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Ruined In A Day

Posted on July 03, 2023 by

Hannah Graf MBE (below, right, receiving the decoration from Prince William in 2019 for his “work updating LGBTQ policy in the British Army”) is a very strange fella.

And not just for the obvious reason.

After joining the army straight out of university in 2009 and spending several years in it as a (gay) man, Graf “transitioned” to female in 2013. “It was literally an overnight thing, where one day I went home as a male officer and next day I came in as a female officer”, he told Channel 4 in 2021 in his still-deep and unmistakably male voice.

(He’d also appeared on the BBC six years earlier, under his original surname of Winterbourne, but his birth first name appears to have been scrubbed from history.)

But the really curious thing is that having spent the latter years of his military service as a glorified party-planner working in HR and recruitment, Graf inexplicably then walked straight into a senior job in financial-crime prevention with a big-four bank (HSBC), despite having precisely zero previous experience in finance, crime or banking.

One day just one of the lads, next day brave and stunning lady. One day squaddie, next day international money-laundering detective. Hannah’s quite the chameleon.

(His degree was in electrical engineering, and his 26 listed “skills” on LinkedIn do not include anything relating to any of those subjects.)

An eloquent and educated speaker, Graf and his transman spouse Jake have become media darlings since his transition – with ITV and Channel 4 both enthusiastically selling tickets to the circus of their creation of a child via a surrogate – and prominent LGBTQ+ activists.

(Although Hannah Graf is not in fact genetically related to the infant, having had his male genitalia surgically removed in 2015 before meeting his partner.)

The couple are the top two names on the list of patrons of Mermaids, the controversial trans “charity” which is currently under investigation after being embroiled in a number of scandals, including one of its trustees being linked to paedophilia advocacy – a story even Pink News didn’t try to whitewash.

The Mermaids CEO, Susie Green – who took her 15-year-old son to Thailand to have him castrated because it was illegal in the UK (and is now also illegal in Thailand) and she didn’t want him to grow up gay – resigned suddenly last November, a month after the revelations about Breslow came to light.

But let’s wind back a bit, to Hannah Graf’s second transition – from engineer, Army recruiter and “transgender representative” to senior banking executive. Because that’s where his path crosses our own.

Alert readers may have noticed last week the surprise juxtaposition of Wings with Nigel Farage in a Daily Mail piece.

It came after I’d revealed on Twitter that First Direct, a division of HSBC with whom I’d banked unremarkably for over 25 years – wages go in every month, bills go out, a bit of shopping gets done and that’s about it – had suddenly closed all my personal accounts (current account, savings account, credit card), with no notice and refusing point blank to give any reason.

I still have no idea what could have provoked it, but there doesn’t seem to be any sinister black mark over my finances generally because I had no difficulty getting accounts with a new bank, moving my money over to them and getting back to my normal life with only a few days of being unable to buy anything (albeit that reinstating all my Direct Debits and so on one at a time has been a massive time-consuming pain in the rear).

So why else would a financial service provider dispense with a loyal customer with no apparent explanation? As it happened, I had some experience in that field from just a few months ago which might provide a clue.

In December last year the crowdfunding platform Ko-Fi had pulled the very successful Wings subscription drive that had led to the site’s return from retirement, openly stating that our “anti-trans material” was the reason.

(They’re quite happy, though, to host defamatory videos from transactivist nutcase Heather Herbert accusing Wings of being funded by Vladimir Putin or something.)

And as the story unfolded it turned out we weren’t the only people being discriminated against by financial companies on the grounds of our beliefs.

[EDIT: list includes subsequent additions.]

It doesn’t seem like the biggest leap in the world, then, to imagine that First Direct, with an extremely active and militant transgender campaigner in charge of “transaction monitoring”, might be doing the same thing.

Such discrimination is unequivocally against the law in the light of the Maya Forstater judgement, and several of the decisions have been overturned either in or out of court.

But if a company outright refuses to provide any reason for the withdrawal of service, and is permitted by law to do so, then it’s obviously much harder to prove that that discrimination has taken place, which seems like a fairly major loophole in the law. (Even assuming that one has the resources to bring a case in the first place.)

With growing numbers of businesses refusing to accept cash at all, particularly since the COVID pandemic, the removal of banking services from troublesome citizens is a powerful weapon against dissent.

It’s the heart of China’s terrifyingly authoritarian “social credit” system – soon to become mandatory across the entire Communist state – and perhaps more worryingly for people in the West was also deployed extremely aggressively by the Canadian government of Justin Trudeau during 2021’s trucker protests.

(Canada being of course the trailblazer for the most extreme “woke” ideologies.)

But Wings can already confirm that it’s certainly a terrifying experience to try to buy a bottle of milk at Sainsbury’s, and three minutes later be opening your banking app to find that all your accounts have simply vanished with no suggestions as to why, and to have your “always open 24/7/365” bank stall you on the phone for over an hour before eventually coming back with “Sorry, we all work from home now and the department that deals with this closes at 5pm, call back tomorrow”.

In 2014 the EU passed a law guaranteeing the legal right to a bank account for all citizens, but of course it does not apply to the UK.

While complaints will of course be filed with the relevant authorities, I’ve already been told that there’s basically nothing I can do, and that I’ll simply never know why Hannah Graf’s team decided, and was able, to instantly turn the editor of a popular website with views opposed to those of Hannah Graf into a financial unperson with the click of a mouse. And that should worry more than Wings readers.

Because of course, many on the left have rejoiced at the news of Farage’s woes, and lump anyone who doesn’t think women have penises into the same “far-right” bracket. But history has shown that to be, to put it mildly, a rather short-sighted viewpoint.

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  1. Merkin Scot says:

    The direction of travel has been obvious for some time now. Worse and worse.

  2. Tommo says:

    Presumably HSBC became confused between ‘transitioning’ and ‘Transaction Monitoring’ when making the appointment. A mistake anyone could make, I suppose….

  3. Kenny says:

    Sue for discrimination anyway. You can raise the money easily enough, and the discovery process should tell you what you want to know.

    You should already have launched an action against Ko-fi. Sarah Phillimore’s fight against EventBrite should give you a good template to work from.

  4. Patsy Millar says:

    Time for a bit of a rearguard action against the institutions which espouse this kind of dictatorship.

  5. Red says:

    Don’t worry, comrades. The Russian Army still works.

  6. Sven says:

    And folk still think I need a tinfoil hat for believing that this type of control is not a series of unconnected coincidences, but a deliberate, ongoing international movement to control the populace.
    How prophetic was “1984”, for some time now I’ve been convinced we’re living through it.

  7. Michael Pryor says:

    Yes – I saw the headline about Farage and, odious though I find him, I find the idea that he can be prevented from having a bank account without a good reason far worse, frightening even. I have seen two reasons for withdrawing services from him, neither of which stack up. Until I hear of a good reason, on this challenge I am fore square behind him. A rare occasion when, ‘first they came for…’ parallels don’t look like wildly embarrassing hyperbole.

  8. Helen Yates says:

    In February of 2020 I read an article by Dr David Martin who is a patent lawyer, he was warning us about what was going on and what was still to come, how and when everything was planned and the final outcome.
    The plan was put in place in 2010 and he shows the proof of this.

    I won’t go into it in full detail but there was not one thing he didn’t warn about which hasn’t already happened or is obviously happening today.
    The end game would be the social credit system.
    Total control of the people through bank accounts to mandatory vaccination, restricted travel and of course no dissent to be tolerated.
    He did strangely enough speak about how they have managed to get their people into positions of power in all institutions.
    Governments, banks, the judiciary ect.
    Fauci, Trudeau, Arden were only three on a list he spoke about.

    If he is not wrong then the worst is still to come.
    Scary time to be alive.

  9. David W Ferguson says:

    I’ve already been told that there’s basically nothing I can do…

    I’m shocked at this. Are you saying you’ve been told you can’t file a subject access request under Data Protection? I thought that right was pretty much ironclad.

  10. Anonymoose says:

    Stu, it may be worthwhile reaching out to others who have been similarly “eradicated” from these ideology-driven banks.

    Potentially you could collectively raise a class-action (these do exist in the UK, but you do not often hear of them) to pool resources to fight back against these banks for willful and direct discrimination, the other cases you mentioned within this article already demonstrate a pattern of selective discriminatory behaviour.

  11. Stuart MacKay says:

    Dear Mr. Campbell,

    We regret to inform you that your application for a mortgage through the bank has been rejected by our Trans Credit Score department.

    Take that you fascist thug.

    Nothing like a few days without food or shelter to make the difficult cases see the error of their ways.

    You won’t even be able to buy petrol for the Molotov cocktails.

  12. Rogerborg says:

    It’s surprising how many men-with-ladies-names who claim to be happy and content and living their bestest, most authentic lives seem to be so viciously and maliciously fragile when questioned or challenged about it.

  13. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

    Surely balance of probability in a civil case based on your evidence as you’ve laid out here would demonstrate you were discriminated against by First Direct / HSBC on the grounds of your beliefs in biology?

    I’d be interested to see what evidence they could provide to argue it was another reason.

    Have you submitted a subject access request for all information including internal communication First Direct / HSBC have regarding yourself?

  14. Geri says:

    Can you not switch banking to an EU country?

  15. Tam Norrie says:

    The real problem of course is that the people who give out these jobs like to participate in Ugandan activities, as Private Eye used to say, with “girls” like her/him. They have been around a long time and have built up a formidable network and can make compliant “friends” very rich.

  16. The Pope says:

    This is worth a watch:

    It relies on the recent Forstater judgement, but could put banks in a sticky wicket!

  17. Helen Yates says:

    We can’t say we weren’t warned,
    We have known this was coming since the beginning of 2020, every voice who was telling us so was silenced, censored and ridiculed and every person who believed them was labeled a conspiracy theorist.

    The sheep won’t wake up until it’s actually affecting them personally and I’d wager there would be many who even then wouldn’t admit it.
    Of course we might all be trans by then and happy to own nothing.

  18. I. Despair says:

    A Subject Access Request under data protection legislation should be an immediate step for anyone who has been mistreated by their bank.

  19. David W Ferguson says:

    It’s the heart of China’s terrifyingly authoritarian “social credit” system – soon to become mandatory across the entire Communist state…

    It’s rather disappointing to see you buying into this kind of bullshit.

    I’ve lived in China for the best part of the last 17 years. I am aware of a very small local social credit system that operates in some poorer villages in rural areas. It’s actually a positive system – households who perform actions in the public interest will be rewarded with “points” that they can exchange at the local store for daily goods like cooking oil.

    There does appear to be a system of sanctions applied to people who do things like smoking on trains, because announcers make announcements about it. Whether it actually exists I’m not sure – I suspect it may just be intended as a deterrent. Anyway, since the vast majority of ordinary Chinese do not engage in scrote-like antisocial behaviour, the chances of them falling foul of this social credit system are zero – much like UK citizens and ASBOs, back in the day (do they still exist?).

    As to the rest of the terrifyingly authoritarian social credit system that is soon to become mandatory across the entire Communist state, among all the hundreds of people I know and meet across the nation I have never encountered a single person who knows anything about this system or would have the faintest idea where to go looking for their credit score.

  20. Andrew F says:

    Penny beginning to drop maybe?

    “With growing numbers of businesses refusing to accept cash at all, particularly since the COVID pandemic, the removal of banking services from troublesome citizens is a powerful weapon against dissent.”

    Filthy, dirty cash – with yucky deadly diseases on it.

    Even though the “science” knew it had nothing to do with surfaces being “contaminated”.

    And even though the chance of surviving this horrendous death scourge was something like 99.7% anyway, even if you were licking bank notes.

    Central Bank Digital Currencies and “The Great Reset” (which curiously has a core LGBTQetc… component) aren’t even officially “conspiracy theories” anymore.

    Keep digging by the way, you’re doing a ripper job.

  21. London Scott says:

    “In 2014 the EU passed a law guaranteeing the legal right to a bank account for all citizens, but of course it does not apply to the UK.”

    All EU law until Brexit became UK law and is still applied unless it has been specifically changed since 2020 by the UK parliament. Fairly certain it has not been rescinded so it still applies.

  22. Cath says:

    It would be funny watching blithering idiots on the supposed left screeching ‘Fascst! Bigot! Far right’ etc at the very people being targeted by government-corporate states as they clearly become fascist, far right hell holes. If it was in some political dystopian satire movie. In real life it’s both depressing and terrifying.

  23. Jm says:

    Standard psyop and the actors get career-rewarded into strategic place to do more damage.

    I had to stop reading at “financial HSBC”

    You can only split your sides laughing so often in one day..

  24. PinkFlamingosForever says:

    They seem to have no personality bar their activism. It is the only thing that is relevant to them. Incredibly dangerous bunch.

  25. Stuart MacKay says:

    David W Ferguson

    Whether China’s Social Credit System is used for state control is rather beside the point. The Communist Party of China is a vast organisation with many competing interests. It’s not what the state does with the system but what the individual fiefdoms do to eliminate competition and views that are not closely aligned with their own. This is exactly the situation we see here, where a faction in financial organisations can use such mechanisms to push a political viewpoint and punish those that oppose it. It’s the same story over at Twitter where the social justice warriors with their fingers on the admin tools decide to shadow ban people who’s views they disagree with.

    So, in a sense, it is an unfair comparison except that it’s much worse because the faction as long as they don’t overstep the mark can use the ignorance of such actions in the parent organisation to operate with impunity. So no amount of complaining to the bank will make any difference because the people at the front desk won’t have the slightest clue what you are on about and nobdoy will have the clout to take it to the senior management or board of directors to get to the bottom of what’s going on.

  26. RoueBadly says:

    More than happy to chip in if you want to weigh down the wallets of m’learned friends again.
    Any successful action here would benefit everybody.

  27. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “I’m shocked at this. Are you saying you’ve been told you can’t file a subject access request under Data Protection? I thought that right was pretty much ironclad.”

    Hilariously, I’ve been on hold to them for the last 25 minutes as they’re insisting that they *don’t have any email address I can send a Subject Access Request to*.

  28. Jm says:

    Maybe we need a special Paul Mason mind-map to connect all these risen without trace droids into special positions in the increasingly inseparable corporate,military and media firmament?
    I suspect many of us know where all these strange,ahem,coincidences may emanate from.

  29. Ian Smith says:

    It’s terrifying to think that your motives and judgement are going to be arbitrated by someone who had decided to castrate themselves.

  30. Frazerio says:

    They have long hair now so defo must be a woman/she/her. Prob does the dishes a lot too.

  31. robertkknight says:

    The Transtaatspolizei at it again…

    Thow shalt not deny an individual’s right to insist that your opinion conform to theirs, regardless of your own beliefs.

    I’ll be advising my family members with HSBC accounts to close them forthwith.

  32. Calum says:

    Crowdfund and sue the fuckers – I’ll be happy to chip in, as I’m sure many others will too.

  33. Red says:

    By the way, Kiwi Farms (a perfectly legal and hilarious gossip forum) has been suffering from this kind of treatment for years.

    For exactly the reasons our host is being targeted.

    They don’t like it when people can freely discuss their past activities on the internet.

  34. drookit says:

    Stu, are you still getting regular payments from the ko-fi platform, despite them cancelling you & making your ‘scare them a little’ page invisible ? Asking as they are still taking a monthly amount from me, in your name, & am a wee bit concerned that they are not passing it on, especially reading their correspondence with you !

  35. John Le Scot says:

    What HSBC have done surely can’t be legal ? If it is, then we are all in very big trouble. Democracy without freedom of expression cannot by definition be called “democracy”. If you decide to start a crowd-funder, I’ll be amongst the first to donate and I’m sure very many others would be there to back you up. You cannot let them get away with it.

  36. Lorna Campbell says:

    That this ‘transwoman’ got such a job should not be difficult to translate. Had he actually ben a woman, he would never have got it. The thing is: he must have applied for a job with no skill set apparent, yet they gave it to him. Reason? They gave it to him to be sanctimonious and virtue-signalling. He probably knew that and laid the larping on thickly. Don’t fret, Rev., because these idiots will bring down company after company with their behaviour. The value of shares will tank. It never pays to con the public, not in the longer term. It is going to take a number of company/corporate crashes before the penny drops. Things move so fast these days, that it will not be a slow-motion car crash but a full pelt head-on collision.

    One of the rings of hell is awaiting these barstewards and their enablers. They’ll be tortured by having their discarded cod-dangles stitched back on or by having their behinds used for target practice by Vlad the Impaler.

    Odd, isn’t it, how these larping horse manure salesmen and women always know what sex they are when it comes to off-spring, God help the wee mites. Breast pump man in the recent ITV ad for the water companies or whatever, who is just “an ordinary mum” is another larper who netted a job for which he has no CV – being a woman and a struggling mother. The erasure of females is the goal. They want what they have as men and all that we have, too, as women. Just as well he dispensed with his own cod-dangle some time ago. I’d be very tempted.

    The truth must be that many of the people who enable this kind of thing are themselves deviant or are twisted in some way, sadists, or are the opposite, masochists, because they, too, will be out on their ear when it all goes pear-shaped. If this completely deluded, vicious little scrote has his way, his division of the bank will tumble into the abyss, affecting the other divisions of the global bank. He is just one of many who are infesting and parasitising all types of public and private institutions. If the billionaires behind this madness don’t get a handle on it soon, they will be billionaires no longer. In their way, they are just like the wide boys who destroyed banking in the 1980s and, later, in the early 2000s. On the bright side, the banks could end up by being nationalized.

    Another anomaly is just how many of these macho army types go through ‘transition’ to emerge out the other end as vicious, psychopathic scrotes who seem, unconsciously, to want to bring down global corporatism. That global corporatism enables them may well be nature’s way of ridding us all of this double blight.

  37. David W Ferguson says:

    Rev. Stuart Campbell says:
    3 July, 2023 at 4:46 pm

    Hilariously, I’ve been on hold to them for the last 25 minutes as they’re insisting that they *don’t have any email address I can send a Subject Access Request to*…

    As a major high street bank they are subject to a very clear and strict obligation under the Data Protection Act to have a Data Protection Officer.

  38. johnlm says:

    A Scot A broad looks much younger than I imagined.

  39. David W Ferguson says:

    First Direct:

    If you… want to contact our Data Protection Officer (DPO), you can write to customer service centre, BX8 1HB addressed ‘for the attention of the DPO’…

  40. Robert Hughes says:

    What needs to happen is a global ” Bud Light ” Movement .

    Hit these fuckers where it will hurt most .. their bottom ( oo er missus ) line . Masses of people withdrawing from any company or service that backs this quasi-fascist forcing of an warped ideology down the public throat and penalising anyone who doesn’t comply will soon make them think twice .

    Because , in the end , what REALLY matters to banks , corporations , businesses etc is profit . They’ve only jumped on this clown wagon thinking it will be good for them financially – albeit there is definite ideological/* cultural * agenda being advanced simultaneously . Let’s see how * committed * they are when they start seeing significant downturns in their profitability

  41. Stuart MacKay says:

    Lorna Campbell

    > If the billionaires behind this madness don’t get a handle on it soon, they will be billionaires no longer.

    There’s a school of thought, particularly in the USA, that the system simply too late to save so it’s best to let them get on with it and eventually it will burn itself to the ground taking everything with it. Even if the situation was salvageable, by the time you’d cleaned everything out there wouldn’t be much worth keeping. A bit like the SNP in fact.

    As Red @3:26pm says, it is probably a job for the Russian Army to save western civilisation, again.

  42. David W Ferguson says:

    Stuart MacKay says:
    3 July, 2023 at 4:36 pm

    Whether China’s Social Credit System is used for state control is rather beside the point…

    But whether it actually exists at all is not beside the point.

  43. Sven says:

    If this is inappropriate, please just delete, Stu.
    I’ve just been advised that GBNews are running a “Don’t Stop Cash” petition for any who wish to sign.
    Sometimes, “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”.

  44. (sigh)

    When I told you that money is an entrapment and enslavement tool, I got treated with sneer and derision at worst, contempt at best.

    Ignored, again, like Cassandra, to your detriment, not mine.

    I see through the Matrix every day, everywhere I look.
    Stop. Using. Money.

  45. Shug says:

    How on earth did she or he get such a senior job in banking without a relevant qualification.

    Starting to sound like Fred Goodwin all over.

  46. Stephen O'Brien says:

    No more drip feed of negativity, dissolve SNP now!

    Scottish electorate is desperate for change. The gap created by the demise of SNP, readily filled by others willing to provide the means for the existing 50%+ voters, eager to end the Union!

  47. Al-Stuart says:

    Good afternoon Stuart,

    Thank you for such excellent research in your article. There will be an almighty backlash against the militant and violent (K*LL A TERF) cult and their trans incitement to hatred of the normal ideology.

    Stuart, your article looks like it may be THE one to fight. There is a head of steam cutting right across society when a LOT of people get their bank accounts shut down.

    With some irony, one of my British Army friends sought support in 1988 as he was transexual. He lost his job. He took a decision to have his genitalia cut off. My eyes watered at that and his/her friends rallied round. To be blunt, a man does not have his genitals cut off without generally being serious about his life and gender.

    That same friend, decades later, is now as worried about the current, militant trans lobby as he was worried about losing his job in the 1980s and having his nuts and auberge sliced off.

    She believes that if/when the penultimate legitimisation of primary school access by Jimmy Savile “Drag Queen Hour” and “Minor Attracted Persons,” then that is when the very real anti-trans backlash will arrive.

    The catalyst? Perhaps that infamous Martin Niemöller quote:-

    First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a socialist.

    Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a trade unionist.

    Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Jew.

    Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

    I believe that your average John and Jane Doe has little interest in politics and a positive loathing of (old school) politicians.

    After studying your article, I believe the best step is to seek a SUBJECT ACCESS REQUEST (SAR) from the bank Twittler Army Bank Account Cancellator in Chief.

    Stuart, with your awesome brain-pan, I’d bet you £50 that you have already thought of submitting a Subject Access Request. Maybe even discounted this as pointless.

    BUT even though First Direct and Captain-Crunched-Nuts have a (limited) number of reasons to refuse your SAR, they MUST have an APPELLANT procedure:-

    If/when First Direct refuse again, then keep appealing until you win the £20,000 or the £100,000 that previous litigants have won through having their writes subsumed by the arrogant terrible, terrible-hating cult.

    The banks will then have to learn the phrase:-




  48. Johnlm says:

    This is looking like the West’s ‘colour revolution.’

    Get the populace so unhappy that they start physically resisting.

    Then Martial Law can be rolled out.

    Problem. Reaction. Solution.

  49. aLurker says:

    > johnlm says:
    > 3 July, 2023 at 5:24 pm
    > A Scot A broad looks much younger than I imagined.

    Ha! Made me laff.

    Chapeau sir. Chapeau.
    🙂 🙂 🙂

  50. Georges says:

    I have a direct debit set up to donate to you (or is it going to wings?) every month. Are you still getting that cash?
    Is it legal for banks to discriminate against people whose views they disagree with?
    Stay strong.

  51. Anton Decadent says:

    Seeing as the UK is referred to as TERF Island perhaps there should be somewhere for transwomen to go and live where they do not have to share oxygen with wrongthinkers. I suggest the Isle Of Man…

    I’ll get my coat.

  52. Iain mhor says:

    Astonishing, is about all I can say.
    I note some believe there was an application by HG for the HSBC job, I rather think these things are appointments.

    As for money, I can’t resist the retort to the old phrase: “This will not affect the pound in your pocket..”
    Aye, ah ken, ah huvny got a pound in ma pocket.

    Then it was about decimalisation, and a wry comment on poverty; now it’s literally about not having a pound in your pocket (because it will cease to exist) and about potentially not having access to even a virtual pound you might own at the bank – that is a very sobering prospect.

    Help! Where’s Baroness Blockchain? I need an alternative, decentralised virtual currency stat!
    Oh aye, right. Never mind.

    They should be careful what they wish for, society is only 48 hours, and a couple of meals away from barbarism at any given time.

    The insane always overstep, and it’s a question of when, and who they make the mistake of affecting – shit the nest, and target the wrong rich, and their feet won’t touch the ground, far less provoking societal collapse.

    As for “It’s the rich orchestrating all this” The rich fight like ferrets in a sack, any ‘global scheme’ by some mad megalomaniacal cabal is always doomed to failure – it’s the riding it out is the tricky part.

  53. Ottomanboi says:

    A pride of ravening beasts. The similarity to the oppressive, it’s for your own good, ways of totalitarianism are striking. Modify your mind, attitudes, thoughts or else. Salute the gay flag, oath of allegiance to gender gobledegook and meet a royal. Are uniforms a gay trait?
    The Chinese fascists employ re-education tactics of the sort against the «minorities» who have the misfortune to be ruled by the neo colonialists of Beijing. Western governments, sadly, play the headshaking but tacit game. I suspect the West is involved in the social control tech. The smartphone, the App, GPS, IP, TikTok etc are just great for tracking the guys whose brains don’t do acronyms.

  54. NicaLeon says:

    Watch them go ape over this well compiled/written article.

  55. London Scott says:

    “In 2014 the EU passed a law guaranteeing the legal right to a bank account for all citizens, but of course it does not apply to the UK.”

    All EU law until Brexit became UK law and is still applied unless it has been specifically changed since 2020 by the UK parliament. Fairly certain it has not been rescinded so it still applies.

    If you want to sue, I will support your Crowd Fund.

  56. orri says:

    Recently saw there’s going to be a case by multiple men with the same name in the USA raised due to the imprisonment for 3 days of someone sharing it before the police finally decided it’d be a good idea to check they were actually the specific individual mentioned on the warrant they had.

    That might not seem relevant but it strikes me that closing the accounts of anyone by a bank because of their politics might require a bit more than simply a combination of two common names but enough additional information to positively identify them as the intended target which has a whiff of data protection violations about it.

    In addition Twitter was rife with speculation about the possibility of banks closing accounts due to police investigations and that somehow they wouldn’t let the holder know for fear of them being tipped off. Only problem with that is closing the account would be the last thing the police would want not only because they’d want to see any new activity in order to aid their investigation but to confiscate the cash when the time came. So that sounds more like a no smoke without fire piece of slanderous bullshit as well as the bank’s be interfering in an ongoing investigation

  57. Republicofscotland says:

    Trans picked and put on a pedestal to front a campaign aimed at young folk in the hope that they decide to become trans using private or state cash to do so, ex-military it could almost be a psy-op.

    The message look at me I’ve maimed my own body but I’m now successful, you too could be as successful as me, and you only need to cut your nuts or breasts off to do so.

    As for cancelling bank accounts with no repercussions to the banks or building societies its an absolute fuck*n disgrace, and its just another step in the diluting of our rights, in this fast becoming totalitarian union.

  58. Vestas says:

    I donated some money to Craig Murray a few years back & First Direct froze my bank accounts. They wouldn’t say why but the ONLY transaction which was out of the ordinary was that one & the accounts were frozen the next day.

    They wouldn’t “unfreeze” them until I produced 30 year old documents to “prove who I am”.

    Rather a strange thing to have to do given I’d had the account for quarter of a century and what did my “ID” have to do with anything all of a sudden?

    Worth remembering that HSBC were the bank who laundered money (300+ TONS of US hundred dollar bills) for El Chapo so they’re not to be trusted in any way.

  59. John C says:

    An eloquent and educated speaker, Graf and his transman spouse Jake have become media darlings since his transition – with ITV and Channel 4 both enthusiastically selling tickets to the circus of their creation of a child via a surrogate – and prominent LGBTQ+ activists.

    (Although Hannah Graf is not in fact genetically related to the infant, having had his male genitalia surgically removed in 2015 before meeting his partner.)

    I’m about six years into having my eyes opened about all this Trans/Queer ideology but there’s still stuff which comes along to make the jaw drop. This is one of them. A castrated bisexual male and a mutilated female in an ostensibly heterosexual relationship are trying to rent the body of a woman to have a child.

    Considering the horror of the picture that is being circulated of the ‘woman’ ITV pushed to us as a struggling mother who has published a picture of him with a tiny baby attached to his nipple I fear for the child.

    I won’t post a link to the picture of Mika Minio-Paluello with the baby as I think it’s a picture of child sexual abuse so be warned if you search it out.

    Because of course, many on the left have rejoiced at the news of Farage’s woes, and lump anyone who doesn’t think women have penises into the same “far-right” bracket.

    Bizarrely the only major leftish figure I’ve seen in support of Farage is Aaron Bastani. And yes, it should concern us all that people are losing a basic requirement to exist in society due to their political viewpoints. If Farage of course is guilty of any financial crimes then fine, but it seems to be nothing to do with that.

    The problem is that after a Pride month which ended with a faceoff with Just Stop Oil and Pride the entire ideology knows it’s creaking at the seams and the supporters know it. Hence why they’re doubling down on supporting Minio-Paluello and why as well they’re desperately trying to silence as many opponents as possible. They know that shining a light on them exposes the reality of them so if you try to exclude opponents from society then their hope is to crush debate.

    What the supporters of this have to do know is either back off (which most won’t) or dig in all the way and that now involves being supportive of authoritarianism and paedophilia.

  60. Jm says:

    Chicksands media cadre in overdrive these last few years.

  61. Republicofscotland says:

    Meanwhile the foreign (English) king is prancing about Edinburgh this week, already Edinburgh’s Lord Provost (House Jock) has handed this imposter the keys of the city prior to the mock coronation, this farce is set to unfold on the 5th of July.

    Today a load of House Jocks lined up outside Holyrood Place, I could have sworn I saw the outgoing Police Scotland chief standing straighter than arrow as the false king of Scots faced them in the grounds of the palace as another House Jock showed him up and down the rank and file House Jocks.

    This false pretendy fiasco of a coronation that will be played out this week by the English king, and his loyal House Jocks, is for the masses of Scots benefit, to fool us into believing that this foreign monarch somehow has sovereignty over Scots when he doesn’t, Scottish sovereignty is utterly incompatible with English sovereignty.

    In England the Crown is sovereign, in Scotland its the people that are sovereign.

  62. Lee Floyd says:

    I am horrified. Actually quite uneasy, too. Who are these empowered individuals, and what is their agenda? It feels like 1933 all over again.

  63. Wee Chid says:

    This is bloody terrifying. I’ve always worried that they might do away with cash and force everyone to use a card or ‘phone for financial transactions, leaving eveyone vulnerable to the powers that be who may decide to “cut you off” because you don’t agree with their autoritarian policies.

  64. Dave Hansell says:

    “If you decide to start a crowd-funder, I’ll be amongst the first to donate and I’m sure very many others would be there to back you up.”

    – John Le Scot 5:09pm 3/7/23

    Problem here is the Canadian Truckers example. My recollection at the time was that not only were crowdfunders supporting the truckers protest stopped but also that those who made small donations – $30-$50 Canadian etc – had their bank accounts frozen and withdrawn on the orders of the Canadian Government.

    Perhaps some imaginative guerilla methods need to be employed? Say, self-identify as someone else and open an account with a different name/persona – two can play at that game. You could maybe model yourself on the Terry Pratchett character ‘Alltogether Andrews”?

    On the matter of organisations removing the ability to pay with cash I am led to understand that the French – bless ’em – did not take well to supermarkets who went (past tense) down this road. Resulting in groups getting together and regularly visiting these supermarkets armed only with cash; filling the trolley’s to overflowing and, when told their cash was no good, leaving their full trolley’s at the checkout. Apparently, the powers that be don’t like it up ’em.

  65. Wee Chid says:

    David W Ferguson says:
    3 July, 2023 at 4:01 pm

    “I’ve lived in China for the best part of the last 17 years. I am aware of a very small local social credit system that operates in some poorer villages in rural areas. It’s actually a positive system – households who perform actions in the public interest will be rewarded with “points” that they can exchange at the local store for daily goods like cooking oil.”

    You really think that is a good system instead of a welfare system where people can access money and buy what they want or need? It sounds to me like the truck system adopted by mine owners in the UK. How dare people think they can reward work with vouchers. If something needs done in the public interest it should be paid for – not treated as a charitable act that is rewarded by “points”.

  66. Johnlm says:

    The Military aspect to all this nonsense is gradually becoming visible.

    From day one the internet has been sponsored by DARPA

    Then two decades of losing our civil rights to some dubious t*rror events. Armed cops.

    Then a health emergency orchestrated from the US by Colonel Deborah Birx and the DoD.

    In the UK we got the UK Health Security Agency.

    Now thoughtcrimes.

    What’s next I wonder?

  67. Robert Louis says:

    This is indeed very, very worrying, and those who cheered about Farage need to wake the f**k up. This isn’t about Farage, it is about the power to literally disenfranchise any UK citizen at the flick of a switch, because somebody in the bank doesn’t like their views. Such a scenarion completely removes any notion that the UK is a democracy. It simply is NOT a democracy, when banking services can be removed simply for political views.

    There is even more worrying things going on right now as we speak. A large number of governments, including the UK, and the EU, are ‘exploring’ what are termed central bank digital currencies – in this country a fully electronic ‘digital’ pound. If notes and coins are then replaced, the central government or banks can literally decide who has money and who doesn’t. Fundamentally, it is important to note, that these central bank (government) digital currencies would NOT be like something such as bitcoin. Bitcoin is wholly decentralised, and not under the control of ANY government or corporation. Their, famously is no such thing as a bitcoin CEO.

    People really need to start using paper notes and coins again, or we will literally be on a slippery slope to a totalitarian state. What has happened to revstu, could happen to any one of us. What if a new government really does not like folk who disagree with climate change? To make this more relevant right here in Scotland, what if a government in London just decided it didn’t like people who support Scottish independence?

    Now this has been done to several folk, it will, be quite sure be done to others for what can only be termed ‘wrongthink’.

    USE paper money and coins whenever you can, and complain when you cannot. The banks and retailers do not want to have to handle cash. This trend must be stopped.

    Once cash goes, they literally have you by the short and curlies. Think about it, even if a friend offers to help you out, they could not (no cash, and banks will not transfer money to you). All you could do is barter with say a watch, for some food. It is deadly serious.

    Just a point to note, already, in countries like Nigeria (and much of Africa) and Argentina, where lots of people cannot get a bank account, or have their banking rights revoked, bitcoin is already widely used – bypassing the banks and government control.

  68. Politically Homeless says:

    Eunuchs rule the court of Sultan Schwab.

  69. Billy Carlin says:

    Bang on Stu and exactly what I have been saying through my comments that you have allowed me to say on here exposing who is really behind it all and not just the front men such as Schwab, Gates, Zuckerberg and the CFR etc and I have got to laugh at the clowns on the last post now telling me I have been reading Dan Brown when I do not read works of FICTION and have never read any of his stuff – they are obviously clueless about Astrotheology and the Zodiac, Numerology, Gematria etc which the Mafias that own and control everything use in everything that they do related to the dates etc that they do things such as 9/11 and 7/7 etc.

    This IS all an example of what is coming – anyone that thinks that China is not controlled by these same Mafias is living in cloud cookoo land. Why do you think that they have been sending all of our jobs there for decades now and their Central Bank is owned and controlled by the Rothschild’s on behalf of the Vatican like the UK and Us and most of the worlds are. Why do you think that the Allies and Communists fought together in WW2 – the same reason that the Allies did NOT declare war on the USSR when they invaded Poland because the USSR was owned and controlled by these Mafias as well up until the collapse of the USSR – the Cold War was fake to keep up the fear among the masses as per George Orwell’s 1984.

    As I have been saying all through my comments everything is controlled by these Mafias via the Vatican’s Cestui Que Vie Trusts and their banking system is at the top of that – this is the reason that they are all starting to do the same things at the same time. There is NO choice with banking or anything else – just the ILLUSION of choice. As I have exposed on my video The Democracy Illusion Everything Is WAS A Corporation on my William Woods Youtube channel the banks do NOT even lend you a single penny of FAKE money and not even for your mortgage either and you already do NOT own anything as per that video – or rather you DO own your property etc since 2012 but they do not want the people knowing any of this as they try and bring in this Communist Social Credit System that IS going to be worst than what is in China just now.

    There is also another Dutch video linked under my video in the description called “Monopoly Follow The Money” exposing that we have NO choice with anything and what they are saying in that relates exactly to the UK and most of the world as well. Giving us the impression of choice re supermarkets and everything – why do you think that all supermarkets have been doing the exact same things as well and trying to get people to take on their “loyalty” etc cards which will link up to the digital ID’s so that they can monitor and tell us what we can and cannot buy.

    The EU is also part of this scam system and their Central Bank is also owned and controlled by the Rothschild’s on behalf of the Vatican as well. The corrupt EU’s books have NEVER been audited and the whistleblower that exposed this years ago now and all of the corruption and millions at least that was going missing was sacked by that corrupt clown Neil Kinnock when he was the EU Vice-President. The EU is going to be the European Union Block of the NWO One World Government with the other two being the American Union and the Asian-Pacific Union with NO countries just the three world blocks as in George Orwell’s 1984 and also being exposed in that video I have already told people to go watch called “Bilderberg Group – The Secret Shadow Government” on the Youtube channel.

    The Governments, Councils, Courts etc are all PART of this scam banking system under these Vatican Cestui Que Vie Trusts as per my Democracy Illusion video hence why they are all following the same agenda as well – all Private Corporations as is Black Lives Matter as I have shown on that video and so are all of the other “Green” Groups as is all of the LGBT etc groups as well and the people in them are clueless as to this FACT and how they are all owned and controlled by these same Mafias as part of their divide and control and ORDER OUT OF CHAOS agenda. You will find LGBT etc registered on Dun & Bradstreet and being traded on the New York Stock Exchange like all of those other Private Corporations exposed on my video.

    The people need to know all of this to know the corrupt system that they are in and what they are trying to replace it with and as I have said many times we will never get any independence in this scam system especially if we leave these Mafias corrupt UK and go into THEIR corrupt EU as that is EXACTLY what they want. The only way to REAL independence is by us setting up our own peoples central bank – no need for any other banks – and printing our own debt and interest free money and that by doing this there will be NO inflation and also no need for any taxes. As I have already said as well who is going to vote to stay part of a corrupt UK or EU with FAKE DEBT and INTEREST and the resulting inflation etc. The people also need to be shown the TRUTH of the past as well to show them how they have been suckered into this scam system and how everything has been a lie as a part of this re history etc.

  70. Dan says:

    @ Wee Chid

    I guess the act of cutting folks’ money off could be one of the few remaining pleasures some can derive since they have lost the ability to appreciate the joys of sex having cut off their own genitalia.

    In a Fight Club stylée, I always had concerns what “meat” might actually be used on Dr Oetker’s pizzas, like it could be bits of biopsies or limb amputations, but now there’s nae fucking chance I would eat one when it might be shredded baw and titty meat.

  71. Martin Girvan says:

    Raise a complaint with the Financial Conduct Authority. That’s your next step if they refuse to undertake the subject access request.

    The bank is duty bound to respond to every complaint raised via the FCA and they will take it a lot more seriously than someone working in a call centre.

  72. Aunty Flo says:


    Not just those pizzas should give you concern, Dan.

    What about that find of human teeth in the McDonald’s burger?

    Not to mention human (and rat) DNA in both meat and veggie burgers in the USA! (Didn’t clarify which part of the human anatomy found its way in, alas).


  73. ayemachrihanish says:

    Exactly, that in 2014 the EU did pass a law guaranteeing the legal right to a bank account for any EU citizens… or if the bank is in breach of the European Convention on Human Rights then Article 41.

    But of course that is a Brexit Dividend and does not NOW apply to the UK….

    ARTICLE 41 Just satisfaction

    If the Court finds that there has been a violation of the Convention or the Protocols thereto, and if the internal law of the High Contracting Party concerned allows only partial reparation to be made, the Court shall, if necessary, afford just satisfaction to the injured party

    For viewers elsewhere of course…

  74. ayemachrihanish says:

    Imagine the citizens of Scotland had today these fundamental rights.

  75. Ottomanboi says:

    Totalitarianism «edits» culture. Fine art, theatre, film, books, images, ideas are «bowdlerised» to suit a new order. Notes on pictures in galleries explaining what the image is actually saying, plays with characters rewritten or excised, books with name changes and «bad» ideas snipped out are here for our re-education.
    Nazis, Stalinists, Maoists, Genderists all out of the same «antihuman» box with which they may choose to smash your thinking and replace it with their total banality.
    Surprisingly, the latter finds an eager and receptive audience.

  76. Republicofscotland says:

    Aunty Flo.

    Here’s one that will get you thinking, a man in America bought a bottle/can of Mountain Dew, he claimed he opened it and found a partially dissolved dead mouse within, so he proceeded to sue the makers of the refreshment.

    The makers defended the action claiming that there was no partially dissolved mouse in the drink.

    There defence?

    Well they checked the production time and date on the bottle/can of the drink they found it was over seven weeks since its production and that’s why there could not have been a partially dissolved mouse within the container.

    My deduction is that the lawyers had a mouse placed within a can or bottle of the drink and that it took less than seven weeks for the mouse to completely dissolve, the producers of the refreshment successfully defended the action.

    The above opens up an entire new area of what has dissolved in what, that’s then been consumed without anyone ever realising.

  77. Merganser says:

    Stu. You are a target of banks, politicians, and probably many others because of your high quality revelations.

    Your previous article enables those able to see to find answers to questions which people have been asking for some time, such as:

    How did he get those jobs?
    Why did she resign?
    Why was he chosen to succeed her?
    Who else knew what was going on?
    Why have others resigned?
    How did others get jobs in preference to better candidates?
    What is behind the purchase of the motorhome?

    I guess (ahem) there is more to come, so they will be desperate to stop your flow by any means. So be careful, and keep the jigsaws coming.

  78. Billy Carlin says:

    Here is a present for you and others who want them Stu exposing the LIES that the Germans in WW2 killed millions of people – books all BANNED on Amazon etc and all because they do not want the people to waken up to how much they have been lied to re the REAL reason as I have told you all that Germany etc was taken out in that war.

    Martin Niemoller was a fraud and liar as well and all part of the LIES and DISNFO much of which is exposed on this link :

    And also this CANADIAN site as well :

    So you see they have been banning – and jailing people in many European countries – for exposing this TRUTH and not be long till they jail us in this country and every other one for doing the same.

  79. Breeks says:

    Wee Chid says:
    3 July, 2023 at 6:51 pm
    This is bloody terrifying. I’ve always worried that they might do away with cash and force everyone to use a card or ‘phone for financial transactions…

    I find it more of an insult than a threat.

    If they did away with cash, the poor would start trading on the black market, maybe using Euros or Dollars if sterling wasn’t available. The black market would boom, and good luck getting that genie back in the bottle without “official” cash currency. The UK would be galloping towards failed state status with a rampant black market undermining the whole economy.

    Granted, some serious angst and pain for the most vulnerable people in the short term, (so no change there), but the government would be seriously damaged in the longer run. I don’t have a crystal ball, but I don’t think a cashless economy is going to fly. Just look at how difficult the state finds it trying to pilot a Universal Basic Income scheme, and that’s an idea with some merit.

    I think there are more credible things to worry about.

    Do you recall the US Colonel Douglas A. MacGregor? He was a high flier under Trump, nominated as US Ambassador to Germany, but didn’t get it, but moved in high circles. Anyway, he’s been a very outspoken but reliable reader of events in Eastern Europe; one of very few who’ve been prepared to dispute the Western manipulation of the truth.

    Now be warned, he might very well be playing politics, because he’s no friend of the Biden Administration, but MacGregor was recently speculating on whether the US might not make it to 2024 Elections. He said the US Economy is fragile, he thinks Washington could implode and what he described as chickens coming home to roost in “ugly” ways.

    He is unclear how the trouble will be manifest, but maybe a banking crisis closing the banks, maybe violence and criminality spiralling out of control, and affecting people who thought they were remote from it. I hope he’s wrong, but he knows the US much better than I do.

    He believes (as I do) that YooKrane is looking at a total collapse militarily, and when the scale of that defeat cannot be hidden anymore, the huge lies and distorted reality we’ve all been spoon fed in the West is going to have immense repercussions.

    People forget, but the Yookranean military was the biggest and best equipped Army in Europe save for the Ruskians, and despite all the billions of NATO dollars and hardware sent to assist, it was essentially wiped out by a Ruskian Army who’s field commanders grew exasperated by Ruskian “restraint”. I don’t think that’s bullshit either. All those German Leopard tanks and US Bradleys? Just scrap metal now.

    MacGregor didn’t mention it in his dialogue, but BRICS is also a massive concern in the US, and could lead to major instability in the Dollar, particularly as one component in a “perfect storm” scenario.

    Frankly, I’m not sure the US has ever looked more fragile, and if the US took itself out the game for a while to get it’s domestic house in order, precisely where would that leave Westminster? Where would that leave the Israelis? And perhaps most ominous, where would that leave the “Friends of Israel” Lobbyists with their “bought and paid for” political mouthpieces?

    What about the WEF? Or the global / Western Trans phenomenon that is currently hardening attitudes against Western debauchery and collapsing morality?

    We cannot risk war like this, because the “enemy” right now sees us as fanatical anti-Ruskian / anti-Muslim pathological liars who cannot be trusted, Nazi sympathisers, depraved perverts and pedophiles in frocks who will target their children, and they will fight us until they run out of bullets, and then they’ll start throwing rocks. That is what worries me.

    Would you trust “us” with nuclear weapons?

    We MUST abandon the madness that’s consuming us. Stop the rot, and recalibrate our moral compasses. We must put the grown-ups back in charge. We are in desperate need of wisdom like never before, and there is precious little of it to be found.

  80. Michael Laing says:

    @ John C at 6.45pm:

    “Bizarrely the only major leftish figure I’ve seen in support of Farage is Aaron Bastani.”

    That’s surprising to me. I regard myself as very much a leftie, but some of the ludicrously woke stuff I’ve heard the presenters on those Novara Media videos come out with has made my skin crawl. I no longer watch them, and just scroll past. Have I been premature in my judgement?

  81. Michael Laing says:

    @ Billy Carlin at 8.33pm: You are completely off the planet. That’s the politest thing I can say about you.

    I suppose you think The Diary of Anne Frank was a work of fiction too? Your opinions are odious and disgusting.

  82. Ottomanboi says:

    We have a holocaust «revisionist» amongst it seems. He is entitled to his views but his opinions are at odds with recorded history. The Nazi state made no secret of its genocidal intentions, they made movies and kept meticulously detailed data thanks to pre computer tech supplied by IBM.

  83. Angus Files says:

    Just when the SNP think they are on a dead cert winner by not declaring cash? they ban cash, oh well!

  84. The UK government are claiming to be taking action – but they’re talking about “politically exposed persons” such as MPs. It would take political courage to include anti-woke persons, so don’t hold your breath on that one.

    This is extremely dangerous, and I confess it has made me think twice before putting out comments. The parallels this Bloomberg article make with Trudeau in Canada, and ultimately with China, are salutary. for the Bloomberg article.

  85. Geri says:

    Michael Laing

    I stopped watching Novara Media too since they were taken over.
    I’ve often found Aaron Bastani well balanced & tend to only watch Downstream or the Bastani Factor now rather than thier main show.

  86. McDuff says:

    This is disturbing stuff. Why has this transgender issue sudden been catapulted into everyday life with such power and prominence given they represent such a tiny minority of the population.
    And why are powerful financial institutions promoting and defending these people with some being decidedly unsavoury. What`s in it for them. It seems to be about controlling people and stamping dissent of any kind, but who is manipulating this from the shadows. Government, business, or both.

  87. Jm says:

    McDuff @9.41pm

    It all comes from the shadow players at the top,the funding and the techniques applied by their pet behavioural scientists and loop saturated down through their wholly owned MSM.

    It’s all about divide and rule.

  88. McDuff says:

    I`m in for a crowd fund rev should you wish to pursue this.

  89. Michael Laing says:

    @ McDuff at 9.41pm: Isn’t it remarkable that various banks have begun thought-policing by blocking the accounts of people guilty of wrong-think all at the same time? Is some unseen power pulling the strings here, or am I just being paranoid? I don’t think so. There’s something extremely sinister about all this.

    And I agree with Jm at 9.46pm: the aim is clearly to foment division and, indeed, to wreck society. Wokism is constantly described as a left-wing ideology. If that’s the case, how is it that it’s being imposed by corporations and the mainstream media seemingly universally? It’s the ruling elite that are behind all of this.

  90. Alan C says:

    Republicofscotland says:
    When posting absurd sounding comment you should at least back it up with some evidence, links, A man in America, a can/bottle of… I call bullshit.

  91. Lorna Campbell says:

    Ottomanboi: spot on. Reams and reams of evidence for the holocaust exist. Holocaust deniers are as deluded as the ‘trans’ larpers. Both live in an alternative universe.

    Stuart Mackay: you may well be right. Every civilization you can look at, when it tumbles, it tumbles in the same way: sexual licence gone mad; the sexually incontinent and utterly deviant believe their time has come; and the bulk of the populace wring their hands in despair as totalitarianism spreads – firstly amongst the young.

    No ‘true trans’. If it is morally wrong to blackface, it is also morally wrong to womanface. No ifs, no buts. Sick of these old-style ‘trans’ explaining how it has all gone too far. No, it went too far the day they all started to womanface. They were the ones who held the door to ‘womanhood’ open for these disgusting men to barge through and, by doing so, they have harmed all female persons, whether knowingly or otherwise. Why can’t these larpers just be ‘transwomen’, just indulge their madness and leave everybody else in peace, but no, they have to indulge their lust for power and their contempt for all females, too. When the backlash comes, I hope it comes for them all. No compassion left.

  92. Mac says:

    Wokeism = Communism, rebranded.

  93. Robert Hughes says:

    Breeks @ 8.47

    Outstanding post . I agree with every word of it . Thanks

  94. Geri says:

    But it’s not a teeny tiny section of the population.

    Body dysphoria was only the Trojan horse for every sick deviant fecker to crawl out from under thier rock on the deep, dark web & hitch a lift on the sympathy bus & into dalight.
    They don’t have body dysmorphia now. It’s a miracle! It’s now a porn & fetishist club & anyone can join it. Ppl with genuine body dysphoria can now fck off from Thier movement. (We see it by de-transitioners)

    Now every sick deviant behaviour is to be accepted & celebrated as stunning & brave & all under the Trans *umbrella* of fcks up bahaviours.

    Now we have Pedos on telly breastfeeding babies – sick fcks cause we all know that behaviour would escalate to see what else baby would like to do! It’s classic desensitising. JM is correct, apply the mind police & it’s on its way to full acceptance on an industrial scale.

  95. Martin Brooks says:

    Staunch unionist here, start a fund I will donate, if we don’t all stand up now we are on an unbelievably slippery slope.

    Basically you are getting denied a utility for stating biological facts, for telling the truth you are getting basic rights denied. That is almost as disgusting as pushing this gender woo woo on kids or putting rapists in female jails. God I hope if Sturgeon is guiltily of the (alleged) offences she gets to share her cell with some “ladydick”.

  96. Lorna Campbell says:

    Michael Laing: no, it is fully of the hard left. It is Cultural Marxism. The right is fighting against it, but, then, so are many other people who have no political affiliations. The global corporatists who are bankrolling the ‘trans’ movement are using the idiots on the front-line as expendable. AI, drugs, technology, prosthetics, pharmaceuticals, all see profit to be made, and they are coming for our children. Women will stand against them, and they know that, which is why women must be erased and/or forced back into domestic slavery.

    We are witnessing a new wave of corporate and unfettered capitalism courtesy of the hard left, not the left-wing, which is a very different entity. Old Labour was left-wing. It would be laughable – if the ‘woke’ movement was not so dangerous. Think Mao, think Pol Pot, think Stalin and you will be near the mark. Their raison d’être is to bring down all societies they touch, and open them up to exploitation of a magnitude never witnessed before in history, but particularly Western ones because they are less easily overturned. Their liberal democracy resists much harder.

    If Muslim nations believe they are immune, they are mistaken, but I think it will be in the West where the real fight will take place. They will not win in the longer term because they can’t. Evolution and Mother Nature will not be thwarted. These front-line ‘trans’, the useful idiots, will end up as thoroughly disillusioned ‘others’, neither meat nor veg, existing on the margins. Human beings are unable to sustain lies in the long term, not even through fear. It will fall, and it will fall through truth, reality and unsustainable biological subversion no matter how vile little monsters like this one behave in narcissistic defence of it. His ego will be bloated by the power he imagines he has and he will overstep the mark and bring the bank into disrepute. Just wait and see. Corporates will rue the day they ever gave house room to these destroyers. You are a sparkling gem in our dark firmament, Rev.

  97. Kcor says:

    “Graf inexplicably then walked straight into a senior job in financial-crime prevention with a big-four bank (HSBC), despite having precisely zero previous experience in finance, crime or banking.”

    When did saying “women don’t have penises” become a financial crime?

    “Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

    —Martin Niemöller”

    The vast majority of humans in the former “free world” have become zombies.

  98. David Hannah says:

    Look at this commy. He doesn’t even pass. I hope you get your bank account back.

  99. Michael Laing says:

    @ Mac at 10.18pm: If wokism is communism rebranded, can you explain why every capitalist corporation and mainstream media outlet is promoting and imposing woke ideology? These organisations are not renowned for their support of socialism or communism. Nor, I suspect, were communist countries renowned for tolerating, never mind promoting, identity politics and gender ideology.

    In short, you are talking tripe.

  100. Kcor says:

    Rev. Stuart Campbell says:
    3 July, 2023 at 4:46 pm

    “as they’re insisting that they *don’t have any email address I can send a Subject Access Request to*.”

    Send it by post by Recorded Delivery. They will not be able to evade that.

    Keep on exposing the bastards and bitches here on W O S.

  101. David Hannah says:

    What bank account should the entirety of the nation of Scotland send the crowd funder to?

  102. Ron Clark says:

    Can we rejoice with our Australasian colonial brothers in their victory in the Ashes over the scum to the south of our border.

    They now have a 2-0 lead in the five match series.

    I know this news will brighten up another otherwise dull day.

    Go Australia!!!

  103. Geri says:

    Was listening to Emma Kenny (psychologist & true crime channel)
    The reaccurring theme is violent porn addiction to these sadists who have to debase women as they’re the gatekeepers to full access to children.

    Yer right Lorna, he’ll have his *Rurik Jutting* moment. They always do because those types move in the same sick networks. It’s unfortunate ppl have to suffer first. We can all guess who’ll be first on its list.
    We really need to stop giving mentally ill ppl positions of power. They’re already abnormal & broken.

  104. Kcor says:

    McDuff says:
    3 July, 2023 at 9:41 pm

    “Why has this transgender issue sudden been catapulted into everyday life with such power and prominence given they represent such a tiny minority of the population.”

    IMHO, the end goal is to normalise and legalise paedophilia as the persons who rule the world are paedophiles.

  105. PhilM says:

    Free speech is precious. Free indirect speech is something I learned at university. Free speech that is totally dependent on another nation’s propaganda, issuing out through the fog of war, is like sitting on a wildly careering horse: there’s the illusion of control – you think you’re in the seat of command – but you’re totally dependent on an emotional non-rational creature that has no interest in what you think (Russell Brand, years and years ago, once described the horse as a ‘muscly coward’, which is an interesting designation to bear in mind these days).
    Similarly, with single ‘experts’. Relying on someone whose views support your own prejudices (unless you’re somehow an expert) is unwise. When someone clearly knows that little bit more than you, it’s easy to let them do your thinking for you and not realise it. Intelligent people can be just as taken in…’here’s my caveat to what this guy is saying’, and then off they go, repeating with even greater enthusiasm what they’ve just been told by the professor, the general, the insider, the whistleblower…that guy who talks like he’s ‘in the know’.
    Now shush! Come a little closer, so the others can’t hear…
    I’m going to admit something now. I am not and never will be an expert in military technology or battlefield tactics. I am not aware of much in the way of Eastern European topography, apart from rivers and mountains that anybody can look up on wikipedia. I don’t speak any Slavic languages. I know some words and phrases but even an idiot could learn to parrot these in an hour’s study. I also don’t know nearly enough about the real underlying strength of the major world economies. Having said that, I think I can separate out propaganda when I see it because it tends to overplay its hand and you can check weeks or months later to see if it was a pile of steaming thought-crap. Not always though. Maybe not nearly enough.
    Now don’t tell anyone what I said because there seem to be a lot of very certain people around and they’ll sense my weaknesses. Maybe I don’t shout loudly enough in the agora but then I try to keep an open mind and people don’t like that. They desperately want to convince you and get you to come over to their side. Anyway, I have to go now. I’m old and tired, it’s getting late and the daylight is beginning to fade.
    (Slinks off without people noticing to engage with an old piece of technology known in the early 2000s as a ‘book’)
    Anyone else want to join little ol’me and admit what they don’t really know very well?
    Mebbes aye, mebbes naw?
    Now after all that nonsense above, can we agree now to bury all our hatchets and agree that that Socrates fella was a bit of an annoying c**t!

  106. David Hannah says:

    Just goes to show you get preferential treatment being a woke arsehole. Failing upwards.

    Can’t stand people like that. I really can’t.

  107. charles (not the R one) says:

    While we are on the subject of control over us, don’t forget about those so-called SMART METERS.

    90% of the population has fallen for the fairy story that these meters are for saving them money.

    These meters are being installed to give the power companies CONTROL over us.

    These meters can be controlled remotely – THEY CAN SHUT OFF any Smart Meter any time they choose to.

    This is the modern way to have POWER-CUTS.
    They can shut off ordinary people’s homes in bulk, but leave the IMPORTANT PEOPLE connected, such as Hospitals, Health Centres, Police Stations, and SNP MSPs probably.

    You can NOT be forced to have one of these meters.

    If you don’t have a Smart Meter, they’ll have to come to your door to cut you off.
    If you do have a Smart Meter, and they want to cut you off, all they need to do is to type your reference number in, and press a button. Your meter will cut you off in seconds.

    Moral : don’t let them fit a Smart Meter, and if you have been conned into having one, tell them to take it out and fit an ordinary meter.

    Only YOU can do those things by using less gas and electricity.

  108. David Hannah says:

    We’re all being controlled. We’ve seen covid 19. Anything can happen. Would not surprise me to see a handmaiden’s tale play out in real life. It’s a horrifying prospect.

  109. Billy Carlin says:

    Michael Laing 8.57pm

    Typical of the dumb who spout their crap without actually looking at the EVIDENCE provided PROVING that it is all a total FRAUD. Why do you think that they are BANNED – if they were rubbish people would just be able to take apart their EVIDENCE without banning them. Kollerstrom’s book on that list exposes the FACT that after we broke the German codes we have all the EVIDENCE recorded of the Germans trying to keep the inmates ALIVE in the camps in the British Archives. People can download those books and use their own CRITICAL THINKING fro themselves to see the TRUTH something that YOU are obviously lacking. Maybe you can debunk all of the EVIDENCE in those books and set up a website and let us see your EVIDENCE to the contrary – you cannot debunk the SCIENCE and EVIDENCE in those books hence why they are BANNED.

    And yes Anne Frank NEVER wrote any diaries – they have been totally exposes as FAKE and they were written by someone – her father – long AFTER the war by that person using Biro pens that were NOT available to the general public until well after the war plus other evidence. Anyone including you that believes the biggest bit of drivel in that “diary” that the owners didn’t realise that half of their house disappeared behind a bookcase and then that they sold it it without realising this, and the surveyors didn’t notice this either and neither did the buyers realise half the house was missing is an imbicile who believes all of the drivel in that book.

    It was totally proven to be FAKE AS exposed here :

    And here :

    Ottomanboi @ 8.58pm & Lorna Campbell @ 10:17pm

    I have just provided you the EVIDENCE that it was all totally FAKE. There is NOT one single bit of EVIDENCE that it was REAL. The Jews declared WAR on Germany in 1933 – Judea Declares WAR ON Germany…Google it. So the Germans started to round up the Jews and put them in the camps just as we did with the Germans, Italians and Japanese during the war. Hitler did a deal with the Zionist Jews called the Haavara Agreement to move the Jews to Palestine which suited Hitlers party as they wanted rid of them and suited the Zionist leaders because they wanted them there – that was the Final Solution. When war broke out Germany was SHORT of manpower like we were so used the inmates in the camps as workers for their war effort – they got PAID for their work and the camps had sports fields, swimming pools. theatres etc as exposed in those books – the swimming poll is still in Auschwitz today but they are silent about what it is. Those books expose what the REAL gas chambers in the camps were and what they were for instead of the FAKE ones – the REAL ones are still at Auschwitz also and they are silent about them as well. Why don’t you two provide all of that EVIDENCE you claim and I will give you £1000 EACH if you prove me and everything in those books as being wrong….of course if you cannot you will owe me £1000 EACH.

    The Jewish “Survivors and Israel have conned the German people of well over £100 BILLION in compensation since WW2 for the Holocaust and also $BILLIONS they get every year from the US taxpayers as well. Israels economy would collapse without all of that money so why do you think that they need this scam to go on. Who owns most of the mainstream media and Hollywood etc that keep pushing all of this.

    Why are they so silent about the 6 Million Jews that they claimed that the Romans Holocausted in the Romans/Jewish War in 70 AD as per page 270 from this book from 1897 here :

    Funny how they are also so silent about all of the HUNDREDS of other times that 6 MILLION Jews got Holocausted or were going to be Holocausted by many different countries as per that Six Million Open Gates book I linked to in my other comment above – they are a really unlucky people and funny how they do not want to have memorials to all of those 6 Million Holocausted Jews as well or do not want anyone to know about them.

  110. Derek says:


    Ever been to Dachau? It’s worth a visit. Voluntarily, of course.

  111. Johnlm says:

    Michael Laing @ 11.12
    Wokism as a left wing ideology

    Yurt Bezmenov explained Soviet theory on how to collapse a society in a generation.
    Capitalists can use it too.
    Look for – FULL INTERVIEW with Yuri Bezmenov: The Four Stages of Ideological Subversion (1984

    The US repo market crash of Sept. 2019 looks like it put the banking system in real trouble and the banksters needed to devise a new system where they can still come out in control. – and avoid attracting any blame.

    Thus chaos is unleashed – pandemics, BLM, global warming crisis, trannies, Antifa, wars, sanctions, refugees.

    In the wreckage hopefully no-one will notice that their pensions have been embezzled.

    This has been coming since the 2008 .banking crisis, at least.

  112. Ian Stewart says:

    Could you submit a Subject Access Request to HSBC for all communications related to their activities with you?

    When I was in financial services compliance quite recently we were obliged to respond to such requests from customers in a certain time limit and to provide all internal comms related to the individual, unredacted. It’s a legal requirement under GDPR that should trump any right of the bank to withhold information they have about you.

  113. Stuart MacKay says:

    Michael Laing

    re: corporate support.

    L and G couples have a lot of disposable income. Here in Lisbon you can barely walk a couple of feet in a shopping centre before bumping into one. Most appear to be tourists and given their numbers they are spending a lot of money in the country. There also appears to be a strong dating scene also judging by the number of apparent random strangers looking at their phones then looking at each other.

    So, as in everything else, follow the money. That’s before we even get starting on the increasing number of adverts for hair removal products for men that are on TV.

    There’s also element of fear. Boycotts create a lot of unwelcome publicity so it’s best to string along an not upset the vocal minorities, particularly since the majority don’t really care.

  114. Ian Stewart says:

    Should have read the comments earlier and known you’d already be submitting an SAR. But if they don’t have a published process for submitting a SAR, then you can submit a formal complaint to the FCA for being non compliant with DPA/GDPR and the ICO for being non compliant with their process requirements too. It takes a while for them to process such complaints but they do often get a response in due course.

  115. Johnlm says:

    Michael Laing

    Better, shorter clip of the Besmenov clip mentioned above.
    YouTube – Yuri Bezmenov – How To Demoralize A Nation.

  116. highlander says:

    Good mention on Headliners about this blog post tonight.

  117. Iain More says:

    The Trans Nazi Wokist Mind Virus gets more virulent with each passing day. I am glad I am an old geezer with very few years left at best. I would hate to be a young white heterosexual growing up in today’s world that is dominated by intolerant vicious sexual and racial deviants.

  118. David W Ferguson says:

    Wee Chid says:
    3 July, 2023 at 7:00 pm

    You really think that is a good system instead of a welfare system where people can access money and buy what they want or need… How dare people think they can reward work with vouchers. If something needs done in the public interest it should be paid for – not treated as a charitable act that is rewarded by “points”.

    Wee Chid, if the entirety of China’s poverty alleviation and welfare system was handing out a few vouchers to poor people you might have a point. But it’s not even a pinprick.

    The other thing you need to understand is this. These schemes are put in place by the local Village Committee. The Village Committee is the first tier of government in rural China. And here’s something I’m certain you won’t know. These committees are directly elected by the local villagers using a process that is no different from mainstream western electoral systems. There are multiple candidates for multiple seats; anyone can stand as a candidate – no party affiliation is required. There is universal suffrage – every adult in the village has a vote. And the votes are cast by secret ballot.

    So if a Village Committee in a remote village in Gansu Province, directly elected by the villagers, decides to allocate a tiny fraction of their resources to one of these voucher schemes, don’t you think it’s rather condescending of you – and extremely presumptuous – to start telling them that they’ve got it all wrong?

  119. David W Ferguson says:

    Ian Stewart says:
    4 July, 2023 at 1:32 am

    …if they don’t have a published process for submitting a SAR, then you can submit a formal complaint to the FCA for being non compliant with DPA/GDPR…

    First Direct has a Data Protection Officer. They wouldn’t dare not to have. I posted the contact information above. Hope Stu saw it.

  120. Breeks says:

    Ron Clark says:
    4 July, 2023 at 12:17 am

    Right but wrong Ron.

    Yes Scotland needs more housing, but the whole concept of even having housing ladder is THE problem.

    It’s the objective of the housing racket to inflate demand and thus house prices, and it does so by restricting supply. It needs people to be disadvantaged and desperate, and convinced there’s a ladder to be climbed out of the misery.

    It’s the entire Neoliberal system which needs to be junked, and housing once again recognised a fundamental necessity, not a wealth creating Ponzi scheme.

    Scotland needs housing yes, and lots of it, but hopefully something infinitely better than 100+ schemes of corporate stick built banal mediocrity with a 60 year designed lifespan. We should use the opportunity to rebuild a proper Scottish construction industry, run by built-to-last tradespeople serving proper apprenticeships, instead of “get the money quick” bean counters and rogue financiers.

    Do that first, restructure the Industry and training, then sponsor a housing boom, with high calibre social housing which hasn’t been built in Scotland in the last 100 years.

  121. A Scot Abroad says:

    How does a Scots Indy website get into holocaust denial? Mad, bad and really desperately sad.

  122. Stoker says:

    At the start of Stuart’s article i once again found myself recoiling in disgust at what society is becoming. But i’m glad i stuck it out and read the rest of that article. To say it was interesting is an understatement of gargantuan proportions. Unbelievable! HSBC, cowards who do not posses the courage of their own warped convictions. Glad i stopped banking with The Bank of Scotland many moons ago.

    Folks, an important heads-up: THINK TWICE!
    I would encourage any WOS readers, who are contemplating buying one of those IP (Intelligent) CCTV Cameras. I recently purchased one from an online company called Flash Discounts for £60. The bargain price was a big incentive. It is not until you receive your camera in its box and then try to set it up that you discover there is a £25 per month fee being demanded for the App subscription. And if you are unhappy you can simply return your purchase etc. But there’s another catch to that. You are responsible for the return costs, to the United Arab Emirates, another fact they don’t make clear until you read the wee booklet that comes with your CCTV camera. And you must return it within 30-days. And you can’t set up your CCTV camera without scanning the booklets QR code for that App. A pure con! My advice to anyone is to think twice before making that purchase. I’m now left with a CCTV camera i can’t use and a £60 hole in my pocket. Thoroughly disgusted!

  123. Robert Louis says:

    Stuart MacKay at 122am,

    Nice try to link lesbian and gay people with the trans freaks. Get yourself educated and you will find out that most actual gay and lesbian people want nothing to do with ‘trans’ and all its associated freakiness. It is unrelated.

    So, not really sure what your post was about really, mibbes you have a problem with people being gay and lesbian? Not sure why it would concern you. The fact you seem to be keeping a tally on the number of folk ‘looking at their phones’, as some kind of clue, is utterly hilarious.

    Sad to see some holocaust deniers posting here. Keep your hateful, idiotic, nonsense for elsewhere.

  124. Stoker says:

    To the utter fanny’s posting direct links to Unionist rags, GTF and stop being so disrespectful to those of us who go out of our way to archive such links. Selfish Unionist enabling c@nts.

  125. Effijy says:

    Most people are happy to let these trans people trans but stay out of my face and my life.

    Never do I accept a penis in changing rooms, toilets or showers because someone’s says they are female.

    All these people are doing are scaring people and turning people against them and no doubt
    some will become violet against them if stating the obvious and holding on to the facts of nature can loose you your job, your bank account and your money.

    If one of the former men can give birth I’ll revisit it but square pegs don’t fit in round holes
    full stop.

  126. Stoker says:

    Stuart (aka Rev), i think you’ve still got a strong case for discrimination with your former banker. And certainly against Ko-Fi since they have displayed discriminatory actions on their part. Have you thought about making some general enquiries with a decent law firm?

  127. Stoker says:

    Folks, further to the utter retard posting direct links to Unionist rags. Note how it never gets into conversation with anyone, regardless of what moniker it’s using at the time? Do you know why that is? Because by engaging with anyone it will give itself away. Just as well some of us don’t need to see their typing and language habits to know who it is, eh!

  128. Mac says:

    It is tempting to laugh at the neo-communists in their neo-commie woke garb and blue hair but these useful idiots are far more dangerous than anything that currently exists on the so called far right.

    Overall that is one of the big lessons here. It is the wokies that are the dangerous ones, the ones to be resisted at all costs. All the right wing supremacists shite they spout endlessly is a figment of their own imagination, a projection.

    It is very telling the wokies are so desperate to see and invent nazis. As they are essentially communists rebranded of course they see nazis everywhere. (except in the blue yellow country amusingly of course)

    Because their mind set is essentially built on a template lifted from communism they have to retro fit reality around it, creating fictional nazis out of ordinary people, merely voicing common sense opinions.

    And of course when you label someone a nazi you are sending out a dog whistle that it is ok to assault them physically. Look at them, the violence is always there, simmering just under the surface, the threats against real women… these people are thugs, bullies.

    Listen to the president of the big country in the east talking recently about how western governments are now doing all the same things the communists did. Trying to erase gender etc…

    Fuck these people, they are scum bags trying this shit on us. After every revolution comes the ‘terror’ where millions of people are killed to make their ‘utopia’.

    Personally I think it is increasingly looking like we are in the middle of a power grab right now. Look around you folks, we have no leaders anymore. It is like they have disappeared replaced by these WEF drones.

    So who is driving all this woke poison across every major western country simultaneously. No one voted for any of this… it is being imposed upon us. So by whom.

    This is it folks, we are in the middle of it IMHO. We are being betrayed and not just by the ultra ‘woke’ Nicola Sturgeon, it is much bigger than that I am afraid to say.

    There is not going to be some major event signally it, this is creeping, gradual, being implemented over years, using big tech to very much enable it.

    The attempted Salmond stitch-up was Scotland’s JFK moment. And yet even now most people in Scotland do not even realize it. Because they never get told the truth.

  129. Kurt says:

    Stories like these prove that the lunatics are running the asylum. Go to tranny school and get a great job with a bank controlled by the CCP.

    It also makes you wonder where people like Prince Andrew are welcome to do their banking.

  130. Robert Hughes says:

    Note to ” Billy Carlin ” …..Fuck off with your demented revisionism .

    You’ll be telling us next that Hitler didn’t really invade Sudetenland , Poland , France , Benelux etc . Or if he did it was in order to free those countries from the oppression of …oh … let’s see ….the ” Jews ” , Bankers , an unholy alliance of the Vatican & ( the lunatics’ go-to ultra-bad dudes ) the Rothchilds .

    So people , have you heard ? Adolf Hitler was a really nice guy , cruelly/tragically misunderstood and unfairly slandered by …see above

    Dafties like you think you’ve cracked the hermetic code of the Universe , are the sole possessors of what you laughably call ” the Truth ” and people who disagree with your ridiculous theories are dumb ” sheeple ” ; the irony of railing about Elites whilst considering yourself to be part of the Elite of Those Who Know is no doubt completely lost on you .

    What you are actually doing with your absurd ” interpretations ” of historical events and present conditions is undermining genuine criticism of the false narratives and constant lies we’re subjected to by providing fodder for the perpetrators of such to ridicule everything that throws light on their machinations as ” Conspiracy Theories ” .

  131. The Accountant says:

    The Chancellor could fix this problem in an instant.

    Section 4 of the Bank of England Act allows the Treasury to direct the Bank and the Bank to direct all other bankers in the U.K.

    What a banker is is determined by HM Treasury.

    Therefore the Bank could put in place directions by the end of the week that no U.K. banker can close a bank account until they have proof that the customer has alternative Sterling banking facilities to the same standard available elsewhere.

    A bank account would then be like citizenship. It cannot be removed unless and until you have an alternative one.

    Ask the Chancellor why he is talking and not acting.

  132. Sven says:

    PhilM @ 23.37

    Just so you don’t feel to lonely, Phil. Not only have you fully articulated my own lack of information on the subjects you cite, I also know nothing of Post Colonial Theory, middle ages legislation and how biological males get to call themselves female and gain acess to female safe places.
    But then, I’m at a loss to understand how a site about Scottish independence has morphed into electromagnetic discussion and Holocaust denial.
    Brain hurts, time to go read some Robert Service.

  133. Ian Stewart says:

    Wow Stuart – your website and name is quoted all over the newspapers! Big item in the Daily Telegraph, and the government appears to be taking action. This could be a very big result!

  134. willie says:

    I do not wish to be pejorative but increasingly I watch the hapless saps gaily abandoning cash is favour of payment by app or card.

    Not for them the bank ever foreclosing on them, the state shutting them down, or a complete and absolute record of every transaction of what bought, where and when. Cash it seems for so many is something they want to ditch.

    Nor do the cash abandoning techno swanks realise that on every electronic transaction there is a banking fee typically around four to five percent. The retailer of course meets that but who do you think actually picks up the costs built into the store prices – the Tooth Fairy?

    But aside of Joe Punter happily feeding the banks, the examples that the Rev summarises where accounts have been pulled by the banks for vicious political reasons gives insight into what can and is happening. Maybe those who have their accounts pulled should just take their punishment beating like the proverbial dog.

    There are however more savvy people who understand the value of cash. People who understand its benefits. People who understand that it cannot simply be taken away from them. People who realise that the banks cream a fee from the retailer each and every transaction.

    And what are these people doing but deliberately using cash for everyday transactions whilst the rest build their own gallows scaffold.

  135. Ottomanboi says:

    If they wish to do that sort of thing that is their business and theirs alone. Getting «official recognition» for it is a mark of societal incongruence.

    By interpreting freedom as the propagation and immediate gratification of needs, people distort their own nature, for they engender in themselves a multitude of pointless and foolish desires, habits, and incongruous stratagems. Their lives are motivated only by mutual envy, sensuality, and ostentation.
    (Fyodor Dostoevsky)

  136. Dan says:

    @ Breeks

    Re. Housing
    Due to the excessive costs of plots of land, it will generally leave less money available to actually build the property. Thus choices of building materials are often made on reduced cost rather than quality.
    I touched on this last week, rather than using long lasting “local” Scottish slates which could be an industry providing Scottish jobs, imported lower quality roof tiles are used instead, which means there is the environmental impact of transporting heavy materials cross continent, and the manufacturing jobs are also not in Scotland.

    And I guess the same goes for stone and timber. This place with every passing day really does feel to me like it has become just a country of feckless consumers who can’t even comprehend the trajectory we are on.
    It’s like the laws of physics have been forgotten about. Taxpayer subsidising importing energy and resource hungry manufactured solar PV and noisy air source heatpumps to clag onto inappropriate housing, rather than improving properties’ insulation levels so that existing quiet electric storage heaters powered by renewable energy and priced affordably are sufficient to keep the property at acceptable levels of warmth.

  137. Dave Hansell says:

    “the huge lies and distorted reality we’ve all been spoon fed in the West is going to have immense repercussions.”

    – Breeks 8:47pm 3/7/23

    This observation has direct relevance to this threads below the line disagreement over the matter of the ‘Chinese Social Credit Scheme”.

    Simply because it highlights some pertinent realities such as the fact that our perception of the “Chinese Social Credit System, its existence, form, and function is entirely dependent on the same information sources which consistently tell us that men can be women; the SNP are going to deliver Scottish Independence; there were WMD’s in Iraq; babies were being ripped out of incubators by Iraqi soldiers in Kuwait during the first Gulf War; everyone involved in a strike is receiving the same wage rate as the handful of workers receiving the highest possible theoretical salary; and anything that does not fit an Official Narrative to the letter is “fake news”.

    Which brings us to the Gell-Mann effect:

    “Briefly stated, the Gell-Mann Amnesia effect is as follows. You open the newspaper to an article on some subject you know well. In Murray’s case, physics. In mine, show business. You read the article and see the journalist has absolutely no understanding of either the facts or the issues. Often, the article is so wrong it actually presents the story backward—reversing cause and effect. I call these the “wet streets cause rain” stories. Paper’s full of them.

    In any case, you read with exasperation or amusement the multiple errors in a story, and then turn the page to national or international affairs, and read as if the rest of the newspaper was somehow more accurate about Palestine than the baloney you just read. You turn the page, and forget what you know.”

    ? Michael Crichton

    The point being that the overall context of everything about this Wings Over Scotland site is consistency in the application of empirical based objective evidence. Regardless of the subject matter.

    Which means that it is incumbent upon us all to be consistent in applying the same skepticism to information fed to us about other Countries as we do to, say, the gender/sex/trans issue or SNP claims to have a monopoly on delivering Scottish independence.

  138. Stephen O'Brien says:

    Sovereign Scots, discriminated against, daily.

    A sad day, when we need to sue SNP, for misrepresentation of Scottish Sovereignty.

    I’m sure Sturgeon, will blame it all on Murrell!

  139. dasBlimp says:

    It’s sinister stuff alright but a great piece of investigative reporting.

  140. JockMcT says:

    @Breeks re housing

    Spot on! A fundamental right that should be enshrined in our Scottish constitution, then we show the world the way with the finest Scottish engineered and constructed, built-to-last housing. Fk the housing ladder, a roof over all our heads will be fine thank you, and in our local community if you please.

  141. Republicofscotland says:

    Billy Carlin @12.08.

    I’d leave off the second world war, it doesn’t bode well for this indy site, and could attract mad haters present company excluded of course.

    Your second link is on the ProporNot list and on the Poynters Institute websites as banned, both sites Propornot and Poytners are Western ran and funded propaganda sites, also on their banned list are Wikileaks, Consortium news, Off-Guardian, Global Research etc.

    So although you are onto something I say stay clear of the Jews/WWII etc.

    Propornot and Poynters sponsors.

    “Koch family foundations, Lumina Foundation, Luminate, MacArthur Foundation, National Endowment for Democracy, Omidyar Network, Open Society Foundations”

  142. Molesworth says:

    Keep it coming Rev. We need you.

  143. JockMcT says:

    Everyone seems to be getting bored or dragged way off topic, must be the recess where we are drifting aimlessly in space, leaderless (aka without humza 🙂 ). What really strikes me is this. Are we all too squirreled up, are we really this fkn dumb that we accept the shit being poured over us. It seems so. Not long ago our glorious leader dramatically stepped-down with immediate effect and disappeared, to be replaced by a Yousless stooge continuity character, our new unelected FM of Scotland – by an obviously rigged and state sponsored fiasco, amidst a police investigation on fraud and a luxury campervan that suddenly materialised on an old dear’s driveway. Douglas Adams couldn’t have made that one up and have it stick. So, remembering all these facts from just a short time ago, and before the next wave of trans madness sweeps us all away, what the hell happened to Scotland and to our Independence movement!!? Why are we not all raging, going berserk like the French and tearing the place up? No, we have a nice cup of tea and start spouting pish about the holocaust and other major world events and how the illuminati are coming to get us all. FS people, we wir robbed and the folks who did it are laughing at us from their sun loungers. Keep focused FFS!

  144. Willie says:

    Housing, the price of housing,and the standard of housing is one of the biggest rackets ever visited on a society.

    Double bubbling prices through mechanisms of choking supply had created, very particularly in London am asset boom. Bubble the prices and developers can make huge profits. Bub le the prices and the banks have a lending boom. And it’s not just restricted to London although London is the supreme example.

    And the punters, well for them they get the opportunity to pay huge mortgages to keep a roof over their heads in the belief that they are all property investors.

    But what benefit of all of those trillions poured into the pockets of the banks and developers was spent on better things that society would secure much more benefit from.

    It’s a house of cards in one big Ponzi Scheme. But that scheme could be heading to a huge readjustment.

    2008 showed the way when folks started defaulting on their mortgagesand the financial system was struck by a tsunami of overlending on over bubbled property in a system where through mortgage resale instruments the true trading picture began to emerge.

    And now, with six percent inflation and stagnant or falling house prices, where are we headed. And could the same thing happen with cars where around 93% of cars are bought on car loans or car long term car leases. Just how will that play out if folks find themselves unable to pay their soaring car loans, soaring mortgages, along with their soaring energy and soaring food.

    And with a war to pay for, conservatively reported at a cost of 2% of GDP, and a figure sure to be low, it certainly seems that the Bank of England’s chief economist a month or so back when he said Britons have to recognise that their standard of living will reduce as they get poorer.

    Anyway, for the millions paying a mortgage on over bubbled housing, all we can say is take the pain with the stoicism that it requires. We made our bed and now we lie in it. We after all voted for the system.

  145. Shug says:

    Looks like the 77 brigade has a full shift on here today.

    Quite worrying that a military operation is trying to interfere is political discourse. Next thing you know people will be falling out hotel windows.

  146. Stuart MacKay says:

    Robert Louis @7:06am

    My comment was a reply to David Laing about why there is corporate support for alternative lifestyles. It’s quite simple. They have money.

  147. Matt Quinn says:

    JockMcT says: 4 July, 2023 at 10:39 am

    “Everyone seems to be getting bored or dragged way off topic…”

    This is something I’ve seen often in the decades I’ve accessed ‘online’ forums… from the days of BBSs onwards…

    Truths are hidden in plain sight by being interwoven and conflated with complete nonsense – add to the mix some unhinged non-educated nutters spouting drivel that even the slowest person can see right through. – And the whole lot becomes flushable with the tide of nonsense.

    The grifting rambling of David Icke & Co is one of the oldest and more obvious examples of this. But it has been going on since the days of Shortwave Radio and photocopied newsletters.

    …See Operation Mockingbird for further details. 😉 It seems to have never ceased.

  148. Dan says:

    I ponder if the bank would have been so quick to shut Stu’s account if he had a mortgage with a significant amount of capital and interest payments still to be made.

  149. Dan says:

    Nearly ten years on now and still waiting for the series Mr Robot to become reality.

  150. Adrian D. says:

    This is indeed terrifying, but all the gloating from the alleged ‘left’ in the UK (people who Jimmy Dore rightly calls ‘The Shitlibs’ in the US) is just par for the course. This really started with Paypal closing down Wikileaks’s account simply following a request from the US State Department and since then there have been all sorts of attacks, usually with some kind of accusation of Russian-bottery. All the bleating from the right that they’re being particularly targetted is just crap in that context.

  151. dasBlimp says:

    Ron Clark says:
    3 July, 2023 at 11:22 pm

    Can we rejoice with our Australasian colonial brothers in their victory in the Ashes over the scum to the south of our border.

    Scum eh. Another non-racist comment from the oh-so-non-racist scots. You should be ashamed of yourself.

  152. Dan says:

    @ dasBlimp

    Ron Clark who previously posted as Wilson McBride is far more likely to be on your side with regard to the matter of Scotland returning to self-governance, what with him posting endless direct links to unionists rags, and posting obvious obtuse comments to tar Scots and for you to then pick up on and run with.
    It’s so fucking obvious you’d have to be a dullard or just an occasional skim reader of btl discourse not to see it.

  153. robertkknight says:

    Just to give you all a heads-up, I’m quitting my current job and seeking employment in the banking sector.

    Once I’ve got my feet under the table, I’ll be buying a white horse with the intention of painting black stripes down its sides.

    Anyone who dares challenge my claim thereafter to be the proud owner of a zebra will have their banking facilities withdrawn.

  154. dasBlimp says:

    Dan says:
    4 July, 2023 at 12:10 pm

    @ dasBlimp

    Ron Clark who previously posted as Wilson McBride is far more likely to be on your side with regard to the matter of Scotland returning to self-governance,

    … and what side do you think I am on? Are you suggesting that Ron Clark is English? That’ll cheer him up. It did me.

  155. 100%Yes says:

    Both my wife and I were founding members of the Alba Party she been sent a new card saying her membership 9*** but she no longer a founding member, her original membership started with a 2***, has anyone else lost their founding membership.

  156. Geri says:

    24 hour Surveillance is everywhere.

    Yer phone, yer car, yer smart TV, cctv, internet searches, Google maps, phone masts pings, banking transactions, express checkouts, Alexa & Siri, Ring doorbells, on & on it goes..every single movement is recorded.

    AI is here & it’s not going back into its box. It’s only becoming more fine tuned & when it starts to problem solve on its own the best future outcomes – there’ll no hiding place from ww3. That head honcho guy at Google who resigned (can’t remember his name) resigned because it’s scary shit but it’s too late – the genie is out the bottle.

    I recently purchased a new TV – they have the right to basically fry it & render it useless anytime they please. That caveat comes with everything now. AI is in control & they can flick you off of service if yer deemed non compliant or a threat. Soon there’ll be no human to complain to & with the latest police bill, the government just needs *to think* yer going to be a menace to the status quo..

    This stop oil environmental pish is a distraction from what’s really heading towards us. Fossil fuels are the least of our worries.

    *The computer says no* is no longer a joke..

    When ppl say they’re not signing up to twitter – why? Lol Yer already on the internet with an IP address & tracking..

    Re the pink £. It’s the biggest disposable income so it goes without saying thats who big corporations will target with the welcoming mat..

  157. Ronnie says:

    bitcoin fixes this

    sooner ppl realise that money that is completely out of the control of all governments is enormously significant and empowering, the better

    nb – bitcoin, not crypto – do your research please

  158. Simon Lee says:

    Worth remembering that if there is any bank that’s open to manipulation by China it’s HSBC. First they plant time-wasters like Winterbourne in the British army, where he does nothing but advertise his “transitioning”, then they move him (now dickless apparently) to HSBC where he continues to sabotage British life by trying to silence anyone who promotes free speech.

  159. President Xiden says:

    Good morning and welcome to Clownworld. Repeat after me, up is down, black is white and right is wrong. Anyone who disagrees with this will have their bank account closed. Now once more, repeat after me……

  160. Graf Midgehunter says:

    100%Yes says: at 12:26 pm

    “Both my wife and I were founding members of the Alba Party she been sent a new card saying her membership 9*** but she no longer a founding member, her original membership started with a 2***, has anyone else lost their founding membership.”
    Lucky you…

    I joined ALBA about 2 years ago, not much later than when it was founded.

    Up until today and despite 2 reminding E-Mails to them, I still haven’t received my membership card.. 🙁
    My member fees have been twice deducted from my account so I’m a paid up member.

    If anyone from ALBA happens to read this, may I politely ask you to get your fingers out of your a**e so that I may have the greatest of pleasure to be able to carry an ALBA Mem.card in my wallet.

  161. Northcode says:

    I’m still reading “Scots and Its Literature” by J. Derrick McClure.

    These paragraphs are from one of the book’s essays I’ve mentioned in a previous post – The Pinkerton Syndrome.

    McClure highlights why reviving the Scots language is so important to our national identity.

    Despite over two hundred years of inculcated Anglocentric attitudes, the Scots tongue remains doggedly alive: changing of course, both in itself and in its sociolinguistic status; but not extinct, nor showing any signs of becoming so.

    The United Kingdom, or ‘Britain’, is England with some lesser extensions — and ‘British’ culture, if the terms ‘British’ and ‘English’ are not to be entirely synonymous, is at best English culture with a gesture or two to the fringes.

    In a ‘British’ context, Scottish culture can never receive more than token recognition: if we want more than this, we must cease to accept the existence of a ‘British’ state.

    Any attempt to revive our national identity — and by paying attention to our national languages, literatures, history or any other aspect of our own cultural achievement, we are ipso facto doing precisely this — is automatically an assertion of some difference between ourselves and what is essentially ‘British’.

    We cannot be taken to be a nation, or be regarded or treated as one, when we are content to be an appendage of a much bigger and more self-assertive nation.

    We cannot be meaningfully Scottish while politically and culturally united to England.

    Everyone assumes that the natural state for Scotland is as a part of ‘Britain’ — i.e. a provincial fringe of England.

    Abandon this assumption — think that Scotland is, or could and should be, a nation, with its own history and culture and the natural right and duty assumed by any other nation to preserve and develop them — and any validity these arguments might have in the ‘British’ context simply vanishes.

    from Scots and Its Literature (edited collection of previously-published essays) The Pinkerton syndrome – 1985 by J. Derrick McClure

  162. Merganser says:

    Billy Carlin @ 12.08. Re: Anne Frank’s Diary.

    The BKA issued a press release in 2006 about thir 1980 work relating to Anne Frank’s diary. They said that it could not be used to question the authenticity of the diary.

    The ballpoint myth relates to the fact that two scraps of papar written in ballpoint by a graphological researcher were placed with the diary. The son of this researcher, Mr. Ocklemann from Hamburg, confirmed that his mother had written these notes. They do not form part of the diary.

  163. London Scott says:

    Republicofscotland says:
    3 July, 2023 at 6:46 pm
    Meanwhile the foreign (English) king is prancing about Edinburgh this week,

    Charles III is a direct descendant of Robert the Bruce. James Stewart became the James I of Scotland and married his daughter. In fact Charles claims to the Scottish throne through ancestry are stronger than his claim to the English throne. If you want a Catholic Stewart King the current Jacobean heir is the 87 yo Duke of Bavaria who is descended from Elizabeth Stewart, daughter of JamesVI/I.Neither Bonnie Prince Charlie nor his brother Hery produced legitimate heirs.

  164. Anton Decadent says:

    Re the connection between Woke and Communism. There was a conservative news channel in the US which was setting up dinner dates between its journalists and schoolteachers etc then filming them without their knowledge. In one case one of the teachers was boasting of brainwashing the children via placement of BLM, Trans, ANTIFA etc flags in his classrooms and promoting these groups during the lessons in which he should have instead been teaching the children. He had a Hammer And Sickle tattooed on his chest. In another one of these it was a campaign worker for Bernie Sanders and he stated that gulags did not really exist then switched to that they were given deliberately bad press by the CIA and that no one went to a gulag who did not deserve to be there and gloated over the potential introduction of them in the U.S. These themes were repeated over and over by people who all worked in either education and/or politics. The group carrying out these interviews then had their YouTube channel banned and a hostile takeover took place in the boardroom to eject the creator of the organisation.

    Re denial of historical events, pretty much anything bad which took place under Communist rule, all those millions and millions of dead people may as well never have happened, collateral damage, because reflecting badly on a certain group has consequences.

    Re corporate blackface/greenface/transface etc, look up The Long March Through The Institutions.

  165. Matt Quinn says:

    Laughable… a post explaining (to Geri) why this ‘ppl’ isn’t keen on Twitter gets bumped straight into the black hole of moderation.
    – As did one the other night explaining some of the technical detail of why ‘5G’ is harmless.

    Go figure; as they will insist on saying in the States!

  166. Peter Campbell says:

    Stu, can you not make a Subject Access Request verbally, or even in writing, since they seem to be stalling on the email address?

    Where I worked, a SAR was accepted in writing and was dealt with by a nominated officer. If you knew their HR address, it might be worth sending a letter there?

  167. James Che says:

    What os the difference between a Conspiracy theory and the Truth,
    18 months- 2 and a half years …..

    All conspiracy theories coming to a town near you,
    Ordinary people will be Lacking Financial control over there lives.
    To pay their mortgage. to buy energy, to buy a vehicle, to have a account, to go on line,
    Connecting the dots is dots is not difficult if you have at least average intelligence.

    The virus was used to shut down businesses, shut down employment, to encourage and force everyone to become reliable on the state for finances, universal credit scoring system.
    To prevent travel, to cause and create rifts between people.

    If society is deliberately set against each other and starts falling apart and the Banks and government take control of your financial life, your gender, your children, your free speech through financial punishments, and perhaps the only way you can get access your finances is if you accept the blackmail enforced upon you to take your medication against your will or die penniless and homeless,
    And your universal credit score is stopped on a whim and excuse such as free speech or freedom to choose individually your life direction because you are now under their control,

    What control do you have, none,

    You are controlled.
    Your are in a Communist Britain.

    They start with people whom have a public voice, like STU, Nigel Farage, etc,
    You are easier to control by the time they come for your accounts with the others out of the way first.
    Scotland knows how the shutdown of media control works,

    It is time to walk away from this hoax and non binding treaty,

    Start our own banking system and laws to protect the people of Scotland, to start new employment and work for Scotland,
    Because the British government and the monarch is failing to protect the people first.

  168. James Che says:

    London Scot,
    The people in Scotland are Sovereign not the monarch no matter the present monarchs ancestors,

    If we walk because we are not in the fallacious hoax treaty, I doubt wether we will be accecting a monarch whose family were friends of Saville, Harris and Epstein.

  169. Andy says:

    Hi Stu – I signed up to your Ko-fi crowdfunder last November – so am angry that they took down your page. I hope that the monthly donation I set up then and which has been charged each month to my credit card has nevertheless been received by you? Thanks for all that you do ??

  170. Republicofscotland says:

    “Charles III is a direct descendant of Robert the Bruce.”

    Big deal, its the people of Scotland that are sovereign not some English king, who is sovereign in England, this farce, mock coronation, fiasco whatever you want to call it, is aided and abetted by House Jocks to fool the Scottish folk into believing that the foreign English king is sovereign in Scotland when he’s clearly not.

    The foreign media is trying its best to cement the the idea in the minds of Scots, that King Charles III is king of Scots.

  171. Anton Decadent says:

    Re colonisation. I recently made a post in which I mentioned The Tony Blair Institute For Global Change. One of the funders of this is Saudi Arabia which has also been funding the placement of mosques across Western countries including in the Highlands And Islands.

    Anyone familiar with the Tramway Theatre will know that it is popular with the radical yuppy set. It shoehorns Black History Month into things like a guided tour of The Hidden Garden and a few years back was promoting Salafism.

  172. Geri says:

    It’s why all that guff was never, ever compatible with Scotland.

    Now we have eejits try to revise history.

    Chuckies equal in Scotland is it’s people, not some distant relative giving him any rights he thinks he’s entitled to.

    Scots could sack their monarch – we still can (it’s by consent – have we been asked?)if the house jocks would fck off & stop rewriting history trying to be English FFS..

  173. Chas says:

    Like most readers of this site I was delighted that Northcode announced that he/she/it was no longer posting on the site.
    What happened? Another one to swiftly scroll past.

  174. A Scot Abroad says:

    What’s the basis of this Scots are sovereign nonsense?

    It certainly wasn’t voted for. It’s just a saying.

  175. Geri says:

    It never takes long to spot the yoons..

    They’re always the ones wishing everyone else would just go away.

    Zero self awareness there is an exit they could use if the site doesn’t suit them.

    There used to be an indy Facebook page & it had exactly the same self appointed eejits who liked no one there but stayed anyway …zzzzzz

    Use the exit button, chas. There’s a good chap..

  176. PB says:

    Awful attempt to silence you Stu but just a taste of what heading for us all in the ‘world to come’.

    Glad to see you bring the trans fallacy, social credit systems and digital banking/currency into one article, it is all connected.

    If we pretend HSBC/First Direct is not a horrible organisation by default for a moment then they’re likely doing this for their Environment Social Governance Score – a social credit system for large businesses. Failure to get a high score means they might not get the loans from the central banks they require to keep functioning as their profit margins disappear due to going post consumer woke (not that banks ever worked for customers).

    This comes from brain of the WEF/UN, 2nd in charge is Black Rock CEO Larry Fink, who is pretty open about forcing all the woke crap onto businesses via ESG (though he wants to rename the flowery sounding ESG because too many people know what it’s true purpose is now).

    An independent Scotland will only be worth something for future generations if the people of Scotland become fully aware and reject the globalist agenda of the UN/WEF and the other supranational entities that feign they have our best interests at heart when the inverse is the reality.

    Anyone who thinks the UN is a force for good needs to read about it’s origins and some of it’s more recent articles on how poverty can be good or perhaps it’s recent review called ‘One Atmosphere’ where they want to fill the skies with crap to save the planet by poisoning all of us and the land (spoiler alert, they’ve been doing this for decades – this is the real man-made climate change).

    The combination of central bank digital currency, 15 minute cities (20 minute neighbourhoods in Scotland), digital IDs, ULEVS, vaccine passports, social credit scores (from government and private services) and all the other nefarious crap we’re being told we need in order to ‘stay safe’ all lead to an open prison where wrong think and disobeying mandates can be punished with starvation.

    We’ve outsourced our manufacturing, our farms, our jobs, our thinking and soon to be physical cash for little more than short term convenience. We’re now reaching a tipping point where governments can ruin or even end a life with little or no effort and if there is an outcry they can just say ‘wasn’t us, ‘AI’ did it’.

    It’s all BS, if you spend any time looking at a specific issue such as covid, climate change, Ukraine or any major event in history you quickly find it’s the same people doing the same shite over and over again.

    If by chance we get independence under some Rockefeller trained puppet like Yousef and we sign up to all these international agencies and agendas then we will be independent in name only, everything else will be token or meaningless.

    It is all hidden in plain sight under esoteric double speak and dead languages.

    Orwell predicted nothing, he was performing revelation of the method so his masters could avoid karma and we’ve had decades of predictive programming since to make us think there is no alternative. This is simply not true.

    If history isn’t just ‘lies agreed upon’ then we need to remember how to be rebellious Scots again and soon!

  177. Geri says:

    The treaty of Union & the pre conditions to it.

    Scotlands crown alway did & always will lay with its people. The sovereign Scots.
    That was a precondition.

    There is no one nation pish.
    There is no one king.
    There is no one kingdom.

    There are two kingdoms & two crowns & Chucky remains in Scotland by the consent of us.

    We can tell him to gtf.

    Scotlands crown & crown institutions were never extinguished & still remain. He is not the king of Scotland & never will be.

  178. Geri says:

    ‘its just a saying’


  179. Northcode says:

    James Che happened:

    James Che says:
    28 June, 2023 at 5:55 pm
    North code,

    Can I persuade you to rethink your retirement from Wings,

    I may not have been up to your good standards, but I will sorely miss your contributions and teachings.

    Please keep posting even if you chose to do so on a variety of Scottish literature.

    …and I like James, so here I am – back at James’s request and writing about the Scots language and it’s literature.

    And once I’ve got a good grip of my own language again I’ll probably write all my posts entirely in Scots.

    That should be fun.

    And James, don’t put yourself down. I’ve learned a lot from your constitutional insights and your conversations with others on here. I like reading what you have to say and you say it very well.

  180. Geri says:

    That should be the next referendum Scots should have.

    On whether the Royal Family stays or goes..

    They’d not be able to forbid that one either..

  181. Ebenezer Scroggie says:

    In today’s increasingly ‘cashless’ society you can really fuck somebody’s life up by monkeying around with their bank account(s).

    It’s profoundly disturbing that this weapon of personal destruction is now overtly being used to oppress political dissidents.

  182. Merganser says:

    Interesting news that Mhairi Black is stepping down. I wonder what the real reason is for this.

  183. Dave Hansell says:

    ” Lorna Campbell says:
    3 July, 2023 at 10:51 pm

    Michael Laing: no, it is fully of the hard left. It is Cultural Marxism.”

    Ah bless! Cultural Marxism. The favourite dog whistle of the Alt-Right.

    I thought I’d do some research. To avoid any danger as being seen as scientific or worse an expert my work is a very small and non-peer reviewed survey and the questions were do you;

    A. – not give a monkeys?
    B. – give a monkeys?

    These were posed to participants on the following subjects:

    a. would you like a bus to come when needed?
    b. would you like an ambulance to come when needed?
    c. would you like to see total world destruction and domination by Cultural Marxism?

    Results to follow.

    On a more serious note, and following up on the pertinent question posed by Michael Laing some twenty minutes later at 11:12pm last night, the notion that what has morphed into ‘wokeism’ is located within the philosophical dialectic of Communism or Socialism does not hold water when considered against the empirical evidence:

    ‘Wokeism’s’ insistence on the primacy of subjective based individual/group narratives over testable evidence based objective social reality, because objective society does not exist, only the subjective feelings and narratives of the individual and the group, has familiar echoes.

    It should do because this is the narrative of “no such thing as society, only the individual and the family” philosophy of Thatcherism.

    An approach which should be anathema to any political or social based group, organisation or institution claiming to be progressive or of the left. It is divisive and represents an extremely effective divide and rule Class based attack using the disguise of left/progressive labels. Salami slicing groups in society which do and should have more in common with each other in a hierarchy of oppression sold as “progressive” by identity politics.

    Driving a coach and horses through the principle of equality in terms of objective treatment and approach in favour of subjective?—?ie selective?—?judgement based on identity and where that subjectively manufactured identity is located within a hierarchy of oppression pecking order and rejecting outright any practical notion of a wider society.

    This rebranding and relabeling something as “left” or “progressive” makes it possible to enforce and get away with any old reactionary policies and behaviours. A double whammy because too many on the left are are eagerly embracing this process and its reactionary ideology and insisting it is ‘progressive.’

    The political left’s abdication?—?allowing the authoritarian right to re-frame a reactionary right wing approach and philosophy as belonging to the political left with the left doing a great deal of the heavy lifting to promote and impose it?—?is a gift to the political right as it allows those on the political right to pose as the sane ones.

    Indeed, the political right can barely believe their luck. Not only are significant parts of the political left doing all the heavy lifting for this post-modernist/post structuralist Thatcherite/Randian contagion?—?which the Establishment elite have injected into the left body politic using Establishment institutions and organisations acting as support for the enforcement of the process and its narratives?—?it is making it possible for the political right to gain significant ground by presenting themselves as coming to the rescue of the wider society as the last bulwark against mob rule.

    Its like trying to claim that the economic system currently operating is Capitalist when non of the criteria and features necessary for such a designation is present and the operating criteria and features of the present system are actually more fitting to be described as the rentierism of classic Feudalism.

    Somebody will be claiming next that the Western religious tradition is based on Christianity.

  184. Alf Baird says:

    Northcode @ 1:03 pm

    “We cannot be meaningfully Scottish while politically and culturally united to England.”

    You have struck a rich vein. J. Derrick McClure is right on the money with that one, Northcode; a culturally subordinate people are left only with the dregs of thair ain culture, its ‘mineral strata’.

    Frantz Fanon also tells us that “the struggle for liberation is a cultural phenomenon”; that independence “is a fight for a national culture”.

    Somebody ought to tell Angus Robertson, oor daeless Meenister o Cultur, wha refuises tae e’en lairn Scottis bairns thair ain Scots mither tongue in schuils.

  185. Chas says:

    You go first Geri.

    It’s strange that if any one says anything against the nutters, conspiracy theorists, fanatics and fantasists who pollute this site they are immediately branded as a yoon!

  186. Jamie says:

    I noticed you said the subscription was depublished. I presume you are still getting the payments? I’m still paying out, I hope you are getting it still. Only a £5 but not wanting to be paying some dodgy company like Kofi if you’re not getting it. I can’t remember which site I subscribed with.

    Do I need to cancel that one and set one up on your site?

  187. Matt Quinn says:

    Chas says: 4 July, 2023 at 6:18 pm

    “It’s strange that if any one says anything against the nutters, conspiracy theorists, fanatics and fantasists who pollute this site they are immediately branded as a yoon!”

    Or disappeared into ‘moderation’… It’s all the fault of all the (insert outgroup here).

  188. Paul Jackson says:

    Thank you for your efforts in fighting trans ideology. As this is rapidly becoming THE issue, I think you will increasingly find Wings allied with many unusual (for you) bedfellows: Farage, assorted other right-wingers, evangelical Christians, perhaps even Muslims?

    You mention the EU requirement for a bank account and seem resigned to think that this doesn’t apply in the UK anymore. Rishi and his party have hardly revoked any EU laws, so surely that isn’t the case?

  189. Northcode says:

    Alf Baird @4th July 6:07pm

    A rich vein indeed, Alf.

    I came across J. Derrick McClure’s book, “Scots and Its Literature” by chance and have been steadily working through it, though I have a way to go yet.

    Of course McClure’s primary focus in his book of collected essays is on Scots literature and how the language of the Scots is used in a literary context.

    He delves deep into Walter Scott’s linguistic characterisation of the Scots lowland vernacular in Scott’s novel, “Rob Roy”.

    He also describes in great detail how the Scots language is used by James Hogg in his novel, “The Three Perils of Man”, John Galt’s “The Entail”, and Allan Ramsay’s 1721 poems.

    However, there are a number of essays in the book I haven’t yet read that discuss subjects such as: the concept of standard Scots, the debate on Scots orthography, the synthesisers of Scots, and several other essays relating to the Scots language outwith a literary context.

    Sae lots o readin tae dae yit.

  190. Ebenezer Scroggie says:

    Is anyone keeping a count of the number of rats scuttling overboard?

    Varrie Black is one of the most recent rats to jump ship.

    How many more before the holed ship sinks?

  191. Anton Decadent says:

    Re the post upthread laying the blame for all of this on the Right, the person who makes this long winded claim describes themself as a “Groucho Marxist”.

    I believe that everything including the safety of our children lies on having everything on the table and being truthful and the truth is not within these people. We see the SWP banners at the trans marches and now that the backlash has started they are blaming the Right.

  192. Michael Laing says:

    @ Dave Hansell at 6.07pm: I think you’re rather better with words than I am, but the content of your post aligns with my views exactly.

    Those who insist that a divisive ideology which is being imposed by multi-national corporations is somehow ‘leftist’ or ‘Marxist’ remind me of the Queen of Hearts in Alice In Wonderland, who believes six impossible things before breakfast!

  193. Anton Decadent says:

    @Michael Laing

    Why then are its supporters carrying SWP placards at the marches?

  194. Anton Decadent says:

    Ps, look up Socialism From Above.

  195. 100%Yes says:

    @Graf Midgehunter

    Thanks for replying, sorry to hear about not receiving your membership cards. it just seems strange to give out a new membership number and card without Alba explaining why Alba has done it.

    Graf I have no idea where you are in the country but just to let you know the next wee Alba book meeting is in Edinburgh with Jim sellers on 07.07.23. I only says this because if you stay in Edinburgh then come along and speak to Alex who I’m sure will help.

  196. Michael Laing says:

    @ Anton Decodent at 11.37pm:

    Who do the SWP represent? About 0.0001% of the population would be my guess.

  197. Anton Decadent says:

    @Michael Laing

    The violent arm of the trans movement in many cases is ANTIFA. Both this and the SWP are extreme far Left, not Right. A lot of its backing is the far Left of academia, journalism and musicians like Billy Bragg. It has parallels with the Cultural Revolution which took place in China. I can understand people who identify as Left wing wanting to distance themselves from this, who wouldn’t, but it is not coming from the Right.

  198. I. Despair says:

    Here’s a puzzle… how is the money in a closed account returned to the owner? If you haven’t got an account elsewhere, and/or can’t open a new one because other banks are playing the same game of cold shoulders, there’s no use writing a cheque or offering an electronic transfer – there’s nowhere to deposit those things. With a bank like First direct, which has no branches, you can’t even be invited to a branch to receive a holdall stuffed with cash. So how is the money given back when your face no longer fits?

  199. Dave Hansell says:

    Anton Decadent:

    1. “The person” you are referring to has a name. At least have the decency and bottle to engage with me by name rather than via some arms length euphemism as though you were holding a barge pole.

    2. If you bothered to actually read the joining the dots article and do some proper serious research you would not come up with some lame argument which is based entirely on the likes of SWP and similar self-referencing and self-identifying groups- who if they did not exist would have had to be invented by the security services. And probably were – see the second article on that substack site entitled “Cuckoos in the Nest.”

    Fact is that the individualistic nature and philosophy of self-id does not fit with the collective basis of the political left and is contested by many on the left who are, as argued in that first article, being purged themselves – as many of the footnotes with links demonstrate.

    “I would never join a club which would accept me as a member.”

    – Groucho Marx.

  200. Anton Decadent says:

    @Dave Hansell

    Blaming this on the Right is rather sad and predictable.

    People being purged on the Left, I mean, that has never happened before, has it?

    One thing we do agree on is there being cuckoos in the nest, I see it on a national/international basis across the West.

  201. Michael Laing says:

    @ Anton Decadent at 12.29pm: Identity politics, gender ideology and, indeed, censorship and cancelling of anyone with opposing views, is being imposed by corporations and the media; TV, internet and social media corporations in particular. These organisations are patently obviously not bastions of socialist ideology, nor do they represent the views of the majority of ordinary people. Furthermore, I have always understood socialism to stand for unity, equality and the brotherhood of man, not division and factionalism. Socialism is the precise opposite of woke ideology.

    If wokism is a left-wing ideology, will you kindly explain why it is national and multi-national corporations and the media that are promoting it. Has the super-rich 1% been secretly infiltrated by communists?

  202. Anton Decadent says:

    @Michael Laing

    You have repeatedly ignored me providing you with names such as Billy Bragg and organisations such as the Socialist Workers Party, I will add to that the SNP and the Green party and the Lib Dems and I will also add journoactivists such as Owen Jones at the Guardian and several at the Herald who enforce Trans and Queer theory which have came from the far Left reaches of US academia.

    Are all of these I mentioned the Right? Does the Left not have a history of purges, some genocidal? What we are witnessing is yet another case of the Left refusing to take ownership of its own out of control monster and pointing at squirrels.

    “If wokism is a left-wing ideology, will you kindly explain why it is national and multi-national corporations and the media that are promoting it. Has the super-rich 1% been secretly infiltrated by communists?”

    I would refer to them as Bolsheviks.

  203. Anton Decadent says:

    “@ Anton Decadent at 12.29pm: Identity politics, gender ideology and, indeed, censorship and cancelling of anyone with opposing views, is being imposed by corporations and the media; TV, internet and social media corporations in particular. These organisations are patently obviously not bastions of socialist ideology, nor do they represent the views of the majority of ordinary people. Furthermore, I have always understood socialism to stand for unity, equality and the brotherhood of man, not division and factionalism. Socialism is the precise opposite of woke ideology.”

    The Left has a long and proven history of censorship of anyone who steps out of line and are airbrushed out of history. You have an idealistic vision of the Left which does not stand up to the scrutiny of history. People are promised socialism and are instead given authoritarian communism. All ideologies lie through their teeth to access power.

  204. James Harris says:

    You’ll probably find Paul Brian Winterbourne in the London Gazette from the time of his commissioning into the REME.

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