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The C-word

Posted on January 07, 2023 by

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  1. Morgatron says:

    Belter Chris. Listened to that mentalist yesterday and wondered what planet he is on, another girls I think.!

  2. Bugger+the+Panda says:

    Welcome back Chris.

    It is a welcome relief to have bits of this living shit fest explained graphically.

    Especially on a “Ma Heid Hurts” Sunday.

    Carry on!

  3. Luigi says:

    Sigh. Great cartoon, but the irony is that the tories are now so discredited that Labour could win the next GE on a “Back to Europe” ticket, even with a such a dull, uncharismatic leader as Stammer. They could but they want because they are cowards and desperate to regain the small number of red wall voters they lost to Boris. And so, the red tories will get Brexit done, once and for all (aye right). Folks, this is a classic example of placing oneself hostage to fortune, all for short term gain. Pathetic. Bound to all end in tears, sooner than ye think.

  4. Robert Hughes says:

    Brilliant work , CC .

    If Starmer crawls any lower to appease Corporate interests ( ” The Opposition leader is expected to declare that putting him in No 10 would not result in getting a ‘big government chequebook out’” ) he’ll resemble nothing more than a be-quiffed centipede

    Be * fun * watching him square that circle .. promising the electorate he’ll rectify the savagery of the Tories simultaneously assuring Business he’ll not get the ” big Government chequebook out ” .

    Fckn useless toad , the palest of * Red * Tories with the extra ingredient of uncritical , enthusiastic advocacy of the * Gender * lunacy . Fantastic ! Just what we need , eh ?

    I won’t vote for the SNP again until the Sturgeon pestilence is exorcised from Scotland ; neither will I vote for the clownish Labour Party – or any Unionist Party . They can ALL get tae

  5. Chris, that toon is awfy, awfy good.

  6. Tom Kane says:

    ACH… This contortionist is a very nasty piece of work. Boy did he work hard to destroy Jeremy Corbyn, to put Julian Assange in jail in America, to trash socialism in the UK.

    And good boy that he is, he expects rewards. A sickener.

  7. Dramfineday says:

    Nice one Chris. What does the man and his party stand for other than more right wing nonsense?

  8. robertkknight says:

    Poundshop Tony Blair.

  9. Vivian O’Blivion says:

    The Permanent State’s latest marionette delivered his speech standing in front of two industrial robots. Oh the delicious, unintended subliminal messaging.

  10. deerhill says:

    He seems to always have an earpiece in with someone repeating “Don’t mention Socialism” over and over.

    I don’t think I’ll be votiong Labour!

  11. Dave+M says:

    Brilliant ?

  12. Derek says:

    “Bugger+the+Panda says:
    7 January, 2023 at 9:24 am

    Especially on a “Ma Heid Hurts” Sunday.”

    It’s still Saturday, I’m afraid.

  13. Wilson McBride says:

    The “Shots each” way of governing the UK continues.

    Even if Labour won the next election, they will tell us there is no money to do anything radical.

    So they will bounce along the bottom for another five years,,,then the Tories will get back in and repeat the same excuses you heard from the previous Labour government.

    Meanwhile in Scotland,,,did you forget that Sturgeon has double promised that the next General Election in the UK will be a Plebiscite election on Scottish independence?

    For more details on this, just ask the SNP flock who comment on the National exactly what that means.

    I’m sure they’ll be only too delighted to explain.

  14. Marie Clark says:

    Indeed Chris. That’s a keeper if ever there was one. Chapeau sir.

    I must say SIR Starmer does not inspire any confidence for me, just another red tories right enough.

  15. Geoff Anderson says:

    Funny but scary….because it reflects what he said!

  16. TGC says:

    Starmer makes it up as he goes along , a Tory dressed in red Labour , shame on the Labour Party electing a leader such as he an absolutely obvious out and out tory , sickening to see the unions taken over by the same s – – – –
    Union leaders paid as much as the bosses they pander to

  17. stuart mctavish says:

    Given what appears to be Rupert Murdochs primer for the indy debate in today’s Herald I’d like to think there might be an antipenultimate frame missing where someone asks, given Starmer’s understanding of what a woman might be, whether, under certain circumstances, he might consider himself to be a bit of a one.. thus leading to the somewhat unconventional search for that David Leask fellow..

  18. Josef Ó Luain says:

    The Tory continuity candidate, no-more-no-less.

  19. Willie says:

    The cartoon utterly reflects the absolute mince that is fed electorate.

    I mean we have taken back control and are making Britain great agsin

    Just like the Sturgeon and the SNP saying they are for independence. Its all the same. A good cartoon. Summarises it like it is.

    Ah well, turn up the heating,dance and don’t get sick.

  20. FionaN says:

    BtP, that sore head MUST be a REALLY bad one!

  21. James Barr Gardner says:

    Trumps yit agin Chris,sketched as exactly how it is !

  22. akenaton says:

    The drawing is excellent. the message not so much. The guy is barely worth the cost of materials.
    Couldn’t you do an updated version of The Broons?

  23. Merganser says:

    It says a lot when you have to do a real fart to try and disguise a brain fart.

  24. twathater says:

    Another belter Chris, just another day in the lunatic asylum where up is down and WTF knows where we are going

    Off Topic just had my energy bill through from EDF £1200 for 3 months FFS who is going to start the revolution

  25. Breastplate says:

    Same here for the last 3 months, we thought we were doing a good job at keeping the heating off for a decent amount of time but obviously not enough.
    My other half read an article in the Herald about people being treated in hospital for hypothermia last month.

    But surely it must warm your heart as it does mine to be paying extortionate amounts of money so we can thumb our nose at those terrible Ruskies.

    Cui bono, because it’s certainly not any of us plebs.

  26. Ian Brotherhood says:

    I don’t know this person’s real name or when the interview was recorded but it must be one of the simplest explanations for why ‘drag queen’ worship is not appropriate for children. I haven’t seen any TRA even attempt to refute the objections/observations articulated here.

  27. John Main says:

    @Breastplate 4:03

    If you think the destruction of a sovereign nation, along with the exile, murder and enslavement of its free people, is a price worth paying in order to keep your heating bills down, at least have the honest guts to say so plainly and clearly.

    Whilst not agreeing with that opinion, it is at least one I can respect for its bald truth.

    But to hide your objections under the pretext that this is about thumbing noses at Russtis is contemptible.

    This is about a sovereign nation and a free people. And if you really want them eliminated to save you money, at least spare a thought for their neighbouring sovereign nations and free peoples, who will be the next targets for elimination.

  28. Chas says:

    If it came down to it and I HAD to vote for EITHER Starmer’s Labour or Sturgeon’s SNP it would be Labour every time. Simply because of trust or the lack of it.
    Then again I am John Main and Andy Ellis in disguise as well as being a closet Unionist to boot.

  29. Robert Hughes says:

    @ Breastplate

    ” But surely it must warm your heart as it does mine to be paying extortionate amounts of money so we can thumb our nose at those terrible Ruskies. ”

    Aye and guess who has stepped in to supply the gas which formerly was coming from Russia – until one of * our * heroic Western Covert Operations groups blew-up the pipeline ?

    Yip , ” God’s Own Country ” – what a coincidence !

    Still doesn’t explain why the UK is paying the highest energy costs IN THE WORLD ; the rest of Europe has not seen anything like the obscene increases we have .

    Just one more Brexit Bonus , I guess

  30. DaveL says:

    I agree with Akenaton at 1.21, the drawing’s great but politicians with their head stuck up their arse is no surprise to anyone.

    I’m disappointed you’re ignoring the elephant in the room wearring a dress, but maybe you just don’t want to go there. Fair enough.

  31. akenaton says:

    John, I detest “war”, but I have just watched film of the Japanese people being incinerated by US firebombs, followed by whole cities obliterated by nuclear fission all in the name of freedom.
    Dresden burned to the ground, men women and children burned like so many strands of grass. Ireland a killing field, someone lately tried to justify Omagh to me believe it or not.
    Our hands are far from clean and we should think hard about whether the freedom we killed for still exists.
    Personally I see our freedom being steadily eroded from the inside, until now we are expected to say nothing while women and children are put into jeopardy by laws passed without reference to the people involved, the Scottish electorate
    Freedom come all ye….my arse.

  32. Mia says:

    “If it came down to it and I HAD to vote for EITHER Starmer’s Labour or Sturgeon’s SNP it would be Labour every time!”

    It is never “either-or” when it comes to an election, Chas. You always have the option to vote for what you really want by spoiling your ballot and avoid voting for any of them political frauds.

    And if you are going to spoil your ballot, you may as well do it in style by writing on it whatever it is you are voting for. There is nothing stopping you voting for what you want.

    The UK establishment gets the result it wants by
    a) disenfranchising “the unruly” (fabricated accusations, prosecutions or buy offs) and
    b) removing from the options available in the ballot those it does not want you to vote for.

    Then, because the most wanted option was not included in the ballot, it can claim nobody wanted it.

    For a) and b) to work, the sheep must always follow “the rules” and vote for any of the options offered.

    The only way to change this deceiving undemocratic game is by breaking “the rules” and follow your own.

  33. auld highlander says:

    800 poor souls treated for hypothermia in Scotland according to this.

    and GAS prices fallen back to pre war prices,

    So, this year we will be ripped off big style by the money grabbing energy companies.

  34. Ruby says:

    Is the next election not going to be a de facto referendum.

    The choice will be yes or no. Voting Labour = No.

  35. Republicofscotland says:

    The millionaire knight of the real and leader of the Labour party, is nothing more than a red Tory, he and his MPs and MSPs in Scotland will say anything and everything to get their arses into Number Ten and Bute House.

    Like Sturgeon the Judas and her SNP MSPs and MPs they can never be trusted.

    For Scots the only party that they need to vote for is the Alba party.

    Vote Alba, Join Alba the rest are just the puppets of a foreign country England.

  36. Republicofscotland says:

    The rapist/paedo enabling FM tries to put a sticking plaster over gaping wound with this bollocks.

    If the betrayer of Scots had put Scottish interests before those of Westminster and her own vile agenda, (unamended GRRB) and obtained what we elected her for in the first place to bring us independence from this onesided prison of a union we be in a much better position to deal with serious domestic problems, but no the treacherous shit sold Scots out.

    We MUST vote Alba and Join Alba, get the sordid SNP and Greens out of office as soon as.

    “The First Minister Nicola Sturgeon headed up a meeting of the Scottish Government resilience committee (SGoRR) on Friday which was attended by the likes of Deputy First Minister John Swinney, Health Secretary Humza Yousaf and key partners across the system including senior representatives from NHS Boards, COSLA, Integration Joint Boards and the Scottish Ambulance Service.”

  37. Republicofscotland says:

    This from the rapist/paedo enabling Green, who knows Brexit has ben a disaster, she says so herself, yet she and her vile Green party along with the degenerates in the SNP abandoned the reason we voted for them (independence) and replaced it with their sordid, vile agenda that puts women and children in real danger.

    “Brexit has been a disaster. Every day it continues will make it harder for us to go back. It’s time for Scotland to take a different path and rejoin Europe as an independent country.”

    Vote Alba Join Alba, help get the immoral Greens and SNP out of office and Alba in to office.

  38. Chas says:


    People fought long and hard for the right to vote. Women even more so than men. To spoil your ballot paper is simplistic, basically stupid and disrespectful to those that went before. When faced with a stark choice it is often better to vote for the less worse option.
    Applying your logic, the Establishment, whoever you deem them to be, could eventually say ‘Nobody bothered to cast their vote therefore there is no point in holding elections at all’!
    You carry on spoiling your ballot papers and see what change that brings!


    Who will form the Government if Scotland votes for Independence? Do you think the SNP MP’s and MSP’s are going to disband, form new parties and risk missing out on the gravy train?

    Scotland has to be in for the long haul if change, FOR THE BETTER, has to be achieved.

    To my mind, Scotland has to wipe out the Tories and the SNP and basically start again. This will only be done at the ballot box.

  39. Republicofscotland says:

    He can always come to Scotland and be a pretendy woman that will give him access to women and children’s safe spaces thanks to the foul, vile, sordid, wretched SNP/Greens and their unamended GRRB.

    He won’t even need to break into a sweat, oh that’s right he doesn’t sweat.

    Vote Alba, Join Alba, get the rapist/paedo enabling SNP/Greens out of office and Alba in.

  40. Republicofscotland says:

    From Craig Murray’s excellent blog.

    First though we must vote out the vile, sordid rapist paedo enabling Greens and SNP and get Alba into office. Lets get it done when the time comes and be rid of not only the SNP/Greens but onesided prison of a union, that robs Scotland of its wealth.

    “The UK Supreme Court was quite right within the narrow confines of UK domestic law. Plainly the Union of England and Scotland is a reserved matter under the Scotland Act of 1998, and the Scottish Parliament could not hold a referendum on it in terms of that Act.

    But UK domestic law is entirely irrelevant. The Kosovo Opinion of the International Court of Justice makes crystal clear that the domestic law of the state being seceded from, is not the determining factor as to whether a secession is illegal.

    Whereas the reliance by the UK Supreme Court on the criteria of the Federal Court of Canada in the Quebec judgment, over fifty years old and superseded by the cold hard fact of over 23 non-colonial secessions since, is simply laughable.

    But while the right of self-determination of peoples in international law is crucial in the case of Scotland, and while Scotland undoubtedly qualifies as a “people” because it is a long established historic nation with its own legal system, culture and institutions, there is one overwhelmingly important criterion for recognition grounded in pure realpolitik.

    It was long accepted as the only criterion for recognition that a state had factual, practical control of its own territory. That position has become softened by more principled considerations since the second world war, but the actual control of the territory claimed remains the most important factor in gaining international recognition.

    Why did Catalonia fail where Slovenia, Kosovo and the Baltic states succeeded?

    Because realpolitik rules in practice, and the Slovenians, Balts and Kosovans had obtained actual control on the ground of the land they claimed. The Catalans had not.

    Physical control is not a sufficient condition for recognition – see the Turkish Republic of North Cyprus – but in effect it is a necessary condition.

    The UK Establishment will never agree to Scottish Independence. Scotland’s resources are far too valuable to them. Scotland has to declare Independence unilaterally, and take it.

    It is no use doing this like Catalonia, where the Spanish civil guard and judiciary effectively wiped out the nascent state before it could breathe.

    A Scottish government, whether arising from the Scottish Parliament or from another body, needs in declaring Independence to ensure it has practical control of Scotland.

    That means that the organs of the state have to acknowledge the Scottish state. All taxes collected must go to Edinburgh, not to Westminster. The judiciary must apply Scottish laws and not Westminster ones, where they conflict, and specifically apply all new laws post the Declaration of Independence. The police must answer only to Scottish authorities. Ultimately so must the military stationed in Scotland.

    At the time Independence is declared, immediate action must be taken to ensure all civil servants, judges, police and military take an oath of loyalty to the people of Scotland and its new government, and renounce any previous loyalty to Crown and to UK political institutions. Anybody refusing must be summarily dismissed from their positions.

    We have the example of Catalonia before us. We also have the example of Egypt’s only ever democratically elected leader, President Morsi, who died horribly in jail after being overthrown by a CIA coup because he failed to take the elementary precaution of dismissing and imprisoning all the military regime’s corrupt judges. He should have learnt from Fritz Bauer.

    Let us not make those mistakes.

    Ultimately, it boils down to this.

    1) Westminster will never agree to Scottish Independence.

    2) Scotland therefore has no option but to declare Independence unilaterally.

    3) Any independent state must be prepared to defend itself by physical force from foreign attack. So must a newly declared Independent Scotland.

    4) All who refuse to serve an Independent Scotland must then be removed from all organs of the state.

    5) Once an Independent Scotland has physical control of its territory and resources, international recognition will soon follow. Brexit has completely changed the political atmosphere with regard to the crucial attitude of the European Union to London’s government.

    Not to mention that London’s government is an international laughing stock.”

  41. Breastplate says:

    John Main,
    I’ve made quite clear that there should have been no bloodshed over the Donbas region or any other region for that matter if that’s what the people who live there want.

    I understand that you find this confusing for someone who believes everything can be solved by violence.

    Why is it so important to you that the local people there shouldn’t make their own decisions.

    My solution is to let people get on with democratically doing what’s good for them and if the people of the Donbas or anywhere else such as Scotland want to do things differently, they shouldn’t have to put up with people like you insisting that the tanks should be sent in.

    People making their own decisions locally is a good thing, around 50 countries in the world in the middle of the last century turning into over 200 suggest that people prefer their governments closer to hand, I agree with that sentiment.

    War has always been a failure of diplomacy.
    Perhaps we shouldn’t be so eager to pull out the 6-shooters, eh.

  42. Breastplate says:

    Robert Hughes,
    Yes, unfortunately our governments can fool some of the people all of the time.

  43. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @Republicofscotland (8.50) –

    Thanks for that link and extract. Looks great.

    Fighting talk!

    Long time since I’ve visited Craig’s site, so that’s where I’m off to right now.

    Hoots aplenty!


  44. Chas says:

    Imagine a Scottish voter who is seriously concerned regarding the ‘performance’ of the SG and are desperately seeking alternatives.
    They stumble upon the Wings over Scotland blog wondering what the Alba Party and their supporters are all about.
    They read a few posts from RoS and quickly disappear thinking ‘Are they all like this? I want nothing to do with them’.

    Does anybody really take him/her/it seriously?

  45. Ian says:

    In 2014 the staggering situation was that the current UK government wouldn’t appear in Scotland to argue the case for the union because they knew that whatever they said would simply strengthen the case for independence and against the union. So they left it to Labour to do the UK’s dirty work – ie focus on lying about the ‘dangers’ of independence rather than make any substantive case for the UK. Whenever the union was mentioned it was in general terms that had no substance. So both the pro’s of the union and cons of independence were simply lies which became more evident with each passing day/month/year after 2014.

    As a result, Labour have become almost as despised as the tories in Scotland so they won’t be keen to appear in Scotland again to front any discussion about independence or the case for the UK. So now in 2023 the situation exists where no major UK party is likely to want to argue the case for the union in Scotland because all it would do would be to strengthen the case against the union (as any fleeting appearance from the tories in Scotland in 2014 did).

    As for the main focus of the unionists ‘case’ for the UK in 2014, ie project fear – the lies about how badly off Scotland would become if it became independent, most have become true because Scotland is still part of the UK. So the main case for the union (how badly Scotland would fare if independent), has happened not because Scotland became independent but because it has remained in the union. Talk about a non-existent case for the union!

    Sadly though, although the UK is now widely viewed, especially abroad, as a basket case, the new SNP is also a busted flush with a strong track record of hot air but no real action on independence other than using it as a slogan to hoover up votes and remain as the main block to independence. The case against Alex Salmond shows how desperate they are to remain in the position of being seen as the ‘only’ party of independence. Most recently their support has had a strong element of voting for the least worst option (or hold your nose as you vote). Just as the UK main party’s are meaningless in Scotland, so too are the new SNP (post 2014). Expecting anything positive from all of them in terms of independence is like flogging a dead horse. Their failure to remove Alex Salmond as a political threat, shows where the only hope for Scotland is. Alba.

    The SNP are no longer the only and ‘least worst’ option, they are simply just as pointless as the tories and labour are in Scotland. The only way out of the ongoing disaster since 2014 is not to vote for any of the main party’s in Scotland. The solution is easy enough. Dump the SNP just as Labour have repeatedly been dumped since 2015. The SNP’s main plank of being the only party of independence no longer exists. Voting them out and replacing them with those with a strong track record of genuinely wanting independence is the only way out of a situation of relentless decline due to being part of the UK and being controlled by an SNP that wants that situation to continue as long as possible solely for their own personal benefit and to the detriment of the vast majority in Scotland. Voting wisely in huge numbers (with eyes wide open and without holding your nose) is the only hope to remove the SNP blockage to independence. 2014 has shown what happens when too many people continue to vote unwisely. Things get worse. And worse. Until things really change.

  46. Ian Brotherhood says:

    This is the Craig Murray blog post that Republicofscotland linked to upthread.

  47. Mia says:


    “People fought long and hard for the right to vote. Women even more so”

    Absolutely. And that is precisely why we cannot give up on our right to vote democratically now. Letting the establishment remove the choice the majority of us wants from the ballot, and then casting a vote for the unwanted (even despised) remaining options is not voting democratically. It is legitimising with our votes absolute rule under a veneer of faux democracy, pure and simple. I refuse to do that.

    Democracy means government (-cracy) by the people (demo-). Restricting the options in the ballot so what a significant proportion of the people wants is deliberately excluded, is not government by the people. It is imposed rule by whoever chooses what political parties enter the ballot paper.

    If you want to vote for what you want and that option is denied to you, the only option left to you is for you to create that option yourself, aka spoiling the ballot writing on it what you are actually voting for.

    “To spoil your ballot paper is simplistic, basically stupid and disrespectful to those that went before”

    Actually no. What is stupid is to continue to endorse absolute rule by voting for what you don’t want simply because the establishment, which does not want you to vote for what you want, refuses to give you the option but then still wants to claim the vote was democratic.

    What is simplistic is to act like a turkey on its way to Christmas without thinking what you are endorsing and in the alternatives.

    What is utterly disrespectful to those who fought and died for democracy in the past is to actually give up on that democracy by legitimising absolute rule by the back door.

    “When faced with a stark choice it is often better to vote for the less worse option”

    Not in my book it isn’t. Voting for something you don’t want is endorsing it. Hell will freeze before I endorse the parasites in labour, libdems, SNP, Greens or Tories.

    “the Establishment, whoever you deem them to be”

    The crown together with all the minions and useful idiots it has in all controlling positions including the graveyard of political rejects (HoL) and political parties. That is what I consider the establishment.

    “could eventually say ‘Nobody bothered to cast their vote therefore there is no point in holding elections at all’!”

    A spoiled vote count as a vote. Spoiled votes cannot be hidden and that is why I am NOT advocating for staying at home and not casting a vote. I am advocating for using our voice by casting a vote for what each of us want, not for what the establishment wants us to vote for.

    At present, spoiled ballots is the only way we have to prove none of the options in the ballot is acceptable. It is the only way to stop people being disenfranchised and giving them a voice. An increasing number of spoiled ballots will indicate an obvious disconnect between the body politic and the people – a sign that this is no longer a democracy but rather a dictatorship masquerading as one.

    “You carry on spoiling your ballot papers and see what change that brings!”

    Well, what changes have the last 8 years of Holyrood and Westminster elections voting like turkeys for Labour operating as the SNP under Sturgeon and co., have brought us?

    I see no beneficial change whatsoever. Not even one. Certainly not a single change those of us who cast our vote for the SNP all those years to deliver independence, ever wanted, ever asked for, never mind endorsed.

    “To my mind, Scotland has to wipe out the Tories and the SNP”

    You are forgetting to wipe out also libdems, labour and the Greens. All those political parasites have to go together with the SNP and the Tories before Scotland can start anew. And yes, it will only be done at the ballot box, but not by voting for what we do not want just because that is what we are told we can vote for. It will be done by voting for a real pro-independence party or, in its absence, by refusing point blank to endorse and legitimise any of the colonial parties (and I include here greens and Sturgeon’s SNP) with our vote.

    If you want change but the present rules do not leave room for change, then those rules have become obsolete and you have to break them. Democracy is dynamic, not static. This means the body politic has to continuously scan, seize and transform itself to adjust to the electorate it is meant to represent. In a democracy the instructions flow from the people to the parties, not the other way round.

    Voting labour or libdem is not going to change anything. It is a complete waste of our votes.

  48. msdidi says:

    kellie jay keen v keir starmer
    Alba need to get their message out now that they are THE party to vote for in Scotland #WomensRightsAndScottishIndependence.
    I’ll never vote SNP again and if there are only unionist parties as an alternative I will spoil my ballot. I do not appreciate your insinuation that anyone taking this option is simplistic, basically stupid and disrespectful to those that went before. For the plebicite GE NS has promised or a Holyrood election that we, the sovereign people, might yet force we need Independence candidates standing. Where are all the Scottish Posie Parkers? I could name a few but not enough yet.
    Chas @8.18 Are you really saying women who have wakened up to the SNP/Greens will just vote labour? “the least worst option” Don’t bother to answer that.

  49. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @Mia (10.28)

    Hear hear hear.

    Have quoted from your comment and tweeted, with link to this thread.


  50. Robert Hughes says:

    ” Chas says:
    7 January, 2023 at 9:16 pm
    Imagine a Scottish voter who is seriously concerned regarding the ‘performance’ of the SG and are desperately seeking alternatives.
    They stumble upon the Wings over Scotland blog wondering what the Alba Party and their supporters are all about.
    They read a few posts from RoS and quickly disappear thinking ‘Are they all like this? I want nothing to do with them’.

    Does anybody really take him/her/it seriously? ”

    Is this seriously concerned Scottish voter in the room with you now ?

    Does he/she visit you often ? Has anyone else seen him/her ?

    Does he/she taunt you by saying things like ” show me the money , Punk ” in a mocking – and annoyingly nasal – tone ?

    What I have difficulty taking seriously is a supposed Independence supporter telling everyone to vote for a Unionist Party

  51. msdidi says:

    Well said Mia
    I just spent ages trying to compose a comment along the same lines but not put nearly so well. I’ve no idea what I did wrong but it just never appeared and I can’t repost it and risk death by hammers cos it has gone somewhere!
    Took exception to being called “simplistic, basically stupid and disrespectful to those that went before” I spoiled my main vote last time (voted Alba on the list) but could not give my vote to John Swinney. Alba (and ISP) need to stand candidates at the plebicite GE NS has promised or at a HE we might be able to force.
    Chas @8.18 are you really suggesting that those wakening up to what the SNP/Greens have been doing should give the Labour party their vote? Maybe we will find our own Posie Parkers before the next ballot…see kellie jay keen v keir starmer sign up to

  52. JockMcT says:

    Arselick and New Labour

  53. JockMcT says:

    As Mia, it is looking like Spoilt ballot is the only option for the moment. I will certainly never vote for any of the present bench warmers, esp the nuSNP Traitors. ALBA Rising may be the only hope, failing that it will be a “Get It Up You” from me!

  54. Robert Louis says:

    SIR Keir Starmer. A man who is more right wing than thatcher. He says he wants to give wee bits of control back to regions, but honestly, most councils are utterly inept (for a very good example, see Edinburgh). The very last thing this country needs is giving even more ‘powers’ to thick, corrupt councils.

    SIR Keir Starmer, just yet another long line of red Tory colonialists, who believes in (and celebrates) independence and full democracy for every country on planet earth, EXCEPT SCOTLAND.

    He can f*** right off back to London town, and take his colonialist apologists and harpies with him.

    “The creatures outside looked from Tory to Labour, and from Labour to Tory, and from Tory to Labour again; but already it was impossible to say which was which..”

    Adapted from animal farm by George Orwell. He would likely agree, since the intent and meaning is exactly the same. Red Tories, blue Tories, both the same, but at least the blue tories are honest about it.

    Great cartoon Chris.

  55. Robert Louis says:

    Mia at 1028pm,

    Our only serious hope seems to be the ALBA party. The SNP are no longer a serious independence party. Sturgeon has had eight years and unprecedented support, and done NOTHING to progress independence, absolutely NOTHING. Indeed with each passing day, the SNP are more akin to the red tories – which is what in reality, many of the carpetbaggers within the SNP actually are. All those red Tory careerists simply jumped ship when Labour got trashed in Scotland.

  56. John Main says:

    Neither Akenaton nor Breastplate will engage with the question: what do you do when gun-toting murderers and rapists rock up in your neighbourhood?

    Their responses can be summarised as: break into a chorus of “All we are saying, is give peace a chance”.

    How lucky we all are that others are prepared to do the hard, difficult and dangerous work of engaging with reality. We get to reap the benefits for free, and some of us can even enjoy the luxury of virtue-signalling how clean our hands are.

  57. John Main says:

    rejoin Europe as an independent country

    There we have it folks, the reality-denying linguistic contortions which twist the meanings of words to suit the speaker’s agenda.

    Laying the groundwork for such aberrations as a man is a woman and vice versa.

    But sadly, still defended to this day by plenty on here.

    Start the fight back by accepting there are no independent countries in the EU, and that the avowed policy of the EU, through ever closer union, is the extermination of meaningful national identity.

    Or, continue to fight the gender woo woo with one hand tied behind your back.

  58. akenaton says:

    John Main …Excellent point, though you should never have to make it on an “Independence” forum.

  59. akenaton says:

    BUT, don’t understand your remarks regarding myself and “Law and Order”

  60. Chas says:

    Mia (and others)

    That’s more like it. 5000 words when 200 would have sufficed!

    I refer you to my original post, which was ‘If it came down to it and I HAD to vote for EITHER Starmer’s Labour or Sturgeon’s SNP it would be Labour every time. Notice the words in italics! Where did I state anything about removing the right to vote democratically? YOU chose to go down the route of spoiling ballot papers in such a situation. You can continue spoiling ballot papers if you like, but if you expect any change in the Political domain as a result you are deluded.

    There will be various constituencies in Scotland where the choice will be either Labour or SNP. The rest will be irrelevant. The choice facing the elector will be to opt for one of them. There is every chance that if you spoil your ballot paper you simply allow the SNP gravy train to roll on.

    As usual you spout lots of patriotic waffle which draws the plaudits from the BPHB.

    No one answers the question. If Scotland gained Independence anytime soon, which Party would form the bulk of the Government?

    Apologies for the length of this post.

  61. Mia says:

    “5000 words when 200 would have sufficed!”
    I am sure your very able memory-span can cope with more than 200 words, even if they are ruthlessly attacking the legitimacy and honesty of labour’s motives. If your memory span cannot cope with that length in one go I would suggest you consider read it in stages or simply giving it a miss.

    “I refer you to my original post”
    And I refer you to mine.

    “If it came down to it and I HAD to vote for EITHER Starmer’s Labour or Sturgeon’s SNP”
    There is never an either/or when it comes to approaching the polling station. You always have the option of spoiling the ballot and avoiding endorsing any of the political frauds the establishment presents you with as “acceptable” options. So the scenario you are presenting might be a trick of your mind.

    Starmer and Sturgeon are establishment puppets who represent the exact same thing: a devolutionist labour which has been disemboweled and made innocuous to the establishment by removing any trace of socialism, by infesting it with pro-neoliberalism and pro HoL nonsense, warmongering and removing from it any trace of willingness to oppose the establishment’s foul foreign policy, even if this involves propping illegal wars and forcefully silencing any legitimate and honest dissent against an apartheid state engaged in what appears legitimised genocide against the very native people whose land it invaded.

    Sturgeon and Starmer’s actions suggest they are parroting the same script, albeit worded differently, and having been tasked with deploying what not even the heartless tories would dare touch for fear of irreversibly trashing their chances with England’s electorate.

    Examples are the destruction of the concept of women and the disgusting exposing of women and children to harm by opening their safe spaces to rapists and perverts, the beginning of and continuing privatisation of the NHS by the back door or dangling devo max in our noses only to then becoming the worse deniers of further powers when the time to deliver the vow arrived.

    “Where did I state anything about removing the right to vote democratically?”
    You are being deliberately obtuse and I can only interpret this as your fear that an increase in spoiled ballots will completely trash a carefully planned and written script: SNP and Greens making themselves deliberately unelectable in Scotland to artificially fabricate the much trumpeted “Labour revival” in an upcoming GE.

    It stands to the obvious all parties in holyrood, and I mean all, are in the same team and colluding to ensure the pro independence parties do not win the next GE should the fraud that leads the SNP feel forced by public pressure to declare it a plebiscitary election on a mandate to terminate the union.

    By acting like sheep and complying with rules designed to deprive you from your democratic rights, and voting for the Treaty of union to be repealed so Scotland can become independent is your democratic right, you are actively endorsing what you do not want while removing any chances of what you do want ever being offered.

    In other words, by voting for what you do not want you are helping those who are actively denying your democratic choice, to silence you.

    “You can continue spoiling ballot papers if you like, but if you expect any change in the Political domain as a result you are deluded”
    I think the one who is completely deluded here is that who thinks (or arrogantly expects the rest of us to think) that by voting directly against what one wants and for the parties that have categorically stated they will never deliver it, one will ever see what one wants offered, never mind delivered. Sorry, but even a child can see your logic is flawed.

    If you want independence you cannot vote for a party who refuses to deliver it, actually, a party who is prepared to completely bulldoze your democratic rights and force you down your pyramid of needs and directly expose you to harm if necessary, for the sake of stopping independence. That is what labour and libdems, together with Greens and the SNP are doing with this rapists charter.

    Any thought that the tories are not in the same charade is, in my view, another delusion. Tories are highly disliked in Scotland. That is why, in my view, libdems and labour thought it would not damage their electoral prospects in Scotland to jump in the bed with the SNP and the Greens and abuse our seats to, against the wishes and interests of the majority, endanger women and children with that legislation.

    It seems they might have thought the aversion of the Scottish people for the tories would surpass the fear of women and girls being raped and abused in a toilet/changing room. Either that or, following your logic, losing some of their MPs to tories would be considered acceptable by their puppet leaders if that stopped pro-independence parties gaining a mandate to repeal the treaty of union in the next GE.

    “There will be various constituencies in Scotland where the choice will be either Labour or SNP”

    The choice will be labour, SNP, any other party included in the ballot or spoiling the ballot. You are forgetting again that spoiling the ballot is always an option available to us.

    “The rest will be irrelevant”
    To you, perhaps. To those like me who despise the SNP, libdems, Greens, Labour and the tories in equal measure, anything that genuinely supports independence is a better option than any of them and failing that, spoiling the ballot becomes the only acceptable option.

    ” The choice facing the elector will be to opt for one of them”
    Nope. The electorate can choose any party in the ballot and if none is good enough, they can create their very own bespoke option by spoiling the ballot.

    “There is every chance that if you spoil your ballot paper you simply allow the SNP gravy train to roll on”
    And there we go. The old labour mantra “if you vote SNP you would let the tories in” has now been whitewashed and rebranded to say “if you spoil the ballot you would be letting the SNP in”. Same nonsense different wording.

    If I was to vote labour I would be endorsing parasites who have just disgracefully joined the SNP, Greens and libdems to undemocratically abuse our parliamentary seats and, against the wishes and interests of the majority, proceeded to curtail my rights as a woman and as a parent, to openly put my own safety and that of every female in my family at risk, have destroyed the opportunities of any female in my family to ever be in a fair sports competition and are putting the children in my family in danger of being brainwashed by a legalised dangerous cult and be exposed to savage state endorsed mutilation and chemical castration.

    I find that utterly disgusting, deeply unethical and inhumane. So I do not see any possible scenario where rapist-, pervert-, child-mutilation- and chemically castration- enablers within labour or libdems could ever be any better than those within the Greens and Sturgeon’s SNP ranks

    “If Scotland gained Independence anytime soon, which Party would form the bulk of the Government?”

    To repeal the Treaty of Union, (which is the only way Scotland can ever achieve real independence and re-establish its status as an independent sovereign state), it is necessary for Scotland’s MPs, the custodians of Scotland’s real parliament and who are not tied by the Scotland Act, to reconvene that parliament and repeal the treaty of union. Once that is done, they must call an election, just as they did in 1707. Only this time it is expected WE, the people of Scotland, will elect who we want to sit in that first parliament, avoiding a repeat of the scenario in 1707 when pro-union MPs voted among themselves to gag the people of Scotland and ensure a pro-union majority of MPs was sent to the first parliament of Great Britain.

  62. John Main says:

    “illegal wars”, “apartheid state”, “legitimised genocide”

    Sorry, Mia, you lost me.

    I am not able to link any of the above to my own, Scottish “lived experience”.

  63. Mia says:

    “I am not able to link any of the above to my own, Scottish “lived experience”

    From this I can only conclude that, either you live in a parallel dimension or you have chosen to close your eyes so you can pretend things are not happening.

  64. Breastplate says:

    John Main!
    1. There was a violent overthrow of a democratically elected government. (USA backed)
    2. The people of the Donbas didn’t appreciate this so decided to set up their own autonomous region.
    3. The new Kyiv regime didn’t like this so decided to start killing people in this new autonomous region.
    4. The people there tried to defend themselves and asked their neighbour for help.
    5. The neighbour with the help of some other countries negotiated a peace deal.
    6. The Kyiv regime broke this peace deal after agreeing to it.
    7. The neighbour and the other countries then made another peace deal which the Kyiv regime, yet again, agreed to.
    8. The Kyiv regime broke this deal too, it was important to them to keep killing people.
    9. The Donbas people asked their neighbour for help once again.
    10. After 8 long years, the neighbour eventually intervened physically to try to stop the Kyiv regime from killing even more kids.
    11. People in the West found it disgraceful that the Kyiv regime was challenged, they believed the Kyiv regime should be allowed to kill as many people as they want, they needed to blame somebody else for their last 8 years of destruction.
    12. They knew who to blame.

    John, perhaps you could show your workings on how you came to your opinion?

  65. Chas says:


    I saw the length of your post and thought bugger that.

    You should try quality not quantity

  66. John Main says:

    @Breastplate 5:01

    Virtually everything you have written is disputed by somebody or other.

    I am happy with the information available on Wikipedia and would recommend that anybody else who is interested should do their own research. Needless to say, there is little concordance with your “working”.

    Here’s what I find provides the most compelling and independent guidance to the rights and wrongs of the situation. Tens of millions of Poles, Lithuanians, Latvians, Estonians, Moldovans, all of whom are adamant about what they want for their countries, nations and peoples.

    And it’s not fucking “liberation” by Russti murderers, rapists and jailers. Go figure.

  67. Breastplate says:

    John Main,
    Accepting you haven’t thought about the situation a great deal so therefore have bought an off the peg opinion is not a good look.

    You can stick your head in the sand all you wish but don’t be surprised if others don’t put too much faith in your adopted and oven ready opinion prepared for you by the billionaire owned MSM.

    You are entitled to believe what you want but you are not entitled to think that everyone should follow suit.

  68. John Main says:

    @Breastplate 6:48

    Thanks for your reply, and thanks for permitting me my own opinion.

    I am only too happy to permit you yours in return, please go fill your boots.

    I note you failed to address my point about the millions of Poles, etc. etc. I am disappointed you discard their own “lived experiences” and write them all off as ignorant, helpless dupes of the billionaire owned MSM. Honestly, what’s a few intelligentsia purges, mass famines, forced migrations of ethnic groups, gulags, torture chambers and targeted political assassinations amongst comrades? Bloody Eastern Europeans eh? Fucking snowflakes one and all.

    Haud oan though. Ever heard of Occam’s Razor? It tells us that when some megalomaniac, murdering nutjob tells the world that he believes it to be his holy, manifest destiny to absorb a free, sovereign nation of 45 million into his personal empire that maybes taking him at his demented word is a better bet than assembling a convoluted conspiracy of western, asset stripping influences, who are busy hoodwinking wide-eyed, babes-in-the-woods Eastern innocents.

    At least, that’s how it looks to me.

    So again, my thanks for letting me keep that opinion.

  69. Breastplate says:

    John Main,
    You’ve already conceded that your opinion was picked out for you by someone else to try on, that you think it looks good on you, doesn’t stop it being an oven ready opinion bottle fed to you. If you want to accept that opinion that is your prerogative.

    As to the millions of Poles, yes there are millions, what is the question?

  70. capnandy2 says:

    Brilliant. The best cartoon I’ve seen in a very long time.

  71. highlander says:

    ukgov. are going to step in over gender bill, the iron lady will be full of fake outrage.

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