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Leesten varry caurfelly

Posted on April 04, 2015 by

…we shall say zees only wance.

That clip (from just past midnight on the BBC News channel) isn’t a bad starting-point summary of last night’s extraordinary story, except by our count the Telegraph’s piece was fourth-hand rather than third-hand.

(First-hand would have been Nicola Sturgeon. Second-hand would have been the ambassador. Third-hand would have been the consul-general. The civil servant – who doubted the story him/herself – is fourth-hand.)

This is also a pretty good primer. Now let’s get to the fun stuff.

As yet we still await any excuse from the Telegraph for utterly failing in the most basic of journalistic duties – checking up on such a comically flimsy story by asking the subject to confirm or deny it.

The paper appears to have made no effort whatsoever to contact the First Minister or any representatives, and at the time of writing – 2am, several hours after the story was denied in the most categorical terms by absolutely everyone who was at the meeting – has still not amended its online article with the denials.

But there are SOME people trying to cover their tracks.


Labour’s Blair McDougall, there, hastily deleting an accusation that Ms Sturgeon is a “total fraud”, only to be given away by a retweet from Ilford South (former) MP Mike Gapes. But his other party colleagues and media pals haven’t been quite as quick on the button.


Labour were suspiciously quick off the mark with this Vine.


Kezia Dugdale was in like a flash at 10.13pm.


And since she says Sturgeon said nothing of the sort, Blair, presumably that means you now accept as gospel the fact that the Telegraph’s story is a lie, yes?


“Sexy Sturgeon ‘Not Straight’ Shock!”


We suspect the sticky fingerprints of Mr McTernan – who’s well in with the right-wing press, after all – are all over this entire gigashambles.


Or that the document was simply cobblers, of course.


Someone else who’ll presumably now be accepting her version of events, then.


Slight typo. “EntertainED”. Entertained to the max.


Oh dear.


Oh deary dear.




But someone who wasn’t even there knows better?


Or, y’know, doesn’t turn out. Potato, tomato.


We disapprove most strongly of “Ambo”.


Word you’re looking for is “allege”.


The man who brought you Kathy Wiles.


Maybe learned something about propaganda from her Nazi pals.

Readers, we haven’t seen a press balls-up on this sort of scale since the Hitler Diaries. It stretches credibility to its breaking point that the Telegraph’s most senior Scottish political correspondent would run a front-page story on the First Minister of the country without bothering to ask her if it was true, on the basis of a fourth-hand account by someone who wasn’t present at the alleged event and who doubted the account of it that they were reporting.

(The Daily Mail’s hijacking of the story is something else again.)

It’s astounding that the BBC would have immediately reported such a weak story as one of the lead items on the 10.30pm TV news bulletin, before having to spend the next two hours backtracking on it as the denials nobody had bothered trying to get first poured in.

It’s troubling that the Corporation’s normally-balanced reporter James Cook chose to inexplicably editorialise at the end of his piece to camera, saying that there were “definitely” people in the SNP who would prefer to see a Tory government – a statement of absolute certainty he’d downgraded to “I think” 90 minutes later, and which appeared to startle the presenter.

(We have the earlier footage recorded and will upload it shortly.)

The number of questions to be answered is vast. Rest assured that we won’t be waiting for Simon Johnson to ask them.

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241 to “Leesten varry caurfelly”

  1. joe kane says:

    BBC James Cook in a piece currently the second headline item on the BBC UK News webpage –
    The BBC’s James Cook said: “While Nicola Sturgeon may or may not have said it… there are definitely some people within the Scottish National Party for whom five years of the Tories to attack would be a better outcome than getting into bed with Labour.”

  2. Swami Backverandah says:

    There must have been collusion between the Torygraph and Scottish branch office Labour.
    They all weighed in.

    What’s that word they’re so fond of?


  3. RogueCoder says:

    A masterful recounting and analysis of the shambolic and amateurish attempt to smear the First Minister, the staggering ham-fisted response by normally competent journalists, and Labour’s gleeful smarmy hand-rubbing. This one is going to run, and run, and run…

  4. So, the Fallen Madonna with the big boobies is risen again. Ah’m a Believer! It is Easter after all. #AlloAllogate

  5. Swami Backverandah says:

    Well it looks like Scottish branch office have done themselves a load of damage by (yet again) jumping into bed with a Tory-led smear campaign.

    Let’s ask them again about their membership numbers, shall we?

    I bet the recriminations are already flying.

  6. Lesley-Anne says:

    Here is the full text of the British Government’s account of the French ambassador’s meetings at the Scottish Parliament, including her talks with Nicola Sturgeon.

    Here is the latest from the Torygraph.

    Your second link Stu is the very end of the article.

  7. Dr JM Mackintosh says:

    Nice one Rev Stu.

    Do you never sleep?

    And James Cook looked so happy yesterday before it all went sadly wrong…

    Do you think he may actually do his job properly some day?

    Jeez – and he is one of the better ones at PQ!

  8. big_al says:

    i’m wondering whether this has been a tory trap for labour all along?
    And they fell for it, big style.

  9. Grouse Beater says:

    The smear and fearmongers never sleep. More here:

    “Too Sensible for her Shoes’:

  10. DelBoy says:

    Wowsers, no really. Wowsers…..

  11. carjamtic says:

    Sorry Rev. Got confused there for a minute….looked like another story…..Police launch their most wanted site…..easy mistake. 😉

  12. Caledonius says:

    One of the most spectacular own goals in a political smear campaign I have seen in a long time. It makes the BBC, Telegraph, Daily Mail and most of Slabs finest look like absolute incompetent morons and utter liars. Also amusing to see Labour so willing to follow the lead of a Tory rag.

    -slow handclap-

  13. Swami Backverandah says:

    So, could one suppose that the references to the future PM in the memo, which have been categorically denied by all relevant parties as not only being untrue, but that the topic of future PM wasn’t even raised, may have been inserted into the memo, with that little get-out “lost in translation’ clause?
    Why include references to a topic that wasn’t discussed?

    Civil servant wouldn’t fabricate information, would they?

  14. TJenny says:

    If the French Ambassador speaks perfect English, why did her conversation with Nicola require translation?

  15. frankieboy says:

    The Establishment and MSM having a full-blown rehearsal of a concerted attack against the SNP. They might be rusty since September. More like this to come.

  16. Barbara McKenzie says:

    James Cook may have his apologists here, but as far as I am concerned his behaviour, and that of the BBC is beyond the pale. When I looked a few minutes ago the BBC article still concluded with the extraordinary claim

    ‘The BBC’s James Cook said: “While Nicola Sturgeon may or may not have said it… there are definitely some people within the Scottish National Party for whom five years of the Tories to attack would be a better outcome than getting into bed with Labour.”’ (thanks Joe Kane)

    Which is saying that there is no smoke without fire, the desperate ploy of whose who are in no mind to consider the facts.

  17. JPFife says:

    Interesting to note that there have been official statements by Nicola, the French diplomats involved – James Cook said he spoke to them – but nothing from the ‘British Government’/Civil Service. Maybe they haven’t heard about the story?

  18. Sooz says:

    @ big_al

    Certainly plausible. They’re so desperate for any kind of morsel that they fell on the story like starved hyenas.

    Has the Torygraph sparked a diplomatic incident I wonder, printing what was allegedly a confidential document and then insinuating that the French Consul-General was lying? I’ve seen it suggested elsewhere that they might not be extending quite so much trust in the UK government in the future.

  19. Sooz says:

    UK government suits manufacturing memos? The very idea! Perish the thought! Not in a million years!

    Apart from the ones they have manufactured, of course. Perhaps they have a filing cabinet, and this story is “Dodgy Dossier no. 5,476 – Sturgeon 001”.

  20. GraemeR says:

    You should stick in Kezia Dugdales tweet – A youtube clip of Edith Piaf’s ‘No Regrets’. Basically an admission the story was pish but she lumped on it for the bad headlines heading the FM’s way.

  21. Cactus says:

    Good morning night-shifters, great video above!

    The Scottish Government are in excellent shape, smear resistant, any smears thrown get belted right out of the political stadium and the internet is allowing people to learn this.

    We’re on for the home run.

  22. itsme says:

    Great stuff Rev.

    It’s been an epic night of hilarity on Twitter – but also serious stuff on many levels.

    Was really baffled about this story earlier as I couldn’t get past the who benefits question. Tory paper Tory gov etc. For sure someone is in the crapper.

    Now can’t help agreeing with the sentiment that Scottish Labour seemed very quick out of the blocks er, en masse tonight. And then….. rien.

    “Scottish Labour just committed suicide.” Ever hopeful.

  23. Lesley-Anne says:

    Any one wanting to read the full Guardian article can find it here.

    Sorry it isn’t archived having problems archiving at the moment. 🙁

  24. Tackety Beets says:

    Just in after a 20 hours shift , time to read Wings and relax .

    FFS , blood boiling again .

    We have had Phone hacking , printing of lies and Court Judgements against newspapers.

    These people really do need to be booted out o the park .
    I’m 99.99999% confident its is a complete fabrication .
    Thank goodness Some of just don’t buy these rags any more .
    I need my time to read WOS threads .

    Zzzzzzz early start to catch the CC Rubens @7am

    Have a good day in Freedom Sq today folks .

  25. thedogphilosopher says:


    Le Beebeesee, Le Branch Ecosse & Le Merdes aux Torygraph!

    Of collusion and collaboration. A pathetic attempt to smear Scotland’s First Minister exactly one day after her superb performance on UK TV.

    They are truly without shame.

  26. ScotsCanuck says:

    Joseph Goebbels would have been so proud of such propaganda.

  27. Kevin Evans says:

    Job done tho – the first story is out and all a lot of people will take in.

  28. Kevin Evans says:

    This show the ego and arrogance of the UK esteblishment. Do they really expect the French to allow this. There so inward in there thinking to save there own asses they cannot see the damage there doing on the world stage to themselves.

    Refurendum of eu membership. I think they might find themselves booted out if they keep this up. No way is Europe gonna stand by and allow the UK to act in this way.

    We should declare freedom immediately from the UK and get the UN troops in the save scotland from these arrogant fucked up fools.

  29. Kevin Evans says:

    Hell mend them

  30. Kevin Evans says:

    Sorry for a consistant use of bad language.

    This has me fuming. So am guessing there’s gonna be wall to wall coverage of the apologies tomorrow by all concerned?

    You’d think that would be the best way to handle it yea?

  31. Bill Steele says:

    Project Fear and Smear at work. It’s going to get more prolific.

  32. BenInsular says:

    There’ve been a few apologists on Twitter who’ve been trying to pull the “who benefits? question as if it was somehow mystifying that a known propagandist rightwing rag in its death throes (read Private Eye) would try a stunt like this. “Why would they run a story that benefits Labour in Scotland – it must be true,” is the line.

    Well, Nicola Sturgeon’s debate performance (well aided by Bennett and Wood) threatens to stir up expectations among a fair proportion of the populace that politics as usual may not be all that’s on offer UK-wide after May.

    Nicola did a grand job of undercutting the media demonization of the SNP that’s been rampant, to the extent that we all saw droves of people in England who wished they could vote SNP, if not for Nicola herself. For a not insignificant number, a loose alliance with the SNP seems to be a more attractive proposition to leaving Labour to their own devices in office, or at least not a deathly threat. This won’t do at all, as the Tory campaign focus has been on how the SNP will be Ed Miliband’s puppetmasters. So this fits well into the pattern of black arts of Tiernan et al. as well, whose purposes it also blatantly suits (not to mention the Lib Dems – why was Rennie quoted in the original article? He’s hardly that high-profile).

    The absolute key smell test for me in the whole thing is the complete lack of effort by the Telegraph to get Nicola Sturgeon on the record about the allegations in their initial article, or even in its follow-ups.

    Their story would have had a wee bit more credibility even if it had had to include her fervent denial of its truth, on the basis that the sorts of knuckleheads who read the Telegraph or want to believe the tripe it prints would go, “Well, she would say that, wouldn’t she?” It’s a sign of ineptitude, and possibly a rushed job, that they didn’t approach her for a quote.

    Why the rush, and why the timing? Well, it’s maybe not a coincidence that we have the big anti-Trident demo on Saturday, where I expect the numbers will be swelled by people who appreciated Nicola’s debate performance. Perhaps this was an attempt to undermine turnout for that, as well as the longer-term attrition of trust. Myself, I’m even more determined to turn out for it now in an act of defiance. I may not be alone in that.

    Coupled with some of the disgust I’ve seen online even among Labour Party members at the way this has been handled so opportunistically, it’s been a total farce, and the shame’s unikely to be forgotten any time soon.

    There are also some serious questions to asked, without getting sidetracked from more relevant issues during the election, about how the heck this “leak” happened anyway and who was behind it. The journalist who wrote the article may be able to fall back on the tradition of defending his sources, but this is hardly a whistleblowing case, and somebody in the civil service needs to called to account. I hpe the SNP will get onto that in due course.

  33. tartanthing says:

    With these articles you are really spoiling us.

  34. Kevin Weir says:

    its back to the fear tactics , people will see through the crap that they call news,

  35. alexicon says:

    It is being reported that the document was found in a brown leather brief case which was handcuffed to an unfortunate soul washed up on the shores of the river Thames.
    The autopsy report said that there was no question that the deceased had died of natural causes previously and his body was later put into the water to be found by a passing Telegraph reporter.
    In a statement to the police, not the corrupt police from new Scotland yard it has to be said, the telegraph reporter said that the deceased was wearing an SNP badge, a hey jimmy hat and had a CD copy of Mel Gibson’s ‘Braveheart’ in his pocket.

    Where have I heard a similar story the like this before?

  36. Zane Stumpo says:

    ‘I have to admit that I’m not sure that the FM’s tongue would be quite so loose on that kind of thing in a meeting like that, so it might well be a case of something being lost in translation.’

    That’s the disclaimer at the end of the leaked report. That’s a weasel way of planting a rumour while being able to deny doing so. But it’s also a clear sign to any journalist not to rely on the truth of the report.

    ‘Lost in translation’ in that context implies garbled in the re-telling. The fact that the meeting took place in English is irrelevant. The whole thing is contrived, planted, malicious bollocks.

  37. Stoker says:

    Here you go folks, these are the 2 direct links to those scummy Unionist rags, posted elsewhere on this thread.

    Strangely enough, i never had any problems archiving them.

    From The Torygraph:

    From The Groan:

  38. donald anderson says:

    Both the same Lab Con Parties have repeatedly said they would rather have a Tory/Lab Government than the SNP or Independence. Isn’t that what Bitter Together was all about?

    Both Hate the the SNP and an Independent Scotland more than they hate each other. How long will they keep repeating the latest lie before being forced into a small print retraction?

  39. IAB says:

    The Deep State

  40. Ian Kirkwood says:

    The visceral hatred that Labourites have for the SNP is so, so obvious, yet they appear to expect that their hated rivals should hand the election to them on a plate. Discounting any kind of cooperation is not exactly the way to win “support”. Having said that the SNP have made their stance extremely clear to the people.

    Now there is all this obvious nonsense about a fourth hand supposed comment. UK politics is so mature. Time for change!

  41. Luigi says:

    This story didn’t originate on April 1st, by any chance?

    I’m beginning to wish we had set up those muppets ourselves three days ago. So scared and desperate are the red tories, they would have fallen for anything (especially if it had “SNP” and “bad” in it)!

  42. caz-m says:

    Sky News still running with the Nicola Sturgeon story as their main news item.

    I have emailed Sky News and told them I am cancelling my account and I will be encouraging others to cancel their accounts, because of their continued bias against the Scottish Government and people.

    The Scottish Government AND the French government have told them the story is untrue, yet they still continue to report it as fact.

    Fuck Sky and the BBC.


    I will be buying a “Skybox F5” and will get ALL the channels for £40 A YEAR.

    I will put up details later of how a “Skybox F5” works and where you can purchase one.

  43. Luigi says:

    Actually, this is an excellent opportunity for NS to remind the country that the SNP will not, under any circumstances, support a Tory government (and then challenge Labour to rule out working with the Tories also). I think, over the next 24 hours, we will see a real politician in action.

    Go for it, Nicola!

  44. caz-m says:

    You can email Sky,

    Tell them where to shove their Nicola Sturgeon story.

  45. Almannysbunnet says:

    Maybe this is the conversation that was lost in translation, Ambassador, “So Nicola mon ami, you like David to stay?” Nicola “David who, to stay where?” Ambassador “Cameron, to stay at no 10.” Nicola “Aye that’ll be right!”

  46. Rigmac7 says:

    Wee bit O/T

    I took the photograph below during an early evening thunderstorm near Mtwara, South Western Tanzania on 10th February 2010.

    Does it remind you of anything?

  47. Aos says:

    Wow! What a strange, inter-dimensional trip that’s been. Shoddy journalism based on a memo containing a fourth-hand account, which even the writer doubted. An article refusing to contact either protagonist, instead relying on two mediocre politicians for their thoughts. And Slab cheerleading a Tory newspaper throughout the night, until it became clear what the story came from.

    If they’re running this shit a month away from the election, dread to think what will spout from their diseased keyboards on the week of the vote? Sturgeon revealed as primordial lizard in human form? Or have I given them an idea?

  48. ScottieDog says:

    Interesting article on the subject on craig murray’s blog.

  49. woosie says:

    UK GOV getting in quickly to nullify Nicola’s impressive appearance on live debate. The same people who hadn’t seen or heard her before, but are susceptible to tv bytes, will instantly believe the story, regardless of whether it’s true; it’s on telly, so there you have it.
    In Scotland, we’re now experienced in identifying groundless smears, thanks to the referendum campaign, but sadly Middle England aren’t.

  50. Joemcg says:

    Shite like this must have happened during auld alliance times but back then they used spies and ("Tractor" - Ed)s on the ground. English third columnists and Scottish ("Quizmaster" - Ed)s and shills pouring poison in the ears. Fast forward to present day and it’s printed, digital and cyber media. As they say history repeats itself. Get us out of this crap toot suite please.

  51. Jeannie says:

    How helpful of Blair McDougall to illustrate his claim that the French ambassador speaks better English than he does, by including a grammatical error in his statement,as evidence. He should have said “the French ambassador speaks better English than I” not “than me”.Just sayin.

  52. Macart says:

    Went to bed early last night, so I’m just waking up to all this.

    I mean seriously, the timing alone gives the game away. The day after Nicola hands the leaders a public pasting and this ‘shock horror’ story appears out of nowhere? A now, utterly discredited story and media clusterfuck by the by.

    We’ve got party spads backing away from the thing at a rate of knots and egg all over an arch tory title. So what have they acheived, other than looking like idiots? Well they’ve shown that the establishment and media dark arts are alive and kicking. They’ve created an innocent victim in our First Minister and the capper? They’ve sunk the last vestiges of any credibility they had hung on to.

    Who will now believe a single thing they say or print? Only the deceitful, the self deceived and the delusional.

    They’ve exposed themselves, let’s kick their exposed bits on May 7. 🙂

  53. Almannysbunnet says:

    The BBC have just issued a correction.
    James Cook. While Nicola Sturgeon may or may not have said it… there are definitely some people within the Scottish National Party Labour party’s Scottish branch for whom five years of the Tories to attack would be a better outcome than getting into bed with the SNP.”

  54. Fred says:

    Meanwhile, not to be outdone by this Comedie Francaise, Murphy, desperate for some publicity, has himself filmed cuddling a bald dwarf on Sauchiehall Street and calling for an end to zero-hour contracts. He could have saved himself from this creepy encounter by just phoning Magrit about her staff arrangements.

  55. Clootie says:

    It looks like Better Together are still in operation. Westminster unionist parties and their MSM buddies joined at the hip AGAINST Scotland and it’s people.

  56. Jakedm says:

    Was travelling home from a gig last night and heard James Cook on BBC Radio 5L – appeared to have accepted the story was a load of shit by then. Actually being sensible letting the London based presenters get some facts about this and the SNPs positive progressive impact on UK Govt!

    I wouldn’t back Mr Cook normally but at that time in the morning (12:15am), it’s certainly not getting spoken to the masses!


  57. bookie from hell says:

    im raging

    thank god for wings

  58. Caroline Corfield says:

    Imagine, fifty years down the line, archived secret documents unveiled from the Scottish Government showing how their black ops department seeded stories into the British press and got unionist politicians to take them seriously.

    I know, who needs black ops when you’ve got the likes of McTernan?

  59. Gary says:

    The Telegraph; printer of planted propaganda, disseminator of sectarianism in the run-up to the referendum. Neither Labour nor SNP voters read it but strangely it is oft quoted. It has journalism but with the truth and integrity removed, not mistakes, not BAD or sloppy journalism, not simply lies. This is a propaganda hand out. Why else would no fact check be carried out? Another case of The Telegraph doing what The Telegraph does.

  60. Joemcg says:

    Can’t put link up but Scottish Labour have repeated the lie in a tweet at 755am. They are just gonna keep saying it like a mantra I suspect till it sticks on the gullible (half of the electorate) shower of xxxxx.

  61. Bill says:

    The Brutish Establishment will never let us go.

  62. Tam Jardine says:

    I wouldn’t call it a press balls up – the tactic must be a cobbled together response to Nicola’s performance on Thursday night prepared in haste to be disseminated by the Sunday papers.

    If the job is to sew mistrust in Nicola and sew the seed of doubt of her sincerity of wanting a deal with labour it will do its job with some but not anyone who watched the leaders debate and was impressed with Nicola’s message.

    Contacting the FM office might have leant the piece more authority but as it is a simple smear exercise it is a completely superfluous excercise.

    For the Beeb the mask of impartiality would be a pleasant change.

    We all new it would be like this. More pish, lies and cooperation between tories and labour, left and right, bbc and press. Did we expect anything other than this?

  63. Fred says:

    Folks, the CND Scrap Trident demo’ starts at 10.30 today from George Square.

  64. Luigi says:

    Bill says:
    4 April, 2015 at 8:18 am

    The Brutish Establishment will never let us go.

    Aye, but we are going anyway!

  65. Almannysbunnet says:

    “Interesting” doesn’t even come close! “This episode raises very serious questions. But they are not questions about Nicola Sturgeon. They are questions about the subversion of democracy by the security services, and the willing complicity of the corporate media.”
    This is the link 🙂

  66. Brian Powell says:

    Will Jim Murphy resign, as he as a senior politician, went with a story which involved the most senior foreign official from France, the Ambassador, without making absolutely sure the story was correct?

    Kezia too.

  67. Luigi says:

    Caroline Corfield says:
    4 April, 2015 at 8:10 am

    Imagine, fifty years down the line, archived secret documents unveiled from the Scottish Government showing how their black ops department seeded stories into the British press and got unionist politicians to take them seriously.

    And that’s their big problem, Caroline. It may have worked a treat in the past, but with social media and our instant information culture, it takes all of five minutes for a “story” to be checked out online. Sure, it still takes longer to sink in with the uninformed, and the computer just keeps going around until everyone has an opportunity to accept or reject it. Some choose to ignore the truth, but those sad individuals are beyond hope anyway.

  68. ScottieDog says:

    As laboir are still tweeting this I think they are using the theory that the factual content doesn’t matter – they’re puting it into folks’ psyche. It might work on some fronts although my wife just indicated she will now vote SNP..

  69. Robert Louis says:

    Now we can see once again, at the way the ‘British’ establishment’ via their paid liars in the London lying civil service, seek yet again, as they did in the referendum, to undermine the democratic process for Scots.

    I am heartily sick and tired of this corruption of democracy by unionists. It is a disgrace. This type of intentional smearing of Nicola Sturgeon by the civil service, is EXACTLY the kind of thing which Putin’s political stooges in the Kremlin would do to political opponents, all with the tacet connivance and approval of the supine puppet media.

    The England based independent newspaper also carries the story, but only once you get to the final two paragraphs, do you find out it is completely untrue, with the following;

    ‘A spokesman for the French ambassador said the First Minister did not express a preference between labour and the Tories, nor between Mr Miliband or Mr Cameron.

    Cyril Blondel, spokesman for Ms Bermann, denied that the First Minister had expressed a preference between Labour or the Conservatives.

    “While the ambassador and the First Minister, some time ago, discussed the political situation, Ms Sturgeon did not touch on her personal political preferences with regards the future Prime Minister,” he said.’


    I don’t know about anybody else, but this makes me even more determined to ensure a landslide for the SNP. I can think of no better way of teaching these London Westminster unionist liars a very, very important lesson. So, if you can, get in touch with your local SNP campaigning groups, and get out to secure SNP votes.

    It is a mistake which London makes, to forget the Scottish motto, and mindset, ‘nemo me impune lacessit’ – I will not be attacked with impunity. So, dear Westminster liars, this does not weaken us, it only makes us stronger, and we are coming in large numbers to get you on May 8th. 🙂

  70. The Isolator says:

    Well folks batten down the hatches,This is the Establishment at work,however it also confirms what we already knew.A National government is a real possibility.

    However the nationalist fox is already running riot all over England’s green and pleasant land.

  71. Luigi says:

    Luigi says:
    4 April, 2015 at 8:27 am

    Caroline Corfield says:
    4 April, 2015 at 8:10 am

    Imagine, fifty years down the line, archived secret documents unveiled from the Scottish Government showing how their black ops department seeded stories into the British press and got unionist politicians to take them seriously.

    And that’s their big problem, Caroline. It may have worked a treat in the past, but with social media and our instant information culture, it takes all of five minutes for a “story” to be checked out online. Sure, it still takes longer to sink in with the uninformed and the computer illiterate, but once the truth is out, it is out, and it just keeps going around until everyone has an opportunity to accept or reject it. Some choose to ignore the truth, but those sad individuals are beyond hope anyway.

  72. Early Ball says:

    Main BBC Sturgeon story still giving the Cook “definitely” quote at the time of posting,

  73. Col says:

    I thought this was put to bed yesterday? Why have I woken up this morning to see the BBC promote this story and all the front pages carrying the obvious smear without a mention of the French chap point blank denying the claims?
    The real story here is the obvious smear, not the claims made.
    How low can the BBC go? I guess we will see in the next few weeks. I don`t think we should be too shocked after the referendum!
    When is the next demo at pacific quay? Maybe we should be thinking about taking our demo to London.

  74. Sinky says:

    The “leak” of the erroneous record between French Ambassador and Nicola Sturgeon proves that the British London Civil Service is yet again being politicised and used in a general election campaign to protect the Westminster Establishment privileges just as they did during the Referendum Campaign.

    Perhaps its Nicola’s vow to get rid of the House of Lords that bothers them.

    To be fair the Scottish newspapers ignored the leak as they know it is complete nonsense.

  75. Joemcg says:

    A mass coordinated attack by the unionists last night and all done in a very short space of time makes me think of dodgy goings on with the voting process in September. They will NEVER let us go. I’m convinced.

  76. Achnababan says:

    Cook has been outed at last as another bbc unionist stooge. I would do a deal with even the monster ravers to get rid of the BBC.

  77. ronnie anderson says:

    MAWAA MAWAA Mummy Mummy that Wee Scotch Lass say’s she has a better Tablet thamn ME.

    Mummy Mummy you said this was the latest, newest version 5GB,the most expencive designer Tablet in the world.

    Giles, your Tablet is the bestest, mostess expencive designed diamond encrusted Tablet in the Whole Wide World.

    But Mummy Mummy they dont want to play with me at playtime in the school yard,& see my new Tablet.

    Now Now Giles Dearestesstest I will have a word with the Headmaster , I will not see you humiliated by a Wee Scotch Lass.

    Mummy Mummy she,s the most popular lass in the school yard,

    OH Fuckoff Giles I dont have the recipe for SCOTCH TABLET the mostestest sweetest Tablet in the World.

  78. One_Scot says:

    A sad state of affairs when the British press can print whatever shit they like, and nobody bats an eyelid.

    Labour then uses it as fact knowing its not. #scumbags.

    Independence cannot come soon enough.

  79. Joemcg says:

    I’m pretty certain that Alex said he did not have a problem with Cook along with Taylor and Dimbleby at his book signings. Changed your mind now Eck?

  80. ronnie anderson says:

    Morning all.

    Bairns Not Bombs George Square 12noon

    Wingers meeting place Under the Horses Arse ( auld Vickies )

  81. One_Scot says:

    Man, if the unionists did not have so much media protection, can you imagine any reasonably minded person voting for them.

  82. starlaw says:

    Would be nice to know what telegraph bosses have been promised for launching this rubbish. Good backhander, knighthood, house of lords even, must be something in it for them

  83. TYRAN says:

    “Labour’s Blair McDougall, there, hastily deleting an accusation”

    How stupid is this guy? He still has up his reply “that was a really quick investigation Iain” after Macwhiter wrote “Lots of faux outrage from @blairmcdougall”. Yet there’s no faux outrage on McDougall’s timeline. Hmm, something missing?

  84. Robert Louis says:

    For those in the media, who rather bizarrely think the SNP want a Tory Government, let me just once more quote to you what Nicola Sturgeon said in her party address to over 3,000 party members at their conference in Glasgow last week;

    Nicola Sturgeon : ‘The Tories say that if you vote SNP, you get Labour.

    And Labour says that if you vote SNP, you’ll get the Tories.

    They can’t both be right!

    But they are both wrong.

    So for the avoidance of doubt, let me spell out exactly what will happen in this election.

    If you vote SNP on May 7th, what you will get is the SNP.

    No one else. Just the SNP – the only party that stands up for Scotland, first, last and always.

    You won’t be letting the Tories in the front door.

    Let me said it loud and let me make it clear – the SNP will never put the Tories into government.

    Not now. Not ever.

    Taken from the address given by Nicola Sturgeon to the SNP party conference in Glasgow on 28th March 2015.

    The full conference address is located at

  85. One_Scot says:

    Beginning to think these people could commit murder in broad daylight and get away with it.

  86. caz-m says:

    Personally, all this shit makes me even more determined to free Scotland from Westminster rule.

    They have really noised us up this morning.

  87. donnywho says:

    Love the fact that our “envy of the world” BBC just ran the story, no need to check the sources.

    What adjective would you choose to use to describe that piece of work from the Beeb.
    1/. Professional
    2/. Diligent
    3/. Honest
    4/. Incisive
    5/. Investigative
    6/. Lazy
    7/. Dishonest
    8/. Spin
    9/. Agitprop

    I think their bar for quality journalism has fallen to the point where it can no longer be called journalism.

    If you do not bother to check your primary sources, and report as fact a “government” leak made by somebody reading an alleged report of an overhead meeting to a right wing paper.

    There is a story there, but not the one reported. We are in purdah, civil servants are forbidden to influence in any form. In fact it is against the code to do so at all.
    If the document exists it is now provably a lie, a Zinoviev letter if you like.
    This is not democracy when the state creates and distributes lies with the civil service and the organ of state broadcasting. I respectfully suggest that that is a truly massive story and a very worrying one too.

  88. Edward says:

    Complete denial by French Consulate general in Edinburgh in Sky News broadcast interview very clear and very concise
    Hope someone recorded it

    But Sky news reporter stating that the claim in the ‘civil service’ memo MUST have come from somewhere

    Perhaps if the media did their job properly.. oh wait were talking MSM

  89. Clootie says:

    The Telegraph / Daily Mail / BBC etc have done their job. It does not matter to them that the informed know the story is total bollocks.

    The mission was to leave doubt – “…no smoke without a fire”
    “…even If she didn’t say it she was thinkg it”
    “…even if she wasn’t thinking it, those who follow her were thinking it”

    We are now denying a story which is on a par with trying to answer Yes/No to the question – “Have you stopped beating your wife”

    Get ready for a great deal more the Better Together team have had a great deal of practise.

  90. Mealer says:

    Cheats and liars.

  91. Socrates MacSporran says:

    For me, one glaring absence screams that this non-story is absolute bullshit.

    Had there been the merest slivver of truth behind it, the sort of link you can only see via a super microscope, then old Conchers would have had his by-line on it, orgasming violently as he wrote it.

    Clearly a planted black ops story – I see the McTernan finger-prints all over it.

  92. gordoz says:

    Just to be clear folks –

    Absolutely no collusion between British media and Westminster Civil Service & Political parties in order to smear FM of Scotland.

    Just so you know

    (I wondered why John Beattie was getting his ‘No bias against SNP’ statements all over the radio yesterday – makes more sense now)

  93. MD says:

    The Telegraph – serving the establishment since 1855. Expect more smears concocted in Whitehall to see the light of day via a compliant press.

  94. ronnie anderson says:

    Ah wee word of caution to our Friends in Wales (Plaid Cymru), tell Leanne Woods the British Medjia’s sniffin aboot fur your LEEKS.

  95. Bill Hume says:

    Fellow ‘Wingers’

    After all the lies and spin we endured during the referendum campaign, did you think that when it came to SNP Westminster MPs actually having influence in that place, that there would be a let up in the hypocracy of the establishment propoganda machine.

    Let’s get used to it, we have no choice, but don’t get angry…..get even.

  96. Clootie says:

    One_Scot says:
    4 April, 2015 at 9:07 am

    They have done!

  97. heedtracker says:

    What a line up of mugs. Ruddy is funny in a sad way “they printed it coz its news” but MacTernan and Crichton Torquil say everything you need to know about BetterTogether 2.0. BBC vote SLabour Scotland shills have really been exposed for what they are, again. This level BBC attack propaganda cant go after May 7.

    All these lying UKOK twerps are really stretching World Famous British democracy and its just going to get a whole lot worse.

    Cant wait.

  98. steveasaneilean says:

    So let me get this right. The First Minister of Scotland and the Ambassador of France (and her Consulate) say that it’s not true.

    Meanwhile a low-ranking civil servant working for the British State (which is actively seeking to undermine the First Minster) and a right wing newspaper which is profoundly against any form of Scottish self-determination say that it is true.

    I don’t know who to believe… 😉

  99. Joemcg says:

    Ronnie-“Leanne Woods home made porn movie uncovered!?” Yes please! Lol.

  100. galamcennalath says:

    The sooner the Telegraph becomes part of the ‘the foreign press’ the better.

  101. ErinT says:

    Just made my first complaint to the BBC over

    Does that make me a big grown up person now?

    That it ends with comment from James Cook and Jim Murphy insinuating that the matter is truthful regardless is awful and the rebuttal from the French ambassador comes much too late in the article. The headline should also read;

    “Election 2015: The Telegraph concoct smear against Sturgeon – Scottish Labour happy to add another lie to their repertoire”

  102. Clootie says:

    OneScot 09:07am

    Willie MacRae drove out of Glasgow towards his native Highland home in Wester Ross. About the middle of the next morning, Willie was found (initially it is said by a Holidaying Australian Air Pilot) unconscious in his car which had gone off the road, close to where his Memorial Cairn and Flag post now stand.
    Subsequently – just how subsequently is a point very much an issue – he was discovered to be suffering from injuries caused by a gunshot wound without ever having regained consciousness.
    Later a handgun (alleged to have belonged to the deceased and to have been fired TWICE) was found, but too far from the car to have fallen from the hand of a suicide or have been thrown by someone who had shot himself. The ‘Inquest’ was held in London. In a situation where every circumstance reeked of suspicion, the Government response remains: no suspicious circumstances, no prosecution, no fatal accident enquiry. NO, NO, NO !

  103. Gary45% says:

    Obviously, the unionist media used to rely on Paul the psychic octopus for their news stories!

    Since his unfortunate demise – could it be that they now see Mystic Fud as their “Totally Reliable” source of all things factual (this would fit with the usual standards of the gutter press).


  104. ErinT says:

    “Meanwhile a low-ranking civil servant working for the British State”

    Not even that! The low-ranking civil servant states that they may have misheard and misunderstood what was said in the memo that is supposed to be concrete evidence. And that statement itself comes through what amounts to Chinese whispers passed between three different groups of people.

    The Daily Telegraph is really scraping the bottom of the barrel and I hope IPSO receives quite a few complaints.

  105. Bunter says:

    Just back from my old parents hoose, they were watching BBC news. “I see Sturgeon wants Tories to win” Aaaaaargh, gets oot moby to show em this article. How many others will be willing or able to debunk shit such as this. These desperate people know that this stuff will stick with some. Fuming!

  106. Wee Alex says:

    I don’t want Cameron, equally I don’t want Miliband, twa cheeks o’ the same arse.

    In the past I’ve supported the BBC as a protector of democracy, never again. It has shown more than any of the privately owned newspapers that it is utterly biased and the truth takes 2nd place to protecting the Westminster establishment.

    As for the Red Tories still tweeting this, pair wee souls but they are desperate. They have to protect their gravy train after all.

    Mud sticks though, so we can expect worse to come.

  107. Graham Macqueen says:

    The establishment are clearly in despair! Their world of lies and deceit is crumbling at its foundations. Such events can only confirm the decades of lies we have been fed. I sincerely hope people start to question what they are/have been told to be true and realise that previous governments have done their utmost to keep people living in fear! This can only be the start!

  108. Neil Baillie says:

    Who benefits from this crude smear? Well, mud sticks to the SNP and Labour made to look like credulous fools again so win win for the Tory establishment. We expect this sort of trick from the Telegraph, but disgraceful from civil service and BBC (ok we expect it from them too since Indyref).

  109. De Valera says:

    All they have to offer are lies and threats. We don’t need any more proof that their union isn’t worth saving.

  110. Les Wilson says:

    Desperate people will do desperate things, this is a shining example of attempts to thwart Scottish Independence. Aided by all the power of the Unionist state and all it’s proxies.

    Is it really any surprise that we want to get out of this “Union”, they think they are happy with what they have done, that will be until the backlash settles in. Scots will be soo angry, and rightly so.

    We will see more of this, by all the usual suspects, but it shines the light on a wholly undemocratic Uk state. Concocted rubbish, which is made all the more outlandish by the timing.
    As Nicola’s popularity rises, they must try and curb it, by attempts to stain her. Well folks these are the people who are desperate to keep their cash cow,and for many other self centered reasons.

    For us, it is even more evidence that we need to get out of this Union, which is not really a Union, it is an occupation, from which we must free ourselves.

  111. Nana Smith says:

    artist taxi driver shouts about the attacks on Nicola

  112. De Valera says:

    McBride, Foulkes, McTernan, Cochrane, Alexander etc – ze flashing knobs!

  113. Tinto Chiel says:

    Just read all this merde.

    What I want to know is, did the French ambassador purr?

    This farrago of poop is astonishingly inept and is a massive own goal for the Establishment. Expect plenty more in the next four weeks but it’s the law of diminishing returns for the BBC and MSM: their desperation is clear.

    I can’t imagine that the French will be happy at being dragged into what the Rev. has rightly called a gigashambles.

  114. Jim Gibson says:

    Is there not a debate with all the Scottish party’s scheduled?
    Please, please let ‘Snake’ Murphy bring this matter up!!!! But make sure the organisers a have a team on hand to wipe the blood off of the floor when Nicola replies!

  115. jethro says:

    Story still on BBC News website 9:42am, but – listen VERY carefully – comments are open.

    Anybody feel like telling them what they think about them continuing to promote this smear?

  116. G4jeepers says:

    At a loose end?
    Fed up or bored with the humdrum?
    Why chase non stories when you can watch the build-up of the biggest story of the day?

  117. heedtracker says:

    Cooke’s thing to camera, “It’s rather fallen apart…if you believe the official denials… but they have come from all sides…she told French ambassador that she didn’t see etc…”

    All of it, textbook hard core anti Sturgeon BBC attack propaganda. They did exactly the same to Arthur Scargill and the miners.

    We should fear men like Cooke. They have real power to change the outcome of this election and they know it.

  118. almannysbunnet says:

    Just watched a quite unbelievable twilight zone type sky interview this morning with Pierre-Alain Coffinier the French consul at the centre of supposed report. Can’t recall the Scottish interviewer’s name. “Did you hear NS say she supported Cameron?” no. “Were you present at the meeting between between NS and the ambassador?” yes. “Did they discuss Cameron?” no. “Did you write a report saying that NS supported Cameron?” no. “Can you explain how the civil service can have a letter saying NS supported Cameron?” no. The interviewer getting increasingly desperate. “Could you have made a phone call to the civil service that could have been misunderstood?” eh no. “Was the meeting carried out in English?” yes. On and on and on. Back to the studio. “Well you gave Mr Coffinier about 20 opportunities and he has completely denied the story”. Reply from the Scottish interviewer, “ah but he did give a Gallic shrug of the shoulders though.” mmmm can’t trust them Gallic shrugs. FFS!!

  119. Effijy says:

    We have got to remove the most corrupt media on the planet!
    Is there really do depth they cannot plummet to?
    Absolutely Pathetic to its rotten core!

    It’s like the old war story:

    Message received from the front:
    Send three and four pence as we are going to a dance!

    Started out as “Send reinforcements we are going to advance”!

  120. Alan Johnston says:

    It seems odd that a memo produced in the week after a meeting on 26-7 Feb should suddenly surface just after the success of the FM in the TV debate.

  121. Wee Jonny says:

    Oh right that’s it, I’m awa ti get on the phoneo to the French Ambo and gee him a piece o my mindo. I might send an emailo to the British Primo Dayvo and see what he’s gotta sayo . Then maybe a fax to the American Preso Obamao. We need to get shit done o.

  122. Mealer says:

    I’ll be sending in a complaint to the BBC about their sloppy journalism.It would be good if someone capable could post a link to the press complaints authority and BBC complaints department.

  123. schrodingers cat says:

    @robert louis
    ‘nemo me impune lacessit’ – I will not be attacked with impunity

    i prefer a more modern translation re-

    Dont Fuck Wi’ Me

  124. Fred says:

    “Sacs De Baws” the lot of them!

  125. Marie clark says:

    Okay, who is the civil servant who “leaked” this memo? High time he or she was named, sacked, and prosecuted for trying to pervert the democracy of this country.

    This really is desperate stuff, isn’t it. They had a dummy run with the referendum, and now our FM stood up in front of the UK audience and wiped the floor with the lot of them. Time now to try and blacken her reputation. Really. Why does it matter a damn anyway if she had said it. Many folk would rather not see Miliband as PM as he is a particularly useless creature.

    Oh well folks, buckle up. As we already know, having been over this course in September, it will only get worse. Mind you, they still don’t get it, or we Scots for that matter. If they think that this will make folk go back to liebour, dream o boys, dream on.

    SNP membership rose by over 2000 during the big debate. We can see through you now, but you don’t seem to realise that yet. This would appear to have McTernan’s grubby paws all over it. Labour were primed and ready to jump in, says it all really.

    Roll on 8th May.

  126. Paul says:

    One good thing to come out of all this is that the next lot of lies won’t be swallowed now.

  127. HandandShrimp says:

    I can only assume McBride didn’t read the memo. It has a get out of jail free card that Charlie Manson could use so not even close to Fin De.

    What is amazing is that the two so called journalists that wrote the story knew that it carried a heavy caveat and the civil servant (if the memo is genuinely the original) thought it sounded improbable and yet didn’t check their story with either Nicola or the French Consul.

    It is a straight forward political smear job. A little piece of Pravda in the Home Counties. What remains is to hunt down those that contrived it. I know people think it was McTernan but I suspect it to be Tory spads. This Government really is that stupid.

  128. chris kilby says:

    “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

    (Joseph Goebbels)

    ” In the big lie there is always a certain force of credibility; because the broad masses of a nation are always more easily corrupted in the deeper strata of their emotional nature than consciously or voluntarily; and thus in the primitive simplicity of their minds they more readily fall victims to the big lie than the small lie, since they themselves often tell small lies in little matters but would be ashamed to resort to large-scale falsehoods. It would never come into their heads to fabricate colossal untruths, and they would not believe that others could have the impudence to distort the truth so infamously. Even though the facts which prove this to be so may be brought clearly to their minds, they will still doubt and waver and will continue to think that there may be some other explanation. For the grossly impudent lie always leaves traces behind it, even after it has been nailed down, a fact which is known to all expert liars in this world and to all who conspire together in the art of lying.”

    (Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf, vol. I, ch. X)

  129. Eric D says:

    It’s not ‘collapsing’. BBC News 24 has just repeated the lie, no mention of the French rebuttall – but gave the floor to Miliband’s response.
    And they wonder why we become enraged !!

  130. Soda says:

    Too funny! As if this bullshit story is going to change the minds of the 45%+ who are going to vote SNP.

    Surely its common knowledge that as far as the SNP and their supporters are concerned it really doesnt matter a damn who gets the keys to No 10 because its a win win for the SNP either way.

    Seems to me that this story serves one purpose and thats to blacken Nicola in the eyes of the English people. I mean how dare she be more popular than the old school boys.

    It’s the English marginals that will decide the election as always and now it’s more obvious than ever that it’s Westminster as a whole we are up against not any notional concept of left or right, labour or tory.

    This story is so contrived, so ill conceived in its conception and so encapsulating of the compliance of the press and corruption of the civil service that the UK gov must be considered as the circus clowns in the eyes of consulate circles.

    Lol sorry, there were more ‘C’s in that than in westminster and the MSM!

  131. jock mc X says:

    I think they must have heard what nicola said about the house
    of lords.

    All favours will be called in……here we go.

    Lordy lordy lordy……….deary me.

  132. almannysbunnet says:

    I lived in Texas for a number of years. Just loved their slogan which was plastered everywhere DON’T MESS WITH TEXAS. I don’t think they would mind one bit if we borrowed it. “DON’T MESS WITH SCOTLAND” Short, snappy, has a nice ring to it!

  133. Grouse Beater says:

    Mealer: I’ll be sending in a complaint to the BBC about their sloppy journalism.

    You might want to read this first!

    ‘How the BBC Erases Complaints’-

  134. Dave McEwan Hill says:

    Who was it said “If you stop telling lies about us, we’ll stop telling the truth about you”?

    This is absolute desperation and should be described as such. Don’t waste time arguing about the charge. That just gives it more coverage. Concentrate on the “desperation”.

  135. DerekM says:

    what a bunch of clowns

    But hey look on the positive side if this is the best they can find a coffee machine and some made up story involving another countries ambassador then they must be at the bottom of the barrel all ready,because you just know if they had any dirt on Nicola it would be plastered everywhere.

    I hope she boots them in the nads over this go get them Nicola you have them running scared.
    I hope the French boot them in the nads as well.

  136. Author_al says:

    “Broadcasters are supposed to remain impartial. You don’t achieve balance by presenting Armageddon from one side and letting the other side reply about why the earth is not going to shatter into fragments. It’s not balance to allow one side to reply to ridiculous allegations.”

    Quote from Alex Salmond in his book, referring to Referendum biased MSM.

    Now the smears begin after Nicola’s fantastic debate performance. Treasury, Westminster, Scottish Labour, Lib Dems, Telegraph…

  137. Dan Huil says:

    Unionist Zinoviev Letter no.212.

  138. Joemcg says:

    Yep agree, could be one of three things or all three,Labour high command black ops, her storming telly performance or the abolition of the Lords proposal that has rattled the cage.

  139. Mealer says:

    This episode will maybe help Labour to retain some of its support,but it damages the credibility of the media among a huge chunk of Scottish society.That can only be good for us.And democracy.

  140. Dave McEwan Hill says:

    From MacWhirter

    “Allo? Fact that Telegraph didn’t dare seek out FM for a quote tells you all you need to know. They knew it was bollox too. #GE2015”

  141. Well folks, this is something we are going to have to get used to until the 7th of may. We all knew it would start. So deep breaths, broad shoulders, let’s get armed with all our facts and get out there chapping doors. We have to get our independence just to ensure we break up the BBC old boys network. If we are such a thorn just let us go.

  142. John Thomson says:

    Sorry folks but BBC still at it Ed on at 0945hrs stating that SNP state one thing in public and another in private. We need independent broadcastor from there it is just a short step to freedom. All the best for the future think we are going to need it.

  143. chris kilby says:

    Wow! Who’d have thought so many Scottish Labour politicians believe everything they read in The Torygraph?

    (Who’d have thought so many Scottish Labour politicians read The Torygraph in the first place…?)

  144. chris kilby says:

    You are what you read. In Jim Murphy’s case, The Torygraph!

  145. chris kilby says:

    ‘A lie can travel half way around the world before the truth gets its boots on.’

    (Mark Twain)

    And he didn’t even have broadband…

  146. paul gerard mccormack says:

    ‘Now the flames they followed joan of arc
    As she came riding through the dark’

  147. James Cook has all the attributes to go far in the MSM.

    As a good honest citizen of Scotland,not so much.

  148. Croompenstein says:

    James Cook the boy who couldn’t say the word Bannockburn as he reported from Stirling last year a wee shite then and a wee shite now.

    For the life of me I don’t know why AS praises Cook and Toodle-oo-the-noo, a pair of BBC SLab shills

  149. HandandShrimp says:

    On the radio this morning the chap reviewing the story said it was mince. He did say that in the old days they used say that a lie was half way around the world before the truth gets its boots on but with the advent of Twitter and Social Media those breaking stories are challenged almost instantly.

    The main BBC story is tying to perpetuate the lie on the outrageous pretext that “She might not have said it but fuck it, it is what we want the SNP to say so we will keep it in”

  150. Proud Cybernat says:

    They know what they’re doing. They known there is not a shred of truth to this ‘story’. But they also know that mud sticks. Demonise, divide and rule.

  151. Giving Goose says:

    Ed Milliband is in danger of looking extremely foolish as a result of this.
    Methinks he is being set up for a fall.
    He’s gone on national TV to attack Nichola Sturgeon on the basis of a complete fabrication.
    How is that going to look when it becomes apparent that he’s attacking a female politician with a lie?
    Stupid fool that he is. He is surrounded by advisors with their heads up their arses.
    It’s the Right Wing press sowing a story, Ed takes the bait, is played like a fish. Result; zero credibility for Ed.
    Thick as pig shit!

  152. Joemcg says:

    Come the revolution will we be rebuilding the gallows on the royal mile for these treacherous swines?

  153. chris kilby says:

    Project Fear II: Misjudgement Day!

  154. @Lesley-Anne
    Did Jim Murphy actually say “It’s déjà vu all over again”.

  155. Toby says:

    Watched BBC news at 0930 when they were reviewing morning papers. Made scant reference to and quickly glossed over the Telegraph slur on the FM and the emphatic denial both by her and the French Consulate , at the end of which they held up the front page of that Tory rag , the Mail, which says ” Nicola Sturgeon is the most dangerous women in the UK”. ( reinforcement ). Funny how they only review England newspapers.

    On the next breath they moved on to Farage comments during the ‘Big Debate’ about foreign immigrants coming to this country to receive treatment and HIV drugs. Interestingly the question was asked , ” is this fact presented by Nigel Farage true? Has anyonone bothered to check it? The northern editor of The Guardian went on to say that the perception of the fact was more important to the UKIP followers than the truth of the fact.

    This train of thought did not apparently apply to the Telegraph story. Can’t beat fair and balanced reporting !

  156. fletch49er says:

    This story is a s valid as being told it by a bloke down the pub

  157. Les Wilson says:

    How is this being received on twitter?

  158. TD says:

    We should enjoy watching Labour, the BBC, the Telegraph and the Daily Mail squirm. Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP do not have a problem this morning – the unionists do. It’s as if someone had laid a trap for them – and they walked right into it. But they made the trap themselves!

    Their credibility has just taking another battering and the Scottish people are watching in real time. Their frantic attempts to delete tweets shows that these people have no idea of the contempt in which they are held. If any one of them had stood up and said something like “I misjudged this situation. In my enthusiasm for scoring points against the SNP, I took at face value a report which I now know to be untrue” then we would still disagree with their politics, but we might respect their honesty. But they just don’t have it in them.

    They are doing our job for us. Enjoy.

  159. The BBC is nothing more than a massive sewage farm gathering all the news disposing all the honest bits down the Clyde and then broadcasting the residue over the airwaves.

  160. Clootie says:

    Joemcg says:
    4 April, 2015 at 10:27 am

    Can we use Irn Bru crates to kick away?

  161. Mosstrooper says:

    @ almannysbunnet 10.04

    Scotland already has a motto; Nemo me impune lacessit or in Scots Wha daur meddle wi me.

  162. Graham Macqueen says:

    Bunter says:
    4 April, 2015 at 9:31 am
    Just back from my old parents hoose, they were watching BBC news. “I see Sturgeon wants Tories to win”

    Such spin is directed at the older generation(s) and towards any fearful and numbed mind that is willing to believe it. Luckily, your parents have you to point out the lies and distortions in reality that have been prevalent for so long. It is those who remain hoodwinked and without anyone to show them the truth that will give them their vote!

  163. gillie says:

    James Cook revealed as a lying bastard. BBC getting absolute protest for broadcasting fake story.

  164. Democracy Reborn says:

    Famous story about ex-President Lyndon Johnson. In one of his early political campaigns, he’s running behind in the polls to his opponent, a pig farmer. Lyndon asks an aide to spin and spread among the hacks that the farmer fucks his pigs. The aide says “But Lyndon, you know that that’s not true.” Lyndon : “I know it’s not true. I just want to hear the son-of-a bitch deny it.”

  165. ianbeag says:

    A good pointer from ex. Ambassador Craig Murray as to the origin and thrust behind the Telegraph story which should come as no surprise to Wings readers. We should prepare ourselves for more involvement by MI5 in the coming few weeks.

  166. David Agnew says:

    This was a fully weaponised clusterfuck – that they are still pushing it, despite the fact its falling to pieces boggles the imagination. Its hard to imagine a bigger omnishambles than this. It also shows how janus faced the UK MSM is. Hardly anyone it seems, is capable of doing basic fact checking. It’s the Streisand effect in reverse. Instead of getting people talking about “bombshell”, they are all talking about what a massive smear it is. The more they push it, the more obvious it is to everyone that it is a smear.

    That no one in the MSM, Scottish labour, the tories, the lib dems have considered that this sort of negativity is what drove up membership of the SNP and subsequently increased its popularity, is just as mind boggling.

    If the idea was save Cameron, it backfired as polls show a surge for labour in the south. If it was meant to save UK labour (highly doubtful) it going to lead to a collapse for support for Scottish labour instead.

  167. Edward says:

    Can some legal type person advise (pro bono)advise if Nicola Sturgeon should take legal action?

    Honest question as I’m reading comments on FB that Nicola should sue

  168. A MacRitchie says:

    Its deep, deep but gets deeper…………

    Here’s a thought………..what if

    Wouldn’t be surprised if MI5 orchestrated this little deception as we are seen as a foreign nation MI5 invented to counter threats to British National Security.

    SNP seen as trying to infiltrate British Establishment rise in support has increased this threat to break up.

    Use R wing media and the British beeb to counter said threat……..counter terrorism. MI5 there to counter LEFTIE threats.

    If you can monitor previous PM’s ie Harold Wilson you can certainly monitor the Scottish Lady. Dig deep into their past dig up some dirt if you don’t find anything make it up.

    Spread confusion…..distort the truth blur the facts.

    Keep your enemies enemy close lib labs help them out.

    Use all resources available R wing media and the BRITISH BC.
    Wouldn’t be surprised if this site is being monitored.

  169. Swami Backverandah says:

    The Tories aren’t trying to help SLAB, as some would have it.
    Thyey don’t really give a rats about LabScotBranch.
    They know Scotland is more or less lost to them. Their aim isn’t to aid SLAB, it’s to win marginals in rUK. Gove on QT debate night said as much.
    If they can do that while giving the Scots a wallop, so much the better for them.

    Meanwhile, – fringe benefit – SLAB loses members at a rate of knots.

    That’s why the retractions are slow in coming.

  170. Training Day says:

    This simply reinforces the fact that the BBC is the number one enemy of Scottish self-determination. Forget the Telegraph, forget Sky News, the BBC is the lynchpin, not of ‘sloppy journalism’, but of orchestrated mendacity on behalf of the British establishment.

    And as for Cook, let’s not forget his hagiography of ‘modest hero’ Jim Murphy, or indeed his introduction of Tory unionist Alex Massie on a panel as an ‘undecided’. The BBC know he’s fully onside, otherwise they wouldn’t use him.

  171. Patrick Roden says:

    If Jim Murphy and Kezia Dugdale, can be so easily duped by the Telegraph,how can they ever be trusted to represent Scotland’s interests, while trying to negotiate with, shrewd diplomats, and large corporate entities, from both home and abroad?

    We’ve all saw the terrible deals Labour cut with big business to bring us the PFI contracts, so it’s not difficult to see why Labour keep trashing the UK economy:

    Labour continue to promote people based on brown nosing, toeing the party line, and the ability to lie through their teeth.

    It’s little wonder that this has created a dearth of talent at both Scottish and UK level.

    It’s funny that both Jim Murphy and Wee daft Wullie were immediately available for comment and jumped in with both feet, yet no Tory?

    We had Douglas Alexander, Blair McD etc all splashing in at the deep end, showing the kind of complete naivety, that has been destroying Scottish Labour from the inside for years, but strangely enough we didn’t have the Tories joining in with this most Tory of rags?

    Was it a coincidence that on Thursday at FM Questions it was the Tories who asked Nicola if she thought the press were biased?

    Was this an attempt to ensure that any backlash from this terrible journalism, was diluted by Nicola saying that the press were not biased?

    This is an own goal by Labour and although they will run with the lie, it will certainly cement any recent converts to the SNP from Labour in their resolve to never return to that pack of snarling screeching hyenas.

  172. cearc says:


    Craig M. comments on his piece at 7.44,

    ‘I think on reflection its MI6 rather than MI5. MI5 are rather more competent, and would have gone to the Sun rather than the Telegraph. Murphy’s gang still pushing it – I think they’ll be hoping mud sticks.’

  173. Nikostratos says:

    Labour till I die me and even afterwards

    No normal Labour supporter, voter
    believes this story its a load of

    Just a bad attempt at a “Zinoviev Letter”
    badly done but then it is the Torygraph.
    some Labour peeps are not covering themselves
    in glory running with this bad attempt at a
    Tory inspired smear.
    Still just shows how FRIT they are at

  174. Grouse Beater says:

    Nicola is far too sensible to drop such an obvious clanger when she can give a wink and a nod.


    “I wouldn’t want to jeopardise my employee record” SpongeBob Squarepants

  175. gillie says:

    The BBC is the enemy of Scotland. Time for a demonstration outside Pacific Quay.

  176. Gary45% says:

    Nana@9.38 Taxi Driver,
    Thanks for that Nana, Cheered me up a bit.
    I have posted on Wings about the BBC programme Planet Oil before. Watch episode 2 and you will realise what the UK establishment will sink to in regards to holding on to power.
    We watched a DVD last night” Taking Liberties” well worth a watch.
    This is the start of the smear campaign, it will get worse, but the establishment forget we live in the digital age, and every piece of garbage that is thrown at us will spectacularly land right back at their own door .

  177. A MacRitchie says:

    Its preferable to let the people you can control into no 10

    To give the illusion the masses live in a democracy……………………….

  178. Kenny says:

    One thing I can’t understand: this false story rather unneedlessly also makes a stab at Ed Millipede. Yet Scottish branch of Lab (and Lib Dems) seem to be part of the plot, given the ready quotes and the way the Scottish branch of the Red Tories ran and ran it.

    Possible friction now between Ed and Smurph?

  179. donnywho says:

    Labour will leave no straw unclutched.

  180. cearc says:

    It is clear that Chris Cairns’ is now perceived as a major security risk. Why else release this scam on a friday night except to delay the publication of his ‘toon!

    Spare a thought for poor Chris. Slaved away in the rubble of his home to produce a new ‘toon for us and now this!

  181. Grant says:

    Quite worrying how ex-MPs and government ministers confuse fourth hand hearsay with admissible evidence. Maybe this is why we started an Iraq war based on evidence from a student’s homework.

  182. think again says:

    Nicola Sturgeon is the most accessible First Minister of the most accessible government in the world.

    Telegraph and BBC unable to find her for a quote before releasing the story.

    I can’t see it but I can sure as hell smell it.

  183. heedtracker says:

    Its big here in England now. Everyone knows you cant trust the sweaties, seems to be the underlying undertow but it may all be to prep for banning SNP MP’s at Westminster. They know they probably cant freak out enough of the 45% YES vote, no matter how much they smear Sturgeon.

    So 4 weeks of BBC style pavlovian fear and loathing conditioning, BBC monster Sturgeon like they did Salmond, May 8, SNP informal MP ban is their teamGB Alamo.

    “They want to break up your UK England, England cant vote on Scottish stuff, SNP and vile Sturgeon can vote on England. So we allow them to sit inCommons but they cant vote on anything England, because they’re vile separatists, and there’s not a thing they can do about it, and Sturgeon is a monster”

    Can never happen in teamGB, mother of all democracy. Listen to a reprobate like Mike Gove, or proud Scot but tory boy’s like this

  184. Geoff Huijer says:

    Sky News keep on harping on about an embarrassment.

    The only embarrassment is the media railing on this
    and turning it into a ‘news’ story.

    I am disgusted by the Establishment ‘tricks’ used to
    undermine Scots and Scotland… and make no mistake
    this is not just an anti-Sturgeon or anti-SNP story.

  185. Macart says:

    Seems the FMs anti establishment appeal in the debate hit a nerve and they didn’t like the response of the electorate across the border.

    Who knew?

  186. MolliBlum says:

    What impeccable timing. Sturgeon wows in debate, SNP membership surges… MSM slams her with some “story” fabricated to suggest she is two-faced — backed by comments from none other than Jim Murphy and Willie Rennie. Well, they really do seem to have a very low opinion of their readership.

  187. Stevie boy says:


    Sky News and BBC still reporting that if Nicola did say that then who would benefit from it.

    Even tho she categorically denies it and so does the French.

    I know we shouldn’t let it wind us up but it bloody well does. You feel so helpless.

  188. X_Sticks says:

    Live Indy broadcast from the Anti-Trident demo has started:

    I read on twitter that GCC has switched off the George Square webcam. What are they scared of? Oh, wait…

  189. Cadogan Enright says:

    I hope u are all on the phone to whichever news service you hear this non story repeated on, asking why they are not doing their job by exposing the story and logging your complaints

  190. Capella says:

    Nicola all over the UK front pages today – with the i saying she is seizing the key role – king maker. That’s what the Telegraph and Mail hysteria is all about I guess.

    The Journal (north of England paper) looks forward to much improved devolution and rail services if the SNP gain influence.

    Win, win.

  191. Stevie boy says:

    Is anyone at Freedom Square that could stream events or does anyone know of any links?

  192. Swami Backverandah says:

    A few thoughts.
    Have seen the interview with the CG where he denies the reference in the memo to the PM preference. He says he was at the meeting of FM with Ambassador. This makes his account in his notes firsthand evidence.

    Read Craig Murray but only skimmed. Does he assert that the memo conversation between Civil Servant and CG did not take place, because this is not usual practise (and therefore the entire memo is a plant)? This should be easy enough to verify.

    More likely that the Civil Servant/CG conversation did take place but that the memo was erroneous record of conversation, either unintentionally, or deliberately. Or that the original has been removed and replaced with the leaked one. Again, should be easy enough to verify – inquiry needed.

    Re civil service and the purdah period. It may be that this memo was leaked days/weeks ago, and has been kept for use till now.

  193. Marcia says:

    The smear came far too early after the debate. The Establishment played their hands too early, Milliband could have said that smearing should not come into politics but has got himself sucked into the Establishment game and doesn’t come out of it well.

    That was an error.

  194. Robert Louis says:

    There is a phrase for this kind of thing – ‘dirty tricks’ – in common parlance it is Westminster and the English controlled media telling bare faced lies against the SNP yet again, which have no substance to them, and have been repeatedly denied by ALL the parties involved.

    Why has nobody been interviewed live on either SKY news or BBC news from the SNP???

  195. Auld Rock says:

    Is their not a law against lying and didn’t Levinson have something to say about lies, rumours and false accusations?

    Auld Rock

  196. Proud Cybernat says:

    Nicola-n-Dave, lost in translation….

  197. Bob Mack says:

    I believe this “scheme” was hatched following Question Time this week.Michael Gove commented that Sturgeon gave a good account of herself,and was immediately rounded on by the others,as being in cahoots with Sturgeon,and that the Tories were comfy with the SNP.
    People like McT watching this would have seen an opportunity of highlighting that non existant relationship,in an attempt to influence primarily the “lost” Labour vote north of the border.Telephone call.Job done.
    However,it will come back to haunt them soon enough.
    They truly are despicable creatures,and the equally despicable media who feeds from them are less than savoury themselves.

  198. Albaman says:

    Yes it makes us all very angry, but look on the bright side, the “Press”, has not really understood the power of the social media, it’s not just alive with comments, but when you have the sources and contacts such as oor Stew has, then the press are on a looser, and I’ve little doubt that this attempt to blacken the name of our First Minister, and the S.N.P. at large, will backfire, and that there will be a further rush of new members,( so who’s shot themselves in both feet eh?).

  199. @Joemcg
    Chambers Street Museum still has a working guillotine called `The Maiden`nearly 500 years old although like `Triggers broom` all the original has probably been replaced.

    Not that I am in any way condoning the beheading of ("Tractor" - Ed)s.

  200. Swami Backverandah says:

    Just listened again to the Sky news report of interview with CG.
    Interviewer asks this question “Did you tell a Civil Servant that Ms Sturgeon had expressed a preference for David Cameron as Ambassador.”

    Hold the Croissants!
    oops 🙂

  201. Kenzie says:

    gillie says:
    “The BBC is the enemy of Scotland. Time for a demonstration outside Pacific Quay.”

    Why? What good will that do? Previous demonstrations have been about as much use as an ashtray on a motorbike; they have not made the slightest difference to the BBC anti-SNP output. A mass refusal to pay the iniquitous license fee would make a difference.

  202. G4jeepers says:

    By the way, it was filling up nicely earlier but most have now gone off on the march.

  203. HandandShrimp says:

    The underlying message of the Telegraph story is that Ed is simply not good enough to be PM. That Labour have embraced this story as manna from heaven reveals an remarkable lack of common sense on part of the Labour strategists. That or someone in Labour doesn’t think Ed is PM material.

    Oh what tangled webs

  204. The Rough Bounds says:

    Auld Rock. It’s ‘there’ not ‘their’. Sorry pal, but I just can’t stand bad English.

  205. Calgacus MacAndrews says:

    It’s a flashing Ed-is-a-knob day.

  206. sunshine says:

    I see a couple of calls have been made for a BBC PQ demo. As I have said before, and I have been to them all, pointless.
    It is just bloody pointless standing on a Sunday afternoon shouting at an empty building.
    The real demonstration should be of the type today. In George Square, on a Saturday.
    Never mind this Sunday bollocks, harassing an empty building shite. Let’s ratchet this up a bit.

  207. Jim McIntosh says:

    Didn’t Lord McAlpine sue thousands of Twitter users for retweeting lies about him. Surely the FM should be able to do the same to all those SLAB reptiles.

  208. desimond says:

    Its the new sad way

    Journalist creates story

    Another reports on created story

    All others report on reportrd story..mud flung in all directions tegardless of initial lies

  209. No no no...Yes says:

    BBCRadio Scotland news at11 o’clock had Telegragh story as headline and included rebuttals,but then Ed comes on condemning Nicola for her “comments.” He is so far behind the news it made him sound ridiculous.

    Whilst the objective was to make anti-SNP and Nicola comments,and some of it may work, the timing is mad: Friday night on a holiday weekend,and days before Nicola has several public forums to reinforce her message: anti-nuclear protest today and two televised debates next week.

    Does anyone really believe that the SNP want to allow the Tories back in power, with plans to cut the Scottish budget? I guess some of our fellow citizens may fall for it but plenty time to redress the balance especially if Nicola challenges chairman Cook at the BBC debate.

  210. Dal Riata says:

    This whole affair just gives more proof to the claims that the British Establishment, Westminster, the UK security services and the UK’s mainstream media are colluding illegally and corruptly to subvert the process of democracy. The extent of the collusion is way beyond what one could even guess at.

    The secret services, who view any interruption or challenge to the British state as being the work of subversives and insurgents – and that will include the SNP and its representatives – to be stopped by any and all means, must surely be involved in this smear-attempt by the Telegraph. How can a so-called official memo – of something that was *not* said and confirmed by the French Embassy to be an utter falsification – be leaked?

    And the timing? No coincidence. Nicola Sturgeon’s debate performance shows the rUK electorate that the SNP can be a force for good, ergo…

    Democracy is a sham in the UK.Twas ever thus.

  211. This nonsense is aimed primarily at English voters. However, if it can provoke a few ‘Nats’ to do something stupid, then watch that explode in the News.

    If you jab someone in the chest often enough, sooner or later they’ll bat you away, then you can cry: “See! I told you they’re nasty!”

    It’s schoolboy bully tactics from the Establishment and the elite, and they don’t care who suffers.

    Stay calm, keep talking to friends and neighbours: this sense of community has them flummoxed.

  212. A MacRitchie says:

    MI5 internal counter terrorism uses special branch etc.

    MI6 used to destabilise foreign governments same as CIA gather foreign intelligence to make sure their corporate interests are protected. Recent operations Libya Syria Iraq Yemen etc. etc. If the yanks are there ye can bet the British Government are there to hold their hand.

    Countries they’ve failed to destabilise North K Iran Vietnam Cuba in recent times.

    Scotland its too easy for them divide the enemy control resources control media control economy.

    Why we lost the ref nothing to do with Browns vow.

    Get media to stir up a shit story……. destabilize enemies popularity, political campaign, positive message,
    Stop political growth sound familiar ……..its just speculation……….

  213. Helena Brown says:

    I am surprised that this is not causing an diplomatic incident calling an Ambassador a liar.
    Had a wee surprise this morning met the Party of Liars in Dunfermline leafleting and canvassing. Refused a leaflet and showed them my badge, on the way back one of the fresh faced wee lassies, made the mistake of approaching me. I pointed to the girl sitting in the corner with her bull terrier begging, and said “See that, the people in the corner there, that is the reason you are not popular”.
    Believe me I was not the only one giving forth, my Husband heard another woman giving them hell.

  214. JayR says:

    Wee spotty face McTernan and his right-wing chums at the Torygraph invented this whole story to smear Nicola Sturgeon and try and save BritNat Labour’s rancid bacon.

    I doubt that a memo even exists. But even if it does, we know that British civil service impartiality and honesty doesn’t exist, so the memo is the greatest work of fiction since The Vow.

  215. JLT says:

    Well …it took them less than a day!

    Can’t have Nicola being the darling of the nation …oh, no …that just wouldn’t do.

  216. Grouse Beater says:

    Demonstrations at Pacific Quay? What good will that do? Previous demonstrations have been about as much use as an ashtray on a motorbike; they have not made the slightest difference to the BBC anti-SNP output.

    Believe me, they have the BBC feeling under siege, in a citadel surrounded.

    Don’t forget, the protests happen in Labour’s traditional heartland, Glasgow, an unsettling image. We must get out into the streets. That’s the only way they can see, hear and smell the anger.

  217. Grouse Beater says:

    French Ambassador describes it all as gigantic fib.

    Good to see the ‘Auld Alliance’ back again and in working order!

  218. Take Independence says:

    Message for Ed Miliband and REDTORY even if Nicola said it which she didn’t I am still voting SNP even if the Tories get back in i am voting SNP I hope you have got the message lound and clear.

  219. Conan_the_Librarian says:

    A Target Rich Environment on the Telegraph this morning – I’m all typed out.

    Off for a bath, then a pint.

  220. Dal Riata says:

    And while talking of the collusion of the British state’s apparatus of Establishment, Westminster, secret services and MSM…

    That result of the referendum of 18th September, 2014…

    While not a conspiracy theorist, the more examples we get of the likes of this latest dark-arts project exposed by the Telegraph Great Lie, the harder it becomes to disqualify the idea of corruption and illegality performed by the British state and its actors to achieve the desired No result.

    The postal voting numbers… Ruth Davidson admitting on TV of Better Together illegally sampling postal votes… The certainty, and joyfulness, of Better Together representatives that the result was No while the vote-counting had hardly begun…

    Project Fear – and all that involves with the same actors – has been ramped up yet again, and this ‘only’ because the SNP are likely to send a sizable number of MPs to Westminster after the General Election. Are we honestly meant to believe that the Scottish referendum was conducted in a fair manner *without* outside interference? When the British state and the UK itself was under the ‘threat’ of being broken up and then diminished in the eyes of the world?… Hhhmmmm……

  221. Gary45% says:

    Do the words Slander and Libel not come into this?

  222. A MacRitchie says:

    People forget that the TORIES are the establishment.

    All that piss that the TORIES are a more caring sensitive party under plastic Bulling don club Dave fooled quite a few.

    Two generations in England now have never known a left or socialist government. So when progressive ideas begin to resonate with the wider population no wonder the establishment is going to react to protect their interests. You can tell their in a panic and things are going bad for them cause crap like this appears.

  223. Dal Riata says:

    Of course, even though the Telegraph Great Lie is being exposed as such, it’s still job done by the black arts propagandists. The ‘story’, though false, is still planted in people’s minds by the written and broadcast media.

    They have sown a seed of doubt.

    Some time later, after the furore has died down, the press get to write their miniscule retraction on page 8, column 4 (bottom of). The broadcasters? That was yesterday’s ‘news’… ‘And now let’s have a look at tomorrow’s weather…’

    All part of the dirty tricks trade.

    Democracy, where art thou?

  224. Fiona says:

    The ‘story’, though false, is still planted in people’s minds by the written and broadcast media.

    I honestly don’t think so. Not this time

  225. Gary45% says:

    Amazed to see Dipity Dug reacting so quickly.
    I thought she spent all her time licking wallpaper.

  226. After the Sir Nicholas McPhearson assertion that the civil service can overturn democracy, in their national interest.

    I am waiting for an announcement that 77 brigade have declared their training exercise a success.

  227. Robert Peffers says:

    @Caledonius says: 4 April, 2015 at 2:48 am:

    ” … It makes the BBC, Telegraph, Daily Mail and most of Slabs finest look like

    What do you mean, “Look Like”?

    Truth being they look exactly like they really are, “absolute incompetent morons and utter liars”.

  228. Grouse Beater says:

    We lost count of Scottish Labour politicians who said they’d rather see the Tories back in power than SNP.

    I await the inevitable list of suspects posted as Wings’ next topic.

  229. North chiel says:

    “Dal Riata, check out the WOS article on 23/3 ” more
    free help for UK press”, scr down to the comment at 0007 am
    And click on the Facebook link

  230. cirsium says:

    @wrinkleyreborn, 1.12

    77 brigade? It looks to me more like the work of the Joint Threat Research and Intelligence Group. Have a look at the following regarding their work on misinformation

  231. chris kilby says:

    Mike Grapes? Sour Grapes, mair like.

  232. Fred says:

    A lawyers letter flying through the letterbox of the Scottish Office will see Carmichael shite-ing himself big time and waddiling out the back, scraping his drawers with a butterknife and soaking them in a bucket of Acdo. I’ve just visualised that, not a pretty sight! 🙂

  233. gus1940 says:

    Of course this latest disgraceful demonstration of Albion’s Perfidy takes us back to the age old question to which we never get an answer:-

    Why, if Scotland is a parasite living off the generosity of England’s taxpayers, are they so desperate to hold on to us?

  234. msean says:

    What makes them think that, after the indyref reporting we all experienced, that this would work? The leaks from various government departments no longer carry the weight they may once have done. Sir Humphry types with their knighthoods lined up are not being listened to now.

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