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Almost there

Posted on November 18, 2020 by

We genuinely empathise, anonymous senior Scottish Tory.

If only there was some solution available.

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  1. 18 11 20 11:57

    Almost there | speymouth

37 to “Almost there”

  1. holymacmoses says:

    If you find the answer Wings, can you let the SNP know:-)

    Thanks again and again for all your hard work.

  2. kapelmeister says:

    The Scots Tory credo is that we must stay British forever even when it’s detrimental to Scotland.

  3. Simone says:

    Being part of a party that repeatedly shoots itself in the foot must suck… *sighs*

  4. Ian McCubbin says:

    Oh dear typifies Scottish political class, not the activists.
    Keep up your good work Stu. ?

  5. holymacmoses says:

    BTW what do you think is meant by ‘Senior Scottish Tory’ ?

  6. wulls says:

    No shit sherlock…….

  7. Josef Ó Luain says:

    The available solution is, of course: the formation of a truly independent Scottish Conservative Party. Scottish Tories, being the patronage-junkies they’ve forever been, means this simple option is unlikely to be taken-up.

  8. Pete says:

    Great article by Andrew Neil in today’s Daily Mail.
    I actually think that quite a few posters on here would agree with a lot of his conclusions.
    His comments regarding the standard of MSP’s of all parties is just so pertinent to the current mediocrity being shown in Holyrood.

  9. Craig P says:

    Josef Ó Luain:

    The available solution is, of course: the formation of a truly independent Scottish Conservative Party.

    There used to be such a thing – the Unionist party got the highest ever share of the Scottish vote in 1955 – but they merged with the English Conservatives and went downhill ever since.

  10. Effijy says:

    Labour national debt record
    1997-2009 increased national debt from £400b to £1000b.
    Then Tory’s said we needed austerity for 10 years to get that debt cleared
    Tories took over 2009-2019 (not including corona debt in this)
    Over £2,000 Billon.
    They more than doubled our national debt try to eradicate it!

    Now with a sea of corrupt Tory Emergency contracts hiding under the Covid carpet
    I’m confident they can add another £Trillion in there.

    The punch line from the above Tories, but an Independent Scotland would rack up debts? FFS

    How anyone could vote for that is beyond me and always will be.

  11. Desimond says:

    Josef Ó Luain:

    The available solution is, of course: the formation of a truly independent Scottish Conservative Party.

    Murdo “7 times Unelected World Champion” Fraser ran for Branch Leadership on that very premise but Ruth the Mooth romped home and its been jolly hockey sticks approach ever since.

  12. kapelmeister says:

    The Scottish Conservative & Unionist Party

    Where Cognitive Dissonance Never Takes A Holiday!

  13. Wullie B says:

    Was listening to Call Kay with an E the other morning, and an Ex Scottish Twig officer, can’t remember was basically saying that Scotland had to be allowed to have a referendum if the majority of Scots vote for it, I wonder if that is why he is an ex staffer now, but made a lot of sense, should have run for Dross’s job, was the day Ruth Wishart was on, possibly Monday 16th.

    It was strange as the Pravda Quay must have been preselecting Unionist callers as everyone said no to a referendum , one Cnut when asked why Scotland couldn’t be a successful Indy nation if the likes of Lichtenstein and Malta could and they are a lot smaller without resources basically turned round and told Kay with an E he said he didn’t believe that, and when quizzed on Lichtenstein, said he didn’t even know if that was a nation.

    But to cut the story short, Unionists are dumb f@cks

  14. BuggerlePanda says:


    It is certainly not detrimental to Westminster’s Piggy Bank

  15. orri says:

    Think Johnson is actually wrong. Devolution was actually a bit of a power grab.

    Until Devolution the path to independence, or at least a referendum, was simple.

    Elect enough MPs for Scotland with independence in their manifesto and that was it.

    Now we’ve got what was probably the original intent of passing that on to Holyrood where the election system, or even it’s current incarnation, was there to make unlikely a pro indy majority would be achieved.

    Or as that now seems more likely it’s now an SNP majority followed by an SNP majority of votes cast in both regional and constituencies and so on.

    But with the added twist that now there’s an insistence on a mystical s30 that requires, so we’re led to believe, that permission must be gained from the Westminster Government.

    So we’ve gone from a simple democratic situation where it was conceded that the people of Scotland alone could elect representatives who could then either negotiate independence or push for a referendum to one where that is no longer said to be the case.

    That omits the obvious interpretation of the Treaty and Acts of Union where our representatives were the MPs we elected, and the Lords, and obviously, prior to devolution, if ever there was a pro-independence majority they would act on Scotland’s behalf as far as that treaty goes. The Parliament Act would nullify the Lords in matters of manifesto pledges.

    So it might be argued that in the case of s30s on this topic it’s up to the Scottish Grand Committee to agree to the transfer of power to legislate from “Westminster” to “Holyrood”.

    Otherwise the reality is that we’ve been scammed. That the result of devolution has been a transfer of power from our MPs to the Westminster Government of the day rather than to our MSPs.

    So the devil in the devolution detail is that it’s worked against our best interests. I’m now paranoid enough to think that this latest “gaffe” is a trick to get us to unthinkingly champion devolution.

  16. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “Great article by Andrew Neil in today’s Daily Mail.
    I actually think that quite a few posters on here would agree with a lot of his conclusions.”

    Actually it’s guff. What he concludes are failures of “devolution” are almost all failures of the last five years specifically. And while he’s certainly right about the general calibre of MSPs, this, for example:

    “Rather than promoting enterprise, economic renewal and a vibrant political system, the creation of a new power base in Edinburgh has built something close to a one-party state, complete with a well-feathered nomenclatura and a compliant media.”

    is the most frightful pish. Devolution was ALWAYS INTENDED, quite openly, to build a one-party state. The party just wasn’t meant to be the SNP. And the Parliament was given no economic powers at all, so how it was meant to generate “economic renewal” is anyone’s guess.

  17. Effijy says:

    Small nations like Scotland can’t make it?
    There must a hundred nation with similar or lesser populations
    who are happy to run their own country and who don’t want
    Westminster robbing them blind.

    To the North Iceland has done very well recovering from the global recession
    and they jailed their corrupt bankers rather than giving them knighthoods.

    To the West we see the Celtic Tiger doing better at recovery than the UK
    Pensions much higher than here, better Covid management and a proud
    Seat within the EU- The Worlds biggest trading block.

    To the East we have Norway, the country that found oil when Scotland did,
    No debt, great infrastructure, great pensions, an oil fund with £110,000 in it
    for every man woman and child in the nation.
    Less than 300 Covid deaths there as they managed it properly!

    We can go South to Luxembourg, a very small nation that is the richest per capita in Europe.

    Scotland under Westminster is going South too.
    Right down the plug hole.

    The garbage unionist get to waste breath on?

  18. Effijy says:

    Brillo heid scraping the crap off the same old unionist pots
    and calling it diner.

    Thoroughly disgusting Tory House Boy!

    He must be due a Betty Gone for services to disinformation?

  19. shug says:

    If they were a Scottish Conservative party rather than a branch of a London party they might make some progress.

    There is a need for a Conservatives for independence and then can stand in a Scottish parliament and hold their head up. Being a branch of the London master is their problem.

    The question is, can within their number of MPs and MSPs, find a pair of balls to stand up, rather than cower in the corner constantly apologizing and trying to reword what Boris, or whoever replaces him, really means

  20. John H. says:

    Not just the tories kapelmeister.

  21. Effijy says:

    I have a told you so I don’t want to let slip.

    As predicted, the various pharmaceutical companies working on
    The Covid Vaccine will be obliged to lie about its effectiveness.

    Pfizer announced it was first and it had a 90% success rate.

    The next company suggested 92% success in order to beat them ?

    Next again gave 94.5% success rate.

    Low and behold, Pfizer has ran further tests and it’s now 95% success rate? Lol

    Can I put my shirt on the next one being a little higher?

    It won’t matter in the UK as the contract will go to one that supports the Tories
    the most.

  22. Dan says:

    On the subject of parties not reading the room.
    I wittered away before on the idea that with Labour in Scotchland’s low membership, it could be possible for a load of folk to join and steer the party to being pro-indy. Might be an easier task than influencing the SNP to get with the program!
    There most defo would be a place for a proper Labour style party in an Indy Scotland.

  23. kapelmeister says:

    Tom @12:35

    That is a very encouraging article from George Kerevan.

  24. Effijy says:

    Tommy Shepherd on Sky News let a Tory walk over him
    for wanting more than the Devolution Boris grudges?

    There was lie after lie and misinformation but Tommy
    was comatose letting have it all his own way.

    Are SNP training MP to stay quiet while being run over malicious lies?

    I’ve seen more fight in a gold fish with one fin.

  25. SOG says:

    OT, but significant, I feel. It is now a year since ScotGov received the Werrity Report on grouse moors. They have done nothing. Kicking it into the long grass may indicate an allegience to the Hunting-Shooting-Fishing interests and their big money. Which makes sense if they are losing memberships and donations from their past support.

    Details are on the Raptor Persecution Scotland blog.

  26. Stuart MacKay says:


    The inaction on the Werrity Report says it all. If the Scottish Government can’t even take action on rampant criminality and a groundswell of public opinion that wants driven grouse shooting banned, then what hope is there for actions that require more mettle.

    Cabinet Secretary for Environment, Climate Change and Land Reform, Roseanna Cunningham is due to retire next year. For the sake of all the eagles, harriers and peregrines that have blown out of the sky or poisoned, never mind the lasting damage done to Scotland’s reputation, I hope she takes the opportunity to come clean about why she has sat with arms folded and done nothing, absolutely nothing.

  27. John H. says:

    Sorry O/T.

    For the past two weeks getting certain foodstuffs and other items has become increasingly difficult at our local supermarket in Falkirk. Now we have been told by staff members that the problem has been caused by people coming in from Stirling to do their shopping.

    Apart from the obvious selfishness of it, Stirling is in a different local authority area, and will be in a higher risk category from Friday. If people keep on behaving like this, it will provide the government with the perfect excuse to bring in ID cards, something I think most of us don’t want.

    It’s no surprise that the Covid figures for Falkirk are starting to creep up.

  28. Republicofscotland says:

    Alas no matter what, the Scottish Tory branch office is loyal to the London Tory HQ Scotland comes a distant second, or third.

  29. SOG says:

    One comment on the blog I mentioned above…

    “So completely scunnered also that the grouse moor reform resolution (which had the support of 25 branches including my own) has also been dropped from the SNP conference agenda coming up.”

  30. Iain More says:

    That Tory is obviously a liar. As he or she probably bends over and takes it up the ass daily from Westmidden Tories, just like the SNP group there and at Holyrood.

  31. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    Hi shug at 12:44 pm.

    You typed,
    “There is a need for a Conservatives for independence and then can stand in a Scottish parliament and hold their head up. Being a branch of the London master is their problem.”

  32. shug says:

    Brian Doonthetoon says:
    Good one

    do you have a link to the mem of boris and the talk he gave about the scots hanging on westminster’s coat tails

  33. shug says:

    I am looking for the one of Boris making his contempt for scots clear for a unionist friend

    At the moment he might agree with closing the Scottish parliament but I want the ones that show the contempt the hold for Scots

    Farage – “the scots are biddable dogs that will come to heel”

    Boris – we take their whisky, oil and lots of other stuff and still they are desperate to cling to our coat tails.

  34. F Mooney says:

    It’s a pisstake, now. Sturgeon is managing, leading us nowhere. Blocking those who could be a radical force for change? Self-preservation.

  35. Dan says:

    @ shug

    A clip of Boris though don’t think it is the one you refer to.

    The Farage line was dealt with by The Ferret and looks to be untrue.

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