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All show, no game

Posted on December 01, 2018 by

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    1. 01 12 18 07:56

      All show, no game | speymouth

    67 to “All show, no game”

    1. jimnarlene says:

      Nailed it.

    2. jimnarlene says:

      Is that Bob Monkhouse or Des O’Connor?

    3. yesindyref2 says:

      I think Corbyn will need to phone a friend and May will take a 50-50. Who’s going to ask the audience?

      Good game, good game!

    4. Breeks says:

      Is that the debate show about Brexit? Or the debate show about that debate show being on BBC or ITV?

      The UK is so thoroughly dysfunctional these days, tied up in knots by its own rotten media. Ending its mystery is an act of kindness.

      (Ha Ha. That was a typo for misery, but “mystery” works just as well if not better).

      Finger on the pulse Chris, as always. First class.

    5. Robert Louis says:

      This farcical ‘debate’ between two pro-brexit clowns, is EXACTLY, EXACTLY what is wrong with ALL the media within the UK. It is an utter failure on the part of TV and other journalists. And it is THAT failure which has results in England about to throw itself off the economic cliff.

      A pivotal point in history, and they want to offer only Cornyn’s brexit or May’s brexit. What a freaking joke.

      At each and every turn we have had supine so-called journalists, failing to properly question brexit, and challenge the insanity of it. Instead they have merrily sat back, listening to, and later regurgitating vacuous meaningless ‘soundbites’ such as ‘brexit means brexit;. I mean seriously, WTF??

      I only hope that Scotland gets independence before brexit day, because once we are past that point, the madness will be permanent. Other countries in the world literally jump through hoops to secure good positive trade deals like we currently have via the EU, yet England (and it is England) is literally desperate to throw it all away.

      But at the root of all this rot, is th abject failure of the so-called journalists to hold anybody to account and to properly question the lunacy that is unfolding. They are not fit for purpose.

    6. starlaw says:

      Summed up in one. What is the point in having a debate with both parties in agreement with the outcome. Be interesting to see how many people actually watch this, I wont be one, have better things to do with my electricity.

    7. John Brown says:

      Very good.

      But looks very much like ‘Spitting Grimaces’ to me.

    8. Robert Louis says:

      And so the madness continues, with another ministerial resignation. This time, the English Universities Minister.

    9. Luigi says:

      Pointless fluff that will be discussed, add in these two highly charismatic characters, and it makes for the most boring debate imaginable.

      No thanks, I would rather twiddle my thumbs. 🙂

    10. Davy says:

      And who will speak for Scotland !
      It certainly will not be any of those two wasters.

      The debate will have as much significance as T May’s visit to Scotland “sweet F A”.

    11. Ken500 says:

      It’s a knock out. Trolling Britain and the world.

      The old unionists thick as thieves and mince stilll trying to milk Scotland. Making a meal if it. While sanctionig and starving others. Two peas in a pod. The stink of it.

      Away you go. Send them homewards to think again.

      £Billions for war, redundant railways and nuclear plants. Nothing for essential services. Hypocrites.

      Lying Sky trying to drum up ratings. Lie after lie after lie.

      Thank goodness Scotland has an alternative and the internet,

    12. Hamish100 says:

      Spot on. Even some lib dems are voting for brexit

      Only the SNP can protect the Scottish people.

    13. Ask Nicola to host it !

    14. mike cassidy says:

      That’s going to be a short edition of “Take Your Pick”.

    15. galamcennalath says:

      Spot on!

      “Tonight we have Theresa May who is proposing a Blindfold Brexit and Jeremy Corbyn who is proposing ….. a Blindfold Brexit.”

      “So, guys what will we chat about? The weather?”

    16. Les Wilson says:

      You are right Chris,the deceivers are in charge,this is a sick joke on the population. Two people who argue together every week in public will argue again for the greater population.
      When you do the same thing all the time you cannot expect a different result.

      May will do what she knows she can do, make Corbyn look stupid. Now if Nicola and others were on for true balance, that would be a very different outcome to the one this will produce. Of course that is why she is running scared, and shame on Sky for organising this sham.

    17. Golfnut says:

      Two pretentious nobody’s, misrepresenting what passes for government and main opposition, debating their prefered option for jumping of a cliff. Cheered on by a complicit and corrupt media.

    18. winifred mccartney says:

      Finger on the pulse – you just get better and better.

      This idiocy continues because we do not have a free press or media in this country – it has been bought and sold to the rich and powerful, not a journalist worth the name working for them, although they too are taking their masters orders.

      You get a truer picture in the Irish press or the European. The Irish Times tells it like it is – even the American press is nearer the mark, just compare the CNN report of Mays visit to Scotland with the BBC report and that tells you all you need to know about the UK media.

      TM’s team did not even know which constituency they were in. It was like a swat team, in under cover of darkness and away before anyone knew she was there along with her little fluffy lapdog. The only way she could tick the box called Scotland

    19. wull2 says:

      From a previous post.
      Ask Nicola to host it !

      Nicola would ask the correct questions and not from and not from the list May had submitted earlier.

      Also we could not say, Scotland was not involved.

    20. Frank Gillougley says:

      I won’t be watching.

    21. gerry parker says:

      When it comes on, switch off the TV and go and put the kettle on. Would be nice to see the protest having an effect on the national grid.

    22. Gariochquine says:

      Excellent cartoon as always. I love the way you’ve captured Mrs May’s ‘I’m going to be very clear’ expression!

      You can’t get a cigarette paper between these two when it comes to their views on Brexit. Furthermore, shouldn’t all the televised debates, impact assessments etc. have happened before the public were asked to vote in the first place?

      No wonder the UK is now the laughing stock of the world.

    23. Breeks says:

      All joking aside… this farce, this pretension that an hour long waffle is a meaningful political debate – is actually how the UK is now governed. The Brexit “debate” from its origins until now is perhaps the definitive illustration of thoughtless, ignorant rhetoric being THE dominant issue over considered, factual, objective truth and consequence. You now “win” if your gaslighting propaganda is better than theirs.

      How is it possible that the UK can focus on Brexit for the last 3 years yet still have 50+ million interpretations of what it actually means.

      We seem to grasp the concept trial by media is a bad thing, but government by media is slipping under the radar.

      There has been NO objective or qualitative analysis of Brexit and its consequences throughout, and even now, when fears and anxieties are beginning to peak, the corrupt media is manipulating the narrative all over again that people “are sick of Brexit and just want to be done with it”.

      I repeat my calling for Nicola Sturgeon NOT to engage with this shitshow, but use the time to make an informed, objective and instructional Phantom Power Film about the Constitutional injustice about to hit Scotland, what life outside the EU will mean for Scotland, and what prosperity in the EU will mean. Come on Nicola! Lesley Riddoch can do it for Norway and Iceland. Why don’t you do the same thing and articulate the intelligent case for a progressive Scotland IN the EU?

      Let the fuckwits squabble like muppets on the BBC and whip up hysteria which doesn’t know which way to turn. Look at the chaotic Brexit shitstorm it has led to. We are better than this. GET THE TRUTH TO THE PEOPLE and use TRUSTED lines of communication to do it. We DO NOT need the BBC or BritNat TV to run Scotland.

    24. wull says:

      Excellent, as always. Well done.

      Suggestion: Should that not be ‘Splitting Hares’? Since they are both on the run …

      From reality.

      And when two hares split, because they are suddenly faced with an enemy (for instance, someone with a shotgun aimed at their heads), they both tend to run in the same direction. Parallel to each other, instead of away from each other. Which is not very intelligent of them, since that means they both remain in the line of fire of the shotgun that is threatening them.

      Besides which, hares are relatively insignificant little creatures. Just like the two participants in the show. It might be a ‘game show’ but they are hardly ‘Big Game’, that pair. And hardly worthy of the shotgun treatment, but still about to be blown to political smithereens. By their own folly, basically.

      And if the most telling description of the show is actually ‘pointless’, does that mean whichever of the two gains the biggest number of minus points turns out to be the eventual winner? They are not even zero, these two – they are both minus. So let’s make some rules for them, so that the game progresses in an appropriate fashion.

      ‘For every moronic intervention, dear hare-brained competitors, you get one minus point, two for a whopping untruth, three for a bare-faced lie and thirty-three for every time you put the boot into Scotland. or the Scots or any derivative thereof, and do them down … down … down … and ever downer. Whoever accrues the greatest number of minus points, the lowest possible score, will be crowned the Champion Splitter of All Time.

      ‘So, there’s a level playing field for you – rules that will suit you both. Giving both you rabbits – sorry, hares – a chance to show our audience what you’re really good at, and demonstrate your talents.

      ‘So, Ladies and Gentlemen … Get yourselves ready for the highest-scoring game – sorry, I meant the lowest-scoring game – we’ve ever had in the whole series. For these are our two Finalists in our New ‘Brain of Britain’ competition to find the ‘Lowest of the Low’ (champion ‘low-scoring low-brain’ of all time, or at least of Brexit Mean-Time) in the whole of the New UK which we at the BBC (or is it ITV?), in cooperation with the whole of the MSM, are bringing into existence and into your living rooms on a daily and hourly basis – So, from all of us here, at New Push House, and from our outlying rusty old warships tethered at un-Pacific Quay as well – (do I hear a big ‘Oh! Kaye!’ from all of you somewhere up there in Nowhere Land?) – we wish you a great afternoon here with us on ‘Radio No Hope’.

      ‘Wishing the best of luck also to today’s Scorer, Bernie the Dolt (which means it is Bob Monkhouse, even if some still think he looks more like Desperate Des O’C).

      ‘As you know, Ladies and Gentlemen, on this show we call Bernie our ‘Count Downer’! That’s because he keeps on counting down, down, down … down further … and ever downer … How minus can minus get? And never ever – absolutely never – a double minus, for that would make a plus, something which is absolutely impossible on this show – against the rules – and impossible anyway, with these two numb-skulled hare-brain contestants …

      ‘Quite a job on your hands today, Bernie, with all those billions of minus numbers our two finest Mind-Numb(er)ing Finalists will be accruing second by second, and minute by minute … As they scurry down the scary hare-ways of lies, untruths, obfuscation and Scotland-the-Not mantras which each of them hopes will gain them the day. This is not just ‘Countdown’, Bernie – it’s also ‘Race to the Bottom’, the very very bottom, as we seek to find out exactly who is the Biggest Minus of them all.

      ‘So let’s get started, Ladies and Gentlemen … and, by the end of the contest, let’s find out:

      ‘Which of the two will be the first to get their jotters?
      Jerry the Cackling Corbie? Or Tessa the Dance-Mad Tosser?

      ‘Bernie – forget the bolt!
      ‘Just fire the blasted shotgun – and set the hares running!’

    25. Dr Jim says:

      I just wish I could get a Philipino passport so’s I could be a north east Scottish fisherman and earn 400% more than the average wage

      Scottish Philipinos taking back control for eh, oh aye Lord Bertie Armstrong

      Are these politicians standing up for me, I demand my right to be foreign so’s I can rent a job from Bertie

    26. Les Wilson says:

      Dr Jim says:
      Aye our fishermen are being led by a cabal of rich families, 5 in the main and all on the British top wealth list.
      Clearly the fishermen feel their interests are well catered for, somehow.
      Good old Bertie a unionist to the core.
      But who are his bosses?

    27. galamcennalath says:

      Nana says (on last thread)

      Astonishing. The BBC propose a panel of 20. 10 who support May’s ‘deal’ and 10 representing all the other opinions and options.

      FFS. An appropriate panel would have 2-3 supporting the May ‘deal’ and the rest representing the full spectrum from “let’s forget this shit” through to “let’s just copy the USA”.

    28. Tam fae somewhere says:

      You have TV debates BEFORE an election.

      Are they telling us a GE is coming?

    29. Clootie says:

      Had we voted YES, (…or at least another 5percent had). We would be sitting back watching this disaster unfold from the cosy comfort of Independence. Instead we have been bundled into the boot of the car about to be driven over the cliff by the Westminster club members

      However we may be saved yet as Willie Rennie is currently putting some Red/White tape along the cliff edge and is waving a flag to alert us to danger (unfortunately it is a UJ so they will probably just pause to pick him up)

    30. Tinto Chiel says:

      Sadly true, Mr Cairns, summing up all that is wrong with the media and “democracy” in the UK.

      Treeza ‘n’ Jezza: as the lawyers say, a distinction without a difference.

    31. Proud Cybernat says:

      “Bernie the bolt. In fact, Bernie, make it two bolts.”

    32. galamcennalath says:

      Perhaps it should be Room 101 formula. Tories, Labour, Westminster, Brexit, and BBC …. all our most hated irritants, banished forever in room 101.

    33. auld highlander says:

      Goodmorning ladies and gentlemen, we are proud to present to you this years pantomime………………..

    34. galamcennalath says:

      Theresa Corbyn or Jeremy May? Two cheeks of the same Brexit erse?

    35. Dr Jim says:

      The more the press want to force governments to make debates a legal fixture the more the press take legal control of governments without standing for office, then the press claim they’re representing the people by scrutinising the politicians on our behalf but still the press have no scrutiny of themselves

      Then the press say an *independent* body will be appointed to supervise the thing that the press demand, but who appoints the *independent* body that the press demand be appointed

      But we must have this on *our* TVs says the press, but isn’t it all a bit like the rogue landlord who upgrades his estate as required then charges you more rent to pay for it because it’s for *your* benefit when it’s really for his own benefit

      If the press want or demand something (alarm bells) then the first thing all people should do is be against it just because the press want it
      Politicians want it they say, they even get some on the telly to say so, but here’s the thing though politicians aren’t going to say NO are they or the press would then villify them for not wanting *the people* to hear the truth

      The press and media practically already run our politics and politicians are even afraid of what they’ll say at any given time
      If we can’t have proper press and media regulation then those guys will carry on doing what they want with little or no control to stop them

      That means they can be bought, just like they are now but even easier, then we don’t need parliaments at all because Sky news or the BBC can run the country by poll directly into the studio and just tell us all what we think and want because they then become the representatives of the people with big screens all around the cities of the country beaming out the press message of truth

      Rupert Murdoch for King, truth justice and the Murdochy way

      And you can’t vote that out!

    36. Bill McDermott says:

      # Dr Jim

      That was some revelation this morning from Isabel Fraser. Deckhands are averaging £116000 per year and who knows what skippers are taking home.

      She properly skewered Peter Chapman MSP, the Scottish Tory spokesman on fisheries. Now we have a split in the NE as wide as the North Sea between Duguid, Thompson and Ross on the hard Brexiteer side and Ruth and co in the parliament.

      I was also taken with Bertie Armstrong’s view on these matters representing, the pelagic fishers. He would take a no deal because he advocates Prestwick for air cargo handling of all these mackerel which go to the Far East and the West Coast creelers can go to hang. Bertie must be well paid by those 5 families who hold the majority of the pelagic quota.

    37. Dr Jim says:

      Bill McDermott

      (Lord)(Don) Bertie IS the five families

      Promises made and gifts exchanged

    38. ScottishPsyche says:

      Apologies if this has been mentioned – Isobel Fraser is really excellent at pinning down Tory fishing spokesman Peter Chapman and the greed of the pelagic fishermen’s position this morning. The whole item on fishing had a different tone and even Douglas Fraser made some good points. Bertie Armstrong suggesting all the west coast fish could be flown from Prestwick shows how little he knows about fishing beyond his Tory pals.

      The truly astonishing point she made was that the AVERAGE wage on a big North East pelagic boat is about £116 000 a year and asked what is it they have a problem with. The answer was because it could be even more!

    39. ScottishPsyche says:

      Oops just saw it had been posted already. Worth a listen.

    40. Iain MacLachlan says:

      Another TV Reality Show with celebrities nobody cares about.

      This is what has become the norm at Westminster.

    41. Ken500 says:

      Fishing? Some of them are doing alright. The rest of the economy is getting screwed. Oil & Gas, farming, Whisky etc, Chapman &. Clark et al millionaire farmers getting large subsidies. They certainly do not represent the people. Trying to bring down the NE/Scottish economy.

    42. mumsyhugs says:

      Deal or No Deal?

    43. Dr Jim says:

      Mackeral: Scotland doesn’t eat much of it anymore it yet our brave *Scottish* fishermen catch endless tons of it to sell to everyone else in the world while white fish which Scotland does eat (Haddock) (England prefers Cod) mainly comes up in vans from Grimsby

      Remember the *Bonny shoals o Herrin* billions of tons of it, well they’re Bonny well gone aren’t they, one wonders how that happened before the EUs terrible interference

      Why control only some of the prostitution and gambling when you can control it all with the politicians in your pocket or am I speaking about the other Mafia, I get them mixed up

    44. Clootie says:

      NE fishing – don’t focus on the crews. The do a dangerous job. The Skippers are also well rewarded including little bonus awards like a new merc. However the real focus should be on the handful of people who would strip the sea if given the chance. They hide their wealth well and I was always amazed how little was known of their control of such a major asset.

      How did they get such control of the fishing waters? Oh for an investigative journalist.

    45. Dr Jim says:

      Scotland used to be surrounded by Orca, Dophins, Humpbacks and many other whales and sea life because they followed the Herring shoals but we didn’t know that then because nobody thought it was important to Scotland to tell us, but today if we had those animals back around our shores in the numbers we once had our tourism sector would boom even more than it already is and that money would stay in Scotland not just pass through on its way to Don Bertie’s bank wherever that is

      If these people get their way they’ll fish the sea empty, long term economy has never been an interest of the fishing Mafia

    46. Legerwood says:

      Two interesting articles from the Guardian today.
      The first is about Police finances in England and the Council Tax rises that have been ordered to help cover the shortfalls. Some useful info in the article that may be useful the next time the Tories etc start criticising Police Scotland

      The second one is about the Adam Smith Institute and a potential ‘cash for access’ scandal. Also seems that the Institute may be breaching Charity rules because it seems to be 3 entities under one catch-all title. A go-to under charity rules.

      On topic

      Was there ever such a pointless exercise than this proposed debate. A missed opportunity knocking on a closed door after the horse has well and truly bolted.

    47. Luigi says:

      Proud Cybernat says:
      1 December, 2018 at 10:22 am

      “Bernie the bolt. In fact, Bernie, make it two bolts.”

      Surely, it’s more a case of: Bertie the Dolt.

    48. An hour seems a tad generous for two sad old Has Beens to agree to agree;
      Perhaps they’ll flesh out the programme with some ‘British’ news items, like the latest England cricket scores, a feature on the Latest West End Smash hit, or the latest Royal Walk about.
      The ‘National’ news as that smirking twonk Dan Walker keeps pitching at Breakfast Time each morning.
      The BBC doing what it does best.
      Bases Brexit loaded.
      Back in your box, ye Sweaty socks.
      I predict a riot any time now.

    49. Golfnut says:

      Have to ask, are they doing this in the jungle, we should told what’s for dinner

    50. Macart says:

      Clearly no 50-50, ask a friend or ask the audience involved. I’ll be putting my sock drawer in order that night.

      Neatly done Chris.

    51. Grouse Beater says:

      What a bunch of shysters, Chris. (Maybe I should avoid that word – sounds too Jewish. *Shyster*, not Chris.) More strength to you, pal!

      Your essential weekend reading

      The English Nationalist:
      A small masterpiece:

    52. Artyhetty says:

      Great image Chris, those faces of partners in crime, Corbyyynnnn ( chant as if at a rock concert) and May.

      Anyone with a brain cell knows that a ‘debate’, after they implemented Article50, and after they made a really crappy deal, is a complete and utter joke. It’s an insult to the ‘people’.

      So many great comments here I won’t say anymore. Except, in the series ‘Gotham’ the city is run by ‘5 families’, all very secretive and sinister.

      Onto the second season now, have a watch if you have netflix, it’s a bit violent, but a bit of an insight into how politics, and the pathetic media, is so easily manipulated and twisted, to the detriment of the ‘people’. The mad people are the most sane, but locked up.
      Very entertaining as well. 🙂

    53. Donald Bruce says:

      Instead of having a wasted hour of no sense waffle. Can we not have some independent expert explain the May deal against staying in or no deal. All we will get is Brexit is Brexit and will of the people and a bit of unicorns arriving on the White cliffs of Dover.

    54. Clootie says:

      @Grouse Beater

      Nice to see the political crap dumped on you has not impacted on your sense of humour. We all know it was Labour managed “outrage” and you are not the first victim of their seedy behaviour.

    55. Dan Huil says:

      Blankety Blank: A game show for the britnat media’s incestuous relationship with britnat politicians. Cheque book and pen at all times.

    56. mogabee says:

      To a T Chris!

      Absolute belter. 😀 😀 😀

    57. Cubby says:

      Grouse Beater@1.39

      It is a disgrace the way you have been treated.

      Best wishes.

    58. Grouse Beater says:

      Thank you, Clootie! Onwards and… erm, a half in the pub!

    59. Grouse Beater says:

      Thank you too, Cubby. Nothing daunted – more action to come!

    60. Macart says:

      @ Grouse Beater

      Good to see you Grouse. How are keeping?

    61. Ian Mccubbin says:

      Whose hairs she has plenty he is a bit thin and already split lols.
      Seriously it’s not a debate but a staged chat show of propaganda. I won’t be watching it.

      More dialogue of value listening to a couple of alley Cats.

    62. yesindyref2 says:

      Hi Grouse

      Yeah, me too, all the best.

    63. geeo says:

      This ‘debate’ is Treeza sizing up her hopes of beating Corbyn in an Election, should she be able to contrive one up.

      As a serious debate, it makes as much sense as deciding to stick on a condom AFTER your swimmers have been deployed already…

    64. Cactus says:

      Good evening and welcome…

      ‘Nevermind’ the whack-a-mole like.

      Try whack-a-muppet.

      Kurt kens.

    65. Gary says:

      Why should the Labour Party’s leader get to debate, alone, with May on this?

      Given the effect that Brexit will have on the people of NI you’d think that someone from one of their parties might be included? Particularly since the people of NI voted so heavily AGAINST Brexit DESPITE their major party DUP encouraging them to do so.

      Perhaps what would be fairer, more representative, would be if the leader of each of the national assemblies was given a platform to ask how the proposals would effect THEIR countries.

      It won’t happen, of course. That would be too reasonable and the plebs might get anxious…

    66. Grouse Beater says:

      Macart – I remain as determined and productive as ever for the cause. Good to hear from fellow travellers here.

      YesIndy2 – There’s no keeping an angry man down when he’s sober as a judge.

    67. Chick McGregor says:

      May should be worried that Noel ‘Deal or No Deal’ Edmunds was the first to be voted off ‘I’m a Silly Bertie Get Me Out of Here’.

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