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Raising a glass

Posted on August 29, 2023 by

The Scottish Government in March:

National Records of Scotland today:

So, um, cheers! we suppose. It could have been worse!

And we’re sure there’s nothing to worry about here:

Trebles all round.

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0 to “Raising a glass”

  1. ScotsRenewables

    Well, this is embarrassing . . .

    Though to be fair, without MUP the number might be far higher. I suspect a fair number of people hit the bevy hard during the Covid depression . . .

  2. Ted

    Follow “the” science she said. On to those deep fried Mars Bars now and the worst drug statistics in Europe. (Mine’s a pint).

  3. Jeremy Wickins

    Lies are all they have.

  4. Name (required)

    it not hard to imagine why a party might down play drug deaths – where no flag shit policy is in place.

    and then up play the MASSIVE reduction / increase in drink
    (a drug) deaths where a weak ass ‘give money to the retailer to solve a social issue’ policy is in place…

    its clever politics so it is.

    or the the other, more normal thing ofc


  5. Karen

    And the poorest alcoholics are still buying just as much booze, but cutting back on food. As predicted.

  6. Achnababan

    The problem here, as ScotsRenewables points out, is you cannot learn much from time trend data when other societal trends / events may be exerting an influence.

    The ideal comparison would be between deaths with the ban and without the ban … but this comparison is impossible! The ban may well have indeed kept deaths lower than they would have been without it.

    I suspect the additional deaths are linked to Covid, but also to the background trend of increasing social isolation that itself can be directly attributed to global capitalism and their associated on line global entertainment systems.

    People turn to booze when they are lonely and depressed and often with undiagnosed or observed mental or physcial health issues. Home working, home shopping, home entertainment all directly contribute to this isolation.

    Focus of Scottish government should be away from attracting global investment and more on encouraging the community to invest in themselves.

  7. Fraser Reid

    the MUP is just BS – the rich alcoholics have had no problems continuing – just the poor people that buy less Alcohol now……

  8. Politically Homeless

    Yes, yes. Make up the facts to fit the narrative, the “rebuttal unit” or partisan “fact checkers” will be along in a minute to “debunk” the naysayers and their “misinformation.”

    Basic alcohol will always be an uncontrollable drug because you can just your own hooch in large volumes for the price of fruit juice and yeast.

  9. Den

    The SNP/Greens are making a mockery of the people of Scotland. They are doing untold damage to trust of the nations voters. Do not like what a report says change it to suit the narrative, do not like what a blogger has to say, jail him. Scared a political opponent is making a comeback attempt to destroy him with lies and smears. Falsifying accounts to hide money laundering , well it’s all in a days work. This is not the government of Scotland I want for me or my family. We need a clear out asap.

  10. Dan

    There’s probably a correlation between the amount of alcohol Scots choose to drink which increases depending on the bad policies rolled out and assorted bollox occurrences created by Scottish politicians.
    Baseline consumption amounts are equivalent to recommended daily allowance.
    Then this formula kicks in.
    The constant requirement to diffuse stress caused by the relentless focus on genderwoowoo and pronouns is a driver for imbibing an extra daily pint or glass of Chardonnay.
    Mention of the Ferries Fiasco or DRS induces the motivation for a bonus nip chaser.
    “Saving the planet” by fitting solar panels on north facing roofs and Air Source Heat Pumps on badly insulated single glazed properties instantly stimulates ingestion of a bottle of wine.
    Rapist put in women’s prison – Ah fuck it, just slam a bottle of Tequila.

  11. Michael Laing

    Minimum alcohol pricing is nothing but another tax on the poor, imposed by politicians who’ve never had to worry about a penny in their lives. At best, they are attempting to tackle the symptom while disregarding the cause. They are clueless.

    Alcoholics are never going to stop drinking, no matter how much it costs, and especially when they are trapped in social isolation, hopelessness and misery.

  12. Daisy Walker

    Remember at the start of Covid, there were all these ‘model’ predictions on what the death rate would be, the infection rate, etc.

    No doubt that ‘method’ has its good points and bad, its best practice and its bargain basement efforts.

    No doubt also, that for some issues, that method of trying to best predict and then manage an issue, is a wise thing to do and has its place.

    MUP was implemented, not on the basis of it having been tried and tested in other areas, or countries, with success rates having been recorded.

    No, Unfortunately, MUP was implemented on one of these artificial, ‘prediction models’.

    As anyone with any experience of addiction (in any capacity) knows, health, wealth, home, family, integrity, work, savings, relationships – ALL get sacraficed on the alter of the next fix – no matter what the poison.

    Putting the price up on a bottle of beer was never, ever, going to deter someone with an alcohol issue from buying it. They just stop eating, or paying the rent, or buying the bairns new shoes.

    Sadly, in Glasgow, the trend this winter was to eik out the alcohol with a 20p vallium.

    As policies go, no matter how well intentioned, this one has gone from the frying pan to the fire, in one fell swoop.

  13. David T

    The bampots are trying to increase MUP to 80p, which would result in a 70cl bottle whisky 28 units X 80p = £22.40.

  14. Geoff Anderson

    You do not change the view of society by putting up the price.
    Look at France and Spain were kids are educated by responsible parents to drink responsibly. The wider society frowns upon bad behaviour in public.

    The SG is trying to replace good parenting by State Rule. Law and Taxes.

    Religious divide, drugs and alcohol, sexuality, vaping, etc etc need education, role models, parenting not Holyrood idiots dictating solutions.

    Draconian Law making on booze but active political and financial support for a Cult putting kids on drugs for life to change their gender and in the process destroy their bodies. They turn a blind eye to the mutilation of healthy young girls mislead by the TransCult. The hypocrisy is disgusting

  15. holymacmoses

    I wonder how many people’s lives are saved by drinking alcohol in moderation and enjoying good company and pleasant chat. I suspect pub closures could add to the number of alcohol related deaths

  16. Johnlm

    July mortality figures will be released on Thursday.
    There have been excess deaths recorded in almost every month since Dec. 2020.
    What could be the reason?
    Doctors are ‘baffled’ as their jobs depend on it.
    Is ‘alcohol related’ a disguise for something else?

  17. AnneDon

    That is one of those things that could potentially both be true. The problem is that we have long since lost faith in the Scottish Govt to tell us the truth, or even understand the facts themselves.

  18. Rev. Stuart Campbell

    “That is one of those things that could potentially both be true. The problem is that we have long since lost faith in the Scottish Govt to tell us the truth, or even understand the facts themselves.”


  19. WingsOverFrance

    Nation continually told of its invalidity has record numbers of alcohol & drug dependency. Imagine.

  20. Red

    We definitely need to tackle the scourge of alcohol killing people before their time.

    That’s the NHS’s job.

  21. Lorna Campbell

    The links between addiction needs to be measured at the local community level and the results drawn together. I think that peaks of drugs deaths, alcohol related deaths, smoking deaths, are easier to see at this level, and so are the societal harms that addictions cause. Poverty, unemployment and despair all play a huge part at working-class and non working-class levels, while middle-class addictions are often hidden.

    Peaks and trough are also visible, which is why last year and this, drug related deaths soared in Scotland when middle-aged men, in particular, died after years of drug abuse. The same tends to happen with alcohol abuse and smoking related illnesses. All addictions start off as such, and, yes, they become illnesses eventually, but people know perfectly well that abuse leads to problems later on, and a surge in addictions that are online related are going to appear soon, as well. As a smoker for a number of years, I knew that I was doing myself harm, and I ended up with cancer for which I could blame no one but me.

    Scots are not unique in their addictions, but we do appear to treat them almost like badges of honour instead of the grave ills they actually are. I do think we need a comprehensive addictions policy that reflects Scotland’s different needs, and is tailored to those needs, and we are not going to get that unless we grasp the thistle and become independent, but it has to start with children and educating them on the ills that come from drug use, alcohol abuse, smoking, porn and various other ills. In the end, all addictions come down to a failure to moderate one’s behaviour, and a million pounds goes to anyone who can find a remedy for the excessive behaviour patterns to which humans are so prone.

  22. Captain Yossarian

    This tells me that the Scottish civil-service have now become dishonest, unaccountable and worthless.


    UK air traffic systems crash.
    World isolated!
    We’ll drink to that, says the world.

  24. SusanAHF

    Michael Laing has nailed it, by definition alcoholics are not going to be put off by price rises, they will cut back on other things like food and heating. Well done Scotgov you fkn numpties! Geoff Anderson saying educating children is the answer is quite right. Heavy-handed law making is not the answer

  25. Stuart MacKay

    Thirty two words plus three screenshots to tell a story of government incompetence and corruption, neatly showing just how inept the current crop of professional middle class seat warmers are. Nicely done.

  26. Merganser

    “…there are some things that just aren’t done. Such as drinking Dom Perignon’53 above the temperature of 38 degrees Fahrenheit..”


  27. Chas

    With every new article Rev Stu writes there follows comments from new or newish names, on the subject matter. It is heartening to see and read these posts.
    Unfortunately, it never takes too long before the nutters pile in with there ‘pet’ topics that are only of interest to themselves and a few misguided others. Things like the 300 year old drivel, colonialism etc. Do they ever think that they might be just a wee bit repetitive? I genuinely believe that all this does is put ‘normal’ people off and actually detracts from thoughts people may hold about Independence. Who wants to be associated with zoomers?
    Wait and see.

  28. Captain Yossarian

    I seem to remember Kate Forbes saying during the leadership election: “Continuity won’t cut-it” and she was right, wasn’t she?

    Another thing I remember from the leadership election was Ash Regan going to meet Head of civil-service Scotland John-Paul Marks in his office. Was it to say: “You work for the public – you don’t work for the leader of the SNP?”

  29. John Main

    During the Covid Years, the deaths and hospitalisations due to alcohol will supposedly have gone down.

    In fact, during the Covid Years, the deaths and hospitalisations due to everything but Covid supposedly went down.

    As we are only recently finding out, Covid was written on most death certificates. Hence the drastic reductions in historic Covid death counts across most of the world, now that proper analysis of the Covid Years’ records is taking place.

    Good luck with finding agreed figures anywhere. However, I have found it claimed that maybes the true Covid death figures are as low as 30% of the attributed Covid death figures.

    Bottom line, a chunk of the deaths attributed to Covid will have been actually due to alcohol. So the alcohol death figures were higher then, and they are higher now.

    Not looking too good for the supporters of MUP, but never mind. Just count all that lovely tax take instead.

  30. Martin

    It’s actually pretty difficult to reach any conclusion from this. We never got a control group so can’t know what death rate would have been without MUP.

    Also covid impact and drinking at home. MUP may even have encouraged more people to drink at home as it was cheaper than going out. Some of these people see alcohol creep into their daily lives and we make an alcoholic who otherwise was a social drinker.

    Alcoholics cutting back on nutrition so increasing their risk of death as a result of MUP.

    We’ve probably learned exactly nothing from this rollout. But we were never likely to, because the way it was designed would only ever answer the question “Is it possible to make a minimum unit price for alcohol?”

    Will the “we follow the science” brigade now say the science shows it has failed and thus must be abolished? Or will they continue blindly, because theirs was a personal viewpoint decision, rather than an actual scientific one?

    And if they do cut it and we see deaths either rise or fall, what does that actually tell us? The whole thing has been terribly designed and terribly managed. Did we even try to get a country with similar levels of alcohol death/problems as Scotland to act as out control group? I very much doubt it.

    A 1at year university student in any scientific field could’ve told them before they brought it in that it was badly designed.

  31. James Che


    Not of topic, but covers many subjects, including using alcohol and drugs, the interviewer takes a while to get going, but for a greater understanding of political policies and connections to governments policies today,

    ‘Jeffery Epstein is just the tip of the iceberg, it gets worse’ .

  32. George Ferguson

    Deaths more prevalent in deprived areas rather than the cohort of winebar revolutionaries. Also deaths amongst females up 31 whilst males unchanged. Although not statistically significant as the NRS noted, it’s lost lives nonetheless. Remember the criticism of the methodology of the original report declaring 156 lives saved. It is a theoretical analysis between MUP Scotland and non MUP England. A comparison based on some ropey assumptions. But when you are looking for validation of your MUP policy? I predict 65p MUP. Never let the facts get in the way of your flagship policy.

  33. Tam Norrie

    I recently lost my big brother to alcohol. Minimum pricing had no effect on him as he had a bob or two. Generally, though, it’s the depressed and the poor who succumb to the oblivion afforded by alcohol. Likewise drugs. The real reason is the lack of self-esteem caused by not having control over your own country and following on from that your life. Minimum pricing is a sledgehammer to crack a nut. If you have an addiction you will do anything to satisfy it. Anything at all. Anything. This opens the gates of hell.

  34. David Hannah

    Classic Nicliar Sturgeon… Always lying about the results of her policies..

    I wonder if the civil service will finat turn on the SNP now it’s their fault?

  35. James Che

    Figures for Covid deaths has been manipulated,

    4 of our family member died during that virus time period, three of them after their second or third vaccination,
    However my mother only passed away in november 2022,

    We had a verbal fight with our local Council over a period of three days when it came to her internment.
    They sent us a form that only had cause of death as Covid,
    We asked for a different form as for interment because our mother did not die of Covid, or from the Vaccine as we refused to let her take after younger members in the family had died shortly afterwards with blood clots, and heart failure.

    The Council persisted for three days saying that was the only” form ” that they provided for interment in 2022,

    We scattered my mothers ashes in her favourite beauty spot in the Country,

    My mothers death certificate reads cause of death, ” Gangrene and Cancer,

    But for our insistence she would been interred as a Covid death, manipulating the statistics.

  36. David Hannah

    The SNP have diluted us from being a fine single malt whisky, on the top shelf with Alex Salmond. Scotland is now a cheap blend on the rocks…

    Thanks to Nicola Sturgeon.

  37. Independent

    My my what a surprise!
    Pubs / restaurants/ cafes / golf clubs / hotels etc. Closing in droves.

    All for centuries, places where singles, couples, pensioners and other social groups could meet for a drink and a chat even if only to get out the house. All helping socialising and thus helping to combat isolation and loneliness as casual meeting places.
    Where measures of alcohol are served by precise quantity (a form of control).
    Replaced by drinking at home where I doubt 5% would be aware of the actual amount being consumed per serving.
    Even with MUP the Brewers / Distillers etc. would still rather sell 44 tons of beer via one lorry to the off sales market, than have to break it down into fifteen different drops from a dray lorry to service their on trade customers. That’s why the big brewers no longer operate any of their own pubs.

    The SNP lowering of the drink driving limit claim that it would reduce accidents has also quietly side stepped the figures showing that it has made no impact.
    The person who drove while over the limit, usually didn’t have a licence to lose.
    So all the sensible people were denied the opportunity to exercise their own judgement as to their ability.
    1984 Has arrived via the NuSNP.
    What a bunch of incompetent under achievers promoted to positions way above their ability and intelligence capabilities on the sole hope of filling their own pockets.

    By the way what happened to the original concept that the original 129 MSP’s were to be reduced to 69 MSP’s at the next Scottish Elections.
    So we now have 129 elected MSP’s for a 5.7 million population.
    By the same ratio greater London would have 260 MP’s.
    Turkeys don’t vote for Christmas.
    Rant over.

  38. James Che

    Tam Norrie,

    Our Sympathies for the loss of your brother,
    Thank you for explaining at least one of the reasons for Alcohol use, it gives us a better understanding of the low self esteem among many, that is prevalent in our society that is perhaps ignored.

  39. David Hannah

    I say a cheap blend. We’re an expensive cheap blend. And we’re all dying. Dying of alcohol. Dying in doorways in Susan Aitken’s city centre with the outdoor only soup kitchen. I’ll let the rest of you post.

  40. James Che


    We have lost faith in governments,

    But we have not had a Scottish parliament or Scottish government since 1707,
    The one in Scotland at present is under the UK legislation,

  41. PhilM

    There’s always a tension in health policy between focussing on public health outcomes and what is actually happening with individual health outcomes. Govts love targets, graphs and bar charts that show steady improvements or reductions. Wow! Our policies are working! Yet behind the scenes a whole section of our population can have steadily worsening health profiles. As an example, I dread to think what the state of Scots’ dental health is currently.
    As for what the public get to see, there are often little tweaks in the reporting of statistics which can mislead those who don’t know what to look for. I wouldn’t put any blind trust in the statistics provided by this govt.
    It was June last year (I think) when a FOI request turned up the bogus statistic (from memory) that not one single frontline medical professional had died from Covid but with five minutes activity online, sadly, I managed to find three deaths. I can try and find that FOI request if anyone’s interested.
    Another pet peeve is the fact that all the health boards structure their web sites differently and approach their statutory reporting duties differently. You can’t even say there’s unnecessary duplication; it’s unnecessary fourteeniplication. Great for website designers, crap for the ordinary citizen.
    As a prime example, take the statutory duty, according to the Public Services Reform (Scotland) Act 2010, to publish all external payments over £25,000. This duty is absolutely fundamental for keeping track of how money is spent on Scotland’s NHS, yet all health boards treat this statutory duty to report differently. There is not one consistent style of reporting these figures. However, take a bow NHS Lothian for making accessible on their website all their reports since the statutory duty began in 2010, all downloadable. The worst offender I’ve found is NHS Forth Valley with just three year’s worth of reports of payments over £25k. Only two months ago, their reports were available going back seven or eight years and then NHSFV just disappear huge amounts of financial data without any warning or explanation. All very mystifying no doubt.
    Now if I were appointed as the healthcare czar or better still the anti-corruption czar…

  42. David Hannah

    The SNP wouldn’t understand why people use alcohol. If we don’t act Glasgow will be no more, we’ll be dying in our homes while the city is sold off for money washing.

  43. David Hannah

    Save the pubs. If anything this is a wake up call to save the pubs. Change people’s drinking habits. Stimulate the nightime economy. People should be told. Listen, don’t drink the can on the sofa. Head down a Saturday night you your local.

    It’s the same with mens shed clubs. Where are they? Why is no government minister saying, get yourself on down to the men’s shed.

    People aren’t informed. Save the pubs. Save lives!

  44. David Hannah

    The news reports will take the absolute piss out of Scotland for this.

    The minister’s should be combating this with, a save the pubs message. A socialising message. Don’t buy a can every night on the sofa.

    Save up the same cost for a weekly night in your local. Meet all the guys. All the ex soliders in the Rangers pubs. There’s a local for everyone. And then they get the safe measurement poured.

  45. Johnlm

    Statistics are a method of social control.
    At the start of the Cov there was no test so all respiratory death was called Cov.
    Then a PCR test was invented which could give out rigged results.
    Then they confused Infection Fatality Rate numbers with Case Fatality Rate.
    Then the jab manufactures confused Absolute Risk Reduction with Relative Risk Reduction.
    Then when there were no deaths they counted cases.
    Then instead of counting deaths like a normal flu season they just kept on adding death totals year onto year.
    Then they analysed jab injuries. The first 14 days when most adverse reactions occurred were classed as unjabbed (21 days in Scotland).
    Then they analysed the spike in still births and miscarriages and decided not to ask about jab status of the victim.
    Pure gaslighting.
    MSM in the US suggesting lockdowns again in October???

  46. Colin Alexander

    In housing schemes across Scotland it was big bottles of cheap cider, vodka and Buckfast. They start young and for too many it soon becomes a way of life.

    Now, the swally is no so cheap.

    For the long-term alcohol abusers and chronic alcoholics with fried brains, stewed livers and ruined lives (which ruins their family’s lives too), it’s mostly already too late.

    No forgetting the huge number of crimes and accidents, where alcohol was also a contributing factor.

    Will minimum pricing save some of today’s teenagers from ruined lives? I don’t know.

    Probably all we can tell from this statistic is that it confirms people’s health is being ruined and their lives cut short due to alcohol, and for once, the SNP deserve praise for at least trying to do something about it, despite the best efforts of the multi-national alcohol industry to continue the booze culture.

    But, the Scot Govt should lead by example by banning the sale and consumption of alcohol in public buildings.

  47. Charles (Not the R one)

    Regarding alcohol consumption and abuse in Scotland, please will someone who knows the real facts tell me how it can be blamed on Margaret Thatcher and the Tories. Obviously it must be someone else’s fault.

    I always used to think that what people put in their mouths and poured down their throats was a personal decision. It seems I was wrong.

    I mean, take FAT people, the “clinically obese”. Every pound they weigh today more than their weight at birth, went in through their mouths.
    How many were force fed? None that I know of.

    Isn’t it the same with alcohol consumption?
    People who CHOOSE to spend their money on alcoholic drink have made a FREE CHOICE so to do. No-one is forcing it down their throats!

    As a matter of interest, if everyone in UK stopped drinking and smoking today, the national tax income from tobacco and alcohol would stop. The economy would be in real trouble in a short time.

    The tax rates for tobacco and alcohol are carefully set so that the ACTUAL TAX INCOME is maximised. This may not be achieved by the highest rates of taxation. The tax strategy gets more money back from the poorest people on a daily basis. But that isn’t the clever part!

    The really clever bit it is that the levels of tobacco and alcohol taxation were always set to get the most tax money in on a day-by-day basis, and to keep people smoking and drinking. People who smoke and drink all their lives will “on average” die about NINE YEARS younger than people who don’t smoke and drink. That means they draw a state pension and “benefits” for NINE YEARS less, which save the nation a huge amount of money.

    Clever, huh?

  48. James Che


    The private Corporate companies are amalgamated into the public sector in a takeover of public services,

    And well interlocked with politicians in our governments, more or less running them,
    However it is still the public purse funding them under this facade.

    If we need to take one subject to verify this study the private Contracts and think tanks in your local Council,
    The Council used to be fully a public service,
    For instance which private private Company owns the water franchise that is providing to your house,
    But it is amalgamated into the public purse Council tax bills,
    The same for goes for the Council housing Stock which has merged with private.
    These private Companies and Councils then sell these houses for profit made by the public purse, this include things such as closed libraries, schools, town halls that the local Council closes,
    The Councils them selves are now private for profit in all name
    It is the same with the NHS.
    Many local surgeries are named as NHS service even when it is privately owned due to having and taking in a smaller percentage patients from a NHS list,

    Nursing and elderly care homes in Scotland are mostly registered down south as private Companies, at one time they were run by local Councils,
    It will become harder and harder to trace finances of health care and Councils as they all converge to fully private,

  49. holymacmoses

    There were 1276 deaths in total with 679 of them occurring in
    Greater Glasgow
    Lothian a (including Edinburgh)
    Which have a combined population of 2,546,730

    Remote rural areas and rural towns and villages have seen the steepest rise in alcohol related since 2011. I suggest that closure of local pubs could be a contributary factor along with drink/driving laws.

    The Highest rate percentage is the Western Isles.

    AND we shouldn’t forget that death through alcohol related illness is low in relation to excess deaths which numbered 12,314 in 2021/2022

    BTW I am TT and non-smoking 🙂

  50. James

    “…Unfortunately, it never takes too long before the nutters pile in with there ‘pet’ topics that are only of interest to themselves and a few misguided others…”

    Like you’ve just done, you mean?

  51. James Che


    I agree they are planning lockdowns again, although the haven’t quite decided which disease or virus to put out there yet to enforce.

    Big pharma will decide that on when the produced the new ready to go mecication, and by the WHO whom have taken over British government legislation from afar,
    The policies have already been agreed.

    If you would like the information on the preplanned connections I would recommend the same as I gave Stu up above,
    Or Richard Vobes,

    There are a multitube of other sites,

    If you want to find out about land grabs, by governments and the elite and wealthy,
    A good reference, but strange set of events is taking place around the world,

    One to watch is,
    “Hawaii real estate” includes missing children, and high death count, on youtube,
    The Dutch farmers,
    Greece arrest 75 arsonists,
    Mahyer Tousi on britains farmers.

  52. Billy Carlin

    John Main 1.16 pm

    You and James Che 1.52 pm are correct in the FACT that the corrupt governments and medical system were putting COVID on every death certificate they could even if the person was run over by a bus to deliberately inflate the statistics so that they could scare the masses into rushing out and taking the bio-weapon vaccines that have killed over 12 million people worldwide so far with hundreds of millions seriously injured and disabled with people dropping dead with strokes, heart attacks etc and getting turbo cancers from the 98% Graphene Oxide that these vaccines are made up of that is extremely TOXIC to humans especially the blood and cells. This Graphene is clotting the blood and arteries causing the strokes, heart attacks etc.

    NOT one single person died of COVID as it does NOT exist and neither does any virus as they have NEVER been isolated or proven to exist or cause disease. The medical system is a massive SCAM just like everything else and is just there to make massive profits for the drug companies via their TOXIC vaccines and drugs etc that are really causing all the so called diseases along with all of the TOXINS they are putting in the food and drinks such as the previously banned ASPARTAME, the TOXIC Chlorine they have put in our water – they were killing each other with this in WW1 – and the Westminster government is at present working on a bill to put the extremely TOXIC Fluoride into the drinking water as well – this is TOXIC waste from the Fertilizer and Aluminium Smelting industries – and no doubt the Scottish Government will try and follow with their own bill on putting this into the water as well. Go to the Fluoride Free Peel website re this TOXIC crap where you will also get HUNDREDS of FOIs from Governments including the Scottish Government, Health Services including the UKs and Science Institutions etc who admit that they do NOT have any EVIDENCE that they have isolated/purified or proven to exist any virus called COVID.

    There is NO evidence for the existence of any virus on this planet as the excellent 2007 book “VIRUS MANIA How The Medical Industry Continually Invents Epidemics Making Billion-Dollar Profits At Our Expense” and also the book “What Really Makes You Ill – Why Everything You Thought You Knew About Disease Is Wrong”. The body has been designed to heal itself hence why you cut yourself it heals itself and hence when you break a bone it heals itself and it is the same with TOXINS as the body self heals by detoxing the body naturally via what they call colds, flu and via the skin through spots etc hence why not everyone gets cold, flu etc at the times of the year the body clocks kick this off.

    Of course most of the masses just love to POISON themselves with junk food, drink, drugs etc and the more they do this the less the body can cope to detox so it stores the TOXINS around the body causing what the SCAM doctors and medical system call disease. Electromagnetic radiation from mobile phones, Wi-Fi etc are also extremely TOXIC to the human and animal bodies and causing the exact same symptoms as colds, flu etc – the EXACT same symptoms they used for COVID. Two things continued apace during the lock downs and that was the flooding our countries with immigrants and the other was the rush out of the 5G towers all over the place – it is this 5G radiation that is causing the Graphene Oxide to grow and join together through the arteries etc and causing the deaths and health issues.

    They are going to create a new and probably permanent lock down soon where they will also use the Climate Change SCAM to say that it is this and humans causing it that are causing these outbreaks of viruses and many of us think that they are going to turn up the 5G signal that will cause millions of people to be hospitalized and drop dead etc justifying them bringing in this lock down and even more vaccine mandates. Go to Rumble, Odysee etc and look at the videos by La Quinta Columna exposing this Graphene Oxide in the vaccines and how mobile phone etc radiation affects it and also videos of Dr David Martin exposing how COVID only exists in Patents from way back to the early 2000’s.

    The MAFIAS that run this planet want rid of 95% of the world’s population by 2050 under their UN Agenda 21/UN Agenda 2030 and how do you think that they are going to achieve that without letting the masses know what they are doing – they were telling you all this as per The Georgia Guidestones to MAINTAIN the population UNDER 500 million.

  53. James Che

    How food has changed since WW11,

    The goodness taken out of natural products in the processing,
    The chemicals added for colour and longer preservation.
    Iodine that is removed from your food.
    And the gaur gums added for bulk,
    The falsified flour.
    The chemical lab produced vitamins and minerals added afterwards.
    The mush that is margarine.
    The goodness taken out of milk prior to sale,
    And the oils you cook with today compared to pre-war time.

    A small but quick investigation provides ample evidence that the food produced for profit nowadays on your supermarket shelf has very little natural nutrients left in them to maintain natural balanced health of a human being.
    In fact many of these new ingredients may be cause of a body imbalance, and obesity, diabetes and other organ digestive problems,

    Some of these ingredients and chemicals long term may trigger depression, suicide.and addictions.
    That is without mentioning sugar or salt.

  54. Michael Laing

    Charles (Not the R one) @ 3:01 pm:

    “I always used to think that what people put in their mouths and poured down their throats was a personal decision. It seems I was wrong.”

    It certainly does seem that you were very wrong indeed. You obviously have no understanding of what addiction is, what causes and exacerbates it, or how difficult addictions are to break. To take the example of obesity, how can you blame people for being obese when their minimal incomes prevent them from eating anything but the very cheapest of food-products, and supermarket aisles are filled from end-to-end with crisps, chocolate, cakes and biscuits, and junk-foods of all sorts?

    Free will is a myth. People are not rational beings. They are powerless against saturation advertising. They live in a system of extreme inequality and institutional poverty and deprivation. They can only buy from those shops which are within easy travelling distance of their homes. For the poorest, that is unlikely to be M&S or Waitrose.

  55. sam

    Research by Mirjam Allik, Denise Brown, Ruth Dundas & Alastair H. Leyland

    Increasing mortality among men from drugs, alcohol and suicides is a growing public health concern in many countries. Collectively known as “deaths of despair”, they are seen to stem from unprecedented economic pressures and a breakdown in social support structures….

    Contrary to the substantial reductions in mortality across all ages in the past decades, deaths among young men are increasing from preventable causes. Attempts to reduce external causes of mortality have focused on a single cause of death and not been effective in reducing mortality or inequalities in mortality from external causes in the long-run. To reduce deaths of despair, action should be taken to address social determinants of health and reduce socioeconomic inequalities.”

    The causes, with lagged effects, are the neoliberal policies of successive UK governments.

    The remedy is not a change of UK government but independence. The SNP needs to abandon neoliberalism.

  56. twathater

    Independent says:
    29 August, 2023 at 1:54 pm

    My my what a surprise!
    Pubs / restaurants/ cafes / golf clubs / hotels etc. Closing in droves.

    All for centuries, places where singles, couples, pensioners and other social groups could meet for a drink and a chat even if only to get out the house. All helping socialising and thus helping to combat isolation and loneliness as casual meeting places.
    Where measures of alcohol are served by precise quantity (a form of control).

    NOT only where people could socialise but also where they could DISCUSS things like how shite their government is, EXAMPLES how did sturgeon get away with IGNORING her legal advice in the Salmond DEBACLE that cost US the Scottish taxpayer over £1 million

    Or how did the crown office manage to get away with an ADMITTED MALICIOUS yes MALICIOUS PROSECUTION that is going to cost the taxpayer approx £100 million

    HOW are these deviants and perverts getting away with pushing deviant and perverted policies in our schools targeting our youngest children

    How is deliberate perjury during a serious sex trial that the person was found innocent being ignored and NOT prosecuted
    How are certain journalists exempt from prosecution when they deliberately and willfully expose information that could lead to identifying persons protected by a judge in court

    YES Independent ALL these things and more could have been discussed and exposed widely within a convivial relaxed social pub setting BUT that would have educated the people that they are being used and abused by a shower of corrupt liars
    Would I be accused of being a conspiracy theorist

  57. Dan

    Seeing as there’s a new article up.

    @ James Che

    I reckon the next “dangerous” virus will be Eel Flu.
    The first case will be found in London.
    Future studies will show the initial harmless mild virus was picked up by the Sargasso Sea’s finest slippery fish as they swam up the Thames River and into London’s sewer systems.
    At this first stage the virus just gave the eel a dry cough and made the eel feel a bit lethargic, and infected eels could be easily identified by them occasionally blowing bubbles and not wriggling much.
    The real problem started when the infected eels became hungry and instead of catching their normal prey, they decided to just start eating all the fatbergs choking up the sewers. This meant the infected eels started ingesting large quantities of high energy fats mixed with all the various antibiotics, steroids, and Class A drug residues denizens of Cockneyland pissed out or dumped into the sewer system.
    Well needless to say this powerful concoction caused the virus to mutate into a very different strain. The eels’ behaviour then altered radically as the steroids and Class A stimulants kicked in, and this was further fuelled by the high energy fat and spicy food content of a thousand kebab and curry houses’ waste disposed of down the toilet.
    And whilst this was happening the virus was also becoming resistant to the wide spectrum of antibiotics prescribed across society that the eel was being exposed to in the sewer effluent.

    Eels started coming out of the sewer looking to go to gyms and nightclubs to make use of the energy derived from the steroids and coke and ecstasy in their systems.
    Now an eel does look pretty groovy in their slick black and silver jackets whilst they get a groove on on many a dancefloor. But one over-confident and loved up eel shaking its snake like hips with a jealous boyfriend’s girlfriend was too much. Needless to say the mix of coke and steroids in both human and eel kicked off and a fight broke out leading to cross-contamination of blood.
    That was the start of the Eel Flu pandemic…

  58. twathater

    Does anyone else think that the civil service is acting as the Scottish government, that they are no longer servants carrying out our best wishes that they have now usurped their position to become the UNELECTED CONTROLLERS of information to the people, who is it that has given them that power,on whose behalf are they working, is it the fake FM, is it the SG , is it perfidious albion

    Who is it that can insist and demand a report that has exposed a policy that was touted widely as beneficial to citizens and has not proven to be such is forcibly amended to negate criticism of that policy

  59. James Che

    Many posters here today are knowledgebly intelligent and up to date on wider issues of Global politics from around the world which “ultimately” are being introduced by the neo- liberal branch office sent into Scotland, run by rogue civil servants under UK legislation,
    Well researched events from different sources provides a bigger picture on what is happening to Scotland and the results effecting our Society,
    Some of The links I mentioned will confirm that Scotland as a nation are not the only Country becoming aware of where these policies are originating that destroy our social structures, family and society, and how they interlink with every governments agendas, by the same names and sub branches of Companies and people at the top of the pyramid.

    Dan, you made me smile.

  60. Andrew scott

    So my bottle of aldi gin at £9.95 was increased under Mup to £14
    As this was not a tax Aldi see an increase in the profit on the gin by about £3
    And drink deaths rise
    Another epic fail by the scottish Numpty party

  61. Morgatron

    More people have dug their own grave with a knife and fork than any other implement. Just watch out for the cutlery tax coming in year. In all semi seriousness, somethings gonna get ya and I’m sure is all us popping off in our 50s or 60s with livers scared with cirrhosis or as fat a forced fed duck will free up all the social care money for the health service.

  62. Livionian

    Minimum pricing or lack thereof is not a reliable indicator of a nation’s alcohol use, rather culture and acceptance of high alcohol use amongst society is.

    Let me explain: In Scandinavia there is a high duty on alcohol yet widespread alcohol abuse. In the meditarean there are much lower prices and a less restrictive alcohol policy, yet levels of binge drinking are far, far lower.

    It is clear that culture and acceptance of drinking in a given society is a much more important indicator of a national relationship with alcohol then minimum pricing or restrictive government policies. Whilst this is very hard to change quickly, this is what must change in Scotland if the astronomical levels of alcohol abuse are to change.

    Put simply until we change the general ‘get mad wae it’ culture in Scotland, any nanny state restrictive drinking policies are going to do nothing, bar penalize the casual drinker.

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