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Bolted from the blue

Posted on March 21, 2020 by

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  1. 21 03 20 07:56

    Bolted from the blue | speymouth

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  1. Ruglonian says:

    Excellent work Chris!

    Stay safe folks x

  2. Andrew Davidson says:

    The amount of folks that don’t get that is staggering. Excellent work, as Ruglonian said.

    I ended up having a wee disagreement on twitter yesterday with someone thinking it was heartless of me to suggest telling an elderly person NOT to come out and do their shopping in the middle of a pandemic was a good thing. Heartless? There are alternatives to going out shopping for the elderly and disabled. There are safer ways for them to get company too.

    Anyway, here in Oz it seems like it’s even worse; at least there in the UK the government seems to have woken up the last few days and is taking proper action. In Australia we’ve been told that people shouldn’t gather together and that’s it. Schools open, businesses open, pubs open, no suggestion of working from home. Oh wait! They DID close Bondi Beach today. Not all beaches, just Bondi.

  3. Geoff Huijer says:

    Quality work as usual.

  4. Simon Curran says:

    On the topic of locking the school gates. I find it unbelievable that when the UK Government said that schools would be open for key workers that they hadn’t even got a list of who fell into that category. It just strikes me that any half competent government would have been planning for worst case scenarios and talking to unions and head teachers two weeks ago. Just gives the impression of incompetence or not taking seriously what was happening elsewhere.

  5. starlaw says:

    Meanwhile in London the tube rumbles on, the perfect virus spreading machine. This is all about money, the wage top ups are to prevent the breakdown of law and order.

  6. jjmnarelene says:

    Man, that sent a shiver up my spine.

  7. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

    That’s it 2020 = End of the world!


    Kenny Rogers has died aged 81.


    He knows when to fold ‘em!


  8. bookie from hell says:

    self employed will go under in three months never mind 18

  9. Effijy says:

    The Tories are so full of shit making bad decisions and vacillating.

    UK Media doing their bit not asking the essential questions of who, why, where, what, how.

    OK – They claim they have stock piled all supplies necessary, so why are they all short of the essentials? Why is it taking 2 weeks to send out the first trucks, is everything in the trucks and
    How long can those supplies last? When is the next delivery?

    How can Amazon deliver the next day and Tory NHS takes weeks?
    Take the non tax paying Amazon system and trucks and deliver what they need.

    Schools should stay open, then they should be closed then some schools should stay open for some
    I identified Essential workers children??? Just doesn’t make sense.

    Bars, Clubs, Restaurants to be closed which obviously leads to all workers, in their millions being made redundant. After the obvious they announce that some could get up to 80% of their wages.

    When is the money available, how do you claim it, do Zero hours and part time workers get it,
    Is it 80% only for those on the minimum wage and have they now set a new lower minimum.
    Some people might get up to £2,500?
    Is that for retired Doctors coming back to help? Who gets that?

    My wife is self employed and now had no business but all the overheads of an office, rent, rates, broadband, line rental, Electricity, etc.

    She will need to walk away from it with no where to go but it sounds like she might get a loan.
    Debt is no use to her as she needs people to travel and travelling has stopped across the globe and
    Probably preventative for the next year.
    She couldn’t consider borrowing for a year to pay the bills from other companies to find people in general still aren’t travelling as they try to play catch up on mortgages, increased food costs due to Brexit and trying to build some sort of savings cushion again.

    We need ventilators and China had all the ventilators they ever needed which are now redundant.
    How about we buy them and have Amazon deliver them tomorrow?

    I’ve been saying for years that the Tory NHS austerity will face a major Flu epidemic and thousands
    will needlessly die.

    The English seem oblivious to, or happy with right wing extremist policies to cast out the elderly the weak the unemployed and the general workforce.

    For these reasons we need to cut all possible ties with them and wish them well.

    Scotland is for the Sovereign Scots – A Government Of the people , For the people, By the people!

  10. Simon Curran says:

    I’m waiting for the announcement to cancel HS2. It costs billions, all to cut 15 minutes from London to Birmingham. Takes a crisis like this to show what our priorities should be. Same goes for Trident.

  11. PacMan says:

    Andrew Davidson says:21 March, 2020 at 7:25 am

    I ended up having a wee disagreement on twitter yesterday with someone thinking it was heartless of me to suggest telling an elderly person NOT to come out and do their shopping in the middle of a pandemic was a good thing.

    There is a serious issue of people going without because of unnecessary panic buying. This should have been dealt with a least a week ago here buy the supermarkets limiting purchases. The government needs to step in and sort this out.

    More importantly though, they need to enforce periods of the week where elderly are vulnerable people are only allowed into supermarkets to do their shopping in order to stop infection which is happening now. I heard some supermarkets are doing this now but if they don’t have the ability to stop younger folk from going in without going trouble then the measure is useless.

  12. mike cassidy says:

    The bizarre thing is

    The ‘safeguards’ like school closures are being based on predicted mortality rates

    which do not take into account the ‘natural’ mortality rates of this country

    … there would be “some overlap” between coronavirus deaths and expected deaths – he just did not know how much of an overlap

  13. dakk says:

    Another nice one Chris.

    Apologies to bdtt and all others on here last night.

    I was a narky little bastard.

    No excuses 🙁

  14. Famous15 says:

    Everyone everywhere has a moan about this,that and the selfish bastards,schools should close,schools should remain open,nasty peoplee in restaurants,punbs and shops.

    BUT the nice people like me and mine (holier than Willie for the literate) have not mingled with the throng since weeks and only been to one shop;the chemist.Only one home delivery too but now no slots.

    Yes,I aim to get out in the fresh air and plenty room on the streets and open spaces but we must have people keep to rules about distance. Too old to dodge out of the way of running dogs and youngsters. Dogs perhaps do not get it but the must be vectors when you see where they lick!

    Have a nice day y’all!

  15. Breeks says:

    Maybe some good will come from this.

    Pangolin’s Revenge looks set to take some of us, make a lot of people ill and afraid, and work our support services and NHS to the bone. But we have to make it count for something, and that’s being a better Nation when we emerge out the other side.

    We need to see the wisdom in having resources on standby. We need more spare capacity in our Hospitals. We need more bed capacity in the Highlands and Islands. We need stocks of ventilators, masks, gloves, suits and protective equipment. And if we don’t ever need it, why then we celebrate, and never succumb to the notion that unneeded preparedness was a wasted resource.

    Heads up Scotland, that mindset which values foresight and preparedness, that “putting stuff aside in case we need it” … that mindset is the reason Norway has an oil fund.

    We can emerge from this knowing better how to deal with panic buyers. Maybe everybody needs to maintain at least one cupboard full of long life stores like tinned meats, beans and fruit. Don’t leave it until it’s all gone.

    I remember reading a story years ago, about a big train crash in the UK. It was a long time ago, maybe in the 50’s or 60’s, but there was somebody from Europe on the train, German if I remember correctly. Anyway, he observed that in the immediate aftermath of the crash, before the rescue services got to the scene, the ordinary people helping the injured, First Aid, adopting triage to identify those most badly hurt, coordinating themselves to help get others free of the wreckage, send for backup etc… the people were so calm, organised and efficient that the German visitor took it as given that the ordinary British citizens were well trained in Civil emergencies and all of them knew exactly what to do.

    That’s the kind of Scotland we should be nurturing and working towards.

    We should be much less tolerant of these gobshite Newspapers and TV channels pedalling their lies and distortions. We’re not responsible for producing the shite, but we ARE responsible for tolerating it. There should be a reckoning for them and their bullshit. No proper Scottish Journalist should even consider getting a job with these shit stirring propaganda merchants, racists, xenophobes and alarmists.

    Jeezo, look at the shite and contempt they print about Alex Salmond, yet these vultures get front row seats at the trial, while the defenders of liberty and principle like Craig Murray are shown the door. Not acceptable! Show the rats the door as penance for their lies and defamation. Maybe Scottish Courts need their own press corps, that is detached, professional, and objective, … and Scottish. A professional respected roll every journalist would aspire to become, not just the slimiest toady in the BritNat swamp.

    Our Constitution, our sovereign Constitution should not be some obscure fragment of ancient folklore, but a common belief that is fixed in the mind of every sovereign Scottish citizen. All these gobshite politicians who pedal the lies about Scotland being extinguished need put in their place, and that includes the gobshite politicians who are allegedly on our side but seem inexplicably content to ignore the ramifications of serving a sovereign electorate. The Claim of Right is more than just words, but you wouldn’t bloody think so to look at them.

    It’s time to grow up Scotland. We cannot just be British for 90% of the time and treat Scottish Nationalism as a hobby. We need to get our citizenry as clued up as possible on Scotland’s Sovereign Constitutional Birthright, and as a nation, we must appear to foreign observers as if we Scots must be trained to deal with civil emergencies and be ever alert to the colonial usurpation of their constitution sovereignty. We need to be good at being Scottish.

    It’s not enough to mourn the past. Yes, we know the Highland clearances were a terrible injustice, but here, in the 21st Century, we have Barra crying out for more people. We have Enterprise Companies, we have social house builders, why can’t we give Barra special status to revitalise an integrated, mutually supportive Gaelic speaking community that is a living testimony to Scotland’s Gaelic culture and traditions? Find a way to make it work and make it viable so kids that born there can want for nothing and live a fulfilled life without moving away. Gaelic isn’t a language, it’s a culture and a philosophy, it’s a precious nation within our precious nation. The Gaelic community is our Scottish brother who got a doing from the British, and still needs our help to thrive again. It’s what brothers do.

    If Scotland can be Anglicised, Scotland can be Caledoniafied. Scotland can be a nation that soars with it’s Eagles, doesn’t poison, trap, and destroy them for the obscene and perverse 19th Century blood lust of the over privileged.

    Life in Scotland could be the envy of the world. We have all the pieces in the beautiful jigsaw, but we’re just not putting them together yet.

    It’s the Constitution stupid. That is step 1. It has always been step 1. It will always be the first step. Yet it remains the step we’ve never trod…. yet.

    I’m tired of the self delusion and this interminable phoney war. It’s not preparedness. It IS a stupid waste of resource. Can we please, today, progress to Step 1 and start our journey to make our Nation safe from colonial exploitation and build the Nation we Scots want to live in?

    Have the world acknowledge that the 1707 Treaty of Union has been breached. To coin a topical phrase, “This has gone far enough”.

  16. kapelmeister says:

    Sturgeon had three years during the Brexit battles to gear up for leading the push for independence. She knew she wasn’t up to the task. But she likes being FM and didn’t want to give it up in favour of someone sronger. She has put her own career before the needs of her compatriots and her country.

    Some Wingers won’t agree. But it’s how I see it.

  17. Pete says:

    Mike Cassidy
    You are correct.
    Even a BBC correspondent is now questioning the statistics and that says something!
    The number of deaths attributed to Coronavirus include those who would have died anyway whereas the number of normal annual flu deaths, 8000, is on top of deaths from other causes.
    I think there is going to be a lot more questioning of the stats in the coming days.

  18. meg merrilees says:

    Heard a man on the radio this morning talking about projected statistics and he started by saying ( roughly) if no measures had been put in place we could have expected 500,000 deaths in the UK, with social distancing alone 250,000 but now with the schools closed and pubs etc shut 20,000 would be good!!!!!

    Excuse me Mr. so and so, why not just shut things down completely, test people regularly and isolate anyone who is a suspect then deaths might only be in the hundreds. It’s working in a small village near venice where no-one is dying.

    Meanwhile America has successfully tested a hypersonic missile – 5 times the speed of sound – and N. Korea is firing projectiles into the sea again. Why?

    I suspect that 10,000 deaths will not be enough for the Tories to consider cancelling Trident, HS2 or Brexit.

    We could be in this for the very long haul if we come out of Europe in 9 months.

    Stay safe everyone.

  19. Famous15 says:

    Saw the first bumble bee and first peacock butterfly yesterday.

    Spring has sprung!

    Hope springs eternal etc

    Now I know why we lost in 2014. (Think about recent tribulations)

    We won’t get fooled again.

  20. Rm says:

    Breeks @ 9.14 Aye your right about the media, Scotland needs its own media, just like any other small country have theirs. But as you say it has to have genuine people running it and working for it. Hard to believe anything your see and hear on tv and I definitely don’t believe anything I read in newspapers.the way the world is getting day by day it makes you more cynical day by day, but there doesn’t seem to be anything you can do about it except try and express you views on a site like wings, what you say Breeks let’s me know there is other folk who think the same.

  21. jfngw says:

    It’s pretty much impossible to limit what people buy in supermarkets. You can limit it on one shop but what’s stops them going back a little later or a couple taking two trolleys. Even if you deal with that they can just visit multiple supermarkets. The only method would be to introduce a shopping voucher system that allows one shop per week, can’t see that happening or the public accepting it.

    Like everything, the public want other people stopped doing things but an exception for themselves. We all have our Tim Martin in us, some are just more open about it.

  22. X_Sticks says:

    Another cracker from Chris.

    Sorry to go OT so soon, but this just in from Independence Live. Please help if you can:

    “In these unpresidented times the threat of the corona virus is not only affecting the actual lives of people but it is having a huge impact on the global economy and jobs.

    Independence Live & IndyLive Radio are no different with some of our activists in self-isolation and some economically suffering.

    In support of our activists, if you have any IT needs please contact Steve Callaghan who is our God in the Clouds and keeps IndyLive Radio up and running remotely.

    If you have any conveyancing needs please checkout the company and beautiful people at Conveyancing Direct who we rent a room from that hosts both Independence Live and IndyLive Radio that are also suffering like many businesses and we now owe rent that we cant pay.

    IndyLive are on a shoogly peg and a couple of weeks away from running out of money and probable endof IndyLive as you know it. Normally we would be around 40-50% of the crowdfunder goal that would allow us to pay our rent as well as other out goings. We are currently at 9%.

    Thank you for all the donations so far if you like what we do and can help promote our crowdfunder or afford to give another little donation it would as always be greatly appreciated.


    Kevin Gibney co-founder Independence Live & IndyLive Radio.

    Peace, Love & Scottish independence.

    Be safe.

    Crowdfunder Donation Link:

  23. mogabee says:

    You always hit the spot with your toons Chris and this is no exception.

    This is a time for communities to really show they can cut the mustard with plans in train to deal with social distancing and isolation measures that keep us all safe and well.

    Keep an eye on each other and dinnae be selfish but don’t pretend all is well if you need help. It’s important to be listening and asking for advise.

    I’m looking forward to hugging everyone I know when we are all out of danger so keep safe folks!

  24. Effijy says:

    Daily Hail. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will do their bit?
    They will video link their planned visits charities etc.

    Hope they don’t take too much out of themselves?

    Have you ever sent money to a charity because a couple of millionaire sponges visited them?

  25. Dr Jim says:

    I read a from No to Yes story in the National where a man claims he wants to vote yes to Independence as long as the Scottish government can *guarantee* the stability of Scotlands future and I thought yes and they can come round your house and make your bed and tuck you in at night

    If anyone is waiting for any government or country in the entire universe to *guarantee* anything (except for Prime Minstrel Johnson that is) before they vote for Independence then they’ll never vote for it

    Independence isn’t about *guarantees* of anything, it’s about having the ability to get rid of what doesn’t work (the Union with England) and resetting the decisions within your own competence to begin a society that does work

    Scotland has had social isolation for thee hundred years so this Corona virus crisis that is something we can’t control is the very visible manifestation in a disease as to how Scotland has never had control of anything, all of our lives and our history we’ve had to hunker down till whatever England throws at us is over in the hope that when we emerge it’ll be fine

    Well I’m afraid it won’t be fine because like the Corona virus England will disguise itself mutate and we’ll get it all over again except we can’t vaccinate ourselves against England……But wait hold on

    There is a vaccine available to us all from Englands effects on Scotland, politically isolate England from us and we can’t catch what they keep infecting us with, we’ll be immune like every other normal country in the world

    The Union makes us sick

  26. Republicofscotland says:

    Not that this is a priority at the moment God knows folk are dying from the Coronavirus.

    But it looks like the Holyrood elections set for next year could soon be put back till 2022. The SNP have put on hold the selection of their candidates for next years election.

    The Coronavirus aside, this in my opinion will let the SNP and their unionist counterpart parties breath a sigh of relief, for the SNP were surely going to lose seats, over GRA and the feeling of betrayal over no indyref.

    On the otherhand I’d imagine the London branch offices of Labour, the Lib/Dems and the Tories also must be thinking we’re in for a thrashing at the polls next year, Labour lies, Lib/Dem protection and excuses over sexual abuse of children, and Tory austerity lies, and failure to deliver a S30, would see these treacherous partirs lose seats in Scotland as well.

    So if the election is postponed to 2022, then 2023, or later probably much later as the mantra wil be we need time for the economy to recover.

    But as I said at the top of my comment for now its about keeping safe and healthy.

  27. Republicofscotland says:

    What I find rather disgusting is that with all the isolation required and postponements till later dates that Johnson is determined to push on with negotiations to leave the EU.

    Johnson is rightly calling for the closure of places where folk congregate yet Johnson is so loathing of Johnny Foreigner that even though his top negotiator, David Frost, and one of the EU’s top chiefs Michel Barnier, who both have Coronavirus, he’s still pushing on with it.

  28. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

    UK will have left the EU and BawJaws will have closed Holyrood by 2022 @ Republicofscotland says at 10:15 am

  29. Golfnut says:

    @ RepublicofScotland.

    There are two imperatives driving Johnson’s timetable, tax havens and pensions. It also maybe that a no deal brexit is the ultimate aim and trumps any other considerations.

  30. Effijy says:

    Prepare yourselves for this. Sit Down!

    Things are much worse than the Armageddon we thought we knew!

    I have read through the Daily Hail checking out the obligatory lies and distortion from every fake journalist on the payroll and and, I brain is telling my fingers this can’t be,
    For the first time in 8 years, there are no SNP Bad stories?

    Is the name on the front page forged or have all their regular staff died of Corona Virus?

    It’s the end of the world as we know it!

  31. James says:

    “starlaw says:
    21 March, 2020 at 7:43 am
    Meanwhile in London the tube rumbles on, the perfect virus spreading machine. This is all about money, the wage top ups are to prevent the breakdown of law and order.”

    Key workers need to get to their place of employment and not everyone has a car ye ken.

  32. PacMan says:

    Golfnut says:21 March, 2020 at 11:10 am

    @ RepublicofScotland.

    There are two imperatives driving Johnson’s timetable, tax havens and pensions. It also maybe that a no deal brexit is the ultimate aim and trumps any other considerations.

    Looking at his public appearances, I wonder how long he will last?

  33. Sarah says:

    @ James at 11.37: but wouldn’t it be a good idea if facemasks were handed out at Tube station entrance? I haven’t seen a single person with facemask or similar in any pictures of public places or Tube travel.

    Burka wearers will be laughing, I hope.

  34. PacMan says:

    Just another thought.

    This panic buying carry-on is just a taster of what a hard Brexit would have been. However, it would have been far worse as the supply chain would quickly have been broken due to the chaos of imports/tariffs etc.

    This needs to be brought home to those who are in favour of Brexit and to those Scots against independence.

  35. PacMan says:

    Sarah says: 21 March, 2020 at 11:45 am

    @ James at 11.37: but wouldn’t it be a good idea if facemasks were handed out at Tube station entrance? I haven’t seen a single person with facemask or similar in any pictures of public places or Tube travel.

    Burka wearers will be laughing, I hope.

    Face masks would help but in confined spaces, it would be inevitable that infected surfaces would be touched. There would need to be hand sanitising dispensers available on all stations which would need to be used by passengers before they get on and after they leave. Disposable gloves would probably also be needed.

    Above all, a culture change in peoples attitudes would be needed because all these precautions are useless if people don’t follow them or lax with them.

  36. PacMan says:

    PacMan says: 21 March, 2020 at 11:51 am

    Sarah says: 21 March, 2020 at 11:45 am

    @ James at 11.37: but wouldn’t it be a good idea if facemasks were handed out at Tube station entrance? I haven’t seen a single person with facemask or similar in any pictures of public places or Tube travel.

    Burka wearers will be laughing, I hope.

    Face masks would help but in confined spaces, it would be inevitable that infected surfaces would be touched. There would need to be hand sanitising dispensers available on all stations which would need to be used by passengers before they get on and after they leave. Disposable gloves would probably also be needed.

    Above all, a culture change in peoples attitudes would be needed because all these precautions are useless if people don’t follow them or lax with them.

  37. Famous15 says:

    Would it not be a tragedy if there was a power cut and all the unneeded contents of these overflowing freezers had to be dumped?

  38. Mist001 says:

    I think the buses are playing a risky game and it’s only a matter of time before transport is suspended. It’s the same in Marseille as Edinburgh, where Lothian Buses have begun running a reduced service.

    The official guidelines at the moment are emphasising ‘social distancing’ but by running a reduced bus service, it means that more people will cram onto a single bus each time.

    Surely at this time, the sensible thing would be to run an even more frequent bus service, to minimise the amount of people on each bus?

    That costs money though and with no revenue coming in, there’s a real danger that the companies involved would go bust.

    So if the government starts tightening the rules about social distancing, then the transport has to be suspended.

  39. Anyone going out should take a bottle of water,soap and a towel,

    just takes seconds to give your hands a quick clean after touching surfaces,

    also cleans your hands to stop you passing on anything you have picked up,

    you could have a basin in car/van,

    the virus can stay infectious on a surface for hours so even if you don`t meet anyone you can still pick it up of surfaces.

  40. Liz g says:

    Jfngw @ 9.58
    I’m dreading the shop’s limiting what people can buy!
    While I’m fine…. I already was well in front with my pantry as a “Brexit” precaution….
    I’m now shopping for my elderly,fragile mum and my transplant recipient ( immune system deliberately suppressed, to counter rejecting the kidney )Brother!
    Like many families they cleave to the same foods…
    I will struggle to buy double everything if the shop’s get to strict…
    But what I will say is…We shouldn’t be so quick to judge other shoppers as the new group to hate like the media are leading us to do…. Some are just buying on behalf of others!
    How can anyone offer to help another,if we’re being “trolly” judged!!!

  41. Josef Ó Luain says:

    I may simply be the case that I’ve missed the TV news footage showing the disinfection effort taking place in streets across the country.That I haven’t been able to miss such footage from elsewhere in the world is quite telling.

  42. Clydebuilt says:

    Republic of Scotland @10.15 am

    When looking to future election results perhaps the UK’s place on the Coronavirus death league table will play a part.
    Will England’s true figure be made public Victoria MacDonald Ch4 news said things are happening in hospitals the press aren’t being told about,

    Ch4 last night Germany has 29.6 icu beds per 100,000 people . . . Uk has 6.6
    England is short of 50,000 nurses (Scotland has 48.7% more nurses per head of population than England)

    Doc Guddi Singh said England’s intensive care facilities are at capacity now.

    It’s looking as if the UK Is going to have a higher death rate than other Eu countries
    This week we were told 20,000 deaths would be a good result . . . . Italy has more deaths tgan China at 3405.

    But will it be covered up in England. Scotland’s deaths surely won’t

  43. Capella says:

    Interesting. Via Twitter

    The minister told BuzzFeed News that Cummings and Vallance were “close allies” and claimed the government had “bet” the future of the UK on advice from a very small group of scientists that for a long time differed from the wider international consensus, and other members of SAGE.

  44. Ian Foulds says:

    Breeks at 9.12

    Couldn’t have said it better myself.


  45. PacMan says:

    Scot Finlayson says: 21 March, 2020 at 12:19 pm

    Anyone going out should take a bottle of water,soap and a towel,

    just takes seconds to give your hands a quick clean after touching surfaces,

    also cleans your hands to stop you passing on anything you have picked up,

    you could have a basin in car/van,

    the virus can stay infectious on a surface for hours so even if you don`t meet anyone you can still pick it up of surfaces.

    Towels are havens for germs at the best of times. To get the items you mentioned you will be touching the bag holding them as all these items themselves with potentially affected hands. Of course, it is more effective than doing nothing but it can hardly be 100% effective.

    If you are strict on hygiene and keep away from public spaces where you need to for example touch doors as well as public transport what is the chance of you bringing the coronavirus into your house and either getting yourself or co-inhabitants affected?

    Has there been any scientific testing or advice given out about it?

  46. K1 says:

    All NYTimes articles are free on the corona virus pandemic. No paywall. This should be helpful regarding home cleaning.

  47. K1 says:

    Buy plant misters, I litre ones, 3 capfuls of domestos to 1 litre of water, use this as a spray, I have one for the car (albeit a wee 330ml one that I found in the wee local hardware stores.

  48. K1 says:

    Lizg, I noted your earlier comment regarding getting Vit D from Asda and other outlets for ‘cheaper’, I’ve done a quick search and yes they may well be cheaper but I think the prices are now more than a quid a pop. But also that is for usually 60 to 120 tablets.

    The one I put on off topic was for £11.99 for a years supply, that’s a quid a month too. And ordering them from amazon means you don’t have to go into the shops and deal wi the madness as everything flies off the shelves 🙂

    So I’m going to repost this one from off topic for anyone interested in a good deal, these are tiny wee tablets for those not good with swallowing bigger tablets:

  49. Golfnut says:

    @ Famous 15.

    I sincerely hope there isn’t a power cut, my Freezer is at capacity.
    That’s not from bulk purchasing recently, a lot of people like me get our mince 2.5 kg,stew 2.5 kg and chicken breasts 5kg from our butcher. They sell these packs all yr round. Works out way cheaper than the the supermarkets. I also buy veg from farm foods, again much cheaper and no waste. I screwed like like everybody for toilets rolls, soap and paracetamol though.

  50. Golfnut says:

    @ Pacman.

    Johnson will last long enough to get the job done, no deal Brexit, and then like Cameron he will be off. The alternative is a coup, which looks unlikely with the Conoravirus Bill going through. Scotland like the rest of the UK will need to nurse its wrath till the time comes when we can be put those responsible in the dock.

  51. jfngw says:

    This is well worth a watch, could you imagine any broadcast channel in the UK exposing Boris Johnson’s lies in the same way.

    Although Johnson has promised to beat the virus in 12 weeks, I assume he will resign if he fails, need a laughing emoji here.

  52. Dr Jim says:

    Tim Martin, the guy who owns Weatherspoons pub chain insists there’s no evidence anybody caught Corona Virus in a pub

    This man along with Johnson and Trump should just be arrested and put away so deep they have to pump air in, or maybe not

  53. mike cassidy says:

    And if you see the Ghost Of Kenny Rogers

    Don’t worry!


  54. @PacMan,

    towel,soap,water,bag are all things you have in the house,

    put a just washed hand towel in a plastic bag (washed in soap and water if you must) a new pack of soap and a bottle of water (again washed clean if you must) and then isolate from others,

    hands washed before drying so 100% free from virus,

    it is a simple yet elegant solution to outside hand contamination,

    should be worth a Nobel prize.

  55. Tinto Chiel says:

    Unfortunately for the health of our children, many schools will NOT be shut next week. It depends on what each local authority plans to do with school staff. The local authority next to mine requires all staff to report for duty on Monday to carry out as yet undefined tasks. One of those will be to look after the children of “key workers” but the list of such in the authority e-mail I have seen is so long that it is hard to think of a job that is not considered “key”. Even journalists are considered such, which is particularly ironical given the disgraceful reporting of the Salmond trial.

    So, depending on the authority, pupils whose parents are deemed to be key workers could be turning up at their school without the buildings having been deep cleaned, to be “taught” by staff who will not have been tested for coronavirus. So much for social distancing in a safe environment. Many young people are asthmatic and may be particularly vulnerable.

    The most important workers at this time are surely nurses and doctors and other hospital staff and it makes sense to give their children priority for supervision while they are at work but anything beyond that will surely see more and more pupils going back into schools whose cleanliness cannot be guaranteed.

    In most EU countries, schools seem to be completely shut with strict “working from home” arrangements made between staff and pupils.

    A stringent, general lock-down in society for a relatively short period has a chance of getting on top of this crisis but then Bojo would have to spend lots of money indemnifying workers and businesses from economic losses but his backers wouldn’t want that (unless fraudulent bankers were being bailed out), so all we get is fudge and warm words while ordinary people wonder where the money to survive will come from.

    I’m fearful that the incompetence and indifference to suffering of this “government” will result in many more deaths than necessary and giving the Tories sweeping powers for two years as proposed per the Coronavirus Bill is simply madness. How can the opposition vote for such a thing?

  56. Republicofscotland says:

    Another interesting point is that Scottish newspapers are urging the Scottish government to class them as key workers.

    They say that their crucial role at this point is to give the public “reliable” information about the crisis.

    In Scotland bar the National newspaper, the press certainly haven’t produced unbiased and objective reporting for years, we on this and other blogs know that for sure.

    The Scottish press, if such a thing exists and I’m sure it doesn’t wants the perks that go along with being key personnel. Such as their children still attending schools.

    The (SNS) Scottish News Society, wants the Scottish government to spend some of its communications budget to provide vital support for the press. The same press that’s currently deriding Scottish independence (National aside). The same press that’s not objectively reporting the Alex Salmond trial, and so on you get the picture.

  57. Republicofscotland says:

    So Norway is realising one hundred billion via liquidity to help the countries businesses and its people.

    Just imagine what Scotland could be doing now if it had an oil fund. Instead it lined Englands pockets, helped build its infrastructure and financed Thatchers Falklands war.

  58. Republicofscotland says:

    “But will it be covered up in England. Scotland’s deaths surely won’t”

    Probably not, as for how many will die, dud we go into a soft lockdown too late? Dud we learn the lesson of Italy leaving it too late? Only time will tell.

    An interesting point on deaths in England versus Scotland, particularly drug deaths. I recall reading awhile back, if memory still serves, that drug deaths in Scotland are recorded not just as drug deaths overdosing etc, but drug related deaths organ failure etc due to drug misuse over an extended period of time, are also clased as drug deaths.

    Where as in England the latter is not, maybe that’s why the unionist press, now seeking key worker status, claim that Scotland is the drugs death capital of Western Europe, it’s all about interpreting and presnting the figures to the public.

  59. Republicofscotland says:

    “There are two imperatives driving Johnson’s timetable, tax havens and pensions.”


    Tax havens for sure, the EU recently put a British taxhaven (protectorate) on a blacklist.

    Also I’m sure this came into force recently or is about to.

    “The EU’s Anti-Tax Avoidance Directive (Atad) is an attempt to make sure companies (especially big digital companies and other multinationals) pay enough tax. … Exit tax rules – stops EU-based companies moving new products to lower-tax countries just before their development is completed to avoid tax.”

    It could be WWIII outside right now, but Johnsons paymasters would still compel him to press ahead witha EU trade deal or a no deal Brexit.

  60. Republicofscotland says:

    Re my above comment it looks like the Anti-Tax Avoidance Directive (Atad) has been shelved by EU member states.

  61. Mist001 says:

    If people in Scotland want to stay ahead of the game with this Corona situation, the best thing they can do is keep an eye on what’s happening in Europe. Whatever European countries implement, the UK plays catch up and adopts it two or three weeks later. Europe is trying to flatten the curve, the UK is behind the curve.

    The pubs and clubs closed last night so logic tells you that the next thing to be hit will be the off licences. Once they run out of stock, they’ll close and they’ll be followed by most of the other shops too, apart from maybe big supermarkets and essential shops, such as pharmacies and so on.

    Oh and BTW, keep your eye on Grangemouth.

  62. Capella says:

    Gordon Ross In D Car reports that support for independence now at 53% in spite of the Alex Salmond trial. AS still inspires Independistas.
    Also support for SNP at record levels. He says Nicola Sturgeon’s leadership during the Covid19 crisis shows up the incompetence of the Westminster leaders.

    For a good talking to about panic buying, tune in to Indy Truck Davy. Spells out the stupidity and selfishness of cleaning out supermarkets. He and his truck are part of the supply chain so he knows what he’s talking about.

  63. JGedd says:

    One day, I’m hoping, that there might be an enquiry into all of this. I mean a proper enquiry demanded by the public, not one of those designed to obfuscate and ‘kick-into-the-long grass’ affairs.

    Enough of the scientific community are enraged by the dither and hesitation displayed by the so-called expert advice available to the government. The range of advice has been too narrow and conservative in its outlook. What was needed was a much more radical and flexible approach with a willingness to look to other international models for information on how to deal with this outbreak. How much this was due to the government’s own bias towards a laissez-faire attitude initially to this crisis in influencing the advice they chose to listen to, is already being questioned.

    Much time has been wasted in not being reactive enough. Other countries like China and South Korea were showing the way with extensive testing and even a small commune like Vo Eugeneo in the Veneto has been demonstrating how effective the twin tracks of testing and isolation could be in suppressing the spread of the virus. Already their experience has shown that if you simply test those who are showing symptoms then you could be missing the even larger proportion who are asymptomatic and therefore, spreading it.

    Instead, in the UK, there has been foot-dragging, not enough testing kits and protective clothing for health workers. There has been over-reliance on ‘best scientific advice’ which has to be thrown out in favour of new hurried arrangements, desperately trying to catch up. So much for that ‘best scientific’ advice.

  64. Sensibledave says:

    Republicofscotland 10.31

    … do try and keep up. We have already left the Eu! We are in a transition period until the end of the year when, in the absence of any other arrangements having been made, the existing arrangements cease. If you are suggesting that we should negotiate an extension to the transition period then you need to be clearer … but that involves negotiations with the EU!

  65. Mist001 says:

    What’s the story with pubs in Scotland? Are they open or closed? Borsi Johnson specifically spoke about England yesterday:

    “Announcing the decision in the fight against the coronavirus, the prime minister said that he realised it went against what he called “the inalienable free-born right of people born in England to go to the pub”

  66. JaMuR says:

    Are you feeling ok mist001?

    Thats two post in a row that you have not mentioned Mrs Murrell.

    Check your temperature.

  67. Mist001 says:

    @ JaMuR

    Well, I very nearly did and I was tempted as part of a reply to JGedds post above but it would be like flogging a dead horse now. Most people, or at least those who can be arsed to read my posts, know what I think of her and now particularly, her lack of decisiveness and leadership over Scotlands health concerning Corona.

    No doubt something will fire me up and I will mention her but for now, I’m just trying to tell people what the story is over here regarding the Corona situation, because you’re not getting the real story from Boris Johnson and his chums.

  68. JaMuR says:

    Fair doo’s mist001.

    Updates from Europe to this site is a better way to fight the virus than your previous pish.

    Keep safe and keep us informed.

  69. Col.Blimp IV says:


    Unless “O” grades in chemistry and physics count, I don’t have the credentials to dole out much in the way of “best scientific advice”.

    However mine to the government would be…

    Continue curtailing large gatherings and unnecessary travel.

    Isolate as many as possible of the “vulnerable groups” in strictly supervised, requisitioned holiday villages and hotels.

    Hire people to support the home isolation of the rest of the vulnerable.

    Crank up testing of those who’s circumstances pose the biggest threat of spreading the virus.

    Quarantine any who get the virus .

    Advise the rest of us to carry on about our business as normally as possible, while taking all the necessary precautions.

    I’m sure such a regime would be at least as effective as the present course of action in averting a collapse of the health service as infection rates reach their peak., and in curtailing the overall death toll

    And exponentially more beneficial to the financial and mental well-being of the populace, the business community and the public purse.

  70. Col.Blimp IV says:


    Hey Nicola,
    Do you have a computer model you could run that one through?

    and Paddy Power
    In the absence of Horse Racing and Football Matches to bet on, perhaps you could give us odds on how more(or less) successful the computer predictions will rate my back of a fag-packet scheme against those of the Government’s “experts”?

  71. jfngw says:

    As the Corona cases mount BBC Scotland web pages run a scare story regarding the cleanliness of a Scottish hospital with the best mortality rate for the virus. Thoroughly despicable reporting to scare people who may already be vulnerable and very ill going to this hospital.

    Has nobody told them that independence is currently in abeyance or is it still their job to make sure there must be a negative story in Scotland which matches any that are run about England. The SNHS must be reported as inferior (maybe it was a Johnson memo to them).

  72. mike cassidy says:

    ‘We should blow up the bridges’ — coronavirus leads to class warfare in Hamptons

  73. meg merrilees says:


    Just thinking ahead a bit to the 4th April 2020 when we should have been in Arbroath and definitely on the 6th April when we celebrate 700th Anniversary of the Declaration.

    Anybody fancy hanging their saltires out the window on these dates?

    If it takes off, we could do it each time we should have been having an AOUB march so at least the Indy community is still keeping the light on.

    Or would it cause a problem with neighbourly relations at this time of strife and people helping each other.

  74. Republicofscotland says:

    “If people in Scotland want to stay ahead of the game with this Corona situation, the best thing they can do is keep an eye on what’s happening in Europe.”


    French police are threatening to strike or quit, if they don’t get the proper gear with regards to the Coronavirus.

    Mind you in the UK I’m reading that front line services aren’t in possession of the proper equipment either.

  75. Republicofscotland says:

    “If you are suggesting that we should negotiate an extension to the transition period then you need to be clearer … but that involves negotiations with the EU!”

    Yes Sensibledave, you are correct, however it doesn’t change the fact that Johnson is acting disgracefully by pushing on for a deal or no deal, whilst telling other to postone or delay, such is his hatred for Johnny Foreigner.

    Of course glorious isolation was a mainstay of English imperialism all throughout the Brexit campaign. Johnson et al must be feeling at home during these very trying times.

  76. Effijy says:

    A GP reminded that petrol pumps and pin pads and cash machines are
    Breading grounds for germs and viruses.

    Where gloves and minimise use of such things.

    Supermarkets- lock up trollies and people can only buy a basket of goodies and no more.
    Security can look for repeaters and perhaps help the carry.

    Car handles, Steering wheels, door handles door bells could all be breading grounds
    Take care and don’t tell Boris.

  77. K1 says:

    Field hospitals could be set up in the football and other stadiums in the summer months, Wimbledon etc, many have capacity to close roofs too. Just a thought as we scale up 🙁

  78. jfngw says:


    If you use baskets at supermarkets it just results in people having to go there every day, is that how you interpret social distancing. I already had to visit three this week, no toilet paper or tea in the first two, I’m already going to them more than normal. And no I just bought a normal weekly shop.

    Using gloves only works if you throw them away immediately otherwise it’s just germs in you pocket or car.

  79. Iain More says:

    I noted that the venomous reptile that is Kirsty Wark couldn’t help herself and had a poisonous dig at Ian Blackford on snake-pit night on the Brainwashing Corp over the coronavirus this past week.

    Stay healthy folks unless you are a yoon that is.

  80. jfngw says:

    @meg merrilees

    We need some virtual march software, Every person that joins in becomes an icon at the march, you could even have the speeches, unfortunately the merchandise might be a problem. is free for any entrepreneurs.

  81. Republicofscotland says:

    UK deaths rise to 233, as 53 more people die in England, 7 deaths in Scotland, 5 deaths in Wales and still only the 1 death in NI.

    90 deaths in London, the most in the UK, not the place to be it seems. Over 5000 confirmed cases in the UK and rising.

  82. Republicofscotland says:

    Meanwhile, the UK government are setting up a war room via DEFRA to make sure there’s enough food for everyone in the UK. Ex-Nestle executive Chris Tyas will head up the war room team.

    George Eustice Enviroment secretary will oversee the food resilience strategy. Retailers will join in with the war room in a conference call on Tuesday, to find the best way forward to maximise supplies .

  83. jfngw says:

    I see Johnson wasn’t at today’s press conference, he likes his weekends off, or has he gone on holiday again. To be honest the statements were more coherent today without the Swedish chef presentation.

  84. Confused says:

    great link about class war in the hamptons above – everyone should read it

    if you ever thought the rich “were just the same as us” then dispel that notion; only they exist and there is no national or common interest – and if you ever felt guilt for hating them, don’t

    – story today about people in campervans (fully stocked) heading for the highlands; note that, if the shit ever really hits the fan, these vehicles will simply be : mobile larders

    – and if you check out flightradar, much reduced commercial planes, but a lot of light aircraft, private owners, flying around

  85. jfngw says:

    It’s a bit sickening having to watch Scottish MP’s/MSP’s go cap in hand during this crisis to beg an old Etonian to do what is needed in Scotland.

    I can’t understand why we let someone else rule our land, cap in hand!

  86. JGedd says:

    Col. Blimp IV @ 5.58pm

    That would be a possible plan but it would have needed considerable organization, screening and mobilization for a mass evacuation not to mention forward-thinking. Not at all likely that this lot would be capable of that. It would also require significant testing, which again seems to be beyond what is available.

    I think that initially their attitude was the lazy optimism of Tories which relies on the compliance of a quiescent population, soothed and managed with the aid of the MSM. After all they have just won a triumphant election victory based on how comfortable a substantial part of the electorate was in Labour voting English constituencies with voting Tories.

    What a coup that was. They were so confident in their new security that they were able to play their trump card with that budget which stole the clothes of labour and left the opposition floundering. Those Old Labour constituencies could be managed too. In that new dawn I don’t think they feared anything – except that a new virus was manifesting itself.

    I think Boris thought that too could be managed. They had just cranked up the money-making machine for that whizz of a budget. Just call up the war-time spirit with the right Churchillian rhetoric and let the population manage itself. No need to worry, some money had already been ceded to the NHS we would all muddle through and there was also that Cummings’ idea of tough old Darwinism – herd immunity. Evolution, after all, doesn’t care about the individual, only the species’ survival. Right up a Tory’s alley.

    But, human beings still think of themselves as individuals within a community which is part of their protection. Doesn’t do for a government to forget that in time of crisis the electorate expects those very forces of communal effort to come to their aid. That’s how our species evolved.

  87. Dan says:

    Self-isolation exploits: No panic buying here, playing the long game…
    Spent the morning sorting through my strawberry plants and relocating them for maximum sunlight exposure to hopefully increase yield.
    The plants were previously in an area that was affected by shadowing in the latter part of the day, thus losing sun exposure.
    Started digging over the area where they were to open up another 10ft x 10ft veg bed.
    Thankfully think this will be the last of the heavy digging as reckon there is now enough area for me to be self sufficient in fruit and veg.


    I just need a young Felicity Kendall to rock up now…

  88. jfngw says:

    I think we need a rule that those who get in their camper vans and caravans and travel to rural areas will be placed lower in priority to area locals regarding virus treatment. These selfish b*st*rds need to be treated accordingly, if you don’t they will just ignore any advice.

  89. Effijy says:


    Think it thru.
    The biggest threat to food supplies is the stock pilers

    Use the basket and throw away the gloves.
    Go each day for fresh air and exercise and keep 6 feet away from others.

    That isn’t hard to do and it gives everyone the essentials.

  90. John H. says:

    Confused 8.16pm

    Some of these people will be carriers no doubt, and will put the health care system under a strain. Apparently they are everywhere. Watch Scotland’s coronavirus figures rise now.

  91. John H. says:

    According to twitter, there’s a cruise ship heading to the Shetlands. If we were independent we could close our borders as others have done.

  92. dakk says:

    Around 80 are as good as dead in Ayr hospital.

    The tsunami is building.

  93. John H. says:

    I notice on Sky News that the two Cross of St George flags are morphing into U.J.’s.

  94. mike cassidy says:

    dakk 8.49



    simple things like that.

  95. John from Fife says:

    It’s time Nicola closed the border to people movement regardless whether it’s reserved or not. Then the fun will begin.

  96. auld highlander says:

    Fergus is fizzing at those travelling north to the highlands and the west to dodge the plague.

    The Parkdean site at Nairn had eight campervans there this morning.

    Surely these sites should be shut down to these mobile homes.

  97. Mist001 says:

    How many staff do you suppose they have at fuel depots and places? What about a refinery like Grangemouth? There must be hundreds, if not thousands. No fuel = no suppliers = no food.

    We’re going to have to eat ma dug at some point but there’s 4 of us so at least we’ll get a leg each.

    Make soup from the tail or something.

  98. mike cassidy says:

    Coronavirus: Grangemouth owner Ineos takes action to protect hundreds of staff

  99. Golfnut says:

    @ Mist 001.

    Distribution resilience is a key issue in any Disaster recovery planning.

    If fuel becomes an issue, and it might, distribution will be one of the top 3 functions to be maintained. Fuel rationing will come into force for non essential usage.
    That’s what should happen, but this is Westminsters responsibility, so keep your fingers they don’t manage to fuck this up.

  100. Republicofscotland says:

    “I can’t understand why we let someone else rule our land, cap in hand!”

    Alexander III king of Scotland quelled the lands of Scotland and the Scottish magnates and barons. It was a golden age for Scotland, until he died in 1286. Post his death Scotland has ever since been a country with many who pay homage and pledge their fealty to a foreign country.

    Today its not their swords they pledge, but their propaganda, and political actions against the best interests of Scotland and its people. Sir John Menteith would be proud of them.

  101. Robert Louis says:

    Breeks at 0912am,

    Another excellent post. Every word valid. If only our government leader would inspire such positivity, instead of wittering on about what we can’t do, unless Boris allows it.

    As regards politicians supposedly on our side, I especially like your lines;

    “All these gobshite politicians who pedal the lies about Scotland being extinguished need put in their place, and that includes the gobshite politicians who are allegedly on our side but seem inexplicably content to ignore the ramifications of serving a sovereign electorate. The Claim of Right is more than just words, but you wouldn’t bloody think so to look at them.”

    To completely misappropriate another political phrase for all those in charge who have wasted the last four years and failed to even try for independence, ‘it’s the constitution, stupid.’ Just not sure why the SNP shy away from it. We are in a union, we are NOT owned by England, yet too many (including in the SNP leadership) behave as though we are.

    Of course we are where we are right now, with corona, but I do really, really wish that Scotland had a leader, for whom independence was of importance. Somebody who could inspire us, to provide real leadership. We were lucky to have that once before, so let us hope such times will come again.

  102. PacMan says:

    Mist001 says:
    21 March, 2020 at 9:13 pm

    How many staff do you suppose they have at fuel depots and places? What about a refinery like Grangemouth? There must be hundreds, if not thousands. No fuel = no suppliers = no food.

    We’re going to have to eat ma dug at some point but there’s 4 of us so at least we’ll get a leg each.

    Make soup from the tail or something.

    You claim to live in France yet make so many scare stories about here in Scotland?

    Says everything about your moral values.

  103. Willie says:

    Emergency, what fucking emergency as Ian Duncan Smith comes out to argue against the introduction of a universal citizen income on the grounds that it would be a disincentive to work.

    Instead Mr Duncan Smith wants an extension of the benefits policy.

    With Tories like this in control of the government this is when you know that we are not all in this together.

    Emergency powers must be resisted. Now is not the time to allow the Tories to wage a class war against the suffering.

  104. Mist001 says:

    @ PacMan

    I ‘claim to live in France’??

    I either do or I don’t, you decide.

    Don’t talk to me about Scaremongering, that seems to be Mrs. Murrells forte, if she’s allowed to speak by Westminster.

  105. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @Dakk (8.49) –

    Around 80 are as good as dead in Ayr hospital.

    The tsunami is building.

    What the fuck are you playing at?


    If you don’t have any, shut your noise-hole, ya dick.

  106. K1 says:

    Hear hear, there are no reports of anything from Ayr. Fuck the fuck off with spreading rumours, only post with links and evidence regarding this pandemic. Get a fucking grip.

  107. Effijy says:

    I was sent on a WhatsApp from a foreign Doctor
    Who has been working for 2 years in a Bristol Hospital.

    He has been working all the extra shifts to help with the Corona Crisis.
    He has obviously been a higher rate tax payer throughout.

    He has received a demand from the Tory Facist Home Office
    Demanding a payment of £1,200.00 if he wants to stay for a period
    Of up to 3 years.

    Good job I didn’t take the hypocritical oath as I’d leave now and let the
    Bastards die for this.

    Pay them to risk your life to save them knowing they will still send you packing?
    Not on their Tory voting, Johnny Foreigner hating, lives.

  108. Dr Jim says:

    There are people with sick relatives in hospital @Dakk


  109. Famous15 says:

    There are so many posting here who are clearly just sowing lies and depression.

    In a time of crisis that is tractor ed ery.

    Where is Dora when you need her?

  110. North chiel says:

    I am beginning to get the impression from the 24 hour “ news” channels that there is going to be an extremely serious situation “ south of the border shortly . The U.K. government “ organisation” of the response is beginning to look “ slightly” disorganised? There is apparently plenty of food available , however reading between the lines , I am beginning to have some “ doubts” . Hopefully our government in Edinburgh is able to be more “ fleet of foot” with regard to responding and assessing the situation on a continuous basis , where & what the critical requirements are on an ever changing daily basis . However, it is now becoming clear that the lack of Holyrood’s powers particularly relating to our borders and “ movement” of people , could be hindering our government’s required local response .
    At the very least , with Health “ devolved” can we not have some health screening at our main points of entry & exit ? .
    Finally , as regards the “ quoted” 20,000 troops on standby, pro rata this would probably equate to circa 2000 for Scotland which would supplement the police numbers by my calculation around 10-15 percent ?
    I realise this is a very serious situation , but a certain “ saying” keeps entering my mind . “ Don’t panic captain mainwaring”

  111. Famous15 says:

    Disaffection and alarm even! Dora 1914.

  112. Mist001 says:

    Doesn’t anyone else find it stunning that a microscopic virus which emerged from a Chinese city which few of us were even aware of less than 6 months ago, has managed to bring the entire Western world almost to a standstill?

    Truly a ‘WTF’ realisation!

  113. cynicalHighlander says:

    It’s ok Vera Lynn We’ll meet again coming over the airwaves shortly.

  114. Stoker says:

    dakk wrote on 21 March, 2020 at 8:49 pm: “Around 80 are as good as dead in Ayr hospital.The tsunami is building.”

    As soon as i came upon your post i immediately did 2 basic Google searches to verify what i had just read.

    The 1st search was under: 80 as good as dead ayr hospital

    And the 2nd search was under: coronavirus ayr hospital

    Guess what? Not one single result coming anywhere near what you “reported” in your post, especially with the 1st search. And with the 2nd search the nearest i got was reports of 1 or 2 deaths in AYRSHIRE from around 12 cases in AYRSHIRE. Quite a difference from your scaremongering. What you up to? Boozing?

  115. twathater says:

    Breeks and Robert Louis , Breeks your comments are definitely spot on , oh how I wish the SNP would gain some balls and act in the BEST interests of Scots

    I wrote on here some time ago that NS in LEADING Scotland to independence would go down in the history books , books that will be read and absorbed by students and academics , books that our school children will learn history from and realise that the union was a concocted lie and an aberration exposed by NS

    What an ACCOLADE that would have been , to have your name immortalised and revered in the annals of Scots history

    Instead what we have is a leader???? who has capitulated and submitted to a coven of imbecilic arseholes lead by 2 of the most incompetent fake politicians the UK has had , treeza and bozo , 2 idiots that exemplify the calibre of politics and politicians in the uk

    What NS will go down in history is as the LEADER who cared more about the freedom and feelings of women with cocks and was willing to sacrifice and ignore independence and our real Scots women

  116. twathater says:

    Chris SORRY , another great cartoon

  117. Robert Louis says:

    Seems like we will need to keep a list of businesses that have behaved in the best way, and those who have been evil barstewards during corona.

    Top of the list of wrongdoers is Britannia hotels – for sacking all their staff then kicking them out on the streets. However, another new evil business is cineworld cinemas, who have sacked all their staff eligible for sick pay, pnly retaining those not elgibile.

    Then you have the diddies of the Daily (hate) Mail, from England advising all their reasers to travel up to the highlands. Sadly, their has been a rapid rise in camper vans travelling up to the highlands, where resources are very scarce. Maybe some folk doing that, didn’t think of the concequences for local folk, but I think some (Daily Mail readers) who are just selfish pr*cks.

    In a category all by itself for rank stupidity and gross irresponsibility, you have witherspoons.

    On the upside, there have been good folk, such as The Brae restaurant in Irvine, who are giving reduced and free meals to NHS frontline staff. Well done to them. And their are numerous others, too.

    So we need a naughty and nice list of Scottish businesses (which could also incorporate some of the diddies (thinking of you, Daily hate Mail, from England too).

    So, If you hear of a local/small business doing the right thing, why not post it on here (although it is not my blog, so not really up to me – just a suggestion).

  118. Golfnut says:

    @ twathater.

    No argument from me regarding what should have been, not might or could have been, but should have been the SNP’s stance on our Constitunional position. The solid legal rock of Constitutional Sovereignty in opposition to Westminsters shooglie unlawful Convention of Parliamentary Sovereignty. I say that as an SNP member and a supporter of Nicola Sturgeon, a fan boy still, because she has undoubtedly been/is a great FM and ambassador for our nation. However deep our anger and disappointment, our disgust even, at how limp wristed our Scottish Government has been in wielding the Constitutional sword, we are where we are, still standing, still moving forward.
    The insistence that Scotland, alone amongst all other nations, must adhere to the legal boundaries set by another nation is nonsense, England is a joint signatory of the Treaty of Union, Westminster is bound by Scots law as fast as it is bound by English law, it is unlawful for it to do otherwise, and yet it does. The Treaty of Union, Scots law and the Crown should be the route to dissolving this union, no permission sought or required.

  119. auld highlander says:

    Revealed: official guidance for doctors to decide which coronavirus patients get critical care

  120. Tatu3 says:

    I think it’s great that so many businesses are offering free drinks, food, taxi rides or whatever to nhs workers, but wouldn’t it be nice if this was also offered to other “frontline” services? Such as supermarket staff who are also exposed to the virus, and in the UK being abused by panic buyers!!, by staying open for us.
    Here in Spain the population every evening at 8pm go out onto their terraces, balconies, hang out of their windows and clap to show their appreciation of the health carers/staff, supermarket staff and police, keeping us all safe during this most awful of times.

  121. jackie says:

    House Jock Andrew Marr tells us this morning that London is the capital of Britain.

    The things you learn when you listen to the BBC,,,

    I didn’t know Britain had a capital, but there you go, if the House Jock said it then it must be true.

  122. Pete says:

    You really are a sad person.
    This is not a time to be pedantic.

  123. jackie says:

    All major news rooms like BBC, Sky, ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5 , are updating us on all things english.

    Updates on the latest advice regarding Scotland about this virus are,,,,,,,,,ZERO.

  124. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

    From 2016:

    “THE NHS would be unable to cope if Britain suffered a major flu pandemic, according to England’s chief medical officer.”

    What has happened in Tory England since 2010?

    10 years of Tory cuts to NHS, treating nurses & junior doctors like shit with pay freezes and heavier workloads- 43,000 nurses left ,10000 EU nurses left because of referendum. No safety equipment & 17000 less beds than in 2010.

    They UK Government knew a pandemic would be a fucking disaster, kept the report of Op Cygnus out of the public domain and continued to slash and burn their NHS.

    And still BawJaws and House Jock BritNats have the cheek to say Scotlands NHS is worse!

    The Tories are complicit in the unnecessary deaths Theo’s outbreak will cause but as with the other deaths of the poor, the disabled and the vaulnarable these Neo Facist fans of Eugenics don’t give a fuck.

  125. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

    For “Updates on the latest advice regarding Scotland about this virus”


    @‘Union’ jackie says at 9:58 am

  126. K1 says:

    Thanks Gerry, very good site, good on the lad who’s put it together. Bookmarked! ?

  127. jackie says:

    You would think House Jock Marr would be at high risk of catching this virus, he took a stroke as couple of years ago, so why is he still hanging around the BBC studios?

    I wouldn’t want oor Andrew catchin any deadly deseases,,,,,,,,,,, honest!!!

  128. jackie says:

    As soon as you criticize the wee closet Unionist Nicola Sturgeon, you yourself get labelled a Unionist.

    The Nicola Sturgeon fan club come crawlin out of the woodwork.

    They, like their Nicola, want to take the gradualist approach regarding Independence.

    I think the Nicola Sturgeon fan club is full of the Woke Brigade and they have infiltrated Wings to try to convince us that their Nicola is never wrong,,,,,,about anything.

    Ye cannae win.

  129. Dan says:

    The Administration in Holyrood doesn’t have full control over the most significant and influential powers which are reserved to the UK Government at Westminster.
    It is therefore very misleading to refer to the group of folk we elect to Holyrood as The Scottish Government.
    Especially when so many Scottish folk still don’t comprehend the political makeup and power structures of the UK State, and what is devolved and reserved in terms of powers.
    I understand that it is aspirational to say we have our own Government, but the reality is we don’t, and because of the confusion caused by us having 2 Governments, the predominantly unionist controlled TV media, “newspapers”, and unionist activists are given free rein to constantly twist this situation for their benefit.
    Of course this situation would all be fine and dandy if the only tactic you have is to continually highlight your grievances and outrage at the policies inflicted on you by those that hold the power.
    That’s ok if you are in opposition, however once you win and hold some power the grievance tactic’s worth is not nearly as useful.
    Even I as a lifelong supporter of ending the Union to break the cycle of endless corruption in the UK am beginning to get rather pissed off with the whining from our own side.
    You’ve been given power and multiple mandates by the electorate but have effectively managed to stall all momentum the YES movement had built up over “Brexit” which created a near perfect opportunity to boot the ball over the line and burst the union’s net.
    NB: That stall was effectively caused at the end of January when it became clear there wasn’t any plan or date set for Scotland to choose our own future in light of a certain material change in circumstance.
    This was before this lurgy situation which is just a useful get out of jail free card.

    Anyway, back to my point. If we had fair and neutral broadcasters and newspapers it might make sense to go with the aspirational use of the term “Government”, but we don’t, so by continuing to use the term we just give our opponents the ongoing ability to advantage the situation.

    FFS. If we had our own proper Scottish Government with full powers we wouldn’t be getting taken out of the EU against our will, or having to endure and attempt to mitigate the policies of political parties we haven’t voted for in over half a century.

  130. Pete says:

    You really talk rubbish.
    If you can bring yourself to look at the BBC Scotland part of the website you will see all the Scottish updates including advice from NS.
    There is actually more than on the English part of the website.

  131. Pete says:

    Just been a full interview with Fiona Hyslop by Brewer on all the Scottish facets of the crisis.
    Maybe you’re not a BBC licence payer?

  132. jackie says:


    I was talking about all the so called ” National” news programmes,,,they are all about that fuckin dump to the South of the Scottish border.

    Independence would have gave us a hard border between Scotland and shiteland,,,but because we voted to stay part of this stinkin Union we are reaping the wind of remaining nothing more than a colony of engerland.

  133. Mist001 says:

    My two Sunday predictions (for now!)

    1: Full lockdown in the UK will be implemented this week, basically house arrest. All shops apart from food shops and chemists will be closed.

    2: UBI will be introduced in some form in the forthcoming weeks.

    Hey! Go and find a picture of Boris Johnson on the day the Tories won the GE, then compare it to a picture of Johnson in the past couple of days.

    He’s not taking well to this PM business! I’m guessing he thought it would be a dawdle, just farting about getting his minions to agree to a Brexit deal and just making noises.

    And where’s Mrs. Murrell? She’s fallen silent once again, not a peep from her.

    Johnson is out there addressing the UK everyday for what it’s worth, shouldn’t Mrs. Murrell be doing the same thing for Scotland?

  134. Dr Jim says:

    Here was me thinking B was the capital of Britain

  135. jackie says:

    Dan 10.28

    Watch it Dan, Nicola’s Woke Brigade will be all over you in a second.

    You will be labelled “Union” Dan by the Wokists who are now firmly planted on Wings

    The like the title “Wings Wokists”,,,rather natty don’t you think?

  136. Papko says:

    “It is therefore very misleading to refer to the group of folk we elect to Holyrood as The Scottish Government.”

    Says it all really.
    All those years of arguing the toss about Gers and “Scotland pays its way ” “Scottish Govt does not run up debts” etc

    All swept aside.

    As if King Kong has just jumped down from a tree.

  137. Dorothy Devine says:

    Dr Jim , thanks for the smile!

  138. jackie says:

    I’ve said it before and I will say it again,,,,

    We need to start gettin fuckin angry,

    Being a Woke gets you no fuckin where.

    There should be county border controls set up at the border with engerland.

    Keep these bastards out.

    It’s the least we can do at this moment in time.

  139. jackie says:

    When our english masters talk of “across the country” and they mean england, when is it we know they are talking about the whole UK when they use the same term “across the country” ???


    So am a…

  140. Liz g says:

    Dan @ 10.28
    It’s becoming more and more obvious by the day that Scotland needs it own powers if we are to be governed in line with they ethos of the politicians we voted for.
    Mibbi the snowball that starts the avalanche could be this mad dash to the Highlands?
    There are Snow Gates and I think it’s the local councils who have the powers to closed them…..a tweak to the criteria, a.k.a. snow,could see them shut and manned….The locals would support it, and if Holyrood did too, at the very least even if it did nothing for Indy,it would help the Highlands and make the statement that the Highlands are not a playground for other’s and cannot be so ill used!!!

  141. JaMuR says:

    I see you’ve started the repetive Mrs Murrell patter again mist.

    You were doing so well…..

    Who would have thought it. You look a right cheery cunt in your profile picture.

    Keep positive and keep safe everyone


  142. Dr Jim says:

    Because we know Nicola Sturgeon has the super powers of Captain Marvel and can fly into the sun to release just enough ultra violet light to kill off the Corona virus without killing all of us then blast the earth with light from her eyes to dig a giant moat between Scotland and England I’m very angry with her for not using those super powers, she’s just one rubbish super hero and it’s time we voted for Iron Man

    Scotland definitely deserves better

  143. Ian Foulds says:

    Dr. Jim at 11.04

    Well done. Go to top of the class. ?

  144. Willie says:

    Meanwhile, to use a word I detest I hear the old c*nt holed up in Windsor Castle with the best of medical care is going on live TV to address the nation with Number Ten saying the queen’s address ..’ would be hugely important in calming anxiety and strengthening the will of the public ‘

    Like f*uck it will.

    She like the other elites, hiding away with their wealth, their rank, their privilege will only serve to reinforce what a rotten system

    This epidemic, this impending holocaust, could have been tackled earlier. But the government deliberately didn’t act preferring instead to reassure a gullible public that everything was well prepared and that the best thing folks could do was sneeze into @ tissue, dispose of tissue and wash hands.

    Fuck the queen and her Government for their policies. Get the old c*nt on TV to remind us.

  145. Dan says:

    @Liz g

    Maybe, but the spanner in the works is the vagaries of our electoral systems used at different levels, which for local authority elections means the use of Single Transferable Vote which enables cooncils of a “unionist” outlook to have control.
    Of course so many Scots are still so politically dumb that they cannae be arsed turning out for weenie cooncil elections coz reasons.

    I’m not 100% sure about the ability of who has overall authority to close the roads. Roadworks require a permit so most likely local authority, but seem to recall for the likes of closed road rallying for the likes of when the Jim Clark event, the road closing order had to come from a higher power.

    Sun’s oot so had the dilemma between going out for a motorbike ride to view our amazing landscapes or plant food in the garden.
    Spring is here, with summer not far away, but inevitably winter is coming… so planting seeds is the choice.

    On that subject, folk might want to consider planting some sort of beans as they are really easy to grow (even in decent sized pots) and produce a good amount of crop which contains protein.
    The bean pods can also be shelled from their pods if left to grow big and these beans can be kept for stews.
    If this lurgy situation does create significant longer term issues then it’s not too difficult to produce food to keep you going.

  146. Republicofscotland says:

    Its interesting to note that we in the UK are at the stage Italy was at a few weeks ago only we have more deaths.

    It’s also very worrying that we aren’t in full lockdown yet. It would appear that the sooner full lockdown is applied in a country the less stress their health services come under. Stopping a spike in hospital admissions, which will overwhelm our NHS is the goal for now.

    Full lockdown must surely just be days away, will it be too late, and will we see a sharp rise in confirmed cases and deaths because we left it longer than we should have, I fear we will.

  147. Willie says:

    Three junior doctors and two consultants in London Hospitals now on ventilators.

    The carnage begins. Well done Boris and the financial elites for deliberately not intervening until too late.

    And meanwhile arch conservative Ian Duncan Smith opposes the introduction of a universal wage being paid to support folks get through the crisis of losing their jobs, losing their income. A disincentive to work he says at this time of need.

    All in it together. Like fuck we are !

  148. Mist001 says:

    Isn’t this getting on your goat yet?

    She has been more than happy to perpetuate the myth that she’s the first minister and is in charge of Scotland and this Corona situation has exposed the lie and shown her and the Scottish parliament to be powerless and toothless when it comes to the crunch. Mrs. Murrell has been shown to be nothing more than a mouthpiece for Westminster, she is in effect no more than the secretary of state for Scotland which is why there is total silence from Alister Jack.

    She is permitted to say certain things at certain times by Westminster to give the appearance to the Scottish people that she’s actually in charge, but obviously she’s not. That’s why she’s currently silent, she hasn’t been given anything to say. If she really was allowed, she’d be giving daily status updates to the people and the media about things like the increase in cases, preventative measures being taken and so on but nope, not a cheep from her.

    I’ll tell you a good thing with this Corona, is that Scotland, the UK and the rest of the world has completely changed and will never return to how it was less than three months ago.

    All it takes is for someone within the SNP to have the guts to make a power grab and take over from Mrs. Murrell, someone with leadership qualities, who will do the things which I’ve just moaned about and then I reckon, we’re in with a serious shout of becoming an independent Scotland.

    Scotland will be recognised as an independent Country if it starts behaving like an independent country and that means having someone who will take decisive action in spite of Westminster if the need calls for it.

    This Coronavirus has delivered that opportunity to us on a plate if only someone would step up to it and clearly, Mrs. Murrell is not that someone.

    We are on the cusp of independence and it’s ours if we take control NOW.

  149. Mist001 says:

    Outrageous but more proof that the Scottish Government doesn’t have the powers that we’re led to believe it has. Great advice from Mrs. Murrell too if you read it!

  150. Republicofscotland says:

    Wales now up to 12 deaths, Scotland now at 7 deaths, and NI still on the 1 death.

    England has the most deaths possibly to be expected with its larger population.

    New York state, appears to be the worst hit state in the US for now. As the authorities scour the globe for urgent medical equipment which its short of.

    42 of Africas 50 odd countries have been infected by the Coronavirus, God help that continent, for it has neither the resources or medical expertise to deal with the pandemic.

  151. Republicofscotland says:


    With regards to hospital car park charges in Scotland, I’m pretty sure the SNP quashed them for health staff, at FMQ’s due to the exceptional circumstances.

    However the PFI hospital carparks are still charging as the Scottish government have no powers over them.

    I think Edinburgh Royal Infirmary is a PFI carpark.

  152. jackie says:

    Pete 10.31
    “Maybe you’re not a BBC licence payer”

    What the fuck is a BBC Licence Pete???

    Do tell…

  153. Mist001 says:

    @ Republicofscotland

    Yes, you’re right it is a PFI carpark but she should have known this before advising health staff not to take public transport but to take private transport instead.

    Westminster will pick up the tab for these parking charges once it becomes aware of it instead of Scotland taking control and doing it ourselves.

    Every day, it’s becoming clearer to me how little power Scotland actually has, despite the bravado and big talk from the First Minister and Holyrood.

    It should be becoming clearer to other folk too.

  154. KOF says:

    Re the coronavirus, seen on the facebook.

    “The hugs are going out all over Europe.”

  155. admiral says:

    Willie says:
    22 March, 2020 at 12:32 pm

    And meanwhile arch conservative Ian Duncan Smith opposes the introduction of a universal wage being paid to support folks get through the crisis of losing their jobs, losing their income. A disincentive to work he says at this time of need.
    All in it together. Like fuck we are !

    Jeezo. A disincentive to work is exactly what we need to get through this pandemic!

  156. Republicofscotland says:

    “Yes, you’re right it is a PFI carpark but she should have known this before advising health staff not to take public transport but to take private transport instead.”


    She did say it at FMQ’s that’s nothing yet could be done about the PFI carparks, but I agree she should be more proactive at this time. I know she let us down badly with regards to independence, that aside for the moment these are exceptional times, which require exceptional acts.

    The Scottish government neither have the finacies nor the devolved authority to go it alone in these unprecedented times.

    We must bide our time until this virus is defeated, then we can return to the business of independence and Sturgeon reticence on it.

  157. dakk says:

    ‘Jeezo. A disincentive to work is exactly what we need to get through this pandemic’


    UK gov are very slow on the uptake, and many more will pay the ultimate price for their tardiness/arrogance.

    Heard last night one of my customers(early 60s)is hospitalised with chest infection.

    Had a London Scot in yesterday(fleeing the red zone). Started coughing and sweating and wanted water.

    Would like to close now but can’t afford to.

  158. mike cassidy says:

    The next series of “In The Line Of Duty” is going to be crap.

  159. mike cassidy says:


    Maybe you put off all your customers with that unsubstantiated

    Around 80 are as good as dead in Ayr hospital.

    at 8.49 last evening.

  160. JGedd says:

    Willie @ 12.25pm

    Agree entirely. You might think that the public would become more and more revolted by the sight of these super-rich royals being trotted out to deliver sanctimonious addresses. But no. Don’t get it myself.

    While the rest of us have real worries about loved ones and their safety these people are secure and sealed off in luxury. Yet we are told that the old trout is going to lecture us yet again on how we should all pull together and how she is in it with us. It’s monstrous and farcical at the same time.

    I’ve sometimes thought that the monarchy is like ‘a canary down the mine’ for the elite. If the public are willing to put up with the ostentatious wealth of the royals and the inordinate amount of money spent on absurd pomp and ceremony which is flaunted in our faces, but still the populace meekly sucks it up, then they know that the elite establishment is safe.

  161. dakk says:

    ‘Maybe you put off all your customers with that unsubstantiated’

    We’ve never been busier.

    Closing indefinitely with business mortgage etc,is not a decision for any business/self employed person to take lightly.

    Maybe the young doctor who was in yesterday(who said she was in tears) , was lying.

    I know it is hearsay, but I know her quite well.Can think of no reason she would lie.

    Ive been taking this seriously for a lot longer than most on here.

    Many on here were still pushing for an indyref date and railing about bearded women with penises until this week.

    I said an indyref2 would become a farcical side show a month ago with this virus.

    You can believe what you want obviously. Unsubstantiated or not.

    I thought giving an up to date account from someone on the front line would give an insight, but Im not going to give out names incase she’s breaking some health ethics rules.

  162. Pete says:

    Quite intrigued by the approach of Israel who I always respect as being an exceedingly smart and forward thinking nation.
    They are putting the elderly and vulnerable into complete lockdown and allowing the rest of the population to carry on as normal. They estimate that once around 70% of the fit population have ‘herd immunity’, the old and infirmed will then be allowed to mingle with the rest of the population. They reckon this could be 2 to 3 months.

  163. shug says:

    Well there will not be a ref2 this year and with the emergency legislation Westminster has introduced the chances of a Scottish election or indeyref2 next year seem to be diminishing

    Or am I missing something

  164. dakk says:

    I also wouldn’t name names because of customer confidentiality either.

    Maybe I shouldn’t have went to the bother of sharing a young doctor’s account of the reality.

  165. twathater says:

    Hi everyone if you really want to HEAR AN INTELLIGENT APPROACH to the VIRUS head over to BROADCASTING SCOTLAND WEBSITE and listen to prof Alyson Pollock an expert on communicable diseases explain why bozo and NS methodology is NOT working
    Please guys check it oot

  166. Republicofscotland says:

    FM and Health secretary Jean Freeman live on Sky news just now, as Scots deaths reach double figures, 10 deaths now.

    The Scottish government asked retired health professionals to help out, at least 300 folk have offered their services in one day so far,as positive cases pass the 400 mark in Scotland.

    Scotland doesn’t have the emergency powers to shutdown pubs, clubs etc, those powers will soon be available to the Scottish government.

    Catherine Calderwood, Chief Medical Officer said, I think, that casualties could be high as 1% of the population, surely I’ve picked that up wrong. Or did she mean not deaths but infections, I hope its the latter.

    They’ll be a press briefing in Edinburgh tomorrow.

  167. Effijy says:

    What nonsense is this Nicola asking if tax duty can be ceased on alcohol
    Used in anti-bacterial hand wash?

    FFS Tell the Scottish Distillers not to pay Westminster anything
    And get on with the job of saving lives.

    What is she afraid of Bojo outing her in prison for coming up with a life saving idea.
    Wouldn’t that be great for pro independence numbers.

    I also see Bojo has done a deal to hire all English Private hospitals and staff.
    Well Nicola? Are you about to announce this too?
    Are you about to announce how much that will cost NHS England and what money Scotland will get pro rata.?

    Will you ship in the huge number of spare Chinese Ventilators that we will soon require?
    I’d English manufacturers are to make them you can rest assured Bojo will lie about how many
    He is getting and send none to Scotland.

    Has she asked China for masks etc now that they are manufacturing again?

    Do something and do it now!

  168. Mist001 says:

    That’s what I was saying yesterday, Johnson specifically spoke about English pubs closing down, NOT Scottish ones:

    ‘the prime minister said that he realised it went against what he called “the inalienable free-born right of people born in England to go to the pub”.

  169. Republicofscotland says:

    The Coronavirus bill will give Westminster sweeping powers for 2 years, I’m rather suspicious of the length of time of the bill, which at the latter end of the time period could be used to whatever ends.

  170. Republicofscotland says:

    Spain expecting an onslaught of Coronavirus cases, as they turn a huge conference centre in Madrid into an emergency military hospital, with over 5000 beds.

    I’d imagine same could be applied here if/when needed.

  171. Republicofscotland says:

    As Northern Ireland sees its second death from the virus,the Italian region of Lombardy saw 800 people die on Saturday alone. The Lombardy region has been the worst hit in Italy with 3095 deaths so far of Italy’s 4825 desths in total.

    So far Italy has the highest desth rates in the world from the virus.

  172. Willie says:

    Dark @ 1.55 pm.

    The madman laughs with comments like yours. Do you really think not paying a citizens wage to people in financial extremis who are losing their jobs is the way to go.

    So what you suggest Dakk, spread the virus as far and wide as possible. Or are you just an establishment spoiler spouting absolute rubbish.

    Well get this Dakk. Things are going to change. The economic system of elites and corporates is finished. Nothing is going to remain the same. Yes there will be mass deaths as we move forward and deaths that could have been avoided but change is coming. And it will be quicker than you think.

    The elites know and that is why they want two years of emergency powers. But they will not prevail.
    because people power will because ultimately, all power comes from the people not from the elites.

    And yes, Scotland will be independent.

  173. Willie says:

    All in it together.

    And what about the millions across the UK who have power card meters and who are now falling on even harder times as they lose their modest incomes from gig economy and minimum or zero hour contracts.

    How do they heat and light their homes, feed their kids.

    And is anyone doing anything about SGN still going into peoples house to fit pay as you go meters due to their being unable to pay their bills.

    Yeh, let’s kick the bastards when they’re down. Give em more austerity, more corporate rip off because eventually the worm will turn.

  174. robbo says:

    YooninFrance says:with every post, a pile of keech.

    stop embarrassing yourself ya zoomer!

  175. robertknight says:


    “So far Italy has the highest death rates in the world from the virus.”

    I suspect that China can beat them on that score by a long ways, but they’ll never admit to it.

  176. manandboy says:

    Is Tory Govt support of £330 billion really a sign of a change of heart and a change in direction?
    Or is it another Tory Trojan Horse?


    “This emergency differs in key respects to that of the Great Crash of 2008, but some useful lessons can be drawn from the last global crisis. One is that governments and central banks have to act quickly, decisively and at scale to give confidence to markets, households and businesses that the state has their back and that it is possible for people to plan for a future when the crisis is over. Near-zero interest rates, quantitative easing and bank bailouts, the tools used during the financial crisis, did avert a repeat of the Great Depression of the 1930s, but it was only slowly that people came to appreciate the negative social consequences that stretched wealth inequalities and stoked a wide and deep public alienation. The spectacle of shameless financiers walking away unscathed from a wreck of their own reckless making and then going on to further enrich themselves fed a righteous rage among the less affluent folk who felt the squeeze of subsequent austerity. “We all remember what happened in 2008,” Mr Johnson remarked last week, alluding to the debates within his cabinet about the dangers of a massive public backlash if the government is seen only to be looking after big business. Time and again, he tells companies that the government is standing by them so they can stand by their employees.”

  177. dakk says:

    Do you really think not paying a citizens wage to people in financial extremis who are losing their jobs is the way to go.

    That is the correct thing to do of course.

    Where did I suggest it wasn’t?

    Everyone has to be given support including self emplyed

  178. jfngw says:

    Go to the BBC website and under the Scotland, Wales and NI pages you will get the running total of deaths headlined. Go to the England page and suddenly there is silence regarding cases/death, you need to work this out yourself from the UK total. Are they worried about the current large difference in the survival rate between the devolved nations and England, after all according to Johnson Scotland has poorer resilience.

    Meanwhile their leading reporter steps into cover for the government incompetence, a gong is surely on its way, it not at least a pole.

  179. dakk says:

    Willie by name willie by nature.

  180. Republicofscotland says:

    “I suspect that China can beat them on that score by a long ways, but they’ll never admit to it.”

    Robert Knight.

    I agree, like executions in China, the real numbers who die from the Coronavirus will be masked.

  181. Dan says:

    Whilst planting stuff dans le jardin this afternoon I realised I was using the next big thing.
    Get ahead of the curve before they succumb to panic buying and massive price increases.
    Stick one of these on yer napper to protect yourself and you can also become a spaceman right here on our own planet without the hellish environmental impact of using shitloads of rocket fuel to visit far flung worlds.

    Babylon Zoo – Spaceman

  182. Republicofscotland says:

    “manandboy says:
    22 March, 2020 at 4:05 pm
    Is Tory Govt support of £330 billion really a sign of a change of heart and a change in direction?
    Or is it another Tory Trojan Horse?”


    Look at it this way, in 2008 the banks were bailed out to the sum of a cool £500 billion pounds. Now say to yourself, which is the bigger crisis this pandemic or the 2008 crash.

  183. Mike d says:

    Jfngw, there is a mass exodus of people from here in the home counties heading to Scotland in.caravans and campervans. To get away from the spiralling english death rates. My neighbour hitched up his caravan this a.m.with wife and mother in law and took the high least they are heading to yoon territory in aberdeenshire if they have anything nasty.

  184. Republicofscotland says:

    416 confirmed Coronavirus cases in Scotland, up 43, the most are in Greater Glasgow, at 130.

    200,000 vulnerable people in Scotland to be offered support. They will be sent letters asking them to stay at home for 12 weeks.

    Over 5000 confirmed cases in the UK in general, with 244 deaths so far.

  185. Republicofscotland says:

    Scottish government to use the Licensing Act to close Scottish pubs that have flouted the advice not to open, for 24 hours.

    If need be the Licensing Act will be used repeatedly, until wayward pub landlords comply.

  186. Ottomanboi says:

    Susceptibility to disease, the immune system and stress.
    Governments need to exercise some discretion. Panic, manifest in the irrational stripping of supermarket shelves and ‘subtextual’ treating of SARS CoV-2, the novel virus responsible for the pandemic, as if it were a form of plague, indicates that fact is playing second fiddle to social media generated wild rumour and speculation.
    The Casandras predicting global armageddon whether climatic of biologic need to get back into Pandora’s box of despair.

  187. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @dakk –

    What you said here last night was outrageous and inexcusable fearmongering.

    I very seldom attack commenters here personally but have no qualms about making an exception for you.

  188. Pete says:

    Worth reading Peter Hitchen’s article in today’s Mail on Sunday.
    Completely contrarian view on the virus.
    Might be right, might be wrong but definitely worth a read.

  189. Dan says:

    Jeepers. Cities are all well and good until the shit hits the fan.

  190. Breeks says:

    Well, hopefully tomorrow we’ll get some good news with Alex Salmond, but even if there’s one more farce to come and he’s somehow found guilty, there will hopefully be some serious shit hitting the fan at SNP HQ.

    All bets are off for any progressive developments on the Independence front while this Pangolin’s Revenge runs it’s course. It’s a real sickener to look back over 5 wasted years with all the squabbles about GRA reforms, and the heart just breaks thinking what we might have achieved if we’d gone for something tangible with the time we had available.

    Right now, everything is in limbo, but it’s hard to feel anything besides anger, and an abiding desire for Scottish Independence to be taken out of the hands of the dawdling SNP.

    If Sturgeon want’s to paddle her canoe proving she’s better at disaster management than Boris Johnson, then fine, good luck to her. But if you want to park Independence up some quiet Cul-de-sac while you’re busy saving the world, then why don’t you just do us all a big favour and hand over the keys of the Indy bus for Joanna Cherry to look after?

    If Pangolin’s Revenge even keeps the YES Marchers quiet and off the streets, then it might be the perfect timing for a solo effort, sprint down the wing for a runaway Joanna Cherry, taking Scotland’s subjugation through Brexit, and the breached Union Treaty, to be put before the UN and Council of Europe.

    Independence needs a safe pair of hands, and frankly there is nobody in Holyrood whom I think has the balls to pursue a decisive Constitutional strategy through to the right conclusion.

    Let Sturgeon handle COV19, but for all our sakes, for all our sanity, please promote Joanna Cherry to the position of Constitutional Guardian of Scotland, in charge of Independence, and Sea Lord of the Fleet as Scotland’s Constitutional Dreadnought quietly puts to sea…

    Good Luck tomorrow Alex Salmond.

  191. dakk says:

    @Ian Brotherhood

    So, I’ll tell the young doctor you think what she told me was ‘outrageous’.

    She is on the front line.

    Not you

  192. dakk says:

    I was accused of being doom monger weeks ago, while you were all fixated with Stuart s strop on GRA.

    And for passing on a comment from a doctor who is facing the reality, I’m outrageous.

  193. dakk says:

    Fine then.

    I made it up.

    Believe that if you want.

  194. K1 says:

    No, you’ll keep your ‘private’ conversations which cannot be verified to your fucking self and stop trying to elicit guilt in others who are rightly pointing out the irresponsible manner in which you posted that last evening.

  195. Mist001 says:

    @ Breeks

    Maybe Mrs. Murrell has a bit of a ‘Messiah complex’.

    First she tried to save the UK from Brexit.

    Now she wants to save the world from Coronavirus.

  196. Tony Hay says:

    Gie it up ffs man….

  197. Dan says:


    We absolutely require some kind of continuing pressure to be happening with regard to Scotland’s status within the the UK.

    With “The Scottish Administration” officially taking an Indyref off the table for the foreseeable (who mandated that?) because of the lurgy whilst the UK continues with its “Brexit”, it gives the impression there is no serious internal dispute within the the UK.
    We should not be taking our foot off the gas at this point in time because the trade deal discussions will be ongoing, and they most definitely will involve Scottish interests which will inevitably be of secondary consideration to our larger southern neighbour’s in this “equal” union.

  198. Tinto Chiel says:

    @dakk, 5.49, 5.54, 5.56: good man, keep talking to yourself, just leave the rest of us out of it.

    The last thing we need just now is irresponsible alarmists. What are the Ayrshire stats for today, then, Poindexter?

  199. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @dakk –

    You can tell your (very probably) imaginary doctor whatever you like.

    Even if you had verifiable video of this person stating that every occupant of a specific hospital was going to die, it would still just be her ‘opinion’ and you would have a choice of whether to spread it or not.

    You chose to make that statement as if it was fact. It might come as a surprise to you but the people who comment here are the same as other citizens – we have friends and family and neighbours and colleagues, some of whom are in hospital right now. I have a younger sister who has been in the Sou Gen for a fortnight and is highly vulnerable. She’s due to be discharged this week and is absolutely terrified because of the confusing and conflicting stories she’s been subjected to via msm and social media ever since this nightmare started.

    We’re all in the same boat and are fully aware of how serious the situation is – the last thing we need right now is alarmist claptrap from attention seeking fannies.

  200. Keith fae Leith says:


    The problem is that yesterday you made a Statement, without mentioning a source or even where you heard it from. If you had said “A frontline Dr has just been in my shop & is deeply worried about the 80 odd patients in Ayr Hospital” then maybe folk would have cut you some slack.

    But you didn’t, you posted without context on a page where the readers have learnt to take every unsubstantiated item of “news” with a pinch of salt.

    To worsen matters, you return a day later, make no acknowledgement of those who have responded to your comment & accuse them of throwing a young Dr under the bus. None of which is true, they asked you politely at first (others less so) to provide a source, you didn’t. Yo made other posts until someone called you up again & have gone off in the huff.

    I don’t doubt what the doctor has said, nor, do I think others would, if, IF you had said that in the first place.

    Everyone is on edge, so please take a chill pill, read what others say & respond to them in kind. Taken as an abstract, the thought of 80 people dying in hospital in 1 day is deeply troubling, so for you to have said that, it is only natural people are concerned & afraid, because they can’t find any information to back up (at the time, your unsubstantiated & unattributed) claim.

    I hope all are keeping healthy & trying not to worry too much. I despair at the arseholes who are campervanning in the Highlands, seeking refuge in the Islands, or crowding the beaches in East Lothian.

  201. ahundredthidiot says:

    Twathater @ 15:01

    Thanks for that. What I find astounding though, is I typed into Youtube the title, word for word, digit by digit (Full Scottish – 22/03/2020) – NOTHING! – a return of just about every video except this one, even previous dated videos from Full Scottish.

    So, I went to Broadcasting Scotlands home page on Youtube to find it – and guess what? – 250 views and Comments Disabled.

    I am now highly fucking suspicious.

  202. Lochside says:

    This site is being steadily polluted by nasty 77 Brigade squaddie hysterical right wing bullshit…’names’ appearing..suddenly from nowhere whipping up fear and bogus anti SNP rhetoric.

    Breeks and others, including the owner of this site, and me for that matter, have for years been extremely critical of the present SNP leadership. But for sound, analytical and concrete reasons. ‘We’.. i.e. the honest critics, Independent supporters all, await the latest consequence of the Brit Deep State attack on our movement..the public execution of our previous leader’s reputation and credibility.

    Nevertheless, the looming health catastrophic ‘policy’ allowed ..
    in an inhumane and cruel the neo fascist gang at envelop not just Scotland, but the general populations of these islands…by distraction, by prevarication, by complete arrogance in ‘British’ science and indifference to the ‘herd’ i.e. ordinary people. Blundering into an apocalyptic disaster by Boris Johnson and his puppet masters, has now blotted out everything but an immediate existential crisis for all, but the protected elite.

    So all you paid shills and political dupes sitting in ’77’ HQ chuckling at your ‘Mrs Murrell’ and facile anti-English comments designed at devaluing this site and our community with your sad mercenary and disgusting low level pathetic propaganda..ponder on this: very soon your grand parents and other sick or chronically ill relatives may be gasping their last breath because of your ox like allegiance to a corrupt and stinking system of Britnat arrogance.

  203. Breeks says:

    Dan says:
    22 March, 2020 at 6:08 pm

    We absolutely require some kind of continuing pressure to be happening with regard to Scotland’s status within the the UK.


    Boris Johnson is determined to power ahead with Brexit. The window of opportunity for stopping him in his tracks is closing daily.

    A referendum won’t stop it. An election next year won’t stop it. A six month quarantine with curfews won’t stop it. Nicola Sturgeon won’t stop it. Joanna Cherry might.

    Joanna Cherry armed with a big Constitutional Harpoon might not only stop it, but her success in such a venture would leave the UK Union untenable, and Scotland’s Constitutional Independence assured. – A referendum wouldn’t stop it, a General Election wouldn’t stop it. The Union would disintegrate, undone by unconstitutional subjugation which leaves the Treaty breached, and it could not be salvaged.

    IF, and it’s a massive IF, there was subsequently a ratification plebiscite and the vote delivered a Unionist majority and Scottish mandate calling for a Union, it could only be a NEW Union Treaty, not the 1707 Union Treaty, and would need to be agreed by two sovereign Governments of Scotland and England.

    If we move with adequate speed, the Brexit divorce with Europe could be compelled to respect Scotland’s Constitutional Sovereignty, and even if the issue was disputed, Brexit could not be delivered until the disputed sovereignty was resolved.

    We need these actions to be underway now.

  204. ahundredthidiot says:

    Breeks at 18:51

    …..’An election next year won’t stop it’…

    I am starting to think that there might not be an Election next year. This bloody COVID Bill is for TWO YEARS and our idiot MPs will only review it every 6 MONTHS!……and it has allowances in it for Elections/Referendums.

    And the SNP?………nothing but agreement and compliance.

  205. ahundredthidiot says:

    dum dum meant da!

  206. Bill Hume. says:

    Dear ahundredthidiot,

    I think you will find that Joanna Cherry has already started to fight this in the House of Commons……of course, I could believe your unsubstantiated nonsense…..but I believe in facts. Cold, hard facts.

  207. Republicofscotland says:

    As if things aren’t bad enough, Zagreb in Croatia suffered a 5.3 magnitude earthquake causing considerable damage to the city.

    The military have been called in to clear up as the citizens have been told to stay inside due to the virus.

    Meanwhile in France President Macron is putting 100,000 police officers on the streets, and setting up check points to force citizens to stay in, those caught without proper documentation justifying their movements, will be fined €150 Euros.

  208. dakk says:

    The comment I made last night was brief with no context because I was doing other things, so it was thrown in.

    I was going to detail how the conversation went just there,but it’s not worth the bother.

    Maybe the words were more like

    ‘can’t do anything for them’, and I asked if they would recover and got a shake of the head.

    The numbers are those I was told.

    I will leave it at that, but for champagne socialist Brotherhood to suggest I imagined the doctor is delusion.

    I didn’t record the conversation so can’t ‘substantiate it.

    It’s a waste of time trying to convince or argue with people on here about that comment.

    You’ll get the picture when it’s on your telly in a week or two.

    Fucking snowflakes.

  209. Mike d says:

    Dakk. If its on the telly in a week or two. Then i’m sure everyone will owe you an apology.

  210. Ron Maclean says:

    This would be a good time for Nicola ‘never been less interested in party politics’ Sturgeon to stand down as leader of the SNP and concentrate on her duties as First Minister.

  211. Mist001 says:

    @ Lochside

    LOL!! If that’s how your mind is working just now, going into lockdown is REALLY going to drive you nuts!

  212. Republicofscotland says:

    “I am starting to think that there might not be an Election next year. ”

    Its highly unlikely there will be the SNP haven’t chosen candidates yet, and a spokesperson couldn’t give definate answer on the matter, its still too early to say for sure.

    As for the Covid bill, opposition from politicians as to its length of time, are to oppose the bill before we come out the other side of the Coronavirus tunnel.

  213. Keith fae Leith says:

    “It’s a waste of time trying to convince or argue with people on here about that comment.”

    Probably because everyone who’s commented on it in varying degrees of politeness realize that it caused unnecessary worry & concern.

    If, as you claim, you are encountering people in your business who in a state of worry/panic & it’s not rubbed off on you, then I pity you.

    A lak of empathy is a very sad thing to have, so on that note, I’m done being polite & don’t see that questioning you for causing unprompted, unwarranted & unnecessary worry is the act of “Snowflakes”.

    The pictures are already view-able, as you would have noted from my earlier comment regarding arseholes & their behaviour.

    I would like to take the opportunity to speak on behalf of the remaining humans, who can empathize with the current situation & ask you kindly to get all the way to Fuck & when you get there, get in the Fucking Sea.

  214. dakk says:

    Keith fae Leith

    I wasn’t in the huff,but don’t read every post,or responses.

    I usually only post brief throwaway comments, no links.

    I was shocked at what I was told so briefly commented last night after work while I had time.

    Certainly wish I hadn’t wasted my time now.

  215. ahundredthidiot says:

    Bill Hume 19:09

    I was not aware of that, so happy to apologise. Is the SNP fighting it, or just Joanna Cherry?

    I was of the understanding the four Nations were backing it, but confess to not being fully up on the news this week. been v busy.

    Also Bill – you’re a bit of a dick.

  216. ahundredthidiot says:

    Jeez, one of the obvious signatures of 77 is that they post within an 8 hour window. These weans who think they’re sowdgys are not ‘working’ outside of their shift.

    MIST001 is never away…..and probably drinks too much French Red.

    Make up your own mind, but for my money, he’s one of us.

  217. Mist001 says:

    @ ahundredthidiot

    I don’t actually drink alcohol. I stopped about 10 years ago. Red wine was always pish anyway. I was into Whisky and Coke.

  218. Famous15 says:

    Just found out that in some young people the only symptoms for covid 19 are loss of taste and smell. TwoENT specialists are in ICU ;connection? So entry of virus through eyes,nose and mouth affecting nasal tissue.


  219. meg merrilees says:

    So, as I said 24 hours ago – for those of us who still hanker for Independence ….

    How about hanging our Saltires out the window on 4th April and 6th April to celebrate the Arbroath Declaration of Independence 700 years ago.
    If it takes off as an idea, we could hang them out on days when there would have been an AUOB march and keep the flame alive.

    Judging from a lot of the absolute sh*te being posted on this thread just now, it’s easy to see why there was a run on toilet paper as so many people have sh*te coming out of their mouths as well as their a*ses!

    Scotland will be free, it will become an independent country and hopefully many of us on this website shall live to see that day – and we’ll have a rare party when this is all over.

    As for Mrs Murrell – there is no politician in Scotland with that name today. In case you don’t know it or may have forgotten it or are just plain misogynist, the First Minister of Scotland is Nicola Sturgeon, a woman who is a politician in her own right and doesn’t need the name of her husband to give her any status – grow up!

  220. dakk says:

    The fear of the virus is now hitting everyone.

    I’ve been terrified for weeks.

    Fair enough,I now get it that people really don’t want to have their noses rubbed in it more than they have to by perhaps insensitive comments.

    I will tread more carefully when discussing this nightmare from now on.

  221. Capella says:

    @ Lochside – well said. You are often highly critical of the SNP. But you haven’t lost sight of who the real enemy is. I fear that Boris Johnston, relying on the advice of his evil genius, Dominic Cummings, has allowed this virus to spread out of control.

    Nicola Sturgeon has announced further restrictions on travel and holiday venues. Those people driving up from the home counties may find that the caravan parks are closed and the ferries have banned all unnecessary passengers.

  222. Mike d says:

    Have’nt seen that b’strd hyfud recently, maybe he’s succumbed to the virus. And i’m not f-kin apologising for that remark either.

  223. John from Fife says:

    It seems that up until last week at least flights were still arriving in the UK from Beijing Tehran and most concerning Rome.

  224. Bill Hume. says:

    Mike d…re hyfud………we live in hope.

  225. Mike d says:

    John from fife. Not surprised, bojo desperately trying to cut the pensions bill.

  226. Mike d says:

    We certainly do bill. (Thumbs up) lol.

  227. dakk says:

    ‘And i’m not f-kin apologising for that remark either.’

    That’s outrageous 🙂

  228. PacMan says:

    It looks like the ISIS is even afraid of the coronavirus

    ISIS coronavrius guidance

    Guidance given:

    Avoiding people who are sick. “Flee from the one afflicted with leprosy as you flee from the lion,” it said.

    Stay away from countries affected by the outbreak, or remain in place since coronavirus is only going to affect the infidels. “Whosoever dwells in his land patient and awaiting as the plague falls,” the newsletter said. “Knowing that it will only strike the one for whom God has decreed, for that person is the likes of the reward of a martyr.”

    Cover your face when you cough or sneeze.

    Wash your hands. “When one of you wakes from his sleep, let him not dip his hand into the vessels until he washes it three times, for he does not know where his hand spent the night,” the newsletter said.

  229. Mike d says:

    2 days ago, 95yr old grandmother in modena italy recovers from covid 19. Nice to hear some good news.

  230. Capella says:

    Public information announcement – the Janey Godley version.

  231. Mike d says:

    PacMan. I know where my hand has spent the night and what vessel its been dipped in.

  232. Dr Jim says:

    All the news in London and England seems to be that not nearly enough people are behaving in a reasonable manner, markets are crowded, beaches and parks packed with people and others deciding not to do the right thing are getting in their vehicles and making their way to Scotland, and their excuse? *as long as we only look and don’t touch anybody surely that’s OK* except they put their hands on every railing, throw their chip papers and paper cups in every bin, tap their fingers on every cash machine, walk into every open shop and put their hands on the counter, and so on and so on

    As if Scotland doesn’t have enough arseholes of our own not doing what they’re asked we don’t need the imported variety as well

    As it turns out Scotland has so far been behaving not too badly at all as even the Nicola Sturgeon haters are realising the fact that the idea of dying isn’t a politically firm base to make your stand when it comes to a disease that doesn’t care which side you’re on

    The FMs not the enemy, she’s trying to keep us alive no matter who or what we vote for, this pandemic won’t stop at hundreds or thousands or even hundreds of thousands, before a vaccine can be created tested and manufactured in sufficient amounts this pandemic could run into millions throughout countries in the world that have nothing and nobody to fight it with, there are already millions of refugees loose homeless and stateless wandering without any medical intervention at all, this pandemic really will be global and not even close to being over in the 12 weeks of Boris Johnson’s addled brain and if the folk in England refuse to do the right thing like they’re not doing now England will be forced to bring in draconian measures to keep people safe from themselves

    Now here’s the reason why Johnson hasn’t already done that, Politics, the fickle voters of England won’t see him as their buffoony hero anymore for attacking their freedom and vote him out at the next election and that’s the difference between Nicola Sturgeon and Boris Johnson, in Scotland we’ll thank her for a clampdown because we won’t see it as an attack on our freedom because we’re used to being told what to do as we’ve never actually been free

  233. robbo says:

    hyfud=mist001, yooninFrance.

    indy supporter my arse

  234. twathater says:

    @ Dan 7.47pm I read this on Martin Keatings twatter feed the other day and agreed it was the right move I also sent him this email

    Martin thank you for the update re The Scottish People Vs The UK Government on Indyref2 Also thank you very much for taking the time and effort to instigate this very important legal decision which will expose the facetious and blatant corrupt assumption that the SOVEREIGN people of Scotland have to gain the agreement of the Westminster establishment to conduct a referendum in order to ascertain the wishes of the Scottish citizenry

    It is regrettable , disgusting and disgraceful that our SNP SG have cowardly refused to fight the cause of independence by challenging this extreme authoritarian government , and are even now capitulating and prostrating themselves and our sovereignty at the feet of these parasitical carpetbaggers

    TBH I feel that after winning the current case a new case should be presented and crowdfunded to expose and confirm in law through the ICJ that the sovereign people of Scotland are the SOLE arbiters of their futures and are capable of withdrawing from any treaty without the necessity of gaining the permission of anyone other than the people and citizens of Scotland

  235. dakk says:

    Mike d says:
    22 March, 2020 at 8:14 pm
    2 days ago, 95yr old grandmother in modena italy recovers from covid 19.

    Now why didn’t one of my customers tell me that yesterday?

  236. Mike d says:

    Anyroads i need to preserve my stock of jack D during this social distancing, so i’m aff tae bed.stay safe folks.

  237. Ottomanboi says:

    The only method of monitoring the incidence of SARS CoV-2 in the population is through hospital admission and rigorous testing. A cough, a sniff, a temperature could be anything from common cold to seasonal flu, assuming it is novel coronavirus is an over active imagination stimulated by media with product to sell.

  238. Breeks says:

    Dan says:
    22 March, 2020 at 7:47 pm
    Don’t recall seeing this from a couple of days ago posted on here yet.

    In the spirit of FatherTed, “Up with this sort of thing”. 🙂 … but I would emphasise this ‘sort’ of thing, rather than this actual thing. (Sorry folks, don’t want to burst your bubble).

    It’s a good thing to challenge the Scotland Act, yes I approve, because it has the potential to pit the colonial constitution of a devolved assembly against the sovereign constitutional principle of the Nation, – but unfortunately, I don’t think the action comes with anywhere near that amount of ambition.

    The action ‘just’ wants to hold a referendum without a Section 30 Agreement, which if successful might clarify the right to hold a referendum, but even with such a right established in law, I cannot see the mechanism whereby Westminster can be compelled to respect the result of it. That will remain Westminster’s prerogative. So doesn’t that really defeat the purpose of the action?

    I want to see a belt and braces, explicit denouncing of the Union, because first, Westminster does not have the power to subjugate a sovereign mandate from the Scottish Electorate, and second, even if one accepts that Westminster’s Convention of Sovereignty has a degree of legitimacy, that unwritten convention is a merging of two distinct sovereignties expressly by volition and consent, and hence, Scotland being forced into Brexit against it’s will, is a direct violation of the convention. We CANNOT let them away with it, because it sets a very dangerous precedent.

    Why fk about seeing whether Section 30 holds water? I mean who cares? If you’re going to court, put the whole bloody Union in the dock, and have the whole rotten thing subjected to forensic scrutiny which will actually deliver our emancipation from this joke of a Union. Why clarify Section 30, when a full on Constitutional test case will junk both the whole Scotland Act and Treaty of Union?

    I find myself increasingly intolerant of these pesky gradualists. They’re cropping up everywhere. Personally, I want to see us going for the jugular and not taking prisoners until it’s done. We’ve put up with this shite for more than 300 years. Screw gradualism. There is no need for it. Let us move immediately and forthwith to the point in proceedings where they lose, we win, and we restore the freedom of our Nation.

  239. dakk says:

    Second thoughts.

    Many of the coughing public/ customersdon’t give a fuck whether they spread it to me.

    So why should I give a fuck what a few pampered snowflakes on here think.

    You types can likely self isolate in your own studio or something.

    I’ll tell it like I see it, so fuck the lot of you.

  240. Stoker says:

    Reposting this for all who missed it first time around.

    gerry parker wrote on 22 March, 2020 at 5:00 am: “This might be worth monitoring.”

  241. mike cassidy says:


    last night I simply asked for evidence of the claim you made.

    In numerical terms you were saying the deathrate in Scotland was about to jump from 2.4% of confirmed cases to 21.6%

    As a result of 80 pending deaths in one hospital.

    An extraordinary claim like that requires extraordinary evidence.

    The official numbers are here.

  242. PacMan says:

    Pete says: 22 March, 2020 at 5:18 pm

    Worth reading Peter Hitchen’s article in today’s Mail on Sunday.Completely contrarian view on the virus.
    Might be right, might be wrong but definitely worth a read.

    I’ve read Hitchens article. In theory, I agree with a lot of what he is saying. I need to emphasise In theory because it is all well and good taking a certain viewpoint and logically arguing it but it is peoples lives we are talking about here and many of them are going to die in a short period of time which there is no means to prevent.

    The other thing that needs to be mentioned, which many have already done, is that over the last 10 years certainly, health and care services have been gutted and contingency plans to deal with this has not been put in place thoroughly or even resourced.

    Hitchens and others are entitled to their viewpoint but it seem that events and the dithering, inaction and lack of direction of Westminster has overtaken them. It really serves no purpose whatsoever to talk about these things at the moment, at least not in the way Hitchens is doing it. For instance he is talking about loss of liberties but supermarket shelves had being stripped bare and while they seem to have stabilised over the weekend, it just takes the reporting of a large spike in deaths to start panic buying again.

    For me, it looks like the UK government is being driven by events not the other way round and at the time there is isn’t any alternative to choose.

  243. dakk says:

    @ mike

    Do you believe all official statistics?

    UK gov said last week there officially 500 odd cases, but that there were probably 10000 or more.

    They were not even testing. They admitted that.They say will start testing NHS staff now.The staff don’t even have decent ppe.They even changed Infectious Disease ward to General Medicine or some such to attract unaware bank workers.

    I obviously can’t verify anything because I’m not on the front line, but I just threw in the comment which was made which shocked me.

    I hope it’s not true

  244. dakk says:

    Annecdotely (unofficial), if you are asymptomatic and you lose your smell or taste then you may have the virus and be a

    Believe it if you want or wait till you hear it officially.

    If you are able to self isolate without being bankrupted then you should consider self isolation.

  245. mike cassidy says:

    Well worth a read.

    Though keep in mind

    the predicted death rates which freaked out Westminster did not take into account the natural mortality rates

    ie they are not ‘over and above’ numbers

    At a private engagement at the end of February, Cummings outlined the government’s strategy. Those present say it was “herd immunity, protect the economy and if that means some pensioners die, too bad”.
    At the Sage meeting on March 12, a moment now dubbed the “Domoscene conversion”, Cummings changed his mind. In this “penny-drop moment”, he realised he had helped set a course for catastrophe.

  246. cynicalHighlander says: put https:// first as it wont post here.

  247. cynicalHighlander says:

    That is strange

  248. dakk says:

    Interesting mike d.

    And I understand China has only lost c. 3500 people to the virus and appear to have beat it,unless it recurs when they normalise,godforbid.

    That is a tiny number.

    What’s happening in Italy is what really lit me up.That and the anecdotal evidence that some young healthy are succumbing to it.

  249. dakk says:

    Mike Cassisy sorry

  250. dakk says:


  251. Golfnut says:

    @ Breeks 8:42pm.

    The notes on this case ( Section 30 ) are disturbing. They continually refer to the Advocate General of the UK, an office that doesn’t exist, nor indeed is there an Advocate General of England, only an Attorney General for England and Wales. How can a case be brought against the Advocate General of the UK if the office doesn’t exist.
    An other issue that disturbs me is that not one single MP or MSP ( may well have missed this ) appears willing to challenging the Convention of Parliamentary Sovereignty. McHarg ( forget the name of the other one ) british constitutional experts apparently, produce a complete opinion on whether or not there is a legal route to independence without once mentioning the fact that there is no law which makes parliamentary sovereignty a legal reality rather than a convention.
    Why the reticence.

  252. dakk says:

    @cynical highlander

    Those numbers in terms of outcomes 13%(don’t want to frighten peevish) are what terrify me.

  253. dakk says:

    12% was the figure I figured early days from Italy.

    I hope I’m wrong and just being outrageous to the pampered.

  254. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

    Some much needed levity:

    “I don’t want to see any of you out there, I’ll run my toe up the crack of yer erse!”

  255. dakk says:

    Think I’ve got it.

    Not really worth posting on wings.

    If Stuart Campbell can’t be bothered why would anyone else?

    He’s fighting for survival, just like everyone else.

    Outrageous! Sir.

    And if I’m just scaremongering I’ll be delighted to be just that and a fanny to boot 🙂

  256. Effijy says:

    According to English Doctors on the news Hancock’s promise of has a large
    Stockpile of masks, gloves, anti bacteria gel and visors is a complete lie.

    The things are in shortage right across England

    Who would have believed the Tories would lie .

  257. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @dakk –

    I don’t doubt your fear of this bastarding virus. That’s not the issue. It’s the amplification of fear *without evidence* that angered some of us.

    I wouldn’t want to see you leave here because you feel you’ve been singled out. You singled yourself out by presenting such a shocking statement in such an apparently flippant manner.

    If you’re genuinely trying to raise awareness of how serious this all is, fair enough. But there are ways of saying as much. Perhaps you’re just not a natural diplomat and hey, that’s allowed.

    FWIW, I apologise for calling you a fanny. It’s a stressful time for all. No excuse, I know, but it is what it is.

    There will be a lot more scaremongering and panic before this thing is over. It would be nice if we could all agree to do our best to not contribute to it.



  258. dakk says:

    No worries Ian.

    I’m terrified,even more foryoung people close to me.

    I really don’t want to scare monger.

    I hope I really am a fanny?

  259. dakk says:


  260. Ayeright says:

    Audible are making 100’s of its books free to listen to for everyone while this shitshow is going on and people are stuck at home.

    It is mainly children’s books but there are also classics like Frankenstein, Brave New World, and Roots by Alex Hayley which was made into a very successful TV series.

    I could fall asleep to some of that I think.

    No need to sign up or give an email address or anything just click on the book you fancy and listen away.

  261. dakk says:

    Shouldn’t have said No worries.

    Because we all have plenty.

    I still can’t believe people want to book hair appointments.

    Maybe they want to make well groomed corpses.

    Fuck, I’ve done it again.

    God forgive me.

  262. dakk says:

    Take loads of Vitamin C. seems to be doing well intravenously in New York to the afflicted.

  263. dakk says:

    Getting sentimental now, but my ol’ Aberdonian dad used to say you’d never get a job in the Diplomatic Corp.

    He must’ve knew me.

  264. dakk says:


  265. Mist001 says:

    I’m just normal, I catch colds and sometimes the flu like most people and when I do, I just do what most people do, take a couple of Paracetamol and carry on as normal.

    But just November there, I was in the house feeling OK and then as the day went on, I began feeling worse and worse until I eventually couldn’t stand. I was falling asleep on the floor, mega headaches, aching limbs, the lot and eventually, I had to go to bed wearing a hat, dressing gown and all that because I was freezing. I was like that for three days and then I began to get better.

    It makes me wonder though, if I’ve had the Corona already. It came to prominence in November and I’ve never experienced anything like that before, or since.

    Anyway as far as I’m concerned, it’s all in the laps of the Gods. For me, I think it’s inevitable that I’ll get it at some point so the worst part is just the waiting.

    I don’t expect it to be any worse than a dose of mild flu for me personally, so I won’t be ODing on Vitamin C or any of the other supposed preventative measures. I’ll just keep on doing what I’m doing just now, staying in the house, taking the kids out to play or nipping to the shops. Unfortunately, it won’t be like that for some people.

    I’m more concerned with anticipating the social difficulties which I feel are likely to arise, lack of food supplies, power cuts and so on. I spoke last night about Grangemouth but even tanker drivers aren’t immune. What happens when they get sick?

    So, anticipation and trying to see what’s likely to come is where my head’s at just now. That’s not scaremongering, I think it’s being prudent.

  266. dakk says:

    For me,it could be something might have pressed the reset button.

    Please make me a neurotic paranoid schizo.

    And I’ll be happy.

  267. dakk says:

    William Shankley said football is more important than life and death.

    Fact is.

    Hairdressing is more important.

    I’m in the morra.

  268. dakk says:

    Health professionals who turn up and supermarket workers should be the new super rich.

  269. Mary miles says:

    Hi from Tassie:

    Just like to point out very interesting interview on Full Scottish with Allyson Pollock concerning present situation with Coronavirus (22.3.2020)

    Stay well everyone!

  270. Ian Brotherhood says:

    That’s us ‘locked down’ now.

    The weans said their cheerios to the boy/girlfriends earlier. Tears and snotters all over the place (cleared and binned toot suite) and that’s it.

    We’re lucky we live in a time when they can still keep in touch ‘virtually’. Doesn’t make it any less upsetting. From now on, naebdy comes over our door.

    Have we left it too late?

    Horrible stuff.

    The bampots still opening their pubs should be arrested.

  271. Dorothy Devine says:

    I had a ‘drive past’ of grandsons ,daughter and son in law yesterday and a virtual meet up with my other daughters wee grandaughter and other son in law in the evening- I’m not sure if it made me happier or sadder.

    Technology has never been a substitute for a hug .

  272. Willie says:

    In the midst of this horror story as we all scramble to lockdown the spread of the virus we should all have firmly imprinted in our minds that th decision not to intervene early was a deliberate policy by Boris Johnson, Dominic Cummings and Sir Patrick.

    At a meeting in February and against the majority opinion of the scientific safety advisory group Dominic Cummings said that it

    ‘ was all about herd immunity, protect the economy, and if a few pensioners die, to bad ‘

    Only thereafter on the 15th March when eminent scientific advice prevailed that the policy was going to lead to 510,000 deaths in a very short space of time did Boris Johnson change strategy and put us all into the desperate scramble that we are now in.

    Will this belated lock down be too late. Well yes. Deaths over the coming weeks will still peak because instead of locking down early, tracing and tracking carriers, the virus is now out there and spreading exponentially.

    Cummings and Sir Patrick Valance May have been allies and prevailed with the Prime Minister but their decision to bet the future on a strategy to protect the economy whilst letting pensioners die makes them war criminals.

    Genocide is the word for it. Genocide every bit as much as the that committed by the Nazis.

    Like the Jews in the 1930s, we in 2020, stumble into the equivalent of the Nazi gas chambers to die in herds because of these men and their ideology.

    These men need to be hunted down and brought to justice.

  273. dakk says:

    I won’t even look.

    Good luck everyone.Genuinely.

  274. Republicofscotland says:

    As Trump tell folk in the USA to stay at home his hotels in Aberdeen and Turnberry are still taking bookings, and a golf tournament was held at Turnberry at the weekend with over 100 golfers, at nearly £300 pounds a head.

    Donalds son Eric who runs the business saud we’re trying to limit shutdowns.

    It would appear that its okay to gather at social events, at a Trump venue in another country amidst this killer virus, as long as you pay that is, but in the USA you must stay at home.

  275. Republicofscotland says:

    Meanwhile SNP ministers urged Johnson to add an extension to the EU trade deal talks so that all resources can go into fighting this deadly virus. But Johnson, an absolute tool of a man is determined to push on with his casting off Johnny Foreigner once and for all.

  276. Republicofscotland says:

    10 Downing street, has denied claims that Johnsons most senior advisor suggested letting pensioners die of the virus, that it was a price worth paying to protect the economy, according to a report in the Sunday Times.

    Stating that’s the reason for Downing streets “herd immuntiy” policy, after being rumbled the plan changed to social distancing and self isolation.

    However why are we one of the few nations that’s not in lockdown, when our neighbours clearly are?

    Why havent our frontline personnel got the proper equipment yet either.

  277. Clydebuilt says:

    Republic of Scotland 9.49am. “Why havent our front line staff got Personal Protection Equipment”

    If it’s not made in Scotland our health service / Government will have to compete on the international. Stage to procure it.

    Last week ITN Journalist Peter Smith interviewed a “whistleblower” claimed tgat their PPE was not up to job. Showed a plastic apron and paoer facemask. . . . . This was folkowed with video showing English nurses working with Cironavirus patients . . . Wearing Plastic Aprons and paper facemasks.

    BBC Scotland are also working to undermine confidence in Scotland’s Government’s actions on Cronavirus .

  278. Fireproofjim says:

    Not much happening on Wings today.

  279. mountain shadow says:

    Two of the Jurors discharged this morning in the Salmond trial. 15 down to 13.

  280. Breeks says:

    mountain shadow says:
    23 March, 2020 at 10:44 am
    Two of the Jurors discharged this morning in the Salmond trial. 15 down to 13.

    Can’t find out more. Might be nothing…. sniffly nose maybe…

  281. Mist001 says:

    Didier Raoult is the man who’s going to save the world. He’s been knocking at the door, trying to get heard since this outbreak started but now, all the European countries are knocking at his door looking for answers.

    I met him once, just said ‘hello’ and shook his hand. He looks a bit like a druid or an old hippy, but he knows his stuff:

  282. bittie45 says:

    I wondered why Germany’s mortality rate was so low – this seems a good explanation:

  283. Sensibledave says:

    Republicofscotland 9:49 am

    As lay people, none of us know the best way of dealing with the Coronavirus issue. The experts, in different countries, and within countries, have different theories as to which strategy will yield the best results. To me, it seems pretty pointless getting all steamed up about one strategy or another. The experts we are relying upon are doing their best to give the government best advice.

    The reality is that no one knows. We will eventually learn from the event when we have seen the full cycle in each country. As we are now seeing in Hong Kong, A fast, full, lock down can certainly have big effects on the spread and death rate in the short term. But then there may be leaks, or a “loosening” in the system, and then second and third waves are entirely possible.

    So, at one end of the scale you can have a free for all, no special measures, everyone that is going to get it, gets it, and the medical services are overwhelmed and people that may have survived, don’t, because the care (people and equipment) can’t cope with the peak. At the other end of the scale, a full lock down (which isn’t really a full lock down because a lot people need to keep working to distribute food, utilities, drugs, emergency services, military, etc, etc) can have a huge affect on the spread rate whilst the isolation occurs … but then there is little immunity amongst the population to deal with a second or third wave.

    There are papers that have been written on the outcome of the passengers and crew of the Diamond Princess Cruise ship. In an almost perfect environment for the virus to do its worst with crew and passengers living and mingling in close proximity, with an asymmetric mix towards the more elderly, the data, if correct, surprised me somewhat.

    For instance, of all the people on the ship, 83% showed no symptoms at all – and about half of that number had been infected by the virus. Apparently the infection rate was reasonably consistent amongst all age groups but it was, obviously, the older people (7 of them) that succumbed to the disease. I understand that meant that the final death rate for the ship was therefore around 1%. I don’t think they know what has happened to the staff and crew in more recent times though.

    So, we should all try to follow the guidelines and hope or pray if that is your thing, that we get close to a least worse outcome.

  284. Stuart MacKay says:


    I don’t want to take anything away from the Talking Up article but there’s a much simpler explanation – the Germans are testing a lot of people and a lot of them are young with very little chance of having adverse affects to the virus.

    Looking at death rates across countries or even regions within countries is an apples to oranges comparison.

  285. Mist001 says:

    This would be the ideal time for the Government to stop all welfare payments and introduce the Universal Basic Income because soon, all the shops apart from vital ones, are going to be forced to close and all these staff are going to need paid. Their employers won’t pay them and since they’re still technically employed, they won’t be able to sign on so they’ll have nothing.

    I don’t think there’s anything that a Tory government would hate more than giving people what they see as free money, but I think they’re going to have to at some point.

    Revolution comes in the strangest ways.

  286. John H. says:

    1 hour ago.

    Philip Sim

    The jury have gone out again in the Alex Salmond trial – but there are only 13 now. Lady Dorrian tells the remaining jurors that two have been discharged for “various reasons”

  287. Mist001 says:

    If you’ve been following Craig Murrays blog, then it’s pretty clear that the charges against AS are trumped up and it would be fair to come to the conclusion that he’s innocent.

    So, I’m not getting why the jury are taking so long in their deliberations. What are they having problems about making their minds up over?

  288. Liz g says:

    Mary Miles….from Tassie…
    Stay well over there my friend.
    Love and Best Wishes From Me and Mine To You And Yours 🙂 X

  289. Dr Jim says:

    Ireland have introduced a rate of 203 Euros per week, Leo Varadkar said he was sorry it couldn’t be more but that’s all the country can afford

    How much is it in the Great Britain of UK ness of England
    £90 something

  290. cynicalHighlander says:

    4 deaths no new cases of virus in UK today so far.

  291. Al Dossary says:

    Still following from the desert afar. Curfew 7pm-6am begins today. All routes ina and out closed, all buses, trains and Taxis closed. Everything in Saudi starts after prayer, even the mosques are closed to give an idea of how worried they are / seriously they are taking it. Total confirmed In kingdom as of yesterday 511.

    Still looking in disbelief at the crass stupidity and selfishness of some in the UK. From the panic buying and stripping bare of the supermarket shelves to the modern day, wanna-be travellers who would not have given our traditional travellers the light of day and the holiday-home owners who have suddenly decided that Scotland in March is the place to be.

    Not to mention those people so desperate for a last night in the pub or clubs before lockdown that they will get in a room with a bunch of total strangers far a final swally.

    UK will go into full lockdown and curfew because some people just do not have the brains to do the right thing.

    On the plus side, we still have toilet roll, handwashing and I scored 4 cans of full fat Irn Bru last night.

  292. Old Pete says:

    Think the Jury might return a ‘not proven’ verdict, which will effectively end and destroy Alex Salmonds career as the strong voice of Scottish Independence.
    The hierarchy in the SNP seem to have stabbed him in the back. I don’t know why ? But they certainly have attempted to destroy him. Still hopefully I am wrong and his name is cleared.

  293. Pete says:

    Noticed that John Mason is receiving bucketloads of shit from his colleagues for carrying on as usual and putting his trust in Jesus (probably a better bet than NS).
    Actually, I quite like him as he isn’t your usual robotic politician and does have some original ideas.

  294. Tackety Beets says:

    Effin Beeb canna help them selves!

    I don’t contribute with the propaganda fee, but dropped in to catch the NS statement & Q nA On BBC News channel.

    About halfway they cut back to the studio, so I nip to 101 BBC 1 SCOTLAND HD!
    Sally McNair says go to BBC SCOTLAND CH ….108 HD. nope….. back to the aul 1 nope…..
    It was on the aul shit std fuzzy(for those with HD) CH 9 BBC SCOTLAND.

    How much is the cost to transmit on non HD compared to HD ?
    Let’s be clear it was recorded with an HD camera etc

    They ask us why we don’t watch the new Scotland channel , Effin incredible.

    BTW, I would like to watch BG Garden now but feck sake even catch up internet TV is clearer.


  295. Republicofscotland says:

    Radio news reporting that US president Donald Trump is looking likely to shift his perspective on the Coronavirus from isolation, to that of putting the economy first.

    If this if true it would suggest that Trump is prepared to tolerate heavy casualties from the virus, in order to keep businesses open. Radio news added that the US Federal Reserve has thrown everything but the kitchen sink into the economy, but its still not enough.

  296. Republicofscotland says:

    “As lay people, none of us know the best way of dealing with the Coronavirus issue. ”


    I had you pinned as a Johnson apologist, anyway, so its no surprise that you come up with but we don’t really know tosh.

    Johnson knew fine well from the likes of what was happening in China and what is happening now in Italy and Spain. There is a two week lag between the UK and those countries, so theres no real excuse for not being prepared.

    Even now as France deploys 100,000 police officers on check points and to stop those in the streets that don’t have a credible reason for being out, London’s subways are crammed full like Sardines of people going to work etc.

    Even today Johnson is conspicious by his absence in the media as Sturgeon tell Scotland if you don’t sell food or medicine close your business now.

    No if you look back over the last two decades of Tory rule, you’ll see that the poor, weak and the disabled have died indirectly in their droves due to vile Tory policies.

    Save your Johnson sympathy for someone who gives a toss. Better still try telling it to those who’ve lost love ones before the virus showed its nefarious head.

  297. Republicofscotland says:

    “If it’s not made in Scotland our health service / Government will have to compete on the international. Stage to procure it.”


    I don’t mean the likes of ventilators, I mean masks and disposable gloves surely they could be quickly produced within Scotland.

  298. Republicofscotland says:

    Re my 1.32pm comment.

    Trump said on Twitter in capital letters.


  299. cynicalHighlander says:

    Gtech are developng a ventilator here in UK google it.

  300. Republicofscotland says:

    The Mayor of Bergamo in Lombardy, a region terribly struck down by the Coronavirus cannot understand why the UK isn’t yet in full lockdown.

    In my opinion Sturgeon must supercede Johnson where Scotland is concerned, and lockdown Scotland now. If not the consequences, measured in deaths could exceed those in Italy.

    Meanwhile in the borders folk are coming over from England into Scotland in numbers and emptying local shops of their groceries, some in camper vans. A larger population requires more supplies of food and necessities, it may be that food stuffs are a bit short in Northern England.

    Or more likely those with means in England are attempting to hide out in rural Scotland to avoid the virus.

  301. Sensibledave says:

    Republic of Scotland 1.44

    I had foolishly hoped that we could discuss the matter outside of political bunkers. It appears not.

    Given therefore your conviction that you know the strategy that will save the most lives. Please show us your credentials, your research, how many will die in the first wave and then how many die each time we exit lock down. Please provide details in terms of how long we are locked down and what is your “trigger” to then loosen the restrictions and how long for.

    I am sure, given your certainty, you have all the answers?

  302. mountain shadow says:

    Still no jury decision. Looks like a split decision, whatever the outcome.

  303. Pete says:

    If you what you say about Trump is true then I think that, at last, some common sense is coming through.
    At the moment, the perceived solution is going to be worse than letting things take their course.

  304. North chiel says:

    Alex Salmond acquitted on all charges according to Sky news.

  305. Bob Mack says:

    Now some heads will roll.

  306. robbo says:

    Yoons be mad, the Big Man -NOOOOT GUILTY

  307. Ayeright says:

    Alex Salmond found Not Guilty on 11 charges, one withdrawn and Not Proven sexual assault of Woman F with intent to rape.

  308. Willie Fleming says:

    I am hearing its NOT GUILTY for Alec.

    Some good news at last.
    Time to lead the fight back to retake the party.

    Will the the accusers be done for wasting everyone’s time?
    Name and shame the lying bastards who tried to set him up.

  309. defo says:

    YES !
    The bunnet’s back
    Well done the jury

  310. Ayeright says:

    Alex Salmond found Not Guilty on 11 charges, one withdrawn and Not Proven sexual assault of Woman F with intent to r*pe.

  311. Balaaargh says:

    Eck is cleared! Can’t wait to see the yoons spitting blood on the internet tonight!!

  312. North chiel says:

    Britnat disgracefull reporting of verdict saying that AS is “ tainted” and saying now a major “ rift “ in SNP . and also NS “ close to the heart” of conspiracy against Salmond. Also Mathews now “ putting boot in” against FM reference the 29th March and 2nd April dates discrepancies as to when FM first new of allegations

  313. HYUFD says:

    Balaargh It was Nicola Sturgeon’s Procurator Fiscal and Police Scotland who report to Sturgeon not Boris who charged Salmond. Nothing to do with Westminster this time

  314. Marcia says:

    Look forward to seeing him suing certain newspapers and individuals.

  315. Ian Brotherhood says:


    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  316. Marcia says:


    You must be gutted. Unionist newspapers fanned the flames. Some of their coverage was a disgrace to journalism.

  317. jfngw says:


    You obviously have no idea what yoon refers to, nothing to do with England or WM, it is referring to BritNat Scottish residents.

  318. John H. says:

    I hope he sues the pants off them :-). Then takes over the independence drive.

  319. cynicalHighlander says:

    The Best news I’ve heard for a very long time.

  320. HYUFD says:

    Marcia I am not gutted at all, I have seen Salmond at Westminster and have nothing against him personally despite being a Unionist.

    The fact those closest to Sturgeon may have decided to pursue a vendetta against Salmond to increase her powerbase is nothing to do with me

  321. Tony Hay says:

    Get the defamation writs issued asap,more than a few arses twitching I’d suggest.

  322. John H. says:

    They put him through hell. Now I hope he returns the compliment.

  323. Tackety Beets says:

    ……..and an overspill of joy lands in Wings Over Scotland.

    My Q is simply is NS pleased or disappointed with the verdict ?

    Whose arses is in the slammer for part 2 .

    Looking forward to the further evidence he would have liked to have seen led.

  324. Ayeright says:

    “The fact those closest to Sturgeon may have decided to pursue a vendetta against Salmond to increase her powerbase is nothing to do with me”

    This is the narrative that the likes of HYUFD and the state media wish to spread, they have failed in their attempt to smear Alex Salmond so Nicola Sturgeon is now the target.

    They are absolutely determined to “divide and conquer” and have us, who are all who on the same side when it comes to winning our Independence fighting like rats in a sack over support for Sturgeon or Salmond.

    This is so obvious, don’t fall for their divisive shite.

  325. Golfnut says:

    @Aye right,

    Just been explaining this to my Son, Nicola will continue as she has been all along, the target.

  326. Mist001 says:


  327. Bill McLean says:

    HYUFD – as you correctly say it “is nothing to do with me” – nothing on this site has anything to do with you so why don’t you just shove off? We have a country to restore to it’s rightful place in the world – if you can’t help, won’t help or dont want that shove off!

  328. HYUFD says:

    Bill McLean Until Unionists are banned from this site, if I have something to say I will do so

  329. Bill McLean says:

    No one is talking about banning anyone you twerp – I suggested YOU should shove off! You yourself admitted this is “nothing to do with you”. You contribute nothing to the essence or intention of this site in any way. I know you feel as an exceptional person that we lesser folks should be educated by those such as you. I only have to look at the state of England and suggest that you are not exceptional, except maybe in your arrogance, and that your time could be better spent sorting out England’s massive problems for the good of good people in England. I say again shove off!

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