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The Last Days Of Pompeii

Posted on October 24, 2018 by

In many ways the Glasgow equal-pay dispute feels like the impotent final fury of the dinosaurs after the dust cloud of a prehistoric asteroid impact blacked out the sun and condemned them all to death.

What we’re seeing now is a futile howl of rage against irrelevance by the shady cabal of Labour politicians and senior trade union officials who used to treat the city as their personal fiefdom, as they sink into inglorious extinction.

We highly recommend clicking that link to read the whole series of tweets from Labour member and solicitor Ian Smart, who readers won’t need reminding is no sort of friend of the SNP or inclined to their defence. Because the story goes much deeper than the common-or-garden hypocrisy we saw yesterday.

The GMB trade union orchestrating the current strike (driven by its regional organiser and Labour candidate Rhea Wolfson) is mired up to its neck in shame over its part in the pay scandal, and still facing threats of legal action from its own female members over how it betrayed them during the dispute, and similar ones all over the UK.

As a distraction, it’s been manoeuvering frantically to turn the 48-hour stoppage into a knowingly-illegal wider action aimed at crippling Glasgow, in the transparent hope that the SNP will be left with no choice but to deploy draconian Tory anti-trade-union laws against it that the GMB can use to its own and Labour’s advantage.

(Laws which, alert readers also won’t need reminding, Labour entirely failed to repeal during the 13 years of its last term in power.)

The GMB, of course, has form in political activity far beyond its remit of protecting the employment conditions and interests of its members in their workplaces:

It’s one of the chief cheerleaders of keeping Trident in Scotland, for example:

(That’s its Scottish general secretary Gary Smith, whose main contribution towards solving the dispute so far has been to bitterly attack campaign group Action 4 Equality Scotland for “rank hypocrisy”, when they suggested co-operating with the GMB to try to secure slightly better outcomes for the affected women than the pennies-in-the-pound settlements the GMB had been touting.)

And nor is its position as a Labour Party puppet organisation in any doubt:

But it’s not until you start reaching way back into the past of the dispute that you can fully understand just how cynical and opportunistic Scottish Labour is trying to be in the agonised straw-clutching hope of seizing some of its heartland back from the SNP.

The party’s key demand, of course, is that the Scottish Government picks up the bill for Labour’s treachery, robbing £1 billion from other commitments to settle the tab.

But that bill originally landed squarely on the shoulders of the Labour administration at Holyrood 13 years ago, and they ran a mile from the responsibility of paying it:

And their point-blank refusal was despite the then Scottish Executive having £1.5 billion of its lavish budget (generously funded by a friendly Labour UK government at Westminster) sitting around unspent, to the point where First Minister Jack McConnell sent it back to the Treasury because he couldn’t think of anything to do with it.

(Meanwhile it was wasting eye-watering sums of money on murderously expensive PFI projects that could have been paid for at a fraction of the cost by using just a small slice of the cash. Because if there’s one thing we can see that Labour loves doing in power, it’s initiating grandiose projects and kicking the cost down the road for future generations to pay when Labour are long gone.)

With the 2007/8 financial crash still a couple of years away, all of the Labour-controlled councils facing the problem had also accumulated sizeable contingency warchests amounting to hundreds of millions of pounds, which they stubbornly declined to put to the service of fulfilling their equal-pay obligations:

Meanwhile the party’s tame media cheerleaders focused their attention on smearing the lawyers acting for the women whose employers and unions had let them down:

Which brings us to where we are today. Having entirely created the problem, Labour refused to fix it when it blew up in their face, stalled for a decade and wasted millions of pounds fighting underpaid women through the courts until some of them literally died of old age, and is now demanding the SNP immediately do the thing Labour wouldn’t do when it had the chance.

To Scottish Labour’s Praetorian guard of old white men, the well-fed Tammany Hall regime of politicians and union officials who for generations used Glasgow as a cash cow for their own personal enrichment and status, this dispute is their dying curse – a spiteful knife-lunge at the party who usurped them, the voters who rejected them and their own members who turned on them.

It has precisely nothing to do with securing the rightful pay of mistreated women. If it did, Labour governments and Labour councils and Labour trade unions could have fixed it once and for all a dozen years ago when the money was available, instead of stitching the women up in dodgy discriminatory deals, leaving the mess for someone else to clear up down the road, and wasting a fortune in the process, before eventually resorting to blaming each other in desperation.

The ever-faithful Scottish media is doing its best to help cover up the truth. But this is the internet age, where memory can’t be so easily erased, and their game IS over. Scotland sees through them.

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    133 to “The Last Days Of Pompeii”

    1. Terry says:


      Highlights the bare faced hypocrisy of the Labour Party but even more so the Unions. Although a lifelong union member (cancelled the political surcharge part years ago) I still feel so angry that this is what they get up to – at the top the majority are against Scottish independence and are troughers. Can we have a new union?? Seems like they’re a massive block to Indy.

    2. Bob Mack says:

      Brilliant Rev. They are now contacting other branches of the Union to take sympathetic industrial action, in order to present a picture of chaos and disorganisation in Glasgow.

      I think they have to be met head on. I am and always will be a trade Unionist and stalwart for workers rights, but the sad reality is that what they are doing is nothing at all to do with workers. It is purely political.

      I would consider very seriously using the law in that event, because you can guarantee they will hold you hostage as often and as long as they can.

    3. bobajock says:

      Thanks, cant share your original (blocked), but will this.

    4. remo says:

      F*****g brilliant article. Facebooked for the enlightenment of my Labour voting acquaintances.

    5. Nigel says:

      Wow! Labour – rotten all the way through. Scalpel precision analysis we don’t see elsewhere these days and a brilliant roll-back of the murk surrounding Glasgow City Council under Labour – thank you.

      How can the MSM turn a blind eye to this scandal? And watching Labour together with the GMB using those employees as pawns in their nasty little games…despicable. How can those striking not see through this?

    6. defo says:

      …and as the dots are joined up, our picture is revealed.
      A giant steaming turd.

    7. galamcennalath says:

      I am a trade union member and have retained my membership on principle because I understand how much was achieved historically for workers. I believe in the concept of collective representation.

      What we are seeing here is a whole different ball game by what has become an anti Scottish organisation for purely political purposes. Damn them to Hell for trampling all over the sacrifices and achievements of past generations.

      One aspect I can’t get my head round though – this is happening in Yes and SNP voting Glasgow. Statistically there must be a great many Yes/SNP supporters among those directly effected. How is the GMB managing to influence people who have already rejected Labour to now take political strike action?

    8. Breeks says:

      I wonder whether Labour is using the GMB to agitate problems for the SNP Administration because they know full well that they’ve made Labour such a laughing stock that nobody would take Labour’s own “furious” hypocrisy seriously.

      It’s a wee matter on integrity, and Labour has pissed theirs up against a wall, learned nothing, and set off to do the same to the GMB.

      It seems the BritNat attempts to stoke the fires of sectarianism isn’t taking hold as they intended it to, so next on the agenda is to unleash the strike agitators and provocateurs.

      Parcel of rogues doesn’t even begin to describe these home grown subversives and BritNat lackeys, joined at the hip with Scotland’s curse, – the BritNat Propagandists all around us polluting our airwaves.

    9. aitchbee says:

      Part of Labour’s problem is that they cannot adapt to the new internet age. They still believe that people will have forgotten anything that happened more than a few days ago. After all, at the height of their power, they could view bad news as something that would be tomorrow’s fish and chip wrapper and quickly forgotten. They just can’t seem to come to grips with the fact that the internet remembers, and their old ghosts can very easily come back to haunt them.

    10. Luigi says:

      Desperate stuff from the GMB poodles of the red tory poodles of the BritNat establishment poodles of the globalists, supported by their other poodles, the media. Poodles of poodles of poodles. What these poodles all have in commmon (aside from being poodles) is that they are bullies, cowards and liars. Every single one of them. I think they are now in a race to cause as much damage (to the SNP) as they can, before the sun rises and the fatal light of truth burns right through their spineless, spiteful bodies. Hell mend em.

    11. cirsium says:

      What a cracker of a post Rev. I knew that the GMB had shafted their own female membership. I did not know the details or that Richard Leonard had been the GMB research officer involved with this issue. I’ve always associated Jack McConnell’s hand-back of £1.5 billion with the failure to improve Scotland’s infrastructure like dualling the A9. The failure to fund equal pay structures can now be added to this.

    12. aitchbee says:

      I also think that this whole thing is simply a vehicle for Rhea Wolfson to raise her profile. A very ambitious young woman.

    13. Mike says:

      I keep saying it and will continue to say it politics in the UK has been hijacked by organised crime syndication.
      That’s a FACT not hyperbole or a statement of grievance.
      Organised crime syndication has LITERALLY taken over the entire Westminster political establishment and is operating above the law above morality above decency above civilised society above any hope of Democracy and above any hope of accountability. It is Organised crime syndication with its own publicity department its own public relations in the form of a National MSM.
      Look up the very definition of Organised crime syndication and compare it to how the Westminster establishment operates and try and tell me you can see any difference.
      We would get more respect consideration and a fairer society if we were run by the Organised crime syndicates who don’t pose and pretend they are politicians.

    14. Morgatron says:

      A marvellous dissection of the past Stu and SLab & GMB failings and their brass neck hypocrisy laid bare for all to see. They are truly a horrible bunch of parasites. They should never be allowed to hold any office again.

    15. Scott Borthwick says:

      Great piece, but “…real the whole series of tweets…” raises this one to the status of collector’s item. A Rev Stu typo? Surely not.

    16. Macart says:

      Superb work there Rev.

      Second time in two days for me though. I didn’t think it possible to hold any lower an opinion of Labour than I already had.

      I was wrong. Again.

    17. orri says:

      From the sounds of it GCC were for the high jump regardless.

      Their dodge round the equal pay requirements was a discriminatory “bonus” scheme which even if the case on pay grounds was dropped would have won on the issue of creating different jobs for male and female employees. That is discrimination regardless of whether they were being paid the same or not. Not necessarily illegal though.

      Another point is that by operating a bonus scheme to hide true earnings they may also have short changed not only the taxman but also employees if their pension payments weren’t at the level their true earnings should have been.

    18. starlaw says:

      GMB and Unison are clearly acting for the benefit of the Labour party in Glasgow. I was once a union member but now of the opinion that what is happening in Glasgow is an attack on democracy by the self serving leaders of these unions, I have been told that the binmen will be next in line to cause grief to the citizens of Glasgow, this is criminal vandalism and must be stopped by any legal means.

    19. Brian Powell says:

      Sad to see working people of Glasgow destroying their future.

    20. winifred mccartney says:

      Fabulous post – time everyone knew the truth about labour and their misuse of the union power and the people they claim to represent. How they can come out and say they support the women now Leonard, Gaffney is beyond belief – brass neck, giraffe neck would not cover it. The have downright abused their power and I say again funny only Glasgow with snp council is on strike, not Ayrshire and North Lanarkshire. They have cost these women dearly and still continue to cost them. I hope the women take the union to court and sue them for every last penny they have. They have no shame and not a shred of decency among them.

    21. Ian Brotherhood says:

      Video of the James Matthews interview with Hugh ‘Ordinary-Man-In-The-Street-Who-Hates-The-SNP’ Gaffney is on the previous thread.

      Does anyone have a slightly fuller version where we can see Matthews’s intro? Would like to have a closer look at it.


    22. aldo_macb says:

      I left the GMB when they campaigned for a No vote without even consulting their members (like me). After I left and after the No vote the GMB had the cheek to keep contacting me with emails couldn’t complaining about Tory cuts and Tory laws. Aye, that’ll be the Tories which YOU campaigned to keep me under the cosh of.

    23. ClanDonald says:

      Excellent work, Rev, so glad there’s someone in journalism in Scotland looking into this. It’s such a huge story, all senior officials at GMB should be resigning today, as should Richard Leonard.

      But the rest of the media will ignore it, won’t they?

    24. Greannach says:

      I always thought the £1.5 thousand million sent to London by McConnell was the price he paid for his ermine outfit.

    25. cyril mitchell says:

      Re Jack McConnell .He was Brown alcolyte if ever there was one.He was totally devoid of any independent thought and would echo Brown’s policies etc a week or two later. Still he got his ermine didn’t he?

    26. DavyS says:

      Excellent post once again. One solution might be for Scottish Government to introduce a Labour tax in their manifesto for the next Holyrood election. This would provide funds to start to repair the wrongs and mis-management of countless Labour-led administrations in Scotland like equal pay and the PFI disaster and will remind the electorate what bunch of numpties they are. After all they are always bleating on about the need to increase taxes.

    27. Sinky says:

      Look forward to BBC / MSM coverage of Richard Leonard’s role.

      BBC TV English one o clock news covers Saudi issue but not Ian Blackford’s PMQ on UK arms sales to Saudi (it would have if it had been Corbyn).

      Also unusual coverage of European Parliament including Farage, who rarely turns up for his salary, but never any coverage of Scottish EU dimension other than Fishing.

    28. Mike Lothian says:

      Yes it was Labour that made the mess, but I do think the SNP should fix it. With every payment there should be a nice leaflet explaining who caused the issue, who refused to pay up, who fought against equal pay and then why the SNP are choosing to fix it.

      It might do wonders for the cause reminding what could be staunch Labour supporters that their party doesn’t have their best interests at heart

    29. Lets face it this is labours final act of suicide everyone knows the truth of this matter and labour are only deluding theirselves.trying to blame the SNP as they say though some of the people all of the time???

    30. Robert Louis says:

      I always believed that under Labour, Glasgow city council was Scotland’s Tammany hall. Corrupt and corrupt.

      Just ten years ago, Labour and the GMB would have got away with this, but now in the internet age, their shameful lies are being exposed.

      Labour’s Glasgow council was filled with people who grew up in Glasgow, often with little money, from poor estates who realised that the very best job you can get in such circumstances is as a Labour MP or MSP. They take a look around all the folk in possill, for example, and quickly realise the only rich man is the MP, trade union rep or councillor. No talent required, just fawning loyalty to London Labour.

      It is hardly surprising this has happened. I do not doubt that their may have been a time, when good principled people worked for Labour in Scotland. But now, it is just festering with a cabal of greasy pole climbers, saying and doing anything to desperately get themselves on the magic ‘list’ for Labour MSP’s, or even better, picked as MP candidate. Glasgow council was just a stepping stone for such grubby people, on their path to self enrichment.

      They care nothing for the people of Glasgow or Scotland. They see them as merely pawns in their bigger game. Making sure poor communities in Glasgow stayed poor made sure Labour MP’s kept getting elected.

      Not any more.

      These liars in Scottish Labour weep crocodile tears for the poor of Scotland and Glasgow, and care little for those striking women they have deceived and robbed of two days wages.

    31. cyril mitchell says:

      Jack McConnell was a joke. A Brown acolyte with not an independent thought in his head. He was a Brown echo. Brown would introduce policies and Jack would echo them a week or so later. Still worth it for him eh? He got his ermine

    32. Luigi says:

      The SNP needs to deal with this right away. Where is this great announced Rebuttal Unit? The red tories are obviously hell-bent on creating chaos and care nothing for the collateral damage to ordinary people’s lives. These useful idiots will take anything and everything down in order to satisfy their lust for revenge. How the blue tories must be laughing at their stupidity.

      Not easy with the BritNat dominated media backing the red tories 95%. However, it needs to be done – so come on SNP, think clever and for goodness sake, stop trying to be so nice. Be brutal. Mix it up a little and see where the dust falls. It is impossible to please everyone all the time. Destroy these idiots before they cause any more damage.

    33. Yerkitbreeks says:

      So what does this say about Unions, Stuart ?

    34. Bugger (the Panda) says:

      Their approach to their past clustertlux is to rewrite history and smear the SNP.


    35. Proud Cybernat says:

      The internet has a very, very long memory and this betrayal of the people by BLiS and their GMB Union lackeys will never be forgotten.

      A howitzer of an article, Rev.

    36. Stu, I wonder if Paul Hutcheon, Investigations Reporter over at the Dying Swan, will use some of your material to supplement his own searing condemnation of decades of Labour corruption and graft in Glasgow?
      You don’t think so?

      I note that McConnell used the New Labour Old Thatcher term ‘efficiencies’ in 2005 when he exhorts Glasgow to find money by downsizing rightsizing getting the same things done for less money or more things done for the same money Doublespeak of the Arthur Anderson WM Consultancies era.
      McConnell gave back £1.5 billion, and got a Lairdship for his trouble.
      The DUP sold out for less.

      I am fucking beilin’.

      As usual, the Dead Tree Scrolls have buried this and the TV Puppets have twisted the story into an SNP dragging their heels lie.
      The Times are changing.
      Labour is dead in Scotland now.

    37. Marie Clark says:

      Deary me, does Richard Leonard think that this is the way to bring former labour voters back to the fold?

      It just shows the level of depravity that these idiots will sink too. Using the women of Glasgow to try and bash the SNP government is absolutely diabolical. Rhea Wolfson and her cohorts are among the biggest barefaced liars on the planet, to use ordinary working folk in this manner is despicable.

      Well the internet is available to all, as we can’t get a fair crack of the whip with the MSM. I have a feeling that this will come back and bite labour on the bahookey, hell mend them when it does.

      Does Richard Leonard not realise that we can’t and won’t go back to the good old times with the Labour party in Scotland running everything, as they think is their due. They’ve never come to terms with being kicked out of power by the people of Scotland, have they.

    38. gus1940 says:

      Yesterday the Glasgow equal pay strike was shouted from the rooftops all day by The BBC and the rest of both the metropolitan and Scottish media under the misleading impression that they had got hold of a really great SNPbad story even displacing Brexit and The Royal Tour from the running order.

      Now, 24 hours later when the truth of the abominable behaviour of the GMB and the old Labour Glasgow Council over this matter has been made clear to them they seem to have lost interest and it looks as if the Labour/GMB cunning plan is going to leave them with egg on their respective faces.

      Not a mention whatsoever on the London and Scottish BBC lunchtime bulletins.

      How strange.

    39. galamcennalath says:

      Bugger (the Panda) says:


      Last century, Orwell’s novel was seen as nightmare vision of a dystopian future where an authoritarian state rules over every aspect of life my deception and control.

      This century. Orwell’s novel has become an instructions manual.

    40. raineach says:

      The GMB is another Union Scotland can do without

    41. Geordie says:

      Brilliant investigative work once again Stu. I just can’t comprehend why there isn’t even one msm journo out there who can’t see the fabulously rich, almost Pulitzer-winning potential of these stories. Of course, they need a msm platform. Sod it, can’t we crowdfund the purchase of The Hootsmon?

    42. Petra says:

      What a brilliant piece of work, Stu. Thank you, thank you, thank you for exposing these callous, conniving bast*rds.

      I just wish that we that could get this out to every household in Scotland: And I’m sure that many people who visit this site would be more than happy to fundraise to do so.

    43. Thepnr says:

      So Labour MP Paul Sweeney is demanding the Scottish Government pay up and settle the bill for Labours failure in Glasgow to treat their employees with respect.

      Where were the demand from Labour MP’s or MSP’s back in 2006 which was a time of plenty. So much so that McConnell could return unspent to the Treasury £1.5 billion?

      The Scottish Government unfortunately for many other services will have to find a way to style once and for all that which should have been settled at least 12 years ago.

      I just honestly voters in Glasgow and the rest if Scotland know exactly who is to blame for years of mismanagement.

    44. galamcennalath says:

      In iScotland we will require legislation to make it illegal for political parties and trade unions to be ‘subsidiaries’ of foreign organisations. Their role in public life makes it absolutely essential than their allergies must be unquestionably to Scotland’s people.

    45. Dan Huil says:

      Excellent journalism from the Rev.

      Once again the stench of British nationalist hypocrisy makes us boak. At least Ian Smart sees through the britnat media miasma.

    46. Dr Jim says:

      This latest ploy by Labour is not about women or equality or wages, this is about Jeremy Corbyn instructing Richard Leonard to engineer a National Strike in Scotland

      This morning Richard Leonard is outside Monklands hospital claiming all the usual nonsense about how the Labour party always wanted Monklands and how they built it and James Callaghan opened it Blah de Blah, and everybody waves some red placards, but let’s not remember the fact that Labour in fact tried to close Monklands hospital and it was the SNP and Alex Neil who kept it open or the people of Monklands would have no hospital at all let alone a brand spanking shiny new replacement that the SNP are building

      National Strike is what Leonard wants at any cost and it’s been planned for quite a while, they only had to wait for the right Brexit moment to implement their strategy

      Jeremy Corbyn believes that if Scotland votes Labour he can win a General Election and it’s all as simple as that

      So if any of you women on strike at the moment think that it’s about you, you’re wrong it’s not, in Labour plans you’re a tool to be used in a bigger overall plan to get Jeremy Corbyn elected as the saviour of Britain, then you’ll be dumped and betrayed by Labour as you always have been

      Wise up ladies and that applies to the rest of Scotland too


    47. Vestas says:

      It’ll take a fair few years before we uncover the corruption of Labour in Glasgow.

      The old saying holds true – absolute power corrupts absolutely – and after so many decades of power in Glasgow I think there’s going to be a lot of criminal cases brought against current/ex-Labour councillors and their “associates”.

      There goes any credibility Richard Who had, not like that’s a great loss anyway…

    48. John Wood says:

      Here’s an idea. The Scottish government steps in and funds their equal pay unconditionally – they did commit to doing that. Then they sue the Labour Party and key individuals within it for misuse of public funds. And demand that they pay back every penny spent fighting this.
      Though should be cremate I think

    49. John Wood says:

      ‘Cremate’ was inserted above by autocorrect. I actually typed ‘checkmate’.

    50. SOG says:

      If those women need to crowdfund their case against the GMB, will someone post the details on here, please.

    51. Andy-B says:

      Excellent article Rev, showing Labour and their affiliated unions for what they are.

      Labour has wasted millions in Scotland caused long term fiancial uncertainty with its PFI. Let countless Glasgow building fall into disrepair, then razed them to the ground.

      Labour and their unions short changed those hard working women for years. Even now the Peoples Palace requires millions in investment, something that didnt happenover the last twelve months.

      Labour are holding back a progressive Scotland.

    52. geeo says:

      An example of union intellectual debate on this subject.

    53. Shug says:

      I am sure call Kaye will get round to it
      I know today she consentrated on talking to women who only wanted fair treatment but i am sure she will get round to exami g Leonards part in it

      Ha ha ha ha ha

    54. galamcennalath says:

      OT Nicola says “I think no deal may actually be the most likely outcome and that is deeply concerning.”

    55. Les Wilson says:

      The GMP union is just that unionist to the core along with Labour so natural “comrades”, against the SNP and the aspirations of the Scottish people.

      If I recall correctly in lead up to Indy1, this union took their stand with the better together crew, and did not allow
      their members to vote on that position.

      So once more we have an english entity causing problem for Scotland to defacto promote their english views, and more than willing to support that cause by any way they can.
      Leonard had his hands all over the GMP actions of the prevention of equal pay in Glasgow council. The cause of these actions, supporting his Slab friends.

      We need to be looking hard at those running the english associated unions in Scotland, they are now part of the problem.

    56. Juteman says:

      Maybe the Scottish Government can offer free legal advice to workers so that they can sue the GMB?

    57. Juteman says:

      ….and the Labour councillors involved.

    58. Shug says:

      Stu this is the only piece of serious journalism on this i have seen
      Hat off to you sir you are a master

      If there was any doubt the herald and bbc were mouth pieces for labour you work proves the case
      Tom gordon is a wally

    59. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      Stu writes:

      And nor is its position as a Labour Party puppet organisation in any doubt

      Actually, these days it’s the other way round, I think. Corbyn Labour has become an empty-headed front for Mccluskey & Co, and the latter’s ambition is no longer the rightful representation of their working members, but rather large-scale UK political change, 1970s-style.

      In their greed for absolute domination, they’re even less interested in Scottish autonomy than the Tories, and that’s saying something. As before, their weapon is widespread civil dislocation, and it’s now being deployed against the SNP.

      This Rhea Wolfson, she’s the ex-Oxford Momentum operator who was blocked by Murph back in 2016 when she tried to take on the candidacy for his old patch. Not much “fraternité” there. (But what’s new?)

      Now she’s rapidly proving that the Bella crowd’s fond hope that cosying-up to such people would somehow pay dividends for indy is a load of self-delusional mush.

    60. Shug says:

      Any agreement must include a requirement for the union to review their cases of advice

    61. Scotspatriot says:

      Stu’s article looks pretty watertight to me. There should be a judicial enquiry into this disgraceful affair and the perpetrators made to pay the damages…ie mainly the Labour party and the London based GMB Union.

    62. Col says:

      This will hopefully back fire on labour and the unions who fund them and act as a vehicle for those who want to get their hands on lucrative positions and public money to feather their own nests. The corruption that has infested Scottish institutions has not been fully dealt with and to be realistic is still a major danger and hurdle to restoring Scotland as a fully functioning democracy.
      I feel pure hatred towards these people. Leonard on stv today pretending to fight for Monklands hospital to stay on the same sight when there wouldn’t be a hospital there now if it was up to his lot. No tough questions to him and no SNP to challenge his hypocrisy. Just a party political broadcast on behalf of stv who seem to be trying to outdo the BBC in Scotland these days.
      The fight is truly on, if we box clever we win. One of the first things we must do when we become independent is pass strict anti corruption legislation in all walks of life but especially politics, banking, finance and media. Only then can we undo some of the damage this union has inflicted on our lives.

    63. Bob Mack says:

      Unions formed alliances with politics to maintain influence and feedback on members thoughts and ideas.

      Sadly as evidenced by these latest events,they have become the expedient plaything of politics rather than an influencer for good.

      It is an old saying but a true one that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

      Workers need to reclaim their unions from the grasp of politicians.

    64. Giving Goose says:

      There is a conspiracy at the heart of this and it may well be, as Dr Jim suggests, an attempt to get Corbyn into power via the catalyst of a national strike.

      Undoubtedly there are various egos attempting a bit of self promotion.

      However I detect the stench of the British State at the core of this. They pull the strings.

      The Yes movement need to act quickly on this and I would urge any trade unionists out there who are not British Nationalists to assist with getting the message out that ordinary workers are being used as pawns.

      It might be an idea to get some saltires out on picket lines etc as a visible cue that the issue is with the British State i.e. the Labour Party.

      Take back control of the narrative.

    65. Fred says:

      Nice one Cyril, anent Lord Jack McConnell being a Brown acolyte, he wasn’t short of acolytes of his own, Kirsty Wark & Billy Connolly spring to mind!

    66. Craig says:

      There must be something in the watter, that is the 2nd Ultra Unionist to highlight the hypocrisy of the Labour party and the media.

      Effie Deans surprising defence of Alex Salmond was the first and then we have Ian Smart clearly pointing the finger at who is to blame for the Women fighting for equal pay.

    67. heraldnomore says:

      Sadly my football team accepts the GMB shilling, and wears their name on training kit and on billboards at the ground. Personally that’s embarrassing, and I’d refuse their dosh, but those decisions are not made by mere punters on the terracing.

      Whether it’s in retaliation to pitchside banners from our local MSP, (SNP), could only be conjecture on my part…

    68. remo says:

      Will this all come out at FMQ? I bloody well hope so. I sincerely hope Richard Leonard and SLab get it in the neck in no uncertain terms.

      In interview above, was Gary Smith of the GMB wearing a polo shirt then someone told him he needed a tie? He looks a bit strangulated and weird like the kind of person you might want to avoid in the street.

    69. ronnie anderson says:

      Is anybody else having problems with the sound on that video No sound

    70. Confused says:

      this -> nails/ heads/ oot the park/ hitting

      The REV delivers a guns blazing boot in the bollocks, a factual diatribe of logic, vitriol and memories the enemy wish had passed, drawing together to reveal what is a criminal pattern of behaviour from Labour in Scotland – this is racketeering – its Chinatown meets the Sopranos. A “mate-ocracy” using the FAVOUR as hard undetectable currency.

      Nothing to add – what would I need to!

      If only we had our own FBI to investigate all those contracts Labour handed out. Maybe if the SNP broadly hinted that such a thing COULD happen, all this shit would just stop dead.

      I’ve read it twice now – its even better than I thought it was.

    71. Tatu3 says:

      Has anybody seen this? Absolutely dreadful this is allowed in Scotland

    72. Thepnr says:

      There is nowhere for Labour or the GMB to hide over this. More than a decade of putting every barrier they could in the path of those that were entitled to a fair settlement.

      Even going so far as wasting council taxpayers money in defending the indefensible. Eventually it has all come out in the wash and to be so brazen as labour and the shit we have for media to try and lay the blame at the door of the SNP is despicable.

      Ermine wearing Jack McConnell is the most culpable of the lot as he had the chance to settle this once and for all with all of Scotland’s 32 councils by paying up what they were due to the most poorly paid and deliberatley chosse not to. He was clearly falling the Red Tory path of Blairite and Brown philosophy.

      An utter disgrace to the working people that have been treated unfairly and not just in Glasgow of course but in labour led councils across Scotland that have yet to settle.

      As for the GMB’s role in this that were even sued by their own members, they are not there to represent those that keep them in a job but to represent the Labour Party and the corruption within it.

      For the few, not the many. They are shamed by this article and it will not go away an utter disgrace to turn this into an attack on the SNP.

      Thanks Rev, this has backfired spectacularly on them as the facts are out in the open now and there for all to see.

      Jack McConnell had the money to settle, he handed it back to Westminster. Shame on him and the rest of the Labour party that made that decision.

    73. Josef Ó Luain says:

      The SNP have to come-out punching hard and furious on this one, or they’re on to a right pasting from those desperate, “Labour” fuckers, along with the whole Indy Movement.

      As another Winger has put it: the ‘tea party’ mannerly stuff has got to be ditched.

    74. Robert Peffers says:

      @Giving Goose says: 24 October, 2018 at 3:41 pm:

      ” … It might be an idea to get some saltires out on picket lines etc as a visible cue that the issue is with the British State i.e. the Labour Party.
      Take back control of the narrative.

      After reading this far through the comments I think a very brief history lesson is in order:-

      Workers, poorly paid and exploited were judged by the government to be illegal in the days of the Company towns and villages. The company owned the worker’s hovels, the company store and even the local pubs. The worker got his pay packet minus the rent, the slate in the store and so on. The unopened pay packet went home to the wife and she then gave a small sum to the husband which he spent in the company pub. By mid-week the company had the contents of the pay packet back in their owner’s bank accounts.

      Yet the government were sticking trade unionists in jail or transporting them to the colonies as criminals:-

      Anyway, eventually the workers began the co-operative movement that included everything from the co-operative shops, bank and even funeral parlours. The international Gothenburg Society built pubs, clubs, theatres, Picture houses, tennis courts and so on and the Unions & Co-op sponsored Labour party MPs:-

      The history is that the trade unions gave birth to both the co-ops and the Labour party.

      Trouble was that after the Labour Party finally made it as the United Kingdom Government in 1945. They set about dismembering the system and the Labour party started to distance itself from its roots. What happened to the co-op stores? They were already set up and organised not only the members owning the stores but the collective distribution systems and even manufacturing produce and owning farms. Yet the supermarkets put them almost out of business – they forget it was the members who own them and not either the manages, the trade unions or labour party. And the members deserted them.

      When the tail starts to wag the dog the game is over. So now we see the Trade Unions wagging the members, the trade unions wagging the Labour party and all those in power wagging everyone else for self interest.

      That was Glasgow’s problem. The council was wagging the people not the people wagging the council. Remember the instances when, “The Man from London”, arrived and deselected sitting councillors over the heads of the local party and imposed London’s choice of councillor upon the branches?

      So there is Labour’s problem – it cut off its own roots and is now dying or already dead.

    75. Golfnut says:

      I think we could have a lot of fun with all these shenanigans in the future. Just imagine the number of organisations that could be charged with ‘Conspiracy ‘, a criminal offence whether they were successful or not.
      The media the obvious choice of course since they are the major players in keeping the people ignorant while their wealth is siphoned ( pooled and shared ), denying them the opportunity to benefit from their own resources, as per the UN charter.

      Maybe we should petition for a judicial revue on what charges could be brought against those individuals and organizations that have worked tirelessly( and personally profitable ) to facilitate the theft of Scotland’s wealth.

    76. Top Cat says:

      Well done Stu, what a cracking well sourced and well written piece, you hit the nail on the head, we need to circulate this all over the INTERNET. Well written and well explained. This Labour mob in Scotland really are a duplicit shower of lying Sh*t3.

    77. ronnie anderson says:

      Mite be a lesson to be learnt by the SNP on taking over from Labour/Tory/libDem councils FORENSIC EXAMINATION OF THE BOOKS .

    78. Petra says:

      @ Dr Jim at 2:21pm …….. “….This is about Jeremy Corbyn instructing Richard Leonard to engineer a National Strike in Scotland.”

      Spot on Dr Jim and it was probably planned quite some time ago. Leonard who doesn’t even know his ‘reserved from devolved’ appears out of nowhere, or rather straight from the GMB, becomes leader of SLab and then low and behold strike, strike, strike.

      The Labour Party is now racing to clear Leonard’s name. Someone should apply for FOI requests to get to the bottom of his role in the GMB, what he was doing, where and when. Better still maybe Kezia will start leaking information about her arch-enemy or whisper not so sweet nothings in her SNP girlfriend’s ear.

    79. Robert Peffers says:

      Gordon Ross IndyCar today:-

    80. Capella says:

      Gosh Stu you have really spoiled their day. What a shame that there are no other “journalists” out there capable of analysing this Labour/GMB scam. No wonder they hate and fear WoS.

      FMQs will be a joy tomorrow. Richard Leonard will wring his hands in angst over why oh why has the SNP not bailed out this mess. He will point to some distressed ladies in the gallery hanging on every word in the hope of being paid at last. Nicola should appoint a resident fiddler to accompany the false wailings of Mr Leonard.

      Robert Peffers rightly points out the history of the Labour Party, which was created by the Trade Unions to represent workers in parliament. It is considered undemocratic to wield extra-parliamentary power. That has never stopped the elite, corporate lobbyists and landed gentry, but ordinary people are expected to be democratic. Now that both the Trade Unions and the Labour Paty have been corrupted beyond repair, it is up to the SNP in Scotland to put right what has been thoroughly spoiled.

      I look forward to the next installment of Gumbiegate.

    81. call me dave says:

      Jings Rev:

      What a riposte exposing it all in one devastating thread.

      One of your best, and a warning to all about the connections to Labour and the Councils and the murky hand of some unions.
      I have always been in a union, a shop steward for about 10 yrs.

      Stick with the YES it’s ‘smiles better’

      PS: For younger viewers:

      Aye! Moby Dick: Quote in Whale Ship Pequod.

      Capt Ahab to Moby Dick. 3mins and 5secs in. 🙂 Good film.

      Herman Melville book 1851

    82. frogesque says:

      This article alone is worth every penny of the crowdfunder.

    83. Valerie says:

      Ooft! Sliced and diced by the Rev!

      Absolutely damning indictment of the Unions and Labour. Glasgow, as the very definition of “rotten borough” was always going to stink to high heaven, when the boil was getting lanced.

      It’s not over by a long shot. Those who know the Labour Party close up, know Glasgow is the Augean Stables. Gagging clauses, pay offs etc. Rev is spot on describing it as their personal, God given fiefdom.

      When I joined Local Govt, in the 80s, aged 19, you were told, you join the pension, and the Union, sign here. I learned real Union business by being a gopher/secretary to the Branch Chairman, a middle aged, slightly eccentric, intelligent architect. He knew I was a wide eyed sponge, soaking it all up.

      I didn’t know how lucky I was until I was much older. Eric was the very essence of old fashioned, respectful, clever mover, fighting hard for his members.

      So, been a member all my working life, working at the coalface of communications, pickets, shop steward, and finally, as a senior manager, negotiating with the Trade Union.

      Shame, shame on the GMB in particular, and those that have twisted these Unions into vehicles for their own egos. They have taken subs, under false pretences.

      Why we all ask, are there no journalists out there, but the Rev only, exposing this rotting corpse?


    84. Muscleguy says:

      If I was a GMB member I would be seriously seeking representation from ANYONE else but them. Abandon Ship! Abandon Ship! Autodestruct is ON!

    85. msean says:

      Sent back £1.5b,now in House of Lords.

    86. Training Day says:

      A blisteringly brilliant article.

      Do any of the propagandists who comprise the colonial media in Scotland ever stop to wonder why they are held in such total contempt? Why, even if they had the wherewithal to do so (they don’t), they are not allowed to produce journalism of the calibre of this article? More simply, what the hell they are doing with their lives?

    87. Confused says:

      Police Scotland – SOCA? – howsabout SHOCA

      South Lanarkshires CFO took early retirement a while ago – raised eyebrows as it was the most lavish payoff ever in Scotland’s local politics. She knows where the bodies are buried.

      What is hiding? –
      misuse of funds
      conflicts of interest
      undeclared interests
      abuse of power
      … etc all this and more
      – throw in some bullying, sexual harassment (more than likely) as well, “misgendering” for some contemporary spice – then let the lawyers loose on this one. I dunno if we have the equivalent of the RICO act in Scotland, but we should.

      You don’t even need to be Columbo to dig this shit out, just read the local press – lemme see – one Glesga heid bummer was a coke fiend who partied with gangsters – another one got caught wanking a guy off in a layby – got let off by the cops – apologised for his behaviour (to his partner) – then backtracked and said he dindu-nuffin

      There must be copious evidence out there – local council workers are paid utter shit, while the leaders are minted – a lot of disgruntled boys and girls whose eyes pass over interesting documents.

      You maybe not even need “espionage” or “whistleblowing” – all these dicks are on Facebook posting their holiday snaps.

      – So this guy on your golf holiday to the algarve, whose villa you stayed at – he works as a director for a well known house builder, while you are a local councillor on the planning committee … above board, I am sure. You earn 45K but all your kids go to private school. I see. Won scholarships?

      Threatening to set wheels in motion that could potentially put “important people” in JAIL should set some spines to chill. SHOCA should be headed up by some guy slightly – to the RIGHT – of Duterte.

      Feeling a bit aggressive today, but just been to the Wallace Monument for the first time in many years – oh for the civilised days of “settling business” with an axe to the skull.

      sinky – that article is paywalled.

    88. call me dave says:

      Just caught up with the Gordon Ross IndyCar link for today see link a couple up Mr Peffer thanks.

      It seems the ‘clearpoll’ block-chain system test app did not work for me or many others in Scotland. 🙁

    89. Cactus says:

      Aye, the Scottish Labour in Glasgow have had ample opportunity to address this situation long before tish now.

      Ahm sure it was discussed on Wings before, but amongst others, was there not a high up ‘council employee’ who was paid a salary of £500,000+ per annum.

      Many thanks to the current leadership of Glasgow for taking on and trying to address this legacy of the Labour in Glasgow.

      Just like you.. aye Love Glasgow2.

      It’s 7 nights till Halloween!

      Aooow, full hunter moon.

    90. Cactus says:

      Full Hunter’s Moon tish now:

      Howl of the Labour politicians yoon.

    91. Corrado Mella says:

      I wonder at what point can Scots take action to rid the country of BritNazis and sociopaths.

      Do we need to wait until it’s too late and the fight will be violent, or can we oust them now on the basis that they’re mentally insane?

      I’m asking because I need to plan my purchases – should I buy a bullet vest?

    92. Tackety Beets says:

      @ Ian Brotherhood

      I’m on my last excursion to sunny EU , before that avenue is closed , BTW £500 only got me €550 so its getting pricey.
      I have no TV at home but had Sky in chalet yesterday & James Mathews did try to get the Labour situation into the conversation first but yer man ignored it & did his SNP bad bit. James seamed to know the facts but failed to impliment any of his knowledge in interview.

      I noted Douglas Fraser, now of BBC & Paul Sinclair another BBC regular mouth piece both are well aware of the situation from 2005. Wonder if they will discuss accordingly ….bets ?

      If I was in charge / Susan Langside , I would turn to GMB & tell them ” Cut out your bull$hit on Media & halt the strikes or GCC will fund the Women 4 Equal pay to sue GMB and or Labour ”

      As above it can be done & won.

      This Labour / Unions has to stop , we cannot return to the 70s BS

    93. Petra says:

      @ Ronnie …. No problem hearing the video Ronnie.

      @ tatu3 at 4:27pm …

      That’s absolutely horrendous Tatu. Come to Scotland and do what you like. House your nuclear weapons, dump your trash and shoot our goats (deer and just about everything else that moves). And did these individuals have gun licenses? Oh I can’t wait for us to get our Independence and start clamping down on everyone. Add to that carrying out investigations into the Labour Party Mafia in Scotland. Clear the whole kit and caboodle out. Better still jail some of them.

    94. Tackety Beets says:

      John Wood @ 2.26

      Sorry only reading full thread properly now , we are on similar track.
      I jumped ahead as I was fuming , eh smokin’

    95. Terence callachan says:

      The Scottish government should give the women of Glasgow council their equal pay and arrears even if it does cost millions, it is the right thing to do.Scotlands budget is restricted by Westminster and it is now half way through the year that this strike has come about so yes I agree with other people that it was planned to occur at a time when juggling the budget would be difficult resources having already been allocated and spent however an agreement has no extra immediate cost so it is perfectly possible to sit down and agree equal pay together with arrears and pay the bulk of the arrears at the start of the next financial year.
      This situation can be turned into a very favourable situation for the the SNP in Glasgow and the Scottish government in general by paying what is rightly due , it would be an honourable agreement.Thereafter both Glasgow council and Scottish government can write to all employees explaining the history of the downright fraudulent actions the GMB union and Richard Leonard ,Jack McConnell , Labour Party etc etc have done in the past.

    96. Reider O'Doom says:

      I don’t comment on here very often, but your forensic analysis of this is outstanding. A huge thank you for your work. And from what I can see on Twitter, the majority of social media users are well aware of what has gone down.

      BLiS disgust me beyond belief. Nothing could ever induce me to vote for this bunch of charlatans, at any level.

    97. Rock says:

      Rock (28th October 2014 – “And still there were none”):

      “Scotland’s enemy number 2 is the Labour party, enemy number 1 being the BBC.”

    98. Tinto Chiel says:

      This is one of your best, Rev: a real zinger.

      This breath-taking hypocrisy is not good for your blood pressure but it made me wonder why there is no such anguished union campaign for care workers in neighbouring North Lanarkshire, where Labour control the council and with the other Britnat parties outvote the 25 SNP councillors, who constitute the biggest party group.

      But then there’s this:

      What an appalling example of how the Labour Family operates in its final desperate days.

    99. George Davie says:

      Never posted before. But I’m angry.

      I see the EIS (teachers’ Union) are following similar tactics to the GMB.

    100. Rock says:

      The question is, are the people of Glasgow and Scotland smart enough to realise that Labour and the unions are desperately trying to put the blame on the SNP?

      If everyone read WOS articles like this, Labour would be completely destroyed in Scotland.

      Unfortunately, the majority will again be duped by the unionist media led by Pravda GB.

      The fake “independence supporting” The National is read only by the most gullible 9,000 independence supporters and has no wish to actually convert No voters into Yes.

      In my humble opinion, its unionist publishers are fully behind the plot to cover up copies in the supermarkets because they only want them to be bought by the most gullible independence supporters, with zero risk to the union.

      If it was genuine, it could at the very least have some bold headlines which might be noticed by buyers of the unionist papers.

    101. Rock says:

      Thepnr says:
      24 October, 2018 at 4:27 pm

      “There is nowhere for Labour or the GMB to hide over this.”

      Pravda GB’s skirts are big enough to hide them, and sadly they will succeed.

    102. Thepnr says:

      The real problem now is not abour settling the dispute as the Scottish Government clearly want to do that. It is all about how much it will cost now after all these years of austerity when there is nothing left in the kitty.

      That it could have been paid in full back in 2006 really pisses me off as McConnell chose to leave the money with the Westminster treasury as he had “nothing to spend it on” disgusts me”

      COSLA begged them for the money and were told NO and now it it up to this Government to once again repair the major mistakes of past administrations.

      This is not good enough by a long shot, where is the money going to come from? The health budget, the education budget, the housing budget? Am absolute disgrace as in times of plenty the Labour party under McConnell deliberately chose not to do the decent thing and settle up then.

      These Labour politicians are not fit for office and need to be shown the door NOW!

    103. gus1940 says:

      If the BBC bosses in London were to read Stu’s article above surely it would be difficult for them to resist commissioning an edition of Panorama to expose the scandal.

      Aye Right – Some Hope.

    104. Cubby says:

      It is crystal clear and has been for some time that British Nationalist politicians collude with the British Nationalist media, the BRITISH NATIONALIST UNIONS and the British Nationalists in all walks of life to rubbish Scotland,Scots, SNP, Scottish gov and most importantly, to them, Scottish independence.

      It is beyond me how any independence supporter can still have any level of support or residual affection for the Labour Party in Scotland.

      Vote for independence and rid Scotland of these self serving corrupt anti Scottish politicians.

    105. IZZIE says:

      o/t Sorry but really want to share. My Tory voting No voting son who disagrees with snp tax policies told me today that in a second Indy referendum he would vote YES because of Brexit. This is just astonishing I never though I would hear the words mum. If he changed then anything is possible.

    106. Valerie says:

      That’s the teachers kicking off.

      Email from Ross Greer saying to come to their march on Saturday.

      This does feel orchestrated, and the Greens are the willing little helpers.

    107. British Labour Lord Jack Wilson McConnell, Baron McConnell of Glenscorrodale,

      should be dragged before a Scottish Government committee and made to apologise to the woman of Glasgow,

      he ,while bedecked in his ermine cloak, should then be escorted out of Scotland and told never to return ever.

    108. Seems the Unions are now calling teachers out to march in Glasgow at the weekend for s 10% payrise.

      This time they have the blessings of the Green party.

      Who needs friends when you have Unions like this… Hypocrites!

    109. Gonna be a really tacky FMQ’s tomorrow!

    110. Thepnr says:

      Meg merrilees

      “Gonna be a really tacky FMQ’s tomorrow!”

      I think it will be a blast 🙂

    111. Luigi says:

      Valerie says:
      24 October, 2018 at 7:02 pm

      This does feel orchestrated

      Of course it does. The BritNats are getting desperate, and I mean really desperate. This is just the beginning. The battle for independence has entered the final, nasty stage. Things are about to get really dirty and the BritNats will throw everything they have left at the indy movement. The SG have to realise this and act accordingly. Brace yourselves.

    112. Clapper57 says:

      @ Valerie @ 5.05pm


      Well Valerie , I for one do not want to live in one where dirty tactics in politics are being constantly used by Unionist politicians and where all of the Brasso supplies will soon be depleted….. due to all of the Unionist politicians brass necks needing to be perpetually polished.

      I also think we are ‘Desperately seeking Honesty’ more than we are ‘Desperately seeking Susan’….I also think we are ‘ Desperately seeking Independence, Desperately seeking continued membership of the EU and Desperately seeking some f***ing peace to get on with our lives and start to have some hope and prospects for a better future and life ‘.

      ps. We ain’t gonna get that with Labour, Lib Dems or Tories or Trade Unions that constantly shaft us by holding us hostage in the very (non) Union that is sucking the life, joy and hope out of us all by demanding we remain a wee subservient colony controlled by a bunch of callous self serving pompous Unionist knobheads in WM who produce policies that keep the poor and the Scots down while ensuring the pockets of the wealthy and powerful are kept full.

      Don’t get me started on journalists…just don’t Lol.

    113. Dan Huil says:

      Aye, orchestrated, but out of tune with the majority of folk in Scotland.

    114. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Hi Confused.

      You can access Sinky’s link here:-

      It was archived 5 months ago.

    115. Andy smith says:

      I grew up in a small village, the local labour councillor held her “surgeries” at her home.
      You’d a snowball in hells chance of getting her to act on your behalf if you turned up at her door empty-handed.

    116. Petra says:

      @ Tinto Chiel at 6:24pm ….. “Unison.”

      Thanks for the link TC. Unision every bit as bad as the GMB. Better Together, as they say.

    117. Robert Peffers says:

      Breaking within the last few hours:-

    118. Confused says:

      BDTT – ta for the link. Momentum, eh? gah … its like watching a soap opera about people you don’t care about. Fills me with a weariness which can only be approached in a long essay, marinated in the deepest sarcasm and ennui … I’d like to give them a shake. But I won’t waste the energy.
      – REVs got another article – get the lad a RED BULL.

    119. Essexexile says:

      SNP really need to be putting up more of a defence on this given all of the above.
      We all know there was a strong positive correlation between social deprivation / yes in 2014.
      Could be really damaging if Labour start chipping away at that demographic – by fair means or foul.

    120. Cubby says:


      British Nationalists love SNP baaad.

      Every time I read one of your posts there is an element of SNP baad in it. Funny that.

    121. yesindyref2 says:

      Ouch, that’s gotta hurt.

    122. CameronB Brodie says:

      re. right-wing populism, British nationalism, Brexit, shared values and thing.

      ‘‘Right’’ Choice: Restorative Nationalism and Right-Wing Populism in Central and Eastern Europe


      What are the facilitating conditions for right-wing populism? This paper explores the moral and nationalist foundations of right-wing populist appeal. Using European Social Survey data, we demonstrate that voting for right-wing populist parties is not associated with anti-elite, anti-establishment sentiment, but instead with moral beliefs in the cultural purity of nationhood and its centrality to the preservation of national identity, which we call restorative nationalism. We draw on qualitative data from Central and Eastern Europe to demonstrate how narratives of restorative nationalism can bolster right-wing populist politicians.

      Keywords Restorative nationalism Morality Right-wing populism Central and Eastern Europe Historical legacy

      Radical right-wing parties in Europe: What’s populism got to do with it?

      The influence of populism on tolerance: a thematic content analysis of the Dutch Islam debate

    123. Essexexile says:

      @Cubby at 9.17
      Seriously though, where the hell are they? Don’t really care whether it’s ‘SNP baad’ as you put it – political parties have good and bad days, but this quite probably a deliberate tactic by Unionists to begin chipping away at a core ‘yes’ demographic. No point ‘yes’ campaigners working like hell to woo the stubborn middle classes if they’re just going to haemorrhage low income votes to ‘no’ on the back of a deceitful, but unopposed smear campaign.
      Frustrating to say the least.

    124. Valerie says:


      If you too were disgusted by the American Trophy hunters on Islay, shooting the resident goats and sheep, please consider signing this petition.

    125. Essexexile says:


      Yes, I was. I mean what ‘sport’ is there in shooting a sheep with a sniper rifle and then claiming your some sort of rugged frontiersman (or woman in this case).
      You’d have to be a monumental wankpuffin to want to do this in your spare time. The landowners are pricks too for allowing her to shoot semi tame animals and take trophy pictures. She’s a revolting human being.
      Will be signing the petition.

    126. TJenny says:

      Valerie – signed, and thanks for posting the link.

    127. Cubby says:


      Thanks for posting the link. Petition signed and forwarded to others.

      Sport to me is football or golf or tennis or basketball or curling etc etc. Not shooting defenceless creatures. The last thing we need is Americans wandering around Scotland with high powered rifles.

      Americans have a major problem with guns. They may have a right to bear arms in America but this is Scotland. They can come and play golf but not to kill creatures.

      Scottish gov stop this right NOW.

    128. Malky says:

      “…a futile howl of rage against irrelevance by the shady cabal of Labour politicians and senior trade union officials who used to treat the city as their personal fiefdom…”
      A perfect description of the “relationship” between the city and its seedy overlords.

    129. Ken500 says:

      Absolutely brilliant once again, Amazing documentstion of what these two faced lying cretins are doing. The Labour/unionists would destroy anyone’s lives to line their pockets of ill gotten public monies. They are just despicable in every way, Gary Smith and Richard Leonard just abuse and bully these women and others but they have been found out, once again. if there is no movement from the Tunion members to replace these despicable people.

      Some trade unions financed the illegal wars. Killing and maiming millions of people. The leaders interfering in political matters to keep their opulent lifestyles. They fund illegal weaponry and the mass destruction of the world. Corbyn/Labour and the rest of the unionists blame migrants for the migration which the unionists at Westminster have caused. They abuse and violate people’s right. Then blame the victims for the abuse.They are despicable beyond belief Most of them should be in jail. If there was any justice, They have ruined the world and caused misery and poverty everywhere,

      Greer the liar is using SNP second votes to try and destroy the Scottish/world economy. The Greens are despicable liars and cheats. Trying to implement their own agenda to try and ruin the Scottish economy, The most unpopular Party with the most unpopular policies, No wonder. Using taxpayers money to try and ruin the Scottish economy.

      The Tory, Ballantyne is a total embarrassment to her own Party. What an absolute hypocrite. A shameful display of the Tories dragged off the street to make up the numbers of the Illegally imposed D’Hond’t. A corruption of democracy, Most of the lying, criminal ‘opposition’ would not even be there but for the imposition of this system. To try to ruin the political system and the economy of Scotland. The 3rd rate loser wins.

      Gary Smith and Richard Leonard et al should be apologing, Or they should be visited by the authorities for the criminal neglect of women and children they have instigated. For their own self advancement and gratification. Rhea Wolfson can forget any political ambitions and go off and do something useful instead of threatening the lives of so many elderly people. Her exploitation and manipulation has been exposed. The cuckoo in the nest. Fledgling vulture,

      The unionists now have lost the plot and their place in Scotland. Their further demise is guaranteed, Under International Law they do nothing but abuse the citizens of the world. The Brexit farce and chaos will lead further to their demise. A total disaster. Unbelievable in modern times.

      They will go down in history of trying to destroy the world economy and quite unnecessarily impose hardship on others. It is doubtful if they will succeed but rather fall back into oblivion. They are wicked, coarse and nasty beyond redemption. The unionists/greens disappearing further into oblivion. How anyone thinks that voting for them or being in their corrupt parties is gong to bring Independence for Scotland is just a mystery. Corruption beyond belief. Lie, after, lie, after lie. The abuse and violation by Westminster unionists. A plague in the world to line their greedy pockets, There is nothing they would not destroy. Get rid of the vultures and parasites.

      Thank goodness for the SNP standing up for Scotland. Vote SNP/SNP. Vote for no one else, in this time of strife, For a better, more equal cohesive prosperous country. Vote for Independence. Chuck the psycho bastards out,

      Another bright wonderful day. The weather and colourful skies have been amazing, of a new aspiration for Scotland such a beautiful country, Love is all around. Everywhere. Thank goodness for people standing up for justice, Thanks Rev Stu. Thanks a billion for people like you. Nanna efc. There are millions in Scotland. Thanks for all you do. Each and everyone, Scotland will overcome, There are friends all over the world, including in high places. Peace and prosperity will come. Roll on Independence. Thank goodness for the SNOq

    130. Ken500 says:

      Post jumped. Gremlins in the system. GCHQ

      Thank goodness for the SNP

      The Westminster unionists in the pocket of Israel apartheid regime and the Saudis. The most absolute despot monarchy. Wasting £Billions on illegal wars etc. Supporting these appalling regimes. Now £Trillions in debt because of the illegal behaviour. These regimes policies would never be acceptable in the US/UK but are supported in other place by the hypocrites. Shameful.

    131. Top Cat says:

      The GMB union and this so called Rhea Wolfson should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves using the woman workers as a political bat to try and hit the SNP, what a joke. You’ve been rumbled you are a disgrace an utter disgrace. It was the GMB who in 2005 who negotiated this deal and shafted all women worker in Glasgow. It was the Labour party since 2006 who spent millions of tax payers money in court stopping these women getting a fair deal. The hypocrisy and duplicity they are showing is utterly breathtaking. How dare you use those poor women for your political SNP bad story shame on you. I hope every woman on strike takes the GMB to court and sues them for what they have done. Then we get idiots like Paul Sweeney saying the SNP should be doing something about this what an idiot. It wasn’t until the SNP took control of Glasgow from Labour that they decided they would pay these women and rectify the mess that Labour and the union have made. Unbelievable what the unions and the Labour party are trying to do. Only now its getting out there about what your doing you’ve been rumbled absolute scum. Labour will never be in control on Scotland again what a lying shower of SH*T%.

    132. louis.b.argyll says:

      Imagine being represented by a trade-union that swears a vow of loyalty to a political party.


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