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Quotes Of The Year #11

Posted on December 31, 2013 by

We’re so close now, readers. Stick with it. Think of the stories you’ll be able to tell your grandchildren. (Earlier tales: January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October.)

Well, we have worked together, absolutely closely and co-operating throughout this process. The, the, the power to impose special measures on the Falkirk Labour Party is taken at the NEC, and I’m part of the UK party, and certainly I’ve been part of that process. – Johann Lamont finds a roundabout way of saying she hasn’t been consulted on Labour’s ongoing car-crash.


An auspicious start to November, for sure.

There should be no unnecessary delays in awarding the contract. The MoD does not need to wait for the referendum to issue contract. It could place the order with the provision that if Scotland separates it would revert back to the MoD where to place it. There would be a break clause in it. Then the SNP needs to be clear about what it would do if the order is taken back.” – Ian Davidson, Labour MP for Govan, demands that his constituents should be held hostage by the UK government and punished in the event of a Yes vote.

If Scotland were to vote yes, then the rest of the UK would be looking for shipyards within their jurisdiction and Portsmouth would be well placed.” – and the Secretary of State for Portsmouth backs him up.


I have spoken to other shop stewards and GMB members and we are incandescent. The union leadership has absolutely no right to take this action. To say we have been consulted is a falsehood, pure and simple. There has certainly been no consultation in this part of the world. The first I heard about this was when I saw it on Facebook.– Jim Moody, a senior shop steward of trade union GMB, reacts to the news that the union has backed the No campaign, alleging to have consulted its membership first.

“The McChattering classes pride themselves on living in a generous, social democratic nation. So why should redistribution keep going to Scotland when needs are greater elsewhere? Time, surely, for Scotland to help out south Wales or west Belfast – or even the east Midlands.” – former Labour spin doctor John McTernan, originally speaking in 2011, makes clear that the party’s plans for slashing Scottish funding after a No vote aren’t a new development.

“For those asking we operate a pairing system with the Tories and therefore it would have made no difference to majority on #BedroomTax” – the Labour Whips Twitter account explains why dozens of Labour MPs didn’t bother to show up for their own vote on the hated policy.

The difference between Scotland and the rest of the UK at this moment is the difference between ‘Come to me all ye who are heavy burden’d and I will set you free’ and ‘Come to me all ye who are heavy burden’d and I will stop your benefits’. I know which country I want to live in.” – Kevin McKenna writing in the Scottish Catholic Observer.

I think that Scotland leaving the UK would be pretty catastrophic economically for Scotland… I’m making that argument as someone who’s a proud and patriotic Scot.” – some of the finest proudScottery of the year from Danny Alexander. What happened to that official No-camp line that Scotland would do just fine independent?

“Bob my english is not that good but i am aware 300 years of Scotland and England working together makes us better together. voting NO is for real Scots voting Yes is not an option.” – failed Aberdeen Donside candidate and sitting Labour councillor Willie Young not really grasping how a referendum works.

“The Scottish people are entitled to know that even if they vote to stay in the UK, the current method of financing public spending should not be allowed to continue.” – the Telegraph joins in with the Barnett Farewell Chorus.

The message is clear: within the union Scotland faces a future of public spending constraints, falling population and economic decline. Scottish representation in Westminster will likely be cut under the McKay Commission into the consequences of devolution. The Scottish Parliament will have to pay its way by raising taxes in Scotland, without having access to oil revenues or the ability to legislate for growth. Scotland may be dragged out of Europe if it remains in the UK.– and the Herald fills in the colours, if you’ll forgive the mixed metaphor.

Nothing has changed as a result of today’s White Paper. There is nothing that we found out today that we didn’t already know. Yesterday Alex Salmond’s case for breaking up the UK was based on assertions. Today it is still based on assertions. If this White Paper was going to be credible, it had to address the fundamental issues that people are concerned about. They didn’t.” – world champion speed-reader Alistair Darling appraises the 670-page White Paper two hours after it was released (during almost the entirety of which time he was giving media interviews).

The misuse of quoting Gini statistics without an explanatory context should be avoided because they measure relative wealth, so for example in 2010 the Netherlands and Bangladesh had the same Gini co-efficient but it would be completely misleading to suggest Bangladesh was as equal as the Netherlands given the stark contrast in basic quality of life and economic opportunities.” – galactic-class idiot Mike Dailly of the Govan Law Centre demonstrates his lack of understanding of the difference between “wealth” and “equality”.

It was way after the watershed but there was still something indecent about the way Scottish Television broadcast coverage of a man being eaten alive on Wednesday night. It was supposed to be a debate, between the SNP’s Nicola Sturgeon and Alistair Carmichael, the Scotland Secretary. Instead, viewers saw a genteel Liberal Democrat being disembowelled by a ferocious and merciless nationalist. She seemed to quite enjoy it.– the Spectator’s Fraser Nelson is on the scene. Archie McPherson was indisposed.

But we must of course end November with perhaps the quote of the year.

“On page 305 of the White Paper, it says that the Scottish Government would look to establish an oil fund immediately on independence to stabilise the economy. What it doesn’t say is where the money for that fund will come from.” – the incomparable former Scottish Labour leader Iain Gray asks the big question in the Holyrood chamber. How we’ve missed him.

The finishing line is in sight, folks! God, we need a drink.

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    48 to “Quotes Of The Year #11”

    1. bunter says:

      wheeeey Iain Grayyyyy. Happy New year

    2. Gordon Hay says:

      The finishing line is in sight, folks! God, we need a drink.
      And boy, do you deserve one. Slainté

    3. wee jamie says:

      Way ahead of ye oan the ” a need a drink ” front, av hud wan rev, so get tae the December quotes pronto afore am rubber! aw the best fur 2014, you’re an inspiration tae us aw.

    4. Ian Brotherhood says:

      Aye, hats off to Rev for a marathon session – it won’t have to be done again, cause this time next year we’ll still be in party mode, and we won’t give a friar what any of them have said.

    5. Bertie K says:

      So many unanswered questions now answered in these last couple of days alone. Wow!
      Thank you ever so Stu for putting all this together, you must feel like you’ve run a marathon. Titanic effort – well done sir.
      All the very best to everyone involved and keep up the good work.

    6. msean says:

      Great review Rev,reminds us latecomers to wings what we were missing before we found wings over scotland.

    7. lochside says:

      Sites such as Wings, Bella Caledonia and Newsnet Scotland are recording the words of treachery being uttered by the above roll of Dishonour for all posterity. So that the children and grandchildren of all these ("Quizmaster" - Ed)s can be enabled to read of their ancestors’ shameful and desperate attempts to emulate the ‘parcel of rogues’ of 1707 with their dishonest lies. Nice thought for these self-loathing Brit-loving cringe makers to take with them into the year of Scotland’s Destiny: 2014 and beyond to their ("Tractor" - Ed)s’ graves. 
      Guid New Year to all fellow travellers and a big ‘YES’ when it comes!

    8. Dal Riata says:

      That Iain Gray brainfart is a LOL! moment each and every time it’s read! Actually, it seems to get funnier on each subsequent reading!

    9. Vronsky says:

      Jeez, this was all depressing enough first time around, even more depressing on a second look.  Happy New Year?

    10. cearc says:

      Yep, crack open the malt, as I have done, slainte!
      You deserve a good few drams.
      Ian, what will we all do next year?  Apart from celebrate of course.

    11. Chickenhawk 2 says:

      And the look on Grey man’s face after he delivered his query.  What, What did I say. What’s with the laughter. F’in priceless.

    12. gordoz says:

      Ahhhh Yes the speed readers –
      Iain Gray: the intellectual face of Labour in Scotland

      Some great memories and laughs for 2013 Rev

      All the best for the Bells !

    13. ronnie anderson says:

      Rev, its a bit much, the 1st para a thought you were develping a stutter,  The  the  the ,
      but is quoteing Lo Jo.

    14. BuckieBraes says:

      ‘Proud Scottery’ really has to be enshrined as the descriptive term par excellence. I love it to bits, whether capitalised, with a hyphen or (as above) all one word.

    15. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @cearc –
      No doubt the ‘work’ will go on, but I’m sure we can look forward to some sweet moments between now and September. Personally, I can’t wait to hear the weasel words (from those who’ve steadfastly denigrated and dismissed us for years) when they start trying to switch sides, pleading to anyone who’ll listen that they were ‘for’ independence all along.
      It’ll happen for sure. No idea who’ll be first, but when parasites realise that the host is dying, they have to seek fresh blood. Some of the people we know and love so well – the Davidsons, Baillies, Murphys, Ingrams – have spent so long climbing the greasy pole that they don’t realise the thing has sprouted wee jaggy branches – they’ll hit them during descent, and I hope we’re all around to hear their howls.

    16. Tattie-bogle says:

      OT but check out this Boakfest Kitchener really

    17. Silverytay says:

      All the best to the Rev Stu and everyone at W.O.S 
      I am now looking forward to Scotland,s date with destiny as due to the hard work of the Rev and others I think we have a good chance of winning this .
      Ronnie , I hope you are keeping well and look forward to you continuing the good fight in 2014 .

    18. Geoff Huijer says:

      Nine months of shameful distortions, lies and scaremongering many by 
      self appointed ‘proud Scots’, completely oblivious to the chronic irony
      of being ‘proud’ and simultaneously denigrating one’s own nation and
      wishing continued rule by a corrupt Westminster system that shows a
      complete disregard for the people of Scotland and the wishes of those people.
      ‘Scottish’ Labour have been the sorest disappointment for many;
      seemingly interested only in self-aggrandisment & feeding from
      the Westminster trough. A disregard for representing its own various
      constituencies is mind-boggling, only matched by those who continue
      to vote in these parasites. People complain about the state of our
      society continuously but persist in voting the same way in some vain
      hope that things will change.
      These quotes go a long way to revealing the true Unionist persona.
      If only more people could see this.
      Excellent reviews Stu. Excellent site. Have a great New Year!
      You deserve it.

    19. Tearlach says:

      Only slightly OT, but just came across this zany piece on an on-line mag called the “Commentator” – looks like a poor mans Spectator to me, which is a classic in reposting all the myths and stories about Scotland, Independence and the SNP.
      Its title – “Scotland independence bid to be obliterated in 2014”.
      “Writing from the Isle of Man — from where you can physically see England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland — offers perspective. This Manx writer explains why Scotland just isn’t going to vote “yes” to independence in 2014. SNP obliteration beckons”
      Maybe needs a few folk to go across and set him right?

    20. mato21 says:

      From all of us we say  well done, stand up and take a bow
      Like a dog with a bane you stuck to your task I really don’t know how
      Your brain it must be addled, are you sure you are still sane
      Have you checked your typing fingers, is there ony sign o’ bane
      As the auld year trauchles oot the door and the new comes skipping in
      And oor faces turn towards our hame and thoughts tae  kith and kin
      Our toast for you is from the heart from each and every one
      Peace and good health to see you through until the job is done

    21. Linda's back says:

      Despite her silence on Grangemouth industrial dispute and Falkirk CLP Selection selection process some supine Scottish newspapers claimed that Lamont was the politician of the year when she was out performed by Nicola Sturgeon and Alex Salmond.

      The Edinburgh Evening News (God bless them) put Labour Councillor Leslie Hinds in charge of Labour’s Trams debacle)  as the Edinburgh citizen of the year ahead of Prof Higgs and Alex Salmond whose Edinburgh Agreement gave Edinburgh the chance to become a real capital city.

      They also highly ranked Labour MP  Ian Murray  he of the highest expenses claims in top four as he hijacked the Foundation of Hearts organisation and Kezia Dugdale MSP in top ranking with no SNP politician in the top 50.

    22. Patrician says:

      Here is my summary of this years No Scotland campaign:

      Thinking pish;

      Talking pish;

      Publishing pish;

      Tweeting pish;

      Broadcasting pish;

      Emailing pish.

      In fact it has just been rivers of pish all year.

      Apologies for the swearing but these Fosters radlers are stonger than they look 😉

    23. bunter says:

      Just looking at the line up for Hogmanay courtesy of our ”Scottish” broadcasters. STV give you half an hour, and bows out at 00.05, and on the state broadcaster an hour of Jackie Bird. What happened to the Scottish entertainment to the wee sma oors of ne’erday. Never mind, Alan Carr and Jools Holland are stepping up to the plate courtesy of London. Pure disgrace!

    24. gordoz says:

      Patrician I like it !
      Hey watching the Godfather in the background while getting read for the Bells – thought Lucca Brazzi looked familiar
      … Blair MacDougall ???

    25. Horacesaysyes says:

      @bunter – You should do what we have done for the past few years and watch the ceilidh from 11:30 on BBC Alba.

      Far more entertaining! 🙂

    26. gordoz says:

      Linda’s back

      Typical of Scottish media – petty crap.

      Its a war campaign on the press in 2014 – make no mistake.

    27. Tattie-bogle says:

      @Tearlach The IOM is full of ex-pats raised on the daily mail I have family from over there who unfriended me on face book because I was anti Westminster they said I was anti English they live in a fantasy of visiting Scotland getting back to their roots and buying jimmy wigs and Edinburgh rock or visiting Dunoon not worth bothering with leave them to their 30,000 alkies clinging to a rock in the middle of the irish sea

    28. Tattie-bogle says:

      LOL Blair Mcdougall sleeps with the fishes

    29. Linda's back says:

      Tattie Bogle
      My father in law does missionary work in Lanzarote every winter explainin to Daily Mail readers the facts of life in Scotland and is a committed YES voter
      Way out for the Bells with my 15 year old bottle of Balvenie

    30. Better Together St Kilda says:

      Dancing barefoot round the kitchen, lovely people.

    31. Paula Rose says:

      Bastard – that’s my line.

    32. gordoz says:

      Name change – Lucca Britzi

    33. Marker Post says:

      Had actually missed Iain Gray’s question on the oil fund – priceless.
      What worries me most about the Scots Unionists is that they lie, and they know they’re lying, and will continue to lie next year. As Nicola pointed out in response to Gray’s question, he knows the answer, but he is intent on lying in order to dumb down the debate.
      Thanks for everything this year, Rev, more power to the site in 2014, the next 9 months are the most critical in our country’s history.

    34. bunter says:

      @ Horacesaysyes
      Cheers how could I forget BBC Alba!!

    35. fairliered says:

      Latest scare story from Better Together … in a independent Scotland there will be 30 months each year. Only 19 posts to go, Rev Stu!

    36. Boorach says:

      @Ronnie Anderson
      Love your shed! Kudos to the Scottish Militant Turtles for this makeover
      You finally going to get off the fence now Ronnie? 🙂

    37. Brotyboy says:

      Rev Stu; thank you for everything you’ve done for all of us this year.  We have needed a focal point and for me you have provided it.  
      And you’ve also provided a platform for some truly inspirational figures; no names, no pack drill, but SS, IB, IMcK and many, many others are worth their weight in gold, not just for the perspective they give, but for the strength they give to those of us who burn with desire for Scotland to reclaim its position within the family of nations, something I have wished for all my life but never expected to have the chance to participate in.  
      We can do this, people.  What the mind can perceive and all that.

    38. John Bell says:

      Happy New Year and congratulations to you, Rev, on being voted ‘Scot of The Year’ courtesy of Munguin. (And aren’t you young – you’re only a bairn and I thought, given your intelligence and output, that you were a wise, grey-haired gent.)
      Thank you for all your work at WoS last year and for all the work you’ve still to do until we win.
      (And let’s stick it to these PSbs – you know, the ones who start their sentences, “I’m a Proud Scot but…”)

    39. Another Union Dividend says:

      Linda’s back at 9. 11
      As a member of Hearts Shareholders Assoc, I can confirm that years after FoH ploughed a lonely furrow , Ian Murray was promoted by George Foulkes as a figurehead.

      George Foulkes activities at Hearts FC are notorious using his position he publicly  slagged off Alex Salmond saying  was not a true Hearts supporter when Salmond was a regular on Linlithgow supporters bus at a time George Foulkes was a public school boy in London and had never heard of Hearts Football Club.

      When Hearts Shareholders Association organised a light hearted dinner with politicians from every party Foulkes insisted on vetting the speakers and effectively prevented an SNP Representative from appearing.

      But anyone who has dealing with Labour politicians in the community are well used to such tactics.

    40. Lobeydosser says:

      @Brotyboy. You put that beautifully, thanks. I couldn’t have put it better. Happy New Year to everyone on Wings  especially the Rev.

    41. Old mikey says:

      What a year on wings. Thanks to Rev Stu and his team, also guest writers and commenters.
      This site is always bang up to date and running with the ball. Just what we need this coming nine months. All the best to everyone.

    42. Dal Riata says:

      @ Buckie Braes
      So far I’ve seen/read, “Proud Scottery”, “proudScotbut” and “proudScotbuttery”. They’re all excellent in their own way. Let’s hope one or all enters the Scottish-English language lexicon!

    43. Marcus Weldon says:

      Brilliant piece of marketing as well as an important historical timeline of our struggle for Independence.

      You kept diehard “separatists” captivated on Hogmanay with Independence Referendum material to be referenced throughout the remainder of the campaign.
      This hopefully is a historical electronic reference of Scotland’s modern day struggle for Independence against all the power of the UK media.

      Let’s make our struggle a success.

    44. Patrick Roden says:

      ProudScotery 🙂
      I like it. Lets make it stick…they don’t like it up em, they Unionists.

    45. Tamson says:

      Rev, there’s an important detail missing in your description of Ian Grey after his quote.
      He is currently Labour’s Shadow Cabinet Secretary for Finance.

    46. Ken500 says:

      @ Ronnie Anderson

      Ace shed. Brilliant

    47. Ken500 says:

      Ian Gray was totally defeated and came back through the lists. Along with Bella and trouble causing Lewis McDonald. When will they get the drift and retire. Labour/Unionists the disgrace of ACC. Darling et Al the shame that is Labour/Unionists.

    48. Tamson says:

      Ian Gray didn’t come back through the lists. He retained his East Lothian seat in 2011 (albeit by a whisker of about 150 votes). In fact, Labour candidates weren’t allowed to double up on constituency and list: that’s how so many of their – ahem – big beasts like Kerr and MacAveety got the bullet, and total diddies like Drew Smith got in.

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