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An innocent man

Posted on March 23, 2020 by

Today a mostly-female jury drawn from the most Unionist city in Scotland and directed by a female judge delivered the only verdict it was credibly possible to reach on the (total absence of) evidence before it: that Alex Salmond was not guilty of any crime.

After two weeks hearing an assortment of lurid allegations from former friends and colleagues hidden behind cloaks of public anonymity, the jury – having been advised by the prosecuting counsel that they were the sole arbiters of fact – decided that there was no truth to them.

Since the two most serious charges, in particular, were both matters of the accuser’s word against that of the accused, and the two parties gave completely irreconcilable accounts of the facts (rather than competing interpretations of agreed events), it can only be the case that one side was lying absolutely, and the jury decided that it was the anonymous accusers who were doing so.

It remains to see whether there will be a legal reckoning for those lies. But more than one sort of reckoning will surely follow from these events.

Because to the surprise of many Yessers who considered the whole trial a Unionist conspiracy, it transpired that in fact every accusation had come from people who’d been on Alex Salmond’s own team – either his political colleagues or his staff.

The Scottish Government and the notionally-Scottish civil service had first colluded on a private investigation which was both so ham-fisted and so unlawfully biased that it collapsed in a shambles which has cost the Scottish taxpayer over £600,000.

Even the Times – no cheerleader for Alex Salmond by a very long chalk – was so appalled at the flagrant crookedness of the proceedings that it called for the head of Leslie Evans, permanent secretary to the Scottish Government and the most senior civil servant in Scotland.

Instead, the Scottish Government inexplicably chose to not only uphold but extend her contract – a decision which is ultimately made by the First Minister of Scotland.

It is at Nicola Sturgeon’s personal discretion that Leslie Evans remained in her post and indeed received a further endorsement, leading to widespread mutterings that Evans, in the common parlance, must surely “know where the bodies are buried”.

The fact that Evans’ catastrophically botched and dishonest inquiry did not, in the end, bring about the imprisoning of an innocent man for perhaps the rest of his life is one of the few meagre positives of this entire fiasco. But the ordeal which Alex Salmond has been forced through for the last several years is one which someone, or several someones, ought in any fair society to be made answerable for.

(I have some small sense myself of the stresses both of a high-profile and terrifyingly expensive court case and of being wrongfully arrested on wholly fictional harassment allegations, and what Alex Salmond has endured is orders of magnitude greater, so I both empathise and admire his fortitude. Costs are not awarded in criminal trials so even as a completely innocent man he stands financially ruined by his enormous legal bill, certain to be hundreds of thousands of pounds.)

That this trial ever reached a court is a gravely worrying matter. Allegations of serious sexual assault must always be taken seriously and investigated fully, but what the trial revealed is that not a shred of evidence supported any of the charges in the case.

Scots law uniquely requires corroboration, and despite several of the alleged offences supposedly occurring in full public view in locations thronged with people, not a solitary witness observed any of them. The Crown’s only hope of securing a prosecution was therefore to rely on the enormously disturbing “Moorov doctrine”, a 90-year-old facet of Scots law whereby the prosecution collecting sufficient unproven innuendos together somehow magically transforms them into solid evidence.

In order to avail itself of this sorcery, the prosecution trawled three decades of Alex Salmond’s political life at both Westminster and Holyrood, interviewing close to 400 people, and managed to scrape up a derisory handful of allegations – all but one from a four-year period between 2010 and 2014, the exception being from 2008 – of such startling triviality that many observers found themselves unable to believe such things could ever be considered crimes.

(The nadir being the claim that Salmond had “pinged” a colleague’s curly hair in a lift, in the presence of at least one other person.)

Not all of the allegations made it as far as the court, with several – including some which had been the subject of prominent media coverage – being quietly dropped prior to or during the trial, presumably on the grounds of being too laughable.

But jurors were asked to believe that women Alex Salmond had known for many years, and who occupied senior roles in politics, were too terrified to object when he touched their leg in a car during a 30-second journey (despite there being a large fixed armrest between them which would have made such an act impossible without it being very obvious to the other people in the car).

They were also asked to accept that it amounted to criminal behaviour corroborating an attempted-rape charge to recount to an adult woman an anecdote about the sexual misadventures of a well-known Scottish political journalist from the Herald newspaper, even though the “victim” had by all accounts gleefully repeated the same story to her own colleagues the next day.

Jurors were also asked to believe that a string of women who’d had a powerful man sexually assault or attempt to rape them elected not to report this extremely serious matter to the police, but to get together with some senior SNP officials and store up the allegations for use in case Salmond ever attempted to return to politics.

And by a remarkable coincidence the allegations duly came to light in August 2018 – shortly after he’d signalled that intent, in May of the same year:

It wasn’t until Alex Salmond successfully sued the Scottish Government over Leslie Evans’ shambolic inquiry that the police were informed of the claims and became involved, which cynical readers might interpret as less a cry for justice than an attempt to deflect attention from the collapse of the inquiry and its crooked nature.

Remarkably, despite Alex Salmond having been a politician for over 20 years and First Minister for more than seven, there wasn’t a single allegation from all his time at Westminster. There wasn’t one allegation from a member of the public, nor from any of the many female journalists who’d interviewed him alone in hotel rooms and the like.

Every single accuser came from a very small circle within the SNP, or civil servants very closely connected to that circle – a circle at whose centre sit Nicola Sturgeon and Leslie Evans. We must note that no evidence directly links the First Minister to the events of the case, just as no German government document from 1939 to 1945 exists which explicitly connects Adolf Hitler to the Holocaust.

Readers may or may not draw their own conclusion from those facts.

The Scottish media, it probably goes without saying, covered itself in disgrace during the trial. Reports from the courtroom were extraordinarily selective, and always selective in favour of the same side. This site was fortunate in having sources very close to the case to relate what had really happened and what the media had left out.

(Again I can confirm from my own personal experience during the Kezia Dugdale case that this is a modus operandi for the Scottish press rather than a coincidence.)

Observers suspected of harbouring sympathies for the defence side rather than the prosecution side were simply excluded from the court for most of the proceedings. Fortunately the jury heard what the Scottish public were not told.

This included details of the most unfathomable and worrying occurrence of the trial – the evidence of a celebrity present at a Bute House dinner on the evening of the most serious charge, the attempted rape of Woman H.

The media reported that the celebrity remembered Woman H being at the dinner, based on video of a police interview with him during the investigation.

The reality was that his recollection was far more vague and equivocal (and also contradicted Woman H’s evidence in several ways), but he was not called as a witness to be cross-examined by the defence. This site finds it quite extraordinary that such a piece of potentially key evidence should be ruled admissible without the possibility of scrutiny, and is yet to hear any explanation of why that would be the case.

The fact that the celebrity is in isolation over the coronavirus would not prevent evidence by video link, for example. But if such an arrangement is not possible then it seems wildly improper that the evidence would be allowed to stand, particularly given that a witness who said Woman H was NOT at the dinner – flatly contradicting the celebrity’s supposed account – WAS robustly and extensively cross-examined and had her evidence challenged.

We could spend several thousand words going over the holes in each of the individual charges, and the facts revealed about them in court which were never conveyed to the public by a media more intent on keeping up a constant stream of shock-horror headlines covered by the tiny figleaf of quotemarks.

There are additional deeply concerning facts about the case which even now we’re not certain we’re at liberty to reveal. We’ll tell you whatever we can establish we’re legally able to. Either way more details are likely to emerge in the coming days, weeks and months, though perhaps the coronavirus crisis will serve as a grim distraction to spare some blushes.

But let there be no mistake – while justice was done in the end, the events surrounding the trial of Alex Salmond are murky and dirty and suspicious in the extreme, from the highest levels all the way down, and it will be the gravest injustice imaginable if nobody pays a price for them. Only time will tell if that’s the case.

What we know for sure is that Alex Salmond walks away from the court a free man without a stain on his character, found innocent of even the least of the accusations against him. What he chooses to do next with that freedom is something this site will watch with very keen interest.

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946 to “An innocent man”

  1. callmedave says:

    Excellent news! 🙂

  2. Allium says:

    Thank goodness for that, I’m so pleased.

  3. Vestas says:

    Sturgeon is a treacherous self-serving venal cunt.

    She has to go, as does her husband and the fat banker.

  4. Den Cairns says:

    Innocent until proven innocent but I think Ecks problem was/is he’s a naturally touchy-feely type of chap. Anyhoo, great news.

  5. callmedave says:

    Jings! Sarah Smith chewing a wasp on BBC Auntie live news.

    She says “He will always be remembered for this trial in spite of all he has done” FGS!

    Mr Salmon. Spoke well outside the court. 🙂

  6. Ruglonian says:

    Awesome – I’m so chuffed for him, but despair at this ever coming to court!!

    It’ll be interesting to see what the next developments are!

  7. defo says:

    Did you do a ‘guilty’ version too Stu?
    Evans should be the first to answer for her crimes

  8. SilverDarling says:

    Feeling quite emotional. Could only hope and thank goodness, sense has prevailed.

    What a bunch of absolute c*nts that coven have been seen to be. Roll on the exposing of them all.

  9. Mark Fletcher says:

    I couldn’t be more pleased. I hope heads roll and that AS comes back with a vengeance.

  10. dramfineday says:

    Very good Stuart and I’ll be interested to see what happens anent Craig Murray. Interesting times as they say.

  11. manandboy says:

    Could not be more thrilled for Alex.

  12. Alan Mackintosh says:

    Absolutely fantastic news, this must have been an unfathomable strain and the fact that this was done to him by those known to him as part of his staff is disgraceful. There must be a reckoning both with these liars and also with the wider network in which they operate. Time to clean house.

  13. Helen Yates says:

    I am over the moon for Alex but unbelievably angry that he had to endure what must have a torturous time for him and his family, I know it’s early days but by god I pray everyone complicit in this stitch up receives their due punishment and nothing could top that more than to see the real leader of Scotland back where he belongs.

  14. Morgatron says:

    Best news I’ve heard since the possibility of the wings party. I am so pleased for the big man. Though , it does leave the question who the fuck was driving this? Thanks Stu and Craig for your continuing support to the cause and justice .

  15. admiral says:

    callmedave says:
    23 March, 2020 at 3:16 pm
    Jings! Sarah Smith chewing a wasp on BBC Auntie live news.

    That hateful woman couldn’t help herself, could she?

    I switched over after a few seconds of the drivel she was spewing out.

  16. JGedd says:

    The only verdict possible. Time for a Scottish version of J’Accuse perhaps?

  17. Ian Brotherhood says:

    Well done Rev. Must’ve been hard, biting your tongue all this time. You and Craig Murray and Grousey and a stack of others deserve huge credit for being real friends to the man.

    A truly memorable day.

    Hoots and hoots again!!!


  18. Frank Gillougley says:

    Brilliant. Just wonderful.

  19. Mike d says:

    Mike d. Excellent news, get back into politics Alex Scotland needs you now more than ever.

  20. Joan Edington says:

    I often wondered why Leslie Evans wasn’t sacked, but it didn’t necessarily mean that Nicola Sturgeon approved of her actions. The media always says that she, personally, chose Evans for the role. What they rarely mention is that, I believe, she was chosen by the FM from a short-list provided by the UK Civil Service. Maybe it was a case of keeping the one she knew rather than having worse foisted on her.

  21. Robert Roddick says:

    Disappointed at you having a dig at Nicola, Rev. I would have thought that you would have understood it to be inappropriate for Nicola to comment on a live court case. We don’t know what her private thoughts are on the matter.

  22. liz says:

    I am so pleased.I was nervous today so I can’t imagine how he and his family felt.

    There should be some immediate resignations or sackings.
    Of the ones we’re allowed to mention Ian McCann of the NEC needs booted out and now.

    The arrogance of these people, they’ve been getting away with shite for ages, today it comes right back at them

  23. Itchybiscuit says:

    Hi Stu, thanks for the update.

    One of my long-time Unionist and Rangers supporting friends has already replied to me on FB saying it was a ‘Not Proven verdict which is like saying he’s guilty as sin but we just can’t prove it’.

    He’s an otherwise intelligent bloke. :o(

  24. Andrew Morton says:

    I had a couple of interesting discussions over this case before it came to court. The first was with a former trade unionist who informed me that he had asked a senior SNP MP what was going on, “It’s nonsense” said the MP, “Alex is a bit of a lech but that’s all”.

    The other one was with an SNP councillor who knows Salmond well. “Alex is a shagger, not a rapist” was his take, “these allegations are rubbish”.

    Now I can’t comment as to the content or validity of these statements, and I have kept quiet about them until now for obvious reasons.

    I shall not reveal the names of these individuals so don’t bother asking.

  25. Tannadice Boy says:

    I thought he was very statesman-like
    outside the court. I was interested in the evidence that will see the light of day. A return to mainstream politics surely.

  26. ScottieDog says:

    Some very welcome news in dark times. Change will have to come and it’s high time.

  27. Anne Gorman says:

    I am delighted that justice has been done, finally. I think it is telling that most of the jurors were women, who might have entered the jury room with a sceptical mind. For women to clear him of all charges tells me everything I need to know. These women should now be answerable for what they’ve done!

  28. Sharny Dubs says:

    Why to go Alex, congrats, thank god common sense has prevailed.

    Now what do we do with the nest of vipers?

    Whatever you decide you have my full support.

    You and young Campbell too! Smiley face!

    Great day!!

  29. thingy says:

    Sturgeon and her coven are now on notice.

    Get yer litigious breeks on, Alex.

  30. maureen says:

    This is good news! Glad to hear Alex Salmond has been vindicated.

  31. Masslass says:

    I’m So happy for Alex. I met him once in Stornoway in Lewis 2009 Homecoming year. I couldn’t be happier today hearing this news. Take care Alex

  32. Harry mcaye says:

    Great news. I’m guessing we all know who the celeb is? His Twitter confirms that he is indeed in self-isolation. Used to be I wouldn’t hear a bad word said against Sturgeon. Not any more. She has to go. She’s also not going to be forgiven for not locking down Scotland by now.

  33. beflox says:

    sad to watch this site and the comments of it’s readers sink further and further into the gutter. The bubble has definitely burst…

  34. Malky says:

    Christ almighty! Who needs the likes of Gordon Brown and his co-conspirators or their ilk when we have garbage like this from our own camp:
    “We must note that no evidence directly links the First Minister to the events of the case, just as no German government document from 1939 to 1945 exists which explicitly connects Adolf Hitler to the Holocaust.” A new low.

  35. mumsyhugs says:

    I suspect some folks are going to have to break in to that pile of toilet rolls they’ve been hoarding! Gaun yersel’ Alex – let rip!

  36. Mike d says:

    Get these media scum sued big time Alex. They thought they had you stitched up.

  37. Kate says:

    This is without a doubt the best news I have heard or read since 2014. I did not doubt for one minute that Alex was being set up, he was only too aware that he was being scrutinised by every MSM in Scotland & beyond to ever give them a free run at him.. He has always been a man of morals and decency in my opinion. And now he had been vindicated, I hope that he starts his own INDEPENDENCE party, because we have been led down many MANDATES by the present party & especially it’s leadership. I want to see Alex back where he belongs, leading the charge once again to free Scotland of the BUFFOONS in WM..

  38. Vivian O'Blivion says:

    Gwan yersel.
    Time to route out the gang of careerist chancers pushing their toxic identity politics agenda.

  39. panda paws says:

    “What we know for sure is that Alex Salmond walks away from the court a free man without a stain on his character, found innocent of even the least of the accusations against him.”

    and yet some online ARE attempting to stain his character – “mud sticks” “only got off because of corroboration rules” and of course this quote from a Severin/Libby piece in the Guardian –

    “The not proven verdict on sexual assault with attempt to rape stops short of a finding of not guilty but leaves the accused innocent in the eyes of the law.”

  40. MaggieC says:

    This is wonderful news for Alex and all his family especially his wife Moira and I send my love and very best wishes to all of them .

    Stuart , A very big thank you to you and all the folk in Scotland who have believed in Alex’s innocence all along. .

  41. Shug says:

    Great news
    Even better listening to smith trying to make it a “no smoke without fire” he had an affair
    Ha ha
    BBC a total disgrace
    Police Scotland what were you doing???? Sleeping
    I have every faith in pc plod but the officers in charge of the investigation should be investigated – over the last 30 years
    Ha ha unionists choke on it

  42. bookie from hell says:

    jing’s was nicola a witness

  43. Jan Cowan says:

    WONDERFUL! So there actually IS light at the end of the tunnel. WHAT A RELIEF!

  44. A C Bruce says:

    Very pleased to hear this. It would have been a complete injustice to find A S guilty on the weakness of those wholly uncorroborated allegations. The whole thing stinks to high heaven.

    Interested to see if A S goes after some, hopefully all, his accusers in the Civil Courts. More of the murky details would see the light of day in that event. Looking forward to what transpires.

  45. Marie Clark says:

    I’m so pleased, this was the correct verdict in my opinion. Reading Craig Murray and Philip Sim’s tweets from the court, I was a bit gobsmacked that some of the charges had made it into court.

    Anyway sources close to Mr Salmond (whover they might be) have said that he is considering a political comeback. I hope he does.

    There must be a few folks in the SNP who will not rest easy in their beds now. They should all be made to pay for this.

    I really feel for Alex Salmond and his wife Moira, what an ordeal to put any through for the sake of political shenanigans. Shameful.

  46. Mike d says:

    It’ll be all coronavirus this and that from the usual suspects over the next few days.nothing to see here move along

  47. Astonished says:

    Haven’t commented for a while. Nothing to comment on.

    This news is bloody brilliant. A ray of sunshine in a terrible time. As an SNP member of long standing heads MUST roll.

    And Leslie Evans must go. And soon.

    P.S. My very best wishes to Mr and Mrs Salmond.

  48. Breeks says:


    Fkg delighted.

  49. Robbo says:

    Clearly Stu by the speed at which you delivered this you either you had a lot of faith in both Alex or the Justice system or both. That said from a wider perspective I am pleased he has arrived the victor but equally he must consider himself rather stupid to be even in this position. It will be equally interesting to see how the BBC spin this to cast doubt on the verdict. Finally I must say I agree with the previous comment I don’t think Nicola had any other option but to roll with this. She would have been crucified by the media otherwise.

  50. Pete says:

    As someone who never liked AS (smug b…tard) I have to agree with the verdict.
    There was absolutely no credible evidence put forward by the prosecution.

  51. Mike d says:

    Beflox.why were you raging at the verdict?.

  52. stonefree says:

    I’m really happy AS has been cleared.
    As for defending Sturgeon, she orchestrated this from about 2015/16
    And the woman is still in a job to 2022 !!!

  53. Bevrijdingsdag says:

    Absolutely delighted!

  54. G H Graham says:

    If Scotland is to move on, despicable bureaucrats such as Sturgeon & Evans must surely be purged.

    To object to a former colleagues return is understandable given the competitive nature of politics but then to collude in order to have that person prosecuted for wicked crimes he never committed, reaches depths of evil I never imagined in our Scottish Government.

    Salmond leaves court with his honour intact but if he chooses to return to court to meet Sturgeon & Evans, his honour will remain.

    I assume both these woman are now busy conferring with each other & with legal experts in preparation of having the mud they threw come back at them in a fierce wind of deserved retribution.

    And there will be many willing to fund it.

    Count me in.

  55. lothianlad says:

    Vestas @3.10 I find it very difficult Not to agree with your assertions!

    For the sake of the Independence movement … Get Sturgeon out!!!

    Well done rev for your excellent posts as always!

  56. ahundredthidiot says:

    AS will always be the Saviour of Scotland in my home.

    Now, get out there and finish what you started, Eck!

  57. Republicofscotland says:

    “There are additional deeply concerning facts about the case which even now we’re not certain we’re at liberty to reveal. ”

    Excellent article Stu.

    Alex Salmond referred to those facts, and said they’d see the light of day at a later date.

    Now we know for sure, why Sturgeon et al wanted rid of Salmond, now begins a fight for the heart and soul of the SNP, and ultimately independence, Sturgeon and her nefarious acolytes must be toppled and removed from the SNP.

    Even now in victory Salmond showed his statesmanship by telling the gathered together press to look out for each other during these very difficult and trying times.

    Post Covid-19, we’ll await Salmonds return to the political fold, and the unseating of those who stand in the way of Scottish independence.

  58. James says:

    Great news in an Orwell Ian world

  59. Les Wilson says:

    Great news for a man who dedicated his life to Scotland. One thing is sure that many people, reporters and media buffs will now be shitting themselves, and I hope the do.

    Very happy for Alex and his family, they must have been through hell. I hope those who instigated this are exposed, no matter who they are, and made to pay a heavy price.

  60. jfngw says:

    I see some twitter accounts dismayed at the verdicts, they are basically hinting he is still guilty despite being cleared. Hope he sues them.

    Apparently you should not be able to challenge evidence in court if you are charged with a sexual assault, you are guilty by default.

  61. Doug Bryce says:

    Finally some much needed good news.
    Never trust the UK media.

  62. Gordon Keane says:

    It would seem one of the main bits of evidence in Salmond’s favor was the witnesses who said they the woman accusing of most serious allegation, was ever at said dinner.She wasn’t there at all, the time.
    That alone was more than enough to acquit.
    However, from what other ppl have been saying, while he is obviously pleased, he is also raging mad!
    It appears this has had more to do with political differences over things like the approach to Independence, and that will in the end come out into the open.
    I also can’t help but wonder, if /when we get a new political Party of Independence, it will have Alex Salmond in it?
    But guess that side of things is a bit too early to think about just now.
    Anyhow, I certainly welcomed this verdict.

  63. Breeks says:

    Let’s not forget that slimy bastard at the Herald and his evil and sick photo montage with wee Jamie Bulger. He’s another twisted shitebag who shouldn’t have a job by close of play today.

  64. Andrew Morton says:

    Well, I think we have the man to head up the new Wings party.

  65. Old Pete says:

    Best news ever.

  66. ahundredthidiot says:

    This piece must’ve been burning a hole in the Revs pocket!

  67. twathater says:

    Vestas , Hear , hear ,I honestly feel that NS should either step down as FM or be removed by the membership , as her involvement and collusion with Evans is glaring in the extreme

    Not only in the first instance costing the Scottish Public over £600,000 in a dismal court case which was publicly commented on and ridiculed by the judiciary

    Now how much has been spent and WASTED on a deliberate and scurrilous attempt to SMEAR AND DESTROY the character , honesty and integrity of a man who is considered to be pivotal in our fight for independence and is more importantly considered to be a incorruptible threat to the union

    I sincerely hope that justice and karma has a plan for retribution on people who deliberately collude with others in character assassinations
    And I would hope that AS becomes exceedingly wealthy through suing individuals and organisations for their biased manipulative views and opinions

  68. Vestas says:

    lothianlad says:
    23 March, 2020 at 3:53 pm

    “Vestas @3.10 I find it very difficult Not to agree with your assertions!

    For the sake of the Independence movement … Get Sturgeon out!!!

    Well done rev for your excellent posts as always!”

    I don’t use language like that lightly.

    As is the case with some of you I’m aware of information which isn’t (yet) in the public domain – and amy never be unless someone publishes it in an offshore jurisdiction.

    All I can say to the Sturgeon supporters is :

    “Try not to be a fucking idiot all of your lives eh?”

  69. Margaret Wilson says:

    I’ve been waiting all morning for news hoping for the best. Thank goodness he has been found innocent. Apart from Alex I feel tremendous sympathy for his wife, that she has been put through this ordeal is just awful and has probably impacted on both of their health.

    My greatest wish now would be for him to return to politics and wipe the floor with them all.

    Keep us informed, as far as you can. I hope he sues the living daylights out of them, especially Neil Mackay and the Herald.

  70. ScottieDog says:

    Whilst NS can run a devolved govt AS can free a nation

  71. beflox says:

    @ Mike d I’m not.

  72. winifred mccartney says:

    Thank heaven it is over and AS is proved innocent. It has been a terrible time for him and harrowing for his family.

    What a statesman though outside the court more concerned about Coronavirus and people staying safe. Hope he has great rest and celebration.

  73. Sunniva says:

    Hugely relieved and absolutely delighted justice has been done. In all the gloom of the coronavirus this a bright bit of light. Hugely relieved for Alex the courts and the jurors that they can all go home and stay safe. Hope nobody contracted anything over this whole farcical process.

  74. Doug says:

    English/British nationalist media desperately disappointed Alex Salmond is acquitted. All the MSM smears didn’t work. Now the English/British nationalist media are desperately trying [for the millionth time] to say the SNP is doomed. Aye, right.

    The SNP will soon be free again to vigorously pursue independence.

  75. Alistair says:

    My thoughts and prayers are with the UK media at this sad time.

  76. Bob Costello says:

    Time for clear out of the dishonest weirdos in the SNP from the top downward

  77. Jason Smoothpiece says:

    Huge relief to all Scottish patriots. There was a bit of a smell from the case from the beginning.

    An independent enquiry is now required before we start attacking people. When the enquiry reports we must take action against any individuals or group of individuals who have been found to be guilty of any conspiracy.

    Only when we have cleared out the rubbish may we seriously move forward to independence with Mr Salmond playing a leading roll.

    Time to name names.

  78. Roland Smith says:

    Excellent news, just the person to head up a WINGS list party in 2021.

  79. JGedd says:

    This whole affair has been a disgrace. At the heart of this there must be considerable malice, not just political jealousy. Any illusion that we lived in a decent wee democracy has been blown out of the water.

    To say that I am disappointed is putting it mildly. Anyone who doesn’t address the profound implications about what happened in bringing this case to court is being obtuse. A bomb has just gone off in the governing party. To pretend that this is all just about one man is being naive.

  80. Elmac says:

    Thank goodness for a jury and a trial judge who were prepared to reach a verdict based on evidence rather than the lies and smears of the unionist press. I hope this decision sparks the following actions:

    – The identities of all the accusers are immediately made public.

    – Charges of perjury are brought against the accusers where possible.

    – A formal enquiry is commenced into why this case was allowed to come to court. Who sanctioned it and why?

    – Those of the accusers in public office or employed by the SNP should be sacked immediately and their pension rights reviewed.

    – AS should personally sue every one of the accusers for as much as he can.

    – AS should also consider whether he can sue sections of the media for their lies and biased and misleading coverage of events.

    – Sturgeon and her cabal should resign and elections for a new leadership team held urgently. AS to be allowed to stand as a candidate for leader of the SNP if he so wishes.

    We need AS as soon as he can recover his strength.

  81. Sandy says:

    There appears to be some on this site who just let their bellies rumble, already throwing accusations around without the slightest bit of evidence.Thank god they’re not in politics or if they are, should be drummed out immediately.
    My own assertion to the not permissible evidence being allowed is that the media/press were involved. Hence the removal of certain journalists from proceedings & initially the selection of few.
    Fan & excreta to be expected?

  82. kapelmeister says:

    Ding Dong the wicked stitch (up) is dead!

  83. Breeks says:

    Rejoicing reading this too…

    This is a GOOD day for Scotland!!! YAAASSSSS!

  84. Alice Timmons says:

    Now if Wings and AS were to get their heads together and found a new pro Indy party, I’d have a political home worth giving my money to.

  85. Doug says:

    Good. Clear out those who have been feart to fight for Scotland’s independence.

  86. gus1940 says:

    Now that character assassination has failed he had better watch his back for when they try the real thing.

  87. bittie45 says:

    BRILLIANT news!

  88. K1 says:

    Like us all I’m absolutely delighted at the verdict, should never have come to court.

    But I will wait till Alex tells us what really happened before I make any judgements wrt to Nicola Sturgeon.

    Divide and rule is so fucking old, don’t fall for it.

    Leslie Evans is UK gov, Westminster, so girfuy hyfud.

  89. Bradford Millar says:

    totally vindicated Miss Evans and the civil service needs to be fully investigated in all of this The Scottish civil Service had it in for him as London still saw him as a real danger to the union … totally orchestrated from London

  90. Bradford Millar says:

    @K1 well said buddy this is what London wants and you are falling into the trap

  91. Dorothy Devine says:

    Well how wonderful is that!

    I think we have the leader of the new independence party of Wings over Scotland , ably reported by the Rev , Craig and Grouse!

    What a team.

    I am so pleased for Alex Salmond . I have been worried by his wee exhausted face throughout this ridiculous affair.

    I am surprised the lady judge did not query the legitimacy of the whole prosecution procedure – maybe she did and we will never know.

  92. Tom Kane says:

    I am so very delighted.

    Alex is a free man. His reputation has been restored. Repeat. Restored. No-one has a right to besmirch his reputation with these accusations.

    Am looking forward to seeing reparations being made by pundits and by media outlets… and Alex back at work.

    Nice to see you back too Stu…

    Just hope bridges can be built quickly, because independence is at issue here, moreso the egos.

  93. jfngw says:

    The evidence in this case was more ‘Never Mind The Quality Feel The Width’, with many trivial events raised to serious accusations.

  94. Frazerio says:

    Another aspect to this that shouldn’t be overlooked. The anonymous accusers using what the jury deemed to be false rape & sexual assault claims for political purposes is sickening. Obviously making it harder for genuine victims and accusers to get justice in future. About as low as it gets on many levels. Disgusting.

  95. Republicofscotland says:

    Not a peep of congrats from Sturgeon to Salmond on her twitter. Sats a lot I think.

  96. Corrado Mella says:

    OK, now for Eck to take charge of the Independence movement and take us out of the BritNazi eugenics cesspit in a few months.

    Leave Nicola to chew wasps and take care of the “day job” she’s so fond of.

    For her cohort of woke fanatics: now is not the time.


  97. Vestas says:

    Breeks says:
    23 March, 2020 at 4:23 pm

    “Rejoicing reading this too…

    This is a GOOD day for Scotland!!! YAAASSSSS!”

    From the tweet :

    “I am sure the complaints manager and CEO would welcome an independent review….”

    Oh that’s GOT to hurt…. 🙂

  98. Vestas says:

    ” Bradford Millar says:
    23 March, 2020 at 4:34 pm

    totally vindicated Miss Evans and the civil service needs to be fully investigated in all of this The Scottish civil Service had it in for him as London still saw him as a real danger to the union … totally orchestrated from London”

    Try not to be a complete moron for all of your life.

    NOBODY but the Sturgeon loyalists are buying that for a second. Not even SNP MPs believe it!

  99. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “Did you do a ‘guilty’ version too Stu?”

    No, I did not.

  100. Auld Rock says:

    So much for the flotsam and jetsam or put another way the mugs who would face the consequences if the wheels came off this sordid ploy. So who are these mugs who accepted the tempters shilling, in court, they were hidden away behind screens but it won’t be long before their identity is known, for let’s be grateful for the internet for there will be people beyond the reach of Scottish Courts who will tell us all, despite Covid-19?

    Oh, it’s going to be a wondrous sight the day The Shit Hits the Fan. As for Sarah Smith and all her yoon journalists and broadcaster mates they should go now, they lost credibility years ago this is just the final confirmation.

    A way back at the outset I said that Alex’s false accusations had the nasty smell of the trumped-up charges against him like those against Charles Stewart Parnell in 1890/91. A plot masterminded by the ‘London Anti Irish Establishment’ who were indeed the murky sludge at the bottom of the Westminster sewage barrel then and now.

  101. Cher says:

    Absolutely fantastic news.

  102. Weewhiterose says:

    Pity you felt it necessary to draw a comparison between Nicola Sturgeon and and the Nazi regime. I’m well aware of your thoughts about her but that was a step too far.

  103. Capella says:

    Brilliant news! I always believed Alex was innocent and that this was a stitch up. But there was still a niggling doubt whether a jury would find him not guilty. Common sense has prevailed.

    Well done Alex and his legal team. I look forward to the conspirators being sued for defamation. He said at the door of the court that he would wait until the present crisis was manageable. How typically statesmanlike.

    Revenge is a dish best eaten cold.

  104. Heaver says:

    Thomas Ross QC on John Beatty just now says jury reached the wrong verdict: so many accusations means he MUST be guilty.

    I bet he’s a Rangers supporter.

  105. Mist001 says:

    Brilliant, BRILLIANT news!! Congratulations to ra Fish!

  106. Art1001 says:

    Get Sturgeon ou!!!

    Recall our MPs back from Westshit immediately – use Corona as an excuse if you have to. They have proven to be useless. I reckon half of them are closet Yoons. The one that wanted to be Speaker for sure. We need a total clear out.

  107. TheItalianJob says:

    Good to see you back with a great post Stu.

    Like many delighted that the verdict was in AS favour as I couldn’t believe the many charges that were brought.

    Anyway we know the reasons why.

    Good to see Joanne Cherry’s statement posted up thread by Breeks.

    We live in interesting times and we will have to see how all this will develop post Coronavirus.

  108. Jock McDonnell says:

    So pleased.

    Now he waits, the conspirators start sweating, revenge will be served cold.

  109. JGedd says:

    The Moorov doctrine is very dubious indeed. It would seem to invite collusion between witnesses.

    However, for the prosecution, it can be a double-edged sword as might have happened in the case here. I recounted on a previous thread, a court case observed by the journalist, Murray Ritchie, some twenty five years ago, in which blatant collusion in the evidence given by six members of the constabulary was so ridiculously obvious, that the jury punished the prosecution by finding the accused not guilty, to the immense chagrin of the learned gentleman on the bench.

    It was what was going on during the AS trial at the time which prompted the memory of that article. The writer’s summation on that day in court, was that the jury had a better idea of the true nature of justice than had the Crown prosecution.

  110. It is totally beyond me how this case, which was simply a series of allegations without any corroboration whatsoever could end up in the High Court of Scotland. Questions will be asked of some politicians but even more questions need to be asked of senior civil servants within the Scottish Government and also our Procurator Fiscal Service. The feet of Lesley Evans should not touch the ground before she lands on the pavement outside New St Andrews House. The civil servant who dealt with the Scottish Government Complaints Procedure should follow closely behind, because in my opinion that is where the root of all of this lay in the first instance. The Procurator Fiscal however also needs to be called to account and inform us how this ever got to the High Court.

  111. 25 APR 2019
    `The Daily Record’s David Clegg, centre, picks up his Political Journalist of the Year gong,

    The Record also won Scoop of the Year after Political Editor David Clegg’s sensational revelations about allegations made against former First Minister Alex Salmond secured the award sponsored by the Scottish Newspaper Society.`

    there is far to much collusion between politicians ,journalists and the judiciary in Scotland,

    politicians need to be seen to keep journalists at arms length,

    political journalism in Scotland is a corrupt abomination.

  112. Angry Weegie says:

    In all the blame allocating, don’t let’s forget Peter Murrell. Ian McCann works for him.

  113. kapelmeister says:

    Nicola Sturgeon

    1. Implicated in the stitch-up of the previous FM.

    2. Pulled all her punches on Brexit/indyref.

    3. Allowed the GRA fiasco to cause havoc.

    Three strikes and you’re out in baseball. In politics too.

  114. ahundredthidiot says:

    The Scottish Media is an Enemy of the State. (deliberately singular)

    It’s a good job we’re a nice, tolerant bunch.

    When we win, we can just sack the lot. Every one of them should be accountable for their tractory.

  115. Maldwyn says:

    Is Alex Salmond still a member of the SNP?

  116. cynicalHighlander says:

    Excellent news and a full independent investigation into how this ever got anywhere near a trial in the first place needs to happen sooner rather than later.

    Meanwhile 154 new cases and 54 new deaths from Corona virus today in the UK so far

  117. mogabee says:

    Absolutely delighted with the result. I cannot wait to get these seriously bad apples oot the party and never to be seen again.

    Await the dirty smells to ooze into the fresh air…

    Felt your anger Stu with this piece and echo it.

  118. gordoz says:

    Well ? If you are so assured & robust in your accusations that you want guaranteed anonymity (?) then hell slap it into you if you are deemed a liar at the end of this.

    Bravery my arse. This was no ‘Me Too’ moment. This never was; as the Great British media of Scotland asserted, a Wienstein moment.

    It was a series of fantasist fabrications / possibly politically motivated, but thankfully ‘found out’ by jury of peers.

    Lets assign this pish to history !!

  119. Craig Murray says:

    I thought nothing could make me happier today, but seeing Sarah Smith’s hate and frustration as she delivered her report explaining that innocent means guilty, had me rolling on the floor in laughter.
    Could be the champagne…

  120. Dorothy Devine says:

    I too would like to ask the Procurator Fiscal why this ever came to court , but I am kinda hoping the lady judge has already asked.

  121. Confused says:

    not all sport has been cancelled due to chronic-virus : this just in

    LEXO 13

    the desire to stitch-up an “enemy of the people (establishment)”
    the embarrassingly thin nature of the evidence making the law itself look bad

    – and the latter wins, but only because of a jury, of ordinary people, non-experts.

    I hope he denies the impulse to “be the better man” and goes all-in, for the jugular, vindictively good-style.

    Destroy careers. Run the rats out the party. Sue for damages.

    – even perjury – and not even a simple bit of lying, this, but collusion, a plot.

    Do court-room liars get their anonymity maintained? Note that we all know who woman H is and can guess a few of the rest.

    The media, they just can’t let it go – rather than take the beating, the first thing they do is get the women from the rape crisis charity on to tell us all how woman will be afeart of coming forward – as if this has anything to do with the case.

  122. A C Bruce says:

    Craig Murray @ 5.24pm

    Tee hee!

  123. Lewis Moonie says:

    I’m very pleased to see that my old opponent (never enemy) at Westminster has been cleared of all charges. In over thirty years of knowing him I’ve never heard anyone suggest that Alex might be guilty of any such offence. It is hard to see this as anything other than an organised attempt to ruin his career.
    Cui bono?

  124. Bob Mack says:


    Clearly you knew more than we did about this sordid affair. I assume that has fuEled your anger with the SNP, along with their dragging their heels over Indy 2.

    You have put up with much, but like Alex you are clearly exonerated by events.

    You remain one of the most insightful political pundits I have ever read. THANKS A MILLION

  125. jockmcx says:

    Elton recently lost his voice…you can bet Alex has’nt!

  126. Sharny Dubs says:

    Hay folks in all the stomash let’s not forget some real hero’s here,

    The jury, who despite all the pressure, the in’s and out’s, the MSM bull, etc they came to a measured and rational verdict.

    Well done, you represented the people of Scotland and one and all were not found lacking.

    The people have spoken through you.

    Thank you.

  127. Simon Curran says:

    Very pleased. I have always admired Alex Salmond and had hoped he was not guilty of the very serious charges that were brought against him. At the same time however we need to recognise that even people we admire can have feet of clay and sadly I could name several people I looked up to who have been found to have abused women. As Gordon Jackson said though something stinks about this case and I hope the source of that smell is uncovered, soon.

  128. Habiballah Steele says:

    Alex Salmond is needed as leader of the SNP.

  129. Sandy says:

    Does the WM establishment intend putting a 100 year ‘D’ notice on the Alex Salmond proceedings?

  130. Jimbo says:

    Thanks Stu. I’ve just read many things I was unaware of thanks to the inadequacies of the sensationalising, shit stirring, manky minded Brit media.
    Meantime, I’m pleased the verdict went his way.

  131. Proud Cybernat says:

    Brilliant news!! Think I’ll take myself oot to the pub th’night for a wee celebr…


  132. Angry Weegie says:

    @Dorothy Devine
    Maybe you shouldn’t expect too much from the lady judge who allowed the prosecution to lead with “evidence” from the celebrity when the defence could not cross-examine. Weird?

  133. Arthur Thomson says:

    No-one is more delighted than I am that Alex no longer has this over his head. My wee contribution to his original crowdfund was a good investment, most importantly as a message of support to him.

    Statements about Nicola Sturgeon? What are the true motives of those making them? Who in the SNP are working undercover for the Brits? Who were the brains behind it who are Brit moles?

    Not really that important unless we are daft enough to allow it to be important. Most important of all is that Alex is free to return to the fray. NOTHING any shitbag Brits try will ever deflect me from the pursuit of my country’s independence. And that applies to all like me. I will leave it to Johanna and others to sort out the detail. I will also leave it to the trolls who leave their shit on here to play with their faeces while corona is putting all other issues on the back burner.

  134. Al-Stuart says:




    There is a God in Heaven,

    Alex Salmond, you promised all of us that oft quotes line…


    Thank goodness.

    My faith in humanity and the judicial system has been restored.

    BBC having difficulty reporting this as it sticks in their Unionist craw…

    Alex, I can now look forward to going through the 12 weeks of self-isolation with some HOPE as I know Covid19 will go.

    Same fate awaits that lost wee lassie fae Dreghorn.

    Either she goes with some dignity, or a new Indy Party MUST BE LAUNCHED.

  135. callmedave says:

    Beattie shortbread programme discusses reprecussions for the SNP.

    Auntie with a kilt still not amused: eg:
    Although found innocent still some questions remain about his conduct if rejoining the party. 🙁 and

    He is not going away quietly. Expect some casualties. 🙂

  136. Lochside says:

    John Beattie ‘Drivetime’ interview with Thomas Ross past President of Scottish Bar had the unbelievable contribution by this ‘Q.C.’
    ‘Extraordinary verdict, ‘suprising’ verdict, why? ‘due to number of allegations’, so what? ‘the common approach (in Scottish Law’ is ‘the basis of chances 2/3/4 people’ accusing someone of of similar offences’… So as Craig Murray predicted the ‘Moorov approach’ i.e stitch up the accused with as many charges as possible so that the jury will think ‘no smoke without fire’.

    This eminent representative of the stinking body( with a few exceptions) known as the Scottish Legal establishment went on to contradict Beattie when he stated AS was not guilty. Ross acidly replied’he was not found innocent’ and based it on the one ‘not proven’ charge, I believe. But if you get found not guilty on 11 charges when are you not basically innocent?

    What about Perjury charges against this evil coterie which has been responsible for the failure of our movement to make any attempt at Sovereign attainment, while being caught up in the attempted public crucifixion of AS and the self immolation of GRA?

  137. The Man in the Jar says:

    I cant imagine Sturgeon taking the stage at conference after this. She would and should be booed off the stage.
    Congratulations to Alex it must have been an ordeal living with this.
    Onwards and upwards!

  138. Scott says:

    I have just see Sarah Smith and she looks as the saying goes “sick as a parrot” at this result.I can’t wait to see the full outcome of this fiasco.

  139. Socrates MacSporran says:

    I always had my doubts about this prosecution. These doubts became a conviction: this is a stitch-up, when I read Craig Murray’s ‘Yes Minister’ satire and put two and two together.

    Then, reading the Grouse beater reports, rather than the msm ones, I grew even-more certain this was an attempt to silence Eck.

    The real conviction point for me was the Craig Murray blog in which he reported on Eck asking the First Minister’s Office to sign him into Holyrood and being refused. I was absolutely certain then, this stitch-up led all the way abck to Nicola Sturgeon’s office.

    She may be a competent First Minister, but, she must now resign ASAP, her conduct has jeopardised the main battle – for Independence.

    It is just as well, for the SNP, that the Unionist opposition leaders are collectively and individually inept – or they would be in real bother.

    Time to muck out our own byre and get back to the main battle, for what Wee Eck has just been handed – FREEDOM.

  140. Rm says:

    Alex Salmond found not guilty, this could be the catalyst we’ve been waiting for if he’s willing and able.

  141. jockmcx says:



    The John Hopkins Center for Health Security … /COVID-19/


    Any reputable media that has no political agenda will also do.

    The Worldometer lets you track any country. As of this writing, here’s what you’ll see…

    We are entering the scariest part of this journey. Most of the west is somewhere along the very tricky inflection part of the exponential curve. Europe is farther along than North America.

    THIS is where the numbers really grow (in absolute numbers). So it’s where the media gets even louder. Hopefully, once you know this, you can avoid reading all the nonsense.

    No panic. If you have a strong cache of food and supplies, if you don’t go out unless absolutely necessary, you should be fine. Protect the vulnerable in your family (that may mean YOU – if so, don’t be shy to explain that to your loved ones).

    In most cases, it’s almost surely too late for containment to eradicate (as China has done – 3 days of zero new cases – China has had new cases, but they’re all from people visiting China for some reason). That does NOT mean that they should let herd immunity be the answer.

    IF all they do is close their country or state or city (meaning no one in or out), they turn their country into a killing field, that’s all. THEY must turn to the totally draconian and UNIFORM policy of China, across all of Europe and North America…

    AND put the Chinese program into place. We’re getting closer to that, as we see more states in the U.S. getting partway there, Italy trying (but blasted by a Chinese observer that they are still too soft).

    It’s going to be a long and hard battle, because all of the large western countries are much further along than China was when they locked down AND put the system into place.

    As a result, the worst countries will end up with some amount of herd immunity. But THAT is a very small consolation prize, especially since vaccines and antivirals are in the works.

    The bottom line is do what we know works, until Project V&V yields results and turns SARS-CoV-2 into just another virus for which we’ll need a vaccine, possibly annually with our flu shot.

    Be careful, folks. It’s dangerous out there. Your safety is in YOUR hands and no one else’s.

  142. Capella says:

    Peat Warrior has already posted that “not proven” is exactly the same as “not guilty”. It is a relic of the older Scottish verdicts of “proven” or “not proven”.
    Alex is not guilty on all charges.

  143. jfngw says:


    It is strange as the judge in the trial I was on described Not Guilty and Not Proven as effectively the same as a no proof of guilty verdict. There is no judgement called innocent, you would have thought a legal person would know this.

    What is clear is the establishment don’t want AS returning to main line politics, they know he is a different animal from NS and won’t accept ‘now is not the time’ nonsense.

    If you wanted to stimmie independence you would have a long game and have someone who is happy to be a regional manager at the top infiltrate the party.

  144. Mist001 says:

    Hate to say ‘Told you so’, but I told you so.

    Bye bye Mrs. Murrell, the worst thing ever to happen to the Scottish independence movement, and upwards and onwards to independence.

    With total lock down expected later this week, there won’t be much for people to do, but we’re still connected for the time being, so a few conference calls between Alex, Tommy Sheridan, Joanna Cherry, Craig Murray and The Rev wouldn’t go amiss.

    Create the dreamteam and let’s get independence back on track!

  145. Merkin Scot says:

    One of the best days for Scotland in the quest to be free of this toxic Union for a long time.
    Well, maybe not.
    The English Brexit vote should have been the best day….
    The English BoJo vote should have been the best day….
    That they weren’t shows just how Murrell and Sturgeon have been completely compromised – as well as a lot of other well kent names – I would think. Heads to roll.
    Still, Murray Foote and the rest of the Unionist journalists will have us disregard this verdict in favour of “Who Bit the Boaby?” stories.
    Ooooooops, Mr Foote works for Nicki’s cabal. Nuff said.

  146. Lochside says:

    jfngw says:

    I’ve always maintained that to have ‘guilty’ and ‘not guilty’ is logical, but to have ‘not proven’, but no equivalent opposite verdict of ‘proven’ verdict is idiocy for any legal system to sustain.

    ‘Proven’ and ‘guilty’ do not mean the same thing.

  147. Robbo says:

    To be clear I am an avid follower of yours but as anyone who regularly reads your blogs knows there has been a marked shift in your attitude to NS and I can understand why but I am a great admirer of both AS and NS. They have both contributed so much to our ultimate cause of Indy but as someone who canvassed thro’ all of the past campaigns I can honestly say if AS had still been FM I am certain we would not be as close to Indy as we are today. Many many people in my locality did not vote YES as they did not like or trust AS especially amongst women.

  148. Astonished says:

    I have read elsewhere that Sarah Smith’s biased report on the acquittal of Mr Salmond is hilarious. She has a face like a skelped arse.

    Could someone please post it so I can judge for myself ?

    Pretty,pretty please ?

  149. admiral says:

    Lewis Moonie says:
    23 March, 2020 at 5:39 pm
    I’m very pleased to see that my old opponent (never enemy) at Westminster has been cleared of all charges. In over thirty years of knowing him I’ve never heard anyone suggest that Alex might be guilty of any such offence. It is hard to see this as anything other than an organised attempt to ruin his career.
    Cui bono?

    Thank you for coming here and posting that.

    Yes it’s such a strange state of affairs that a man in the public eye for 30+ years, and because of his politics I daresay more scrutinised than most, should all of a sudden be faced with these allegations, when there has never been a hint of such before.

  150. Socrates MacSporran says:

    Ever since I first heard his explanation, I have gone along with Donald Finlay QC’s views on the Not Proven verdict.

    The Donald pointed out, in every trial the Accused is: “Not Guilty until his or her guilt is proven.”

    Therefore, “Not Proven is, in law, a more logical verdict than Not Guilty – since that which was asked, to prove, or not prove the accused’s guilt, has been established.

    He/She is innocent, because their guilt was Not Proven.

  151. jfngw says:

    The woke brigade are livid, they see the removal of NS as the end of their power at the top of the SNP, the quicker this happens for the good of Scotland the better. Too many more interested in policies that do not have support in Scotland than an interest in independence, send them back to Labour or the Greens.

  152. Bill McLean says:

    Alex not guilty, the Rev back in action, GRA kicked into the long grass – what a day. I hope Mr Salmond gets back into politics, in some way, as soon as possible. We are the bus, Alex is the driver, is Nicola still the conductor? Not sure, but this is a great day for our Independence movement!

  153. Robert Louis says:

    Throughout all this evil, twisted sh*T, Mr Salmond, who in my eyes is a king among men, has acted reasonably, with grace and probity.

    Alex, congratulations. I look forward to you returning to front line politics, as much as the current First Minister does not. We are waiting, and ready.

    2021, ye up for it??

    Isn’t Nicola Sturgeon looking tired….

  154. John H. says:

    When you first hinted that something was wrong at the top of the SNP Stuart, I thought you had gone mad. Sadly you were right. A wee contribution coming your way from me.

    If Alex wants to stay in politics, but can’t regain control of the SNP, Then I hope he will lead a new independence party. I will gladly join that. I look forward to seeing independence soon.

  155. robertknight says:

    Reputation far from intact, errors of judgement certainly, but not the monster the prosecution, MSM and his accusers would have had the world believe.

    As for the SNP ‘leadership’… it’s time to take out the trash.

  156. jackie says:

    Nicola is a self serving wee Unionist bastard.

    She wants Devolution to run and run and fuckin run for ever.

    How about a Salmond/Cherry double act to lead us to Independence, once we clear the air of the shit virus.

    Nicola must have been hoping Alex would have been put away and that Angus Robertson would take care of Ms Cherry.

    But to her great disappoiment Salmond is free and Cherry is riding high within the Yes Movement.

  157. jfngw says:

    I assume the MSP who testified against Salmond and found by the jury that her evidence was uncompelling will now resign. How can you hold an elected office when the public find your evidence unreliable.

  158. susan says:

    Great news about Alec Salmond. The prosecution case was absolute shite. As evidenced by the GRA reform there is something undemocratic about the cabal surrounding NS.

  159. Well with Salmond innocent we might have a leader for the Rev’s ‘list party’. Let’s hope he can pass the Rev’s ‘transgender test’ to aspire to such a role

    The leader can’t be the Rev as he does not have a clue on how to conduct himself to win friends and influence people on the road to Scotland’s independence. He is a loose gun only useful if pointed in the right direction.

    The Rev is likely to ruin this victory by spending all his time trying to prove “it wos the SNP wot done it” when it was clearly an overly powerful civil servant and a cabal around her.

    The ‘blame game’ being run by the Rev is both unsupportable and aimed at causing division and dissension – something we Irish know too much about – how many times have the colonialists arranged for our Nations to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory in the past?

    It would be impossible for Sturgeon to stop a senior civil servant reporting someone to the police – to attempt to do so would have led to her own demise regardless of whether Salmond was innocent or not – either way her interference in such a situation would have been ruled a gross breach of governance.

    Speaking as a politician, if one of the senior managers in my Council decided to act in a similar way to Evans – I could not possibly stop it. To pretend that Sturgeon as executive powers that over-ride the legal system is simply tosh of the worst order

  160. dandydons1903 says:

    Nothing but a unionist witchhunt against Alex. Good to see justice being done.

  161. Richard Hunter says:

    Delighted about this. Justice done, absolutely.

  162. Tony O"neill says:

    I think a serious look at the establishments Crown office in this country is required, people with an agenda, and not the interest justice lurk inside. I give you Alex salmond, and Al megrahi as examples.

  163. jackie says:

    Yes,,,it could be the beginnings of a new Political Party in Scotland.

  164. meg merrilees says:

    Great News – we’ll soon see that blue bonnet back again.
    For now Alex have a well earned rest and stay well.

    So sorry Moira and You had to go through all of this.

    The dream will never die now!

  165. jfngw says:

    I see the trolls are out, those Britnats that hate Scotland and venerate serial adulator who is the PM. A man that can’t even remember how many children he has, a serial liar, financed a pole dancer, and smashed up places as a Bullingdon club member.

  166. jackie says:

    The Independence Party
    The Yes Party
    The …….. Party

    Exciting times ahead,,,once we overcome this virus.

    We don’t want anyone involved in the Yes Movement going anywhere soon,,,we will need all the help and support we can get ,,,, once we overcome this virus.

  167. JohnMcDonaldish says:

    If Nicola was behind the “plot” she is much more Niccolò Machiavelli than I ever imagined. Sorry, but I suddenly feel so much more hopeful about achieving independence.

  168. Mist001 says:

    Who better than The Rev to take control of media in a new independence party? He HAS to be a part of any new set up. It would be extremely foolhardy not to involve him.

  169. Scott says:

    What a relief.

    I never thought he was that type of person. How on earth did this manage to get to court?

    With all the problems in the world, some good news at last.

  170. TJenny says:

    Alex was always going to be found not guilty. The charges were all fluff and bile and no substance.

    So very happy for both Alex and Moira.

    There are a lot of ex Wingers who should be apologising to Stu.

    Stu – ‘The Secret Lemonade Drinker’. Time to set the crowwdfunder to malky.. 😉

  171. Ayeright says:

    Brilliant news that Alex Salmond has been found innocent of all charges.

    Sad news that so called Independence supporters are backing up the state media and now going after Nicola Sturgeon and doing the old “divide and conquer” for so many to fall for it.

    We will hear soon enough from both Salmond and Sturgeon, save your innuendo until we have facts.

  172. Ayeright says:

    We gave Alex Salmond the courtesy of believing in him being innocent until proven guilty. He was innocent.

    Who wants to throw the first stone against Sturgeon?

  173. PacMan says:

    John H. says: 23 March, 2020 at 6:37 pm

    If Alex wants to stay in politics, but can’t regain control of the SNP, Then I hope he will lead a new independence party. I will gladly join that. I look forward to seeing independence soon.

    IMHO, the only way to drive independence forward is for the grassroots to have a voice in the political process. That can only be done by having a new party.

    Having a plurality of political parties with the same overall goals but different ways of going about it happens in most democracies. However, it is fraught with risks and potentially splitting the vote that ultimately defeats the overall goals that these plurality of parties aim for.

    To make it less riskier, the new indy party needs experienced political heavy weights like Alex Salmond, Craig Murray and Tommy Sheridan who knows the political system inside out and knows how to get things moving. As well as knowing the system, they have enough experience to form strategy to ensure the can do the best with the limited resources that a new party would have. Above all, they are dedicated to the cause, know what is at stake and won’t let ego’s get in the way.

  174. Ian Foulds says:

    Pacman at 7.10pm


  175. jfngw says:

    Many don’t seem to know how courts work on twitter, they want to know the split in the vote. As far as I’m aware the judge doesn’t even ask for the split, just whether it was unanimous or majority, only the jury know the spilt and they are sworn to silence on this matter.

  176. Mr R6 Pilot says:

    Will the real first minister please stand up ……

  177. Dorothy Devine says:

    Did anyone see the piece by G.Cree on the trials outcome ? It was reiterating every accusation , re-living the damned trial if you like.

    STV should be ashamed of that report and for not allowing Mr Salmond – certainly should be Mr Salmond to that shower – to be heard.

  178. jackie says:

    Dorothy 7.30

    STV doing a full report on the case at 10.40pm tonight

    So we will see by their attitude tonight how disappointed or not they are on the outcome of the trial.

  179. John H. says:

    Pacman at 7.10pm

    Agreed, but we will have to see how events unfold.

  180. jackie says:

    BoJo speaking to the “country” at 8.30 tonight.

    Major announcement forth coming.

  181. Athanasius says:

    Great news. Maybe it’s time for Alex to rejoin the SNP and remind it what it was founded for. And that wasn’t trans activism.

  182. Dan says:

    Who had True Faith today wouldn’t be a Blue Monday?

    I used to think that this day might never come
    But hoped a fair hearing would see justice done
    Alex can now feel a sense of liberty
    As the jury decide he should be free

    Ha ha, let the New Order begin…

  183. Dorothy Devine says:

    Jackie , I can happily give that a miss , I only caught them by accident earlier and will never deliberately follow them.

  184. Tinto Chiel says:

    Delighted with the verdict and looking forward to the production of Alex Salmond’s evidence which was deemed inadmissable in court.

    @Lochside 5.48: yes, hoping Thomas Ross “Q.C.” has just talked himself into serious trouble with his shameful comments on Radio Shortbread. He seems dreadfully ignorant of the origin and meaning of the Not Proven verdict too.

    Sarah Smith and Gordon Cree still desperately trying to smear AS as they chew wasps tonight.

    Thanks to The Rev. and Craig Murray for opening folk’s eyes to what was really happening and Grouse Beater for his court reports when CM was silenced.

    Joanna Cherry’s tweet this afternoon was quite brilliant.

  185. Lothianlad says:

    Glad I kept my SNP membership so I can go to conference and boo sturgeon of the stage.!

    Sturgeon is a bacjstabber to Alex and Scotland. On the payroll of M15 and the brit nats most likely.

  186. John says:

    Lesley Evans and your Westminster plants , your time is up ! .

  187. auld highlander says:

    Best news this year.

  188. Clapper57 says:

    Really pleased about the news today on Alex Salmond Not Guilty outcome……as if , based on evidence that we saw reported, there could have been any other verdict.

    The independence movement owes him so much and I am glad many people have supported him throughout this awful experience.I hope this gave him some comfort and strength.

    Really sad and angry he has had to endure this awful thing hanging over him for so long.

    My thoughts and heart goes out to him and his wife.

    We can all empathise and sympathise as to how terrible this must have been for both of them.

    Such a giant of a man who some, it appears, have tried and failed to bring down.

    Truth will out….justice will be done. Today and in the future. Amen to that.

  189. Ayeright says:

    In order to win Independence, we need to “Boo Sturgeon off the stage” at conference.

    Oh FFS, give it up meh sides are killing me LOLOLOL

  190. jackie says:

    The downfall of Nicola Sturgeon began in my eyes the day she let Jackie Burd (spit) into her house to do a cosy wee interview.

    I couldn’t believe Nicola would let that bastard Burd anywhere near her house.

    Burd was the enemy and the so called leader of the Independence Movement had just invited her in for high tea.

    I am exagurating slightly, but you get the point I am trying to make, that Nicola’s heart has never truly been in the Indy fight.

  191. jfngw says:

    Obviously all the TV channels are in angst just now, they all have their ‘Fall of Alex Salmond’ documentaries in the can, now to go in the bin. Maybe they will still run them with all the allegations then leave a few secs at the end to declare he was found guilty on none of the accusations.

  192. Albaman says:

    Always had the feeling it was “murky “, very happy for Alex,
    A fair amount of you remarked on Sarah Smith’s attitude, aye that true, but the “reporter” who really wants to put the knife in, then AND now is David Clegg, of the Daily Record/ Dundee Courier, a nasty piece of work that fellow.

  193. Famous15 says:

    I agree with Tricia Marwick that both this and the last FM are good guys.

    Do not help the imperial divide and rule!

  194. jfngw says:


    What conference, it’s unlikely there will be any this year and they are already manoeuvring to extend her tenure for another year as FM.

  195. Famous15 says:

    Have just read Rhiannon Spear on twitter. Disgustingly she defies the rule of law. Sack her SNP.

  196. Patrick Roden says:

    @ Craig Murray:

    “I thought nothing could make me happier today”

    Hope you’re feeling better after the ‘dark night of the soul’ that you had.

    I wonder if this kangaroo court, was also the result of Alex Salmond being talked about as an editor of (I think it was the Scotsman) as some dutch guy wanted to buy it and make him editor?

    It is obvious that a few people wanted AS destroyed and perhaps there was some ‘corridor conversations’ between Westminster and Holyrood (SNP leadership branch) about ‘scratching each others backs, on this?

    If so, Nicola would find herself quickly being politically blackmailed as the Westminster machine has hundreds of years of experience in this field.

    The Coronovirus will keep Nicola and her lackeys, in a job for a short while longer, but in the long term, they are toast.

    It works out just fine, because it gives AS Rev etc, time to get their heads together to figure how best to move the Yes movement forward and how to get the ‘ball and chain’ that has been Nicola’s leadership, removed from our ankle’s.

  197. jfngw says:


    Yes, many in SNP seem unwilling to accept the ruling of the court and hence the rule of law, should these people be in any position of power and influence. Any in the SNP who reject the court verdict should have their membership rescinded.

  198. Ayeright says:

    If you can’t recognise the enemies and opponents of Independence right in front of your eyes then all is lost.

    They’re here right now spreading their poisonous seed. It is as plain as day. Make your own mind up of course, but know this the state does have a hand in spreading division in order to weaken support for Independence.

    Their most powerful weapon is to have us argue among ourselves!

    They post here of course, don’t fall for their crap, think about their motives for what they say first. Just don’t be fooled.

    Divided we fall! and that is the only thing that can stop Independence from happening. We stick together and especially now.

  199. Ayeright says:


    “what conference”

    Pay attention son, it was a quote from someone else.

  200. Ayeright says:

    Lothianlad says:
    23 March, 2020 at 7:54 pm

    Glad I kept my SNP membership so I can go to conference and boo sturgeon of the stage.!

  201. Tony Hay says:

    I’m afraid the outcome of the AS trial doesn’t fit with Ms Spears agenda.
    I’d suggest she fucks right off

  202. Albaman says:

    How some of you are so quick to implement Nicola Sturgeon, I don’t agree with those that do, this whole affair could easily turn out to be more involved than a plot in one of Alistair Maclean novels.
    Next? — The Lockerbie affair !.
    Bring them on I say.

  203. meg merrilees says:


    re how the vote was split by the jury

    I’m sure someone said to me yesterday that for him to be cleared of the charges there had to be a least a two thirds majority of the women on the jury.

    Remember thinking that was an odd requirement – can anyone clarify?

  204. Winifred McCartney says:

    It may well be that NS is as innocent as as and the date she gave to parliament is correct and some are to say the least misremembering. Do not let anyone divide usus that is a tactic certain people are experts in.

  205. Lothianlad says:

    That’s right, ayeright…. sturgeon to be booed of the stage at conference!! And hopefully right out of the SNP because only a fucking half wit would support this woke anti independence shower!!

    Get Alex back at the front to lead the charge that the SNP was founded for !!

  206. katherine hamilton says:

    Hi Rev,
    I’m sure you can contact Mr. and Mrs. Salmond. I don’t know how. Can you on behalf of all of us pass on our love and best wishes.
    This mince has been exposed.

  207. IZZIE says:

    Oh help ma boab. I’m just recovering from the #SNP Civil war now I find I’m split down the middle. Keep your eyes on the prize folks. If we weren’t succeeding they wouldn’t bother with us.

  208. Ayeright says:

    @meg merrilees

    A majority verdict was required so that meant an 8-7 verdict for either result.

    Once 2 jurors were excused, 8 were still required for a majority verdict despite there being only 13 jurors left.

    Anyway all that matters is he was tried and found not guilty by fellow Scots. I guess ones that actually might have takenb the political angle into account and realised that most of the so called “evidence” against him wasn’t worth much.

  209. jfngw says:

    @meg merrilees

    A majority verdict is eight in favour of guilty, this is just over half of the fifteen. I still think it has to be eight even when it is reduced to thirteen as in this case, probably need some one to confirm this.

  210. Al says:

    Relieved at the result.
    Now to take back control of the SNP!

    Also, spare a thought for Moira. It is hard to imagine what she must have been through.

  211. Ann says:

    So happy for Alex. Justice done, I just hope that he can recover from this.

  212. Bob Mack says:

    If you are defending Nicola, you are accepting that Lesley Evans changed the Civil Service code to allow retrospective charges without Nicola knowing. Yet it is a matter of record that Nicola approved them You are also believing that all the police interviews with the SNP members involved was unknown to Nicola

    Personally I suspect it is more to do with Nicolas other half as CEO of the SNP,, but I cannot accept Nicola did not know of these allegations,OR THE SUBSTANCE TO THEM/

  213. Ayeright says:


    “And hopefully right out of the SNP because only a fucking half wit would support this woke anti independence shower!!”

    Says another halfwit diddy 🙂

  214. jfngw says:


    When you call people son you are usually proving you are a bit of an arse. It is normal practice to put quotes in quotation marks and signal who you are replying to,

  215. Ayeright says:

    Boris is finished. Lockdown announced.

  216. Ayeright says:


    My original comment was in quotation marks, son 🙂

  217. Stoker says:

    Congratulations on your well-deserved accomplishment AS. I say accomplishment because being forced to prove your innocence in such a public manner, especially when your accusers get to hide behind a curtain, can hardly be classed as a “victory”. You should never have been put through that in the first place.

    My own personal thoughts, going on what i’ve been able to read, were that at worst they would see to it that you would walk away with a seriously black cloud following you in the form of “not proven” verdicts on most if not them all.

    It is indeed however a good & historical day for Scotland. Hope you now go after all the main players in all of this, Alex, and wipe the fuckin’ floor with them.

    Would now love to see some major developments in the formation of a list party involving Alex Salmond, Stuart Campbell & Craig Murray. OR if it’s possible a complete takeover of the SNP with certain allies on board and feed all the hijackers & Queen Enabler to the wolves.

    Evans’ head, and the heads of one or two other big names, should be put out on metaphorical stakes for all to see. Conspirators & collaborators!

  218. Ayeright says:

    There are an awful lot of arses posting on Wings these days.

  219. cynicalHighlander says:

    Ayeright being all wrong yet again what a clown.

  220. cirsium says:

    Great news about Alex Salmond – the Kompromat didn’t succeed.

    Welcome back, Rev. Your input has been missed.

  221. Well with Salmond innocent we might have a leader for the Rev’s ‘list party’. Let’s hope he can pass the Rev’s ‘transgender test’ to aspire to such a role

    The leader can’t be the Rev as he does not have a clue on how to conduct himself to win friends and influence people on the road to Scotland’s independence. He is a loose gun only useful if pointed in the right direction.

    The Rev is likely to ruin this victory by spending all his time trying to prove “it wos the SNP wot done it” when it was clearly an overly powerful civil servant and a cabal around her.

    The ‘blame game’ being run by the Rev is both unsupportable and aimed at causing division and dissension – something we Irish know too much about – how many times have the colonialists arranged for our Nations to snatch defeat from the jaws of a victory in the past through in-fighting?

    It would be impossible for Sturgeon to stop a senior civil servant reporting someone to the police – to attempt to do so would have led to her own demise regardless of whether Salmond was innocent or not – either way her interference in such a situation would have been ruled a gross breach of governance.

    Speaking as a politician, if one of the senior managers in my Council decided to concoct accusations and refer it to the police in a similar way to Evans – I could not possibly stop it. Investigations could follow – but one cannot intervene in a legal process controlled by the civil service and police.

    To pretend that Sturgeon as executive powers that over-ride the legal system is simply tosh of the worst order.

    Lets enjoy Salmond’s victory in full – without handing it over free gratis and for nothing to the 77th Brigade in Denison Barracks, Hermitage, Berkshire.

  222. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    The jury was originally 15.

    2 of them were despatched (on health grounds?) on Monday morning. But, in Scots Law, a majority of 8 was still required to find the accused guilty.

    The majority of the jury found the accused not guilty and not proven.

    A good result against what it would appear, were trumped up charges. A round of applause to Philip Sim (BBC) on Twitter, Craig Murray for his curtailed coverage of the trial (Why curtailed? Will we ever know?) and Rev Stu for the superb analysis above.

  223. Lothianlad says:

    Ayeright had his brain locked down along time ago it seems. no doubt a loyal sturgeon lackey…. month the devolutionists!!!

    Fark off!! ??????

  224. Ayeright says:

    Hahaha cynicalHighlander you lot really getting desperate, clutching at straws for any excuse to continue your assault on the First Minister.

    For what? Got any evidence of anything? We know you don’t just a load of moaning minnies that can’t help themselves.

    All that’s left for you lot is moan, groan and accuse others of not doing enough. Ever ask yourself what you have done?

    Get a grip, especially now and start being positive. You lot that continually demean the SNP and the First Minister are the very definitions of the cringe.

    TOO STUPID and that’s for sure. Get a grip.

  225. Christian Schmidt says:

    “Since the two most serious charges, in particular, were both matters of the accuser’s word against that of the accused, and the two parties gave completely irreconcilable accounts of the facts (rather than competing interpretations of agreed events), it can only be the case that one side was lying absolutely, and the jury decided that it was the anonymous accusers who were doing so.”

    No, that’s incorrect. In a criminal case the prosecution has to prove their case beyond reasonable doubt. So if, for example, the jury just wasn’t sure who told the truth, they would have to acquit.

  226. I have not posted here for quite a while – and I don’t recognise many of the names that I recall supported Wings in it’s heyday.

    There seem to be a lot of anonymous posters whose sole reason to be on the site is to defame or divide the Scottish Interdependence Movement

  227. robertknight says:

    Couldn’t bear to watch BawJaws go all Churchillian…”We shall go on to the end, blah blah blah”… What did I miss?

    I wonder if the UK Govt. endorsement for that cushy UN job will quietly disappear like snow off a dyke, now that the jury has thrown an almighty spanner in someone’s works.

  228. Patrick Roden says:

    is there still some people who seriously believe Nicola Sturgeon wasn’t at the very center of this stitch up?

    I know not everyone has the same level of comprehension or the same working intelligence, but surely no one is that naive?

    I can just about understand how the reprobate wing of the SNP are clinging on the delusion that Nicola is a great leader, because for them, She Is!!!

    but for anyone who wants independence, or even the opportunity to vote for it, she is as much use as a chocolate teapot.

    The charge that she wasn’t doing her day job has been proven to be correct, because for any leader of the SNP, getting our independence should always be their day job.

    Open you eyes!

  229. jfngw says:


    The man in the mirror.

  230. meg merrilees says:

    re the comments on how the majority of the jury was calculated, thank you, but –

    my point still remains unanswered – the comment I heard was that there had to be specifically a majority of the women on the jury finding him not guilty/not proven

    ……which implies this was regardless of how many men were to vote for not guilty/not proven, presumably because of the nature of the charges??? ( not just a simple 8/7 vote)

    and if that was the case then it means that at least 5/9 of the women voted not guilty/not proven.

    The main thing is that Justice has been done but at what cost to Alex and his wife and family/friends. Shameful process.

    Perhaps without Corona virus the coverage would have been monstrous and that could have corrupted things even more resulting in a different outcome…

  231. meg merrilees says:

    Hail! Cadogan Enright! Welcome back!

    and what an astute first remark. Nail on the head , if you ask me.

  232. Ayeright says:

    @Patrick Roden

    She was already leader so give us your great insight.

    WHY would Nicola Sturgeon start such a process that could only harm her and the SNP.

    I’ll ask again, tell me WHY she would do such a thing that could only harm her and her party.

    Bet you have no answer whatsoever because there is none.

  233. Dorothy Devine says:

    Robertknight, you missed his Churchilian out of sync address – or else my telly doesn’t like him , much like its owner!

  234. Ayeright says:


    I’m bored with you, no more responses. You have nothing to add.

  235. jfngw says:

    @cadogen enright

    It’s never healthy to not ask questions of any political party, just because you are concerned about the progress towards independence it doesn’t mean you are a 77th brigade employee. That’s just a easy excuse to accept anything or be accused of breaking ranks.

    I’m not convinced the NS accusations originate from the Rev, he is just reporting what he has been told, never shoot the messenger.

  236. Golfnut says:

    @ Winifred McCartney.

    Joanne Cherry is demanding an inquiry, and rightly so. There is without doubt a serious problem within the Party, whose involved, how did it happen and how should it be dealt with are the key issues. Whether Nicola is actually involved, well the jury should surely still be out on that and that is how it will stay until and unless I see evidence to the contrary. AS had his day in court and proved to be innocent, it would appear many on here side with the brits and would see her guilty, just AS was supposed to be guilty.

  237. jfngw says:


    What an arse, as if I give a shite if you reply. What an ego.

  238. Ayeright says:


    Did I wind you up? You need to look in the mirror lol 🙂

  239. Golfnut says:

    @ Patrick Roden.

    If AS was set up by the state, a past FM, why wouldn’t they be after the current one, and perhaps she was actually the actual target.

  240. Kenny J says:

    Have just read All the posts.
    Alex justly found Not Guilty.
    These conspirators, even with Whats App, counldnae even get their stories believable. And surely there must have been collusion with the law to get that mishmash into court.
    Remember all the, 5 maybe, calls in Holyrood for Mr. Salmond to be investigated for this and that by the f***n opposition, every one found him cleaner than clean.
    My belief the Ms. Sturgeon had a hand in this affair was seeing her being intervued by Colin McKay on STV one night a good while back. At the end of the piece, McKay asks her about the upcoming trial. Christ, the change in her demeanor, it was like a trap snapping shut. I was so convinced she had a hand in it, I showed my wife the recording.
    BUT, what no one has mentioned so far is that if Mr. Salmond HAD been found guilty of even some of the charges, he could have been facing jail time. What kind of shit works with a guy, a kind, good, honourable man, for years, doing more hours beside him than they would see home, laughing and joking, eating meals with him and all the rest, and then decides it’s OK to attempt to smear him and send him to jail.
    Fuckin hell, they are SNP people, obviously the cause is a way secondary consideration in their world.
    And let’s not forget, the GRA crazies may have been parked for now, and Somervile may have been firing the bullets, but it was Ms. Sturgeon who was loading the magazines and sending nut-jobs over the parapets.

  241. SilverDarling says:

    @Clapper57 8.02 pm

    Hope you are OK? Haven’t seen you for a while.

    Yes a great result in the most hideous of times. I can’t imagine what he went through although the Rev has had a hint of it. Best wishes and thanks also to Craig Murray and look forward to what he has to say next.

    I cannot wait for the shit to hit the fan when the right time beckons.

    To everyone, take care and look after yourselves.

  242. Kenny J says:

    Should have said, great to have you back, Stu.

  243. McDuff says:

    robbo 6.16
    Exactly what has NS contributed to the cause of independence. What explicitly has she done to get us where we are today which by the way is exactly where we were immediately before the `14 ref. All NS has ever done is react to events, nothing more.
    And given her dull lacklustre performance, your assertion that NS has been better than if AS had been leader is quite bewildering robbo.
    Anyway great piece rev good to have you back.

  244. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    I find myself wondering…

    What was the perceived rift between Sturgeon and Salmond that instigated all this? After all, he was her “mentor”.

    What went wrong?

  245. Andy smith says:

    I seem to recall an article on Lesley Evans by calton jock sometime ago…a real nasty piece of work !

  246. jfngw says:


    No, far to old to get wound up about anything. But I do find ignorant people a bit obnoxious. Try and be original with your insults, just repeating them back shows a certain lack of grey matter.

  247. Lothianlad says:

    For the wets that wonder why sturgeon would harm the SNP and stitch up AS, the reason is simple…. READ STUS POSTS!! The betrayer and today’s posts will give insight!
    or just keep dreaming that any minute now she will deliver independence ( with just another mandate)

  248. Republicofscotland says:

    “She was already leader so give us your great insight.

    WHY would Nicola Sturgeon start such a process that could only harm her and the SNP.

    I’ll ask again, tell me WHY she would do such a thing that could only harm her and her party.”

    Salmond was intending to return to the political fray in 2018, a popular politician who led us to a independence referendum, Sturgeon would’ve felt threatened by this.

    Having led the party, for several years as well as FM, she’s become accustom to the position. Salmonds return could’ve saw her popularity as leader wane, as would that of her clique of confidantes appointed by the Treasury and endorsed by Sturgeon, so they struck before he could return to the fold.

    As for damaging the party, I doubt Sturgeon or the ten complainants thought for one moment that Salmond would not be found guilty, the bigger the lie so to speak.

    Now the calm before the storm, as the repercussions begin to mount up, not just from Salmond or those who know whats going on inside the SNP, but from the unionist parties, who’ll watch as the SNP tears itself apart, the coup de gravce will be the information that Salmond was forbidden to reveal in the High court.

    Hoprfully Sturgeon and her deceitful hordes, led by LE, will be vanquished, and the SNP can rise from the ashes once more, possibly with Salmond at it head.

    If not I’ll vote for Salmond if he creates his own indy party prior to the next Holyrood elections. It would give me great pleasure to see Craig Murray and the Rev, get behind his banner, now what a force that would be.

  249. crazycat says:

    @ meg merrilees at 9.03

    I don’t see how the majority can be predicated on the sex of the jurors – that implies that they can’t be impartial. (I’m not saying your source is wrong; just that it seems odd.)

    Also, to people wondering why it took so long, they had to reach a separate verdict on each of the 13 charges. The lack of unanimity doesn’t mean any of them thought he was guilty either; they could have been split between “not proven” (ie the prosecution has not made its case) and “not guilty” (ie the evidence indicates innocence).

  250. cynicalHighlander says:


    Tell me if the man in the getaway says I wasn’t at the robbery is he innocent.

    The FM gave that convicted by a Judge of being a liar Evans civil servant Her full backing one is guilty by association.

  251. jfngw says:

    The police fished around almost 400 people trying to get the charges brought. The only received bites from a very small pool of the fish, all more or less in the same pool. A pool where many where in the same internet group.

  252. dakk says:

    Fantastic news, and great article dissecting the history of the case.

    Well worth waiting for.

    Always knew Alex was innocent.

    No angel,mind,but none of us are or there would be no procreation.

  253. Ayeright says:

    Got you going eh! Hahaha

  254. Eckle Fechan says:

    Best news in ages and such a relief, although short-lived given the current crisis.

    Irvine: I trust this piece goes some way to enlightening you.

    Rev: I commented similarly after the summing up re: the celeb in isolation and why not a Skype link, esp. when the police reportedly conducted their original interview this way.


  255. dakk says:

    My only disappointment is that we’re now doors closed so can’t do payback to Yoon customers who had him guilty the whole time.

  256. McDuff says:

    Anyone who is a supporter of NS who has done absolutely nothing to further independence and clearly has shown she has no strategy to achieve it, must be a union troll.

  257. jackie says:

    And why did Nicola Sturgeon accept Angus Robertson’s bid to challenge Joanna Cherry for the Edinburgh Central seat???

    It was so he would get the nod for the seat and cancel out any challenge Joanna Cherry might have put up against Sturgeon.

    She was hoping both Salmond and Cherry would be written into history.

    Sturgeon has turned into one little devious evil Unionist bitch.

  258. Al-Stuart says:

    Now we are all in lockdown and many with time on our hands, it would be a relief to start going after the names behind the anonymous below-the-line defamers of our former First Minister Alex Salmond.

    This is a fine and honourable resignation speech that Alec made on his departure due to the bodged attempt at political assasination…

    Time to start JUSTICE against the slugs that think they can libel our former First Minister with impunity.

  259. jfngw says:

    I see their is a comment in the lockdown ‘to care for a vulnerable person’. What exactly does this cover it seems a bit vague, does it include someone with a mental health issue and children whose husband is offshore and they are having an episode.

  260. Benhope says:

    In a time of gloom about Coronavirus, what a fantastic day about the Independence cause.Alex Salmond, a hero and leader of our movement, cleared of all charges. I feel this is a real turning point in our campaign for independence.

    The John Beattie radio programme featuring all the Yoon views on the case was absolutely incredible. Thomas Ross QC questioning the decision of the Jury ! Remember his name and what he stands for . Then David Clegg and his snide remarks.The media are our enemy. What are we going to do about them ?

    AS should return to head the SNP with Joanna Cherry and the Wings party should contest the list seats.

    Great to feel that the Wings readers are getting together again.

    Rev Stu proved right again after all the criticism of the last 6 months. If you want to launch a crowd-funder I will be ready to contribute.

  261. Confused says:

    Last time I went out for the “big shop” I was absolutely fucking gobsmacked at what I saw – shelf after shelf, of long shelves in a major supermarket, absolutely stripped.

    While my supplies are fine – a couple of weeks at least – I was worried this would get worse.

    Now, when you are stuck inside, watching constant bad news of people dying, it fuels the fear and panic, so today I decided to go out in “recon” mode, treating it like a commando mission; latex gloves on, face mask at ready atop forehead, goggles around neck, like Rommel planning an assault …

    Surveying Lanarkshire – it’s not too bad; it’s quiet, but there is no madness, no crowds, no panicked behaviour; people still aren’t wearing masks, but the social distancing is being observed. Happily the supermarkets are re-stocked to about 60-80% – no one will starve, you will just have to put up with a less-well-liked brand. No need to cry about it.

    so …

    Came back in feeling more hopeful, an antidote to all the doom-mongering but then I heard something about a neighbour – his friend had gotten the symptoms and called off a meeting


    – he is one of the 14 so far.

    – no one can afford to relax about this, not for a moment.

    My neighbour won’t be going to his friend’s funeral – and there is worse, a sick little twisted barb of fate to add … the man who died was his wife’s carer. What happens to her?

    – stay safe all wingers and just remember – once we get thru this, NOTHING will stop independence afterwards

  262. velofello says:

    Enjoy the moment and cut off this speculation on who are the enemy within. If you truly are a supporter of Scotland’s independence “Now is not the time” to be criticising the SNP nor it’s members. Let due process proceed, Alex Salmond will know what to do, and when.

    The bunch of incompetents currently forming the UK government will be in office for a while, so plenty of time for Alex Salmond to step back into politics,and with others, to input some impetus, and political nous, to identify the opportunity, the timing, and push for independence.

  263. jackie says:

    What if you go to the shops and forget to buy milk, so you have to return to shops,,,,do you get thrown in jail if you get caught making two journeys to the shops on the same day???

  264. Al-Stuart says:

    Brian DoontheToon,

    To answer your excellent question on why there is a rift between Nicola Sturgeon and Alex Salmond?

    I believe Nicola Sturgeon refuses to secure IndyRef2 in spite of having SiX mandates so far to hold it.

    Nicola may be an overpromoted office manager, but is not daft. She knows that eventually her mentor, Alex Salmond will realise she is agin Scotland getting its Independence. Her motives? Love of the FM lifestyle. Too many episodes of Borgen. Delusions of adequacy. I give NOT a rats erse.

    Once Alex Salmond realises the fingerprints on the sgian dubh inserted between his shoulder blades are from the duplicitous Dreghorn disaster he would be compelled to keep his Bonnie Dundee promise and return as leader of the SNP and another stint as an honourable First Minister that actually makes good on his promises to deliver an Independence Referendum.

    I suspect that the cat lept out of the bag around the time of this photograph…

    At least five things now follow…

    1). Taxi for Leslie Evans.

    2). Broomstick for Mrs Sleekit Murrell.

    3). P45 for the Fat Banker fae the Isle of Skye.

    4). New leader of EITHER the SNP or AOUB Party in the form of Alex Salmond.

    5). We finally get IndyRef2 AND win it this time.

    The Coronavirus is a horrendous thing to endure, but Alex Salmond being found not guilty today has made my year.

  265. robbo says:

    Sarah Smith arrives hame.

    lmao fuck aff ya bitch!

  266. Ayeright says:

    “Time to start JUSTICE against the slugs that think they can libel our former First Minister with impunity.”

    What can you say?

    For anyone to want to start a witch hunt at this time is beyond belief. It will all come out in the inquiries that will happen.

    Rain in your hatred and realise the current First Minister is also innocent until proven guilty.

    By the way. NOW IS NOT THE TIME!

  267. Davy Smith says:

    I really hope that wee Russophobic, warmongering wee two bob Neocon prick, Stewart McDonald gets caught in the fallout from this.
    Robertson and Smith too!

  268. robbo says:

    jackie says:
    23 March, 2020 at 10:20 pm
    What if you go to the shops and forget to buy milk, so you have to return to shops,,,,do you get thrown in jail if you get caught making two journeys to the shops on the same day???

    Well jail fur you aye.

  269. Clapper57 says:

    @ SilverDarling @ 9.22pm

    Hi SilverDarling, yeh not posted for a wee while as hubby’s been ill for a wee while but fortunately the scan he had came back clear…….also my son is studying in Dublin so been really worried about him…..the mother always sees the little boy even though others see the man….

    Life and those we hold dear always comes first…friends and loved ones……but never ever forgetting others who are less fortunate either…anyway there is more than enough good posts on here so mine not needed to reinforce the message….. especially yours my friend.

    Hope you and yours are well and safe.

    May take another wee break now….but felt compelled to post something on todays good news….

    Stay safe everyone…also sending special regards to Liz G…hope you are well Liz….you can still call me….. Flapper…hope you are well Liz.

  270. Xaracen says:

    Given that the jury of 15 was reduced to 13, and that the reduction would not affect the numbers needed to convict (at least 8), then even if all 13 voted not guilty/not proven, am I right in thinking that the verdict could never be deemed unanimous as the vote didn’t reach the required 15?

    If so, it may well have been a unanimous verdict of all those who voted. That possibility can’t be excluded unless the rules say otherwise.

    Anybody know?

  271. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

    Think ‘Grandmaster’ Davie Clegg now of DC Thomson but formerly of The Daily Ranger is shitting himself about the forthcoming deformation case AS is likely to bring against him?

    Probably why he looks like his arse had collapsed on the news this evening.

    Whirlwind to reap methinks!

    Has anyone seen The Heralds Neil Mackay? I assume he looks worse the Clegg right now.

    AS should take all who defamed and all who were complicit through the Civil Courts (wonder if The Record will be as generous to Clegg as they were to Dugfail?)

  272. John says:

    The enemy within is far more dangerous than those you can see.

  273. Clapper57 says:

    @ me @ 10.27pm

    Just noticed I had put “hope you are well” twice to Liz G….in my last paragraph….a little slip but shows I really care that Liz G is well……seems I am a flapping Flapper….Lol

  274. Famous15 says:

    There is another on twitter who does not like the verdict.

    Fiona Robertson the SNP Equalities Officer,very highly paid by members,she is just beelin on twitter.

    Borderline allowing justice for the woke only.

    Sack her SNP.

  275. Glamaig says:

    @cadogan enright

    Great to see you posting again. I think I met you in Forres in 2014.

  276. jackie says:

    Robbo. ?????????

  277. Mist001 says:

    Spare a thought for those who are now trapped in high rise flats and places like that. Imagine being stuck inside 24/7 with a couple of screaming bairns for the next two weeks, a battered wife stuck with her abuser, alkys unable to get their next drink, junkies without a fix and so on……

    Quite a lot of people will go batchy. The already laughable claims by Johnson about support……well, that support is already overwhelmed and that’s before the lock down has started in earnest.

    Another MASSIVE fail by the UK government and BTW, did anyone see Mrs. Murrells speech, just a few minutes after Johnson addressed the nation? She repeated what Johnson had just said almost word for word.

    Like I said the other night, Alister Jack has been silent, not a single word from him and that’s because Mrs. Murrell is now the de facto secretary of state for Scotland.

  278. Claude et Moi says:

    Alex Salmond’s reputation is ruined even though he was found to be innocent of most charges (not proven in one). If Nicola Sturgeon was involved in any way in causing this trial to be held it is to be hoped that she will be held accountable in the not so far so distant future. It’s time her apparent egocentricity is punctured. As for Salmond I doubt if any Scottish constituency would want him as their representative.

  279. ElGordo says:

    Big thanks in all this (any many other things) to Craig Murray.

    I remember well his 23:59 donation that took it over the total in day one.

    A man of integrity.

    Not many of them not got.

  280. Yasmin says:

    Pleased for Alex, hope he takes back control of the party soon before sturgeon wrecks his hard work. Time for the identity of these lying women to be revealed. They are sick. Also questions re police, it cannot be right to bring a prosecution on the basis of no evidence.

  281. Willie says:

    Great to see you back posting Stu. You have been missed greatly. And with this result there is much work to be done.

    Sturgeon is up to her neck in this. The attempted Salmond stitch up could not have been done without her connivance. If she wasn’t at the heart of it she was very close. Time for heads to roll.

    Sturgeon and her coterie led us to a Brexit defeat. She failed to deliver on another independence referendum. She wilfully opposed the consideration of an alternative to a s30 referendum. Moreover, in being at the heart of a government that has now been shown to be composed of a coterie of individuals who were hell bent on destroying Salmond, preventing him from ever becoming a candidate, preventing him from staging a come back, the charges against the ("Quizmaster" - Ed) Sturgeon and her coterie becomes crystal clear.

    Embracing the comfort of the establishment the time is now right for ordinary members to take back control of their party. And that has already started with some of the announcements being made already.

    Sturgeon is poison and folks now know it. The game is very much back on and when the truth about the deliberate mismanagement of the Coronavirus for vested financial interest emerges, the demand for independence will go stellar.

    And again, great to see you back posting Stu. There is work to be done!

  282. Ayeright says:

    This site is now Wings Over Surgeon

    It’s all you lot talk about.

    You usually talk shite though and the majority aren’t falling for it.

  283. Willie says:

    And a message to Mr Alex Salmond.

    Great to see you back. Your return to the front line is eagerly awaited. Let’s clean this party up, restore links with the wider Yes movement and let’s get the show back on the road. With your support a new leadership will I am sure deliver what we all want. And the time is now.

    This virus will be hard, harder than we can maybe imagine, but out of adversity comes hope, comes change. And we know who let us down, who did us down.

    And to the scum who tried to do you down, we know who they are, and we’re coming for you. Their time is up.

  284. ElGordo says:

    And a personal apology to Stu, never stopped believing in AS, but i did in you.

    Tho, can we stop with the “wireless” thing now it’s done. Or should we finish them off?

    Hoping we can get back to normal, as soon as our government protects us, as only they can, (are we going fast enough?) and hopefully we all get our health/social scoring apps installed and our locations/contacts/risk monitored and controlled for the greater good of the people who are deciding these things.

  285. jackie says:

    Sturgeon’s battle cry:-

    What do we want? Independence!!!

    When do we want it?……

    (Tumbleweed blows by the front door of Bute House)

  286. Willie says:

    And to quote Robert Burns all those years ago …..’ such a parcel of rouges in a nation ‘ is as true today as it was when he penned the line in his 1791 poem.

    But as it was then, the ("Tractor" - Ed)s who sold out, have with today’s verdict been found out.

  287. Cag-does-thinking says:

    I never doubted in his innocence, despite the best attempts by the media to keep him at the top of the headlines.

    Has anybody else noticed that despite the biggest world crisis since WW2 the red tops in Scotland carried a pic of him every day of the trial on the front page, soemtimes with a derogatory headline to lead us in a certain direction. Almost like they had been directed to take the action. Shameful.

  288. Graf Midgehunter says:

    Looks like the AS trial could have been a blessing in disguise. Things are starting to move.

    The accusers got a kick in the a**e and can now await AS’s revenge.

    The britnat media thought they had it wrapped up, guilty, guilty they screamed.
    Oh dear, defamation could just be waiting round the corner and a few wallets lighter. 🙂

    Our terrier, Johanna C is moving quickly up the ladder whilst NS is beginning to slip.

    The “Untergang” of the wokists in the bunker, where’s the cans of petrol…

    S Campbell knows a certain A Salmond, did they just discuss the qualities of milk..?

    It’s time to get the Independence Express up to speed again.

  289. jackie says:

    Anger at Sturgeon letting indyRef2 slip by.

    Anger at Sturgeon because of her being complicit in trying to kill the career of one of the Independence Movements leading lights, namely, Alex Salmond.

    Anger at her abusing her position by falsely claiming to be leader of the Independence movenent in Scotland.

    She has been shown to be nothing more than a Unionist Patsy.

    Fuck off gracefully Nicola, before you get ungracefully kicked out the door.

  290. Col.Blimp IV says:

    Water – Bridge – Under.

    Now is not the time for internecine squabbling or recriminations.

    Fate has dealt the independence movement the best hand we have ever held.

    AS is not a member of the SNP and is therefore free to front a list-only Party as mooted by Rev Stu.

    It is vital that such a Party is not widely perceived[by nationalist voters] as “a split in the SNP”… an either/or option on the ballot paper.

    The price for our magnanimity would be the SNP’s declaration that the forthcoming Holyrood Election is an Independence Plebiscite – nothing more – nothing less – nothing else.

    Alec Salmonds name at the top of the list, would attract many other prominent Scots into the field of what could turn out to be our very own 21st century Bannockburn, it would also be nice if the SNP permitted their “homecoming” Westminster MP’s to throw their hats into the ring … but more importantly, a hell of a lot of voters who might otherwise have seen the original “Wings Party” as a frivolous sideshow and a possible threat to the SNP’s representation, without any guarantee of reciprocal Nationalist gains.

    It certainly looks like by the time the election comes around, society will have to be re-built from the ruins of the Zombie Apocalypse … It is surely beholding on us all to ensure that Boris Jonson and Co have nothing to do with the re-birth of a Scotland that is still in the UK.

    If the gradualist wing of the SNP leadership refuse to play ball … They will damn themselves forever in the eyes of all who wish to see Scotland Free, regardless of the outcome of the election and will deserve to lose more than their FPTP seats.

  291. Fireproofjim says:

    Wonderful news about Alex. And I started my day by posting on the previous thread that there was a slow day on Wings!
    My opinion about the SNP leadership, for what it is worth is that we should should ca canny and remember that we are still over 50% in the polls.
    Probably most Inde supporters don’t concern themselves with the internal machinations of the SNP and will just be happy to see a great leader acquitted.
    Also in my opinion, the poisonous spider in the web is Leslie Evans and it seems as though she has long had her own agenda to pull down Alex Salmond, perhaps at the behest of the London civil service. If so perhaps Nicola was not so much the villain, as some would have it, but more the victim of a powerful internal cabal. She could of course have been more resistant to that cabal.
    However, remember that many people, outside politically aware groups like Wings, think the world of Nicola and would look with disfavour on her being ousted. It would be a disaster for the cause.
    The best result would be a pragmatic coming together of the AS and NS groupings.
    Would that it would happen.

  292. Fireproofjim says:

    Well said. @ 11.14
    As Churchill said “In victory, magnanimity.”
    It’s time for an olive branch and a coming together. Not more internal fighting.

  293. Zen Broon says:

    “We must note that no evidence directly links the First Minister to the events of the case, just as no German government document from 1939 to 1945 exists which explicitly connects Adolf Hitler to the Holocaust.

    Readers may or may not draw their own conclusion from those facts.”

    Eh, whit? You still expect us to take you seriously?

  294. @Glamaig 10.35

    Yes. I called the Greens and SNP HQ’s to see where I could best help in the referendum and volunteered there for 10 weeks

    Also returned to work on Phillipa’s campaign in Ayrshire and on getting Murphy out of East Renfrewshire

    Looking forward to volunteering in Indyref 2 as well

  295. jackie says:

    I would prefer Alex Salmond become First Minister of Scotland after the 2021 elections.

    Wether as leader of the SNP or,,,as the leader of a new Independence Party.

    Why the fuck should Nicola Sturgeon continue as First Minister of Scotland?

    Alex Salmond has shown he can do the day job and also organise an independence campaign.

    Sturgeon out!!!

  296. Rick H Johnston says:

    Both Sturgeon and Salmond are political heavyweights.
    Driving a wedge between them suits only London. The civil service have been major players in all this.
    Great credit and thanks should go to the 13 jurors.
    They heard evidence denied to the public by the MSM. Away and have a dram Alex.

  297. X_Sticks says:

    @cadogan Enright

    Just ’cause you can’t see us doesn’t mean we aren’t there 😉

  298. Hood says:

    I am not a Scot so perhaps don’t know all the nuances, but there seems to be a belief that 9 women tried wanted to do AS up like a kipper. It did seem that quite a number of these women were supportive of the Yes agenda. So what is the motive behind all this, it’s very confusing.

  299. Liz g says:

    Clapper 57 @ 10.57
    Hey Flapper 🙂
    Right back at ye my friend and twice too….
    I’m fine and so far everyone around me is as well,touch wood (taps own head 🙂 )
    Good news about your husband,give him my best,and I know what you mean about yer Laddie although I’m sure he’ll be fine that distance between you must be hard,stay strong,you’ve friends all round he here XXX

  300. Joe-the-yoon says:

    But isnt it a case of: believe the victims regardless of evidence or you are supporting the patriarchy? Or is it like the phenomenon of: the media are complete liars unless its about someone/something I have negative feelz about, then its obviously true? I hope Nicola Sturgeon sticks with it. The Open Societies foundation and the Union need her

  301. Mist001 says:

    So, that’s the UK in supposed lock down. All the bars, clubs and social venues were ordered closed on Friday night. Now, all ‘non essential’ shops have been ordered to close.

    But who’s paying the staff who now cannot work through no fault of their own?

    The employers certainly won’t pay someone who’s not working and they won’t have any revenue coming in anyway and the employees can’t get unemployment benefit or anything because they’re still employed.

    What are these employees supposed to do? They have bills, rent, mortgages and all the rest.

    This government should really be looking at bringing in a no strings attached, Universal Basic Income right now.

    It would save the government a lot of money, it would reduce stress on people lives that they really don’t need, especially just now.

    The government should grasp the nettle and realise that it’s a brave new world we’re entering and introduce this paradigm shifting idea right now.

    Instead of parroting the UK governments speeches almost line for line, Mrs. Murrell and the Scottish government should be pressing Johnson for this RIGHT NOW.

  302. Joe-the-y00n says:

    But isnt it a case of: believe the victims regardless of evidence or you are supporting the patriarchy? Or is it like the phenomenon of: the media are complete liars unless its about someone/something I have negative feelz about, then its obviously true? I hope Nicola Sturgeon sticks with it. The Open Societies foundation and the Union need her

  303. Ian R Murray says:

    Hey Rev

    When you start your political party if you are looking for a leader ………

  304. Col.Blimp IV says:

    jackie says:
    23 March, 2020 at 11:30 pm

    “I would prefer Alex Salmond become First Minister of Scotland after the 2021 elections.”

    IF he fronts a successful List-Only Party, your wish MAY come true.

    But it most certainly WONT if the independence movement throws its self body and soul into factional in-fighting between then and now.

    I would happily settle for just about anybody (even Ian “The Anti-Christ” F’n Blackford), If that election brings us independence.

  305. maxxmacc says:

    The whole thing had, in my opinion, the fingerprints of NS all over it. Having known her from student politics 30 years ago, I can speak personally of her obsession with power, and her sneakiness. She was never even concerned with independence, only self-promotion up the party ranks.

    NS is a cancer at the heart of the party, and has to be removed. Failing that, a new pro-Indy party needs to be formed with the Wings and the real Nationalists like Alex running the show.

  306. HYUFD says:

    Mist001 The UK government said last week it would pay 80% of wages while restrictions remain in place and mortgages have been suspended and evictions for non payment of rent stopped for 3 months

  307. Dave Russ says:

    Surely you mean “mostly-female identifying jury”

  308. Mist001 says:

    @ HYUFD

    Yeah, up to £2500 and that was for bar staff, club workers and staff at entertainment venues. Nothing was said about shop and store staff, which increases the number who can’t work significantly.

    They could stop payments like unemployment benefit, child benefit and others and just pay an across the board UBI.

    It’s a big step, and goes against the very heart of Tory party ethos, but I think this is their best option.

  309. Dave Russ says:

    What leaps out reading the above is the difference in the appearance of Alex in the two pics two years apart. This has certainly taken it’s toll on him. The people involved are due a reckoning.

  310. @ Rick H Johnston 11.33

    well said

  311. Patrick Roden says:

    Ayeright says:

    ” This site is now Wings Over Surgeon”


    Go to bed or get in the sea, mate, whatever is easier for you!

  312. Tackety Beets says:

    As per last thread delighted to see AS cleared.

    Maybe it’s me, I thought Bernard Ponsonby STV did a fair and reasoned summation report tonight.

    Going forward, non of us know what AS & The Rev are yet to reveal?
    I must say the tone is disappointing, so I dread what is to be imparted to us.

    Meantime I will rejoice in today’s news & await the revelations.

    BTW, would you go through all that at 65 & return to politics ?
    Naw me neither…….but we know a man who might. TBC

  313. Clapper57 says:

    FFS…. I cannot believe this…The Times are reporting that police Scotland have passed over information to the Met Police re complaints when AS was an MP .

    Kieran Andrews Twitter a/c states :

    “Exclusive(s): Met Police has been passed at least four complaints by Police Scotland from women interviewed during their investigation into Alex Salmond, who was cleared of all Scottish charges today”.

  314. Doug Buchannan says:

    Delighted Alex has been cleared, it must have been hell for him and his loved ones with this hanging over them.

    I wish Alex all the best for the future, my sincerest hope is Alex can reconcile with Nicola, Nicola was in an impossible position, her civil servants let her, the Scottish Government, the civil service itself, The SNP and the Scottish people down badly, very badly!

    As for some of the comments on here, you come across as deranged women haters with a screw loose who have lost view of the goal. The third post in by “Vestas at 15:10”, he must be really proud of that post, I wonder if he would be happy to share it with his wife, mother, daughter or female work colleague? Vestas you are a sad individual (probably a troll), as is the person editing this site who leaves it there for all to see and makes Hitler comparisons, truly shameful!

    In general is the goal of some wings contributors Scottish independence or throwing obstacles in its way to feed an ego? Despite what he has been through, Alex Salmond’s goal is rejoining the SNP and independence, suggest you take a lead from Alex!

    United we stand, divided we fall!

  315. William Wallace says:

    Absolutely brilliant news. I never doubted AS for a single second.

    Off topic but, I thought I would pop on and share a very informative link regarding Covid-19

    There is some excellent data here on where we are currently. It’s well worth a look for those that are interested in doing a little more in-depth research and broadening their understanding of Covid-19.

    Max Roser, Hannah Ritchie and Esteban Ortiz-Ospina (2020) – “Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) – Statistics and Research”.

  316. Doug Buchannan says:

    How do you spot a tory troll?

    When they refer to Nicola Sturgeon as Mrs Murrell!

    This stupidity is typical of the garbage they spout on bbc HYS, that they have now infested wings to a level that it is now beyond recovery and its readership disappearing quicker than the Record or Hootsman!

    Job done as far as wings is concerned for SIU!

  317. Breastplate says:

    Well done Alex.
    Perhaps like others have said, we can clear the dross form the SNP.
    For those that can’t countenance that there are rotten apples in the SNP, remember, as we leave learned from the court case, that this was a conspiracy within the SNP to stop Alex entering politics once more. It was also nobody but the SNP themselves who erased Alex Salmond from SNP history.
    Surely this is sinister enough in itself to make you ask the question “how far up does the rot go”?

  318. Breastplate says:

    Doug Buchannan,
    Are you suggesting that some people should be exempt from criticism?
    I understand that the tone of criticism may be over the top at times but I think that can also be an indication of how angry some people are.

    Maybe some people should moderate their language or tone but they certainly should not moderate their criticism.
    But again, that’s my opinion and I’m entitled to it.

  319. Breastplate says:

    I forgot to add that this after all is a politics blog.

  320. Stoker says:

    Yasmin wrote on 23 March, 2020 at 10:45 pm: “Also questions re police, it cannot be right to bring a prosecution on the basis of no evidence.”

    Just to clarify to all those seeking to pass a share of the blame to the police, as i understand it.

    It is *not* the police who decide if someone is being charged. The police have a duty to investigate all claims of sexual abuse and then they forward all their findings, evidence & statements etc etc to The Procurator Fiscal Office who will then decide if there’s enough to charge the accused & what they’ve to be charged with.

    Given that there was not one ounce of evidence, forensic or otherwise, and i’d presume the police showed clearly there was no hard evidence, the Fiscal’s office responsible for laying these charges must find itself in the dock. They have set an extremely dangerous precedent on folk possibly being sent to jail on someone’s say-so. And that should *never* be acceptable in any true & caring democratic society.

    Someone at the Fiscal’s office responsible for those charges seems to have abused their powers imo. Along with those behind the instigating of all this situation. They should all be facing jail. And not one of them should be granted anonymity. Good enough for Salmond good enough for them. Why this was never thrown out under ‘no case to answer’ is beyond my understanding.

    I really hope Alex goes after their jugulars, including the filth that is the British Unionist Media.

  321. Al-Stuart says:

    Did someone on here chant the three words to summon up the TROLL from under its STONE OF DENSITY…




    I thought Trollright had slithered off to pollute another website.

    What on earth is he, she or it doing on Wings Over Scotland? Here is Stuart Campbell, one of the finest forensic journalist bloggers in the country writing excellently researched articles such as…


    …and the troll from the Dreghorn Tractor fan club returns like an irritating plook on the erse to defend the lying, backstabbing current squatter of Bute House.

    Why, oh why do feckless fools like Ayeright RUDELY ignore a website bloggers articles about that lying disappointment of an over-promoted apprentice? Yet, he, she or it self-identifies as a human being with an IQ above 73 and feels it appropriate on the WoS blog to spout forth utter pissh supporting Mrs Murrell after her deceitful conduct has been found out.

    Away and bile yer head ya numpty.

  322. Craig Murray says:


    that’s not quite the full picture. A charging officer in the police will do a first assessment of whether it’s worth passing on to the Crown Office. In this case I have no doubt the Police and Crown Office have acted massively corruptly – political rather than financial corruption.

    Once the truth is known, it will astonish people it was Alex who was charged rather than others charged for conspiracy to pervert the course of justice.

  323. Breeks says:

    Given the conspiracy and trumped up evidence against Alex Salmond, and Joanna Cherry’s call for an enquiry, why are the conspirators still in their posts and in a position to destroy evidence and cover their tracks?

    The SNP should be putting itself into stringent lockdown, with Bute House formally declared a crime scene, and warrants obtained to seize pertinent records and communications before they are destroyed.

    Get these treacherous wretches tagged and bagged, and removed from positions of influence and authority, and then talk about unity. Get the puss out the wound before stitching it together or the infection will simply fester.

    Personally, it will take a few boil washes and overnight steeps in detergent before I would trust the SNP. My preference would be for Alex Salmond to stand tall, create a new Party which has Scotland’s Sovereign Constitution as one of its core principles. It needn’t even contest Holyrood since Holyrood has demonstrated such sickening and unconstitutional fealty to Westminster.

    Stand clear of Holyrood and it’s Section 30 humiliation, and position itself as a party which declares itself loyal to the Independent Scottish Parliament of 1707, and refuses to recognise the treacherous colonial constitution of Holyrood’s devolved assembly. If sitting MSP’s don’t like it, then draw up the 2020 Ragman Rolls pledging their allegiance to Westminster and have the bastards sign it.

    Go for broke to lodge a Constitutionally based denunciation of the Union, condemning Scotland’s unconstitutional colonial subjugation over Brexit, and demolishing the fallacy of Westminster’s unwritten convention on parliamentary sovereignty, which falls apart when Scotland’s consent is withheld as it was withheld over Brexit.

    If Salmond stood, and say Joanna Cherry stood beside him, I feel sure they would have every living soul in YES and AUOB right behind them, and there would be an exodus of true Indy believers from the diminished Parliaments of Westminster and Holyrood, after both have had their constitutional legitimacy denounced.

    Don’t diminish our new party by taking it to Holyrood, have it’s first representation put before the UN and Council of Europe to denounce the colonial subjugation of Scotland and formal breach of the 1707 Treaty of Union. Dispute UK Parliamentary Sovereignty, dispute Scotland’s Brexit as ultra vires and bereft of constitutional legitimacy, and demand International Recognition for the Sovereign integrity of an Independent Scottish nation that pledges to hold a ratification plebiscite with the year.

    Westminster will give us nothing. Scotland needs to seize it’s own destiny. Get rid of Westminster and the substance of Union, and then every Unionist conspiracy, delaying sophistry, and slimy compromise is exposed and revealed as unqualified disloyalty to Scottish Sovereignty.

    It’s Independence we need. ‘It is in truth not for glory, nor riches, nor honours that we are fighting, but for freedom – for that alone, which no honest man gives up but with life itself.’. The SNP is optional. Let it heal itself and join us, or go down with all the other UK trappings of subjugation.

  324. Scozzie says:

    I’m glad the jury came to the correct decision – it was clear this was a fit up from start to end. In a political career spanning 30 years, if AS could have been ‘got at’ and smeared the Establishment would have ‘sold their own granny’ to do so..

    It’s time for a true independence party headed up by Alex Salmond, Stu, Craig Murray and Joanna Cherry. That would be a formidable force – each with their own set of skills and strengths. For now while the world is facing COVID-19, have a well earned rest…but I hope discussions will be going on in the background to be ready to launch an independence party in time for the 2021 HR elections.
    The SNP are rotten to the core.

  325. twathater says:

    @ Breeks 3.19am ANOTHER great inspiring post breeks , not only inspiring but clear and unambiguous , that is what has been missing these past years , PASSION and COMMITMENT , CHALLENGING the corrupt and ignorant wastemonster cabal , instead we have had an insipid , weak and lacklustre performance riddled with failed promises and unused mandates

    If Alex Salmond is willing and able to take up the challenge I am sure he will have the unstinting support of genuine independence supporters
    A Wings party to lodge a challenge at the ICJ crowdfunded by Scots citizens would be the ultimate GIRFUY to the yoonion

  326. Kangaroo says:

    Great news. I have a new “boing” in my bounce today. Happy happy day.

  327. Bob says:

    The Times reporting the Met police now investigating 4 new complaints from women in London against AS. The British Establishment will not let this go until they have AS out of the way.

  328. McDuff says:

    You are right Bob just checked.
    So why were these women not called by the prosecution at the time of the trial , why wait until AS is aquitted before bringing this to light.
    There is no doubt Westminster is out to destroy AS.. Sickening.

  329. admiral says:

    Bob says:
    24 March, 2020 at 6:03 am
    The Times reporting the Met police now investigating 4 new complaints from women in London against AS. The British Establishment will not let this go until they have AS out of the way.

    God, they’re shitting themselves, aren’t they?

    Is this the same Met police that made such a mess of other historic alleged sex abuse cases? It looks like they’re just using the old play book over again.

  330. ahundredthidiot says:

    COVID19 – Construction wide industry – utter confusion

    Result – people in this sector going to work this morning until told otherwise.

  331. McDuff says:

    It feels like these women are Westminstets back up plan for AS’S acquittal.

  332. Steviesparkie says:

    Wrong.EVERY business is eligible for the 80% wages grant.

  333. Golfnut says:

    Police Scotland interviewed/trolled/pleaded with just under 400 former female staff and associates, one apparently received 16 emails/texts/phone calls,can’t remember which, trying to cobble together a case against AS. Now we hear that four names were passed to the net, was that during the investigation, last week, yesterday after they lost the case, when was this passed.

  334. Breeks says:

    McDuff says:
    24 March, 2020 at 7:30 am
    It feels like these women are Westminstets back up plan for AS’S acquittal.

    It’s akin to sleep deprivation, denying the man respite from stress so his bloodstream remains choked with stress hormone Cortisol and his well being and mental faculty is compromised and diminished. Look what they’re doing to Julian Assange. If they can’t destroy him one way, they’ll try another.

    Scotland, we need to look after Alex Salmond and keep him safe from these evil vultures.

    I repeat too, we need to short circuit this whole rotten political farce, and get an alternative Scottish Government loyal to the Nation’s Constitution established, and a Constitutional demolition of the UK Union put before the UN.

    We should get this done with all possible speed and suffer no distraction or delay in doing it.

    Recognised sovereignty will take all power over Scotland away from Westminster in one instant, and Scotland will be able to defend itself properly for the first time since 1707.

    Let us get that truth established in International Law. Let us start the process today. The unhinged madness of Westminster will look a much less intimidating sight once caged behind a sovereign International border.

  335. @cadogan Enright
    I agree

  336. Effijy says:

    I’m happy for Alex.
    I’m pleased to see unequivocal evidence again that the BBC and the rest of UK Media
    Is completely biased and corrupt.

    I rebelled in reading the Rev’s report above.
    Genuinely it was a breath of fresh air to read something
    With all the facts and to see a spade called a spade.

    You can’t believe a word from a Westminster politician or a main stream media reporter.

    Many Thanks again to you Rev

  337. Frank Gillougley says:

    Was I alone in thinking that during the trial, following Philip Sim’s and Craig Murray’s reporting, that the whole ‘sense’ of the language used by the accusers (and especially their functionally banal vocabulary) was remarkably similar given that their testimonies were all from different individuals?

    For me, this alone was evidence of collusion and coaching. A kind of ‘groupthink’ as it were.

    By their fruits you will know them.

  338. admiral says:

    Frank Gillougley says:
    24 March, 2020 at 8:41 am
    Was I alone in thinking that during the trial, following Philip Sim’s and Craig Murray’s reporting, that the whole ‘sense’ of the language used by the accusers (and especially their functionally banal vocabulary) was remarkably similar given that their testimonies were all from different individuals?

    No, Frank, you’re not alone. They all sounded like they had been coached in what to say.

  339. Almond Chutney says:

    So what will the repercussions be for those that that have made ‘false fabrications’. Apart from the not proven, the 10 cases are now practically lies in the court’s eyes.

  340. Tony Hay says:

    Establishment doubling down on AS,who would have believed that eh!
    Right out of the establishment play book

  341. Famous15 says:

    Fiona Robertson demands that Mills and Boon be prosecuted
    No I just made that up.

    I hope!

  342. James says:

    Interesting but have a look at flightradar24 or any of the other live flight trackers to see how seriously the airline industry is taking this chrisis.Way to much metal in the sky for any health emergency. That’s people flying those things.

  343. jfngw says:

    The waste of taxpayers money in Scotland bringing this case and the botched internal enquiry has to sit at the door of someone. It is either Nicola Sturgeon’s permanent secretary or Nicola Sturgeon, one of them has to step up to the plate and take responsibility.

    After all Nicola Sturgeon’s comment is she did not want things swept under the carpet, but that is exactly what has happened regarding responsibility. It’s not a good look and reflects badly on her.

  344. Mike d says:

    Famous 15. I think thousands of Scottish women should now come forward to the police with accusations like’ see yon alex salmond, i wis standing at a bus stop when he drove by and leered at me in a sexually provocative kinda way. Show all this s***e up for what it is.

  345. Socrates MacSporran says:

    Read the Guardian’s review of the trial, written by Chief Shite Carroll – All the allegations repeated in full – you know all these allegations which the jury refused to believe.

    Now the Times is reporting that the Met will be investigating four complaints from women in London (presumably HoC staff).

    My God, but Wee Eck certainly has the Establishment worried.

    Had he been a “kiddie fiddler” and taken ermine when he lost his Westminster seat, he’d have had the full protection of The Establishment. Instead, they remain in attack mode to try to silence him.

    Union of Equals my arse – as another man who was fitted-up by The Establishment used to say when in character.

  346. After Tommy Sheridan won his case against News of the World the establishment fitted him up for perjury (QC that `found` all the evidence against Tommy was Alex Prentice),

    the Brutish establishment have persistence,they have been about since the Romans and probably before them,

    like parasites/tapeworm the Brutish establishment attached themselves to the Romans the Angles the Saxons the Scandinavians the French Normans and would have joined the Spanish and the Nazi if they had also succeeded in their invasions.

  347. Mike d says:

    Or, my wife shook hands with yon alex salmond 10 yrs ago, but she thinks he tickled the palm of her hand with his pinky. Has she got a case here?

  348. bendict arnold says:

    This all reeks of classic coup d’etat regime change ‘honey trap’ tactic to topple any real nationalists and install puppets in readiness for Jock REF2
    Stinks of Westmonster Tory plot by the divided Kingdom!
    Spiking oor guns and starting a rammy within.Divide and blooter.

    Who else might the security state moles be setting up to throw the next vote ?

    Mon big Eck

  349. Mike d says:

    The brutish establishment are like a coronavirus. We need to be vaccinated against them.

  350. terence callachan says:

    I think it is likely that there was more than just coaching.
    Coordination is apparent and that means each of the accusers probably had their own lawyer and the lawyer presenting the cases in court probably met and communicated with the accusers individual lawyers but that was not the head of the beast, the head of the beast will be a senior Westminster politician with MI5 links.

    Who could it be ?

    This has been a Westminster effort by England’s parliament to get rid of AS , their spies in the Scotland office Evans and co will now be replaced expect her retirement or a move to private industry before the end of the year.

  351. jfngw says:

    They have failed in Scotland to remove AS, they are now going to go for him in England. Starting to look like NS was just a conduit for the establishment wishes at WM. These are worrying times for SNP supporters, do we have independence people at the top of the SNP or merely WM flunkies, making a lot of noise but with no intention to ever achieve independence.

    If you think the cost of the AS trial is staggering just wait till the court cases start after GRA is introduced (on hold just now thankfully) and those badly advised at 16 seek recompense.

  352. AndyMcKangry says:

    Just catching up with this excellent article, so if my comments have already been said, I apologise.
    As a cop who retired 20 years ago, I have for years been dismayed at the total dismissal of the rules of evidence in the way criminal allegations are investigated and then judged in court.
    Firstly the police as agents of the PF would investigate allegations and only if their was evidence would a report get to the fiscal. Stuart is right in saying that corroboration is the corner stone of Scots law and in this case there appears to have been none in any of the charges. The Moorov doctrine is a useful tool but in this case it’s use has been stretched way past its breaking point.
    When a criminal report would get as far as the fiscal, their job was to examine the evidence of the police investigation and decide if their is enough evidence to go to court.
    If the case got to court, there better be evidence or the Sheriffs would get very pissed off.
    This criminal evidence would then be judged on the basis of it being “beyond a reasonable doubt” not the same as civil cases which are judged on the basis of the “balance of probabilities”
    In my humble opinion there was never a shred of evidence against Alex in this case but it follows a pattern, obvious over the last 20 years of allegations, of all sorts of things, being firstly made to the police and that allegations ending up in a court case where there is no evidence. Everyone in the chain no longer wants to do their job and passes reports up the chain for someone else to make a decision.
    A familiar comment now heard in police stations up and down the land, when all sorts of allegations are made is send a report to the fiscal and he can let the court decide.
    The rules of evidence are being ignored and taken with people in the chain afraid to do their job and being ordered by superiors to just pass it on to the next link in the chain for someone else to make a decision, our courts are now seeing more cases with no or insufficient evidence which is then not being judged properly.
    The law is not that complicated but when the police or the PF are no longer allowed to make their decisions without interference then it’s no wonder we see this type of trial.
    Alex Salmond was never guilty and it was clear that suspicious events were taking place.
    Hope he takes this as far as he can and wipes the floor with a good number of people.

  353. jfngw says:

    Lets be clear, the only way AS will become FM again is it he is SNP leader, this could be difficult as I assume only delegates can vote, and the delegates are selected by the branch committee.

    He will never be FM by setting up a list party, at best this could probably take 20 seats, you are never going to be FM with just 20 seats.

  354. Bob Mack says:

    Alex to face new charges?. Not likely. These were already investigated by police Scotland, and you can bet your bottom dollar if they had any credibility they would have been presented at court long before now. Even in England.

  355. John H. says:

    The establishment are so terrified of Alex Salmond taking Scotland to independence that they will stop at nothing to try to destroy him. By overplaying their hand like this, they may help us to achieve exactly that.

  356. Al-Stuart says:



    Given the sickening front page of the Excremental Times today seeking to stir up a new show trial against Alex Salmond in London under English Law, surely the time has come for certain officers at Police Scotland to NOW be investigated for alleged conspiracy to pervert the course of justice?

    I write this with the credentials of a former police officer and one of those who warned about a sleekit use of the Moorov Doctrine to lazily short circuit justice for an easy prosecution of A.S. In other words to kill off Alex Salmond’s political revival by any (illegitimate) means possible. Police Scotland and officers involved in the shameful episode of that last A.S. show trial need to be named as having aided and abetted the criminality that Moorov type evidence now reflects upon them.

    Several years ago, ex-Chief Constable Nick Gargan was arrested and subsequently found guilty of a crime…

    My point? High ranking police officers DO commit crimes and ARE brought to justice. They are NOT above the law.

    Our very own Indy supporter Martin Compston portrays a real life anti-corruption officer in a series that is often uncomfortably close to the truth. I mention this so those here, who are not inculcated with actual real life police protocols can visualize what actually does happen when you get bent coppers doing their worst. The majority of the police officers are decent people. But there are Orange Order shytes that have dirt all over their grubby paws from dragging Alex Salmond through a legal silage labyrinth these past two year. Enough.

    If police corruption within the anti Alex Salmond SCOTTISH POLITICAL SHOW TRIAL is proven, then the senior officers from Police Scotland who went on a soliciting expedition of 400 women to “fit up” our former First Minister Alex Salmond should be suspended and evidence gathered for THEIR PROSECUTION.

    The Alex Salmond trial in Edinburgh represents and assault on the justice system that must face an INDEPENDENT public investigation NOW.

    Nothing else will suffice.

    The Met Officers in London currently on their fishing trip for the 2022 ENGLISH SHOW TRIAL of Alex Salmond need a warning shot fired across their bow if they think for one minute that having their Scottish counterparts detain our former FM for two years of litigious nightmare can be repeated.

    The Empire Spooks need to understand that high ranking Met officers WILL be investigated and prosecuted if they try a repeat performance of the “hair pinging” farce that just cost the Scottish taxpayer £1,840,000 and the loss of our primary Independence advocate by gerrymandering of the police procedures.

    I share Gordon Jackson QC’s concerns about the A.S. trial having a stink.

    In fact I go further: the stench coming out of Tulliallan Castle and Iain Livingstone’s police force has such a profound aroma of rodent that I now PLEAD with Stuart Campbell, Craig Murray, Joanna Cherry, Kenny Macaskill and all other decent people who support our former First Minister to understand the threat that the Establishment ain’t yet ready to let Alex Salmond go. That these good people I mention – and the rest of us here at WoS, NOW TAKE ACTION TO SECURE AN INDEPENDENT INQUIRY INTO POLICE SCOTLAND.


    Because Alex Salmond will deliver Scottish Independence and the British Establishment know he must be nobbled by any foul means within their grubby arsenal.

  357. Ian Brotherhood says:

    When can we expect to see the ‘J’accuse’ piece which reveals the identities of the conspirators?

    I’d prefer it to be done by Stu but who cares who does it? Plenty of well-informed folk have already jigsawed names from publicly available info and are swapping/confirming names privately.

    The idea that anonymity can be preserved now is not tenable.

  358. BigDan says:

    I feel we need to learn lessons from this and avoid too many recriminations. I feel some of the women involved are also victims – they have been duped in to this by others with far more sinister agendas. We don’t want to implode which is ultimately the plan behind the sinister agenda. Let’s not turn victory into defeat. Like others I’m thrilled that Alex got justice. Nicola has proven a very capable and statesmanlike leader – She is a very decent person and genuinely wants what is right. I hope we can unite behind her and that Alex can add to his already enormous contribution towards Scotland’s ultimate destiny of freedom.

  359. Effijy says:

    I heard of Pierce Morgan giving a right good reality check
    To Matt Hancock. I wanted to see it as I detest the slimy incompetent

    It’s only available in edited formats?
    I tried several sites and can just about get the full picture by piecing them together.
    Obvious again of UK media editing the reality and by showing selected segments
    Claiming to show both sides.

    UK has know without doubt this crisis was coming.
    They claim to have stock piled supplies and planned emergency measures.

    Over several weeks they have failed to dispatch the much needed masks, gowns and gloves etc.
    How can Amazon deliver next day and Hancock’s Half Dour not deliver in weeks?
    I’d employ the Army trucks sitting doing nothing,
    I’d hire everything from truck rental companies,
    I’d send out basic essentials in taxis but this prat just tries to tell us he is working incredibly hard,
    Yes at not doing anything that is required.

    I’ve worked too long and hard for prolonged periods and so have family and friends and it becomes
    Obvious that you look tired and grey lacking in energy and your eyes are dead.
    No sign that Hancock isn’t getting his 8 hours sleep and stress free breaks.

    We haven’t carried out half the tests the Germans have, we don’t spend half of the GDP the Swiss do and we don’t have half the ICU beds the Italians do and the English like to call themselves Great Britain? FFS.

    Major events like Cheltenham races should have been shut down long ago.
    Lockdown should have been called a lot sooner as our neighbouring countries
    All showed this to be a necessity. But No from Buffoon Boris and his Fatal Circus.

    I can see a neighbour having new windows fitted today from a one man band company.
    This will be happening in all corners of the country with self employed people risking spread
    Of the virus in order to remain solvent.

    Incredibly stupid for Boris to finally recognise that employees thrown on to Universal discredit
    Would be rioting on the street and the economy would totally crash beyond recognition if they didn’t
    Get 80% of their salaries.

    It is exactly the same for the self employed.
    They must be given a wage too or they have no money for food or utilities.
    Many of these people don’t make a lot and just get by so suggesting they apply for loans on top of the loans they have is insanity.

    I could find a better cabinet with mire common sense in my local Spar!

  360. Vestas says:

    Ian Brotherhood says:
    24 March, 2020 at 10:34 am

    “When can we expect to see the ‘J’accuse’ piece which reveals the identities of the conspirators?

    I’d prefer it to be done by Stu but who cares who does it? Plenty of well-informed folk have already jigsawed names from publicly available info and are swapping/confirming names privately.

    The idea that anonymity can be preserved now is not tenable.”

    It’ll have to be someone outwith the jurisdiction of the court – unless they’re willing to go to prison, which with Covid-19 could easily end up being a death sentence depending on age/health.

    The problem with that is it means somewhere that won’t extradite to the UK – like Russia. I can see the MSMs reaction to that, can’t you?

    The truth will emerge in bits & bobs IMHO – nothing sufficient to get anyone jailed but a name here and a name there. Eventually the dam will burst and one of the accusers will identify themselves rather than be the subject of endless speculation.

    People need to remember the SNP did this to Salmond. Nobody else.

  361. winifred mccartney says:

    Horrified last night to see Sarah Smiths report on BBC national news when she repeated her most lurid list of accusations, a lot of report taken up by this and of course left out the last part of AS response to questions when he told journalists to go home, it is not safe here and said more important things to worry about with Coronavirus and said ‘God help us all’. Statesman to his core and that is why the establishment plants in snp WM black arts people and the downright stupid want rid of him. He is not perfect but show me someone who is.

    We must all support him as well as NS at this time – you only have to compare and contract BJ, DT and NS and if you cannot see the difference then you are blinded by hate.

  362. winifred mccartney says:

    I do not believe it was the snp that did this to Salmond – it was the Civil Service arm on the Scottish Gove and possibly the snp and NS had no choice but to run with it – can you imagine if they had tried to sweep it under the carpet. However I do believe there are persons in the snp who are trying very hard from the inside to destroy the independence movement aided and abetted by others.

  363. dakk says:

    @ Effijy 11.02

    Excellent post.

  364. Vestas says:

    winifred mccartney says:
    24 March, 2020 at 11:45 am

    “I do not believe it was the snp that did this to Salmond”

    That’s fine. I quite understand.

    There’s a lot of information which isn’t in the public domain yet – its widely known in Scots political circles though – and it’ll come out. There’s simply no way to suppress it these days.

    Remember to come back and admit you were wrong though, because you are 🙂

  365. Robbo says:

    Sorry I cannot believe what I am reading here and to some extent I blame you Stu for stoking up this criticism which is simply playing into the hands of the Unionists and their media chums. I repeat as someone who knocked on hundreds of doors during the referendum and subsequent LE/GE I am telling all those ‘doubters’ that we would not now have the same level of support that we do. You only have to look at the surveys of NO voters in 2014 to realise a large chunk were older women who have now moved to the SNP. I know many who have done that all down to NS. To not take the stance she and the SNP did in this case would have damaged this further support Yes we all know the path to Indy is frustratingly slow especially given this inept Tory Gov and Brexit but we have to get this right and legal there will be no 3rd chance in my lifetime at least. So keep this together for the sake of the Independence we all want and once that is in the bag then we can if required look again at the underlying reasons.

  366. jackie says:

    There are still some on here who will never believe Nicola Sturgeon is a Unionist Patsy.

    Even when you put to them that she has actually put the Indy Campaign back ten years and her obvious involvement in the Alex Salmond case is irrefutable,,,they will tell you that you are a BritNat Troll.

    I would go as far as to say that even if your Queen Nicky stood at the front door of Bute House and screamed that she was an establishment plant, her blinded followers would not believe what she was saying.

    They would tell us that she has been drugged or hypnotised.

    Blind Faith can be dangerous, especially when the evidence of how far off the Indy message Sturgeon has drifted is staring them in the face.

  367. Daisy Walker says:

    Massively delighted for Alex and Moira – I never thought the allegations true, but I worried the establishment would nobble the process.

    Hope the Salmonds’ get some respite after this incredibly stressful time for them.

    Had NS been impartial, and allowing due process to take place, would it not be appropriate for her to express relief at the outcome (to say the least).

    By their actions (and lack of actions) shall ye know them.

    In the meantime, while all ayes were on the trial – the UK has passed the Corona Bill, the army has been deployed in Scotland (the one part of the UK least likely – compared to England’s largest cities – to riot and loot) and all elections and democratic scrutiny is now cancelled for 2 years. And Brexiit will be quietly done behind closed doors between Boris and Trump.

    For all of us celebrating Salmond’s great victory, and hoping it will put the wheels back on the SNP bus and clean out some of its upper rooms. Lets get our eyes back on the bigger picture. All the tools of martial law are now in place, with a genuine medical emergency to convince the public its proportionate.

    This outcome was the big fear with a No Deal Brexit. And now its done. All that remains is the power transfer from Holyrood to the Civil Service building in Edinburgh.

    So on the one hand, its a worry, and on the other, one thing has not changed – every Yesser is an Ambassador for Indy. By OUR actions – especially in a time of crisis – shall we be known.

    The British Establishment cannot afford to lose Scotland. It was always going to nobble the public leaders of Scottish Indy – by bribery, by corruption, by violence and for those who have loved ones threatened – full ownership is then cemented with lucrative rewards thereafter – the bitter pill has to be sweetened after all.

    It was never an IF, it was always a WHEN this would happen.

    The filter all Yessers should be trying to implement, is to ensure certain policies, certain campaigns – are pinned clearly to the mast and all signatories names clearly attached.

    If you adopt the above mindset, you stop being angry, and you start enabling yourself to adapt different approaches to achieving Indy. You also limit the number of hiding places BritNat sleepers can infiltrate.

    Several things will need to be done at the same time now. The genuine concerns thrown up about procedural irregularities within the SNP, ScotGov and Civil Service, Police and Fiscal’s Office will need to be investigated.

    But it cannot be now – due to Corona. We can assist, we can assist by keeping the language factual, by keeping it about procedures – not personalities – and that cuts as much for NS as it does for AS. If we do that, the truth, the facts, are much more likely to become embedded within Scottish pubic (Yessers and Naws) than if we get on our high horses.

    And we need to stop all our eggs being in the one basket. Indy is bigger than the SNP.

    The SNP may have a clear out over this, or it may remain a significant Indy/GRA gradualist party forever promising to ask WM nicely. That worked for the BritNat Establishment with Labour and Tony Blair – so I suspect its likely.

    AS and others may form a new party – or they may form a lose alliance of Independent Independents (which would make them Indy x 2 for an Indy Ref 2 = Four Square for Indy – sorry couldn’t resist). In all honesty it doesn’t really matter either way so long as we obtain a credible representative to vote for who represents Indy.

    What does matter is that the Yessers are given a plan.

    In the mean time, lets keep informed, keep safe, and look out for our loved ones and neighbours.

    And since reading is going to be something a lot of people start doing a lot more of in the near future – now would be a good time to refer people to blogs, wee blue books, Business for Scotland, Talking up Scotland, Craig Murray….. and and and. Not in the same manner as during Indy Ref 1, but as a time for people to get educated about facts.

    People are taking the Corona virus seriously, and even though they are being sensible, they are also worried – the manner in which we discuss things in this time period is important.

    The way AS has been treated is appalling – the language we use to discuss it, must be measured, adult, factual, and several steps removed from outraged and indignant given the world crisis we all find ourselves in.

    We win Indy with one little bit of decency at a time, and because we’re thrawn buggers who aren’t going away.

    Best wishes to all.

  368. jackie says:

    Breeks 3.19

    What an excellent post.

    There are many on her who want to see change and the top of the Indy Movement but we lack the intellect and foresight of how to put it into words.

    But we are very lucky to have guys like Breeks, who can put into words what we are thinking.

    Deep thinkers like Breeks are hopefully arranging meetings with other like minded deep thinkers and natural leaders to get us back on track.

    And to get us back on message.

    Breeks, you have been given a special talent, use it wisely my friend.

  369. jackie says:

    Breeks 3.19

    What an excellent post.

    There are many on here whole want to see change and the top of the Indy Movement but we lack the intellect and foresight of how to put it into words.

    But we are very lucky to have guys like Breeks, who can put into words what we are thinking.

    Deep thinkers like Breeks are hopefully arranging meetings with other like minded deep thinkers and natural leaders to get us back on track.

    And to get us back on message.

    Breeks, you have been given a special talent, use it wisely my friend.

  370. It was disappointing to see Nicola S not taking the opportunity in tv interview, to congratulate AS on his being cleared. Politically correct indeed.

  371. mark whittet says:

    Can anyone help – by advice and/or by complaint to Twitter @Jack – to un-suspend this account @ScotsIndyRef3


    Mark Whittet
    Scotland’s Independence Referendum Party

  372. Dr Jim says:

    *We know a secret that you don’t know* was basically the method used along with some folk who were prepared to tell stories to get Alex Salmond into court and put on trial, then the court of public opinion was used by the media to make it all worse

    *We know a secret you don’t know* is the method being used by those with grudges against the current FM to achieve the same kind of result and again with no evidence to prove anything

    Those who wanted Alex Salmond destroyed will now be somewhat unhappy but that won’t stop them continuing their efforts
    Those who want the current FM destroyed will also keep trying

    Both these situations are the same, they both aim to cause division in order that supporters of one side or the other can take advantage of whichever situation they’re trying to create
    We’ve seen in the case against the former FM that it took two years of court and no doubt a heavy personal toll on Alex Salmond to come out of this debacle where there was no actual evidence against him whatsoever

    In the case of the current FM as was the case with Alex Salmond I won’t be joining in with the *We know a secret you don’t know* court of public opinion slurs and smears, I’ll wait until the enquiry into these matters concludes before I believe people with grudges, just as I didn’t believe newspapers with grudges over the former FM

    The court of public opinion is always used to make the same noise because there are always flocks of them available and always people ready to hand out pitchforks and flaming torches to kill the monsters that they created

  373. Peter Grossett says:

    Just wanted to say, how pleased I am for Mr Salmond. He has had to endure innuendo,and lie, from a hostile MSM. Thank you for a straight account of events.

  374. Doug says:

    You deserve a dram or three, Craig.

    The FM has been excellent in dealing with the current health crisis. She should continue to do so as FM until the outbreak is passed its peak. The FM must then consider her position if facts emerge that prove any incompetence or conspiracy on her part regarding the Salmond trial.

    To be honest I think she should resign for the good of the party but more importantly the good of the independence movement. Obviously those party administrators who acted in an egregiously unfair way towards Mr Salmond must be fired.

    A new pro-indy party will take years to establish itself; far better to keep a SNP party cleansed of all politically dubious elements.

    I believe Alex Salmond has a positive role to play – yet again – in the SNP and independence movement. Yesterday’s verdict has brought independence closer.

  375. jfngw says:

    I think we can assume the UK establishment will not relent on their AS attack, what they will want now is some charge that does not involve a jury. Failing that an accident is always a good UK fallback position (maybe he will shoot himself and through the gun away), he has to tread carefully and watch out for his safety.

  376. RobertTheTruth says:

    @ Dr Jim

    What will it take for you to take off those rose-tinted specs?

    Nicola Sturgeon is not good for the SNP nor Independence. The people she has surrounded herself are of the same mind.

    There is no secret – it is obvious to a blind man in a dark room. What will come to light is the way it was done. The aim is clear for all to see. The SNP get to stay in power if they play by Westminster’s rules. If they go for Independence they will be destroyed. Nicola Sturgeon has accepted that deal.

  377. Mike d says:

    Jfngw. Heart atacks and car crashes their speciality.

  378. Mist001 says:

    I’ve said before, the current party in power in France is ‘En Marche’. It took Emmanuel Macron and his workers THREE years from start up to presidency.

    If the French can do that, the Independence movement can do it too, if it has a mind to it.

  379. Mike d says:


  380. jfngw says:

    @Mike d

    And I can’t spell, ‘throw the gun away’.

  381. manandboy says:

    The English Ruling Class is at War with the Independence Movement in Scotland.

    The battlefield is the public’s perception.

    The Alex Salmond court case merely created the opportunity for mass smearing in the dutiful ranks of the Unionist media for an extended period.

    If as a result of the media vilification of Alex Salmond, the Independence cause is damaged in the eyes of the Public, then it will have been counted as worth it by the Ruling Class, even though the case itself was lost.

    The Scottish Government has not been seriously affected by this result, which in any event is almost completely overshadowed by the Covid-19 Epidemic.

    Alex will have plenty of time to mull everything over and decide on his next move. No bad thing. There’s much to be done.

  382. Mike d says:

    Good post Doug.Agree!

  383. Republicofscotland says:

    Scottish Health secretary quashes PFI carpark charges in PFI hospital carparks in Scotland from Monday for three months.

    At Ninewells hospital, Edinburgh Royal hospital and Glasgow Royal hospital

  384. brobb says:

    Dr Jim says:
    24 March, 2020 at 1:13 pm
    *We know a secret that you don’t know* was basically the method used along with some folk who were prepared to tell stories to get Alex Salmond into court and put on trial, then the court of public opinion was used by the media to make it all worse

    Well said, this is exactly what i feel is happening again, this time to Nicola Sturgeon. I’m really pleased that Alex was cleared of all charges and have enough faith in him to hope he recognises the impossible position Nicola was put in

  385. A2 says:

    “without a stain on his character,”

    oh the ..mud has been washed off but the stain will remain as long as the papers have their way.

    every Salmond story in the press will contain a wee line from now on , somthing like “who was accused of serious sexual assault in 2019”

  386. Dorothy Devine says:

    Re infiltration , is it not time we played the same game by encouraging our English friends who have been told what a bunch of English hating scroungers we are ,to demand that we are removed from the union and let wonderful England sail into their own happy sunset.

    We have plenty examples of how to twist , manipulate and lie – a few wee words here and there in the DM , Telegraph , Guardian should start us off.

  387. Rm says:

    The SNP government have to be tighter and more radical, they’ll never end the Union with all this in fighting, if there is any infighting, between AS, Brexit and now the Coronavirus it just seems like Scotland hasn’t a say no powers, only a handful of SNP politicians seem to want to challenge the way Scotland’s being treated.

  388. Republicofscotland says:

    If this trial of Alex Salmond and the skullduggery surrounding it doesn’t waken folk up to machinations of not just the British state but their people within the Scottish government, and the lengths they go to, to kill indy off, then I don’t know what will.

    The British establishment is petrified that Salmond makes a successful comeback and that he leads Scotland (Already at 50%+ in the polls) to independence and in the process greatly diminishing their power and economy.

    Expect more dirty trick from the security services, and false accusations in the future.

  389. Juan says:

    Well done AS.
    NS is an impediment to independence. Evans should’ve been sacked after the last legal debacle against AS. This SNP leadership have repeatedly refused to use any and all of the mandates given by us, the Scottish electorate. They’ve failed to increase support for Indy despite Brexshit and “Boris” as PM because they refuse to campaign for Indy. Any increase in Indy support has been driven by the lunacy of the Tory regimes.

    This SNP leadership are happy to continue governing Scotland, as this Tory regimes colonialist administrators. I won’t vote for any devolutionary Party. I want DEMOCRACY! I want Scots 700 year old legal Sovereignty defended, protected and preserved. NS has failed.

  390. mike cassidy says:

    Coronavirus crisis so serious even the Druids are making sacrifices.

  391. Willie says:

    At this time of crisis let us show our solidarity, let us show our resolve, and let every one who has a Scottish Saltire display it from there house, their flat, their car.

    A small and simple thing to do but in doing so we can in a sea of blue and white send a message to say that we are not alone, that we are united, and that together we will beat this virus.

    Fly the Saltire like you’ve never flown it before.

  392. ScottieDog says:

    I’ve noticed more of the knuckle dragging gammon are claiming Nan independent Scotland would be buggered due to the Coronavirus. So I’m imagining lots of small countries will be looking for a bailout? No. Here’s some examples…

    Iceland – 230 billion krona ($1.6 billion) package includes state guarantees on bridge loans to businesses and the payment of as much as 75% of people’s lost salaries over the next 2 1/2 months, the government said on Saturday.

    Denmark, Netherlands,
    Paying firms to keep on staff. Offers up to 90% salary

    Finland’s government is preparing to invoke emergency powers to combat the spread of the novel coronavirus and has unveiled 5 billion euros ($5.6 billion) worth of measures to help its economy.

    The Government of Malta has unveiled a €1.8 billion package of measures to help businesses struggling to cope with the impact of the Coron

  393. Capella says:

    People need to remember the SNP did this to Salmond. Nobody else.

    Really? Motive? Evidence?

    I can think of several other organisations who want to see Alex Salmond destroyed, and also Nicola Sturgeon, the SNP and the two most read Scottish political blogs.

    Innocent until proven guilty is still a valuable concept. Until all of those claiming to have special inside knowledge reveal what they know, the rest of us must continue to practice the scepticism about unfounded unsourced allegations which used to be taught by this very blog.

  394. Craig Murray says:


    Six of the nine accusers – including all those shown in court to have directly lied – were senior members not just of the SNP, but of Nicola’s very tight inner political circle. That is a simple fact. I am not permitted by law to give you the names, but those names and their positions were stated in open court.

  395. mike cassidy says:

    The rest of us must continue to practice the scepticism.

    That says it all.

  396. Capella says:

    @ Craig Murray – yes I know that there are people at the top of the SNP who are – possibly – guilty of perjury. If the SNP and Scottish Government isn’t infiltrated by spooks then they are the only organisations in the country who aren’t.

    However, leaping from that to blaming Nicola Sturgeon for this fiasco is a bit of a stretch, unless you know facts unknown to the rest of us. You may well be right. But until we see the evidence then the rest of us have to wait and see with healthy scepticism.

  397. Muscleguy says:

    @Robert Riddich

    In court the head of Salmond’s office at Bute house, Mr Aberdein testified about a meeting he had with Sturgeon. Testified on oath. This contradicts what Sturgeon has said both about such contacts and when she has said she knew about the allegations. She may well have lied to Holyrood.

    Not much is being made of this with the virus and Holyrood in abeyance over it etc but watch this space as they say. At some point this will be raised in the chamber and perhaps a formal complaint made. The interesting question will be if it’s an SNP figure, a Green or a Unionist.

    It might be used as a stalking horse to unseat Sturgeon it is that potentially serious.

    Sturgeon has already referred herself to the standards body over her handling of the govt inquiry which went so pear shaped.

  398. Craig Murray says:


    I do know facts unknown to you, apparently. But fortunately they will not be secret for long. Those who gave false evidence in court against Alex were Nicola’s very closest confidantes, people she sees every day of her life. Nicola has personally extended Leslie Evans tenure. There is more to be told, including about the role of Peter Murrell.

    I value loyalty greatly. But the loyalty of some to Nicola in the face of a glaringly obvious situation is not noble, it is based on dishonest refusal to accept facts.

  399. Republicofscotland says:

    “However, leaping from that to blaming Nicola Sturgeon for this fiasco is a bit of a stretch”

    Its very unlikely that Sturgeon didn’t know what was going on, it takes a great leap of the imagination to think otherwise.

  400. Bob Mack says:


    You are undoubtedly right Craig. Joanna Cherry yesterday pointed to the top of the SNP and especially the CEO as people with questions to answer.

    If Nicola truly did not know about any of this then I ask myself why is she in charge of the party?Who EXACTLY is running the SNP?

  401. Capella says:

    @ Muscleguy – yes, I know of SiU types rubbing their hands in glee at the prospect “she’ll be out by April”. Alex Salmond was supposed to be found guilty, followed by a Holyrood inquiry which would force her to resign. The Unionists will be on it asap.

    Sadly, the corona virus may have interrupted their plans to get rid of Alex Salmond, Nicola Sturgeon, the SNP, WoS and Craig Murray’s reporting by April.

  402. Capella says:

    @ Craig Murray – I’m not loyal to Nicola Sturgeon. I am loyal to the facts and when I see the facts I will accept them. I have no doubt that you have inside knowledge and your comments are based on that. I don’t doubt your integrity at all.
    I am looking forward to the truth coming out soon. 🙂

  403. Dan says:

    This will hopefully reduce anxiety levels for some folk at this time.

  404. Fireproofjim says:

    Civil servants and aides close to Nicola were accusers of Alex Salmond. That seems to be accepted. However the circumstances are still obscure. Perhaps their lies had convinced Nicola that it was all true. If so she would be obliged to let things take their course. She cannot interfere in a police investigation.
    As I have said before, many people outside the the political blogosphere think the world of Nicola and voted for her policies so we cannot afford to throw these supporters away when we are so close to a magic majority.
    We must be mature enough to accept that sometimes it is necessary to put aside our doubts and focus on the greater prize.
    In my opinion we need a combination of NS and AS. I hope they can work together. It is called pragmatism.

  405. gus1940 says:

    A s regards naming names what about the rules on Westminster Parliamentary Privilege which allow the naming of names without sanction.

    Tomorrow’s PMQs would be a suitable occasion.

    Do the same rules on Parliamnetary Privilege also apply to Holyrood?

  406. Vestas says:

    Fireproofjim says:
    24 March, 2020 at 3:30 pm

    “It is called pragmatism.”

    No its not.

    Its called corruption.

  407. Doonhame says:


  408. uno mas says:

    Brussels to open E.U. membership talks talks with Albania and North Macedonia.

    But of course an independent Scotland would NOT be allowed to join.



  409. uno mas says:

    The other country is of course Al…ia

  410. Breastplate says:

    Capella, the truth is that there was a conspiracy by certain people in the hierarchy of the SNP to stop Alex Salmond from re-entering politics. This was made known to us by the court, do you agree or do you have another interpretation of events?
    I’ll carry on with my train of thought with your agreement or not.

    Whether you believe Nicola was involved in or knew about the SNP conspiracy or not doesn’t really matter because if she didn’t know then she has very little control as leader of the party and this has all been going on behind her back; her options if that is the case is to either step down as leader because she has no control or fix things as best she can by making numerous heads roll.

    If she did know she should step down as leader because she has dishonoured the office and trust placed in her by the People of Scotland or she should be run out of politics altogether.

    So what do you think Capella?

    I would genuinely be very interested in your take on this or anyone else who thinks we should give Nicola the benefit of doubt.

  411. Dr Jim says:

    Alex Salmond is a great man but the sectarianists didn’t and will never like him, women didn’t and will never like or trust him and if he inconceivably ever considered returning to politics the media would remind the public every single day of the *accused* *alleged* *not proven* and every other headline they could muster against him

    If folk are applying the criteria of not leading *us* to Independence well sorry folks but Alex failed at that because not enough people voted for the proposition, he tried and he failed

    Is it not time to leave the man alone after everything he’s endured by pinning a whole load of responsibilty on him to do it all again

    Do you want a dead martyr or a retired elder stateseman, I’d rather the man was still around poking his nose in and out than not have him at all

    No matter who or what you believe, believe this, there are people inside and outside the SNP with grudges and grievances galore, there are claims and counter claims one to the other, but all of these people are engaged in one purpose to destabilise the SNP

    Just like big Tam doon the pub who got telt by his mate who lives next door to the guy who cleans the windaes of somebody in the office that he saw a bit of paper wae writin on it

    Believe nothing and nobody until it’s proven, just like Alex’s court case

  412. Capella says:

    @ Fireproofjim – I agree the best outcome would be AS and NS working together. That would disappoint all the right people. Looks unlikely ATM though.

  413. Vestas says:

    I don’t think anyone would disagree that Nicola Sturgeon controls the political side of the SNP? She’s the leader and FM, has appointed her own people for years.

    That’s surely not contentious – even for Capella?

    Now her husband controls the finance and admin side – has done since before she was FM IIRC. He’s appointed his own people much as Sturgeon has.

    Again – thats surely not contentious?

    So between them they control the party entire – or as near as makes no odds.

    To try and say they knew nothing and had nothing to do with the process is risible – even by Capella’s standards.

    We could (again) raise questions like “where’s the ring-fenced indy money gone?” but we’ll get silence. A postponement of the 2021 Scots Parliament elcetions would suit very well because I don’t see how they’ll raise the money to fight them. Not now.

  414. Golfnut says:

    @ Manandboy.

    Best comment of the day. We are at war and some of our enemies are here pressing for division within our ranks. Do we have agents and provocateurs sitting comfortably poisoning our debates and thwarting our ambition, absolutely. Will some that we have come to trust lose their way and falter in sight of the finish line, that’s a given. AS, yesterday outside the court, statesman that he is, made a clear point, coronavirus first, truth and action to follow. Maybe worth thinking about.

  415. Capella says:

    @ Breastplate – yes I do agree that, if Nicola Sturgeon is the scheming, devious, lying character some believe her to be, with the political judgement of Nero, then of course she should be sent packing.

    As it stands though, she is still the most respected and trusted political leader in the UK. Support for the SNP is at 50% and support for independence is at 53%. Only an idiot, or a unionist, would want to get rid of someone with that level of support. Look at the leaders of the other parties!

    However, all support will evaporate if she is proved to be part of a plot to defame Alex Salmond. It isn’t true that women don’t like him. I like him. I’ve met him (briefly) and have always believed him to be innocent of these ridiculous allegations. My only question is – who benefits? Who was motivated to frame him?

  416. bittie45 says:

    ALERT – The cyber war against our primary Independence party is ongoing. As of right now, my duckduckgo search for “scottish national party” within the “Past Month” displays a leading search result of:

    “Scottish National Party – Wikipedia
    [Search domain]
    The Scottish Nazi Party (SNP; Scottish Gaelic: Pàrtaidh Nàiseanta na h-Alba, Scots: Scots National Pairtie) is a Scottish Nazi, social-democratic political shitgroup in Scotland.The SNP supports and campaigns for Scottish independence within the Fourth Reich. It is the third-largest political party by membership in the United Kingdom, behind the Communist Labour Party and the Conservative …”

    Google doesn’t even show the URL within the first hundred results!

    The wiki entry itself does not contain the offensive text anywhere.

  417. Breastplate says:

    Thanks Capella,
    I genuinely don’t care who is in charge of the SNP as long as we get independence.

    I particularly liked Alex as leader because of his intellect and politically forthright and combative characteristics.

    My mother had never met him but disliked him intensely, she didn’t appreciate me pointing out to her that the reason she didn’t like him was that she was told not to like him by the newspapers.

  418. Fireproofjim says:

    Absolutely right. Some on this site believe that discarding NS will be an advantage, but they are wrong. Outside the political bubble she is looked upon as a great politician with a personal rating of 50% by far the highest of any other U.K. politician.
    We ignore that at our peril.
    If you genuinely put Independence as your priority you will hope that an accommodation can be achieved between AS and NS.
    It may seem unlikely at the moment but stranger things have happened.

  419. Lothialad says:

    Off topic guys but advice greatly needed. Re covid 19

    My wife works with local government and is 24 weeks pregnant. She was told not to come into work for 12 weeks as she was a risk category.

    However, she has heard that she will be asked to come in to do admin work in an office with social distancing

    We are concerned about the risk, but, there seems to be no official statement or policy from Nicola Sturgeon about pregnant women. Her union is not much help as she has contacted them and they could not give clear advice, risk assess yourself they say.

    I would be grateful for any well meaning advice please. Thankyou in advance

    Ps. Well done Alex!!

  420. liz says:

    Fighting talk, Breeks.
    Bring it on

  421. Al-Stuart says:

    Hi Vestas,

    I agree with sentiment of your point…

    “The SNP did this to Alex Salmond”

    Might I caveat that please…

    “Nicola Sturgeon and her Woke Squatter version of the SNP at Bute House did this to Alex Salmond”

    Stuart Campbell made a very good point that neither Sturgeon nor Adolph have much incriminating material thus far, but…

    Cut Bono?

    Who benefits?

    Sturgeon does and her Woke friends.

    Counterpoint that…

    It is an incontrovertible fact that Alex Salmond has given his life to the SNP.

    There are many VERY DECENT lifelong SNP members and supporters.

    Apart from the current Dregs of Dreghorn squatter at Bute House and her Coven, plus the AyeRight Albatross and woke-deniers that slither around Wings Over Scotland the SNP WAS a brilliant political institution.

    Because the SNP has some dry rot in a limb and asbestos in an ear, that is probably no reason to euthenaise the institution.

    Sturgeon has run away from a spring conference and is relying on Covid19 to insulate her from the democratic process. But as we NOW have a NOT GUILTY verdict, the post mortem of what that wicked broomstick wielding nest of vipers sought to achieve will be conducted and exposed

    When the rank and file of the SNP discover the duplicitous nature of IndyDenying Nicola Sturgeon and the blood from her sharp Kurt Geiger designer stilleto knife-edged heels is traced to the shoulder blades of Alex Salmond’s spine, then her P45 will be as brutal as that given to Tony Blair, Theresa May, David Cameron, and Gordon Brown.

    I have no doubt Sturgeon is destined to be as popular with the SNP as her Finance Secretary Derek Mackey.

    Once duplicitous Dreghorn gets her jotters, is there any doubt at all who will become the next leader of the SNP?

    I wager Alex Salmond WILL be the First Minister of Scotland again.

    Am hoping his deputy shall be Joanna Cherry QC.


  422. Re., N.S. Kissing A.S Judas betrayed Christ with a kiss ???

  423. Mist001 says:

    Mrs. Murrell:

    Tried to save the UK from Brexit.

    Tried to save the UK from Coronavirus.

    Now at home, trying to save her own skin.

  424. kapelmeister says:

    If you wish to bring about big political change you need a group of people who are fully committed to that goal. You can’t succeed by thinking that it’s simply about numbers and patiently getting more and more people on board and trying to appease or please everyone.

    Lenin understood that the Russian Social Democratic Labour Party would not achieve its aim to overthrow Tsarism by having lots of the uncommitted as members. So he provoked the dispute and the split with Martov and his supporters and allies. Lenin was proved right in his approach.

    Even if few of us admire Lenin and his politics, he shrewdly understood that you get nowhere without focus and commitment in the proper direction. Too many in the SNP’s higher ranks are focussed on just keeping their party as the dominant one in devolution Scotland, and that’s all.

    Should there have to be a fresh independence party, let it be enshrined in the party rules that any members who get elected to parliament only take a very modest amount of their salary and donate the rest to a foodbank. Then you’ll have the right people for the task.

  425. JGedd says:

    It’s a long time since I last agreed with something Jim Sillars said but his piece today about recent events chimed with my own perceptions.

    Having given up on Labour and moving over to the SNP, round about the time that Alex Salmond became leader, he was a towering presence compared to the plain fare we had had in Scottish politics until then. However, over time I had some reservations about what Sillars called ‘the cult of personality’.

    Salmond was still a good politician and good leader but capable of making miss-steps. So what, as long as the flaw of egotism which all politicians have, doesn’t become overwhelming? My regard for any leader is always conditional. However it does appear that AS might have created an atmosphere of thwarted ambition around him which eventually sought revenge.

    So I am used to having reservations about politicians. I would have thought that that would be the sensible position. I have the same attitude to Nicola Sturgeon. I felt the cause was greater than any leader.

    I can understand feeling nervous about open speculation from those of us not in the know but we can draw our own conclusions from accounts of the trial which must be held up for the time being, since AS has himself signalled a moratorium temporarily.

    However, I respect Craig Murray and his accounts from inside the court, though restricted, actually did guide us to what became the actual verdict. If you had been following the MSM reports you might have drawn the wrong conclusion about the result. I therefore also respect what he has to say about his inside knowledge.

    In the fullness of time we will know what that is and I hope that the right actions will be taken, irrespective of the prospect of damage to reputations. In the end truth must come out. The cause should be greater than any leader.

  426. Colin Alexander says:

    There was an interesting article about the Treaty of Union,found here:

    The Treaty of Union is an international treaty between the sovereign kingdoms of Scotland and England. The Treaty is sometimes referred to as the “Articles of Union”. An article is a part of a treaty.

    The Treaty was incorporated into Scottish domestic law as the Union with England Act 1707. The Treaty was incorporated into English domestic law as the Union with Scotland Act 1706. (skip to last paragraph if you cannae be bothered to read it all).

    (In domestic law (Acts of Parliament) a part of an act is referred to as a “section”).

    The international treaty cannot be changed by domestic legislation – except where the Treaty makes provision for domestic legislation to change its terms (the Treaty does in some parts). However,according to the Treaty some Articles cannot be amended, so cannot be altered by domestic legislation.

    The example used in the essay to explain this uses the comparison between the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR), which is an international treaty signed by member states
    of the Council of Europe. The ECHR is an incorporated treaty. It is incorporated into Scots Law and English Law as the Human Rights Act 1998. The Human Rights Act gives direct effect to the ECHR in UK domestic law.

    UK Parliament can amend or abolish the Human Rights Act 1998 as that is legislation created by UK Parliament. The UK cannot amend or abolish the ECHR, as it is an international treaty signed by sovereign states.

    The UK has signed and ratified some treaties (which unlike the Treaty of Union) have not been incorporated into domestic law, for example some UN treaties. Even then:
    “… a domestic UK statute must be interpreted in a way that is consistent with the obligations undertaken by the UK under any relevant international convention. Words of a UK statute, passed after the date of a treaty and dealing with the same subject matter, are to be construed, if they are reasonably capable of bearing such a meaning, as intended to carry out the treaty obligation and not to be inconsistent with it: A v SSHD §27. There is a strong presumption in favour of interpreting an English statute in a way which does not place the United Kingdom in breach of its international obligations: Assange §122”.

    As the essay points out, the UK has effectively treated parts of the Treaty of Union ( which the Treaty says are NOT open to amendment) as UK domestic legislation, and has amended them.

    A fairly recent example is that the Treaty forbade for all time that the monarch being married to a Roman Catholic. Treaty of Union Article II: “And that all Papists, and Persons marrying Papists, shall be excluded from, and for ever incapable to inherit, possess, or enjoy the imperial Crown of Great-Britain”. Yet, UK Parliament passed The Succession to the Crown Act 2013 which permits the monarch to be married to a Roman Catholic.

    What is the legal basis for this?

    The Treaty is between Scotland and England.

    We also have the UK Parliament amending the ENGLISH Parliament legislation which incorporated the Treaty of Union into the Kingdom of England’s domestic legislation: “Union with Scotland (Amendment )Act 1707” to change the terms of the GB Union FOR Scotland. How can an English act of parliament apparently be retrospectively amended to apply to Scotland? Is this in accordance with the Treaty?

    Sturgeon banged on about rule of law regarding s30 and acting lawfully regarding a referendum to end the Union. Why no mention of the rule of law being flouted to impose terms of Union on Scotland in clear breach of the Treaty and so in breach of international law (which is superior to domestic law).

  427. mike cassidy says:

    Jim Sillars’ article.

  428. robertknight says:


    “Only an idiot, or a unionist, would want to get rid of someone with that level of support”.

    What do you get if you support the current SNP heid bummer? IndyRef2? A unified campaign shouting from the rooftops the benefits of an Independent Scotland in the EU? A Government in Edinburgh prepared to stand up to BawJaws and his fascist boot boys and girls, hell-bent on reducing this country to the status of a county? A timetable of legislation clearly intended to further the interests of the country and not one which panders to the zealots championing devisive and poorly constructed policies on behalf of a tiny minority? A Plan B?

    Why is her support where it is? Because the MSM do not monster her as they did AS. Why is that? Because the SNP is the enemy of the British Establishment, and you never interrupt your enemy when they’re making a mistake. NS as leader has turned out to have been a mistake on the part of the SNP. Some, however, still refuse to see it despite the evidence.

  429. Colin Alexander says:

    Cannae say I never warned youse YEARS AGO that the Scottish Govt are rotten to the core.

    Too many on here have been ruled by blind faith in those who wear a yellow rosette. Blind faith in ANY politician or political party = blind stupidity.

    Any criticism, any attempt to hold our politicians to account to the people of Scotland has repeatedly been shouted down as Unionist and anti-independence.

    Clearly, the greatest ENEMY to independence is not the avowed unionists. The greatest threat to Scotland EVER becoming independent comes from within the SNP itself and the morons who are blinded by loyalty to a yellow rosette.

  430. Patrick Roden says:

    It was true that a lot of women thought that AS was ‘smug’ but that was probably more to do with the media bias than anything else.

    It’s also true that when Nicola took over, a lot of women who didn’t like AS began to warm to the SNP.

    But, surely no one has failed to notice just how many women have recently resigned their membership of the SNP, or stated publicly they wouldn’t vote for them as a result of their destruction of women’s rights and their ignoring of legitimate child safety concerns?
    Under NS’s leadership we have became a party that has become divided and are hurtling towards becoming Scottish Labour part 2.

    All because our leadership and her inner cabal who are in favour of an unscientific belief system, that is a danger to women and children, and is a massive own goal to the SNP.

    And, they have been beavering away, pushing this legislation through (sometimes secretly) while lamely allowing Theresa May, probably the weakest leader the Tories have ever had to tell Scotland ‘Now is not the time’

    If Nicola’s SNP, had put up just half the fight against the Tories at this time, as they did against SNP members and supporters, who were expressing concerns about the GRA legislation, we might have had indyref2 by now!

    Instead, we were being told that we were trash! or Homophobes and worse, by people at the very heart of NS’s party.

    The damage that NS’ leadership has done to the SNP isn’t just about this trial, but it has just been the final straw for a lot of people, and as the truth about her involvement in the whole saga becomes more widely known, it will become the final straw for a lot of more people.

  431. Del G says:

    bittie45 says:
    24 March, 2020 at 4:30 pm
    As of right now, my duckduckgo search for “scottish national party” within the “Past Month” displays a leading search result of:

    “Scottish National Party – Wikipedia
    [Search domain]
    The Scottish Nazi Party (SNP; Scottish Gaelic: Pàrtaidh Nàiseanta na h-Caesar!, Scots: Scots National Pairtie) is a Scottish Nazi, social- …

    That edit was live for only a few minutes before someone corrected it. The culprit has been banned permanently for this and other disruptions.

    And google DOES list the SNP right at the top of the results.

  432. There has been an upsurge in the buying of `Scottish` newspapers recently,

    to compensate for the lack of loo rolls,

    which gives a lie to the age old Scottish saying,

    `the Daily Record!, a wouldnae wipe ma ar@e wi it`

  433. Colin Alexander says:

    Re: Mr Salmond. A jury of his peers acquitted him of the charges. I think justice has been done and am relieved about that.

    However, Mr Salmond is no “innocent man”. He got himself into compromising situations that left him wide open to accusations in at least some of the situations (which seems were then exaggerated or re-interpreted with the passage of time). (Others were apparently complete fabrications.

    He’s let his wife down and let the independence movement down by drunken (consensual)lecherous sleazy conduct. Alex Salmond has acted more like Sir Les Paterson, than the hero of the independence movement.

    Hopefully, he has learned his lesson about who to trust and how to behave, especially when so much honour, prestige and responsibility rested on his broad shoulders.

    Alex, celebrate your freedom. Be thankful you could afford top counsel and had a fair trial – others aren’t always so lucky.

    I look forward to what you have to say about the conduct of others in the SNP but you need to take a long hard look at yourself too.

    You were in a position of great privilege and great responsibility and you let us down.

    You are not a criminal but you’ve been a bloody fool; but if your wife can forgive you, I hope the people of Scotland can forgive you too.

    You have your freedom. In the future, I hope you can play a part in helping Scotland’s people find their freedom too.

  434. K1 says:

    Oh do fuck off Colin.

  435. Famous15 says:

    Colin any wise person would have stopped at “justice has been done” but you could not hold in your yoonery .

  436. robertknight says:

    Colin Alexander…

    Agree. Poor judgement, undoubtedly with a little help from the 43% abv. Thought for a while that he was heading in the direction of the Bill Clinton school of semantics. Thankfully, that didn’t happen.


  437. cynicalHighlander says:

    There are laws about defamation Colin Alexander, just saying.

  438. Ayeright says:

    State of this place. Will soon be seeing tumbleweed blowing through.

  439. Ayeright says:

    Which was always the goal of the Unionists. Well done house jocks for doing their job for them.

  440. Breastplate says:

    Agreed Famous 15,
    Empty vessels make the most noise, it was dreary lazy thinking and a complete waste of time.
    You really must do better Colin.

  441. Effijy says:

    Colin you have excelled yourself with the pish you have just posted!

  442. Fionan says:

    “Mike d says:
    24 March, 2020 at 9:31 am
    Famous 15. I think thousands of Scottish women should now come forward to the police with accusations like’ see yon alex salmond, i wis standing at a bus stop when he drove by and leered at me in a sexually provocative kinda way. Show all this s***e up for what it is.”

    That is the biggest LOL I have had in ages, thank you for that, just what the doctor ordered in these anxious times!

    Re the met becoming possibly involved, I agree with Breeks, we must protect Alex from any further stress using any and all tools we have. And ridicule is one of the strongest tools. But also, as another commenter above says, we should not get embroiled in blame games right now, that is what the unionists are trying to force us to do. Cool, calm heads, no blame, protect AS (and others like Joanna Cherry) and let things stew for a while, those who are stewing now are those who fully deserve to stew before they are discarded as the unionist-favouring lumps of brown stuff that they are.If we become reactive now, we are only damaging our own progress towards indy. Dont let the unionists gain any leeway whatsoever by heading an ‘own goal’.

    The current buzz from the trial verdict will keep us on track and energised for a while as the virus takes its course, then afterwards, we will be ready to strike 🙂

  443. sassenach says:

    Coco lives???

  444. cynicalHighlander says:

    @ Ayeright says:
    24 March, 2020 at 7:39 pm

    State of this place. Will soon be seeing tumbleweed blowing through.

    We noticed it.

  445. Colin Alexander says:

    Good health to those who curse and swear at me.
    Same to the nicer people who read Wings.

    Stay home when you can.

    Don’t take unnecessary risks with your life and your family’s and friends’ lives.

    For those who continue to provide public services etc, and especially to our NHS staff, a big thank you.

  446. John D says:

    Two wee things today sum up the uk state broadcaster for me .
    On the bbc news web pages on the England page an item headed ‘England’s Big Picture: Images of the Nation . Then on the Scotland page a similar item titled ‘your pictures’ . It did make me lol. Just noticed the ‘oor pictures ‘ have been removed ?

  447. Elmac says:

    Colin Alexander @ 7.18

    What an utter laughing stock you are. AS may not be perfect but he is a saint by comparison with that corrupt, lying, immoral and criminal buffoon residing (temporarily) at 10 Downing Street.

    You may be a complete arse but I also wish you well in avoiding the virus.

  448. dakk says:

    Was at the supermarket earlier and am very concerned for the staff who still had no masks on, and very few with gloves on.

  449. terence callachan says:

    I’ve been in lockdown over two weeks now I go for walks in the countryside pass about four or five people in an hour walk on the other side of the road if possible hold my breath ten metres either side don’t speak just nod hello.

    Don’t go to shops
    Do online shopping there are fish merchants all over Scotland with websites I order fish it’s delivered quickly in ice packed boxes

    I also order from online butchers who also do ready meals

    I get my milk eggs orange juice delivered milkman online too
    And I get a veg box also ordered online

    Live in Dundee

    Thyroxine will run out soon all chemists have big queues I won’t go unless empty so I doubt I will get my prescription

    Hope you all keep well

    If you have to go out hold your breath when you pass people same if near people coughing and move quickly away
    A scarf helps too , not perfect nothing is but any barrier is better than none

  450. Patrick Roden says:

    @ terrence callachan,

    If you don’t mind me asking, what is Thyroxine used for?

  451. defo says:

    You would think that supplies & resources would be distributed as equitably as possible across the UK,broad shoulders,better together like.

    What will most likely happen, is that the metropolis currently at the centre of the hurricane, will, by increasingly desperate demand, suck in almost everything becoming available over the next few weeks.

    Hope I’m wrong, but if not then this will focus every mind on who has their back.

  452. call me dave says:

    What is thyroxine used for?

    Uses. Levothyroxine is used to treat an underactive thyroid (hypothyroidism).

    It replaces or provides more thyroid hormone, which is normally produced by the thyroid gland. Low thyroid hormone levels can occur naturally or when the thyroid gland is injured by radiation/medications or removed by surgery.

  453. jfngw says:

    Just thinking of all the things to do in retirement, it now seems the excitement of my week will be a visit to a supermarket. I’ve been in since my last visit (Thursday), I can now see how some people may get a bit stir crazy.

    Thankfully I’ve use Netflix and Amazon Prime, if I was relying on the output of the broadcast channels I would definitely be bored, most of the output is absolute dross. BBC One has become a government information channel for many hours of the day, although I’m not sure it actually imparts any real information, too much coverage obscures the message with too many opinions.

  454. Mist001 says:

    Tonights prediction from me is civil unrest/disquiet sometime in the middle or towards the end of April. It may actually bring about the downfall of Johnson government.

    My reasoning?

    The government has pledged to pay up to 80% of workers who have been temporarily laid off due to Corona.

    Normally, that could be do-able BUT……all the offices and admin that organise and deal with all that stuff are closed because of Corona.

    The payments are due to be paid by the end of April. Mid April is when people will begin to realise that there’s been a major cock up in the governments planning for this and they won’t be getting their money when they were told they would and funnily enough, they’ve reassured all their landlords and creditors that they’ll meet all their bills at the end of April.

    On top of that, there’s also 5 million self employed in the UK who are only just managing to claim unemployment benefit of £94 a week. That’s 5 million people who are already unhappy.

    Join them all together and there’s another crisis heading the governments way.

    Et voila, as they say in Germany.

  455. Dr Jim says:

    So England’s doomed then

    Watching the news from there is like a comedy sketch, laughable if it weren’t so serious, it seems that all of the newscasters are interviewing people who can find loopholes in the instuctions given to people so they can take advantage and not comply with the rules, then they take you to parks where folk just admit to not bothering about any of it, one guy even said out loud direct to the interviewer “well I’m not ill” while their own health minister is telling them they’ll be taking over warehouses and sports arenas as makeshift hospitals 1000 to a hall, this is the stuff of nightmares and still they look for ways to avoid behaving properly because it’s all a bit of a bother for them

    We’ve seen the Italian situation and the Spanish where initially folk paid no attention and carried on as normal and now look at where they are

    Up here in Scotland we’ve still got people saying I’m no daein what Nicola Sturgeon says, because … if it’s some kind of personal insult to them and their politics

    If this attitude continues and every country suffers from it without learning from the misfortunes of other countries, places like America will end up shooting one another

    For the sake of sitting in your house for a while having a lazy time and watching the telly folk would rather risk their lives and the lives of others

    Some people in the world are mentally irregular

  456. terence callachan says:

    Patrick Roden….thyroid medication

  457. Mist001 says:

    ** That should read ‘The government has pledged to pay up to 80% of workers WAGES who have been temporarily laid off due to Corona.

  458. RobertTheTruth says:

    @sassenach 8.13 pm

    Cubby sneaks back after being told to sling his hook. Don’t you have a pew over at the pious WGD?

  459. terence callachan says:

    mist001… govt in U.K. paying 80% of people’s pay because unable to work-covid19

    You have it wrong…they will not pay it April /May

    They will enable employers to recoupe wages they pay to employees unable to work because the business is not operating due to covid19

    80% can be recouped by employers who will be able to apply to HMRC on a website not yet made
    It’s not going to done by April or May

    Lucky if the specially constructed HMRC website is up and running by May
    Then employers will have to apply for the 80% there are conditions attached

    Only after that will HMRC pay out

    Could be June July before payments start


  460. jackie says:

    People on brew money are on about £74 a week,,,,why are the new intake of unemployed suddenly getting £94 a week.

    That will cause even more friction across the UK.

    And what about those who didn’t get paid monthly but were on a weekly wage, this Friday they have no fuckin money, and won’t have any Friday wage for many months to come by the sounds of things.

    How are they meant to pay their rent, their gas and electric bills, or even buy food for their family?

    Lots of unanswered questions.

    It will surely have to come to a head sooner or later.

  461. Famous15 says:

    A few people I know cannot get medication eg asthma inhalers, strong antibiotics.sodium channel blockers(for hypertension) etc and pharmacists say its the bottleneck in imports. We are no longer an EC priority! Thank you Boris.

  462. Mist001 says:

    That’s what I was saying the other night, I think the government has to, or at least should, bring in a no strings attached Universal Basic Income across the board and scrap unemployment benefits, sickness benefits and all this.

    Every day, I see the UK government digging itself deeper and deeper into a hole.

    You’ll probably find out about this tomorrow if it gets in the papers but the UK government turned down the offer from the EU for the supply of ventilators, face masks and testing kits. They turned it down!!

  463. Colin Alexander says:

    Take heart, Wingers.

    Pro-Indy supporters who believe Sturgeon’s SNP are fighting for Scottish independence are no the stupidest people alive today.

    Those who are carrying on as normal during the Covid-19 pandemic retain top slot as the stupidest people alive,

    For a few days more anyway….cough, cough.

  464. mike cassidy says:

    Covid-19 has come to tell us that we are not the kings of the world

  465. Ayeright says:

    “pious WGD”


    Heard it all now, this site has become a cesspit worthy of the worst the Daily Mail has to throw at Independence.

  466. jfngw says:

    Contained in this twitter thread is a three part article on the incompetence of the UK government in handling the coronavirus.

    They followed a disastrous model ignoring what was happening in other countries. The bad news is the ScotGov like lapdogs just accepted this flawed analysis despite what they could see happening in other countries, harmony seemed have overtaken the need to protect the people of Scotland.

  467. jackie says:

    Ayeright 12.02

    If you want more information as to why Independence has been held up, you better go knocking on the door of Bute House in Edinburgh.

    The current occupant will be able to provide you with all the information you need.

  468. Ayeright says:



  469. jackie says:

    Nicola has been nobbled.

    She has been got at.

    She has been made an offer she just couldn’t refuse.

    The Murrell’s pick up a healthy monthly salary between them, plus a free luxury Villa in the middle of Edinburgh.

    Chauffeur driven limousine to drive them to any hotel of their choice for more freebees.

    Independence would bring that lifestyle tumbling down.

    Why would anyone in their right mind want to give all that up.

    Maybe now we know the real reason why the Murrell’s are not in the mood for the fight for Independence.

  470. Mist001 says:

    @ jfngw

    I’ve been posting all week about the Scottish Governments lack of leadership over this issue and Mrs. Murrell simply repeating almost word for word, what the UK Government had said 24 hours previously. It’s absolutely shameful and embarrassing.

    And of course, I was quickly accused of being a Britnat, a Yoon, a member of something called the 77th Brigade and all the rest of it.

    So, I’m extremely pleased to see that at least two of us are seeing and paying attention to what’s going on.

  471. Ayeright says:


  472. jackie says:


    The only tumbleweed you hear blowing about, is the tumbleweed blowing about inside that napper of yours.

    You are as bright as a 3watt bulb.

  473. Ayeright says:



  474. Iain More says:

    I am not a fan of AS but this was the correct decision. It should never have gone to Court. There needs to be immediate changes at Police Scotland for one. As to the rest of the stuff I have read here well –

    Sturgeon and her Cabal need to go by fair means or foul. Fiona Robertson needs to be sacked and Evans needs to be sacked as well.

    AS needs to get litigious and fast. I would gladly make a contribution to that even though I am not a fan of his.

    I could say more but I don’t want to write a book.

    Stay healthy folks unless you are a Yoon in which case it is die yah canutes.

  475. Breeks says:

    The pieces are beginning to fall together, but I feel like I only have about 60-65% of the picture so far. There is enough clarity to reveal some very curious and sometimes worrying events and circumstances.

    To quote Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, “When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth”.

    I feel with Nicola Sturgeon, I am at the stage where I see “A” truth that’s a strong contender to be “the” truth, – and it isn’t very flattering. But I have to bite my tongue because there are still a few outlandish possibilities which I cannot yet fully eliminate as impossible explanations, so I have to suspend judgement. But the weight of evidence, whether it’s factual and objective, or subjective innuendo – smoke with or without fire, raises a lot of concern.

    I don’t know who’s who behind the scenes in the SNP or Scottish Government, so I was a “late developer” trying to join the dots in the Alex Salmond smear, which nobody was free to explain. But a big shift in my own thought process occurred once I worked out who one of Alex Salmond’s anonymous accusers actually was, and that tiny revelation bounced around my head like a ball bearing in a pinball machine… It resonated… right down to currently unresolved situations which appear at first glance bizarre and totally unrelated. Suddenly those situations are much less bizarre, and very much are related. The plot suddenly thickened….

    Frustrating if you can’t work it out? Yeah. It is. You need a wee bit inside knowledge that I didn’t have. Go sister, soul sister, go… to Craig Murray’s Yes Minister script.

    Does it matter? Well, if you cannot understand why the SNP did absolutely NOTHING to exploit Joanna Cherry’s thoroughly excellent legal assaults on the UK’s unwritten constitution, which subjected the UK Prime Minister to obey Scots Law. Then yes, it does matter.

    If you want to understand why one of Scotland’s brilliant and strongest advocates for Independence has received muted accolades from her Party, and even has competition to contest a seat from her own SNP. Then yes, getting to the bottom of this absolutely does matter.

    There is a big stink here, because something is rotten, and the rotten thing might already have cost Scotland both our Independence and our European citizenship when both were there to be saved, and it is currently trying very hard to bury our Constitutional Sovereignty somewhere deep in the woods.

    I think the truth, warts and all, has never been more important to establish. It may very well be a can of worms yes, but we desperately need those worms out of the tin… or a new tin.

  476. Breeks says:

    One of the big problems I struggle with the “why” factor.

    There is an obvious “why” if this disruption was the work of Unionists, but if these people are or were Nationalists, then the why factor is somewhat perplexing.

  477. sassenach says:

    roberttheTRUTH??@ 11-23pm

    What the heck are you spouting about?

  478. Vestas says:

    ” Breeks says:
    25 March, 2020 at 7:09 am

    One of the big problems I struggle with the “why” factor.

    There is an obvious “why” if this disruption was the work of Unionists, but if these people are or were Nationalists, then the why factor is somewhat perplexing.”

    Same as it always is – money & power.

  479. Breastplate says:

    I believe, like you and others, that there is something rotten in the state of Denmark.
    I’m also pretty sure the SNP won’t be able to or want to excise the malignant tumour and to me it looks like the host body is going to suffer a slow and agonising death unless we have a crack surgical team at the top of their game.

    We may indeed as you say, need a new tin unfortunately.

  480. Effijy says:

    I flip breakfast news shows and been doing so for weeks.
    Never once has any Tory Minister interviewed actually
    Answered the question put to them.

    I don’t like Pierce Morgan but I must say he has rightfully
    Ripped apparat by him and he has established that they
    Don’t answer questions because the truth is they are completely
    Incompetent and outing money before life every day.

    They cannot deliver the essential equipment the NHS desperately
    They force the self employed to go to work risking the spread of infection
    Because they will not have a penny for their bills otherwise.

    They are telling non essential construction workers go to work where again
    Travelling and working with others and taking it home.

    They continue to charge the NHS for parking in England.

    Disgraceful greedy incompetent Tory Westminster must be chopped away from Scotland for ever.

  481. Famous15 says:

    Breeks I am too old and though I had a genius IQ when at my peak at 24 years old I admit and am unashamedly doddery now and I desperately wish I knew the truth that is now dawning upon you!

    BTW if you live in Western Edinburgh and western West Lothian and put your nose outdoors now and smell nothing but sweet fresh air,you have Covid19.

    That farmer spreading the manure is doing Nicolas’ job for her or for Shirley Ann S the local MSP. And ensuring we stay indoors.

  482. Frank Gillougley says:

    The times we live in. I am even beginning to think that David Icke had a point about ‘reptiles’ when I see images of Tim Martin.

  483. Dan says:

    The “Union Bonus” of still being in this unUnited Kingdom with its really shit defence systems.
    It has millions of quids worth of stockpiled missiles, bombs, and other weaponary equipment but not enough medical supplies and equipment to defend us against a pandemic.
    There have been studies re. pandemics after the 2003 SARS episode. But in true shortsighted stylée the UK did next to nothing to prepare itself.
    Can we no just send a trident missile or fighter jet tae wipe out the virus?

  484. One of the problems with the `current` SNP is the crossover of the self serving Labour Blairites,

    the Blairites in Scotland needed a new host to infest after their original host died,

    after 2014 whith the surge in SNP membership the parasitical Labour Blairites masked their real intentions and faked a love of Scottish independence,

    their real purpose was to keep the union but also make sure they were doing alright as part of SNP in local and national government,

    our willingness to accept all into our Yes family let in the self serving Labour Blaitite virus/parasite.

  485. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @Breeks (7.09) –

    Most of us won’t be shifting far for a while so we can take our time working it all out.

    No doubt Rev, Craig Murray and a few others will find a way of dropping some wee clues here and there. Kind of like ‘hide the thimble’, so we’d best be sharp!


  486. Famous15 says:

    Musing about that farmer in Eastern West Lothian spreading the manure has raised my spirits.

    It must be the first time in my life that the smell of shite has given me hope for the future.Think about it.

  487. Breeks says:

    I have the oddest feeling. You’d think all of this would leave you desolate in spirit, but I was at my desolate low point back in January, when our sovereignty was squandered and our European Citizenship abandoned without so much as a fight. Our gutless and unforced capitulation was my low point. The lowest I had felt since 2014.

    The fact the SNP is now skating on thinner and thinner ice over its bizarre GRA reform and now has Alex Salmond fallout to deal with, well paradoxically, it actually feels good, like the dawning light of progress. It feels like something has been bunging up the drain for month after month, but finally, the drain rods have just found the obstruction.

    Whether we can clear it, or whether need to dig it out remains to be seen, but one way or another, when this is over, the obstruction will be cleared and stink will be gone.

  488. jackie says:

    A lot of Wingers complain that in this time of National crisis that we should be fully concentrating on defeating this Virus

    Well I don’t know about you, but I have this extraordinary ability to think if two things at the same time

    So no, the world doesn’t stop thinking because of this virus, it actually gives you more time to think of other things.

    It is usually the “I love Nicola” Brigade who tell us to think of nothing else but this virus.

    Well sorry chums, that just ain’t gonna happen.

    The cat is out of the bag, so to speak.

  489. Dan says:


    Wonder if that farmer is anything like me in that we’re putting in a load of effort preparing land to grow stuff without knowing if we’ll be alive to eat our produce.
    If I don’t make it at least I’ll have died trying, mucky with soil and decently dirty finger nails as I leave the Garden of Eden.
    One more shift today to finish digging this last veg bed…

  490. Pete says:

    Good news on the grants to small businesses.
    All the local authorities throughout the UK now have the forms on line for businesses to claim and they are stating that the cash will be in bank accounts within 10 days. Great work.
    Stock markets are recovering as Trump is aiming to get America back to work by Easter.
    Reading so many articles about ‘the cure being worse than the disease’ that I don’t think this will carry on for more than a couple of weeks.
    The deaths really aren’t that great. It’s the numbers requiring hospitalisation that’s the problem.
    Once they fix the capacity situation then I think we’ll just go for it.

  491. Breastplate says:

    I may be wrong but I think because the powers that be have have stated that we have left the containment stage of Covid 19 and entered the delay stage, flattening the curve and all, that we still want or need people to contract the virus albeit at a slower rate.

    If for example, 2000 patients are admitted to hospital with Covid 19 related problems and need a bed for a month before they either get better or not (remember this is only an example) and say we only have 1000 beds and medical staff to treat them, then we have a severe problem. What would be better is if we have 1000 patients 1 month and 1000 patients the next month so that hospitals can cope. Of course it’s a difficult balance that would need the help of an accurate algorithm.

    I can sense some people are already thinking what if I can dodge it altogether or get vaccinated against it when one is developed.
    Well that is entirely possible but it would mean self isolation for an indefinitely long time and may be the only option for people at high risk of death after contracting the virus.

    Sorry Effigy, I understand that you are an intelligent person. I used your comment to address the concerns of others and convey my thoughts on the matter.
    I would be interested in what people think on the matter and maybe a small discussion may make some people feel better.

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