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A plague of weasels

Posted on August 27, 2023 by

Scotland’s biggest cultural problem famously used to be with its alpha males: hard-working, hard-drinking men, often sexist and openly sectarian, with an easy propensity for violence. (The archetype cut right across every social class, from shipyard workers to high-ranking police officers and everywhere between and beyond.)

But times change, and thankfully those characters are now almost entirely a thing of the past. Less happily, though, they’ve simply been replaced by a breed that’s every bit as unpleasant, just in slightly different ways. Readers, meet the Beta Bullies.

Not literally, obviously. Nobody wants that.

The BBs put up a united front of synchronised girning this week.

The trigger – and we use that word very much deliberately – for the pouting fit was the “homophobic” abuse aimed at Scottish Greens co-convener Patrick Harvie by a heckler in the street, who shouted “deviant” at him a couple of times.

This is a very offensive word, except when Patrick Harvie or his colleagues use it.

Obviously these are jokes and banter, but it’s only days since we had a stark reminder in Scotland of how other people aren’t allowed jokes and banter if it offends Harvie and Greer’s sensibilities, so it’s a little on the nose for them to be bleating about it now.

The heckler didn’t make clear WHY he was calling Harvie a deviant. Harvie’s actual sexuality is something of a mystery but in any event the heckler made no reference to it. The word is sometimes used as a derogatory term for gay people, but also has a much more common primary meaning.

(The definition below comes from Merriam Webster, the wokest of all dictionaries, and nowhere in the 500-word-long entry is there a single mention of homosexuality.)

By almost any measure, Patrick Harvie can be neutrally and accurately described as a deviant. Merely being a politician at all is deviant – only a microscopic percentage of society is involved in the field. Being in the Scottish Greens (who’ve never won even 5% of votes in a Scottish election) is deviance within deviance.

But more to the point, pretty much every aspect of Harvie’s behaviour meets the bill, as detailed at length by gay Scottish film-maker Malcom Clark on social media this week.

As Clark meticulously documents on the thread, Harvie has spent his entire professional life hanging around and having his photograph taken with paedophiles, paedophile apologists, paedophile fetishists and sexual abusers of various kinds. (Green parties seem to attract them disproportionately.)

The Scottish Greens didn’t disassociate themselves from the Green Party of England and Wales after David Challenor kidnapped, tortured and raped a little girl in the attic of the house he shared with his son (both of them active in the Greens), but they did when they decided that the GPEW didn’t hate women enough.

Both branches, but especially the Scottish one, are extremely active proponents of the ideology known as Queer Theory, the fundamental defining principle of which is to be “deviant”. If you’re not a deviant, you’re doing Queer Theory wrong.

Harvie literally drapes himself in the flags of it.

Of course, none of this dissuaded Mackay or Hassan from launching a witch-hunt. Mackay – a man who spews out torrents of pejoratives against anyone he doesn’t like from his regular platform on the Herald after he drove its original Sunday incarnation into the ground – attacked Graham Linehan, days after the writer’s cancellation from the Fringe, for insulting Scottish actor David Tennant.

With towering irony, Mackay ignored the fact that Tennant had provoked the comments by wearing a t-shirt calling gender-critical people “absolute freaks”.

We wonder what his reaction would have been if Linehan had gone to a Pride march and shouted “absolute freaks” at the participants? Is that phrase somehow not abusive as long as you were once Doctor Who? Where can we find the rules?

Indeed, Mackay revels in using the “freaks” slur against those he dislikes, including the hundreds of thousands of ordinary Scots who read this website. (Also, isn’t “weirdos” just another way of saying “deviants”?)

It seems that it’s another one of those terms that’s “fine for me but not for thee”.

Like “wanker”.

Mackay’s defence of Harvie was also taken up by nano-blog Bella Caledonia.

Who would of course never indulge in personal abuse.

Meanwhile Gerry Hassan, bet-welching kept husband and columnist for the right-wing Spectator, also naturally made the issue all about us.

His justification for getting on his high horse was the alleged “homophobia” against Harvie. Hassan loves to accuse people of homophobia, particularly gay men.

We particularly loved the idea of Hassan threatening to bring a defamation claim over homophobia. When former Scottish Labour leader Kezia Dugdale was found by a court to have defamed me with untrue homophobia allegations but allowed to escape punishment because the judge ruled she was too stupid to be responsible for what she said, Hassan gleefully celebrated her getting away with it and actually went so far as to praise her baselessly smearing a member of the public with a disgusting false slur as “standing up for decency”.

Hassan’s 7th-dimension-genius plan to deny the accusation that he’d called two gay men homophobes was to quietly delete the offending tweet and hope nobody noticed.

Sadly he was just a little bit too slow, in every sense of the word.

It’s very difficult to create a reasonable interpretation of Hassan’s 2021 tweet other than that it referred to the people in the photograph, two of whom are gay men and another of whom was the First Minister who legislated for equal marriage in Scotland.

Having had his well-spanked arse handed back to him on a silver platter with a smashed-avocado and salad garnish by Neale Hanvey, Hassan immediately shut up on the Twitter thread, but only to get to work on his National piece, where he knew far fewer people could answer back with inconvenient facts.

(The paper limits online comments to its tiny handful of subscribers. Similarly, after Mackay’s piece was absolutely savaged by readers for its blatant hypocrisy, the Herald first closed and then deleted all comments on it, and also pre-emptively disabled them on Mackay’s next piece about the Greens.)

The modern age, the Scottish electoral system and the Scottish media’s talent vacuum – almost all of its commentariat are in or approaching their 60s and have been doing the job for 30 or more years – have enabled bitter, weedy, picked-last-for-football men like Hassan, Mackay and Harvie to vent their pent-up fury at the big boys in a way they could never have dreamed of just a few years ago, safe in the knowledge that nobody’s going to flush their heads down the school toilet for it any more.

No matter who they hurt along the way.

Not to mention taking their revenge on those awful creatures, girls.

They know that their big brother/dad/editor/First Minister will race to their defence if anyone looks like they might fight back. Does anyone remember Humza Yousaf putting out tweets like this when people were being convicted in court for threating to rape his own colleague Joanna Cherry, or standing up for any of the SNP women victimised by his party’s Twitler Youth stormtroopers?

The only time any of them stops screaming “BIGOT!” at other people is to whine piteously when anyone retaliates in kind – how very DARE we? Don’t we know who they ARE? – and dash off another column for their micro-circulation newspapers in the hope that it generates at least a brief taste of all the things they’re so pathologically jealous of: attention, influence and relevance.

(The National’s sidebar headline for Hassan’s piece rather gave the game away.)

In writing this, of course, we’re giving them what they want. But sometimes things everybody knows still need to be put on the record for reference, and we apologise profusely to weasels for the comparison.

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0 to “A plague of weasels”

  1. Liz

    Funny MacKay asking folk to retweet his article, since he’s blocked half the population.

    They’re scraping the barrel with the “homophobic” reference, and they know it.

    They’re not journalists, they’re shit stirrers.

  2. Den

    If I saw Harvie in the street I would quite happily repeat the hecklers words verbatim. He is a disgusting little fucker.

  3. I. Despair

    The annoying thing about the Harvie video is he was supposed to be answering about his thoughts on Fergus Ewing and we never got to hear that!

  4. Stuart MacKay


    Journalists need clicks otherwise they’re going to be sacrificed to the AI gods some day soon. So expect the hand-wringing and finger-wagging to get a lot worse.

    The problem is, homophobia, is so 1980s. Can’t we just fastforward a bit and jump straight to white supremacist or get ahead of the curve with paedophobia.

  5. Dek

    Sustained and very funny brilliance from the Rev showing just how Z list and brain dead MSM scribblers in Scotland are. “Last picked for the football “is almost too kind.

  6. Red

    Funny joke time

    Q.) What’s the difference between the Scottish Green Party and Michael Jackson?

    A.) Michael Jackson is no longer a danger to little boys.

  7. Lorna Campbell

    Punchety Kick, punchety kick. The pretendy cheque and pen are yours, Rev.

  8. Willie

    Imagine Humza Yousaf saying that calling Harvie a deviant is ” disgusting”

    Not quite as disgusting Humza if someone had called him a ” white deviant ” because as we know from Humza’s previous rants he thinks there is a problem with ” whites ”

    But that aside, here’s a question for Humza and it is about his Government’s school curriculum where they use a Stonewall video teaching aide illustration of a banana and a jar of Nutella as part of primary children’s sex education.

    What does he think of that. Is he happy for his child to be taught about sex in that way. And why is he happy, for he must be happy to allow it, legislate for it, whilst concomitantly saying that calling Harvie a deviant is ” disgusting “

  9. Red

    When will Hutcheson’s Grammar School give out refunds due to how stupid and useless Humza is?

    Do they even have the decency to be ashamed of the association?

  10. David Hannah

    “Bitter, weedy, picked-last-for-football men like Hassan, Mackay and Harvie to vent their pent-up fury at the big boys in a way they could never have dreamed of just a few years ago, safe in the knowledge that nobody’s going to flush their heads down the school toilet for it any more.”

    Ahaha. Apart from Wings Over Scotland. Superb takedown of the press pack.

    There’s a reason that Wings Over Scotland is the biggest read political blog in Scotland. People trust you. You are straight talking. You are honest and truth telling. Fantastic.

  11. George Ferguson

    Assigning Harvie with a Beta classification is a bit of a stretch. I was thinking more Epsilon. His party’s policies are extremist and one can safely say deviant. For example, lowering the age of consent in trans decisions. Their intention is to blur the boundaries of social norms. The only questions remaining are, what is their motivation and what is their desired outcome.

  12. Lorna Campbell

    Stuart MacKay: “The problem is, homophobia, is so 1980s”

    I know, all those obviously homosexual men in 1950s crimplene frocks, and the ones in 1960s mini skirts, all demanding entry to women’s loos, changing rooms and sports: but we are women; see, we’re wearing frocks and skirts, not to mention lippy. What more do we have to do to be accepted as women? Boo hoo, it’s just not fair.

    There are a lot of gay men who are female allies, and the ones who are not are often misogynists. Females, lesbians or otherwise, have much more in common with gay men than gay men have in common with cross-dressing men, unless they are gay cross-dressers. All heterosexual cross-dressers (drag queens, etc.) show a contempt for females, whether they realize it or not, although I would exempt panto and comedy which is mildly sexist and generally funny without the nastiness.

    The Rev has done an excellent rebuttal, as always.

  13. David Hannah

    The country needs more people like Stuart Campbell.

    I think you’re the best journalist in Scotland. You give people a voice.

    There’s not many people like you, or you talent. Your passion and love for Scotland. You’ve taken them all on in legal battles. The lot. You’re an incredible human.

  14. holymamoses

    With all the possibilities of the word ‘deviant’, it is rather surprising that he wasn’t challenged about what he meant by the word, instead of the two men simply ‘interpreting’ it in a similar fashion.
    But of course Mr Lockhart was a member of the ‘Mentorn Media’ group for some time and will have learned that selecting lots of different ‘deviant’ types to be asked along to ‘Question Time’ when he was in charge of producing the programme was grist to the BBC mill in its attempts to demean all things Scottish (especially independence).
    The lack of questioning the meaning, did, of course, allow Mr Harvie to respond with an equally offensive word ‘bigot’ which further enabled the media to condemn the heckler without trial.

  15. David Hannah

    The press pack in Scotland are so corrupt. They are in Nicola Sturgeon’s pocket.

    We know this to be true when Craig Murray was jailed for Dani Garavelli’s jigsaw identification.

    Sturgeon’s pal Lady Dorian. In my opinion she’s a corrupt judge. She’s tainted Scottish Legal and she’s tainted the reputation of the Scottish press with her her one rule for us ruling.

    Wings over Scotland to hold this cabal to account. If there was any justice in Scotland you’d have won award, after award, after award.

    The fight continues against the corrupt establishment. Thankfully we’ve got Wings Over Scotland making one hell of an impact to Scottish life. Thank you.

  16. FiferJP

    “The Scottish Greens are extremely active proponents of the ideology known as Queer Theory, the entire defining principle of which is to be “deviant”.” Have they ever put queer theory in a menifesto or have any of them ever spoken of it publicly? Over the past few months I’ve done google searches of ‘Patrick Harvie’ (and others) “Queer theory” and never found any direct quotes. I know Andy Wrightman accused them of being proponents as have others but I’ve found nothing from their mouths. Maybe others could do better and get actual quotes.

  17. Red

    Willie says:
    But that aside, here’s a question for Humza and it is about his Government’s school curriculum where they use a Stonewall video teaching aide illustration of a banana and a jar of Nutella as part of primary children’s sex education.

    If we ever get our country back, we are going to need a lot more prisons.


    This tangled knot of sexuality will ultimately strangle all life, all sense out of political discourse. It is a false path but a productive one for the puppet masters of the universe.
    «Phobia» etymologically «fear of something» has become the standard form for «repressive» and «bigoted» and hate think.
    Thou shalt not have any issues with the new sexuality narratives.
    Sorry, I do have certain reservations……Man, out of thy mouth thou hast condemned thyself….
    God, what a tangled mess of stupidity.
    Homosexuality is humanly «natural», «gay» is a modern fabrication with a globalist agenda that ought to make one fearful.

  19. dandydons1903

    Himmler Harvie and the tall woo-man Slater whom I think is from Canaduh another bastion of rainbow fascist batshittery, are a mortal danger to Scotland’s women and children both enabled by the fragant Imelda Turgid and now Useless Humous.

  20. sadscot

    Mackay has form in trying to get people banned from comments too. He is a disgrace.

  21. Geoff Anderson

    Those that support the TransCult endorse children on drugs for life. They celebrate the mutilation of young people. They support the end to Women’s Sport. They praise the removal of Women’s Rights. They praise the blocking of free speech. They ignore the violence against Women and Girls.They pretend that they are unaware of the trauma girls are enduring in unisex toilets. They applaud Women loosing their jobs, careers. They endorse the Police bias in support of the TransCult while ignoring Women being assaulted. They support samesex attracted being told they must accept self declared Cult partners.

    Harvie, Hassan, Mackay, Sturgeon, Yusuf and many, many more are the very vocal champions of the TranCult Movement. It is now their main motivation in life.

    In less than a decade from now when all the Court cases come in from permanently damaged kids they will deny any involvement in this sad episode of Woke Politics

  22. Beauvais

    If Gerry Hassan was ever picked at football it was as one of the corner flags.

  23. Red

    Did Patrick Harvie deny being a deviant, and if not, why not?

  24. Ian Brotherhood

    Hassan can’t tell his erse from his Alba.

    Not trustworthy, doesn’t stand for or believe in anything apart from self-aggrandisement, and shouldn’t be taken seriously.

  25. TenaciousV

    Hassan tried to have a go at me, seemed perturbed I was able to comment on 2 of his posts at same time? He backed down soon enough! lol These copy
    & paste so called journos have no critical thinking at all. They get their shite from social media!

  26. Ian Brotherhood

    This is very good –

    ‘We owe it to those who’ve gone before, as much to future generations, to follow the Irish example, withdraw from the English parliament and strike out for independence.’

  27. Athanasius

    Your problem, Stu, is that you’re not left wing enough. Scotland will never be independent, I’m afraid, at least not while the independence movement is the plaything of left-wing purists. If it’s a choice of being leftist or reaching out to even moderately small-c social conservatives in Scotland, the movement would rather remain in the Union. Nobody, even in the centre, never mind the right, is going to vote for independence when it’s been made clear that there is no place for them in an independent Scotland. And that includes you, Stu.

  28. akenaton

    “Homophobia” is a word/device manufactured to shut down any debate on the sexual behaviour of a minority group.
    People have an absolute right to question any form of behaviour which adversely affects society, legislation in favour of homosexual marriage sexual health and promiscuity statistics, the frequency of Open marriages and relationships etc.
    The word was first used to silence any dissent over these and other issues, it is a direct attack on freedom of speech and the legislation was a forerunner of the present attempt to introduce the idiocy that sex is interchangeable, which is a real and present danger to our children and women.

    All designed to destroy traditional society and force people to believe the unbelievable,
    We witness this daily and a large number of mainly Western countries.

  29. JGedd

    David Tennant would appear to consider his fellow actors and members of the entertainment industry way more important than the ordinary public that he dismisses contemptuously as ‘absolute freaks.’ Apparently he is unaware (which doesn’t surprise me considering he probably only really mixes with the ‘woke’ acting fraternity) that most of the public do not support what he believes.

    A Herald poll recently asked the question, ‘was Leith Arches right in banning Graham Linehan?’ 92 per cent of a sample of over 5000 responders voted ‘no’. In the rarefied world of the actors, directors, writers who support trans ideology they are aloof from the impact of their beliefs unlike the ordinary public. They are free to indulge their self-righteous ignorance and pontificate to lesser mortals even though they are simply bowing to a powerful elitist movement and not defending a marginalized put-upon minority as they like to profess.

    I’ve never thought very highly of the acting profession, you might have guessed. They were pretty well cowed by McCarthyism and most of them were willing to name names apart from a few honourable exceptions. Their modern counterparts are just as cowardly and looking after their careers while turning on better men and women than they are.

  30. David Hannah

    Always playing victim. And the establishment press create the narrative.

  31. Republicofscotland

    MacKay and Hassan are trying to narrow the Overton Window on public opinion of deviants such as Harvie, the plan is to make even the smallest criticism of them and their queer theory/policies socially unacceptable.

    Sturgeon the Judas, and her puppet Yousaf paved the way for this with the Hate crime Bill.

    Freedom of speech in Scotland is being eroded at a fast rate.

  32. Astonished

    Brilliant stuff.

    Harvie, Hassan and MacKay deserve no sympathy. Or readership.

  33. AnneDon

    I remember Jason at Random Public Journal writing an article about Foucault a few years ago, explaining how we are all now victims of Foucault’s beliefs through Queer Theory.

    I read it and was shocked. And I’ve been horrified ever since at seeing what has unfolded.

  34. Johnlm

    I’m getting a bit old to be learning a new language.

    I think that I read somewhere that Blair put 3000 new laws on the statute books.
    Simple concepts of right and wrong suddenly became muddy.

    Now you can be arrested for calling a police horse gay.

    Nano-blog. Haha.

  35. Charles (not the R one)

    While we are discussion PHOBIAS. let us consider this – what is the meaning of the word ‘phobia’?

    “A phobia is an excessive, persistent, and irrational fear of something, and is a type of anxiety disorder. It can be directed toward objects, places, activities, situations, animals, or people.”

    That is NOT saying it necessarily involves HATRED or MALICE in any guise.

    Trans-phobia, homo-phobia, and so on do NOT imply HATRED of the people involved.

  36. David Hannah

    This is absolutely sickening. John Kerry’s only been in Scotland for 1 day and he’s leaving with £24 million of our tax payers money… For Rwanda. Get to fuck!

    Who are these agencies, who are these people? We will never see this foreign aid? How can the SNP give away money for foreign aid when they’re not in control of foreign affairs?

    Absolutely disgraceful.

  37. David Hannah

    As above:

    Yousaf said three aid agencies, the Scottish Catholic International Aid Fund (SCIAF), DAI, and NIRAS, will each receive up to £8m over the next three years from the Scottish Government’s Climate Justice Fund…

    Who are these people? Who’s becoming a multi millionaire overnight thanks to Humza Yousaf? Who are these agencies?

    I don’t trust the SNP. I don’t trust them with a single penny. They are an organised crime agency themselves.

  38. Ian Brotherhood

    If Harvie was comfortable in his professed beliefs he would have no problem being called ‘deviant’, he would embrace it and call for others to celebrate progressive non-conformity. Isn’t that what ‘queer’ ideology is all about?

    Instead, he knee-jerks at any criticism and pillocks like Hassan and Humza dutifully feign outrage. The guy who is now the subject of an official complaint could’ve shouted anything at all – ‘See you? You’re nothing but a stale cheesy wotsit!’ – and Harvie’s reaction would’ve been the same.

    It’s not the word used that caused offence, it’s the fact that he was shouted at at all. Wee Patrick has, for reasons unfathomable, been designated as some kind of national treasure that must be protected at all costs.

  39. Karen

    Phobia is an “irrational” fear. I don’t think there is anything to fear from gay people, but I think it is sensible to be wary of “trans” – butchers etc.

  40. Big Tam

    Rev, I’m an unashamed Yoon, principally on economic grounds.

    If you were setting up an independent country you really wouldn’t want to start from the position of the current humongous budget deficit (and of course it doesn’t help to be a skeptic when it comes to the various conspiracy theories about Scotland really being richer than Monaco – or London – if only the dastartly English would publish the ‘genuine’ GERS figures). Back in the real world, Brexit also seriously complicated things, as does the sheer scale of current UK government debt. (And no I’m not a believer in any of the various legal or semantic magic tricks to wish away Scotland’s share of this either),

    Though I totally get the sentiment, I just don’t think indi is remotely feasible without a 20 year, focused project to knock the country into shape for it, addressing both excessive spending and economic growth (we should be arguing for powers to lower taxes, including business taxes – to compete with Ireland – not increasing them). And let’s face it, that’s never going to happen under any party with a chance of getting in. An independent Scotland is NOT going to tax itself into existence, whatever rationale Sturgeon used for jacking them up.

    Having said that, I keep coming back here because this site kicks it out of the park, some of the best journalism in the UK. Fresh from the SNP accounts piece, the Harvie one is just awesome.

    Keep it up. I just wish we had you on the other side of the argument.

  41. Charles (not the R one)

    Perhaps Humza Yousaf hasn’t learned the principle that “Charity begins at home”.

    Scotland has a shocking record of social deprivation, including substantial numbers of children living in squalid poverty.

    Twenty four MILLION pounds would do a lot more good here in Scotland, than being tranferred to shockingly corrupt regimes abroad.

  42. George Ferguson

    @Athanasius 6:46pm
    An interesting observation. Stu in the past has considered himself as left wing. His latest perceptual mapping of his political views put him close to the centre. Entirely understandable. If the left move into a deviant perspective then people will reevaluate. Most people on here would regard me as centre right. But then again I am promoting the renationalation of the Energy Industry. Because of the broken energy market impacting on the most vulnerable members of our community. Surely traditional left wing politics. In summary the Independence movement is a not homogeneous blob. There is room for everybody. And people’s opinions move with the circumstances of the day.

  43. Tinto Chiel

    @JGedd: yep, spot on about the actors, directors and writers so desperate to be achingly right-on and protect their careers at the expense of any principles they may have had. Emma Watson is a classic example, turning on J K Rowling (without whom she’d be nothing) to appease the Woko Haram brigade while she hoovers up fat perfumery endorsements.

    @AnneDon: well remembered about Foucault, a sleazy self-serving type like Kinsey. Unfortunately, I can’t take any lessons from Chomsky, after he opined that vaccine refusers were free to do so but should be largely excluded from society until they recanted. The irony of a Jewish person promoting ghettoisation seems to have escaped him, ditto for Edwina Currie and Esther Rantzen over here.

    Och well, the nights are fair drawing in…..

  44. John Main

    David Hannah

    You have to understand that by spending £24 mill of Scottish taxpayers cash, HM is more or less guaranteeing a number of well paid post-Hollyrood jobs for maybes himself and a few fellow travellers.

    It’s not his money, so from his perspective, it’s a great investment. Two things you need to remember:

    1 Foreign aid has always been the process by which poor people in rich countries gift cash to rich people in poor countries.

    2 As no Scottish democratic process was ever involved in HY’s elevation to FM, he can be extremely relaxed about any further need for democratic accountability. He has successfully risen above all that.

    It’s a shitshow, but it still has the best part of 3 years to run, regardless of what happens in Rutherglen. Best get used to it.

  45. Charles (not the R one)

    Karen, you are right.

    Now here I am going to stick my neck out.

    In the so-called ‘hate crime’ bill, and in the
    Hate Crime and Public Order (Scotland) Act 2021,
    I think the words (even as suffixes) ‘phobia’ and phobic do not appear in a single instance, certainly not that I have been able to find.

    Isn’t that interesting?

  46. David Hannah

    Climate Justice fund. £24 million for Humza Yousaf to have his picture taken with John Kerry. For money to disappear into Africa and all its corruption. The Scottish Government sicken me.,glasgow-primary-school-first-in-scotland-to-implement-lgbt-inclusive-education

    And then there’s this? Scotland’s primary school children are now being indoctrinated with the queer theory. This is Patrick Harvie’s doing. Shocking.

  47. Republicofscotland

    David Hannah @7.39pm.

    I’d be very surprised if one single penny actually goes to aid in Rwanda, such is the deceitfulness of Kerry and of course Yousless who is a puppet.

    Speaking of puppets Youslesse’s puppeteer, Sturgeon the Judas sent £7 million of Scottish taxpayers cash and aid to the Yuk-ies, and the SNP government are in the middle of sending a whopping £65 million quid of Scottish taxpayers cash to the Yuk-ies with Kate Forbes who has no plan for Scottish independence saying its the right thing to do. She in my opinion wouldn’t know the right thing to do, if it jumped up and bit her on her arse.

    Nevermind that Scotland is in a terrible state, a severe lack of housing poor people can’t get a dentist appointment, our largest city is filthy and Scots suffer from the highest drug death rates in Europe, due to depression and hopelessness, the English government robs Scotland of hundreds of millions of pounds every day via accounting tricks, yet our colonial administration in their rush to appease their Westminster masters sees fit to divert at least £72 milion of Scottish taxpayers cash and aid away from needy Scots of which their are many money, its we cannot afford to give away.

  48. Andrew scott

    WHY OH WHY ARE WE PANDERING TO .5% of the population
    Scotland is DOOOMED

  49. Viscount Ennui

    Big Tam says:
    27 August, 2023 at 8:01 pm

    “I keep coming back here because this site kicks it out of the park..”

    Nailed it, Big Tam.

    A site articulating a vision for independence should not exclude those who provide an insight into the barriers that will be faced on the electoral battle-ground.

    For you, the economic challenges.

    For me, the pile of piss in Holyrood just now. I am an inclusive kind of guy so I am referring to the whole bunch of them (bar one or two notable excepttions).

    In truth, I don’t have an answer to this debacle.

    The radical options appear unworkable and would alienate those we hope to persuade, whilst the Useless strategy is as convincing as a Nigerian widow offering to deposit 1 Trillion Dollars in your bank account.

    They say that this week will bring some ‘good’ news.

    Let us see.

  50. David Hannah

    “Twenty four MILLION pounds would do a lot more good here in Scotland, than being transferred to shockingly corrupt regimes abroad.”

    It upsets me Charles, We put on Cop 26. Sturgeon was the waitress at the party giving out the free money. “The nation in waiting, that welcomes the nations of the world.” As she gave all of our sea bed sites, all 17 away in the reverse auction for a penny.

    I was linked to this earlier, the John Smith masonic lodge for the gentrified Mafia.

    No doubt the foreign aid money will be going to someone on the preferential treatment programme. The corrupt regime’s of Africa might get a wee water pipe out of it.

    Even though Africa is damning the Nile with the super mega dam… We’ve got to give them 24 million.

    It’s a disgrace.

  51. David Hannah

    “Sturgeon the Judas sent £7 million of Scottish taxpayers cash and aid to the Yuk-ies, and the SNP government are in the middle of sending a whopping £65 million quid of Scottish taxpayers cash to the Yuk-ies”

    The deep state want us all to be conscripted to fight this war, now that 400,000 have died. Hopefully that puppet on strings Joe Biden is removed before it’s too late.

    As for Scottish men, bottom of the housing list. The transgender, Ukranian refugees with more victim points are entitled to the house before you. Shocking what’s going on man.

  52. Robert Louis

    Genuinely not sure if Harvie is actually gay. The last I heard he was bi, but I may be mistaken.

    Anyway, when I heard of the comment of Deviant shouted to him, I did wonder why he labelled it ‘homophobia’, because I honestly think it may have been because of his loud shouting about trans and gender etc..

    One of the things that really bugs gay folk nowadays, is when ,say a gay couple are murdered by a government, like in Iran (which does it a lot). Those poor defenceless souls will have been executed murdered simply for having a same sex relationship, that is gay/homosexual, yet clowns in the press, refer to them as ‘LGBTQIAA+’. This happens also in the so-called (but not-really) gay press (pink news does it a lot). They then go on to bemoan the lack of ‘LGBTQIA++’ rights in countries such as Iran, when in reality it is a gay issue and ONLY a gay issue, and definitely nothing to do with ‘LGTQIAA++’ (or any of the rest of the dreamed-up alphabet soup) at all.

    And so, when I heard of the comments made to Harvie, I actually wondered why he thought it homophobic, when so far as we know, he isn’t actually homosexual. More likely it was transphobic.

  53. sadscot

    @J Gedd
    “A Herald poll recently asked the question.”
    NEVER cite a Herald poll on anything. People can vote multiple times, even different ways. The results are way beyond ridiculous. People are telling the Herald daily that the polls are a joke but they keep doing them despite the flaws in their system.

  54. Alf Baird

    Red @ 5:22 pm

    “If we ever get our country back, we are going to need a lot more prisons”

    Not necessarily. Postcolonial theory suggests that, upon a country’s independence, the colonial collaborators look for a rapid exit toward the warm and safe embrace of the mother country. A quick look at England’s (and France, and USA) population mix today tends to confirm this.

  55. Red

    David Hannah’s link to Holyrood Magazine:

    A primary school in Glasgow is the first school in Scotland to fully implement lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) inclusive education in its curriculum

    Fun question: does anybody here remember voting for “LGBT inclusive education”, or those groomer flags, in primary schools?

    Hahaha, I know, right?

  56. David Hannah

    I see that the LEZ in Glasgow is to go to a judicial review. Because the climate targets have already been met by buses being electric.

    The LEZ has been a tax on poor people with older cars. Not a tax on the environment.

    Susan Aitken might have to cough up £1 million in repaying the fines… I sincerely hope so.

    She’s also made some private car hire service rich… By hiring £100,000 worth of LEZ compliant vehicles…

    The corruption is off the scale! Another one of Patrick Harvie’s sinister polices.

  57. David Hannah

    “Meanwhile, it was revealed yesterday that Transport Scotland has paid huge sums of cash to external media companies for “creative, design and website” work and “campaign evaluation”.

    The payments include £1.3million to PR agency Big Partnership, £194,000 to Republic of Media and £10,000 to Progressive Partnership.

    Mr Paton added: “This is an outrageous amount to spend considering the very negative perception of the LEZ among people I speak to.”

    The LEZ has been a corruption scandal. A get rich quick scheme a tax on poor people.

    Thanks to the destroyer of Glasgow city Centre… Susan Aitken.

  58. sarah

    @ Red at 9.23 re Glasgow primary school implementing LGBT inclusive education into its curriculum.

    Please, Rdd, tell me that every parent is going to be informed so that they can take the appropriate steps to protect their children.

  59. Tinto Chiel

    @Red: yes, can’t wait for the response of Castlemilk to this LGBTIE programme.

    I suspect it may be short and sweet. Of course, the LGBT+ Whatever may think the locals are so ground down by poverty and general social deprivation that they won’t notice.

    One to watch.

  60. John C

    One of the many, many regrets I have in life is not knowing the David/Aimee Challenor case until well after it’d happened as if I had known I’d have pulled up the Greens when I was still voting for them and had some campaigning for them. Since finding out I remain astonished that both the Greens and Lib Dems managed to emerge from that relatively unscathed as opposed to having their entire leadership investigated & each party brought down to their knees. For me it is the worst political scandal that’s bled into the public domain of the last 15 years which is saying something considering what’s happened over that time.

    Which brings me to these three mentioned by Stu. We have a genuine political scandal involving the abuse of a child, political parties covering up knowledge of the offense, the abusers son getting himself in positions of power (helping write the equality policy of two major UK parties and influencing the Scottish Greens) yet not a single peep from any of them. MacKay is a journalist yet didn’t have the intellectual curiosity to investigate any influence or damage Challinor did in his time at the heart of the Greens or Lib Dems? The Lib Dems are being exposed online by a former staffer yet MacKay or Hassan have said nothing even though if this whistleblower is even half right, it shows the Lib Dems have a bullying culture and barely care about safeguarding.

    And here we have Patrick Harvie accepting awards and associating with Scotland’s worst paedophile yet he’s never returned the award given to him in his name, nor has he condemned him or pushed to investigate the organisations influenced by him. Again, one can only conclude that at least Harvie cares nothing about safeguarding.

    Scotland has a media and political class on the whole removed from the realities of life, and of understanding that when people object to Patrick Harvie it isn’t necessarily because he’s gay (though he does get homophobic abuse and that should be condemned) but because he’s now known in the public domain for supporting abusers & sitting back doing nothing to prevent them gaining traction in the community. MacKay is just your typical middle-class media voice comfortable in his beliefs knowing that the entire Trans question is one that won’t affect him. As for Hassan he’s just an empty shell spouting shite that he knows will keep him on the side of the people editing papers or news programming. Complete waste of a man.

    The problem for these people is the more people are exposed to Queer Theory, and the more people’s children are affected by it, the worse it’ll be for when things turn against it. The court cases are mounting up. The medical evidence is overwhelming. The amount of cases of men using a Trans identity to rape or abuse girls, women and young boys is massive compared to men not identifying as Trans. There’s going to be a massive rejection of it that’s going to have horrific fallout (see the abuse ordinary gay people are getting right now) including picking up the human wreckage left behind when Queer ideology is done with you.

    So to hell with them all.

  61. John C

    One of the things that really bugs gay folk nowadays, is when ,say a gay couple are murdered by a government, like in Iran (which does it a lot). Those poor defenceless souls will have been executed murdered simply for having a same sex relationship, that is gay/homosexual, yet clowns in the press, refer to them as ‘LGBTQIAA+’. This happens also in the so-called (but not-really) gay press (pink news does it a lot). They then go on to bemoan the lack of ‘LGBTQIA++’ rights in countries such as Iran, when in reality it is a gay issue and ONLY a gay issue, and definitely nothing to do with ‘LGTQIAA++’ (or any of the rest of the dreamed-up alphabet soup) at all.

    One of the many despicable things about Queer Theory is how it’s helped diminish actual homophobia to something that affects straight people with a septum piercing and blue hair as much as people born gay. How can one fight homophobia if they can’t even say ‘homosexual’ because Queer Theory tells them homosexuality is ‘transphobic’?

    I fear we’re seeing all the gay rights won in the last 25 years being attacked not by Tories or bigots, but the Trans movement and Queer Theory.

  62. John C

    Please, Rdd, tell me that every parent is going to be informed so that they can take the appropriate steps to protect their children.

    No. The idea it seems is to hide Queer Theory behind the reasoning they want to introduce equality education about LGB issues. I’ve no problem at all with actual LGB education as many children can be scared that they’re ‘abnormal’ but this isn’t what’s being taught.

    Teaching kids that being gay is just an identity one can switch is as grossly offensive as saying it’s something abhorrent. Then you’ve got all the other Queer Theory shit on top so no, I’d wouldn’t accept it. I’d want to know every single detail they intend using and I’d want to have the option of pulling my child from class if I object.

  63. PhilM

    I’m going to suggest an informal rule…if you’re posting so much that your comments go over a tenth of the total number, you should think about cutting back for a bit. I don’t know if I’m speaking for anybody else but when one or two people take over an open forum, it makes me not want to engage with it at all.
    To exaggerate a little: imagine if there were a hundred BTL comments and anywhere between thirty to fifty were by one person…that is going to be a real turn-off for the lurkers, the passing-through types, the slightly timid or circumspect people all of whom might have something thoughtful to say but who won’t bother if BTL turns into one or two or even three people’s personal soapbox.
    Other indie blogs don’t seem to have this problem but all of them have regular commentors as well. Why do these blogs manage to get the balance right? Maybe it’s because nothing succeeds like success and so WoS attracts more BTL activity per page view.
    I don’t mean to single out anyone in particular because there have been a few mea culpa occasions in the past…it’s just a thought…
    (Starts dodging incoming pelters…)
    (Or tumbleweed…)

  64. President Xiden

    Masks, the blue and yellow flag and the EU flag = wankers.

  65. Breeks

    All of this “heightened awareness” we seem to have; awareness the SNP has been infiltrated, awareness the dream of Independence is in the wrong hands, awareness we’ll never get another referendum, awareness the demographics and voting franchise is being orchestrated to frustrate Independence, awareness the media is corrupt, awareness we have legal and constitutional personality under International law…

    … All of these awareness’s, all of this understanding we have, the knowing who amongst us can be trusted and who are bit playing charlatans who cannot be trusted…

    All of this “presence” we have, this holistic knowledge we have, needs lodged into a matrix that builds into our strategy which allows Scotland’s interests and Scottish Independence to be defended and acted upon and given every optimised chance for success.

    We have a cake we need to mix, which we can bake into an Independent Scotland, but the immediate task is to weed out the sour or spoiled ingredients which will destroy the recipe and make it fail.

    If Scotland United can be undone by orchestrated disunity from the SNP, then Scotland United is flawed must be set to one side, and some other strategy which isn’t compromised takes over.

    This leaves us, once again, looking at Scotland’s Constitutional Sovereignty, with SALVO and Liberation-dot-Scot taking the initiative. They have it right. They will resurrect what Auld Scotland lost.

    Scotland urgently NEEDS a modern day, codified, Convention of the Estates to represent and wield Scotland’s sovereign Constitutional integrity and use it to blow every counter argument and invasive colonial doctrine which has embedded itself in Scotland, out of the water.

    Why are we so vexed about the trifling words of the bit players in our Vichy Holyrood soap opera, when none of these actors have any station or office placed upon their shoulders by Scotland? They serve London and follow London’s lead, and put the colonial Scotland Act on a higher pedestal than the native constitutional sovereignty of our nation. What leader would ever do that?

    What Scotland needs above all other things is focus, direction, and clarity of purpose.

    We will find none of that emanating from our Vichy Holyrood. We Scots must resurrect our own Scottish Parliament as our TRUE Government in waiting; a Convention of the Estates assembled to address Scotland’s Constitutional crisis and usurpation, and drive home an uncompromising affirmation of Scottish sovereignty which the International Community cannot ignore.

    Sort the good components from the bad, and then see what can be built…. Then for Christ’s sakes build it.

    If we were building an army, we’d pick it’s core from the best and most solid of us. All the doubters, cowards and Charlatans would NOT be put in command. We would choose the champions to follow from the best of us, the rebellious firebrands who will NOT buckle or compromise, not the squalid dregs who kneel on London’s command and take their money.

    That’s not leadership, that’s the polar opposite of leadership.

    Bring this tiresome three century long lament to an end and let us be done with it.

  66. Michael Laing

    @ PhilM at 10.25pm: I don’t know if you were a regular visitor to WoS at the time, but the issue you complain of has been a longstanding one. I remember a few years ago there was one particular poster whose name I forget, who posted dozens of tedious and repetitive comments on every Wings post, most of which consisted of links to academic articles which had little or no relevance to the original post. Many people got sick of it and complained, but that commenter continued taking over every comment-thread until he was eventually banished from the site. I don’t know if that person was deliberately trying to deter people from reading and interacting on WoS, or if he simply ‘wasnae the full shillin’, to use the Scots expression.

    I wonder if Rev Stu has a policy on excessive commenting? He generally seems reluctant to get involved in comment-policing.

  67. Effijy

    Rishi doing so well heading toward his family making their next £Billion with corrupt
    Government dealings.

  68. Corrado Mella

    I won’t stop screaming this in your face, folks, until you listen to me.

    The behaviour of the wokeratti is the hallmark of narcissistic sociopaths.
    It’s gaslighting to the hilt, with continuous goading to solicit a reaction to then play the victim card.

    Don’t play their game because they have infiltrated every position of power and control, including Police Scotland.

    Just take note and keep score.
    When time comes and retribution is due, they will pay their debt all in one go. No discounts, no pity.

    2024 will open Pandora’s Box. Sharpen your tools.

  69. crazycat

    @ Michael Laing at 11.13

    You’re referring to Cameron B Brodie, who according to himself drunkenly fell from an upper floor window in his youth, resulting in brain damage.

    In person he was (is, I hope) generous, friendly, well-meaning, but tiringly intense. I doubt very much that he was deliberately trying to put people off. He was obsessive, and genuinely thought his endless links would enlighten people, should they ever read them (I didn’t). Their lack of relevance would also have escaped him.

  70. Derek

    Weasels? Makes a change from lighthouse keepers…

  71. Alf Baird

    Breeks @ 11:09 pm

    “… All of these awareness’s, all of this understanding we have, the knowing who amongst us can be trusted and who are bit playing charlatans who cannot be trusted…”

    Aye Breeks, the colonial penny is falling fast, our understanding of what independence really means (i.e. decolonization) no longer ‘rudimentary’:

  72. David W Ferguson

    One little snippet I picked up on that may or may not be interesting…

    In his recent review of the SNP accounts, Stu highlighted the audit fee – around £56,000 in both 2021 and 2022. That seemed an astonishing sum for a “business” with a turnover of about £5 million and a couple of dozen employees. I went to do a quick sanity check and established that the audit fee for a business of that size should be about 0.2% of turnover. That’s £10,000. So the SNP seems to be paying about five times over the odds to its auditors. Anybody come up with any reasons why?

  73. Alin Scot

    David W Ferguson 06:11 says:

    “…the SNP seems to be paying about five times over the odds to its auditors. Anybody come up with any reasons why?”

    It involves creative accountancy which puts the fees up. Consider the following figment of my imagination:

    A company buys a campervan for £100k but does not use it so it is still more or less like new two or three years later. Mark down the value in the acconts through depreciation to £60k. A company creditor is still owed around £60k from the same company. The creditor might be interested in accepting the vehicle in lieu of what they are owed, saving the company having to part with hard cash. Everyone is happy including the creditor who saves £40k on the original cost of the vehicle. The new owner can use the vehicle or sell it on for a possible profit as depreciative writing down is usually quite generous.

    That’s what I call creative accounting.

  74. Andrew Morton

    Surely ‘dissociate’?

    Ah’ll get ma coat.

  75. Geoff Anderson

    The SNP control freaks are off and running again


    Even the use of the «L etc» acronym is passive acknowledgement that there is such a «community» which society must recognize.
    A community may be linguistic, ethnic, or other culturally based group sharing a fixed and distinctively recognizable characteristic. Communities of any other type are notional, ephemeral, ad hoc and that encompasses the L etc people.
    Is there a nationalist community, a red headed community, a cat loving community, a community of gamers who are also vegan, a heterosexual community requiring its own letter strings?
    The L etc clique might simply get on with their personal interests in flags, dressing up, grindr and shoutiness in their own space and let the majority «community» enjoy their space unmolested.

  77. Molesworth

    Stewart. If there is an award for true journalism you deserve to win. I don’t know how you find the time or the energy but do please keep it going.

  78. akenaton

    On the point of children nearing puberty being “educated” about homosexuality. I would have no objections if the education highlighted the many physical and social problems associated with homosexual practice, but of course it will not, It will be an exercise in whitewashing and an attempt to lure children into an alternative and extremely dangerous lifestyle, leading eventually to a complete breakdown of what used to be normal family life.

    The fix is in and must be reversed pretty damned quick if humanity as we know it is to survive in tomorrow’s world.

  79. John Main

    @David Hannah 8:48

    Looks like it falls to me to fix your figure of 400,000 deaths.

    The correct figure is not accurately known, but reputable sources are in broad agreement that the total for both sides is less than 100,000.

    So you are out by a factor of 4.

    I recognise and understand that Wings BTL often takes a cavalier attitude to the truth, and specifically to factual accuracy, but I will continue to maintain that OTT exaggeration in order to prove a point does Indy more harm than good.

    Rev Stu goes to great lengths I am sure to get his facts straight. We should strive to follow his lead.


    In a country that needs more babies for its very survival the encouragement of non reproductive sex is folly. Masquerading this sterility as good is inversion of reason.
    That establishments actively promote this way of life and may seek to discriminate against those who do not is sinister.

    «Manchester Pride is one of the UK’s leading LGBTQ+ charities. Our vision is a world where LGBTQ+ people are free to live and love without prejudice and our culture is universally celebrated. We’re part of a global Pride movement celebrating LGBTQ+ equality and challenging discrimination»

    I can think of many more reasons why people might take to the streets than the above which expects its «culture?» to be sic universally celebrated.
    Is that the observable or entire universe?
    Hubris, pride, head in air, fall flat on face.

  81. akenaton

    Well said Sir.

  82. Johnlm

    It looks like it falls to me to quote John Main.

    There’s a welter of contradictory claims, statistics and facts online. I don’t have the time to wade through them.”
    10.54am 17 August 2023

  83. Southernbystander

    ‘In a country that needs more babies for its very survival the encouragement of non reproductive sex is folly’ (TURABDIN, 10:11am)

    You mean also using contraception?

    The problem with the low birth rate is not much to do with homosexuality, is it?

    These arguments attacking homosexuality on the grounds of reproduction and ‘many physical and social problems’ seem to be working on the erroneous idea it is both a lifestyle choice (and therefore can be ‘promoted’ – we seem to be back in Thatcher’s 1980s trying to ban education about homosexuality in schools), and somehow linked to transness, despite the latter not being a specific sexual orientation at all. In fact, the concept of homosexuality relies for its existence, just like heterosexuality, on the ‘transphobic’ idea that ‘sex matters’.

    Conflating homosexuality with the serious problems and concerns raised by the trans debate is not justified.

  84. crazycat

    @ Southernbystander at 10.42

    Well said.

  85. craig murray

    The extraordinary thing is that we have a political class in power in Scotland which feeds on an internal narrative of personal victimhood. A huge amount of narrative coming from our paid politicians is that they are themselves victims of abuse and discrimination. They then use that clain to set the power of the state on their opponents.

    A key point is that the SNP has cemented institutional arrangements into its selection mechanisms to ensure that those who claim victimhood can get into power. That is what all women shortlists and preference to candidates with self-declared disabilities means.

    I would be grateful if somebody can give me firm evidence of the percentage of votes Emma Roddick and others actually achieved in their selection battles as I am thinking of an article on the subject.

    This is all going to get much worse once the hate speech act finally starts operating.

    As an aside, I don’t really approve of yelling “deviant” at people. Yes it is a word with much more precise meanings in different contexts, but in that context it is a term of abuse with a homophobic history. But that does not make it a police matter, and the misuse of state power is far more dangerous than calling someone a deviant.

  86. Michael Laing

    @ crazycat at 12.36am: I have a terrible memory for names, but yes, I was indeed thinking of Cameron B. Brodie.

  87. Robert Hughes

    @ Craig Murray

    ” The extraordinary thing is that we have a political class in power in Scotland which feeds on an internal narrative of personal victimhood. A huge amount of narrative coming from our paid politicians is that they are themselves victims of abuse and discrimination. They then use that clain to set the power of the state on their opponents. ”

    Exactly right , Craig . The weaponisation of totally spurious victimhood claims is one the most insidious developments of recent times ; up there – rather – down there with the scattershot use of ” Conspiracy Theory ” to shut down any opinion not sanctioned by Power/Authority .

    All those * poor * politicians being subjected to * vile * , * brutal * , * toxic * * abuse * by * bigots * and * phobes * of ever more obscure hue. Everybody say ” aw what a tremendously hard job they have ” .

    Meanwhile these clowns continue to inflict their unwanted and ACTUALLY toxic ideologies and policies whilst ignoring the savage blows being dealt to the welfare and standards of living on the people they are supposed to serve

  88. christine

    Patrick Harvie’s promotion of Queer Theory and enabling of Stonewall to infiltrate and poison children in our schools is disgraceful, disgusting and deviant. The Equality Act 2010 is misrepresented by charlatans posing as educators. There is no such thing as “ trans” or “ gender” identity in law.

    Dr Anna Loufti, a barrister in London who specialises in human rights, is raising a class action by concerned parents to sue the Department of Education for breaking the law by imposing the curriculum of sexual health education in schools. She described how schools are increasingly obsessed with showing graphic sexual images, teaching children how to masturbate, designed to excite and titillate.

    This is unlawful and criminal, as defined by the NSPCC of non contact offences of child abuse. Parents have legal jurisdiction over their children. The state is a terrible parent, allowing what amounts to sexual gratification for its own vested interests.Presumably this also includes the creepy and deviant Maggie Chapman, who wants to reduce the age of consent. Another example of the self-serving enabling of men by women. Jeffrey Epstein, the serial rapist and paedophile, was conveniently “suicided” in jail awaiting trial. Ghislaine Maxwell was his pimp.

    Silence in the face of such tyranny amounts to consent. Collaboration is even worse. To assent to such obvious lies and absurd beliefs is to become evil in some small way oneself.
    Parents need to wake the fuck up, NOW.

  89. sarah

    @ craig murray at 11.34: “…firm evidence of the percentage of votes that Emma Roddick achieved in the selection battle..”.

    From memory it was just over 2%. Mike Mackenzie, another list candidate who is an ex-MSP, may have kept the voting result as better evidence, or confirm my memory. Also Kate Forbes and Maree Todd were on the list, if I remember correctly.

  90. Red

    craig murray says: This is all going to get much worse once the hate speech act finally starts operating.

    Spot on.

    The entity that identifies as “Police Scotland” may not be very interested in investigating actual crimes, particularly when they involve members of our ruling class.

    But you can safely put £20 on them turning up, mob handed, to kick some mother’s door in at 6am because she got into an argument with transvestites on Twitter. They love picking on soft targets.

    There is no freedom of speech in Scotland, and the people who run this country are evil.

  91. Johnlm

    When did this ‘entryism’ begin for the SNP?
    I’m sure MI5 have always been dabbling, but the mass influx of the 2014 Twitler youth looks most significant.
    Did they all gravitate to politics because the music scene was crap?
    Were they billionaire assisted a lá antifa? – Perhaps in NGO think tanks?
    Obviously a few were SPADs.
    Politicians who have never held a proper job.
    We are steered from the day we enter school.
    How many would be required?

    ‘The strange death of Scottish Nationalism’
    Maybe Hassan could write a book about it.

    NB see also US democrats, UK Labour, and Greens (internationally)

  92. Sven

    Craig Murray @ 11.34

    Excellently expressed and completely accurate.
    Keep safe places for our biological women and children.


    You miss the point. It is the promotion of the L acronym that is the issue. Everything from UN funded orgs. to the WHO, WEF, EU and other acronymically challenged outfits are in the promo business.
    Gay is an artificial construct manufactured in the post war US in the backwash from the fantasy pseudo science «sexology» of Kinsey and his like. Before that there were just homosexuals.
    Gay is an ideology, with strategies, aims etc which utilizes vague and rather questionable notions of victimhood and oppression simply to promote a minority, and off scale, particularized socio-sexual agenda. Normal, in an especially authoritarian way, is what they decide is normative however weird that new normal might be.
    «Gay» victimhood identifying with the ethnic cleansing, holocaust type scenarios and even with popular «freedom» movements is a perversion of reality when the facts speak of an overblown, tendentious discourse whose theme is that of genital sex and sundry fetishes.
    The use of «gay» semiotics and concepts in the non western context, proclaiming such «values» as normative for a truly tolerant society clashes with many cultures who see «gay» as yet another manifestation of colonial interference.
    It certainly has no top place in the discourse concerning Scottish nationalism.

  94. John Main

    @Red says:28 August, 2023 at 12:54 pm

    There is no freedom of speech in Scotland, and the people who run this country are evil

    You are usually one of the better posters on here, so I am disappointed to see you falling into the OTT exaggeration trap.

    Hows about:

    “Freedom of speech in Scotland is under attack and being limited over recent times by increasingly draconian legislation. Tribal voting habits by the people of Scotland has allowed entryists with private agendas to steer the Scottish legislative programme in an increasingly authoritarian and unpopular direction.”

    Unless you truly believe Rev Stu and every poster (including yourself) is an MI6 or BritNat plant, our common “lived experience” of freely posting on here suggests there is at least still some Scottish freedom of speech.

    As to the “evil” of the people running Scotland, there are 129 MSPs and around 50,000 civil servants. There are approximately 600,000 Scots working for the public sector in Scotland.

    It’s my settled opinion that’s too many Scots to have been all turned “evil”. However, I will change my mind on presentation of compelling evidence.

  95. Stuart MacKay

    Because monkey see, monkey do, the current lawfare being deployed against Trump (whether he deserves it or not) is likely to be replicated here with the weaponisation of hate crime law, where any accusation of various phobias, will merit investigation by the police. That, as Craig Murray correctly states, will open the flood gates on persecution of political opponents.

  96. John Main

    @craig murray says:28 August, 2023 at 11:34 am

    The extraordinary thing is that we have a political class in power in Scotland which feeds on an internal narrative of personal victimhood

    Is that so extraordinary though, when half the country is personally mired in its own internal narrative of victimhood?

    What’s the “Scotland as downtrodden and oppressed colony” trope if not a national narrative of victimhood?

    Every country ultimately gets the politicians it deserves and Scotland is no exception to that rule.

  97. Alex Sneddon

    Fantastic as ever – but if you think the spectator is right wing have another look.

  98. Republicofscotland

    “The SNP control freaks are off and running again”

    Geoff Anderson.

    When Salmond became FM he separated the judiciary from Holyrood, in respect, to stopping the LA/COPFS sitting in on government cabinet meetings, Sturgeon the Judas reversed this when she became FM.

    Having the LA/COPFS in your pocket as Sturgeon did and probably still does, is like having a get out of jail free card. The SNP government of Sturgeon’s and now Yousaf, and their Hate Crime Bill along with the proposed juryless trials will turn Scotland in to a banana republic.

    It will allow genuinely concerned folk to be arrested and convicted and sent to prison on wafer thin or none existent evidence, the SNP under Sturgeon the Judas and now Yousaf has seriously damaged the SNP’s once good indy reputation, and reduced its credibility to virtually zero.

    If the current SNP government gets its way dissent will be quashed via what the SNP government sees as unacceptable, which will keep on narrowing until many folk will be too afraid to speak out or blog about injustices.

    We need to get the SNP out at every single election, no ifs. no buts, the consequences to free speech if we do not will be severe.

  99. James Che


    Where would we be if Scotland was independent?
    Would we with chase deviants that target women and children out of office, and perhaps jail them that do evil towards society,

    This has all been delivered to Scotland through the Wee pretendy parliament sent to Scotland under The Scotland act,
    The secret back door to changing Scots laws.

    Recognising the actual “weapon” being used to aid these perverts to change Scotlands society structure is the Wee pretendy parliament itself !
    To achieve their goals they have made changes to free speech in Scotland through the Hate crime bill’ to shut up objections through the Wee pretendy parliament sent to manage Scotland,

    However I have to ask what authority would they have if it was not for the laws of Scotland being altered while under the Scotland Act, bringing into Scotland new uk laws on the wrong kind of equility, where women and children actually become targets of the new laws passed in the Wee pretendy Scottish parliament,
    Where the man in Scotland can be jailed if he speaks up to protect his family,

    Let us remember that these Weaponised non- Scots laws require Royal assent, passed through in the Wee pretendy parliament to break down Scottish families,
    And the core of that pretendy parliament is under Westminster legislation and the crown of England courts system.

    They could intervine if they wished to stop these separate laws in one half of Gb that abuse children, women and men in Scotland.

    But they do not,
    Because there is a facade of pretending it is a ” fully” Scottish parliament making these laws as Scottish laws by slapping the word “Scotland” onto the branch office,

    If it was actually a Scottish parliament in reality…..we would be in a pre- union fallacios treaty position in Scotland,

    So you have to target the pretendy Scottish parliament that is bringing in “non Scots laws” under UK legislation and Courts that is deliberately working with the pedo perverts to target Scotlands families and Society,

    None of this would be in Scotland if we actually had A Scottish parliament and Scottish court system, I am pretty sure those deviants working in and using the “back door laws” of the Scotland act legislation in a pretendy Parliament of Scotland would have a footprint on their behinds on their way out of Scotland.

    Know thy enemy behind the orders, legislation, and royal assent needed,

    To change to sexes to gender dysphoria in Scotland made to laws in Scotland and

  100. Captain Yossarian

    John Main – Red is one of the more measured posters right enough. What he said was said several years ago by Jim Sillars. Since then, several innocent members of the public have been scarred by the malfeasance of our civil service and judiciary. It all started with the Rangers admin Directors Duff and Phelps. Remember that case? These cases never used to occur in Scotland and now they are relatively common-place.

  101. akenaton

    The pennies are dropping like leaves in Autumn, there is still a little watery flame of hope.

    Brilliant stuff from christine, TURBADIN……No Fear!

    We are now approaching the crux of what is destroying Western society. All to serve a small minority, but the effects will be colossal.

  102. robbo

    I wonder if Mr Yousaf would like to test this little dilemma if he’s so confidant?

    It would give us all a good idea of how many dafties there’s left in the SNP.

  103. Iain More

    It is bad enough that I have been resuscitated to live in a Corporate Fascist English Ruled Shithole; it is a Fascist Shithole of a place dominated by effin men hating predatory Queers. They seem to be everywhere.

  104. James Che

    So many miss the fact that bills etc passed as “Scots laws” through the “Scotland Act” are not Scots laws,
    Because the are made under UK legislation, they are in fact UK laws introduced through the non- Scottish parliament,

    Even Craig Murrey and Alex Salmond know better than anyone else, there has not been a Scottish parliament since 1707 to pass Scots laws and enact them with Scottish judges and Courts,

    The Web site of UK parliament in 2023 boasts there has not been a Scottish parliament since 1707,

    It is utter S… to pretend these are Scottish laws made by a “Scottish parliament” and backed up by Scots law Courts.
    The devolved government branch office is the back door to over riding the Scottish justice System,
    The ” Scotland act” introduced the Crown courts of the English laws system under the succession of the throne of England, as mentioned in the treaty of the union,

  105. Republicofscotland

    “What’s the “Scotland as downtrodden and oppressed colony” trope if not a national narrative of victimhood?”

    More BS from the concern troll/Britnat.

    Its not a trope its the truth with a wealth of evidence over the centuries to back it up from the Malt Tax to the McCrone Report.

    There is a plethora of countries that have dumped or fought their way out of the colonial British Empire, never to return, these countries like Scotland are genuine victims of London’s greed, to asset strip and remove the wealth from them with the aid of bought off colonial administrations of which Scotland has one at Holyrood right now.

  106. Republicofscotland

    “SCOTS have reacted with fury to the news that the UK Government is planning to spend millions to hang portraits of King Charles III in Scottish schools and other public buildings.”

    Apparently the £8 million quid needed to hang this foreign imposter monarch in those building will come from the education budget.

    What next, a portrait of Stephan Bandera in every building in the Scotland, and as the dis-united kingdom is the USA’s 51st state and unsinkable aircraft carrier, will Joe Biden’s portrait adorn our public buildings at a later date.

    Maybe we in Scotland will have an extra portrait one of a grinning Sturgeon with swiveling eyes that follow you around a room as you walk, the though of that one creeps me out.

    We really need to get Scotland out of this f*cked up union asap, start by NOT giving the SNP any votes at any election.

  107. Republicofscotland

    This is rather poignant, and the map with it really does hit home as to the extent our people were forced out of Scotland in the Highland Clearances, that were imposed upon our people for around one-hundred years.

    “Now, at about five times the length it was in the late 1990s, Gibson’s guide to sites linked with the Highland Clearances is being printed in a second edition.

    “We know so much more than even [in 2006, when the first edition came out],” Gibson explained.

    “In 2014 Scottish Natural Heritage, now NatureScot, delineated core wild land areas.

    “I was looking at my map of where the Clearances took place, and there is a rapid overlap of these.

    “So, in actual fact, in Scotland, in Britain, there is no such thing. It’s not ‘wild land’, it’s Clearances country.”

    Gibson added that travellers on the famous North Coast 500 driving route would see much of this “Clearance country”.”

  108. James Che

    We do not have a Scottish parliament passing Scots laws, of a trans dysphoria or hate speech law in Scotland.

    We have not had a Scottish parliament since the Scottish parliament was extinguished from the treaty of union by Agreeing to the terms and conditions of the treaty of the union that once ratified under domestic law in both parliaments ended the Scottish parliaments participation in the treaty of union in 1707.
    Westminster parliament site confirms this in 2023.

    That also ends the Crown of England accession to the throne in Scotland because The Scottish parliaments agreement to accept it was extinguished in 1707.
    That would include their Crown Courts being extinguished in Scotland,

    Scotland, its kingdom, its nation its realm, was not subsumed by the treaty of Union terms, it was extinguished from the treaty of union in 1707 by agreeing to it,

    This is what it says on the Westminster parliament site,
    The same site goes on to boast that the parliament of Westminster in Britain is one of the oldest parliaments in the world still in existence.

    This is only true if it has continued as the parliament of England.
    And judging by the treaty with Ireland in 1800 and the Commercial treaty with America in 1815 the parliament of England carried on and “adopted and rebranded itself” as the parliament of Great Britain without the Scottish parliament being in a parliamentary union with the parliament of England since it was extinguished from the treaty in 1707,

    I would have thought that the political class fighting for Scottish independence would have had better political ammo if they knew their history,

  109. JGedd

    Craig Murray @ 11.34am

    ‘As an aside, I don’t really approve of yelling “deviant” at people. Yes it is a word with much more precise meanings in different contexts, but in that context it is a term of abuse with a homophobic history.But that does not make it a police matter, and the misuse of state power is far more dangerous than calling someone a deviant.

    Exactly this. There is no right not to be offended, but disingenuously, people have been encouraged to use any instance of hurt feelings to claim victimhood. Politicians in the past were used to robust debate and heckling but our present day representatives seem more fragile and easily triggered – or at least act as if they are. They give every appearance of actually disliking the public and resenting the presumption of the voting public to think they have the right to express an opinion.

    This exaggerated pretence of injury is useful to shut down adverse public comment. Once the police are brought into actually policing public discourse, then the danger to freedom of speech from the exercise of state power is apparent and can lead to legalized persecution. ( What happened to Craig Murray is evidence of the encroaching power of state apparatus.)

  110. Sven

    I see it reported that not only may the £33 million taken from the ‘ring fenced’ budget for Scottish Farmers in 2022 may now not be restored (Mr Swinney originally said it was being deferred) and even more may be going to be deducted. Apparently to assist in filling a £1billion black hole in finances.
    The Green/SNP devolved administration really don’t seem to grasp the concept of “ring fenced”, do they. Either in connection with funds for independence campaigns or to assist the farming community.

  111. Republicofscotland

    A little update on the SNP/Manchester complaint.

    “Allegations the SNP accepted donations in exchange for ­Westminster seats are being probed by police.

    Officers in Manchester have confirmed they received a complaint after the ­publication of the party’s accounts last week by auditors in the city.

    The complaint to police, seen by the Sunday Mail, has made claims of money laundering with unregistered cash gifts to the party being put down as money brought in by fundraising. It states: “Donations that there are no records of…hundreds of thousands of pounds of ­donations that ­allegedly were raffles, ­fundraising etc.”

    “I believe these were actually cash gifts as part of a cash for seats operation to place people who made substantial ­donations to them into seats to gain elected office.”

    The report was assigned a reference number and it’s understood police contacted the complainer to follow up. A spokesman for Greater Manchester Police later confirmed Police Scotland were now dealing with it.

    A Police Scotland spokesperson said: “We are now aware of the complaint and it will be assessed.”

  112. James Che


    I am surprised that the greens have not deferred the portrait of the Charles in favour of his brother Andrew in the Schools where children are minors.

  113. John C

    On the point of children nearing puberty being “educated” about homosexuality. I would have no objections if the education highlighted the many physical and social problems associated with homosexual practice, but of course it will not, It will be an exercise in whitewashing and an attempt to lure children into an alternative and extremely dangerous lifestyle, leading eventually to a complete breakdown of what used to be normal family life.

    The fix is in and must be reversed pretty damned quick if humanity as we know it is to survive in tomorrow’s world.>/i>

    This sort of crap is the sort of thing I mentioned about how bigotry is seeping out again. I hate how in 2023 we have people who seriously think this nonsense, and what’s worse is that people in the thral of Queer Theory are attacking homosexuality as much as people like this.

    No wonder LGB people are heading back underground.

  114. Republicofscotland


    Neil Gray who is the SNP minister that had appointed to his remit Minister for the Yuk-ies to make sure they got everything they needed when they landed in Scotland, and they did, if you weren’t a Yuk-ies immigrant/refugee you got SFA.

    Gray and Harvie are really close buddies, infact the two of them went along together to open a new small windfarm in Larnarkshire today at Cauldercruix.

    Gray appears to be the Holyrood version of the SNPs Westminster MP Stewart McDonald,(a say anything to advance treacherous b*stard) in the know and trusted by the worst of them.

    “Gray, who led Humza Yousaf’s campaign to become First Minister, insisted the deal between the two parties “signalled our shared commitment to working together to build a greener, fairer and independent Scotland”.

    He added: “An unstable world needs more co-operation and more constructive conversation if governments are to effectively meet the challenges they face.””

  115. Breeks

    Alex Sneddon says:
    28 August, 2023 at 1:46 pm
    Fantastic as ever – but if you think the spectator is right wing have another look.

    Do I have to? Just one look, or more accurately sound, from Fraser Nelson and I find myself wincing because the world seems out of synch with itself, and you’re reminded there are some strange, strange people in this world.

    The Spectator itself seems rabidly anti Scottish Independence, but uncannily ill-informed on the subject while presenting itself as something of an expert. It’s perspective seems as disjointed and as difficult to pin down as Mr Nelson’s accent.

    I seem to recall Gideon Osborne, that’s George to you and me, got a fat cat job at the Spectator when he was booted out of Westminster. So if it’s not a right wing rag, it still has a lot of Tory snouts in it’s trough. Have I remembered that right? It was the Spectator wasn’t it? Please don’t make me check. Say yes.

    I mean if it’s claiming to be a Left Wing paper, who in their right mind would put a journalist from the enemy’s ranks into a top job in management? That would be absurd, err… wouldn’t it?

    But credit where it’s due, I’m sure I’ve seen Spectator articles penned my a certain Mr Salmond from Aberdeenshire before now…. But maybe that ticks a box for Alex Salmond’s disarming ingenuity rather than the Spectator’s benevolence towards Scottish Independence. But hey, I don’t know.

    So that’s my perspective, but I’m open to other perceptions.

  116. JockMcT

    Simple answer folks, let’s vote them all out at the next opportunity. No Queer theory, no perverting schoolchildren, no deviant activity whatsoever, no GRR or HCB. Get that into manifestos and vote appropriately.

  117. Viscount Ennui

    Captain Yossarian says:
    28 August, 2023 at 2:06 pm

    “It all started with the Rangers admin Directors Duff and Phelps. Remember that case? These cases never used to occur in Scotland and now they are relatively common-place.”

    The Lord Advocate admitted that his office had maliciously prosecuted David Whitehouse et al and even had them arrested.

    Absolutely staggering!!!

    No motive has ever been provided and nor is one necessary.

    But the point is that the action went ahead because the then Lord Advocate thought that he was above the law and could get away with it.

    That to me is earth-shattering but I now know that it is commonplace across the public sector. Defamation, blackmail, and intimidation are rife.

    Hardly the foundation for a moder progressive independent nation.

  118. PacMan

    When it comes to the Transgenders, as long as respect woman and woman’s safe spaces, I say let and let live but this sort of blunt talking is needed against the politicians and the sycophantic media who are both actively and passively promoting this radical trans agenda:

  119. Republicofscotland

    So there were riots on the streets of Libya last week when the Libyan Foreign minister met with the Israeli one, supposedly accidentally met at an airport, yeah right, well that’s the defence put out by the Libyan government.

    Anyway back here in good old colonial Scotland the SNP’s string puller Angus Robertson, met with Israeli agent (Mossad) Shia Masot.

    Masot later said that he and Robertson hit it off, and that he (Robertson) was someone that Masot could work with.

  120. Red

    John Main says:
    28 August, 2023 at 1:27 pm
    @Red says:28 August, 2023 at 12:54 pm

    There is no freedom of speech in Scotland, and the people who run this country are evil

    You are usually one of the better posters on here, so I am disappointed to see you falling into the OTT exaggeration trap.

    I appreciate it John.

    Hows about:

    “Freedom of speech in Scotland is under attack and being limited over recent times by increasingly draconian legislation. Tribal voting habits by the people of Scotland has allowed entryists with private agendas to steer the Scottish legislative programme in an increasingly authoritarian and unpopular direction.”

    It’s a bit wordy and most people won’t read/listen to anything more complicated than a simple, direct statement.

    Also, freedom of speech is like being pregnant. You can’t be partially pregnant, even if you’re having a midget.

    We don’t have freedom of speech in Scotland, we have carefully managed and curated speech in the public square, plus a growing corpus of opinions that will get you banned from social media, sacked, or jailed.


    Unless you truly believe Rev Stu and every poster (including yourself) is an MI6 or BritNat plant, our common “lived experience” of freely posting on here suggests there is at least still some Scottish freedom of speech.

    I’m almost certainly not important enough for the authorities to bother with (at the moment). But Craig Murray knows all about what happens when you attract the Eye of Sauron, as does Alex Salmond.

    It’s a minor miracle this website still exists and hasn’t been purged by Google or had its domain name stolen or blacklisted yet. There’s a lot more authoritarianism coming our way.

    As to the “evil” of the people running Scotland, there are 129 MSPs and around 50,000 civil servants. There are approximately 600,000 Scots working for the public sector in Scotland.

    It’s my settled opinion that’s too many Scots to have been all turned “evil”. However, I will change my mind on presentation of compelling evidence.

    By their fruits shall ye know them.

    (No, Pat, that’s not a homophobic joke)

  121. James Che

    The bottom of the barrel has been reached when the politicians seeking Scottish independence with all their access to records in archives choose to ignore the information and take the long hard route of begging for referendums and the policy of wait to the next election,

    That suggest feathering the nest rather than being in earnest in their objective,

    1: From the multitude of breaches by Westminster of the articles of the treaty of union,

    2: The evidence that only one of the ” two” supposed parliaments of union have existed since 1707.

    3: To the treaties made since 1707 in the name of the parliament of England,

    4: To the Scottish politicians never using the “Claim of right” in the correct context, which was a Scots law passed pre-union and incorporated into the treaty of union,

    5: To the provided evidence given by Westminster UK parliament site in 2023, that it was deliberated on to great extent, but decided not to ask the Scots if “they wanted to join the treaty of union” as they would probably vote No,
    Thus leaving the Scottish people as recognised outside the treaty of union. Compared to those whom joined.

    6: And politicians being ignorant to history recorded in archives, that given all these historical Facts
    , The 2014 referendum should not have asked the Scottish people,
    “Do we wish to remain in a union,?”
    But should have asked,
    Do we want to join in a union with England?

    Our politicians fighting for our supposed Scottish independence are not politically or historically savvy.
    Or they are just not really into a genuine independent Scotland,

    So, They enter willing into the pretendy parliaments trans gender and hate crimes bills, that wreak havoc on morals and indoctrinate our children, while abusing equal rights for women and shutting down the voices of men, in Scotland under UK legislation of the Scotland Act,

    The Climate change ideology, and tracking and tracing humans through the new ID systems straight into your bank accounts, bringing in Crown laws over Scots laws, as their preference in Scotland aiding and abetting the destruction of Scotland and it nation of people,

    How many ways we could escape a rotten immoral future in Scotland if only our politicians were genuine in their fight for independence with so much historical and political ammo at their finger tips,

    Stu, is the only one highlighting the wrong and immoral activities of Scotland politicians wether in finances, corrupt politicians, legal matters or the perverted activities links that some politicians have under the Wee pretendy parliament of Scotland,
    And yet the people of Scotland know full well that these same politicians and MSM are avid readers of this site,
    Those that wish to close it down must have either a lot to lose, or are in fear of their personal history being highlighted with “facts” retrieved and linked to historical and verbal records through the best journalism in Scotland. Maybe Britain,

    I Take my hat of to you Stu,

  122. Northcode

    The Lord bryng doun a plague upo thon plaguetest o weazel-blawn whaizles

    Aye, doomed thon wickit whaizles be – sae says the Bible:

    “The angels shall come forth, and sever the wicked from among the just, and shall cast them into the furnace of fire: there shall be wailing and gnashing of teeth.”

    Parable of the Net, Mathew 13.

    “But whit if thon wickit hivnae ony teeth?” a heer in ma heid some fewe o ye askin.

    A say tae thae concernt ower siclike maiters semply thes; God’s een watchit ower aw an the Lord knaws aw, an teeth, fir thon toothless, sall be providit.

    Am thochtfu thit a richt guid probin fae God wull be a wee bittie mair paneful than aw the probin thae polis kin gie. Wis thon probin thingmie fae the laist article? A thocht hit sae, ach weel wha cares, no me.

    An heyre, childryn o Wings, endeth thes day’s lessoun fae the parabols.

    Mark thon lessoun weel lest yer wickitness deleever ye intae the hauns o God’s angels avengeaunce, wha wull cast ye doun tae Hell’s furnas.

    But werse, muckle werse, than yon fyres o Hell – Sturgeon an hyr freends ye’d hiv fir eterne compaynie.

    Aye, thocht weel oan thit. If thit disna mak ye turn yer face fae the deevil thair’s nae ither muckle ill coud aither, an thon wickit’s destyne be aw yer doom tae.

    Nou, resume yer paiglin the lot o ye or God’s wrethfull stang’ll be upo ye.

    A hiv a wee bit o yon speerit warld aboot mi, a gat hit aff ma granny, an a wis chennelin ane lang deid meenister o the church. Aye an a thrawn auld bastart he wis tae. Haud oan ane meenit tae a shaik him aff………

    Okay, that’s him gone. Back to the guid auld tongue of the English – well, almost. I’ll be back to ‘normal’ in a couple of hours.

    And then I might speak of the rhetoric or of the Logic or of the Fallacies or of the Leeberal Arts and other wonderous things gave tae us by the Lord….seems I haven’t quite shaken that old minister off yet.

  123. Chas

    Politics in Scotland is now a home for those who could not cut it in the real world. Maybe there are 1 or 2 exceptions but……..
    no more.

  124. John Main

    @Republicofscotland says:28 August, 2023 at 4:18 pm

    I would be very surprised indeed if any more than a tiny handful of Scottish Student Grant thinkalikes share your obvious enthusiasm for all things anti-Israeli.

    I try to maintain a balanced view myself, but there’s something about being regularly threatened with being blown out of the sky that rubs me the wrong way. It can’t be just me; I never fly from half the Scottish airports that are forced to treat every Scot as a potential jihadi.

    BTW, I wouldn’t get your hopes up that the First Ministership of HY is going to alter things the way you want. His election was a flawed and fraudulent one, and as a result, he lacks the legitimacy to alter things.

    And on this subject at least, that’s great news.

  125. Johnlm

    So, John Main is pro-apartheid.
    Quelle surprise!

  126. Republicofscotland

    James Che @3.36pm.

    Yes James good point.

    The foreign royalty is littered with perverts Prince Philip, Mountbatten and Edward VIIIth springs to mind.

    Mind you Holyrood has its fair share as well, as does Westminster.

  127. Republicofscotland


    Chinthes and Hubble road knobends are always pro-Israeli.

  128. James Che

    North Code,


  129. Scot Finlayson

    Is there any way of finding out how many, and how much the cost, of British media and British political parties sending FOIs to the Scottish Gov.

    Would an FOI on that question be answered.

  130. James Che


    Ahh yes, the others at the top of the list in high places that most people forget, that includes the bbcs jimmy saville no doubt,
    Also friends we wee charlie, the A list at the top working its way down to government, well said and a good memory.

    But we must also remember that holyrood Is under Westminster legislation, there is “no separatism” , just a extent of those same set patterns of beliefs and powers stretching its invading its arm into Scottish society under Colonialism.
    Memory and facts must not fade.

    For the real Scotlands parliament has been extinguished from the treaty since 1707 lest we all forget that .

  131. John Main

    @Republicofscotland says:28 August, 2023 at 6:11 pm

    Woohoo, Indy support up another 1%. Way to go RoS!

    Honestly, you’re peeved when its war-war, and you’re pissed aff if it’s jaw-jaw.

    And ye’ve been telt afore aboot insulting the sacred symbols of other cultures, so knack it aff.

  132. Daisy Walker

    Bit of sanity



  133. David Hannah

    I’ve discovered this video on Malawi’s ongoing Mega Projects posted yesterday.

    Search Malwawi Mega projects on youtube.

    Their mega projects include the construction of the 300 megawatt Kammwamba Coal fired Power plant… They have a contract with China and Brazilian coal to pollute their atmosphere with carbon fossil fuels…

    And Scottish Money. That’s right Humza. Malawi thanks you for the £8 million.

  134. Viscount Ennui


    “Does anyone have any insight into the relationship between the ‘old’ establishment (primarily Edinburgh-based) and the nu-SNP?

    They appear to be different worlds unless some tacit agreement or unspoken consensus has been forged that the nu-SNP is a bulwark against passionate sepratism and thus both must work together.

    Is that correct?

    Do we have any substantive evidence?

  135. David Hannah

    Rwanda has their own mega project: The Kivu Methane Project.

    That is the fracking of methane gas for industrial production. Currently underway.

    £8 million is heading your way, Rwanda thanks you Scotland for helping to fund the heating up of the atmosphere.

    There’s no mega projects underway in Scotland however… Yousaf can’t even duel the A9 death road.

    He’s certainly fond of the smell of methane everytime he opens his mouth.

    Maybe that’s why he’s written the Rwandan cheque as part of his climate emergency.

  136. David Hannah

    Zambia are building bridges, hydro dams and a new airport to name but a few mega projects.

    £8 million for their ” climate just community programme in Malawi, Zambia Rwanda.”

    I wish all these countries well, but where’s our new airport, where’s our rail link to Glasgow?

    It’s a joke. Charity starts at home you say, Yousaf is Africa First. Scotland last.

  137. Dan

    @ David Hannah

    Aye, it’s a totes pish situation. We can’t even fund a pavement or road sweeper round my way and now have the re-wilding of the rural routes in full effect.
    I used to put in a lot of effort clearing pathways and roads in my locale, but tbh it’s a thankless task and pissing in the wind for one individual to cover the whole area.
    I know I’ve saved my local council thousands of pounds last winter by digging out and clearing road drains and gullies along a couple of dozen flooded areas of road so the surface water could drain properly and frost damage wouldn’t break up the saturated road surface.
    But on the plus side you can probably now grow veg in the inches of dirt along the road verges and pavements.

  138. David Hannah

    It’s not good enough Dan.

  139. Robert Louis

    Heavens, I cannot believe I just read a comment above, suggesting only reproductive sex is valid, as we ‘apparently’ need more babies. This really takes me back to the grim dark days in Scotland before gay rights.

    The nonsense argument by bigots went like this, only ‘straight sex’ can make babies, QED, Gay sex is simply not valid. It was absurd then and absurd now.

    In the real world, their are two types of sexual activity, procreative (trying to actually make babies), and recreative (doing it for kicks). Most people indulge in the latter for most of their lives, whenever they get the chance. It matters not whether it is gay or ‘straight’ sex, it is mainly done for kicks, for fun. Only in a few circumstances, do any folk do it to make babies.

    So, by the silly argument put forward in the comment above, ANY ‘straight’ sex’ that involves contraception, or is not intentionally trying to make babies, is just as invalid as gay sex.

    I am sick of this ‘2slgbtqiaa++ pish. It is nonsense, and has actually dragged the bigotted, homophobic dregs of humanity into the open, to re-run their hatred once again. No wonder so many LGB folk want nothing to do with this ‘2slgbtq… nonsense.

    And honestly, why people like the bigot above care? All over the world, folk are right now banging somebody else for kicks, and honestly, I couldn’t care less who it they choose to do it with. It is of zero consequence.

  140. Viscount Ennui

    Extraploating from where we are now to the inevitable nadir that awaits us, by which I mean the collapse of the SNP as the principal vehicle for independence, I can only see one way forward and that is a spell in opposition.
    Re-brand and re-for the SNP.
    Purge the troughers.
    SNP and ALBA merge.
    We need to accept 40 days in the wilderness.

  141. John Main

    @Viscount Ennui says:28 August, 2023 at 9:36 pm

    Gonna disagree with one line of your plan.

    SNP and ALBA merge

    The SNP has had long enough for its dedicated and principled members to move to Alba. A very few did.

    The rest of the SNP politicos now need to go into history’s dustbin. They have shown their true values to the world.

    If Alba lets any of them in, then Alba and Scotland will rue the day. The same holds for the “Indy supporting” Greens.

    40 days in the wilderness and a “great reset”.

  142. Martin

    There’s nothing homophobic about calling Harvie a deviant. He’s widely rumoured to be a paedo, and belief in that view (whether true or not, see Kezia Dugfail) entitles one to say he’s a deviant.

  143. David Hannah

    He’s been at a swingers party I’ve heard. Strange man. And I’ve heard he likes to hit on younger gay men. So I’ve again heard. You see him aggressively on the bus at the pride festival like some kind of crazed preacher. A Very odd man.

  144. thursoberwick

    I’ve twice passed Harvie on the street in Glasgow, before all this or I would have liked to confront him. He’s tiny… unlike his sense of importance.

  145. Johnlm

    “Let us form the same kind of society a Church for the extension of the British Empire. A society which should have members in every part of the British Empire working with one object and one idea we should have its members placed at our universities and our schools and should watch the English youth passing through their hands just one perhaps in every thousand would have the mind and feelings for such an object, he should be tried in every way, he should be tested whether he is endurant, possessed of eloquence, disregardful of the petty details of life, and if found to be such, then elected and bound by oath to serve for the rest of his life in his County. He should then be supported if without means by the Society and sent to that part of the Empire where it was felt he was needed.”
    – Cecil Rhodes

  146. John Main

    Cecil John Rhodes (5 July 1853 – 26 March 1902)

    As is so often the case, Wings BTL up and running for another day of addressing the urgent issues worrying and affecting ordinary Scots as they go about their lives in August 2023.

    Oh but wait, maybes in Scotland it’s been 1445 since 29th March.

  147. Johnlm

    John Main
    Cecil Rhodes inspired Lord Milner’s Round Table Group, which stirred up WW1 and turned into Chatham House and The Council.on Foreign Relations.
    Both mucking up the World to this day.
    Rhodes scholars are supported by one of Cecil’s wills..
    Pick up a book sometime instead of advertising your ignorance here all day.

  148. Luigi

    I’m astounded by the lack of quality in today’s politicians – it seems to be a common problem for western “democracies”. Some of yesterday’s politicians were certainly unlovable, but at least they were real politicians, capable and semi-intelligent. They got things done. Today’s bunch just seem to be over promoted wasters, bad actors living between gestures, soundbites and very healthy pay cheques. Incapable of making strategic decisions. Imposters. In normal spheres, they would be outcasts and rejects, ridiculed by society. Run out of town like the snake oil sellers they are.

    Not only do they fail to perform their public duty, but when they behave badly, they seem to get away with it. Why are they protected? It’s painfully obvious now, but they no longer seem to care. Are the police and legislature also compromised? Are these fake snake politicians useful to someone?

    What I would say it that weak characters that continually “get away with it” become over-confident and eventually take one step too far, and it all comes tumbling down spectacularly. Always happens. There comes a time when even their staunchest supporters can no longer protect them. It happens to most humans in power, but more quickly to those of limited intelligence, who lack the political nous to recognise the warning signs and hold back when necessary. Things could become very interesting in the next few months.

  149. Beat von Kaenel

    Quote: “Being in the Scottish Greens (who’ve never won even 5% of votes in a Scottish election) is deviance within deviance.” Another quote – this time it’s the SNP: we are governed by a party we never voted for.” Scotland: 5% voted for the Greens and they are in government.

  150. Republicofscotland

    The scumbag Cecil Rhodes could be said to have started the second Boer war, the founder of De Beers mining and the British South Africa Company, he organised a conspiracy against the Boer government of the Transvaal. Through his mining company, arms and ammunition were smuggled into Johannesburg to be used for a revolution by “outlanders,” mainly British.

    The Afrikaners put up a great fight, but they ended up fighting many countries who were subservient to the English such as India, and were chased off their lands or interned in concentration camps, a creation of Westminster’s where many women and children died.

    Yet Rhodes is seen in England as some sort of successful hero.

  151. socratesmacsporran

    John Main

    Get with the programme John, in much of West-Central Scotland, it is still 1 July, 1690.

  152. John Main

    @Johnlm says:29 August, 2023 at 8:59 am

    advertising your ignorance here all day

    Hmmm. More hysterical OTT exaggeration. Nobody is on here all day.

    Anyhoo, happy that my ignorance serves as a comparison for your enlightened explanation of Cecil Rhodes and his continuing oppression of ordinary Scots this Tuesday.

    Obviously we have no hard and fast numbers, but I guess you just increased Indy support by another 1% as the trending topic of Rhodes eclipses cost of living worries for ordinary Scots.

    Keep it up. New readers on here will be enthused to see you have your finger firmly on the pulse.

  153. Brian Doonthetoon

    Much of the banter on TV News this morning concerns what is being framed by Sadiq Khan and a compliant media as London’s “Ultra Low Emission Zone”.In fact, it is nothing of the sort, as proved by one of the “exemptions” that is allowed.

    Compare London’s ULEZ to Dundee’s LEZ (not “Ultra”). Dundee’s zone has a number of exemptions, like blue badge holders, ‘showmen’s’ vehicles, where the vehicle forms part of the entertainment, or carries the equipment needed to provide the entertainment.
    Also emergency vehicles, classic vehicles first registered before 1994 and so on.
    You cannot buy a ticket in Dundee to exempt your non-compliant vehicle from the requirements of the LEZ rules.
    If you drive your non-compliant vehicle in DUNDEE’s LEZ (all the city centre within the inner ring road – North Marketgait, East Marketgait, South Marketgait [A991 parallel to Dock Street], West Marketgait), you will be FINED £60, reduced to £30 if paid within two weeks.

    Just because you can afford to buy a ticket to excuse your vehicle from the LEZ rules, doesn’t mean you should have the right to drive a coach and diesel horses through the whole principle of having a LOW EMISSION ZONE.

    Th priority of the London scheme would seem to be to generate income from people who need access to the ULEZ and can afford to buy into the “Exemption” scam, not to improve air quality by reducing emissions. Greater London residents – why not chance your mitt with a judicial review of the whole ULEZ scheme?
    Looks like Sadiq Khan had ‘focus groups’ or surveys or whatever, to determine what they could charge for an exemption ticket, and people would pay it, rather than change their vehicle.

  154. Johnlm

    John Main
    Great response.
    Like listening to a bladder on a stick.

    As usual you totally missed the point.
    In words of one syllable-
    The Brit State puts its tools in charge, even those in ‘anti Brit’ groups.

    What time and date do you wish history to begin?
    I’ll try to oblige.

  155. John Main

    @Republicofscotland says:29 August, 2023 at 10:07 am

    Great post!

    Here’s some wee additions:

    The Afrikaners put up a great fight, but they ended up fighting many countries who were subservient to the English such as Scotland

    Hopefully, like India, Scotland gets a bye, cos we would only have been following orders to be imperialist and colonialist.

    Haud oan though, who was it said British Imperialism was a cooperative venture between all the home nations?

    Never mind. The plucky little Boers won out in the end as a result of British post-war decolonisation, and went on to found their very own colony on the indigenous Africans, the apartheid state of South Africa.

    Haud oan again though, wibble, wibble, change subject, quickly.

    What is it RoS writes:

    “Support Alba. Vote Alba”.

    But not on shite like his last post. Even RoS is smart enough to see just how Indy-sabotaging that is.

  156. Breeks

    Luigi says:
    29 August, 2023 at 9:16 am
    I’m astounded by the lack of quality in today’s politicians – it seems to be a common problem for western “democracies”.

    It’s systemic.

    Western politicians, (mostly), are promoted for the quality of their obedience to the lobbies and backers which support them and pay for their campaigns. “Live-wire” potential renegades are a very bad investment, like the proverbial boxer who won’t go down in the 4th round.

    For example, it wouldn’t do for the Friends of Israel to help install a pro Palestinian MP, now would it? Nor would it sit well for Ursula von der Leyen to promote peace talks in you know where. He who pays the Piper calls the tune.

    Then there’s the SNP’s Transgender “distraction”, bought and sold for what, big US Pharma’s gold? Or simply an opportune diversion to make us all squirm in discomfort? Who knows? We just know there weren’t any true Independentists prioritising that divisive nonsense. It is, all of it, somebody else’s agenda, not Scotland’s freedom cause.

    I don’t think modern politicians lack quality as such, but integrity is an altogether different matter.

    Global politics nowadays seems an entirely filthy “profession”, but the West seems to excel in such corruption and duplicity. It’s not a new phenomenon, but now the modern and omnipotent media can amplify the corruption, and apparently with it’s own impunity.

    The term “perfidious Albion” derives from an poem written by the French Marquis de Ximénèz’, “L’ere des Francais”, written in October 1793, which contains the line:
    “Attaquons dans ses eaux la perfide Albion” – “Let us attack the
    perfidious Albion in her own waters”. A curious phrase, but which resonates over 200 years later. Must have struck a nerve.

    I say it’s not a new phenomenon, but there’s a perception that political skullduggery was traditionally at it worst between national governments, whereas nowadays it seems driven by unqualified greed and getting one’s snout in the right trough. It’s no longer between the haves and have nots, it’s about the haves who want it all.

    However I’ll raise your Perfidious Albion of 1793 with Rabbie Burn’s “sic a parcel o’ rogues in a Nation” written in 1791…. albeit 84 years after the event.

    Maybe politics has always been a cesspit, and rancid, disreputable government is the norm rather than the exception. The UK Government, and our pretendy Vichy Holyrood, are just keeping up the inglorious UK tradition. But jeezo, do they really have to put so much effort into it?

  157. robbo

    AN NHS hospital has been displaying a poster that says asking someone’s name could be transphobic. It calls the basic question “inappropriate” — even though it could be dangerous if staff failed to correctly identify a patient before treatment. 4 4 And the advice, which reminds…

    What’s next?

  158. John Main

    @Johnlm says:29 August, 2023 at 10:39 am


    All together class, how many syllables in the word I’m pointing at?

    No, johnlm, the answer is two.

    And that’s how many subjects you are going to be held back in for another year; English and Arithmetic.

    Tell yer maw yer no allowed to post ony mair online until ye can show evidence o ability tae up yer gemme.

    Class dismissed.

  159. Johnlm

    * ”incontinent bladder on a stick”

    I’m confused.
    Just yesterday John Main was supporting apartheid in I5rael.

  160. Rob

    Sorry to veer off topic, but, there are fascinating headings about the potential Sturgeon disasters ahead in Robin McAlpine’s latest post. He doesn’t/can’t offer timelines, but has any publisher listed the Salmond book for release? In fact, is there anything anyone can add, I am as they say, agog.

    There is Branchform.
    Then there is the police investigation of the leak of information to the Record.
    Then there is the perjury inquiry which I hear is expanding worryingly.
    Then there is a major new book on the Salmond trial affair which will contain entirely new information.
    Then Salmond is taking Lesley Evans to court, effectively rerunning the Holyrood Salmond Inquiry without the Scottish Government withholding evidence.

    “It is a string of nightmares for any leader who has not distanced themselves from Sturgeon.”

  161. Johnlm

    John main
    Yes, I saw that anti was 2 syllables but I lost the will to find a substitute.
    But thanks for pointing it out in under 70 words.

  162. Dorothy Devine

    BDTT, how are you? Certainly sounding as though you are bright eyed and bushy tailed but words can be deceiving.
    Hope all is progressing and you are feeling better.

  163. Republicofscotland

    Robbo @1052am.

    The intention is to narrow the Overton Window as much as possible on what is socially acceptable, take the Spanish guy who kissed a Spanish woman football player in the heat of celebrations at his country winning the women’s world cup (which saved Scots from weeks of BS propaganda on how great England’s women football team is) he is now on the verge of beginning ostracised, cancelled whatever you want to call it, because he kissed the woman, who at the time from the clip shown, she didn’t appear to be offended in any way.

  164. Republicofscotland

    An excerpt from Robin McAlpine’s latest article.

    “Salmond is taking Lesley Evans to court, effectively to rerun the Holyrood Salmond Inquiry but this time without the Scottish Government able to withhold evidence or redact information. It is a string of nightmares for any leader who has not distanced themselves from Sturgeon.”

  165. robbo


    In the future it will be socially unacceptable for a Father to kiss their own daughters if they get they’re way.

    They can

  166. John Main

    @Johnlm says:29 August, 2023 at 11:00 am

    Just yesterday John Main was supporting apartheid

    Naw, I wisnae.

    Is this yer only remedy noo? Posting lees?

  167. Republicofscotland

    This in my opinion highlights one of the plethora of things that’s wrong with this SNP government. Independence is a farce under this lot get them out at every election.

    “In an interview for Holyrood’s Annual Review, which looks back across the political year, Hepburn said he had not decided whether or not he would give up British citizenship if Scotland becomes independent.

    He said: “I don’t earnestly know. It might be possible that I would retain it.”

    Hepburn, who is the first person to hold the Scottish Government role, was appointed by Humza Yousaf in March and has responsibility over independence strategy and the publication of the Building a New Scotland series.”

  168. John Main

    That’s a scathing article from Robin McAlpine.

    I’m defo starting to think I won’t be living long enough to ever see any of the money. Oh well.

    Regarding that bloke wot kissed that bird.

    If the Spanish don’t get a reality grip soon, FIFA will be quite justified in stripping them of the title and rewarding it to the runners up.

    Whoopsee! Best not give England any ideas.

  169. JockMcT

    RE Robin McAlpine’s take down of the SNP, he doesn’t even mention the Greens – deviant or otherwise – the unelected zoomers who have played a major part in fracturing the movement and stalling any moves towards Indy. We really need to get this lot out (SNP/Greens) and choose parties and people with vision and a manifesto commitment to getting the job done (and not via any S30 WM route).

  170. Brian Doonthetoon

    Hi D.Devine.

    Feeling fine. On the mend. If things go according to plan, should be released on Thursday or Friday. Thanks for asking!

  171. Effijy

    James Cleverley the Tory Minister is heading to China to give him a piece of his mind on our behalf.

    The have a very bad human rights record there.

    I hope they don’t mention the Chagos Islands that Westminster rents out to the US against the wishes of the indigenous people and the United Nations who condemned them.

    Please don’t let the Chinese mention the box of crisps and packet of biscuits at Caley they set up for fleeing Ukrainians sent packing to Paris to fill in a form or how they won’t allow Asylum seekers to apply from abroad or come in to apply within the U.K.

    The might mention the Westminster hire of loyalist paramilitary groups to murder people suspected of being active Irish republicans who don’t seem to deserve a trial.

    They might mention the Saudi’s who arranged to murder citizens in Europe but who are having the U.K. red carpet treatment because they have money to buy things.

    They are never going to mention how they won’t let the Independence led majority in the Scottish Parliament have any kind of referendum because they own and control Scotland.

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