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Confirmation Bias For Beginners

Posted on February 14, 2023 by

We’ve just had the results back from some very interesting new polling, and the first snippet is a particularly instructive one.

When challenged on questions of gender, the reflex response of politicians of most parties in the Scottish Parliament is to bang on about how overwhelmingly MSPs voted for the Gender Recognition Reform bill.

Curiously, so far no journalist has bothered to ask whether they care that according to every poll, they’re utterly failing to represent the views of their constituents on the subject – which is, after all, what they’re supposed to be there for.

So we just asked directly if people felt their MSPs were doing their jobs.

Ouch. By well over 2 to 1, respondents felt that they were being let down by the people who are supposed to speak for them. (Excluding DKs the margin is just shy of 70/30, very similar to the margin by which people in polls oppose self-ID generally.)

But it’s when you drill down into the detail that it gets a bit disturbing.

Because remember, we’re not asking for people’s views on gender reform itself here. We’re simply asking if they think the Parliament is in step with the public. And for voters of the Tories, Labour and Lib Dems, that’s an easy answer.

Even though the latter two supported the GRR, their voters are clear that they did so against the wishes of the public, by margins of 14:1 (Tories), almost 4:1 (Labour) and 3:1 (Lib Dems). And that’s perfectly rational, since countless polls all show the same.

SNP voters, however, are split down the middle in a statistical tie of 36-35. But far more said they didn’t know than voters of the other parties, which means that barely over a third of even SNP voters think Parliament is speaking for the people.

Those numbers suggest all kinds of possible explanations for the massive discrepancy on an issue that ostensibly crosses the constitutional divide, with four of the five parties in Holyrood backing it – ignorance of all polling/media coverage, blind party loyalty, cowardice and actually answering a totally different question (ie effectively giving an opinion on the reforms rather than on the conduct of MSPs) – none of which reflect very well on SNP voters.

But more than that, what they tell us is that Parliament is letting the whole of Scotland down with its dogged, pig-headed determination to force through law that nobody wants. And the people know it.


APPENDIX: Data by demographics


Not much difference, but only 21% of women feel MSPs are representing them.


No surprises here – young people split, older groups strongly against. Young men were the only group giving net Yes responses (43-37) with young women net No (33-39).


Yes voters closely reflected SNP opinion, Remain and Leave both firmly No.

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0 to “Confirmation Bias For Beginners”

  1. Ryan says:

    But how do you know if your polling is accurately representing the population if you only listed Female and Male genders?

    *ba dum tsss*

  2. Calum says:

    Yeah, I’d noticed that (as far as I have seen at least) even the reporting of the self ID issue in the context of that rapist bloke didn’t bother pointing out how overwhelmingly unpopular the bill is with the electorate. Nor that most of us are happy Westminster stepped in to kibosh it.

  3. Ottomanboi says:

    Being relatively close to this persons age I am saddened by the use of this murder to further the aims of organizations whose influence may have been instrumental in propagating this boy’s dysphoria.
    Already this crime is being morphed into a Trans Martyrdom by those same organizations.
    Have adults forgotten what it is like to be child? Impressionable, influenceable, emotionally volatile, developing intellectually and physically in a very confusing and dangerous world where wisdom and genuine authority may be absent but sicko TikTok etc fill the gap.
    Child abuse takes many forms, this case exhibits so many of them.
    Anyone who propagates this madness is corrupt to the very soul.
    May He be allowed to Rest in Peace.

  4. wulls says:


    So the only real hope of a pro indy majority in hollyrood is making it a plebiscite….
    Looks like the game is up.

  5. Bob Mack says:

    The fear of SNP voters is fairly evident. If they abandon the SNP and their programme of legislation who do they vote for to keep independence front and centre?
    Alba is of course my choice but it may take some time and recruitment to establish themselves in the Scottish psyche.

    I read other s ites and its pretty emvident they a re trying either to avoid the current SNP mess or try to excuse it by any means they can conjur up.

  6. SusanAHF says:

    Scotgov caught in the act of trying to force social engineering on the Scottish populace. Rigged consultation, whipped voting, biased public gallery stacking, yes the population are right to think the government does not accurately reflect the view of the public.

  7. Republicofscotland says:

    Even though the SNP under Sturgeon and Holyrood a whole are letting down their constituents, Sturgeon will not give up on pushing as hard as possible to fully implement her unamended GRRB, Scotland government and its Westminster controlled unionist parties, have put Scotland in right mess, and some indy supporters by looks of it would vote for the SNP no matter what they proposed.

    Watching the Greens leader Lorna Slater on tv last night waxing lyrical about the bottle return scheme whilst SME’s it affects are are worried sick about it and its upfront costs, I think Scotland has much further to fall under the guidance (if I can call that) of this lot.

  8. smitty says:

    It would have been interesting to know what the gender division is. Gestapo HQ has been lying like fuck about the numbers leaving SNP. They even admitted last year that 20k had left saying it was the pandemic. Bullshit. If it was then why have they not returned? They mostly left over the GRR and nearly another 20k have left since. When I asked how many were women, I was told ‘well over 70%’. Quite odd that so many women are leaving? They are in the shit financially and do not have the funds to fight a general election. There is a struggle to get activists as most have left or are sitting it out. Not many are willing to go on the doors to defend this shit apart from the blue haired morons.

  9. Shug says:

    It is worth remembering that if you asked people’s views on hanging I think they would support hanging. That’s why the Tories float that boat from time to time.

    The fact the majority want it does not make it right

    It might be in 29 years folk will look back at GRR and wonder what the fuss was.

    Add the A9 to my previous list

  10. George Ferguson says:

    Good work Stu. It means the current cohort of MSPs are not representing their constituents. But they are allowed to do that by inadequate structural and procedural processes and lack of redress mechanisms for constituents. Anybody think the Scot Parliament committee is adding any value to good law? But let’s be positive, these Parliamentary deficiencies can be solved.

  11. Mia says:

    “they tell us is that Parliament is letting the whole of Scotland down with its dogged, pig-headed determination to force through law that nobody wants”

    So why did they do it?

    If it is not the people of Scotland, who is controlling our MSPs?

    Who are they serving?

    In whose interests did these betrayers forced that dangerous legislation that nobody wants through?

    And if they are now serving the interests of an external third party against the interests of the people of Scotland, isn’t that a gross dereliction of their duty as MSPs?

    How can any of these undemocratic, irresponsible cowards even begin to suggest the vote was ever democratic when none of those MSPs were actually representing the interests of the constituents they were elected to represent?

    Who were they representing and why?

    Why was the consultation open to the entire world if not for other reason than to crush democracy and deliberately gag the people of Scotland?

    Since when anybody other than those living in Scotland should be given the right to direct what legislation our MSPs pass through? And who the hell are those MSPs to invite anybody other than the people of Scotland to have a say in what legislation should be passed by our fucking parliament?

    I am so utterly disgusted at the way those betraying MSPs abused their position of power to railroad this crap against the will and interests of the people of Scotland that I don’t even have words to describe the name I would give those sorry excuses for MSPs. Detritus does not even beging to describe it.

    But one thing is clear to me. If democracy is to prevail and we are to stop this blatant misuse of our parliamentary seats and this disgusting abuse of power, each and every one of those cowards who succumbed to the pressure of that external entity and abused their position of power to force this on Scotland must be deselected and sacked for gross misconduct and dereliction of duty.

    Those who have the brass neck to put democracy aside and railroad crap like this through against the will and interests of Scotland for the interest of a third party are no longer Scotland’s MSP. They are cuckoos on our nest. Rubbish that does not belong in our parliament and needs moved out.

    Let’s deselect them all. They have transformed Holyrood into a sewage that now needs to be drained and disinfected.

  12. SusanAHF says:

    Shugborough you have to work with the population as it is not as you want it to be. Maybe in 20yrs time that will be true, but right now it isn’t. People have a right to expect their government not to foist unwanted laws on them.

  13. Geoff Anderson says:

    The Public don’t like the TransCult Ideology drive from Sturgeon and support for Independence falls.
    I wonder if they are connected?

    Well done Stu! I’m glad that question has been asked at last.

  14. David Hannah says:

    Despite all of the controversy and public outrage over Isla Bryson. The politicians and media have yet to state clearly the data results of the English census. Wings was able to provide the data in your article the Rorschach test:

    “That suggests transwomen are five times more likely than other men, and 566 times more likely than women, to commit sexual offences. That’s not a sample, not a poll, not a survey, not a representative focus group. It’s a hard count.”

  15. Lorna Campbell says:

    Shug: state judicial murder and retribution is morally reprehensible and has been proven over many, many years to be no deterrent at all. The GRRB is morally reprehensible on a number of accounts. Why should women and children be put into danger because men want validation? Why does their validation outweigh women’s and children’s safety and privacy and dignity? What is morally just about that? I don’t give a fig if all ‘trans’ identified men are not rapists or murders; all men are not rapists and murderers. If we knew in advance those that are, and could pick them out by the shape of their nose, for example, we would have done that long since. We don’t. Why do you think that female protected spaces arose in the first place? Why do you think that women fought for years to establish them?

    Why don’t you ask yourself: what is ‘trans’? Then ask yourself why ‘trans’ has not fought for and established their own spaces and rights years ago, since they have been lurking, in, and larping, in women’s spaces illegally and without any permission whatsoever, in women’s spaces? So sick of all this ‘just be kind’ nonsense. You be kind and invite them into your spaces and rights, Shug, because it is (some) men that they fear. Show them that they have nothing to fear from any man and we can all move on to independence. Or, alternatively, you could show women and children that they have absolutely nothing to fear from any man so they can give up their spaces and rights without fear. Nah, ain’t going to happen either way, is it? The ‘trans’ identified men want our spaces, full stop, and some men won’t ever stop predating women and children.

  16. Ian McCubbin says:

    So glad you have taken a poll from the majority population of Scotland who feel they are not being represented by MSPs.
    Just to make the point on % these GRR debates, support and every other issue around the area, the % of population who figure in this is 0.5%.
    Yes that big a proportion.

  17. Mia says:

    “Scotgov caught in the act of trying to force social engineering on the Scottish populace”

    The problem is that it is not just “the Scotgov” who is responsible for this, are they? Greens, Labour, LIbdems and even a couple of Tories (to give the illusion of “support” across the political spectrum) also enthusiastically voted to force this shit on the people of Scotland.

    Giving the enormous discrepancy between the support for this crap in parliament and the support among voters, one thing is very clear: there is an external entity driving this.

    In other words, an external entity has hijacked the political constructs operating in Scotland to abuse our parliament and force this shit through. What for, is the one million pounds question. My intuition tells me this was all a planned and coordinated maneuver to force fear in the minds of the population of Scotland to deliberately reduce the number of anti-union MPs we will send to Westminster in the next GE.

    I might be completely off the mark, but what seems clear is that ALL political constructs operating in HOlyrood are acting in collusion and coordinately on this. And this is what makes the whole thing even more undemocratic, disgusting and insulting.

    The attempt to fool the people of Scotland by using a flawed consultation open to the entire world is a dead giveaway that they knew this shit was unpopular and that the decision of forcing this through what come may had been made long ago. Everything else has just been an excuse to justify this assault on democracy.

    Those irresponsible, negligent, self-serving MSPs of any rosette who thought it was acceptable to railroad democracy and abuse their position of power to serve that external entity must be taught a valuable lesson. They must be deselected and ejected from our parliament. They don’t belong there anylonger. They have already defied democracy and blatantly abused our legislative structure to force on us malignant legislation, they knew we did not want, to serve the interests of some external entity, hence they can no longer be trusted anywhere near that legislative power.

  18. John C says:

    There’s time when governments should act against the wishes of the public. That’s how we had major social reforms in the past, especially in the 60s when Labour started dragging the UK kicking and screaming into the late 20th century and no government (yet and hopefully never) bends to public will to bring back the death penalty.

    However, there were firm reasons why these social reforms were brought in. LGB people were discriminated against, women were treated as property, the disabled were left to die, workers were treated like shit, and so on. Things had to change. With what Trans has become the evidence for discrimination is nowhere near what activists say it is, and in terms of a power structure, Trans has gained an incredible amount of power in a short period of time where there’s been little public debate about the issues. We’ve moved from respecting a small, but vulnerable amount of transexuals and kids with dysphoria to letting grown adults use women as a flesh suit so they can access their spaces, colonise their language and degrade them even with their own sex

    Now Trans/Queer ideology spills over to hurt LGB people caught in their wake and now disabled people being dragged into this with a push for people to ‘self identify’ as disabled even if there is nothing wrong with them at all. It is after all about collecting victim points in order to make themselves appear vulnerable when in fact many occupy positions of power and are as far from vulnerable as one can get.

    There’s a justifiable anger now from many in the public that the wool has been pulled over their eyes and they’ve realised this isn’t about a group of people who’ve been victimised for centuries, but a fairly new (Transgender has only been a thing a few decades at best) things that hasn’t been exposed to light as it hides some very dangerous stuff, including extreme body modification fetishists and paedophiles.

    Now the public have realised so many positions of power have been captured by a set of authoritarian extremists, many of whom are women-hating homophobes who thanks to a set of circumstances have power over Sturgeon, Harvie and pretty much every major party in the UK bar the Tories, though they too have their Trans wing.

    What is sadly also happening is a wave of increasing intolerance of LGB and disabled people as they’re dragged into what is really a death cult (the reaction the sad murder of a 16 year old shows this) intent in terrifying its followers to become more and more extreme. I genuinely fear a woman is going to be hurt or worse by one of these people.

    The tide is turning though but I also fear independence, and even the entire purpose of the Scottish parliament, is at risk because Sturgeon and her ilk have put this one thing which cuts across political divides as her focus when she knows it is at best, a policy built on bad faith arguments.

  19. gregor says:

    Elon Musk (14/02/2023): Twitter:

    “RIP Cancel Culture, you won’t be missed”:

  20. John C says:

    Why don’t you ask yourself: what is ‘trans’?

    A fantastic question and one where the answer changes year by year. We’ve went from it meaning people with dysphoria to including transexuals (now called ‘Truscum’ by activists), to now including ‘Queer’ people who are mainly middle class heterosexuals (often exceptionally homophobic and often racist) who think they’re strange and unusual by looking exactly like all other ‘Queer’ people out there. Trans is now a massive umbrella term that is completely flexible depending on the person using it or for what context they’re using it in.

    So the answer to ‘what is Trans?’ is ‘it could mean anything from LGB to transexuals, to hardcore fetishists and paedophiles who’ve used the Trans movement to gain a foothold in society like never before. Trans is a movement like no other civil rights movement in history in that it doesn’t argue for acceptance or their own spaces, but colonisation and capitulation. It’s a hard authoritarian ideology which wants to change reality in its own image and impose a type of theocracy where the chosen few impose their law upon us.

  21. Mia says:

    “what is ‘trans’?”

    To me, strictly speaking in lingusitic terms, and for as long as the term it is on its own, it means nothing. “Trans” is a prefix borrowed from the Latin which means “across”, “beyond”, “through”.

    But “across”, “beyond”, “through” what?

    Unless the prefix “trans” is qualified by another element, it means nothing and could mean everything.

    It seems to me the prefix “trans” has been hijacked by the gender woo woos (and the powers driving them) so as to hide paraphiliacs, autogynephiles and individuals with other sexual fetishes and deviances like paedophilia under the same umbrella as transvestites and “transsexuals”, which are the genuine population experiencing long term gender disphoria.

    In other words, it is a crass attempt to use transsexuals as a trojan horse to force legitimisation and normalisation of abnormal sexual behaviours which have absolutely nothing to do with gender disphoria.

    Put it simply, it is a con.

  22. Milady says:

    John C – that really is an excellent summary of the current issues with the trans activism.

  23. James Che says:

    The big question,
    Why did the Westminster branch office parliament in Scotland ask those outside of Scotland about the gender bill for Scotland.

    Perhaps the legislation says they can, seeing as they are not a Scottish parliament.

    Remember we have not had a Scottish parliament since 1707.

    Those that sit warming seats in the devolved parliament in Scotland are UK legislated.
    And it was the UK parliament of Westminster that first introduced the GRR bill of self ID in 2004.

    So the Scottish parliament could go forward with this, without the UK 2004 legislation there would be no foothold for the MSPs.

    But the SNP asked everyone but the Scottish population under Global one world…O, As a devolved government from Uk and a devotee to Global agendas,

    From Trans issues to energy crises to Climate Change we follow the foot steps doggedly of all the western and European Countries as if we were not living in our own Country, but in theirs.

    Bigger questions and research makes one realise we are, for some strange reason all having the same global problems.

    Keep your eyes and ears closed if you do not want to hear this,
    But mark my words self ID gender is just scratching the surface of how the governments are to use the self ID, on climate change green footprint, as a mechanism to bring rewards or punishment to your bank through universal credits,
    Has it never occurred to anyone yet why so many businesses are closing down, isolation of people from working in your home, work colleagues, friends and family,
    Fifteen minute travel limited Cities are being introduced, then converts all people on to universal government eventually.

    Driving into a Culdesac or sleep walking into one,
    The best example of control through your bank account and travel connection is what happened to the truckers in Canada.
    The Snp and the devolved government in Scotland are fully on board with the Cult of Controlling the population through legislation,
    First passing the ( lack) of free speech bill prior to the Trans bill being introduced after the UK gave them the platform to trial it in Scotland.

    It is amazing how many conspiracy theories are fast turning into reality across the world for one world government.
    And under that banner NS asked the rest of the world.

  24. Dan says:

    @ John C at 5:32 pm

    I mentioned a couple of days back that the term “Trans” is not a particularly helpful umbrella term because it incorporates groupings with very different wants and needs. So I hope, that like Pop, the term “Trans” will eat itself once the true incompatibility and discord created by the differing factions currently making up “Trans” plays out.

    Just like to add that I appreciate reading your recent comments which include various nuanced insights and thought provoking content. EG. Who would benefit from the administration of puberty blockers to young children so that they retain child like characteristics even once they reach the legal age of consent.

  25. Astonished says:

    John C – Bravo !

    An excellent summary explaining why the trans nonsense must be resisted by everyone sane.

  26. gregor says:

    Elon Musk (14/02/2023): Twitter:

    “My English grandmother taught me that it is disrespectful to use pronouns and that one should always use the person’s name.”:

  27. Merganser says:

    John C.

    Interesting posts. I am puzzled by Craig Murray’s arguments posted on Wings previously where he tries to justify the way the legislation was passed because he is a believer in Edmund Burke’s philosophy of so-called representative democracy -basically, politicians when elected should decide what is right rather than follow the views of ordinary people.

    In fact Burke wasn’t generally in favour of democracy at all.

    The SNP and Greens, Labour and Lib Dems seem to have adopted this totalitarianism type approach by joining together and forcing through the legislation without even properly consulting the people. Probably deliberately, because they knew they would not get the answer they wanted.

    If this is a foretaste of what government would be like under an independent Scotland, who could blame the people for saying ‘think again’?

    I am still puzzled too as to who or what was behind this obvious (to an ordinary person) madness. I have read a lot of suggestions, but I’m still left wondering.

  28. Ali Clark says:


    My Granny taught me that being a deliberate arse wisnae big nor clever… doubt that’ll stop you but just saying.

  29. robbo says:

    “what is ‘trans’?”

    A load of mince if you ask me.

    We’re human beings, not fecking butterflies.

    If you look at some of those freaks who think they have metomorphosised into something beautiful then you can sure tell their no right in the heid.

    Away and chase yersels

  30. George Ferguson says:

    @Merganser 6:58pm
    Perhaps a simple example of representative democracy versus actual democracy. Derek MacKay is the test proposal. Without prejudice to the reason for his resignation. Should his constituency have had the right of recall?. I think they did. You cannot have the situation of a years free wages because no mechanism exists for recall by his constituency. And there is another 10 mechanisms or processes to improve the democratic functionality of the Scottish Parliament. If we want to be an Independent Scotland we need proper democratic processes and structures. Burkes philosophy leads to an anarchic society wherein the general populace are excluded from decision making and the benefits of collective endeavour.

  31. gregor says:

    Arab Strap (2021): The Turning of Our Bones:

    “…It’s been another seven years
    It’s showing ’round the eyes
    Another seven years
    Entombed in lethargy and lies
    But let’s dig out our old clothes
    And prepare for celebration
    I am the son of sleep
    All I need’s an invitation…”:

  32. Tommo says:

    Mia says:
    14 February, 2023 at 6:06 pm
    “what is ‘trans’?”
    In other words, it is a crass attempt to use transsexuals as a trojan horse to force legitimisation and normalisation of abnormal sexual behaviours which have absolutely nothing to do with gender disphoria.

    Put it simply, it is a con.’

    An excellent dissection of the current nonsense in my view; these minorities and extremists use and mold the language to camouflage their aims and confuse or intimidate the kind-hearted and tolerant.
    If one loses the language itself then the argument is already lost.
    Don’t accept it. A man pretending to be a woman is what he is.
    Face up to the spectre of ‘hate crime’ allegations. If we don’t we’re lost .

  33. Shug says:

    I don’t think having a sign saying ladies only is really going to keep a perv out.

    If a trans person is there behaving inappropriately then the current breach of peace at the very least kicks in

    People that break the law don’t generally worry about the legislation or the penalty.

  34. Shug says:

    List of Nicolas failures

    Stop Brexit
    Case against Salmond
    Parliamentary review of Salmond case
    Education and Pisa figures
    Drug deaths
    COVID and old folks
    NHS accident and emergency support
    Infyref2 times 20
    Turning a party if 120k into a party of 30k
    Total lack of fundraising campaign
    Growth commission paper
    Use sterling not Scottish pound
    No more paper for independent scotland
    Gender recognition
    Approved person
    £600k missing
    No support for AUOB
    Failing to call a Scottish convention
    Jailed AUOB leader
    Jailed Craig Murray
    Tried to jail another journalist
    Supreme court case
    Failing to support king Charles oath to uphold the claim of right
    Failing to push the claim of right
    Bottle return in the horizon
    Defacto ref where Westminster control all the strings
    A9 dualling
    Teachers strike

    Feel free to call out anything I have missed

  35. gregor says:

    REDUXX (14/02/2023): Twitter:

    “A Canadian man who raped a 3-month-old baby is now in a women’s prison and being housed alongside a mother-baby unit after identifying as transgender. Female inmates say Adam Laboucan has been leering at the infants in the unit.”:

  36. robertkknight says:

    robertkknight says:
    13 February, 2023 at 4:34 pm
    Westminster’s branch office in Edinburgh needs closed down.

    It is absolutely NOT representing the majority view, irrespective of political party.

    Thanks Rev. Nice to have the numbers to back my previous, albeit then baseless, assertion.

  37. Shug says:

    No movement in the polls generally
    Recent crash in polls

  38. Dan says:

    @ Shug

    Mind the National Energy Company.
    Plus there’s her pal and the repeated failure to take over welfare responsibilities* from the UK Department of Work and Pensions on schedule as covered in this link.

    * denotes a rare Stu typo in linked article! … Awaits delivery of new “Alert Reader” badge to replace the one I lost whilst out riding with the Yes Bikers, plus pedant bonus point from BDtt.

  39. gregor says:

    Holocaust (2016): Predator: Predator:

    “Come and get me
    Before I get you…

    I am a predator…”:

  40. Merganser says:

    George @ 7.37

    Thanks for your response. I think we are on the same wavelength, and I think I know who the ‘berk’ is.

  41. Louise Hogg says:

    James Che,
    I agree with you on this one.

    Compare with covid. (Likely a result of arrogant humans thinking that biosecurity is optional in ‘research’ or in Government labs. Much as the foot and mouth outbreak and last smallpox outbreak was.) Conveniently abused. And used to test how far populations would comply with house arrest, imprisoning the elderly in solitary confinement until death and mass (seemingly rather ineffective) vaccination.

    So, several ‘docile’ countries have been used to test how far all safeguarding can be removed, a complete sexual perversion free-for-all brought in and human bodies be monetised. As well as how far children and adolescents can be brought entirely under the influence of a global government rather than their peers or communities. (Let alone their parents, heaven forbid!)

    All was panning out very well. With international censorship keeping the ‘significant backlash’ (according to QueerAF) out of sight of the general public.


    1. That level of reality-denial is almost bound to collapse, the only question is when. Such extremism usually gobbles up itself eventually in a purity spiral.

    2. A few people have been collecting and disseminating international information, and communicating with growing numbers of real people. Some of whom met in person due to the evolutionary pressure of that very isolating lockdown.

    3. Scotland, while a well-known Testing Ground as Mrs Thatcher could have told you, has this Constitutional question/divide. Which has limited the compliance of a few politicians and media.

    Some can’t resist gloating and blaming their constitutional opponents for a cross-party, international stitch-up, which they’re part of themselves. This risks alerting the public and even granting the public a voice!

    4. The most ironic of all, may be that in Nicola Sturgeon they found someone who rather than not complying enough, complied too much!

    I’d disagree with Alex Salmond’s assertion in Dundee that this is an ideology ‘they don’t understand’. Oh no, this is an ideology they do understand! She has taken it to its logical conclusion.

    Whether motivated by a BPD-induced love of extremes, a Stockholm-like eagerness to please, a desire to be ‘world leading’ or an autism-like ability to interpret things literally, I have no idea. But rather than using any subtlety at all, she has emphatically asserted:

    That 2 + 2 IS ALWAYS 5.

    Whereas the role of puppet politicians in an international coup like this, is to use doublespeak to soothe & confuse their populace into apathetic, sleepy compliance.

    It ceases to be doublespeak, if the politician actually believes it! (Or believes that their handlers do and that they’re supposed to believe it themselves and act accordingly.)

    If this grotesque ideology is to be cut short in Scotland, we may have Nicola Sturgeon’s inability to strategically jump OFF the international bandwagon to thank, in the end. Rather than her hardly unique willingness to jump on it.

    I still hope it will be cut short. And that other countries follow suit as I care about their women, children and disabled people too.

    Have we heard how the trans-former-butcher is getting on yet?

  42. Dorothy Devine says:

    If a young person is considered a minor being only sixteen , how come that young person can be described as trans gender? Who would give permission for his /her transition given that he /she would be a minor under English law?

  43. Shug says:

    When I started this I did not think it would be to bad but my goodness me what a list.

    Can anyone add dates

    List of Nicolas failures

    Stop Brexit
    Case against Salmond
    Parliamentary review of Salmond case
    Education and Pisa figures
    Drug deaths
    COVID and old folks
    Infyref2 times 20
    Turning a party if 120k into a party of 30k
    Total lack of fundraising campaign
    Growth commission paper
    Use sterling not Scottish pound
    No more paper for independent scotland
    Gender recognition
    Approved person
    £600k missing
    No support for AUOB
    Failing to call a Scottish convention
    Jailed AUOB leader
    Jailed Craig Murray
    Tried to jail another journalist
    Supreme court case
    Failing to support king Charles oath to uphold the claim of right
    Failing to push the claim of right
    Bottle return in the horizon
    Defacto ref where Westminster control all the strings
    A9 dualling

  44. sog says:

    smitty said –

    “Not many are willing to go on the doors to defend this shit apart from the blue haired morons.”

    Who I guess will repel the mature voters among the SNP-voting demographic. If they answer the door.

  45. twathater says:

    This whole post is symtomatic of what the WHOLE uk has been suffering from for at least decades,our whole political(I hate calling them class) of politicians and their respective parties have WILLFULLY and DELIBERATELY ignored and DEFIED the electorate and their voters,FFS they have the absolute cheek to address each other as respectful when there are very few if any entitled to that address

    Scots suffered it for decades under the fake lying scum that titled themselves wrongly as socialists, and STUPIDLY we kept electing them , the snp have just taken up where liebour left off, sturgeon capitalised on our DESPERATION and STUPIDITY ably assisted by the snp membership who were only too EAGER to pile on to anyone who dared utter ANY CRITICISM to the sainted one , we had it on here by the revered Robert Peffers who I admit educated and informed many many people myself included but he had an unswerving, unstinting but unedifying devotion that the snp should NOT be criticised in any shape or form , and unfortunately too many people within the snp adopted that same mantra and cult attitude and that’s why sturgeon felt and feels unassailable

    I felt positive when Sara Salyers and SALVO raised their heads above the parapet and HIGHLIGHTED our sovereignty and HIGHLIGHTED the COR but as usual the politicians want the POWER for themselves and they will never give that up willingly

  46. Louise Hogg says:

    A less long winded version of what I’m trying to say, is that The Emperor’s New Clothes is over-simplified.

    In the real world the peasant child is taken into care for re-education while their parents are jailed and any who sniggered receive hefty fines and lose their jobs.

    However, if one of the Palace children observes the whole measuring and trying on of the new clothes and fails to grasp that all around them, bar the deluded one are just pretending, THEY proceed to go out and be seen in this new fashion.

    THEY inform smaller, less cowed sections of the population that this is the future. And the preferment/repercussions based bubble bursts. More quickly and in multiple places which are harder to conceal. Before the Emperor has set foot out the door.

  47. Bob Mack says:

    @Dorothy Devine,

    Young people cant have surgery at 16. You should read the story of Suzy Green? She is head of mermaids who took her 16 year old son to Thailand to have a vaginoplasty.

    What’s interesting about this ,is that the Thai public were so incensed by this the Thai government had to change the law and alter the age to 18 with written parental agreement.

  48. Louise Hogg says:


    It is that older demographic who are less influenced remotely by social media too. So virtual campaigning won’t cut it with them. And statistically more likely to vote too.

  49. Dorothy Devine says:

    Bob Mack , thanks for that information – horrified that any mother would go to such lengths for one so young.

  50. Ignoramus says:

    The question “What is the difference between a trans woman and a woman?”
    Is a hypophora ie the question provides its own answer.
    The answer is as self evident due to the “trans” prefix.
    The real question should be “In what way are trans women similar to real women?”
    A- mostly in their mind.

  51. Dan says:

    @ George Ferguson at 7:37 pm

    re. Representative democracy. This article to a degree confirms what I stated yesterday in that Party politics has trashed proper democratic expression of the electorate.
    Party vetting procedures effectively capture any selected candidate making them follow the Party line instead of their local constituents.
    This situation has been apparent for some time now. I recall there was some previous discussion about this with Ebok about couple of years back.
    As a practical engineering minded person I had spent plenty time mulling over this issue to consider how it could be addressed.
    The best I could come up with was for a suitable local individual to stand as an independent non party affiliated candidate, on a manifesto offering the ward / constituent’s electorate a recall contract should they fail to uphold and represent the views of the area they were elected to serve.
    And the elected official would push for more local democratic engagement and participation by solely acting as a conduit for the ward / constituent’s voice to be heard by casting any relevant votes as instructed and determined by their constituents.

    This idea was more based on local authority elections with multi Councillor wards as a trial to highlight how a genuine independent candidate would better represent their specific electorate once they were free of all the Party bullshit and smears.
    Folk might try to say such a plan could never work because some folk in the ward may mobilise and organise to always instruct votes to be cast a certain way, though that would be quite obvious and could be addressed, but the capturing of one Councillor in a multi Councillor ward does not create as bad a situation as the capturing of a complete political Party…

    Most councils are quite evenly split along Party lines, so if you had half a dozen of these true local independents elected then they could hold the balance of power within the council and be the sensible hands to rein in the worst of the party political policies borne from distant Party HQs rather than from the local electorate.

    I had considered standing on such a basis, the area’s past electoral data was analysed and there was certainly potential. But I wasn’t going to do this alone as one individual would just be a pointless single Dan in the lion’s den situation, so reached out to members of local YES groups I knew to float this suggestion, responses were disappointingly few and far between but what do you expect from Both Votes SNP types, or folk that were “with it” and voting Green with their 2nd vote… which shows that even supposedly switched on political folk don’t have the nous to actually recognise and utilise the available local resources to hand that might begin to help getting us out of this quagmire, so we get what we get.
    As it turned out it was for the best anyway as my mum was unexpectedly diagnosed with terminal cancer so the last year or so was spent caring for her with the time she had left.

  52. robbo says:

    Apparently bawheid is going to determine whether Alba are allowed any joint campaign for indy. What a twat.

  53. Lorna Campbell says:

    Mia: transsexuals are, mainly, autogynephiles with paraphilia(s), so little difference between them and the other ‘trans’. This whole movement is predicated on sexual lady feelz. That is what everyone needs to get his/her head round. We have just heard that Wayne Couzens, policeman, who abducted, raped and murdered a young woman, had displayed serious fetishistic tendencies way before he killed her. This was known. It is called ‘escalating fetish behaviours’. Most fetishistic men and ‘transwomen’ will not escalate to murder, but they are perfectly happy to make women and children feel besieged in their own spaces because their need to validate and exhibit their fetish is more important that women’s and children’s right to safety, dignity and privacy.

    They actually want to create confusion between men who display fetishism in public and will be arrested and ‘transwomen’ who are free to display their fetishism in public and escape arrest because… stunning and brave.. It is the laws that govern behaviour in public, which have been in place for many, many years, updated regularly, that they want to bring down. It is so transparent. Yet, we still get ‘genuine trans’ and ‘true trans’. There is no such thing. Yes, there are people with dysphoria, and, if they are young, they need to be given counselling, and there are middle-aged men with a fetish and, maybe, dysphoria, but almost the entire movement is not dysphoric, but fetishistic. For tht reason alone, they must all be kept out of female spaces, services, rights, etc.

    Shug: yes, it will, to a great extent, keep most of them out. It has up till now. I do wish people would stop making a distinction between predators and ‘other trans’. They are all larpers, woman facers and fetishistic men, and they are all a threat to women. All of them. No one can change sex. The fact is, that staff at most of these gyms, leisure centres, etc, are Stonewall Diversity trained, and they will simply excuse the behaviour with ‘TWAW’. That is what I mean by public decency laws being deliberately undermined by these larping woman facers. But, hey, what do I know? I’m just a stupid, hysterical woman, eh?

  54. Lorna Cmpbell says:

    Rev: your different charts show conclusively that most of the public do not want this stuff to be put into law. Well done, sir.

  55. Calum says:

    I don’t know how Sturgeon got this so badly wrong. I guess if you genuinely believe the (extremely liberal) JK Rowling is a “transphobe”, then the views of the general public must come as a shock. In a decade or so she’ll look back on this disaster and pin the blame on Stonewall’s advice and her own lack of independent thought.

  56. gregor says:

    Telegraph (14/02/2023): Nicola Sturgeon told to stop ignoring trans children care scandal:

    “Nicola Sturgeon has been warned that she can no longer ignore concerns about “damaging” NHS care being offered to transgender children in Scotland, following a growing scandal over the Tavistock clinic.

    The Sandyford Centre in Glasgow, home to Scotland’s only gender identity clinic for children, follows the same “affirmative” model of care as gender services at the discredited London clinic, which is being shut down after it was found to be “not safe” for patients…”:

  57. gregor says:

    Pete Wishart (14/02/2023): Twit:

    “I’ve got a blog coming out which seeks to examine why Scotland, almost uniquely, has secured such a toxic response to modest gender reforms. It seeks to look at how it inveigled itself in the independence debate and where we go from here.

    Wish me luck…..”:

  58. SusanAHF says:

    Calum, Sturgeon didn’t get this so wrong; she did it deliberately, deliberately
    ignored the public because she was doing it in spite of the public, because she knows better. It’s why she has surrounded herself with such incompetent nobodies. Nobody will challenge her.

  59. gregor says:


    “To persuade someone to do something in a clever and dishonest way, when they do not want to do it.”

  60. Alf Baird says:

    James Che @ 6:21 pm

    “Why did the Westminster branch office parliament in Scotland ask those outside of Scotland about the gender bill for Scotland.”

    The same error was/is made with any referendum on what should be the ‘inalienable right’ of ‘a people’ to self determination, which by implication has nothing to do with ‘aliens’ holding to ‘other’ national identities.

  61. gregor says:


    “Not large in size or amount, or not expensive.”

    “Not usually talking about or making obvious your own abilities and achievements.”

    “He’s very modest about his achievements.”

  62. gregor says:


    “To direct your eyes in order to see.”

    “To try to find something or someone.”

    “Have you looked in the dictionary?”

  63. gregor says:


    “Someone who does not have the ability or skill to do something as it should be done.”

    “The country’s being governed by a bunch of incompetents.”

  64. gregor says:

    Elon Musk (14/02/2023): Twitter:

    “There’s no substitute for good judgment”:

  65. gregor says:

    Alastair McDonald (2011): Parcel O’ Rogues:

    “…O would, or I had seen the day
    That Treason thus could sell us
    My auld grey head had lien in clay
    Wi’ Bruce and loyal Wallace!
    But pith and power, till my last hour
    I’ll mak this declaration
    We’re bought and sold for English gold
    Such a parcel of rogues in a nation!..”:

  66. gregor says:

    Eliza Mondegreen (15/02/2023): Twitter:

    “Children referred to Gids were ten times more likely than the national average to have a registered sex offender as a parent, while 42 per cent had lost a parent through death or separation…”:

  67. Al-Stuart says:

    I confirm bias against ”Nicola Sturgeon The Betrayer” in this well written wings feature…

    More confirmed bias against thee extra-ordinarily hypocritical ”Pete Wishart’< just before his dodgyness and the jail story broke…

    -pete/" rel="nofollow ugc">"Tractor" - Ed)-pete/

    Then deja vu set in with David Holden wisely observing…

    Oh god who woke upWiki monster troll (Cameron B Brodie).
    And my concentration flew out of the window. This is because Cameron’s twin brother has landed….

    His name is: ”Gregor B Brodie.” (shudders)

    I know Stu recommends ignoring these Uber-trolls, but they are incredibly distracting.

    A bit like trying to read a James-The-Creep-Kelly article and trying NOT to count how many times stalker Kelly mentions the Wings site.

    Once you start counting how many times Gregor B Brodie posts on a thread here and working out that Gregor spaffs 50% to 60% of each thread with undiluted pi5h, it is difficult to remember the line-of-thought of the article and the point that the original poster was trying to make.

    I’ve read and respect why Rev Stu Campbell makes best efforts NOT to ban anyone. Perhaps WordPro or whatever operating system the Wings website runs on, has a plug-in that measures the volume of pi5h-posts and troll-spam, then auto-moderates the spaffer so that ordinary visitors and contributors can get through the article and BTL comments without seeing “Gregor B Brodie” every second or third comment.

    Now where the flick was I? Oh rats, I have been BRODIED! The original point has been extinguished by the Brodienator.

    One of many sources:

  68. Al-Stuart says:

    Apologies at coding hypertext link ERROR on the previous post.

    The excellent Wings feature was/is about…

    “Traitor Pete Wishart”

    This link should now work by clicking here…

    -pete/" rel="nofollow ugc">"Tractor" - Ed)-pete/

  69. Geoff Anderson says:

    Scottish prison authorities have been criticised for endangering vulnerable women after it emerged that four of the five transgender inmates held in the female prison estate are murderers.

  70. Geoff Anderson says:

    Thus her team bombarded us (through proxies) with both the rhetoric about her genius and how she is the only person of substance that knows how to lead us forward to independence. The rest was saturation marketing using ‘messiah poses’, the persona politicians develop when they want you to look at them and no-one else (see Tony Blair).

  71. SusanAHF says:

    Geoff Anderson, so true.

  72. Paul Davis says:

    I see calls in some quarters for MSPs that supported this to be de-selected. Er why? It’s the policy of their party that is flawed and why would you believe that a replacement candidate won’t also support it?

    Sturgeon has demonstrated she has no political judgement at all by choosing this particular policy hill to die on. She clearly believed the I issue carries all before it and that the faithful would stay on board no matter what. Even if the whole thing is abandoned tomorrow the damage is done. The most damning indictment of all is that the nasty tories were the only ones to make any effort to oppose this. That’s not a good look for the others.

    As highlighted, the poll suggests there are two factions forming amongst historic SNP voters. We could be heading for split vote scenarios here. What I can’t fathom is why Labour and Lib Dem voters are not (noticeably anyway) kicking lumps out of their respective parties over this in the same way. Keeping their heads down and hoping the SNP cop all the flack is my best guess.

    What a mess. This is shaping up to be one of the biggest political own goals in history. History tells us it’s what happens when one party is given a free pass on its overall record.

  73. Robert Burns says:

    The results from Yes voters are probably a bit wishy washy because they see Independence as a more important issue and the GRR as a nonsense sideshow. The more oxygen given to this the more damage it causes. All for something that will in reality affect very few people.

  74. Luigi says:

    Wow! There seems to be quite a concerted effort among the usual suspects to rubbish the Alba Party. Why do they go to all this trouble if Alba are going nowhere? We must be doing something right! There’s also a fair bit of denial on show re: the recent downturn in support for Scottish independence and the loss of SNP members. Do I detect an ever so slight whiff of panic?

  75. gregor says:

    Spectator (15/02/2023): Could it soon be game over for Nicola Sturgeon?

    “Nothing in life or politics lasts forever, not even Nicola Sturgeon’s legendary popularity: 42 per cent of Scots now want the First Minister to step down immediately…

    Sturgeon’s policy of gender self-declaration if, of course, the proximate cause of the First Minister’s misfortune. The incarceration of a double rapist, Isla Bryson, in a women’s prison, has turned into a moral and political Chernobyl. The more Sturgeon tries to tamp it down, the worse the fallout. Every press conference is dominated by the question: is Bryson a man or a woman?

    Sturgeon still refuses to say…”:

  76. gregor says:


    You (et al) are exemplifying Nicola Sturgeon’s values re. treating humans like sub-human garbage (what values).

    Apologies to Mr (defenseless) Brodie, for the disgusting persecution (by a minority of bigoted losers: cowards)…

  77. gregor says:


    “Having strong, unreasonable beliefs and disliking other people who have different beliefs or a different way of life.”

    “She’s so bigoted that she refuses to accept anyone who doesn’t think like her.”

  78. Shug says:

    Does anyone think Boris will ever pay back the loan Richard sharp arranged for him.

    Any thoughts

  79. Astonished says:

    Luigi @ 8.47am

    I am sensing things are changing, as well as you.

    There are a lot of folk very, very unhappy about the hate crime bill and the genderwoowoo bill. They will never vote SNP anymore but still want independence – Alba or ISP would seem to be their obvious home.

    Let’s hope I’m right.

  80. Mac says:

    Interesting we have this crude attempt to swamp the comments on the last few threads. Personally I think this is more akin to a DDOS style attack than trolling.

    There is a lot of good stuff gets discussed in the comments and this seems to be an attempt to disrupt that. The sheer volume of posts breaks up the real conversation taking place. Which seems to be the aim.

  81. gregor says:

    Colin Mackay (15/02/2023): Twitter:

    “FM @NicolaSturgeon holding a press conference at Bute House this morning, a few people holding their breath!”:

  82. Tommo says:

    Of the several allegations that could be made against the SNP I don’t think political naivety is one; so why are they carrying on with the hideous gender nonsense? They will know from polls and ‘focus groups’ that it’s about as popular as the puff-adder in the lucky dip.
    In my view the explanation is that the old recipe of waving the Saltire periodically and blaming the English is wearing thin and the membership want action- ie a referendum, de facto or otherwise. However to drive the vehicle of the party into the stone wall of public opinion would simply result in the party being smashed to pieces; no more pastel power suits, no more jolly-hoits to London, etc etc, possibly for an actual generation this time.
    A significant reduction in SNP/independence support may make the idea of a referendum a LOT less appealing to sane members on the basis that ‘now is not the time’. It may be that the calculation is that, even without securing a referendum, core support for the SNP/greens will still enable the bulk of its MSPs/MPs to survive in office for the foreseeable.
    That the legislation may appeal to some personal foibles among some SNP and Greens representatives could be an additional incentive, of course

  83. Maureen says:

    Nicola Sturgeon holds live press conference
    By Laura Pollock

    Good morning, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon will hold a press conference from Bute House at 11am.

  84. Shiregirl says:

    Sturgeon to quit!!

  85. red sunset says:

    Sturgeon Resigns
    on TV now

  86. rogueslr says:

    Nicola to resign,, we live in interesting times.

  87. gregor says:

    @Mac re. “…crude attempt to swamp the comment…”

    …Evidently, there is nothing stopping you from making comment…

    @Reality will laugh in your face (if you aim abuse it)…

  88. Bob Mack says:

    Looks like she’s gone!!

  89. Andrew scott says:


  90. WingsOverFrance says:

    Just announced. Sturgeon is to resign later this morning.

  91. Tartan Tory says:


  92. Ali Clark says:

    Well, well, well…

  93. ronald says:

    Sturgeon to resign she’ll take a few with her their reputation is beyond repair .

  94. Lenny Hartley says:

    According to Manx Radio Sturgeon to resign!

  95. Maureen says:

    Glasgow’s Sandyford gender identity clinic closed to new patients

  96. gregor says:

    BBC (15/02/2023): Nicola Sturgeon to resign as Scottish first minister:

    “Nicola Sturgeon is to resign as Scotland’s first minister after more than eight years in the role…”:

  97. Ali Clark says:

    Well, well, well… bye bye to the Procrastinator in Chief!

  98. Glenn says:

    WOW!! ?

    “This is it folks, it may not look like much, but it is….”

    Man, you called it a beauty again Stu!

    Interesting times!

  99. Dorothy Devine says:

    Dear Rev, could you please put the incessant poster out of his (and our ) misery. Thank you.

  100. Ebok says:

    Speculation on radio Sturgeon set to resign?.
    Press conference called 11.00am Bute House.

  101. Breastplate says:

    Ding dong

  102. Garavelli Princip says:

    Sturgeon has resigned!

  103. Dorothy Devine says:

    Yeah!! But who will take the reins and where will they lead us ?

    And where is the 600,000 quid ?? Before she goes could she tell us.

    And how about a spiteful blurting of names and dates before she leaves??

  104. Robert Hughes says:

    Sturgeon Gone . Thank Fuck . We can breath again . Ist priority is to make sure she has no role in the succession .

    Get Alex back where he belongs , leading the charge in a single-minded pursuit of our Independence .

    2nd priority

    Take a high-pressure hose to the shit-filled * Woke * stables . any of those fucks that voted for the Grrrrr OOT ON THEIR ARSES

    This is a good day 🙂

  105. Wilson McBride says:

    There is a God afterall.

    Rot in Hell Sturgeon.

    Is she taking that corrupt bastard Murrel with her?

  106. Mike Oxlong says:

    Ding Dong, The Witch is Dead !

  107. President Xiden says:

    Slow news day?

  108. David says:

    Let’s hope gregor resigns as well…


  109. red sunset says:

    Tumbril for Sturgeon!

    She shouldn’t be allowed to resign and walk away from this mess

  110. Mac says:

    Wow, I only commented the other day that for the first time I thought she might fall.

    I don’t know but I think the timing of this must be related to the very recent revelations about Peter Murrell’s ‘loan’ to the SNP being made the day after the police discussed with him the missing 600K as part of their fraud investigation.

    That was a very serious revelation… I think that is what has done her.

    Looks to me like her stupid husband may have been the one to finally bring her down.

  111. ronald says:

    With Sturgeon’s resignation Murrell will go / now is not the time for her to put Roberson’s name forward as the next leader she’s poisoned the chalice .

    Time now for Alba/Salvo to take the brakes off .

    Cole Hamilton spewing fawning pish over the media re Sturgeon

  112. Shug says:

    So now Nicolas resigned does that mean Murray will not be publishing the e mails.

    And I have a bumper bag if popcorn ready!!

  113. And spouse says:

    Is this a chess move to bring forward election in Scotland? Am I naive?

  114. Argentocoxos says:

    She’ll leave the country imo, terrified of a judge led inquiry from a new leader ?
    otherwise she may end up in beside her beloved rapists in Corton Vale, oh the irony for the travel iron queen.

  115. James Barr Gardner says:

    What’s next ?

    The law of unintended consequences………

  116. rogueslr says:

    Just what is there in Stuart McDonald’s emails that’s about to come out? Cmon Craig, lets be having a look.

    BTW will Peter be quitting too?

  117. ronald says:

    Dorothy Devine 10.15

    I think the Murrell’s have had a knock on the door before now hopefully we wont have to wait much longer now that she’s resigning .

  118. Mac says:

    Peter Murrell might be in a bit of serious bother here.

    That was a desperate act to make that ‘loan’ (or more likely repay all the wages he received that had part of the missing 600k ‘interwoven’ into them). It may have even toppled his wife… so I think he knows he’s in the shit.

    After what Murrell and others plotted to do to Alex Salmond I don’t think I can think of anyone (bar one) who I would have more joy at seeing in a prison cell facing a stretch.

    That would be Karama on a truly epic scale.

  119. Al-Stuart says:

    Hi Shug,

    Best get a mega-bucket of long-life popcorn out.

    The spin being put on Sturgeon leaving is full of praise by MSM. But these are journalists that work from England and most do NOT read the forensically researched Wings Over Scotland website.
    Almost 2 years ago to the day, Stuart Campbell had Sturgeon’s number…

    Stuart was given buckets of 5hit for that article and I suspect still does.

    So, Shug, in answer to your point, I bet you £50 that CRAIG MURRAY WILL BE PUBLISHING THE EMAILS.

    In fact, from what I have heard, those emails would have been a catalyst that could only end up with check-mate with Strugeon resigning, but in utter disgrace.

    This “shock” announcement in 11 minutes, is Sturgeon gripping the levers of control to show her in the best light possible before the SNP implodes.

    Craig is a very, very brave man. Craig is very principled. An example is the fact Craig turned down three honours from m the Queen, including a rare LVO.

    If nothing else (and this should not need to be said), is whatever you hear from the MSM it is TAINTED.

    In essence, there is a GREAT UNRAVELLING OF THE SNP, and even brass neck Dreghorn Dirker hasn’t the stomach for it.

    Finally, if Sturgeon does NOT ACCEPT THE AMBASSADORSHIP NOW, she will NOT get it. The reason is the GREAT UNRAVELLING. The dam behind which a million tons of £600,000 excrement is about to drown so many politicians.

    Shug, it is definitely popcorn time.

    Stuart Campbell is about to have his busiest year. Ever.

  120. gregor says:


    …You’re exhibiting similar rotten human values as Sturgeon (don’t be a loser).


  121. Breastplate says:

    She couldn’t help a swipe at Alex Salmond, it seems she just can’t help herself when it comes to the man who took Scotland to the brink of independence under less than favourable circumstances. Quite bitter, really.

  122. gregor says:

    …Sturgeon claims she doesn’t have what it takes (8 years later)

    @Scotland still has everything…

  123. Effijy says:

    Will SNP force an election for Holyrood on the basis of independence parties win the majority
    We break all ties with Westminster corruption.

  124. gregor says:

    Elon Musk (15/02/2023): Twitter:

    “This tiny candle of consciousness we have on Earth might be all there is”:

  125. gregor says:


  126. Effijy says:

    Labour’s David Lammy on LBC trying to insist that Labour need the SNP seats to gain a Westminster majority.

    A caller refused to accept that myth as suggest if SNP gave all 56 seats to Labour the Tories would still be in power with a significant majority.

    The caller was giving him plenty but cut off when Nicola started speaking.

  127. gregor says:


    “A sudden and great change, esp. the violent change of a system of government.”

    “The country seems to be heading toward revolution.”

    “A movement in a circle or curve around a central point.”

    “A big change or improvement in the way that something works or looks, or in the way that people do a particular activity.”

    “Yet it would be hard to argue that early modern history has not benefited from the ‘military revolution ‘ debate.”

    “My only purpose here is to point out that such changes are basically what we would normally call a social revolution.”

  128. Al-Stuart says:

    Gregor B Brodie,

    The volume of your irrational posts shows a want about you.

    Please, please seek some professional help. You clearly have BTL-OCD.

    But your inane comments flooding the BTL section are so disruptive to those who are trying to read the constructive comments that help others, it indicates you are either space-chicken bat-shit loopy, or one of the regular security service privates who are tasked with disrupting websites such as this.

    Either way, you really need professional help.

  129. gregor says:

    @Al-Stuart re. “The volume of your irrational posts shows a want about you.£

    …keep proving your irrationality


  130. gregor says:

    Pete Wishart (15/02/2023): Twit:

    “Scotland has never had a leader like this.

    Unbeatable, unflappable, always there to speak up for her nation.

    She will be missed.”:

  131. gregor says:


    “Unable to be defeated or improved because of excellent quality.”

    “Unable to be defeated, or better than any other.”

    “An unbeatable team.”

    “Candidates running against the establishment were defeating candidates who had until recently appeared unbeatable.”

  132. gregor says:


    “Not likely to get worried, nervous, or angry even in difficult situations.”

    “I understand that he is also eminently unflappable, which must be a quality that we should all admire.”

    “On the one hand, again, in high office of state he appeared cool and detached, and, as was said at the time, unflappable. “

    “He is remembered for his gymnastic-like athletic ability, unflappable confidence and eccentric and flamboyant style of play.”

    “She is a flexible strategist, an expert actress who is capable of lying or faking sentiments without the slightest guilt, and is almost completely unflappable.”

  133. gregor says:


    “A person in control of a group, country, or situation.”

    “Someone or something that is winning during a race or other situation where people are competing.”

    “He’s fallen two laps behind the leaders.”

    “She was way behind the leaders.”

  134. gregor says:


    “Not based on reason or clear thinking; not reasonable.”

  135. gregor says:


    “…historian Conrad Russell put it, “The Scots got their recognition as a separate sovereign state, both from the form of the union of 1707 as an international treaty, and from the survival of Scots law and the Scottish church. It is that claim that Scotland is a sovereign nation state which is reasserted whenever the English forget that 1707 was not a “perfect union” and has recently been repeated in the Claim of Right. Scotland in accepting the Union in 1707 remained a nation and as a result any sovereignty in the British parliament could not be national sovereignty. This has always been hard for the English to understand.”

    So, the spell has been broken…”:

  136. David says:

    “Don’t you think he looks tired?”

  137. Roberto says:

    I’m proposing that the 15th February should be declared a holiday, as Scotland’s National Resignation Day.

    Poem for the Day.

    Thank you Stu
    For all you do.

  138. gregor says:

    @David re. “Don’t you think he looks tired?”

    …such pathetic, deprived aims (to target/attack/humiliate/stop members of the public) have already failed, miserably.

  139. gregor says:

    Spectator (15/02/2023): Why is Nicola Sturgeon resigning? (Stephen Daisley):

    “Nicola Sturgeon is resigning as First Minister of Scotland. We don’t yet know when…

    …she has hit troubles recently over gender law reform, the placement of Isla… Bryson, a rapist, in a women’s prison and Sturgeon’s failure to deliver a promised second referendum on independence.

    If any of these is the reason for her departure, it would be odd as, although highly controversial, none has produced a rival for the crown…”:

  140. Next says:

    Nicooa you’ll have had your “T”

  141. gregor says:

    Ika Ferrer Goti? (15/02/2023): Twitter:

    “As a journalist, I’ve met and spoken to many in power, only a few of them had the enduring integrity of first female and longest serving FM of #Scotland, Ms #NicolaSturgeon. What a representation of this beauty country and its people has she been on the international stage!”:

  142. gregor says:


    “A person or organization that speaks, acts, or is present officially for someone else.”

    “A sign, picture, model, etc. of something.”

    “This statue is a representation of Hercules.”

  143. gregor says:

    Amazon (2017): Customer Review: Hercules Returns for the Space Age:

    “…This book details a real, live hero’s journey because Elon Musk truly is on a quest, a quest to bring mankind to Mars in a sustainable way. I’m fascinated with his vision, breadth of skills and knowledge, and his determination.

    While I greatly admire him, I also admire those who managed to work for the man for any length of time at all. Elon Musk is driven by his passion for his vision. He has incredible energy and the ability to function for days on next to no sleep. Because of this, he expects others to have the same workaholic commitment. I could not work for the man in this book because I’ve never had the reserves of energy to work so many hours. My brain turns to mush when I get too tired.

    Like many others, I too am impressed by the size of his vision…”:

  144. gregor says:

    BBC (15/02/2023): ‘No clear strategy’ for independence after Sturgeon: LIVE:

    “…Parallels between Jacinda Ardern and Nicola Sturgeon resignation:

    Several political commentators have drawn parallels between Sturgeon and Jacinda Ardern who suddenly quit as New Zealand’s prime minister last month citing “burnout”…”:

  145. I. Despair says:

    If you think newspapers should do the basic thing of describing people accurately, please let IPSO know:-

    Consultation ends on Friday 10th March.

  146. Cenchos says:

    Trans ideology logic:

    1 Mummy brought me up to believe that I don’t have to do anything I don’t want to do.
    2 Anything anybody believes, says, or does against what trans people believe, do, or say is transphobic.
    3 Transphobia is wrong.

    Therefore, being trans, it is wrong for anybody to believe, do, or say anything against anything I believe, do, or say (see 1).

  147. Stoker says:

    “Several political commentators have drawn parallels between Sturgeon and Jacinda Ardern who suddenly quit as New Zealand’s prime minister last month..”

    Wonder how many of them read ‘Wings’? The comparison was first made on here yesterday. I mentioned it and it’s possible that someone mentioned it before me as i don’t read all the comments. And others probably made the connection long after i did. The UK media, always last to the party.

    And in other news, folks, don’t forget the other rancid half working with Sturgeon to impose ‘The Perverts Permit’ on all of Scotland against the wishes of the majority, The Scottish Greens.

  148. Johnny Conspiranoid says:

    Yes, someone is manipulating the SNP, its America and here’s a book that describes the mechanism. They are probably doing the same all over the world with all political partys, at least as far as possible. Simple divide and rule is the most likely motive.

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