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An innocent man

Posted on March 23, 2020 by

Today a mostly-female jury drawn from the most Unionist city in Scotland and directed by a female judge delivered the only verdict it was credibly possible to reach on the (total absence of) evidence before it: that Alex Salmond was not guilty of any crime.

After two weeks hearing an assortment of lurid allegations from former friends and colleagues hidden behind cloaks of public anonymity, the jury – having been advised by the prosecuting counsel that they were the sole arbiters of fact – decided that there was no truth to them.

Since the two most serious charges, in particular, were both matters of the accuser’s word against that of the accused, and the two parties gave completely irreconcilable accounts of the facts (rather than competing interpretations of agreed events), it can only be the case that one side was lying absolutely, and the jury decided that it was the anonymous accusers who were doing so.

It remains to see whether there will be a legal reckoning for those lies. But more than one sort of reckoning will surely follow from these events.

Because to the surprise of many Yessers who considered the whole trial a Unionist conspiracy, it transpired that in fact every accusation had come from people who’d been on Alex Salmond’s own team – either his political colleagues or his staff.

The Scottish Government and the notionally-Scottish civil service had first colluded on a private investigation which was both so ham-fisted and so unlawfully biased that it collapsed in a shambles which has cost the Scottish taxpayer over £600,000.

Even the Times – no cheerleader for Alex Salmond by a very long chalk – was so appalled at the flagrant crookedness of the proceedings that it called for the head of Leslie Evans, permanent secretary to the Scottish Government and the most senior civil servant in Scotland.

Instead, the Scottish Government inexplicably chose to not only uphold but extend her contract – a decision which is ultimately made by the First Minister of Scotland.

It is at Nicola Sturgeon’s personal discretion that Leslie Evans remained in her post and indeed received a further endorsement, leading to widespread mutterings that Evans, in the common parlance, must surely “know where the bodies are buried”.

The fact that Evans’ catastrophically botched and dishonest inquiry did not, in the end, bring about the imprisoning of an innocent man for perhaps the rest of his life is one of the few meagre positives of this entire fiasco. But the ordeal which Alex Salmond has been forced through for the last several years is one which someone, or several someones, ought in any fair society to be made answerable for.

(I have some small sense myself of the stresses both of a high-profile and terrifyingly expensive court case and of being wrongfully arrested on wholly fictional harassment allegations, and what Alex Salmond has endured is orders of magnitude greater, so I both empathise and admire his fortitude. Costs are not awarded in criminal trials so even as a completely innocent man he stands financially ruined by his enormous legal bill, certain to be hundreds of thousands of pounds.)

That this trial ever reached a court is a gravely worrying matter. Allegations of serious sexual assault must always be taken seriously and investigated fully, but what the trial revealed is that not a shred of evidence supported any of the charges in the case.

Scots law uniquely requires corroboration, and despite several of the alleged offences supposedly occurring in full public view in locations thronged with people, not a solitary witness observed any of them. The Crown’s only hope of securing a prosecution was therefore to rely on the enormously disturbing “Moorov doctrine”, a 90-year-old facet of Scots law whereby the prosecution collecting sufficient unproven innuendos together somehow magically transforms them into solid evidence.

In order to avail itself of this sorcery, the prosecution trawled three decades of Alex Salmond’s political life at both Westminster and Holyrood, interviewing close to 400 people, and managed to scrape up a derisory handful of allegations – all but one from a four-year period between 2010 and 2014, the exception being from 2008 – of such startling triviality that many observers found themselves unable to believe such things could ever be considered crimes.

(The nadir being the claim that Salmond had “pinged” a colleague’s curly hair in a lift, in the presence of at least one other person.)

Not all of the allegations made it as far as the court, with several – including some which had been the subject of prominent media coverage – being quietly dropped prior to or during the trial, presumably on the grounds of being too laughable.

But jurors were asked to believe that women Alex Salmond had known for many years, and who occupied senior roles in politics, were too terrified to object when he touched their leg in a car during a 30-second journey (despite there being a large fixed armrest between them which would have made such an act impossible without it being very obvious to the other people in the car).

They were also asked to accept that it amounted to criminal behaviour corroborating an attempted-rape charge to recount to an adult woman an anecdote about the sexual misadventures of a well-known Scottish political journalist from the Herald newspaper, even though the “victim” had by all accounts gleefully repeated the same story to her own colleagues the next day.

Jurors were also asked to believe that a string of women who’d had a powerful man sexually assault or attempt to rape them elected not to report this extremely serious matter to the police, but to get together with some senior SNP officials and store up the allegations for use in case Salmond ever attempted to return to politics.

And by a remarkable coincidence the allegations duly came to light in August 2018 – shortly after he’d signalled that intent, in May of the same year:

It wasn’t until Alex Salmond successfully sued the Scottish Government over Leslie Evans’ shambolic inquiry that the police were informed of the claims and became involved, which cynical readers might interpret as less a cry for justice than an attempt to deflect attention from the collapse of the inquiry and its crooked nature.

Remarkably, despite Alex Salmond having been a politician for over 20 years and First Minister for more than seven, there wasn’t a single allegation from all his time at Westminster. There wasn’t one allegation from a member of the public, nor from any of the many female journalists who’d interviewed him alone in hotel rooms and the like.

Every single accuser came from a very small circle within the SNP, or civil servants very closely connected to that circle – a circle at whose centre sit Nicola Sturgeon and Leslie Evans. We must note that no evidence directly links the First Minister to the events of the case, just as no German government document from 1939 to 1945 exists which explicitly connects Adolf Hitler to the Holocaust.

Readers may or may not draw their own conclusion from those facts.

The Scottish media, it probably goes without saying, covered itself in disgrace during the trial. Reports from the courtroom were extraordinarily selective, and always selective in favour of the same side. This site was fortunate in having sources very close to the case to relate what had really happened and what the media had left out.

(Again I can confirm from my own personal experience during the Kezia Dugdale case that this is a modus operandi for the Scottish press rather than a coincidence.)

Observers suspected of harbouring sympathies for the defence side rather than the prosecution side were simply excluded from the court for most of the proceedings. Fortunately the jury heard what the Scottish public were not told.

This included details of the most unfathomable and worrying occurrence of the trial – the evidence of a celebrity present at a Bute House dinner on the evening of the most serious charge, the attempted rape of Woman H.

The media reported that the celebrity remembered Woman H being at the dinner, based on video of a police interview with him during the investigation.

The reality was that his recollection was far more vague and equivocal (and also contradicted Woman H’s evidence in several ways), but he was not called as a witness to be cross-examined by the defence. This site finds it quite extraordinary that such a piece of potentially key evidence should be ruled admissible without the possibility of scrutiny, and is yet to hear any explanation of why that would be the case.

The fact that the celebrity is in isolation over the coronavirus would not prevent evidence by video link, for example. But if such an arrangement is not possible then it seems wildly improper that the evidence would be allowed to stand, particularly given that a witness who said Woman H was NOT at the dinner – flatly contradicting the celebrity’s supposed account – WAS robustly and extensively cross-examined and had her evidence challenged.

We could spend several thousand words going over the holes in each of the individual charges, and the facts revealed about them in court which were never conveyed to the public by a media more intent on keeping up a constant stream of shock-horror headlines covered by the tiny figleaf of quotemarks.

There are additional deeply concerning facts about the case which even now we’re not certain we’re at liberty to reveal. We’ll tell you whatever we can establish we’re legally able to. Either way more details are likely to emerge in the coming days, weeks and months, though perhaps the coronavirus crisis will serve as a grim distraction to spare some blushes.

But let there be no mistake – while justice was done in the end, the events surrounding the trial of Alex Salmond are murky and dirty and suspicious in the extreme, from the highest levels all the way down, and it will be the gravest injustice imaginable if nobody pays a price for them. Only time will tell if that’s the case.

What we know for sure is that Alex Salmond walks away from the court a free man without a stain on his character, found innocent of even the least of the accusations against him. What he chooses to do next with that freedom is something this site will watch with very keen interest.

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946 to “An innocent man”

  1. mike cassidy says:


    “Salmond has won one battle. Now another will begin”

  2. jfngw says:

    I see some reaction that ‘now is not the time’ to ask for resignations for those who organised this attempt to have a man sent to prison for what would effectively be the rest of his life.

    They are using the virus as cover in the hope they can hold on and some keep their wildly generous salaries for a bit longer, perhaps even till the end of their contracts.

    We must not let this happen, these were not trivial accusations that can merely be ignored because the people at the top want it to be that way. In the hope that the public will forget or become bored. Action must be taken soon or it looks to me like all of them are part of it.

  3. Scottish Gov,who is allowed to work,

    5. What about gardeners or window cleaners?
    People working alone, providing community services such as gardeners or window cleaners can continue to work.

    “If they can go about their business safely this can be good for the community and we would encourage them to do so,” said Ms Sturgeon.

  4. Bob Mack says:

    The Alex Salmond affair is our business, but I think we must let Alaex take the lead . He will seek retribution from those who have wronged him, in his own time,and we must allow that to happen.

    Certainly we are getting strong signals from people in the know about this affair that it may involve people we formerly respected.

    So be it, and let the dice fall as they may . We must focus on Indy . It is bigger than any of them,and much more important.

  5. Dorothy Devine says:

    Famous15, once travelling back from Aberdeen through the lovely countryside ,windows open to stop small children and me from being car sick , my then 5 year old made the statement , “That smell is giving my nose a headache” – and we all knew what she meant.

    jfngw, agree entirely . If they try to use the old ‘good day for burying bad news ‘ routine it is up to all of us to keep the fire burning.

    I don’t think I have ever been so shocked by the flimsiest/dodgiest of cases being backed by police and procurator which lessens my trust in both – I’m not talking about our lads on the street with whom I have been impressed on every indy march , it has to be the top dogs and they have a deal to answer , sooner not later.

  6. jackie says:

    A wee bit off topic, regarding BBC news coverage.

    I think it is only fair that you pay for the coverage that is relevant to you.

    So imo, england should pay 98% of their licence fee, Scots 1%, Wales 0.5% and N Ireland 0.5%.

    Or do as I do and give the bastards F+++ A++.

  7. Golfnut says:

    @ Breeks 6:58.

    Well said, and the only way we will get to the incontrovertible truth is through the courts.

  8. jfngw says:

    The important thing now is we keep the baby and just dispose of the bathwater. Can we clear out the SNP of the cabal that seem to have taken over the top of the party but still keep the party intact. It’s going to be a hard job and the silence from many elected representatives about AS infers this may be deeper than we realise.

  9. Scottish Questions before PMQs,

    cue Ian Murray telling the English how shi@e Scotland is,

    followed by David Mundell telling the English how shi@e Scotland is,

    followed by Christine Jardine telling the English how shi@e Scotland is,

    with Secretary of State for Scotland Alister Jack agreeing that Scotland is totally shi@e and can`t understand why the great nation of England puts up with us shi@e Scots.

  10. Republicofscotland says:


    Kevin McKenna’s piece in the National today really hits the nail on the head.

  11. Rm says:

    Once this virus has cleared hopefully won’t be too long and hopefully not a lot more people will succumb to it, the world will have to change the way it thinks, everything is about making profit, health, fresh water, electricity should be publicly run, why do we need nuclear weapons or submarines stored in Scotland, clear out the the top tier of the SNP government and replace them with real talented patriots who’ll push to change Scotland, what Scotland have gave to the world is staggering but most Scots don’t know about it, what we can do in the future can be even more staggering then every Scot will have pride in our own Independent country again free from union, better joining the Scandinavian Country’s they seem to look after their people ok, we’re a rich country look after the people first then profit will come.

  12. K1 says:

    Could someone archive that McKenna article, the National is impossible to access unless you have a subscription and it just won’t load the whole article even when it eventually lets you see the first paragraph.

  13. robertknight says:

    Breaking News…

    Prince Charles tests positive for Unemployment.

  14. auld highlander says:

    R @ 10.47

    Where does he go to sign on at Balmoral?

    He has been hiding there for a few days now and I bet there are plenty test kits available too.

    An old ww2 song jumps to mind.

  15. Effijy says:

    Thank You Breastplate,

    I cant accept this issue that most of us must get the virus so its best to try and keep the numbers in a steady stream heading of to hospital.

    My elderly Mum has respiratory issues and if she is to catch this she is finished. She does have a good quality of life overall but a cold will see her hospitalised for a few days.

    I have 2 colleagues undergoing cancer treatment that destroys the immune system and a friend just back from heart by-pass surgery.

    By accepting they should be In the queue to catch the virous we accept that they are to die.

    My thought is we must isolate as many people as possible now, Construction workers and self employed workers must have their incomes guaranteed so that they isolate, we must ensure every NHS Worker has all the safety and life saving equipment they could ask for immediately.

    We all stay indoors until the numbers virtually disappear.
    If odd cases crop up then they must be tested unlike before
    as we didn’t have the capability.
    Positive cases must name everyone and everywhere that they have been in contact with and they must be isolated and tested and property deep cleaned.

    This is going to cost a lot of money but we all know its just printed paper these days. The days of having gold bars in a vault somewhere to pay the barer of Pound Notes passed a very long time ago.

    Could you reach a financial sum where you would say that would be too much to save the lives of your children and grand children?

    The easiest decision in this crisis is to pay any sum of money necessary to rid ourselves of the killer virus.

    Let us all stay at home to cut off the daily routines that allow the virus to spread. This will gradually reduce the numbers requiring treatment and it gives more time to set up testing stations, deep clean companies and research a vaccine.

  16. cynicalHighlander says:


    Some of us don’t subscribe.

  17. John H. says:

    In his article Iain Macwhirter says that Alex Salmond is going to write a book in the coming months, naming names. That will be a very interesting read.

  18. Effijy says:

    Just seen the Daily Hail Fascist News Headlines.

    They use that same old shite about a Well Placed Source, code for they just made this up as they have nothing to go on, advised
    Alex Salmond is now gearing up to fight for the SNP Leadership again?

    Also states that Ms Cherry and Ms Surgeon hate each other so much that they cannot be in the same room with each other?

    Ms Cherry is positioned to be AS No 2 and has asked for his reinstatement into the party he stood down from before the fake trial.

    A very reliable, trusted and well placed Daily Hail Editor has revealed that Boris has ordered hundreds of thousands of pairs of Jack Boots for the English Army and is busy growing a small moustache which he has dyed black.

    He has put together a seed fund to investigate an invasion of Poland as so many want to live in the UK.

    I’d believe my story before anything I read in the solution to the toilet roll shortages.

  19. Liz g says:

    Oh..FFS….Auld Charlie brought himself and his infection tae
    Scotland…..His family took their other issues tae Canada..
    It’s almost as if England is only fur the good times…
    Wonder if they know they’re only popular in their own country and they are not wanted here by most?

  20. Breeks says:

    cynicalHighlander says:
    25 March, 2020 at 10:55 am

    Some of us don’t subscribe.

    Aye, we’re in this together now Prince Charles has brought Corona Virus to his Scottish Holiday home….

  21. galamcennalath says:

    So, why is Charles Windsor at his family’s holiday house in the Scottish Highlands and not at home in London?

    Why are the clear guidelines being flaunted?

    Of course, the rules don’t apply to the ‘special people’.

    Anyways, I do hope he recovers fully from this nasty virus. It could be any of us next. No one is (quite literally) immune.

  22. Breastplate says:

    Thanks Effigy,
    I wasn’t promoting the idea of high risk individuals contracting the virus, quite the reverse, they need to isolate until it is safe to mix with the public. The timescale is a concern for me.

    For instance, if the virus is defeated in here when do we open our borders?
    If and when the virus is eradicated here because it has run out of host bodies you can be certain it will again be imported if we open our borders up.
    Do we open our borders up to everyone? Do we open our borders to some countries? If so, who do they open their borders up to.
    Do we keep our borders closed until Covid 19 is eradicated globally?
    Do we all sit tight until a vaccine is developed? How long will that take?
    If and when a vaccine is developed how many vaccines will we need?
    How long will it take to immunise everyone that needs it?

    There are noises that there may be a vaccine available by the end of this year, I’ve no idea on the probability of this but even if that were the case 20% of the global population would be in a queue for it.
    I’m guessing we are in for a very long wait.

  23. Pete says:

    Pleased to see you enjoy reading the Daily Mail.
    I love Littlejohn.

  24. Dr Jim says:

    As English pensioners escaping England’s uncontrollable outbreak of Corona virus are fleeing to Scotland Charlie Sax Coburg Windsor is found to have tested positive for the disease, he and wife Camilla Von Shafft Bowles are said to be resting

    Mr Sax Coburg Windsor qualified for the test under the *at risk* category

  25. Stoker says:

    Craig Murray wrote on 24 March, 2020 at 2:40 am:

    “that’s not quite the full picture. A charging officer in the police will do a first assessment of whether it’s worth passing on to the Crown Office. In this case I have no doubt the Police and Crown Office have acted massively corruptly – political rather than financial corruption.

    Once the truth is known, it will astonish people it was Alex who was charged rather than others charged for conspiracy to pervert the course of justice.”

    Thanks for the response Craig. Oh i’m very well aware it’s not the full picture but at the end of the day i’m still correct. It’s not the police who get the final say if charges are to be laid against the accused or not.

    And i agree wholeheartedly with you that if any high-ranking police officer (desk jockeys) are involved in any form of corruption in any of this then they should be landing straight in the dock pronto. Not being allowed to retire into obscurity with all the added benefits etc. But it will certainly not include ordinary beat-bobbies.

    And like many others i can’t wait for all to be revealed but on seeing there’s other charges pending from down south, apparently, i don’t think we’ll get to know anything for a very long time now. Talk about extracting teeth from a chook? Can’t even begin to know how Alex or Moira are feeling.

    If these new charges are genuine and just not media BS the whole thing stinks even more of witch hunt with the English charges set-aside as a “safety net” for Evans & Co to get another dig at Alex.

    Sturgeons only words so-far on the Scottish farce was to say something along the lines of: No doubt we will be discussing this some more in the coming days. Then the next thing we’re reading is there’s more charges in the offing.

    Ridiculous! And *very* targeted.

    PS: I have been wondering if the reason certain evidence, statements or whatever was not allowed in the Scottish farce was because it’ll be used in the pending English one? Just a thought!

    PPS: Could be very wrong but i can’t help thinking, due to my inquisitive & sceptical personality, there’s been a few high profile departures from the SNP recently. Genuine? Suspicious? Getting out before shit hits fan? MMmmm, Suppose time will tell.

  26. Frank Gillougley says:

    Dr Jim,

    As the Royale correspondent 😉 Errh, if Charles croaks it, is Andrew next in line? Just askin for a friend.

  27. callmedave says:


    Yes! I was listening last night on radio 5 to stories of nurses ‘darn Sarf’ having to set their clocks on the night shift to run out and move their cars in the Hospital car parks while on duty or sleeping in the hospital to do extra shifts. £7 for 2 hrs. 🙁
    A Disgrace.

    on a lighter note (car radio) about 20mins ago a labour MP wifie arguing for a ‘National Cobra Committee’ to incorporate labour MP’s and other experts like…. (wait for it)

    Gordon Brown! who has experience of the Bank Crisis and the past Foot ‘in’ Mouth episode…Jings!

    (no spelling mistake for the Foot in Mouth above)

  28. jfngw says:

    The question is why were these royals not tested before they traveled to Scotland bringing their pox with them. And what of national importance was he doing that allowed him to mingle with people. The royals basically do nothing of national importance, their sole purpose is to make sure their dynasty is everlasting, they really have no other ambition.

  29. Republicofscotland says:

    “Prince Charles tests positive for Unemployment.”


    Yeah the royal parasite in hiding out in Scotland right now.

  30. Dr Jim says:

    @Frank Gillougley 11:25am

    Next in line to the Royal Germanic throne of England and its provinces and territories after the Prince formerly known as Charlie would be his eldest child Prince William of the probably not call himself William of Orange

    Ah England a country that doesn’t know you can’t have a democracy and a monarchy at the same time unless they call it a *Monochracy*? I’m sure they’ll think of a title eventually, they like titles in the UK of Great Britain England Empire

  31. Republicofscotland says:

    “cynicalHighlander says:
    25 March, 2020 at 10:55 am

    Some of us don’t subscribe.”

    Neither do I, I read it in the paper version.

  32. ‘Don’t flee to the highlands to avoid the virus!’ You’ll spread it. Don’t use your holiday home!’
    Not leading by example.

  33. Graf Midgehunter says:

    Charles is the Prince of Wales, heir to the throne, so what the fck is he doing in Scotland?

    The parasite and full-time actor should pi** off to Wales and take his parents with him.

  34. Republicofscotland says:

    We’ve lost the battle but we’ll win the war, Leslie Evans on Salmond after Salmond successfully sued the Scottish government last year.

    A very interesting piece by MacWhirter.

  35. jfngw says:

    Lots of people on twitter declaring what should and shouldn’t be opened. Of course it’s probably tainted by what they see as important, if it’s something they use personally then I suspect they would also be raging that they cannot have the thing fixed.

    Seen people claim fridges, freezers, washing machines, cookers are effectively luxury items and if yours break then you will just need to manage without them (it was a man of course, who probably only has a passing acquaintance with many of the items and doesn’t mind warm beer). Doesn’t really gel with only doing one shop a week we are being advised,

    Many occupations are actually important to the country/safety, even my boiler maintenance, it’s dangerous not to have a gas boiler serviced as I found out when mine had an undetected gas leak (it’s sealed so you couldn’t smell it).

    So I just wished people would wind it in with there holier than thou shit.

  36. JGedd says:

    K1 @10.40am

    Republicofscotland @ 10.28am has the article.

  37. Republicofscotland says:

    Chris McEleny wants immediate action.

    “The business convener of

    must now take immediate action in suspending staff members that the trial heard held information (on allegations rejected by the jury) to politically damage Alex. To act otherwise is a dereliction of duty.”

  38. mike says:

    The SNP branches ……let’s hear from them.

  39. jfngw says:


    I agree, I’m afraid when and organisation has become corrupt sometimes a bomb need to go off to clear out the situation.

    The woke brigade seem to have infiltrated many organisations, I believe even Children in Need gave money to mermaids which is in my opinion a political pressure group rather than a charity. This infiltration has been a long term project that they see it as near completion, it needs to be stopped.

    It plays on the desire to be seen as progressive and then feted on the world stage by other politicians also fallen to the woke mesmerisation.

  40. HYUFD says:

    Nats now celebrating the illness of the heir to the throne, despicable. Balmoral is a royal estate and as heir to the throne Charles would be tested as any Vice President would be. Unionists will remind moderate Scots of this

  41. Frank Gillougley says:

    Dr. Jim 11.38

    Thank you for your exposition ther.
    A veritable paradigm of clarity it wis n aw.
    I presume as royale correspondent, yer joab’s safe?

  42. jackie says:

    Blackford should have told the english PM at PMQs to take back his desease ridden parasite Prince.

    And Blackford should have told the english parliament to tell their citizens to stay out if Scotland.

    We stay in a beautiful country and don’t need desease ridden bastards from South of our border coming here to infect us.

    New border post message should read,,

    No English allowed past this point”

  43. James says:

    FUD’s farting again….

  44. jackie says:

    Blackford should have told the english PM at PMQs to take back his desease ridden parasite Prince.

    And Blackford should also have told the english parliament that their citizens should stay out if Scotland.

    We stay in a beautiful country and don’t need desease ridden bastards from South of our border coming here to infect us.

    New border post message should read,,

    “No English allowed past this point,,,go home”

  45. Breastplate says:

    Unlike you, many here don’t succumb to idol worship of the Monarchy. I believe that to be a predominantly British Nationalist affliction.
    I couldn’t care less that he is heir to your throne or not he should be criticised if criticism is due.

    Why don’t you want The People of Scotland to make and be responsible for our own decisions?

  46. Mist001 says:

    RE The Herald article, referenced by Republicofscotland above.

    “There have been calls from anti-rape campaigners to abolish the jury system in rape trials”

    That’s a VERY weird thing to write because it implies that there are also campaigners actively in favour of rape or at least, groups who tolerate rape.

  47. admiral says:

    Graf Midgehunter says:
    25 March, 2020 at 11:50 am
    Charles is the Prince of Wales, heir to the throne, so what the fck is he doing in Scotland?

    Selfish rich bastard and his parasite wife put totally unnecessary strain on the SNHS at a time of medical emergency is a headline you won’t see in the Scottish press.

  48. jfngw says:


    We tug our forelock to nobody, royalty are the servant of the sovereign Scottish people, unlike yourself. He shouldn’t have been in Scotland in the first place spreading his pox.

  49. dakk says:

    So the government dictat of ‘stay at home’ is being flouted by the next in line to throne.

    Prince Charles has many homes, but Balmoral is not one of them.

    Clarence House in London is his official residence,and Highgrove is his official family residence whatever that is.

    He is no better than the camper van refugees fleeing the big city red zones.

  50. So after 10 years and 2 years on planning(intensive or other wise) The court case to demonise Alex Salmond came to an end.Why was it brought to court? to split Scottish supporters,to split the S.N.P.To cause a rift between Alex and Nicola.Ten women given secrecy,and an open target waiting to prove his innocence.A union press smelling blood,”Guilty to be proved innocent(English Law”) I am all for women,s rights ,protection etc.Nicola blindsided by a new law brought in,and a discredited civil servant,Leslie Evans,worked with David Mundell!!seized on this new situation to make trouble??and asked for help from Judith Mc Kinnon.Leslie had suspect dealings from time in Edinburgh.Over2 years plenty of visits to London??Now they want to have another go at Alex,via the Times.This time they should be cleaning up a CORRUPT WESTMINSTER of Paedophiles,Sex Pests and Child Molesters.

  51. Jason Smoothpiece says:

    Re the royal family I think I detect a lack of respect on here for that great institution.

    The royal family has said quite clearly that they will do everything they can to assist in this terrible situation.

    What about princess Beatrice she has had to downscale her wedding plans I don’t hear anyone discussing that on here.

    The royal family do so much for us ungrateful proles for example ……………… anyway how is Prince Andrew keeping don’t hear much about him now, why is that?

  52. HYUFD says:

    Breastplate and jfngw Prince Charles is a descendant of Mary Queen of Scots and as much Scottish as English. Balmoral has been owned by the royal family since the mid 19th century. It is now standard practice to test over 70s with symptoms for Covid 19 and Charles is over 70 and as I understand it he showed no symptoms before he went to Balmoral

  53. Rm says:

    Scotland has to close its borders now before IT IS to late, every other country has so what’s stopping us, the Scottish Government have to look after Scotland’s health and interest.

  54. Al-Stuart says:

    As the Palace of Westminster Parliament is set to CLOSE today for a long time…

    Perhaps the ensuant systems where Parliament is effectively conducted remotely by IT + Skype + Internet will demonstrate that we do NOT need a palace that costs…


    every 50 years to maintain?

    There was a Helluva stooshie when our parliament in Scotland was built. Instead of the politicians estimate of £40 million to build, it actually ended up at a final bill of…


    The lesson?

    Close that monstrosity Palace of Westminster and make it into posh flats so the taxpayer can get our money back.

    Then build a much more efficient, utilitarian Parliament for less than 1 billion that is FUTURE PROOFED for the next virus as there will be more of these horrendous bugs to come.

  55. jfngw says:

    @Jason Smoothpiece

    As far as I’m aware when Corona Virus was mention he asked if he had met her and what age she was, might just be a rumour though.

  56. Juan says:

    Shouldn’t Scotland be closing our border with England and restricting travel between Scotland and NI? Wouldn’t this be “Standing up for Scotland” and protecting NI? Just now we are at the mercy of “Boris” and his regime. Who trusts this serial liar, without any mandate from Scotland, to protect our most vulnerable?

    Every normal country controls it’s own borders. We’d be closing ours because of HEALTH reasons which is devolved. We could also appeal to EU for ventilators and other medical equipment offered to UK by EU, but rejected by the “Boris” regime. These exceptional times call for extraordinary measures.

  57. JGedd says:

    Ignore HYFUD, let him go back to his Lego.

    Instead you should read Craig Murray’s piece today on his blog on Julian Assange’s bail application today, This is blatant iniquity by the British state done in the shadows. But Craig has posted the International Bar Association Human Rights institute’s pronouncements on the extraordinary proceedings conducted at Belmarsh. It is a shameful exhibition of undemocratic and unjust procedure.

    To quote from the IBA report :’It is deeply shocking that as a mature democracy in which the rule of law and the rights of individuals are preserved, the UK Government has been silent and has taken no action to terminate such gross and disproportionate conduct by Crown officials. As well, we are surprised that the presiding judge has reportedly said and done nothing to rebuke the officials and their superiors for such conduct in the case of an accused whose offence is not one of personal violence. Many countries in the world look to Britain as an example in such matters. On this occasion, the example is shocking and excessive. It is reminiscent of the Abu Grahib Prison Scandal which can happen when prison officials are not trained in the basic human rights of detainees and the Nelson Mandela Rules.’

    If you haven’t been following this then you should read. Together with what happened to AS we should be mindful of what sinister actors within the establishment can achieve when they want to destroy someone. Don’t let them keep it in the shadows. Remember what Bonhoeffer said.

  58. boris says:

    andy Brindley, from Rape Crisis Scotland, who has been representing the woman, slammed the Tories’ handling of the complaint. She said:

    “This is why women are reluctant to come forward with sexual harassment complaints. In our view, the Scottish Conservatives need to urgently change their approach to investigating sexual harassment complaints. This is not about party politics, it’s about ensuring that anyone experiencing sexual harassment feels able to come forward and expect fair treatment if they do.”

    Campaign groups warned that the Conservatives’ procedure was “inappropriate” and will deter women coming forward with harassment claims.

  59. jfngw says:


    I don’t give a shit who he is descended from, I wold end their reign at the drop of a hat. By the way my father was English, they originated from Oxfordshire, my dislike for the royals pails to insignificance compared to what he thought of them. Sorry if it shocks you that not everybody English lays prostrate before a relic from the middle ages.

  60. jfngw says:


    Come on, I’ve got to stay in and haven’t been out for almost a week I’ve got get my entertainment somewhere, I like a bit of divergence it stops the thread getting stale.

  61. HYUFD says:

    Jfngw I am a monarchist but even if Scotland became an independent Republic that would not stop Charles being part Scottish, just as you are clearly part English.

    Of course a minority in England as well as Scotland have always been republicans but they are only a minority

  62. K1 says:

    Thanks JGedd, I noticed the CH has posted archive version, thanks for that CH.

  63. fillofficer says:

    so chas wales is now a scotch statistic
    wonder how many tourists will add to our total
    pooling & sharing at its worst
    an indy scotland would have dealt so much better with all this pish

  64. H Scott says:

    According to BBC reports:

    Prince Charles had ‘mild symptoms’ of having the coronavirus over the weekend, arrived at Balmoral on Sunday and was tested on the same day. The test was positive. He is self-isolating ‘at home’.

    What the BBC are NOT reporting:

    Scottish government and medical authorities urged people not to travel to the Highlands from other areas and not to use their holiday homes.
    Prince Charles ignored this and travelled to the Royal Family’s holiday home Balmoral. he is not ‘at home’.
    He did this despite ALREADY having mild symptoms.
    Ballater is now in danger of being the centre of a Coronavirus outbreak because of Prince Charles’s and the vulnerable people of this community are now at risk and some may DIE.

    Since the media are not going to point this out I think we should whenever we get the chance.

  65. frogesque says:

    Whatever anyone thinks of royalty.

    The Queen Mother stayed in London and, as a public figure, helped out during the blitz.

    Chalie The Parasite catches CoVid-19 and buggers off up here to Balmoral with his slapper to help cull the peasants and maybe a deer or three.

    He is an amoral, limp wristed coward full of his own self entitlement.

    Just fuck the fuckity fuck off back to fuckity fuck where yo came from and crawl back under you fucking rock.

  66. HYUFD says:

    H Scott Balmoral is owned and funded privately by the royal family unlike Buckingham Palace which is owned by the crown estate and funded by the state and is one of their only private residences. It is misleading to describe Balmoral as just a holiday home. If he started showing symptoms on the Sunday he would already have arrived at Balmoral

  67. Rm says:

    Bit of a rocky road ahead for Scotland and the rest of the world, everything will change there’s no stopping Scotland now from dissolving the medieval one sided Union that’s held it down for a long time, now it’s time for us to go it on our own in a modern 21st century world which will change hopefully for the better maybe be fairer for everyone.

  68. dakk says:

    Charles will be spreading the virus to the staff and their families in Ballater.This virus gets everywhere.

    If he was develop more severe symptoms which I believe can include major organ failure(including cardiac arrest) , then his royal physician would likely not have the expertise/equipment to treat him.

    In an emergency he would likely be taken to the nearest multi discipline hospital,therefore using up scarce local resources.

    He should be asked to go home in the same manner the other coronavirus tourists were.

    And it doesn’t matter whether he is half English, Scottish, German, or Mongol.

  69. jfngw says:


    I’m not sure what relevance his being part Scottish is, I have no Scottish ancestors going back more than two generations but I still support Scotland running its own affairs. That has nothing to do with hating anyone but the fact that every country should be governed by the politicians the public of that country chose, not by a party that has not won a majority in the country since before I was one year old (65 years). I believe in democracy for a country, every country.

  70. susan says:

    The queen didn’t stay in London – every night she was whisked to Windsor Castle to avoid the blitz.

  71. susan says:

    I notice Buck palace is empty too – they’re all off to places of safety in case London erupts.

  72. HYUFD says:

    I would also point out the Crown Estate owns Clarence House NOT Prince Charles. Prince Charles personally owns no property in London.

    However Prince Charles does personally own Birkhall on the Balmoral estate where he is now residing

  73. HYUFD says:

    Jfngw So Prince Charles is more Scottish thsn you are then, thanks for confirming.

    The Scottish government is already run by Sturgeon, Holyrood runs most Scottish domestic policy now not Westminster

  74. jfngw says:


    Are you now implying that this is his main place of residence that he resides most of the year, I feel you are going for a gong here but you are way behind Nick Robinson on that level of toadying. Staying at home usually means the place you reside in for the majority of the time, stop obfuscating.

  75. dakk says:

    If not Clarence House, Highgrove then.

    Point is it’s not his normal residence. It’s a holiday, recreational retreat.


  76. robertknight says:

    Mr O So-Tedious strikes again…

  77. admiral says:

    HYUFD says:
    25 March, 2020 at 1:46 pm
    If he started showing symptoms on the Sunday he would already have arrived at Balmoral

    Knowing full well at that point that he had been in contact with at least one person positive for coronavirus – i.e. Prince Albert of Monaco, who attended a function with Charles on March 10 and announced last week that he had tested positive.

    And a good point about Buck House not being owned personally by the Queen. Since her and Philip have scarpered off to Windsor, it’s high time that its 770 bedrooms were requisitioned and used for healthcare and other emergency service workers in London.

    After all, taxpayers like me are generously contributing £330M to refurb the place – it’s the very least that auld Liz can do by way of thanks.

  78. Capella says:

    @ K1 – just catching up so you may already have this archived McKenna article.

  79. gus1940 says:

    A friend of mine in Ayr tells me that the taxiways at Prestwick are full of parked airliners withdrawn from service yet not a peep in the msm about this.

  80. jfngw says:


    Now you are just descending into nonsense regarding Holyrood’s powers, it has no real power, little tax raising power next to no borrowing power. It spending power is pretty much down to what grant WM bequeaths it, the Brexit bill has removed many of the devolved powers and taken them back to WM.

  81. Republicofscotland says:

    “I notice Buck palace is empty too – they’re all off to places of safety in case London erupts.”

    Yeah the 770 odd roomed palace will be lying empty, as English folk flood into Scotland, to escape the oncoming London and spreading North Covid-19 tusnami.

  82. HYUFD says:

    Dakk The main private residences owned by Prince Charles are Birkhall and Highgrove, he could stay at either but Prince Charles does not own Clarence House

  83. Rm says:

    The royalty and their like have thousands of millions all from the sweat of the real working man and woman over hundreds of years, nows the time for it to end and for Scotland to become a Republic.

  84. HYUFD says:

    Jfngw Holyrood has the power to raise income tax and controls Scottish health, education amd criminal justice policy. It is also getting more powers post Brexit which were previously held by the EU

  85. jfngw says:


    It’s always amusing watching Johnson trying to do his Churchill impression, he is more of a Chamberlain character to my mind.

    This impression that all those WWII factory owners converted to war production out of the kindness of their hearts, no they did it for cash. The workers may have been forced to work their but the owners were raking it in. The were the equivalent of, for those old enough, Private Walker in Dad’s Army, ready to make a buck by exploiting the opportunities.

  86. Republicofscotland says:

    Looks like preferential treatment for the chief parasites son. I wonder how many folk in Scotland he’s infected.

    “The statement that Prince Charles “met the criteria required for testing” by the NHS in Aberdeenshire is puzzling. The NHS Scotland website states that, generally, testing for Covid-19 will only be carried out “if you have a serious illness that requires admission to hospital.”

  87. Socrates MacSporran says:

    We must have The Establishment really worried – that Colonel HY FUD has been deployed to keep us right on Wings

    Putting their top man on the job.

  88. jfngw says:


    Income Tax is a peripheral tax it cannot raise anything that can make any significant difference to the Scottish budget, and you know this, stop acting stupid.

    All the EU regulated controls should return to Scotland, these were agreed in the devolution agreement and accepted by a 75% vote in Scotland. And being a conservative you must accept the will of the people surely.

  89. Republicofscotland says:

    “Jfngw Holyrood has the power to raise income tax and controls Scottish health, education amd criminal justice policy. It is also getting more powers post Brexit which were previously held by the EU”

    In reality you can’t run a country without ALL the levers of government, more powers won’t cut it, only full independence will do it.

  90. admiral says:

    HYUFD says:
    25 March, 2020 at 2:29 pm
    Jfngw Holyrood has the power to raise income tax

    It has limited income tax powers – can only change Sch E PAYE. Other Schedules of income taxes – Sch D for example on profits, interest, Sch A income from commercial lettings etc – are reserved.

    It cannot change income tax allowances either. It is not getting powers previously held by the EU. Under Brexit laws all of these powers are being repatriated to Westminster. You a worse liar than Johnson, and that’s saying something!

  91. jackie says:

    The royals give so much back to the people,,, including Covid19

    We are not worthy, we really aren’t.

    Is the Royal strain of Covid19 a better class of virus to than Covid19 I could pick up walking along Govan Rd???

    Send the parasite bastard back to his Mammy’s house in London.

  92. dakk says:

    When the Queen said we can all be assured that she and her family would play their part in helping,I genuinely didn’t think she meant helping to spread the virus.

    Who knew she had a sense of humour.

  93. HYUFD says:

    Jfngw Holyrood was also offered VAT raising powers by the UK government in 2019 but refused to take them

  94. James says:

    Yeah, HYFUD pay twice for your Tory cuts by raising Scottish income tax to pay for them. You would love that wheeze. Wanker.

  95. HYUFD says:

    Jackie Technically the Queen also owns no private property herself in London but she does own Balmoral

  96. Republicofscotland says:

    “Jfngw Holyrood was also offered VAT raising powers by the UK government in 2019 but refused to take them”

    Its well known that, the VAT raising powers were a type of trap.

    Anyway stop spouting your shite about more powers, Christ even a small region of Moldova that has certain autonomy has control over broadcasting, as does Catalonia.

    As I said above Scotland needs ALL the powers (not just those that Westminster wants to give to us when it feels benevolence towards Scots) to run the country properly, and only independence will see that happen nothing else will do.

  97. H Scott says:

    Don’t let HYUFD succeed in his deflection. ‘Charlesgate’ is a scandal and has nothing to do with Charles’s ethnicity, ownership of whatever propeety he uses or the tax powers of Holyrood.

  98. shug says:

    Boris referred to us as “a verminous race” and Farage as “biddable and will come to heel soon enough”

    Are there any other good quotes around

  99. Paul Paterson says:

    Result big time for Alex.

    Rev Stu can you unblock me on Twitter not sure why I am?


  100. jfngw says:


    No it wasn’t given VAT raising powers, it was given the option to have VAT allocated by an estimate developed WM. There was no ability to change the VAT level or ensure the estimate had any link to reality (a bit like GERS). You are making a fool of yourself now.

  101. Republicofscotland says:

    The greatest ever recipient of state benefits Auld Lizzie, cares that much about the poor that she owns shares in Brighthouse which rips off the poor via extortionate interest rates.

    Scotland needs to be rid of the royal leeches, that are protected by the media, clergy politicians and the business class.

  102. jackie says:

    I suggested last week that the Scottish border counties should have the power to stop mass transit of the trash from South of the border coming to our beautiful country and infecting us,,,and got shot down in flames by a select few on here.

    The good Doctor being one of them,,,he who is a fully paid up member of the Nicky Sturgeon fan club.

    You know who you are.

    But it is turning out to be not a bad suggestion.

    Get the border patrols set up,,,, keep the bastards out.

  103. Republicofscotland says:

    So as the 71 year old royal sponger (and close friend of Saville) tests positive for the virus, please bear in mind that many frontline NHS staff working incredibly long hours and under constant pressure still haven’t been tested yet for the virus.

  104. admiral says:

    HYUFD says:
    25 March, 2020 at 2:46 pm
    Jfngw Holyrood was also offered VAT raising powers by the UK government in 2019 but refused to take them

    Christ! Even Fluffy managed to work out that what was offered was a “poisoned chalice”.

  105. jfngw says:


    Brighthouse was reported to be on the brink of collapse last month, I suspect these shares have been offloaded by now, they don’t like a lose they don’t.

    Royalty in happier times, even then PP looked a bit gaunt.

  106. Famous15 says:

    The powers of the Scottish Parliament will remain pretendy till we have full power over the fiscus,defence and foreign relations

  107. jfngw says:

    The future monarch has arrived in Scotland with his gift of pestilence for the nation. He has spared spreading his disease to beloved people of London, God Save The Queen.

  108. Republicofscotland says:

    Lets not forget, that Tiny Rolland was the Queens buccaneer in Africa, stripping wealth and securing fortunes for the royals. So much so that the Queen set up a body in the 1970’s to hide her personal fortune from the public, which was added to by meeting blue chip captains of industry for decades and receiving lucrative insider information.

    Behind the church I’d go as far as to say the Queen is the greatest land owner around the globe.

  109. Dr Jim says:

    Extra Extra read all about it English Nationalist admits to being a Monarchist and faithful to His Germanic Princyness Charlie who he says has Scottish blood, because blood as we all know folks is the main criteria of being anything at all to an out and out Nationalist, but wait a Nationalist! and a Monarchist? how is this possible? is he a betrayer of one side or the other or both? these questions are too too complex

    In Scotland the criteria for being Scottish is that a person just wants to be Scottish, that’s why we have so many Pakistani Chinese Bangla Muslem Indian Jewish Polish….Scots people, and we couldn’t give a monkey’s where their blood came from because every one of them’s more Scottish than pretendy English Royalty

  110. terence callachan says:

    Great writing by WGD again

    Only fault is that he can never ever say England

    He refers to England always as “ British nationalists”

  111. terence callachan says:


    Scotland offers England keep all you earn , every year
    England never takes it

    England prefers to sponge off Scotland

  112. Mist001 says:

    @ Dr Jim

    “Scots people, and we couldn’t give a monkey’s where their blood came from because every one of them’s more Scottish than pretendy English Royalty”

    That’s not quite true. I’m Scottish born and bred and lived there for the majority of my life. Now that I’ve ended up living in France then according to more than just a few poeple on here, I am no longer Scottish and Scotland is none of my business.

  113. Republicofscotland says:

    738 people have died from Covid-19 in one day in Spain.

    The Spanish authorities plea with Nato to help them acquire the proper PPE among other things.

  114. Effijy says:

    With scrawny Prince Charlie being tested while the majority with symptoms are not
    We seem to be accepting that he is some superior life form to you and I.

    Sure he is an amiable chap but God’s chosen envoy to rule over us he is not.
    Do we know if an NHS worker had to travel to him or would he just queue jump
    at the nearest hospital.
    Was he able to use a private hospital or doctor?

    If his health deteriorates badly next week and there are no ventilators available
    Will someone be taken off a machine to die so that he can continue to visit us once a year?

    It’s as stupid as the ancient Egyptians worshiping the Pharos as some Devine Godly being.

    Old Charlie used toilet paper like the rest of us.
    He now knows to wash his hands better when he’s finished.

  115. Mike d says:

    RepublicofScotland.Yet the celebs and politicians are’t dying. Special drugs for them maybe?

  116. Mike d says:

    Money buys you the best anti-viral drugs available.

  117. Mike d says:

    Effijy. Guaranteed his health wont deteriorate badly next week.

  118. jfngw says:

    A point that I noticed and had forgotten about in the Macwhirter story is the push to remove juries from rape trials by a section of society, I think many near the top of our government might like this. Could you imagine AS winning this case under those circumstances after the establishment had put so much effort in removing him from public life, I couldn’t.

    We must never let them go down this road and this case must be used in any push to introduce it.

  119. Capella says:

    @ jfngw – Kevin McKenna has captured the feeling of grim determination to survive this plague and then have a day of reckoning. Several days of reckoning. Alex Salmond is not alone in being betrayed.

    I see journalists are designated key workers. Very few of them are of any use in holding power to account and informing the public. Kevin, like Iain Macwhirter, knows how it’s done though he doesn’t always bother. But sometimes they hit the nail on the head.

  120. winifred mccartney says:

    Charles and Camilla tested – she does not have any symptoms – but we’re all in this together. Get out of your holiday home now.

  121. jfngw says:

    One thing that this outbreak has revealed is the governments of this country have had no resilience plans ever put in place despite the threat of this type of outbreak being evident over the last 10 years.

    Wilful lack of planning and incompetence, in fact it was like the early years of WWII, as they like to draw the comparison, shambolic leadership and a disregard for life. Remember they still try to present Dunkirk as some some kind of victory rather than the rout it was. Nothing has changed in 80 years.

  122. Mike d says:

    Jackie 2.43pm. I suppose if a yoon pleb wearing a blue football jersey caught the virus from a royal charlie, they would die ecstatic.

  123. jfngw says:

    Not seen much of BBC Sarah since Monday, is it true she is in isolation with salmondella.

  124. Lothianlad says:

    With all the news of the royal parasite getting covid 19, Please PLEASE, can I urge people to watch on you tube, The house of Windsor and the new world order

    I dont have the link but it is a must see to understand just how awful these parasites are!!

    Please watch this before its removed from you tube.

  125. Mike d says:

    R.O.S.2.23PM.i’m sure all those wanabee english scottish unionists will open their doors and give sanctuary to their masters fleeing pestilence from south of the border.i’d love to see a couple of hundred scottish yoons down here in england, in an asda/tesco and see if they’d stand back and let their masters sweep the shelves clean before them. That would soon show us who they were ‘loyal’

  126. admiral says:

    jfngw says:
    25 March, 2020 at 5:11 pm
    Not seen much of BBC Sarah since Monday, is it true she is in isolation with salmondella.

    Nah! It’s just a bad case of indigestion as she went home and chewed the carpets all night! 🙂

  127. mike cassidy says:

    UK coronavirus mass home testing to be made available ‘within days’

  128. admiral says:

    jfngw says:
    25 March, 2020 at 4:58 pm
    One thing that this outbreak has revealed is the governments of this country have had no resilience plans ever put in place despite the threat of this type of outbreak being evident over the last 10 years.

    The UK government games the response to a pandemic at the end of 2016. One of the conclusions was that the NHS would need many more ventilators. In the three years following that exercise they’ve done precisely bugger all!

  129. Mike d says:

    Horrendous image flashed through my mind there. Scottish yoon fighting with a londoner in asda/tesco. See you ya english bass, thats ma toilet paper.

  130. Bill McLean says:

    The Royals went to Windsor every night during the war!!!! – surely they nasty Germans wouldn’t have bombed their own!

  131. Colin Alexander says:

    If a new independence party is set up, it begs the question:

    Should Mr Salmond play the part of elder statesman role model or have a hands-on role in the new party?

  132. jfngw says:

    @Colin A

    I not sure that AS is going to be too chuffed with being referred to as elder statesman. Donald Trump is approaching 74 and Joe Biden 78, he would probably see himself as a spring chicken in such company.

  133. Colin Alexander says:


    It’s not about age; Mr Salmond has had lots of experience as a politician.

  134. dakk says:

    Senior british diplomat has died of virus in Hungary.

    His age of 37 outlines that the virus can also sometimes randomly wreak havoc on any age group.

  135. Mist001 says:

    I’ve been saying it for ages, the dream team would be Alex Salmond, Tommy Sheridan, Joanna Cherry, Craig Murray, and The Rev.

    That’s a hardcore nucleus of experience, knowledge, drive and enthusiasm and profile. What a starting block that would be, would it not?

    It’s too early for Alex Salmond I think, he probably wants to rest a while after the past couple of years but you know, the people are there. There are many others that I can’t think of, or am not aware of just now but Scotland seems to be brimming with talent but it needs someone with organisational talent, someone with that innate quality, to get things off the ground.

  136. callmedave says:

    I think Mr Salmond is re-reading The Count of Monte Cristo first, honing his strategy and making a little list.

    Then it will begin!

  137. PacMan says:

    Mist001 says: 25 March, 2020 at 5:54 pm

    I’ve been saying it for ages, the dream team would be Alex Salmond, Tommy Sheridan, Joanna Cherry, Craig Murray, and The Rev.

    I haven’t had a good word to say against you and I’ll stand by it. However, by mentioning Tommy Sheridan I’ll give you respect.

    On the whole I disagree more with Citizen Tommy’s politics than I agree with them but I genuinely respect the work he has done towards helping the poor when he was in Holyrood and the independence cause. He was the unsung hero of the 2014 campaign running up and down the breadth of the country getting people out and motivated to vote. He went onto the TV and the British took the gypsies kiss out of him but he took it on the chin and got the message out.

    I understand that he has been ostracized from the political process. I don’t want to go into that but surely he has paid the penance and should be let back into the fold. I’m a bit surprised that he hasn’t been mentioned a bit more often in this site lately.

    As I said, I don’t like what you putting out in this forum but in this respect, fair play.

  138. Andy in Germany says:

    If we’re going to start pointing out that Charles is part Scottish. I think it’s only fair that I remind everyone that you’re actually talking about the house of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, from Germany.
    But If I could make one request: please don’t get ideas about sending them back: we’re doing very well as a republic.

  139. Republicofscotland says:

    K1 and Mike Cassidy @5.20 /21.

    It’s only a game changer if people heed the results, folk will still go to work to pay the bills regardless if they have the virus or not.

    You just have to look at what’s going in London (crammed tube trains etc) to see that folk need money via work to survive, and that doesn’t even take into account the self employed.

    They don’t trust the British government to bail them out, or to come up with the cash quickly enough.

    Then there’s the employers who compel their workers to turn up to work or face the consquences.

    Finally would you trust Johnson to feed your family, or would you go to work, and get a paycheck.

    To add to the turmoil, media reports that 105,000 people claimed for Universal Credit in one day. The DWP said that they just can’t handle such huge amounts of claims in a reasonable period of time.

  140. PacMan says:

    terence callachan says:25 March, 2020 at 3:52 pm

    Great writing by WGD again

    Only fault is that he can never ever say England

    He refers to England always as “ British nationalists”

    The thing is Terence I have this ‘English mentality’ that you constantly mention in too many of my fellow Scots throughout the years. It isn’t an English thing. It is a British thing. To say otherwise is Scottish exceptionalism.

  141. robbo says:

    All this dithering by Chancellor and Boris is mince regarding self employed.

    Every self-employed person has a unique tax reference code registered at HMRC. So how f’ing hard is it to make set a payment system up to help?

    I’m self-employed and send one every year and pay relevant tax and NI’s. Not that i’ve paid any tax as i don’t earn past the threshold ,but have paid some NI’s depending on profit made if any!

    They have all the detail at HMRC , the have people’s tax record,NI payments records.It’s not fecking hard.
    What they don’t want to do is give you free money- it’s as simple as that.If you haven’t given them any tax or NI then they’ll be working out how to fuck you over and you’ll get nowt and refer you back to universal credit, and the shit will go on and on till more die from the virus and more die from suicide and other stuff .

    Another Cummings plan. That guy is Dr death all over again!

  142. robertknight says:

    Pacman @7:06

    Agreed. I know plenty of English people who, when you scratch beneath the surface, acknowledge the Union for the one-way traffic and imperial project that it is, and I know plenty of ‘Proud Scot-but’ types who cannot and will not do so. They are always British first, Scottish a very distant second; usually for a period of approximately 80 to 90 minutes, depending upon the shape of the ball.

  143. robertknight says:

    Can’t archive and reluctant to link directly, but there’s an interesting take on the AS trial by Jim Sillars in the Sun online. Any fan of NS would do well to have a gander.

  144. PacMan says:

    robertknight says: 25 March, 2020 at 7:27 pm

    Agreed. I know plenty of English people who, when you scratch beneath the surface, acknowledge the Union for the one-way traffic and imperial project that it is, and I know plenty of ‘Proud Scot-but’ types who cannot and will not do so. They are always British first, Scottish a very distant second; usually for a period of approximately 80 to 90 minutes, depending upon the shape of the ball.

    There is no difference between them Brits and the plastic Brits like Terence with their hatred of ‘the other’.

  145. Willie says:

    Not enough testing kits. But we’re working on it.

    Not enough face masks and ppe but we’re working on it.

    Not enough ventilators but Great British companies are working on it and prototypes will be ready for testing soon.

    Workers in non essential industries like construction still working whilst medical advice is calling for non essential work to be cancelled. Well we’re following the advice.

    Millions still not received financial support and stuck waiting on benefits system. Well we’ve put the resources in place.

    Robert Jenner MP speaking on channel four defending Mr Boris Johnson.

    And yet 5 weeks ago HM Government were publishing full page adverts across England and even in Scotland saying that they and the NHS were well prepared and that people could help by sneezing into tissues, disposing them and washing hands.

    Prepared. Well the good folks of England who voted for the Conservatives, and unfortunately for us too in Scotland who didn’t vote Conservative, we’re all going to suffer the holocaust of this incompetent and greed driven government.

    Prepared, the fuck they are.

    But after this, hopefully for those that have survived they will hunt down the Westminster junta who have so gravely sold the population short.

  146. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    The Jim Sillars story in The Scottish Sun…

    And an ‘interesting’ background story, in the same “paper”…

  147. jfngw says:

    It seems like the BBC role is to make sure the government is whitewashed at the end of this, they are battening down the hatches making sure you don’t realise what a disaster the initial response was. Not covering advice from WHO or anywhere that has been effective, total waste of space. Don’t rely on the BBC for factual advice, they were even using the person whose model that has proved to be so inadequate as an expert now.

    ITV could be the same but I rarely watch them. Reported online it seems that Sky News providing better coverage but my Murdochitis stops me watching this channel.

  148. Willie says:

    And when the tidal wave of deaths hits London, and the morgues overflow they’ll be using the ice rinks to store bodies.

    Make no mistake London is set to be rock. With the now acknowledged flawed strategy Dominic Cummings / Boris Johnson to protect the economy by letting the virus rip through the community, just look where it’s got them.

    Th Blitz all over again but this time London is getting it from their own side.

  149. Effijy says:

    Looking at some National Corona statistics

    Great Germany has had over 37,000 confirmed cases but only just over 200 deaths
    Bojo’ Bonkers Britain only just over 8,000 confirmed cases, because we have little to test with and well over 400 deaths.

    Now by my calculations, you are 9 times more likely to die in England than you are in Germany.

    Recognise Germany absorbed the East German nation and took in over 1,000,000 refugees more than Britain.

    Could we settle on the German government being 10 times better at looking after its citizens than Westminster and Bojo’s Lying Curcus.

  150. robertknight says:

    BrianDTT @7:44

    Thanks very much. Interesting RT link and utterly credible.

  151. jfngw says:

    The Britnats are out again, we are lucky to be getting bailed out by England during this virus (the say UK but as they believe we are worthless then they really mean England). I think they are to stupid to realise we are not being bailed out of anything we are building up an ever greater debt and Scotland’s resources are used as the collateral. We are bailing out England.

    Now there is no option except to borrow at this time to get through the crisis but the delusion is breathtaking.

  152. dakk says:

    @ Willie

    Excellent comments Willie.

    Apologies for the crass name-calling couple days ago.

    Was on febrile state. Still am, a bit.

  153. mike cassidy says:

    Brian Doonthetoon

    Here’s an article at the time news of Salmond’s RT show became public.

    Maybe there is something to Musson’s background article on the Sturgeon/Salmond.

    For the intended return to Scottish politics of an RT connected Alex Salmond would have gone down like a knock on the door from a Jehovah’s Witness this week.

  154. Hopefully Mr Peffers is doing ok in his wee puckie`s raw in darkest fife,

    i`m sure he would have been following the Salmond trial and been delighted by result.

  155. jfngw says:

    Looks like the OED are going to change the definition of women in its dictionary, now being moved to the fiction department of all stores and libraries.

    Looks like we going to need a new factual dictionary for reference.

  156. jfngw says:

    In the bible apparently women was made from Adam’s rib. It would now seem that women will be made with Adam’s c*ck.

  157. jfngw says:

    I see Dyson has been given an order for ventilators, hope its better than the Dyson products I’ve had.

    Meanwhile Tim Martin is expressing interest in developing his now redundant real ale pumps into ventilators, Boris Johnson is definitely interested. He states ‘it’s a way to get my ex employees back into work, hand pumping life back into people’. ** This bit isn’t true just in case anyone is that gullible**

  158. Capella says:

    Re Coronovirus pandemic – here’s a talk by Dr Michael Greger from 2008 alerting us to the likelihood of such an event and what to do about it. Also, how these viruses crossed from animals into the human population in the first place:

  159. jfngw says:

    One question about Prince Charles and the credibility of the FM and CMO goes down the tube for honesty. Trust is something that is precious at this time, once it is destroyed it is hard to regain.

    I’m already at odds with the ScotGov for just basically following WM flawed response policy, if the deaths increase exponentially them it sits at the FM’s feet.

  160. frogesque says:

    @Willie 7.51

    Forget ice rinks, we are looking at lime pits once the bodies really start rolling in.

    Storage, burial/cremation won’t cut it.

  161. Rm says:

    How is it possible one family can have so much wealth, the english royals have their own physicians why have they suddenly opened up to the press, nobody ever knows what’s going on within the head of the establishment, time for a complete change, kings, queens, princesses, princes, lords, ladies, dukes, duchesses etc, etc, etc, etc, what an absolute farce it’s hard to believe this kind of thing is happening in this modern times, people are starting to think different especially with this Coronavirus thing just now, the worlds going to change in a big way, people have more sense, time for Scotland to have its turn to try a different way to live.

  162. Al-Stuart says:

    So this is it.

    Sir Boris Spencer Pfeffart Churchill gets his 358 page lump of medieval legislation signed into law as HM Queen Elizabeth gave Royal Assent…

    It might be an idea if those with a keen eye for legislation and how it impacts citizens/subjects in Scotland to cast an eye on this worrisome, powerful document and perhaps share their insights on his Wings Over Scotland forum before it is outlawed.

    Stuart Campbell, I very much hope, as a result of the powers enshrined in this hellish use of paper that you do NOT have a repeat of what happened to you in August 2017.

    Basically if Coronovirus does not get those rebels here, then Emporer Napoleon Stalinovich Leninsky Caesar Johnson will!

  163. Stoker says:

    Some good news from ScotGov but i seriously fail to understand why, in a very important article, they avoid any reference to the word ‘Brexit’ and instead refer to the causes as:

    “…*the collapse of export and hospitality markets*…”

    * = My emphasis.

    Talk about missing another open goal. For goodness sake ScotGov please call a spade a spade. Words and wording matter. Not everyone will get that. There will be folk who will attach the collapse to this COVID-19.

  164. J Galt says:

    Interesting change in language.

    Last night people had “died of coronavirus”.

    Tonight I hear they “died after testing positive for coronavirus”.

  165. jfngw says:

    At last a proper newspaper

  166. dakk says:

    J Galt “Tonight I hear they “died after testing positive for coronavirus”.

    At the end of the day we all know this will all be presented as a great british triumph.

    And Boris Churchill will be our saviour,and we wouldn’t have prevailed but for being british.

  167. Al-Stuart says:


    Scotophobic loser Lisa Nandy, MP for the constituency for BootAScot InTheNads has blessed us all with her new wisdom of joining a Covid19 Coalition Government for National Unity.

    The idea is to bring back high value “expertise” of Gordon Brontosaurus Brown.

    All Sir Boris Churchill needs to do is create a few more government departments, order half a dozen fancy limos, appoint the careerist Labour wannabes to junior ministerial posts and there we have it…

    BoJO will totaly eliminate HM Loyal opposition and in the process, assimilated Labour’s brightest and best (oxymoron).

    We’re all doomed.


    P.S. Baroness, Lady Dame Jo Swinson, OBE, CBE, DBE, F.Wit has offered her services as Deputy Prime Minister.

  168. dakk says:

    ‘Bronchial pneumonia’ will be a good get out for the exceptionalist british.

  169. Stoker says:

    The Labour Party whip, Chris Elmore, has “called for the UKGov to ignore the devolution settlement and cut out the ScotGov when tackling the coronavirus.”

    Oh well, some fools never learn. Nice to know Labours stance on democracy and by admission they are quite prepared to “ignore” and disrespect Scotland at the drop of a hat.

    We all know this already but it’s always nice to see it confirmed. The Labour Party have their headquarters in England and officially their branch office in Scotland is regarded as a “accounting unit”.

    Proof again the Red Tories are BritNats and they cannot be trusted with anything relating to Scotland. Red Tory filth!

    Our right to self-determination is long overdue.

  170. Effijy says:

    Almost sick watching Scottish Question time from Westminster.
    It’s a celebration of the Tories having their boot on Scotland’s throat
    Knowing that we are helpless to do anything about them.

    Tory after Tory rubbing our noses in One Nation Shit and how lucky
    We are that they allow us to take their debt.

    I’ve got to turn it off as it’s as sickening as watching the kill at a fox hunt .

  171. robbo says:

    Chis Elmore is a twat

  172. dakk says:

    I just hope the highlanders and islanders remember the peril the british union put them in(red zone refugees/ royals), when the virus is less of an issue.

  173. Mist001 says:

    I’ve just read that Parliament has been suspended for at least four weeks due to Coronavirus. Following the pattern of the past two weeks, an announcement is likely to be made tomorrow (today) that Holyrood will follow suit and also be suspended, so the big question is…

    Will it be reopened?

  174. Stoker says:

    Make of this what you will folks:

  175. Robert Louis says:

    So, some ultra rich posh, elderly, nobody from England, called Charles Saxe Coburg showed symptoms of corona infection. Instead of following medical advice and self-isolating, he and his wife and entourage of flunkies/press corps, all travelled up to North East Scotland.

    Then, despite rules being in place, he jumped the queue, and against the rules, was tested for Corona, within a few hours of arriving in Scotland.

    The Scottish Government have been advising against folk travelling up to Scotland to self-isolate, since it places undue pressure on the overstretched local health services here. But Charles from England ignored such advice, and decided he would do whatever the hell he wanted.

    Not only that, but because of the media attention which follows him, their are now a large number of journalsits and Papps also up in Aberdeenshire.

    When frontline medical staff in Scotland cannot even get a test for the virus, why should this nobody get one, hours after arriving in Scotland? Why didn’t he stay home?? Especially when we recall, he actually has his own private tax payer funded doctor in London.

    High time Balmoral and its estate was given back to the people of Scotland (from whom it was stolen), turned into social housing or a world class hotel, so these leeches stop treating Scotland as their own personal plaything.

  176. Robert Louis says:

    As regards Mr Salmond and his RT TV show, I simply don’t understand the SNP having an issue with it. I understand why Britnats and some in England might, but not the SNP. His show is his show. I do not doubt that if Mr Putin demanded he change his show to suit the Russian Governemnt, then he would simply stop doing it.

    It is odd, that so many Britnats, blinldy think the likes of the BBC is totally unbiased, yet complain about RT. The truth is, they are all biased, the BBC, SKY, ITV, Channel 4, and RT. Indeed, in some ‘news’ reports on RT, the bias is so blindingly obvious, it is laughable. But RT is no worse than the others.

    But more to the point, does anybody seriously believe ANY UK based TV channel would ever give Alex Salmond his own weekly TV show??

    Anyway, it has now become very clear, that their is something quite, quite rotten at the top of the SNP. How long has Peter Murrell (who is married to Nicola Sturgeon) been chief executive? Perhaps a real change is needed.

    Thinking back on how good people over the last five years from the SNP have been literally thrown under a bus, as soon as any hint of controversy (even if they are innocent) comes up, helps focus the mind.

    Their is a clear pattern of behaviour, and it really, really, isn’t nice at all. Some people will quite literally do ANYTHING to hold on to their power.

  177. Giving Goose says:

    Effijy says

    The BBC QT programme is watched by British people with confirmation bias.
    They know they’ll hear what they want to hear. I actually do not know anyone who watches it.

  178. Willie says:

    Just read that it will be end of May before self pad taxes, butemployed workers get cash.

    If accurate this reinforces how we are not all in it together. And what will be the result if we are not all in it together and a section of society is left without the cash to feed, heat, clothe itself. Things are changing, changing utterly. This is not going to go away in three weeks, or even twelve.

    The societal impacts have yet to truly emerge. Keeping a certain section of people, people who previously worked, and who previously paid taxes, out of emergency income because they were self employed as opposed to being let us say a council worker, or a civil servant, or other type of worker is not a good thing.

    When you don’t have, when you need, then you take. It’s the law of survival.

    But we know that. Our political masters know that too. We will all be the losers for it.

  179. Willie says:

    Just read that it will be end of May before laid off self employed workers get any emergency cash.

    If accurate this reinforces how we are not all in it together. And what will be the result if we are not all in it together and a section of society is left without the cash to feed, heat, clothe itself. Things are changing, changing utterly. This is not going to go away in three weeks, or even twelve.

    The societal impacts have yet to truly emerge. Keeping a certain section of people, people who previously worked, and who previously paid taxes, out of emergency income because they were self employed as opposed to being let us say a council worker, or a civil servant, or other type of worker is not a good thing.

    When you don’t have, when you need, then you take. It’s the law of survival.

  180. Sensibledave says:


    In your desperate pursuance of grievance and one eyed, narcissistic view on people and politics, you completely fail to see that which is in front of you.

    The same culture that has resulted in over 500,000 volunteers to help in this crisis, the 1000s responding to call for ex NHS workers, that means that people all over the UK are looking after each other…. also means that our population and governments can only ever allow a free democracy.

    Open your eyes and, maybe, you may see something other ridiculous, nut job, conspiracies.

  181. Effijy says:

    Radio Clyde news is trying to be a leading edge in SNP Bad.
    The name shouldn’t be permitted as they spout with glee their English masters propaganda.

    Today they find an Englishman up here who had symptoms but was refused
    A test until he was hospitalised.
    Now to blame their favourite hospital for it, the former Southern General now named after the head of a London based family of spongers.

    Because Scotland’s budget comes from London, because our NHS funding has to mimic England’s
    We have been subjected to 10 years of austerity and 8% of NHS England having been privatised
    No one is the UK has the required number of testing kits.

    The guy survived thanks to NHS Scotland.

    He would have been more likely to die if treated in London.

    There is more than one nasty virus coming out of London.

  182. Willie says:

    Robert Louis @ 3.53

    Couldn’t agree more with your comments.

    We are not all in it together when a 71 year old man, his wife and his entourage of support staff and police minders flee north to Scotland to then go to the end of the queue to secure confirmatory testing that he has COVID 19.

    Fucking plague carrier who in travelling against all advice on arrival secured NHS Grampian testing not available to ordinary folks or even doctors on the front line.

    Message to wee Ms Sturgeon. Are you happy about this doll as you rip the pish telling us that this is a crisis and that we’ll all get through it by working to support each other, self isolating, sticking by the rules.

    In it together. Fuck off Nicola. No we are not!

  183. Effijy says:

    I’m going crazy at BBC Breakfast.
    Yet another Tory Minister not answering the question and
    Yet again saying how great they are at dispatching supplies
    To English Hospitals?

    This has been going on for weeks and every day, including today
    The BBC are being contacted by medical staff across the country
    To say they do not have the necessary equipment.

    They have an experienced transport network, they have the army working
    With them and now 500,000 volunteers.

    If as they claim the have all the equipment in stock then why on earth is any
    Public health body short of supplies.

    This is just another prolonged life threatening lie by the Tories or they just stick. The
    Supplies in a taxi every day with enough supplies for the day.

    Murder by neglect by the English Tory Party and Unionist by standing parties.

  184. H Scott says:

    I see the media are focussing on Charles getting tested. This is not the real issue. The real issue is coming to Scotland already displaying symptoms and with a large entourage. Scots may die because of him. I hope the bastard dies.

  185. Golfnut says:

    @ Effijy.

    The UK has a very efficient distribution and delivery network, including thousands of self employed van drivers. The ‘just in time’ same day/ next day delivery system was developed to cut costs by removing the need to carry large stocks being held locally. If its not being delivered, its because they don’t have it.

  186. Golfnut says:

    Looks like coronovirus arrived in the UK with the first confirmed case in January of this year. Although there are already many saying they experienced similar symptoms as far back as November/December last year, the duration lasting between 2/6 weeks. If true, it would appear we are being fed bullshit by the government.

  187. Rm says:

    The Scottish Government need to set up its own Coronavirus Bill and set up a television channel to let the Scottish people know what to do during this next few weeks, we’re only getting about a minute of news on bbc and stv, nothing on sky they don’t even say the word Scotland there’s got to be a way to just do it, everything will have to start over again after this virus crisis is better if it ever gets better, we’ve nothing to lose, the Scots people have to know what’s happening here, we’re a country not a district somewhere in London.

  188. Breeks says:

    Giving Goose says:
    26 March, 2020 at 6:59 am
    Effijy says

    The BBC QT programme is watched by British people with confirmation bias.
    They know they’ll hear what they want to hear. I actually do not know anyone who watches it.

    Don’t be too critical. I think a lot of people once came to Wings for a similar fix, and didn’t like it in the the slightest when there was was criticism of SNP strategy under Sturgeon, which they didn’t want to hear.

    As events unfold, the cynicism which took root here on wings might not have been what people wanted to hear, but it was very much what they NEEDED to hear.

    Right now, we need to get to the bottom of why red hot pro-Indy live wires like Alex Salmond, Joanna Cherry, Craig Murray and RevStu consistently get cold shouldered by the SNP party which seems to have lost it’s way very badly and squandered irreplaceable momentum and unrepeatable opportunity.

    I fully understand that Alex Salmond needs time and support to get his head straight on this, but I think the ball is now firmly at the feet of the SNP party faithful to demand these disgraceful machinations are fully scrutinised and the truth comes out.

    A single day for a conference? What corrective measures can be implemented in a single day of conference? You are being railroaded by a leadership which railroaded Alex Salmond and sought to fit him up, disgrace him, and put an innocent man in jail, and when their plans came unstuck, there are no dismissals, no resignations, no sacking, no apologies, no contrition.

    The SNP is broken Mr Salmond. Even purged of your enemies, there would still be inordinate baggage to carry have squandered so much momentum and been a complete and utter failure concerning Scotland’s constitutional subjugation and Brexit. Unforgivable things should stay unforgiven.

    I repeat again, I want to see Alex Salmond, hopefully with Joanna Cherry at his side, with Craig Murray and Rev Stu at his back, stepping forward as a new Constitutional Independence Party which recognises the sovereign ascendancy of Scotland’s people as paramount, and Scotland’s Brexit as unconstitutional and unlawful colonial subjugation which breaches the 1707 Treaty of Union, and demolishes the sophistry of Westminster’s Convention on Parliamentary Sovereignty.

    Those in the SNP can then decide whether they truly want Scottish Independence, or just to serve in the Vichy Provincial Government under Sturgeon, which is currently embracing Westminster’s colonial ambitions to control Scotland forever.

    Before distracted with Julian Assange and Alex Salmond, and before COV19 which is a bind, Craig Murray was talking about a Scottish Constitutional Convention to bring together the collective strands of Scotland’s Independence Supporters, and make a declaration to affirm the Sovereign Constitution as prescribed in the 1320 Declaration of Arbroath, and declare Scotland’s Sovereignty ascendant above the defunct Union of 1707, undone by Westminster’s colonial subjugation and breach of Treaty.

    That is where we need to be now. Preparing the ground for that convention. People will smear it as a UDI.

    “U”. Unilateral? No. It won’t be unilateral if the Council of Europe and UN are persuaded the Declaration of Arbroath is extant, and the 27 EU Nations acknowledge that Brexit is undone without Scotland’s sovereign consent.

    “D”. The Declaration? The ‘D’ has a lot of dust and cobwebs on it, because the Declaration of Independence was written in 1320, and secured International Recognition, and indeed Divide blessing, in 1328. The Declaration was sound, undisputed, was granted International Recognition and has never been undone. Any modern “Declaration” is technically an “affirmation” of Independence. It is a legal readjustment, like stolen goods being removed from the pocket of a thief and returned to their rightful owner.

    “I” Independence. Aye. I don’t have any problem with any expression of Independence. It isn’t a revolution or a coup we’re undertaking. It’s just the reality of our freedom once unchained from this Union.

    There is no UDI in a legal Affirmation of Sovereign Constitutional Independence.

  189. mike cassidy says:

    Useful read on supply chains

    In this case specifically about food.

    In the current circumstance, they are very fragile.

  190. JGedd says:

    Does anyone actually know what were the criteria met by one Charles Saxe Coburg Gotha? How demeaning for Catherine Calderwood to stand there with a big sycophantic smile pasted on her face trotting out a manufactured phrase which they hoped we would all meekly accept.

    Obviously didn’t know or care how that weasel form of words would make many people angry when we hear of our ‘front line’ staff, who actually take care of people, being afraid to go to work because they still don’t have proper protection and yet some useless prince is considered more important.

    Monarchists out there ought to realise that while they have kneejerk adoration of what they think of as a superior person that they only increase antagonism to their royal family in the rest of us when here it is starkly demonstrated in this recent event that it is just about inequality.

    (By the way, why are they referred to as ‘front-line’? Why the use of military language? Are they to be regarded as collateral damage? They are civilians who shouldn’t be expected to risk their lives by simply doing their job.)

  191. `The southern state of Telangana sent a stronger warning saying authorities would issue ‘shoot on sight’ orders if the coronavirus curfew was not observed, hours after Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi ordered a nationwide lockdown for 21 days.`

    `shoot on sight`, jeezo.

  192. Dan says:

    Breeks says: at 9:02 am

    Right now, we need to get to the bottom of why red hot pro-Indy live wires like Alex Salmond, Joanna Cherry, Craig Murray and RevStu consistently get cold shouldered by the SNP party which seems to have lost it’s way very badly and squandered irreplaceable momentum and unrepeatable opportunity.

    Breeks as ever makes an interesting point, but I’ll add it wasn’t just “big names” that get cold shouldered.
    The SNP have talked the talk since the 2014 Indyref saying we all need to highlight the positive case for Indy and build support for it.
    Many volunteers stepped up to the plate and have put in massive efforts to that cause by starting YES groups and putting on lots of events that promote exactly what the SNP had asked us to do.

    The SNP are / were sitting on a large new membership of over 100k after 2014 yet they have done very little to enthuse and utilise those new members in the rather mundane branch level activities.
    There would be approximately 3000 local paid members of a supposedly Indy prioritised party in my area.
    Yet when our local YES group asked our local SNP CA if they would give our group just a one off mention in the monthly CA email they send to the members we didn’t even get a response.
    That has always miffed me. Why would the local SNP not want to raise awareness amongst its members of a properly constituted and slickly run local YES group.
    Was it just down to the individuals gate keeping the local SNP, or were they only carrying out a policy from higher up…

  193. Famous15 says:

    To all these critics of Prince Charles,Duke of Rothesay and Saxe Gotha I can do no better than quote John Wayne when he criticised the “Indians” for not welcoming the Europeans,he said they were selfishly trying to keep this great land for themselves.

    To the Scots who in their own land share the sentiments of the native Americans I would only ask why we do not welcome our southern neighbours to escape the plague and come here and infect us and use our scarce medical resources to understandably wish to dodge their doom? Well why doncha welcome them you selfish bastirds?

    “The hell ah will!”

  194. mike cassidy says:

    Specific example of the food supply chain.


  195. gus1940 says:

    Vomit inducing article in the P&J singing the praises of Charlie.

  196. Davie Oga says:

    People at the highest levels of the SNP and Scottish government told lies in an attempt to put an innocent man in prison for what could have amounted to 10 or 15 years. A few wee lies about a prince queue jumping to get a Covid 19 test is nothing in the grand scheme of things.

  197. mike cassidy says:

    Beating Covid-19: The problem with national lockdowns

  198. Vestas says:

    Scot Finlayson says:
    26 March, 2020 at 9:27 am

    “`The southern state of Telangana sent a stronger warning saying authorities would issue ‘shoot on sight’ orders if the coronavirus curfew was not observed, hours after Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi ordered a nationwide lockdown for 21 days.`

    `shoot on sight`, jeezo.”

    In Modi’s Hindu-nationalist ultra-racist country they’ll be shooting the Muslims. Ramadan is less than a month away and 12% of “Telangana” is Muslim (5 million or so).

  199. jockmcx says:

    I’m interested to know if anyone has experienced a spell
    of dizziness and nausea forcing you to sit or lie down.

    It seems to last around 1 hour and only the one day.

    It’s not mentioned as a symptom of ths virus,but i’m getting
    suspicious as i know of three people who have had the same
    wierd little episode!…thanks,

    going back at least six weeks
    by the way!

  200. callmedave says:

    Gary on Auntie wie a kilt radio this morning during an medical update on the virus situation asked a Scottish woman medical officer
    “what the ‘deeside’ criteria was for testing a man and a woman was for the corona virus”.

    Short silence ensued and then a rambling response that they met the criteria and it was all wrapped up in patient confidentiality.

    So that’s us telt!


    Unlucky name for a Princes is Charlie.

    Bonnie Prince flew over the sea to Skye

    Charlie II scarped on the run after a battle found up an oak tree

    The present one following a trend perhaps. 🙁

  201. Robert Kerr says:

    Please watch the professionalism of Dr Catherine Calderwood on video. Especially her body language in the presence of our First Minister.

    I imagine her body language would be different in the presence of a truly professional lady, One J Cherry QC.

    Speed the Day.

  202. John H. says:

    The royal family are all self isolating…in separate castles.

  203. Republicofscotland says:

    So when asked about the 71 year (buddy of Saville) flouting the law by coming to Scotland with his retinue in tow, instead of staying at home

    Nicola Sturgeon sent her best wishes to the next in line to the throne, and cited patient confidentiality, whilst Scotland Chief Medical officer Cathrine Calderwood also at the press interview, refused point blankly to comment on his irresponsible behaviour, but blurted out others must behave responsibly.

    Our vassal states heirarchy showing its fealty to the son of its overlord yet again.

  204. James says:

    Anyone else think this Corona virus is nonsense?

  205. James says:

    Status of COVID-19
    As of 19 March 2020, COVID-19 is no longer considered to be a high consequence infectious diseases (HCID) in the UK.

    The 4 nations public health HCID group made an interim recommendation in January 2020 to classify COVID-19 as an HCID. This was based on consideration of the UK HCID criteria about the virus and the disease with information available during the early stages of the outbreak. Now that more is known about COVID-19, the public health bodies in the UK have reviewed the most up to date information about COVID-19 against the UK HCID criteria. They have determined that several features have now changed; in particular, more information is available about mortality rates (low overall), and there is now greater clinical awareness and a specific and sensitive laboratory test, the availability of which continues to increase.

  206. Ron Maclean says: has an excellent article by the Herald’s royal correspondent Tom Gordonstoun.

  207. Republicofscotland says:

    So in England they’re are setting up a huge hospital in some conference centre, with more to follow, holding thousands of beds. With its larger population England looks set to see a huge rise in cases, similar to Spain and Italy, the former also using huge non-hospital buildings to house Covid-19 victims, and it death rate is in the thousands as is it in Italy.

    Meanwhile those with means are fleeing North to Scotland and bringing the virus with them, which inturn will cause our own NHS to collapse under the weight of new casualties.

    Of course being a vassal state, and our FM firmly in the pocket of London, especially during this pandemic, our borders will remain wide open to one and all who wish to bring the virus into Scotland.

  208. Sharny Dubs says:

    The world is/was inevitably heading for another financial meltdown down as in 2008.

    Why? Because they allowed the same shower of f”#*wits with the same catastrophic policies to hold the leavers of power (RBS etc)

    Enter corona, now that’s handy!

    But the truth is if we are going to survive then we all have to cooperate and curtail out spending habits. So forget the latest fire stick, HD tv or whatever and follow the rules, then maybe, maybe, just, instead of basking in glorified consumption we will (well most of us) get through this together.

    Stay safe everyone.

  209. Phydaux says:

    I was very heartened by the jury’s not guilty verdict. A jury of ordinary people whose dignity, integrity and common sense were not for sale. I feel proud and humbled by their civic duty.
    “ We know truth, not only by reason, but also by the heart “ Blaise Pascal.

    I was inspired by and indebted to Alex Salmond who enabled me to see our country and ourselves differently, to open ourselves to a new way of thinking and being as an independent country. I look forward to his evidential account of those who conspired against him.

    Quote: “ The term “ conspiracy theory “ has become a term of contempt. I suspect because many of the electorate cannot accept that sometimes more evil exists at the top of society than at the bottom “ James Lee Burke, one of the best American writers of crime fiction,
    I smell shite, to coin a phrase. When the shit hits the fan, it will smell like decay inside living tissue.

    A belter of an article Stuart. You kept telling us and warning us that the SNP were no longer intent on delivering independence despite endless mandates and false promises to those who campaigned and voted for them.

    This pandemic will profoundly challenge each and every one of us and now is not the time for the inevitable political fallout. Those brave and resilient truth-seekers amongst us, I.e. Stuart, Craig Murray, Julian Assange, John Pilger and others will keep us enlightened and informed when the time comes.

  210. Republicofscotland says:

    Meanwhile as Human Rights lawyer Aamer Anwar warns us over the Coronavirus bill, which he said will wipe out 50 years of Civil Liberties with the stroke of pen. He points out that the Tories are a party that wants to abolish the Human Rights act.

    A party that’s running the NHS into the ground, cutting 17,000 beds since 2010. Chomsky said if you want to destroy a public service first you must defund it, the public will cry out for a replacement, enter privatisation.

    The warnings are there for Scotland as Labour draws its dagger and tries to stab it in the very heart of Holyrood, by insisting that in these unprecedented times Scottish devolution must be abolished.

    What will the captured heirarchy of our vassal state do now if the Coronavirus bill leads to such an outcome, will King John Baillio, (Sturgeon) retire to his estates in England and then on to France, or will he defy his overlord and make a stand.

    Going by what has happened to Wallace/Salmond betrayed by his own, Menteith, (Sturgeons inner circle at Holyrood) I think the former might well on the cards.

  211. Willie says:

    Just received an automated text message from my local GP practice – health centre to say that they have a problem with their phone system and to contact 111 if needed.

    The system is creaking and it’s not even begun.

    God bless austerity, god bless the free market. We bought it lock stock and barrel and now we’re getting the dividend.

    How long before Wings, Craig Murray, Scot Goes Pop et al get taken down. Maybe we should ask the Provisional Vichy Government Gauleiter.

  212. robertknight says:

    gus1940 says at 9:48 am

    “Vomit inducing article in the P&J singing the praises of Charlie”.

    P&J = Pish & Jobbers

    Still, I don’t get why folk are so surprised/outraged at his behaviour. Does anyone really think we’re a nation of equals? Anyone?

  213. BJ says:

    Not everyone who buys the Daily Mail agree with its content. My friend buys it because she says you should always know your enemy!

  214. ahundredthidiot says:

    I’ve always been curious – ever since first being aware of Barbara Lee post 9/11 – just how much people are prepared to give up before they kick-back.

    I’m not sure coronavirus is it, and not subscribed to any conspiracy theories (yet), but I do keep an open mind about ‘who benefits’ from any crisis. Peter Hitchens doesn’t seem to get much airspace and is making a lot of sense – serious flu, yes, minimise consequences, yes, crash the world economy – no.

    When I see Youtube deliberately make it difficult to watch real, named health professionals, it gives me pause for thought. There is an awful lot of unnamed health people from ‘acute intensive services’ making long winded scary statements.

    and those folks off the telly – borderline hysterical.

  215. BJ says:

    Prince Charles should be firmly advised to leave the country and return to his residence in England and take his lackeys with him. To knowingly endanger lives is terrorism and terriorists are usually shot or arrested.

  216. Daisy Walker says:

    ‘Robert Louis says:
    26 March, 2020 at 4:12 am
    As regards Mr Salmond and his RT TV show, I simply don’t understand the SNP having an issue with it.’

    I agree with you Robert it makes no sense – on the one hand the Indy movement and the SNP are constantly up against a biased media and Alex RT program helps to redress that balance, and on the other….

    Look at how the British Establishment nobbled the Labour Party – it ended with Tony Blair a highly smooth professional electable – Tory – forever promising a gradualist approach to social reform. And never delivering it. In fact dismantling what already existed.

    And then at least be open to the possibility that NS – judged by her actions – may very well be carrying out the same.

    One explanation for it might be – that her real aim is to spike the Indy movement. Her actions (and inactions) at least make this question a valid one.

    However, if we adopt the view of this will happen at some point, then we in the Yes Movement build in methods of not getting bogged down with it, and of moving round it and getting on with Indy. And that really is empowering.

  217. ScottieDog says:

    So in the interests of ‘cooperation’ the U.K. won’t take part in an EU wide scheme to procure ventilators. Remember that folks.

  218. Dan says:

    robertknight says: at 11:30 am

    Does anyone really think we’re a nation of equals? Anyone?

    Many people misunderstand the term “equal”. They think it refers to people having approximately the same equity in a situation, when it actually refers to the leverage ratio where only a few percent of society hold just enough of the balance of power to continue to overrule the majority.

    As an engineer minded individual I find this continuing reality very annoying.
    We Scots have a certain unique tool available to us that could be used to swing the balance in our favour, but for some inexplicable reason it appears most of the smartly dressed politicians we elect to either the Westminster Government or our own Scottish Administration in Holyrood don’t want to “get dirty” and pick up and throw the Sovereign Spanner in the works.

    If we truly were equal then we wouldn’t be losing our fuckin EU Citizenship that we voted to keep but our southern neighbours voted to give up.
    So Scotland, get off yer subservient knees coz yer tea’s oot. Look what’s on the menu…

  219. Daisy Walker says:

    Looking a wee bit ahead I think the preparation will be started for the line after the Crisis is over – its ‘is too soon to talk of Indy Ref2, the country needs to rebuild, business needs stability.’

    We must utilise this time folks – people are scared, people are bored, and people have a lot of time to read just now.

    We cannot do it face to face, but we can do it over social medial and with books to neighbours.

    And most importantly with our conduct. Every Yesser is an Ambassador for Indy.

    I trust Alex Salmond to choose the best time for full disclosure with regards what has been done to him. It is just possible – given the lock down – that now might just be the best time to do so.

    Remember with Indy 1 – if you could get one piece of the Facts across to no voters – it was like picking a thread from a woollen jersey…. Alex’s mistreatment could well be the same.

    OT – Many thanks to Charlie – and his 6 infected staff. Like Boris you highlight the need for Indy far, far better than the rest of us ever could.

  220. Dan says:

    For anybody thinking or planning to venture to the shops for essential supplies, make sure you’re not caught out by going at times allocated for elderly or high risk.

  221. Willie Fleming says:

    Because so much – err all – of our work will need to be online for a while it is as well to acquaint ourselves with the was our enemies will work to subvert this

  222. Willie Fleming says:

    repost for stupid spelling mistake

    Because so much – err all – of our work will need to be online for a while it is as well to acquaint ourselves with some of the methods our enemies will use to subvert this work

  223. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

    I see from Prof John Robertson that the BBC now have a new go to fear monger.

    Anyone know if this consultant anaesthetist can be charged with “causing fear and alarm” at this time and would this be grounds to have them struck off the medical register?

  224. cynicalHighlander says:


    That lik comes up blank for me.

  225. Daisy Walker says:

    ‘BJ says:
    26 March, 2020 at 11:51 am
    Prince Charles should be firmly advised to leave the country and return to his residence in England and take his lackeys with him. To knowingly endanger lives is terrorism and terriorists are usually shot or arrested.’

    Charlie should be sent a great big thank you card from the Indy Movement for providing us with the most high profile proof for why Scotland needs Indy.

    That he is ‘isolating’ along with his entourage of 50 in the heart of ‘well to do, no voting, daily mail reading’ Deeside is the cherry on top. I rather think the wool has just been lifted from a large section of blue rinse, Daily Mail readers in that area, who are none too happy with wee chick and his wee cough and his wee coughing entourage reducing their chances of emergency medical care.

  226. ahundredthidiot says:

    Language is important.

    If the FM says X number of people WITH coronavirus has died, the BBC translate it to – The FM says X number of people have died DUE to coronavirus.

    cause of death seems to be the first casualty in this war

    I could have coronavirus and be hit by a car!

  227. Colin Alexander says:

    When it became more about the driver, the vehicle, and the baggage, it was only a matter of time before they veered off Indy road, into the dead-end of Union Street and crashed.

  228. boris says:

    2014/15: Scotland Office – Total Establishment 118: Scotland Office, London: 27.00 WTE: Mundell’s Private Office (London) 8 WTE: Scotland Office, Edinburgh 40 WTE: Mundell’s Private Office (Edinburgh) 1 WTE: Total 67 WTE.

    Staffing of the Office of the Advocate General: Ministerial Private Office: 3 WTE: Legal Secretariat to the Advocate General: 3 WTE: Office of the Solicitor to the Advocate General: 45 WTE: Total 51 WTE: Total establishment 118 WTE.

    Total Salary Costs: 6.326K: add 1 Special (Dunlop) Advisor: £.82K Grand Total Salary costs 2014/15: £6.408K

    Comment: Mundell siphoned off nearly £4.5million from the Scottish financial allocation and directed it into a Unionist party slush fund to provide very generous finance for schemes designed to enhance his and the Tory Party profile in Scotland.

  229. cctxt says:

    jockmcx at 9.59am

    I had similar in 2012 and after much mis-diagnosis a competent neurologist diagnosed right temporal lobe epilepsy. After that medication twice a day and I’ve been fine ever since.

    I only mention this because your question was just what I was asking for 3 months and getting no answer till I had a serious siezure in July and nearly died. Mention epilepsy to your GP as a possibility and ask to see a neurologist. Wish I had.

  230. Dr Jim says:

    I’m just guessing here but was Prince Charles tested perhaps because he has the inherited madness of King George disease Porphyria that runs through the Royal family

    It’s bad enough having Royals at all without having bonkers ones with a transmittable disease as he’s just proved

    That’s all I’ve got time for at the moment folks because I’m going into conference talks with a potato

  231. Liz g says:

    The focus on Auld Charlie Windsor getting the test in Aberdeenshire might be the actual lie and the distraction.
    A lie to avoid the notion that he was tested in London and came to Scotland “because” he tested positive ?
    This would make sense ( in the world of Windsor ) if he actually died of it…..London is in NO position to have a big flashy funeral,but could never lose face by admitting it.
    But a long (Dianna type ) journey to London…. Would make some sort of splash as fitting for a “Royal” send off.
    The people who actually live on Deeside were never their consideration,it’s practically a conspiracy theory to imagine they are or ever were…. it’s always,always, about the “Royal” road show
    It will be interesting to see if the same thing happens with Auld Lizzie if she gets sick….

  232. Daisy Walker says:

    @ Willie Fleming

    Your link is incredibly informative – thank you.

    And just think – whats good for the goose…

  233. K1 says:

    Will someone tell Nicola Sturgeon on twitter that the link to the press conference on her twitter account doesn’t actually fucking work, and what about this not being the only place to watch this update daily?

    What is the fucking point of keeping us informed if we don’t have a dedicated channel to watch this daily briefings?

  234. Dan says:


    Both links I posted to twitter and facebook work for me and I am logged in to neither site.

    @Liz g at 1:28 pm

    Aye, it’s also a very handy distraction from the Parliaments being shut and all that might entail.

  235. mike cassidy says:


    Two opposing views.

    When your best defence is ‘I’m sleazy but not criminal’, it’s nothing to smile about

    Former special adviser Campbell Gunn on Salmond trial

    And this is how one paper is reorting the possibility of Alex Salmond going for the soon to be vacated seat of Mark McDonald

  236. Breeks says:

    Jockanese Wind Talker says:
    26 March, 2020 at 12:35 pm
    I see from Prof John Robertson that the BBC now have a new go to fear monger.

    We need a ‘body’, something “like” an SNP Government compiling a matrix of cross referenced failures of UK Government, just like the BritNat Media continually tries to smear devolved portfolios like Education and Health.

    If Constitutional Matters are reserved to Westminster, then why has Scotland’s Constitutional Integrity been deliberately undermined and subjugated? This is clearly a Westminster FAILURE of responsibility to properly recognise and protect the UK Constitution. See them crucified for it!

    If Broadcasting Matters are reserved to Westminster, then the propaganda, indoctrination, and denigration of Scottish culture is another clear FAILURE delivered by Westminster Government. Again, see them crucified for their dismal performance.

    If Scotland cannot close it’s Borders in time of critical emergency when they need to be closed, then that must also be another FAILURE of Westminster Government. Again, bring the fkg house down about it. What is wrong with you???

    Stop lying down and letting these shite’s in Westminster cock their legs on Scotland and dictate what must be done, when all “British” Government delivers is a catalogue of failure and dismal capacity to deliver upon their responsibilities.

    Open up a whole new seam of thorough condemnation for Westminster and it’s dismal performance and gross mismanagement of “reserved” portfolios, and once we can produce an emphatic dossier of failure and non-delivery, then Scotland can demonstrate all due justification for taking back authority over Governmental responsibilities where Westminster has failed in its responsibilities, and failed to govern Scotland as a Constitution equal.

    If Holyrood is too wet and feckless to stand up for Scotland’s Interests, then let us do without Holyrood. If the SNP isn’t the “body” which should already be doing this, then clearly we need a better “body” which will.

    Holyrood is meant to defend Scotland, NOT roll over and accommodate every dismal failure and breach of trust which Westminster serves up. What the fuck is wrong with you SNP? A wee bit complacent caressing the hand that pays you? Find your fucking spine and try to remember why you’re there.

    If you’ve enough time on your hand’s to plot the demise of Alex Salmond, then stand down you wretch, step aside, and make way for a true defender of Scotland to replace your miserable carcass.

    Scotland wants a Sovereign Constitutional Assembly! NOW! Not a puppet Vichy Parliament like Holyrood has been under Sturgeon’s limp authority, but Scotland’s 1707 Parliament recalled, unprorogued and sitting in session for the first time since 1707.

    We maybe cannot physically sit in collected assembly with COV19 upon us, but surely we can get ourselves coordinated in discussion and planning. With adequate haste, it’s still possible for Scotland to derail Brexit, but we CANNOT afford to dawdle. We MUST register a dispute of UK Sovereignty at the earliest opportunity.

  237. James F. McIntosh says:

    Is is possible that the English gov.? has infiltrated right to the top of the SNP. It would make a lot of sense of the decisions Nicola has been making the last few years. Has Whitehall civil service managed to get something on her to control her,funny how those involved in losing the Scottish taxpayers £600,000 have not been sacked or suspended.

  238. Colin Alexander says:

    Already the two camps are firing the first barbs at each other. Neither holds the moral high ground. Ready to fight like rats in a sack.

    To hell with any party of “good governance” of the Scotland colony. Let them rip themselves apart in a war of egos,rivalries and greed for colonial power.

    We need an indy movement with one goal, one purpose only: independence.

    An indy movement that refuses to bend the knee in subservient obedience to our Imperial Overlords of the UK. An indy movement that swears allegiance to the people of Scotland, not to the House of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha.

    An indy movement that refuses to pretend we have a real Scottish Government and a real Scottish Parliament under the imperial edict of the Scotland Act.

    We need an indy movement whose sole purpose is the creation of a real Scottish Government and real Scottish Parliament who exercise Scottish sovereign power on behalf of the sovereign people of Scotland.

  239. Republicofscotland says:

    For all you Time Lord fans out there, He/She, will need to self isolate in the Tardis.

  240. Dan says:

    Made a business using produce from the ocean, but is it time for Rick Stein to get in the sea…

  241. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

    “We need a ‘body’, something “like” an SNP Government compiling a matrix of cross referenced failures of UK Government, just like the BritNat Media continually tries to smear devolved portfolios like Education and Health.”

    Like the SNPs rebuttal unit headed by Keith Brown should be doing? @Breeks says at 2:04 pm

  242. Effijy says:

    There is a live world tracker that shows the global situation with the Corona virus.
    It breaks information down Ito countries.
    Unfortunately Scotland isn’t named but lumped in Under England’s UK.

    The UK number of deaths appears accurate but although the first Minister
    Announced 3 more deaths in Scotland, the site under the column New Deaths
    Shows 0.

    Scotland isn’t a country and death here don’t count as new UK deaths?

    Scrawny Prince Charlie is working at his desk all over the news?
    Other than his Mummy and his second wife, does anyone give a damn?

    English Navy Tracking Russian ships in North Sea near the Channel.
    They are in international waters so why waste resources that could be ashore
    Delivering shortages to the NHS?

    What if the Russians sailed into English waters?
    What would happen? The Captain might steal a couple of fish on his rod and reel?

    My main enemies are the virus and Westminster.
    Hopefully both will be out of Scotland soon.

  243. Dan says:

    @Republicofscotland 2:54 pm

    The #ScottishDalek will sort it out.

  244. Does the new powers from the Coronavirus Bill 2020 give Nicola the power to shut down media scaremongering,

    could she order the army to go to BBC Pacific Quay and drag out the `experts`, hacks and presenters and lock them up till christmas.

  245. SilverDarling says:

    @James F MacIntosh

    I think it is perfectly feasible that there has been infiltration at the highest level and at ‘grassroots’.

    Look at the number of campaigners who arrived in Scotland seemingly rootless, jobless and looking for a cause. Within months they had a high profile social media presence and are/were regularly photographed at meetings, marches and then in positions within the SNP machine, vocal about anything and everything except Independence. Meanwhile at the top level ‘Now is not the Time’ became the mantra and modus operandi for all.

    If the SNP hierarchy weren’t aware they are naive, if they were then they are complicit.

  246. Republicofscotland says:

    Not content with postponing the EU trade talks in the midst of this pandemic, Johnson hates Johnny Foreigner that much, Johnson has now slapped away the hand of EU friendship over the EU initiative to bulk buy ventilators and other equipment needed to tackle coronavirus.

    We in Scotland of course have no say on the matter, vassal states, are to be seen but not heard. What our overlord in England does and says goes in Scotland.

    This is what happens when you’re not a independent nation. We are at the whim of London during this pandemic.

  247. cirsium says:

    @Golfnut, 8.55
    Although there are already many saying they experienced similar symptoms as far back as November/December last year, the duration lasting between 2/6 weeks. If true, it would appear we are being fed bullshit by the government.

    I know someone who had similar symptoms (continuous dry cough then bad bronchitis) which lasted 6 weeks last November/December. The infection appeared in Wuhan in October. As to what is going on, listen to Professor Sucharit Bhakdi, an infectious diseases specialist. The interview is in German with English subtitles –
    and this is his latest plea.

    Regarding the problem for the public health services, here is the analysis of Professor Allyson Pollock, a public health specialist “we need hands-on public health expertise to tackle COVID 19.
    and here is her letter to the Scottish Government

    Both Professor Bhakdi and Professor Pollock refer to economic damage. Here is Professor Richard Murphy on the financial problems

    I can’t think of the words to describe the level of incompetence which would order the shutdown of businesses and public activity without first putting in place financial support for the people who are going to be unemployed. Even President Trump is talking about Universal Basic Income.

    We need to get the hell out of this Union state.

  248. Republicofscotland says:

    “Dan says:
    26 March, 2020 at 3:02 pm
    @Republicofscotland 2:54 pm

    The #ScottishDalek will sort it out.”

    Ha, ha, ha nice on Dan.

  249. cynicalHighlander says:

    Thanks Dan got it on PC aok.

  250. terence callachan says:

    K1….you don’t have to watch NS live , you can watch it any time of day on Twitter
    Get a life

  251. jfngw says:

    it seems the Uk Gov is trying to manipulate the corona death figures in England to be lower. You can understand why, they have been poor compared to the other UK Nations.

    So now we can’t even trust them on the number of deaths. Expect a spike of pneumonia deaths coming to the surface. Johnson will be on TV lauding the now distorted graph claiming success no doubt.

  252. Ron Maclean says:

    @Breeks, Colin Alexander

    Like the SNP leadership we hide behind the safety screen of inaction.

    Who will bell the cat?

  253. robert graham says:

    Any smart folk on here able to find any information about the latest Government Vendetta against Alex Salmond , is it the British State , MI5 ,the Tory party , or individuals that lurk in the shadows , anyone know who exactly is pushing this bloody witch hunt .

  254. terence callachan says:

    Corona virus…

    Stay at home
    Do not go to work unless you have specifically been told that you are a key worker and that means a key worker in terms of this corona virus crisis not a key worker for example as a steward at a football ground.

    If you are unsure if you are a key worker required to work during the corona virus crisis ask a senior member of staff not necessarily your boss perhaps someone above your immediate boss, email them.
    Keep in mind that some bosses are telling staff to come to work when company policy is for them to stay away so check and double check beyond your colleagues and immediate boss.

    Don’t go to the shops do your shopping online I got a delivery from Iceland today which included bread milk fresh fruit and fresh veg as well as frozen things.
    Asda , Tesco , etc do deliveries so book in advance and check daily for available delivery slots that do actually become available daily .

    If you do shop online with a supermarket like Asda or Tesco and book a delivery slot a few days ahead bear in mind that things you tried to order that were not available may become available with restocking after you have ordered
    Or things you have actually ordered may become unavailable between ordering and delivery so it’s a good idea the day before delivery to go back online and check your order because they have a facility that allows you to add to your order and it lets you see things that were available the day you ordered but have since become unavailable in those circumstances they offer an alternative button and let you see other similar items you may wish to order instead.

    Online there are many companies you can order from, type into google “ online shop “ followed by whatever it is you are looking for for example fish, butcher , bread etc etc

    Ask delivery drivers to leave your deliveries on the doorstep they will do this forgoing a signature

    Go for walks wear a scarf use it to cover your nose and mouth as you pass people , try to cross the road etc and not pass people.

    Walk the dog at unusual times keep an eye on your neighbourhood and you will get an idea of when it’s less busy.

    Phone your chemist for delivery of your prescription many will accommodate your request

  255. Willie says:

    I see there’s a commercial tussle going on between Dyson and G.Tech as to who gets the contract to manufacture ventilators.

    And which company donated to the Tory party.

    Ah well where there’s muck there’s brass as someone once said. At least we’re out of Europe and won’t need to bother about supply chain from them. Er, but hang about, where is Sir James Dyson’s business based these days.Singapore do I hear someone say.

    Ah, you’ve got to laugh folks. You really do. And we voted for it.

  256. Breeks says:

    Jockanese Wind Talker says:
    26 March, 2020 at 2:54 pm

    Like the SNPs rebuttal unit headed by Keith Brown should be doing?

    No. I don’t mean that. A rebuttal unit is a defence mechanism against misinformation from A. N. Other. It’s “he said / she said” stuff. People believe the truth they want to believe. Nothing actually changes.

    What I’m talking about is a unit which shadows what the UK Government says and does, then jumps all over it whenever the UK Government does anything which crosses the line and exceeds their authority or breaches any principle of the Union Treaty which is then compromised.

    EVEL should have been slaughtered. Brexit should have been slaughtered. Scotland’s Defence should have been slaughtered. The BBC should hung from a gibbet from Edinburgh Castle for its anti Scottish propaganda. The “London Calling” video should have prompted a public enquiry. HOW MUCH SHITE DO WE HAVE TO PUT UP WITH?

    Take the fight to Westminster rather than just whining about the latest impropriety but then capitulating and allowing it to happen.. Test it. Dispute it. Fight it. Take it to court. Ram Scotland’s Sovereign Constitution down their throats until they’re sick of it. Make governing Scotland a Constitutional minefield, but focussed on ‘reserved’ matters the way the BritNat Media targets devolved issues.

    Joanna Cherry did it. Did it twice. She ran Boris Johnson up the flag pole and hung him out to dry. What does she get? Fk all. A bunch of Woke arseholes slagging her off and plotting her deselection while Sturgeon looks the other way.

    Passive resistance does absolutely NOTHING when your principle enemy is an entitled sociopath with no sense of empathy, guilt or remorse. Passive ‘anything’ is just a green light for them to carry on regardless because you are telegraphing music to their ears that there is no consequence for their misbehaviour.

    Prior to Brexit, Sturgeon should have been rattling out Constitutional Red Line ultimatums like a fkg machine gun, AND STICKING TO THEM, so that everything May or Johnson did had a grim consequence for the Union. But no. Iinstead, every colonial impropriety was met with supine compromise, cowardly acquiescence, and humiliating capitulation.

    Quite literally, give them an inch, and they’ll take a mile. So stop giving them a godammed inch!!! Start attacking them and taking back a mile when they are constitutionally inept… BECAUSE THEY ARE INEPT!

    Jesus H, the Brexit cretins handed us Independence on a plate with the Brexit referendum and a Scottish Remain vote. It was right there, freedom in our grasp, but we followed Surgeon, and managed to out-cretin the cretins and fuck it all up.

    Do something that’s worthy of support SNP, or just fk off and get out the way.

  257. Willie says:

    Yes, where there’s muck there’s brass.

    With cremation restricted to two attendees I hear there’s now and additional charges from undertakers for the cost of deep clean disinfecting of cars and crematoria.

    Wonder if there’s a discount for doubling up.

  258. Effijy says:

    Global figure for confirmed Corona Virus Figures
    Has just reached 500,000.

    I presume terrible figures from Italy as they haven’t reported according to this site?

  259. terence callachan says:

    People trying to say NS and AS are enemies or that NS is responsible for the charges against AS

    They are incorrect

    NS did not bring the charges against AS

    People say she should have shown support for AS before and during the trial

    How could she ?
    She would have been vilified the same as AS and accused of supporting a rapist
    She did the right thing
    Distanced herself
    Allowed the court and jury to do its job

    She is still doing that

    As for the accusers that’s a different story we have to find out who they ALL are and try and figure out why they did this remembering that perhaps there was coercion that forced them to testify against AS
    If there was coercion who coerced them and what was held against them , their job ? promotion prospects ? bribery ? other things ?

    People do not normally go to court and testify with such weak and flimsy evidence after many many years
    It’s odd

  260. terence callachan says:

    jfngw…..correct…they give figures for U.K. on breaking down figures for each country therein and I have noticed that in two days the figures for England were said to be not available even though S W and NI were there

  261. ben madigan says:

    @ effijywho asked about figures from Italy

    Italy reports its daily figures at 6.00 pm Italian time, so they should be out in an hour or so

  262. ben madigan says:

    @Willie who said:
    26 March, 2020 at 4:01 pm
    “I hear there’s now and additional charges from undertakers for the cost of deep clean disinfecting of cars and crematoria.
    Wonder if there’s a discount for doubling up”

    Be thankful Scottish undertakers can still cope with the death toll. The italian army has to drive convoys of coffins to crematoriums – no mourners, no ceremony except a bugler playing Last Post and the national Anthem as they enter the precinct

  263. Republicofscotland says:

    The BBC seem reluctant to reveal the amount of deaths from the virus in England, though it has no problem with reporting the total deaths in NI, Scotland and Wales, which is roughly 80 in total.

    Now the last I checked on Sky news around 420 people had died from the virus in England. Roughly 5 times that of the other nations of the UK put together.

    Is it any wondrr then that the English are pouring over the border into Scotland, all that’s missing is the longbow.

  264. K1 says:

    Listen you jumped up little fuck Callaghan, you don’t know what my schedule is or what I have to work around in terms of watching updates for SG, so go take a flying fuck to yourself you little snide fuckwank.

  265. Republicofscotland says:

    Meanwhile as the Covid-19 virus consumes the media, and our thoughts. The US has indicted Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro, claiming he’s a drug trafficker.

    This timey indictment by the US comes off the back of the announcement that the UN was preparing a huge aid packet to the heavily sanctioned country amid this pandemic.

    The US now wants the package aborted, due to the indictment.

  266. Vestas says:

    It appears the UK govt has changed the way they “report deaths” – yesterday or the day before.

    Nobody seems entirely sure what that means – spokesdroid couldn’t explain and came out with some crap about “needing family consent” before announcing deaths.

    Its a notifiable disease so thats total shite.

    Tories never change – if the figures are appalling then change the way you measure them…..

    If anyone does know how they’re now being measured then I for one would appreciate a link/explanation.

  267. admiral says:

    Vestas says:
    26 March, 2020 at 4:35 pm

    Tories never change – if the figures are appalling then change the way you measure them…..

    Remember how they changed the way they calculated employment figures several times. Not once did any of the changes lead to an increased count.

    The figures presented were an underestimate of the real unemployment level.

  268. jfngw says:

    Whilst we are told we must drop our independence agenda because of the virus Boris Johnson and his government continue their Brexit agenda and decide to go to a vacuum manufacturer to make untested ventilators rather than join the EU bulk buy scheme of approved ventilators.

    The ScotGov is still staying in line with this madness.

  269. Mist001 says:

    Amongst other things, I think I mentioned in passing a week or two ago that health was supposed to be a devolved matter in Scotland. I think I may also have mentioned that Mrs. Murrell is no leader.

    IF health REALLY WAS a devolved matter in Scotland AND IF Mrs. Murrell WAS a leader, then as I again mentioned two weeks ago, she would have taken control of this Coronavirus situation and instead of parroting Westminsters lines to the Scottish people, she could now have been doing deals with Europe with regard to brining in extra ventilators and medical supplies into Scotland.

    Since we’re led to believe that health is a devolved matter, then she would have been entirely within her rights to do so.

    But of course, it turns out that devolved health is only on paper, not in action and that Mrs. Murrell is simply the new Secretary Of State For Scotland.

    Many more deaths will happen in Scotland and many of them will have been preventable.

    We’ve been fed a tissue of lies from both Westminster and The Scottish Government. If that wasn’t the case, then action would have been taken.

    I definitely said two weeks ago on here that Mrs. Murrell and The Scottish Government have blood on their hands and this is being shown to be true in Scotland on a daily basis.

    Any Murrell apologists wish to argue differently?

  270. callmedave says:

    Read this couple of days ago and
    @James posted this this morning back on up thread.

    Seems a bit of a coincidence eh!

    Next of kin consent now required I read on Revs twitter earlier.

    Jigsaw pieces need put together. 🙁

    England daily figures hidden away and only on a UK graph on Aunties website. Who’s surprised?

  271. terence callachan says:

    I see U.K. govt and USA criticise China but China where over a third of the worlds people live have done marvellous in dealing with corona virus

    They have had the most tested positive of any country 81,000
    They have had the most recovered too 74,000
    They have had 3000 deaths

    Italy 74,000….7000….9000 so Italy still have about 58,000 fighting for recovery
    Spain 56,000..4000…7000 so Spain still have about 45,000 fighting for recovery
    USA 69,000..1000….1000 so USA still have 67,000 fighting for recovery
    U.K. 9500….465…….135 so U.K. still have nearly 9000 fighting for recovery

    China is not having new cases so they appear to be recovering heading for the end
    Other countries are still reporting new cases
    Many countries are nowhere near peak infection worst still to come

    China has had so many recoveries
    They have given people with pneumonia blood transfusions to re-oxygenate their blood , great idea ahead of thee game

    Shame on BJ DT and U.K. and USA media

  272. Willie says:

    Ben Madigan @4.24.

    Sadly the crematoria are not keeping up and the crisis has yet to begin.

    Getting someone cremated can now take something between two and three weeks. If you don’t want a service that a couple of close friends or relatives can attend you get the cremation quicker. A single crematorium with a half hour turn around does typically around 12 funerals a day.

    Dispensing with the service quickens is and of course cremation quickens it again. Italy is now losing about 800 folks a day to corona virus. That’s 800 on top of all of the other non corona virus deaths.

    Equating that to a Scottish population one can see how an epidemic can create chaos.

    As to the extra charges for disinfecting funeral cars and crematoria well I think people can make their own mind up on that. Undertakers and councils certainly do not seem remiss in missing an opportunity to charge despite business booming.

    But I am thankful of nothing Ben. Italy is in the teeth of a humanitarian crisis. We are heading the same way. The deliberate policy of Boris Johnson, Dominic Cummings, Sir Patrick Valance to let the virus spread to…….. ‘ to secure herd immunity, protect the economy and if a few pensioners die too bad ‘ was the wrong policy and we will suffer for it and have to ‘ take it on the chin ‘ as Boris Johnson actually said about losing loved ones before their time.

    Yes, I’m thankful Ben. And well done Nicola Sturgeon for sticking with Boris Johnson’s policy. She truly is the Vichy Government Governor General in Scotland.

  273. Mike d says:

    Mist001. Never replied to you before, but got to agree on the question , if health is devolved, yes the SG should have done their own thing re bringing in ventilators and medical supplies for the Scottish people.

  274. dakk says:

    Wonder if the Russian ships are in the international waters of the Channel in order to be proximate if a desperate call for help goes out from UK soon.

    In same way as they have responded to Italy.

    It’s all very well doctoring the statistics with ‘bronchial pneumonia’ on the certificates, but when the mass cremations are difficult to hide, the devious british might yet be forced to ask for help.

  275. terence callachan says:

    K1 so you are as thick as appears, take you medicine you know you need it .Dumb ass.

  276. Mike d says:

    Jfngw 4.47. Bojo and his pals probably have shares in dysons company.

  277. terence callachan says:

    You said

    “ The Scottish Government have blood on their hands and this is being shown to be true in Scotland on a daily basis. “

    Please do explain

  278. Mike d says:

    RepublicofScotland. 4.26pm.ever thought it could be a master plan to flood Scotland with more no voters in time for the next referendum. Stranger things afoot.

  279. Mike d says:

    Terence callachan 4.15pm. Blackmail terry?

  280. Mike d says:

    Breeks 3.57pm. Another one of your many excellent posts.Spot on.

  281. The fact is the SNP are no longer representing the rank and file members But they appear to be representing our enemies even going as far as helping to disgrace and jail one of our few heroes so to me the answer is we need a new party of ordinary people no lawyers or doctors etc, but honest to god working people who have more honest knowledge and desire for freedom and justice for Scotland than the present lot seem to have .I know we have some good people at the the top but they see to have allowed themselves to be sidelined so no exscusies yous have had your chance and in my opinion failed

  282. Mist001 says:

    @ terence callachan says:

    You said

    “ The Scottish Government have blood on their hands and this is being shown to be true in Scotland on a daily basis. “

    Please do explain”

    Very simple, it should be obvious to everyone that if the Scottish Government REALLY had the devolved matter of health, then they should have taken control of the situation on Scotlands behalf immediately.

    The fact that they didn’t and indeed, haven’t, shows that either they don’t have control over health as we have been led to believe OR they are unwilling to take control over health matters in Scotland.

    It’s a complete dereliction of duty and for every Scottish person that dies because of this virus is a death that could possibly had been prevented had the Scottish government taken control.

    The Scottish government has blood on its hands because of it’s unwillingness or inability to take control.

  283. ben madigan says:

    here are the latest figures from Italy:
    4492 infected as detected today.
    total No of infected = 62.013.

    712 deaths in the last 24 hours

  284. Robert Louis says:

    Is the fact that Leslie Evans has not been sacked yet (and has had her contract extended), clear evidence that NS is wholly and completely compromised?? This could explain a great deal. Asking for a friend.

  285. James Barr Gardner says:

    More to viruses than you know, the upper atmosphere contains millions of them !

    Food for thought ?

  286. K1 says:

    ‘terence callachan says:
    26 March, 2020 at 5:19 pm
    K1 so you are as thick as appears, take you medicine you know you need it .Dumb ass.’

    Are you pretending to be some kind of ‘american’?

    If you’re going to insult me back, really try harder. Prick.

  287. Craig Murray says:

    Robert Louis,

    not only has Leslie Evans not been sacked, Sturgeon quite voluntarily extended her tenure by two years, just a few weeks ago.

    Terence Callahan I am genuinely sorry for you. I admire loyalty but not to the point of total stupidity. Yes, Nicola was directly behind the attacks on Alex. Sturgeon worked through people including her husband, her Chief of staff, the SNP’s Chief Operating Officer and Leslie Evans, plus a gaggle of her small inner circle. If you genuinely believe all of those could have been in it without Nicola’s active participation, you are very misguided indeed.

    You have in fact inspired me to realise that I do need now to write an extremely long article setting it all out. I had intended to wait. It will take a day or two, but I do hope you will at least try to take in the info with an open mind.

  288. Kenny says:

    A lot of people think there is going to be a great reckoning in the wake of the acquittal of Alex Salmond as lots of things come to light. But I think that Sturgeon and her whole coven of pen-pushers, professional feminists, high priests of wokeness, gender consultants, pronoun worriers and the whole HR culture which holds all this up are too entrenched… and I think the latter know this, unless they would not have gone ahead with false charges for the second time in such a blatant fashion.

    Sturgeon knows that she can blatantly raise two fingers to the people by recently extending Leslie Evans’ contract for two years – and we are talking here about someone who has completely disgraced herself and cost us, the sovereign people of Scotland, a fortune by acting way outside her remit. Sturgeon knows that Salmond will have to pull down the whole system.

    I am not sure that independence is the best way forward immediately. Scotland has always had its own legal system and I think ours is even more corrupt than England. If we become independent, we would have the Scottish legal system, and we would also have the same institutions as before. Personally, I think we should ask for a union with Norway or Iceland and, for a period of 20 years, let them take over the running of all our institutions. Either that or have Scotland as a federation similar to Australia or Canada with intense regionalisation to the point of direct democracy. Look at the standard of all elected parties to the Scottish Parliament (including SNP MSPs), the dictatorship of wokeness which is now denying science, the marginalisation of women by those who say they are “feminists”… no, our professional class has let us down, and the sooner we walk away from them, just like we already know we need to walk away from the union, which is also not working for us, the better.

  289. mike cassidy says:

    Has anybody got a link to Sturgeon and Calderwood refusing to condemn the royal entourage for breeching every recommendation they have stated is necessary to ‘protect Scotland’?

  290. Famous15 says:

    The self employed will eventually get something if they have a three year record.Few will have that.However all these medina types on self employed contracts with Sky and the Beeb who stop doing soaps etc will get a big bounty.

  291. Famous15 says:

    Kenny you are confusing the prosecution PFCrown Office with the Scottish judicial system ie judges

  292. JGedd says:

    Craig Murray’6.31 pm

    Looking forward to that post, Craig. Should be very illuminating.

  293. JGedd says:

    Robert Louis @ 6.05pm

    I think she was laying it on the line for us. It was a declaration.

  294. John Jones says:

    I don’t think Chick has the virus he’s only up here to avoid becoming infected.
    anyway on a brughter note, if Betty and himself do kick the bucket it will fairly cheer up all the yoons as we’ll have another King Billy.

  295. robbo says:

    Taxable grant. There you have it.You’ll feck all really.

    You’ll feck all. Self employed are taxed @ 40% on profits and pay class 2/4 NI’s.

    So people who made profits of over 12k ish threshold were already taxed 40% correct?, now you’ll be taxed again correct?


    People who didn’t make 12k profit and who didn’t pay any tax at all will also now be taxed @40% on profits average monthly,so you’re barely getting owt .

    I Said they’ll be no free money.

    Anyone on here good wae numbers that can clarify what that idiot said?

  296. mike cassidy says:

    Fury as former SNP MP brands Prince Charles an ‘arrogant fool’ for travelling with coronavirus

    You won’t be surprised to learn there was no fury!

  297. shug says:

    Stu is there any way you can reduce the number of 77 brigade contributions to your site

  298. Stoker says:

    If anyone missed this the first time around i can thoroughly recommend you read it. There’s a best seller book and political thriller film (or mini series) in all of this. Can’t wait for the next revelations and especially for when Alex starts taking scalps.

  299. dakk says:

    Watched an excellent documentary on NHK Japanese news Channel.

    Explains far more about all aspects of Covid19 than you are ever likely to see on british media.

    How Japan has prevented’overshooting’ or spikes in infection rates by testing and monitoring ‘clusters’.

    Well worth watching.

  300. @Craig Murray,

    Alex Prentice QC had no actual corroborated evidence in trying to convict Alex,

    he hoped that manufacturing multiple similair scenarios would lead to a conclusion that he must be guilty,

    have you got a `smoking gun` to convict Nicola or are you similarly using uncorroborated evidence and hearsay to convict her,

    if you aint got a `smoking gun` to produce are you not just doing what Alex Prentice QC tried and spectacularly failed to do to Mr Salmond.

  301. CameronB Brodie says:


    Some good news from ScotGov but i seriously fail to understand why, in a very important article, they avoid any reference to the word ‘Brexit’ and instead refer to the causes as:

    “…*the collapse of export and hospitality markets*…”

    You’ve hit the nail on the head. The way that language is used, shapes the way we view the world and the values we apply when making decisions. Language connects the individual with reality and defines the scope of our potential and opportunity. Dominant narratives define reality. As such, linguistic morphology is crucial to ethical jurisprudence and the potential for a just society. You won’t find one of those in Brexitania, given birth to as it is, by a rejection of natural law and the principle of universal human rights.

    Some of you might remember me banging on about “it all boiling down to semiotics”. If the law starts playing silly buggers with linguistic morphology and natural language, (see the proposed GRA reforms), then there is no hope for open society or liberal constitutionalism.


  302. ahundredthidiot says:

    Today, Police Scotland challenged a group of five people gathered in a Paisley park, but let them be.

    Apparently two of them identify as nothing and one as a non-binary void, so no rules were broken.

    That’ll be Mhairi Blacks constituency for you!

  303. Dan says:

    Jobs blow for ventilator company sucks, as contract hoovered up by vacuum cleaner manufacturer.

    I’ll get my coat…

  304. CameronB Brodie says:

    Might as well go full Tonto. 😉

    Linguistics and Legal Epistemology: Why the Law Pays Less
    Attention to Linguists Than It Should

  305. H Scott says:

    Given Prince Charles has brought a lethal virus to a small, vulnerable community I will make the following prediction: no-one in that community will die of Covid-19. They’ll die of other things, but Covid-19 won’t be on any death certificate.

  306. Effijy says:

    Hello SNP,

    The Corona Virus figures show that you are twice as likely to die in England
    With the Virus as in Scotland.

    Now we all know, unlike the UK Media and much of the population down South
    That the best performing NHS by a mile is the Scottish NHS.

    In light of Bojo recently suggesting that he may need to do something about SNHS not hitting its
    Targets, he needs reminded in Parliament, and TV, that he should withdraw this slanderous and insulting
    Statement and that we would be happy to show neighbouring countries and political parties how they
    Too can improve the health of their nations and save lives.

    As resources are spent on NHS England they should in proportion provide additional funding for Scotland’s NHS.

    So how much did the Tories spend on turning a 1 Kilometre long exhibition centre into a field hospital
    How much have they spent on hiring all of the Private Hospitals and staff in England?
    What would their costs be to Hire all those Army personal supporting their NHS?
    How much is it costing to buy Tory Funder James Dyson’s still to be designed ventilators compare to
    The G Tech ones ready to roll.

    They owe Scotland a fortune but no doubt SNP doesn’t like to mention it.

  307. JGedd says:

    Tonight’s topic on the news, was the gathering evidence that the death rates for males and females from Covid 19 is different, with males more likely to die from it.

    At first, with evidence coming principally from China it was speculated that it might be to do with lifestyle since smoking among men in China is far more common than among women. However, with data emerging from Italy and Spain where there is no longer such a disparity among men and women as regards smoking and heavy smoking is no longer prevalent.

    Medical research has already indicated that there are biological differences between the sexes as regards immune response to infection. Since Covid 19 is a new invading virus then this contagion is providing new data for further investigation.

    Intriguingly, is this not going to cause consternation and protest from those who claim that biology is not relevant? And isn’t there going to be a problem with data collection in this country and some others?

  308. Mist001 says:

    William: ‘Our Dad has Coronavirus’.

    Harry: ‘Well, yours has’.

  309. robertknight says:

    Would every Winger who still believes NS has a shred of integrity left please look here…

  310. dakk says:

    Just joined in a street round of applause which a dog walkertold me was in recognition of NHS workers.

    Hopefully they will get appropriate ppe soon.Failure of duty of care.

    Braehead icerink is being readied now.

  311. Sinky says:

    Nicola still the most statesman like leader in UK.

    Meanwhile EBC Question Time special on coronavirus has no rep from third largest grouping at Westminster

  312. callmedave says:

    Coronavirus: ‘Mix-up’ over EU ventilator scheme 🙁

  313. Sensibledave says:

    Republicofscotland 10.53

    Coronavirus cases just in London … 168

    Coronavirus cases whole of Scotland … 22

    … based upon yesterday’s numbers.

    Does that respond adequately to your point or do you want to try and see if you can make up another grievance out of it!

  314. JGedd says:

    *where there is no longer such a disparity among men and women as regards smoking and heavy smoking is no longer prevalent, yet the statistics are reflecting the same difference between the sexes regarding rates of death, as the Chinese data.

  315. Colin Alexander says:

    I’ve long argued that the SNP are undemocratic with too much power concentrated at the top.

    Mr Salmond and his clique (which used to include Sturgeon) bears much of the responsibility for this and it came back to bite him when that concentration of power was then used against him under Sturgeon.
    As for the Empire’s Civil Service involvement: If you hold a viper to your breast, expect it to bite you.
    Even if Sturgeon and her husband hadn’t been directly responsible for the things that have happened, the buck stops with the top bosses.

    Sturgeon and Murrell’s positions are untenable. Mr Murrell and Ms Sturgeon must go.

  316. Colin Alexander says:

    Mr Salmond’s SNP embraced administering and talking up the Empire’s Colonial administration as the “Scottish Govt” and “Scottish Parliament”.

    Mr Salmond embraced s30. Mr Salmond embraced bending the knee, selling out our sovereignty, to get an Empire indyref.

    Salmond with Sturgeon sold out on Scotland’s sovereign power for a spin on the Empire’s indyref roulette wheel, playing in a rigged game.

    Salmond was the ultimate gambler but it was a game that should NEVER have been played.

    He needed a Breeks to remind him: sovereignty is ours already, if we have the resolve to exercise it. We NEVER needed permission via an s30 Empire indyref.

    We are paying the price for Salmond’s folly in believing that he was unbeatable in the indyref game.

    Respect to Salmond for WANTING and trying to get (semi)-independence. But, he made the wrong decisions.

    Salmond should have asserted Scottish sovereignty; instead he embraced British devolution colonial servility. Sturgeon’s SNP has gone even further down that same path.

  317. Del G says:

    Coronavirus cases just in London … 168
    Coronavirus cases whole of Scotland … 22

    According to the BBC “There are currently 894 confirmed cases of coronavirus in Scotland”. Unless you’re talking only of deaths?

  318. Sandy says:

    There are those on this site who have an answer for everything but a cure for nothing.

  319. jfngw says:

    I suppose if we go for indy now the threat will be we can’t use the UK corona virus and we would need to adopt the EU one.

    This virus is already being mobilised against independence in the future, the claim will be we couldn’t have survived it without the resources of the UK. They will happily ignore all the countries that did do better and the actual shambles/lies of the UK response.

  320. dakk says:

    Daughter just in from 12 hr. shift at a&e.

    Person turned up with a cut on foot which was obtained whilst shaving their toes.

    Genuinely didn’t know anyone did that.

  321. Pete says:

    Sensible Dave
    Your figures relate to deaths.

  322. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

    Sobering numbers – UK’s coronavirus death toll jumps by 113 to 578 in biggest daily rise yet:

    3 more fatalities in Scotland confirmed since yesterday, (25 fatalities total to date)

    6 more fatalities in Wales confirmed since yesterday, (28 fatalities total to date)

    3 more fatalities in Northern Ireland confirmed since yesterday, (10 fatalities total to date)

    England recorded 101 fatalities since yesterday. (535 fatalities total to date).

  323. jfngw says:

    I see Brown and Blair want a global government to tackle the virus, they are at this minute narrowing this down and have reached two worthy contenders. They hoped to iron out who should be top dog by returning to the Granita restaurant but learned it had closed and been renamed Desperados, which unfortunately is also no longer at this location.

  324. mike cassidy says:

    Nicola still the most statesman like leader in UK

    That’s the problem right there.

    Her abject failure in condemning the royal entourage which drove a horse and cart through her ‘Protect Scotland’ stance reveals her to be a UK politician first.

    And Scotland’s First Minister a distant second when it comes to kissing the Royal posterior.

  325. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @Craig Murray (6.31) –

    Wouldn’t you consider doing a book?

  326. dakk says:

    Supermarket workers should also be recognised with an applause for the work they do and the dangers they face.

  327. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

    Me at 9:08 pm

    535 should read 515!

  328. Effijy says:

    A neighbour has been tested positive for the Corona Virus.
    He had been taken to hospital and out on a Dyson Ventilator.

    He is now picking up!

  329. mike cassidy says:


    As the brilliant American comic Bill Hicks might have said.

    What a shite time to be a Jehovah’s Witness!

  330. Morgatron says:

    Dark @9.22pm
    I totally agree. Mrs Morgatron works in a supermarket as does my son whilst at Uni, the both have been run off their feet in the last month, taking loads of shite from arseholes on a daily basis ,they dont have googles , facemasks, social distancing just introduced. Terrible worrying time for them, something they never signed up for. The NHS staff are amazing , if we are at war ,an army marches on its stomach .

  331. jfngw says:

    @mike cassidy

    When we needed a de Gaulle we got a Pétain.

  332. terence callachan says:

    K1…good …you’ve had your medicine…feeling better now ?

  333. terence callachan says:

    Mist001…you said

    “ The Scottish government has blood on its hands because of it’s unwillingness or inability to take control. “

    Don’t be stupid ,your head is is full of mist right enough

    Scotland has lower infection and lower deaths than any other country it’s size
    The Scottish govt and Scottish nhs is already doing things differently to England

    Once this is over we will see that Scotland’s infections and deaths were fewer per thousand than the rest of U.K. and most if not all of Europe

  334. terence callachan says:

    K1….you said I am a “ you jumped up little fuck Callaghan,“

    Swop then little for big K1

  335. cirsium says:

    @dakk 7.19 How Japan has prevented’overshooting’ or spikes in infection rates by testing and monitoring ‘clusters’.
    Japan used the standard public health procedure – test, track, quarantine. It means that the infection is managed without disrupting society, children’s education and the economy.

    Compare this standard with what is going on in the UK which is why Professor Allyson wrote “we need hands-on public health expertise

    Compare this standard with what is going on in France – Pepe Escobar’s latest.

    For some perspective on COVID 19, I recommend watching this interview with Professor Sucharit Bhakdi, an infectious diseases specialist,

  336. terence callachan says:

    Craig Murray…6.31pm

    There is no proof available that NS was in on it.
    If you have it I look forward to seeing it

    So far all I’ve seen are opinions , I can see where and how those opinions have been formed but they are not backed up by any proof or conclusive evidence.

    I remain to be convinced but I am easily convinced with proof or conclusive evidence.

  337. cirsium says:

    It is Professor Allyson Pollock

  338. Mist001 says:

    @ terence callachan

    Still doesn’t control its health matters though. Westminster is doing that for Scotland and as long as the Scottish Government doesn’t assume responsibility for health in Scotland, then they’re culpable.

    Or liars and given what we’ve learned this week, that wouldn’t surprise me in the least.

  339. CameronB Brodie says:

    mike cassidy
    Nail on the head. I am aware that the SNP must operate within the legal confines of British constitutionalism, but that does not mean their legal reasoning needs to be constrained by the master’s legal conventions and skullduggery.

    British constitutional law is neither coherent or comapatible with international human rights law and Westminster is a racist patriarchy. The master’s tools will never dismantle the master’s house.

    The problem is the woke-nats at the top, who are ideologically incapable of defending a legal respect for difference (see the GRA farrago).

  340. terence callachan says:


    So far there is no proof in the public domain that NS was behind the organised group who had AS charged with these offences.

    I believe the charges were fixed by a group that was somehow persuaded to do this .
    What puzzles me is why this group of nine were persuaded to do so with such flimsy cases and no witnesses years after the alleged offences, strange , what persuaded them to do it.

    We will find out one day
    We will also find out who was behind it all
    I think someone with more authority and power than NS

  341. Craig Murray says:

    Terence what standard of proof do you want?

    Are you seriously positing that her husband, her chief of staff and all her closest cronies were in on it and she wasn’t?

  342. Dan says:

    Confucius say: A bag of broth mix will make soup for a few days or catch pigeons for a month.


  343. terence callachan says:


    If I gave you a budget to live on each year
    You would be in control of how you live
    But only to the extent that the money I give you stretches

    Therein lies the problem
    NHS Scotland do a great job within the budget given to Scotland by England

  344. Capella says:

    I’m posting this link again to Dr Michael Greger’s 2008 talk on the subject of pandemics. These diseases are the result of viruses passing from animals to humans because of our animal welfare practices. If this pandemic doesn’t kill us off the next one may well.

    At the end he recommends stocking up for 90 days of lockdown. This was in 2008. So government planners did know what the stakes are and did nothing. This is not a bolt from the blue.

  345. Liz g says:

    For those wondering…..
    My son’s partner,an ICU nurse in the new Southern General was in tears at the clapping in her street tonight,and then again as her colleagues shared footage of it….. Happy Tears,to be shown such support,so it was very much worth doing.
    If even one nurse gets a boost to their moral ….well worth it,I’d say…
    But it was way more than one nurse and I’m glad of it….

  346. Capella says:

    @ Craig Murray – I look forward to your presentation of the evidence. Regarding the role of Peter Murrell – as I understand it you are saying that Ian McCann reported directly to Peter Murrell. That may well be so. But what did he report?

    Anyone who has been in charge of a major organisation knows that, if a whistle blower comes along and says that a previous boss was a sexual predator, what do you do? Sack the whistle blower?
    Obviously not. What you do is initiate an investigation process and allow it to take its course. Anything else would be interference in a legal process.

  347. dakk says:

    @ Morgatron

    The supermarkets will be making a fortune now.Staff must be given ppe very soon,and/or other distancing measures taken.

    @ cirsium

    Will check those links tomorrow.

  348. Mist001 says:

    What about…………

    Maybe we’re looking at the Alex Salmond case all wrong.

    Suppose it was the nine complainers who were being set up? Weak, insubstantial evidence from the outset and yet were somehow assured that it was strong enough to be tested in court.

    Same with the PF, who somehow thought they had a case. Surely the PF would have known it was a load of tosh that wouldn’t stand up?

    So, why were all these people so sure of what they were doing?

    I think someone must have told them that it wasn’t a problem, everything would go to plan.

    Alex may himself have just been an unlucky victim in all of this. It could have been anyone but he happened to fit the part.

    Maybe the true aim of this trial was to get the 9 complainers, maybe the PF or maybe even to test the resolve of Mrs. Murrell, to see how far her loyalty would go?

    Maybe the 9 were being used as guinea pigs in all of this. They were seen as expendable to whomever orchestrated this whole affair.

  349. terence callachan says:

    Craig Murray…I don’t know

    I think it is possible that the nine accusers were brought together by a powerful person or group of people , very powerful ,there was very likely coercion bribery or blackmail involved for the nine to to be persuaded to present such weak individual cases , it looks possible that there was over reliance on the effect of nine charges in one case they hoped for the no smoke without fire effect in people’s minds .

    I think it’s possible that NS didn’t know much detail of the charges until they were out in the public domain it’s very likely that evidence would be secretly guarded by the solicitors acting for the nine.

    Are you suggesting that NS knew who the nine were and knew the detail of the charges before the PF and before AS ?
    Do you think she would have allowed such weak cases to go forward if she was in on it from the start ?
    Sorry but I cannot see it .

    At most I think on the basis of what is known to me and other members of the ordinary public NS might have stood back and watched , even avoided comment / support but I have to say I’m no solicitor and I would not have backed the nine to win with the cases they presented.
    The weakness of cases were plain to see from the start.

    Was NS relying on “ no smoke without fire” ? Really ? I don’t believe she is that daft.

    If the nine had won their case with better evidence and witnesses then I could have believed that NS was in on it for the reasons some people are saying
    But with such weak cases I’m sorry but I remain to be convinced

    Let’s see what you’ve got

  350. Craig Murray says:

    Capella there are Whatsapp messages from Peter Murrell amongst the evidence which the judge would not allow to be presented in court as “collateral”. I cannot tell you exactly when they will be published – there is a civil claim for damages, a judicial review and a parliamentary inquiry in progress. You will have to take my word for their existence at the minute. I am sorry for that. But let me plain I have seen them.

  351. Capella says:

    @ Craig Murray – I do accept your evidence. I hope you can spell this out in more detail without compromising yourself. If I was guessing then I would include the Chief of Staff and the Permanent Secretary in the circle of individuals plotting to smear Alex Salmond.

    Nevertheless, that does not include Nicola Sturgeon unless evidence suggests otherwise. Yet.

  352. Craig Murray says:

    Terence at 10.34pm

    “Are you suggesting that NS knew who the nine were and knew the detail of the charges before the PF and before AS ?
    Do you think she would have allowed such weak cases to go forward if she was in on it from the start ?”

    Yes, that is exactly what I am stating, not suggesting.

    I don’t think the initial intention was for it to become a criminal case. The intention was to compile accusations to prevent Alex from standing again for Parliament, just in case he did to her what he did for John Swinney. The court heard the SNP’s idea was to sit on the accusations until they needed to deploy them – internally.

    But then when Alex took the offensive and won his civil case against them they had to go the whole hog. That’s when they started getting the police in and organising the fabrication of more stories,

    They were confident that they would get him found guilty of at least one of the minor charges and calculated that would be enough to ruin him.

  353. terence callachan says:

    Craig Murray..1034pm

    I see.
    If evidence of that comes into public view NS will be finished.

    You say that when AS won his civil case they had to go the whole hog, why ?

    Why not just let it drop and start afresh with their best case ?

    Why press on with flimsy cases through court ?

  354. Craig Murray says:


    From the evidence I have seen, it’s theoretically possible to construct a scenario whereby Nicola’s husband, her chief of staff, one of her ministers, her closest inner circle, the SNP’s chief operating officer, the SNP Westminster chief of staff and others were conspiring to fabricate accusations against Alex Salmond all without her knowledge, including them keeping the truth from her at meetings with her on the subject.

    Theoretically possible. I studied metaphysics and I can give you a theoretical argument that none of this exists and we are all just caracters in the imagination of a turnip. But you really do have to be a serious, serious nutter to believe that. In either case.

  355. Craig Murray says:


    They were convinced that a jury would convict on at least one of the charges. I don’t know if you remember this
    But the section on “more of” and “home” was actually based on an account I had been given by a mole of one of the conspirators meetings. It really is what they were thinking.

  356. Capella says:

    @ Craig Murray – facts are chiels that winnae ding. Let’s see them.
    I actually studied Logic and Metaphysics. The conclusion of your syllogism is fallacious being based on licensed premises. i.e you’re drunk.
    Enjoy the Lagavulin.

  357. Ayeright says:

    There are plenty serious nutters posting on Wings these days.

    You can take that one to the bank as a FACT!

  358. terence callachan says:

    Craig Murray…1102pm..

    Gee, unbelievable ,

    Do you think NS really thought AS was guilty ? actually don’t answer that, she couldn’t have , nobody could reasonably have thought AS guilty the charges and circumstances were just so ridiculous , so if they pressed on “ to go the whole hog “ , they were doing so in hope of conviction of a man they knew was not guilty.

    Why didn’t mole give evidence ?

    Perhaps you can’t answer that

    It’s sad , really , all we want is to control our own country get a majority in favour , but some people won’t give us the freedom to do so and are killing our hopes from inside.

    If what you say comes into public view and NS is sacked I can see the people beyond that taking a much tougher stance, perhaps that’s a necessity now.


  359. Effijy says:

    I have just watched a video made by a Spanish Doctor in Madrid.
    It isn’t a hoax as his tears and heartbreak are too real and too sincere for that.

    The Madrid Hospitals are now so short of ventilators that they are taking all
    Patients over 65 years of age off the machines.

    The doctors know this to be a death sentence for those involved and further tragedy
    Awaits as their loved ones cannot be present as they pass.

    Patients under 65 are breathing on these ventilators before the previous occupant has died in another room.

    This Doctor pleads to China for some of their now redundant ventilators and general supplies as it was their country that generated.

    He goes on to Cobden his own government for outing economics before life and finally begs everyone who sees his video to send it on so that the world can see what is happening.

    I have it on WhatsApp and don’t know how I can share it with you.

    Mankind has no right to have the word kind included in its description.

    Money is now the ruling God.
    Human life that costs money is to be eliminated.
    The Elute classes keep the plebs working and earning for them right up until they generate no more.

    The world order must start changing now before the walls of hell are further raised.

  360. Capella says:

    I do wish everyone would watch this 2008 talk form Dr Michael Greger on the danger of pandemics. We must halt this pandemic.

  361. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

    That’s fucking horrific @Effijy says at 11:15 pm

    And yet in Tory run England:

    “Government documents show no planning for ventilators in the event of a pandemic”

  362. Capella says:

    BTW Craig Murray – I do believe that it is possible that ALL THE BIRDS ARE FLYING IN THE WRONG DIRECTION

  363. terence callachan says:


    There are people all over the world who do not eat every day, some days they have no food.
    There are people around the world who eat whatever they can find , including creatures we wouldn’t touch let alone eat.
    It’s been that way since time began for humans on this planet
    Evolving viruses will not end the plight of the poor nor persuade the rich or their governments to change things so that everyone can eat good healthy food every day.

    You are able to see the true nature of humans right now , here in U.K. where wealthy people with more monkey than they can ever spend are not prepared to pay their employees if their employees are laid off work through no fault of their own, covid19 forcing it upon them.

    Selfish behaviour
    Across the world
    Yes I know someone will respond with a cuddly good news story but a thousand good news stories don’t even come close to making up for one death caused by lack of food or lack of clean water .

    I’m 64 all my life I’ve watched tv ads about clean water , it used to be well known organisations that put the ads on tv Red Cross etc but then the british govt introduced tax avoidance o called charities and now we have dozens and dozens of these so called charities doing tv ads taking people’s money but they never solve the problem
    If they had been spending the money on digging water wells and laying pipes and taps for the last 55 years as they say they have, they could have covered the planet in water wells and pipes .

  364. Craig Murray says:


    It is a very interesting question whether she really thought he was guilty. I think Nicola and her crew are very hardline on gender issues and got swept up on the whole Weinstein, #metoo emotional bandwagon.

  365. Capella says:

    @’ terence callachan – don’t eat animal products. Simple as that.
    Eat grains, seeds, nuts. vegetables and fruits. Take B12 supplements.

  366. terence callachan says:

    Capella 1123pm

    Interesting video , I will watch it all tomorrow , it’s lengthy but very interesting indeed

  367. Capella says:

    BTW the reason for B12 supplements is that B12 is created by microbes in the soil. Since we don’t eat root vegetables or drink from rivers and wells, we don’t absorb B12 any more.

  368. terence callachan says:

    Capella… I don’t eat meat anymore
    I eat fish delivered from Peterhead
    I eat fruit and veg and nuts and seeds


    I’ve tried growing my own but even with daily attention to crops it’s nigh impossible to be self sufficient in Scotland we don’t get enough warm weather to grow so many crops in a scottish garden

  369. terence callachan says:

    Craig Murray..1136pm…

    Yes I cannot see how she would have thought AS guilty.
    There was a time a few years ago when SNP were running high membership soaring NS on the crest of a wave.
    Perhaps at that time invincibility set in and gambling looked a certain winner

  370. terence callachan says:

    Capella , Craig , good night sleep well , tomorrow’s a new day

  371. CameronB Brodie says:

    More on a legal respect for difference. If Scotland is ever to become independent, we seriously need a political party that understands and respects human rights and the rule-of-law.

    Equality, Dignity and Discrimination under Human Rights Law; selected cases

  372. CameronB Brodie says:

    Or rather, leadership and party management that does.

  373. Liz g says:

    Craig Murray @ 11.36
    What I find a more fascinating question is….
    And I’m not victim blaming !!!
    Was Alex such a terrible judge of character here, that he couldn’t see what Nicola really was,or had become,up to and until his very freedom was on the line?
    He worked every one out so well his whole career…. why not her?…. That’s one of the many things that don’t make sense!

  374. CameronB Brodie says:

    Some homework for the SNP leadership and management. Some of Scotland’s judiciary might also want to take this into consideration. 😉

    The Foundations of the Rule of Law

    ….Jurisprudential literature on the rule of law is vast and this article does not attempt to provide a comprehensive overview. Rather, I choose to start by analysing the formal conception of the rule of law advanced by Waldron, in order to substantiate my claim that substantive understandings
    of the rule of law have tended to linger about and trouble even jurisprudential discourse that professes to be committed to a formal conception.

    In particular, I will argue that without sidling towards a substantive conception of the rule of law, Waldron’s formal conception fails to make sense of its very point of departure – namely, the proposition that central to the rule of law is the idea that law makes state power less malignant. I will then argue that the rule of law owes that idea to natural law thinking, within whose framework that proposition makes full sense.

    The article goes on to examine the ancient pedigree of natural law thinking about the rule of law. I will draw attention to the natural law basis of Aristotle’s and Plato’s reflections on the rule of law, before showing that the normative desirability of law’s rule (in natural law terms) can be traced back to what many consider to be the very founding moment of the western literary tradition- the Homeric epic.19

  375. cynicalHighlander says:

    @Liz g

    You are forgetting a very important character Peter Murrell, just saying.

  376. North chiel says:

    Some fairly “ explosive” comments on here tonight . I do confess that I am “ not in the know” as certain individuals would appear to be , and as “ Capella says “ facts are Chiels that Winna ding”, and eventually “ it will all come out in the wash “ no doubt . However, is there a “ bigger picture” here? With support for independence recently edging over the 50 percent mark and with a right wing Tory Junta fronting the Westminster establishment, undoubtedly the “ undermining of our SNP “ administration “ would have been top priority for the “ U.K.” government. Under no circumstances whatsoever could they contemplate losing “ the precious precious cash cow”. Is it possible that in fact our FM has become a” prisoner” of the Westminster establishment recently ? Metaphorically “ locked in the Tower of London” ? Has the “ bought and Westminster paid for” Holyrood Civil service “ stitched her up”? , and has she and perhaps close colleagues been naively been “trapped” in the context of the Alex Salmond case ? Does Joanne Cherry and perhaps Alex Salmond himself know more and are aware of what has actually been going on within Holyrood .
    I seem to recall when Joanna Cherry said she was standing for Holyrood that she was quoted as saying “ that she wanted to get to know the FM “ ? Was that code for “ I want to help you”? Also if Alex Salmond knows what really has happened here and there is a “ bigger picture “ , then it will be interesting to see who he “ goes after” in the weeks & months to come . Does perhaps himself and JC realise that NS has possibly been set up here ? As I said previously “ time will tell” .
    As I write this post , I have quietly been humming that Auld foot tapping song “ Bonnie Dundee” . Perhaps we might hear it at the next SNP conference, whenever that takes place ??

  377. Col.Blimp IV says:

    Liz g says:

    “Was Alex such a terrible judge of character here, that he couldn’t see what Nicola really was,or had become…?”

    Given their history, it is not unreasonable to assume that AS would think it somewhere between extremely unlikely and impossible that Nicola would throw him to the wolves, let alone be actively involved in a conspiracy to put him in prison.

    Presuming that she was not part of a destroy Alec Salmond campaign.

    She would have found herself with little option but to distance herself from him, to limit any potential damage to her government, her party, her standing in the Wokeist community, the independence movement, and her own career.

    If she has become a monster, Peter Cushing would be first choice to play Alec in the movie.

  378. Col.Blimp IV says:

    cynicalHighlander says:

    “You are forgetting a very important character Peter Murrell…”

    good point… The Rezzilos could do the soundtrack.


  379. Breeks says:

    Operation Valkyrie was a conspiracy to murder Adolf Hitler which only failed because the bomb didn’t kill the target, yet history is kind to Von Staffenberg because Hitler was a murderous monster who thoroughly deserved to be killed.

    The conspiracy to destroy the career and reputation of Alex Salmond, which could have sent an innocent man to jail for 15 years, only failed because it didn’t secure a conviction. History will not be kind to these conspirators because Salmond was an innocent man, and not just innocent but a true giant in the cause for Scottish Independence where these conspirators have proved themselves to be abject failures who squandered a chance for Independence which fell into their laps.

    When they tried to kill Hitler, it was to stop his murderous rampage and bring his terrible tyranny to an end. But Alex Salmond had stepped down. His reign was over. He was no longer leader. So the plot to destroy him wasn’t to overthrow any active campaign, but a grubby plot to be selfish, vindictive and damaging to him in retrospect.

    Don’t misunderstand, there no comparison to be drawn here between Alex Salmond and Hitler, but I think there is poignant comparison to be drawn between courageous conspirators who risked everything to stop a dangerous madman, and backstabbing cowardly conspirators who contrived false accusations to destroy the character of a good man and destroy his career and political legacy.

    Which is morally worse? The plot to kill an evil madman? Or the plot to imprison and destroy an innocent good one?

    You are correct Colin A, Alex Salmond did make mistakes in 2014, and did make important Constitutional blunders, but in his defence, he had a strategy that was potent, secured important objectives, and could have delivered victory. His failure was not underpinning his sprint to cross the line and win the referendum with the necessary backup of Scotland’s heavyweight Constitutional strength. Perhaps this was a bad mistake, perhaps he thought he didn’t need the backup, perhaps Scotland wasn’t ready to kill off the Union by a Courtroom judgement.

    Salmond took a gamble, yes, but it very nearly paid off. Had the vote been 3-4 months later, or the undecided voters less gullible to propaganda, YES would have won. Alec Salmond did that, and pretty much starting from nothing.

    Sturgeon in contrast came to power on the back of everything that had already been achieved under Salmond; a massive surge in public support, a huge, effective, and massively positive YES army, an outright majority in Holyrood and emphatic presence in Westminster, and despite losing the IndyRef, the heavens smiled and gave Scotland the option to break free of the Union via Brexit in 2016. The Scottish electorate delivered. The Union was hanging by a thread, and it was ALL the work and legacy of Alex Salmond.

    What was Sturgeon doing? Apart from planning jamborees for Wokism, it would seem she was plotting in conspiracy to discredit Alec Salmond. while near the bottom of her priority list, Scotland’s Independence and Constitutional integrity was withering in agony for the lack of water and daylight.

    I don’t know if Alex Salmond has it in him for a comeback. Betrayal changes a person. Maybe, fortified with the strength of Constitutional arguments he can rise again, but I think Joanna Cherry has a massive part to play in Scotland’s future. With Alex Salmond’s instincts and Joanna Cherry’s marksmanship, I feel a warm glow that the UK is living on borrowed time. The reprieve it got under Sturgeon is coming to an end.

    The Sturgeon legacy will not be remembered kindly, if it’s remembered at all.

  380. The Isolator says:

    Fantastic post at 5.48 Breeks.

    Nicola Sturgeon ran a disastrous GE campaign in 2017 and the party has since descended into the paralysed state it now finds itself in.Political capitulation on a massive scale.

    Sorry to say it but was always going to be the case when former Labourites ventured into the camp.

    Surgeon has failed the people of Scotland by not driving on after the dizzy heights of 2015 and her mind blowing obsession with putting hopeless British labour party nationalists into a hoose in London FFS.

  381. Rm says:

    Some great thinkers on this site ie. Breeks, Colin Alexander, Cameron Brodie, North Cheil etc , etc, etc, etc…………..that’s the kind of thinkers Scotland needs if not in the Frontline of whichever party can lead us to the break up of the Union but as advisors, they are true Patriots not interested in power or monetary gains but Scotland’s future.

  382. Ian Foulds says:

    Rm at 8.23

    Good call.

  383. Sinky says:

    @ the isolated.

    Nicola Sturgeon also led the SNP to its best ever GE result in 2015 and second best result just 3 months ago.

    As the proposed boundary changes are not going ahead there is no need for Joanna Cherry to cause an unnecessary Westminster by election by standing in next Holyrood elections.

    I see Alex Bell is attacking Alex Salmond in Courier and was surprised that he was called as a defence witness in Alex Salmon as many think he leaked parts of the draft referendum White Paper to the press and was later sacked by Alex Salmond.

  384. mr thms says:

    Rm at 8:23 am

    “Some great thinkers on this site”

    I prefer facts.

  385. Breeks says:

    Sinky says:
    27 March, 2020 at 8:53 am
    @ the isolated.

    Nicola Sturgeon also led the SNP to its best ever GE result in 2015 and second best result just 3 months ago.

    The 2015 GE result was Alex Salmond’s legacy and YES momentum. Sturgeon did nothing to earn it.

    The result 3 months ago is the less than impressive mole-hill that was made from the great mountain of Scotland’s forced Brexit and Boris Johnson’s unhinged BritNat insanity. It isn’t bad news, it’s just about 95% short of the good news it might have been.

  386. Willie says:

    Fantastic assessment Breeks @5.48.

    And when the horror of this epidemic starts to subside and the greed driven, arrogant, belligerent incompetence of the Tory government becomes tragically clear, we will have added impetus to throw off the shackles of a rotten union.

    That is why you are so correct in your assessment that we need new leaders able and skilled to lead us to where we want to be. Sturgeon and her woke team sold us down the river. Independence, Europe, all gone, and now as we enter the horror phase of an epidemic where across the U.K. we are short of 10,000 doctors, 40,000 nurses, short of face masks type 2 and 3, desperately short of ventilators, short on testing which we stopped, people will demand change.

    That Sturgeon implemented the Conservative virus policies without a shred of real difference the stall must now be set for new leaders to come to the fore. And let us hunt down the men a women who so gravely sold us down the river.

    And if I may let us all pay tribute to the economic dross who today are keeping our country going. The economic dross who earn less that £26,500. The men and women who drive the delivery lorries, pack our food, pick our crops, collect our rubbish, operate our sewage plans. And the nurse too, many of whom do not earn £26,500, the carers who cerainly don’t, the hospital cleaners.

    These people are the people who will demand change and rip us out of this rotten Union. Time for regime change.


  387. jackie says:

    Capella 11.04

    It’s closet Unionists like Nicola Sturgeon and clowns like you backing her up that will ensure it takes another three centuries before we win our Independence.

    Capella, Dr Jim, ayeright, to name but three Sturgeon loyalists are holding the Yes Movement back.

    If you three like the prospect of never ending Devolution within the Union then why don’t you lot join the fuckin LibDems.

    I’m sure Wullie R will welcome you all with open Unionist arms.

    And leave the fight for Independence to Scots who have the stomach for it.

  388. jfngw says:

    Remember the boat contract the Tories gave to a company with no boats, now they are giving a ventilator contract to a company without any approved ventilators. The only difference this time it is potentially more lethal to the population. Do we need to follow the money again?

  389. H Scott says:

    I’m astonished how strong the Sturgeon personality cult is even on this site.
    I don’t know if she is an agent, willing or unwilling, of the British state but, if she is, she couldn’t have done a better job of containing and frustrating the independence movement, demoralising it on the way.
    She would attend an opening of a packet of crisps if given the opportunity, and hold a press conference before, during and after it.
    Her gender politics and cronyism led her to promote some of her best friends to ministerial office beyond their competence.
    This is without going into the Alex Salmond scandal.

  390. mike cassidy says:

    Well, this is one way of looking at it.

    And if you’re a unionist plant involved in what has happened, you would have been aware of the win/win situation.

    Salmond’s revenge may help save the UK

  391. Tony Hay says:

    Is the question of Scotland becoming a republic after independence best left for discussion until indy has been achieved, or discussed now?
    Would a list only indy party actively have the issue of Scotland being a republic in any prospective manifesto?
    I’d be really interested in the Revs views on this point.
    I’ve just read WGD and it got me thinking,I’d also like the views of my fellow Wingers.

  392. jackie says:

    Bi-sexuality and homosexuality is rife amongst the hierarchy of the present SNP administration.

    This is evident in the priority given to certain policies.

    They have lost their way.

    They need replaced with a team who will get us back on the road to Independence.

    Or,,,,another Indy Party is born and takes up the fight that the SNP don’t want anything to do with.

    The time for snowflakes and wokes has long past.

  393. meg merrilees says:

    This used to be a good website.

    Funny how this site has changed so much!

    One thing puzzles me –
    How do so many ‘new people’ (?) increasingly find their way to this site and make their comments, all with a similar, negative view – which is about 180degrees in relation to what was previously being discussed.

    Could it be that there is some sort of exterior organisation directing all this???

    Just curious you know…

    Scotland will be a free, independent state – get used to the idea.

  394. jackie says:

    Is Nicola Sturgeon bi-sexual?

    Did her sexuality influence her actions against her previous boss?

    What I do know is that Nicola Sturgeon is NOT the person to lead us to Independence.

  395. mike cassidy says:

    meg merrilees

    Sadly, it all started when the site began to reflect what the Rev had learned about something being rotten in the state of SNP.

    An unexpected bonus for the unionist trolls who have jumped in with glee.

    Salmondgate ripples out much to the delight of Perfidious Albion.

  396. Bob Mack says:

    The evidence against Nicola is circumstancial. I believe however that Alex does have evidence against others in Nicolas close circle. Comments from the Rev.Sillars and Craig reveal this much is true.
    Murrell would have a lot to lose if A

  397. Robert Kerr says:


    Look at her butch hairstyle and ponder.

  398. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

    As for Tory Donating, Brexit Supporting, mover of UK production to foreign shores to save cash and avoid tax Dyson getting a UK Government contract for ventilators.

    If Jean Freeman (who I do rate) and NS (whos rating is 50/50 right now) want to actually do something different to UK and actually make a difference for SNHS they would be advised to contact G-Tech (who managed to go from design to production model of a ventilator in TWO WEEKS but didn’t get taxpayer cash from the Tories) and place a huge fucking order.

    They could have SNHS better equipped and more resilient before the predicted spike in cases.

    I suggest you all contact your MSP, The Scottish Health Secretary and G-Tech themselves asking for this to happen ASAP.

  399. Capella says:

    @ meg merrilees – you’re right and I have to scroll past most of it. But Stu has set the tone and the drones fly in.
    I don’t see it improving until this new SNP Civil War is over.
    I have to admire the sheer brilliance of our spooks if they have managed to destroy Alex Salmond, Nicola Sturgeon, the SNP, and the two largest Scottish political blogs in one operation.
    Had NS resigned last year, as so many demanded, then Derek Mackay would have become leader. I think Chris Musson of the Sun maybe jumped the gun with his scoop last year.
    Also, of course, had a full scale Indy campaign been called in January we would now be forced to abandon it.

    People are going to be preoccupied with staying alive for the next 3 months. I do hope a better world will come out of this disaster.

  400. John H. says:

    Nicola Sturgeon has a lot of questions to answer for sure. I am willing to wait a while before calling for her head. Once Alex Salmond, Stuart Campbell, and Craig Murray have given us their versions of the story we will be able to assess the situation more clearly.

  401. Breeks says:

    meg merrilees says:
    27 March, 2020 at 10:01 am
    This used to be a good website.

    Funny how this site has changed so much!

    Problem isn’t Wings changing Meg, it’s that the SNP “used” to be a good Independence Party, and it definitely isn’t funny that it has changed so much.

    It’s forfeiting Scotland’s Independence, Scottish Sovereignty and European Citizenship, and pretty much demolishing Scotland’s ancient Constitution, and doing it’s level best to alienate 50% of the electorate by eroding women’s rights in the name of unscientific gender recognition which they tried to force through without debate.

    Who needs MI5 or Brigade 77 to do any damage? They can just sit back toasting marshmallows on Nicola Sturgeon’s bonfire.

    Wings has been one of the rare exceptions set apart from the norm which risked the wrath and backlash from the Scottish electorate to at least make some attempt at keeping the SNP honest and focussed on the job which it was meant to be doing all along.

    Right now, the future prospects for Scottish Independence seem in safer hands here, than either Holyrood or Bute House, and there are ugly big question marks hanging over the whole SNP, which isn’t being helped by their awkward silence about Alex Salmond’s acquittal and precious few calls for resignations.

  402. Dan says:

    Quite interesting to see priorities and use of resources at this time.
    Is the police on a jolly flying a fuckin drone around in the middle of nowhere really appropriate use of resources.
    I also note from their other tweets in the thread that they ran number plate checks to find out where cars were registered to see how far folk had travelled.

    This was in Derbyshire but I know Police Scotland have access to CCTV and DVLA databases too, but they couldn’t be arsed running a vehicle check when someone drove up the side of my car causing a grands worth of actual damage and breaking the law by failing to stop or report the accident.
    We pay for all these police and surveillance tools through our taxation so why the hell don’t the police use them properly.

    I’m going for a walk combined with a stint of fishing later to catch my supper, and will be in total isolation. It’s my daily exercise and saves me driving and risking going to shops full of people where I’ll probably find they don’t have any fish anyway.

  403. Capella says:

    @ terence callachan 11.51 pm – Happily, Scottish staples such as oats, tatties and kale are now “superfoods”.
    Dan can probably advise on suitable crops for our climate.

  404. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @Breeks –

    As discussed with a fellow Winger away from this place last night, the current crisis has overshadowed everything. And that may well play in the favour of Alex Salmond and the Yes movement generally.

    Let’s say there’s another three months before anything else is even close to shifting this nightmare off the top of the news agenda…

    Alex Salmond will take his time writing ‘the book’. Craig Murray has promised a lengthy article, may appear before the weekend’s out. Rev, Grousebeater and others have had their teeth into this stuff for a while and already know the names of the accusers (perjurers?). The rest of us are looking forward to getting all the wee bits and pieces, making sense of them if we can.

    The pressure will build and build as the summer goes on. By the time Alex’s book is published we’ll have much of the jigsaw completed. Of course, it’s up to him and his publishers how they play this, but it would surely make sense to spin it out as long as possible, teasing, until the general public and political hacks are begging to be put out of their misery.

    But who could blame Alex Salmond for wanting the conspirators to sweat? They deserve it. Their discomfort perhaps allows the rest of us to enjoy the frustration!

  405. SilverDarling says:

    Boris Johnston has tested positive for covid-19.

  406. Famous15 says:

    So much for those who said he was so useless he could not catch a cold.

    He always surpasses our espectations.

  407. Dr Jim says:

    Apparently I and others who refuse to join in the organised witch hunt of the FM are holding back the cause of Independence, and I find statements like that absolutely dead in line with the sort of people who organise witch hunts using the evidence from people with grudges who cannot provide anything more that *trust me more than somebody else*

    The very thing that people who supported Independence before complained about were the stories told by Unionists that were unsubstantiated, they used the media both TV and print with no *in public domain* facts whatsoever, and now the Independence movement or should I say those who claim to be the Independence movement are doing the same thing as the Unionists did

    This site and people posting on it quote several names regularly as tellers of truth and justice yet each one of these people quoted hold very strong personal grudges or policy differences against the current FM

    Had Alex Salmond been found guilty in court would these people have accepted that result, no they wouldn’t because they’re partisan and biased towards Alex Salmond yet without trial without an enquiry without public domain evidence they’ve launched this witch hunt against Nicola Sturgeon and berate everyone who refuses to go along with their pitchfork and torch public peoples lynching

    We’re told we’re stupid, loyal without evidence and yet the witch hunters present zero *public domain* evidence

    This site and the owner of it has found himself in court for a previous witch hunt and lost, now you can say it was the wrong decision, you can say it was a partisan judge you can say it was an alien from outer space dressed up as a judge but a judge he was and lose he did

    When you try to take down the law and the lawmakers by shouting abuse at it the law will Fffk you over big time whether there’s any truth in what you say or not

    There’s traction to be gained in making a lot of noise and losing *the man stamps on the little guy* and a section of society says *right on brother we’re behind you* and you garner support

    *Public domain verified evidence* or all you are is a nobody with a big mouth and a grudge complaining about being put down by the *establishment*

    I have no opinion on the truth, it just is or it’s not,
    whatever the truth is about anything I accept it, but until it’s proven, any pitchfork torches and stones will lay untouched on the ground where they lie with the muck clinging to them before I’ll pick them up to torment any side, will the followers of the witch hunters do the same and turn on those who encouraged them to be witch hunters if the truth is not what they were told it was

  408. SilverDarling says:

    A strange one this. remember Raab being designated as the Chief last week ‘should something happen to the PM’.

    I guess all that shaking hands and flouting the guidance hhad results.

    @Breeks 11.06 am. I agree it is the SNP who have changed. Remember the saying ‘I didn’t leave Labour- Labour left me’ ? We are seeing the same thing happening here – a party distancing itself from its core principles. Hard to bear from long term supporters and those who didn’t see it first hand in Labour but there you are.

    Independence now has a life of its own outwith Party confines and that will not be diminished. We need another vehicle to achieve it though.

  409. callmedave says:

    PM Boris Johnson tests positive for coronavirus

    says Auntie news.

  410. James says:

    jackie says:
    27 March, 2020 at 9:58 am
    “Bi-sexuality and homosexuality is rife amongst the hierarchy of the present SNP administration.This is evident in the priority given to certain policies.They have lost their way.They need replaced with a team who will get us back on the road”….
    blah blah blah.

    What a ridiculous person. Whatcha gonna do Jackie? Shine a light in their faces or worse to get them to confess? You would have done well in Germany in the 30’s.

  411. Famous15 says:

    Jackie and your tag team mates from the old 77th.

    We see you and your casual homophobia. Why are you not isolating you and your toxic invisible friends.

  412. robbo says:

    Agree with Dr Jim @ 11.30am.

    I really don’t give two hoots about this ,she said, i said,Alex Salmond dug says, and what Nicola Sturgeons cat said!

    Seems some don’t learn from the past like 1200’s,1300’s right through to now.

    As Wallace said _ “some of you’s lot are too busy looking for the scraps off Longshanks table than that our God given right to freedom independence” Power seems more important.

  413. robbo says:

    Agree with Dr Jim @ 11.30am.

    I really don’t give two hoots about this ,she said, i said,Alex Salmond dug says, and what Nicola Sturgeons cat said!

    Seems some don’t learn from the past like 1200’s,1300’s right through to now.

    As Wallace said _ “some of you’s lot are too busy looking for the scraps off Longshanks table than that our God given right to freedom, independence” Power seems more important.

  414. Willie says:

    Yes so they say. Boris Johnson has tested positive.

    But is it true. Could it be a ploy to send a message that we’re all in it together, even the PM. Or is it to allow him to get out of the road, hidden and isolated to avoid the flak as London the mega city heads to meltdown.

    Inadequately prepared with masks, PPE, ventilators and a flawed don’t test inculcate herd immunity strategy there are very good reasons for Johnson wanting off the scene.

    All in it together. I don’t think so!

    But who is going to conduct the band now under the emergency powers.

    So who’s in charge now.

  415. admiral says:

    SilverDarling says:
    27 March, 2020 at 11:31 am
    A strange one this. remember Raab being designated as the Chief last week ‘should something happen to the PM’.
    I guess all that shaking hands and flouting the guidance hhad results.

    Maybe he got it from his dad, who got it from someone in the pub…

  416. Jockanese Wind Talker says:


    Scottish Labour Richard Leonard has placed himself into self-isolation.

    When asked for comment Leonard said “No, I haven’t. I’m just home as normal. Nobody ever wants to talk to me.”


  417. Willie says:

    With Parliament partially suspended, and with the Emergency Powers in place, who or what Junta is going to run the country.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the colonial Governor General Nicola Sturgeon soon goes off the radar with a VirusMeToo.

    Meanwhile in London they are already deploying palliative care only to over 60s one can rest assured that the great and good will be bunkered away. And like Prince Charles, they’ll have all the access to all of the medical care necessary should they need it.

  418. John says:

    What a dire site this has become , sooner it goes the better ! .

  419. winifred mccartney says:

    The Unionists are in a win win mode, remember divide and rule, set one faction against another and it is job done.

    I think NS had no choice but to have the claims of sexual impropriety investigated, imagine if she had refused.

    Whatever way round the unionists will use it against indy but only if we let them.

  420. jackie says:

    Famous15 11.36

    Right on my case again.

    I am not suffering from homophobia.

    I was merely stating facts.

    As I said,,, it’s clowns like you who knock the Indy cause back ten years.

    We need to either convince you that you are wrong in your support for the current SNP hierarchy,,, or,,,tell you to get out of the way because you are blocking the road to Independence.

    Sometimes the truth is hard to face, as some of the Nicky Sturgeon fan club will testify to.

  421. defo says:

    Has anyone here who is in the high risk groups had any notice whatsoever on what is going to happen re food & meds?
    Not a peep here, but as Gloria Gaynor sang…

  422. Bob Mack says:

    @ Dr JIM,

    I believe the man who is unhappy with certain snp hierarchy . He has categorically stated there was a conspiracy against him originating in SNP HQ. It is certainly in the “he said” category, but I find no reason to doubt him,considering the evidence and verdict in court.

    No doubt the same people will be cleaning out the stables as we speak, but is it not strange how no one has been reprimanded by the SNP, considering the jury found them to be telling lies to imprison an innocent man?.

    Perhaps you agree with them.

  423. Dan says:

    Re. BoJo… I blame Chris Cairns, as the timing is about right with this from a couple of weeks ago…

  424. AberdeenPict says:

    If BoJo has been diagnosed with Coronavisus then obviously he should self isolate, as he says he will do. However, is hi Fiancee staying with him? If not, then with her being pregnant, and in a higher risk group, I believe the advice is that she should self isolate for 12 weeks? and minimise contact with anyone unless it is for medical reasons. Does that mean she shouldn’t visit BoJo at number 10 and likewise, he not visit her for 12 weeks?

    Weren’t they supposed to be getting married shortly before this whole virus thing kicked off? maybe I’m wrong.

  425. Dan says:

    I was just looking at pics of Avon and Somerset Police conducting random vehicle checks in Bristol to ensure only essential journeys are being made.
    A copper with no mask on pulls over a car then proceeds to rests his hands on the passenger door to support himself whilst he’s bending down to speak to occupants through the open door window.

    Eh, is it just me or does nobody else see a problem with that?

  426. Daisy Walker says:

    Just seen Boris stmt about having Covid19 – he’s lying – the tell tale smirk gives it away.

    What it does mean is he now has an excuse for not being seen to lead or answer difficult questions.

    Dr Jim – re your stmt above re ‘apparently people like me who refuse to join the organised witching against the FM are holding back the cause of Indy’

    I do not think that of you or of others.

    What I would respectfully ask – of us all – is that we look at the tactics of the British Empire – how, what and who they will do – and then recognise that the evidence for that will almost certainly NEVER come out in our lifetimes.

    Then look at what ground needs to be covered – and if the SNP are not doing it – we get it done.

    At the moment a lot of people (and I was one of them) invested time, money and hope in the leaders of the SNP – leaving aside how heart-rendering it is to suspect or come to the conclusion that they have been turned) – the quest and the discipline boils down to – what needs to be done to progress the march to Indy and how can we do it.

    There is an oft repeated phrase used by politicians about Real Politic. (not sure if I’ve spelt that right).

    What I’m really asking is for the Indy movement to get 2 (or 3) steps ahead of the British Establishment’s activities and just be bigger and more savvy. Real Politic in a kind of practical douce, dour, scots kind of way.

    Hope the above makes sense and finds you and yours well.

  427. Colin Alexander says:

    It seems to me there are THREE main options:

    Try to regain control of the SNP as the main political independence movement
    just leave it to die a natural death like the New Labour Party that it now resembles
    Try and regain control of the SNP from inside AND form a separate single-issue independence party.

    I favour the last option. If we look at the Brexit Party, it didn’t require the greatest electoral success to achieve its aims. It agitated from outside the Tory Party whilst having sympathisers (mainly) within the Tory Party.

    Also, we need a single-issue independence party as it’s better to have a belt and braces approach. There being no guarantee that the SNP independists will regain control from the woke colonial administrator careerists exemplified and led by Sturgeon and surrounded by her Praetorian Guard of cronies.

    As for Mr Salmond. I would rather Alex Salmond played the political version of a battle-experienced, (battle-weary) top combat pilot:

    a mentor and teacher to the next generation of future Aces.

    A man who could also act as a spokesman and weel kent face for the new party, rather than tied down by acting as leader or a parliamentarian.

    A man who has done it all, able to share the knowledge, wisdom and experience that only comes from decades in politics at the highest level. Our Top Gun tutor.

    A man who is also one of the best political debators Scotland has ever seen, freed up to do what Alex does best: tie people in knots in debates and inspire others to believe in and fight for Scotland’s freedom.

  428. Tatu3 says:

    Dr Jim at 11.30am. Very well said. As always.

  429. sassenach says:

    Tatu3 @12-54pm


  430. jfngw says:

    Anyone with a diesel and a DPF fitted and now limited to taking short journeys to the supermarket remember to occasionally run the car for it a bit longer or the filter will clog up with soot. This is an expensive repair if it does get too clogged. I just take a longer route home on the return from the supermarket, about 20min should do it above 40mph.

  431. Dorothy Devine says:

    I’m with Dr Jim.

    Though I am impatient for the Revenge of Alex Salmond – in paperback of course.

  432. cirsium says:

    Further to dakk’s post (26 March 7.19) and my comment (26 March 10.04), Singapore has also kept a lid on this infection by following public health protocols
    1. Test extensively and track contacts
    2. keep people who test positive with symptoms in hospital and separated from family and friends; people who had contact but no symptoms kept in strict home quarantine with SMS signing in several times a day
    3. strong and regular communications on what people can do to minimise risk with explicit messages about social distancing including restaurant and bar owners who would be hit hard if a lockdown occurred
    4. not going into lockdown based on fear by making testing widely available and quarantine rules clear and firm allowing normal life to continue

    What a contrast with what is being perpetrated in the UK

  433. dakk says:

    We all know how the british establishment operate.

    As far as I understand, both Alex Salmond, and Nicola Sturgeon, as well as Ian Blackford, and Angus Robertson all accepted Privy Council status.

    Could this secretive, but powerful body compromise all politicians who are members of same?

  434. It is quite simple the SNP have had more mandates than enough and have failed to lmpliment them in other words not doing what the people want so then people who put them in power want change at the top to people who will do what they want common sense really no it is not behind the scenes plots we just want people who will do what it says on the tin ??? It seems it is not very common these days Common senses

  435. One_Scot says:

    Lol, Boris Johnson, I believe everything he says, I mean, he would never lie for political gain. #SuperFuckWit

  436. dakk says:


    Re Singapore.

    Yes,Laurie Garrett the American science writer said a few weeks ago,if Singapore can’t beat this, then no one will.

    Thankfully, they seem to be winning which gives hope for everyone.

    Pity our fate is in the hands of the bumbling british.

  437. Willie says:

    Regain control of the party from with and cull the fifth columnists whilst setting up an alternative Independence Party to be deployed as necessary – list party most certainly but, if needed, constituency party too.

    Someone once said devolution would kill Independence stone dead. Well, we can stop that happening. Let’s take our party, our movement back. Let’s take our country back.

  438. CameronB Brodie says:

    mr thms
    “Facts” imply an adherence to a truthful representation of reality. This is kind of hard to achieve, given reality is multi-dimensional, and is not immediately apparent to the observer. That is why the epistemological integrity of knowledge is vital to liberal society and open democracy.

    Both Brexit and the proposed GRA reforms, demand an anti-foundational epistemology, which turns knowledge into whatever those in power want it to be. A state of totalitarianism is pretty much unavoidable from this point on.

    Subjective, Intersubjective, Objective: Philosophical Essays Volume 3
    Epistemology and Truth

  439. CameronB Brodie says:

    As I figure folk might have some spare time on their hands, I might as well go full Tonto again. Time for a bit of Philosophy of Science? Full text.

    Epistemological Positions in the Light of Truth Approximation

  440. meg merrilees says:

    Aberdeen Pict

    re Boris and his fiancee – not only will she have to self isolate but she may give birth before their self isolation periods are over. I think she said the baby is due in early spring(?) – so another reasons to get married pretty soon.

    After all, to quote Private Eye a few weeks ago, one bast**d in Downing Street is enough!

  441. Doug Buchannan says:

    Dr Jim @ 11:30

    “and now the Independence movement or should I say those who claim to be the Independence movement are doing the same thing as the unionists did”.

    That is the frustrating thing Jim, there are a mixture of people on here:

    1. unionist trolls

    2. Non thinkers following a pied piper

    3. Nutters who hate, er, basically anything

    4. Diminishing number of readers who support independence regardless or ignorant of splits

    What is a crying shame is that this used to be an excellent tool for publicising the duplicity and propaganda of the uk state.

    When you have vile individuals citing the FM as women’s genitalia and not been called to task or The post removed by the editor, you have to ask are these people fit to set up a political party and expect people to vote for them?

    Would you vote for someone who called your wife, sister, mother or grannie that word?

  442. winifred mccartney says:

    Dr Jim – well said totally agree – even Craig Murray said ‘there is not split’ just a tiny cabal who are there to destroy – once they are gone all will be well

    It is happening in labour party as well with gender id people destroying the party along with other from the inside.

  443. Shinty says:

    Dorothy Devine @ 1.11pm

    LOLZ – me too.

  444. Al-Stuart says:

    Dear Ambassador Murray,

    Thank your for the courtesy and respect you have shown to all the questions posited above.

    I have read all of the posts and replies.

    As someone with the bona fides and credentials of having prepared cases to be presented to the Procurators’ Fiscal, I am relieved to read your advice that the court has actually been presented with significant tranches of evidence. This at least is now legally indelible. The mass order of shredders at Jackson’s Entry may be curtailed.

    Why the relief at your words sir?

    Evidence and proof for new cases is crucial: legal disinfectant of daylight this way comes.

    We now appear inexorably destined to witness a criminal inquiry into allegations of conspiracy to pervert the course of justice at the highest level of the Scottish Government and SNP HQ.

    The vast majority of those witnessing Alex Salmond’s 2007-2014 stewardship of the office of First Minister would likely have expressed incredulity that former First Minister might be arrested and put through judicial Hell by an alleged cohort of infracting miscreants acting in concert. Aided and abetted by others in an alleged enterprise by senior party managers to politically remove the biggest threat to the United Kingdom by having the greatest asset arrested and incarcerated for life.

    Entitled fools that play with matches get their fingers burned.

    It is positively Karmic to study the sentencing tariff for those who would allegedly conspire in such a way. Maximum is life in prison. Oh the irony. HM Courts take a very dim view of those who believe they have intelligence and guile to try and pull a fast one over the eyes of a jury and sheriff and get found out.

    The number of these conspiratorial amateurs that end up being arrested are significant..

    Ambassador, just as very few could ever have believed our former First Minister could be arrested and charged, I concur with senior counsel at the resent trial: that there IS the aroma of rodent. It will see politicians and senior party managers placed under arrest, cautioned and if the evidence leads the police forces in Scotland and England to certain doors, then so be it.

    Counsel and soon to be precognosed as witness for prosecution, Gordon Jackson QC has stated this case just past “stinks”.

    I have a great deal of sympathy for the horrendous position into which this places the majority of decent, honest, loyal, dedicated, hard working SNP member as they see this internecine war within their party.

    Fortunately, Bonnie Dundee has his bunnets being ingathered and is doing what a real leader and master politician would do at this time of self-isolation: carefully reflect and write a definitive account, publishing a book on his experience thus far.

    I reckon that once the duplicitous boil has been lanced, the political puss will drain away to HMP Corton Vale and the SNP ground, grass roots movement will come back, knowing The current SNP high command will be cleansed of the stench, political duplicity, torpor and GRA infiltration. For any doubters, Alex Salmond has come back from previous knock-outs that appeared irrecoverable.

    Third time lucky and we ALL get to live in an Independent Scotland.



    Capella there are Whatsapp messages from Peter Murrell amongst the evidence which the judge would not allow to be presented in court as “collateral”. I cannot tell you exactly when they will be published – there is a civil claim for damages, a judicial review and a parliamentary inquiry in progress. You will have to take my word for their existence at the minute. I am sorry for that. But let me plain I have seen them.

  445. IAB says:

    Great article by Craig Murray.

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