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Just enough rope

Posted on October 23, 2018 by

We don’t know whether Sky News’ senior Scotland correspondent James Matthews recognised double-jobbing Labour MP and councillor Hugh Gaffney on today’s strike march in Glasgow or not. (We suspect he did, but as Gaffney’s only been an MP for a year and a half we can’t be sure.)

What’s certain is that he gave him plenty of time, opportunity and cues to disclose who he was, and Gaffney didn’t take any of them, leading to this extraordinary clip.

Which is, y’know, pretty bold.

Readers of this site won’t, of course, need any reminding who was to blame for the decade-long scandal in which the city’s Labour council spent over £2.5m of taxpayers’ money fighting its female employees in court to try to avoid paying them what they were rightfully owed.

Meanwhile, the GMB trade union behind the 48-hour walkout (who this year’s Scottish Labour leader Richard Leonard occupied official positions with for 25 years, including all the key periods of the dispute) stabbed the women in the back. After stitching them up by coming to an shady agreement with the Labour council in 2006 that allowed the unequal pay to continue due to small-print trickery and sneaky contract manipulation, the union persuaded many to settle for far less than they should have received.

(A number of the affected women died before seeing a penny.)

The Scottish media’s coverage today has been particularly abominable even by its usual dire standards, with Labour’s role in the debacle barely (if at all) mentioned and Labour candidate and GMB organiser Rhea Wolfson given free rein to fulminate against the SNP and not challenged on the 10 years of failure to resolve the dispute by her own party and the union, which took no strike action before now and has left vulnerable people in danger in a transparent attempt to score party political points now that the new SNP council are trying to clear up Labour’s expensive mess (just like they did with PFI) and somehow find the £500m-£1bn that’s expected to be needed.

But for personifying everything rotten and crooked and cynical and dishonest about Labour’s 80-year reign in Glasgow, Hugh Gaffney’s little cameo on Sky News is going to take some beating.

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  1. shug

    There you go Glasgow Herald run a headline on that if you dare

    Labour hypocrisy in extreme

    I don’t expect anything from the EBC but go on Herald run the headline and I will buy your paper

  2. Robert Peffers

    I was just about to post that clip as YouTube Breaking News. The clip is directly from Wings YouTube Channel. It could be good for Wings to have more commenters subscribe The Wings YouTube Channel.

    Great clip and article, Rev Stu.

  3. Confused

    The REV is in HONEY BADGER mode today.


  4. Jason Smoothpiece

    Hugh Gaffney thick as shit barely articulate, classic Labour.

    The Labour party and the unions are insulting the Glasgow City workers they are laughing at them.

    I have now resigned from the Union and would not be surprised if others do likewise.

    The Unions in Scotland are just part of the anti-Scottish Labour crowd.

  5. Andy-B

    Like I’ve said previously Labour are the real stumbling block to a progressive independent Scotland. Theyve done countless damage over the decades to Scotland’s economy,and its citizens.

    PFI, Jack McConnell handing back a billion quid

  6. Ruglonian

    Sadly – for many of us who’ve always viewed Labour as nothing but a self-serving irrelevance to truly progressive political change – this is not surprising!

  7. Macart

    More neck than a giraffe. I thought the hypocrisy highlighted on the last thread was unbeatable. I was wrong.

    Awesome catch.

  8. Muscleguy

    The truth and Yoonery seem increasingly like absolute and utter strangers to each other. It would seem over a decade of ‘illegitimate’ SNP government with continuing popular support allied to brown trouser time over indyref2 has sent them completely over the edge in complete desperation.

    How anyone with half a brain and a conscience can still vote for them is beyond me.

  9. liz

    It’s been one of the worst days in a while today. These people (not the strikers) are pathological liars

  10. Gary45%

    Shug “Gaffe-prone”, another of Slabs “quality!!??” nobody’s. As said many times before “stick a red rosette on a turd and this is what you get”.
    Unionist media “same as always”. Pathetic.

  11. Socrates MacSporran

    I thought, after their near wipe-out in the 2015 General Election, all the “Low-Flying Jimmies” who were such a part of Scottish Labour’s long domination of Scottish politics had been exterminated.

    But now, clearly good old Hugh “Two jobs” Gaffney is a 24 carat, diamond-encrusted “Low-Flying Jimmy.”

    They live.

  12. Sinky

    Just heard Sarah Smith failing to tell the nation that Labour spent millions refusing to right the wrong they imposed on these lowly paid workers

  13. Helpmaboab

    Gaffney’s repellant behaviour has a long, long heritage.

    Over decades Labour politicians have become accustomed to deceiving their electorate without repercussions. They can speak and act as they wish in the certainty of being protected.

    The press won’t challenge them. The broadcast media won’t challenge them. In fact both will often assist them.

    From the moment I woke today and heard Sarah Smith (Labour baroness’ daughter of this parish) discussing the Glasgow strike with the gammony presenters of the Today Program, I suspected that an anti-SNP pile-on was approaching. I wisnae wrang.

  14. Donald anderson

    They are also blaming the SNP for their years of neglecting the Peoples Palace Winter Gardens Absolutely shameless.

  15. Capella

    It is obvious that Mr Matthews knows perfectly well how this dispute was engineered. Yet he provides a megaphone for Hugh Gaffney to blame the SNP for the historic injustice.

    Of course, once the dispute is settled, Monica Lennon will be on hand to claim that it was Labour who forced GCC to pay up.

    What a shameful bunch SLab and the media are. The lunchtime BBC R4 news misreported it too, getting quite excited about the the biggest equal pay protest in history ever. That’s why they are both losing customers in droves.


  16. galamcennalath

    This is Glasgow. The SNP is more popular than Labour now. Presumably that will be reflecting as support among the workers this relates to. They must understand that the equal pay issue is a legacy of Labour rule.

    Who has answered the strike call? Just residual Labour voting GMB members?

  17. Dan Huil

    God, how do I find another adjective to describe Labour’s hypocrisy and its blatant anti-Scottish agenda? I’ve used them all.

    Till I find a new one I’ll just repeat: lying scum.

  18. Robert Peffers

    @Sinky says: 23 October, 2018 at 6:13 pm:

    ” … Just heard Sarah Smith failing to tell the nation that Labour spent millions refusing to right the wrong they imposed on these lowly paid workers.”

    That is where the absolutely Cross-Party YES movement, including The AUOB Group, come on. It is our job to get the news out as best we can.

    Let’s face it – if we attempt to put a unionist right on anything as an SNP member they just say to us, “But you would say that, wouldn’t you?”.

    They have a much harder job claiming that if the YESSER or AUOB indy supporter corrects them and that goes especially for media pundits.

  19. Jockanese Wind Talker

    British Nationalist Labour in Scotland and their Placemen and Placewomen in the Trades Union Movement exist to keep Scotland and her people chained to the bloated corpse of the UK Union.

    Their NUJ allies in the UK and Scottish Media provide them a propaganda platform.

    Folk like Gaffney and Wolfson have been bought and sold for English Gold (and Ermine) over the last 118 years while pretending to represent the Workers but in reality they are the Establishments B Team.

    The GMB of which Paul “Separation shuts shipyards” Sweeny is also an Office Holder in are one of the most pernicious Unions going. Sweeny is also coincidentally on the executive committee of the Scottish Fabian Society.

    It appears the Establishment have decided to sacrifice the Unions in the same manner they are sacrificing the Scottish Branch of The BritNat Labour Party.

    A final throw of the dice, a last hurrah if you will (and to the last man and woman Office Bearer) in defence of their BritNat Reich just like Fluffy is going to with his “last breath”.

    The SNP Trades Union Group should be all over this rebutting on Labour and GMB, Unison social media accounts but the SNPTUG Social Media appears to not have been updated since 26th September (FB) and 27th September (Twitter) respectively which I find quite disappointing.

  20. Harry mcaye

    I can quite believe that Matthews didn’t recognize him. He is so anonymous in the HoC, only coming to some prominence with his “chinky” remark.

    Sarah Smith did at least twice mention Labour’s role in this, unlike STV News.

  21. Alexander MacDonald

    Can’t even begin to hide my anger at what has transpired today. The faint hope that I ever had of returning to Labour has now forever diminished.

    All aided and abetted once again by a complaint media.

    Absolute joke.

  22. Corrado Mella

    If it wasn’t that Labour is predicted to have only ONE MP next round – and that too is on a shoogly peg – I would be happy to countenance the idea to grant the vermin some relevance.

    Who gives a flying f**k about what Labour says and does?

    Nobody, ever.

    The only downside of not challenging the BritNazi media is that the mushrooms doon sooth will believe the lies and omissions.

    All the better: when the socio-economic effect of Scotland taking its resources away bites hard on their arse, and all they can eat is raw cockroaches, I’ll laugh in their face.

    No compassion for stupidity and ignorance.

  23. Fred

    90% of the carers are on strike & the dugs on the street know about Labour’s duplicity on this scandal. The response from the City Chambers was piss-poor tonight & now it will be 6 months before there’s a penny paid out. Not nearly good enough!

  24. Robert Peffers

    YouTube breaking news 31 minutes ago:-

  25. Peter Mirtitsch

    OMFFFFG… I can’t believe the brassneck there. Talos would have been proud of that one.

    It is the fault of the SNP that LABOUR were involved in fighting these women???

  26. ahundredthidiot

    I don’t blame Gaffney – I expect low standards from Labour.

    But I am still amazed that people think ‘fake news’ doesn’t exist or is somehow the fault of the internet, when it’s right in your face. This is a perfect example, Mathews knew, his Ed knew, his camera person knew, yet still it ran…..and ran

    ……journalists are nothing more than political activists, hence, fake news. Its a lie, a spin, a deception, a deceit, take yer pick.

    Sky News – Fake News

  27. yesindyref2

    Well, the Sky guy did mention the Labour being in power for many years and the SNP 1 year, so I think Hugh Hypocrite (name changed by deed poll) was being set up.

  28. mike cassidy

    From James Matthews

    What gives you most job satisfaction?

    The phrase, “Sky News can reveal…”


    Sky news can reveal that our Scotland Bureau Chief is a complete fool or a complete Goebbels.

  29. yesindyref2

    Posted this on the wrong tab – again – sorry.

    Incidentally, this “the union persuaded many to settle for far less than they should have received”

    needs some substantiation (more than a claim from a soliticitors about slow action), and is an article in its own right. I certainly know that women were persuaded to take less – far far less – that they should have, maybe even just 5% or less of what they’d be entitled to “in full and final settlement”, but who was responsible I do not know from personal knowledge.

  30. Bob Mack

    The whole thing smacks of them knowing indy2 is just down the road and they are desperately trying to discredit the SNP before that happens.

    Assisted by most of the media,the Unions ,and other political parties they are sowing seeds of doubt hoping for a good harvest of SNP rejection.

    I doubt it is working ,because there too many other issues on which Tory and Labour are failing miserably in the UK.

    A friend who still lives in Glasgow informs me that there former Labour Councillors on the march as well.

    You know,the ones that refused to pay the women!!!


  31. Truth

    What a disingenuous bastard.

    I apologise for the language, but that right there sums up Labour.

    He genuinely believes that everyone is stupid and that a man of his “intellect” could pull the wool over our eyes.

    I’ve a message for you Mr Gaffney. Some of us saw through you a long time ago (I’ve never voted Labour in all the 25 years I could vote) but more are seeing through you every day. Performances like that just speed the process up. I suppose in a perverse way I should be thanking you. Prick!

  32. Collie

    That dirty little Unionist bastard Matthews knew alright who he was talking to.

  33. Dr Jim

    Isn’t Labour MP Hugh Gaffney not just an ordinary housewife

  34. Cubby

    The Labour Party in Scotland a bunch of self serving wasters using the Unions for their own political purposes. Labour in Scotland totally without shame.

    Beats me why anyone who supports independence can continue to have any semblance of respect/affection for this bunch of Labour in Scotland wasters.

    They are all talk but have done nothing for the people of Scotland. More interested in their own self promotion. Unions should ditch Labour. Let’s see them survive without the Unions propping them up. Labour in Scotland is anti Scotland and Scottish people.

  35. geeo

    Here was my ‘exchange’ with one of these oratory skilled union types on Facebook. (Twitter’s format gives me a headache).

    Have to admit, her arguments were..err…compelling!! (Haha).

  36. Proud Cybernat


    Private Members’ Bill to be presented to UK parliament:

    Proposed Withdrawal Agreement

    The Secretary of State must before 31 October 2018 lay before each House of Parliament a copy of the Withdrawal Agreement proposed by HM Government for the United Kingdom and Gibraltar to withdraw from the European Union.

    Public vote on the proposed Withdrawal Agreement

    (1)A public vote is to be held on whether the United Kingdom should approve the Withdrawal Agreement proposed or remain a member of the European Union.
    (2)The Secretary of State must, by regulations, appoint the day on which the public vote is to be held.
    (3)The day appointed under subsection (2) must be before 1 February 2019.
    (4)The question that is to appear on the ballot papers is—“Do you support the Government’s proposed United Kingdom and Gibraltar
    Agreement for withdrawal from the European Union or Should the United 15 Kingdom remain a member of the European Union?”
    (5)The alternative answers to that question that are to appear on the ballot papers
    are—“Support the proposed Withdrawal Agreement
    Remain a member of the European Union”.


    Doubtful it’ll get anywhere. PMB’s rarely succeed. Would really set the cat amongst the pigeons if it did though.

  37. Robert Louis

    Labour. The Labour party, what an utter craven bunch of lowlife deceitful lying barstewards. Labour fought tooth and nail for ten long years to prevent awarding equal pay to the these women in Glasgow. They even spent several millions fighting these women in court, and the GMB trade union was complicit.

    Now, Labour have lost power in Glasgow, the SNP are trying to sort the mess out, with an award due in December of this year. Yet today these deceitful lying b******s from the Labour party have deceived those women to go on strike and lose two days pay, for absolutely nothing except political point scoring by Labour against the SNP.

    Labour MP, Hugh Gaffney will have been on FULL PAY today, whilst he walked around bad mouthing the SNP and pretending to give a sh*t about those women. Just how low will Labour in Scotland go? Most of those women are on relatively low pay, so two days lost (on strike) is a hell of a lot to them. Yet there was the pretend ‘socialist’ Hugh Gaffney MP (labour) cheerily walking along, knowing that he was getting paid today, as part of his 70k plus a year MP pay. He’s alright jack. No poverty coming his way soon.

    Labour really have hit a new low. The Tories are selfish uncaring b******s, but we all know that, they don’t pretend otherwise, they pretty much do as they say, but Labour are just a bunch of lying charlatans. Making these women go on strike, whilst lying to all who can hear, that it is all the big bad SNP’s fault (when it is actually Labour’s).

    Why would anybody ever trust Labour ever again. They are out and out disreputable liars. Paul Sweeney MP knows they are lying, Hugh Gaffney MP knows they are lying, GMB knows they are lying. It is a strike for nothing but Labour political point scoring, using low paid women as their pawns.

    Labour, just a bunch of greedy self serving, lying, out and out b*****s.

  38. Hamish100

    Gaffney’s well known in Glasgow CC circles. Not complimentary. Still the coincidence that a leading Union speaker on John Beattie’s BBC Radio programme at lunchtime just happened to be a Labour Party candidate. Self promoting, self using the lowest paid people in Glasgow because of Labour mismanagement.

    I hope a deal is put on the table direct to the members. Send a cc to UNISON and the GMB as a courtesy. Its in their interest to keep the issue going. They never cared about the members only how best to use and abuse them to suit Labour.

  39. Ken500

    A set up the unionist Sky liar who knew he was there. Once again lying for the union, as usual. Just a set up. He has form. The Sky guy got his character not long ago from the public on screen.

    These women are just being abused, bully and used by men. What will happen when they realise? They might be a bit annoyed. The GMB union has not supplied the insurance details the Council needs for legal reasons (deliberately). So Gary Smith can call a strike political reasons. Wasting even more public money..

    Rhea Wolfson is committing political abuse. Why do these people always have strange names. Spoilt? No one will even vote for her. A total selfish opportunist. Abusing other women for personal gain.

    These people are despicable. If they think people will not notice. More fool them. Labour fools no one but themselves. Wreckers. The trade union at it again. Lining their pockets on other people’s misery. They just do not care. Industrial relations is littered with trade unioni leaders. Colluding with the employers against the menbership best interests.

    There are books written about it and the misogynistic behaviour of the trade union ladership. Often racist, bigoted and misogynist. They refused to support the women’s equal rights for ten years. Then use it for political purposes. To damage women’s rights and settlement. Waste even more public money. Losers.

    They will lose even more support. They should be ashamed of themselves. Attacking other women and the vulnerable. They are being used by abusive, bullying men.

  40. Jockanese Wind Talker

    Do you know which MP is raising the Private Members Bill? @Proud Cybernat says at 6:59 pm

    If it is an SNP MP it will be voted down or filibustered.

    Potentially a shrewd move.

  41. Scot Finlayson

    It looks more and more like British Labour ran Glasgow like a mafia style crime syndicate,

    Labour party corruption infested through every fibre of the Glasgow City Council,

    Susan Aitken is doing a fantastic job trying to rebuild Glasgow for the 21st century and will need all the support she can get to stave of the attacks from the corrupted Labour/Daily Record/BBC.

  42. Shug

    Fake news equals the BBC
    It is that simple
    I think i will call kaye in the morning

  43. Gary

    Forgive me for not watching as I can’t bear to watch or listen to those idiots. I’m guessing it went something like this…. snp bad! And every one can see a village idiot let loose on camera.
    What a bunch of red tory half wtlits!!!

  44. yesindyref2

    I wouldn’t think the strikers were too impressed by Labour councillors being on a march to push for negotiations to be done quicker, and I doubt they’d have a good word to tell their friends and family.

  45. yesindyref2

    @Scot Finlayson
    I’ve often wondered what they’d find if they had to demolish parts of the bridges over (or under) the Monklands motorway.

  46. dakk

    Gaffney is not only Labour personified. He is an uncle jock personified.

    He has all the attributes you would want in a Labour/ british nationalist politician.

    Dishonest,opportunistic,immoral, sneaky and utterly selfish.

    This guy desrves to go all the way to the top.

    Gaffney for PM I say.

  47. starlaw

    Who exactly is doing the negotiating with Glasgow Council on behalf of these women. Is it the GMB or Unison, are they operating on whats best for the women or whats best for their own beloved Labour party

  48. Still Positive

    Robert Louis @ Seconded.

    I was a teacher for GCC on a temporary contract from Jan 95 until Aug 03 despite working full-time the entire time including 5 years in the same school.

    A teacher in another school took them to court when they tried, illegally, to reduce her hours. The Sheriff agreed with her and told GCC that all teachers on temp contracts who had been employed for at least a year and were satisfactory had to be made permanent.

    GCC were going to appeal but their lawyers told them they would lose so they had no real choice.

    As far as I remember we numbered in the hundreds.

  49. Dr Jim

    For those claiming the SNP don’t do enough to refute these abuses, they do plenty but you’ll not see it if the media don’t show it

    Scotlands First Minister the only political leader of a country who HAS to use Twitter to communicate because the media in the country she is leader is controlled by another country and that country refuses to DEVOLVE that *POWER* which they hold

    That’s the message folk need to know England denies freedom of speech to Scotlands democratically elected representatives
    We can vote for them but we’re not allowed to hear them except for heavily edited versions that the media doctor before transmission

    The Republic of Ireland has a bunch of its own TV channels plus all the channels we recieve in Scotland plus a bunch of its own radio channels as well

    The BBC is available in Ireland also due to overspill from NI and the Irish Irish pay no licence fee, but the British Irish do

  50. frogesque

    @ Jockanese Wind Talker: 7.10

    Actually English Labour Co-operative MP. Gareth Thomas.

    From Wiki:

    European Union Withdrawal Agreement (Public Vote) Bill 2017–19
    The European Union Withdrawal Agreement (Public Vote) Bill 2017–19 is a private member’s bill of the Parliament of the United Kingdom to make provision for the holding of a “public vote” (referendum) in the United Kingdom and Gibraltar following the conclusion of negotiations by Her Majesty’s Government and the European Union on whether to support the proposed exit deal for the United Kingdom’s Withdrawal from the European Union or to remain a member state of the EU. The bill is sponsored by English Labour Co-operative MP Gareth Thomas.[1]

  51. Muscleguy

    WRT the Scottish GMB the Batrd’s words: ‘Sich a parcel o’ rogues in a nation’ seems ever more apposite.

  52. John Moss

    The annoying thing about this is that we paid the Labour run Glasgow council , its elected and unelected public servants to perform an illegal act in denying equal pay to women.

    And now it looks like we have to pay to compensate their victims.

    Perhaps it’s time we just the time we stopped picking up the bill.

    Maybe it’s time for political parties and unelected public servants to be prosecuted for their illegal behaviour.

    I don’t see why I should have to keep picking up and paying the bills for piss-takers.

  53. frogesque

    Gaffney: low swimming Jimmy that makes pond algae look intelegent.

  54. Thomas Valentine

    People say that Scots are not really oppressed by the Union. But for the majority of populations this is oppression. A Unionist political party essentially robs a group of workers and the state media actively coordinates with that Party to lie to the population. ” The enemies of the State are always responsible ” ” the leaders of the State are always blameless “. In oppressive societies the rich and politically powerful always win. We the population just take turns being robbed.

  55. Petra

    I’m so, so angry about all of this today, in particular thinking of the vulnerable people who require a carer / s, that I’ve literally worn myself out. Not only has the SNP Government had to clean up Labour’s PFI mess, deal with their crumbling buildings, fork out up to one £billion for this Equal Pay fiasco (8,000 claimants), but will have to contend with dealing with another 4,000 EP cases in Glasgow. Additionally there’s thousands of EP cases right across Scotland.

    And now John Swinney has had to apologise (and will be paying out compensation) to the victims of physical, emotional and sexual abuse, said abuse perpetrated under Labour’s watch in a number of the 86 establishments. And don’t I know about that having been a whistleblower in relation to abuse committed in schools, care centres and hospitals. Once again councillors and Union reps sitting in a huddle, holding meetings, to discuss how to deal with such perpetrators (sweep it under the carpet), for example, early retirement packages with pension, moved sideways or promoted.

    The only thing that’s cheered me up today, other than Stu exposing them, is that when my husband came in from work he said that everyone knew that Labour had created this problem. And that included Labour supporters and Unionists in general.

    And before I forget, the SNP government forked out additional millions to the Councils to help alleviate bed-blocking, that is that they were to pay private companies to employ additional staff. Somehow or another a number of companies in Glasgow never received a penny. And talking to my friends in the Glasgow care sector seemingly the staffing situation is dire, not due to wages, but rather Brexit.


    @ Fred at 6:31pm ….. “The response from the City Chambers was piss poor tonight & now it’ll be six months before there’s a penny is paid out. Not nearly good enough!”

    Eh! Are you for real or what? What propaganda outfit were you tuned into when you heard the “response”? And do you have ANY idea how long it’ll take to wade through at least 10 years of paperwork relating to thousands of cases? You know like not everyone will get the same amount of money, or level of claim of backdated interest. There’s every possibility that each and every claim will be totally different but will have to be paid out at the same time or that’ll be another gripe. Another protest? And then there’s the wee issue of finding the money and having to slash their budget no doubt.

    If you’re unhappy with what’s going on contact the BBC, STV and the Labour Party.

  56. Arthur thomson

    A political strike organised by the Labour Party and supported by Corbyn. Anyone who still claims that Corbyn is honest or principled is as much of a liar as he is.

    This affair is just another piece of evidence, as if more were needed, that the Labour Party is just a mafia operating a protection racket. Anyone with normal levels of intellect who supports them is willingly and knowingly complicit in their corruption.

  57. Geordie

    Another great expose Stu, but this combined with Dugdale’s earlier rank hypocrisy and the media’s complicity make reading this stuff almost unbearable. Worse to know that the large swathes of the population who don’t read WoS will be utterly oblivious to their own manipulation.

  58. Scotspatriot

    A judicial public enquiry is required. This is going to hurt Glasgow for decades !
    Combined with PFI ! Labour should pay for this .

  59. jfngw

    I hope trade union members realise they are mere pawns in Labour’s plans. They have no interest in you, the 10 years fighting the equal pay claim proves that. These union members are being used to undermine the SNP and promote Labour.

    I hope they remember this next time at the polling booth. Labour are not on your side, they want to use you for their political ends, don’t vote for them, they are toxic to Scotland.

  60. Legerwood

    Still Positive says:
    23 October, 2018 at 7:27 pm
    Robert Louis @ Seconded.

    “”I was a teacher for GCC on a temporary contract from Jan 95 until Aug 03 despite working full-time the entire time including 5 years in the same school.””

    I am a bit surprised by that. I graduated in 1989 with a Science degree and a Diploma in Education. At that time there were few if any permanent posts even in the Sciences.
    We knew it would be only supply work that would be on offer and temporary – 2 terms tops then out – because if you were in a school for longer than 2 terms then they, the Council had to offer you a permanent post.

    In order to maximise the chances of supply work we were advised to register with several Councils and all seemed to operate the same system, 2 terms max then out. Yet from what you have said Glasgow were keeping people on temporary contracts for long periods without making them permanent.

    Why am I not surprised? A law unto themselves in the wild West of Scotland.

    Dr Jim says:
    23 October, 2018 at 7:31 pm
    “”For those claiming the SNP don’t do enough to refute these abuses, they do plenty but you’ll not see it if the media don’t show it””

    Indeed. But while the SNP and/or the SG cannot get an airing in the MSM we can – the below the line comments in the likes of the Herald etc. I know People’s first response will be ‘I am not going to click on their sites and help them increase their revenue’. But by making use of their comments section we get access to an audience that we would not otherwise reach.

    The online Herald has around 80,000 unique visitors. As with this site not all comment. As with this site they recognise the trolls and scroll past. If you leave a factual reasoned comment, as I often do, it will be read, and refrain from engaging with the trolls. Thus we become the SG’s rebuttal/information purveyors.

    It also serves to highlight the shortcomings in the reports and helps to alert people to how the news and opinion is being manipulated. The papers are in a catch 22 situation. If they close the comments clicks go down and so does ad revenue. Thus we can use that need for revenue to our advantage and gain access to a wiser audience.

    It is not by accident that the BBC Scotland closed its comments sections as soon as the first indyref was called. They knew their comments sections gave us access to a much wider, and potentially persuadable audience than specialised blog sites could ever do.

  61. Chick McGregor

    I am seriously confused here.

    After 80 years of a Labour administration which brought about the wage inequality and did everything they could to avoid addressing it with NO strikes on the issue, after ONE year of an SNP administration which has agreed that there should be equal pay and are implementing it, they strike?

    It is as unfathomably illogical as the DUP demanding no differences between NI and the UK but advising everyone in NI to get an Irish passport. NI citizens being allowed to travel and work in the EU while those in the rUK cannot is a very clear difference.

    It smacks of bottom feeder political manoeuvring of the most morally bereft kind.

  62. GrahamB

    … and as if all today’s hypocrisy and jostling for position as next year’s Labour Northern Branch manager was too much to bear, Brexit trundles on in its normal catastrophic trajectory. This revelation from Robert Peston

  63. Rock

    Front page headlines in the “independence supporting” The National, beloved younger sister of independence hating The Herald, should be:


    Followed by this WOS article.

    Any guess why it will not happen?

  64. Dave McEwan Hill

    Rock at 9.05

    I often wonder why the National don’t have you on their team. Or the Beano.

  65. Robert Peffers

    @Yesindyref2 says: 23 October, 2018 at 6:37 pm:

    ” … I think Hugh Hypocrite (name changed by deed poll) was being set up.”

    Aye! Yesindyref2, he was. He was set-up by himself.

    The real story is with such a gift of headlines to the, (cough!), journalists of the SMSM all of who would have been aware of just why the guy walking among the mainly gals was. If they didn’t they came nowhere near being even a cub reporter for their publication/broadcaster.

    Think on it this way, if that had been, Dua Lipa, (Who he?), or some minor royal marching with the underpaid ladies every paper and broadcaster would have had it splashed over ever media outlet from Glasgow to outer Mongolia.

    Yet a weel kent Glasgow and Scotland face doesn’t figure out at least one Glasgow based hack would take the chance to select him out of the crowd.

    (I had to Google who was the latest, “Star”, in the pop charts and had never heard of any of them).

  66. Nana


    Anyone got a spare lifebelt

    Public may have to stockpile drugs in no-deal Brexit

  67. defo

    Fair to assume a few more pairs of yaks have been opened today.

  68. louis.b.argyll

    Rock, your imaginary headline won’t be in the National because..’total hypocrite’ is something you’d say, not write down,
    unless you want to drag us all into the

  69. Robert J. Sutherland

    Scotspatriot @ 20:47.

    I like that idea. Very much. Maybe in the end the SG will have to bail GCC out for the misdemeanours of the previous longstanding dastardly Labour administration, but in any case the least the SG could do is make sure that the public-at-large know exactly what happened and who is to blame.

    And in such a way that the chums of Labour in the media can’t easily dodge or “forget” it, as they are desperately trying to do.

    That’s the least we could expect. It beats me why the women themselves, instead of acting as patsies of the GMB, don’t sue the bejasus out of the union instead for wilfully betraying them for all those years, along with the former councillors who made the decisions.

    Don’t any of these women realise how they’re being cynically exploited all over again, by the very same people?

    It’s like the bankers. The culpable should be made to pay, not the innocent.

  70. Iain McGlade

    That’s me my adorable cuddly MP you’re talking about. Ah well. North Lanarkshire politics never fails to amuse

  71. Hamish100

    Rock -you really have some personal issues with the NATIONAL. Did they refuse you a job or something? Do you read newspapers which one? Mail, Record, Express?

  72. Petra

    Corbyn and Leonard tweeting solidarity with the Equal Pay claimants. No doubt orchestrated from London. And if ever Labour gets into power at Westminster I hope that the women of Glasgow prove to be role-models for every downtrodden woman in every city in England, as in you reap what you sow guys.


    Looking forward to seeing Nicola slaughter Leonard at FMQ’s. The wee runt that’s been involved in quashing the Equal Pay cases from day one.


    And I hope that the “world” is aware that the Labour Party and the Unions are corrupt, lying, hypocritical institutions that have contributed greatly to the destruction of Glasgow; Scotland overall.

  73. potter

    Labour, everything that is wrong with Scotland.

  74. Graf Midgehunter

    O/T Clearpoll

    Is the Indy test vote from clearpoll that Gordon Ross yesterday promoted, up and running?
    It’s only for users in Scotland I know, so I can’t access this particular poll. 🙁

    I had everything connected yesterday, i-phone and PC. Of course I did a test and voted on various running polls – NO problems.

    This afternoon/evening I’m getting a 502 error, “Bad Gateway” Host error.

    Anyone else got this problem?

  75. yesindyref2

    is that when my husband came in from work he said that everyone knew that Labour had created this problem. And that included Labour supporters and Unionists in general.

    That’s the key thing Petra, in general the SNP need to suck it up and let ordinary people make their own minds up. They’re not daft, they know Glasgow was Labour until May 2017 and this is an old old problem.

  76. Dr Jim

    Once these women get paid they should cancel their union subs
    watch how the Labour party behave then

  77. Petra

    @ Nana at 9:17pm …. “Supply flotilla – Anyone got a spare life belt?”

    Nana I think we’ll have to forget about that idea as it looks as though the seas around the UK are going to be chockablock.

  78. mike cassidy


    Just in case any wingers on regular prescriptions missed this a few days ago.

  79. call me dave

    @Graf Midgehunter

    I have the desktop ‘clearpoll’ version and have used it on Monday no bother. However I had the same problem as you early this afternoon when I tried to log in.

    Finally got in a few minutes later and got the independence question (which I had answered yesterday) pressed the window to open it and it disappeared in a flash and I had to exit the site.

    I’ve no idea if I was booted out or not but I think so. 🙂

    I’ll have a look tomorrow.

  80. geeo

    Midge grafhunter, polling sitting at 98.66% Yes.

    1409 votes in.

  81. Scot Finlayson

    Most of the citizens of Glasgow will know British Labour are to blame for causing this whole situation,

    but the rest of Scotland and the rest of UK will be getting misinformed by the corrupt British media with soundbites from the corrupt British Labour party,

    you just need to read some of the twitter posts from the ignorant politcos dan saff that they have no idea of the backstory to this whole stitch up,

    it`s the same with demeaning our Education and NHS and Rail etc.

  82. Dave McEwan Hill

    There is no way the SNP Council should back down on this and I’m sure they know this. They should be non aggressive on the issue. Concentrate on getting the information out to all the women concerned informing them about the process they are involved in and how they are doing their best to find the funding of the huge problem made by Labour and those women who are loosing wages will know they have been used.

    Personally I think it is absolutely disgraceful that needy people with a range of problems have been left without support due to unscrupulous behaviour by Labour and the GMB.

  83. Petra

    @ yesindyref2 at 9:56pm ……. “The ordinary people ….. aren’t daft.”

    You’re probably right yesindyref2. More and more people are seeing the light, in spite of the MSM constantly and most blatantly utilising their propaganda techniques. The 8,000 EP claimants (plus family and friends) will probably be well aware that the Labour Party are / were the corrupt rat bags behind this injustice along with the Unions, but are desperately in need of money.

    I just worry about Nicola Sturgeon / John Swinney etc and wonder how much more they can take. Every Union in Scotland, other than the EIS (which is also playing silly beggars), is controlled from London and seem to be intent in creating as much havoc as they can. Then you’ve got Brexit, the Scottish Tories, dirty money and dirty tricks, and even Patrick Harvey and the Greens clearly can’t be relied on either. That basically leaves us. The only support that they have. One thing for sure is that with all that’s going on, and what we see looming, we’ll have to get out of this Union ASAP.

  84. galamcennalath

    I think it is now crystal clear where Gerry Hassan stands – full square behind Labour. He probably sees Corbyn as the solution to Scotland’s problems like some idealistic leftie student.

    Labour cannot be absolved for their responsibility in creating this situation. They have a great deal to answer for.

  85. Elmac

    Re John Moss @ 7.45

    Totally agree, politicians at all levels should be held personally accountable at law for their actions in the same way as the rest of us in the real world are. If they are shown to have been incompetent or negligent in public office they should have no immunity from civil action or even prosecution if warranted.

    I would also include company fatcats in this, those who hide behind the veil of corporate responsibility, and our old “friend” Gordon the Barbarian who cost the average punter a substantial part of his savings and pension through utter incompetence. Then there’s the current Westminster crew who have impoverished Joe Soap to make money for their tax cheating spouses and mates. Think we would need much bigger prisons!

  86. Seumas

    Hugh Gaffneys CWU stabbed Posties in the back, by removing their “door to door” (junk mail) bonuses and handing them to drivers, indoor sorters and anyone else not involved in delivering this mountain of mail, just to break a strike and appease Royal Mail.

  87. Graf Midgehunter

    @ call me dave

    Thanks for the info, at least I know I’m not the only one.

    I thought maybe that GCHQ was cutting us foreigners off from the Empire to make us beg for mercy… 🙂

  88. mike cassidy

    Just noticed this.

    Spain’s reaction to criticism from an EU member’s region with its own diplomatic credentials.

  89. Petra

    @ Dave at 10:19pm …

    The SNP controlled GC Council can’t back down, Dave, due to the recent Court ruling and of course won’t back down because they’re enraged about the injustice of the situation. The women have been told that they are going to get their money next April (start of financial year) and know that their claims are currently being processed. Over 30 additional people have been taken on (more money) solely employed, to deal with this issue.

    This protest / strike was totally unwarranted and unnecessary. The Unions have also broken their promise, surprise, surprise, to GCC that extremely vulnerable individuals wouldn’t be affected by this. To be honest I can’t come up with any adjectives bad enough to describe what’s been going on. I just hope that one way or another this will backfire big time on the Labour Party.

  90. yesindyref2

    @Rock at 9.05pm
    This article from The National at 6 pm – 3 hrs before your illiteration:

    Read the URL if not the article – unless you can’t read.

  91. yesindyref2

    I think some of us just have to play it straight as a die, perhaps like Gerry Hassan on this one. Solidarity with the women, and let common sense – and knowledge take care of the rest.

    I doubt there’s many people don’t know someone, somewhere in some council, caught up in this equal pay thing. It’s good to talk!

  92. Truth

    @Dr Jim
    Do you visit the Herald pages when you are logged out and have cleared your cookies?

    Are your comments still there?

    It wouldn’t be the first site that shows only you your own comments and shows them to nobody else if they are against their agenda.

    You are right, they need the clicks. I won’t be giving them.

  93. sassenach

    Rock @9-05pm said “Front page headlines in the “independence supporting” The National, beloved younger sister of independence hating The Herald, should be:


    Well –
    Tomorrow’s National appears to have “Labour” and “hypocrisy” on it’s front page.

    Want to apologise?

    Thought not!!

  94. Dave McEwan Hill

    Petraat 10.54

    I’m sure you are right and I believe it is backfiring already. The BBC 10 pm news report was much better balanced and Susan was given last word by Sarah Smith,
    Sarah’s been doing a bit better recently?

  95. ronnie anderson

    Robert Peffers LoL Auob dont communicate all to well with anybody never mind a all party group .

  96. Robert J. Sutherland

    galamcennalath @ 22:34,

    Well, at least he’s finally outed himself. He’s not ignorant or stupid, so to give his unequivocal support for this contrived Labour/union provocation (in stark contrast to his studied prevarication over indy) proves he’s basically just another useless posturing Labour muppet.

    Anyway, what we have always suspected is now what we definitely know.

  97. yesindyref2

    @Graf Midgehunter / @CMD
    502 is likely to mean in this case, the webserver can’t handle the load, or a DDOS attack, or even faults in the programs. It could be a limited bandwidth virtual hosting.

  98. Dr Jim


    I think you’ve mixed me up I don’t read the Herald or its site

  99. Jack collatin

    SKY will never get a penny from me and mine ever. I am sure that there are 100’s of thousands of like minded Free Scots.
    Hope the interview with Gaffney was worth it.
    SKY,STV, and EBC are as welcome in Scotland as The Sun in Liverpool.
    They back this bunch of corrupt little Gravy Trainers no matter how much they lie and disrupt our Scottish Society.

    Fat Franky The Pieman, caught on mic in Holyrood apparently leering with a colleague over a schoolgirl in the Public Gallery (allegedly reportedly), took over as Leader of GCC Labour Group when Mathieson who threw away £100,000 on a failed competition to redesign George Square because he didn’t like the design submitted by the winner, and allegedly, reportedly, you may say so but I couldn’t possibly comment, committed an indiscretion in a public car park,who miraculously went on to get a weee job as ‘vsiting professor at Glasgow Uni, and Purcell before him, forced out of office because of his very own set of indiscretions, but still got a £400,000 Golden Parachute, who all presided over loss making Arms Length New Labour privatised agencies like City Building, and City Car Parks, while paying 10’s of millions to PFI Offshore Money Men every year for 25 years for Brown’s PFI Schools and John Reid’s G4S security vans.
    £2.5 million spent by this trio of failures to stop women getting equal pay. Some have died and that Dick Leonard who is on £100k propping up the Branch Office after 25 years as a Shop Steward, tries to blame the SNP.
    They should be lined up against a wall and paint balled.
    I’m sure that racist homophobe allegations against Gaffney are well founded if the reports of the Burns Supper are true.
    This is the man fighting for women’s equality?
    Sky, you have lost me forever as a customer.

    I hope it was worth it.

    Will Leonard forfeit 2 days pay, about £400, twice the wage of ‘the many, not the few’, he purports to support?
    Thought not.
    Labour in Scotland is a cancer, a rotting corpse giving off a disgusting Scotland Hating stench.
    Our MSM should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves.
    We must drive this evil, for evil it is, from our land once and for all.
    I know that you all read this, at the Herald, Scotsman, Daily Raggard, BBC, STV, SKY.
    We have run out of patience.

  100. shug

    yesindyref2 say @6.48

    Perhaps the SNP should include in the settlement a requirement for the Union to pay up for any shortfall in the settlement they encouraged the women to accept.

    I am sure this would not be material! I mean it could only be material if the Union was acting to protect the interests of their Labour “place men” and I am sure they would not consider misrepresenting the interest of these women!

    Ok I will call and ask Kaye or possibly read about it in the Herald

  101. Still Positive

    Legerwood @ 8.56

    I only graduated as a teacher in 1994 as a mature student.

    When I went to work in the school I was in for 5 years GCC was in the process of closing/ amalgamating schools and that was one such.

    I was also co-opted to teach drama along with 2 other English teachers, one of whom was an Assistant Head Teacher then. I enjoyed teaching drama so much that I embarked on the academic course at Jordanhill campus the following year.

    My Headteacher was great at organising my timetable so I could do so. Although I remember having to eat lunch on my way back along Great Western Road on the Tuesday as I had 2 classes in the afternoon. The Thursday class was easier as it was later and it was half-way home when I had finished.

    The course fees were split 3 ways by me, the school and GCC.

    I think then, with all the uncertainty in Glasgow schools, Head Teachers had a bit of clout. That may explain why GCC took many of us on for longer than 2 terms.

  102. Dave Robb

    I was in the EIS for my entire teaching career bar the last 4 weeks. I was a union rep in 2 different unions in different careers in 3 workplaces.

    Despite deep misgivings about many in the hierarchy who seemed more interested in their own political career rather than that on their members or education generally, I stuck with the EIS as a “good” union member.

    I lost pay over backing political action in support of other workers – and gaining EIS kudos in the struggle for left-wing solidarity – until this was outlawed.

    I stuck with the strike first, negotiate later, fail ultimately tactics of their left-wing political careerists.

    Finally, after retiring from full-time work I did supply teaching, and councils were desperate to have us.

    Before the 2007 election the EIS was in dispute with the then Labour Government. In order to settle a bitter pay dispute to avoid grief for Labour the EIS stitched up its supply teacher membership for a quick deal for the rest and political peace.

    I resigned from the EIS, worked my 4 weeks notice and retired completely.

    Labour lost the election.

    Within weeks the EIS was demanding the new SNP adminstration open talks to re-examine the settlement they had just agreed.

    There are 2 types of trade union officials . Those who genuinely work for their members, seek to avoid or resolve disputes – and those who are there to further their career in the Labour Party.

    This present strike is entirely political, unnecessary and ought to be an embarrassment to trade unionism. It is happening so that the suspects identified up thread can make political capital to establish a new myth in the event of the planned settlement. It is to damage the SNP administration in Glasgow and nullify the political benefit they get from reversing Labour and trade union corruption

    The BBC and STV are quite blatantly promoting Labour’s agenda as an election may be looming.

  103. Graf Midgehunter

    yesindyref2 says:

    @Graf Midgehunter / @CMD

    “502 is likely to mean in this case, the webserver can’t handle the load, or a DDOS attack, or even faults in the programs. It could be a limited bandwidth virtual hosting.”

    Funnily enough I was hoping that half of Scotland was wanting to vote and a backlog was causing delays.. 😉

    Danke du alter Schwabe..!

  104. Jack collatin

    Dave Robb: well sair.
    And the ex Militant ejected Labour councillor who now heads the EIS is on £135,000 a year.
    For the few not the many.
    It is on this basis that I dubbed them Red Tories.
    They are out to destroy Scotland for Mother England.
    Folk had to take days off work to care for children, the elderly, the infirm.
    Do you think that that Dick Leonard or Commie Corbyn give a fuck?
    Like the Blue Tories they are out to destroy Scotland’s Civic Society, all for England’s greater glory.
    They are a cesspit of privilege and graft aand corruption.
    Their actions today are the final nail in their coffin, that’s for sure.

  105. Robert J. Sutherland

    mike cassidy @ 22:50,

    Well, the Flemings have more than a little experience themselves of heavy-handed Spanish crackdowns on autonomy.

    From the ground-breaking 19th century novel on those hard times by Charles de Coster:

  106. yesindyref2

    It makes you think, doesn’t it?

  107. Robert J. Sutherland

    Dave Robb @ 00:18,

    Thank you for your witness, Dave. My Dad worked for the Co-Op all his days, and he saw something of the same kind of conniving in an earlier era. It’s not new.

    One can only hope that the truth revealed by experiences like yours will finally be getting through to folk, especially now that there is a far better alternative available.

  108. Kangaroo

    O/T Sorry but we need to keep our eye’s on the prize.

    I have been giving the Brexit dilemma some thought after the Gordon MacIntyre-Kemp article in the National the other day. So I’m just going to put it out there for comment.

    The Tory Endgame

    1. Legally binding Withdrawal Agreement to include backstop of THE Customs Union for Northern Ireland,
    2.* Non binding political statement to include “A Customs Union” for either All UK or just Mainland UK
    3. **Push through new Treaty of Union 2018, binding Scotland into UK forever,
    4. Prepare and keep secret Free Trade Deal with USA,
    5. Cancel “A Customs Union” simultaneously with announcing USA Free Trade Agreement
    6. Trash Barnet Formula and privatise everything and anything, thus indirectly causing substantial reductions in Scottish Government funding. Scottish Government will be forced into a sell off of Public infrastructure including NHS and schools
    7. Reduce taxes substantially

    Result: Damage, Destruction, Deprivation, Degradation, Despair, Death

    Notes: The EU should agree 1 above as they have honoured their commitment to the Good Friday Agreement.
    *The Labour Party should be supportive as the Political Statement includes “A Customs Union”.
    Both 1 and 2 will be voted on together in House of Commons making them likely to pass easily

    ** There will be saturation media coverage of how good this will be for all parts of the UK,
    embedded BBC journals will help with this. It will have cross party support of Tory, UKIP,
    Lib dems and Labour with only SNP and Plaid against. There will be minimal coverage, if any, for the NO case.
    Electoral Commission will once again be in charge and postal voting will be conducted similarly to the 2014 indyref.

    I realise that the Scottish Government and MPs are thinking things through too, but the more brains on this the better to think of how the Establishment may crush our hopes. We have got to outthink them and be ready with counter strategies.

  109. yesindyref2

    OT – defence
    Not a lot really, the QE is in New York for a wee bit of shopping, its Merlins (ASW / AEW = Crowsnest early warning) are off for training with the Yank navy (good idea). The F35-B has completed the first round of testing on the QE, which gathered data to carry on with the next two phases, and included a few different landing types including night.

    IOC for the F35-B on the QE is planned for 2020, I suspect it’ll be reached even if not announced, late 2019. Basically there are “tensions” whoever caused it, and I never liked that Hague moron who has a lot to answer for, nor that US guy whose name thankfully I forget. Nobdody tok Boris seriously so he could have declared war on Russia and the whole world would have laughed laughed laughed.

    Oh yeah, inserting it here, the Yank carrier Harry S Truman is the first US carrier in the Arctic for 30 years, for a major exercise, and perhaps a display of strength and solidarity (in word of the moment). The exercise is why there was only 1 Joint Warrior this year.

    Belgium is expecteed to buy the F35-B to replace its F16s rather than Typhoon – same as Holland. Not good news for further development of Typhoon, not really of interest I think to iScotland though. We might start with the Typhoon (original Tranche 1 probably) for the Northern QRA but would be well advised to move to Gripens later on. Though more involvement in the EU could mean going more for the F35-B, I’d prefer the NORDEFCO route rather than PESCO, frankly, same as Denmark, but there are potential problems:

    That’s it from the western front, all clear and good night!

  110. yesindyref2

    Oh yeah, the point of the last bit is that from a defence point of view, the UK / rUK leaving the EU makes a bit of a change from the shared defence scenario of Alex Salmond which I agreed with, and made the NORDEFCO with Norway Denmark and Finland more to our taste, with some inherent co-operation with neutral but armed Sweden. We are the outer rim, and on the Atlantic / Norweigan / Arctic / Baltic seas.

    But the EU is quite hacked off with the UK and that’s getting into defence matters unfortunately, whatever anyone says, and that changes the scenario yet again, to maybe favour PESCO depending on our EU / EFTA + EEA status.

    The iScotGov will have increasingly more difficult political decisions to make about defence alliances and political direction, let alone actual assets! The glass becomes darkly.

  111. RodneySofa

    DaveRobb @ 00:18 Thanks for that.
    For the many not the few – oh but me first eh?
    The lure of ermine is strong in Labour.

    And Kangaroo @ 00:52
    While I don’t disagree with the 7 steps in the Tory Endgame, it’ll all be derailed long before it reaches their intended conclusion. There will be a reaction in England far bigger once the reality bites and Scotland will be able to slip away as a sacrificial sop to the lunatic fringe brexiteers they need to get this thing through. That could be the precise moment to escape. Not an easy moment to judge. But jeepers it’s going to hurt a long time before that moment. Not a time for faint hearts…
    Or could we just tell them they’ve broken the Union and wish them well as we sail away, sail away, sail away…

  112. Artyhetty

    We have been watching the series on Netflix called ‘Gotham’. I said to my son it’s a bit seedy and serious, being about a city ruled over by extremely dodgy mafia types, corrupt to the core to say the least. Son replied ‘that’s real life’!’. Well it’s a bit extreme re the violence, but the way those in charge at the council are sneaky, double dealing cranks, certainly seems to be based on reality.

    The London/England Labour branch in Scotland are rotten as hell. As each day passes, their dirty underhand tactics are cranked up. They are despicable, just lying thieving con men & con women, conning the people.

    It looks like Labour will be winning lots of seats at the next General election, for their best pals the Tories. All in it together after all.

  113. K1

    Ian Smart (yeah, that one)

    Tweeted this yesterday round about 3/3.30ish pm:

    ‘Really mundane point. The reason there was a strike in Glasgow today was because, in 2006, the GMB insisted on a deal with discriminatorily terms in favour of their male members. Advised by the GMB’s then research officer, @LabourRichard That’s just an unfortunate fact

    ???That deal was subsequently struck down in the courts. Not on the basis of what the management wanted but on the basis of what the Unions themselves had insisted upon. Whereupon the Unions panicked. For they might be sued for negligence in representing their female members.?

    ??Whereupon emerged various Trots, some of them GMB officials, to seize on the idea of a strike involving lots of “salt of the earth” women members. Great images. And to conjure themselves up as AJ Cook on the way to being an Momentum MP.

    ????Who represented the women on strike today? 20% the Unions. 80% an ambulance chasing lawyer, stepping into a gap the unions had left open by their failure to represent their own members.?

    Except that was not their only option. They could have gone to their work, looked after their clients and sued their Union. I wonder who, if anybody, told them that before they were enlisted in a “class struggle” of which they wanted no real part????

    So, if anybody is lying awake tonight worrying about neglecting their clients all day at the behest of protecting the GMB? I don’t do ambulance chasing but I know people who will.?’


    Richard Leonard is at the heart of this whole fiasco, he was the ‘research officer’ who advised GMB, ‘who insisted on a deal with discriminatorily terms in favour of their male members’

    You actually couldn’t make this shit up. This is what should be all over the msm tomorrow, the actual fucking truth. Instead peoples life’s where put in danger for what?

    For a Labour run GMB to attempt political point scoring against the SNP, to undermine the new administration in Glasgow City Council? On the back of the current Leader of Labour in Scotland who set in motion the very terms that robbed these women of their monies and then that same Labour run council fought against giving them what was due through the courts for over a decade, at a cost of over 2 and a half million quid, are we fucking kidding?

    So Richard Leonard ‘advised’ that the women get paid less in 2006 and now him and Corbyn and all manner of low life fucking Labour Party wankers are now tweeting about how they are ‘ fighting’ against the SNP cuts and ‘Leading’ the march with those women behind them who they fucking robbed, claiming they are their saviours???

    Utterly fucking sickening. Shower of utter shite the lot of them and that Leonard guy needs this in his fucking face along with the GMB who ‘insisted’ that these women, they now claim they are ‘fighting’ for, deserve to be taken down as a Union. Utterly beyond a shadow of a doubt that this is nothing short of propaganda and the fucking sky’s and BBc’s and Stv’s along with the rest of so called fucking journalist can just do one. You shower of utter craven bastards.

    If you thought you’d lost Glasgow, Labour Party, just a wee bit, wait to you see the next council elections. You will be wiped off the face of the fucking map, you shower of total fucking cunts.

  114. twathater

    K1 wow just wow , hopefully someone will inform Nicola of this shit and dickie brings it up at FMQ’S Nicola can reveal his utter underhanded betrayal of these poor robbed women and he implementing and devising the methodology to do it , TARRING AND FEATHERING FOR THE DICK

    I will need to get the biggest bag of popcorn for FMQ’S

  115. Luigi

    If Richard Leonard was involved in setting uo a dsicriminatory deal for GMB in 2006, women’s rights groups have to be bombarded with this info. Then we will see where they stand. Don;t expect the media to do this, however. The BBC is protecting Labour on this one (as always). Propaganda by attack (SNP) and ommission (Labour). Things are heating up.

  116. Nana


    Forecasts suggest growth could strengthen further however #Brexit uncertainty remains a key concern for many sectors of the economy.

    This Wednesday, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon will take questions from the Scottish Parliament’s Committee Conveners on her Programme for Government.
    Join us from 12.30pm as we stream the session live right here on our Facebook page.

  117. Nana

    Well, look who is on the panel. I’ve not had time to watch the discussion. It was livestreamed yesterday afternoon.

    Philip Hammond can’t announce an end to austerity. Brexit won’t allow it

  118. Nana

    Use translator. How Brexit risks upsetting European fisheries
    Access to fishing grounds, stock management, the consequences of Brexit on the European fisheries sector, and in particular France, are worrying.

    James Dyson was a leading voice for Brexit. So James O’Brien wonders why he’s building his company’s new car in Singapore, who just signed a trade deal with… the EU.

  119. Nana

    UK border at risk after no-deal Brexit, warns watchdog

    MPs on the Women and Equalities Committee have slammed both the government and the Equality watchdog for complacency in allowing rife discrimination in the workplace for the over 50s

  120. Nana

    The PM will address the 1922 committee of Conservative MPs, amid speculation she could be about to face a vote of no confidence

    ** Times sees cabinet papers revealing next stage of brexit Plan ** Brexit transition WILL last for years under TM’s Plan officials say. They warn of “long-running” multi-year transition ** Plan A WILL involve NI in separate VAT area. Officials admit “uncomfortable”.

    Brexit: the realisation dawns

  121. Nana

    ‘Illegal’ attempt to weaken EU pesticides rules backed by UK could increase cancer risk, lawyers warn

    Lords Delegated Powers Cttee isn’t impressed by the Agriculture Bill. “A major transfer of powers from the EU to Ministers of the Crown” “At this stage it cannot even be said that the devil is in the detail, because the Bill contains so little detail”
    Link to publication here

  122. Collie

    At the end of the day The Labour Party and their Union leader Barons are all in it for one reason, the feel of Ermine hanging from their shoulders.

    “GMB Union leader Paul Kenny knighted”

    These Union Leaders don’t fight the Establishment,,,,,they become it.

  123. Breeks

    Nana says:
    24 October, 2018 at 7:17 am

    James Dyson was a leading voice for Brexit. So James O’Brien wonders why he’s building his company’s new car in Singapore, who just signed a trade deal with… the EU.

    It’s late in the day, and still *broadcasting, but that LBC format with James O’Brien, – specifically a radio show with pictures and immediate interface with Social media is very effective in my humble opinion. It looks cheap, as in cheap in a good way, the opposite of expensive, and on the face of it, should be straightforward to emulate.

    I’m thinking what if the LBC format was crossed with the SNP Rebuttal Unit, with Phantom Power having regular input, … and the *broadcasting bit got around by perhaps not broadcasting the content but distributing it.

    Collective thoughts?

    Imagine the field day it would have had with the GMB hypocrites…

  124. Ken500

    If anyone is in doubt this will be the result of voting for a Corbyn. Nothing but lies and toil and strife. Men setting women against other women and the vulnerable. Dirty stinking rotten Labour. Rotten to the core. Making life harder for the vulnerable. Just as they did before. That is why people will not vote for Corbyn or the rest of them. Going back to the 70’s. The winter of discontent, the three day week, no electricity,candles, the rubbish piled in the street and the dead not getting buried.

    The reason one of the most regressive, cruel nasty, administration keeps in power in Westminster. A complete and utter shambles. They want to bring the shambles and chaos to Scotland, They can’t stand the thought of Scotland getting better off and more prosperous or self governing. These creatures want to keep control of everything. Even if it means killing, maiming and murdering others. They are beyond the pale of any act of human kindness or consideration.

    Another Labour own goal. They care about no one but themselves. Corbyn sat for over forty years in a Party whose major policies he disagreed. For the privileges. Instead of going off and doing something useful. Those who can do, those who can’t join unionists Parties, especially in Scotland.
    How low can they go. It is just despicable. Once these women realised how they have been used, and they will, the perpetrators will get the backlash. Fool them once. Not twice again.

    Labour unionists rotten to the core. How they expect anyone to vote for them is a mystery. In fact Dugdale was illegally telling people to vote Tory. Another own goal. Prevented Corbyn and his cronies a higher return of the vote. An axil of evil. The Westminster unionists. They do not know what to do next to annoy and harm people. They are a dangerous joke.

    Hammond is in the process of giving NHS England £Billions with no Barnett consequentials for Scotland, Thieving more money, Roll on the Indyref. To get rid of the lot of them. They are a complete and utter shambles. Why anyone is in an unionist Party of votes for one, believes that will bring Independence are seriously deluded. These unionist Parties are totally against it. They are just using people. The same way Labour are using these women. They will wisen up to it. Labour will get the angry backlash. More fool them.

  125. Sharny Dubs

    It’s gob smacking to see such blatant hypocrisy and deception displayed, hell mend them.

    Any info on the Clearpoll test? I’ve tried to vote from Qatar but it seems like there are numerous polls set up to “muddy the waters” or so it seems.

  126. Robert Peffers

    @ronnie anderson says: 23 October, 2018 at 11:05 pm:

    ” … Robert Peffers LoL Auob dont communicate all to well with anybody never mind a all party group.”

    To be fair, Ronnie, and not taking sides in internal AUOB squabbles, they managed to communicate with a hell of a lot of, cross-party, indy supporters to get out the biggest support on Edinburgh’s streets.

    Yes there are problems that need to be sorted and it is not for me to say who are at fault – so I won’t venture an uninformed opinion.

  127. mr thms

    The BBC headline says…

    “North Sea oil and gas ‘could still be worth £330bn'”

    But, the first line of their article says..

    “Up to £330bn could be spent on extracting oil and gas from UK waters over the next three decades”

    One of those claims is wrong.

  128. Nana

    Aberdeen uni researchers raise North Sea production forecast by 4 billion barrels in ‘bullish’ new report

    Interview with Sinn Fein MEP @MattCarthy about #Brexit and the backstop deal on #EuroParlRadio
    listen here

  129. Giving Goose

    When Scotland is independent I’ll be expecting this guy to be in the dock answering for his crimes against Scotland.
    This is no thick as shit patsy.
    This is a fully paid up agent of the London government.

  130. Macart


    Thanks for the punt Nana. 🙂

    No, Labour didn’t exactly cover themselves in glory yesterday. I may have something to say about that come the weekend, but I’m waiting on a couple of other stories coming to a head this week. IF they come to a head.

    Their actions yesterday were pretty damn shameful though and people should be made aware of their history on this.

  131. The Isolator

    Had the misfortune to click on that clip.What an utter clownshoe of a man.Needs repeating..The British Labour Party in Scotland have been the real enemy of the Scottish People over the past few decades..Treacherous beyond belief..don’t get me started again FFS.Can’t wait tae piss on their embers when the end comes.(and it will)

  132. Clootie

    Labour leadership self interest destroyed the party.
    It will now damage the trade unions.

    These woman are right to be angry. However that anger is being used by labour politicians and candidates for their own political ends.

    To those on strike – I agree with your demands but please do not let those who stopped you achieving what you deserved to politically benefit from your case. You are being used by those who denied you!

  133. Mike

    Of the 8000 odd people who protested and marched predominantly women on an issue that is predominantly female SKY news managed to pick out a Male Labour MP for its bulletin highlight.
    Anybody believing that was coincidental can further reflect on the fact that the Labour MP went out of his way to identify himself as a GMB member instead.
    That was a blatant pre conceived deliberate piece of organised propaganda and once again highlights the deliberate connection and cooperation between the Unionist parties of the UK and the anti Scottish Government media state circus.

  134. Nana

    @Sharny Dubs

    This is all I can find right now

  135. Sinky

    Call Kaye on Glasgow equal pay strike. We need to phone in and tell the truth about Labour Gmb and Richard Leonards role as highlighted by Ian Smarts tweet

  136. mr thms

    “Scottish Labour will attempt to put pressure on the Scottish government by forcing a vote at Holyrood later on the site of a new Monklands Hospital.

    A panel has recommended NHS Lanarkshire use a new location at Gartcosh.

    But there is opposition to that proposal and Labour want the new hospital built at the current site.”

    Gartcosh is approximately 5 miles away. Around a 15 minutes drive.

  137. Collie

    Ronnie Anderson


    In my humble opinion you should direct your energies towards the real enemy of Scotland,,,the English Establishment.

  138. orri

    A question.

    Are there many prominent female union representative or Labour party politicians coming forward with excuses in this?

    Or is it white, presumably middle class, middle aged men that get air time?

  139. almannysbunnet

    The BBC will snag him next, he’s the ideal Question Time audience member. Dimbleby will ferret him out “you sir yes you with the red tie and red face, what do you think of the shameful way female Glasgow council workers have been treated by Lab… eh the SNP?”

  140. Clydebuilt

    Kaye is going to discuss the strike at 9am

    So Come on all you keyboard warriors and pick up the phone!


  141. orri

    Fortunately the SNP council insisted on losing the legal battle so the treatment of those women is officially illegal. Otherwise the back up plan for Labour would be that it was never proven to be a discriminatory practice in court and the current GCC gave in simply to embarrass them.

  142. winifred mccartney

    I cannot describe how angry this situation makes me. GCC when labour ran it spend millions of pounds stopping equal pay for women. Richard Leonard was head of GMB that in 2006 dealt the women a raw deal and said they should take it.

    Funny how no strikes when a labour council but as soon as snp in and giving the due pay the unions call a strike but only in Glasgow with an snp council and not in Ayrshire which is labour and has not settled equal pay disputes.

    This has snp baaad written all over it and the union is quite prepared to let this women lose 2 days pay for their political ends.

    Labour are contemptible.

  143. Robert J. Sutherland

    Nana @ 07:18,

    Thanks as always for the interesting links. On “Brexit: the realisation dawns”

    I just loved that concluding tongue-in-cheek sentence!

  144. Sharny Dubs

    @ Nana says


    The dream shall never die!

  145. Sinky

    Kaye of course doesn’t to examine the backdrop to the Glasgow strike and was quick cut Martin Hannah when he tried to explain. No blame for Labour or Richard Leonard from the BBC

  146. Greannach

    We’re talking about Hgh Gaffney here. It could well be the case that he just forgot he was a Labour MP.

  147. Robert J. Sutherland

    K1 @ 03:01,

    I feel your righteous anger. My ears are still ringing! =laugh=

    But you’re dead right, the sheer effrontery of it all makes my blood boil too.

    Very interesting that even a dedicated Labourite blogger can smell the fish, though the media apparently still can’t.

    I hope Nicola gies Tricky Dicky & his GMB band of chancers richt laldy in FMQs today (though probably not in quite the same terms! =grin=)…

  148. galamcennalath

    Another a wee reminder that Scottish Independence Convention needs our backing. I think it’s important and contributed a couple of days ago.

    Their pot seem stuck at just over £45k

  149. Capella

    @ Nana – another fine crop of links!
    I like Gordon MacIntyre Kemp’s clear analysis of the impossible dilemma the Westminster government has becuase of Northern Ireland. Either they stay in the EU and save the Treaty of Union or they leave the EU and break the Treaty of Union. Difficult.

    If they break the Treaty it is automatically null and void and they would then be in the position of trying to persuade Scotland to rejoin.

    How would Unionists sell that in a campaign?

    Do you Scotland want to join a nation that will be run by a distant, dysfunctional and disinterested government that you didn’t vote for?

    Have your wealth invested outside your country but be burdened with debt that your nation didn’t create, and have those that did create it call you scroungers and subsidy junkies?

    And have your ability to trade, travel and work abroad severely restricted because the new Union will operate outside the EU, even though you voted remain?

    Do you want Westminster to roll back devolution, so Scotland’s parliament can’t protect you from the free trade deals the UK wants to strike with nations like the US, who will want their healthcare companies to be able to purchase privatised chunks of the Scottish NHS?

    Good to read the Lenathehyena post too.

  150. winifred mccartney

    Is it not somewhat ironic that the bbc is talking about equal pay. None so blind indeed.

    Richard leonard is directly implicated in this situation because of his MIS information given the the women by GMB in 2006 -this is totally political and snp baad by labour and unions. If someone can tell me why North Lanarkshire and Ayrshire are not also on strike I might then think otherwise.

    The wonderful women of Glasgow should be taking the GMB and Unison to court and making them pay out compensation etc instead of believing that they actually care. Their action in making them lose 2 days pay shows they are only concerned with headlines of the snp baaad variety.

  151. ronnie anderson

    Collie re Auob thats a developing situation . I can assure U nothing is eating away at me im still doing as I have done & will continue to do in the cause of Independence & that my friend is called Multi Tasking .

    Gary Kelly’s Auob & ( scotland land of the brave soar alba ) is collecting monies for a banner lol.

    ( we’ve had about 5 Wings Banners without putting the hat round the Independence movement )

  152. Ghillie

    Yup. This is totally shit.

    Thank you Rev Stu for the best, most consistent investigative journalism I have ever known.

    But sadly, this despicable reprehensible, lying sh*t is exactly what I now expect from Labour, the Tories, the establishment, the BBC, and the MSM.

    These individuals should never recover from this ignominy. Regardless of where the future takes us.

    There is a new generation of politically aware folk who are holding them to account.

  153. galamcennalath

    WoS twitter has some revealing material about how the GMB compaigned to keep Scotland under Tory rule.

    The common thread which seems to run through Britnattery, whether it be the GMB, Labour in Scotland, or Scotland in Union, is the presence in each organisation of greedy self-centred barstads trying to further their own personal interests at the expense of ordinary Scots.

    As the motto goes … “For the Few, Not for the Many”

  154. Ken500

    One of the people on the protest was a man on £30,000. The average wage in Scotland is £27,000, so he was getting over the average. Classroom assistants get over £10 an hour and many get paid holidays. 12 weeks a year. 3 months. These jobs are in high demand by main carers, for obvious reasons,

  155. Ken500

    Please leave it. It is using a sledge hammer to crack a nut, AUOB are doing a grand job. These Marches take huge organisation and need funding. They hsve done a magnificent job. The cause is more important than petty squabbles. Others people’s efforts, Wings etc, are great as well.

    Let it go.

  156. Bob Mack

    The Glasgow women clearly have a justified aim, but have fallen into the GMB trap of picking the wrong target.

    I know for a fact that the GMB have been deliberately obstructive in the talks to settle this dispute (inside info)and now I know why. They are the lowest of the low and I appeal to the women of Glasgow not to fall into this bear trap they have set for you to score political points for Labour and absolve themselves from blame in the last settlement.

    Glasgow wants to address your claim in an honest way. GMB do not.They want this to drag out as long as possible.

  157. Ken500

    The GMB Union and the Labour Party are the total culprits in every way. The should be taken to Court. They have been disobeying the Law and acting illegally for years in this and other matters.

  158. jfngw

    Westminster really getting into the war time spirit (it was always the Tories favourite time). After persuading the supermarkets to emblazoned the Union Flag on all produce, the BBC run with Oneness and Together symbolism because they think it binds the nation (it actually makes me boak). They have now dreamed up the Atlantic convoy scenario, possibly hoping for some u-boats.

    What next, opening up the London Underground for homeless sleepers, TV movies commissioned to highlight British life after Brexit. I await with bated breath.

  159. Robert Peffers

    @Robert J. Sutherland says: 24 October, 2018 at 9:17 am;

    ” … Thanks as always for the interesting links. On “Brexit: the realisation dawns”
    I just loved that concluding tongue-in-cheek sentence!”

    Ah! Right!

    Got it – could HM Gov press big aircraft carriers into service instead of contracting merchant ships?

    After all aircraft carriers are useless for anything other than taking UK attack aircraft to attack far off enemies or more likely innocent brown coloured civilians.

  160. galamcennalath

    Another bunch of BritNat troughers….

    “UKIP’s attendance at EU rockets… as Parliament debates their post-Brexit entitlements”

  161. Fred

    Talking to my local pickets this morning & have nothing but admiration for these women standing up for themselves at long last, they’ve been lead up more garden paths than Maude! They were expecting a settlement at Xmas & now it’s apparently to be April & apart from the issue of the back-log, the rate for the job hasn’t even been agreed. Having took part in more strikes than the proverbial hot-dinners, back in the day we would have been out on the street till the money was on the table but vulnerable clients make this impossible. Their forbearance is remarkable. Purcell previously conned many of them by inviting them to sit round tables with lawyers & accept what was on offer. Those who never signed got four times the money!

  162. Clapper57

    Any bets on Richard Leonard going with equal pay question at FM questions….they are on a roll now….going with the….momentum.

    As to Gaffney well looks as if he attended the wrong training…diversity training?….nope deception training. If anyone was unconvinced as to how thick he is…well ….just consider that this is someone who should be …post racist remarks…be keeping a low profile. However instead he deliberately chooses to mislead people by NOT…when interviewed ………….advising interviewer who he was but instead he deliberately LIED to give impression he was an ordinary Joe .

    Now if that is not enough to convince people who yet need convincing of how deceitful Labour are …..then this…adding to many other instances…is a fine example. Surreal how blatant he was but exposes how unsuitable he is to be an MP and Councillor. I am not convinced reporter did not know who he was but played along…Gaffney may have sneered throughout this but he will be laughing on the other side of his face should this be exposed….and someone will…as we know Corbyn has many detractors….and this clown has given them another weapon.

    I saw the Ian Smart tweets and this only confirmed what I already felt was the case and that was that the grandstanding of Labour and Unions re this strike will backfire on them …but hey play with fire…get burned. I have to be honest and say that my support for my ‘sisters’ on this is dwindling as when I heard some of them being interviewed yesterday and they blamed SNP I realised that either they are being deliberately economical with the truth or happy to played by Labour and unions just to get what they want.

    There is a hell of a lot of deceit and brass necks on display just now…where history is being erased and guilty parties seemingly being exonerated purely through their support in yesterday’s march and via their supportive tweets …however the problem with this is that too many people know the truth and that is something that Labour cannot erase no matter how hard they try…..remember Better Together…well I think this charade by Labour in Glasgow may just be another nail..nay final nail in their coffin…..if there is any justice it will be…amen to that…comrades.

  163. Phronesis

    It is very welcome that this issue is being settled.The council and the Trade Unions have been pondering the equal pay issue for some time (this from 2007), despite the rhetoric it required a ruling from the Court of Session to rule in favour of those who had been discriminated against for years.This has been left to the SNP to rectify (a familiar trope).

    ‘Glasgow City Council supports the principle of equal opportunities in employment and believes that male and female employees should receive equal pay for work of equal value.
    Glasgow City Council will continue to actively consult with Trade Unions on all employment matters including equalities, will report annually on its progress and review its Equal Pay Policy Statement every three years…
    Ensuring that men and women doing work of equal value receive the same level of pay, unless an objective reason exists for any difference’

    From 2006 Audit Scotland report on GCC finances;

    ‘Although significant progress has been made in addressing the equal pay issue within the council, the council has recognised that additional costs may still be incurred. If these further costs arise it will place additional pressures on future council finances…In December 2005, compensation payments were offered to approximately 11,000 employees determined as eligible for equal pay claims. The acceptance rate was 88 per cent…A number of employees however, did not accept compensation payments and are pursuing retrospective payments via the employment tribunal system…
    The council has also recognised that more work is required to ensure that management systems report a clear link between financial inputs and operational outputs, in both qualitative and quantitative terms’

    Perhaps a forensic accounting retrospective examination of GCC books might help.

    ‘On 21 March 2014, the Court of Session issued its judgment in Glasgow City Council v Unison and Fox Cross Claimants [2014] CSIH 27.
    The Court has upheld the judgment of the Employment Appeal Tribunal that Glasgow City Council are associated employers for the purposes of equal pay law and that the female claimants working for City Parking and Cordia can compare their pay with that of men still working for the Council’

    Where will the money come from- whilst Scotland waits for its Indy status and is in control of its entire economy.

    ‘Our new report, Scotland’s Path to Prosperity (submitted to the Scottish Land Commission Feb 2018) is a fully costed and highly detailed proposal demonstrating how Holyrood should use devolved powers to replace a proportion of Income Tax with AGR/LVT. Adopting our proposals would boost the Scottish economy by over 9% a year without raising any extra revenue!’

  164. ronnie anderson

    A border built with Tory Idiocy
    A Car park in the Irish Sea
    Helped along with the DUP
    And cash from the Money Tree

    The tory Plans
    We all must Fear
    Because may Became
    The true Brexiteer

    Backbenchers Revolt
    May could be on her Way
    All we really Need
    Is the call for an Election day

    Red tory And Blue Tory
    Standing toe to toe
    It don’t Matter who Wins
    It’s still a Brexit Show

    And the Mirror Image
    Of the one that’s Sitting now
    to the Queen and imaginary Empire
    They both Still do bow

    Bill Glen

  165. Proud Cybernat

    Not quite sure why McIntyre-Kemp thinks a border between the UK & NI will make the Union null and void? The terms of the Union have been trampled over and shredded countless times over the centuries and the Union continues regardless. Am I missing something?

  166. Daisy Walker

    A wee while back ‘oor’ Petra posted some background information about some of the women she had provided legal support for as they fought it the Labour Party in the courts for their equal pay.

    It was incredibly moving.

    Petra if you are able, can you post it again.

    And thank you, not only for the work you did then, but for bearing witness to the character of those women and the injustice they were facing.

    Scotland’s a small place, the truth might be a bit slow getting its shoes on, but people know it when they hear it, and they know they’re more likely to hear it one person to another, and not from the media.

    This latest Media/Labour onslaught – I rather think it will backfire.

    Kindest regards to all.

  167. Ken500

    Susan Aitken said in a statement (if reported correctly) the Council was waiting for Insurance documents (H&S?) from the Trade Union. To take matters forward. These documents had not been forth coming from the TUnion, This could be quite possible. The T Union admin is often hazardous. Not smart enough. The Council needs the legal documentation because any payments could go ahead. Legally. They have to obey the Law.

    Susan Aitken is a really, good speaker. Impressive. A smart cookie who gets things done.

  168. galamcennalath

    Nana says

    Ukip ignorant and insulting again

    Syed Salah Kamall MEP is actually a Conservative, not that there is any real difference between them and UKIP. I had never heard of the guy.

    What an idiot! You have to be really really thick to think the NAZIs were socialist. This plonker seems to equate them to Social Democrats!

    And let’s mince words … the UK far right is edging ever close to Fascism.

  169. admiral

    OT, but we’re all cursed and doomed!

  170. Bob Mack

    @Proud Cybernat,

    Perhaps the fact that party compliant Scottish politicians rarely raised objections probably because they neither knew or cared.

    Now a vast majority of people do care and will be heard should it happen again.

  171. Giving Goose

    Proud Cybernat

    In this case perhaps the fact that Scotland has been declared to be and confirmed as a sovereign nation makes a difference.

    By ignoring a treaty that has a signatory that is a sovereign nation then London looks like a dictatorship.

  172. Breeks

    Small consideration about the GMB strike, is that Labour could not only have done the right thing by the underpaid women, but it could also have settled the backlogged payments due from the £1.5 billion of Scotland’s money which they handed back to the Treasury.

  173. HandandShrimp

    The situation in Glasgow is entirely of the making of the male dinosaurs in the Glasgow Labour Party and the GMB. This should have been resolved years ago and certainly in 2010 when a more robust version of the 1975 equal pay act came into force.

    Yes to solidarity with the women discriminated against and no to Labour’s shameless, crass hypocrisy and utterly pathetic attempts at political point scoring. If Labour were genuine they would be pressurising other Labour councils that are still lagging on this issue. That the GMB/Labour tack is to attack the council looking to settle is beyond belief. Losing two days pay for the workers in question when the final deal is unlikely to be affected by the strike is hardly serving the workers well either.

    Rhea and Susan are not politically neutral. The former is a Labour candidate and the latter a Better Together supporter. That is absolutely fine but let’s not pretend there are no other axes being ground here.

  174. Robert J. Sutherland

    Clapper57 @ 10:39,

    Blaming the SNP in this case is most definitely out of order, whoever it is.

    I find it very sad to think that anyone who genuinely endured the years of betrayal by the GMB and shameless cheating by the former Labour GCC administration could be fooled that it is anyone’s fault but the scumbags of “Glasgow Labour” (as they presented themselves at the polls last time).

    I just wonder if these anti-SNP voices are GMB/NorthBritLab “plants”.

    The present GCC is clearly intending to fully do right by these women, and it’s in no way its fault that it is now in deep financial doo-doo over the issue.

    Reminds me of the old saying “never let a good deed go unpunished”.

  175. orri

    I also love it when you get Labour politicians trying to strong arm Holyrood into donating up to a billion pounds to sort out back pay whilst others insist that GCC skip due diligence and pay out as soon as possible.

  176. Ken500

    There are loads of saltires flying from the roof and on produces all over the shop in Markies and the Lidls lately. Markies have the National. Maybe it is mainly in their smaller outlets.(M&S) Foodhalls.

    The 1WW was caused by the British/European inter rivalries, Queen Victoria’s children/grandchildren. Cousins married cousins. It was the Royals ‘Devine rights to rule’. From God? They surpresssed the populations. The Royals inter rivalries led to the 1WW. Sickness and starvation. The 1WW killed millions.

    The Spanish flu which followed the War killed millions. Most of the Royal families did not survive. The German Kaiser, Russian Czar. The British Royals survived by backing down. Giving more power to the people, Universal Suffrage, gradually increase. -1928. The birth of the Labour Party. Fenian Society. It was not longer a property ownership requirement to vote. Ie based on a rate system.

    The Tory Royal family cause the 1WW. They constantly commerate it, without apology. Now a migrant family. Milking the system and illegally interfering in political, social and evonomic matters Outwith their remit. Involved in illegal wars. They behave illegally. The dirty dancer curtseys to them. All behaving illegally breaking the Law with impunity. Tax evading etc. They cause mental health problems.

  177. geeo

    Reading some of the posts re: tory endgame, and timing for Scots dissolving the Union.

    One thing is clear, according to recent polls saying around/over 80% of English voters would happily wave Scotland goodbye to secure their brexit dreams, so the biggest problem for WM are those voters.

    80% of english voters demanding to know why WM are “hanging on to those Scottish subsidy junkies” ?

    This will be even more pressing an issue should us Scots be seen to be messing up brexit in any way, like say, threatening to dissolve the Union unless either we get a referendum or we keep the WHOLE UK in the EU, and cancel brexit (via the court case due to go to the ECJ, but currently awaiting appeal).

    The Uk gov KNOW they need Scottish revenues, but they have spent centuries telling their voting public otherwise.

    While they (WM) try fight independence, millions of English voters are shouting “WHY”?

    Karma is indeed a female pooch !

  178. Ken500

    According to reports the £1.5Billion came back. The other £Billions did not. Ilegally kept secret under the Official Secrets Act. Thatcher wrote, ‘this must be kept secret’, on official documents, when cutting the Scottish budget to the bone. Scorch earth policy. To take monies and revenues from Scotland to fund London S/E. One of her ministers resigned.

    Labour’s illegal wars, banking fraud and tax evasion. Cost Scotland dear. The Brexit affront and shambles forced on Scotland. Illegal under International Law.

    Iraq, Lockerbie and Dunblane kept secret for 100 years,

  179. Petra

    Big T announcing that Sir Jeremy Heywood, Head of the Civil Service, is standing down.

  180. Bob Mack

    Hearing the GMB is trying to get traffic wardens in Glasgow to strike. Upping the antenna.

  181. Ghillie

    As always, the truth will out.

  182. Clapper57

    @ Robert J Sutherland

    Robert I am 100% sure you are probably right about Labour plants…the woman I heard on a video via twitter last night definitely had an axe to grind with the SNP. However some other women on the march commented that strike could have been avoided if current council had agreed a deal.

    Personally , had I been on the march, I would have challenged the placards showing Susan Aitken’s face with words ‘Desperately seeking Susan’ on it…..never saw one placard with any Labour Councillor’s faces on it with a derogatory message. Surely someone on march would have thought more appropriate to communicate who instigated this…..I know I would have . If you have endured this treatment for ten years plus then you would surely be angry enough to want the public to know who the true villains were in this ….No ?

  183. gus1940

    Given Leonard’s GMB history re the equal pay matter and the fact that Jackson Carcrash will be making his debut as sub for Davidson tomorrow’s FMQs should be good for a laugh.

  184. CameronB Brodie

    Mmmm, I get the feeling that folk aren’t happy with the GMB’s apparent morality bypass. Can I prove the GMB’s conduct was unethical? Well, of course, but what sort of intuitive being would consider historical facts relevant?

    Moral Non-Naturalism

    First published Sat Feb 1, 2003; substantive revision Mon Feb 3, 2014

    There may be as much philosophical controversy about how to distinguish naturalism from non-naturalism as there is about which view is correct. In spite of this widespread disagreement about the content of naturalism and non-naturalism there is considerable agreement about the status of certain historically influential philosophical accounts as non-naturalist. In particular, there is widespread agreement that G.E. Moore’s account of goodness in Principia Ethica is a paradigmatically non-naturalist account. Indeed, if a representative sample of contemporary philosophers were asked to name a non-naturalist in meta-ethics then Moore’s name almost certainly would predominate.

    For better or worse, Moore’s discussion of non-naturalism profoundly shaped 20th century meta-ethics. Thomas Baldwin was not exaggerating much when he claimed that, “twentieth century British ethical theory is unintelligible without reference to Principia Ethica; its history until 1960 or so being, in brief, that although Moore was taken to have refuted ‘ethical naturalism’, Moore’s own brand of ‘ethical non-naturalism’ was thought to make unacceptable metaphysical and epistemological demands; so the only recourse was to abandon belief in an objective moral reality and accept an emotivist, prescriptivist or otherwise anti-realist, account of ethical values.” (Baldwin 1990: 66) More recent defenders of non-naturalist theories (e.g. Shafer-Landau 2003, Enoch 2011, and Parfit 2011) often distinguish their accounts from Moore’s in a number of ways, but few if any would dispute that Moore’s account is a paradigmatically non-naturalist one….

    Objections to Moral Realism Part 3: Argument from Queerness

    J.L. Mackie’s Argument from Queerness against Objective Values

  185. CameronB Brodie

    I’m way too rusty for serious meta-ethical reflection but I think the GMB might be acting immorally, MK. 😉

    How to Understand Mackie’s Argument from Queerness

    This chapter considers the argument from queerness and identifies non-naturalist moral realism as its target. A distinction is made between the argument from queerness and the queerness arguments. The first step of the argument from queerness is to identify ways in which moral properties and facts are queer; the second step is to offer debunking explanations of moral belief. Four queerness arguments are identified, concerning supervenience, knowledge, motivation, and irreducible normativity. This chapter examines the first three. The first two arguments generalize beyond the moral and the normative to more general issues in metaphysics and epistemology, or reduce to more basic worries about the queerness of non-natural properties. The third argument rests on problematic assumptions about moral facts. It is concluded that the first three queerness arguments are unconvincing.

    Keywords: knowledge, Mackie, motivation, non-naturalism, queerness, supervenience

    Objectivism and Mackie’s Argument from Relativity

    Moral Naturalism and Nonnaturalism

  186. Petra

    Daisy thanks for your kind words at 11:25am. I would repost the comments I made previously about Equal Pay cases that went through the Court system pre-2007 (yes Labour controlled Councils were exploiting female workers for decades beforehand), however I’ve no idea how I would find it!

    What stands out for me from that time was the quagmire of extremely novel and manipulative dirty tricks that were played out by Labour Councillors, solicitors, Unions, the hierarchy of Education Departments and some of their disgusting wee placemen who were working in schools, over a number of years.

    More than anything however, and something I’ll never forget, was that the women who were involved, most struggling financially, were a beacon of decency and embraced the democratic right to fairness and justice for all. They were totally devoted to their pupils and dedicated to ensuring that they received the highest level of care and education. Getting to know these women over a number of years was absolutely humbling. Listening to their stories of their families, their lives, hopes and fears for the future was at times heartbreaking.

    I could go on forever about this, but I’ll end with this little story, which I think I mentioned before. One woman at the forefront of the EP case in question, key to the case, was a great educator, brilliant artist and an all round decent, but very unassuming person. Most days we would stay in the Court /s and have our packed lunch but on occasion we would eat out (on the cheap). This particular woman never came along with us, always giving some excuse to stay behind, and I started to wonder why. I then noticed that when we remained in Court she would slip out her sandwich and cover it with her hands. Some days she had no packed lunch with her at all and would say that she wasn’t hungry. One day, a great day when things were going well for us, we decided to go out for lunch and celebrate. As per usual this woman was staying behind. I stayed behind too and had a word with her in private and it transpired (as she broke down slightly) that she didn’t have a penny to her name, was eating jam pieces or having nothing to eat at all. I offered to give her money to help her out, but she was too proud to accept it. She couldn’t afford to go to London either of course (the only test case not to), to the hearing at the House of Lords, and refused my financial offer then too. She was eventually bullied out of her job, as promised by GCC’s QC at Glasgow Tribunal, and died penniless a few years later. I’ll never forget her, nor that this one woman (and many others) was treated like dirt by the Union / Labour Party. The political Party that professes to support the working man (woman). Aye right.

  187. Robert Peffers

    @Proud Cybernat says: 24 October, 2018 at 11:24 am:

    ” … Not quite sure why McIntyre-Kemp thinks a border between the UK & NI will make the Union null and void?”

    You are not alone in wondering, Proud Cybernat. However, I’m not wondering because I know it’s not true. I’ve told the truth here on Wings since ever I began commenting here. I’m probably going to die still doing so as long as people like McIntyre-Kemp don’t understand what the Treaty of Union is and what Westminster has treated it as since 1 May 1707.

    Every time they misinterpret what the Treaty of Union is they, however innocently, they are reinforcing the Westminster mantras of the Westminster de facto parliament of the COUNTRY of England parliament that is the Westminster Parliament. So here goes the truth – again,

    The United Kingdom is legally exactly what its title describes it as – A United Kingdom formed by only the two Kingdoms with their representatives signatures on the Treaty Document.

    i.e. One independent kingdom plus one independent kingdom equal one united kingdom of equally sovereign partner kingdoms.

    It does not equal a country, a state or a poke of fish & chips.

    Ignore both Acts of Union these belong to the still independent kingdoms that passed them and the last actual legal Kingdom of England that passed their Act of Union’s last sitting was to dissolve the Westminster Parliament of the Kingdom of England and there has been no such parliament in existence since 30 April 1707. Westminster is not the legal parliament of either the Kingdom, or the country, of England. It remains legally the Parliament of the United Kingdom but is rather porone to clain to be, “The British Parliament”, and, “The Country of Britain Parliament”, but is legally still what it says in its official title – “Her Majesty’s Parliament of the United Kingdom.”.

    Thus the legal requirements to actually comply with the treaty of Union are legally as laid down in the Treaty Of Union. Westminster has been run since 1 May 1707 as an illegal parliament that does not comply with the terms of The Treaty of Union. It really is as simple as that.

    As to N.I. – this is all that remains of the Kingdom of Ireland that was annexed by the Lord of Ireland, (the King of the Kingdom of England appointed by the Holy Roman See), who forced the Parliament of The Kingdom of Ireland to pass, “The Crown of Ireland Act”, in 1542. A while before the Treaty of Union 1706/7.

    Thus N.I. is a part of the Kingdom of England before the Treaty of Union and the Status Quo Ante to the Treaty of Union is reversion to two independent kingdoms with N.I. still part of the Kingdom of England and thus, in a Constitutional Monarchy, still part of the Queen of England’s English Realm as she is the still a legally Sovereign Monarch under English Law.

    Thus, if Westminster decides to return N.I. back to the Country of Ireland, it does not affect the Treaty of Union of 1706/7 but only the Kingdom of England that Annexed Ireland in 1542.

    There is only one way for Scotland to regain her independence and nothing else can do so. Under the Treaty of Union the two Kingdoms rule of Law differ and thus cannot be reconciled with each other. The reason being that While the Kingdom of England was from 1688 A constitutional Monarchy that of Scotland was a monarchy where the people and not the monarch are, (not were), legally sovereign with the constitutional right to dismiss an unsuitable monarch and replace that monarch as chosen by the People of Scotland.

    So in the Kingdom of England the legally sovereign monarch, (from 1688), has to legally delegate their sovereign powers to the, long defunct, parliament of the Kingdom of England but the people of Scotland, being sovereign, can throw out their monarch and replace him/her. To date there has never been a proven majority of the people of Scotland who wanted to end the Treaty of Union.

    However, that does not change the fact that Westminster, since devolution, has operated as the de facto parliament of the country of England and treats the United Kingdom as a quadratic union of countries with Scotland Wales and N.I. de facto dominions of the country of England parliament of England and introduced EVEL to enforce it.

    There is only one way to gain Scottish independence. A proven majority of the legally sovereign people of Scotland declaring the Union is over and that does not leave an rUnited Kingdom as Westminster is legally a bipartite union it leaves whatever remains of the Kingdom of England.

    That means the Union can only reman a union if a majority of Scots wish it to remain so.

    It’s commin yet fir a that.

  188. Robert Peffers

    @Robert J. Sutherland says: 24 October, 2018 at 11:51 am

    ” … I just wonder if these anti-SNP voices are GMB/NorthBritLab “plants”.”

    You missed it then, Robert?

    The head Trade Union guy at the time when Glasgow Council was discriminating against these women and were being aided and abetted by the underpaid women’s trade union was none other than a certain Richard Leonard.

    Their Trade Union advised the women to accept a settlement that fell far short of the sums paid out later after the expensive and repeated court actions by the Labour Glasgow Council to prevent paying equal wages for equal work.

    Oh! And BTW:, there are/were several other Labour WOS councils also in legal battles attempting to wriggle out of their responsibilities to pay back underpayments. I wouldn’t bet that Leonard won’t have the brass neck to raise the matter tomorrow at FMs Question time.

    Labour have already cooked their goose in Scottish politics and they very much look like dragging the Trade Union movement down with them.

    Mind you the Trade Union movement has only itself to blame if it also goes under for the membership has for far too long allowed themselves to be served by officials intent upon serving themselves.

    This latest strike is only too typical of strikes being called for party political reasons and not for the parties, (members), they claim to represent.

  189. ronnie anderson

    British Trade Unions are part and parcel of the Unionist cabal we’re trying to get rid off . Scottish members of those Unions better wake up soon , those people who excepted the earlier settlements under GMB advice should take the Union to Court ie Richard Leonard .

  190. Robert Peffers

    @geeo says: 24 October, 2018 at 11:56 am:

    … This will be even more pressing an issue should us Scots be seen to be messing up brexit in any way, like say, threatening to dissolve the Union unless either we get a referendum or we keep the WHOLE UK in the EU, and cancel brexit (via the court case due to go to the ECJ, but currently awaiting appeal).”

    Whoa! geeo, the case is already with the ECJ and they have fast tracked it and expect a decision by Christmas. However, the case also concerns the people of Scotland’s legal sovereignty and if that stands then all we need is a majority for indy and Scotland is independent.

    I wouldn’t bet on it that the Scottish Government couldn’t bend things a bit by claiming that the mandate they have for indyref2 is sufficient proof on a majority and declare Scotland Independent.

    Anyway you cut it the fact that the ECJ is fast tracking the matter means that the EU and World court are looking at the matter as urgent. Now the point is, if nothing else, they must consider the Treaty of Union and study it.

    They must then realise that the United Kingdom is a bipartite Kingdom and never has been a four country union and thus never a unified country.

    I may well be wrong but the very fact that next to no one knows the ECJ is already involved is an indication that Westminster and their controlled media, “Don’t want you to know that”, is because they hope to avoid a majority of Scots foe independence.

    Mind you the SG/SNP also have their own reasons to keep that particular topic from being headlined until they fire the starting pistol.

    It’s commin yet fir a that.

  191. crazycat

    @ Petra (and Daisy)

    This is your post on 27 September 2017:

    I was going to copy and paste it, but it is rather long, so a link is better.

    I found it by googling “Petra Wings ove Scotland Equal Pay”.

  192. crazycat

    @ me

    “Petra Wings over Scotland Equal Pay” of course.

  193. Petra

    How clever are you crazycat!?! I’ve just read through the post and think to myself how bad is that. Totally disjointed! My only excuse is that I was on holiday, returned from a night out and was well and truly knackered.

    Anyway the gist of it all is there and I can’t tell you how pleased I am that everything’s finally coming out in the wash now after all this time.

    Once again thanks crazycat for taking the time to dig that out … well …. for Daisy.

  194. Brian Doonthetoon

    Hi crazycat.

    You beat me to it!

    What I do (and did in this case) is go to Google Advanced Search.


    into the “site or domain” box.

    Paste the username (in inverted commas if more than one word) into the “all these words” box, then paste a phrase (if possible) into the “this exact word or phrase” box. (I typed in equal pay.) Then hit the “return” key or click on “Advanced search”.

    The first hit on the list I got was:-

    There is a follow-up on the same page (if peeps don’t want to read the comments after the first) at:-

  195. yesindyref2

    THIS is the fundraiser for a banner, nothing to do with AUOB:

    Gers for Scottish Independence – they reached their £100 target (£136 in fact).

    THIS is the fundraiser for AUOB, currently at £5,185 of £20,000 target.

    And THIS is what they want it for:

    The fundraiser page should say more (no detail on it), and there should be a pinned tweet on AUOBSCOT to say what they need the money for:

    We are seeking to raise a minimum target of £20.000 so that each of our 2019 demonstrations has at least £2500 to spend- allowing the hiring of stage, sound and generator equipment, Large Screen TV Hire and Toilets- whilst also ensuring that we have funds in place so that flyers can be produced in sizeable quantities to give each March & Rally the promotion necessary to make them as massive and powerful as possible.

    That’s for 8 planned and dated marches.

    But the information is out there,though admittedly it did take me more than 15 minutes to refind it all.

    So – no incorrect information, please.

    I have no connection with AUOB, and never have apart from going on just one glorious march on 6th October in Edinburgh, that they started organising back in March of this year, expecting just 15,000 people to go. Look what happened!

  196. Daisy Walker

    Thanks again Petra. For anyone who hasn’t already done so, have a wee look at her previous post.

    We are going to get there. We’ve got some real, quality folk about, standing up for decent.

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