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Politics is satire plus time

Posted on September 10, 2014 by

Here’s an image we made back in October 2012:


It’s based on a graphic from the movie version of “V For Vendetta”.

And here’s a piece from the right-wing Guido Fawkes blog today:


The rather creepy video itself – which is notionally a “Better Together” one, but really a Labour election broadcast bashing the Tories in the most shamelessly disingenuous way – can be viewed here.

If you’ve seen the movie, the similarities between the fictional prime minister Adam Susan (played by John Hurt) and the former real one are all too chilling. But not as chilling as Labour’s whole wider “One Nation” schtick, which the video is nothing but a hasty rebadging of, and whose “Ein Volk, Ein Reich, Ein Fuhrer” echoes give us the heeby-jeebies as much now as they did two years ago.

(Especially given Labour’s enduring fondness for grotesquely pejorative language about “foreigners” and its willingness to refer to its opponents as a “virus”.)

It seems safe to say that in the current Unionist omnipanic, no holds are barred.

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508 to “Politics is satire plus time”

  1. Balaaargh


    Lloyds Bank itself is registered at Gresham Street in London as are many other companies within the group.

    The parent company, Lloyds Banking Group, is registered at the Mound in Edinburgh.

    TSB are registered at Henry Duncan House in Edinburgh. They are operating using the license from LTSB Scotland.

  2. North chiel

    Party political broadcast for BT at peak morning viewing time
    This morning on EBC “North British” branch with “baroness Liddle”

  3. James Caithness

    I have this morning complained to the BBC for their total BIAS in favour of the UK GOV/BT/No Campaign, citing all the journalists and politic and news programmes. I also told them that there are over 1.3 million yes voters who have signed the declaration to vote yes which equates to aprox £150,000,000 of lost TV Licence fee to the BBC.

    I used the phrase ”Withdrawing my implied right of access”. I went on and told them that we are well versed in the ways of the social media and internet as out campaign is using it. All the information on not paying the licence fee is being passed around. The internet is a brilliant tool to educate in how not to pay the TV Licence from the legal standpoint.


    We now must all tell the banks who have declared that they will move from Scotland in the event of a YES vote, that we will be removing our money from them. Nearly 2 million people demanding their money (in cash) will cause a run on the banks and a crisis for the Bank of England and the UK Gov.
    Friday the 19th if I don’t get what I hope for I will be going to Clydesdale bank and Bank of Scotland and withdrawing my money.

  4. Helena Brown

    James Caithness, we are about to close our joint accounts with the Royal Bank which we have held for over forty years. I held one personally for forty six years, but when the servant tells the Maister what to do something has to give.
    E-mails to Morrison’s and John Lewis, I do hope there are enough Proud Scot’s but, to keep them in business. As for Lloyds well I never cared for English Banks. I do hope that the Royal Bank will find people in England who want to Bank with them, because the impression that I have been given since it’s failure is that is very unlikely.
    Anyway who would want to keep business with no sense, nature behoves a vacuum and for every firm leaving there will be another along to fill the space.

  5. Will Podmore

    ‘Unity is strength’ also happens to be a trade union call. See, for example, the ‘Unity is Strength’ miners lodge banner at @Beamish_Museum
    Are you going to smear miners as fascists too?

  6. Ann

    Kestral 11.09 – Tha’t pretty similar to the response I received from the EC.

    Jim – It wasn’t Beverage Park for me with the Gala, it was Burntisland. Mums and kids at the shows. Dads and the others in the pub. Fish and chips from the chippy on the way home.

    Those were great times to be miners kids.

  7. Rock

    James Caithness,

    “I meant to say the FO has to find in the customers favour some times.”

    The Financial Ombudsman is definitely in the pocket of the banks. He lets them get away with murder.

    Ruling in favour of clients in minor complaints is just window dressing.

    Has anyone ever won a substantial complaint?

    A new citizens’ bank is now a must, whatever the result. I would suggest a co-operative called the Yes Citizens Bank.

  8. north chiel


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