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Let’s not kill ourselves

Posted on March 27, 2020 by

This article is the only thing Wings is going to say about the COVID-19 crisis, because (a) we’re on holiday, (b) it has very little to do with Scottish politics, and (c) we’re not virologists and have no expertise to offer.

But in so far as we have some sort of reach and to some extent people listen to us, and we don’t want any of you to die, here’s a small plea for all our sakes.

The emergency legislation that came into place this week enacting the most draconian restrictions on freedom of movement in British history (peacetime or wartime) seems to us to be reasonable and proportionate in these extraordinary circumstances. We commend Parliament for making it reviewable every 21 days – it’s unlikely to end so soon, but it’s a sensible, manageable period of time to stop people feeling imprisoned.

What’s less helpful are authorities and the public alike taking it upon themselves to exceed even those severe restrictions with overzealous policing of lawful activities.

As you can see from the number of replies, the above tweet from Derbyshire Police has generated an angry reaction. It shows people observing the social-distancing rules impeccably while taking exercise for themselves and their dogs as explicitly permitted by the new law, and hounding them with drone cameras and public shaming can only be counter-productive.

Coupled with wildly irresponsible tweets like this (thankfully now deleted) one:

…it’s the sort of thing that will generate resentment and hostility towards the forces of law and order at a time when mutual trust between the police and the public is an absolute necessity for the maintenance of order.

People going on social media and competing to virtue-signal by hysterically savaging the lawful dog-walkers with madly overblown catastrophism about what might happen if their car went over a landmine or they suddenly fell down a mountain, causing extra strain on hard-pressed emergency services, are being equally destructive.

By and large, you’re far more likely to (a) have an accident and (b) transmit the virus by doing your exercising in a busy town or city than you are by driving a few miles to a piece of quiet countryside, and once again it’s not illegal – if it was such a big risk, it would have been forbidden in the emergency legislation.

The famous WW2 poster didn’t read “SHRIEK AND POINT YOUR FINGER LIKE A WITCH-HUNTING LUNATIC AND CARRY ON”. It said “Keep Calm”. Under the great national and personal stresses caused by this virus everyone needs to retain their sanity if we’re going to get through it, and very little reduces stress like getting out into the fresh air and sunshine, safely, for some peace and quiet and nature.

If people are obeying the law and observing social distancing – which everyone in the video was – then leave them the hell alone. If we all get at each other’s throats from the word go and nobody trusts their neighbours, this will not end well.

Shops – being just about the only place left where groups of people can (and have to) legally congregate – need to act smart too. In our local small Co-op, for example, there’s a limit of one of ANY item, regardless of whether there’s a shortage or not.

The fridges are jammed to the doors with milk, yet customers can only buy a maximum of one four-pint jug at a time. For many families that’s barely one day’s supply of an essential staple, so they have to go back to the shop unnecessarily every single day, when otherwise they could have managed on a couple of visits a week.

If milk (or anything else) gets short, by all means ration it. But when there’s plenty, don’t make people leave the house and come into close contact with each other two or three times as often as they need to.

(We’ve already heard countless tales of utter stupidity like people not being allowed to buy three individual oranges, but allowed to go and put them back on the shelves – having touched them – and buy a single bag of six oranges. Who was helped there?)

And if you see someone at the supermarket with what you consider to be an over-full trolley, just maybe don’t immediately start pelting them with tins of baked beans and forming a lynch mob. Maybe they’re shopping for a couple of elderly neighbours, or for a shift of hard-pressed key-worker colleagues who can’t easily get out to the shops in normal hours. You don’t know their story. Wind your neck in.

The supposed epidemic of panic-buying has in fact been severely exaggerated and misrepresented. While clearly there have been some isolated incidences of rampant and despicable selfishness, they’re not the norm. Let’s cut each other a little bit of slack before we leap to conclusions and start tarring and feathering.

And that’s pretty much all we have to say on the subject. There’ll be plenty of time for the recriminations about how we got here and what we did about it and how we fix it when this is all over. For many it could be a chance to enjoy a rare slowing in the breakneck pace of life. It’s not even beyond the bounds of possibility that a much better society waits for us on the other side.

But for now, let’s just not kill ourselves.

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    Let’s not kill ourselves | speymouth

142 to “Let’s not kill ourselves”

  1. Den Cairns says:

    GWS BJ and stay away from Ms’+1 ;o)

  2. Bill Dale says:

    A voice of sanity. Thanks, and stay safe everyone.

  3. Terry says:

    Thank you. I liked that.

  4. Roughian says:

    Can somebody please get the clip on BBC 1.00 news oh Hancock passing coffee cup to aid. Then wiping nose with fingers and wiping them on his arse. So many rules broken in one 10 sec clip.

  5. Republicofscotland says:

    Some points that defeat the purpose, my local ASDA has check out staff with no PPE whatsoever, it kind of makes a mockery of the system now in place, as the check out staff will be just a foot or two away from every single person that passes through the store, and today that’s quite a few.

    The same applies to several chemists that I’ve visited for elderly relatives no PPE for the staff, so if one is infected they’re passing it on to the social distancing customers, who inturn pass it on to the most vulnerable in society.

    Another interesting point that I’ve seen is folk using trolleys without wiping down the handles first, then picking up food and packets of stuff then replacing them after reading the calorie content etc. Add in the check out staff needs to touch everything to scan it (except self service, though those screens must be crawling with germs at the best of times), then they could inturn intfect food packaging or unpacked foods such as fuits and vegetables and jars.

  6. Bugger le Panda says:

    In one of my local bakers, there is a notice saying please multiple baguettes, freeze them and come back when that is finished

    It reduces the contacts with customers who may be +ve

  7. Republicofscotland says:

    On Johnson, what a bloody irresponsible fool of a man he is, admitting that he shook a plethora of hands whilst visiting a hospital full of Coronavirus patients.

    God only knows how many folk this toolbag of a man has infected. He had virtually no credibility before the outbreak, now, after this fiasco who’d listen to a word he utters.

  8. red sunset says:

    Well said Stu, common sense

  9. Effijy says:

    Thanks Rev.

    Keep extra safe as I could see the Tory government send you something you don’t want.

    At least you haven’t been blamed yet for taking the virus to China.

  10. Ruglonian says:

    First sensible thing I’ve read in weeks!

  11. mike cassidy says:


    I hope you’re not saying Hancock wiped his fingers on his aid’s arse.

  12. As an aside, you’re actually NOT allowed to drive anywhere, to exercise either your dog or, yourself! You’re also allowed only ONE dog walk/period of exercise, each day. Not sure who will police this!

  13. Bill Hume. says:


    But not Boris or Charlie boy……unless we can chlorinate them first.

  14. Muscleguy says:

    I’ve just come back from the nearest Aldi, where I can afford to shop. It’s a 2 1/2 mile walk, same return.

    Unlike last week they had lactose free milk* and I was allowed to buy two 1l cartons and a 1l bottle of blue top milk to be turned into proper yogurt. There was a queue to get in and unlike last week they had oat biscuits I can eat and their delicious dry roasted peanuts. Oh and tins of chickpeas. But no tinned tomatoes again.

    Last week I had to walk to 4 supermarkets before paying £1.50 for a litre of LF milk in Sainsburys. It’s 86p in Aldi so almost half the price.

    I was in something of a panic. I’ve been rationing oat biscuits and making other good stuff to have for breakfast to eke out that 1l instead of eating porridge every other morning.

    This is Dundee as well so don’t try to tell me there wasn’t panic buying.

    And finally I’m down to my last 2 rolls of loo paper so I hope the local supermarkets get more stock soon. Apart from anything else I cannot afford to stockpile like YOU did Rev. Now its like hen’s teeth (which an be made with a transplant in ovo of some embryonic mouse ectoderm(skin)).

    *Like most weaned mammals and indeed most weaned humans I do not make lactase enzyme or not enough and pretty much zero when I’m exercising sufficiently. And gluten free (since 1990) baking is hard enough without not using proper milk.

  15. mogabee says:

    Sensible words in an increasingly intemperate online world!

    Had to go oot and dig the gairden I was getting so het up with folk telling other folk what to do! 😀

    Boris with the virus hahahahaha could not make it up…

  16. Craig P says:

    That’s basically how I feel, but better put.

    There’s social media lynch mobs going around sharing misinformation and attacking (online) people who leave the house.

    It will probably die down once we all figure this out. But eye-opening just how enthusiastic some people are about the loss of their liberty.

  17. Mike d says:

    Finding it hard to believe these cnuts have got the virus, ( dorries, chick, now bojo) how come they are’t dead/dying.

  18. Auld Rock says:

    With the lack of toilet paper on the supermarket shelves, I wonder if there is a similar shortage of brown nickers and underpants????

  19. Liz g says:

    Well said Rev….
    The one chink of light in all of this is that on the other side of it,we have a chance to change things for the better.
    To acknowledge that the priorities we had been led to believe in weren’t real.
    But the need to bring yer government within slapping distance is more obvious than ever it was.

    The wellbeing of a Monarch and their family isn’t all that important,but our health services are.

    We don’t need to maintain nuclear weapons,just in case we need them,but we do need ventilators stockpiled,because there is almost certainly going to be another virus.

    That Government is not in place to choose where tax is spent according to their ideology….But rather to manage our collective wealth according to OUR needs.

    The number one thing for every one right now is staying healthy….for those of us who follow politics,the number two thing,I’d say,is to watch and ensure that those “emergency” powers end when this emergency does!
    Stay Safe Wingers… 🙂

  20. Sue Varley says:


    thanks for being a voice of sanity, totally agree with this. I thought the Derbyshire police thing was totally out of order, you are so right about the trust issues. I have already lost some trust in the Scottish government (never had any to lose in the other shower) I would like to be able to think that we can trust the police to be there to help as we all try to re-adjust to this strange new way of life.

    Hubby and I are both 12 week self isolation in a very small, quiet village (thankfully nowhere near Deeside), it was a huge boost just to be waved at by the dustbin men on Monday! We’ve been distancing/isolating for 2 weeks now and it was scary at first wondering how we would cope without being able to go out with no family and mainly elderly friends and neighbours, trying to hope that some information and help would be forthcoming from the local authorities.

    Things are taking shape now, got my first immune suppressent medicine delivered today (36years post renal transplant) and our first food delivery from small shop in the nearby town, but we do feel quite separated from the rest of society.

    We have an electric car so could go for an occasional drive without even needing to fill up with petrol and it would be such a mental boost to be able to do that without being in fear of trouble with the authorities.

    I hope sanity prevails once we as a society start to adapt mentally as well as behaviourally to the new (for now) reality.

  21. Sandra says:

    This is timely. Only this morning I saw the most disturbing thread on my local town Facebook page berating dog walkers for driving to local country parks. You don’t have to dig deep to uncover the inner fascist in some folk.

  22. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “Finding it hard to believe these cnuts have got the virus, ( dorries, chick, now bojo) how come they are’t dead/dying.”

    Because its mortality rate is around 1%.

  23. Dennis Nicholson says:

    Good sensible stuff…

  24. manandboy says:

    Meanwhile, the planet slowly recovers. Road death numbers collapse. Crime slows dramatically. Air pollution clears.

    It took a virus to accomplish this.

    Politicians and Big Business have failed for 30 years to clean up the planet, despite repeated warnings.

    After this pandemic is over, are we all just going to revert back to our polluting, destructive, planet-killing ways?

  25. Mist001 says:

    How can you have ‘mild symptoms’ of Coronavirus? You either have it or you don’t.

    It’s a bit like saying you have a mild case of HIV.

  26. mike cassidy says:

    “After this pandemic is over, are we all just going to revert back to our polluting, destructive, planet-killing ways?”


  27. Patsy says:

    A wee breath of fresh air in this blog. Thanks and take care.

  28. james mallon Drones Over Scotland says:

    Noticed (saw) on the news Jonson when at the sink (in a Hospital) used his bare hands to turn off and on the tap, hence potentially contaminating the tap before washing his hands then potentially recontamination of his hands while turning the tap off, I have the same tap, never ever operated with my bare hands.
    The tap is designed to operate using your arm and reduce hand contact.
    Another observation on the news. the Army, Police etc. and folk in distribution warehouses, no fkn masks gloves etc, basic 1st defence and contaminating PPI expected standards.
    The world is fkd, basic learning and instinctive hygiene practices out the fkn window.
    Again like the financial crisis that I did not partake in or help cause the last time, the resultant we are all in in together, my fkn rse. The rich got fkn richer partly in Scotland the wealth was removed and transferred down south.
    I will eventually need to cut back on my pension to pay back the cash £7m + Rees Mogg or whatever you call him that he made (stole) while doing fk all on Brexit, also his cronies, (£billions) while being robbed to soften the blow and susidising our elite south of the border bed mates.
    I can see a revolution coming next, these financial money grabbing bastards will use the arms that the normal working class were forced or conned to pay. these bastard will Cobra a fkn meeting to stop us from being in it together with these rich fkrs. Aye when its over we the Scotsa will be on our own without a fkn democratic (useless)referendum
    Aye Brexit,Independence, well fk it now. Who fkn cares.
    Need a high blood pressure tab, the language is getting a bit Tourette syndrome, wine or vodka will calm me, “Yahoo” it’s a fkn Corona free Friday (hated that Lager anyway).

    Again, I’m not a fkn academic but why are we not getting the Nuclear shit arms to wipe out the fkn Corona , the country was ready for any mythical war attack.
    Aye what a lot of shit, Nuclear shit, we could have used the money to help the normal working and unemployed class, the week, the poor. Spend the fkn tax payers money on fkn tax payers that do not have off shore fkn accounts and false tax returns.

    I’m Secular but don’t give me Christian shit (sorry rev), Jesus was just a Rabbie Burns. Now a quote.
    What doeth it profit a man if he owns the whole world and suffer the loss of his own soul.
    The greedy bastards are now about to stand in front of a fan with pumped liquid shit. Fkem
    The only people who win out of this if they survive, will be folk with nothing to loose.
    Scottish independence forced on us by Westminster fkrs, lets send them homeward (Charlie and Co.) tae think again, aye and turn Balmoral into a fkn recovery unit for Drugs Rehab and Holyrood into a fkn free hotel for past Inde voters. We could go on with the land owners chase them south and Nationalise and take back what is not theirs. Naw lets give them a council house and charge them with past tax avoidance, evasion and money scamming schemes.
    I may have to pull in my drone.

  29. John Jones says:

    What’s all this rubbish about toilet rolls? how many countries in the world use it? Just do the really hygienic thing and wash your backside, it also saves skid marks!

  30. Mist001 says:

    Since France is about two weeks ahead of the UK with this thing, I thought I’d tell you what to expect.

    When the enforcement was first brought in, I saw two policemen on the very first day stopping cars and people, checking that they had their papers for leaving the house. Since that very first day, I have not seen a single policeman anywhere. It seems that the novelty has worn off.

    We’re trying to adhere to the self isolation but inevitably, you do need to go to the shop at some point, so I get sent off for requisitions.

    So when you go out, it’s just like a Sunday. There’s traffic on the streets and there’s more than just a couple of people walking around the streets. A visitor here wouldn’t really think there were any restrictions in place.

    The shops are HORRIBLE. They’re busy, full of people. They have the distance markers on the floor but that’s only at the checkout. When you’re walking about doing your shopping, it’s impossible to keep any proper distance. It feels dreadful, not a pleasant experience.

    Unless you’re wearing latex gloves, the main method of payment here is contactless card. They still take money of course, but only if passed by your very fingertips and even then, the cashiers aren’t happy to do it.

    The cashiers are wearing latex gloves and masks and are protected by large perspex screens between them and the customer.

    In general, I think people have become fed up being stuck in the house, so they’re drifting back to their normal behaviour. They managed a week!

    So, this is what you can expect to be happening in a couple of weeks time in Scotland.

  31. Sharny Dubs says:

    Calm and sensible as always Stu thanks.

    I’ll make one comment that has become a kind of “thing” with me ever since I finally overcame my own prejudices when living in the Middle East and having no choice.

    Every Middle East toilet has a bidet or a hose pipe with a trigger handle affair. Once converted I never used tissue since. The environmental advantages are obvious.

    Ok I know it’s not a popular idea, plus you have to go to the trouble of fitting a hose thingy (not that difficult with using washing machine fittings) but once you get over the “yukkey” inhibition there really is no going back. Feel real clean and save a lot of tissue.

    Also explains what eastern people get so picky or offended if you offer your left hand.

    Stay safe y’all

  32. Xaracen says:

    “How can you have ‘mild symptoms’ of Coronavirus? You either have it or you don’t.”

    Logic fail, 😀

    The two are not the same. You either have coronavirus or you don’t. If you have it the severity of the symptoms can vary from zero to fatal.


  33. Mist001 says:

    @ Xaracen

    Logic fail yourself. You can have the sniffles or a cold so you get tested for Coronavirus which is when you discover if you have the virus or not.

    You either have it or you don’t.

  34. james mallon Drones Over Scotland says:

    Short reply.
    Make no mistake,the environmental global warming ending has started, it can only accelerate, this is now the definitive start to the end of the world. Aye fk league titles, demotions and Pope fkns, there are more important things.

    The Corona is ahead of us trying to survive the next total planet destruction caused short lifetime by all our greed and ignorance.

    Went to Alloa 1/2 miles at least 60 cars passed (other side of the road) within 1 minute with 90% having one passenger, whits that awe aboot.I admit I was not any better, I had 3 folk in the car.

    I suggest putting on mini busses every 5 minutes on existing bus routes, stop the Maggie Thatcher open market that sees 3 fkn busses chasing 3 passengers resulting on an empty 2 busses on 1 fkn journey. STOP PEOPLE USING CARS.
    The busses are shit services, the are after subsidies, owned by fkn money grabbing fkrs.Let nationalise and invest and employ with good wages.

    All journeys would be efficient, a fkn cleaver fkr could use this basic theory to maximise the efficiency, we may buy more time before the world gives up.

    The current world health status,just like an old man at the end of his life.

  35. SOG says:

    Those cars parked at Curbar – I wonder how many were parked by bike riders. With knee trouble I can walk but cannot run. To do exercise more demanding than walking I ride a bike, somewhere traffic-free. I won’t ride on roads. That photograph looks like a disused railway line turned to walking and bike riding.

    If I’m only allowed an hour then I’ll chose the more energetic exercise, thanks.

  36. Xaracen says:

    And if you have mild symptoms and test positive for coronavirus then you have indeed got coronavirus with mild symptoms.

    That’s how, since you asked.
    You’re welcome. 😀

  37. Golfnut says:

    @ Muscle guy.

    Can’t get gluten free jam tarts, my favs. Seriously though, I believe you can get a prescription from the docs for some stuff like pasta and flour. Haven’t used the service myself so I don’t know how extensive the list is.

  38. John H. says:

    Shamy Dubs.

    As I understand it the tradition in the middle east is that, because of the shortage of water in the desert, you use one hand for eating and drinking, and the other hand for anything else.

  39. Richardinho says:

    The transgender issue also has very little to do with Scottish politics. Just saying.

  40. Mike d says:

    Maybe the one good thing to take from the wealthy elites being infected is, they might have a bit more empathy and compassion for those less healthy/privileged, and open to this horrible virus.

  41. Sharny Dubs says:

    John H, not an expert but I think it’s in the Koran.

    Anyway my Middle East friends always referred to the left hand as the Sh1thand.

    But as I said before once you get into the habit the sense of it becomes obvious, I even started keeping a pile of “small towels” for drying up, makes so much more sense than bunging screeds of tissue down the drain.

  42. Sharny Dubs says:

    Mike d @ 3:21

    Hahahahaha ??

    Good one!!

    It’s the way you tell em!

  43. Effijy says:

    Great Germany has 49,000 Confirmed Corona Virus patients
    Grate Britain has only14,000 Confirmed cases.
    It is likely the case the German number is greater as they invested
    In having the test kits and using them as prescribed by WHO.

    Bojo’s Lying Circus didn’t take WHO’s advice as the have their own Tory experts
    Who are drilled to say what they want for no doubt much remuneration and a Betty Gong.

    Although the Germans have 3.5 times as many patients they only have 40% of the UK Fatalities?

    These figures are massive and highlight the decade long underfunding of the NHS by Westminster
    And the idiotic decisions make by this Tory government.

    Sure there will be slight differences in performance in countries as can be expected but Germany
    Performing incredibly better than the UK.

    I make clear it is certainly not the fault of the Health Workers but it is entirely the fault of Westminster

    The trend continues to favour Germany and as London hits maximum capacity in the next few days the numbers will increase the gap that shows UK with Currently 11 deaths per million of population
    And Germany only 4.

    I’d also like to condemn the Tory Minister who lie each day about Health care workers receiving the
    Equipment they require.
    They have their usual transport network that can do more with additional overtime, the now have the Army and their trucks, they have even been given the Sports Direct Trucks and Drivers and all the volunteer drives in their thousands able to deliver to GPs and Care Homes.
    Why Oh why are these incompetent Tory Clowns not standing down to save lives and let others get on with it.

    I think the Tories have used up all their humiliation and embarrassment but for the hundreds of times
    They have given us advise on how not to catch the virus Bojo and Hancock’s Half Dour have both caught it. We have seen on TV that neither even knows how to wash their hands properly, not shake hands, not touch their faces and Hancock even wiped a runny nose with his hand and from their on to his clothing.

    These idiots have 2 years of total control over us.
    How can Scotland accept this on-going danger in our midst?

  44. dramfineday says:

    Nice one Stu, timely.

  45. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “The transgender issue also has very little to do with Scottish politics.”

    Don’t be stupid. It’s literally Scottish Government legislation. Which is solely a function of politics.

  46. Doug says:

    @Mist001 2:50pm

    Agreed. Though it seems to be that way now.

  47. Jerry Carroll says:

    Wise words, as usual ?

  48. Republicofscotland says:

    An interesting clip on Al Jazeera tv, showing mayors of their Italian regions out on the streets shaming people for being out other than to obtain supplies of food or medicines.

    Some of the mayors were angry at joggers not staying in their homes and exercising instead.

  49. Republicofscotland says:

    New York city to build four huge temporary hospitals as deaths soar past the 500 mark. Navy ships will arrive at NY harbour on Monday, and are capable of holding a 1,000 beds each.

    There are 45,000 confirmed cases of the virus in New York.

  50. Republicofscotland says:

    Re my above comment, update on confirmed cases of the virus in NY now stands at over 86,000.

  51. Republicofscotland says:

    Germanys decision to welcome refugees and immigrants pays off, as they step in to fill the shortage of health staff in these very testing times.

    We in the UK on the otherhand told them to f#ck off.

  52. jfngw says:

    My local supermarket stock level was much better this week, only real lack of stock I noticed were fresh chicken portions (whole chickens were fine) and toilet paper/kitchen roll.

    I’m starting to feel their is some distribution or shortage of these paper products as the shelves never seem to get restocked. It’s also self fulfilling as empty shelves will result in taking two products rather than one just in case there are none next time (when they are eventually stocked).

    Not sure there is an easy answer for supermarkets, they get criticised for letting people buy too much, now for limiting purchases. Seems a no win situation as how do you know if it is over purchasing or buying for a group of people, I suppose you could just rely on people’s honesty when asked, I’m sure nobody will lie.

  53. Lothianlad says:

    I’m not on twitter but that piece on the hootsman by Laura waddell is so shite. Alex Salmond is innocent of the charges brought against him, that is FACT.
    HALITOSIS laura, as I believe that’s what a close friend calls her is richly deserved.
    Mouth wash to her please.

  54. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “I’m starting to feel their is some distribution or shortage of these paper products as the shelves never seem to get restocked. It’s also self fulfilling as empty shelves will result in taking two products rather than one just in case there are none next time (when they are eventually stocked).”

    Yeah. The promises that there would be plenty stock have proven to be lies as far as toilet paper and handwash are concerned. Over three weeks since this crisis started and as far as I’ve seen not one of my local supermarkets has had a resupply in all that time. Only Poundland intermittently gets some in.

  55. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “As an aside, you’re actually NOT allowed to drive anywhere, to exercise either your dog or, yourself! You’re also allowed only ONE dog walk/period of exercise, each day.”

    This categorically isn’t true. See any of the links in the article.

  56. jfngw says:

    How can you tell if you have had a mild version of the virus? If it is using Boris Johnson as an example it seems to just consist of your hair looking a bit more tousled than normal, and a persistent cough that involves no actual coughing.

  57. Mike d says:

    Jfngw 4.20pm. I dont bother with the big supermarkets other than online. ( keeping away from crowds). As i live in a village had to pop out wearing my mask and gloves. Picked up the wifes prescription at our wee chemist . No queues, then into our local butcher for 4 big pork chops and 4 chicken breasts. Wee spar shop for the real essentials, 2 bottles of cabernet sauvignon. Yum yum, and i dont care who tells me to eff off. Lol. But i get my housebound elderly neighbours shop as well.

  58. Mike d says:

    Ps, they had run out of jack D. Have to wait till tesco’s deliver.

  59. Robert Louis says:

    Some good news however, the architect in chief of the destruction of the NHS in England, De Pfeffle Johnson, has got the virus.

    Seriously, however, the utter stinking hypocrisy of these barstewards, going on about how great the NHS is, when they have devoted their entire careers to destroying it, beggars belief.

  60. Willie says:

    Sensible, sensible words Stu. And yes people listen to you, want to do the right thing, want to get through this as best we can.

    But against this we have the outrage of a 71 year old man, his wife and an entourage of about 70 fleeing from London to head for the Balmoral Highland Estate. Not for them staying put, not travelling.

    And now the great and the good, who will also have all of the medical care that they need should they need it head for the bunkers. So yes Rev Stu, wise wise words, but let us not ever forget who let us down, who is at the top of the queue to look after themselves and screw everybody else.

    Thank you for your post.

  61. tarisgal says:

    Thank you! A bit of Calm in a real storm at the moment, that I really needed.

    Rev. Stuart Campbell says:
    27 March, 2020 at 2:14 pm
    “Finding it hard to believe these cnuts have got the virus, ( dorries, chick, now bojo) how come they are’t dead/dying.”

    Because its mortality rate is around 1%.

    Because it may be my sweet, so kind, caring, generous, so bloody funny, all round great lad, my nephew who is fighting for his life on a ventilator in St. Thomas’s hospital in London at this moment, rather that those basterts. Or my daughter in law, who has two tiny weans, that is currently in bed with cough, temperature & shivery & feeling awful..

    Sorry! I don’t normally swear on twitter. But I’m RAGIN’ at how ill prepared UK was, given we had 7/8 weeks notice that this virus was such a killer! And that WM govt stood by telling us we were expendable (herd immunity)!! I don’t believe in capital punishment and I would NEVER wish anyone dead. But by God, at the moment, I am SO VERY CLOSE TO DOING JUST THAT!! 🙁

  62. Gary45% says:

    Been lurking from the sidelines for a wee while.
    My wife’s been charting the world wide spread of Covid-19 daily
    A simple break down, up until yesterday.

    The first 100,000 cases took approx over 6 weeks.
    The next 100,000 cases took 12 days.
    The next 100,000 cases took 3 days.
    The next 100,000 cases took 3 days.
    The next 100,000 cases took under 2 days.

    Part of the increase will be more testing, very scary times ahead. Keep social distancing, the worst is yet to come.

  63. ebreah says:

    Re using water and not tissue for cleaning up, in Islam there are 3 degrees of dirtiness, most will fall in the middle one. For the middle one, to qualify as being clean, you must remove the physical thing; and eliminate the smell, colour and sight. Once done, the final act is to wash the area with clean water (i.e from the bidet). Using tissue is permissible, but water is preferable, as water carries the concept of cleansing (if it makes sense).

  64. Dr Jim says:

    I drove to ASDA where half a dozen cops were employed in standing around outside keeping folk out to form a queue half way round a half empty car park, the cops didn’t seem to know how to measure two metres which is like a very tall man so kept the social distance to around 20 feet which would be a very very tall giant, I stood in that queue for 30 minutes got fed up decided to starve then drove on to Aldis and I was in and out in ten minutes even though full social distancing was enforced and sanitizer available for staff and customers alike, and we all obeyed the rules

    If I’d gone to Aldis in the first place i’d have only been out of the house around 25 minutes but due to the police thinking two metres is 20 feet it took me an hour

    One cop directing the queue, five cops standing together having a blether outside the door next to the bins and trollies, so the cops’ll get sick because they’re not practising social distancing from each other, I could’ve told them that but I was 20 feet away and they wouldn’t have heard me unless I shouted at them and that might’ve been construed as aggressive and I’d have been off to the poky by the scruff of my Corona virus infected person from a cop’s hands on my neck

    Even when yer right yer wrang, ye dae yer best

  65. Graeme says:

    manandboy says:
    27 March, 2020 at 2:19 pm

    “After this pandemic is over, are we all just going to revert back to our polluting, destructive, planet-killing ways?”


  66. Mike d says:

    Robert louis 4.55. Thats exactly what me and the wife thought when i heard bojo had applauded the NHS staff at 8pm last night. Where’s that £350 million on the side of a bus promise? Effin hypocrites.

  67. Mike d says:

    Dr jim. If this virus gets any worse, there wont be enough cops or army to drag anyone off to the poky.

  68. Mike d says:

    Data from china now says that men are more susceptible than women to covid 19.. i now therefore wish to self identify as michelle d.

  69. robertknight says:

    Just for completeness…

    Very subtle BBC, but we see you for what you are, we see you…

  70. Willie says:

    Mike D @ 5.20.

    Absolutely correct about how you enforce a lock down. Basically you can’t. People have got to want to be locked down, be persuaded to be locked down. That is why the behavioural insight unit ( or BIT) develops messages to influence the general populace.

    Take the camper van tourists fleeing to rural Scotland from England. When that hit the news people were demanding lock down. But then consider Prince Charles, his wife and his 70 strong entourage of assistants and minders.

    They don’t need to stick to the rules, or set an example as to the practices that society needs to implement to try and keep us safe. Prince Charles is a plague carrier who cares not a jot for others and can get the best care when everyone else is being denied it.

    No wonder there was an altercation at the Queen Elizebeth Hospital the other night when people denied treatment remonstrated about how they couldn’t get treatment, whilst Prince Charles could. Hard for people to take and even harder when we hear that the decisions are now being made in London to provide palliative care only to the seriously sick over sixty.

    And now we hear Boris Johnson, Matt Hancock and Dr Chris Whitty, the architects of letting the virus rip, have apparently got the virus themselves. Well have they, or is it an attempt at VirusMeToo to show that we are all together whilst they hide in their cosseted bunkers hiding from the storm that is ready to wash over our shores.

    Yes the virus is a global disaster but did our austerity driven, greed for the elites, mismanage the whole thing when they decided to let the virus rip to protect the economy at the expense of pensioners dying.

    It’s a complete and utter mess. And we are the ones that are suffering. And all this from a government who six weeks ago was saying that they and the NHS were well prepared and that people could help by sneezing into hankies, disposing of some and washing hand.

    So yes Stu, these bastards got it wrong, and wrong big style and yes you cannot believe a word that the government press machine tells you.

    But equally we all need to stay safe, remain in doors, keep ones distance – that is unless you are Prince Charles and the Royal Household. Let’s all do the right thing even if the elites don’t.

    After all of this we need to hunt these criminal down for they are no different from the war criminals hunted down after the Second World War. Or the Tsars before them.

  71. Robert Kerr says:

    Anent the middle east anal cleaning.

    1 The hose and trigger are fed from the cold water which comes from a rooftop header tank. The cold water is WARM.

    2 Sand gets everywhere. Toilet paper flushed down mixes with sand and blocks the drains. Western households supply toilet paper and a little box to place used paper. A housemaid or houseboy empties the box periodically/ Don’t ask!!!!

    In civilised countries such as France and Italy it is very common to have a bidet installed for final cleansing.

    Keep safe peeps.

  72. Mist001 says:

    Well, our lockdown in France has just been extended to 15th April.

  73. jfngw says:

    I see the police have named it Operation Talla, I think same police have interpreted this as The Talla Ban.

  74. Republicofscotland says:

    Robert Knight.

    Yip, you need to search thoroughly to find the death rate in England which in my book probably means its much higher, the last I looked it was over 500. However if you take away the deaths of NI,Wales and Scotland from the overall UK deaths, you get the number of deaths in England.

    Typical of the English owned BBC.

  75. Lennie says:

    Yeah, been saying for a couple of weeks now it will be a total game changer in the way people live their lives from now on and society on a whole.

    Many will now find it more suitable to work from home rather than wrestle in frustrating rush hour traffic. Employers will realise they won’t have financial overheads if they staff are liking after their own place of employment.

    Shopping habits will change for good.

    Subconscious social distancing will kick in.

    People will become as reluctant as Ronnie O’Sullivan to shake hands.

    Card and contactless payments will become ever more popular as many will no longer want to hadn’t dirty bank notes.

    People might even start to become less zombie and more human again.

    People are habitual, many habits will be broken and new ones adopted.

  76. robertknight says:


    That aside, the banner images of each site…

    England/N.I = Graphic showing virus

    Wales = Random pedestrianised street

    Scotland = Sturgeon/Saltire

    Subliminal SNP-Bad yet again.

  77. chocolass says:

    Your post is like a breath of fresh air to me!
    Been missing you-stay safe,xx

  78. PacMan says:

    Mike d says: 27 March, 2020 at 5:20 pm

    Dr jim. If this virus gets any worse, there wont be enough cops or army to drag anyone off to the poky.

    There isn’t enough of them to start with never mind once sickness starts to kick in.

  79. Effijy says:

    Terrifying figures from Italy with almost 6,000 new cases today and almost 1,000 fatalities.

    Their totals on Monday may show 100,000 cases and 10,000 fatalities.

    I’m still hearing from idiots suggesting the Corona figures are just the same as Flu figures?

    That’s just insane to have that outlook.

  80. maureen says:

    As one of the enforced 12 week isolators, I take pleasure watching people out with their dogs and am lucky that I live on the coast with a view of bay. To be honest, it’s same shit different day as I rarely am able to go out. So yes, I rely and enjoy watching people get on with their lives.

    The police need to stop taking themselves so seriously and deal with those actually breaking laws.

    I am lucky in respect that I over bought last year in preparing for Brexit. If I hadn’t I would be struggling to eat well and even get shopping in due to the panic buyers moving their compulsion online as there are no slots for the next month with online delivery.

  81. mike cassidy says:

    Arizona border wall construction ramps up as advocates call for freeze due to coronavirus

    Coronavirus: Mexicans demand crackdown on Americans crossing the border

  82. Pete says:

    Big debate going on regarding the statistics.
    How many deaths with CV
    How many deaths due to CV.
    Possibility of huge overlap and wrong conclusions being made.
    Interesting to see the approach of Sweden.

  83. mike cassidy says:

    You thought Branson had a nerve.

    You thought Witherspoon was a creep.

  84. dakk says:

    Singapore, Taiwan, and Japan give me hope for optimism.

    Nothing the UK government has done so far gives me great confidence.

    Liked the song though.

  85. callmedave says:

    Donald Trump Mashes the Panic Button With Unhinged Ventilator Tweet.

  86. Glamaig says:

    Thanks that’s one of the most sensible things I’ve read for days.

  87. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    Good to see Wingers, who have been a tad quiet in the past 4 years or so, coming back to comment here.

    No names – you know who you are.

  88. CameronB Brodie says:

    Nice one Rev. and it’s heartening to see Robert Halfon MP calling on Conservatives to ditch their “faith” in neo-liberalism, which may be a political success, but is economically unsuccessful and socially debilitating. It has also hollowed out the robustness of many nations and weakened their capacity to respond to periodic crises.

    Britain is not a social democracy. Brexit was the straw that broke the back of liberal constitutionalism in Britain.

    Social democracy and social policy in neoliberal times

  89. Ian Brotherhood says:

    When cops – at whatever level – start getting ‘creative’ with the law, be that in helping recruit witnesses for a prosecution case or telling citizens where/when they can take their dog for a shite, it’s time to remind them who pays their fuckin wages.

    That’s an old and corny line, aye, but it happens to be accurate and it’s one they are constantly reminded of whilst in training – they are ‘public servants’. Never be afraid to remind them of that fact if they give you any pish, and that applies if you’re at Aldi, on your balcony, or in the middle of nowhere.

  90. Davy Smith says:

    I think this is pretty much the death knell, for Neoliberalism which will hopefully soon itself join the pile of failed ideologies in the dustbin of history.


  91. ahundredthidiot says:

    Ian B

    I’m a tad disappointed by that comment. I think the cops are doing their best right now and I am not their greatest fan. This is new for them too, you know.

    Like people, some cops will be good under fire, some wont. That said, I do genuinely think that cops ‘up north’ tend to be better at reading people and situations and consequently responding accordingly.

    If we all keep our cool, it’ll be cool beans all round.

  92. Richardinho says:

    “Don’t be stupid. It’s literally Scottish Government legislation. Which is solely a function of politics.”

    And the Coronavirus is also something that the Scottish Government is dealing with.

  93. Golfnut says:

    @ Dr Jim.

    Alex Salmond said after the Scottish Gov/ Civil service case was collapsed that Nicola Sturgeon should focus on Independence and leave Lesley Evans to him, or words to that effect. Strange is it not, how the most dangerous women in Britain according to the media, vilified by the press and union politicians alike should somehow be at the same time leader of a viche gov, bought and paid for by English gold. Thankfully AS doesn’t appear to be as confused as some on here.

  94. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @ahundredthidiot –

    Sorry if my comment ‘disappointed’ you but it’s plain from the post that some police forces are not ‘doing their best’ – they’re doing ‘their own thing’ and, well-intentioned as that may be, it’s not acceptable.

    It’s times like this that ordinary citizens, whether they’re educated, politically savvy or not – and especially the barely literate and feeblest of mind – really *need* to know what the law is. No ‘grey’ areas, no wiggle-room, no space for interpretation. It has to be black & white so that we all know where we stand. And the police, of all people, should be able to tell us that.

    The days of big Highland-raised cops knocking the seven bells out of ‘cheeky’ Weegies up the back of the close are gone, thank god.

  95. crazycat says:

    @ Richardinho at 9.09

    “Dealing with” is very different from “initiating”.

    Both are different from “initiating when totally unnecessary”, let alone “initiating when totally unnecessary and ploughing on with when exposed as such and shown to be fatally flawed”.

  96. twathater says:

    Watched Gordon Ross indy car where he was talking about the AS situation and playing by WM rules I commented

    Reference STOP playing by their rules , today the WM ENHS leader announced from next week there would be testing available for NHS frontline staff FFS NEXT week , then NS announces the same thing , HEALTH is DEVOLVED why are we WAITING on these despicable tory corrupt governments who have DEVASTATED the NHS to pretend to make moves to protect frontline staff then NS and her fellow capitulators and royal apologists decide oh yes we better do the same

    Why is the FM of Scotland who has been elected to SERVE and PROTECT the citizens of Scotland waiting to find out what the bozo clown crew are doing before following suit .
    Our SNHS personnel have to be applauded and revered for their unstinting devotion to duty and their commitment to Scottish citizens why is our FM not taking command of the situation rather than following the example and moves of NHS hating tories

  97. lumilumi says:

    Very sensible article, Stu.

    It’s interesting seeing the differences between countries and the people’s attitudes. Also differences in political and constitutional set-ups, and governmental responses.

    Finland has about 5.6M people, a large, sparsely-populated country apart from metro-Helsinki area and a couple of other cities. So far, 1025 confirmed covid-19 cases, 7 deaths.

    The first confirmed case was a Chinese tourist in Lapland (promptly quarantined), then about a week or two later dribs and drabs started occurring, mostly people who’d travelled in Italy or Austria.

    Tested, source of infection traced (if possible), their contacts traced, all quarantined. At this stage, several school classes or people in same study/workplace were quarantined for potential exposure. Then some more infections started turning up…

    Around this time (second week in March), many school authorities took the decision to move all high school teachers (and, thus, students) to distance learning, i.e. home school, to safeguard the school leavers’ exams, which were ongoing. And got shortened so that the last two weeks of exams were crammed into one! Poor students, some had exams every day!

    Next Monday, all schools closed… except for years 1 to 3 (that would be 7 to 9 year-olds, we start school at 7). Preschool (6 yr olds) and daycare still open, but parents STRONGLY encouraged to take their kids off school/preschool/daycare – and most have. It’s a law and a political thing that everything wasn’t closed, but also practical: doctors, nurses and other key workers must have somewhere to put their kids. Grandparents are right out if they’re over 70, they were told to self-isolate. Everybody who can work from home was recommended to do so.

    Beginning of third week of March the goverment proposed instituting parts of the “Preparedness Law”, for the first time in peacetime. Still needed Parliamentary scrutiny, though.

    Giving extraordinary powers to the government has been expedited but still goes through parliamentary procedure of first debate, committee (the Constitutional Committee, since these are extraordinary powers affecting the basic rights and freedoms of citizens), second debate, vote.

    Government and opposition parties (we have about 10 parties in the Parliament due to out PR system) have been of one mind that something needs to be done, and quick. Minor quibbles and some political point-scoring but mostly the parliament has been working as quickly as law and procedure allows. The Government still has to ask the Parliament for these powers, every time they want to institute stricter rules and regulations.

    It’s proven a bit unwieldy and slower than anybody would wish. We’re using this law for the first time ever (the laws during WW II were different) and care needs to be taken… But the need for speed has exposed how unwieldy the present Preparedness Law is.

    The first whispers, talk about isolating the province of Uusimaa – the central bit of the south coast also containing metro-Helsinki – started beginning of this week. The Government proposed it yesterday, and it’s still stuck in Committee/Parliamentary plenary session.

    I live in the northernmost town in Uusimaa. Our town of 45,000 people and the similar-sized neighbouring town 10km away across the border form a natural economic/school/work area, but, alas, we will be separated!

    I nipped into neighbouring town this afternoon to get something from a specialist shop, not avilable in my town. No sign of anything special going on at the time. Later I went for a walk close to the border. Workers building barriers on the motorway and also the “old highway” next to it.

    Barriers! The police are going to stop everybody, you have to have a valid reason for travelling between Uusimaa and the rest of Finland! (You won’t need some official “permit”, a document, though. Just explain your errand to the police. For now. Most Finns wouldn’t think of lying to the police.)

    Uuusimaa province contains the capital Helsinki and 3 other cities bunched tightly together. The rest is suburban, small town or rural. Uusimaa has nearly one third of Finland’s population. Now it has more than 2/3 of Finland’s 1025 corona infections. My small town in the northern edges has 0 (zero) confirmed corona infections but we’re being put inside this “plague wall”! OK, I’m joking, I support these measures, I see it’s necessary to slow down the spread of the epidemic to protect the less robust health care provision in the provinces…

    Especially because quite a lot of people have already fled the city to their summer cottages/second homes. Mostly pensioners, some “distance workers”. Uusimaa residents are advised to return home, so as not to put pressure on the health services of the rural areas… But would you want to return to “plague city” if you’ve already been hunkered down in your rural bolt-hole for a while, no symptoms, self-isolating?

    The thing is, Finns, for the most part, are very law-abiding. Trust the authorities. Are mostly sensible. Have a sense of society and common good. OK, we might not like all these measures but we realise they might be necessary. Better err on the safe side.

    Social distancing isn’t a big problem. Finns naturally social distance. Normally, talking with e.g. a neighbour, we stand about a metre and a half apart. Taking another step back isn’t a problem. These days, people quite naturally give wide berth to each other in supermarkets, obey the markings on the floor in the check-out queue etc. We were made for this!

    Oh, and shop/supermarket provision? There was some small-scale hoarding a couple of weeks ago, mostly triggered by international bog roll memes and then Helsinki-bubble journalists going to the busiest supermarket nearest to their workplace… spreading a mild panic. Hand sanitizer is all gone. Soap is better, anyway.

    Soap shelves have been emptyish at times, but never a shortage. Some brands of pasta have run out (others available), tinned goods and cereal/porridge oats/flour shelves sometimes looked emptyish but back to fairly normal now. Dry yeast (imported) hard to find but fresh yeast (domestic) easily available. One day my local shop didn’t have “loose” potatoes but plenty of bags. 80% of food is domestic, we have good food security – you might not get avocadoes but you’ll get turnips. 🙂

    Mostly people are fairly calm about the situation. Of course there are shrieking voices in the edges of social media calling for stricter measures or deploring the limitations to personal freedom, take your pick. Mostly people trust the goverment (our Prime Minster has done an excellent job in communicating fact-based information and explaining the measures being taken) and see this as our common, shared project.

    Sorry for the long post, even the Finnish Parliament has had time to unanimously (!) pass the law isolating Uusimaa province while I’ve been typing this! 😀

  98. Dr Jim says:

    @Golfnut 9:16pm

    Tricia Marwick long time friend and ally of AS is also a long time friend and ally of NS and she hasn’t changed that position
    I don’t know whether that’s an indication of anything except perhaps to wait and see when events unfold in their own time

    In political terms NS stock is skyrocketing and Boris Johnson’s is in the crapper so that can’t be bad and CMO Kathleen Calderwood is better known in England now than Boris Johnson’s own whatisname guy

  99. Al-Stuart says:


    Thank you for and interesting and dare I say refreshing article. Also the comments on this thread he’s been excellent.

    A couple of observations…

    A). If BoJo + Matt Hancock + Chief Medical Officers advocacy of 6 feet social distancing in true, then why have they all now got Coronavirus?

    Might I suggest at least 10 feet, which as Dr Jim has kindly advised equates to the new Covid Imperial measurement of “half-a-giant”?

    B). Graeme raises an interesting point that after this will we just revert to our normal destructive ways.

    Respectfully Graeme, I don’t think so. This is the worst plague for 101 years (Spanish Flu after WW1). Before that the London plague of 1666. We still talk about the London one 354 years later.

    No, I think Covid Plague will leave us all with physical, emotional and psychological scars for the restof our lives and affect our kids/grandkids. Especially the ones that lose a grandparent to Coronavirus.

    Speaking with my grandson (via FaceTime) and all his 14 years of age and wisdom, he showed me how the global pollution + smog clouds have stopped to such a great degree that fresh air quality maps can be seen massively improving from satellites.

    Meanwhile five major utility/telecoms/councils//insurance I phoned this week were folk redeployed from crowded offices and now working solo at home from their back bedrooms! So expect a huge rise in telecommuting as the local planning officer I chatted to said he was actually enjoying working from home because he could spend time with his newborn and also get work done.

    A large number of people are likely to change their lifestyles once Covid19 has run its course. Not least, but these bat-eating-Wuhan eejits will cause even worse pandemics. Speaking with another friend, she is all set to move out of Edinburgh to a rural home where any future self-isolation measures will not inflict so much Cabin-fever! She showed me a beautiful croft with enough ground to grow vegetables and fruit, with a small wind turbine for energy.

    Coronovirus is a nasty, shitty lethal disease. But human beings are robust and I think there might even be some good things tha come out of this.

    Now, if you will forgive me, I am such a curious sad person, am off to YouTube to see how these Arabian toilets work. There is enough bog roll in our house to last for three weeks. After that, the wife has been on the internet learning about colonic irrigation as a way to keep us all rectally clean. A word to the wise, go hide the garden hose pipe right now.

  100. Rm says:

    Hundreds of thousands willing to follow but no one to lead what’s Scotland to do?

  101. Dr Jim says:

    @Lumilumi 9:29pm

    Thanks for that it was very informative and interesting and reflective of human behaviour country to country where in the UK and America you have populist leaders who divided their countries in order to rule but in doing that made them almost impossible to govern because each leader loses the respect of half the population

  102. dakk says:

    ‘(a) we’re on holiday,’

    And here’s me thinking you were just trying to survive as well.

  103. Dan says:

    Whilst throwing worms into the water this afternoon I was considering how the key workers in the offshore oil / gas and fishing industries are coping.
    Working and living conditions are inevitably fairly cramped on the rigs and boats, and the crew changes will mean a lot of people coming and going at different times, often on helicopters which mean it will be impossible to keep 2m apart from other people.
    Isolation / quarantine times for those with or exposed to the lurgy are often longer than the on / off shift patterns.

    Just shows how fragile our lifestyles and existences were when you see the difficulties and compromises being made to maintain “normality”.

    Big thank you to all the key workers still grafting away at this stressful time. Plus it highlights who the real important workers are that keep our society functioning.
    Some will be getting paid derisory levels of wages from their employers for what they do at the best of times, never mind now.

  104. boris says:

    Mr Chope: This is about the cash reserves. Who administers the Scottish cash reserves that are created to mitigate potential volatility in tax receipts?

    Osowska: Is this the mechanism by which funds are paid to the Scottish Government?

    Mr Chope: Yes, £135 million in a year or something.

    Osowska: Yes, the Scotland Office administers that, and that is a consequence of the 1998 Scotland Act.

    Mr Chope: Do you think the Scottish Government should have more discretion over when to draw upon that Scottish cash reserve to go alongside its power to make discretionary payments into the cash reserve?

    Osowska: It would not be appropriate for me to comment on whether the Scottish Government should have a more discretionary role in the procedure. However, what I can say is that, as a process, this has been in place since devolution.

    All payments relating to both the block grant and changes to the grant are made to the Scottish Consolidated Fund and administered through the Scotland Office. As I said, that is a consequence of the 1998 Act.

    Each month, the Scottish Government calculates the amount required to fund its various bodies covered by the grant, and the Scotland Office requests the funding from the Treasury and it is transferred to the Scottish Consolidated Fund.

    Treasury is responsible for a cash management programme, which means that funding cannot be drawn down in advance of need, and I think that the system has worked very well up to now.

  105. dakk says:

    ‘We commend Parliament’

    Do yae? Aye.

    Interesting choice of words.

    Not sure about the ‘Parliament’ but I don’t think the UK government are worthy of commendation with their tardy response to this health event.

  106. jackie says:

    BBC Scotland “The Nine” and some Yoon Burd in the studio tells us-

    “Here are tonight’s headlines from across Scotland,,, Corona Virus deaths across the UK have reached 759”.

    I don’t think she ever did tell us what the death toll in Scotland was.

    Too angry to watch anymore,,,had to turn channels.

    And why are we STILL waiting in the SNP fighting to have our own National TV company???

    Oh that’s right, it’s Sturgeon who’s running the show up here.

    Where things seem to go backwards.

  107. Mist001 says:

    I was thinking today about employers paying their employees 80% of their wages during this crisis. Specifically, it was regarding Wetherspoon pubs.


    They pay their staff the bare minimum working wage. They are required to do this by law.

    If they only pay their staff 80% of the minimum wage, then aren’t they breaking the law?

  108. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @lumilumi –

    Your comments are always really interesting. It’s clear that you spend some time on them.

    Don’t want to put you ‘in a spot’ but I can’t be the only one who would be very interested in your thoughts on the Alex Salmond trial.

  109. james mallon Drones Over Scotland says:

    Fkd if I know what this shit site is all about, time to fk off and leave the fkn confused, I’m a real fkn rebel, wull wallace, lets get the fkrs back.
    As for you fkn sensibles with fkn shit ideas, well all the best.
    My last fkn comment.

  110. jackie says:

    james mallon Drones Over Scotland 10.05

    You tell me the where and the when and I’ll be right at your back.

    The floor is yours Wull Wallace.

  111. ahundredthidiot says:

    Ian B @ 9:16

    I did say a ‘tad’ disappointed, I agree that people should still know their rights (and exercise them) under the Law – that includes the cops!

    Reading my post back, it was one from the hip.

    Cool Beans all round.

  112. dakk says:

    That’s the covid19 contaminated NHS uniform sprayed with dettol and put in washing machine.

    And still no disposable paper suits for front line NHS staff.

    At least they’ve got visors and double glove now.

    Noticed while walking some supermarkets are operating new distancing measures.

    Hope their staff get some ppe too. It’s a start.

  113. Dan says:

    Rm says: at 9:37 pm

    Hundreds of thousands willing to follow but no one to lead what’s Scotland to do?

    That’s the seemingly eternal conundrum that often the most sensible and fair minded folk are not of the personality type that is motivated to rise up and impose their will on others.
    Whereas the wannabe alphas and ego driven individuals that climb into positions of influence are often of the personality type that should never be near the levers of power.

    It’s therefore tough to find a decent balance, and even more so when we require a range of politicians to operate within the multi-faceted political and power systems we have to deal with in the UK construct.

    Scotland can’t simply concentrate and focus on developing our own sensible policies that would shape a better future for us when we are constantly distracted and constrained by a UK Government made up of bumbling idiots and their policies that we didn’t vote for but our southern neighbours did.

    TBH, as in the 1 min long Trainspotting clip: It’s a shite state of affairs…

  114. Normski says:

    “Maybe they’re shopping for a couple of elderly neighbours, or for a shift of hard-pressed key-worker colleagues who can’t easily get out to the shops in normal hours.”

    That’s already been experienced here many times by people shopping for the vulnerable.

  115. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @ahundredthidiot –

    Aye, fair do’s, cool beans it is.


    It’s mibbe just an age thing. I’m not a nerrdowell by any means but had a few close shaves with Scotland’s Finest when I was younger. In recent years they’ve been brand new any time I’ve dealings with them. Perhaps I was worthy of ‘attention’ back in the day?!

    In any event, here’s hoping the questionable behaviour on show down south doesn’t happen here – it wouldn’t be tolerated.

  116. Normski says:

    “Re using water and not tissue for cleaning up, in Islam there are 3 degrees of dirtiness, most will fall in the middle one…blah, blah, blah…”.

  117. schrodingers cat says:

    re the lack of bog roll………….

    the collective sponge on a stick looms for as all

  118. dakk says:

    ‘the collective sponge on a stick looms for as all’


    Must’ve been before my time if it really was a thing.

  119. Dan says:

    For future loo roll shortages, go for a walk in the woods, find some braw fluffy moss, coil one oot, wipe ass and cover poop with the moss.
    Just watch out for bears…

    Back in t’day I understand moss was used to make rudimentary bairns’ nappies.

    Don’t be flushing wipes and cloth that are not meant to be flushed as they’ll block the sewers. If you have to use material like that then bag and bin it like you should already be doing for condoms and sanitary products.
    I guess you could also Self ID as a dog and do your business in the park as long as you pick it up with those disposable pooh bags.

  120. stumac says:

    Mist001 says:
    27 March, 2020 at 2:23 pm
    How can you have ‘mild symptoms’ of Coronavirus? You either have it or you don’t.

    Because we’re not all robots; our bio make-ups are all slightly different and will be affected to different degrees. Also underlying health problems (which mostly come with old age but can occur in younger folk) can make you more vulnerable to it.

  121. jfngw says:

    I read someone comparing covid-19 to Noak’s ark story, of course the only difference now is there is no space on the boat for any animals as it’s stuffed full of people claiming there must be space for their gender preference position (around 200k on board now).

  122. Golfnut says:

    That Shite Scottish Gov and Health service have gone and set up 50 Coronavirus assessment centres on the quiet, sneaky bastards. Channel 4 were quite impressed by the sound of the report, however I have it on good authority that disreporting Scotland have vowed to piss all over this initiative on Monday.

  123. dakk says:

    ‘go for a walk in the woods, find some braw fluffy moss, coil one oot’

    Never mind the woods, 90% of ma lawn is moss.

  124. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

    Anent Covid-19:

    If Scotlands NHS really is devolved maybe Jean Freeman MSP could order a shit load of Cuban Interferon Alpha 2B!

    @Muscleguy; if possible hit Homebargins first thing in the morning for bogroll – 400 cases of 18 roll packs delivered overnight most nights (toilet roll is manufactured in the UK and production has been increased to meet demand).

    @John H; Aye it’s Left Hand = clean; Right Hand = dirty; I adhere to this rule in the 1st and 3rd World regardless of quality and quantity of hot water, soap, anti-bac etc. My WHO ‘Yellow Book of Immunisations is up to date, always take my meds (especially anti-malarials) haven’t had a day unwell in over 20 years!

    Stay Safe Wingers.

  125. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

    Me at 12:40 am

    Left Hand = DIRTY; Right Hand = CLEAN

  126. DebzoHighland says:

    Although my property runs down to mean high water level, I have kept my actual garden wall and gate about 20ft back from the shore to allow walkers to enjoy walking along the coast. I look out for my 82 year old mother who lives opposite and since she had been on lockdown I have picked up her shopping etc. My partners firm has closed and we are both staying home, keeping our social distance and wearing gloves when having to go out for essentials. I thought that we were keeping ourselves very safe. However, yesterday I saw two dog walkers chatting at the end of my garden…..standing 10ft apart as advised, but one was standing holding on to my metal gate. So, although I have taken every precaution I possibly can to avoid picking up the virus, that dog walker may have contaminated my gate and as the virus can live on metal surfaces for days, there is a risk that if they did, I may inadvertently catch it too. So perhaps there is good reason to prevent folk from taking to the hill paths, beaches walks, parks etc. As there are styles and gates and many other hard surfaces that people touch, without even realising it. In southern Spain, my friend is only allowed to exercise his dog within 50m of his house, perhaps there is a good reason for this?

  127. Dr Jim says:

    A person going outside would be fine but if people know some people are going outside they’ll want to go outside too then before you know it everybody’s going outside and off we go again

    A long time from now people will tell stories of how thousands died watching the telly and the kids won’t believe it, we’ll have to make stuff up

  128. PacMan says:

    Just some thoughts.

    There has been a lot of talk about how infectious the coronavirus is. I’ve googled and can’t find any definite answer as the majority is contradictory. If the virus was highly infectious where it come out on breath or sweat, logic dictates that hospital staff would be wearing space suits and millions, not tens of thousands would be dead.

    I think it is safe to say that the virus is a respiratory disease, lies in the lungs and is expelled through coughing and sneezing. It is also safe to say that social distancing is required both not to catch any of the virus in the first place and ensure that health resources are not overwhelmed. It is also advisable to avoid uncovered fruit and veg as you don’t know who’s been touching it. Frozen fruit and veg, while not the same, is still edible.

    As to going outside, there is nothing wrong with that as long as you are not congregating in groups, going to areas where congregating would occur like parks or narrow cycle paths or going to parties in other peoples houses.

    As to these ones who are vocally ‘shaming’ people who are going out. The thing I have noticed over the last month with the coronavirus is the usual loud mouths are the biggest flappers. The quiet amongst us just don’t on with it. The say that empty vessels make the most noise. I believe thall’s cac means away and shite in Gaelic. Anybody who goes out and gets any grief from idiots might want to shout that at them.

  129. Capella says:

    @ lumilumi – thx for your post at 9.29 pm, a very interesting read. It’s good to hear news from other countries because everything I hear on the BBC is hopelessly biased by ideology.

    There was an item on Sweden on RScotland this morning saying they were adopting the “herd immunuty”approach. It will be interesting to see how that goes, they say, without providing a single figure indicating how many are infected and how many have died. So not so interesting that they are prepared to tell us.

    I also get the impression that we mustn’t discuss the manufacture of venilators, the export of testing kits by the tens of thousands while our own frontline staff go without, the actual death rate in England. The BBC tells us how many have died in the UK, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland but no figure for England. Yes I know we can just do the sums ourselves, but why pay a broadcaster claiming to be a public service, and then having to do the calculations and research ourselves.
    Which is why I don’t pay.

    I wonder how long they can go on with “Sport” and “Travel” bulletins when there isn’t any.

  130. Marie Clark says:

    Folks, just to clear up this where you can go for exercise, from last night government advice is. Daily exercise e.g.walking, cycling, running from your HOME ADDRESS, THIS ALSO INCLUDES DOG WALKING, my bold.

    So no, it’s not okay to get in the car and drive somewhere else,

    Hope that is helpful.

  131. CameronB Brodie says:

    Marie Clark
    I do think you are correct. My approval of the post was in relation to the abuse of power. Scotland already has first-hand experience at how illiberal Westminster has become. This crises simply offers them enormous scope to ensure they can play funny buggers, for ever.

  132. Greannach says:

    CameronB Brodie @2.50

    I completely misread your name! It’s unbelievable.

  133. CameronB Brodie says:

    I’m not quite sure what you’re saying there, so this explanation my be way off mark.

    The incongruous B is a relic of my past actions aimed at improving transparency of identity. Initially I logged on simply as Cameron. Then stuff happened and so there you have it. It’s a sort of cultural relic. A bit like the hope of a social democracy in Brexitania.

    My correct name is Cameron B. Brodie. 😉

  134. And Spouse says:

    So what did you do in WW2 daddy? Sorry, what did you do in WW C daddy. Well I sent memes and didn’t listen to sensible advice to save my human friends. I acted just as normal and thought it would just go away!
    The point is here is an opportunity to look at how the world operates. Do we need cruise ships and aeroplanes and non-disposable disposable products? Do we need a world with so many inequalities? Couldn’t IOC, FIFA, UEFA, SPFL take a step back and look at how we run things. So long as JRM keeps making a profit on his money in Cayman, then that’s fine. Well actually it’s not. I don’t think Westminster will look at this as a time of moral thinking, they’re just gonna hit us with austerity because their back accounts are down. All these cutbacks in NHS, well here we are.

    I think Scotland should be independent and I hope it happens soon, but I don’t think it will. I’m not so sure we have the right leadership at the moment.
    I wonder if big Eck can come back and lead the AUOB campaign? Now is a time for clear thinking and a vision of the Scotland we all want.

  135. Greannach says:

    Cameron Brodie.
    Thanks. But I misread your name as Donald Farquhar son. Should have gone to Specsavers!

  136. James says:

    Corona virus is bullshit. You are being lied to

  137. CameronB Brodie says:

    Well that’s a matter of opinion and gives me way too much credit, if I interpret you correctly. The legal position I’m attempting to describe is simply one that respects natural law and recognises the essential role that a post-foundational legal epistemology plays in supporting ethical jurisprudence and social justice. As per my training to join the Royal Town Planning Institute. 😉

    Without a respect for natural law and practical reason, the law simply becomes as tool of socially conservative political authoritarianism (see Brexit and the proposed GRA reforms).

  138. CameronB Brodie says:

    P.S. The proposed GRA reforms are socially conservative, even if they appear progressive, as enabling the self-ID of sex would return women to their legal and social status of approximately the 1950s. Denying biological women have been ethically defined in law in a bold-faced lie, yet this was the pretext for abandoning best-practice during the design of the initial consultation on the reforms.

    The Scottish government’s capacity for government appears to be under deliberately attack from within. This action appears to be supported by at least some of Scotland’s judiciary, who are content to pass judgement on matters that appear to be beyond their legal understanding.

  139. CameronB Brodie says:

    P.P.S. I’m not exactly re-inventing the wheel, or advocating a radical philosophical position. I simply recognise the introduction of gender-ideology into law for what it is, i.e. the legal consolidation of patriarchal misogyny.

    Gender and Human Rights
    Feminist Legal Theory and the Rights of Women

  140. christine500 says:

    Ater reading the comments on the virus i’d like to remind people of a few things let’s not get carried away:
    The virus is not airborne,it does not float in the atmosphere.
    It cannot contaminate through the skin as long as the skin’s intact.
    i.e even if you touch a surface full of virus you will not get sick.As long as you don’t touch your face afterwards; the virus contaminates through the mouth/nose/eyes/ears exclusively.
    It is damaged by sunlight i.e. your packages/clothes/ letters in the sunlight shld be alright after a few hours.

    Again main thing do not put hands to face.

  141. Christian Schmidt says:

    You’ll like Iain Macwhirter today: “There is so much we do not know about coronavirus. What we do know is that it is gendered – though not in the way we expect that word to be used. It seems to hit men very hard, and twice as many die of it. Women seem to have some form of genetic immunity.”

    Now my question is, what about transgender men, are they affected as often as men? And are transgender women affected as often as women?

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