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Hurrah for the Jockshirts!

Posted on November 03, 2017 by

This is the former Labour UK government minister, socialist and internationalist Brian Wilson in the Scotsman today, gloating and crowing that the democratically-elected government of Catalonia has been deposed and imprisoned (the latest in a series of arrests and jailings of leaders of the independence movement) for seeking to discover the will of the Catalan people in a referendum, in accordance with the mandate they were elected on – an act Wilson somehow contrives to describe as “tyranny”.

Wilson, whose Twitter avatar is a picture of himself with Fidel Castro, asserts that the Spanish government’s literally fascist coup and oppression of its people is a “lesson for Scotland”. We doubt we’re alone in finding that view chilling.

It follows Wilson’s former Labour colleague, fellow former Celtic director and notorious all-Glasgow village idiot Michael Kelly declaring yesterday that Scotland should not be allowed to hold another independence referendum until everyone who voted in the first one was dead – a likely period of perhaps 100 years.

(Since 16-year-olds were entitled to vote in 2014, and it’s not implausible that at least one of them could live on for a century beyond that – the world’s oldest verified person made it to 122.)

The Spanish government plans to hold a new election in a few weeks’ time, having first imprisoned all the leaders of the independence movement, and has openly said that if the pro-independence party still wins that election it will simply overturn the result and suspend the Catalan parliament again until it gets a result it likes.

Scottish Unionists are now SO poisoned by their hatred of the SNP that they’re willing to not just be cravenly silent, but to stand up and cheer enthusiastically as peaceful democrats are bludgeoned by riot police and thrown in jail, elected governments are overthrown by force and elections are openly rigged in a modern European state in 2017 while its ruling regime, and supporters give each other Nazi salutes underneath the symbol of the fasces – still the official emblem of the Guardia Civil state police.

(Unlike in Germany and Italy, fascism was never overthrown in Spain. The murderous dictator General Franco died in office, and the current ruling Partido Popular headed by Mariano Rajoy are his spiritual heirs.)

The situation could barely be any more analogous to the Daily Mail’s 1934 infamy.

So we don’t think our headline is overstating the case. For the mentality of Scottish Unionists – even those employed by ostensibly respectable broadsheet newspapers – to have reached such depths is something which ought to terrify all reasonable people.

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218 to “Hurrah for the Jockshirts!”

  1. JPFife says:

    This is more clear warning that should anything similar happen in Scotland, arrests, assaults on voters etc, then the unionists will be full square behind it, everywhere in the media supporting it and maybe even joining in. I doubt if any of the prominent Scottish Unionists would condemn UK government violence against Scottish voters or the UK government suspending the Scottish Parliament or imprisoning politicians.

  2. Proud Cybernat says:

    Wilson–what an absolute total fud you are. Would you be happy that I had you jailed because I do not agree with your politics?


    You utterly disgurting little man. Grow a brain then some eyes and have a nother look at what’s going on in Spain you utter fud. Did I said “you utter fud” already? Well, seemed appropriate to repeat.

  3. Athanasius says:

    Terrify? No. Red-pill? Definitely.

  4. Mike says:

    Ive said it over and over and over and been mocked for it everytime but the UK state has been openly fascist for centuries. We’ve never had Democracy in the UK. We’ve only ever had a rigged game that allows a minority extremist point of view absolute power by minority consent. Policies and decrees that have shaped our lives dictated against the will of the majority over and over again and again.
    Scotland Wales and NI can NEVER win a UK wide vote. Even combined we don’t have the numbers.
    People like Wilson are only being true to their natures. People like him thrive under despotism.
    The UK state no longer cares about the veil of respectability they tried to hide beneath the pretence of social justice morality and “Britishness”.
    The mask is off the curtain pulled aside and the ugly criminal despotic nature of the UK state has openly revealed itself.
    I now truly believe the ONLY way for Scotland to obtain its Independence is UDI. I cannot see this fascist state allowing a second referendum now they’ve seen the world react to Catalan.

  5. AKA says:

    The same clown who want’s a united Ireland.

  6. Alt Clut says:

    Every single reader who sees and understands the thin and provisional nature of the commitment to democratic methods of much of our ‘political class’ should, please, make it a top priority to discuss the issue with as many people of good will as possible.

    It’s actually dead simple. What many ‘chatterers’ are actually committed to is maintaining the status quo. They’ll do it gently, if they can, but wont hesitate to enable far right attack dogs if they have to.

    The courage of our Catalan comrades has given us a new opportunity to learn this age old lesson. Every person who wants an independent Scotland needs to rid themselves of illusion and face this fact head on.

  7. Socrates MacSporran says:

    I prefer to look at this latest offering from Wilson as the latest stage in his game of: I can be sillier than you, with Jim Sillars.

    I doubt if Johnston Press can hold-out for long against this take-over bid, which could see Wee Eck in the Chair at Hootsmon Towers, in which case, Wilson’s erse will be oot the windae.

    He, like Sillars, is yesterday’s man, standing in the corner, shouting: “Here I am, look at me, I still matter”.

    Brian – you don’t, and you have not mattered for years.

  8. Greannach says:

    Isn’t it strange how some people become more right-wing the richer they become. Not all of them by any means, just some. Like man of substance and property, Brian Wilson.

  9. cuilean says:

    Brian Wilson’s views are deeply chilling. People like him are terrifying.

    But does he daunt me? No.

    They’ll stoop to anything to maintain their ‘might is right’ status quo.

    Why do Rajoy & Wilson fear the ballot box?

    Their kind only want to fight elections they know they will win.

    That’s what made Treeza May call her snap election this year, she thought she’d win by a country mile.

    It was the same sneering entitled derision which enboldened Cameron to ‘grant’ our Indyref in 2014. They thought we’d lose and lose handsomely.

    They’re terrified we will win, hence the ramped up hatred and determination to prevent Indy2 at all costs.

    The writings on the wall. Mene mene tekel upharsum, Brian.

  10. John Dickson says:

    Mr Wilson shall shortly be looking for another comic tabloid for his bigotry if plans in place today come to fruition the Scotsman will be coming home.

    I am hoping for success.

  11. Proud Cybernat says:

    There were many good German people in the 1930s who realised what the NAZIs were doing to Germany. Alas, too many of them remained silent. And, as a result, Germany and the world reaped the disaster that followed.

    Open your eyes people of Scotland and see where the REAL problem ‘Nationalists’ lurk in this country (hint: it’s NOT the SNP or the YES Movement).

    BritNats might be too blinded by their ‘British Patriotism’ to see themselves as others see them, or to see their own fascist proclivities–but I hope YOU see them exactly for the NAZI sympathisers that they are becoming.

    Before it’s too late.

  12. Les Wilson says:

    Brian Wilson (happily no relation!)
    It is arsholes like this, that should be locked away, not people democratically elected.

    For the EU to condone this Nazi kind of stuff, should be a real warning to them,and everyone, yet they just turn their back, utterly shameful.

    I think,their inaction’s will cause much more problems among Europeans, and the ultimate downfall of the European experiment.
    Sad days for all of us.
    All down to a conservative government, great friends with our own version, who are just as sick if not even more so, just a bit more devious than the Spanish.

  13. Macart says:

    Seventy two years and we haven’t learned a damned thing. As a species we have an absolute talent for self harm and short term memory loss.

    When it comes to Mr Wilson? I don’t think there are any adequate words really. Nor does he deserve any.

  14. Les Wilson says:

    John Dickson says:
    John, many thousands will be right there with you, including myself.

  15. Colin says:

    So *socialist and Celtic Director* Brian Wilson gloats saying the Catalonian president *received applause from right-wing Flemish nationalists*
    Applause not better than the Nazi salute they are seeing in Madrid and elsewhere Brian?

  16. Les Wilson says:

    Macart says:

    I disagree there are words to be used and we need to use them.

  17. jimnarlene says:

    What is wrong in Wilson’s head? What happened to him?
    I heard that he was voted, young nationalist of the year, at university.

  18. mogabee says:

    Folk like Brian Wilson are important only in their heads. The rest of us don’t give a feck. Let him squeal to those who only read headlines and the first paragraph!

    He knows his time as a so-called influential voice is coming to an end.

  19. LesRoches says:

    If shit was sugar, this guy would be made of fudge.

    I cannot wait for the new regime to take over this newspaper.

  20. Proud Cybernat says:

    Is Wilson the “Labour Idiot of the Week”?

    Just asking.

  21. Brian Powell says:

    Imagine the UK Gov, Tory or Labour, ever going to any international organisation it may still be part of and protesting about any kind of rights abuse by another country.

    And is the UK government stable enough to be on the Security Council?

  22. jfngw says:

    Those dreams of being Scottish viceroy are still there I see, democracy Labour style. Oh! where is Lord Halifax when you need him.

  23. Truth says:

    Ah yes, Brian Wilson, that one time member of the SNP.

    Tell me Brian, was the change to British Labour, an opportunistic career move? It’s just that you seem to have spent most of your adult life justifying it? More so since the rise of our competent SNP government.

    We all make mistakes. Some of us even own up to them. Your indefatigable support for Eire and it’s right to exist would seem to suggest you in fact do support a people’s right to nationhood.

    Principles are expensive though aren’t they?

  24. seanair says:

    Brian Wilson (for some reason I do not know) is on the Board of Celtic FC. How can he be there and support rule of Scotland by England?
    Imagine if he had lived in Ireland in the early 19’s and supported the unionists in keeping Ireland in “Britain”.
    I just can’t understand how the Celtic Board gives him the freedom to talk like this rubbish.

  25. Street Andrew says:

    Good to see Michael Kelly has made the journey from no to an emphatic ‘yes’

    Not before time.

    Should be framed and widely dispersed perhaps.

  26. jfngw says:


    ‘young nationalist of the year’

    Scottish or British? I think I can guess though.

  27. George S Gordon says:

    Some time ago, Wilson said this was his last article in the Scotsman. He then came back to publish more tripe, and the new “independent” editor presumably thinks he’s OK.

  28. Macart says:

    @Les Wilson

    Probably not before the watershed.

    I hope casual readers are taking note and remembering. Remembering what the independence movement and Scottish government were accused of and accused of being before and throughout indyref 1.

    We were accused of xenophobia, of being blood and soil nationalists, racists, isolationists and narrow minded.

    Well? Well now you know what that really looks like. You can also see quite clearly and unequivocally identify the true face of the intolerant and the narrow minded. So how is brexit working out for you? How is the rise of state sponsored intolerance, isolationism and fleg wavery sitting with you these days? Is Brexit/Austerity UK all you thought it might be from back in 2014? Do you still feel that you are helping to lead the UK’s ‘family’ of nations, or do you feel like a helpless prisoner of a state that frankly could care less for your opinion?

    Would you still vote for all of THIS?

    If you’re as pissed off, concerned or downright offended as many have every right to be, then you know what to do about it when the opportunity comes along.

    And it will come along.

  29. Sunniva says:

    Wilson demonstrates the worst of both worlds, the authoritarianism of the British State to which he has pinned his colours and the totalitarianism of the old left to which he once belonged. Of the latter, here’s an anecdote.

    Once, in 1992, I attended an open air rally in Edinburgh of Scotland United, a left wing group led by George Galloway that was agitating for the restoration of the Scottish Parliament after the Tories had got in for the umpteenth time. I was there out of interest, and because I obviously support getting our parliament back. Margo Macdonald had approached the organisers and asked to be able to speak though she was not officially billed as a speaker and they had allowed that. The SNP at that time was not co-operating with the Scottish Constitional Convention or with other mainly Labour based groups seeking getting the parliament back. (I often wonder, in retrospect, given the hostility of Scottish Labour to the SNP, that if they had, we would never have got our parliament back, because Labour regarded that project as their ‘ball’ and were keeping it to themselves).

    Margo delivered a rousing speech urging on Scottish resistance to the British Tory state. It was independist in tone and direction. Behind me I heard two of the organising group curse and mutter against her nationalist speech with the comment, ‘This speech should have been cleared beforehand!’.

    That gave me all the evidence I needed of the totalitarianism of the left in Scotland and their need to police thought.

  30. heedtracker says:

    Horrible but there’s so much at stake for the red and blue tories in Scotland, it’s only logical that they’ve slithered in to fascism like this. Its not over either, not by a long shot. Although a lot of Scottish tories like this one are simply dropping off the perch.

  31. donald anderson says:

    He is beloved by the Hootsmon online, other half of the Old Firm right wing loyalist supporters.

  32. ClanDonald says:

    Despite the stance of the British Govt and establishment press, it appears that the overwhelming majority of the UK population are horrified at the actions of Madrid.

    I haven’t spoken to a single person in the real world who supports Spain. Social media is aghast. Even the usually right-wing audience on Question Time last night were appalled. Actual real people who aren’t part of the political bubble are watching events in Spain with horror.

    So, hell mend the fools in Scottish Labour. Their support of the Spanish Government will come back to haunt them and will damage them as events escalate in Spain.

    You can’t get away with turning a blind eye to fascism, authoritarianism and violence against citizens within EU borders just because you think it strengthens your hand in the Scottish indy battle. Shame on them. Shame on them.

  33. galamcennalath says:

    Proud Cybernat says:

    There were many good German people in the 1930s … too many of them remained silent.

    True. However many other ‘good people’ were willing to countenance fascism because they didn’t see its true nature in the early stages. Much UK politics (England especially) is at that stage – the beguiling simplicity of right wing politics can be appealing at a superficial level.

    However, that is not the stage post Franco Spain it at – the nasty violent and undemocratic nature is now out in the open again. For Brian Wilson not to recognise this is astonishing. 1930’s Germany or Italy and he would probably have been on the wrong side then too!

  34. Paul Pacey says:

    I think that democracy requires influencial people who are prepared to fail and try again (Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon spring to mind). Scotland will be independent and we can look forward to this though patience is neccesary and the road may be bumpy. To be stable, longer-term requires involvement by as many people as possible. Influence and persuassion are vital.

  35. Street Andrew says:

    John Dickson says:
    3 November, 2017 at 12:12 pm
    Mr Wilson shall shortly be looking for another comic tabloid for his bigotry if plans in place today come to fruition the Scotsman will be coming home.

    I am hoping for success.

    OH ! I’d missed this.

    Tories may rue the day they ousted Alex Salmond from the impotent forum of the Commons.

    Hubris Nemesis. Fingers crossed.

  36. heraldnomore says:

    Looks like the editor at the Hootsmon doesn’t fancy applying for the gig when JP changes hands. Wonder why…

  37. starlaw says:

    Printing articles by Wilson and his ilk is the reason the Scotsman is where it is today.

  38. Artyhetty says:

    Ah, Wilson, being paid to scare the living daylights out of the soft no voters, and some yes voters.

    So this is not really surprising, despicable but part of the yoon plan. The result of the independence referendum in 2014, was far too close for comfort for the Britnat state, When the Scottish government were told by the Britnat government in London, that the Scottish parliament was not going to be allowed permanency, the writing was on the wall.

    The Britnat government can and would remove the Scottish parliament in a flash, citing national, ie, English security or something.

    That people who have expressed support for Catalonia are being hounded, we have a very serious problem in the EU. No country within such a supposed democratic collective, should be locking people up for expressing their democratic right to represent the people who voted them into office.

    Those photos of people actually making nazi salutes after what went on with the real tyranny in Hitler’s regime, are truly terrifying.

    Brian Wilson needs to look up the word tyranny before he goes around using it in such a disgraceful way with no basis in reality. His type are a danger to democracy in using such language with blatant disregard for the reality of it, for many people around the world.

  39. Q says:

    I don’t recall any of these democratic experts delving into the constitution of Morocco or Tunisia or Libya or Egypt at the start of the Arab Spring. :-/

  40. Alastair says:

    Hanging is far too good for this piece of shit.

  41. Bob Mack says:

    It appears Fascism is an acceptable tool of left wing politics after all. I find it fascinating that as their grip on the populace falters, they slip easily from “all inclusive” oratory to the trusted “do as you are told ” narrative.

    It is a sure sign they are losing when they attempt to dismiss the democratic pocess because it does not allow for the status quo to remain.

    We are winning after all. Who knew?

  42. Proud Cybernat says:

    @ Alistair

    Hanging is far too good for this piece of shit.

    Put a sock in it. Comments like that make you no better than the fascist-sympathiser Wilson.

  43. Lenny Hartley says:

    Jim Arlene re Wilson he left the SNP in Dunoon in the huff when he was told there were better and more experienced candidates than him.
    Btw he tried to bribe me once, offered to buy me a pint if I transferred my vote from Aberdeen where I was working at the time back to Arran he said Bob Middleton had enough votes in Aberdeen and he needed every one in Arran. I took the pint but didn’t tell him I voted SNP , he assumed I was Labour because I was with my of my mates who was one of the main Labour activists in Arran.

  44. CameronB Brodie says:

    Is it hatred of the SNP or fear that Scots might choose to reject their world view?

    Historically, British nationalism was the social elite’s response to ‘social degeneration’ and the empire’s subsequent failing industrial and military capabilities. In short, a “blood-and-soil” approach to sustaining colonial empire. Britain’s socialist movement was instrumental in engaging popular support for this new approach to social organisation (through capitalism, urban planning and biological reform). British nationalism could be described as an outwardly benign form of fascism.

    Given the right conditions, I reckon these BLiS____d dinosaurs would make Uncle Ruckus appear reasonable.

  45. Ken500 says:

    The situation in Catalonia/Spain Scotland is completely different. Not to be compared without qualification. Two countries in a Union as opposed to a federal constitution of Provinces. One country was cheated out of it be a bunch of unionist liars. Cheats, perverts and criminal, liars. Illegal wars, financial fraud and tax evasion. £Trns in debt. Now Brexit even more debt.

    Smug, ignorant, poseur Harvey falls for the unionist trap. Or colluded again with unionists reneging on all green policies. They can’t count or read a balance sheet. Unionist/greens wasting public money on grotesque projects of no value. No one wants. Cutting funding for essential public services. Everyone wants needs and uses. It could affect support for Independence by ignorant incompetents. Ruining the world economy.

    Wilson is an ignorant imcompetent. Labour bastards ruined the world economy. Labour are responsible for troubles in Europe/world. Causing the worst migration crisis since 11WW. The European countries have to pick up the pieces. Westminster criminal liars and warmongers. Illegal wars. Killing and maiming millions of people. Alcoholic Fallon and Trident (cocaine) scandal. Squint obsolete weapons. Westminster crooks should be drink/drug tested.

    They are responsible for the situation in Spain. Financial fraud and tax evasion. Lending for the London lending markets. Illegal pozzi schemes on the Costas. People lost their saving and their pensions. In Spain they put the crooks in prison. Most of Westminster criminals and perverts should be put in jail. Labour/unionist parasites. Embezzling from Scotland for years. Fifty years of filthy Labour/unionists. To keep the Tories like Thatcher out. The LibDem unprincipled liars. Caused the mess.

  46. Dr Jim says:

    When a government resorts to imposing it’s democracy by the use of law it has ceased to be democracy as understood by the people who seek it

    A man on a street corner shouting the end of the world is nigh is largely ignored while a man on the same street corner can be arrested and jailed for seeking representation

    Any country or government that engages in this behaviour and using these methods is not in any way democratic

    The UK has it down to the fine art of owning and employing the power of the media to subvert democracy because they’ve been doing it a long time very successfully until the digital age of information caught up and has the ability to debunk the propaganda the UK employs to do that job, so the UK reinforces it’s media by instructing them to undermine the digital media so we can see where this all ends up

    The powerful have nowhere left to hide their behaviour because too many people are uncovering too many truths so they must resort to plan A which is and always was since power was ever desired by anyone


    If the UK can’t avoid Scotlands push for Independence they will try to stop us the other way, of that I have never had a doubt

    p.s There’ll always be thick people in any electorate who
    refuse to be *unthicked* on principle, and it’s those people we have to worry about

  47. Jack Murphy says:


    “Widespread outcry in Catalonia in the hours following the imprisonments
    Pots-and-pans protests and road cuts are first reactions to the court’s decision to jail eight deposed Catalan ministers”

    “…….Even one of the most central roadways in Barcelona, Avenue Diagonal, was cut off in protest. Just before noon on Friday, hundreds of university students blocked the street in both directions……..”

  48. heedtracker says:

    Ken500 says:
    3 November, 2017 at 1:35 pm
    The situation in Catalonia/Spain Scotland is completely different. Not to be compared without qualification.

    Ken, Catalonia has voted for a party that said, vote for us and we will hold an indy ref for Catalan.

    Pro Catalan independence parties won last Catalan election, wiki

    “Catalan president Artur Mas called a snap general election, which resulted in a pro-independence majority for the first time in the region’s history. The new parliament adopted the Catalan Sovereignty Declaration in early 2013, asserting that the Catalan people had the right to decide their own political future.”

    Scotland and Catalonia are very similar, SNP are NOT the majority, are they?

    Propaganda in the UK is fascist and what do we believe? Or switch SNP for who ever it is Tobias of the FT cant bring himself to name in print.

    OCTOBER 4, 2017 by Tobias Buck in Barcelona
    Lola Mayenco was one of 2.26m Catalans who cast their vote in Sunday’s independence referendum. Her ballot paper, however, looked different from most — it was left blank.

    “I don’t like nationalisms, but not to vote seemed to me like losing a democratic opportunity,” says the Catalan writer.

    It was a small gesture, drowned out by the violence that marred the day, and the escalating political crisis that has followed. But it was also symptomatic of the doubt with which many Catalans view the region’s headlong rush towards independence.

    Amid the political drama of the past few days, it is easy to overlook that a clear majority of Catalans did not endorse secession from Spain on Sunday. Of the 2.26m votes cast, 2.02m were in favour of independence, or less than 40 per cent of the Catalan electorate. Neither can the pro-secession camp claim that it is winning converts at the ballot box: the number of people voting — and voting for independence — has been broadly stable since 2014.”

    We can either pretend that Catalan is not like Scotland, or wake up to the fact that fascist UK is certainly not pretending.

  49. Those who are old enough to remember the 1978/9 devolution referendum.

    May recall how Brian Wilson was prepared to take his own government to court to prevent it holding the referendum
    on Scottish devolution.

    So it doesn’t come as any surprise to me, to see him being an apologist for the Spanish Rajoy Government, which used
    riot police to close polling stations, take away ballot papers and beat Catalonian people to prevent them from voting.

    And we see democratically elected politicians put in prison.

  50. Helena Brown says:

    In case anyone has forgotten Mr Wilson was actually in the SNP in his university days, something happened to him and he left to join Labour. Now I have no idea what it was but from that time on he has been a violent critic. Perhaps the party saw him for what he was, what ever. Thank goodness though, he has a large problem and to justify the Spanish Fascism, oh dear. Hope he is not wearing a poppy, he will be haunted by the men, and women who gave their lives to defeat this pernicious cult.

  51. Capella says:

    Sickening. How fascist is the rest of the Labour Party?
    Has it always been fascist, and have we just not noticed until they feel emboldened by the Francoist Rahoy?

    Any democrat will be appalled by the naked display of state repression against Catalonia. It contravenes the United Nations Human Rights declaration and clarification recently issued by the UN legal expert in Geneva.

    I do hope that the ownership of Johnston Press changes and openly fascist writers are sent packing.

  52. Stuart McTavish says:

    Some people comparing Scotland to Catalonia but the Catalans told whatever part of the world that was listening that they were 80% in favour of independence in 2014.

    700.000 uncontested postal votes or not, there is not much to compare.

  53. ronnie anderson says:

    Brian Wilson The fruit loop of the Loom woven in ah herring bone pattern every witch way but straight .

  54. SeanW92 says:

    All the talk of left of center ; right of center is a distraction, it is us and them, the oppressed & the oppressors, that is all.

    The corporate cabal & their political puppets & us – the masses (and the majority).

    The world is moving away from globalization and neoliberalism, the people want more autonomy so the can live decent dignified lives, those quick to rise due some genuine grievances are all too easily lead down a narrow path of xenophobic nationalism & nostalgia usually by a charismatic figurehead through misdirected frustration. The identity politicking and grievance culture of the “the left” is another form of this and it is splitting the masses when really we should be united in our efforts to have more control over our own money, resources and decision making processes at a local level. Hence the many Independence movements the world over. We need to pick our battles and know our enemy, starting with the BBC & the Westminster establishment.

  55. David says:

    What should a Scottish democrat say to Brian Wilson?

    Should it be –

    1. I respectfully disagree with your opinions.


    2. Who are you really working for, Mr. Wilson?

  56. frogesque says:

    @ Proud Cybernation 1.29

    Fully agree. Wilson may be a plank but the more he spouts his pish the more disable he gets. Laughter and derision are the best tools to combat his like.

    Negative comments with violent undertones can easily picked up by Unionists and used against us. Everyone can express strong opinions but much better if kept factual and numerous.

    The other thing we really do have to be careful of is any incitement of misguided YES hotheads. No one wants another Jo Cox type assassination.

  57. frogesque says:

    Disable should be “risable”. Bah!

  58. Col says:

    Hopefully Salmond will be in a position to kick this guy out of the scotsman for good

  59. Walter Scott says:

    The discredited left are now the shameless right. Darling used to want to overthrow the monarchy in his youth, Wilson’s credentials were unquestioned. His fever dream of Castro being a working class hero ’til he started rounding up the opposition. Wilson has morphed from lefty into someone who could have been attacking yessers in George Sq.

  60. Carnyx says:

    I am not discouraged by the likes of Wilson admiring Madrid’s approach to Catalan independence, it exposes the true nature of the unionist state and that can only strengthen the independence movement. I am however shocked at just how far Wilson’s “anti-nationalism” pushes him into supporting the heirs of Franco.

    One thing though, the image of Rajoy doing a fascist salute is a fake, I’m not saying this because I don’t think Rajoy is a fascist, but because he wouldn’t do such a thing in public, also it just looks fake, the Francoist emblem on the flag doesn’t sit right, the raised arm isn’t as sharp and his other arm.

  61. Walter Scott says:

    If Scotland had gained its independence in 2014 the likes of Wilson and his fellow loyalists would have behaved like the Spanish authorities.

  62. Ottomanboi says:

    Who is this Brian Wilson? What are his qualifications? Does he bake, dance, cook, tell jokes? Scotsman readers need to know.

  63. stu mac says:

    @seanair says:
    3 November, 2017 at 12:45 pm
    I just can’t understand how the Celtic Board gives him the freedom to talk like this rubbish.

    Get real! John (The Baron) Reid was Chairman of Celtic. Regardless of the history Celtic claim they are a business operation first and foremost and the Irish stuff is just to keep their clientele onside.

  64. Proud Cybernat says:

    @ Walter Scott

    “Wilson has morphed from lefty into someone who could have been attacking yessers in George Sq.”

    But the real concern here is that Wilson doesn’t even SEE what he has become–a fascist sympathiser.

  65. heedtracker says:

    “Fully agree. Wilson may be a plank but the more he spouts his pish the more disable he gets. Laughter and derision are the best tools to combat his like”

    Maybe, but look at how the BBC gimp network made this neo fascist a UKOK household name, within the space of a few years, blanket coverage, and all on your ticket, sucka licence fee payer:D

    Much of our brainwashed minds, seem to think that a plummy beeb gimp English accent, reading the news, presenting BBC QT etc, is not somehow the harbinger of nazism, either in Scotland or Europe.

  66. stu mac says:

    @Sunniva says:

    Hmmm… George Galloway. Now what was his line during the Indy Ref campaign now?

  67. heedtracker says:

    So thing is, Wilson’s lefty nazism aside, a beeb gimp production like Fuhrage can say out loud, to the whole world,

    “There are about six million Jewish people living in America, so as a percentage it’s quite small, but in terms of influence its quite big,” Farage said. “They have a voice within American politics, as indeed do the Hindu groups and many other groups in America. But I don’t think anybody is suggesting that the Israeli government tried to affect the result of the American elections.”

    and beeb gimps in teamGB say nothing at all. Why is it acceptable for a neo fascist beeb gimp production like Fuhrage to display his anti semitism, yet say an Australian movie star gets slaughtered,

    Its because tory BBC gave us, and now still needs Fuhrage, presumably

  68. schrodingers cat says:

    wilson, i think he was the founding editor of the HF press but he was sacked by them in 2015 after defending a fellow columnist who wrote a piece about the spread of Islam in the UK.

    Spain just banned the anti-capitalist and pro-independence CUP party
    8.21% of vote in 2015 catalan election

    Together for Yes (JxSí) will be next

  69. stu mac says:


    I really don’t see antisemitism in the statement you quoted. Plenty of groups try to influence politics in the US and it’s well known that the Jewish group have a strong influence as do other groups. How is it antisemitic to state a fact? The statement doesn’t denigrate Jews or Israel in any way.

    Just because some politicians are (in general) twats doesn’t mean you can read stuff into everything they say.

  70. geeo says:

    Re the Scotsman takeover.

    Should this be successful, it will surely be the headline news all over the media.

    Not in an informative manner, oh no, this will be reported in such a manner as to be a clarion call to current readers not to buy it in future because of Alex Salmonds involvement.

    The state tv media, and that is what they ALL are in reality, will try to abort the new Scotsman before it is reborn with a more balanced editorial.

    Now, i chose the words “more balanced editorial” carefully and quite deliberately.

    It is not for me to tell the prospective new owners how to run their project, however, it would be, in my humble opinion, a good move to keep the current readership on board, and gently ease them to the case for independence by introducing balance to the indy argument, perhaps by compare and contrasting the unionist point of view followed by the beneficial benefit of independence to counter those unionist views which are potentially/are, harmful to Scotland.

    It is a lack of ability to present some No/soft No voters with BOTH arguments which makes it difficult to get our case across, keeping the current Scotsman readership onboard buying the new version and giving them access to both points of view, can only be a benefit to the indy cause.

    Good luck to the takeover team.

  71. heedtracker says:

    “Nothing says democracy like jailing your political opponents.” US satire, is a tad different from English.

    We all know that its the UKOK wet dream, Wilson types especially, to have all SNP leaders jailed.

    Spain can hold the elected Catalan politicians they have already arrested and jailed, for 4 years, before beginning any trial, its in the fabled Spanish Constitution, and therefore its not the delightful Spanish gov what’s doing this you see, its Spanish Law, explained the beeb gimps on BBC r4 vote tory lunchtime news.

  72. admiral says:

    Q says:
    3 November, 2017 at 1:11 pm
    I don’t recall any of these democratic experts delving into the constitution of Morocco or Tunisia or Libya or Egypt at the start of the Arab Spring. :-/

    Neither have any of these experts condemned the British occupation of Spanish sovereign territory, i.e. Gibraltar. If they support Madrid’s view of the Spanish constitution claiming the integrity of the Spanish state to be irrevocable, then they must logically support that same constitution’s claim to Gibraltar as part of the Spanish state.

  73. heedtracker says:

    stu mac says:
    3 November, 2017 at 2:49 pm

    If you’re serious, I really dont have time to explain anti semitism to you Stu.

  74. As some has already said I wonder if Wilson and Kelly were in Ireland in 1916 they would be so ready to talk against people’s right to rule theirselves and to think they have the gall to support Celtic talk about double standards

  75. manandboy says:

    Brian Wilson appears to be a bitter, twisted man who even now harbours purely selfish ambitions to be somebody in a Labour Governed UK.
    He has been an independent non-executive Board member at Parkhead for a dozen years. The reasons for that can only be down to his connections with the Labour Party.

  76. Reluctant Nationalist says:

    @ heed
    That’s a chilling double standard you’ve highlighted there. Remember the sodastream ad campaign where they used the slogan ‘gas the juice’? Fuck me, it nearly kicked off world war 2.0. But if the BBC had allowed adverts it would’ve been fine, I bet.

  77. Colin Alexander says:

    The Irish Govt is reported as stating they uphold the Spanish Constitution and unified Spanish state. So, I take it they now uphold the right of the UK to rule Ireland?

    No, didn’t think so. Is the USA upholding the right of UK Govt to rule the USA? No, didn’t think so.

    Sometimes, politicians and politics disgust me.

  78. schrodingers cat says:

    correction, not true
    Spain just DID NOT ban the anti-capitalist and pro-independence CUP party
    soz, unreliable twitter feed from catalunya

  79. Proud Cybernat says:

    BREAKING from Pravda Quay
    with Jackie Kim Ono

  80. A.H. says:

    When all is said and done, Scotland will get to hold another “sanctioned” (i.e. internationally recognised) referendum when Westminster (i.e. the UK government) has no choice but to consent to one.

    And that is quite likely to happen at an election in the near-mid future (i.e. when Labour will need SNP to hold a majority in parliament), so no fret – we’ll get our referendum. We need to worry about how to actually win it when it happens.

  81. Isn’t there a memorial to the dead from the Spanish Civil War in the STUC HQ in Glasgow? What an insult to the lives and deaths of the International Brigade is Mr Wilson. Unfortunately, talking to other old Labour supporters I do not think he is alone. They have become fascist supporters and they just cannot recognise or acknowledge how they have transformed into people who (I hope) cannot sink any lower.

  82. stu mac says:

    @heedtracker says:
    3 November, 2017 at 2:56 pm
    stu mac says:
    If you’re serious, I really don’t have time to explain anti semitism to you Stu.

    Very convenient that lack of time you have. Besides I don’t need antisemitism explained, I need the antisemitism in the quote you posted pointed out. It wasn’t a very big quote in fact fairly brief. I’d expect the time you took to post your sneer would have been all the time you needed.

  83. manandboy says:
    Ian Dunt finishes his piece by saying:-

    “In each aspect of government activity you see the same attribute: the requirement of survival above all else. This is, after all, the attribute the Conservative party is most famous for.

    And yet overshadowing it all is Brexit: a policy which will tear the Conservative party apart. It is a bitter irony that the only aim of a government defined by survival is to enact something which makes it impossible.”

    The Government’s survival? The only aim?

    This Government has another, bigger aim – the survival of the UK – understood in England as meaning the survival of England.
    How else does one explain the 5 year propaganda war against Scotland – Westminster’s Golden Goose. Also referred to by The Establishment as ‘ours’.

    While it is absolutely right that we should monitor closely events in Catalonia, in Madrid and in Brussels, we must never take our eye off the ball which is Westminster.
    The English ruling class is by nature and practice treacherous at the best of times, but when unobserved through distraction elsewhere is doubly so.

    So while May clings to power for dear life, it is power for a great purpose. She knows that England will be alright – but only as long as Scotland can be kept in the Union. The deal with the DUP is but one sign of how desperate this Tory Government is to remain in power, to keep Scotland in, and keep Jeremy Corbyn out of Downing Street.

  84. Andy Anderson says:

    We will show these naysayers where to stick it when we get a YES vote. Then they can piss off to soon to be poor England where they will be content.

  85. Hoss Mackintosh says:

    My favourite story about Brian Wilson was on the day he got fired from the West Highland Free Press – the paper he founded.

    I was on twitter and the yoon sphere went into overdrive with much nashing of teeth. It was just so, so funny.

    I tweeted the news to Derek Bateman who on holiday in Lochaber and it made his day – probably made his whole holiday.

    So with Alex Salmond trying to take over Scotsman we could look forward to another sacking in the near future.

    That would so, so good. 🙂

  86. Carol Murphy says:

    Wilson just a nasty unionist today. Ignore.

  87. Andy-B says:

    The sooner Salmond and Co takeover the Scotsman newspaper the better. It’s went downhill rapid since squeaking lickspittles like Wilson were allowed to foam at the mouth.

  88. galamcennalath says:

    Let’s not forget that SIR Oswald Ernald Mosley as an MP served as Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster in the Labour Government of 1929–31. The UK’s most famous fascist found little difficulty switching from Labour to the far right.

  89. HandandShrimp says:

    Brian Wilson is strange man. Like Michael Kelly he is that bizarre beast that cherishes the Irish rebellion and yet is a died in the wool British Unionist. Cut Wilson and he bleeds red white and blue week days and green white and gold on a Saturday afternoon.

    As a TU rep who met with him during the Blair years to discuss job cuts at our place of work I found him distant and unengaged (we lost hundreds of jobs). I have met other MPs in a similar capacity and while they may not have done much more than Wilson they did at least behave as if they were communicating with another human being. I was a Labour voter at the time and I just filed under “a bit odd”. I still think he is a bit odd but I am less forgiving these days 🙂

  90. Lenny Hartley says:

    Helena Brown as had been posted here earlier today and multiple times before, Wilson left the SNP (Dunoon Branch) in the huff as when he wished to stand as a candidate he was told others were more experienced and better qualified. I E he wasn’t good enough.

  91. gus1940 says:

    geeo @2.49

    How about a page or section in the new Scotsman carrying articles from Wings with or without comments.

    The ones attacking the sins of the colonialist media would really get up their noses when they see themselves being called out and humiliated in print.

  92. Jack Murphy says:

    CATALONIA. Official Statement issued yesterday and reported today by Ada Colau,the Mayor of Barcelona.
    Random Snapshot of her Statement:

    “…….Given this authoritarian turn of events, I want to address Catalan citizens, organizations, political parties and local governments committed to the Catalan cause and to the defence of democratic values, so that we may stand together to defend social cohesion, recover self-government, oppose the authoritarianism of the Mariano Rajoy government, and to oppose the wielding of legal instruments in this way and the attacks against Catalan institutions………”

  93. HandandShrimp says:

    On Kelly, it is a fair observation to say that for a great many No voters like Kelly they will never know if we waited 100 years. Indeed, most won’t know if we waited 15 years.

  94. Andy-B says:

    Wilson I’d imagine is too dumb to realise that for the first time in many years political prisoners (peaceful self determination is their crime) are being held in Western Europe, Spain to be precise.

    Such is the hatred directed towards the SNP, that some see the fascist bandwagon as a viable alternative.

  95. Training Day says:

    The first instincts of uberBrits like Wilson have always been authoritarian and well disposed to repression and intolerance. Now they see an opportunity to cite the situation in Catalonia as a cautionary tale for Scotland with thinly disguised threats of state violence lacing their invective against those merely wishing to assert self-determination.

    As Macart says above, people like Wilson learn nothing from history and are ultimately responsible for the repetition of its horrors.

  96. Dan Huil says:

    Wilson is just another narrow-minded British nationalist. A despicable little person who hypocritically considers himself to be a socialist. His latest scribblings prove him to be a collaborator of fascism. The bbc loves him.

  97. Well, let’s all go to Parkhead and fly Franco Flags and give the Hitler salute.
    Wilson, what a fascist prick. Sue me.

  98. desimond says:

    The pounds falling on its arse…Brian will be over the moon as it will help him flog more “British” Harris tweed abroad

    Said already but that’s the Universal Precedent being set in Spain. All Independence claims will be slapped down and accepted as “the norm”.

    Let no “It wouldn’t happen in Scotland” dreamers kid themselves, no-one in government or organisations abroad will bat an eyelid as Scots are slammed back on their knees with as much force is necessary.

    There will never be another Edinburgh Agreement. Doors slammed shut and planks of wood now nailed across the threshold either side!

  99. Andy-B says:

    Meanwhile the EU Commission has absolutely nothing to say on the arrest and imprisonment of eight Catalan ministers. The EU condems arrests in other countries such as Turkey but when it comes to Spain it stays silent why?

    However not all, of Europe remained silent.

  100. Rock says:

    Rock (8th October – “The shoogly peg”):

    “I can say with 100% confidence that Saint Theresa is not going to give permission to Nicola to hold another referendum before Brexit has been completed.

    I can say with 99% confidence that Nicola will not dare defy Saint Theresa.

    If she does, the recent events in Catalonia will look like a picnic in comparison.

    The fascist British state is far far worse than the fascist Spanish state.

    The worst part of it, more than half of Scots will be on the side of the fascist British state.

    After all the Irish and Scots will remain “British” until judgement day and beyond.”

  101. Cairnallochy says:

    How about a picture/ photo gallery of opponents to Catalonian independence ? You could start with Philip II and bring it up to date as a historical survey though Franco to Wilson and co.

  102. louis.b.argyll says:

    If they sanction/offend us democratically, we will just have to rise up another way.

  103. Rock says:


    “it appears that the overwhelming majority of the UK population are horrified at the actions of Madrid.”

    I don’t think so.

    The overwhelming majority of the UK population (and the Scottish population) only get horrified when something hits them in the pocket.

    Although they pretend to be horrified and are extremely good at shedding crocodile tears.

    There are very few people who put their money where their mouths are.

  104. Bob p says:

    ‘re Wilson and kelly,These vile little pr**ks dont speak for supporters at parkhead.

  105. Mike says:

    I seriously doubt we would have had an agreed referendum on Independence in 2014 if Cameron had believed he would have lost it.
    The Only reason we got one was because the odds were so heavily weighted against a Yes vote.

    I believe Spain would have acted the exact same way. They would have happily granted a referendum they believed they would win comfortably.

    I don’t see any difference between the Spanish and UK regimes. I really don’t.

  106. seanair says:

    Stu Mac
    John Reid WAS Chairman but not now I think.
    Glasgow Council being in the hands of the SNP I would imagine that means a certain number of Celtic supporters voted for them, and are annoyed that one of the Board is publically making a fool of himself and their team in a political manner.
    Perhaps some of these supporters/ voters should get together and advise the Board that Wilson’s political attacks do not show Celtic in a good manner.
    PS I am not a Rangers supporter!

  107. Proud Cybernat says:

    BREAKING from Pravda Quay
    with Jackie Kim Ono

  108. galamcennalath says:

    From the Telegraph … “Negotiations between Britain and the EU next week will be nothing more than “talks about talks” and barely mention the Brexit Bill, much to the fury of Brussels, ……. EU sources greeted the idea of David Davis, the Brexit Secretary, and Michel Barnier, the EU’s chief negotiator, meeting in Brussels on November 9 and 10 for “non-talk talks” with anger and astonishment. “

    Absolutely nothing I have seen so far persuades me that the UK are serious about negotiations. I can only continue to conclude the plan is to have no deal and walk away.

  109. Sarah says:

    I wrote a brief email to The Scotsman editor being somewhat critical of their decision to publish Brian Wilson’s opinion.

    Within 15 minutes I received a courteous reply from Donald Walker asking if he could print my email in their Letters to the Editor page, to which I graciously assented.

    Having mentioned this on Wings, I fully expect the sales of The Scotsman to leap up tomorrow!

  110. Rock says:


    “Absolutely nothing I have seen so far persuades me that the UK are serious about negotiations. I can only continue to conclude the plan is to have no deal and walk away.”

    Rock (28th June – “Slight reprise”):

    “The UK will have a “snap” Brexit while we are caught napping with no legislation in place for an independence referendum.”

  111. Effijy says:

    Ah Mr Wilson.
    I recall he went off on a well publicised rant
    About expensive postage costs would be in
    An independent Scotland and compared the
    Irish Postal Service to Royal Mails.
    Unfortunately the innumerate clown got neither
    Set of figures right, his claim about the Irish System
    Being more expensive was completely inaccurate.

    Now that corrupt self serving figures like him
    Landed a No vote, and Royal Mail has been sold
    Off to rich Tories and their underfunded pension scheme
    Adopted by the average tax payer, Irish Mail is around 20%
    Lower than Tory Mail.

    The man is a completely untrustworthy fool.

  112. Andy-B says:

    Turning to BBC Scotlandshire Shortbread news today. The SNPBAD story featured around waiting times for the elderly to see a NHS consultant,apparently there has been a rise in deaths of the elderly, they have doubled whilst waiting to see a consultant in Scotland.

    However, only UK wide figures on deaths were given which was in the thousands, the actual number for Scotland wasn’t given, only that it had doubled.

    The disingenuous BBC Shortbread wants us to think that the UK wide figure is actually the Scottish figure, to push the SNPBAD story.

    It’s the usual type of duplicitous story by BBC Scotland Shortbread news, that’s led to the BBC being held in contempt by many Scots.

  113. ronnie anderson says:

    Dont accuse me of not putting my money where your mouth is ( at 5.26pm ) I have a few pair of expensive Alpaca/Mohair socks your welcome to choke on them .

  114. Capella says:

    Scotsman editor not happy about the prospect of Chairman Alex. Wonder why.

  115. Colin MacKenzie says:

    labour idiot of the century!

    Hell hath no fury like a Wilson scorned by the SNP!

    What a bizzare and blinkered individual Wilson is, his hatred for the SNP drives his vision, rather than his vision driving his actions!

    Irony is, he’s none too popular with labour, Celtic fans or with folk in the Western Highlands!

    Perhaps he is now trying to court the OO?

  116. gus1940 says:

    Regarding the possibility of Eck becoming Chairman of JP the reactions of our wonderful colonialist media suggest that they are extremely nervous and in danger of soiling their linen should it come to pass.

  117. mike cassidy says:


    Even the leavers are worrying about the NHS.

  118. Hamish100 says:

    Re the Scotsman editor willing to print a WOS contributor letter. I wonder why?

    OT the reason more people are dying at an older age ? Basically folk are living longer or people would be dying younger!

    Absolute disgrace. It is the snp bad effect

  119. yesindyref2 says:

    Strange days, even Brian Wilson now doing his best to hack off the undecided with memories of Franco, maybe he’s seen the light and is doing a bit of a devil’s advocate for us. He’s on our side, honest. Similar in a way to the (closed) Herald article about GMB and the Clyde and building RFAs in the rest of the UK which makes it clear that doing that would indirectly benefit the Clyde, which article provoked a frothing article in UKDJ with, curiously, sound replies below the line bar one or two, and includes a sensible thoughtful reply from someone who is normally very anti-SNP and Indy. I did tell them before that GMB and the Herald was a NO.

    I think all we have to do is be sensible and moderate and let the frothers spit all over everyone else.

    Pass the wipes and disinfectant. Thanks.

  120. yesindyref2 says:

    Scotsman is curious, it prints some good articles so there must be some good writers there. Or it tries at times to be balanced. Any news about Salmond and the “takeover makeover”?

  121. Socrates MacSporran says:

    Sarah @ 5.49pm

    Donald Walker is my great white hope for The Scotsman, one of the really good guys. He’s very fair.

  122. geeo says:





    A basic summary of a certain panic stricken unionist pish dribbling fandang on here.

    Sounds like “cock”, rather fittingly..!

  123. ALANM says:

    We don’t need to look too far from these shores to see what happens when the democratic path to independence is blocked. Those who don’t learn lessons from history are doomed to repeat the same mistakes.

  124. galamcennalath says:

    Latest news seems to be that Spain will outlaw the Catalan pro-Indy parties!

    Democracy? Nope, pure totalitarian fascism!

  125. stewartb says:


    Eat your heart out all those who can’t watch BBC TV tonight – this will make you wish you’d paid the License Fee.

    On BBC2 in Scotland – at long last – some live football to watch – Hyde United vs Milton Keynes on prime time telly. What a treat for Scot’s football fans in this our wondrous ‘one nation’!

  126. just thnk, if Wilson were under 16, we could give him a slap, and the Yoons would be ok with that.
    What a plonker this man is.
    Does the Celtic Board condone bashing pensioners?

  127. jfngw says:

    Brian Wilson? had all his recordings. What was that hit again,’Good Fascist Nations’ or something.

  128. schrodingers cat says:

    yesindyref2 says:
    Any news about Salmond and the “takeover makeover”?

    yup, I’ve applied for the position of moderator of comments btl on the hootsmon

    i told the yoon btl commentors yesterday that I had been promised the job by alex,

    they are still in meltdown 🙂

  129. Sarah says:

    @yesindyref and Socrates MacSporran: very interesting comments, thank you. I didn’t think the Scotsman could have quite lost all the decent staff and I’m pleased that Donald Walker is thought well of. It may have helped him approve my letter by the fact that I decided not to say that I want the Alex Salmond syndicate to succeed!

    Re-reading my letter, and with the benefit of my husband’s comments, I see it may receive some unfriendly response. How will I live with myself?


  130. yesindyref2 says:

    I might be tempted to post there, something along the lines of “Looking forward to the new moderator, know as “cat”. Only sensible posters allowed and about time too.”.

  131. meg merrilees says:


    Liz Castro on twitter reporting that thousands have turned out in barcelona tonight demonstrate.

    Also states that the Spanish national court does not have jurisdiction to act re ‘rebellion’ that has to be the Spanish Supreme Court.

    Those Ministers in jailed are being mocked by police – video has emerged – lawyers call for protection.

  132. Macart says:

    @Schrodingers cat

    😀 (*Note to self* Time to practice the evil laugh)

  133. Fireproofjim says:

    In the defence of the Scotsman and it’s staff, I have had many pro-Independence letters printed, and even when they ran a long editorial saying the BBC was unbiased they printed my outraged rebuttal in full.
    However I have great difficulty in forgiving the unqualified support which they gave the No campaign, although to be fair, they now have a new editor.
    On the subject of Fascist salutes, I am sure that everyone remembers the lovely people attacking the Yes supporters in George Square on Sept, 15th, and their salutes, and that was when they had won!
    We can be sure that there are still enough anti-Scottish Scots, – brainwashed, UJ waving, followers of the Ulster/Orange creed, – to form a violent ("Quizmaster" - Ed) mob when we win independence (and the BBC will blame the ever peaceful Yes supporters.)

  134. ronnie anderson says:

    @ stewartb Ah wont be watching fitbaw oan Bbc 2 am busy topping up ma depression oan bbc wan .

  135. JLT says:

    Thing is Stuart, that the rise of the Fascist element in Britain back in the 1930’s was dismissed by the vast majority of the British public. And in Scotland, it was treated with absolute disdain, even among Presbyterians who at that time, were still suspicious of Catholics. Even many Orangemen didn’t buy into it.

    Characters such as Alexander Radcliffe who led the ‘Scottish Protestant League’ and John Cormack of ‘Protestant Action’ were deemed fascists but so poisonous was their ideology, that even the Orange Lodge wanted nothing to do with them. That speaks volumes!

    Brian Wilson is an idiot. Surprised that someone at the Scotsman didn’t ask him what his point was? Why is he equating Scotland with UDI. No one within the political sphere in Scotland has demanded UDI, so why is Wilson discussing it? One can only shake their head at the drivel that he has written.

    If the 1930’s are anything to go by, the slight rise in Fascist groups will fade again. Already being condemned, if not outlawed as terrorist groups, I believe they will just fade into the obscurity once again.

    And for most of us here, hopefully Wilson will join them.

  136. Alba woman says:

    I met Brian Wilson 30 years ago. He was so rude to me. I hadn’t experienced that level of denigration in my life. Haven’t experienced it since.

    Watched ITV news total disgrace ….nothing on the folk in Catalonia in jail……any chance Mr. Wilson that you could do something useful with what remains of this short life.

  137. Ian Brotherhood says:

    Friday Night Teaser –

    You have one large custard pie.

    Brian Wilson and David Mundell have been captured and are immobilised, securely fastened in stocks in the village square.

    You can use the pie only once and are not allowed to divide it.

    What will you do?

  138. HandandShrimp says:

    Had a go at Stu’s sum

    I have a path a kilometre deep and a kilometre wide and heading out half way across the universe.

    So quite a lot of 1cm cubes (unless I have screwed this up completely)

  139. Capella says:

    @ Ian Brotherhood – I’d eat the pie providing there are no animal products used in it’s creation. Preferably in full view of the culprits.

    @ HandandShrimp – I am reliably informed by my husband who is supine and grandly otiose (with a glass of red wine).

    Length of side of the cube = the cube root of 8 x 10 to the 67th centimetres. (approx)

  140. Ken500 says:

    100% May will not be there much longer. To give consent to anything. Bookie odds on another GE. The Tories are abstaining so they won’t be voted out,

    Cameron had an EU election he thought he could win. Another one long gone, Another one hits the dust. Every unionist politician against Independence for Scotland. Skids off. Except for the 3rd rate rejects troughing on public money because of non mandated changes to the electoral system. Who wants the poison chalice? The unionists mantle in Scotland. They last 2 years on average.

  141. Socrates MacSporran says:

    Ian Brotherhood @ 8.59pm

    To answer your questiion, you put it in the fridge and wait for someone important to throw it at. Don’t waste it on either of these bawbags. They are pond life in the grand scheme of Unionist oppression.

  142. yesindyref2 says:

    The answer is either sweet or dude, not sure which.

  143. Capella says:

    Or in layman’s terms – roughly the size of Donald Trump’s ego cubed.

  144. yesindyref2 says:

    Keep them there for a couple of days, put the custard pie halfway between them and let them go at the same time.

  145. geeo says:

    Ian Brotherhood says:

    3 November, 2017 at 8:59 pm

    Friday Night Teaser –

    You have one large custard pie.

    Brian Wilson and David Mundell have been captured and are immobilised, securely fastened in stocks in the village square.

    You can use the pie only once and are not allowed to divide it.

    What will you do?

    Easy, you eat the custard pie while laughing and pointing at them both?


    You splat Wilson, as Mundell will already have something to eat tucked away in his beard ?

  146. call me dave says:

    Stu’s puzzle!

    I got as far as this but I’m not on face book.
    It’s a lot. 🙂

    Introduction is using chairs then the cards.

  147. Glamaig says:

    galamcennalath says:
    3 November, 2017 at 5:39 pm

    From the Telegraph … “Negotiations between Britain and the ‘I can only continue to conclude the plan is to have no deal and walk away’

    Or perhaps to stay in the EEA via a long ‘transition period’, i.e. kick it into the long grass and let the next government deal with facing down the Leavers, and maybe a second Ref to stay in the single market? Its the only way that makes sense.

  148. Cactus says:

    Hmm literally maybe…

    If “each” possible permutation of the deck is represented by “a” 1cm cube, then you need only one cube.

    One cube.

    1cm high.

  149. geeo says:

    And the sexual harassment/sex abuse scandals roll ever on…

    Tory Charlie Elphicke referred to police.

    Looming brexit disaster, a sex abuse scandal which looks like running for quite some time, Northern Ireland a rudderless ship and another indyref on the horizon, gotta just love this “boring” 2017..

  150. Catalans need to pull their labour,

    shut everything down,

    stop all work,

    block the roads,bridges,ports airports,

    sit down peaceful protest until all Catalans released and arrest warrants aborted by Spanish state.

  151. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @ All –

    Thanks for responses to the teaser, which does have more than one possible answer.

    My own would be to take the pie to the local pub, barter it for at least six pints of lager, neck them swiftly, haud it all in, then go back to the square and pish heartily over the two of them.

  152. Croompenstein says:


    I’d send this guy in to deal with the pair of erses..

  153. yesindyref2 says:

    Are you saying Rev’s not playing with a full deck?

  154. Robert Peffers says:

    Extract from Wilson’s Wiki Biography:-

    “Wilson described promoting Pink Floyd in Dunoon (September 1968) as “the apex of my career”.”

    Says it all really.

  155. Cactus says:

    re the large custard pie teaser…

    See if the bakers is still open in the village square.


  156. HandandShrimp says:

    Or in layman’s terms – roughly the size of Donald Trump’s ego cubed.

    Blimey! All the way across the universe

  157. louis.b.argyll says:

    1 cube. Nice quantum reduction Cactus.

    Btw, I once searched for the number of different permutations on a full 88 key piano..

    Still comprehending the answer…

    ‘..If each and every permutation was to be played consecutively, for one second, it would span a time, greater than the time that the universe has been in existence.

  158. Cactus says:

    Perhaps, perhaps yesindyref2 ~ tis all in the wording of.

    Regarding Catalonia…

    I did a dedication to Catalonia at a karaoke recently by singing “(La)-La-Bamba”. Although by the time ah got to the first chorus ah was calling out “Ca-Ta-Lonia” instead!

    Must be my passionate “rock n roll tourettes” hehe.


  159. Ian Brotherhood says:

    FFS, it’s hard enough gettin a conversation goin on here at the best of times, then aw ay a sudden it’s yon fractal bollocks an there’s nae end tae nuhin…


  160. Capella says:

    Stu’s puzzle reminds me of one of the best videos I’ve ever watched which was a Prof Al Bartlett lecture on exponential growth. Humanity’s greatest problem is that we don’t understand exponential growth, says Prof Bartlett. But he explains it very well.

    The whole video is good but the bit about how many grains of corn can you get on a chess board is clever. at 4 mins in:

  161. Robert Peffers says:

    @Brian Powell says: 3 November, 2017 at 12:41 pm:

    ” … And is the UK government stable enough to be on the Security Council?”

    Security Council?

    The UK Government isn’t stable enough to be out on the public streets without supervision and if you doubt my words pay attention and you will see they are never allowed to be in public without armed security people in very close attendance.

    Could you imagine any one of them walking down the street and talking with anyone and everyone and having selfies taken with anyone and everyone that wants a selfie?


    Me neither.

    Now who do we know that is like that?

    Our First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon of course.

    I once bumped into Alex Salmond on a public street in West Lothian. I was rather pre-occupied with my own destination at the time and it was a moment or two before I realise who he was. Alex also has no high and mighty airs and graces about him.

  162. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

    Ian Brotherhood says at 8:59 pm

    “Friday Night Teaser – You can use the pie only once and are not allowed to divide it. What will you do?”

    Eat the pie, wait 48hrs and let nature take its course, equally distribute waste between Mundells and Wilsons coupons.

    Socrates MacSporran says at 9:14 pm

    “you put it in the fridge”

    Surely freezer so it is rock solid when you lob it at Senior BritNat target


  163. Meg merrilees says:

    Foreign reporter from Barcelona on Radio just now saying Puigdemont will probably be arrested tomorrow.

    He may appeal against the arrest or try to apply for Asylum. Lawyers think he may not qualify because Spain is considered a safe country.

    If that fails he could try and apply for a Humanitarian residents visa. Immigration Minister is a flemish nationalist so he could be in with a chance.

    Puigdemont now calling himself President -in-exile on his website.

    Could be barred for standing for election if he fails to attend court/ would be jailed if he attends court, If he’s in jail, he can’t stand for election. Checkmate ?

    BUT this is all coming from the BBC – so there might be other options???

  164. Robert Peffers says:

    @Ken500 says: 3 November, 2017 at 1:35 pm:

    ” … Not to be compared without qualification. Two countries in a Union as opposed to a federal constitution of Provinces.”

    Utter pish! Ken500.

    The UNITED KINGDOM is not now, never was, and never will be a two countries in a union.

    It is exactly, (legally), what it describes itself as – a bipartite KINGDOM formed by two, equally sovereign KINGDOMS. One of which KINGDOMS is comprised of three COUNTRIES.

  165. yesindyref2 says:

    Bloody fractals, what did they ever do for us eh? Shouldn’t be allowed to vote, that’a sll I’ll say. Next they’ll be wanting fractal rights 🙁

  166. schrodingers cat says:

    re spanish law, the moment the rubber truncheon collided with that catalan childs face, the spanish constitution and spanish laws became worth less than a tawttie scone.

    no legislation which allows such actions is worth consideration.

    if the 21st dec election returns a majority in favour of independence, public opinion wont care what spanish law says, they will look to international law.

    we all must lobby the eu, guy verhpfstadt, to enforce eu observers to monitor this election to ensure spain does not gerry mander it. we can do this on a pretext of ensuring the safety of the voters.

    whether puigdemont is elected or not is irrelevant, no one outside catalunya cares, what is important is a majority vote for indy parties. end of.
    if that happens, pressure from outside for an indyref will be unstoppable, regardless of spanish law.

  167. schrodingers cat says:

    yesindyref2 says:
    fractal rights……meh, they just go on and on and on…….

    bit like ken501 🙂

  168. Cactus says:

    A quick ot if aye may share with yous…

    To add to the recent qt debate audience in Kilmarnock.

    Ah was away seeing one of my mates bands playing a gig through the summer there in Kilmarnock. The guys got onto playing their cover of ‘Caledonia’ and everybody was singing along throughout enjoying themselves, in particular the three guys at the bar.

    Comes to the end of the song, everybuddies clapping and ah shouts out an ever-confident “SCOTLAAAND!” (like ah do). These three guys at the bar lock eyes on me, with aggressive body language and start giving us the growlers and cursing under their breathe. I just kept grinning and they eventually settled.

    Just goes to show, some people are happy to sing along to a song that they know about Scotland… but say aloud the beautiful word by herself in some parts and it’s daggers at dawn.


    Hey, ye know how we previously tried out singing ‘Caledonia’ to the tune of Leonard Cohen’s ‘Hallelujah’…

    I wonder if they might try the same for ‘Catalonia’

    Whaddya think TJenny x, should gel ok yeah 😉

  169. Robert Peffers says:

    @heedtracker says: 3 November, 2017 at 1:48 pm:

    You got most of it right, heedtracker but –

    Scotland and Catalonia are very similar, SNP are NOT the majority, are they?

    Oh! Yes they are. That is why the SNP form the Scottish Government. They are the largest party in the Scottish Parliament by a considerable margin – that is a majority.

    No other single party even comes close but are, all together, opposition Unionists parties. They are unofficially now all operating as a combined unionist coalition opposition.

    If Holyrood is NOT a majority government then neither is Westminster as they too require non-government support from the DUP in order to retain power.

    This all highlights the fact that the present conflicts in our parliament are NOT about the democratic governance of Scotland but about the non-democratic union against disunity. The last General Election was not run to select a majority party to Westminster – it was run to selects a unionist coalition to prevent the end of the Union. It had no intention of selecting the best democratic government of the United Kingdom. Its purpose was to prevent the union ending.

    I’ve been pointing out for forever that when the truth is faced Westminster is a sham and all three unionist parties are, and always have been, a single united, “Establishment”, who give the impression of fighting like ferrets in a poke to the outside World but have, and always will, show their true colours when that establishment comes under threat.

    They are now, and always have been, “The Establishment”. We are not fighting the Tories, we are not Fighting Labour, we are not fighting the LibDems we are fighting the combined unionist Establishment.

    They stand, shoulder to shoulder, facing their common enemy … independence … and that means us.

  170. Agent00Soul says:

    ? Agent00Soul Says:

    The fact is that Celtic FC are second only to Rangers FC as the biggest British Unionist organisation in Scotland. Board past and present stuffed full of Red Tory anti independence shills and UK state war mongerers. Last time I checked there was a real Tory Lord on the board. Whilst

    The truly disturbing thing is that so many amongst their support (and I know many) continue to believe in Celtic FC as some sort rebellious anti-British establishment force.

  171. Lenny Hartley says:

    Does anybody know if Tory MP Elphicke was on the pervs spreadsheet circulated earlier this week, he has been suspended by Tory Party and reported to Polis. Apparently Maybot knew of his alleged indiscretions for a year!

  172. Jason Smoothpiece says:

    Occasionally the British Nationalists allow the mask to slip.
    Sometimes racist frequently sectarian.

    Today ladies and gentlemen it’s fascist.

    Increasingly I note decent people I know who support the British Nationalist regime are avoiding debate they previously were happy to attempt to shoot down my views.

    There is unease and embarrassment and avoidance of debate from the decent folk who support the regime.

    The British Nationalist support for Spain does not sit easily with decent folk.

    The knuckle dragging community don’t really care of course.

  173. Lenny Hartley says:

    Found it re ” Elphicke inappropriate with female researchers” let’s hope whoever faction of the Tories is publishing these details go for them one after the other, a bit like the Yoons went after SNP MP’s after 2015. It could go on for months. I think we need to start a table of whether the outed MP’s voted leave or remain then we will know what faction is behind these unpresidented leaks

  174. TJenny says:

    Cactus – Hi, yeah, Catalonia scans pretty damn well. 🙂

    You’ve got muso contacts, any chance one of our bands could do a version and youtube it for our IndyCats?

  175. Robert Peffers says:

    Ottomanboi says: 3 November, 2017 at 2:32 pm:

    “Who is this Brian Wilson? What are his qualifications? Does he bake, dance, cook, tell jokes? Scotsman readers need to know.”

    I posted an answer to your question before I read your question, Ottomanboi.

    It was a quote from Wilson’s biography:-

    “Wilson described promoting Pink Floyd in Dunoon (September 1968) as “the apex of my career”.</blockquote

  176. Lenny Hartley says:

    Elphicke And Fallon both remainers, looks like Boris and co are the ones with the knifes out.

  177. HandandShrimp says:

    Elphicke is not on the list although the list is apparently not comprehensive and anyway includes people that have just had consensual affairs rather than behaved in a predatory manner.

  178. Lenny Hartley says:

    Highland shrimp, I just told you what Elphicke was on the list for, if you don’t believe go to Tom Prides website and see for yourself !!!!

  179. Lenny Hartley says:

    Highlandshrimp aye Elphicke has had a consensual affair then why have the Tories suspended him and reported him to the Polis? Even the Torygraph is reporting that the Maybot has known about these allegations against him for a year!

  180. Still Positive says:

    Elphicke has asked pertinent questions in parliament re customs organisation and planning permission by the local authority in his constituency which includes Dover.

    By expelling from the party, he will likely vote against the government.

  181. Cactus says:

    TJenny aye, the lyrics are very fitting.

    G on the verse and C for the Catalonian chorus.

    Choose your instruments:

    We own midnight.

  182. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @TJenny –

    Long time!

    Ye’re lookin’ guid there missus!!

    (Is that me in trouble, even when I can’t actually see ye?!)


  183. TJenny says:

    Cactus – deffo one for the Yew Tubers, with words by Ninja Penguin and lookin’ at you too Jock Scot. 🙂

  184. Lenny Hartley says:

    Still positive he is not expelled from the party, he is suspended presumably due to the seriousness of the allegations. By the time the vote on Brexit comes he may be staring at a cell wall. In my opinion there is possibly a conspiracy to oust remainers from positions of influence or power within the Tory Party. The next one who hits the headlines should show us the pattern, if it’s a brexiteer then I presume non governmental influence (establishment) is being exerted. If it’s a remainer then full scale internecine war between the Tories will break out and an early election (again) is likely.
    The spreadsheet leak was not an accident, somebody has a plan.

  185. Robert Peffers says:

    @A.H. says: 3 November, 2017 at 3:27 pm:

    “When all is said and done, Scotland will get to hold another “sanctioned” (i.e. internationally recognised) referendum when Westminster (i.e. the UK government) has no choice but to consent to one.”

    Scotland can, and will, get its referendum whenever the Scottish Government or the SNP as a party decides to hold one for the very good legal reason that, (unlike in Spain), there are no legal ways for Westminster, or anyone else, to prevent it.

    The best Westminster, or anyone else, can do is to say beforehand that they will not abide by the result. We need no ones permission.

    In fact, unless previously agreed, referendum are normally only legally advisory.

    They legally refer the question to whatever public they want to know an opinion from. Otherwise it wouldn’t be a referendum it would be a binding vote.

    When a private company, (I got one yesterday from Vodafone and another from Microsoft), want to do market research they ask either their existing customer base or a particular segment of the public for an opinion on a product or service.

    i.e, they refer it to a segment of the public – that’s a referendum and referendums are normally not binding upon the people referring the question – unless they agree beforehand to abide by the result and that turns the referendum into a contract.

    The UK government thus cannot legally prevent anyone from holding a referendum because it is NOT an illegal practice.

    In the case of Spain – they had bad trouble caused by Spain’s history of their forced territorial acquisition of then foreign territories. Hence Spain’s many autonomous regions, and by the fascist dictator General Franco. They thought to prevent such dictatorships happening again but there remained, and there still does, fascist supporters in Spain.

    After the Franco era they made great efforts to make the people of Spain feel as if a united Spanish state. They even brought back the Spanish royalty and made Spain into a new Constitutional Monarchy. This involved writing a new Spanish Constitution.

    The laws that Spain is now using to prosecute the Catalonian government leaders is an obscure, almost forgotten, part of that new Spanish constitution that, ironically, sought to prevent fascism gaining power and I quote:-

    The Constitution of 1978 (Constitución española de 1978) is the current supreme law of the Kingdom of Spain. It was enacted after the country’s 1978 constitutional referendum, in furtherance of the Spanish transition to democracy. The Constitution of 1978 was preceded by numerous other Spanish constitutions.

    The current constitution was ratified after a referendum on 6 December 1978, sanctioned by King Juan Carlos I on 27 December, and published in the Boletin Oficial del Estado on 29 December. The promulgation of the constitution marked the culmination of the Spanish transition to democracy after the death of Francisco Franco, on 20 November 1975. This led to the country undergoing a series of political, social and historical changes that transformed the Francoist regime into a democratic state.

    Or did it?

  186. TJenny says:

    Ian B – be still my beating heart. (wee flushed faced thingy).

  187. Robert Peffers says:

    @Andy-B says: 3 November, 2017 at 5:02 pm:
    “Meanwhile the EU Commission has absolutely nothing to say on the arrest and imprisonment of eight Catalan ministers.”

    Sheesh! Give it a break, Andy-B, The European Commission, (the clue is in the title), never have anything useful to say on their own behalf.

    The reason being that they are NOT the European Union – They are Commissioned i.e. paid by, the European Union Parliament as the European Parliament’s Civil Service.

    They have no authority to give their personal, (or the EU Commission’s), opinion. For Civil Servants are, (supposedly), politically neutral.

    Yet members of the public still believe the propaganda of the Westminster Establishment propaganda machine that so often deliberately quotes the EC, or individual European Commissioners, as authorities, when they really have no such authority. If they are quoting European Parliament sources it is NOT EC sources it is EU sources.

  188. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @TJenny –


  189. In this darkest of weeks, I had to laugh at Herald Britland’s reporting that there are 35,000 eligible to vote in the Labour Branch Office ‘leadership’ beano.
    Well they cannot hide the eventual turnout. I reckon 15,000 tops.
    Apparently there has been a ‘rush’ of 10,000 to join just to vote who will be leader until the next crisis in 10 months or so. That’ll be the Loony Left Momentum Militants flexing their muscle.
    It will end in the usual mess.
    The WM Government is in free fall. Somebody in the Brit Nat Establishment is choreographing the drip drip release of sex scandals.
    Some may recall that I suggested after the UKGE in June that the Tories were a sex scandal, a heart attack, and an expenses fiddle away from losing their majority.
    Who’d have thought that all our Christmases would come at once. The collapse of the British State has come to pass even more abruptly than I anticipated.
    UK GE in December?
    There will be no Brexit.
    The Money Men and the Establishment will not allow it.
    Bang goes Brexit.

  190. TJenny says:

    Hmm – I see from WOS TL that Nicholas Soames is salivating over ‘the Magnificent'(sic) Ruth Davidson at a Tory Sussex area dinner. Preparing the ground for parachuting her into an English tory seat? If she was going to replace Elphicke though, she’d be in Kent, so, maybe there’s another sex scandal head ready to roll in Sussex? Or her next dinner date might be in Kent. The English tory grandees seem to greatly rate her. Which says it all really.

  191. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

    F*ck me @Jack Collatin says at 1:30 am, you jumpin’ ‘e’ gun?

    “Who’d have thought that all our Christmases would come at once.”

    It’s 51 Sleeps ’til Christmas Jack.

    But I too am as optimistic as you


  192. K1 says:

    Alyn Smith put the transcript of this meeting in his latest email, it’s Sir Ivan Rogers giving evidence at the Treasury Committee on the 25/10/17. If you recall he was the former Permanent Representative of the UK to the EU. So certainly a voice worth hearing regarding Brexshit:

    (I’ve tiny urled it, when you copy the link from his email it’s 320 characters long when you go to paste it!)

    I found it on parliament tv for those of us who cannae be arsed reading through it all:'The UK’s economic relationship with the European Union’

  193. Willie says:

    Well Rev, you certainly know a thing or two about British Police arresting yourself on trumped up charges.

    Nothing you understand to do with your political views.

  194. Nana says:

    A Conservative MP’s general election fund took hidden payments from a developer as a multimillion-pound loan he personally oversaw paid out.

    ‘No deal’ Brexit could add £930 a year to UK shopping bills, say experts

    3 Bits Of Bad News Ministers Buried During The Westminster Sex Pest Scandal

  195. Nana says:

    Will the Harvey Weinstein Effect Derail Brexit?

    If anyone wants to boycott Spanish goods, barcode number begins with 84

    The Balfour declaration and the war on Palestine that followed

  196. Alan Laird says:

    Surely this Brian Wilson article should be in the ‘Tory idiot of the week’ feature?

  197. Alex Clark says:


    Thanks again for the links, that Sheridan report is an amazing read. Don’t think that the Judge, Lord Turnbull likes Sheridan much LOL.

  198. gus1940 says:

    Re the Sheridan story I am amazed at the behaviour of the judge joining in the arguments put before him.

    I have always been of the opinion that judges were supposed to act neutrally and listen to the arguments put before them without voicing opinions and to subsequently, when juries are not involved, to weigh up the evidence and produce a verdict based on the evidence.

  199. Nana says:

    There’s full live streaming of @ScotConvention #Build2Indy from 10:00 am today

  200. I remember when Alex Salmond became leader of the SNP, he stated that he wished Brian Wilson had still been a member of the SNP.

    Because it would have given him greatest of pleasure to have kicked him out of the party.

    I believe it had something to do with the views Wilson had
    on campaigning for Scottish independence.

  201. Alex Clark says:


    Yes some very weird comments from the judge, sounded more like a prosecutor than a judge.

  202. Fred says:

    Has anybody ever seen Brian Wilson & Mrs Mac of “Take the High Road!” in the same room together?

  203. Dave McEwan Hill says:

    Thinking about QT the other night things steadily got clearer.

    In a Scotland in which the nationalists have the most local councillors by a considerable margin, a majority in the Scottish Parliament,most MEPs and more MPs than all the unionists put together ie a complete dominance in Scottish politics – we had a QT with a panel of four unionists (three of them English )and one nationalist.

    (There is only one really significant issue in Scotland at the moment and that is Scotland’s constitutional future.)

    The BBC will argue that QT is UK wide programme. Why then was it dominated by issues of a specific Scottish interest with obvious plants in the audience primed to attack the efforts of the Scottish government on these issues? We of course know the answer – but does the rest of our population?

    I will concede this point when I see a QT from Plymouth or Wolverhampton with a panel made up of perhaps Tommy Sheppard, Patrick Harvey, Alex Salmond and Elaine C Smith roasting some poor Tory minister on the collapsing NHS in England or where all their policeman have gone.

    I will wait a long time. Likelier I suspect for Dermott Desmond to buy Rangers and appoint Neil Lennon as the Gers mananger.

  204. Meg merrilees says:

    T jenny

    So now it falls into place… sex scandal- remove MP – by-election- (t)Ruthless parachuted in , or drives in in her tank all guns blazing, because no-one knows what really goes on in Scotland.
    Unsurprisingly, after a fortune spent on her campaign, she’s elected and BINGO given a place in the cabinet immediately.

    Chief whip has nothing on her because he/she has no idea what is going on in Scotland and then we really are in the shit.

    If the papers are reading this correctly, about 12 MP’s may need to leave – if they’re all Tories then T May’s mini- majority is crushed

  205. Jack Murphy says:

    Thanks Nana at 10:02am for this:
    “There’s full live streaming of @ScotConvention #Build2Indy from 10:00 am today

    The Scottish Independence Event LIVE NOW. 🙂

  206. Davy says:

    When a gobshite like Brian Wilson makes veiled threats just ignore it.

    But never forget it.

    Come independence let him and his fellow gobshites try and explain themselves.

    We don’t have to forget, ever.

  207. Greannach says:

    If the Tory Party in England parachute Tank Top into a seat in their country, what fun we’ll have in ours wondering who will take over from her in Parliament.

    Could it be the heroically inept Annie Wells? Or epically dim Jamie-Lee Greene? Super-tit Miles Briggs? Lithe, svelte Jackson Carlaw or the dodgy businessman from Aberdeenshire? Maybe they could dig up Scary Mary Scanlon to haunt the chamber. Or Two Jobs Tomkinson?

    Whoever gets the gig, they’ll be fun to watch.

    But shouldn’t someone tell our neighbours that Tank Top is a useless liability? Yes? Nah!

  208. Rock says:


    “Re the Sheridan story I am amazed at the behaviour of the judge joining in the arguments put before him.

    I have always been of the opinion that judges were supposed to act neutrally and listen to the arguments put before them without voicing opinions and to subsequently, when juries are not involved, to weigh up the evidence and produce a verdict based on the evidence.”

    Rock (3rd June 2015 – “Under rocks and slime”):

    “As I have been saying, the Scottish justice system is rotten to the core.

    And the vast majority of lawyers, especially judges, are the lowest of the low.”

  209. jk.scobie says:


    The information in this post has been culled from a variety of mostly publically-available sources. If it contains any errors or you have information about any other candidates let me know and I will correct or amend the text.

    The SNP’s selection of candidates for the Scottish council elections on 4 May seems to have been accompanied by a degree of controversy almost entirely lacking for any of the other parties. This handy guide looks at some of those controversies in nearly half of Scotland’s 32 council areas. As the title says, it includes information about some ‘non-candidates.’ They are people who had either made it known publicly that they wanted to be selected but weren’t or who voluntarily withdrew their potential candidacy for various reasons.

    The rest of this post is arranged alphabetically by council area and then, if more than one individual is featured, alphabetically by surname. The name of the ward they are or would have been standing in is included in brackets after their name. Any general issue about the SNP in the area follows after the information about the individual(s). Links to the sources of information used are included mainly as points of reference. You shouldn’t need to click through to them unless you want to check that my interpretation of them is correct: some sources contain additional information not included here, some don’t. Where sources might be difficult to access or have been deleted, entries include screenshots of the relevant information.

    Like this? Why not like our page? United Against Separation – the biggest pro-UK page on social media!…/council-elections-2017-pa…/ainst sepretation……

  210. Richard Hunter says:

    What if we just wait till all Yoons are declared clinically insane? That might not be so long.

  211. shug says:

    I have to say I think the way the unionist argument is going London will not allow another referendum. The SNP will need to think how they can legally force one through.

    Re Spain London cant go against the Madrid position given Gibraltar

  212. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    Hi shug.

    Hollyrood can hold a referendum on any topic, any time it likes. It does NOT need permission from London.

    The Section 30 agreement for indyref1 was to agree that both Holyrood and Westminster would respect and abide by the result.

    If we have indyref2, the result will be accepted by Hollyrood. If there’s no Section 30 agreement in place, Westminster will then, in the event of a YES result, have to make up its mind whether to respect the result or naysay it, which will take the UK, constitutionally, into uncharted waters.

    International recognition of a YES result could be critical.

  213. Liz g says:

    Brian Doonthetoon @ 8.44
    Don’t forget Brian…. It’s the Treaty agreement ….and only the Treaty agreement that gives Westminster Legislation the force of Law.
    If the people of Scotland ask that their representatives strike down that Treaty…..then there is no Treaty agreement.
    Therefore the Legal right of Westminster to legislate for Scotland has been removed.
    Westminster therefore has no basis in Law to make any Law for Scotland anymore.
    And they know this….no matter what their propoganda implies!
    All that has to be done is to issue the instruction to Scotland’s Westminster representatives and they inturn have to be willing to end the Treaty!

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