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Mindboggling things that happened today

Posted on February 06, 2014 by

This. This actually happened. We’re not making it up. Click it and see.


Go on, read it again. We dare you.

Not even “helped to end”, alert readers will notice. Two Labour MSPs out of 129 at Holyrood apparently “ended the Bedroom Tax in Scotland” all by themselves. Scottish Government not involved.

Never mind that the Bedroom Tax hasn’t been “ended” at all, only bought off at the expense of other public services (to the tune of £50m a year, every year) sent straight from Scotland to the Treasury at Westminster.

Never mind that not a single Labour vote was needed in the chamber to pass the budget that paved the way for the mitigation of the tax, which would have been implemented even if they’d opposed it.

Never mind what the #indyref hashtag is doing on there.

Never mind that the Bedroom Tax was Labour’s idea in the first place.

We’ll take a brief moment to salute Johann Lamont’s party’s ability to astonish us just when we thought it couldn’t possibly become any more of an absurd self-parody, and we’ll leave the last word to Alex Massie in today’s Spectator:

“I have no idea what the Scottish Labour Party thinks about anything and nor, it is becoming clear, do they.”

Because we couldn’t have said it better.

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88 to “Mindboggling things that happened today”

  1. Findlay Farquaharson says:

    wow, what a species.

  2. Yesitis says:

    Labour are beneath contempt. I`ll end it there.

  3. Geoff Huijer says:

    Puke inducing Labour LIES!

    These people are beneath contempt.

  4. orkers says:

    If we vote ‘No’ and the Tories are returned to Power in 2015, the SG will be unable to fund this announced mitigation of the bedroom tax and it will be reimposed. Labour are betting they will be in power, but they wont be.

    If we vote ‘No’ the tax will reappear when the Barnett formula is scrapped.

    What a vile bunch of reptiles Labour in Holyrood are. They hoot and holler as though it was some game they were playing instead of messing with the lives of their fellow countrymen.

    Damn them to hell, if their is such a place!

  5. Lanarkist says:

    The sheer brass necked lot of them.

    Politics is a really dirty game. At least we only have SLAB to deal with, it could have been worse. The Tories really dare not show face.

  6. boglestone says:

    Disappearing into their own guff-cloud of lies and spin.

  7. seoc says:

    What does this blatant fabrication mean for the future of Ruk politics generally?
    Scottish politics urgently need cleansing do they not?

  8. Clootie says:

    …and even worse they believe it.

  9. Robbie says:

    Lying is their only policy.

  10. Paul Kelly says:

    Their policy seems to be “SNP” bad.

  11. Findlay Farquaharson says:

    i dont like it but truth is i loathe scot lab. everyone of them.

  12. frankieboy says:

    …and the BBC in Scotland will report it as fact.

  13. HandandShrimp says:

    LOL If I were to chose two of the least able MSPs in Holyrood those two are right up there.

    I wonder what Labour are going to claim they did in Westminster this week?

  14. mr thms says:

    The Scottish Government agreed to write of the arrears of tenants who have been threatened with eviction. It’s a good thing that evictions are being stopped, but why does it need to get to this point?

  15. Juteman says:


  16. Lanarkist says:

    They have not ended it, they have agreed to a proposal put forward by the Scottish Government to pay the ransom to avoid making people homeless.

    An additional poverty tax on the people of Scotland paid for through further impoverishing other social services provision.

    Westminster gets their money without the hassle of tenant evictions.

    50 Million more returned to Westminster.

    Double effort now required for a resounding Yes vote.

  17. Captain Caveman says:

    …And Scots *hate* the Tories, but slavishly vote for Labour in their droves? We can argue about how efficacious their policies are (it’s a no-brainer to me but others obviously differ), but hey, at least the Tories nail their colours and true principles firmly to the mast, for all to see.

    I’ve always loathed Labour, not so much for their demonstrable ineptitude in everything they touch, not even for bankrupting the country (again) – but for their crass, cynical deceit and lies. And yet, people will believe them.

  18. rab-the-doubter says:

    Ive got some water that needs to be turned into wine. They sound like just the people to do the job. (Or just maybe they are disingenuous ar****les.)

  19. Paul says:

    You know I now despise the Labour party as much as the Tories. I will never ever vote Labour again.

  20. Betsy says:

    Jesus wept! Is it them or is it us? Do they actually believe that or do the shameless chancers think we might?

  21. handclapping says:

    I’m sure that we could do the same thing.

    Did you know that voting No will
    * mean the loss of all Scotland teams, football, rugby, athletics
    * see the withdrawal of the pensioners heating money and claw back of everything given since the SNP got in in 2011
    * have all child benefits, maternity leave, etc. restricted to the first child only
    * have you pay £5 to see your GP doctor and see you fined £70 if its not justified or you miss a hospital appointment.

    I know, its just I live in an alternative reality.
    … or do I?

  22. Craig M says:

    Labour politician dresses up lies as truth….never!

  23. muttley79 says:

    The idea that Gray and Bailie could deliver anything politically is absurd; the idea that they have ended the Bedroom Tax in Scotland is in the realms of absolute fantasy. Which is where SLAB are, and have been at least since 2007. They simply have not got a clue what they believe in. No wonder a growing section of their support is backing a Yes vote. SLAB in their present form are really a zombie party. Where is the Truth Team when you need them?.. 😀 😀

  24. John grant says:

    My fucking god my flaber ha been well and truelly gasted

  25. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “but hey, at least the Tories nail their colours and true principles firmly to the mast, for all to see.

    I’ve always loathed Labour, not so much for their demonstrable ineptitude in everything they touch, not even for bankrupting the country (again) – but for their crass, cynical deceit and lies. And yet, people will believe them.”

    For once I’m unable to argue with you.

  26. gordoz says:

    Nah :

    What is contemptable is that the collusive inept press in Scotland don’t take such blatant misrepresentations to task and keep backing Westminster Labour regardless.

    Thats what turns the stomach.

    And Con/Dem/Labour know what they can get away with in the name of Britain.

  27. Captain Caveman says:

    Yay Stu! It had to happen at some point over the last 12-odd years. 😀

  28. msean says:

    I thought the two had agreed to work together on this? Might have known this would happen. Surely anyone that reads that statement above must realise that Labour don’t have the votes to do this,even if their new tory mates allow it to pass.

  29. liz says:

    Just thought I’d add in a couple of remarks made in today’s Independent newspaper.

    ‘RBS risks an Iceland-style crisis if Scots pick self-rule, warns Vince Cable.’

    And also added-

    Mr Cable said those remarks (by BP) added weight to the arguments of those who oppose independence as Mr Dudley is “clearly not talking about this from a tribal point of view – he’s American”

    Ann McKechin, the Labour MP for Glasgow North, who sits on the Commons Business Committee, told The Independent: “The fact that BP has said something will give other corporates the confidence to speak out and tell people what the consequences are for shareholders and staff.

    So a Labour MP from one of the poorest areas in the UK thinks that the nasty cybernats are preventing those poor, wee, timorous CEO’s from speaking out.

    I am begining to actually despise these politicians who are liars.
    We do not live in a democracy – far from it.

  30. heraldnomore says:

    Never mind the hackles that it rises for us, but…

    if you were a Labour member, in either parliament, wouldn’t you be wondering why the Scottish leader’s name wasn’t all over this?

    The conference looks as though it might be a bit of bunfight, if they can get enough parliamentarians to attend.

  31. scottish_skier says:

    And Scots *hate* the Tories, but slavishly vote for Labour in their droves?

    ~32% is hardly droves. Anything they’ve been getting on top of that for UKGEs since Blair is entirely tactical (anti-Tory) as you can see e.g. when you compare Holyrood with Westminster since ~2003.

    Totally agree on the Tories; at least you know what you are getting / can see the knife coming.

  32. JLT says:

    Which is why I detest Scottish Labour for what it truly is.

    Parasites. Leeches. Liars. Scoundrels. Deceivers.

    Never …ever …will I vote Scottish Labour until it clears the decks within its own party, turfs out the liars and the charlatans, and vows openly and PROVES it …that it will stand up for its true principles and its core values.

    Something tells me, I could be waiting a very long time…

  33. muttley79 says:


    Is it sharp? 😀 What a shame for Curran, Bailie, Gray, Lamont, McMahon, Murphy, Alexander, Davidson et al…

  34. muttley79 says:


    “Never …ever …will I vote Scottish Labour until it clears the decks within its own party, turfs out the liars and the charlatans, and vows openly and PROVES it …that it will stand up for its true principles and its core values.”

    Correct, cool avatar as well by the way.

  35. The Man in the Jar says:

    I assume that Gray and Bailey voted with the SNP government on this.

    So whatever happened to the Bain principle?

  36. Alan Wyllie says:

    This is completely unacceptable and a slap in the face of the tenants and ordinary Scots that have spend the lasts 10 moths fighting this policy.

    Suprised: No

  37. Jamie Arriere says:

    Misreporting Scotland – Unbelievable.

    Row over MOD Minister encouraging defence contractors in Scotland to speak up for the union.

    Nicola Sturgeon says it’s inappropriate pressuring, as Crybaby Carmichael said in December

    SNP described as “Panicking” and in a “Bunker mentality”

    Just can’t make it up!

  38. fairliered says:

    To paraphrase – there are liars, damned liars and labour politicians.

  39. Murray McCallum says:

    If you took the bubble that is New OneNation Scottish Labour, I wonder what percentage within the bubble actually believe what they are saying?

    A percentage >50% would maybe explain their decline – out of touch.

    A low percentage <50% would maybe explain their decline – no one prepared to challenge the leadership.

    Exactly 50/50 would ensure sustainable bullshit and slow death.

  40. Croompenstein says:

    We all witnessed Crap McConnell shocked and stunned and refusing to believe what happened in 2007, the wee fucker had tae be dragged away his fingernails scratching the walls, the beginning of the end for Labour in Scotland due in no small part tae McConnells sheer arrogance this again shows their complete arrogance and I hope this comes back tae bite their arse

  41. It’s not just SLAB. Here we have the Scottish Liberal Democrats crowing about voting to send £50M of the Scottish Block Grant back to Whitehall (and to fund a small army of bureaucrats processing assistance applications) in mitigating the effects of a Brit Lib Dem & Tory extension of a Labour tax!

    If Franz Kafka had written about this scenario, folk would be complaining he was breaking the bounds of credulity!

  42. Robert Kerr says:

    The Labour Party in Scotland really are in the end game. They are angering too many people and whatever the result of the referendum they shall be targeted by many sectors.

    Canvasing against them, tactical voting, what you will.

  43. call me dave says:

    Checked out BBC UK and England web sites for anything on BAE investment on the clyde… tumbleweed! Nothing on radio 5 live news all day either.

    Even local Portsmouth paper is low key.

    Also don’t hear Johann or Davidson welcoming the investment only Sturgeon has commented.

  44. tartanfever says:

    I’d happily contribute to funding for human rights lawyers to take Blair,Brown, Straw and all the other warmongering Labourites to court for mass slaughter of Iraqi civilians – or am I aiming a bit too high fellow Wingers ?

    On another note, can we please stop saying that all the Scottish labour talent is in London. It is clear that there is no talent, just a party that would happily stab their own constituents in the back for a slice of London pie.

  45. David Agnew says:

    I have since quit my twitter account. Its mostly down to this sort of dishonesty and the brain-dead moronic arguments from No voters. Looking at the replies (evasive) the circular arguments, You realise that the intention is to avoid any discussion & keep trotting out the bullshit line of the day.

    From one moron repeating that Borders COST! like it was a magic charm to ward off Independence – to this politician telling it like it is. Only it wasn’t. Taking credit for a measure that is a half measure and means Scotland’s taxpayers are being held hostage, over a tax labour introduced.

    Delving into that twitter feed was like swimming in a sewer. I don’t know how Revstu can do it. But I’ve had a belly full.

    My mind is made up though. It can only be a YES vote that’s good enough for Scotland. There is no alternative that would ever make me consider voting No. This New Labour bullshit and the brainfarts that pass for debate from the no camp on twitter, have sealed the deal for me.

    I’ll still be here and on other sites to register my disgust & amazement at new #betterTogether low blows. But no more twitter. Its giving me acid reflux.

  46. alexicon says:

    The down side of the Scottish Government paying for the bedroom tax is that some of the unfortunate people who were targeted by this draconian measure will vote no in the referendum.
    Sad, but true.

  47. G H Graham says:

    Ian Gray couldn’t even catch VD in a brothel.

  48. Flower of Scotland says:

    I just can’t understand why Labour voters can’t see the lies ! Since labour lied its way into controlling Fife Council , all people do is complain about Alex Rowley and his Labour colleagues ! However what happens when he stands as an MSP candidate the same people flock to vote for him . It’s so frightening that people will vote for Labour because their families have always voted labour . It’s a mind set that I just can’t understand !

  49. rabb says:

    Every time New Labour lie a Tory is born.

  50. Croompenstein says:

    It’s mad to think that all the Labour MSP’s and MP’s that there is not a one who favours independence but because they haven’t got a fucking spine between them no one will stand up and be counted. Even just to keep that ermine worrier Flipper oot the house of undemocratic shite

  51. Jim says:

    These people beggar belief. They have no shame and clearly get drunk on each other’s company. Lying and delusional aren’t sufficient to describe them.

  52. kininvie says:

    I’ve been thinking (a rare occurence).

    If there’s one thing that Wings and its readers stand for, it is honesty. Doesn’t matter where it comes from.

    Whatever the result in September – whichever party wins in 2016 – I think we need to keep the wonderful Wings bullshit detector active.

  53. G H Graham says:

    The Welfare Reform Act 2012 is a UK wide act of the British Parliament and unless there’s been a massive cover up about a secret decision to repeal the Act, it still stands & is still in effect across the entire UK.

    Is Fiona O’Donnell (Labour MP for East Lothian) as thick as a plank of wood or just desperate to give us the impression that she is?

  54. kininvie says:


    Brilliant – that’s going out on Twitter.

  55. Macart says:

    Holeee shit.

    I’ve seen some prize liars in my time and hell I’ve even printed their mendacious crap for them, but that is a weapons grade whopper.


  56. heedtracker says:

    This kind of con was probably always going to happen with such a rancid UK news media and a shockingly corrupt BBC backing up anything Labour in Scotland say. They’ve realised they can say anything like and whoever now owns the BBC will gladly sell it to us. Its not just the possible future of Scottish democracy that’s being destroyed in front of us everyday.

  57. Jeannie says:

    If, say for instance, you’re disabled and renting privately rather than from a housing association or local authority, will you still be protected from eviction if you can’t pay your rent? Anybody know?

  58. Finnz says:

    The sad thing is some folk will actually believe the crap that Labour come out with.

    O/T. It’s obvious that the Twittersphere and YES leaning websites have been enjoying boom times over the last few weeks. Lots of new names cropping up and erudite arguments coming forth.
    Well done Wings et al, the message is getting out.

  59. Arbroath 1320 says:


    There was me sitting all alone in my ten bedroom council supplied mansion worrying myself to death about how on earth I’m going to be able to afford to pay the massive bedroom tax I face for the nine empty bedrooms and here we have Iain Grey and Jackie Baillie ensuring that it is no more.

    How one earth has this excellent news managed to make its way all the way down to Westminster without the great BBC shouting from the roof tops how great Grey and Baillie are and how useless the S.N.P. are?

    I wonder if I’m too late to send Grey and Baillie a great big thank you card for saving me from that dreadful Labour created bedroom tax.

    Hang on a minute, didn’t… I’m sure I read somewhere that … didn’t Gordon Brown…if Labour created the bedroom tax then what party do Iain Grey and Jackie Baillie stand for again?

  60. Taranaich says:

    You know, I have a feeling that the SNP are all too aware that the Con-Dems will reject the proposals. Because how could they not?

    Sure, there’s all the misdirection about what the money’s going towards, as opposed to an explicit mitigation – but it’s pretty clear from Holyrood’s rejection of the Bedroom Tax that this is what the money’s going towards.

    The Con-Dems don’t think there’s anything wrong with the Bedroom Tax. They think it’s a *success*. So granting this to Holyrood could be perceived as an admission that the welfare reforms might well be doing damage – and they sure don’t want that, not when Osborne’s talking about more cuts, and Reeves wants to get tougher than the Tories. And given the amount of flak Scotland ALREADY gets for free bus passes, elderly care and education, you can imagine the outrage that “English tax payer’s money” is being used to prop up Scottish benefits scroungers!

    So when the proposal goes forward, of COURSE the Con-Dems are going to refuse it. It would show, in a stark and solid manner, the gulf between Holyrood and Westminster in their treatment of the vulnerable – and how Holyrood continues to be at the mercy of Westminster.

    It’s lose-lose for the Con-Dems. Either they allow it, and thus incur the wrath of the anti-welfare sentiment they’ve helped to create, or they don’t, giving the Yes campaign a perfect illustration of why we aren’t Better Together.

  61. Bill C says:

    Just congratulated Alex Massie on his article in the Spectator. Folk should go on and have look:
    After that tweet it will do wonders for your blood pressure. Really funny to read the despair in his article. I think he suspects the game’s up.

  62. Lanarkist says:

    Anyone else having problems accessing the link of the tweet. I keep getting error messages, same as I get when I try to press on Wings Twitter button on right hand column.

    More interference?

  63. Andy-B says:

    Imagine the real damage SLAB could do to Scotland, and Scots if, they come to power, if we remain in the union, it doesn’t even bear thinking about.

  64. David MacGille-Mhuire says:

    And the page has vanished from Twitter. Surprise, surprise: The airbrushing of the historical record in action as per the tack record of the establishmentarians in Blighty. Lickspittles to the last man and woman.

  65. Albert Herring says:

    @David Agnew

    Deploy the MoronBlock. Let them dribble into the void.

  66. mamaclanger says:

    Fiona O’Donnell MP ?@FionaODonnellMP 6h

    @tartangladbach are you calling me a lier?

    The woman can’t even spell LIAR!!! FFS!

  67. mamaclanger says:

    I apologise for possible over use of the exclaimation mark but argh!

  68. Harry says:

    Absolutely stunned at this. Shameless, beneath contempt, it’s all been said already. Just makes me more eager to get out there and deliver more Yes papers.

  69. Grendel says:

    It’s a bare faced lie, and one they will repeat ad nauseum to the gullible fools who believe they are still a socialist party.

  70. call me dave says:

    Never mind here’s uncle Dave to ask you to stay that’s what friends are for!

  71. call me dave says:

    It’s like buses, two come along at the same time. Here’s labour’s John McTernan just back from being flung out of Australia after advising the losing team.

    Looks a bit mixed up in his message but it’s Devo Jam basically with a hint of money direct to the councils.

  72. Les Wilson says:

    Am I the only one who thinks the SNP missed a shot here, why did they not just do it themselves. Show how much a struggle it is to do it, play it a bit, get the public watching intently then do it. No input from SLAB at all. Works for me.

    Mind you, the should not have had to do it at all. Sticks in my throat that Westminster will be exceedingly happy. They will use the tactic again, if they can.

  73. muttley79 says:

    In the last few years I have had difficulty in distinguishing between SLAB and the Tories. We had Lamont’s “something for nothing” fiasco of a speech; which is classic Tory language. Then we had her last week saying control over welfare, taxation, war or peace, and nuclear weapons were “wee things.” Now we have Lamont crowing over chief executives being opposed to independence.

  74. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “And the page has vanished from Twitter.”

    Nope, still there.

  75. Chic McGregor says:

    I’ve always thought that UKIP were just Tories on Truth Serum.
    Now realise that SLAB are just Tories on Lie Serum.

  76. ronnie anderson says:

    Gordon Brown,is rewarding Slab with a day out all exspence,s payed for,Dalgety Bay, where else do you hold a toxic Party,s jaunt, the bastard,s would glow in the dark, their that toxic.

  77. velofello says:

    A lesson learned for the SNP. Don’t touch Scottish Labour with a barge pole. A organisation of unscrupulous liars.

  78. jon esquierdo says:

    ronnie anderson says:
    6 February, 2014 at 10:35 pm

    Gordon Brown,is rewarding Slab with a day out all exspence,s payed for,Dalgety Bay, where else do you hold a toxic Party,s jaunt, the bastard,s would glow in the dark, their that toxic

    Yes Ronnie will Gordon pay for it from the tax money that he failed to pay to HMRC as exposed by the reverend yesterday

  79. jon esquierdo says:


  80. jon esquierdo says:

    Sorry missed out the ankers

  81. Croompenstein says:


  82. Croompenstein says:

    Soory missed out the ictory on 18th Sept

  83. Training Day says:

    Labour can say anything they like and they will not be held to account by our corrupt MSM. If I was a Labour MSP (puke) I’d be saying that Labour were responsible for the Council Tax freeze and for abolishing tuition fees, secure in the knowledge that no ‘journalist’ will ever call me out on it..

    Oh, wait..

  84. Croompenstein says:

    Labour ended slavery, Labour ended the second world war, Labour ended apartheid, Labour ended smallpox FFS the list goes on

  85. theycan'tbeserious says:

    Just a wee reminder why the Scottish government now have to foot the £50m bill to alleviate the impact of the bedroom tax:

    Now maybe those labour msp’s can help the government figure out where they will take that money from, from what is an already tight budget.

    Midas use to have the problem that everything he touched turned to gold, however labour in Scotland have quite the opposite as everything they touch turns to shite…well done.

  86. Chic McGregor says:

    Increasingly, I feel like I’m living in Bizzaro World.

    The quote today was so jaw dropping I had my bottom teeth checked by a dentist in New Zealand.

    It was like someone told me a team from Monsters Inc. had won the University Challenge final.

  87. Greannach says:

    This seems to be an attempt to place Baillie’s hat in the ring for the leadership. The knives must really be out for Lamont.

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