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Data mining #2

Posted on August 10, 2013 by

A series of super-short snippets from our splendid survey.



Conservative: 55%
Lib Dem: 42%
Labour: 32%
SNP: 26%



Conservative: 6%
Labour: 5%
SNP: 4%
Lib Dem: <1%


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    14 to “Data mining #2”

    1. Juteman says:

      What about space terrorists?

    2. Vronsky says:

      I know you’ve got your tongue in your cheek, Rev, but maybe you’ve captured something there.  Conservatism is paranoid.

    3. CameronB says:

      Conservatism = Fear (of change)

    4. Murray McCallum says:

      I am very afraid that the most afraid have control of the UK nuclear arsenal.

    5. handclapping says:

      Anent LibDems and Space Monsters.
      Aren’t we meant to be afraid of people who are different from ourselves? Surely this is the basis for Project Fear’s emphasis on “furriners”, in which case that the LibDems are not afraid of Space Monsters shews that they are similar if not one and the same.

    6. Holebender says:

      VOTERS MOST AFRAID = Tories.
      I expect their greatest fear in Scotland is extinction!

    7. pmcrek says:

      I seem to remember conservatives were also afraid of Tory Government.

    8. Murray McCallum says:

      I see an article about a certain Panelbase poll has already just under 1,000 likes on the yesscotland site.  Not bad for 2 days worth. Already getting close to like figures on past welfare policy articles (which said poll also highlighted as important to Scots).

    9. Jiggsbro says:

      Lib Dem: <1%
      Ah, it’s the LibDems who are the space monsters.

    10. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “Aren’t we meant to be afraid of people who are different from ourselves? Surely this is the basis for Project Fear’s emphasis on “furriners””

      Dammit! REALLY should have included a question about “foreigners”.

    11. Taranaich says:

      Either the Lib Dems have less of a sense of humour than the others, or they know the truth about our benevolent reptilian insectoid squidlords.

    12. old mikey says:

      I was out leafleting for SNP this morning as I will be tomorrow. Our team consisted of 3 men and 3 women.

    13. Xaracen says:

      “Dammit! REALLY should have included a question about “foreigners””.
      Plenty of time to put one or more in the next poll.

    14. Alba4Eva says:

      In April 2011 the Lib Dems did leave Hollyrood in an Imperial Class Star Destroyer and returned in May 2011 in a Tie-Fighter.   …makes you think!

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