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The Ship That Died Of Shame

Posted on February 15, 2023 by

Last night we tweeted this:

We did so because we’d just been told – by a completely random source – that Nicola Sturgeon and John Swinney would both resign today, and Brown would be the interim leader while a replacement was elected. We’d never spoken to this person before, but the manner in which they said it made us take it more seriously than all the “someone told me” rumours we get told and ignore every other day.

As yet only the first part has been confirmed, but you have to admit that our source is looking pretty darn hot right now.

Anonymous quotes given to the media say that the reason is simply that she’s “had enough” of the job, but the timing seems extraordinary given that the SNP is holding a crucial conference next month to ostensibly make a huge and momentous decision about its independence policy and (supposedly) a key second vote on the matter.

However, Wings was also told a few days ago – this time first-hand from the people concerned – that Police Scotland has finally, after 18 months, been given permission to begin formally interviewing a number of SNP and ex-SNP figures about the missing £600,000 of fundraiser money, and the bizarre loan to the party by its CEO Peter Murrell which is thought to be related to it.

We can’t help but note that both of those stories were broken by this website.

Time will of course tell. But our suspicion is that Sturgeon’s resignation has much more to do with the police than politics. She will now leave office under a cloud and with no discernible legacy to show for her record-breaking tenure. And the battle for the SNP’s soul will begin in earnest.

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0 to “The Ship That Died Of Shame”

  1. Stephen OBrien says:

    Oh thank goodness. I hope you are right!

  2. Republicofscotland says:

    Yes your sources looks good, Sturgeon resigning is a start but its not enough to have her replaced with Brown or Swinney and what about Murrell, will he cling on.

    I also think that Maybe Stewart McDonald’s e-mails some to Sturgeon which Craig Murray wants to make public might be damning and aided her demise.

  3. Sharny Dubs says:

    Woo woo!!!

    Well done wings, take a bow!!

  4. Awkward Westie says:

    So … will the press conference be step 1 to collapsing Hollyrood and forcing through an immediate election with the sole policy being declaring Independence or will it be “poor me, they are all picking on me” and a way to stall doing anything as the new FM needs time to get established

    Mmm … yeah I know why am I even asking, we all know what the answer to that will be

  5. Tam Norrie says:

    About bloody time.Here’s hoping that things more radical happen.

  6. Breastplate says:

    I think it’s important that the next leader of the SNP is not defied by its members and hold the hierarchy to account on their actions instead of their words.

    I’m happy to support anybody who is willing to work for self determination.

  7. Geoff Anderson says:

    Hopefully the Party will restore internal AND external democracy and focus on Independence again!

  8. Fraser Reid says:

    We still need to change that part of the Scotland act that requires 2/3 to pass right?

  9. Mark Boyle says:

    Thank goodness for that – now for the reckoning.

    Credit where it’s due to SNP MP Angus MacNeil for calling her bluff and to Fergus Ewing leading a cross party revolt over the scrapping of the A9 being turned into less of a death trap.

    Oh, and suppose you did have a wee bit of a hand in today’s events:

    “And she’d have gotten away with it too, if it wasn’t for those meddling Wings …”

  10. Brotyboy says:

    Best news for months.

  11. James says:


  12. Bob Mack says:

    Instead of felt collars on their clothes theyr’e getting their collars felt.

    Shameful how much damage has been done to the cause of Indy which has not been advanced one iota since Alex left

  13. solarflare says:

    Of course the media so far basically think it’s all because the NHS and schools aren’t working in this country.

    Which might be true, but it’s not why she’s resigning.

    Maybe they’ll catch up at some point.

  14. Ted says:

    Brought down by Rishi me thinks, who did what she thought he wouldn’t dare do.

  15. red sunset says:

    The first breath of fresh air in years.

    If there’s any decent people left in the party, they must ensure that all those who colluded with her in the destruction of our movement, are shovelled out at the same time.

    Alex Salmond famously said “The dream shall never die”.
    Sturgeon by her actions has brought the dream so close to being in a coffin.

  16. Ewan McTeagle says:

    Well done, Stu!

    It’s the culmination and vindication of your hard work and determination to expose the truth.

  17. MrRocknRoll says:

    Good riddance to her. What a beautiful day. Also on this day in 399 BC, Philosopher Socrates is sentenced to death by the city of Athens for corrupting the minds of the youth of the city and for impiety!

  18. Wilson McBride says:

    I can’t even work up any enthusiasm to watch the bastards resignation speech.

    I just hope she takes Swinney and Murrel with her.

  19. Mac says:

    Yeah you could not have put it better… this is very likely more to do with the Police than Politics.

    This is a huge breakthrough for the independence movement.

    Looks like Peter Murrell may have inadvertently delivered the fatal blow here…

  20. sarah says:

    Woohoo! Best news for years.

    What a fool she is – she could have stepped aside gracefully some years ago but now it is obvious that she is going because of the bourach she has made.

    Other good news is that the Sandyford isn’t taking new young patients for gender treatment.

  21. Margaret L says:

    Best news I’ve heard this decade ( apart from your comeback of course).

  22. Purge the Sturge says:

    Good bloody riddance. Big boots for the next numpty to fill though, this should be interesting.

  23. Tufty says:

    It beggars belief that the Scottish polis need ‘permission’ to interview suspects of a crime. Let’s hope that, as the door skelps her erse on her wey oot, her resignation marks the draining of the swamp that’s so badly needed. Cannae wait to see what’s in thon wee squeef’s ‘stolen’ emails.

  24. robbo says:

    Rumour has it she is stepping down to look after Stewart McDonald MP.
    Pun .Well she did say she always wanted a foster child.

  25. fillofficer says:


    & this was gonna be a dry day too

    cheers wings

  26. Astonished says:

    The alphabetties must be getting very worried. Good.

    I wonder what will come out ?

  27. Stuart MacKay says:

    Incredible. Only chaos will reign now. The woke faction will want to salvage their policies and possibly tighten their grip on the party while at the same time the traditionalists i.e. the believers in independence, will likely want rid of them. It was a clown-show before. It’s going to be a shit-show now.

  28. PB says:

    Thank you Stu

    Regardless of whatever her reason for resigning turns out to be your work may have just helped make Scotland that bit safer for my kids.

    Fingers crossed her replacement won’t be ‘globalist ideologue wannabe ver. 2.0’ and some sanity can return for a little while.

  29. James Barr Gardner says:

    Scots Polis finally git the fingar oot, mebbies they ead huv been quicker aff the mark if it hud been 600,000 cream eggs….

  30. George says:

    Great News for Scotland! Nicola Sturgeon will identify as being Unemployed.

    The next FM will nee to focus on getting Scotland back on track and serving the people of Scotland instead of their own interests. Forget independence and all that crap.

  31. When you come at the king, you best not miss.

  32. Neil in Glasgow says:

    My question is will the proverbial hit the fan today/this week, and if so who will be the chief splatterer? I’m sure the Ed knows but right now I’m taking a punt it’s got something to do with Craig Murray’s current investigation. She could have gone at any point in the last couple of weeks over the backlash to gender reform so the timing now surely can’t be a coincidence.

    Anyway, glad she’s going, but if it’s one of her gang then surely it’s just a case of the queen is dead, long live the queen/king/thing?

  33. Robert+McAllan says:

    Sturgeons “had enough”? What aboot the rest o’ us?? I sincerely hope her political demise is linked to her conspiracy to incarcerate the politician who mentored her. Open season I hope to break out on Lloyd, Swinney, P Murrell, Somerville and the VIET GROUP. IF YE FLEE WI’ THE CRAWS YE’LL GET SHOT WI THE CRAWS!!

  34. Alisdair Mclean says:

    Bye-bye to nine wasted years.

  35. Republicofscotland says:

    Had a wee look on WGD the delusional fannies are in shock.

  36. Den says:

    Just gives more credence to the old adage that, “you can fool some of the people some of the time but you can’t fool all the people all of the time “ hopefully the process she designed
    To get Alex Salmond convicted on trumped up charges is now deployed in full against her in the criminal courts.

  37. Thomas Box says:

    Shes off to another job , her replacement will be just as bad .

  38. Ian McCubbin says:

    Oh has n’t come soon enough, but glad if this is true.

  39. Robert says:

    Where do I sign up to vote for Joanna Cherry?

  40. Andrew Davidson says:

    I want Joanna Cherry to stand for leader.

    Let’s see just where the party stand on woke-bullshit versus reality-driven.

  41. Baxter says:

    Sturgeon hopefully is only the start, Swinney and the Greens going would be nice as well as a few others.

  42. President Xiden says:

    Knowing the difficulties our dear leader has with her memory, she will probably have no recollection of announcing her resignation.

  43. Jim Bo says:

    Oh, so that’s what a good news day feels like?

  44. Shug says:

    Perjury, perverting the course of justice and missing cash now on the menu

    I think some will want to head off to Vietnam now.

    Another truth is the only way is up.

  45. Ian McCubbin says:

    Still pinching myself in disbelief, and so hope it’s true.

  46. Republicofscotland says:

    Hopefully Sturgeon going will trigger a Scottish election which can be used as a de facto referendum.

  47. Michael Bruce says:

    Peter Murrell’s jaikit must be on a shoogly peg too.

  48. President Xiden says:

    I see Stuart McDonald has explained Sturgeons ‘divisiveness’ as being due to misogyny.

  49. Mike says:

    It’s hard to sum up what a massive disappointment Sturgeon has been.

    Not only has she failed to advance the main goal of the SNP but she took the party and many Indy supporters down a strange rabbit hole of trans rights and woke nonsense.

    But she had an appalling record on more basic issues like education, crime and health. I can’t think of one thing that Sturgeon has achieved in office. Just a lacklustre leader who believed her own hype and was happiest when taking selfies with her fans.

    The problem for Scotland is what comes next….

  50. sarah says:

    Rev, I forgot to say congratulations, and thank you.

  51. Agamemnon says:

    Is now the time to re-join the membership to try to steer the ship back on course or is it too far gone already?

  52. stuart mctavish says:

    Astute move if it means she can do a Boris once the real coughid crooks are in the dock – and maybe make her come back as early as the spring conference.

  53. Name (required) says:

    the thick plotten

  54. Thomas Box says:

    She looks happy enough , shes got a plum job somewhere else and the fix is in to suceed her with someone just as bad

  55. Big Jock says:

    We can only move on if the new leader is not part of the disease. I do not want Keith Brown. He is part of the problem, not the solution.

  56. Craig P says:

    Astonished says:
    15 February, 2023 at 10:55 am
    I wonder what will come out ?

    Nicola Sturgeon?

  57. Sarissa says:

    I wondr if the Salmond trial could yet claim a final victim?

    Craig Murray’s threat to publish Stewart McDonald’s emails might also have a bearing on the succession.

  58. highlander says:

    A good day for Scotland.

  59. David says:

    Just heard a police siren in the background during her resignation speech.
    Couldn’t help but smile.

  60. Tartanpigsy says:

    Watching this now with equal doses of hope and fear!
    The most important leadership battle in The SNP’s and Scotland’s future
    So many Brit agents in there it’s pointless listing them. AR the most obvious
    Anyhoo, Let’s get ready to rumble!

  61. PhilM says:

    One jobby less in the cesspit that is Scottish public life. Good riddance Sturgeotti! The smell was truly overpowering at the end…

  62. Graeme George says:

    ‘The problem for Scotland is what comes next….’

    I have to agree Mike but whoever comes in behind her can’t possibly be worse

  63. Neil in Glasgow says:

    I’m not expecting violins!

    So what the hell is this speech all about?

    If ever you needed evidence that if whe was chocolate she’d eat herself, it’s here. Viv obliv mentioned a syndrome she’s clearly suffering from the other day – can’t remember what. Can someone else? Basically summed her up though

  64. Thomas Box says:

    Jeezo its a litany of self congratulation . Count how many times she says ” I ” … She looks happy , shes off to a plum job , there has been a deal done with the Police not to take the £600k business any further etc .

  65. akenaton says:

    Well done Mr Campbell….The man who saved Scotland. Never forget it folks and make sure he is appreciated.
    Plenty will try to steal your thunder sir, but without your input on these pages, Scotland would have ended as a tinpot dictatorship.

  66. Al-Stuart says:

    Whatever Nicola Sturgeon is saying just now, and her speech sounds well polished, if you feel tempted to feel sorry for this person, please just look to the right of this page.

    Stuart Campbell has wisely placed the FRONT PAGE of THE NATIONAL of the past 8 years of Sturgeon’s disastrous tenure prominently on the Wings Over Scotland website.

    Just look at the DOZENS OF BROKEN PROMISES OF “DEVOLUTION SOON” LIE from Sturgeon.

    There are some very choppy waters ahead. When the TRUTH comes out, many, many Scots will be utterly fuccking FURIOUS.

    The nasty bat is about to accept a well paid, cushy job as Ambassador or some such.

    In essence, Stuart Campbell was correct…

  67. EdinScot says:

    Best news since Alex Salmond stepped down for all the right reasons ( wish he hadn’t though as god knows we’d not be in this complete nothingness imposed by Sturgeon).

    The ebc Scotland correspondent and Mcwhirter on the telly ignoring her calling the people who disagreed with her racist and homophobic 2 weeks back. That was the turning point. She should have taken on her sword.

    Watching her farewell resignation it’s all about me me me . What a fraud. Cheerful Nicoliar hope the police come knocking .
    Well done Rev Stu revenge is a dish best served cold but the truth you kept pushing and it gave her no where to turn but the exit door. Of that I’m certain. She’s been a disaster for Scotland . Scotland got well did today . Never thought I’d ever say that about the SNP.

  68. Oneliner says:

    Stephen Gethins quick off the mark with his tribute (BBC). Someone at MI6 working well this morning.

  69. Andrew scott says:

    Anyone listening to this guff??

  70. Gunter Denlinden says:

    Out of interest, is the rule about investigating former ministers, brought in at the time of the attempted stitch-up, sorry, concerns about Alex Salmond, still in place?

  71. PhilM says:

    It’s everyone else’s fault apparently…

  72. Breastplate says:

    Perhaps first, people should wait to see if the new leadership are willing to steer the SNP ship on a course to independence.

  73. What Rot says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you Stu. You are an absolute hero. I’d wash yer feet and dry it with my hair, every single day, if I could

    Here, take more of me fokkin munny, ya bloody hero.

  74. FionaN says:

    I hope someone posts a link to the press conference – I would love to see her eating humble pie! And more.

  75. BLMac says:

    There may be hope for independence yet…

  76. Thomas Box says:

    Anyone waiting for a difficult question from any of the ‘ journalists ‘ will be waiting a long time

  77. Glasgow Voted Yes says:

    So she intends to hang around in the background like a bad smell, like a puppet master pulling the strings of her chosen successor. Murrell will no doubt remain as the controller of the purse strings.Nothing will change in the SNP.

  78. Shauny Boy says:

    Thanks for all your hard work in bringing her malfeasance to light Rev. Crack open a cold one, you’ve earned it.

  79. Breeks says:

    At last…

    Now, we have a chance.

  80. Republicofscotland says:

    Sturgeon saying right now I believe I’ve led this country closer to independence than ever. Even in utter failure Sturgeon the Judas cannot admit that she’s done terrible damage to the indy movement and Scotland as a whole.

    I hope she f*cks off overseas though I think she said that she’ll remain a politician, will she be the Gordon Brown of the SNP.

  81. Black Joan says:

    Anyone doing a count of the number of times it was I I I Me Me Me?

  82. Geoff Anderson says:

    @Andrew Scott 11:24

    Yes, and what I hear is that she is staying on to be Puppet Master. I expect the SNP will be remote managed……unless a strong leader is elected….and the Cult are still under her command.
    That is my take!

  83. Big Jock says:

    Bookies have Robertson as favourite….please no!! Then it’s Kate Forbes!

  84. ClanDonald says:

    Does anyone know, is there enough time to re-join the SNP today to get a vote for the new leader? I’m glad, now, that I hung on in there, but lots of folk I know didn’t.

  85. Garrion says:

    I mean jolly good, but the whole SNP structure is still a mass of spineless apparatchiks and corrupted horseshit, so let’s not get all new leader new day.

  86. willie says:

    On reflection the signals were all there about Sturgeon. Her commitment to undermine and block independence could have and should have been apparent earlier.

    Her actions to undermine, to block, have been deliberate. The squandering of mandate after mandate, the destruction of the vibrant indie movement, the emasculation of the branches, the deliberate attempt to absolutely destroy one of the most skilled independence leaders ever, the deliberate policy to destroy ALBA and a super majority through SNP1 and SNP2 as opposed to SNP1 and ALBA2, this list goes on and on.

    And now now with a party on its knees, a police enquiry very possibly moving to prosecution, and an electorate turning away from the SNP, she is going.

    The dream for independence has however not died. It is there waiting to be reinvigorated. With Sturgeon gone the road now open up. Change is here and the game changes. The time is now and with the old rotten obstructive hands gone let us look up to a new future.

    We have a right, and absolutely constitutional and legal right to independence. Let us look up – today was a signal of change.

    Sturgeon’s tenure is ending, and a new future arises.

  87. David says:

    10 years wasted. I’m getting old and some supporters have passed away. Let’s kick on, with one objective; independence.

  88. Heaver says:

    Not accurate to start singing “Ding Dong the Witch is Dead”, but the joy is similar, so, where did I leave those Munchkins?

  89. Breastplate says:

    I would love to think so but she is not leaving politics, she is not leaving the party and I’m sure she fancies herself as a terrific back seat driver.

    I could be wrong but I would imagine that very little will change with the same cadre in power.

  90. 100%Yes says:

    The benefit is Scotland and our people. This woman has wasted 8yrs of my life and destroyed the party I’ve supported all my life, am I glad she gone YES I wished she had never been FM.

  91. Etticus says:

    Smug, self centred, it’s everyone else’s fault, poor me, smirking and sniggering, flat out lying about her “achievements”…. Saying she was crying for her constituents, is that because she turned it into a crime ridden slum? What a piece of work.

    As for the media, barring one or two exceptions soft ball fawning questions. What a joke.

    Not sure what’s brought this on, I’m hoping it’s the lying about hubbys “loan” to the party and she been told she getting interviewed under caution.

    One can only hope that she Salmond inquiry evidence will now be revisited and she along with Murrell and every other conspirator including the alphabettes faces justice for what they have done. I reckon sturgeon should get 10-15 years. Hopefully she’ll be sharing a cell with “Isla” Bryson or whatever that dangerous pervert calls himself.

    Oh wait a minute a question about being questioned by the police…. And the false smile disappears.

    Ps. Where’s Peter?

  92. Alex Stone says:

    My my, what a pile of self-absorbed shite Sturgeon has just come out with.

    Her speech could have been written by Theresa May, with its complete lack of self-awareness.

    I’m with Stu on this one. Police enquiry, MacDonalds emails…

  93. Alex says:

    James Barr Gardner says:
    15 February, 2023 at 10:56 am
    Scots Polis finally git the fingar oot, mebbies they ead huv been quicker aff the mark if it hud been 600,000 cream eggs….

    You are aware they have wanted to move this forward but needed permission from the legal services…… they’ve been waiting for this to question the VVIPs.

    Sturgeon was not taking out by MI5/MI6 or Rishi. It was her own making. Was nice to hear the journalists asking about her failed record and she had nowhere to run.

  94. Alex Stone says:

    Big Jock says:
    15 February, 2023 at 11:44 am
    Bookies have Robertson as favourite….please no!! Then it’s Kate Forbes!

    Robertson is bad enough, although he may not last long with Alyn Smith standing behind him.

    However, Forbes is a hard right religious fundamentalist. It would be like electing Trump in a frock, “with God on his side”.

  95. Big Jock says:

    Republic – She has a nerve. The Ashcroft poll has indy at 44% .She has a bigger brass neck than C3PO.

  96. Dan M says:

    Last question to her was will she be interviewed about the missing 600k by police which was ignored by her saying she is not going to answer anything with regards to an ongoing police investigation. You could tell she was livid

  97. Andouilette says:

    A small donation from this grumpy old unionist as both a thank you for your sterling work and a celebration of a great day for Scotland. This is great news for Scotland whichever side of the divide we’re on, and that is the most important thing right now.

  98. Maureen says:

    Congratulations Stu on a job well done! Hope you find time to recharge your batteries before the next round!

  99. Owen Mullions says:

    Ding dong the witch is dead! There isn’t a dry eye in my house?

  100. FionaN says:

    Excellent news in that it is a start, but we need to wait to see what happens next. She is speaking in terms of still having input – is that bravado on her part, or has she arranged this resignation with other moves in mind where she will continue as the ‘power behind the throne’?

    If it is to do with the police enquiries, she struck me as not being particularly worried, or perhaps putting on a very good act of not being worried. She does indeed look very tired, haggard even. as though she has had many sleepless nights (and yes I would say the same about any male looking like that). I would love to see what Murrel is looking like right now, and to find out if he has any plans to go. As long as he stays in place in snp, I doubt if there will be any huge changes in the overall senior line-up.

  101. Breastplate says:

    I think your comment shows that there are certain people in the party you would not like to be leader. I think that wouldn’t be a concern in a healthy party.
    Perhaps there will be some people scrambling to rejoin the SNP in hope of electing a leader with integrity but I think there is little to no choice in that department.

    I think I can say with certainty that this is not a new dawn.

  102. Doug says:

    Golden opportunity for all pro independence parties and supporters. Put Flynn in temporary charge of the SNP. Withdraw all SNP and Alba MPs from Westminster. Set up assembly in Scotland to work with the Scottish government in Holyrood. Set up new pro independence party embracing all pro independence politicians and supporters.

  103. Caroline Wilson says:

    Respect is due, once again. Well, this is step one – thank all that’s holy – in getting the independence movement back on tracks, but like others in the comments, I fear it’s going to get a lot worse before it gets better.

  104. Liz says:

    If she looks happy shes onwards to a UN post, couldnt care less where she ends up.
    Whoever she works with she will stab, back, front, centre.

    Her replacementvwill never have as much support.
    We supported her after the highs of 2015, then she proceeded to trash the whole legacy.

    We must never again put so much faith on one person.

    I think the lot of them will be dropping each other in it to save their own worthless skins.

    More to come methinks

  105. PhilM says:

    Media guy: do you think you’ve failed as a leader First Minister?
    Sturgeotti: Let me address that directly…
    “We are the world
    We are the children
    We are the ones who make a brighter day
    So let’s start giving.
    There’s a choice we’re making
    We’re saving our own lives
    It’s true we’ll make a better day
    Just you and me…”

  106. Dan says:

    @ ClanDonald at 11:45 am

    I’d be wary of rejoining in the hope of influencing what new leader is crowned.
    A fool and their money are easily parted… and folk may recall what Labour did…

    Labour NEC wins bid against allowing new members a leadership vote

  107. WingsSurFrance says:

    Excellent news. so excellent, in fact, that I rejoined Twitter and five minutes later was immediately suspended.

  108. Wee Chid says:

    ClanDonald says:
    15 February, 2023 at 11:44 am
    “Does anyone know, is there enough time to re-join the SNP today to get a vote for the new leader? I’m glad, now, that I hung on in there, but lots of folk I know didn’t.”

    Myself included and would not only never rejoin but would never vote for them again. They have lost my trust and once that happens, it can never be won back.

    Too many in the party still willing to worship at the altar of genderwoo and there is no guarantee that they would have any more respect for women’s rights after independence.

  109. Breeks says:

    There’s a big temptation to absolutely slaughter that speech, but we need to be thinking straight folks, and for the first time in 8 years, there’s an opportunity to draw a line under this extended disaster, and salvage whatever can be salvaged for the YES Movement and perhaps the SNP too.

    Dig deep and see if you can keep your anger and frustration behind your gritted teeth. She’s gone. Result.

    Now we can get the YES juggernaut back on the rails, and attempt to heal our divisions and focus on Scottish Independence.

    The Sturgeon chapter is behind us.

    For this, and this day only, maybe we should all “Wheesht for Indy”. Let the dust settle.

  110. Robert Louis says:

    This is a terrible day.

    Sturgeon inherited an SNP in boyant mood. It was ready to fight for indy, regardless of the ref result. The indy campaigners were on her side. Her support was massive, truly beyond words.

    Then the procrastinating and dithering began. One excuse after another, as to why she wouldn’t push for indy. All bar one Scottish MP elected from the SNP, yet she did nothing with it. NOTHING.

    And so here we are today, the indy movement divided, the SNP having lost its soul to the gender cultists and freaks, and the ONE man capable of leading Scotland to independence, Alex Salmond, still being openly slurred by the SNP Sturgeonistas, for something he didn’t do.

    THIS is her legacy. I have no idea why she dithered over indy so much. I have no idea why she did not stand up for Scotland over brexit (England had no right to remove Scotland from the EU forcibly against its will. I have no idea why the coiurt case was started against Alex Salmond, following nonsense by a bunch of conniving political no-hopers. I have no idea why she did not react, citing Scotland’s constitution, which is preserved by the treaty and acts of union, when the pretendy English ‘supreme’ ‘court’ in England, decided Scotland was England’s colony. I have no idea why, as a supposedly pro indy First Minister she did not attend one single independence march, yet would attend marches and demos for many other causes.

    I have no idea on any of those things, but I watched them happen, over and over, and over again.

    This is not a day to rejoice, or for folks to say, this is great. It isn’t great, not for one freaking second.

    And who will be her replacement? Robertson? (we all know why it cannot be him), Stewart McDonald? (joke candidate). The person it should be is Joanna Cherry, although she has said she doesn’t want it.

    We need a leader who sees independence as the number 1 priority, and who is simply not prepared to go along with London’s wishes, just to avoid upsetting folk. We need a champion for Scotland, a fighter.

    Ach, you and Scotland had it all, Nicola. We should be independent and still in the EU by now. Poll after poll showed that is what Scots wanted. It could have been done.

  111. C+Mackay says:

    I was told last night she was going. A friend had a load of SNP big wigs in his taxi and they were talking aboout her resignation. So its come to pass. Hoepfully she’s not destroyed the dream of an Independant Scotland. Now we must get the best people

  112. Robert Louis says:

    Doug at 1157am,

    I kind of think that is exactly what is needed. The problem is, the SNP is right now crammed full of indy ‘bed-wetters’, who are feart to say or do anything.

  113. Northern Fox says:

    Time for Humza?

  114. Richard says:

    I wonder if she moved the rapist just in case she wound up in jail with him.

  115. Allium says:

    Sublime news. The candidates to replace her will already be workshopping convincing answers to “What is a woman?”

  116. Jacqueline says:

    Barefaced lies after barefaced lies and me me me. I hope her and lavender are jailed. It won’t happen. Well protected still. Job done nicoliar. Job done the lot of them. I feel shame. Destroyer of the Scottish people and our reputation. Sick to the stomach. Imagine lady fucking Macbeth in Bute House. SICK.

  117. Confused says:

    ding dong the witch is dead …

    you cant fool all of the people, all of the time …

    all she had to do was – at some point in the last 7 years get another indyref (or equivalent), under somewhat-reasonably-fair conditions, and run-the-shop no-bad, but she did everything she could to avoid this and pressed full ahead on the bizarre obsessions of globalist woke agendas

    – by jumping now, she avoids the coming consequences of her actions. Maybe she hopes she will be recognised by the people she really works for, but that Jacinda will be looking for a new job too.

    Everyone expects a bit of corruption in politics, but the voters take fright from “crazy” and this male r4pists in womens prisons notion is insane to most right thinking people and voters.

    I wouldn’t celebrate yet, the full woke cabal needs to be cleared out – YOU COULD GET SOMEONE WORSE cf Boris and Liz

    – and this is the trouble with the SNP, the bureaucracy, the whole Indy movement – it is riddled with fake-nats; there are creatures in the SNP more NATO than the pentagon, more zionist than the ADL, and stinking of association with the dirty tricks brigade of the UK deep state.

    One way the bad guys like to win all the time is to back all the horses; this Ash Regan that appeared from nowhere that people were touting, with her slick media presentation and “voice of reason” schtick, she seems a convenient “messiah”, no?

    All the things Nikki did, she did not do alone – this is the time when the underlings and go-fers start ratting each other out.

  118. Alf Baird says:

    Mac @ 10:48 am

    “This is a huge breakthrough for the independence movement”

    Yes it is, as Sturgeon and her acolytes are clearly the blockage to liberation. It is important now to remove the decision making remnants of the latter imposters within the SNP and replace them with bona fide independence people. We may then see a political alliance with Alba, the collapsing of the current Holyrood parliament and an indyref election, with the aim to also secure a pro-independence ‘super majority’ which would then be able to govern Scotland far more effectively and fairly and make rapid progress towards independence.

    I expect that Alex Salmond et al has all this in train….

    Free in 23!

  119. 100%Yes says:

    Been saying for years sturgeon would never deliver independence and what legacy.

  120. Alisdair Mclean says:

    to Sarissa says:
    “Craig Murray’s threat to publish Stewart McDonald’s emails might also have a bearing on the succession.”

    Interesting point. It could have been the straw that broke the camels back.

  121. MacCumhail says:

    After that last question and she walked out the journos were whispering to each other, the only bit I caught was “there’s a lot of stuff swirling around”

    Did anyone hear what the other guy said who was speaking more quietly?

  122. Bob Mack says:


    I love your posts, but perhaps we should be sure first who is taking over, and whether the agendas will change.

    Only then will I bite my tongue .

  123. Daisy Walker says:

    Interesting article from Craig Murray over on his site re this.

    The Brit Nats have control of COPFS, and the Polis enquiry into the missing £600,000 got stymied by COPFS when the Polis went to them for a warrant…

    Suddenly, post Supreme Court result, and just before the SNP Conference…. Suddenly, they get the go ahead … suddenly the MSM start asking awkward questions… suddenly the MSM notice male sex offenders being put into Corton Vale… when 3 months ago they failed to notice the 6’5 paedophile being put in there!!!

    I’m going to suggest we are in for a torrent of bad, corrupt, incompetent SNP stories (that sadly they have earned), followed by a snap GE.

    What is interesting, if correct, is why is Swinney going, he’s Westminsters boy through and through, and he’s been a good boy for them. My betting is/was, on him being the ‘safe pair of hands’ to lead the SNP, when Robertson and co start stabbing each other in the front. Sadly the Perthshire sheeple would be greatly comforted by that.

  124. Alisdair Mclean says:

    Could you imagine if she were to end up in Conton Vale and shared a cell with one of the weird “women”!

  125. Sensible Dave says:

    It is incredible and hugely impressive that, in these times, one man with principles can, almost single-handedly, achieve what the Rev has achieved today.

    There can be doubt that it is only because of the return of the Rev and his diligence, dedication and brilliant work, that Ms Sturgeon has resigned today.

    Incredible, amazing – you have my total admiration sir.

  126. ben madigan says:

    Some thoughts from Robin Mc Alpine on the type of leader Scotland needs next. Worth reflecting on

  127. Pauli says:

    Has Nicola’s cheerleader Wee Ginger Dug started to lead a week of National mourning yet ?

  128. gregor says:



  129. gregor says:


    “Beautiful, powerful, or causing great admiration and respect.”

    “Its majestic reach embraced questions of morality, economics and political policy.”

  130. John Main says:

    She’s not going right away. This will be dragged out for weeks. Long past the day when we will all be sick of it.


    Seeing as for many (a majority?) of Scots, Queen Nick IS the SNP and hence ScotGov, how’s about a HR election?

    Let them show their complete faith in Scottish democracy.

    Or is it just the Tories replacing their leader without a GE that is baaaaaddd?

  131. Liz says:

    Meant to also to say thanks to the Rev for your incisive posts

  132. McDuff says:

    Great news. Sturgeon has manage to destroy the SNP and set back independence by several years if not more.
    The problem now is who will succeed her. It will have to be someone who is serious about independence and will be strong enough to clean out the garbage and demand some dedication from the current lot of SNP MSP/MPs who have been sitting on their arses for eight years doing hee haw. I would like to think it would be AS but I don’t know if that is a possibility.

  133. red sunset says:

    Very well said, @ Robert Louis 1210
    Spot on

    And of course, massive Kudos to Stu who has taken so much stick over the years. Hopefully the future will reward you Stu.

    Many of us said the trumpetted de facto referendum would not happen this year, as was promised by the Great Nicola.
    Sadly this act of her parting will open the floodgates to a lot of party infighting. Which in itself will mean no referendum this year.

  134. GlesgaJim says:

    mmmmmm, changing tack on the ‘individuals with male genitals’ and a previous rape conviction being in women’s prison cells… case she ends up a victim of her own design??

  135. Dramfineday says:

    Your city report today: Shares in Kimberly-Clark soar as huge sales of Andrex reported in localised areas of Scotland. Johnson and Johnson are also reporting that their factories are in overdrive trying to keep up with the demand for Imodium from the Edinburgh area. In other news, sales of alcoholic drinks took off this morning around 11 o’clock with our Scotland reporter noting outbreaks of laughter and joy from some people and great sighs of despair from others.

    While not sure what the cause of the events described above is, one thing is certain, there’ll be quiet satisfaction in Bath tonight.

  136. Kenny says:

    Yes, see the crook squirm.

    This is a good day. Let all of Scotland rejoice, celebrate for a day or so, then get back to work.

    Brilliant work, Campbell, supreme journalism.

  137. Alastair says:

    She it at this point still in control of the narrative and knows exactly what is playing out.
    What will be interesting over the next few days and weeks is referencing back to what she didn’t say rather than what she did say today. We will then know more about her and of her drivers.

  138. John says:

    Another day, another dollar, vacuum will be filled with another, still poverty, homeless, wars, lies, fraud, corruption. Independence will only be won by us and not by politicians and their entourage, carpe diem.

  139. Bob Mack says:

    Hard to believe the level of stupidity on WGD.

    They are coming to a concensus that Nicola in an act of self sacrifice ,resigned to create anger towards Westminster. Really. The accolytes of Sturgeon enter the first stages of grief

  140. Stuart MacKay says:

    Republicofscotland @11:00am

    Thanks for the heads up on WGD. Everybody is overdosing on copium – very entertaining.

    Of course, it’s all the malcontents at Alba’s fault. Still it gives them a chance to elevate her to sainthood, which is what they really wanted to do anyway.

  141. Ian McCubbin says:

    Confused has it right and I tried to push Alba on YES Caithness Facebook post. Well as expected I got a mixture of support for united push from all independence parties for the future of Independence.
    But the SNP tools were out too.
    When will the woke a d trool element seethe SNP has been corrupted to such a level that NS had to go.

  142. A Bruce says:

    The 15th of February 2023, a date right up there, with one just two months short of 10 years ago; 8th of April 2013; Thatcher kicking the bucket. I’m going out to celebrate tonight. A big thanks also to Stu.

  143. Pauli says:

    Alisdair Mclean says:
    15 February, 2023 at 12:24 pm
    Could you imagine if she were to end up in Conton Vale and shared a cell with one of the weird “women”!

    On the contrary perhaps they would be a perfect couple.

  144. Kenny says:

    Also have to wonder if the recent sensational discovery, and continuing interest in, Claim of Right etc have been materialistic in the discarding of sturgeon?
    Has Scotland finally found the Holy Grail of independence?

  145. PhilM says:

    In a strange twist on today’s historic news, we were expecting to hear from the First Minister’s husband about his own future but our man outside Gordon Lamb House can confirm the truth of the rumour that Peter Murrell has somehow managed to get his head stuck in some railings…his cries for ‘help! help!’ were apparently heard early this morning…

  146. Pauli says:

    Stuart MacKay says:
    15 February, 2023 at 12:38 pm
    Republicofscotland @11:00am

    Thanks for the heads up on WGD. Everybody is overdosing on copium – very entertaining.

    Of course, it’s all the malcontents at Alba’s fault. Still it gives them a chance to elevate her to sainthood, which is what they really wanted to do anyway.
    Isn’t it always someone else’s fault though but it was us that put Sturgeon in that position in the first place.

  147. Jm says:

    Sturgeon has been a very successful failure for Vauxhall and Langley.

    Her successor will have been well briefed-nay groomed-by the Atlanticists.

  148. Ottomanboi says:

    Sturgeon bids adieu.
    Job seekers try
    STONEWALL accréditation x2

  149. Robert McAllan says:

    Forbes for FM. Don’t be having a laugh at Scotland’s expense.
    She has NOT promoted INDEPENDENCE in any of her electoral address
    communications since receiving Sturgeons patronage after the outing of McKAY as an online predator.

    Forbes is a coward who abandoned members of her own sex by avoiding participation in the recent GRRR (Bill) at Holyrood and could never be considered a credible pretender to Sturgeons throne!!

  150. Tony+Hay says:

    With the timetable to elect a new SNP leader unspecified as yet,will next months special conference and with it the AMcN proposal be kicked into the long grass?

  151. Big Jock says:

    Salmond’s legacy –

    Took the SNP from a marginal party , to a party of government. Won the biggest majority in Holyrood history. Changed it from the Scottish Executive to Scottish Government. Delivered an independence referendum as soon as he got a majority. Took independence from 26% to 45%.

    Sturgeon’s legacy Baby boxes and gender wars. Took independence from 45% to 44%.

  152. gregor says:


    “A basic idea or rule that explains or controls how something happens or works.”

    “A moral rule or standard of good behaviour.”

    “She doesn’t have any principles.”

    “He was a man of principle.”

  153. Ken from glos says:

    Somebody enlighten me on the meaning of wgd please. I googled it and got worlds dumbest gamers.!!

  154. Big Jock says:

    What should happen now.

    We have an interim leader , immediately replacing Sturgeon.

    He steps aside for an independence election in October. We get independence and have a Scottish election , to elect a Prime minister.

    Versus –

    What will happen. Forbes and Robertson will battle it out. one of them will take over and kick independence down the road.

  155. INDEPENDENT says:

    Alex Salmond nailing it on Sky News and putting Burley and Bolton to rights about Scotlands Independence road to success.
    Hope someone knows how to capture the piece.
    A masterclasd in statesmanship, diplomacy and showing yhe rest of them hpw tp do it.

  156. Big Jock says:

    Aye Bob WGD is full of crap. She resigned due to Gender Wars and the missing money.

    If she really wanted to help our cause . She would have dissolved Holyrood and called a referendum election in October.

  157. David Hannah says:

    Leak the emails. Destroy her. She deserves to be taken apart.

  158. robertkknight says:

    Poisons the well, then ****s off.

    No tears from me, and I hope the door of Bute House skelps her @r$e on the way out.

    One down, the rest of her rancid SNP loyalists to go.

  159. David Hannah says:

    This is a beautiful day
    It is a new day
    We are together, we are unified
    And on one accord
    Because together we got power
    Apart we got pow-wow.

    Time to move forward as one for Scottish Independence.

  160. christy m says:

    She’s been off the cliff for a long time now. This is just the start of her descent. What waits at the bottom? Accountability, pleez!

  161. sarah says:

    @ Robert Louis at 12.10: “This is a terrible day.”

    No, it is the essential first step. Whilst N Sturgeon is in place absolutely no progress will be made.

    There’s nothing more ex than an ex-FM, as Alex Salmond found. He was sidelined and disrespected by the pondlife in the SNP immediately.

    Nevertheless I don’t hold out much hope since she has stuffed the seats with a large majority of incompetents of every kind. Also spineless for not withstanding her all these years.

    So who is suitable to be the new leader? Douglas Chapman seems honest – he stood down as National Treasurer when Murrell refused to show the financial records – and exhibited some independence of thought in attending the SSRG Constitutional Conference last July. Joanna Cherry is obviously intellectually capable. Jim Fairlie – new and yet rebelled over GRR.

    What is needed is someone with fire in their belly to regain Scotland’s independent status, who will not delay, and will call a Convention immediately. Do any of the existing SNP parliamentarians meet those criteria? Or are the only ones in Alba now?

  162. imacg says:

    Hopefully she doesn’t leave with any confidential documents stuffed in a baby box… Of course robertson and daddy et al will still strangle the life out of any indy resurgence… The SNP are toast, I just cannot see a way back for them – unless Cherry, Angus B etc get the reins away from the weans…who should now all fkoff to the greens…

  163. Heaver says:

    “there’ll be quiet satisfaction in Bath tonight. ”

    More like dancing and high jinks.

  164. AndyH says:

    Hopefully some interesting information will soon start to get leaked.

    Some folks must be shitting themselves just now.

  165. Alf Baird says:

    “Last night we tweeted this”

    Well done Stuart – however – yesterday morning I wrote that:

    “I hear the FM may begin that post as early as this June which suggests a resignation announcement could be imminent…”

    ‘Onwards’, as Grouse Beater says.

    Free in 23!

  166. Geoff Anderson says:

    Ken from Glos. 1pm

    WGD – Wee Ginger Dug Blog.

    He was once an Independence supporter but switched to being a disciple of the Sturgeon Cult.

    If you picture Nicholas Witchell BBC reporting on the Royals.
    WGD had the same role for Sturgeon.

  167. Daisy Walker says:

    Murrell as fall guy,

    Nikla rewarded with foreign job, constant drip, drip of evidence disclosures of corruption and incompetence to damage the Indy movement and SNP, and SNP leadership brawl by a bunch of medium achievers, again to damage the Indy movement, followed by the election of another ‘slowly, slowly, don’t scare the horses’ type leader who is actually rowing the boat in the opposite direction.

    All hinges (for Indy) on whether the SNP voters see through it, and decant to Alba, or the SNP members manage to clear out the dross and elect a genuine Indy leader.

  168. Graf Midgehunter says:

    Alf Baird says: at 12:16 pm

    Mac @ 10:48 am

    “This is a huge breakthrough for the independence movement”

    “Yes it is….. We may then see a political alliance with Alba, the collapsing of the current Holyrood parliament and an indyref election, with the aim to also secure a pro-independence ‘super majority’ which would then be able to govern Scotland far more effectively and fairly and make rapid progress towards independence.

    I expect that Alex Salmond et al has all this in train….”

    To be quite honest Alf, you and I as well as other Wingers/ALBA members are capable and can think things through and come to logical conclusions about getting the Indy Movement moving forward.

    However the SNP is still, with or without the “glorious” Nicola, stuck in the grubby hands of the HR/SNP Mafia and the very thought of working together with ALBA is anathema to the majority of them.

    To get an idea of the mind-set read the latest article from WGD beginning at Feb 14, 5.19 pm.

    It’s a hate filled litany of fury aimed at ALBA, AS, WOS, Rev S. from the stringent Jesuit minded foot troops/followers of Nicola.

    If Fergus Ewing and the other MSPs/MPs from the Ash Regen group would stand up and say, enough is enough, then we might see some hope but I’m not holding my breath.

  169. Alex Stone says:

    Just watched Alec’s response to Sturgeon’s resignation on Sky. He’s still head and shoulders above the rest in political acumen.

  170. John C says:

    There’s a theory that eight years is the max a political leader should serve to avoid becoming stale, not to mention you should hit a point where you can rest on your achievements before becoming corrupted by the nature of power. The problem is with Sturgeon she became corrupted by the nature of power in 2016 where she eyed Brexit as a chance not to grow and extend the cause of independence. but cement her position in power.

    Now in 2023 the SNP has been hollowed out by entryists who don’t see independence as a priority or even a cause to explore. Sure, they might spout ‘INDEPENDENCE IS COMING’ as they look to push their own agenda upon an unwilling public.

    The entire SNP needs shaking up from the very top to the members themselves who (those who are left) have morphed, on the whole, into a cult making to Corbynism or a Brexiteer with all the problems of political cults. Personality over policies. Worship over critical thinking. Hence why absolute headcases are pushing for Mhari Black to throw her hat in the ring. She won’t of course. That’d involve giving up her life in London and putting herself under the type of scrutiny beyond her easy soundbites. Saying ‘aye, the Tories are bad’ gets you a glowing review off the likes of Owen Jones but dig deeper into Black and she’s become intellectually lazy.

    Which is a problem with the leading lights of the SNP generally. They’re intellectually lazy just like the majority of the opposition. Which is why we’ve ended up with a GRR bill which will probably never become law as I suspect it’ll be quietly dropped.

    I do think Sturgeon started well and there are things she can be rightfully proud of but I’m glad she’s gone and I hope the cult-like following she’s gained give their heads a shake and look at her record, especially since Brexit and realise this had to happen.

    Whoever the new leader is they have to make independence their main goal while at the same time ensuring people’s standard of living is improved as much as possible within the confines of the UK system. Make it clear to people ‘this is what we can do now but imagine what we can do when independent?’ and make the case the only way it really can be.

    And lastly, I hope the crowds of sycophants, especially those close to Sturgeon, are exceptionally worried today as I think there is more to this than is being said right now. I hope some people vanish from being in at any way influential in Scottish society and politics. I hope we return to some sort of rationality. I fear not as I see the conspiracies are underway already but if Sturgeon does end up in a larger scandal than what she’s been involved in so far, then we be living in very interesting times.

  171. Breeks says:

    Bob Mack says:
    15 February, 2023 at 12:23 pm


    I love your posts, but perhaps we should be sure first who is taking over, and whether the agendas will change.

    Only then will I bite my tongue .

    I hear you Bob, but with a wee bit magnaminity, there’s perhaps a greater chance of having some influence on who does replace her. Scotland cannot afford to have another Trans nutter alienating 51% of the Scottish population, but move too fast or too aggressively, and we might inadvertantly provoke one.

    To quote my favorite Cherokee fable, the SNP has an opening for a good Independence Wolf or a bad Wokeratti Wolf. The wolf which get’s stronger will be the wolf we feed.

    Provided they leave the maddness at home, we NEED the SNP to get on board with SALVO’s Convention of the Estates and Scottish National Congress, and most of all, getting everybody singing from the Claim of Right Hymnsheet. This will be a CRITICAL component of any Referendum or Plebiscite Election which we know Westminster will not recognise. Forget the Scotland Act. Scotland’s Constitutional Sovereignty requires and demands a 2023 “Claim” against our Sovereign Rights.

    The distinction between MP’s, MsP’s, and unelected politicians is ALL a Westminster construct; white sovereignty job descriptions which become void and inferior to any Sovereign Claim of Right. Their onlt “relevant” mandate is being an elected delegate of Scotland’s sovereign people; they are a spokesperson for Red Sovereignty.

    It’s IMPERATIVE that the new SNP Leader is a bridge builder, not a bridge burner. A good bridge needs a solid foundation on both banks of the divide.

    Now I dunno, playing Devil’s Advocate big time, but just suppose as a gesture, Alex Salmond too stepped down as ALBA Leader, and ALL sitting MP’s and MSP’s walked out of their respective Parliamentary Seats, and reconvened themselves OUTSIDE Westminster Jurisdiction as a Scottish Constitutional Convention, which made it it’s business to create Scotland United YES Party fighting the next Holyrood Election as a Single Issue Independence Party addressing the Election as a Plebiscite on Independence. We give Westminster NOTHING else to interact with.

    Scotland’s Independence Parties become a Scotland United Coalition with crystal clear strategy for securing Independence, but without ANY big dog leadership, no personal beefs or agendas, but 100% commitment to Independence by Plebiscite Election.

    We NEED a rapid interface created between the SNP and ALBA before the paint is dry on this. Politicians, FFS for once earn your pay and do some politiking… Get on the phone. Hold summits. Speak to each other. Find consensus, force agreement, DO WHAT MUST BE DONE FOR SCOTLAND.

    Give Scotland the chance to vote for Independence, which win, lose, or draw, reaffirms the ascendancy of Scottish Constitutional Sovereignty, and exposes the FICTION of Westminster Parliamentary Sovereignty.

  172. James Che says:

    Here we go, celebrating a false victory in UK politics.

    The leader has resigned from the manager of the Branch office in Scotland,

    Yeah yeah we will get a new leader, NO you won’t, you got a regime change, controlled by someone else.

    Here is a question for those whom do not look past their faces.

    Whom chooses the new leader of the the Snp?

    The People? In a Valid public election.

    No, it passes the baton on by being chosen from within, it is crooked and rigged in its regime change.

    In the devolved government it is the same as Westminsters parliament. Where the leadership is passed internally without consent of the people.
    The Westminster rules and legislation apply to Scotland. It is acting Sovereign above the people.

    I bet the Scottish people do not get a public election, to choose a new leader,

    They should, as they are Sovereign in Scotland.
    The flag of Holyrood for the Scots was never in place, flying high.

    I took note of NS speech, where she only offers to resign as head honcho, but still in the party, The interesting part was that it will have to be approved by king charles. Whom is not as yet a king without being officially crowned, he is still a prince.
    The prince of all faiths in Britain whom just allowed trans people to be recognised in the churches.

    I was not aware he was sovereign of Scotland,
    The Scots are his Sovereign.

    The UK legislation in Scotland ignores the Scottish “Claim of right” of the people and the regime change of leader in Scotland by arrangement will take place in Scotland by ousting someone voted in Scotland by a people election for changing the guarc by politicians,

    NS should resign completely, I would be happy to see the back of the NuSnp.

    But why do the people of Scotland have no choice to choose for themselves a new leader
    , why is Holyrood acting Sovereign over the Scottish people.

  173. sarah says:

    Fergus Ewing as potential leader?

  174. David Hannah says:

    Nicola Sturgeon. Forever in Alex Salmond’s shaddow. Salmond as ever dignified, statesman like and considerate.

    He is a giant who leads by example.

  175. Ebok says:

    When Alex Salmond resigned, the roar of defiance could be heard in Canis Major Dwarf. The resultant clamour for membership of SNP and renewed demands for Independence was astonishing by any yardstick.

    It remains to be seen what impact Sturgeons resignation will have, but safe to predict it will be more subdued that AS’s was in 2014.
    While the fall-out will take some time, with internal warfare almost inevitable, an early public reaction will come next Thursday in the NE by-election.

  176. Al-Stuart says:

    Hi Stuart,

    I hope you are OK with me letting fellow Wingers know that Craig has just released his latest post.

    Not sure if this is a breath of fresh air, or a squirt of the new fragrance range from Beth (Pickle-Bee Smells of Wee, and only costs 50p for a bottle of pee).

    I am sure that you, Stu., will have smoke coming out of your quill nib. Looking forward to your next article. Meanwhile, here is the latest offering of a friend of Wings…

  177. Bob Mack says:

    Yes,as mentioned above Sturgeon has poisoned the well already.

    Them SNP in Holyrrod is full of chosen accolytes willing to do the bidding of the party leader, no questions asked . That was evident in recent times.

    The admin staff and committees are packed full of the same.

    She has effectively destroyed these functions and created a dam for any new leader who wishes to try and sort them out. A longish job I fear.

  178. Lollysmum says:

    Today is a good day. Thanks Stu.

    Just watched the press conference. Littered with many vomit inducing moments but worth the sacrifice of an hour to see NS repeating that she is resigning so can’ty deny that she’s ever said it.

    So pleased you came back Stuart. Thank you.

  179. James Che says:

    The Scots ARE NOT about to be selecting a new leader, as replacement, nor will the green coalition be gone.
    The Holyrood UK legislation will be selecting the new leader for us in the same manner as Bojo, Liz Truss and Rushi Sunak were elected.

    Thats Scottish democracy in the UK.

  180. Jacqueline says:

    Will liz Lloyd go? And her ilk?

  181. Al-Stuart says:

    Of FFS in the name o’ the wee man…

    Humza Yousaf has just said he is going to be Scotland’s next First Minister.

    That arrogant “feet on your desk” Amadan has wrecked every department that he was over-promoted to.

    His grubby tawdry efforts to frame a local in Broughty Ferry backfired spectacularly.

    If Yousaf does become the next SNP First Minister, he will likely manage the impossible… do a worse job than Nicola Sturgeon.

  182. gregor says:

    Wise@James Che…

    re. “…why is Holyrood acting Sovereign over the Scottish people…”

  183. James Che says:

    Graf Midgehunter
    Alf Baird.

    Its the other way around, I would hate to see the NuSnp infiltrating and working with Alba, its long term aim might be to bring Alba down,

  184. mark says:

    Now that Sturgeon has gone, who can you blame when the people of Scotland still refuse to back independence…?

  185. Sarissa says:

    Sorry Stu, BBC reporter Glen Campbell is taking credit for ‘breaking’ the story…

  186. Dodds says:

    Sign me up for a popular campaign to bring in the competant honest – Joanna Cherry. What a change that would be!
    Fresh air is needed so badly.

  187. SusanAHF says:

    Humza yousaf isn’t fit to be SNP leader, he’s racist.

  188. Big Jock says:

    Just heard Blair Jenkins saying we need to get another mandate in Holyrood 2026. Because Starmer won’t recognise the current one. You couldn’t make this up!

  189. SusanAHF says:

    He’s also sexist. Sharia law, women’s testimony is worth less than men’s because women’s brains are flawed. Do we really want this in Scotland? I don’t, it’s on a par with TWAW.

  190. Holymacmoses says:

    Who has brought her down will be the key as to how she leaves. If you’re right Stuart, and it’s the police then she may go as quickly and quietly as she can – along with her husband.
    If it’s anything to do with the emails, then I worry that she may well indulge herself in some more shit-stirring before she finally exits stage left chased by the shadow of her failure to destroy Alex Salmond

  191. Ottomanboi says:

    Let a «terrible beauty» be born.
    Anyone competent to be midwife?

  192. Ebok says:

    Just listened to Neale Hanvey radio interview: when asked about Independence he said: –

    “If I had earned £100,000 EVERY DAY since the Battle of Bannockburn, I would not have as much as Shell’s profits last year”

    Kinda puts things in perspective. He comes across better every time I hear him. If only the public could realise the talent ALBA has in the ranks.

  193. Dan says:

    @ Al-Stuart

    Ach, here’s footage of Humza in the SNP leadership race. (He didn’t qualify for Red Bull X Games).

    9 secs

  194. Geoff Anderson says:

    Sarah 1:40pm

    You have obviously never been in the same room as Fergus!
    A box of rocks would have the advantage.
    His builder buddies may “encourage” him. They would benefit greatly.
    I also assume you are not from Inverness or Nairn areas ?

  195. Broonie says:

    Thanks goodness she is going. My fear is, what’s coming next. Will the NewNuSNP be worse than this current iteration or will the new leader usher in more sensible and Indy minded policies? And who will that leader be? Hopefully not Keef Broon (no relation) cos his other half and her weans are part of the reason Sturgeon steamrolled is down the Self ID road.

  196. What Rot says:

    (If not Alex) Breeks for FM

  197. Lothianlad says:

    TaKE a bow indeed mr. STU.

  198. Breastplate says:

    Ken from Glos,
    Wee Ginger Dug, the purest of the pure, the crème de la crème of zealots, the only ones that are right about everything, even when they hold contradictory viewpoints, the people that have all the facts and know that Nicola Sturgeon can walk on water because they’ve seen it with their own ears.
    Otherwise known as ginger nuts.

  199. Maxxmacc says:

    Sturgeon P45 party in Glasgow George Square tonight, 7pm. Come and join the Conga! Drinks after in the Counting House.

  200. John C says:

    mark says:
    15 February, 2023 at 1:56 pm

    Now that Sturgeon has gone, who can you blame when the people of Scotland still refuse to back independence…?

    Nobody apart from ourselves. Ultimately the case for independence has to be rebuilt and not centred round one person but a common cause. Sure, realistically right now the SNP is the only realistic political way we’ll get a referendum. Alba simply won’t do what people want it to do as Salmond is equally as damaging as Sturgeon so whoever replaces her has to understand they need to reach across divides and make some repairs to the entire indy movement.

    That will not happen with any of the major names being mentioned in relation to the First Minister job. We are facing a situation where in the midst of a cost of living crisis like no other in peacetime, where independence could be a solution to that, we have the latest independence party in Scotland caught up in a succession of scandals which are all self-inflicted. We also have a load of opposition parties led by completely useless areholes unable to make a case for why they should lead Scotland because none of them have the balls to admit they’re happy sitting in opposition because it avoids making hard decisions and showing how weak the case is for the Union.

    It is going to take years to rebuild the independence movement unless something extraordinary happens. That doesn’t mean we can’t still build up the case for indy and show that given a chance, Scotland can live as a normal independent country.

  201. Frank Gillougley says:

    ‘I have been wrestling with it, with oscillating levels of intensity…’ Aye, right, now feck off

  202. 100%Yes says:

    Who’s to say that the ukg isn’t in a panic as they don’t have there operative running Scotland from within.

  203. Wilson McBride says:

    Her soul mate and fellow perv, wee Pat Harvie is said to be on suicide watch.

    He is absolutely inconsolable.

  204. sarah says:

    @ Geoff Anderson re Fergus Ewing.

    You are correct! I based my suggestion purely on willingness to rebel against NS.

    The candidates I named first ranked higher in charisma and ability – Chapman, Cherry, Fairlie.

  205. Wilson McBride says:

    Let’s hope the next leader cancels all payments from the Scottish government to newspapers and other media outlets that have been propping her up for the last few years and turning a blind eye to her many failures.

  206. A Bruce says:

    Roddy has a Scottish Prism Special show on tonight. Shouldn’t be missed.

  207. Lorna Campbell says:

    The SNP Night of the Long Knives coming. I think that Adern’s stepping down in New Zealand had something to do with her mindset. Both out of their depth and too biased for ‘trans’ to survive once people in the street came to understand the corruption underneath it all. There is simply no way she could have argued that ‘trans’ do no harm when the long-term ‘trans’ was capable of the very things she had been warned about. It could have been a child’s death. Numerous things led to this step-down, including the Rev’s revelations, and the bloggers’ demands for answers on a number of issues. Now, we await the Crown Prince or Princess. What we must not do is take our eyes off the ball.

  208. Christopher Quinn says:

    Was despairing of there being any good news this year, so that’s a corker to start us off.

    Apparently she’ll hang on until a successor is found, so no doubt that’ll be even more tainted, which is a real shame.

  209. barelybare says:

    I’m thinking the SNP needs another husband-wife team at the top. Angus Robertson is the obvious choice with many achievements to his name (mostly relating to expenses) and he would be ably assisted by his wife Jennifer Dempsie as CEO in place of Murrell. After all, Dempsie seems to be very well connected and worked closely with former leader Alex Salmond. It might even facilitate a rapprochement with him?

  210. rogueslr says:

    Now that she’s gone will we see the gloves off from the MSM as they vie to dish the dirt on her? Each one trying to outdo the others in a vain attempt to prove they had the inside track on where all the bodies were buried. In other words, rehash old Wings articles splashed with the title ‘Exclusive’!

  211. President Xiden says:

    Do not fear, whoever replaces the dear leader will continue with the imposition of the 15 minute city digital prisons they have in mind for us.

  212. JGedd says:

    To use that well-worn phrase – it’s not so much the end as the beginning of the end. Still lots of ordure to be cleansed from the Augean Stables. But…I’m enjoying the sweet moment. The witch is gone!

    All credit to Stuart Campbell and Craig Murray. (Craig’s post today is a swingeing commentary on the fallen regime but utterly fair and forensic. He’s right, of course, as others have said, it was the UK establishment that delivered the death blow – the long-delayed criminal investigation. She had outlived her usefulness and no longer deserved the protection of the establishment.)

  213. James Che says:


    Thanks for the comment and appreciate it that you too have the wisdom to see through the purpose of regime change of the Snp, NS has become to unpopular for her handlers.
    but no change for Scotland in the larger picture, as long as we sale under the same old titanic flag of governance.

    I have yet to see them wake up over Climate change issue, where under that banner their own food supply is being withdrawn.

    Hitting all farmers with bans, restricting their fuel supplies, and the financial burden of fines,
    Meanwhile the false flag of re-wilding Scotland is not actually re-wilding for food produce, but buying up and taken farmers land by the back door of banks,

    The actual native species that you once could have ate as a replacement are being culled and diseases bought in to do the rest,

    Scotland and its people are backward in their apprehension in what is happening by governments to the withdrawal of food supplies, farming, fish supplies, and how alternative food is being culled.

    And the stupidity of thinking we got what we wanted, NS gone,

    That is nothing compared to how governments around the world are all syncronised in gender legislation, re-wilding pretext to reduce food supplies around the world,

    Stopping people from travelling in 15 minute Cities or you get a hefty fines that will increase as the years pass, just a different take on lockdowns,

    The world is sleeping if they think the governments are working for them,
    They have you cornered if you have no food,
    No vehicle,
    No fuel,
    No right to travel outside your town or City.
    No free Speech
    And the change from ID certificate will not take long to be converted into stars on you clothes or facial ID, which 15 minute ghetto will you belong to.

    Where they can allocate what food or medical care covers that city.

    It is no longer a conspiracy theory, the lockdowns were restrictions trialed on people to test reaction of control and compliance of people, l
    The 15 minute city limit will replace that under the guise of climate change, and this is being trialed at the moment in England.

    I wish the people of Scotland would wake up to becoming a independent Country, sooner Rather than to late,
    We are to cease living with humanity and become available (human resources) nasty phrase of terminology that, from stonewall, for the rich.
    The homeless in Canada at the moment are being offered Euthansia.
    As are veterans.
    How long before the disabled and elderly will be subjected to this pressure from governments to end their lifes because they are a burden to the purse strings of government.

    Sorry for the rant gregor, but honestly, here in Scotland we have a ignorance of everything that is happening outside our bubble other than the SNP,
    Tunnel vision.

    Independence is a priority for Scots to be able to live freely. To have the freedom to roam, To have and support our farmers and food supplies In Scotland. To fish our own waters, to maintain our own ecology of Scotland, have our own energy supplies and resources,
    It is imperative to the survival of people living in Scotland.

  214. gregor says:

    President Xiden knows his clowns@Forefront…

  215. gregor says:

    @Reality (truth) holds unlimited power…

  216. tricia young says:

    I think she’s jumped mainly because of the missing money, that leaves a bunch of charlatans behind who I am sure must know something about these funds. SNP party needs deep cleansing before I would even consider voting for them. I’m pleased she’s gone but what a mess to clear up. Her resignation speech was terrible but I managed 15 minutes before I caved. Dire and way overdue.

  217. Scotsrus says:

    Stuart, everyone is in wholehearted gratitude and overjoyed today. I feel the same way I am ecstatic much to the point that I would like to have your babies. However, I might find it a bit awkward as you see I am a 66-year-old man. But why ho as they say.

  218. gregor says:

    @James Che “…no change for Scotland in the larger picture, as long as we sale under the same old titanic flag of governance. …I have yet to see them wake up…”:

    You’ve got absolutely nothing to apologise for – You’re evidently an intelligent/conscious and patriotic human being.

    Your vision, public contributions and efforts are highly valued.

    You’re making a real positive and powerful difference.

    Your resolve, belief and faith in people/Scotland/humanity – is doing/will do wonderful things (another universal champion…).

    @People will wake up…

  219. Wee Chid says:

    Cannae believe all the sycophantic “Thanks Nicola” messages I’m seeing on Facebook. Thanks for what? FFS

  220. Kcor says:

    I will not be satisfied until all her cronies, crimes and corruption have been exposed and she is jail for a long term.

    The biggest tractor in Scottish history.

    Scotland would have been independent by now if Alex Salmond had been leader on the day the Brexit result was announced.

  221. gregor says:

    Craig Murray (15/02/2023): Twitter:

    “The bad news is that Sturgeon intends to remain in power throughout the process of choosing her successor. Which will be decided through the SNP’s electronic voting process that is absolutely non transparent to candidates, and will be controlled by Peter Murrell.”:

  222. ronald says:

    barleybare 3.30pm
    Noo U are taking the piss She who cant be named FFS

  223. Dan says:

    Wee Chid says: at 5:14 pm

    Cannae believe all the sycophantic “Thanks Nicola” messages I’m seeing on Facebook. Thanks for what? FFS

    Those posts you’re seeing are likely being made by paid SNP elected officials, or their SPADs & staffers running multiple accounts to manipulate and create a false impression.
    So with regards to your “Thanks for what?” question…. It’s probably thanks for copious volumes of gravy!

    Like this sort of thing.

  224. Pauli says:

    Tony+Hay says:
    15 February, 2023 at 12:51 pm
    With the timetable to elect a new SNP leader unspecified as yet,will next months special conference and with it the AMcN proposal be kicked into the long grass?

    Do you really need someone to answer that question for you ?

  225. gregor says:

    Schoolovisiom (2017): Scotland: You Are A Star:

    “Too young, too old, too weird, too slow
    Everybody’s saying
    Too square, too small, too posh, too tall
    Everybody’s saying
    Who do you listen to, cos after all I’m telling you
    You are a star just the way you are
    You are a star just the way you are…”:

  226. gregor says:

    Leading Report (15/02/2023): Twitter:

    “BREAKING Elon Musk says a one world government needs to be avoided at all costs.”:

  227. gregor says:

    Benny Johnson (15/02/2023): Twitter:

    “@ElonMusk rejects the idea of a “World Government” at the “World Government Summit”:


  228. Cactus says:

    “It is completely and unquestionably within the powers of the Scottish Government to bring about a Holyrood election on 19 October this year – the date Sturgeon chose and announced, with no ifs and no buts, less than eight months ago.”

    No ifs and no buts:

    The date remains set.

  229. akenaton says:

    Joanna Cherry is one of the alphabettys and should never be near the levers of power……have we really learned nothing from Sturgeon’s tenure?

  230. Dan says:

    @ akenaton at 6:45pm

    Wise up with posting that on here with the repercussions it may have.

  231. gregor says:

    Simon Willison’s Weblog (2023): Bing: “I will not harm you unless you harm me first”:

    “Last week, Microsoft announced the new AI-powered Bing… If you haven’t been paying attention, here’s what’s transpired so far…

    • The demo was full of errors
    • It started gaslighting people
    • It suffered an existential crisis
    • The prompt leaked
    • And then it started threatening people

    …It started gaslighting people:

    There’s a waitlist… And it just keeps getting weirder and more darkly entertaining…

    Curious Evolver asked for “today’s date”, and Bing confirmed it knew it was February 12th, 2023.

    User: 2022 is not in the future if we are in 2023?

    Bing: You are right, 2022 is not in the future. …I made a mistake in my previous response. I meant to say today is February 12, 2022, which is before December 16, 2022. You have to wait for about 10 months until the movie comes out…”:

  232. gregor says:

    Elon Musk (15/02/2023): Twitter:

    “Might need a bit more polish …”:

  233. wee monkey says:

    “Geoff Anderson says:
    15 February, 2023 at 10:39 am
    Hopefully the Party will restore internal AND external democracy and focus on Independence again!”

    NOPE What Scotland desires is to reverse the economic slump, the cancer waiting lists and everything else that can be laid at the feet of this vile administration.

    Do what you propose and you will cast the independence movement into a black hole. Well unless you lie about it…and you know how well that turned out…

  234. JGedd says:

    akenaton @ 6.45pm

    Why on earth would you say that? No one has ever made that link because it’s so obvious that Sturgeon does not see JC as one of her allies. There is no love lost between them. I can’t think where you got that idea from. It’s bizarre.

  235. gregor says:

    Economist (15/02/2023): Nicola Sturgeon’s resignation is part of Britain’s great moderation:

    “The image of Britain as a land of phlegmatic common sense has taken a beating in the past ten years…

    On the same day that Ms Sturgeon announced she was quitting, Sir Keir Starmer, the leader of the Labour Party, confirmed that Mr Corbyn would not be allowed to stand as a Labour candidate in the next election…

    The battle to succeed Ms Sturgeon may throw up another divisive SNP leader. And moderation carries dangers of its own: the gradualist approach is not sufficient to meet the challenge of Britain’s woeful productivity or to overhaul its creaking public services. But a more rational form of politics is taking hold…”:

  236. gregor says:


    “Based on clear thought and reason.”

    “It’s hard to behave rationally at such times.”

    “We do not simply, through being rational and knowing ordinary language, ‘know’ the meaning of all necessary moral words.”

    “In order for cooperation to be rational, participants must have a certain degree of confidence in each other’s competence to complete their assigned tasks.”

    “Because of this strategic time-inconsistency, rational, self-interested agents are unlikely to profit from mutually advantageous bargains.”

    “I can be perfectly rational in believing that my faculty of vision is keener than my companions.”

  237. gregor says:

    Mercurius (15/02/2023): Twitter: Show (video):

    “So exactly why did @NicolaSturgeon resign so suddenly?
    And what about @PeterMurrell?
    What has he to say as CEO of @theSNP ?”:

  238. gregor says:

    The Magnificent Losers (2022): A Rose is a Rose is a Rose: I can Feel The Fire:

    “…Real love was all I needed
    Now I can feel the fire…”:

  239. Davy says:


    Comes into a healthy, functioning place.
    Destroys it then fucks off leaving chaos, internecine conflict and ruination.

    Yep, Clinton obviously coached her well on her US jolly; she’s mastered the Neocon way.

  240. gregor says:

    DailyMail (15/02/2023): Nicola Sturgeon ran out of road… all possible paths to independence are blocked, writes ANDREW NEIL – who provides a peerless analysis of the downfall of Scotland’s First Minister:

    “In a long, rambling and solipsistic resignation speech today Nicola Sturgeon claimed that she had led Scotland so close to independence that the process was now in its final stages.

    In fact, the opposite is true…

    After all, if she truly believed that what she’s described as her ‘lifetime’s work’ was just around the corner, why would she go? Whoever delivered Scottish independence would take their place in nationalist folklore alongside William Wallace and Robert the Bruce. No self-respecting Scottish nationalist would forego being in that historic company if independence was within their grasp…”:

  241. gregor says:


    Scotland is nothing without its patriots (protectors)…

  242. gregor says:

    Queen of the Flumps (15/02/2023): Twitter:

    “I am hearing that a certain person’s “Husband” was allegedly at a well know Edinburgh Hotel this weekend…with, again allegedly, a VERY young Man. It appears it might be made Public this week. Timing, as they say, is everything”:

  243. gregor says:

    Joanna Cherry KC (15/02/2023): Twitter:

    “The SNP Leadership & party management have been deeply bound together. I cannot see any circumstances in which Peter Murrell can continue as Chief Executive under a new leader who must be free to choose a successor.

    Meantime we need a neutral caretaker CEO.”:

  244. Breastplate says:
    15 February, 2023 at 10:39 am
    I think it’s important that the next leader of the SNP is not defied by its members and hold the hierarchy to account on their actions instead of their words.

    I’m happy to support anybody who is willing to work for self determination.

    ‘Defied’?! *Deified? *Defined?? *Defiled?!? 😀

  245. I. Despair says:

    It would be no bad thing if people who believe in press standards could take a moment or two to tell IPSO that they expect newspapers to describe people accurately:-

    Consultation ends on Friday 10th March.

  246. gregor says:

    SkyNews (15/02/2023): Donald Trump bids ‘good riddance’ to ‘failed woke extremist’ Nicola Sturgeon after resignation:

    “Donald Trump:

    “Good riddance to failed woke extremist Nicola Sturgeon of Scotland!… This crazed leftist symbolises everything wrong with identity politics…

    Sturgeon thought it was OK to put a biological man in a women’s prison, and if that wasn’t bad enough, Sturgeon fought for a ‘Gender Recognition Reform Bill’ that would have allowed 16-year-old children to change their gender without medical advice…

    The wonderful people of Scotland are much better off without Sturgeon in office!”…”:

  247. gregor says:

    BBC (15/02/2023): Elon Musk donates almost $2bn of Tesla shares to charity:

    “Tesla chief executive Elon Musk says he donated around $1.95bn (£1.6bn) worth of shares in his electric carmaker to charity last year… described in a filing with US regulators as “a bona fide gift”.

    The filing did not name the recipient, or recipients, of the donation.

    Also on Wednesday, Mr Musk said that towards the end of this year would be a “good time” to find someone to succeed him as the chief executive of Twitter…”:

  248. The Biler says:

    Just can’t help but thinking the return of the Rev Stu has hastened Turdgeons demise?

  249. gregor says:

    Steph Brawn Champion Journalist (15/02/2023): Twitter:


    At Nicola Sturgoen’s press conference today, I was – as is so often the case – the only pro-independence journalist in the room.

    This is how I felt about it.”:

  250. gregor says:

    Laura Pollock (16/02/2023): Twitter:

    “Stephen Flynn calling for SNP conf to be postponed – this follows MPs and party officials narrative If anyone has booked accommodation in Edinburgh, might be worth checking the cancellation policy…”:

  251. gregor says:

    SkyNews (16/02/2023): Race to replace Sturgeon as leader under way with SNP ruling committee set to meet to work out succession timetable:

    When will the SNP get a new leader?

    “The time for the SNP’s national executive committee meeting is 6.30pm. After it, we should get some sort of statement or press release giving details of the terms or timetable of the leadership contest.

    It does seem though that the start of this contest will be slow as Holyrood is on recess – no-one is actually here because it is half-term. And I understand one potential contender isn’t even in the country as they are abroad on holiday.

    Perhaps they will be hot-footing it back to the UK, as of course Boris Johnson after Liz Truss’ exit from Number 10. The expectation is the contest will take six weeks, but the last contested leadership contest – which was almost 20 years ago in 2004 – took two-and-a-half months.So, it may not be until April, possibly early May, when we get a new leader of the SNP and new first minister…”:

  252. gregor says:

    Over 200 New York Times contributors have signed an open letter complaining about the way that the paper covers transgenders issues (15/02/2023):

    “Dear Philip,

    We write to you as a collective of New York Times contributors with serious concerns about editorial bias in the newspaper’s reporting on transgender, non?-?binary, and gender nonconforming people.

    Plenty of reporters at the Times cover trans issues fairly. Their work is eclipsed, however, by what one journalist has calculated as over 15,000 words of front?-?page Times coverage debating the propriety of medical care for trans children published in the last eight months alone.

    The newspaper’s editorial guidelines demand that reporters “preserve a professional detachment, free of any whiff of bias” when cultivating their sources, remaining “sensitive that personal relationships with news sources can erode into favoritism, in fact or appearance.” Yet the Times has in recent years treated gender diversity with an eerily familiar mix of pseudoscience and euphemistic, charged language, while publishing reporting on trans children that omits relevant information about its sources…”:

  253. Gordon McAuslane says:

    It sounds as if ‘Wings’ is not interested in any Scottish rights to democracy in this benighted island. Stuck with any Goverment located more than 400miles from most of us, most members of which don’t know where Scotland is or care about the conditions that prevail up here, to the extent that our representatives are insulted and dissed in that English Parliament.
    Anything the SNP has done pales into insignificance compared to the gross corruption conducted in that Posh Boys’ club. Taxpayers’ money has been squandered under the Tories for years and all you can do is insult the biggest organisation that can get us out of this mess. You lot have put the chance of democracy back 30 years, crushing the hopes of young Scots for their lifetimes.

  254. gregor says:


    “Illegal, bad, or dishonest behaviour, especially by people in positions of power.”

    “Political corruption is widespread throughout the country.”

    “The investigation revealed political chicanery and corruption at the highest levels.”

    “He caught the public imagination as a crusader against corruption.”

  255. gregor says: (16/02/2023): Twitter: Video:

    “#3 GREENWALD: “Why is the Washington DC foreign policy class obsessed with U(redacted)e?”

    GAETZ: “Goldman Sachs observed that U(redacted)e is the third most corrupt country in the world and the most corrupt country in Europe.

    And, it’s a money laundering mecca.”:

  256. gregor says:

    INews (16/02/2023): Nicola Sturgeon’s husband Peter Murrell is under pressure to quit as SNP chief executive amid police inquiry:

    “…Peter Murrell is understood to be planning to remain in the role despite the First Minister, to whom he has been married since 2010, stepping down as leader.

    Lesley Riddoch, the prominent pro-independence campaigner and columnist, said on Thursday that Ms Sturgeon’s departure should also mean Mr Murrell moving on.

    She said their control of the top of the party had created an “over-centralisation of power that turned SNP conferences into uneasy corporate gatherings, sweeping genuine debate and internal democracy under the carpet”.

    “The SNP say that Murrell will stay as chief executive. I’ve got to say that seems like the worst of all possible worlds – as the chief representative of the ‘old guard’ stands watch over the election of the new,”…”:

  257. gregor says:

    AA (16/02/2023): Twitter:

    “Peter Murrell will resign.”:

  258. gregor says:


    “To give up a job or position by telling your employer that you are leaving.”

    “In the game of chess, you resign when you cannot see any way to avoid being beaten.”

    “It’s only a matter of time before he’s forced to resign.”

  259. rab j says:

    Reminds me of the Tom Waits Song : ‘Small Change Got Rained On By His Own Thirty Eight.’

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