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How to abuse children in plain sight

Posted on December 16, 2020 by

We woke up this morning intending to write about something else, readers, and then we saw perhaps the most horrifying thing we’ve ever seen in the two years since we first started taking an interest in transgender ideology.

It’s only tangentially related to this site’s purpose, but the truth is that as human beings we cannot stand by and watch this happening without at least trying to use whatever platform we have to raise awareness of it.

(The black bars on images in this article were added by us.)

Last week the High Court in England ruled that children under the age of 16 were not medically competent to consent to treatment with so-called “puberty blocker” drugs of the type that were used to “chemically castrate” the computing pioneer Alan Turing for being homosexual (a crime in the UK in the 1950s), which is believed to have led to his suicide by cyanide poisoning at the age of 41.

The most common such drug nowadays is Lupron, used as a treatment/alternative punishment on rapists and paedophiles to reduce their offending by destroying their sexual function. It has not been tested for use on “transgender” children and nobody knows how much permanent harm it could do them (although the likely answer is “a lot”), which is why the High Court ruled against it last week.

But apparently that doesn’t matter.

Emma Williams has raised her son, who is now 13, as a female since the age of eight and claims he’s been “trans” since he was three, an age when children barely even understand the concepts of boys and girls and can just about construct a sentence.

She’s been wheeling him around the country and parading him as some sort of proxy LGBTQ icon for half a decade.

She’s now raising money to ensure she can pump her child full of dangerous, untested drugs normally used on violent criminals for (at least) the next half-decade.

Williams intends to source these chemicals from a company called GenderGP.

But GenderGP isn’t “in the UK” at all. It’s run from Spain by two former British doctors who were struck off the UK medical register and fined £12,000 for illegally prescribing puberty blockers to hundreds of children as young as 12, and then fled to Malaga in order to continue trading under the country’s more lax regulations regarding children. (It was legal to have sex with 13-year-olds in Spain until 2015.)

The Webberleys’ illegal online drug-dealing operation had been implicated in the 2018 suicide of a disturbed young woman called Jayden Lowe, who they’d been selling male hormones to in an attempt to turn her into a man.

We are unable to explain why GoFundMe is hosting a fundraiser explicitly to help an adult break the law in order to harm a child who the High Court has just found to be incapable of consenting to that harm. If you shot a child in the genitals it wouldn’t be a legal defence to say that you’d bought the gun by mail order from a criminal in a foreign country, nor that the child said they wanted to be shot.

But perhaps the most disturbing aspect of all is that the general public is stampeding to donate for this unfortunate child to be abused. Thomas Hamilton, Myra Hindley and Ian Brady all hurt and killed a lot of children, but at least they didn’t crowdfund it.

(The fundraiser also clearly breaks GoFundMe’s own terms and conditions.)

It is this site’s view that the grotesque and reckless medical atrocities currently being carried out against untold numbers of children in the name of trans ideology will shortly be seen as a scandal on a par with that of thalidomide, paedophile rings in the Catholic church or the crimes of Jimmy Savile.

We’re sorry to those tired of reading about this subject here, but we cannot be among the people who stand by and turn a blind eye while these crimes happen, particularly while the Scottish Government entrusted with winning independence appears to be among the enthusiastic participants. We are not fighting for that Scotland.

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    210 to “How to abuse children in plain sight”

    1. Andrew Davidson says:

      It must be the time to crowdfund the abuse of children

    2. Unbelievable. They should redivert the money towards getting the bairn’s mother a fkin brain transplant.

    3. Jim Thomson says:

      The fundraiser can be reported by following the link at the bottom of the gofundme page.

    4. shiregirl says:

      This is utterly shocking stuff. I’m so upset at this and the harm this child will face.

      My son thought he was Batman at 3. I would have been locked up for telling all he actually was Batman. The parents need serious medical attention. It’s Munchausen by Proxy.

    5. mike cassidy says:

      How grimly ironic then

      That Stonewall are complaining about the use of such fundraisers

      For the ‘other’ side

    6. Sharny Dubs says:

      Sinister, evil and creepy.

      This is not a Scotland I would want. Well said Stu.

    7. Patsy Millar says:

      Beyond words.

    8. Famous15 says:

      GoFundMe is dedicated to empowering people to help others, and an overwhelming majority of fundraisers on our platform are safe and legitimate. In the rare instance that someone creates a fundraiser with the intention to mislead donors, our team takes swift action.

      Among other things, we rely on community reports for information.In most instances, information reported to us will not be shared with the organizer or beneficiary by us. Your help keeping our platform safe is greatly appreciated.”

      So please report them!

    9. Muscleguy says:

      That this mother has to go private means even the Tavistock knocked her back because of her manifest Munchausen’s. by proxy.

      If child protectin services were properly active they should be investigating taking this child into care.

    10. Polly says:

      Webberley again. These parents of such children just seem desperate for their child to be special so they can bask in the reflected glow. Much like those who used to push children on the stage or screen to be stars, or the more recent ‘beauty pageant moms’ who dressed them up like little adults old beyond their years or their understanding. The Desmond phenomenon though takes it to a huge new low. I guess there must be something badly lacking in the life of the parent, unfortunately often the mother, to cause such lapses of care and such exploitation.

      It’s an important issue in itself, but vital when it comes to the independence movement. I’m always glad when anyone is willing to tackle it head on given the pressure against doing so and you’ve been one of the first and bravest, and I know you won’t thank me for the comparison, but JK Rowling is equally brave and stalwart – even given all her protection of money and fame, she spoke out against most of her own fan base and that took guts, but to stick to her principles was even more remarkable in her than you. Many thanks for continuing to stand firm.

    11. mike cassidy says:

      And it has to be said

      If you were a boy who had been transhausened by proxy since you were three into thinking you were a girl

      You’d be shitting yourself that you were about to become the very thing you’re not supposed to be

    12. Wendy says:

      The mother is most likely suffering from what used to be called Munchausen Syndrome by proxy but is now called Factitious Disorder. Poor child.

    13. katherine hamilton says:

      Hi Rev
      The comment by prasad at 12.46 links to a picture that appears to identify this child, if that is of concern to you.

    14. kapelmeister says:

      The rainbow is turning decidedly dark.

    15. Bob Mack says:

      Get the parents the Psychiatrist they so urgently need instead.

    16. Prasad says:

      I am hoping that Sandyford will become the next battleground.

      I wrote to my area MSP, Michael Russell, asking for a pause and review of Sandyford clinic in the light of the Tavistock case and subsequent release of repressed science and NS making it ‘Somebody Else’s Problem’.

      His full unedited reply.

      ‘I am not medically qualified not should a politician attempt to second guess a clinician’

      Looks like another open goal for unionists.
      What do these politicians actually do?

    17. CameronB Brodie says:

      I acknowledge a lot of what I post is a bit geeky, so is apparently impenetrable and of no interest to most. The thing is, it’s simply not possible to explain the legal working of democracy without getting technical about the nature of embodiment. I’ve tried to keep this stuff as basic as I can, but the law and legal reason are not simplistic structures.

    18. Scozzie says:

      Under 16s – can’t smoke, can’t drink, can’t get a tattoo, can’t marry, can’t join the armed forces, can’t vote…and probably much more….but yet they have ‘supposedly’ the cognitive ability to give consent to life-changing medication.

      Puberty is not just the development of sexual maturity it is also closely linked to brain development. Suppressing the natural change into adulthood has consequences.

      This is child abuse.

      How many times have we, as an adult, signed a disclaimer to give informed consent in a hospital for a procedure without properly knowing the side effects, implications and outcomes of the said procedure. We trust it and sign accordingly.

      But these drugs are experimental on children and are often ‘off-label’, there are no long term efficacy data studies on children. Tavistock even couldn’t produce data in the Kiera Bell case.

      I say again this is child abuse.

      And the normalisation of trans children under the ‘affirmation’ approach is negligent.
      We don’t affirm anorexia.
      We don’t affirm body dysmorphia when people want to cut off limbs. Or other such dysmorphic manifestations.

      Yes, adolescents with gender dysphoria should be treated in the healthcare system with dignity and support, including psychological and psychiatry support- but ‘affirmation’ is a fast track to puberty blockers, cross hormones, infertility, sexual immaturation and dysfunction.

      Children should not be put on that path – that is child abuse.

      And as for the political and media pile on for those that want to protect children and adolescents – fucking shame on you all!!!!!

      It’s bad enough women are having to fight for the scientific definition of what it is to be a women – but ‘children’ we all have a duty to protect them. Stand up and be counted on this!

    19. Prasad says:

      katherine hamilton says:
      16 December, 2020 at 12:45 pm

      See your point but if you want to complain about the crowdfunder you have to see that image. Another reason to complain and get it taken down.

    20. mike cassidy says:

      Here’s a demolition of the article used by Stonewall to complain about fundraising activity they don’t like (my 12.30)

      You might almost think extreme transactivism is a conspiracy!

    21. stonefree says:

      There is something fundamentally wrong with the Mother.
      As a small child I heard and saw pictures of the Moors Murderers, Kids not much older than I was at the time, people’s reaction to the pair
      I wondered why
      Later I would read of Concentration Camp atrocities
      Again I wondered
      Why am I thinking the mother wanted a girl, and as that didn’t happen, she is following a perverse course, that is what it is.
      This is unacceptable.
      I say there is a flaw in the mother’s make-up,
      Does the same not apply to the others who support this? Most certainly
      There are few in the media who are too frighten to speak out
      Why did the Medical Board not remove the Doctors licences? only suspend !!!

    22. Daisy Walker says:

      Way back in the 50’/60’s when there was a scientific question – nature or nurture – regarding the 2 sexes, an American couple, deliberately raised their son, as a girl.

      I’m sure there was a documentary on it.

      When he was an adult – he spoke out about how much it affected him (negatively) and how cruel it was.

      If only our Social Sevices had not be so extensively ‘lobbied’ by Stonewall, etc, they might actually be looking at the mother in this case, as Child Cruelty and a Child Safety issue.

      Hiding in plain sight and full view, and gas lighting anyone who calls them out on it. Deeply, deeply nasty.

      Thank you again for highlighting this.

    23. Cuphook says:

      They need children to perpetuate the belief that you can be born in the wrong body. A boy with a girl’s soul or brain; what does that even mean?

      And this gender cult nonsense is being taught in Scottish schools.

    24. ClanDonald says:

      My daughter believed in Father Christmas till she was 12. We eventually told her when she started high school because we didn’t want her being ridiculed over it. She cried when we told her, I suspect partly because she thought we’d deceived her for so long.

      Kids may think they’re all grown up but the truth is they haven’t a clue about the real world, They believe everything the grown ups tell them. Of course they shouldn’t be making such life changing decisions like this that could lead to permanent infertility and bone disease while they’re just weans. Poor kids.

    25. Tony Little says:

      Shocking that GoFundMe is allowing this. I logged onto their site and if I want to report it they want my personal details, including phone and email address. Sorry, but NOPE I’m not giving them that info.

      Very sorry for this innocent young child. Parents need to be interviewed by HM’s “finest” in short order. There is more at play here than I can fully understand. What have we become if this is being considered “normal”

    26. kapelmeister says:

      Help Emily Get The Fitba Boots She Urgently Needs

      After all Mrs/Ms Williams, girls play soccer too.

    27. ronnie anderson says:

      JHC what has become of protective parenthood those people should have their children removed from their care .

    28. Ottomanboi says:

      This is part of the notion that nature is imperfect and we, albeit part of that ‘imperfect nature’, have the quasi-divine right and duty to improve upon it.
      Filling humans with chemicals is the default mode in contemporary medicine. Pushing drugs for Big Pharma the new vocation.
      Seems we are living in a surreal Nazi world complete with rainbow coated pseudo scientists and narcissistic experts in machine think.
      The covid vaccine is touted as the messiah, the redeemer, the emancipator from that ‘terrible disease’. Vaccinate everybody, it will go away and we can return to ‘normal’. We have survived as a species because we have learned to live with the many caprices of nature.
      That is the authentic normal.
      Get over it kids, its probably something some concerned adult has head fucked you with anyway.

    29. Prasad says:

      To complain to the crowdfunder website for what appears to be illegal activity, there is a flag symbol to left of centre below the comments, just below ‘Show More’. The flag says ‘Report Fundraiser’. It wants a telephone number.

    30. Nally Anders says:

      Thanks for flagging this up Rev.
      This is utterly, utterly horrifying.

    31. MaggieC says:

      As a mother this is heartbreaking to read this about this child . This child needs help and support and the mother has to be reported to social services .

      A parents role in life is to love and protect your children from harm and danger .

    32. Prasad says:

      Tony Little.
      Just make it up.

    33. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “The comment by prasad at 12.46 links to a picture that appears to identify this child, if that is of concern to you.

      The child is identified repeatedly on the fundraiser page, by name and in uncensored photographs. The black bars on the images in this article were added by me. I can’t do anything about the existence of the actual page.

    34. Sarah says:

      Rev – I just tried to report this on the gofundme site via the “report fundraiser” flag on the Emily page but the only way, as I am not a lawyer or donor was to ask a question. I did that and it came back with a completely irrelevant response.

      Do you know the correct way to report it, please?

    35. mike cassidy says:

      Just in case you still don’t think this is SNP-relevant

      Campaigning for womens’ rights is transphobic

    36. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “Do you know the correct way to report it, please?”

      I managed to report it by saying it contained factual inaccuracies, which was the nearest option, and identifying myself as a concerned member of the public.

    37. Denise says:

      I liken it to a lobotomy. In it’s time lobotomies we’re considered perfectly reasonable treatment for people with mental health issues. Now instead of chopping off bits of their brains they are mutilating and medicalising their bodies, removing sexual function. Although in this case the person with mental heath issues is the mother.

    38. Daisy Walker says:

      Dr Webberley was fined £12,000 and has moved her practice to Spain to continue to treat her

      1600 patients.

      And the fund raiser is for £13,000 – which I would guess amount to what – a years treatment? Or maybe its for the whole of puberty – 6/7 years worth. Who knows.

      £13000 x 1600 = £20,800, 000

      Wow £20 million quid.

      No doubt the Medical Authorities have a cap on how much they actually are allowed to fine other Doctors – but even so, under the circumstances that fine is sweetie money.

      If anyone is still wondering why this whole agenda has been so well organised, funded, so orchestrated and aggressive in its campaigning

      I have 20 million answers.

      And since Mike Russell, in his own words, is such a proponent of Private Health Care, it is perhaps not such a surprise that he can’t seem to find a moral compass on this issue.

      And of course this is before Gender re-allignment surgery = another 25,000 (possibly dollars), followed on by a lifetime of HRT – 10 years worth 800,000 (again think its dollars).

      Money, money, money.

    39. Bob Mack says:

      It rea!ly is goo late for Emily. Her course in life has probably been set in stone, and there will undoubtedly be a long drawn out trauma requiring help at some point.

      Regardless of whether “she” gets these drugs or not. Either way it is tragic.

    40. Karmanaut says:

      I read that these drugs can affect bone density, causing osteopenia.

    41. Brian Lawson says:

      HEADS UP:

      The 1st picture, the child’s full face is visible when tweet is retweeted.

    42. Scozzie says:

      Prasad @ 12.47pm
      I agree the Sandyford Clinic needs a spotlight put right on it.

      I was horrified that NS was leaving the decisions up to clinicians on puberty blockers after the Kiera Bell case win. Is she off her head? Talk about being under the kosh of the trans lobby!!! She’s an utter disgrace, all puberty blockers should have been stopped immediately for under 16s after that case win!!!

      The YES movement has made some little wins on this issue but this fight is like Goliath – people need to get informed and step up and agitate to their MSPs.

      Again I say, the Glinner Update is a good start, he still does his War on Women expose each week.

      We can’t rely on SNP members to sort this shit out, it’s gonna need to be the YES movement – time to get active – let your MSP know that their re-election depends on neutering the trans lobby influence under the SNP.

      To your MSP, you can start with:
      no puberty blockers for under 16s.
      A clear scientific definition of woman / female in law
      No self ID – GRC only to be granted under the current arrangement of the law
      Abolishment of ‘affirmation’ approach in adolescents with gender dysphoria care delivered by psychological / psychiatric support
      No influence of trans lobby ‘education’ in schools

      And no fucking drag queens doing story time in primary schools with handmaidens such as Mhairi Black!!!!

    43. Sue Varley says:

      Stuart, while these sickening crimes against children continue, and you can continue to bring yourself to wade around in the sewer to find out the details so you can raise our awareness, I will continue to read and support your blog.

      I would have known little to nothing about all this gender stuff without your tireless efforts, and I for one am just as grateful for the work you do on this as for all your independence blogs. Thank you.

    44. A Person says:

      Fucking evil.

      I hope the self-righteous cunts who tell themselves this is fine because it’s fashionable have good excuses ready when it stops being fashionable.

      We all know who, from day one, has called this out and who has made many of us who weren’t previously aware of it, aware of it- although I’m not sure that I like the fact that I’m aware.

    45. Daisy Walker says:

      Do we know in what Police area ‘Emily’ resides. t would be entirely appropriate for this to be reported to them (particularly due to the recent High Court Case ruling) this incident as Child Abuse.

      I’m thinking also, that Mike Russells response, and Nicola Sturgeons response to the questions over the High Court Ruling are really not good enough.

      There are so many posters in schools and public places throughout Scotland – as pushed by the SNP in Government.

      And the message in the posters show children – and the Caption says, ‘ITS EVERYONES JOB TO ENSURE I’M ALL RIGHT’.

    46. Astonished says:

      This is horrific.

      Be under no illusion – it is fully supported by the first minister and the genderwoowoo.

      This issue will lose the SNP the election in May.

      “For evil to triumph all that is required is that good men do nothing” Edmund Burke.

      I am heartily sick of the fence-sitting by SNP politicians.

    47. CameronB Brodie says:

      You’re not going to achieve effective child protection if you dislocate the law from “corpus linguistics”, which is essential to establishing legal meaning. So here’s a look at “Corpus Linguistics as a Tool in Legal Interpretation”.

    48. Iain MacLachlan says:

      Could this be a contempt of court issue as they are defying the outcome of the court case?

    49. AYRSHIRE ROB says:

      ClanDonald ,@ 1256pm

      12 ? Jeez. I think most kids kinda work it out for themselves. Think I was around 8 ish when I realised when I caught my mum putting treats in my stocking at bottom of bed when I woke up disturbing the monstrous deception lol.

      At 12 I was more thinking about girl’s and what I could do with this thing between my legs as I knew by then it wasn’t just something to pee with lol.

    50. susanXX says:

      It is Munchausen’s by Proxy. The mother needs psychiatric help, not money to mutilate her son. Because his IS her SON – no amount of drugs and surgery can change that. He’ll be one fucked up human being for life.

    51. Heaver says:

      I put:

      “The clinic is not in the UK. The treatment has been ruled illegal in the UK. The organiser is crowdfunding to continue a treatment which is tantamount to child abuse”.

      You need an eleven digit phone number, starting with zero.

      Email acknowledgement received.

      Glad to be able to do something to resist this horror.

    52. Ross says:

      Children can’t make this type of decision.

      The idea we need to cut or stunt our bodies in this way is regressive.

      We’ve all been children and know how our brains are innocent and maleable . I would be incredulous if my parents decided this for me.

      A disgrace.

    53. Gregory Beekman says:

      I often think of the probation service as the gullible service. Of course, it’s wider than this. It’s as if governments believe they have a duty to have a section of the state machinery as gullible as possible!

    54. Chris Cairns says:

      Just emailed you, Stu. When you post this on Twitter, your black bars on the face disappear. Not sure there’s anything you can do about that.

    55. Stuart MacKay says:


      Any chance it was David Reimer,

    56. ronnie anderson says:

      Yesterday was ah great day on Wings ( as they see it ) a Cameron Brodie away day i wish we could have more of them,but alas it didn’t last long 1.26pm the medication must have wore off Cameron the only thing i wish to see dislocated is your F fingers from a keyboard .

    57. Intractable Potsherd says:

      No child at the age of three, or even 12,knows what they want to be when they grow up. The parents might know what they want their child to be, though. From budding doctors, through musicians and sportspeople, to the activity described here, it is all about the parents deciding to restrict the child’s options in life based on their own, not the child’s, desires. As a society we need to step back from squashing children into boxes from an early age, and let them develop their own life-directions.

    58. susanXX says:

      The higher echelons of the scotgov are fully behind this atrocity. They are no better than Dr Mengele. They disgust me.

    59. Daisy Walker says:

      @ ‘Iain MacLachlan says:
      16 December, 2020 at 1:28 pm
      Could this be a contempt of court issue as they are defying the outcome of the court case?’

      With regards the mother – No, only if they had actually been involved in the court case itself and decided to ignore its ruling.

      For any medical practitioner (in England) to continue to provide this service for minors – they would be at risk of legal action of some description, but not necessarily contempt of court.

      The Doctors in Spain are outwith the jurisdiction of the Courts ruling.

      But the ruling of the court has set a clear legal precedent. Anyone in the UK carrying out this type of medical procedure on a child – is committing an unlawful medical procedure and opening themselves up to criminal allegations of child abuse.

      Anyone attempting to procure this treatment for a child – child abuse.

      There is an inbuilt legal bias in favour of the medical profession – ultimately the courts do not want to be presiding over medical mistakes and potentially putting Doctors in jail.

      For this reason they will always attempt to ensure such matters are dealt with under medical complaints procedure.

      Incidentally there are international laws with regards Child Abuse – which I think were written more with regards to sex offences against minors. And I don’t know the English versions.

      But the principle was, you could not just take the kids abroad, commit sexual offences against them there and get off scot free by not doing so once home.

    60. James Che. says:

      Let the child decide,”………..WHEN ITS AN ADULT,
      Then it will be wiser and more informed of the world around it.
      Until then let the child be a child first. This is a decision I left to my children, because it’s their life for the rest of their lives.
      When I was raising my children I enjoyed listening to them laugh, play and argue, watch them learning about the world as the years passed, it was easy to keep in mind what a blessing they were, they really were good children.
      This is one philosophy I followed. I would not have my children forever, as one day they would be young grownups, and eventually adults, I could not keep them, like a price of furniture I had chosen , or a pair of curtains, they were only mine to lend, I had them on loan,
      So besides keeping them from doing harm to others or themselves, making sure they were educated, and ensuring happiness and innocence as they grew up,
      I did not try to mould them into what I wanted, I did not try to live my life through them, nor flagship them for the sake of popular opinion,
      this is what this mother is doing, she is forgetting to let the child be a child. And creating deliberate internal harm mentally to that child in the future years as an adult, confusing and doubt will never be far away, there is no going back. She is contributing to damaging a young human being,

    61. avocado devil says:

      For sure this is shocking stuff, I’m so glad i passed through my early years before this sheet happened. However i noticed a piccy on another website recently, it’s been quite well done, but clearly it’s been photoshopped as the original can be found on the herald. Tres amusant je croix!

    62. Colin Alexander says:

      “Nicola Sturgeon refuses to stop Scots children getting puberty blockers”

    63. Margaret says:

      I for one am glad that you are willing to report on this controversial subject. Who else is reporting it? It should be in every newspaper in the land. I think you are right that there may come a time when the aggressive trans ideology will be thoroughly rejected and that time can’t come soon enough.

      I actually had a thought to myself this morning and I’m sure many women will agree. Probably over the years trans women have used ladies toilets. I for one wouldn’t have noticed because you don’t tend to look at who’s going into a cubicle next to you. Why all this demand for their rights when it’s never been an issue up to now. The whole thing is ridiculous, it’s probably not helping trans people, more like hindering them.

    64. Graf Midgehunter says:

      The mother, it can only be assumed, has a mental disorder that’s in need of urgent treatment before the child finally ends up over the line of non-reversable body damage.

      That fundraiser and the Stonewall loonies need to be stopped.

    65. ScotsRenewables says:

      Reported to GoFundMe

      No doubt I am now on some mad transactivist deathlist.

    66. Sarah says:

      @ Heaver and the Rev: I have reported it but they insisted I was in Guernsey!

      Does anyone know any lawyers who would take this on and get it official or people in Liverpool area to call the police?

      It is a pity we didn’t oppose the Hate Crime Bill at Holyrood in the same way as the Lamont amendment – it has gone through with 93 votes for – no doubt SNP whipped because of the absence of complaints.

    67. Kenny says:

      Sad, dark, state of affairs for the child.
      No matter the outcome of this crowd funder, positive/negative, no child can cope in the long-term with this level of exposure to media, fame, celebrity, national interest. As a very loose comparison, the pressures on no-longer required child actors as they reach adulthood can be devastating.
      I doubt there are few coping mechanisms or therapy yet devised that can counsel a child/adult presenting with an as yet untested condition that is a) gender confusion due to Munchausen by proxy b) celebrity by proxy c) reliance on long-term expensive chemical treatment.

      I’m even feeling slightly guilty that by contributing to the discussion, I’m contributing to the situation. Right now, that poor kid will be ecstatic to see its image beamed around the world, and, quite shamefully, so will the parents.

    68. Lorna Campbell says:

      This must be Munchausen’s by Proxy, and, as such, these ‘mothers’ – ffs, why is it usually women? – ought to be liable to prosecution or at the very least, a court should hand down a sentence of a period in a psychiatric hospital for the ‘mother’. This woman is a sandwich, if not an entire loaf, short a picnic. How could any three-year-old tell you that he/she is the opposite sex? Even if they said something like that, they are children and need to be protected, not exploited as extras on the ‘mother’s’ ME SHOW. Many children, apparently, claim to be the opposite sex, and child psychologists, in the main, suggest that it is a normal part of childhood and that the child usually grows out of it – which reality proves to be the case.

      It is not hard to understand why many girls, in particular, find puberty and approaching womanhood very difficult. Womanhood is extremely difficult – because of what women go through to produce the next generation. Those women who are natural Earth Mothers are blessed, but most of us have a hard time of it, juggling life, work and children on top of being held down on a sex-based level, too. That aside, some children will come to realize that they are gay rather than trans, and will need help adjusting, and feeding them drugs that could harm their physical self, and, even their mental self, is beyond understanding. Until they are old enough to make their own decisions – at 16 – no adult should have the right to feed them these things.

      It is some doctors, the strident trans lobby and some politicians, and the Big Pharma and Tech companies (allegedly) who push this stuff, who need to be stopped until science catches up with the trans condition. It may well be scientifically proven in the future that it exists as a reality, but, until then, we all, as a society, have a duty to protect children from the malign, deluded effects of it as it stands right now.

      Furthermore, we need to protect everything and everyone by refusing to alter the law any more to make provision for the creeping legalization of the trans ideology in all its forms, taking away other people’s already-established human rights. If, in the future, this ideology becomes established fact, and not just a ‘feeling’ in someone’s head, then the law can be changed to reflect that, but, until then, as the Rev says, we cannot stand back and allow innocent children to be hauled on the stage of someone else’s life to act out the role of the supporting actor or extra. It is diabolical. It is even more diabolical because the trans lobby has its human rights on a par with the rest of us, but it actually wants children’s and women’s to add to its accumulated total to date.

    69. Remember that time in *2018* Rev Stu, when I tried to alert you to the #GenderAgenda through this piece? I knew I wasn’t “crazy”.

      “We shall abolish the orgasm. Our neurologists are at work upon it now”. Orwell, ‘1984’.

      ‘Early Warning Signs of Fascism – #Nr5 Rampant Sexism’ (2018) by #GaslightingGilligan

    70. Mighty S says:

      Sad that women under 30 suffering every month with horrendous period pains, negatively affecting careers and relationships can’t get a total hysterectomy because they ‘don’t know their mind’ yet.

      But a Transman can get puberty blockers and her boobs lopped off before she’s 16.

    71. CameronB Brodie says:

      I’m trying to point folk towards a cognitive approach to the law that is sensitive to linguistic theory and Natural law, but that’s apparently intolerable to some. Which is unfortunate, but I have a moral obligation to support democracy. So here’s a look at “Judging Ordinary Meaning”.

    72. Frazerio says:

      The “fierce trans-activist she strives to be”. Why fierce? Why not dedicated, committed or tireless?

      This will no doubt be seen as more HATE SPEECH.

      Protecting children is not hate.

    73. giesabrek says:

      Sickos! Leave the children alone. Truly evil.

    74. Prasad says:

      The maddest thing is that all they have to do is come to Scotland and get it for free.
      Unless someone has some evidence that Sandyford is not being influenced by the same drug companies and lobbyists.

    75. Highland Wifie says:

      From the screenshot above from the crowdfunding website:-
      “This is treatment that has been prescribed for trans kids for the last 30 years.”

      Lies and more lies. These drugs have been used off licence on children only to treat premature puberty where children are under the age of about nine. The drugs are then stopped to allow natural puberty to take place. Using them past natural puberty is an experimental treatment with no controlled trials to predict outcomes.
      Shameful behaviour. A tsunami of lawsuits is coming.

    76. Scozzie says:

      Please can the wingers to a similar email campaign to their MSPs to abolish puberty blockers to under 16s? This is a child protection issue and needs public effort to make change. At the moment the Scottish gov is not following the landmark Kiera bell case ruling.
      These msps want their bum kept warm on the seat of parliament so now is the time to agitate for the protections of women and children (let’s face it independence is not on the radar). Let’s have a win in law for at least child protection. Perhaps jo cherry or Joan McAlpine can be persuaded to raise a Bill?

    77. Hatuey says:

      I’m not in the least bit interested in this stuff (and I’m not complaining at anyone who is, I just tend to keep out of it) but this is quite flabbergasting stuff.

      And I think you’re right, Rev, in years to come this will be seen for what it is.

      Quite disturbing that this can go on right under our noses.

    78. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Hi ClanDonald at 12:56 pm.

      You typed,
      “They believe everything the grown ups tell them.”

      Watching a black & white film on TV when my son was around 4, I told him it was great that colour had been invented just before WW2, because, in the olden days before then, everything in the world was in shades of black, white and grey.
      He just accepted that.
      He was around 8/9 when he told me that I had lied to him – it was colour film that had been invented before WW2.

    79. Strathy says:

      Humza’s Thought Control Bill passed its first stage in Holyrood yesterday by 91 votes to 29.

      The only party to vote against it were the Conservatives.

      There is talk of amendments during the stages to come but they will only be ones that Humza chooses, unless the opposition MSPs unite against him.

      This will need to include ‘Scotland’s Disgraces’.

      If the SNP get a majority in May, the whole thing will be passed anyway.

      The freedom to criticise this type of child abuse in Scotland may not last much longer.

    80. Ottomanboi says:

      Adults, stop messing with kids’ minds and bodies!

      “In the context of the post-war Nuremberg Medical Trial, some of the protagonists of these medical atrocities formulated ethical arguments to justify their activities. The high value of gaining new scientific knowledge and the importance ascribed to the health and wellbeing of society as a whole, or the Volkskörper, were the central arguments placed above any regard for the suffering person.”
      I’m a doctor…trust me!

    81. Republicofscotland says:

      Oh this is terrible these children as with others aren’t old enough yet to make quite simple decisions, never mind a life changing one such as taking puberty blockers.

      This needs to be put a stop to as soon as possible, if not in years to come there’s going to be an explosion of very angry adults with medical and mental health conditions, who will be wondering why they were allowed to make such terrible and uninformed decisions about their bodies at far too young an age to understand what they were agreeing to.

    82. Alex Stone says:

      There’s a profound and disturbing regularity in all this, and that’s the inability, or the deliberate intent, to ignore history, and the resulting evidence.

      We’re having the same discussion and the consequent fight about protecting children (as we are about protecting women), from the same sociopathic monsters who, in past years and centuries, used the same justifications to legitimize their actions, knowing fellow sociopaths in power would protect them.

      It’s not a Scotland i’d want to be part of.

    83. Cuilean says:

      My daughter came home from nursery, age 4, and declared,

      “So I’m half wolf, Mum? So I am?”

      She also had am imaginary friend, from when she could talk, called Totter, who she said, alarmingly, when I first heard this, was a 6 foot tall, black T-Rex, with very blue eyes.

      Totter was always bumping into things or spilling things. I actually missed Totter when he went back to ‘Imaginary Friend Land’ a couple of years later. The dogs did not miss so much the full-moon howls, which also ended around the same time.

      But if I had gone to the doctor & told them these things were true and could he give me worming tablets for my wolf-cub, I very much hope said doctor arranged for my wee, innocent baby to be taken to a place of safety!

    84. robertknight says:

      Bloody world’s gone mad.

    85. Cuilean says:

      Could mothers, like this poor child’s mother, be suffering from Munchhauser’s Syndrome by Proxy? Where a carer pretends or creates a medical illness or condition to gain attention.

      It is usually the mother of children who abuse their children in this way.

    86. Gregory Beekman says:

      Interesting aside (from

      Lesson 18: Everyone is an “it”. Everyone is equal in Hindi in one respect. Given the heavy focus on gender, it is intriguing that there is no distinction between “he/she/it” in Hindi.

      So the trans lot could use the Hindi word yah for he/she/it. Also uska for his/hers.

      Example (Star Trek Discovery is free to use this dialogue!):

      “Where is Adira?”
      “Yah is up uska own ass.”

      (Hindi words taken from

    87. kapelmeister says:

      Who gave Sturgeon political maturity blockers?

    88. McDuff says:

      This government stinks to hell and its gone quite mad.
      I have craved independence all my life but I am not voting for the SNP and giving them licence to destroy this country with their warped ideologies.
      Rev you and your team are the only people in journalism with any moral integrity and you are right to raise this loathsome assault on young children.
      What in God`s name has happened to society.

    89. James says:

      “Let the child decide – when it’s an adult”!

      Can we have the same for religion, next, please?

    90. CameronB Brodie says:

      It’s a very long time since I studied the law and stuff, but I’m not here to sell folks a dummy. Of course I’m just a disembodied voice on t’internet to most, so here’s a look at “Ordinary Meaning and Corpus Linguistics”. As we’ll never defend Scotland’s democracy from English Torydum, if Scots law is disabled in its’ capacity to recognise the biological differences between the sexes.

    91. Robert graham says:

      During last weeks FMQs Nicola Sturgeon the First Minister was asked by the Labour MSP Jenny Marra this question.

      Would the First Minister instruct a Glasgow Clinic to stop Prescribing Puberty Blocking Drugs in light of the English High Courts ruling banning their use to children ?

      Answer not my domain, not my area of expertise, don’t ask awkward questions in other words.
      That one reply completes my opinion of ms Sturgeon or MRs Murrell as she likes to be referred to

      This Hate Bill should have been strangled at birth the cowardly actions of SNP MSPs who gave into pressure on the promise of changes being made are just as stupid as Independence supporters believing the current management want independence ,

      Once bitten twice shy sweetie , you and the twisted bunch of deviants you surround yourself with will be removed once people waken up , once they see what they have planned be prepared for a backlash as you have never witnessed before

      This is so twisted and beyond any reasonable sense it’s promoting the Tory Party as the sense of reason and normality now that’s fkn desperate in my opinion .Totally Disgusting .

    92. Denise says:

      I’m off the firm opinion that the SNP must not be allowed to get a majority in May. They must be stopped or no women’s rights, medicalisation of children, sexualisation not sex education and draconian hate crimes law. God knows what other stuff they will dream up if elected but it certainly won’t be anything to do with independence.

      We need a plan to prevent the SNP majority and we need a strong list party to prevent the unionists taking control.

      Hopefully NS will stand down if she doesn’t get a majority although there is no one inspiring to take over.

    93. Dunadd says:

      Johnston of the English Nationalist Party saying:-
      “All that that takes is for them to understand that the UK has a natural right, like every other country, to want to be able to control its own laws and its own fishing grounds.”

      UK not a country. Scotland is though. For UK read Scotland.

    94. Bill Hume says:

      I know there are lots of wrongs in the world. I know you cannot expose all of them. I know many independence supporters will be feeling you should ‘get on with the day job’ but please……never turn a blind eye.

    95. crazycat says:

      @ Gregory Beekman at 3.37

      There are a number of languages that have no gender for nouns/pronouns.

      This thread refers to that in relation to Hungarian, but also includes a lot of other interesting points, for which it is also worth reading, I think:

    96. Liz says:

      I tried to report it by clicking on the flag and got a page in Spanish!

    97. SilverDarling says:

      O/T At the Covid briefing, Hannah Rodger the uber TRA from the Herald snitches to Boris Johnson that the SG haven’t spent all the money ‘given’ for Covid and will be holding back some for Brexit.

      ‘What do you have to say about THAT?’ she smirks ‘…and what are you giving NS for Xmas?’ she adds

      Jeezus. What an embarrassment. Call itself a journalist, even her colleagues were stunned. Of course they are all turning on her now. She could rely on them when they were nodding along with the Indy pretence and GRA reform but now? Well they smell blood. Expect more of the same.

    98. mogabee says:

      It’s frightening how fucked up folks sense of ‘fairness’ is these days.

    99. James Che. says:

      James, I did the same with religion with my children, again the decision was not mine to make, it was theirs, as it was going to be their life, not mine.
      Although as with anything I explained these things to them bit by bit throughout their growing years, including different kinds of religions in different countries, but I also explained to them, how there had been many wars, even here in Britain over religion, as every believer believes they have the right one,
      I put it to my children that the best believe was to be kind to others, no matter what they believed, to be kind to animals, to look after and enjoy nature, good friends and good family,
      I can’t control the world, and yes there was a few hiccups along the way, so not perfect. But there bringing up their children now, and they seem pretty well balanced.
      The rest of the world has gone absolutely crazy, even the Scottish government,
      I would not like to be raising my children in this present era, of me too, wokeratty, any gender, loosening morals, changing words in the dictionary to suit a new fad/fashion or having to explain to my children why they can no longer have freedoms that grandfathers and grandmothers fought for with the instigation of our governments,
      Every country around the world is going through this as if there is some giant secret plan we are not informed about,
      I wonder at times who is funding it, after all many are out of work, and the rest of us are in travel bans, so who gives them a pass.

    100. SilverDarling says:

      her being NS*

    101. JGedd says:

      These parents (usually mothers) as Lorna Campbell has pointed out, are seriously disturbed. They are the ones who should be receiving medical attention, not their children.

      Why mothers? I can only hazard a guess & others have pointed to those monstrous, pushy backstage mothers of the past, wanting to gain the fame and attention they yearned for in their own lives by living vicariously through their children.

      Mothers usually want the best for their children which means that their dearest wish would be that their children would not need any medical intervention. Yet these mothers want to subject their child to drug intervention & possible surgery because of ‘feelings’.

      As unhinged as these mothers are, it has to be asked where are the medical professionals in all of this? By now, one would have expected there to be mounting criticism from professional bodies on this bizarre situation. It shouldn’t be left to private individuals resorting to the courts. Apart form a few individuals, the silence from medical professionals on this is is reprehensible. (Hence the reason why politicians like Mike Russell can glibly slither out of any responsibility.)

      When all of this rightly becomes a scandal and society wakes up to the damage that has been caused to young people we should remember the silence which facilitated this & the many academics who enabled this by their complicit support.

      However, I have the uneasy feeling that so much of the establishment has been captured by this madness that it will be hushed up very quickly and those who were complicit will exculpate themselves. Those who were damaged by this, will have to live out their lives in obscurity, ignored by those who failed them.

    102. holymacmoses says:

      I wonder how many thorough medical/psychological assessments are made of people who have children with ‘gender dysphoria’?
      I wonder how many ‘gender dysphoria’ children come from single parent families?
      I wonder how many parents of ‘gender dysphoria’ have a history of abuse?

      My mother had permanent post natal depression after the death of two children as babies. She was mentally ill HOWEVER that didn’t make her behaviour towards me, as an adopted substitute, any more understandable, or indeed acceptable. As an adult, I obviously find it forgivable but not forgettable:-)
      I feel so worried for these children who need to wait until they can assess their own body and its place and emotional well-being in the world.
      Mothers and Fathers don’t always know best

    103. ahundredthidiot says:

      Just about had it with these fucking imbeciles.

      Keep up the good work Rev, power to you.

      Your last sentence is a powerful one – the SNP need to wake all the way up and smell the fucking coffee.

    104. David Holden says:

      This case is a bit disturbing . From primary school through to the age where in the eyes of the law I could make my own decisions I was a born again Christian , a bit of a right wing nut job and a tree hugger. None of these conditions was irreversible thank goodness. The right wing nutter and tree hugger bits I arrived at myself but the religion was a result of the beliefs of my extended family. Puberty blocking drugs alter the development of a child’s body and some of the effects can not be reversed so should not be used at the whim of a parent and should be subject to when they may be required strict medical oversight. We are almost back to the designer baby debate. I am sure this opinion makes me a transphobe in the eyes of some.

    105. Pete says:

      Regarding the Hate Speech Bill, I note that Julie Burchill has had her anti woke book cancelled by her publishers.
      Interestingly, the FSU is taking this up.
      Although she writes for the Telegraph and the FSU was founded by Toby Young, hopefully folks on here can lend their support even though most of you are well left of centre politics wise.
      With matters of free speech surely we can all be on the same side.

    106. susanXX says:

      David Holden @ 5:08pm.

      You’re not a transphobe and I’m not a transphobe. There’s nothing irrational about the fears I have about gender ideology.

    107. Tannadice Boy says:

      Child abuse there is no other fitting description.

    108. Mike d says:

      As others have commented on here, this is nothing short of child abuse, this ‘mother’ needs sectioning.

    109. twathater says:

      I agree with EVERY comment outing this disgraceful abusive lunacy , which MOST if not ALL sensible people would do

      Why then is it all right for some independence supporters to agree to this or ignore the ramifications of it when it is being supported by our FM NS and the SNP SG in their unending quest to destroy the safety and security of WOMEN , Does NS and the SG condone and accept this abuse of children , if so I think they should be open with the electorate and be upfront about it and let voters know their stance instead of hiding behind obfuscating sterile comments

    110. George S Gordon says:

      Meanwhile, in the Scotsman –

      “Reporting by the BBC which seeks to “balance” debates around trans issues by approaching groups like LGB Alliance for comment are “entirely inappropriate”, according to Ofcom’s chief executive.”

      “Speaking to MPs on the Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee, Dame Melanie Dawes said the watchdog had been working to help broadcasters inform their viewers of current affairs “in an appropriate way”.

      Her comments came in answer to a question from John Nicolson, the MP for Ochil & South Perthshire, who said: “I notice that the BBC seems to be under the impression that it needs to ‘balance’ all its reports about trans issues now, by calling in transphobic groups like the so-called LGB Alliance to give a counter argument.”

    111. ScotsRenewables says:

      Denise says:
      16 December, 2020 at 4:05 pm
      I’m off the firm opinion that the SNP must not be allowed to get a majority in May.

      And I’m equally convinced that you and others expressing this opinion are not independence supporters.

      Stu has done a great job exposing the weird ubertrans infiltration within the party, and those of us who remained members and bothered to go to Conference have seen off a lot of them.

      Pressure from members and voters resulted in the Lamont amendment being passed.

      And I doubt if GoFundMe will be doing any more fundraisers for puberty blocking drugs.

      So it’s all good. Humza has been telt to tone the Hate Crime bill way down, there is more talk of indy and the forces who tried to stitch up Alec are on the roped.

      Let’s keep plugging away, letting the SNP know they need to stick with the program to get our vote.

      Or should we act to ensure a Unionist majority at Holyrood in May and set independence back 20 years?

      I think not, and I am deeply suspicious of any alleged indy supporter who suggests this is the way forward.

    112. Ian Brotherhood says:

      Drew Hendry hoofed from HOC for doing a James Kelly.


    113. SilverDarling says:


      Drew Hendry suspended from Parliament during Internal Market Bill debate for not knowing his place.

      ‘He’s jut showing off’ says the speaker. Tories sneer and denigrate as is their current tactic to belittle any SNP MP from now on.

    114. Famous15 says:

      I wish people would recognise the difference between ‘trans’ and ‘trans activist’.

      The latter do not give a toss about ‘trans’ and even abuse them if they complain that they are making the lives of ‘trans’ intolerable.

      The ‘trans activist’ is using the ‘trans’ for anything from egotripping to political advancement and they gain huge monetary support from daft governments.

      This reminds me of the response of public services to racism in the 1980’s.They employed really prejudiced agencies from minority communities who only succeeded in confirming the prejudices of those they were sent to ‘enlighten’. They got huge sums for providing this ‘education’ but were only stopped when it was discovered they were financing radicalism or worse.

      There is prejudice and racism in the public services but it requires honest endeavour to rectify not just other forms of prejudice.

    115. willie says:

      Informative article Rev Stu.

      The logic of allowing minors without full legal capacity right to chemically or physically have their body butchered is absolutely insane.

      The participation of a medical practitioner facilitating chemical and or physical butchery of a child’s body is of course another issue. What a child, thinks at ten, eleven, twelve years of age is quite different from what that child may think when he or she becomes a minor and then later on a legal adult at eighteen. In fact there are many within the legal profession who would consider such medical intervention to be professionally negligent and downright wrong.

      Of course the minority Trans promoters give not a jot about what the vast majority of mainstream advice understands. They want to turn societies laws and protections on their heads.

      Maybe if a twelve year, or an eight year old decides he or she doesn’t want their legs then the Trans Lobby will scream that is the twelve year olds entitlement to have their legs cut off, and woe betide any vicious racist hate filled individual who would suggest otherwise.

      The whole thing is just absolute insanity and our dear SNP leadership are in the grip of the nonsense.

      Time the SNP straightened their act or time there was a new party. Sturgeon and her Trans Wokes, and that includes the clown prince Michael Russell who would privatise all health care and issue entitlement vouchers took a hike. Ordinary people are sick of this.

    116. Karen says:

      When I was a child I self identified as an American Indian. I loved my wig with long black pleats (I am blonde). I probably watched too many cowboy movies and identified with the underdog. I even wondered how I would survive as a vegetarian (my animal rights instincts were strong too)!
      I guess bigpharma have found a new market who will require drugs for life. In 30-40 years the poor trans souls will no doubt have cancer from their bodies getting 2 types of conflicting hormones. Child abuse, definitely.

    117. Tannadice Boy says:

      ScotsRenewables @ 5 49
      There you go again a Unionist majority in May. Absolutely no chance of that happening. I will pay out myself at any odds you want. Why can’t I complain about what my Government and Parliament are doing? This is straight forward child abuse case and not in my name. I sent you the details of the sign at Dundee Rep. Everything goes! Not on my watch.

    118. Grey Gull says:

      Ian and Silver Darling
      Seemingly he lifted the mace which needs to be there in order for bills to be passed. Not sure how I feel about it all. Maybe it’s good for him to make some sort of point but I think it’s all a bit too little too late.

    119. David Holden says:

      Stand down as Drew as been reinstated to the house after a full apology from Weak Pishart . Normal service has been resumed.

    120. John Digsby says:

      He was suspended because he refused to sit down and kept shouting when the Deputy Speaker asked him to sit down as it wasn’t his turn to speak. Not sure what else she should have done to be fair…

    121. TJenny says:

      Don’t know what came before it but heard BJ say something along the lines of Nicola Sturgeon will have masses of fish, although I don’t know if she is a fish eater. Sly dig?

    122. Stuart MacKay says:

      Apparently Boris’ Johnson is shorter and smaller. He should have started taking those puberty blocker a bit earlier.

    123. willie says:

      In some countries parents mutilate and disable their children by limb removal so as to make them effective beggars.

      This is exactly the type of thing that the Trans lobby would argue should be a matter of right and woe betide anyone who would suggest that a twelve year old was not entitled to have he or she mutilated and disabled as a lifestyle employment ambition.

      Why would you vote for an SNP that has a leadership that supports this type of logic. Or is it me that’s wrong. Maybe a good blinding or crippling should be a lifestyle right for a youngster.

      Well here’s something that I think. This is the freak show logic of perverted and in saying so, can I also say to Humza Yousaf I don’t care two damns if you think this is a hate statement. I personally, as will millions of others stand against people like you and such perverted thinking.

    124. robertknight says:

      So, Drew Hendry sprouted a temporary backbone, before Pish Washout told him to return it to its rightful owner.

      The whole lot of ’em should’ve walked out!

      But no, being bought and sold means he who pays the piper…

      Back in your terrariums little SNP invertebrates. Off you scuttle…

    125. willie says:

      Stuart Mackay – Boris Johnson has definitely had some form of treatment in his upbringing.

      Brain blockers, decency removers, belligerence boosters, he’s most certainly been fed a diet of something to become the way that he has.

      Ah but we love him. And Sturgeon’s ( Now is Not the Time Nic) is his chum.

    126. Meg merrilees says:

      A late attempt at a protest over the abuse of democracy just attempted in Westminster.

      Drew Hendry just been suspended for trying to point out bullying on a Constitutional level and removing the Mace in anger.

    127. ScotsRenewables says:

      Tannadice Boy says:
      16 December, 2020 at 6:04 pm
      ScotsRenewables @ 5 49
      There you go again a Unionist majority in May. Absolutely no chance of that happening.

      If those on here who keep telling us we should not vote SNP in May get their way then (short of an AS comeback leading the charge for the ISP) we most certainly will have a Unionist majority.

      We have a bit over four months to make the party honest. Let’s get to it.

    128. twathater says:

      I note that Forwomenscotland have had to reopen their crowd funding site against the SG redefining women , due to an organisation ( equality network ) funded by the SG to the tune of £1.35million challenging forwomenscotland.

      I also note that Martin Keatings has ALSO had to reopen his crowdfunder page AGAIN due to EXTRA EXPENSES being incurred by the Scottish Legal Advocate and SG in out shake it all about misbehaviour

      As we ALL KNOW these are extremely well supported endeavours by people whose interests are targeted at the wellbeing and greater good of the people of Scotland , SO it has to be asked WTAF are our SG doing FORCING added legal expenditure on these organisations and the people of Scotland who are opposed to their dictatorial hegemony and their reviled and hated policies

      NS and the SG are PROVIDING FINANCES to an organisation (equality network) to challenge Scottish Women , yet Scottish Women have to resort to BEGGING people for funds to challenge the SG LUNACY

      NS and the SG are PROVIDING FINANCES for the Scottish advocate to challenge Martin Keatings who is helping the independence movement , Yet Martin is having to BEG people for funds to continue the independence fight

      Correct me if I am wrong but this is one fucked up scenario
      and guess who is at the HEART of it

    129. Tannadice Boy says:

      @ScotsRenewables @ 6 27pm
      Latest poll I have seen. SNP 53, Labour 20, Conservative 20. A combined coalition wouldn’t do it. My comments on this blog are my attempt to make the party honest. I won’t vote for the SNP this May because I detest some of their policies. I toyed with the idea of getting up at 7am and voting for Joe Fitzpatrick as a personal vote. But the party is deaf. So no vote for me I accept the consequences.

    130. Robert graham says:

      Aa Well at least a bit of Action from the SNP

      Drew Hendry named and chucked out of the House of Ilrepute for nicking the Mace Ha Ha

      Oh what a bloody Pantomime that lot are running down there still stuck in the 19th Century

    131. MaggieC says:

      Update from Martin Keatings today ,

      Update on Peoples Action on Section 30

      Good Afternoon Folks,

      Tonight our written arguments in the case become public, them being lodged with the court as we speak. A copy of them will be available at 7pm on the Peoples Action on Section 30 Twitter account here:

      In addition, the press has been informed and there may be some reporting tonight. We also have the fundraiser which has re-opened as of last night and is ticking along. With all this in mind, it seems appropriate to try and raise the profile of the case because it is still clear that there are a lot of people that don’t know anything about it – and we think it is important that the UK Government are sent the message that we’re not going away. So! I think it’s time for us to make a noise on social media again. What do you think?

      Social Media Storm

      From 7 pm tonight, we’re asking everyone to use the hashtags #PeoplesAS30 and #OurRightToChoose
      We’d appreciate it if you can share the link to the arguments which will be available from 7 pm on the Twitter account above, and also the CrowdJustice page which has the previous opinions, arguments, pre-litigation correspondence etc on it, as well as the fundraiser.
      We’d also appreciate it if you could share the social media storm ahead of 7pm.

      All the best


    132. robertknight says:



      In the fortunate position to have made a donation yesterday , but on my credit card it shows as “Legl.Com £0.00”

      Previous donations showed up as Legl* Crowdjustice


    133. Lorna Campbell says:

      Famous 15: in some cases – the trans activist and the trans person are one and the same, but you are right to point out the difference. I normally refer to the ‘trans lobby’ as it is the lobbying group which comprises Stonewall and trans groups. Trans women have been living quietly and respectfully among us since the first transitioning in the 1970s. It is precisely the vociferous and nasty trans lobby, often led by misogynistic gay men who appear to hate women, and virtue-signalling supporters, usually young, natal women, who make all the noise and who try to ‘gaslight’ us with threats and denials of threats, lies and denials of lies, telling us that such and such is scientifically true then retreating and telling us they said no such thing. It is exhausting and mentally confusing, which is the point, of course, because they simply move on to another delusion associated with the original when you corner them or refuse to answer questions because they are patently right and you are a transphobic person who wants to make them hurt themselves by refusing to be part of their delusion. Even those who have transitioned need a lot more studying before we should go changing laws to suit them.

      Scotsrenewables: absolutely agree that independence is still the goal and that we need the SNP for that. However, it does not hurt to let them know that we are watching their every political move now. If they go ahead with this stuff after 2021 and not with independence, I doubt that the leadership will last six months tops. Self-ID and access to women’s safe spaces was never part of the human rights ruling from the UN, and the EHRC also made exceptions in relation to trans people, in line with the 2010 Equality Act, where they could be denied access to certain sex-based spaces and rights. There never was a need for the SG to go down this road at all, but they chose to because the FM chose trans rights aas a topic when she addressed the UN. Notably, she did not mention our independence, yet this was the perfect venue for letting the entire world know our predicament.

    134. Thank you for writing about this matter (again!)
      I have followed through the links and reported the illegal crowd-funding appeals of the parents of (1) Emma Williams and (2) “Charlie”. I also asked Go Fund Me to check out and take down any similar crowd-funding appeals in future.
      Job done?
      I doubt it.
      Thanks very much again!

    135. Beaker says:

      If I’m right, you are only legally allowed to prescribe drugs if you are registered with the NHS or appropriate governing body.

      Also, if she is buying drugs from Spain, does that not come under trafficking of controlled substances? That is a very serious offence. I suppose you could argue a conspiracy charge at the very least.

    136. Colin Alexander says:

      Forward As One’s Note of Argument re. seeking a declarator that the the Scottish Parliament already has the power to hold an advisory indyref.

    137. Bob Mack says:

      I have just read Martin Keatings submisxion to the court.

      Now I understand why the SNP fought against it tooth and nail.

      It was evident that they were going to promise this action as an election bait, and promise draft Bill proposals as a way to gather votes.

      Martin has short circuited that election strategy by his case, and makes it very clear that the SNP would have been able to use the same section 30 promise at elections without actually knowing it would be legal.

      Martin and his team will either legally remove that as an option, or confirm its viability prior to the May election.

      In short he has stolen the SNP clothes before they could even try them on, and they don’t like it.

    138. Morgatron says:

      Amazing article Stu. Very informative.

    139. Lothianlad says:

      There is very real and dangerous pro child abuse rings in the political establishments in the british isles.

      Hiding in plain sight and protected by the media and compromised or bribed politicians, these rings operate in the most disgusting if manners.

      It is beyond contempt that a Scottish government, which should be charging
      Full steam at these criminals exposing them at every turn and legislating for their actions to be crimes, are actually complicit in the atrocities against children.

      All this by the way is happening on sturgeon watch!!

      And some still think, she is not working For the british state??

      Share revs posts far and wide.

    140. BLMac says:

      Female Genital Mutilation is illegal.

      This in the same class of action.

      There’s a reason we try to protect children. It’s because they are children.

      This child needs protected.

    141. Polly says:


      ‘Quite disturbing that this can go on right under our noses.’

      Of course the reason it can go on for so long under noses is because people decide ‘I’m not in the least bit interested in this stuff’. 🙂 At one time I thought it didn’t concern me either. People often find things too far gone when they do wake up. Thank god for those who are interested, do realise the danger and are willing to speak up.

    142. crazycat says:

      @ Bob Mack at 8.24

      In short he has stolen the SNP clothes before they could even try them on, and they don’t like it.

      What a shame; it’s not as if they’ve had at least 4 (and up to 6) years to do it themselves, is it? 🙂

    143. Mike d says:

      Willie 5.59pm ‘ordinary people are sick of this’
      Oh believe me willie, there’s a big backlash coming for these freaks. They are certainly demeaning the Lgb community.

    144. Mike d says:

      BLMac 8.35pm. Absolutely.

    145. Bob Mack says:


      It completely nullifies the claim the SNP were going to hold a referendum next year. In defending the case their submission was that they were going to PROPOSE a similar Draft Bill after the election. Not an actual Bill, but a proposal.

      This would have led to much delay in putting a Bill eventually to Holyrood and then having it challenged to get to where Martin Keatings currently stands. .

      Evidently they wanted to delay the whole process even well after the May elections. Could this lend weight to the Referendum funds being misappropriated?

    146. Saffron Robe says:

      At the end of the day, if we continue to destroy and diminish our ability to reproduce naturally, will we not die out as a species?

    147. Mike d says:

      Lorna campbell 7.04pm. I never realised nicola sturgeon addressed the UN and never mentioned our aspirations as a country for independence.
      So sorry it took me me 4 mnths ago to cancel my membership to these parasites who hoodwink the Scottish people.

    148. James Che. says:

      Nicola sturgeon was photographed with Bill gates, now here in Scotland we may have our answer to many questions,
      Why hasn’t she enacted what we gave her more than one mandate to do, and why let the hate crime bill pass, why did she say that the world would not be the same after covid., well I just watche, sky news Australia the great reset. By Ivor Cummins,
      I would be quick watching it, before it’s taken down, perhaps there is a plan for how to deal with to many humans.

    149. Bob Mack says:

      @Saffron Robe,

      The Earth might be better for it. Cynical? Yes ,but truthful.

    150. James Che. says:

      Sorry forgot to say on youtube,
      The great reset
      Sky news, Australia
      Subject, world economic forum.
      Ivor Cummins.

    151. Mike d says:

      So drew hendry suspended from the Hoc over internal market bill. C’mon Scotland’ make me proud to wear a t.shirt with a saltire’. Have the balls to walk out of that fuckin shithole what purports to support democracy.

    152. robertknight says:

      Lorna Campbell @ 7:04

      I suspect NS was not out to promote Indy, but out to promote NS on the UN stage.

      Perhaps she fancies herself as a potential replacement for Michelle Bachelet Jeria, United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, or her Deputy, Nada Al-Nashif, in the event Ms Al-Nashif gets a promotion.

      What better credentials than to have steered the Hate and GRA bills through your own legislature, having previously got up at the UN and gone big on the ‘Trans Rights are Human Rights’ ticket.

      Place your bets folks, place your bets…

    153. McDuff says:

      Scotsrenewables 6.27
      ive supported independence all my life but I will not be voting SNP as they are not now a party of independence but an ineffective devolved county council. They have corrupted the cause for their own purposes and Sturgeon has clearly no intention of pursuing independence on her watch. And can you cut out the `we are all unionists` for those of us who are sick of the SNP.
      I will vote ISP.

    154. A Person says:


      If your poll is dealing in percentages, 53 SNP vs. 40 Tory/Labour is a 13-point lead. That’s not including the Liberals (who are of course worse when it comes to the GRA) and maybe even Galloway’s crazy mob (he’s a lowlife piece of shit, and I can’t see him having much appeal, but he has won two upset elections so I wouldn’t completely underestimate him). Also we always seem to underperform our polls by a couple of percentage points.

      As I like pointing out, in the 2017 election Theresa May started off with something crazy like a 27-point lead and ended with a 1.5-point one. If the unionists throw the kitchen sink at Sturgeon they can hammer away at that lead. We all know that her record in government is mediocre. I can only speak anecdotally when I say that the polls don’t align with opinions I am hearing expressed here in Glasgow. People are sick of her. She may be getting lionised for her speaking style in the Guardian and on liberal Twitter, but they’ve been on the losing side of every election in the past decade. I am also unconvinced that Edinburgh bankers or Newton Mearns businessmen who claim to like her way of discussing covid are actually going to vote for her if it looks like upsetting the value of their property portfolios.

      Council by-election results, though not especially indicative, are showing unionist tactical voting and haven’t been particularly good for us. Also many of our supporters are complacent and won’t bother turning out.

      Add into that that the voting system is designed to prevent a pro-independence majority, and it’s not particularly hard to see a unionist majority in May. Not likely, but far from impossible.

      As I’ve said before on here, it should ring serious alarm bells that Sturgeon’s hero is Hillary Clinton, as she has many of the same vulnerabilities.

    155. James Che. says:

      Sorry forgot to say on youtube,
      The great reset
      Sky news, Australia
      Subject, world economic forum.
      Ivor Cummins.
      The head honcho looks like they might have fitted right in with experiments on humans during World War Two in concertration camps,, build back better is the mantra all over the world,
      The better for who? Charlie and their ilk, or us, this man whose family breaks the rules, travelling here there and everywhere while there’s a ban on,
      It appears that covid rules are for us, not for them, so why shouldn’t these world economic forum planners and leaders follow covid rules, shouldn’t they be scared of dying too, it appears they have knowledge we do not. It also appears that many elites have been caught breaking the rules across the world,
      As far as their commentary goes it seems they might imply that covid is a great instrument to reset economies as well,

    156. A Person says:


      Agreed. If the SNP announced that they were abolishing Holyrood, adopting red, white and blue as their colours, and establishing Nigel Farage Day as a public holiday, some would accuse their critics of undermining the independence cause.

    157. kestral says:

      “katherine hamilton says:
      16 December, 2020 at 12:44 pm
      Hi Rev
      The comment by prasad at 12.46 links to a picture that appears to identify this child, if that is of concern to you.

      Seriously did you just complain when the ACTUALLY parent was quite happy to paste their child’s face all over internet and raise 14 grand in 24 hours to buy drugs from a doctor who was fined in UK and who moved out of uk to spain to em serve TP, ps the drugs cost is approx 2 grand a year, bet this parent takes their child abroad to remove their pxnius with that money = child abuse

    158. James Che. says:

      I do not think it matters whom you vote for, I doubt very much the winner will be whom you choose,
      The winners are the lobbyist funding your government. Ie, open sources, bill gates of the world.and the courts and justice department are of on a long covid holiday, just in case you want to make a complaint afterwards, there only open for fines. As hospitals only deal with normal illness after covid first,
      Save our nhs, ahem, it’s meant to be the other way around, aren’t they supposed to save us.

    159. Mike d says:

      Re all the ifs and buts if Scotland could have become independent in 2014, Sadly now its never gonna happen unless within the next 5 years. As we all all know and others have said, myself included. 50.000 english people emigrate to Scotland every year, so the demographics say on that basis, along with the collabarating uncle jocks, the scottish independece dream is dead and buried. Just ask the welsh who voted to remain in the eu, but who’s vote was overturned by the english (635.000) influx to wales who voted leave. Google danny dorling professor oxford uni.

    160. boris says:

      Hundreds of thousands of Labour supporters were inspired by his vision of a socialist Government.

      Former party members driven out by New Labour’s neo-capitalist policies and first time voters joined the Party increasing the membership from two hundred thousand to five hundred and fifty thousand in a period of less than six months.

      He was duly declared Party Leader having gained an unprecedented 59.5 % of the vote, a larger mandate than any recent leader. But ominously, of two hundred and thirty Labour M.P.s only twenty voted for Corbyn.

    161. James Che. says:

      Mike d, the English are not your problem when it comes to votes, it’s who is nosey and bold enough to be peeking at them ahead of time, and especially who counts them in faraway places.
      Nicola sturgeon follows Boris second, if you watch and listen carefully Boris and Nicola are following the change that will take place after covid, the world economic forum, the crashed economy, the break down society and build back better forum,
      She or the Scottish government are not lifting a single finger to help the Scottish people, she is dismantling it, with hate crime bills, gender issues, she has not been working for the good of the general population of Scotland for some time now.

    162. wee monkey says:

      Well written/highlighted Stu.


      “twathater says:
      16 December, 2020 at 6:28 pm
      I note that Forwomenscotland have had to reopen their crowd funding site against the SG redefining women , due to an organisation ( equality network ) funded by the SG to the tune of £1.35million challenging forwomenscotland.

      I also note that Martin Keatings has ALSO had to reopen his crowdfunder page AGAIN due to EXTRA EXPENSES being incurred by the Scottish Legal Advocate and SG in out shake it all about misbehaviour

      As we ALL KNOW these are extremely well supported endeavours by people whose interests are targeted at the wellbeing and greater good of the people of Scotland , SO it has to be asked WTAF are our SG doing FORCING added legal expenditure on these organisations and the people of Scotland who are opposed to their dictatorial hegemony and their reviled and hated policies

      NS and the SG are PROVIDING FINANCES to an organisation (equality network) to challenge Scottish Women , yet Scottish Women have to resort to BEGGING people for funds to challenge the SG LUNACY

      NS and the SG are PROVIDING FINANCES for the Scottish advocate to challenge Martin Keatings who is helping the independence movement , Yet Martin is having to BEG people for funds to continue the independence fight

      Correct me if I am wrong but this is one fucked up scenario
      and guess who is at the HEART of it”


      If I may, there is only one reason behind to all this.

      The “hegemony” [cracking term that btw] have decided; ergo, fuck the members, fuck the NEC, and FUCK Scotland: We ARE going ahead and “the party” will NOT stop us.

      Scotland desperately needs a Peoples Party.

    163. Mike d says:

      As Martin McGuinness once said,an armalite in one hand and a ballot box in the other’.

    164. Mike d says:

      James che .10.25pm. no they are not my problem james, but demographically in 5 years time they will be Scotlands problem. Read my post on google danny dorling.

    165. wull says:

      Mike d @10.02. Yes, and do you remember who invited them to come and settle here? Wasn’t it NS?

      Of course, not all will or do vote NO. I am a great admirer of ‘English Scots for Independence’, and I am sure many others here are as well.

      These ‘English Scots for Independence’ do a great deal for the cause, in a very positive way – and actually always have done (I remember some that I knew even back in the late 1960s and early 1970s). Unfortunately, within the category of ‘English people living in Scotland’ they remain a minority. They will almost certainly continue to do so until Scotland does become independent, when there might be a mass exodus.

      Was NS deliberately shoring up the No vote when she openly and publicly invited English people to come up here and stay? Or was she just being nice, as is (supposed to be) her habitual self? You probably don’t need to be the ‘Brain of Britain’ to work out the answer(s) …

      I saw that in her interview on CNN she did say she wanted an independence referendum, but in the same breath she wanted it to be fair and just: independence would not be without difficulties, and she did not want to deceive people the way Boris Johnson had done during the Brexit referendum. They would need to know all about the difficulties as well as the positive reasons for independence.

      That sounded all very laudable and high-minded. But it can only mean one thing in practice: she is going to make it all so fair and honest that if she is also going to set out in her campaign for independence all the reasons for NOT voting for it.

      In other words, she is not going to try to win the referendum. That won’t be her responsibility: she’ll just make sure that everybody hears, even from her own mouth, all the reasons against voting for independence as well as the reasons she still supports it. Who ever won anything by behaving like that?

      There is no way she should be anywhere near leading a campaign for independence. And if her highest ideal is to cancel herself out, why doesn’t she just get on with it, and do it NOW?

      And thank you Bob Mack for pointing out, above, just why the SNP are so mad at Martin Keatings. As you said, he has stolen their clothes before they could even try them on. Or – rather – try US on, their (increasingly erstwhile) supporters, with another subterfuge to pull the wool over our eyes, making it ‘seem as if’ they would be going for an early independence referendum after victory in 2021 when in fact their intention was just to kick it further and further into touch.

      If they are not getting the message already, we need to get it across to them very clearly in May that this woeful ‘seem-as-iffery’ politics carries no traction with the Scottish public. They are a disgrace, and even more so on the still more important issue raised in this article. That they can’t stand up against such abuse speaks volumes.

    166. Ian McCubbin says:

      It’s horrific thank you Stu for taking the brave step of writing about this issue.
      I was a PT Guidance for many years and new teens who were in gender crisis.
      Many just needed to know someone was there if they were able to talk, not even if they needed to.
      Many more teens had abusive parents of many types including the kind outlined here.
      So many of the children were frightened to discuss their issues for fear of parents finding out.
      So so sad.

    167. Effijy says:

      Just in and reading about UNICEF putting money
      into the UK to help feed our children who are going hungry.

      What stupefying news for Scots who would stay in the Union and
      the English electorate.

      We have endured 10 years plus if Tory austerity after years of Labour cuts
      That has delivered the first decade since the mid 1800’s were the standard
      Of living for the average citizen has fallen.

      We have Zero hours contracts pretending to be jobs and the gab between the wealthiest and
      average working man has widened every year for the last 57 years.

      And people dare to ask what would Scotland do without Westminster?

    168. Ronald Fraser says:

      45 minutes out of my life that I won’t get back.

      I tuned into the BBC news and the BBC Scotland News and not a peep about Drew Hendry and his Westminster antics.

      The English bastards at the Beeb have issued a Media Blackout, similar to Sinn Fien.

      They don’t want their shite hole of a Parliament seen in a bad light.

      Hendry should have wrecked the place with their stinkin fuckin Mace.

    169. TJenny says:

      Sturgeon will try to hang on until she can hand over the reins to Robertson, if he gets voted for in Edinburh Central in May.

      Anyone know if he’s popular there and likely to succeed? Will he also stand on the list to make sure he gets in?

    170. wull says:

      But Mike d @ 10.32, on that one I can’t agree with you, or with Martin McGuinness: no armalite please, no violence. That has no place in the struggle for Scottish independence, and it would indeed finish off the whole cause. Scotland is not Northern Ireland. And no one wants it to become such either. Or, rather, the only people who really want it to become such are desperate Unionists. The kind who see fomenting violence and then blaming the independence movement for it as the only way they will be able to hang on to Scotland.

      Violence of any kind just plays into their hands, since they will use it to discredit the whole independence movement. It seems to me just about the only way they will be able to stop the momentum which is carrying us forward to the goal. It’s more of a juggernaut than some on here think: they won’t be able to stop it in the end, unless we do very silly things, which are not justifiable.

    171. DaveL says:

      @ Safron Robe
      Probably not, given the amount of sperm sloshing about in fertility labs all men could be done away with right now. That’s how far we’ve currently removed ourselves from nature.

      Add to that an artificial womb (which no doubt won’t be too far away) and some AI nannies (likewise) and the worlds population could fuck off to hades forever.

    172. wull says:

      Just to add to what Saffron Robe and Dave L are saying, let me ask: What was the response of NS to Scotland’s disastrous birth rate? Did she set out some measures to encourage Scots to have more children? Not at all. No way.

      She simply predicted how many more immigrants we would need every year in the coming decades to make up for the shortfall. What does that eventually mean? Well, fundamentally, the extinction of the Scottish people.

      Of course, we are all sold on civic nationalism. And on welcoming ‘new Scots’ from everywhere, and not just down south. Sure – me too. But you have to have someone to welcome them when all these newcomers arrive.

      There needs to be something ‘Scottish’ that actually exists, making the place to be what it is. Not only to be able to incorporate everyone else into it but also so that newcomers from everywhere arrive somewhere.

      Maybe there is a pattern here. NS doesn’t like the word ‘National’ in the term ‘Scottish National Party’. She’s stuck with it, but she would like to eliminate it. Just like she or others didn’t much like the name ‘Salmond’ in the Party’s history, so they thought they could just erase it.

      So what’s the next thing to go? Well, after you get rid of the N-word (‘National’) from the SNP, why not get rid of the S-word (‘Scottish’) from it as well?

      Then what will be left? Well just ‘the Party’ – won’t that do just fine and dandy?

      Question: ‘Who rules in this (unnameable) place?’ Answer: ‘The Party does. And you had better believe it.’ ‘The Party’ rules – indeed. Ever heard that line before? Where?

      Quite a few places in not so distant history. All of them places where none of us would like to live. Or to have lived.

      Where ‘The Party’ rules, the People wither.

    173. anadventure says:

      I echo those above thanking you for your reporting on this issue. I made a complaint to the Gofundme page that these drugs are illegal in England.

      This looks such a simple little site but you offer excellent timely information in a terse, clever package, and those in the comments are so equally engaged – it’s quite inspiring.

      I followed you off of twitter and now check in on your site daily for a very useful insight into the world.

    174. James Che. says:

      Mike d, I hear what you say and take on board all you say, however the picture is now a lot bigger and greater than a certain number of English people, and amongst many whom have moved here to escape England, and have been in the YES marches in the past,
      It has now got to the stage that if we gained independence, there would be many that flocked to our new country from all over the world, . And that is one thing we do need, it does not matter whom the country is made up of in the future, as long as those people believe in our nation, our people and work together for the mental and physical wellbeing of everyone. That’s, What makes an ordinary country into a beautiful country.
      We would be more than a little surprised if we did a DNA test I bet, to find we have Irish blood, Viking blood, Welsh blood, french blood and a multitude in between in our veins, here in Scotland,
      Just study the different place names in Scotland since the 1200s and you will find places named in different languages,
      If our race of people were only one true colour, would we still have the true colour that Scotland had four thousand years ago, I doubt it, but neither would any other country, take names for instance there are name that sound and spoken in the same way here in Scotland as around the world, but when you spell them they are different, for instance, America you have Cheney, same origins perhaps.
      Smith, in Germany they also have have the name smith, but spelt differently, McNeill or MacNeil and just to bring a smile to you here are the Scots we bred, an have lost, Gordon brown, Micheal gove, George Galloway, To name a few, and last but not least those that claimed themselves Scottish that signed the treaty of the union in 1707.
      We need good people to live in amongst here in Scotland, no matter where they are from, and I do not mind one bit if ermine seeking Scots leave, or those that refuse to act upon the will of the people of Scotland in a Scottish snp Party,
      we the people of Scotland, that live in Scotland, raise families in Scotland, and are proud to be Scottish whom contribute to making a better world for all should not be anchored to prejudice or narrow view points that could damage our country and countrymen.

    175. ElGordo says:


      The birthrate will increase when there is a positive outlook for children in Scotland.

      More than that, it will increase when people in their 20’s and 30’s have confidence in their own economic survival and future, never mind their ability to get by and survive with children.

      That confidence doesn’t exist at this point, and there is a socially acceptable solution to any accidents.

      Until people believe that they can adequately provide for their children’s future, a positive future, then there ain’t going to be a lot more children. Just the way it is.

      Compare against the birthrates in other countries in Europe, (immigration aside), and see which countries are doing better and why.

    176. Tannadice Boy says:

      @A Person 9 42pm
      I agree with your post. I too don’t know where the votes are coming from.I asked Stu a short while ago the same question. Traditional SNP voters have told me ie my extended family they are not voting SNP. So I have no idea where the votes are coming from. But we live in a democracy and we should abide by the result. Nicola is appealing to the masses. I am on the wrong side of the debate. For the moment…

    177. James says:

      ScotsRenewables says:
      16 December, 2020 at 5:49 pm
      Denise says:
      16 December, 2020 at 4:05 pm
      I’m off the firm opinion that the SNP must not be allowed to get a majority in May.

      And I’m equally convinced that you and others expressing this opinion are not independence supporters.

      Well said, sir!

    178. ElGordo says:

      Increased population will lead to increased economic activity, but this is a 16-18 year pay back, so better to import an immigrant population for a faster return.

      We can continue to open our arms as we have and welcome them as new Scots and rejoice in our wordly open Scottishness as the Scots are enhanced by the more economically viable new Scots.

      You sow what you reap.

      Just evolution, many varieties decline over time, interesting times to live through.

    179. Fireproofjim says:

      Mike d
      You are a fool or a Unionist plant with your armalite quote, or a silly little boy who wants to appear a hard man.
      Either way you do Scottish Independence no favours.

    180. James says:

      James Che. 11:43pm;

      Well said, sir!

    181. Achnababan says:

      I think we are being colonised from the south – in my neck of the woods there are English accents everywhere! Now that may not necessarily be a bad thing, but I am concerned for the future of our Scots language and culture which is disappearing faster than sna aff a dyke (or ice from the Arctic).

      We do need to consider seriously managing our population size through reduced births and less immigration. For those of you lamenting our low birth rate in Scotland I would say this – there are already way too many people on this planet so perhaps Scotland can show the world how to establish a thriving, happy economy with fewer people?

      It is a load of bollocks to say we need more people to be keep our (unsustainable) economy going – that is just corporate bullshit – they just want more people so they can sell more stuff!

      Rather than seeking to increase our population lets try to create a more sustainable economy that supports human wellbeing not corporate profit, and does not rape the Earth.

      If we consume and procreate less we may just survive.

    182. ElGordo says:


      We need to increase our birthrate, otherwise it is terminal decline and eradication of Scots, in a relatively short period of time.

      We need to increase our population, we are one of the worst performing countries in the World in the last 100 years in terms of population growth, and associated economic growth.

      We, as a people, are a viable and valuable resource to Scotland and a valuable export.

    183. A Person says:


      Of course, but I am simply not convinced we will win a majority in May. God knows what happens then- a really grim thought, despite everything.

    184. ElGordo says:

      We need to reproduce for the future of Scotland and we need actual policies that support this.

      This policy change may be to the detriment of bearded women.

    185. Claire says:

      I am not a physician, I’m a PhD not MD. I do scientific research on autism and after reading about this story, I wonder if this kid is on the spectrum.

      Autism onset typically becomes apparent in very young children, although many milder cases are missed, especially in girls. There are concerns from some clinicians and psychologists I’ve talked to that there seems to be an excess of trans kids who are also on the spectrum. Just going by prevalences, the number of trans kids who are also autistic should be quite small. It is not, autism diagnoses in trans kids is suspiciously high.

      I worry about young autistic children being caught up in this trans fad.

    186. James Barr Gardner says:

      Claire says:
      17 December, 2020 at 12:51 am
      I am not a physician, I’m a PhD not MD. I do scientific research on autism and after reading about this story, I wonder if this kid is on the spectrum.

      I think your knowledge and your empathy about autism is lacking in the extreme, shame on you !

    187. twathater says:

      To ANYONE who believes that NS wants independence , I have asked this question numerous times on numerous forums and blogs and have never received a proper answer

      Can you point out to me and anyone else where NS has provided information e.g. financial , societal .investment or other , to convince or inform undecideds or no voters that they should even consider voting for independence

      It is unbelievable that if we had had a leader and a party who were convinced in our independence that they would NOT have supplied factual resourced information to people who were unsure of the great leap , information to counteract and dispel the untruths excreted daily by WM and their accomplices in the MSM and broadcasters

      IMO we have been conned , and the worst of it is there are still so many willing accomplices within the independence movement that are willing to excuse and support the head perpetrator of the CON

      ANY and ALL information to counteract the lies spouted by the MSM and to show and inform people that independence is a viable proposition has been done by individuals such as Zarkwan , Prof John Robertson and others through hard work and determination , where has the SNP SG been in our quest for independence and where is the information they should have been supplying

    188. Willie says:

      Colonised through an influx of immigrants from the south of England.

      A policy used before in the Plantation of Ulster. And that, in a very short space of time back in the late 1600’s laid down a foundation for four hundred years of hatred and discontent. History repeats as Britain’s colonial policies repeat.

    189. susanXX says:

      I think pro nativist policies are a good idea. Instead, what do we get? Immigration. Immigration is a double-edged sword. It should be one carefully chosen option but not the main one.

    190. Hatuey says:

      ElFatso: “We need to reproduce for the future of Scotland”

      Please don’t.

    191. susanXX says:

      English colonization IS something to be considered. Recently, I think on Rhum applications were taken for people to move there. Of the 4 families chosen, 3 were English. Were there really not more suitable Scottish families? As others have said, of these English immigrants only a minority support independence.

    192. Polly says:

      A Person

      ‘As I’ve said before on here, it should ring serious alarm bells that Sturgeon’s hero is Hillary Clinton, as she has many of the same vulnerabilities.’

      I agree with your whole post here. Funnily enough for a personal anecdote, though I was never a fan of Clinton in the way I initially was of Sturgeon, I could not understand the loathing many Americans had for her when she worked for her husband or Obama. During the election against Trump I’d changed to hoping he’d win as the least dangerous option, and even knowing how bad he’d be – and was – I still now believe she’d have been worse. I’ve gone in a similar trajectory with Sturgeon.

      twathater says

      ‘ANY and ALL information to counteract the lies spouted by the MSM and to show and inform people that independence is a viable proposition has been done by individuals such as Zarkwan , Prof John Robertson and others’

      Indeed, and even Robertson’s think tank only followed the No to Yes video idea, came up with nothing much new. So much for him and them.

    193. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

      Wrong Robertson @ Polly says at 8:19 am

      Prof John W Robertson is behind:

      You are thinking of Angus ‘marmalade’ Robertson who as you say has done nothing to further Independence and was the one the ludicrous Edinburgh Airport complaint about Salmond was made to (and as others speculate is ‘deeply involved in the stitch up of AS’ with the Edinburgh Central ticket as his reward for ‘services rendered’, and the new chosen one to succeed NS now the previous anointed one inexplicably Derek Mackay of all people is out of the picture!

    194. Craig Murray says:

      Lorna Campbell,

      There is no doubt Nicola is out for a top international job. Staff at the UN second HQ in Geneva have told me she has had feelers out there.

      It is worth remembering that all top international jobs, particularly the UN, will never appoint anyone without the support of their own government – which in terms of international law and diplomacy currently means Boris Johnson. So no chance whatsoever she is actually going to take on Johnson over Indy.

    195. Polly says:

      Jockanese Wind Talker

      Yes, sorry, it was my fault for confusing you or making you think I was confused. I know them both, but both having same surname I should have used Angus in last reference to avoid confusion. My fault and too early in the morning is my excuse. Professor Robertson’s blog is a decent one I read from time to time.

    196. Wee Chid says:

      UNICEF is helping to feed children in the UK while some here decide to fund child abuse instead. Beginning to think the idea of restarting a colony on Mars might be the way to go. This place is shite.

    197. A Person says:


      Thank you for your reply.

      In 2015 I managed to predict Clinton’s defeat the day she announced, and then Trump’s victory the day he announced, so maybe I am on to something!

      But it pains me that this is how I feel about the SNP.

    198. Wee Chid says:

      Achnababan says:
      17 December, 2020 at 12:23 am
      “I think we are being colonised from the south”

      The village where I live is referred to locally as the “English” village. Some go full native and are OK – others retain their loyalty to the British Empire. One, in particular, is a very nasty Unionist. Having said that, there are several natives who are also staunch yoons. I think they might be the greater danger.

    199. Betty Boop says:

      What is being done to children is beyond crimina. Psychologically and physically damaging their health.


    200. SilverDarling says:

      Regarding gender dysphoria as a mental illness, as some have mentioned before the status was changed under pressure from lobbyists:

      “So in order to reduce the stigma, while also ensuring access to necessary health interventions, this was placed in a different chapter.” This statement really sums it up. It is not a mental disorder so that means it is not amenable to psychiatric treatment, ie you cannot be treated out of it. In saying that, the ‘patient’ decides(or doesn’t usually, it is their parents) and the medical profession have to affirm and go along with it.

      By constantly lumping in with homosexuality, TRAs can claim the same discrimination and lack of rights that underpin all of this. However, the two are not the same. Homosexuality does not involve the physical interventions and encroachment of women’s rights in particular that TRAs demand.

      On one hand there is the mental distress that manifests if the medical profession and wider society do not affirm, and the threats of suicide that are said to accompany this and the on the other hand, as it is not a mental disorder so if only the medical profession would not stand in their way everything would be fine. But they need access to medical and physical treatments so remove the gatekeeper of psychiatry by saying it is not a mental disorder and let other specialities do as they are told by the ‘patient’. The situation is further toxified by internet and naïve political pressure.

      We are getting to the stage that psychiatric intervention only exists in TRAs lives to alleviate the distress that happens if the rest of the world does not do as they say. No one is allowed to intervene to say their idea that they are in the wrong body might be a symptom of other problems. There is no other psychiatric disorder that demands this at present.

      The comparison is often made with Anorexia Nervosa where the patient may perceive themselves as fat and objectively they are dangerously underweight but are affirmed by internet allies who tell them how to outwit the medical profession who are all evil and know nothing. Imagine if psychiatrists were bypassed and just told to prescribe weight loss or appetite suppressants and if they didn’t they would be accused of being bigoted. This is where we are just now.

    201. Willie says:

      Fair play to Andy Wightman who has just resigned from the Greens because of their bigoted and hostile support of Trans.

      I’m sure the SNP or better still him seeing election as a member for the new yet to fully launch Indy List party.

    202. Wee Chid says:

      And the Greens get Mridul in to replace Andy Wightman.

    203. Wullie B says:

      No mention from Emilys mum that she is trying to get round the ruling by going to the Webberleys for the puberty blockers

    204. TruthForDummies says:

      So maskgate is a bit ridiculous but it does enable three headline …
      ‘I made a stupid mistake’
      Which hopefully The press and opposition will develop into a narrative Nicola Sturgeon makes stupid mistakes. I hope this is the start of the press campaign to bring her down.
      They’ve built her up, put her on a pedestal hopefully come next year they will do their customary reverse and start to hack away at her credibility.

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