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Independence for England now

Posted on March 31, 2019 by

The breakdown data from last week’s vote on Theresa May’s withdrawal agreement:

ENGLAND: 266 MPs for, 256 MPs against (51%-49%)
SCOTLAND: 13 for, 45 against (22%-78%)
WALES: 6 for, 33 against (15%-85%)
NORTHERN IRELAND: 1 for, 10 against (9%-91%)

Once again, readers, the solution to Brexit is clear.

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    546 to “Independence for England now”

    1. Cactus says:

      Hey Chris Cairns, any thoughts on yesterday’s events for your next on Saturday?

    2. Cactus says:

      Is anybuddy sufferin’ the Brexit delirium yet?

      Currently showing on Netflix if you have access to a guest tv

      T-minus ten…

    3. Cactus says:

      Will Tminus10 May revoke Article 50 at the 11th hour of the 12th?

      – Naw
      – Aye

      If she does, the leave voters will not be happy

    4. Liz g says:

      Cameron b Brodie @ 2.39
      It was a good deal more than tasteless Cameron.
      Thepnr was quite right to draw it to the Revs attention,after all its no if the post triggers you that’s the point.
      It’s if it pisses off Stu,hes the one who pays the price.

    5. Cactus says:

      Merry Easter ’19 Holiday Scotland!

      Get yerself an egg!

      Be that bunny!

    6. Cactus says:

      We’re SO going to laugh our way to freedom Scotland hehe

      Then the ukUnionists fight themselves

      Independence for England now

    7. Cactus says:

      Independence for Scotland NOW!


      This rollercoaster ride ’19!

    8. Cactus says:

      England will become independent

      Your wish is at our command

    9. Cactus says:

      By our command

      They are the Cylon!

    10. Cactus says:

      THIS will destroy you

      Headphones on please

    11. Cactus says:

      Hey Scotland, we’re gonna go thru every emotion known to get to independence

      And some new feelings we don’t even know of yet

      Scotland 2019 and beyond

    12. Breeks says:

      Nigel Farage Tweets “Absolutely shocked that Nick Boles cannot accept a democratic vote.
      Remainers really are bad losers”.

      He’s like the smell of accelerant that will eventually prove to investigators the burning down of the UK was arson.

    13. Ken500 says:

      They will have to have a GE election they can lose. Before they destroy the world again. The lying hypocrites at Westminster.

      They put through benefits cuts on ‘Mother’s Day’ for struggling women and children. Cruella de Ville. The multimillionaire. What an appalling hypocrite. McVey the lowlife ts reported to have said, ‘People are more interested in their phones than food’. That waste of space Tory runt. Along with the rest of them. Embezzling and stealing public funds. Starving people to death. Wasting £Billions on HS2, Hinkley Point and Trident. The Tory slush fund. Instead of feeding children and the elderly who are in need.

      Elected to support NHS, Education and welfare they cut them all. Lying hypocrites. There was no need. The tax take was up from £533Billion to £628Billion in a year. Increased £95Billion but they still cut Education £6Billion, NHS £4Billion and welfare £3Billion a year. = £13Billion.

      Spending £Billions on HS2, Hickley Point a disgrace Trident. A total waste of public money with better alternatives. Westminster total mismanagement for years. Illegal wars, financial fraud and tax evasion have cost Scotland £Billion.

      Another 3rd rate Tory loser ripping off the public purse. The only reason they are in politics. To rip off the public purse for their own greedy advancement. Dragged off the street to stand, bigots and racists ruining the economy. Most of them should be in jail.

      No wonder the terraces are empty. More thuggery from ‘sporting’? fans. Just another disgrace. It’s just an excuse. For paedos, bigots, racists and criminals ripping off the punters. What a load of mugs. The Police fans should be fined and banned. Banned from public office for offence caused to others. Sleekit closet unionists. Masons and the rest.

    14. Breeks says:

      I still think it’s worth enquiring from the ECJ whether a Sovereign Scotland might revoke Article 50 unilaterally, and simultaneously try to oblige the EU to recognise that Scotland has that sovereign prerogative and capacity.

      It may be there isn’t enough time for a Court judgement, but the UK’s Parliamentary Sovereignty must be formally disputed, and disputed immediately.

      Please, please, please, I hope we are NOT steered down the IndyRef2 path, because what would it achieve? We will be Sovereign before the vote and will be Sovereign after the vote, so exactly how would a referendum on sovereignty avail us? The only democratic majority our Sovereignty properly requires is amongst the 27 Member States of the EU to recognise it… but they will not do that unless Scotland first invites them to.

      Establish recognition for the lawful principle of Scotland’s Constitutional Sovereignty first, and attend to democracy later with a multi option ratification plebiscite which can be as bold, provocative and profound as we dare, but which cannot punch its way out of Scotland being a Constitutionally Sovereign Nation.

      A Sovereign Scottish initiative to stay in Europe already has a political mandate. We are across that threshold. Defend that existing mandate, then Scotland stays in Europe and the Union of the United Kingdom is left hanging by a merest thread, untenable and simultaneously exposed as a Constitutional fraud. We might never require a democratic mandate to declare ourselves Independent from the Union because that Union has to all intents and purposes simply ceased to exist.

    15. Nana says:


      Common Market 2.0? Independence first, surely?

      Pat Gibson mp says
      Please see my email to @camusson of @ScottishSun about untrue story printed to smear me. I have had no response but he has whipped up an outpouring of abuse towards me as a result.

    16. Nana says:

      Indicative votes round 2 done and once again we see a stalemate on #Brexit. We didn’t vote for it, but all the while Scotland’s caught up in this shambles.

      “Brexit: Driven by Dark Money.”

    17. Nana says:

      UK ‘silver spoon’ cabinet will escape Brexit fallout, says German minister
      Michael Roth describes Brexit as a ‘big shitshow’ run by out-of-touch politicians

      Brexit is wrecking Britain’s business reputation – Siemens UK head

      For Many British Businesses, Brexit Has Already Happened

    18. Nana says:

      UK factory sector revs up in March, PMI shows
      But businesses warned that the rise in production was likely to prove temporary and could reverse if businesses cut back on production and draw on their stockpiles if a deal with the EU is finalised.

      EU to seek €10bn from UK even in no-deal Brexit scenario

    19. Ken500 says:

      Farague should have been put in jail years ago. For electoral and expenses fraud and embezzling public money. He is nothing but a crook. Getting away with it. He has not put in recorded accounts for years. Defrauding the public purse. Protected by Tory grandees and mass murderers. A lying psychophant, sychophant. The absolute, appalling mess they have caused.

      Do not reply to any Tory unionists questionnaires. They are trying to father data about how many voters despise them. They are using it for electoral purposes. Cheap stunt, Trying to gauge support. Just do not give them any information. Put it is the recycling where it belongs. A waste of paper and space. The psycho bastards used illegal ‘dark’ money to oust Alex Salmond. The best politician the NE and Scotland ever had. For standing up for Scotland.

      The 3rate Tory abusers ripping off the public purse. Enough is never enough for them. Just look at their appalling mess. A complete and utter shambles trying to ruin the Scottish economy, every which way. To line their own pockets. They should hang their heads in shame. Political abusers. Sitting in the £Billion HQ for free tea and sandwiches. Sanctioning and starving people. The most vulnerable. With overcrowded schools and lack of teachers. A bloody disgrace. A total embarrassment. Food banks in a place of plenty. What a bunch of lowlife, greedy, lying hypocrites.

    20. Nana says:

      So @GoodLawProject sued the Electoral Commission about its flawed investigation into whether (1) the DUP broke the law by accepting a “donation” from the CRC and (2) the CRC committed an offence by treating it as a donation rather than expenditure.

    21. manandboy says:

      Contrast the Dublin Government with Westminster – well at least the Irish government is getting something right. Which is more than can be said about the UK Government.

      Fintan O’Toole: Brexit makes the Irish State look better than it is.
      Why do politicians seem so competent on international stage, and so incompetent at home?

      The aura of competence that surrounds the Irish State when it is facing outwards evaporates when it is turned towards its own internal problems.

      We talk of “the Government” but it often seems these days that we have two governments. One is external, the other internal. And it is hard to make sense of the contrast between them.

      The external government – by which I mean the State’s management of its relationship with other states – is looking quite impressive. It is competent, skilful and effective. The internal government – the State’s responses to the needs of its own citizens – is as bad as it has ever been. It is incompetent, unskilful and ineffective. Why should this be? These two governments, after all, draw on the same pools of political talent and bureaucratic proficiency. Yet they seem to operate in different universes of ability.

    22. Macart says:


      Two sets of links for brekkie Nana. Yours and the sizzlin’ kind.

      Doesn’t get any better. 🙂

      Take it you caught the theatre yesterday? Seems the big hoose is in a bit of a kerfuffle. The exceptionalism, politicking and scapegoating between the Conservatives, Labour and their various factions makes for quite the soap. 😎

    23. manandboy says:

      The UK Parliament – A CIRCULAR FIRING SQUAD


      “It wasn’t to be. Everyone else, apart from arguably the SNP, acted like zealots, unable to even lend their support to other options. They were engaged in a mass act of self-harm. There was no excuse for it at all. They were not limited to one vote. They could select as many options as they liked. And still they could not support one another.”

    24. Nana says:

      A brief postscript on yesterday’s #IndicativeVotes. Throughout #Brexit Scotland’s Parliament, Govt & @theSNP MPs have been treated appallingly. It’s not gone unnoticed & altho it’s been hard to take ultimately the cause of #independence is stronger

      Inverclyde Council hits out at DWP for ‘blocking free school meals plan’

      EU chief Brexit negotiator @MichelBarnier says he sees “three possible situations”:

    25. Ken500 says:

      Look at that from one of Nana’s links.

      UK – EU fund payments are £15Billion for the whole of 2019. That is in line with other reports. That UK Gov EU contribution is £15Billion a year (with rebate) cheaper pro rata than any other EU country. It all comes back (and more) in CAP payment, nearest biggest markets, grants and shared Defence costs. It is a total asset and cuts costs. A bargain.

      The EU cost Scotland nothing abc just brings benefits. saves money. The EU Heathcare exchange saves money. It is cheaper to treat UK citizens in the EU countries than it is to treat people at home. A saving there is not such extensive aftercare. The EU just being benefits far cheaper. Cheap at the cost.

      The lies the Brexiteers have told about the EU are just abusive. Nothing like the truth, The havoc and chaos they have caused by a complete pack of total lies is just deplorable. Consumate liars, They should be out in jail.

      The £37Billion claim is a complete and utter lie. It should be challenged. They should have to account for it. Malicious liars of the first degree.

      The EU cost Scotland nothing and just brings benefits. The unionists are nothing but a bloody lying disgrace. The UK Union has been ripping £Billions from Scotland for years. Illegal wars, financial fraud, tax evasion. Oil & Gas sector, fishing and farming mismanagement by Westmibster has cost Scotland dear. Lost Scotland £Billions of Westminster fraud. An absolute scandal. Hinkley Point, HS2 Trident a total waste of money. The British Chinese consortium. The Tory slush fund wasting £Billions of public money. Oil revenues secretly and illegally taken to squander and fund London S/E and on every nonsense imaginable.

      Iraqi war, Dunblane and Lockerbie kept secret for 100 years.

    26. Macart says:


      Also? Worth taking note of Joanna Cherry’s summation on the back of Mr Blackford’s words last night.

      Just sayin’ 😉

    27. manandboy says:

      As with us all, then so also with the MP’s at Westminster, in order for the penny to drop, there has to be a ‘penny’, and the UK Parliament seems to have mislaid theirs completely.

      Perhaps on Wednesday they will find it. But ah hae ma doots.

    28. Nana says:

      Morning Macart

      Sizzling bangers and political clangers all round Macart.

      To be honest I can not bring myself to watch that parliament in action, it just makes me want to break something!

      It’s a pantomime right enough with the ugly sister and villains taking us all along for the ride.

      As for labour, nothing they do surprises me anymore.

    29. Bob Mack says:

      The road to independence just went from a “B” road to a dual carriageway.

      Options are very limited for a deal. It looks like either Mrs May’s deal or No Deal, if parliament cannot get its act together by tomorrow.

      On your marks people. The starting gun is just about to fire.

    30. Patrick Roden says:

      Ah, I see mad unionist has played the sectarian card, as well as spelling my name wrong.

      He uses the fact that my name is Patrick to suggest that I must be an IRA/Irish Nationalist sympathizer.

      Strangely enough, there was a poster on ‘Scot Goes Pop’ who always did the exact same thing, who called himself something like ‘Glasgow Working Class’ shortened later to ‘GWC’.

      He ended up being exposed as the son of a wealthy businessman and a staunch Tory.

      If I recall his name was Gibson or something.

      Pain in the arse who is best ignored…and a complete daftie.

    31. manandboy says:

      Nana says:
      2 April, 2019 at 7:48 am
      A brief postscript on yesterday’s #IndicativeVotes. Throughout #Brexit Scotland’s Parliament, Govt & @theSNP MPs have been treated appallingly. It’s not gone unnoticed & altho it’s been hard to take ultimately the cause of #independence is stronger

      May I thoroughly recommend the above referenced twitter thread as very heartwarming. Thanks so much, Nana – still the best.x

    32. manandboy says:

      Sentiment for Scotland’s Independence is strong in Europe, across the world, and now even in England.

      Pity it can’t yet be matched in the one place where it really counts. Still ‘too poor, too wee, too stupid’, I guess.

    33. Breeks says:

      manandboy says:
      2 April, 2019 at 8:17 am
      Sentiment for Scotland’s Independence is strong in Europe, across the world, and now even in England.

      Pity it can’t yet be matched in the one place where it really counts. Still ‘too poor, too wee, too stupid’, I guess.

      But just think of the educational opportunities for PhD students to come to Scotland to study the effectiveness of media propaganda and indoctrination on a confined populace in sterile laboratory conditions with very limited exposure to the truth or even alternative media.

      Or we can start pulling the Sovereignty levers and let our lawful Constitution do all the heavy lifting, and buy time that gives our population a chance to be debriefed, deprogrammed and draw fresh breath before being asked to vote on ratification.

    34. robertknight says:


      Too wee? Nope…

      Too poor? Nope…

      Too stupid? Ermmm…

      Demented Ulster Puritans at it again last night I see. Ian Paisley Snr. would’ve been proud to witness it: NO, NO, NO and, oh yes, another NO!

      Have they actually voted Yes to anything since Article 50 was invoked?

      I find it incredible that anyone in the Republic would want Irish reunification if it meant that lot coming along as part of any new arrangement. It’d make Nigel Farage and two dozen of his cohorts sitting in the Commons seem an attractive proposition in comparison to the prospect of the DUP sitting in the Dáil.

    35. Ken500 says:

      The DUP do not want Brexit. The bad affect of Brexit will destroy the Irish economy and the DUP forever. Irish reunification will be a result. The DUP criminal, racist lying greedy bigots will be out on their ears. Finished. Defrauding public monies and breaking the Law with impunity for unionist votes at Westminster. They are a Law unto themselves. A criminal trrrorist organisation, terrorist murdering and killing people and causing hardship. Supported by the British State of abusers. Paedos, racists and bigots. Killing people.

    36. Ken500 says:

      The only thing that improved the UK economy after the appalling mismanagement and criminality of Thatcher (illegal activity kept secret under the Official Secret Act) was the EU membership. That is what improved the British economy. The only thing. Opposed to Westminster unionist criminality destroying the UK economy.

      EU membership and benefits were the only thing keeping the UK economy afloat. Now being destroying by the Unionist crooks at Westminster. Illegal actions kept secret under the Official Secrets Act. Appalling behaviour.

      Iraq War, Lockerbie, Dunblane kept secret for 100 years by the crooks at Westminster.

    37. HandandShrimp says:


      I must confess I thought Cordelia had taken to imbibing her toilet duck here and forsaken James’ site when I saw the aforementioned posts. A rabid….well, just rabid really.

    38. Clydebuilt says:

      Nicholas Watt . . . Newsnight Political Editor
      “PM believes that a stroke the Boles plan (CU2 = CU + SM ) would destroy the pro UK argument in a Scottish Independence Referendum ie. Stay in the UK as the only way to maintain full access to Scotland’s largest market”

      So if this is true the PM is prepared to damage England’s economy to keep Scotland in the UK.
      OR is it a case of May being unable to consider Freedom of Movement for fear of splitting her party.

    39. Doug Bryce says:

      ^ The problem for the Tories is that any answer to NI border would also apply to Scotland.

      They cant keep NI border open and simultaneously threaten Scotland it needs to choose between UK and EU.

    40. I don’t know how SNPs manage to keep their sanity in that mad house that is Westminster.

      I hope the EU and the rest of the World who are now experiencing or watching what is happening, now realise what we and our country of Scotland have had to suffer under Westminster governments’.

    41. sorry that should be SNP MPs

    42. DerekM says:

      Working very hard on this Rev though where i thought we would bring the more sensible of the English people into the debate it kind of had the opposite effect in attracting the complete nutjob brexit loonies.

      My conclusion is that most people in England are political infants,they have no awareness of their own status and even at this late stage after 2014 have no plan or idea about a future without the UK,they prefer to pretend it will never happen a bit like brexit.

      They really are in for a nasty shock and one which i hope makes them finally see why no parliament should ever be sovereign the people should be sovereign.

      We can only hope that some brave English people step up to the plate and strip parliament of which rightly belongs to the people and writes a modern constitution for the people of England.

      But again this is not being discussed even though it is a possibility and each day looks more like a probability.

      No plan England i do kind of feel sorry for them they no not what they have done and are far from prepared politically.

    43. Gary45% says:

      Just had our first party leaflet posted through the door this morning.
      On the cover, “It’s Ruth Davidson’s Scottish Conservatives”
      followed by all the usual lies and garbage.
      GE coming.

    44. Gary 45%

      but the GE can’t happen until (t)Ruthless returns from Maternity leave on May 2nd? at their party conference.

    45. Gary45% says:

      Aye, but its wee Ruth jong un’s party now, so who knows?

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