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Contempt of democracy

Posted on February 24, 2021 by

For the record, we thought you should see what the Scottish Parliament considers to be the appropriate treatment of an “Urgent Question”.

For a little over eight minutes, the Lord Advocate was allowed to ignore and avoid a series of questions put to him regarding the abjectly corrupt Crown Office’s recent interference with the work of the Fabiani inquiry by redacting evidence which in no way identified anyone as a complainer in the trial of Alex Salmond.

By the end, he’d left nobody any the wiser.

Wolffe’s stuttering, breathless performance, constantly licking his lips like a nervous lizard, had all the convincing character of a small child with a chocolate-smeared face denying any involvement in a half-eaten Black Forest Gateau – a surprising trait in a senior QC used to presenting cases in serious criminal trials.

Even the most pathetic softball question from the suddenly-ubiquitous slimy Sturgeon superloyalist Tom Arthur appeared to disconcert him, as he hesitantly waffled without actually answering it – perhaps because he didn’t want to endorse Arthur’s flat-out lie that previous Lord Advocates “have always been members of Cabinet”.

(In 2007 Alex Salmond de-politicised the post and excluded the then-Lord Advocate, Elish Angiolini, from Cabinet meetings. But Wolffe, who took over the job in 2016 under Nicola Sturgeon, is a government minister and attends the large majority of them.)

The entire interlude in the chamber’s proceedings was a complete waste of everyone’s time, producing no information of any value or truth. But at least now you’ve seen it for yourself. And intriguingly it seems the Crown Office will soon have another opportunity to obstruct the committee’s work:

Hopefully that one will be less of a damp squib.

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221 to “Contempt of democracy”

  1. Alain Mack says:

    Stu……the reason it was so short is because everyone in the chamber recognized bullshitters when they see them. Its bubbling up.

  2. Cath says:

    It’s a bit lame on Scotland’s part that, despite state involvement, a massive police investigation, the Crown Office and MI5 our “Harvey Weinstein” could only be brought to trial for hair pinging and knee touching of really quite powerful women. Do we honestly not have any better sex offenders at all the Lord Advocate and COPFS could go after? Really?

  3. solarflare says:

    There’s a huge crack in the dam, the water is gushing through and the entire structure is about to completely collapse imminently.

  4. Willie Jay says:

    Who was the Wee Nodding Donkey sitting over the Lord Advocate’s right shoulder and confirming everything that yon bloke was saying?

  5. Sturgeon says:

    Keep it up stu, we need you more than ever!

  6. John Martini says:

    Better to have an independent scotland that is clean. The dirty infiltrators must be removed even if it hurts.

  7. Captain Yossarian says:

    ‘SCOTLAND’S prosecution service is to be ordered to release material Alex Salmond claims will show he was the victim of a high-level plot to destroy him.

    The Holyrood inquiry into the Salmond affair is to use the parliament’s power to compel the production of documents held by the Crown Office.’ From The Herald

  8. Ian McCubbin says:

    Some performance of stuttering, breathless contradiction with occasional deflection.
    TBH what he said was no answer to any of the questions.
    I said a few blog posts back the truth will out.
    NS, the LA, LL and LE should all just resign now and let Scotland get on with Independence process.

  9. Steve davison says:

    Another shite performance under what can only be described as polite questioning .I hope that someone wasn’t paid public money to coach him
    The pile of evidence is growing so fast that it will take Poirot Sherlock Holmes and miss Marples to get to the bottom of who did what and who authorized it .The scary thing is some of not all will escape any form of prosecutions and some will stay in positions of responsibility in the event of any outcome
    SNP ROTTEN AT THE TOP silence is no defence

  10. Tackety Beets says:

    Willie Jay @ 5.27pm

    SNP MSP Christine Graeme.

    I have often wondered if she suffers from a form of Parkinsons?

  11. Garavelli Princip says:

    I watched the whole thing live. At several points Slimey mentions that the Crown Office is staffed by ‘professional prosecutors”.

    Nobody had th gumption to ask about the professionalism ‘professional prosecutors’ who mount ‘malicious prosecutions’ – by their own admission – and political prosecutions by any objective estimation.

  12. SilverDarling says:

    @Willie Jay

    I think you might mean Christine Grahame? If so, she has a neurological condition called Benign Essential Tremor. She cannot help it and it is difficult to treat.

  13. Flower of Scotland says:

    Willie Jay @ 5.27

    Christine Graham.

  14. TNS2019 says:

    Democracy is fragile. If anything, the events of the last few months have shown that to be the case.
    We should expect those in whom we have placed our trust to protect above all else the ‘constitution’ and the structures that protect us from tyranny.
    NS has shown contempt for our democratic system.
    To the need for a genuine separation of powers.
    To Parliament.
    And thus to the Scottish people.
    She is dangerous in the same way that Trump was dangerous.
    Those checks and safeguards were put in place to protect ordinary citizens from the abuse of power.
    We appear to be living in a Sturgeonian dystopia where her ‘popularity’ insulates her from scrutiny.
    When a leader shows contempt for the people he/she is supposed to represetn, then it is time for that reign to end.
    Now is the time.

  15. Roddy Macdonald says:

    It doesn’t augur well for the perspicacity of the parliament or its committee that no-one asked the killer question: By insisting on post publication redaction of paragraphs which name only one woman other than the FM, will the ‘professional and independent’ law officer involved, who allegedly acted without the approval of the Lord Advocate, be prosecuted for contempt of court by effectively identifying a complainant?

  16. Kenny says:

    Willie Jay at 5:27 pm

    Who was the Wee Nodding Donkey sitting over the Lord Advocate’s right shoulder and confirming everything that yon bloke was saying?

    That was Christine Grahame, and although I agree she did appear to be in accordance with Wolffe, Grahame, I think, suffers from Parkinson’s.

    Wolffe’s bottle has crashed, another liar who’s not even good at it – he’ll fall far.

  17. Tackety Beets says:

    What a contemptuous heap o $hit.

    Absolutely no answers, & of course I heard no explanation about the need to actually redact.

    “It’s to respect the court”

    Jeez, what a farce! A disgrace, that learned gent trousers a pretty penny …….was that performance even worth a penny


  18. Caroline Wilson says:

    Stuart, I don’t know how you’re keeping up with all the last ditch, sleekit twists & turns as this farce heads inexorably towards towards a denouement, but thanks for taking one (a biggie) for the team. I’m knackered just reading about it.

  19. Iain Lawson says:

    Professional prosecutors and a big compensation division for paying out millions in damages. Real professionals!

  20. Skip_NC says:

    Was that a waste of time? If I heard correctly, the Lord Advocate said, in Parliament, that the sole reason for the redactions was to protect anonymity. We all know what the original submission said before COPFS nobbled it. So hasn’t he just said something that will aid jigsaw identification for a lot more people who don’t follow Wings or Craig Murray?

  21. Kenny says:

    SilverDarling at 5:36 pm.

    I think you might mean Christine Grahame? If so, she has a neurological condition called Benign Essential Tremor. She cannot help it and it is difficult to treat

    Thanks for that, SD, I wasn’t aware of this condition.

  22. Lawrence says:

    Exactly the same as the wummin oan her wedding night said tae her man efter seein him naked for the first time,

    “Izzat it?”

  23. Scott says:

    Willie Jay says:
    24 February, 2021 at 5:27 pm

    Who was the Wee Nodding Donkey


    Christine Grahame. who has a neurological condition that causes tremors.

  24. X_Sticks says:

    So *was* Geoff a complainant? Surely not.

    Wolffe’s performance was amateur farce. He’s so obviously uncomfortable lying to ‘ordinary’ politicians rather than the legal profession he normally lies to.

    Real professionals know how to lie and accept lies properly. Without asking awkward questions.

  25. JillP says:

    Look behind what WAS said not what wasn’t.
    As Rev suggested, there was this man who is allegedly an expert in court, always on his brief and quick with his digging for the truth (maybe)

    He ummed and aaahed and answered nothing of importance. He was obviously very uncomfortable and thinking very carefully before answering anything. He was determined not to give the game away.
    Until he commented that the section had been redacted to protect complainers.

  26. Skip_NC says:

    Another thought – were the MSP for Dumbarton and Donald Cameron simply laying the groundwork for more incisive questioning next Monday? So maybe their questioning wasn’t as lame as it might appear.

  27. Anonymoose says:

    An interesting development indeed:

    “Hearing Holyrood is to:
    ‘attempt to use its powers to force release by Crown Office of all correspondence it holds involving those Alex Salmond accuses of plotting against him'”

    With the Parliament being the highest office in the land, higher than the Scottish Government and higher than its’ pet prosecution office (COPFS), this should be a walk in the park.

    Unless, of course the Clown Office, Clown Agent and head clown the Lord Advocate misrepresent even more laws AND the judicial statement from last week by Lady Dorrian YET AGAIN.

    Or they might simply refuse to answer, YET AGAIN.

    Could the committee actually hold the Clown Office, the Clown Agent & the head clown the Lord Advocate in contempt & charge them with perjury by failing to deliver evidence which they hold, or even by denying its existence?

    Because we all know it exists, even Alex Salmonds lawyers know it exists and anyone who was at the criminal trial knows it exists, including the Judiciary!

    “test in court its ability to publish all Salmond evidence”

    Lady Dorrian is going to be extremely miffed when yet again a case appears before her on the exact same issues as the other week brought by the Spectator.

    With that said, if the committee or SPCB go to Lady Dorrian/High Court with all of the evicence (which it may or may not get from the Clown Office) and has the judge give opinion on their lawfulness in respect of the criminal trial’s anonimity order, then that would clear the way for all of this evidence to be published to the inquiry, evidence which is being witheld & buried by the corrupt Clown Office, Clown Agent and the biggest clown of them all the Lord Advocate.

  28. X_Sticks says:


    I think you might be right. Same with Baillie asking the urgent question in the first place.

    It is interesting that he has been called back at all.

  29. Graeme Hampton says:

    I’m wondering if there is any other link between Nicolas office and the copfs which would allow Lord Wolffe to say I didn’t touch it.

  30. Kenny says:

    Odd, that MSPs of a Holyrood Parliament can meekly accept flannel when the gravest of questions require to be answered? Is this the political protocol in every Parliament in every country, or is it peculiar only to Scotland’s?

    Q. “Why have you come to this decision?”
    A. “Tuesday we take the wheelie bins out”..


    Apart from that, I’m sure the superior intellect and years of sword-crossing with genuine political heavyweights will ensure Mr Salmond has more than a few aces up his sleeve – I expect Scotland’s former First Minister to take Sturgeon to the cleaners.

  31. The comment about the nodding donkey is not nice.

    I know that that msp has a medical issue which causes head tremors. Nothing to do with agreeing with him.

  32. The *timing* of Wolffe’s 2016 appointment and subsequent insertion into Cabinet meetings – makes a lot of sense…

    ?”If you’re a man, you’re the last man. Your kind is extinct. We are the inheritors. Do you understand that you’re alone? You are outside of history. You unexist”. Orwell, ‘1984’.

    Like the overwhelming majority of people Nicola Sturgeon unquestioningly bought into #MeToo propaganda which erases the fact that a full third of *current* domestic violence victims in UK and Australia (& broadly speaking across western democracies) – are MEN. She, like most, still lack the introspection to acknowledge this empirical @1inthree fact (links within the piece). However I believe she was also gaslighted by British State plants whom she thought were her ‘friends’, within the SNP and ‘Scottish’ Government Civil Service apparatus who no doubt reinforced the #BelieveHer messaging which followed and reinforced #MeToo in late 2017 and into 2018 until this day.

    And the reason these ‘ScotGov’ plants AND the ‘Scottish’ COPFS are trying to suppress Alex Salmond’s testimony, is because the manner in which the ‘case’ was orchestrated against him is ALREADY STANDARD throughout the UK (& beyond) *secret* Family Courts system.

    It’s a GLOBAL-WESTERN ‘system’ DESIGNED to FACILITATE false accusations of domestic abuse, driving exaggerated statistics of Violence Against Women & Girls for mainstream media ‘PreCrime’ amplification, to demonise, dehumanise and *normalise* the courts-judicial criminalisation of men as STANDARD, which is intended to lead to the destabilisation of the family unit and the subsequent *divide and rule* fracturing of multiple societies being gaslight set-up – just to be put back down.

    At the forefront of the backlash are to be newly ‘empowered’ minority groups set-upon by right-wing white heterosexual males, who as well as being the key to OWNING the streets (the roots of any fledgling dictatorship) are themselves being mass emasculated to simultaneously make them more susceptible to State and ‘societal’ subservience; which upon #ToryAnalytica’s own militarisation trigger – ‘#OpFukuglaschu’ – was (is) in the process of guilt-shaming demoralised and depressed young men to be handed their #PatrioticPoverty purpose on a plate and *channelled* to find their meaning in an #AusterityArmy uniform in order to begin the mobilisation of a truly global, 21st century fascism.

  33. Wolffe also appeared to be reading all his answers from his folder

  34. robertknight says:

    Is there a country with a Government and Judiciary that actually work going spare?

    It seems the Dear Leader has taken a sledgehammer to ours for the sake of her own personal vendetta, and they’re no longer fit for purpose.

    Where do we get replacements?


  35. Mac says:

    It was strange performance. He was reasonably composed until he hit the point about not seeking to limit the evidence blah blah about 15.57.20. Then he turns into a stuttering mess for some reason. Wonder if he made a mistake there somehow.


  36. Awkward Westie says:

    He had the look to me of someone that knew they were in a hole and was desperately trying not to dig any further.

    The whole thing is about to blow up soon and more than the rest he knows things have gone beyond the option of “just” resigning in disgrace. The odds of one or more of the plotters doing some jail time, increase with each day … so the question now is which one of them will be the first to break ranks and throw the rest under the bus to save themself ?

  37. Lenny Hartley says:

    Above looks interesting , is the press turning?

  38. P says:

    Several attempts later, still can’t get your clip to play Rev and I see nothing on YouTube as you said.
    So I found this tiny clip
    Can’t stop staring at Tom Arthur’s tie.
    He won’t get promoted like he thinks.

  39. Anonymoose says:

    Graeme Hampton says:
    24 February, 2021 at 5:55 pm

    I’m wondering if there is any other link between Nicolas office and the copfs which would allow Lord Wolffe to say I didn’t touch it.

    How can he have not been near it? He is a government minnister, he is also the head of the Clown Office.

    Do you honestly think that with a case that can bring down the First Minister & her coterie and potentially the Scottish Government as as whole, the same person who brought the Lord Advocate & by association the Clown Office back into politics under the government as part of the Scottish Government’s Cabinet, that the Lord Advocate would excuse himself in dealing with any of this?

    His hands are so bleached by the dye of this evidence I’m surprised he doesn’t glow during the day let alone at night.

  40. Garrion says:

    Jesus. The only thing too wee too poor and too stupid about our country, it seems, is the bulk of the political class in it.

  41. Kat says:

    It wisnae me it wis ma minnions and they are just the best cos am the best too now away an wheesht wummin…

    Did I miss anything out?

  42. twathater says:

    So surely the LArd Advocate has DELIBERATELY LIED to parliament when he agreed with toom tabard Arthur that ALL previous advocates even before 1707 were members and ministers of whichever govt was in power

    Yet that unionist bastirt stuarty Campbell can produce evidence within minutes that shows these fuckwits don’t and can’t even check their facts, I know how to fix that


  43. Not for me to say says:

    Should not Lord Wolffe be charged with contempt.

  44. JB says:

    The way to force the release of the information from the COPFS which can not be resisted, is simply to pass a one paragraph Act. However, I doubt the SP will do so.

  45. L.U.T.B. says:

    Interesting that even the BBC is, after months of pretty much ignoring this, now giving it proper attention: It was the lead story on Radion 4’s P.M. programme tonight. The vultures are circling overhead!

  46. Captain Yossarian says:

    It was just a skirmish today; both Nicola Sturgeon’s Covid Presentation and the Lord Advocate’s appearance at Holyrood.

    It all happens after Fridays Fabiani Committee Meeting with Salmond and Monday’s with Wolffe.

    The MSP from Dumbarton is doing very well – measured and to the point.

    Although it was undoubtedly a skirmish, we can tell that neither Sturgeon or Wolffe are confident. Both, in fact, appear very, very nervous. They both know it is the end-game now.

    Sturgeon’s statement that because you are found not guilty, that doesn’t mean you are innocent will come back to haunt her. That, from any governmental leader, is unacceptable.

    I think Alex Salmond will be looking-on tonight, pleased that he has had the opposition plan set-out before him. It’s nothing to worry about.

    The press are already waiting anxiously. For Salmond, not for Sturgeon.

  47. twathater says:

    @ James Caithness I noticed that too he also had to put his finger on the page to remember what he was supposed to say (like a wee kiddy in P1) and got flustered when he was looking for the response on the page , maybe the loose bowels disturbed his concentration

  48. Eileen Carson says:

    Is it just me or is LA Wolffe diminishing in width like a burst balloon?

  49. LukeM says:

    The video isn’t working, it cuts out at 6 seconds after “ calls Jackie bailie”.. Has it been redacted too?

  50. Effijy says:

    Guilty Fool takes sovereign nation for idiots!

    Mr Wolf suffers from a neurological condition that
    makes his spout bull shit until those present are comatose.

  51. Cenchos says:

    A general characteristic of middle class people is they are always shitting themselves about one thing or another. They tend, then, to make cowardly politicians.

    The current SNP, after the New Labour Blairite model, has become a mostly middleclass enterprise.


  52. Carol Neill says:

    I’m away to watch towie for the first time ever , whole lot more believeable than this shit shower

  53. Vestas says:

    When ultra-unionist (and clueless) Guardian columnists like Martin Kettle are out batting for Nicola then if you can’t smell the coffee then you probably have Covid-19.

    Or have a VERY big peg on your nose.

  54. A Person says:


    Oh good, Guardian columnists. Well known for being on the winning side of every political debate and well in touch with the average voter. A sure sign your party is headed for victory.

  55. Lindsey Smith says:

    Well. A lot said but little told. I didn’t believe a word of it. I am sure I am not alone in that.

  56. Hamerdoon says:

    I’ve tried to remain calm. I’ve tried to see the issue from all sides. I’ve waited patiently for the SG to release the relevant documents.

    There is no question now but we are in a major constitutional crisis. The SNP leadership appears to be without any integrity whatsoever. As a member of 30 years standing, I can’t quite believe I’m saying that.

    Like many of you, I suspect, I grew up with Labour. In a manner similar to my young experiences of Labour, it is looking likely I will never vote for the SNP again. I simply will not thole such dishonesty in my Party’s officials, not under any circumstances.

    Those who continue to shout ‘wheesht for indy’, or that ‘there is nothing to see here’, or that it is ‘all Salmond and Cherry’s fault’, have lost all sense of critical faculty and moral compass.

    I am angry and despondent: I may never see my nation free in my lifetime. She has let us down beyond all reasonable measure. It will be a hard lesson to digest.

  57. Carol Neill says:

    Could someone please send me a link to that fabulous post/poem earlier that ended with the ‘world is closed but Mac Donald’s is open ‘
    I thought I’d kept it but in my technophobe world I hadn’t

  58. Pixywine says:

    I don’t know about you folks but these days Alex Salmond dignity is clear to see. A Great Man among the political tiddlers in Holyrood. I’m sure Mzzzzzz Sturgeon would agree.

  59. Anonymoose says:

    Craig Murray is offering a £25,000 reward for a whistleblower to supply him with a copy of Geoff Aberdein’s testimony.

    If the committee and/or the SPCB fail in getting evidence from the Clown Office then the publication of the documents which Craig Murray seeks is of extreme importance to everyone in Scotland who believes that it is fair and just that the soveriegn people of Scotland are given full rights to defend themselves unhindered by the sphere’s of the Scottish Government (including COPFS) and the Scottish Parliament.

  60. Tommo says:

    Dear Me;
    When I did my first ‘Summary-only’ court cases in Wales 40-odd years ago I was told;
    Don’t rock to and fro
    Don’t cling to the lectern as if you are drowning
    Don’t pretend to consult your notes when there is no conceivable need to do so
    The reason being that while we are understandably nervous it detracts from the message. Thankfully in this case there WAS no message. The questions asked were also pitifully vague and tedious.
    Surely Scotland can do better than this?

  61. aLurker says:

    Graeme Hampton says:
    24 February, 2021 at 5:55 pm

    I’m wondering if there is any other link between Nicolas office and the copfs which would allow Lord Wolffe to say I didn’t touch it.

    From the archived Herald article:

    “Mr Wolffe, a former Dean of the Faculty of Advocates, said: “No, I was not. The decisions in relation to this matter were made by senior professional prosecutors acting independently, as they always do, without reference to the law officers [the Lord Advocate and Solicitor General].”

    wikipedia says:

    Alison Di Rollo (née Lafferty) QC is the Solicitor General for Scotland. She was nominated for the post by Scottish First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon on 31 May 2016 as part of the formation of the Second Sturgeon government, following the 2016 Scottish Parliament election.[1] Her nomination was confirmed by the Scottish Parliament on 1 June 2016.[2]

    Why have we heard nothing about / from her until now?

    Can anyone supply anything more in pursuit of this possible Hereld clue concerning who made the decision?


  62. X_Sticks says:

    @robertknight 5:56 pm

    “Is there a country with a Government and Judiciary that actually work going spare?”

    I hear Ghana is on the up….

  63. David Duncan says:

    I’ve had the pleasure of watching many members of the legal profession undertaking court work prior to my retirement. As a witness I’ve been examined, and cross examined, on a number of occasions during jury trials.

    This is without doubt one of the weakest performances I think I’ve ever seen by a senior member of the legal profession. Obfuscation in parts and unconvincing.

    This episode is far from over. I’ve seen the television news channels are now all over the story – and there will soon be nowhere to hide.

    The truth will out … in full … and in glorious technicolour.

    The tragedy is – this shambles is all of NS’s making and will adversely affect, albeit briefly, the cause of independence.

  64. Republicofscotland says:

    Tom Arthur was definitely a plant there to bolster the flagging Lord Advocate, did I hear right that the Lord Advocate, said it was up to the committee to make the final decision on Salmond’s evidence, and all that his office was concerned with is contempt.

    Of course the censored chapters of Salmond’s evidence is already in the public domain. Jackie Baillie did at least try to get a straight answer from the slimy slippery Wolffe, but to no avail.

  65. Fishy Wullie says:

    This is only the 2nd time I’ve watched James Wolfe speak in parliament, the first time was when Ken McIntosh questioned the competence of parliament to pass a bill, I can’t remember what bill it was, something to do with the Continuity bill

    It’s hard to believe that same articulate, congenial, knowledgeable appearing man, is the same contemptuous bumbling wreck in that video at the top of this page

  66. holymacmoses says:

    Did anyone ever tell you what a hard-working, honorable and honest man you are Mr Wings. I really don’t know how you cope with all this and I am so, so pleased that you can and you do.
    Mr Salmond is in some debt to you and I know that you will believe that doing your job as a journalist is not a question of ‘debt’ but rather a question of professional integrity. Both you and Mr Salmond are showing Scotland how the good behave.

  67. zebedee says:

    At 2:35 the reference to the order from the High Court. Is this the one we know about, from Lady Dorrian? Or is there another court order? Because if there is only one court order for anonymity, Wolffe’s non-answers make no sense.

  68. aLurker says:

    So if, by eliminaion, it wasnae:

    Walter James Wolffe, Her Majesty’s Advocate, known as the Lord Advocate

    Alison Di Rollo, Solicitor General for Scotland

    Who else is in the frame as a ‘seniur profesional prosecutor’ apart from the now notorious, and named by Jackie Bailey,
    David Harvie, the Crown Agent

    wikipedia says: “The Crown Agent is the principal legal adviser to the Lord Advocate on prosecution matters.”

    Who is this Mr Donnely” (sp?) that JB also name checks?


  69. Runner 118 says:

    Did anyone notice he was turning the pages of his folder from back to front?

  70. highseastim says:

    Just watched Dougie “three jobs” Ross’s party political broadcast on behalf of the tory party, what an embarrassment, no policies, all about the SNP and the damage that Indyref 2 would cause.

    No mention of the damage the brexit carnage has done to the country, nor the fact that over 120000 people have lost their lives to covid because his party was only interested in brexit and getting their donors money spinning PPE contracts!!

  71. Breeks says:

    The problem with trotting out all that spiel about Law Officers doing the duty all the time, is that it’s coming from a Lord Advocate who has presided over malicious prosecutions of private individuals, and didn’t resign, advised the Scottish Government on a botched Complaints protocol, appears to operate double standards in who will be threatened with Contempt of Court proceedings, repeatedly obstructs the production of evidence and information germane to the Inquiry, and steadfastly refuses to address the patent conflict of interest with his cabinet post and his independent capacity. The halo of our Law Officers currently needs a substantial wash and brush up simply to be fit for purpose.

    The other problem I have is the assertion that the redacted evidence is necessary to protect the anonymity of the conspirators, but when comparing the full text with the redacted version, this is patently untrue. In what possible way does the assertion that Sturgeon broke the Ministerial Code have any impact or bearing upon the anonymity of the conspirators? It is quite clearly a vexatious intervention presumably intended to manipulate the narrative which Alex Salmond is empowered to deliver.

  72. Effijy says:

    Carol Neill,


    Bottle banks are full while churches are empty.
    Amazon is blossoming as hairdressers and pubs go bust.
    Face masks and latex gloves, instead of high heels and summer dresses.
    Bums glued to seats and eyes fixed to screens, whilst football boots hang motionless on hooks.
    Netflix devoured in silence as guitars and drums scream out to be heard.
    The old grow lonelier, as the young forego their youth and grow lonelier still.
    Chemtrails grow fewer and fainter, as worry lines grow darker and deeper.
    Truth fades from memory as propaganda paints a new reality.
    Politicians speak words as nebulous as candy floss as people greedily consume them.
    Fear is nourished. Hope is rationed. Pertinent questions are starved before birth.
    Illness and cancer disappear to make way for an ancient foe of dubious virility.
    Sciences regresses as Galileo’s telescope goes unused again.
    Bernaith smiles and catches his sneeze to protect the house of cards.
    The world is closed…. but McDonalds is open.

    The work of Tommy H-
    Wonderful for a new writer.

  73. aLurker says:

    Breeks says:
    24 February, 2021 at 7:03 pm

    The problem with trotting out all that spiel about Law Officers doing the duty all the time, is that it’s coming from a Lord Advocate who has presided over malicious prosecutions of private individuals, and didn’t resign,

    It is my understanding that the current Loard Advocate apologised for the Malicious Prosecutions fiasco, even though he inhereted the mess from the previous Lord Advocate, who got promoted for it, or something like that!


    Francis Mulholland, Lord Mulholland, CBE, PC, QC (born 18 April 1959) is a Scottish judge who has been a Senator of the College of Justice since 2016. He previously served from 2011 to 2016 as Lord Advocate, one of the Great Officers of State of Scotland and the country’s chief Law Officer, and as Solicitor General, the junior Law Officer.[3]

  74. Anonymoose says:

    aLurker says:
    24 February, 2021 at 7:08 pm
    It is my understanding that the current Loard Advocate apologised for the Malicious Prosecutions fiasco, even though he inhereted the mess from the previous Lord Advocate, who got promoted for it, or something like that!

    What about Mark Hirst?
    What about Carig Murray?
    What about all the other people who have been maliciously prosecuted by THIS Lord Advocate?!

    His hands are as filthy as the last Lord Advocate!

  75. Confused says:

    what a shifty cunt – he licks his lips like a serial killer in a movie.

    questions, questions – here’s one –

    is WATERBOARDING always wrong?

    acceptable answers (for NO) include a kidnapped child trapped in an underground dungeon with 20 minutes worth of air and the kidnapper is trying to stonewall you, take the fifth, asking for a lawyer …

    I am a bit more liberal tho – I reckon we slip him the micky – SODIUM PENTOTHAL in his latte, administered just before.

    I used to have some respect for lawyers, but as the years passed, I got to know a few, had to use a few, or found myself in court or on a jury – my respect for the whole thing has long evaporated. Hired mouths, prostitutes of the tongue. Justice is random, unless they are out to get you, then you are fucked. Even winning is losing as the costs are huge, and the time you never get back. If you want justice in this country – fuck lawyers, HIRED THUGS are cheaper, more reliable, and amazingly, more honest.

    makes you sick, all of it

  76. Contrary says:

    Having watched Mr Wolffe in the Supreme Court, he’s kind of like that all the time – stuttering and those revolting tongue-roving manoeuvres, although he stutters less and talks slower in court and is even more boring – what I thought was new was the waver in his voice as he answered Jackie Baillie – I suspect he knows his days are numbered, and with the bullshitty non-answers – though he did claim, in parliament (aha, we must remember he’s got to act under the ministerial code – no telling porkies to parliament) that the Clown Office was not trying to obstruct democracy etc,,, quite a claim, seeing as how they are. He appears to have lost a lot of weight too.

    Thanks for posting Stu, I didn’t realise there was an urgent question on this.

    I just keep thinking, this must go deeper and be more insidious than we think, for them to keep digging the hole deeper, and deeper. Has no one mentioned to them, their cover up has not worked? Not enough to make it disappear and for us all to ‘forget’ anyway.

  77. Captain Yossarian says:

    ‘Following yesterday’s accusations by AlexSalmond against Nicola Sturgeon’s govt, I asked the House of Commons what mechanisms we have to ensure that the conduct of the Scottish Government does not bring politics in the whole of the United Kingdom into international disrepute.’

    This is from earlier today in the HoC. A question by Liam Fox, answered by the Speaker.

    I am no fan of Liam Fox, but if you cpompare this with the skitter we have listened to today by Sturgeon and Wolffe, I think it is obvious that there will be a change soon – at Holyrood.

    By this time next week, I expect Nicola Sturgeon to be gone and the reputation of Scotland internationally demands this happen now.

  78. Breeks says:

    aLurker says:
    24 February, 2021 at 7:08 pm

    It is my understanding that the current Loard Advocate….

    I knew that aLurker, but the point I meant (and made badly) was the corporate integrity of COPFS is currently blemished by malicious misconduct and incompetence, which doesn’t sit very well with the Lord Advocate blowing sunshine up the arses of Scottish Law Officers.

  79. David Earl says:

    He looked and spoke as if he had just jumped out a piss and alcohol soaked bed whilst fully clothed. I have absolutely no faith in Scotland’s prosecution service. They’re all lying, corrupt cockroaches

  80. laukat says:

    Anonymoose says:
    24 February, 2021 at 6:37 pm

    Craig Murray is offering a £25,000 reward for a whistleblower to supply him with a copy of Geoff Aberdein’s testimony.

    Even more interesting is this bit from Craig’s site “There is one extra thing in Aberdein’s suppressed evidence which is not in his trial evidence. He testifies that he was contacted subsequently by Liz Lloyd to amend a press statement to hide the knowledge of the allegations against Salmond in March 2018”

    If Aberdein’s evidence is made public Liz Lloyd is either going to have to take a fall to protect her boss or turn on Sturgeon to protect her career.

    Starts to make sense why Lloyd has been prevented from giving testimony under oath. She would either have to perjure herself or spill the beans.

    The walls are starting to close in on a few key players.

  81. bob says:

    Whatever the outcome of Evil Queen Nic v Honest Scot Alex, surely the Yoons are going to play on this for a long, long time afterwards.

    Both South of the Border and at home here, the SNP will be portrayed as Scot on Scot tribal warfare parochial nutcases- how on earth can run a country when they would rather rip each other apart.

  82. Stu mac says:

    Don’t forget this guy’s responsible for several failed malicious (declared so by a judge) prosecutions which cost this country millions. Crown Office is corrupt and incompetent.

  83. Effijy says:


    England’s National news proclaims an extra £400 million for
    English Schools.

    I did hear about any extra money for Scotland’s schools pro rata
    on the fake Scottish news?

    Will we get any extra or just 10% of England’s debt again?

  84. Ruby says:

    James Caithness says:
    24 February, 2021 at 5:56 pm
    Wolffe also appeared to be reading all his answers from his folder

    That was so weird!

    Strange to come to answer questions with a prepared speech.

    Do you think it’s possible that the man is ill?

    I mean that seriously. Could it be Alzheimer’s?

  85. aulbea1 says:

    All my life I have lived with the pain of english rule. Any pain that might be brought by our Independence is of a nothing in comparison. Hail Alba. Bring it on.

  86. Mia says:

    I wonder if the reason why he was unsettled at points might have been because somebody else had written the answers for him and as he was reading them he came across parts he realised would put him in an even more difficult position so he could not bring himself to read them aloud. You can see he is at points desperately skimming through sections of his document and actually attempting to paraphrase and make up as he went along instead of reading directly, which is what he did initially when he was calmer.

    Lets bear in mind that the COPFS represents the crown and this is a situation where both the government and the COPFS are under intense public scrutiny, accused of abusing of power to deliberately suppress evidence and render a parliamentary committee useless. This is very serious. Not only does the trust in the Scottish government, but also the trust in parliament and more importantly for the British state, the trust in the crown that sponsors COPFS and the lord advocate, is at stake here.

    You have to wonder who wrote those answers for him to read, judging by the pile of exaggerate and obsequious sickly flowery waffle directed towards the COPFS. My bet is on the MI5 crown agent.

    In a situation where both the Lord Advocate because of his sitting in cabinet is in disrepute but the crown as represented by COPFS infested with MI5s is also in disrepute, the Lord Advocate becomes the weakest link, the expendable one. I think the LA might have realised of that again as he was reading, or rather skipping some of the paragraphs in his document.

    Was this man given parliamentary privilege meaning that he could effectively be lying and never risk contempt of parliament?

    Who in COPFS felt they had the authority to overrule Lady Dorian’s ruling by redacting those paragraphs?

    That the COPFS’ only intention on this was to protect the identity of the accuser is simply not credible. If that was the case, they would have not deleted entire paragraphs. This comes across as a deliberate attempt to withhold information and to tamper with the ability of the committee to make an informed decision.

    It takes neck of a particularly dodgy brass to claim the COPFS is formed by “professionals” when he was forced recently to “tender an apology” (although many thought it should be his resignation) because those “professionals” have costed us tens of millions of pounds in malicious prosecutions.

    Did I understand correctly that among all the waffle, lip licking, mumbling and frantically making as he went along, he actually said that the interest of the COPFS in the evidence is now concluded? So, was he basically telling us that the only interest the COPFS ever had in all this was to mutilate Mr Salmond’s and Aberdein’s evidence to stop the public knowing that Sturgeon breached the ministerial code?

    Did he also said that is really for the Committee to make the decision about what to publish, or did I just imagine it?
    Isn’t that what lady Dorian said too? Does this mean that COPFS has been chancing their arm with that letter hoping Fabiani and co would be intimidated by it and remove the publication?

    If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear. Why can we not read that letter and judge for ourselves? How can this man stand in parliament and say that the COPFS has redacted the evidence in the interest of the public when it is in the interest of the public to know who abused their position of power, who breached codes of conduct and who contributed to the waste of millions of pounds in an unlawful procedure and the damage limitation exercise that followed? All this lack of transparency and the farcical claim that they are working in our interest, when they are clearly working against it, is insulting.

    He said he saw the letter after it was composed. What he did not say is who wrote the letter. It could have been composed by any minion or even the ex-MI5 crown agent himself. He did not tell us either if he saw the letter BEFORE or AFTER it was sent. The difference is significant. He cannot be seriously expecting us to believe that being the head of COPFS and his neck on the line on this that he did not scrutinised that letter in detail before it was handed over to the committee. Unless of course he happens to be only the figurehead of COPFS but not the real head.

  87. Willie Jay says:

    After reading many explanations about my comments about the member, Christine Grahame, sitting behind the LA’s shoulder, I sincerely apologise for my comment.

    I had absolutely no idea of that ladies affliction.

    Willie Jay.

  88. X_Sticks says:

    @aLurker 7:08PM

    It has crossed my mind that Mulholland may have been playing a long game. The public purse has just paid out ~£24million to a couple of private individuals who were deeply involved in that football club.

    Now, I may be wrong, but aren’t a lot of the Scottish legal profession pals of Murdo and the watp crowd. See previous para.

    Probably tin-hattery but was a thought that crossed my mind.

  89. Big Jock says:

    Sturgeon won’t resign.

    Think about it. If she walks, her career in politics is over. She can’t fall back on her legal career. What legal firm would touch her, and she wasn’t a very good lawyer anyway. What other job is she qualified for?

    Murrell is probably in debt up to his eyeballs. If she goes he goes. It’s game over for them.

    She will have to be forced out. She will not consider quitting.

  90. Captain Yossarian says:

    ‘Delighted to say SpectatorTV has just welcomed its 100,000th subscriber. Next episode tomorrow 6pm when Andrew Neil and I will talk Salmond.’

    They’re presumably not talking to Salmond at this stage, just about him. But a portent of what is to surely follow and I hope that soon, both will be talking to Salmond.

    It does look like old-Alex has them (Sturgeon, Wolffe etc) stitched-up like a kipper.

  91. Hatuey says:

    12 mins ago
    Crown Office ordered to release evidence of Alex Salmond ‘conspiracy’

    Game on.

  92. Mac says:

    Salmond did (pretty much) say in his recent submission that he thought the conspirators would have been successful in stitching him up and falsely imprisoning him had it not been for the ‘protection’ of the court and jury system and in particular the Court of Session and High Court of Justiciary (which are I think the two highest courts).

    It just goes to show how deep the rot of corruption is here that a former FM has to go this far just to get a fair hearing and to find an honest judge.

  93. Republicofscotland says:

    Very interesting link Hautey, hopefully Salmond will now be able to tell all.

  94. L says:

    Cath – The alleged knee touching allegation aimed at Salmond proved to be false much like many of the criminal accusations.

  95. A Person says:

    -Big Jock-

    I have it on impeccable authority that she was not merely “not a very good lawyer”, she was absolutely dire, almost unemployable; probably another reason that she hates Joanna Cherry.

  96. Captain Yossarian says:

    @Mac – Aye…and even a former FM had to crowd-fund to finance it.

  97. laukat says:

    I do wonder if as Sturgeon’s leadership fall into dissaray followed by her inevitable resignation if Boris might look at this as the ideal time to offer a referendum? Might he declare May as a defacto referendum? i.e. If the SNP get a majority you can have independence if they don’t then thats it once and for all

  98. Ian Spruce says:

    Just saw this on ywitter from Ms Spear

    Towing FM’s party line

  99. L says:

    The encouraging thing was that Ruth Davidson called for a judge-led criminal inquiry in to this shambolic affair. Hopefully more MSPs and such like call for this before & after the election.

  100. Robert graham says:

    I have to assume Stuart Campbell is correct in his comments about Alex Salmond separating both posts while in office if that’s the case , both the Lord Advocate and the SNP MSP Arthur have just told blatant lies in their presentation to Parliament,
    FFS they can’t tell the truth even when it doesn’t matter and a lie has to be offered to back up a really dodgy bloody argument that just makes it worse.
    If all these people in Holyrood are as fkn dumb as the ones I have seen over the last few weeks fk me I am up for a place in that fkn Circus what’s not to like Free Money for talking shite , Christ my wife says I talk shite every day but I don’t get payed lots of cash for it , How do I apply only drawback might be the swearing but I guess I will get used to it l

  101. Ruby says:

    Does Nicola Sturgeon wear false eye-lashes?

    I couldn’t concentrate on what she was saying because I was so distracted by the eye-lashes.

    I was waiting for one of them to fall off.

    The other thing that distracted me was her mouth. It seems to be disappearing. It looks tiny with no lips.

    Not that I was that interested in what she was saying I switched off to everything she has to say since she fired Mark MacDonald for sending a text.

    Headline in Herald:

    ‘Amber Rudd: if I were PM, I’d fire all the men and have all-female Cabinet’

    Do you think whatever ails Nicola Sturgeon is contagious?

  102. Astonished says:

    Has Scotland or anywhere else ever jailed a Lord Advocate ?

    Asking for a country.

  103. A Person says:

    -Ian Spruce-

    I wonder whether Spear feels the same way about men who threaten “corrective r*pe” of one of her erstwhile colleagues, or is that all right for her?

    Worthless individual.

  104. Carol Neill says:


  105. Robert graham says:

    That arse wipe Spear on Twitter has just accused Alex Salmond of a abuse of Power where is yer evidence Mr Spear it is a mister isn’t it ? Oh fk it we all make mistakes don’t we , just like the midwife involved in her arrival , I won’t go further in case he gets upset.

  106. Neil in Glasgow says:

    Re Christine Grahame – don’t know much about her but I do about parkinsons. My mum is a sufferer. Although understandably it can be a bit disconcerting if you aren’t aware if what’s going on. I used to joke about it with her – I called her stevie wonder once. Probably wouldn’t now though. Some days she can hardly get going, other days she’s twitching all over the place. The one thing I will say though is that Ms Grahame seems very much like my mum – there’s nothing going to keep her back. You’ll notice her in the chamber quite a lot now you’ve seen her once. Which is quite thing when just getting a foot out the bed in the morning may be an achievement in itself

  107. SilverDarling says:

    @Willie Jay

    No worries – it was obvious you were not aware, so happy to help.

  108. solarflare says:

    “Big Jock says:
    24 February, 2021 at 7:26 pm
    Sturgeon won’t resign.

    Think about it. If she walks, her career in politics is over. She can’t fall back on her legal career. What legal firm would touch her, and she wasn’t a very good lawyer anyway. What other job is she qualified for?

    Murrell is probably in debt up to his eyeballs. If she goes he goes. It’s game over for them.

    She will have to be forced out. She will not consider quitting.”


    I think we must be getting close to a stage where she might consider resigning in a “I’ve done nothing wrong but this is clearly now providing too big a distraction to my government and the independence movement” type non-apology resignation, rather than styling it out much longer to have to resign in clear disgrace.

    If she does that she might salvage alternative career paths.

    But honestly still have no idea how this is all going to end (yet).

  109. Mac says:

    I know. One of the best 50 quid’s I have ever spent Captain. Looking back now I see it was much more of an investment. The dividends of which are now starting to arrive by the bucket load.

    I wonder how much Nicola or Leslie or Liz or Peter etc will raise in their first fundraiser.

    Alex Salmond hit initially a target of 50k and then I think 100k in about 24 hours if I recall correctly.

  110. Hatuey says:

    In the background Liam Fox and the Tories are talking about intervening. It’s all building up nicely;

    “If even a part of what Alex Salmond says is true, it represents an ethical collapse in Nicola Sturgeon’s Scottish Government…

    “Given that the Scottish Parliament derives its authority from legislation passed in this Parliament, what mechanisms do we have to ensure that the conduct of the Scottish Government does not bring politics in the whole of the United Kingdom into international disrepute?”

    Liam Fox might have added that if even part of what Salmond says is true, Sturgeon can expect to face criminal charges.

    Only a week or so ago, Angela Haggerty of The Herald was on national TV explaining that nobody was interested in the Salmond scandal. Today Salmond scandal stories represent 6 out of the top 7 most read stories on The Herald website. Have a look at the ‘Most Read’ list on the right;

  111. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “The video isn’t working, it cuts out at 6 seconds after “ calls Jackie bailie”.”

    Just checked it and it works fine.

  112. Tony says:

    I think the comment ‘Roddy Macdonald says:’ is spot on. More to the point, it reveals a darker side of the matter and “conspiracy” is too light a description.

    Machiavellian is better – and that points to one person only.

    No need to guess who.

  113. Bob Mack says:

    Rhiannon Spear. There we have it ladies and gentlemen and all in between. She has just tweeted about Boris by passing Holyrood with funding ,which everybody in this site has been stating was going to be an issue for the last 18 months.

    That is the level of intellect who wants to govern Scotland.

  114. Al-Stuart says:

    Willie Jay 5.27pm

    The Nodding Donkey behind James Black Forrest Gateaux Wolffe is Christine La Bonker Grahame.

    In 2005 Christine Grahame MSP (an for the SNP) was allegedly shaggging a married Tory MSP and nodding her head saying yes to a different sort of question.


    Christine Grahame is a hypocrite of the first order given her alleged sexual peccadilloes causing a married man to lose his job (okay he was a Tory and some say “all is fair in love and war”). With such history of sexually impropriety, Christine Graham is seen there nodding in agreement to slithery Wolffe licking his lips with body language that give much away in the effort to stitch-up Alex Salmond AGAIN.

    Wolffe failed to answer the most basic point: the Clown Office causing redaction of awkward questions to Nicola Sturgeon and hiding behind his bosses fake virtual signal excuse “but we’re protecting the wummin”.

    Sturgeon, you’ve been found out. The only wummin you are interested in is yersel hen. Best start looking through yer favourite shop, Totty Rocks for a frock with fetching stripes that match the latest fashion at Corton Vale.

    Nicky Dreghorn, watching you slander Alex Salmond on your nightly “Covid TV With Nicola” programme, you actually make me feel physically sick.

  115. robertknight says:

    Ian Spruce @7:36 pm

    Just saw this on ywitter from Ms Spear…

    “This rhetoric is devastating for women’s trust in reporting sexual harrassment + abuse”.

    That’ll be the harassment + abuse that the Jury determined didn’t happen!

    She’s beneath contempt. Same as her boss.

  116. Alf Baird says:

    Stu mac @ 7:21

    “Don’t forget this guy’s responsible for several failed malicious (declared so by a judge) prosecutions which cost this country millions. Crown Office is corrupt and incompetent.”

    If copfs is responsible for malicious prosecutions then what does this potentially mean for hundreds if not thousands of convictions in Scotland’s courts over recent years? How many of those cases brought were also malicious? How many people are sitting in Scottish jails due to malicious prosecutions?

    Does this not perhaps help to explain why Scotland has the highest prison population rate per head in Western Europe, with 150 people held in prison for every 100,000 of the population?

    ‘Scotland also has the highest proportion of probationers under supervision for “offences against persons” in all of Europe.’

    ‘The number of people in prison is predicted by the Ministry of Justice to rise further, as sentence lengths and custody rates continue to increase.’

    A higher prison population is historically typical of countries under colonial domination.

  117. shug says:

    full marks to Jackie Baillie for making him look shifty and evasive

    Well done Jackie you are wasted in the Labour party

  118. Ruby says:

    “Ian Spruce says:
    Just saw this on ywitter from Ms Spear”

    “Jaclyn McGowan faked pregnancy after one-night stand

    “A woman who faked a pregnancy after a one-night stand has been sentenced to community service.

    Jaclyn McGowan, 36, from Perth and Kinross, pleaded guilty to causing fear and alarm by stalking for nine months by lying about being pregnant.”

    I wonder if Jaclyn McGowan will get a reprimand from
    Rhiannon Spear & The Rape Crisis Centre.

    “This rhetoric is devastating for women’s trust in reporting sexual harassment + abuse.”

  119. Republicofscotland says:

    Apologies if this has already been posted, the bypassing of Holyrood begins, we don’t have years to hold an indyref, this May’s elections must be a plebiscite.

    “THE UK Government has announced plans to spend millions on projects across Scotland by working directly with local authorities.”

  120. Al-Stuart says:


    Fair point about Christine Grahame’s tremor, but in that film with her nodding YES, it was quite clearly well controlled, voluntary and given in agreement to Wolffe’s waffle at trying to STITCH UP ALEX SALMOND AGAIN.

    Grahame nodding YES had NOTHING to do with the tremor which presents in a completely different way. I know because I stood next to her for half an hour and saw first hand that her assertion the tremor she has is harmless and relatively minor.

  121. Dorothy Devine says:

    Liam Fox the Disgraced Defence Minister? That Liam Fox?


    The murk and muck is really getting to me now and I am having difficulty maintaining politeness for those who still defend the entire mess.

    I wonder at those so cocksure of the SG and its withholding of evidence under the pretence of protecting the alphabet women.

  122. Cenchos says:

    It’s the current manifestation of Scottish government that’s the problem here, not so much the Scottish Parliament as an institution.

    However, watch as MSM and the BBC and the Tory autonomy-eunuchs conflate them.

  123. Bob Mack says:

    Twitter. Joan Hutcheson SNP Conference Committee.

    7 hrs ago. Read and weep.

  124. Skip_NC says:

    Al-Stuart, others have stated upthread that Christine Grahame has benign essential tremor. I invite you to read and reconsider your comment at 8:11pm.

  125. Neil in Glasgow says:

    My take aways from today:

    If the Lord advocate had been at school and speaking in front of the class, the teacher would have told him to take a seat half way through to save him embarrassing himself any more.

    Nicola sturgeon pretty much said she doesn’t know who Geoff aberdein is even though she’s already said she was in his company at the end of March 2018 and then had him round for coffee a few days later. Watch the bit of the briefing again and you’ll see what I mean. She didn’t know who James matthews was quoting yet there were only three people at that first meeting and it certainly wasn’t her stooge.

    Craig Murray should just wire 25 large ones to James matthews because he quite clearly has the aberdein statement, or possibly even an interview lined up. He knows too much and sky are quite happy to run with it, drip feeding it over the last month or so.

  126. Not for me to say says:

    So correct me if I’m wrong, a letter was issued by the COPFS, which clearly identifies one of the complainers by insisting on the redaction of 5 paragraphs, and Lord Wolffe states that he had no knowledge of the letter. What is going on. It is unthinkable in a case of this importance that Lord Wolffe would allow this to happen. Or is it?
    Is Lord Wolffe incompetent, I have no idea.
    From his performance today, I suspect he did not approve the letter, and he knows he is in jeopardy. His peers must be astonished, whatever actually happened.

  127. Lothianlad says:

    Time is running out sturgeon. Too many people know!

  128. A Person says:

    -Hatuey at 7.50-

    This is what makes me especially uneasy for the future of independence.

    Now, granted, I don’t know over-much about Haggerty, so I won’t cast aspersions on her personally, but too many leadership supporters have been carrying on cheerfully without much opposition, and with fawning praise from certain quarters (not the Tory press, obviously, but parts of the media) that they actually believe their own hype and think they are invincible whereas in fact it’s largely the awfulness of Johnson and the Tories that has caused the frankly underwhelming rise in support for independence. They think they’re Franklin D. Roosevelt when actually they’re just lucky.

    These people are so sure of their abilities that they think they can do as they please. I don’t think that will work and I think the independence movement will be their victim.

  129. tricia young says:

    Got to say I’m kinda impressed with Jackie Baillie here. Fabiani is a wreck in comparison. Hope we can all survive this BS. Did I hear bodies being thrown under a bus by Wolfie?

  130. Charlie Roberts says:

    a quick thought, quote taken from a commentor on guido.

    Rees-Mogg mentioned in Parliament ~month ago:

    “The Prime Minister is doing his job and ‘Moanalot’ will have something to moan about in early February when Salmond gives evidence to a committee of inquiry in the Scottish Parliament and we find out all that is going on up north to the disadvantage of the Scottish people led by a hopeless administration.”

    Obviously they could see what was happening with the flawed processes some time ago. As someone here said, let your enemies destroy themselves. And remember, people – even politicians are people – have busy lives too.

    I am sure shady stuff goes on, but all the MI5, British Empire, colonialism … isn’t that what the dribbling feel-good alphabet soup crowd have as one of their mental afflictions? Since we have been in Union (if perhaps unequal) for 300 years, it’s different. We have shared heroes and deeply intertwined histories too.

    Scotland ought to go alone if ye wish, of course, but enthusiasm carries us away sometimes.

  131. Saffron Robe says:

    Contempt of democracy and contempt of a nation.

  132. Brent Crude (Scotland`s type) now selling at over $65 per barrel,

    that`s $65,000,000 going south every day,

    about $24 billion a year,

    if we nationalised our oil like Saudi.

  133. Andy Ellis says:

    @Bob Mack 8.20pm

    The SNP is looking more and more like a crime family than a political party.

    Joan Hutcheson’s exposé of the failures relating to the NEC and the leadership’s response to attempts to change it are all of a piece with the conspiracy against Salmond.

    The lines are being drawn up: on their side are the Sturgeonista loyalists, the sophomiric woke Wahhabis, the grey suited Charlotte Street SPADs and those dependent on the SNP for funding for their quango or the prospect of sinecures as long as they remain “on message”.

    On our side are the folk who really want independence. Those supporting Alex Salmond, Wings Over Scotland, Joanna Cherry, Kenny MacAskill et al. They oppose the proposed HCB, TRA extremism and self ID, they want immediate action on independence. They now – seeing recent events – want action on the separation of powers, root and branch reform of the COPFS and a strengthening of the parliament’s role.

    This is now about democracy and open government. The fact that unionists are making the running on a lot of this doesn’t mean the principle is wrong. When they are right, they are right. I’d never campaign shoulder to shoulder with some of the loathsome individuals in the SNP at present. I WOULD make common cause with unionists acting to protect the Scottish parliament and our democracy.

    Those are words I never expected to have to say. I hate what unionism and British nationalism stand for, but I won’t help put a deeply regressive and anti-democratic bunch of chancers like the SNP in to power.

  134. Lothianlad says:

    “if we nationalised our oil like Saudi”

    Which is why they cant afford for us to be independent.

    Sturgeon, under the control of her brit state handlers is out to destroy the SNP.

    Ian Lawson is 100% correct.

  135. Lawrence says:

    Rev Stu

    You and Craig Murray could become the Bernstein and Woodward (Watergate) of Scottish UK media.

    Rev, you have to be the hardest working Investigative journalist in the uk.

    Sturgeon knows you are hunting her down and she also knows you are not that far off from nailing her, hence the threatening instructions to all SNP reps from SNP HQ to stay away from Wings Over Scotland.

    Aided by the thousands of Wingers, who have to be the most knowledgeable collection of bloggers anywhere in the world.

    What a Team!!!

    Alex must be proud that you are all out there fighting his corner.

  136. Captain Yossarian says:

    I have been writing in here for the past 6-weeks or so. I am neither a unionist or a nationalist, but I have a strong mistruct, based upon experience, of Scottish lawyers.

    Those closest to the Scottish Government are the most bent. There are excellent lawyers and I suspect that Levy and McRae are amongst them. That’s what makes it most galling bacause it is all so needless.

    I think the events of today have proven my point. Scottish lawyers affiliated to Scotgov are indeed bent. It is perhaps time that untidy bastard Wolffe did some poridge. Some poridge at Barlinnie.

  137. holymacmoses says:

    I see Johnson is about to bribe local councillors with cash to play with at local level (ignoring Holyrood intervention)

  138. Willie Jay says:

    Oh dear, I do not know what to say regarding my previous comment about Christine Grahame.
    There now seem to be many comments “supporting” my nodding donkey first thoughts.
    Shall I withdraw my apologies about her?

    On reading some seemingly valid points concerning the lady, the alleged excuses for her actions seem to be very much disputed. And one post in particular seems to suggest that she is no shrinking violet.
    What is one to do?
    Is one supposed to give a “free-pass” to people with *alleged* difficulties, and yet those same people seem to waltz through life, and life’s “challenges”/”social challenges” without let or hinder?

    I am not too sure where I actually stand here for I do not really have much information of the person that I first referred to as a “nodding donkey”.

    Some people say I am “wrong”/”cruel” etc.

    Others seem to be saying I have hit the nail on the head.

    Oh, dear … Wot can the matter be …

  139. Strathy says:

    Craig Murray’s trial was four weeks ago.

    Still no verdict.

  140. Captain Yossarian says:

    @Willie Jay – Top Holyrood seal clapper and nodding dog is Kevin Stewart MSP. A wee gype fae Aberdeen. Sits behind Sturgeon to her RHS. He wears ill-fitting suits from a charity shop and has green teeth.

  141. Robert graham says:

    I used to think it was just some of the gang well most of them over the wall in La la Land that were a bit loopy now I know where they get it from ,The message from the top is stick with the SNP or you will jeopardise a vote for Independence fk me ok when , where and when is this just round the corner event likely to happen do I need to put it in my diary ,circle it on the calendar ,write its my forehead ,
    another pearl of wisdom SNP 1 and 2 Aye that’s worked so eh far anything else , oh yeh forget everything we have seen and heard over the last year or so forget it even happened, forget Nicola Sturgeon stood up in Holyrood and said I will cooperate fully and comply with every requirement and request from this committee everything will be given to them in order for them to successfully complete their work .
    Aye right
    All these interventions, nothing to do with us Guv our hands are clean we don’t control these departments that are trying to save our arses by putting obstructions in the way of the committee as for the countless pages of blacked out type well that’s normal practice in the political world isn’t it

  142. AwakeNotWoke says:

    Rumour of “good news imminent” on Twitter… anyone got anything concrete??

  143. cirsium says:

    @Roddy Macdonald, 5.38

    By insisting on post publication redaction of paragraphs which name only one woman other than the FM, will the ‘professional and independent’ law officer involved, who allegedly acted without the approval of the Lord Advocate, be prosecuted for contempt of court by effectively identifying a complainant?

    Was that why the Lord Advocate took care to stress that he did not draft the letter, and that senior prosecutors act autonomously? Those senior prosecutors have also ignored Lady Dorrian’s ruling.

  144. holymacmoses says:

    A week or two at the tops @jeggit Jason Michael

  145. PhilM says:

    Someone above quoted Alex Salmond on how he was basically saved by the Court of Session and the High Court. To unpack that a little…in August 2018 AS successfully crowdfunded for the legal fees to petition the Court of Session for judicial review of a manifestly biased (a now widely-held opinion) civil service procedure,in which his petition was successful in January 2019, however there were no guarantees here. What if be had been unable to crowdfund and had to suffer in silence through such an unfair biased procedure? Yes, the Court of Session came ultimately to his aid but at what financial cost to us and emotional cost to the appellant? Only the movement that he helped build could lift him up and through this. This is a singular event which possibly no-one else in Scotland could have managed.
    The same goes more or less for the High Court…how many of us could have withstood that kind of pressure?
    Now those responsible for applying that kind of pressure to someone who served their country with verve and skill, these people finally are being seem for what they are and what they tried to do i.e. guilty as hell for attempting to hound Alex Salmond from the possibility of ever re-entering public life, and they MUST now face questions: questions that relate to evidence withheld from parliament; questions designed to bring to the fore what appears to be an attempt to pervert the course of justice; and however long it takes however much it costs we have to know the truth. This is OUR democracy, not theirs.

  146. Ian S says:

    Scot Finlayson says:
    24 February, 2021 at 8:48 pm

    Brent Crude (Scotland`s type) now selling at over $65 per barrel,

    that`s $65,000,000 going south every day,about $24 billion a year,if we nationalised our oil like Saudi.

    Not true – Oil Company might get that but then you have all the overheads to take off.

    The only thing going south is the taxation on the sale of the oil

  147. Ian Spruce says:

    Scot Finlayson says:
    24 February, 2021 at 8:48 pm

    Brent Crude (Scotland`s type) now selling at over $65 per barrel,

    that`s $65,000,000 going south every day,about $24 billion a year,if we nationalised our oil like Saudi.

    Not true – Oil Company might get that but then you have all the overheads to take off.

    The only thing going south is the taxation on the sale of the oil

  148. Willie Jay says:

    @ Strathy 8:58 pm
    @ Strathy –
    There is something no’ quite right about Craig Murray’s trial.

    In fact, I will qualify that if I may –
    There is something quite rotten, corrupt, stinking to high heaven about Craig Murray’s “trial”.
    It is/was a “trial” in name only.

    It is/was an exercise to tell certain people, including Craig Murray, “To shut the f*ck up!”
    I do sincerely hope that if the Scottish Judiciary are still *TRULY* independent of the Executive, there may possibly be a positive result/outcome.

    (From what I have seen and read in the past few weeks, I am definitely not holding my breath.)

  149. SilverDarling says:

    @Willie Jay

    She has a condition that causes a head tremor. She could have been nodding in agreement as well, one doesn’t negate the other. She often sits behind NS or others and is often in the camera shot.

    I guess it is whether you feel she is a visible ally for the ridiculous charade that was the AG’s appearance. I don’t know what her alliances are but I have heard her speak of her condition.

    The whole thing was a ridiculous spectacle no matter what.

  150. Willie Jay says:

    @ SilverDarling

    “The whole thing was a ridiculous spectacle no matter what.”

    I simply could not have put it any better at all. Thank you.

  151. Mist001 says:

    Listen, if Murrell nationalised Scotlands oil, all the profits would be spent on fucking legal fees.

  152. Not for me to say says:

    I am definitely no expert, but I think this last attempt at obfuscation, whoever was involved, sealed the COPFS, Nicola and her husband to the recycling bin. Lord James Wolffe in particular should be utterly ashamed. NS probably does not understand the concept.

  153. iain mhor says:

    Yeah, yeah, yeah, They’re all above reproach.

    Professional, independent upholders of due process, which has so many ‘safeguards’ to help prevent any travesties of justice and democracy – merely humble profferors of sage professional advice in this instance – but ‘it’s heehaw to do with ‘us anymore – we’re so over it’

    Which is why he had to make an abject, grovelling apology for ‘them’ being the exact opposite of that recently.

    Away and shite, you’re ‘Office’ is in disrepute, on your watch – again.

    For the benefit of any doubt – the ‘Office’ of the Lord Advocate has a single employee – the Lord Advocate.

    Mind you it used to be ably assisted by the ‘Office’ of the Solicitor General – but that’s currently closed, apparently, for reasons.

  154. WhoRattledYourCage says:

    You know, our marvellous First Minister is obsessed with bringing more women into Scottish politics. You have to admit, she’s given any potential future female politicians the best lesson in what NOT to do in power that they could have had. Scotland’s first female First Minister, ends up making a total corrupt arse of it, and going down lashing out sullenly in shame and ignominy. Ah didnae dae it! Big girl did it run away!”

    Isn’t it ironic…don’t you think?

    How the fuck did all this horrifying madness happen? How did the mass Scottish political and legal car crash get to this level of dysfunction? It beggars belief.

  155. solarflare says:

    AwakeNotWoke says:
    24 February, 2021 at 9:12 pm
    Rumour of “good news imminent” on Twitter… anyone got anything concrete??

    Who/where in particular?

  156. Big Jock says:

    Hearing that commitee are now using their powers to compel the release of Murrels text and WhatsApp messages.

    Is this the silver bullet moment for Salmond.

  157. merganser says:

    The Fabiani Committee have issued a s.24 notice to the Crown Office to produce documents, copies of which are in the possession of Alex Salmond [presumably unused material in the criminal proceedings which was likely to undermine the prosecution case or assist the defence].

    The Crown Office may try to find reasons for not producing them.

    If the Committee serve a s.24 notice on Alex Salmond to produce the documents to them wouldn’t he be happy to do that? I cannot see how he could be liable to any action civil or criminal if he had to comply with such an order.

    Just a thought.

  158. 100%Yes says:

    This is beyond a joke, what I seen from Mrs Murrell in the covid briefing was appalling.

  159. Bob Mack says:


    Something happening all right. Twitter Jeggit. He and a few others know something big but can’t say. Within next two weeks.

    He is usually right on the ball.

  160. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    From what I’ve read, over the past couple of months, the first complaint/issue was raised by Ms H (criminal trial).

    She then took a back seat, whilst the two “original” complainants came forward (A and B in the civil case, who became different Alphabetties in the criminal case.)

    In the criminal trial, Ms H’s testimony was trashed – because two defence witnesses testified that she wasn’t at the dinner, after which the alleged offence took place.

  161. ian stewart says:

    Anyone know what this is about ?

  162. solarflare says:

    “Bob Mack says:
    24 February, 2021 at 9:36 pm

    Something happening all right. Twitter Jeggit. He and a few others know something big but can’t say. Within next two weeks.

    He is usually right on the ball.”

    Thanks for the pointer

  163. Willie Jay says:

    Blimy O’Reilly!
    My sincere thanks to Al-Stuart for many enlightening points.
    (You just never know what you might find out when you log in to WoS, but you can *always* be assured – it is *ALL* good!)

    Thanks again, Al-Stuart for cutting through the usual crap and exposing a “poor wee lassie” with “problems” as being another chancer in the SNP premier league.

  164. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    It can be strange, what you find on T’internet.

  165. Andybhoy says:

    Going back a wee back today, when Ruth Davidson stated that a judge led inquiry was now needed, I felt that suddenly the ball had moved into the other side of the pitch. One can`t help that Sturgeon and co are loosing control of the situation.

  166. Big Jock says:

    Is the news Salmond leading ISP?

  167. zebedee says:

    Brian Doonthetoon you appear to be obsessed with identifying complainers. I hope this site won’t suffer due to you.

  168. Republicofscotland says:

    Brian that story’s from July 2015.

  169. @Ian Spruce,

    most oil companies sucking up our oil, (BP,Chrysaor Holdings Limited) are headquartered down south same town as the tax goes,

    anyhoo, that`s why Saudi nationalised their oil , so all profits stay in Saudi,

    State owned Saudi Aramco it is the seventh largest company in the world by revenue.

  170. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    There are new readers here, brought by MSM mentions, who aren’t aware of what’s been going on over the past few years.


  171. Willie Jay says:

    @ Brian Doonthetoon

    I sincerely thank you for your post. (And have taken the trouble to copy it before it vanishes into the ether like so many message before yours.)

    Stand Fast! A day of reckoning is definitely coming and posts like yours can help to secure a proper outcome.

  172. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    Hi zebedee.

    You may surmise that but, all I can type is that, I just browse the WWW and post links to what I think will be of interest to readers on WOS.

  173. Frozone says:

    Surely one of the papers will publish one of the key witness statements currently hidden from the committee shortly? Under the public interest defence? Fingers crossed.

  174. Grim Reader says:

    Just watched Sturgeon’s soundbite on Sky News, baiting AS with her square-go style. Lots of looking down and to the left. She was a shambling mess in THAT Sophie Ridge interview but looked very cocky today. Clearly comfortable The Crown has her back.

    You have to wonder; if she’s the Indy tip-of-the-arrow, why is the Whitehall Establishment so keen to keep her in post?

  175. Willie Jay says:

    @ Brian Doonthetoon says:
    24 February, 2021 at 9:43 pm

    It can be strange, what you find on T’internet.

    What is this all about, Brian?
    I’m getting lost in many mazes of mazes, going inside out and then upside down; SO – can you explain this strange message, please? Thank you.

  176. Iain More says:

    The contempt of the SG and SNP leadership has fro democracy is only matched by the Brit Nat Pres and Medias contempt for the truth.

    Somebody needs to tell those Brit Nat Press and Media whores that Salmond is no longer a member of the SNP for one. The Salmond scandal as the Brit Nat Press and Media calls it is now exploding all over English TV. Just in time for the May Elections – we all saw that coming didn’t we???? Come home Agent Sturgeon, your job is dome, signed your bosses at MI5.

  177. holymacmoses says:

    Mist001 says:
    24 February, 2021 at 9:24 pm
    Listen, if Murrell nationalised Scotlands oil, all the profits would be spent on fucking legal fees.

    Thanks for that – 🙂

  178. Effijy says:

    You know how we are supposed to forget the 100 sheer
    incompetences of Tory management of Covid 19 because
    the 2 month long vaccination program is going so well?

    How is then there were another 10,000 new cases of the virus in the
    last 24 hours and why has the daily Death total today still higher than
    Russia, Germany, France, Spain, Italy and every other company in Europe?

    Boris is spending money like Scottish water!
    I’m sure he can throw money about and just mark it down as Covid Costs.

    Billions on the Brexit divorce settlement
    Billions on new Chinese Nuclear plant for England
    Billions on off shore wind farm project for England.
    Extra Billion bribe for the DUP in N Ireland
    Billions on England’s High Speed Railway
    Billions for English Flood Defences
    Billions for new nuclear weapons
    Billions for Tory friends emergency contracts
    Billions on Dud Track and Trace
    Millions for extra schooling in England
    Millions for those unable to export because of Brexit
    Millions for City Projects
    Millions to refurbish Westminster

    With the real Covid costs in the NHS and Furlough type schemes
    the £2 TRILLION OF DEBT before Covid must now be down to Grandchildren
    to pay off.

  179. Jack Murphy says:

    10pm ITV News has led with the Sturgeon/Salmond news.
    Top of the News.

  180. President Xiden says:

    Dearly beloved , the lesson today comes from the book of Watergate chapter 1 verse 1 “ and the Lord spoke to those stiff necked sinners and said ‘it’s the cover up stupid”. Here endeth the lesson, let those who have ears and not one eye on their next career move, hear.

  181. Derek says:

    @Captain Yossarian says:
    24 February, 2021 at 7:15 pm
    ‘…ensure that the conduct of the Scottish Government does not bring politics in the whole of the United Kingdom into international disrepute.’

    “I am no fan of Liam Fox, but…”

    The same Liam Fox that took his un-vetted mate all over the place on Government business?

  182. Willie Jay says:

    OK, Brian Doonthetoon –
    You post a story, well over 5 and a half years old, pointing somehow to an Alex Salmond SpAd who was then seeking a job as an SNP candidate.

    What’s it all about, Brian?

    Is my first impression that you are a “genuine” bloke, attempting to shine light in dark corners totally wrong? It now seems so.

    Because you now seem in fact to be yet *another* Nicola lapdog, intent on licking both her (and maybe her “husbands” tails) in order to skew the story.

    Let’s hear it, “Brian Doonthetoon”

  183. JamesT says:

    The answer is obvious – Wolffe has little control over the COPFS and he is being sidelined. Someone from COPFS is dealing directly with government officials hence his statement he was out the loop. Whoever from COPFS did this is either a loose cannon or not too bothered / doesn’t feel the need about getting the Lord Advocates permission or input. Only explanation that fits his response. He’s not running the Scottish legal show!! Unbelievable though, the biggest gig in town and the big cheese doesn’t know or control who’s doing what or when.

  184. Bob Mack says:

    @Willie jay,

    Quite the opposite Willie.

  185. willie says:

    The Lord Advocate sound an old and honourable title.

    Looking at the individual dissembling and obfuscating I couldnt help but think what a weasel of a little man.

    And he is a weasel. His performance was an outrage. I think the vernacular word for him would be the Lord Scum Bag.

  186. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    Hi Willie Jay.

    I suspect you have misdescribed me. This “news” has been on the WWW for ages – but not reported in the MSM.

  187. Andy Ellis says:

    @Brian Doonthetoon

    Sorry Brian and indeed other SNP members, but I just can’t fathom why any reasonable person, seeing what they see now, can stomach remaining in the party?

    It’s surely got to the point that the party is part of the problem, not part of the solution.

  188. Stephen P says:

    Grousebeater mentioned that there was a new party in the “offing” yesterday on twitter. So there are a few bloggers dropping hints now.

    I don’t think that there is enough time to go through the electoral commission process before May.

    But something is in the air. Just need to be patient for now.

    The harrassment enquiry was the lead item on ITV news at 10 tonight. Very badly reported as Salmond v Sturgeon of course. The UK media seem more interested in whether it will reduce support for independence rather than any facts.

  189. Andy Ellis says:

    @Stephen P 10.32pm

    Someone mentioned a few weeks ago that the Electoral Commission had a registration for a new party in Scotland, but nobody seemed to know who was behind it…..I forget the name that was used…..

  190. ElGordo says:

    @Brian Doonthetoon says: 24 February, 2021 at 9:43 pm

    So, Angus places the lotion in the basket?

  191. JB says:

    So – wild guess as to Jeggits’s “next best thing to independence”…

    Ireland to offer all Scots (for some definition of Scot) Irish citizenship?


  192. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    Hi Andy Ellis.

    I’m hanging on until the election or a leadership election, whatever comes first.

    SNP has already lost my regional vote (I’ve done the wurkie-outs). Still waiting for a reply from my MSP.

  193. Neil Wilkinson says:

    Brian Doonthetoon says:
    24 February, 2021 at 10:01 pm
    Hi zebedee.

    You may surmise that but, all I can type is that, I just browse the WWW and post links to what I think will be of interest to readers on WOS.


    I think Ive worked it out 🙂

  194. Neil in Glasgow says:

    With the absolute disaster that was redactiongate on Tuesday I don’t think even the MSM could overlook things from now on. Particularly down south. And now it’s going to be the gift that keeps on giving.

  195. AYRSHIRE ROB says:

    Willie Jay

    Away ya clown yi. You showed us who you were 1st post. Beat it.

  196. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    AYRSHIRE ROB – think for five minutes, before you start typing…

    Go back, read.

    Jissa hint…

  197. Tackety Beets says:

    Speed read the thread.

    The LA waffle about the redactions being to “protect” the accusers etc. I’m wondering, as we all know the redactions are no such thing.

    Following his discussion from his legal team, AS is a smart, knowledgeable & courageous man. Will AS give evidence & not give a jot about the redactions.

    Daring the COPFS to challenge AS in another court case namely “contempt of court”
    Most of us would agree, from where we look it surely would never stick?

    I appreciate he will not be questioned directly on it & if he sidestep into the redacted area LF will try to silence him. He will have an answer ready & close LF of at the pass & continue to impart the information for us all to hear.

    Dream on Toto. ????

  198. ElGordo says:

    I was just getting into the whole Come to Ghana thing from the Ghana tourism authority on twitter, then this kinda threw me:

    What’s going on in Ghana? Does anyone know?

  199. AYRSHIRE ROB says:

    I saw his 1st post Brian.

  200. AYRSHIRE ROB says:

    The rest are just balls. It’s our dear Lawrence and Craig . Bet ya

  201. Magnus Erlendsson says:

    WhoRattledYourCage says:
    24 February, 2021 at 9:29 pm
    “How the fuck did all this horrifying madness happen? How did the mass Scottish political and legal car crash get to this level of dysfunction? It beggars belief.”

    9+ years of both covert and overt operations by the British state designed to destroy trust and confidence in Scottish institutions and devolution?

    It seems to me that Scots law is incompatible with One Nation Britain and will have to be got rid of at some point. The Crown Office appears to be doing a great job of bringing it into disrepute. Incidentally, in his interview with Mark McNaught recently Craig Murray identified a “former” MI5 agent working at the Crown Office.

    The Scottish Parliament is being undermined until people hate it and are happy to see the back of it. It would be the same tactic (described by Chomsky) used against the NHS and welfare state.

    As for covert operatives, the case of Mark Kennedy comes to mind. That was just the police, and environmental groups don’t pose an existential threat to the UK. How much worse can it get? A lot, I think. I found a jigsaw piece dating back to 2012… it makes you wonder about a few things.

    This really is the sort of thing the CIA gets up to in South America. I suppose we shouldn’t be surprised but it’s still a shock to find ourselves in this situation.

    Let us also not forget Alistair Carmichael, who set the legal precedent that it’s acceptable for politicians to lie as long as it’s “political.” I’m sure that really helped the general integrity levels.

  202. JB says:

    Or a more likely scenario would be something like:

    Scotia Future (assuming they are now approved for May) standing only constituency candidates, and a bunch of SNP “names” joining that party. Then ISP or AFI only on the list. Plus all of them stating it is to be treated as a plebiscite. Adjust parties involved and which have constituency or list candidates depending upon which are a approved by the Electoral Commission.

    Any more fantasy scenarios?

  203. John Cleary says:

    The harrassment enquiry was the lead item on ITV news at 10 tonight. Very badly reported as Salmond v Sturgeon of course. The UK media seem more interested in whether it will reduce support for independence rather than any facts.

    Stephen I agree. But we’ve got to change our thinking.

    We know the media works on Salmond v Sturgeon, and it ain’t gonna change.

    So we have to get our message out in those terms. For God’s sake, Salmond is still being the gentleman, and she has knifed him how many times?

    What did she do with those two “genuine ” complainants, those two slices of reality about which to burnish her poison?

    The Lord Advocate, or something working through his office, “instructed” the two complainants to file complaints with the police.

    That’s what used to go on in Clarence House in the good old days.

    They must be terrified.

    Why is nobody telling the media?

  204. A Person says:


    I’ve always struggled with puzzles. Are you giving us a clue as to Jason Michael’s mystery happening?

  205. Brian Doonthetoon says:


  206. A Person says:

    Are your links related to the cryptic Twitter message others have linked to, in which a chap called Jason Michael says something very big is about to happen in Scottish politics?

  207. richard richardson says:

    “Jackie Baillie:
    I note that the Lord Advocate said that he was not consulted. Was he aware of what was going on? It would be helpful to know the process before the letter was issued to the Parliament. Did the Crown Office receive any submissions from any third party before it wrote to the SPCB yesterday? Was it Mr Donnelly who was contacted? Was the Crown Agent, David Harvie, consulted? Did the letter even go across the Lord Advocate’s desk before it was issued?

    The Lord Advocate:
    I received a copy of the letter for my information after it had been issued.

    Jackie Baillie:
    I note that the Lord Advocate did not answer any of my previous questions. I am sure that he will want to take the opportunity in answering my next question to go back and cover the stuff that he did not answer before.

    I want to ask the Lord Advocate about the meeting that was held between Levy & McRae and the Crown in advance of the hearing with Lady Dorrian. It was confirmed at that meeting that the Crown’s sole concern was one paragraph in its article about the former First Minister’s ministerial code submission. No other concerns were raised, and no other concerns have been raised subsequently. Given that that article has been up since 15 January and is still up, and that it is essentially Mr Salmond’s submission, can the Lord Advocate perhaps advise what has changed in the Crown Office?

    The Lord Advocate:
    I am not going to get into the substance of the issues, not least because, in doing so, there would be a risk of my breaching the court order.

    Fundamentally, what is at issue is an order by the High Court handed down to protect the anonymity of complainers. The Crown’s sole interest in the matter is to secure respect for that court order. It has not sought, and will not seek, to limit the evidence that the Committee on the Scottish Government Handling of Harassment Complaints may have available to it or to interfere with the work of that committee.

    Ultimately, it is for the parliamentary authorities to determine what they may lawfully publish within the bounds of the order laid down by the court. The Crown raises issues and concerns in any case in which it apprehends that a contempt may take place. Its sole purpose in doing so is to secure compliance with the order laid down by the court.”

  208. Daisy Walker says:

    Willie Jay says:
    24 February, 2021 at 10:03 pm

    @ Brian Doonthetoon says:
    24 February, 2021 at 9:43 pm

    It can be strange, what you find on T’internet.

    What is this all about, Brian?
    I’m getting lost in many mazes of mazes, going inside out and then upside down; SO – can you explain this strange message, please? Thank you.

    I read that, looked at it and my gut instinct was to say, ‘THAT’S A BLOKE’.

    And I say that as a non ‘fem’ female, who never got higher than a 6 on the looks scale – and I’m fine with it… really, really not intending to be bitchy. Gut reaction… ‘that’s a bloke’.

  209. mr laing b. french says:

    Could she not have taking a few copies of Alex Salmond statements and asked the lord advocate ( after handing him a copy) which part named the alleged victim to which he wanted removed?
    Surely that would have sunk his boat instead of asking questions that have an infinite get out Claus.

  210. ebreah says:

    @Willie Jay: Re Christine Grahame

    Notwithstanding this fiasco, she is IMHO one of the better SNP MSPs. She can really be really effective when she needs to. I saw several of her put downs against several unionist MSPs. Gave me a few good sniggers. Maybe I read it wrongly, she gave the impression of the old school combative SNP MSPs.

    As a few have noted she does have a medical condition. Even more apparently lately. Whether she has actually nodded in the video, I am not sure because I have not watched it. Couldn’t be bothered with what I know is going to be shite spouting all the way.

  211. John Cleary says:

    I think I get it now.
    A MSP is forced to stand down, for what is a trivial offense. This is the time of me too, when every man is guilty of rape, and every woman is to be believed.

    Ms 1 fears that this may be an opportunity for Alex Salmond to get back into Hollyrood. So she makes a charge of sexual harassment, just so that it is on the record for vetting purposes. We know this because this is what she said to the court.

    Nicola and Liz get to hear about this. They look at each other and ask “….Do you think there might be any others?”

    A fishing expedition ensues. They get two nibbles. Ms 2 and Ms 3.
    Heavy investment is made into encouraging a concrete complaint.
    They will be told harrowing tales about Ms 1. They will be told how she needs their support.
    They want to support their sister.

    Judith McKinnon holds their hand all along the way. She writes their story. She hands this story to Leslie Evans, who nods gravely and pronounces Mr Salmond guilty as charged.

    She passes the dossier to the police, who refuse it.
    She announces that the report will be put on the record, meaning it is available under FOI
    Meanwhile Ms 1 has quietly slipped away.

    Mr Salmond seeks an injunction and a judicial review to protect his reputation.
    “Someone” leaks the report to the Daily Record. Everybody knows.
    Maximum damage to the reputation of Alex Salmond.

    SNP government try to bleed him dry. Try every dirty legal trick in the book. Keep on going even though told they will lose by their own briefs.

    Fearful of losing the judicial review, a second front is opened. Preparations had been made since December 2017, when Police Scotland were approached for the first time by Judith McKinnon.

    An array of evidence is compiled. Police Scotland were pressurized to open an investigation.

    The significance is that if Alex Salmond had been charged by the police, the judicial review would be “sisted”. It would have been closed down and buried (rather like the Board meeting of Anglia Television got buried) and there would have been no defeat for Sturgeon and her gang.

    With pressure, and a slow increase in the number of charges, the police did open an inquiry.
    At that point the charges amounted to Ms 2 and Ms 3, together with the AlphaBetties.

    You see how important Ms 2 and Ms 3 are to the plot. Without them there is nothing.
    We know they were reluctant to go to the police.
    We know they were betrayed by their sister, Leslie Evans, who took the material direct to the Crown Agent against their explicit wishes

    Now we learn that they were “instructed” by the Lord Advocate, or by something acting through the offices of the Lord Advocate, to make their statements to the police.

    Yes, there are animals involved here. But the animal is not Alex Salmond.

    Those poor women have been abused just like the Lloyds Names were abused. They must be terrified.

  212. twathater says:

    BrianDTT is not being facetious or cryptic it is just old information that old wingers knew about but cannot be elaborated on

  213. wulls says:

    Garavelli Princip says:
    24 February, 2021 at 5:35 pm
    I watched the whole thing live……

    Nobody had the gumption to ask about the professionalism ‘professional prosecutors’ who mount ‘malicious prosecutions’ – by their own admission – and political prosecutions by any objective estimation.

    Yup……. It speaks volumes about the quality of the opposition in Hollyrood.

  214. JB says:

    That media characterisation as “Salmond vs Sturgeon” is simply a general failing of all of the current media, namely that they’re incapable of understanding, handling, or presenting even marginally complicated issues, and so have to reduce everything to a personal level.

    Obviously political reporting is most prone to that phenomena, but it also happens in all other reporting, e.g. the current trade issues, and the prior brexit WA and TCA “negotiations”.

  215. Paul Muir says:

    The Wolffe of Waffle Street?

  216. Kiwilassie says:

    So sad that some people here are crossing the line in what they post. The thread “hands up if you’re totally corrupt”, wasn’t a license to talk about the alphabet women.

    Pull your head in guys & gals. Have some respect & consideration for Stuart. This is his site & comments as such put him in Jeopardy.
    I have myself have posted things & thought afterwards, maybe I’d gone to far. I have always contacted Stue to make him aware, so he could take my post down. He never did
    Please have respect for the Rev & think before you press submit.
    This site is the glue that holds us all together.

  217. Steve ashton says:

    Still trying to make sense of James waffle’s assertion that it wisnae him, a big boy did it and ran away. If it wasn’t waffle himself (huge ‘if’) was it his missus? Or could it have been David harvie, the elusive crown agent who used to report to Leslie Evans when she got somebody to give him the unlawful report? Where is he now? Who does he report to now & is it waffle himself? Could he be deliberately stirring “mischief” in his alleged other role? Would that begin to explain things in a way that made sense?

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