us hope and pray that “technicality” doesn’t turn out to be sudden ill health, or worse, suffered upon Mr Salmond and impacting upon his ability to defend himself and clear his name, – just as the health of Julian Assange takes a mysterious and shocking nosedive in UK “custody”. How “convenient” would it be if Mr Assange was to die of “natural” causes before giving testimony…

    Be in no doubt. Alex Salmond is still a threat to the UK’s rotten realm, and the rotten and vindictive Establishment won’t leave him be or take their eye off him until he’s not.

    Stay strong Mr Salmond. You’re a true Statesman of global caliber and a credit to Scotland. Sarah Smith isn’t fit to mention your name.

    I’m not a superstitious / spiritual type ordinarily, but I also feel it in my bones that your central part in the story of Scotland’s Independence is not yet over. The best is yet to come, and a free Scotland will one day bask in the warm glow of truth and revelation… and justice.

    In the meantime Scotland, do the right thing, and stand by your man.

  269. Dorothy Devine says:

    I too remember the farcical idiocy over actors voices used for Sinn Fein leaders.

    They can’t do that to the SNP so they use their reporters interpretation of what is said with the usual last word taken either by the reporter or some hapless unionist like Annie Wells.

    It reminds me of the weaselly ‘you might say that , I couldn’t possibly comment ‘ – plant the seed and have someone else water it and the BBBC and STV have hosepipes full ready to distort , mislead and drown anything worthwhile.

  270. Iain 2 says:

    Well done Nicola.

  271. North chiel says:

    Propaganda Quay off the mark this morning with the now daily anti SNHS story highlighting ( as usual ) tragic individual cases . It is almost if it is a “ drip feed strategy “ , with some of these tragic individual cases going back some years all appearing now to coincide with the election campaign . I assume that these individual cases have been investigated over a period of time and all seem to be now simoultaneously appearing on our screens . Perhaps it is just a coincidence, however I remain sceptical with Jean Freeman and now our FM mentioned in the context of these tragic individual cases . I am genuinely sorry , however we have one of the finest health services in the world , and individual politicians cannot be held responsible for each individual tragic case.

  272. Robert Louis says:

    Fake ‘rape’ charges were used by the Swedish Govenrment, under direct diktat from the USA, in order to ‘get’ the publisher Julian Assange, for pulbishing the truth about the corrupt USA and its murder of completely innocent people. Now Assange has been ‘caught’ and held in a max security prison in London, the FAKE ‘rape’ charges have been dropped.

    This is how it is done. Make no mistake. They don’t shoot people on highland roads nowadays, just smear them with false sexual abuse allegations. reputation tarnished forever, job done.

    And then we have Alex Salmond. Till the day I die, I will not believe those charges levelled against him.

  273. stuart mctavish says:

    Nice one Sandy, brought a much needed smile assuming its not the Bute House door being knocked

  274. skintybroko says:

    North chiel – agree completely ” we have one of the finest health services in the world , and individual politicians cannot be held responsible for each individual tragic case.”

    The other major issue is that for all the letters written to ministers etc., are not all read by the minister, more often than not the response is from one of their minions – do the minions vet letters? Are they politically motivated as to what and what not to escalate t the minister? – I don’t know how it works, anyone able to enlighten me?

  275. Dorothy Devine says:

    Don’t suppose anyone has pointed out that sick people are in hospital and some of them , despite the best efforts of the staff , tragically die.

    I haven’t yet managed to conjure up a bubonic plague for our ‘impartial ‘ media but I continue in my efforts.

  276. winifred mccartney says:

    The new hospital – the southern general (still to me) – the death of any child is a terrible loss but when the sickest children in half of Scotland are all in the same hospital and are very weak and very very ill it is not surprising some of them die – it is of course tragic for families but many will live thanks to that very same hospital and its fabulous staff.

    Blatantly biased bbc have just jumped on labours ambulance chasing service.

    However if anything is wrong with the hospital – like not putting systems in up to specification then of course it must be investigated and corrected and people responsible brought to book. But no govt can stand on the shoulders of firms building these hospitals, flats or whatever and watch there every move – we need to bring back clerks of work and more inspection for buildings of all kinds.

  277. Daisy Walker says:

    Worth a look and a share – You Tube TSSA Euro Thanks

    For your info.

  278. mr thms says:

    BBC Breakfast live from Norwich talking about NHS England but not referring to it by its name NHS England and not politicising it as BBC Scotland does with NHS Scotland. They have not blamed the government or criticised the Health Minister for all of its failings of which there are many.

    I looked up how many trusts in NHS England were under special measures for quality or financial reasons and there are fifteen!

    Scotland has one.

  279. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

    “Murdo Fraser has won e-politician of the year at the Herald.“

    Another downside of the repeal of the OBF & Threatening Communications Act!

    Was it on account of all the likes and upvoting of his tweets by folk with 1690 in their profiles?

    How close did Adam “It’s the Law; These colours don’t run” Tompkins come in behind Turdo to take second place?


  280. wullie says:

    There are a number of hospitals in England that have been or are on black alert. As I understand the term Black Alert would normally only be used in areas of military conflict. Syria etc.

  281. wullie says:

    “Murdo Fraser has won e-politician of the year at the Herald.“
    That will be E BA GOOM. He would not want it any other way

  282. Footsoldier says:

    BBC Scotland website majoring on “ScotRail misses target to stop dumping sewage on tracks” whereas the headline should be “English firm fails to deliver trains on time resulting in sewage on Scottish rail tracks”.

  283. AndyMcKangry says:

    Is there any left under 70 and not wearing tweed with patches on the elbows of their cardigan still reading the Herald??

  284. gus1940 says:

    Given the graphic details disclosed yesterday and gleefully splashed all over the media how can the accused possibly face a fair trial?

    All prospective jurors will have been aware of said details and unconsciously conditioned for several months pre trial.

    I have thought for a long time that the intention of the Guys In The Black Hats was to make a fair trial impossible and so to leave the mud sticking.

  285. Iain mhor says:

    @Handandshrimp 11:54pm

    As you observe, when you attempt to weaponise an ubiquitous phrase, it will be turned against you if you inadvertently use it yourself.

    The ‘generation’ comment is on Page 1 of ‘Scotlands Future’ the white Paper produced prior to 2014. It seems an adopted slogan at the time, as opposed to a random, throwaway comment. Though in context, its interpretation as a promise, as opposed to a warning, depends on one’s graps of social idioms, psychology or ulterior motive.

    Perhaps if the Unionists take to collectively saying “You have two chances of ever seeing another Indyref” – We could run around in tears saying ‘You promised we would have another two chances!’

    Misinterpreting a phrase just makes one appear stupid. So I don’t think their ‘generation’ bleating has much traction to be honest, people generally know what the phrase implies.

  286. Famous15 says:

    W McCartney @ 8.30

    YES! Bring back “Clerk of Works”

    They provided objective inspection on site at every stage of the building process.

    I tried to find out when and why they stopped being used and an insider said Labour’s introduction of PFI gave contractors the muscle to make it a condition that the contractor would carry out the duties of a Clerk of Works.

    I cannot verify this and do not wish to add to Labour’s woes but any information would help.

    To me,having the contractor carrying out quality control is like putting the monkeys in charge of the zoo! (i was striving for political correctness but apologise to any LibDem offended)

  287. mr thms says:

    Another example of BBC Scotland’s bias by omission.

    This Guardian article on dumping human waste is from the 3rd November

    “A pledge to end the dumping of human waste on railway tracks in England and Wales by the end of the year will no longer be met, Network Rail and train firms have admitted.”

    The ‘story’ does not appear on the BBC website, and I do not recall seeing it on BBC main news, BBC Breakfast or BBC News 24.

  288. Dr Jim says:

    It’s no us, it’s no us bleat BBC journalists, it’s the politicians who refuse to answer our questions on behalf of the public, bleats the BBC

    Except once again the *journalists* are lying because if a politician refuses to answer a question or deflects a question it’s up to the viewing public to decide whether they like it or not, not the interviewer

    The Journalists have their tricks to get them what they want says Bryan Taylor, and there we have it folks, they admit they set out to trick politicians into getting what they want from them yet complain about politicians using abilities to avoid affording them that opportunity

    BBC journalists seem to be under the impression and have taken it upon themselves that they’re acting as judge and jury *on our behalf* as they set about their trials by media and the point is that we’re the public, the media are not the public and nobody ever asked the media to hound people, hack their phones, invent stories so prominant people are forced to answer questions about things that never happened or indeed the most used favourite technique of interviewing journalists “critics have said* without informing the public of who those “critics” are when it’s usually the journalists themselves who invented the unamed “critics”

    Yes the public want to know about stuff that goes on but the media channels decide who they want to badger and who they don’t and that’s the problem because when they do that it becomes noticable to *the publc* that the questioning journalists are either completely biased against some and not others, or are playing God because they believe they should have the power and authority to do that

    And we’ve all seen what that leads to before, and the government still won’t sort it because they’re the ones who make most use of it

    Corruption sounds like a a seedy thing when you say it, but it’s usually because you don’t see it and it’s almost always the journalist you never heard of who uncovers it then you tend not to hear from them much ever again, because there are lots of things the British state are quite happy that you didn’t know, that’s why they keep the employment of their cosmetic journalists like the BBC under their control

  289. manandboy says:



    UK defies UN deadline to return Chagos Islands
    Refusal to return archipelago to Mauritius ‘lawless’ and ‘reflects colonial mindset’ says barrister

    Britain’s “outright defiance” of a UN deadline to hand the Chagos Islands to Mauritius by Friday, in a final act of African “decolonisation”, has been condemned by Mauritius and the globally-scattered communities of exiled islanders.

    The UK’s refusal to end its occupation of the Indian Ocean archipelago is expected to be marked by protests outside the UK high commission in the Mauritian capital, Port Louis, organised by those who were forcibly deported more than 40 years ago and their descendants.

    The Labour party’s election manifesto, published on Thursday, pledges to allow Chagossians to resettle in their homeland.

    Earlier this year, the UN general assembly voted by an overwhelming majority of 116 to six countries in favour of a motion condemning Britain’s occupation of the remote islands and demanding what the Foreign Office terms British Indian Ocean Territory (BIOT) be reunified with Mauritius.

    An advisory opinion by the International Court of Justice (ICJ), in The Hague, found the islands had been illegally severed from Mauritius in the 1960s. The president of the ICJ, Abdulqawi Ahmed Yusuf, urged the UK and other member states to “complete the decolonisation of Mauritius”.

    The UK regards neither the ICJ judgment nor the UN motion as binding.

    The UN vote in May, which underlined Britain’s diplomatic isolation in the aftermath of the Brexit referendum, set a six-month deadline for UK withdrawal, which expires on Friday. The Chagos archipelago is the last African territory to be held by the UK.

    Prof Philippe Sands QC, who represented Mauritius at The Hague, said: “The failure to give effect to the [ICJ] ruling and general assembly decision is lawless and deeply regrettable, a reflection of a continuing colonial mindset. It undermines the UK’s supposed commitment to the rule of law.

    “It will serve merely to enhance that sense of international isolation, no different from South Africa in relation to Namibia in the 1970s.

    “In the eyes of many, the forcible removal of the Chagossians, and the continuing refusal to allow them to return, after the ICJ and general assembly have spoken so clearly, is akin to a crime against humanity – all the more so after 22 November. The court has made crystal clear that Chagos is and has always been a part of Mauritius.”

  290. Bobp says:

    If they treat the un deadline over the chagos islands with contempt, what will they do to keep Scotland bound fast?.

  291. Sarissa says:

    Stu – replying here as I’m not a Twitter follower.

    Re the ‘surprise’ Loxwood by-election result in Chichester:

    The LibDem elected candidate in May 2019 promptly defected to the Greens in July so a scunnered electorate has promptly returned to their decades-old primary allegiance.

  292. mr thms says:

    We know the Chagos archipelago, which are 2,000 kilometres away from Mauritius, islanders were moved to Mauritius to make way for a US military base. But, what do we know about the islands prior to its secession?

  293. AndyMcKangry says:

    You’re right famous 15. PFI or PPP as it became, effectively allowed contractors to “self certify” their work. Wonder who thought that was a great idea.
    It’s no rocket science!!

  294. starlaw says:

    BBC in Scotland now in all out survival mode. Roll on the day we see the last of this Propaganda programme and their low life so called journalists. . I have had enough.

  295. Scott says:

    Chagos Islands dispute: UK misses deadline to return control

    Agree with comments above,makes you ashamed to be “British” me I am a Scot and always will be.

  296. callmedave says:

    There I was in the cafe this morning adjacent to my Daily Mail reading old Tory at the next table with whom I have an almost daily cut thrust and parry exchange.

    She has a habit of raising issues from the morning headlines which generally can be hit for six by me with little effort in friendly enough way.

    Anyhoo! There it came

    “Och that’s terrible that front page” she utters and holds up the mail with Alex Salmond looking out at me.
    Then the unexpected “I don’t believe that” “I never voted for him but he was a good politician” adding “how is he going to get a fair trial”?

    Jings! This from a Tory and I might add ex-polis and on the children panel in past years. So there you go! 🙂

    She was none too happy about the dumping of human waste on the tracks in Scotland being delayed but I put her right on that one too.

    In Lidl Glenrothes after that and the four checkouts were crowded out and folk waiting but couldn’t pay by card as the Wi-Fi connection was intermittent.

    “Cash only here” said the checkout wifie and being an old fart still had cash in my pocket as well as a card so straight to the top of the queue…job done. 🙂


    Shares down and up like a yoyo for last two months and letter from broker in the mail. We got to talk…. see me asap!

    Treading treacle right enough maybe time to cash in and squirrel it into the dead zone with Nationwide?? 🙁

    By the way. When I got home Wi-Fi dodgy and intermittent you can’t win!

  297. kapelmeister says:

    It was a Labour government that forcibly removed the Chaggosians from their islands in the 1960s.

    Labour have not put anything about the missed UN deadline on the party’s official Twitter.

    Then again, the Chaggosians are few, and Labour are always telling us how they’re not for the few.

  298. manandboy says:

    The Guardian article did say, kapelmeister,

    “The Labour party’s election manifesto, published on Thursday, pledges to allow Chagossians to resettle in their homeland.”

  299. kapelmeister says:

    manandboy @ 12:03

    But not in the early years of a Labour government, eh? LOL.

  300. Dr Jim says:

    You know why the British can’t give up the Chagos islands?
    Because the Americans are paying rent and they’ll refuse to go, and the Brits like the money and they’re too scared to try to order the Yanks out, so once again that can gets kicked so much there can’t be much left of it

    The UN can’t order the Americans out because they’re not officially the occupiers it’s the slimy Brits again

    If Mauritius declared war on the UK and sent some folk over here to blow up some shit I bet the news would be instructed call them terrorists or rebels or dissidents or some other derogatory name designed to make the British public think the UK was in the right and once again everybody else in the world is bad and out to get the Brits for no reason at all

  301. kapelmeister says:

    More good news for the Mighty Swin. The Lib Dem candidate is the first to drop out after stage 1 in the council by-election in Moray.

  302. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    Dr Jim @ 09:51,

    I think it’s fairly clear from the deeds they do and the words they utter that BBC North Britain sees itself as the true opposition to the SG, a role it has presumably taken upon itself because the actual political opposition has long since failed to deliver (being largely incompetent and lacking in public support).

    Whereas BBC England (who, what?) sees itself as an emollient and complacent bystander which essentially believes UKOK is the best of all possible worlds, and believes it has a benign duty to defend it. Even to the point, it seems, of being perfectly willing to suppress all pursuit of BoZo’s lying for fear it would undermine public confidence in their precious little kingdom.

    The two operations, of course, are perfectly consonant with each other.

  303. Jack Murphy says:

    starlaw said at 11:36 am today:

    “BBC in Scotland now in all out survival mode. Roll on the day we see the last of this Propaganda programme and their low life so called journalists.
    I have had enough.”

    Thanks for reminding me of BBC Reporting Scotland and all who sail in her, and may I add that I’m fortunate to live and vote in Scotland BUT NEVER watch that awful programme, preferring instead to view the 6:30pm BBC London Local News giving the Greater London news WITHOUT JOURNALIST SPIN to a population of 5-6 million people which is far superior in content and devoid of Party politicising the London News without the ‘agenda’ we suffer on an almost daily basis from Pathetic Quay.

    Perhaps more people in Scotland should do precisely that—-re-tune your telly and leave BBC Reporting Scotland precisely where it belongs—

  304. Dr Jim says:

    @Robert J. Sutherland 12:51pm

    Keep her Majesty’s ship UK on an even keel of status quo, no matter which pillar of the red or blue Tories is in charge the UK can sail on uncomfortably but the course will be the same

    Support a thing in the south while opposing it in the north or the other way round whichever brings the desired stability of the UK vessel but never can they allow the waters to get choppy by letting in an idea of difference, the truth or facts, the disruption and threat to the UK cause then becomes too great to hold back

    I must have said it a thousand times and I’ll probably say it a thousand times more, the UK considers broadcasting a power and that’s why they refuse to devolve it, because if they did they fear other parts of the UK would use it for the same purpose they do

    By not devolving broadcasting the UK admits its own duplicity

  305. jfngw says:

    Number of ‘journalists’ now worried at a ‘class war’. The ones that seem most concerned are those that are actually in the top 5% of earners. Does anyone really believe these mega earners are impartial, they are not swayed by their own self interest and why most seem to be Tories.

  306. jfngw says:

    I actually now just burst out laughing at BBC Scotland news headlines, it’s not even subtle, you would have to be an imbecile to not notice their output is abysmal. You have lost all respect when I suspect half the population are either laughing or shaking their heads at them.

    Of course those there don’t care, they hope to be ‘discovered’ and moved onto what they see as the real BBC in London, or as a retirement home once London has spat them out.

  307. kapelmeister says:

    BBC Scotland doesn’t have newsreaders anymore.

    They have skewsreaders.

  308. callmedave says:

    Keith & Cullen by-election result (Moray Council):

  309. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

    Keith and Cullen By-Election result:

    Laura Powell, Conservative – 1,339

    Jock McKay, SNP – 1,184

    Rob Barsby, independent – 430

    Ian Aitchison, Liberal Democrat – 212

    Archive link to article in The Neo-Fascist Voice of the North:

    As per previous SNP really need to do more to GTVO!

    156 more votes and it would have been SNPs.

  310. Sarah says:

    @ callmedave at 11.00 or so: I enjoy the reports on your old Tory café “pal” – thanks for the boost today with her sceptical comments on the AS case.

    Did I mention the other day that a lifelong SNP activist neighbour of mine notices the improvement in the reaction when we are out and about putting up posters and on a street stall?

    Everyone, please share your good news tales – it helps me get through to December 12th relatively sane.

  311. kapelmeister says:

    Jockanese Wind Talker @ 2:36

    The SNP’s Jock McKay was only 95 votes behind the Tory on 1st preferences, and not 155 as wrongly reported by Moray Council’s Twitter and the P&J.

  312. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    kapelmeister @ 15:42,

    Jockanese Wind Talker @ 14:36 is right enough about getting people out, but in local elections with STV, it’s also about getting as many cross-preferences as possible. That can even overcome a small initial deficit. That’s why it can be quite instructive to analyse from where / to where all the 2nd, 3rd, etc. prefs flow (besides the largely predictable “independents” to Tory).

    And why it’s important to appeal to a wider public than just the party faithful.

  313. twathater says:

    The UN if it had any credibility should send a warning to the yookay that failure to adhere to a directive to return the Chagos islands to Mauritius will result in them being ejected from membership of the UN

    That would severely DENT their belief that they are exceptional because we all know that they LURVE broadcasting that they have a seat at the top table everywhere

    Can you picture the gammon heads exploding that these damn foreigners are being uppity and we may have to send in our great naval warships to put them right

  314. galamcennalath says:

    Sarah says:

    SNP activist neighbour of mine notices the improvement in the reaction when we are out and about

    Definitely. Feels more like 2015 than 2017. There’s a buzz in the air, and it ain’t bubble bees in December.

    SNP support is on the up IMO, we just need to get everyone out voting. Tories will vote, that’s always a certainty. Our voters need to get out everywhere. Nae excuses.

  315. twathater says:

    I noticed also on the Biased Bullshitting Corporations news that the magic grandpa has stated that if liebour are elected to government they will return the Chagos islands to Mauritius no ifs or buts

    Again the Jerm believes in democracy and the right of people to determine their own future , BUT JUST NOT SCOTLAND OR SCOTS

  316. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

    Nae like the Neofascist Voice of The North to be printing bullshit and trying to pass it off as fact @kapelmeister says!!


  317. galamcennalath says:

    BBC saying they won’t call politicians liars. Their excuse it that the voters should make their minds up.

    Firstly, that supposes that voters have access to balanced and reliable information to make reasoned decisions with. They won’t get that from the BBC!

    Secondly, there’s the old tale … when one guy says it’s raining, and one says it’s dry, the journalist’s job is not report both points of view, it’s to look out the window and write a story about which one is a lying barstand!

    Thirdly, it’s all bollocks and a feeble excuse for the BBC doing what it does …. state and establishment propaganda.

  318. Dr Jim says:

    The Empire of the UK of England Great Britain that can’t be trusted to obey inernational law when it comes to other countries and their peoples rights

    Trade deal you say? Hmm well let’s just have a think about that and we’ll get back to you

  319. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    twathater @ 16:51,

    Well observed.

    He’s for “the many not the few”, except of course for media electoral debate, where he’s only for the privileged cosy Cartel and nobody else.

    And don’t let’s forget that it was Labour in the Smith Commission which blocked broadcasting becoming a devolved competence, along with a host of other powers. Any hope that these colonial-style historical errors will also be corrected forthwith on his anointing?

    (Don’t laugh there at the back.)

  320. Dr Jim says:

    The SNP are in retreat says an opposition person on Sky news

    Ruth Davidson was a towering figure in Scottish politics says the person

    It makes you wonder do these these people’s hopeful wishful thinking think by saying this on the telly it’ll make it happen just because they said it to an English audience on Sky

    He did mention that the Tories had won an election but forgot to mention the five the SNP just won

  321. twathater says:

    RobertJS @ 5.38pm I watched the end of debate night during the week and was disappointed that at the end of the prog there was a young female espousing the liebour contingent in Scotland and the policies the magic grandpa was going to introduce for the people of Scotland , TOTALLY unaware that the SNP SG had already implemented those self same policies

    Quite honestly it is infuriating that people just don’t realise what benefits we already have and what threats to these benefits it will have by electing ANY of the colonialist parties

    Young people should be more alert to this THREAT

  322. SilverDarling says:

    Oops probably posted an embedded link there.

    Again in a different form. Sacha Baron Cohen on the hold the Silicon Six have on what we are allowed to know.

    This is for all those who see no difference in Corporate media – digital or print – and those who would hold power to account.

  323. Republicofscotland says:

    For the umpteenth night in a row the ultra unionist STV news has led with a SNP government bad SNHS story.

    They really are a shameless lot doing Westminsters bidding for them in the midst of this GE campaign.

  324. Republicofscotland says:

    Meanwhile looking at the Scottish branch office release of their manifesto on the telly, one could safely say that no more than 50 folk were in attendance as Richard Leonard spoke of how SLAB will do wonder in Scotland.

  325. Effijy says:

    FFS The Britnat Broadcast Corp is doing yer another half hour news
    Special on the new super hospital were they grind out some construction
    Flaws in the ventilation and water supply.

    The mother of a child said it was the water that made her son ill.
    Great we don’t need any tests or professionals looking at this if this
    Lady knows it all?

    Nice link into a murder story after their NHS mass murder for all scare story.

    How about all Britnat patients get free transport to England Wales or N Ireland
    To see how pathetic the Britnat NHS is.

    Toodle is now telling us that Labour claims that Westminster gives Holyrood so much money that all school kids should be eating free meals.
    They must be the record breaking dumbest Labour Party ever!

  326. Thought the `National` front page was out of order,

    big pics of Nicola and Alex, two different stories but to the passerby they gave the impression of a connection between Nicola and the Alex Salmond (mis)trial,

    won“t be buying it anymore (also to much pish about the fricken Glasgow teams).

  327. Dan says:

    Friday nicht, one pint consumed, so brave enough to repost link as my post from last night is post held in moderation.
    BBC bias is nothing new.

    A few commenters have mentioned it’s quieter btl here these days.
    That could well be down to many being busy and out on activist duties with election campaign.
    Plus there is the point that this site and commenters have been exposing the bias and hypocrisy of the MSM and our controversial state broadcaster aka the BBC for so long that pretty much everything has been covered already.

    Most folk reading in for any length of time are up the curve and political anoraks, so they’re far more aware of what’s going on than folk that are less interested or just too busy in their everyday lives to follow each and every event.
    That being the case those at the leading edge are having to wait for the reality of what has been discussed on here for years slowly permeating into and across wider society.
    As eluded to in several comments recently, I’m also certainly feeling a discernible increase in pro-indy sentiment from previously less informed, or disinterested folk I meet and talk too.

  328. Republicofscotland says:

    Another country with less assets than Scotland looks likely to vote yes too independence and become the newest country in the world.

    Not too wee, and not too poor.

  329. gus1940 says:

    Surprise Surprise – Boris gets the last word on tonight’s BBC Debate.

  330. auld highlander says:

    Trust the bbc?? I wouldn’t trust them to tell me the time of day.

  331. ElGordo says:

    Looks like they have scheduled Nic at 7:30 to clash with Coronation St to allow viewers to turn over after Corbyn finishes at 7:30 and then back for Johnson at 8:00..

  332. galamcennalath says:

    So, Question Time is not really the norm. They appear individually for 30mins. Nicola at 730, all that will be worth watching!

  333. Effijy says:

    Looks like the latest BBC stitch up debate must be being held
    In Tory HQ.

    Wish I could see the audiences feet to see if they have all polished their Jack Boots.

  334. crazycat says:

    @ Famous15 at 9.42

    I know someone who was a Clerk of Works; I’ll ask him on Monday when the post was abolished and tell you if he can elucidate.

  335. Col.Blimp IV says:


    At least one Scot played a small part in that country’s long march to freedom.

  336. Wee Alex says:

    Jeremy Corbyn just admitted his role is ro remain neutral on Brexit.

    He will negotiate a better deal, then not campaign for it, this is laughable.

    Audience is biased but this hit him badly

  337. Elmac says:

    Just had the latest Tory liesheet stuffed through our letterbox. It now adorns one of our shrubs in a prominent position with suitable amendments for all to see. However, I had a look at the individuals shown as endorsing this carpetbagger – includes none other than our window cleaner complete with cheesy photograph! My immediate reaction was to tell him where to stuff his squeegee but that is probably childish. I have no doubt his allegiance to “The Queen’s Eleven” and the lodge are the reason. These people are so consumed by bigotry that they cannot think for themselves.

    NO SNP leaflets so far.

  338. starlaw says:

    Listened to some of the Labour party manifesto and heard Leonard banging on about how good Labour would be to the NHS yet a couple of days ago he voted with the Tories against protecting it for the people of Scotland . . the man has a well polished brass neck.

  339. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    Dan @ 17:55, 18:47,

    Always worth a reminder, thanks!

    The former contributor to whom you were previously referring (I think) was heedtracker. I don’t believe that such a mention would get you shunted, so if this appears, I’ll at least have that right. =grin=

  340. HYUFD says:

    El Gordo Boris is on at 8 30 when Corrie is also on, Swinson is on at 8pm

  341. HYUFD says:

    Twathater You cannot evict a nation from the UN and certainly not a permanent member of the Security Council with a veto and nuclear weapons. Given China’s actions in Hong Kong and Spain’s actions in Catalonia or the goings on in Iran or Israel’s actions in the West Bank the UK is not going to face any action

  342. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    Dan @ 17:55, 18:47,

    Always worth a reminder, thanks!

    (Seems like any reference to the former contributor of whom I assume you were thinking does indeed cause a posting to get shunted. Hmmm. Presumably generic, but anyway, that’s a new gotcha to me.)

  343. ElGordo says:

    Can’t believe Stu sneaked into the audience! the green checked shirt disguise worked well 🙂

  344. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    Wee Alex @ 19:18,

    His handler, union boss Len McCluskey, came our just a week ago with the blunt declaration “Labour isn’t a Remain party”, so he is still being economic with the verité, and I guess most people’s bullsh*t detector can easily pick that up.

    Meanwhile our local NorthBritLab candidate can somehow manage to ape the FibDems and proclaim she stands for “remain in both UK and EU” in her election leaflet.

    A serious case of corporate dysfunction there. And they think we don’t notice?

  345. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    me @ 19:18,

    Should be “came out”. Duh.

  346. Fireproofjim says:

    Question time debate.
    Nicola was outstanding. Likeable, honest and straightforward in her answers. Lots of applause and no hostility.
    She’s got my vote.
    Now Jo Swinson is on and already humming and hawing.
    Boris still to come.

  347. Bobp says:

    Polished performance by the first minister.

  348. Dan says:

    @RJS at 7.29pm

    I’ve right click and saved so many graphics like that to my laptop, I just switch it on under the nose of any undecided voter and let them scroll through for however long it takes till the light bulb illuminates the dark recesses of their mind.

    Wasn’t Donalda in a previous employment position to do with anti-terrorism / counter insurgency in NI or something? I’m sure I read that somewhere but a basic search doesn’t show much.
    It’s mighty frustrating when a post gets held in moderation as it could generate further conversation, though not sure I’ll be awake much longer after busy week.
    I’m fatigued tonight as spent the day digging and installing water pipes to a property in the morning, then an afternoon stint repairing a muck spreader. A job that if we’ve fixed it correctly is an inverse from the norm, as we actually want the shit to hit the fan! lol

  349. One_Scot says:

    Yeah, I think Nicola came over well, but clearly the whole set up has been geared towards Boris, having the last word.

  350. John says:

    Dipsy having a car crash again !

  351. Scott says:

    What a waste of time Swinson has been waving arms all the time just terrible.
    FM N Sturgeon 5 star

  352. Shug says:

    Swinston is dead in the water
    I can’t believe how bad she really is

  353. One_Scot says:

    Fuck sake, Jo Swinson is full of shit about her previous record.

  354. Shug says:

    The audience is tearing her apart
    There is no way the libs are going anywhere with this

  355. Elmac says:

    I caught the Nicola Sturgeon session on a neighbour’s TV tonight, a fellow nationalist. I thought NS was very good but she did miss a few open goals. The question about the Scottish deficit was one. Thats the deficit according to GERS which is so full of estimates, holes, bogus allocations and contrived bias that it is a joke. That’s why GERS came about in the first place – to make Scotland appear financially dependent on England and dampen enthusiasm for independence. We now realise the reverse is the case – why else would England so desperately cheat and lie to maintain the union if it was not to their benefit?

    The other opportunity I thought was missed was the question which included a reference to knife crime in Glasgow. This seemed to slip through without a reply. This was the chance to point out that knife crime in Glasgow, and indeed crime in general in Scotland, is declining due to SNP policies and their determination to actually increase police numbers and improve policing as opposed to the massive cuts elsewhere in the UK. The contrast between Scotland and the rest of the UK regarding knife and other crime rates is startling and should have been hammered home.

    Then there was the turnip who kept wittering on about broken promises. NS gave a very correct civilised response but I would have liked her to point out that Boris the liar was still infesting the planet despite his desire to die in a ditch if the October 31 deadline was missed.

    Despite all that she was a credit to her nation.

  356. Dr Jim says:

    Would you ever think you would see somebody even worse than Dugdale

    You know who I mean don’t you, the whole planet must know, dear Lord, Swinsons numbers are going to go straight through the floor after this, waving her arms at a distance and saying nothing would have been a better ploy, folk are positive she’s dummy now

  357. ElGordo says:

    Channeling David Icke on Wogan, it’s the turquoise

  358. ElGordo says:

    If only shrek hadn’t kissed her

  359. North chiel says:

    Outstanding performance from our FM in tonight’s debate . The people of Scotland are represented indeed by a truly international class politician at the very top of her game . Little wonder Johnston & Corbyn don’t want to debate directly with her.

  360. Shug says:

    Boris doing a lot of bluster but the audience still seem ok with him

  361. Ronnie says:

    great idea! wish I could commit the time

  362. John says:

    What a big bluffer he is our Boris !

  363. One_Scot says:

    Boris, surprising is coming over as shit.

  364. John says:

    Nicola hands down winner!

  365. Scott says:

    ElGordo says:
    22 November, 2019 at 8:32 pm
    If only shrek hadn’t kissed her

    What a cracker the best of the night,magic.

  366. Dan says:

    Jo Jazz Hands Swineson preaching her sisterly love must have been channeling the late Kenny Everett.

  367. Tam the Bam. says:

    Just watched Leaders Debate on ‘catch-up’ (iPlayer).

    Nicolas was superb!!!

    ….as I type..Johnson getting a real kicking!

  368. Tam the Bam. says:


  369. Shug says:

    Well I have to say the bbc really slipped up this evening. The audience seemed quite balanced and their questions were on the mark

    Has there been a management change

  370. kapelmeister says:

    Corbyn says he’d be neutral in a second Brexit referendum.

    Is that because he’s a nincompoop who can’t make his mind up or is it because he’s a calculating opportunist who thinks that would be the best tactic to prevent votes drifting away?

  371. mr thms says:

    Jo Swinson could lose her seat after tonight’s performance.

    It was a car crash.

    Her dogmatic responses, wiped out any sympathy I was starting to feel.

  372. Dr Jim says:

    BBC journalists admit England is anti Scottish on the 9

    Y’see every time they mention any kind of deal, arrangement or co-operation between the SNP and Labour they openly admit that English voters turn against Labour thereby telling Scotland straight to our faces that it’s all fine and dandy that England rules Scotland but they want nothing to do with Scotland having any interference in what they think is their business in their United Kingdom

    Now if anybody can tell me that’s not openly racist I don’t know what is, and how damn dare they call us Anti English
    Always accuse others of what you yourself do to divert attention from your own misdeeds

  373. Dr Jim says:

    I interviewed Swinson for around an hour three or four years ago and she is devoid of brain and any kind of empathy, at best an apprentice Dugdale

  374. Dr Jim says:

    Some woman person whose name I didn’t catch on the 9 referred to Swinson as Sturgeon’s counterpart, apart from the impoliteness of not using first names or titles

    On what planet is Jo Swinson a counterpart of Scotlands First Minister Nicola Sturgeon

  375. HYUFD says:

    Boris the clear winner tonight, empathetic, charismatic and clear. Though I will give Sturgeon second place ahead of Corbyn and Swinson

  376. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    Hi Elmac at 8:26 pm.

    I was watching the programme around 45 minutes behind live, due to domestic exigencies.

    Onnyhoo, you typed,
    “The other opportunity I thought was missed was the question which included a reference to knife crime in Glasgow. This seemed to slip through without a reply. This was the chance to point out that knife crime in Glasgow, and indeed crime in general in Scotland, is declining due to SNP policies and their determination to actually increase police numbers and improve policing as opposed to the massive cuts elsewhere in the UK. The contrast between Scotland and the rest of the UK regarding knife and other crime rates is startling and should have been hammered home.”

    I was shouting at the TV during that question. Nicola did not address it. The fact is that policies put in place in Scotland have reduced knife crime in Scotland, to the extent that Police Scotland are being asked for advice by other UK forces. This should have been batted for six.

    You also mentioned,
    “the turnip who kept wittering on about broken promises.”

    You, as well as Nicola, missed the point that he was feeding Nicola with an opportunity to kick in to touch that nobody, in 2014, “promised” that the 2014 indyref was a “once in a generation” promise. Nicola missed the opportunity but the guy, right at the end of that sequence, was able to elicit the response that nobody made that promise, despite Johnson and Corbyn spreading the falsehood that “WE” were promised it was a “once in a generation” promise.

    Nicola came over well, though. I would suggest 8/10 against Corbyn, 5/10 and Swinson 2/10. Still watching BJ. He’s not doing well…

  377. One_Scot says:

    Haha, man you are a fud.

  378. kapelmeister says:


    Boris the clear winner indeed. But only in Tunbridge Wells.

  379. Dr Jim says:

    Nicola Sturgeon clear and concise and way out in front by a mile, Boris Johnson played the *I’m just a manchild please fogive me for trying to be humorous* card to cover his lying backside, which only idiots and facists will buy

    Corbyn ridiculed himself and Ms Swinson could lose her deposit if anybody from East Dunbartonshire was watching her vehicle crash roll and burn

  380. Elmac says:

    @ HYA FUD

    Codswallop old chap. Straight from the Johnson school of lies.

  381. Sandy says:


    The Bermuda Triangle was mentioned. How true, made up of three unionist points. Who got clear. (Rhetoric)

  382. call me dave says:

    Radio 5 Live starting a phone in on the ‘Leader’s debate in a minute if your interested.

  383. hackalumpoff says:

    @ BDTT yes, NS missed three obvious open goals.

    1 The deficit – not our creation so why not kick it into touch like a good Scottish striker.

    2 Knife Crime – we are years ahead of Londonshire

    3 The once in a generation crap where the guy handed her the opporchancity, on a silver salver, to kill it TWICE !

    Nicola 7/10.
    Corbyn 4/10
    Boris 2/10
    Swinson -2/10 just Nuke her.

  384. call me dave says:

    Nicola Sturgeon a ‘semi-serious’ politician just introducing herself to an English audience says the BBC fact checker boffin.

    A proud Scot on now, traducing Scotland & the SNP and cybernats are rife. Says woman from Glasgow, she’s a puppet master.

    So there! 🙁 That’s enough for me.

  385. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @call me dave –

    Aye, heard it.

    A total roaster called ‘Tracey’.

    She was eloquent and impassioned.

    And properly full-on nasty.

    Any idea who she is?

  386. scotspatriot says:

    Hyfud….. you’re no right in the head ! Now Foxtrot Oscar !

  387. kapelmeister says:

    Jo Swinson really gets the big picture!

    I’m only referring of course to the colossal photie of her on the side of her battle bus.

    The ego may have landed after tonight’s dismal showing.

  388. call me dave says:

    @Ian Brotherhood

    First three people all 2 proud Scots but & a Southerner working here hammering the FM , SNHS and all of us living here.
    The cringe is strong!

    No infrastructure since SNP took over…Eh!
    Forth Bridge Borders railway + some re-opened lines, The Aberdeen by-pass. Well there’s three right away.
    How many schools and Hospitals etc etc.

    Big Auntie’s Scottish filters are on high alert right enough!
    Bloody disgrace.

    Probably a put up job….mind you there are lots of too stupids in Scotland right enough. 🙁

  389. ElGordo says:

    It was best for Nic to avoid the open goal on knife crime, nothing to be achieved by point scoring and dropping into a negative area, time is limited, so focus on more important messages and be positive.

    Same with the once in a generation line (alex’s stated “my own personal opinion” on the Marr swho when pressed), no need to waste time on this for now.

    She noted them all and made her call on what was best to reply to. She had all the responses, and chose which ones were best to deploy.

    Big brain, master class.

  390. galamcennalath says:

    Watched Nicola. Excellent, scored goal after goal. Missed a couple of open goals proving no one is perfect.

    Why were the other three on there? Oh yes, I almost forgot it was being broadcast down south too – their politicians.

  391. ElGordo says:

    As a politician you don’t win over people by aggressively destroying representative voters asking questions (as uninformed as they may be, unless obviously biased, particularly to a wider audience, that one person was representing the thoughts of 500k?), you do that of political opponents asking questions of you.

    You win them over.

    (file this one Stu)

  392. galamcennalath says:

    A video worth watching!

  393. Famous15 says:

    When HRH Queen Elizabeth went horse riding in Windsor Castle grounds with her son HRH Prince Andrew after his disastrous interview it was a PR disaster like not leaving Balmoral after the death of Diana.

    I am a monarchist for very complex reasons but the monarchy is now doomed.

  394. kapelmeister says:

    Famous 15

    They were having a horse race.

    The Epstein Derby.

  395. Dr Jim says:

    Oh my, even the journalists agree that Nicola Sturgeon cruised it, and on to the follow up blethers and on comes Stuart Hosie to knock it out the park in his answer to the silly deficit question which the interviewer did not contest

    The Hosie answer: There are countries who have joined the EU with more than a three percent deficit but the Scottish government operates a balanced budget and cannot borrow so any deficit accrued is as part of UK government borrowing and even more reason for Scotland to be Independent so the UK don’t screw it up even more

  396. ElGordo says:


    It wasn’t her, camera shots from afar and behind, 93 year old out riding horses in the rain…

    How complex? Does your heart have 3 chambers too?

  397. HYUFD says:

    Famous15 I doubt it, the Queen still has very high approval ratings unlike Andrew, as does William, the long-term future of the monarchy

  398. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    HY DUD @ 23:58,

    Come IR2, if the monarchy (in whatever form) handle matters as badly as last time, they will be toast.

    In Scotland, that is. Their call.

    In your little England, it may be different, of course. I will be happy for you all.

  399. HYUFD says:

    The monarchy handled it perfectly well, all the Queen said was for Scots to think carefully about their vote, they did and 55% voted No. Even the SNP have said if Scotland went independent it would still retain the monarchy and stay in the Commonwealth much like Australia, Canada and New Zealand

  400. Socrates MacSporran says:

    Good news for Jo Swinson, she didn’t give the worst performance by a woman on TV tonight. Just watched Sheryl Crow on the CMA awards show.

  401. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

    OK, own up.

    Who turned on the TWAT Signal?

    The Precious Union must be in peril once again because HiYaFUD has returned to argue the toss that Scotland Shite ‘cos EssEnnPeeBaaad, GSTQ & Her Fascist Regime.

    His forensic insight is all that can save us poor deluded Jocks from destitute, Social Justice and a deficiency of Union Flag bunting!!

  402. Gary45% says:

    I think you mean fuc*wit, ars8hole, bellend.

    Having dinner with friends earlier, and they said there was a debate on the toob.
    Managed to catch the last 15 mins of sniveler Johnson. The chums then tried for a while to get the program on the catch up thingy, no joy.
    Before we left still no joy, I said to them the BBC have form on editing programs, thank F8ck I don’t pay for this sh*te. At home You tube had a 5min program about the “leaders debate” and NO MENTION of Nicola, says it all really.
    Message to all Yoons, “bring it on snivelers.”

  403. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    HY DUD @ 00:32,

    If they try that sneaky partisan stunt again, it will backfire and we won’t “follow” anyone. Whatever the SNP may currently expect. (Thanks to events”, as Pr.Andy is currently trialling.) But as I said, it will be the monarchy’s call. An amicable continuation is eminently possible, provided they don’t go for bust with the Union and thus fumble it irretrievably.

    The trouble with everything Unionist, playing hardline poker for keeps seems to be the only game they know. If they don’t change – and alas there is little sign of any such inclination – one day Fortuna will serve them a bum deal over Scotland and they will lose their proverbial shirts.

    Time will tell.

  404. mr thms says:

    For the night owls looking for a good read..

  405. dadsarmy says:

    The Hosie argument against the “deficit” is a good one, but can NOT be made by Sturgeon who is the First Minister and head of the Scottish Government whose job it is to act fiscally responsibly – and take credit for fiscal responsibility. For which, if there was an excessive deficit in reality, it would be their job to reduce it. Which is why Sturgeon says “it is being reduced”, to demonstrate the SG’s fiscal responsbility and capability. QED as it were.

    We too have to be aware of what is devolved, and what is reserved.

  406. dadsarmy says:

    Same goes for a lot of things where people say “Sturgeon / Blackford” should have said or done that. NO, they shouldn’t. They have a role, and have to act and speak WITHIN that role.

    There’s nothing to stop others saying and doing other things though. Even including SNP politicians who aren’t in the direct line of fire.

    It’s “Rules of Engagement”. Ignore them and lose the battle, and the war.

  407. twathater says:

    Just caught swansongs total clusterbourach of an interview , she was stapled to the wall time after time , some people even brought up part of her voting record but not enough of it

    People made it clear they wouldn’t be voting for the yellow tories , I would say a definite bias of liebour supporters

    BoZo done his usual time wasting waffling and harrumping to avoid having to answer more questions a strategy that has served him well , and as usual Bruce of the £250,000 salary allowed him to , also allowing a veritable tory PPB , he time after time was allowed to refer to his questionable success as londonium mayor

    I don’t know if anyone else noticed , at the end when the credits were playing Nicola was listed as Nicola Sturgeon MSP which is true ( obviously ) but not a mention of Nicola Sturgeon First Minister of Scotland or of north britain .

    Just because your paranoid doesn’t mean their not out to get you . bbc scum can’t help themselves from proving their exceptionalism

  408. dadsarmy says:

    Didn’t watch the QT thing, I had some dishes to watch dry.

    Here’s Tom Peck sketch on tonight’s Question Time election special:

    Tom Peck: When Boris Johnson tried to say he wasn’t a liar, they just laughed.
    The most likeable and the most serious candidate was obviously the one that 93 per cent of the population can’t vote for, isn’t even standing in the election, and is only in politics to break up the country.

    Not a geopolitical statistician but close enough for government work.

  409. manandboy says:

    It is not difficult either to agree with the observations and the conclusion of this piece, or to work out the strategy of the Tory and Labour camps.
    Namely, we are being presented with a 24/7 puppet show designed to kill time till election day. Each day we are offered next to nothing new by way of progress of any kind. What we are getting is like someone pressing the start button on a washing machine over and over again, without ever taking the washing out.

    The electorate is being treated with a hefty dose of contempt by all three Unionist parties at Westminster, as each of them struggles with how to survive Brexit and remain the dominant political institution in UK politics, and with their individual careers intact. An almost completely selfish concern, with little in it for the voter except more and more propaganda.

  410. starlaw says:

    Hyfud the people of an independent Scotland will have a referendum on the Monarchy, the Queen will however finish her rein.

  411. Black Douglas says:

    dadsarmy@ 01:59 am

    100% disagree, what Stewart Hosie said “There are countries who have joined the EU with more than a three percent deficit but the Scottish government operates a balanced budget and cannot borrow so any deficit accrued is as part of UK government borrowing and even more reason for Scotland to be Independent so the UK don’t screw it up even more” is spot on and should be repeated again and again by every elected member of the SNP and supporters of independence.

  412. Capella says:

    Newsnight 5 minute post-mortem of the leaders’ debate studiously ignores Nicola Sturgeon. She wasn’t there, apparently. First half on Boris Johnston, next up, Jeremy Corbyn (and Boris Johnston) then briefly on Jo Swinson’s lead balloon performance. End of, thank you.

    Viewers in England must be wondering who that strange woman is in the photo.

    I thought Nicola’s performance was spot on and by far the best. So naturally the BBC will edit her out of the news. Remember when the Soviet Union used to doctor photos to remove persona non grata?

  413. dadsarmy says:

    @Black Douglas “100% disagree

    Eh? You then go on to say that what Hosie said is good, which is what I said!

  414. Jock McDonnell says:

    OK folks, watched the FM on QT – smooth as silk – pushed for time this weekend – should I watch Boris or Swinson ?
    Boris is usually good comedy value, he’d be my choice of PM in a satirical version of the West Wing or House of Cards. Maybe not in the reality TV version.
    But Swinson – she is agonising to watch – will I find it funny ?
    Should I bother.

  415. dadsarmy says:

    I don’t think Swinson is funny, just very annoying. She’d be the perfect head of Better Together 2, it’d be a granny by YES.

  416. David says:

    The only people who have commented on the Salmond trial are on this site and SNP politicians .The details came out in court I read them in the National .
    I thought innocent until proven guilty .
    The hospitals kids died everyone of you should be asking questions

  417. David says:

    The only people who have commented on the Salmond trial are on this site and SNP politicians .The details came out in court I read them in the National .
    I thought innocent until proven guilty .
    The hospitals kids died everyone of you should be asking questions not complaining about those that do

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