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Mushroom food

Posted on November 15, 2020 by

We were going to write a post about today’s Sunday National front page lead story, but it would just have been an angry rant, so instead we’ll let our readers make their own judgements on how convinced they are by this bloviating guff:

Try to keep it clean, folks.

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593 to “Mushroom food”

  1. Republicofscotland says:

    Listened to an article on Times radio, it used to be Talk radio, on Scottish independence and Johnson’s remarks on devolution. The presenter and several interviewees comforted themselves in the knowledge that Johnson will never grant an S30 order, even less so now that independence looks like the settled will of the Scottish people, and the SNP are looking hot favourites to do well in next years Scottish elections.

    Just why would Johnson grant an S30 when he just has to keep saying no, its not as if Sturgeon will change his mind by calling him undemocratic, Westminster will never willingly give up a third of the UK’s landmass, and all the assets that goes with it.

    I think Johnson will move quickly next year post 31st of December to hinder and weaken devolution, and in the process remove our parliaments ability to hold an indyref for good.

    We’re running out of time.

  2. Colin Alexander says:


    The SNP promised a choice between being Scotland being Brexited or indyref2. Repeatedly, Mr Blackford announced the people of Scotland will no be dragged out of the EU against our will.

    The SNP breached their manifesto commitment to deliver indyref2. They also breached the promise made in 2016 that they would launch a campaign promoting independence beginning that summer.

    Sturgeon also betrayed Scottish sovereignty when she announced indyref2 is cancelled awhen she made it clear to the Theresa May UK Govt that the Scot Govt would agree to Brexit for a soft-Brexit deal. Despite, Scotland’s sovereign people having voted Remain and Sturgeon having no mandate to concede holding an indyref and instead being replaced with begging for soft-Brexit terms from the UK Govt.

    Sturgeon again announced the betrayal of the manifesto commitment to indyref2 on 31 January 2020 knowing that meant Scotland would be out of the EU just hours later.

    That’s BEFORE the Covid-19 pandemic was known to have affected Scotland.

    So, the SNP have already betrayed us.

  3. Skip_NC says:

    Tannadice Boy @ 6:26pm, look at the alternative. The bill as it stands gives Ministers and the Presiding Officer an unacceptable amount of power. Instead of that, why not legislate for a method that is proven in electoral security and efficacy? Offering people the opportunity to vote other than on Election Day itself reduces lines, reduces risk of infection and might even increase turnout. Doing that would hand power back to the parliament to decide what is a reasonable response to a situation that will probably still exist by next May.

  4. ScotsRenewables says:

    Daisy, you say the SNP is ‘haemorraging support’, but all the recent opinion polls disagree.

    This is a very angry and far from representative echo chamber. The SNP will have to fail very publicly before there is a huge change in those numbers.

    So let them. Otherwise you will just be seen as part of the problem. The risk from both our viewpoints is surely that the SNP will form another minority government and use that as an excuse to kick indy into the long grass, leaving them to spend five years pushing wokeist policies with the support of the Greens.

    Honestly, the best thing from all points of the compass is a thumping great SNP majority. If they fail to use it the party will self-destruct, if they are forced to use it we get Indy.

  5. pipinghot says:

    Sorry SR but you are wrong there. on all points.

  6. Tannadice Boy says:

    Daisy will give you a substantive response?. I just wanted to say that my extended family are not an angry echo chamber. They are long term and I mean long term SNP supporters of many decades. We will see on May 6th. We are right or you are right.

  7. Bob Mack says:

    @Tannadice Boy,

    5 members of my immediate family no longer goingvto vote SNP in very narrow seat. I make 6.

  8. Tannadice Boy says:

    @Bob Mack
    I know but we are not cutting through to the decision makers of the SNP perhaps that is because of a tightly controlled information feedback system. Hell mend them. They won’t get us back easily.

  9. Papko says:

    With all respect Tannadice Boy.

    elections in Scotland are NOT decided by “long term SNP supporters” of however many years.
    But by the People of Scotland
    And they will vote for whomever they deem the most talented be it on the list or the constituency.

  10. ScotsRenewables says:

    Bob, Tannadice, Daisy, I am sure your families are not going to vote SNP, but that is tiny numbers. Forums like this are relatively small echo chambers.

    The message being spouted out here is not even a muffled rumble at the moment. The ISP and Scotia Future are impotent.

    All you are going to achieve is minor damage, enough to give the SNP another 5 years and an excuse for reneging again on indy. The 85

    Elect them and hold their feet to the fire. Or face another 5 years of minority wokist government by a party you despise.

    piping hot – yeah yeah, I’m wrong you’re right – suggest you don’t go into politics…)

  11. ScotsRenewables says:

    Papko says:
    17 November, 2020 at 7:51 pm
    With all respect Tannadice Boy.

    elections in Scotland are NOT decided by “long term SNP supporters” of however many years.
    But by the People of Scotland
    And they will vote for whomever they deem the most talented be it on the list or the constituency.

    With all respect Papko, constitutional politics is not about talent, it is about feelings, passion and the arguments.

  12. MaggieC says:

    Re Harassment and Complaints Committee ,

    There now a letter published from Dave Penman , The FDA is the trade union for senior managers and professionals in public service ,

    Dave Penman, General Secretary of the FDA union wrote to the Convener on 12 November 2020 regarding witnesses appearing before the Committee ,

    “ I wrote to you on 23 July 2020 regarding concerns we had around the approach being adopted by the committee in relation to evidence from civil servants. Unfortunately I am now having to write again to express my concern about the committee’s conduct. “

    Maybe if the civil servants came prepared to the committee with their evidence and answered the questions honestly and truthfully the committee wouldn’t have to keep repeating the questions .

    These civil servants are supposed to be the best in the Scottish Government . You wouldn’t trust them to go for “ the messages “

  13. Bob Mack says:

    @Scots Renewables,

    People can vote for them as they wish, but they have lost 6 people to go round chapping doors and promoting them locally.

    We will bide our time and find another party to help unless things change..

  14. Tannadice Boy says:

    Fine but they have taken our money and physical resources to deliver Independence and have failed to do so.

  15. Tannadice Boy says:

    If it was just about passion we would have won the first time. I have seen no evidence since 2014 that we have learned anything. So I am a Chartered Engineer and consultant to the renewable industry. What branch you in ? Don’t tell me Wind?

  16. pipinghot says:

    SN sounds like Trump. “tiny numbers”. I don’t have to go into politics to hear what my friends and family are saying about their voting intentions in May.

  17. cynicalHighlander says:

    @ Tannadice Boy says:
    17 November, 2020 at 8:08 pm

    What branch you in ? Don’t tell me Wind?

    No wind up.

    Sorry couldn’t resist.

  18. ScotsRenewables says:

    Pipinghot, the opinion polls are usually more accurate than either of our families.

    Bob and Tannadice, I am as angry as you, as are many members I know, including a couple of candidates. However politics is the art of the possible.

    Bob, I will be devoting my election efforts to our local Grassroots group, not the branch. In November I manned the phones for days, won’t be happening again. But unless something dramatic happens (like AS throwing his hat in the ring) I will still be advocating SNP 1 & 2 for a majority that leaves them nowhere to hide.

    Tannadice, this Internet moniker is a throwback to when I used to run a Renewables website. It’s an interest with me, not a career.

  19. Effijy says:

    Very poor SNP WhatsApp going around

    Nicola going over the F.A.C.TS.

    F Forget Dodgy Meetings you have attended.

    A Always cover up and your arse.

    C Conservatives are to blame for everything.(True)

    T Truth is optional at all enquiries.

    S Sturgeon rules supreme.

    Boris can be creative while in isolation!

  20. pipinghot says:

    LMFAO. Opinion polls usually more accurate… Time to hang up your hat SR.

  21. A Person says:


    I’m aware this is something of an echo chamber but we do interact with others!

    As I say above, people keep voicing their rather vehement dislike of the current Scottish government to me, unprompted. As I said above, it reminds me a bit of how, in mid-2013, I became aware of increasing momentum for Yes at a time when we were polling poorly and being derided.

    Polls in the recent American election were outrageously out, predicting a large landslide for Biden while he won fairly narrowly and his party lost seats in Congress. One leading pollster said that his profession “was over”. People don’t like saying the “wrong” thing to pollsters.

    Few other things to remember:

    -Enthusiasm- many people will say that they like Sturgeon but don’t really care enough to vote, while you can bet that your average unionist is petrified and dying to vote us out.
    -The campaign hasn’t started yet. Remember that in 2017 Theresa May walked on water politically when she called the election. By the end Corbyn, of all people, came within a hair’s breadth of defeating her, by exploiting people’s resentment of her party. Granted, you can’t expect Rupert Ludlum or Dross to be very good campaigners, but who knows what might happen?
    -The electoral system is specifically designed to prevent a nationalist majority. The slightest slip in SNP and Green support will place a unionist majority in power
    -Kenny Farquharson is proclaiming that an SNP landslide and a subsequent referendum, with Yes winning, are inevitable. Kenny Farquharson is wrong about everything.

  22. Dan says:

    BEWAREWOLF! The Return of Brenda

    Also notice that Frank McAvennie appears to have scribed a book too. 😉

  23. Papko says:

    Fine but they have taken our money and physical resources to deliver Independence and have failed to do so.”

    A taxi can take your money and time, but the driver has no control on the roads being closed or the bridge shut due to high winds.

    Its not the Taxi drivers fault the journey has been unsuccessful, yet they need paying nonetheless.

  24. Tannadice Boy says:

    A bad analogy weakens an argument. First lesson of the debating society. Ok I give up Carry on and see if we ever get near IndyRef2.

  25. AYRSHIRE ROB says:

    A person

    Biden won by a LOT

    Same as Trump’s win in 2016,which according to that fruitcake was a landslide never been seen before,amazing,a schilaking,beautiful and all the other dribble he spouts.

  26. Tannadice Boy says:

    I loved that. My wife is a Highland lassie I get that humour everyday from her I miss the Highlands. Loved working up there.

  27. Dan says:

    @ Papko

    A half competent taxi driver should at least start off going in the correct direction! Not fuck off down a long and winding cul-de-sac chasing rainbows.

    Talking of journeys, Mike Dailly continues to have quite the roller coaster ride.

    Talking of wind and renewable energy, Scotland appears to still be exporting more leccy than it is using.

  28. A Person says:

    -Ayrshire Rob-

    To be honest you are right and I should have chosen my words better. He won a solid victory, but not a landslide. I still remember Reagan winning forty-nine states in the Eighties. And his party lost seats. The polls were badly out, was my point.

  29. Andy Ellis says:


    Wait….you’re reading is that the SNP might not get a majority if folk don’t vote SNP 1& 2, which will kick indy into the long grass?

    It is to laugh.

    In the real world, it’s overwhelmingly likely the SNP will have a majority and that’s exactly what will ensure we get no closer to a vote or indy.

    It’s probably right that the “lumpen electorate” aren’t as engaged as many here or who are party activists, so they probably will just vote SNP, even if they are beginning to wake up about the woke Stasi, the Hate Crime bill and the continual gradualism.

    In truth, the only thing that *might* have saved us (I don’t believe it will happen sadly) was a minority SNP administration dependent on minor parties prepared to accelerate the pace.

    As things stand, we may as well accept the SNP is no longer fit for purpose. It simply can’t be trusted, nor can rank and file members be trusted to change it or its direction. Barring some political earthquake, it’ll win a majority in May 2021, then sit back and do SFA for the next 5 years, just like it has for the last 5.

    There will be one excuse after another: if it isn’t Covid it’ll be economic conditions or asking for yet another mandate or (finally?) getting round to legal action.

    We deserve better.

  30. Tannadice Boy says:

    We have been exporting energy for many years through a 400Kv interconnecter to England. The problem with wind is it doesn’t always blow and is a dirty inductive load. Aside from that through an unreasonable subsidy to wind we have increased fuel poverty. You pay for the subsidies in your electricity bill. The answer is reducing emissions by domestic energy reliance within the property. Problem is the average return on investment is 7 years. Hence the reluctance of homeowners. So how is the FM dalliance in the energy market going?. You all sipped it up.

  31. Papko says:

    A bad analogy weakens an argument. First lesson of the debating society. Ok I give up Carry on and see if we ever get near IndyRef2.”
    In spite of your strong debating skills you have given time and resources to the SNP and are getting frustrated now.

    I never believed them much in the first place, so never got carried away, so am not to surprised its ending with the likes of Blackford spouting “People of Scotland” like a lobotomized moron and Lesley Riddoch unable to say she has been duped.

    Its time to go back to the debating society and work on some fresh arguments, or you’ll be stuck in traffic jams forever.

  32. MaggieC says:

    Re Harassment and Complaints Committee ,

    An article from the Scotsman by Murdo Fraser published after today’s committee meeting .

    “ Alex Salmond inquiry: There’s a whiff of corruption about the SNP government’s actions “

  33. Dan says:

    @ Tannadice Boy

    Aye, wind doesn’t always blow, sun doesn’t always shine, waves are sometimes too big or too small.
    But the moon is always in sky so tidal currents below the splash zone are very consistent within certain parameters.
    As a result of that tidal power generators can be very efficient as they don’t have to be massively overly engineered in structural terms to cope with the peak forces the likes of wind turbines are exposed to in storms.
    With your background, what’s your view on the development of tidal power? MeyGen up in the Pentland Firth have been working away on it.
    I’m surrounded by wind farms and you’re right about the question of subsidies and of course there’s the land ownership of where the farms are sited.
    There’s still far less potential damage in a catastrophic failure of a turbine compared to a nuclear incident though and that is always something to keep in mind.

  34. Lochside says:

    Got round to watching this abject bumbler with L.R…so ritual humiliation every week in Westminster is the way to get Indy is it Fat Boy?


    Scotland the Brave?… AYE RIGHT…a well stuffed merchant banker blubbering bullshit about one more more push…where?..In Holyrood? Why?? FFS It’s the equivalent of a toon cooncil with zero powers and minus zero Sovereignty and wee clicky clacky Nicky ‘Imelda’ Marcos is leader of a bunch of conspiratorial devolutionary losers i.e. white bread unionist collaborators.

    I saw him again on some news feed getting the usual roasting about UK broad shoulders etc. throwing ‘their ‘dough at us again
    ..and as expected his response about ‘Scotland needing tax raising powers’..SFA about all the tax revenue we have had drained out of our North Sea territory that they have seized illegally by redrawing International Nautical boundaries ..which is another Breach of the Union Treaty and Act that the Pillsbury dough boy appears to have amnesia about.

    Why bother anymore? The SNP have been revealed to be dissembling liars. Conspirators in suppressing Scottish sovereignty and aspirations. Colluding with a Unionist run civil service; a Unionist supporting legal system; and a sectarian police force.
    Civil Society and Big Business, Unions all have sat back and let the ordinary people march and vote for CHANGE..and what have we the people got?….Total emasculation of our democracy and freedom by the SNP’s supinity in face of the EU exit and the English power grab over all our feeble powers.

    We need to start all over and drain the sewer!

  35. ahundredthidiot says:

    I hear we are all going jolly well maximum postal votes for May 2021……to keep us all safe like.

    Think I’ll put money on a Unionist Coalition Government.

  36. `Scotland is the windiest country in Europe due to eastward moving Atlantic depressions that bring strong winds and clouds continuously throughout the year.`

    `Figures from Weather Energy, part of a wider European project, show electricity generated by wind in November 2018 was enough to power nearly 6 million homes,a new record for Scotland.

    In another milestone, wind production outstripped total electricity demand on 20 out of 30 days.

    Wind output has broken through the 100% threshold for the first time with 109% of total electricity demand being met from renewables, according to new data.`

  37. ahundredthidiot says:

    ayrshire rob

    you’d be better going back to shagging turnips mate, Biden has not won yet.

    Likely, but not certain, and certainly not in Law.

    turnip mate. enjoy.

  38. AYRSHIRE ROB says:

    Aye wit ever idiot

    Whatever it says in your alternate universe.

    Trump lost by a LOT

  39. ronnie anderson says: Santa came early but the Donald wiz ah bad bad boy LoL.

  40. Bob Mack says:


    I imagine the SNP hierarchy have a good laugh at AUOB marchers wasting their shoe leather. No wonder Nicola refuses to speak at them in case she breaks down laughing.

  41. Tannadice Boy says:

    But.. but Nicola promised us at Conference a public energy commercial operation exchanging in real time energy prices. Where is that organisation?. Ye know the Conference where she wore more makeup than a 16 year old schoolgirl. I await your answer. It’s always good speaking to somebody that has no technical background. My rate is 500 a day a lot less than oor Nicky but I haven’t increased fuel poverty.

  42. Daisy Walker says:

    @ScotsRenewables says:
    17 November, 2020 at 7:15 pm
    Daisy, you say the SNP is ‘haemorraging support’, but all the recent opinion polls disagree.

    The ‘Heamoraging support’ comment was based on membership numbers, and the figures for that, are evidenced in the WOS article regarding the missing Ring Fenced moneys.

    As you will recall SNP HQ commandeered £1 per member from each constituency giving a substantive acurate figure of actual membership numbers in the region of 75,000 (from memory) – down between 30 – 40 % from the hey days of 125,000.

    But you know ‘LOOK AT THE POLLS’.

    You then say, ‘This is a very angry and far from representative echo chamber. The SNP will have to fail very publicly before there is a huge change in those numbers.’

    Answer – there has been a huge change in the numbers – hence the reason the SNP no longer publish them. Oh and by the way, this is still the biggest Indy Supporting Scottish Web site, so if it is an ‘echo chamber’ it’s echo chamber is bigger than yours… Nah.

    You say, ‘The SNP will have to fail very publicly before there is a huge change in those numbers.’So let them. Otherwise you will just be seen as part of the problem. The risk from both our viewpoints is surely that the SNP will form another minority government and use that as an excuse to kick indy into the long grass.’

    And do you know what, that bit kind of make sense, almost pretty much what I’ve been doing for the last 6 years, give them one more mandate, one more chance …. one slight problem, a No Deal Brexit, coupled with the Internal Market Bill – totally rolls back and dismantles DEVOLUTION and the SCOTTISH PARLIAMENT – and without that – any and pretty much all hopes we have of organising, arranging and invoking any sort of vote for INDY, are FUCKED. AS IN GAME OVER.

    And if that does not make you ANGRY, then perhaps, its not me, but you who is the problem.

    You say, ‘Honestly, the best thing from all points of the compass is a thumping great SNP majority. If they fail to use it the party will self-destruct, if they are forced to use it we get Indy.’

    IF they fail to use it, because of Brexit and the Internal Markets Bill – then it’s game over.

    You go on to say,

    ‘Bob, Tannadice, Daisy, I am sure your families are not going to vote SNP, but that is tiny numbers. Forums like this are relatively small echo chambers.

    THERE IS NO PARTY ON EARTH that should be taking for granted ‘tiny number votes’ especially when they have been the back bone of the SNP for decades. That is the absolute height of arrogance. If you want to see where that ends – try New Labour.

    You say,

    All you are going to achieve is minor damage,

    ‘enough to give the SNP another 5 years and an excuse for reneging again on indy.’

    ‘AN EXCUSE FOR RENEGING AGAIN ON INDY’ Your words, not mine, but finally we agree on something. So, I believed the SNP have taken mandate after mandate and RENEGED on Indy, but you argue I should give them another Mandate, so that THIS time (when its too late) if they Renege again, it will be beyond the pale.

    Hmmm. Let me think about that for a nano second… STUPID.

    You say,

    ‘Elect them and hold their feet to the fire’

    Which sound a great deal like auld Mr Peffers spouting forth ‘if you disagree, keep silent, join the party, change it from within’.

    Except all the NEC Gerrymandering (not to mention Embezzlement), and definitely don’t mention unlawful court procedures to incriminate an innocent man – ‘tainted by apparent bias’… make ‘holding their feet to the fire’ a very hit or miss affair.

    And lets not lose sight of one very important fact – I go to the ballot box with a view to electing people to ‘hold my ENEMIES feet to the fire’ I sort of consider it their prime job funnily enough – not to put them in a position of power, in some utterly bonkers hope that by doing so, that somehow empowers ME to sort them out!!!!

    Picture the scene, you’rE being held by knife point at the ATM, and the robber is insisting you provide him with your PIN number for you Debit card – go on, provide it, IT WILL ENABLE YOU TO HOLD THEIR FEET TO THE FIRE’. NOT.

    You say,

    ‘face another 5 years of minority wokist government by a party you despise.’

    Lets just add to that, ‘face another 5 years of minority wokist government by a party you despise… that has now has a proven track record of absolutely no intention of standing up for Scotland, or pursuing Independence, and will actively (and possibly criminally) block any realistic efforts to do so’.

    There you are, finished that one for you.

    1997 ‘I nearby declare the Parliament of Scotland Reconvened.’

    Those words were chosen deliberately, and with full legal knowledge of the power they carried.

    The People of Scotland are Sovereign, the Brexit vote displayed the will of the Scottish People, and our Scottish parliament and those elected within, with their Madates, have International Democratic and Legal Authority and Duty to represent and negotiate Scotland’s interests.

    If/Once we lose Holyrood, we lose that ability to be Represented on the Political stage. 1000 steps back.

    If I sound angry it is because I am, in fact I am beyond angry. We have been betrayed! by oor ain. And we are running out of time to save our country.

  43. Tannadice Boy says:

    @Daisy Walker
    Sublime response!

  44. Papko says:

    It makes grim reading this evenings posts.
    Even board legend Lochside- him that used to tussle with long-time board legend Pffeffers? – is a tad dispirited tonight.

    It wont be over till Mhairi Black says

    “I didn’t leave the SNP, the SNP left me”.

  45. Dan says:

    @ Tannadice Boy

    There’s many matters that don’t seem to have progressed very far after an initial buzz about a new idea.
    Someone pointed out the other day that many of our elected politicians are often just tweaking policies that actually come up through the civil service, rather than those elected folk being the instigators of policy.
    If that is indeed the case it may well explain the lack of progress in certain areas.

    Not exactly sure what you mean by saying it’s always good speaking to somebody with no technical background, and then only doing so if you charge a rate way over what most folk earn.
    Are you not interested in helping educate folk so they are more enlightened and thus better equipped in discussing such matters?

    I don’t have specific technical knowledge on the workings of the power grid (not many would), but I do have pals that are working on the new HVDC lines, offshore, engineering fab like TEXO tidal turbine, and landfill gas powered generator arrays, and I have my own experience working offshore and other engineering work, so we have good conversations and an interest in eachother’s work and technical knowledge.

  46. Beaker says:

    Re going round and chapping on the doors. Somehow, I don’t think that will happen in Rutherglen for some time…

    They may have been in close contact with Ms Ferrier.

  47. kapelmeister says:

    So the SNP leaders are going postal.

    With each other preferably.

  48. Tannadice Boy says:

    Ok we are on the same side. But the solutions have been available for years. And I mean years getting the political class to listen is another matter. And I include my hero Alex Salmond. I worked on a project for a client to the SG. A no brainer but it didn’t happen The biggest polluting building you can imagine was an SG building. We provided solutions but..

  49. Davie Oga says:

    The issue I have with what the SNP are selling (aside from the fact that we’ve heard it all before} is that it’s s based on trust.

    Now, The SNP is an organization where lying is not only acceptable but it is rewarded. The leader of this organization has told lie after lie in order to cover up a massive betrayal. Not to be trusted.

    Sturgeon, Swinney, Murrell, The Taliban and their hangers on have to go before I’d even begin to consider voting SNP again.

  50. cynicalHighlander says:

    @Tannadice Boy

    I,m just being me.

  51. cynicalHighlander says:

    @Daisy Walker at10.30pm.

    Should be carved in stone so it will never be forgotten.

  52. Skip_NC says:

    Ahundredthidiot, you are right that Biden has not yet won in law, as we have the Electoral College vote to go through on December 14th and then the opening of the Electoral College votes in a joint session of Congress on January 6th. However, the US Supreme Court’s 8-0 opinion in Chaifalo v Washington (Sotomayor recusing herself) and a one-line order in the related case of Colorado Department of State v Baca means that he has won quite comfortably.

    The above two cases were settled this summer and relate to the “faithless elector” laws in place in most states. The Supreme Court ruled that electors are bound to vote for the winner of the popular vote in their state or congressional district). Donald Trump is running out of lawsuit options and nobody other than his political acolytes believe he is going to win any of them. The only recount at the moment is in Georgia. Biden has 290 Electoral College votes. Even if Trump wins Georgia, he cannot possibly get to 270 Electoral College votes.

    Put simply, the election is over and, subject to the constitutional formalities, Biden has won.

  53. Stan Broadwood says:

    AYRSHIRE NOB,,,aka robbo.

    What a fuckin dick you are,,,

    Who the fuck is talking about Joe Biden???

    Either grow a pair ,,,or get tae fuck.

    This is a Sturgeon/SNP Bad Forum.

    Not a Trump/Biden forum.

    Away up your loft and play with your toy train set.

    Ya Roaster!!!

  54. vlad (not that one) says:

    There is only 24 hours a day. I cannot follow all this btl discussion, likewise I don’t expect you all to read this.
    But I fucking had enough of the shit. Get Peter Murrell out. Get it done. What the fuck do they think we elected them for.

  55. ScotsRenewables says:

    WHAT EXACTLY are you suggesting we do, Daisy?

    Being angry on its own will achieve nothing.

    Dissuading people from voting SNP in May will, if sufficient numbers are convinced, result in a Unionist majority in Holyrood.

    We are not in an ideal situation, but I really do not get your point. What do you want/expect people to do?

  56. Lizg says:

    Daisy Walker @ 10.30
    While you’ve been an absolute star with your contributions these past few weeks.
    This is your best yet ….. thank you Daisy, for sayin it like it is so well 🙂

  57. yesbot says:

    Lochside says @9.59
    We need to start all over and drain the sewer!

    We really do, and ASAP.

    Everyday we write this, column miles. We must act now…we have everything to lose.

  58. ScotsRenewables says:


    ‘start all over’

    Wow, you’ve really thought this through in detai, haven’t you?

    Sure you are not secretly Nobot?

  59. AYRSHIRE ROB says:

    Stanley has finished his Eldorado folks.
    Have a nice nite.

  60. boris says:

    Supply of a Corona Vaccine to the UK is awarded to AstraZeneca – Tory Financial Backers are Happy Bunnies Yet Again

    There are at least 64 companies worldwide involved in the research and production of a safe vaccine and many are nearing production.

    So it is expected that a number of vaccines, perhaps safer and more efficacious will become available to the market in the early months of 2021.

    Time will be the judge that will decide if the UK Governments’ decision is right.

  61. Stoker says:

    The BritNats in Scotland have all the support of 3 political Parties based in London, control of the whole UK media & broadcasting industry, many many groups such as Unity Party, Orange Order, BNP, NF, UKIP, Britain First, Occasionally The Greens and a whole lot more. Not forgetting all the mega-rich financial backers and most trade unions.

    Yet the response to Bozo letting slip his true feelings is to create a new organisation to add to that already lengthy list. “A task force!” Made up mostly of Tories, apparently. Don’t you just get sick and tired of the way these arseholes treat us all as if we are all as thick as their representatives north of the border?

  62. Daisy Walker says:

    @ ScotsRenewables says:
    17 November, 2020 at 11:33 pm
    ‘WHAT EXACTLY are you suggesting we do, Daisy?

    Being angry on its own will achieve nothing.

    Dissuading people from voting SNP in May will, if sufficient numbers are convinced, result in a Unionist majority in Holyrood.

    We are not in an ideal situation, but I really do not get your point. What do you want/expect people to do?’

    Dear Scott,

    First and foremost – recognise the danger our country is presently being driven towards.

    (i.e. A no deal brexit and Internal Market Bill power grab, which will set back the drive for Indy decades, if not centuries.)

    Then ask yourself – what needs to be done and ground do we need to cover in order to prevent it.

    (Campaigning must start now to educate the electorate regarding the Power Grab and the dismantling of Devolution. Holyrood Election in May 2021 Absolutely Must be a Plebiscite Election for Indy – and we Absolutely MUST be able to vote for candidates signed up to that on votes 1 AND 2).

    If SNP Candidates cannot or will not SIGN up to the Plebiscite charter – then we must put up electable local candidates who will.

    The one thing we absolutely cannot afford to do now, having done it consistently for the last 6 years, is give the SNP yet another Mandate, to ask nicely at the foot of the WM table. The 2019 GE was the last chance saloon for that policy – and the SNP – in its current form – has now proved, beyond all doubt, that it has NO INTENTION WHAT-SO-EVER of stepping up to the plate and delivering.

    That’s me for tonight. Kind regards.

  63. wee monkey says:

    Daisy Walker says:
    18 November, 2020 at 1:10 am
    @ ScotsRenewables says:
    17 November, 2020 at 11:33 pm
    ‘WHAT EXACTLY are you suggesting we do, Daisy?

    Dissuading people from voting SNP in May will, if sufficient numbers are convinced, result in a Unionist majority in Holyrood.

    Is that right. Well, guess what?

    Poison,pure unadulterated poison.

    It’s been fun, but I’m going to leave you all to yourselves.

  64. Astonished says:

    Daisy walker – superb.

    If you are not advising the SNP opposition to the daddy bear/sturgeon/genderwoowoo nutters then you should be.

    I want to be in the party daisy walker is in. That used to be the snp.

  65. Beaker says:

    Daisy, good comments but personally I don’t think the SNP will use May’s elections as a plebiscite, simply because I think they are scared they will fail.

  66. @ Beaker: I don’t think the SNP is scared that a plebiscite election would fail (I can’t see how it would); I think they simply don’t want independence. All the evidence of the past six years suggests that. I honestly can’t work out whether Nicola Sturgeon is unbelievably incompetent, or is actually what Stuart Campbell prefers us to refer to as a ‘tractor’, but I suspect the latter.

    Anyone who shares my doubts might like to make use of this image:

  67. Al-Stuart says:


    You are right. I would go further and say…

    Nicola Sturgeon has become accustomed to her title, her job, her salary.

    Her acolytes enjoy patronage and position.

    Why change?

    Why press the case for Scottish Independence when that risks your greedy gravy train and free luxury digs at Bute House.

    I would simply ask Stuart Campbell for one last push before he gets fed up and goes on sabbatical placing WoS in a state of dormancy until needed. Rather than bash the SNP which Stu., has declared was not his wish nor aim for WoS when he started, a new book might be a decent way to close the current chapter in Scottish politics.

    How many days did it take Stuart to write the original Wee Blue Book?

    Not long.

    Yet that original Wee Blue Book had a HUGE impact on IndyRef1.

    Stuart, one last book please?

    This time to ensure ALL the decent, hard working SNP supporters who are oblivious to this Sturgeonite McWoke constipation of IndyRef2 get to KNOW the full facts behind Nicola and Beardy Penfold.

    Something along the lines of…

    The Wee Blue Book Guaranteeing A Scottish Independence Referendum or UDI.

    I would pay for 500 copies to be printed and distributed.

    Anybody else here who would support this?

    THE BIG PROBLEM is the majority of ordinary decent SNP folk who are still clueless about Sturgeonite McWokeism.

    The few SNP stalwarts that are in the know have had their voice-boxes castrated. Political eunuchs. Just what the McWoke SNP-NEC fifth column want.

    Next stop: 1984. Then Wings + Craig Murray. + any independently minded websites get banded and closed.

    The new era of Alyn Smyth’s McThought McNuggets get to tell us what Big Sexy Daddy Alyn wants us to think.

    Whilst his toyboy, the charming Jordon Henderson gets to reprise his admiration of Joan McAlpine MSP as he is promoted to the Ministry of McTruth in our new LGBQTMNOP+ Utopia.

    No. I say live and let live. But stop putting narrow self interest of your Derek McKay calling youngsters the age of my grandson “cute” and instead do their job. That, for the Sturgeonite who have forgotten, is to secure Scottish Independence.

    With a new book from the Rev., I think some order could be restored to Scottish civic society. This McWoke GRA and Hate REFORM Carp from Humza Glove Puppet Yousaf makes me puke.

    The first WBB was awesome and managed to help great things happen.

    A swan song version would be a worthy way of either bowing out (for a few years) or possibly snatching victory from the jaws of defeat.

  68. Iain More says:

    Oh Dear that was brutal to watch. The SNP have me living in a very dark place right now.

    Is Blackford even a Scot Nationalist? Does he even believe in Scottish Independence? I have very grave doubts. We have nae any chance of achieving Indy with such individuals as Blackford. He is just one of many heel dragging farts in the SNP right now.

  69. Tony Hay says:

    The SNP and the Yes movement have been like a rudderless ship since 2014,the SNP leadership have lost the plot completely and as a consequence,that leaves only 2 options.
    Force the Murrell’s out,or get behind a new organisation like the ISP,but with a credible leadership.
    There are good people still within the SNP but they must take a collective stance against the current leadership and their policy of inaction or have the courage of their convictions and get off the gravy train for an alternative vehicle to take us to destination independence.

  70. Effijy says:

    Surprised at BBC

    The tried to tackle a Tory Minister on them paying a Spanish middle man
    a fee of £21 for negotiating a PPE deal with a third party.

    He avoids the question with the standard Cummings script to say we are working very hard,
    Unprecedented, we are doing very well have done this, (Which they won’t have achieved)

    Now we need to find out which Tory Pedro is gathering the money for.

    Now this Empire building world leading government with hundreds of MPs
    and thousands of civil servants are completely incapable of matching the
    Negotiating skills of one Johnny Foreigner. ( The ones we don’t need come Brexit)

    Top to the Tories! China mass produced items like PPE at the drop of a hat.
    Their labour and material costs are low, they are looking for orders and they
    will negotiate.

    They no longer require the volume of PPE Kit that they produced a few months ago
    Why don’t you phone them, cut out the middle man’s fee and get a better deal?

    Next – astonishingly the BBC admired that with excess deaths the UK Covid Death number is well
    above 70,000.

    Step in the right direction but it is nearer 75,000.

  71. Effijy says:

    Sorry! Pedro above was given £21 million by the Tories.
    Not £21.

    Typing particularly bad when outraged.

  72. Breeks says:

    As a measure of damage Sturgeon is doing, here I am posting a BritNat Hootsman Article written by Tory dull boy, Murdo Fraser, but, (with one massive exception), finding very little of it I can disagree with.

    (The exception, which I reject completely, being his inference that the Alphabet Conspirators who smeared Alex Salmond were failed by the system. Wit??? There has instead been a failure of the system to have these individuals arrested, charged, and prosecuted for their unlawful conspiracy).

    “The continued reluctance of the government to provide the committee with vital documents, including the legal advice, can only lead to the conclusion that they have something to hide.
    As it stands, there is a growing smell of corruption around this SNP administration, in the way that it has handled this whole affair.
    If they are not going to do more damage to themselves, and the wider body politic, then they really need to start coming clean. The clock is ticking.
    (my emphasis).

    Truth be told, I actually thought dull boy Murdo was, if anything, restrained in his criticism. “There may well be an innocent explanation for all these events.” Aye Murdo. You think?

    Sharper knives than him will brutally dissect this Scottish Government, and with much less restraint. But coming from an MSP actually sitting on the Committee, the warning bells should now be ringing out for all to hear.

    Well done Nicola Sturgeon. You must be so proud of yourself, and your truly remarkable leadership.

  73. Willie says:

    I wonder if the Rev would consider doing an investigative piece into the COVID millionaires.

    As crisis go, Covid has been a wonderful opportunity for governments to glad hand contracts out to their friends and no one should think this behaviour is limited to England. It isn’t. Its been happening here in Bonnie Scotland.

    That shouldn’t of course come as any surprise the commercial cronyism that blighted New Labour now blights the New SNP. Cheeks from the same arse the parallels are absolutely the same.

    So, maybe the Rev could do a piece on this.

  74. Dan says:

    @ Breeks

    We also need to acknowledge the prescient maneuvering of a certain Kezia Dugdale, who presumably saw all this coming (possibly with help from her squeeze), and took on the joab of restoring trust in politics…

  75. Willie says:

    And for anyone living on cloud nine, let them be under no illusion about the level of commercial cronyism that now afflicts the SNP.

    And it’s not just restricted to making commercial largesse out of the Coronavirus.

    It also affects things like wanting to sell off tracts of national Park land to property developers for undisclosed sums widely understood to be chicken feed.

    And it also reflects circumstances whereby leaders of large cities like Dundee and Glasgow, can along with government ministers and governmental officials can travel to property industry junkets in Cannes. Not unlike the two week all paid trips to the USA reported by Wings a few blogs back the SNP coterie of control and their senior civil servants most certainly know how to trough it up.

    But hey, maybe the little people wouldn’t have it any other way. The probity of the SNP in these matters is now long gone.

  76. iain mhor says:

    Did read through the comments, but a bit late for any replies. You make fair points. All I can say regarding sovereignties and conventions is really that everyrhing is via conventions – Any Nation State, Government, any rule, any Law.

    Pretty much the oldest convention in the world, is that the one with the biggest stick is the Law. Whatever they say is the law. Defy the law and get the big stick, or bring a bigger one…

  77. Maolbeatha says:

    Some pretty angry frustrated people here.
    Not surprising under the circumstances and how things appear.
    The SNP are this the SNP are that, they are unionists etc etc.
    Many want action now! When our opposition appear to be at their weakest, their most vulnerable.
    “Why don’t we act now! ?”

    I wonder how they would react if the SNP came out with a definite plane/ date for a referendum?
    Would their tone change?

    Who else then are we to vote for to further the cause of independence in 2021?
    Labour? Lib Dem? Conservative? Other?
    Or with hold your vote? and risk one of the Westminster parties into power?
    A new party? To get set up and running by 2021?
    Would that help our cause?

    I cannot say what the SNP’s plans are or are not, I don’t know. I don’t have all the facts to make an informed judgement.

    But I reckon that no matter what you may think of the SNP’s apparent lack of action right now they are more in Scotlands interests than the alternatives?

    Or do you think Labour, Lib Dems or the Tories would make our lives better?

    To me those seem to be our options right now, or that’s how they appear to be.
    Or do you have another option for May 2021 ready to go?

  78. Strathy says:

    MaggieC 17 November 2020 at 9.45pm
    Breeks Today at 9.10am

    The Scotsman – ‘Alex Salmond inquiry: There’s a whiff of corruption about the SNP government’s actions’

    Corruption. That is a serious step up from incompetence.

    ‘The most serious allegation that the Scottish government has to counter is that public funds were misused in defending the judicial review as part of a political vendetta against the former First Minister.

    Far-fetched as this might sound, the evidence in support of this claim is slowly, damningly, building.’

    He isn’t wrong.

  79. Astonished says:

    The problem is this : “Or do you think Labour, Lib Dems or the Tories would make our lives better?”

    We don’t know .All because mrs murrell wont tell us. What we do know is that mrs murrell was more than happy to promote genderwoowoo and yusuf’s nazi thought crime bill. And not at all happy to even discuss independence.

    What I know is that if mrs murrell hasn’t set a definite date for indyref2 by 30/11/20. I will be leaving the SNP after more than 30 years.

    We have had setbacks before but nothing as self-inflicted and malign as yusuf’s hate crime bill and the murrells genderwoowoo idiocy.

  80. @ Maolbeatha: The SNP’s lack of action is not “apparent”, it’s patently evident, and has been ever since 2014. We are perfectly entitled to demand immediate action; and furthermore, action is needed immediately.

    Also, being dissatisfied with the SNP does not equate to being unionist or intending to vote for a unionist party. We will either withhold our votes for the SNP until they get a grip, or we will vote for an alternative pro-independence party such as the ISP.

    I would add that when Nicola Sturgeon and her coterie are jettisoned and the SNP takes action to secure our independence, I, and I’m sure most others who have reached the end of their tether with Sturgeon, will be happy to resume our support for the SNP.

  81. Oneliner says:


    I have little time for Tory ‘missing plaque’ boy Murdo Fraser but on this occasion he is correct.

    So is that how it works then? Those on the committee can make comments to the press regarding the enquiry, while those providing evidence cannot. (According to Nicola Sturgeon).

    I am reminded of the publication of Peter Wright’s Spycatcher which was banned in ‘England’ but was published in Australia. Perhaps that may be of use for anyone who considers the current enquiry fiasco worthy of more detailed exposure.

  82. Bob Mack says:


    Your post is based on one major presumption which is that the SN P want a referendum ,probably next year.

    Get all the evidence to date refuted that very premise. They have opposed Martin Keatings action ‘re the Section 30 and the right of the Scottish people to have a referendum.

    They have opposed motions at Conference to discuss or at least adopt a Plan B.

    They are all insistent that Section 30 is the gold standard route, because that is Nicolas preference .

    All the whole we have Johnson in the bAckground threatening to remove the powers of Holyrood in any event, leaving SN P control of Holyrood as being meaningless.

    We are in a race and whilst our opponents drive a Porsche ,we tinker with a Ford Anglia trying to Get it going.

    It ultimately may make no difference in the May elections, because Holyrood might not even be open for very long after they have been done.

  83. Astonished says:

    P.s. When do we find out if rhiannon spears is dumped or not ?

  84. Republicofscotland says:

    Jesus, that buffoon of a SNP MP Stewart MacDonald has called on the MoD to permanently base major Royal Navy warships in Scotland. Doesn’t MacDonald realise that we’re trying to break ties with the union and not strengthen them.

    MacDonald gives some woolly and very unconvincing reason, that the ISC Russia report somehow converts into a threat to Scotland, Russia is not our enemy Westminster is.

    I wish SNP MP’s would stick to helping to remove Scotland from this unfit for purpose onesided union and leave everything else to Westminster.

    Another Stewart, Stewart Hosie SNP MP is on the ISC panel, and you don’t get on that panel unless the PM vets you.

  85. Ron Maclean says:

    Interesting letter from Angus Brendan MacNeil MP to the Prime Minister. It’s on his Twitter.

  86. Republicofscotland says:

    Meanwhile Johnson will invite his interlopers to Downing street today the interlopers are from all corners of the UK. Their task to crush Scottish independence by creating plans using UK resources such as policy ideas, Union Jackery and giving English press briefings from Scotland, all in the name of destroying Scottish independence.

    We are at war people not with rifles, or bombs, but with propaganda, Westminster is our enemy and it wants to destroy your children and your grand children’s futures.

  87. Breeks says:

    iain mhor says:
    18 November, 2020 at 9:54 am
    Did read through the comments, but a bit late for any replies. You make fair points. All I can say regarding sovereignties and conventions is really that everyrhing is via conventions – Any Nation State, Government, any rule, any Law.

    Well I agree to an extent, but given the way the EU, the US and Ireland are standing by the Good Friday Agreement, where the real sticking point is essentially that there is no Northern Irish border, then if I’m reading the room correctly, I think the Westminster Government would have had a hell of a job wriggling off the hook of a Scottish Backstop, where a united Scottish Nation was firmly resolved to defend it’s sovereign constitution and contest the issue of Scotland’s colonial subjugation against an emphatic democratic mandate to reject Brexit. Sadly, it looks like we’ll never know.

    The Good Friday Agreement is an International Treaty, but so is the 1707 Treaty of Union. It’s written down, signed, and on the statute, and in my admittedly inexpert opinion, that should trump any ambiguous and unwritten “convention” of UK Parliamentary Sovereignty defended by a ramparts of impenetrable sophistry. And that’s before we remind ourselves of the bribery, corruption and coercion which established the 1707 from the outset.

    The Good Friday Agreement warranted a Backstop which ultimately provided Northern Ireland with unique status broadly comparable with staying in the EU.

    So where was Scotland’s Backstop? Squandered, that’s where. Sold down the river, when Sturgeon said she’d be doing absolutely nothing; no referendum or Constitutional challenge from Scotland until Theresa May had concluded her Brexit Deal.

    Sturgeon should have been impeached and removed from office right there and then, first for inappropriately adopting the English doctrine of parliamentary sovereignty which allowed her to overrule the sovereign mandate of the people, and secondly for her gutless capitulation over Brexit and the abandonment \ abdication of Scotland’s Constitutional Rights.

    Had she held firm to defend those rights, the 1707 Union could not have survived Brexit and Scotland would already be an Independent Nation which had never consented to being removed from Europe.

  88. iain mhor says:

    @Phil M

    Re: GE’s for Parliament

    I think you are sugggesting that perhaps all the people are sovereign, much as for a few hours in 2014 it was said Scotland was Independent.
    We know that Parliamentary Sovereignty (and legitimacy) derives from the Crown, or else we are a Republic. So the answer is the Crown, at all times. Parliaments and Governments merely invoke that sovereignty. It is, for want of a better phrase, ‘A devolved power’

    I still have not seen any recent polling for a Republic/Abolition of Monarchy. I wonder why?
    I’ll guess figures are the same, or greater than support for Independence – yet it is never, ever a plan or contingency; though there are a couple of Parties out there standing for a Republic.

    A party like the SNP could always have asked for a mandate and see what happens – its not like they have to do anything with it…

  89. Strathy says:

    Oneliner at 10.24am

    That is a valid point for some of those who have given evidence so far, however it is a matter of choice for the Government/SNP Leadership.

    They will speak to the press if they think it is to their advantage.

  90. Dan says:

    After winning a majority of seats in the Dec 2019 GE using a big yellow bus with “Stop Brexit” and “Stronger for Scotland” plastered on the sides, and also telling us Scotland’s Future should be in Scotland’s Hand’s, what mandate did the First Minister have to take the process of Scotland determining our future off the table?
    Using Covid as a reason would only work if all other politics and processes relating to Scotland’s future were also put on hold.

  91. holymacmoses says:

    Astonished says:
    18 November, 2020 at 10:28 am
    P.s. When do we find out if rhiannon spears is dumped or not ?

    Closes at 12.00 mid-day today – so keep your fingers well crossed

  92. Another_Ian_Blackford_Speech says:

    I think we will all be disappointed from the showings at the SNP conference. Looking like a last chance saloon for many members.

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