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A grown-up decision

Posted on February 14, 2017 by

Real-life stories. The first two of many.

(Both clips via the always-excellent Phantom Power Films.)

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    1. 14 02 17 11:57

      A grown-up decision | speymouth

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    1. Macart says:

      ‘We can do this ourselves’


      Doesn’t matter your point of origin. Doesn’t matter what accent you carry. What KIND of country you want to live and raise your children in does.

      Scotland is a state of mind. 🙂

    2. Chitterinlicht says:


      Explains shift in his position very clearly.

      The Gordon Brown clip made me very angry, again!

    3. Bob MACK says:

      The longest journey starts with one small step.Here we have two.

    4. Johnny says:

      Two excellent videos. Great hearing what these guys think.

      These are thinking people and I commend them both heartily for being willing to change their minds as events meant things changed from what they had expected. That’s smart, so well done folks.

      Well put-together films again too, so congrats to Phantom Power.

      I thought one point made in the second video was right on the mark. People do have to be open to considering change. You can have the best argument in the world but if people are stonewalling you, it will be to no effect.

      What’s going to be interesting (and maybe even exciting) is seeing how may staunch people on either side (though hopefully more previous No voters, obviously!) have become more receptive. It’s that that will make all the difference.

    5. robin says:

      just bloody awesome
      and the good news is these WILL be watched by previous NO voters in the run up to INDYREF2

    6. Andrew Morton says:

      In an indyref2 campaign, the first video in particular would make a powerful Yes broadcast.

    7. Iain Hamilton says:


      Will be sharing these straight from source as well as the WoS FB post. There are still far too many blinkered people out there who say “I certainly don’t read Wings over Scotland” with a strange pride in their voice.

    8. heraldnomore says:

      Stonking. So many quotes to lift from these two guys.

      Huge thanks.

    9. May I say to everyone the list of appalling comments leveled at Wings Over Scotland in a previous post tells me we do not live in a democracy as claimed by unionists. These people should be in jail.

    10. Luigi says:


      “In terms of the 2014 referendum, the YES side couldn’t have done much more than they did. If people are not there, willing to be convinced, then it doesn’t matter what you say, frankly…”

      There you have it, straight from the mouth of a NO voter. I hope this, finally, shuts up all those moaners who keep harping on about where we went wrong in 2014. We didn’t.

      IMO the first YES campaign was excellent. Scotland wasn’t quite ready to jump. A bridge too far, but a bridge we almost crossed, in spite of everything. Can lessons be learned? Of course, but compared to BT it was a bloody good campaign. As Daniel said, everything has changed since 2014. Scotland is still no ready, but is seriously thinking of going for it this time. I don’t think there will be so much hesitation next time.

    11. Grouse Beater says:

      Macart has it in one: “Scotland is a state of mind”

      If you believe Scotland is a nation, it IS a nation.

      Over 1,000 years functioning as a distinct nation with law and culture and values intact is evidence we remain a nation.

    12. Luigi says:

      Andrew Morton says:

      14 February, 2017 at 10:21 am

      In an indyref2 campaign, the first video in particular would make a powerful Yes broadcast.

      Indeed. The challenge will be reaching the target soft NO voters with it (and other stories) – the MSM won’t touch it. Something like a Wee DVD to distribute/hand out (or cinema adds et)?

      There ain’t nothing like the personal touch, somehow we have to reach people with these accounts.

      Thinking cap on.:)

    13. Ken500 says:

      Thanks to everyone going to YES, especially because of Brexit. The facts can bring many over to a more prosperous, equal, better country.

      Some folk just need an excuse.

      If Trump stops the illegal wars. He is doing the world a favour.

      The farce will continue until the Tories are voted out. The mess they will leave. Thatcher left over 3million unemployed and interest rates at 15%.

      Toshiba have run up Billions of deficit in the US nuclear industry. Sellafield now in doubt. Hinkley Point a total white elephant waste of public money.

    14. shug says:

      excellent message

    15. DerekM says:

      Ah i think it is time we stole the better together slogan and start preaching the benefits of union with the EU,oh the irony us vile nationalists are actually unionists and internationalists in disguise.

      Who would have thought it lol

      Any chance one of you SNP guys could get the party to hook up with the guys from phantom,you want a way to get your message out it is staring you in the face 😉

    16. Neil Ralley says:

      It is definitely time for the Kingdom to become UNTIED.

      It is also worth noting that that this is a one-way street. The chances of a YES voter from IndyRef1 changing to NO in IndyRef2 are slim-to-none so the only way truly is UP.

    17. gordoz says:

      Now I know its only 2 views, but what powerful, informative persuasive views they are.

      Have to see these guys at Phantom Power films require mega funding next time around. This is powerful stuff and will make the soft No’s really think about their future.

      They should focus on these views for all future Party political broadcasts.

      Steer clear of the old ways of defending graphs, polls & damned statistics etc, its just not what people want to hear. Ignore all that guff; grasp onto a vision that was gaining momentum last time and by all accounts has not diminished.

      The majority in the middle ground don’t want to be scared, indeed will resist being scared by project fear. The majority are scared enough by the New Tories and their manic band of isolationist crusading Brexiteers. As in this film many are questioning their stance last time around and looking at what has happened since.

      They sound like they want to be inspired by rejection of the Westminster (Tory) way and it looks like the only chance of this is through Scotland opting not to leave along with the UK.

      Again this is the most powerful thing I have seen in ages.

      Awesome work & honesty on display.

    18. dakk says:


      Welcome all ex No voters and any wavering unsures out there.

      The ticker on Sky News just reporting that inflation rose again last month due to higher petrol/deisel prices, and food prices not falling as much as expected.

      I’m sure the likes of David Davis,Theresa May and Liam Fox will be frightfully worried about their squeezed Brexit induced household budgets.

    19. Proud Cybernat says:

      Well done Fraser & Daniel. Brilliant!

      Scotland WON’T be intimidated by fratricidal bullies…

    20. Marie Clark says:

      Well done to both gentlemen, welcome aboard.

      Come and join us in our fight for a better independent Scotland.

    21. Skip_NC says:

      Greetings from Raleigh, North Carolina. Some good points about Brexit. For me, the key question is “do you value the Scottish NHS?” Leaving the EU will threaten that quite fundamentally. The EU pulled back from TTIP. I doubt we will be so lucky with the Tiny Rowland capitalists that inhabit Whitehall.

      My wife and I both have good jobs, but if either of us requires more than routine treatment, the medical bills come flooding in. The first $10,000 each year is our responsibility and insurance starts kicking in after that, at 80% of the cost. On top, we pay about $100 per week, just for the privilege of having insurance. At a high number, insurance starts paying for everything, but only if they deem it medically necessary. More and more prescriptions are not covered. We get letters two or three times a year, telling us something is not going to be paid for. If one can afford it, one can pay out of pocket. If not, tough. Leaving the EU will make the foregoing a reality. Is that what we want?

    22. Bill McDermott says:

      That first video from Dundee, edited to the usual 3minute slot for a PPB would be a clincher. I would add that we could do with another one from a French or German perspective.

      So often it takes outsiders to convince us that we can do this and be welcomed by the international community. The difference between the Republic of Ireland and Scotland is that they already stand proud in the international community. We need to learn to do that.

    23. liz says:

      This is really good.

      We need these positive messages again.
      Prof Robertson – BBC bias- was saying on his blog he needs to take a rest from reporting this bias as it was making him ill.

      He said he would be changing tack and talking about how we can improve our lives by being indy and this is the way forward.

      We are still battling the lies from the usual suspects; currency, GERS, black hole yadda, yadda.

      Messages like these make me more hopeful

    24. rongorongo says:

      A great idea to make films about those who have moved from No to Yes. I remember getting contact lenses for the first time when I was 17. I needed them but had not realised how much – had not known what it meant to really see clearly. The moment when vision is restored is well worth capturing for the energy it releases – and the longer one has been in the dark the greater the effect.

    25. galamcennalath says:

      Two cracking videos. Hope more will follow. Ideally, people 60-80 expressing the same opinions would be a powerful message for their peers.

      One interesting thing about what the second guy said, which proves all things are relative.

      Now, in comparison to the hard right deregulating isolationist Brexit Tory Westminster, the EU is perceived as moderate and social democratic. Many on the left have portrayed the EU as a rich man’s club, well, it now seems the voice of the moderation compared to the UK!

    26. orri says:

      Saw a post in an earlier thread saying YES2, whatever it’s called, should concentrate on 5 areas of attack/defence. Not sure that’s a good idea based on this

      For this kind of debate you need to be able to shift your defence and attack at will. You also need to persuade as many of all creeds, colours and ages as possible or you’ll be accused of neglecting some of the others. Never take for granted the support of any of your current voters or you’ll end up in the same state as Scottish Labour.

      If we’re in the business of stealing slogans then perhaps “As One” is a far better choice. Especially given the tartan and shortbread image of the clan system and it’s basis in truth that there’s a celtic tradition of fighting amongst ourselves but uniting when it counts. Not for us the burying our individuality and differences in order to pretend we’re one big happy family. And it might be worth mentioning that lowlanders adopted tartan during the ’45 so it’s got a history of being a sign of rebellion or simply being scottish. It’s banning wasn’t just an act of suppression against the clans. It was against all of Scotland.

    27. galamcennalath says:

      26 comments as I write and not one person has mentioned that the first guy was an English-Scot. (Well I have now.)

      The fact that we didn’t even consider that as worthy of comment proves all that he said on the matter is right.

      If you are for Scotland, you are a Scot.

    28. Marcia says:

      Lovely videos.

      Margaret Ferrier MP has set up a petition to remove the 4% charge for receipt of Child Maintenance.

    29. Liz g says:

      Macart 10.16
      Scotland is a state of mind….
      Scotland is a way of life…..

    30. Ghillie says:

      Wow. Thank you.

      That was truly uplifting = )

      Onwards folks = )

    31. Peter Mirtitsch says:

      Two good videos. The more the merrier, and of course, better late than never. Good to see eloquent people showing why they eventually have gone the right way.

    32. Christopher Whyte says:

      Luigi @ 10:27

      I hope this, finally, shuts up all those moaners who keep harping on about where we went wrong in 2014. We didn’t.

      I disagree.

      I think the Yes campaign was a wonderful, grass-roots explosion of political interest and, ultimately, dreaming about what our country could look like. Unfortunately, I believe the biggest mistake that was made was to boil those possibilities into a message of how the SNP would make the country look. In the end, I reckon this turned a lot of people off because they didn’t like this or that policy (or flat-out didn’t like the SNP or Alex Salmond) and, thus, didn’t find independence to their liking on that particular point.

      Much of this shove was, of course, to do with the presentation of the arguments in the mainstream media.

      But I also think the Yes campaign ended up being much too prescriptive with regard to policy, and a lot of people ended up taking the bait. I think the next campaign should focus on what democracy could look like, what our NHS could look like, what a Scottish Defence could look like, what our education system could look like, what our currency options could be. Especial consideration should arguably also be given to the democratic situation we have with Westminster, and that Scotland is both politically and socially divergent from what’s going to happen there (namely, Conservative governance and the austerity agenda for probably another decade at least).

      Our relationship with Europe should, likewise, be sold as an option; not a necessary by-product. It’s a powerful argument for some people, but not for everyone, so make the argument one about our relationship with Europe being dictated to us rather than being our own choice.

      Sadly, I also happen to think we went wrong by not forseeing that an 11th hour intervention is likely. Better Together was a calamitous campaign, but the release of Gordon Brown with an official looking document in his hand came at a time when the Yes movement didn’t have the opportunity to properly react to it.

      Just my thoughts.

    33. Johnny says:

      Bill MacDermott @ 10:54am:

      Agree, it would be excellent if the series could have some comment from EU citizens across the continent if possible. In fact, it’s just good to reflect all of Scottish society as far as is possible.

    34. heedtracker says:

      Great stuff! Meanwhile back in Aberdeen, giant St Valentine’s Day Press and Journal boosterising for SLabour council electioneering this morn.

      SLabour currently pissing away hundreds of millions of pounds on their latest white elephants, scarring Aberdeen for another British generation, banning the Saltire from Aberdeen , we know the Wullie Young drill…

      Labour group fire starting pistol on council campaigns
      by JON HEBDITCHFebruary 14, 2017, 7:54 am

      William Young Retweeted
      Aberdeen Labour ?@AberdeenLabour 1h1 hour ago
      Our city has a bright future with Aberdeen Labour. Let’s make It happen, together

    35. Johnny says:

      Orri @ 11:03 am:

      Good point well made. Taking any vote for granted would be a grave error.

    36. Macart says:


      ‘Scotland is a way of life’

      May just thieve that line. 😀

    37. Scott says:

      Typical BBC no mention of PFI and who was in charge at the time

      Safety fears over ‘hundreds’ of public buildings

      Urgent safety checks should be carried out on hundreds of public buildings constructed after the year 2000, architects have warned.

      There are many more people coming across to Yes a hard core Unionist friend of mine has finally seen the light and will be voting Yes now.

    38. T.roz says:

      Straight forward and sensible. Great to watch.

    39. john 58 says:

      Excellent videos and comments,

      Just waiting on the ” Project Fear 2 ” doom and gloom yada yada . I say keep on with a true belief and positivity, and heres hoping the EU backs and supports our right to self govern.

    40. Liz g says:

      Macart @ 11.42
      Be my guest….Use it well!!!

    41. Luigi says:

      heedtracker says:

      14 February, 2017 at 11:31 am

      I can’t wait to give those charlatans a good kicking in May. For all the damage they have done.


    42. gus1940 says:


      What’s with this Iceberg Lettuce Shortage Crisis?

      I was in Asda at The Jewel yesterday and there were 4 trays of them in the veg section plus a couple of dozen individual ones on the Reduced Counter – Some Crisis.

    43. galamcennalath says:

      Christopher Whyte says:

      I also happen to think we went wrong by not forseeing that an 11th hour intervention is likely.

      I was told early summer 2014 by someone in a position to know, that Cameron intended to make a DevoMax offer if there was a chance of him losing.

      It would surprise me very much if the SNP leadership also weren’t aware of this.

      My initial reaction months before the vote was hey-ho, not quite what I want, but it is a consolation prize which would get widespread backing. However, by September it was becoming clear that they had lied so much, that anything they said or offered was probably a con.

      The problem is that for 10%, maybe more, it gave them the excuse to vote NO. They believed it was genuine and a reasonable compromise outcome.

      So, my analysis is that too many people were too easily deceived. And not that the offers weren’t seen coming, nor countered.

      That betrayal will go some way to winning next time. One of the above videos specifically mentioned the false promises.

      I think the YES leadership did what May et al are doing now – ignoring a reasonable offer you don’t want because openly attacking it would be seen as too negative.

      They will make an 11th hour offer again, of course. Even if it’s a good one, few folks will be conned again.

    44. velofello says:

      Two excellent videos.

      Who do you wish to stand alongside, to partner? The USA, Saudi Arabia and Turkey? or Europe?

      How many of the benefits of the EU are you prepared to forego for Brexit? And what would be the compensating benefits of Brexit to you? Identify, locate your tipping point, where embracing change as spoken of by the Brexiteers, turns to acting rashly.

      Use logic.

    45. Ken500 says:

      ACC Labour Unionist/Green wasted £Millions and intend wasting £Millions more on white elephant projects of little value. Destroyed the City Centre on grotesque carbuncle £100Million+ of debt and renting it back. An absolute disgrace. Increasing traffic chaos and pollution. Refused a Gift of £80Million to predestrianise the City Centre. Spent £26Millions paying off the AECC debt. Refused permission for the community football stadium. It would have been finished by now. Investing in much needed jobs at a time of economic downturn. Spending £30Million vandalising an Art Gallery. Shut for three years. They intend spending £300Million on a Conference centre. The present one is used once on average one a month. Hotels have plenty of facilities that can be used and need the business.

      The Scottish Gov have invested in the essential By-pass road. Helping the economy. There is investment in off shore renewables sector. Bringing jobs into the area. Osbourne taxed the Oil sector 60% to 80% when the price had fallen 75%. Losing £Billions. There is investment in the decommissioning rig projects. EU Grants and ECB investment in decommissioning, fishing and farming. Brings £Billions invested in Scotland.

      The Unionist/Green councils are increasing council tax and wasting the revenues on grotesque monstrosities and not on essential services and education. Not funding social care, homelessness, drink/drug rehabilitation and potholes. ACC has no overnight provision for homelessness but spends £Millions destroying the City centre and increasing traffic chaos and pollution levels. They want people put in prison instead of proper rehabilitation projects. Increasing the problems. Against the majority wishes and the public interest.

      The trams are underpriced. £8 for a return journey. (Bus) passes can’t be used. They can only be used in off peak times in any case. Under capacity. The airport bus is £12 return and (bus) passes can be used in off peak hours. The wealthiest City in Scotland has subsidised over capacity in off peak times. People in rural areas do not have a proper essential bus service. They have to use cars.

      One thing the majority of the electorate in Aberdeen agrees. The town leadership is in deficit.

    46. galamcennalath says:

      Marcia says:

      Margaret Ferrier MP has set up a petition to remove the 4% charge for receipt of Child Maintenance.

      Signed. Seems a good cause, of which I knew nothing.

      A bit slow, though. Looking at the map …

      … a story there.

    47. Robert Peffers says:

      @Grouse Beater says: 14 February, 2017 at 10:27 am:

      “Macart has it in one: “Scotland is a state of mind”
      If you believe Scotland is a nation, it IS a nation.
      Over 1,000 years functioning as a distinct nation with law and culture and values intact is evidence we remain a nation.”

      in fact it is even deeper than that, Grouse Beater.

      In North Britain the Celts are, in fact, not Celts by genetics but by culture. The Celtic, “Invaders”, were holy men, mainly celibate, and they came armed with a belief that they preached and not with weapons to subjugate.

      In South Britain the native Britons had been subjugated, for several centuries, by the Romans who ruled by proxy.

      They Romanised the South Briton leaders to run south Britain for them and the Centurions signed a vow of celibacy. Not a lot of Mediterranean genes were thus passed to South Britain.

      The Romans left and the South Britain Romanised leaders invited the Anglo-Saxon, Germanic, tribes to come and protect South Britain. They did come but soon realised they could just take over and they too became an elite ruling class who bred within their own elite circle.

      Their Royals and aristocracy still do today and their remnants still sit as hereditary peers in the HOL today.

      The actual Anglo-Saxon gene pool in Angle-land is quite small. So the South Britons and North Britons are pretty much genetically both the descendants of the same Stone Age Ancient Britons.

      They are, though, very much culturally different as the south first adopted Roman culture, then Anglo-Saxon culture then the two different cultures fought each other for centuries before they became a United Kingdom.

      Which, by the way, was after 1745 as they were still fighting for that union at Culloden. The Treaty of 1707 was still being fought for in 1745. Going on 40 years after the Treaty was signed by Scotland in 1706 but the Acts of Union only took effect in 1707.

      To my mind it has always been a troubled marriage with one abusive partner and can inevitably only end in a, none-too-friendly, divorce settlement when the abused partner has finally had enough.

      Like all such abusive marriages the abuser is always saying sorry and keeps promising to stop the abuse but never does.

      Will the EU be the safe-house Scotland needs? Will the USA be the pub where the Kingdom of England drowns it sorrows?

      Time will tell.

    48. Robert Peffers says:

      @Luigi says: 14 February, 2017 at 10:33 am:

      ” … Something like a Wee DVD to distribute/hand out (or cinema adds et)?

      There ain’t nothing like the personal touch, somehow we have to reach people with these accounts.
      Thinking cap on.:)”

      Almost every Winger has a computer and almost every computer has a DVD/Blu-ray disk Drive that can record video. These clips don’t even need to be edited.

      Perhaps a crowd-fund to bulk buy blank DVDs and everyone who can then burn off the DVDs they need for distribution.

      That way we save by only burning off the copies we each can distribute. So no wasted copies, and if blanks remain unburned they are not wasted.

      Then there is YouTube and such like. Modern Smart TVs come loaded with YouTube so even many non-computer literate people can play the clips if uploaded to YouTube.

    49. heedtracker says:

      Robert Peffers

      Angles and Saxons were Celts too Robert, out of Holland today?

    50. Proud Cybernat says:

      What’ll it be next time…?

      London will promise you the Earth – and, after they have secured your vote, they will honour NOTHING.

      Don’t be conned again.

    51. Christopher Whyte says:

      Galamcennalath @ 12:23

      So, my analysis is that too many people were too easily deceived. And not that the offers weren’t seen coming, nor countered.

      You might well be right, bud, I imagine your sources are substantially better than mine. I suppose it simply seems to me that when the machine got rolling around “Devo-Max”, from Gordon Brown to Jackie Bird, it was extraordinarily difficult to stop. It was then rolled up into the infamous Vow that, of course, saw the very same Gordon Brown try to take charge of a petition demanding what he’d promised. Some people, perhaps naively, might have gotten to the polling booth and thought “No” meant the devolution of further powers. Wings’ Little Black Book could arguably do with being updated to prepare for this particular argument (though, it’s pretty good to go as is).

      I often think that putting Devo-Max onto the ballot paper would be a good thing, given that it’d mean independence would win the vote according to polls, but it doesn’t answer the European question because foreign policy would remain reserved: I also worry that a split between independence and Devo-Max would see “No” ending up as the most plumped for option, because the hard No camp seems to really be digging in the tent poles. In any event, it’s just shoving the jack back into the box for a little longer and I can’t see the point in that when our EU membership is effectively at stake.

      I’m also not totally persuaded by the argument that people were deceived. I happen to think that a significant number of people, from the lower-middle to working classes, are notoriously risk-averse for a lot of personally valid reasons. I reckon people in this group tend to view their current position as too precarious to gamble; they don’t want to think about what happens should they fall through the net and need welfare or other public services to support them, the very things the Conservative party are doing everything they can to destroy. Things like the NHS are absolutely the place where the Yes campaign should concentrate, as well as other popular policies such as bringing energy and rail back into public hands.

      But the 11th hour intervention MUST be accounted for. As you say, there will be one… And we need to be ready to mobilise when it lands.

    52. Robert Peffers says:

      @DerekM says: 14 February, 2017 at 10:40 am:

      ” … you want a way to get your message out it is staring you in the face.”

      Sadly, DerekM, we have always looked for ways to get our message out. Sadly the situation has not changed much since the SNP first became a legal political party.

      You can lead a horse to the water but you cannot make it drink. First of all the horse decides when and if it will drink. Second of all the horse, not you has the bits that de the drinking.

      We have always had the message but we have still got the problem of getting the reader/listener/viewer/surfer taking the initiative to partake of the message.

      Luigi hit the nail – there only remains personal touch. You can bet your last penny that when a party political broadcast is aired that there will be a big surge in the demand for both electric power and gas.

      This is not because people are turning on to attend to political needs but on people going to the kitchen to make tea, coffee, open cans, make toast et al.

      Ye can tak a Yoon tae the TV but ye canna mak him/her watch it … unless you are there with a DVD in your hand and saying to the Yoon, “Whit aboot this then”?

    53. orri says:

      The PFI scandal has the same solution as it did for the schools in that the owners of the buildings are the ones who will pay for the inspection and to rectify any faults found. That is both a benefit and a blessing as a particularly mercenary construction firm might throw buildings up as fast as possible in order to start making money from them in the expectation that they will be able to sort any defects as they occur.

      Normally that’s not going to occur unless there’s a single contractor involved as with two or more they inspect each others work. In the case of the schools one or more of the partners pulled out leaving the remaining one to self certify. As to the flaw that was built in it seems it’s down to the gap between the outer and inner wall being increased and any stays they had being for the original size. As looking at the pictures of from the collapsed wall you can see the insulating panels it’s a fair bet that the gap was altered to accommodate them. The only question is why those panels weren’t the original spec. Were they ordered in imperial rather than metric or was it a cost cutting exercise introduced after the stays had already been bought?

    54. Tom Laird says:

      As a previous YES voter and lifelong believer in INDEPENDENCE (SNP members look it up in the dictionary. It involves sovereignty which I know is a filthy word in Notionalist circles.)I will not be voting yes again.

      Not until the idiot Eurobot EUnionists in the SNP STFU about selling my sovereignty to Brussels.

      Scotland free and independent is the only yes I will give.

      NO to EU membership. Europhile slaves, serfs dogs and ("Tractor" - Ed)s.

    55. Undeadshuan says:

      Ken500 says
      “If Trump stops the illegal wars. He is doing the world a favour.”

      Its looking like he is about to start one with iran.

      Usa reportedly moving ships to persian gulf in the hope it provokes iran and can be used as pretext for war

    56. galamcennalath says:

      Robert Peffers says:

      South Britons and North Britons are pretty much genetically both the descendants of the same Stone Age Ancient Britons. … Celts …. south first adopted Roman culture, then Anglo-Saxon culture

      I read somewhere, as you do, the hypothesis that the last great violent contest between these two different underlying cultures was not in fact at Culloden, but was at Gettysburg. An interesting thought.

    57. wull2 says:

      Please share with all your fiends on FB

    58. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “As a previous YES voter and lifelong believer in INDEPENDENCE (SNP members look it up in the dictionary. It involves sovereignty which I know is a filthy word in Notionalist circles.)I will not be voting yes again.

      Not until the idiot Eurobot EUnionists in the SNP STFU about selling my sovereignty to Brussels.

      Scotland free and independent is the only yes I will give.

      NO to EU membership. Europhile slaves, serfs dogs and ("Tractor" - Ed)s.”

      You’re an idiot, Tom. Sorry. We’re in the EU now. We’re not going to lose anything we currently have, and the Tories aren’t going to give us anything we DON’T already have. We’re going to be totally at the mercy of a UK Tory government for at least another decade, losing all the protections of the EU, and we’ll gain nothing for it in return.

      In the EU we’ll have a veto, meaning nothing can be imposed on us against our will. In the UK we won’t, and unlike in the EU where we can ally with other countries to get what we want, in the UK we’ll always be 59 votes out of 650, with no power to do anything.

      And if we’re independent in the EU, we can have our own referendum any time we like. If we’re stuck in the UK, we’re screwed forever.

      Sort yourself out.

    59. Thepnr says:

      Those two little clips from ordinary people were a breath of fresh air. You could tell nothing was scripted just two people telling their own story of their journey from No to Yes.

      In the process of doing so they explained their thinking and everything to me at least seemed so logical. I really hope to see many more from all walks of life, older people, single mums, working parents, small businessmen and women, CEO’s, EU citizens, Commonwealth citizens, in fact all walks of life from all those that choose to make Scotland their home. How classy would that be!

      Far better than a Party Political Broadcast.

      Phantom Power Films have a potential smash hit on their hands on the road to Indy2 and I welcome their work on this. Just please give us much more and we’ll get the people who’s minds need changing to watch.

    60. galamcennalath says:

      Christopher Whyte says:

      I often think that putting Devo-Max onto the ballot paper would be a good thing

      Grudgingly (as someone who wants Indy) I would agree. There could/should have been two question, each with two yes/no answers.

      The result, I guess, would have been ..

      DevoMax 70% yes
      Indy 35% yes

      The ‘value’ of this would have been that the DevoMax option would need to have been fully documented as a firm proposal and tied to the Edinburgh Agreement so WM HAD to deliver.

      And that is probably why WM didn’t want it done that way!

      But the 11th hour intervention MUST be accounted for. As you say, there will be one

      I reckon that is why the SG is flogging their reasonable compromise proposal to death (literally).

      It will make it very difficult for WM come back at the 11th hour and say, “Those proposals we rejected out of had, can we now have a look at them again?”

      That will be greeted by a very loud, “Dae youse a’ think waur daft?”

    61. rongorongo says:

      They will make an 11th hour offer again, of course. Even if it’s a good one, few folks will be conned again.

      But on what basis I wonder? Devo-max was a potent sounding idea in 2014 when many people were tempted by the idea of having a little more independence without the uncertainty of going it completely alone. This time round, in an indyRef driven by Brexit, the equivalent compromises – “EU-Max” if you like – have already been suggested by the SNP and spurned by Westminster. By the time A50 has been signed they can’t be gone back on. And this time round, the old idea of “devo-max” carries with much more of an idea of risk than it does of re-assurance. When make it to the lifeboat you will be damn sure to untie the painter.

    62. Sandy says:

      Tom Laird 01.05
      Troll or hermit?

    63. Chick McGregor says:

      Great stuff Rev.

      This is that ‘Game on’ moment for me.

      Both YTs shared on FB.

    64. Robert Peffers says:

      @galamcennalath says: 14 February, 2017 at 11:06 am:

      ” … If you are for Scotland, you are a Scot.”

      As I pointed out we are all in fact almost identical genetically. Thus the main things that different between us are not really our chosen place of residence but our culture and our language or accents.

      Language, accent and where we live are of no consequence but our culture is what makes us Scottish – while I’m at it I’ll just point out The Prince of Wales is often photographed wearing Highland Dress and the PM of the de facto Parliament of England was recently all over the media wearing tartan.

      Yet it did not change their cultural differences to being Scottish. I have friends born far from Scotland’s shores with foreign accents, and English or Scots their second language, who are culturally Scottish.

      It is a fact that when people come to live in Scotland, from other countries, most will be accepted and become Scots. Strangely the two nations least likely to become Scots are the English and the Northern Irish.

      Yet it is always a two way thing. Every nation that has had significant immigration to Scotland has enriched our Scottish heritage and even added to it.

      What Scottish place of any size did not have its Italian Fish & Chip shop or Ice-Cream Parlour? Many had/have an Italian Garage Business too. Where are you far from a Chinese Take-away or Turkish Barbed? There are many more examples of the good things from other cultures being now absorbed by Scottish culture. Has not Curry & Pizza also become an integrated part of Scottish life?

      Mind you it is a two way thing – is there any part of the Globe not affected by Scottish invention and innovation?

      We may be a wee country but our effect upon the World is way above size in our share of innovation, discovery and invention. It spans every field from medicine to electronics and everything in between.

    65. Dorothy Devine says:

      Thoroughly enjoyed those and hope for many , many more.

      Thanks to all involved.

    66. blackhack says:

      To my eternal shame, my wife voted no last time….No matter what I said or pointed out, and the pure idiocy of voting no, she decided to vote no anyway. I think she was just scared of all the uncertainty.
      This time around after seeing what westminster and the tories have done not just to Scotland, but the whole of the UK since then she’s seen the light and is a definite yes next time around….
      She’s not the only one I know who have had a change of direction either….All I can say is bring it on….We’re ready and waiting…

    67. Bob says:

      These are amazing. Get these on TV.

    68. Anagach says:

      Grouse Beater says:

      If you believe Scotland is a nation, it IS a nation.

      Over 1,000 years functioning as a distinct nation with law and culture and values intact is evidence we remain a nation.

      The converse is true, if you believe that Scotland is a region of somewhere else, that its distinct laws, education, its traditions and history should be replaced by others then Scotland will become no more than a name on some one else’s map.

      A tragedy for any culture.

    69. Always been Yes and that will never change. I think both of these are great and we should all of us reach out to the NO’s and give them the facts. We can do this we can

    70. stewartb says:

      DevoMax – with Westminster deciding on when we in Scotland are taken to war and why; with Westminster deciding on whether to maintain weapons of mass destruction on the Clyde; with Westminster deciding for Scotland on the nature of foreign policy; with Westminster deciding for Scotland on what international trade treaties we sign up to – including our status now and in the future regarding the EU or EFTA. A very loud and emphatic, no thanks!

      Only independence permits the self-determination taken as ‘normal’ by other countries. I just can’t understand the concept of those who voted Yes in 2014 now making their vote in Indyref2 conditional on rejecting EU membership even before the electorate of an independent Scotland has its first opportunity to vote.

    71. One_Scot says:

      Thanks blackhack, it is good to read stories like that.

    72. K1 says:

      How can they Vow2 when Vow1 gave us the most powerfully devolved parliament on the face of the earth?

      There will be no Vow2, they shot their load with Vow1 and Smith Commission.

      Ergo hysterical histrionics.

    73. Calum McKay says:

      The more the merrier, no voters turning to yes voters must be made welcome and their reasons for changing course studied for lessons learned.

      Welcome aboard the long march to freedom (nearing its destination!)!

    74. Al Dossary says:

      @Tom Laird.

      Google has some wonderful tools. You can search within any website’s cache for a particular phrase. In this case enter the following into the search bar:

      “tom laird” site:

      2 hits total in google’s cache. Now the question is, as a lifelong Independance supporter – why choose only now to post on this site.

      Yes I have seen the Libertarians blog and if nothing else you have just succeeded in alienating yourself with at least 62% of the Scottish population with your hatred of the EU.

      Lets face facts, the Tories voters are never going to vote for you, and now neither are the majority of SNP supporters. So you are left relying on the anti EU wings of Labour and Lib Dems voters for your 3rd and 4th choice list votes. Good luck with that, and dont get too upset when your deposits are lost.

      For an independence supporter to favour the absolute control from Tory Westminster over the minimal interference of the EU just beggars belief. Your manifesto pledges :

      • The Right to Life – and accordingly the right to the
      protection of the government against violence.

      • The Right to Liberty of Speech – and accordingly the right
      to freedom of the press.

      • The Right to Property – and accordingly the prohibition of robbery, trespass, fraud, misrepresentation, as well as confiscation, nationalization and compulsory purchase.

      It is almost as if you have set out to destroy your organisation before thee starting gun is fired in May. In fact, many of your policies are right wing even by Tory standards.

    75. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      Two great videos. More please, Phantom Power!

      No one really knows how much effect the notorious Vow and El Gordo’s blithe promises of SuperDevoFedoMax had on the actual vote in indyref1, but I agree with galamcennalath that had the option formally been present as a second question, a substantial majority of people would have chosen it. Including probably myself. It was the arrogant rejection by the Unionist camp of such an option that first made me a yesser. (And since then, the realisation that we urgently need to have control of our own foreign relations and defence has made me a confirmed one.)

      But in a way it doesn’t matter now, except to ensure that some kind of “federalist” option isn’t imposed on indyref2. We face a truly existential threat, so we don’t need any cynical diversions now.

      As Chitterinlicht exemplifies, a good way to refute any likely Vow2 offer is to have a campaign video of back-to-back past assurances by El Gordo which concludes with Cameron’s post-indy revelation that “England’s back in control again now, suckers”.

    76. Ian McCubbin says:

      Thanks Stu just what is needed in round 1 of Yes2.
      Will watch later yoga after a hard day on ski slopes at Glenshee.

    77. kupo says:

      There is another more simpler option which people may or my not be forgetting. When we’re out canvasing at peoples doors, distilling the merits of independence, whip out your smartphone, go on to wings and then show them these videos on your little screen. It could be a real icebreaker with discussions.

      It is so simple it’s perfect, I know I’ll be doing it.

    78. Ghillie says:

      Rev Stu @ 1.19 pm

      Very very well said = )

      And a very useful way for any of us to counter that arguement.

    79. paul gerard mccormack says:

      wonderful wonderful wonderful wonderful.

    80. Gary Reilly says:

      Great films, I like the format, these would probably do well as commercials, no idea the cost implications of that, promoted videos on twitter etc.

    81. caledonia says:

      Al Dossary @5.02 some great searching and links there
      you could learn a few journalists a thing or two

    82. Cactus says:

      Excellent. Straight talkin’ it. Tellin’ it how it is.

      Lookin’ forward to the next two in the series.

      Welcome, this is your new media Scotland.

      Cheers Phantom Fellows.

      Rock n mon the Sue Side!

    83. Ghillie says:

      Cactus :

      ‘Welcome, this is your new media Scotland. Cheers Phantom Fellows.’

      Am loving your unquenciable positivity Cactus = )

      Phantom Fellows, and your two Journey to Yesers, thank you = )

    84. Fred says:

      Anent English peeps moving to Scotland, there must be tens of thousands of folk in the west of Scotland whose ancestors (often skilled tradesmen!) were from England, they became Scots in a generation.

    85. Artyhetty says:

      Really good to see this, more please, this is why the unionists are panicking. Many more people have become aware of just how the english establishment operates when they want something.
      People don’t like bullies.

    86. Stoker says:

      Powerful stuff Rev, keep them coming and we’ll share them wide.

    87. Stoker says:

      Rev wrote:

      “ the UK we’ll always be 59 votes out of 650, with no power to do anything. And if we’re independent in the EU, we can have our own referendum any time we like. If we’re stuck in the UK, we’re screwed forever.”

      C’moan you! Even you know that number (59) is to be reduced to 52.

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